Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 2, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 2, 1851 Page 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 6736. MORNING york herald: EDITION ? WEDNESDAY, APRIL 2, 1B51. PRICE TWO CENTSj AMIHKMKNT8. X>OWEBY THEATRE.? BOXES, ? CENTS: PIT, 12% iU centa? Doora open at 7, eurtaln riiei at 7, la o'clock. ? loilt of Miu C. Wemyee? Wedaeaday erening, April 2, *ill l>? performed tho play of tho LADY O t LYONS? <laude Mclnotte, Mr. K. Eddy; Col. Uimu, Mr. Hamilton; Jlaueeant. Mr. Pope; Glavia, Mr. Jordan; Pauline, Miaa Wcmyaa; Mme. Deachappellea, Mr?. Droadley; Widow Mel Hotte, Mra Jordan; Marian. Mra. Hart. To conclude with Al.l. Til AT GLITTERS IS NOT OOLD.? Sir Arthur Lai Bel, Mr. Tilton; Stepken Plum. E. Eddy; Toby Twinkle, Wi nana; Martha Gibbi, Mia* WemyM; Lady Leatherbridge, Mri. Jordaa. BUBT?N'S THEATRE, CHAMBERS STREET, REAR efthe City Hall.? Bona. Dreaa Circle and Parquet, 30 centa; Family Cirole, 23 centa; Private Boxea, $3 and (.1. ? Doora opea at 7; to begin at hilf-paat 7. Wedneadiy eve siug. April 2. * 111 be played the new comedy eatled LOVE IN A MAZE? Lord Minerva, Mr. J W. Leater; Sir Abel Buckthorn*. Mr. Howard; Mr. Anthony Nettletop, Mr. Bur ton; Colonel Ilurkthorne, Mr. Jordan; Mopua, Mr. Jubnttoa; Mra. Lucy Bvekthorne, Mra. Ruiaell. After which, a favo rite Duct, by Mr. and Mra. Ilolman. To conclude with the -oomedy of tlie ENGLISHMAN IN PARIS? Sir Hlppington Miff, Mr. Burton; Antoinette, Midi Barber. TLTATIONAL THEATRE, CHATHAM STREET -BOXES, 1* 23 centa, Pit, 12W eenta, Private Boxea, ? Do'tri open at a quarter before 7, to oommence at a quarter paat 7 o'clock. Wodneeday evening. April 2. will be preaeated the play of A NEW Way TO FAS' OLD DEBTS? Sir Gilea Overreach. Mr. lleoth; Welhorn, Mr. Watkina: Lord Lovel, Mr. I. a Pavor; Mareell, Mr. L. Fox; J uatice Greedy, Mr. C. W. Tay lor; Lady A II worth, Mi?a Hathaway; Marraret Overreach, Miaa E. Mcatuyer; Troth, Mm. Ilautou ville. To Couelude ivith the comedj of ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD ? Jaipur Piuui, Mr. C. Taylor; Stephen Plum, Watkina; Martha Gil be. Miaa E. Meatuyer. MECHANICS' HALL, .No. 472 BROADWAY, ABOVE Orand atreet. ? Open every night during the week until further notice. The original and wi ll known CHRIST Y8 MINSTRELS, compriaingan efficient and veraatile "corpa" ?f "talented" and "experienced performera," under the Management of E. P. Chriaty. whoae conuerta in thia city, (or a aucceaaion of "ilva yeara," have been reoeived with favor by highly reapectable and faahionable audienoea. Ticketa. 23 eenta. Doora open at half put aix ; commence at eight ?o'clock. By deaire of the heada of aeveral fajnlliea, an After aoon Concert will be given on Saturday next. April 3th, for the accommodation of l.udiea and Juvenilea, commencing At S o'clock, P. M. On Saturday evening next, April 3th, Banal beaojfcy Raynor, primo baaao, FELLOWS' MINSTRELS. AT FELLOWS' OPERA Houae, 444 Broadway, between Howard and Grand Ctreeti. Open every night during the week. The celebrated ?riginal and well known Fellow V Minatrela, " oompriaing an ?OriMt and veraatile eorpa of talented and experienced per fcrmera," under the direction of J. B. Fellowa, whoae eon oerta in thii city for the laat year, have been received with the greateat favor by the elite and fashion of thia great me tropolis Their eonoerta conaiat of Burleaque Italian Opera feenee. Witty Sayinga. Soloa, Duetti. Choruiaea, Dancing, ?ad Inatrnmental Performance. On Wedneaday and Satur day attemoona, a grand Concert for the aooommodatioa of laaiea and familiea, commencing a t 3 o'elook P. M. Aimia ?ion 2b centa. Doora open at 7, to ominenoe at 8. TRIPI.ER HALL? THE NEW ORLEANS BITRLES >t.'E Opera Troupe announce to their natrona and the public, that they will gi?e their laat Grand Concert on Friday _ ding, April 4th. aa they appear at the Muaical Fuud" 11 til J'hiludelphia. on Monuay next. Doora open at 7; to co:u (nencc at a quarter to 8 o'clock. Ticketa 25 ccnta. Horn it whitk's Ethiopian or era house, open every night, at No. 430 Broadway, four doora fr>in Grand street, known aa the i'oliaeum. iirand afternoou per formance, thia day, commencing at .1 o'clock, by 11 >ru Jk i "White'a troupe,oouri"ting of twelve tab-n ted and exp Tience 1 performer*. E. llORN It C. WHITE, Propriet .ri. BARM'MS AM E.MCAN Ml'<KCM.? P. T. BARNUM, Proprietor and Manager; John Greenwood, Jr., Aa aiatant Manager. Admittance to the Mueeuaand each Sa loon performance, 2"> centa; children under 10 y oara, IJ'-j eta.; J'arc;uet and Firat Circle, 12,'? centa extra. MADELVINE, ?t the earueat solicitation of many aehoola and faniiliea an I friendaof temperance, will b? performed thia (Wedneaday) afternoon. April 2, commencing at .1 o'clock ? Ilertrand. Mr. C.W.Clarke: Itcmy, Mr. Ilenkin-; Madclaine. Mits Chap man. lu the evening, commencing at 7H o'cloe'. . the ad mirable and intereatiug comedy of PAUL PRY ? Ha it Pry, Mr. Hadawav; Col. Hardy, llr. A. \nlrewH; Phi* He. Mm Chapiaan. To conclude with the FOR E I '< N PRI NCE ? Ji'n t'ro*, Mr. T. D. Rice. The innumoriM- Cnrtofitic* of thia Mtiaeum are te be aceD at all boura between S A. M. and I ) y. m. CIRfTS? NEW YORK AMPHITHEATRE, '17 BOWERY. ?Wedneaday afternoon and evening, April 2, Mile, i Looiae Tourniaire will appear in her indeacribaoly beau tiful | act, entitled La Gitana. Daring heraraeanahip and clasaic ? frjmnaatic feafa by the beat troapo in America. Miaa Mary : .Ann Wella will appear in her nivjutflceat principal act. I Mile. Touraiaire will introduce her wonderfully trained | da ncing hnrae. Brilliant, in the eleaant performance entitle! Jeux du Manege. To coaclndc with a Comic Pantomime. 1 Uoora open at a quarter before 7, p. rf?rmaace to commence , ??t hall paat 7 o cloek. Private hoxea, 30 oeate; boxea, 23 1 centa; pit, 12% centa. Tabernacle.? r.R.WD tooal and i matrix. ni<ntal Concert Tkindlj Iioulat, April M, IA|, bf Fignora Spfran/s, lit which ttia fullowiiw t.ilwnt will appear Hadem Stepl.aui, Prima Donna. fr ?in the Royal at Vienna; Minora Valintiui, Prima 1> nni; 11. .Swift, the fai trite vocali.t j ll.-rr Criohi l, Viullaist ; Keifer, Cornet ? J'iatoo ; Prof. Van Iter Wride, l'rigainme of the Coiinrt Part let 1. Overt-ire Aultta Piano, by I'rof. V auder H'rjril*. 2. Dalla-ieioga-l'av atiai, hy ret|u.'at, sunora (per ant a ; Bellini. 3. Soug, H.?< ut on Uuioa," hy general <te?ire, II Swift, Wallaed. 4. Soto. Violin, llerr tin hcl. 3 Concert. Air* : WMI?I for her elf by MvWrn St plinni, OttoNirolai f. Bole, Ornet a PUtoa, Hi-rr Ktefer. 7. Suag "I am dreaming of thee," NapoMtane, Si.t Snsrania, I. ??. Part 2. I. Overture. Violin, llerr (irt* 1. 2. Echo Sou;, (a* fun* by Jenny I. ind, ) Sigsora Vallntnu. 'I. "C??tp rnn perm* " CartlM, MgBoralBBfauaa, BetllBi. 4. Sjng. Heeit. <'t Aria, "Can I my lore reaign," II. Swilt. Itu?ini. A. Solo, X'ornrt a Platoa, llerr Rkfvir. *. Air. " The <Jn"*n of the >ighl," from the Magic Flute, Madam HtsphaaL M itart. 7. tjonnaiatnliate Son*, an aunt by Jenny l.i.i I, Slg Hp.-man. Th* iK?.li?n Piano Fort* to Iw a* J mm Ihia oeoaainu ia frotn QllWll k ('?'? Witt Now. .V Wil 417 Broadway. Ticketa CO Cent* each. t? U had at tUs ynri ?a* Mu?i ? St 'ran, Hotel*, *n I at the I ? r SB th* evening of th* < mssft. CONCERTS FOR TlIK PEOPLK.-THK HUTCHINSON" Family, six brother.? J udann. John. andlAaa, I'al-hk Jo>)ui*. and ? announce to their fri nia and th* cltii-ii* of N*w York, that tiny will riv* their lirat Original Muncal Soiree, at the Itroadway Tal-sraaela, Wedneadar eveninj. April X Ml> On this ocinaion of their revlait to Haw Vork. after a tsar's tUtan, thay will hare to* pleasure of latro dm iug to tlwir friend* iftaral naw aad oraiaal S"Bg*. a< wall ?? r?mr old fs vents*. Among tha aonga lor Wedm-i-da* svs tiing are thefoll. wing:? The good old daytuf yors ; If la-re a voice; Nrw I'laiieu-ation : The Farmer's Son*. Il.-n It .|i ; d'alifortila G- Id ll unter ; Wamirk . The Mount uu-er . The M uniaina; Fal>ea'* Horn and Mount ?iu F.cho ; The llattlr field; Horticultural H'ifr: I'm Ir Sarn'a Farm ; Connacti'it i'rdlar : Ship on Fir? : Italiau s..n;. Re., Re , R.-..? the eiholr to roni Imle * ilh ? ni-w a. nv* entltl. d ?' Tlia ro id tim ? cominx riitlit tlatf." Ti< k?t?? *.??, 2V cent# : Women, 12 ?rata, only ? to be had at the Broadway Mi ale Mtore. aad at the Tal ernarle, i n Wedaaaduy evmi' t- U.mra op -a at o1,. C"ncrrt eonmrnci at a quarter to * o'clock. THE AU.E01I ANIANS? HOI'E CIIATEU 71* BROAD way, pp|.ontr New Vork llot. l ? Tin- Alle*h*aian4 m ill frne a < onrert erery Kve?iln<t during t'i" ?v?k, at II >|> ? t"?a |>el. TMr iir frammf, enhrarin< mviv new and p>pular ylrorf, will I ?' elia*Kod each rTtalan. Ti< k?ta 2.1 centa. t on cert to romineni e at 1% o'elork. AORANDC'NrtRTOf VOC AI, \XD I NSTHI/M R V tal Mualr. will kc (iren at Kill k-rbocker Hall, nn Medai-aday Ft?nin?, April 2d, at half-;.?.t ?i-yeii o'clock, vnd'r the dirv>tloa of lir. J. Kowall, ataiated by aeraral ?aiiarat Artlata. Vamtari.i: oil paintin?j?.-j mari'iier would nioat reatwctfnlly inform hia frlen U and tho admirera of <k? taa art?. that h e will have for pnl>1i.' ?iliiMUoa. at hia AalUry, No. Mil Itn adway. aaarly <>pp?>it< NUIo'a, oa llua 4a> . t?? Slat of March, aad duria* the w ?ek, a aaprrh eol lectioa of oyer two hnndrad m*gitl|i~<<Bt ri*iiial luirip^n oil paiatinca. roaiprtalag many cnoica ?uhj*cta, aelarted by ? a amateur * ith rreat rara and att'-ntloB, durlat a t >ur through Evrotic: all af which are framr I in riok ornamental gilt frawiea, of hia own manufacture, w'lioh he warrnata to pe niade in a workmanlike m?nn. r. au I ater the aixtap Ijiroyed and modern deaigna; the who|. ..f whii'hlsto be fold at ?nrtioa, hy II M. I.<?d? R Co., without nwrta, oa Thara day and Saturday tyeainga. Apell tl an l Mb, at 7 o'clock. The proprietor feel* confident that ttoeaa paintiaga are of a OulK-rior order, ai . that they will m?l th* witbea of thoae Of nia patron*, and th* public la geaeral, wlM are In want of ?nltahW orna meat' for rmhelllahiag t Y Ir parlora aad draw !?t roocna RahlMtloa nj>eB fron 7 A M ti l 10 P. M P S ? - r> aiding ia the eoltntry r in I. ay their pl -turea (tarked nn the apot with great ear*, aad on r-aaoaabl* t?ria*. KIRAMMN MKSEL'M, I7> CHATDAM S^U A RE.-ORO. K Lea Sole I'mpfietor. ? A lmieaioB ? Seat* ia Privata Boaea. *1 rent., stage Saat*. W^eea to: P gea. 25 rent*. Par ^?*t, Ilk rnta. ? Elegaat Saloon perforaiaaea* every After Oooa and Eyeniag EntertainiaenU eoiameaee ia the aftor ?ooa at J e'tloek. and ia the ei. iin? at half paat 7 Tu? ? at- rtainaieata are yart*d aad (elect, and ae-h aa caa he ma At an other place af aainaemeat ia N*w Vork. caaaUtiag af JLea'a r*aaale Ethiopiaa Op- ra Tmupa. aaabaring Hfteaa Crf- rinera. being the largwet and at tne aaiae tiiae tna moat leni' d bead la the Catted Stater, a troupe af Model Ar tiata who ere aolected fnr their beauty aad Igare. aad wha (wraoaate a anmhey of beauti'al tahlraai. taVea fToaa the Bil tare* af aacleat aad aodera timea; a coatpaay of Arab Qlrla. wha jn thn iigh a ?ari?ty af (? ata of ttrangth aad 4eaterity; Hadawie Roaallne, th* oalr Femal* Juggler la tho arorld; a company of Mai* and PeaiaM Artiata. ar?o will (Ire ?n rahibition of Marbl* Statuary unei|ualled la th* worU, *th?r with a variety of iaUreating peyf rmanrea averj raooa and evening for parti r ilara aee Mlla *f *ach day Pll.r.RIM S PROGRESS.? WILL V?OJf CLOSR. AT Maahington llall. N llr .alway, th* panorama ?f Hon van a Pilgrim'* Pr >greaa - Th* public era r ap? fully informed that th* etMMtinB of this palatine. ?hteh Kaa received th* aalveyaal tni-i.aiaa* of the puhli* yr< a*, aad wbli h haa Wea Viaited by almo*t all the *ehnola aad church* a of oar city, will eloa* durinr the coming moatb. Op*n *v*ri evening at 7. te coaaBteae* at a -inarter before H ?'clock. Adnaiealoa, 25 centa Dwacriptle* cataloguea. IJ?< Cent* RihiHtioa every Wedneaday and Saturday aftrr ? ?net. at 3 o'clock, whea childrea will he adaltted half prlee rnu BROADtf V v PIMIUMO 'II HCNTANS PIL dJ a "O gy m a Progreaa.? Th* paMIc er? roape. tfally in formed that the exhibition of thi* novel and beautifnl acen e paintiag, w>4l close oa Saturday. 9>th last., antil which t ia* It mat I* aee a every *v*aiag daraj the w**k, dsmiaea* ng ? t S s i-leck. sad os Wada**day an<l Saturday eftem na n So'rlnch. Admissloa 2S centa. To the sfteraoon eahibitioa will I admit t 'ia' - ?*> Itmadway C< MINSUR K<?< ?MS XV BROAIIWAV. -REAL DARKIES ' from the South.? He partlcslnr r??|a?*t. th* s*Me rjlarmoaiats will gtv* another of th*tr Ethiopiaa ent -rtaia ?neata, which waa received with ah out a of apnlaaae laat even Ing, Is a Crowded audlenc*, which will b* th*ir laat "lacert l>?re h?fcr* tin ir 'Irpnrl ore for the World a Fair H ra ?pea St 7 e'clock; performance to contmeac* at a quarter Is B for particular*, ae* lill* *f th* day. Admiaaioa, V> <a?ats, . M. R. BI'RKE. Maaagwr. F^HOSITIVELY THI LAST WEEK. AT THE MINERVA Roowia. 4MI Rroadway ? NAI.LES Of aad Panorama ?f lr*laa?. painted by the *r*t Irlah artiat*. from akrteh** taken within the laat three year*- ia ld*liay. lat* rest ?a< beauty with Iriah soags, Irish MB ?lc, tad ?? lidahman a llla.tratioaa Every evealag at 7H O'elMk. W*da?*day and Sadv.rday afteraosas, at .1 o clock B-e handbill*. AdartttaaceM eeaU; chUdrea aader 12, half pi lee. StTTl ER'SCOflMORAMA* CORNER OP RROADWAT and Thirteenth Hraet TV. gr<t aeeUi a. eontaiaiag a ?ollectloa sf tweBty alljlewa of Eur p., Asia Minsr, SyttB, the tloly Lead, Bgypt, SaMa. aad Arabia, will ba eaSihitel Batil the .Igbth ?f M?r?h: aft?r that, date, all these wtll be teplaecd hy b*w view*. aaa*aally Int-reaUag. TRfiT MVWI'M.? APPl.lf \TIo\S FOR EVtl tfiE I raenta for th* aprlng Mtaaa. to tenawwe* la April, ma* h* mad* to the manager. W II Meeker, at tb? ofhi * of C T, paralce, iPBBaatl* scent I s . y ,rk a.,d 4srlas hia (Mr M a) ata< r to f(<>ga th* city, t > Mr Parsls*. M hy T?H?f, prr paii, AMUSEMENTS. ina^niticen t exhibition of highly trained Janciux ftnd mane/e Horse*. Unprecedented combination of French. Euilnh, and American Equestrian Troupes. Clowns, Mr. W. F. Wal ?A'fo *?>'*> l-ondon; 3. Luthrop, and D. Gardner, of Mr. Welch's Troupe. BROUGHAM'S LYCEUM, BROADWAY, NEAR BROOMl street.? Dress Circle and Parquet, SO cts.; Family Circle, ?>ets.; Orchestra Stall Seats, $1; Private Boxes. ? ? Doora MISS KATE HORN RESPECTFULLY ANNOUNCES ' to her friends and tho public that hor first B?u<?tit m ' JMcw York will take place at Brougham's Lyceum, on Friday evening itxt, tht 1 1 i? <>t April, ??ii which omiiUd win i?- an* stilted Morton's new and highly popular comedy entitl-d A IX THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD? Mr. Couldook (wiio ha? kindly volunteered his services) in his original pirt jf Stephen Hum; Mr. Brougham (for this night only) as To'oy Twinkle; Miss Kate Horn as Martha Gibba. Mr. II. C. Ti:ni?, | the celebrated pianist, has also kindly volunteered. Tlie u- | terinents will conclude with THE DEVIL IN PARI:* ? Mus Mnrj Taylor as the . Box book now open. Broadway thfatre -miss julia imifirr I Legs to announce to her friends, natrons, and tne puoiio '| in generilt that Iter Benefit nd Iam sppesfanes tmi ea ? ? i New York, takes place on Friday evening, the 4th iustaat, upon w hich occasion she solicits the honor of tlicir pr .Me i ?" and support. Miss Julia Bennett appears as Pauline iu t id | l.AhV OF LYONS, an<t as the Couutess of Rosendale ia WHO'S VOUK FRIEND, OR THE Ql'EENSBURY FEl'E. | Dox book now open. G1ERMAN NATIONAL THEATRE. (OLYMPIC.) I?J I" Broadway. ? Wednesday, the 2d April, 1H51, will ?e p r formed THIRTY-THREE MINUTES IN GRU N Ell Kiiti. a comedietta in onu act, by "Hally." The tirst, WILD OAT3. a comedy in four acta, by " Ressel." Evenings with siieri dan-mr. g vavdbsi hofl repeats this eutertainmeut at the Society LiOrar/, Wednesday, and Friday, 2d and 4th April. Each jvouiag a different sketch and different comedy. Tickets to tiie course, $1; single, 50 cents. i it k mimic? Frederick. Mr. Lynne; Stolbach, VI r. Brougham; Countess Plotzen, Mrs. George Loder. To cou clu?l? with' MY FKIKND .IA ('k AMUSEMENTS IN BROOKLYN. Brooklyn museum? proprietor and mana gvr, Mr. F. M. Kent.? -Prices Reduced.? Parquftte. j> cent*; gallery, Hednttidfty evening, April 1. t rio r'rfcrniMoce *ill commence with (JLAN'CE AT NICY ORK? Mo*e, F. S. i'hanfrav; I4se, Mi?? Albertine. Aft r which. HARRY BURN HAM? Harry Httrnham, Mr. J ?'?iti ?ton; Ki Lane, Mr. N. IJ. Clarke. To conclude with the tlrti in a of the VETERAN AND HIS PROUEN Y? Puiliip (inlitia, Mr. R. John stun. T1IE NEW ORLEANS OPERA TROUPE PEUPOliM This Evening, and to-morrow also, ut the IJr la ititnte. On Tliurndny and Friday Evenings at t ?e frip: r Hull, being positively their last appearance, a* they st the Aluvical Fund llall, Philadelphia, un Monday next. B ROOKLYN INSTITUTE. ? POSITIVELY THE L.\1T oi|(lit of the New Orl-an* liurkaqiic Optra Truu|W. tiWlBWI IN PIULADKI.PHI V. BARM'H'S MUSEUM. PHILADELPHIA.? P. THA* aum, Proprietor . II Sanfuri, A*?iataut Mauager 1.4*1 two night! of Mr. liooth. II j will ippear M M .uiay >ul Ttieaday evening* in t? <1 <>f hit uiuat complimented pvr*?uo ti"iir Engagement of the rrcat rcr?*tile actor, Mr. C. l?ib din Pitt, who will preaent a ,enea ot favorite ami apluiidid character* 'luring hi* limited ,tay; commencing .11 vy*,i ne.-iiay. "Hamlet.'' " l.ady of LjroU," ' Muucy," and "Richelieu," will l>? pbv t. a tbi* week, lu the Blwrawiu It, " Duster of the Alp*. " Platonic Attachiacnta," "Knat Heart, " "The Married Rike," and "tlentleman in l>i;ti ,1 tie, " will l.e (Hen. Alio, Mi-* Lealie'a graceful liailkda, and Mia* Warner' a favorite Daneea. Theae Attra.-tioua. en ricbed by thine of a million of " aighta and wondera" in the aaloona, art confidently tubmittud. Admittance. ill oral*, thildrcn under 10 year,, lit,' rent*. SHIP PI NO. N'OTICE.? PASSENGERS PER STF \MSIIfP ARC Tit', for Ul eri"i*L w ill ) be on hoard, at tilt loot o> Canal Itrtvt, tliia day, April 2d, at II1, o'clock. fjMtK LIVF.HPOOl ,-l'XITF.I) STATES M \ 1 1. STB t M ahip ARil'll . < aptain .lame* I'. I. net. Tina at ?? an . up will depart with the niaila for Europe p .aitively t.iia ill/, April 2, at 12 o'clock. W., from her berth at the foot of Canal .<t. No birth act- u red till paid for. All letter* maat ?? >r frclt tlirotijfll the Po?t ofkoe. For fr< irht or pt**?(e, havia; 11 1 mi irt. nppi ateatnor -i < ciinalled acronin.otlat ion* f?*r ele^ met and comfort, apply ' 1 EliH ARD K < (i| l.l VS. ?. Wi.ll The . willaucceed the Antic, and ?all April 16th. PASSAGE ni FRANKLIN (AfMt 1>. FOR MU> one of the beat bertha in tbr ahip. Addr-aa U?? J, _Jl Poet Oflca. l^OK SA I.E. A VERY DEMBA1ILE STATE KOv) d F with two tort) >. 111 ?ti atiier Aaia, of 7th ?f May. Aj dreee ( t Ina day). Ho a *11 I 'oat "Ifii e. OCEAN STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY.? POR U !K men, via Southampton. The United Stat-* M t, I Si< autahip H ASli I Nt.TO.N, t.eo. M , Floyd Commander. Wlii aall for IlrvBien. ?la Southampton, on Saturday. April i to, from pier No. X North river, at !J o'cloek. An 1 ap.*riou?*? auriiton ia attached to the ahip. All letttr* laiit flat tl.r< it*h the Poat <>f!l<*e. Speeie delirered la Havre. I' >r freight or pa??age. apply to MOI.LER. sASl) It RIERA, Agenta, 9U Broadway. at < l.t|)H SAVANNAH? STEAMSHIP A I. A It A M A, I 4 ton,) Capt. C. I). Lndlonr, on Saturday. .Kii April I o'tloi k. I*. M , frdn pier I North Kuer. Fiir frcu .t or p^a-l asae. apply to SAMI. I M IT IIKI I.. !.?? Front 1 1 lie ateauiahln FI.OKIUA, Capt. J. l.yon. ou Maturity, l?th April, a, above. 1[t AltE RF.I>I < Elt ? ONLY IMOCM L?l fOKSAM I ranriae" t la tlia/rc* direct, and bytheCait-d 'tat ?? Mail Steamer, on the Paciftr. "u Thuradar. April lot 1, t ie aplendid .t an l.ip < KES( ENT ( ITV. l.VilU too* i.urt i.-a. Join Tannir, < IWMldl r. will K a ? . |o?r Mart 1 Rltef r chayre, direi t. on Ttiuriday. April Ithli, at .1 o'clooa P.i i aen^i r, by thl. vc'i'l will connect with the l ait d Hat 1 Mail Steamer, leave Panama on or .10 >ut Ma > lat. F'>r fr' lijlit or paaaaat", apply at tilt olltce, .VJ Houtu ?trei at >?. Ir7 rt'eat ,tr?et. UH KITED STATES MAIL STEAMSHIP COMl'Ast For Cliaxre, direct, via llav ana.? Tbr?anh litk*lt t San Franelaco at reduced rate,. ? Fare to New Orlein, re dmed ? 4?n Friday, April II. at thret. P. M.? Tw double-rnflne ateam,hip UEOUlaiA. 3,IUI loua bii't mi I). D. Porter. U. S. N., commander, will aall precisely at three I'rUck P. M , from her pier at the foot of W 1 rrtu ?tr'et, North rl tar, with the rovernment maila, dire t for Hat ana aad Chacrea. New Orlean* p i,^n<era tr i.nierre. at llai ana t? the ?nlendid dnahle-eniiina attamahlp F?l? -n Freight taken to Chazrra at 7t> cent, per foot. Sp tia oal> takin on freiKbt to Havana. No bill* of Iallu4 will ,l?ned after Uie iteam r ha, aailtd. For paaaa^a or fr?i?lit apply ta M O R"IIF. K r<, 177 IF eat atraat, corner VTarrea *tr?at INDEPENDENT I. INF -TIIE NEW AND SPI.EV. 'U 1 ateamahlp NORTH A MERI C A , will leava Pit r I, Norti. River, on Friday, llth April, and will land her f at Clair a In time to t ?k* one af the ai w ateaiaer* of tae la ? pendent I. In* at I'aiam, an &'>tli af April, aud arrlet i:i Sa rranelac > befora the Ul'i Mat , I* in* juat t nn , li> ir 1 flew York to San State room*, aft. r '-a .in, atata room*, fore cabin, V<>; aacond 1 a'. in >??>; .ta ra re, (1.1 Cheaper and nalcker than any vtber line F'.r ireuht ??, paaea?e, apply (a HKKFOKD Ik C?> . 2 Veaey ttreet. Aator llima, N. V Freight ta San Frant iao. 4A cent, p r lb. PA? IFIC MAM. STEAMSHIP < OMPANF F'?K r.t, f raia and Oregon - The publie ar* luf tw-I ? the arrangement oMhi, coapaay, ,t?a^i in-, ' j 1 approved by the Naey Departaeat, and larrna. the 1 ?,t. t Statea Binila, will continue to leare Panama an-l San Fran elaeooa tha krat and >fte?nth dayt of each month, n a leaf t? tained by unavoidable ar< idoat, er tha ,?? arrival of the ?all, at Paran a Tli* iteamnr, ef tha kr.t of the taoat! will touch at A'apnleo. .Snn Rlaa, Maaatlan. Saa fMego %n t ? .atarey The .team- r? 1 1 1 e kfteenth of tha ai in'h, wl! taach at Aeapvleo, bin at no ether Menleaa port ? The fol I, a lag United Statea mall -taamparkeU are ioi la i n Pa tike, aaaaf which aili be aiaay, ia port at each end of tk, mate-? OREUON. I.IW toaa. TFNN FSSF.E, to a, PANAM 1,0*7 ?? N'l'KTH nR.N ER, I.JWI ' CALIFORNIA, l.Oim toai. COI.I'MHIA. IUU CNItORN. Wl '? CAROLINA *?? " SARAH SAN' OS, I..'**) t-.aa. Thane* tteamahip COLLMHIA, will ply regularly he tweenSonFran- .ro .nd porta ia Or*| n ?? faraier p-rt the arrival of mailt and paaaei ^ra ir?m I'a aama aad ret urn lag ? ithout delay with m.iil* and |ia>aei ?era for the follow in( etaaiaer froia Saa Frauoiaao. A re<v lor line af propellera will he kept np for th- tranup -rtat;oa at freight and tranaieat paaavagera botwt.a Kaaa ia aad So, Franeiaeo The "onnectlon in tha Atlantic will h? n vli taiaed be the ateamahijie F.MPIRE CITY, leaving New Vorl on the 19th, and I'll FWOK EE, leaving New York on tlie^t ofaarh Month, for 1 hatrrea. A third boat will ala*> r la New York, aa a *i ar- at. am. r Th. n. w RinnRAN aad PHILADELPHIA will form a dir- t .in. between New Orlean, aad Chagrea. leaving at *u> h p. -log, a, ?ill enanre aa little detention at |?iaalhle on the letiaiaae and forming with the Pacific ateaniahipa, a tbrnugN line V aad from New Orlean* and port* la Ifeiieo, CalHi rma. an? Oragoa. Pa*, ape from New Orleana eaa be aoeui^d fron Anaatrmg, Lawraaan k Co., Agonte. BATgaqr nit una ute voaa rtcmniM. Saloon atate rooma |!u Lower cabia berth 1 Steerage, foond with mattreae and hoard Ik ran* fawama to aaia raAivsioro. alooa itate ro< ma b ?< Lower eahln borth i*/ Steerage, fatnd with mattreea and hoard 1* rkoa aa * caMa jmmppupHppnipmmp stearaae ..... . , -a For through tlaheta for ant month, apply at the < ot tha company Maad ."4 South a'reet. t^OR SAW FRANCISCO ? FIRST VF.SSEI T>I"<P tT^II JT l.iae ? To aail, "? or about the l.Mh April Thine* i< ' apleadid clipper ahip ST. THOMAS ia now loading, nn ' 01 , have prompt dlepateh Thia aplendid ahip ha.* b.-eu ballt with a view to treat ape-d. and preeent*. at thla tim" t . - treati at nraatble indnewmente. being n >|nlek ahip. and tV< lag fr?Wnt at low ratea A fe? paaeeagara eaa takeu I . ?rat aad aacaad cabin*. Apply to E B. SUTTON ft CO.. Si We', I ttrret. ciaco re atrom PAPER HARGIH?I, *r. AM Ik M. imvier. :m uroadway. won* Iff , a vitt the attenMaw of the trade, and the pnl lie in geae ral, to tl.adr fh- ice a'ior'ment af Fftt'l Paperhanlnr* af tbe lateet and m .at faahlrnnM* deetgn,. alan. th'lr a '? meat of Wladow Shade* aad Ceraiee*. lag* aad Maalia Car laina, Mc , wl iah tkry a?t Via* kaa gny heage la tk? (dty. I NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. MR WEBSTER, THE GUEST OF PENNSYLVANIA. ANOTHER UNION SPEECH. PROCEEDINGS OF THE IV. V. LEGISLATURE. SANGIINARY llAILROAU RIOT, It c., leu., &c. Hprrth of the lion . Daniel Webster nt llarrlaburg, Pa. Hahkisbi-iio, April 1. lljl. The Hon. Daniel Webster arrived here this afternoon, and i* at present tin- (rueft of the State. lie ?u< met at th< di pot by a large concourse of cituenn, aud eacjrted t< hi." quart ? at liver 'a llolel. I he * hole i.f the House of Ki- preventatives ?u crowd.'d to < icc-wi this evening, l.y a brUUaut. dazzling, an l fai-hi- i ill' audi. lire. The wata of members were en tii ? ly oceupii <1 by ladle*. and all the beauty of ll.irri.i li'i nt ? i, the occasion. \l!ii!l l's t - T 'cljck Mr. Webster entered tbe J ..ill (.mill ?1 eiitliu-iaatic applause, supported by li . < uin. 1 1 ? o . I' r.< pi. hi. and accompanied by (lo ? -nor .b iiiirt iii, .<?. > > < Ury Uuiutvll, and other heads of iv'.uu .ils. \ e en! i v. s re-1 icd. iJovernor Jontsoi roue and ii '.,lnri?? ' ir : Inguirhid guest, iu the following 1 ? . aii i e< ij. :i< i.t.i.y remark*: ? .Mr '.<'1.1. In lii.ilf of the constituted authorities ill:', it tr ' their rtqu> -t. and in the n^nie of the c ti/- ? ' l'1 i nt.. .? here preitcnt, I most cheerfully I 1 iu! i.' \ui> n i d< ring to you a cordial welcome t. it ' ' I 'ii ei.iiuuotiwralth. It lias been ever a i 'Jul ? . ji a l?vcly trait iu tin? character of the All.' mi ) ? ?.|..e t' in rale latent, and to render to the i' i (. , : I' ri'co if individuals the hoiaage of their r. |" .1 m i i (.probation. In this most excellent and I. li. I I' . ' " |? ity it t'Ui' uatiouiil character, it has been tli- ?? ? Mi't i ffort of tin- eiti*ea< of Pennsylvania to I i i ..cuou-ly prominent. I' mler no eireum ?;..i 1 1 i 1 at i.o time, have her pe.iyie failed to f|| t< ?' 4 1 1 ward the patriotic of straii gi i ? In i - i. ..r render tiu< just tr. Utile of praise .lit .' i ' 1 1 " . ; 1 1 ? ' to men of transcendent Ukintal abili ti i" t r< gurd iu Mvlioual locution, or tho t ? ul t ili. i! . ,.. ration.- ? ?b' ther ilio wium< luny haro I ? . . imig. i't i ? liginUK. civil, or military duties. In -1 ' ' ..i '.Mi ,i. i'uUi v. a ud worth of tbi- pulilie iu -u it .1 t III' ', I'lllUi liwei.llh has tV'U till] raUlJ pride >. I!.' I. '.1 t ? y ? 111 tli< Will doing of a beloved >. tv eny .I iir ... j, .lineal partialities; but, it is i i. . i' | i . ii> sucii au ealetiLa* to f?rgi't or i ? i . ?!. .- i ? ? i ii ii uorablc r> putatiuu which we ?>. ' < < irii'-j "i u?.irding to all aiva the respect . ..? ?.! In. i ii i' merits and service*. If not the ' i iim'li' mull. Pennsylvania. lias alw.iy* . ?? ? ' 1 tn ? I ' i . u orotrct. surtain. anil honor the , i j. I ' .? I uda. It w.?uLl allurd ine great ?.ill ii mark.-. by a ret? reuce lo n.nne i.| l your long public Life, al?iut the 1 ' ii- ..let y of v. no diversify of op. - . i ' ' I ii- ' ' 1 1 that, in M> doing. 1 was da I.- ... 1 i-' M-.-i l.ige of fair ladies .iimI w.irtliy i ? - .i .ill in i >ual tinit ivnien. fr iui its pro i ' .In t I v will be impatient lo enjoy i ii i . i lien citizens, to i m rod ucc to y iur Kin ill fit i "ii r ti ? . | cifnl n'giurd. tlu- diatluguished (?ii. I', v "I >'? "i ii ualioi.ul g v.iiuueul, llie llou. I in I U ti- i | Mi W? -i: (In i .p ttl roec Kllil f-aid ? Gen'itu. a. .? i.ui >?', and M> tub r? of the Home of Kl'|t" ? f ? , III' f- 11 W cltluiu vf lYuOylVnaia hn i ttibl' i J .-I.. iiid U* iiieotLi>;blf, indeed In th-i !? , ? : I |.i U.< i rrice. if 1 did n.ti appreciate Ui ' , -Hi' ? ? <1.? ? i' u iii which il h.i- piia. i'il thi) - ? i ? ? ?! i. . I. uic. niiil ib> L. II ' ?; wi ll I' II y ur liilldui- ? y -u haTt; rec- Wed II" ,11. vi-il which I happened to have It in U'J I' ? ? t? "i 'l.i Let. mo *oy nothing could bo i" ii... .at b.? Kid llrncy tlw Oncraor hu ? i< ? 'ii k' I' >al. national. large and compre ? ? ? iter ll tile tNdlUUollWi'ultll of !'? .!)!?:?? h } bi u called not without utrontt c 1 i< K' jrxtone flute" of th<' arch of It- ' ' > t. ' : i extent, abundant in wcultli und >' . ... fjr th? industry of her citlien*. In ? ? IL . ... ...aunt with the Atlantic j her ri n . i' . hw r t lit r with the MieNimtippi and Ihu i<i .1 ' '1 Ainu nil, ?he hat. n-Miurctw in mineral Till" i ? ?? r ?> 1 < r -oil ihfit entitle her to n p etition b.* . ui) lilt. I 1i:t -i. tcr State* ? *be lui iin i fil l, i t .Mining].- mibdillirBliuiliMtrj; hikI while m. r It air hi r?blf hi tbo eye* f ll.- i i n i.nd to fldftl ber part in .ur country, It l? tri ? "ill I h lni* L'.in gi>?i rned by local prcju.ll 1 c . 1' t ?l i i ui I. til' nl' iiud by iiMrow fe-lliig. a< Hill- i ? tii.y .?tale in Iho I nit li Su.- I* central ill p >*l llt i In on the line which d.rnlc* th# twupir tl . I Ui c. tutlry, and acparatvd by 1jc.i1 In ter. i tie fr-idi another, and elie h ili-powtl it i v i \ it. do l.i r amy to both I admire lYuiuyl *ui i> ?' i iln uiid-rutiwH i. ud fit ^iniiff". the fcnod icnte llii tirti wli.m have animati d h r in the <li? il.jit^t m bvr t U Kaiii/u# in vkw of the qwrntiin *o well (?ltui>li? Id tii.! inli the yt iii-nil political b.inn iny , >m <tV.ri,<.r baa ilt ne iuc more than juetlce iu whit In i.i Mini 1 1 ii. y jo Uic M-rticn. ll ? ? a Ions time aince I 1 1 it it d , ul'l e I ? i|iiile loo lung f .r my elf. au.l |i <r bi |'< I' I iny ti uuly , but 1 ? .uteri ur rnyeclf owe .nerit I ut i>, hi <1 ? I tliul I li ii) lie proud ?? It utliicht ? ine t i the 1 uriii' ?'! l'ii ylraulit; and it It the ui.'rit it ' u I ti.i it k tin- t i uiilry. nnd the whole cMiutry ' in nli.1 1 loile in.d or done. In cine public ' rt lit It ll It til."th'-r. ill liiy (CCIirraJ pi'litlcul career I lu tin t:r|i linn if I'ri.i .ilencf I'l'iintyiranla i it d< 1 1 ? uid not htTi 1 ? i n an inxli; Htatr u.idi'r 1 ai j i .ui in li. ici ?. if tin huil retnaine,. ijn-nt in h -r re M'I'ho ii and in Iwr ? mil ' r.-rybfly *ti.iu It ?t lit kiU up> ii h?r with ret p e. .ifter ui *t nid l aVi li'ii ti ? ftate of h mi itniil*. if, da lnli ii. ru if tan d Ii in th ? tiih.T Sim. ?* of l lie Calon HI,, ui ni'li yt ur I ertiu.ylTanl* ?? yittl ii if b h lid l.ti | ] i. v. ? ) H |ti|i w uld "hi* hare been, with fc.?r n Li.i l i' 'in *'ih ti" power tod. r i |> lii m witli t l.l ui'} pi t?fih n ti hi 'In- nati"iial ii u 'bM carriei II n . 1 1 III ai d 11 Vl.ipb to Uja rliu.1 of ilit? earth ' (/. l|. ti't ) ll *ai lb.. ci.r.|treht nrit' eouriM' of poli li *1 1 1. n.'it. I- eal .dct mda iiarT'W in w of p 4itU ??! | lit i ,|.n r xb.ill b.t t uul'letl thin * It -le p." |tl'i t'? r| i i t> 1 1 tli t vubtiy a? ih ir count ry. ami Im- ia I ? th ? itj- 1 1 I't rMitlvaaUi whal lw tn>w i*. ami 1 .1 >)>.* It li.) i ti(l r i.l in. e !< a? I Utfvi. .-aid, 'he K y Fti 1 1 1 1 il.' tin h i f in I amm. ii .t hittl la.. | <| ^ utd lu m to hare been i.ffurc thia i? . t If i it j. ? Ii. lb t iilbi t. *m> )t *r ajiii lo-tl ij? "i th- Ar.i tl iit-i <t| i.l ? I ? It .uld havi niel y??? wil.t a far Ic ' Kl.t-l M l . I.i ilotu 1 ui * d I ?f it l? .nit to l?e denii il that oi 1 1 ri' i <? f i f j. n at luip"! t harp taken pi."* wllhin ill it Is t nr. ibat !?!? ??ure- w. rc atlitptctl hy th ? c?n -i-ai ci in ii. ti ft tin if al. partle*. ralt'Uialfil to Ii i hi tl Mi r. on *, at .| n III. t he njl'tal itlg i|ii "dl tttn of tho cn !.*? It I- t.i.i l'"il we ph"ti|t| feil kindly one lt> wk 1 1.' i. not In r In i.i-! hat w. an* *ne peo|>le ? h*?? on liilt lit. i >m i liar i it r, ? :i* lilmty. and one d. tiny. 1 bt it a Inn. bit- but Ih le i part in the prtic iram.-tit ??' 1 1 1. 1 atljlfin i ui i .aUiMtid by the l.i-t I "iifcrt ?? which II nt t t ti i)ihli'|- tlhit all c 'itld With Ik n? much ?< mnj ohm rt uld ratlin di^htpe hr. I trn>t to yi ur own par l? ptiili l" Mi-Hie jii i ut tl (in e i fehei-rfuliM -- pi- ?atii'i.;in a i it I J ttn iii tl > li met the irent rat |n" -?r ?? ol ail lote.v*i? in ut i llit iintiriiy el yov: pt p.e. imtl laky U Ifiieu .f 1 db mt feMft jroti i .u.; In iti r in pirt> li tp,.w r an <pi ut It r y u ft r linil I liberty. a..,i for the ? i?Mi-li.d fi.liil. Miiuiiuit'ii |'i?iiniiifHUii( tlie pane r-pulMi ran la.tb iln n i woii.d bare .i> ne t year 'inc. ? It it in I li.) |n i? ? mid I ib> n'tt wi-h. ft weary y n I } il.>i I s il i i I.) | t !? teal ijllertl'tii Vhi> ,1.1 tu i|(.i if u Mil ii I.. I HU m hp * |?tit I" ttf liacu *|t'!i; Im. all. I I.ii?.lii Iiit -Mill ?"' It it ibat I aiii to ryil t. 1 ban i nn In I- . !? in pr - .it. itMM t" l'| nt what 2 I ??tt ? mil n? .led to du d i by letl r ny pi'I'itid rckii t i' tlnii.t-ni" to the i.m-laiur" ft th It t u it. ut. 1 1 1 in winch they t ef" plta^fl to take nitk*t? t.| a nit lit im ' I my odir ...i iif ? It i? a cnnptl n n , 'liilftmnibrairi If 'hell 1 fhall Carry with me t > tlie , *i??. It ..?> iijipt nit d. ai J doc* ap|? ?r. lhal ill" time In.' i . On il, ll.. pi' Xn-eof alfa m In new ,<f th ? ?? h I iln coin If) ? . * *H-tiy Hicren-eil p- ipulaiiuu an I b (.1 iy i It rut til uiftoli nn lit ? when w?. the ilenc- ud ml i tl Iln * i wlii' i' hit ??tf :be unit nt-ndence and eetaliiMh tl III 1 1 In I i l ul It oi I thie I ' ail try . are bund to upenk >11' Utthl all b ? I Ut t f inankinil nnd h. ar tentiin my I i th raVM* of | ?tj mi- r r piiM emi ^'.rernment (Tivmemltm i I.i ti il K ^ I ? I itki r ftitt riiun ii. tlo a- liny will -it i ii- 1 1 in duiy to lian cm. tin i artl> and make pro**lyti? i it ' Ui in* i? ti ptiiet ly'c by our ennmple ? t" ennterl ti Hit I rt pahiir nil m by I'll. Winn What reful'iieaiii-H.

I I e do In | lit tnjilht trui end" "f (f '*ernm! ill. (Ap fian.i ) f?y ili'< we can do nitii* tlmn a th tiviiin oun nrio- nn ii il .. It ii ll. I'etee the I -nm W. Ttiil | im t !r il.i pr|iii(nl Mtmiment n van hl(f!i. ?l >win(i ? le i r I ; ? iht wmrnnjl Iftlliu fit- - t winch et| will i -ei mi u km w t ur d. -i.ry i- pn-?t; IA4 ny mnn falling ^hor. I ii lull 1 1 uiprt hi n.n n. ia not bt to c-iuduet lh tlai' ct th le tftVirruioti t>ur litual'i 't p-culiar II. rt Ttn.t'n I- in our ad?' r> ariep. it ui if we wure i.i t ii liavt power thank to def.nd iiWirffw. jA|| tin >.) And t iyi y m ! the ticnetlt* and r *. li j. ai <i kr.nwii j tfct (tuiiim rv-tnita of our political ?y? t- U. m wi *fii.ii' ii. rt.mpaie it with iny in t lie world ' ati-alt' 'o ri-tn| . .. r. lb.- ncurtly of prttfieny intlu?lry and it ) tilalb'ti ?? win i mil in th*- I'niM In th ? i' ti.l Hntra, Witb their i n under any oth.-r ll ic.iiM.i tit nl ihtt earth ? He? tltilionit caatitd ahork ??. t*e bin no dy naittn r b tr?n nrn and *? hare n??t. to 1 erect In their stead. Bnt tlw prnt. broad. (niwrnl tx* ueflcent current of useful new unit virtue Bows by u* like ymi^iotilc stream, until it mingles with the mighty ocean. 1 look no further. I do not contemplate what might happen to Pennsyl ?11 11 in when separated from her neighbors ? she may stHiid alone ? nor will it be forced upon her except by the reality of fact. 1 look forward to a long existence of g? ncriil prosperity and of republican liberty. For my self. I In lieTe that ages and age* hence. thn?e l?nitc<l Hides will 1m' free and republican still, making con stant progi' iH in general confidence, respect. and pros j*rity It will be to me the gr< atcrt solace of my life to b?? able to nt.v. when my career on earth may end. that I have ilone something, though little, towards preserving the gl(-ri^us constitution of my country Mr Webster resumed his seat timid tumultuous ap plause. tlie audience being electrified by liU eksjuuut address. After sprmllrg s<" me time in exchanging congratula tions with the iivmb' r? nf the Legislature and the Udictf who had li?tea?d to him. Jlr Webster retired, lie piir t?* k ( f a .-upper given to him by the citizen* of Uarrk burg at 10 oYl'-tk. NEW YORK LCGI8LATD11B. BY morse's MAO.VHIIC LINE, NO. N? WALL STRKKT. Senate. A i m->r, April 1, 1 8 j 1 . rrmion* and Mr.MoniAi.i. Mr PiMMirit presented netitions fur the establishment of a law lltjniry on the Kr#? Kailroad. to be culled the New York Boutin.' i'ii Library, fop the ttccoutmodtiliou of the bar on the line of that mud Mr. Moac?> presented a mstiiorlul from the Cootnon 1 Council of New York, for that opening of the Uloomhig- , dalr road from the Teuth avenue to Nighty-sixth strirt. in said eity. Thi* memorial was referred to Senators Morgan, W iUiuaiK and llcckman. Mi. also presented a memorial for the speedy culurgrnicnl of the Oswego caual. KKW VOHK ACADKMY Or MEDICI**. The fommiltnf oti Medieul Societies reported favorably on the engroNted bill froui the Assembly, entitled " An uet to inoorporate the New York Aciidcmy of Modlclne." TOKA.Wt.1DA I1DIA1 BCaKKTATIO.f. Mr. Owen, Croia the t'omuiittcu on ludiau Affair*. re port! d favorably ou the bill entitled "All act in relation , to ei i taiu onutroveisivs respecting the Touawauda Indiau reservation." mi l.! acroHTKD. A bill wai reported for the relief of the Strong Place llnplist < hurih. broiklyn A bill wim imported to declare the t'hautaui^ue riTer a publ.e highway phoi RPMcorAL oticroiiETr nuitrr. A bill to inc i|><jat? the Protestant Kpiscopal Mutual 1h m lit Society yaased. asvlim roa IDIOTS Sir Mobcau introduced a bill establishing an asylum for idiots. r*MA(sK or m 1.1.9 A bill for the x-lirf ?f the heir*. fce., of William Crow t In r A bill to d< claje Mmiw river, with the north and south branches. a pub'it highway 1111. I'AKVl.A AND HI MitrHANNA It AII.RIHD The tcnate then went intol'omuiittce of the Whole on tin btll to ami n t the charter of the Cayuga and Susque haniia. formerly Ithnra and Owego Kailroad It provide* i tliiit the t nvn-.i iukl Sdr(|Ut hanna Ituilroud Company are I hi ri by authorial d to construct a double or single track ! railr<i.d ftvtn or lit ar the tc nuiuus of their load. in the ) vil.. gi it (iwt go. In the ci.uuly of Tioga upon such route as the Oirti tcrs *Lalldtn ni most practicable. and for the pubic folivi Ilit nve. to Mich point on the line dividing this Mutt- fri ni the State of IViin-ylvauia. in the counties of Hifti >tnd I roome as may be necessary to connect with the is ggi ItV linn Hmli'i au in i he said Mate of IVnnsylva nui: ui.ufortht puipnse.1 ueijtiiring mid taking pisse* mi it ot i In Utrt-sfury land ti|niu which to construct such roan, and tin uiaiia^t until thereof. they are also autho miiitu tiny u fpicilM d iiunitn-r of acres of coal land in iYl.iiryhraiiia. m.d to purchase and deal in coal. il l 1 ' el lilt > Ml t Ml SiSIMIHN a IM.RIIAD. 'Ibi bill in .tiipi .ft t. il- on the Krte and Northern Rail ri lid oin i.i xi tcufidt red The New Y- rk and Krte Rail ri ml t'ouij any if n<|U n il to uutkn returns at such places uiiU in fin 1. Uiunni r a may be dirt eted by the Coiatuis t.i ii rs ot ib? t anal i und. t full the good*, chattels, nnd 1 1 In i prt p. vt > truii-poi lt d on their r.wd. except neat cat tii hi inc*. flit cp and fresh lut ala. and ,-hall pay to the tii a. uiy it tbif Male the same toll per mile, on nil such giids. clinttiis. mat othir property so tTnn?p'irteil us would have Ircii paid on iliem from the la iut i t x\ veipt to the point of delivery, hud they 1 Iwa Hsum.i I it d the mine uuints-r of miles nu I i illitr it the canal* of this State; but this section fhkll uot apply to any guiils or other ix-ufa-iiy trans pirtid t vt i the raid n?d shipped at or east of Ltpcfil iu the c. unly ot Delaware. di-tin-il to any place ImIWicii that poiut and the lludaon river. Nor fliiiil it It in i un o lo apply to nny g<MHts or other pr<> |m tty rh.p|n U al any poliil eaet of Urpoeit going west, uulitf iln nme mall In curried west of that poiut The Ni 1 1 hi 1 1, l.a In uil I i uipany is ulw required to make re fill in at such pi llod n ud iu klicli manner as may be di ri iti u I y the raid t oHiuiiseioiifrs of the fanalKund. of ailihi g'tsnu. ehkln Is and oilier prupi-rty transported ? ii i In ii r> ud. i xi i pi nt at caitle. horiw. sheep, and fresh I li.ial.abd | ..y into thv treasury of this State the iilit till |* i m it ou hUmji H gisnln. cuattel* ?ud other ]!i|srty >o tiuiopirtid as would have been paid ou ll.ilii III Bi the poinl of rti*ipt to the point of Ut nil ly . bad il.iy In t u trun-porti it the same mnnlsT of u :h r i n i it In r ii th> eauabof this State ; but this sec tion > be 11 i nly e| ply In (m <li and other projicrty shlpp"d ai I gdt i. l lugh anil u|s n git its and other pro|>ei1y piss il g thliign lo l^ike l buniplain. and gtsHL" ami other pn |Miiy . In) in u al l ..k> ( hainplain and pMalng over till il >i'?li It' tlgdl llr buigll Jit L>lu>'Uk I.UUH i-rtU the Senate. He reviewed the hi^liiyif then ad. its rtruggUv from one . troulile to I aiitlnr: the resolution ami energy of its director*; | i In ir ronl'.tu' that whoever ? ppo.-ed the gaud sense of tl.i |ii|lt fhtUldrti tlum preserved ; the certainty of iif i.i a I <i to | It lion, aud its gnat c<*t. lie said that ! tliir was a in s .lli uipi to pu down the road, and he knew il ct Uid Lot rui ci i U. Mr Joiivsi'-. tulltiWetl. urging the justlcc of the provl in i <1 tin h.ll as establishing niuul an. I cxactJosUre to nil ) ?. 1 1 f- I f lit! .-.ale, III VuM of tin- people. I le oha-rve.l llial tin I! H int . ill tin centre of the Slnie. were Ili-nTily taxi d ?uh l< ii. >li. Maimo. i>p|m>miI the bill. There was a lime when tin r i alio bad v- iitun d their money In this road were ii i kid upuli aa ttnaiieial lunatics and wern d'-cided on ll.r exihuigi a- linn with ut judgtm-ni < 'alnilv ami , ) ? rM viring.y . the good Bu n aud true, who hml it in (t.kigi in w, had pu. lied it nu till the very next ra -nth iln tod Witnirsitr completion llns bill would work a vail ii juiy .1 it was i i. ai lid Into a law It would la- an 11 jtny lo I lit pliglilt d faiih of l he Stale, which should be kil-l iliVH Ian >.r Lt nit aim the bill at length >11 ??!>, biikkiAS and I am il < moved lo strike net the en. i tn.g i Inn e. 'I be tit bate was continued by H.-wr* JUiiii r 1 kU-i i k Ibe tiMWU* ri fu til lo ftriku out the enacting I claine. Hie ct mnnttce roae and then the Senate laid up>n th tal Ii i hi un In n to giant leave lu the c *uuiittee to sit A ii cos was than lakt n AF IfclWIKlN HI* Mtuial ? MO*KT. Tin- bill iii ri'iau. u in iiir tnWTMt <m ininoy wm ron rbltiiii. It )'i?v,u<ii that ?Ihn IkHi b w> owl wt or W'WI W( l< r I In- pa)lu< i.l 1,1 lu.ii.y villi intrmd. a*t a (tultr llli -f ilili n ?t i in, ii i, ali.wtd by the prwdiii|f . >(IMi|i. U i.ali b? IIkti l?y rrmJirxi VuM ; but wtafiteTuf, II. f II? aftti Ii bri.|.|Jlt In. -m il l milMrt of aaauraiiea. It I . li Iir II|. II liilli. nil i mil I* m I ? L In llial rln^l a ||| . ?!? r rule Inlifwl b i. Urrr 1 'y <r n.UiritU) nwriwl. lak.n. or rr p ti-'l. than h alhiwrd by u?. itr <!<?(?' niLtot nhall rw? ? r hl? tiill r>?l? hi.. I i in. ?h >lr inlrrnct rm nml or tiikin. HI. a il i blmiititl -ball bfcvr juJitmi'Dt f>ir th.1 b? b . n' i' v !...)i ha>l r- iua.u Jut alur ibdnetliin tbo win lc iiiiii.uut i.f -alu tnli i. Mr Mom a* au?> rand tin- bill at length Thr pri-wnt luw ??? It I ' tniuni III III. IK ir, mill il waa an rnr >11 r iift.ii.i hi KI cut I j ilir Inim f.?r mrii to ?li'lib,,rat?ly f. my Ibi li ubdirUk.t Il wan limn that ihr ."Matr <>f N'? liik ?li< ii l?i itluci KUrh a law Ihrn tha ulatulu 1 I* 'i .a M. I'imj incTi (1 to unund. mi that wbrrr u?nrion? In I tt?, . laki n. I In pal iy tilling thr mt?r? *t *b?H furtbit t 1 1 tin uiiioiiiit u| uiure-i iaa?n. and full ? iiia 1 1 . i>?.p?t.< ii ?a? Ui-baW d by Mt-aar* Baboork. Mhm.iiiMki i anil i.thi r?. Mr Iiimm.h Mud. in drlialr. that he b?-llr*iil the .-tnii ? t >1 w \ ork W'.ui.l luw. I>y thi' i*iaU' of lallfifni*. ?i - i in bm.drtd tmh.i iui i.f il.iurx If I hi* l?w? ii 'K to I In ii.tinr-t on in* wlwly framed In thin Mi ll. Hni?i y ?. md ti.,w lulu brr heeauw our peopla *? .i u.i?- i m lui iir. anil la-rauae ihey w.-rr mora iuteUi k- ut. it wiif a im ?.!? r f . id f.?r eBterpnar St. iju. -iji.u w?n taken. and i In BoMt* adjourned. AMtniblfi Ai.?a*?. April l,ll?l. mita rimn. 'Ibb day being Ml n|H.ri fur iht' third reading of billa, bi fi lli wnig were pa?* J. uuk'M olherwiae not.d : ? Au nit lu ntin ihI tin* nl rdMiri' Ui Dm Malrilt Ab ? i?*y < f t lib r <vuu(y Mr. Ti>?*?i.wt> ni.?<tl to <akr the motion from the taLtr, to riconalder the *?i m ou tba final "f thi1 Mil pK tiJitu fur Urn i! I i-burRr of in/>..l??nt d> btur? ? ?fried, lln i4u?rtl..u bi Ii.jj i.u ibe m..i i?n to n<c >n?id. r. y t. nil c*Uid f?'r thi- r*?din*.>f tb?- bill. Urlkn j , i. r.idxl tor*) lain II # ( l.j<ct?i.f Ihr bdl. unit iul?i>c*t id H- paMtjrt . a." In ? ? nil- d iir. r it rrib'TW the yiawnt ..i l it li.ui h uBttvNmy ?uiuf(iiury Mr. T. bolirTiril l.i' It Wua piTfi-ctly right and pr<.p?-r that ??lobtor hi nlil h?t? thr )?rWthK? >.f pn fi rring rr> dltor*. m h? d d iwt till Ilk it wan lb lUAIidi d by ju.-lici' that nil lUMili in I.l. r rhuuld !?.' harn.Wi-d d'.wu through lh? rrH "I bt? llli BM-rtO l?|ria|ify III.; Mial' ol "Or prr i ii who might b? pn ji.dir. 4 ayatti't a ib bt.?r If a mm U ntJi.rtiiiiaia l? ha> l.iiain. ami hivtuff h ???^t ) ti. lu? .Ii aiiniia with hi* rndiKra. 11 ?? oiTtnlniy tv ry |.li p<r llml lit* ?lu ui.i (a- dirrhargi'd fruin hi* biir.iru* i,| i n ihf apfil'i atiun of twirthin/U of hurroditora lla tifiatid llittl br C"iir>U' rt'd lb< b.U c?l< ulnli'd iv Worb ? most militarily In iclieviug the embarrassment * of unfor tunate debtor*. Mr. M?<;oMjirn wished to withdraw his opposition to the bill after hearing 11m eapluulioo of hu rnllNgu>>. and he dcslrud to say to any gentleman with whom he bad conversed ou the subject, that he was iu favor of the , bill Mr Woorrra advocated a motion to reconsider, and j discussed the merits of tile bill at some length l(n deem j ed it u very necessary enactment. la protecting the in 1 tort el's of unfortunate debtors lie hoped the bill might i receive the unanimous *upport of the llonse I The motion to reconsider was carried l/y ayes H3. The bill then passed by ayes hi, nays 1. Mr. O Ati.nx moved to take from Ihe tiibbi the bill for I the appointment of an agent to r?f>rvsent the 8tate of ! New Soik at the World's Fair. iu 1801. Curried. The qaestion being on concurring with th? .Senate on | amendments made to thu bill, it was decided in the attlr i liiativi ? ayes 76. nays 1. Mr Varm'm moved to take from the table a motion to , reconsider the vote on the bill in relation to mortgages taken by the I YiniuUsioner* for loaning certain moneys of Ihe United State*. Carried ? nyes 73. nays 6. Mr . VjtR.M'M. by unanimous consent, moved to recom mit the bill to a select ciromitteo to report complete. I Carried A act for (he relief of the Association f"r the Benefit of Colored Children, in the city of New York Ayes 74. nays 3. Mr A. A TnoMrsn* moved to reconsider the rote and lay the Bullion on the table, Loft. The motion was then withdrawn An act to Incorporate the Franklin Minim Company. An act t? pnahlr John i'billips to keep and m-iintain a firry, to crna* the lln<ii?>u river opposite bi* binds in l'ut j nam county. j Mr llAPRn> railed for the question of concurring with ?fjr amendment* of the Senate lo the bill tiling tile saU ! ry of Canal Appraisi rs. ( An art amending the act incorporating tbe New York Gallery of Fine Arts An act amending the act relatine to the ii*<e*emcnt and colleciion of tax** in the city of New fork An /et drclarat??ry of the application of certain parts of the Teviwil statutes iu relation to the false tokeus. An aft to amend file charter of the vilTage of Saratoga Springs An act to alter the map or plau of the oltj of New York, by extending Washington street, in -aiJ city, from its present termination ut O?n?evoort street UsTwelftll Street. All act amending the act Incorporating the village of Oswego An act innorjmrntlojj the W illiauwliuruh Saviixjs Rank. An act incorporating the Ulster aud TivoU Furry Com pany. A reee?s wns then taken. AFTKlfVXiN SESSION. TBV r A ss A < * I. or Htl.l.l COOTIItT-D. An act to facilitate llu- proof for tln? pa>inent of debt. An net to incorporate the L'liea Association tortile Im provement of the Fine Arts. Tbe art to provide fertile early completion of the Ca nal enlargement having been announced on i* third reading. Mr. Ohi oukv nu n <1 to recommit, so ai to pro vide th?? no flout rartssltal) lie made on such- worfceacept where labor was limited to ten hours ? the ompei.w-.iUuu tor whieh shall not lie less than one dollar. The i.bove proposition whs lost, and then another mo. tion to recommit the tall ??> nude liy Mr t>., and it prevalli d ; so the bill was ajainsent to tho ('anal 0 >ui mittee. with instructions to report forthwith. Ailjouriii-d. The Amtrtea* Engine Company at Phlla dclpUU mil I'hiuiiilihu, AprlLl, 1851. Tli* A nurku- Kn^lw Cuupiiijf. of New I ock, left this j city, at 8 o'clock thU morning. tot Baltimore. They were escorted to the cnrs by u lar>;.' body of firc'Iil.'H. Ijst evening tftry attended the Wulnut ftrei'l theatre anil the ball ;ivra by the Hope llow Company. Halt i mob k. April 1, 1851. | The Anierijx* Engine Company. of New Ynrk, arrived here thl* afterooin. nuil receleed n jrr:ind nnd-enthusi** tie ri < eption. The procession ?'?? half a mile 1 ran. and wreath* and bou.juet* were thrown to them along the Unc of proc<a*ion They attended a hallgiven In their honor to-nifht; after vhleh they partook of a grand en tertainment given by the Columbia Company. Bloody HtoUn the Allien Knllroad ? Several Pcraona Killed, ?Kie. Datavia. April 1. MM A man named Rokert MeCan. a woikman on the Mtioa. and lleruolUvllle railroad, wa* kilfcd in A lex* adit yen- I terday afternoon. Two other* w. r.- al reported to. h.*e been killed In \V?r??w on the Mine day. The ciiw of these murder* Is snid to be a strike for highi r wage* by the workmen of the road. A party of six hundred" Irishmen are reported, on the way from Wtrmw to Attica, del. ruiined to drive all from the road who will not stand up for higher wuges Cons* <|uently the clttaen* are urming. HfVcml UtpmiuUou* hart* 1mm* 11 c ommit lt d, aii?l oiU era ilprdrd. The murderer* hate lieen arrested j? }< ? An espn*** ha? junt h??ro f??r two nun dr?d stand of aim* from the State arsenal at this place. Report Mate* that thetw are ten:.- r >u-ly wounded, and that two of tin m are not cxpMtMl to ll*v. Conflagration at Kile. Kair. April 1, 1*51. A fire broke out thU morning. at 3 o'elnek. in the jewelry storr of W II Lewis. which wu entirely destroy ed, t??ether with the following atores. fce W 11 French'* confectionary. J. J JoUnwm* hook store. W Murphy'* tin aud copper store, the Kagle Tavern. J U. Williams' broker and exchange office. W II Knowltoa's j. v?elry. 0"Uellly'? telegraph office, W II llama' sal w ('? It Rein's tailor* shap. J M Jubilee's clothing st'We It i* not yet known how the tire originated, nor the am< uut ol the lus* or insurance. Mnnltlpnl Klectlon at Whitehall. Wnitkmmx. April 1, lH.'il Our election passed off quietly to-day. The democrat* hate dieted Oliver Hare. m for Supervisor. and l>r A , Hull for Justice of the I'caee. Uise mi's majority I* lit, and Hall's 7T. Ma*aa? hnaetla Politic*? Th? lloalmi Fugitive Illoteia? Steamer Hermann Spoken, ?c. BofTuf, April 1, 1$T)1. Fumuel 11 Wall.y (alilg) win elected to the I,.-gisla |un\ fr< m Hoxl.ury. yesterday. In place of John ?. Cl< ? |M r. resigned The democrat* In the Third ward elected all their local officers and two member* of the C? Dimon Council. li dirtinents against F.liiur Wright. Hcott. H?y*. and otb. r?. wire read in the C. *. Mstriet (,'ourt this morn ing. 1* fore Judge h prague That aitamst Wright coo ts. Ih d tllteen count*. Ill* trial Uas beeu ttxed for thl* dny four weik*. _ '1 be st calm hip rmann. Captain Crabtree. fnm ><?* Yoik on the Jl'tii uH . lor lln uieii. ?a? passed "U the Jdth. ffly Biiloa W N W of Nantucket. Commingling of Blnek and White Spirit a In Canada, Nc . Toaoiro, April 1. 18.">l Ocorge Tlmnpron and Frederick Uougla* are here; they leclnrc on slavery to-uixhUa'V1 tomorrow Navigation to klnptun *ill commence to-morrow. Itw Bank In Penn?yl vanla. Il?aai>*< mih. April 1 1*M The l.Ul to i harlrr the n? w bank at F.a?ton. oall-?l th* Fainier*' and M.ehanic?' llniik, has parsed the B?'uate filially, by y<?s Ik. to nay* * _ Attempted !?lnrder In Phllailelphla? The Mint Diposlt* and C'nlnai(e. 1'iin.snici.riiu. April 1. 1*>1 An attempt was made to murder a w m m nam d It. n ki y. reskling in Kensington last efwatag llcr tBTOat ?H- badly rut. but -he * t il survives The |t<>ld d< p> 'its at the mint, fir March w, r? f.",.w*it?*). making a t<4al since Jan l?t. ?4 ?ll**l,?W j The coinage, during the )*?t month w?* piiii)i*>t. i >h< wiiiu with the previous two m 'Ulhs. a toiai of ab >ut fl4.WlO.UM. Mew Kplaeopal t hnieh at lMttahnrgh, Ac. | I'lTTaai m.ii. April I. I IU1. The comer stone i f Ht PeWa ? liurch, in thl* city. | wa* laid yesterday by lli-li p I'ott. r It U tu l?.i the j huiiiUomert < buri h m the W. -tern country Hie river measures Ave f*et In the channel The wrailo r is Very piiVMiit Therni?aueler (s) lluii- | nea* coiitlnues brisk. Fatal Kneonnter? Virginia licglilatnre, lie lUi.iiMost April I, 1 , I An aitircation to?-k plaeo last night l? tw -. n t#o Lull III the western fairt of the city, during which Jam -s lire w ii stabbed another named l>< Is'W, from tue elfoet* of which llibow db d in a few hour*. 1 he N irglnia l.< gii-iature adjourned tins a*, on Mon day night We have on mail ?outh of SnTannah. to-night Hndilen llealki A > ai *?, April 1, 1*>1 Ahr>ut nine o'cloek last evening Mr l.yneh an old Inhabitant or this place while going homo. Ml d<??ra on the walk and expired Instantly He had been in hw u>ual health and excrllent spirits during the day. but has been With dlseae* of the heart for some time I.ake Krle Nav igation, Atr. Mt f r%i.rt. April 1. 1V?1 Till* morning the btrbor waa full "f lee and tha ateanicr* broke throngb It oilh dl?euliy Anewterly wn.d ha* driera the ic* out and thero la eery littla la alcbt thl* evening. The express train comm. ncc? running quick time and | loo Hire*, tfela miTning ?u?im ? "T *>* h'r' iaUerlnf prn^ rta. I Meteorological Obwrvatlonr/ AfrH I< BV MOIM'li MAONBT1C LINK, NO. 16 W.W.fc STREET. Brr?u, 9 A M ? Henry front lust ni gttf, tine, plM MiDt morning; wind *outhwe*t; thermometer Mi; baro meter 29 "SO; mercury 56 9 P. M. ? A mild, plviutanG ?wiling; wind ea?t ; thi nnometer 50, barometer 508} mercury 04. Kut HMiN, 9 A. M ? Fine, dear morn inn, wind math* went ; thermometer 4*. 9 I*. M ? It hM bea? a day, followed by a beautiful evening; wind cant; I t*r in> meter 50 Ai HI hi. 9 A M ? Fine, lieautiful morning; hud kUu> iii|f brightly; wind nouth; tknooiHtrr 41. 9 P. M.? ? t'lur mill |>lru>nnt rTeuinf; we have bad a beautiful 1 day: wind <'ttot ; Ihi'mumrh r SO Hum r? . 9 A M ? (Vol and delightful morning; wild i"i uthweat; thermometer 3*) 9 P.M. ? Thi? hn* b?*e? ? ?ery |>U-n>-aiit day. and we have now a clear, llnarvM In*; wind w.?t; thermometer 49. Oswn.o. 9 A.M. ? Lovely. clear morning; flight fnat ia?t Bight; thermoaaetcr 35; barometer 30 492. 9 P. M ? Clear anil very pleacant evening; light wind from tba Burthraat; thermometer 41; barometer a0.J70. j I th *. '.I A M. ? beautiful morning; ,kj cloudl*a*; heavy froct ln-t itijfht; wind went; thermometer 4T <*; barometer 80.0*11; mercury 62. 9 P. M ?A t?.tutiful day; clear and fine thi* evening: wind weal; Iht rnnimn ter 4* ; bnroini ter '29.900; mercury rtl Aiuitr. 9 A. .11 ? clear and In antifnl morning; wind north; thermometer 44; bun 'meter 30 40: mercury 6f ? IV M. ? Ok'a rand plra-mt; wind north, tlwrm >metvr 51; barometer 30 y?0; mercury 64. j Thov. 9 A.M. ? A lovely morning; clear, bracing air, and iwucli colder than yeatcrday . l>wt very jdraaant; nd fight /Vim the nurt hi nut; thermometer 46 9 P.M.? Clear and very plcaaant; tnueh warmer titan It wa* tUa morula*. with a l.glu wind froia the aortlreoat; >h?i ? Dieter 48. Pi iiumitoRi 9 A. M.? Clear and (dea-ant; wind iMtb l wi ft ; thernn-iui (? r 4<> U miuhul. \ M ?Weather delightful; aky ?4n?d i lew; wind north; them:- meter 44. CIiv?x9A M ? lteintiful. clear weather: thei iwnma ter !12i barometer U0 Letter* from thr Hlviere du Lam* ftnte that the rivi r if perfectly clear of ice. Moniriai 9 A >1 ,? l>rUghfftil rmneuinj;, wind ooaihf thermr>??fter M; haromett r ; i0 46. Kim;?io*. Si A M. ? Ilia at if ul moraiag; thennnnaiw 40: n?? iyation u now fairly opened. Tkho'h. 9 A.M. ? Fine. nUaia luoricng, thermometer 44 Marfteta. Sav *??!?*!?, March 28, MM The* by the Canada ha? b nl no cffeoi .u our nr | ket. 11a nU? are CO# bale*, at ttum 8 to Me. ?????? .? City Intelligence. Tin' Cat own. Com kmtioh ? Tin Hi ^mi or tub Run J'hojh i ?? PoLirr KimaT ? .VruowR/*Miwar nw dir. ? Ijn-t ?*caing, I In- aakirod cuuventioti met aft h I'liflijivrlau church, Mr Wil-m in the ohuir. lic.-olmiune were mb-ptcd againa?.the Kugitive Slave lav, mid i'xpr> mw i t' a d< tcriniuatiun.t . rei-iet it a* much a* poeiihle; imlllrat n'Milulion Vint u c niumttoe bo ap point".; W MiifM< thi' city witha vii ? ??f completing LW orirauiiatioa among it* I miu cuionti mtm, that their int'.m u on may Ik- f. It ut tin' iinroarliiiig anil nil future cli'dt ior..? 1 hr il^ruM-iOn on tin- jeuk uud gr>oery projaot occupied the greater |uirt of ll* evening. It wan miaJlr mil pit il. 'I In report i'ii p. licy i^uil.liiig wa-al.-o uL'|ilnL A tract Wim ordend to lie Written and published .iguitx". it. mid <i till, n tn In- Mill to IU* Legislature. tu i?--? iia mediately I In lull agailict gaiuMing. lying an the tabta I'f the di l ute A vote of having been pnetrnd to tlie ?<;>. rt..r if the HrrM. f r the fainieae and aecuri. it . I hw-ci port*. the MNiwrnllon then a.lj.iuraed tint di ill 1. fi ? urn. litre btt'ifv 12 o'clock Full re putt Il i? aw. Ni? York Hihtorh *i 8wi?tt. ? A regular meeting at the New York lliMoriui.Hoaiety van h-ld lint evening IB their mini- in tlir Utiivnoitv One of the priiu-ipad fintUMa I f the I Telling WIU a iMneoana by Major Kk-h :i rdMis r. -)H iitlng Tt cuuim )a the cel. I.rat. d Italian wnr rii r. Miijoi li dcta I< d H ate inc.dentii in the fawn tui that rtnntrkable chiit. tn ihi'W t lint lie w a.- u human* una. and nlan urgued n> to who killed lilni. The i-rwdig ? f the act hi gs?e to t i l, Julinron. Major K . aleo, aft H?r length .'iiro.'d t>' -tloa that the Hritishgov. rnmeot, in the Miir i f IMA dill not eueoBftige the alrocittee pec p. I rati. 1 ' u tin Aiueriiiuia by the linliau* la I be naflnf o t tiri at Hi it ii in Or inn Ti wri ra?h r ein RiritABrrr Jibileb. ? Iiaat (vi iiing. tin ri' nne a grand U iiiperauce. and Kechahat* j li I ill ? lit the 'I llla:l IIUI U'. 'I lie iagai!?Oia of tile ordair matthid the bw Iding in t lielr regalia. and ainua rallied I.) a bamh llMuir 'nltt White provided, linn win pray.rj. bjuin- and teuipataiMe <ong?. vilk addri ex fr< in l!i x Mr. li.iker. Iter vir llalgh. ?ud Ken. Lr lli.wlii g Tbi Tal.cnini le wan etrwd d. Minm o? Kmu.rams iw Ni:* Yuti ? On M indag.i# i Migrant* Unit bud arrived that ikty in the vhip iioiidio- fri m ti?.ri <1. were t nuJ wandering in tko Hn eti. vitlmy h ? .1 of the muai4 gelling it TK*y wi re t iiken in t%< t'ourtb ward f<ati m I|oum>. nnd Ikm li dgi d lor th? niplrt. mid fjod -. applied to thin Tha ?Mldien h i>Hl the otl. ml l>ri ? i in th. wtldent m.tnnac, mnl devout ad it more liki luugt) wolveit U..m Iiiiw I" ii ir- 1 bere wire upward* of eighty, in all. D'OM>*od into the I'oailk ward Ft at ion koiue The C-uimiaaiiiB iu if Kill I nve iin.l. rtaken to protcct t^'ao P"?r pi<lle. nctiviag the ri inn ?LiUi<'ii money, m the)! ita, |m.ii<I> that tlie elnlgmuta not be a I *ihJU.mi <>? the ritj. yet th. > p< unit I Win to roaui alti^it in a wtarv ing cOMiiiiua. 1 1. 1- ii> to..', Uad. I'mk.i hic* la nir Pint nr Nicwr Voix, fan M?aa?i? Gmiai hi mm o> Arinvi* ? The fliowing b< an mo Cititil i I the pa*MH|tnn arriving in t^u pen for ika nir nih it M v ri hjui-t t-kyind : ? Kri oi Hrltlih p..rt? iija Ft> ui Kn neb MC Kr. ui Uri men IM |fr? bi I ImihIih i v h S >n ui Antwerp 8 Kr. ui llotU'iilnuv M Krtm tliagrp*. 1 ,M ^ tt in other |u>rth 114 Total f. r March Total fer Ki bruary IHI Ii.rrrn"e during the month TjMf Not on!) I.- then mi tncriioa fur Mnrch over K. l.ruary of the pr.M ut year, but CVK Murrh of laat year thu lucfMM i.? vi ry pn al iiulitd. U in a* follow* Kit March IKfil total llUM Kor Man li, ltv.'*i tot id * IIA Iuor. aro . . . , 10JM Hinr f ii 1 1 ?>n Small 1'ov.? Owing to thrwantof atrifigi ni'y In infi rilng the |nw? of mmraidtw, panwd l? ? t acralon. a great nuiohar of caaea of nhip fxver aud of atnall p< x linve ri ceiitly r up to the city, and altar Rpn a 1 1 i i n tin contagion ban been fuuiid ne?ia* rnry to m nd them bark again to the Marina llotptLal, Mat. ii l> In ml where tiny ought to have b>.n ural la the Aral install i*e. Kkl|i f. vi r bw been f'-arfuUy on the inrrraai of late, owing to the eiwrdeil atafte ef thepaal grant ahi|? ? the wmil of prop, r v. ntilation. :ind tka Want ef m flieii lit find or the iinwliot. ? ouie rliuarter < f the fi < il Hlppiiid Additional n ? iftant phyniciMM have Im < n found nctraafj at the Marine ll<M|>ilaL ke ald<*> tun f. rrlrg a i t Biber of rurh pate ut i a-, could km riuini.d to V md'r I- In ml Sic* or Frvn, ii vm fTarrT ? A yming man. wto ri.ine fri m Inland .ih ut fourteen MoatlM ainee, wtaa f. Ulid in thei-triet |a-t Monday, -iek wall f. ver i|.' waa taken to the In apital by offlct r Turni r. Thi Viar i* I n i \ -?i . -nvi. Siri > i ? The Are in F'trif ? n cotid ?!.. ri J'ort. d ,i yi >ti tdny bi .rning'n ifi dU v4>yewre lo have la a u tlh w. ik cf an inccadi&ry John King waa ai ri Rti d. on iiu|% ion of the crime. I.ut wi< d.?-h%rge4 nt the Kotice t'oiirt On the former ornul'Ul. wlvu ib f. i mat ion wae giv. n to th. InBWance aftl -. that It im* lliti I. il. tl to M t th. -. l u.l'liiigp on lire, tln-y act ? watah upon tin m for ? length of time Ti.i RimH^RNn Fiai ? 1 he alarm ? Ore at 4 .'el.<eh ycMinlay siomil g I . ? 1 fi mtli. lire in lb <>kamn Rtn-i t. l>r< aking i ut in l uring llr fin a buy naraid Mil ha. I tt Ik laa f i- kin ek. il down by b .?e ea. t No M. Hi Conaiderabl) hurt, and lain* to the t Ity lliwpttal I y "lie of the !*e<- .11 I ward potior I'm ii t'lin *v .?iaiiT ? At half pa t two o'oliwli am Mondn.t . I he attic I hour e No t7* t'h' rry ?treet, wa* like e> vend to tx i'ii I re. and waj . kUngti.>oid with triding damftge Viar ii Titian Sn nr ?At hi.lf-paat 10 o'clock, in ili. j l? Hit g. n Are Wake out at >?. I4i Third atreet. am ? aal< mil by a di f. . t iu the rhltnitt y It mm. \ 1 1 nguakit by the |m.|ii e with trilling .Inmnge t'*?r or Poi?<>*i*i. ? About half |a??t eight P N , lad Mi nd*} a jnui g woman, named Ko-. y la* lian who ta. alib ? in 1 1. .mini iitnit tt appear-, (wwund ai*p-'i??? wi rtb t f letidai.ttm at Ih- Mafvhali > .m.l iuiurdiate^ r Wall. w. .1 ii. HIh n int. rnigat. .1 alHiut th.- matter >)H> T< plied. U ing d own limit' .1 at the time and li- i|.p.M?ted in I. ve aff. ira. ?h> th-iu ht t? m. .ke away with liecwrlf ; inin. dat.h m .(Wmermg that -he had taken |Rob?i*, til. y e. I.VIJI.I li.r to the N.w i ork l|.?pitnl. whwra Dr. t h nv. la fliy-i' ian Bltendid upon tno unf irtuaala w. man. ap| lying the etonuw li pump At ten o'clock aha Wan doing Very Wl II. Itaut oi i Nia Ynaa Yot.trwvita a ? O* Sunday afbr n.on the rcdwlnaef l.eonanl li iw-e, one nf the Near \ I lk VllWUrt*. were eonvey d to Oreenwiwwl t'. nai tery, ifcirtull) ib. r ut a i * i a-g n mnant of the Itrat rngt?e?t KeW 1 .rk v. Iu lit i > i ?. tin Aim ricun Hi lie* aud the Uhf. ti n (maid* The prx-eaaion wan followed by ? lawi a>na c> litre of citiaa ne. mid wae varv imp. - 1 aijr and all c.l to la- il. . ply ad. etc. I One l>y one the remnant uf 1Mb ai i' Da ut ar> peri lung front tllm'aaa^ pontraotwd In the Mi mi an campaign Tlie tattered but honored ?idi? nl the v> Innt.. if wire borne la Um proeeaekfu upon 1Mb no Ian. In ly < < ? avion Kei vn I'iiowm n ? Anwnkn.'wn man waa found .ls*4 In Uae water, on Momiay at I'ier No. 2. N Tth river l'i um ?v Ar.iriant ? Finmtfoa i lltxr -d Ml by the tu. nu if tt illiam M? thert, a grocer, ageil 37 ycara. rr -i.lmg at the errmr of Warren and tTBahlngton <trwwta. fell fri in hie horse in a fit of apnnleiy. yenterdny after m?n. at the ciner of Pearl and Vrank fort atreeta, a ad I* f* re m. dicnl aid fnilM be procured, he expired Tha la ily of the ih eeaiw d waa conveyed to the fourth wwrd atatl. n heme. CWmef Oeer waa notlfleJ. ami an laa qneet will hi' held on the body to-day ft??vn m Acomdvii lhawmva - -t'oeoner tJ~*, yea ti nley held an laoWeat at N > 42 Whlteh.iU atri at. na tha haily of Pmnrl* Mefan, a J.ny only ier.'ii yaara .if agw, wbocatne to hia th-iilh by drowning, In i.oo?enuenee n# accidentally fulling . U the dork at pier No 2 Ihd liter, on Monday evwnlng and Vf1 T9 aid e.atld be |>ra. tared, llM pootVy w*a dmwr.?t Tirjtct BC 'orililHrtir t'a?? or Pba^ot Pel *t> ?? ^tpleer fid, nf the Third ward pi^iee. a i|ii?rter . ?-Jt of .? igaac krm% ? MuiaUy algbt, la Or*, nwkk atf?H.