Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 25, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 25, 1851 Page 1
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9 THETNEW YORK herald. WHOLE NO. 6728. DOUBLE SHEET. VERY LATE FROM CENTRAL AMERICA. AKklTAL OF THE STEAMSHIP PROMETHEUS, Ac., Ac., tie. The hteamship Prometheus, Captain Miner, ar rived at this port, yesterday morning, from San Juan de Nicaragua, whence she suiled on the 1 1th inst. She bring# us full files of the Uarda de Gu/tie/mlii to the 1st ult.;the Bolthn de Nuiichu, of Guatema la, to the loth ult.; the Oaetta del Salvador, to the Cll.-t of January; El Cundadano, of Oarthagena, to the VUd ult., and Ia Democracia, also of Cartha gena, to the Mb ult. Our thanks are due to Mr. R. Lord, the gentle manly Purser of the P. ,for late news. The King <?f Mosquito was staying on board II. B. M. schooner Bermuda, at Sun Juan do Nica ragua, when (be Prometheus left. The fteamer Director was runuing regularly on Lake Nicaragua. The health of San Juan was good. Tbo news of the battle between the nrrales of the -republics of San Salvador and Gaut?raala is fully confirmed. The President of San Salvador, ge neral-in-chiefof tho troopsofhis Stateand of Hondu ras, w:u completely defeated at La Arada, by Gen. Carrora, commander-in-chief of tho army of Guate mala. The battle begun in the morning, and alter four hour^of desperate struggle, Carrern, by an ad mirable movement, put the enemy to flight. The vanquished army lost 528 dead, 1,000 guns, and 200 prisoners. The Guatemuleuns, in comparison, had few dead and woundod. The General says, in his report, that tho loss in wounded and dead is not more than 75 men. Vasconcelos, after the com bat, abandoned the field with a part of his troops, and retired to San Jacinto, closely pursued by tho enemy. It is also reported that the soldiers of Vaseoncelos insulted their General at Matulapa. Since the battle of Arada no other actiun had taken ' place between the belligerent armies. The Uticrta of Guatemala, and the Uieetn of San ?Salvador, of previous dates to*the battle, are filled with proclamations of the Presidents of the two re- ; publics, to their soldiers and the people. They , contain nothing moro of interest. The news from Cartliagena is to the 23d of Feb- j ruary. The Legislature of the State, for 1851, has | great work to do ; it is the project of a new po- \ litical code for New Granada. The papers of this | country have tbc greatest hopes for those reform*- , tions which were wanted far a long time. Our Nicaragua ( ormponilriirf ? i?A-N Jt A.N DC XlUAtlASl'A, C. A., ) March 2, 1K31. $ 1'hc /Vv>fi.,ii of Nirartirtm ? Thf Character of tlw hilmltit 'uts ? The Pi ubulie SdtUmdrt of tin Itrirl Ckiim. Vow lime as yet had but a bird's eve view of the ?Atate of matters nod things here. While the natives here aic l?ut a picayune race, they are capable of the greate. t improvement. If the natiies of Spain should ever arise to that high state of mcutal excel lence which now characterize* the mo-t civiluod na tion* of tbi- globe, au<l become coadjutors in those ?Scheme which coi tribute so much towards the ad vancement of the human ra .-e, it trill be iu Geutral America that the find effort will be made that shall redeem the children of old Spain ami their desoen Jattt- from thoi?e slothful bonds that k.'ep them back from the advancement of the world. We have here a country unrivalled in point of climate, pro- , ductiou , and mineral wealth; and the one thing needful here is enterprise, to take advantage of the l.i v or.- thrown upon us by nature, and the energy ?will, I think, not be locking. There exists much ignorance in the United St utn, in regard to the Male oft cntral America. Nicaragua has become, fm the lu-t few months, better known than the rut, from the diplomatic di?jmte about the town of S.iu | Juan, or <!rey Town; but Coeta Kicu must event ual^ l>c the moat important. lW' arc now here a corps ofintellijjent and active ! jngmeco. who are pr< qdring to commence t la<- work uf utakii g the river of San .luan navigable, by re- 1 ?not lug the bars, and blowing out the rocks, which ?nu.?t ruceced, thus shortening the transit from rim luan to Cranada, and making it a desirable routs of traiel. Nothing can exceed the courtesy and politeness of the inhabitants Lire. We arc not horde of sa- > vage< here that you suppose; ami were you here to attend vine of the dinner |x?rtie?, you would b> Mrpriaco at the luxuries that enjoy, a* you would ni tlic ricline-.K of the table appointments. You eouut : youraelve.' lucky in eating tfto-e ni. kly oranges and tune apple* which you get in Xew York, but eould I you eat our-, you would not only perceive the dif ference, but you would know th ? distinction. The markets here are glutted with ctery kind of *irti> le, among which you may consider about two tliird entirely useless. 1 ha\e hadalot of saleratus sent i ue, vhieh 1 have been, with my limited know ledge of dtoneatie affairs, (whieh ha? almost all bwn burned here, through sity,) trviug to learu :iiv cook the Use "f. 1'rodllce, pnniwNM, flour, pilot bread, and wires mi l liquors, aril readily, at ,i good profit. New avenues of trade are opening, ??nd San Juan of to-day is uot the name place it was : two *car? ago, when it seemed a- if it were a desert tsl tillage. Vamlorbilt's steamers will hereafter 1 make regular atops at tbi< place, und I shall com mnaicotc to you l>oth the general news of this place, Itealigo and Costa Kiea,and also will fur nish JC'? with the latent shipping intelligence. f niu-t elo e this. a? the teasel that I semi it by is ready to aail iff Chagrea, fr?>m whence it will bs forwaid<d by the I 'resent City to you. 1 have but time to add that negotiations are n>>w ra-ndingt ? wttleth- Shepherd claim to the whole of f this place, which, 1 think, will be successful, and which will, in a measure, settle the British claim on Nicaragua, or be the iu>-nns that will accouiplidi an .n'jr tuicnt of the difficulties here. Yours, S. San .Tr.ix, March II, 1*51. ? at .Sou Jutin ? ?1 rnt*il of thr Pnmwtkt" i ? Antral if Atmrrnm* ? Thr fWisfsicnl the h',i j h*H ? '/In 2JW of /Mrwirf, 4-r. , 4"' ? There ba? been no change here si nee my last, po litically, at least; and it seem* that the vexed qit ?* tion of protection. possession, and imposition, is not to be settled. In the meantime, the Knglidi agents ? -assume the position that the old law of "might ranker richt," and excrci.-e authority as heretofore. The steamer IVmtetheu? arrived here yesterday, ?liter o short ist'snge from N'ew York, rw t'hagre?. 1 She has two hundred and seventy passengers. part 'r<>?n this place. The number pa?sing through this ' route has increased within a few days, and the sail ing vcaaela All up generally for New t?rlean?. The price of paw>age bus bet>n retlneed : and, take It :il- ] together, thi? route Is getting into favor, and, with , management, Would become the one preferred. There exUt? a diversity of opinion as to the practi cability of ? atialiiing that part of the river obstritct il b) uipids: but it the "1111111 steamers ean run, as is aulici|MiU-d, etvii us it i?, the route is the ?hortc?t .jimI mont healthy. There is no question about the ultimate ndtantag' * arising from the ixi-ttion of t hi- port oa the map, and therefore the plsine-t and ?trouot 1 1 n ti " if 'Inoibl lie u-'etl to enforce upon the fnternmeut of the United States the fulfilment ? of Its duty in relat'i a in the tr.iity. IVtw.en two ind tlirec tHou-and .tinerieans have passed through Irere arithin a few m<mtha| and the expression of jjiiblie feeling in reran! u> the Knglisb anihoritiea still hobiing sway at < >rt y Town, wa? fre?*lv given. Kverj otw* mpjawed the plaee relinquished from Hrl tish protection, but wcre'lisarmed up<>n arrival, ami of eontmknew " nndcr which king" tlvy served. As ?ure asf^e sun rhines upon the ever-yieldiag and piubfi' fields of Central America, no sure has Kng isuJ the lion's paw upon them ; and the time has nrrited when it behoves every man who calls him self an American, A protest 'against this n??umption of authority in a quarter most dangerous to the d?w of liberty and Justie*. Are ??t the right* of independent republics threatened with destruction, under the petty plea of protection to an unacknow ledged king 1 # It is a matter of pride, and the feeling is frequent ly expressed among Americans here, that the Hmili has taken the stand it has in this matter, calling up on the people to ask their government whether tno Clayton and Bulwer treaty means fomethiug or notfiing. It we are to be made the laughing-stock of the Mosquito king, and the rest of ?Mankind, it should be known at once. The mere fact of our citixens being subjected to the disgraceful humiliation of giv ing up their arms in a country where thev aro neces sary lor protection, is enough to call the blush of shame to thecheek,and the remark is true, that Eng lishmen are protected abroad better than eiticens of the first republic on earth. The only hope is, that the independent press will speak out boldly in this matter, and uot be satisfied till this vexed ques tion i- settled. The 22d of February was celebrated hero by a dinner at the United States Hotel, and the memory ofthe Father of hisCouutry freshly revived. Among the regular toasts, was the following: " The Inter Oceanic Canal? its motto is, 'Dontgive up theship canal.' " The Prometheus leares this morning at 9 o'clock, for New York, via Havana. It. D. P. ^ OnaltmaU. We extract from the Gtucta, under date of lOtU January, the following: ? [rittmtTios.] nKf'REK M'.VtREK [. The President ot' the Keptiblic of Guatemala. con sidering that it is time to fix the acquired rights to the uncultivated lands on the northern roast*, and with tin* object of avoijing such qUMti'NU as may arise between those interested. for want ofthe basis which in such raffs regulate the rijclit of poKscMlon. anil which it has been difficult to establish, on account of the different circumstances in wliich the land* hare been granted, DKca?:ra. Article 1. ? Those who. by whatever right, havu obtain ed grants of uncultivated lauds, whether by right of pos session or by paving. and those who hold them iu virtue of permission as mahogany works, in the northern const of the republic, froiu the Kivcr Slhun down to the Itivur Tinto, including the lagoon ot Yxabal. Montagu*. and Santo Touias. must present their documents to the over seer of lauds within sit months. r<-ckouing from date. Article 2. ? They will lone all the right they may have acquired, and all grants made in f.i vor of those who allow tint tiu>e K|?'cifted to expire wiLl tie revoked, if they themselves, or some other persons, do uot ftUtil the de creed exhibition. Articlu 8. ? The objeet is to examine the validity of the documents obtained, and take the uecessary uotc. and ] keep it as existing. There are two other articles to this decree, stating that no other gi ants or license will be given, except for the purposes of cutting wood: and that, at a lixed time, the examination of all documents will take place in (Guatemala, ut the office of the Over seer of Laud*. Moiqnlto, [From the Honduras Watchman. March 1 | From private sources we learu that the town of Lima*, on the Mosquitiaa territory, was nearly des troyed by tire ? the effects of incendiarism. A Spaniard, named Bertrand, set tire to a house, which immediately spread to others, and would have swept the whole town, had it not been for the indefatigable exertions ofthe Cliaribs, and the lull ing of the wind. We ha*e been unable to )(iri the cause for this outrageous act, though it is believed that it arose from Mine dispute regarding women. The .Cliaribs armed themselves with matcheats and other weapons, apprehending some danger; and, finding Bertr^nd, tliev f ? ? 1 1 upon him and chopped him to piece ^ t'liere were some fifteen to twenty house* completely destroyed, and several others injured. Kotlrr to the Creditors of Texas. T?r..tst it* Department, March 22, H11. The State of Texas having, by nets of it- I. 'fi lature, passed during the session! of HH and Hlf, called ujK?n the creditors of the late llcpublic to til ? at the 'l remury of the State, previou- to the 1st of September next, the evidences of their respective? claims, and t'ongress having, by an act approved Wth September, IM), authorising the issue of ten millions of live per cent stock to the State of Texas, directed tnat five millions of siid stock should not be issned to Texas "until the creditors of the State holding bonds and other certificates of stock of Texas, for which duties on imports were especially pledged, shall first file at the T reus wry of the 1 nited state* releases of all claims against the ' nited States, for or on account of said bond.- or certificates, in Mich form a? shall b? pre ?nftedbvlhe N-eretary of the Treasury and ap proved by the I're-ident of the. ('nited States:" N'ow, In order that this department may authentic i aOv know the amount of the claims for which the duties on iuitiorts were thu- pledged, the holders or owners of alf such claims are required t > file the ainonnt and description ot t !i .-in at this dejmrtm >nt previoa* to the 1st of < tetober, Ififil, and to ex ? ute n relense to the I nited States of th ? ir respective claims, agreeably to the annexed fortn. which has been appro* ed by the President ofthe United States, in pursuance ofthe above act of the 9th S?ptetl!i 'r? 1S50. W'y.. L. II wj Acting Secretary of tht Treasury. POM OF RM.' \*K. Whereas. W an act of ('.m^re.* apprwv -.1 'eplemb-r 0. 1MQ. ten millions of d?ltar< In i fl* ? j?t c *tit ?t ?eV ?r.- to tie | mi id to the State ot Tex.i* for coii-i l-ration. in ??id act mentioned with a proviso tint no m ire "thin Ave mil lions nf wiiil utork shall Iw ionnl ufitU th" en* !iv*r? of the State holding bond, and other <l I (Urates of st ? ks of Tcra? for which duties on imports w ?re sp-'illy pledged. shall flr>l til" at the Treasury of til-* Unite 1 (Hates releases of all claim- against th 1 I mtcd .states for or on account of -aid hands or certificates A a I where the undersigned i< a creditor of tic State uf .'c< is. h '14 iug and the owner ot th" following d ??crtbed >:i J* r?r cert i ft. ate- of -lis k of Te\ is. i as th.? ci-.1 may bc.l an I It mIiIi b the duties mentioned in th.- -mi act wcr.- spe cially pledged. I III le del rltic the bonds or certllirates | Now for the purpose of eoni|ilyi'i < with til ? p-ovi.i >ni of -aid a< t and t'u i good and v.ilunlfls eOBsi l"i itio i. f hereby release tonic I nited Mutes all toy claim in law or e<|uity against them tor or on arc >uut of t i ? ^boiii. it cert llicate.) aisiVc den I ll.'.l ?ilnc?? tm I mud .iud seal. at ,tUii d>/ of . I Ml. Scaled and delivered in prc-enee of (Two witneaw. > Brooklyn < lly Inlclllxrnf. A^oaiira Rrtoiiivi ChMm oi l!(r? ? Abrihata Pr> ?i?l. a ynrnif m?i< apparently alwnt ur eighteen yean nf ag? ?i> all* raw I j"?ter?liT If*1 Juetbe Tinman >milli witfi pillmil m/ ?|W WtV of Julia fiiMork. a tblU aWui Mt (<4 j| UflviM.MM'dijrlk'l wi?k The pri< nf wa? am -' si la New \ '>rk. ilxHit t>> rtart (?* Jivwr. bf uw ?( lb.< >1 Itiini of I b<- >n Mil i My. mi ."iiiln. to *1 i n h" a 1 inittc-l the truth <?f tin- charge J ? UMrtni aj? pwetl l"r him i.ut n<i nUnwr ww foK* Int i. Nj at* ?M i -roamled Hm?n ?* IVtt llntmti ?At the < ' khi? n I' i lacll Iin4 evening. on i )i- - motion of Ai I -rm m l.n?b. * r>- >4u tlon waa i arrlcd appropriating f.n?i tuih.* u--* vf t'v* t'tty lloepital l iur. iMi K mr< or Srai rra ? The coanwHt-'e !r.v - 1 >. clih <1 acain-t the |ir>>p?>?tl rhanse of the nainea at Myrtia Avenue ami Atlantic ?trwt to Nriia-lw.iy Auiiii on Fmra ? On SMtri lay nt^ht t!i -r" ?.'r ? -?<*1 rat alarm* of Are Uut th?-y nil prufnl irtif ma ex cept In two in'tance* ? on- nP<ittrt near IV-r^T <triv.?t nl?>ut 1 o'clock, the particular' 'if wltl< h a;ip ir ' i in the ffrrnW yr?t.-rday ? ami another about fur trclock y?te?. il*y morning. In VTtile avenue. hetw>?n {?{n'si -r and Vnl?nrtllllMk*liM yrwrl vrrv ^extractive TU* pn mi- a wit In the oeeitnattoa of Mr. Rlfiwcr Jon !<??. t.lai kanuth and wheelwright and ronaMad of a larje ?hop. wHh "tallica b.-netilh ?nJ a (joining Waa th - re-i 4erce of Mr Jonc. family. The alarm tr?? n it ifivf-n wntll thr Are which br^kc owt In the ah iji ln<l mil ? ran aldi wMi- progreaa ami the ! >mlly ware wilti -litflculty reword from the flame*. together with a few artlclea of furnltun' Kite new *i^itt.', ?!?* h tw. o i ? po?. anl a< veral hMlrarlMit' of tnMb> were 4i**tmyi*d The iImiiih'' i -t I mat at ? no laninwr Mirh di<? ?atl'fji' tlon i< ft It In th?' r Ity at the fre.jn -nry of falae alaraia ?? al?o of tin- tartllm-. with whi( li re il on ca are fte?|in nt I j gltcn. and th? want of preclMoa iupjintiiy out the lo< nllty j>w, , . ? Tin- coroner. on Mnriky. hoi I an in<ja'at l n tin' My <>f Alexander Devlin. which waa found it the fi?t nf Itrblue atrv t Tin' deceuM-d had It fa inu<la| l'< r air Wii lea. ami l< ?pfoai'il to k?n fall -n fr itn a hunt tin the aaliK' <lay. a aitnllnr im|iliry w*? ma>l<* a* to the ill atli of W Illiain Sanfor-I. a rarp<-nti'r. lute <?f Mary ilnrl who fell fTi ni a fi i ry IkiuI on Tliur-Aay. ami wan foaa4 at tin- houtli f?*rry on Kriilay. llrant.aa i'iiunt ? iMBr r I'all. on Hatnrliir laH. ar rratnt a man nann^l William Wa*'?. (rol >r.i|.) on a rhaigi of "tmllnf from a hoaaa In Nary atn>?'t a alla-'f aatc h. ami "obii artlrtea of w>'arln? apjiarel. Th? police .In. Ik* yeatenlay n-mamlnl hiio f ir etaraiuition on Thunday. Police Intelligence. (hm-gr tf Slrnling ClntkiHf ? \ catcnlay. "fllcef .fi-ffr|i>?. of th?' Tenth wanl. :irn--it<-<l a aan by tlir oim<- of John Krlly. on a charfe of atc.illna. N tli ? 14th in -taut, a 'Irah ?MMl fro. k coat ami pant', ami >1 j in m mey. wMmI In all al *.??. the property of Wtlltain Mart la. milling at So. ftlKI W liter rttwt ttn thi' arrr?t of t li? acriiaeil. lie arkoowlcilccd at. alin* tin- clothing, but ilentml taking the morw-y Justice Mountfort commlttcj the aeeuae<l to priaon for trial . In . ?'?w Chtrgr nf StmHng Mnnry ? A woman by th ? namo of J'?hanna W'halrn wa- am atol yeaterilay i>n a . barter of atcalln* a walb-t. eontalnitKj *?'7. from William lioiifhi rty. who Indited In her houae It wmi Itouidwty ?w the woman cowir to hi* H ami take hl? wallet eon tainlnf the tmm-T a* directly an?* ahc ?efl he tanked tn bia wallet and It waa (pme The acenacl waa ?rreat? I >n the, ha.*" and Joatke UHkrip heU Uer haU to aa #w?r. I VULT Ull r&OM CUBA. The Carnival at Havana? The Arrival and Reception of (he Hon. Henry Clay, Ac. We hare received, by the steamship Prometheus, the Ihario da la Marina and the Oarrta dt la Hi bana, to the ltfth inst.? two days later than those brought by the Ohio. The steamship Falcon left Havana on the 19th, forChagres, and the Georgia, the same day, for New Orleans. The Isabel arrired from Charleston on the 18th, and would return on the 22d. On Monday, off the Moro, spoke the steam fri gate Saranuo, with the)comuiodore's flag flying, And all well. . The new? b of little importance. The lion. Henry Clay arrived at Havana on the | 17th inst., in the Georgia, from New York. He I took rooms at Madame Aliny's. We Tears that Mr. Clay immediately received invitation* from the Captain General, Concha, to visit hi in at the palace, and from the Conde de Penalver, to attend ? grand snirit musiralt at his princely residence. Mr. Clay receives the highe^ attentions from all classes. All seemed desirous of seeing him. It is Mr. C.'s intention to remain at Havana two or three weeks He will then proceed to New Orleans. It has been decided not to admit foreign gold at Havana at par. On the 17th in?t, nt three o'clock in the after noon, the Governor General, Jx>se de la Concha, gave to the population a magnificent spectacle. It wa<| a sham fight by all the troops of the garrison. Tho small army was composed of artillery, cavalry, and infantry. After having passed iu review, the corps were directed to the Castle of Principe, whara they ' formed themselves in order of battle. Thou the action commenced, and it was, indeed, an imposing and beautiful .sight. Iu all their manueut res, the men of all arms distinguished themselves by their good order, and a martial air which makes their strength the admiration of all nations. When i the battle was finished, the troops ile tiled before the Governor General, who appeared quite pleased at ! their appearance. The uuinerous persons attracted by this spectacle, gave frequent marks of enthusiuMn and adminition, in witnessing the movements of the army to which are confided the most sacred interests of the island and its inhabitants. A great ball was to be given on the 2<d in*tant, at the Taeon Theatre, for the benefit of the bene I voloiit society of the natives of Catalonia. I The Ravels left Havana, by the steamer Falcon, ? for New Orleans, on the 19th in-'t. Ttir. t aBxivai. in 1351. [From 1 1>?* Faro twluntflil. March 0 | It is Meverul your* since so much nuimat ion. durin ? t'l ? thrw last daysut carnival, has Ih*cii witnessed. a- that of tUi- year; and ll>?* amateur* of balli and m.i?k- did ndt fall to amu>o themselves at tin" tiiuo wo speak nf. I'll* public and tlx- society l.all.i and th.we which took place In mini* saloon* of our choice s.s-iety. have been iirlt linntlj attended. abounding lu liwiy scene*. in witty mystifications. In jiiu </??? ?Mp t" in..Ue th* in o?t | hj|?M homlriac man laugh. and to do^frejr the tu >*t inve terate tpl'VII. . ..... .t ! t. i s I'ntil now. during the carnival of Havana. the iniiaot tant- to content thcm*i*tvea with ball* Riven in til th. litre-. in the public saloon*. lu the part ?r- of ? private ?oeletb?? and a ln-antlful country dan".*, ?:? an eletront quadrille never wa? heard in tho?.* .alow*, which before the carnival more than once, opened tUeir dooi> to the beautiful ladie* and private friends of tin* owner. . , We have. this vear. departed from tills cmtom. an I w ? are pleated it U so The Uill which t's.k place it M Cervo. and of which we inform.-, J our reader-, in- j ductal the Count of I'enslver to give another. 'I'll,* l.i4e-- I Invited to the ball *'-re obliged t? come with nn?k< at 1 the K.-ntli-UM-n without The saloons were tilled with a i reunion so ploused and animated that joy reigned In ' It; this freedom of (rood tune that elegant ?ru-.- a wl that ea?v Voluhilii v. which at* the eosl of th* bsil- dor Inu the t* In which, the fastidious etiquette .11* l? peariiiK, permit to a beautiful face, hidden behiai a mask to choose a partnerfor a polka or a rigndoon. without . carina for the prejudice-! uf the op >ch .... I The number of the UIUm who listed at tli m. oil. -lade of Sr. Ooll.le de Pi-ualviT Wa* great. fir all ol the Im'K lit il'nl invited had failed to c imply with I ie order of wearing ib.mino costumes; there were also >"i ? ao beaut iftil that tin y rivalled tli.-ir owilerw l?c will ' not i. e ou.* of red I with black rl'ih -ii anl ln*lt < which wa- the most elegant, the mo t fre*h. and the n. west which we have seen in this elasa ot disguises | showing in thi- lady uwiski-d the proverbial tf s*! ta-.e wblcli T- always her .i/i^./ la^-s on every occ.ui in A* for the Other wa- ?*?y to reco-riW th it then wa? ? disjMisitlon to rival each other in lieau'y or colors and ornament* of the be-t taste sum- ot the* wearing a Bounce of rich white penrls. At eleven o'clock In the evening. thejovful youth gave tin m-clvc i-p to the enthusiasm which Insp r** I b >'h foreigners ami natives? a Creole dance Th -or. li.-4rj. brilliantly conduct.-d by Arditi. cxecut.vl walt/e*. p >1 ka-. quadrille*, and mazurka*. till tlve o cl x-k in t.i" morning . . . . . i? I IV.* have said that the orchestra wa? brilliant; a nil it wa. iui|?? ib'.c U be otherwise, composed a* it wa* of tit* mu'lrlani i.r the Open headel by th.* e.*l bra? ? Ar diti. w ho. nln-adv di'tinguished a* the worthy lea I -r ot th. Open merit - now a-.lay*. the best eulo-jutuj ... a di- , n. tor if a IwU. and ha* obtained the na-u ? -t II* .a ?-i ? M ii -ant The on h.-?tra |? rfortn.--t two cii'irely n ?* tlamcs. ci>m|H?^s| |.ir this occa*lon by m." nauicd 11 As- lto de IVnalver. (III.- A. .mil ot I' vi r) and the other. Ia? fucptemi (tli ? .?u ,.i *i a llien are indeed trtf-lrt IWe ?V have b i I ftl<o th ? hnipin ? to In ir the Polka ' of Mr. lenulon. I >ader of the I. iv.*| orchestra. ndmlraMy well pctfurm. I. The Ice cream- the sw.-ct* the wine* w -re ?et v prof 1 1 -ion and the taMe? ornamented with that e| mid ?is.d ta-te Which <he (treated credit totU c.-lcl.ratcd and well known Mr Bernard? Wa* cover * I I with . !1 that l? lb inUle until tlv- ?????< 1 i.i I i ' m i i ||!(J. a he II tin- fori . ? re wanting an I ? i ? i it i ? n < >at y to r. gain them In order to c oullnu- t ? rcti I *r o w h< nor? to Tcrp-lcborc Thcvurxp-ct d f -Hval In the Strive 0 ml* do Pi nalver will la- pleasantly r.-m m'..*r. I hi rl?n | attended It. a> wi ll f.?* the ajreeaW- Iwur* p*ji n I In this aitmp?nmM flower jtanl.-n a? f >r the amla 1 1 t) an I , tin- cbaiuiin-i dein. -nior irlthwhl. li It w... t.-u I n- 1 ... | 1 til. lio-t who di lth li.'ii..r?.f II w ill ? : I till ? ; ' ' ' I Which distingulshea su. h an a. .mpH-.i ? I ^ ntl.-inn . LVRKAt. SOIItrit. W .- road inllie f.a.efa Im >f the 13th in<t .th* f.ll'twin* lines : ? ,-*r ( omle .b* I'enalve* i* iii iMut pr?jM- | ratH.n for a musical s?iirec. which wiil take puce mil' | I, Mb All the am it. nrs of Havana an I Ih ? a?l.*?***l clety wlili h always compnae the reunion.* of . r < oal -. ale lntiti*d *c cin fore-ee Iti hrilliaiief. Ii-ei- .* thi < qi'altly I* th* dlatlsctive si^n ?! all t i' f ? flvi-n |.y Ihi* lUuatmu* n-?blenian to tils frlenJ. and .ic quaiutao.ea (from F.I Faro Industrial. Marrh 11. J I 8r Don 1' Pm-* cavo at hi* rrsl.tenc-. In .? U??< i ? strv. I. i niainirtci oil ?..ire?* on the occaitsn i bn'i n ^ ill bis family AM that Ie inten*?tina. amiabl- an I cl^ . (ant In our fair w*i. ami all that I* polished an-l w educateil In mir miiM-ulln* youth, were unite I thecs inl Mtnpus-d the ate pint nltnt of the ni'?"t brillianl HI I ?* led oil company The own. r of the hou?e ??nj; at toe piano an ana of Marino Faliero Uther (tenlle.n n to.k example of ai Ihm 0. P . and one santf an aria ot .1 nanl. another of bin rvaia. and at last !?r Jtalvi. our I* * lovcd and i .ni|ilai- nit J*alvi. MH?. aecom;iinyiiu u n aelf on the piano, a beautiful and ?w.*et Italian t itn i 'i *. which produced a Int.- furmrt antoncH all those pre ?? it who to . I -ime knowledge of the mn?l. al art It w i* i ? flrd time that wo hail hoard i*alvi sing In a ?" "1 and this occasion itave us a better Idea of lh* qu iliit ?* "< thta sinorr We shall terminate the short notice of thia musical soiree, hi s|w*akin? i< thefr-e I .in oo-diality an I (jiasl reception of the host, which aui:n*t?t ?'d- if pi?*:h the delicious m.-ments whii-h we sp.*nl there t. t n? have si.WH- more sdfrsa of this kind Novcmcntaof DHtl?H?Hh?l People. Hon ii V. linker. Albany; II ?? II Kn ' l roy ' a 0 r I, I* Roy. tlnondaira, Ju.l?e Itr ?H*h?s. ? *?ain< '"i lion Wm II Khumw iv tl-w. jo. W P ItrHtlan W II Ibach t.'harteat.m ?? <' Anthony him n I . ? land; ('apt t oppi.-, I' ^ A l?r II ?' J<' ltrl' dclpMn. are among lh.?*e staying ?t * K Hv -Hit. Washington; W K \ ""U S.-w , O Itr.. .unto Ohio; Mark Taytnr. t? i*hlngton . m Faulkner It. ? ton and thirty m.-ml>er- of the .*?'ate i, gislatuie hiive arrivoil nt the American Itr l>ly. Philadelphia; ??. M.*an?. Vlrgln'a; T Mark> Washington; II farter, Augusta; M F. Im "is m < lart ton. K Keldon Ubio. F. II KIM. fnunerlieu'. a I Capt l.uce. itoi.mer Arctic, arrsv.-d yesterday at tu A win F (Inodwln Boston II V Titu* ( sna 1. fl T Ori-gorr. II ?? "wen North Carolina A .1 H inn Jl i I. vn. h an.l A T ( ulp. p|-*r Virgin a ?.-re ?;n? vt to arrivals at the llowanl llot.-l rs.n o ll.n II ? Kr-t * M I'orry Oh-- ? ' ' ' * P ,? Massachusetts; II H Ingraham. 1 \y llii.l on dalifmuia F |b*.-km in .and W d VI I ma ticut w. n am ing the arrival* yeaterlnj at tu. t. lu^on IM.-I Nnrnl ltitclll*encc. Th" Tnlted States aloop of war ^ V left at Ouaviqilll IVc-iiibr ?'.h l?>uiil fw tu l??ol wo h H inds and ih *n<*e to San Fr-wi i-eo The Wellnnd Tamil Is to Uc oprna^ f?f ?>? on lb* 'Mh inat Morement# oi'lhf Leglala t nre ? Second VI* to o?arlnatlt?.'Jona ? A Twiiwndoiu trowd ?nd traUi? A jKiuiii jr He ramble for a Dinner. Yesterday. the memliers' o f tha Wate UjrtsMnro. t< the gut-hU ot tin- Common ( ''Hi noil, paid a ..-coryl ri-4t to our institution*. and were r*reatly gnuilied with wtiat they mw. According to previot v arrangement. th y a sembled At hatf-pHit eight oVI.jrk. ?t the city llall, where ( * train of omnibu.e? and carriage., , *rawn by four h >p-,* , with leather* flying from tlit'ir head*. were In waiting. At nine o'clock, the party *-t out. an<l a< tiui ? nuui bercd about three hundred but. like a 'now-bull. it in creased a. It rullcd along till it doubled tb"at number by the time It reached the steamboat. at the foot of Tw -uty Sintb street. Hast River. In addition to the Vayor a ill Common Council, the I wads of depart menu. the* and magistrate*, and clerk. nud o?eer* of court* t We was a Ur^e number of invited friend, and hangers ? ^ many, tiw. who were not invited The fiir not come out eery stro?*: but ..till there we?

fuvaa one^t urd?y Tt Ti."' W,,> *'",ut J'Hlbln w. W? it wuh on eat urday Tin tjme of that day n spreit had ?nre* il "'was i^n 't frT: ",1,1 :,ttr*eted .(Uit ? a crowd ?W?? " motley ?-Mcml.ljge? elty father*, ami State f.i. 1 there. alm?hnusc gwrnors, an. I rounuiMiimer* of emi Sr \E*Z2 M? M>tl,'u,n< "* PVfTX feather. ' h^ Ju^iu.^- U ,"r **"'*? Mioemcn and custom- I boUMiatn. editor* and report.-r*. . .tU men and maiden? with a very considerable number of l<Mfern The uar?e did not all go together: they spread themselves in vari. oils directions to the s<-h.?>la ? ametaLiinriui.piiiu I and aonie another-but with th^^tLn^" ,'i ,'Le ! Free Academy or llcUevne Hospital. The lowJdat >rs ' pawed or^r the It,,,. pa?em.-nt ,m their war and orl ' nourirM it ..???? of th.- rr.-*t,.*t th.-r h.??i wim.-i \ a the city After visiting the school*. cW.rW tho-e in the ??wrth and PMeanth waM*. the ij.IS !' " V^r K ! I pal ty drwa to the Kree Acadeu.j whilT??,,. r i proc.^d-4 direct to the lauding at IMK rue Hospital, fesriujj to be too late S 1 ?. 1, A ?K ntKE A< W.MV. I At half past ten o .U k the legislator, arrived at the ' Aradi uiy. m rweuty -tliir-1 street, wh u Ur ?' >h Mer fehowivt tli.m all tlirm?|, the bnilliiw >t "lii. li they expr.'s?d their wjriuc.t admiration Th. wn ^ nothing very i? th? ^ thinji that attri.vted nn* n..ii, e wa. th - recitation bv i one ot the pupils, of l.ord llyron'.< i,, ,1,'. j Oc-an; but .lu I'rof...,.,, Urat.irv. if ?u?m km. t , show hi. skill in t|w. art nude ,.o nian'v e.?rr efi.iiis .,f il. . I Lvr,r,w1" r,,,h,,r ! tuo,t of the audience s.-em. d to think tlna t If (,.%?? manner ,rt re i.U?. the ^ . tl,..??h not ..uite w. tlv-lrri- i W,|. more natnrnl. and equally impr^v-tve Ti? iwrtv I here just half in then prooeeJiM to ! hi:m.kvi k ltosftiAt.. rr?w,r. ? r,r' S ^ ' ^ f 're them. ?M the [ crowd Blt."r,.th,T seemed *o lanr- that It bee |. tie , i tlon ahethvrtlie rteamboHt wouM Itold them The h >. I f, w'w ?'.v the legislator., wil l e?twes.ed llicm-elves l-erfectiy *iti tied with it. Indeed tl.ey ' r."U'f1 "t herwi.e for it wa. admirably ueat. ord *. audclean, and tU beautiful situation, looking out on the pure w .ter- of the Kaat river, wlule it i nor,'*- "l th? ! min-J With the idea of pure air and salubrity uv * ' h^-pltld. lf " "rU ot a i. . ? THr Tnrp TX Tm: stkamikmt. At half past eleven o'clock exactly the p^.setvr.M 1 ,1"' ?Jfamboat Niiunsl which lav at the l.uiJtitj opposite the hospital. Site \ra? c mini m l ? | ?? ' her owner. Mr ( ..(lee, (U.iler uw,ker) who, U.e" - t le st, urn was put on an t the wheel, rev .Ivd rt-.- 1 I allot . ... sueecsion from a Hue six-pound -r l.r"-. his own making worth's snleu lid t.ornet lt,".| 1 in attcmlance. and rtnick up ?? Vauke ? D.slil, ,!! ' d ' 1,1,1 : t>' ,h<' """I v^h.Taent cheering T'i.? ' day had Wn overca.t in the inorning. but the >im . i out and 1 1, ? air wa. cUetT and exh^rath,. inn Zn'w' I ,"rt-> "foot men wh. were bla.t ing aiiswtrcd the stcauilxmt'. Kuu by a vollev fi.?ai th , i '7"' alKl ? '"lie further down the rlter. iom ? m o tlilwrn*/'" 'a.,n" far,or> ???? their aalute by nt BriddiT ?! ^,r"n<'r ?n.;' rv ? Hk ' a tail, d forth pKil< of laughter fr< in the ' . i -h^d^T^' Th; alio toad n. icr seen our >..nt river scen -ry were er-ailv ?I Ve' a -,1,". V ' J ?" <V, ><? >?> '? a.. nn .iti-nt wa. to Ian I at the firth.-t |.|u| tirM , and accordingly the aleambont sped her way i t RAX1?AL!.? MLAND. !oM'tlh#"d 3 i't'U'1 r"*r ,t'amb?V','*bra.^ua w ,| a? .t?L" H wi' ' " " like a r.^lrn-nt tliiir tiny ttag. fluttering In tlv lave*.- ^lr i the ftx-.iden. of the Ten <) >*ernor U'MhT- au^. cuutrol the Aliu? II. m* and Haadtll . l-l;-?d ase plar.d, ucir-lwll.^ tll cHttt.i.A w'., w?rcW.| two deep. With the band iu front ft',? tile j the palpal iiu||ltl? t|,e id.;.,, | T.j,. ' ^ ? Xi f T!lf? film Hit'! |rjrU r*? ?? nut t nic !? thallth.y hall . t?r aeMl t-vethei of| th- i.| tori and to hear the music, while the isi... ?. . It* a'a'0 aiTi V'"'" %in|1 ( ? ??i ?f- and drum I ?a. an i nte noting and movinr A loud thU vM"hfui -um, an a. r. a t.y ? hearty one fr-^m the vidters The wh J . P.rt.1 halted In front of th.. n.,r..rv.?n7 lhe viTit r ranged them - Ives on either .Me t?e l",y, march l h l ii TT, ndmirnbl, thee did m.nh a? ?mWr,? ?!* ?owimnlea. each eoaimnnded br a ( i< plain locy a eta- nearly nil of the sime r,,. no., so than uny r. g.m. iit we er r Z, Th,v . '-7^ y "un-" ? Tl"- ?'a-hi..^.H, ' ' WC stand, divided we fall V?? b-sS f -7JSK ,-jstas. ?tii-.z I't.'TiSsy srSJ^r jSTV'^? ***<??* 'n fr.iiit of the. an I alxHit tkmt * ihp i fl"" ,tu,n1' '",r tr<? th-Km-. t h rani C "f "*'? " "I"-' ' *"">1 1> "I. 'win" a .1^. i t?ff ,''i ''I 1 1 r'"lr ?|"l,T'-r" I th-t ?!. IlTs. ,5^. . I. " * h elicit. hI the mod eat 'in- 1 el". iTlou of1*!' l'n ^U '- w-" put to t he M? -h I lie H., t - *1 e,?t 1 Hw "Wk <?. pre. iu. e rami U . l".'.' *""* ,'0, " ?r "hi. b n. an \ ^ < n r"? t? this our Ma i.| ii .. and g'oitl m n jrnu may la- muH that r?l a". ',L N.'w' Krk'i Vl". rr",""., 'i'''""''"1'1'''1 " l'"" ?our kinTl ri' ri^ V rU"r *"h '* health f-ee. . ,1J.V l,ri?lu? ?"! that healthy hue III. n' f tl.'e V ,J? -??" ^"d |W<"it mi mil* r?Tv , rt^r^';n|.' r ^ !hU U'"-rJ aivl It, n . in tUp of g-s?J before r HI To . v. r t_. i j ' "*? "w* much, and more thaii we ?h .11 l ll l! .1 . Wul w'* by . Mir r >n.|iirt ??|.| foi . . -In \7m WLI T' i""1 W"^,l, ,h" w' nr" n ? -I r' u" kl,,J u '" w, r,b l Jr?J. 'hi. -bar. and tl.e I .... fr Th*' '?n.p -itt ?n I* pr <lMhtv n < ?I I.J 2 .j Uw U a fur liiffh< r m i-it 1 ii' > ui) Will yr t Mllifff*. Astr?w M< Kau. another buy. fraa the Utel ofpM?. ?? II 'I'Hte f,, mart as <? an fo'd il. j ea:n ? fur?nr | and dei., e?-d tjw. f ^ .wtn j pi.*,' ol rhymv ? tmk Fitcrnrnt >?f Aitr.nn-A. , A pift?ir? 1 *tl lira*? the w.itiil !*??.*r?*w Utirb ? (' iri ni* pk?nr?> Iwfunv "Ti* a <if a inn l an I a jiatrlit bnnj W litcii the rbildrvn of frenHa jiJjtw ' Tli>- laml In th? wrmt whotv the Ma jt*** to r<?t, 1* i:i J *>l a kI ti >u< rllin.v I:, frmtl m m . ? in l?y <H?r Wi?hiinrti?o-? lir- mm*- tiiat i? lull >"<-l by III*#. Tlinn Mat to tha Hnry of America '? *1 WT. Irmi i|? llial am prwml of tliv tru'li ? M? yunnn ln-irt l?*??*llln*. wbll? I jiu trllin* wiiiTtj a triumph in youth ? ????????* CI nJ? ?rr (pillx'rintf (lurk and f?4. At I i giiiut'i* tar!* athwart I hi* akr ? T!i'* t'ump ha? l'? Ami frr*tn<n now rati.l do or Ji?' TV !i ? will !? nil in tJi<* ba'l W? ran * W ho will r-i i -i? I Up baiin-T bright. Wf ??arr) f I l? the r1ritt? if m.iri Ifc-i-criln- In hi irl?u< rayA nf lij'tt * Ilai<\ ' Iwirh ' a natni* U tirvatbcl al hiJ ? If t in I i cnnfi fhmi llriirn hirf!i ? Ilpi :?i linl fr- m a In a rlnuJ W liicb hover* In lh?- ilart. -n^ ?hy *TI? 1> ?ar-4 * Tho rhwn '?n? ai?!**ar? Tli" rttat.nnan. IMillcr. an I th? 8!*ihI? at thr li?*l?i thi* WawH at i*ra. AiiJ unlit* hi-n -a'b tfic lyran'? ban fllri.TT Ml* of Hat tip* f night an-l rict'ri#* wna, j A nil m nvwf link* ??a<-h mi r rod ap-rt With thr lirttim*'# Wniin.itii, M Ii'rh wri'f hari- f iffut. Ilir'.urT till* <if Trantun'a pl.rin, Ar*l ?(?. i?oi rtt gor? llrari ly"ln<* But ?hili- If nmumaf * patrwtt* dm, It ulliln I bi'lc r?il m m H'? ?un* It ihoM ? Uio wnrtil a M.i( it it furl ml U it |j?mt ? atngla )>l >1 nf <!i?ia.' ? Tt.f alara you a.?r <4 l.ib^rty The jirulo i?| Inn^l >ui n i#in? ' Ob may Me after our ?'ar Ji?*t#t Km a flir\t clirli* lirid'il *:i 1 tru ? The I J ?*J tf utartyra wali-J mir < liarti-rt? !?<?< tiicm iio'i* lo?t tn ?W? ' T ?i?(r we an* ami twlfr. f-w In yi?ar< anj ?1 -ivl<?r. ( Hwf our tioartH arf Ann anil *tf?ng-? H'Imi that flat'nln il.m^i-r fmni th.- f ??nrto rtrani?"* 'Nintli lt? ?h*i| >w wr will throng Frrrliai?r>? unfn* at" <H lrf. btf? f"W win b? VMW Than tht Ramtatl'a lulawt hanit? Ov* y ?in< h'-an * ?r<- Inirnlnc wdh a f?r?**t f^rtliof ^ ?* ?ur cbivtak^4 wit iff 1*^1. Thi? piece vat well recited. and loud appiauae f?U wr d Mr. Himi.on Bmm tuen read fr<>?i a paper lie held in lii? hand. the following ufatiatic* Iiiui by Hr Tappau. the auperinteudeat ? ? H.?j h TM OlrU &6 Total number of children Number of per*oiu employed to loa?aftcr thoai Total ronnerted with th? institution l.ItJC Mr Draper then went on to any ? Thia little claa* la-Ore you (pointing to the regiment of boy*, ami Ut luiid 1 ?u*li ter). aW* the elder boya In their preaetic \ we, tue Ten i Governor*, i-ay that tiiey ar> mo-' worthy of your regard. \ (adilrcfcong hiniM-lf to the legislature) T:i?y ire g ??> I boya nnd good rflrla ia thi* institution I nui iatW there ii? not another col lee t ion of children in tlito Wor'. I. in whirh there ia ao much of kindnea*. pleasure a 'id happl ncaa. ( Loud cheer*). There i* no bud language am nig them ? no *ile trick* New nui then, u little fellow cotn -i tu. win may uiake a luietgUc; but he ia aoon aot right, an I theoc boya are a nucleus worthy of reapect and regard, and while I Introduce to them lie' Lieuteuuut Out vnor the Secretary of State. ami the Li'gtfbittU*. I !n>-/ that they will it-member tlrat the road is op*?n. und the- w lrl I wide, nnd that they may man ? here aaute Jay tfceiur*e> .??. if n<4 legMator*. rr^wftaMr tinner ?. ue-f o.mic* and ar tliwnV 1 will now introduce t^y >u Lieutenant Ovrvrrior Church. I.oud checriflj fbliowed from thr Randal'* felatidGuirl 1 lticute n* n t-floveruor Chi um then said: ? ViM may r?-<t' a** tired that fl*e I.egiVi iture of the Stat" of .Yew Vork a**?grc*tl^Jgratl/W witU what tltfj have seen t ink?y NWHIlift can lie nior- int.- rating tkrrn to aee an lara-" a rotVfHon of yuuth ??h no father u^+ie?tl l?ut th ? p'.V Ue. aWfS'et ah mjng <#eli aejm of ortfcT, and- di?w|pl:'??. ' and pmt iadiavior, a* We hare wUneaawd t >-d?y Wt j have nlr * long di stave here. aad I wiah to flppr.-u ' thia one- >>kea upon your ) "*ng miadk . -4t i? the fr-a' j truth, t Aft there I* uo 1 ? in thi* rountrr topee , Taut you *oaa attaining t--*lbe1iighs*f h nrw of govern* ?n<'n< (t.".*rra ) la oth ?* land* you it f<ti! )>? ti drudgery a^'foOT live* ; but'4er-lt U not *,>. Hy hM>> ty and lndrt**rr"yuu may not only reach the f*io' :??>'?* we occupy, but highest in ? '? eounfry. Tlr?jtU'y>u . have no lathrM to l<?ok of ar ' ln Hli^t* ? I >te to : nur*' y<Hi. yet irv hare kind rii^i la wht wil ' ai?(?|?l3r their pLai e ; an fU' y'?u contiuu" vi??i and ob -de-at. you uiuy one day co<av here a* le^ioiatart to expreaa j xir gratitude for an iuatilutiou ?o in it* rr.*ilt.* iMuch apjilauMf ij%m all ijuarter* ) Sir Oiiaiaiorni a Moai. Secreta*T ?f State. ?i. nie*' intrxluerd. and aail : ? ?? i<ndiea a:i l ifenrt"m."i I. i ul IIkmo aM?iciate<l wit% nie. have bad jn op|>>rt unity c4 j *i*lti:?g the noi>le r!*rttlf?of till* gte >t city and .Slat *? witkiiitiie la-t few tiy?, and every iw? view urif 'I I ? li' ? U-autiea. i have nothing lo mid V" what bee:i mi el-u|Ueiitly ex|>n'??e'*. by the l.ieuten:r?t 0 ivernor I rein-lit what lie ba* h^ki. you may yet legialator*. It *' u'.d not )?? nt all *urpn?iii; it * ane of tW'?eb iy<. in i f? w j ear*, rime to rl*il (Ms institution a i legislator*, a* State i 'Win r?. or a* tloifraor' 1 once knew a tv^y wii i bad :;i<at pnmita who reared him rea| lectably, and gave hiui a g<.<*i i-Hucuti'm I ktww him tifterward*. \vh -u h ? I -t llieir help, anJ wh<*n he w v.i |? or. in<ku*tri >u< I* I apprenticed to a mechanic; I have ,*e*'ii hhn in the I.1 gif lain re of the State and hoUliiig high offloe in the f Male: and I l ?>k now and *ec him In Hie l're*ij -ntial mansion at Waehingtou. (dreut rh<>eriiig ) That earn ? |i*tli itiyrn to you; conduct ymitnelre* well, !?? go>l lw>* < and wi-e men, and i! la n"t itn|a>??ib!'' tlctt th 're ia a la>y here to-da) who will ) et h" a I'realdent if til* I niii d Mates. ( Immenw cheering.) Ilctv a gc iit'. -nini prop e<ed three cii t lagton (iiiarde i<f KaudaU'a Island' iri r rerpontlc d to. The 1m tk having given three rlt * iten \ nt1 Oovenior. th-n eung, "llappy il it the , Fice," and "The Mar Spangle I u er wh.eli thi y in.iri he l the grouni tw 1 1 r *'.n They i looktal h -althv. and happy, arvl lull t .-/.i it* Hie (mrty were then iaxitiil to niter th ? lituiding. an I , i'*>l> ai file little girla. w ho Ming tor them and ai >d delight ?n', to be a-ked. like their of riper years Mr IH iri r Introduced Mrs, the matron, wiio. h? ?aid. wa? the mother <f ,ri<)t)>?? children, (ft oar* >f , laurhter ) The?e children hnve come her" from th" city of .V'W 1 otk eouie nf theiu ia-eaus*' they had no fath -rs or tuotlk r*. all 1 other* U'raitue Ihey found in thi* ia*ti- j tutiun l-'tler parent* tlun th<'??' nature gave t'i.<iii 1 will u 't admit that they are here by charity. Th 'V are ! the chiluren ' t' V w \ iTk ? ^loud cheer*) ? if toWlianl c< niiliy (Lmijchtcr > A ,wi* viol' ? llurtil district* and all' (!t'>ars of lm;'i tcr I Mr. I>m ? rut ? H'alt till I eliow you a circumstane ? (letting up a little child in his ar?a- I Mr- lnv m? i th.* like lifc- 1'reeldeut of the Ten Uoveru or (Iniiaen. ?? laughter, i The party tlien w itlidr. w and praovd -'l lo the iip;M<r ?< b sili'H in, where Mr. Str.w u>d addr?-w?-d the hoy* an l girl- t -x"t'.i.-r. in the Kanie etrnln a* l.ievtenam tiovernar t'hnrrh a-wt Mr Secn-ti?ry Morgan, lie eaid he wa* delighted with t heir jdixical appenraiire. mi l al*>J with tlie e'g'i? of menial cult ore thai they exhibited, lie exh irted th -in to (htm*) eraarw. ivd tb'j woul 1 timl ampl ? m-up ? t' ?r th* giatitication of lli -ir aiuhition in thi* great r antrj The Irarmil {-enator (wartuM by intnului i Ik ^ f>r Aumir. a tiemi an I?'*tor of haw*, who (oil. ia i '?hri k 'ti" Ktigilsh. that he wa . glad to *<?<? * i m tuy ha;>;>V face* i f childn n who ha t no par.-nt* but those wli Mil ' tlie fni iTomnif supplied to them At 'J o lowk. the party left the i-laril after ? Tl*it of twoliiHira nod wen- hi^hlt liiatifi l with wii^t they Hie About M-V'-n-eighth* ut these children are Irish, or if li Uh p.. n ut.- and tb--\ d i great credit In their teachc* 1 an I to all c tna i tied. 'Iln-y are rosy with health, an I evince gnat iutctlirt-inc, and a* fir their in irtial *|tiiit, it wa* adiirrnM - When the b>mt wa?l.-av ng. they f it. lowed down to t be be nk of the river, au 1 th.-n drew up loi a i*?ing ground, like a little r-gitn'-tif. with th?h- flig tlj iih It had a mi-l picture* | 'jc efi rt. Sir. lluUled. one of the Ten Unvernofa. Jn*t a* | Hm* lioat wi.s ? tart ill]. ? ali>-d f?r three < Ii.nt* !or !*enaf'<r ?eiit. thta-e for l.ieui'Hiaiit-gokeruor t'hurch. three I ?r ! the \ a ud three f> r the A***uil>ly. t i ill ot which the Im<j .?oldie , respond'' I with shouts which ^Iiiw.hI they hud aouud lung- Three gun* wet*' 111 oi rtrt*i an l tie rtiamleait wa* on her way toward* th - cit? Th ? vl>lt to tlif- hdand wa - hj far the m at int -re?tiug tli la gislatlire lia* yet made w am'* i?<i..t\:i. The rti-amboal lirr pMrwrt in ten minnt? at Waul ? I-IhihI. on wtiH'll i > tlx- It in- ' tier Ihf ciunluii^hip nf til** ('?Miiuiij'-.i.Mi-r. of ?.mig.n. lion On tbi.* i-Uu.l lh?*n* ari" ilrmt 2 '*?> omiKnat*. in- I rliulinit rluMrrn. Tbr Ullrr dial ii*k iamV ?.< Ii ?)????. ?r j mi well lukan ntr of. j< tin- rbtMrrn on I! i ???t ill ? l-l.iml tior ? i? th.-rr lht* simo i-vbl.*n?*i* nf onl *r nit ilhrifMur Thi*y, ton, ipilhpmt l uf'li'r Intt th'*n* wa? m- mara hinir. no nnlrr aml appairrnlly mi I *n>l *r? Th* yi?li wia? lotalK ilp>tUuli< ?f lnlprr<l . aikl rniljr U4n| hil( /hi liMiir l>< rtur tirii tin* gvaml ai(.*iit. n*pr***a*.il*l llir ( i<titiiii?kiiMivi> ol Kiiiitfiiitiiiu III.AIKV i-'U.V IM.A.Mt ? WKBIVVKR ? A RICH *f*E*r ? ai it - 1 1 rw.itV rxrUAoRDiN am ?*i?ki.? ii. Al Ji I iii* |<art/ LinilfJ on HI n kwtl - M.iwl anil afti-r t imtiny tin*!l:iti?* A?ylnm t h-? pii*on- mil otlirr I ttililinga. tb<-) tftr ronaliu ti*al In lli<* '4iWi'ranr< to tbr ho* pit ii ! on ihi* *<ntlb i*nJ nf tin* UI.iikI, wh?r?* itiniii-r ?ia< t.ilil for ttiri*p liiiiiilixt anil mi/ p*r?on? l?lt th?* ilMRrnllr ??< that tha-n* ?ri*n* na*arlv ilonM** titam l?*r ot null It- Mr Itraprr atmal on I In* ati*p<mi<i r***jit *?t nil iIm* iiilirr? ol tbr In'/i-lat ur>* tn otaidl ?n inw* m I ? liilr all ntlwra atiaal Ii Ihi* ntlm TMa I?-ih? I hi *. ? ha* mi inla'ra of lln* l?i tfMatura* taa*rr l?*qai. ?t.**l to walk tap. ! au?l th**u lb>* mtiltttanh* rn>lia*il up .irt.*rthui t'i< Ii a jm'" na?ti*r wh'ii nor fi*lt It t ?k n fu'l i hn!f h<?iir to (fit t? tbi* top of th.* ?lair?. ail ? In n that cott*timm?lion wa? gal'ii**!. to tli * m ?rtill.-t tirnint all In tin- mir rarry -wat wa? or.*npi***l. la-trlnc at man* Mantling a? -M till* Many got pnaanaaioia <4 iwl*. who rrtiiMtl to )rttr t ii'*m lip In WM'lta'ra of thr l?*gialia tiiii* Tbtfr |Ml nfUiwnl ."?ohh* "piuhI ?nr"f< mul ran In pi hik- nyat?*ra from ir?*ntl**ii**n. who h 1 1 ? luirif ?f IIiom* t|i?hr? ; tli'lr otlirra ? .*n:n m-i-l in onslaught op m lb** <wwft. wMrll WM on ? InW** at llir ? ihI ? f tiM* room, ili-v.iiirinv nlaina. ?p,?W. or:i.nt**?, ami i bit- ? mo?t lannou-ly. in t|a*<pilr of Ihi* nnil'in ?ltanra-a of I In* muro wnitar- It *a? a roni|i|<*?<* ?rrnni Wi* At li iujlh >-nn*' f. w. whoha'lramaiiit-rgtioti f ? >h ?? ?tamlit'f.-. tin Hi il Ihrir ?*at?. tn tnalu* Mi'm fur llir hongra ami thlr*ty, but tin- irr-at mnM of fltw who ??*rr in III* Ilia* nmtm la?l Rot nothing to .*nl f >r >b^r*' If* Inn Vba lb" pan?? of an appi*tlti-. m?ili* hi?*n bjr tb** iburpairi4 tW Ka?t rl*i-r. wrf ???im ? ?i.i t alkij^l Mr lit* tri i . h>*intf rallr.l tt|x>n. **ff> * >il a Saw ohtrrr*- j Ib-iw lli* raM In* n*u n*t I "I atlw I'tfly tlwit Ibriv w-rr j lint im rr ami bi'llrr an <inv>lai ion? |ir X|?miii f'?|l m.-.t Jn a l* w ohoTVali mv iliil *? r** | Ultrrtjr inamllhli* lli*r?- IhiTf w?*r?? I rnn I ralla for -Titpfn*." an I ?*.ill? for many otln r? ami nr.*al ronfilalon S* mil or .**1 ttioa Iwrr r?iM* ami caUf'i fir * hfirin^ f ir Mr TufUN r. ?lww br iI?*it rilwii w w>* of tin* m ?*?! iii'- j t nielli -Ih <1 ?>f Kii'.iI.iii I i> |fM>t <. Some IiimI ??rriM th ???* 1 In-tltiitlmuk |o tbr l.< ifl-lnlnrr ami annti* to III** pr'"M. lull I th?*J Wi rr i**|il.i!ly ll III' to nri" Mr Ti rri a lm*n '?ld -Myilr ii frl**n.l?. I bare n 4 pn-lKira-.l I upwrli All I Hut I* any la tint I l"T* y I lurr* rmni* n?rr Ihi' Allantlr orrM In <ut? I lor?* j m _ to Mi yon ttmt Kntflaml lm? y?m V*m lmt<* ?on?i fatiU*. whkrb I tin not im*nn to lblli*t, 1*1 yon il.*ai n? t i br ri?!l. il Kn0<Uhmrn (t Inwr*. mlmflml ?ith anppr ???*.! ntirmura.) I timl no iliUm-wip I Iwt<* <? . ? th* Mrk. iihI I M ynn in* KiwIUIiiU' n at I lit* otlvr <1.1* I (Chi i*r? an I hi?>r? ) \ anki*r (- iwlUUiu u. I in in (t'ii.*.*oi aa?J laiifhli-r ) I ?i-li |o writi* a Icnk ibMt j*nt A Von r ? >'U in tbi* IHi l?rn< atyli* Mr Tt rm ? I want In t>*ll thr truth atmnl y*n? t will pmtiTt )iai Ihotiffh I ?tn taan* Jmt? >!? not m-tl pr i tcrlh.n I tlml Knjlaml lu re in ur?a! n? at ii **? I batr fnmf Into tb" lam! n( uratitr' n?*l <I.iIa ra 'I I ?*nt lomy a fi*? wofla about tbia ittatltiilwn I H?r^ ri'tm* a|b ?!!< trim ? lint' rrnptimM. witli rrlm of ? <io on.'' aini.lnt niiirh Mr Tnpjar ??t ibittu, wbih* a bona wan lonn lintz in i ain fnr iMw J Mr Hnont ??li| h?* ho|w| It wnnl.l n -t h*' fl>r\{ Hi-n I hat tblt inatit ntion *ai iinili*r III** proti*^!i*in <<( Ih' t ommoii I'oiim il of Xm \ ork llrrt* tbrrr wi*n* lott<l rrii't for S.'W:i*l fnim W< flrirntla. but he w?a Hkr ?? a apirlt r?ll?l Irma tb** ???ty tl<*rp"'? hi* iIhI ant app<*ar Mr Mnai.ia Ih' ii uatr a? a ln??t. Tin* l''immon I'mtn rll of Xi'tt Vnrk ?b" hari* tnaJ** aurh aBlpla prorl*ina ttir W, 'I hit tout harin?br?n ilrank th" .|inn *r party than broko up. iuil pron****!**! tn thr laait. T1IK RUrtUN TO TH* f'ITT . Tlia br*t Irft tbr Wan.1 ahortly ?fii*r rt oVl.a-k. ?hrn Ibr bia>? inn a?ain awiikrnril Ilia i*rh.a*?. Tbrri' ?ilMiitt of fun ami lia-llno*" on th.- ratnrn? th.' rbun pajnr bannp pff-etnally dnn<* If a wnr* Mr Daw?*?n of Al'atny, Mr Inip raotl, ind It-i?..,|i. t, of Om*l.| i an l Mr himi?, r* th? #rrr on, ( bnr(* If'wi tbf f*H?rnf-r? I Mr Durri announced that tfc* CuaMKO* Oauoetf Br?>? .Ml wonlj meet the Uyiilature loiMrMf (Urn# : morniug. at halt paat 9 oclorV. at the City flail, Na*r I \crk. Kxnctly at ha!f-|???t nil o clock, the (team boat nrr i<t th-* foot of Twenty-Sixth utreet. wtreftre it art Omt tat the forenoon; l>ut no <>n?- Wan able to land tiii a-'Txai o'clock. Tli - ?><-?? ut- during that halt-hoar baffle* aii Jtv aertption Such pr? ??lty. and cru<hlnft. anj *tartii?i autl ponluaU.n. were never wittfanl on a party of pirn au re b-fore. Uraptte ol all entreat!'*. ??ary cm? ft "w< to the fide of the boat ue?t to the wharf. no tmU It wm iu)|M>wibtr tn trim her nnd th* r?<?lt Wa* that Mfcody conhi get out At le?0h rea*?u re.uwed her aaaay ? gi-nlf aien mored back as ?ell a* tlicy c.iiCJ, tajth* Uniilnf of all the pNWDpfl In anf *tjr Ws* effee t?d. (Vir rlatfi'k and oinnibuee# m--ir iu WjMin*. arid tuwk ttaa ? Into party to tin- City Hall, where tUey di*nii*ru*l, at ha'f-jmat aeaea o'clock-- -th? meiabcM of the I.ejliiatura iftlnns to their iwpwiw hotel*. Th- re i? no d^ubt l>ut the in -lafcrra oft he Co tmmtm Cot: -11 hate Ihn-ti tery 11 ta lit their lio^jtaiitp. The riwnltlw of arraiiftem ut? Were km fMktwW" ? Al deiiu-o Jum-)> Hrittton. Eara Hiakth, Oscar W. .Star, j tevnnt. 0:? ti.'-T Dod^e Jededi ili Milfc-r. A?l*tinrt At - I derrjv-n liwir> R lM?ter. J;iiw? Webb- M >*?? 0. HC I WSrd* OtiiU' i K Tl.-nmn. Abrtlmm Moon* the vwr r ? iW'.Hhi.r. to- a* v. T"i > n-iiii1 utiona t >r rvccivlug thrw dnttintfUMh<vi||UMt> *< r^ finally completed yeaterd ?y. by lire cnnuiitfe'* ap? |*iijf! ?/ for Hint pnr|to.>r Af ten o'clock. A M., the May*, on Sehslf of the attp MltboJftiaa, will receire 'W-ta aft th?- Ctty Hall, whaao* they wtu be (?rortiil rw the Nary ^ ird, to rirw the Day I>x k. th# Tomb uf the Martyr*. then to the Atlanta* l)u\,vi ??i other plaeemtf puhli* iutwreat in tW* cMy. 'J'.i 'y will alao proceed to the VliAt Uu^U farnk at the 1a - riuliirti of tlie Hoard1 of I*uperTi? iri Afterward* thqr are to line K fnedih^'a Hotel, ou t lv? Jautalra rOM% r? mruijj by tv foutli lerrv to New I urk. Nartae Afain. Koni K?rF??>-*kNAR> I'ama .>? ? Tb.> ?h!p * inaant4*><% CrM?!n wiwl l>? M? ?* f -"te. linrjner kOf, of T-? ^ouib atrrt. ah'uli l<*fi here anthe I'.lh of laat .g<*pt -tiU'r fur t'nli'arii i. niado t'ie run fnm itio JaadN to tfat' Vrancixo ita - j'a? y da?? iml t'r en the lj' dude at Vul|?ar,-i?? to fvin Iraoai-o i.? thirty '??ur days, tha trip fr it IMo t.i .'?ill t r-ii?ci.?i > bi-in^ oiilj *>vea Uliinl White . wh:"!i na.le tbi* tiulckcat 'una erer accaiapli?li<'d bat wee:? tli.i*- p irt? and th*t fro?B Va'p.iraUo to Sm lr?arU.?.? t li - <-1i irt *<t cy >r uudt. Tile flUp I'spt. Tr*ak. owued b> th 'Milt* tkr<% wade the T >y f r*<m San IranciM*') to ( itcntta, a ilctnliee of 1 ' WW) mile< in <ii ? nlmrt epAce of mxtf Ijtl.l Ja\s. ?'i*i!i ic. w* belt??o. wiiltin tlir-e' dajra at the miiekei.t t ri j? U-tw-i-n t!i ?*> p >rt? eT?*~ made A??>t niakea t'?-*e *n;. a^"n tli ? urir* iMirpriiloj, it tkf f'i?l that b?'?li of the al> >* ? ? wer ? built for t er* the Jninvt.n-n lnien been bull I f kiltiiolaa a N\ a York and I ' jen-k t. . > . V>t n* nt lur ?alii 3f fur ' .-a >w thaar puwe* ot i. ? 'i, a; ? ? ln?t rliffC ?ti: r>^ - ! ..?li R C'lil IIOI . 1 wa- tow d t 11 t lie Jry d >ek | aa lei lay, where rhe h; a been OTerhiuled, to her b?rtk M> tke !S. r*li rh r. wlu<r^>be will load fir t'hagrca. Naial Dmij. ? The leatin^ dr) dx-lf. on the Kt'inr> pi in ill df r >-%?truetlo:i li\ (liitx-rt ?nliie?a?, ut tlie Pt-ii.-ui i N.i-.y Vard. w-ia I lunrli ? ( ou th.' IMh i ii.-? ailh<jiit tie- i-li^liieoi neei J nt This work ii ~ipa tile cf receiving a ?t nu-!ii|><>f 04>M>'i?. >>r I iuh.' 'ha tininaiie of tlie t'ollin* lt? Juu ai.>a< ara? length UO t +t. width li>j teet Thfnttkal ????? MmUal. lt??. n? Tut v?i ' Hii**r:itidr imiu ic i|. ritif ?{*?** j? : , r.,i a, c..? ,, ,u-t i. Khrj-* ,?u Ui a M-u ?'? '?"?}?* 'I In- ,. . fn r\ nit t HK?.t>'Ut? in ?tii-|>i<< > ?** <* ? :XnZ,?,m,u^. i?l il i- ?-r-? * '?' t ,.)r .tuAlivlnl .?*]>? " lillttl't >r II"'-' ??> ? '? I,JT'' i liar-. -l.-niM! ????? ll'.' Mr lumldin i'.i- ??-'?? ' tijuftteh^ I, I uo.111 l ? Mi II * M.-T.-ni r rn.l.l 1. ?>? ?'? r^'T'-.-X.iln.rl wIM *> ??? , , .1 ,2. ? |.rui. i|Ml tal.ilt <4 Hi i.- ov.-li-iit ?*+ .<*m , ii I ?i' air ' lb 1...I t'i-?< 't '? d.~tia<* t* a Uy l.uil aucr.-a ml run. the inert... mi *? w?tt ? ; m, u." hhwhi *?*??.? -ruu u uuir II H.H-J ? bill U? f.rv." llno.n? ? Tin nr. r -VV -annr- of *U? IVno.-tt li i-c^miii nrwHriih r. '*> t1?', " IK} *2z r;7,:,r.r.T ."?i v,.h,rvt..?,.. ? liirh abr ?uw ???. i *. ,rn-aMy..d:.iHd in i v. iiiiu "l??* ?l"l? !,r? <?" ' '* J?\ i, ,..ii k. ?(?} ot I Ik* " .'n* .."ill iw.i^I I.J 'Mr r..n *.N !?-. t -?"?rt. n? llardT M?.w ?? Pltittrr ... ? ki. AnoL. *H- ? A U..u?li nli.ia*? ?-~?T >????*? ??? ' Mf* *?*"** >!r? It- TU.- i~tu> *?U c tin- f.ico ?f ? IVrfrrtl. n? or 111.- ..-I) uf>' l* vhioh Mi- inn. -" . ?r? charmrt.* ?f Kal.' U'Kiicn A n. w mam-dyr ??mUI.-.I 1 Court," i? i? pr. ,m rati. 'ii. *..d a.'l ,u ?itii *. -trw . ??? 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