Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 15, 1851, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 15, 1851 Page 4
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NEW YORK HERALD. IAIII ?OltPOM RIIHITT, PROl'HIElUK AND EDITOR. ?FFICE N. \v. CORNER or FULTON AND NA-?> At sr>. THE IKill.Y HEHJiLV, I eente per e?py? per tt'EEK'LYt HKKmtLD, every Hatui'Jap. at ^ rente I~ * copy er V-l"' annum; the Europe m Edition ftper e' tfie. to any part of Great Hret.un and to any mart of the t 'pnt iw nr. Aot4 (o iruinde tar port are. "f-Uj.CNMKY COHRESftJNUENCE containing ompn taut Heu t. oolirited from any quarter nf the eeorld; ifueed. mill bi lib* rally paid for. 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HORN fc WHITE'S OPERA TROUPE. Coliieau. 490 ?roadway?Ethiopian Minstablay. AMERICAN MUSEUM?AmM PaaroanANcrc Ar TIISMI Air EV AN lit. NEW YORE AMPHITHEATRE, 31 Bowery?lav ajtiiian Pa aroaa arc as. WASHINGTON HALL?Panobawa of the PiLsaia's Paoaasss. MN4ERYA ROOMS-Panoi MOfE CHAPEL-Concs 8TOPPANI HALL?Panuaama or IIvnoart. DOUBLE SHEET. Jiesw York, Tacaday, April 13, 1*31. Telegrniililc Summary. The business in the New York legislature yes terday wai very interesting, for its variety aud pe culiarities. In the Senate, Mr. Upharn made a report in favor of the canal pt ojcet; and in answer to the report of the Attorney General, cited the opinion of Dauicl Web.-ter, which favors the coustitution ality of the bill, aad preseuts a very different view ?1'the question from iliat whieh has long been en tertained?in fact, the view Tiiurluw Weed has taken of it, and which has been urged by him so strenuously for sometime past. Mr. Skinner made a minority report against the bill. A bill for the assessment and collection of tases, with amend ments made by the se lect committee, was passed. A little scene of opposition was raised on the ques tion of an itnmediutce report on Mr. Beekuian's reseilatie us, inviting Daniel Webster to address the slature. After a little spurring, the vote in Mr. Keek man's favor stood seventeen to fourteen fir a ?* repeit w ithout delay." The question of limiting ?he powers of cities and villages, it will be seen, also earns before the Senate, and one or two other in teresting topics, which arc noticed uudei our tele gi uj hie head. In the A-scmbly. ye-terday, a bill for the main tenance of the canal.- for the fiscal year was pa ? ? I, ami much other interesting matter was taken up. A very large number of bills were reported, an 1 several appropi iat ? i bill- wi re passed, particularly with respect to educational jiuri??aes. Our tele graphic intelligence furnishes a synopsis of these, and of several bi! s pi oposcd, but some of whieh wilt not be pa.-sid, probably, duriug the present aes.ion. We learn with regret that a very larg?? fir>> has ?ecurrcd at Cat-kill, the loss hy which is estimated at about fifty thousand dollars. Kumorrd Kipr<tllkMi iKnlnat Cnlta?AUrm of t lie Cuban Authority*. "We have received rtetlllj. a number of private mad other cummiuii. allow, from tbc I ?laud ul < 'uba, giving u- account- the terror and cxoitemeat wtui h-vxi-'t Having the ofleial* there, at th ? pro |?<-l ol aoother invading cxjicditiou, which tii ? v ?ppn bend is titling out in mo |?>rt of tbc United MtaU', composed of two thou-aud ui< n or ui r>. for the purpose of overturning > j -.ini-h authority in that telaud. ?v the-e account- we alio lean that the < aptain < ? em-rat, who ii a rery popular and in telligi i.t man, believe*, ton crtala extent, in tin ?e ruincr-. and is organising the force- at hi-, ao a* to be able, successfully, to rope1 any -uch attack. All precaution- may be very good, but all the 1 .uior- about another oai- Ution being fitted out in the I nited Mates, for any each obje t a- the invasion of ( uba, are, in the higln-t degree, ab avud and ridiculous. Kvcry one here, who is at ail M^WHltwl with the t ubu ipM *tion, and tli gen al ?eminent of the people on the subject, can:, ,t but look na the whole affair*, a- a ditui. or nn ar i net on foot by v, lOUUih and interest, I jnir . -. without the slightest foundation. No jieison oi a iy ?haia< ter, no individual of pro; rty or tah-nt v are ppisuadcil, in any jiart oi the ft public, won! I be found ? d in haitarding hi life, hi* liberty, or h a prnj. riy. it any sui h ? \peditJon, at th% |h- at day. At the -amc time, v.e have no doubt that Lc|<i, and th? fi-w .... centum. - by whom h? i- - ir ?uuwdrd. We eogino d m ciicuKiiing the-* ruiu n at New < Mean*. ai d at otlu r So*tln ro j , .Is, for tltt p?> I ? >e of ? o itu.uiag thi teiror and appr> Ii u if the l.ihabitaut* at. ) authorities <>t I .'uba, ai>d creating tu.iiv - -sury ? x j - : - ? to th ? go. rtl* ?< nt, in prejari-.g to no- t rich rumored ? v podtuou*. l.ape*. and t.. adventurers em tusij vi dh bin live on *in h false rumors of tar cud expedition*. It i.. thcii < ly m ? of tabsi-tence, and, unfortunately, the .? tow <d ie I'nited Mtate goc.-rnm. nt, in reference to the foolish expedition to ' ardeuas. Las given some how of plausibility to such tumor*. The imbini t of i ieue* ral Taylor, win h wa* a very wear concern, hardly kin n how |b act in r-gard to that ? xpediti in, al though their dutie- were rh urly pointed out by the laws of f*Wgnu Mr. 1 lafton *?< oae day in favor of the annexation of ? uba, and against it the next. Ihie day be would address a letter to toe 1'nrtid Mtatc-a Consul at Havana, of a very bellig* - tent character; and on the next, would direct sn epistle to the commander of tbc naval f ire*, in tfic WN -t India seas, of a very p? aceable ? 11 ? tnry nature, lie never knew what ke ought to d*, what he ?hould do, or how he could get out of the n.ffc uity. Unfortunately, too, the cabin* t of Mr hillnmre, ha* never exactly got out of the tog in r< gaid to < uban affairs. Ixipei and several *>f L * i. ?*? iat* - were very properly indicted for vio lating the laws of (be I 'nited !stales, by a grand jnry in N*w < Means. Hot not content with having tb? -e m> n indicti 1, tl e United states government ?u?t insist on d aggii g in a* many politi- ian.s and put* I ie men of ihe South, a* they coahl, in order to give obit in d awtoriety to their movetn< rrts. Ac cordingly, (.em ial IL ndef*on, a Lading democrat j ?f New Orleans, who may have been favorably disposed towaids revolution in ? uba, hut who took mo active part in tl?e bu ir,? ??, wj' likewise in dicted by the -lime or another grand jury, on the ground that kc t ried a? the agent f thc xp litiorr ists. in bit) Iiig or selling the steamboat used on th j occasion. With far lots plausibility, and t> ? mu-'i woie ineuS'.jcut ground', <mvcrnor 'tuiunao, of Ok i?Mf?pi. one of tfw ablest. brave-t. a ,(f ?ic-* rated I,f our military leX?>r?- Intlic war with I x Was ii.- lulled Is the category "I off. ndcrs aga n th laws of the United State*, ahj Ufet*lOT tadi-'ed, ?ia< ?fb there w?* iiille ?r so t,y ? ,.p cate him, farther than sympathising With the rrro- I lutionary movement in Cuba. The fact ofthe mat ter it, that Moeee Y- Beach, of this city?-the fa mous financier of the l'laiufield, l-icfcigh, and other rotten hanking concents?nas orach more deeply implicated in the expedition tc Cardenas, and might have been more legitimately Indicted by the grund jury, than either General Jiendorson or General Quitman, and yet no nou* <wus taken of him. It war this wiak and imbecik eouiiuvrt of the general government, under the aduainirtrutiou of General Taylor and Mr. I'illmore, in relation to the {?artivs who, they supposed, hud violated the laws of the United Mutes, which places it in the power of Lopea und his fellow adventurers, to circulate these rumors, and thus irritate the authorities of C uba, and Keep them oonstautly in alarm. But this was not all. 'lite authorities managed worse when the trials came on in New Orleans. In a most bungling manner, they commeuced the trials of those w ho were known to be least implicated ?such as General Henderson and General Quit man; while the principal criminals, such as Lopez himself, against whom there was abundant evi dence, were permitted to remaiu in the back ground, and benefit by the chances that might grow out ofthe defeat of the government on the first trials. The expected result was realised. Gen etal Henderson, alter these trials it was found, could uot be convicted, andu nolle prosequi was en tered in the case: and the United Mates Attorney, in a moment of embarrassment, or in a buff, enter ed a nolle jn-os< qu i against the whole batch of the re maining indicted parties, including Lopez, the principal v iolator of the laws. This is a brief view of the weak and imbecile management of the government in relation to the Caidenas affair. Messrs. Clayton and Webster both have exhibited an inefficiency in the matter, which cannot but be contrasted in a manner very unfavorably to them, with the conduct of Martin Van Buren towards the revolutionists of Caaida, a few years ago. The escape of Lopez and others, who evidently violated the United States laws, has thu* become such a godsend to the revolutionists, that they are perfectly wild, and cannot keep giving out, as soou as they were themselves perfectly clear, their deter mination to make another attempt on Cuba, with out any funds, and w ithout the slightest prospect of obtaining any, for carrying their threat into execu tion. All such threats are entirely empty, and originate with Lopes and his adviser*, without ths slightest expectation on their part of ever attempt ing to carry them into effect. We are satis fied, that in a few weeks, the Captain General of Cuba will be convinced that the view we take of the mutter is correct. The government of Cuba may rest satisfied there will be no chance, no opj>or tunity, to get up an cxj>edition against Cuba in thi country, for many years to Come. They may dis miss all apprehension on that score, and may pro ceed to carry out the reforms in the administration ofthe government of that island which have been c(miin need, and endeavor to extend commercial intercourse between tbe two countries, whieh will benefit ."-pain and her colonies, as much as it will the 1 nited States. The Wau Stheet Cases Tr used Up.?The I inqniiy w hich wo made some few days ago, h.u been of ?ome service, for since then, one after another, j tie \\ all street eases have again turned up. The fr-t one is that of the brokers of Wall street versus Kay Tompkins. In another column will be found the decision of one of the judges of the Supreme 1 Court, by which it will be seen that th# position of Mr. lorn].kins ha# been established as quite pro ; per. and that ail the biume ha# been thrown upon hi.- brothers in affliction and tribulation, the busy indiv iduuls, up to their necks in the stock#, in and J about the money street of the metropolis. So it t< u;*, at la#t. they have not only lost their money, but their pains also, in trying to recover it. It may be said that they have been fairly cornered, and that Mr Tompkins has turned the corner against ibctii with considerable ability. By a writ of kubmt coryu.s, he was removed from the jurisdiction | of the |*?lue magistrate, Mr. Lothrop. before one o! the judges of the Supreme Court, where, the j evidence in the case huung been submitted aud examined, the case itself was adjudicated upon, aud a decision made a# we have stated. The ease of Mr. Tojuj kins i# very peculiar. For many years he hud enjoyed the pure uir of Westchester county, j dj?v. ing salubrious qualities froin its bracing ele ment-, and now and then indulging him-elf in shooting tl? line game of that region. These lux Mies of a country gentleman, however, were not sufficient to gratify his ambition. One day he was find w:th aspirations to try the dangerous waves and cumnts of Wall t.-oet, an I. putting forty thousand dollars into his pocket as an outfit, he launched upon the tide of that tuaultaoiis ma-the fey 11a and < Lurybdis of finance oneither siJe ofhitu. Not heeding the advice to take a middle course, he soon run aground, and his forty thousand dollars' were b an washed out of his pocket; and. to keep him-elf from entire shipwreck, a debt of about as much more uiaikedhis further navigation among the shoal# and qui ksauds. However, he is now alb ut ega'n, huving come out even with his Wall "tr<. t 1 rut hers in every res,*, t, the decision of one <if. judges of t|,i Supreme Court having set every thing quite right. Probably he will n re nin. to s\ estehi ster county again, to breathe the fi.-h air of the . ountry. and to bag game at hi pleasure?thanking his ? that be is well rid of W all street, even though be has lo#t his original t .rty thou-and dollars?a cheaply bought ex,? ri< i ? e, on tin whole, all things eon idereJ. 1 he r tl..; (b e in Wall -treet ha# taken a different ti in. It has turned up iu a form that iudieateeit will yet he turned up again, with some peculiar re ? worthy ot notice. M'Kay and ( rj.lor were ar rv .d and taken hefoi. Justire Is.throp. After an ? Miiiiiaat.v.ri, Justice l-a.throp dacidcd to hold thein to I ail. and -rut the pa,*rs to the grand jury. The ta.l .find not I,.big rati-factory to the Justice, ? hay and < r) d. r were lacked up. They were then Jake I. on a writ of ke>Ut, |*f?rc border I allma-lge. who took thnr bail. Mr. Flanders, the age I.t Of the Milvsaukie Company, the plaint-ff in the " > . Iiav.i g been detained from his home and bu?i i" - t-r six w. eks, reque-tr-1 |#-rmi?-lon to go to Mil wnukie, ..n th. promise that he would return by the 1Mb instant, the last day of the grand jury's se^ion II. was allow, d to go. lie is exported back to-day n hl" "*t,r '???'?> arrested. The papers are now b< for. the grand jury. 'I he third ease is that ..f Fred. Robinson. Thi? p an affair of no great account. it came np loforc r. liAstke ?'ovintfort ongiimlly, ami there it slc jrt. ?* ? , thu- f?.r, w. have giren the d,-position and |??j te n of all thee famous cases, as far usevent# aud dee-irk ni hate j- rmitted. Ti.r II, na.cntxv q< ESTicst-Wwo'* rtir Dni-i - Two ,.f ?vir cot. in,oraiies, for the last two or h,4W' Wn debating the question whether ,he Austria or Hungarian# were t gr.ntrr knaves, the bloodier cutthroat#., or the ogger tyrants and raunl# in the late Hungarian war P,o,n the which they have present ed there docs not appear to i* much choir.- bctwmn the two. Both of the disputant# se,m to b<> e ?r rect. In the iiui.garian contest, rt sppenr* there were two aristocracies interested in the tide of events-the Austrian aristocracy and the Hungarian aristocracy. In orderfo procure the aid of th. HUn garino democracy, both partira made appeals and pronto# to the hone and sinew, to win (u, pow.-rto their side 1 he Hungarian aristocracy ma.le the fi.-f movement: and then the Austrian aristocracy "i'h th. Kmpeior at tlieir back, made large pro' nil-. ?, and held out large hopes, it was a kind of i. >?> k i mc ijon husin. and the opemtioosreseiubled 'is ..l?e of J. nny concert ticket*. Neither ?t ? -J ,'nr gnriRti or the Austrian arHoeraey intended j fulfil tt. ir prtm. ts. U was a mere spe-.uiaUvB Mtill H had the elfcet to gull the American peo ple out of their sympathise and their dollars?hum bugging the nation during the whole war ot elaeeee It wee only another proof that the French, the German, the Italian, end all the other revolution* of 1"4H, di.-q laved no comprehensive, conservative idea of true republieenbim. Those who took peit in the turbulence ofthc hour were whoily destitute of the requisite means of establishing republican liber ty, or systems of popular government for permanent g'ood. Of course, the despotic powere of Europo have now the game in their own hands, and wt continue to hold it, till their hands and even head. are cut off-fur the signs of the times portend a ter rible and bloody crisis, such as marked the revolu tion in France in 17W-?1, when terrorism prevailed when the guillotine cut off opinions and hcudsat one blow, and Faris was purged with blood- The infidelity, socialism, licentiousness, and rationalism of Euroi* is spreading more rapidly than it did m the davs of Kobespicrre, and there is no philosophi ,.l ?b, . revolution .hull not eommeuet, an early dav, which will extend on a wider and broader scale than anything witnessed dunug the last or present century. The Cirque Olymplque at Xlblo's, ??><* Brougham's Lyceum ? The remaikubly elegant and highly finished entcrtaia ments of the combined French and American of equestrian* at Niblo's. for the last fortnight, has> AUcd the establishment with the most fashionable audkme s the season At the opening of the establishment the music was out of order, and the performers somewbaout of practice; but now the scenes in the arena "^IWtja variety that is charming, and a degree <1 excell.n. e that has never before been seen in an, establishment on this side of the water. The company comprises some very - uitirkable talent, which is worthy of partihuhur notice particularly as some of the performer, wll soon leas, the country for Europe. The fame id MU?- {?*,., ing whom some doubts have arisen, from the fact that so great an a,titU came among us unannounced and unex. ported?has been fully established by her performance The public have been led into a full appmclutMn of her r, mai kably elegant style of exhibiting the whole?'' the equestrian art. not only by her ot? Wding. but by the horses Frisette. Juno. Maylly. whkh been trained by her skill and patience. These hows are the finest specimens of training that we have se n. ami dance with the intelligence of intellectual creatures. Mile Loyo and the horses are both identified as one ex hibition of elegance, grace, spirit, during, and execute.,,, j II, ? she makes the eight or ten leaps around the circle without injury to herself, is miraculous. Tho brothers Loirse t are. also, very remarkable performers. M Lo.sset is at one time seen in the orche-tla leading the mu-ic: now in the circle with his beautiful horse Atar tinU. and ,. w in some spirited uct of horsi uiaaship. displaying rare artistical merit. Li jeum Loisset is a phenomenon whether lit- walks up uu inclined plane, on a rouDd hall, to the top Of the stage, and descends upon it backwards, or throws sunitm rseults on his horses, or spins plates <>u the ends of sticks while on horseback, or. in br< k.-u Eng lish plays and speaks the part of an English jockey. Wallett. the Kegluh clown, from Aslley s, with his com peers, who are very vlcv.r. is always alive, ai-o. to tin} , proprieties of the English language, and the jokes which can be turned upon the bins' * of it?making everyb sly laugh at his odd logic, and still more odd rhetoric lie is just the clown for an elegant circus. Wo rnnst n .t. how ever. forget the great American performer* who, out of courtesy to strangers, must be mentioned lu-t These are Mr Thomas Neville. Mr. McOoUum and Mr. Eaton fctone. with the Itiv. rs Family Neville rides upon his horse with the most remarkable ease, performing the m' st difficult feats and summersault* without pretence, and accomplishing his purpose to the pleasure of every b. holder His leaps, while at full speed, are admirably executed. Then McColluin. on two hors's. i- a truly I elegant and bold rid- r. and in throwing the summersault from his h r-e. and coming to the ground firmly an 1 fixed, he touches the climax of his art Eaton Stone is fiutless and self-possessed. On his unsaddled horses he does wonders, and is entitlid to the reputation of being perfectly at home in this department of his art. There set m- uu affinity betw.en liiui and his bora s, sc ud:ul lubly does he stick to lh? m in every position | On the whole. the enterprise of Mr. Welch, and th >se connected with him lu establishing thU elegant enter-, tainment In New York, will lack no support from a pub lie. quick to perceive the refine.,,, uts and elegaucles t* ait . and though the company will remain only a firw nights more, we predict that their success will lead to the cs taUishment in this city of a Franeoni s. hefare another twelvemonth bus expired. The crowds which have visit, d Niblo's give assurances that the time has come Or stub an establishment. Brougham lately has undertaken to burlc-quc equestrian performances, and oi-em. aud almost everything else that * ill raise a laugh for the merriment of the freqtt uters uf his l.ycevm 11. Is always alive to something novel, and interesting, and sgrew,hie lie ha- brought out Tl.e ppirlt Of Air'' in excellent style, and some oth.r nieces of great interest and he ha- now in preparation the comic opera. ?? The Child of the Keglm-nt." In which Mary Taylor and other vocalists are to appear Sucre-, canuot hut crown exertions which are directed toward, satisfying the d.mands of the public to tha fullest ex. tent Brougham has laid hi* struggles hut he will he appreciated and his endeavors will be crowned with suc l.???for he is indu-trious Marin* Affair*. Sniune or iHr. Baltic.?The1". 8 M Mi'AB'hl^ Ih.ltic Captain Conn-lock. will leave to-nn rrow nn In r fourth trip to I.ifi rpvol. She will carry out the lnrgent numl-er ol par-enger* t-vi r taken by a Mean.-hip to Kumpe Yei ttrday noon. there wen- 175 on the book, which i< fully expeoti d to be incri'tiM d to 200 OV more Am 11/ t there who bar* already engaged n pm- age are the Hon A-htiel Smith. of Ti xa* ami benjamin 0. J oh neon. del*, gate from the Mate of New York to the Iinlinlriul exhi bition. urN.?Thi -hip Mnrgant Kl'xa. will be launched tc -morrow miming at lialf pant S o'clock. from the whp yard of Mr. l**nc ('. Smith, at Hole,ken N J 8he 1a about i(*i ton-l urthi n. la owned by W W Diforreft k C" and will to commanded by ("apt Jo-eph Ad .mm fmr fiNMK?The par-eng. rl of thla r? ?1 (arrir, l yt'trrday fr< m I.lrerponl ) roted a card < f thank*ti Cayt. 0 Kl Jridgc for hi-obliging and gentlemanly con Mint t<ward? them during I be voyage, ami exwvweed their high opinio* of hi- ?Mbating ami and ability ><? r< n mander Tbey aleo rctwrne dtliauk* to the dm-tor of the-hip. Mr k (>c?,ld f> r the kindnea* received from h :n and rotnpftmntrd the nrroad iffot, Mr T I'oy, for lb. | rnmpt and energetic manner in which he ]?r futnn ii hie dutii ? fn i i.i fair CuMlnxTiar?A nfy ef an idlnw ha? I .en rent tie. p i?.nt<d to (apt hunting, hy the cabin f **?? tiger* i f the |>acki t *hip Cunntantinc arrived on Sunday fmn Llt?rp?4 It In rery high and feel ing trim* of ('apt B'* i ondin t to all ? ti l*.ord?p?,r? *?11 a* rich?and of the eSrelVewt prorieioO ni. le for tl e'r < ? ir.tort. and < "tn lud< a by *ay irg that rh< old they irirtni," tlie Atlantic, thiy -h uld ' prefer n:> r awl to the ( imetaiitlue. and no w mmand'r to ('apt Hunt tr-2 ' Tl.e addnal?" ewlogiw* the conduct ? f the (lr-t ? (Tn r, iir.d the iic< ' ding klodm--and attention of the ttiiyn n (la fi'iACn Sri ?* inr N"a t >? A wanted, I April (, MM t He the under ly?*C paaa*e.-era ?a Imm ISi -I. i..(ip Berth A ma twin, ?a|aw ?Wf (ralefal thaaki t? ( apt. Bl. then and l.i? i tlWera, to t!r. IVmbtf. eMtf cwaiaeaf, ami hi<a? ? i mull, t tie i r.. i Ja H Vaaaandt E ? (. to/ether w it I tl.e ??? war,! aad hi? i.-Mtanl-. fer their kind and g. re thnan y r rail at t enured Inward* a* daring unr powagt fr, n. ( l.a ri * t ? N' ? I>rlean* anil Ntw V rh Aid*' frr'tier ? !. to e?pr. --1 nr >m -re tleat? t" t'i# avion of tke nalli atramer f'>r their ?pir.o d ruulait m d'tlr* c ?t r? rjdradM a Itearael.III. and pla> lag her "? t'.l* In.* le r.-repetiti -n * ilh tie ? M line of ht.r.l. wti>. am rr'-at'i In t ..jer ,-n t!.? pot lie My He if ?at"rte,aat* i bargae. ? I.'.' 'roth I * I it b *? te.tlfi Ire.tiagttat a cenrroga nulile will - ire ar. r? rneaweare. Witt" jtat 'ine of lent,.! "at*, wbp a w a fully he lien % . 01 *ii fn lily merit, b r tl.e haitniM and ajfanly m.-mn. r vow Isii pfoie'ed fer eo !?r.-e a awn.Ur . f | a?nm r-. (Wing Biar') III loaded ) and b r our erral romf'.rt and i a tltiel ife. W'r ti rtktr Wteh t' tfank the purer Mr. Aanpei, hf lil? >,rl : ait* and /enlleaianly t? i die t t . na. R tehiagyoa tn bate tl.i. . opied II I the .art<n< ?t lie,' re*.p?p. re. not on Ittlaa th -? at Calif, rail?wieldm: ?nfl en i) mo ' era la yn.r rpirlt'd "ndertakla**, werinnin, r,ia tU n i a.refr reepeetfnliy, y?ar?. J'eii h P It.rnej , <")in# Rartlett, V..r/tn Ra'< ?. J I. Knphf d. ? . Anrnate ? llradb r.l' .1 ('?rnr,i .11, T J. II ii.-t ip. I reeinaal' Martb tt.i;, o. || ll jP , feat fie r l,i adftd ' ther Mianntar* - h' rf< rd h < ".'a eiprena. Mo J A?t- r If UN. hy ateaWi hip N ? 11 h A ate re a. to feaee t,, dai. eh rd an opfw.rtuniliy ta read I. tier* and the ffrra/i/. ?itl. tier day* Inter new, to f ulitiitila. | The Tmrf. PittkcfllU rora?a:. I. I ?Teiiao nan Tnorriv. ? The racing nt the ('? ntrrrllle Cour-e. je terday af. r men ? a* te ry fine, ami the altemlam ? wan >|iiite I irg* f otl"lde flt'g the enrly Mate of tbe rehaotl The pacing rnec n*? a uioet clere ly cr nte-teel affair ihrou rhouf The f lb ?,t.g etiminary 1* all thnt we- can glte of It to-day ? I.nilj f erine l-anc M'ltdrvf 13 11 f'ryuga Maid J MeMi.nn i o i 2 Ban MllUr Mr Nodine 3 0 3 3 Time. 2 M >J>- ?!?? 8 3d Ti c I rot Hog race allh"ii?b tbe boree* were well did net glre *ati-f?etlon, but ofthie we will I' k l.inhttir The grrater \? rt if R wa* trotted hy no nl'gM Itreeiiltfd ** fattliw* ? k M In la n entered g g fkteMlmk. 13 12 1 J >'i Ma an entere d hlh g feanlet 2 12 12 1 ime 2 44- 3 42-3 42). -3 44?2 44 i Brooklyn City Gnrt ??fan th? lira. JudgegUrocnwuod ud AMnmi Lweh ud Leffcrt THE DRl'BY CA.NE?THE I .AST OF THE INDICTMENT*. The district attorneys of New York and this county, having vutered a HoUe prose i/ui to each of the iudict mrtts rcmuiniug untried, except the one which in th' subject of the frewnt trial, the defeudant appeared yesterday morning. according to arrangement. to answer this last remaining charge. General bury.* the District Attorney, and Mr Waring, were the coun-el fur the peo ple. aud Mmi. Whiting ami II. V. Clark, for Mr Prury Of the jurymen sauiun nidcd. twenty-aevra answered to theii nana*. and those defaulters who had been per sonally served. were severally fined for noa-attondance? iu the other ram* they were summoned to shew cause why they should not be fined Mr Chirk euid that before swearing the jury it might be Weil to remark that Tery deliberate effort* had been made it, thin earn1 to prejudice the public tnlud They would be compelled torxcrdee their right to ehiUlenge in consequence ?f them effort*, wbirh would be more or lesselucidated in the course of tliis trial; uud tile court would ere the importance of having an entirely impar tial jury Judge Greenwood said they were certainly entitled to a jury free from all bias. and the court would endeavor to obtain tin m one. aud would not allow uny other to be cworn If they knew it. They then proceed, d to swear the jury. Mr. Clark exa mining thrm successively a* to their qualifications, when the result appeared to justify his remarks. The first one railed was Mr. Francis Henbane who, in reply, stated that he did not know Mr. Drury personally, but that he had read accounts of him in almost all the papers, nid bad furmtd a very unfavorable opinion of him. which still remained, in relation, amongst other things, to the counterfeit money found upon him when arrested, (the very charge.) aud he bad a bias certainly. In the same manner two thirds of those present ad mitted their preconceived opinions in this matter, formed from the urcounts whieh appeared in newspapers, and which one of them said he should think had been read by every one thut could read. Tha result was. that of the twenty-seven jurors who were present, only four were found qualified four were peremptorily challenged, two were excused on the ground of sickness in their families, and the rest were all pronounced disqualified by the court which the defendant's counsel electi-d to act as triers The Fhrriff was theu directed to summon fifty tales men for to-morrow morning, (this day.) at 10 o'clock, and uftir the usual caution to those already cinpannelled as to communicating on the subject with any one. the court adjourned at about one o'clock Those sworn to serve were Ksckicl Baldwin, Daniel Downs, John Van Nostrand. and Warren Richmond. City Intelligence* ItrMorrn Hirolaby at imk Bhoapwav Post 0-n< f ? hast night, about ten o'clock, an alarm was given to the police, l.y a resident of the building 422 Broadway, where the Broadway Post Office la located, tliat three strange men had entered the office, and were prolmhly disposed to make off with the contents of a valuable mail which bad arrived early in the evening. The establishment was six n surrounded by the police, who. after much de lay. obtained the key. and entered, when everything was found iu giHul i onditlon. and no sigus of burglary were apparent A Urge crowd that gathered pronounced the a hole atlair au illusion aud a humbug, aud soon dis persed. AsH!\al of Kmiopants.?The number of steerage pas se l-gi rs arrived at this port yesterday was?from Liver pool, *548; Londonderry. 16b; Hamburg, 128; Antwerp, lit; in all. 2981. The number arrived previously this is 7.7' S. making u total for the month, thus far. of 10.749. t)f this number the ship Underwriter br' ught t'cb; Manhattan. 780; Oonstautine, 560; Vanguard, 610; Devonshire. 429; Arctic. 560; Fiddons, 409; Fidelia, 416; State's Bights. .'140; others ranging from 375 to 160.

hixaiii: in Lamartikk Place.?Soon after eleven o'clock la.-1 night, two or three omnibus loads of inusi chsrs were n < u making their way from M-ret r street, und tht y tinaliy stopped at No. 9 Lamartine place, where a serenade was given lo Mr Bay Tompkins, who has re eently been before the Supreme Court in the "Wall street eas. ." find who has been discharged The demon stration it Mas understood, was got up by his friends, in toki n of their pleasure at the decision made in his favor, it forf one of the judges of the Supreme Court. 'I'm British Emiosabt Society ?There i- at prceonta bill before the lagislat lire at Albany, to make the l'resi dtut i f the British Fmigiaut Society ol' this city an ex tffiiio nunilsr of the lb anl of the Commissioners of F.Uiigiutlon. the same as the Presidents of the Irish arid tieiuiau Emigrant Societies. This appear" roaaonaWe enough, the lirili.-h President representing all ? migrants hi iu Great Britain. But there is a most decided hos tility < d against it, purticulaily on the part of the Irish Km;giiiut Foeiety.and sundry iutluenrcs have in i n railed into pluy to deft at the claim It set nt to come with u bad grace from Irishmen, or those representing lrirhnu n. to attempt to pri veut a fair representation of the l'ritbb. or anyiportloa of the emigrant population, in the lli ard of Commissioners. One of the gravest charges brought by the Irish people against Kngland. being lu r denial i f a fair representation in the British Parliament and in the councils of the l ulled Kingdom For Irish men to imitate on a sttiuli scale so unjust a p licy in lliis lar.d of liberty, appears equally inconsistent, unworthy, and injudicious The matter is much discussed in the city, ai.e the conduct of the opponents of the British Fm grant Society is condemned by none no re vehe mently than by respectable Irishmen and their de scendants. Mall* for Europe. The Ameridan rtcamehip Baltic. Capt Comstcck, will ea?f thin poll to-morrow noon, for Llmrpotl The tiiaiU w ill cloec at half-pa.?t 1U o'clock, and the W*? klv li?KA! L> will be published at half pact 9 o'clock, in the moral og. Fiiiidt of tlir Fire Drpartmriit Fund.* The follow ii x correspondence ha* transpired between Mr. < t?i>? n IV. ( lurk- and the Fir# Department, in refereuc-c to his regular Benefit at the Museum, next Wednesday ? Itanium'* Museum, April 10th, LS30. OflnvTi.rvr*?T rrcpettfullv tender to you the proceeds of my regular Benefit, which fall* due <?n Wednesday, Irthioit. Haclnir reeently received nt the hands of my triende and fellow-4 itiieii. a ?olid snd munificent testimonial of their respect and liberality, 1 feel atixi><u? to make e-me slight return for the generous action of those who ao kiuoly ex tend* d to me their patronage. And it ha* occurred to me that i - mid in an waj better ancomplinh my dnin, thaahjp appropriating to the " f und for Widows and Orpnam of the fir* In purtuient," the proceed# of my lien-lit, on Wednes dti* n? xt. 1 shall I r ohlived to yon for an early reply. In the mean time, 1 Lave the honor to he l our moat obedient servant. t\ W. CLARKE. To the Board of Managers of the Fire Department. New Vork. April I'Jth, tfifil. PKAK Sir? We hare the honor t ? inform you that your note of loth inst. w as duly received. The proposition you sutmit has beeti considered, and most chwffally accepted. U t. | . ft- i aid t nt of th? nobh-ft chantns of the city. Vi e command the object, you have it* view, to the kind consideration and patronage of the public, and hope that the avail* of the night will be the means of dif using Joy* to many a widowed and orphaned heart. We are sure that your efforts will be ??? c. ndc-d by our c iturns a t lar_e. Very ropnotfully, vour obedient servant*. JOfiN POCEK Jr President, JAMES KRI.LY. Secretary. JOIIN S. ulLEs. Treasurer. Free Lecture* to Lnclle*, In Brooklyn.?Dr. 11m nine betila# another course of Free Lectures to Ladies, thi. day nt .V. oYlotk I'. .M., at the Brooklyn Institute, in mi. ? trie I lit i^diy, will U " The Litp and th' i'nur-", Pr*** er th-n and Cure of Consumption, and other I'ulniouary < mplaiutr. John Kre??f A urUonrer^-Jnmri Coo ley Will rive prompt ai d faithful attention to the sale of ilonfte IfH rrrnit at the re idenoca of familiea. or will miifl It for sai? at Lis ?aparibus roc ma, X7 and.17V Broadway, cor air of WLite street. Cash advanooa on all aonsigxiaaate. Fine \ 11-M^nor Ptntfl, Sculptor, from Italy. )w iiur f*i*isb ? i?w<. lar. Marble Statu*-* for M nu* ment ? in (.rt ? n w d < en.* t* r> invite* his friends ?r e allarna tears of tin* Flat Art* t? vi-it his studio,which will be open f?r t !r x i. i t * * f i u f the said Matnes, froia Monday, the7tb. i ntil Tuesday, toe -i:d of April, at ?a*i Twenty first street. The PliuiiLe National Dagnerrran fJwllcry, > ' II.* 1 1 i >adwiiy. straiiyerf and other* should not fiul to i i?dt, as :t i* the most i*tt**r -tin# place in the r*ty. both fof the e4Ket. 'U and eae*ution of this imiucnte collection. The Eye? Dr. Kohlnnnn^Kargeon and Phy iitii n, r <?nt!y frm London, has niwoeiated himself with I?r. \S lit*!? r, Uvuliet, for the treatment of dio-ao? of the eye, and the practice of opthaliwic sur-ery. Artificial eyes, in ?p 5am-araiit t equal to the natural organ, inserted without pain, fficc. IP Barclay str?(t. Artlflc lal Eye*?Jtin! Imported, a large I*ot of the finest and most beautiful t rench Artificial Eyes, by Dr. Jui..Iij- M . Powell, oculist, nurist, B* , ll# VVarr* a atreet, liny fun be inserted without the slight* .t pa>a or mtion. .mil, when pr -pcrly adapted, wiil look exactly t the natural eye. lit Miotice to lite Putrllr.?dienfleiitett In cenn h of a head ornament, not merely a thing to cover the head. ft rdless of ta t?\ but an article beautiful and -ymnu trival in its proportions and really h't-oninf to the human face and form divine, *r? r? minded that the arth-l* they seek and desire may be obtained at the emporium of f*-hin %o I art. No. II I'ark Row H AT Fl NIMf Cltfi CNION. The Koanttlh lint?Mr are gratified to anw uncs that we arc now fully prepared to supply the in* ?reasing denmnd for this new, unique, and appropriate hat, i L<iitlcm?-n si" regard propriety of shape, a nt element in tl.e c-otetdnnti^ff of a light and beautiful hat, arc lavtted to tftamtoe tl em. H ARNOt'KM, flatters, Irrlnf House, fir ad way. Tlir Drily ( ontplfiliit ?The fAwhloitahlr nu lls ?f b f * th Hatter, of l^? I niton street, make the rati * r singular ? t | laint against his lists that tiiey la?t too b uy. Ilirr frat 1 ?if;??hi iiuhi?' before they begin to loss their brivhtfif *, and they arc compelled to east aside, f?-r the sake of their reputation, halt "Just as food as new." ft, how. * m toak' ? Int I Uttle dlff* renee. as Knot sell* his hats ?ocheap that aay one can afford to purchase one foreanh ?? at< ti of the year. (Ifliliri Hi fit n for Ilfraw Unfa?Tlir ftea?an innflM and other awmaaor hate npproa hes an i roanr stranrefr fr tr? the south and tWwhere ar?? now her*-. To thu-e. and to ti e public r^^^rnlly, titnin would any ? ?at hi* styles for gentlemen, and children of b??th sex< s. iavbido all the * .*riv us modes expei ted to be in v*?gii? ia Paris dtiria| the run u??r. GLNI N. 214 Broadway, (l|?pnite Jit. Pawl * Portahle Dressing ( ases.?Tlie mow! com plete and elegant article now manufactured, having avery r* ?i Isltc f? r a rentl* man's toilet, in the least pn??ibh ep??e. A liberal oi-covnt to wholesale dealers. FAIJNDIM, 147 Broadway, ooracr of Liberty fttreet, aad 3^7 llr?'adway. A A3 ortl to tlir Ladle* t?If ynti w ant aheatt tifi 1 I i.ftlish thr* ? ply or Patent Tapestry Ingrain t art?? t. Velvet ileartb Bay. or ta|M?try oil cloth, at very ... ... ? . ?l>(jn , t'i fl.? i N l.iuLd rh,*|,.t r.rpit MtftMi.hmrnt in th. I ?>?. !*? Ilir?in *nd?r?Bn>. Thri'' I'll < ?r| 't\ 't ?B'I **? ; fl?t I'll Chilli, 3l , U., Ib.ii.iii t urp< vi. t". Porhrt find Put KiiIth, Riinrf, Tollrt C?tl? rj k'.?Tl* iiidnii|ir* Mil tin iUiiUii of th"?? I* irtBtoi th, iUivi t" i.^rtm.Bt, ?neti t. th, m??l ram Ctr in Hi, < ?) . !.t IMif.Kf, 117 Brut***,, iorti,r < I L?. t,,tr?i t, ib<I 'ifi. Brn?<lw?y. Cntiih furtitrj', SM ?ri roit,i ifnPj in?t?,'t ib ,??, ttiti ,ho1<-? ?.l,'il' B of 4r*.i Iob. I , ; thl Tlrtr'r tl, b? l"B<t .11 <1<.?l t, th, ,r.*t"lt IB lti| rttr. ? B'| ,l?in| tt.? mo.t t-Mitiful op-n work is ibill u* kniv> kin C'?11 r:H"** *?* ??*? to ?r?|,r. A. fti.&AUNbKRft. ? WkateVfr la, la rl(ht.n?If It la oMhd??4 that toeh irv to k, fr*. from debility. tiud rr?aiaturr aid aa* aud death, Hie. will "The Nerfoua Anti dute" 11 in dtmand; bat if thetiiur haa o<t yet eume. then la ai; lab or in vain. At it in, I verllv believe, fr^iu the wvii dorful benefit that it haa done, and the immense and increa* &i a demand for it. that the time haa cotue Ik that a* it may, I know this?that it in ?uv duty to toil what it has dose, and what it will do. It will cure disease* thatnooth<*r medicine will reach?it wUl euro every- hind of the wor."t turvour del ilitv and eousuiuptioa. "n.e poor can have R gratis? in the biMiiu nt of 424 Greenwich street?between 9 and 12 M Depot, 1U2 Naaeau afreet?$1 bottle. TALBOT WAITS, M.D. _ A New and C'lienp Crockery St ore .?We know ol no place we could more cheerfully recommend to our reader# to buy their crockery and#!**- ware, than 8. D. G? r man's, liKK'anul street. Ha i* recci\in* a freah supply by every packet which arrives from Liverpool and Havre, and i* now opening a tine lot of spring goods, muoug which it a beautiful assortment of whit*. iron, atone, dinner, tea and toilet ware, of su|k rior quality and of the latest and moat approved ?hap? a. Also, per shin St. Denis, from Havre, a fine assortnont of beet French China, which, together with all ?11 ? r articles in his line, he otters to the public at prioe* heretofore unheard of. Families who are about to move or commoner housekeeping en the 1st of May. would find it gr? ntly to tlit r advantage to call, ad to such inducement* gr? uttr than coiuutou arc offered. EnglUh Floor Oil Clotfc?, 44 feet wide, ri? b lc pastry, marble and chintz patterns. Cm. t* 8?. per yard, at No. 99 Bowery, 111 UAM AN DKRSOK'I Scotch Ingrain Carpeting. 3*., Is., fa.. C?s per yard; Floor Oil Cloths, .V to 4s. per yard; new patterns, 3, 4. 5 and fi feet wide; W indow Sonde*. 12 and $3; Table Cover*. $?2, aud every ar ticle at wonderfully low prices. Boots and Allocs at Jonew', 14 Ann street, near the Museum. Business boots, $4 00; usually $"? 00. French calf dress boots, $4 50 to $.'> W?; usually $(i 00. Also, every variety of fancy drei?s shots for suiuirtcr wear, French pater t-Uather boots irod shoes, warranted to wtar as well as calf skin. For gale at Jones', 14 Ann street, at prices which defy competition. Liquid Hair Dye?The celebrity of Batch elor's instantaneous liuuid for coloring the hair or whiskers, the io-nuLt it is applied, induces a host of imitatious. I'urchaei rs must be careful to get the original and genuine, which has stood so high in public estimation for the last twelve years. In London, Fans, and America, it is pronoun ced to be the best in the world. 1 have studied aud prac tised the business more than eighteen years, a sufficient guarantee to purchasers that I must have some experience in the art. It was Hatohelor who solved the problem of the practicability of coloring the human hair without destroy ing it. It is applied and sold wholesale and retail, at Batch elm s wig factory, 4 Wall street, and by all the druggists, and at fancy stores throughout the country. Bogle'* Rlectrtc Hnlr Dye pouHcufte* pro perties for dyeing the hair of the moit wonderful descrip tion. It acts like magic, and dyes the hair the moment it is applied, to either a black or brown, of the most beauti ful and natural description, without injury to the skin, arid leives the hair softer and silkier after the operation. This, with Bogle's Hyperion Fluid, and Premium Shaving Soaps, sold by Sands. 100 Fulton street; Kushton, Clark Si. l <>., 273 Broadway; t'sry Si Co., and Rrigharn & Day. 1'earl street; and by the druggists throughout the United States and Canada. GeuramTi Liquid Hair Dye iHfttaritly con certs red or gray hair to brown or blauk. His Italian Medi cated Soap cures tan, pimples, sallowness, eruptions, and freckles. His Liquid Kotige imparts a delicate rosiness to pale lips and cheeus. His roudre Subtile eradicates hair from any part of the body. Found only atf?7 Walker street, first store from Broadway; Callander, hs South Third street, Phi ladelphia; Jordan* 129 Washington street, Boston. Buchanan (late of Bachelor'*, Wall fttreet) la* now opened his infallible Liquid Hair Dye and Wig .Manufactory, at 323 Broadway, opposite the Broadway Theatre. Gentlemen visiting this establishment will find their time duly appreciated. City and country orders promptly attended to. N. B.?Private apartments for ladies. Wig and Toupee*.?We would call 'the at tenth n of persons requiring Wigs, to a recent improvement. The same was awarded a silver inedul for the first premium at the last fair. 'ihey can be seen at E. PIIALON'.S Wig and lluir Dye Factory, 1!<7 Broadway, corner of Dty street. Citizens ana stfupgcm art HlTiK'd to exam lug before purchas ing elsewhere. Copy his add rest. Wig* Si Ton fie?**?Batch* lor*' Celebrated W ig factory is at No, 4 Wall street. He keeps the largest and best assortment of Wi rs in the United States lie well understands his business, and those who study their person al appearance or comfort will find it interesting to examine t-! *'-rk. C6py tht address. IIu*lk's Renovating Aromatic Cordial.?A pure medicinal luxi ry, the tricheet and most elegant prepar ation of the day f< r general Debility, Weakue-s of the Momsch. Chrome l>iarrh<ea, Loss of Appetite. Dyapep-ia, K m large bottles?price .VI cents, for sale by II. V. M 811, \S hoietai* Druggist, 319 Greenwich street, corner of i?uaia street. I>r. Roger*1 Syrup of Liverwort, Tar, and < anehalagua. the great remedy for Coughs, Colds, luflu -u. h. Catarrh, Spitting of Blood, and all other lting complaints tending to consumption. Depot. A. I . SCOVILI, At CD. 316 Iir? a<l way. 1'ricc, in large bottles, $1, or three bottles lor *2*0. Oxygenated Bitter*?A Sovereign Remedy for D>?pcpfda.?Anv individual suffering from weakn -h and derangement nf the stomach, nervousn?*aa. or debility in any form, will never regret making a fair trial of this in valuable medicine. It produces no intoxication, and the ivatem suffers no injurious reaction; it rest re# health and cheerfulness, by giving tone and energy to all the function". These celebrated Bitters have received the highest te-ti n.< tiinls ever offered in favor of any medicine in the world, us may be seen in the pamphlets accompanying the same and numerous Rtu rs in possession of the proprietors. Friee $1 per bottle; six bottle- for Sf?. For sab- by A. B At D. rands. 100 Fulton street; and A L. Rcovill At Co., 310, and C. H. King, 192 Broadway, N. V.. and by the druggists generally. Ring1* Restorative BltUrs.-Rcnd and rea son. It would be an insult to the public, iu thia enlightened fisre. to state anything us ft fact, without being prepared to give a reason for it. In asserting, therefore, that King's Perforative Hitters are the most iinmedmt* and unfailing cure for debility, nervous ccuipUinVe. and all disorders ans lag from the st. nmch, we nr?- pr* i*ared t<? show why tl?is is so. It i* because they act dtr? < tly upon the coat# of the rt? ma< h, and tf.e fluid ? that dissolve the f ?od, thus enabling the digestive machinery to complete its work, and insure the << qm rsi- n of the food into Mood of the purest and most in vigorating character. The beneficial effect of the Bitter" is a cireuimtauce as widely known aud admitted, as any fa< t in the historv of mediciae. Frenartd and sold by C H. Kii.g. Druggist, Vs2 Broadway; llrs. Hays, luiton street, Brooklyn. MONKY MARKET. Mo-.UA*. April 14?ar M. Tl.eftock market did not open Tory buoyant thi* mor ning. The tri,n*act ion* were Urge, about equally divided between lime and ca*h operation. Moat nf tlir fanrioa Ml off a fraction At the firet board, United Slate* tl'a advanced J,' per cent; Erie Income Bond*. X; Erie Boiide. 1869, Mohawk. 1'enn.y lamia 5'* Ml off l,'per cent; Erie Convertible. '4; Canton Coinpv ny. IJj; Eanuera' hem. \ . Morri. Caual, 1,'; Norwich and Wcrtwtft. Beading Railroad. Stoning ton. *4'; Erie Railroad, "4 PortMnouth and Kdgeworth remain, d firm. There were large ealc. of United State, rtock* and of railroad bond* The market ii in a very ut-.-.-ttled etate. The r.edpt# at the office of the A-*i.tant Trea?urer at thie port, to-day. amounted to 0121.408 81; payment*, (311 203 97, of which $200,000 wa* tran.-frrred to New Or lean*?balance, ( 4.1&I.430 06. The di no,ml for 1 (change continue* active without any alteration in rate*. H e quote on London in a 101, i-er cent |>reniluui. On 1'arU, fifll'? a'&flo Am rterdnm. 41 >, u 41 .V Bremen, 79 a 79'., liainbiirg. M'?' a ST. Tin amount of toll* received on the Illinoi..and Michi gan Canal, at Chicago, during March, wa* >4 02n 46 again.t 01.971 tkt, for the eorre-pondiug ue ntb in 1*60 (2,090 Ml The 111 on. j market I* getting ea-ler The etringency. fur the *.aeon. I* about over The l.?nk? having made their quarterly report to the comptroller, have discounted more friily during the pari few day* For *oin>'ttine pa-t the amount of paper maturing daily at the l?ulu lie- le. li large uml while tiie diecount* were limited, tin ?ff, ctwa. anfavorabie upon money matter, gen. rally, lut a new order of thine* now exi*t?. and the tank ? di? rourt dally beyond Ihcir receipt*. The reenlt id thi* I* a *teady ex pan, ion of credit., hut the epecle ta-i* 1* large enough to jnptify it The meet important <|U? -tlon now uml. r con.idi ration in the financial circle*. |* Inn latino to the future .uppty nf g-4>l. fn m California The ext. union of public and private endit. during the pu-t two ye an ha' b?- n *0 gnat that any important falling off in the rec. ipt. of gold du*t fn ni San Kranrireo. would I* immeiliately atteuded with dhaetruuv ronM qiiencc* Nolwlth-taiuling thi*. we raur.ot re.let the eon. lu.Ion that foote r than i? generally antlciputiil, Mich will be the rcult Thu* far thi* year the red ipt* 1 f gi Id ImVc lieen limited. nun h below the Innet nu d. rat. and there i* uo l.iuudation her the pup| <virion that they will lierrafti r b>- any larger; but. on the contrary, all account* iudnee u* to ta lieve that tlxyr will not average monthly *0 much a* they have. The time for picking up gold la large lump* in California hit* )-a*?ed away. Ma ehim ry mupt now be ta..tight into me to obtain gold, and the raleulntion now made in California make* it nut that . very dollar of gold produced cn?t? at |.?*t ?laty cent* If tbat t* a eomct eellinate. In le - than two y. ar- it will ro-t m arly a* much to get it a. it I* worth Improvement. will donbtlce ta med. from lime to t'Bie In Dm. hlnerj . mphyed In extracting the gold In 111 the reck; hut It I* our Impteaaion that a lef* nunitar of |>eo|>|e will turn tln-lr attention to tl.e I min<**, ami that oth.r occupation. and -per*ult* in California will thi* year receive a great itrrrffion fn m the mining population H hen it ri ft* 11. aily a* mm h to produce gold a* It I* Worth, ad venturer* will not pe. k after it ; and lho?e now engaged in that . mployment will abandon it H h.-n the product of gold In California I* reduc. d to ten or fifteen million of .1. llnr* per annum, and (he production at that rate U ft.ady and permanent, the progr. - * of tluet country in pTVrperlty and wealth. In population and In rlvlllaatlon. will te rqval to *tjibing of the kind erer reallaed an tbif rr ntlueot. That time I* not far dl-tnnt ; and the opinion I* rapidly gaining ground that the year 1061 will e. mpb'tcly allay all . xeitement altarhed to the pro duet I. n of gohl du.t In California The pcapon I* at* lit eommencing when we may look for the In thi* market of any quantity of l.?wly ma nnfart nn d Incorporated t< mpBBlM brought foiwnrd t y -peculator*. for the pWpNd of dl-tributing the du|i an.l rrFh-vIng themaelve* of a portion of the .*| ital ?i??h cf-vaeb. M ? .ball, no d?ul.t, *.*>? bare a batch of topper stock*. and a boat of Oalifuruia gold pounding and pulverising companies. making pureha htii. Tbe rueecM of the Rocky Bar Mining Company, and scores of Lake Superior Copper Companies, in paint ing off their slock upon tiiiu community, baa given afresh start to tbU kind of speculation, and set tbe wits of speculator* to work, in getting op companiea to supply the demand There are indication* that tbe aborea ot ?Lake fiupwrlor. are aguia to We the scene of another eop pe> tiubble. Certain parties. who were very successful du#*?g the tact movement, have again entered the field. Jield ving that the public uiiad is ripe fur it; and that there are plenty of peoplr prepared to oateh at anything likely to give good return* on small investment*. When we recollect that the" Kidd Coffer Dam and Salvage Cimpuiry" actually procured an act of incorporation from tbe Legislature of tbi* Mate, and not only gold It* el are* at a high premium, but induct d *brewd capl taliei* to invert in them, we are prepared to believe anything When eurh tbinga take place in a community like this. it ehouid not surprise any one to see similar companiea started during tbe preeeut excited state of all classt *. and tbe disposition to enter into all kind* of spe culation It will be necoMiary for all to be on thou, guard, and avoid all Lake Superior copper stocks, and every other kind of stock, the locations of which and the actuul value of which arc not well known. There is, without doubt, a vast quantity of copper ore on the shores of Lake Superior, and vast amounts of gold im bedded in tbe rocks of California; but the question h** what will it cost to get it out, and how many of the com panics formed for thut purpose will sink every dollar em ploy' U in tbe operation ? dTbe probability is, thai nitn out of every ten; and there is no guarantee that even the one not ruined will ever give its stockholders a ecnt. Companies depending entirely upon mining ore for mar ket in those r< mote sections of the country, have *c many d flicultiee to contend with, even under the mo^t fuveral le auspices, that tbe stockholders seldom get any thing; l ut companies formed for manufacturing the dif ferent materials- usually make large profits upon th< ainount of labor expended. Industry, property applied, will meet Its just reward. But what we are eppoaed to is tin g> tting up of sham companies, or rather oompanie* making false representations of their mineral resources for the purpose of swindling tbe community, and injuring those ci mpanics the operations of which are legitimate, and the profits moderate and permanent. lour routes have been proposed to eonnect Philadel pli.a with Luke Erie by railroad, all of which appear practicable. 1st. From Philadelphia to Schuylkill IIm > en. v iu. Ki ading Itailroud; thence to Coal Castle, thence to M;umokin. and thence to PunLury, via. Danville and Pottsville Railroad. Whole distance 160 miles, of which < nly 32 uiih s (from Coal Castle to hhamokin) would require constructing, at a cost of about f 1280.000 1 be balance Of 118 miles is already built and in operation 2d. Philadelphia to 1'ottsTiUc, and thence to Suubury, via. Mount Carbon Railroad. Whole distance 14t> miles, < 1 which ."ki mi!e? would require to be constructed, at an ? tinii.t'd eost of $ 1 450.000. 3d. Philadelphia to Mi nut Carbon, and thence by the Millcreek Railroad i ia Port Carbon, fit. Clair, New Boston and fhamoktn to Funbury?in all 152 miles. 118 of which are built, an t fivi ' n the Millcreek road partially graded, leaving 20 to t,t constructed, at a eost of about $1 200;000. 4?h Phila delphia lo k'' Clinton, viu. Reading Railroad, thence to Tun mua via Utile ^I'buylfclli Boad, the no* to Ju?ttwa with CatuwiMa|Railroad. tbmJf to Cntawiesa, end thence to 8uubury?in all Iti7 miles, of whicii l'K ure eounstruct ?d. and ?'> of the I'atawissa ltoul graded, 0U'T H to be mad", at a probable cost of $1,335,000, Thi annexed statement exhibit- the quantity of cet tain articles exported from this port during the week ending the Jlth instant. distlngui-hing the distillation und rxti l.t of shipments to each place. CC 61MERC* OF THE PORT OF NEW YORK?WEEKEV* EXPORTS. Liurjxxl.?Turpentine. bbls.. 3331; lar. bbl*, 1.000 xiliulebunc. hdl- 43; cotton, bale*. 7.127; tobacco. bale-. 17. ftcur. brb.. 2.500; lard hrl-.. 249; point, brl*., 9, dru1--. cr-c*. 12; sperm oil. tk- . 0; Urease. cks.,21; corn brlf . 10.966; wherit. suck*. 1.746; i-ecd, bbla., 20; segar-. boxe- Mi; clock*. boxe". 139; bacon, boxen. 181 ; rosin 11 hhj.- . loo, d ? , ease*. 6; b?*f. tea 7'i *ta?a*. 5.000. Loridt n ?Cheese, boxes. 3061; tin . rk*. 688; lard, ek? , '?A do Keg-. 100; tobacco. uuiuuf.iiTtiretl. kegs. 00; do b< xcs 20; fustic. tons. 29; atavca. M 10; pork, bbla., 444, turpentine, bbla . 4 153; oil cake*. bbla.. 680; Hour. 4271* Frtruioil. ck* . 10; spermaceti. case*. 100; Rum copal. brg?. 93: Congress water. boxes. 150; ham- cka . 10; do . ti?ret - 56; "middle*," tierce- 346; cedar, log*, 115; India rutoer. manufactured, caeca. 1G4. Ilaire.?1 urs. can a. 3; sa-gars. tlo.,9; silks, do., 4; eon fti'ui *i.t< r. do.. 10; dry gisvt*. do., 10; India rubber gi- <1*. d< 30; do. do ahoca. do.. 15; oil of anuia,do , 14; rhubarb do . 14. cotton. 1st lex 363; hitlea. do.. 11; whale Is ne. I tlls , a 15; rattans do., 1<?7: oil. bbla . 13; palin oil, tit 4o. do csks . 33; gum Hem-gal. do , 10; rum copal bbl- . 60; ro-in. do.. 1 235; italics gc -kins. keg*. tff; cedar wt od. logs. 133, mahogany, do.. 199; pearl ash. bbla., 54 ; pimento, lsigs. 200; ct coa. do.. 160; stave*. N 34; tjucr ritii n 1 ark. bag". 1 131: g"ld coin. 43o 000. Krexil ?K'win.bMc 765. bread, do., 52; cracker*, do , 69?.; Is-ef. tin . 147; pork. do.. 83: mackerel, 4u., 15; flour, do 57; >1 35; bran. lag". 88; domestic*. pkg? . 31b; i ln-e-e. Isnea 3(r2; lard. keg*. |.r>0; turpentine, bbl* 36: i luiniptigne, basket-. 26; t>a. half cheats. 35, rattau bdis 1 442 Men ilia?Pnnicstica. bales. 1.940; "loathing copper, i.u-t 15: drugs, pkg- kr.. 38; wafers, boxes 6; soap, do 8: I e, Ct ? I .g*. 52'; steam etigiuea for steam btiiler*, 3; sji rie dollar* 2 20b .Viu- Gum ad a ?bugsr. boxes. 20; corn meal, do . 26; bean* half do . 35; oat*, do . do . 73 pepper sauce, boxe lb. coffee, do . 20; bay. bale". 91; iron and steel, bar 2 fire brick, number. 2.2(0; castings. pa> kage*. 18o, biencbltig powder, kegs, 10o, spruce tllo*. number. 438 M'lire ?bti el. box> 4b; iron. bars. 709; do . bundle* M turpentine. cases. 30; nails, kegs, 42, oaakitm. bales 12 pu.ut- k< g-. 4*?. dozen 1Mb tbmyohns, No , flati. -b< vtl> bundles. 55: axes pat kage-. 18, pails and tub-, di zt n 82 clock", en-'-, la. cracker*, do . 50; powder, do , 12. chce-e. boxe*. 12. tar aud pilch, barrels, 35; drugs ptckage?. t*&. lit tlitk Guiana?Flour bid-. 624; ptirk. tlo.. 414; bread i.i d crrickcr-. bx*.. 350; broom*. dug., 73; *pr*aparilbt bx 25; be v. bulci, lob; axe. dot". 10, whale oil, bbl- . 26; Hnmhtrt?Its?in. Mils . 1X3; rice tc* MIA; honey, do , 4!' totso-co. t ales. 120 cotton, do.. 531; whale oil, cask 21- i It- 15. -tun* bales. WJ; whalebnm ho.- . MW, logwood lb". 158.164 aline jieg*. bhl? . 107. India riihls'r goods, bxs . fll; Vermillion bark. bags. 508, t ul'db*. bxs 7: extract b gwisal, bx*., 210 I'm hi hmt>? Hiook* and lo ading, nuilllier. 3.64k); hoop" lb 41725. Iib'tls . do . 21 cask-, neat* 48; hcaillngs, ti in, l.t r 1X00: mackerel I. bl*.. .54: pork. do. 20; can ub I xs . l.S lard firkin- 11"); bread, bbls , 40; butter, kig*. 20: potatoes, bbls , 20, cliece. bxs . 99 I'tilith \nt" mlmtri'rin f iWeni/s?-I'ork. bbl" 845 ; Flour, Id Is . 3700 , Oil t'l thing. Is'Xea. 64 ; llutter kegs, 422 , In d bbl- l.-i, . Onions. Id/Is . 49 ; Heef. bbls 60 , Rice, lb ma, .'a. ; Oakum, halt*. 130; llama, number. 360 I'ilch 11!.. 71. Tar I I I, 20; l.ard. keg*. 150, Ood fisb, casks. 2 ft; MackeM. bbl*. 50; Tallow lihda , 20 ; lliii-e I xi*. :i8g; marking gries. 50 . Tobacco, l>ox? ? 44 . Camlli i. I'Oxes, 1(81 ; lloops. number, OHIO , Corn Mial. I bl" 6. (' 8 hook". number. 4<x> . Sugar casks, tk'i ; I uki.m Isili 1*41 . lea. cliest-. 1012; leather, "isles. 300 , U In at. bu-liels, 1000 ; barrels, number, 100 , Mate*, numls r. Jt? o (5tie?Cialflsh. drum*. 3*1; mackerel, bbla. 30; lard do .63; do . k?g-. 1*>. wlitte lead keg". 1(*?, mat*. No . 30. t( been ts xiKb pitatoe*. bbl*. 110; onion*, bbls, Ilo palnti kegs. l/4i. htsipa. bdla . 2707. "team toiler". Ni'.'i. pickle* Mxia. 18 drugs. pkg? . U6,eom. hag ?honk" Isll*. 1M*'; to adnig" No. 1017.^brs-ad. bbl 0 ii r p Is'Xi - 51; rici ca*k-.2/> ?alt. ?acks. 42, pap-r but di I 4b do. nam*. lUOO. butter, kegs. 24 ; cider, do 2< : do . til Is . 150; candle- bxs 0; hardware pkg< ? 7 gls - ware, cases. 15. hlids , No . 390; tlerosra. do , 23, liein l> do . 20 .f/i re ? Fn tl-ions. bhl* . 24; chceac, hbl*.. 2; rum, 112 l.t'. rbatnlsigti* . backets, 16; tobacco, hhds . 32; ?It no-tic*, ess, . 27 bread, bid' . IrtJt. sarsapariila. boxes, 12 Issiids feet. l*M cnckery hhd . I. 14 car fi.afica ?Horses aud titulea. 42; corn meal. bbl*. 1670 flour, bids 1206; idlgueal. hi ids . Ml; tandlca. Is -? Mm: bsuf. l.ld* . 1Kb |M?rk. bbls . if>, herrings, III- ;o intter. kegs 78. dltlolbs. 800; ditto, firkin* <0 rlit ese, boxes, 630. ditto, bid" . I 073, tobacko. botes, 1(7. tssit- gr . bi xes 2r, corn. hags. 200, lanl. kegs.24o, pi ?tii r. ki g- 70. nails keg*. 200; match*'*, hhds. 110, at'tiff jars. 120, bread, bbls . 496; shook* and h-ada. 851; onion*, l-bls . 4*; hay. bale*. 40, dry gnasla. tarsi 28, p*a?. l ug*. 39; leans, bags. 25 ffoyft.?<'odflab. ca-k* 120; mackcrsd. barrel*. 318; II rk do 4(4> ts ef. tin . 67. flour, do . 884; bard. ka^j*. 154; I utter, do .'U, cheeaie. boxes 142. cajulle*. ds> . 67; 4ty gt i tls |>ai kaga-s. 25 sugntxa. hoxss. .18. tadawco. balsa. 88; nail? lug". 32. ak-wiei-, I amis. 25; brrrliigs do. 4o, soap leiea. 1674, cider and ate. cask*. 641, ri*e. bar rei?. 24. arittta. fendam?Mexican dt lb.ra. Itx riOO ifvare? Anuritan gold. 4333.182: slleer fCTsPiO; Mexl ran dollars 10iKaTi. I retich golil. 420.0)lg; dim. 468 778 f'?inuda? Anwrican gold. 42fto(x'?0, a<r?era-igir* 414.05s) \r,tt,int?hpanlsh dollars. 4375 Mi. arnilr?.tnieriran gold. 4*814. Jermtl? Ario ricnn gold. 4/dd*( f 6?gr?t?Fpanish dollars, ytll.000. Slock Rirkaagc. ? 'K r - ?a '* 117 4'sl ska Eri* RK i.l 4 3 N"%2 ? io . 9W jrswaa do, v ltriU 180 :*??! 6 a, '63 l(? I'*' do 0*X< F.ric ic ll'l HO do stO 5 b; 04*1 r.rt*. '58 ?? "8 do 4* XXI do I08J4 H*> do ,'SSS' trie Ire? mo 94'% 2f*? llarlcw RR pia a i o s, x> ?no ??m 87 1 . _ wg 2lfO co ?*'a 2lsi do 630 74 7sSX) tlo *80 84's 41*) do Ki sad do S3U 94 , ano do *1017 )^a MW EH* ( on, '71 K'.'o **? do 74 16iXX) do !*?> *4 K*) do 7*4X1 do *3 9'l'2 1(18 do *80 7.1 S 7**0 do W'J It*) do aOO 71'4 Hid Ry 6?s, pay'' tt NT48 469 Rctdlng RR Wbs !>s?Xi I nib* 9tat* 6'? 84 21*) do Wf 74XXI Para 6'* 91\ ?X) do "? , 88 -ha Ohio 1 riiat Cd 187'* 4?) do is*) .V>'s 1 tih ot New v. rk i n* ;?) do ?1 -Wla o b?l and Mad, fall 137 "2 inrj do br*) W* 24 do scrip 126 11*) I o?g Istnad It* 24)6 7?TI*Bk?frcm 11) V 69 Nor and War *-18 84U 2H< EdgfO' itk l.aad Co N 69 do ."4 x .'si Norrt Ara. Trust 116, 26 N T and NIT RR 1W>b ;* ( I arm r* Trust K'X) 85 20 Hrwdwajr las Co 81 W xil aarlt fist.ta 48Is 29' ForUroooth DO , 17. t sat' ii Co JOS SOU 4o ''.a) I a 75 do TP't *) find Ri* RR sdin I 26 do s.1 79 )J mo tforri* caaal '1 7# Eric R R Ml) W m do >00 ! i *V ?? MO r7M

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