Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 26, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 26, 1851 Page 1
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_THE NEW YORK HERALD"1 t T 4 j# # # i , r * .f?| * | 9 "* . ' i , f ' ' * '"** * " " * ' in, f --ff IJ* ,{. I , ~ ? . ' ' _ ^ v ' ??> ,, t *,:f .. r 't '?S, ;5'*' WHOLE NO. 6729. MORNING EDITION WEDNESDAY, MARCH 26, 1851. PRICE TWO CENTS' NE WS BY TELEGRAPH, I Hk Dinner to Mr. Web?t#r? Frwlut, &c. Baltimobe. March i">. 1861. A letter from Annapolis announces the y rival of the Hon. I>? uii-l Webster anil lady, last nl?ht. The dinner will aat take plac ? till ? P.M. to-night ; consequently ye riMnot look for a report of the proceedings to reach us l.efcre early to-morrow morning When the cars left Annapolis. at 4 30 thin evening, gr.-at preparatiipnj weir talking for the dinner. A destructive freshet Is reported to hiv? occurred in the Roanoke and Cape Fear river*. doing much damage. Castoa li> Mid to have been submerged. The corner stone of a new Methodist Church in West Ji iltiniore, was luid yesterday. Ihimhfcni the robber of Adams Co 's F.xpress. h u U'l'H convicted No in. ul has been received to-ulgotJ^ouUi of Peters Vurg Another Awful Skamboat Catastrophe? Fifteen Llvcit I>oat, Ac. I'i i rsnuH'iji, March 25. 1831. Tbe Menmlioat* Lowell and Vinton came in collision ?to-ibiy. on the Ohio river, below Wheeling. by which the former wax sunk. and fifteen lives were lost ? among tliem a lady, three children, and the chief engineer. The 1 '>wt 11 was bound froui Pittsburgh for tho Wabash rlrjr, v ;.Ui a full cargo. KMUaftd. the preacher, who was mobbed at Cinclnnat lately, waa imprisoned here yesterday t" >r vi olating the ordinance by obstructing thu street*. Also, Sh.irpc. his coadjutor. Mr K.irker, our ex-Mayor. has been released from jail. on a premise to desist from 1 > in proceedings. Th* canal and river receipts of m irchandis* continue Yi'.giv mid especially bacon, tobacco and flour. The ?>?.im#otii-i-s are iuad< >|tiate f ir the bushves. There is sir f'-et <if water in the river, and receding slowly. Our mar kets arc unchanged. j Virginia and South Carolina, dir. Halumoiik. March 25. 1851. A committee of the Virginia Legislature, to wb >ui th? irouth Carolina resolution* were referred, have reported a piTMibte und series of resolutions of tb? most patriotic ?cbai acter. Tliey declare that whilst Virginia deeply cynrpathtsea with South Carolina, she cannot join in any action calculated to impair the Integrity of the Union, and. that Virginia declines to send delegates to the pro pond iioutlicru Congress. They also appeal to South Carolina to desist from any meditated accession? that Virginia believe* the constitution sufficient for the reme dy of alt grteVMMV'*, and invokes all who live under it to adhere m<?e strictly to it. and to prose rvn inviolate its Mteyuartu. whilrt tliey express the belief that th? com- 1 proin lay measure*. il inirly i xecutej. will res tori- to the i < 'Hint i y tlmt harmony mid coufhlenee which at late hn been s'i unhappily il>turbi'd. The resolution* ' are to be w ilt to lit* Governors of all the State* exempt Vermont. Arrangements sr>' making in llichiujuJ to give a pub lic dimii r to Father Klteliij. Extrnaht Forgery at Naahvllle. Nuhviim, March 25. 1851. Mr We; ley Wheeler, broker, pal 1 out to-day $4 020 on a Rename draft, with a forged endorsement. Thi'd'aft drawn bj W T 1'art or &. Co ., of N'.-w Orl"ans. on J. ; LMsgbeei Co.. Xrw York, payable to J J. Hodge fc <.o. Nashville. The latter containing 'the drift, was taken nut of the post office by one J J llod^e, forni.-rly ?*f Shieling. but receutiy resident at this place as n Mat k'tnith lie forged the eudor-eui nt, obtained thj 1 WW) . Mil cleared tot parts unknown Washington I teats. W&amsuTMv, March 23. 1851. i four clerks, vi*.:? M. -<rs. Al?ert, Mcllenry. Dallas, an 1 gouge. were removed, ye terday, by the Secretary of the ' Trvasnr* . who has resutlk t! his duties. A DPI two |S'||||) paper, called the Amrrt at T trgraph. ! Its appearance, last evening, in a highly creditable \ form. | l.nki Kile and St. l.nnmirr Navigation* 1 H- italo. March ??>. HOI. , Then- i> Mill al*iit half a inile of floating ioo at the ?iilraneerf the hurlior. Tim steamer* Knjiirr. Ocean ? nil laOii hi "hu ll hart- been trying all d.?y to >r >r'i their m.i> bill, ami (hi- J. U Mort'iu. Clint in. Ailnny. ? ml ill tto. to work iu. have finally aucceodi'd iu g -ttin^ tin i'*J. Oi.rn ??n*(3n. Marrli 2i 1U1 I Nutrition i? now open ou th# ht. Uttfuw rirer. Tin- li aV tuddenly disappeared from our harbor ye?ter ! ?lay. n il i'ii- rirtr i* now ull cli-ar Th ? fir t re??H. the Oneida ( lin t I'uplaiu i'varri*, bouui ? ,>. leat.v. tlii.< ?Arrwdn. At qnlttnl on n Chnr^r of OTltrtlr r? Miihthi vl, Marrli Vft ? I1) A. M Jean Mart'n. whore trial the murder of his wife, hat ocrupk >1 the Court of ijic-eu'a Uea.U th > U? f mr tfnyv w;i* u? quitted JaUrJajf Flrr In UarliHt Qiwwi.Marrhn.lUt. I Wi; ??n> building". fomenting of a block of si* or *-r,-n dwelling* near 81 Ttnam1 rhnrrli, la tlw -ubtu '?? of QucUc win- U.-ntroyed hjr fire night Improvrmrnttat Dunkirk, I>. m?. N Y . Marrh IV lV.t The ln -ir niijinwrh to e<>Hi;ii"U >n of the S >w York and ! >li-ie llailmwd I - giving an accelerated in itement to ba-d- ( ? ?> here Tlio cuiipany hare rnwunm ited th.-lr Itranhral n-nr^iwi.t* In ewnn?etl in with nre tinw making Improvement* hi the htrhir Tw -nty | h-i- turn I'oht rur! >-d f >r, to bo iiiim.-dialely ?curled. and the talat of property l? ntplily ad? a mi tig Ufallia In PhlHi?lel|iMn. 1'HiLADtiniu, Marrh 2'. IVil, .In . Iltint*ide dleil at irt* o'eloek tllla eveuiug. at tlie rtwidrtirr of lii? aon-ln-lnw in 'iiTinantown l"-<rs>' 1 Jerri*. apnl '>7 y.**r*. di-d t!ii? afternoon j Hi- lirn been B?->riatil wi'li till llieal re? .?f tliin eity fur thirty >i;ir- put mid at the time of hi* dmise ?>* ! prompter tit llir An h i ireot Theatre Son I Ik in Strainer* at Jlew Orlenn*, 4r> N? >? fluuKi, Mtreh ti IVil. AWOUK the pa\?'ng?r |?r lieorjta arrived h-re to day were Senator. Clrwin nn I !? i?tu The Mram-hip Plillf-'-Jph!*. from Ctwgrw. U eoml i? ] lip JiviM. d hating l<r< kea a whort. Meti nrnloclral 4?h?er*atlnn*, Mnrtli 'II. in m?ir?i:*s tjMC? firi. s !?? w a i.i. ^raitKr. Hi if ?i? 8 I'. M ? W- hat-' bid a liejntiful d?y. thi< j rvenlng !?' '? cl.-ar and | lr.i??n*; wln l 11-irthw.Mt; th -r- I uionn ter+4 Inrnmet-'r Oft'; m.-rtury in b-?r<?in.-ter (14 i )!m in mi i e ti P M ? It h-w h-en a iM-autifnl <iaf I though r??hi-r cowl; w'.nd n -rtheaet, tbi-rm >ini-ler 4i luring I In- dij . Ai m r*. S l\ M. ? A f rn- day. and el.-ar plen*ant ere nine aiadleirtliwr-4; . In-nn tnetrr 34. i?? e?< i ?i *1' M ? I!. vba-vn a i l->ar and pleaunt diy. v., ml i liihy finn iv-rll thermoaieii-r Igl * I*. SI.? ? '|rar and piea'ant evening: h? t?i n a Hne Oiiv; light wind fr>>w n>rthw- <t; therm an. ti r 'i*; l?n meter .4" I ihi ?? A M. ? A 'e-i. . tlftil elrar morning hnt rather fhllly; wind fr>-,-h ft' la i '*iliwe*t; Iherin-aneter .'ti ha- | > n liarowetrr M. W T M ? \ file dm : not a rli-ml li*? lie?-n wen; a elear, lieniltlful ??rening; wind nnehtntr'd: therwwrtef I!',. bur >un ti r ?& tail: mereury In buMnrtrr At Ain?*i ti AM .? l 'i r. ro.|, and ple<i?^ut morning; wln-l Bortlnw't; l?r- i. ? trr ;>? iR?."i. m--Tiiry in le?n>m -ter ii7 : thejnn im-U-r ?> I'. ,M ? llat Iwvu a iteligbtfiil lay. nhd n"l a elmid ti I e ?-en; pl"a?iin eTi-nln.'. win-l n<>rtheti>t. iheimijMt* r 4J, merniry In barometer TJ; I. an -meter ?> .A"i HAM ? V' ry beautiful morning, el-ar an I lili-ai-ant; wind fri-h f m >-mheait; therm >m-ter M * f M ? IbniM/ul ? ti ii'i'g; hanbiea a very flue ?liiy. wind north. tli?nnoiue'rr M. i|i irn .11 A M ? TI - momrter 15: livrnnet.T 20 50; '?antifW. tlctr nioroli *; wind north; hard froit hit night Mnarvrtt OA M ant Ifnl morning ami rery el .<ar: hard l>(iat ihtrli'i the iinht; winU aonth; thi riii-iin -li-r Jo Urtwriit will. Kiti.arnt (i A M ? J?i I ghlfnl morning, eluar an-l eool; tllrllU'W t? r it Tirmin !i A. ? T- ry fine morning; thermometer "** Kiiiivn?v9A M ? Clegr and piem>.intj wind north; theinii aw-ler M Wmiimir. ? A M ?Weather rlear ; wind north; thrum tw-lur + nv r?v* I.HK- orpit k WAt.b ariiK?r. Fori /*aeira. " I* M ? |tarnn?-tev 'A Ki; Iheintoweter. attar hi 4. 4A; di1aebi-l 40; | li ari>e?a of ?Hy, 10, wind we?t eaniiw.->tj rl<iid<; lee g- lug rapidly out of th" | harbor bv Pill' 3 I* M ? ?'le>?T; Wind We?t : thennim tftM Market*. >iw Hail , a., Marrh 22 ? r M t'otl -n reinalna tteaUy at the adtwnr* rep<irted nine p- n of the 4 -ia'? new. rl-vilng at lla a 11', 4 Hi i<? fl hi 1- M-lllii't at }la^4 1ii In larl. th<> trarnie. ti-.ti haje i- iai -'?? hernU. at T',e a V an I .tin*) k-iri at ?' ,r Me?? p?vk ka at >13 W !?nvill <m\n of Hl> rtf fee at in;,#. Movements or the Legislature?' TMt to the Five Point*? Visit to BrookJjrn and Vicini ty ? Departure fWr Albany. Yesterday wm the third sad last day'* rUit M th > Nee York Leftist ure to the lions around this metropolis, life should first mention thst on Monday evening i num ber of the member*, after their return from visiting the Islands in the Kast Kiver, abandoned themselves to plea sure Some went to tbe ?'ive Points. where they were as- 1 corted by one of our Judges, and danced with the n?gro I girls. and gambled st - sweat cloth" till they lout m ? 1 of their spare dJlnr* Others resorted to houses of a j more fashionable and oi?gant description, where they got j rid of su equal amoent of cash. A third section enjoyei | themselves st s liuge oyster supper, with trimming*. j Yesterday, those who did not care to participate in tlw j Brooklyn visit, spent their tlflM ia visiting tlio Lesser , curiosities of the Kmpire City, tho shipping sn.l tho ship- | yards, and ail our public buildings Mr. James Dewey, s member from this qlty, escorted S J number of iiis associate member* along the Ka <t rir ?r to ' view tbe shipping, and among other ships they visited , the olip{>er ship Witchcraft, lying at pier Id, bound f >r California Tiiey wore received on board by Mr. Wil liams. the owner, in the kin lest manm ?r The vessel Is a beautiful model, and the ut -mbers expressed theialrtves astonished at the improvunt >nti in modern shipbuilding. At ten o'clock, th mo Members who dmrai so asrept the invitation of the Brooklyn corporation, proceeded from the City Mail of New York to the City Hall of the City of Churches, accompanied by a few members of the New York Common Council, aud a deputation from tho Common Council of Brooklyn. Th ' crowd of outsider.* was by no means so great as on tho former days. an I of the members of the Legislature t!i?re w -re but two thirds present lite day WW beautifully fl'43 for tho ex cursion. and alt seemed to enjoy themselves in a quiet way, though the occasion wan u >t characterised liy the same amount of enthusiasm and hilarity tliat marked the New Vork entertainments. On the arrival of the party at tht Brooklyn City Hall, the Muyor deli r en d Jt he following address ? Gentlemen of the Legislature ? In the nam s of its pub lic authorities and of the citizens. I bid y >u cordial and hearty welcome to Brooklyn It atltr ii u< pleasure to cultivate the most friendly relations with our fell tw citi zens residing in other sections of th* Stat ?. and to mini fest our good will to them by acts of <? >urtesy and re- j spect towards tlieir representative'. You represent s vast territory, aud a vast constltu ?ney We have came for mutual pride and congratulations that we are ritl sens of a Mate great in historical renown, an 1 not 1ms grcnt In the existing evident- m ?>f h?r ptwer. her prow perity. snd her patriotism. Distinguished above h >r I sister States for population, resources. and wealth, wo ; look to you. who bear the weighty resp >n*ibitttios of h t legislation, to see to it thnt all A Is equally dlstln^ otshed ' ! for the wisdom, the justice, and tiio patriotism of ltsr councils sud her policy. Putting asid ? all lo. il jea lousies and local pref-rences. w > b"liev ? tint tha wh ?le. State. from tbe seaward to the w.ll experience the equal favor of a wise and paternal government. You have seen, during jour visit to our great commercial neighbor, what the energy sn.l enterprise of free;n -n have accompli . lied under the fostering care of good go vernment. Your brief visit to our y oungrr, ?nl. we | think, fairer city, may eonviuce you that so slso are doing something for the prosjierity and h >:i >r <>f t li ? Km pire Mate Our population is already three tlia?s whtt I that of tbe city of New York was wli -n til ? federal c >9- ' Mitution was adopted, and we rb 'Hsh the h >pj that a net distant day will rank this a< th ? secind city in th? I'ttiea. in popubitiou auil prosperity Such >t llr > >Myn Is, snd such as she hopen to b *ii ? gr<*"t? y ju. g-'iilij nien of the Legislature, a:i9 t'.ie frieuds srlii accoaiokuy y *1 as licr mo?t r -<pecte I andjwelcom ? gueet i Lieutenant tiovcrnor Cfnn- n r?H|ion I ? t Us said ? Mr. Mayor sn.l Weiithutcn of t!i> C >nrn >:i Council of i Brooklyn ? We Itnd adjourned the Legislature over t > this morning, in order to visit I lie city of NewYorkani i its i list it ut ion * On hat unlay and ycsteriiy *? enjoy- 1 ' that pleasure We have prolong* si our stay fjr an Alter I day on purpose to accept j wr Invitation; an i as aoti cts | Speak louder than w mis. this will -!i >w y >u in what wiy I we appreciate j mr invitation. W ? are here In fort, out 1 ef i.idcr. and we surrender ourselves Ints your hauls. ! assured that we shall derive the highest se -tiout'r >iu our visit ( Applause.) # tlmnger's Rand, which accompiii-*! th' ptrty during llie day. then struck up Yankee 1? > ill i The |?j1y then took their its i>t the omnibuses and , carriages provided liy lite Corporation TUB .'.AW \ari?. Here they were received by (' mi n > I ire S.ilt.'f. will ?bowed tht'in through the Lvc?ii:n and th ? "III T build ing* of the Varii. and Invited lli m on !>?? iri th ? j?j?1 -*n I. 1 1 eighty gun ah Ip vt wur th? M?rlli (!tr<iliii.t, C iiii::ti.iJ - i ' by Captain WiKon. aud now uwl ,1? i r s oiviiu alltp for , (he Navy. They were greeted by th" bull ! m liich in daily on Itoard of tbit ahip. with ill ? ;iir of II lil ' Columbia." and Captain Wilvm >rd -red a *.?lut" of rtfl ? -n ? guns Tlie member* from the rjral JiatreM. win llik-l j never wen a ship of war In ttielr Uvea in I a mi ' of wh nn bad never well a ah i |I of any kind before. were utterly 1 amau-d at the maguilud* of the l -viatliia war ahip and 1 her array of guna. He-odea the North Carolina, there were lying In the dock, the Bran lyw.n -. th:' Cin-titu t ton. aud the Muecdotiiatl (th ? pr::i ? of t!i ? C'ntltuti in tuk< n in the laat war with rlagUiid.ati I employed durinj i the famine to carrr br-ad t > b"r al.trvin{ ?ubjecla). Tha ! Beit object of cunodfy In th* Navy Yird.that a'.tmrte I attention, waa the ma jniSeent gnnit ? dry d >. k, which c<vt $1.70000(1 ? the water pumped Hit in ordir to llnivh the Pan Jacinto. the iiMi r >liip t < tb<> SiriiiM. Shi U 1 now getting her engine on bur l, and U a? apleu-lid a ' model na ever parted the water* of the great d ? *p Thia I dock i* emptied liy mean.' of tw i pim.M. w: m?''i! by a Fplcndid ateam engine, of h >r?e piw.-r, eac% pu up discharging the water alternately, ?i the plat in of th ? ermine rW? and hll< It contain- cubic f s?t. anl ?aa recently emptb-J in two hotira and twenty m:nate<. Benkle a Commodore Salter. C >11111 id ire Ntmt, an l Mr It Petit, the I'uraer of the North C*r.?lin* an I 1 Lieutenant ISlaaaon. politely ulrionl th ? parly every ob- I j?Ct < f curiuaity in the yard or the ahipt. THK A I UA> TIC l? ?Cg V At half |?aat twelve 11 rlork the ntinb -r? of the i#?gi dn tun- reached the Atlantic Dorka which tli. -y greitiy ?d mind aa wotk* both u?cfiil and or;i .imen. il an 1 highly rtvdilable to the eiiy of llrietU} 11 llere th -y were treat ed t<> brei ntii of .-gar*. aixl hvving tak *n their aeat.a in the v< hicleK provided f ir them, they atart -d f * qukkwvooo crwrettv. They drove all round the ground'. .11I thrvijh the winding walk*, and cxpro?acd t !i ? nt 1 t unb inn le I a I- ' miration at their beaut ?. undulating aurfai- < eultiv.i'io-i | and great i'? tent, covering a< tliey do '?'?) aoiei Tli.-y | al o eapTemed their admlrat'on at III ? ne it n ? < ? a n I 01 I -r ! with Mliieh the irroiindt are k"pt a< cell they m'tht there lieing from l.'iO to JX) men dally empeiv -d >n theai And M for the moiiuiueuto. they we.-e in raptur.'< Willi tin 111. |?iiienlarty that to ^li<? Cauda a Kr-m li lily, who ?a > killed I,} falling from a earruge ia thia city It ia raid to have root |>lti iaM Tilt: UtttVC TCI ritATRI Ml. The party pa-?-d out the > nuli entraik " of III ? Cera?- 1 tery, and pr oceeded t i Kl?tlei-)|, where tlley viaited the Aiwa ll<iuae A trry Wegnnt lune'i we h "*e pMvW'l, ' and. alter partaking of the h<M|iitality. an I r <a*J ito< a 1 afcoft time tiny proeeeiled by th- Ja.nilri r>nd In ! fnrdiker'a. immediately hev.?nd tlie l'ypre? IliU C.-ui ?- I tery. and atcmt ei^ht indei fr >m the rlty . Tttr tu>>rn at ?<>:: liKi'.tV About f,.tir n'rloek the party nt <1 iwi to ? rery gi->l dinner, arrved up in SnaHker'a lirgei inn l?it. tint >c tiiniitily. the anne tiling la'curr"-! a 1 on IMiekw<<4l'a | I the day la-fore ? 1 the nnmb-rof m nith? eteee.1 >,| J tlie nuutlier of Krata. and am' of the rnetH ' ?T I of the ; Lrgirlalnrr. ami of the !'? minon Council, of b >th citl *?. J and aim aaie nf the (vportere. were c >uip"li I to atan I I Among thoi" who were on de<l frtoi dlnier w.ii.lulj' j (Jrvenwootl Tin re Were aome bnndred p-r?ona in the ' orc?|>allon of ?'?t< who had no right wb itever t ? It* | th?re Ample ju?l|re h.tvlng I teen il vne to tho viandt ! ami aoine eaeellent champagne. Tke Mavog. who pn,<(d"'l. MM1 to pripoie ? ? Tlie health <4 the tinvecm>r of th* Stat- " Tlie tnael ??< drank with rnlhu?ia?tlc appl in?e |.ieut?nant tlifrc-nor Cm a< 11 having been called on from all part* of the romn *?id ? I will n ?t undertake to re?pniid in la-half of the ilnvemor. to the t'?a?t that ht? , jud t>e< n given If It l? nece??ary fir any to ii|ieak f.?r | him tlmt duly wonld rather devolve 'tn my frten I on my left (lloratio Seym ntri. for he c-une much nearer b<>iiig tiovernor than ever I did (Laughter ) I hive not time tn make a apee? h; lint I would lay whlNt on inv l<gf tlial the wealth of tlie city of Itrooklvn i< not ap pria-iitti-d aa it ou^ht. le-iug over?liadowed by tile Kia| ir" City thatlie? be -idc it Hut yon ran via with th? alrlt r Hi all that pertatna to wealth. Inte!!i^r nice ami re f pertal.lllty (Ch< i-ra ) We ahmild a<--? lale m >re to- | gi-tber. aud 1 omiiiiine inon- together If we did an, there | wiaild la- h-*p danger nf iiijuatice and m" a of Inrin tny i and iiiiWoi wnnhl prevail I ahall only ad. I that the city of l.r-?iklyn. though not W|ii*l in pfiihttm and ar-a to 1 the rlty of New Voik. tan rival it in lio*pit<alily (Ap- ^ plaoae ) Sir Heaatin ^rvvioi a bi-lng nevt railed on a lid ?Tlie mo't profound impreaelon made on my inlnd and on toe mil il- 1 f tin M' who are a?affl iated with me In thi? viait to | >iw York and l!r<aiklyn. i? the large and lib -Ml nature of your charitable institution' (I li?-ra.) Wlnt h*< | m<?t toiieb .l my own heart ia ymr Mndneaa in my?elf M v trti nd hi re. ha* railed on me to reapotnl tothe imat: ard he ha* a right In do mi liecauae I w ia n-ar iteeoming a (lovt-rnor I do re-pond, rhcerfnlly; and I ran *;iy of liilii what dcllcarv would not permit him t > aav of lion relf I believe that a man o| Itm-r abllitiea never grar.-d the 1 lialr of thia Kmpire State I ai.i prmi I to rank hiia 11 in* oig my friend' I never had oecaalun to find fault with him carept when he wa? a little eovranlly In nwinliig away from me laat fall (daughter ami che?-r? ) ' I IhiW to the dielaion by whirh he waa placed ill the j floVrrncr'* rhalr tlentb-mea. your charitable ifiatitu tlon? iiavc to?i( lied the ha-arta of all The miirnitlide of , Ni w York haa given o? new hi. i? of tlie great- j liraa of our Slate, and i f the 1 tilted Statea. of which j It i* the great nn tfopolii If e have heard aentlinenta of 1 the in bleat kind from many llpa fnttn 1 Mind girl to the renator that grace a the lialla nf Congrea* who ex- I ri tM'd tile devotion to the I'nlon of thia country We nae lea n iha-ply Itnpre aed with what we have aeen, ?ii ,1 It cotiM ihA la- othcrwtae for thla la the centre of ? i-mnv rre and mercantile euterprlae I ape?k r4 your elty In cimncxlon with New York, for leith are one It ia no wonder, then. Ih?t our ha-al an l a?-rti.? pr>j? dh-1 a > h' "Id itb?ipa?cd be^vrt- tbla f*gantlc i^inyii latb>n of Iki# United ita^eai (lrfmd rtvewa ) Mr liini i U Mgrrnt v? u- At ??d Miit: ? Though I hare represented you on former occa sions. thin in the first time I bar* been honored with a seat in the Legislature, and aj your reprea?ntativa, I feel hound to protect vonr iotMMtl. and to speak the truth The fact in that Brooklyn ia a little coquettish. anil feels Miiwwliit jMluun. tier .-inter at the othw ?iig uf tlir riveirlias I M-cu exercising her blandishments upou thu Legislature. ami exhibiting Itefore t hrm lier charms mi l her jewels. to win tlieiu to beraelf. We. too. fuel tliat though wo are young, we hare claim*. We. too, p-juci wealth, anil with It brautjr and youth All wn can my is, that ?ii welcome you lu-artily. (Cheer*. ) Lieut. Governor and gentlemen of the legislature. though you li tre canal* anil railroads, we consider them our*, aud though we have a noble hay teeming with commerce. w>< deem it your*. (Applause). A noble feeling lias die U tod the pulses of legislation in thi* State, and tho couuty of King's which I have the honor to ftpWHttt, gave itn vote f* the KHe Canal and other work* of public utility, con structed not for a sertiou. but for tlte nation at largo. I shall conclude by giving you this toast: ? ?? May the Leglslat lire ->f this State be hereafter guided by the same wisdom that let!) hitherto marked it* couu Cll*." The tosst wa.- warmly received The Mwoa then gave the following sentiment : ? uThe Legislature of the State of New York " Mr. Liar*, of Lyon.-dale. after b-ing called upon by the Lieutenant Governor, respond ?d as Pillow* : ? Mr. Mayor and gentlemen of the Comnanu Council of the city of llnokly n ? The distinguished h mur of th ink ing you. In behalf of the Legislature of this State, has fallen upon me. and I assure you my ward* feebly ex p?v?* the warm wnliainU of eC*r member of that bodv, for your cordial welcome, and your unbounded hospital! ties. The moment our feet touched the anil of Ukii luppy island. and our eves gated upon yo?r couwtlaa* spire*, they taught us that, amid all your glori'Ht* snocease* In life, you were not forgetful of that l*n?videnoa from which flow* ull temporal ax well ax spirit u it blessing* We have found a City of Churehea ? (?ppl iu?e) ? e mi po-cd in architecture of every age. emblematic of tli - universality of our system of religious toleration; and w ? have found public telioolhouses rival ?u oootm idiou ? Bess any in tliu Mate. Christianity and cducaHouaxe the surest guardians of our freedom; and for these you have made ino.-t liberal expenditures, worthy of all imitation. With pleasure we visited your Navy Yard. wh?re the black mouthed peace-makers of the nation reposed iu quiet, and gnartl upon those brave old hulks ? the Consti tution and the llrundywine ? that have won us the b-st kind of respect for our rights abroad. The gallant Com modore did us the honor of his undivided attention. Tiler* was one spot that kindled the sleeping (Ires of pa triotism in our hearts; it was the Tomb of the Martyr*. There they sleep the last long .deep, th I'victiuis of that policy ? that Knglish policy ? that with words ofui-rcy on its lips, lisised the soalping knife and thf> tomahawk upon our liordei-s ? that pretended to protect literature, when it bunied our library at Washlngt on ? gra ipf for universal power us a mediator, but. like the vampyre. absorbs each nation that come* within tl?i< pjr.i-.iic sphere of iu iuliueiice. Tlnre i* iww'nt to thate memory ? no marble to teach coming generation* of their Virtuous lives, their heroic deaths, from the ioathsouis pri; un ships, where many died of hunger, m my of dls. eu sc. many of < l ueltie... they cast their corse* to the meny of (be wave*, which, kinder to them th in their Anglo-Saxon brethern, washed them to shore, wli >re their bones bleached upon the sand ; from tlienee were collected. I'rei ious relics. Worthy of th > altsr of liberty, let us preserve them by a cenotaph worthy cf their hallowed memories; let tha State en shrine by a proper monument, the fame Of your ni irtyrs. (Kutbusiastic applause ) It was the custom of th ' K-?y p Man* and the early Greek* to sent a skeleton at th-ir feasts, fearing that even in tlieir liappie.t in mi tuts th -y wight foruet that death was ever nigh , and in that classic spirit we have visited Greenwood. If there is one place nearer heaven than another. H is that sacr-1 to tile iiffi ctiona. And iovcly and Waul it'ul liar ? you m id* yi ui silent City ot the Demi. The pilgrim of puwion lin ger* there to mu.-t* over brightness f nvv-r d."pirti?>|? ?li ? votary of fume is taught of Its mutability ? the inttln-r have, the Imprint of love above the little ui mud that li" Ids her trca-uro j and thoiv. too. the leave* are green the loi gest in the autumn, ami the flowers bud the e?r lie-t in tiie spring ; sculptured form- ri*? like glion- of thedc.-d. watching above their resting places ; arid if there is aught that can fall like balm up t:i the spirit, iu ils tlnal pn parat Ion. it in the cruuiUinx to du^t ill a sp it like this, where the winds blow the softe-t in suurn -r, and the sunshine falls the brightest in winter. Your charitieato the poor we have also witn ? ? ??d; w h ive lain the wltneaees of their comfort able coivllti m and your noble bencvclence (Applause.) When w.t near.-J till- I place, your obelisk to Wnndhu'l met our view, wh > her gii y un il!u-trlous example of his leal f tt his cou itry? and here be dbsl of his wound' These are touching re. in in: retire* of the |Mi?t ; but as I gaaed from yon " Hr sik ly ii lleigbt?." ? here the sails of every nation glimmer in the Mind. I thought, too, ol liale who gave up bis life near that spot with a rliivaliic bearing that wruiu penitence from the hearts of his executioners Andre lit - a tn mo ment in Wet m luster Abl?7. amid England's hannred dead ? let not our glorious patriots be forgotten ? thero in u-oleiinis should ls> other than our mem >rie* : (Ap plause. long and coutinued An the time for departure had beou liscd- Mr. Lyon ctosed with the following *?? it i t inn nt : ? -The t itiaeiH) of BrouM}* ? ^':,y their patriot ism >n the futi re tqtuil thatT<f the part " The toant w?s received with enthusiastic ap|iUus? Lieutenant Governor I'lil am then xtut"d that he h -I I in his hand an invitation from the diriH-tors of t!i ? Caih > lie Orphan Society, iwoaating tli*m to vlidt th-* Instil n t i< n In-fore they I ft New York in order th rt the H'tle orphan- to whom they afforded f >od and raiment. niU'* th?i:lv them f->r the bounty so generously b --tow -i T he hotir f.r departure Im-Ih^ then come, the nemb-ri of the Lcgilatiiii' retired. *l?d the remnul-r of th" i-om- ? pan^ prolonged lltair stay. e#p*ciaUy thiae vhv had uit , W-en able uj> to that time, t-> g--t an) thln^ to eit. Tin- ftate ottWr?? Senator* an-l ls-{i -lators ? reach"! the Allsiny Is :A. tlte llendrik Hudson. ab>ut half-jia-t mx o click and took their depicture fir th'criitol of | the Mate, to resume their legislative dntlea. Th -y liifi : had a gi>ol spree, and a eonsi lcrsbl.- numb -r h>v,- seen the ? I. > -haul It is to be hoped t the visit w:li re-i''t in a more enlighlened system <4 legislation for th<* instl- 1 tutious of th.s cit} and Its vicinity Plot < u. ml- of Dlallugul?hr4 Prnplr> Hon Rlrhnrii Ihjinl, I'.t Chtrfr di> Alfjira noir th? ptrmariit nf hl< prrarntrd hU liHtffn t > t!i> Mini Urof f'otfifl Affair* Tlir Urn < 1- In.l'-yn !?' >f March 2. my < of Mr ('InMua lataCkarfr* Jo All?irtn*?r that p?rr: ntncnt . tliat M? rt-caH ?i> Pffrft.'l with r* jrrrt. having won for liiin?. if the c-tM'in of all who ? c mi happy a? to fo! in hlr arqiiaintanr*. Majrr jl. H 1 1 <>??!???? apr-cial ij nl of th.' U H Put Offer Ih'pamiirnt, tun at I'Mimi, NO. on th* I ?t tu?tnnt. lion. U''oigp Carroll fl??or?li; C >1 0 VmtijS in : J II ?!??.?. m. Btiff.ili; l)r J. II. Ilnlt.ind; C (I iff M i?? , .1 Munnhonw Ca! ; l)r .1 M-Nulty. Nirnriijiu, \V 'I ill man imdjl ?l l!< ) nolil* K I . were .nil ing thr arrlraN y r? tirdar nt th.1 I'linton I Intel. Wa'll.T A. Hrlil*r. Hn-ton. \r II llibliHoa !*?w Virt ftlon* CkariUt. I'lrla; Mr. tllfford I'-irto Rico; I? Mint H' lm . v W a?Uliij(t<Mi; wifr among the arrival* /.??t.*r4ijr at l In- In ion plarr Hotel J?r Kaw-.n KnAXVftV. J M Jrii*" JtliD Kl??i W ashii<t;ton; Major h O W ???? I ' army, lion X OtM'iitlrr. IW roit : K C Ilm IT .r I Mllwni'.l ?: | t' II RaSMMHI Ih -Imo II I, Tlinvn>. IVMton ? If I'ol.k HulTaio, John I' Howard Ni-w Vork; wim* am i'u the arrival* at the Irving llouiw ye?trrday K M-elling Mo?t??: A It Dir^.-r-on, II irnky; J 0 Kr*n?r?tif. W a?hlfi|;lrti i JmI(? IU-,-< h. Aibanr ; Julj' l*i ? ?-. ? n Allaij; Juilp llililtin. Allniit; II It ?'??rt~ m. Norfolk, ft A l-anrivfl. Boatoti; J. Hoy ?l igluui, war# (Ur annul yratrrday at Hi.- Aatof. W lliekapn. Arkatn-aa; J V. Amir' ?. Iiartliiartan; T Huiw Morton; I. C?'ll*rt. I.a ; D RnU. r. Val'iui ?rr; IS A l.< it. II. ( Inn .ml. It I'ralt ISo-'on, Willi iia- >n. l?oii-i?ua; arrh..l yiMrrJay at thr Am-rtea (?illn'rt I- Tuibol E Hour. A ILmi rifl. It id >n; II O la*. t' J Nrwroinb. Wom-.trr ; J i?prr lltfiliaf I' lirnli j rhiladrlphla ; II N Tlt?i?. Canada. wrre aiaittj tlic arrival at I lie Howard Hotel Thr llurinoii Hollrnail Paawnfm anil Ihr ft ?n m lion t < i?lm>i1?l.i. TO HIE Kill Hilt Of 'I'll i: M VV MIRK IIKRAUM Pir: ? Thr nn'y fnrt? nttriwline thi- Hatnr lay pf.-n nj Ir'p of Ihe ?t"niali'?t IMumbla arc ?irnoljr th- ? ? I'liti iho .'irrlTal of Ihr Columbia at P'iw^hk'Vi?i" il? ml eh Tr?i O'rl'x k. on hrr way t? lliaiwa. a nu nt?">r of p?r a'W Wrrr fin ml ii|*m lh? dork *hbi' of wh >in in-|Uii*>*<l of uir whrtlM-r *r wc-rr Rohm li? APm:i>' Th'? ri ;>!/ ??< rl< r?r. diwtim t ami p>?lti?e, '? No; only a< fir a? ! Ilxdaon ?' Mr. i^iani^on thr mndurtor of thr lludon Itifrr KailP'id liorlly ;? fl i?i?riU mar nn Irorl nil- I whrthrr IIm VI wm? a l?*t brhind iia; ar n-frflrl ~\? tbr l'?.'ir Nrwlini 1 >lr Mni|Mon Hvmjihl iliff -r'ntly. ulalir^ that but <mr Ih*( I. ft NrW ^ ork in I -It ? wn jn t ia?llK We rwlW. thai *?> a ml?lnkr; two I ft Mvw l i lk trr Alliany. aril Ihr l?aar Xrwlim wai krliliil Til" romlurli.r tlirii fl -in- -I. <1 u- to take Ihr pi??r:wfr- an I > If ^oarlblr. put I hew on Inaird nf llir .Sr-*t ?i ? . ? . '\ wr rntifM-nttd. la-illf iMfOWltn aff >id atrry fi-llllr'll o 'if j |m ?rr to iIh' |??i iifi n Mr Mn|wm tWmp >n r*U ? I lulled out " I'atai'iiirrra for Allainy rmm- on tuarl"' N? pa-non othrr than h* madr any rail Th ? C ?Inm'ila Kail I'd antnr mill** up tha rl^rr. for I1m> Nrwt>m t > up. PTI' ll? Hrwl III' imalioM by l AJm* tkr bi-tt. ?'i I ill rbaiKi it thr pa.<M ii|(im who wi-lml l? lot' ? ' ikin^ Ihr rum i f Ir/ndy-llr rrnta. and ?'? m -rr. fi .in nll#h i I. m| no railroad lii krta. and taktmi noihlnf fro nlh - ? bating railrtwd tk'krtn rxrrpl In twr>|n<t1n<r> wi irlh tirkrl. ?ri? I tkrn. prb.r to thr irr iitifin it ?!thth* ??< I'diii tor , ? ho. it w? tin u tkouglit ha.l dir?-t I IN tirhrtu to lir lakm It in nt 1 1 rly f ilw that thrrr dollar* fari' w^? in . ? I nr tal i n fr> in .my |Mi??rn|ti r It i? r.|.ia|iy t ? 1 - ? ? tliat ai\? t|u< nlr to di-la:n In ?? t a<hot? l?.|> ?' I I ' tin bank, wrrr madr on b mrtl ? f llir -I unH ut r ilmn Iia CIJAHLKi* K KIVI Taptain of thr itinailnMl Columbia.

N?w York Marrh 95. 1*51 llrookljii C'lt j lnlrlll|Hif?. I>ian Kaiton in nu H?aa?rii A mill mm I f> ?? I war i n Mimilay broii|(bt lip In emiipany with *it iHinn. haiiiifi l.rrn found at hla fcim* in fourth pi i -?? Imr-H ai d liollh({ on Sunday tnorniiiK Tin- d I ndntit ii > I P ra la i ii flnrd for tlii- aboTi< i If-nri' and wm n iw da i-karpid with a arrrrw rr prima ml Cm iurr ?o*iw?t Prm ml JmMM -Tli ? M ifor haarowmmrrd a misadr acalnat tkr ahirr rla??ai of p-T aw. wlm lr?4>' in thle <4tr wllhnat ? Itrmw and ai.twr hla InalnirlWtia Ihr pftlirr Iwi fr br.-n ?rry artlTa PI'l1* lam of thr oflrmlrra ban' lirrn arr?it?d. a q| fln 'J in vartoua a?< unia. Coii v fiiI ion ot Colored Mm. Lut evening the convention of < men ai-t in the b?Miurnl of Ihr #hiloh I'rmbytFrMul'hiln h. li Priiuw ' at reel. The meeting ??* well nt tended After the prayer. the minute* of the laMttog were read, and with (owe little illtinlluai were ad'iptoi. itevcral new meratwr* were enrolled. Mr. Hamilton nwe to atate that be had mi the in vention o*f Mr Manned, lit WiHIaBulNirgh. at work, it dis covery when-hy tMwh. cart*. machinery^ *te . an- |w? |>elled by nt?i<*pbrrie air Inxtead of ntaam. IV>.mwrli?t he had neen. he wan fully convinced that thia invention will *U|K-rwde ail tlwee whieh are propelled by steam, lie stated tl?:it lhi< ww gentleman <<f science hi< mule neveral other ianportunt di*fovrrica~??ua|t?t whirl) uujr be reckoned the invention of a new wMte-wa?h bnidi made without a nail. Mring. or iron, ami whieh can be fined in any poaition (Milch laughter.) If we had the mean* to purchase ?neh an invention. we eoiilj rile aliont the country without carnage* or horse*. ( Re newed laughter ) A Von i ? It sbouhl be aent to the World's Fair. (Great laughter.) 1 he uutinislied business of last Mating being now in 1 order. jj . Mr. DowMiuroM and .aid, that aa % a* the .-nUb Ud.iug of a ( mbool* i* ooe?*>d. he consider* I In* project as nuneceawy. *? they a.ttaooU enough already . . lt R B. .Wato*. although In ????1 W favor of the re port. waa or-poaed ?? th' wUMlaNbrnt * W*h l^?h'>,,l,, We kare plenty of achooto. Thar* are n*k*4 thai, tlfly two common school* for tW education of colored children in tliia Slate He then went o? atatlng that Uw colored were a* capable of teaching .hild??n ?* the white arc tlu'T arc only laboring umler aAaadvauUge. not Mm abb- ti. enjoy the privily totter Tlierv U no iK-eetwltY for passinjf the veaol.ttlon. ante** they an il. - t. nnhiea carry it .*.t 1 t- wanted .h, more churchy ,i.. wore f-cboolii ; they have too many alwady. am 1 if ihi* had not been the rune. they, the colored people, would .it thi* day ataud higher in the estimation of the American '"/mother. whoo*e name has escaped n?. *al?l that the colored dhlldrc. cannot Ik- suffleiently instructed w.i h-mt m>uie additional imimifeiWHt. *ud 11 J w ' iieewsarv I" ?>?*<' ? "eparate Kcho.J. opportunity of enjoying the prirtlege* of their white in- tin 1*11 Thi'f liuvi' nut ihi-I improved, j>? - riu^ of certain ,?J ...???* a. id opinion,. There an- free K-hool? throughout the country .'but there are. a^.^ueh invert and despotism Instead of striking out part nf the ri-nort which relate* to the eatabllahuu-nt of a ;ri c lilt oral school* for the education of colot^l chOdren he would wore that a committee be appointed to iuvistl sZ tl Subject. at, I tint, if they Hhoiiid Jlnd 11 exp.-di fnt and advantageous they be empowered to cause such an InstiUition to 1. em-ted. We nm-t contend We do not enjoy our lull r ght* We tli'Hlhl imitate the great llarry flay, who Mild that no thing can be done until the settlement of the alavery .modioli Hut he should have said, unt.i they fatten th. chain 1 |>on the whole colored race of thU country, they Ci,M '!!!r.l.e Pre.ident.-Tf the cdored pe .pie are In* don't are what benem would their i lilldren eittlim in the ?h'H^ ? f t h, i dron In MaoarhuiM'tt*. lb* culi>WKl child n 11 ii?*? ihi. right fr-ui time Immemorial, hut lie yet that Mas*a. hu el I, has better men titan auy ntl.< r . t.ite^ little privileges cannot be the m .In o|?J? t^ H r to girc a ucw lUilK-tni to the education of tli i >lor.-d >ir' l)n?MM. - -The altnple qtmdion b. fore the conT.-n tlou.'i, whether it i> expedient to lay out I lie iinuien-e ?viii < I money ii<re-??ry f -r the establishment of in favor of the alrtklng out. be. laii-.- ih 'V nre admitted Into the free M-liool*? a privl le?e which fhoiild not |M- nculected Their pro|H-rty s t ,.,1 f,.r the HI'. port of till ae m hooU and. a- nucli. I In y re" entitled to ??? receive I into the school* of llje w.nte. ili.t: Ha. tueiit ly the) do not enjoy thU 1 til lii v th? rcl* F'1 C*t U til 11**^ W * th I'l l ma'.e 111- in aJmlt our childri ii into their w'h'Vl"t ,V ? d en r O lie ??}? and m.-an?sh^ld hoi I meet ir^i w-cmblle. and collect Muds for the support 1 ' V r' "ai'l ihal ail their trouble aros.- from the Pp' ju'iice* ,.f the white people, which cau only be dispelled ' ^ '"Tnow moved*' hat the whole matter be laid , np-m the t a' le for ten minute*. In order to give the commit toa-s an oppartunltf of reading their report*. Vr '< lb* Pral Uu r?' P rl i,u *0(i?l relati -it. which w.u accept <-d. V SOTIAl. BKf.ATKW*. Hie ?*?>< iation >.1.1.11 !"? Known by the name of Th "SSS'illoS. ?mtm. Ot ??? acribora. and associate instituti-e. Tlie directors for the ftrot year ahali lie At the end of the tlrst year, the suWnb rs an 1 in rs shall elect director* for the ensuing year . a i ? ?? iukc ul'it*** in lik*' inaMtHT mi'iuiUv. .rf't'he slon. ;\UndXT'b M cli ct a l>?* -side n t a 1 id rice pre-siOent frau their own num ^Int^tow are tho?- who r 'T '?'.wn U n dollar, or ... ?re atinetime ?.ao the fund.otth 1 nM.tute ; -eh lur^ ?"??" r rv un't ;i the Mm oft. n dollar. l* ,. in -hull entitle ??i.?M fibi-r to a rot. at . !? ?u Y> hen the m n. of eight d. ll-"* f in Ihe .l-netopi -hall .i"-n a general gr ?-ery st >r. . n? a r?,,,r"l Lr.ti,u ,n the city ot New Wrk iu the nam* of "I'.l'h tuWriber and inrest.-r ah.ll purehaae. f .r cad.. M < li articles aa thev may need ?t ?ld grocery *i iheeudof the first v.*ar fr->m its c-Muinen. < m n . a? | , rcrv six mouth- thcV-aftcr. the bo.'K' "^ * '?' l.av i f hi- n balance.!, slid the an.o.iiit <d?t least eluht ,"u.' * d I "sr> worth of m.-r. hantable al;a-k la-bu ? ? ,, i? the stonv tb-1'rotUs .lMU 1:;:!! u.Ta'd'm ^'i t .... ?. ??;> '? VJVoV.'n?-;rvv"nn"M;;o rr .... lll!"djte of their Jepodt. on all ?um< ouhse|.i -ltly paid In f.r f h>* pi' .r>* The remaining surplu. tund. alull le f^^l l-V a-WriUa tl.etUy aud aettk-d on tarma in rraukllo. >.??> t " "SSSS- 'fSlSftS psl l in then the direetor. Knt lW f like con mh?na(*?aee In the city >T ?r ' ..." ^.l! ; K.^,r^?hel^ that J, rMrr cr r,d i ni.'t ilrsk v n or \VIIUamal?ir<h r ?" f h?r V-M di hun ind M! .jr. In. , t- ? fhuds. ... ??. On and after the arteonlh day -4 rii1 r?: ???'. igloos f .r b^.NJ n-nta. an ',l [)ull ?,,r llvoa aav unt t ? Bre thnu??< ' ???*. eha^-e in than <me of th?- p? ' w.enit?g ?'!??? irr rhc^c^'.JS.Ui h^'a.'dbyelawa I""5'"1 "? Vv' &7>?U w Yolk, to 1*. c* ndiu-ted bj ? Ud/ ~ . . j ? , I* the IMnetxr.. and aal I at-wa "hall be <"*.lu kj, ssjks sw?s4r,a: i lay or nianip.i'odn i. of m -re one ku?J^ ' sh -il 1?- vn affirmalite rote of ten llre* t -r ' |? ,l,e at. re and lu all pi .cea ?< b.M 4?..? >4 M ' W tote .hail le kept \ pi. d.?" to fr-m , Ming, wl?;, h all auWnb 'H an 1 pur. baa. ra ??. nfTectlo.ial. ly requested to a'.gn. , Mr II W .loiiMitoa ?!*?> r.^.1 a prl,?r1 af jira 'O did Mr. Huinam. whic.i waa ?* ^ t J\.?t *" The >*p"Clal ( o (la n-ffW " *"* ! hare cata fully .'lamlned the ,,1 tary nlTair>, and although we do m jt %4 w,,.. ,o i.ur Interest . y. t we "J.', "Penman l? in m iv,y (.f ..ur attention It la an art that e . aT) | attention. In >U clrillicd c mntries. than ? y f , ma, 1>. divided *t? .he following ^ ?o 'n, Ct.lry. and artillery TW. ' r" in dial' 'y eminreted. that .>?? ? P.,.n. ,?nied on wl?h.H.tgr^t danger .nle- ti,c^ ^ ^ )? | t*i?? d ? f ? inirtlun Of .fn \ this rep .u can le-o rganlt M jL. ai. a v?A eiti a.- WC sltMld I* Ci ady to Ulw-'aarg- ?n ot .Mir ...? we ruwnend thU aulue.t t" w, oMf jU.. p. op .. It I. not i>? ce.vary f'r tt. t ' ea t ^ ^ , , In Una reoort aa we h >pe t.iat ,,?t . with the cmitrf, and that ?>r activW wi. ^ the citln n. at lane not t ry interwat Mr 1 Ibc rt iv?rt n i iM ar.d taoved <he wh d- waller ^ laol 'B ^ ph,rtly (fb r the co..? otion a-^ 'ura. J. rrrtfoc at ibe v?tal h'W City Iiitrlllgrurr. Ai.moit * IIo 41 o> tiii: nwnilU mi alarming rxi iteni. nl took place at the Custom Ifoiise public store. corner of Kxchang* place and N**w utrii't. in cnnacottenre of a large box. Ukrii from on hoard the inrket ?nip Ori'nn tluecn. believed to contain the deal body, or bodic*. of ?om*> human being What flri-t giv? rife to the suspicion van the horrible ettluvia issuing from til** lull. and a watery substance running t hrotigh .1 rrai k in the Iwix on the Hihit ? surh nit npjit^riiiff* and smell an wunld issue from the tWonpmiitioii of the ln? raaii IhkIt. The ciciteiuent worn incrca-e | to horror, uiul the bad. stifling odor almost suffocated all wh i ?;i proarlnd the suspicions box: yet. nil tlti* tiine no one j would venture to open tile ten At last. tile following in fe waii di'iipatrhfil to tlie Coroner, forthwith : ? Sith Hrm, Es>|., ? Mr ? llutli lXaxwell, E? |.. CoUactor. wi?li ?? y on to call rurner of Kiclianxe place mi l New strvet. intra* lirttely. to exnminr mi Nil* caaes ??il fpmi us b*?r I alup, aup;s?ia< to l>? I <h*nd liudh-a. Kc?p*etfiilly yonra, &.*.. K. CORNELL, IK'puty Stf>r* k ? *:??r. The abnTe explicit note. dirc-ted to our worthy Com- ' m*r. did not reach l>r (Jeer, bnt caiue to the liaud* ufliM shrewd deputy. Mr. Anderw Weakley. The nteitscngcr win- nut (if lirvHtll. anil looked pale Mr IMeakley opensd the Irtter. and 011 rending the content*, smiled and - il l -llow do we know there an* *1 'a*l bojle* in th? box"s ' It would hare beMi morn r?wktrnt if the how hvt been opened, and I hen. IflnKiie, wvru foun t, our duly wuuld have been to h:ivc gone into an Investigation. It certainly is not nur duty to break open the cases in rrarrli of dead butlic*. Suppose luilsalie* are fonn 1 ? | what is to lie done then ? However, (.aid Mr. Wea'ilay.) , (jo with me." And the parties were taken intoth* Ciljr lliaptx tor's Ofllce. and the letter. .n*l t imj forth the sus picious circumstances. wan read to Mr Charles Kiddie the Deputy City Inspector. who voluntecn-d to Investi gate the awful mystery. Accordingly, assist el by Dr. 1 ftj U s. tliey txjlll started foi'Jt lie trtiui* ol bud ?uiells aul contusion. On arriving at the store. Mr Rtddtctook a long view of the suspicions box. and f und it t > bear the following inscription: ? 0. Oorlutm. New Haven. Conn , per Ocean Queen. London" Tools were ;>r i cured. and the rover ot the box soou f irrisi off When, lo ! to their surprise, instead of iindiu ? the decomposed form of some human Imdy. sevr-il bottles of hydra sulohur ?>f aniiuonia were discovered, one of which ha I bnken hi' c id e nl ally by moving, which caused the whol" alarm. a* tin- effluvia arising from the sulphur is of the :u i-t of fensive nature, resembling (be ileeoinposit ion of the hu man holy The great mystery now liehig aolve-i, each one isga n to look at the other, iuii walked o!Y with a miile. n? mv.i h as to -ay. we hav" In* -n ill d'l.i * 1 W .? doubt very much it tlie Coroner will h ud an i i ju *st on the botlli ?. ?ft !. '1 T"r ***th AV?rn? On >r,nl,? .It. iM.H.u. ? tinhl n .iirml In*,...., ? ii'' i. iv 4 in i hi|i)i|(vntb ativrt. m-ar i*.'vpnth .-tri-m ? -v 1 i in t*? . k "f 'I"" >! Mali, a r '!= li \l ,? No ,i Wpit KiKkt.oHttmtr.vr. wai *.-v .r.-? v. if V,t p* ii. li i. ml on tin* Ui '9(4. citli^r with a or ? -n i -liot. llioinjurv,! boy w:m convey! {??'?? I n ?? i wIii tp I?r dr.^U \,U ^.ii/ lnr/wiXhh'. to liw ri>iat*nce in an ins,., mil,; . sut.- A bov *.1# SUhMMjIlrlitly finVMi'tl |?v th ? r? i:?. . ? ? ? liiiviiiir inflii ti-d (h<> injury; l.ut a.< fho wnri l^y w .1 ! ''c" und no iiUe to iiirulj.-y liiiu li ? w? I '"????? -llr. Ill .?|.,a.;.|y ThrOnptaill J.St../.|M,."V ,,f?? in. . n mriik* Mmt thprp i> a ir:in.r of mw j,, 1 wi nty-fourth rtrrrt. !lnj auotlvr of tli . ,im ? pU<?. i-? I ? ' 'i, '' 0,? ur,> Jinifc'trionlly , , .. .-. i K-Jsaarr , Sr? sss rjd ?>lwh.,h wi-rr poii.uuip I i,..f t|,.. n,,,,., w .. / . BIiMmJ; thr nx.f. Ilk wis... ,,f x? -> ? ... J,;,'* |M*.rtV*r h. usr S '?? J ?:>n Miiilrlith i Hi ! . i in urn nr.- f,r *."..?>?> In I ,-v i "Illy Ipm WIN k. *11.1 it W;i.< Ii..f n-n w -t ,\ . i,v i'i ? .( .?? wjuiuimill,; it Germ:, n fmuly. t !i.> un-i.-r nart i.? ?'? fowiIHi-v -ho l?.f nil \?r '* ; C|II'I!<- ' I tlirqiilrk ?rti,.? of t!i ? firi-m :i t'l ? 'Iv-i-i I wire routined to the roof 14 -. V"! J,'"*.*" to*?* ? IM*,*n tii no ii | fn I o.l-ek .... M..i,.!..y ?irfl,t. flr,. .H-.-urtfj ,t, | nU?n\ rnrjM i o! IMaviry in. I KM*.* *tr. 'in n m J. 1 T.Vn' rt'V'r '' 0{ " I) mi n ? | ? In a notipp of t:i" ?? MuHIb.' 1/rV ; ?iittJ In yi'kt.-riiny '> ?rr.,U ,1 ^ prinl ,J >| ' it h- i,|,| h:i><. Ikvsi ? .Vullirn ' " Tmv Kurr AoorMi -?> un.l.T^tml tli- r..i<n ?J,? I . I Al .r^bail. :.t t h- Kr.v A ? , J..n,v. r | ? i>mI I .<? Ih .i in,,. !iw|, ir,Ti|. l llvj .:, , A |,|r.... t , , <?? i nn tiefurr the !(^l?l?tNv wi~| mi ..f t*n- .??! i?.. , nil iiil, mi.,,, (? JU|.| .y ||?. ,^;l| ,,f t|?. ,t |? . , I I.'.k* r-ui-'r at wUicli tl?. pruf^ir c.-itl f ??????? tin- cm r* of tho pupil < ^ low Th-h hi r *MO?rr. thi: ?. :iooi. Tr?ftir*? ?Tt n.vm- t?v,? i | wiik- rxoll. m?-nt pn-vkiU rim-ma tli- ?.?il.lie , ,j tifrhow . t ih.' NitwtiHmth wi'l I Klu "l'i HI. -,;f fl' f'r 1"| ,1,"'r-hf"TI?'-" wi'l w> !?>'?? I 1^- r.Nuit* I Ifi ? tbr flrxt "lay -t May Xt ; tin- . thT..w:,u mt III n nt y**,ng w ntion. wli ( f., , ,i ?"?fhiHK f?r u lW.lih.Hxl W.- a.?> un>J>" x.m | i , otlu r Mar.1* lh, hw * l'?-HiU than*.- U-.-u nl .ptvJ ? I, it w c ,a. . ..j ... ,/f 1 fMiitical iafltMWof u |J s. nn.'rV Jl u ~ r:*"t , w!?.-n f>n.? of Ci.^ I ? ii Lf ". *'** th? .lip a" IV i'loha" i wp" ilr. ycung (p'otliiiia n. w??i-;n* ?i?rrt ioi.-< mi jlown llw M. Up, ai tli- top >i hi< <p,^| with t'i.- -i ... . ,t ' r L U." '"T "1""" 111 't >u,-!i ? fa. . fi r. on naihiui the nij ?f ,|?. M lrfl(. in<., iMllit r n ii, j ivirmin... h.- v? nulj, t . .v,.r him. If an.l J.HX prrr pilHl.O into tb- nt ? v..r. I, , , ??? ?? ii' i f| ii- | , la.'.i.T : ,,, . |..i,t"il?,.,. nnLniht. .|l? ?r ,., fr.?? , wr lB<f ?>, ?t ? f ... Il l re. ratlirr than rrPkb -s In-t.. |.?j n,., (iia n'Mn'"" v.,v,r,-y. ?,>WI vir. ? nJ'I in n| tiiU <m n-H?n of tin* yv.'ir All II 1-.T ? >*| mm; raoM a lloiur ?On fun Jay aft r ; w-;n. ?I I f the Jnu m- it. c r ?t .- ... Z "tr -t anil 1 1 w. ry a man. I.y th- namr of Frank M w i, Ut> *n In m bUl?..r>.-. Tin- Ii .r v b-^ cn - f <? it.-n n,.l , Mt J.Mhorn ?a? ihr..wti Tr. in th- inimal t? tli ? irroun I vp"i.Tij. .| to ^ ||,,. ,|n,r ,tl)n. wh.-n- the* w >iin,| ?,i . ; *|. aiul MihM-?)ti''atly *lr MalU.rn ?? < .nv -r.- 1 to bl? r.'*!,]fnrv I.y Capuln llirk*. of lb S v m., ,?l, ,.r., ! Lj m. ',,"t InJunnj w.n I ,l>ru,; . 1 1 urn J' 10""" ,U' r *' ,h'' arriJ.'at AooTiu r Km ?fr ? rvr 0 .i.8*h. _A n-an ra!'.' I J-"- |>ht iiMiinitliam. f.-ll fi m J'I.t VS K.i t lllr,.r 'nt tbr wat. r. ?nj would un l uSt.- lly |UTl. i ,.t hUtif> b* I dr. wnlnii. l a. I l| i not Nvn fur poUnonm >1 t?..u ,i| ni>.| ^ hr" w,^,, *Ho n- ntlViin , n iiK' ntii fi; in a wat. ly gru?,w.,p.vl u?. j?n,. , ; uh'tl' li of i or<iricr lint llfiCMBii I)| ihaii ?On Sunday nitfht Vi|?rnrlM ,*r? ?wl'lii'M at l'"rt J>*y\n.(h,nv ?... W). ?tt...K.-| |,y.. , and ..f t inr. ?r rufflana. who 'lrnsi 1 him fr-.n, hU i 1* 4. anil boat bin. till tb.y I, -ft him f'r II? W,? SlI.Ttl" * T< 17 ywt^Jay to th.- Ci '"'. .a III ?th ? f.rtv.nor fl?.r **> aallr l onMa?l.i i to I...M an ln.|ur*t. m No *l IVUn. y ?r?^ *Im?.iti -it . on the t>o4y tf K lUmpp. u. who di.-J auddroly ?t thai pirn i . hut the rnujw We Win- - t , I. imi An in., m . t will Ir b. ld lh? I ,y ' ' A" Palif# I.ilrlll|{rii?e. nf " r w S*v "m?,1 !*.v Q?*v,,., ?( , M,mry ^ ,.,t, r, by nfirrniHiu ,.n tbr Him, I of tu N. w ll*T. n train, in ? ? i?i ,tr -i ( r^i-a N.-slhi mid lt.rna, . f the J"i*th w?rd pollr.'. took, int.. niat.i.Jy a p nninr I. ..kini; \ iiikis. dr-.?cr by l!ir namr nf j A?r n P Trra.lwrll. and ronri-yrd him |.i th.* !? ... ? ' ? l-.'thr-'p .ii rn.pi. i-. ii u..,, I ronr. , nrd in ? l.unrlary at .Nnr*., Ii ronn -rp .tr it .j ly h tin- prraon or pt?iiu a ?!n,rt tini- prrvi....- It t I'M . n Ilia a ay fr.4ntb. K wt in tli- r . . Ii -wi* iw.tlr. d to haw a- mi- "llTrr tahU an l lr? ?p> ,n> t.w. Ibrr Willi two boar, and aad llr br,?. . I , *,.ry Muakku+t ! appraranrr >t<>ii.r |m ..h, whu Wwn- awarv of tfi- r>4>. j irry rommittwl at N.n-wVh. ?i.p.vt.-.t prolaMr J 7rwrr ??'**.' I? in ?.MII- way ... Hi' . -ri.i-- 1 with th) I Ii rul .r. A . ..' lin*!* t hp arrival >4 th- rar. ?nf.# w?H.??n to Hit ih -p.- nrnn -1 ofHo,.ri. wh>? r?n *py. >1 him b. ,.ir<- Hip ma^irtratr t)n a. arrhii.( th < wm-I on hi- |>rr>'?n wa, | i i'"i\ . ,n r nntprfWt hlU> on Hip n?nk ?f N. w > >tk w-? f.mii.l nrfli-l up and .1 >w.-d awi? in hi? i ? t. ?i* taUp and all t. a ?p<;on?. I. I ?,d |.> lp? I nil, r. tpf In liU Miu wl i?; and in a box wrrp twi-l* > il'iy. ii liuU^na thlrty-onp buirln-r knltrp. tw.i d >?.-n 'lux make* kni?.'?. an I f .nr allk lnnlk nlii f. On l? I-IC a?Rra I.y tli tnr,|rl?trat.) wh -? li ? ..M . n.- 1 t?> ? I <| utilirn tt unMry. Jip aai I Iip t' >un I it Th - bill, i arplK-i'idltigly wp|, Piumtnl. and wpll pjlrillat^t t . .)? -. IT > I turtliri i-a l.'ti i- roui.l ho ohtaiin I a< ilmc tli - pn-nr up to Uwt i-pmlnj *i*1, . ma.;-.in4T. h nr- I i?.r r .upidt-rrd If It . Uui) I t ,K , him in rn,t,. |y, unin a ir. 'lbinf furtitcr could aM I about hi* ci trot |<-r '/ I '1, try If '.l M li'jj Cn? tfrnr} IWwinl ? Th.' Ix r i lantx In tliU pi-., va'n ni-t a? th'? l'.t|:, r ,Ur* and Is ill. -I... ..|.r ? f any f-irtH -r art!.n In th? iK.**!? r viit iicj i. iU; !iiiir*i!iiy /'? t A'Mit/r?.'-W ? 4NPuud,iy n'flit. i^ early on >1 -i .lay ni g fiirn ? burg!i.-? n. id- . I -n. hi?ti!(.?o to Uri" l int., i hi- .1. a- at- rp of llm ? I K ?-'r-. N , IU ' ? irai^lxti t bet on *U>- apprjarh uf l It a ? a,i4.ra.,dU?.,.,ftb.. l- i. ?.M UlPIS' i i |?'lUd oaUml oHirlrwui* and ma'i ? t.,Z| tli..,r Tlir Wwiihrtan t hp tathmua. A#-. i i (oi...wii k |? an pxtia. t of 1 l.-u-r t. .in Ihr Aim-r. -jin Uu-ti, at i'auauia, to a ixkerchtml ?MT lira 1 ft ! jr. v'?:ed . ... . CuABlittn, MarrJi H, |?Cil. 1 't' win pwlr#, W tin |Mbllf ji'iimal., that I l.ft I .it nin 11 on t ha 4th i:i.?.?iif, a,.. Hi'.mI of ? I ' ' ' .v "I Atnoricbtia, (rci>m|Miii.-J by 1 I >t.i. iim -n! u I Irtfnj a of tli?# n ivi'rtunpiit. In ]nu <uit id' tap |H-r. I jpt'iitora of in., r-.wnt twrrftlf trm lupa i?n t^t# 1 Iitijti 1 '* ri\ er, I .i ' partipnlai" nf wl?i. !\ > .>u will aUu in the Hwa|M|ipr?. I pon our arrival hpr.\ >?? foui.i! tlm-o tm>ti, who I- iv - ot ??* .( t !i ? iuu..i r\ In 111 a 1 tif 1 ..?i % <?f the auth.'iii.-i uf th-' ;"???: |V>? ? 1 'I >\ ? I-. II. ? to I- v. iv -i -n r* ? wi | 'M li -IVP, wi!li I ii. ill -| t :i:r . I fir l'? ut-t t. 1 will il tin :u up tu t'10 w,t..'nn?r of iVx u n.i, 1 j who fciMaaavrcdiM jxiti.v ?hui| Iw 411 I l?UrU lo 1 hem. * "Vt tnv w?? down th" rirer, I waa i;nt'fl.*tl f<? mi> Ihoprofrca tlnl lul l Im-i tn?d' 01 th> rn lr-.a l I 'I ho c? lirnca of it* a[*?i|y conplpt vu tv U0.-1J . u J ?rc iiwJoC'J ?i?)Ui ig'Hf , ThcalriraUml Musical. I X)M TO Tin: Miami OornrVHClN OO Mill A?a lin? ? Bjr th? In* in Liapeaari atruat, on Sunday am ; injr. tlii.' MUh Adelaide and Josephine Oougcnheim, aog MatUie. Adaline. who bar.- been attached for in? months t<> the Broadwuy th-'atrc. were entirely d "priro4 ' of their wardrobe* In ordinary rasa*, an expreaaloa og n gret would suffice to *ho? the f.-eilug auch an occur rence must excite; but t jmuiij 1 idies are in n lanl of idrangom. with only tin* casual attention of thjca to whom they hare brought letter* of introduction, ao4 ?>f hueh Indifferent fricnda Iw iw usually pa/ thai* licmi(i> for 9 brief hpan1. |o those whocc talents at*. ract public not ice Under thi ne cirrumstaneoa. their lo*a i A one which (in not Im- repaired for year*, except by soma generous and active syfti|.athy on the |>art of the public. I u? li feeling t( war I- them rm most readily be exhibited 1 y a -u)?tai>tlal ben lit. aufi -lent not only to provide thi in with m-w drc*ju s for their profession. but to giwn tin di a kurplua capital. upon which to add to their futam havings. The young ladies. we understand. are rery worthy of the but bounty of s Mety. and if ra^ans arc token fbr giving them a good benefit, the result will ba highly acceptable to th- rcclpi"nti is well im creditable o the public. This tire In LUpenard street fails ?u my heavily upon that Interesting j >ung daitattttt, iiiiiu. Adeline, who ha* only r vently re-ov red fr mi a to rf painful surgical operation in the f *>t. which ha* deprivo4 he public foraeiue weeks ol her i-erf ormancoc. llovmi Thiaibi ? TJia bill announced for tliia rwrm ? ng cotisistiH'f the grand r innutie operatic spc-facle ?g ? J< liunua ii Arc." in which >lr KJd> play* Count Dun vis; Tilt m. ( harlen \ II Stevens. as Talbot. General og tlw Knj;lifh forces. and Mi** t' IVihijw n* Johanna U'Arc The scenery i? beautiful. and thejcharaciori ara all llllt d by >erj elew r artists I lie entertainment* wUK r. iiclt'de with Ail tli ? VI or'id.> a ct'i^'." This la a una bi.l auJ no doubt, will hav - t'.ie effect of crowding tha house. Kpoaicav Tiifatiu ? To-night the truly irr irrilinhng act res.- Hiss Julia llennett w Iiom* perforatum-.* Iiuvj given the utmost pU-.i-uri to the vi-i'-rs of th ? 111 -tr >|>? 1 1 1 1 1 theatre npiit ?r. -is Mr- Ann - Franklin, in th* uuw c ii. -aj i .{ ~ Presented at ?' -u She will I*- sn;>i>orti4 by thuroc'i-T rarti-l- M?M-r* ?' '-iw iy. Frederick.*. Da v rind F. liuif with Mr< AM> :t mi l the Mum* uircnheim. '1 In- cntcrtaium n'H will conclude with tha t xn.ieut < miiiy wii eh l.a? <lr>KU *uch crowded hi i .-i ? All that lllitter.j i.- n >? ti ?. i." b hi Va <?*:?!?? ? This ere nlnjr the cclehrated Fri-ooh ? >,ti *trian Ci'Ji|M!!y e.'tnjn?tic.' tl?*lr eutertairuu -nbt at tin.- !>eautil'i 1 i >t . 1 .1 i?li : i?-iM The ren iwne I Mile I. tya iti.d tin- (in1 1:ei> i.oi.inet. ?it!i Wi-lrh'a great coiu)Mug fn in l'hiladeipliiii. will ^o through all the .sport* of Lba r!n^ Jilie L.iy i i.< c itj>i ieri-?l the <re.ile>t r/i-itru in?q in i l:a world 'Jin- .? ii priaiu^ Frrucii hur-e.-i wili be ea ? ; Mil in i!aii ; t-K and utiier feats No doubt, this nH ure a: N;i.. '? Uartb-u will uttraot a large aunibUp. Hi ii :g.s 'a TurAtnr. ? The usual ?ery attractirv aiau.?> ini lit* are iffop i fir thU cr-nin^ The perfornimooa wi.l ci'ir.nience wi:h the excellent comedy of ?? Klu*fr t: hi." with all the leading artists in th ? principal oba rnc(i-l s The eiitei ? ainmi-nts will coneluda With tho ui t r ?t:us c ;ni .!y of - Ur acil of I'r aui-e ." Urery ni|(fat thti- c?tal?r..?iiiii -ut i< cr iwdml in ? very depaitmaat. NotI-.:i g t.i-t pv:>i:ig r in can be Uui after iiaif paaC .- v ii Till* j-ratex (.'omluairciy that Hurt >14 is unking a fortune. lii 11 ciiim'i I.i ft m ? They effer ad envied amount ag at tractn ii h' thi.s p ipularar i cleja :i; pl ic - of a?uai? 11. 1 nt In the t-. -t place tiny jiie the great romantic drai;:.* it ilie I)< v:i in I'arl.s." in 5i? Mary 'I a j . r i.? hi 1 at tract :v ? a; ;<? arini* in is ditfer*i?t rltarao t.',-<!,.tt. mi >. A cwwiM hum, a* mmmL inn) becxp.'ct I lly the way we ln-ar uf a lnov ineat 1 'i t' ? ;? irt (ftl- . t' eklii Ider -. t.i ai?c Mr. Cr-iugham a u:b? al pt-i-T of their contld?'uee. and approval og hr.-teit and talent in inaiiax-'incnt. by iittcrc<tiiig ilieta ?elvc. 1:1 a benefit to the rapablt- and most iu.iu.-tri ju? manager N AT;oh ai. Ti.caipe ? T1ii? n>ov an I very su.-e swfig drati'a if ?? ll itry Hitrnli.ini.'' which i? 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