Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 17, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 17, 1851 Page 1
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? ????*???>* ,r> THE NEW YORK HERALD. ?ft-. WHOLE NO. 6751. MORNING EDITION?THURSDAY, APRIL 17, 1851. ~ g PRICE TWO CENTS. DOUBLE SHEET. AMU ?MMBnr?. DOfIRT THEATRE.-BoXBa. ? CENTS I FIT, 13* D MiU.-Do?r? omi at 7, wrUin rise* *4 7* o'clock.? Tliunlu eTMiaf. April 17th. will b* performed the tra cic upocUrl# ?f KiENZI, or, The Last of the Tribune*? ?Cola di Ri-u/i, Mr. K. Eddy: iHephen Colon u a, Mr. Hamil ton, AiicU (do mm. Mr. Tilton; Lady Cdonaa, Mrs. J or ?Ian; Claudia, Mi#* Wsmyas; B-rt*,fMis# Shaw. After which Ml** lliff-rt will *in* one of her most popular songs. To con clude with the thrilling drama of JACK SHEPPARD? Sir Rowland Trencher, Mr. Thame* Darrcll, Mr. Hamil ton; Jack Sbenpard, ML** S. Denia; Jonathan Wild, Mr. 'Illtea; Hlttcdkia, Mr. Stcvxa*. BURTON'S THEATRE?CHAMBERS STREET, REAR of City Hall.?Boxes, Dwm Circle, and Paroustto, 59 cent*; Family Circle, 2ft cents ; Private Box**, JL'iaa<l$/?; <Jrrheatra Seat*. 75 cento.?Thursday evening, \pr?4 17, will be played l.OVE IN A M AZE?Lord Minerva, Mr. J. W. Le* ?Cer; Mr. Autony Nettle ton, Mr. Burton; Col. Buckthorn*, Mr. Jordan; Mapu*. Mr. Johaston; Mrs. Lucy Buckthorn?, Mr*. Runnel I; Faith Larkepur, Mies J. Hill. After which, a "popular duct hy Mr. and Mr*, llolrnau, and a Fancy Dance ty Mi#* Walter*. To conclude with the farce of SCHOOL J OR TIG EKT?-Captain Kit-ttyer, Mr. Jordan; I'anols, Mr. Johnaoti; Alexander Pan. 1*. Mrv Russell. National theatre, Chatham street-boxes, 25 cents. Pit. 12% cents. Private Boxes, $5.?Door* open at seven o'clock, to commence at half-past seven o'clock. 'IhursUay evening. April 17, Mie entertainments will com Mu-nce with the drama of ROSIN A MEADOWS?Jetliro linxter. Mr. L. Fox; Harry Mendon, Mr. II. M'atkins; Torn Ih lford. Mr. Stnfiord; It-ina Meadow*, Mis* E. Mostayor \li>?# Memio v.h, B1U* Smith, T?- !"? followed hy the farce of A DAY IN PARIS? J'.milv Grenville, Mi s Hathaway; Chas. At'cu dim to. La Fav? r. '!'?> conclude with tlie hallet of the FRISK \ COHBI.I K?Jack Snousle, Mr. Thompson; Farmer tiraball, Mr. J I' Kni M ? ? M ?'? u:i. _____________ BARNUM'S amebic w mi ?ei m p. t rarnum. Proprietor and Manager?John Greenwood, Jr., Assist ant Manager. Admittance to the Museum, 25 cents; chil dren under 10 year*, 12)? cent*. Thursday nud Friday, April 17th and Irtl.'i- Tl.t* nUeruoon, at S o'clock, the comic niece of IIIS FAST J Ei;s and the musical farce of THE WAN DERING II JN>T1 EL. In the cveuin-, at 7>d o'clock, the ? Irani a ?>f Al I T: AT CI I ITERS IS NOT GOLD?Stoph?n J'lum. Mr. I'. W Clark*': Martin (llMn, Mi is Chapman. On '."?a turd at aft* r-.i- on, hy j articular request, "All that Giit ???r# is not (;? M. M EC IIA NJ t b' If AIL, NO. 472 BROADWAY, A BO YE Grand str t.~ Open tv? ry night dnri 11 the week until I uriher notice. Ilu eriajini and ? ill known 0 ll R I 8 1 \ 8 MINSTRELS, c mpri-ing ar eflicient and ver.-stile "oorpi" of " talented ' and " cxperi* nv-d perform r*," undor the man age in cut < f K. P. thrifty, whose concert* in thi* city, lor a siicccshIoii of " fiveMear*," have heen received with "favor hy hig'-ly respectable and fnhi<?n iblo a idle noes. Ticket* *25 cent*. D?",r, ..p-n at half past six, commence at *-it'llt oYIim v. An Afternoon < oucert will ha civm on Sa turday next, April IP, tor th ' accommodation of Ladies and Juveniles, commencing at 1 o'clock, P. M. On Saturday evening next. April IP, hem-tit of M. Zorer. ? 1KUOWS' MINSTRELS, AT FELLOWS' MIMICAL .V Hall, No. 414 Br adway. between Howard and Grand street*. Ope ? every night during the week. The celebrated original and v ?11 known Fellows' .Minstrels, "comprising an fheient and versatile e ir| - cf talented and experienced p*r lormer*," uod?*r th?- direction of J. * Fellows, whose c >n ?:ert* in this ?Hy for the l??t year have he?*a received with the greatest later hy the elite aud fashion of this me tropolis. Their concert# coo#i*t of llurI**si|iio Italian Opera Sccac*. M'Htj Saying*. Solo*, Duetts, f 'iiorusses, Dun ing, ami Xnstruiuint*l I'rrfwrraance*. On Wednesday am! Satur day afternoon*, a grand concert fur the accommodation of ladle* and fa mi hi, not met iag ai S o'olock P. X. Aimi* rion 25 cent*. Door* open at 7, to commence at 4. SALBI ItY AUCTIOB. WM. MrCOHIHfk, AFCTIONLER.?HANDSOME FL'R- I niter*, Ac. Thi* day, it 10 o'clock, at No. 1 Mercer j street, corner of (anal street, will he sold all the furniture j <?< ntained in the h?>no*( eon*i*tiu/ "f large gla*sc?: marhl* , Top bureau*, centre table* and waJtrtandx: chair*, ?ofas, ? ?liv*n*, A< . to* \ ith I rocat*Kc; wnrdrohe*. Brus-^lj J I'argetx; ro?v?_ fi rmtim; chair* au,i sofas, covered with .-??d plunii. X o. A J< i" twill he r |?irmi from et rangers. j It'll M. COKUH'K. ACt'TIOXKEX.?OKNTEKL ICR i r? nit r re. Pianoforte, &c. Wm. M jCcrmlck A ( o? , vill **11. on Saturday, at ??7 Se*?md avenue, corner of I } ourtli *tr*et. the furniture in the house, conni 'tiag of an , 'jlcgant roM w< o I pianoforte, hy Duboi* ft S^ahurj. cost ( SfW two l* pier glasxe*. Tlru**.-1!* r*rp?*t*. silver ! apoobs, forks, Ac,; plated ware; French bedsteads; oil ' j bed room furniture, Jg<*. No postponement. BY R C. KEVP, ArCTIONBKR.?OIL PAINTINGS : this day #t li''^ o'clock, at V? Na*?au street, n ar th< roruer of > ult.?n street. R. i. Kemp will veil at auction, a? ' above, a fine to!L'? ti?n of ahont RW oil paiutin^s, just ar- j ri*ed from Franc* all handsomely fritneu, and of i variety ?*f pleasing anbjeet*. at* table for nirnishing parlors and gal- | Sleriea. The f?#rti- i.lar att? ati-?n of purchas* rs is invitod to ; ^hi? sale. l !ie *alr will he f -itive, without rescrv?. Cata- ( logtie* on th- w rnicr "f ?!? . RC\ K; MP. Al ( TKi.NKLR ?UOFSKIfOLD FIRM- ? ? tor-, thi* day, (Thursday), at 10 o'ol?>ek, at house 45 Mercer itrcet. n?*ar Brooir.* street. R G. K*inp will #ell . at auction. a ? nbo*e, a handsome a^Hsrtmi'iit of furniture, consisting of Brussels sud ether carpets; carvel mahogany parlor furniture; w indow curtains; ??ii painting*; mirror*; mahogany French bedatosd*; marble top dressing bureaus; i ?*ash stand*: marhl?? top ?? nire tables; hnllstaqds; r%rp?*ts; 1 il cloths, nix,, i <>i naim ats bshstiiy sliairg hair mat tresses ; a g*n?-ral uMsortiu.i.t of good furniture; chtna, ?laM a ad (i'mA-ti ware; kit*, hen furnituro, Ac. Cats logties on the m?rain* of sale, j By .! IIH.l V \N Ml ;HiNKKK 1X1IMI. A I'Hll. l^th. at 9 o'clock. A. M.. .it No. Columbia strsat, ear lier nf Cranberry Htre?*t. Brooklyn, Oented Household F?r- i fiiture. Piano, I vt -n-ion IHning Table. Pi-r Glass, Frmch [ plat#; wit h a general assort uii ut of Parlor, Chamber, i?t Jkitvlien Ft rnitAre, t atalogue* on Thursday, April 17. JAMB* C'MA ALCTIONI Elt ? IHH SEIIOI.D FI RM- I ture oa Tboreday, April 17. at lOo'clo* k. at No. Aid At- I l*nti<* str*e\ Brooklyn, liandsoiue hous- h ?ld furniture, ftW*i?M*C ?n pirt of uiah"?anv bureaus, sofas, ? i r?, 'vb!'1* ,md be?l*t-s(f... M-", rl.gant ingrain and of i,?.r ? mrp fs. oil clot lis, bed*, beddtag, A* ? I ?-rni.''ash, in bankable mono/. nKNm 11 I.FFD8. ACCTIONEER-ELEGANT SALE #f ? ?*tly an t taehionahle Cat-in t Furniture, sold by j order ?f the exKul ?rs of Jauie? Miller, Es<i . deoeaaed, itt his I late war* r uiin - No. Ill Rr?ad?a/.?Henry II. Le ? Is i Co. witlwvt Wfr?, to flow the above estate, tlie balance of his cxt?ii.<?*e atsork ??t furuitur . u..iuufM> turvi by hint e*pr?-*olv ) for his ??a eslc. uad kkfrctui of the best materials and I make. j UW.snY II I.EF.D8. AUCTIONEER.? HOUSEHOLD Fv.i ?i*? ft*, elegant Framed Kugraving*. l'iano in It mw- ; wood C'sl*. by !?t#d?lart ti Co.?Ifenrv II !.'?1 Is St Co., will ssaby luPios n Tliwr-dity. April l?th, at III o'eloek. oa I ?fjie yr Bii <?? ?*?( <tro>>me strwt. a f*wdot?r* west of IIrot I* ay, j *n assortment of Household Furniture, the pmytrtj ol a gvntleman g<dng t ? Enrsp . c n-i-ting in par* f mvhog^a* r*?ekere. cbaAf*, *iivan*. tete-**-tetr??; marble top tables, with r late glass ha<V-; dining and *ard t tblr*; mat>Wlornaifi*nt?, < Vr#B?b?lo#b; hue t??n?-d jdaan forte, ia rwwwo ?d ea*c, by I Ntodd*ft lot nf music T. oka, broUt# %wd or*n dn randrlabr**; bgur annmherot valnvhl#framed and glated ingravingx; p#ri??r, chnniler and stair carpeting r rim eon , ortain- ' t s il v loth oud m.i't plated > are. chlav. f!v ti, and earthen ware; lumps, an cx Aleut double l?artwfl'*d gun: chamber furnltur**. In b#4*t *uds, mat* trtiiM, biniiact*. ? i* rlids, kc. A.; bureaus, w ithstands, hair*, toib t sets. L ? k> .l a r* fri^'-rator, an I a variety of I it'dieu irtlib , with which the **!? will ruinmenee. iso. I.. . a Mir,w atr. it, ai < Ti'ivtr.R-rich -?? Triic'i !I -? .mill fort,, tar ? V. < l.awrnt.. k f" "ill *rll. II.. -lay without mrard to wratl,*r. at No. IT! 4 liatoa piarr. th* -iillr* f uraltar. contain*.! la th* hoa??, all ? f ?bn li ? .<? t.. ? to i rilif in I'ari* hy th* Im,t irlUtl, Parlor loralO r* la I >?? Silk Laioiak. Mirrra. llrti.?-lo an I ' I ?rp ?. < ?? ' . ?p1*n.lld Carrad n?-?.ol I nraitaro. ?,r ri. h Hrrcam. Wtt Ifwboa, Il .4?t*n l<. k* . .lie ? bolr *f ?'.i. h mill ho *..1 I nitl.ut r*?ori??th* pro , ?rtjrafa t of naa it out I-i > Ini It Kamp* Ala*. ?a* *<r> #I**A it rral la.'ia Cam.I Hair Shan I, o-ll worthy of .titration. Art TION NOTI E-THou. p.EI.L, Al Cf-iNSER - ft) II \. lit- -?al*of I arultnr-.-'fiita lay. *? l?' I'rlwl, ??..! I" ?H tit* furnltiir* of a |iriii * h.twl. .til I'mrl aim. ? , . , nklla aqaara, U tool iwawa, parlor, dininr room. L.lrivra, V tao fata of utoaataB Wat**. ? halm hnr*?"*. k'. t*r p "It* r?inlrrd. ".I* ralo prahlna. I inlay, at 'i'1. ? ? I*. k. la tk ? ?rctio? r<H>. I'? Martt? II tiam-ir*?t .or v mat ? I ftn It uit r o ri J?lialf ckaata An* bt?r' in origtaal aa.-ka a 1 >t ol **?. ?i?. ."Htat-a "t "?t. da . antfothar a in ??; ?lt rat* h .. tl-o t!i? kalaa ? ?? * "f L- ndon *oo.|.. c una aiwirt'l dry *".o., i.t. art" l*?. kr. THUS. It Rial.. An.-ti*?" r. Dtmt?wav i.vrs-GRr \t sale or rem, estate I ? -Bio. k on.rotiad n Broadway, ? rtr atnt i on I f.rtl -tb atrat t*. and Sotuntil a..un* at o.i?ti..ii, on r*nr*.la?. th# 17th April, bjr|NfHOMY I.LEECK F.K, Aa tt..a..r-1'wal " irtma I .in fair, tor* ? ??* a tri t rftata. of |fl |..t.?f gro iad?10 Iota oa Brotdwaj aol A I ?? oa Smooth ??????. Id of th- lota . akaataa th* cn-irc Uwt loaadtd h* forty.alnth atraat, YilUrtl. ttr?*' S*rrath a**an?, *n 1 Itr oad rat ?\ !> lot it fmtwld*. S*a map at an. tinn*''r'?. Lot. ..a *?r?ath art poo |in fmt d. |> corn*r lot -a Broad?ajr and fortr ninth atraat, N t*?t anp r..rn*r lot oa Br?odw,.y and rtftl-th atmat, raCMVlat a Bar.ntk******** d fwrtr-nlatli atraat. f rattlaHa'". a:', a' tnr Bad Wlttftk atraat fast rat; rirrMa. Slat* "a ? at of Brondaar, *ntnm*oHnr 1# f?*t north of I -ri. ninth atraat. Th* rrmt lit vlalaitjr of ti.-a* lota, thrir *? utral paalti ,n oa tUa inaia tl.oraaahfa W of th* *i'r. th* l**atl?a >,f th* I t? ..n hmatlfn! frrnnndi *d?r inda**a?i ntt far la**?tm*at. f .r * *hnr*h, or otllr inatttntioa. i.,".; Ml fr.ata, th* bl.?k I. uan. allad.* p*rf " t: trrnaa arroaaaodatia*. Hap. at th* aurtioa ??r'a. Itr ?* ! Mr rtriMTi r.r at ai ctiox, at r, stantun street. JT an Thtiradar, at t*n a'-loek, takatatiar of atk*HMf rmfa. *priag rhawa, rtraod. I*a. tn.rr.lo'. Ilraaa*!*, thr*? pi* and in. - tin ? ?rp*t?. t"r n. h tfd-t*ad?. ttiarM* t?p ]r***ia< I.I * 1".?. ?? h.t.a-l*. .had**, lamp. . ntr* tnhl*a, hraahfaat and d.n n ; I ?. t Had ??I t. a aad dia iitrttt*. ri ' J1" a?r* It '. tha wk"l* ?*rjr littl->i?*d. A fra. rat* **? r a*at of kit.-hra foraltnro. t'.at ?i nin*a ?* W "damdtj B I CARTER. a?.tlnn. . r, Na. 7 Na? atraat. POSTPKMAtl.N r ON ACt <?l NT Of TIIE STORM? It II N A',, tionm*. ? By Bartana A N*?h. at .ra ,11# Bf.adaat Handa-m. h."i**h'Id fnrnltnra On Eri lar at 10 a'*|. ( h. "' < *'. a larr- an d |, n*ral aaaort nt*nt at 1-aaJ.-m.-p.rlof. ? l.anthar and hit. h?? fornltar*. aad oa* ti.por. ? m t of *>t. a.l. a t*hl??. *lf*?t |..a?, k*. ; it tit ii ?ii oi t I. tR'.i ?Tt>< x >r it t wit nar- a ? < ? ?>* . I*. '? of I lot*. Win. th* atark of an nt?n<i*a imporlar? dal* In Ink# I iW *t'i via*.- at Ifc* ?? -r* Vo II flatl atr**t. *?ra*f of Hold, ront m?arln* at f" . u ? i .*k. day. >ad to h* *aatlaa?d till all <* ?eld. IWaa | nd*r U?. .? .ah, or** hJt?t nad na.lor t tra ?aatha >ork'?i kur ta..a'h., a|.prnv.-d *lly or aoita try pap*' Tl... ?to*h *.<nal?t* af -rood* of lata ImpofHtton. and In poo l ard*r throoalioat. ?i/ : Birmlaaham, Ah?!Stald, aad l.*a?y[(?rd? SI, Ihrld and li'tm.t riardaar- and Cat l*rp. Cham.. Hooka and llloara. th* wh-l* of ahiah la worth th* Bpo*tal a'trothMi af th* Hardwar* dailora, aad will h* a-ld p*r"dtp.aril>, with ut any r*a**v* wholorOT, t? th* hi*h?at IddJ-r JAMES M tKIMEK. It-poty ShrHff WI CAM. ATTENTION TO THE Stl.R IN THIS ? day . pap.-r ?f Bro..l*n* lota.--Rrwadway. pnrtl-n larly ffota It* int-rm. tlon alth la* Eonrth av. nn* ot JI'nlon ?1*ir*| l'*?tt**ntk ?tr**t, nntil it. tnt*r**<-ll** with tha r*ath amnu* ?' S*rratl*th ati**t, nil] nlwayf h* tha *r<at -at th*m*lh*ar* ia th* rt'y. All of th* a. -nn-a of th*ity trnparallrl to rn? h oth?r. and ma at rl/M aagloa wit'.th* ntr**ta Broadway run. "arm** lot* di?, n.lly Unarda th* North R|f*r frota th* contra of th* latand. at P..nrt**nth ntr*?t, t* Somntirth atrmt. whom It Int. ra.irta th* Tnath *??**?; thor-for*. nil thr trnvtl, fmtn *?. h nr-nno trom S*w*nlirth Mr**t dowa to Enwrtwalh atrmt, nm.t fall lain llroadnay at It. latrraortlona, 11? TH* T. nth ?*?**?. at ?rroallrth atrcrt: Nlnlh a.rao*. at Siity-fonrth ttroot : f-rhth av?n, ?. nl IT Or aialk atNft; Srmnth ar*aa*. at f orty adnt?'mrt 'ntn ay?aii?, at Thirty fowrth a.*oot< littl. *??*? nt Twn' ?'r*?. lnn**h a.-no* n' taahtat I oartooat k >tr**t. aakfa* Broadway f*? all tint, thaaula tka( .o|hf|(t Ptt IJC' ailsi #<iut?led-. AMvranuBirm. BROADWAT THEATRE.-!. A. MARSHALL. SOLS Losses.?Dosrt op?? at 7 i aartaia rtaaa at half-paat 7 o'olork. Dress Circle aad PwriueCts, 50 cents ; Fatnitir and Third Giroles, i? cents; Gwllsry, Uk caata; Pdiala Situ. $5 aad $6. Thursday evening. April 17, will ba praaaatad tl.a spectacle sr the VISION oY THE 3UN-Koran. Miaa Aa derton; Tacmax. Mr. Whiting; HuaiaaCapae, Mr. Freduriokj; Tvoabroo, Signer Carlo; Ucai of tho Harp, Mlaa Oiiria; Ooni or tho Ebon Wand, Mr. Royuolda; King of Silence, Mr. Mat thawa; Rnnuc. Miaa A. Gongenheira; OcoIU, Miaa J. Quugen hoitn; Caaaana, Mra. Iiharwood. l'raviooa to whiah, tha now farca of I LL BE YOUR SECOND. N IBLO S CAR DEN.?CIRCL E DE 1'ARIS.?GREAT and powerful nttructlons, and unequalled E'lueetrinn I'rata. and Claaaical Uainra of tho Arena. Triumphant eessof the famed French Troupa. l'ositively the last seven night# of the Company performing in thia city. Mile. Corn, line Loyo having recovered from her lato aercro indisposi tion, will appear nightly in matchless auenea of daring and rnieefnl Horsemanship, in which ahe atanda alone, unrival l'll aad line ,uall-d. Equestrian Director, Mona. Lowaet; Shikepearesu Jeater. Sir. W. Wallett; Modern Vonck, Mr. S. Lethrop.? Thv.raday__avonini^^.\^iril 17th, to uontureueo REVOLT OF THE IIAI BROUGHAM'S LYCEUM, BROADWAT, NEARBROOMS atraat.?Dress Cirelo and Farquette. M oonta; Family Circle, 2a Ornta, Orcheatra Stall Scuta, J.I ; Private Boxes, Jl ?lloeri open at 7; t" b.;in at half past 7 o'clouk. . llroi ~ noRt of Mra. Browyhiim. On Thuraday evening, April 17th, tlie performance will commence with the Oper.i of the SPI RIT OK AIR?A it iria, Mi-s Mary Taylor; I ra lice. Mice Ju lia Could: Iri?. Mice E.Taylor; Boreas, Sir. Loach: Flutter, IMr. Dunn. To he followed hv a new i omedietta. cal'cd THAT ODIOUS CAPT. CUTTER?Captain Cutter Mr. Brougham. >o?i?. Manor l.orino. To conclude witli the burlc. que of the WORLD'S 1 AIR. (1 EKMAN NATIONAL THEATRE?OLYMPIC. 412 74 Broadway.?Thursday, April 17,, for the Benefit of Mr. Fr: i,. It?Will I ? performed THE 11 LESS I NO <SF A MOTHER: Or. 'J'he niw Eunchon?drama, w ith songs, i:i five acts, b) Frtdcrik. Bll O U C. II A MS I.YCE U M.?BENEFIT OF MRS. lirou.hoin. on Thursday evening. April IJtli. when she he assisted by Manor l.orini. F. Criebel, and other emt w ill be nent artists. T! - entertainments will consist of .? Hs?* c-iMdi-tta . all I THAT ODIOUS CAPTAIN CUTTER, in w I ich Mr an I Mrs. Droiighniii. Mr. Lynns, Mr. I.' toll, Mr li'iak.'wiil appear; and tile .3 t' I K IT OF THE AIR. in wliiih Mi-- M iry Taylor, Miss Julia Could. Mr. Uiuid Mr. Leach, lc<'., will appear: together with a new dance hi M'lle I I I. HIV til HE WORLD'S I A I It. FfYUE COMPI.IMENTAKY BENEFIT TO MR. JOHN M l M. N A\S, w111 talin plate on Frhl.iy < toning. April Ht!i. " ? " r Klhgilsnd, Cornelius V. Anderson: I) B Taylor: F. A. T'aluindge: AMeruien .1. F. Oakley and Bard Ji tlpe M< Crath, aud t wo hiietlrud and Htty i tuars. Tho i >'. lowing ladies and geutleineu ha\ e kitidly volunteer'd. Mr. t . W. Clarke Thomas Hadaway. Joe Powell, Mdlle. D ice llnrre. Shelton's Bras- Band, Master and Miss Chekenl, Mr. J. Dunn, L. Jacobs, J. Jacobs, U. \ at s. Gturge Uutton. N' 1 BT.O'S GARDEN?WALLETT, THE CLOWN'S FARE well II. uefit, Saturday, April I'.Uh, h-ing positively las last engagement in any Cirrus in New l'ork. urcat attrac tion. CI 1RCUS?NEW YORK AMPHITHEATRE. 37 BOWERY. / Prices of Admission :?Private ILver. M cunts; Bene*, 25rents; Pit, 1.", tents.?John Gossiu, Clown.?Thursday evening. April 17. will be presented a varied selection of Brilliant Vests, in w hich the entire eoinpsny will appiar The great En -li h Equilibrist, Mr. I.avu'.cr Lee, will iulro dut l.ii original performances with the revoltinz globes. Mr. T. Ma< Farlnnd and tho GymnastinTroupe, will nop? ir. Madsuie Sberwooil. Mr. Lipman, Mr. Sw eet, Mr. Cole. Mr. C. Sherwood. Master Ice, Mr. licrr, and uuiaornua others in ilrc.nit E ,i.e.iriau and Olympic Game*. To couelude with I'll LA ni TToN. Horn and white s Ethiopian opera troupe. t III every night, at No. 4.K) llroaiivray, a few d from Grand street,known as tlio Colllseuin, where a splendid variety of Ethiopian entertainments are nightly presented by one of the roo-t talented companies, consisting of twolre ei perienicd performers, under tne direction of E. Horn aad C. white. Doora open at a nuarter before 7. Concert to com mence at a quarter before H. TL-kets 25 crnta. Grand after noon performance every Wednesday end Saturday, com meucing at 3 o'clock. E. HORN kt C. WHITE, Froprietore. Horn a w hite's great joint benefit will take place on Friday evening, April I Mb, IV,1 ? V boat of attraction will lie presented on thia occasion. Tickets for salt at all the music stores and principal hotels. II ORX & M'niTF. 3 ETIIIOIM \N OPERA lIO(J3K. 4? Brndvay.?The irraud cumplimcutary bi-rufit to Mr. Thome* C. Burn*. will take alRc.* on Tueiday fruini. April ? ?I lL?i. lcN'l. Ti? ki't< < <iii be 4 fr?jiu ti?u Cotuuiitttm of Arrjn^emcnt.4, ot ut th? door ou the evening of the concort. Grand coxceit.-wm. vincent wallace u.vs tho honor to tnuounee to the public that he will rive % I Grand Concert of Yocnl end Instrumental Mueic, at Tripler Hall, on Tuetdaj ivcnint, 2*M in?t., on whioh oce&eion he ^ ill i ? rf m ?n the trftnlle i traw i faataaia aw litifrea ' U Boa it am bait," and brillif.nt >ariatiouaon the lriaii mclxij, i ? Tit tbt I.ast Rose of SumnuT," (ciimpotfd eipreesly for 1 thia concert;) ho *iil al*o perlori (by drMire of uiaay ama teurs) in a DuuMe Quartette, by stponr. W. V. Wallace mil frrfornion th* piano a new romance, ".Music Murmuring* in Trees," hi- Cnnd** Polka di Concert (ly re j'UMt.) and a New Grand Duo, for two pianos, with Mr. Richard Hoffman. Madmiu B"U? h?'U# will appear, for the first timein N.York. , sod sinsj several of !i??r Cuvorito Arias and Ballads, and t Duo | With Mr. Creatorsi. Mr. A. Arthuraon, and othur emin*mt artihtu, w ill :?NSi*t on tliia occasion. A m-tpmUctnt orchestra will perform the Overti?res t?i " Msrinfon" and " M.iritana," nndrr the direotiin of Mr. U*<>rs* Lodar. Full programmes In future annnnncencnts. Ticketa, $1 each?to 1?? had at William II ?!) L Son's. Zii' Brvsdway. and at all tha principal music et'-rrs. hotels, etc. 1 Mil. Ill rr II IN SON 1 A MILY GIVE TflKI B LAST HIT rr, thi? eieninf, April I7t!,( at the Bf*?a I a ij T.ib rumle. Tub ts ft trule, ut tilt* usual pl.lcM, and ca I it ?ly pro?.Mjt ? I v if)? n b<->uk or wurda, uew v train u. To Coui in * i. (t at a quarter to eight o'clock. TIIF CR.AND PANORAMA OF THK UTAH* FOR IT l?*rty in Uuiigari. ( |.|>cr Italy and, ?ill be up n l?tf)ci. iln.v e ra r Itroad t?v > r.d Walker ,.tr ata. Tb k?i? t ? i ? lit... i l.ilurt'B hall price. i.|<-ii ?t 7, tu i i in in.. Hi-* at 8 ..'rim ? INKANKMN MISKI M, I7'? CIIA Til AM Sift? A RK.?<i P.O. I.FA, S.-le Proprietor.? Admiwion? in i'rnnte lliata. ?'<> cent*; Sta(c Null, Xit cable: Uo?"n, 2-1 malt; Par quet. I"1, crate ? Kbi-out Salon* perf.r.naac.c rear* AM. r. Bnnmirl K'.nin;, Kiitrrtalnmentr on?mane* In thr aft -r at .'I o'llink, and in tl.a earning *t lull pa.I 7. Tb* roll rt,mn.'nt? bra varied and "alert, an l ?ii<*h a* ran be ?e?n at n<> , l!nr !'la< ? of anitirenirnt in Ni w York. c.u.i.liu; of la-a'a Fun*!" MM I inn ()|?t? Tmnnn, numbering ftft,- n perfnro.era. b "ig; tin Ijrttd and at tba eama tun" tin moat lakit I taad m tho t ailed ntatta, a troaip * of Mnd.l Ar title who ar-a I.?ted br th-ir bmily and drum, and * Iw perforate a awWt ? ft. WtktMM, MM fr in tli? pi. tore# nf aniirnt an l modern tin???. a company of Arab t.irlr. who rn through a unit; of Irate of etraartli and drrt.-rity: Mudafur R ?>liaa, the only Frmal" -Itiit'iTin Ida aiiridt a ro?paay of Mil" and F<*?ale Artlata, who willelva an MllUliM oI Marble Ba it?|j IMf?IM in tba w >rld, tot ether with a variety of intrrerLinK |"f!-r .in.oo tv afternoon an J ev miaf. For parU-.ular? ana hiila of each day. Fl'MIF SFl'ON f> SKIM FS OF SATTt.KR'S tHMIWOR AM AR. J rnrnrr of Thirteenth etrvct and Broadway, will vloan Wia 3.1.1 May. Tin w..rka nfarf ? naalat of a colfr. turn nf twn ty -aia Mi-wa of Kurope, Aaia Minor, Syrm, tlia Holy Land. f?)|.t, Nttkla and Arabia, ami nra taken from nature, umi print, din nil. Iiy I'rofraanr v?tt|rr. Adtnlaeloa, HA arnU. Upas Ir .in i o'clock in tbo morning till 10 In ilta tmiallf. CASTI.K QARDF.N.-TIIIR BBACTIFCL AND POPU lar place ia now of~-n for tha rrcaption of aiaitrra during Mlrday. Tim alow from tb# fallarlaa nf tbn ajdandld ?-in-ry af onr'nobla bay and harbor, bad not an equal ia tba world. 131| crata. Adrnteaion I.' MMll.IT.AHt IIAI.L. I N lil.IIIIILI.R I. A.N III NO. .Htalrn I-land ?, I7s.n April, thr raal hand of , hal-le Harmon -t ?. prior to tlmir departure lor thr World* Fair, annotation of tilie r- al N"erne. af talrnt, both voral I and InaCruinrHtal, will rtan twa conri-rta only, aa ahvar, al.lili hair In-ra full and faabionat-ty attended ta alt tha [ I run 11> a I tllira we.t and annth. tonal-ting of air-. aoug*. ro fraiar, .|ttart 'tta. pumdlet from th?ap?rar, bnrlea-inea, aoloa, I i. together with tl.r light. aad rhadona of Ah* KtHo. j |.uar?f-.? win. h tlo*T arc not r?."l|rd by any band of imitat. r?. A 'uii. i, n. 39 cabta. I'nara .r*n at nilf-prite a, a .n.n.rm m| al s o'aloak. t. C. lll'RRK, liana* r. '?'Ill t TR I * M NOT ICR I AI'IF* A N D OF N TI.F.M F.N. I af a< knowl. .I(ad tal.nt, and bat ln< wardrobe, wi. ui? rnyaaatn ntr lor tlm Itr ad I nr. Pa., ami t'olambua, Oila, Tbratr**. firtha itmnirr aad w intrr ??a-*na, 'mm; nf Rand-nr. tb ttr.t of May. will plcaac addrma O. K. Wadr, b,i No. ? II rai l o?. AMt'kKMKRTM IN P11JI.A DKI.IMII A. Barnum'9 Mrser*. piiii.adf,i,piiia.-p. t. rar anm. ProBrt?A<>r; II. Sanfard. Ariotaat Mnaairr. Phia warp tha adnurahU company will appear in aaariaaof aplra did pi"< aa. Mala, an I Twardny. ia tha now roiardy cadtrd Ui" *? HnaMn I of my floart," and tha b*anMfwl drama nf "l.nka tlm l.aborrr, Thnraday rnoninr. Mr. t hoatrr'a Para wail ll-nrhl. with tha nrw i ontady of " la a Maaa. had Aha "Viraiaia Mnnimy." Tba aftaraa.n prlumrmoit Ucbt. livaly, and lnt**raattni|. Nrw n< vrllma alwaya pr" parm?. Admitvaaer. 35 cant* i akildrta tinder 10 yaara. ITS ?aata. ARPII STRRF.T THF.ATRR -PROPOS NI.R FORRBNT , Inc thr *bf'T? Thratrr. for nan yrar, fmm tap* ana bar I, 1861, will ba raaaiaad ob ar baforr Ira May *"*1. Addaaat, R BRANSON, 50 KarkaA rtraa*. I'wu.anri nwta. April 8, Ml. THK WOlll.IP* FAIR. 'I' K A V lil.K.I NU IN HI'ROPB?.A VF.RT RRRI'Kt'TA 1 b|a man. a natira of RwiAtaHaad, wtaht* ta ra*a<r aa aalrt aa.l oi f rr. with a fan .1; (mat ta trnt'lia llaropa; Hr rpnaka Pnpllrh, l'rrr. h. ficrinau, nn.l Italirn: bar tri aallad aaarr tl yrar* in Rnmpa, lb rha ah or* capacity, both ~ "i?h fam, i?< H??A a* fbr aoa with Atn-rl. to and F.acli* ran l?tltri. Apply or addr*aa ta C. fcmrimr, Ml William atrirt. KMIPPIAU. |?OR LI VRRPOOb? INITKD STATF.A MAIL RTftA M - a *liip I' AI IFI f'. f'aptaia F.. Ntr 1 hi? *t am*' .[? will drpart with tha maila I't InrtM. pariairrly oa Ratrr lna, May MHh, al I? o . lark M fr m her h-rth at "rf I anal ?trnr|. No berth aa. *?? d nntil pold for All l?t?"?a wimt para II roofrh lha Port t ?ra. I ar fr ttht or ptnyi*, hai ma iinronallad aaram?odattaaa far t l'*aa?r up . ..twfaat. " Fft? " apply to 1||?U. It. t OH.I.Nt, Wall atra. t. Va>it4ri.|y no frriib. will ?* r -riird >n t i ard after Thortd' y ? v#win<. Mar "tb Th" >t"tmrr AlA'TIt: wilt awrewwd. th* PNn iq, aad aall May?th. PDII APVI.FHI.A AND LIVERPOOL LM'tTRD 8T.ATRR ? Mail I iar-Stramrbtp I.AI ATF.TfF.. t^, ,rWa SU.ddord, t'l mmandi r. (lata of Ihr rt-aarbip I>? natt t Ity L h*? heaw placed OW tbb tine, fn run b. twern PI iladr I and l.K-r pool, and will leatr her berth. Lombard ??r?e? wherl, Phil* delni la. far l.iaerpool, ra M'adnnadap. pb I'd* rloeb. Thia -pieadtd t|. aaabip. I .mi tan. i ar b'n, *p b* . la baUt ia thr mort iwhrlantirl manner, both *? re?ard* hail and maahl* n. ry n. r arrummodatlont fnr paaarnai rw ? ra nnmrpa.aad for rem tort and rlaranra. Rut.** of poMta*. Ladler' S.| |o,.a Stair fiiuar. hlflft, ;?i|?Bi?n ? Rr*?i "M" I |o,.a Stair Run?a^**, prwtla?rn a Niwta Room., tilth, Sernnd CaMl. V*1 Ft' or .ion ticket, to l.iaarpool and back Flfrt rlaea, R17V Seeaad do., No berth?ear*d nntil paid for. F.<f pa?iat?. apnlj an J. t). M'illlai*.. W8 l r< at "traet, New Yv k; ..r to J* hw I I Ini ? s rharrea; or, Oso M* llenry k < a, 3f Walnut atrart, Phlla elphia. N B Perauwa ac paciac vaatai;* at Nest York will ba far labed tlobata ft* yfn Vhi .aJelpi.ia Y ACKT PoR SA i.t -THF. FAST RAILINfl RLOOP Yack" Naeom a?, twanty ala hrat kasl. ?!*??? ton* bwrtfca*. eopper fattened thronahawt. Rb# ha* ? I art*. baad?*eMely Inr .lahed aabdn, aad i# naa?rpn#*?d a* * pira twrn ' -.a 8h? U I* perfect order, aad aww b* *w apaM t* 1 Rt>KA? IT. 0II9IM. ??HrstV Uk llUM NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. RICHLY WfFWRTANT FROM ALBANY. Extraordinary Prormlings in the New York Legiklature. WITHDRAWAL. OF SENATORS. Legislation Arrested. The Canal Enlargement Bill Knocked in the Head. GREAT EXCITEMENT More Rumors of a Cuban Invasion. cm:AT I UKSH1I S in THE SOITH. An ardi, of the I ouimlislone rs on ^lexltan (lulus, l'Urfup In tin- Sen :il r?Wit lift r it wnl of the Urmwr.ti, Ai h.iv. April 16?12 P. M legislation here U completely arrested Tin- democratic Senator.' retired from the Semite chamber, and the dis cussion on the canal hill ended at half-past 10. Mr Main an-? and dated that he desired to ascertain whether the wlii. majority were still determined to p.iss the hill ' He therefore mowed to reeommit the bill for smendment in order to u'certnin whether u determina te u still eai.-t* J to jm-i the bill, and to evade the con stitution Il? this determination still prevails, he said the wh',;s mu t take the responsibility of being the means of arresting furlher l.-gi-Utlon during the remainder of the cession. Tli" vote was thee tak n on liis propoeition, and de cided in the negative. Three democrat* to seventeen whigs. Mr M wi then retired from the Senate chamber, leav ing Mr Hrendreth and Mr. Crook, the only democrats present Tlie bill was then r -ad by the clerk, and received seven teen whig vol -v and two democrats. The 1'hlmdim of the Senate then announced the blU 1 >st. there being not three-tifths of the members. a con stitutional tuorum. r*a,s,'nt Mr IloiiMK moved that further proceedings on the blU be postponed till to-morrow forenoon. which was car ried. and at 11 o'clo. k the Senate adjourned. Never wa. there such an excitement All the Stat* tflieorw. Mr M eed aud every person of influence in the city and various parts of the State crowded the lobbies and the seats of Senator'. This do es legislation for these-eion as the democratic Senators will send iu their resignations to-morrow fore noon There is great rejoicing among the democrats, and they are celebrating the def-at of the canal bill, by the hriDg of cannon, bonfires, kc. HEW \ O It It LEOISLATt'RE. ?T MOlt-ik's LIMP, OFFICE 16 WALL STREET. Bcnait. Allttl, April 16. 1 S-'p 1. fOMOLIMftO* 0! M* fort, BBOOBLtt Ull MILLIAHt K'lON. Mr Croi> m?l? a detailed r.-port on the inject of the proposed rou.<olidatl>)n of the cities of New York, Brook lj 11 and Willism-burgh Mr Bi.ikHAM.aftT it wa? presented, eaid. the Senate and people of New \ or!; ought to know that the entire public opinion on tki? eulyi-et had been got up bp on* p-Teno, an.l only one. All the New York Benatort are opposed to the prupo-ition. The report w.i - placed on file. am. ron mi at rrttoior or utMiura. Mr M II 1.1 e from the Literary Committer. reported r mpiete the l<ill fir the ruppreteion of Gambling, and it wat ordered to a third reading. at rrtLo trirrnuti anionic. The Buffalo Pu-pendon Bridge Company bill waa or der ,| to a thiid resdin; TbU It fur a nun pension bridge fr. in Buffalo to the Canada ehore. near the ruins of old Kurt Erie. Mr BiikHAM reporti-d complete the bill to present a copy <f the Natural Hi-en y of thin St.Ue to the library of the Xaeeutire at \> a-bington. tarrr.D Jt aiuuctio* it ctmita rim or ?IMIpLI It. Mr. Btacora, from the jmilriary. reported romplit thp' 1411 to *i -t In the I nited State" of America juris diction in certain plnc-i in the city of Brooklyn. Or drrtd tu a third mdinf. i mom cvrn. Mr m rejBilted the bill fbr the incorporation of tin- t nl. n Club in N?w\i*W tor the eonatdi' ration of the Senate MuMntr imi CHuttnt or i ????* Mr. Colt n [parted Nvomhty on the Mil amending the law in r< liitinn to Hie n?er?Miu-iit and eoUention ot taaea In the city i f New York. i tan iti inuiMitr mix. Mr M?ar. tB prrm-nti-d eight ^petition* of the clilanvt of New York, a.'klng for the | him a go of the Canal Hie laiguuritt bill Mn-ri!?i nn ritTrn in \nn Mr Williams, from the tnmlUm nk Coroneree awl Xi.riirstitn. reported the Aaawmbly Mil relative to the a lit t'i n.iiiiwioiiere and llnepiliU <41 Platen Mr 11m i m s tin tihI an additional an tkin. a ? f dl.wa : ? tin Bn4 >f? ? r the aaamm f thi" art. It "hall ha inlaaful for "ny la4i?Mtal IttWitM kit" ?r??"r*.rtati'.n >.f p?? fragsm (keBi I"'I nd the ataa to hulil a a. at la lh" llenr.l at l'i h of Rmtapath'a, *ad a<> ?r?n *? later*'tad aha 11 hereafter ha i li,>t I1 tin uflh ? of 1 .miuUatoa. r ?< K.ui ?r?tioa. Mnara Mim m l D\a. ? a adforatrd thi* arlion for ll? rraw'ii lliat iftrr a *ln|i tumor. rwgaged In |I4< bu?l n. *r. aa - a t > mnii- ioaer. lo* might a" am k. art an a jt ilge In hi own faao, whh h wa? ? principle r< yog unit ic# UhIi t# all annnd low Tt-y de-ired to |4a< '? their tomb mm nrr rtl In Ihn rnf the pr? ;Ki*ed amendment. Mr Moinn h<t>l the rarnfil ?f the wile VotM W taken It ?.i? a thm alnn d at < ae gentlem*.*. who waa Iiiiii ? If ono < f Hi - tutot Imiioralilo ami u-i tkiarnlow ?>f tho board. II* tranlrtl to toi If tin ihaala would aati? lk>n It. Mr t'ri \m Dfyaril tho prnptaad amendmwat The rife Wn- keVi n. no J Ilia amendment waa rejected by the flllimlnt auto:? Ai m-Mmo. Se*>c..-k, Cn"tot. Oalaniy ttina, X?y*?, hoilar. sad S'i ar Mm II ?? a. Hai. h. R'"iiaaa, < arralL 1'iwk, i'r?liaa. Crook. t r< a< fMwiirirk, |;>1 Jakne.n. Rdlrr, Muiiaa. MbMimbb, f .Jtn imitir, rl ?n-r. I'phiMa. aait Ifilliain. Mr IUi a ?*< then tin t t to atrike Mat the aialh aeu t If n <*f I ho ililt. bolnf IhrL Mr aim J. yiutklrr lor tlm ala lith.n ' f tho t-Ulr.' ?.f I'hy-i. inn of tin- Mariiia lloapi lal ami t ?? tronifer U hi* dutle* t . tho I lea Hi Ofle.T Tho vote -lewd a* nineard :? At r?-.Moaar?. Ibelliaaa. Ilraadrwah, Carra'l. Crtllat (rwak. t'tHh, linnral hat. tiiilau.p, HakiieiiBWikaa. Skit nr. S?jrfrt, Tattle, tad. If illiaata? "1 RrtS. Coat t'rvoa. Dart, R.Jilaa. SUs* Ow ? n lahtaaon, St-.ot >a, lad t'pkem?M. 1 h? MU waa than MM on tho table. tiotwaiti i. lb*?trraot ? ? at tin <*rgae<a TVr flfternta tmmmtlt'd Uia approval of tho Lull regu lative tho tr a ? oieui laws. tai i oar* iot i tit mm me knwti m utiniu unit, tin mot I' n "f Mr. Omot.* R war? K?a. lied. It tho San*t#rn?M?'.thattb?C<?nip'tolVt bo aad it hefrhy rr i .trod lo I'l'iatan uart .ray ata. aoiagread. i n.? three, |> anqairo *??! ixatrtaia th? ant out af aarlalatod ? anJ 4.|.|<? m*4e prior lo tha *fit day of 4aaa I ar)-. Ikl'?. M ?hr "atlnr* H?ak< of tha Mb, an.I la l.aakt ?f la?ao ii.4J.p~->'. aa4 that raid ? tvat or Sfnta ahall hata t **r ?? -?a?iaa nndot oath, to ha a<l Aiaiatorad by *??h aynl or aa> *'?. ar. ilhor ? thom. aajr af tho ofR. era, diroe lorr. ?t tfBrtooa of inch haat". or nther per-oaa harlnt ary kaaBtodaorolatmr to aarh 4h i.loada and ifoy.alto; ana al nlt ako* hixo pomr lo otataaa" rally lata tho hnaht and tflrirt nf aarh Imata ?o fat hr anch agrnt or ay*ata mar dooat aooor-aty ta attala il?o ohj." t of thlt r-n.ln'l -n; men Ooenl or ayoata ?hall ataa aannlre late, aad a?e"?tnln tho enrllioe aad \*loa thaiPof hoi.I hv ant banh of aartayo f- g tl.o aaraioat nf tho dapoaita hrl.l kv ft la trnat, at well tha total amonat at anrh drpoalta: the rraalt of aneh ino dopnatta: fha roaalt of aneh ino t\tm and etaailantloaa ahall ho roferte l In tho noak l.ocnla 4?r,., ? ill.IB k. a 4a>? aflor tha aoaaioa naMMH. wart toaa iinvar ni iwi>r?tar. Mr Ptnwt ropwiii'd romptrte thn bill to Im /.rpormte Ibe^Kew York llcmo and ."rhool nf Imluatiy. Tttr at* r?a* rania airt.

Mr iiaanatiat a llttr.dlneed an art In P'^titM to the nart rerrry within the Mala of flew Yort^ tut Mask an l?tin wirnnaawaL or rni. Di anx a tTt' aiwatnaa, rtc Mr kiarori moved t? proeaMd at seen to thn third nailiny if the Canal bill. Mr Main hoped- no. he deniro.l gn addr^aa the Senate OB thla and he hoped ' , night ant be brought forward till to morrow aa br (anotiraJt; meanwhile other biUaronbl be reml Mr Corn ealrl that thefr ^i, ? ^ MB and the peo pie had a right to know w'jni the rumor" meant that were . imitating ?? freely had b-en PUtered In to bra nur.lnrot t'^o demorrati* Senator" that they wr old ree*ge. ao th A tha Senate ahonld Im IoB without Hittion^4 qiiomm of thw filth* ?hi?h wmn rftr rj cm tha pwaag * of tU appropriation bttla r Ha Wuntrd to know how this wan; lie hoped th. passage of U)r hill would not b? delayed. The Penale determined not to poetpone, and tin; bill was linn announctd from the chair. Mr. Stavtos moved to riwommit. iml on that motion addressed the Senate on the jrouerul (.'anal policy till the hour of recess. AKTFRS'OON SESSION. Mr. Stawtok resumed his remark* on the Canal bill, and declared hi* willingness to take every inetlonl which the constitution placed in hie power to defeat this bill ? such was it* palpable violation of the constitution. lie proposed all amendment submitting the bill to the people. Mr. Oi nor.* wished to know if he would then vote foe it' Mr. Htahtow said he could not. because he believed it unconstitutional. Mr. U i 01 i t asked, would it. then, make it consti tutional to Mil-mil it It the people ' Mr. Ma>> followed in an elaborate speech against the bill. Mie dclmte ceased at half past ten o'clock IIr Main then moved to strike out the enacting clause, stating that if that failed he should leave the responsibility of further action upon the majority, and on them the responsibility in relation to future legisla tion must rest. M r. Coos said. ' I am prepared to meet it. It is ? fun damental priueiple of the tiovcrnmcnt that the majority should rule, and if the minority should obstruct the Government, there re.-ts the responsibility." On the motion to strike out the enacting clause, the vote was taken, and stood ayes 17. nays 2 Messrs.I'ooli mid Urandreth voted in the negative, and all the other democrats had disappeared. There not being three-Hftlis oftlie members present, the third reading ot this bill was uiude the special older for to-uiorrow forenoon, at !> o'clock. AlWKbljr, Alh.vnx. April It), Tiir. PA**.ini or Hii.i.s Tin' following bill* wite read a thir l time anil passed. uiiti'K ?th< rwisc noti <1. A liill making appropriations to certain academics f ir the year KSiiO Mr 1'ahi>i>: moved to recommit the hill, forthr purp ite of striking out the flrntevliun ll>' m?H wit nn nturni why the ucuUeniies provided for in this lull l.ouid receive these appropriations any more then others Mr l.i rov staled that the hill ?ji reported in rd aiu e villi (lie recommend*ti<>nn i I the Iti flits The e academic* hud taught individuals who were to become t< ached. Mr 1'auui s Matiii that theexpiunation was 'Htbfsclory | lli* mi tion was withdrawn and the lull we then passed. A hill making appropriations to cert ain academies lu ' the State for the years IBM and Itud A bill to authorise the town of Sterling. Cayuga county, to borrow money, and to tax the town for the payment of the name The bill provides for th# Induing of >35,000 fur a time, not exceeding twenty years. }to be expended ly tin uiin giuding and constructing a railroad, run j nienehig at some point on the 9u-quobatina and I'.iyuga railroad, and extending theuee to the ejty of Anhurn, and thuiire to its teriniualion ou Sodua bay, at the town of Sterling Mr. Il.m ii moved to recommit, the till Mr. I'm lawoou advocated the puaaage of the bill, and atated that it was asked for hy nine-tenth* i f the tax paying cilixeu* of Sterling, the ri monstranee bears the signal tin ? iif ouly fifty pcraonr, while tl.e petitions were signed hy the vast majority of all the tax-payers, lie presumed the opposition to thia hill originated from the opponents tf the Status Canal hilt, and he railed on the member* to cast aside all 10''h In ling and support the bill. Mr Bi a anions opposed the bdl at length; and then, by request, moved the previous question. Carried. The motion to recommit, with hi., true Hons to strike out the first section, was lost, uud the bill thru passed, by aves 88; noea. 'Pi A bill to amend, consolidate, and reduce to one act, the several acta relating to Coinmou Schools of the city of New York. Mr. Ii..'I. Aixi.n mured to recommit the bill with in struction* to strike ont the first seetion Mr A A Thompson Imped (lie motion would prevail, as this bill was not demanded hy the eitlxens of New Yotk. They knew nothing of its being before the l.ogis laltire; ard. If passed, it would throw the entire school , jrst, in , f that city Into confusion. It was merely a mea sure of the Board of education. and they alone are very dcsirtlis that it should become* law Mr. Tuai M r? plied to Mr T . and instated that the bill wa? ralh d for The Board of Kducatton n?h.-d for its passage, and they set forth in their eoininunieatton good reason* wliy it should hrcmne a law While the reuion strunee felled to make out an rejection. it is a remark able fact that nearly every ward in the city had remon- i strated against the bill from hearsay. The cllixens of sim h lucidities. In nearly overy instance, after nu exami nation Of the printed bill hare w ithdrawn their remon- i strnneee, aed waived their objections They are willing that the ltoaid of Kd oration should have the power to pur chase nupplia* of fuel, he . during tlie ee*??>n when it can be ptiivhased upon maeonrthle terms, and at a saving of a considerable amount of the School fund Sir. J. L l'aaai movid the previous question, which was ordered, and the motion to recommit was lost Mr. A. A Tiiompsov stated that he wu? not to bo ; gagged now by the previous question, and he moved to , re<< lh? bill with Instructions to striku out the ; third s?i Hon. lie wished merely to call the attention of the menders to the communication of the School Trus ties. which hud I wen laid ><u tin (aide, in which it was stated that If tliis bill was passed, thsy would feel cow ls 11. d to resign thntr place* I n such an i vent, the sellout syetim ef New York city would be completely disorgaa Ixed. lie hoped the members would vote ngaio.-l the bill lie then withdrew bis motion to recommit Mr Ht hsni'i.iis asked unanimous con ent to have the | bill read by Its title, Mr Mm'iomwm objected, and (lie reading was con tinned Mr Ih aamo.Ma then moved to jeislpoui the rrading of the bill indefinitely lost Mr iunuvex asked that the bill might be read by its title Mr M aroMarn again objected, and the reading con Mimed Mr Ik'RHeiuii asked tlvat ths bill might lie read hy its title Mr llAcoNtca still objected, and the Moling eon IImm 'I Mr. Hot sr. a-k. d unanimous conseut that the DUI might is1 read by Its tiUr. Ill Mauimmj |h rsL-t.'d iu his Olfjccllon. nnd txe readiiig continued. Mr llm i then asked Irave of ah-, nee till the reading ot the llill I In vld la- eoi.vpleted Tbsfrtuun drralid that sneh a request waa nitln order, and the reading atlll continued 1 Mr. fivMiriiN askeii unauimoua consent ill it the toll might la' uud hy it* title. Mr Maiovimim mUutrly obj< rb d, sad the rvuding was eoutlrtud. Tlie Idll was tlwn-n-rivd by ayes CC. nays ^ A bill in n tat Inn to Vienna and (Tfltn Rpriuj-.s plank read A Mil In ri lalion to ??*# of t'.m<takie in the linage of Medina. A bill to sujply tlie HU'k river t'anal ami lilack r.v r with watir by linuaing the lake*, and Moose uud Heave A bill In ri laiiuu to the ?> cUvn of oftvrJ In tb' ill lags of llnllsy A Mil to ?oi ?vd :k? rcv*.-d statu!-. In elation tc m b< axUment and tanaewy A bill to authorta# tbo re sppvalsal of ?anal dMW* in the rasa of tb <wg? llgoiiai and ?tlw r*. A bill "W lie |o)Csn' of mom y* to the towns of t Ivy and trhsxi'pl, ? . . A hill tn lues i puretc tknS.wYurV Juvenile i vlivn A Ml: to -npply lb# ,ih?..d district lib ari's altli W . b atet's Bteiiio i, ry An ?ot to i?an .?d,1he eoile of pvow dere A till to pruvidn for the apprai**! ami pvyrient of esnat dsnews In l<auA<en l.yin A mil to the It. an! of Anp rvis ra cfvanswm e rati . l? tlx tb e nlarim of ..aunty clerks - the < .y of N m York ?xnryted Motioia wer' *1 ?? made, tut r* y sb d. to ??> og.t other countas. Th- h.' wns lud ' y ?*? ta fsi ^ ... A bill derlvriag tha Brmk and Mlmerva cr vk.jubl.c highways A iwrH waa Iknti takew till ftmr f M krmit?n?it 'tMssit. r?r ??i.r ee an i s rletw i n A hill to authortae the city uf Brooklyn to borrow ?lutivy tan nrei tw rtly ball A 1 ill for tho rslkel ut John ?wrr',11 Anmt tv arairnd the r-vised abatutcv m rtation to nflenees pun!/ hablv >y imprlacnnient iu euunty j?it? ?nd ?wen. A Mil to Ir ,y out a BeW streat In New \ ork e.ty A Mil to aovkor'se the tVonmiseletiera < f Land twice to grant iy ris'oi larots under water *<r the ridtef of the Delaware rod Bulht Turnpike t'owvpnny A Mil, jn i. iatlon to juatina' courts tn the rily of New York ? . A Iif | to pvf vmt Crea in the vll'mge of routhk. epda A k ill for the relief of the Br. wrrtutl Bridge ' 'wnnnny. A bill I'uv the relief of certain purrte era of land pur ? lir *.Jif the On. 'da Indiana . * 'Mlltoregulntethb Mlarlea of District Attoracy in 'Jn' krb> e' unly A Mil for the relief of John Talmadge A bill to amend the net In relation t? the llarhor A i ster of the city cf New York. . Mr Devoni an moved to recommit lk>s Mil o?r am ro. nte. and called t<-r the reading of the remonstranea npainet the p?s?eg< of the bill The f ir.> iistraBoe was read , Mr H?na advocated the ywsaage of the bill and op posed the motion to recommit . Mr B?. r tint a* th* motion to recnmmH, and pi ? rr,ded to show the operation of the present law lie contended that some mndtllealton was necessary The motion to recommit naa withdrawn, and the hill we a lost by njree 311. imy* 41. ,, .. - ... Mr W A. Uavwonv moved n re consideration of the vote, and that the motion Uy on the table ' trr'' A bill to smend the eharter of the city of Brooklyn^ A bill aiithoviring an appropviation of money in aid w rmigrenta of color fYotn this Mate A Mil In relation to the settlement of the rlaima or i heuncev Amith. late agent of Alng Ring prison. Mr M.. euaea moved to re commit th# bill; ?"?! on the motion, made a long speeeh . Mr Baew.a replied, in explanation of cerUln ' hargen Mr T ll' Bui owt followed In opposition , to th# mo tb n to re rowvmlt and in advocacy of the MU. Mr t????i?rr sdvorab .1 Uie passage eg the hill The gnestkm was taken OB the motion to re commit. "rhThtllmna Iten rtA4 M ?7"* U ?P M Mr T. II Il> muut then moved a re-eotvrideratiou of the vote, ami that the motion lay on the table. A reces* was token until eight o'clock KVE.M.NO session, mom hills rtuto. A hill to authorize the pule of Skauentcle* Academy A hill lo authorize the Delhi Plank itoad I'onpanf to change the location of a portion of their road. An act amending the act establishing the Dutches* Turnpike Com puny, so aa to allow them to plunk u por tion of the same. A hill to provide for the education of the ahildrcu of the Tueearur.-i* Indian* in the county of Niagara. A bill for the relief of Jatnce Folln. An net to authorize Charles K. lluuulton to take and hold real eetate. An net to extend the charter of the Ontario and Li vingston Insurance t'oiupany An act amending the charter of the Monroe County ton ing* 1 n*t itution A hill to provide for th<' settlement of the cluim of John It Will rath. An aet amending the act Muting to jurors in the city of New York. Mr Mai hick moved to recommit the bill, with in struction* to .-irike out the first section, and explained the proposition* of the hill Mr Wakkman replied, in favor of the bill, and urged it* passage a* actually neee**ary. The motion to reeomuilt was lost, and the hill was reud and passed, by ayes i'.'i. nay* l.'i A hill in relation to mutual fire insurance companies This hill provide* that no stockholder shall hereafter bo allowed to vote by proxy Mr lliMior moved to lay the hill on the table. The motion was lost, and the hill wa- pasted A hill to lay out a road iu Hal leu county. from Johns burgh to .Nuconduga river. A lull in relation to the powers and duties of the State Superintendent ofC? uimon School* Mr I'srori moved to recommit, with instruetion- to strike out the first section of the bill The I ill was lost; ami a niotiuu was then uiade to re el luddcr. and laid on tin- table A bill for the relief of parlies interested In the estate of the lab' John I. Morgan A hill to unite tho lihiarle* of the common school ds'ret* of tilenu'* halls. A I ill to enable Kims Collins to take and hold real estate A I ill to clrarter the Cardial Infirmary of the city of Tr-y A I ill to amend and consolidate the Severn] art- in re lation to the village of Salem, in the county of Wash ington. A hill authorizing an appropriation of the library mi nev to tlie payment of the teachers iu district schools. Sir. Tt hill moved to recommit the hill, with instruc tion* to-triku out the first Mo tion Sir Tulhill-lated that this t ill had been reported against by the Literature Coiuiuittce uuauimously, and he hoped the members would vote against it. Mr Ja\m opposed the motion to recommit, as also ' did Sir. I'oaotcn Mr. J L. I'i nnv honed this bill would Is' defeated, a be considered it a hill that should not 1st- sanction 1 Mr A A TiioAiraov proo<<ed?wl to discus* tli 1" and -tilted that he believed there was mue i.-1 in f an important nature Is fore the House, which di 10 1 tlieir attention, lie reminded them that it wa- a: 1 early day lie introduced a ?< rb of resolution* 011 the subject of the 1 he ast I'.ingress, and , which the Jo ittee had tailed to report on Mi 11 1 onl. r lie ad thai the gent 1 .i-cussiug the subject before the III Use. The .- 1 tluil the poiut of order was well taken Krvni ision Mr Thompson appealed, and he then piss d- d to discuss the appeal lie w.w not to be gagt'cd down by any of the efforts of the gentleman fr ?n Krie and Cayuga. (Mr Hradley.) II- roul-l expect no thing latter fri in the la Her named person, who rrpre- ' ssiited "Higher" law dectrinea. Sir. O. Aiiiv opsin ro.-e to a point of order, and re marked that the gentleman was not discussing the quea ticn. hut wa? debatrg a rei-olutiou which he had present- I cdat an early stage - f the session. The Ppr.Akva decided the question of order to Is- well tak- n. and that the gentleman might proceed in order Hie gentleman then proceeded to dl-citx* the -question, during which he was called to ordei several tunc*, and finally relinquished the floor. The decision of the t'liair was sustained Mr Wax:-mov-sl to adjourn, but the motion wax lo-d, ?yes 22. nays42 1 he motion to recommit was eventually .withdrawn Mr Hazir moved to Uy the furthnr consideration of ; the hill on the table?carried. Sir Javxt. moved to adjourn. Lout by ayes DO. I nays :v*. A bill for the relief of Elizabeth ITiisholvii. Mr \V a an moved to adjourn?-had. A hill to provide for the education of children of the Tor.awanda Indiana Mr A A. Tinmranx moved to recommit the bill with inslructiona to insert that '? At an early stage of the ses sion be lntreda- ed a series of r- solution* 0.1-tle suhj -ct of - ouinn lulses." lie ,4c. The iiri Aku decidi-d the motion out of order, and It w?* then wilhtiiawn. The Idllwaa then read and passed. Mr Tcuhll moved to adjourn. Lost, by aye* 20, nay* 2" A bill lo anw nd the charier of the village of Havana. Ml flimsci m- ved that when the llouse adj-utm U adjourn to meet at ulur o'clock, to-morrow forenoon. Mr H'sao moved to adjourn. Carried, and the A*ar al loy adjourned. Kroin IVaahliagtou. coMn.tTum ?>?? A\wiiih on iui. m: \ican ci.aimh? .MAJOS SOMflAOX't NALl I .V IOKY?Till: KUU.o'h W iaiii\<.toa, April 1(3. 18.M. Tli* on I liinn ug.iin?t Mrxlt'i hate c<Dipii-t. 4 ?h?ir award*. They oniount to forty thousand dnUai? lo-a than the sum appropriated to meet tliem, of one mill ton and a quarter of ilolUra. Major I>mteUon publbliea a salutatory addreat, thi? morning. thrrr column* and a half I0114. to thr read earn'the ('ninn. upon iiaainning tlio r litorladrostrol ot that The Major rom-Unr* tlia rwitproatla* a tower of patriotism thr ordinary ap'arit of party; and aif' that thr Cairn, while under hi* control, will mtlt krroar theirgnn of any mublmtlptt of a-|>l'104 individuals bttidtd t< iri thor to pr, mote IV lr own ? UUh or nmhiUoua purpose*. Nor will it erer he thr orjytn of nnyaiuKlo Individual, upon whom lin|*w ar-0)ta4 and entulii lit rated, with the ih'sLrr to elevut ? hlttl t>? pow-r l-y iihiiiidwuiBK or opp" log 'he I on a' '.atiihll died ii-:i/?o iflh<- mount ami btnortd detnoeaatlc party of (hit I nlon Of that party, he promise*, the I'nu m diall he tV nrgaa In that artis* a'wne mlilr j aim? at 'he areoni plhhiio ut of truly nulioiui in ?o r < hy cot*rtitutional and jwrt unwns 'Ihe Imitlh tnrrr pvitJt*hr* a litter from M" Hid II" thr Amrriran t'omint wh iter to lite \\ orh ? K ilr II tin liny in tha |a*t .t*tuuitiee <f ills ,|ut!*a whirh lw f< ui|d to la- tnj arduous and fpi'iuitr Tlir CtttlvM In tile>> , n oil rarh priira* atoiot-d t>i nearly 1 j; Iriidri whlelt. all lh" natures. tut". dra|?a3 tc tor the Ul-pl ?V of It'">dls hove to lie provided lif I Ion. at.d ihi?r of ? ahtr count *>?? BIW v<-r laHl 1 to h tint i bant lh ha* bad |oe?pl?y a numbeaaf elerVt loiikr tut a licarftptlvv nUnlofc-iit Amrrioa, he s.?ys. is hvhiiol tarry nation it* arrangi tr mt; hut th r display But. The rharga again,t tntlrptof fa-aia, of I'liilrili Iphla, after a full iuvtstigatlnw h) thr IV dUrnt and .werrt.iry of lh, 'InevHT l ute !|reu tiiflili? I The Ilor. John M 1 tattoo arrived lu re yvtordvy. Knllt ?il4:.Uc Ite<< |>4luo ot (kn. KUry. <U. Bi rrai*. April 10. I V. 1. Yeateritf afternoon our eitia. n? turn. tout -a umim to IWi* thin <H.itla? noted atei btarr nddirr. who U a tout to lake up hA> r. -iUrtirr in lUi city M a -Jx.rt timr He waa ? rt < .1 hy a d.Urbuect <4 the U'iIIi rr^ii-eot, the number* ?f the common council la earring* mil Wary . IB. rf? In unifem. and a Urge nnuWr <>f iB.ll a t, through Mtital i f the principal ?ltvct?, |o thr Man.lon Bm' where the in'jor In an vpr- |>?i?'?? ?weeeh wrl i'i on J hits to the h.-apitality el two city III* r-mnrka " r? briefly re*piuid< <1 la Hj the deneral dnlni.'- were fir. J a hili. ihn tncukm w;.? moving Ka?liiT?? on ttarraiul ha? MHnrwa4. anil r ?torh?y a lai^r am. nut ?>( pr-lur - ?a, ahippol for York. Avrything jur> u>l-? w. II for a g>..*l trade during the Mr. Humphrey not Dead. Autn, April Itlt.l Tin rr la a mi-take In the death of friend Humphrey It war ani'th?r wan. a nephew of tlie late Mayor, of the Fame name Departure ?r the Nlraairr Rrnther Jonn than?4Jrrnt frrthrt, dir. Baurtwoar.. April 19,19-11 The ateanxr Itridher Jonathan, after thne weeka de tention. got off far t'bagtee at 9 o'ueiork ttila morn ing. with 1? paaeenfera. fibe la now In tin.' tfim. and wi nt .-If In Ir autlful rtyle A tleatractlre freihel baa ormrml In Oi-nrjl* and Alabama overflowing all the low rountriea, and destroy ing rnueh property The mail between Mobile and Mont gomery. tog. ther with el* hurw ?a? l-xt hut the mail waaaltervard rre?,vered In a waking eiwnMtmn The i'? Iti r and pnarrnger* earapeil Itumerene hri-bpc on the Alabama hare born tarried away At one time the rtTer rwe 30 feet. Aiebbl?h?-p lUw-leaton la believed In V dying at ( on rent A leitatlon. tleurgetown He ha" been Itlng "irk for weekr fn m au afb etlon of the throat, and Inaen HNf at the laat aceonnta l'rayefi were offered for him In all the rhurrhe* to-day We hart no mail aouth of Bale'yh Dlaaatrr la thr II. V. Ryder. I'Hittrnw, April Id, 1951 The brig Helen F. Bjder fapt Ryder, from New York, bcuad to fit Mary a. Oeor|ia wwa tawed In hero tbb morning baring l?at ratta and .pamiaa (ale of wind on X<m4?7 """ting. off C#fte t'UlM, i Tht Rumtn Relative to Another (abaft Kxpedltfon. Itsl.TIMOar, April 10.1961. Tlie SainmiWi >"sv? speaks knowingly mid mysteriously I oil lli? nulgwl of * Cutinii iaTvioii. anil ronrludm by saying. ? The Spanish Roverntuedt, watchful M it U, wUA uot be able much longer to suppress the popular aenti ineut, and. from what we know of the slat* of affaire on the island, we should not' be eurprieed to hear of a for midable outbreak within the routing month. Tlie Cu ban* nra prepared and eager for the conflict, and iorita the friend* of freedom throughout the world to jots. ' them." More Kirn at I'tlCa, V. V.?One Man If* mrljr Humeri?t.rcat KieltemcM, Ate. Vtica. April 16,1861. About twelve o'rliH'k last night a tire broke out ia thf . grocery, corner of Washington and Columbia xtreela, known ax the line property. One man was taken out off the building badly injured. A few disbanded fire eoaa panlcx. operating zealously with the citizens. arrested the progrewa of the flumes. Thry were confined to tho building in whiifii I broke out .lust as this fire was subdued. another broke out in the eurpenter's shop of I! fury, on Cornelia street, which was destroyed. Na dvubt exists but it was the work of incendrarieH, wha have infested our city for the past year (ifiietr Donaldson has . enrobed the house of (,'onklin, now ci ufined in jail, on a charge of ursoii. Ho found a large i|umntity oi stolen property, some of which waa identified by rosier \ Dickiii.-oii as being taken (rout their store Is fori! he (Cimklin) had set it on lire. The couuoil held a s|scl?l meeting litis afternoon, vim li wus addressed liy the IDm II Seymour, Hon W. J Huron, lion Win Tracy, and other citiaen*. A special potki and tire brigade of i iglily persons was ordered to protict the i Uy. Horses Wer? alsa ordered to drag t!u? ? i gme* to the lire All in White was appointed Chief Kiginier. Vou ca iiiud imagine the excitement in this city. Ail is alive. The old fin men -wear vengeance on any one alio will consent to run with the machines 1 hat tile tire lust night was the work of an iucendi-urr, 1 here is no doubt It any person should bo caught La the ai t of Uiing a building, he would tie lynched by tile Mb llic canal is in navigable order. Win. Lyon Mni kriulc 10 lee test a Member off Hie Cnundlnii raiilninrnf'. Toaovro, April 10. Mil. William Lyon Mackenzie has been returned to Parlia ment by the county of llnldhuuud At the close of "t polls last night the vote stood as annexed ?? Mackenzie Hnti-ministerial 80S Mehll.l.oii, lory J0? blown rniuist i mi 382 US Itlrtrornliiglral Olisrrvntlam, April I8> BY MORSK'S LINK?OFFICE, 16 WALL M'RKET. Houiisini, A M.?Kainy. roid. uupieasaDl uioruiagg wind northeast; thermometer 40. Smt'i'ir. 9 A J1?Somewhat cloudy, with the thec* Diameter at .li! I'Tica. 9A M ?Olotidy. but not unpleasant moral agf theiniometer 60; barometer X.'.iWO; umrcury 67; wtaal north. Aijisv. 9 A M?Cloudy and cold, rather uny wind north, barunieter tiJU, mercury OT; them 49. Taor, 9 A M ?Very eloudv and dark; appear*neaoff tain; thermometer 4b; wind southeast. Dinsai lias beeu raining here during the laA twenty-four hours; the river lias fallen, there being oaij live feet of water in it at present. py bain's lint?office, 29 wall street. Mi tr/un, 0 P. M ?Cloudy and r.iluy ; wind uorthea*t| rather cold tor this time of the y ear At ai ax. 9 I* M ?Cloudy and rather r.?bi. Fear I'l six. 9 1' M.?liainy; winl uoitliwest; thermo nieter 49. ki.M.xiox. 9 P. M?We liave had a very rainy day,aad quite cold I'.ummii r. 9 1* >1 ?An unusually heavy rata has beam falling during the entire day. V id Mailing of Ihr ttlram?hlp Balllr. T)ie American mail steamship lLiUio, C-sptsl* Corn-lock, milled ycat.'riUy noon for I-irurpool. Annexed is a list of her passengers :? K ?? (; l. livery, Norton. M>-> Thar IU1I a 1> 1j IT atihaalic llu Horace (in-r|p \, I'mil AiriMi <? CriM, .New Turk |.I the laJo?<rial LHea < alloy. B ??*?>? f.xl.llilu n, m Wlan, N V Jamee A'k?r, New reek H>.? W ill.em Uirlnn, Krad- llanry liuhuM|, I'luladelpkiR injr. I'.?a Hubert Harry. IL.ltimorw Rrr II ImrlinT. H. d.e?, N Y Edward llrnaB.I'liilalrltkla Juni.aT llrady. .N V llrnri K I'lu'i. New York II. V Dr U illUmSh. lt .a. Ilur LCColea. do talo tmurI K Sloltea, Phaiad. Tin.Bin. Hicham, TtuPiiln Tl.uiaa* Beater. do Mear* 8 B. arh and lady. N V Tl./.j \ adcr, Jr. Rirhtaoad II. B A.hl i l Smith, Te.ea )V iljr.n II 1'aoi. and lad]L He. Halter Tborknru, Ja- New York maka, HI Mia* I' w>. a ad Mui III.a It. nlamin P Jnhnaoa. New York Jfelranti* tl.e state of lionnan Seblirper. da Nr? t rk to tk" I'idnatrlal Saml I'ornnw. r ort Aaae, 9fT KklUhtli.n. Load. n. Alkany J M Stone >e? York I'f Haryty C Hart, I Mia Jaa Lane, and l*.ly, N York Judy* I. s linn, an I'otnaiW ItoSert Str ia], Buffalo ?km. r to tl.e Induatrml La- Jaa Stron* ami lady, do MMtii'ii tf m the State of Joha I) H aril and lady, AB V irvniia to l.ouiloa, and burn Hearer of l?< patch.-* to tbe H'oi Taylor, Canada t i.nrt of St Jatuao, Clarke Holo-et Taylor, do Lnrir, V'a W li H'ild. het llitta Mr* I apt It. We?t, I'Mla S T l.efei re aa-i lady . Iltvta# tlaet, r Ji,t H'rat, lr. I'ltit'a TV Sandeiwoa r, II Bol. rka l oiiil, n l.?on Kleardi and lady, Ha> I, Harmon. H nil inrton, 0 C lata Jnlea l.ei '?ne Ylohila Juan Ki.nrdi, do Al Meyer. Sun fmntori, ('*1 T Uaniaii . do 1 11.die] liaiuea, rinlailel|ilua I" L IH.o , and l?4y. Now Of* H II I'nt.tre and lady. Ciaa lean* Ji na? I'hila J..?* Uoiamguei. San Frtdr H iltia.a Snn|ie, n, do cUen Ali?? J: ?m.|w. ai do Saail 1. llaah and lady, Kdff l> I'.-llrtt and lady. B. .ton York Mi (?v*i I'Wny*. tlaitUat ret We. II Tnwitril, do Slain a II Phut. ndui. NY' Jai- h Milkt, d,? H 1 Ylynt. iloii o?, Maaa lira liulot, do Mr* '. handler, rlPld aad aer- Ja?M iMnhar, Brooklyn . ??at, N Vork. J /ukfirkie, jartey Cliff ? ' .11*111 ?' k ma, "rot. It I I' II Zabr die, d . John tallon, I diver. Matt J < Mow Now Orlraad Staxicl l.ord. N?w folk i II Union. Na? York fla-Itr l.ord, do Cha* I nmhert, Chartoaton 'l. a lo rd, do J M Stan art, lireeaoek, Sooffe 'jr. r?e Hetra-l. I'Mla lan l Janiee Crleoeja* d" S a r. .pham, l'!*.lvl*dtihia A Spetr. Ilro a o and lady.N T Yalta Neiifalder, f.'tw I'ork I. A ll.nol.t, ?| I .on la. Mo J J llarrerty. New Orlaaaa S II Hruoiah, do < liuhrnig. Philadelphia I t Uuaran. Ni ? Orlaan* < hat 8 In iigaa and lady, dff W t.i II Cay/and lad). NY Mi a I.atob, da lit ? Care, do J Kurle, do Mi-e A If vary. da W A In kaon.H'.arliMlatTff S I Howard. do llrnjamin I Tawnaeal, A f KM I Ir ? I ladtady.V. I ...a ? W li Hook. N. ? Y ,.rk Mr. r. LlrMI. do St-nhen vt H al< rbnry. N T,. Janiet la Muith ri.ila H at lllllint.. New Luadta T LonMr. ;? P T I'letor. N Y H'm V And.r?eti. Jo H illitn. Ill -e. N T Mr Bradhnry Jo J K Smyth. N Y IS t laetoa lad), tnd child K S Hendet'on, ff T Ni u York I' J Aatliott, tiarinaaM fr.t.mti lib. I'Mlad'a lltar.BTatl.atn lady, rnlld* W i' Iteeor. t in.Hinatl, O anJ ar- , ant, I'hila R II llonler. do N Kint?t ' ty.Rntktillt.CaM f I am. a, lad. and child. da John II Mj'ihi r. Si Y flan..a da Charlea Smlt'i Y Law.,.?. do D H'? atlia, N r J H Ireland. Nen Vork A JUttaaap-'i ta hlrtryaal Joi at an Itant do Mi.-e lUotliu PioatdeuoaaU J It 11 r?. do A m. I an-!.In.. NO Hire CnrtU. do S C Itrown. NY J Uihon, do J iiat'Jwa, Ji H*t .Million. Jr. d<> T It.. tdton, Cin W Qlhoa. do Hire V II ? Yt. Pafo M aa vfllhoa. do Mmn Can ndeaant aert'k. dA Mlat C t. hon aaJ teteenL 'o K llvrtn-.h NY Ja? C Hand aci, I'hil o f ? ' .i-t .N I ! > *? It. urnr, do Wilheln. I'tlt -er Ttatnaa SH lire .? r-et M led] do S jueoo M . arer. I'rl.aoa.OYla J II No., a. Hro. kl?o II. nrt M i a. er, do K I, I). I.aire, Canada H'eet t harle* C......I.ear llaeton John Nitkolaoa, N.w Y ork H'm R llvlhrt .k, Ciaeiaaatd till Shepard. do William A Hurt. Mount low ll'itra A kohbtnt, do a?n. Mieh H'm B.niatnln. Jc M lad), da |'r?Ueri. k A I'haae. N'T A nrr n li rent. n. do II l.onnr Boatoa H in A Hanleter. do J I' Ifale kaaanba CoatR II Croeke andlajy. da llouao. I a. Jeetth K Holme*. Ma tie j. n an I t H .?.d, lloehaaaa. Ta Saler.ter n. orefoa. I'hil a I'htliji H ll.okala).St UhIA Kiel Mooa. Y irttnin Thlalf*! mtlirt. f* on?* Ittin.lrcJ an<l ninsfy iotmi imntoa?llio larg. el iiumltcr that *vrr l. fl lh? '. ujtwl Statca ?r Kui<t|* in ?ny uno tlrsmahip. V.'# W|r pose u?..?t "f ihtaa.' who bnvo gonff in the Baltic an- a Untried to Kuroj).? bt tbr VorlJ'a Fkir, which o|en* in LttuJon on the let t?f nrit month. We lonrit that lb.' Afnra ha* alreatly rthout one humlieJ anJ thirty pa'aengns ongngrd, The Drnry ( aw. BROOKLYN tin CtM RT. B< f ire lion JuJge (lie. nwnod and Aldi :n^n T.eerk aw4 1^'ff.rta On the a-*emUinff of the l\y*rf yrtterday mnrtilw, the lil'trlel Attnrnr? ?nt.l lie Sad to announce the death < f Ylr W urintt the father od N|r Nalhnnlel Warlag, htc aae. eiate la lhl? eaae. wMatef t"ur*o waa nod yrtai at, and be waa unprepared 1? |.rt>cred without hU aanlad ante, lie had. thor. fort, Vo aak the Court to maka oak a dlaporttlnn of the r'pwe aa eneble lilm to haw It. II* had epi'krn to llie deft u.Jant'a routw l. and they thoujfht. if it tti'd with tl\i? i.pproboUon of th? t'.oirt, Hnaday would he a ronseal, nt lay. The erutnael tb>- de'ence aaeentlng to thle preepaaL tl?U. the raae wa* aifjouraed. and Ihe wltneeaea and jury dierharged untU Monday ne*t at HJo'rlork ^ The t uurt thru adjourned until Saturday W*sMb wh. n. aa our reporter waa TwqWoMcd to atate, the ellmv ancr of the jury or tbe regular panel will he re.|ul*m?. Marine AYalrl. Putr CdtTos pi aaie H.?Ill' paaa.'0<reea of lh? Ctdton Planter. arrlT>d on Monday I'sun Antw.TR, aule.rHs-d to a ea*.i etp^mlre s/ ihetr than!eafortb^ pent' aiaaly cw.dtirl ami pru_f^o<'oal ?>.perjoTtr ? Captain Prat' It a<*o apeak a in ?**,fr* *?. iff tu4 C. onl o?r *r?. Mewr- llaydea sad PY*.

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