Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 1, 1851, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 1, 1851 Page 5
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w . . . . . Xn?W^^ATI0F8 ro* *IRSTCLA.?S m. ?>U ef every domestic <Ulwa, it the Scie* t, Protaat Ht Agency, 7 Carmine strtct, and at the Society's old oAo*. M6 Cbnaebere itmt. ThjM are about the only aimieiti _p? tiraM by tlx Int faiutfiea, and by firat ?U KriwU. The i are reduced, and soUcribera have the privilege ef both Open every day, from 7 A. M. to 6 P. M. ANTED ? A YOUNG COLOR WU WOMAN AS COOK. w Nunc need apply except tuoeo who uuderataad the m and cao he well reemniaeaded. Apply at No. 8 >rt place, between the hcera of V and U u clock A.M. hmaineaa Iwreett WA N T E D? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, a? SeamstroMi and Chambermaid; ohe eu Aeratanda dressmaking. The beet of eity refarmec from her Xat place. Please to call at No. 328 Seventh atroet, between first and Second avenue. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation aa Cook in a private family ? ran ???,e w*" rM?iuaiitii(ti'd from Iter lui?t place. Eaquire at 1M Crwb| ?Imt, tecuud floor, tooui No. 7. WANTED? FIR ?T CLASS MALE AND FEMALE SIR rant*, for fa?julies up town, and in the country ? ^eoks, W altera, Nurse*, Chttinberiualda, Laundresaea, Seamstresses^ Coaehmcn, Footmen, Gardeners, lie. City referenda re quired. Apply at the Agency offlee, 70 Eut Fourteenth ?treet, Bear fourth avenue. WANTED-BY A TOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION AS Chambermaid. or plain cook and chambermaid in a ?mall faintly. L'nJen-tanda the eare of children. Good eity reference. Apply ?t 72 SUth Avenue. _ WANTED-BY A GERMAN WHO CAN SrEAK SOME Flench, a place aa Hardener, Overaeer, or Servant man. In the cilv or country, lie would prefer to find his wife a ?lace in the same family ; irtie understand eeoking and all kinds of female work. Address Mo iSti Weat Thirteenth street , roar bouae. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, TO TAKE in Washing, one who understand! doing ahirta, fine line a a?d fluting. Alio wanted, by a respectable young wo man, a titnation to do general housework In a small family. Apply at 76 Third menur, rear building. Mini floor. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOL'NU WOMAN, a ntuatiou aa Chambermaid, fine Washer and Ironer; Mder-tnnds her business perfectly, including French fluting. The beat of city reference given, la now diacharged, in con ?equtnoe of the family going to Europe. Please coil at 74 Sixth avenue, in the boolt atore. Can be Men for six day* if ?ot engaged. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE girt, a? Chambermaid or Seamstress, in a prlvaUt fatnl 1*. She ban lived several yearn in that capacity, andean pro duce the best of eity reference. Can be aeon at 123 Eighth ?treet, corner of Aatcr place, for two dayi. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH UIRI-, A actuation aa seamstress. and to mind children. Apply nt 14 H eat Thirteenth sin ct, lor two dajs. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTA BI. E girl, to do general housework in a email private family, er chamber* ork, and to help w ith the wall, lug an 1 Ironing, Call at the bakery, eoruer of Congress an 1 Columbia atreeta, Broeklyn. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woiuau, ua laundress and chambermad; can b highly recommended. Apply at 112 Eighth street. Pleas Apply Immediately. "ILT ANTE I>. ? A GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS T* chambermaid; ran give good city references. Apply at B&i U recti wich street. WA N T E D? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young wom?n, aa good plain cook, washer aud ironer; the best of city rclcrencea given. Pleate call at HI Eleventh vtreet. WANTED? BY A COMPETENT YOUNO WOMAN. A aituation aa waiter and chambermaid, or to do tha gene ral housework of a respectable family; the best of city or ?cur, try reference, l'leaae cull at 3tCity Hall place. Wanted? an expemWWI* nurse who can take exelnxive charge of a child ei-ht months old, which lias been nursed by hand. She must lie a good scant - ?treas, and willing to leave town. Call at 111 Tenth street. WANTED? BY A HQUT RESPECTABLE WIDOW lady, a situation as housekeeper, or to take the entire charge of uu establishment during the absence of a family win' may wish to travel. She ia well educated, aud of active lial its. A small remuneration would satisfy her, and the highcat testimonials given. Address E. U.. l'oat Odiee, Union Square. WANTED? BY A KESPECTAB1K u\, A Protestant, a situation as' litre**, or Chambermaid and Waiter, in a r Good references can be gi v en. Addr venieenth (trect, one door from the corn1 uue, Hrot floor. WANTED? BV A YOUNG U A SI ri'ATfON AS Chambermaid, aud to atsist in *.nhing. No objection to ft ft fhort distance in the Man try. J< Hilling to make t< r?eU centrally useful. He-t , it> ref i ucu from her l:ut place. A pply at SI Bridge street. \LTANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Ye girl, as U?ltot| or would <lu chamberwurk an I line Warbin? Can give good city refi renot. PImn rail at No. !*?'? Twelfth street, betweeu th? First and Second avenues. Can be seen for two daye. Wanted? a situation, by a respectable married womi, as Wet Nurse. liar own baby is nine boii tlia old. Please inquire corner of Second avenue and Twenty -acres th street, for two uayn. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yi.un: woman, to do general housework. Is a good Washer and iruaer, ao'i has the brut of city reference. Can be wen for two day *. Apply at 112 Clinton place, Eighth street, in the rear, second story. Can be seen two days. WANTED? BY A MOST RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT rirl, a situation ?< Chamleruinid or Sunt. I s a good plain se wer. flan no objection to the country. Uood refe rence! run be given. Apply at ZSH Uleecker atreet. Can be seen fur two days. WANTKD.? A RESPECT \BI.E YOUNG WOMAN want* a situation aa Chambermaid. Washer and In ner, iu a private family. Ilu* no objection to go a abort distance In the country. ila< tlie best of rlty references from her last plate, where she lived live year*. Call or wind lor three days, to No. 3ti .(treat Jones street, 6r?t floor. WANTED? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG ENGLISH girl wishes a situation as ehainbcrmnid. nnd to do plain ?ewlng; hat the bent of city refereuces; run be seen for three days, at 46 Molt atreet, iu the rear, or address by note for L. ?'C.\ at the above number WANTED? SITUATIONS, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do chamberwnrk an I plain - < we who uudcrstauds her business perfectly well. Please apply at No. Ml Broadway, berper>"nt situation. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY TWO RESPECTABLE young girl*, a* chambermaid and waiter, or taking I M> ?f children. ?nd plain tewing, or to do boumtrorll in a small private family. Please call at No. SI Math avenue, stcund Beer, back room; the l*?t of city rAtntM can be given; bo abjection" to the country. WANTED.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN wants a situation a* chambermaid and laundress; the best of city re fern ret trom her last place. Please call at M Twenty-fourth atreet, eor. Second avenue, for three daye. WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID; IS A good seamstress. and good nur?e; understand* the rare of children perfectly: can be Men I r three daya, at No. ft 1*1 nue II; best of city "reference*. WANT! D-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE yonng woman, as rook, and to assist in washiag and tr?ning; the lest of city references given. Please inquire at NO Twelfth street. WANTED? BY AN AMERICAN GIRL, ABOUT It years of ue, a situation to tak" care of children, in a f*s|wctable faunly. where she would be treated a< one of the family. Apply at No. SO Henry street, for three daya. WANTED- A SITUATION AS NURSE AND . SEAM sir"**, or to do the thamberwork, and help with the wmlilng anil iniiin|. l'lease to call at .'WV Mott street, near Meeek*r street. WANTED- IIY A RESPECTABLE AMERICAS GIRL. nsltu*iion as Children'* Nunw, In some respectable jirirat. family. Call, or addresi a note to Anne, 7M Green wich street. WtNTED? A SITUATION BV A YOUNG GIRL. AS Chambermaid a"d Plain Sewlnr. and would also be use ful in the cure of children. Can be seen for n few daya at Iff East Thirti < nth street. New York. WANTKD? HY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOM\N, a situation as lady's Maid and Seamstr <*, who under stands calling and flttiug dresses, and doing hi miialins. OaB MM*n for two days in the rear of IK I'.rsyth street. WANTED? BY A RESVEt TABLE YOUNO PERSON, a native of England. and a Protestant, a situation as B?awi stress, and In dress hair, or would be happy to vieet with a lady or family about to go Is Kur>p*. and return with them. Would have ni objections to take charge of a child, Ike advertiser having a goo l knowledge of the ?sre and management of rhililrn. Can rome well re n irni'iided. Please to call al No. Ml Broemc street. Mr. Thompson'". WANTED- A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, in a respectable family, as seam?tr<-ss; and<rstands the catting and Riling of ladies' and children a drassi s; or In do thajnherwork or lai' sewing. Best of city refers- n?e given. Please call at III Third avenue, in the Aram maker's store. Can l>? seen f?f two day>. Best city ieftriac-o, WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOM\N, a situation as ehamhermaid and to do statu aowing. Ha* an objection to go a short distance In the eonntrv. Was.- Ml M (real aa object as a food home. Uood cite refi reiioe given from her last place. Caa be sei n at 93 Tenth WANTED? SITUATIONS. BY TWO RESPECTABLE women, la a private family? oae as eook. and who ?aderslands her business l? rfee||y; is a good baker, and will assist in the washing sad ironing: the other as ehamhermaid, aad to aswist in the washing, ironing, or housework. Can COtlwbesteH) reference. Pl??"e call at W7 Thir l avenue, ween Tweati? th *nd Tweaty-trsl streets, third fljor, front reows. Can he eeea for two days. WANTEI?? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE y' uag woman, as nurse and seam?tre?s, or as cham Vermaid anAoesmetress. Has the best of refer" nee. Can he ?eew fiw two daya, at tfl Sullivan street. In the rear, at Hit ooraer of Amity. WANTYD-A STTVATMiN. I?Y A VERY RBSPECT al'le Protestant young girl, In take rare of children, and as st >4 with light ehamkcrwnrk. Can be eeea for two Aaya, at M AaaMy street, where the best ?f referearc will be trfroa. WANTED? A BITT ATION BV AN ENGLISH GIRL to do ? haai*i ~i ? nrlr and to assist ia the waahiag or to Bo genegsl h.'waewoek for a small family; beet of city refer >aao given. Can he seen for -lw s days s't No. IMTwsaty (Ifth strsel between EigMli aad NiHth av tauos, trst floor, back rsesi. WANTED-BY A YOUNG ?OM*N. A SITUATION at chambermaid aad waiter. ?he le willing to make Btraslf generally useful, and (an nm* ?*H recommended. Arr'v at m Greeawleh ttfeel, thfrd Boor, back room. WANTBD? -A IffrATtON WW A RESPECTABLE person |o go to England, (o alt ?d '>? ? "? *?>?' drew during the mug. wo?ld like lo sagsce with Ihe fsmily te rtmala with Ihein until fhey return t ? ??? Y?tk; is en (?able of taking eharre of aa Infant fiw *tr birth: the host of reference given. Can be seen frem one If I wo o'clock, or address by letter, (postpaid.) lo S. t., .t? ttroei. peer Broadway. ANTED--BV A RESPECTABLE OIRL. t 'ITJTA fl tion, as Cook, She Is a good washer and iroadl" "nod ?ity a?fs reuse ean he given. Cat be seen for twu days. .Eleatt a ail ah SI Crosby stree t. frent knaement. Wanted? a situation ar nursr, by a bC sa#e*nblt yonng girl. IS years of ags. or some light ?|. ?nation. Qhl <0 P'?l? sewing Add roes a note lo B. II . U Murray itfW'. or apply belwtea II aad 2 o'clock, at tht a tart Nt. WANTED-A "TfATION. BV A REspct'TABLE yowag woman. A* Chambermaid or Waiter, in a re tpeedahlr private family, tf to do P'ein eewinc and Uhe s*r? af an Infant. Thtl*"<?f oily r>"'trewee tan be gieea. Cnn te seen Air two dtrs. If not tacaeeif. J* Ic ate call at Nt. 91 VtAlton itrtalt >r?t fleer, frjfct r e?m. WA.VTS. ANTED--A SITTTATtON, BY A EESPBCTABLB yeuag woman, to travel with a family to Europe, or any other part of tin Mat**, u* aurac or ?taMtreM.fcrtowwii ?aalady; ti>e beet ol e.?ty reference gives. Pleaoe Call at 125 < ?dar (treat, u|> ataira, from tlit hour* of tea to four. w ante d? a situation, nr a rkspectabue younc woman, to da general houaework ; U a apod plain cook, and an excellent waahtr aad ipner, arwfeau make h?r>clf gen< rally use fill. Bv*t of city r.f.'Mne?. Plaaae call at 1M Avcnun A, corner ef Eleventh atrwet. Can b? mt f< r two day.. WANTED? SITUATIONS FOR SELECT PROTESTANT servant* ? Cooka, Ctomlwrmuii, "-rum, Ueaeral Worker*, haantnmi. k?., at the Putective Protestant Agency, 432 Hudson .tract. N. B.? This U the only reliable *f*acy for the procuring of ProUatanU la the city. N. B. ? W orthy HTTatti arc given place* free of charge. WAN TED-BY A respectable PIIUTE3TANT girl, a sttwation to do general housework, in a *in*ll family, or a* Chambermaid and Walter. Apply at Me. 4 Union Court, Cniversity place. Mood city reference. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOCNG GIRL. A situation as nune and chambermaid; ha* no obleetion to go in tire country. Heat of city refereaca g. ? ?. tan be seen for two dayi, at No. West Wa*hiagtoa I'laoc. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTA BLE young woman; in a (i r*t -rate oook; haa no objection to help to aaah and iron. Satisfactory reference given. Please rail at K?> linurton street. Cau be um for two day*. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, a lituatiou a* rook, who understands her butiueu, and will assist in washing aud ironing. Good city reference given. Cau be aecn for two day*, at US Mou*ton street. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH WOMAN, a situation to cook and aaaiat in the washing aud ironing, or to cook, wash and toon, in a ?mail genteel family. Can be teen for three daya at XB EUhth street, between avenue* B and C. Good city reference il required. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL, A situation to do general housework in a small private family. No objection* to go a short distance in the country, la a good wulier and iruncr. Can bo Men for two day* at 2? Hrnt avenue. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young wouian, aa chambermaid and flue washer and ironvr. No objection to do chambcrwork or waiting in a mnall family, l'leasc call at Fourth street. WANTED? By A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT Wo man, a aituatlon to cook, waah and Iron. Would have no objection to go to the country. Mood city reference given. Can be accn for two day* at Is Factory (tract. ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A Situ ation aa Nur*c, who is full y competent of taking charge of an infaut from it* birth. City refer, ncu given. la quire at 2UC Bowery, or address a letter to M. It. WANTED? BY A YOUNO WOMAN, \ SITUATION to do chamberwork and washing and irrnin*. Good city reference given. Address SS Market street, first Huor, back room. w WANTED? BY A YOUNO WOMAN. A SITUATION to do general housework, or aa C hainb'-rmaid and Waiter. No objection togo to the Country. Api>ly at 7 Bar clay str> ? (. Tu be (Nt for two day*. WANTED? SITUATIONS. BY TWO YOUNO WOMEN, one to Cook, the other to do Chainh rw >rk, and take rare of children; no objection to the eountry. Can be aeon for two day*, at No. 440 Washington atreet, up itairs, in the frout room. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNC. tVOMW. a situation, to Cook, Wash, and Iron for a win. ill private family; ahe in a good Cook, and understand* making bread and pastry; al*o, ia un excellent WJHier and Irmur; or would do clianiberwork, and tine W:ishin* and Ironing; ahe ran give the beat of city refercnoe* frum her laat place, employer*. Pleawe call at No. H3 Columbia street, (lr*t floor, front room, bctneen Kiviugton aud Stanton atreet*. Can be *een for two day*. ANTED.? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG GIRL. 1.1 w ^years of age, to take care of children, or do li^ht chamberwork; has lived two years iu her last place call at No. 70 Mott . t.. Can be seen t r two dayi WANTED- ATI- \ I V \ RESI'ECTABLB young; woj in, to do C h auiber wr'c and Washing, or the h ^ork it* fit id a good Cook. Wan her, and I; ty r-t? r e from her last place, inhere Bit lived four y -..i. i'ka call at No. l?J Twelfth t-treet. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO WOMAN, to do gcut-ral h??utie work, a good Cook, Wa*her. ana lr<>n? r. Can give citv reference from her la?t place. Please call at 123 Twenty-ti^th street, between Second and Third avenues. Can be seen for two days, if not engaged. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL. A SITU.Y. tiuD la d<> general houaework ia a email fririlt family Good city reference given. A pply at XI Twentieth street, between ti n Sixth and Seventh avenues. WANTED? 1IY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL. A Mtuntion aa Chambermaid and Waiter, llaa the beat of city reference. Cau be seeu for tw o day*, if not engaged, at (?7 V :n ion street. ; \tT ANTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUA lf ti"n h? Cham bermtiid, or to do general housework. She is a good plain cook, ami can Rive the beat eity relereuce aa to boaeity ami capability. Apply at the age ucy, 4 Sauda street, have men t. Brooklyn. WANTED-BY A BESPECTABLE YOUNQ t: I III.. A situation in a private family, to do plain cooking, washing and ironing, or chamber work ; ahe ha? lived flve J rare in her last place. Can rive the beat of city reference. ?Irate call al No. ill l'rince atreet, tlrat door, back room, up atairi1. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, ? lituation aa Chambermaid, or .\ur<c. MCM preferred. Good reft rt ntea given. Pleaae call for two daya, at iM lloui ton atrect. WAN TED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT youaa woman, a aituation a? Soamatrea* : uader*tand< dretraiaking in all Ita part* ; Would he willing t<> make her aelf generally u*eful. Would have no objection to go a abort distance in the country, Can be aeea for two daya, at No. 44 Madiaon street. \tT ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE ENOLISH GIRL, A vv aituation aa Seamatreaa, or Chambermaid and Seam stress ; ia a good washer and ironer. Uaa no objection to the country, or travel with a family. The best city reference. Plcaee' call at 13t> Thirteenth atrect, bctweeu Seventh and Eighth aveauea, . WANTED-BY T WO 15 F.SPECT \ BI.E VOI'Nll GIRLS aituation* : one to do general houaework. the other aa chambermaid nod waiter. Heat of reference given. Pleat* apply at !*? Nineteenth atreet, between Sixth and Sevent i avenues, back room, firat floor. Can be aeen fur two day*. WANTED? BY A STEtDY WOMAN. A SITUATION aa excellent Cook; undrratanda all kinda of cooking and I akiur ha* no objection to aaaiat in the waahing and ironing. The beat of city reference given. Can be aeen for two day*. I'leaae call at No. 31 Priac* atreet, ia the boot and shoe atore. WANTED-BY TWO RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT young women, situation*, one aa Seamstrea*, and t - J i plain acwing and chamberwurk. the other. It yeara old, to assist generally. The beat of city reference given. Apply at 3c Elm atreet. Can be aeen for two day*. WANTED? A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE girl, in a small private family, to do general houae work, plain cooking, and ia a (i r ? t'- MM and MM To be aetu at 137 Mott atreet, firat floor, ia the rear, for two daya. ______ ANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION aa chambermaid; be* no objection to aaaiat in waah Ing and ironing. Beat of city reference can b? given. Can be aeen for two daya, Pleaae call or addreaa E C., No. 9 Union Court. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT woman, a situatrn aa Cook; uudoratanda her work perfectly wi ll. !? a go..d wa*her and Ironer. Be?t of refe rence from her laat place. Can be aeen for two daya, bv call ing at 72 Mott atreet, ia the itvre, a few doora from Bayard atreet^ WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation a* Chambermaid aad Seam*treaa, and to do the work of n small private family. Can be well recom mended frnn her laat place, where ahe Uved for two yeara. Apply at Xll Third avenue. RE/" ANTED-BY * RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA TT tloa as Cook, and to do the washing and Ironing in a amall private family. No olfaction to general housework. Tbe I eat of reference from her laat place. Pleaae call at N*. IW Variik street, for two daya. __________ RRT A NTED? A SITUATION. BY A PROTESTANT V T young woman, aa plain took. washer and iroaer. or to d" general b oiaework. Good city reference gi > en. Apply at Ri Tallman atreet, Brooklyn. ______ ANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE w w woman, a* Waaher an l Iroaer; ran do plain mtokin^. Can produce eity or country reference. I'lea*" call at lij East Eleventh atreet. between Firat aveaue and aveaae A. any time for t?o daya. RET ANTED ? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECT t BLE TV youn? woman a* chambermaid an I wait<r. Ha? left ler place en account of the family breakiag up boaackeeping. ( an give the beat of eity reference. Apply at JI9 Mottatr et. WASTED? BY A RRSPECTARLR WIDOW WOMAN with a freeh brea*t of milk, a situation aa wet aur*e. The beat of city reference given. She ia a good drea* mak.r. Please apply at t>45 Hudson atreet. WANTED-A SITUATION, BV A COMPETENT PER eea, as nur-e and aeamstre** or chambermaid and eeamstrrs*. Can cut and make children'a clothe*. Under stand* dree* making and ahirt-making, yid ran do all kinda nf plain tewin*. Tbe be*t of city r*feiwuee given. Plena* call at 1*4) T?i ntj -aeventh atreet. between Leiiagtoa aad Third avenues, t aa be aeea for two daya. _________ A RESPECTABLE YOCNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUA tioa to cook, w a*h and iron, or do the general honsc w. rk of a small family. Can give the be*t ? Ity r-f--r*nt ?*, ai.d can he *" * for two .lava, at her laat plaee >.f employment. ( all at 14* Fourth atreet, two doora from Barrow, faquir* at th* baaemeat door. WANTED-A SITUATION BY A RESPECT * nt.K young rirl as chambermaid, or chambermaid and to take ear* of children. No objection* to travelling or to aettle In tbe country. Beat of reference given. Apply at I.K? Twelfth ?treet. between the Firat and Seeoud aveauea, flroat room, (rat floor, for two daya. J ANTED BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN A aituatl'.n a* > b*mberm*i l nr Waiter In a priv ?t- f im (iood eity reference. Can be aeea fur two day*, at Thonipeen afreet, on th* ft rat floor. ?Wanted? a situation by a respectable TV rirl aa Nurae and Seamatreaa: can be eeen at her pra se et employer'*, 311 Fourth atfmt. for tw* day*. Wanted-a situation as chambermaid and M alter, ft to do I haiaberwork. and assist ia the wash ing and ironing in a private family. Heat of eity reference* given. Apply at (H Eighteenth atreet, between Siath aad Seventh aveaue*. w 1ST w WAKTED-SITUATIONS BY TWO RESPECTARLE ) i-v ng woniea ; one aa good plain Co<ik, Wa*her, and lr> ner. and the other aa Chambermaid and Walter, or Cham I- rmald atone. In<|nlrt at their laat pla**. I7S Fourth atreet, Wail.ingtow square. RET ANTED? HY A RESPECTABLE TOUNO WOMAN, IT h ?Itiiatv.n I* do chambarwork and plain aewing, or to do up fndiea' uine washing. Ha* good city refereaee. PI**** rail at fl FrankUn atrect. WANTED-A SITUATION BY A RBSPBCTABLE young wnn aa. to do plain eo*kiag. la a lr?( rate lauadreaa. aad has no ob>*etion to d* chamlo rwork. Cau b* aeen until engaged, at No. 11 City Hall plaee. la tbe rear. ANTED ? SITUATION? BY TWO RESPECTABLE voting women; one aa plaia Cook. Waaher and Ironer; Uie other a* Cl.anil crmald and tfe*m*tre*a. (iood city re ferenee given. Plea.e apply at M Ea**a *tr**t No *hj** u'..n to go la th* eounirv. WANTI D-A SITUATION. BY 4 RBSPBCTABLE ? mg ttnin. aa C. ' k. who uader*t*nd* her buaiu***; i rdejlti - da baking and pa, try: eaa ahow ?h* be*t nf city rrtrT, nee a"'" assist in waahiag if r*?*ir*?. I l?a*a ?ll at 314 Mott at*."''' ?*?! J??**kar itreet. lau b? *?** t*t tw* daya if act w ~ Wlm WANTED-KY A RESrBfTABLE Y?>im<| WOMAN. A situation k Chambermaid and to U< > plain aewiug T!ie k?tt ut i?hn<N giveu. I'm l.e hcn fur two 4*1*. K the r?,rri-r of Eighth aeenua aacl 1&4 Tweaty-hfUt etrsal, eeeoad Sour. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RKSi'KCTA BLE young airl, to Cook. Wash. ud Iruu, ia a privalo family. Has tlie belt <>t city reicrtuee. Can he serniortwo day*. at No. 9 Fraukfcrt street, in the rtar, third Hoajr, WANTED? BY AN INDUSTRIOUS, WELL HK. OJI meaded. young * irl. a situation to Cook, lia'ac. WmIi and Irvu, in a nice private family. Hkt no ob|rc*u>Q to t^? country. Cau t? Men until engaged, at No. 11H Walkeratre* t, >rtr Ceatre. ANTE I) ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Proteatant young woman, a* Cook or Chambermaid. Can give the boat of city reference. Wu tliM yiwi in btr lui-t place. Apply at 1.17 Yarick street, one door from the corner of Spriug (trcet. WANTED? A SITUATION. HY A RESPECTABLE young woman, a* Chambermaid and Waiter; h*s livsd two y?n and a half iu her la*t place. Can be arm for thr?? day*. Apply In the dry ?tood? ?tore, M Eleventh *treet, be tween Ural and Second avenue*. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUA tiun a* Nurae; can take charge of a baby troin its liirth; ia a (rood plain sewer. Beat of city reference. May be teen at Vi Prince street. WA N T E D-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to ko to Europe or travel with a family, and wai brought up in London, either to wait on a lady, or take care of children. She would retnra with a family. May be teen at 176 Laureoi (treat. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOU NO GIRL, A ?ituation in a private family aa Children'* N urse, and to do plain sewing ; im* always been (customed to take care ef children, lia* n<> objection to do cliauibsrwnrk tuid wait ing. . Tbe best of city reference dvoa, Pluaee call at Twelfth ft rift, botweeb Third and Fourth avenue*, in the basement. To be wen for two day*. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation to do general housework, plain oooking. and washiag and Irouiug. The best of reference Riven. Ap ply at 173 Delaneey street, for two dayi, WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, a* profesacd Ceok; understand* baking and paltry; no objection to do a part of the and ironing. The l>e*t of city refereaoe given. Apply at No. ATI Broadway, within threa doora of Prince street, lor two days. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE C.IRL, A SITUA tiou a* cook, waeker and ironer, or to do general house work for a tmall family. 11a* no objection to go a *hort dis tance in the country. Can be well roeommeuded from her lart place. Can be *een for two day* at 219 Twenty-flfth ?trcet. back basement. near Ninth avenue. WANTED? A SITUATION 11Y A GENTLEMAN TUO rouguly acquainted with the Cotton busiacaa, having br< n rai*ed In >au? in Liverpool, England, with an experience of " year* in theSouth; i* a tirnt ratejclasser, marker, (ampler, and *<ijlnr: would be willing to accept a very ?mall nran nrr(tli<a, or none, until parties were fully citiitto I of hi* c lopctcncy. Plaaea addreM Cotton, W. W., at tliU offioe. WANTED? FIFTY SMART AND ENERtiF.TIC MEN to act a* travelling agent* for a new book, and one that fr?tn it* low iirioe and great value, will tin J a rapid and ready sale. Call this morning at SI Liberty (troet, Bookstore. WANTED? A SITUATION BY A STRONG, ACTIVE youag man, thirty year* of age, a* porter, or would drive a horse and cart. The bent if city reference by hi* pre wnt t uiployer. I'leaae to address J. C., 14 Broadway, secuuJ ??of, back offlce. WANTED? A SITt'A TION FOR A BOY 1.1 YEARS OF age, in a grocery or any otlicr (tore: writes a good hand and understands figure*. Alrase apply at 211 Twenty-eighth (trcet, near Ninth avenue, or 219 lleater, near Centre (trcet. WANTED? BY A SCOTCH FARMER, WITHOUT ANY encumbrance*, of great experience in druiainu;, and improving of waste land*; also the working of minerals. Would take the management of a gentleman * lands, cattlc feeding, Vc. Beat of reference* giveu from my last employ ers. nl?o fr<'in the first agriculturists la Scotland. Address by letter, W Seventh avenue, Twouty-seveuth (tract. Will be attended to for eight or ten day*. WANTED-A SITUATION BY AN ACTIVE. INTEL ligent Protestant siugle young man. from London, a* A(*i(tant Clerk, or porter in a (tore, or in any mauner to make hull self useful. Has no objection to go in the country. Best of city reference can be given. Please address G. Golil (mith, otttce of this paper; or can be seeu at33<> ik street. WANTED? A SITUATION BY A YOUNO MAN, AS Clerk, or assistant clerk iu a mercantile or lawyer's ofliee, or a light porter in a store, w here he would makn him self generally usef ul; i* a good writer, and perfect ut tigures. The best of city reference can be given from nis present pla"'). where hi* time is now expired. By addressing a line to C. M. C., No. 14 Murinn street, will be promptly attended to. WANTED IMMEDIATELY-ONE GOOD WAITER. AT No. 7 Greenwich street. Apply at uiue o'clock this morning. City reference* required. w~ ANTED? A SITUATION IN A WHOLESALE Liquor store, by ayntig inan wjio perfectly understands the busiue**. and ran get the nert reference from his last em ployer. Please addres* T. W. R., at the ortire ol this p.ip-r. WANTED? A SITUATION, AS PORTER IV A STORE, by a steady, sober man. Can be well recommended by his promt employer for the last four years. Can be seen at the (tore for three day*. Please call at the store ?M Water at. WANTED? AT 27*4 BOWERY, TWO FIRST RATE DRY Good* Saleemen, well acquainted with the citv trade, no other* need apply. A. liCROT. A MET NI'RSE-A YOI'NG WOMAN OF RESPECT! ble family wishes to engage in a respectable family hav ing buried her child, six week* old. Any command* loft at 0N Atlantic street. Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE YOU NO WOMAN WISHES \ SITU atlon a* Seaimtrea*. Uaiieratand* dreaainaking mi l plnin aening perfectly. Hint rcferouce given >? to capabili ty and character. Apply at Mi Fulton atrcet, Brooklyn, on Wedneeday, between 10 ud 4. A SITUATION WANTED BY A YOUNO WOMAN AS Chambermaid and Sramatri:**. IIk bu objection to d<> general houae work in a amull private family. Good reterenc > fr lii ber laat plai'e. Can lie seen tvt twu day* at No. 151 ElUatjcth itreet, in the rear. Ayouno woman wishes a situation, as food plain Cook, and to aeaiat in Waehing and Ironing in a private family, or to do general Houaework in st amall family; would liave no objection to go a atmrt dlatance in the country; ha* go,. d city rel< rence. Can be a?en fir two day*. Plea *e call at 121 Twelfth ulreet, between Fifth and Sixth avenuea. A situation is wanted by a respectable young woman, aa Nurao and Seamatreaa, or Chamber maid ami Seamatreoa. Ilcat of reference given. Apply at 17.1 Nineteenth atreet, between Seventh and Eighth avenuea' AG1KI. or GOOD CUARACTEK AND CAPABILITY want* a aituation aa Chambermaid and Fine Walker, or aa Laundrcaa alone. The beat of city reference can be pro duced to a (Too d private family; aone other* aevd apply, at J8 Went Tliirtccntb utreet, fu t floor, upataire. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL. EIGHTEEN YEARS of aire, lately landed, w laliea a lltuation in a reapectable family aa Seam*tre*a and to take the care of one or tw? children; wage* not ao (treat aa object a* a comfortable place. Pleatc call, or drop a note, to 36 Wot Broadway. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN. A GOOD COOK, waalier and ironer, want* a aituation ia a amall private family; ha* ao objection to go a ahort diatance in the coun try; ha* (nod city and country reference. Can be aeen at 11 Oliver atrtet, for 2 daya. AN ACTIVE. INTELLIGENT BOY IS WANTED 1M mediately at thi* oAce. A PRACTICAL GARDNER WHO UNDERSTANDS grtm home aud hot houae in all it* department*; can lay nut a garden ami k> .? j, it in the aeateat order; ia a goo I prvp.igator nf plaut* in general, understands vegetable* in all It* branrhea, ? anta a aituiitmn. I'lcaae apply, if by let ter, t<> T W. S? boa III. Herald offlre; if pt r*. uelfy, at No. ? John atreet, la the Seed Store. OY WANTED? ABOUT FOURTEEN YEARS OLD, to run of errand* and make Mwaelf n*eful BIIIM Noneiiee'l apply without food recommendation*. JAVU B W. FAULK m :W Broadway. DRY GOODS.-WAN'TED to purchase, a L<?T OF aeaaotiable Dry Oooila. I'ayment* part caali and part ether valuable property. Addrcac 0. A., Herald Office. Laundress wanted.-one who thoroughly undir.tand* the bntineaa in all it* dc|>ar' mcnte, and ? ho ha* city recommendation* for competency and character, may applv at No Jtf Oramerey I'ark. Kaat I wcatietb *treet, front IU to II u'elock, at tbe baanmeat door. Retail hosiery salesman wanted -h\mil ton Eaater It Co., Baltimore, are in want ef a Retail lioeiery Salesman. Tbe pereoa moat likely to euit would be a young man from Z! to 30 yeara ef aire, of good addre?e, and wbo, in addition to a thorough knowledge nf the boaiery trade, fneld aa*lat In any other department when required. Salary Mu> per annum, witb tbe prine< t of aa iacreane fur eflnieat atrvieea. Peraon* who ? ? ? ?i ! J like to All the above aituatinn. may add rea* tbe advertieere. etatimt where they w c re brought ni> to bualnraa. with whom they have lived in thi* country; afeo their refervaeo* for eobriety, inlnatry. he. mini* ad>lre*a, and nneieeptionable chartcfr, to can vaae for Hogaa aad Tbompeon'* Illuminated l'let?rlal Fa mily HiMe. with brilliant chromatic cngravlaga ia oil color*. Apply at the bar, Shakapear* Hotel, corner of Duaae and * illiam atreeta, for W. Stephenaon. from * till IJ e'cl< k TRESI RSCRIRER hfing DISENG AGED EVERY Dtv until It o'clock, M. would like, for a moderate eoa penaatiea. be make aa mgao nieat with aome r -p? t?l l? ItoU'e to attead to the tellei 'tag or other biiain?a?. K>tof cltv reference given a* to character aad capability. Addr*** W M the a. Y. Herald office. HOI' B KM. ROOMS, *<T, WAITED, Household furniture wanted.?' the sun eerlber would like to pnrebaae the entire fornitnre of a family (aay tbe furniture of a medium al*ed houae). Aay family about breaking up. ean ami a caab caatom r, by aif dreaaiag a line to l'onov*r, Herald office. N.B.? Would like It a* anon a* the 10th nf April. PART OF A IIOrsR WANTED? BETWEEN TWENTY ?flh atreet aa<l Broadway, en Second. Fourth, Fifth. orSlith avenuea, nr on any one of the above atre<>t*. in a resectable location? four room* and a baaement. for a fa mily, eeaeiatlag of four grown pereon* ? one room to c u. ?let of a parlor. Addreaa J. W. S., at tliie effiee. Refcf> enee* givea aad required W ANTED TO KENT? IN TUB UPPER PART OF THE city, a aeat two aad a half or thnc *tnry houae. plea aantly located. Kent not to 'aeeed $300. Addrea* bog low*r Poat Office. _______________ WANTED? TWO ROOMS AND A RUDROOM. ( UNFUR ?iahed) either with or without board, br the teat of May, by a drea* maker Location, weat of Hrviadway. be tween llon'toa aad Eighth atreeta. Addreae A. B.. Eaat U Maeteenth atreet. (OPAHTNKHHIIIP MOTH KM. THE COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTIN0 between the uader'igaed. under the llrm *f Brodle R Hell, waa dlaaelved on the lat day of March in<tant. All perwona Indebted to tbe trm will make payment to M Bell, wbn will al*o eettle all claim* acalnat the firm, and la alone authorired to e*e tbe naae of the hrra in liquidation. New York. March, l?l (Sigaed),. GEtlRGR RRIIDIE M. Bell rnntiauae the bualneaa nf ? Ink and mantilla ?aaefa> luring, at tbe atore of the late trm i f Brodie It It'll. No. SI ( anal atreet, where may be found a Inrge a**<rrtment of rnabioaable good* in that particalar branch of b?*iM(e. HE COPARTNERSHIP LATELY CARRIED ON I S der tbe *tyie of Tboa. A.Cnttak Footer, (a II, i> day dlaeolved by matnal conaent. Alt d?bta ii?e m oe owing by tbe firm will bo pnid or received by H Illiam l ooter. Tllos. \ i I TTS. NewTork. March *>. I SSI. WILLI ?R FOSTER. TO I.AWTERR? A COU VMEI.I/IR AT LAW, OF ?EVK ral yeare etandUig, (age M,) now en**??d in practice m thi* city, Wialiea to form a law partnerahlu. i r to engar". 4t a ealary, to do office bualneaa, <riih a ?" ofllri- having a g. oil pra< tVe Wnnld bring bi* (Mte linr p-ndiog late Ul? '>? ' Addreae M. 0., at this * ?*? T LOW, Ac. i fQ Hit WARD.? LOST. IN TUK NEHaUUORUOOD , 1 of Pine Ptfi'Ct, ft <;<>M Fob rhitin. with * I H*?! i : at t jtuiied. Au> |-*r#on returning n u 7.' I'm*; street, 1 mil r*c??iv? the ubove reward. I I (? ST? ON HON OA V, JI8T INSTANT. A PMAI.L J Scotch Terrier : ii?? <m a Ww? with the iuiti%la ; >it J Richards. The finder will be auituVly rewtriad on

leuvinp It at No. A*?4 Broadway. I * OHT-ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON. MARCH 29, AT ' Mj viblo's, ii breast pin, made of a lum'i of California . r^^iBMinf I Ii *f. Itii ?nlu?il nuioh kv thr luMr, w tt ' ?!?? u priukt. The tinder will be liberally ruwardad by I lt?uR|; the mm at t>7 Pearl atevet, New York. I,, ST? OS M'NIMY AFTERNOON, IN PASSINU J through Tenth street, Ipoin the ruri? r of Third l?nHl | to liroadway, aail up Broadway It* thr rvruer of Fourteenth ?ir< * I. a ' hated |C?1 J lira, < let, vr hand. A suitable reward viM I* paid on return tif the uue, at So. 40 Piu* street, op ftairv. . "IMT ATen I.OST.? -LOST. ON MO VI) A V EVENINQ, TT between Murray and Twelfth (tract*, in llr?adw?y. a C*M l.eplne Hutch, with a silver lace and *teel hand*, having tLive teal*, a (fold locket anil ailvvr wateh key at tached I v a watered silk ribbon. A lilx'ral reward will b?! paid to tfie finder, ou returning the unt to the Callage Uotel, No. 2* Murray street. G'l RAYED. OR STOLEN, FROM TUB SUBSCRIBER. ? ? Blue t'otton Umbrella, valuable for eight yearn' hard nrvieo. The ow ner being a pontiriou* individual, will ha uadi-r infinite obligation to the finder tor returning it, with out rhart'c , (Ml frie?.ds d< frayiiiK the expouac of thi* inser tion.) and thereby further oblige the M road nay Oold Tinker. ' J. M. M. THE TURF. Sf POET in i ; ? in* n t i \ i : l'ARK ,'i'or rse? trotti n a * cou. mince* April S and 111, with two sweepstake*, purse* close April Sth. Amount of 91. Mil, to coma ?> iu April, May aad June. Sue advertisement la tha Now York Spirit of the Time* also. Matche* dote half forfeit. Amount of $45. Look out lor lite tport. E. t AMMAN, Proprietor. RED HOtfSD PLEASURE GROUND!? TllOTTJVO.? Thi* day. (Tueaday ) April Ut. A match an t Purse. A match for $1110, will coin- ok at 3 o'clock, 1*. M-. between the b. Carey, and h. f, Sbtpherdena? mile he at a to harncsa. Immediately after, tt purae of Ji'i wilt be trotted for. Mile heats. boat thru? in tive under jaddle, for horse < that never w on a purse. Tha ow ner enter* b. m., l)olly I'arker; T. (.re. n cuter* b. a., Black Joke; P. Helun eat- ra uh. g. Johuuy Lemunpeol. E. LIT?, Proprietor. FLORKTLTUHAL. HIQGINS* NURSERIES, FLUSHING, U I? NEAR New York. ? Daniel 1 1 igx^ri a r< oiler, fur sale at Ilia uurae ries. a large aelect kMortment of Fruit and Ornamental 7Vee?, Flowering Shrubs, Evergreen!, C'aruatl i:i, llerba reoul, and Pcfer. ui:il I'l inta, Dwarf 11 ?< for (iarJ< n Kd^lnx, tie., hie. Ml, (*.<(? (>a?i-? Orange for llcd?rea. .Vi.UUO Double aa aorted Altlieaa for lledgca. ai.UW) Arhorvitir, tor Hedge . 10.IHMI Attorted Euontmtua, ffcr Hedge*. IO,(W>Th"rn Aeela, fer Hodge*. The choicest variety of Pearx, Appl??, l'lum?, Nectariuaa, Apricot*, Peachea, C'lirrrie-. wince, (looac berrie?. Kaaphcrriea, Currant*, Straw lierriea, (1 r ipj Vine., Fig*, bir. Among the variety of Omim Tree*, i( the I'aulownia Impvrialia, larttu and hrnuel^eil. Also, ? lar;e ?took of Oroameiitul Tree* adapted for *U#et flauUpj, avenue*, und pleAinra gru:ind.J. AUo, a variety of Ever green* and l'lant* aduptcd for lledz"*. A gr< a( variety of t'reepinr Yirea, among which are a variety of Prairiea. Mul t it1<i i-M. i.rcville, and Koiaette Roaea, lloauyauklea. Wistaria, or Olyeino, Evergreen Ivy, adapted to cover aljno build ing*. Trumpet Crvipcra, and many other varietU*. The pro pru t' r return* mi ny thanka to hir Mi'iidii and Ut* public, for the many fay ra lie hnr received, ami tfhich haa enabled him to ax tend Li* nuneric*. and hope! a eohtinuauoe of th? fume by a ftriet And puurtual attendance to all order*. Yi aitera are invited to aclect their own trees. Tree* carefully packed and *ent to all part* of the Uaiou aa ordered. MiaCKIalaANBOUB. A FINE UltELN TURTLE WILL HE SERVED UP IN *t?uka and aoiip. at twelve o'clock, at the Bank Colfcc House, No. II Pine atrect. ISAAC BALI., I!> FRONT STREET. N. Y., DEALKR IN Cannon of all aiiea. Shot, Cartridge*. Armament Cheat*, Muaket*, Koarding Pikea, Cutlaaae*. aud Caunoa Carriage*. Braaa and iron Six Pouuder*. couitaatly on hand, and order* tilled at ahort notice*. DAGUERREOTYPE? THE SCAI.K PLATES? THESE plate* ur? warranted to lie perfect, and to give to the Dagucrrian imprewion a richer tone than auy other*. They arc aold with the privilege of returning any of them that would rail to give entire *?iiifaction. Address Victor Biibop. ?J Maiden laur. DIAMOND GRAIN C.ITNPOWDKR? JUST ARRIVED per ahip Helen*, I2.IXJ0 lb*, of tlii* favorite Powder, as ?orted brand*, in pound caniatera, packed in 1~> aud 12 ll>. keg*, fi>r tale by W F. BROUUU, 117 Fulton atreet. PRIN1IVC INK, OK EVERY DESCRIPTION. AT NO. K< ae ttrcet. .New York.? John O. I.islitli idy la cou ?tantly manufacturing and haa alwaya ou haud every variety of Printing Ink, from the tiuoat black and colored to new* Ink. which he warrant* equal to auy ever manufactured, and at aa low price* a* can be aold by any regular manufac turer. Order* forwarded by steamboat aad railroad to any part of tlio country, by uddreaalng a note tome at .'H Roae street. New York. P. S. ? Thia paper ia printed with iny New* Ink; alto, a great many otuer paper* iu thia city, Phi ladelphia, Boston. Baltimore, New Orieau*, and other uitie* find towni in the United State*. THE BROTHERS THOMAS, FROM PARIS. WIIOSR establishment ia situated at I4M Wnoatcr street, call the attention of all person* w i-Uing to have work* of decora tion anil ornaments in carton plerre. made on the new and j ? Id atvli s, to their atock. Tuey take, al*o, order* for paint iug*. gudliig*, for apartments and frames. They have a choice aelection of beautiful Rosacea for ceiling*. OAKUM.? T. It J. ALDRIDGE'S HUDSON COUNTT Oakum Worl*, Bergen, lludaou county. New Jeraev, one and a half miles from Jeraey City ferry. Parson* wish ing to go to the w ork*, can do no by taking the atage at th* ferry, that leavea every half hour. I erton* will please, when they tend by nail, aay what kind they wnut? uatra auperior, or American N'avy. HB JONES, 14 ANN STREET, NEAR TIIE AMERI ? can Huaeum. ? Buaines* Hoot a, *4. fine French Impe rial Dress Boot*. (4 SO to usual! j %6 and >7; French Pa tent Leatlier Hoot*, %*?, Congress Boota, $.1 Ki to (4, Frenak Water Proof Boot*, from $4 50 to $tl. Quick aalea andamall profit* i* my motto. II. B. JONES, U Ann atreet. TEETI1. ? MOST BEAUTIFUL-INSERTS TEETH, without pain.? Pootor Kayeor'* Artificial Teeth, with brut !#-< ar?t |?>ld at $2 to $3; too *llv*r du., $1 tu $2. OB*a 374 Be * try, near Fourth etrvat. STATIN HUn FAN IT BOM ?MpBHt Office No. 3 John atrect, New York.? The proprietor* of thi* etfal lirl.meBt, wIium dying aad flaUliiui; hare been *? li nn and favorably known to M.a ootumuaity, are ready to reeeiv* order* fur dying and cloaniag ailk, woollen, cotton, linen, and faucy good*, ol every Uaeeription. in the brut man ner. _ BAR RETT. N Ki ll K U S ft CO. HO, FOR ECONOMY !? ROOMYS LIQUID GLUE IS ?ata rproof. and r? quirea uo preparation. It in tantly n?it<-? wood, martle, glaaa. ivorjr, porrelnia. p?p-r. or an* known *u>at*nce; i* cheaper than common glue, and much ?trouper. fbildrin can uee it, ladle* tin u*r it. and thereby tare much that would he loft. The ugnh t of year* thU article li** been before the public, and the uairer-al more** it ha* met with, are a mr? ruaraatee of lt? quality. S.>M. wholesale aud retail, At toe Depot, 3W,'4 Broadway, near Walker <trcit. WIC8 ANIISI'AU'S - CI.IREH1 lill'S VENTILATING and perpetual flttlnr wij? and aoalpa. which, for elc innff. lightueae and durability, may Im placed among the tr*t productiona of modern art In their Maaafaetar* they differ froai all other* ev er made here. The hair I* in< *m/ly in*ertid, aad to equally diet ributcd, a* to appear Ja?tl*eain< from the rkin. In their form the* rorer no more of the trow than the aataral hair doe*. Cmnpoaed of hair which atrer lofe* it* curl, and by tha a*? of the flat rlaatir <prin ; (made *?pr<Mly fur hlineelf) which neither eorr ? Un n. r loaea it* elaatii ity, they At *o cloacly to the head, that the nioit critical obeorrer canaot p< net rate tha deception. The** are a few of the advantage* hi* wig* poa ?*??. The egperieaco I and practice of twenty-five roar* eaalle* liim to a*-ert aud laaprction will prove the tact, that whatuver < aa enhaare the beauty aud elegance of a fine head of hair, are combined ia hi* ? i?", aad competent Judgea have pronoun I them aa near t* art ran approach perfvetiuu. irillroadway, oppoaita l|n? ard'* llot. I. A CARP-MIS* SHEI'II ARD RESPECT Hf&fcV IW form* the ladi** that *lie still operate* on the hair, by h?r | ro<'> ??. (ha in eaaliled to refer to ton* n the m"?t r* ? oec table ladie* of thi* eity, and nobility of England, whoa ?I, c l ua entirely cared of grey hair and baidaeae. So maay noatroma being in tha market, ah* doea u?t require to *iy m< re. Mir* Sl.enhard, 6*4 Broadway, two door* from tha I'aitarian Church. CORNS REMOVED IN A FEW MOMENTS, FREE from paia or danger. Bnniooaaad had Nail* alao akil fully treated, ly l*r J. I.ittl< field. wh<> haa given bi* *atir* attention in thi* city for the pa-t *leren yaar*. to th* treat Kent of three diaeaae*, and >hra< pa--. ??>?.??** i* a *nffl i*at guarantee that ha nndera'aad* nia baatn-aa. <>? a (all Broadway, corner af llouiton atroat, aad 41 William *tr?et. Earhnnga Building*. Order* promptly attend I to. ERI TTIONSOF THE SKIN, SCROFrL.t. MERCURIAL dlae?e*?, Itch, ringaorm. fait rbeom. barber'* Itch, l lotrheder dlacol< red *kia, pimpl** aa fie fa, a, A: - ? E. J. f'*rroH'? RMktM Vapor *alrnur. a-id Iodine Rath'. 4.1 Barclay ftreet. are nri(im>nn4 by tha moat aiaiaaat phyeic fp.a* a* a remedy for the above aoanplalatd. A MAY WITH CATS, For r.i-? *nd rata, la caller, loft or rl<>?e4t You'll qnickly kill If Lyoa * I'Ul Vau eufely tl ?re depoit. If near the nauat* Of roaehae, ante, Or I yo-i pla^ the pawdtr, Tl ey'll eat ?ad die. Tin .(h ye a aad 1 *T would hurt ao mora that ekowdef. Tor ?*!* at E I. VON m de>..t, O' Br?t4?if, NewT?r?i ruiadelpi ia, Bay* k Co . a?raef of Siith and Cherry MMk Dr. < m'itmdI-r water ci?rs akwyHi treat, at M. naonvllle. Nafthamptwa. Maa* . Iia? Keea fa peaod. Tha Dt > i?f if the earlieat t|?ie of I'rieaeait*. an i th* aatal'liahmeat, dtwated l? a pl?n?a^t and healtf ? uatataoa* eouatre. baa an abundance of iho pureat aad ao de?t iraaite water. For further partlealar?, arply to Wip. Kadde, 332 Sr< adway. New Turk; *r to tha Doetof, a* Matt, Dk KKLLINOERS' linimrmt has been NEARLT tea year* trff re the poblie and tried by th* heal J?d(M i?* tr*t friead* are a"w it* beat. It care* the heare*. aud all manner of old afraia*. *ore* and brulae*. apoa the horae. and work him daily. ??e af tha moat roaiiariBf pro?f? tliat it exceeded upon merit* I*. that a ford *1* noroe team rould bar* haal 'd alt th* eapttal that the Dorter bed t* luten wh< a he r ^mmeneed ha il williaii to admit he ?*a Bot worth m?f* than Ha n. A??or: lilt a* time aad tbina* are ao eery ua^ rtaia. it ia hard to tell brw *ooa he ?ilT he. D.-pof^, ??? Fearl ?tr-et, 4t4 aad #7d Broad a ay. Amon? the world'* brightest JwU-a, who bare need it pinee it* introdueti'>a. th* DoeWr. WltA great prida ami p|. aanro. refrra to a few oat of m*a? thon ? aad* - We-ra. Ri|pR Itrown, Mr. Iliram W..odraC ??? liawi Whelan, Wm. Cowaa, Wm. P Sparke. Re. F' r th* moat woaderf ol partionlar* aad aatoaa liac nirea. *ee hi* advert ieemeat* ia tha weekly i-apera reae rill y spirit of tha Timea, N. Y. rieayaa*. aad aft th* Sand .r pap?r?. H~ ORSFS, IIORSeS"? nW.BM 1,1 MCT VsMAI.L ESTI mater (tha numb, r of IwfM that have beea eared o'uriag th* paat year, by the nae af H?yt'* Colamblaa Uni meat. Tie *tronpreet kind ef teatlauoaT. from tht beat iudgeaof he rae fleali baa been v< InnfarilygKen. allallowia* II to I e t M eery !?**? ever madr Maay afeerplWrtleel veterinary ? orgar n* *iv* it their liearty approral. The f..||.,w ing. fr..m Ripl R Browa, tha tldi ?t ard laryeat atage proprietor* in tbe w< rld, who have fi r a number af y*ar? ;? >* <? *">1 f"J tin ue to uae thi* irn ? n t etelutirely They beep nearly four I endred horae* la their Immenae e-tablialimeat ? " Ne* V- rk. Oat. f. 1^4".? Hat iag a-ed Koyt'i ('..luml >*n l.lal meat ia our atablea aeme year* pahat and found it a me?t eieellriit aaii apeedy rrmi <1 v in Binny rompiaiuta iaei leatal to hor*e*. w* n?r*?> r?n mmend Ite gen'ril ?a? ia '??< af eat*. I rulaea. atraina, aorea, ehafea, *weliiBg?. atid man} other eoaiplaiata not herein mentioned. The ptiblle eaa re 1 r tifK i, thi* rvr.ed* to be all that, i* claittwd for it br the pro prietor.? KMT fc BROWN." To tlit'coald be added almilar r> ? ow.mend*ti> aa frc ei aearly all the nrlneipal ata^epeo irietora aad b< r-a r wntr* in the I'uitrd M.ilea, he^i lea a vi'lume of evidence of tl > iiaamla of reBiarkahla and itame dial# rar?? i a man and hor?e Sold la ettra Ur<<- bot'lea at f wa nty live and t fty e. nt?, w!'. If ealc and retuil by?!r?n. leaf h Ria?ley, r-1 Veaey afreet; M-rriaon. W t hathaia atreet: Snifen, UV Htl4?p* at re' t; Lyoa*, 471 Iran i * t r?- . * Mra ll*ye, 179 Faltati atre<t Hro'Vlyn. W?nu'*<-tory If Niatb aveaue, a '.rre i rd-r* *M b* AU?ak f?r 4?*<a, *r nil bv.Li.rH grawa HPORTING. /Tift frUM&s gukI'ON kennett, es^-at tiib I torrlin^ of GteSarsoa aud lfy?r, at V?> 9 City Hall | place, <*a Monday uubt. Hyer was S'toutpauied bv Hume six ar right friend#, aun (ji?wli-r?o? the **tue. Mr. (ioodorson | ftilrd that li? war pr? |>?r> 4 tv tight Mr. Hyer iur $>3,000, ami mak* it tor $3.0UG betwrr the expiratt?*> of six iu<*mhi. Mr. )ly< r refun d to make the match fur It titan 1\600. Mr. Cioodertion stated that h?* did not care for m*uey in this mat ter. tut -unrly to satisfy Mr. Hyer that he could whip him. A tri?ud uf ar. Cioodcrson *tat-d that it Mr. Ify.-r would wait for one treek, ttiev would tt prepared to inaka the mateh for tftf. Mr. Hyer #tat?d he would notfiveou? hwur. Mr. flyer and bu friends then loft the room. A V EVE WITS' EW. C ^ A Kb. ? TO MK. THOMAS IIYEK -HA VINO NOTKJED a ? ard is Ihv dk II > paper., mtwf that you will fight ?u} Ri ho id the world for J?IU,UUU *???!?? I hare not got >I0,0U), 't is trui ? but If Mr. Gondr r?on n?t make a match with v??. I -will make a. Mini with you for $.1 l*W aside, the tig lit to * oia* ?& tlirre mouths from the lime the niatch i. made. 1 I. ate iong.mce retired from the prise 1 1 a *. bright i. b fret Z im-trs, nud my *t ighrin |.**> lbs. I thin k I toulrf pi*, you kr good u round a* ever juti h?4 In fuar life, for further information, apply at So. 9 City Hall ?<|U??. IIOII ISAAC'S. SI?0*TINO.-A CARD.? IIA VIVO NOTICED MR. Thomas Hrir'l challenge to fight any man lor J.l?,tt*?, I would inform the public that 1 am prepared to tell a ? good Irarri} wine, ale, aeri if^uri, a? any nmr, (barring neither wo if It or aire.) and m ill guarantee to give aatiafeotion. by railing at the M hile House. corner Jay auil Conoord street*, llroohlyn. And I beg to .late that I hnv. not t.??u drawn into thin, lut do it of my own accord, ani for mv sole bene ?it. HK. S. I.K.AC II. INSTRUCTION. POLYTECHNIC ANI) COMMERCIAL INSTITUTE, Jersey City. Hnrnuins, No. 6 South street. Williams' ho* . No. Y? Instruction i. given in the Commercial Ikiuiu, Uut hematica, Modera Languages. and their literature, in the Natural Science*, particularly Geology aud Chemistry, as applied to tin analvn.x of Ores. and u> Agriculture. The pu |.fla who board in tlie family will We requeued to apeak, al ternately. French. German and Italian. I'or urmi mid fur ther particulars, apply to EDWARD DELLEN III'KCII, l'rofeuor of the Natural Sciencei and Fc reign l.iterature. Ia ttera to he directed to the J.rsey City Poat (IBcl. OLIVER B. GOLDS M ITU'S WRITING KOOM4, NO. 2-? Hroadauj. tint corner above the Irving Houac.? Term* reduced one-half. Tit ; ? %2 V) for ten leseoea. one hour each ? stationery 20 cents ; or tuenty lesson. lor RA, including stationery : payable on subscribing. Luliei classes, at II A. M., and 4*, o'clock P. M , dail). excepting Saturday*. Gentlemen. at y A M., and .1. 7 and H o'elook I*. M., daily, ex cepting Saturday. I'rivate inatrnction, (at the only, ) > . For atle, Goldauiitli'a G.oaa of r.uinauahip, $1 SO. j f'RKNCH AND ENGLISH PRITATE CLASS SCHOOL ' lor I.H'Ues, tt I Kur< p?*n. No. M Kaft llroitdway. Writing, ; Composition, Aatronoiuy, I'irnno, Italian. Ike., Sic. From , one to four Usiiuna. weekly. Terms from $1 to monthly, ! in advance. I'rhate pu pi la visited and rvecirtxi. School* f and familiea attended, a In clasae. WANTED? BY A LADT, LATELY ARRIVED IN tlila country, a situation iu a school or private family. SI e I. a? had a thorough French and German education, ami atiidied the Kugliah. AdUrtas , 111 Fourth street. ?V1UMO millinkhy; TO Til F. LA DI CS.-PBV I K KIIII | HTS .'17.1 II ROADWAY, ha. iuat received a full aaiortuent of new Emliroidarioa, Luces, Hosiery, Veils, Gloves, aud black Lace Mitta. black i flouncing Laces. Muslin Trimining*. Flouncing*, liaada, ttc., : which will be found und t the uiual prices. PAK1S MANTILLA F.MI'ORIL'M, 351 BROADWAY. ? Tlic ahov? &&tucd |*r> uii?v? nill be o^m-d ou Tuesday Bixt, the lit of April, with an entirely new Vnd extensive im- | p< rtation of the very lutekt dcoiuuM of Muntillai*, from the iiu-ft dihtin^uiahed tivbru ant# of Tariff. In duvotini; hU at tentiou to tbe ex<liiM\c importation and manufacture of tl.ine elegant appeuda?6? of ladies' attire, the proprietor ' dtrnit?it neceesary to ol???rve* that ahiUt 'Ma constant Ktudy j vill te to prer?nt the very l.itent ami mot<t approved I fiuhiORf, he 14 hImi dett-riuiued that cbteipneei* rthu.ll be a , leading churacttrMi uf Kin c?tabli?hment; and buinf c??n m cted with rotne of the \ery liri?t hou??i iu the French capi- | tal, be jw.rsertrti'rt unu?ual faeilitiea for a< eoiiipliahing these | ol jecto. Novelties will be coiirttiuitl v received by every Ku- f r? i?ean steamer, l'be in-p' -etion <>f ladies i-< m ?!?t reapect- I vlly solicited. liEO. liULFIN, .'V? I llroadway. | IaIKEM' II CCIK.^KTS.? MISS C. 1AENKION, FROM PA- i rirt and formerly ?>f IM Broadway, Milliner and Uresn muV er, hegi to acquaint her former patrons, that she has just rtecived from the fii>t manufacturers of Tari.i, a large assort luent of Corecte, w hich she can recommend for shape, dura bility aud price, which ranges from twelve i?l.i!liug nud up wardf. ('mi be examined at her residence, 63 White street, three doors from ltr?adw uy, w est side. MATRIMONIAL. Matrimony made easy, ok now to wis a lover. ? Professor Law ton. of London, having arrived in Bufti.ii, will mh! to any KilUrtm. on r. CI lyl ouc dollar, post-paid, plain directions to euable ladle* ur gentlemen to win tt.e devoted affection* of the opi>o*ltc *e*. The proce** in aim pie. Initio eapti ratine, that all may l>e married, irre spective of aire, appearance or position ; and last, though not lea-t, it can be arranged with such cue and delicacy. that detection ia imp.. -ni l,'. Address Professor LAWTO.V, Boa. kl, Mis*. No letter* taken Iroui the 1'oat Office unless the ace ia paid. II ATS. HATS.- PRBRDY'S is THE OLDEST. AND OKI Of the moat fashionable hat warehouses in London, neat door to Temple liar. OILED sii.k.-h IIITE AXDYCLbOW <>F MFTll rnt qualities; ?ln?a button* of all colon*: elistie braids for liatter*. fcc., fur tale at KUULliAAT, UKOl'UKKS. tt Jol.ii street. FINANCIAL. PEOPLE'S BANK OF THE CITY Of NEW VOKK, Mor'-h ?th. 1N?1? This IS auk will lie oiieaed for the transaction of buriass*, at their Bunkiag lluuse, No. 173 Cutlltnet, kt??? V uri> k and lludao* street*, on Tues day neat. I'ir.t of April, when the second instalment of ?) per cent will le payable. JOHN P. YKLVBRTON, (., WiflHH t aahicr. President. NATIONAL BANK OF IRELAND. ? DRAFTS POR lar>re small amounts, on eatd bank and Its branches in irtUuil, and iu;enU in England, Scotland, aud Wttles, fef ?ale by C. E. HAHICHT, Bole authorized agent of National Bank of Irolnnt for the United States. P.\RIS BANKERS.? TIIE SUBSCRIBERS, AGENTS FOR the banking house of Messrs. Allies It Grand, 14 Rue de Yrevise. 1'arfts. mil open up<>n them f r parties itn F_ porting goods from France, Germany, and S?iU?*rland. AUo, It traeellers going to the Continent and Is England. For terms, spply to C. E. II A B1 CIIT It Co.. Wall si. C in fWWI 1,1 ^ -*1 " * ' v N > Hy.<\'VJ TAItl K DRY ^ I vjl/vv Goods Jobbing House, desirous of soeur I iitfc the services of an active business man, who esn iu flumit the abote amount of sales, will please address a | lint to b. at the IKrald office, stating where au inter miy be had. AAA H IXTED OH BOND IND MORVO IOI, yJjtJjvJvJY/ on a nets four st'-ry and basement brick house and lot, in nc of the principal streets in the Ninth * ard. at six per rrnt No brokerage allowed. Apyly to B, K ENN EDY. No 1(1 I ? rry street, up stairs. Advanced? ca*ii advances made by \ j mob J nil. I.KI Greenwich street, New York, on all kind* of hsi disc courif n< d t ? I J ~ ? . 1 1 iuct? >n and rt>mini?*ioii no r mt N .V? Sout i, ? .. r t r t I > . tin r ? ^ ? > .1# - ? . . U t - I* *rt icu lar Attention riven to dry goods, elothing. groceries, it!*. A.J. MOKKEIala. Agent, IM Greenwich street, N. Y. "11T A N TED? A PERSON WITH A CASH CAPITAL ? ? fr ni ftl.OUU to to engage in a recent and valua ble invention, the only one extant of the kind, which has t . ? I. hf > i ? , I,, -t anth> r 1 1 1 eut r not being able to extend the business sati?fact rilv to him self mthont fnrth? r no an*. Apple to the agents, H INDER \ INi.HliKl.i III \ J..7 Broadna>, betnvis eleven sud three >'slsclu llaOTHINO. WWWWkV^W\N v^-.W^%WVWWWWWMW?V ("t LOTII I NO ROCKS.? BROOKS BROTHERS, NOS. IK J and II* Cherry street, corn. r of Catherine street, New 1 ork, desire to inlurui their frirads and customers that they bave n. w fur sale an catenate, and varied stock of ready made Clothlnr, riiibra* inc every quality and description. Merchant Tailorinc.? They would invite especial atteuttoa to their Miction "| |Nda for the aeaaua, which hav, be?a carefully procured fur thia department. 81 HIM. < LOTII I NO <>l R SKI El T \ND EZTEN1ITB stoek of Clothing fi r the season is now ready, ,?m all the lat. >t style* of garments of the day, and i > that is new aud chMtc in goods t > N found ia tlii, ?r European markets. II. k J. lltVLIN, iii and V> John street, ( ? t u < r of > aaaau ?t. STOCKINGS. AND mitt^lSrillNO OF EVERY kind, for ladies, gent*, and children in great variety, and cheap, at Partik * old ? stakli-hed (tvekiag store. 7# Canal ,triei, sec. nd block from Broadway. CAST Off CLOTIHNO AND I L'RNITCRK WANTED ? l.a. ies or gentlea>- n baving any *u|-s aMuous effects. *<ich ns clothing, furnitar* , j< aelry. or bre aru.s, can al.taia a fair tash price for the same ty sending for the subscriber, at bi* reci-ieitce. or kv p. ?t will ba panctuallr attended to. M s.COllEV. I [t'eat Br.adway place, acar Caaial atmt. Ladies atteaJed, by Mr*. Coben. C'AST 0? r CLOTHING AND Sl'RN ITCRE WANTED. > ?l.adie, ,r gentlcm.n leaving the uty, or breaking up b- usebeepiag, eaa obtain tli* bi?be-teasU arte* for ( lothiag, I uraiture. kc , by (ending thri >i.!i the l . .t, or at hi. rwsi dcare. |. M M sST.I.IxiRP. U Ela atrwi f. B.? Ladle, attended by Mr*. Duaselderp. Ladies and renti.emen are iierery respkct fnlly laft.rwed tbat they Ma nbtaia tbe fall valac la rash f?r all des,ri^tie?, of second hand ?r cast r.9 CI 'thing. a?d *? hand i*rti. las ia gen.r .l, by aending tl.eir address tbnugli |osl or otherwise, or calling on JAME* tUKDNkl', at bis Merc. II Oraag* street, near Chatham street. trarrllkm' 01 1 na. ^|,0 TRAVELLERS tiiUNC. SOI Til ?NEW SUPERIOR 1 and ecoarnil. nl line l>etween Baltimore and Fredericks > urg. flaunt, n. Vn , Richmond and Petersburg, Va . Lyneb I tier. * *., ft a Mr h. and Charleston. N. I . Tbe public are hwrbv lnf< rated trat tbe Inrye and splendid Inw l.ressure ?teamer (ialtlnsor*. ( apt. Alcaander McCausland, Mted up w Ith state rooms and I"" berth., and wnsnrpwss~i in speed and aecomn.odatl n ??? any lo-at ?? ith of New Verb, ia now rwnniag bi t n e< n Italtit . re and Ae.|uia I reek, via the a, .nth o< I'ntoinac and I'lacy Point. In connection with the Ri-h mind and l"r> derii ksl org and Richmond aad Petersburg rtllfeads. I'aseein-. r? t ? II Is line leae ing Comiacra, attaci wharf Baltimore at '. I , k. I', M en Tuesdays and i'ri days, reach Fr< derii k.l ir by 7. A. M the ne,t dai . Rich a.ond ly II. A ? . at ?; P?t". r-bnrg a), ot J, P ?| tr- m whleh p>dnt they proceed fortii'r south with paaaengers by II . greet aisil I >?? Ihrnch ti> bets bv this sn| n. g liae? 1st class pa-.enrirs fr- in llaltimore to Enderi. b.hur.* M: to Ri. haii nd. f:. Aft to Pi tershurg. t* to I'hnrl.'t >a, !*. C . % Ift: meals and state rooms estra forward cabin pas i sear< rs to Erederieksl nrr. Including meal, and lodging. >.1; do do. do to Rirbn ehd or Pel. rshnr*. f* .1ft In. I.idlnj ti.eelsnt d lodging. I'r further Informntinn applv at the Sewtherit railroad .bie, adjoiaiag the H'a.bingVia railroad o?cc, Pratt itreet, or to ( HAS. WORTH! NOTON. In , A<c?t. Baltiaiore. March SI. IVI. ( . mmerce atnet aharf. ("VtMHEN AND AMRO\ RAILROAD LINE TRtiM NEW J I ?<rk to I'M it 01 li I ia. ? leaves pier No, I North River, by It. ami ? at JOHN POTTER; Morning l.iae, at fo'tlnch, A. V Afternoon l.ine. at 4 o'clock P M Fare he either l.iae %???, forward deck. f2, Eailcraat Line at .t'j o'clock. P. M. fare. ?l. '41 I ItLlS*. Agent New y??kk A*n philadklphia.? mew v?irk and Philadelphia dlreit ? I sited states Mall Lin*.? Through in li, hours, tin New Jeriey hailroad. T are re duced to f lor #r?t 'lass, and Mi for eecond class l^aes New Verb at g A M . fr- tr, f. ot of Covrtlandt street; aad at SA M and 4 P. K . from bat of Lll'rty street. Lsac, Phlladelpl ia at * aad ? A. M. ar d J P. M . fr m the fuot sf Walnut *treet. JOHN ALLEN ? AMERICAN INLAND PA?SAGR Line, l.iri nsed I y l,ov. ftr the Protection of Emi grants snd others ? eWce. lii Cedar street. Maw Vorh ? far ward pnsseng?rs and tl ' Ir' daRy. at the lowest rate*, bum pnr> of the We.t sr lmi!i?etl(fn States, er the Cana da*. ITie siibeeri'er n< nld st-ata that he has been sncngsd In forwardinc to the Hid aenrly thirty ynara. aad is ebtll htntred wtth tbe eeafldeae* of basines* men aad alsn nf tha most saiaeat a?s, aad kU' ss* ia sfllce sf Cbnreh aad Mat*. Jon> ALLEN, li? Ctdag *trtab. Kf>R HAL.K AJVD TO LIT. BILLIARD TABLE FOR SALE.? APPLY AT TO W Waeerly PUoo, ktlraa IM t*4 o'clock, P. M. DRUG STORE PO* KALR? ? rtU ATET? I* A TUI flt.uruhiu towo within a few hour* of the elly, aad I eeaellle by railroad k*4 (Utl. It it low doiue a 1 rHr*t4 raah Icalnata. and la only o*44 ea aoeount of tfte UUmI ? of the 1?rm. Mi). iUrtw ?? DmuulTwt J, Ki' Poet OBm DttlG STOKE FOR SALE?A IIRST CLASS DRIKJ rtorc. doing nearly Iki aaat pr.? buaiaeaai of u| retail ea tal liabinvnt to Um ?Ky . Vnee nuul (U,OUU tuk Satltfactory nui tl givea for catling out. lnquut of Mr. Jo I a I UiiMKK, in Maiden laae. VlMrfBtlilWttt for SALE-rocR or tub r tRClvt iuur riory i?re*m (tone front boaeet, <m Utm North fide of iKn*t, near the Fifth avenue, bwtlR in the ino?t guieUatial maaacr, elegantly ftmahed aad >*. , _plete with every coniraleoee. Affiy on th? premieei, or t? ' H. C. ADAMS. U R?I1 moot, Jnunery C*Tt^ I|* OR SALE-A VERY PI SB *AIR OP BAY HORSI% lifteea and a half twdi high. at Gray'* rtabl*. tt Ww> I rcn ilrMt. F ,10R SALE? A DINING SALOON, SITUATED to* n; one of the )><*t loeaWeae ia the oiCy. Om I tli? whole will be sold, to r?H the parebaeer. A tn? kftfl StM OKU be done. Satirfactory reaeoni given for fM pply to ?. STEVENS, W South etrect. POK SALE ? SCHOeNER MART EMMA. OP BADffc mora, a* the ew ner ixui ?* IM* for her. I.euglh. IA feet M mchaa; breadth of team. IS feat; depth of hold, fWt 3ii<hN. She i* *U month* old: her frame ia nearly all Uieaft 1*4 cedar, bottom cop|>er faetened. aad toenailed, all oak plaikf and titi.d out with the heat material* Can be an at IM Atlautic Dock, Ilrooklyn, er inqwir* at VJ Clinton a tree I. || JOH V HI MPSOML pOR SALE, OR TO LET? 41 X WEAVING LOOMS. 1 (oalcalated to weave lagrain Oarpeta). nearly new, Ml in good order, with all the fixterve aj> pertaiiuar, will be wlj low. or let. Enquire ef Ueary if. Nv?kirk, North Bergen* rivo Coruere, Hudson County, abont two mile a from iiobo* k?n and Jersey City ferriea. Ij^OR SALE? T1IE STOCK, FIXTURES, AVD FIT* yeara trace ot oar of thu beet Saloon a n. Broadway, M? doing a good bnaineea. The rvaaou for aelltag out >e, the Brw cent proprietor hat to leave the elty. For farther in form a tion, addrvM, with roal name, U. B. C. W., Broad*** Post Office, itutinr where an interview may be bad. FOR SA I K -Til F. STOCK AND FI XTURES, TO(A?THR1C *lth a ten yearx' leaae, of tho Waehiniiton Hotel, Mo. X) Grand ttrect, W-illiuaiburzh. L. I. The- houau ta iu geod ?? pair, and very cheup, with two bowline alley*. WILLIAM K ELLEN PER, LandlerA. I|* OR SALE? THE STOCK OF LUMBER. AND USE OP jurd ami tUtnrca ? one of the beet location* t ri the eity, with a good rnn of matomrri. on reasonable' terma, to * re apon>ible maa that ran eominaad a eaali capital of c| J.'i.iW. Addrett J. M. at the Herald office, where an iuter-a tiuw can be had, givlnx the nam*. 1m4iaib-toi BBAimyn. country se\t a* i'ar Koekavny, neat to the Marine 1'avilioo, oecufic# la<t tuiumcr by Mr. John Steward. Jr. The altnatioa ia un rivalled for bralth and beauty of proapce't; thu hou*e m 19 tMtlli lit repair, iuelofed in u good pale fane-*, an J fit for in?? mediate eranimtinn. Apply tu JOHN 11. POWER. Eaq., No. 124 i ultun itreei. New York. SECOND IIASIl BOILERS FOR SALE? OP THE P01> 1"? log ti/? 1? . of i' horae power, one of 6 do , eno of IKI do., two of .^10 do., thrae of 00 do., one ol 15 do , ou? ten-bcrse enniuc. t to taukt of 7TJU aallona, at the Fnltoa f<'UL?lry. foot ol Cl.e'rrv atreet, Eaat Rivar. 'SI Cot? li art ttrect, corner of Cherry. l'KAM: k ML'Rl'UY. SIX VILLA PIjOTS YOR SALE. CONTAINIWG POUK to llvu aerea each, o* uimiindtng viewa of the Sound, nag within lAinileiof the City llall, aud near the 'New lltnt Knilroad, and a pli-aauui vill.ige. One will be told to ? builder, aud payment taken in a hooae tube boilt. Addraaa Box l.MSP, New York Poat Office. TO BE DISPOSED OF. IN THE CITT OF TROT, M hrat rate bakery buaineaa, with a great rua of ca-'.energ. The retail ahop heli jiKisg to tame ha-i atich a rnn for bread, cukca. and piea, itt eqnal ia rare to > u 1'ouud. The goev will and ut>u ut* lixturta, S&o., will be eold to an enterprftinK party: i.lao the leaae, provided the trrma auit the proprietor. A pplie'iitii n to be Uiade iiniuediately. Iloraoa .ind wagons cun l>e alao had ut a valuation. Apply to David K I'.herford. baker, Alter HoUae, New York. TO HAKIRS.-FOR SALE. THE GOOD WILL AMD baturvMof the well kuo?u bakery, Jll Uowery. ApplR immediately at the prvinirei. A SMALL CoTTA f. K TO LET, TOdF.TIIER WITH four ai ret of land, carriage houae. Ro., aire-tly eeuth of and adjoiniug the I'elhaiu Farm, in ITlatcr couuty. The lo cation it unaurpu-aed for hralth and beauty; in view of thgl Ilud?? n river, a abort dl>tan< ? from a regular ateamboali lauUing. Rant. fur?i-hed, will bo f40P; unfurni*h?d, Apply, for further particular!, at Xt I.aight atreet, at ft o'clock. OI'SE, WITH STABI.K, TO LIT? WO. 31 I7NIOH place, weat ai !e, eorn- r of Sixtee'nth atrert: atable m the rear. Iniinir.' I.rtw een 1J and 2 o'clock witiau, or ?t GEO. UENRY FOX, 90 Courtlandt Itrtet. fTO LIT llll. 8ECOND FLOOR OF TH* DODUW J. Broadway, near Nihle'a, couaieting of two rootna, two bedroom* and attic room, tuitable for a buaiaeaa. Alao, aa, aaitaMe t r a doctor. Apply to T. A. C ALES, JOS' llr?adway, up ttair*. TO LF.T, TWO PARLORS ON T!IK FIRST FLOOR, TO oteortwv gentlemen, with or without board. Uouw rontaina all mod* rn iiii|>rnv. inrnte, hatha, Re. No removal lat of May. luquire at wl Variek atreet. TO LET? A LAKliK Kili>W. M' IT M.I. K F<?R A MILI tary Drill Room, or other public puvpoae, on the eeeoail floorof houae No. tail Itroadway, a few doors ahove Niblo'go Therooui ia tilted with gaa, ehandlier*. Re. Inqnire ef T. V MAUCHWOCT v:i Broadway. T"im vo a hall family of omwr per aona, the npi-rr part of a two (tory llanaa. eanaiatlag tf froat and haik parlora, bed room, and throe attis ru?m*, witla privilege of larre garret and froat Oellar. pleaaaJitly -itnat?4 a few doera from the Ratta ry. Rent, (JO per year. To bt an n from 2 to I o'clock daily. T or further particular*, applg on the premlaet, Urcenwich atrwot. TO l.ET-A LAKOE ROOM IN BI'ILDING, No. 3 BAR cla\ atreet. well lighted aad ventilated ; well auitad tec any liflit mechanical butiaeae. ? baa been naed for a Printing office, for which it ie well adapted. Buqnir* of II I UT fc HI'SSF.I L, 3 Barclay atreet. TO LET-TUB TIIIIKE STORY FIRE PROOF BUILD, irg, on rear of Lot No. M Raade atreet, near It roadway, with a good entrance. Enquire of A. J. JACKSON, Paws broker. in front tU're. H TO LET-IN TIIE LOWER PART OF Till CITT, !!? a private hooae, two large parlor* aad two large bed r< oma, well furaiehed. Poaaeeaioa given immediately, if it aired. Addreaa A II., Uerald oflloe. TO LET AND FOR SAI.E. AT HOBOKEN? SEVERAL new three itory and baaemeat brick dwelling hooeee, with all the mod. rn eonveai. neee, withla two hnndrod yard# of the ferry. Apply at the Uobokea Land OAre of W. W. SHIPPEN. Ageat. To let from first or may next-a sm tu fa iniljr having mora rn-in than tk*y ruqulre, will let IH? I urmd floor. roaelrtlnx of three roeaa*. with th? a*e of kath | looai. In the three atory briek Imim, No. M TmlfU ?tml, I" a FBiall family wltlioat ehtldrea. a* none ctliirnnJ jp| ly. Knit ? JUU. Kifirram |ir?i aad r^mrtd. Aril* ?l O j South itrrrt. ?p atair*. TBHo I.KT-FRoM 1>T or MAV NKU THE IP PEIC |?rt ?( hviK No. I'M Fifth itntt, ktlura luoaH 1 I and R < ungating -I irr?ml floor Mil half i f tk? attk. to a | mill family atlVat ehlldrea. Kaal $171. laquira n tb? |<r?aii>n, nrnf Kuharil Hullaiakle, at lb* linn /art, Ik| i ? i Klvia|taa itmt, IU>t rteer. Til LF.T? FROM TIIE F1 RST OF MAY NEXT. TUB eke pa ia a lit at* tj LulMiac, to ko tauk?4 t j Uial ' time, la rttr of No. I:i ll.ibmau ?trc?t, 19 by 41 feat, wttl* rar?>ll?nt li<ht. and rteain p.oer. if required. and cm Aniahed to **lt aav moehameal eooapatioa. Alao. ika ftrvt floor >.f a fr?at bnlldina. nllaMa for law or utlni akcaa. A|i|il) al X. Hmlalch, IM VUIImi ilmti TO LET- AN EI.FOANT HOOK. WITH rKIMNOfl Iff fro? oo, aky liflit, Ue.. anitakle fur D?|Wlflal MMh I lodge r"i m, auclitv in.i tin**, nr any light tumn. ? r.nquit* ; ua the prtaila**, (ferriage Kep-.albory ) .1*1 Broadway 1 rf?f> I.ET-A STORE. IV BROADWAY; IIVE OF TUB X. keet >taada|for any kind of baiincn. oppo-ite to At. Tl.oaiaa' t'harck. with or althoata two nt"ry frame hcaM in tke rear, and la tlio yard pleaty of room to i r*-t a ab?d. I', .ae?l< a Drat of May. Inquire at 94 Foarth aveuue, afft I Hta HiiwMi iliwi To I.ET? AN l? POWrWION OIYEN IMUFKI ATEI.r 1 If required. the large atoro aad eellar, No. IIU ifarf>a j (treat. A rood ataad for a wkoloeal* or retail irarir/, fra [ , r I 1 ,-nrr -1 Ihf pre.llia.e To RtNT-RtKiMx in furnished and rtitoow koard. to featleaiea oaly. The kca*e ie *atir< le sew. I w It la hath*. Rr. Location inn?t d eel r a Me. A |- V < y ?? U?? pT?* MW). 74 l'r"?by rtreet, a?ar spring. KOMI*, CAHJUAQBt, M'lll RF. SOLD ON WRDNRRDAY, 1ND APRIL. AT Yf IJu'tlvrk. at Um New York Mora* llutar Var?, alnat 1/. ktgh. hating keea drltea together ao apair, and t.-r? fa?t trateller* Alee. doable karaeoa aad aiaclo. too aagoa*. *l*igh. kella, blanket*. Ite , ha.. Ta be *oid to tke higheet kidder. aitkoot reeorra. N B The akoea pro - l-erty raa be aoea at Mr. I kteheatwr'iMakle. la ClwrrjitwH, ItoUl IAL E ? OK E FAIR or < IRRIAQE MOUSES, H ale*, a pair of aorrela. He* aad an year* old. (tl I toea haada bull. ?arr*nted e. and. Iik'wiae. aaetral *ingl? i heraee, *altall* for baker*, latabora. or rrunra; lata freak the eoaatry. Apply to I'MILII' O NEILL, 34 FsurVR at*aa*. r*oR jiai.f? nro iuno^ome hvy mare*, with r llark tollo aad maaoa Tkoy are kiad aad r ati* in 1 olaile ?r doable karneoe?ac**, 7 aad K. A l*a. a o?t of kaad j a. me double lorn--* rarri*?e pole. fee. To k? eeen a* *> rr. ? I n ery Mai loe, ClHii- n I'laae. aear Wr etraet* L^OR ?AI.F-A DARK Wloon RAY ih>r<e. fitteeh a *ad a half kaodr hick. i???aet bvilt. eichtytarf old. kia4? (eatle. aad a eer> *tTtl<k drleer Prlee fjgn To k* *a*a a% KORKU' Matle, la Klilli txlM, affaalta tigklt Hmk L'i.r Mil t HSF. PtIK OF R I t' K ll"K*F.?. < F.. r tea I a*r* eld fr*e travell^ni. lr?t rate >aii'. ' '~a. kind ia *11 karne**, and aarraatod aaaad I'm.*, $49U. Ap I ly at III* A^^ Stable. U EtrttfUwak DOR S AI.E ? A rilABTOM. I!? EX( EI.LEHT ORDEI? f for*it? or eoaatry. Prloa low. aa tho awaer ia taaeiag |e (It; T* k* aeea at Oroya atakla. Warraa atroot aaa^ H r i I* ay. DOR "til* V< ON D lltvn PARRIAUE <if Til* a lateat atyle and la U?* k oat order, for oal? rkoaa. if ap> t.iied f _r in io> diai> it Alex, a ?addle llnraa. anitaklefors lad) . Ta ke aeea at II" I lint. .a plaee aear ?iath aeaaao AMI < ARRIAtiE FOR JtA I.F -ONE OF J C II AM H VR# attic of "la Vata. Roekaway ? ' TVta lawlaga waa MR M order, by oar of tke boot build, r* ta tk? eity, aad eoat aearla f.iaai II aitii be ?<.|d low If applied far liame<tiaWly It lial I naly bera aeed oae day, C'aa be aora at J. C. It AR'S R*p? '*> Broadway. I f|vuioR?F. *iioi-RJ?. H'Rxai.f tii?t-"k ^ik?i_\ M Re . of the akoa la M'aaklairtoa etreet, two Aaert fMi Ukarty atreet. Apply oa the praatiaaa. EDMT1W SRAQRIt NITRIC Ale. Ml?? F. ntRTRAR, TEACHER f?F T1IR PIA?a# f?rt? ree^etfvllT anaoaaeoa to tke pablie that -I? pitea tkoreaah laatraciioa la piaao plaiia^. adortum tbd a|'Proted aad aaay aiethod of Alay* Sehmidt RawMaae* la ?ioeit jteeeateeath atrwet, aear Math aeenae AH mvsicun wikiier m oitr lesroms on rt*> no, aa aa eqalealeat f"' board. Plea** addrwae " A. C." Ml raid tflat. , PlANtt roRTR FUR SALS? A RBCOMO IA1? Ml oetate laatrameat. Apply at H Br<ad atroot. *e*t llea*er atroot. Alao, a aoeoad kaad 8* fa Bedetew*. a# kboee I PIANO TOR ?.tl F t IIFAP k FINE TOWED IO, fw\ ? tate nakoaany I'lano, wltk all It* atodera k?p*aa?t raaat*. aad la tie be*t erder A lew, a eery gwod nali?**f t o.tatf I iitnn with iroa plate Rill he *old eoey **>'% A i ply at ttlTtal* rtrett, *?ra*r ?llm' araaad, MB *

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