Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 14, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 14, 1851 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6748. MORNING EDITION?MONDAY, APRIL 14, 1851. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE CLAY FESTIVAL. Srventy-Fifth Annivmary of the Natal Day of Henry Clay. ENTHUSIASTIC DEMONSTATION, lie., ko., &o. On Saturday evening the sixth anniversary of the Henry Clay Festival, was celebrated by a company of Upward* of live hundred gentlemen, who aat down to a fturoptuous repast, ut the Apollo Rooms, 410 Broadway. The general feeling manifested throughout tho evening, was of a most marked uud enthusiastic character?flat ierlng to the patriot and the man whom they had thus ?et to honor?on* whose principle* as a statesman, and Whose put die and private virtues all have Ir anted to Venerate and respect. The spacious room was handsomely festooned with American flags, and embellished with various portrait.! of Mr Clay. There was one immediately behind the chair, which was a remarkably w< II executed painting? it *w surmount! d by un American eagle, and surrouud t'd by banners. Ou the right of this portrait wns the Seventh ward loanner, ou which was printed in large gilt letters? ?tooooooooooooonoooooooooooooouoooo. >000000000000000* I have wished the good opinion of the world ; 8 but 1 defy the most malignant of my eueuies to 9 shew that I have attempted to gain it by any low 5 4 or grovelling acts, by any mi an or unworthy x sacrifice, by the violnliou of any of the obllga- J tions of honor, or by a breach of any ol the g duties which 1 owe to my country. II. CLAY. g . o 'OOOOOOOXsX lOOOOOOOOOOOOOOofXX XXe>00000000000000000,: On the left hand side was tln> banner of the ' *0000000000000000000000<XS KKXX KKXXHXXJOOOOOOOOOOOOO* Ti:stii Wabd Democratic Cn*r Cll'b, Instituted 1K41. [Ptidniti ut the Goddess of Liberty, and 5 llenry Cluy,] Under whieh was Inscribed? '?JUSTICE TO HENRY CLAY, | TUB aTAB or THE" toOOAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOIX H KMXIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOxi* At the oprj < mi t e end of the room was another portrait Of Mr. Clay, and the banner of the Knickerbocker Clay dub. In other parts were other likenessesof the honor able gentleman, with the different mottoes, '? Tlie Mill Boy of the Slashes;'' '? Protection to American In dustry.'' The Second Ward Clay Club banner displayed por trait* of Henry Clay and Frelingliuysea, with the word.! beneath. ?? Always for the country." In auother part were the memorable words, printed in ?old? KM1000000000000000< KMX X KM mkaooooooookkkkm)^ I KNOW NO If OUT 11. NO 801*1 H, NO BAIT, NO Wfif \ * NOTHING BUT MY COUNTRY. ^ ^OOOOOOOfKMKKKMXKKKKKMKKKM K>Ot MXMKXM >00000OOOOOOO'MM >* The Fourteenth Ward Ileury Ola/ Club?1" Justice to 3larry of the Weft." The Club, Eighth ward?1'ortrult of Henry Clay. The room w?* well illuminated with *ix chandelier*, and numerous wax light*. Tha table* were laid out with a delicate ai well a* a substantial repait, provided fjy liarnea a Alker. and In thl* connection wo miy tender our thank* f.T the c>urt<-y extended to our re potter* by Mr. .Smith J Eastman and other* of the Committee of Management. Illuminated pyramid* of confectionary, with portrait* <4 the patriot Clay, added a brilliancy to the scene which wm enlivened at interval* by " mo*t elufwnt giinsic'' from l>od*worth'? well known band. A bunch of evergreen and spring flower* wm tied. and eft on each plate, a* emblematic of the undying and ginfadlng feeling* with which Mr. Clay'* f. llow-c >untry dnen retain the memory of hi* exertlou* in behalf of American liberty and union. The chair as* ably occupied by Willi* H ill. Esq., and ftmoaffrt the other member* of the r.mpany pre*ent wire III* Exn II. ney M Mareolcta, Minister from the die public of Nicaragua; General Mather, Jo*rph I*. White. E* | , N. II Blunt. Esq , District Attorney Judge Greene. Mr Hall, the A*.-i.*tait District Attorney *nd acvcral member* of the bar. Tin Pai umm?J. 1'. l'henix. II W Ber?*-in. J. 1.. ('roe*. A J. Williamson, George J. Cornell. John IBoardman. 7,?pbar Mill*. Charlc* Mi-Doug ill. M. O. Jlobrrts. M. Ti B*>rtick. DrnJ. Di.ikr. C. M. 8iiu ?n*on. N. !B Hunt. Obadiuh Neweorob. Armed* 0. Kargi- O. M Je-upp. llole-rt .Smith N C ciy. John Newhou<* M llipl*r Molt Capi Knight Hrrasan Mam. Ovorg* W Brown. Mr I'lalt. Com. Var.derbilt, Cornelius llrudi, Conrad Sweet, Aid Bett*. After the il.Hh wa* removed the ehairman *m?? an 1 paid :?Before prrceedlnp to annou'iee the regular toasts, 3 wish to enii-iiitulate thl* a**oratii->n that w* are p r mitled lo a*It-tent* anothir anuiv -raary of th it joyful day. which g ive to bl* e--uutry. an I th- world?Henry 4T*y I wi?h lo congratulate them that the man we I ? light l? hom i still live* In r-inf irtahle health and tin'in 2aired Int. licet The year* fall lightly up >n hi* h in .r h| cad In ' Me time Which d *:roy* ad th'ng*. tv-at* him more kindly than many of hi* unflratiM c uintrv Bien He -till liv. *? the Sc-t "? of tl.* stat-? devoting the reiuiiant of hi* ymr* t > heal ill - (h ntliwi*. so-the jealousies. ealnt Irritation*. an I hy uneounllnl eloquence. wisdom and m .d rttlna, re newing ai d strengthenin* the hand* of our Union, II? Still lives to prove the dUI 'ten ft din * of th't dev ill n to hi* country. nhii h, In e irlyr y u h flamed up fram hi* heart, as fri hi an altar?a flame which h i* nev -r II c'; -r ?il or failed, whh b now, in the do -.ty of y.-a'* burns a* brightly, an I a* steadily, a* In the vi r of hi* manh **1 "ft hy are we tmnbli d on thl* oce i-hm ? I* it to offer hrfWtnlMmf I* It to attract t" ourclve- th ? r*y? c<f some rising un ' I? tt to ?? e -ook the pregnint hi i ???* ?>f th* km e wlo-re thrift may follow fkwiong !" No ' we celebrate the lofty virtue of a tn.n oh. hn1 n.-ith r wnnith. n r p wer. nor patiwag*. (tending on the v -re ed a h-ng and lal*wtini? life d*?-'t- -d to hi- unify'* <er wtce. Mr Clay m*y justly excls.m -~ All tny aim ? have teen mpe-mntry'* I *in nappy In her ha;<plio ? rich In her rich. ?. tMmred in her niwjor ?if I .lie p e.r I In' e ?.I.I ic h. d my country,?if I h .vn n I r. c. ivci the h >n .,? flf the repu-1lie, 1 have rontriln te.| t> in ike her p >w. ? eofill rrs|e-ct.? and honoreil throughout th- w.wl l " V Idle we liie We w 11 n t refse to k-. p the exampl - - f rueb n B .-.n befTe the list . n. Pilch an example, ap. plau.b*l hy a whole peojd ? in*V ? h- r ? *' Cu. li #'i . *. ?mplc Is a revenue of in-rat w. I I. Indnitelv U*or valu able than the golden mini* of i ?1 fornix! Yin- nam - of llenry t'l*y >1*11 limine the rallying . ry?hi* mantle, the tenner wh;. li shall in-plre ev. ry trio -hearted Ai.i rl n*. n with man what of the energy and intrepidity of lh" treat original in repelling every aeenult upon the'lnfeg.-l iy of our Union at home, or the r1ghl*aml honor - f - or .nation *bn ad. Henry I'lay i? one of th"*e men w'i ?. when the mist <<f ages ha* gathered over this generation, will loom np through the dimness in iip.-rhuman dim -n aion* still be* nine the i|. mlg -.1- of the heroic *gc of our his tory Public virtue flourish. ?b*--t whervmo-t appreciated. >'ew are in a situation to Imitate gn at public action*, but all may admire them It I* wl?c then. In a government ?where popular opinion nile*. to mark them by aoma pili llr di muti?tratlon. I .at th.- birth-lay* of our hero*" lie. come the holiday* of the nation May this day Is- noted In our calendar I" the end of time, and devoted to th* romw rnorHtmu of n morn I hero, who - Would rather Imi light than he I'realilent " To our gne*d* and the stran ger* wlm honor our fe*ttral. we bid a heart-warm wel come' To Join n* In honoring the man whom w>* delight to honor draw* tin to you by the **t pympnlhjr. the mnu we I ve* n* brethren To thief who have joined . air festival, who differ from Wr Clay in many of hla political opinion*, VU say wel come' Uke men?irwb t- n.i. o? m n?you arrogate to youtw-lrr* jicrfrrt freedom of thou:bt. >?ad like ehrl* tiaa*. y?ni do ontontlier* a* you could that ? ther* bonld douutojou TotidlMHit flrom Hie p dtry or opmiun, hud ymi honor the honesty wtlh which it I* entertained?lh - P ?riess Hml patrt. Ma energy with w hleh It I* Vtndicatfd. Ton differ In many thing", frmu the *t*t -siiwi Imt y a Venerate the patri.-t and love the man Com*, then, into bur ftwtiwni.l circle! M'e *oek to est iidl*h no p dill -al aree l. bwt. thnt the man who devotedly loves and tlisin tiri-sti.Uy "iriislils n untry. ahoulil be reffMded a* the prop, rty of the nation, and all partif* shotid join In ol. rating lilm to a niche in the temple which enshrine.* h'-r h< rnea! Tlie CtraiMitn then gave the (!r?t regular tssid of the CVrnlng. which w*?? ? Tn? Twei vvn or Aenir, 1777"? Erie hallowed h. that dev. V Mm gate to Freedom. R<-nrv Clay. Ileary Clay's Grand M?reh. The following" natal day" *or>x. romp' ed ami dedi c*|i .1 In the " I lay K.wtlval A *? -elation." by William II Miekell lte| w?s anng by that g< nth-man. and a ehoriv. frith aJmiml-le effect Thy natal day oh. llenry day. The fre-h' t mem'rlee telngn? " (lid Time '* himself above iby heal, P. Id* eleda III* (bating wing* ; fo in nur henris fresh Mornn* again, As conies the dawn ?f May, With 14 Violets " and " evergreen,-' To wreathe the name of Clay Oh. llenry (Tny. (hi* I* thy natal day ? ti e h- re t<vnlght With heart* unite. To celebrate the day We luiiW the bright, auspicious morn That gave lustre tu thy ntmi', Tly - Compromise " the Union saved, Ami spared uu r Country 's ahum ?; From North to South the joyous sound le-apod forth o'er hill &u.l plain, As ir the broach " our Harry " sprung, An 1 b ut UU " magic name." Oil Henry Clay, IhU Is thy natal Jay ; Wo how to-night With hearts unite, Tc colebrato tho Jay For ?bca The Union" was assailed ?? One " wished him to ?? giro way '? K? Sir," responds tho Patriot, ?? No Kir," the people say '? The Union first." hold Harry says. ? And tuy Constituents say T? ?' 01J Keiduck " the States respond Those burning words of Clay. Oh, Henry Way, this U thy natal day ; We hero to-night With hearts unite. To colebrato the day. Alone, yd not alone he stood, For giant minds wero there, Who to his faith and principles Their own allegiance swear ; The u(lrent Kvponndi-r" then declared, And In his speceh did say, It's "constitutional" and ?? right " To rote with lltiyy Clay Oh, Henry Clay, this is thy natal day ; Wo here to-night W ttli hearts unite. To eolobrato tho day. This song was received witli grout applause The second regular toast was, IIknhy Ci.ay- -Vou are still to na all that you have been throughout our live*?still gr--ar, honorable, just. pure, pa triotic and wise?still " lirst at living men,' and ''first In our hearts"?still greater tlinn -elent or llonareh. for you are still lit v?v C'l.Avt?"Here's to you, llarry Clay." Mr. Ma ar.Li. then sung tho following, another of his compositions for tho occasion, to the air of ?? Here's to you llarry Clay:"? Again, on Time's resistless wings,] Is marked the natnl day Of one whom we all hold most dear, Cur guide star, Henry Clay Here's to you. Harry Clay, Here's to you. my noble soul, Here's to you with all my heart, For in the Union Compromise Vou nobly led the port. Here's to } ou, Harry Clay Tlio' there have been disunion scone# The year that's passed away, They're lidded lustre to tho name And fame of Henry Clay Hi-re's to you, llarry Clay, Here's to you. my noble ?oul. And so as ouch succeeding year With us shall pass away, Assembled here, we'll praise true m-n, W ho did no fear* La-tray lb-re's to you llarry Clay. Il.le's to you, my uoblo soul Who boldly in their |daces stood, And to friends and foes did say? We're for the Union, that aioue, As said by Ileory Clay Here's to you, Harry Clay, Here's to you. my noble soul Oral bless the noble patriot, V\ hile he is for away; May Cuba's winds gire joyous health And strength anew each day Here's to vo?. Harry Clay Hi re's to you. my noble soul And may we soon bi-h'-id the m in For whom we meet this day, ? Whose name's engraven on our hearts? His name?Our llarry Clay. Here's to you, llarry Cluy. llen-'s to you. Illy noble soul. And now let ail his friends arise, And give to joy full sway. And for the 'Compromise' three cheers. And thrie tinu-s three lor Clay. Here's to you. Harry Clay, Here's to you with all my heart. Joarm L Whitf, E*q . of this eity, respond <d. After n few preliminary r, mark*. lu which he referred to the cx-i'iieii,ii whirl) brought the lumiUif't ipthiT iml t!i ? i hji ct fop n hii It they li.irt convent d, h" - il l?Gentlemen. I recognise but otic higher law, ninl that i* the lit* of thinking what I please. (Apphiu-. an 1 laughter ) An l win never 1 inert this association, 1 ha?r ample guarmty fri in the pant, that m it k?i tlx n so will It bo now that in araaailanoi with that hi-her law I may -ay what I think (Applnn o ) f~im-? ? wea.-seiubl ii gentlemen. OUe year ?g" ,ti> nl. I .rate the hirtlntay of llic great \m rie in i< tiiliioin r Providence ha* plac d him in a |> aitkw to play a itlU Uor? roieyiruoui part than lie ever play -J I e) Ky the ? i! -s, the machinations, and the pi it-, of I" litielane ef extreme opinion* in the North, and the wile.*, machination- ami pi >t a, of ptUlkkw <>f cxtrama t>|?l?tna> lu the South, the integrity, nay. the very cx i-tel ee i f tin.- gn at I illon. wai- jeiip.iedited I'rgial on ty sous demoniac spirit. that nought far private ad Vanr<niert in the public disadvantage, thi* Uaiut w:u carried t<?the point of dissolution. and was even -truj glit.g in lt-thri < s. when the < II man of A-bl ind. with w *ei ty.four well spent year*clusteringabout hitn. again slipped forward, t lie admiration of hi* countrymen, to nn ui' the t'uioii which he had twice already rescued front Impending peril. (Ureal appliu-iv) I wish, geiitli men. that time permitted, with dne regard to that justice which we mu-t mete out to other*, and rsp*cially to the distinguhJird it ranger* who are I re-i id. to go into the origin and history of thou* dlix-i n-iem and tho-e differences, and animo-iti. ?< that endangered thl* Union of on* Hut time will u d per mit. let I ft ? I Mint I can't do justice to the oeevdon. im r to the man. i Mr Clay.) nor to you. were l u >t to call your attention f .r a ft ? momenta, to one of the great m< name* id c mpiOWiLsc?the mighty theme of dennnci ation at the North?.all of which hag been NtifMN it-author Henry I lay (Ap;lm-?.) An I I allude t> what is i ailed the fugitive Mare law I feel e m trained to ray a few word* on the subject. for the feu "in, that tin ugh denoutired ?? it ha* been. I believe tli ? true Mate of the ca?e lui" not been presented to th ' e lunt.y. with rrdnrnre to that law. Men of drceil imagina tion violently dl-| d to endanger the integrity id llii* Union, are engaged ?<>* in the North den iunring thl* fugitive f lave law, and arc luvitliig resistance to the exc nut ton of that ln? of the land. If en r the time w.i*. who patriotism demanded t lint lie who had a Ii'art to t> < I ft r hi* country, end dared to ut ter In centum-lit*, if he ever dared to utter them, Hint time, in myjudgin til. lathe pre ? nt (tin at applause and cheering ) Wlixt i* thi* fugitive Slave law. with the denunciation of whirh the alx lith'U Ma -* id the North L" ringing?wliat i* the subject ol the deiiunelalioii.i. ami inv ?ration* .and abju tatn n* of abotttlonlstr seeking ofhee which I pray to U'd they may never obtain f (Applau.-c i ilentl-nn n talk of thi' fugitive Stave law a* it it wi f an original in at ann , a* If it established kuk new right, some evil prin ciple. Not so The origin of the evil agalnat which tin si nu n complain, lira further back than the net of IfiU It Ilea In the federal constitution and It I* the key atone of the arrh on which rest* the what' i of temple of our government (i')icera and applause ) And when theae no u apply tloCr MdeTstanding to what they d* ii' iince. and a?rertaln tliat It ??? the handiwork of Washington and Hamilton and other gnat stati imen.inethliika theirefce* k* would mantle with -haim and that they ought to pause I have sai l th ? t thl? bin aetabtlsbce on in w right. In this I may In mis taki ii ; hut if it die* > taidieli any new right, it i* to the slaVr. nml not to the uia ler Our r ei -tit ittlmi*dcclar"a e*pr> ?-ly that no parson held to service or labor in one Stale uoder the laws t In reef, ese-ipiag lot i an iher. imil In con coimrr of any law or regulation therein he dis rhargi d tr< m such vc'rvlre or labor, but shall be delivered up on claim of the |*u ty to whom ?urh -erviee or Wnr may be due. It lint. then, la the right of the master' I am i.ot going to travil beyond the constitution, on whirh was huilt that gn at p> rwmkl of power?4 be I'nltcd State* | of America?who hconfer* on im all the blessing* we enjoy. ? mlwhii h illuminate* the darkest corner* of Kurop*'itself. (Appl.* ii ?? i. I am hot going to inquire whether that I au silt ii tii* was wrong, when our forefather* and oursetvei haVI bteeine all th*t ?s arc under It I am thankful f r ItaMewdnpa and will nit deiionneethe men who tran*- i ?lilted thi III to u* (Ureal applause ) There la the con ?tttutinii?read it. And what Utlii.* con?tltuti?n that we hear en much about ? It Is the law pammonnt. In mo di rn abolition v< macular, it I* th*' " higher law " of th ' land 11 'heers and waving of handkerchief* ) And thi* higher nay more, thl highest of iHiintn laws, has *e curedthc light to the 'luv. holder, if hi* slave escapes, and favs that the fugitive, by hi? v luntary act. ? ant Is' -et free, hit hall, on claim being male. Is- d*llTcrrd up t his ma-ter. Now. without th" law ef IWtt. Iiow rt<? d the cn*e f 1 wtah t* Hod meti would -ludj riu ri law and !? ?a fanath i m (tlra-at laughter, in vtiirh the speaktr joined ) It I* a matter of ad jwdlcntioa hy the Supreme t'ourt "f the t'nited Statec that the alavrholuer. with the constitution In hi* hand in*y ? titer the State into which his fugitive store iiisy Imvi e raped. ?'"? there, invoking no aid from itn ctate anthorltk s. asking n thing ft* in State authority, tut clothed villi the arm of the pen titution he nay. ty Virtue if ttint enactlt?tlea. setie lit* 'lave hy the strongaiRirf ft rre r.inl ri turn home with littn That I* the remediation: that letlie adjndieeli'n if the the So piriiie I'l lilt oftli, I oiled Stale* iinderthe cuvatltutlon: and althaugh In the days if Jackson, the doctrine w:i< taught, of an nppral front the "upn me t'ourt of the t'ni ted State# to the p. ople, who al< ue e odd ennct a h fhef law I thank ii'"! It is not the doctrine of llenry flay and nev< r wa* tils dortrlnc (The aaaembly here rt ml i f and cheered vehemently ) lie never entertain**! th< "SI" til lav n doctrine that an appenl lay from the supn me f'iart ef the T'nited M'lte* That qneatloa has been stthmitte I to that high authority; l y that high authority It ha' Icen ? tthd and the rtpht of the slave holder under the e in slltuilon. hag t* t n declared hy that hiph authority, t" ct t< nd to his travelling into the free States; rapturing hta -lave and returning with him .wltliout the Intervention of the State authoritii and if any man interfere he I* sub ject to bulletin' nt 1 hat waa the condition of mvatrr and -lave without the legislation nf lMO Where, th. n la nil that skhly patriethm if the last eight months, and who hasawalun< lit now? Iild not theno gentlemen know that thlaactef tMOcnnfcfC no n-w rigid on the slave h< I'hT? Hut what la |he act of IktW' it is th? di clara tton of a constitutional right, and it points out the mode In which that right 'hall he exercised That I* the (lily change In the condition if ma-lcr nml slave, a* far as |hc iftic-tion of recapture la concerned. What is the ca>e under llic m wlaw' Th* "l ive cseapea. and thema*ter pur-iii * IJio tua--!vt U obl%<-d to go beforvaa 'Seer of the United State* and make hi* claim, a warr.cot U i-eu.-d.the arrest of the slave follow*, andthen a trial U assigned. Where waa the trial prior to the law of 1HJ0. No where. The elate had uo right that he ha* now. True vou might issue a writ or luibeat corpui hut what then' There was an end of the question. 1 ou ran now i^ue a hakeis carnm (Jod knows I ought to be assured of this, for in the esse of llenry Long in this city, I wa* instrumental in issuing no fewer than nine > t them. (Laughter and applause ) I am moral}y ^rU'?' !u.T'J" fore, that the lotion corput is not suspended a* far a* thl* H. tis concerned. It throw* about the slate cheeks_und Pirf<?uard* wliich did not exist independently #f it These are things as familiar to all lawyers as household word* and yet we And men denouncing the law of 1S.K), as if it waa unconstitutional Gentlemen, If there he any ditlereoce as established by the act of 1800. in the rela tion ^f master and slave, as they existed prior to that act. tiiat difference U in fotor of the negro, and no where in fator of ths owner What. then, do these men And to denounce? In God's name will they denounce idl that is itil favor of the negro? Hell, so much ?s to this Uw llutao violent are these unluforined gentlemen in their denunciations of thia law, that some of them coiintc naneo open reaUtunce, and they hnsa this now doctrine on the ground of some 'higher law." It has ^""7 fortune to reod niueh, to hear much, and to tliiuk niuch of what is termed 'higher inw," and the mw , read, the more I hear, and the more I think, tlie less enlightened in my stupidity I teoom.. as to what this higher law is. (Laughter) Il,j<h"' than what ? Is it higher than the constitution. I* it higher lhau the legislation of Congress within the limits of iU constitutional power ? Wc are IoldtHi Who say* it ? From whence and from whom has th * higher law come? Is it written or unwritten law is ? what my friend at my left (N. IT Blunt. Ksq ) would t.-rui In trriula or Itr non smvta Where do thi y find it. Is it one of God's ordinances' Why do not Its advocate* point it out so that we all may be informed on it But it is some mysterious law, a law graven deeply in the conscience of every man. hut which not been revealed to the cnxe of any other mortal man. (Laughter ) A law self inferred or self manufactured, (more taught.-., written no where?understood no where. This '' th '?higher law." Who admiuUters this higher law H her is the court to which we are to appeal for its verdict, it execution, and its administration' Who understands tt Who has road it ? . Voice?Mil Seward. (Tremendous laughter.) Mr White?Then the position of that gentleman i'm-tn fortunate than is allotted to us mortal*. (CoiltinuM luugliUT ) First, he makes his own law?makes it tor the occasion?make* it at a time when an appeal to a higher law is necessary, (applause) submits It to the inspection <>r no eye* hut his ow n. denounces thnee who violate it, and condemns them according to hU individual wishes aud judgment This Is the higher law (Laughter ) Hhy.g<.? tlenu n, law i* a rule of action, aud it must be understood. To bo undorxtood it muxt bo published. and known t?? no I .w W ho knows this higher law! Who Interpreted it \t ho has read it' Or. it it has not been written, who h is a patent to tell u* what it is, and what is its proper ad ministration? Who framed this undefined and und'-fiox ide. and unseen law. on which we are to plant ourselves, and claiming a right from ou high, c ana to di.-obcr human injunctions atul human legislation, aid ju-tify oursetve* in the eight of God and man . ?Mud is all very well, hut there are two sides to the question, and When they coine to resist the law, there is another party, tlie majority of the people of thi- c run try who claim to stand on another law?on a known law, a written Uw-a law susceptible "f inf rpn tation-alaw of common understanding That law is the constitution of I lie country?(great outburrt of applause -and em powered by It. the majority, acting through their f. d rul tribunals and the constitution. wUl try, convict, condemn, and hang by the neck, those m m who justify it. traus gr.-ssk.ns (More v.diemcnt applause, which lasted tor so me time.) 0? nth-men. in South t arolina, phraxe. we have just passed through a crisis. (Laughter ) Thl* countiy lias a crisis about every four year.?(laughter) , and whenever there is a crisis there is alwa) ? a i cw no mec< l.iture. We are always at war about nim,-thing, and if it can t he about the I'ulon, we will quarrel ah >ut something else, (laughter ) I recollect, a few tie war of the i,logics (Laughter.) We had g< 'logy, phrenology. and 1 do not know how many more ??l"g"" Then csuie the war of isms (Laughter ) We hid 0 t'oiim lii.-m. rep, slieni. anti-rent i-ni socialism. ko.iri.-r Isin. slid G<>d knows how many other isun The coun try I i, nu mber was very much agitated on the sub j. et Now we are in tlie midst of a war of patbic* We Imve homeopathy, bydrojailhy. allopathy, and. finally, to the apex, we hare i.egro-pathy. (Great 1st' liter ) 1 believe, gentlemen, the cri-ts has passed by-(applause)?or m We,Urn vernacular, the pro. cession has pared by (Laughter) The Union has la-en sav, si-saved by that man who al one could save it?who had saved It?nnd who was ordain-d l?v M to fhv<* it without evrti tlmnked i?>r it That man is ll.nry Hay (The scene of cntbusU-m which fUluw.d the delivery of this sentiment is Indiss ri bald.. The audience so. nesi frantic ) Now gentUlmen It Is sometimes pleasant and profitable, to induU? in a littler.! roe,H.t I', me to call your at-ution_U r ii.- ruct l?o vou tbe rtme wlu n Hwy b ay fir-' intrvalue, d his resolutions into Congre s?r. so - tit lis whU-b were afterw ards embodied in separate hills and pass, d ' Win n In- introduced tl.eui not out- .senator w .. t un.l to chirp in their favor?not a llepreecntstive Would lift his voice. |.r fear of public sentimentath>?*. in favor tf th.wemeaiur.-s I'arly ?'"* noith ?-f Mason and IHxon s line as well a* south f it. utter. <1 not a word in commendation of them , hut. v. - "y ,'.,e l"d something to ->y ..gainst them They c -old not ..S.k into th, future ; God had not gifted them with the spirit ? f aerertainlng those measures could save the country That wa- r< served for ll. nry t lay (tirjat at.|)l,ilis. 7 I f ell recollect when a call was made ,m hi* f:h lids, that tlicy should demonstrate what their *euf1 n?au r. nee. I,ing tlie-e resolut ions were , 1 r,-col eotjn, I,c tot list . all you and I and thousands ,.f <dh rs. v , nt to fa-tie Gar h i. an I there lifted our v..ic-s In f . vor.f those C n.proml-. re-olirtlon# H e 1'^ surtain, 1 th. r- again and again as we never shall fa l t" do Ihe action, tbe opinion-, and th* conduct, of ll.nry f lay in the " . n?te ,f the I nitcd gtat. s (Ur,-?t sp i 'ilmi nmottrroadttci Uim We dui ?ot tUn Itlly a-k what was public m nlini.-.t ' ''?r*1-w* V*? V. hat ? ur gr. at 1. ad. r pcqs-ed ; an t secondly, is it right, ami tin n we enlisted again un.h r tlie old flag and uu I r Tur .id leader (Grot applaiiu-) An thus c'ven to puhlir sentiment which spr.a.1 thr.aigh >ut M f.'t.g'h and breadth of the land The comprmn *e n i . i t." ps -1 d. net in th, ha,a- in whirl, they w-re in tr< du. . d I v Mr Glay. f>r -pit.- and malice were at work to previa! It liut ol Congre-s f.mndth^ rii tdd -up,., rt til. in. a. J then th. y wen-wUhng t" tak. lb. le i. r w'lieh Guy were unwlllln; tu flgl't for h,b Aft, th, -e m, a ur., pa public sentiment l ad u. ,i It- If?uft'" the Union was threatened w ith dis folut loll- after it was saved h, the a lopllnnolf ?W* uu ii-tir. - Ho n it was that w, touud a set nf n.-w II. ilg t patriot'?' f g, ntlemen who did let chirp when we cull, don to stand by the ol.l man Th.-alkatil e. tt. n trad, wa - n- t then in danger (Great applati f Put all. r w had binned out the path?after we bad i. , bed tie goal of safety, when all danger was pa ed? th. l. canie in thi batch c f ucwls-rn patriots ou I lie-am e ...Id, ami formed what they ph-'d !??term a h-iion ?sf, ty f. u milte,?(applause) ?-a conimtltee which I Iindertak. to iay Is cmp. -ed of men a majonty of whom have I..-, n taught fr. m their Infcney to liatcaml .|. -pi th. a an we bote r and who c .ulributed their umu y ard Thvirvo lees, and their tsl. ot. to d. f-at him; nay m, r. the men who -l:,ilgh??-r>d him in I'hli elelph. > and shcklii.t. is witli fiat, rnal f.-.ling over the grave of the r;v; ?; tt when lie applied to the t. r rrv.n the canva-s. and that con.mitt.-. turn. th. tr ck on lou. and said that lug. r-11 was the hotter b nem n. it ~".s that whig-wivs that Clay ?hig ' I an wer to HI m lid ws -urnider the curi.sly of our pri vate judgment or the honor of advocating the .1 lli'iifv ? ,v to men who have alw^s been warring a hi- Interests ' tut th. re is avo-ther faet My frteud WIUIs llall Insists 1 shall not mention II..but I f. ,i like Br. ekaway of t'oum . tleut. when Tyler vvt'wsl the bank bill, the vole of indignant* otur will s|wakour II hi.alder ) Mr Hall s name was propose.1 asam.mte r ?h. .1 f, rthwlth UP ataris a lot ,rf decayed towyars who had grown grv, In search of office and who. h,X G. ,1 n. v. r r, .iv.-d it -daughter ) and objected t- Mr llall h. cause he was m t patriot!- enough toV ,.f the 1 nlon fommltte.- (I.real laughter 1 An.l th ae are lite men who assum. d to h. the eust.alians of t b'u. r and principle, of Henry flay with ( ,a?s.s.s f- r an organ H hy.gentlemen hnve wv who np to this time, had auppoaed ourselves to he Wenda.'f ll.nrv t'lav ; have we delegated our right >4 private imlgment ' Are we to ts- the hading c. in. Wood ami t hnrtes O'Connor, and si?, h I have alwnvs ,aid. that when a crisis cm - s me n W^ ha- to la- adopted Koferiy . .1 I niul. rstnnd wlmt potrlotUm meant W. bought that bbrty had a dUtlbCt.lg? n. W lits rtv ha- com., to mean the sale of nlks ( or ?*Tliis is a new definition Houtd y"M?'" h. nrd ?'fHw dJmoSww^nelTnMm as ,?5J r^vv Wt:; 1::- ^ T . 1 N. t at all The t nton is in hoxes .d silks and h.l J ..ttrn (Laiight. r > Thh Is my Judgment almut Ub, . riraniration and comlu.t of thi- l'.d?n 1 think they have entitled th.m.-elv.-s t-. tl e claim - laii.g patriota by fals.-pr. !? nces, and I imhet them the charge. 1 pr-ccnte Hum ^1,^ r. urt of t la) men (Great uppianse ) H?l* l*r' the Indictment; do with it as you phaae ( ? ap ids,. ?? > Gentlrlron I have oeuupied m re f V- ur . ime than 1 desired (Cri- of go on go ?m > My , Ire t ? gills to fail, slid Indeed 1 am n-t well p P? toad dm- you for It Wqulres the exer. ise ?,f gr -at power ,,, n-,.k' myself heard throughout this vast " f It I.rv flsv I n. ed -av hut little H e know him ? Of II. nrv t is ynrabulary of well int. ntloned prai Paris. In the ear in which I was trav. lhng mt a g-tHle n an <4 d. mnrr ?,,,wwranec ah-orta-dln reading a am* He c, ..tinned so ah-nrb.d until th. 1 nit.,I (Males, "hen he h< came ?udd< oly '.'M t ve II* me If 1 wss a resident of the 1 nlted Ftales and wlun 1 told liim 1 was. U?* nr* he sddr. -*? >1 Was. '? Mr. ran yon Ml mc how O II nry day wssa f.welgnef * pr.-fe-''?r the 1 niversHy of I'adua. ?i tf th. Institutions of learntng In the *?dWUfhT askid nje u Mr. CUy bad not fche?on?o ipflrm #"i Md I, pointing to writing wi ll kn*?wn to you. hew I* % letter j which 1m boncml me with before my departure. The ! letter was cautiously taken by the gentleman, and rend bj him. When he had concluded, never ahull I forget the expression of his voice. In broken English, rwimng his luit from his head, with a countenance sutfu-ed. an I frith expression braining in every lineament, he said, "God bless Mr. Clay (Rapturous applause.) Ocutle nieii,tbi.? wan not an ordinary or common-place -Mod bless you M It proceed* tl from the heart of a man who lived in a country lorn by faction?who experienced all the pings of tyranny Gentlemen. there were hut few oooa-ion*, when absent, that I forgot my country; but there was ? tlau* when I did forget it. When in a strange land, i heard thut "God bless Mr Clay;" it called up u fountain of feel- ? ing us soon as th?* words were tittered, and In recollection of the ibs-ds of the great com tanner .of America, in grati tude to him I forgot my country in admiration of the man. (Enthusiastic npplausa.) And now. gentlemen, in conclusion, though i hate uoue of the fervoueyof e*j?res sion of the Italian?none <?f the tloquenct of him?nor the warmth of spirit?yet I profess to have a well of as ! deep feeling, und if 1 cannot say it as well, yet with all ' the sincerity whieh ran actuate u man. I conclude with the sentiment ?f the Italian, and with all the feiTeucy , of his finding at least. 4> (Itxl bless Henry Clay.'' Mr \\ hit** sat down, umi f<?r some minutes the ossein- i blag* indulged in a paroxbynii of enthusiasm. The Chairman then called for the reading of the fol lowing letters; ? FROM MH. CI AY. JIav aw a. March31. 1^1. OrwTi.rMvN':?I have great pleasure in ucknowbUin* tin receipt t?t j air obliging Utter. rtatiug the piirpv?*e of the Clay Festival Association to celel rate, on tin* 12th proximo. u\y birth day in ti e city of New Vork, by a supper, and inviting ?e to be present and partake oi t lie festival. Language, gentlemen, is inadequate to express my grate

ful feelings, and the extent *?f my very great obligations to my friends in New V- rk. I t tin* strength, ardor, constancy mid fidelity of their attat bineiit to me of which they have given so many signal proof*. In this last, you have found, nn Additional motive, arising out of iviy recent puMic service. In all t he trials and strug gle* of that s? r\ ice. it v* .m a high conflation an I a stimulat ing cue* rrnuciiuitt to mo to know that w hatcx ? rdiflVreacej of oidnlnn iiiit?nt eb-o-wlwre exist, between my friends and inc. there was none, there could be none, tor the queoti ?a involved i w as the integrity ami harmony of that lni??n, to the prvserva- I tion of which vie stood \ oluntarily and unanimously pledged. ' If tbe^O be an) i tnatJiing in our country (I hopo tot re are not) * ho would seek <*r desire to overthrow it. let them go 1 abroad hiid contrast nnr numberless blessings an ! our vroudcr- | ful advancement find prosperity with tb*? < >ndition of any other people on the habitable globe; an d if they 1 ? not r ?? urn with profound gratitude for our admirable institutions, they must have heart s not derived fr-un the common parent of man kind. or perverted by the same e\ il spirit w hieb destroyed his repose iu the garden of Kden. Temporary as is my absence fr?-iii the I'nited State-., during my ?i?ort sojourn on this de lightful bland, almost in sight of'the shores of our own coun try , I ft* 1 that sentiment in full force. 1 shall return, gentlemen, in ;* few days to Ashland, by the route of Now Orleans and the Mississippi, and 1 re rret t fi ? r ? - fore, that it v ill not be in my power to b- in the midst of my friend* on the occasion tu w huh you have done me the honor to invite me. 1 need si<? t assure tli?*m that wherever I may he, at homo or al road, iu heart. in spirit and in *y mpathy, I am with them. IVith high respeet, 1 am your friend and obedient servant. 11 t'LAV.*. Brewer. Wood, llhint. Bradford and Carroll. Fit DM r?AMKI. WKBtTKR. n Wavhi.-vctobt, Mar?h 2S, 1V?I. fjfNTi I'Mrn: j <".i mn)w<ll *ny that you never approached tbo areiversary el Mr. ?-Jay's birth with " n..r. |.rutvual re ?"I1"1 1 '"r leu ' llliutriou# aud venerated ttNteamau." Lhnu you do now. Ili.vii|.( entertain...! liiKl? remH f..r Mr. Clay f?.r many years, and heartily c.ofwrntln* with liim un many occitsiuu* j in mihlir life, 1 ha*,, great |>li-nsur? in saying t tat at nu !. ? did he ever mirfar important aerrtee in his. ..untry t?uk part in favor of the Compromise measured Of the late hcmIor of Of*,:r#;*n. I tl nnk run, gentlemen. furthe kind notice ynu take of my fft' Tte tm the hauic subject. It would line n.c true pleasure to attend your dinner, but an excursion I. r that j.urfejae, would he iaciusLiteut witi.uiv ru,'agenu ut* at that time. rnoM ri<WAHi> rvkrutt. ? ... CauBHiidir, March 21. Bit. i r 7.' ^.ViT1.. veUrt th" ?>' racrivt-yoiireiroit !i'r V.L\.,rH-k !u,lJr'"viti-H I"? to Join your a.aoci.ition ou ? tlo- mh of April next, in tLoir annual ceiehratiju oi the , Liti Inlay of Henry < lay. It would aflord me great pleasure, by my attendance on | this oenwiuD. to luanil. at Bit exalted estimate uf the | .".y I tali at, pi ri and the oilier ge n .Tim a .ittaUtiu* of ' Jlr < lay .character; an J my deep sem>c of the import int >?r? ice. which he ha* rendered to tlio couutrv, during his lone and t rilhant career. j I much r. nr. t tliat my. agagetnrnts at home will put it oat of my power lo at ail myself..f your ..bilging latitat'.a. . KKOM W || Lf AM PITH. r ... itawwa. A|trilfllM. ! ii?.NTM.urN:?1 have had th# pl?n><tir# to reccir# v-nrl 't- ' U r > t Hi# . | Unrch. in\ .tins ui?- with the < U> IV?. ti\al An'ci j.iti. n. in their celebration of Jlcnry Cln> '* birth- l u#\ on the J.'tl in>t<?nt. 1here is Do honor I would not gladly render to the eminent 1 fill en frill, whim your a?..M-l?ti..n derieea it. v. and I ?n ally reyrct that ui> ui.iwjcmeiit. are .ml) it u not in tuj power to accept your kind mt itxtinn. I rom n. a. mcKiNfoR. ? . . Itiaoi.xwjojta. lf.twk JJ. 1*11. wo# Id afford me rrln ndtiefn' tion to join tlief i*y rWtivnl A int.on i u crli-hrutin* the Idrt lidaya it - 11%. r..cry ? feminent a rtateaman as i.lm, in honor of wt.i in vol i M ei.ty w?- founded, l ut business eiu i; ri.. nta Will not permit me ti .eeept your kind invitation. It baalm. my ?.".d fortune to have |.e. a auoelatad with this dielinyi.i.l.eri man in the public ...unci!, during a period of poi uliar trial, and I hair retired to pri.ate life with the 1 I rot .unue.t r. .|e . t f, r '? patriotism, talents an I lofty h.-,?r ng. and with the gratifying Ulnf that 1 w*.houoreJ hy hi. fiend ship. raow at-WAToa nriavtvw ? . '?*?" Citavin. n. Alhawy. April .Tl, |M|. mv itran is :-l hivr rd yoitr vary flattering Inri lati'.D to attend tl.a Math A? I Celrhration of the birth day ..! Mr I lay. on the in.taat, at the Apollo, and also to take part in tl.r i|>. akiny. I w ill take great pi. a.tire in accepting year invitati >a. if I iar possibly he spared here fr in my responsiMt dull ??. M e .hall not a Jjourn sooiii r than the lull, an I ii u ay not I .? in n.y pom. r t.. t. present. If 1 am aide p. rente t-- New York at all, I mul l not r**aeli yell *? oner tl ail lllu'.l .-k I'. M . which would be too Uto to take psrt in vntir proeredinaa. I tired hardly add how warmly I sympathise with y .n all who desire to do I, acr to the parent and hiahrst ..f liiins ??i?t?'?!??<? n, in my jud/mcnt. I 1 to I or..r I ;m t?? followiRg. in A umall mr. I?t? 11<of doing riiiht. rulb^r than doing what ? t?uuid le | o|>ulur or *d\ aiilNfr?.ua lo liimaoif. ft HOM 8 a. IfAVFIVA. ^ , Bt rrAi.o, M.irch &. 14SI. f.rjrri ?*?? s ?Tntir lrtt. r f thr *1'* in r ?m. t??% itm ? n# to ir *%,f ii.? # Ir.tiu, AuwUUm in tb*-ir annual celtl rnIi mi . f lltrry i )?;> birthday, on tla IJtb of April, in your iity, haa br?R rr?? irr I. * I t) ark \?.r f r tiir in?itati n and thr arrr>rriat?* auc ?r "M. ?a ^ it la n<. ompani* ?|; hnX I ?Ul| bf unable i t ' in with ll.t A ??>* iati tn on t!-At ? rt a^i,.n. ' ir< nt my flr^t ko wl? tigtM.f puhlie imn and nuMlr affair*. I h*\r l'?n ?r i lmir.r if Mr t lay. I ha>e r.?A.I hia pj-rrt )>??? with mm Ii in tore. I ami i?rtr?rtf?u. and I luva ott?n ?? hi I tn> elf ti e firnt of ht? rtr??ng hnM nt? n th?* r<?liiifr< mi I altiM iiiocRla ul mm. Min apart-lira aid othrr l?r-?lu? ti. Hi, tla.ttgb of a irry hirh or i??r. ar?' n<?t of th-m ommh abow tl?..r?. of otbrr alatnam-n of 1,1 ? .lav. I a* to a.. < iitit ft'Tit. It inti? t be lli? general aymmrtry atiu i , ii11 r-I riotiv. ii i i.f 1 ih vtliole ?*bitrniter, bavo rutfeU" tirM v ni'l <1 in u t?iii|f thin univ? r^nl a.lfiiration. <?ti,( r men ar prr ut in, fln.l i Rtir-d for. particular uaati- j tie. an tab . t.; I Ut .ad... like Hr. c lay eahlhit. a character *' V '!? ?? ?'? tbr varittf rvUtioMi of ? Ion* lifr. ii a.-!I 1 d. aid . mtirh in at r< rdaatr Rilh th<* f -ut ral oRi- | fcb-n ? fa (Ttiftd a* w> II a* a jrr?-at man. A# a mm of a ?idow* ra r. / . r. h br tl^r, n liu.-i au'i, a fntlirr, eiti4? n. m a |rvfmii.Ri] man, a alaUamati. a RrgntUlwr. m ? rat r. Mn I a I anco in ??t iry ?M.^it|,,R | r,.; ,? ? | j if, . pritatr ?if puhlit j j i and tor r-i. .. |. m.* ;;t. , i ? , (l, tjjf f..rtuuat<- in ain- 1 Rifir a'tmirafii n i ml dr^rvina it. III. mind ai.d eUra. t. r xr u ttsp lo.lanred than in anr Mi l r llili. .. m el. Neither his inte/rlty nor his patrisiistn ""v r i#n Ri'J, alt.'iiiug!, l,o h*? k?a |cti\e il ! I |w?nti? a! lira 'jiltaf thin r#Rturr. ' tbiiik tb? aubla at and tkia wU# old patrt t I, * tnkon f? r the la t t i^btr^R months, a# a pilot f??r tni* r? p**? Hr amidftt the dnnif? r* nb,*h rnvip. n.??l it, im inont t?? I ? ji niirrtl, and m ? t ? nt itUa bim to ? ur k*r.?titud?. fit I rra Rt ?. have ?rt< ?! . uitl n |-r arf,<-d t r? ar??rt 1 to trd ru duriR* th# atrog*!#, in a# n?w, to blind th# po? polar ryr, ki ????t Ik Minim* to tht I uion, piaatf led b# aach a?n a* C lay. r * 1.11 r tl I * f , tbrtn, I love to *pc^ ?a#h m#n and d- i? i r* i' ? ? '? mj t h- | f,,r tb<-ir p? lit. al pr. u#r?ati- n, t ?r .?in- ' , ?f J ** Aamiraltoa for what th#y kavt b#? i uuaau-1<? *!?? ? m? !i#b. * May #on!,l rfrntgl# and fight f?r th# oborvano# of th# ? !. * ^^drtty ?.f lb# Colon in th# d irk .Iavh or tl. If danr? r; at; I hr Row rr#t. in triumph fr-m Ma %(# JJ7 aji'at tbo## ??,o wrrc ana in t him thro may w -II . toll and j?w?r?t n w n, r ?ir' rf. ,r ??i-t!n;MA .n f r o I ni n 1,1 1 ' ' -i it- ??f tb#ir Awnnttd, and a C'?natitnti ?i? j brrr-i" ?u*'1 tlmy pfoalaimtd it "an atractoa* i It y fit tin* and j??t to hold th# birthday And th# whd# iir# of nu h n man a# lit nry 1 lav *n cottUaval r?mombr.*nc* aad < truli.tion. Th# third rrytilar tnatt of fh# rrritlnf wa? ? Tbr l*r#?id?nt of tb- I'nitrd 8tnt#a?ffnrtnrrd in th# mhnol ?,f prior I p> |r, ulratrd hy th# aa of A?hlan 1 h< ?rt. ly do wp ap r \? tb# I r nd an?l t uiriktimivi nnti^nality or hia admit,l#trnt|oR. and nith ' n# a##ord wtaav ??th bim i^i sff r#t#rd th# a#ttl#m#nt of th^ v#v#4 on#vtiona by the Inat t ?<ogrr#a "a? final. '??? rrtaiJvafa HAroh." 1b? f'lttrtli? Th# I ??muromi## of ls7>. ? A aobla f##ord in th# brilliant tinm of ntlrx Cfa> a rnRloit#. Hi# th# gb ry, and to him ^n# r? n r and renown ?f t'ti# tuightv a#hi#vrm#fit #??n##it I I vR?R#iat#d bt ?,in,. nnd. In dr-f ,t# ft tha #?## pi ra ti## of bad mt n. who #. r# willint. #vrn nt th# #n#t o| fh il war. to d##trt?y otir alorion# I'tuon, if #t#r i*? rafh# th#y tt tt'd Imaai of l i? <l*?trn ti??n ?fl- d f r t#ft dp-^h# # ?#r I *i ***? 'fi^rd hla foitpfry. tfifHv#* hi# p#Tf"??-r!t r# and #l#nd#r?r#. t< wrring row ar#?t and fr#at#r than ??#r. ov#r the p* litual #rav#? of th-#P who## h#tr#d of him w?? th# t atalirJan I t.Ml whirh c#ui#nt?d their aaaociatioa.?M Tht Mar ppaagltd Bann#r/' rrv#Ti r Ot.,?ra C??j mtmrdrd, ?f?- wiM th ?r# wit# prrkcl- in ih? lihb ry ot tint inn#. an<l in th# liv#i ??f niofi. ? n< new nIi,J# art on 11 ?? p ?: ? f p .t* i it will i ? it r ?l tn? Ut r tiny if tlir r? un try a?,<| #tnmp trfnln# *?n hi# I iituif hUM ry Purl, an art |i ,? rorrntrr hr#n ?l ?ti# in I?In fountry. In t)i# infrtxlnrtlnn oC In# fnmpruat! #? fntnmr##. find tho nmn i# llonry City, (.\|ipbin-t? ) At tliof t rn# tli?< rxritinK qtir*?ti n ??f #Ur#ry r.?nn?#tt-?l iImIT with ttriy hlng rt-i.itin^ tn th# i? w tirrit'ff ah t Ii w#? fiiul ari|iiim| |,y tfi?* war with Momo ?, and ui > gh U BH'p' <i ha# with rfcTf -uhjort debit mi iti our ? n>.'Kitifv hull..* At ti,?- anu tim? pirit imf?voraldo t ? th# prarwrf thr t nh.n pn vilh t h.'h Bforth nnd Pwwth ?tf<(> country in on# Motion Iwdny apiUtrd hy fmaMrt :.nd atw Uth itlrf# m?| |n ti thor ihiwatonod hr <11# nni? nfad# and wrrwlrtihfp It #?,? nt t% tllu# like th il? p|.cn inch prHI# litmpr? T#r tin* I ni -n that fh-nty t'l*y ? j tnr fntwrrd ami fofirrlvvfl thnpp ti?? n ur<?# of Coirtpr*- i nt nrU mlvftf ati-il t),? ni until tin ? b#rom# tin liw??f ? ? bt land (Applau## \ In ronjnnrtlovi with h!# illudrl- i nt- r<#t?IJtit<.rK wh?? without pgitfd toptfty.tided hint no , tl?pt f rrthhn. and who dl#ninirtl#d nil party f j niii.clft 1 only i f the tics whirh hound t??thc ireoM* 'ry It *na Mnili r ^Irriini-tauace like Ihut the ei tt'pr; ti i men.uree w.r. |.?v?. l Vkrl. in after lllitN ? win ii nil lii. s tUtomsh shall haTe |?ar??.il aaajr. (kw lirity will nv. re lh.. m.-n who renl.rr., icrties lo llu4r f untry tn that Jatk hour ?i .lantt't in.| uf peril, at..I tl.e name uf llotirT Clay, (frrat *? ft lias town, wilt rw .tilt ecfMplevbtta on tltr txmea of hi* t..untry'* tiistrry lAjplniur ) With thr iutei.feetinn tlial then petTailrj tlicrountry on the anhjeet of ?l?very. with hop"* ami f< clirvf* eyrttril, wit h th* ?|'p*s*h. UM"u that . xiste l I v?1(b h11 the terror* that tluin surrounded u?. we ha?? passed through the crisis, we have avoided civil eoniuiotJoo and insurrection. The foundation* (if the confederacy wvre shaken. and the L'nion it *e(f migat have *t(?.d on the records of things that were pasacd. ?< h tale that waa told, t.ut for the intervention of Ilenry n?y (Applause) Do you imagine that the danger true exaggerated ! Book at the doctrine* now propounded. look at the boldness with whirh the aboli tion leader* fcive sent forth their doetriue* to the intelli gence of the pcvtsle ! IV e are told that op ;s notion to thi* law is jtiet and Sight. las aiwe it i* asserted the law is un caoatitutioniil, lid 1 tluat it immt be repealed. Till* elating that such a law uitf fa- nprulnl i* in reality the same a* amending the conef'totis 11 forming lb- compact. which made u* a nation. t% in consexuenea of them- doctrine#, we are to have our da .? of trial, then is me ronsol.itton lift ua It in. that the Senator from Kentucky will yet tie in hi* place. (Appla.Ve.) And if u ptvhiic calamity I* yef to fellow; if Hie pwlenlptu cloud* are again to hover over ua. we can l< ok Ibr tin* li^lit of the ?:iuie pn t riotirin to lat engaged in the taint nahlii cauae. (ilreat choiring) But I hold we should wntertoin higher hope* and ex|*ctations, and should look Is higher result*. Catching a portion of hi* patriotism anJmlore of country, we must swear by all that la sacrist that we wfd not ba/.ard the blearing of the present; thnt we will not darken the hope* of the future; thutwewfl not layd'orn at the feet of the fanatic* ami factioni?t*. u wot ion'a gbwy and the people * ho|>e*. (Great Applause.)' But a* t? tliat patriot and state-mail to whom he one so much, who now is at the clone of hit valuable life, let uv liopr* that ills sunai t -ball l>e as glorious as tin- aim- it-e which lie has bad?that lie will live to see the triumph'of patri otism over fanaticism and fact ion is in. The Ciiaiomam till ii announced tliat the nexl tcmst the fifth. was to be drunk standing, and ill solium si lenci ? It ashlngton.?A natian'i mimIih hotnags i> their ft Ttial mmiuutvnt to his greatness ami to his goodness.?Dirge. Mr Cashol. one of the Viae-President*, then *ai U? Mr President on bebaif of the Clay Festival Associate n, and by their direction, 1 am about to give a sentiment, to Is' lionoi'ed likewise in solemn silence. It i- of onv who was the oldest in y< ar* and the m <et ancient in .-er vici s amongst us. lie I* lungs now to history, and Is ntiaibi n d with those who have passed away?that man is Matlicw 1. Davis, whose energies for the la.-t thirty years i f his life, were <li voted w ith single-hearted tidelity to oue whom he regarded as the first of living men. Dirge The Chusmax then gave the following. whi*h was not in tl>e regular list of toasts: ? The Minister-of the l! >spel.?These svrvanta of the Mast Iligli, new, a- in nil season - ej trial, make mxnifv t the duty el n 1! g' nil men to stauil by t lie (; r?-at Charter ef theeount ry, tl rei gli which her tuixena holdfast to their lleaveB-bum 111? rtice. 'I In sixth regular toast was? Arniy ana tl.e Navv.?Tliv world is poieessed of their ti'li aiol renown hr fearless tiwU in nil the war- ol" the rc pi l.lic; tin ir hccndless attm lirosnt nnd dr\otiou I ? tlie con si.ti.tnu and th? t'nii-n adds to their hold ttpoa our regard, " Vni Doodle." t-ung, "Our flag is there, we hail it." The m vi nth regular toast was? 11 e Cahin t of Millard Filtno re?At a rrisi.iir. the history of the eoiistry?a parallel to w hich we hope never a (ain to find in our iluj?these rnrii were selected for their service* and fidelity to theirwhtds country. In their patriotism we plate implicit ami rely tag toaftdeace. "Grand March." Dami i I'i.i.m o. K-ij . raid, that by pel mission of tit* Chalin nn ai il the Bid ting, be wi uld interrupt the regu lur i rdi r of the toasts '1 bey were honored that evening by the presence r f an illustrious foreigner; oie- who. both by station and tabid-, was entitled totbeirrespect lie alluded to liis KxceUanry M Marvi b'ta. the minister ft' in Nicaragua to the I niteil (slates It *?? the ite in> of Us all that we should cultivate and entertain senti ments of nmity and peace towards other powers, and par tii ulaily tcwaids the ri public of Nicaragua, she holding the ri lation that she dis s towards the I nitio! State Mr I lliruii then proposed the health of M. M srrolcta The t'n iimviax said that the minister of Nieurag-ia re i(in still to bo pifmltted to return thauk-in tin- Spanish largnngc vlneli would is- subsequently translated and ) illi hid in Kngli-li by the press. His f xio lb nry then addressed the meeting in Sptvtiish. Tlie following is a translation if hi* observation*. Gi nth men : My regret is great on this occasion at not havirg the power of expressing ade'|Uately. in the liu guuge i f Irving, my gn tittub to tlie honoralde gentle man who preside.-, for the invitation which IVi* poieami me (lie pleasure of Is ing amongst yon on this day, when in you eclibrute tin natal anniversary of Its- great man to win in evi ry one fei is promt of |*iyiug homage. The Faxon race of this country is not the only people who appreciate the virtues of so worthy a eltixeu the Spanish rare, abv hasshiwn but a short finte ?ince in tin island of Cuba, that tm rit is iionacod and ti|sf>lnl--it w lnrevtr it is met with. Gentlemen : it does not lieh ? >ve me. as a foreigner, to usurp right* which mxlv is-long to vu. by adding, through the etfiqo-nt speeches which nave Is'i n prow uiiecd the tribute of my odinirvtsnv of Deary Clay, such ns inj f. elile voire can evn.vw it. I sliall say. 1 (M**v?.r. ?l?wt Ntcaiagua e-sociates Iversetf.aivl I asaoeiatv n.ysi If. ptirsimnily, to tin' glory of so iUu-iri ? us a loan ; that iny heart beats in unison with yours in those nn incuts of enthusiasm?an ciithu.-i.i in which surprise# nic not. since I ran but conside-r it aa a fseide ri tli ctii n pi, din ed t,y tin great and noble acti o- of i man w ho dedicated hi* win a lite to the glory, tho blvr ty. tlie I a Ion. and the i to le penile tic c of tli i s |wrt of tlie eotilincnt of Anterira 'J'lu* Inhabitant* of thewbol - i f America owe Henry Cloy gratitude and thank- for th? noble example be leaves them In bis virtues and lo - tions For my part, animated by the i-llu-iou of aneh not le iii pirutions. and a* oelating myself to the idea of that (inly great man. 1 shall -ay. |n Ids own w ir 1-, "Me Aiiierirans know not .Neath, nor South nor Kv-t. nor M est. ie Odng but America." Allow me now to re turn to you. Mr Clinirinaii. and to tlie assembly my sin fere thank- for the cordial ri-ri p'.lon with wliieii you Ii s nored me. ami to la g the privilege if a foreigner. t> change I lie order of the.-r fiaists, and peupiwc the ?? La dle- i l America " The latter |'Mrt cf thin addre** wa* dellrered In tbt Knglieh language mxl *a< relived with loud ohwri Thi- eighth and ninth regular tu*-t * Were t hen given. rrr rived with dor hi nor*. They were? Tit' Civ tract "f the state ill New Twt,?Oefetl r'n War h. The Hi) or of the rlty of New Yolk.?Cnl'Ui March. Tin- tenth regular timet w.n received with deafening eln t rr? T ie I i il'-ngtiee of Henry Ctaj in ?.Im (' improni*!* ,f | -.Vi la tl.e Senate and in the Iloaei ?|i?tri it??brother. in a holy ean they t nrkit party litfereaeea over the altar .f a cuDtn ii I'limtrv.?Air. " H urea Head of Broth r?." N I'- I'ii i m, Kaq the 1'i-trii t Attorney having bee a loudly railed on from all pnrt? the twin roar to rr rpoe I t ' the tonut lie aid lienllcmruofthe Asportation, to ein amongst yen appn i inter in. ibly than mv self the orcaalon of thin festiral No one more ilidSgh'.-i to honor the ill ii-t ri i ine i in who-i name nml fame n re lili til il.i d with nil thnt i- pr at and ftorhm Inthchi' tnrj <i our ri untfr tor nearly halfn century: nnd the lie re i Jo-rliilly iitThie. the llr t i.nnlver-ary of hln hlrtli e'en hi la?t pri nt effort for the pncfflcatkm of the coitn- . try and the pn aervatian > f the 1 nlon. nin I doubly grn'i fodtoj.iiy homage tt> hie w-rth. (Loudchrem ) Uen tketnen. In Bo etlng you nn 't mere at the fe?tl*e b mrd, en the natal day M htm nho. an Wnnhington haa been Justly-tyh d. tlie Father of l ie roiintry. may well !*? teiiiodite iivleur I am n rinded of the gmt and eilf ring -n in ?through wMrh th eountry beep*.-.I and in wh eh our Hairyhaa twin cMapfctloUa an acti r I de?lre t?- tprak bnt-hly of no one; I am ready to arrord to thoei who I o ? diff. n d with him. ?ln rilltj ' ftnolive nnd hour ty of ntitm nt. yet 1 rutin t hut n gret that aft< r a orlth no ut by the national lefie lature of tlo earlting qU'rtli na whlrh have heretofore I aril'd the futon itorlf, di.-tlo. iii-hed Individual*. eren no ml-rr of the fbderal legi-l.alitrp. ehconld at ill attempt tofc klrotle tin nearly eno>u! I'Tid Bna of popular etrlti" mi nt?I may tay. Ir ? no tu'tanei?, of wild fauatlrlem. ( nee rneei - ) I ronfe-- 1 have tieen unable to din li ver I y what prri eca of rati- rlnaltou ? nlightewed men hnvr arrive-! at tlo renclurbn that th- fugitive Mare law. o ri Ihd ta unronetit uthnnal; and y? t in a Rttnl letter from ailbnii e'in nob- natnr frota thla Made. I And the (> ?ei tlondi Unetly aeenmed that t' ngreee haa nnpow r '.?er the i ol jt r t 1 lie ronatitu: i >ii U t< ntiel a c uupa -t atn nig lhe k ral State* of the c< nfeih rary. and yet the f d? ral 1' ibhttm haa no r ntrol over the ?nl>j -et. I have Im en taught :i? an Ameriean ritla- n. in n'y i' lationa toward* the general government, to look to tlo- roiietitutb n a- my guide. nnd to the SUpremo Court of the I nited Mate* a- the at Idler In the ta?t ?e-"rt of all i|io Ii' ne tlo re arising . no I when that high tribunal I ?p ?i li tnoly proniunr. d It' iiniet. n. I am hound by hat ?n> ml inetrament. whlrh I* <l? lared In Itoelf In be l e lni|* rial law ef the land, to yield my in llrldual Udgimnt. ai d to eenf irm to that deelaton Strange. ?In I i- it g. mil no n. that sinee the year I7KI a law of <'? i g i? -? lo uld have remained on the etatute hook al no l nuamalt??d? 11 itilnly no far a* the right to enact t wae I'liei no d. that that law ehonld hate received he i t net km of the Suji me Court of the I nited flat *. and llmt when additional bgiehillon la had upon the ni.ltir. to ehi uld lie told that Congn aa ha* no p iw.-r < vi r it Wlmtiaaeomt .''t n< lietween nncefelpn At u a itber than a treaty ; and when I And in a treaty >r nli'P'et n twetb.n like thi??? N< peroon hebl In oervlce ? r lei or In nne Mate, under the law* Ikrnf e*c%plng into i.i.i tin r etrall. in e n-i- nenee of any law or r> tu latiiti therein. he ili eharg. d from ?nrh *enr|re or lahrr bwt ehall he deli v i d Up Ml claim of th" party to wlo in euch rerviee or labor may be due"?whk j a if! ' n that "C"iigti *? hall liave power among other thirg- to make all l?w? wiii ii 'hull be neee?*ary ami pi.-h r I r earryina into e?i 'Itkm the fgregoing p ?*. r-. and all otbet |? wi r? vie!? i by tlda t imtaiitwii In th ? yt vi tr.i o-nt 'f 11 el'aM 1 Mtaiea or In any dat>nrtm*iit th- r?i f." and an artlrlr pr vhllnf for a Au|ifeme Court "r 1 jti.Uriel d'paftment. an I ?T? Anlng It* pnwera ami Jurla. dtrlb n I met Well be eurpi i l ta And at tbui bite day ilo t'Wir of t'ongreoe que'thmatL (Keio-wed rlwei > Thi hlrtoty of the art'' 1" ? the ran?a of Itr paaoafe 'I at,ii - when the Immortal tVaehinatanyraahlenafrr the e- utM*ile i f the nntbm?when the franier? of the eoe-titu tii n ?i re yet In ba tnr--win i the authrwa of the fVrfiw J f-fat ill'lone a? tuna in the polttleat Armament -ewhen tie illn-trlen? day iHgnlfa I the Supreme THbnnal aa t hh f .fii-tire. tlo eh 'iio nt Hamilton lnfu*ed hie Intel legs tonl v Igor Into the mi mi ' at ?! the ralm nml enllglit " d Mi h n eranntd *Hh eagle glance evciy aetlen <ff th" pi lltienl artore of the day. arn in llirnt'oltev a'l-wera !?? tlo m w doetrlne that Cnngrw hna no power wit tlvi euljut. (t'heiva. which ln?teil i me eilnnte- i The eapri -a wkti'lcn v?f the Ptipr me Court t*f the 1'ndrd btntea. dial.trine that "the p iwer of |egt-l?. tion In flat "no fncitt* i Inni lib i. la e*'dtt?ive in the national legblalnre." pettlea the qne'tion Mr Itli.1t. then, in alludirtft t?' tie- rrei-nt letter* of frnator F?ward and Mr John Vnn Dmtn, oatd tlen'le thmm. you will bear no- Wilneae?t apeab dlapnocionnte |y? heraiiee. Inn nmrth n with th" letter i4 our dl.tln glib jo d Penal' r. I tlnd n letter Ml another dlatln gntetMd aon of New York almoet literally the winte In lib na and in langunge t aUgde to J Uu Van ! Uurcn's li tter to the same convention. |n which I t|?a not merely the same ideas, bat J ttud them > i|>rr?r4 with a Hneer. and in that sarcasiU* manner wlneh pe*. | tninii to my friend. V?n liurtn?for i* private hfe he i* my friend?coupled with a suggestion. that, in bis oaln ] Ion of the subject, nothing is to be found hot a <W-.-i?k>n I of the Supreme Court, a tribunal which line decided tha ?juration. And how ia that to bo met? Why. arconllng ' to hie language, that tribunal, which alone can. conati tutioually, nettle the direction, although it has decided that point, yet others may set up th-ir individual judg ment against tin-decrees and judgm-utsuf that sob-out | court According to tin.- Illustration, individual judg ment and individual aetion. haeed on that judgment, lire to be set up against authorities which the law prw 1 scribe*, which the constitution prearribc*, an the sola tril iinal to adjudicate on all '|Ue.-tions arising under it. ' f am surprised to rce this, and am surprised that any lawyer eh' old undertake to set up his individual juJg mi nt against a derision solemnly pr?nouneed by the fiu prenie Court ? 1 the ( niteel States, on a ?jn?--iion within it* ! juriedictior 1 miy differ in jndginent from othera. but a hen a ill rision is solemnly made by a competent tribu nal. I am board to ol?-y it. and I have no right to go igain.-t it; f'? what tr?- Snpn aie Court has decided, m*.-t rtrmiiii law r.ntil tlie constitution is changed. I Of the djtails of the rsecnt biH. I have not time ta speak here 1 f?ncstly bel?ve. under the ilecMon of thu Supreme Court in the ease i f I'rijig against the Common I wealth of Pennsylvania. tl.*t the present law ennft-fw more protection upon the fugitive thaw did the former. It is trie that it is string! lit ic its provarioag, and cogvnft : in its svplii atiou. but it rv<j liies legal process, legal forms, n*d legal adjudication, before the alleijed fugHinv f can lie delivered Up on claim, and it is a base assumption that officers acting in iv judicial capacity, under the obli gations of < alii, and with every I soling of the heart i? itvor of )i.twinn liberty, would wantonly and corruptl|r 1 saforre its prnvisions Gentlemen. 1 have done. I have o?ly to conju <e you. one isad all. to (land by the ronad tuiton of yore couutry. (Loud atrl long rontinurdi clicring ) Ol>?y and eufoiTc its every provision, and im so doing, and in tlius pres-Tving our mighty Union, wv? may hid detinue." to a world barms, an-l will thus he*C In nor him who dWorvr- nil honors a grtitoful country can la-stow The leaned gentleman resiiinvd tils snaf amid immense che wing and w-ving of hand kerchiefs. The eleventh reg-nlar toast w-i.-s? Tin- opi-wssi-d of e wryeliuie?Vie hearts uf llenry Clay's* friends, obedient t" ? long life o* eonsVati-Rt1 and cm mesa I tciu lunx fr-in liiia. haveno eoinnit iVrWti n tor princes; their ay ire re si n ed fortius in as, ss ot ill auk mil.-?" Hoses, SScet lioine." There were loud culV for (lonei-al M*THt:a from afl ports of tlie room T'm- learned gentleman rose to rv? poad to tliis sentiment, lie said lluvt Iwfore ir-vi-ding to such remarks as scvaard to him appropriate to the least that had just la-en read, lie Isyrge.l permission tb , lay one word of comfort A-rllie cbvcuth hour Union men on whom his eloquent lMs-nd. Mr White, had been so seven- lie bcliewd then- wa re some pel -oils who be gan to snve the I'nioti after all danger had been passed. They eonstlttiled an i-rinv of maimed, hail, and e-bssrt sight-d ineu. who, w-iiile the r- al heroes of the bat tle clustered around theiv champion leader, and were resting after their toils and dangers, rann- limp ing tap. juiui-d tin- Tletora. and have even wiuia di luditl tin ui.-elves if not their neighbors, with tlie idea that tin y had la-en " saving tli? Union" when in fact tlx > hud only been preserving t kemo-lves. (Cheers and laughter) but 'tis In Iter late than never, bet us rw , reive tin in They will make pawl sol.lii-r-, now, as a* lniitie Is to be fought. Let them save the Union now, and for liar of s- iue awkward iin|alries which might caat doubt-upon tin- legitdnaey'of their luarels we'll data back their saving of the I iiimi. 1 have read of a ron pie, .-aid Mr .Matin r, w Im were exceedingly anxious ta get tnnrrii d mid could find n?> inaisietrate or other per son authorisi d to perform the ^ot-n tnony, H?'y( la v.i ver found an nrcommudatiug neighbor who ew |HCtid soon to recv-ivC a conimLeion for the uiag>s iracy , l-ut tbey roil not wait so tlie magistrata that was to lie. gave them a ecrtUUwt* that they might live ti get her. and "do as old folks did.' any whswa wilhlu his county, and promised that when his i-ouiniw sii-n came lie would marry tliein at?J to ? Itlver acci dent.-.'" would dale it back, (Loud laughter ) Ni let us do with the eU riuth hour I ntoti nun; they may suva thi-yt nion How. and to ?? Hirer accidents." we will data their glory hark. 1 have often thought that il'an intelii gent and n tin ting foreigner. like your honored gusat who sits beside me. (the Mini-ls-r of Nicaragua.) should come among us. he would In- utterly unable to compre hend the undying tenacity of the enthusiasm which ia lilt for Hi my Clay. (l.oiid and long protracted cheering ) 1 Is lii-Ve the language ol'jeur t- ?<l gives a solution of the mj-tiry?nir hearts obey the teaching* of lieury t lay It is not 11 nit he has solved the al-strum-st prob b in* in the sett 11 free government; it is not that hn lis-trailed tin- American intellect?added to its strength iii.ti iin n used if - gia-p. and moulded it into adaption to i ur instltutl'-ns?(ri-newt -l chei-rtng)?tin ngh all thia ha ha- di lie; hut it ia that lie lias cultivated and IraintMl tin-American heart; on the American heart he lias eu graven a b -son of inilifferenci- to princes, and lov? for the n-a >es of maiikinil ttm- surh 1 -on In- engrafwd, v In it as iliploiiiallst In- negotiated at Uh-ot; un<>lhar when, in bi half of our own government, lie sent a reprw n idative to tin-t ongr- fs at I'nnaiiiM. Vh- n- i- no far lii-.ri man > r factory girl, on wlo-,. heart i- not traced tha lu-irl if Ilia love tor. the ma--<-?the huiuUeat tm i./iv in comiuerre. and all men. who. witli indu-try and integrity are struggling against capital, ar* witnesses, not merely that he Im- ft It hut that he luis iuruloatod and ii spin d love for the nut-'i-s. And his lii-t great victory over Milifisu, faction is mi enduring iiounrtimi to thaL universal fraternal 1- \<- to which we an- indebted fur the glorious past and on the continued i-xisleni-e of whiah m- di |<i nd tor a still more glorious tulun- dsn Mat tier ant dow ii. aft - r a Very i li-jucut u.Uin - -.amid great cirewra The twi llth regular toast wa Tl.r I niin?' W" kn.w m North, no Smth. no K.vt. ?? Hoi: neti.iag but < ur aeaiftry." " The Star Spun,led Man ner." Aft" r laing loudly called upon. Mr CoavcLt. rote and H ? I'l-mlt <i lu thin I ? ? -1 There roulit In*. Mid, tit pit ncc la tter calculated to cull forth the pntriut h lu < f (be An menu Ik art. than that which happily oa i ur? in tli" middle of ihi- tou.-t. nii"t ubii li *?" nr-t ap*. ki ii by lU?' gnat ii.nit whom vim nil delight to hooor. (Applati. e.) " 1 know in. Nurtfi.tiii Smith, no Kind. aa M ? *t l.ul my n untry " The M'litiuK-fit Ir well worthy ? f him * lui uttried it. inJ w. U ? rthy t t>r graven aftiw In hull hnvi" J" parti J frotn auu n? n? .nth' t kg thr i" nutry'a hietory lliw lite Ir an cumpli' <4 the pre Cipli In liar taught. h rt in lue you I J ti.> rul.yqp i I hhi. lie i-1 .Jin1.1?. J in yearr, ainl then tin- Una* .?hull (" in.?and tltd grant It juay te f>r ilUaat?*h. ? he will !?? taken away, hi will ucal tin tu.niutn. nt of Ii.. "He ir broiife?UU ipitaph wtU br OO uiatiu <n the heart r of lilr countrymen Ha liar again ravetl that V nloa. in itrfcnco at which. fftoii year* h.-o. every iiian'a limnl ma laind a til every Voice war henrd What a mighty rliaiijte line IiiIm n place within Ihnl time 1 AllJ yi't I lie re lire Hu ll in tliir State, hip it in . Tie. whu tell in tliera bar iK.t he" ii any ilat yer to tha t'nl'.n. who rented at the hl< ii ' f di-utilou, olid eb" or "Cera t<> l>i-lirv? that aS f? ar? i f the kind w ere <?? i jur. J up for political purpoaM. W i i.Id tolled th< ??? mi '? had le-e and better prae tlee >< r my part I am > "liteut to t ike tlie jn lament of men w h< in 1 have In n a ecu.- touiml to regar I ar rtabae ?in n ! ant ronti nt to rely on the J.i laratkaa of a nt..! a W ? hrti r and oth< r- kin wit in th< ir e.umtry'r hW 101 y I Mini" the I nn.ii ha laen in .hinder and tha mere lienor it ir to 111 e men who went forth noMy a. ain-t popular feeling. ntifl rtmwl l-y their country, ri itardli-r if all ccuridvtaliuMn of a prfvwUi rharacli r Tie re ar. oil.err. and the recm-of a f? w weekr will -how |h"-lr i.y?, w l.o hat ? .Inn d. within a ft w dayr. to a?rail the I nlott. and to pr.dilute IbwtuM ( ? leno ii to their fool pur]e <o Ann.i.a thetu are ?una who to rr< wed th< hvity of to *rta lull' Ua*? purport*?who have miiI that rt urtltutt'.n ..r n? roiwdi tutn n? law or no law Mio-atlm t tin would never givw i p a lave The." hi ? the pure a 1. 4, linniMr of tin t. untiy iiu'.iw A rk w .11 not with them l,ri It . in alone in tlieir Inf iey. and Ut the Suiter of recu 1 e pointed at tlieiii tr. ui ut till the <rm-k >f d?nn I lad In |ttl that they would have "tared to put their ti ni hil pa Into pear lire, that they loialit hava known w let lit r the law tu nld have lieeii -it-iani?>d l.t re at t he N"I tIt? wIn Ih. r we IiVed und. r the tint.m, ur tiiri ktiowr w Ik re I'.ul tie- iraten mitritratr -dirank fr< in the tiets ntt r !? tifUisH-u. I believe that thia I nl".n will t ? nt i ne for i ? . .lui atiioiijr the rliit f nti tt ilr-od" '! ; w II I- the j. i- rity of the whig party I km w nowhere eh. to turn i i. ami if t Iter, be thorn w lio ilith r w tp ur in in"..:.-, rt ou t ther ?ul.jtv I yet ww ur. |.i? j r? ? i i -1 >i i t do l?w and to carry ItndM the lett. r. unld the et win try, 'mil for good rww*?tia Judi cit nely niot''tv or rep- at it f Applnu te.) If there ha otlu r? who dsihT from r* if ti y t>.- ?li lionr with tin in kindly. f< r ' ?? the ui ion of tin- whig |>->(ty doprikte the rail nti. ii of the i. ui.try And I i >ntend llwreia not a true heart, ffv tn one end of the r uiitry to tl?e oth er that will not rerpond to the maintenance of the pre*, cut ertablbln d ? I o r of t In op. So Ih Uevinjf I am not prepared to pltic. the w! ? p irty at larve,ot thia Mat?, in tlu corner of al> In k n K r ur. there can. be on niter rule Ih'tii to .laid l>y our party ar I out an we ran d". ro et i i iet tii i ly, aa l"*nff ar w?? cvti by lie in rt rv. tin ntaliiy 11 ? -??? v the i ?t t. r ? t w if tlie country That ir the lot herl ?:? (tlitl we . tn tike and it t Ur In all our rvlallntir i . to duly the e nt inn nt of the roan try rv.mli it frt m ihi h Ioph ruth, rity ar it doea, nnd re rotleet that we are the land tn wfchh all tin- ~trnuyllng nation" of the w. rid Iw.k with hope the roauit if in fiptiti' nt Nf to iii't id in the hi?turyof ihtr larth At lht? time partltul.trly. when the ? l.l wtrtd I In Mr thn t r... i. I when n vuluthmr may break ont at ?rv m< tnent that rnny I >1 rturu ill a day the o?i vMiahed ori'i r "f th i ? ?" 'liould be careful of ina hU-<>iiufw wa enji y and > ? "id the Iniou with an ever w .iti eya. Po long in- wo do. lb? Star aj jassleit banner In trtrinpli "luill vtsi O'l r the land f lie* free Anil the t.f tlie tnrava. The thtrti enth and ln*t r cuiar tonrt war? 1 k? M ? no n . f Am. t t-a?TI.. r? tt.e nrtti ti m wblek In 1P( tawt their 1 isetatolr, . .nr. and brother*, tn r'""lrt treaanv: th?irr tt ? to .*r>al rt?i n.f to the t iirnina eh inewee wl 1 b' Veen* It. renier of tlie Nltl .n."la t'e wrr of |a|J, w I.<a tl i v I reaM .1 aed I. r Ud tl.e ti le of to anon and a>w tbttr p?re rfftrti a. l.l i .i ' rl ilrdeet . Ie?w of Uta ran ? II t.ry ? lay. " the Tenet l?e Uaar Wonaaa. Prvital ti Inidei r ti?-tr were trlvrn during the evening nnur pwhiih were the Ml wit v PinnO'T Jrmee tt'. can truly i laim? " Intejsrity In oflt. and. n". r all Pni ri n . . :i p*? .tea ft r Hie comai'M weal." !'y .lno It tA i hh ?? lleary t'laj?Tie only man olio w *rr the ??. red ?antla of the alerionr ana imno.rtal ti rehin-'t a liy Samuel Sweden ?? Ii. art l lay?1 l.e | vide and alary ?f 'd? ?owntry. yy nation..I I nfen be ae eternal ar tlie wewory of lalll>?tri?wa A- the el rk efrvrk tw. Ire nil raeept ih'.re wTi " had huh lu?d l fn . It in the jni lb- grape. ?.|j .arned fi d ?1 pt to Ibeii 1-1 (lire h "?o? 4 w t'kokg ?f?H

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