Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 10, 1851, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 10, 1851 Page 4
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IVTXRESTQtG CORRESPONDENCE . Our .11 ban y C?ricap?n<tcnee. Albany, April 6. 1(451. Tht Dvyt of I'uKgitlattd SjKruJatu^ rtvicing? Munmfur HuUroad*? p?j*r Cititt, . It it not the opinion of only a few, but mauy re Iflctang minds are becoming awakened upon the turn things arc now taking. It ha? bee* often asserted, >.y mea witing upon the philosophy of government, that State*, nation*, aud kingdoms fieriodieally become afflicted with a ort of maniac mklcssncss, which more cr less becomes infused aaong individuals. To some extent, this remark Bay ju-t!y be applied to the petty principalities on the European continent; but the great difficulty ?xuting in those monarchical dominions is, that remedy can be applied to the patients laboring under t he influence of such mania, of a curative na ? ure hrfijuent attempts are constantly being made to administer deco> tion.- by the m-e of the sword; bat ,""11 *UCCCbS attend- one patient, doxcus of other* become innoculated with tne 'am; virus, rendering thini -till more unmanageable than their predecessor*. Semi fourteen years -ince, the State of N'cw "York arrivtd at a tearful crisis in its domestic affair? flu mama for speculation extended throu"h ?Tery artery, and ail that was necessary to extend the disea-o. to toueh a siujrlc fiore, and the entire -ysteiu galvanized into the zreate-i -cUTitv At tnat )?riod, combinations were formed. m be endeavored to monopolize all the public lands? a gig-nuc -. heme was projected, and was nich ?nl lt.k i*Tlce-tcd, of establishing a moustor bank on ihe Mississippi, ,vh. -e paper -hould be put into the feuds of partucrs. at cv> ry I'nited States land ffice .n t no country, and simultaneously purchase' as *i..i y luil.ion- of government lands as possible with tho*t b:!is, and then, <it a concerted period, shut up the b. nk it ml n dceiu not u dollar. It was this jirojerf. ti ire than anything else, whf.-h came to the Hi'.wl* tip.' of I ? neral Jack-on, that eau-, ,] Liu; te issue h - :. tnou? -facie '.-ireu'ar, in order to r>re veiit tl:? .? .i. i !j a' en o; heartless -p?culatoi- irom grMfiug iwiu.iN' territory. ant! Hoo.Ii the we*i?mpart tl?i? country with worthier later pr?tait>?*. * ?Ab< a* thi- period of time, thi mania for " uer ? ;,d '"??>t<r lot- ' extensively irevaii'd. < it.e - we: t \.id>-i't aud lithographed as sit'tdlv a W,U 'i '"U;,h"- g ora;" street* jxireelledou: and numbered with a- much re>' ilar rty aa Broadway? here a sp.,< rese rved f r it *i . r?. th< -? :or a city hall and o'her city laiidin ? ? a fountain ot ever paying v liter was d. -:?u, ( f? - very appro, r, at. spot. ?, id lots re<?*t dforcl jrches ucadeu. -:- and theatrw. v ? .. , L. ? I -4" r cities w. rc paraded i". the aaetio i It* Jes: and twenty thousand dupe- n :aed then. ei. ? and families iu purcha-iug lot- 1 '<? and- , - i hoy oerer realised a dollar uxitl m.iny whe h. lived to ret cut of ;h*i - ? t*v art now to Mm a ahiUinc fcy Mrforiainff !b? njr^t rr.'MiM. f : V!CC ! ?? fhm. too, every body must r.-'e<> b.j,** s. a t0 ^ H'e-Umorniiosed with tb? ^ J I^P* ?Hie suppliant !? vi-lat ures of|Ni6, o. , (J :nt IM, q, orated i.e...-!,-.** m< . v t. ,.j j at ion ? t - n* *. ?- f *, t ' ka:oh? u-.o a!' g*.ara .tee;i:c :? tt.<* ... ? I, . '' ?. a ?afy e.i;-ulat'on un*J lironip; redemn^o". fo'tifr '* ? behind the d. ceprive an J lilla. ioi wtrds ''-aj-. ? *, ftjnd. All wanted t. wmt bank ?n o -|. ulat r- if soiae sort; houses, lands I wert !???!} it gaged f. o! It . ? banl *? k ? ra.K tlit n.inij whereby th*. pr-d tien- ?; ;ue earth, t! .. . i-ruin r- l< ?* 1 ? ? mod:ty,. :Ae mei.p. .':;-ed a*" : i MMaUrrtogtoOiiy million, -hoal ? * maod 'bread wv tre.'.h down store 1 ... .. . . *,,,*.. ?; . Ha.: 9. id the city of w The foi-.alci caJation <i million uj*. ,. mil ? ?? . t t:i a ? d the taiuc .... m rncy, tod the .-! -- ?i ?j a": ?"-? of <;vn<uapt'%r ? ?? ?iH-e. -ee. The State. al*n, ? v mean*' ?f :? ? J. 4m WfHators,had entered the van < fsp. . u oo t?su :h as extant that i:? .?re<at l.-jcam.* . lu ?.? uUtiV iwp*., ib, th, **... . i .. *. i . ? were >o n'v ?iiii^Ucd o ti. ? ; d \v'? -f ?id kat< off, booiug, i ... .he to the I j.* r "g hei.. to pui ;..i- -t.i^ stocks at twentjr eightpo, v, _ u, The. ? .* . b * ,h- v L, :'r' '' i dowr.. i !, * ei.- m all, ?hc I ?r-e.'-t.U. ?. wh.*i..?.;t th.v.-uuj, co.ncv, tatie i*. tikroj tcy. ro wL-a t mi I acting < ..i.gres- ? ?l.e t.^tfou j- v tei I its Wr:if? :eou<aid. ' V ",? 1 Those t:yinf time wise<l over, and tho Stata r.r<i h* pe. i-l- hav. partiaiiy ? -od t' M-t'sc ? /ii dav?, W : h many ft.r. n- they are cfcricd ?o aaiwj : rvo: e ? .. . . dfcy. Who w. t,. t i Hen ui? iy )?!? K \ in .! the inhe. :??..*? whieh they have ?in,, rt'* . ha"" a??cea-;.,i to look ba k" ?i iL* i..*\ r-< - ? t'ti . .*"? ,u?' ? AU ? ? i. h:n< before tl.? ut I' - lav? ' <-1 a, ?r. r- u!. xg up. i i.s and :r hcho .. - ? -*"-v i 5*'.' " ? f> .-ents a day ' i-'v. b j ?t 'll? ft a* , . i- all'* H 11 hp| ? ill to Ti.?*u, . ha 1 ! ?- twe-Uen.- if Ut ugu . behold liie ,.a , - litlux'aid a- in the day* wl.o,.Vh. r j ran . ho el t ? * , t. tt-:d \ j;* fur.y o -i i-.t i m?| -. ii.11,'1], .. |,. j , ** ha?t, ?? t?" three hour*" r"i< ? tv. j ''"'rJ''' ' "T' ' " ' I "! ? rt tick. ' m<T' i .*. * ' ' ' ' ' ^ * r ' v rr? .!,? ' w ?? ' Unhand - n..' to ? ? f. j rto ?? If - pr- neral law <?rani? th- priv'Iege ?: ;r.- ' ><k. ? iinywh#*!c w it lii i* tintur*. ? ultifii'i' . , aj . ?<ac foitient oi the ^tate are t iiitf ch>. ? uered. I ?eeajff ? to.nt nt .b aain can 1?. obtained l'v v *??.y .I'd tri??tii g t> favuiite eou.mi I f? - rut!- j . .-?? - 1'lank road- ai d railf . d- iV ? n b the attet ti--?. *r the rural di-tri . r-dit 1... te. v I a-*? -,td .rt -5-iia strife that ev#ry village must l.a.ioi< 'T the other tun thiough it. or ?l,.v I.r.a f AC tfc< in- ve* ,-olated a d - ^Ue-tef.-l .. the '? ? ?: ' ! uank ir d." Hv? ?.t ?!1 ?< heir.' - of the j re-ent day. #lii*.h the p<o|.l? ! ? e i <-t to dr* ad. 1- the alt- mi-t t.oW n ak ??? ?? "???!? ? ha - for w? at, ? alb e. -i - 'H . Mpitkl. I rw.*il State* .nid New ioik ."Mate ? ?Kk, "fe not obtained in the lua.-ket utl. i.*nilv al,.n- I ?lart. ;"h. [ , , t is t.. , (if,, ate- uni> the- I acat i ? I ? w i.d-r di- * ,* . aj. -r |4,J? hr *u-| i- ? nl rev which .-ltil at.- v . He ? t?H With the < OI. p? roller, th- -at, ?to< k? 10* a t', up (, wKivU h U to \ '1! Paring. I... w#v. *, that tbi- m. fhxl will n- t !. i . t, k i . ubn .da tit supply, it is al-o gravel) nr*< ? t. m> r? i, ? city ?n?i viija|(. b' nd-, n'.u, ?. , . tenk jr. Wl stai. we "njiii g to ; Al,. :h.*r k.. ?eral bht kmi t law f ^ i I ' ur < i?t? limHli I orif ^oml' n? r. i !<wi*vvrr. \lan b 3<J. I**>l. 7A? ou i i ? H> i ? /r> Stt't in n (' ' .>n ? /* it< i *?? .'?*?/ A 'in ?Thr f ,,',i rf f'l 77' V< miftri f>r .'/ * tr I- f? > ? ft \i* \ I'll . 1 j ii "lay i al f- ? f I ? V I f I * 1 ,4* ? ?V . ! 'I * !?<?., ?IiU I ??.??? i?l j'-iTt* y Iti . i.'v ?< ? t ? i if *? 'I i .'i 1 ^ ? ? i a. Hi ???? ?? :B? 1 n | ? ? r . .i. I . I 1 I *r< i> <c,. ii ?f? ' ml la "r. that y . *?nl * n.< tb< .ifi ?? \nur column Ii ?i" f.i by ft. .lute ? I' * Iti- 'iter, *"? ??. kin in fh'^Wfti < iijr. Wb? i I wvt about i t-iway V??w ? n '"it t'burjrb m?'l 1 in. i nati, I (? r I fl<? ? tit ?. th. liiiihM :? ?f -|?i fnjf. 'J ut; I. ?.j M. -b . I r* . j. -? nti tl. it, th ? n-i.n. quit* * leu- ? l ?t*r. it N> h V?'i k . i!?| t|i;i -iJe of ih> nr ta.i,". I if m. t<(rnn i .? t ItiiiV . ..I Ji i. rtifliiitf ihc fii-t. rrf'-nix ?' '.f 1 1). Iiil'?ii|.? ;n..l t -j? Ik*' I "b?nl4 '<*? i be br"W of the *'Qu?> i . n . irt'tal 'ii> ga. Un<l*. Vi iian. . n?*. ?\|i t#li..r- bm. I.i en leril -I; wiN. ii. Miiotbrr, tin * Int. In ? r altogether 4i>?|ip.iiatnl A'tmi'l thi-t l.iMiiiiful brow itr? jr 'T'b n* of vine? at?l fi??? rv but th?" 'Jin. i Im f">? If .|<?"* mi' . . tipy ti. at ?* \ a i ? ?! i* i .ii. wbi. h, in my yunthfrl fun f , J heiit -< i ii li. i . ,*-l.. i. ii | - a -?irl ..f iiii'MI* j lnt farm. Kiwi. aft. t all, thi i- thr true ro!#? lu ll ?#? . >| tn ?*ti . it i-li?l>U - In i I" In- k ?|mi|i ,i f, I nirittl'j1 t b'tur #- ?'ll Mf tli< -in ? nl ?rwiety. Whin, it Mimi <>f our gathering' al horn*, f tkk w brar<l i In- I incintiatian* rr. kh/m) in furn'-l i'.ili?nt iii?il <b M-ribing * till iiilhu-ni-ui tb*' jfii.nth tiiiii ?' ?"?uro?>* nf tkrir city. I hmf lifxn nn.^'.l' ?' ?>t a rrniiirk ?fti ti ?.i:t '?? . I bat ?b'- <jun?n waralittk gn-tKMi*; anil I Rtnl th- r> i> in'in > ru* It i M thU rrmarlr *li< i- not only i|?? lijMini Ii* * . imI ill ? \pretnt too, but ynu Uii'i: other -?i.,iVl. ii ii-tn Ii..m- i.f In I i To x<i .Huong ilic <m iMr it ii't i.iiiji and fn?-t"ri- tin- ihNtimc rrilili- aotl ifeitni'H*< ?l;i?if bti'r hoii'"". allH III' < b' in li a 1 1 ? t it Ii 1 1 ? b bi ? nt? of ttic city, on. wimiIiI tr:i!ly f?Cl .bat In ? "tit I., iiijf - i;ril '-j a p< lib ri'.e. Ai?lj? t, tin i lip fbink thai tbi? i-"inj>?miMl of ?toif. im i?;. i.i - .? only ? lit I lo nfltii'llf to fb<! olfa > Imrlif- not, it an* fb jfrw injur ion* '4. tin |Mr*ou. And it 1 bin. I n iiki wbiili i- tc |?< -. >11 i-?nirg fri in 1 .i? . | iii ii. \ imtny iron Inunii rk i-ndan r* )b? r?i>i ?b<n y?i% U> K< utii- ky. ll >a ?ai?l tliat ivftnl |i:t ? bc. |i t.ik?n up. nil Ibi; #.|bci .?i'i. 'I it.' 1 * 1 .1 |rn|H rlv Ii' liMi^.njf til-rr, Mill i;Ot|bl t Ot 1 1 < ? lit 1 In t| Until i|t"y; artil ? 4 ?| l< r VI d -'HI' to til' ir fill I ' Their an fn n .... bnmlrml ?i.,? fifty toiw- bun 4rt tl <li?tura in ' iiHiuuuii. t .1 ? <t i^.r<l. if tlKru Ii ro i-irkf ? bo* i|o t;,. |i-,!i , r. ,| "| a -il I lit r*(?ly ???. ii|?'U ?i 1 : 1. I ?.ii- 1.. !i, \ ,? thi-, I'.r I b?*e ??????? frnij- r. it ? 1, i? i',| ,>f* yi<,|t|^ J #li< in, and have f< It tbr ?; 1 v? yr u???t. t. ? . -u banii? Th"jr torv, lioul ti' 1 lit .|.j , ,, - . wbwe, gewl ai il b?U. I'm Jo- , e ? ,r , ^\ki^ r? ilitturbcl by \i?>.i - of t b> i? y v< ? t, ? ?htlllU t Ot f* U|*>f> W If nti">ll lilt , i.i l,, ? air i ? to w# Thi |i|iy?ici<M.J?f <l ' ????'> '? t. 1 rr -J. . lit .. vf W -tern 11 if 11. 1 l<? ?* it. .,f ? ?Mr air i.e. tl.eit ?'<? ll ?' II 1 'h III /Jinny!, i if *1 '.if *?<? V- ^It'. f > *>-<i < ?j| at (Incirmaii The latter, the " MedieaH'ollegc of * 'hio," i? the oldest in yearn, and, I should think, in appoaran*e. It ho.- indeed a gloomy, time-worn, uiid, it accind, care- worn appearance. I am sur prised thut such a building should exist iuthe midst of so many improvements, and such an enterprising population. At one time it received appropriations t'r<>m the S?tate, being a 5>tate institution; but the contentious which have grown up under it, and for it. and the opposition which it lias had to encoun ter, with, perhaps, other causes, have induced the I.cgi.-laturc to withdraw its patronage. How it -hould have presented so dilapidated an appear ance, after having received fifty and more thou-and dollars, is to me strange. 1 understand that the last Legislature paaaed an act authorizing the trus tee* to burrow a sufficient amount to erect new buililines, provided the State should not be in any way held liable for the debt. We do not think, that in erecting a new building upon the site of the old one, the trustees will be adopting the wisest plan. Stores on the ground floor, offices in t he second story, and lecture rooms above for teaching medicine, is to me a combination that will not work well. It will increase the sources of income; but, a medical college should not be in the heart of the city, and mixed up with nil sorts of business. Who wishes to occupy a building iu which all "the doings of the doctors".are going on, and how can their various operation.- be juooessfully conducted ! .Many people would walk a dozen squares to avoid a medical college, and the fact that other kinds ol businc.-s arc being conducted within it, will not add much to it- attractions. It is said that the college cannot be built upon the stock plan, because it will not pay; bui, I should think that city pride would induce men to advauce funds sufficient to ereit a magnifiont 'editi 'e. The two new rehools, charters for whvh were passed by the la -t legislature, will make strong efforts to pre -c it .1 commanding and attractive appearance. 'J hey mav soon become bold and ?ucce-?ful rival* of the old school. And thru. ( >hio will have five ined: al ?cln "Is belonging to the regular*, be-'des <t I tanic. eclectic, olid bomeoiiakhic school, tight mail. i In re is one thing about th< tianagi meat ? f tce di.Ml ???h?>"ls I don't like. The "^'"dvalt oliege ' f < "hit." a? an example, i* controlled by u board r f trust- c-. many of whom arc wealthy men, and vet they arc ui, willing to loan the i.- fui ds to erect u building creditable to thcmscHoe, the pofer-ion, tin eitjr and .Mate. Suppose it should oe difficult ; ? btair. tli pi 'i ij al years hence, a-'d the pan - nial p:.yn:mt of a reasonable interc-t. they -h< uld be a? wil'ing to r -k their ? wi: ;.s the men<y of ' th<_r-\ But If: i 1 aui'.g in:< detail" which wan- not intended. t'hc "Coiuuurcii'.l Hospital" is ? - favorably lo tted a- such at' ? - t.ibli-iiir- ut cat. be in the m.dil ? : ? eitv. The ground- are ample for the ii-iiu. tier. i?t iarge and airy, and they wi!' ' ? u<ed ; at no very remote j-eriod. At prc ?ent. tk- re si: . th> ward* -"iiie tw hundred j a t > :*. or mo.e. Tlu-y -rowded, too inn h ir> wded for ' "infort or g' ? d i.t.u.. g> m .. . i'ut i vi \ ,ut< tit ion paid the >i?k wl . h r um-t..nees v. ? .I iv dcn'.a.:d. 1' .- a tine s ho, fe r clini- ?.nd -p< ? \ to; :J; e mI). illtCUU t pUi-U? their J 10 o i?i tie West. 1 he venerable i'r. Mu-sey,of Vw '.f/iar'! ' Mil'- >?? tli?- opera' tg*urg' i o: the e ! ii'tnt And I may give mj b: th en ??? ,.c ol ii astounding opt rations | erf. riiie-' I v th> eur IT* ? t 1 1 -n' ?' ;Uer.t letter, if y. uwi'! allow l. . t< a! ?.'? ^ th. ugh the tiiedi'-ii. 'f v ur paper. A*I\..v. 't'fit- Population ' ' '. v.' a i; J \? i 0 * > < W.SH . k ' . ? '..g >K' al ret the "*;.iti ? i V;rg nin, Luf tin Ctt-rs > 'flee i'.'l - MV S OK EaS it-.,-' ? : t ut ? ro.r-t nl| | | "li.'.n f". i/V ? Mi ! - ...u-' r i l ..Iik J I, !'? ti ? I ram t > ? i it) I ! U i'b! 7.21s 4 yi."> ' 111 ? 41*2 1." t II., VS Jut*"' 1 .{U > 2.^41 9*75 11 ft* C'.fOvi ?."1 1 :::l ? >4 4 .-0 ? .41 II o." X!4 1.4M' 4,7 .'4 ol Virginia. l; i. 1 s j . ', jy ?. . t. .o t' N, April 5, K?l ? irr. "f the 5 ? ; ulati' t of just been ?. e pi -? d at T V Vll' ? 1 ? /v.. T<. ,1' 1 1-4 1.7 1.4t? "?43 iu; * w /? > r>i) 1-- 4 4?I i2wa , :l"l '? 74?' 2.' 1 14 019 *57 'i . 4 ??T ?>70 ^4.';rt 1Z370 M.a> 3.444 4 " 10 .18 11,704 7.4 1 4" A) ri 710 11 410 ?i. I 2 * j 4 1*7 1.1 :> 4.7 "I j "V, C 810 1 1*2 > ??*) 5 ' SV 10'. I ?J 764 1> 1 1 0.7'!2 2 I4? lo ; .o 4 7.' 1 <?? 14 4' . 14.4*'. . .40 1.MN K I.. W tun . . I'll MO I 1 .i ? i.-'i r ... . 111. "I. . L . . * .1.' ii. jr^. M HI '.< MS MMftwi v . i.umi" . . lam i : li.ii t' n '<? ?? K-nt s. \ r ? ?> i UIllJ I 4? .r<i r ?!iU?r 1 ' , rj.. I i. ? \iiii, l ..r-i .. ut I. .. I, .. ml . . | , miii. . > ?I ? "?! Mil it ut ?i.r. ' ;. War? irk i; i#i 4 i4' ;..4-..". IllfS V? 1 2.2ft ? 4"*. V V. 1 li'JM ?o70 4 .M. 4.41 'i ;..i>7 1 v..''. ?<JH 410 1 *2."' 4b4 IV, 1 ^'4 U.t '?12 147 141 M* . 14^ 744 433 1*6 1 *12 133 1M 1)4 v* :.4 V4 ." 1? !*?(> :,4i TOT 01*i 742 1 7"". *4 41 1 IKi 4.4 ::.04* 0>.7 4_- j If 4 4 (*j7 f l' -H 3.701 2.0>'.2 3..W1 7 ,.f'4( 2-ft'J ?;.ew lo A2J 5730 4 140 4.'<W, 7.i;sfi 1 1 ?J "V ; i?> 4C-.f.' ?l*76 4171 7 ~nC .. JA) 1-4 1 4 23 2.1*79 5.7 l 7 1?C 1 1 -.H :? .-a 4.724 12 428 2342 ?1746 4.714 . '-iS i 110 ? uM t 142 4 4 344 ?. id 7.1? -.t-'4 12.7M 14^ .? 4 4N 3 130 1.7M 277 . *44 7 4*1 ' :ll 4.SP3 4,76' 2479 Km 3 i !*.! T-u.l . . *?1 ?*> ? ? tir* f.? W? .. i:w n?n .... 41CJ . ii.; *471 . . . . . ? I ~v? .... . . V?>4 .V7.* J?li tw ... . T?2 . ?? Ut?> U 7*o 4f* ' *.142 ... .. o.i't . ? . 11X4 7 VA . . . UM$ a us 4tm> . *4*1 lure Itwt . ???ui . 9 + 40 . . . X'ktl Ut<>? Ul.4i>? . Hue t.Ml '.?462 ? 01* ?? .... TVil K KT " 11*74 . ICO S <* *ti;t . . V4S3 I I *>4 Kit'* .?>*?? aWi.I .... .*1 *?* . i .Ua lif.WV . . . .. ? I .? ? 1*7 ... !? 1 4 J> I . . . ?<?* 4 *4 liKil . M? 4 < I ? .:?? I ??) 4. 7?J 447 22 MM \ ii 'J? '.si IjM tax 43 44 I ?*4" '> .1 1.3 M 17 1 MS 1M 4 ?4 .V, .14 10 11 ?4y ^7 1 4 2 40 ll<? *1 ei ii I ?*r> 47 10 ?A ? II .<0 .*4 7? ;io IM ???.'> 7 92 ..I 11*7 7> 1.4 6 Ml 7 !(?<> Kl .?9 1 1 i?'? -L*.:l 1??. .7 4 123 ?.? . .1.0(4 24" JI.172 Mil :? ''to 6 7 . .5 :?.7. u? ZII" a:?> ? 01 ? I.14M MM * 7i'S ?j:h mo i 11-40 * >1 II,4,1 4*47 now 1X21 1 mm * 4?-n x&aa ?(*'? lo4.V? Hill V.I4.I Mi a.W4 . *W IT -44 1I.?2I 4.*in &3.J ? !?I7 H4.I 6 47:i II *w in?;7 *?> .?Ml 4.W7 17 <M3 n?a ItMV ? J A 7 nm r. *m **?? & m 4 .1 7 Vl?7 4.:.: i U t>! *r "J 4 ? <1 l.r.l l-?4 r?4ni . 4MMi ?Mr* tirfthl*. 4?1w4# 'U4 I4*? | - )>?? V 't t> ? ..?? .u Uf. '*?? i ?U4 06| LYNCH LAW IN ftUlFORNU. Sccnetlit SKi'uuiitaCity-Ottc Xtu Hanged. A fearful tragedy has been cnacted in Saeratnon to I'd Tucsxlay, February 2jth, at two o clocK, t! corse Myers, u resectable citiieu of Sacramento, following "the occupation of a carman or teamster void shut down aud uiurtally wounded by I redcric J. 1W, u gambler. The event took place oppo site the Mansion House, corucr of J street and tae levee. A difficulty had occurred at a r rencn W unit t a Mc, which resulted in a personal scume between two or three parties. Air. Myers, who hapitcned to be near by at the time, endcuvorca to lepuratc the combatants, and succeeded in taking awayK oe from a inau whoni he had inoii cruelly beat en. when the latter drew his revolver and discharg ed it, the ball entering the head at the car, and cre atine a mortal wound. Hoe was immediately arrested by the t lty Mar shal ami placed in the lock-up. An immense crowd speedily congregated, filled wilh mdiguation, and determined to inflict immediate punishment. Inc meeting having been organized, and a chairman ap puinted, twenty two persons were deputed to aid 111 guarding the prisoner, and after several incBectual attempts, by various citizens, to dUauudcthc people from their evident purpose, a committee was ap pointed to investigate tlie facts, My< r- wa- a ?*>? ter, industrious citizen from Columbia, Ohio, where ht leaves a family. TIIK TRIAL. The following jury (or committee of investiga tion) wa- -elected .1. il. Scranton, J- T. Kaylev, W. F. l'rettymau, l>r. V. Spalding, Ogden MdK J. Starr, I>. H. Milne, H.c. Langley, Dr.Uo nin. P. H. Cornwall, Levi Hermance, Ocn. Winn, and Wright. The jury met tit the Orleans House at three, f . M. Levi Hermance wa.- chosen judge, and vlr. John < leal, sheriff. Col. Kewen appeared as coun sel for tlie prisoner. S.vcr*l witnesses wore examined for and against Roe? those for him being mainly gamblers. The proceedings of the committee were frequently interrupted by messages from the crowd without, demanding dispatch ; and that the lawyers should be " hustled out." as they were only making delay. The witnesses having concluded, Col. Kewen, Koo's counsel, said if the committee judged it a case of murder, the law would not. The room was then closed for the jury to delibe rate. The evidence was summed up. and a vote was token as to whether F. J. Roc shot C. 11. Myers . It w u * decided unanimously in the affirmative. 1 he committee then agreed upon and signed a report, -implv setting forth the tacts ot the allait (as we have above stated them). Sl'F.NtS Ot rStliK. While the committee was taking testimony, va rious scenes were enacted outside. Mr. Cunningham, the Marshal, addressed the crowd, protesting against the course they were pur ?uing. and in*i?ting that the prisoner should not be taken from his custody until lie vv;,s tried by the court- ot law. He called on nil good citizen* to aid him. lie was listened to with great impaticuce, hoWi ver, and only three or four gentlemen answered hi* ??ill!, who were greeted with loud cries of disap probation, and calls for vengeance upon tho pri A committee Inning been appointed to sec to the ?al\ keeping of the prisoner, Mr. 1; ightmlre aadre--ed the assemblage, calling it i r \ongfanoo on the prisoner, and stating that Myers had lett a wife and four children, lie said "lb* had killent an innocent, inoffensive man, CI? d ,) n him; hang him !" (Vociferous applause.) The ? row d. which had greatly increased. showing ?\ n , toui- of impati' nee at the leugtli ot time occu pied bv th< jury, and Mr. < lymer having -aid that

some thought the prisoner was not safe, and ibe_ jurv a 'tin ni, a committee of three, consisting ot Mi*. Kightuiire. l?r. Taylor, and Mr. Woodward, were appointed to -ec that the prisoner wa- safe, and wait on the jury and sec what kept them so The committee reported that the prisoner wa sut'e, and the jury were doing their outy, and re mitted that the lawyers who were interfering might be token out, as the jury were capable ot ??? ttiiig at the te-timony without thciu. Tae meet ii.g re-olved that the lawyers should be removed; and amid intense excitement, a committee of -onie ft'; v. head I bv I 'r. Taylor, left the meeting for that puri- -?? They -hortlv returned and reported that the jury bad removed the lawyers. 1 >r. Taylor recommended the crowd to wait half an hour, and il tin jury did not by that time decide, J)e would head a party to take the prisoner out and hung b in. Tio'se letnnrk- were greeted with loud cheer". Then Mr. ? lymer said he believed the committee of citizen.- a pointed to guard the prisouer had been tinned out of the room where he was. This, ot' couise, -rented a great ferment, and a committee v%a- immediately appointed, with l>r. Tavlor at tb< ir head, to examine into the matter. 1 ir. Taylor ?<>oii reported that the prisoner was sale, t hut a eonm.itt three wa- a sufficient guard. \ddre*"cs lV<>in Mr- t^ueon and other citizen followed, one geiitb man, who-e name was not known, saying ? " Fellow citizens, the mar who ha- been -hot l as a wife and family. The deed wa? deliberate, cold blooded? the prisoner should 1- hung. Let tho?e who are in favor of hanging him say uyc. (The v. ry air w?? rent with the loud aye.) ... , Again the crowd gv> w tired <d waiting, and Mr. Fight mil* and two others, wen aaain deputed to wait on the jury. Mr. H. reported that the jury would probablv'give their verdict in fifteen minute*, lie was -ati-fied a decision would be made. Voices ? How ! Mr. Rightraifn? On the right -idc. Voices ? Which is that ^ The crowd? To hang him? to hang up the mur Mr. < lym r b. lic\cd the jury would find a vcr dict of guilty, and advised th.ui to prepare for the denou. ment* whib 1 >r. Taylor railed on them to arm themselves, and deluge the street of Sacramento with blood, if the officers dared to interfere between the pe..ple and tin murderer. lieputy Sheriff Harris and Judge Saekett ex horted to an obedience to the law*, and called on citizen* to aid tin m in protecting lh? prisoner, while l>r. Taylor called on those who wanted to *ce iustiee administered to fall in. He Would lead them. *.\ large portion of the crowd responded by following the l>oetor to J street. Thcerowd were, however, urg' J to moderation by -evcral speakers, ami k< |>t together until ? o'clock, when, becoming impatient, mother committee was appointed to wait on the jury, who reported that they thought there Wa- too much indecision, but r< ? "inrnemb d pati. n ? find rn' deration to the crowd; that they ?hou!d "fir*; be ;ure they were right, then go ahead." 1 1- Taylor till nrg?dunni >b..te a< '.on. I wn loudly ? h-sred. and tti?. crowd shouted, '? Let'- take bun o#t, itc." ... # Mr. Queen, however, p . it,, d for a time; and intil s ii>l<" k, whei it w as announced that t he j j.-j had l'.uiid the prisoner guilty, th< y w- re kept mod. rate by reports from the jurv. and speeches from uriotis individual*. ai rr* Ttir TRt.vf.. Fir' tly it Wa* known that the committee hod agre' d upon a report. th?- excitement among the crowd became uncontrollable, and when Mr. P H. t ornwnll bad finish* d r< ading th?- report from the front of the ? >r leans House, it wa? imiuedia'.ely put to v. te that Roe be hang< d, and carried uuani Boudy. , , Alter the report of the committee was read, tae crowd immediately proceeded, amidst the greatest ??Telfement and uproar, to th? calaboose, dftermin ..;i taking the prisoner; but tli. y w. re resisted for ?t l? ast on. hour by th< Mar-hal and his aids. It was now about mm- o'clock? the night was dark? the mutterings of the peo|Jc d- ei>, yet loud. *ome of them rushed to anno wg. polled up the M)*t?. at??l at onec attaeh^d the door of the Mation house with th'se batt'riog rams Soon th? door yielded, being denioM In d by repeated blows, i de puty >lnTi(l Harris stood in the d<^?r way. and with bis p<>^e in the rear, held the rowd at bay f?>r *"m' ? tta??? remonstrating and threat, ning. Finally, the crowd in the rear made a ru?h for ward, which pla<ed th- e in the front rank* in < eaneeti'Mi with Mr. Harri*. when he wa- pushed, jostled from hi* portion, and the |*,|rtilace br"<i gh1 in f?>s?e**ioii of the prisoner. Th- pri- n.r, l-red ri< k J. Koe, wa* in the inn. r tell, chained to a P?.st After a long delay, the > hain wa? ?e?>red, and h' was then ?elrcd and hurried up the stairs into the rtmt. It wa? then annouiw ? d that tb. prisoner would b< hung in .-ixth street, b*twe?n Kand L. from one of the large oak*. The < r.,wd immediately pro eerdi d to that point, at about half-pa t nine o ebw k. T'ie prisoner was strongly gci>id>d. and tak. n up .1 ta the inter* <'t inn of I 'iitn street, when he was tak'n down the ?ante, and op h to ^i*th. and then to th' plact of e sedition. ??? mr st Titr. u ? > teiwi. The eonronrse of people ?t the gnllow< numbered at least **10. A large bonfir. was kindled, a stand ? as erected under a large oak tree, on whn;h the prisoner waa placed, a rop? wa? procared, a clergy man called, who had some briit religion* i?'Mi?el with the prisoner. The clergyman -tated that, th* prisoner had nothing to *ay lor himself, exoept that h. had a w flowed mother tiling in l^igtanJ, and that he had been abscnv I'mrn lor for ae*?nsi durable length of tiae A whit" handkerchief was then t,e.I over his lece, hi? arms pinioned, the rope ad justed to a limb 'he tre. nod the neck .?f the prisoner. 1m ???bhing ahmd : three men th?n dr. w t in from the stawl int't the ;i ir- ? an awful and ?olenu -ileno* pervading through)" t the imtr-n*e COWOlirK of people. The occasion, the dead hour of night, and the imn.ense gath< ring, all con-pirr-l to mah< the seen* such a* w- hope ?#Ver again to behold. After th- b.?ly was drawn up, afew-lrug Klr, ?nd sniit-aettons ef th> lin.b ensiwal? and thus i rri-h. d th# Kiiftirnnat* pfia?i^r. The be^ly ho?.g twerty minute*, wh. n it wss let down, and | p<.uMtd by M v.ead. Thd? tfcd-.'i I one of the greatest tragedies ever witnessed iu Cali fornia. Mr. Myers, the man who was shot, we are In formed, came from the vicinity of Columbus, Ohio, and has left a wife and several children, rred. J. li owe, the man who wan hung, was ubout tweuty two years of age, and an LIngliahinau by birth. TREMEMDOC* EXCITEMENT IN SAN t'KANC'ISCO. (>n Satureluy, March 1st., two men, .Stuart and Wildred, who were arrested us the persons charged with committing the ussuult with the intent to kill Mr. Jauson, and who robbed him of f'2000, were examined before Justice Shepherd, in the Recorder s Court room. The place was literally juuiuied. Previous to thin, the criminals were carried before Mr. Janson, who testified unequivocally that Stuart wad the man who, with another man, rpokc of purchasing blankets, and who was immediately bo iind him at the time lie was struck with the slung ahot, an.l that, to the best of his knowledge and belief, Wildred wat the man who was with him. The prisoners had their witnesses well ch illed to prove an alibi. John Wilson, a Sidney bird, was he first one brought forward by H. McAllister, the defendants' attorney, to testify. He swore that Wildred was at the Italian Saloon, on Long Wharf, from seven to eleven o'clock, gambling, on the night of the assault and robbery. Justice Shepherd had the good sense to consider uis testimony entitled to no credit whatever, as he contradicted nimsell in every particular. Marks was another witness lor the defence, lie proved that Wildred was with him at the time the assault was committed, and for one hour and a half afterwards ; and that Wildred was a most innocent and proper citizen. The keepers of the Italian lansquenet room could not testily that Wildred was at their salooa ou the evening uf the robbery. . . At this stage of the examination, there was a strong disposition on the part of the people to seize the prisoner" and hang them; but they were de fended by the military, under the order of the au thorities, and were again removed to prison. I his act created great sensation and excitement among the people outside, who had increased by this time to some thousands. Before any preliminary mea sures could be adopted to organize the meeting and determine upon some plan of action, the following handbill was circulated through the crowd;? CITIZEN* OF SAN FltANCISCO! The *< ms of murders nnd robberies that have be< n committed iu this city, without the leu-t redrew from the laws, seems to leave us entirely in a -late ofauuri hy. ? When thieves are left without control to roh and kill, then doth the honest trarellor fear each l>u?h a thief ' law, it appears, it but a nonentity, to be scoffed at : re drefscanbe had for aggre-?ion. hut through tin U'Ver falling n-biedy so nduiirably laid down in th?' rode oi Judge Lynch. Not that we should admire this proc -s for ri-dri ?s. but that it seems to be inevitably necessary Are we to Ve robbed and assa">iuat?'d in our domiciN. and the law to let our aggressor.- perambulate tin street ill' rely beouu?c they have furnished traw ^ >a i 1 ' ll so. ? let each man t? his own eaecutiouer.'' ?? Kic upou y.iur law*;" they have no force. All tho"?' who would ri<l our ^ity of its ?>bber? and murdi rers will n-scnible iu Sunday, at two o clock, in the I'lazi.. , The excitement now bccamc irresistible. Many of our first citizens at once stepped forward and proposed to organize, Captain w. ]_>. M. Howard was called to the chair. The meeting w.i?- then ad dressed by Judge Tilford. who -aid he believed that ?stuart wu< guilty, n-.t only of the crime for which he was arre-ted.' but for others ; but ho was not sure a.- to the man Wildred ? still he wa? ready by anv proper mode to co-operate with the citizens to bring them to justice. Judge Geary urged the [>eo ple to let the prisoners remain until they were more fully tried by the courts, and he would pledge his word aid honor that they -hould be securely guarded. This proposition the pe >i>le would not 'accept. Samuel Brannan urg' d the appointment id' a committee from the peoiTe, who should have power to guard the prisoners, a .1 to examine all the facts, with p'Wer to send for porS' ns and paiierJ. and r? port on Sunday, at 10 o'clock, to a meeting of the citizens. This proposition, amid- 1 overwhelming excitement, was finally adopted. 1 he following persons were appointed a eommittee by the people: \\ in. 1). M. Howard, Samuel Brannan, A. J. Kllis, H. F. Tesehmaker, Win. II. Jones, Benj. Knv, K. A. King. II. Sibley, J. L Folio m, K W. Maeondroy, lisilph I'orr, Theodore l'aync, Tal bot II. Green, J. B. Huie. After the appointment ?f tins committee the greater portion of thc?crowd dispersed; but large masses continued to hang around the courthouse and the prison door, determined at all hazards to see tL st the prisoners were u;i *ded; and to prevent any attempt at rescue. About 10 o'clock at night, a report was in eireulation that some of the gangs of thieves had been heard to threaten to burn down the city. The multitudes that filled every bar room, and especially those who had attended the meeting, soon spread the report. \ oiuntary pa trols ol' the j>eo[)lc continued to > isit various por tion: of the city throughout the night. Tbi being in conjunction with the police , no doubt presented inanv n?-aults, robberies and lires. During the night, however, there wcr? four attempts toroh and murder. While Ju-tiec Shepherd wa presiding, a man entered bis house; but before being able to commence operations, he became alarmed. iiudQed on hearing Mrs. S. coming down Hairs. A young man ou leaving the Public Btth inn- office, at two o'clock iu the morning, was attacked iu Kearny, near ? aliforuia street, by two ruffian-. He drew a pistol on the scoundrel*, when they fled. There were two others, the particulars of which wo did not learn. That we are surrounded by a -trong baud of well organized murderers and robb> r-. the ?? > an be no mi-take ? men who murder and rob, and com rades who -tand read> to ewar theiu through the courts. ... At half past se ren, the above eommittee retired into the Recorder's ( ourt room, and organized by calling t optain W. I). M. Howard to the chair, 1 ur.d appointing Theodore Payne, Ksq., as secretary. I Mr. Brar.naii proposed to -cc whether the prisoners Here safe. Mr. Macondray seconded the motion. Mr. Fallon, during the excitement, had removed them to Judge Tilford'i private room, where the eommittee f"imd them, and where they ordered the Marshal to properly manacle and secure them. Mr. Brannnn moved that a patrol be selected and nominated from among the citizen"-, which mo: ion wascanied, and the following nliued person- were chosen: ? F. A. Wood worth, John Svme, ' yrus l'almer, A. Wardwell, Solomon Purdy, Thomas Met ahill, < harles K Bond. It. Wingard, Wdliam hettell, J. ? Bell. J. B. Bidleman, t?co. W. ( 'of fee, John \ Mctiiynn, Lloyd Mint urn, Jo-epli K. A twill, Stephen Tes- hinaker, Mose* Flanagnu, I), i h. Miner, f'harle* Welch, < ?eo. Clifford. At this stage, coti'id< rablc dlseU"*ion took place. 1 Mr. Macondray thought that the committee should be divided into three watches, to take turn' in guarding the prisoners. Mr. Brannan thought at tempts would Ih1 made to liberate them. He thought the committee should be increased. Mr. Macutr dray thought the committee had no power to in ues-c Its number. Mr. Payne thought they should proceed to try them. Mr. Te-ehma Tier understood that they were to serve as a jury. Mr. Jones considered that the people would ex pect some action on the part of the com mittee. Mr. l'aync thought that they w. re bound to report in'the morning. Mr. Brannan in sisted on having the inen tried, and that persons were then ready to testify. Mr. Howard thought that it the men went into court on Moinlav, they would be cleared. Mr. Macondray thought the time had come when we iuu-t act; I hat the coin munitv had borne these outrages long cnoagb: but did not think the committee had power to try them. Mr. Brnnnnn w?s very much surprised to hear peo ple talk about grand juries, or recorder*, or may ors. I'm tired of such talk. These iucd are mur derers, as well m s thieves, and 1 know it; and I will die or see them hong by the neck. I'm onpo?ed to any faree in this I'U mess. We arc the Mayor and Recorder, the hangman and th? law*. The law and the courts never yet hung a man iu California, and every morning we are reading fre*h aeeounts of ders'and robberies, lie wanted no technicalities. Such thing? were devised lo shield the guilty. I us ti je Shepherd here made a statement, lie snid that an officer from Sicraincnto bad applied to him for a warrant to arre?t Stuart for burglary and murder? that he did ?o, and that while Stuart whs on his i xaaination before him. the ' ity Marshal considered that Stuart was a confederate of Wil- j dred, siwl proposed to take hint before Mr. J?ii?on, i to see whether he could identity Stuart. The win | done, and Mr. Janson, without hesitation, "aid that Stuart was the man who struck him. j After hearing the evidenee of several wit- . nes?es, the committee adjourned to meet the eHi- j sens in the pla?a on Sunday morning. Neat day, accordingly, the people began to gn'Tier in a d. n?c mats around the court house. The evidence for | the prosecution wa? taken, wbleh continued until hall pa "t H f. M., when trein< nd>?u< -houting , out-ide was beard, and a rush mode into the court room. The excitement wa- very gm'. l>oors were ?mnsh< d, and windows broken soon as Judge Shattuck could get a hearing, he addressed the court and jury In a ino'-t elo'|oent strain, pro- i testing iigain-t tbe " hot haste apparent in the jni>- I eetdltigs, and asked for ?n adjournment till to morrow. This wa? refund; upon which, protesting solemnly again t further proceedings at present, j hi withdrew. I " 1 *>n't g?? Shattuek cried 'evcral voices j smong the jury, but to no i ffeet. 'I he ev ideiK-e for the defence then ? owmetieed j sftrr which, .Mr. S pence, the nreaiding junge, ? h>irg< d the jury, who then ri tired to d> hh.-ratc. While the jury w< re out. snae p< rson enmmuni- i eated a fn> t to "the court, whi>h Hoy domed of j i? nt importance to communii ate lo the jury. A s?-eoc of indet, ribable confusion en?ued, and trie" of "hear the testimony" ? "biing ou' the Witne??es," It'". After an ab-ence of nb"' thirty minute*, the ju-y returned, and being called, we wered to th< ir "n feeing interrogated. :!?> aid that th' y were unable to agr? e iipoii <s ve di t. a'i'l that'here ( we? no |?i?'il>ility ? I an iff ' n*? Iheyilu' e- ( f?>ri' w ("il |i; be ?' is? harg' <1 11-* 'net then d'4 ?fea | d lloo, al wU sl) \M,* ?*? h J tent. Mr. Coleman, however, made u few appro priate r i mark', which had the cffect to allay the new outbreak. The court, by a vote of the people present, were then discharged, and adjourned. The vote of the jury stood nine for convietion, and three for acquittal. The conduct of the gen tlemen composing the court, and of Judge Shut tuck, and ol .Mr. < 'oleman, was highly credituble to them; and, considering the very great excite ment existing, the behavior of the people was or derly. After the court adjourned, which wa? at about midnight, the people were adilressed by Mr. Hut ton and others, and then quietly dispersed. At two o'clock, this morning, there were no crowds in the streets, and the city was perfectly quiet. OTI1I R CASES OF LV \< II l.AW'. The AUa Cuiifornia Mates that a lynching ope ration came off on Sunday, 2d March," at Stockton. A man had been caught stealing some clothing, and having given it up, was allowed to go free. Soon afterwards, on the same day, he was caught in the actual fact of stealing a mule, when lie was taken by the populace, a rope placed around his nock, and he was drugged across the slough, with a determi nation to hang him, which would undoubtedly have been done, had not the .sheriff interposed', and tho man was given up to justice. It appears that a band of thieves and robbers have congregated near Mount Diablo, who have become a terror to the citiiens of Martinez. < >u Monday, 21th February, a son of Antonio l'aeheco, who ha- been suspected of belonging to the bund, was in Martinez, and was detected in stealing a pair of boots from Messrs. Boram Hi iJenny. Thereupon the people seized him, and took him to a tree to punish hiui. lie succeeded in escaping; but was pursued, overtaken, tied up to a tree, ana servedout wi'h a hunched lashes from a fix-tailed cat. His father being in town, offered two thousand dollars to save his ton from the puuishmeut. This was re fused. On Saturday morning word came Into town that some eighty ncrsous bail assembled at or near Pacheoo's, who threatened to ride into town and bum it. The population being small, some of the citizens i> moved their papers and valuables to He niciu, and then procured arms from the arsenal, tor the defence of the beuutiful little town of Marti net .?J//. Cai. On the 24th February, a man was detected steal lig clothes, anil while lie was undergoing exumina i ion a large crowd collected, ropes wcrt produced. ? nd it was proposed to hung him. They contented themselves, however, with Hogging hhu vory severe ly, and a policeman took him to tho police "ffice, where be gave his name as James Wilson ? the crowd, howevor, following, and attempting to take | him from bis < tis^ody. As they approached tho po lice office, an alarm was raised that they were I coming to take out the two men, Stuart and Wil dred, and at onoc some forty or fifty policemen rush ed in from .ill quarters to defend them ? a force suffi cient to icpel a < rowd four or live timet as lurge a the one approaching. Thomas Jom - was, fin the 2"<tli February, detect ed in carrying off two ducks from the Central House, in Washington street. A urowd immediately ga I the red around, and wcfc about to inflict summary ' punishment, when they were restrained by the ap , proaeh of officer Kadie, who took the offender into ! eu-tody, anl marched him off to the calaboose. : On 3d March, a thief was caught in the act of i stealing a shirt and vest from Miudlctan & Hood's auction roouiB. in Monterey street. Ou being pur , sued and taken back, and the articles taken from him. the crowd present commenced the process of ! lynching him, when he drew a pistol, but w;ts immc | diately Kiioekod down, an.l batUveut in thefaec and body with whips and canes. A rope w as then pro ! cur d. and a determination manifested to hang him | on the spot. At this juncture several of the men 1 engaged in the store interfered to save hi# life ; but their effort' would have been of no avail hit't not Sergeant Hill, of the Second district police, rushed in, and with other officer- succeeded in conveying him to tin station house. A crowd of live or si* hundred persons followed him to the jail, crying out "hang him," "kill him," " don't let him be locked up from ns," and frequent attempts were made to get him from the possession of the officers. Hut i thcy firirly resisted the lynchers, and succeeded in I locking liirii up. He gave his name as William | Wilson. He was completely covered from h-:ad to , foot with gore, when committed. | The Sacramento Tranoript of March I, -fates that oiii ot the justices of till peace, in .Napa city, had been trying a ease in which some ncgroe- were ' conccrncd. Alter the decision had been made, the magistrate was in the store of u friend, sitting upou the counter, when it baud of men came in and ac costed him in relation to the matter ? blaming him lor the manner in which be decided the case, lie i responded to Ihem to the effect that the principles according to which they desired a judgment ren di red were worse than the negroes thcnwclvc* ; thereupon one cf the rutlians stepping up to him, said, " Do you call tny principles as bad as the ne groes," and drawing a bowie-knife, -tabbed hiui to th< heart. Not satisfied with this, ho Stablwd him again and^ again, cutting him in a most shocking manner. The authorities took the murderer into custody; but he was resetted by his companions. I The people then took the thing into their own hands, and ic-eaptujcd him. .M n Itolibfilo, <kc. t ?n III ^ t Febuure, Mr. Ihichaue, 11 painter em ployed by Mo.'.'r. Fuirchild k Proa, on Clay -trcet, just at lh>' head ..ft be l'luu, wua in (ho buck chop, when the report of some kind of a fire :irin was heard, and a ball pacing through the window went through the rap of Mr. T'uehaue. The bull pa--ed ! through the -hop and lodged in one of the saahes of the zinc building opposite, from which it #?< ex truded by Coroner Gallagher. The ball wu a -mall buckshot, and appeared to buve been forced 1 into a pistol with many other*. This wight hare been mi a? idcat: but it looks \ ery much like a | premeditated attempt at murder. Mr. Ihickanc I mm m Mm ot who i ouid ban km guilty of Moh an act. ? ~Hta t'ttltfwn*! . William Tierncy wu* ?hot at Murphy's rancho, about nineteen miles from Sacramento, by Ur. Inglesbv ? the quarrel originating from a ui-putc respecting the ownership of a mule. * >n lib March, a; I>r. I .ulnar was fi turning, alter the fire, to the hospital brig on North l^each, untieing a mm following him, he told him to stand, at the same tim> drawing a revolver to Tejn 1 any attack. The fellow instantly drew a pistol, mid said, " If that'- your game, two ean play at it. Before b"? could lire, however, I'r. Lamm ul'churg id hi? pistol, wounding the fellow in the leg. I he iuhii turned and attempted to run. but could not. Some persons from a house adjoining came out and took him in, and 1 ?r- Laiutr pursued hi- way home. James C. Ilolii.c, F.-?p, of San Frtnci-eo, a young lawyer of considerable refutation, and highly eiteemed there, ami by manv friend* in thin city, for hi* amiable and estimable oimlitie*, "hot lilm .-eli en Saturday morning, March I, at about eight o'clock. He hud baen laboring for Several days under a temporary aberationof mind, and wa* heard walking in hi* room n few moment* In-fore the re port ot the pi-ti'l. The ball entered at the temple, fraetm ing the 'kuli and causing a mortal wound. Mr. II. wu* at the point of death when the Mourn er left, lie wa- formerly a resident of New York. The Parijic AVws March A, *'a'ca that nn Kn glid'iu.m named t'barlcs Jamoa Joseph Kiebard llaith. int. win murdered on the 2i?th of February, near Murphy"' diggings. The ball entered through hi* hat in front. Jud above the middle of the forehead, pa ing clear through tbe brain, and eoming out behind. He wa* formerly from Bedford, near Lon don, bul had been engaged id Boston, #* a uia-hiii i"t. for five or -i* years previou* to coming to < ali foruia. Tbe follow ii^r account of shinning a white man whilst he wa* alive, hy tbe Indian*. i- taken from th< COrrt'pondeno, ofthc L'tmrvr. The affair hap ) em d at what i? known a? the Four < reek*, in tbe ?on them part of the State, and at once evino* the barbarwu* and desperate char act eri our frontier men hate to deal with. About four weeks since, it appears the Indian* attacked a party of whites, and i arried off th< per*oa ofa Mr. i. Wood*. ofJack*on county, Missouri, a young man who hu* been lining ' i i y> ii r or two in t alitornia II.- had been lit ? - rally skinned alive, as bis body placated that ap pearance lie had no other mark' upon hi- boily, when found, -ave blue line* round t b ? neck and imUif. how itig that In had be. H bout I toati ? ? , while he was skinned alivt ! '?n the 21st of February, two well dre--ed men stepped into tin dry good< store ol C. J. Jane on k < o ,i oinei ol Montgomery and Washington sir. . t--, and propo-ril to Mr J. to (xaruine souiu of hi -? blanket'. In tin- ab-< nec of the clerk* and all other' from the -tore, they took advantage of Mr. I and ?trin b lum two v i . >1 ? nt ' low- witli a "lin k ?hot? one on the forehead and the other ju*t over tin car. He was soon prostrated, and while nt> ?f the ? ill* id was a-sanlting him on the bales of gc"dj, the other wti tcii robbed lh? drawer of on ? $'2,0(10 The injuries sustained ar>- very revere, but peehai - net mortal. I sr. Tempi*, who attended n|<on him, thinks he may recover. Th? Pnritr Sun* of the 1st ult <aj ?, a gsotltiinan who arrived in thi*eity Irom Marvsville, ioforais u* that news was reeeived at that place, a short time before he left, giving a detailed account of one of the iiiot-t fmrfiil tragedies near Fostor'i bar, whieh ba* yi t transpired iu California. Our informant. ."??it<s that herscs and Hales have been stolen at various tiui' s. until the forh< arunte ol the eitiaens wii* past all cadMraaec. Abosit two weeks since, Ji bitg>> imjnbvr of animals were stolen, when it was e'ftrtained who bad taken them; bul tbe parties bud fled with tlieir booty, and it was not known i|i which direction to pursue. The affair wa* kept ?|iiiet intil In t Wednesday, when tliethi< ve?. think ing tiny were not *?s^e> ted, returned to foefer's, wb, n the mi in is ivt (hat vicinity l? came de |o mined (?> pi>t H ? Io| to ? be further bi iK^-i-ding* of tbi'gnip I'fce thieve- i-et iened, and in the veiy Mlif n| aiAlief J?t ?f fl U;v?i , was shot ? tie other two were takeuaud hung by ths pvpulaeo. < ?ur informant thinks there can bo no doubt o[ the truth of the above, as a Spaniard employe J u|?m a mni'h near Marygville eatnc direct, and stated positively that sucli an outbreak had taken place, and that the partite who were executed werj Americans- _ Very Late from Ibe Wcit Invite*. We have received l>y the arrival of thu Empire Citf our tiles of Jamaica papers to the 1st instant, inclusive. The cholera ho* re-appearcd io various parts of Ja" muica. The Kingston Mitrliter, of tfee 34th ult., give# the t'i lowing intelligence relative to the Jiunui:a Ami-Slavery Society, and the immigration of free-colored |? rgoua ? A meeting of the eeotral committee of the .laiuaicit Auxiliary Anti-Slavery Society, and of several gentlemen Interested in the immigration of free colored American* t<> thi.< island, was held at the Mie > Institution, ou Weduesday evening last. The Meeting wa.< rather numerously at tended? W. W. Andertion. K^., In the chair The Rev. Mr Oughton.of this oity, and I'ev. Mr. Landon. of Cana da. spoke at none length on the question oi immigration hither from the Culled States aud Canada, of tne frcr colored population of those countries, anil point' d out i rr detail several facta rraincctej with the subjtet. from all of which it appeared that w'th tlw exer .'iso of ordinary energy and per wvnrauoe, a., opposing olrcuuistauuiv* could he r>?dily ivtceome The reverend gentlemen's addresaes were fallowed up ')y several spec lies, In the 1 like strain, from thu gentlemen present. und a eoinmitte" consisting of William Wright. David llravo. and CbarU ' M'tiregor, Esquires, and the Rev. Messrs. Oughton aul Landon. were appointed to carry out certain resolutions, and to petition the Assembly in fur the ran ie of the < ?b jeet of the meeting. The committee were also ruquestcl to enter into communication with the unti-slavery so ciety of the mother country, a-t also of < anad* nil J the United States, with thu view to secure their a Id au& co-operation. The King- ton Journal, of the 17th ult.. >-ays:? The royal mail steamer Ureal Western arrived late og Suuday afternoon, fiom Vera Crun and Tainpico. Shu left the former port on the 8th Murch. with uh< til tgrrfMIUO of whi? h $<0,000 aru for the Mexican dividends, ^h^ left Tampioo on the loth, with $7">0.0UC. of which fi)U.(*x? were also for the Mexican dividend), m.d IS pa-?ongersi for Europe. Annexed Is the latest from iiri nsn m ini:a. Quarantine regulations were to be enforced again, t vessels from Cayenne, wher yellow fever :s said to pre vail. and against tli"-e from Martinique win ro V'c -mall pox i? reported to b< ragiug. The weather in v- i.-h* v. ? continued showery, and highly favorable to - gro* i of the young canes, and to the extension of cultivation where that is considered desirable,'' s r. L' C IA. Tile St Lucia Palladium inform* us <S . i;".?nd civi." <?eut ? the incorporation of the town. now the city of | Castries. with its Mayor. Council, ite., i u which occasion t hi< Excellency Lieutenant (lovernor Durllcg pr< uounccil I an eloquent oration. 8ueb a imi r venieut in Bridgetown Barbados. has long been u d>'fiu ruturn. AM'IOV A. The weather, it will I., wu by the follow' ng ) uragrnpii from the A niges Herald, ha- tv cn extr< inely favorable I'j the plaiitor- of Antigua ? Within the la?t fdght days the inland 1\: -? t' ? n t.iVoi ed with a thorough -wet season." Every day f r the lar, week, niay lie described a- belonging to U.c ca'cgory ?rainy aud while m v.rite ("meridian; the whole hori zon is covered with thick oleitds which -c in heavily im pregnated with the fruetrifying moisture ? of which tie* fiei i^ have received si i largely us to have expanded the planter's hope of a la r : e return from the. late c nes ot the pf -ent crop and heightened his exptcta; ;? n? of tie crop of 18.VJ ino-t joyfully The full-' of rain iu some localities on Wednesday night, were so |). , >y n to hav ? amounted to a wash." ? provl-lons inii v ung plant lwving been wa<dii'd out of the earth ly tie v . lenee ??; tb' water cour*e?. "' markets. Kinostov. (Jam..) Apr 1 1.? Receipts 1 av ? n rallnT free -ince our is?ue of the 27th iiltiui . : i , " ??? gene, rail j an not so well ?upporte.l ?. they w- .. i t, that date Ti e n Ivunce obtaii ? d iu codfi-h und nta- ? ;? ! has t?eu lo t ? the lji-t -ales having been t .??.? at II- tof cask, and It's, per box for cod, and "n?. is.r barrel for mackerel, which was :i decline of Is. In tlic :.,rire r an t in the latter. Tli- market Is very ti ? ? ly supplied Flour ha- nKo N'en nffi cteil by the further ree ? .| *.?. an I ha- la i n fre. ly ofli r. <1 at ?>?. * There i?. I ? <*? vi-r. uo dis. position i viuce.1 to purclun-e ou -pis-uiatiou iireud lia Isi u stliing at la -t rates, l.ut more se-wiy. i- it i very moderate, request ; and n-eour- h. '-?nliadt' auction to move the article without h wv any sue. ??en. A parcel of ISO Ixirrel- wa- with Io- . per Isirrel. which was the highest rate bid f' r ii Caudle ur. in excessive supply. We have not fcrj.rd ? 1 any ?ale ol laU arrivals. Martcll ?, tiraudy. ilara. h..- tat n '*1 f< reit at OS per gallon. In Uiiid. A parcel of I -i-'n butter w?.s moved yesterday at lid. |*rlb Tin p.-... ?? market re mains in ulaiiit tl.e same state as wle ij wi *>nt,U-tt<> pn -s. with (hi. exception of coffee, i h I. I? dt'iiue^ 1>. per lOOIbs.. for ordinary .ort?. 1 M I *? ?[|ir. I RAM Xl W I 111 I % 1VI II K.? ? 1 ... \ ' t >1 ? *T, > M . paper*. to tin- 4l)i in-t. Tlii' rhj<: on- took place oil the 1-t iii.?t. in a ?erv <| ni*ft irai iv I'heoppo -ition candidate* lu two of thi< mrd* rwtu'ti* d. In one wi ft thrrr ??- ni> opposition. In um tl i r. u scrutiny th?- v>t?*? ci?i ii to th- regular candhUt' ?? *..? <:>'iuuii<led hy tin ii|'|"i?itl<'ii. The |h i t of IlilWI.-oio', in All* rt, county. ba> l>ecn opened ?- u fr- port for fi'-vi^ii trail", mill i'hii now |ro th' re with cargoen ttcm th* I nM flat<". or clear fr"m there ? ii It < ir^i- * froiu *. tor?4>.ii country The home goverin.unt tin ? IT? r< d t<? Iran the money for the eoii-truction of lie lie. 'fax a n-C tjuebec Hallway; but the Ivrui- ar- ? I U i? -.iid, ?ml tin' propo-itlon ba." foine ?o l?t*v tl i.i \> w llran ? ii h * ill unit con-cut to th" proj ????Iti n l)v?iiittli<* iln> w. iv ron-trurti'd. thcr< I- no rca-KnuKi ? ? peijtatloii thai it would pay the working e\|.cn>. ? ?? it. *? liil? tbi terms proposed l.y Karl lirny an- -o ?n : i k? nt that to i arry thvlu oot would )?' to ruin -'' th- protini ? to a, ?tat? of U'triary The ?u Hrumr r lliat th" only railway which tin- pro* iuc ?lioold ?* -lUcitum about. and which it ttruily belli tc- i- -I ? .iy I > in < un "trm-tcd. i? thi' Kun pcaii and N' rth Al'n ii- . i line. 1 lii-4 railway Mill )>ay. mul r<>ii>f|ii-iitly niu?tbc.<n tructcd; unit *? it will reoulre all their aid to do it. it i l.?-|ii reij that the proposition of tlx llriti-h p>v? rt i ? hi will n >t I* rnti rtulm-ij by I lie l.i'ici-lature Tin I i.. or .tw.irp rutin*: <'run(fi U4ji? in the prot'.ncc. t.i..!.U,r bill id favor of elretWe l>|iiiUtlvr coiinii- (..?*? i .? ? ? r< i> i tM liy tbi' l^ii-Uturr Tin l.ri;i<i:?tiiri' of I'rii ? ?? rd l-Uuit wa? ??)?< ned on tin 'J.'ith ult. hy l i? I ? ! ? ii- > Sir .\ ttaiini rnian. tli<- u? ? !y y|>poiu;<<t l.i< i ? imnt < >0 hmm 111- l:*crll?-n?-y. in bi- ii<M ?? ? . hmk i that to ?a- | i?|'nn il to inlriHlin r ri -poti-it .? ?? rnuu-nt into Ihr i-oionv in n nuxlihiii, aiot al"> ;o mm o.h r th?* ili-|>o?al of hir >laji--t\ - rrowu i? * In nth* l^ jri' lntur< >lmll Iimti ajrn ?d t>* crtaln n w. !t?.n? n .,uir"l ? u ilin |4iit of tho ?rown? b T. Titr (Y>.?r. Tn.tMi >or 1h.iI.? Thr f.i:rr::ty H-ut thi- work li_? ruilroail. is 31,1'.^ 1(1 to: ?, -homuij; ;>U incri'ii *> of ii bout 3.1**1 toini. I!y cwi?1.8,iM Ot for th? week. 1VI,17S (CI. (>ui little bu m? liu> bi-pn ?lour on tin mnul tlii)1 w<rrk? lh? bo. hit how rnruinj; u|> pretty in pi'lly, l>ut tlx bouttnon bold out for fl *0 frciglii to At w York ; lujny ol tlir opera tor" f?'?l ilinpoicil to rcni-l tlo' uhrr^1' ground that if tblp rat'' of freight i* in - i - 1 ? ii upi . . if i- |> re ferable to ?hii<| by railroad even t?; New \ork. i. ?; 1 1> o following tigurcn will ?b<>w Hy '.'aofcl? Fr>ii;bt fl 7i? Toil ou i;]ij >1 ipi'in^ ? .... k By Tifcili "?d? I r-ifht fcr f| m 1 < . ? <t >? i t n iphl from Kilehni'ind !? > ? i>|? ii-?'> at Ilieltiuoiiii ... . .. .?I ^2 tfi I .< a\ i nj; only 7 J ^cul - in favor <1 tl.i .nl. which, our o|icrator? contend, will not ? otu|?i 'iitc tjr the inrrca-H'^ t im'- in making the trip, and i riak en counter) <1. Thm?uf(lut?bi at leii-t fn u 12 tu I"' ont- difference l>y canal, to induce th? ? ?. n ? I their coal by that ?* cnue to \< w \"?-rk . Tbi* ilifB culty w:ii eau.?cd by the i-mimI ODiinny ?!>; rinining to make th^ir rato H.*> c< nt* 1. ^ tf mi bv r .;|r >m| ; the railroad company rclucvd tin ir I *,?! tiam portation l't cent*; thu cat; <i a To. I - n I f? cent* on loll on the canal, but the b?iittn?t t.-r niining to adhere to la-t . , ar' ? in', . in i. 1 1 1 < i - 4u' ti' ii on the canal only cent* in.*!- aU<4 I The h<*tmen urge t h? l.-gh rat. bv t U - tran?portinff couiiiani, \ a- the if plc.i I i Miihcnn^ to fl 70. Thi* plea crtainly ? om? ? wi: i . 1 1 we cannot cen?un tb,-m f?i niai'itan eg r. ,i, ? ing t?rice?, long a< tb< Irgli i.r. * ntai.n <1 by tV carrying com pann - If ?? In. tion ? oolil )>e iiiikI) all r un I. tl.i i ...t?v ?, i echo. in good faith, "iijrlil l<> b< nf il>W i | if. -n al?o. If they (the boatmen) adhere to ? * r;.lc?, th< ? mal company will i.c t'oi <1 tor. I. ? i '.< ir tolls a ?hade to acoure theii i?>ri|on oi' tin i r m ? l\. V<4! -r?//e {I'll ) ./ 1/ l!t vonn, Drvrn ?m WV . f ? ? lM>t*\a. ? We b urn Ironi l.t. My. r<. "Ml I, fi:nti v i ? ' - 1 in fioin Fort Arbiu I !? . tha ?( ?? 1 ??? the prairie* bring thv report nf ? !?? d???h t.i Wild Cat, ami two ut hi- < i?? |.:i n i- . 1 I ' ? ? It i? ri ported that tliey wcr killed by t I, b Tin Wi, hrtnfrv, K? . bo -, mid t i-ajr . I n.|. ,? together for the purpoc <?t e.\ti 'luiin i oo Jh k:m:iv . who lire". .iinl > t\ o; ? !, | I by all of tin other tribe". The 'I o?ku?nj li i. - i ill, ?l?-x oiir tin bidii - "f tin 1 1 > .<? i ,l| a battle, and Uhi'ii love ol tin ta?tc of bitniiin fl, h j. great, tha' tiny -onn t imr- ,<.* I eonie ilexoted victim of tbi-ir owu liib?'. l.t. \|. in? form' li* that Hill ("ol?i>cr, a I ? luWtut triul- r. Iinn^* I h< now-1 in. thnt tb< r? arc eonjr<-j'i?t. <t pr? 1 1 jr- lii?h np on H' <| river, about I went y I'imi i i..| ? tm?m In - . 1 b??y Informed him, t'onmr. that ii ?h t?f. iriot. n. lion to exterminate tin I'awnec Mobmir#, buthc thinfc* it i? tbfir inlentioi. to i, -?i , (i ,| t , r n | .< .it the frontier' of Tetaa. Thi- i* crr^t . no doubt, audit would In well for onr ir Ijthbor* ?l T#*n" tei be on tbe look out , and Ifii e tin m a w a in tiif|itiofI il tin < Btnu iii-be- ?lioniii ? lalt them --/', , / .Vi?y/, (Ark.) tt< niH, Mnr.1. 21. Doaieitk Mlwrllaiijr. \ !?'? ? <?!??! IK JJf ' '?|M It I ?'.( f .f HI " ? r ' 1 1 f 1 I \| i - - .!???? phivx ht|*, whltr. i- Iv I. ?t#? ul'd ??? .|U. > <i -?n tin I t I ? i .liimv t.i %r Th? I W lV;?u/? n licit I!. Ihf ? I'HiK ?c*?nli*t, wii- jirr^'f #-d in III ;t Ii-t Tiic?. tfflt "?i \)u mil < f ? ?t i ? ? ( Mi* fSS^Mi I f'?f? t?rrjr|, f?f pr* -IW?M mifHlV' 'IwillU.' ?p?' l???l r?i %f?QC)0 A IN fifty ^1" Hft (I l!r. II Iw.*Imi fr|ii f*- ??f|i Hi - f;!?t*iv *u ki><l h? fr?- n t< ;?* ?? lie' | ' 1 1 rti.n a.f-.r. -M.L J|?, k, WIO. M> tiff ill*, ifi<l

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