Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 14, 1851, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 14, 1851 Page 3
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WANTED?? SITUATION, BV A YOUNG WOMAN, aa Chambermaid or Nur<?? : la willing to aaaUt tu WMUBf lud ironing. Can eunc wall r^cumm-ndcd fruia her !*** E*n?'*. Call at 107 Atuog street, for thrae day*. Wanted-a situation by a respectable r unjc yirI. aa chambermaid and waiter or tudoohaiu barwnra ana a+airt in wa<*hiii? and ironing. She can give the bett ?f city reference-, and can be aeen for two daya, at 171 Ii't Eleventh atreet, front room, aecoud floor. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE young woman. She in a good plain cook, a fir?t rate wanhar and ironer, or would do general It out* work of aaiuall private family, or would do chamberwork and wait ??fl- rieaac call at l.'IO Fornjth ntrect. Can bo -tecu for three flay a, in the rear, lecond II oor, front room. _ WANTED?liY A RESPECT A BLE YOUNG WOMAN, a aituation to do general houaework, a good plain ?wok, waaher uud Ironer, or do chamber work aud waning. Apply at No. 107 Thirtieth atreet. Beat of city reference. Can be wen for two day*. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A YOU NO WOMAN, in A private family, to cook, wioh and iron. TUo best ? rin In given from tier last place. Can he ?u fur two dmys. at her ImI jltlli No. 21 Irviug place. WANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN. PROM WALES, ? sit tuition, to travel with . family to Europe, an . nurse. Good reference run be given. Audr.i., M. V., No. 44 Johnaon strt ct, Brooklyn. WANTED?BY A RESPECTAHUE YOUNG WOMAN, ? .ituation as Seauistres*. and tn take charge of ohll? drew. Can rut ami fit children', dresses. City referenoee. I'lea.c call at 113 Twelfth etraet, between Fifth and Sixth avenue,, ( no he neen for two day,. WANTED?A PROTISTA NT GIRD, TO DO THE UE ueral hou,ework of a email family. Mu,t be well recom mended. Apply at *2 Kant Twenty .i*th atrvct, near Lex ington avenue. Good wag,,. if ,uitable. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation for general housework. n, good waaher and Doner, and plaiu nook. The beat of city referauoe given. Please call at No. 032 Fourth atreet. Can be aeen fur two day,. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE yuiiug wouiau, aa Chambermaid, or to do geueral houaework in a private family. luquire at No. 16 Marion atreit. Can Ita seen for three days. WANTED?BY A VERY CAPABLE TOOVO WOMAN, a aituation a, Seamstress and Lady'a Maid, or aa Nurao nod Seamstress. She uniler.tanda dr??a making and doing up ladies' hue muslin, in the meateet style. Good city re ference given. Apply at 181 Gr.ud atreet, in the (tore. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH GIRL a aituation aa Cook; hua no objection to a,aiat in wash ing or ironing, or ehamUrwerk. Please call at 311 Twulfth atreet, between First and Second avennra. Can be icen for two day,. The beat af eity reference, if re |Hired. WANTED?RY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a aituation. in a private family, a, chambermaid and waiter, or chambermaid and seamstress. Cnn give the beat at city reference. II as lived two year, in her last place. I'leaae apply at IBA liudaon street, first floor. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL. WITH BEST city reference,, a situation in a ,mall private family. No objection to go to the country. Can be aeen for two days, nt 41 Marion street. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to do general houaework in a small family. Apply at 44 Marion street. WANTED?BY AN AMERICAN YOUNO WOMAN. A aituation a, cook, washer, and ironer. C'au be aeen for twe duys, at ?1 Howard street. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH GIRL. A situ.timi aa cbanil eriuuid or waiter. Notes addressed ?to II. II., at till, office, will be punctually attended to. WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT GIRL, A SITUATION a, eliumbcriniiid, and to do the line washing and ironing, ar aa chambermaid and senmstres,. or aa lauudreaa; ttuder atnnda her bnsintaa perfect!v. Can give good city reference. Flea so eall at 14 Dounuii k street. WANTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT young woman, a situation as chambermaid, and to a-sist iu the washing and irouing, and is a good laundress. Best of city reference given. Please eall at 312 Twelfth - t | WANTED?TWO GOOD MILLINERS, TO GO TO Koehester city?one to take charge of a large estab lishment. None need apply only tliosn who perfectly under stand the buaineaa. For farther information, call at i?i Mi Butt's Hotel, Murray street, half-past one o'clock, I M., until Thursday next. WA N T E D?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do the oooking, and assist with the W.shing and ironing in it private fttinilv; has the best of eity rcfi renee. I'le,re eall'at 238 Twenty-first street, near Ninth aveuue. Can be semi for three day,. WANTED-BY A SMART ACTIVE WOMAN, A SITU ation, a, cook, wttk w anking and ironiu*. or to do ge neral housework for a small family. Can give excellent reference; and t nit l>e seen for three day,, at 79 Sixth avenue. "IlfAfN T E D-A I'ROTF.ST ANT WOMAN, AS SEAMS vV ,tress and dressmaker: one who understand-her bu ,n.ess thoroughly. Apply at 14 Washingtonsquare, between the hour, ol nine und tie ten o'cloek. WAXTED-A SITUATION. BY A BMP* 'TABLE young woman, a* good cook, washer and ironer. Un derstands halting. Ila, no objection, to travel in the country. The beat of reference ran be given as to capability and char acter. For farther particular,, pleaae call at No. 1?W East Eleventh street, between First and Second avenue,. WANTED?ItV A VOI'NG LADV, COMPETENT TO ! instru.t in the usual branches of mi English edura- I linn, and is the elementary branches of Trench ami music, a tituaOon as govern* to, or an a-*i?taut in a ladies' Semi nary; alio, would in trnet in needlework, lie.; ami ha* no j ubje. linn to any part of tha conntry. Respectable reference | given and required. Address Eliia, Heruld office. WANTED?BV A PROTESTANT WOMAN, A 8ITCA linn aa Cook in a private family, and to assist in wash ing and ironing. Can be eeeu for two day*. Apply at 132 Varick street. WANTED?A SITUATION, BV A GOOD ENGLISH Cook. *ko I?rfaetll understands hrr bpsinvss. Apply in M. K .ftlf Broadway. between Twentieth and Twcnty-liral street*. Can give good city referencra. WANTED?A SITUATION. BT A BESPBCTABLE girl, aa gnod Cook, first rate waaher and ir.ner. tin I refrrancagivrn. I'lensr direct a ante K. II., Herald office, elating where aa interview can !?? had, or a note aent to ii Alien ptrvet, will he attended to f,r thr. c daya. WANTED?BV A BESPBCTABLE GIRL, A StTl'A tion a- Chambermaid, and to do plain sowing, and it Willing to ntaka hern II useful. If not engaged, cau he seen for t?u or thr<c dayi, at No. lltiC'oluinbin street. Beat of reft react given. H' ANTED-IiV AN ENGLISH WOMAN, A SITUA TE lion a- maid to a lady, or ytmng ladle-; a faintly, going travelling, would lie nrefervd. at the is accustomed to the era. Silt is handy at her needle, rutting and lilting dre.?ee. Aleo, i.t accustomed to dressin; hair. Any faintly or lady wi.hing snob a person, will pleaae call at 33 Hudson street, in tbe rear. WANTED?It V A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT woman, a situation a. nur-e. and to do plain sewing, or light akamberwork: is rsperieni-ed in tbc management of ahiltlrea, and can lake Cure of a hah* from Us, birth. Or would he willing to nur-e an invalid holy. Ileal of cily rrfer tnco. Ploa-e inquire at ifiti Mott agreet, near Houston etr.'et. WANTED-IIV A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH Wo man, a sHast ion a> eeok in a private family. She thorcmghlv nntier-lande the business. Also, is fully eompe WANTBD-A GOOD GIRL TOR GENERAL HOURS ?? rk. Cooking. Wa-hing. and lr.,alng. for a family n ?la ehildren?one of good recommendations and not arrair ?f work, will And I and permnnent situation. Eaglisl or Aniriean | referred. Apply at IW Canal street. WANTED-A MACHINIST CAPABLE OFMXKINf and keeping in order, the tools for n gold pen and pt n d! owe manufactory. Apply to A. G. BAULY It CO., IN Br- ad way. . WAKTRD-A IIARTENDTR.ONE who knows him self and hi. business tboroughly. It Is hoped non ilbers w ill s | pi i ii is He ,' m -'r ? t <"in r of CP -by, w tent m household duties. Has no objection to go in the eooi.try. The best of reference will be gieen. Please a l souiilrr. 1 he best ol reference will r e gteen. rtcavc ad drvee 4.' Ilenry street, la the baseun nt. Can be seen for three days only. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY TWO RESPECTABLE young women?one a> tint rule chambermaid, Ane washing and ironing, in. lading Trench fluting; hue pcrtuct kaowledge of her other n? first rule waiter, and has perfect knowledge ol ber holiness; has lived for ?orrral p ari in h> r last nlsee. Can bring best city refef fr m lo r last place. Ii.tb discharged on aceonnt of the family g"inr to I.ordpe, Pleaoe rail fit No. l.'fl fifteenth street, bfar the Si tenth arenoe. Can be seen for two days. WA N T E D-A SITUATION. BV A VOI'NG GIRL, alout IS tears of age. to do waiting or chamher i.rk and aasl-t In taking care of children; no objection to go to tk' nntri Can be-ecu f- r tu days, nt N S t'ni n court, between Lleveutk and Twelfth streeta, University place WA N T E D?SITUATION'S, FOR PRttTESTAMT 8ER wants. i,f the flr-t elan, and of errry d'.mestlo state-n at the f ibre of the " Protestant Employment So ciety. " N". J Carmine street?the original and only trna Protestant Agency in thle ritr. Also, egeilluat CalMIs nod Protestant servants, at the "Old Society offioe," No. ItHi ( ham here street T'rms reduced. WANTED-BT A YOUNG LADY. BOARD IN A PR! vate family, west side of Broodw ay. Terms moderate. Address Mies Pries, ot this offi?e. WANTED-A SITUATION. BV A RESPECTABLE ywwag woman, as fret rata Cook and good Wisher and Ironsr. The boat of elty reference* given May be (oca for two day*, at P? Mulberry street WANTED-HV A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT young Woman, a -itnatlon I', do the gent ral bonaework of a small family ; is a llrot rate rook, g .od washer and troner, and Is a roi.d baker. Good city refer, nee given. Please apply at 9!)ii Sand* street, Brookly n. Can be(oeafurtwo ?ays WANTED-HV A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT girl, a situation aa plain rook, waaher and kroner, fan be seen for two days, at 30 Vaadewater-et. room No. t, Wanted?hv a respbctablryouno woman? a sltuollou OS rook, washer, and Irwner, In a small private family, or to do chamber work, and assist in washing and Ironing. eity ran be seen for two gays. Please call at 172 Allen street. WANTED?SITUATION s fOR TWO RESPECTABLE young airly the one to dochamborwt.rk and Waiting, the ?titer to take eare of children and make herself generally us rul. Tbe best of rtlv reference. ( an he seen for three',lays, If not suited, at ? M ? at Thirteenth street between fifth and tilth avenues, first floor, up stuirs. WANTED-1 ACTUATION. AS roRTF.R. BY A RE an et able young man. 3b years of age. Address .1 T , Na. hi Hesvsr street, where eatt-fortofy reference wrtl 1 he Cseu by the brm of J. Brannen. To be heard of fog two lyo. WANTED?A SITU VTTON AS GARDENER. BT A man wh.. thoroughly iinderstands landscope gurdeulng. sod tbe laying out of ground*, and the building and ear* of a (TOtnbana*IS a Rootehaon. and has the best re?maend.i ions from Iris omplwywr* in this country, for II years, Ad Ires# "Gotdsm r,' eare of James Hla. k, lid Eighth at e. WANTEts?A SMART. ACTIVE YOUNG MAN TO ACT a* Sale-man and Itool keeper, in a first class Ornery ?tore: none *?<ept those who can give Use he.t ..f city refer wee SB In ability and honesty need apply Address, in hand letting and With f. frrenes. to A. It , at u.edhffire of this e|?r. ANTED-A STEADY, ACTIVE PERSON Tl?LI,T i nmpi fenl In di-c'.arge the duties of lady's maid. She tast understand hnir dresilng, dr> SO making, and doing at, nf ss u.uellns, and something of millinery. A nt nme :.nd g*. d wagrs are offered to any nnoegaal to the dnty. bo *?!< i His, r l< in the <nunIry during the summer Apply i Tw. nty l street, first door west of fourth avenue, b* ueen tbo b. i rs nf nine and on*. \MI ANTED? A RlflfATION IN BOMB GOOD ItOUSB, WW ne Barbeep, r. by a yn"?g '"an of g .od moral character, eady. iaidnstrinu* and temperate Any one wishing a faith t| L-ud, nill please ?Hr * E. /1 at Tammany llall. WANTS. A COMPETENT YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITl'A Hud in a private family. She U a good plain cook,% flood nattier anil iruner, and an cieallent haker. Can ana flood reference, uud prefer* the country. Apply at 70 Oliver ?tract, for two day*, front room. A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE LADY WISHES A SITU ution an housekeeper. 1'p town preferred. Salary nut *,, much an object aa employment of wind. Pleaac addre.a U M , llerald ulltce, atatinfl where an interview may he held. A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN. WITH OOOD city reference, wishes a situation a* net nurae; haa a fre.h breast of milk, and i* a .mart, tidy woman! baa giien her bahy out to nurse. Can he (ecu for two day. if not enflafled. 1'leaae call at No. |'.M .Nineteenth etreet, b? tweeu the Eighth and Ninth nvenuea. RARE CHANCE FOR THE RIGHT MAN-WANTED n gentleman accu.towed to apiaVIog in public, who delive can deliver a humorou* lecture, and who poaaesaes knowledge of dramatic effect. An nctor not objected to. Answer l.y note immediately, to A. H. X., Herald office, atat infl real name, qualifications, experience, and where an in terview may be had. A RESPECTABLE YOCNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU ution in a .mall re.pectahle family, to do general house work, or chninber nervaut. l'lea.e call at OS Cliff street, fur two daya. Can flive flood city reference. A GENTEEL PERSON, OF A OOOD ENGLISH EDU ratlon and of aflrreuble manner., wiahe. a aituutiou a* ladir.' maid, or to take eharfle of children with n family go infl to I.ondon or the Continent: would have no objection to instruct the children. I'nexeeptionnble reference* given if required. Apply No. 35 Christopher atreet. A GENTLEMAN OF GOOD EDUCATION, WHO HAS travelled much, and been in the hnhit of oommanding and superintending, niahea for occupation, in any part of the United State*, to ?u|>eriiitend, overlook, or manage a iactory, idaiitulion, or any othar cniploymvnt of the kind, where diligence, energy, and attention, would be valued, T! e highest refercncea can be given. Addreaa G. L. A., Puat Offlce^New York. C1IVIL ENGINEERS WANTED?TWO OR THREE EX ' perienced civil engineer, wanted aa aaaiataata on the Panama Railroad. Thoee only that are accustomed to, anil have done held dnty in thia country, and can bring ccrtik they I cute* of ability from chief engineer* under whom they have aerved, may apply at the office of the Company, 78 Broad way. ? ^ RAILROAD SUPERINTENDANTS AND FOREMEN wanted?One or two experienced superintendent* fami liar with the conatruction ota yailroad in all III klHtlMt and eight or ten foremen used to railroad wurk are wanted on the Panama Railroad. Those only that have been em ployed on roada in tliia country , and ran bring certificates of ability from engineer, well known hern, may apply at the office of the Compuny, 78 Broadway. Laundress and cook wanted?(Protestants only)?Each mu.t he thoroughly competent to net in their own department, in the best manner: and hare eity references. Such may apply at No. 3d Grainercv Park, Eaet Twentieth street, between the huura of tea and twelve o'clock. ? rotestant servants?the protective I'RO te.tant Agency, 4.33 Hudson street, 1. well known a. the best and only reliable medium in the city, forthe proeurano* of first class Protestant Servants. Families and c other* in pursuit of such, are Invited to call. N. 11.?Worthy Protest ant Scrvuntg arc supplied with place* at this office, free of charge. Salesmen, &?.?employment is speedily ob tained at 114 Nassau street, for Bookkeepers, Salesmen, Clerks, Porters, Itarkeepera, Coachmen, Gardeners, Waiters, men on farms, hoys to learn respectable trade.. Applicants enclosing $1, free of postage, describing the situations re quired, will be suited. ^ THOMAS SPINK, Agent. SITUATION AVANTED-BYA RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman, a. chambermaid, or to do thu general housework of a small private family; good city reference oan bo given. Please call ut S7 Crosby street. Can be seen for two days. SHIPPING* Notice?passengers per steam ship Baltic fur Liverpool, w ill please he ?u hoard, at tho foot of Canal Street, on We dutsday.April ltith, at 11 o'clock A.M., and send alPTuggage not wanted on the passage, they eau | on .board this nay, and the balance to-morrow, Tuesday, i April 15, marked "below," with the number of their berth. ' United states mail steamship Baltic, capt. i J. Comstoek.?This steamer will depart with the m iili for Europe, positively on Wednesday, April lti, at 13 o'clock, M.,from her berth, at Um foot of Canal street. All letters i and papers must pass through the Post Office. For freight or passage, hnving-unequalled aocominodatious for elegance and comfort, apply to EPWD. K. COLLINS, !AG Wall street. Positively uo freight will lie received on board after Monday j evening, Ajiril 14._ The atenmer PACIFIC will auoceed th? Baltic, and sail May 10, PKHSIA r^t ? AJPRICA. Capt. Ryria. iuiifk'briv-' y'^ARA^^t1^.. TT ^KSBfk. Africa, from New Vork Wedneaday ZSd Anril aS,"11*' '. ?"?*??? Wadnaaduyj Jith " MU^ar. ? h'T York W'eiineadajr. 7th May. ' K*r?? lion tou,,,,,, H educioiuv 1 ith " rU^T"' 2?w Vurk Wcdncday', -'l<t " Am? - i Weduoaday, ?th " Canada ?< B.'rt.V"* ?>-'?-"rt?y, 4th Juaa. .. m i? "A: Wadnaaday, llth " America >? ?t**ork Wedneaday, iHth " !! . Boaton, 3ith " $1:?. Vu,k #r Bo?t"n K> Uvtrpool, ttr.t cabin, ?ab""Kofr',m N'W Tork or Bo,u?n *? Li?rpool, tveond Barth. not avenred until paid for. ?oBlVf?Kn?a." cW*' <i uu ,p#cU ^JonJ *n amount forpar .An ."(" ""'"d Surgeo* on board. "?"imper.muat pa.. through tha Po.tOfflea. Mitt Irtlghi VT I'JAHMtge, upply to Fr?rwK r a CUNARD, Jr., 3H Bro&dwKT, n I . *"'1 o0,k' Foreign Good., received andI brought in common with llritiah Good.. Through hi 111 ?'!???* ar. given in llavrv for New York. lurou?u "?? . Ut,0/April negt tha rata of freight by tha abort ?teamer. fr.iuLi* cr pool will Lcinateriolly reduced, thern?ti?. paaaengvra Talen after fir.t May. uaUl fur (~)UEAN8TEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY. ?FOR HKB m^n, vim Soothimptoa. Tha United stuUa ifaii #^M?p G?a? W' ri2?d will fr?m pia^n- &*5Srrtuf 22Tt It U ?h? All iattr. SStUS ^bfort,h:..1^:.oppr:to9p,oU 4,Ur*r*4 u *?* "OLLiilt. sASb Jk RIERA, A rant*. SO Broadway. U Si MAIV. "EAMS'IIP COMPA NY?FOR NEW OR v ? : iS" *'* Havana, on Saturday. April 31th. at So cloak I. M. Fan- reduced?Tha .plrndid d .utile en on. !?*?? '"IIO, S.IMI ton. burthen, J a mo. find lay Suhenck 1 ? "? N., commander, all! .ail praei.elv at Jo'cL>ck P ? from har pier at foot of H'arrau .treat, N R., with tha Ooyl arnment mail., direct for Havana and New Orfaan. Chavre. pa?ciigtr. trau.ftrred at Havana to the .plrndid douhla-en glue .team.hip FALCON. freight taken to Now Orlcan. at .'?! k. lilK'.'n ll *.ii #'7' Jnk,n "? freight to Havana, r , r i i . ** beamnad after the .teamar ha.aatlad. mi Er a I PMfB" *ri-ly at the offlc.of tha Compauy, ftp. 177 H ait atrvet, corner of Warren .treat. M o ROBERTS, Pacific mail steamship company ?(only through line for Caiifornin and Ora*on).?Tha publia ^wmad Uat andar tha maw arrangement of thia Com pany, ataamrr. maprctad and approved by tha Navy Da ?ud oarrrin* tha CnltiTstalaa ia.U. wU?e^ ! ' T* ""I Franai.eo, tha lat and l.'?tb duya ?f aach month, unlaaa detained by nnavoidaldo ...i and will tvuah at Aaapulao, Ann Ihcgo and Monterav* ?# ?tcam p*ckcti b?lowniBK L the Pacific Mali I iUam.1",. Company ar. now lu tha ridge, ou. .f whkh wlU , lB b*" ?' ,Mh ?nd ?' ?>>? rontaU Panama MX*K,'?'?l"C.......l.anto?A ! flal irnuaif. I'F1""- CAROLINA ??> ton.. rwaiaTrnuvL ? ? ? '? t"0?. C'OLCMHI'S ?UU toaa If.oit.ooa.o?' ln,,? ",T,,BCS ? ton. I ?JIum. UNICORN ?XI ton. | 2Shi!o?:::::: f",,0NT??'???? ???>*? "WTmaw itaamablp COLUMBIA will ply batwtaw Saa 1 *?1, Ow?o?. a waiting at tha former port tha arrival of the mail, and pa.*anaer. from Manama, and ra ssis;? 1? -,u ?", ma aad Saa Franai.aa, The w.ll-kaowa .team.hip SARAH SANDS, of I..W toa? *OW. ??"" ek?rt*? ?? ?h* oompany. and paaaliarly ~rtTfi;lS7^" 'rr"*"""u'w,lf u k,pt r"niB? w4U b"n-ui,w k' nnin AfM'toaa. CRESCENTCITY I..WD toaa ! t?na. niEHOKEE. ....L.inuaa 1 EMPIRE CITS livotoai. Pll 11. A UEI.PIII A I l(?t?a. i moCth Ckagrua OB the llth aad Jttth of aaah ..S*. y,T EIi D?*Ar>? FALCON wlU ?T? a direct tw.ea New Orlaana aad ChaarM. laau- I fa* at aurh pertodf a. will auaura aa little deUntiou aa poe- i iitl **,, ??d forminn with tha Pan Ac .team !? iu from Nmw (krUaaa. and porta ia I ??*ieo. Calif oraia aad Orofrna. Pm?a?# from Mow Orloaaa ' 5cmr*4 fro? Armatroaf. U?ruoa k C?.. irate , At tnat ftllff. The f.? f. r lhron?h tlchet. fro. N|W York to Saa Fran einco I a. I.,,, r, ,ii-ed fr m 6?. in atata room., to ?I. in lower < afdn. to <90. W, la .t?era*e, to |HNi. .Pi'?)! ? ,r""> *?? F?k to Cha*r?t will be at tha lowaat Adopted hy any aafa aen .teamer between thoaa porta. F?w<h<nea of berth., aoply at tha o?ea of tha Company, MnA WSonth atraat. and at their a?oaey. 177 Waatrt. IHJFINWENT LINE TO CIIAORES?ON Tt'ESDAT. IH A ? the fa.t .team.hip[North America aili gava I ier d, K.R., for Cfcacra*. She made tha l??t trio fr .in .vl? "F,* *n?t" thl.aity in .i? day. and twenty hour., about mile.?n liieh i. th. .ailin* di.tanre from New York to t ba?re., and it i. e*parted .he will make the trip to Chagrv. daja. Her pa.?-airrr. will ha landed in Chagre. by e-w mat., leaving them uvi a day. to rr?.. the l.thmu. to I anama, ?o a. to take the .teamer of l.t May from Panama for San I rati' l.en, A few .fate room, and rahin ticket, re r*1" ub.old. al.o a few .t.-rag" lirk'U, at IIEKIUHH it t O 8 . N". 2 A tor llvn.e, Ve.ey atrct. pfiR 'AN FRANCISCO ?FIRST VESSEL DISPvti H iJlTpf'"hip ST. THOMAS, at ni.r S North XttZ' ! ? A * llmita.1 quantity of light freight only, and ?ail in a frw dajra Acfomm'fdatioa f??r th fn firvt tad abroad fihii. R R ?UTTON h CO . hi Wall .trnti C\?Vl\\Vlf\,TI,.*.**T "EAMu'lllP NtlRTII ^ ... . Ifidrpd ndrat l.lar. f,.r Hnn Fran r,W i T't Y"rV U,h In.fatit, at aa Cloal, I V , from rder No. d North Rieer, for Chagre. ofthl. 'ffth. in th. cabin, and .lata room. FenUI . lM \U m"r ha had at reduced price, in? ? i . ?.. ?w,v. it tip to 12 noon ?f th. ?f (>jj. '1* . Andy ta the Agent, Mr J. F. NORTON, nt tha ofBca at tt.. , i ,.f N? , N r(h Rjv..p f ' AMIt I RttM SENATOR t, WIN ANI) OTHERS THE a 'ojderetened. nger. on the .teamer Mm. If A'Pln ? all, from Chagre. to Oorgnna, avail iham.elva. of thi. oe 4\,Vmfr7t'',r^* ,,i,? f?"Tr' *rru" the l.thmu.. For remforf, de.pateh, and .afety, the nuder-urned tide mode of travel, unequalled (n tha navitation of the Cha gre. river. Although tha nater i. now nt It. Inwe.t .tare ? a '.A' e mode forty mile, of the r ota In ..v.n hour., run ning time. M ith one fiH.t tnor of uater in the river we do ? t t he.itat' to .ay tV trip front Chnrre, to Oorgonn can bo made regularlv in that time. fSlgneiLl Win. M. (iwln, in. 0?In, Mr., W.C. done., Ml>. Donglnea, John C. M I. marc, E A. M right, and .on. Chariot M Cool, Mr. Cook. CARD ?THE I NHERSION El> PASSENGERS ON board the .teomer Em. H A.pinwall, down the Cha tre. river on tha Slit of March In.t,, and arrived nt Chnwraa -ti re nil nth, rbont., hating .topped at different .tntion. fonr lime, on fba may. She ran beautifully down the river at the rate of ten mile, per hour, protect, the |t*"enger> fr >m roin and ma. and we recommend her to all Callforntan. to be the k..t, .af. t, and qnirke.t mode. We any to nil onr fri.nd frav el np nnd donn the Chagre. elver on be>ard tbo Wm If A.pinwall. the proprietor of which i. A. d. dowett. F?S , ofMafna. f?igjte^] d AMI S STI.UBIN S, Akd tfty ?u other*. BOWERY THKATRB.-BU.XB8, 26 CENTS; PIT, It* MUti.?Doors open >1 7, curtain rises at 7X o oloek.? Monday evening, April 14th. will be performed the grand re men tic spectacle ul THE I.AST DAYS <IK POMPEII? Arbaces, Hr. B. Eddy; L/dun, Mr Tiltuu, Sporii*, Mr. Mar tin; llurbo, JMr. Wiiiaus; Nydia, Miss Waiuyaa; lune, Mrs. W alcot; The Sage of Vesuvius, Mrs. Jordan. After the spec tacle, Miaa Hiflcrt will aing "The Naw Year's t'oine." To conclude witli THE FELON'S LAST DREAM, or Jack SUappsrd iu France?Jack Miennard. Miaa 8, Diaia; Jone tkan wild, Mr. Martin; Jailor, Mr. Clarkaon; Mr?. Stieppard, Mrs. Jordan. DUKTOK'S THEATRE?CHAMBERS 8THEET, REAR JO ot City Hall.?Koasa, Dress Circle, and Parquetta, M rents; Family Circle, 23 cent* ; Private Boxes, Si and W-'?; Orcheatra Seats, 7& cents.?Annual Benefit of Miss A. Wal ters.? Mouday evening, April 14, will he played LOVE IN .V MAZE?Lord Minever. Mr. J. W. larster; Mr. Antony Nettle top, Mr. Uurton; Col. Duckthorne, Mr. Jordan; Mopua. Mr. " 1 - Mra. La " ?" " " ? ? - - Johnston; Mra. I.uey llnckthorne, Mra, Russell; Faith Lark st ir, .Miss J. 11111. At the aud of the comedy, Miaa Anue Walters will danoe "La Contrahandistn." To r.include with the farce of KILL OH CTRE-Mr. llrown, Mr. Burton; Mri. Brown, (first time,) Miss Anne Waltera. National theatre, Chatham street.?boxes, 26 rents, Fit, 12>i eenta, Private Boxea, $5.?Doors opeu at seven o'clock, to ooramence at half-past seven o'clock. Monday evening. April 14th, the performance w ill commence ^8 Br I " with the farce of SERVANTS BY LEUACY?Mr. Broinley, Mr. lirrbert; Mary liromley, Mixit M. Charleg. To h?? follow ed by tLo i??*w drama entitled the I'KAIKIE WOLF?.folia Lou*. Mr. Brandon; Bob Birch, Mr. La Favor; liarry May. Mr. li. Seymour; t'ra*y Kate, Mi?a Hathaway; Faunv Doe, Mine Crocker; Barbara. Minn Dunn. To conclude with the georgeoua spectacle of the MAGIC WELL?Ann* ha?k, Mr. If. Seymour; Hummed, Miaa E. Meatayer. M ECU AN ICS' HALL, No. 472 BROADWAY, ABOYB Grand street.?Open every night during the week until further notice. The original and well known CHRISTY'S ?NST ~ * " MINSTRELS. oomprising an efficient and versatile "eorpa" ?f "talented" and "experienced performers," under the Management of E. P. Christy, whose concerts in this city, for n succession of "fire years," have been reoeived with fnvor by highly reapeetnble aud fashionable audiences. Tickets. 26 eents. Doors open nt half past six; commenoo at sight o'clock. An Afternoon Coneert will be given on Saturday next, April 19, for the accommodation of Ladies and Juve nllos, eommenoini at 3 o'clock, P. M. On Saturday evening ?ext. April 19, annual benefit of M. Zesar, rt?L r i ?LLOWS' MINSTRELS, AT YELLOWS' MUSICAL Mall, did Broadway, between Howard and Grand Streets. Open every night during the week. The oelebrated \ original and well known Fellows Minstrels, " comprising an efficient and versatile corns of talented and experienced par- I formers," nnder the direction of J. B. Yellows, whose con- I eerte in this city for the last year, have keen reoeived with the greatest favor by the elite ana fashion of this great me tropolis. Their concerts consist of Burlesque Italian Opera Scenes, Witty Sayings, Solos, Duetts, Cboruaees, Dancing, and Instrumental Performances. On Wednesday and Satur- ! day afternoons, a grand Concert for the accommodation of , Indies and families, commencing at 3 o'clock P. M. Admix- I Mob 26 cent*. Doors open at 7, to commence nt 81 Hf OHN AND WHITE'S ETHIOPIAN OPERA TROUPE, . open every night, at No. 430 Broadway, a few doors from Grand street, know n as the Collisnum, where a splendid j variety of Ethiopian entertainments are nightly presented by one of the most talented companies, consisting of twelve ex perienced performers, under the direction of E. Horn and C. , White. Doors open at a quarter before 7. Concert to erm- ? mence at a quarter before 8. Tickets 23 cents. Crand after- I Boon performance every Wednesday and Saturday, CIO i moncing at 3o'clock. 1 E. HORN fit C. WHITE, Proprietors. Franklin museum. 175 ciiatham square.-geo. ! Lea Sole Proprietor. ? Admission ? Seats in Private ; Boxes, GO cents; Stage Seats, .'ffX cents; Boxes. 26 cents; Par quet, 12k cents.?Elegant Saloon performances every After noon and Evening. Entertalnmeuts commence in the after noon at 3 o'clock, and in the evouing at half past 7. The entertainments are varied and select, and such as can he seen bt no other place of amusement in New York, consisting of Lea's Female Ethiopian Opera Troupe, numbering fifteen performers, being the largest and at tne same time tne most talented hand in tho United States; a troupe of Model Ar tiste who are selected for their beauty and figure, and whs personate a number of beautiful tableaux, taken from the &'ctur?*cof ancient and modern times; a company of Arab iris, wBk go through a variety of feats of strength and dexterity; Madame Rosaline, the only Female Juggler In the wuo wl" world; a company of Male and Female Artists, who will give an exhibition of Marble Statuary unequalled in the world, together with a variety of interesting performances every afternoon and evening. Yor particulars see bills of each day The allechanians? hope chapel, tis BROAD wny. opposite New York Hotel.?The Alleguauians will give a Concert every evening during the week, nt Hope Cha pel. Their programme, embracing many n? w and popular pieces, will be changed ? h evening. Tickets 23cents. Con cert to commence at 7', o'clock. KN.EBEL'S GRAND NATION A L CONCERT ( FOR TIIF, production of hie descriptive work, the Battle of Bunker Hill.) which was postponed last night through the ineli Tticucy ot the weather, will take place at Castle Garden, Monday April 14, when the tiekets, La) cents each.) and the programmes at the ninsic ? tores, of April nth, will be used. N. B.?The Fifth Regiment of Now York State Militia will be present in full uniform. The second series of sattler scosmoramas, corner of Thirteenth street ami Broadway, will oloae the 3d ot May. These works of art consist of n collection of tw n ty-eia views of Europe, Asia Minor, Syria, the Il ly Land, Eg_i pt, Nubia and Aral ia, and ore taken from nature, and painted in oil, by Professor fattier. Admission, 23 rents, open from 8 o'clock in the morning till 10 in the evening. BYER'S SPLENDID PANORAMA OK THE WARS FOR liberty, in llp|ter Italy. Rome, and Hungary, is now on exbibitiouat Panorama Han. corner Broadway and Walker street. Admittance, 23 cents: children 12,', rents. Liberal arrangements made with schools. Afternoon exhibitions, Wednesday and'Saturday, at 3 o'clock. Doors open at 7 P.M., ? omnicncing at 8. CASTLE GARDEN.?THIS BEAUTIFUL AND POPC lar plnee is now open for the reception of visiters during the day. The view from the galleries of the splendid scenery sf our noble bay and harbor, bat nut an equal in the world. Admission 12cents. AMUSEMENTS IN PHILADELPHIA. BARNPM S Ml'SEUM, PHILADELPHIA.?P. T. B.AR num, Proprietor; II. Sanford, Assistant Manager. This week the admirable company will appear in a series of splen did pieces. Monday and Tuesday, in the new comedy called the ''Iluatend of my Heart," and the beautiful drama of "Luke the Laborer." Thursday evening, Mr. Chester'* Pare well Benefit, with the new comedy ef " Love in a Mate." and the " Virginia Mummy." The afternoon performances are light, lively, and interetting. New novelties always pre pariug. Admittance, 2ft oentei ohildren under 10yearl, 12X eente. Arch street theatre -proposals tor rf.nt ing the above Theatre, for one year, from September 1, lB&l. Will he received on or before 1st May nest. Address, 8 H It ANSON, Ml Market etreet. r>fii.apei.pmia, April 8, l.sftl. MUSICAL. rro CHOIRS, AC.?WANTED, IN BROOKLYN, AN ?A ens A engagement for one year, from the first of May nest to plsv the V iolonerllo in the Choir ef a Church. Salary pAO. Address T. O., Ilerald Office. The subecriber has an instru ment he Would prefer using. 1JOR SALE?TW ENTY SUPERIOR MOCK I NO BIRDS of fine plumage, from two to three year' old. They mork cat, dog, ruo-ter, hen. and sing the tunc of Jim along Jorey. and sing night and day. Apply nt 474 1 ourth street, after three o'clu ck. VIsOTIIINO. JPRINO CLOTHINO?Ol'R SELECT AND EXTENS1YI stock of Clothing for the season is now ready, com prising all the latest styles of garments of the day, and everytnii everything that is aew and chaste in (nods to be found in this or Kuropean markets. D A J. DEVLIN, S3 and 3ft John street, corner of Nassau ti. MILITARY Et}l IPMENTS.-TIIK SPBSCRUIER IS now prepared to manufacture every description of Military Caps, Belt?. Knapsacks. Holsters. Ac. Also tiam* end Shot Bay., tinn Case. Pistol ltilts, together with every artivle conarcted witli th? husiu,-*. JOHN A. BAK LB. 141 Pulton street. J FLANDERS, art ItHOADtVAV. NEW YORK, DEAL s aria Young Oewls', Boys', and Cfiildroti's Clothing ? Sells by the single suit or package ?This rstebli.hment is Oonstentlv in receipt of all that 1* new, (in the line,) and i? acknowledged to be the leading house of fashion la thi? country. CMST-OIE ? LOTH I NO, Ac.?LADIES AND UENTI.E ' men can obtain from the subscriber as fiiyh a price ae fr in any other see nd band denier in the city, for every dr e< Option of .U.t-olt clothing and superfluous articles. Ad drees through post or otherwise, or rail on, J AMES MOKO N E) . nt hie store, 11 Orange street, near Chatham. CI AST OFF t LOT 144 Nil AND FURNITURE WANTED ? I l adies, or gentlemen having nay eupirflunue efleetato dispeiee of. ran obtain a fair > ash price for the same, by wad ing for the subscriber at his rr.idrn e Ladle, attended by > Mrs. Cohen. M S. 4.'OIIEN, No. h West Broadway place. CAST OFF CLOTHINO AND FURNITURE WANTRD. ?I -Ladies or gentlemen leaving the ,-ity or breaking houseke, ping, can ottsin the high' -t cash rn'? for Clothing, Enrniture, lie., by tending through the Post, or at hit reu denew. L. M Dl'SSKLDORP, 13 Kim Streets N. B.?Ladies attend'd by Mrs. Dueteldorp. '#II0Wdl IIS I AN SU iRT~ EST A B DBMPT. Nenville A A. I'arran have transferred their stare te No. ,VW Broadway. Chinese Building They have Inst re cei.ed a flue assortment ?f Linen* and colored I nmfirie Muslins, for summer shirts. Depot of Loagueville, ef Paris. CTDtKINOS AND UN DP. IV CLOTHING, ??F EVERY l ' kind, (or Indies gents, and ehildren, iu tr- at variety, and ekeap. at Parish s old established stocking store, 78 Canal etreet. second block from Broadway. KXPHKM AUBHCIKV, dw, (NRKGORYS CALIFORNIA rRF.ICttT. PACKAGE ? end Parcel Em res*, per steamer North America, di rect, en Monday, April 14th. Speed unequalled?rates re duced! By the above steemers, our sent etpr's* will be for* srdedia charge of our messenger. Mr. U. W Bryant, eonne, ting with our agents at Chagm and I'anvms, who hate the uinet certain arrangements for the speedy trans mireion of freight ever the Isthmus, of any tompaniee engaged la (he l u incss. Shippers may rely upon all goods shipped through us. M being delivered in Panama in ad vance e f nil others, at e bo h port our facilities for re-ehip nv nt of good*, on all the steamers, eanaot be surpassed. Partite shipping by this Repress may rely on their goods go forward tr'.i ing fcrw,ru from Panama on the flrst of May Pareele received until the morning nf ateamer'e day of sailing, and letters nntil half-past two P. M. Packages (which must, in nil eases, be made perfectly waterproof.) must be left at " i the dtp pfs i isus. Ye rickets 1st Norlli A merit THOMI'Si sfng'fs and Agents. IS"' I i fcr. by permission, to Mi street; wjwiffnrd, Tilest. A Co., SU Pine etreet; the effiee the day previous. No Custom House thargwe aide Tok't-p- i Norlh Aiht * for sale. THOMPSON A HITCHCOCK, Maflagsre and Agents. If.' IVarl street, corner Wall. MW- It' l> r. fiy ps rtni-? in t Vresrs Joi ns, n A t-owden, ft Wall sti lift Wall street; wpoffnfd. filrst.w A Co.. 4k South street; Nesmith A Co , ftO Pine etreet; Levi Apgar A Co., 73 Day ?treat. (i AM I OMNIA EX PR ISP.?BER FORD A 0? 1 LETTEK J end I'aehnge Fapr, ?*, w ith three days lets r news. Great reduction In prfi es?freight to Snn Frant leeo, ?A rents per pound; letters, 2ft mats. Daguerreotype to San Francis co, $|. Small ptoktgee of ft lbs.. .. S3 l.ettr* to Stockton.. Aft ??e Do. do. I" to. ... i> To Saerwmento Aft rtg Do. do. Iftdn. ...11 To San .foe* Viet* Do, do. J'do. ... 1J Oregon and S. Islands Ah eta Do. do. ffldn. .t,jJ Maysvllle, ElwaA Mines PI Do, do. seer 1ft lbs . 4.V. In < harrcs 10 eta. Millinery per ewl (per lb I T? all portsef B. Amori, a. .SI ic font. Ill4 Mr Berf'-rd, o*e of the t roprietere. reside* on the Isthmus, " 1 anlm end ece mpani, s ell oar sbipmenta oeer the Isthmwi to Pa nama -Nest shipment w III be by strano r North Americas, on Teesdey. I.'.th in?t. at If A. M . we guarwnt** to send dfl owr freight be tie stiam'i which will lease Panama for Nww Francis,on 1st of May. HER I OK li It CO . 2 Yreey street. Astnf Hoone. P AI.MEK A CD'S CALIFORNIA EXPRESS PUR etenmrt North Aiworn a. direct, for Monday, April Hth. '? Great dlepatoh." We will gnarantne all onr freight and let.teia by this eteani?r to arrive at Panama in timnfeCtnnil steamer 1st M May. Our arrau.gementa are perfeeA is Insure prnmptnees in alf.nses. |e, |,ht package and letter# taken at lowest rates. I . tt,r? reel.. ,1 U6tj| half past twon'eleoh. N? Custom llouse C barge. P ALMER A CO . 7M Liberty timet. K" IN SI. FY A CO.'S EASTERN AND SOUTH! R hfPA CK . age lapses* office, Nc 1 Wall street, oeraef ef Broad usy. Remittance* forwarded, and enllsrltnna made In all the principal Eastern aid Sonbbern Silto* Messrs Kinsley and I n. ronneet with Fareta F.spress r#r St John a. New Brunsui, k. Through rree,| ta givep f?| MbdWmtft, Wasldnr b*r, B heeling. ,?*at> At.

Broadway tueatk*.-e. a. Marshall. solr Lee***.?Duur* epen At 7 I curtain riMi At half Mat 7 o'clock. Dreaa Circle and F?r^u> ttv, SO Fainily and Tbird Circle., Hi cent,; Gallery, I2U cent.; Private Boi.a, J?5 and Rusdav vvvniiur. April ft. will be urewntvd the .(?ritncle uf the VISIMN OF TllK MUM?Koran, Mm, Ao derton; Tncinar, Mr. Whiting; Human Cu ?. 'a|>ac, Mr Frodoriuk.; Tycobroc, Signer Carlu; Genii ?>f the Harp. Miaa Olivia; G*ni of the Kbea waad, Mr. Keyaelda; Uifol lUleaoe, Mr. Mat thew.; Knnar, Mlaa A. Gnun-uheiiu, Ocella, Miaa J. Gougvu heiu: t 'aaaana, Mra. laheraood. Prvviuaa to whiali, the farre of MY PRECIOUS BETSY. NIB I.O S GARDEN.?CIRQUE UK PARIS.?AUDI tin 11 al Novelty.?Laat H'eek but One of the S?u?i>n.? Ti e aumiublage of real taleat now performing at Nlblo'a Garden, >a unparalleled in the aiinalaof tlie arena of tki? or any other city. The eompaar will remain but a few daya longer. Kuueetrian Direetor, Mona. Loi.iwt; Shnkapoarean Jeater, Mr. W. H'allett; Modern Yorick. Mr. S. l-uthr-p ? liret appearance of tlie youthful and arcoapiiahed M ile .Marie, in her beautiful I'ariaian Act. Ou Monday evening. rith a C April 14th, the vntertainani'nto will eomiii?'iice with a Grand Muuauvre, by the whole troupe of ladle* and gentlemen. Madame Uaroline I/oyn in a Grand Equestrian Act, tec. BROUGHAM'S LYCEUM, BKOADVYA Y. NEARBROOME street.?Dress Circle aud .Marquette. 50 oeuts; Family Circle, 26 rente; Orchestra Stall Seat*, $1: Private Boae*, 5.1.?Doors opeu at 7; to b? gin at half pa*t 7 o'clock. Mon day evening, April 14th. the performance will commence ?* FRir " ' - with MY FRIES'D JACK? Jiwk DwiUkin. Mr. Brougham Colonel Detonator, Mr. Lynn*; Kmily Lambs wool, Mi** Emma Taylor. To be followed by the operatic romance en* titled the SPIRIT OF AIR?Antcria, Mi** Mary Taylor; Uranice, Mi** Julia Gould; Borca*, Mr. Leach; Flutter, Mr. Dunn; Astoroth, Mr. Lyster; Roland. Mr. Calmer: VCcuier; " ~ " ' 'AUGlPr. Mr. Raymond. To conclude with TEACHER Y.\ B ARNl'MS AMERICAN MUSEUM?P. T. BARN I'M, Proprietor end Manager?John Greenwood, Jr., Aseia tant Manager. Admittance to the Mneeam. 2S rente. ? Mon dav and Tuesday, April Mth and I.Mh, A 1.1. TAAT GLIT TERS IS NOT GOLD, will be repeated iu the evening?Ste rhen Plum, Mr. C. W. Clarke; Maria Gihha. Mies Chapmnn. u the afternoon, at 3 o'clock, A SGI.ICIER FOR LOVE? The Soldier, Mr. C. W. Clarke?and faree of the WANDER ING M1NSTREI,?Jem Bag., Mr. W. Jonea. Wednesday, Mr. C. W. Clarke'* Heneltt, the proceed, to be devoted to the Widow*' nnd Orphans' Fund of the Fire Department. The innumerable eurieaitiei of tliia Museum, tlie vaat Chi neae collection, !te? ore to be eeen at all houra between S A. M., nnd 10 P. M., every day except Suudaya. Circus?new york ampqitueatkc. 37bowery. Prices of Admiaaion:?Private Ho.v?, AO oenta: Boxee, 2!i cents; Pit, 12)j rent*. Monday evening, April 11th, will be presented a uiugniflcent aelection of elegant Gylunastio Feaia and during Acta of Iloraeiuansbip. First appearance of Mr. T. McFurlund, the Champion Vmilter of tlie world. First appearance of Mr I.avater 1-ee, the great English Eiui r irsi appearance 01 .wr i.avater, the great English Eou librist. and his Infant Sons. First appearanc of M'me V i: Iinie Sherwood, Mr. Cole. Mr. Sweet, Mr. C. Sherwood, an Ir. M . R.Derr. Miss Mary Ann Wells, and the eutire com pany, in all their ettraordinay performances. To conclude w ith a Comic Pantomime. 10MPLJMENTARYBENEFIT TO MR. JOHN WIVANS, the Bowery Theatre, will taks place on Friday eve ? lMhof April. A most attractive bill will be pre Couiiuittee.? Hon. A. C. Kingsland lien. Cornelius ning, the tented. Committee.?Ron. A. C. Kings V. And rsi.o, Hon. Henry J. Allen. Il->n. F. A. Talliuadge, Hon. U. ii. Taylor, A. M. Mathews, W. C. Ilurdick, Ex-Mayur Taylor, Aid. J. M. Bard, of .ler-ey City. Aid. Jaoob F. Oak lev. and two hundred and fifty others. The adjourned meet ing of the committee will take place this evening, at the Aa lor House, at s o'clo, k. lloN. F. A. TALLMADGE, Chairman. S. T. FISK, Secretary. ^FECIAL NOTICE?BROUGHAM'S LYCEUM. ? MRS. ~ Ilrougliani take- leave to announce that her fir-t Benefit rs-e gtj 111 HVWrr ICIITfJ W .k II II t Ml II ('?' LriUV II er nrsl Ilt'll 'III w ill tuke nlace on Thursday next, April lt?, when a now come dietta v*iil bo presented. Also a new Lyceum peculiarity, with THE 8P1 HIT OF AIR, and the WORLD S FAIR. Sign or Lorini, F. Griebel, and many other eminent artistes, have moit kindly volunteered. Particulars in future adver oa ........ a. v.vva. i'articulura in future adver tiaomont. Box book now open. A MF.RICAN MUSEUM.?TO THE PUBLIC.?C. W. Clarke world rewectfully iutimute that hi* regular Benefit at thi* e*tab)i*nmeitt fall* due ou W ednesday, April lt?th, afternoon and ovoniug; hut in connctjuouoe of th?3 re cent demonstration on the oeea?ion of hi* oouiidiuieut.iry benefit at Niblo'a, he will devote hi* portion of tne receipt* oil the al ove ?lay and evvninir to the Widow*' and Orphans' Fund of the Fire Department. A till of unusual attraction uill he presented, a* foil"**:?In the afternoon, commenc ing at 3o'ilo? k. tht beautiful comedy of AI.L THAT GLIT TERS IS NOT GOLD?Stephen Plum, U. W. Clarke; Twhy Twinkle, Ifodaway ; Martha^ Mi** < hapnian ; Sir Arthur, Mr. Ilenkiii*. In the eveniur, at 7Sj o'clock, tir^t time at this crtabliahmcnt, the lauyhalde play of THE SERIOUS FAMILY?-Charles Torren*. (a* originally played by him in thi* country) Mr. C. W. Clarke; Autinidab Sleek, (first )>ladawuy: Captain Maguire, Andrew-; Mrs. Torrcn*. Mr*. T. D. Ywoinan* ; Mr*. Onnihv lh-lxnaine, (her orig man. Tickets Scents; Uc?*-rved Seat rt ) Mi** ( liHiinun. Ticket* 25 c ent* ; Reserved Seats, 50 lit* ; I hinily lltixts *#?-?. POSITIVELY THE LAST WEEK. AT TIIE MINERVA Rooms, 406 Broadway.?NAGLK'S Grand Panorama of Ireland, painted by the first Irish artists, from sketches taken within the last three years?in fidelity, interest, and beauty unrivalled?with Ivm eong*. Iri h musie, anil an Irishman's illustrations. Every evening at o'clock. Wed nesday and Saturday afternoon*, at 3 o clock. Sec handbill*. Admittance, 25 cents; children under 12. half price. PILGRIM'S PROGRESS.?WILL SOON CLOSE, AT Washington Hall, No. 5RH Broadway, the panorama of Bunyan'a Pilgrim's Progress.?The public are respect fully informed that the exhibition of this painting, of the public which bos received the universal encomiums press, and w hu h ha* been vi.-uted by almost all the schools and churches of our cite, will close during the coming raouth. 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The above beautiful mau ?ion i? recommended to the attention of thosu who purr??n? ?tailing England during the (ireat Exhibition of rue mauaiou ?uh once the |?rinri|>al mansion ol the DuVe* of Ar gvlc and Huccleueh, but is now.the |jr??|Hrty of her Majeaty the Queen, nho, about eight yeari ago, through hor Royal Commissioners. granted permission lor the whole of this later Cure. ll?r Majesty also granted a private entrance into the Koyal Park of Richmond, which maybe *aid to form part of the around* attached to the mansion, making, with the Park of Mudbrook. a *|?n%e for egerciee and recreation of nearly 3,000 acres. The air is celebrated for its parity, and t ha d< mt tie arrangemente an i a erj imwtM I rnl *< ale. From its proximity to London. visitor* may easily rnl stale, from it* proximity to London, visitor* may easily j spend the day in tne Metropolis, and vet reside amidst the | most romantic scenery that Lngland afloNf. Th?- diet * ill, ot course, be regulate# by hydropathic prim iples, ri" aliai lants being alUwed ; but the advertiser believing that the** principles have a largaand inlvential number ?-t supportera in the t'nitcd State* off Atnnios, offer* to them all the coin* fort* and luxuries of one of the finest English mansions, com bined with the health preserving and health restoring addi ? i a pnre air. unstim o . |a utrltisil dor rior society, aud lovely scenery: with adaptatiou t?f llvdro* pathir treatment, if desired. One of the lat** Medical Direc tor* of this establishment had the honor of receiving the brother of his Royal Highness Prince Albert as a patient. T? rno Board. Lodging, and Pr Sessional ? ( necessary. ?4 4s. a week. Further (.articular, may he had ? " " t.\ on application, po.t paid. t? the Secretary, Mr. J. DVF.K, Ml raak Real I'nrk, Hi. him nd. Surrrv. England. N B ? KirLaiond i. only twenty mtunte. front London hy rnilwny. MISCKLL. AN KOl'M. 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I'.rw>a. wink Iny ta to to th. work., can do *o hy taking th* .tag* at th( ferry, that leave* (vary half hour. F.raoa. will ni'aM. whta th.y .and by mail. My what kiud Ih.y waal-Mtra tuperior. or American Navy. MR. LVOV, or Ol BROADWAY. SHOWED To V*. A 1 ?hurt tim* ayo, a beautiful litil. eabtnet, with folding tin*. door., through wditth were vigiMe aev.rat of I i? Magnetic Powder. draped to .ilk. In a little drawer tinder the ahelvet of th* eaee. waa a > irenlar, .etting forth? ; what we well know to be tme?that the I'owdcr I. de.trnc tlve to eoekroaehe., bed bug*. and other in?*ei dete.tahlea, but not harmful to human Delay*. The raw and It. ronton!, are bow aadvr hatch*, on hoard th. h mtcd State, .hip St. j Lawrence, and will be among tha article* exhibited at th. World'. Fair. 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I teach how to make th* wrinkled akin , 1 teach how to make brown teeth a. white.a? pearl*. I teaeh how to make dlaeawd gam. hard gad .ound. I teaeh how to make* breath perfectly .wwt. 1 tea<-h how to make hard Grown hand, m.ft and white. I teaeh how to mailt Hi. hair grow la.uriantly. I en a ha.ten the growth of whi.ker. monetarism., k*. I tea eh how to have bright and 'parklin ? eye*. ?HHHRlMRHIlMHHnHHim I tearh how to preterve the eye .|gl,t for li I tenrh how to mat tr* impaired 'r' ilglit.^^^^S I Gaaeh how to ehaage grey hair to it. original eolof. I te.ek hnwtorbang* the color of the hair a. d?.ir?4. I tenet how make the hair "oft, rich, and (lowiy. I Vat h hnw to make the lip. and r he, h. red. I fnarh how to Mnov, .upvrtnou. hair. I hwow th.y are all prrfeitly h.rmle... I know they mail very ? heap and pier.-ant. I know every prwwia ?ill like them on trial I give direction, to make and tiarlhe.c romp* inn any advertived ? all thi. information. ? pwt Mid. AVA8SR. 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Khode island, hits been 'staring under greet excitement, cons' ;ucut ou the ?upr< uie Court calling a special term of one week, to try John Collins, for robbing the Phoenix Bank. Westerly, of f-l.VOOO, and upwards, in December, 1810 as-oc luted with T?m Honours- and Levi Cole, thret of the eoufude raey of '? stool pigeons.'' located in New Vork and vlelnl ty. of which gang the I'uliee Catellt is kuown to be their organ, lleury C. Dorsey. now convicted of perjury, en" deavoring to aid the escape of his as-ociates. was also one Of tbe acting members of this ''stool pigeon" enteric. and one of the leading correspondents of the allied journal. Police officer Bowyer, of the legitimate New York police, has immortalized himself in the estimation of the people and authorities of Khode Island, in accomplishing the arrest, and securing the conviction of the guilty parties, notwithstanding the obstruct ions thrown In his way by the b stool pigeon" rfiqvr, who. under pretence of uidiug the officers of the bank, were attempting to mislead them ; ultimately the latnk idesr. discovered their mis tukc. and applied to Mr Mutsell. the chief of police, who selected that vigilant and persevering officer Mr Bowyer. to investigate the robbery, aud bring to justice tbe guilty ' parties. The presiding Judges of the Court and the Attorney General. Mr. Blake, have exhibited, during these trials, the highest attainment of legal knowledge tn criminal jurisprudence. Much credit is to be awarded to the j juries likewise for the firm and faithful manner in whirh they have discharged their duty in these eases. | orden P. Mercer, sworn, says?I was clerk for Henry ' 0 Dorsey from the 1st of May. 18n0, to the January fob- I lowing: I know that Dorsey purchased a set of books | for J'JO. from Messrs. fsitwl hi Mott. stationers, in Wall ' itreet; in those books entries were made by D >r?ey showing the receipt of moneys alleged to have been paid I by Kancuse. for the purpose of swearing to an alibi, on ihe triul of Kunouse; in May. 18o0. Kauouse came down | o Dors? y's office. No til South street. New York, uud gave Dorsey two f'JO bills on the Phoenix Hank. Westerly, 1 o get exchanged for him; Dorsey and Kauouse went out ' ti gctlier to get the money changed; Dorsey returned j with the money exchanged, and gave it to mu to give to Kauouse, who I would find waiting at the corner of Pine 1 and Nassau streets: Dor.-i y said that lie believed that I he and Kauouse lia3 been followed by son#e of the hank 1 people: I took the money, and found Kanouie at the | place designated, to whom I gave tlie money; K.mouse : told toe a few weeks before the August trial, that he had j woikidton hard for the money to give any of it back I again; Karouse wanted me to swear oil the trial, and i substantiate the evidence to be given by Dorsey, in proving the aliii. l'lie books were bought for the pur pose of making up the alibi defence for Knnnusc, and en trie* nude therein, some a year back, in order to make thi'in appear genuine, when not one in twenty-live was I g< nuine.ullthi rest Is ingtictitious: the entry showing the leeeipt of money, alleged to have been paid by Kanouse ! on tlie 17th of Dee. tuber, 1H49. was imule in the book by i Dorsey about a week Is-fore the first trial, which took 1 place in August; I -aw liiui make the entry myself; at the trial in August, while the jury were out. Cole told tue how be got the money from the bank vault; lie said a bias ni tick was used, at the end of which was a nail at tached. and with that the package of money was hooked out through the hole cut In the vault door, and they would have got more, but the lsitutage of some of them broke, and tell out of reach; Tom Kauouse then hurried 1 up and said there was enough; dole also said there was I a third party concerned with thcui. but did not say who he was; Cole subsequently gave me to go to Slo- ; nington to see Collins about the law yers' fees, as he (Cot- ' line) had not paid a dollar towards the expenses of the trial; I ueoordingly went to Btonlngton and saw Collins, and told him that Cole wanted hint to come to Paters,m; Collins enquired if Tom had sent for him; 1 told him u C< Hint said then In- would not go. and wanted uie to tell la-vi he was not there; that lie (Collins) had left j i ftonington; that he (Levi) must Is- craxy. for tie had written letters to hint, and if they had fallen into the hands of another John Collins, in Stonington. and they | might, as he did not always go to the | office, it would have raised h?U with him; I returned to I'uterson. 1 saw Cole, and told him that I did not aee Collins, as he ' had lofi Stonington: 1 then saw Kanouse. and told him ! what I had done; he said I acted right, as Cole only wanted to get Collins on to l'atersoii. to do him out of i his sham; Cole stated t" me that all the witnesses that ' testified against them at the first trial told pretty m-ar tin truth; on anothertceasion Kanouse said tome that the mom y was never divided equally between the three; ] he sj(i,| (',,1,. bad "sunk" on them, meaning Cole had taki u the largest prop >rtion of the money to himself. ^It lieing now mar seven o'clock, the eonrt adjourned until nine o'clock on W eduesday umruing. sarovi) dav. Mr Mrreer vas railed and continued liix testimony.? I I kn< w that Knanuiw had ? Urge quantity of I'lm-ttix Ihink money tlie Jay tliey left New York, in August last. for the trial: KateJtiee tolj me that he liiul brought It froin I'aterxm. New Jersey, that nioruiug. in a carpet lag. mill left It in Dursey'a office; the e*r|?'t Uig 1 took fti in the ferry to Honey's nfflc.t; Kmiouse handed it to n.e. but lie did not t. ll ine what was in it: then l>or?ey opened tin1 liap. anil t"?'k out n large roll of bilU. but I don't know what ?u> dona' with the money. ('roar-examination by nnunrel for defence.?I wi? no asked about there facta on the former trial of Knnousc it hh- not true what I swore to on the first trial; it wits false what I then swore to alHsut rowing Kanoure pay f'J<0 to Doixay. on Monday. 17tli of December. 1*4'.?; I rwore to what war not true; I know I did what .wits wrong, ami 1 n< w correct it; In November last I did not t< 11 Honey that I lied lawn induced to appear against Kanoure and Cole for money. In order to procure the ci nek tion of litem, nor did i ever exhibit a large amount of hunk hills: L>< rsey ends nrorcd to get me to leave, and not it) pear agaiurt him; I am entitled to route property ly tin death if tny brother; my proportion will possibly Iw several thousand dollars, consisting of negroes and rml estate, situated in Kentucky, hut the divlalon of the property ut pres. nt is in dispute; on the ;ioth of ttetobi r lust I hartnd the arrest of l>or?ey, for stealing roinc ' .Mexican elaims. by tlie N'sv 1 *erif ii*lull!? I was arrested in Louisville for killing a man; I shot him dead; I was | arquittfd on the trial: tile jury Wen- only out eight minuter; I wotdd like to explain the circumstances Direct examination, by Attorney Ocncrul.?Mr. Mer- 1 ci r. you are at liberty to expluin 1 was knocked down three timer with a bludgeon, by tliis man and I shot him; this was five years ago. and tlie jury brought in a verdict of justifiable homicide ; on the first trial of Kanoure mid Cole. I was a witie ?s, up to the arrest tf Dorrey: I had never spoken to officer |t?>w yir: I was iuli|sr'wsi by Mr Mowyer, on the charge against H" rm; hut I tntcmhd to go any how ami give n>y wide nee; Doto y was arrested ou Isnnl the steam bi at. s.* be was h aving the city for the West Cross-i xainiacd ?I have not done any particular husl m ss |oi the last two or three years; I have gambled con- ; shlerably during that time, and I would Itke to sec tlm Vtr-tern or font hern man who dou't gamble or play a Utile game once In a while. Junes Wlllininr sworn.snyr?T reside at Paulnckot; T rm n tailor by trade; I have worked with John Collins, | the person now on trial; we worked together at I'nuturk et; In March. lS/Mi. I railed on (,'ttUitis at Monlngton. in rotist qm nee of u letter I ri reived from him; lie "aid he livi d at fftonlugtf n; I went according to lil* request; on arriving at Btonlngtou. I was before the t'me appointed to meet him; I then went to a public bouse and took my ?Upper, and tlien afli r suplar the luinllord showed me tlie r< shh ttce of John t'l llitir; on iio-eling t'olltns. he ?liook hands with me. and after, while he spoke, niol -aid that tin- pe< pie of Monlngton were trying to get him luto diffl ( utty and that In told tin In to go ahead, or tothat ell. ct; I suppose, said he. y' u hare heard of the robbery at Westerly.and I replied I thought I had; and. ?aidCollins, that in f use l hey did anything. " I shall Want soma assist ance;" he then a-kod me if I had tlie letter with ma he J si nt to me; I raid yes. and handed it to him; he took the 1 letter and burned it Up In tlie stove; Collins then said that two meUbad been tobla house and that those two { no n had Is en arrested for fobbing the hank, and that this girl had recognl-?d these men. and he wanted me to ri me up and ?ay I ??? otte of the tn< n who cuBed, and I might name any other uiao whom I pleased, he said I was about the sine of one of the men. ami the other was larger and a? the girl was a poor simple kind of girl; t arked how the men Wtn dressed, and he said one had a gland rap: I then replinl that n man lu our shoplutda plated eap and It would Is- very easy for me to use that nap; Collins an<l I left the hoti?e. and went down to this public hi use: we did not go direct to the hours', however; I aid. before going luto the house. I must ]ray for my uppir; Cotlins then rave me ft t paM for my sunt* r on going Into the put III house; *o sal thireand talked about valii U" sutyeets; Odttbs told me that when tlnafe two nun cdtnr the first time, he was not titers; tliry ealh d a second time, and tlie tlord time he inet II ? m In the striet. and they went to the bourn together; this waa InM ma hy tktlllns. ao that I should know how ti any t mes to say I ri lled; nothing more passed; I took tin train In no to Providence about one o'eh<ck, Collins then saw nn'diwn to the depot and I returned home; the rem. ti for my ratling i ii Cotlltis. I was to Say that he owed me mom ? . nothing more transpired until ] August ft; I received a letter from New Lomloti signed by Collins, (both pii duci il) na fiBowf ;? New l.'twnon, Aag'ir l A IMS. Ma VilMtW?Sis I ?n. in I tils day. hut ant g. lag lieair this .eeniag. I wish ywn to lutm down to St' i.iagt' ti. i nd -??? u,. ? u Saturday m uit.g nest, and I wtll pay y< a fir yen? tree' Is sad iipun. I want yea to snma at .1 inaki no a visit, at 1 niaki arrang> ti.eais to that effect. If v. a .an, that sill plea * tar. Tlit t sld affair feitnr ? ff Se\t si i V and I * i-h to see yon, y ,?r s i lit re |iit. JOHN COLLINS. I'. ff ?I h? v. mor s.l e sntows. t at *tap at the <?in' hoase ? s vea did I vlt r*, and j u a ill tad me. I'aldlc lone, I no on. On fstnrduy, 17lh August, Mr. CtdHns came to tny house at Nantucket. about the tllUff people wt re going to II e mills. I wa? ronfu-vd at teeing him and pretemh d to I ? -iek as an excuse; he wants d me l" go to Kingston Hill, he wnntid no to rome ami fWewr I wus the man who < ailed at thr house that ntght with another nuin; he s.iid I mutt. I ti Id liltn I did Sot like to do It: lie said "t'h It * a ' nothing more than many nthnfa bad dnmt:'1 be ofered io give me a gold wutcn. and said he Would give It to nte In b ss than three mi>utli-. and mon< y be. aides; hesbopuMetl out a Mvimtssory note, and saiil If I carried It in try |H?-ket. It would bu.k " Id ?s If It had b< ? n written a gi ? d while; thi-' note wa- to lie an t xense to rail on no- on the Saturday niyht In awdkn for me to pttj it; we then got into tlie wagon ami went t?? I'mrl tk n? Mr Merrcr n raUeil?Knnottse and Burvry Is th (old no howthij triek" d Mat-on about the i>eelpt, Kanouac ??Id he |ji t the receipt fit m Watson and DtWsey; ropied off their receipt, god alten d liic date to S nit the purpose; Dorrey can altt r the n| p. mwnrc of his baudwrlting In any manner he pleast s Moss Itabcork. sworn, sayr?I atn President of ihe I'htetilx Hank, Westerly, I *"ent to the house of Collins, ami Xtktd Mr Collins If he knew any sto h men as Levi Cols or Tom KauoUse; this was tn January last the bouse was s< an lied, ami a c lilsel wa . fournl In the bousu of Ctllins: Mr Y< ting a-kod Mr. Collins If the chisel be l< t gt d to him. and ( olllns said, that was his business* Mr. liucgaskid t'olltns if he Would cell It, and Colling i raid he would, and asked *1 SO aa the price; Mr. Y* | paid the ?1 &Oto 0?Ui,,s. tooh iheehieel; Mr T? found, also. a roll of tilL- resembling money, , the card of Jon.*, th. Cmw-viiKmlaad -1 hare uo recollection of Mr V?Ug off. ring ( nil ins f .*00 to r?enr against Kauou-e and Odla. : Mr. t lapp. swum?1 am a puller uflfeer of ProvidenMt I arretted ( olllue aud wu, h?d ho house at "- "iPumt I found a vuricty of clothing, and suae clothe* partly made up; come articles I r iu.idrr.-d rich, particularly ?uc shawl; in a box was a gold watch and pemil' tba gold autcli was. 1 suppowd, a ur* one. * ' ('r<'M.(-xi.uiinatiou not material Judge Cross gworu. says?1 think that Cole a d Ka DOVmi wore brought to Westerly on a Sunday afternoon' Colli in- war arrvwtrd a abort time after, and kapt in tm todyj there is uo difficulty at all to ofaatruct the rieio*. in Bering the front of Cnilius' house front the houa* where Hiw t'heesborougb rv*id?-d. Cross-examination nut material. Kdward Clark, recalled?When Collins wae arr?tt*d I went to ace him. and a.-kcd him if he knew Tom &* nouee and bevl Cole, and lie raid be did not; afterwards, 1 Hi-ked Cole aud Kauoure if they know Collins, and they raid they did. James W. Waterman, sworn, nays?I saw Cole on thy draw oi the bridge at Mystic; Cole wae walking; thin was on the Monday morning in question, at hali-pnat 7 o'clock. December 17, 1840; Kanousc was with him: Oai* was dressed in a snuff colored overcoat, and a cheeked cap; tbey were going towards New London; their boot* were coiLsidt rably muddy; Ooie'e pantaloons were turned up; when 1 saw Cole, 1 took him to be lierr Alexander, a man wlio was to exhibit; his face was pretty mimtt covered with lutir ; I subsequently saw them in the meeting-house, at Westerly, in the February following^ at the investigation; they were then uuder arrest. Cross-examination of this wttuees did not elicit aay? tlimg important. Gen. Burllngame, sworn, says?On the Monday mor ning. about 7 o'cloek, December 17, 1849. I was in my wi gon going to Westerly; It was very muddy and cold; I met Cole and another man going toward's. Mystic; Col* was dressed in u snuff-colored ovurcout, aud a checked cap; the other man was dressed in a dark overeuat and a lint, with the brim irouod flat down; these two men I believe to be Cole and Kauouse; 1 aaw them afterward* at tin- investigation, aud huvc no doubt aboat Cole, and 1 beliete the other one was Kunouse. Curnel II. Capron. sworn, says:?1 keep public-house at Ptouiugtoii. on the lilt h of August, 1849; a man looked like Cole came to my house and registered his name la my 1km k as K. II. Corel. No. 67 Wall street; after this, ho ask. d me if 1 knew John Cotlins, the tailor; why. said I, "J can show you his house uluio-t from my dowr"; in my abs. uce Cole took away his trunk, and did not Hleep there; I next saw Cole at Westerly, in the meeting house; 1 walked into the meeting-house, and at onee re cognized Cole, and stated to Mr liurlingtuune that Cob ? was the man that stoppei at my house. Sandford K. I'ierce, sworn, says?1 reside at Noitlk Providence ; Mr. Williams, the tailor, a previous w.t worked for toe; he exhibited a b-tter. in March, I860. said to be from John Collins, of Stoninglon; WU liams li ft fur Btouington, on that evening. Mr. Collins, tl.e prisoner, worked for me in July, 1K49;1 know nothing against his reputation; I took him to be a steady, he nest man. lit ury C. Dorsey. sworn, say*?I never had any set of b< oks made up [to . ff< rt an alibi, on Kanouse's trial, f This witne ss was called by the counsel of Collins, lie is now in jail on au Indictment for perjury in swearing to aa alili. on the triul of Kauouse. in August last.) The re ceipt produced l y Watson, was shown to Dorsey. who said. ?? I never wrote that receipt, nor did Kauouse to my knowledge ; no money of the 1'hoenix llank was changed by me. except the twe twenty dollar bills of that bank I g< t exchanged with a quantity of other money at on* per tent ; 1 did purchase a set of I<onks from Sidcli fc. Mott. in Muy. 1850 ; when I opened my office, at No. 01 South street, (the bonk exhibited). Yes. these are th* books: the label- on tliein arc nut the ones I saw when they wire bought ; I opened the books and mide the entrys fn in the papers uud vouchers accumulated; it contain ed all the moneys received from Kitnou-e. made up from my diary, front which i principally made up at the time ; on my daily journal is simply my cash account with Mr. Kauouse; the entry was made after May, 18.70 ; it was in ver asked me. i n the former what time I mad* t In ,-e entrys ; 1 never testified to anything about Oole. I ket p my accounts as every man has a right to do. Th* entry* are true us I entered tliein ; when I had nothing else to do I pnt in my book* what 1 pleased} I never made up the Iks'K- to help Kunouse and Cole in their tri al ; I don't know that 1 ever told Mr. Mercer when* I g< t I he money changed that 1 was watched by any officer of the bank ; when 1 banded the money at the ex change offb-e in 1'eek slip the broker selected <>ut th* two twenty dollar I'bccnix Bank hills aud charged on* per cent : Kunouse called at my office on Saturday morn ing. the 15th Dec# tuber; he owi d me money and railed to say he could nut pay me. anil he railed again. I think, the next day, In the evenlug at my room, at Dunning's In tel, and Mr. Mercer was ihere ; I cam* to New York in the spring of 1M7. from houisvill*. K--ntuel*r. Cross examined by the Attorney Gcmtml ?I never stated that 1 mudi upthsarciuut in tin- boohs fur 111* pnrpotc of showing now the account of Kanou-e stood; I never produced lit* Issiks for tliein, ou the 17th of Diet inter. 1840. Mr. Kamuse paid the money to me; the whole of'the item* were referred to; the books wero produn d to sin w Kanouse's account in a condensed form; 1 saw there was a wish to show all the items in the ac count. and I produced the bonkf; I never told any per son I could -how my books; I don't know that I in tended when I left tin- stand, as a witness in Kanouse's case, to h ave tlic jury with that Impr. -sion Attorui y General?bluest ion.?Tlie accounts of Theo dote f. Bland tend in your books; are they genuln* clmrpi s, or aie they fictitious! Dorsey.? I nfUM to answer that question, without f biii put on the racA; I decline to answer any fnrthe qu< stii us; du )< u suppose their is only <iue Mr. Bland la till' W.lld' Attonqr Ornml ?I ask you if the accounts general ly iir?- coaitct in tIw-r books. or arc tliey fictitious.' Durst y.?l my the account of h.mouse is correct ami Ine; any l'nrt In r I shall not answer. Attorn* y Hem ral.?That in not an answer to my ques tion, I want mi answer to my question. The Court mill?Mr. Dorsey. you must answer thn question, without the answer will tend to criminate yo?x Dorsey.?No. the answer will not criminate me; but ( riiilly do not exactly understand the question; I ?ny tba accounts are corn et as 1 entered them, surely f bar* a right to enter what 1 phase iu uiy own hooka. I do nay they are not fictitious. Attorney Uennral?Oh, may M. please tha court, thia in only trifling; the w itnisa km ws that the court enuid only ecu mit hint to prison for contempt and as he ia already in prison lie cannot suffer much I shall suspend any further questions fi r the present, on that point. Dome) eontlnued?On the last trial of Kanouae I wan *1 plii d to t,y the brother of one of the etupannrlled jury; 1 think Iris name was Palmer; be said be felt a deep aym ja.tbj for hanottse. and expressed a great desire to tin all lie could b r bim; I communicated the next morning willi two or three )x rsons. and I think 1 spoke to Mr. I'l'dike; next. 1 bail another iuterriew with I'almer, Mid In then l ulled out a piece of rhalk and marked on his hand flM). and -aid that will lw all right, I will sen mytoitber; Collin* knew si*art It; I'almer said it must I ? in gold or on the landholder's Dank, or good money: the next day I put into an envelope some old slioe bill cards, with *100 niHrked on the ends, locking like banlc I ills nnd cxlnl iti d it to 1'aluicr. hut be would not takn anything t ut gold fieri tlie Attorney General exhibited to the eonrt n ?eiy t uigXT and Uireatcning letter written by Dorsey and s< n't to ? Hirer lUiwyi r, thi- letter waa shown to Dorwey, who tailed ami said 'yea, that is my writing; I was angry nt MM I line I wrotolt. ' The i i itrt In reupon order* d the sheriff to search tho t>< i m n of Doner, iiml in so doing a eery slmrp blasted kiiiIt wasfoumfin Ilia pocket, which I* hollered he lu IrinJi d to use on the |ierstin of Mr Dowytw or Mr. Cross, should an < p|*.rtur.iiy < fl'-r. Di-nrjr rontinunl?I dont kntiw that I sahl to Mr. Clark Ibst the gtfW was a good one by way of irony; I raid so in rulxtanre; I mean I said so part in jeat ami Earl In larnist and eniphaaitsii such portions aa I in w Clark wi old eonvey to Mr Buwyer and Mr Crass. k m C it ut son swm n says?In the year 1H49. I re. sbhd In I'atirson. New Jersey; I am a marhlniat by l indc; I have known Utl Cole since the fltate Ikir in Ni w \i i k. a ytar ago last fall; I also know Ton Kanouae; in Ci urtlaod't strict. New York. Cole runs to me. and w Mil id lo sill me a patent safety valve. and wanted me to make him n rutting niarhlne to aeat a safely wales; I thi n wi nt with him to a frenchman's. In Murray street, to st e one; I saw the mat h.lie. but it was not inatle in the manner be wauted, I made a machine which aa swrrid better. * hi< h he paid luc for; it was completed iu the fall if IMP; it was possibly two weeks befors tho hank was r> Ida d, the machine cut a hole two inches and a half; I should -sty the longe*t pit re in the marhiaw was frt in fourteen to elgbti-en Inetuw In length; It would take apart and put togetbir readily [The Iron door of the I a Ilk wault was here pmdur. d] The machine would rut In Its similar to tho?c made no the wault door; I wan rxaminid "ii the trial in August last, aa a witnees tar Cite and KanonUS; after Cole and Kauouss were hailed out eg the iLsrge of robbing the hank, they rame to ma in April, a lit days after they were hailed out; Kanmiea h i kid at ?> me receipts I bad about a payment sf HO math to t an Winkle for a sewing maehlwe Ksnoose li t k<d own my papers for the rreeipta. and said, M( think yt u hare a n eeipt for that money, dated the 15th ttPinnler;" ik'< nniu) I paid Vo Mr Van Winkle, It was dated If tlx December 1*40; some few days after, Kauouss rtturntd me the receipt, and said."There hi your fireipt." (The rect ipt was produced, and identi fied l y the witi.iwe J This receipt I believe to he a for gery. as I think tin re was a difference of a wreck between the n 11 ipts; the marh.iie made by me would rut a holo through tin tr? n wault d.?.r now produced. In about ten ninutis I Ismght a lialf-ineh rhlsel in tlreenwieh street. Kew Totk. forhtwl Cole; I knew Kanouse had a chisel of the same kind; It wae at tt cinder's Hotel, ut New York, wilt re 1 saw the ell"el with Kaueuae; linwr heard Cola and Kant Use sptak tf John Cotllne. tlie prisoner, aa n wt ry smart man. Collins kept, some year* ago, Ooucrem llaft. at l'ater>"n. last August?1 think it was on a Tues day?I wins at Kingston. Kanouse came to me. aad Mil no be was indietid. ami to go and a*e John Collin*, and tell b'ni to rend his wife off. when I got to Collins' house, I taw C< lllns and Mr 0*-*r Cpdyke; Mr t'pdwke also told lorn (C*4Mt s) lo seiul Ida wife off. we then lef, C >1 llns' lit use tf?getlieT. and went d?w-n to the hotel I then laid Ct llins tb?? K?nonce wanted him to nend ni* wifw ? way. and that if he wanted money he could hawe it; aftt r the trial In August 1 Weiit d<swn and saw Collins, Mill W. talked off awa* from the village into the eoua tiy 1 tin n said to i otlin* wliat wmuid you haw* i|t>na if )< u had I** n rxi mined on the trial, and asked, if you wt is la the I auk with Kanouee and Cole ? " Why." rc 111 <1 ft lllns. ' I should any I was not in the l*xnk '* Well, laid I, Kanouse any* yon were In lha bauk with lb. m "I wa* not," said Collins, '? fbr Kannum and Ct le were lne.tlc the lank and 1 watched outside " Col lins thi n stud. 1 fris money it good for nothing, you can't cl arge H " W by. said 1. ewviy dollar of tt is worth a g< id dollar (Vtllins said, * What would yon do with it 1 rr|Jied, why change It, Kanouae told me that he had sent Collins off to Paul ticket; (vnins told me that ha was going to get ? man to take the place of Kanouae; that he hail a man about the ?lir ft Kanouse to swrasw that he was at his house on the Punday aight In ipwes. lion; Collins, on the ffrst trial In Aagnat. was put on the stand as a ?rta<s few the dtTt nee of Cole and Kaaouse, I Ut Was not i as, Collins appeared to he eexetl at not Icing t lamiiwd; I arked Collins shout the machine cuttir he laid It was a gotxl ?ne (laughter I ; I asked ( t ilIlls a h< made the bract s. he said he got them mada In New Yotk Crnss-i lamination- t eanirnt say the data of there iripts are inc?m<t, 1 les t kavw the receipts asg

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