Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 8, 1851, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 8, 1851 Page 5
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s wugw ANTED- A RESPECTABLE BIDDLK A?BI> WO. ?? *????. *? t*h Mm of ?M child. Coll at 117 IMU||i|iirNl TUT ANTED-AN EXPF.kl KtiCED VL'RStL ?T ITU THE J,. "?*t. "? f'ty niftrnet. Apply at 270 Fourth (trust, ???? the hour. <.f W and II A. II. \|fANTF.I?-A SITUATION A8 IIOl SEkEKI'KK BY A -7 ; '"'Portable lady of cxperloaoe, wltli ?????! reference . Ull ?h, i.' mlilreii n nolc to, S. W., ut Mr?. Alourn'i, BUtll tttBIM. WA N T E D? SITUATIONS TOR PROTESTANT SER vantx, of the lirat iiIim, and of every doincatio atation, ?t the ofte? of the I'rutAfitAut Employment Sot-iuty, 7 Cur !ti the original and only true JJrutnataat axeacy i a AI?o, eatelleut CatUoliu andTrotcetaut i?r??uu, ? the old Society Agt avy, IU# Chamber* atreet. Term* re W ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT yonnir woman. a rituutiou a* chambermaid and waiter, ?r anrar and Irtdo plaiu a?jr: icood reference* given. Please tall at 7.'> Wert Niuotueuth etreat, near Siatli aveuuu' WANTED? A SITUATION, HY A YOL'NO WOMAN, an chambermaid. or t<> d? general Imnaawork: in a iiri vate family; die ban good recommendation* froui her la?t |fiw. fliaw eall at .12 Firat aveuuu, for two day*. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE <;tRI? A SITI'\ Hon a* ehaiabermaid and to do plain ??*iuK, or takiag ?are of children and |daiu aew inc. or Mould do houaework in > ?mull private family: the bent of city reference* can be xlven; bo objw tion? to tin- country. Pleatc call at No. IS) Eighth Street, i? Clinton place. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOL'NO WOMAN, a rituutiou a' laundren or chambermaid. Apply ut 'SJ liott rtrect, in the rear: can be mi for tw o day*. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A KF.spf.CT \ III. F. FE male, in a private family. a? t ook, Waaher and lro??r; fceat of city reference* can bc;;iven. Plcnao call at .V>J I'ourth at reel. WANTED? SITUATIONS, BY TWO RESPECTABLE young women? MM as nurse and seamstress, ami thy ?ther aa chambermaid or w aiter, or to do rciiernl housework iu a small private family: ran he accn, if nut cngagod, alt tliid Week. at No. M llanimuud street. WANTED? A SITUATION, IIVA YOl'XO LADY. TO ?" travelliiiK lady 's Maid or Seamstress. Tim best ?f eity reference rnn bo riven. A Icttor addrtised to 8. W., Herald office. will be attended to. WANTED.? A PROTESTANT GIRL W ISHES TO OB tain a situation as Chambermaid or in Laundress. Good reference can be given. Apply at -41 Madison street, revond floor. WANTEIt- A SITUATION BV A RESPECTABLE Herman girl, na chambermaid, or ehildreus nurse, J'lenae call at 103 Wert Sixteenth street, second, floor front room. "MX ANTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN vT a situation a? Chambermaid, or to take care of chil dren. or to do plain sewing. Good reference, l'leusu call at lb Third avenue, over the shoe ftoro. TM7 ANTED ? BY A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN, A ? v situation aa Seamstreis; i? willing to a?sist iu the ear ?f ehiiUren. Has the ktit of city references. Can be seen fcr a week if not suited, at No. 13 East Thirteenth street. WANTED? BY A UESPECTA IlI.E PROTESTANT girl, a situation to assist with children: has no oblec tlcn to light general housework in a small privnte f.miily. ticod city reference. Please sv ? t ? r o (. < a note to l"JI W ouster atreet. which shall M with atteutiou, for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woiiian, aa Chambermaid; ii a first rate wasts. r had ironer: or to mind ehildr n, < r do plain aewing. Good city reference if nqnirad. Please call at l.>2 Sixth avenue, in the leok store. Cau be seen for three days if not engaged, from 9 in tl>e morning until * in the evening! WANTED? V SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young wjman, M mi eh aiul>e r w urk or Vftitilfl lilt ii<> ?Vieetloiia to co truvellinir, and I. as good eity references. Can te seen for two days. at IS J Eighth avenue, between Nineteenth ami Twentieth streets. WANTED? SITUATIONS TOR FIRST CLASS PRO ti"t?nt servants, in every capacity, at the Protective I'rotestant Agency. 4.'?! Hudson street. N. II.? This ia the ?lost excellent medium in the city for the procuring of Pro testant domestics. We make no charge to Protectant ser vant*, and select only SB eh as are worthy. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to cook, warh and iron, and can nive ??od eity reference; can be seen fcr two days. Call at No. 103 West Sixteenth street, between Sixth and Seventh ave Mes, ia the rear, second floor. WANTED? SITUATIONS, BY TWO YOl'NO WOMEN; to do rooking, washing, or ironiuir. or general house Work; the other, to do cliatnberwork, and assist in washing and Ironing. The best of . ity reference can be had from their last places. Can be seen at No. lt> Sixth street, front base ment. WANTED? BY A MOST RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman, n situation, as chambermaid or eook, in a re spectable family. The I e-t of city reference can lc given from her last place, if required. Please call or address to V> namersley street. Can le tcca fur three days, if not leiM. WANTED? SITUATIONS, BY TWO RES PE< 'TABLE yeun? w umcn: One as plain cook, and has no objection te do general housework in a respectable family' the other as chambermaid, or to do ?en* ral housework. Best of city reference can be given. Please call at JOJ First avenue. ANTED? SITt*AT?r>?*? BY TWO ~v w I jr T^m;lE'af WuiV^T^TtM i %**hitip; the oih r, m wnllf'*. 'r C lilt 4ren * maid. K -p.:< t- i able city reference. tf required. Arply at the c?a?r of I l ift*, n tli at net, 234 Fir-t nveuue, fur two dayt. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG CitRI., A ?it nation . at chambermaid, or to do general lion-ework: la k Bret rutc waaher nod ironer, and a good plain cook. Hot, ?[reference ? tin b? given, tall at 1 to Eighth avenue, third Boer. front room, tan tit (am for two day*. IIT AN TED? BY A RLSPECTABI.F. YOUNG WOMAN, Tv a aituatioa, a* took, in a re?p*:et!ibl? family or private hoardiag bon?: uuderitanda bar buaineae. Good city rv fei*-a?e given. Pleat* nrply at 71 Malberry itrect. Caa bo ae< a for twu daya. ? 1*,* AX TED? A SITUATION, BY A KF.SI'E' 'TABLE YY yonng girl. to dn general fconaewnrk. She ran bu *c?o far tiro days, at Xo. JnO Walker afreet, in the rear. ?**7 AX TED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTECTANT YY middle ag> d woman, a aituatiuu an Cook in a arnall family, licit nl eltv reference given. Can he aeon for two day*, at fO,',! Fourth ttrett, between the Firit and Second avenue*, in th<- rear. Dir axted- by a RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. IT a ti'.uatioa ?< t'nok. G?"d eity reference given. Hu four veara la her Ian place. Pleaae apply at lil Flret ave ane, between Eleventh and Twelfth itreeta. Caa be acea for two day ?. ______ ?OTANTED-BY A RE * I'ECTA BLK WOMAN. A S1TUA YY ti?a an Brat rate Caak, in a private family. The best ?f city reference can be given. Apply at 113 Twelfth itrvct, between fifth an 'I Sinth avenue*. She doee But wlah to go la the vouatry. Can be teen for two dayi. fRT AXTED? BY A STEADY, INDUSTRIOIS YOUNG YY woman, a actuation a* Lawndrea* in a reaf^etable pri wate family. Th? h*?t uf city refereaect will be givea. PItaae t-pplv |*ri?aalljr, or by But*, addreted M. C., ?!'? W 'water afreet, between Bleeekrr and Amity ttrtet*. la the etore. DfAXTRD? A MTl'ATION, BY A RESPECTABLE YY girl, to do the IfouMWork of a email faintly, ander BtaaHe t'e..King thoroughly, aad iea good Washer and Ironer. Hae i!m Ixat ?f city reureaeee from her Ia?t place. C an tit ?ae* far two <tav?. if ant engaged, at 14J Twentieth etreet, bet we- n aeventfi and eighth areaaaa. f*r ANTED A SITUATION AS WET SFRSE-I1Y A ? re?e* , table nurri' 1 woman, in aome rcapcetahle family, with a Irciih t>reaK of milk. Apply at No. tf Morri* atrect, for two At)). Xo otyectiun to go the eoaatry. WTAMTRP-A SITUATION. BY A RESPKt T A IILL ?Y woman, an cook in aome family: hae no objection to Beaiftin ?ii*hiag. Ilot of city reference given. Pleaae to apply at .Hi Canal atreet. To be acea for two daya. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a ?itiihti"0 a? chambermaid, or to do general hou?e *orfc. The hi rt of city ref' r-nrc ran lie given if required. Can be n?n for two daya, at No. ?!l Mett street. in the rear, third So?r. WtNTY.D? BY TWO RESPECTABLE GIRL*. SITCl tlon* on,' a i plain n?oh. waaher nad Ironer, tin1 other ?a, and to ilo tewing. The beat of reference, Plraae to t nil at No. 110 Seveath avenu*. BET A N TED? BY A R F.SPFf'TABLF. GIRL. A SITUA TE ti"ii n? chambermaid. or to do plain aewlag. aad aasiat in 1?a?bing ami in ning. Beit city ? fen nee gi? en. Pleaae call at ZA Uotl ?trect. Can l>e teen for two dnyn. "BET AMTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE YOl'NG WO* IV, YY a aitnation to do i hamherwork, or gen> ral hoilaew ..rk. <le-.d city MktM'Cl tan he givea. Apply at 64 Fourth av< sue, betweea Xlath aad Teath etrreta. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOCNO fllRL. A ritvation aa tkiakMMM of waiter, or to take rare <f rhlldraa aad 4<i plain ??? lay: l? of flty r? 'aa U *ivan. PI- *?e rail at .HOTaclfth atraet, h< tweeii tlio Elrat and i*r r-"id imui, * cuml Sour, Uttk ruvo; e? be >vca f?r two 4my. _____ Mr anted-a sm art scotch, iMnunt ?ii*av, YY '.r IwilllIM Proleataat *.inaa, to do the cookin*, ? a-hlny. and tronlnz nf n .mall family; a peraoa that la fnlly minpatrnt (and a?n? other m rd apply.) will *"'1 ? eaaiflaft ?Mt ami periuaaent hom?. with I aaje?. hy applying at >?. 40 Sou'li at net, oaly between tb? houri vf J and (o'cWck in ? h< VKr ANTEO-.BY A BESPECTABLE YOl'Mfl MUM. Of, YY a tttwaaioa a* ? '????*! . H n-lirr an I Im'f, or to do I j> ?fair* work: foo.l iltynt retire ? given: a.arly lire ynar? im hrr laat (>l? r; lia< no ?l.)wMom to go into the '? untry ai i-w i' .*? HVit Broadway; aaa to aaaa to Im .ia> ? WANTI,I?-A sm \TloV. nv \ Rr*PF.< TABLE I yoitn" rtrl. aa a food Co.k; la a tr?t rat* Waaherand lroa?r; ?o ot^ectiaua to go to nay part o? Hrooklra with a family, ar on- of New fork. Iu.|mre at 12 Allen atreat. ke- : 1ifn lle?t?r and (irand atreeta. \L' ANTBD-AY A RESPECTABLE VWWO VDVtV, YY a aitnatiun -to l ook. M'aaii. an. I If.. a. in a email private Ihmily. or to do aaaernl houaework in * aiaall pcivat* I Hill eall at th? araond daor from th? ranrr of Tweaty-aa' <-?*<1 *tr??t and 'nth avena#. May to MM f..r two day< W*\TEI>-t SITI \TK>N, nv A BKSPEfTtni.C I yoaa* WAinan. aa Chamhertnnld and to aa?i?t ia vuhimin i Iranian. of todn genrral ?? rk and aaaiat la ^?ahiag and inalng: toatof rrfereaeea giran. Apply at Jto. b K"?ard a treat, in tto rear haaemeat, for two dare. ?r ANTEd>? BY A rOVKO W'OMAV. A *ITI*ATIO* YY a? 1 Ml it ? good waaher Aad ir n. r M?t I ity pofe*/<n?e raa I* given. Apply at 21 I'rlacn atreit, Aral loor. (aa h? taut (or Im day*. WAMIIX-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, a ?lt Mali. ,11 aa < Uain4^rioaid. Plain Rewar, "r to take | rare nf . htldren. In aaaiall family, Hood eltv refereni-e |riv?n. i J'leaae apply at ?>l fira* k\?aur, totwaaa llftaaath and N< teeath airr?t?. WA VTED? NITt'ATIO Y?, BT TWO HE^PECT ( Bf.B tuana wom?n. one to da iraatrti hnna?*ork ; thu atk- f A# ? l ook, It aalor. and Iruai'fi fca? bo ol.ji-i ti m t? *? ? l(iort dlatanic In the country. H?-?l of ilty r*fff?a.J?. C'aa to ?aan for two daya, at Ift EI?T?ath atrwt. aacoad toor, oMfiar of av?nw? t!. WANTFD IIY > RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT fir I a altnatloa aa Chamlorm. Id fund Walter. In a rwall faaiilr. Alao h< r ?i?t..r to takr car* of a < klld and U ?aar, PWaar oall at N?. 3? Twelfth atmt, totwaea rifat ail Mrowd areaaaa. i irjiMr.iv-/iv a respectable yocwo woman, YY a >itu*tlo? a< Milliner and Urra? makrr in a prioata faanly. Il/ia a? o?,J?-flion to trn?i>l with tli* family, aa.l can ?*a?h eMIdr'n. Il?< food city rafrnnra. Can he aa. a from tm i .1. . k until four ia th? aftajaoon. Plvaaa call at No. 1^ Writ aiml. WA.NTEn BY A RE" PECTA RLE YOf.NO WOMtV. a ailnatii.n ?? Cook, B a?har aad Ironar llaa ao oh. itatioa to the yam ral honaawark ofaamall prlt ato family, "Oar who p^rfcrtly nndi r?taad" har t.nain *aa. Can h? aa^a far two data. If not anaaf< d. R??t of rlty t *teCBCC Kivaa. ! ltat< fell at IM Eldf .'If': ltrt?l, la Jjaf. ? Wants i?? two oiku to i.abel and wkvp Buttles. TUm M<|MUI?I Willi tli? ;rv Iritwl. UiJmIimii mmI IKiwmwch, 1W front street, ktHrev ?l???a A- "? m4 ???, Mi. V ANTED? A SITUATION AS.. rm,<4T-KVrE (Mutt. HuMt bos* "f city nfervuce. Nn objection to assist in washing. I'Wase in <ali at Siu. it Third afeait*. in tMl hosiery, dry goods store. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE HUMAN, A ativa u? Cook, Waslirr and lrui|ur. Is a good liak-r. and w illing t<> go a >mt( ?! > I OJtce in tlio country. Good city rrfrmn (ivei, I'liasc apply at l!U Virirk strain, o?? Jour Iroin King, first floor. Can Iw so*n fu* two days. WANTED? A SITUATION ASMRSE AND SKVM stress, or Chambermaid and Soi^niitres*, by * , >11 hit woman wl an give rs*|**eti%blc refofedee from h r ant place. Apply *1 No. lt>7 Allou atroet, Trout room, up ?tilli, f?> two uyi. , Wanted? by two mnoTAin rot* no wo men. situations | i'ne 11 good nl?w? <?<?'? t, washer and irooer, the other #? waiur; ii ?n PucclUut line washer and irovsr, ?v olj..tfoiM tj t'ug country. lid ?f?ity reference ptrAa. Pl'taa enquire at No. 40 M'?lt Thirteenth street, ia I If tr>" >-ry, between I'ifth | ami Sixth avenut s. ('an be seen for tw* days. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOU NO WOMAN, a situation ns chambermaid un<i seamstress, or Intake fare ???' children, and teach them s or assist at the washlnj ami ironing. and make herself generally useful. Ilu nn o'i Jwtioi to go to th? country. Oood eitv reference. Can seta for two day s. Please call at No. % (jreuuwich str:ut, first Unit, bark room. WANTED? l?V A TOW NO WOMAN. A SITUATION an Chambermaid or Lauii'trcsa: ia willing to do clmm berwork. and lino washing and ironing. tiooj referenda* gi vi' n . Please call at No. S7 Bayard street, front basement. C'U l>e su n for two days. Wanted ? a situation as nurserymaid, < liamherniaid, nn.USeamstress, l,y a highly respuutifcble young woman, who has the host references. Apply at N'o. lid Sixth avenue, near Eleventh struct. Can Ire kui for two days. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITU ation as Nunc: fully capable of taking oar* of au infant : has no objection to do general housework. Uood city rcfortm <? given. Please apply at 40 Fourth avenue. Cau be seen for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION, IIY A RE3PECTA II LB youug woman, to <l" otiamherwork. and assist iu tin! washing mid -lrouinK. City reference miven. Enquire lut Twelfth atreet. Can be aoen for two day*. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A SMART, ACTIVE yonnp: woman, an coo't, washer, ind irmer. Can pro due* best city refvrcncen. Apply at 183 Division, corner of KiitKtrs street. WANTED? BY A RES PECTABI.E YOUNC. WOMAV, a situation ta do ebamherwork, waiting, and assist in w a^liing and iruainK, or will do general housework in a small pri\ate fauilly. Beat nf city r-.-fi-reuoa will be given. Apply | at No, I Siitii strei t. near thu Bowery, iu the book atore. Can be seen toy two days. A%T ANTED? IIY A HESI'ECTAHf,E GIRI-. A 8ITUA- i TT tion an ehambermald and waiter, or to do general housework in atmall private family. Would have no ohjec tiona to travel w ith a ludy. Please call at 17# 1 Irat avenne, between Eleventh and Twelfth streets, third floor, front rjoui. ' Can be aeeii for two day?. \ET ANTEK? A SITUATION, l?Y V YoUNO WOMW, j If to do i liauiberwork tod wailing; has c objections to ! do housework. Please call or address 113 Iludsou street, iu ! the rear. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITL'A- I tion as eliainl" rninld, and tine washing and Ironing, or | ns cook. Best of refertiico un be Riven. Please call at 1JJ ? (Jrcenc ttr?et. ' WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE j Protestant >rir1 , ns chambermaid and waiter, or eliar.ibcr maidand to assist in the washing and ironing. No objection* ! to go to the country. Apply at ?!l Thompson (tr?ct, in the ' rear, for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ' youtg woman, ;\s plain cook, washer and irontr. or to I i <I? ebi?ujbcrff?rk, and to as?iat iu the waaliing and ironing. ? 'an produce the lifht of city refereno from her last place. | i She will restive o n I M for two day*. IIum .'all at 37 IVeat | Thirteenth atreet, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. . WANTED? BV A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation to cook, wash and iron, or do general hoiiae work. Good city reference given. Apply at No. 173 Dclancy atreet. WAXTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE vT girl, to do i hanilivrwork or geuerul lnuaework, is a amall pri\ ate family. Good city reference can be given. Can be aeen ill 14") Ilenry f.reet. ANTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, ti a situation aa chambermaid :md waiter, or to do plain a.- wing and take carcf children. (;?.>d city reference* given. To Ke seen fur two daya. at her laat place, 'H Twelfth street, between Sixth anil .Seventh avenue*. "IK" ANTED? A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE V T }onng woman, to do general housework, or ehnmber Work and waiting, and is a Rood wisherand ironer. Is a good plain eook: hot good city rcfcrcnce*. Can ho accn for two uaya. Apply at 233 Elizabeth Mrict, up stairs over tUp gro< i ry atore. \tl ANTED? BV A RF.SPF.CT tlll.E YOUNG ff()MAV. ?T a situation to cook. waah and ir?n. or to do the general housework of a amall family. G?-od city reference* gfvt'n. Inquire at 113 Mulberry atreet. Can be ?eea for two dayi. WANTEft-.l MtCAtlrt*. M MCJJAMttWWj i, lain ?ew inc or general houaework in a amall ! fainilv, it a first rat* waaher and inner. and ? rJWn | I ro.,k:'by a r-apectublc young woman, who can furui.U ?. referenda. Can he seen for tW<) dava, at her la-t place. I PI. ??? ? all at 1*6 Wwt Eleventh atreet, between Siath and | Seventh avenue*. : WANTED? A SITI'ATION, BY A RESPECTABLE I yonng woman. a* chambermaid and Hr take care of I children in a amall family. 1J> st >.f reference* given. Apply ^ at No. 10 Albany atreet, for two dayi. j WAN TED-BY A RE3PECTAI.E PROTESTANT )oung woman, a situation aa chambermaid or good plain cook. Cun give good city reference: waa over throe yeara in her laat place. Apply at 140 Varick atreet. Can be teen for two day*. UfANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE I Tv young woman. a? cook. wnaher and ironer. Oood re ference given. Please to call at 11*1 Madison atreet, back . room, first floor. The country preferred. _ j "tlT ANTED? BY A SMART. ACTIVE GIRL. OF AN TT exemplary eharaeter. n situation aa chambermaid or : eook, and t ? assist in washing. in a reapectable family. The beat of city reference can lw given. Can I* aeen for two , daya. rieaM addreaa 3T3 Eluabeth atreet, corner of Bleeckcr ] atreet. \LT ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOCNG WOMAN.| vv a situation, ia a private family. t<> eook. waah and iron. City relcrence* given. Pleaae call at Mi Mercer iinel, near J Amity. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE joung woman, at chambermaid and waiter, or aa aurae I and atamatresa. B. st of city reference given. Apply at M | Uow ard at res t, in the rear, *r?t Boor, for two daya. WANTF.D-BY a TOUNO WOMAN. A SITUATION aa eook or chambermaid. Good city reference Riven. ! Apply at >3 Mott atreet. Can !?> se n for two daya. WH^BANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL. \ -ITUA tionto do plain ooiiug, washing, and ironing, or general houaew?rk. Pleaae call at Fifth avenue, corner of ' Twenty- aecud atreet. Good reference. j "WTaNTRD-A SITUATION BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TV aa chambermaid and laundrran: the heat of city refer ; rneeagiven. Pl*a?e eall at SJ Weat Nineteenth atreet. Can bea.enfortwo daya. WANTED? A SITUATION BY A PROTESTANT GIRL, to do chamberwnrk, waahlng and ironing, or pltiln sew ing. Call at No. MTwenty-nluth atreet, corner HUtli ave nue, second Boor. Can be even for two daya, from 10 A. M. j to 3 P. M. ! WANTED- A SITUATION BV A GENTEEL YOUNG | | Tl girl aa rmaid or l.uly'a mai l, or plain sew ing. j ; Good city reference. Pleaae call at 31 H hlte street, over the poetry. "IITANTEIV-A SITI \TION", BV A RESPECTABLE | VV yonng w?mau, t-> d" general hon?ew?rk in a amall ' private family; ran wash, ii - r ml do plain aooil j reference from list Situation. To aeen f.?r two dav?, at K?. U4 Twenty-eighth atreet, between Seventh and Eighth ?venne*. 1VAXTID-A MTTATIOW, HV A RF.SPEt T.WU.F. Tf yonng woman. >? co..k, ? mhir. m l Iroaer. in * pri vate familv . hii? no objection to ft" a abort llitMM l? th? cenatry. Yha tnt el viljr IINKRi'' givta. Pl?a?e call ?? V Prinr* itrtit, Mcoad Sour back r?obi. t au b? a#ca for two ili\) i. WANTED? A PROTESTANT WOMAN, MIIO I* \V exparienced l ??. tad alto a I'rototaat rirl. who haa kftn arcnatoaicd to To competent peruna. fie.d placta m ay be ???< lire J. in a family reaidinx aho?t three ?V four illlt* eat of tow a. appli lax at No. ??l R< ia?i ?treat Hr??fclya. WH.(M1D-a sm \Ti?i\ . nv \ rf.m-f.< t\ih r H roanc woman, M Chambermaid or Waiter. or t ? tnk. rare of . hifdrca : ia * irood washer aal ir^ntr. No ohjectlnna to (nine a abort di?taace in the coiiBtry. Can give *o?d city feftrenoe*. Addn ?a 1.. 7... Herald office. WANTED? A 8ITI" ATION . RV A RF.SPEt TA MI,B ruling woman. t? cook, wa?h and iroa, or to do the ?e. aeral D^neeaork In a amall private family. <i?od eity ref? Itatf. faquir* at No. Wi Oliver atract. MIT ANTED-IIV A RESPE< TAHI.F. VOCNtJ WOMAN, A Tf aitnatioa Hp Sentii??re*-; nnderatanda dr> < 'inakiai: haa ao ??lijrrtioa to aaaiat in llcbt i haml-crwork. The he?t iif city reference fivea l'leaae rail at M-rria k Fv?lir'i ittftt tvt aer of I'niieralty place and Twelfth (tract. WANTtD-A mVATWt. RV A *E?PE?'TAIIt.E ynnnr woman. ?? Cook. Wa?her an I I roue r. in a pri vate faBiily, or to do general botlaCWork. The h. ?t ei?y re ference can be tiven. rleaae call at 177 avenue II. between Eli v< nth and Twelfth atreeta, arena 4 floor, back room. WANTED RV \ RF.SIT.< r Mil F r.IRI,. A SITI'tHON a* ? h?ml? rmai'l. or to da ?? neral h..n?? w .rk, ->r tak? ?are af children. i? * flrat rat wa?her ?ad Ironer : can he wll Ti i omtnciiiied from her laat [la e. where (he lived kfte. a moatha. l'leaae tall at 19 Eaat Ele-.catii ttrcit, ia the lex Blent. WANTBD by \ Ri -n:fT.\ni r ? . i n i \ mti \ HON in a priiate family, na plain cook, waaher ar.d iroitcr' or aa < hamto rmald i cod v ity reference caa bv irivoa Apply at LI* Twentieth atrtct. WANTKD HV A Rr.*Pr< TARI E T.IRI. A S1TVATION at cook, Wiiaher and iron*r: can live the heat ?f reference if re<|uif?d. i'leaaa i all at ."I Elm atrrut, iu tlie haaemeat. ?r ANTBf>- 1IVA XESfXrTAMI Tor NO WOMAN A tv mdaatlon a? 1ad>'a waM. or aar<e. wll>?ar Itaily ?"10? tn I ni'land. It* ? I rtfvrvBi .'i n. Addr<e*X.M . Itralil aftii. \Lr ANTriW-nr'A TOVVO WOMAN A miTATin* ff aa ihamhermaid waiter, aa'l ia f? illiti/ t ? a '>l?t la williBf to u -let aa -'lint Mid ironing. A ppl) at ?U Urua I wnv. Meat fit ? ?f refer' n.? altrea. \LT ANTEJV-llY A RF.tCEf TAflLl VOINU WOMAN. W? a MtiKiir n i a< j Tai l rank, or do waahlaa an I Iroa> Inr. and eham'>erd?rk. Ila> no ohjeetton to ?o n *h"rt ll< tanee in the ioaany. The he?t of eity refer.n ?? tivou. fan be aeen forj*<> u?}>. Inquire nt |!?1 M. reer WANT E O? A t| i I'ATION. HV A PROTESTANT Kirl. aachanbertaaij au<1 w.uufr. or to ?*<>? rare of rhildrcn. H??t of ? ity rofereutc yi>?a. Apply at II I II - n ry I atrcct, for two daja^ IVANTI I'-HV \Ri?IK< rum |.,ll,t A Mil \ Tv ti..n, to do ?;! ueral h ? mi rV *i ? prt< jt? fnimi Ills fond city r"f' renee. I an he ?n for t? ?> d*| ?. at ,li I'r tnk fort atreet. ba< k room, Hr- 1 H?or. WwTrn \ ?iTrATfoN, nv t vorvo woman lo do the heneework of a private family) ?h? i? a *on| ?lain CO.. k nd I f-'d oa-h r ml "?n .me *ell re omm'adci Me ?na kf a.. a ?t Wi Ri if ia Ih* I' :<T, foy lav ??>?. I W A BITS. ^ ^ ^ ? ?mt a* ted?a situation, lir t vorvo psr-vm TT wuiuan. M l<ady a Maid t? tu I'leaeu aj.ply a*. !<1 Attorney ?trci:t, acixul l|.,.>r. trout r um. WA N r t l> tA> K 1.1 M KKt. A VOI'VO ?E.*fc?W woman vlMt-a'frrth lm-1 "I nrtlk N<m? n?nl apply XtT 'anted ? A SITUATION BY A ((&."> I' ECTAHLE ?T )bUU'/ woiitUB u? *oo J Cook, who >i r?t ?tid? bnkioi; au'l paatry. Ilu?4 ?'i'> refrreuee. May t>c kuu for two daya, ; at in i.rand (trMl. WANTED? nv A RESPECTABLE YOl'NO WOMAN, a Mtu-tiyu aa Cook yf I'hMnhmnail. or I" to (Miihi liouae wurk. C'au be nut u fur t?o Ua>?,j?t No, M Uuny at. WANTED? AN ACTIVE AND 1 N'TELLtOENT L V U. Apply at 11 M'arruu rtr.'tl. : "ll,r aNTFD-I N A LAWYER'S OFFICE, A YOt'NO tt can M ?lerk. * lin haa a kn nvlcdxc gf practice. i f i di'w* "JlHfaliall," at tUe Uetall OlU.c, lUiiuj pmucutarj audtemf. WANTED- TWO OOOD (ILK SALESMEN, ACCCS t"inr<l to the ritv trade. Apply iu tile evening, to Jaiuca Heck &. Co., .US Broadway. WANTED.? A VolNIi MAN. OF THREE YB VRS? EK pericucc iu a retail hardware atore, want* a altuatioo | in that htuiueaa, or iu tUu wholesale. IdJrcaa Bo* I l'u?t Office. "IIT ANTED? \ SITUATION, AS WAITEH, l?Y A RE TT apcctahle man, a l'rotcatant, w ho hu< lived i i the city for the la>t two yeara. Can produce Hrat rat*- ri t omui 'uU i 1 1" Hi*. Nu objection to ko to the eountry. Addruae J. O. U , lli raid Office. WANTED? BY A MAN OF STEADY UAIIITS, A SIT uation aa I'urter in a dry K"od* or cominiaalon at >re, or in any liirlit Imtdncia. la competent, from lona expc rlim in llH city. tu nil anv snch situation. Thoroughly nu dcrataudf the eare aud drii iiifc of hurnea. and would accept of audi employment in the city or country. t.'uu produce tho utoat unexceptionable A'ity reference aa tu character, tec. Addrcta E. C. 8., at thia office. WANTED? A SITUATION, nV A RESPECTABLE yuuiiK man, of unexceptionable cHhracter, ut Clerk in any eeramiaaioa otticc or ature, ouc who haa l?arn?d arithme tic, mi iiaii ration, alirehra. and bookkeeping. and ia willing to make himself generally uaeful to hia employer. Mod. rate ?anm will he aeetnted of. Eur further particular*, apply at 1.'I7 < hutham atrcet. hitaenieut. AYOrNC HI DOW LADY IS DESIROI'S OF OBTAIN inft ft oituatiuu w toik|Miib>a to ah invalid! would have no ohjcctioiai to travelling. Addrcaa J. k., Broadv.ay l'oit ' Office. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL WISHES A situation useliamhcrmuiil mi l waiter, or to take caro ot children : van lie well recommended. Can be seen fur three daya at Tweutietli street, reur house, between Eighth aud Xiutli avenues. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS \ SITUA tinn an N urse and to do plaiu sitting. or a * < hauiM r niuid ; would have no objection to go to the country, Cun produce I he best of city reference ns to character, capability, etc. 1'icase rail for or address M. !>., 83 West Nineteenth *tr< ?t, third floor, front room. \REsPECTA BI.E WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION as Took? in williui to assist in washiug, if required. I'l aso inquire at 131 First avenue. City references given. Cun lie ?cen for two days, if not engaged. V RESPECTABLE VOl 'NO WOMAN WANTS \ <ITI'A tiontod i general Housework, or a* good plain Cook, Wuhtr and Ironer, Please apply at llfcj Twenty-fourth street. Good references can he given. \ ^CITATION W \ N'TEI) ? BY A RESPF.'T VBI.E young woman, n Protectant, to do the work of a small family, or travel with a lady. Inquire at 71 West Fifteenth strai t, front basement. 4 RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS ASITI'A Ja. tiun as ? Iiainbertnaid in a. respectable private tamily. lias no objection to the country, or to assist in washing an I ironiDg. Best eity reference from I he family whom she has left in consaquence of their going to travel. Can be heard ? ?f for three days. It HI Fourth avenue. \ RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION, * V as cook: understand* her business in all its branches; has no objection to assist in the washing. Can obtain the best of city references. Address SI. Y., M West Twenty- tir-it street. between Fifth and Sixth avenues, Brst Boor. W ill be lieard of until engaged. * RESPEt r Altl.r VOl/NT. protectant woman -m. wants a situation us cook, washer, and ironer. Can give the best nf city relcrenec. Cnn lie -ecu at 4 Uuion street. South Brooklyn, on the second floor, back room. None but the best of families need apply. A RESPECTABLE GIRI, WANTS A SITUATION. AS good plain cook, and to assist in washing and ironing, in a private family; or to Uo housework in a small family; is willing to uinkr herself rcnrrally useful, ("an gi?e the best city reference. Please call at 123 Twelfth street, between Firth and Sixth a\cnue?. Cau be seen tor two days. ARESPECTABT E PROTESTANT GIRL WANTS A situation, as ehambrrmaid. in a small private family: or ns nurse; is a plain sewer. ' '? u cone well rccommcuded. I'lcasc call at JUO Mercer, between Blcecker and Amity streets, third story, front room. A PROTESTANT GIRL WANTS A SITUATION, IV A private family, to do ehaiubcrwork, and assist In wash ing sud Ironing. Has good city reference. Call at til \\ aits street. 4 YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION, AS i.-Jjamht-rmanl, or to take care of children, and do plain sewing. r?'J?e CM Cbryitie ?tj?et, near Grand, third floor, roam No. S, 4 RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS -A chambermaid, wa-'ur aad'irjutr v; w 4j hcusowot.. Good reference glrcn. Please call at^ Sj Tourth street. Can be seen for three days. V BESPEcT ABLE YOU NO WO* ANV CAT ABLE OF dressmaking! und tailoring, wishes a situation as seam stress w it h a psiv ate fa mil v. or in a store. Can also work on custom oantaloons. Appfy at M?. Mil Elizabeth street. 4 STF. U>Y YOUNG MAN. STRICTLY TEMPERATE, -n. wants ft situation, as Coachman, or to take charge of horns in the elty or country; has no objection to work on a garden or farm. Can be Ken for three days. Addr-n, by note, or apply to G. II., No. Ml Eighth avenue, Thirty niuth au.l Fortieth street. CHAMBERMAID SITUATION WANTED? BY A FAITH ful woman, who has lived with some respectable fami lies. at present in the city. Would assist at washing and doing up French muslins, and fluteing, as ran bo known of her present employers. Address, C. 8., CM Wnt Thirteenth (treet. flrst Csor. back roo m. DRUG CLERK WANTEI>.-A YOUNG MAN WITH A good knowledge of the retail business, having satisfac tory references. Address, 4'hemist. Herald office. N'OTICF. TO PERSONS OF CHARACTER AND RE spon .ihility? Wanted, two men possessing a knowledge ot the wine und lienor loisiuess. ?l,? rau devote their whole time and attention to their occupation. None others need apply, at 4.W Broome street, corner of Crosby. MRS. GREEN'S AGENCY FOR DOMESTICS, NO. SSI Broadway, a wet uurs*. young, healthy and good dis position. No others need apply. Cooks ? German, English and Pr otestaets. Also, chambermaids and waiters. WAITER WANTED ? A FIRST RATE ENGLISII HTAIT er; one accustomed to the charge of plate and wines, and who has not llv. 4 long in this country, would be prefer red. Apply at t3 front street, up stairs, between 10 and II ?'clock. BOARDING, ?C. A 51X01. F. GENTLEMAN, OF A rUR ADDRESS, w?ald like to have a niri' room, with hoard, In a pri vet* Am. roan family ? nut In b? far rrom the City 11*11; price about t-7 a wrekl hot r< f?rru<;e. given aud required. Addree. A. P. D., Port OBti. BO\RD WANTED? Br A OENTLEHAN, WIFE AND two children, with an tiafurniahed front twa, with front bed-room on the .econd floor. location to ha in the vicinity of llrondway, between Si.rinn nnd Tenth utreet*. Reference given and required. AdJr-M bo* 2,'J7'J, Po.t OOi'C. HOARDINC.-A smai.l private family ofonlt tlree per.ont, having more mom than they require, WouM rent with board, to two centlemen. ? handsome front parlor ^n tho .econd floor, hannnomely furni.hed, where they can And the comfort* of a home. Tin > hare nlw > neatlr fur iii?)ifd ?incle r?i>m for one irenttcmnn. Apply at :W Leroy utrrei. Two .tajre line. run wKhia one bloc* of tUc hou*?. Reference riven nnd re<|?ir<d. Hoard. ?a tovno ladt desires to onrux liard witk.ome widow or .mail family. whin- ?he can enjoy the comfort. ?f a borne, for whirl! mn la willing t<> p.iy a n njonalile "iin ?? .kljr In advance. Tlioae willing t? ae cvnmodate a qniet. genteel boarder, will nddreM Kmulind, Chatham iqunrt Po.t Offlt e, before M edm .day evening. Board down town.- a ffu* m r.F.VTf.r iii* o ean lie ? ti'oinniodatcd with board and plca.ant I ruoma. at N". ItUl.iherty .treet. IMMMM reqnirvd. Board with rrnxtsiiED k<h?m tr wtedontiie weit ?ide of tin rltjr, l?l"W Canal .treet, for a gentle ! man, wlti , and child four month* <dd, in a NtfvcMUi pri i late fkmily. A note addre*.ed to M. M T., left at the U ral I | office, .latin* location and term*, which mu't be nvdernte, ? lllreceivc attention. !!? ferencr. siren ^nd required. Board rp town-\ private PWiLT 13 de ?iron? of aeconunndatin* * lady an I gentleman, or two or three .Inrle gentlemen, with n handanm* - ? ? i t - of room* on ] the Mcond ll<<or. with full or partial bunrd, in a ploaiantly .ituatil houan in Fourteenth itwt. replete with all the I mod' m improvement ?. Applj nt the t'nion Place 1'o.t OlBee. Hoard wanted nv a (ientlevam and wirE. with lufnitltblM, (hoard f.?r tin* I n?l y ??nl % ) in tho vl? ! eiuity of tl?* Third nn I Fourth ivviu^, fat i?V?? ait*l j Tnroti -fifth -tr**rt?. TVrin? not to fu*r w? >-k. Ad dr? t? line t. j. || I'tiun *|uar- Pout mm Bonrd? \n Ai.iir.K. \m r. home. \\ mi n r\?\\ r r-M inf, itrttlj fttrni?l?e?l. m?y Ih* obtained by ngcitlMlin j awl wlfa, or two of three *in*l?* tantieme*. In a -?fn*U prl tllc Ntiily. II"H?<- V4i<itil?? Until, l**. Vlilrvi'i i t?J "II. I.. D ' II* r?M ??Wit ? * ill li?* r m J t ??. H0AWT? IN IIROOKI.VV.-Vr.RV ri.E\SNNT ROOM f"T tbt far f^n tic men nnd their f?tnl II'*, or f"f ?injrlc flrontlvtncfi* run !??? hn<l -it V??. I Fulton ? ventre. $i*t> $ p:i?# th? ?loof every f?w utiu uvi f??r fiiUoi ftrry. Hoard at rurTox. utatrv axim* fwmil* )?avin;i roon?? t*? Pp\tr, W?nl?l M ' f1rft?f<l to ftc< (.mmodiitc four rmtlem?'it in * ?l* I i<l?tfull v fiitr.Htr f<.t* rrmmniMlin; a tin# lit* of tt?? llnr, ftn'l J ftbotit Hr * irint'f ; ? wnlkh*lfnv Vftn?lrfhilt*? Un?linjf: ?tftMk*< ? nrl Hnth hoti<? on the j?r<' ????<*?. tm t fmrtlenl ftr?, nffljr to JO.-rrn At# All:, zt} N. v. lUi r??'0? ei lift ii ore d. ' orooki.vx? noARn?TiiRK.r or roi r ainoi.r JLP ?'? ntlrmpn rn? hi* ar rotom'*<l?t<?.| with |?l?-?i??nt r?? ????. I<n*nf.fn*t ??n>l tnft, ft|??, <linn r?-n ,Mun*l.ny ?? In Cntirt rtwll the i-IimIi r ??f r?>MMid ^ftn l#e Im-I: itit?i pn*i> il?mf cftrjf fr?iniit.?/?. nn til 12 o'clorH At ftiiht, Allr ** A. J.. ftt | thl? ofh* t. with n urn-' ami r?* i(lfne?, will be Atlrn4ed t?. Vol U.?\l\?; ti\ Till I'l RKT or MW-Vr.RV il? . tabh- ftnd r?*nveni? at ^nit^i of r??omi? ftn?l i??n?M r'*"mp, nith private t*t |??. If *ir<*4; may h* ftt 12> J* t Mm ?'# |?l?< . . Li/htb ?trcetf ou? uf (In |?knnilflt lorfttlwfttfli thi flty, Koom w %xTrD.? a fm w %vn i.adv ivi^ii m room, wltli hotri f??r *he l?ly o?lf# fat A* tl n. h**trfen I fMnUllii ?n<l (tprini i?tr- wrh? re tHp ,lf# fe*? of mi otl?*-t t ftr I' r?, aifl? a w hlow l*4f rr-**!. II fir^l r ill he |*;'M ifi ft'l^Hnve If r< -ii?irt'U; vtt n?* I'.'ft^fiW jrf> ?*n. VHrt<#i f. IV. IVnafd inline. WAVTRD? nfURO FOR A F A Ml f,V, COXfUtTlTW of four |?#r-??n!?, f?r wh?>m tn? fnll wHI mv ?\ Th#) ?ill piftikk* their own fnralttir -. M in fi n f 1 ^inhT" i?nU III# c Ki r ?tr?*?*t?. within ??na fefark tff ! Hf ftilv ay. AtldrrM l"rat?l>lln, at the Hirtlt Ofl ^ lttitln? J trrip*. W IIVTKIMOAlin FOR a ORVTIKMW A \l> IIH Tf ?ith?,r ift lln?l???n at foot. In th# *U*inltjr of M. J >hn*a Turk, of In th.* ' k?oit> of H arr^n ?tr?et f.?r t'ho U?ly full ftoar'l. for tho renttrinau m<nli ??nljr on *?in<fajr A.f vitht'finf*. wMHh mnat b# m??4?y?t? H II T If rftlti ' (pfll- f, ?l jef'Ttncef fitei and rc'f ij?d. t PUBLICATION*. The orkat a mkricav mechanics* mag azin*. Now Mw. l.?, 3. 4. with uuiu roui iilnatratious. Apyleton't Hecnanle's Ma^nsiue, audKu*mvir * j'%uru*l. V4 t oral and Eii?riiuriital Philosophy. the Art* au4 | A#U4 by Julius W . \dauis, Civil Eutfineer. Term #-?Thfoe 4<41+f* a year. ??r 2ft cents the single nuuih'r. Htibecrip-'o#1* 1 received l v all hook* llers, periodical a^at*, p?st master*. 1 P \.l^iS4 lil- rd dNeount w ill l?e illnwH. Opinion* of th j 1 pre##-'-*" flu 1 contents *f t*ie number* already issued ofthU j valu*hj* ^vf/o4i?'ii| are uuusutlly vari.-t and iutere-tim. 1 The worker in nicta!*, the bridge builder, the earpenUr, tu? machinist. the etiemist, the railr md man. and the tyro in the ?Hi*. hav* all and oach an iltuttM share. ? ? * Tno ' Ma^axine ail) U- found to be of rinsnent value to all in. 1 terestcd in the mechanic aria, and the develope incut of ? (MHen#r "? -Mewark Daily Adv. " To scientific a a 1 practical : men this lua/aiioe mast become a ucee*dty.##? Portland Adv. M Tile desun is to spread before the frten^ of ?*i<*ne*. 1 and the HH'chanb'*, engineers and ArtiittDd of the L'uitcd

Staler, nil the tr*** ? 1 ?? of lli ehaut . 1 ?? 1 em e 1 1. ? ? in b3 totiad in this or any f< r?i/n country. The numbers publish d fully cfiue up to all lUat ja rrvBii4Wi?" ?? It cannot fail , of in*etii?;r a warm reception from mechanics flenenllir."? Tofonto uloi'p. ?? \ marine a ttv active to all classes vf vrttflauaR r<?Ad*f Truth Teller. "It contain* * veit 1 aniotiut of intelligence of a theoretical and practical charac ter, *hich must posse* no ordinary value for the mechanic, | 1 the engineer, and ev?ry iotelli^ent scientific man. ? Eve. | 1 post. " Th- numl?? r is crowded with valuable articles rclat inic to science and the arts."? New Bedford Mer-ury. 4 PPLETo.VS DICTION AK V OF MECHANICS. NO. 27. I 2m Published this day, Appleton's l>ieti<?uary of Meuhan* I ies, Machines aud Engineering, designed for practical work ing men, and those intended for t'ae engineering profession. Heads of subjects and illustrations embraced in this number. ! Mario** ?t**nm crfgine. including the whole of the details of the PaeifW. loouii vsrtKft toeawug imu liiuos, Blague t,|ina<uetisin, ma uo meter, marble sawing, machinery. To be completed in forty nnwbers, formiug twu large octavo volumes, with | about C,(IUU illustrations. THE ONLY WEEKLY MASONIC NEWSPAPER IV | the United States. ? The American Keystone. No. .'I. is , now ready. It is a capital number, containing The Grand Master ?r Rhode*, by U. I*. It. Jauiefl. What i? Free m a "?? a- I tv t Kcd Cross Knt rhts; Memoir of llenjumiu Franklin, Matter of the first Masouie Lod^e in Pennsylvania ; Adop- { tive Masonry or Free Masonry for Females; Proclamation of the General Cirand F.n ?ainpm. ut ; Masonic intelligence i from Maryland. Virginia, Vermont, tec., aud thG usual vari ety of Editorial an%i general new* from all parts of the world. TVmis, t wo tlollars a year, in advan-v. Single co- | pies, sit cents. For sale at lierford's. No. '1 Astor II ?us?, j and at the otWce of publication, N'o. 142 Nassau street, third I flour. Pcrio dical dealers supplied 011 the usual terms. "IITILI.MKK te ROGERS* EUROPEAN TIMES OFFICE, I TT 42 Nassau "treet, c??ruer Liberty street, New Y^rk, importers of Foreign Newspapers, Periodicals, an i llo.?k?. Ordrrs received for any newspaper or periodical published 111 | Great Uritaiu, Ireland, or the continent of Europe. News- ' rooms, libraries, aud public institutions supplied on the most | ad vii nt aire out terms. Single copics ol auy European bjok I or periodical can be ordered. 1A lift!) PRINT? AND VOLUMES OF LOOKS. | AV/jV/t/vF just received aud !'??r salelat the Old Curiosity | Siiop; t Ik* ttnest collection of classical books in the country; j a number of Hue French books; the best and cheapest f ?llcc- j tlon of Cheap Publications in the city. Old and new b?? ?ks bought and id, All personn are r? 'iue<tfd to call and ex- | amine the ?t? k. JOHN P. N EAGLE, 102 Nassau street. REWARDS. C?>nn 1 * A K D.? YESTERDAY, WUIl.ST TBI family of Jlr. John It. iluslur were out on kusi uen, the kouse. corner of Foray th and Dulaucy street, was entered, and the loll. ? in/ amount tlulcu therefrom: ? Ti n 31 dollar gold |)[tirv?, three J'1 dollar gold pieces, one 2 ' a dol lar |rol<t plfi-f, one 1 dollar gold pieee, saveuty-tlvu dollar* in 6 nnd 10 dollar icold pieces and silver* and fifteen dollars in Mils; one gold watch, full jewelled, eiuiin uad key, and onu (sold pencil; one pair of infant's gold bracelets, with a rod stone set lu: and throe silver spoons, marked " Orrelli" tw.> gold rings) aud eveu stopped to take tiva dollars in pennies, lit roils. and most likely other article*. The above reward will be paid for the recovery of the property, an I thief or thicvcr, or for the property alone. JOHN II. UL'SIIEIt. FINANCIAL. RATIONAL BANK OF IREI.A ND.? DRA FTS FOR lw large or small amounts, on said hank and its branches In Ireland, and agents in England, Scotland, and Wales, for Mil by C. E. IIABICHT. \H H all street. Bole authorized agent of National Uank of Ireland for the Uuitsd States. PARIS BANKERS.? THE SUBSCRIBERS, AGENTS FOR the banking house of Messrs. Allies & Grand, 14 Rue d? Travise, Psris, will open eredits upon them for partial im porting goods from France, Germany, and Switicrland. Also, lor travellers going to the Continent and to England. For terms, apply to C. E. IIABICHT fc Co., 94 Wall st. Addreases of Manufacturers throughout Switzerland, Frame aud Germany can be furnished. $ RA /1AA TO LOAN, FOR A TERM OF YEARS. jpUvjVVV.'D unincumbered, productive city property. Also, several first class houses to let, aud any number of dwellings, farms, aud country seats, for aale. inquire at the Real Estate and General Agency of Roderick Lawrence, 38 Wall street (basement.) fit .'lAAA WANTED, AND AN ENTERPRISINO M \\ ffl UvVw to engage iu a manufacturing business already sitahliahed. The business is exclusive; the delimi t unimitvd and sales for cash only. From Mtu to ten thousand dollars ran be realised yearly. For particulars address 3. S., this oflu e, stating tiinc and place for an interview. CALIFORNIA. T JEFFERSON BOCGS. RICHARD A. MAL'PIN ? a Hoggs k Maupin, Attorneys st Law, San I'rssruto, California. Refer to llewett I.ecs 4: t'o., Winslow, l.uiii- r A: Co.. Eli Mviratt. Jr., fc Co., Joseph T. Sanger. New Vork; Bullitt k I'.irinnrtic. M, I*. Hallow. ll fc Co. Philadelphia ; Dntall. Xeigblrr M IK'ttCy, Tum'mtf, flail V wai.. more. R. A. MaiiLiinj Jit tliv living Uons?, will remain tbrce or four days prtTWUS t" Ins return to California. Any busi ness eiitrueivu to liiiu will meet with prompt attention. |? IRCHHOFF DE SOLA It CO., COMMISSION MER AJL chanta, Ban Fraaafcco,Cailforuia. References -Messrs. Oruter Ik Co- St. Thomas, W. I.; Roller, Sand It Kiera, New York: F. W. Brune It Sons, Baltimore; dossier k Co., Bos ton; Fruhling It Groachen. London; John A. Droam * Co., Bremen; Ortiaon fc Co., Bremen ; John Mason * Co., FUil Millphiia EXPRESS AOKNCIKS, die. Panama?land carriage between Panama, Gnrgona, or Crueas. The undersigned have organised aline of mules on the road between Panama and Cruees, or Corgona, for the carriage of psssengera, hagi?s ire and merehan dise. They have been at considerable eipnN to establish this line on sack a foM inn ss to insure Hie m< -t speedy tran sit possible, in all seasons. During the drv season, the mules will travel over the Uorgona road, and during the rainy months on the ( ruses road. To facilitate the passage on the latter route, tbry have established a depot about halt way between Panama and Cruees, where, IM necessary, the mules will be changed, to avoid all inconvenience from tired beasts. Every attention has been paid to furuish this lias I with good English saddles, bridles, sud everything necessary to conduce to the comfort of passengers. The ehsrges by this line will be as low as those of sny other line .* responsible mvleowner. One of th* great causes of delay and aanoy ?nee to passengers, as also to merchants who receive goods by the Panama route, is the unwieldy packages that are often sent ever, totally uucalculatcd for passing through the aar row paases of the road, eacept at an enormous ctp-use to have the in carried by Indians; therefore. R. A. Joy aad Co., beg to inform those interested, that packa/es should not Welch more than IU) lba. gross, or measure more thsn foar Cubic feet, also, that all packages should be well protected from the wet by tarpanlius. For farther particulars, apply to the numrany's agents at Craecsor tiorgona. at the pnnci rkl office of the company in Panama, or to T. R. Cowan, K??j , rent R. M. S. Company, at Chagrcs. _ Panama. March 1. Ittl. R. A. JOY It CO. N.B.? R. A. Joy and Co., will wot hold themselves respon sible far the lues of any specie, precious metal*. Jewelry, or ether valuablea, unleea declared at the time ol delivery to their agents, and paid for accordingly. References.? V 'ssrs. Smith fc Lewis, Campbell, Jones * Co., Panama: James G. King lb Sons, Lawrence, Murray * Ingnte, Everett It Brown, New York; Campbell, Arnott It Co.. liurie It Tomlinsoa, i Bsnta Maria I'rilie k Co. Liverpool; Pow les, llratbsri It Co., Morlet Ik St. Come, Montoya, Saens It Co., London: Edward Uardere k Cbambon. Paris; G. Bergl It Co., Charles Latham k Co., Havre. CH A LI FOR N I A.? TRANSPORTATION \< ROSS TV E Isthmus of Panama.? Kachrisson. Nelson It Co.. of Pa nama. from their long experience on the Isthmus, being es tablished there since lSs#, ara well prepared to transport freizht across the I sthmua, or take it thrmi/h to Saa Francis en, at shippers' option: hut each package um-t be of portable sue ami weight, and properly as V Ik Co. are not responsible for damage or aeci lcnt in the transit. The charges of traasportation to be pre paid in New York. Agents in Cbarres? Zu. I.riason. Nelson k llvams. Ag.-nt ia ( ro ? ? and Our, na ? loha Fam k I ?r turther psrti, ulars, ? rr'J to t. ZACHRUSON ti CO.. "7 H all street. INPr PF.N PF.NT LINE. ? THROl'tlH Tl< KFT" Mt 1 this line for sale st tbis nitre only. Th< ?<?? ant Splendia ?tcamship NORTH AM ERICA.wtll leave pi.-r 4, North river, oa 1 riday, lltb April, aad will laad her p*". n;er* at Cha gres ia time to to taks oh* of the aew sl. am. rs of the lade pendent Line at Panama on lat May, cheaper and quicker tban snjr other line. For freixht or p? -?*<?, apply to BERFORD *t CO., I Yesey, A?t or II N. Y. N. B.? Indies, unaccompanied hy gentlemen, will be re ceived at Charres, by Mr. Berforw, ef ?wr express, and es corted by l.iin over the Isthmus ti Panama and placed onboard the steamers for Saa Franc iseo. Froights to San Francisco, 45 cents p.-r lb. Opposition to monopoly? for chuirea and California? Passage to Cha;rr<s. it through tiek San Fraifeisco, caa 1# procured at this o(h,*e, f,.r five dollars leas thau by any other line. IliKI'UKI) k Co., 2 Aster Honee, Ve.ey street, N. Y. LIUlOltS. BRANDIES' BRANDIES!! BRANDIES MI-TUB OLD est and best brandies, wines, !i'|?ors, Itr.. imported es pressly for the proprietor, sre to be fvun 1 at the a> w aad axtensive braady store. !;*? llroome street, one bloeh east ef Broadway. Particular attention is paid t* tho bottling de partment, wli|< h consists of the cMwl gra<'?? oC Ma ieiraa. Sherry a, aad Ports, su.l are peculiarly adapted fvr aiedi< at purposes, being genuine, and so warr int. d by the pr f U?. AMHROSE DALLIII'lKI. GCINNESS'S Dl'BLIN XT*. BROWN STOI T Rt commended for the debilitated and eickly. by tl.e moat sminent physicians, In this eouatrv and Enrop*. for ita ?transtheiiing and invigorating '|ualities. Also, Barclay M Fsrklas's l.ond'Mi 1',., s, r; ?l| the favorite brands in Seoteh Ales; and Bass It Ca.'s East Ik lia Ti'iiie Pale Me; for aala In any ^nsatity, from one dosea b. ttlea to l??l casks, of sight dosen each, by the importer. GBO. P. LETIIBRI OGl, M and B8 Fulton street. 1/lsOTHINO. SPRING CLOTHING? OCR SELECT ANDEXTEXSITI stock of Clothing for the aeaaoa Is now ready, com prising all the latest styles of garments ef the day, aad everything that is new aad chaste in goods to Na found ia tliia or European markets. D. ft J. I)E V I.I 3] and .19 John street, corner of Nassau st. J Fl. ANDERS, ail BRQVPWW. Nf.H VORK, DEAL e er In Young tients', lloys", aud Chlldrea's t lothlnr? Sells by the single suit or package. ? This eglahlishmeal Is constantly ia receipt of all that is acw. (In the lias.) and is acknowledged ts> be tha leadiag heasa of fashion ia this con a try. AST OFF CLOTHING AND FI'RNITVRR WtNTED. S ? Ladles ?r (entletaen leaving the eity. or l*eskln^ up holts' keeping, tan obtain the hl^lia.* .-ash price f r Cl .tl. ng, Furniture, fte., by aeadieig through lite I'ost, or at his resi dence. I, ?f DCSSSI.fHlRI', U Rim street. N. B. ? Ladies attended bjr Mrs. Dwsseldorp. r\ST orr ( lOTIIINd ANI> FI R\ITI KK WWTK.n ?The highest price can he ohtaiaed tiv ladles and gen tlt m^n W Im have any left If Clotbin - CMrnitir snl.l.wel ry. Itc.. to disp 'se of, p? sendsnt. tlirough p ist or otherwise, for J I .KV'KNSTVN, 4IS. Ilr.adway. upstairs. Ladles attended to by Mrs. I,e*enstyw. LAl>ir? AND CFNTI.EMEV ?RF IIFRF.RV RESPECT fnlly informed that they can obtain the full val'teia cash tor all d , ' . , riptions of se' o|,4 band or ist eg t'lotbiHg. aad se, r <a <i ban .1 ?rti? Ic. in r* ner il. I> v o \ - n ? - m.-i r s . I . I r> tbrotssh post ..r oti.rwi-e. ,.r.slliuit ?? I i*M UOMONEV, at hie store, ii Ore use street, near Chatham street. J A DIE* OR GENTLEMEN DESIRttPS OF con T ERT d lag iat<i cash their superfluous aff' eta, such as eaat-of Sh'thi Tae tames. Firesrms, Fnrnlture, Wat. hes, and ewelry, obtain from the subscriber grty per coat more thsn her "Stlera r?ee|ved, hy sending throngfi the poet or stherw is?. iSA-H G LVOV, >?. IWnll rtptt. ! ^ IAUM BY AVCTIOV. ^ Rr KKUI". Al l ! !<) X ECU.- I l.H. \ NT B06BWOOD ? and t Furniture, of th<* b#?t qnuht v. tti |.e <N(|?1 itt ttiiiUoH, uith?'4U rr?*rv?, thi* J*v, ?( 1^}^ o'rliM k. ?t lir??*4way, u? tlir ?torv i? t?? Ik- rebuilt. K.C. KKMI' will klwv?, a l**utiful a*<*orti?eitt of ?U|*rior firxt ?Ihm> fuwiAtorq, all ??f wfeM* iutl koQ i u;nJk* by out vf our olu and *vll kuo*u uuhiuvt rnnkv ra. pah ion n'RKiTi ar. LJ. ?ian( l> tmr\ * d r??*?w ??o<i |?srl jr furniture on suite, cover ed in J" rent 1* liruatnllc, iimroou, |.lu*U, etc., ??t tUo ...p. r'?iert mid rtyh'i-; luduV rioMtwuud e&biuct*: ittK? r%V V*lth inirror frout?: inu*i<' eiurv#?f r <>*??? . .,1 etutr* UMi.'* Umck au?l >ro Id m warble t??| * : tVTfd u.*Jio:imv #ofa*j eu#y uad ?|.rii>4 ~?l I'MrUir i- ??'*?{ 4l?|'t*|-4u??kU J*?fl i#l*td i-uutrv uud w vrk taUwi, ?ti . cmamii?b rvii:;iTril^r _ . . . . Ru?*Wf>f>d. m<ihn?Mhy, Ma?k walnut anden *???''? ? 'tr fiuuiturr, in ?< t-; injrliU (<>p Imruau*] and HurdrvUex. louucr. . cutt??i- ciiuir., etc. ic?'??i am' Li ii u Ait v i trltsiYi'fte. F.xtt n?ii>n and otlwr ?tiiiiu" tuMi-p. mahogany cIkiIm. lichriiii. li' ri ry bo<ikiii?c?. luuut'Cii. Volt&irt nod easy chairs, ?of ui.U turd lnl Kn: ?Uo, I . ill furultur*. Tii : ? l>r?>rw.:d lr"U Ii?t ?tnndi'. I.-.11 tli.'lr. . taMct. etc.; *!???, tft -a tvtv*. divani*, tirm :ind ruekin-r rlmir.', curved mahogany M-riugtcat clikira. vutivun fitltifua, ottoiuaiia, cutMbcx, i I .v tnji cciitru. nide, |>i?r? luu<> uud ulltuj tallica, ivwiurf ilinir.-. vuttugu lidtUuilr. etc., ctc. t!i? mutiiinT nf Mil', (ivodv I'uriliUMil to pi out of the city run Ve pMkedfir tl.i|.| inp ;.t i ria?i n*M<' cbar*i . <>r tin y can rvui?iu iu tuo , etur? until the 1 1 r -- 1 of May, free "f cUuiVc. Henry h. leeds. ai i tioneer.? handsome Household Furniture, Paintings, ke. ? Henry II. Lsed* k Co, will sell ut auetiou this iiu) . at IIM^ o'clock, ftt their inlii room, No. > \\ .til itrcct, tkOUm-iiotJ furniture, belon^in^ to a gentleman declining housekeeping ami removed for con venience of sale:? Consisting of rosewood and uiahy. carved i sofas, tete-a-tetes, chairs. kc., Oovt rid in plush, hrocatcllc, and haircloth; carets. curtain-*, bedroom furniture, pianos, kc.: ketide* a large aesorttnent of china, irlass. ami kitchen furniture. Al>"?, at 1? o'clock, precisely, the celebrated n*?r trait ??f General Andrew Jackson. by Jarvisthe eider, paiut e vi in 1>I'; lu ii'Uea pes, kc. Hi:nbv h. i.eei>s, aittioveer. ? superior Household Furniture, private stock of costly Wine*, Kt . Ikiiry II. k i'o., will sell at Auction, on Wed ncsda\ . 1*tn April, at 10 o'clock, at No. 1*1 Clinton place, e??r urr of MavdvuKil street. (touted Household Furniture, c ?a tained in the above residence, consisting of : Wilton carpets, | kc., caned rose wood and mahogany parlor furniture, co ver* d with brocntelle. plush. 4;*'., ceutrc and pier tables 1 with lourfcle top*, inarhfe ton dressing bureaus, elegant I M 1 rooni furniture, ruaewoud piano for tea. guitar s, tec. diately after which will bo sold, about ilUU dot. of first quali ty Wines, all imported by K. Hs^e, Es?j., expressly for Ian ov. u use. WM CORMK K. AUCTIONEER? SALE OF CLOTH ? itiic. ? W. M (Yrtnlck k Co. will (tell this day, at ten o'clock, by order of executors. a large assortment of clothiur, I c?>i*toi*t injr ?>f Coat*. Vest* and Pauts. Cloaks, fee. Als ?, on account of Mr. l'rycc. two boxes of Clothing, a \aluable Drvsting-cate, aud a largo Musical Dox. Sold to pay ad- ! \antefi. kc. JW. BROWN, AUCTIONEER.? GESTEEL HOUSE* ? I t- Id I umitrre. ? Weducsdav. April 0th, at ten o'clock, i ut N'o. 1^7 Bowery, J. W. Brown will sell at auction a* above, ? the Furniture of a family leaving the city, consisting of an : assortment of handsome parlor aud chamber furniture en Mtitc, 1'ier Glasses. Paint tugs, .Carpets, Oil Cloth, China, Glassware, Kitchen Utcn#il*. XMT VJ.TER OK EE VOCCI!. AUCTIONEER.? fURN'N | vv ture.? Walter (Ireenougn & t'.?., will fell sell, tliii I day. Tuesday, at 10 o'clock, at . 34 Hnfcger* street, corner ' ot Madison street, by order of the administrator, the Furni ture of the Louse, neai*l> new; oue Rosewood Piano and Stool. fTMIEODORE M ALLAH V. AUCTIONEER.? HANDSOME JL Furniture, Pier Gin. -es, Pianoforte, kc. ? John E. Van j Antwerp will sell this day, at ten o'clock, at N'o. 170 Ifenry street, tne entire Furniture of the above house, comprising a i general assortment, together with the Kitchen Furniture, with which the sale will commence. If. LUDLOW. AUCTIONEER.? VALUABLE l'RO |?erty on t ilth avenue, Fifty-Second. Fifty-third, and j 11 Vill streets.? E. IX. Ludlow will sell bv auction on Tues day, April Hth, at 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange: ? Fifth avenue, 3 lots on the north-enst corner of Fifth av. and Twcnty-tir-t street; Fifty-second street, I lots on the north side of Fiftv-secnd street, between Fourth and Fifth av?.? I 25x 100 .r?: Fifty-third street. 3 lots ou the soutli side of | Fifty-third street, between Fourth and Fifth avs., 25xl0U '?; ; KXKn street, 4 l?'ts ou the north side of 100th street, between Ninth and Tenth avenues. ii'xlOO 11. Maps can be obtained at the ofRce of the Auctioneer, No. 1 New street. Auction notice.? household furniture, at i 2*Kf Eart Broadway, Tuesday, StU April, at ten o clock, ? the entire furniture of a three-.<tory bouse, vii; in ihoruny \ spring-sent sofas, ditto parlor ehairswith^tufted backs. Brus- j sels carpets, luce window curtains, center tables, two sets elegant cut-.^lass caudelalras, with rich cut pendants, di vur.s. ottomuns. hat-raik. mahogany end-tables, ditto side- j board, cane-chairs, in ,rsin carpets, stair ditto, French aud high-post carved bedstead*, marble-top dressing bureaus, i lie., kc. Also, one of Chkkering'a superior riauofortcs, in first rate ordtr. Catalogues on morning of sale. IV. A. t ARTER. auetioiicer, 7 New street. Auction notice.? thus, bell, auctioneer- j ll\ N. N. Du^h.? Large sale, this day. half-past ten i o'clock', iu the Atution robins, No. 10 North William street, I a larpc l<?t of valuable Drjr (iaoJi, the balance stock of a j famy millinery aud gentlemen's furnishing stor?*, Clothin*. i Jewelry, Curiosities, liuns, Furniture, kc. Wednesday and ! Thur-day, at (??'> Vesev street, the Stock of u Finding and ! la atbir store? by order of assignee. Friday, geuteel l ur- t niture, at corner of Thirty -sveoud street and Fourth avenue, i TlfOS. ISELL, Auctioneer. ; TO AUCTIONEERS AND FURNITURE STORK*.? A man thirty year- of age. practically acquainted with the manufacture of furniture, tnd who has been auctioneer in l*Ias?ow, Scotland, (of which city be is a native,) fur several years, wishes a situation a? saK>maii. or can makehiiu-elf J generally useful. Letter* addressed to It. It., No. 3 Sullivan JtWft, Vii. Uad ,Uu>'ii4Vh< j ?i|wriMNli IfcUeit/i M1SCKL.L, AN KOl'M. Artificial eyes.-dr. j. okay, no. 157 grand etreet, New York, the only maker of human Artificial E> win Um United lUtfl. No cliar'e for iu?- rtiuK- N. B. ? Ocullat* euj.pHed with Artificial Eyct,iu lugtvriiaaU i|unn titirk, kt ? low price, for eteh. Military eqiipments.-the sibsciurfr is do* prei ?ri-l tv manufacture every deiuriptioii ?.f Military CtM, llelte. Knuptarkt. Holitcri, kt.. Ice.; ale? Gkine kid Snot Ilnie. C.un < aaci, I'i" t ? 1 Uelti; together with every artiil* cenuectod with the buainei*. JOHN A. BAUER. HlFulton Itrcet. LOOKING GLASSES? LOOKING GLASSES? SI'ERRV l! r- Im v.- made fitrt lit- r MMW in tlirir lint "t price*, eince let of April. and are nuw arlling cheap- r than j ever. The Slurry* are rcuuinc manufacturer*, nnd aril at ? manufacture ri.' price*. lurnlehinr un<i I'latin/ depot, No. j IVarl at ret t. between Uiekiunn mil I't'rrjr rtrreti. nll.l.IARD TABLES.? WE OFFER AT OCR FACTORY. No. !?> Ann etreet, corner of Gold etreet, Tnblcj made of ' tl.e beet material*. and (<'<'<1 w orktnan 'iiip. with the Pat. at CmMm, (aperier to all .there now in uae. N. B.? Twu aecond-Uaud Tablea, in g""d order, for lain. GUI H I I I! k DECKER. SO Ann ftreet. GOLD LEAF AND DENTISTS- GOLD FOIL OF SPPE rier quality, eonntantly on hand, (warranted fnll aiie, J?, inchre), at ti.e manufactory. IU Franklin itreet. D-n tiati FoU *35 per oi. J. L. WAUGU. ClOLD LEAF, 11KST Ql'ALITY, LOWEST RATE^ F whi.leiuil* and retail, at the lukuuf.try It flrrkmta atrert, New York. WR. UADDON. Tiif. stock of tiie nautical warehocse. iso H ater etreet. now being notd to close the otate of the late proprietor, include* a rrcat variety of telMoop^*. Ihrnuiivi tern. tap* mra-urev draw ing instruments. ke., all of which will he void at a greet reduction fr<>B cuat. P"r >ini ill -.rou? i f obtaining any article of tUi* duacription will do well to t all. BOLT'S riSTOI.S, Al.I.EN S, STOCKING S. ANI> B\ k Co k fcvelrer*! al io double nud eingl* barn I II s c ran', platol* of all kino*. Iw? ie knlvet, po? der tU?ha, drum t.ot r li x. ram* lun-a perrneeion enpa, hardware, cutlery, lie., at thr low tat market prior, for anl* hy A. W. SPIES It CO., 01 Maiden lane. C* II AN DOR'S GOLD AN LI SILVER PI.ATI NO,? EVERY / de*cri|tiun of ware, and all kind* of mctul, ailrer plated in a an parlor manner and warranted durable. Wtlckei, jewetfy, kc . gold plated to < rder. Old ware. *p?on*. fnrke, k' .. rt i.latiil i '|ual to new. at ahont one fourth riiiaal ewtt and i?t tew hour* notice. tifflir. No. II Wall ?t., N.:w Vork. OPSEKEEPERS ARE INYITED TO EXAMINE A aaaortment ?( CvrutUtti eakbvl:;1! ?*?!?' Ump?, riantrl cMidelahrna. irirand.drt. ^ue><n'? patt>'rt tcA Urj *> iftry handlnl table rntU ry, allter plated on t.i rman >il> i r trna.t- f.n t.. tnl.l. ? f..rk?, ?7: ?! n?. ?1do?., nill l.rar etv.raMHK. AM1I.K M<*KGAN. I -VI W illUui atrevt between I'nltou and Ann. oppoeiti -ftlte Chnreh. 1WH TAKSV mnt. STORED, cleaved, re purvd. kr.. at thi- ?>||||, trail St"vr Store. 2HI H 4ti'f<l. Al ?, a new mi < ri?r article ef Suuinter C?k>o km/ Kan?i ?. for ?|?. J. I). \\UKtHS. STATEN ISLAND FANCY DYING ESTARLISHEENT. (XI ee No. 3 John atreet, New York.? The proprietor! ol tliia eetabliahnirnt, whoae dying and Bniahing have been ee lona and favorably known to the community, are ready to receive ordere for dying and clennlnc eilk, woollen, cotton, linen, tnd Innry gooda. ?f every deierlfUon, Wi th? be?t man Bar. BARKETT. NEPHEWS k CO. \V?"> WOI I D HF. WITIIOTT ROOEE'9 LHJP I D TV tilur? ? Itie a fart thnt tlil? tilne ie the ?tron*??l ??! twelve eoWIHinnd known to the world ; i< mm It cheap, r than common t;lnt; le |'i ilbt tl/ watcrpr-oifj rci|niroe no | repnrn tlm: ie alwny ready f?r i will unite anything (I roken or nc* ). no Miter whnt may l>e ite itMiaai. Hire at re tnil 2-'' i rnte |<r bottle. !<ol,l, ?h >leeale and retail, at the de pet, in,', Broadway, near Walker etreet. SK( nET OF BEAI TY.-llOW TO BE II v NOMINE. I i an iantrnet any |x re?n how te >?? liandemne. I tca< h Ik w to nmki brown ekin fair and cl> ar. I t?ai h how to r< ni"? e tan. pimplee and fr> ? kli ?. I teaeli lii'W to eliangi' the aallou face Into oni* of beauty. I li-ncli how to make the wriukle?l ekin eoiouth. I tea< li how tn make brown teeth ae white a< pcarle. I ira< h how to make dieeawd itnm? hard and eonnd. I tra< h how to make off. n.iee brenth r~ rfn tly ewi rt. Itiaihhow to make linrd brown lianda eoft and white. I tia. h how t" tiiukc the hair now luxuriantly. I i en ha-ten the growth m w hl?ki re. m"n?t?rhioe, k?. I temrli how to he>e bri/ht and e|tarklin< rrea. I tench Imv to prr i-rve thr eyc-ainht t"r lile. I teach how t" reetnre iinpafrid rje-eiglit. I i?e h bow to i hnnge rrry hair to it* -riginal color. I tench how tl' I linage the Color of the hair n? deeired. I ti-a< h how nmki' the hair ?o?t, rich, and *l?*ay, I tone h knw to maki t he lip< mid rhrek* red. I i.ii rh how to r imm <ti|ierSn<iiie hair. I know tin y are all |wrf?i tly hiirmlree. I kn- w they an all nrj cheat and ph aannt. I know '<iO I** r?oa will like them "n trinl. I eivc die. i tV>n> to makr and nee theac compound*. I know they ar<' l-rttcr than any adi eVtleed aunpi. I n?k mily oim dollar for kll tin. informati"n. I rrcelve no li tter? unlr-- p"?t pnl.l. tddreae or M?nd to V LAvASSR, Frenrh t'hemia% I'll N?> aait fW*i t, Conter ef Ann, New V"rk. II* will ecndtbe work by mail. THE OLD. WRINKLED. AND HOURLY. ARRSINGC Inrly altered by tin ne,' of tlir trur Jon< e"? Itnlian Chi iu i i ill Soep; it eivca tiie h"melir*t. with yellow, dark, and ?!(? Hgnri ?! -Mb a i nmi'li-vion "f thr httlelv "f Vonth and infant I' < ellnoat In fm t, It haa bu n Brkaowlelegrd by a'l. to l.r t Ih- wotiderfnl ? tirntlvi of all ikin dlaea*ee mi I import toe. n inovlng nimalra, fn i kli ?, l lot<, ?iuib?irn, tan mlt rheititi. eewrvy, ery -ipt loa, kc. liny It >i|ilr It 1*1 Broad way the detoil of J "in ?'a Crr..l ll.iir Itratorative. and *j?an i"lil.#ll\ U liite. two Rue arti.l", bay them and you wit! I ? ill llclili d. A lloy wantrd, about ihicn )?*t' old, npply at tmllri.n.lway. IIKrHATIS*. COLOR, ERTMPKLAR, LIVER COM plaint*, ?Vreaeliitie, ealt rheum, tettir*. and all i>rup ttwna ef Hut Ala.?1 The eirntnal remedy r..r the ab..v* c"mt'lalnt?, and all other* iiMm IHsi adrrnngwd Mala of the m at, m. or Not oritire ef the bland, are CARROLL I Re dli klnl Vapor and ?<iil|?linr Bathe, 13 Barclay etreet. Ct Al TION TO Till PI RLIC. ? THE GRE \T Pill'l'l. t R- ' Ity of Lyon'* 'M.umtii Pewdar ht the dclfti tin* of flcUhun, C..ckro*i l i ? Mothe^ Ant*. Klra*. File*, k-' and In ~ *' eertnle , , tinHer ^ arii-na deb* ioinuti"*ia. for eale. 1'i-w of theee indl ridnnle dure tnei" lln lr impoelii 'e* nnt a* "wet fr m p"l R' td-bni.>. C'H-kroachee Motha, Anta, lira*, File*, k" In 1 1 1- i'U p'ont* and all tint Ineect*, baa promrt-d in parlim to |*i | re epurlma nrtlelee : and olh?r th. in, r vnrlntia dt i "Miioatione. for eale. Few of theee indl. . i.i>inla 'I . n t.. ei> ? tin lr im|Hialti..iie out n* " free fr. m p. e..n." wie eroprleteir w the urtpw artlrl* ha* tn thia city ..nli thr aaea rn?entt?ned agi nte, aad the principal depot le at IRneadta) wherr aleo nitiv hi- obtained Pill* f^r th? la. ? tatilea" o? deetrm ti. n . r Rate M*d Mlcc, Mi-l Oicir tit ary ^ar ir< n irkii *<y nam- roui |i i tl?a?R. W* IALB AMD TO 1M, '*"? '?<?<*? ?fP ?>? ?? JoiixWT&i ffi'ii',".'':i'>T JViR SALE*? THE LEASE, FURNITCRB VVD P I X turci of the Atlantic Hotel. UamUtoi !????? k2L Ti * buildings, Mbou1 ai* acre# of lutiii. with u variety of truit ant other tree*. titl premise*, or to J, TUICJC. 330 Front street. FOR SALE ? TlfE 8 TOOK, FIITI'RE?, H.'RM f and Leas* i* of the Hotel km uu a* tUc Broadway ftrt eornrr Broadway ftnd Thirty*thir<l street, the depot ? Jlroadway stagi s. Must be ?<?!?! this ?^k. At tl*c prs on ucr ia IB lJJ-htalth, hii'l luurt ftu iu vi*v country. A on the premises. ^ L^OR SALE? TU F.N TV SCPERIOR MOCK INC b* <F These liirus an- from two to threw years old. Thoj? cut and c row l?U< a rooster, imitate a turn, aud a UniJow)," and ping ni^bt aud day. Apply W \7i VVI^ vtfett, after thret o'rlock. IJOR SALE? TWO PA RLOR t/ARPETS, T U'LML v#ry lit tl?* used, unci \ * r tr , eoatn ning 1MB 7?^ 3 a r*i Inquire *?t ;.'?7 South street, in the sailuvft. Ij*ORSALE? A 111 It EE ftTOItY BASEMENT AN D UN dcr-cellar, trick fr? at dwelling house and lot. now tin idling- with all the modern impro\ rmcntn, at No. !7'i Twen ty -Math strict. between I Irst ud-1 Second avenues. Posses sion given |>artly on to** nr?t of May, to be finished coinnletn li)' the 30th. l'art ? f the purchase money can remain o?i oonit and iii?Tt ;at For for' her particulars, apply to DANlBIa H . STEWART, No. II Uroy street, or LKaM?F.K BUCE, Nv. 27 Fast Eleventh -.treet, corner Third avenue, botwetft 1J and 1, or atter 6 in the cveniar. FOR SALE? THE HOl>E AND LOT No. 1^4 ELEVENTH street, between avenne A. and li.; Lob l^xlOC; lions# 25*50. Rente! MOO. A is* th( Lot and Building! So til Thompson street; a considerable portion on mortgage. UUO, $(),l00 and IM60 wanted on productive < uy Real E (late* An annuity of $riOO per year v ill lie sold. well teeurod on un incumbered City rr??i?orty, \ ielding for a life 50 to CO year*. 12 to 14 percent. T. \V. SMITH & NOIif-E. Attorneys. IM>K S ALE, CHEAP? ^ SECOND If AND E \ G I V E OP fonr home power. wi* ? locomotive, boiler, heater .ud fix ture* complete ; or the Boiler, being a vorv superior one, will be i?"ld separate. Apply to 11. IK J. If FK. Ji' Ann street. "POR SALE? AN IRON SAFE, WITH INSIDE AR -T ruuK^turnt for books au>i paper*, lor ?aie cL^ap at So. $2 liroad fctrvet, up itciri. rr*0 ALl'M MAM'l VCTPRER3, ETC.? FOR SALE? X Speeiftc&tion of a patent lately granted in London England, for inipro\ementt? in the manufaeturo of xulphurio acid and alum, with a drawing ot the a* ?d ehamber. Ad dre-H, |K>Bt paid, Newcastle, llerald otKce. To GERMAN CABIM1 KAKXRS AN1 rOR] UBF? ers. ? For *ak\ the lot ?'f ground, with itiutrovi monte, No. 474 Fourth *tro?t. eon?i?tin< of a two story honse, u^e?l as a store, and doing u. gor.?t hunnete; in the renr is f* larjr? hrick workshop, \n ith alley nay seven i'eet Hide, and ?tahlin^ for six horses. Part of the purchase w?n<!) can re niain on bond and ini^tgige. Apply at 47*? Founb etreet, or to I KANKL1N No. 7.0 Na?*.m Ptreet. o iiatters.-tim: sto^k, nxrt res, wv aooo uill of the bat otafcli?hment. No. ID lion try arc ofTore?A for aale. There seldom offers so faro ra bio au opj>ortunitjf toren^nfinf in the bo-me** as tl.?s present". The concern ha< a ^ ide spread celebrity for oiakmj a ?up*rkr article of hat. and a v?ry extensive i un of < ivtom tr;??J?- v,b??.h, with proper attention, may he retained and mwca^cd. Tcrsad most literal. Apply at the store. TnE NEW VILLAGE OF RTRATTON Pt/RT.? THE N^iile have at la.-t it seems, aroused thK?rwsclvv*froia their lctharfr. and are looking in every dire. tioa*f*?? goo<! aites fcr building lots; they t eem detcrnnued to rem&tn no longer in the power ot UndL>rds, and are all anxious *.o havo a plut ? wbi?h lhe> ? an >all th* irowa. \\ v v ould r:vll th* attention of the publir m a particular manner to the villain ?-f Struttonnort. recently brought into the market by Mr, Flainiutr, 2J> Woneter street: nitbin a r tone's throw of Flushing, it overlooks both the city ol New V?*rk and tbn oeeau. The prices eha rgetl for lots are very trifling, and bw t payment ?fa mill tnm ?Uwn, nst ever twenty -6 vn dof? Jars, vou ran secure your bareuiu, and pay .'to biltanee *n monthly instalments, to suit j??ur ennxenien'v. T*icm ie fc good dock tuilr, uud the proprietors have now mnue arrange meiits to ha\e a ateainboat to |Jv between it and t'-.e city; ns.vt Hffk they pronose makiiig their flrrt trip; the firl tl?| intend to put at the l?.wr#t mark, probub'y at, sixpence* There is considerable talk of a railroad between V.'Uliama burgh and Flushing; and so have no hesitation .a *a>in?, that should snch a project be carried into effect the wluo ot the Utf would be instnnU> ?|uadruided. The ??tah* -hment* of a thriving \illace U now placeu beyoud tloubt: uo d paases without dispostug ol from taelvc to twenty ?. soon there \?ill be none loft. Tin beauty of the altua^mn ia such, that none jro to ?ee it w Ithnut beeomfng pore has* . I eiono or more lots. The around slopes gently toMards the bay, and seems as if nature had t tpre-#ly designed it to.* a run: vn '.it an'l beautiful tillage. The steamboat ail! hrin-c th: place within fortytlve minutca of the city: and indeed nc can ?* aroeljf name an ad%autaac which this beautiful snot woo* not pos sess. Br. Flammcr. ^ho j selling these lots, is to h- fonn4 every day, and at t\ erv hour, at his effire, ? V* 'on?tc r ttmel: and we can tay from our pcr**oua 1 kuo* !???(??* t'>nti will be found wfmt he npi^uirs t" be. a plaiu-s|*.k?.o. it forward man of l*u?iitri>t. one slio iu??tai?tly .u?pu:v- c dtnet in tU L o Lave ai y dtahofrs with hitu. Tiirf.e tu iv rows of one birth, i ive vsh old, *hich arc thorouch bred Durham, and ? annnBi paralleled in the e?y or Mate of New York. t*.? tw;t h tif| calves, and the other on the ver/e of ca^ ins. Anv /.ej| man wishing to ?ee them, can ealt at the L"v.?t Hull*' UkB Sixth ttreet. New York, t'au he seen f^j tBLft? 81 NaM .u street. WAV'TED? TQ ttl.1., V Mll.K ROINr*. IN ?ARf Brooklyn, with <fwot anil MUM, T? . ? 1 tfatom of Ut 'iiiarta daily. If the purehao*r * ei?h tieaaood Mllehl'ow t wlllaWo be aold. Applyt?-IOtlNUKE> UORY, corDct ?( D? tulkuuU ,<l?<ilx!B ?tr?et?, rr'?Mym. i * UME FtTRNISHED FRONT ROOM ON THE J\ aeroad floor, with b*dr"nat aJJoamr. tn I*! i?l'tr'.ho nrrt of May. to ?wo r.u*lc peatlowea. uu4 ! furni?hrd if required. The altaatioo io T*ry dc? r?IU, within afiwdoora of rludfen 'treel and St. John'a anusm Th#rO ! ire no boarder* l> Iti h?wf, Addn'i L. I , .V Mljht li. FPRNISBED ROOMS.? TO LET. FROM TUT. FIR* OF Mi)' or it. a awit of rooaia on the aeeoBd floor, and alt* . l-oma * ill bv let to riaffle Itentlemen, without board. Apply at No. 1 Slat* ft Ctrl, roim-r "I WbiUball itwrt. Pl'R V ISH ED APARTMENTS.? SEV ER \ I. ROOMS, neatly t?rni"lird, may be nlit>lM< by *t iiil< iuti m ? houae havuiflt batha. and [lei.rantly aituatvd in r>T. :h ?ru au*. akoee I nion I'ark. ??rh in *?y, raofonobk 'on?>. Addre?t II. I' , HwH OBfti. ?? ? ?'-haefftd. UOOMV IIOl Ni* TO RFNT, IN HK \ DE STRLLT. OF poaitc I"l? ? Oa* II*' it mi ?oataiaa 14 rooati and kaso ta' r.t cellar; rrat irix har.drad ilollaro. Tho neit llnuaa ka* l? rtiBf. n a douklo kunae; r>nt aeron hundred as. I Ktj uolinra. I'oaacaaioa aa y fcc ha4 oa Ui? tilt of May. Affl| at 15), Reada MfNi RimiMS VI'RNISHED OR IM I K\l>lll:n 10 IIT, ?a the eoruad flour. with or wvthont b'.ar .1 a parlor, two ' bedroom? and bath room* altaihed. l<Acali?a nr| n jp*i-"t? i bl* aa4 pleaiant, a f?w doora frmn tht Fourth at?mo Nil 1 roa4, and liar of ata?ea. For particular*. apply at Mi tut Tweat) eijhtli UrM'. SEVER * I. B ANDSoME l*N FCRN ISHER ROOMS TO lot. withaut koard. in a Frvock family. Tt? h..?*o ?? a | avw i'it. CvBtaiam* nil tlie lat? improvement*. wnria an<l Oi>ld balba A ? Snule feutlemen pref?rr> u. l.< aii"B ' in tha Viflkity of F.iaMh atn rt mi l Sixth >num. oa a il tf.O rout*. A44r?ii A. U. 11., lleraliTAfltce. TO I ET-A IWl'SE. GARDEN, AND PASTTBS. AT Nnrthfleld, States lalitnd, plenaoutly lack toil, four milo* fr?a Port Rlrkmood, The houav roataiut flight neo.a, a* 4 it 9 fc?t fr?at hy .t fort d*^p. with kitchen aajwii'inft. "?tkdo# and atrauil.oat to K?w fork tliroo tiaei a day. A|'( >1 to J. T. Milla. 13S Cherry atreet. TOI.ET-TIIE noi'^E AND ?T1RE. JTO. V^firtTlIA* atrtot. Eaquixo uf A. D. R E. U|>a, M?. S3 il l ka?W Ex< ? ipO I XT. IN BROAD W W. No. ?R1. A ^TOItK ?1T?* | JL fckStixvi? aeatl.i fl"i'd up fur a f bIIobiom ? i>.n. ,<h ?t? r^? tad k?#'*'l IbmiIw ?? tk? pr*?? from ?lov?a la t??b? a olorl^ .1. P, TO I.ET-A THREE STORV BRITK BOW r.. W?. t?a ronrna, 1.T2 S.nith Ntath atrwt, M Mliam-bur tl'.r? Bodrrate, to ? imall faaiilr. lainira ob tho pr.miw. TO I.F.T? AN EX? EULENT STORE, RE' KNTLT i ru| u4 ?o a t?o<?nr ?t"r?. ?h?r'' a lar*-i lnnia?o*A I brra doae: frat reaa*?aaVl? to a food traaat; WWlljl BndaoB a^eBoo. Brax "(not and tHo ^aty I Bi-iklfB. Ai i'ly to D. W. *. l.ARkK, A Chaiuteta TO I.RT? TRR SIM?'|OI A MANSION IIOI ^F ?t>K ttfirfMih ?t. and tk? llvaaoa rtror? r?le?U?t?4 f"* al.otrl; rnat* i-iu( M ivoHia. Apply oa lfc? pc.uiin , or l? J. T. LEE. TO LET *T FORT II tVll.TON. L.I.? A DOtBI.KTWO aa>l k hall ?tur> k.>nM, k n'aiaia* 13 rooa? . h t n 4 BitB?t*o rail ft*a tho -Ity. Tkt kaflN Ifl arrvoaM^ '? aad nith n a fan r"d? uf *ko atiaailtoot lao.i ../ KoM a nniB I.B <al"n ky <t4n.ntM,a'? atafi'* Koitl .nn?<, da Jy. Apply tu 11. I), i. l.AlT, Uaui.itvo UvtK, I orl U m 11 on L.I. TIO I.F.T- "*TO?IE NO. 71 JOHN STREET, t t*1lt ?li i.iiblr U-ati'in f,.r moat any buaiavM. -tri'ljr t# r JRMr- - il' II R V z: I ' 1'lwty . TBO LET? BY THE FIRST OP lit A NEATLY I fnraiaked ?ei"n.| fl.iu-, . m.iK n* of a fT'Ot parlor, ?ai k r?"ir. a ad bod room, la a mat three ft?r? krlrk koa??; lot tnfHkor or .-t ara'. to fratloaMI: ao hoar f ri fer. M?|. . rhanred. In.|ntn: ?n tho ^rnufln *13 Wtiliuaa )t , k.twena Unai a i.. I PwtiMmK TI^HBE !E< ON D FIOORnr t VOHEKV Rl' I l I MOT ?, I pleaaaatly looated arar ?? t?I ?' lure ronW?. wo?t ai.|?, ? it h (ton4 board, M Bfl B? and rrr* arooroio tho ?? ?? >i room <-?b bo obtaiaod la a priiat* faaiily TrefOreBr* J??*i? t" parlioa ?ii k"at rkildrm AI*o. a< oo?m?datioaa for An*l? ratl?Brn aith partial board. Addrear, ob? wttk, Trlrat* ' ' * ? 'I ^it tbia ??<". ^ Tho fi rmmied or i nftrnismed roo js t?i lot, to rrntlemi n, froai the krrt of May. m Rr?a4?ajr i tho Park. Rrferen..# rr |uir-d. ri?a>< ib i liw ia the atoro, IV Broadway. TWO H RMMIED urn ROOMS TO LET, TO TWO ? aiarlr (oatli-Bti o n a prtratt family. Ratk? aa4 water ? !-?! t for tko u?o of 'h' nrrapMt* of tfco room*. T-rnia modrraK. Ixwatioa nB*ar|>au?4. R< Tcreacaa etvbaafljii. j *?<< nir? at IN Hroaalnay. TIU^I IXKHV OL'IDK. I g ^ ^III>F.N AND AMBOV RAILROAD I.INR FROM NRRT i R Vork In Philadelphia.? l.oaToa plor Na. I North Rlvar, ky fteamboat JOHN I'tiTTLK. Moralna Liaa.kt 7 o'olaoh, A. R : Afternnoa IdBt, at t ?'<l,i?h. P. Faro ky eithof l iar f.1: forward dock, t* tial?raut LIbo at tu oVUck. P. M Fare, }J AO. I. BLISS, A?oat. New torr and riiir\DELPtiiA -new tor* aad rbllndelphlB direot? fnl'ad Stataa Mail I4M-? I ThroBfh IB *H honro, tIb Now Jorooy Railroad. Fara rw dueod to S3 f?r flrat rlaaa, aa I $3 SO fur ooooad elaaa. Laaoo Now 1 ork at ll A. I., from fu?t of Coartlandt itroatj ti4 M flA.M. bb4 ? P. M . fr<<m foot of Llbort* atr"ot. 1 4MB Fhlladolpbla at f aa4 ? A. M. m4 ? P. R . from U? faiM R alaut itraai. - ~a11j]|0^ial Matrimony madr east, oe bow to wim a li ter rrofeaa r.l. aw tea. r.f Lob4?b. kaoia* arrto** ?oat oa. will aaa4 to aay a44raaa. oa roootpt of oaa 4?^A pnat pai4, plaia diroctioaa to onaklo ladtoo or ''?"'?'MJ Wla tbe doootrd aR^i-ttoaa of the oppooita ao*. Too , > . aflN la olBiplo. but ao aaptiToOaa that all a?ay bo ?foetioo of aca, apfoaraaeo r>r Booltloa ; Bad laat. Uooghajofl teaat. It ran bo orran*e4 ?.th aa^k oaoa tote, flea io lispoooiblo Addroaa I n* 1A . . wa. Ma oo No lottora takaafr om tko Fort OSm BaiM Ik* ft'.ntai* paM.

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