Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 25, 1851, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 25, 1851 Page 5
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....... I WANT* ft? TO OO TO BALTIMORE. A~ WATCH ?tkir ?k? uaderitaadi Ml builn mi tk*ro?(hly, uil | ?M givi goad rcfcreaoc. 0b? who ioul4 do B little lacruv U^BBdhal ?ouii kaowledye o f tbi watch trade, would b* . (wMnd. A BcrmiBiat situatioa Bad fair wagu will be *7- I Appljf U P. A. BRi.2, N?. ? CsmrtUad itrnt, Niw l?rk. WANTED? SITUATIONS FOR SELECT PROTESTANT servaats ? Cooks, Chambermaid!, Nurm General | Workeri. Seanutreaacs, fce.. at the Protective Protestaut Agiaey. 432 lladsoa street. N. B.?Thii is the only reliable 1 aMiKy 'or tbi procuring of PruteaUnta in the ilty. N. B. ? ft irtby urtkiiiiact (in u places free of charge. WANTED? EMPLOYMENT FOR TWO OR THREE hour* daily, in tbii city, a* tutor ia a private family, ! ?t aagiitant ia a public academy, by a graduate of a New England college, who haa had four years ex|>erifnc? ia Uach ??(!? Satisfactory testimonials canba given. Address Xibo ?bOB, Union Park 1'oat Ottre. i WANTED? SITUATION'S FOR FIRST-CLASS SF.R vants, of every domestic station, at the office of the Ba?ialj for the Encouragement of Faithful Domestics, lUli Cbaabers street, eatabliahed ia inas. N. B.? Worthy juenons ?a I y arc ilfered sitaations at thie iaatitution. N. B.? Tha teriaa. formerly $S, arc uow reduced to (1 per year. Office ?pan from 7 A. M. to t 1*. M., evory day. WANTED-AN EXPERIENCED PERSON. |TO CUT for and superintend the worbrooma of an extensive aleak and mantilla business. To save trouble, none but tJ?M folly eompeteut seed apply. The poaition being one of responsibility, references aa to capability and character will be required. A liberal aalary will be paid. Address " Cut ter," Broadway 1'oat Office, prepaid. WANTED? A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE PRO Uatant girl, ai Seamatreaa, or tu take charge of one or tw? grown children, or travel with a lady, or aa lady's maid. Weald have no sbjectioB to the couatry. Can be seen for twi *ajs, at No. S8 Bedford itreet, eoraer of Barrow. N. B.? 4t??4 eity references will be given. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a aituatioB ai Chambermaid aud Waiter, or to do plain _ aewiag and miud cbildn n. Ii a Protectant, and can eoine biahly recommended. Can be seen until engaged, at 1(J6 Eleventh street, between First and Second aveuueH. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a aituatioa ua Chambermaid and Waiter, and ha* uo abjection to assist ia washiag aad ironing, in a amall private fc?ily. llaa uo objection to go a abort distaucc in the eouBtrv. Good city reference. tun be lees for two dayi, at N?. KlO Seventh aveaui. "11 AN TED- A SITUATION. A3 WET NURSE, BY A ? yeung rcapeclable married woman, tier tirat baby ia fcur ninths old, md ahe haa paaaed tin doctor'* examina tion. The beat of eity reference gjvea from her laat place, when ahe was wet unrse three months. l'leuac apply at N'o. J 14 Muibtrry (trett. from one to fight o'clock, f r t?o days. WA N r t D-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, tu aaaiat aa aalcawoiuau in a retail fancy cr dry goods aton. Ia willing to go on any tenu*. She n perfect in irithnietii , and underatands bookkeeping. City reference, if required. Inquire at No. 33 Greenwich avenue. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE English girl, with a family g"lng to California or Lon doa. References given. Address C. U., U3 and i*5 Maiden lane, up stair*. WANTED? \ SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa Chambermaid and Waiter, or aa Waiter al< no. She i* a nice peraon, and will give every .?atia Tacticn toiler employer. aa she ia Competent of tilling the situation ahe advertiw a. for. She haa g< ..d recommendation*, and the beat of city reference!. Can be lecn for two daya. Vleaae to call at Mi, Franklin lUreet. WANTED ? A SITUATION. BY A COMPETENT young girt, aa Sum and Scamatrcsi, or ai Chamber maid and Staiuetros*. Good cily reference, l'lcasu call at No. Nto Broadway, iu thu confectionery atore. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation aaCook, \\ aahcr and Ironer; haa the b'at ?1 city reference. Plea* call at No. 371 Sixth avenue, be tween Twenty ?c. oud and Twenty-third atrecta, third floor. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, aa Nui>f|aiid SeauatreM, or aa Chambermaid and Stamatrc?a. t an give good reference. Pleaie apply at No. )<7 Allen itreet. front room, up stair*. WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION aa Cook, Maahcr and Ironer; would make her*' If gc Vn rs. lly uaeful: haa no objection to do houaework iu a small tan.ily. Apply at .X) Greenwich street. Good city refcreuce givt n. i 'an be lecn for two daya. WANTED? SITUATIONS, BY TWO VERY SMVRT, capable young womeii? one aa Nurse and Scainatrcaa. irtotravl with a lady going to Europe ; the other aa Cook cr I.auiiiiri -a. Cangivi the moat satisfactory rclercii'-oa aa to capability and i |iar.i> t- r. I'lcaac call at 37 Weat Thir teentfi tt.-cct, between I ilth aud Sixth avenuea, third atory, baek room. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a aituat:?n: ia a good cook, and tirst-rate waaher and inner: haa the l ot of rcferenei; haa no objection to go a ?h>.rt diatauci iu the eouutry. Plcnie call at lUSTroy strict, tl.iid floor, t ?n be Men for two dayi, WAXTED? fT A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMVN. A situation a? chami ermaid; is a good waaher and irouer; ?atiafactory refereuee given from her laat employer, where haa liied lieu, ly thro: yeari ? a pious family preferred, i an be aceu from Ml o'clock A. M. till j P. M., at .1 Clarke rtreet, for two daya. WANTED- V SI Nf.l.K GENTLEMAN WISHES A furuialud mom, a itliout board: location below 1'liam I* r* afreet. neur l?r"iid* m ; ruferenev rctiuirud. AiiJroa* B. W. A, lleralil office. WAN TED- II V A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A 81TUA tiun. 1 ? I'bihM ruiaid; no objection to geueral hunee Vork. or to attend to ihildrea in a aiuall private family. Arnty ?t lXi n>rtc?*tli afreet, Ltar jtvtntli ncoiK, back MKHICIk Wantkd-ih \ VI'I Ni; man. I.ATELV AKHIVF.ll ill tbl( 01. Ill, try. a aituation; In ha* a thoroagh know leiijre v( the Cunhal lenjaaire; apeak* and write* German flu. . iilUlln. . I .11 ^ 11 ' 1 So.inl-li. anil In il''U? touxd to buainca*. A lin\. tu I. . lit- raid uthce, will b? thank fully reeeieed. WANTED A BITl AT IOW BV A UtfKTAlU Olftl to do ehaaiU-v work and waiting. or hu?<r work ; good ri lerencc (iveu. Please onll at No. H, Coruclla Street, iu tl* rear. >-au he (eeu tor two da>*. WANTED BV A REKPEt .TABI.E PROTEST ANT young woman, a eitaatloa ax hamhermald or a? waiter. ? r na ebildrvaa' bopm- ; would aaaiat iu * tilling and iroaiUK The Ixntcl eity nlTimu given; can he kcu at 07 Mercci ?treat iu the rear, lor two day*. w WANTED A SITI ATIOX HV A RESPECTABLE )<>uii|r prot? ?taut ? omaa at cook, and to a?'iat in w??liin. Hid iroatBK. Beat ot <ity r? fcnnce ? looUtctina tofoaabor MaMitec iu the couutry ; |i|?aae call at 31U t irat Aveuu< , for (wo da) a. ANTED ? BV A RI>I'E< TABLE VOINO WOMAN, asttaattoa a* Chambermaid, ('kIMrca'i Nilw, ir tg do|i?ni ral Iioiim ???rk. No wfcfacUoas |i to tha country. Apply a'. 4-J W a.L nstvu a I feet. U|i Itaira. Can be Sceu for thr:e da) a. Www ?r a rkspkita iile Vocng Hiixtv a fituatioi ta a Rood plain Took. Hi-lurtml IriDn. w "u Id hate no objection to uiake her?elf generally uaeful. Apply at 17 Deaac it rut, Br??kl)a. frout tujiu, tceval floor. WANTED? A SITUATION, BV A RKSI'El T A BLK yowwg w aaiaa, in ?. p neata family, an Cook, H uhcr and Iron r: haa an oMeetioa to 1 a ihirl distance in the twNlry. laa be aeea lor two day*. I'ltut nil U V Priaw Hrtvi . aepvnd Boor, back rooiu. The beat of city relereuoc raa Upoa. WAMTED? A SITUATION, BV A RESPECT MILK young ?? uiau. wl.o perfectly uul. r-taud.ln r Miami ???. Km- l.a> thi li-t of cit> ref>r. ui . I'leaiv eall at 2J7 Mill ie try atr> < t. in tk< rear, for thru d ?> a. W i Trait wriTwn ra rwniiiST and l atbalic Sert tuta. i t th< hr t i l.i--. aaJ of terry do mestic ttatiwa at tht "Silect IV'! tint A jency," 7 Var ?liac at r< ? t and * t the ofhi ? ol tbr * ??letj lor the Karonr iF'imii ii l aithfnl l? mi ?nc?. MM CkMahcr* (treat, ratab liekod In I'iV N. II ? i ii 1 y aotlli) (KUUtl admitted, ttpi n from 7 A. V |o K P. M WAXTED-H 1 Vtil NCI H'oMAX. * f ITl'ATIOJf AS ?T t ku Bikenaaiil and It ..iter ia :? pritate family; would ?a?t ao abjrt tl"n fo i > itcaerally u?eful. Uootl city raft renc* l>i nu Aplrtf ?! W VfMBtritb ftrcct. Cau be leeu Ivr two Say a. WANT IDA MTl ATION BV AN EXPERIENCED and Dr-t eln-< I < ok, ?M that pcrAwtlf uader?tand< l*ar kuaiaeaa in all it? III bfaacbea. xhe ran flwt the laatafclty r.Krcate*. I'l*a<? call at ?7 Marloa street, for >tf dtjrfc WANTJ.D-BV A TOVXO filRL, A tfTTAVMnf T(? do toe (ieui ral ll u- aork of a <aa.tll family, she can l? acea at Mr. W elab r. t < 1 ucvrd Ktill, Brookl) u, uatil Ihtiraday. WA N T ED?A BITl ATION III A PROTESTANT Hrl. I.'tun year* old. an W alter, or to takn care of tkilopii. ha* Mli d loth aituatioM, t'aa mv th< heat of nty ref' reai-??. ? *a b? *e u f r twa days, at No. ? Secuad ?trset, n oad Ivor, carsaf of Jtroai ateawr. WANTED.? A TM'.Mi MAN WILL III DlftENOAtiED tin laat of tlii? week, sad wiahea a rtiuatioa at Porter, ?it bar lado. r er outdoor. At f?r i haract. r or w . rtliy tru?t, I ia pr?*"at in'|iluyer i at he teen ta lot either. Direct or (? ?>? t" W. 0. B . Eait I? i. a tie Ih itrrtt. Wanted a mtiation bv a respectable )?aar w ima n, an ejullrat r iok, ia a ?mall private lamily. Battel cilf f?f< rtate *ivia. Ple**e to < all at IM >iatk itraet. aear Ikird At MM, aecuai rcsr buildia^. t aa Ih -??b for two daya. WANTKD-a SITl VTION BV A RESPBCTABLI mid*ll> afol ?k>a aa < *k. *?>haf. and iroacr ; raa tradwe tke beat of eity r?f> rearr and throe year* rrniw taaad fraai her la*t raibtl. PltaK tall at the H hI?W krstlt'*. 19 Ea<t Llrveatb atrtft, W ANTIO-BV A RESPECTABLE V0U3M WOMAN, a attnatiwa aaNar** and 'Mauntrea*. ar < haaabcrmai I Sad Sewer. sl-e ha* no o'geetioa to travel with a lady B^tofrity r?lfcr?wee? *!\fs I'lraae eall at 1*4 Ninth *tr?'t arar the Ihird avtaae. Brit Ivor, rear buildiaf. Caa be aeea for twa day*. Wanted a sitc ation? i?t a rksectahi.k ran. t' ttaat w i aias . tu take ( are of Childrea and do i'lain fcwiail. or aamat in t ham'" r tt ark. II. i- ao ohjeetioa to so a sbart diataare ia theioentry. tan (leefvod rcftreaeos. t mi U *i ? n f"r t* v i.h??. I'ltut tall at 1M Twelfth itrvet, (itarrtf I'alttriilT t>l..'i WA?tm?-?T A W?PE< TABI.I, PROTESTANT yaany waiiaaa. s -it nation aa S arm aad to do Plaia Pewia?. or ? >?*? I ? rwnid ; woald be williti/ t<> make ber<elf at rally taaeli I M' (? reS'?a mm Pl?a>e to eall at 7*> ? Niuiteenth -tree!, aiar Sixth at eaue. aa) time until WtMCD-BV A Rr-PI.CTABI.E VDl'NO WOMAN, aha rat pvt tl,e heat ot (It) rerer'nft". a altnatioa to do > hinn' ? raoik sad r'"? ?' "!?*? ur *?(?'?'? honwwrk in a email lauule. She a t od f-mk. aal r""-' a??h*rand iroatr Pl< *?'? t? tall ?t Seeoad etrctt, aear aeeane B. WANTED? A S 11 1' ATION. AS WAITER. BV A t OM p? Wl,a a ill be huhly ff .nmended a? t" liotiiaty. aolrietv. and rapability, b? famillea of reaper ta Milt v ? ht-Bi he has liet d ? ith in till* f it) for )eara paat. A kote r?r 4, r Waltat, it No lit Eart Taeatieth street, will laaet dae att- atioa uatil rasa^cl. __________ 'J N TED? IT TW ORF.SPnCTABLB TOt'NO LADIES. eitaatiea< > ne aa t l amhrr maid nad Walter, or to ta*o raft at HHIdres : the aiker s? Cask, and to a**i*t la wsahjnn or Iroala*. The bewt of eity rsfereaca (leen la ?(litre at W Nia'ti ? ath ttnet, krtt kuor, haek reoa. Caa ba (tea far two day*. \ysNTi. n -a vot no i.adv, or c.entkei. ad e ? dr< "I r- ?|" ? table par, nt? mt. r'-tinc In ippe ir aaee. ii ad qwi- k and earreet in mahin^ rhaime, ta attead tht e-ow&ter (t t l|f tse-t s*fniiMa Ire t'raain Salooa in th?' eity. Apply tt Ureal*'. a of the Aiarrlean Cai-at Steam laairtsin < (wipaay, No |A4 I hatha ia a^aare, upvtaira, f?r rbroa day*. W- AJTTEIV A SITf ATION BT A RESPEt;TAUal Proteatsst * owiaa, s? t 'oaiti or t anndro**. as (he iaerry laeri teat ta do either: ta aw aceottew' o-a?k' r and m aer 1 he W*t ef eity folereaee raa be pruduoo.t I'leaee apply a Hit Ik t '*tt i, ut lift bakery. V*% kt H!t fvttwc dayt> m*mm. _r _ WANTED? A WAITER WHO UK DER8TAN US HIS luaintta tkarooxkly. fltjr nfirtieti required. Apply at M* South atreet, thlr?l Itory. WANTED? A FRENCH JUKI., LATELY ARRIVED fro? I'rubcn, mahca a aituatiun to take th? char*' o( < hildrcu ; ah* ian ?aw vary w?ll; do?a nut .peak any Euk ltah. Inquire at 311 Fourth atreet, for two day*. WANTEP? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a allMtlon aa N urw and Seaiuatr*,M, ii capalilu of taking tare of an infant. The heat of . ity reference van I a Plcaae n.quir? at Htt Waat Twelfth airatt, ou the fir t vor. WSKuMhr a uirwTAiir yocSiT woman, a aituatiun aa Chambermaid and i'lain Sewer, or to t.ike eare of children. Can lie tti-n for two daya. Please mil at lite bakery, 71 liayard street. Boat eity reference. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a aituntion aa Chambermaid and Waiter, or to do [ f neral hounvtork in a aniall family. The beat ei,y refer l eiK'f givrn tri'in ht r laat place. I'leaae eall at No. I7I Jay #trci't. Brooklyn, one aoor froui Coaeord atrtct, ua tua ! at. oud door. C'an be aecn till engaged. 81T, " ??r' rr0Bt --U"'t'Veo WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE )<>uug woman, a, flr?t rate Cook; underatanda paatry, Jelllea, Itr. The beat of city reference *i*cn. Apply at fci Prime Mrect. Can b? ,eeu fur three daya. ilaa uo objection to ro in the country. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A rituation aa Seamatrcaa in a prirate family. Can cut and fit Indira' and childrcu'a dre*aea. Can be aeon fur two dtyaat No. liVft Tenth avenue and Twenty-seventh stroet. Best ??1 eity reference. Wammk-a SITUATION, liV a BESPBCTABLB yourg *omau, in a private family, to do plain Cookln*, Waslingaud Ironing, or would Uo chamberwork. She ha* lived Mrti yiAriia Mr ImI Please ?^ll at 31 I'nuve street, corner of Mott. WANT] D? A SITUATION To do HOUSEWORK VOR a hiiiuII family by a Protestant young woman of steady habits. She is a good washer and ironer, and eau come well recommended. Pl? ase call at 17 Rose street. Wantkd-by a young woman, a situation as good plain Cook, Washer and Kroner. Would have no ?Ejection to make herself generally useful. Apply at 6'J West Eighteenth street. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Protestant girl, would do idain Sewing and take charge ol a baby, or go as chambermaid or do g< lerul housework, in a respectable private family, aud would have no objection to go a phort distance in the country. Can produce <t?od city rettremc. Please call tor t*o days at l.Vi SUteeuth street, secoud floor. WANTED? II Y A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GlJtL, A sitcaties in r. private family a- C! IMrra'a v rse and to do plain Sewing; lias always been accustomed to take cure oi children, lias uo objection to do ehainb? rwork aud waiting. The best of city reference given. Please cull at 2.'?6 Twelfth street, between Third and Fourth avcuues, iu tke basement. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOCNO WOMAN, a situation as Cliuiubermnid, Washer and Ironer, or to do general housework iu a small family. Has uo objection to go a short distance iu the country. Can bo seen for two days, at N? . 44 lluuimcrsly street, iu the basement. "IITANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ft young woman, to do geueral housework, or to take care ol children ; i ? a good washer aud ironer. Best of city reference can be givcu. Enquire iu the grocery store, l-*?li Thirtieth street, between Seventh aud Eighth avenues. Can he seen for two days. Y|7\\NTED~A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ? t young WMuun, to eook, uasli and iron. Can give the best of city reference from h?r last place, lias no objection to j.o a short distance in the country. Please call at No. Eighteenth i*treet, between Sixth aud Seventh avenues. \y ANTED \ SITUATION, Bl A BESPBCTABLB ff joung woman, as Cook, and is a tir*t rate washer and ironer. Has no objection to do the housework of a small j pri\ate family. Can produce the best of city reference, if | required. Please call at 171' Varick street, front basemeut. I Can be seen for two days, if not engaged. 'IXTANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE 1 ff tirl, to do plain cooking, washing aud ironing. Good j city reference can be given. Please call at M Fourth avenue, j \Wr ANTl D? A mh ATION, LADY*S MAID, OR ? T ( bildreu B Nurne. to go a travelling to England or France; i* an excellent seamstress. Can produce the best of city re fere nee if required, a* to character and capability. Pleune address a note for S. IJ., Bo* No. l.-Wi General Post Olft' v, Iftrv Vi ^ Ik G. H . Blunt, which will be immediately a'tindcd to. WA N TE D? A COOK, WHO PERFECTLY t'NDF.R stauds her business ; she tuur*t be a good baker, aud willing to osfist in washing and ironing. Apply at 7'? Court t, [? 1 J .t v , (Tuiil ) ktVMI Ivi aud three o'clock P. -M. "tlTANTED? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, WHO fl is a good Dressmaker and .Seamstress, wishes to work by the day or week in gcuteel families. Understands cutting and t.tting dresses in the latest >tylc. Cau give the best ot city reference. Address 18.'* Twelfth street. WA N T r. n? A SITUATION, BY A RKftlMECTABI.E frotcetant young woman, u Cook, and liiw no olfac tion to(.o aa Chiinib-rwaid or l.anndre ? in a aia.ill private family. Beat of oily reference riven. I'll-*** rati at lti'l Yarick afreet. between Vaiidam aud Charlton itrueta. Can t< ntn for twodaya. "II'ANTS A MT! ATIUN AS t.ARDENER. A SIV?;|.K YY niiu, ?ko 'vuderatand? the car? and iiianagonicat o.' irnn houaa planta, flower-. ku'I l ege table a, and la)iax out |rouud)t; ha* good rKvumcntlatiena, aud uncxcei>tioiiat>|.* iclutin if required. i'lcaae address J. C. at Mr. Thor burn'a, l.i Joliu itmt. ?Mr AXTKD? A FRENCH OR GERMAN GIRL, mi TY reeomniciKled, to take earc of a young ehil?l. Apply a li' I I rank i in aire**, katwai a tlM ka?r? a4 i 1*4 It'tliu. 'UT ANTED ? BY A RESECTABLE PROTECT AN TY woman. thirty B?c yeara of ago, a aituation a< Scam itreaa, or it Iipht tt aahinx ?nd Ironiair. (.'an make aliirt* *cry *<11. Ila? no objection t i travel, or do uuy tUni|i that muh hi a^ri cable. fun get good city referencvi. lnukmulo three days. Apply at 11*7 Heater ?treit. "117 ANTED? BY A MIDDLE AGED GERMAN WOW AN * ' whoepenka Injjli'li, a aituatiou a? ( lianilx riuaiil or iaundro*. Ihatcity refenuce i?it be given. luiuircnt No. IM Leonard ItTMt, iu tin- at"re. IH^ANTED-liY A KKM'lt TABI.E YOUNG MOW A V. " a aitualiou do d" ren- ral houn work lor a ?mall private futility, or t" do chamber work and to a**iat in waaliiug and ironing, No obJ< itioa to go t.. Hno.klt n. lloodcity rvlerunce given. I'ltiiM uddreaa No. Ml Eaat Biadauy. Y|"\N-|LI> IO \ KIX'l.i T tlll.E YOCNU tt UM A V tT aatttatioB aa chambermaid. and to a??i*t in waaliing tod iroalii*. if required. ? .iu give the lieat of r?'fcrt nee. I'leaae ? nil at ll*> Amity atreet, near tk? Sixth ttrnae. Can be Ml n f< r t*o day*. U'AMin ia A Kl.TK TAlll.i: I E MAI I'. . A "IT C YY ati< ii to allrud to cliildrcn and plain acwiax. No ob Jution to make herself ii. .fill. Tin bc>t t>f Klty reference. Iii'ioirc at l.'C M< it afreet. the r*-ar building. \1 ' a s I n> \ BIYUATION, BY a RnHCTMIil YY \i i.iu lull, to do < l,;mi ?.< r ?"rk. hue maahiBg and leaning. or hi'ii" work. in a -mall family. Uwl retvreuce ?AT> nrpnu. rivaK vlll at No. 8 1 ?ftk iti'vtl, for Iwb day*, in the rear. \LrA NTED-A SITI'ATION. BY A BESrECY.t RI.K TT girl t. do hou?a work tor a email family. or to do cham ber work and atwiag. or to take < :ir< of ehildreu. Naot je-c tiea to ir" i" the i oaatry. d city refer' nee gmu. Can It -MB for t*< daj?. Inquire at No. iiS tluahelh atrvet, in thr nar t'Uildinp, third Boor. \1T A N T I D- A MTI'ATIOX, IIY A RESI'I'.t'TA BI.K TT ? oiio- a i Ujau. ?> -? uni-t r>'?? ? ii the he,t of ahilcaork, f't to tuke lire i't I'hlltlrrn. lioenl i ity refi rmrt. Can he >> i n for t?n i?t >iu'.UvutU (tent, httnutB BUth i.ud "tMiith ai*a?'?. ___ VV INT1 [I- a MTV a r u ? v . BY \ (jf.rm a * fittL, A* TT a Cham Ii iniaid, and alio a* plain >?* tr, in a rwapcctakle family. t,ood i ity rtffn nfM fan *i*en. rii-aw; apply at the rorni r of NiueU*btU ftrtet and I irat av?nu?, over the rn-Ci-ry. \I' ANTKD-RY A Htsi'KTAHI.E VttfXU HttWAV, 1 1 ? aBaati' o. ?? aur?*. or rhamtn riaaid, with a MMM}* at k rrivatc laniity. < aa h* a?'*n lor two day*, at No. t>i I'lin atrttt. \kT ANTED? BY A VOI'NU WOMAN. A SITl \TION TY in a p ?i < ? . tnkli fa wilt . an rkaniU riuaid and children') niaid; t an >(>i plain arw inr, and a*ai?t at wa-hiag and iroaiar, ha? ri "d ? Ity r?f*"-ne?. laa l? ??<n for two day a, if aot iniaae.l. rieam; call at No. Xi Urt?a?icli ?treat, Br?t floor. HrANTED-BV A R?I'F.< TABI.E IIEAI.TIIY ?Vt?. man. who ha> re. I ntly lo*t her ehild, a aituatioa, ia a r?*|-eetat.te family, ai wtt atirae; the heat ?f reference. Ap pli at :??i Mull ? i ti . 11* AM I I- e -III \lliis |\ \ I'RIVATE I'AMII.Y. YY i ook w ? ? her and Ironer, ar to dn reneral hi>n?f wotk The k*?t eit? r* fereare *ivea. 1 a -| uirc at No. If J./iiri ?treet, in th< r<ar. for t?o day*. \l*ANTn?-A \ til N?, I.AIiV t% I AH E9 A SITUATION TT .-. '? i. Iimily. Bli* i? fully MfaWi al d"iai. fitnin m ?.n* or i!r??? inakiar. The K?t of reference can he (iu?. Apply at 417 llroadway. II'ANTI It? It Y A RIM'ECTABL* YOl'Nd ?V0*1N TT i iltnatini to da Ctanhtrwork and to a*?iit ia taaiaf care of ? hildri a. or chalathvf * vlK and a?*iai, and will aillinrto toake herwlf jrencrally n?cfnt. I"?a?? call at 94 9ulti<*n ktrt't; caa h? a?*B for two day*, If aot VV A N T f D? A SITTATION. It V A REM'E' rtBl.t YY totiBf ?irl, at Chamhe rwiaid aad Walter, i'r t" do ( n?r?l hon*cw*>rlt ia a *mall faniily. A^fdy at No. M Beat .vinetci ail. ilfnt. t an he ?<?a fort?*??ya. \1* \N TED-BY A YOINO WilVlN \ S1TCATION TT a* ( l ai' - taald or M aiti r. and l? willta* to niak< hir ??lf neutrally narftil. t an *iee the h??t of city riftronct. I'lcin: tall ?'t N.. ? ?| niu *trvet t >n l-e l?'i for two <?ya w A| rly tt Hia fir I AM I B-A VITI ATION. RY \ YOCVC. fit* I.. TO do the rim ral hoiiaewi rk in a private family: the i* a rood l in o i < ok. and aa e>e>lleat w ??her and iroaer. Can iiee t Lc h? at of rtBlM" from her laat pla. e t aa h* >e?n for two daj ?. at 171 Taenty-oinhth itrtct, corner of Eighth avenne, c vtr the grocery "tore. 1B'anim>_a SIICaTIon AH I'ROE i'mi B ? <?nit. Yt h* i<b i vperienerd both in l'r?neh and Ani< ri'an ro?.k inr: nadi r-inmla |>a>t) y aad bread taktnf N'i lij. at a part of the aaahiar Unod rily rifHean |itn. A|>t*y at 7b Blcei ki r ?tri el. i,< ar Hroadway WANTED? A SITI ATIOV AB f.OOD ri.A|N'COO? H ii?h< r and Ironer. or a* l.anadrco*- It oald haec no okjeetion to r" the country. (Jood eity reference riTen. * ? at 17" i er. k itrett, npf tau? ia front room. Caaba 'l??di}?, \LT A Nl I n ||> A RE*l'i:t T \RI.I vol s>. ? OW tV. tt a utiiat en In do t hamberw. rk. or Waitla*. *>d i? in i I'tlleBl ? r. - lie r and lron< r "he lired Br* yrnra In htr In it plaoi And al?n, >he ia a food Seamp*f n?*, n?d e*n frndnc* the b*?t city reference from her la*t place ?he can be -oon for ton data at No. 217 Heat laentl I Uth atrect, htitti tiirfcth am! Ninth ateaaea, front roria up ataire. W \MIH BY A RE*CC<'T^I.K ENlll.lslI WOMAM a ntnation a* t . o??heei?? in a aniall faaaily. ar aa etimlermaid aad ?a?ti>. iY ?owl< net have any objeetion t? attend a bnkctv. i*?fe^aee from her laat employee. Where ahe lived yver* f an be ana for tww day*, at VI I laik atrttt, between ^ftinr and Broo**, near ll'id*?n. Ilignlfe f<t t B. WAN TED ? * MTYATION. BY A VBWO B OB* 1, a* Brat rife wook. wa*h? r and ironed wto trnly nnder afanda ber i n-inoaa in all It* I rine boa. Baa no ob>aetion to do eliamber ?ork aed take rare of ekildten. Caa b? ?een for two dtyaf ii not ? the a*ronfl doar froan Colnabia in Harri*' n ?tr?> t. Hraoklin, north Md?. Beet Boor. fr?nt ro? ?i Nen* kat p..|>eetakl* frf?a?o t ??<!?*? aaad irnly But tl $i' } rwer?nv. # >ta >? ?b>a?i?B t? Naw Tark a?ty. WARTI. WANTED? MY IN KXCLIBH U1M. A SITUATION to 4e chamber or general houee work for a eMail family, le It *<>od i-lain mk. nukti and ironer. I'Ua.e to wall At No. 1M Tweiitj -fifth Urnl, between Ki(bth and Ninth ?*? nucs. Con be eeen fur three dejs. Want ed? a respectable yovnu uikl wasth a eituation, as wnnntTMn, or aa num aud seuuia tra.e; ? lit understands dressmaking, and ran make h?r?elt g*u? r ally useful. fan be eeen fur l?u da>a if not ?u**(*d. Al'l'ly a t No. 19 Crinee street, third Hour. back ruutn. Wi N T E Il-A SITUATION, By A HESPE'TABI.R rirl, aa Chambermaid, or to do general housework. Can pve the hut of city reference. I'luuao call at W West w firl. aa Chambermaid, or to d<> general housework. J?e the Iwit ?f i lly r?(?Ra(c, l'le;i? a ei SucnU'enth street. fan be seen for on*1 day. ANTED ? BV A RESI'Ef TAHI.E VOI NU WOMAN? A aituation to do geueral Hou?>: work in a email t>ri veto family. Meat of city reference ean be givau. C'au be ten at 76 ? rosby atreet, for three day*. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE Young Woman, to Cook, Waah and Irou, or to do the general lloustwurk of a private family. Hun no objections to go in the country. Beat of tity reftreoee gifau. Apply at M7 J'ullh au si reet, rear building. WANTED? A SITUATION IJV A RESPIX TAIil.C young won ft >, aa Nurae and Plain Sever, or us Cham bermaid aud waiting. Ilaa no objection to do homework. Meat of reference van he given. Pltaee call at M Sfiith ave nue, second floor, back room. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABI.E OIU, A S1TCA tiou aa l.aundrvaa or Chambermaid. Ilaa (be bent of tity reference. Apply at N'o. .'17 Went Thirteenth atreet, be tween the Kittb and BUM MMM Cau be wtu tor;! days. WANTED? BY A RESI'Ef T A III. ? TOPM WOMAN, a aituation aa Chambermaid aud I.auudreaa.ora.iCham beruiaid and to take t are of children. Ilest uf city referent e given. Ilns no objcctiou to go a short distance iu thu coun try. Cnu be aeen for two days, at ??J Virnt uveuue, 3d floor, back room. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE \oune woman, as Cbambcrisuid, or would like to take tare of children. Can do plain aewing. tiood city reference can be given. I'loaae to call att?7 Na??au atreet, Brooklyn, near K til ton atreet. \|^ANTED? A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE " young English woman, inapritate family, as CUam maid, and to do housework in general. Uood reference given. Can be aeen at iflrt Mercer atreet. WA.\TH>-A Mm WOMAN TO DO COOKING, H aahiiig, and Ironing. None need apply but thoae who niiderrtuuil good plain cooking, making bread, lie. Apply, alter 10 o'clock, at corner of Eourtecutb street aud Seventh ftvenue. City reference required. WANTED? IN A LAWYER'S OFFICE IN BROOK lyn, a young lad of fifteen or sixteen years of age. who writes a zood plvin baud, uud ba? a good common education. Any gctitlcmitu having u son desirous of becoming a lnwyvr, would tind this a good -ituatioo. Inquire, fur terms, tec., at No. 5 Montague Hall. ANTED? A YOUNG MAN, AS CLERK IN A RETAIL Hosiery Store, v ho is w ell acquainted w ith the business. w and who has been engaged in a regular locking store. No other need apply. Address " Hosiery," ut this office. WA \TED? A SECOND HAND E.XTENSION DI N f NG Table. Address John Smith, ut thin office. WANTED? AN INTERVIEW WITH A MAN WHO Mould like to hear of a ran; chauce of making money in a light, easv, and gentcal business. Must travel and invent ut least $100, for which security will he given if required. Address M. D. Chatham Square Post Office, postpaid. NVBftB wanted -AN ENGLISH WOMAN, WHO thorOBKhlv understands taking care of children, aud ?fttt give the heft 01 reference a-? to character and abilities. Alio, a v oman to wash, aud as chambermaid. Apply at 10- Woos t< r street. Nl'RSE WANTED? a PROTESTANT WOMAN, OA PA hie of taking charge of young children. Apply at 111 Clinton place, Eighth street. A FRENCH LADV, LATELY ARRIVED FROM France, wishes to give lessons in French, in place of English lessons. Address 1!., ut this office. AYOl'NC! LADY, RECENTLY ARRIVED FROM EC rope, wishes to go as Governess, or Companion to a lady. She has always moved in the beat society; has a perfect knowledge of the English language; can teach music, i?ug ins, I te.. 4ic. Has no objection to travel. Kindness uud * home are wore an object than high salary. Address 0. A. C?. E.. Herald office, saying where an interview may be had. 4 RESPECTABLE EWGLISH WOMAN WANTS A JY situation us Cook; she thorough!}* understands her bu siness; has no objection to assist in the wushiug and ironing. Call at .'t!? Thirteenth street, between Filth and Sink ave nues. Cuu be seen for twu da>*. A RESPECTABLE PROTEST A NT GIRL WANTS A situation; is a good plain cook, and u goo?l washer aud irouer; has no objection to the country or to general house vork. (iood references. I'lcsse call at No. 0 buiyvcsaut street, opposite Pnii! Brown's btltry, 4 WIDOWER IS IN W ANT OF A IIOCSEKF.EPER She must be amiable, companionable, and perfectly free to act for herself. To such a lady, he could off. r a very com fortable home. Letters addressed to Ifcnrv, Chatham >?juare Post Offi? e, jwist paid, for one week, will be Attended to. A MIDDLE AGED MAN, A PROTESTANT, WANTS A J Y. situation as gardener. Also understands the farming business. Would make himself generallv useful. IfllR wife aud three children. Would have no objection to go to the country. Address J. K., Herald OUicc. To be seen tor three day p. A SMART ERRAND BOY WANTED. ? APPLY TO /n. KNOX, the Mutter, 1*8 Fulton street, Milliners wanted.-^ix good mlk millu ners. to go to Cincinnati, will tind employment by the > ear, and good wsgos. I?y addressing S., box 1,7'w I'ontOtR -e. \ l 4MVLY WHO PI RPO^E ATTENDING TUB World's Fair.? A young Scotch wouiau (and who will T ci\e the ui< st satisfactory reference), desiring to visit again tier i <-nm x k i", v* 1 1 1 enicngc with a respectable family as < hild's nurse, or lady's attendant, to go to, and return fr ?in, the wc>rld's fair in Loudon for s small remuneration. Address A. F. L.. Box 1H7H. Post-office. TO BOSS TAILORS.? WANTED. BY A PERSON AGED X .H3, a situation as Cutter. The advertiser hus had ten years practical experience iu several large houses in the w?>t end of London, ami the lact six months in New York. Cn?*xeeptiouablf reference given. No objection to a country i \n ii ,\ ?i.i r- * z. ? ut tor, at this Stn TriTVOM AN UK DEB GBADUATB Of BOBLIN I niveri?ity w ishes to obtain cuiplovmeut us ussi>?tuut in an A<sd( Ui>, either iu or near New %ork. Advertiser is a Protestant. Address J. B., ut Robert Armstrong's, lfvj 1 biH -t,? . [. 1 1. 1 r?i fl' or, ? k room. ITS JEt NEIIOMMI Nl U ANT PAS PABLEBL W ' ^rlai-. desire f-tre euiph>y<& contuse domestique ou homme de peine, n'iinporte quel euiplol. II pent aus^i servir 4 table Ustif une maiMon bourgeoise ct appreudrc lc Fran^uisaut en fants de la maison. fc'adresstr au .No. X) Ycaty street, daus le basement. FOR (iALR ASD TO LKT. FVliR SALE CHEAP.? A I.OT OF I KCM II WINDOW Shadea. Tw*iity-fi>ur pairs different <lw ami pitlcrui. W ill not h? divided. &i)d for ca*h only, on which account Ihev will I* *old cheap. To be *trn at **? Broadway. I'ok sam: o8 to i.i:r. at ii \rlem -the iiocsk. I itiMt. an<l cuht lull of pcr?nu-l. In garden. euriirr of I ll'tli >tr>( t and A v ? nue A. m ar llir Tut rl<?. The hoan in jllM front, * ah life mint and under ttlltr, piaxa in front and renr. AI>o. corner of MTooJ tvlnnv an. I Until Mr?tt. a vtry *up?rnir tlireitory hmi?e, ?"? by ,W, with attic, la?iwi't nml< r rellar and garden. UAIk, oh Third av* mnuiU ' ?te..t e??t ?iJ?, i ;*T?T ..ff r..*.n*A inu iV3 full dilii:e. euitaldo for wurkehope. Apply at ILtrlem. to S. VAN V tl KLMil Kdll. or to J. ?r G. CUE.STERM AN, No. 13 M illiam ttrtct, No. SO Niiim >trc?t, or 710 Broad VuTIi F-TIIERE ARC Sill. I. A GOOD VARIETY OF lit- remaining for i-alc i u that l-cahtiful village *iu, i?lltil Straiten I'ort. lit m f n t.'ollctc l\.mt and l lu-lnpr. rising in a beautiful *l.i[>e fr?m the IHV. Mill Wit Kqnirin* any ivatating or b'.',,n? (n. There aro *evcr?l etcelWut ?| iio>> at wati{ ?? t|? property, and a rood Ht-ambnal Dock *' f* "' the villa/'. The price* arc fr 'in Him to for fluty KID feet deep. Anv |icr?on? intending to rnf' l?t>e had bitter call ?arly anj i novae Iholr loc ation". N,B ? Any peraou* lmt mi n uti umhoat to i?ll)>r charter, art VoiioeHed to rail or tend tin particular* to the uflicc uf JOHN A. II .A MUCKS. !C7 Wo-.ter ?traet. TO LET ON TIIK FIH?-T 01 M W? EITHER WITH OR without hoard? thejaecind and third floor* of a hnu*? ilt<tt<d ob' hloi k from Kroadwav, adjoining BI??ck> r ureit. containing wavm aid ?hower hatha, and suitable for i a aall hallki Komi bnt aaoet r**p?clabl* Mrtiti M<4 apply- lor furthtr pauitular* addrc** D., Hi. raid office. rro let? a I. Alter, stable? has been cud ah J a ?!??* *tahle It would make a fon<| itiml for a livary ?tall*, or large factory. Inquire of J. Ml KI'IIV, on tlx t>rraiMi, Eleventh *treet. aear tha Secunil WWW. TO I.ET? A COTTAGE. CONTAINING TEN ROOMS, barn. Itr . on four lot* of gruuad. beautifully laid oat into a gardea, on north w cat corner of Lijhtb avenue and lilt) trrtitMt. A | pi j to A. E. B AGLET. M Broadway. 11(1 I.ET? A M AT TWO STnRV TRAME HOC*E. ia thi vicinity of ?prin* atreit. ra<t of Hroadway. TV pr? miw a are in every reareet of genteel appearance, having a martf tril in front, with tree*. fce. To a respectable p?r n o the n nt will be CtVti pirannum A aote >.ot throufh Bi )d> pi et. addreraed ta L. J. II., will be attead'd to. TO I.I.T M' I' M III KHV -Tlfl.l r. N F \R I'lKE A A two at ? r\ ilwelllaa houne, in *r?t rata or?ler. Poaataalam on the May. Kent y.<i?i.d taxe?. Far privatu family only. Apply to J. C. DLL A I' I, A I NE, N?. 7 N'*? (trevt, ?p ( |,ET.? A ) RONT ROOM AND A !"* \LL ROOM, Hroadway. T TWO II tl.LR TO LET, ON BROADW AV. FOR KXIIII1I lioaa. panorama*, loia-tn I*. eoaei rt*. le. lure*, amatcar t htati i'-al?, He.? The ?plemlid ball room nail hall bea?th, on a )?v?l with llVoadaav. will li? lat i>a r?a?onat|e t?rnn until Noi rmbrr neat. The hall* are l.'l fei t by .V. with ?eat? for I 3TO iwiwna*. Hply t- OEO. II. ANDHLH s, ChiacM' Ro< nif. ,\w nroadway. TO I.ET.-FBOM FIR?i >UY >r.\T, 1JIE COITAUE E vb s^tvuth attliue, l?i*nn T- inty fifth and Te nty l!l!h itrr?t*. oe in * the on? nenr Tw< nty-'*ivth ?trt?t. Rest, V TV Lannirt *f I'. T. JAME*. t>7 M art itntt, TO LET? TIIE I.OWFR IMRT. INCH DING H tST ? J ment and attir, of that very Hxirablc h?u*r, Nn. M Mndimn rtrvet. Inquire of E. A t'REs. Maaufai turin* J?w ? ll?r. MW \a?*a? atrtet. _________ TO LET? AN OrriCE T 'ITI tTED FOR A I'ljrliiaa, with hoard II r<>i?ir?d. Addraaa A. S.. at thi* offee. TO I.ET.? THE Til HI F. STORV, ATTIC AND B tSE aient ho?*?. No. 114 Fourth *treit, very near to Wa?h iaitor *qiiare Apply to Jo*. A. Wcihel, M Willlaaa *tra?t. Loft* to i lt.-two stlemud loftr, siett five by 'tehty feet. In Marqnaad * Baildiai, 1.14 Allar ?tr*et, Bri otlya. The w Lt.|? or part* ?f caeh loft to pent. III'!' in on the jr'mi-'? le. D. SWEEP^EIt. a r art vfnt* to li t -a Qi iiTrtmi yhf three a'Y per".*., hav in* mor' room than roitwir/d, will let two ar thre* rowwia. ?wfnmi?hed. tofi tb?r or <*p*r*te. ia a mo dem h?u?v, with tvery rnneenltaee, >? hoarder* taken. Location, t harlton. aear llud*on. efry *iry and pl'a?nnt. Tht lo?t rf fereaee* gitea i?d r*i<t!r?d. Addre** II. W. J.. be? l.."7* l'o?t oi'e. __________ A ILEASANT H KNISIIFP ROOM TO I.ET. TO *la?l< tieatli m< n. with or Wiil.'^ t Hoard. Ther* n a Rath ia tlie hon*? which they hav? tlie p?1vtl?f? nf utiar < Ikqwiraat M Cliff *t(?et. Red aorsE pleam re GHnVNW.-TROTTiNo? a Pur?? of will ewe i4l wn TTw?4ay. Harch 5'ith, nt S a'eloek. for Ilor??* that newet wrfm a y?r?ir~?ile lieat*, h ?t thr** ia fiv?. to raddle? elneed with tlw follnai in? eatrla-:? The Old R*?? enteea br. ai Vaary T>awr*"t?: ' amr?*ll eatera t 1 Ullehrlet Wwi Van t'ott *ater? r f. Jim Ma*ow*n; * m O tatertVf Blue* ioah; Hr. ? - eat- ri b. * ll.ird 1 imm. * WTF, Prvrw.jT. CHAKDOR'S tlLVtR PLATING, AMD SILVER Pl.t ted Win-Kwy deeription of metal silver nUted ??? r?ld plated to erd< r. superior to the imported, tad ?t short nbtH'f. Spoons, fork*. ??4 every trtiulg ef Silver PUtod M are, furn.afced at very low prices, by A. B. MILLER It CO., So. 14 Will (tract. A??ut* for L. Chandor. r S.-OM ware. if uU kiude. re-plated equal to u?w, at a bant one-fourth the ? ritfnal ewst. THE SUBSCRIBERS HAVE JL'ST OPENED A SPLEV did assortment ef French china dtun- r aud tea kU, of |.atterna never before import, i in this eoantrvr. AUo.chma and gloss vneee, of the newest and inml reeher he style*; rich cbanipairni. he> k*. lie. of vuriou* colors and ulegant pat Urn*; clock*, candelabra*. and a frcat variety of fancy K ad*, in audition to the above, the flock ol gaa cbaude rs, bracket*, mantel ornament*. k v., eaunot he *urpa**ed. Cut and plain (lata from their manufactory, fin and to Vaeey (treat. J. STOIVESEL It CO.. t/J4 Hroadway, neit to Niblo'n. STATEN tHAND FANCY DYING ESTABLISHMENT. Ofli>e >o. 3 John street. New York.? The proprietor# ef tbia establishment, whose dying and fiuisliin* have been so Ion? and favorably known to the community, are ready to recciv e order* for dying and cleaning silk, woollen, rvtton,

linen, and faary good*, of every description, in the beat man ner. Ii A k It LIT, NtPMICWg tk CIK_ UN ITl'D STAT ES PtSM'OllTS FOR ALL PARTS OF the world, flow the Department of State, issued. Ap plication mu(t l>e Willi three day* in adranec. Prico One Dollar. No. 2 tcacy strut, Astor House. Passport* for California are a kwVi|. Ct ABINKT SF.I F PL \ VI NT. ORG \N- FOR 9a l.t AT / a very low price. A b> autiful and uuii|ue instrument from one of the bcrt manufactories in Eugland. It baa eight barrel*, playint about fifty overture*. song*, fee. Hi* an elegant and useful piece of turaiture for the parlor or library. Ila* recently been put in the very best order. The costeould nut have been lea* than $NJO, and it i* now tiff, red for t-'.V). Can be ?'n it Mr. Jardine's Or^uu Manufactory. 5tS Pearl (treat, near Broadway. TEA nits, FRESH FROM china -to accommo datu the public by obviating the necessity of Rcndiuz to i an inconvenient distune, the subscriber has forwarded to ! Mr. William S. Ilastle, 118 I'earl street, New York, a small 'upply of Tea N ute, for early spring planting. Ilaviug lost, j by decay in tran*p'>rtation, the whole of his importation of bath Tea Nut* and Tea Plants for IM'?, he had it not in bis j power to do this at an eurlicr period. The Nuts Just re ceived cane in the finest condition, together with a small number of f rst rule Tea Plants; directions for planting ac company aaafc hoi. JL'N'ILrS SMITH. Greenville, S. C., FtK 7. NEW FEATURE.? UOLMKS. THE ARTIST, No. 2*) Broadway, intends to couibiric with his art a profession al hair artist, with an eye to whiskers, w Irs. moustache*, lie-., and a dentist to pull teeth and cure the t??t(u:U?; a {lUrvuo 1 1 Kilt tn eramiuc heads; and a fortune teller to Inf.. cm the people if they are eruty or not, together with a celebrated hatter to cap the el i mux. and finish the head that is worthy a hat. Daguerreotypes $1 50 to $10. No charge for the service*#! the new rorp* of artist* attached to tiie con cern. Front seats reserved for ladies. Call early; the *|>ring fashions arc out; aud M to Itm picture* a day are called tor at the splendid room* of HOLMES. _>S!i Broadway. Excelsior soap, manufactured solely by Cad well. Pay son ki'o., cor. ot'Kivingtnn and Cannon *t?, New York.? This soap i< far superior to any other offend to the public. It remove* Stains, Grease, I'aiut. Tar, an l Ink. and washes in sott. Iiurd or salt water, without theslightcst injury to any fabric, or to the skin. Sea Captains, Woollen Mauufacturrcrs. aud all engaged in the trade, are especially inv itcd to test its v a I ue. Nl WI Ol \l?l \ Mi DOt.s FOR SU.K. -A SPLENDID match-pair of Lirec full-blooded Newfoundland* (dog and slut), one thoroughly trained to harness, ami may be driven 1>> a child; both excellent watch and water dog*, aud perfectly docile. Inquire at 2U5 \\ atcr street. STOCKINGS. AND IN DEK -CLOTH I VG OF EVERY kiud, for ladies, gents, snd children in great variety, and cheap, at Parish'* old-established stocking store, 7a Canal street, second block from Broadway. Diamond grain gcn powder.? 13.000 ib?. of tlii* favorite powder, assorted brand*, just arrived per ship Ilelene, packed i n i*> IV nnd I:' ll> canui*ters, for sale by W. F. BROCOIl, 117 l ulton (treet A ( -HOST I c. ^m. H endrous indeed nrc Nature's law* and ways, A hd wonderful the |trcat di*cov< ric*, T hat (bow at once the cure of all disease, T 0 he dependent on the Nerves alone, S roh is the fact experience hath shown. N at 11 re' I great "oul i* electricity, K arth's whole dependence, most implicitly. R evi- w the wonders it halb brought to light. V cntiire to thiuk, ami .et thyself aright 0 ur brain conceives, and ?cnd* its quick dc'uvj If pon the Nerves, its telegraphic wire*. S uppos': the body has the gout or cough, A lid the communication is cut oil, N othing to send the mind's will to the part, T o tell the fonl invader to depart. 1 now inform the world this will subdue 1) i?ea?e| of the deadliest east or hue, o nlv by acting on the brain alone, T o start the Ni rvou* fluids into tone, K ip' rience in every ea-e hath xhown. 102 N'uasau (treet. $1 per botttle, $9 per do*en. Mo*t of the. minor diseasee ef the Nerve* are cured by one bottle. The first bottle is sold to every one upon trial. If n? benefit is derived, the money returned. The fiuid* once *tartevl, dis ease ba'fc warning to quit. Mark Vvuat we say, At J40 Bread way. You can pureba*e A powder to kill All the insecu that fill Yeur pantries and beds, Yei;r attic*, your ikeda, Yeur draperies loose, And the seat* in the p?w( Ulyeur cl.erehe*. I# fact, let bed bur*, eoekroache*. er any of III* nntioul tr b*t?f insert*, insinuate themselves where they will, Lyon's Mortieti^ Powder will rea'"h and destroy them. Lyvn's Mai nt tie rOli in fqvally de*trnetive to rat* and mice, and both ? re poiaonltsi to man, aud the larger quadruped*. Principal Di pot, ?? Mroadaay. ff?o rr.Ncn. i-A?r u\kfk< w wtf.d-a stf,\dv 1 band, w ho thoroughly undi ratands getting up the belt quality of raised bead*. Apply to A. U. BAUl.EY ii CO.. 1W Broadway. jT OHM If, On l< IAN. NO 79XAUMAU8TIIC1 Ntw York, in MuinifRttHriii^ ami ImiH.rtiui Survf> inn, rik! Instrument ?; Telescope* of n new oonitrui-tioci, <?i bix ? wn innkt; <iuly*nic llutU ric- fur tu di oal tn id other l)?gm rr*??t\|<f MutfriuW ami lu-Uru u\<iit8 of ti??- b^nt ?|uality( at lair pricea; Tb*rni')?acWir^ . mhol?-cak and r ' Till $T0< k Ol MEG III! - NAUTICAL ITAfU hntift, No. Wuti r ftrcct, ron^i^ting ofn^fent tarloty of Urawinjc and levclliut im?truia?-nt?, telcKoi^K, tuf* mraiiurei'. kc , i? bciii^ cont, to |b?? cttati* uf the 1 a t<? proprietor. IV riona iu uced of unj ? ^hingof tiiia deirriftion, will do well to call. Si ROM IL ISfil K1 MENT8 \ J UQl IMORTVCN l iiinnufa<-tur?*d by M. ChilTter^, of I'arif. to he ha?l at II. HAll.l.IKKfcS n ientitic Hoolrttore, l<?y Fulton ?treet. He mo\e?on tir?tof .Ma> to 'fM 15r??a?lw uy, nearly opposite the Irving IIot)f?. L fM'RVITI RF-RH II ROSEWOOD. RI.At'K WALNl'T. ? ail iiinliuKHD) ? II. Momji r?? 1> itliilly in?Mea thour per.on ? aIh.iiI .electing (Mr farniturv. to enimine hi* ?t .vk ?f lm.|ii<.niih It-. aabataatial. mi l ftrj.| <laaa furniture. at hia wart room*. .Vki Broadway. whera uiy eld euataotera mill tlo l th< ii?ual lar*o \ari< ty. and'at the 11 ?rntl mini* rate price*. 1IKNRY SIOMiV. Alb Broadway, MM dour ahota Spun.; *t. ?:r s i sun \ i i ? i) -team il.A< kim;.? this \k ticln, an l< nr and Well known f.>r iti* beautiful jet I.I i<-k I (loM.linrrut(i to keep In any ilimte, lapron It i|?, ? ml If nlilraiid for preatrting and M.fteaiag tin- Iratfnr ? | .-r ?ale, * liol. <al. and retail. at the old wnrxbouae. Sn. I J. In* >trnt. liik/aod .Villi r'. *at< ri roof pait?. C*taUuilly oil U*U* ("?LVB Boat I or BALE.- A BEVt'TIFI I. Hen ' oar'd Boric. 41 f< > t la length; Im< Mrw Iwn ktlw will be Fold fur ai ar a ..narur It* en*t, if application U uu l? to Sir. WII.D, IV??? Bruise, lion annua, early. DAtMERREOTYPE-TIIF. SCALK PI. \TE< -THESE pinto* art warranted loir pert < I, and t? |ifl l? tlM Parutrrlan imprtaaion a richer tone thaa anydhiri. T-?/ ' ar# nld tulUtlic privilege of nturiiiii; any <>t tl?.'W th>t ?. ..nlii fail I. giv? mute t.altUttiua. Audto*. Victor Uuliop, ?1 Mnidrn lane. W I N n ft f *11 \BEa AND rORN'K'E*, PAI'RR " llnnvinir*. and < nrtain Mati rial*. ? A . X. It R. IJ.iviaa bat* n< ? in, and art rnnataatly reeoitiag, al?r^? and M.lmdid ni of I'tpr llnnrin?? and Dt . .irill?t ' I apora. Window Kh*4*a aad Coraicta, Laot andMaaliat ir- , tain*. and < urtaln mat- rial* of < ?*ry de*criplloB*. Fatnili.* and MMllry uier. I.unt* about piiroh*<ia?, ar.- r>?ep?etfully Invited t? *?? 1 1 and ? ramie* our *t"< k, a< ?r offer crtrjrthln ; j in the itpholetr ry line t nty per cm lower than any other i l.ou~t in tbc city. A. St, At ? DAVIE*. Cpbolatarrra, a? Bowery nnd m Broad war - |?"i ntv Un VAMUHTS.-AS THE POPWTT I I# I * ml H arrant* ??mi* d undt r thr lute urt. arc not naaun iMt, ii * ill t>? t t-nir ?*fct -Piry t?? lb* h??1d? r* t?? uvt th^ra l<? ? at ? d . in <?rd?r tod? riff anv fldtantatre from thrni. Th? br- I net.t t<? hr d?rirrd fr?.?n the Warrant*. will, of e???r*, hr |?r<?. rtkird to thr aitnati on and <)ualit? of thr Und? ??n which way Ik; |>la<rd. If tin i lnira?nt *I*k? tiah?i thf Iu4 tl?? rt i i ? * l?? nn ??* nt in itn tl? laitjr t?? p^ll f ??r hirn .m l r* wit procrrda of ?alt. Thr undi r?i(fa* J oorntnimionrr. real- j dent in Ntw York for H ?? unain. l- ?n au?l Minnea??ta. Iiav inf < IVt? imt rorrr?p?iBd' nl? il rri rr roiinlv in *>ai<l .'?talo*. I nl?o art inlltailflji acquaint* d vith tin* ? hara^tt-riatir* ?af th? i landa. n ill a< t aa as? nta f?>r thr lorati ii of wnrraat-'. to pay j taxta ???, and a< M tl^land*. wtu n lo<*t* ?l. In r to rn ' ' aMr nt? t? tnahr f 1n?i??r ?rVrtiona nnd arm rr thr hr?t |o ralion#. the Warrant# ahould tf lotat- d aa tarly a? |H?aaihlr. j Thr fil-llc tfcmaln wltliin thr abort Matra. la |trohnhhr thr Woat fertile, thr hrat watered, and. t>ord**rii?< tkr )fi??ia ripid. i< t hr ao.t a . < ?nl.l> to a marki t. of thr inlim r.inx" of t uflia land*. M?rtien? - an l>r madr hrrf t" roml.inr w.mmI land.?at< r and prnirie, ami nil! t r w< It aditpta .1 to k*rp or to ^11 lo thr nin?ro*? ?mi?rant? *ki ? .aUaoally rraorl kiikrr n? t>n)fr*. for rood nlr< lion*. No ? arrant mn l>? Io f at*d, nrrordinpt to law, without I ling an nflldai it that u . one rr?id?? up<.B thr land, a fai t whirli m?*t h? awarn to hare Wn nacrtainrd .l.ortly hcfi rr. |x r.onal ia?p?i ti"n. Tblt par", nnl ? ??miaati. n will n. ??'?.arily Involr* ?o*?ldrr at|? ?i|wn?r. Onr f. aa will to flti f.r l'<ntin? rneh I'W arrr warrant. ^7 f"f lornilnf ra. h W arr< warrant far local in* ? arh 40 ?<rr warrant? t??rtltrr * ith thr ?o*?rnm<-nt rh?r<f. on ra. h warrant for lo< mion at ih> l.and ofll.r, lint where (>n warrant* are r^'eired thronpli the ???ii' per*?n. at on* time, the following drdurtii i.? in the above fr*? will 1^ madr, tit ?On ra h IRO a.-re ? arrant fJ V?. i>n each a< re warrant. |il en far I. 4M ar re ? arrant, ftl ? and on am .nnla ? ifrding t' n. thr ?* d> du. Hon* ? ill he inrr< ao'd t*. nly p< r etnl en the nr?M JOHN I.I VI Mi*ToN. M H all rlr**'!. C"Miia*i?a?f fvj lfiKoBrin. lv?a. and \liniie?"t*. B ROtKDIVfl, Ar. ft A R f> IN THE for\TRV.-\ I FW PERxOMSfAV he a. eomt .ortnied * illi h. ard f< r tl>e annitner *? a*on. in the tillnce ol ll in(in?ton. L. I. I< r t< r??. apply at 91 Maa ro? HOAWi Jl A>Trn. IN r.RfXihl VN BV A riaa #* a | ritkii faiiilr, or where there nr* Bol mora t .an tw. ?(h<r b?ard>r* T In n>-lfhh< rhood of 11 nry aire. I will preferrti. AddrtaaA , Ua rt. re l<XI TalUa atraat, BroaMja. BOAUft WASTV.n, WITH \ COHrORTAl,* f' ra \ lady, in a <i> i t family, r "I w l?dy ar Pay in adaam and no r..f' f n< Addrea I'.T. K. II. raid <IR( e, part paid. Boarb WAMTto-ar a \ oi* no vw. with a 1 1* aaant roem. A f rirate IMnily preferred or thtre art bal f. w baardira Ref> rraet ai*. n if nqnired. AddreaaJ R. ? H.raldrff,.* atatinn l< aU"" BOARB WAMTtB? FOR A I. \ PV ANB (.F.NTI.RMAJf. with bward fi-r alia lady on I a, In n ^iiiel faaaily whrre there art aa athnr board* ra?*nh a widow lady. pr.-terr*d. I.eeatira aiaat l> aVatt Canal alraet. and wtaljd llr*adaray, preferred. Addre?t T. M H . Broad* at P?*t <??*; Ho\rb. with n.ri?*\TRi?o?< MtvMinn vt ? be elinil ly le, oaltd dnrllin N?. 19 Weast. r atreit. K? f? r? n- ? t * fr ?t II* I RNISIIKB APARTKI.NTa WANTKB A I'ARI.OR and l^drr om. I r a ladr and irntliitiae mthaqni't fa mily. where there are no oihar t>< *rd?r*; Sard for Uir lad) only. The ?ta>?at iiiiiet yuarant.. d I r.enUoa we*t of Itroaif way. betwnrn franklin and Ainiiy atr??U. Addreaa R. B. T> . llers.1-1 e? -e. WANTED? MA HP in A PBIVATR VAMII.V. H)H A f-ti'Jtr an nnd hia w fe | nltbent children), where there ae? w*. l?oor*Ur* ? aioat. ae . ho ?.* r aa a 1 ?t ree t. nnd plea annlly V.a*d. Ktft, ect- f t i?l Ad<ktta A. K , tbi* AMUSKJfBSTS. DOWtRV TUiTII- BOIES, CENTS; PIT. MJ Mull -Dot r? i n ? at Kilt, nrtain n?? at half pui ?*?*? ?'?lo?k. ? T?i?rOi:> Kv.twn, March ?',th. will fee pro da??4, a frrand rominii'. ? i?.'anc lf?rttrl?. la thr.o la Utttl, I > A Ki , ?rthe()?iiciiii'it?( Khrtin, ? t bail)'* lit S.>?ulh. Mr Till**: < <>uat l?ul?>ia. Mr. KS. F.ddy; Na/iu?bilit Mr. II. Jordan. TalLvt. Mr. Suvi-nc Jg hanna H'if Mix <* Wctr ?'?: Italian, Mr? . Jcrduut J?au u.tte, Mta. Broadl.y. Tf.? |? ri- ririamw aill .oramvn-. with tlx ?oni?4^ of tftc YOt Sli M \Mt* ? Mr. Mild.w, Mr. Mania; Can. H?*ow?. Mr. Hamilton; ilua, Mrs M'alcut, Yoaag SuB^ Mi?. s- l>?mn. BIRTOVS THEATRE. I stkket, k>:\k *l IL? < ity Hall ? lio*m, l)r> aa Itrcle and Par<|u> t. .*? "lit.; family CirrJe. 2S .* f: I'rivaW U<.iri, tSaad $J, I>oor. open at 7; U) Ixirin at lialf-pa.t 7. Tii??lav avaalna, Mur.h 2ft will bv perfumed the coui.dy ?>t SI'KKU Till; I'lAil'UII? Sir Abfl Hauuv. Mr. Illaki ; Karui'-r A*hri< Id. Mr. Ilwrtun; Hub llantly. Mr I ???tfr; Sir I'Mlip ltlaudf"rd. Mr. Illatid: Mien Hland ford, Writ. RupmII; A?Lfi> lii. Hi?? llill; liiiinc A ?h fi. Id, Mr< Hugh.'. To ?nnt-lud? with th-farc, of MV KKIfcM) IN TUB M K A I'S? Kiclrri-. Mr. Jordan: O'HIarnry, Mr. I.ettr; (frumpy. Mr. Joiiii.lou; Caro I **'*' **** W*?top; Mra. ? 'n|<?ituin, Mr*. tlu?hv>. National theatre i hatha m stkeet.? boxes. 25 t.iita; Pit, IJ'4 >?ut?; I'rivate lloxr*. V'- ? Door, open j At a atiartt-r Urfor. 7; curtain rla?s at a quarter pa*t 7 o'clock. Tu??aay ewum, March 2b. mill h? i rr?< uti d the cran<i na tional drama ?ntitl?d I14KHY Hl'RNUAM. or the Venue I CVuH?i?ntal-G?n Wa?l>iii(it' n. Mr f. H\ Taylor; Harry 1 Buriihani. Mr. W atkin.; Ki Lai.c, Mr. Brandon: rapt. Ar n.ll, Mr. l.a favor; ban Morgan. Mr I. K.,?; I'rnuk Fau-fai, I Mr. S.ymour; Mary Mann.rx Mi? K. Metayer. Aft.r which. AI.LUn ME TO A HilLlHi I SK? tioliath Uitti, Mr. I.. I'm. To .on.ludc aith tht n?w i-ntrma^ama i-utitl.d IT lit ITS BAHNl'M, or the Yankee Showman. MSi'UANICft' HALL, No. 472 BROADWAY, ABOVE Grand street.? Op*. u every nitfht during the week until further notice. The original and well known Cll KISTV H Ml NSYREL8. comprising an cfLcieut and versatile " torui" of "talented" and "experienced performers," uud?r the management ?f E. P. Christy, whose concerts in this nty, for a succession of "rive yearn. ' have been received with favor by highly respectable and fashionable audience*. Tickets, J5 scut*. Doors open at half past six ; commence at a quarter to eigflit. By desire of the h*ad? vf several farnllif*. an After noon Concert Hill be |0v*n on Sniurday next, March 2>th, for the accommodation of l^ni* s and Juveniles, mmm?nciiK at 3 o'clock, ft*. M. On Saturday evening next, March 2^tb, annual benefit of W. A. I'??i t?r. TA BKRV A C LE? H KDNF.M >A V KVKNINC. M\RC!I Jfith, 1M51.' ?Bradbury hi Mash's hut juvenile musical entertainment tor iho season, cunsitting of a choice selection of miscellaneous iuuhc, at the lir?-adway Tabernacle, ou Wednesday even inp*. March likh, l.KTil . by a Choir of ItSMJ Y ouaic Sinrers, appropriately dressed. Tickets twenty-five cents cit< n. for sale at the principal M u?i<' and Book St^?rc?, and at, the Ticket Office on theeveuing ol the Concert. I'erformance to.eomm?nccat halt' pu-t seven. | EVEMNtiS HITII SHERIDAN*.? MR. GEORGE VA V denhofl's Second Evening with Sheridan . Hope Chnpef, j Wednesday evening. Mnreh ?2ti. A Critical Review of Slieri- j dan's Comedies, with the reading ??!" The School t'?.r Scandal. Third evening, Thursday. To eomincucc at 7,-a o'clock. Tickets, 50 cents. | FELLOWS' MINSTRELS. AT FELLOWS' OI'ERV i House, 444 Broadway, between Howard and (Irani streets. Open every nijrht during .the week. The celebrated original and well known Fellow*' Minstrels, M comprisinq; au e(h?-ient and versatile corps of talented and experienced per- j fonnera," under the direction of J. li Fellows, who* n I certs in this city tor the last year, have been received with the greatest favor by the elite and fashion of this $reat uic- | tropolis. Their concerts ton^ist of Burlesque Italian Opera Scenes, Witty Sayings, Solos, Duetts. Chorusses, Dancing, | and lustruineutal ft'erioruiances. On Wednesday and Satur- , dav afternoons, a grand Concert for the accommodation ??f ladies and families, oonitnen -inir at 3 o'clock 1*. M. Admis- i lion 25 cents. Doors open at 6} coimuence quarter before H. Tritler hall iih: new orlp.ans o??era Troupe, after on absence of 18 months, respectfully an- ! n ounce to the ladies and gentlemen of New York, that they hu\?- taken the :?.) ov e namod ha II for t no night only, Monday | evening, March Mist, lhf?l. The members comprise G. B. Swaine, J. If. Rainer, .1. II. Collins. J. Bunke. Master Ole Bull, R. Buckley, ami M. SuUner, (from the royal academy | ?.f Paris,) v>iii preside at the Piano. The company will appear in their respective departments; the whole forming one of the most rare and musical combinations ever before concentrated together. As musicians, vocal i?t*. and artiat*, they have been long and favorably known, having during the year of 1M0. performed npwards ol IA> nights at the Musical Vund Hall, besides filling engage ments in all the principal Western and Southern cii es. l>^. a open at 7. to ootnnsenca at quarter to 8. Tickets 2f? cents. On Tuesday and Wednes day, April 1st and 2d, they v* ill appear at the Brooklyn Iu- j ? tin te, Brookl) n 1 ?! y. a i:r\kii i (i \ i i: k r i< w n i - ri ?: i i? \itoi r ^ m amongst the musical eommuuity. to he given shortly by >iguora SPERANZA, who is considered by the be?t musical critics of the day, as equal to Jcistty Lind in several of her most popular songs, and in opera music, it i* questioned if , she can be ?uri.>a**ed in tlii^ country. She ha- sunic twice before the publi< at the Tal<? made, with unbounded ap plause; and those who have heard her, are most sanguine that I she] will carry every thing before her matchless art. AM18EMEXTS IS BROOKLYN. ; Brooklyn mi sf.c\i.? proprietor and mana per. Mr. K. M. K. rt. ? Prices reduced. ? I'arquctte, cents; Gallery, I.'. ei-jits. I ir>t night of the Mysteries aud Miseries of New York. Tuesday co-mng, March i\ willcom m* nee with the STIi \ Mi ER? ' ^trang^r. Mr .1 K Sc..rt; Mrs. lis ller. Mrs. Dyott. lo on lude with the M YsTCRI KS A N D MISERIES oV NEW YORK? Most, Mr. F. 3. Chanfrau; Uttk I I /??, Mile. Albertme. CLOTH 1 NO. C1 LOTH INC. BOISE.? BROOKS BROTHERS. NOS. lit; > and II* Cherry street. c?irn?r of Catherine street. New Y ork, desire to iatorm their fri? nds aud customers that they ha>c now for sale an extensive and varied stock of ready made Clothinr, unbracing every quality and description. Merchant Tailoring.? They would in\ite especial attention to their selection of goods for the sea-on, which have been carefully procured lor this department. Ladies or gentlemen desirops or convert - ing into ? ssh their stiperfluoua efffct ts, such ss cast-off Clothing, Costume*. Firearm*. Furniture, Watches, and Jewelry, will obtain from the nubscriber titty per cent more than heretofore received, by H ndins througii the pout or otherwise. ISAAC G. LYON', No. 2 Wsll street. IIOHSKS, ( MtHM(.KK, iW. not Mil! I1Y \ <.l NTIEMAM OOtNQTOCI ROPE. A a \ery beautiful pair ?? f Carriage Horses, one grey and the at her black, that am trot an e in mlnut They are warranted perfectly sound and kind. Inquire at the sta ble opposite the Italian Opera, in Astor place, from 10 A. M. to I P. M. Price $>**). aVo, a I'hsrton, and a Trotting Wa gon. made by Parker, which is quite new, aud several sets of single and double hsrne**. Alls B SOftRI L HOMK roR HAM MX YKAM old, warranted sound and kind in either harness; fast traveler; stylish driver; first-rate road or saddle hor?e. Can be seen by applying to Thomas Dawson, corner of State and Columbia streets, Brooklyn. NEW YORK IIORSC VUZ4AK. il CROSBY STREET: ? Auction sale of Horn ?, Carriages. Ilarn* bi. '., every M<*udsy and Wednesday, at lifo'eloek. Persons having i?r? E?rty to dis[?oi.e of will idrase call and have it registered he re 10 v'cloek. JOHN II. GAT FIELD. Proprietor. PlBLICATIOJtR. f|MIE NEB' I' \ I'I'R, t.l I \><>N '? I'lt'TOKIAL VRAM M. tag Ki'om timpani. in' mtrit# all we ril ??y In lit favor. It otaaiN at the hnil nf all oar weekly |i*|? r?. and in, without doubt, the wort m life ?? 1 1> ? ? ut l'ieU?ruil titr put. li-nrd tkli tiilti of tin Atlantic Tin rti rating ?f the t'ryatal worthy vf ? IruBn.. *>. IKLM.1I. 101 treit, i- tliei- W) ?hI. A REMARKABLY i.nuli lltMth -l> M'l'l I.TON \ i it . ..'a Brvadway. puMi-li thi# Hay N A Til A 1. 1 1 I tie ky |Ml?K*r:ii>n*rh. twu ptr'.o; IJiu?. pAper. t'xivs vl '.I* taah. f .n vulunir. 'folk. I ???*<* *1 1? jt Uk of ml iattml." "It aw*km? tli* raiitur<iiio adiuir* tiua of tlM read< r.'" ?? It i? marked by a Inn I thy n mint' at. and round morality." " l ull If pa * -.? l'< ? ut otiri .ax hi anty." "Tk? iljlt of v:itll|il|r?ctMi AtrtiiK' a ?.?cthio^ mtl'i 1 1" ?? <n (Ji'i iifart. ' "lt? ... mi mil " ?' vfti'f he treeptabW to ?U who a?l'fe fnitali pert, i-tn.n '" ?'A *plrit-?tirriiig mlauie, <'?pahl<* nt t'tiiuiitiicltiif attauliua |i lltt Hurt Mld t cirrln." '* 1 1 h a pulw ??wl," MRR. A. L. WRMTKH'S I Ii PROVED lim -i tt ii r anilth?Nrw England rrum r. I asp ril tutf lluno workt wilt l>? n l?* il??? in >i ? Vi ik. % IK* Hill* ILK. N ii. 7?i kni?n ?trii t. TRAVKLI.KIt*i' (illDE. New york and Philadelphia- new tork and Philadelphia direct? li.ite.l f t .? f ?? M.ul Throadi in Inure. *la New .l.r?ey Railr.J 1'are re dured to ?lf?r tlrat-clat*. aa<l %'i M fur ???? un.l < la?*. Uh e New York at H * M , from foot of Cnrtlandt iln ii; m l >1 9 A. M. and A I*. M , troni loot I'l Llln rtf itrrtt. I.aava Philadelphia at C aid V A. X. *ud I' M . hrn lh? foot ul B alaut Mrttt. JOHN ALLEN* AMERICA* INLAND PAMMI I iae. Lieroer.l by Kofrnni'al I r tUa Prot??ti n of Kim praat? aud nthero? l.?7 Cedar ?tpret Nrw York? fir ward paaa. ngero aail their I aggagv daily, at the I?.w> at mtea. to Bay part of the B eat or Aouthwr ?t. ru Mat. *. r lb* tana dao. 1 lie aubat riher would ttate that lit ki< Wti i nrnH la forwarding to the Beat nearly thirty year*, and i? -till bonurrd with th* ronlldi m-* of h??ini ?? ??* n. an I i.l?" of tin luort rmiavnt ait-ti. aud lii|[lii-*i l> oftft ul rhnril in I !H?ISb /<>ll\ Al.l.l N lir t'rMt ilmt. AMIRITAN HOTEL. I'wim. v ? Till - L'TAR li-hni. nt !? the lar???t | iihlia hoa*? un (I " I -itnmi". i? oitnntrd on high armiad. ta th. ui 'ol airy aud h. tltl.y por turn of town, and in th? ????atr<; 'I m ?? ll? kin I ami < arrfnl attntki. tn hop* tu oiirr.- the pat . ? f?[ the pat* ? lie. II. ull>?:oN I I. V. afc.i J. VI s i \ I-I.K"*. Prop rietor*. LimOR M. nUAN DIES' BRANniK'1 BR \ NPIE" THE OLD ett and beat Krandiee. winea. Ii.pi. r- kr.. imp rti-4 n prt-^olj fur thf oropri'tnr. tre to be foaad at tl.e now aad ratenoii* brniiw) atore. I ?? Mr"oaie itreet. i>n? U >(k tail of Hri adwar. I'artiealar attt ntli u i? paid t thel t'liai d' tartmeiit. Wtiieh eoiioi?t? of t he ekwiroat cr^dno at ladtlrtt. hi rrj ii. aad I'orta, aad are p. ? tiiiarly ail?pt?"t I r itt 'lifal purpi o. ?, titian *en?iae, aad a<i ?n rauti I t ? |ht proprietor. AVIIiR.i?L DALLIMURt. f At IIRYMA t'HIllSTf. **?r.rT HIM K -TEN BOXE? Li (onr dun n t>ott leo eai I ) nf t lii# del n ioul ?ln? . warrant' d piire, Jwat reiei?ed hy the t;rrtrttdi' ? orBt o? aamptoalu thi# tnarkit. Apply at .No. ?" I'iui ?trt>t. tip ttairo ? (?AL. 4LA Oft flR t?>n 1-1 a< ii OR< HARD Ni r m ;.i m0*w |iearh off hard efi or ?t n. ft 7 '? I iliigh agi i oal? wnw diaehantian freah fro'ui tli* mini it ri ??r'?n''l fri'tti ?ird. a ati-all intra tharre t;r"nro owpfln l. Appltr attlie TISDALI. t'oal Hepwt, 7 Hnlnkea etrttt. i-m. t iifCaual. two doort fr.iBt Waohinftnn. I N 1)1 \ RI HBKK UOOIM. METALLIC INDIA RI BBI.R t.tMiftw?B * RR ANTED ill >v??li Uiijt Rn'jk'r Matnifartnrln* riimftn* otnfe ?*aM??lan-. S wT . rk: I'ai tory. Newark. Newi Jeraey. TV> ? "?puny XM raattnfa tun ro and wholtaale deal, ra in all llie eart<<ita irtielea i"f made tindi r 0""dytar'? pan nt. lh? tn'ot liler.i) I'i u? t? piiri hater*. HIR**I HI t1 UI.NJO.N, I'nniltgk Haaa't Ar???w??. W fry ? V vTHA RI RBER W Ilir?.? Tlir. NEB \ R K INDIA I Rtthher Hanufarturina Comp mv Maiiiro I?n#. would eall attmtion to their Inwut Rtthl.. r B hip*, w. . t.avi n> ? an rotiitiliohed ri putatiiiw. TTiry art Mad# if all UnytM ami alio*, aad are iatlnlulv ta|K rWr I' tat ?thir>. and ar." t tilt at I* fur all eliitiatra aad not. I htral ?? rm> ta twuntrr ?trtkanlii. The N. wark India Rakher ManniafturiB* l eti pan t M Maidi a laar, Stw York II I H AM liTT" II IN c ON Pre?!dtAL B .tart ArBimta*. i-ct.r. I!?BTRfCT10\o II Til tiokin* t fane a tat erencea. l^RINiH Tt TOR MWT?I>-A TOfVti ( fM!J m Hi a ii ?i*binir Itiftl tlir I rw-U t^? ?? |*Kf * tutor. AdUrvM ii. V. A H,. ni Ui? oRte, uith rt nWRHCRI. V in. IN?I'R*N('E ? t'AI I f ORN I A Rl^kS TAKEN I J k. the Initrd ?to'? I lie Inonrane* pany, is tka City ?f >?w Vtrk. OB>-. Z1 ttraet. I'. 91JKLDON, frtaUMt. , AMinKMEam. BROADWAY Til K ^ 1 KK ? A Mft? <n SOLS '""i : U. H. Hi, rret i HMUn ? Dion '|*n at 7; cur tam M?? ui half- 1 a - 1 r? Inn ?SreJ* ami IVuiu:,ji?;?t>i r..?iU aa<i tl ir4 Ui'lii ??> *? ut? ; UaJI. rv. \ , Vri jate Ho?, ?ft and w -Toe-da, , Mar,-t tr' ? ill b ? i wat?4 Mr.. ? ?.?!??, ?trfmirod t Uv of tho MELI.K > .-(Til IT* .1 CM Bwivewt 1,. c Hardy, Mr. I>*mJ?o: *r 5?!*? i Mr Kr*4rnrkP. iMilik tlik tif Hi i II . " Mr n? HIiKa; I*tCiU? ll.ird/ ZiZiZl&HWmii'r* Knekot. Mr?. Akktt. To cmoliwU ?i I. tho fare, of I* I K Hit TluN? Sir U. fear* fWroa Wr. i *?tart. kau: UHhn, M.?. Jui.nBon nitt. ? U'(in, Mi l J, t*oug?nheiin. and Trained lliTH*. lately import* d from Kuotuui'i ? ir?i??o ??!> ni|>n|u? Champ KIvimh. Pari*. W> rv,. r with the eatir* Truuprof Mr. Hiifu. Hrlih, Irani hi. . aalabliah ?uent. Philadelphia. lloraea. Pome* Wi.r ir .l*. TraMiago. In-.. eonatituting. ?ilh the Doable Cuuipouy. the ), >Uai array of no??lti?a e?er aaaomhled in thi. or my ulIm r ae in ?rv. It'll*. Caroline I-oyo will an?r in two original v<t? of K.|u??triaai?ui, ? it h her trained filoeda. Ju|hiv.- and Frl | ffttr. Orand Som.raet F.aer?i?fa by the vui. ii liap.iai Uia. let. Mr. Loiaaat. Eijua.trian Director. will up|n?r with *i? ' tuririring horae. Atar tinll. flic nd> r. M'llo I ouiae, ? ill |*rf<>rm aa act of lloroemnnofeip. With rrpr<? utitwut ly t he whole Troupe <f Equeotriann, ronai.<tin{ of siitf ixr | ton*. Tleketa, 3(1 ??nt?. t onmonee nt 7S|. J^KOfCHAM'S kVCBm, BROADH'AV, NgtR BROOMS atreet.? Dr.aa ( irdc and Parquet jO rt# ; Kant ly ' irolr, 2Sct?.; Ori'bratra Stall Seata, (1; Prirata Hoiaa. D??r* axa at 7 ; to bogin at balf-paat7 o'alocfc. ? Tuoaday ?.?tri-aia/, arch 'Jfi, the performance will counneaov with the r.naorijr .1 A LESSON FOR LOVEHS? Mr OdUingt?. Mr l.ynn : Jae* Sprigga, Mr. Brougba?; Miaa Hro?u. Mr?. Vernon; Canny Ifar.Ynian, Miaa Mary Taylor. After wliirh. th? farce of tho IKIS1I TlOtM? Sir Charlte l-a?cnd. r. Mr Palmrr Paddy Kyau. Mr. Hrouaham; Naary. Mr* Krou^raam To c?ncl>id? with the fare* ?f the ETfi.V BOV ? < oloutl Cnrry, Mr. l'htlllpe; t'aoay, Miaa kat? Mora. Barm m s ami rh an MrsirvM ? r T. ijakmim, l'nipriet?r and Maniipcr; Joka Grvoawood. Jr.. Aaoiataat Muuaicr. Afterauon performance at 3 i la tic avcuiuK, a* 7 o < lork. Aduittanrt to Lbe Muaewin. and caah K*looa pm forinance, 2ft eeatr: cbildrtn aadnr IB ye*n" I2\?e*te; far autt and circle, I J,', centa extra. Csiaberrupto'l aiio??M of tn? great moral <lraa>aof Madelaiae, or the Kuundha* of Part*, beyond all queatioa tbe rreaUnt ?aid m'ft Mrikin* pKtur* of Uic druukara'a life r^cr presented to the public. Ba^a^ta uicnt of Jim Crow Riee. the r*?at oricinal nogro aatraea yan/iat. Moa4ay aad Tacaduy, Murch ^*Ui aa l ilitb. will ta l-erformcd, in tbe elccaat aaloon of the Mn?> ..:n in tho afWr 2.f,1?fA.U,e1 ?*'??<?'?*'> Itcoe ot TIIK VIRGINIA Ml MM^ , la which Mr. T. 1). Rice afpoar* In lii-i popular aad celebrated part of Oincer Blue. After which, the eon o farce of Mr. and Mrs. I'. WHITE. la the aveaiag, will ke re CiateJ. in cffectiee Kele. the or* mural drama of M A DR AIN K. OK THE FOCNULINO OK i ARI-S? H-rtrand. Mr. C. H'. Clarke: Bemy, Mr. llenkina: Mud lain*. Mia* Chap Baa; Adelaide, Mm. Yeomana; the rert of the eharaetcra by the remainder of the taleuted eompsuiy. Benefit ?f Mi?a Cha|>uian will tuke place on H'odnevduy evcainK. when ? Dioat attractive hill wall be proaentod. The ianuoterahl* curioritiea of thit Muaetim. the va*t Cbiaeae C*ll?ttwa, tli? tlcicant apecimena in Natural Hmtorv. tic miditieoof Art and Scleuce, the Picture Gallery, tbe Carriwu ?f the Q>ieeu, Ice., are to be seen at all hcur*, between % A. M.. and IB I'. M., every day, esecpt Sunday. SHRANK LIN M L'SEl'M, 175 CHATHAM bijl/'ARE. ? <!EO. I.ea Sole Prcprietor. ? Admi**ion ? Scats ia I'rivaK Moxoa, AO cento; Stage Soata, 37J* cento; Boxes. J3 ceuti. I'a r quct, l^,1- centn.? Elegant Saloon performance* every Vfti r uoon nnd Kvening. RntertainmenM commence in the aftcr iiuun nt 3 o'clock, and iu the cwuiug ut bait' paat 7. 1'bo entertuinmcnt* arc varird and aelect. and auch a* raa he iooa at no other place of amtmmeiit in New York, eonaiatinn of'a Female Ethiopian Op< ru Troupe, numlwring ftfteea pcrl'oruier*, being the larfcat and at to- rfwa tmc the mort talented Lund iu the I'mt^d States; a tmiapt of Model Ar tist* who are aelected fur their beauty and thnirv, aad who personate a number of beautiful tableaux, taken truin tho picture* of ancient and modern time*, a company of Arab Girl*, who go tbr<iugh a variety of fcato of *trungth an4 dexterity; Mudame Rosaline, the only Female Juggler in tho world; u company of Mule and IV male Artijta. who will givo an exhibition of MarMe S-tatu-ury uncquiUliil in tbe world, together with a variety of interesting performance* overf afternoon and evening. For particular* sec bill* of each day CURCl'S? NEW Y O RiTaM I'll IT HKATR E . 37 BOWERY* > ? Jatnea M. June ii Co., Proprietor*. ? Door* open at a quarter before 7; performance to commence at hair past 7. Private lloxea, iO ecats; Hi res. SBeeato; Pit 12K eenta; Chil dren under!) year* half price. ? Mr. Knnnala E<)uestriaa Di ? rector; John Ooaain, Clown; C'apt. De Camp, Ring Master.? I.ast week but two. Tuesday evening. March 41. M'lle l.onia* Tourniaire will appear iu ber.dashiuK and thrilling manega ii rforninucc, entitled the Steeple Cnnoe. Miss Mar/ Ana Wells, Mr. Huntinls. Mr. I.ipman, Mr. Liin>ag, Mr black wood, Mr. llati hellor. Mast- r Armstrong, Lc., in >lar'?lin* acts. To conclude with a Laughable Afterpiece. S\ TTI.ER'S OOBIMHlAMAg. COB NEB OF UROADW * Y and Thirteenth street. ? The first aecti n, containing a collection of twenty-six \iew* of Europ*. Asia Minor. Syna, the Holy Laud, Es> nt. Nubia, and Arabia, will hocxhf'iitea until the eighth of March; after that date, all thoac will *0 replaced by new view*, unutually intcreotinj;. AM18KMICNTS IX PHlLADKI.rilfA. BARMM'S Ml - U II I'Hl I A DELPHI A. -P T BAR num. Proprietor; 11. Santord. A*si*taut Manager. Las* two night* el Mr. Hoo th. Hi will n|<|Mttr ou Monday m4 Turi>da> t'M imiK* in two ot hi* ruf?H r? ntphutentcd |>?TfM>n.\ tionn. KoKngemcnt of the irrcat v?rnatile ui tor. Mr. O. Dib din 1'itt, who nill |>re?ent u ??vri? ? ot fuv?>ritu and a|>tondi4 ( liaracUrti during h1n limited *tay ; ^omm^neiiiK on We4 n?fday. " llamlci." ".tmlv t?4 Lyons," "Moucv," and ?? HicheUen," will b# enaetea t-hi* w<ok. In'thc afurnoona the " flunter of th# Al^v%'VlatoDi?* .\tUichtMat*," "PaiB% llttrt." " The Married Kaa<L" and "(ioatltmiui ?a Ditfteul tiff," will he priven. AIpo, Mi-?* l^eflie's tcraceful BaUida, and MifM VI armr'i favorite I>anc<*n. There attraotiona, en riched l?y thove of a million of " MRhtj* and waidun" In the t>aloon?. ure coaftdently ?iihinitted. Admittance, Jb eontn; < hi litre n under 10 yearn, 12? ? ceota. MISIOL ~ ~ MISf* Eo BAItTHAM. TEAf'lf KH Or TIIK Plt.VO forte, reapeet fully announces to the puhh<- -h?t sho prices thorough instruction in piano playing, aft ?*? tho ap proved and easy method of Alav* H? har\idt. Kt.<idci>e*\ No. \Ve?t Jfeveutvt nth itreet, near Smth aven ie. HOTELS* JAl KM?N's I'ATKXT AN MM I A 1 ??K. OH llOTK ? Tflenri|?h.? An elegant and umful uiac!tine. a subetitoto tor l>ell? a? formerly in use. Tlaa^nv* nti? i has, invariably, reteived the ttr?t |?r? miuin whenever pre ?? itid for enmprti two, having received the gold tuedal at th> American tnsti tute, a silver medal at the Boston l air, an . dt|?l< ui?a wher medals have been |*reviou?ly aanrdedit K ?r it.1 superior l?erf??rmaiiee, we l*?* to refer to nearly ail the leading Urtt eUss hotels in tho l nit? d State*. W v pr? ?? ut the tollowiaa t**i<t imonials of person* who have had preat experience in boll I angiufft the use of and the putting up of .Viuttaeiatora. N?w Vork. Mirelt 9, IMftl. T>??ftr Sirs:? In inswer to your* of the l*: ih?t . askta* my opinion as to the merits ot Jaek?on's Ann- aeiator, or Bell 'f elejcraph, I beg 1 ? state that I have tit ted them up in many ftr?t class hotels in various part* of the i'uion, and sively iu this eity? that they have given al . the n.iti-la Hon that poNftlldji eould be exported ? that I kn ? of no ma^hino that work* ko eorreetly in all it" parts, with mt much simplicity. Its rl* srnnt app??arai><*e. u< well at Its pr? n* ra I utility, warrants me in recommending it Vt hotel pfnnnrtorl and others, as the most porfeet Annuneiat >r, or Boil Tele graph now iu u*e. KesiMrctfully, yours* THOMAS CIIAI UFRS, It. U Hanger. :* Meroef street. Center? For the la-t three year*. I haw used Jackson # I'atent Annunein tor for hotels, in this ei? * and stato, a > *o in Vermont, and it h*o proved itself p* rfeet'ly sat^'at-tory d the ua ners. as aell a? myself. I amde<id( f?v ?#f opinion that it |?osaesses superh-ritv of meehanieal const ruction, effl sud durability iu itself, over all other \ nn .jnei.?t*?r? that 1 have ever seen. SKTIl H'. 11 I.I Lit. it II ll.inffer. Bosto*. Mareh S |K"*|. 17 |>* voaahire itr*? t. tients ?Wr have | Ut yonr Jackson's Pat ut \nnun.iat<>r in se v< ral large hot > \* and steamships, a hi re they give per il ? t satisfa< ti?>n. As an invention, f? r 'om' iuatioa. me I. an ? i?m. duralility. fre? dotn of actien, and less liability to rangement, unh? itau^l, giT^ it as ctir <ipini??n that .? If superior to Inv trung in use tor like purp< - ? Be<;HKt;oH k IIAVMAN Hell lUnfM, V?w York . Man ht*. ISM. 17i*< hrystte strstl. Dear Sirs:? Having put up two of your Aunsn tator# m this ? it jr. jou desire to know my opinion of them. Icon* ?id< r a more perfe* t maehinc eannot be made. Its Appear anee is ueat and ornamental, aud if put j\< by a romp-. Veal i>s rson, t auuot ret i ?t of order IlKNKY HOi HsTKAs.-KR. Bell llumr r. rm.ann rHi a, Wnreh 7 ls" I 4t?s-juth Eighth si. The puhlie are respectfully oautti tied against makior* ^ ? ndiug. lor using an infring'-un n* ot this pai nt. Mauut^' tur?d oniv bv Jnrkson'i Annunehitor Mu?iufacturin* Cow | any, 1.15?/ * ^ illiain street, New Vork. Th. patents tor Kng ? lanJ, Franee, and the t. anaUas, f r ?'ale. KXPItKKM AUKYCIKN, JU. POSTAGE TO MX riASCim o THELVE 10 A half MflNll hi all t 10 r?-*ul?r -t< am ?ra, la UtuM of th mail, b? tho CrallH and Cali fornia Eiproao Company. Puluf I.", nlU T ha ooit fr< I?l>? and parkafo of thi? ooiapaa/, will hoH'-a. I'd 1 1 hi d per alt am. r 1'ronn tlnuf, 27th, iui I'hrruhaa, Ml. troiaht taken at loo < at rati.. A D Mil l.!"* ft CO . IM iUhniI. SI'RCIAt. nritM MOTH E? I'ftKES KKUC'. KD? Urtfof) a t >IU< ral> l'a?Kat:<' F.i|VM< par itriiMn I'ro III! Ihni- :iu I ( hrrokro ?Tth ami ??' b mot , at 3 n'rlotk I*. M M i Iui (cava to rail tho attoaUoa of tbr '|wKli< to cfca fnrllitii a ?ffrrr4 th, m fnr tho tran'tnioaioa M |>arh.mon, por orla. aad l' i?. r< t? California, through oar "iprooo Iib?. W? hate t* ? n>ana?-ora. (|>cetally cniagou fur tho ah.>o ?t- ia oro, oho oill alio "?r bwainoao tho otrii to?t nttonMoa. C?-a allli the trano| 'rtoti i roiupaay ?a tka lltlani oo aro pr?-porid to oontrai t for *Ha dolioorjr of onod* at ?>aa Croat too* within tht ahortoot |?.?-?iilo | ? ri->d. ran ola Ml i<?4 uiitil tho atoroinit of ?t. ?mi r'? 4a y of loar iaf. and Wtrf< aatll .'V, P. M I'lrtaci (whioh antl a all ho undo |h rfnt ly ?at?r iroof) I" l"fl al lh? nfllri- tho day pr.ii?>u? Ktt'iitna k?iiw rhargoa. Tb??f mib k If ?t < li("fk, Maaator* aa<l Ar??n. IW IVarl nrvrt, roraor of M all, R<-f. r by p?tBii"?ioa to M ~r? J"hao< a k. I.owdoa. lift Wall at not; ?"p"fior4. Tilooton k Co., "??nth itmt : Nnaltli fc Co., >10 1'iao itml aad Lc*i Arr?r It Co.. 73 Dry otrrot. _______ K~~ laCMoi r. t?e sola ft co., commiskion urn rhanto. ?aa I raariaro, f allfc rma K f-raaooo? Hoaora. I.roarr k Co., ?t. Tk mu W I . Mollor Sand * H .?ra. Mr* 1 i rk. I M Bruni It Soao. Raltnaorr- o >.|cr ft Co., D?a tea. I rttlihn/ fe t. roar Urn. Ut4N| John A. Praoao ft ?>.. Hromra ; f vrruoa ft Co., broaoa . John Haooo ft Co., Phil aftlfUa. (*a I, I ro? n i \ -nrkfttRD ft co ?.? i.ettkk and l'n ? 1> az< I>ptM.-Oml rtfwUtt ia prieoa. ? Frtuh* to Sa? Fraari-ro, ?."? ccata pi r lb. : Mttoro. Xtooata. Ilr. RorfoN, onr of tho proartotom. |oat4?? on tlir l-thm >?, ?ii4 arronipantrn all ?nr ?hipmint? from Cl.a?rM t<) I'aa.ot.'. Neil ?hipmi tit o >1! k hi tb? I'roarthoii' n tho mil mat., and oil) l?a*r 1'nnama or atramrr N ? ? Or! ?a? oa th? 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