Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 28, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 28, 1851 Page 1
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THE NEW FORK HERALD WHOLE NO. 8731. AWTSB1WKWT9. BOWBBT TH?ATR*.-BOX*S. ti> CENTS: PIT, 12? cut!.- Door* open nt eevea, Curtain riant *t half-put ??even o'clock.? Friday Evening. March 2 th, will be pro duced, | grand roinantie, oparatie an-ietaole, in tiirj? ta bleaux, ityled JOHANNA I>"ARC,ort >? Conotteat of Rheiiiu ? Charle* th* Seventh, Mr. Tilton; (' not DunoU, Mr. E. Eddy; Ka/moode, Mr. II. Jordan; Talbot, Mr. Stevena; Jo. hanna D'Arc. Mia* C. Wemyn: J?alieau. Mr* Jordan; Jean liette, Mi** Broadley. The performance* will eominenc* with ?the comedy of YOLII ItlfJt'Ji IN DAXUEil ? John Strong, Mr. Winani; Krakwiti, Mr. Jordan; Connta** Lmadorf, Mrs. "Hal cot. BURTON'S- TUEATRB, C1IAMUKK1 STREET. REAR of the City Hall.? Boxea, Dr>? ? irulx tad >'ar |u it, ,'nl -Oente; Family Circle, 25 cent*; Priv ,te Bu i, M til U? Doori open at 7; to begin at half-pi t 7. Frl?l iy evouiag, March at, will be played the Coined y >f SUK -ji' ) ).,S TO ?CONQUER? Sir Charle* Marlow, Mr. Innry; Y-m? Mirlow, Mr. Le*t?r; Tony Lumpkin, Mr. H:n,o. Mr? II n inth- , Mr*. Hughes; Mi** Neville. Mia* IV >n. The ? >p ilar Co medy of the SERIOl'S FAMILY? Captain Muro.iy Mv*oir.>, Mr. Q. Jordan; Charle* l'orrou*, dr. Uland; A .ma i tab Sleek, Mr. Rurton; Lady Sowerby C'r.'ainiy, Mr.,. Widow Delinaiue, Mrs. Skerrett. TW' ATIONAL THEATRE, CflATHA M 8 TREK r. ? UOXES, i. ' 25 cent*; 1'it, 12W centr ; Private lioxat, J."'. ? Door* opea at a quarter before 7; curtain riae* at > |uarter paat 7 o'olook. Friday evening, March will be pr sented the new Come dy entitled AIX THAT CLITTEItS id NOT UOLU-Jaaper Plum, Mr. C. Taylor; Stephen t'l . i. Mr. Wataina: foby Twinkle, Mr. Fox; Martha llibb*. Mi.. E. Moatayer. r> con clude with the drama of HA KRY li '.Mi AM. or the Young Continental ? Ctn. W??liingt?n, Mr C. W. Taylor; Harry lliirnhaui, Mr. Watkinc KT Lane, Mr. Ilrandoa; ('apt. Ar jull, Mr. La Fairer; Dan Morgau. Mr. L. Fux; Frank Fairfax, Mr. Seymour; Mary Manner*. M ? K. Mvatayer. BARNUM'S AMERICAN ML'SK l.-IVT HVIM.M, Proprietor and Manager ; John ti ? ? iwoo-l, Jr., A.,i?tant Manager. Admittance to the Mu: and each <alooa performance. 26 centa; children unJ r WyeaM, 1 J'-j conta; ?nruuct and tirat circle, 12t? cent' itra. Thurail.iy and rluay afternoon*, will he porforiuo-l 1 o'rfu.x. in tio sna( uiticent Saloon, the Ethiopian hurt pie of JI'Mii'J I L' M ; after wt.ich the Negro Extraavgan/ . f Tllfi VII'.iilMv MUMMY? in both of whieh Mr. T. I iiice will app-ar. On Saturday ait-.-rnoea, will be |>r??'-nt>< in iiamiiiaely p .-Hilar and domestic drama of MA DEL A I N 'Knur-. lay a . I riday f-Teninra, in the aatoon at o'elo. , l.iu ni ril ir i? of MAUeI.AI.NE. On Saturday ?*.??.! will I. ? p rf ? l. K'OCSIN JOE; after which Jl MH'I it .1 T'ie tut CM.uae Collection, the elegant ipcicimuo* iu Natural ili-t.r, . lie., ?rc to be aeon at *11 liouri. FELLOWS' MINSTRELS, AT IELLOYYS' OI'EitA Huum, 4M Broadway, betwo?i> Howard and ,raad ?treeta. Open every night during t Le .< Mk. The Jel. ratad original and well known Fellow*' Mn "reia, " >? ><nprl<ii|g an ?flkeient and veraatile corin of t ilcnt .! an I exp rieu 1 p r formcri," uuder the direction of J. ,1 F.illowa, .?.!??? on n certa in thia city for the laat year, I. ? beeu r ic iin l with the greatest faror by the elite and (? ilon of tnia jr. it mo tropolia. Their concert* conaiat of i! irleaipie itiltan )pera Scenea, Witty Saying*, Soloa, Duett*, t'.ioriiaao*. Ui icing, a ud Inatrumental Performance*. Hi WeducaJay and <at'ir <lav afterii' a graud Concert for the aoe .n a idail in of laJiea and familie*, commenci-ig at .'I 'eleek P. M. A Inii* ?ion 2S cent*. Door* opcu at ii}?. oomiuenoe <|uart r bef iro H. NOT1CE.-HORN k W'llITt'S r.THlOl'EAN OPERA House, JjO llroadw ay, four door ? * ? u t . i of iir n?d atrcct, will open on Wednetday aftarnoun, April id ?The unlttr eigned nioat reapectfully auuoiim ' ti ir friind* nil the public, that they have leased the .i ire pr "nUe*, aai will Hive their ttr>t grand Coneert on th- ?'"?* a'tjrnoon com njencing at o'clock. E. HORN in WHITE. Proprietor* HOPE CHAPEL, 7IH ItlSOA O > \ V. ??"!' ?SITE VKW York Hotel.? The AUngha oiu . r-apactfully an ->unoe <o their frionda and the putdi. . that tneir brat oonaert aiue* their return from th* We*t, will bo . uo.i M ? i.laye. mlng, ^ March .'II, at Hope I'hapel. Tick t* cent*. Cenoort to Commence at 1\ o'clock. N. II.? A ' luccrl will b" given every evening during the week. Franklin museum, 179 chajii a* square ? jeo. j Len Sole Proprietor. ? A dmu >u ? iu Private I lloxe*. SO cent*; Stage Scata, X'., te1 t ,; llo* a, ?'? uen Par- I quet, 12^> centa. ? Elegant S?!oou ptrioftn t:i e? erery After ?>oon end Evening. Entertaiuavnt oounneooe in t n nftor- | 00*0 at .1 o'clock, and in the eveui.i ( at ha.i pint The entertainment* are varied and ?elc< and auoli a* can uvea at no other place of amuaem.iit iu Nuw V?r .. c.-.iai mg ol Lea'e Female Ethiopian Op ra Trouju, i naoiring nteoa Erformera, V-cing tlie lnrjreat and it t 1 -a i - ti n t ? inoit lented band In the Uaited Stuttf. i tm j pa of M , J i| Ar tiatawho are itlected for their i>ea ,ty in i n {urn. ? . I wiio peraoaate a number of beautiful ta i aax. taken ir iu the cicture* of ancient and modern tun ; >f Arib j licit, who go through a variety if ? ata of itr'n^vh and wfeatenity; Madame Roaaliae, the '>n: ? uale Ju^ler m the ' -world; a company of Male and Fcuta Arti.t*. wn i * ,tl give I *a exhibiti<? of Marble Stat-iary u . |oallod in th<- world, together wath a variety of iut-rei-Uoe p -ri -r n ia-j? every afternoon a*>4 evening. For partiei ?? *?? bill* 01 caoh day AMISJKMKNTS 1\ BHUOKLY1V. Brooklyn museum? PKoPK-^roit anu ?:wa ger, Mr, F* K**nt. ? 1'rUtn tU, dentil: p^nllrry, twin. Krfi*y fvitiin?, VI .r i N. the ' y?< rf#?r maiirr will tomm?e * itJ? t iV t-t.? ly ?< VT'lKTil ' ? MAcUetli, Mr. J. H. Ma'cuim. i . S Cli u r ?u. To ? eoneM witli ih?(iUN( K AT N '* W V?)HIC? 4 >#?, t\ i'banfmu; liiv, Mi?? Alb?rtla?. Granu <dntert in nnooKi. r*\ r ntiE ? ? i . \ - ' B ' . ( ' M '? . tM I i.n<?r tu nrn >unr?? to tlie citiz?'r?? of >k' i t iat Se fill ! his tlr^t find only eon ????rt nt 1 inn %e-i ay, on 1 Tucfifiiijr r\ onitig next, the rtr??t of April, when ' i ? I ti*ted by ?H the ni???t iHstiniruiiihcd ineuii**r* ?*! Italian f>p?ra troup*- uo? in the ?tv of New a'.j ? .nil or- ? ( heiitra. iOb*inct<*ii hy Mux jNnfitlck. For further I'.Ulu 4- ; Mr*, eee tmall bills. BHIPPIVIJ. FOR LIVERPOOL? IX ITKD STATES MAll. rE\* ehip ARCTIC, ("apt. Ja? (' Lun-- r ii. ?t-.. i i ily will <t.part with tli* irmli f 'f Eur po. pjeitleelf (in W i ia*. I'd April, fruin her berth at tM r.ot uf I'.iuil " t N" Iwrtli aeciirni till paid for. A II Irti r? i'i l p ip .r- i. >t paat tliruii(h the Puit Ottct. Per fr.i rut or paaaafc I \- i* une qualled areoaiirndatinae fir >?'?< /*?? tMUf il ?Pr'y to EDWARD K. CO? LINK. IB Wall -treet T e tt. u r BA L TIC will aueeeed .he ArrtK aaii aait April I > I* itirciya# friiflit will La reoetved on boarl arter Moid r "renin*, ?Ur< h 3li-t. UNITED STATES MA II. mUlMIP COHPAXr.? Fur tJiaarea llnrt. <11 lla\an . .? f r ?n;!i n t tl |1 Kaa I rani iari. at reduced r?tt>.? Faro M New ei?fi r ?lured.? On Friday, April II, at ti r e. P M ? i ep'-alid donhle*taffiae eteaiaal.ip ? I.OItlll A, ! '>*? line *ort i-n, I). Pvlttr, I', K. M? temin.inder, 'ill nil at <hrre o'rlwk P M., from her yrter at the b?t f W >rr*a etreet. North rleer, with tin gi.ttrnaatat inai'?, lireet f -r lint ana anil fliagree. New Qrleaae paattadera tetxf-rrw at Hat ana to the >plrBdU d >1 le-( n ;in? ?t \? ..p Kale m. Freight taken to < harrea at 70 raatiMrhai l|??i? ?*!; tak' a on Ireight to llataiia. V> Mile if la : will he nigaed after the tUauier hat railtti. I'?t paeaa? - ir freight, apply ta V 0. R >BR i5T< 177 W'rt street, teraar Warr. a ? tr.-et. PARE REDCCED.? Tll.lOrCll I I V E FOK > \ V KR A N titre, ?in Cka?re? dire, t, au<l hv t - I' nit."' tat.'? mail aleinicr, on tha raathe.? The eplen'id eteawi ipt'llRHO KEE.Heary W ladle, oommaii ler *lll leaea t'l-r 4, North river. for ( ha*rie, dtreet, uu I . iJajr, Mar, Ii it, it. 'to 'lock I'aaaengera lijr the Cherokee will i . ? t wltli t it rvulH ?mail iteamar, tn Ua?a I'aua'i i "n >.r i, ??t \t" i IA, liftl. >'?r peerage, apply to MOW LA X I) V i O'fV A' \M?. M and M Kovth rtmi 8TF.AM.Sllir PBOMF.T1IKI S.? IN COXKEOUKM'R OF tha ?a|-eri?r apeed ?f th- el amr I'KONKrllEUK, tha Will iMtt Ml I'fidlj ttr Mi laiit.. lutMl ?f Iba .7th. By thin arrancpfnt at an** will nr* tat Piraa* tt< i" t. >'0?re Independence aad Ilea Bird. ? i'i ?r? t?. leaee I i" Utter place oa t),e I'tth ? f April. Ale ' tli ? eteaia*r New Orloaiia, All the a* ahipa will take paaaei fm t? ->aa Fraaai^ ? . at tut Inneat ratea of fare. Paeientera ?ola t ttir >?<h anuaid nnder iMaaa that thera la a ati ii/ auaipetitiua at ta? PariM, 'i l,ua* who do not pay tlirwuxh, van l,aee tha t nal.l r>f tl.ta at the lawaat ratea. I^OB CALIFORNIA. VIA CMAtiHBi, DIHK T-1.II new and apleadid d*akle ?a?iiie ?tiai*iip I'.IOME TIIELS, of l,:*U MM hart lie. i. will laava rr?m l*? r Ni. I Nc.rth rlrer, on Frl lav. M.r , i-tn t I ?.'.?! . IV \< Tha wall knowa and tae..i I to at. an ipN'ElV OlbUMI will leaee Paaaoia aa tha Im Ii of \pril. for :?a FraaaUea dtrwet. civlna pa???n*er? I y the Pf wkatneaa the nppoetaaitf of reaehiPf ralifnri ia I y tha Moat -p ? i? aad ?? i irt^'V coa?ejaaaa. X B? A few firat <,.,a? -'*w !????? rainait uaeBRMed. F. r freUli' -r p ?n;e. apply ta It B. ALI.LV.V ? J Battery PI tea. ap.t tira. *.^or pavaxnab? otfaimhip h/jhida, lvo, r Caat T. MM, ?? Marl .;. Mk Martk, ali PJ., fM pier i. S' K rttniiMertii ? i *p; '? t ? .MM U Ml l< UN I.. . *4 I'ront .'r -l. Th? 5t*aai *hlp ALABAMA. I apt. I.odlaw, aa :iatnrday, Sth April, aa almra. PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMl'AXV.-POR ' ALL foraia and Oraat'.n ? The pul.ii. are iaf?riaad t n' anJat the arrangement ef thia cowj??ny, .tea*?ra leperte t aad appr-.ted I ? the Xaey Dap ?rti i-at, a iJ ear ?< tn# I'mtad Btatae maila, will aeatiaua to .i-arr I'j imi , J Svi ln.i ciaeaaa ttia firat and iRMa laj aa .Ii <a .ntV nn >.-4a talaad ky aaa< oldakla a> . idant. ur tha aoa-arri .1 of t . mailt at Panaaia The >t?im, r? of tba fir?? if .. no.ith will toaehat Aeannlce, >an lllae. Maia'lan ??inn l> ? and Moaterey. The alaamera of t Hi te. n t? ?l ; a montu, will toaehat Aeapale?. ktit at an ether M-aicati porte TUa fal lowiajl ITaited Ktatea mail atea or .eket? ar- i i? In tlie Ka oiile. awe of whtrh will ht alwaya la j.'.rt at t?"h tad of tht rantt ?? ORFOOX. I iH?ttaa. TtVNRMII., I. .HI t at Panama. m??7 " N<? nx rk i.-jb" CALIFOKMA. 1,U"? loat. COLUMBIA. 1 0 CM1CORX . ?? " CAROLINA,*! - saraii ianik, i,.hw t..n< The aew ?t?amehlp COLUMBIA, will pl? r?f .larly he ?.weea Kan Feaaenwe aad ?>.rt< la Orafaa awaltn* at the #? rwier port the arri' ai of maiia aad p.unn^n Irani I'a nana, and rataraing withoul delay r >th m*l.? a id t?ra fer the follow la* tt. a"?? r fr,> m ^II Feanelaea i r <1 'Jar lint at pre pallet! will k* kept ap f?r the tran-p >rtaMan 'reight tat traaaient paaaenr rt hetwtwa Pan i n i an J "at Fraaeittn. Tha aatawtlatn tha Atlaatie will ie? m>it. taiae.l hy tht *tear. ?hl; ? EWI'lltE I'lTV. teaein* Ntw ?>rk oa the lath, aad CrtfROItB*, leaMng >ee Vark on tli ? 2??k ofeaeh month, for i tacraa. A third kaat will at at oe kept ?ta New Turk. a? a apart m -r The n-w ttaame'iipt t V RIIIBEANtnd Pill I.A f I ' I'll I A will f riB ?? lir-t hie hetweea New i>r'?an? and < harrea, leaeia ? at ?neh p-ri . N %$ will eanire *a little dat*" .>oa " !?.??' W* na th* laf mat. and fnriwinc with the Pa. ii.e at-ani.i.ina, a t!iroaC< line te aad from New Orleaaa and |?irta in Mentha. t:alif .rnla and '(>re?na. I*a?aaf. from New Orleans oaa he d fraai Aimtteonr l.aaraaen At Co , Agrtita aartaor rate rnna ma> r"CM??a?a .Minna ttate m"ma fHW Irftwer eal.ia harth d# Stearaga, fnand with aiattre?a aad hoard . . raow ran am a i o aa a paawiapo. Balnaa etata footai , , fJUU 'l.owtrealdn herth Jilt "Steerage, faaad with mattreea I V?aH. ............ U# raow taw ma, t -o *> atr >aiA. ?C ahla . ,,?M FtTRiroairh tl.fcete fnr any meWtW," aeniy' M Vbt (ice of the eompaay, Maad W^natli Matt. VOI SALE? TUB IIXE FA<T 8AILIXO. TOPPRRED * tad topper fanned pilot keat yaaht Mi?t. hallt at praaely ?nr a jraeht, and haa heea nead tatnly aa \ \a^ Vork VI lot boat. 45 tnat bort.iea: it ww'.l fonn.l. and rtady far im mediate wee fat ht aeen at th ? Atlamic i>oel<, whett tht Wowllta. la laira af JOHN ? . AVRltV, .act Water at. FAPF.H MANOIMON. Paper manoinob? tiiomas fat f. b CO.. no. ?.? Pearl ttrret. near Cl-ethare l?po t?ra and menaffce tarera. haee oa haad the laetaet and beat a ?".reed ?t rk ef rapw llanaiata' f eetry 'teaeriptloa In fie rity, <ebKt| they offer at wboleeale aad retail at maanfaetarera' prl^ea I'aral raalar atteatiew ?e ai??'a te the eity trade, and the baat worh ?ea are taipleyed te haa? paptrt. AMU8ENKWTS. BROADWAY THEATRE .? E. A. MARSHALL. SOLI Ume; G. IT. Barrett, Manager. ? Dotri open at 7; oar* tHiu rim >t btlf put 7. ? Urm Cltoli and Parquet. Mo?nt*; Family and Tliirif Circle*, JA tint! ; Gallery, lJt. cents; Pri vate Box**, $5 and $tf? BENEFIT OF MISS JULIA BEN NETT? Friday evening. March 3Sth. will bo presented th* new oomcay entitled PRESENTED AT COUfcT-KiM Charlea 2d, Mr. Frederick*; Earl of Kooheater, Mr. Coaway; Master Uoeffrey Wedderburao, Mr. D*vidg*i MUtre** Ana* , Franklyu, Mir* J. Bennett; Lad/ Ca itlomaiue, Mr*. Abbott. Tit conclude with the comody of THE HOUSEKEEPER ? Felicia, Mis* Julia Bennett. NIBLO'8 GARDEN? THIRD NIGHT OP THE CIRQUE Francal*? Friday evening, March ' The proprietor haa satisfaction to announce that he ha* made arrangements for a limited period, with the diatinguiahrd artiate. Mile. Caroline I.oyo, who ? III appear in her original atyleof E<iuoatriaaiam. The Brothers Lolaaet, the first Eqaeatriana of Europe, with their wonderful Daneing and Trained llorae* will appear. The great Eagliah Jeater, Mr. W. F. Wallett, aiaiated by the American Clown*, Lathrop and Gardner, will appear. Alio en. aged the entire Equeatrian troupi of Mr. R. Welch, from Philadelphia. Mile. Eloaiao will perforin aa art of hor*? niktiahip. Ticket* SO cent*. To commence at 7J* o'clock. BROUGHAM'S LYCEUM, BROADWAY, NEAR IIROQME street.? Oreaa Clrele aud Parquet. SO ots.; Family Circle, Z'> eta.; Oreheatra Stall Seat*, $1; Private lioxes. W. Door* open at 7; to begin at half-paat 7 a'clook. ? Friday evo ning, March the performance will commence with tha drama of the DEVIL IN PARIS ? Count Vanille. Mr. Brougham; llenrv de lleauaoleille. Mr. Palmer; Croquet, Mr. Ray moiid; , Mis* M. Taylor; Madeline, Mm Juli:i t; >uld. After which, an Iriah Lilt, by Mr. Flctcner And Miss M ir< Tnyleiire. To conclude with the Comedy of the KING A" D THE MIMIC? Frederick, Mr. l.ynne; Stolhach, Mr. Brongu am; Cu|>t. NidderiiianucratL-lnchowvanoowingen, Mr. Leach MECHANICS' IIALL, No. 472 BROADWAY. ABOVE Grand atreet.? Open every uig'st during the week until further notice. The original and well known CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS, comprising an eAolcnt and ver?atile "corps" of "talented" and "experienced performer*, " unlor the management of E. P. Chriaty, whose coacerta in thi* city, fur a succession of "Ave year*," have been received with favor by highly respectable and faahionahle audience*. Tiokett. 2> can ta. Door* open at half pa*t six ; commence at a quarter to eight. By desire of the head* of aeveral familiea, an After noon Concert will he given on Saturday next, Marsh 2.'tU, fbr the accommodation of Ladle* and Juvenile*, coin'noncing at 3 o'clock, P. M. On Saturday evening next, March Z/th annual benefit of W. A. Porter. C1KRMAN NATIONAL THEATRE? OLYMPIC, 4U ? Broadway. ? Friday, tU* Mh March, IV>1. will b - p-r larnii dthe SERIOUS FAMILY. Comedietta, in three acta, by borottein. CIRCUS? NEW YORK AM Pll ITII EATRE. .17 BOWERY. ? James M. June fc Cl., Proprietor*. ? On Friday even ing. March Mademoiselle I,ou1m Tourniaire will ap pear iii two magnificent scene* of Equestrianism. Scenes in the < irele, in wlilch the entire French Troup* will *o|n?r. Miss .Marv Ann Weill will appear in her mag.iiAceat Princi pal Act. ' startling Gymnastic nnd Acrobatic EcrvUit by the inimitable corpa of Gymniaata. To eonoliide with a laughable Extravagania. Dooraopenata quarter before 7; Iierformaneoa commence at half-past (even. Iliit* 23 cent*; 'it. 1-S cent*; Private Boxes, M cent*. Thi p l e r ii a l l? th e n e w Orleans opera Troupe, after an aliience of y montha, respectfully au nounce to the ladies and gentlemen of Now York, fiat they i hate taken the above named hall for one ni ;ht only, Monday i evening. Murch .'list, 1KH. The member* compri.u G. B. ' Swaiue, J. II. Rainer, J. II. Cullina, J. Buake, Matter Olo Bull, K. Buckley, aud M. Siilmer. (from the royal aealemy of Paria,) will preaidu at the I'laao. The company will appear in their rcepective departments: the whole forming one of the moat ram and muaical combination* ever before ! concentrated together. Aa mnaiciana, vooaliata, and artisti, ' they have beeu long and favorably known, having during th* year of KM), performed upward* or nights at th* Muaical I Fund llall, leaidee filling engagement* in all the principal Western and Southern eitie*. Door* "P/n at 7, to comiaine* ; at quarter to H. Ticket* 23 cent*. Ou Tueaday and Wednea day, April l?t and 2d, they will appear at th* Brooklyn la- I etitute, Brooklyn city. Minerva booms, kmbroadway-nagle soraxd i Panorama of Ireland, painted by the first Iriah artist*, fr> n aketehea taken within tlie Lt't three year.!? in fi lelity, ' interest aiid beauty unri>allod? with Iriah aonga. Irish mu- ' sic. and an Irishman's illustrationa. Every evuniuf at 7^ ' o'clock. Wednesday and Satnrday afteruoona, at 3 o'clock. See handbills. Admittance 23 cent*; children uuder 12, half I SATTI F.R SCOSMORA.MAS. CORNER OF BROADWAY 1 and Thirteenth street. ? The first section, containing a I collection of twenty-ai* view* of Earope, Aaia Minor. Syria, I the lloly Land, Egypt, Nubia, and Arabia, will be exhibited 1 until the eighth of Maroh; after that date, all these will b? replaced by new viewa, unu*ually interesting. AMISKNEKT9 IN P1I1L.AUICL.PI1I A. ? - - I BARNUM'S MUSEUM. PHILADELPHIA ? P. T DU ' nuni, Proprietor . II. Sanford. Assistant Manager. La*t . It -i> '< nigtits ot Mr. Ilovth. He will app -ar on M mdav and Tueaday e veuing* in two of his most complimented persona- ] tions. Engagement of the great versatile actor. Mr. C. Dib- i din Pitt, who will present a aeri"a ot favorite and aplendid characters during hi* limited stay; rumnisnrixg ?a <V?d- | rt>day. ?'Hamlet." "Lady of Lyon*," "Money," and " Kicufllou." will be enacted thi* week. In th* afternoon* the " II unter of the Alpa," " Platonic Attachment*," "Faint Heart," "The Married Hake," and "Gentleman in Diiieul ti. ," will be tiiven. Also, Mia* Lcalie'* graceful Ballad*, ard Mip* Warner'* favorite Daneea, Theae attraction*, eu ri< hed by tho?e if a million of " *ight* and wondera" in th* asloona, are confidently aubmitt.-d. Admittance, XV cent*; children under ID year*. 12*a cent*. FINANCIAL. N PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD COM TAN T ARE NOVf forwarding Rood* to Pittaburxh in tife dlya, fr no PUladHphia. at tiie following low rate*, vU.: Fir*t Cla*?? Urv Good*. Shoea. llata. Ite., >1 per lOMIa*. .Hipob'I CUm llt.1 ? llr?*n Mtulini, GNMit'H, llnnliriro, Jtr., * eta. pjf ; I<4) lb?. Third ? Otte*n*wnr?, Coffee. Tin. &.C., 00 eta p-rlil) . II ?. Fourth ? Aahaa, Tap. Pitch. Itc.. 5) c it. per 1?W lb*. No i romnii^ion* <!m tjom! for fvaatvlng or forwar Lu< zooda at ? J'MttdfbMi or I'ittabnrgh* Good* from Now York, II ??toi, orpnyftithe F??t?rn M m ufact ?irin< Cotnp?tni ?*. to in*ur? d- |.n t*li to IMltuHiir^h. and nil rirt* of the (Jr?at Weat. ?1 old bt t-< II II HOUSTON. Fr*i<ht A<#at, r. nnnylv.nU !lailr? ad Company, 174 and 27'j M irkct street, ! Philadelphia. AIcFADKN k. CAVOUE, .\*#nt*. Cnn*l lln?in. I'ittihvrih. fl^O PRINTERS ?A PRACTICAL PRINTER, Wil) M run e aft* man d" a amall micunt ?f capital. -t.i I f h) 4$* | lir*l t? parcl?a*t an totarvat and t ?k* ft* activa p irt in % well prtaMUhod acwapapt-r and job ?i!flea. in * Hoiitnara | M. te, may h< ar < f a fatorat le ?!?;? ?rt<mit) by aJliv?4ta(, j *itii raiiy and r? fercneva a* to cfiara t?*r and cap* 'ity, I) it j '.'.'Hi, IN?%t OAn. ?tatin,c whff an int^r* im f c i;? b- ha l. . The pap?r i? mbi^ in politic*. The profit* oft he o tt ?? aro j from $5.(141 to per anniitn. over an I above cip'AKi. JATIONAI. HANK OF IRFI.A ND.? DRAFTS r<>R lar*e or rmall *n>>aat?. on aai 1 bank and ill hr%nch?a in Irflaud, aud -ia i.t? in l.itglaii I, Scotland, and Waloa. f-.f ?al? by C. E IlAlUClIT, Sole autht-r!. ?-d aacnt >?( National Hank of Ireland ! Ibf tlip rnit?*<i Satfd PftRIS BANKER?.? TIIE Sl.'H5( KI IU ks AtJF.MNPOR the banking houaa of Meaara. A1IU? It <Jrand. It Ku* 4* Tn > iac, I'arli, will open credits upon them for imrtiea Ira porting frond ? fr??m Franc#, Carmen?, and *wlt??rHttd. AUo, for ?rav?*l J?>ra foam to the ContlntMit and t ? E'ict ?>td For terms, apply to C. E. II A HU NT It Co., ill Wall *t. ? IAA rWVt TU LOAN. AT BIX PER CENT IN W ?* *\J\J threat, f ?>r u term of year*, on b??a 1 id i rut-rut***. ? n productive r? al eatata in t.'ii? city It *111 be loaned in tutna to ?nit applieaala. Apply t ? .H. % II to \ D, : No. II W all atriet. in the ('rtlm Water Ale? l*a*<?ineut. j RXPHRN8 AOENCIK*, 4u. \i mm. KiNtuT k oa*a ?Trpun.roa kmiw l?! aod tba Ea4t. via Newpnrt and Fall Rir r, l %?m 1 tb? ffler, N?. 1 W all Mr**?*t, eopaep of llr >adwar at a ?|'iar ter to f? i.r I*. M For Philadelphia. Hiltimir . Wai' ln ai^l thr S?'iith al tkrtv. Cnitmn II ia?* Ndawa pr>? nptly ntt? f ded to, In Roatnn, New York, nod Pal! % l^lp ila. \ ?to?. Pratt-, aad HtlU rull^cted ia all th? priaftpil F.A-w-rn anti Hnalhert riti-a. Pn TAUE TO MN FHANtriJtt'O TWELVE AND A half eeata.? I, otter* f<?rwardpd fct all t i?* r^tnlnr tt-ftm* ?r?. la ad?aa?*? of the mall, he th- tait?*d Htatea aad Cat4 farnla Ea|re?a C&m|uny. |*o?tas? l-S T .a n?*t fr. ?rl t ftn^ |'acH*iCr ?f ttii- r mi puny, will t?? 4e. p*l< I rd r >tr isi.r Pr?nirt>i*M, JTth. ?n i I W.k??. ?Hh Frtl?U UkiK si rat". A >i M1I.I.KR* (JO., II Wall ?trr*t l^IIRA I AST KXTHCV*. ?V TIIK KPl.tNIMD NftM l J ? t r . I ? |. I*r -fif h?n.. ? Thi# -I ?*. Bvrfur I Jb < ? '* nfftimi M. ?|H "t.rt for <'alifnrm?. ?nil w'll Ar-lr- In J fun t mm i-r? Iwf. r# II. i- l.t ?f *?.? *n>l will it. Ii?.-r I- it r< ftlMtut tr* Mkiiti uf t hi- I'. ,?> wall hv IV' ih? ?i?nnu??. Piitur, * n .r wpM frfl|lilliltM ] l'r?i 4 ? nt?^r !??. 1'imf > n I'nai*.*! iwtTN *i III. i HI'" f r ? f any utlwr lm?. * >il <-!>??? at ? S llMimrtl" )t ro., 2 >% ..y .lr I. A.t .r "I . i... CPtriAi. r.*rRr?< wortr* PUli? rsix i gd Ij Uf?*ory ? < ?lif.rnl? I'arktfr K i |if?H p?r >i ? n r< I'ru Mr I li?' u. mid I rurokn . ,'th sail ZMSin.t , al .1 n>l?k P M \>r Uait to Mil llir *tt all >a of l'i? pnMI? la It r i fatiliUa* r-,| il,. ,,k t r lb tr?a?mt*ai>a if pai-k?t*a. par tela, and l#?lrr? I i rali' rnl.i, tlir'iuxh ?urifr'M lliif W l.a* * tvn <ntnar*ra, .|> ? i'nza<> <| f?r lh? ah??? ?(??am ?rt, ??lio will nnr iMt-inrni In* atrii-tad alti-atiaa C?a *??< Ipd with th* h??rl?"l trifa^ortalioa .ninp^a. nn Ih 1 .1 li Kin. mr ara f r?|>ar?d I r..nlrari for th* Mir rr a '? at c ? ' I'rm- Ihk aithia lii* all >rt*al po.iilila j ? 'lad I ftmJl until tlia iu?rinn r of at-am. r'? da/ or I -a* iru and Irlt-ra aalil .n, I* M. , ( wlilrh nail ia .11 him V an !. prrfrrlljr aataf pfauf) ???! hd lafl al th. affiea lk? d*j pr.vlot:.- Na raalHin linuar cliartra Tlioiap ton llllohroi h, Maan-1-ra ?P'I Agrala. Uf I'rafl utrwl. rarrof W ill. If - 'rr l.y wrmohm in Ma.ara Jnliaaoa % ititi. |M Will .(fat, npo#urd. TtlfiluN .% |!a., 4H .Intt ?trarti Niinltkkl!*., M I'lta alraat: aad l.?*l Aprar Ik l.< ?.l.n, 115 Wall alrral, ' |> -ffird. Tlipatoa Al Ca., W Aaiith ?tr. > I . X. n illi Ik ? 71 Ivy .trart TIIK MOHLien FAIR. P|MK?<nrR? FUR TIIK WO*l, p a F \IU.-TIIK ItXIT -A Mat*. Mail *tr. --r FH A N K I.I > , J W .11.. a, rm?. aiandar. xlll I'.Tr Mew Vcr'< fi r !*o?thamp|..n aad llarra. on il.r Mh April, and ran .till aar .tnmodalr ? >n? ' ?r I r ?.< pa'arn^r*. IVraoBI ti.ltinx Ilia Wi.rld'a Fair ?lll So I IUI< Ih# nn,| riii tn Imt. if mMtaal. ind M M #?B?*??aaa ? h. r rr?at ?p*rd. and .np rl?r ar?'omiaod?lV>a? ef Ihr I'raak lio, alfirlnj ndvaiilaj*. unanrpaan-.l fcy olli#r ?l??n'ri. r<>i.??r. rrarh landau fr in Soslliainploa In lliraa baari for 17 .hilllnaa. From Mrrrpool i.. l...n.|..n. ?i? hn.iri, f ?r fj'- Tin' t ranklla aill k* f-.lli.arl bf I ha II i;M T na lb* 5.1 Hay. T t fri i ;h( ?r pa??a*a, applr la JKIHTIMF.II 1.1 VljiOSTU!*, M nriadw*/. L^op Til F WORI.DS FAIR, ( PRO V I t?F. I> \ it ; F rirnl nnmhrr ..f I'aaaancra otrr )? A #r.l rla-a Stalp *111 katittad up (a lakr paa.aa^rra. oat m l hum*. r.'mVnlai ?il wtak? in Londua. Fur fnrlt.rr parlimlara, applr la l> A V 1 0 OUl>BN, 91 Wall ?lr??t. C A LI FOHIVIA, Kir( mik ; r. nr. sot, a k co? ro?imi?n mf.r rhanla. San FrancUao^ allfornla. Raf?raar?^-<la?ra (.rnaar ft to., St. Thomaa, W l.i M . ? 1 1 .? r Saad fc Ri-ra. Fork: F. W. tlron* b *oa., Baltliaara. ?i>a?i?r % Co., Ha ton; Fr?-hlm? Ik (Jro.i-hra, Laadoa; iaha A. I>rr??? ft Oa. Rr. man . V urriaaa h Ca.. Brraaa ; John Ha* .a ft Ca., Fhil adalphia IIOTF.L*. AMFRITAN llrtTri., FASAMA, N. O.-THI* BSTAR hat laanl |a th* lar*?"( jwihllr aana* aa tha (.Miami, la ?itnaf.d on MakjtaMa, ia tn* aia.t airy aad haallhf por W*fa law*, aad ia Ina aaalr* of ku'laaaa. Rr kind aad aarafnl a< t*aii'<n. hop* lo aharr Ih* patraaajra af tha anb H uitftvS KLI. aad J U. STAPLM. Frafftaiata. NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. ONE WEEK LATER FROM EUROPE. AIL RIVAL OK THE BRITISH STEAMSHIP CAftABA. The American Frigate St. Lawrence at Southampton. TROUBLES OK THE BRITISH MINISTRY. THE GERMAN QUESTION. The foneentration of the Austrian Troops n the Roman Frontier. DECLINE El THE OTTOS H1UKT, &r>, &??, Ac. The steamship Ca nada arrived at Halifax, at twelve o'clock on Wednesday night, an<l nailed at tnwe o'clock yesterday morning, for UoNton. She will arrive at the latter port early tills afternoon, Her mails will reach tli id port to-morrow morning. The Canada left Liverpool on Suturday noon, the 15th nstaut. and bring* oue week'* laUr news (han that re ceived by the Krunkliu and Arctic the ha* seventy-flve pajscngcrx. Annexed are their names : ? Tier Canada's passengers. Hr?n. MrCorilj, MeKclmi. Murray p. Jl.itlan.l. L?rao*ui vrr, I.euusrd, Lockliart, tjuiut..u, Wuliluirii, Kio?, l.?f?..jr, IlnMing*. Hobrrtunn, Auicr, Bcatie, Itlnck. I'lumjii J.>n. Gordon, Duncan, Miller, l>wjrrr, Arthur, llii.'hau an. I,e 'I-Wliie, Cuiicliiett, Kcadiuir. Moh. II udn iii. Hay li?, it<>?, Tvric, McLean, kliiiKiudtr, Clay, Th?inp<ou, Cup plia, McCnlrni, Dnrnu, Mtiir, Hasting*. |? Car-y, llirbiu^. n'iltnn, Dniley. Mcl'raii;, Llwe, Mrs. Daws*. Traitl*. Urt. Cunuinrliatn, Thonipiun, tVrgu*on. I.orl Nicli?l, Jtrrry. Fehenek, Chnmedlln, Crane, Wrtlierill, Adam*. Jolia stun. Strahaa, McUoim^a, Krruiainure, huull, l.tvarbo.-hurs, 1'alliur, l>i son . Adam*, Donnel. The steamship Africa arrived at Liverpool on Sun.ity, the Uth Inst., at noon, In eleven day*' paaaage from New York . The United State* frigate St. Lawrenea, Capt arrived at Southampton on Thursday, the 13th ln*t., wilb the contribution* from American fur the World'* K.iir. She pncwdl to Erance for the remain* of CiHnmxlorc l'nul J( ue*. The weather in EugLand wa* mild Spring crop- pro mising. England. The government of Lord John Hu.wll i**tUl very weak He cannot get hi* fricud* to rally around him, and it I* now fully anticipated that there will *oon be a dissolution of Parliament, and a general election. On Tuesday evening, the Uth Inst.. In th? Hou*e of Commons, he sustained another defeat upon the question of woods and forests. Lord Duncan moved a resolution demanding a reform in their management. This the government strenuously resisted. On a division, there appeared for the proposed reform. 120; for the minister* 110 So. what with their partial abandonment of the 1'apal measure, their defeat upon Mr Locke King'* mo tion of electoral reform, and t hi* defeat, it U thought they will not l>e able to hold together u lit il after E Mter. The Loudon Timrt insert* frequent keen and *iircu<tic remarks on the present position of the government The agitation on the part of the Catholic* of both Eng land and Ireland, against the pro)>o*cd penal assures ?.f I.ord John Kuss.ll, continne* unstated. The protec tionist leader*, as well a* their party, are making vigor ou* preparation* for a general election. In order, If p >**i ble, to aecure such a majority in the House of 1'ammmi as will impose a four (hilling duty on all foreign coru and breadstuff*. The process of receiving and arranging the article* to lie exhibited in the Chry?tal Palace, i* going on very raticfaatorlly, and no doubt i* rntertaim-d but that th" building will be opened at the proposed time in the month of May. A large Is <ly of Hungarian* and Pol.* ? refugee* from the late struggle in Hungary ? had arriv -d at Liverpool fer America; but on their arrival from Turkey, at Liver pool. they were mi t by a deputation front the L>ud>n d> moeratic committee, who have Induced them to re main in England, in order, a* they any. to be at h tml in raw their aid should is- required to a*?lst the democratic cause in either Trance or Hungary (The arrival of these patriots wa< mentioned in til* Il<ral4 several day* ago.] The English government have, so far. paid or iffend ?8 to every man who will go to America. A fi w of the Hungarians have accepted the offer, but the lYle* ull refused Tile local uaagi-trate* and I he Mayor ?'f Liverpool have hud several interview, with them, to la rsuiide them to emigrate. Public marling* have le-en hi Id to raise subscriptions for them, aud It I* prop ?*ed to havi an amateur |>erformanrc In the Th -aire Moyal for Ikrir h m tt. They are said to be a Boe b?>djr of men. nnd tlttlr firm, quirt and orderly conduct in Liverp-tol. is also said, shed a lu*tre upon their caute. and an impression In their favor, which will uot toon be forgot I in. The Krrnrh Itrput>llc? W> Imi'T but little im-w* uf moment from Krancr. by | thin arriral. The *n kly account for the Punk of France proaenU tin- n n mi rre of that rrpuMIc in thr moat iinfiTimhlf p int of tIi w The bullion In the bonk almoet equal* tin- * mount of note* In circulation. Hi* ft li t.ratlon of thr rnrnlml Hm ?I?o rirrr<?>d ? ?li ftmitr influence upon thr commercial ffwp"iHt; of tin capitri. The manufacturer* and the ?h 4>*?*li' m <r rliantr complain tliat. with thr exception of a frw Kng II h . there are no foreigner* In thr city.

I he account* from thr acrirulturiU di?trict?, hiwecer, arr morr favorable. fur It appcor* that the large *t<?-k4 if uhcat ftrnirrly hrld at Beonce arr nearly rxhan*tod. ?i i ll that thr recent larfr export# to Kngland intlucitl tli > fain. < r? to look for higher price*. It 1? rumored that Ocacral Exaelmtn hn he-n rtlat] to thr rank i f Mar-hal of Frnnce, In thr pi ire af llcaeral IV la Brumairr. who recently db~i in Pari*. Tlir I'n uMlmt hw ri flrwH wtpthI of thr regt??nt* |. iiTlrg T'hH.?. and ha# iwiml ord.-r? that at thrrr review* mi eric whati Tif ahnll be uttrn d A Mcret rocbty at I.llle ha# brrn dlarnrered In the vt ry act of hanging an rfflgy of thr President In thr department* and in all town* thr *nrUll?t* hare brrn at tempt in*, to make ?ome tl<mon#trati<in. but without *uc NM. AH liopr of a fusion between the two brnnchc* of the B< urborn ^family I# at an end The young Prince at I'krtmont, ho* written, to that effect, to the Orleaaiat committee at Part*. Italjr. We hare new* of cartou# con-plracle* an proponed or threatened In Italy, but nothing poaltlre. AwlHfc P. yond thr dlrcaarlon of the complicated flerman quivlion, we hare nothing new from Vienna The Au? trimm are bring advanced. in uniaon with thr NeapoU- j tan#. rkrrr upon the frontier of Rome, with the view of keeping in check any rpTotiitionnry movement la that quarter. Praaal*. II la rioted that a cabinet eounatl w?? hel.l on thr i )PUi. at whirh It wan rroolvrd to i#*ue ? com pcrhenat ve mi niorandum of thr German question Thl* document will, it la Mid, contain thr view of Pruaaia upon the ? bole que*t ion involved in the rrTlral uf the old Herman confi 4< ration, during thr poat year We liam. from oflleiol report*. that the commerce of the 7i.ll Tcrcin ha* locrcn*o.| eonaldrrably Thrrr ha* licen a failing off in thr cuotom recrlpta of augar. ooffr*. and r*w material, but thla la morr than coapenaotrd for in I ho iBcrroar of mannfkrtured good*. B*<fen. Thr Plate of Batten haa pa#w<d a law for the regulation of thr prraa. It* main proclaim* are a* follow* A>-nlitl<inn *f tbr eeaaorahip All ?rt?e|e* In tie M|*e4 *>r the writer. I mitic.a ?w; Ma*t M tefmltt by pakiUhrr* and Mnn. PaMMirr*. printer*, *n4 >M*tri>>*?nr* #f wttrk*. *?? all W *p? ft.r ?k? eaatraW, aad atlkal iakle U arnwt aa4 pro ?erattoa. The t bamhrr of IV-pulUa hoa") i* ? rW llrMe Cmwl. We hare the following torne but graphic description of the ?tat? of affair* in Heiwo Ca*?cl. The political con flict pectus to be degenerating into a aorie* of vulgar quarrel* bctwccn^rince, officer*. mi ni*tera, chamber*. and eubordinate*. who abuae cach other with provincial in- ' teneily . The truth of thin canuot be doubted when we read the annexed document : ? LtlMT MIOCI.AMATI0N FROM BARON H AVttAU TO THE orrio.Ri or thic armv or caiux. (Jr!?Ti.rM*>? : ? I have auintnoued you hi re to 'all you I ha\e b<xB cowaiiimioued, by hia Kojal lliglincaa, to eruah un der foot that pernitloua Ran* tlmt threateni the wclfara of the Mate. Sire? The itueatiou ia who it to rule ? tlnadod ahaudoned, Uodleaa, pemicioua gang, or the government which Hod ha* act up? We ahall ?oo? decide tiin ipieatioa in Caaael. Sira In thia little Stat* the thr >ne la in daugar, and all the throaea in Europe look here and upon na? upon tl.ii little army. I aak not if yon will obey. It ia for that I have called you together. Yon umxt obey, for he who obey* not ahall have hia aolditr'a coat pulled off hia back, and have a blouae put upon him. It ia nothing to you whether tha order* gl? en you, alra, aroVoRatitutmnal or not. II i? Koy:il lli?liu> ?? haa aworu to the conatitutiou, and I have full puwera froin him. I am the constitution for you, aira. I? if any of you prefer the ainilea of that gnu* ? of th? hand of traitor* to the favor of your priuce, whom Uod haa a<*t up? I will pull hia coat off hia back, and put a hlouae on him. tivutlfuien, your aer>ant, Itc. Thi* llepcbin. it ahould be remembered, la a relation of the Austrian Butcher. Cape of Uood Hope. We lew that the KutHr war i* likely to bo more pro Uinn wax at flrat anticipated. Sir Harry Smith, at the head of 5,000 men, hud given battle, and killed i event y or eighty. [Our account* from Capo Town, via Boston, published : everal day* ago. are probably an late aa thorn* received in Knglaud ? Kb. Herald. ] Market*. Cotton, (luring the week, has fallen }?? upon the better ' descriptions, on tower qualitic*. Sale* during the week. 31 .000 bole*. After a dull week, the corn market cloned firmly. In dian corn, yellow, lit**. a 30m.; Western canal flour, 18a. a a*, cd. TUe market for beef is brisk. Pork command* full rate*; huetcru prime, mcax, 80*. a 05*.; W cetera, Ma. a &?>*. Cheene ? Fine at 4ft? , down to middling at 38a. Tallow, 3(V a 38- 0<l IdiuM-cd Cake. ?C> 10a. a ?7 5* Turjientlne ? 1.S00 btU. sold at 7*. per cwt. No aalea of roeln. C?4Tee ? Nothing doing. Sugar ? No change. Aeliea. ? Salea light at former price*. llice. ? Very dull at ? Might decline. The Mom y Market le brisk. Coneola cloned at a | 9C\. Kxclu*juer bill* 2s. higher. There ha* been no change during the week. The Mate of trade in Manchester ia rather dull Meaurs. Brown Si Shipley'* Circular. Ln r.arooL. March 14, Tlie unexpected Increase In the receipts of cotton at the|M>rta. n'porUil by the laat steamer, ha* again de pressed our market '^d. p<T pound, in the low and mid dling qualities of American, and fully \d. per pound in the better description*. Tlie Mam heater market ha* lieen irregular. and. In M4iie Inatiiueea. a eonceaaion has been made to effect **1"*. though generally manufacturer* and apinncr* have 4in*n considerable tlrmneaa. and in the last day or two there haa la-en a ta tter filling, witli an Increased demand for both yarn* and goods. The sale* of cottfHi for the week ar? estimated at CUM) hale* ? the trade having taken the large propor tion of *J7 ! M0 bnlea, leaving 2WH) Kile* for *pecula44oA. and l i'iO for export The aulea to-day are 6.000 bale*. The market cloecd ateady. There ia a alight ly improved demand for wheat and flour, though we cannot qnote any improvement in pricca. Indian corn meal 14a Ait per bbl. Hhlpplng Intelligence. AltitriRAi KitAiia. IVIt i't ? Arr J a* Smith, float-iR. IIbimii. March 7? Sid Veata, and Helena, N Vork. SI I Mem. N Vork. I'mi r, .Ma nli 6? Arr Ann Harley, NYork; 11th. Mary Maria, ilo. Sid huh. Telerraph, ll.taton: I Ith, (ilaagow, do. t'owia. March 10? Arr W aaliiaittoa (a), \ Vork. rrnHivra. March II? Arr lleraehel, .Work. 8ld 7?h. I. tdi.v N Vork. IHai, March 10 ? Sid Cottos Planter, Work; tlth, Al Urt, Ho. ton. CaIiII, Man h .V? Sid tVelWmo, Huston. Ileal. in. March ??? S?ld Indnatrv, N York, and put int> Kiugatoa IJth, a ith her larRo of iron ahirted; l.'tb. I.oreaa, do. I ai.noi th, March Sid Stella Maria. Koaton. Qivoa, Mi.rch 5? Arr Orbata. and tiioi auui llan-o. New Yerk. litAVMran. March It? Arr Vorkahlre. Work. llAMMt hi. Muiah Arr Coloni.t, K York. Sld 7th, Rheia, N Vork llri.vaif, March in? Arr I* rani*, Work. Sid IHh. I.aca rie. N Vork. Jaaaiv. March 7? Sid Mary. N York . Ijviim i.. March 11 ? Arr Joa U'.ilkcr and And* l\>*t?r. NVork. Sid 7th. Hi iiiiM.hi re. N Vork; IHU. W Jarfia, IU ti a; 12th. Marti:*, ami Hidden*, > York. l.iaitBiCfc. March II ? Sid Kllili* IVnnlaon, Work. I.iaaoa. Feb > ? Hid Fayette. lU.ton. MAHarn i.ia. March l?? Arr l-'ui-c. Work Off IJth. A Z. N York. Naarra. March 7 ? Arr Syrenae, NYork. ruaravfn ia, March li? Md AitM-rican Conireaa, NYork. OrvKxaVOW n. Marchfr? Md IMaceton, KVorfc Kim'h ii n., March S? Arr off, Vaneoater MVork. Sim i it i. a ft li Mar> h 7? Sid Ai hillea, N York. St NArauiK, March 7? Sid Jcaanr. NVork. Tona>t, March m- Arr "tiallry," aad aid llHh for llaia l'?r?. ?i? koi a. Ci?RAITAH, Teh ?7? The Tagliafrvro, froBi Work to C? dit. which M h? abaadoard l?ee S, in lat S', l.m II M . wat. r 1 ? ?trjre.l . haa lieca ilrtvea aahor? Bear Mma .ra. Welt t'n*?? of Muri'ccii. with maata cot away, and aail*. y arda. and th* ireater part of her iron work gone. She la full of water, Bad her bottom apparently out ( ?>w?a, March IJ? P S Kri?ate St l.awrenee, f'om Sanda, arrived off tlda afternoon, with the Ainerii an raatrtbutl ?*? to the fJreat Kihildtion. She Lai made the pa?**<a fr-iiu N York in 21 daya. I WCHY IMPORTANT FROM WASHINGTON. Circular of the Secretary of the Treasury. Frriflit Chflisrs uot nlluvwd on tlif luportatioa of Forriw Goorf*. LEGISLATIVE PROCEEDINGS. T1IR HALIFAX RAILROAD SECt'RF.D. j Htm from AD Section* of Ikr Country, lie.. Ac., Ac. (Irrnl*r of the MffrrUry of the Trfnwry rr?prr)ln( Mr. Ilnntrra'a Bill? Freight not to h? Inrlndrd In Ik* initiation of Import*. >V amiimiton. Marrh 'Zt. 1WI Tlif MlfflHai rlrrnlar will ho Wnnt by tin* )?<?.? retary ?f thr Trraeury, to-morrow It U ?a.t..r.too>l the deel ah>n with regit rd to freight wu HmrcJ at, after a I" tig cabiutl (IkuMiuc? nir CTRCTLAR. Tar??t a? Prr?arw? *r. \ Wt?ii<MTaa March 77 IH.'.I | Tbr following Inftrurting* ar? i??u?.| for the atrirt ? wniDrr utiil (nrrrnmrni <f the "ifH n( the Cuetima, In rarrylng Into effewt the pn>rlai?*i? of thr aim. oil art nf Conirr*, ?ppr<T"l .\l Marrh. IVil. ra titled "An art In imrml thr art n-gulating th.' .ippril* mint rf import. J m< rr bundle.- ami for other purjua**," which take* < (!? rl on am] after the M day of April nett It will b* jM rrrlrrd on rxnminatlnn ?t thla rtct. thil It ti?.-a thr prrimlof rtportation to Hi t 'nlti-l ->t it - %< I hi tlmi? ?lu n the actual mnrfcet ralue or wh ?l< j ilc pric* of any good*. *?r?n or merrhamlia*. In tli? princi pal mark, ta of the country which thr niraf ?h Jl harr hern imported Into thr Unit, .1 Stat*a, la to be ap pml?d. rrtimati-d ami aarrrUlncd Thia prori.lon rotioijurn t ly niprraodra ami abrogate a-i much of tlie protieiona if the altt.-enth -etlon of thr Urtfl act of lith Auynrt 1M2. aa require* the m irket r tl?.\ ar ah. h .all prior In I*. .| e?timit' l. ? n.l r tailed at the time when the good* were ptirrh^l The ? ?p. rlntion continiplMl. d ty the act Minit'> a| piyriclUNitely togood* U.I. n on l> >acl a r??? I at a ? hipping port In the country of wM? h the gmd? m*y he llir gfwth pn*luctlon or m*nufVtiir.\ I>??1 lik. wi*# ivp plu? to any gimda exported from an Interlo* country n m<4e fWnn thr aca board hartng no .hipping port. being Anna fir di Mined, In tbr regular rotirw of trail*, f >r ah la ment to arone owner, eonaigmae or agent, reei.ling in the I nlfrd Matea ef which aatWartory proof m'ut h ? pro .Itxvd at the tlmoof entry for riample, g?li thu? . * ported freta Rwlt?<rlaml. being of the origin of th^t country, which can only he. or moat usually are, rxpirt ed through Ik# ?caport. nf France, or good* from .Ha tony Ot lAhrr interior Iktim poaeraaioa#, which B?u*t ba, ? inrvrf U?n?Uy conveyed to a ^uport for exportation to th? Onlted States in the*,, and an*l?*oiu c**.,. Ibe exportation to the United State, m.y be deem -d to rv ,Tr at rri,Ml Wh' n the "00* th. Mun try of the, r pr.Hluct.on or origin. and the true nurket TaJue In the prior, p?l nwrket, H.U country |. to be McerUineaand appr?Wd; to which i* to be added w dutiable chw. the cort of transportation to the port of * upinraU, with the expend* thereat until the Roodi are ?dually l?d,.n on board the vo?ael In which they may i?. l? ,l" Vm*<* StB"< Wu-re Bood, .re .hipped directly from the country of their origin, the bill oflaiin, will ordinarily ertabli.h the period of exportation ?nd in the other caee* referred to, the authenticity the invoice by consular certificate, or in the alwenee of ?uch proof, other evidence Hatin&ctory to the United State appraiser*. may be taken to fix ho id period W-j?.re food. have not beeu actually purchased, the invoice muM exhibit the actual market value, or wholesale price, at the jK-riod of exportation, with ail charge, included. In lieu of Mu h value at the time and place of procurement or niunulueture. a* rinjuired bv the t>brhfh , ' net of March to. t?<Mf* , 7 on en ry may In- ?o uglified a, to m^the J? ? ! h TPL"('llL*Ujr P?"*ha*.d the invoice mu?t a< heretofore, exhibit the true cost of the JhX 7n!? .^ K;.T^:iTtrutr wivti!i SvsSS of ^'"XT rit7 -"tu^'^.^rV 1 1,"1' " price at the per.., 'of tl.eretfTiw , ,1 ''"?i"'1"' "'at there el, all be add -d cludinc in e?Trv T cW?*'" "XC,|H "> '"??<?' and in UMialrate* Th ' , * < 'mr^' f,,r coinmi*,ioru. at the SKf - - ? ra-tAfrTttSEftft: 'lliird ? Kxport italic. co?t of niacin" r K 1 ?hlp. inclining droyaire 1 ile.r l? 11 ,,?? ? ^ , h'ard ?'< ?er to be allow, d i? , , ' '?* . ? ' ? ?!*, ? it hae been th, unit..,m ?i,a e,u ?i h I " T and never more than t^artlj.n h"vt"f*r". known to the appXri bu. ^n i. ^ lo ,i! unleea i, j, exhib.te.i ou the f?c, ^ The iTv i?v attention ,? celled to ,bU item ,.f,;.1 venue ? y , xn;,r:uw ^ ^ d uc ted Ou the Voi*.'* '* J" and in .... ... ?it nt ?f enlrv e. map a, ,n.y ? ^rtain, d' 't^bT-" T""* ,> r diflcreut artiew reenectivelr at th.' "u. l'V '?'r.SK'hM 'mir Z uTnd.rnr' '/ .rn'.V t^dutbl/l'! *? ! phcMol,^, Of th.. l,r.^>!l,,Ui *,v',"r,,n*|rueti..? t . t la.. irr;cfV.;'r?t ^ : "1(1 t. en tut trM* hM U i 1U PUl ,lf"n ,h'' fwrm r >>?' 1 im rt of t i; 1, J; j j /j..p,u,,u t> the d?ty.,he 0, peri .n^ i.l-y f" |1 ^^,'n ?'* " tJ eidi ration, do, - not f , ?o,i. i7 1 """"" r 1 eoiwtnictlon. ee,' clliy |n the ' '' "* ,h?' t, Kal deeiicnat ion of fn'i^ht H dirtlnU" l't 'in* '"Vi'hc't ,n> lliat ae t . eBr, w wT." cour^ ^.r '^ i;x ^55. IKU'^S ?? F- tt year, tfown t- i|?. vn. ,im . , 1 Uecien.u ha, b,f?. thai Ltv ijfht to th" nort f iii J,". '0 wa. not tuni Z 5uV 'H'rt '?P<>rtatioa tr'p'zri ^r.L 5r?? *, ?? HI, nu in pu "mm',' ,'!f .^e ,n !P1'rn"e* 1 ?,e relation. rrMa ctii.J lut e, , " ? ? Ui?e appoints! uud. th'ri ~t, 1 V 1 !,p?r,U'r" ' . .. ?' UtIOUK, Acting feervlary ot the Trwuury. I 1* I'Olti U anlilii^lo:,, UrUWNTATIVK I K.,M CMSIA It If: A API', ?K cow. Jl)^^.?a1 irrr. \ Wawmoroi. March JT. 1W1 M M01 inn b, e? presented to the Pre, Id nt a. the it. r,1"' N UUl'Tr ? forwomeut of Coat. ih. \^Wi'T h" tPfr*U J tU * acainit th, M>nl< Be of the court martial Ihe n>w 'Iriini f Chemp^n lu>it here by IW be Uun, ht-d thia .ftrrMrm *' The rale c/ pew. |? nr ||uUrr., new Trinlly Thurch ?cm. ,,^cnu, altenj'-| I, .W,ul pr. .nlun, w?,^ M|( ,u U|(. ^ *?#? J? iit itf' i'fii>i>. t ti? I jy ? . . ? , uniHil J l,f >r OITJ ?n fjf,-,!! f>r M.,kl,nl.urK ItcliweriM for Cllf.w,d*, B!lJ " t',""ul (', nrr?' "< ?> > ? Won.da for Ue b aited nmi*. A??l<leiit to the Slrnnirr llrothrr Jonathan? Marine UloitKlrri, Ar> K?ltihmik. Nawh 27. 1M1 The atcaim r Ilrothcr .lanathnn, k> mitd fron K?w York for l'Wpt?, ha# put into Norf .Ik in a J.iui.i.; J e lajiliw, l.?r larboard paddle wh.'?l l<4ui( !>r ik. n The fl ??*??< kit l??r on the ?halt. a ? J nrw onwi will hiT<" to be ca?t, and the wfccel taken off T1k.? will t ?k<* ?ix day*. The mail ??e wtit on by a pa*?ftiger The p*.??nj*?r? a?y that the R J In m< gnnd a eca H>at u ever floated. nil thai they intend to Mirk to her Th<' MfMml h?p))"?il in longitude *12, on the '/Jd tontaM, &)0 mile* from New York Thf Harannah p.iprr- citprcM f-?r? of llii> l ? of the eklB M' ill i am Lnnl. fp? thai |?ort for Urerpool She Kilnl on thr Wit iKniuliir Thr ehlp KotM iia. it U iinar bfliftr<l, will he aaved. hut 1 at * roft if al? ut f ltittou to the umbrwritera Tln wnck i f an unknown chip hu come aehore n?ar the Itotvna 1 ho deck U wparated from the htiil N i name i* * ieilJr 1 hp N? w Ortcana mail, a* late a* due, U ree-dred Tin paper* contain nothing i f Interest The llauiidai)' Coin ml ??Ion? s.Mnnlrn III Ulrilra, Am . Nt* OtirtM. Mwok W. 1W1 Major Rartb It. a member ?>f the Mi *ic.-?n llninliry j C< mmlealon. haa arrived from Tixaa He left the nn | miwdnn at Jfl I'nwo. ill wrll, and r"p'?rt? that the diflloiil | ty with the Mi *irao ('oiiinii.<?i nn-r had t?*n arrang"d Maj l'aitl< tt report* the ocritrrenor t?f horrible aeeneaat j 1-aco Hay i u. a frontier town wher- ? hand of <le*pera4 had infeeted the town, and committed many n?nrd>r? The no ml#** of the ComalaebHI raUed ? f<>re? of Ameri | run*, who raptitrtd eight or t"n of the murd. rer?. tried. and tmaodiato'ly hung thi-m -ill One of the paeaoua ] murdirrd by 1 he rufl'i hin wa? Mr Clarke, a ?>n <>f the lion J W llarke, United State* Senator from Ithode Mm! Ice In RufTalfl Harbor, Ac. Ri rrtt i. March IT. HS1 A heavy ?mit h westerly wind ha* prevailed for the p??t >4 hour*, eonenjnently the entrance to the harb<vr la effectually eloped by Ice Sevi-n ateamera and one pr?v p? llcr arr in the ? fling, unable to effi-ct their ingreae or cwtcm Tl.erc are fr .til f ur to fir- milea of ir? betwr-n the mi nth of thr li?r t--r and thi op..n lake, which will prevent b<.?t? runtuntf f?r throe or f..ur day^ Batata are Dow tdrcltM to h are ilrrt t'reek The Alahamaflt Narannah. March 7T, 1 Ml . TliaetraiiuMp Alahama, ("apt l-n<Uow, arriT?d ?t her r?C in (km hour* from Hfw lock. Ml wail NEW YORK I.KOI8LATDRI, BY MORSK'S MAGNETIC Ll>?, NO. 16 WALL STRKKT Senates Anaaitr, March 27, 1861 REMO'lTRASCES Mr Onoi.i presented a remonstrance of Daniel Hit hull and others, h gainst the bill authorizing Wm Beard to build doaks. piers. and warehouse* in Oowanus Bay. Mr. Bmkma.i presented a remonstrance from ship owners. builder*. uud merchants, against altering the may or plan of the city of New York, between Eighteenth aad Twenty .third street* Lieutenant Uot. ('hi urn presented a petition from John A King and other*. President of the County Agri cultural Society, fur un agricultural college. , KtroBTI OM IIUJ. Mr. C*olivi reported favorably on u bill amending tki charter of the New York aud Montgomery Mining Ooaa pan y. Mr. Ckom made a favorable report on the bill from tkr An* mbly. relative to the collection of take* In the city tt Mew York. CRIMINAL rl'NISIIMEJT. Mr M *** introduced an act to lessen the severity of minal punishments. It provides that only wilful murd? and arson. in the first degree'. shall be punished with ilaath This excludes treason 'l ite maximum of ten yeani# reduced to tire years; of aeven, to Bve; of fire, to two; of two. to one l'etit larceny lb to an amount uot excoodiag fifty dollarii. Titr cmri, etc. On motion of Mr Mobuan, it wan Keaolveil, that the Governor of Sew York be requested to* communicate with the l)cj?rtnfnt uf tlio Interior, at MTaA m>d"n. fur the purpose of ascertaining whether the return* ot U,e ccnsua l.av e been reeeivnd at the department, no a# to determine to what number uf Representatives tliia Mat* veil be entitled to ia the Congress uf the ? States, a movement to mtvi-NT bribery, gambling, etc., m ELECTION!. On motion of Mr. Mann, the following resolution, pro* riding for an amendment to the constitution, wan adopt ed All the Senators voting recorded their votes in the ii fill mat ive Kesolvcd. If tho Assembly concur, that the following amcnumcut be proposed to the 2d aoetioa ot article J of Uia , CuBstitutton ot this Mute. Thai the same l ? reterrc-1 to Uit l.ctlslsliri to l.e chosen lit the uext geucral cleetiua of Sena tors, Mud le published for three month* previous to tin' turn ot such election , in conformity with the l?t section of artielv 13 of t ho constitution. At the end of section 2 at art ic to 2 of the conrtittitioii. add the folio* inn words: ? 'Aud aiM to* the depriving every person of the n^lit to vote, or to hole H ii y otftce, who shall, in violation of tne law. Rive, pay, or r* cuve. directly or indirectly , any pr?uue. utoncy or uUiuf valuable property, or valuable consideration, with intent U influence tlie vote of any elector, orto promote the election ot an) i Miididate or ticket, or to rhanic or afl-ot too result ol any election;" so that said auction id shall, as mounded, read aa fo|lowa:? "Lawa uiay be passed excluding Ir?a? tu? tinl t of suffrage all pi rsons who hata been or ni-tj, oe oon ? i< tod of l.rilwry, of larceny. or of any infamous, aad for depriving every person wdio shall make, or boeoms direct ly or indirectly interested in any bet or wa tcr dep a dm* Vtioa the result of any election fr>u> the rifui to vote at eact election, and also depriving every porson of thu ri?nt te *u*( er to hold any i the. ? lio si. all. in % iolation uf law, (il ??. pay. or receive, any prumise, money or other property, ?r*sdua Lie consideration, with intent to influence the v oW of aaj the tor. or to promote the election of any candidate or tieBvt or to change or affect tl.c result of any election." COLI tCTlUK OK KUNra? WIAV I A* Mr 8<.Hoo?MAki n. from tlu- select commit toe roiapoe?4 of the S iialnrn fn in l lrter. 1>< laware, AUiany, heiuw lacr, Columbia. Orunge, Sullivan, bchoharte. and ilnmii ri|M.rt<d Itr liiU uuthoriaing a etay of proceedings fur the coiltctioii of reuta, wit b aunnduieiUs providing I ha* belme a stay U pna-eedinga ia giveu, uiuplc security must filed Hie hiU was ordered to n third rending KILL* tlKalAKDIHU l?TAM ATIL.ItlOS. A aeUct ci mmittee of eight Senator* ? Messrs. eleddaia, 1U i ktnnu. Manu. Kobiiifon. Snyder, Cook. Dimmick. and Tut th ? wa* up|xiinti'd to i aaiinni- all tlv bills It-fore tbe SiLiatc. and select those demanding mum diale acUOA siLLa ruain. A bill to allow St 1. tike's lii^i.utl. in the city vt New Yt-rk. to increase the uumbi-r of directors A biU to ineorporati- the Cohin s Savings llauk A bill to IliciirpolalM the 'I'bistle Sktlb* 1 IL?tilutKin A >p< eial churter ana reiiderid uecenaary, by ti ssoa ol the ulii imp if of the mi uils-ri A bill to n no ml the charter of the California Inland St. i.ui Navigation t i mpany A biii to t hangi' the nauie of Trojau Railroad to Cunt leg burgh Itailroad. mid .illowmg ili. ai w o. ? row VJ.4< i tfl). ana unite with the- l'euu- j iVuiiia axe Ti? ga IkStlrood ? in wonLb'a > am ? m ? 10m in aaaaa. Tin bill to appoint no ugi lit to attend til" iVorid * 1 ?.?; st i.i inli ii. in Is Initt ol Itiosc having articii s mi > xiidx tion reeeivid -I ntHruiaiivc v >ti -. uinl 4 u ^ , bu. an tli;- I.ii utciiant-UoYirnor di ? di <i it to be mi appi. priathiu (if public money to a 1 ? ?i or prieale purpu?* il was le..-t for win it i t one un re vute Hie biii lo Olgultiae a H'paraie brionde of liu.-sar? la the city if New I ork was Liiiitiglil up and il>liod<?l bj Mr. Itrntidrelli, xud nj posed by j.r uu.uuip, aa only aa nttimpt.i ii the pel t i t i. i.i lio.n to have b.ui.i If uuO? brig;id)i r-geni ral it wiis r> Krrod to a selwl c uuunam niiristli g ol Messrs iiiaiiiii-i-iii, Ouiump aud Morgan 0 he i* l ate Un u Ink a n ei -s llie huly ri'Ueiintkd uml ii rupiod the remainder is the afleruuuu in the rtauuig vT biii*. priue.jaeUy e* ? private ualuic. Aaacuably. Ai uvr, March 27, llii Rultliuv naiikOAP Mr V in 1 1 1 a ? obtaiui d 1< ave to introduce a hill to in m us* the capital stock of the Ncrthern aJ 1'ititi ns in ri' pn m utnd to prohibit the sal ? of lnt?ci fading liquors, i l iuhaUtauta ef MuilisonCo., t ir I be iuv mi di.ite c uip'.i tiuu i f tlu- t'aaal. i leui'-ev > alley and I laek Hi ( k Canal i uiargi uient , of itih ibttanta of .*t -tire i'n lor tin rame. of iiiUabilanlf of .Ni^jraCo againel tbe 1. un v si of any flee Mliteui<, Ulih ss by a pr osaW law; (>f inhabitants i f Uinidk (!n for the impoaiti in u ti IL- i u all the railn ad- tcveu, ft ni Un< ids aud Mnut glim i) l>r the i(hcUj i idarg> nnnt ol the Krie i ?iwi tin . fri ui Niagara to on the rami . ubjiel , live, fir a Hi ia ruiviyitg tie Nalioiial liaikrvod, two, fii ui Uu xid^a l'o for the sjiih d) ei tnpli tioii of I In Kria t'anai enlirg* no lit; I' r tin- past ign of thr Coffin bill: f >r thr ri i? al >4 the Trie school law. mid for 1 1m i tiar'.m Hi of the (4d law ? t iiilikbitauts of nay lie, I t spa dy eiiiargi in -at of Lin I.i .i t ii i. ;il, one from uiieaue in. andinj In iin Sf0 i u>a city, i ii tlu si- iue sul.ji 1 1. of eii ix* u? i f ie >y,wn tin n^tut ? ill -ja it, 1 1 i fticcre ol ihe loth ri gmn-ut of III. Nc* furl militia nngailist tbe ri |ii ai of tlu present system uf J r hlbls r a grant ? I land m i rioei - Bay Hu'Juu I ad tki , I I ii.lialnlaiil- 1 1 AlKn.y I r lln -i' - . ei.l i.j ia> n 4 tin trie intial.'t f nillab xam- i.utl .l >, f t, the (iMa^i if a law i.uthi risii.g the tnelivi' rf t MMfeaswn hme^. Ii mi the Niagai ? nt I laelt K'< !> , ? f intolNlaiiU >il isut I vlti. for tin ipevi} ?-i is. t I iioui? iln kta i a.uu i nmrg. a ?Nfctjfctf mhiibili uta 1 1 t ayiiga aud Uun i ?a cuaav t ti tin same s ly Is c t , agauwl | i? r. i mpliou ai .IV* \ t tk or Albany . THR rot frrv rjo Mr 1 1 a v i h hnd k a v ? to iutr alure a bill n rrii'.iiia u thi preendii |.s ol tin Umtltl lOtMMycaav ..r w a- iiiM.tu.'v's ManitlABlKea? -a.i.a ?liiimn te rasa urn ?? IKI *H?a Mr*. fn in llir s.\ utiinllt-a uii i'ul4<r Uiiii^ ?? |H til d 1. lull HUM I'llll |( lilt *< I |T. T,UUV I ?? UM lain ii 1 1 Hi?liiiwli-k a iiratl Mr H tkt. tn in tlx I.iI' Imi uii- 1 iu'ii;<t.- rp><-ttda grnual lor tin ini'' i|?mli'>i if tlituitu tnlvoi Ajwi ctat mti. The Ji?i ' iiirj- I' inniitlx faturitlily ou a Ml nl.lif luilir I'iPimi Ail-fiir; ii lUlirr iiu<; Mr >>?>!> fi in tin M.111 r- miuittf, ii'p.ntl b ? nti.Mj in ihi lull rM i< i liii<( a t "url a( .??,> . u? .-?a ?li?l. in Ihi'fit) if AIImi.}. Mr \> an-**-.. iri in tin t iimtmUi* (A CoJUMW mhI Natliralit n r< |h i u ii * I. ii| in maintain a lorry aci> mm \M? II mil- n i ivi r at t ? itl r|HH k 1 br \\ mlt hcati t a a Ki i klmtil rffnftwl a bill aiu< iijiiid ihi t Iwrti r it I lit- \ iiLi*.' U I'lrri.i ul, i? llir Ccui't) ?.? ?ii i n ritineaarn Tlio ft llnwir.g UUtm rr h purtnl cuiapWr, anil nrj?n( to ? tin: il h a ? An art ann ntni n tin- art rrlitm* to Ihf MnJiag ?f |>a*n I pi ra in th> pull- < f i n?ry in tin .<tat.' 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