Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 7, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 7, 1851 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK II Kit A 1,1). WHOLE NO. #741. MORNING EDITION ? MONDAY, APRIL T, 1851. PRICE TWO CENTS," AKVUHKHTa. BOWERY THEATRE.? BOXES. ? CENTS | PIT. 1JH Mat*. ? Doora opea at 7, curta a r aea at 7X o'clock.? *??<*? ?veniag, April 7. will b? performed the tragic apci) -tacle ofRIENZI? Cola di Rieaii. llr. E Eddjr: AsjMu Co lonna. Mr. Til ton ; Vralni, Mr. Pupts PaaUli, Mr. Uouldaon; JHWte, Mr. N. Johnson; Lady Calonna. Mra. Jordan: Ctau <11*. kuw C. W>u>yaa: Berta, Miss V:aw: Tcrnaa, Xiu O'Con Soc. After which. Mia* Hllfert will 'in: To conclude with the comedy of Al.I. THAT 0 UTTER:* IS NOT (IOI.D ?Sir Arthur Lattel, Mr. Tilton: Http'iea Plum, E. Eddy; Toby Twinkle, Wlnana; Martha fjihl.s V i* Werayrit; La ir Leatherbridtre, Mr*. Jordan. Burton '9, chambers street.? every evening tilia week, the heat written an I '. it played enm ujy, j.OVC IN A MAZE, with new ami p-:ull*r acenary. beauti fully painted, uew and elegant Costo n ? The well knows comic talent ni thin company sustain* t'ie principal rliarau t?ra. A new fnrce of oriiiual constr iction, THE sril lOt FOR TICEKS; Or, The Shilling Hop. vith all the Ladiei ai Tlgvrt. _ _ JIJATIONAl. THEATRE, CHATHAM .STREET.? BOXES, A? !SS cent a, Hit, 12S ceata, Private $5.? Doora open at a auarter before 7, to oouuience ai i quarter naat 7 o'clock. Monday evening. April 7, Will be pr suited the celebrated drama taken from the celebrated Pt ry, entitled HA.'titV HI RNIIAM ? General Washington, Mr ? If. Taylor: llirry Murnhaui, llr. Watkint; Ki Lane, M r Brandon; Captain Arncll, Mr I. a Favor? Han Morgan Mr I, Fox: Mary Man ner!, ftliaa K. Mi stayer; Sally Martin Mm, Drew. The en -trrtaanmeDta commencing with THA Vf, 1,1,1 Nil BV TEI.E 4;RA1'II? Oakca, Mr. Brandon; Mar >-11 Edgarton. Miss E. .Mci-taber. Mechanics- hall, No. 47a ukwaiwat, above Graad street? Open overy night during th? week until f"r?M**lce. The original and ?eli Uuwn i'IIHI.STV'8 M1MMNLS, oonprUing an efhuient au<> versatile "u'irpe" uf "t*leBte<r' and " experienced portormert." under tliB ananafit.miL t of E. P. Christy, whu?o nicerta in this city, for a aucccaalfn of "Bee years," lia' t i-vn received with favor high It reapeetabla and faahionahl. andienoet. Ticket*, it oaata. l>oor? open at half pant it commence .it i-i/'it O'clock. An Afternoon Concert will ? .(Won on Saturday Bi-xt. April 12. for the aooomuiudaii ?? of Ladiea and Juve TUlcs, con meLiinf it 3 o'clock. P >1 >n Saturday evening next, April 12. annual benefit ot V W. Could, Guitarist. FELLOWS' MINSTRELS, a I KM.MtWS* MIMICAL Hall, 4M Broadway, bet?'(*i, '.toward and Grand atrwta. Open every night during Ho - -ek. The celebrated original and null known t'elloan' Vi.i-.trWs, " conipriKu.g an ?ffi<i*nt and versatile corpn if taleo' and experienced per Jormera," iimlcr the direction of .1. ! fellows, whoso "on oerte in tilia cit y for the last year ' . * v ' t?-.>n received with *he greatest favor by the elite am* fuain. n of thia ?r?st me *r?pol'i3. Their coneerta conaiat Burn ai|n? Jtali:m Opera Sc-raaa, Witty Sayinna, Soloa. Ouetii . ? horuwaea, LMnrin^, ?nd Inatrumental Performancca. On Wednesday and Sutur es v afternoon a, a grand Concert lor the ac :ommodatlcn of laaiem and families, commencing at .t o'eloek P. M. Admit ?ion 25 oenta. U 'ora open at 7. to at 8. Horn h whites Ethiopian opera iiol'se, op4*n everv night, No. 4AI ]lr<ia.lwii^, four doora from Uraad atreet. Vnown at the Coliw niu.? The company con #li-ti cf taclie talented and experiencml performcra, who *?ill nightly apinnr in their aplendid variety of Ethiopian <K.tertainmenta. Doort open at a quarter 'tefare 7. to Cum saeoce at n ijuartcr before >*. Admittance Ji ceuta. At'tcr Soon performance every Wednesday ? .d Saturday, cou? ?teacing at J o il ?k^_ ^ ^ WHITE, Proprietor!. ( CIRCl'S? NEW YORK AMPHITlIbATR*, 37 BOWKRY. ? Monday evening, Aj>ril7. Mile. Louim) Tuurniaire .till Appear in her terrific act without .addle or bridle, entitlcJ LA (ilTA.NA. Innumerable feats of G> mna.?tic ial Aero hmti ? ?ki!l, 1?> the talented Uyniliinsts and Vaulted att.ih cJ to the oetabliahracnt. Mif n Mar* Ann Wells will appear in a superb a< t of horsemanship. flaring horsemanship l?v tbe French mnU American e.jue-tn an*. Mile. Totirniaire mill introduce her trained Dtavis^ llorM, brilliant, l^oora open at \ quarter before 7, perform nice to eomineuce At half-past 7 o'i'lock. Frigate bo no*, CA) cent.*; buxe.#, '?'* cents; pit, 12*? cenU. FRAN4LLIN MUSEUM, 175 CHATHAM SQUARE.? GEO. Lea Sole Proprietor. ? Admission ? gents ia Private Boxes, 60 cents; Stu^e Seats, .17 H oeato; Hoim, '?> cents; Par qaet, 12W cents. ? Eie/ant Saloou r- fi'"rmanw8 ernry After moon ?ud Kvtming. Entertain me i.f* commence in the alter ?*}u at 3 o'clock, and in the evening at bah past !. The eatcrtnuimen's are varied and sde? t, nod such as can be soen jkt ao other place of amusement in Sew York. eon jilting of l*ea*s Female Ethiopian Opera Troupe numbering fifteen ??rft>rmer?, b? in? the larrest and at trie ??m? time the mosl wnlented band in the United States a troupe of Mode' Ar tists who are selected fur their beauty aud tigure, f\nd who personate a number of beautiful tableaux. taken from the noctures of ancient and modern tiinue; a company of ?iris, who go through a variety of feat* of strength ai?4 Aaxtcnrity; Madame Rosaline, the oitlv Feuiale J <ggler in the World; a company of Male and Female Artist; who will girt Ct*Ybibitii?n rf Marble Statuur> unequalled in the world, get her with a variety of laterejtlng performances every Afternoon and evening. For particular* see bills of each day IRANI* VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCE U\ M f r the benefit of the Dutch K*afi?riU.*J Church, No*. 1'fT t? li:? franklin street, net r Broadway. Pr ?!en^ <r V*..n der ^H'evd<t. hoii'-rary member of tl?e 8?hJ t > o f Musical Sci.'Tie ? in A mst ?rd*m snd Rotterdam, former!? Organist and Con cert Master in lli'lland, now Onanist of trie above church, ?tsetsted h> the favorite nrtiats Signorina Speraiin. Mrs. Lin coln, Mi*? c*c U Roche Barker. Mon*i ur Louis I)., from JMrwor Albert!, fr^m Italy. Mr. Liacoln, and llerr Yirliorn, tin- celebrated violoiicelut, togetiur Mlli ;i clioir of fift> singers, under the direction of Mr. ltus? 1). Will gi ? a Crao i VckuI and Instrumental C?uc>rt, fur the bene tit of tli? nbc ve church. Programme. ? 1. Overture, Hegn iet4, florOrgsn. *J. < i ir. 3. Oiieert fvr tfo PUaoi. 4. Duct, fur soprun > and tenor. 3. Fantasia for Violoncello. H. I. * Joiij^cte. Frincit Song. 7. Reveri, f?r the Piano, 8 Cava tlnfc.Tr-m l.a Sonnamnula, for eopr.tno. !?. Choir. Sc -md JPsrt. ? I. Flute Concert for the Or/an. 2. Choir. .'I. I m TWr ?mptu f??r <KoIian Fiano. -I. I'rayt r, from Kr lani, f r Xe*or. ft. Serenade for Vlelo*cel!o a id I'iano 6. Enflifh llal'nd. f-?r soprani. 7. Sus Concert mt. for (Irsnd Piano *nd i?.olian Piano. H. Neapolitan Air. M. i^tiart. tte Song, eaecuted by the celebrated Alleghiioiau* IU. Choir, wi*h C>rgan. ( oik crt takes jdaee In the above Church on Monday cvening. Aj ril 7. at * o clock. TicV-t* .VI cents. If A BENJAMIN'S NEH ORATORIO OF TIIE AME JLj* rtcnu Revolution, will h? giv?>n at the llroidway TaWrracle. Hi dnesday evening. April if and 23. IMil. by s Class of twelve hundred young singer*, it?>*i!*tod by th" Lirj "t futcmle orchestra in thiscouuti v. t .iifi-liri | of two hundred jpeujic la<)i on \ ark?ut imtnuucb u A number of pl? wift4 miaceilaneoua pieces, in addition to the ??ratoHo, will be p -r Xormed. To cumuicncf at 7 3a o'clock. Tickets liSccnt* each. TffXObORE FJ > FELL'S THIRD AM) L\^TCLVSSf. eal ^rtartette S??iree, will tako place at the A poll > rooms, 4li# Mrea?iw?%>, on Saturday evening, April ith, 1*51. Pianist >Cr. H. C. Timm; Vocalists, Mr. Ph. Ma ver and Mr. J. li ? it ler. The print pieces are eomjDo#. .f hy Haydn, Mozart, fipobr and Menuelasohn. See small bills. CAO BROADWAY ?PANORAMA < > F l? I ' N VAN'S PIL Cla^O gr.m'i Progress.? Tbe public arv respectfully .n Corm?*d that the exhibition of this novel and beautiful scenic ftaiatibff. w.ll close <ai Saturday, ^ t'i Inst., until which t.ine It may Ce seen every evening during t ie week, eommcne ng ar Ho cl?x k, and on Wednesday and Saturday aft moons at ? o'clock. A luiiasion JB cents. To the afternoon e? hi hit ion Children will !?? admitted hnlf JNTlM. Wl ?mnd way. 4a2 ATTI ER'3 COSMORAMAS. CORN EH OF BUOAl^AV O and Thirteenth atrret.? The tirst section, eontairuuas collection of twenty -aia views of Europe Asin Minor, Svrin. *h? Holf Land, Egypt, Nnbia, and Arabia, will haeahibited mntil the eighth of March; after that date, all thoaa will be tnplarsd I > new eiswa, unusually int?>rescing. S^ASTLE OARDKN.? THIS HE M'TI FIIL AND IMIT. / lar place is now open for the reception of visiters during tbe day. Tbe Uew from the galleries of tin splendid scen -Mr ?four noble bay and harbor, lias not an e*|ual in the world, JK iciiia- i n 12 S cents. p EXPIIE88 AOKNCIK*, Sir. anama? i. and carriauk Panama. or Cru el Th* underaunrit hare or.;aai<*d _l ue of mule* i ? i)ii rutd Wl< "n 1'iitiai lid Crt i, ur CorK;nA. fur th? rarria** >' p*"eiiKer?, b. ufi;? an I ui< n Imo ?lia*. Th*y luvi been at rum, I. ruble *i p*oa? to nUbll.h till* I iti - i'ii ??? | a !??? -t h.g m t? Inaare Im mint ?p" iljr Iran ?it p-.aeibl*. In *11 *ea?on*. 1' irlm t'i* drv ?'?*> a, Mm Biulm VHI tratfl a?*r th* tinrsona roa.1, dorm* th* rainy ?>. atl.a < a the t rii"*? ruad. To fai'ilitatn the paarnU" on ttia latter runt. , I hey >->??? ratablial.-d a depot about hall ?riy Ittuft I'lisini and Crat-ea, ? hif, when necaraarj. th? auln will l>? .Lamed. to avoid all tnc.>M*aal?ar? fr m tin 4 A*a*ta. liui > attention ha* be.n p.n l tu furniah thin lint thth (tod Fi^.lih ind.llea, hrldle*. and t?rr;lUa| neceaiary to raad?"e to the ?f pnaaaagaf* Th* eh?r*ea 4y thia line will h* a* I"* aj thoa* of any ?tit?r li ia or r* ijMnaibU ni'ili* 'i* i,i-r On* of the *r??t ran-. ? .if delay and Ma?f MM to Mimfll, ?( alao to inaraha U who reaelr? ^ ">d? kj til* 1 anama rout*. !? the un ? icily p*"k* >1 that ar* i.ftia n?nt aaer, t 't all v uncalrnlated !? r p. in* thronjo tli? a m *??* paa-rii of t?e road. I|r<|'t at an rimrinnui eapeua.. to Aare tl em curried by ladlana: Ibimfnfi. K A. J?j and Co., A*/ to* Interested, that p**k*;ea alionl I ant ??.-l?h Biori' than HW lha. irm. or an fir* tu re than foar ?nMefe?t; al*n, that nil packa<-? atmnl I h* ?*ll protected <rom th* w*t by tarpaulin*. Fur furthe* p tHieulara, applj to tb* *? n ran) '? areata at Crac*aar ?J. r^oaa. at th* prinei pal -e of 1 1- ? oom|>aa> ia I'ainnia, or <? T K I' ,?a?. K.a |.. Al?t R M. H. Catupaay, at tiiain? Fiinama. Hirrk I, 1 "wl . it. A JOV AO?. MB? R A ioy and Co.. wl?l ?"* hold tii*mael?e? r*?f>.>B ?Uila f"f the l'>a? of any tporl*, t.r?fi in matal*. J*w?lrT. or *Uff raloaUra. anl*aa daclarvd at tit!' t in* uf dnlin-rjr t" ll.eir aj?i.t?. ana paid for armrdiaclj H*f*raa??i.? Xi-nare. Bmilh & l,*?i?, i amplitll, Jon*a It Co . I'.i'iataa; Jam ? <}. JtiiM A. S. u*, I. an rrnaa. Murray k I Kir?r*tt V Ilriw a, Jlr* Vork, ( an>| h*ll. Araott k. Co.. Imrla .V T" ntin? n, Baiita Maria VrlV* A ? o I.ItW)h>uI; I" .wle?. Rrnthar* A f!o? M irl*t A St Corn*, *? itt..y ?, $a*n/ V Co., l,r>adno; K4*?rd Oardare A llinmhoa. I'ari*; O. H> r*l At i'a.. Charln l.atham 41 C?,, Ram. 4 ? A 1 I 1 " H N I \ r*AN*| liK1 noV ACROJ'^ TIir * latliiuuaof i'anania.? /.ki liriam n. Nrlaon A Co.. ?f I'a timi. f? m th*ir loa* *?p*ri*ni:c o? th?- luthmua bring *? laMla) *d tlirr* ainca IH?>, ar" *???!! prepared t? transport fraij.l airi ** th? Mlmim, or take It tnruufh to San Fr??e|. ?n. at aMppi-r-' apthm; hnt earh p.i.'fca_' nml I * of p ?r< :>(??<? M>* and aHal t, and prop*rl; *m r?.l ?? / . N. k i o. ar.* ?ol r**pr.n?l>>lr f.>r damaK* or a**liient in thatraniil. Th" Chaftrt of lran*p<>rtat|iin to b* pr.- i>a i l in ,N*a Vork An nlr la < l a?r** ? Zarhrlaxm, Nrlaon Hraiaa. \? it i t *. rar*a and Cor?ona? Joan Fanrk For farthar partiealar*, mrpl) to E. ZACIIR I ?*}M ' N k CO.. H7 M all atraet vnori'INhknt mnb. ? throuuo ti< kk. rs. by A tl ia lin?. for rale at tki* "Iter < nly. Th* new and apleadld ?(?aniahip NORTH A M EMC A. a ill l"*?*pier ?. Nortfc riyer. on Fridap, 1 1th April, and aill land hi r ;aai*a(era at Cha |r?i in 1 me t.. to tak* on* of th* aoar ateara- r* * th* la I ?radrat Uieat I'anaai oa I at May, *k*aprr and .|uicker Van any other line. For fr*l*nt or pnaa?e, app!y to Hf.HiURI' A to., 1 Vee*y rtrnrt. Aatur llo?a.., N V N B ? l.ndle*. nnaeempanieil hr e*ntl?m*l?. will he re #elv*d at Chayr**. by Mr 1I< rf. r l. of our *?; r^aa. and e*. torted hp him ?T*r th* lathmua In I'anan.a and glared on haayd th* *t?am*r* for Raa Traatiaaa. Fr*i*hta Saa Fran"laeo, 4n rantr per lh. E*PPFaRTO JIAN FRANCISCO ? FREIGHT 4ACENTS per lb ? It. rf'.rd k t o will tak* freight at th* anpraee. Jaated low rate of 4A **nt* p*r lh I ? knyaa i?otto*ieeid lJB !b*., and moat b* tnadewnUr pn<"f. Mr R?rford ro'talrei ?nr*ood? at Ct aarea. and aernmpaal** Mi*m to I'anama. **?t alilpri:?nt * ill he by North Al ien, a. lltliAprll l^ttara r*iita. BKRFOR1) k I'O., 3 Ve*ejr atr*et, A.iior llouaa. T*AW?POnTATIOVi ?JFNNSVI.VAMA RAII.ROVD i MPANV Ml K S'<W forward!n? aooda t? PltUbnrck In Ir* dayf, 'rom hlladaluhia, at th* followiniL lotr rate*, ?i?. Flrat Ckua ?? Uoaaa, Slow, Hat* kr . f 1 per lm Iba. h.iaoad CI .a lira Brown Mnrllna, firoeerloa. t?.H- *r*, A- ? eta Id) Iba Hurt Un"' nawart. Coff*e. Tin. ft* , ?) eta p^rli"! !ba foorth? Akhea, Tar. IMfh. A. ,*irl. perlikMSa No gaminiaalonl ?hara*? for raeelvla^ >r forwir lin* aooda at Ftilla-leltiKia ar riltahnrxh (lood? fr^rn New Vor* Boaton, Ban* er ?h* Faatem Mannfa. tiirlm; ('??mpanlea. ?a lafira paVh to l it?*t.n?th, and all parr* "f th* (irear IV^?t, ?b ald be anBM.ned to II H HOMTOM, Freivht Ayeak. P"an'ylv?nia Railroad Compaq 'Iti and 27? Market *tr*?t. niladvlpUt. MrFADAN ft CAFOftR, A<e?ta, Caaal Ba.m, ritUbariH. A1W9K9TKIVT8. Broadway thkatre.-e. a. Marshall, "soli L<*??w ; G. H. Barrett, M?ituer.-Doon open at 7; our tain risen at half past 7.-? Dress Circle and Parquet, 30 cents; Family and Third Circles, 2ft oenta ; (Jailer/, 1 A, cents ; Pri vate Boxes, $.5 and *6-? Monday evening. April 7, will be presented. the grand Romantic, Operatic, Fairy (MtftiMl* of t!?? VISION Of THE SUN ? Koran. Miss Anderton; Tae Mr. Whiting; Oultanpac, Mr. Harris; OraUuina. Mr. Hill; Huainn' upac. Mr. Fredericks; Tyeobroc, Signor Carta; CJeniiof the llarp. Mini Olivia; Genii of the Ebon Wand. Mr. Reynolds; Kunac. Misa A. Uoughciihoiin. Previous to the 8|>ectacle. a favorite Corned/. N1IJLO (. \R1>1 S . -CIR^I rftANCAIi ?TICUVI J fit) ceiitr; children under 'J yea rs of age, half-price, j Monday evening, April 7, the entertainment ?? will coinmenoe , with a Grand Star an I Waltz Entree; Remarkable Equos | trim Juvenile Feats; Thomas Nvvilli, tlM incomparable |; American Horseman; Learned Russian Horse, A tar Gull; Madame Caroline in Iter act of the Haute Ecole; Ascension of the Globe; Somerset Act, by Thomas MeColluin; the River-* Family in t lie C'^co Dance; l*a Rose, Seen a Equestr* et Haut Ecole, by Mile. Csroliue hoy o and M. L?i??et. in which Mile. Caroline will introduce her celebrated tuaro FrUette; Eaton n hifl ; ? ? i r r t i r u m. fee. Clown. W. Walletf. B^MROl'C HAM'S ITCKI% BIOADfAT, MUK BftOOXI ;>t eot. ? Monday evening, April 7, the performance will commence w Ith the comedietta of MV Fltl KN l> IN THE STRAPS? -Mr Nupklnt, Mr. I^dic; Major Capsicum, Mr. Leach; O'Jilamev. Mr. Brougham; Frederick, Mr. Palmer; Caroline Dloonitield, Mrs. U.Lodcr. Pas tie I)cux, from Oi~ l>y Mile. L. Ducy-Barre and G. U Smith. To be fol hwed L v SPIRIT OF A IB, Or. The Enchanted Star? Asteria, I Mies Mary Taylor; t'raci*?, Miss Julia Gould; Boreai, Mr. Leach; Flutter. Mr. Dunn: At>tor*?tli, Mr. Lystor. To c?>n dude with the farce of \t 1 LFC L M U RhKIl? Mr. Consul, Mr. I Tftjh r. Doors open at 7; to lie-in at 7>a o'clock. ASTOR PLACE THEATRE.?1 TIIE FRENCH COMPANY ? will make their tir?-t appearance on this Monday, April 7, | withtli* coui' Jlc \nuJrvillf ..f I.KS I'F.TITES MISEKEi | 1'K J.A VIE 111' 1 M A I NK? Mm*. l>*!by, Mile. U?nop?; J?.n : retell, Mile. Adricne ; (ir'-imuillet, Mr. Durien ; Dutiam 1, Mr. F oriel. To conclude w it li the drnma-vaudeville of LE3 DEI X AMIS, OULA COCRTI PAILLE. Marguerite, Mas. I AutoJoin ; Veronique, Mil". Angelina ; Pierre-Jean, Mr. ] F < ri. l ; Robert, Mr. Paravel ; JulFen, Mr. Dottohct; Lcfut6, Mr. (Jrandin ; Cri<juet, Mr Durfeu ; La^ran^e, Mr. Eugene. ! Dm r open at < >, o'clock, P. M. curtain rises at 7H? P 1 Private Boxes, $."> ; Dress circles and parquet, .jO cents; j A mpi* theatre, cents. nARNCM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM ?ADMITTANCE TO the Mut-eum and ea:h Saloon pcrf >rm.m<*e, 2"? cent*; j cnildren under ten years, I*J,i4 cents. Parquet and First ! (^irdc, 1 1 , cent* extra. Monday evening. commencing at I 75a o'clock, will Ve performed the new comedy of ALL THAT j (iLITTKKS IS NOT GOLD ? Stephen Plumb, Mr. C. W. Clarke; Martha Gibbs, Misa Chapman. In the afternoon, at ,'i o'clock, the very entertaining piece, in two parts, of It Oil ERT MA( AIRE? Robert Macaire, Vlr. Henkina ; I Jacques, Mr. E. \\ . Jones. On Wednesday afternoon, will be repeated, by *>j?ecial request, MADF.LAINE. The innu I mcral.le CuriJhitiod of this Muacuiu are to Ihj seen at all I hours between 8 A. M., an?l 1' P. M. P II. (.KIMS PROORKAS.? WILL iOOM CLOSE, AT Washington Hall, No. 61)8 Broadway, the panorama ] of Dunynn ? Pilgrim's Progress. ? The publio are roipect fully informed that the exhibition of this painting, which has received the universal encomiums of the public | pr<'^?, and v liich hap hoen visited by almost all the schools ! end churches of our city, will close during the coming month. Open every erening at f; to commence at a quarter before 8 o'clock. Admission, 25 cents. Descriptive catalogues, 12H o?r;ts. Exlo)?lti? n every Wednesday and Saturday after* n< ns, at 3 o'clock, w hen children will be admitted half price. SHIPPING. UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMSHIP BALTIC. OAPT J. Comntock. ? This steamer will depart with the mails for Europe, ponltlvely on Wednesday, April 1;>, at 12 o'clock, M., from her berth, at the foot of Canal street. All letter* ui?d pnjH'rs must pa*4 through the Post Oittoe. For freight or parage, ha> iug unequalled accommodations for elegance ' aud comfort, n j ply to EDWD. K. COLLIN'S, 5o Wall street. Positively ro ir-ight will be* received on hoar 1 after Monday evening, April 14. The steamer PACIFIC will succeed the BaHic, una bail May 10. OCEAN STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY.? FOK BKE men, via Southampton. The United States Mail Steamship WASHINGTON, Geo. W. Floyd Commander, will sail f??r Bremen, \ia Southampton, on Saturday, April li>th. from pier No. .H. North river, at 12 o'clock. An experienced surp<*? n is attached to the ship. All lottor* must pasa through the Pott office. Specie delivered in Havre. For ofrvighi or passage, apid v to HOLI ER, SAN I) <L Rl ERA, Agei ents, 50 Broadway. THE I' III f'ISIl AM) NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL Mail Steamships between New York aud Liverpool di rect. and between Bost??n and Liverpool? the Boston *hipe only csllingat Halifax, to land and re<*ei\e mails and pit Senders. | A H A III A. rapt. . AFRICA, (apt. Rvrie. Pn. KM A, Capt. . ECRol'A. Capt. Lott. ASI A, ( spt. J'tidkins. NIAGARA, (apt. Stone. AMERICA. Capt. Shannon. CANADA, ('apt. Harrison. CAMBRIA, Capt, L. itch. There ee??els carry & clear w hite light at mast head; green on ttsrhoard how; red nn port bow. Africa, from New York Wednesday, lid April. America, " Boston. Wednesday, .'tit h " Asia. M New York Wednesday, 7th May, Niagara, " Jl ?ston Wednesday, 14th " F.ut pa. ** New Y? rU Wednesday, 21st " Cambria, " B'? Wednesday, ?*th " A fries, *' New York Wednesday, Ith June. Canada, " Bosto.i Wednesday. I Ith M Asia, " New York Wednesday, 1 *th " An erica, " Boston Wednesday, ?r>tn " ravage frcni New York or Boston to Li ver pool, first cabin, $iao. Passage from New York or Boston to Liverpool, second cabin $7(1. Berths not secured until paid for. Freight will Is churgcd on specie beyond an amount for per sonal ripen sea. An experienced Surgeon on board. It tter* and m w xpap** r> must pain through the Post Office. For freight or passage, apply tu E CUNAKD, Jr., JH Broadway. French, German, and other Foreign Goods, received end brought in common with lfritUh Goods. Through bills ui lading are gi^en in Havre for New York. After the Ut of April next the rat* affreight by the above ?termers fr**m Liverpool will be materially reduced. No s< ? <>nd clam paftsengers taken alter first May. until fur tber notict PAfSAOF. TO LI VEK POOL.? ONE PASSAGE TICKET im r ht? iiner Cansda, for the i/th of April, for sale at No. VI liiiaut street, up stairs. UNITED STATED M \ I L STEAMSHIP COMPANY .* For Chagres direct, via Havana.? Through tickets to Fan Fra ncisco, by the United Stat* * Mail steamers from Panama, at reduced rites. ? Fare to New Orleans re duced. ? On Fridsy, April 11. at three, P M. ? The spiendic iouble englLe *teatc*?iip GEORGIA, 3,'Mi tons burthen I>. b. Porter, U. S. N., commander, will sail precisely at three o'clock P M., from her pier at the foot of W arret str? et, North river, with the government mails, direct for Havana and Chagres. New Orleani passengers transferred at Havana t ? the splendid double engine steamship Falcon Freight taken to Chasers at 7?' cents i>er foot. Specie only taken on fr< ight to Havana. No bills of lading will be signed aftef the steamer has sailed For passage or freight apply at the office "1 the company, 177 We?t street. r M O ROBERTS. i; A l: K "ami FRKKilT REDl'V' K I).? I N IlKI'RN dent I atmmahlp line I t San I ranei. i, rla t'li i /r a, direct. ? ml 1\ (he I'. S. Mfiturr on the 1'ailHr. Tl.e mi* au.f ei.l.ndid M. am.l lp .NulU II AMUtHA, J. II lll.than. 4 "in tun ml' t (the fa.te t ?ti iini?lilp in the ? rll) ?*ill leave Pier I. V It., Inr ('hi*rM ilirct, on Friday, April 1 1 1 It. -it .1 o'clock, P M . Ini>t< ad of tli .Tth lly IM' arr > ? i :"m*nt fiaaaeni/ ra n 111 l.e abl" to inert at INn um mi" of tli* n?w etentnert of tli* I nd ii?. nili nt line, * lili fi ronai.t ? of the In del.' ?<1i ore, S ew Oriea.i", Sea IllrJ, .Sew York, and airen other ? *11 of the flr t din and the hUheat ap -i l -running , at reilttred rat*?. The et'?m-r North America la entirely I new . Iiav in,( made l.r t t ? ? trlpa to i.h urt?. ami it lururf ilii.tlj i ?r>' ? ??-?* ti nt ahe v II I m. I her pnen rera at t'hairea ' la iftrn ii?)? Iron the time ah* I. ?v.-a New York, fhi? aplcndld etramabip hae HI large, eatnntodioaa in I well * <??? It - latr-rl ntut" roi'inM. many of them ?? ? i?r i?ly a latlo l for U lift and lanulie-. I'a ,wn/> ra fur < aUr.rnia W , il l do well to take tl.l* all j |. :i? a I ? ia m ? till tol on an antir*lr new princi | pic ar. I an I rr !.< drtii ? 1 1 e n ' i re li a * and in of the l?--t material. It In entirely free fr-in ill' -aa?. A ? tlila r of ? f. r? ra t ra ai rami'iodatlona, no bertha ? r atnt" r ? im ean be art nred until Mid fcr. A lew Br<l al t it atate naoiwa rentaln I ing nmngagvti. an c?rly ;?i,|dicati..n will l'\ nci ** itrr t-? a*, run ? |<a.?*( . I>.r freight or p<?*a(;? ?n*t>-lr" ?( J P NOK 1 ON, at the i ffl-'i* on thi' jil.T at the f ?it if M'rrO atri'fl, * l i re O r plan of the eal ia ami atwrtit';* ran Im t <aa, and atatr roomr and bertjia engaged rMiciiir haii. steam. -iiip I'ovrANr ? <o?fLf through line f< r Calin ri i? and Oregon ).?Th* pnl.lir are informed that und r'.eBvw nrrai g-mcnt of thin Coin |?lf, ?tc?mer? Inrp. rted and apprie-d Kr tw Vary De partment, an i rarr; ni the I 'lll- I v tatta m.illi trill mn tlnnr to leaea I anamn and Man rraa< iaro, th* l?t and I At t. da>a of taeh mnnlli, nnlcaa d?taln?d I y unaToiiUlilo aeri | drut, anil will tmirh it A'-apuloo, Har lliMa, and K "itrr-y The folln?ia)i atian paok'ta h*li-n?tnz to ti e I'ariNe ?(?il , 5t- an.nhlp C' ni|.i n> Irt imtr in the l*?idM, ?> ri of w. icli trill t r al* art la port at ????h end of t a" r it' ? tlltlfJON I.H't tuna. UK IT 111.10 1.SWtaga I* A V A V A l.l?r?oaa. fAR<ll.l>A. ... <aa. t -a? ( AI.IHMt.MA. . . l.'l'aM in*. mi.lMIUS '<?) t >aa TIN M.S*r.?: l.;?"l toaa. I-TIIMI < t n. NORTH HtNKK I.J< I'Mi |R\ ?nna < till VIII \ -taifona. rKr?('?\ r .... ??<?aaa ANTIST MIT ? torn. Tfi* nra atramahlp IHI I MIII A trill ply h. ttrena Aa? rranolai-o ai d por" ir U-' ?"n. aaaitin-r at lh? I >rm r t?irt the arrival of the maiU ai ?' p ikiwn ? rt fr i.t Panama, and r* turning alt It out delay ? ith t.? mail# an I pj-t-n; rt f.?r the ?tramrr fr >m San ffanr|?w A teti-lar H?? oi p ojx ll?ra alll h? kept np for t"ia trial i p^rtatlun < f fr. Inht aad tranaieat p??-eniri-r? l ete?ra I'aui ma and Paa Ctan'kt. I Tie well linowb ateafaliip "AHAII SA>|IS, of I.Vai wn> i barthen, now nn'^r cnarti r t" toe < A|?ni. and p nuli?rly conMnodlona ia ? ?l in arran*??teat?. will I-. k>'pt r tnninj a* an extra fa mil jr hoat On" of th* aln ee at utn?ra ? ill k -p np lha roaae 'tioa he ; tareau Arapul o ami the .it ' er Mexlran porta ! The ronnei'tlon in the Atlartir will i.e inaiutainad hy the I'nited State* M?il ateaniahlpe <.HlU?ilA .\miwm?. Clll.<i F. N TrlTT l.wtt.iaa OHIO ;t.iaai tine Cll K ROKKF I..W to a a ' EMPIRE riTT. . 2,'???on# I'll 1 1. A l? - I.t* II I % ! ,ia?it. . I.eaaia* New Vork for ? hatrr-ia < ? *ht lltl and i-itli ot >.?! I moath. Tha new atrama!iip? RI. fti'i \ I >t ? an l FAl.t ON < I lurni a diret t liae hi t? em N . <r i- an I i'h>;r .. i ini at am h J. ri da aaal'l ravr -ttla d*teati ? | 1 aifle on the Irth'iaa, and tormir It'i the Pari I aMp?. R t^r"nt^ II' e to an 1 from ^ . irle tn* I n I i I Haaieo. t'allf "mi* aid i?r -"n ? 'run V * i | ran ht aantired Iri nt Art.ntroa I m m k ? . I nt thai plain. The fare fi.r thr >ntt> llrlit. f t ? -n '? ? Turk t v 1 elaeo hna h?en r* tiei-J frn? In etate roina. t" *.'k'l i.l'1 , In lower othin, to fit*'. in ttrirag-', to % HI. The rat. a fr?ni Saw Vi rk to t'l ?. t ?m n. at i ad. pted li? any aa e a. a ete uif r h<t? it tli iae p rt Fofil rlre if hrrtl a. apply at t lHro <>f tli? - IM and W> Sonth atroet and at thetf ? -ney. 177 W'4at ? | M>r.i'EN Iii-NT LINE.? TM? new ANDSTM^Tir 1 at nniati | NORTH AVERIt A ?l le??. Pier I rtl nirer, on FHday, I Ith April, ard wll t ,nd her pa-?-n ni ' hattree in time 1.1 takn one ..r?he n> r am, ,* of t Icd nendert I Ine at P . i?mi. nn ./-th ol trril. and arr, ii -* Franci>(.> before the ll't I ??y. I-H, j,?,t thiHy ? Ir nr. frrm i rrk to run f rtrilpi TT *? '? i# ( htitpr tn^ u?itknr i??a^ rm i r itn. r?r tr rM?smr,ipply U> I J V ?; KMH I) % ? ?#? Freight tn Han Franaiami. ?.% e?ttta per It. jpARI REWM EP ONI,* THRHt ltH I.IKF. FKIiSAf* r Frarrireo tla Cbarma dlr.o ? aril 1 y the l'nil?d Statee Mail ^teamera on th* Pa' V-e Ow Tt ne?,||?y. tpnlim1. the ? pier dirt eteamahip ( RKSt E>'T i f > I *ai to.ia i.,irvl.-n Job? Tanner, t'otnmanil-r. will la'tte i.,ef J Mi rth Mlt#r for C harrea dlreet. '?? Thi.e?day. A pril l#tl., at S o>loe? a, ay ral vtM- Wl w?l aowneet with tka tntted <ttat?a Man M**m*y i F N V FSj'KE. to l^ata Pauama on or al. at May let. I' -r Ir. lab' or m. a*e apply atthe o?e* M Aontk atreet, at at Na. 1 77 W*a\ ?tr?et. THE NEGRO EXCITEMENT IN BOSTON ' Fl'RTIO PB0TEEDIXG5 AXD POSTPrtTCIOT. ******* ZNOZSBHTS, dec., Ate., die. [From the Boston Kvening Journal. April 5.] i At 10 o'clock thi* morning. the Commissioner rami* i into the United States Court nwm. agrw:?Wy to adjourn ment. The prisoner wan soon after brouga* In aud placed at th? bar I Mr. Lint addrenm-d the Commissioner, am) stated that he wan req Heated to more for a podtponrmiiil till U ' o'clock. lit Mr. I.oring was unwell. Mr. S-wall wan en gaged in the Supreme Court, and he ( Lift ) L.-ul wul for Mr. ltantoui. who raid that he would neo Mr. Srwall ; but did not know whether he could come into- court or not. Mr. Thomu* said, under the clrcumntancen of lM*cwt', < he moved that under the rule of the Circuit Court, tile number of counci l in thin ease ui?y be limited, im>) no far an the rule goes. that it be enforced. Mr. Kuntoul cauie in. nod mid Mr. Lnring w:i* 1 obliged to leave the eity to fulfil nn engagement mrole long since. but he did not ask for a delay in the exami nation, but intended and winhed to be present at the ur j gumcnt. In relation to the motion of the opposite counsel, he | hnd no object ion to applying the rule limiting the num ber to two who should adrfn-sn the court. The Cumin iiw-ionor nuid that the rule referred to woul I be iipplied to tliin caw. Mr Thomas now proposed to offer the find witnes culled yesterday for cr??a examination. I Mr. Harnett, called and cnm? examined ? Am 24 ye.iri 1 old; about sixteen month* ago 1 find went to Savannah to n-side; Mr Baron first spok< to me almut coming hen ; he raid he wanted me to come a* a witiuv* to iden tify the prisoner; don't know wh it compensation I am to have for coming hen ; was to be under no expense for parage money : hut wan to [my my own expense* after reaching New York, and while lien-; didn't umke up my mind whether I should go hack a* far an New Vork; they asked me to come on; and a* 1 wan coining on about the time. 1 ramc on more now t > oblige Mr Ilu con; no amount wan mentioned which I wax to receive; if Mr. Potter should take notice of the fact of my doing uiy duty, and should give me anything. 1 a'.iould taVc it; nothing further wan said that I recollect: Mr. ltacon naid enough to lead me to think Mr. Porter might do something in ran- the prisoner wan s-'it back. Tlicy have promised m? nothing more tt? in wh it I have n eeived f.>r my passage money They told me b ?? fore starting. that it would be no benefit to nu ; tint my expenses would amount to more than I should probably receive ? that I should probably be out of pocket. After I hail agnail to come. Mr I>a?nn told me wtv-.t I have testified to. I know Mr James Potter personally. Have neen him in tiie city of Savannah, and at his plantation, ten or eleven milen from Savannah Was at his planta tiun for the purpose of putting up ci^ht or ten n-gro house*. First knew the prisoner in Savannah a Unit ten months ago. at n fancy dn-ss ball Me was there in the character of a nailor. and I war there a . u spectator l?on't nmcmber of i ver having hard the prisoner culled by the name of Sautina. nor do I remember ol having heard his mother called by that name ; but it noun 1 nonu'thing like a name 1 have heard her ea led Citne on in the steamer Alabama, in company with Mr Bac >n and Mr. IH-Lyon, and another person. Mr Iiacon r. nidi s in Savannah, and have known him over twelve months. Have neen the prisoner in various parts of Sa vannah. at work on buildings in company with un\ Mr. Bacon n-callcd. Mr. li.intoul objecti d to the admissibility of tlii< wit ness. on the ground that he wan the attorney of the claimant, r.nil as Mich, wan a party interested The Commissioner said he had no dount in regard to thi matter, and if the counsel chose, he could reserve the point for argument Mr ltantoui i-aid he nhoulil then n-serve the point Mr. Bacon was shown the nower of attorney put into the rase, and a.-ki d by Mr Thomas if lie knew the ji^ua tute to the document ' Mr. ltantoui thought the signature and document was to be proved in Ueorgia. and not lien Mr ThoU' pri.por. d to pniv.- by thin witness that le* was acquainted with the hand writing of Robert M Charlton, In-fore whom the power wan acknowledged and that Mr Cliarltou was in t in thin State. Mr. ltantoui said that if the result of certain proceed ingv 1 1 fore the Court in orgla were to be coneludre lu re, lie thi light that if u defect ill those proceedings wan estsbli.-lu d. such defect milt prove fatal. Mr Tin mas could account for the difficulty und r which the counsel labored, from the supp l ition tb-it li ? had not nao the act with sufficient care. Mr. ISaiitoul said lie had read the art a i*r-i?t many times, and with gri-ut cure Mr. Thomas i aid. that y.-sterday the excuse w. is. that time was wanted to examine the act ? the act waa said yestenlay by the counsel to be a new one. and nettled | much examination, lie wan glad to b-arn that tin g'-n- i tlcinan bad can fully read the act. ( La .lg liter.) Witmss Bacon to Mr Tlemia.- ? Know Rola-rt M. Charlton, be resides in Savannah; know bin h^ndwrit- | ing perfectly well; the nignatun* to thin power of attor- | ncy Is that <>f Mr t'barlton; the prisoner l? the id nlicti' person i.ann d in the power of attorney an owing nervioe ami lain r. Cn?#-examlne<t? FInve redded in Savannah Rome twenty years; know the prisoner, a-< I remarked venter da) . 1 huvc known biin ten year*, and with then-im propriety I might s*y flit- en \ ear ; I wa- employed by Mr Potter toe me on but whether I get anything fir it ? r not in another ijuestion; he did not tell n?c what compcmntlru I ?lu u'.d receive for coming on Mr Itnutoiil ? >lr Bacon, you being aojualnted with till* M'Tt of pro|n-rty. ran y -u tell us about h'jw lunch the prl/i-m r is worth at Savannah* Mr Thomas objected to the qnesiion Mr. llanti id wished the lnquirv to ti? an>-wen-l. It Blight ter.dto show Biottvc and interest on the |wrt of ; tin wltri s*. Hie Commissioner aid that the Inquiry might be pro- I p? r If It slieuld be fir. t shown that the wltues? wk In ten sted in the re ult of this ease 1 he Ci nmlnslonrr did n- 1 think the quentlon relevant j or rtlnent in n gard to thi witnrs. as he hi J :.ln-ady purpid li.mself i f any interest In the matter Mr Rant) ul wl-licd the question rr-erv d f-w nrju- | nn nt. and pn.jxve*! to stale tin- grounds of hU cbjectl-in tntbe insuffli lency of thepowir of attorney, either at this tinn ? r ?t any ? tb.<r, a' the Court might <-h'x>->c 1 he C? mmlssiol i T ? If JOO ptrqiOhe to argue th:- ques tion ttow j i u Mil; t i.tgu-- It final') Mr Hunt id did not propose to argue the nm-stlon at this time, bid I III) to State his i lyeetions lie with nil due d> f ri nee. to atgue the p-ilnl before a .III I of the V f tiuit ifau opportunlt) for no doing conkl la- i htalnrd. Jt hn Ball call' d and t. "titled that he reside* in Boston, and is a s< aman. Ki.ow.i the prisoner; hare *een him in S-'avat nab; we sailed fr im Sarannuh on a Krid*r; the last tnpwi made w::? from Savannah in the M J C. ! Ottmi rc lib' ut tl.e last of January , and errived In Sa varnab nK-ut the beginning of February; tue ve-?el r ? trained there twenty days; - -w the p.'noner com- al^ng s le; 1 wan tilting on the galley talking with our stew ard, the prisoner i-nntc along side, and a iked ni'- if I wnntid * Ct?k; I t?ld him no; the next? anwnfhlm ! was la the hartn.i here, just aft<r w?- came in i -ht of | Hilton l ight; 1 wan aloft furling the sail'; one of the j n.m vint down into the fon ct tle with a I intern; ?mu | ! i ft 1 1 1 li< 11 an call d me. and I saw the piinoner In the , f ri ( I, stlc . I t" Id the Captain that we b.-vi a prize I'iphas J Ames called ? Resides In Barn table; am a I rirmar; my l ist tr'p was to Havannah; n< we came in ' sight of P< ton Light, on our retitru to thi* J> >rt. took a ] lanti rn *rd wi nt iato the foncastle. the first thing I ' b. ant was n v. ice--" Have we got up*" It rather star ' til d li. i nt Crii. but I H? II -?W that y .uu* man (p to tin pr'oomT) and said to h'm ?? M Ijo are y mi'" I tbin took bold of his nisM- and said. ?? Come out of that, i n) how"; he came out pretty quick; Captain KMridge was ealhd. i.r.d the prb' nir ?*. put in th- run; wecam ? \ ap to the city, and the Harbor mant.-r ordrre<l us to go i? Into the - (ream, we did this, and afterwards found I ' tl at Id- was m<?t froaeti. and I put him In the eibln an l locked him in: rext morning he wan gone, and the -mill tnat was tone also; subsequently I saw him un tli- whirf | at.d he t - Id ti.e that he t<? k his'knlfe ami unscrewed the I b ck > f the ilimr of the cabin and nut off In tile boat, he al o sa-.d hi- wa> not a sl?ve, that nin father t?<ught him 1 win n be was six month" old, aud had left his free p iper at Savannah. Cn-ss-i xnmlni-d ? Prisoner told n?e that no one but \ I Ci il and himself knew when he went aboard the v?s>el Kimball Kldridge testified that his bvt trip was from Savannah, In tbe vessel which had been nimed The fint I saw f tin- prisoner was on Imant my vessel near |:o-i< n l.ight Ttie prisoner Is tbe ma*. On our way to | tills p<rt, we anchored In Chatham Bay. but no per?on came on l-oanl from the shore, prison' r told me that he

ruBie on board the ves el the r ight ?*fon- we left Saran I nab; Id also told me he was not exactly a -lave (Wit ness furl Id r teslll'i d to Mia* of the facts as stated by 1 the two last wHlwsses.) t'rofs i ximiinrd ? Asked him who bl* master wan. and m n e i liter questions, but could get no an?wer from him M P I'e 1 yon called, and testified that he lne? Itob ? rt M Charlton; r.-ldr* In the city of Savaunah. and ( knew* Mr Charlton's hand writing phi power of attorney was here shown, and the *ig | i at in i of Mr Charlton Wrtltiflsd by witness | ( ross ixamlusd? Came hire with Mr I'acon; din t j he w mhal r' nippwnllf? T ntn tnr< r^W^; Mr. n.'ir toM ' tl I -In aid le paid for my trouble; am a police officer for ' I - ci unty. and a part of my bu?ine?s Is to catch runa r it lictri es. as Wi 11 as while people Mt fiaull Inqiilri d If he rums here to arrest any I 1 1 bcr? T . . , Tin ( omnn- iomr ruled that thi question was not ad | mbrible. ... i I, Mr Si wall ?I received f-'O from the legal emin^-l 4 1 >1 r Potter, to pay nry expenses wlileh w< might Incur 1 n in bt a letter of en dlt ii).on Mr J- hn II i'ear-on I No imiaint wi? named In Ibn letter II be testimony for the claimant here ele?ed Mr wall here n ad the certificate of Tl nta< P?*er rh tk i f th> P) llee Court ta the elf.- t that Tlmma* Slmnis I ?** under n-cngnlxance IWim that Court t > appear n? a wltmss in the Munli ipal Court: and Ihe question now V alM-tbi r the rights of thi* State should bo overrul -d by the claim < f Mr. Potter. The Commissioner rtated that when any tli n was mad? to him from the nuthnrlt ie? rclat.TB to the mstter. he would hi ar it. but at present he could not | lakr any ae'lon In the matter n A en-d to by Mr Bewail Mr bewail put In the following atldavlt of the |>elso II.i.mss Slmm* alias Joseph Santlwa. ?n oa*h d-^laraa i hat be was b? rn at St Augustine. Klorbla, that be ha* bni net-, a* be can n mcmber, that hi* (W paper* wrrtj left hy him many year* ago. with Morri? Sorter, of 81 vannah, who now probably ban them , Unit fr?e pa pers were obtained in St. Augustine liy flu fatliar, a Spaniard. He further Mjm that lie never km"* or h*-ard of inch n person as .larucs Potter. who know c'iivais hiui. us hU slave, till this morning. hie THOMAS X gnftM DMrk. COMMONWEALTH OF M UtAl'WinT*. 8trroi.?, m: ? -Subscribed and Hworn to by said tficw Uforctne. )j K HKWAIJ-, April 4. 1881. Juitloenf Peace. Mr liniitoul then stated the point.4 of defence to be nrf folb we : ? The denial of the right of the claimant to delivery of the prisoner under the proreM will rely upou the follow in* point* : ? That the power which the commissioner is called upon in tjiis proreduri' to exercise, is a judicial power, and one that r?nld l>e otherwise btwfully exercised only by a juilfc nf the t mted Mute* Court, duly appointud. and that ihv m 'Himissioner is not such Tlint the procedure If a suit between the rlniiniiit and the captive, involving an alleged right of prop.-rty on one hand, ami the right of personal liberty on tti<- other, mid that tither ptrty, therefore, in eutitled to a trial by jurj ; and that the Jaw which purports to auth<>rix< the delivery of th>- captive to the claimant. d-nyin>{ him the privilege of snch trial, and which he here claims uudcr judicial protes*, is unconstitutional uud TO Id. That the tr.m-cripf if testimony taken before the mn fri trates of a Hate coart in lleorgia. and of the jiidg nient then upon by sueH magistrates. is incompetent evi dence; Coi grc-- having no power to confer Mat? courts. a inagist rate's jadirinl authority to iletcmiine. I eoiiciuMVcly or otherwise, apoa the effc et of ctiAnw t<> be iirtd in a i nit pending to be tried in another f'jte or la li re another tribunal That atsch evidence is also Incompetent: the captive j Was not represented at the taking thereof, mst hit. I ?h> j opportunity for cross -examination That the statute under ?hi*h this proeesa is instituted ; I* unconstitutional and void, is not within tlVe power* (riven to ContreiK lij' the constitution, hix! le'rais-- it in opposvd to the i xpn-ss provision thereof Mr. Thomna thought the only (question nnw fir the Commi?eioncr to decide was. whether one Thomas Hinvnts j did owe servil e and labor as alleged it? I he complaint, i ami whethei the prisoner wa# tltut pet? >n The poiwta Mated bj the c ? uii?< I tin the opposite suite, all related. :is he thwid tin in. to the const it utiinaHty of thr law, and not to the ijue-tlon nt iasue la fore lli** Commis sioner Hie (V'Biiiilsslomr stated that he felt that it was his duty, if the cutisel for the <!? fence desire l' and hisistel itjw n it. to bear them upon the point* hy them ?tat.>?t. Mr. liuutoul stated that much time would be requlr.-d I y the counsel, ill pri paint mn t.>r ar juiiig the f 'Veral point* which he had Hated and hoped that a delay im til 'I hnrtdtiy next would l>e granted Mr 1 houias obji ct^l to so long a U- -lay. on the grouuil* 1 (if its hi ing a longer time thau in ci inry, and the griMt i x peine to tiie patties, as well as t ? g iverninent, in i mph ying a large number of ofliei i*< to maintain the public peace. The t'otjnnii-hiooer decided that under all the oiruum slaucts ( t the case taking into c nslilerat ion the fact that the defence had no testimony to put in ns to the tacts, and that by the testimony already adduced, a in rm* J*~ie case had been made out by tile government, re th.ould postpone a further hearing only until Monday laxt.nt 12 o'cl ck. M which delay, he thought, would utter d sufficient time to the c to prepare their ar nv.n.i nts. The t'-iurt then adjourned until Monday next, lit 12 o'clock, M. INCIDENT*. I After the erowd which gathered in Court nqo.ire Lint | i v> ning hud di jh rf* d. four or five ncgroe.i wh > ii.i.i been Icitcrhip about tin- wjnnn' throughout the diy and- even Itig. coutlntH d to remain in the vieiolty, and about two I o'rl< < k thif morning demanded adarianlon luto the ar mory ol I he Ni'fc K upland (ItomU, in Franklin avenue, where lhat corps wi re quartered f ir t!i- nlplit The-, were told that i her* wa* nothing ft* tln-ia to *!?<?. and k. tin y had no bo-iinec.* there at thiit lite hour, they ha i lid trr ret lie. Till* the nigroc* reftued to do. iwl coa tinned to I'Mioj the company. mid c.iu- d co iniieli <li 4 turt-aiice. that ('apt. Uradlec and Mini Col. Uoyd (tailed UjK.n tin- Viutclmi' n. *. lifl arreted mid coauulttcd two of the number, named Uharlc* h and l.-;u?c II. K-nowdi'u, i:p< 11 (Ii?m |>er?<H? wi re found pi 'tnU with prrder nml kli. IBd 8 l.irpe carving knife, icn wiid wliiirp on both edge*. with an artlln wi hlit around tin- Ma le next to the handle. Ihefe t wo colored men Were tirauzHt b t ire ' the police court thi- morning. for evimin itton, when Me?-r>, 1'hillip* ?.'?.> j ie. and other* of the \ igihim e Com mittee. appeared for the ili-fendniilH Af < ui)y n> 8 c>'t loek thin morning a few per - inn began to gather rounil the Court TTnu*c, and upon t lie> aide wall * opposite The 1 oitilier-i Inrrrawd to aont two of three hundred l>y 10 o'clock. but everything w.?* quiet i and orderly. Colver, Parker, Phillip*. atul other* of the ah. 1'tiot ? i-t-, wh? KninM llfU a Ni'V- it?*'**t tn|{ In th* ?ieiniiy thi* morning fur the porpoee of ol< trusting th" exieutii ii of th# lawn, were ken in uud a'oout the Cour^ Ilou.-c, tut th< na.'M who wire to be then' ?. re all nt. The ere* d wa? inalnlj nf the loafer rlaaa, with j here and th' re a ntnrtger from the country, attracted t'J the tpot by a curloelty to know what wan going 0? tv ulte a imniber ? f rolored p? were present in thfl crowd tl.f uci?t Of whom demeaned them-clvrn in aqule . antlirderlj manner Two <>r three let th'ir feelings g? the ma/4?iy over their good judgment, an.l indulged in laagvagc 10 I In pclicenn n ou duty which rendered it ne. cewarjr to tiikethici iuto Mutody, which win quietly di tie. I p *o 1 o'cli ek everything around the Court Home re n:iiil?d quint. A huiidri d or two perron* Were b.mgiUg at* ut the C iirt Ilcu.?c on the e u walk. T!i e.if il ? f Um li 1. ding fsnat ir* to the umli xplrit hiiv evi l i:lly pit' -? d uiilu eded. lateral Ul-iil/pomd ptnoc* witched t!ii> morning f >r the a| pcarahce In the ?tr*ct of the thr' e (enllnn 'illV' m Georgia, who Hie witne*?ef In thi> rune, and ttpnit th ir ? IpnacliTg the v cli: ity of the Court 1 1 of. e. s iniS tnthen d Mid Mjrrc.tindcii them, eTid.'litlv with th.- lattu- j tiou of taunting i>ud anu' >ing them, if f?r Bo wor.^ pur j*M-r OfTtpera Interfered, end the three atrsinjter* 1 utwed t lie Cc nit lloi. e wit I11 utfurlhi t m<4e' ioti In alli.diiigt'i thie d mon-tralicm of a ir<ing of riw |le?, one of the gentlemen renuirkol that In' .lid 11 it h !:#? tin- 10 I1 ?m ennipnaed ef citiaemof Uonton, for th -y didn't look like re-: i< ntn <if thi - city. n V TELKQXAPIf. Mi. rot, April*? A M. The ctly r?-mnln? pirfectly quiet, and without the leart t-lgn c-f dictvbnnce A lirge fot .-ei kept MU id tl e Ci urt Umi'c, and th ? City UuaiU1 are ulthelrar niory. In cuee of to d Hie two Brgrocfi named 5nowden, who w?re arrmd?d la Court ?qoni* with pM?la and kitirei cnnceiled ahmt thru, wire examintdl in the f'oHceCouri mkI h-U ti hall it ftco 1 m h for trial. Wcndatt 1'hilll) ?, tue u It d | alxiHtioiiUt. 1 *ile.| thrm. 7 hi Tito Ojwr* of lionflon. [I i( m tbr l.< ii. I in (l.i ?. ilr. Man h -I i open to-morrow ilpit. ihI t rlrmiitmw m ?f gnat lalunt fo r tin* ?d*ent < f M'H" I'M|in f >t? th< < rent frith *11 ? l it b} DuMMMtninl Th? kidiHiTlM* whi?h pn vall. ij during I If Nfwtwjr >1 I apt rte and !'? nurr Irvo . hu. however, born uir?tri*b:> Mm.i1i.ik d I f Mr. I. mill. ) who ban al*:iyN nlrir. ii -an I , Hill I new with what Hfriwi ? to clTr t'10 " n'rht i " | jiiltrln r:i>ur juil as inn h importance a* tlio ? if. r- 1 *an!t ly which the pnM'.c ..nd the aubeerUwm hire l? i n | eiiii r- to mi extent for ?ihi< !i tli'y hat* often pfrwd rTtlllMh Tb? ? trr ? which Ml riwutl) at hlHlri Mr Irhot of MVr Itrpn * in I'ari . Im been or thi n:< ilrrliH Mud and there In e? ry probability ? l it thl? > I tit c and 1 11. nted miintr ie d ?tiii-il to h c. i ? ? M?r if lb* imvlM MIUmct. lto-IJee thl? pr.imli n'4 <b I ut?nte. Vile. Altjw imi Muluw Harlanm Mini, wh>. Iinre rot ft t been heard In thin country. will ipp '*r 8 >ntr>(r and 1'arodi hare *Uo ?? on re-wpwd. he?f? the f- pr:in-' pr \i*lon In ?lirnally iMlll; t >? *ay ti >lhi ix ?f t : l?>iin n| and Flnreiitini both rocali?w of ei. 'nt reputation the latter lady liein? tikely. In thi* fnlln.ia* of IfHr. to win t he hirhrit operatic honor* Tn ton lint thi' nmi;.' of All .'iil i? add I. In lt?elf a tower ? I tlrrnttth ?? rwgiimwHt drclofteg M? own nlu ? tli? ? c? r<| n ntrnlt'i (Mlr? being undertaken by Mile !li I'.i rtrand. n -im . r < ?f ? ?pert> and lntell'xeni ??. Th* ti ll' r* an- iqtvtlly rtrmr Oaril ml returna, we trmt. i i , letter healt h than kMi to|hl?: and with him la aei* ? <t< I Mr flm* Rn re*. ?.?p own p' j.ulur artM. mi (' il?"l-\rl. who |? t jr< ir at hi* ti <1 a tlatt. rin? dlatln tion by lh? ! ability all i Ii he displayed In alt the riln with whn li h." war i i itfMdi .1 A Mftaor Fcotti l? ilsnm nt'wwed M A c-<myntor In thi* di pertinent but <?{ thin pMlrimR w# at (HMfiit Ki * iiotbinc lh" ba** ?* ?rr himd'-.l n? ufrnl, I y thi- ndratrablo fit Mark*, who l? - :ipp rti-l by ('< IHHi otif tif th* Wll toamMi' artid< thst ?r?r tr?d the lyrlnil l? urda. and I*l4?r!w tli" fNitpr Siijn ir fi rmtitl. o( Mfh rrpiilr In I'nri- la llki'tlw to ap^'ar, t<tti-thrr with Slgnot t'a?nMlo?a Mid ?iif'i"r l.<iri'ni i. \ar'nn? prinii?i? an? mailr a< ri'<r*rd.i tlr oprtW ti W t>ifdtn i d durinK the pri gTvp* of the ?r???vi Am >n< tbr*. th?' pri-m ntatl' it of th-' "Cmp of ?!li-?U" of Miyirbwr. I? l<?ko<l forward to with the *ri'i'i'<t inti ri>t. I'm fore thN, hnweTi r, the *wb?Prther* will be r?ral?i| with an oprra written tMlvlrrly fir thi? Ibiatro, lv lhalbirr a nil another by Aubir. thr lilt r ?iib i \iew to Alfcnnt. whoar faacinnt ii^ ahdHba a IT likily to le ibmoo-trat. d In the moet i ilrttnfgi him nirvm r by Frrrehe >?n*v.n'r Aaatll rw irk ly I'-nliiittl. Mated to be porthoM" u? i?I.Vwi ll'eHitlwmtlrtiK Mr l.nml 'y obrloiirlj in lintaln i be pn > t l(fr ff the lb tide ii - reifa' In the bullet The eli T i. tii ti heth i f l?le and pnrp' ?e w hu ll, durlntr W? year* rf f?witi im it he ha? i;:?oii to the torp?leh n?n bra nek of tbe ritiibli>l.ment b-oi bo<wi fa? oft n eakyiwU latoeil ohwrviitlf n IMIW. Thh year a almll r libenillty ;? -i :N. ftndt>e?h*ll nyain bare Carl 'ta ttricl. AmUIn rvrrarU, lloeatl. mil Marie Tai'lionl ? repn-'entntlTe : of the in" 'I botWfil, tbe irniri fill the piei on *,ue. and the pliyiral ? l???l* wtlhotH ei|Mda> It may be e*rnwi, In the wh tl? if darrli ;r Knropi> A h<?ly of indiiatrlmi < and arrnn pllibi d eorypb. !?? aid thi* MftteMe** itronp of prinrip il ; and the ilbinHinil * areethnoloHieally ile-eribiil a< b miir ili Hred fn m '? I'rrnrh, i*paninh. iluutrnri.ui. lt*li?n. and I rrli'h ei.rj* de ballet " Paul Taftb>ul, tbi"?'ll?. M. t harli-a. nt;d otbvr Iliht-I-.' rled jifofi ^i>or* are the u 'ntl men arrktanta in the? rhore|rrapliir a|> irt< . ami >h dti Mln l rtrtil li> atlll retaified a* the unterofth ' b.ill 'l trnj-ie. In * hieh rlara of cuinpiwltlon. it need not be re n PiVed. he bta f?w e. iDj,.., rs T'ne HMM rhoaea for th ? i>r ' Dt i f M dlle liupret In '? l??e|e de l.*i'irrtn ~.r " TliU alll M followed by ? new hall t. entitled the !U d< Atn'tua," in which the pleture^nf W:itti*u fWkeM I l? (Ml a , ? ?pecle? o( npectwli; it w?t ? O""* j tifig to the eye Purli are the arrangement* which h:i?" heen pnt forth in the official circular; in<lthw run he no doubt Unit tho KPWHin. Ifor epirit aud brilliancy. will | Juntlfy ail the hope* that have becu entertained re I epeetin* it. Tn-toorrow week the Iloyal Jtnlian Opera open*, and the pt"pz rani tor iuct i^ucj by the director- -now Mr (iye. the former republic having 1 ?*<?i i?b?ndoiied ? 1 indicate* u continuance of the enterprise which h?? liitlierto tuiikd the operation* of the muuageuHTit, aud xecured it tile ! peculiar fa me which tt lia> la-en the aim of the wrenl speculator* who hate embarked in it-< r? poiwilrilitii'i- to deaeive. TJw principal xoprano voenlwt* are vgiiiii (irtei, 1 Castellan. ai>?t \ iartM triad of art><t* wlfutte reputa flow l? too proverbial to ared a word Tn ttoene arc added ; t: M'Jlf Oiu?ep>ina JMorr.?. by way i?f -u??*titute for M'lb* j Tera After aMab.aencefif t'.Vi/ yearn. SI UeAngri returns. I find' fhc leading contrah* arc therefore weM pro 1 vhled'fov ; for be.Hdeii thf< popular artitlr. a Wlte Yllitate, l of whois* we hare heard a' tp x?cf account. '* pr uniaed. Thi'tn-uo*!" conrift *f Mftirio, 1hKMftt*rllk. and WiraUi. the latter two having nude an wnprei??ion taut j?:ir which 1 well watVantu their re-cnpwy-menl thi* ; a,-* well a* Luigi <1 r?i' and Sold* In tnr llrt of biaryt'mm we find the TtMiieK of iSiiratbii. n fihgrr of unq unit lotted J repute inl Italy, anal IfMiooni. w Ut*s?s p?wern a* a.* actor, whether i* '?i?|n*dy or ro Jaedy. are unrivullcd Thcbv-wii comprif-e KaWReii, Tuglintino. and bluncM ? tin? l ist front Kerlin, whef? We Iinx been in (??'eat 1'itsir with the tllet tnnti; ar.d wffli whom are WNturMei# I'ohmiiii. <lreg*rio, Ifache. aud <*SerH well < naliflrd t ?> (flee ii deidrcble pn uiineiui to j>nrt s general!* spoilt through the iurfitn prtency of the 'ujigeiv. Mr Cnata. of t"T'!?r ?>e. retain)" 94* j??t n? general a.iwieaj contactor; ami' .he uiilii.iay l-r.B.U are again imder the ? xp rienciif .>mtrol of M.* O <1fnj. K ght uifeltieH are motioned, a WfHrV of their* at lee*! are pocitin promised. These wort# w AuInt'.* *- Katuit I'ri digue." <)ouni>d'? ?? fttpphcn" Mozart a '? /?n.l.<itl( le." I). t;-?ettiV "Miit^rr-." t\ i tr*'< ?? Kury ant he, "* Spoutiiil'H "Wliile," Ij-ethortm'* " Vklelio.'' ami fyokr'K " t'aUf-9. " The g"ie ral rrprrltitf of the hi u*? r ?w conni^ts ol lliirty-thiee w rke. in wl.:>k are to Im- f"*a< thi' clirft tl wmir of tin- Itrench'an# ltaliun lyrirat Tlie IrnUet. according to the principle ?dopt??l>>*t year, will l>? routined to rfce perf iriwttice of diyrrtfMeirjentK. and t lioa* ineideutal t' tlie^iand *^i,r:in< the pieaui-re dantnue Iwttin Louine Ta^lioni, aid the natht <L IrnHtt M. All xunlre Me?ers. Srierc an. I Tel fcin pieride f ver the fcenW departui lit. It i< said that " U*(ket?M Tell " will Im the o|N<nin^ o.frra; ti? he ?uc ? ky " lrhlelio " We-tiiH'erely t i"?i-t that the l.Mier n p< rt eWBttlintee upon ?"< ( foundation. HirnliU al ?H| Nn>l??l. IU*ic*t Tmkaihi .? Thr pMigramiiU' lor -thi" i'tpiiWx; r< < { th>? tta(iic ?' p.'C-tr.i W of '? Kii-uii. or th" La^t of th* TrihmiPK." Mr. V. Kdily will iip|?ar its Kl"n*l ami Mi-t F Wi ?);?.* a# ( limlia Tin- other ehatet'lpr* wilt V ?? H)t< <1 liv tn nxri ll. nt Mo?b company. Mfci* lli!Vi'i-t wiUi-in>; i. ii'! <f hi-r ailmiri-d -ton;-*; unit the ?-ntiTt.iiri- ? mrntH wiM foncliHli' with I .j? c-i --fni fnmntj of ?? AH tln.1 (?litt.'ri i? ix>t (Mil." ul?h Mr. Kddy .1- Sti-ph.-:i \ 1'lrai Mr. Tiilon an Sir Arthur l..uwl ami the p.irt of Maltha (JibbK h y Mies THOAiiviAr Tkdatiic ? Thic i.*??ninn. oni" of IN?' moat attractive cut?riaitiau'iit? rrcr olScrvil ii> pi.-M-utpil to tin frt<i?c uti-rs if thi- P.rmdway. Thp npw mmantir ami cprratif enfltlid the " \Uion <if t hi- Sun," h.m k?-?n iu preparation t>r prTi-rul moutlis. ami will l>?- pi > duo il llii* 1 y< nil t; in the jcrr.itc.-t ?[?l.-iiil>r. Tin- m-.u ry ii- mifnlflcrat, hi. Witt; rout th>- iiii-Aapim'nt 1111 iiinmin*" mm of w< 111 y. XpvmhI of th.- hv.lAug arli-t.- wilt aipfwar in the priorlpul idiarartprv. l'r<-*lon." to thU (f-irj?? Hi" i-taol". a t iTorlti- Miirity wilt It- jx-rfiirtui-J cirrry ivinim: No doiii>t ttu- hoiii- to-m;;ht will pri-xi-ut a brilliant auilii-uoc. Niblo'h (iARi.ii ? The i-xcrlW'nt p.ju.'"trian i-xrrri^<-< whirli an* {in n nightly at till* li.?vriif n-mrt an- + n-rvtdly ?ti.iwiin{ iuri!>- audi<-nrr? Madam.- Carolina und Moil- J.oifM t in tin- t< riutiful of l.a Ilu i-. In addition to thn pirwut rpln-il il tump* irr arc infirm -il IIihI M-reml of th* tx?t rtir?t - in 11m* *\>uatiy liuw b? ?-ti lidded. mukilitf i*. tin- inivt lali iit' U trm'y in th - I'liitot State*. Mr. li.iton Htoi:.', tin- famon." nin'-lwk rld"r, will perform fiat* new attempted by any o.lier r..i -r Bi'moR'it Tiikatkk. ? UoarcirnuU'ii virrUenl sowi-dy I of '? l.uvt- iu a Man- ' w ill poiine-m ti*!' eniprtalinm-ui* thi- ? venltij* Mi t-n Letter. Uurton. Johnston. Jordan, Mra. S kern-It. and Mr." IS 11- wll. in tin- ch ir.u t< n- Mr. 11 11 J Mrs. Hi lmau v ill >iuc a duet, and I h ? C/irhi-ctia will inspirit the hy tbeir hariu miiu" | |k lfoiuuiiiiM H 1 ii<- unU?rtaiuau-nt" will t<-r.iiin itr with 1 Ik- hi w tare* of UiH - School fur Ttp-rK.'' Th-w< wli> w i ll to ?pi-nil mi 1 Veiling with III.- utnont pi n?ur?, would do well to rlult lluni * t!i:n on niug Naiiomai Tiikai nr.? Thin pv>-iiiDi( tlx- i;nxtt national ilri.uia of -llarrj |:ui rli.-ia," w.U be rvvi?t>U in all iu i-pli tul< r In orjrr that tlin-?- *hou?iy n-)*. I?" attlr t<> ' liavi- ttx-ir avi-ontlnn^ at th? tluw of p. -ium. -iii-iii* th" t |m rfoi inaorc* will ooiiiuu-n?e with tin- n .< Urania of - Timt-llh c 1} TeU criiph:" afli-r whli-h. ll.irry lturn Hum" will I ?? |in -i rtnl with M?--- 1 W itklu<. Ilriii tm U I'Mw. Ml? Mr uiul Hi. - II -ritouvill in th. Ii-i-ilii'.g ctu-iMU-ra. Mi - Mulvina a ill daiui- u faT I"" Prwoiiam'* licit M ? Th<- in-*- op. r.itic r?>.n?nr?. with nrv and ori;;ii"' nui-lo hy tit-orpi- l^-h-r. w ill 1-- pr ??. itt#ck for tin- ti?t tilur. tlii? iilsj. flu-m ran U- lltU>- .luuht but tllut th?- lli-w pit i-r, which U ?-lltlthsl til" "Spirit ol Air." will Im- produm it In IV iitin<?t. n^ Th ? |M-r foruiiiiK-i'ii will cotnuivtM-.- with tin- ??mii!i"ttiof -My Kii. i d in Iht- Strap ," mid will ciov with th - f irr ? . f '? Hi If ul Minlrr" M '11 l?m*y l:>vrrr ami M. Sinih ? ill Uanri' a 1'im du iVu tivai " La (?i-. li.' '' A tini- b.ll ofi nli it?< u! Amun I'-.u-i Tiirtin: ? Tlir Vn-nrh p.tnpiny will m*K<- th? ir llr-t iippi-arniic- thi- rv?-nin|{ Thi cn' <r tHil. llli-lit . ? ill voluDH-IMf with I ?" I'.-t III-" M! 1-rr" il ? In im- I i Willi, .nr " Thi- piii'" will l? foil nvi-d I > v ?? 1,'H I ni* >mi- i n l.i I', urti* Pnlllf'' ? T!h- ph irnrtor of Mur [Hi rllr. I) Mini Ant' 11I11; that of I'lfrn- Jean, hy M li il.l, . 1 1 in 1 _> M I'l.- hi t, t'rlnui tip, ?iy >1 Ihiri 1, > i i. i ..|in ?, l.y Mlli- Atiy.-llnr; with rarlniA oth'-r rx -l li-iit Bitli-tn tn 111.' otUi-r i-li.irMti n Thl< b.'ll>K. pi'" n I ly iptllrf. tin- Art attruipl at i-'tahl'thin^ tin' r'n ik-Ii dm* ' In Nrw York, to il -utit thi- Inm will '?? rrnaiiiH d t'lianiv'f MitiT*i i.s off. r a Trry nttrar'lrr pn'i rtiln nn i<t Ihic < Tpninc . tu nn.f. rUoruiM", and lii"t Aimrntal ^ if. HMM Fi iioik' Mi?r*riiri.* will ?1i light th.'lr rl"lti-r* hy th -lr ?dmtri. Mi- mi nin r. papitul ia-truun-ntnl pcrfomianoi'ii. 4 a<l dan ing. I'ounti >1. ? lli-rti and Whlti-'n i-.>mp.-niy of u.-gr 1 min iln-U pn-M-r.t a praframiw' of ?;r> it Tart. ly. AMrairAi Mfwm. ? Th.- tx-rf mvmr<-? thl? .ifiorn wi?i will conrNt 1 f " KoIm rt >l<; r ?ir?- ; i- i-.?I In tin- i v niiur th.' v.-ry klliurlitr and int <-r<? t injf r.-nnily rutin I Ml lb I ? . lit t . r?- I* IVM (Mil"? Mi ?' W.lVkt mill Ml?^ ! I'lmi ma 11 ill tin- chariti ti r* 1 I Strpli.-n I'liim ami M irtha (til. I tin- utln r rlnirarti-r? hy 1117 ruilm-nl artl<t ? A- ninin hm . How 1 *r ? TUi* rr. iilnif. th' funoui n/iotfrvni.r, M:;d'lli- l.onli>< T? .triiinin-. will app -tr In ! two of III r lintt popnliit ft"; Mill a Rii-M Tarii'ty of Klnrtlii;^: li.-iti- vill l>i giti n hy tin* tali nl'tl t ntij .. ut thrlud to JuiipV ainphlth -aln-. Mad lh- Toumlairr w i? tn ti r im r\- pi pnlur than nt prp-?-*t ami cln- Ik uWhtly ralla d out to ri rrlri- tin- | UimIU* ? f di li|(ht<-d a'"ln ai- - Mn- i. an m-tnlf 1 f c"t>.<ummnt<' -hllity. lh ri i'iiai ii ? Thp Allift! .inlrm*. a r'nrmlnx hunil "f tkhII. t?. idira dm- piMgraliinii fur thi-lr i-nl'-rtaliim -at thU ifrnlng Ti ? PaaoKaM* or Inrt.*in ihoulj bp a?'i't> at onrc. a< thi'pri | rit lor i" alxnit rl -un: Tnr I'lioaiM * Farx aiM I a printing of gn-it m^rlt. * and rkotild h<- wn by tU??-?* who wi-h to further th.' tiu^t i.f nn r m hi 3 Nnrlnr Affair*. I'*r??"T?Tio"t or I'i *tr to r*rt I' I' C. f. Khi ? 4 wn tabn'MMf rrntioo; tnok plac* y. u. r ii?y mi i i<>r k in ?l?' ltd" ' ilnwlnn r'K.iii <f tli ? S' l.'mU 1 1 ? t < I 11n i rfn.-li n ?a? ?h" pi. -ifitalin ft a mutniH rciit imIti r d cm <1 pllchcr and ><?Jm r I ? lapt I> 0 Pat* trr 1} prmil u( tw pfwui'i >.? ?!? riw out with luai h !kf tifwl "f tl* rtnfr (lc>r|iia from New V?ik A Ur>< imtnl ? r of l.- .l and gruU^mtm ????? pr- m M ' Iliir J <Vmcti?. ?enstnr from Alihntnn >w *a lr? M ?* I lie trator to pre cut the pl?tc I II ii nh .rl and 'p*<?'h. in winch li ? lntfldy dmpli'n ihnl t .< ft l'orlt r. ititl atlmli i| ti> M> K ? 11 a? . nn ./it >r an4 mil' r lie IcnUerftl to Uiui the plat* In Wbalf of bl* f i k'W |.I;?M tlfl T*. ? !? |>t I ? iter replied with gr'.t f < ?: ng II" aald thu latr vjrpr if all ttlietn. h'l *' .i n ?i ?r? ?at '?i*rl ion t ? h.m? It ni'il thf ?<)?. r? iMWr hi. r whu I 1 1 ?? r ?? Joic? ti all ? pportuni'y had !?<??? n off. nil him t>> rt iinn tl < ok* to tin' ->n;'ir? and mcmhen i-f t'omft ??? ytuwil for their ncti.ii In rM?i to w> >? l?|t upnyti uti n t r the tuililir _ ? I -Irnine... h which t M ? , i ? r:?l i<< t ? ? i' ?* I'lnt 1 1| in i |'.i.j, , >n t ? I i crrUII t ?? It -???If II ? MfMii l.y paying a hitfli i oinpllnti lit to the inl. > wlio hail net ? >tii) *?nn <1 la .tn i n tli" Ut. Ti y i *" Hie fi ll' vuif i? the |n < rlptti'ii -i til* pitch t ? ?? l'n t>< nt< il t' l'?pt l? II forlcf, < tin. h i I >r of Ih ? t* f< null I itcmt liip ticiititin l i| t'lijr tl. W J ? i ? <1 Iowa. P. tl !?' ?ti? I ii Mi l .ii - t I' Ml int. hi. Jerr t Ii mi n<. A N reus ni l V K 1 1 iwanl p<i . o<.-r-i on tfe> l ite trip tu rn SieW York t.? IInv.iTri .mil N?w Oft <IU*, Mnrth '.'J. 5S61" ? S 0. I^c., Jfcrck 28. t.t t< k TVcm ? Tin- m In- i ' - Major INrti -ur m i I ? th ? W) in (ha New I'tIim?" to r. Ii..? Mt. 1 -i; i. th 'inv t i itrtvlll nnd hack to !f?t OrNtw, In ".'T?nl ?l ? ? t't of whit Ii time fh" win ?l<tiir< I at the llrnr. >? thic ' ila,y?. ii4 at Vi ra I'M twei4>-?nc h'iiir? HI"- t > >k ! r? m Jlrnitnato IfitCrui t'npt !*. M JafVl*. on hi* <wy I ' the < it J if Mi *icn, a* .,|| til NtfCt for the UiJite 1 f-tuti (ii ti rnrii nt.'?A' O Punyune. Iviiite r*':tirirti(. TV: ii-i ? At Mr Napier'* ctiirl feting wort". Unm i-ltclil. tin r* arc two nlMH ?yUit<l>r* , tit ? M ly ta-t. whii It lira f?>r our of ill" ti ? Cil'i ir.l rtmmi r*. tf larger limearloiin than any WiIkt*. > mail" i In tl.l? er tit'tiy i r il.-ewhere Tha illarietcr iii<Mti* H'l ini hi ?, mill the !? t nth of <trolu ale 'it 10 f-et Th ? laitii ? t hitherto fitt ? . t up in t!>" alinmrt of thin <wlc I rnti i| line war Wi iticli- ?. Wliii Ii i' tlm the ?l?c of th'Mc ? ti I* anl the Collin* line nf American rtannrw I'll ? Inn e?t tli ttltif m?i hltie In 'tWftff if Mm tittixl up at I mti flcld wotlia l.y Mr Hi'i.i'i-t Napier H kfci"f the llntiii nw pr> f rtion i f tlii? hilfe io. i li.iiii m may bi' f. flti..l. when It in atatrd tlwt the r-i tiiiK* foriniiij the nit I hire wi i^rli al . ut 100 t. n It i? inteiKlwd for outiiii* Tertical jti* ti'? in lure whc*W, *haflK. etc . an.l proti Kioti i- Wirdc fT ?crew |>mp' !V r hull* M the ianjet p|?c " tin . n.i ' to haTe the Ni|aMtc iroorci ewt Internally or r? ti e rurftire W lu ll ? Mtu'.l" t'- 1 for p. rf.irmlnK n|?pa ri nily it ry nimple operntlon Wrl*ha li*iton?.tlMittntii"um? ???ftiUu4c ' f Hi" marblmry nren^MI ^y it may he una pit.* i| T>" ti rtlml in 'ti. n ? f tii" riitt-r i* ?lTen In the (rdltiiry way. hy menn'i.f k rnink m .ti n oTi-rliea.! ? ff" '*? fh il' * M < ' City VIOLATION or THE CITY OKr>IN.<Wf'K5 ? *ITKA*0< DEC ISION or A MAOISTRA*^. On Monday cveuing liwt. us wan #tatei}?in the llaratd I the jiolire cf (lit* Sixteenth ward arretted J^fcn Orlnnde* nud othtr*. whom they detected in the art'of boUta# bene* and other animal matter They nr**nte<t htaB and hrought him before Justice Itleakley. at Ji-?nam Market, who decided, notwithstanding the erid. a?> wa? fo clear airainrt (he acccimed. that there wm no !a# bf which he rvuM hold him. and accordingly ordered' MM to t.e discharged Now thi# in ? rather atrange dee ?toin, t\ lien we find the following ordinance pasaod by W Mayor and (Ynunnn Council in October last 1 Si'CTiox I It ?li?ll not be laafnl f?r aay peraoa i or wlH?r incorporated or unincorporated. W. eit?blii?i?i Pw ** cote, or rvatinnr, within thi* city of Nrw 1 ork, tbt ooyif*' t\*n. trade, of liutthicDNf (if h<?ne -boll ill*. bone-burninfc. aoad* print in?. h?fht-i*K?nnifi(r. e?>w flchinrnj. of ?kinninff <?* <Ww* rnimiU. ? r the Wofliuff c>f <'fa!, and cry #oth eHtablUlligJja o?* et?f ablivTinx- nff or p!a??* of iucli biflnrn, txistiaj *?**{? ! the liflnith aloretaid. nhatl I.# forthwith femortd without mm city, and such trade, oreuf it ion, or ba*ineaa, ?hall be fortfc \Uth a-fljrfcd an<1 di-eontinuvd. I*ravMe?f. Chat nothinn ^***1 id rt.iitn fited rhatl ffply to the MlimgUfrrHig or drea^M ?? aniiiiaU for hale in *??>? tity. Sk< rio> 2. Evtry prrwoa ?r c arporatlwa riolattng. vwm of fail inn to comply * ?!? fhc prt>vi**'n? the nc?t. xrctioa m t7Sw (.fdiraace, ?ball. upon cruvk'tiun thereof before a?J court of competent )nr4?dicrton. *e liable, fr c ery ?ucfc o* fen *t. to n penalty of $#%>?, ande\ery ?k-r*?n o rprrMM en lotted or *ft ?!????* ?? any trade. M*hi.;*a, or ??wn tihn. ,i?d.iMfcdW> not setter ?f rhi? ,.rt maaw-. -?r ?u< iHliii/tl i | n 1 >-i II there. I er r,-l"sittc IT fa.' ma ""W* y it >i tftr ?aitu . ??all. in ad.ftriou to. aid ..I erllfy of a laiM-mean, r. ? ? I aa ana* let :?>* aliali bei ject to t'ne i r inip/isoiiitieiit. or liotli. at ?he ?tis'jt'tioB ? taa COAnd it ? mad. tT.r e peeial rfaty of .It inwciaftpty -d go In r r> t.1 caiiae the ?ITC?t and di t.-ate n of all p. r??wa ,uilty of i ,?.liitlnn ti-? |> is.*i?n.o? of tl.i* nrdiaanea. Now, un* r thif ver> ordinanre. nliirh in.ikea the ? ? ? r.ccf cuim*itted ml.-'teitieMiari- a conTleflvn h*a bee? * ?<-, nt 1 y i l.tained. an<> the offenrt. t Kent to HlarftwrirP fyiand flir fii!*y da/H. I-Itd fined \ et Jn-Ilce Bleak le>et?te? thaf there in *?> law wlrrh hrlnp- l?"iK*-botHo u>^i*r liiii juri "diet ion . \\ e liave l*'? 11 informed that, a the time, lie ? ?? i(tnoriil^ i f the . jd-teneo of tliU on! nait'e: I lit tha^lie lia> hIiIhIrcI v i?ie llu'ht on th mlij-H-t. ltiat?l* h?'|? I the iii:i|tiH:rnlea mid judgv will ."?irv out tl.* law- ntr.-iiu>t the nulranet ? c<nnpb?l??d ( f I ? \ ' t he eitir.eiTw; for \*.M;' Ht their en-operation, ttar nty l'viicHor ?rrt*the llo ilb Warden- cun elleet no tliii u' Tl.i- i- th? time to ] irif) the ci'v and m prepare f, r *.h( hot wiathfflhnt i? f?-t ?ppr<'achin(f. if dl-r?e OioUd Srink out. .V lieaT.v r. ipouaibilii > will nwt ?M>o? tlx?e to whi m are <ntrUntnl the .-Mtniinlftmt.on or IM' In alt h la w*, but wl.'? do not c,?rj- theiu into c*ecutM? T?i* hmtcrioA rr im Ih.iwiv ? There nvim to be m me (t( I"it In the p.dilic mind to who originate*! In N'i w V( rk ??*? adinir: We *>>t' m of iiiKtrtu tinu the Idlwl ? |il? li is al pr< m lit iieop. ration la the in-tilution in the C|.|.. r part ot the city fo corn <1 ml-appr-hetu^on. wr will ftiy t Iki r l>r. John 1? Huse i" entitled to the hoMir Hiat 'pliilM. : Vri ]>ic p- ltleiaan ooareired the idea of M rtiurtiiiir th'-e unfor Juuatei-. aifd in rinited the Aim.- Iluir^e I t the |irr|*?i of exuarining the biiad rh? dren tln re with the view of uwrhing thein Meeting with Ins fri. ml. .!< I 3. ? ft iiJTewmt. he tut rmed uf the existence (fa i.' act of lnrrirori?tl'^n mid of a bowrdor maiiaiti-ra. of a Mni.-ty f r iiiftmetlo- '.e blind. PC H u!-.- wh- inlrtOtned to the preeidrht. and mea-un* conci rt( d to i |m 11 a K hmd' lie c-nnenting to trire we m TTicci grattrtti wly a* an instructor A room wm af - crdinglj hir. d in Canal tre. t. and thre<; hoya. talmm fr< ui the Aim- hi we were Nuirde.l ?iir. .1 widow reMMMg in the came l.tdtd^ig. ???>! O *? heucToki* work waneaw mcrci d TliU wi,. the hiiijMe l? |i:tining of the New York I list it mien t^r the Win I which i- now in enrha pros per< us ( . mlHOn. and ?hlch ace .u/pltahm an aaoc* pr.<d I>r Jfiiss. tM'ri fore, i entitled to the or Fmr. on M..AH1. v ??i? -Vertcrday morniag, ?? T oVW-ek a fire bn'ke "itt in th ? K If alt"n. Cap* ltak. r. iyinu' al the ffc.t of DM slip The tin-men www pn inptly in lait the tlames resisted ewy Iff, rt to quench th.i?.till at l. i;,xth it | m.- mwwa rr to scuttle h? r. ami dt?" i- now sune feet under WBaiir Mie hkd on 1h>:.i d an iweorted eari?o. <?ti-ist iiie or ham vi, re. dt> irooda. tw. M?d wa.- l> 'Uii I f r Al- li I. lueola. In I Uaida ' It is .1 that she h id 'iwnJid hand* within the last few days a id tllat the i'i ;tranc- efl.-eUd eoiw?? the daniain Tlie lire i* Sid J to have occurred """* ?.f the I* baeco pi?a? of the sterrjwrea who had b^? Wi i ' ill her the day previi ua Tin Hitian ? <?n fttwrdi,} uhtht il Uew a gnl?. ahich < nd,-d in a h< ary f.iil of rain At n ? m yeeteritay it (hand up. nrni the weather ho<"i?e v nm and "Vr1" nv, with s. me slight .1.. w,r-. an, I thunder. t'?*~JJ nightfall The tla- hes U' llghtliiim (kwin* the UMH?? wi re fr' quent i^* fi^Tiea IU'-? f.n? -The police of tha I th ward conv? >,d t.. On UlUm li, ? , on Mi'iMJ i, ..ii inc. i V. ut 1 i il'-fk a laleirirt; man. le h, re,l U . I y i" III, Jolin Mieklin saul to have worked on the rMt i.rj 11, Is, l-l- ; ranc. ^a- lntwiriiig home tm|<nrniy alerriili. n of raH'l ati'l wa? f">una at tlii' ci iiiir of l'r.iice str, . t and lti ,?a(twa_T On arriving at th, stati, t, lioiiM,. the Liat; was I -Ive I up ill one o? thee Ua M.d th, r, lie r. m.iir?e I i !1 that driT until nenr 8 o'dix k 0?t (Si.tuidny) . e- nlrtr. ahen ('..ptaiu Tnrw lull lomilig in. Ixi ld th, uri'Mi; , I the u ati in the c?& ai d Immedhilily w, id to .,?< .-tiin the trouble i?n i i . ring the c*ll 4?or it ww evident Uat the mmm wa? v.rywi.well. and .. f'hyeiclan wns ?' i.t for D' ?< 1 1 . rid. .1 nm I erei) mean# > as ??/ r I' d t i .he ri llrf ef th. man. I, ut with nt -t 'ess. a* In ? Kp'.fd on MM*# ?leiiiiDgaUiMtao i l. ck llierv af pn-rs to tie. itiaaakt. h u.. c n ure attributable to A ? -i-! u t t'aptaln I??-r*?p. (lift j It was to liaee tile <Va.a??s| nil. ucbd tn ?M I ),, in. iini L in wh- hmuthl in. ?sid ii t permit bina I? |t, v . i . ,Iaj in tha c< II wiili"iit : l.ef. (" iron r l.eer we# lit ill. d t" In Id i.n in.|nest on th-h-dy; but in nil,. Dc< of ill hi altii. th ? in juet t was laid uver untU thi# ?"J' I* in. M*tt? a in John Hioav T>o? ? for >ncr l.we held an Hinn'tt. jresf. rdny. it 71 ?tiar!e? etrwl ?? i tha | . ,!y of Je hu lienrj IV 'I a?ed ?l) i mliienl Irt In,. I. who, ? n Satur,'.. y wu. sapja.-. d to hntre c.a*i to h: d, i-th in con i nn> ?? . . f bV-w . reee:?i d in .n alr?f. ala ut hve *s. V ? si nee. with a *<>W>a nian by the nam . t V in M.t'aiil: *'h ? was nrr st.d , n .?.ilirday, abia thi death of H. w w:.? kn wr The wa- mw^U rat.d. and the .vebnee went to show that rim, th. affra; with .leCVim. in;undlo >m Iven ^ . re., ioninit e,-j -lp !a-< inti.inn, ition whi'-h ?? , a ure . f d. ath The Jury found w-ediet iu nc?nlM*? with tlie tibove facts. .Vct'avla waa ther. Jia?n dte rliar^. I IYi m custody. |i, *i N? ?ni For^B. Piturdny afti rrnvm a Tw. i tv-. 1,1. K 4t ie. t . it, ar the Muth avenne. ,1 wewnd h niuil 1 1 x in x UeW houj- at th. iear m her d wetting M.e i oil, d an .t'.le.r . f Pie Hlxt, >tith ward, who, oa iinJ It eontalmd the dead b<?ly of a mala . Km up in ? ?' **wa<r li'iMt ixii -On Hatar |..lw.,!i V frl ek a lirw atU^fcjd to a vi p- n nn . way la Mini" .th atreet. near Kighth in,. 1 1 , ; id instantly I : da ?ii-h11 l?y. wliil al |d?y am the * ilk. in fr1 lit >1 hi# r''s:'b We I.n. Itaoaia ? "n Saturday Ilenrv MrT'.en*l". hvt I. ii n by t illing ft ? in a cart in Met atn et. He wm tak, o to th- < ity Il^i'ltal. >x AftM I rov i x ? <? 1 Saturday RoUrt Hilling, of ? Mi l1,rr> rtr, , t f- II into the c, ila.- <>f 1 r ml fra." t nr. d hi- arm In two pl.ieea. aul hurt Mi lag badll lit aaa taken to th ? h - pital I ,r, ? A f re broke out > t. r I > i. ? n'ng at half in. n't leck M N,. f-h I'. irl s'.r t. which waa catl? gtilsb. d with triU'ng .lamage. M?x mriita of l?t?tt?K?xtNl?r?l P? nple^ 0 V I . f. r ?t and fhlt.'.lj >'* ^ ? rk V? m < '????; i t r i N, ? H vi n; II' nry S Ha-nUli Ra?j . i..wlla?J , . ? . xt, i, r\ in. Ma.'J>. \ ^aa W net I-! i.lsVwVi la, It .k -v I'f rtlan l ami A M IMr London r. re >nim the arrival# at the Uniea llaew "'iV.i. .1 P W-H't . ? ? Wtw.m.|n_ ? . ? rnxir1?. .sfTiX ..7 , . ? r e . ' ? n i f / .' M J".w? do V Po?hf \ir in. ., I leu do ; i ,^H| JUja vi,"/; \:v*:Tr a?!Ttr. J lb 1 1 -In ? ? - t On- ?rrival? ye*er*ay Carry, pan tiwi ?#? o ar. < .u s at tin Irvlrg llou-e . o,, tu n 1 | IN'" ith Ah, 'am.*; I' '? . . ... ,i , II i r d" StragteT, fwewe lend and tt 'v? art* n. d.. am*, d j-terd. y al th. Am+ rivan . ... n r n Itartna . irrKSCa^ * i^t^TSSJi isfss, ittti ii ?' ? - ?'?r, ?; ' iyra >.w Yetk. were Mnorft the arm .1# y, -t. r.lay at iae Art' r ll< use v ? Kc ,?oa to Al, r H W I V M ATeL. .1 ii Aden.- and tody K ^ ? - Ja_* Caiii.ner. Me V . J h Wjj Wm(t(i ?h,^. a?t * JhiVk v.T,,i - thll! n 7hn,,V.'.de' :Ki wa# al Mobile, ea raate for Itiw t?rleiiii- oa tin J*<h ult Qnr >iw Him rn C'orrr?|Ki*Jfn?#. Va'.k < iK, April 3, 1H51. 77. /?(< /' Pnzf Drhatt. 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