Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 22, 1851, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 22, 1851 Page 5
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Brio Railroad, \, Hulia. S; Cm ton, \. Money la Tory tight ia Will itrwt. ud the out-doer rate* are ?ayMy rislag. There m more ahlaalag end kltelng 1b tki Unit, yeete rdey, Uu Am N*i known it nay previous time within the put t*o ;e*ri. The bulks l*w |iw? the act ewe t pretty hieif turn, and many speculatora have been severely plnehed. It Is u difficult to raise mobey on the hypotheea ttoa ol fancy stocks, and the probability la that prion will toach lower pointe. Ike receipts at the offloe of the aaatatant treasurer at this port, to- day, amounted to $100,710 25; pay laenta, $1(4,818 (6? balanoe, $3 408,084 90. It appears by a telegraphic dispatch, published la tMa (Friday) morning's Herald, that the Secretary ol the Treasury Is still undeelded as to the correct oon etruotlon of the Appraisement bill, passed at the last ?anion of Congress. The Secretary Is evidently dis posed te to oenstrue it as to include freight among the charges added to the cost of merchandise imported; hat he may have doubts as to the propriety of altering the Intepretation which has so long prevailed. It to ft potted that th> re are letters In town, from Washing ton, stating that the Secretary of the Treasury had decided that charges for freight weuld he included ia the ooet of merchandise, and duties levied aocording *iy. it ia our impression that sueh will be the result of the discussions in tha cabinet upon this point. The Secretary of the Treasury la disposed to construe any law selative to the tariff as favorably as possible for tha manufacturing Interests of the country at large. The tariff bills of 1842 and 1840, and the appraisement bill *S 1861, leave plenty |of loom for>ny construction ; and a* far as the reading of sither bill is concerned, the Secretary can, with equal propriety, include er exclude eharges for freight It haa been said, with a great deal of truth, that there never was a law passed bat what a Haw cculil be found in It. and this is by ao means sn exception. Wo annex tha seotioas from tha three bills, in ivlatlen to this important point : ? Tariff ok 1844. Bee. 10. * * * " It Hball be the duty of the collec ?r within ?ho?? district the same shall be imported er enteri d. to nauae the actual market value or whole ale price thereof, at the time when purchased, in the iplneipal markets of the country troru which the same ?hall bave been imported into tike United States, or of j the yer<?s, parcel* or quantities as the oase may be, to ! heappraWed estimated aud ascertained; and to inch j value ?r price, to kr ascertained in the manner provided in this utt. shall he added all cost i ami i hargi i except intur - mte, utid imludu g in eiery cue charge* for committiont at the usual lutes, as the true value at the port where the tame may be et tertd upon which Juliet shall be attested.'' Tarikk ok 1810. Bee 8 * ? * " and to aid tharet? all costs and chargee which, under existing laws irould form part ol the true value ?t the port where the sane may bs entered. ur< n which the dutiifi should be assessed. And It shall b? the duty of the collector within whose district the fame tuny be Imported or entered, to raose the dutiatilu value a", such imports to be a? pralrt it, e?tii?&ted and aicertalned, in accordance with the provtslfos of existing laws " * irrttiarMisT hill. 18(1. Bee I. * ' 44 It aball be tha duty of thi acllee'or within whose district tbe same ?hall be Im ported or entered, to nause tbe actual market ralue or wholesale price thereof, at the peiio-l of the tj porta Han to 1 1 e United States, iu the principal markets of the cor.ntry fr^ui which the peine shull ham been lm ported Into the United States, to be appraised, esti mated. and areertnised; and to such value or price shall 4e addtd all cot't aud cha'get. treept inntrc.nce, and in eludiig m every cose a charge f ir commistioat, at the usual ralti.ui the true talue nt the port where the wise may be I antra d upon which duties shall be aliened." It will he seen by these extracts from the bills that tha only actual diffrrenoe in the meaning and con struction, is where provision ia made for the place and period of appraisement. The way In which merohan dite shall be appraised la the came in eaah bill. We have Italicised the words referring to that point, and we see nothing compulrory. one way or the other, in relation to the Item of freight In tha list of charges. I The question arises, what Is meant by the expression, * all cost and charges." and why rhouli an sxseptlon ha made ol tha item of insurance, if it was not intended i ta include any item but that ! It will also be seen that |t la expresrly stipulated that charges for commis sioas shall he included In the cest. It appetre to us I that If all ohargea for freight were not included, an exception would have b?en made similar to that mads }a regard to insurance. Should the Secretary of the Treasury decide to Include freight in the list of charges ? aad there is no reason why he should not? to | he added to the coat of goods, It will have a very fa- ' voreble inflnruce upon the shipping Interest* of this port, and gl ve us greater advantages la controlling tha foreign import trade of the country, than west present enjoy. As the amount of freight added to th ?aat; of goods would be only that actually paid, I follows that goods Imported into tbe port where the lowest rates of friight ruled, would have an advantage over those imported Into other parts. New York J weald, therefore, be the point to which nearly an ? the foreign ship meats would be m*4e as the extent o t ?hipping hsre engaged In our foreign trade Is sa much greater than any other port, that goods could be entered I cheaper here than at any ether port In the oonatry. ] la the event of the decision being made as alluded to Baa f raneisco wocld stand a very poor ehance in th I way of a direct trade with (ircat Hritaln, or any Ku ropeaa nation. The freight on shipments from Loa- ? do a er Liverpool, to San Kranciseo, would be nearly ' ar quite as large as the original eost of the goods. Wbkb. added to the eost, would doubt e the amount of daty levied. The shipping intersst of this city, end Me manufacturing internets of the country at large, arc anxiously lo< klrg for the decision of the Treasury , ?epsrtmentment in rtlatleo to this point. It appsari hy telegraphls advices from Washington that the elr ?ular relative to thla matter will not be issued until ?est week. Stark K xelaat. go. S3?> C S fa. U ivsi |,..? Man. I RR 110 HM do W Hi! ?iiO U ulrm KK K7<? awo Riwtasky (i's 10S # o do ia n Nirkisae us, CI V7 HO *a s.? sawi ritf /1%,-Ji par 10) 4e sA> t .')2 MOUrtaal's #i?s l<*0 do 1<W MM do !?*??% Si do m SHU) Krie, S> )?>S at Mirris Caaal I-', ;MX) do Itsit, KR ?'?'< DW Ens eearert, 71 !*' ? &u do llj 41 J* M0? Dadsei 1st ?<?s Ml, de S she Hash s neiica H>!? lts> de 4i'? ?*l faifcsrs' Tlu?t l<*? do ?<-? tl ItO de e M , li Roeb * Byr RR i>"liH MO de >ki t -'J ID do in."* MO it UiO a . ' Hart I ,r.| a Nil RIt 1 11 ? ItasH America )W M N V a N II Kit 1MV SO Del k llu<i serlp l.'l !?? Mor h W r RR tt'-i *i tif ??et?' Ini 4 j %r M di ? MU ke*u?' rth Co V l* M do Si1, M0 4o |8 ?'? to do blO ?x|2 ?u Csatoa Ce ?- .<) ?" ^uKeadir^RR ?+ M de tdu W't 4?w> do 6- , MO de 40H ?*?> do SO da I0H SCO do Mm ?7* MO de OO1* IM> do alO M OM I|i< RR r-'s J'" do II ? 87 V SN do 1 30 HO tuo de >?a Ws N de sdO ?0 IW> do S0I2 MO dn D C inO do blO 8n|( M0 Less Ulsad RR H , .-n do sl'J M M0 <e Mt |im Perumotlh P3 11 M0 de all tv, SO de bM H1, HO de blO MX racniso ltr>*KD. aiOMKVndMa MHdi 70 7* 7 > aha Rrls RR 7% feoska R?adlnr *K a.10 f7S 1W tn ew do K'i i > Rami I RR W1 ? 100 do sdO 47 wnt^n* Ulead RR tJJ |'| de 57 >4 71 Cao'oa ?' i'?< llsrlsaa RR >V) 100 do % MO do S7^ IOC de etiO W do .Id d;ji B de tT? l'?? do *7 S fj Brie RR <M) MO le a?0 07* ?3 ?2 de 1 \ I'M *?> sit) 47H g| de K5 ?n de h'.O *7* IPfRiTISKBKNTR IMKWKD EVKR* DAjrr idin Be. 112 ? RaARD. ?HD NO gl-gvriON* ASRBO? TOR ? tb' r*?er*i>t a snail eertsi l* Tie Aafs. wrk rapeea ia er patera aleae, takes lr?m the ?ff. # of J TAYi.oa., lassts s'r?e?. glJCRRWARD UWT, OM TBCRSOkT, THE IliT J?f |P *f staet. la H all s'rsot or Broaiwsy. a kualle it pa pore, of a* eslao ? copt tithe owesr. TV fader will re celvetts abovs reward ky Isaetac thea with the uadsr eigaed. at bis sBiee. It Is or imo>rtaa?s to bia to ebttia th*s> te-day B D ?RI>OW ICR. 5? Wall street. m JC RRWARD L"?*T, <>* TOE HTH IW1T. * III IK |V fetter D?t, ?t* vara aid. sxcuaptri l . '. s 1"'., aad ? kite krea**; answers to the aama sf Hoots. The above ?wward ? ill be reid. by Isavlae ths d ?? at e a Fsarth a???n', near Thirty- frst ?tr . ?. < r t;i Rrsadwaf J T. ft tCRR. Doei LOOT ? rt R ? 1 BO t-rf 'M 1 in u r r Tkirteeetb stn?t a 'mail D?, with a krase eollar, *i SITod t J Di Is. TO Wall street. aaswsria? to ths sam ? sf irr? A snilable reward *111 be ilssa ter bis delivery al ?Wall eeeeet rMoOlfh-t BOLL Of JILLd. #^1^8 TBI u? NBR I esa kaee kt rallies at W. II dsifara' frsaob 0h< Store, BMBiaadasy. PWI.IC LfCCTVRBS. I M^SKSFTlO* CHATIL. - ?AKI II- ?. SHORT ?M- j ??Tt??r ?( 0?4. *111 rnnti tht word of Jn4rm?nt Iwklth li to (Kuni the Pip*! ' ta?? M< Ml laiw ) ib-w iin*i to turrow, al MlWt Mill, IM Alloa ?few*. TIi*m wki lot Thifct. ??< 4*t1rt t? u? Ur?unl trvtk ?" I inly, aw "oMial'y it ti< o4. .... PP?l!C ? ISilOMARV ? RRTIRO -Tll**? WIM. Ill ? lnK iiri aootlac In >1. B%rthtli?m?? ? Cbttrph, MRtr of I If a vMtt j !?*? M<l 0r? it Jnatt Mfttt, oa Jot'liv ??it. |M l?iiM|l. Tht ?lll e< mm'-tet ?? 7X f. ?. Ikt ?lj?' t of t*? <nrr>ltf It to aid It tht ttiahiljnmont tf a ?tool 'a la tht 0 tri n KtrlWy. to whlah 'j'"!/**" tooontly Iwn ?taol?(. J. VhuI addtooooi will I* itllftrtd, f ICTITRf - \T TH? ? 01 Llol tTl tHtTTfCTtON FOR li Yoan tt'Mot -*ra?l.r Itlll'.t't. rnir>n Park?St*. (JntMm T? A ?>?? ttPrir.<-l|.at -Ihf tiitlni m Oil tM.IlM *.<-4 t am no of t * Lottnron on Intatla. thoir ptrntt ? ??'' ur ????-, ?.l With an .1 t?t*l' ? ?*?* tllMulqai |tr-p*r?iirn?. IxMMtail W *n mrt\ r *"i Wu -? ?<* ft ? } ll<Bfy <i *<tl v. U D.P.taS. tan utootoo of M n*?t Atttoirv 'o tht R >T?l Cn!l?(t? of r a? ? f Tilt t?mr?? will o?ijifn"*'? *n <? 'iidty, 4th a?A rrt'mnnl o? WMr><- tf iho ?;-.h f W*r?h |t<t t*4 tfct a?t4 1*t?lnoonj? in th- leu ln? ?>>>? ?* ha*, rail 7 P M Tirknn f,.y I ha Hiri<, t - m t*a?>t tikti, ekltiMC at tkc la utat?. WANTED- BY AN EXPERIENCED COOK, A SITO atwn IS a respectable tea lit. The bMI eity rtltmcM iiv aa. Addrass B?? J.04I, Poet Office. WANT1D? B1TOATIOMS FOR FIRST CLAM BKR iibii. of every domeitla (tattoo, ?? tfc? oilioe uf the Society for the Encouragement of Faithful bumeeuoa, 106 Chambers street, eetabll.tied in 1H2A N. B.? Worthy iwra >?? otljtn rffered situations at thia iastitu ion. N. B ?Die Terms. formerly %&, ara aov reduos4 to (I par jur. Oth >a opan from 7 A M. to 6 P. M., every day. WANTED- SITUATIONS rOK PROTEITANT BBtC 1UU| Of the Brat elate ? Cooka, general workers, xia stieates, auraea, ch amberuieidc, lain Jrea.m, waiters, oo?"h tuna, termers. gardeners, Be. Office of the Protectant In plojmeat Boolety, 7 Carmine etreet. near Bleecker etreet? Ik bf at eatabliahad and W) trua Protestant Ageaoy ii thia ?it j. N. B ?Only worthy eervan :a oaoonraged. W ANTED ? A BITUATION AS FORI RAN. IN SORB v? resectable tailoring establishment, by a gentleman o f twelve years eiperieaoe la bounces, being also apractioal ? utter Can be am at No. 1.1(1 Broadway, it at No. i Par k place, wheie reference eaa be given. WANTBD-BV A Vnl.'NO MAN, WUO I'.VDRR itanda the prcrariag and patting up of preecriptions, a aituatloa in a retail d<u( etore. Addren W. It. B., Herat* office. WANTED^FROM 28 TO 3# GOOD HOUSE OARPEN ork. Apply to No. 143 Rim street. Tf tert. Highest waiti paid; oity work. A f. U. BROWN, " WANTED? APPRENTICES TO LBARN DRESS lltK in*. None but good eewere need apply, at K1 BulUraa street, northeast earner ef Spring street. WANTED. TO QO TO BALTIMORE, A WATCHMAKER who understands his busiaa<s thoroughly, and oangive good reference. Oae who oould to a little eugravlax, and has seine knowledge of the wateh trade, would be preferred. A permanent iltnation aud fair wages will be offered. Ap ply te P. A. BREZ, No. it!) Courtlandt (treat, New Fork. WANTED? A MAN OP PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE. to manage a Lumber Yard. lie must be capable of in specting lumber, aad prodnoe good roleronc ie from those in whose employ hs may have been. Address, (poit paid) 11 jx 1,031 P. O., giving auoh references. WANTBT? MTCATION8 POR 8KI.BOT PROTE tT ant eervaate? Cooks. Chambermaid*, Nurses, General Workers, Seamstresses, fc<\, at the Proteotive Protestant Agency, 432 b adeoa strset. N . B.? Thia is the only reliable (ftency for the proeuraaee of Protestants la the oiiy. N.B. ?Worthy servants are given places free of charge. WANTED-TWO YOUNO LADIES TO MAKE THEM selves generally nselul in a Saloon. Also, a smart, aotire colored boy as Waiter; he must understand opening oysters for the abov* situation. Address, Saloon, Herald office, staling where an interview con be had. WANTED A SITUATION AS FARMER. RYA SINGLE man, who has had 10 or 12 years' ?ip<<rienue. Tlic ap plicant is an American, and can give the beat of relerenoe. Address A. P., this office. WANTED-A BITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE married man, as Gardener, oue who thoroughly nndei ? tan<!s gardening in all its varioun braneha*. Ilia wife un detrtands the uansgi mcnt ol a dairy, oookieg. and geairal honsework. Can furnish the highest tsatlmoeial.-! as to character and capability. Best of city reference can be given Address J. D., care of Mr. Reid, Florist, BO) Broa la-ay. WANTID-A FIRST CLASS EALEIMAW, IN A HE tail Dry Goods Stare, ono who is well a'' ,iainted with tho city retell dry funds business. To sive trouble, none but * fir*t c'ass Sali? need apply, as no other will suit. Good leferenocs required. Inquire at 271 Blocker street, oi rntr of Commerce street. lIrANTED-A (JO0D PROTESTANT O MIL, TO DO GE vT neral housework: ahe must be a good w uher and i^iner, and pl.iin oook. Applv at the grocery (lore corner of Twen ty- seventh street snd 8eeond avenue. WA N T E D? EMl'LOTMENT FOR TWO OR T9REE hours daily, in this oitv, as tutor in a private family, or sssistant In a public academy, by a graduate of a Now Ionian d college, who has had four years experienoe ia toaih iBK tatlsfactoiy testimonials san be (iveh. Adirots \eno pl. >n. b'ulon Park I'oit office. \|*ANTID-A BITUATION BY A YOUNQ WOMAN, vf who can come well recommended, to do general houi.e work, or cotk, waih and iron. Apply at No. 11*1 Ced? street, second Hour, tiont rot in. \IT ANTED? All BXPERI CNCED SALESMAN. WELL m acquainted with tho eity retail dry good a trade. Ap ply at Ml Giand street. P. LOiZK. A FRENCH GIRL, JCST1ARR1Y ED FROM FRANCE. H eakir.j only French, wants a situation in a family to take cure ofihiMren. She understands aewinx very well. An lj at Mr. A Paris'. 49 Frankfort (tract, where she cau he sevn for three days. \ 1ADY OF RE8PECTA BILITY WISHES TO PROCURE /a. a lituatlon as Companion te an invalid lady, or to tra vel: tbo latt< r f tefi rrcd; salary not so mueh an objc 5t as a kindness and a hom*. A note addre.ned P. J. B., Broad way Post Office, stating whore aa latcrview eaa be had, will be immedia'elv attended to^ Agents wantbd.-thk graefenberq company are prsrsred to negotiate witb responsible parties i\>r two or three valuable rttate agencies. Omce. '.'14 Broa.way. Cari'its -wanted, a man who thoroughly uLders'sede lajing carpers, oil cloths, and mat tng; al/o carpet rewers. Apply to W. & T. Lewis, Carpet I'phol stsrsrs. 402 Poarl itrcet, np stair*. None but experienced hands iced apply. Drug clibk wavted-one thoroughly ac auaintcd with business may tiad a rermaneat sitna tion.fcy applying at N >. XI James ?tr??t, Brooklyn L^ILB FORGERS AND CUTTERS WANT ED -TO GOOD V woikmen full work wiiloe given; 13 percent upon Shef field statement will be paid. Apply to DAVIS, EYaNS * IH>DGE. Amerlaaa File W?rka, 15 Oliff s'reet. S;r*Ki. LETTER CI fTER WANTED.? APPLY TO ?D ' MIND OOOLB, Ki graver. 17D Wiliiam street. TO PARENTS -WAR TED-AW ACTIVE, INTELLI gent. rrar>ect lad, to aeaist la a whnleeal* it- re aad ?ak? himself generally useful He mast reside with his pares ts. aad be well reo- tnmsnded. Such an one may cbta a a parmanent sitnation with prespectt of advaaeemcut. Ad dr-sa C. 8. V- Herald offUe. T' O M1RCBANT TAI1 ORS.? WANTED A BITUATION, by aa er|-erienred Cutter, in a tirst rate ciatom ehop. Reference, D. Leonard .?03 Broadway, eoraer Du.iae atreat. Aedreea L M.. Bera;d >BM. TO HOTEL K EEl'ERS \\ ANTED. A BITl'A'l ION AS eleik. ?>r b< o'' ke per ia a hotel, by a young inan who has bad Ave years' ?? <|>eiica'.e. The beat of elty refereacs will be given. Address. **Jehn," Box 1,1113 Post ort'.ae. TO CLOTHIERS. -WANTBD. A PERMANENT SI TUA tlon, by a flrat rate prantlcal Cutter, one who has a thorough kanwl'dge of the bueinass, beth ouMo.h and sale wark ; also fully understand, the eattiag ??* ye nth 'a and children's clothing Beat of oity references given. AliWal salary required. A ldreia Ccmiaing. postpaid, at office. SPECIAL* IIOT1CJCS. N0T10B.-TIIK S 1,'RSCRI 3 ERS TO TUE HERALD IN th* Fifth tv ar I. ?*?' of Church atraet, ara r? iwc if ull jr B?tifi?d. that th* l'?rri*r bM be*n uaabl* t? ?oll'-ot frin then Uurir* the w**k la ronoequoBoe of '?r?ro illnoie. Th* i*me oauie him from ooll*otiaK from tho*? we*t cf Uud*oa tt.J Birth of UarrlaoB etre*t Uei week. Notice. ? yi \ kr v man s u. f. SociKrr P03T pi Hi the celebration ui St. Pa'riek'e Day, jb i"*aant of tbo oovtri'yof the day. to Marili Jbth; to a'atmble at h al-qnarter* it 7 o lock A. K. ? itatt tbroaeh Twea'.y third Itrnlto Euhth arenue to F orty- *eo oad itroot. through forty- -eoond atrac- 'o to forty- niath atreet. through forty- Bin b ??io?: to firth n a ae Fifartb atreet to third in-, nh Third *i*u-. Bowary ?ud Chat ham, throurti Ch?mbir?tr?ot to Uud?a, thriuch III laoa to fonrteaath itr <t. tbrcufb fourteenth attict to Broad way to feiad '.utrttri. <b?a <lt?n lea. THOMAS fttVNAN.Graad Mirahal. ? abtii Tart.v, MarahaT* Aid. Nonet to TUI MEMBEB3 Or THE B. Of OPB rati\o Ma*oa?, thai a apodal me' tin* will be hold at their meatta* room, M"n-*< mery Hall. No. T'; I'riaro for tbo ?uri'oio of trataactiac luln-u of impertanie. By ?I<l?r of tho t'roetdent. Wi K 1 Oil AK I) SOJf, lit*. H. ?. NOBTH AMERICAN i AND BMtnRtTION GOV pour? At n tnaetla* ?f tho abat'hoUeri hold at th? eoapao)'! <'Tu?*. March tth, I'M at IS) Broadway. N'W Turk, It wa* r?i?lr d, " That Ib ? iBiC'iasnoo of tho lamented death of the Prea>4cnt, ferii i foil. ami tho leilKna-lea of the Moaoirer. Thouja* Ravlla*'. f h ?? ootnrany bo no* dl? eoly-4. aad that T A. f m?et aud T. R?? linn be. and tl.ey aro htt y. <mp 'W re to ileo? the aiuiro i en. I aompaay. aad kutlfy dlcrlbate ant m?nl?* tha' mar be doe M tald company, but ant to ma?e Bay aew oblid*t""i? f ? or oa b' half ol ooid ei upny. All r*r"ai who I. art Aay claim *4*1 not aaid eompaaj arc re i . oi'oJ to *eod m thilf tMOBIA la ordor that tL,e tame may be i?mla*<t aad .iiec',ir?-d. ' T t. KMMST. Tr *?'ir*r to. THOMAS KA?I.I1?< Maaa?*r. Tha ?nb?erlb?r mil oarry ?>? tho luoin??o !ior?*ofor? oob daiul by ?ald onmpa?y(oi hla o<b ?? .'<>?Mt,*U.: to a tla<o l*?d? ar.d real ?<:at} oa tho ? "?inn of Caror* 10 All letttr* matt h- root |>*ii. TUoKa* k \ W 1. 1 M ' . 1, 130 Broad way, N. T. 8UPEEMK COt'tT Or TBB STATE Or NEIf TOtt Jnkn M*<<n acalllt K IflMaw, N. 0. tfiaelow, aad ? ?t?ao?rl.-tiinimo*o? for Bolltf. ICaa. aot oorrod ) ? To tl.o tltfoadaau aad each of il.oai? Ton art korrby ?aamoaod ? n l roiuitod to aaxwtr tbo aomplamt la tint aotioa, whloh ?** llltd it tho oSoe if tho Clerk of '.ho eity aad county af New Tork. at ?ha City Ball I* raid "itr. February II. UAI, ?ed tr lorye a oapy of yoar latwor to tb? oaid ooaplolnt,oB tho ioboeritori, at t!.*fr olbee, No. ,R< W,Uiam ttroot, la tald otty, witbla taeity laro aftaf lh? oorriro of tkio ad-. irn .nl OB JOB, #*? lnaito of 11 e day nf aneh a?rnee; Bad if yoa fail to araver tie ?*!<! complaint withia tho tlaae afor*a?id tha alaiatlff la 'hia aetloa w 11 *y?ly ta tho Coart for tha raliaf itaiaaiad ta 'bo ?? mpla.ot. DILLON i II OORMAV, riiiatl9*a Attonwya. Palad Fohrnary IK51. HOCNTT LAND AND WAIBANT3. ? TBB SCB aeribor (ha<ia( ba-a ivrolatod for tha* pnrp tao hy oa* *f the moat -Ileoaiae aad r* poe-ablo laad a("aoiaa Ib tho Waat) ?; if ore tha locaiiaa of laada a* kokalf of holder! of (OTirara?at warranto, upoa aotnal lurrtj, la tho a>*t fliftlbio piat t ir bo, and ea "le Boot faeorablo torma. Aloo, laad warraat* rnrehaa*d at tha bWlhoat market rat*?, oa ap yll. atioa at tha ilc of the a?eacy. No. 7 1* all ?troot, ao t-iad itary. if. ? DtLT. To coin coLLKrr<,tB.-rtor. d b. otoi t. nu mi-aaatlat, from Boe-oa, haatho honor tn annoaao* that ha will r-aiaia till tho fnaiaat la New York, and that ?? nay ahooaa ? o.Otl) 'Joiaa aad Modal* to ?omcloto thfir akoeo nolle*>ioaa. Hal* to h? oeon at Mr. F.d Nnrrlo'o, Natnralla', No. 1 Cartlaadt it root, two door* from Broads ay, nr ???iro, fmai 10 tolo'oloek. 'ALNIT KBRNELS.-A PRIME LOT J I AT BB i *tr*ot. V ALNIT KBRNELS.-A PR INK LOT 41 A e?lv*d, a?r Soatlmner. for tale l,? A BA KRATT A CO, 47 froat I kiphkm MMMHMtfkN C^ALlf OBNtA? BT 8TEASEH PBOI F TBSCS, ON 27TB ' !a?t ? Borfor-t fe Cn.'a L*it?r aa't ?*? . ?? ? ? PootOK?. 2A real# fro |ht, ?\ ?ea?a p e Ik ta l?aa Franeloenj frolrh oa aaiall fMtal* red'iood nporoaat; dataorrootvp**, II. Oar ojieelloat arraaa> ineni* en tbt l?thm ta ooihle no to tak? fraifhi ,*i r?r rent leoo 'han any other Biproia. Mr. Barfeid, aae of ?h* Proptlst*r*, reatdoo on th* aad aeeemranl** our paokaa** from C'ia<rao to Pan- ma Lot'era ? ad porrala aoat ky tho Pr<motheu*. oa the I7tk laot., will leave I aran.a *n the KHh April. In ateamer New Orlean*. at d ar i ire IB San t raneiaco oa 'he lit May at. loaat ait day. ib adeat. '?of the a. Mail, by itaaa't Ohio, of .Mil intt. A aall will bo ma-le up for tho rhorobee, on the i>ih li't. nr.RroHii ? uo , No I Teaey atr**t. Aitor r n?*. 9 ? ? Vork: aad eoraar of Clay aad Kearte) atreata. Ma I'raa- <<'- > A Q BERfOKD. Paaama. |>(?TA(.E TO SAN FRANriftC'i T W BIT P. AND A I halt eanta Loi :*r? fornat ded to ?ll tho r?c lar ''earn er*. la advaae* *f >h* mail. ? \ th* I aitd 8iata? and Oali firala Eapreaa C. inpaty. Po.-nae o*aU. Th* a?il ft?i>ht aad pa' ka?e > <pr*ia f thie m an/. ? II be da* p.tfhei! j?r aieam- r* Pto?ne>h*Br, I7?R, and l/her<.kea, i?Hh. FrtiMit taken at lowaet rate*. A R. M 1 1. 1.f. K * CO.. II tf jll atree',. Od? \l.. ftR PBATH orchard AUO OR ST?)Tf. COAU I *?/. fye?h from th* ?>!?' a, now diaeh*r(4ny. Bi $f?. dellyer e* or SSK >*roe*ed from yari.? V heapeat m -he aity. A p ply at the TISDAI I. I OAI. .>1 "O r. H*. j Hcbokoa it., f**? ) at Cakal.l 4* ri :ro? Waif inf.. ?? rt. tub rnuHEi. ^ | ALERT HOSB COMPANY, NT 41- AT 4 MEtT I *0 Or ? tba klert 1?? Coapaay, ca'lod altar lb* lira u Vwt ; ?tree*, w tb* tilt iut , It wu utMimuail? Resolved, That tic tl.atke ( f it, is oonipaay be taaderod to Mr John Nash, of Ni rt HI Waahiagto* etrrat, for the vory bot atitul ar d acceptable au (ply ?f refreahwuta, which be a* kindly ibe uoiupaay to partake of. Rrxlved. That t'a th.akscl the company to aleo tender ed to the hm of Nash It Hoa-Meeton, for the u?i of tUotr here* aad cart, to pr, mptly ottjtcd, to coavey our broken l ai Itratus bona. Bee<l<ed, That tbeae resolutiors be pubUab?d la tba "ub and Herald and a copy be psea. n> ed to Me>a a Nat'i k Bea diest on. Hv order, JOHN 0. OLIVER, Foreman. Join B. Maiitio, Seo'y. TBI MEMBERS Of LIBBBT* HOSE COMPANY NO. In, would tala thia method of rcturaiag their thanks tn Lafajette Hn?k aad Ladder Company, No. 1. of Brooklyn, for the plentiful supply of refiealiments tarnished them, alter tba tira 1b that ?ii) yesterday mora lag. Wl. 0. HARBISON, Foreman. J. Y. Wathim, Jr., Secretary. ~ MlBOItUiAHEOm. /*1 IANT ASPABAOUS PLANTi-TWBNTY THOUSAND VJT extra hue two year old plants. a* I arte aa ihu ordinary run at three years old, put up in kundlea of 100 each. at 7li aeati per 100, or $6 per 1,0(0. J. M. TUORBURN k 00? IS John atreet Early Sovereign. Early route, aad Early Ash Leaf, Eidaey Heed Potato a a, $2 50 par bushel. DAOOBli KEOTYPE-TUE tOALE P LATE TUBS E plate* are warranted to be parfeet, and to give to tlia Daguerriaa imtreuioB a richer tuna than auy otbere. They are aold with the privilege of returning any of then that wtuld fail to give entire **ti*faotion. Addreaa Viator Uiahop, 23 Maiden Ian*. ST. JOHN, HATTER. -THE SUBSCRIBER HAVING aold the l*aae of bia former plaoa of biainesa, haa removed to the eoiuer of Pine aad Naeaau (tract*. where ha vill be pUaaad to aerva bia friend* with Hati aad Gap* that ahall ia all reapeeta equal the production of any house ia tba trade. ST. JOHN, corner of Pino and Nassau atreet*. ZTeoant ROSEWOOD PURNlTUBE, cheap. - Eight chairs ooa? AI5 eaoh; two Voltaire Chaira, $?? aa< h; Lady 'a Chair, KM'; two teta a to tea. $80 eaoh. and other furniture of the riehoit kiad, covered with inininai af the moat coatly quality, will be told at redueel ptioei, foroaab. Addreaa Koiearood Furniture, Herald OtBoe. HIRE AND DAMAGED QOODS-THB PROPRIETORS H of Dunlop'a black inf. ink. tin box, oaala'er. and ilrag giat tin ware manufacturing umpnriuiu, would re* peotfully Iive notice tba'. they have icsnmed operations again, and opotobo enabled to suprly their cnatomara, aa uaual. at tbair old atamd, M Oold street, Naw Y'rk Damaged good* fer aalelow. FRA/.KR k EVERITT. The stock or hegarey-s nautical ware house, IVO Water *tr*at, consisting of a griat variotv of Telescopes, Drawing Instrument*, Thermometer*, Tape Mea snrea, ko? ii being sold below oost, to eloaa the estate of the late proprietor. Persons desirous of purchasing anything of tbis description, will tind it to their interest to call. STATIN I8LAND FANOY DYINO ESTABLISHMENT. OfRco No. 3 John-at., New York.? The proptiet?r*of thia **tabii*hmeat, whoso dying and finishing liave been so long and favorably known to tbe oommucity, are ready to reoeive orders lor dyingand clcanaing silk, woollen, ootton. linos, and fancy good*, of every description, in the best manner. BARRETT. NEPHBWS k CO. C1 U ANDOR S SILVER PLATING, AND SILVER PLA / ted M ate ?Every description ot metal ailver plated or goU|lat>d to orler. Spoons. Forki, and evory article of Silver Plated Ware, furnished at very low prioss by A. B. MILLER k CO., No. 11 Wall street. Agonta for I* Chaadof. P. S.? Old ware, of all kind*, re- plate! eiiuai to new, at about on?-f< urtb the triglaal cost. OAKCM.-T. k J. ALDRIDUB'3 HUDSON COUNTY Oakum Worka, Bergen Dudaon County, How Jersey; one and a halt miles from Jersey City ferry. Parsons w ish* fog to go to the works, oaa do so by taking the (tare at tha ferry, that leaves every half hour. Peraona wilt plnase, when thoy send by mail, say what kiud they want? oitra superior, or American N avy. ROOF PAINT? FOR TIN, IRON, WOOD, OR CANVASS. ?One coat sufficient for ten years It is unlike any other paint aver used for these purposes, no matter how leaky, rusty, or oth. rwite bad, a roof may be? on" ooat will render it perfectly tight. It is reat'y mixed foruae, and may lie arplica by any laboring man. SoM, wholesale ?ii'1 retail at 117 Urcad atreet. New York, R. UEMAN. ANTI- FRICTION AXLE.? THE ATTENTION OF ALL parties intete?ted in ax'es, ia called to this new pataat. Thia axlo mates bo noise, ia porfectly safe, is quickly an i easily oiled, and runa ona- third easier than any other. It maktx a beautiful linish.and i.i applicable to every deaariptlou ?l vehicle. A number of them are now running in thia city witfc entire approval. Samp'os may be seen, an'l order# late, at JOHN E. HYDE k SONS, 21 Maiden Lane, sale agent* tor the Patentee. NOTICE.-TO ship masters, hotel and BOARD ing house propria)' rs. private fbiuilies, ko.? Ovimcatio dried Iruits of every den ripiion, vit Dried ;A | pica Dried Raspberries Dried Quincke Dried Pears Dried Blacxnairiea Dried Currantf Dried Peackeg Dried Whortlebariea Dried Clierria Dried Plums Dried Stra ?aerne? Pitted Oh?mei Alio, a general assortment of Brat 'inallty of Uroceries, Sha kers' Sweet Corn, EngUib SpUt peaa. Bird feed. ke.. kr., wliolerale aid retail, at the DOMBSTIO DRIED FRUIT DEPOT, 410 Pearl atreet. SURGICAL AND DENTAL I NS TRl'M ENT-I. TKI'SSES fine cutlery, kc., maanfaotured of the b-at materialr and lor 'tuality aad tinish warranted e iual to any of domsa tie or fotaiga m.inuraotnre. Parlienlar attention paid ta tha repairing of inatrumtnt* and outlery. Envelops cutting kaites, fine tools, punebes, So, made to order in the be>t manntr. WILLIAM K. Ro^E, No ISO Gentre street, ootaer of Hester, catraacc on Hestsr street. Genteel and lucrative occuf ation? the advertiser will eommnnicat? to any lady or gentleman frinted instrnotieas In two beautiful arts.anAoieatly eipli oit to eaabls either aex to praetiaa the same aa a gentool and luT?'tve oooupatii-p, either for profit or amu.omcnt, re luiriBg ao previoua knowledge, and but trifling outlay ? hereby lelsara time mar be profitably filled up. ana a oom fortalle laeome eccurtd in tbe productioa of articlee ia oon staat denaad. Mr. Steveaa, Ctiea, writaa? " I bare turned your Instructions to pr"fitahls account, tha article bung in girat request in the neiahborhood. I smpl>j myself early aad lato someday*." The iaatrwetioaa will be punctually forwarded by return of mail to any part of tboL'aiMdStat**, free of pottage, for (I, by ad Imoolng P L. JECNMBOMMB Rooheatar, *. Y. riOLD LEAP? CAUTION TO THE PUBLIC -SATIS W faotcry avldence haa coma ta the kuowledge of the aub scriber. that a certain bookbinder ia in tha habit of using, fir gilding Iwok", what ia termed Duteh metal or Floreaoe leaf, inatead of gold leaf, wbioti baa the apnoaraace of gold for a ahort time, and eventually I irna black. Wall may he otler hi* work 14 per cent laas than the legitimate binder. Tbe rublic. wli- n purchaaing snah gilt b oka. will ta*t it in tl.c following aasBnsr :? Touch the l*af with a little aitrio acid, it will nnra< diately eat it off: but if it be gold, the aeid will tavi i. ? - Tbe former rlfeet wa* product d thia day by me. in pruenoe of witaesses. on a book bavin.' the name , as biaderand pablisbar. Try th* test also njnngilt work inside th* hat*, eommoaly called bat tip*. Hatttr*. It i* your interatt. Prot*?tioa to the legiMmat* ; . I beattr couircl* mo to make thia expoaa to the publio. J.L. WAl'UH, Praotieal Gold Beat?r, No. 112 Franklin atreet. MARA. H II AT WK BAY. At 430 Br>>a4 ? ay, Ton tan parcha** A powder to kill All th* iaaeete th?t <IU Your pan'ri** and bed*. Your ittie*. yon r ?h. da. Your draper!** lor*e. And th* IMtl in th* p*w* Of your*hurchee. Id faet. l?t 1*4 la**, *ockronch**, or %mj ef the koxloug tribe* rf ? f ?? . ir ? i. i- i th*m*elv** wh*r? they will. Ljon'e Ml. n*ti? Powder will r*ach and deatrey them. Lr;m k agattie ?? : . art ? , a .? ? ? ? r , " . r* to rata u< taio*. a -i both art t>.>bc.nlc-? to maa aad the largtr laaJrupcda. Principal depot. 410 Broadway. Dft. IfLUMSIII REMEDY MAY. INDEED. BE call?.i mio' fluid ?Judo W.llia, of I 112 Broadway, wa* cured, by the ua* of ne bolt la, i.f aeuralxia. with whiah ha differed ei^ht mcaiha. Mr J. V. PaddonVa daugh'er, of South Beet, waaenrrdof am< a'. awful attaokof Bt. Vitiii' ? 8b? went to nohool la ilx waekt; It la about ilxtc*a months aino* and aha remain* petfeetly wall. Mr. H 0. At wood cored hie niece ef Bta. with whieh aha had been afflicted neatly ten year*? ihryatfe and Dlvialon atresia. Dr. K?l lingar can ar.ov. mora evidence of reatoring tha hair than all th* other rcmcdi** in th* eount rv S*e New Vork ri?nyuoet Ppilit of the Tim**. ani the weekly pap":r* generally. l>.-t.ita, til V earl itrcat. 404 and 478 Broadway. Mr Edward CU .n, at lludaoa, hai a beautiful head if hair by the mi of a few bottle* ; waa bald from a?ventem to lorty two yeart. Mr. T. W. Barker, of CI 11 Dou/al atreet, bad no hair for ten >eare. Thi? eae* waa examined by the lion. Aaron Vark. ex iu>Ue of Veetehieter ocuntr. and Calonel O. C- Dcnelow, of Yun kera; both prononnced It awenderfnl growth. The Colonel had Ma own hair. al*a. faeteaed and naterai IT* truat, from the** highly r**p*ctabl* r*l*r*n?** of all the parti**, that weahali not ka deatted. Bvll in Urge family bottle*, Irn la. te Hi each. PUBLICATION. E10WXEB8 k WILLS, OF 1.11 NASSAU STREET. II AYE m iu*t pabliafci d tha Philosophy of Spiritual latero?nra?, beira aa explatatlcn ef Modem ? yaterte*. by An Ir* . J*<-k ? onDa.i*. Priee (0 <rnt<. Tbia work explain* the ayete riou? nnlaea which wete nr?t heard at Boenc*t*r, and which have i inc.. been he.ird in virion* other place*. The nook It beautifully printed, and a ptrnaal of it oannot fail to be ceaviaelag to every one It eonialna ohaptere on Truth a*4 Myatery. i.od'a I aivenal Prendenc*. The Miri"l*a el thia Age, The Decay of 8uper*tltwa. The Oaar4!aa>hip of Spi rit*, The I>lec*rata*nt of Spirit* , the Stratford ayttert a, Tbe Do. trine of V. Ipirite. The Origin of Spirit Sou n da. Cficmni 8> apathetic Saunda, The Format iea of Cirelee, Tne Reeurreetinn of the Dead. A Voicr from th* Spirit I and. 1h* Tru* Religion. In fcl? prr'a -a. the ?n :h?r ?a?a ? " The intelligent ia*ivi4nal need nit to M taforme I that thi ? ac* ie one of unparalleled mental activity. Be win read* the popular puhl. cation* ?f theae time*, and baa travel'e I far from th* b> me i f hie birth, ia not *t*rtl*d at the a*nouna*> vent ef any new diaeoirryia *oi?n<?, in th>li*ophy. or ik thr oltxy . And diaoovriea are htint uaoeaalnifly naf"M-d, realitlea mere wondre** and run li'ii than lb* talea aod (??EMM "f oriental laade. are beta* daily evolved front >h* ? eep ImadatloB ef aatute, and the faaillar devl jwneat* of aodera arieneea exeeed. la their availability to uaiveraal maa. aad their r wer> ef aeet.nipliahBent, all the mietiial achiev?n>?nte of laagle. and all the traditleaal wondere ef > nrhaattpent." Te ebtaia thi* work, encliae tbe am juat ia a letter, aad direct the a?ae, paid. t> roVI.BRB k W EI. I 1. 1.11 N*e*aa (treat, New York. Tlv* eopiee will be a- at fur SI. ?? X,D* CHBONIPLSS OF AN BB1SBSS "? "OBOB B well, or the Trotoetor e Oath." Beth of th" abo?e wurke are embraeed la "Btaafleld Ball" A eeeond elttlo* of thie rreet work will be ready thi* mornip*. be W. W. BURISISE 12 Aan etteet. and f*r **!?? by a I V>?k ellara. PER OWBR-TBB PBB10NAI. HISTOBT AN0 AS* ve*turee ef Pea Owen by John Cialt, author of "Uirle Todd," "Livee ef th- Platera," Ae. A*. Pen Owen iaonttf th* heat romance* . f tb* lay? It ie I *11 of wit. hu *' r. aad amuai*x advottur ?. and worth an< amount ef the dull tiaeh publiened. Read it. Th* trad* tnpplie 1 at a libe ra' litconnt. ff H 0 k A H A U. PuMtrh?r lurt rul-.on et. Ccuatry a**ata ani pli' i with all the aew heika ruhliahed, at the loweat prleee. All a* w toot* can b* had of Orahan. ?I **p. OID AND NEW BOOBS BOU' HT AMD SOLD AT the old Curloaily fh r; *utie'aatly ?a hind all tho *h?*p pi' licati -tie of the day. R>j noHa' Pi pa ioaa, fente; ('??anal*, M eeat* ; Dn ~ ae. I,evef. Diekaoa. ko ; Morgan* Preen aeoary. tiae pri*ti| prunf impre<?|oa of 4'Iarlet rirvt ia the guard too*, ka. JllBN P. MEAOLR, 101 Raaaeu *ti*at. SI ATF1 IMOVI * I.. M ATRIMONT MADE RAST. OR HOf To WIN A I/) v*r. l'r' fee*or l.awl-e, oi Loe l >n. haviag arrived ia Bo* tea, will emd to any addreai. on re..t;ptof on* d.illa*. poet, -paid, plain itlre<)'ione to enable laelee or gen* leiaea to win the devoted affeetlona of the opposite ee?. Th* pro-see latlmple, tut ao cultivating, that all mat henarried. In* *p. *tt?* of *gr. *[pearan*e or p"*iil *. and la?t. th n*h not leaat. It ran te artanged with aa"h ea?- aad <t*|f**cy, mat datectlen I* intpoaaihl* Ad<lree* I'rofeetor f.a W TOM, Bea ten, Mae*. No let tare taken ir-m th* Peat Office u aloe* ike poatsga I* pa'd ' AOENTI.IMAN, OP GOOD gUALlIIEB, ABOI T 31 }ear* el ape. at preeoat merohan*-* eletk, g log *i?n Into t nafrcfa on kie own aecciint. wiahe* to marry a reepe"'. able, well edui aiet yorn* lady, ' f gi*4 tp|i ?r>ac* ai.d eeopo?ieal ai d ii meatle bahit*. Tn* aovertl er. a araaaet hy t th. ii net auTi ien t>) ac.|tialnt*l aaon? tha file < t, *111. after morex. mat'naiy reward tnf re.p etatil* p.-r ?m whe will *>?>< him la hi* pnep-e* F iae* addreeaa ae;e, peat paid, to B. B.. cftre *f thia paper. ? ?AA.BCH BY AVCrMM* Da. Bi'lUH . AUCTION E EE. ? IX TIN 81 71 S1LE ? ?f Good Turn ture mU) u, ralug at half pan l? o el< ok, M Ureenn i> h avenue mIm, Ditllow; Fr?a ih bede'tilda Oiaok louig % mab'gatv sod wiljut tables, m Mm* a in rhairs, m'kuiaoy rnaksn* haodaotua bureaa., luiri- re. tiB* ?<ub t'mn i|m trtci hair luat'.rataM, nnt *ad maple badateao* r.laaa * are, aolar Iiuim, kc.. ko. nil w ibix.

Auction nutioa -raoi. ?kll, AumotfSKit By H N Bu.h ? L?r*? all of Fuiamura a.d ovnar BitieUa.- Tb.? dav, tt l?* o'ol <?k, U th? a lotion rooias. 10 N m h W illiaui rtrcvt c >iupri*iu?: on io* ?lone'ioli and Cabinet Furnitu 0. Kt IruiM, 3ofa?. '!ha.ra. |n; laegt hell Stovesr.a Pi pa. i.i>'-k i og ?j 1 %????? Eoih 0W4I B i'iioi, &.U Diy G"<>de, ? urolahiu* A riioies, Paiottai;<. sjinj 4 Jewelry, G?ll Chaiua; 2<?t paeka plailug Card*, lodi* ?.ib b?r loan, and other goo te TidOS. BEt.U. Anotioacjf. AVILl'lULE UOt all AND LOT, ON BROOME ?tied, near Mercer a root ?t Auotinu -Aatbiuv J. Blre'ker alii tail at auc'l"n , on vbor*day, M\r"'i 17th. HU, at I* n'elock, at the More bam*' Exohaega, tau fallowing valuable property, via.? The oomplato aud Attainable rati kuawn >a No. 117 Broomo atreet. OJUih aide, tbird dorr w ?t of Mercer (treat. The homo ii two itoriei high, buih of brick, aud liciibed in giod atyla. with miny in ?l?ra Improvement", aueb aa mahogany door*, pla'ed furoitnre, kl'chen range, and Croton wa>r to the aaooud otory ; alii a good enter. The lot n 24 foot by 1 li foot 0 iaobe* in depth, ilou** 23 feel by 48 ft et. Tarme eaay. Boots and snoEs -bmi.annual sale or l.uou eaeea, oompriaing a daairab e aaaortmeat for Spring trade, by B. Moonay, Auctioneer, oa Tuaaday. March 28 At It) o'clock A. M.. At tke atora o( A. D. Oale. 241 Pearl ('.ran. N. Y . where ageneral a*a?rtm?nt Alan may bolju ><i at prlvAto ? Ala At tba lowaat pri joi. 223 Pearl atreet. TUB CHEAT BAll or IMPROVED DAIRY STOCK, oonaiating of upward* of 100 head, bilonrfiog to Tho ma* Bell, af Morruania. WeiHhuUr tmiitf, will be told At publlo Auction, an tba 86th day af Manh, At tio'cloek, with out raaarva. A catalogue, giviag a dotorlption of eaah ani mal, will be given an the dAy of iaIo. THOMAS BILL. W. N. Law la, Auotloaoat. MorritAaiA, 9 mllaa from Naw York, by Harlem *AiIro?d. ron IAL.K AID TO LBf. VILLA PLOTS ON BARLBII RIVLg, IN TaR VIL laga of fcott Baven, manor oi' UorriiianA ? Tlia aitaa betnren tha railroad aad river arc elevated 40 to <0 bit, m mrpaeatd for beauty of looation. aombined with fr?'|'ient and eonveaient aocoaae at All hour* to the oity, witbtn two minute* walk ?f the depot. Plot* oa tha pwl road, tha moat poblio In Waateheftar eountv, on the high grouad. 2S feet above railroad, between tho aiatnot *ohool nou*? aad the river, two uabrefcen plat*, o f Idtifeot *quar*. uuaold, will be arid in aqr.area. or In lota of SO f et by 100. Apply to M. D. Van Doeen. on the arrival of tho train*, at the on*t oflioa, oppoaite tho depot J. L. KuTT. SPRCIAL MOTICI ?A CHANCE OP SUCH PECULIAR advaatage to any peraon withlng to buy out the atock, to , of a merchant tailor'* oatablithmoiit, the proprietor of which haa been in buainea* in thia oity for twenty yeir*. la leldeni ollered. The (ukieriber having o'.hor to a'? tand to. rei|iiiriaK all hi* atteatloa, will i,;l oat hi* atock, kc? a kargaia to the purehaier. J. STEVENS, Hndeon it. For sale or to lbt-at the narrows, near rort Uamiltoa, a vkry pluaaant and o iminodloui house, two atorle* high, with basement a .d attic, pillar* in front, and wing atuixed. and about three aorca of land, boing the premiaea laielf toenpied by Capt. John U. Itcunett. The houac contain* tan room*, and i* in oompUto ruaair. and the prot'ud are in good order, and well ate ked with truit and i-rnamental trte* and ihrubbefy; the view from the home for btauty la u naurcaaaed. Apply to HORACE IIOI. 1) IN. 18 He k man at reet. New York. ?.^OK SALE? ONE OR TWO HOUSES AND LOTS FOR 1 *ale, lu fee. in Twenty- eighth atreet, northweat aide of Fourth avenue, ubiut I'm) toot from idadiion avenue; bcuiea V5 fret front by W feet, two a tori el, and tt! foot two ?torica more i aeh house: and 100 feet deep each. The huuioi ara well built and linialied, with all the modern itnpme ment* in the building. Pnyinonte mad; very eat y. Enquire, rrr m7tollA. M., or from 3 to 7 P. M.. at, No. tlTwaasj ?ighth atrrat. FOR PALI? a NEAT COTTAOE AND SIXTEEV Bnllding Lota, at tYoodatook three mlnutea walk from the Morriaama Dei'ot, on tke Brilem Railroad. Thaii.'ounia are well laid tut. and eucioied with a go id fenoe, and a Ado well tf water on the premiio*. Price |],7n. Tirmi? $5H) in caib, S^ftO on tho ftrit of Auguit next; tho balance can ti miin on latoreat Ailopg aa deiired. P.>i?ea->ina immeliate ly. Apply to T. W. STKONO, 98 Naiiau itreet. For sale- the newt and eleqant rouR story brown itone liouie, No. 71 Fourteon'h itreet, third houio cast of the F< nr li avoaue. It haa all tha mo I rn nu provi n.entr, and la niw ready for oucupati?n, aud will be ?rid on favorable terrni. Apply on tho prcmUe*. or at 17 Wall street, locond atory, front ofTioa. POR SAt.r, CHEAP. ? A OKEAT BAIIQAIN.? CALYO'S Punorama ot the Conneotioat river. Apply to Mr. STOPI'ANl No 398 Broadway. l^OR SALE? A GREAT B ARC! A IN? THE FIXTIRF? I and lurniture? alao. 4 ycari unexpired 'oaaaof the Wit veily Inn, ai tho corner of Atlaatio and I nrtnaa itreata, near tha terry. South Brooklyn. Apply at ty Liberty itreet, up italra. New York. For bale? tue fixtures and le\se or tqe Wholeaale Liquor Store, now doing aa rxoallent bual neis, 1] Canal Itrei t, adjoining tho N. Y. and N. H. freight depot. Yor partttulan. *ppl> At tho Above plaoe. ros SALE-TBE "LEASE. ri'R.N I Tl: RE, AND Fix ture! of the Atlantio UoteL No. 6 Hamilton avenue, *euth Brooklyn, Hi door lrom the ferry. Apply on the pro miles. ALB til T LOSE E. For bale.-valuable lease property, situ Ated m Cl.asb^rs itreet, near Uroadway: leaio bis t.ftren year* to run. with renewal. For further particular* apply to CORP. No. X 11 all of Record*, or At No. 85 W alker rtreet. BALE? 60 SEROONS ST DOMINQO TOBACCO. be(ti|uali<y, by 0. S. LOPE/.. li? Chatham itroat F??. ?>n non f-EOARS fOR SALE OR 10 EXCHANGE Ov )UUU lor furniture, carpeting, ko ? Any per*on break ieg up houi ekee ring, would find thi* A good ? pportuai'.y, ai any amount of fumltuie aould be taken, an'l the balaar* paid laea?h. Apply to EIOH. MEDBURST. 2/ Maiden Inn*. C1H) ICE FARM OF NINETY-FIVE ACRES FOR BALE ?A good two atcry houa?, nearly new, barn And tVr ?uitalle buildings-two mil** from depot, Elirabnttnwn. N.?J. No ot her BtAta in the Union permit! aliani to bold and ? it realaatate. Ei'iuiri' at No : il Pearl itreet. Boarding iioise roR bale-thf. h rv ittre and good will ot a wall located Boarding Houae wilt bo (old at a bargain. To perioni about ommenomg buai-ie-a thit liArate opportunity. Application can be mado lot of May if not ditnoaed of before, ror pnrticnlari m qalre At MArahea Book ?tore,_:i74 Pearl _ ___ I.TKNACE FOR RALE? ONE OP KREEMEES I? 1 pre ved furr ace*, for atoro or dwelling, but little used, for sale low. Inquire at_H Maiden lana. VALUABE PINE TIMBER LANDS, ON PINE CEEEE. I.fcomiag an v Pennijlraan; al*o, a larga body of laadi m Nicholai county, Virginia, for tale by J AMIS MAQIIRE. No l?i Walnut itr?t. Phlla. TO LET ON TUE FIRST OF M AY? EITBER WITH OR without board? the aecond and third Aoora ot a homo ?ituated one block from Briadway. adjoining Blaeoker ? tnet, containing warn aad shower Lath*, aad taitaklofer tw* *aall fatnilte*. N ne but moit roapjctable partioa need *l 1 1 v For further particular* addic** D . U> raid office. TO LET-TO A SMALL, QUIST FAMILY. TUB UPPER PArt of A camf riatle b>u>e, einaiating of four or n^? roomi, good yard, croton water, 19., aituated in PaAil ?tract, between Itoae and William itreeta; rent molarata. Ia<iuire At <31 Pe*rl itreet. TO LET-A PART OR A WHOLE UOl'BE, NO. JM AND iWH Hnd*. a atreet, oonslitlng of 21 room* and baae Bent kitebem. Croton water and ? ater oloioti. with all tb? modem improteKenta and ooaveaieaoe*. Apply at No. 131 Prints ettwt. TO LIT A HOTEL ON STATEN IS1AND. AT ONE of tl.? landing*, a very deeirabn loaa'i a, aow d <ieg a gved buiiaea.i. lor partlonlara, loca'lon, an., ie irre of Lovenbovrn k Deeker. .VI Wultohall atriet, orofE Blaki, > aado.kilt'a laading Btaten lalAAd. TO LET-A LARGE STABLE. HAS BEEN I'SED AB a alngl* (labia. It would mak* A good ??.*? d fsr a livory ?taklo, or large laatory. It. pure of J. Ml'dPUY, oa tha fremiiii, Eleventh itlaet, near th? Beooad aveau*. TO LET No 2 I CHERRY STREET, NR1E PIKE. A two atory dwelling houte, la Hr*a rate or let. Poen wlnn oa la' Hay. Rent g KVii, and taxea. For private family on>y, A (ply to J. C. DELaPLAIME, No. 7 New itroot.up it?ir?. TO LET-A COTTAGE, CONTAINING TEN ROOMS. 1'ira. Ae , on four loti of ground, ba*ut|iully laid out into A garden. <n northweit ooiAir ot Eighth Arcauo and Fifty-int itreet. Apply to A. E., 1f>9 Broadway. TO LET-ROOMS AND or7ICE9 ON FIRST FLK)R. and In basement, suitable tor pbyaiciana. k< , in > trat elA?a hrnro, ?itvate in Chaabcn atr et, noar Broad way, Aad tppeaite the Park B BTANLEV BENT, HO Nasaaii ?ty??t. TO LET Fl'RNISnEB AP^RTMBNTl, PaRI.ORS And kadroiaa adjsleing. auitahU for (mall families, withont etildran, alto, ungU rooai for gentlemen. 3l7 Ertadwny. TO LET-BTOEE NO. Ifll QRKNWICH STREET. ANB bona* No. 1K1 chambers street Apply to W. B. ARMSTRONG. 1*1 Ureenwleh itreeb. TO LBT-TBBLOWBRPART.INCLUDINU 3ASBMBNT ? ad attlo, of that ?oty dfiraftlo hou?o. No. M M*dii>n ?trcot. laqalri ?f B. AYBR8, M?? .l? 't JriM JeoclUr, l'? Niihb ? t i ? ? t LOFTS TO LIT-TWO 8PLBNDIO LOFTS. BUTT fiT? I y oiihiy foot, >? ?ar |4Mi'i Baildtag. liJ A' laatlo ?troot, IrwkijB. TN whola ?r p*rK of oaoh V't i? r*?t. Iiltiri n tli fiinliti. (1 U Sf IITilii. TWO BALL* TO LET. ON IR'iiDVA f, FORBXBIBI tloai, incninii minitreln ooanorti, litur??. ?mi" Wnr tbratrtoal*. fco -Tho ? pioadid fall f?t? and ball bo Boath, oa a lovtl with Hf. ad* ay. will bt lit on rmoti'lt Utni uitll Nottabir Bast. Tho halls m l.'l foot by Ml, , ?ithi?B?? for I porion?. ApP'T t? UM. U. Aaireai, I I biBSio Asaimbly Roami, M.) Br<?U>y. TWO ROOMS TO LIT. FI RNIS IBD OR I'M farallhod, from tho tirot ol Bay ?Tin ??cob! rtoorot tb? honir N?. 7 w alkor ?troot. ooar Bt. Joha's Park, tuitabls f<r oaa or two |r>iltn>ii, ?r for ? imiIiwi Bad ltd; wtih ?at. < IW n. Kofotoao ? rogalroa. Work SBors to Lir-wiTH o? without itbab I "wor, *B tho roar ol IB B a ?troot. appnotta W'tTBll'i Fob ndij. To io<>d t< ain'r, tho? will bo lo t olisap. In |uir? ? f iABIBS LYNCH. 76 Duaao ? -root ? KO;?l4, ifeg WW t'CO. APANTBBMTS WANTED. -Tt?'0 RO)Bl INFCR ai>b?4, for a lady Bad KtalUman. wll h a qallt lam it, wiibib ihrrr aro ao othor Boardort. L' catl-iB woot "f Broad way botwoaa Ulismbors and Caaal atr?a>. prafarrod. No ro fo|.n??i *ivaa. Amur with pi 109 (without boar J) to B. W., Hstald oln. I^I BMISIIBD APARTMBKTS 1FAVTICD -A PtBLOR a ar.d bodnrmby a i?<*? aad f>-nt.lo*?an. with a ?aM family, whara th*ra ara ao otbor kotrdrn b >ard lor the ladjr oaljr. Th? ntm"it |ni-t rit, na'?o I. L ? aum w?st off Headway. botwron Froaklla tad Amu/ ?'r."i? Androas B. B. D.. florald H01SI w ANTBD. PT A ABA IX FA BILT. OW OR Bf Inra 1st ?f Bay a I wn atory h mi' or oart of a b i?m. In a JOM-Ortah.r ar.?ht orl.o..d r aKha B'-r'h lido of hl?al'-y.>.ot tclo* Vorry or aboos rranklla airrat, or In J<-r?oy otty. wiihla Bvi mil atos walk Irom tho lorry H?ta-sanoo >?? ? han??d. lad riat ?nm bo tiai.iaakla. Arr'y to C. B, at tbli oflloo. PJBf OF A BOUAB. CON?l TtNO OF Til A B ? OR foar ronm?. waatod h? a i^atloiaan an I wtfa. In a r???0Pt?bl0 n-i?h^o?Sood. An* p?i?oii h?Tia? inr', ap?r? moBU to dlipoio of mar biar of B doiiraHi* tiatat by ad di0Mln( O. O.. at tbli i fflea N?at aot U' ?*iao? lid*! -mt ?rnr m, ahioh will bo pai l >|aarttrty. la s4ra?< I, iff rwtntrad. Bafrraaooa (tvin aad r> i'iiiMl. ? Koob wahtid withoi r ?otnn wabtio. bv I raopwotakla, ratlrtd ?n?r"hant. a larR* a*f.. rmili-d t>od??. m with tliurli a" a. hod. In ?ora? ro?p*<-t?b'o rrirato liirlly. rrntdiag b?io?>> Itr o*no ?tro?t aad Nin'hutroot, at <1 ?' ? ir. ro thaa two or tb??o blooki ffo A Broadway. Adorn* N. B., Bo. 111 Brotma ?ti#?t. STl.Rl. *Al*T?n, TH niOADVlT. BODBRATB .11*. h?two.n ? '? ?r and itroBta, Nortb nAa. Ad I droM S. B.. b< m 2,ci 6, Paot i/Kro. AMI MUMP NTS. Bowerf rus \ rtti ? tuiu as cents; pit. u* couu, Oroiiu* i a .1 in, o-> Dmii onan MM, lo cotuo4<M.. tt 7 u'.? -ok caturlay avaaiag. Mareh 12, the performances will t mm' o >? w th the drm, it entitled itEL i ti IOOM - (. II 1 1 1 1 b. IBU *f t td<i Duke d? Moitba.. JD, Mr Ci ot! Hull ? ? ' o\. Mr. Mamlltoa; Couol da l aatrl Hluf). Mr. Martin; Vu<orapie Hereulee. Mr. F. Jo r tfai. . Uasri. Mi"? N D nra; Meualme Miu Weuiyee Nial Flora. Mr*. To e niluilt with the drama of U1L BLAH? Cil Hla?, Mim S I'eolu; Atdr^w Cercuello, Mr. WiB*ur. oil Ferer. ?r M?r in: ('apt. It -land, Mr. Ktavena; DuLna M iiiit, Vri. H-nnei'a Mr* Hiaadlev Burtons thkai-s ? x iAiiKDu evening, Ma-eh li, c r lire ta.oaa will o>"um<uioi with tl.o coined) . f lii:u|l.u<> Toll HE* Ta? Mr fisglatnn, Mr. Huli; liluad tr l.- . Tun. Xr JjUttoi; Julia. Mix WfccD Af'er whic> ? o mrdy of tm HftllliiL't PAdlLV i ?Opt. Murphy rai>" Mr <4. Jordan: Amioaiab Sleek, I Ur liui ' ui. ; ? m (.i ip'i s forresis Mr*. Ru??*lL Tac>n lude with iho iiurlttia <1 ".e <4 oHLU'd FAlK ? Mr. William Waggles. II r Bir-oo; Vr< ^uiucgr, Mr*. hughes Bnxee, riru Circle, and I'arqaot, Mk : Fau>ily circle iH . Private Boaia, ti and ; <>-,he*'ia Seal*. lie. Dixri i|'ia il i goat t>r to 7, to hejm \r, a quarter paat 7 o'oloek NAT I UN A I, Til ki: KM ?ON 4 ATI It DAT EVENING, Maicb ti, will i.? ?oaoi.ted the grand oaliooal drama eatitlru U A Kill' UIIiiMiAII, er taa Young Cont ? j Gen VVaiM?gou Mi * Tavl-r; !l?rry burahatn. Mr. Watkin*; 111 Lane. Mr. Iiraudon; Capt ararll. Mr La Favor; , Daa Morgan. Mr I. t , #r?uk Faiifa*. Mr. U. Seymour; ? ary Manoera, Mt>? E itealaier. I'rovi >ue to whicb, the farce entitled 01 Itl.rr AND Ul' Ki.EY- Consideration 1 Lfctton, Mr L. Fes; Mr Huriaj. Mr. C W Taylor; Mr Bur ls,.. Mr. Herbert; ?r. Bu.ley Mia. Drew. B.?ea,24o; Pit, li\o.j i'riva'e ttoxe,-. ?5 U?ore open at aquarterto7; to bruin at a quarter pa> 7 .'el?ek. MECHANICS' ii\. so. *JJ d hi j it W .\ Y , AUOri Graml atredt.? t?p. u atrery ai?ht durin* tha weak until further notlea. The oMKiual and well known CBRIdTY'ft MIM8rtBL8. evni|iriaiui| a? etheiont aad eeraatile " eerpa" ?f " talentvd" and eiptiriaa' ed per! omnre." under the na Mmementof ?. P. Ckrie y. nhiiw eouiieite la tlueeity. for a *uee??aion <<f "five iear>." hare been rucuited with favor by hi* hi y reapaubahle and faeliiona^te aadienoaa. Tieketa'ZA cents. The patr'nsof Chriety'* Mine.rele are rt?peetl?Uy laf'. nueii that the u>ua' Saturday aft?fbuoa ooaarrte will ba diaooatiaued for tha future, tin Saturday rtuuiun next. M arc I fir. d. ananal benefit of J. Pi?on, Violiaiil. Dcora open at half-paet K: ooium*noa at a quarter to H. VKLLOWS" M I N S TKH.S. At FELLOWS' Ol'EKA f houea. 414 Br.udway.beewaaii Howard and t>raadatroeta. Open e rfer y aight iiur>n* ttia week. Tha celobrate4 original aad well-kno?n Folluw*' kiinatrela, ' oouipriainc aa atHoieal aad Tereaiile oorp. of talented aad eipcrieuaad partortnera." amdrr tha alrration of J. B Fellow*, whoea concern ia tliit sity for the laat year, have beanreoeivad with tha uraatait favor by the elite and faehioa of thia preat rnetror ilia. Their cuaoerta oouaitt of Bu.leique Italiau Opera Heenaa, Witty SayinKa. Soloa, Dueta, Choruaaa, Danolnx, and fa atruBau'^lPprfnrnianoea On Wedaakiiay and Saturday af taraooBa. a (rand (.on art for the aeooir.nodation of ladlei and laui'liea, ootumincan at 3 o'oloek P.M. Adiniadoa H eeata Doore oi*.n at it^ onoimeane quarter before 8. ML OIOBOI VANUtNHOFf'd B7BMlNO? WITH rhorjilau ? Hope i hai>el, Broadway.? Monday, March 24 tt> . TUB K1V4L : We, In.-, day, Jtoth. TH K SCHOOL FT'K MCaNDAL; Tknrtday, a7th. TBI CRXT20. or a Tr idy Hehearaed. Tbeeo popular Eieninica c.impr >a original aketchr a of the private ai d publio life cf tha eolebratcd wit. dramatlal and orator. Kichard Biin ley S*beridan uid etoh Evening, a reudlnK of one of hia hrilLant oomedieti. Tiuketa to the three Evening* (1; bibkIc Eveainn 6U ecnta. To con; ?aate at 7% o'clock. Minerva rooms 4u6 bkoadwa f.? naqlvi Urand Pan irauia of Ireland, painied by the firat lriab artiata, fi-um aketchoi taaen within tha laat three years -ia fidelity, interest and beauty unrivalled ? with Iriah tonga. Irish inuaio, and an Iriahman's illaa.tratintu. Every even ing, at 1W o'clnek. Wodnesdav and Saturday aftarnoom, at S o clock. Sea handbills. Adiuittauoa ii oea'.a; children, lader It, half price PUBLIC NOTICE-THH 18 TO CERTIFF THAT I AM no longcrauaclied to F Uowa' Ethi ipiaa Opera Troupe, and have oload my engagement at that uoune, and a ill ilioi tly open a pine.' of amu etnent tinder my own ; rncnt, of which due natice will ba given. 1. lluKV. i amuse: ttH.vvs in buooklyii. Brooklyn museum -proprietor and m&\a ger, Ur. F. M. iant ?Prices rt lucol ? Par motte, St oentu; (Jkllery, I2li cen'a. Biitl ni<ht ot U pairs. Ch&nfri a and Sci 1 1. ? ut ut ii ? i eveuirg, March will co.auou' e with th* AOllPTEf) CHILD? Michael Mr. J R. Scott. After which. Nl;i? YOKK as IT IS? Moae, Mr. F. S. Cfanfrau: Joe, Ur. Seymour; )j?o, Mirs Albar'ino. To conelud'i with tho DUMB GIRL OF G fcNOA-Sirs: ado, *r. Burke D > feretts, Mr. Davia; Antonio. Mr. N. H. Clarke, Ji.lictta, Mits AKi rtita. fUTMICftli. Tin; i."LIan PlANO/ORTR-T. 01LBRRT R r;o. S l'iaui fi rtes, a-, 3 -3 aud 4i7 Broalway -A new and splendid warerooni for (he ?alo of the juttlv sclchra'.ud lien IVinofottee matlo hjr T. Gilbert ?. Co , this lay luc 0(?neil by W a:eis >1 Berry, It 3.'sJ Uruaiway, corner of A n tr ony itTeet, iu a tdition to their former <->t?i>lUhm- a?. ?t 447 Brrailway. Tlie r> i id sale of tncne iaittuaaata, and their entire aueccM, butu among amateur and profi ts onal niu?:-iane, ate ample proof of tlioir superior luality. Tha sutirtibets are cow pic pared to tfler to tho pul'llo th! largest and loit nieortmcnts of Piatos, both with an wt1, out tha itolian arccspauimenr ttrer eihibited inthlloity. In arawer to tha assertion* of tliosa mterelted in the et.l ?: of other pianos, tha; tl.u attacbiueat injures tho | iau ), thafol lonirg, c. pled from 'I'. Gilbert A Uf a aiffslar. tl autiicu nt ? "H e o9et tort let t and forward to any part of the cuuntTT. at cur lowest [ncti, aaoh instrument! ai miy O ordered, atoomrapiad by thaoarh or a:itiifaatory ralereaM, and pi clge outse Ire* to refund ti e full ataount rcMiiti with all necenary e> ?t of tranepor ution, if tha instru ment fails to x>,u entire aatiatantion." Tha taatimomaU have rectietd, from all parts uf tin* oountry, asiiuro us that tie .t'.ilian Pianoforte Lai only to ba known, to tike tha precedent e of all other*. The public are invited to call and examine. Bccoi. 1 land pinaoa taken in avchange. to '.ft A' so, a eupmsr luocad hsnd <! Fiaoo, for aa e varyluw. WATEHB k BERRl*. 333 and 147 Broadway, New Tork. __ KISANCIAU IRVING BANK.? TOE WUOI.E AMOUNT OF TBI cafltilstook being taken, will comm m"a btiiiaeaa on Monday, tk* 24th of Maroh Inst.. wOoa tha iirst instalment af 4U(oroent will bo payable at No. 273 Uroonwieh i:r*o.", ke'.wccn fFarTCD and Chambers street*, whleli plaoe they will oeeupy, sntil their banking hou?a, to bo [coated on tl.o aortneaat of Warroaaad Greinwioh straetj, ia bails. By order of the Board. L U. LAIN Q, Frosidant. Jn?t Thos:pimiis, Cashier. National bank or Ireland.? drafts for large or email amoi u'a, on said bank and I's braaohea In Ireland, and agent* in Etmlan*, Scotland, and Wait*. foi sale by 0. E. HMI1CUT, tola aathorisad ascot of National Bank of Ireland Far tha United States, PARIS BANKERS ?THE SUBSCRIBE I1B. AGENTS FOB the tanking hone* ot Mossr*. Allies A Urand. 14 Rue da Travisa. Paris. will i>p?n credits apon them lor partial im |>c.rMn? faods from I'rauea, Qermauy. and S? itwrlaud. Alio, tor traTellars coiac to the Continent sad t* England. For terms apply to C. K. BABICliT A CO , V4 Wall it. fi 1 HO non1" loan, at six percent INTCK C IWtV/Wait, for a term of years, ou b"nd and mortgagi oa prodnniTt real eatate in this city. It wUl i,. loaned in iiidii to suit applicant* Apply to 8.8. UKi>AI>. No.ll Wailstraat, lathe Crotaa Water Otlic* basora "i*. fi'{ k mm TO lOAN. AT MX PER CENT IN? rut. oi, bond aid mo:tgig*. oa productive real estate ia tbia ntr. frronc, tbrie, or tixe y**rs. A; ply to JODN r. COMKKV, No ?1 Wallsti it. Uerucrui Broad n'raet. Amaw bab a sum or MONEr wot n ut. wcoM like t. l?a 1, and take a rood r ano ai s"i irity. Address James, at the Lr?a4way liat store, Nc. 3.'4 Broad way. post paid^ NOTIOF.-AI I. Pfheovs ARE IIEKEBV NOTiriED an<t aaut mned a<ainit rteeiviag or r.eitotiattonttc loiloa in* | ron.itk rr aota>. *mrt by mr. to to* ord-ir of E l.idd, cr Kin hale: Ladd, respaetiraly, dated tha Brst day < f Jaau ary. I *AI, Tlx -One for !'? UW>, dae 1-4 April, I'M *aa fi r S?.4'J SO. do 1-4 Jua*. do.: nn* for tl.HMl do 1-4 Aa(a*t, do; om for $1 I U" do. 1 i Oot I er. <io ; aae for Sl imO do. I I No Ttaber. do. Tie >ia< : a> inr ' cea obta re J from ma w-.thoist ?oaaiaerauoa, will nat be paid. Iiti'dMir. h 21 1*11. R. B. DL'VCKINi t. Jr. INSTRUCTION. TDE lit INU IN.^TITUTK.? tVON'S CLASSICAL AND C"nimer< ial l>. anlmx ."ehool, fer Ton.i* Uent:?aii a, a' Turrit ?n. N. V. Th* I'rintipal ia aai|.lii >'ii la kit r-yint fur the moral w*ir*ro. the phyaieal aontfort. the intulln:ti*l inip< *1 < Mil the in*' air*, aad per> *nai ) a it* of Ills pupils. lh? course of edncatioH cr a| nhtid< all tiie braaikas prt paratory for acllega or tuain> as: for profi>ssi'>nal or praetioal life : including turreying aad civil an/ j. erinr. <ra? nr, vocal mnsi i, piaao. and 1 r. t eh. by rom;. masters. Uer ?aa aad Spanish will be tanght^if mairel The sunlit tarm eommeict ion '1. 1' t of Cay. and o .nt ante fire montha: ?ban** far th* tfia Jl'W; thia taeludia all ?ip u? ? lor board, tuition. |rt apt in tm dern lansatv ? and mutie. I ail th* me of aeci-ssary k*i ks ia F.nclisn brsao'ns Ad. !ae *.ioa will be mad* no** two o me from th* nam* fanulr t" t par: n ular in rraeer, a* , **? eirc.ilar*. at soil *f tha Bt oad way b< > katr res, or ad lr s? WILLIAM r. I. YON, A. ? , Pnaoipal lad Propricter. Lctlirs shonld I* aidrossfd North T?rry towa. TOITRANCERS. TBE ATTENTION OF IAU1 C* ANO Hgtatli mea, anlting Nc < York is iavil. I t (J >Msa ih > aew system of teachtrg I' nmanslup Ffh* rnpiL ' n1ar 'hi Mil pi tti etiac stataai, reeeira*. trota l? r . Oold?m ? h. at ?. : I and rcmplete set af < ?i reises, with awpl* ? iplaaations aai lattriictiots. Tha eharge far which ia ca* d jliar n. cla ?, or threo dollars if the loeaon is la prirat*. Per?'<m wh*a ? tay la the > liy I* ll*ite.| or who cannot ooarsnleutly at lead at Nr. Galdamitl. a nri raan t . takn a regular (our** of lessons, way, by tf ia plaa. I ' laia allti.- exar aiaea '*o*prts*d ia a full saria* of iastriictioaa.tng thar wit such Tarlal d teetian* a* will enal.le tbetn to p*rfe*l tl.elr hsadwriting at home. Tl.e I. all pnc? . or tl 1,1 e.asaa*. ara still i pan. n 1 rrhat* papil- are r*o ived all.* a sr laite e' *| srim at* f.ttad If far that pjrpoM. Mr U I - saitk* slats aad pti?ata wrltiag raita* ar* at 249 Oitai way. oa*ils<rabiTe th* Iniaj U 'uie. 1M1E SPANI8B AND IR'.NCH L ANGl' AGES. TAUOH T ? ky tht m west and ba*~. method ?A yonng Apiaish ?intUnsa wilt ilia laaacaa ia kclh laagua|aa. Addrtas ?Ttio." B> rai l i _________ ATOINGLADV, KBrENTH ARRIVED rs?)M El - r' fe, wiehee to gn as Oovernaee *r enmpaniaa to a lady. Ith* hat alw at n taov ed la tha bait i mU t a : ka* i por te. t knewli i's* of the Bagli*a Unfaage caa teaeh aaei*. linglrg. Mo , ir. Has ao objection to trae*l. ktndnei ad a h. n>a ara more aa oh eel than high aalary Addr*a< C A 6. E., Herald ttflir*. *ayia; w k*ra sa iat*rvi*w may b- had. VBAVBU.WU' OCIDB. JtiBN AM EN'S ABEKICAN INLAND PAS1A0E LINE, licensed ky Oo?*rament for tha Pr.tiotion of graata aad atl *is? off es, IK Ced*r street, N*w V< rk? l?r waril passengers and t?air b*sgare dsily atthel we?t ritsa, to any part of the Weet or Bontliweetern S'atu, or th' Ca naaaa. The akb?rH>ar wanld eiat* that ke ha* b*-n ra?* -d In forwaraiei to the Vest tea l, thirty year*, aad is ct i tl b. cored nit h the eoaMeree af baelaeea mea and al?a of iae ?oat em teat mea, and hlghi st ia offire ? I < ) nr. h s id Sta'e. Joll?f ALLtM, l>7 (Mar Mwt, NUBEW I OR K A MB 1'BILADEl.P ilA- NEW TOitK and I'hiladelphia duaet Mates Ma I Liae - Ihronph in 4H hi ore, via Pew Jr??y Bcilroad. Far* re duced to S> for hi at - 1 Icee, and tl W f r second- cits* L its New ti ik at 6 A M , Iroin f. ot el (\ ur aeei et-ee t aad at I A. B. a*<! A I' M , fha f>ll I i I ' r 'tr Pt ilai-eli hia at 6 and 9 A. M. *ad ? P. M . itotn th* foct si H slant Itrtet. PF.NMSVLVA.NlA MA I LRU AD CtlMfANf AKSMlW forwarding govda to fi'^tnrgh ta k>* d >ye, from Philadelphia, at th'f I|.win< law rati*, els Fir*t Clt**? Di t (Iiw4l, Sh .?* Ms s. A* f I p r n?> !><?. 8*i" a t t'la** Bala* Browa Bf ilia*. Qranrtts. iiard??r*. fc*.. f "?? P^r KKIIh*. Third- Utaenswar*. Col?. Tm. As. ?? e's parVst Iba. F' nrt> -Asliea. lai r>teh. ?<? i.'stsp?r lik'lai N* ?ommisainna oh an id for r*?eivin.r ?r f. rwtelia- fl 'dial Phiiadelph a or rittahnrgh Uood* fr- ?i N*? V ?fl line' on, orasyefthe Eas'*tn Mann'nO' r a? Oo'npaai*!. to insor* despateh to Pittatvr.-'i, ?* I all t.rti of M . <Jr*at Wert, shonld bo eon?-pne l ta [I H t|t>U?T"N *rrtrti A~->tl Peans> team* Ua'lrttd ''omraav, 1"? - nd *d Martial *i?e*^ PkiladelpdiiA BeFADBN A CAVpr* Annate Caul fv ii. I i*t*b igrh. OAUrHKRIA. Kirchhoff, de sola a rn uoMMfMtoW ??* ehan- . San f raxoisc, Califar .. . Re1 i ?i..i*i -Me?i-t Braner a C>.. S?. Thoma?. W. L Roller San I a Ultra, New Verk: F W Itrnn* ? aone, Bnl' : ia* f? : 0??>l*r A Ca . H.-* t-" a ; Fmhlina a Owahaa. U>a*- a: Joha A. Or aa* A Co.. Br?s?>a. Ooniasaa M Ca., Uamt-arg, Ji ba MaauB R C*., fitl adalpAia. AMI H? INKNTS. ' D BOA D VAT THIifHt-l' r HiUliU, ML! MJ Leimi G 11 ItiMitl, MlWt- ? to>ur4>j evealaa? Marco >j, will b? Mrfciuc4 the oorn.dy of tit* ABfciOOH Fa Ml LV- Captain aur^y Ba?uir*, Mr Colllat; AmlaadaM Sleek, Mr. Lavidzc, *?? it.B'li* hir?>i, Mr- Bayaoida; Lad* r*wetby Oranly. Mr?. lib* ?*?d; Mr*. Charl** Turraa*. 1 Mim A. ?i< oftahrim. To en elude w?*h the *oa?*dy ?# ALL ; Tb Al CLITTE8S IS NOT SOLD? at?pt>*a Plata, Mr. Qaa I ??J. T^Lv Twiaki*. Mr. Pa> d?*i Martha Gll>k*, NtWai 1' cuiai Dvora t pea at 7. trurtaia ti*a* At h*ll-pa*tK DroM rilcl. sad Parqaiu*. W ciiu, Pamilyaaa TMrd Cinltt, M i *?'"? Gallery. iliamat. Pri>*t* Bqm*. timM. Nisios -han^, jumn hfton.-thb fro prtetor ben ? to ai.uouao? the Gard*a will bd clo**M USUI W edneaday tnto.i < Uar >h MM, ia eoaaoquea** of tba ""??'< alteiaiioa u*?*.eary ia tie formatioa *d aCiriiU# Fra Btai*, fur th* o.lui of Mil* t&roua* Ujrt, lltu u? Mmtcr Louu?*tte, tlie Jn.tly calibrated Bqaeatriaa* fron Prtaciii'i Cir?ua Olt i*| i<tat, Champa Ely****, Fart*, their bin appcarano* in ?i? \urk. ?nh (Loir lapert<4 and of tinned Uornaa. Alau, Mr Aula* Welab'a antir* Troup*, from hi* *xLu*ivt Pliladelp ia Ainpluthaatre, formlag tna Butt attractive aompaay of t,u?.ti-iaaa mi ma ia iatri?*i BROllUllAM'S l.TCLUM. BROADWAY, NBAB MBOOMM ?treat.- brtaa uin-lo aai Parana*. ftu ota< fkallj Otrel*. JSet* ) Orobaatr:. Stall Seaia, SI: Frivkt* Box**, M. Door* cpeaat7; to begin at 7 )i o'el ?k.? Saturday *v*aJac, March T1 th* perfurmanrea u ,il eommea** with th* IBteitada at MT 1'RIIND JACK? Jick DoviUkla. Mr. Brougham. Att*t whieh, th* bailetta <<t tie ? UK LD'A FAIR ? in*, Mr. Brougham; ColumMa, M.?? aary i'aylor To b* fo11*w*d bw th* fare* "I WILFl'l. Ml: KDEH. To ooailuda with Mm bar-* leiija* ipwtMb. oalled VI DEV1LLB ANB DB PAC3TPB ?Dr. Pauifui, Mr. Un.ugbaui. Couatd* Ga**y, Mr. Ull< th* r Bf -. ??< >? !'.? Mia* ?ar> Taylor. (JAKNCM'8 AMERICAN Mb rtEUM.? P. T. BABMUM, D Proprietor aid Manager; Jhn Gr***w*od, Jr., AmuU bb* Muutr. Alurno n performance at thro* ? ia th* it*? dip* at half- pa*t ?eveo o'cloek. Admittaa** to th* Ma**aa aad *ach talooa perforroino*, V> oiita: *hildr*a nadir tea ytara, 12K ceat#; | aiitut t end eitula 12)4 **Bt* oxtra. Tb< ?ntmlcnof th* Logialatui*, aad alao th* Mayor aad Com mon Council, hiMut been iavn?d Bad haviag aeceplad th# iaeitaticn, ar* *>| ec'cd u> be p e<*at thi* *veaia|. Balar day, Mareh Zl, li>41, in the efteroooa. will b* performed th* II <Btiie, <elebtated eomedy ot PaLL PRY with Mr. Ha daway is the eha:acter of Paul ? rr. la th* *r?aii| will b? r*p*at*d|iB ellioti\e atyl., the new moral drtuaa *C MADBLAINE, or tl c t .uod in* of Pari*. Th* iaaaa*rabl? curloiitiet oi thi^Muteuw the v a-t ct.ia*** OoJlaftioa. tha tltgaat apec.iEi'ni in t?etur*l Ui-tory, th* otdiTlMof Ar% and tcience, the Ficttire Calle y. t a* Carriage of the Q?*#Be Br* to ie >een at all i.oaro setwtaa B A. M. aai itt p. M-( t very day rioi pt t uu la CIKCCB NKW VOKa A Hi'lilTUBATMB, 37 MOWBB7. ? Jamei M, Juue a Co. i'i prietor*. Duor* opn II B quarter before 7; to como.' uiu at bait - paet 7. Friyata loiaa, 60 ceBta; Bern* 'in oauW. fit, Uh eeut*. Mr. Boaa*!*. E iueo; run Direct r , John Uoeaia, 01< wa; Capt. D*Camp. Klin Matter. baturCay af'en a"? and ee*Bla?, Mar*h U, Mil*. Touruiair* will ?n<ar In the thrilling Maa<i* aat, ea titled theSt*epleCh:i e. Mm Ha't Inn W*lla, iahor4arln< Bud priaoiral act. Mr .Runnel will arp ar ia hi* *l*(aat aca ?atitlcd M:icanirll9. t' e 1 1. Iieriuan >f Naple* laauntrabla feat* by the entire t'reuohand A>ner|c*n rroupaa. Th* whol? to coaolud* with a new laughable Aft*rpicoe. FKAMKL1N MDSltl.'M. 17ft Cli*TllAM SQUABB.- OBO Lea 8ol* l'r<priet?r ? Admneion? Seat* la PrtraM Uoiea, Ml centu; 8:x?'e #???, 37% ceata; Boa**, M Mala; Par* quet. 12V* oen'.e.--?lt. aat Jal job p*rfrrta.\aOM *?*n Aft*r Boon aud KeeniBK. t utertaiBoieuu oomm*no* la bh* aft*** aeon at S o'clock", and ia theeeeaimc at half paat 7. A*m> tartaiLmeata are Titled aad aeloot, and tuoa a* eaa ba HM at no other plaee *'. ia New York. *oaai*tia< m Loa'( FmuilI* BlUi jpiaii Optra Tronp*. aamoeriac tfbMB pcrfonuer*, bi-inx thu Ura >ai aad at tb* urn* tia* UM at 0*1 ta.ented ban", in the cai'ed H?at**i a troure ef Modal Aim t.*t?, who ar* seleotti* tor tUetx teaat* ana 0(in, Bad wh? p?r*onate a uumltr .1 oe?itiful tablaaax, takaa from tha niotnrea of anoieat a id^rc time*, a *omr*ar ?* AraM birl*. who ko thron|h a rartoty of feat* of (trrugth aad d*x> terity; Madam* Rosaline, th* only Female JucclM la tM world; a company .( htlo and rcmal* Artiit*. who will (lw aa exhibition of Marble Htatuary aneqnalltd ia tb*w*rld, b*a rether with a variety .it int?rv*tiae performance* eeerj ah lernooBaad eyaainr. For particular**** bills of ea*b?ai. AMUHKRlKNrS IN PlULADKLPIllA. B\KNtK !t MUSIl'M, 1'fllLADBLPfIIA*. ? F. T. B4K num, Proprietor and Ma>a?er; H. Saufard, A**i*taat klana^T.? Thud and laat ecek of Mr. B*< th, to* World * T'a-cdian. wto.e erm^reni-ut tha* tar ha* pror*d to b* ?a? of extraordinary hriliianoy Ihie rrnat aator will appear thi* week in ' Km* Lear," "Th* Straag*r," " Mao bet h," " Hintm," ' Ti ?n and i.o intry," aad "Bertram;" pi**** iM wliicb be ha* beretuiote unit a reputatioB " mote iaatiac than bra**," and character* in wfilcb bia identity I* ao? know'eJited ty th* univerae In lh* atteraoaa. RataeM hmith't Grand raui raca oi Ucxuo. th* lathma*, aad Call? f mi ?, will be exhibit ei. Tni? ia r<-nardo4 aa on* of tb* mast o< rrcot rr rroa'ntation* i f thoae in >at. interesting l**aliti?Sa Admiaiioa U ct*. ; children unfit-r 10 y*ar*. 1 2\ at*. cLoi'unm. CAKU.-P U!)Hall3 RESPCCTrCLLY IVrORMS hi? friet da that 1-e ran be f' nnd at Meur*. A A 0. A. Amoux. Draper* and Tailor*. 3"< Urnadway. ooraer of DuMM ?lieet. w here be i* unpaged io ihtt c?tti*g dcrartaeit, CLOTHING DOUSR. -BROOKS BROTHERS, NOB. Ill and 118 Ch>riy dreet, ci rter of Catheria* creet. New Y*rk, d**ir* to ialorm th-ir M*Mf and *u>tomuF? that t..ey kave now for *ale an extenaiT* aad varied (took of ready made Clothing, emt.ra- n.< evory .jualitv and do*aripbi*a> Merrl.aut 1 ailorirg ? Tht y would luvi't* eap? *ial atleaUea to toeir aelact.oa of guoi in. for th i nue*, whioh hay* b**a careiully i rocurtd for tUia d?| attmtnt. Removal uk-kph flandbrs uavino sold to N .P. 11 Barrett It Co. t ie eatu e atnok of Boya' Cloth ing. coata>ned in tne at ro No. 47 Naaaau *tr*it, woald ia lorm th* publio aad hi* old eaatomor*, that he ha* l*a**4 t'i* lieautiful ttora No 2 A Urtuaar. wher* will at all tisra be kept th* mo*t attractiv* n id varied a< orta*Bi r.f Vonag t.entleneb a B"yr' and children'* Clotliiag ia Uiia city. PurcBtatra wnuld do well no reaember that ta.i *t*ck 1* entirely lev and of the Ute<t apiinf *tyl*a, aad will ?old by tbc itBgle *nit or f ack*#ie. Nr. U. It A KKV.iT fc CO, rORTF RBVBN NAS ? *aa *trett, wlioleaal* dealer* ?? Childraa* aad kouth't Clotbitg, are mw prepared to eiblalt <aa of the largatt and varud a**<>rtmeat? ia tb*ir lia*. lor the ti ring trad* in thia ntr- tnitod to th* taat* aa<x olimat* of every portion of the Unioa. W* would tpecialla call attentie a to our aiock of Voatha' Sack*. Ooatte** aa? Ptnta, Children'* Mi rino a id fiilk Velvet braided Salt* aa< fackt, Flatted and Chirt 8uit*, tog*' li*r with e**ry doei ra tio article ia tie line. Country Mrrct aat* ar* iavit*d te t xamia* before purchaaing. Good* frmily *howa. CAST Oil' CLOTU1NU.-LAD1B8 OR OCNTLBMBN ditirouaof ei nvrrtmg m oe??a their ?nperflu 'ti* ette-ta, v -Caat i tl t li.t'i bk. t' ?tun.ei. Farai^ara. fin A r ma. M'atcbe*, Jawtlry, ao , will obtain from tb* *ak*inb>i ta* Ugli**t caah pile*. A lm* through tha P?*t Oftre. or oth*f? wlic, will roeeiv* pr mp' atten'-'^B H. HVKTf, Ko. 2 Park Plae*, etratr of Broadway. LA DIBS OR OBMTLKMBN DBS! ROUS OP OONTBBT tBg into <aah their *?ptrfiuoa( eftaot*. a Bob a* ca*t-oB alothiBR, Oixtumca. Lrtarm.. furuitar*, watohoa, aad iawalrr. Will *ttala from 'h* aab**nbor SHy per c*at mor* thaa h*r*> Ml*r* r***iv*d, by **rdi*< through th* po*t or othorwi**. IMA AC 0. LYON. No t***. BOARDI5G, I-. u.n, ^75eV?f ?od,ra??,?loeatiOB. Ac. ' *? '?'?A (whioh mm\? Board in thb < ountrv-wantbd, by a qen tleman aad two la J ? ? ? ia a healthy ioeatioa. aad e*aye tiient diatarce from the *ity. Two ro>?* r*i|uif*d, willt partial hoard for th? g.aliimaa. AddrvM J. 1. U. Bo* JtW >cw Tork FoitJItBe*. Board.? a ladv op expbiirkcm in i eacbinu ? Maaic, ?i*l *? a r** a With b ard, In a ; v > ? family, *a I th* we*t aid* of the *|-y, wher* iattrw*M*a *a th* pt?*o lorte will t* taken ia part i *ytu*at R*f*r*aoa* *athaag*4. hddi*?l " Muii*,'' at tbii off *?. PB1VATK BOARD A l.M)Y AN D C E V TLBM AN. 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