Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 19, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 19, 1851 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD7 WHOLE NO. 6753. MORNING EDITION?SATURDAY, APRIL 19, 1851. ? PRICE TWO CENTS. DOUBLE SHEET. ABVaUUHTk liOWMI THEATRE.?TRICES OF ADMISSION JU Boiira, 2fi rent* ; Pit, mtl. Doori open At 7, Cnr 'tAim riAM At 7H o'olo.k.? SAtnrilAr ?t?aIii?, April 19. will I* IfiwiitH tli?* grand -ptti1t of tliu LAS1 DAVS OF FOIII'EII?Arbacr,. Mr. E. Eldy: U.aiicu., Mr*. I'.t.o: Mo rltin, Mr. Hamilton: Murh", Mr. Winan.: ApAoitleii. Mr. Jor Ian; Njdia Mir* W.w,..: Ion*4. Mr*. Waloot, To conclude >*ith the drama entitled the KBI<OX'S MST DRE\M?Uvk Nluppard, Mi>n S. Denin; Jonathan Wild, Mr. Martin: Count St. Jfftn, MIm S. I)*uin; Joe Tltiic?kin. Mr. Stjyens; Marquis Monterreaii. Mr. Jordan; Louie d'Or.itie, Mm Hitf.-rt; Marie de Villars, Miss Barber. eU ETON'S THEATRE?C If A MT. ERS STREET, HEAR of City llall.?Boxes, Dross Circle, and ParuuetU. '*) oentc; FainUy Circle, 25 oonts ; Private Boxes, 5.1 kuil V?; Orchestra Smuts, 75 cents.? m.niug. April 19, will be presented the comedietta of DELICATE GROUND? 'Citizen Sanfroid, Mr. J. W. Loiter; At niton *e de Graudier, Mr. Jordan: Pauline, Mrs. Skcrrett. Atter which, the dr i n i of tha TOODLES?Mr. Timothy Toodle. Mr. Burtou; Ooo. Acorn. Mr. Jordan; Mary Acorn. Mitm Weston. To cou? 1u 1* with the farce of SCllOOL FOR TI(iEK* ? Capt in Kite fiwer, Mr. Jordan; Panola, Mr. Johnson; Alexander Panels, Mrs. Russell. V ATIONAL THEATRE, CHATHAM STRUT.?BOXES, -IN 25 cents, Pit, 12% conn. Private Boxes, $5.?Doors open at seven o'clock, to commence at half- past seven o'clock. Saturday evening, April 19, the entertainments will com mence with the drama entitled the STAR SPANGLED D IN NER?Go Aliend Tom, .Mr. II. Watkin*; Israel Mauoah, Mr. C. W. Taylor; Rose, Mra. Drew. After which, the burl' a-jue of HAM-LET?King Claudius. Mr II. S03 mnur: Hxiu-let, Mr. <1. L. Fox; LacrUea, Mr. La Favor; Ophelia. Mrs. Drew. To conclude with the drama of J ACK SHKI PAiiO?Jack Shop pard, Mi?s E. Meitavcr; Jonuthau Wild, Mr. Brandon; Win m ( red Wt od, Milt fi Ch trios. MECHANICS' HALL, MO. #3 BROADWAY, ABOVI Grand street.?Opeu every night during tlm week until further notice. The original an I w >11 known CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS, cnuiprisiug an efficient it ml versatile "corps" of''talented nna "experienced porf?>rm>'rs," under tho management of E. P. Christy, whose concerts in thin city, for a sucocsrdcn of "Eve years," ha>e been receive 1 with favor by highly respectable and fashionable audiences. Titkets 25 cents. Doors opeu at half-past fix, comui not) ut eight o'clock. An Afternoon l.'oii? i t w.ll be fgiven on Sa turday next, April 19. for the a ? ? io?n n! iti ?n <>i Ladies md Juveniles, commencing nt *'i o'c ' . P 1. O11 Saturiay evening next, April 19, annual ' e r of / ,rer. I3EI.LOWSF MfXRTKF.LS. Al FELLOWS' MP SIC A L Hall. No. Ill Broadway, between If >wnrl and Grand streets. Open every night during tii?? work. The celehrut d original and well known Follows' Min-ttruD, "comprising an efficient and versatile corps of tab-ntcd and experienced p-r formers," under the direction of J. d. Fellows, whose con certs in this city for the last year ??vi* l?e n received with the greatest favor bj I e elit md fa don of this r .* me tropolis. Their concerts toUfi^t of Burlesque Italian Op>ra Scenes, Witty Savings, Solos, DuHt*. Chorus*.**, D int ing, and Instrumental Performances. On Wednesday and Satur day afternoons, a grand concert for the accommodation of ladies and families, commencing it .1 o'clock I*. ML Admis sion 25 cents. Doors open fit 7. to commence at S. QTD1 5 ESANT IKST1TUT1 B BROADWAY.?ORIGI ? ^ pal New Orleans Ser??Hd**rs?G. B. Swaine, J. II. Col lins, J. ('. Rniner, Master Olc li* 111, J llurku, R. B. Buckley, and M. Shallmnn. whose concerts at Tripler Hall were at tended by the elite, have the hou ?r t , announce their first refined concert, on Monday evening, A r? il 21, uni contlmt". Doors open at 7?to commence at ?. < ards of admission, 25 cent*. For particulars, reU r to descriptive bills. Horn and white n Ethiopian opera troupe, open every night, at No. 450 Broadway, a few doors f rom Grand street, known as the Golliseam, whore a splendid ?variety of Ethiouian entertninni *nts arc nigiitly proscn ted by one orthe most talentel eomnaui-s, consisting of twelve <;x MnliBMdphtformers, UBdertoo direction of E. Horn and White. Doors open at a quarter before 7. Concert to ciin BMH lli|itrtar Wwria Tickets 25 r,i Grand noon performnuce avery Wednesday and Saturday, com nencing at 3 o'clock. E. UOUN A C. WHITE. Proprietors. RAND CONCERT.? \\ M. VINCENT WALLACE HAS the honor to announce to the public that he will sire a Grand Concert of Vocal and Iitstmmintal Musi", at riipler Hall, on Tuesday evening, 22d ftnsr , on w hich occasion ho will perform on the violin a gran i ! * tasia on airs from " La ?onnambula," and brilliant variuti ,is on the Iri*h 1:1 dody, " *Tis the Last Rose of Summer " (cunposed expressly for this concert;) he will also perform by desire of miny ama teurs) in a Double Quartette, by Spohr. W. V. Wallace will fsrfofliOB the piano a new roman ??., " Music Murmuriags in Die Trees," his Grande Polka di Con? rt (??y request,) an 1 a New Grand Duo, for two pianos, wit M Richard H uTmau. Na dam. Boucbelle will ap|nar, for : s first time iu N.York, mnd sing several of her favorite Aria.* and UalRt ls, and a Duo ?stitb Mr. Grcator* x. Mr. A. Arthnr-m, and ?her einin nt Artists, will Affist on this occasion. A ma?niticent orchestra Will perform the Overtures to "Mar.niou" and " Maritana," under the directiou of Mr. George Loler. Full pr.?a;raiiimci In feture announcements. Tu kets, f>I each?to he hid at William Hall A Son's. 2119 Broadway, and at all the principal mrsio stor-*, betels, ct<. C1RAMB CONVERT, IIY WILLIAM VINCENT WAL M laoe, at Tripler Hall. ??n th> 22 I April, iv?l. PROG RA MM K. PAST I. 1. Overture?Grand Orchestra, " Muriui m G**or Lod^r. |2. Don, fr??m the Opera of ?? Maritana." " Of Fairy Wand, had 1 the Power "?Madam h. W Glace i? ?uvliollo and Mr. C re a to rex W. V. Wall no. ?'t. Fantasia for the Violin. wlthOr?*'? stril accompaniments on themes from Bellini'* Opcr? of ?? La S muu mib ila ' and " La Stranicra,'' cotup>?s< ?1 and ?*.??. tittd by W. V. H allaoe. t. Serenade. "The Star of Lor#"?Mr. Arthnrson W. V. WalUes. $. Grande Variations, et Finale Brillia ite, f??r two Piau<>?, complied b> Wni. Vim nt on a run*noc by Halcvy. executed l?>* Mr. Richard If o if man and the Composer.. . . . W V. Wallace. fi. Aria from "II Don Giovanni, ' " V?n mi Dir," Madame Boiw hell M irt, 7. New Romance for the Piano, " M?<< M urianrinji in the Tvms," followed I the G rt. (hf desire, ) cum |K?sed and exccuied >y . . \V . V, Wallace. I'A UI II. Overture, Orend Orchestra, "Maritana". W. V. W.-llace. Ballad, frum " Maritana, ' " 2m ? nes that ar<- llrightest," Madame B< uchelle W. V. Wail ace. 50. Double Quatuor, by the (vUint.'d Sp?hr, (ut t'i ;?? nucst of man? distinguished aui itcur*.) ?*x jutcd by Wallace. ") (violin.. j, ltri't'i. llrr.l?, Sfci.jilH.rth. ) T,?Ufi Mp.?hr. Tjtr. 4 Hum hrr. ari'l ) ? ?? Ilan?l?n4. 4 x **'"M 11. Romance from " Glevana Ui Napoli," "Alpnr <l' An gelo," Mr. Arthurson Strako- R. 12. Recitative and Variations ?li Bravura, f?r t'i* Vi? lia. with Orchestral accompaniment* on the favorite !ri*h melody. "'Tis the last Ko*c ??f Aomrncr." rooipotad cxi rt for tbis notation, and perform**.! by W. V .Walla c. 13. Trio. " Turn on Ol 1 Tim " Mirit ins"?Ma i' ?: ? ;? ?u chrlle. Mr. Arthur*"*. Mr. Gr ;%t?rex W. V Wallace. 14. Finale, " U grid's Fair l'oika," Grand Or- h<-?tra. H . V. Wallace. Doors to open it eercii o'cb-i k. Conf rrt Dc -nmen ?? st tight o clock proeisely. fT'llK A 1.1.EgII \NIANS? 1IOPP Cli API.I , 71s* BKO \ D JL may, opposite New York II* t?-L?The \il , 1 - will Rive a CW o rt every evening during the w ? h. at !L?p> L'ha pel, Tbrir progrtimtoe, embracing many new and popular ,?ieeea, m ill b? changed en* h tvonlug. Tickots 25 cants. Con cert to commence ?t7t? o'clook. AMIMKMK.NTR I<V U!l()OI{r.Y5l. JVI oxtaui r h.w.i.?HRixiki.v*. - Iliroldrrt i h.Ik ii'ii Negro Htnd ? u tie World. f..-tul ii-In J 1 II. I i! r ' t'i r i i-t-.. ? rthrWWld'r I'nr. The r- ?t Hi.ud of ?i - liar i m ; . Ohaiatia* ef niae rial ne.roc of talent, both ? ? I iiilla e' rnaientel a. Klmtirli ha .; kn a full m l faahi ? > i p ?ittended in all th? 11iu' | ? I i 'u < i.i t>. t an I? all. .oaatatlrr of Aire at <1 Sot,*-. It lain- tf ., |"ar >11"" from the 0*>'ran. Ilnrl. e in. Suh lien ?*>*, t" ret . f with a truthful Min at ion of i. lighte ml ii.o ? #1 i i ? Et ,.piau tare. M which thci are net n*. < lie I I.} u.v '? iu 1 of , A Imioi n Jft cent*. Doure i | tn t? I .!' ! . n-i .. at $ . .-I... k. J. C. MRNnOV .1 inii'f. T!IK WOftlilfl KAIII. l>t?'-F\c?:n rn tiif. v. mi.u < ,\. t tut i .1 HMD tintl ut.o'i. i 1.1 I Bill 117, I' I i tnnrdee, will bieillw F?ft l?r SetUmilut Iml II . ? ?n th' I-Mi i I 'lei m. I ? ? ? ? i'l a- ?m ;? > tie ? j aaaengera. IVl -on#* Ditllu: tin M'> r! i'e F ilr. t* ill ti ? I the fiioetrawerni rt. ei am,,! il. ?u I ? . |i yr at apeod ami enpt rl<f are .mmn.lnti. "ft tie II I'll'. ? flerilir nelt nntngr* uii?i.rpre?.:d by nil rt ?teauvr?. I'ai ?-re r< nelt Ler,<l?a flf?m Soathampt u in tlir. ? Imam?' iT ?Hlltns?. Fr et ri < ! t ? I ? .1 >n >. I "?re - /Ufa. Tie Hnnbnldt a ill I- I .Mow, I I p I lie Fr. lis, on the .'ilit ? I Mn I ? r fr. 11' ? or o . ? i. i|.,'l>lv MORTIMER 1.1 VlMi> foN. ,t -. , t, \ >. ,?i Dr.,a '? . rprir. worlds fair.-'m whole or the nm.o I of the I x. ehlp M. le. i reiiiia haunt hen e-> .ye/ad Irowi Si ntli u.'itea, and dr; atUdla tl.e t r>*tel Fal I e. un der mey dir. ? Una. we are juepimd I ftfn ererp nttontl i ti ?i he a tal-ee n'eilitwt- re. I'urtlee eielt.u Hiflo'ilrr. . avited Vo MB ?! eat l#r rrpnul ait Leadoa "fli ?e, w . i I ? rail, ?ad ilea of U>e l-teet An rlran n wapapere, w\ re tli If !? t ?. I. n.ejr he addri aae I, where Ii ttere of credit map he |im enr'd, aad teery attend >n t.. tf ir wtehee .ad late *aata. UiHUD'*. SANDFoRDfc I'll . in H all atre<i. New rtikj ; ? ? l.naU* liuil-liu, e, Litiipeel and t7 and IS C iraliill, Lead m. TBI WORLD'S FAIR.?THOSE Wilt) INTEND TIS1T ItieFur pr are ra<|aa?ti lioiir c Ii at l i'M - i 1 nt>... ptaae, pfi Br u le ir. and eaamli.r bi, eae.'lleat a?? rtm nt ef traeelen'''r'#?tr - naeee, portmanteau*. tre > I a i>re I la pani.?aa, pnehrt aad ? eaa nuihrellie. Re. At Tnt'l ?> I fiortnm nap he laand fir lar*i t *?. rtm?nl of f.eacp aeefnl artirlea in t'.ie eorutrp. eW re 'ln<opera fane. 4o?<in ? m* ka, fold and rilmr peaelle. tni'lel - vr. Tit ankhin*. l ahy Jumpara, t"T<. k.e. I!" it ore tw??lp tier real |e??tlna the neual rnt< ? I' l lauap ami'la. and the (Tire le dietim tl> marked oa aaeli article. Vieit ? ? al?ajra ?witutat. RXPIIK9I AOKtCIKM, dw. Henittam f.s to k.nui.and. Ireland, and Scotland ?Draft# a? aala for ine ataaaaL rrn-n tl tipwarda. ?M< h will lie carhed at anp Henh In the t.nlted i o i ii.. . L ... ,.f , . ..eo il^anpii,! I . n I . . r* ta i r i i at niiDrrts. *"?' ? " ? : , Kluildtn. lino. kntf of tv?ry 4f??-ri|?liovt f?r? irM at k'W fitff, t?y ait th^ ?t< an?er?. t.? nfi^ |?firt ;?f K 'fy", V ED W ARDS. S A N roil D A CO. S Itanaatlani e Eepr-'i. At A.lame A Co. a. Id and H tt ell etr jt. Small par- ?!? will l>e recotead till half paat aiiu A. uf the day ol tailing of oeerp ateamer U Karopo. M1 REGORT'SCAI.IFoRN tA FREIOIIT. PAt'R 101 AND V* Panel Rapraaa. pur eteamer El Dorado, ?a Saturday, luth.- Speed on. .('lulled- Rata radiierd. Ily the ab >va ateamer the HM rtl.?r? will forward their B*pr"aa, aa nanal. In rbarue at a eprrlal meaaenyer. SMppeea may r?ly upon yooda ahlpped thrnnyh m Iwlny dolleered Id Paa.em* in adi anoe of all othera, at nhlch port onr faetlitiee hf ft" aiilpeaeat of cnode. on all the^ateamera, raaMA he aafjaeaed. I'arrala rareierd natll the moraine uf alelBw'a da# "f mII 4 nt, aad Let*?M watll IN P.M. Parkea.-e (which ian?t la allraeee he mode perfeeile wat-r proof I loi at 'm l"fl al the eifflra Uie dap prueione. No i nelom (lon-e rliarree ma le. TIIDMI'SiiN A HIT! ID IK K Nan aye re Sad Ayiata, IW Pearl efre.t, eor Walt. ?Jt XTR A OR DIN ART DISPATCH?NINE DATS LATER WA newe to Calif' rniahp onr Keproee. I.y t ie f.irt eteamahif ?"El Dorml"." t>? Saturday, the IRh iu-t., n e nil I aend a loiter aad ncarpaper mall ay thla ?(??amehlp, win -n i? advar tiaed hptlw onarre to land hor faaaencora atCberroe la timet# take the ateameliip t'olambiie at t'aaaina. Map let. Mr. Merfoyd will ret'ler oar maita nt Charm#, end ennrey them le Panama In fnftp honre Sl??le nrwepapered eeatc, ?fthme dollar* ? hnadr;d latere Jke.aex DERIVED ft CO., Mo. 2, After Uuufc B Broad vat tueatrk.-i. a. Marshall, solm Door, opau at J; ourtain rlaaa at half paatT o'clock. Dreaa Circle aad SO oeata: Family .ad Third Circle,, 23 o?at*| U.tUr/, Liid cent*; Private Bozaa, $3 aad $6. SaturlayVveiiino. April 19. will ha praaaatad tha ?pertocle of tha VISION OF TO* SUN-Koraa, MUa Aa dcrtm; Tacmar, Mr. VYhitin,: HuaiaaCapa". Mr. Frederioks; Tveobroe, Sir nor Carlo; Uaai of tha Karp Mlaa Olivia, Uaai al the Ebon VFaud, Mr. Kryaaldat ? ,?? oI Silence, Mr. Mat thewa; Runac, MUa A. Gou,eahel?i <? >110. Miaa J. Qoujaa helm; C?n?n?, Mrs laherwnoS I rct.oua to which,thefaro, entitled the TEAI'llER TAPGIIT NIILO] G a R D I N.?-CIRQUE Ol.YMPIQUt DR Part..? t'laniual E.|Oe.trtan Uame-<>f the Hippodrome, lir.-t fnehiouahle night of the a<aa<>a Hrnrtit of tVallett, tin* Sh?kj*|*?riaii Clown. On Saturday nirlit only, April 111, Mme. Caroline l.oyo will app**ar la two R-iueetrian Triuinpte. Mr. Eaton Stone, lie the Maniac Huntaman. Mr IV. F Wal let! will appear aa tlie Modern Statue, nr. Liviar Model of the Antique. Mile. Marie, on her favorite couraer. aa the Queen of the Fairii ?. The paragon E<|iiuatriau of the ate. Itaptiate Loiraet. will ride hie ureal Somereault W F IVal lett. M. A., will deliver a lecture oa Me*morient. Sain Le tlirop will nUn appear, w ith hi* Stump Sprechoe. B ROUGH AMS LYCEUM, BROAD WAV. NEAR IIROOM K rtrect.?Dreea Circle and Par niette. 30 eeute; Family Circle, 23 cental Oroheetra Stall Scata, $1; Private Uoaoa, ' S3 ~ Doora open at 7; to Levin at half part 7 o'clook. Oa i Saturday evening. April IS. the performance will oommenca ' with tl-e eomedietta of Tll.VT OIMOUS CAPT. CU1TEK? I Capta'n Cutter. .Mr. Brougham; Widow llarcourt, Mra. lireuyliam. After which. tlie SPIRIT OF AIR?Aiteria, Mlaa Mary Taylor; Cranice, .Viae Julia Gould; Irie. Mist K. Tailor; ifnreae, Mr. l.each Flutter, Mr. Ilunn. To conclude with t ho eomedietta of the TEAC1I EH TAUG H T?Mr llaary A til rey, Mr. Brougham; Mine Charlotte Vera, Mirr M. Taylor. VKNC.M S AMERICAN MUSEUM-P. T. B.tRNUM, Proprietor aud Manager?John Greouwoud, Jr.. Aaaiat antMnuiger. Admittance to the Mueeam, 23 oeuta: chil dren under I'l yearn, 12'? rents. Saturday afternoon, April 1 IS. preaeutatiou of an extra Programme. 1'lii* aftoruooii. at ' .1 o'clock, the eoiuedy of ALL T.TAT GL1 TIERS IS NOT GOLD?Stephen Plum, Mr. C. W. ClnrLu. In the evening, ut 7}, o'clock, the OLD GUARD?llavreaaek, Mr. C. W. < in rke. To he followed by SLASHER AND CRASH EH ? < roale-r. Mr lluiiaway. To conclude with the WANDER I Nil MI -NSTRF.L. The innumerable curronitioa of thin Mit retitp, the viiit Chinese Collecti m, arc t < be BO.'o at all | liotire between S A. M. to lu P. M., every day egoopt Sunday, i (1ERMAN NAT IONAL THEATRE-OLYMPIC, BROAD- ' A way 142.?Saturday. .April 1 will he p?rf<?nn ? I the KOniK OF THK .STREET, a comedy in four Act*. I?y Tap- ' hr. And the ROSES OF MIsTKK MALE-MERGES, u comedietta in one act, by Ifonzcbal. N1BL0 SO\ri#FaH. COMPLIMENTARY benefit TO I Mr. James M. Nixon, on Tuesday evening, April 22. The ; < ? mmittce of Citizens who have tendered this testimonial of their esteem and regard to the above n?m?"l gentleman, hivo the pleasure to innnunce to the public that tliey Uavt- secured the services of the entire French Troup** attached to Gen. Welch's Circus Company, together with all the other artOtn, native and foreign, who compose that truly excel lout Eqa-i trian Establishment, in addition to whom, they have been fortunate in engaging the services of the celebrate t M m? and Mad. lienor,. besides several other artists of the high - t ' professional rank, and they feel a pride und pleasure in offer- : ing to the New Vork public, a grand combination of the two greatest French Troupes In the world. Amon; t he principal j tterforiners, will be fouud the names of Mxdamo Caroline ji yo, who, on this occasion, will introduce se# ;ral of h r beautiful and highly trained horses, Mom Loisnet, L'Eroela eu Ckevals Deux, Le Fetit Batiste, Le Junne Centaur, and a large number of others, whose names will he announced in futnrt advertisements. As the number of tickets ire limited, those wishing to obtain thorn should apply to the committee forthwith. A meeting of the committee uri;i be held at the A tor House this (Friday) evening, kpril 8o'clock, when a full attendance is expected. Circus- new YORK AM PHITXBATBB,BB0FI1T Frieea of Admission :?Private Boxes. .Ml oeuts; Boxes, 2? cents ; Fit, 1cent*.?John Gossin, Clown.?? iturday afternoon and evening, April IS#, will be presented a selection ot Brilliant Feats, in which the on tire company will appi-ar. The great English Equilibrist, Mr. Lavator Lee. will intro duce his original performances with the revolving globes. Mr. T. MseFarland and the Gyninastie Troupe, will Madame Sherwood, Mr. Lipinan. Mr. Sweet, Mr. Cole, Mr. C. Sherwood, Master Lee, Mr. Dcrr, and numerous other* in elegant Equestrian aud Ol) mpio Gaines. To eonolsde with BILLY' BUTTON. _ Ij* RAN KLIN MUSEUM, 17 ?CHATHAM MO ill 019. LEA, Sole Proprietor.? Admission?Sjats in Private Boxes. Wl cents; Stage Seats, H7% cents; Boxes, 2i oeuts; Par quet, cents.?Elegant Saloou performances evory After noon and Evening. Entertainments Oi iiaenc# in the after noon at 'A o'clock, and in tlie e\cuing at half pant 7. Tha entertainments arc varied and select and such as can be seen at no other I luce of amusement in New York, consisting of Lea's Female Ethiopian Opera Troupe, numbering fifteen performers, being the largest and at the same time the m ist talented hand in the Baited States, a troupe of M ?d?l Ar tist* who IV X ll ' I for tln-ir hoauty and Ir/ur0, M I trim personate a uuruhcr of beautiful tableaux, taken frv*n the pictures of ancient and modern times; a company of ,\r;ib Girls, who go through a variety of feats of strength and dexterity; Madame Rosaline, the only Fem-tlo Juggler in the world; u company of Male and Female Artist! who w ill give an exhibition of Marble Statuary unequalled in the world, together with a variety of interesting prtrfor*nane*j every afternoon aud evcuing. For particulars see bills of each day. HYMN TO LIBERTY'.?THE CANTALA ENTITLED " Eleutheria," in praise of' civil aud religious frecdnin, w? rds by II. Stone, Esq.: music by G. H. Curtis, will he given at the Apollo Rooms, on Fridajr eve* iug next, At-ril 25. 1 y a select and efficient chorus, and the followin* ? lii-r.t vocalietsMrs. Laura 11. Jones, (Christi ina) ? Julia Wheolock, (Sibyl); Mr. J. 11. J ohn son, ( Fie tor) 'Jr. ? H, KmIi, (SMf.) < ? ? t" r. <; F Kriitsf i Pittm G 11. Curtis. Tickets, 50 ccuts. Commencement at S o'clock. No poatftowement. T. Gilbert A Co.'s grand and .Y> Pan Piaio h w ill be iirfi-J. MI'SIPAL?THE JI'YEN 1 LE ORATORIO GIVEN BY Mr. lJenjau in s Classes at the Broadway Tabvrua ? *, last week, is to lte given there again on Wednesday, the J t,l inst. The company. cou.-i?tiug of twelve baodrsd yoing ting rt, and in i hundred jrnnag fRfsrntrt oa tho .? and other instruments, sro exceedingly well drill jd. an ! ;ive nniv?rsal satisfaction. Those wli<? expect to teeur ? a *.st, i ? i ? ? Horn a \v H I T f 9 STHIOPIAM OF1RA HO II, I Broadway.?The grand complimentary benefit to Thomas C. Burns, will take place on Tuesday evening. Aor I 22d, ls51. Tickets can lie obtaiued from ths CviniaiUee t Arrangements, or at the door on the evening of the cono?*rr. nntlFa GRAND PANORAMA OF THE WARS FOR 1,1 X bcrty in lluiigsry. Upper Italy and IU? nt, will h * open every eveninv. c?rn?T llr??at wa- aui Walker ?tr t-. Tic ken 2j cents, children half price, boors open at 7. to Co mm .?net a* - o'f lock. H ? 'in. 11y and nr 11 f at e'tloek NASTLE GARDEN.?THIS BEAUTIFUL ANDPJPU lar place is now open f ?r the reception of visitors dor. .g the day. The view fr -m the gailcries of the splendid sense* of our noble bay and harbor, has not an equal in the woria. Admission 12>? cents. npO AH ATI I YKRT VATORAV X portiinity now occur to establish a respect vblt? .Ii? tri -i.ic AJ 'cuiti n. at tin* Lyceum connected with B irt in's i ( imbw street Wardrebe :?.?? I pmpjrtlei #i?? tth to, with scenery n- r?* |nir.*d, ga?. carpenter-, and prompt Looks fun ished on very rc.isonable terms to partios ?t're spectability. Apply at the box office. IIF. A Tit I UAL NOTICE LATHER AND OKNTLFM K V X of acknowledge ! talent, and having wardrobe, witbinf engagements for tha Bending, Fa-, ami Uuluutbus, O i? Th< tttres, for the eiimm r and winter seasons, contm uicttig ?t R.ading, tlie first of May, will please address 0. E Wa I , be* No. h ID rsld offic ?. C AMC9KMK1T4 II* Pi 11 I<AI)KI<I*III4. BV MK.MM- .V -f! M, I'll 11. A DEI.I'll I A P I BAH 1 ? m, l r j ri-l'.r II Stanford, A i itnnt Maui :rr r ? ck the ijimml '? company w||| app- \r In nrermr of apl ??. dl 1 piecr. Monday wad fai-olay, In ih? new coaadjr ??ll 4 th ' IltnlaaJ f my llnfi" tnil the l< ia:iful iln ut ol '? I i V? the Lai. r." Thtir- iiy "??nlni, Mr l!h**t.-r'' t*.:v tr, I! Hen lit. Hit! the new <?? n.cdr of "Lore in * Mr or," and t! ? " Virgin a Mun.niy." 1 tin tfurtMl par! ruinator art llal t, litelj, ind ialereiting. N?"? acre,i.or tlnji i ? ? paring. AJmlUai, . JJ canto ; ohil lm? under 1') > art, iJS oaat*. \ RCH STREET 1 IIP tTRE-PROPOSALS FOR R1V I /\ tr * the al oe" 1 df?, f't all' y ? < r. S.- pi -ri'i-r i. IVIi tHllnoini M or tr'nrn III May n*it. Addretr. s IIKAN40N, W Mirk.t ? rer-. Pmu.ami.phia, April 3. I tit. THA'-'KLLKUS' OL'IOK. Pill! O'tl.tMK I.I NR POH A I.HAM V AM> l.VTl.t I t ? ,|l -tr Im.I n? ' ? m rente ?T"ie ? p| ... J|.| t , r 10 I, Copt- Smith, mtit Inn th- lUt - H-rol?| ?tr-ft, cn 3iit.d?y afternoon, tpril *1, At fle* o'clock tor I* if..- Anil itnte i i i'ii. np| I) on hoar I s V N It A V M o t; \ I N (J ItOtT rOR NRITltf: ill. ?- Pn-'ilik'-ep'ie end K Inert on?'inrat t'al.|*i|t'h l.'n tea'adwek. New ll mil...rah Milton. Pile I'rrV ??d K ,t-i - back?T,n I,mint UammomUtrort ofiifittaiillVit tear" r MM\ t I AI S. ???!? Rlniowdwff. m III in t' ?? pi-r. t ? >? ut Bart-'ay ?' r ?? t *o?t>. *i l?, errry in-ilny m >r ilair -t h?lf. put neerw o'flitrk. Ilf rttnu. will lewrc Kra lowt oA reren w'clnck, I*. M.. n.oUiia the abbr-laadjagr.' r touti. it. apt-It a I'ttar I. NEW YORK AND I'IIII. t OF LPIII t -- N V W VORK in I i'iiila-lclphia itirr t ? Urltr-t itiln *,?l Uat ? Tl.r- i-ilt in 'S lM'"f?, tilKc* Jerrey li.niruaJ. f ar- ra daeed to ? i l< r f.ret t !-t??. and Si >t fur ? -cowltlaai l,-itt? New York at* t M , from foot of t'mtrtlnnd ?*?--?? a ? HA H. and A I' M., I mat font af l.lhertr aWMt IdMM t'h< ? df'.phnt Alt; and If A. M. and it P. M., Ir-m tL* f.-ot ut W?I ? ut (tract. ('ASIDRW AND AVIIOV RAILROAD LINK It if J Kttr l't rk t? Philadelphia ItMiw ptar Mo I Nnft'.i Hirer. I > (iCAuilnnt JOIIN I'OTl'K.H Slecmnn Ida*, at a r|t. It. A M Aft- rn ?B l.tnn. At I n't 1 ? ? t. ,". H P?rn hj I .irn iiv either linn ft. fi rmrd deck, $2, Emiiraiit Line *t ttj.. >1 m| r M . fare. $1 f*. I. Itl.lt3. Admit. f|to TNX COMMI3SIOMBW Of KJHKUtVT11tM. AND threriiral RtMftlflt Sooit-tlrr #(tahlidin-l In thil fltjr, faf the |.nrp >?r of pr- tec tini lad aml.itii( MlfDAtt f at Wlr mprttlrt rmatfln. It,- it kn-neat. ami that I ?III fee, ivr im loiar I the I'eoplei I.ine of Stcmnho it i l.i New Y< rk, and f -rwnrJ to their dratinatlnn all emuran:. acnt '? me ft' in r- tir ofll. e . (fe. e of l-radiimney an I ru-m- r i fan,) at th* fotlowinn ratal of paua^r ? Prr Slromrt Hlti -a- r if nd and Cun,tl. R,i,'r iml from Now York t# RnlTaln pi m pi M t'leretaad I HO SO) " " 1>. IN 6 m " Mllnanki* 4 AS T > " ?? Knrine * *1 71* " " Chlearo * p <1 " " Toronto, C. W 4(?l U Of A nd to all pin-ri u rat or South*e-t, in prop-rtlon. T'i eonrryanc-r i mployed hy thr inhri rlher, nrr the t>np|, l.iar of Stramhoati on thr llndaon Rirer. Firit elv ran il I oata on thr Erie Canal, and Rialrrant Train on Kailr-md, hi Ineen AH any and llnSnln, an.I llret rlari Strttiaree ..n l.nn ? r and I'pjo r l.akei, ?lth re>prrtahl,' and kadwilri m* ? cei.t* at the eevoml itatloaa. The raerllrnen *f thin *,ia ? rynarr i? not loiiiallrd la any other part *t thr w-.rtd. N, w. dratlrmrn, If pmtrrtlon meana anythtwt, "hy l?it tWat Bint tratki of thr < mlarnaia ?hlrh Irari Nrn York, p yy Tt %- ffi prr rrat hi*hrr ratra f I am not trnmrlrd down wlktl nn nee. lanry rkpenerA, thrrrforr. the ah?wa rater Allo,r?tar a foir roiaprnertioa. I defy the world t* fnrni?li bettor m .-an i of eoarejaaet?an perron in thn linitml Stnteahaa w re *t aerlenn tw mfwardtaR, nor a araatWT wlahtobr aac,ieeahln to tl e . niltrrmit. My reaaoai for thn< pnhllely aAdrnaaina plea of Iraorane' . If rmi 11 u nr. that yon airy hare nn _ i rratr nndrr yonr err*are drfrawlrd an-l npoa?If imi hold oi I thr Inpr of prwteetlon, In mof ey lira it. not nir th* ?owkdase# placed la yoa Wy tf.r p..?r rtranrrr to their dlrrdraatnte ily oRiie lAmala' at tor old Mawd. 17 t .dnr tlrtti "New York. JUllK S I.LKN, ti May*r *1 Roibeiter, TEN DAYS LATER FROM CALIFORNIA. ARRIVAL. OP TUB STEAMSHIP PROMETHEUS. Another Destructive Fire in the Golden State. THE CITT OF NEVADA lit ASHES. Arrival of Two Millions of Dollars in Gold Dust at Panama. BSarriages and Deaths in California, Ac., Ac., Ac. Tilt' steamship Prometheus, Ciqit Johnson, arrived at this port last night front Chsgres, via twin Ju.iu and Ha vana. The P. left New York March 28th, and arrived at Chagre* on Saturday, April 5, making the outward pas sage iu eight day,, aud three hour.-'?one day and eleven h tirs in advance of the steamer Cherokee, she having arrived on the day of the Prometheus' departure. The F iell t'hngrea on the evening of th 7 th, at seven o'clock; arrived at San Juan in twenty-two hour., remaining th< re four hours; and then left for Havana, aud arrived there on Saturday, 12th lust.?three days and tlfteen hours She left liuvuua for New York on Sunday, April llllh. at seven o'clock 1* M , ami arrived at Quarantine. St iten Island, April ISth. nt two o'clock F, M.?four day i and uinetw u hoursfrora Havana. The Frometheus lias l.ud continued gules of wind front northwest, from lat. lid thg N. Annexed is a list of the passengers by the P.:?. A. II. Smith, I.. KtiM.ll. It. C. Smitli, It. Armstrong, Mis ter Jl tde, llrs. Wilson, C'apt. K. Grlxton and lad*, J. J. W I..tele.use. It. Nurwuuti. t ant C. Norwuud/J. K. Fiko, W. I Hit s. ti. Thtunas, G. It. Tingley. ("apt. J. W. Maey, E. 11. Atkins, James Thomas, C. It. Mason. J. C. h.a, James Keltuedjr, Cnpt. 1. It. Prior, J. M. Kennedy, B. It. Hastin;., Win.11. Bonne, G. It liiur. F. I.ahatut, U. Ilall, h. II. Bells, S. Hon, It. (iri.wnld, W. It. I?a?ls, J. R. Iltllaly. Mr. St. rling, t'apt. Marvudoek, Wm. Smith, Wm. O. Brown. I'apt.J.C. liiggin*. K. llenagv, N. It. Hurry. J. II McAr A. O. (lay, John F. B.-ll, I', ti. Rogers, John l.anxdall. SI Fisher, Br. II S. Baldwin, W. I.tidly, Joseph Corfle, T. F. Holiaad. Thorns Ke?r, Mr. Franklin, h. Farsous, links. Mct'lnre, Win. Cuiiunings, Jas. Kinsman, J. W. Shat ter. W arren Stearns, S. I'. Fellow, P. It. Fly uipton, C. T. Snider, .1. W inslnw, It. Ilinekley. I?r. E. Ilall. II. ll.trns, W. It tuehester, J. ti. ltaida, II. Hull and lady, A. Curp-uter, lady itnti mii, ,1. C Waterman. A. W. Itenuhaw. J. Slllyne, ,t. I'arsons, 11. W. Bowt-ti, ? in. Kellogg, (ieo. W. Green, 11. < liiirhauk, Mr. Stnwell, H". II. Fierson, t". J. Ciitnaiings, Kt v. Ilarriiiiau, A. Ati->tin, Wm. Shear, W. K. tleliridn, S. ltrowuill, II. U.Gage, master It., A. M. O.-born, P. S.Brtw, 11 U. Kno, Araham Hunk, r John Bancker, Hugh Mitl'-r, ,1. M. Shotwell, Chat. Aekley, C, It. l>ur.ind, lt->b.-rt Smith, J W. Butler. Ilerij. Curry, l>. N. Piuk. G. VP. Sey n o r. Joliu Sales. C. G. A. Sweet. F. Pouter, W. Kglirrt, A. I Here. Moues Brett n. I?r. Huffy, J.M Cop-land, I. Scor ia r . f>. Sla.le, J M Th- ma-, N. I. Tester, Titos. Ksnkin. L. It. ltrm.ku, ( apt. B?n| Friee, l.atirar tiraham, C. I>. ,Mr.\r ther. II. Springiuy-r. Elton Hunt W. H. Allen. Kwd. A. I.j on. 111?. Hear. J. .N. Koae, O. S. Fetell. J. Saiuhary, P. Stunt urgi r. 11. Wheeler, II m. Hat,-. II. >. Smith. M. Swee ney. A. N llnmphrya, V. Georges, M. Vassett. W. D. Grit hi I.. Burt, K Keeler. S.'Else, J. PrvuuU, It. M. II ,ward. It. Matkey.C. W. Koliiug, C. Laulun, Wui. Wilder, W, C. liny It-. W F. Stoddard. Geo. W heeler. 1'. I.lndoll, John tinkfovd, W. II. Honland. S. I.athrop, 1,. B. Dana, J. Nl thvls. It. F. Browni'll. Strrragt i'unntgrri.?F. . O. Neal, M. Auei. 'A. O. N. 1, P. K Slnrille.T. Erms. Jr.. K I,. Itlake. A Bliss. .8. lironnell; It Bison, I.ouir A ndin*-. W. Newhouuu, A. G. El drldge, t . Pollard, M m. Iltcks, It. II. Chase. S. Ilanuts. P. K. lirooka. Joieph Grarj, T. E. Etens, T. P. Wells, P. Bur row, S. Beaufort, J. Godfrey, W. W. Williams. J din llulT. i i-. holey, Thus. HiiMsr.l, A. Cook, J. Iladloek. J. Stiarpe, 1! \l Parr,,w, W. Arehrr. S Baxter,.I. Godfrey, W. W. W il li.uos, Sir. Coiiatinr, II. Rogers, P. Peter-on. M Pollard, R. Hat ley, J. M. l and, r, A. W. Brouson. F. M. Bayley, F. i rd it ti P F.-rrt w j Mai Ma, 0. D. MorMc A kln I . II. M , eks, J. It. Sullit an. h. M. Waliott. J. II. Unf it ngt on, J. tsrny. A. Seott, And. u Eversoo, W. Hurt, J. M. W nil t, 11., P. Rtifus. Til OS. Seott. II. Williams, J.M. t ee|? r, G W. Cos B. llnrriinan. E. tlahhalt. J. Wilson. E. G'-r. xmi passengers for Msw fork. She lauded 2b at lla vans, for New Orleans. The -tekmehip Cherokee, Captain Wlnlle, wax at Chn gres. to sad for New Vork on the in >ruing of the 8th inst. The Steamer Great Western was also at ('hagres, to aail on the 8th. 1 he steamer Ohio's poast agews had not arrived at Cb? gres when the Prouirtlleu* sailed. The steamer New Orleans arrived at Panama April 1st, with 212passengers, and fCoO.OOO in gold dust on freight. The Northerner arrived on the saineday, with ,'W pa-wen g. rs. ;rtid <.800 tKX) in gold dust on freight. The Antelope nrrividoii the ,'kl. with liiO passengers, and f(M0,000 in g. id dur t on freight They left San Francisco March IS. VI e are thus in posses-ion of ten days later news from California. I hr specie and raited ,ctstes mails brought by the steamers Northerner, Antelope aud New Oilcan-", were at Chagrce when the Frometheus left. I ur thanks are due to Mr It l.ord. the g. n'h m inly purser of the Frometheus, and to Messrs Gregory it Co., the t uterprlxlng Express agents, for the latest papers and news. Jelui l.yr.cli, coal passer, og, tl 23, native of Ireland, ditdoulsiurd the Frometheus on the 16th. Summitry of Ten Day* Nrwii [From Ibr AltaCahf ?rnU. .March Ift.] Since tin- failing of the California. on the 5th instant, I bttfllm hat I llttlr. aa4 the Iio|m- and |?r >-pect i- i lint we liavo pn*od tlm I i?f4 point of depnveuon. Much of the 1'iiiliuria-w.infnt which our liu>iueiu men ntid otbcri lut*i fell, hw been, Undoubtedly, ill C0ll*e )U !l''e I <1 tlie ealrrmcly tliy wlntvruow probably closed. ami the !? lie ei initiate ililpuicnt* ft good* made to u* fr on nil parte i f tl.e world The it nro many million* of gold duet lying In the henpa of earth thrown up in the dry digging* oy tnlnrm, In untlripiition and continued hope* Ol rain tomiiMii them to wash it out?hope* unt olti nateiy dirappoint* d iiy the last of May. had the winter la en it* wet ii* iwuiil. we Imve not u doiiht that our rt port* of g. . J would have been at leaat tun in.Uiun* in ire i' r the pr< rrdlat three month* tbau ibey whl then he A luge forth n if I hie du't wdl II IW lie lit the do t until lii xt autumn count with it* ehmron. Since the podponrmcnt of the election of U. S Pena ti r. cur hyldiitaithu (tw t> work in appnrvot it 11 I mrtmdnei i ami h??e intrmlm ed or pn> *ed ?<??? eery good hill* tine, e-yreiallv worthy of uotise, i- Mr 11 ? y - di uli hit'. upon n Cvioaioo Srh ml My "tern, wli rlt in. to mis I with very g*?? ral approbation, and, HI we think, d* -? rn dly The I*fklatVe hae irte> paused an art to hold* epoclal ti itn of the |)i*triet t'oirt in Sola no c unity. for tin- pur j.< *, . f trylt g McCmtdry wh i i i accused ?f hai mu nwr !? ;?d Je.ig. Nha It ha? aim prohibited the sole iA lotlerj ticket*. I t?* appropriated fJmlkMI an 1, up ?i nl* f r ti e | ay of pruon* ??gngpd in military opera. ? of.* i.gain-1 the IndiH.k* They Ini ah i carotid d i ii* ri'y torn the i unty a*?c**itig an<l ct .ting of tax ?*. lii- ait ha*, howeeec, heen vrtoed by the tJoi.-rn ?r, t j.t.y ? ffi 11 - have h- ra ia*d ? to Kraut to the city of Mm fraucbro the State'- Intel .-l in the ?' water l a. ' of tliia pie. < . but, a* yet. no MS h i* hecMBP a lave The IPmee to nop, nd ntt farther e.-.minnt pnreodlugp ?g.*.n*t I'harte* l: >Une<?, a memte-r ottliat body, ami other ritixeu* of narramrnto l>y a vote id 14 ayea t-? In in*- llie ehutgi ? .Hi,, in t It mi me f ir imapusc) and ?outlet. !? tho doMUMento Mjiinttr trouUre An act hit. he. .i pa.... ,i to a*4lh>rir<? the Trioiir. r to negotiate a loan of pMPi.OOQ Put he ha* boeu unabl - to obtain the I... n Tim aoliJ.-ct of the Foreign Miner*' TaO Act of the Iwt lefirhlui. lout raett d A large and < nlhu-iaatlr in.. tta y agnhi-t it ha* l>-on hidden InMt.aik t. o It oiigiit to he n p. i.hut n% ouoe. b.tng une oielitu tl i *1. taip. lilic. aad uujoid 'I be northern iv.'jp * on Trinity. ScoU'*. Klamath and (tbi r rir< r. and k*. etill lUti ict nuacb nitentiou. an l mm.) have gone thltln r Many new rich (daccr* are r.,.oit?ilaa hnwiug been di-aovered in varinu* |<nrt* of tl . country It.* grii te-t tMltMMh since thet In feSercor* to u'oart and H bind ha* l>eeii cituerd by order* from .1 iid*. i'ar*< n?. of the rnorth Hiatfet feat, ? itlng e?r tr i. . .Idi r* t>-?p)H ar ie t i.* lino, and an.werfor " ooa timpt." in tuu.-.-ijin oca of c.rtaitt rtrirtwre- upon Hi* cbrrge to Ike tlruiid Jury Th<- eaeiteov nt wi* very gTent. . p. i ally after iwr of tW editor* wa? fined ftflB r. fii?ivg to pay. - ,*itecoed t* ehwe e?w?fliw>amtd until .. . . 1- ? ' tLi litie tie paid The aitiee a* no t r? aaiea*. .b-oouiHrnd Jodgr huiea cuur -a. and foaie ad*.wated taking the pi boner in ? hi* ci II by focve llut eooler e.?r:y?il. pr Vl.ilrd, >l-oug runde'Diriiury rwHiialioa* a -re paAect. the Juilge luvlli <i to v*ai|(ii. and our memla'r* <d the Uegi-dn luia r*ftleH<d to Inn.' hiu> iuipearUed. Tim tnttler I* n. t ^et decid. d, aithougb ilt e-t of Ibe egeitetnwirt ha* di* ti lh* a?TU-ed hu- been taken h Pu*> the Sn J? rti r Court of thi* city, oo a writ wf AaArat rerpui. and di'i-hi ryed Tim In |,nnCnumtl*.inner* with tbeie e*cort of about a imndnd V. A troop*, were at Maripo*a at la*t nr. count*; eo al*o wa* the Stole battaiiouof volunteer*. The Utter, ? r fu.uie portion of Un-n. haee been guilt) of a tt* rraut outmg. in re*ruing a prisoner am u?M of ranr d< r fr-in the hand* of the ofllcer No little Indignation tiaahrm eaprc*iu d conr. rnlng thi* eulwtitntion of mif t*ry for civil power, the b'.wte knife and bayonet m?t .md ' f the ft ii rt and jury No treaty ha* yet beenfg.nied with the Indian*. 1 lie etmry capn aeton of puhlie Indignation lri retard toPtUMt ami Wildrrd; ha* had oune Intlueuc- iip,,n tlie tbl. v. < and rohh.-r*. lr*e crime h?Ting Iwwn couaBiitted. wc niidi r-tand, thnn previou* to lha'. outbreak Hie i' S A**?y otflce I* now i'A full feu t Me.wir*. M> ffatt k Co.. wlm have the fTjtl llgLlfli ?' d their new . Illre ? n Alontgomery etreet '.hi* week. a?d within two <r three hour* lUCelvrd ahr,ut , hundr. 1 tlion-*nd doi ler* In (liivt dip.v- l.-d te tn, rouverte.1 Into cotu One i Bict of thi* ? drf will be to glee houeat men a rhaneo to chtalp the wovtf ej j.^d, a?d put ? chock Up<iB thr proems of adulteration which has been carried on here to a very great extett. Pan Francisco is stilt constantly ?aland"g her borders, spreading on all sides, up the hills, tilling the valleys, walking out towards and beyond North Beach, toward.!

the l'residio. to the south away towards and at the Mis sion. and especially Into the harbor over the water lots, ftst filling up the whole shallow part of the h irbnr In nearly a straight Una from Kineou Point on the south to Clark's Point on the cast side of the city. Beyond this, streets are being construeted, cut thiough the rock at the base of the steep hills ami fronting on the harbor and shipping, barge and well built brick stores now stand where only a few months' siuee the water craft were dashing aside the waters of the harbor with their rushing prows Two new cities have been incorporated by the present Legislature?MarysviUe and Nevada. The first was not even " a place.'' one year ago; now it has a newspaper, a mayor, eight aldermen, and prosperity liut the other hud scarcely been organised by election of oflcer* before it was laid in ashes?one hundred and fifty houses being burned, and a niiUion of property destroyed. Full ac count* arc given in our steamer paper. Nevada City In Ashri. ONE HI'NbHKI) AMI> FIFTY WHISKS DKHTBOYKD ! !? LOW OKK MILLION DOLLARS?ONE MAN MISM NO. The Hucrameuto papers contain the painful intelli gence that Nevada city, recently so flourishing, has been biid in rtiiDs by a conflagration kindled by the hundsof an incendiary The billowing are the parti culars : 1 lie tire broke out on Wednesday morning, at half past. 1 o'clock, which has completely destroyed the principal business portion id' the city, leaving only the bouses scattered in the suburbs, now standing ' The tire originated in the bowling alley of Mr. Uatcs. uud wan supposed to be the work of an incendiary. It ap pears that a diflb idty originated between some Irish men, one of whom threatened to fire the city, and strong suspicion is entertained again-t this person Several jicrsons were iuiplicsted in the affair. and the strongest Vengeance is threatened against the Incendiaries. The whole city was in the very greatest state of excitement, and if llie perpetrators arc discovered, limy will be visit ed witli dire vengeance for the w mug* they have done. The bowling alley was of Wood, n? also the other buildings, anil the tire spread with the greatest rapidity. The Are continued to rage from one ? clock until half past seven yesterday morning, when the fury of tile flames whs only stayed because they iiad no material to devour Due mau has been missed, and it is fa red that be bus fallen a victim to the flumes ; burnt iu his own house. The Traruni/it lias somewhat later accounts from Ne vada. It says :?The great tire broke out Kt an hour when the whole city was in a d'ep slumber; and the citizens, in many cases, had barely time to escape the burning masses of falling limbers, saving Utile but their lives. When the tire Winced spreading, terror and Consternation seized the masses ; they relinquished not tiieir work, however, but labored with all the physical power they possessed, to stay the swelling flames. Almost the entire contents of the stores and dwellings were burnt. A fear sacks of flour, aud a few barrels of liquor. Is all tliut was saved from the general destruction. Till" J'/urrr 'J'imtt says :?It is now said that a man by the name of Unvdcn. who was whipped for some offence, on Etiuday night, threatened to burn the town, if the persons who lynched him were not driven from the plasc. It is now believed, that llayden or his associates let f re to the bowling alley wlmre tile fire origin tied The exeiteuieut is now so great, it is b dleved that Ilay dcu w ill be hung, if he can l>e found. The energies of this wonderful city iu the mountains are so great that | in a few months it will, in all probability, be entirely re- ' Even upon Wednesday morning, at eight o'clock. I only a few hours after the fire occurred, several coutraet* had been made fur putting up buildings. The proprie tors of Barker's Exchange had contracted far a Ur ;sj and elegant structure, upon the site formerly occupied by that building The following letter, dated Nevada City, March 11. 8 P.M., gives the names of the sufferers:? We have to record one of the most destructive fires that If has yet hecu onr lot to witness. About 12o'clock last night the cry af Are was raise,! in our city It com menn-d Iu or m ar tistes A Smith's ball allev. and is 1 generally ladievcd to lie the work of ait move liary. It exteuded from dates A Smith's on Coyote >tre< up said street on tlie east side, burning the store of Benson A J< (Tries. Masonic Lodge House. Ilammon's Hotel, black Miiitl) shop. Abort s boarding bouse. Insurance Hospital. Ac . au<l down the east side of said street to Main street, 1 tilt it down Main street to the bridge over Deer Creek, destroying Buck's store. Brown A llawley's store. Bil dertnaiii's Ismrding hou-e and store, Miller's ?? Tivolt," i Barker's Ex. Itaiige, Exchange Coffee House, Mulford's book store. Ttuax A lilackman's store, Br Lark's drug aud medicine store, William* A Co s auction aud com mission store. Yuba Hots I. Avery A Mills'stores, Craw ford A Iiinuis' store. Furuuin's clothing store, Nevada Hotel. William*' tin shop. Dawson's house, the Empire. Thomas's store; between Coyote nnl Main Mreet were burned. Beets Uray. Bradford A Montague's store. Tur ner A Ellis's store. Ode 11 A Porter's store and meat mar et. American llnkb Wliio Store Myers' Home, btaek mith shop, dwelling house. Coyote Luuch, Free nd Easy Lunch, Heed A Uo'?. large house ? The Prospect and other', all of Pine street, from the I ost office. n< ar the ravine near Brow n aud Davis's, in ? hiding on the north side Dickinson A Lllllc's store. Mi ners' Hotel. Hutchinson A Co.'s store two or three clot li ners iiein. IIUU llinreu ? V?. - - --- - - tug Stores, the Humboldt, the Arkansas store, bakery, Michigan store, and ? few other small houses, on the .111 (* 111S* II, ? " v "I,' nil,, 1. ,. .. r south side. Amning A Hunter. Perry A Co.'s store, shoe shop end oflk-e. Davit'beef market. Rogers' store. Oalla herA Browu's store. Mt Charles Hotel, ludiana store. Cordon's two stores, bakery, thr nuthouses, Jr. -taurnnt, clothing store Thence from the post office and .lu'tirv Edward's ofliee down Main street on the wc-t side. Iti rluding Dr Overton's older, MrKlroy A Co.'s store, the I El Dorado. Bitrkner A Co's store Davenport A Co '? - ? ? e - >_l, I r.l isirsuu. mil ?in , ? ??" * ? ? ? . ., store, the Eglantine, the City market, the imkery. the . . r . a . I., is..w? Wi.irutl A, ItlViVf ft t ity liaki ry the Atuerieaii bi.kery. Kvervtt A bakery, (do plicr.l A Ogb by s stole, Armstrung's d ? . Kel ley s B* 11a I nion the CeBl Campbell's store. Cook A Co.'s store. Bur banks store. Brisiks A Campbell's store, saddler's store MrKen/.ie's store, etc elc A large nuiu b? r of other buildings were torn down Iu order to stop the ravages < f the fire The total li*? cannot he ascertained at present As near as ran l? told at pre-ent tin- following I- the |<w. of diffin-nt indii iduals whieh is mwrly c<.rreot, as far ai it goes t rawfordh Dunn.. ?l.i.ont) Davenport A Co 1.O00 Hubbard A Hodge.. iiKU Eglantine 2.i*kJ Avery A Mills 7.1**) Napier 4.< <M Fori man 4 net) Cole A liar ma a li.iKO TurturA Dumas... 10 000 Everett A Beeves... .'I-;**) W D. W Minn.* 20*10 Nluqihard A Dglcstiy. 2.000 Dawson,,,.. 12.000 Armstrong A Ogb hcott Hi o00 by 2000 wm Tlioinns 2.MQ Amatroug .. 2,000 " 1 leiitiH.iin a I'u I.'say ? ray, Bradford at Hnbltison ,t Montague ft.OOO Cniupb.1 - Turner A Kills li"??U C""k A t ?? " any Iiirn-i ? r.rftin. .??? . j ? ? ? * ? ,huil. Well A PatHa 3.000 l urhuyke k la..... - , 4.00U Brooks A< ampUdl.. 3?? W all A Co * 1 ou Diekli.sor, A b'illls.. ?. *? McKenxle 2000 Pi hide A Albun .... 4'?n tlat** A MuHll - ?*{ W right fc Co Benson A J< On ? ? ? Blacksmith's shop.. UoOO Ma W I." I ?? "* Dwelling h< nss .... 2.1*4) lUarh noli) simp.... ^ ' J Win, hit 11410 Ahirt -'"V lleedA Co...4.00-f IMtfctl" M2 IS lil llia I O ..tnr, Dr. K I. Willtajd . l."*t Duch 1'*?) Mcgnrrlgle A Hamlin 4.000 Drown A l)a*!ey.... 4.000 pevleT A CimrHl.., CM) Bibl ?iinnn 1.000 Hutchinson A 2.isay Miller 4.'?*i Hernandez A I'**,... Alas) J lb Barber 1 i.tvO liolisM'S 2000 Kuy- . _ ( aswell A Niwl .... 12 ?a) Mullord.... ??????" Hunter h Co It'klO J P w 11 i House. I.V'IO ..arry A l*o 3?*W phis- shopi nn'tiH'wn) 1 isai Yo'.aH i-l ... Dnvla b.iasi Edwards. ? ant lion A * 'SKI 2 Ok) 1 <K3 1-ry f!..gers ? ??? , 11 illrlii r A Bvawn . p. ism Cish A V ..wis!? Bl I ha i Is. lint, I Modioli . i||,v HPf^i . . (unknown) 3.(i?0 N il sl. . ir l" k ink) B. illey A V'i 12,,ay Methi Viet Church 1.000 lnpri " C Bird'.V|.| .-1 laio Bakery ? labnovrn;. tiles) ?l ltrien A F'npes ... I ml ?velett A (In........ 4'SK) M.Dwell A Jiwo ..... Hia*) ? "rtrinpn A,aa) Ketty A Hardy 40on ?' Kdwarls UM Washington IV4.1.. MM ?.r 'J00 w dsou A M u.h.... 4 SS, o . * * ' " ."'.'kay Hvstniuwnt (imkwn) 6dkk) Ltieojisr A W illianw ,';iss) Its.'nil A Natdan " Ueuu. 4<a<o *Hn shop (unknown) fl.'aai lo' Captain Dickenson . ,'k'aa) Cb if Hi an A Eextan Stoo . Used*., many ?th. r?. ?h. we los. rnwiot >* a*eertnin'd The iota) lo-srannot Iw Is ? than One Mdlcn ddbir A VM/etFng of tk eltirena w?U V b.4d ut nine .. et'StkHie IWIlltav to tike niea-uns to delswl if l""*'1 uriiitnr in rajie nu n. ortw ?" ??? r- ,. adiama Ureet exetWsteUt prwSnUs -th -*iM' lb .se ? ? 'I ? M< we i-ei'.xia and ad b n c-ins d. if iLerwv. red A clue ha l esor'ddntiu ? ? ie i?p|s.M ?l wtl load to thi 11". v rv of Ih -perp. tra r of t'.ila diatart*.Iy and Jestructits art. AfTrnp nt vov,nrn?.p'our or Flvr Mm Klllsd ? Emir Mortally Wimniiul. >'rr. m the Alta Cnlilornla. March IVJ W"esu ind< bt, 4 to Captain llola rt- n. of the steamer El lwrwdo. for information ? f a fatal alTriy wliirli took place * i Potior* , n Thnrwday evening. In whirh at least five ?? n Inst their Uvea, ami four others were mortally wear Jed A gentleman who arrived at Ploekton on Krid ty "flfriHwii Brought Information to His rfrsl Ihnl Mr . 'Alms. Hidden of the firm of HolJcn A llrt'eo. of flooor*. ^"b a party of fricmls. Iiad attai ned a |?rty of mire r* * hi y,aj f, mincnced digging on a plot of Ivnd which liial itc'jlii into elaiined as bis property, aud whirh tie under r Jlllvallon l'? fr? >|t? nt pn vlous oreaslons. m'tt -f have attempted to nMaln |?wrs~slon of a claim on the flat; hut. up to the press nt time any difficulty that may have arisen has lain amicably icttlni On Wcdnesslay last, however. ss? veral tniiM-rs determim-il fully to l.- t the matter, an I ronuiieoced working the flat Mr IMdrn was Informed of the proceedings, and prepared to resist them lie en listed arvernl persona In his cause, ai^i. on Thursslay pro cis <fs d to attack the squatters They resists**)?one s?f tin ir pnrty w as killed, and three of Mr IIolden'* men. while scvi ral persons were Wounded When our Infor ms nl left, the excitement consequent upon what had ? cruris d * as very great, and no doutd was entertaiuswl that still more fatal results would ensue lids is one sin.met a great number of rvldenregnf the importance of In.a,. .liste legislative action In regard to , ur mineral tr,nd*. Had Mr. Ilotelru t title the nature of which Was distinctly defined is clear that these unhappy proceeding! would not have oocurred. An immense itrt-a of what may clearly la- designated a* uiinersl land, in the southern laines. has been taken up and cultivated in the same maimer as this tract. More Lynching?Two Horse Thieve* Hung ? N tike Coiumnra. We learn from the Sat ratumlu Tranm iyl that two no n Were hung on the t'oeumues, ou Friday night last, lor stealing horses The circumstances are as follows:? Ou Friday night, about tew o'clock, a teamster rauie up to the ranch of Messrs Uttge & Aluiond. and iu formed thi in that "seine men wire below attempting to cross the river with rtoek, and were having a It'll of a tine- '' Ihesr geutli Inen at once seemed to he impressed with the idea that the men were horse thieves, uml they start ed for the spot On arriving there they discovered two nun whom they hailed?" Wlint horses are those you have They replied that they were some horses of their own. and that they had brought tin-in from Ih-y Creek. "Are they all yours/' said Mr. Gage. They replied, -yes. nil hut one." ?? When did you h*v? Dry I'rvvkf" said Mr O. Tin y replied that they "hud left there late this afternoon," (Friday)?that tliuy were taking the horses ; over to the American Fork. ? Messrs Gage and Almond, in company with two or three others, saw at once that the horses had U-enstolen i fri III their own ranrlio, and belonged to themselves. They said to the thieves. ?? G?d d?m you. you have sto j li n these horwes," Mid tliey at ouce arrested them. The lin n and horses were then taken hack to lite raticln> of Gnye uud Ailiior.d, opposite Hillsides', where strict iu ?iiiiry wus instituted An examination was umde of the brundson all the stock, and the brands were identical | with.those used l.y ttint Arm. and each and every animal fully n eopiiixed, not only by (lege und Almond, hut by Othi'V! in attendance The examination was made at the corral, and the evi dence was perfectly satisfactory that the horses had ju-t beeu stolen. They were perfectly dry and smooth, and exhibited conclusive evidence that they had not been dri>i ii any distance. 1 he prisiotiers wi re then arraigned, and a motion made to give them a trial by jury, hut ihe proposition v?s hooted down by the incensed crowd' A notion was then made that they be liung at once which wai carried I y acclamation' They were railed on to make a confession, being told that liny hud huthdfan hour to prepare for the so li inn change that awaited them They gave their names as Janu s llnxter, of Maine, and t'h.irlis Fimmons, of MassucliusitU?the names, however, may have been as sfflucd. Tlie prisoners were then told, that their time had nearly elap.-cil They seemed to he much exelted, and la pged, "tor God's sake, let us live n little longer " Five minutes more were given them, during whirh time one of the prisoners called on the oilier, saying, in a low tone of voice, "bet us tell them all about it;" to which the other n plied. "No. no; liu?h " \\ hen the half lo ur had clapM'd. they Were told their time hnd come. I.ariats were brought, n kiscs made, Hud tin guilty wretches hung up. This tool; place at I'd o'lliek. last night. (Friday.) and the IxnJies were still sitrpended this morning, when our iuft.rnusot I- Ft al though persons were engaged in digging two graves. Baxter and Simmons bad some ten or fifteen horses in i their possession when they were taken, all of which he ! iongidto Gage an J Almond, beyond the shadow of a i doubt. One of the reason! which induced the crow J to be so precipitous in their action, was the lute escape of Or ville Hamilton, who luid been tried on the day before for a similar offence, and who. whilst the jury were out. el ected his escape by changing bis hat. Inlrlllgcnrr frem the Mtiwi. (From the Sacramento Index. March o] We hi or from a gentleman who has just arrived from lliinoistowii, about tweuty miles above Auburn, that the miners upon the river near that settlement are nuking intensive preparation- to dam the stream oil several , ripples above and below the town. Tin- diggings in the hanks in the ncigliborhi i of Illinnistown have hereto fore bi i n very good, ami as the water in the river evill unquestionably be very hoc the ensuing summer, a rich . li.ii.' t is in store for the enterprising and laborious ndm r. (Fn m the Stockton Journal, March 5 ] We learn, from a gentleman down from Mokelumne Hill, that the miners in that vicinity ar- realizing large amounts of tlie dust. Git one of the hills, eight hundred feet aboTe the level of the stream, Is found as rich dig gings as has yet Is-eu found in the country All the pre ciu reived idi as of gold being deposited only in the beds of the streams, has b? en overthrown by tlie discoveries about Mi kcitimuc 11:11 Oil the Stanislaus. Mokelumne, Tuoluuine. and Merced, tlw miners tire taking out large sun lints; and it is cisnfids-iitly la lit ved that the rivers will yi. Id more during this approaching summer, has ever been taken from tucir beds heretofore Two weeks ruin would !?? worth a few millions to our district, and would do no injury to tin* summer work up in the rivers There i? many u vara sijuafe dug out and piled up waiting for the advent of a long wet spell; aud when it comes, many a miner will luu'.e from these h ip- a rich dust pile l'ld.aaaat Yatxav.?The Mcrved river is proving itiel! to be as rich in the precious metal a* any ottvr portion of the ftoutlieru ui nes Mr. ltobrrt Diiun tis.k fn in on.1 hole, on the Hat, In eight days, upwartlaof feven thou sand liollhrs; and three other men took from the bank of ; the river, in three days, nearly one thousand dollars. I Every one engaged docs not, of eoursc. do as well as this; but all who work, get well (mid for their services (From the ftonora llemld J We have said reja ati illy that richer veins or pincire sun nowhere tw found than those within a circuit of ten miles around ttonora F'aots are evert day develop.-d which satisfy us more and more of the truth of this as mrtlon last week we were shown >.iou-kand*oui'<*ii.-ci men- of auriferous uuartl. taken from a vein at th" llor I nion Uulcli. extending w Is li, te towards S-ddier's Guleb Three compnuic. liare claimed the vein Our Informant states thut foily-eight yards in length h ive lucn uncovered. al. ait ti n til nsuiid |u>im l? of stone , taken nut. w liich. it is thought will average fifty ? -at! to the pound How di-ep in the earth the vein extend-. Is not known. They have gone down about twelve f.-.-t in tlie ris-k. ai d. so fur, gold has b,-eu f jutrd tr >ui the top all the way down. Sonic half dosen other claims have l*-?ti local d within thv past Week?ei me near Jnuastosn no t --in near So iii ra If you go to the tops of the teiKhborillg moun tains, blasting is luart mi nil sides Mining t l><a-< ming the oilier of Iks day. The knowing oats say that plo-r ? ii lu i i.t of date We do:/-' this, but we readily admit that many ? f the vein* winch have fe-l then- plai ers will furui-h j-iiucely fortunes, uud will con tin ui- to Iw worked ft# uuiny years to Come Just a- we are going to |-re--. a .urg-- '.J:np >f g >1.1 weighing filly-*ix ounces, was shown ii-. takin out a few Bnur* la ft-rc. just laliind VnBi-y .V Bar ititno'n atore in the northern end of our t---?ii Frotu the Mime lead the twenty three pound lump was la-t spring Thf Inillan Kiptillllon lit Ciallftrrnta. IWliX MA-dA'tllt?PIMrOVCItV Op ME. CAWMChUH** nonv?TM* TREATY. Ti'-Borrur. Murrh I'lh. i?th* tiuv lit* I upon forth* grand talk with tin* Indian-, but. a- yet, f?. hM - c 'in" in Th*i'? la warn to klin% tiowvrrr. tint I u?i trill |.l< H Ut III' Hi" it < Prim lit I-Mill ** tea* I I If fiarti ul f <?' tit"'Vr ?Itii U upon llir mlilti - It aiijunra that Mr " lrton, of lie !Uii' l anil Mr Jaan. ii| Aim Prtn, wit > l* > iih r nti'B. int nn i'|.| man. ami tin "tlmr a n.'ftv I ft I It ? l plopr In I'm. linl li'uMi i.n Monday, lh- .1 i >?( with , thr*# ? a *agi-n*an I a nurol ? r ? f mill'- It* tit" aftiT mmn Wbrn in at t.? or In a i-nmut i.? linn Into flow Until liuli h. tin .y waft-aMarki I' ? a pa.'ljr "I InJann Iti am t.u ? . J t. in 1 all i f tUmi kill I A )>.ir:y t'f turi'T ? w nt i ut lh.- ui at tiny, aid .'otttii t'n ir unit. - tdrrrwd with 11.11" i-?? aiti'?- ai t 'ir ?> II nuia l T,-. pur ? t ? i| tW lit'llan. ot rtrmit thim. i<ml t onTf I a uum Iw i Iftir Willi ? Ihrj haT ?lii>n Thrt had probably r ? n :>ii ' I in thr in !?..! ? r!.' I t" ilrn l!u> M n up nto tin' iv tiotalin ft la oiuil Initf l.iii th* wtiii 'party or trii ?- that i ita ki.l tlw whit tvnratir lat* ramp of ?Ui k I lutr |nik'i"l) tii'U ) nan -mint lh* am r? are iidngwtll u I'nw <? M Oul' h. but ar* pint iiiU fmoi g'ing ligli up by fa* 1 n 1 ? n - Th-.' ?r ?1. rt !?" I.tin.lrr l luim r> r Nio*Ritrati I within a ?h"rt dlrtaBCir vf i nth*r Mtu-h al.irm **l?t< ihoot th* Imjlai . in ' II thin panto* *4 th* nutr;. md auaaE par ti' - ar* afraid in trartl from point t-> p ant An ripfm *M imltnl Imo th* .'UipaiiT nf Major Faraar'a battniioo. ?tation< l Ma tii* Atn J< wqulu. to- lay Th* L<'ly nf Mr I'ua-ai ly. who traa ruo off fr hu Warn Eahatliil w**k. km lw?-n dl coratwl It w.,? founJ i niy two b.ln l?<-' ,w hi- honor. pu rr?? I v,!I? twi-nly 'it arn w?. Hi- langu* waa rnrt out an I plnn-J to b.? biwlf with an SitToW. Milt o?* nf till I w?? harkrit oil Th' prooad bora rt' It if" "f t drapwrot* pi-r-onnl rotao** nf tlf (I'frlmd Th* trwrk- ?oop"?*| to hi* lai'B Mr ( > inunt hat* b**n mn to by ou* n! tlw Inlaw with lh* rhj> * ot thrrk'tim Th* Marhrtr. fM f * miciae*. Var b 15.?eta** milotr" -a. on th' 'lb. ti a.ldtrmg the # . ?A>m i.f tl." yrar. alt ,n?h ?loo In tl.*- ifttrr/nt* a r? itM" air . mi t nl an'* . #a*h In' t *. n tli" wnaat'ti*# m rimd# prta-iag a ti.? aiarkai that prkaa bar* ?? t h**B W H aaalaiaat tail th# pi i j t of i nn-ii.u 1 b*a>) urn kl* ha# 1 ? I a <at; r . * ?r'u m a til n *p*ratk?ai rrtmlly: ut altt'iik tl inda ntti at lit tmalry an pinaprriMM, ?#b<?i!l #.> #t*t? that di.?ti|i- tl ' tjMan t i*( at i?-l- i- fwihrl l-i 1 ad a bat w a "1; i-tir Efiaati* iMipn a t lakma MWtba that %li? rnri|t?tv ni Kiulai! I. t ran r, ar 1 nan . >iit< rail- . Tt' pmlnrtng ability af tbt l*a< idr r???t k?? Inn aaill iidtttlt*!. fM *H bWb Mth tli??Mnanl?a ad r< mrarratln# pi l<", Inrrr Mpaata "f annlfU nr# ?i n* a' frrt'i ?!! pail-nf iran -iv Tt" ami ?"? 'if'vrf) pail-nf rrratl'.n. Tb* aianwnf "f?v?ry rarlrly ?f **? il? tWrn .1 npi o "nf mirb*# l? rii**noii? t?l*? prtaaa* aaar- than i>ar artanl r-'|?in 'awnla. radtf abi.-prn mil p*r *i*? In "mling on t- ?<? 1 a. lot Ui. a xad a pr porvi.-aula quantity of rninarti. Auiiia?Th# drmanit I# "u.all. Ai.iih i iti nai. lupi i on# arapi ivly.aat owinf tnIS# rl .'nn pfo?p?'T? fir a*rt??lt.nrr. an aiiuaat '?( th# nniim ni'tiilrywa n. prln? ar' fwlMll. rk.' pri'b?bttMy briar that ? # rhall b" M?r?t"b'-it liar ai ATi ??a ? Th# ?#ir itpnl #tr" k '?? Rnir Wat la lh# bnml? of II,# 11 on 11, aflapaay, tk# nrt*> ba? to 'B pul up t" If |wr itet-k a#tliih#., f"t vnili f priia# qnall'v Tb?r? i# a go"d o#al of rrfwti* ibo" ?b*i ha< b??a paftially d*'o ?*#4. aail An?tr*liaiv ikai ?a nfl""t a? qnlt? lrn*n'ar nrl*#?. ar 0' r Itng t I lt> frailly an I ?rd#r IIa'aII #a I Hall ? h *h?a in priw or jPt. i# In n". I for r llarl y ht a whll? a#- b#<t an "iTanr'ig tru l-n y .? ln r>a?*il ?fri??l? ha## pot It ?to* n aga .a to Ir Oail ta lin? "Irf #?naW hftag a?d ??> da. It i bay p * tf< . J doal "I r .nr## f d. but m t like*i*# lai # a f id 'VtuanJ H 4W? aai' kimra.-Of th? form#* artt'l* w# ba*# anr.r?r. M *V: tbr ?"*#? # baaing b. a dry I" *an?? I >- -in rh dwaf 1 rintwi'-nl ta Mil' tin- aa la a-, uln! nng to ?hl? mtr hi t aa g"Rrr illy th#-al" mn-t'how a I ??? llMrna.?Tt ;? arttolf lab*tt?r. aa t #at" #f a good artiola . - making at fVp** It. a' tb? abta. I Bi ihkn i ffintin wiutin A d?osi w%fiy ?Trty* ta a <laa?a|*d rradfthia loan-Aatbrarttr ba- ?ald rathar twit" aay bt5 MM ran*' of prim# f r ant ar# from %'f" I UIHM lit fdratp, I|i I oat but litUt of?f tao.r?c#U Ci MKir remain* about the same. Ci.oTH?a(.-lnl?iilint we art* *ltug?thfroverstocked ?&# it w ill take m prood while to relieve the market 11a* h*? recently been ??>1-1 us high a? 6>*o. per lb., la quantities. lk>aikATic?.?The demand ii moderate, and price* are la*, the demuiid being much lee* than forinerljr. Some *hijMnent# have hern made t<. Canton. II Aai?WA8?:.-Sale* cau only be made at retail to any ad* vantage. J M)i a Gooi>i.?The demand i* very moderate, and prion# a re low. I.ivi ohh.?A little improvement in brandy; other artiola# are about the -ame. I.iMBil.-Vie hare no change to notice. The *toek I#, larre, an 1 it will take twelve luonthe to relieve the m*rk#4? Ma tau*.?Nothing doing. N ah.*? An overstock. and dull. Sac Aha ?The et???k is large and increasing, and price* hav# a downward tend*mv. Si f.AKa ?1 sirire arrival* have put down price*. A mil deal from Manilla and China. Smov ?i a ?Kx treacly uncertain. Soap?Steady. 'i > am.?The arrivals ha\e been large, and price* are lowefk ToHArcm?Ha* a declining tendency, Samkn'i Wacm?$ll>. V a.?Dull. H? ai Ektatk. except in prime busineaa location*, i* a*t 1 riaphtg one quarter the price* paid twelve months ago. The ? xt< n?i\e *ale of real estate at the < alifornia Kxohangtv by our friends, Mecar*. Kendig, WaiuwrightA Co., on Thurs day, w as very num.-rously attended, an i the lot*, it will k# seen, have brought excellent price*. Square No. 49?Lot No lb brought $325; 17, >3*25; li, >750; 13, >b86. Square No. 1.4?Lot No. SJ hr tight *110; <1. >I7?C 6. Slid. Square No. I lot No. II, *110: 13. y*K 12. >*>; II. 1.SO; p\ cjjO; 9, *1!- $!!#>: 7. f I" b. *"10: 5, St**; I, $:**?; i, IW; t* i 110; 1. *4uo. Square No. l.Ai?L 't No. 7. if*Oth 2. *210; 1, f.'lo. 2, >210: 3. 5210; 12. *!??>: 1.1. *10- II *100; H, * MH 9, 10, ft, *175. Square No. ?Lot No. 7. &I2B; H. P and 10. S 123 eacl; 15. *375; A, I. $390; 11. p&y H, 4>;7?|, s;2. V2 ?>; 3. *270 Square N??, 24b?Lat N*. 11 t :"0; 3, <>and 7, S?.'4)?a< h ^Square No. 377?Lot* No*. 1,2.3 *i I I l roi ; ht $1.30- iu h. fquar? No. 354?Lot No. 1 brought $>*?. Squnra No. I.'b-Lot No. 3. f 110. Sqtiare No. t*4? Let So. ll, >250; 5. SI ?u; I >150. Square No. 2-%'J?Lot* No*. 14, 13,, 10. 0. hand? I rongth *fftOeaeli. Square No. 2s3? \-t? Nil-, 1 and 2 brought $115 eiich. Lot No. 3, iu earn# pqunre. S400. S-niare No. 422?Lotx Son. 12, 13 Hud II, *1* evil. SHir.c square, lot* No*. 21,22, 23, 24, 25, 27 and 211 lr -ught >50 each. 'In y Ma it spt remain* tight and inactive?loan# nr.- ditJuult V<?elte- t. except on the most unexceptionable M verity, at d the rate* arc very high?band 8 per coot per ii. nth (o.lddtiAt ?* in much demand, the receipt* from thai li. ;u? ?? hat ing Iwen but Incited during the past tw ?? weeks. A C't?*i?! - ral-l,. ar.iouut ha- he-a used hy the Cm ted State# A?xt \tr, hut thelsut of the VOing* ts not being reoelved bjf ink* In chi ked theii i during the nut week. 1! r up market i* ?xceodiogly dull, aud every deacriptlo* of public stork haa reri di d. Domestic Excm AMir..?Ob New York, sight, par; on Boa ton, do.. do.: on J'hiladelphia, do., do.; on New Orlewns, do.# d??. y.'vni-.s Kxc-MAJ-cr.?On England, ahiht. Wd. per 4oJ.; do. CO'y; nn France. ei;:ht, 4f. 8c; Uu. *i0 (lay., btj 111 lJuuil.urnli.?iiilit, 4"? * IV do. 'A'dH>-. ?l ? V>; on Vnlp? rai.n, Cf1 dny. # p?r <eut j.rrm.j on l.imn, 30 d?y?, 3 do.; oa . xii-o nml liavnun. p?r. V.iti or (ioi.ii ami Si I-V . R. ?Hold du.t, i;ui? V.ilTir, 1- M I d.-ubl on., H'.. .ovnmi^n., 4 n5; twuotv Iraiii |ir<r>. ?. do enftutn huOK, 3M; tru auiliior dimm, A ten tliHlrr do . M; S] dollar. I: ll.iir.n Jo., 1; l trortM do.. I; I'liilcan do., I; tiir franc pltctl, Xi a $1. JDarslagrit aiitl l?? ?llt? lit California, Aw. MAKlilKK, Vhr. I. Mil. by >'. M . Slo plicrd. Juatie* of tii? I'nac*. Moa ,i?ur Ku.taclio M n cx to MaiK-moi.clle Cujiaie Duatay I.Hi of Stockton. On tl.r ?d Id r??rj , l.y tin Iter. Vr. U'il.on, Mr. Nathaa !? I I'nrdj to Wi.ii M.irisari t filrron . iM.tli of MarvavilU. llnrt I. 4th. Ht (limrdit' Kaavlin. ti, Ju.ticr 11 I,. M'.rd, Mr. A. U Llgiit, of i-nn Jon.tuinroui.ty, to llui Almeda OgU, fomi.rlj of aif.ouri. In 1.1 l>< rod. county, nt flu ():ik Valley Ilonae. on Tan day i vi miia, March llth. by the hrv. W . T. Olirrr. Dockav tl.c.ry ? . t to. k, formerly ol Mi.aia.ii'iu, to Sua Martha J. M -rvon, lorin. ?ly ol Iowa. I) IBP, On the Oh of February, at tlir French Ifotal, Honolulu. Daniel t u|iaas. airrd nbont forty year, the ilfccaaixi waa aa kuajiaiiu na. lUe u>b' of Mr. C. re.idoa in San FranciaM. On U?r. \ ul u llirrr. Feb. 2f>, of iiiflamraatnra of kha L i".Ic. FI'itiR O. 1'eaalry, of lo?a. Aa it fa uut known ta vlat |ia?t ul the Stat, the brlunard, any ona *ht may I.a'e Loon ar^iiau.te<l with lua fuiuily would coafor a an at Inr- r by 11- yynia a liar to Jainra 11. Wllaon. I.oaB liar, Vnha (n't. In lltrjiiille, KB Sunday ai?ht, of apoplaxy, John kL Folic, ol tjuiury, Ma.,. tin W.iiinw) y. at Uo- rr.idi-nte of T. II. Orrra. Baf? (' arb'tte I. . dauivh*- r or tavt. l.atid and C. II. laaalafc ag-'d 1 * y? arx. till hoard tl.i ftr.-i'iict Aktrlofe, March S. Mr. H. B. llarrla. an d a mcchant loom Ohio At I'ortland, Or?,o.n. on >?ctwrdav, Feb. 22. Mra. Aaaa Ell ulctli Facklar, wife of M.r. St. Mivharl Facklrr, la aha it'tli ynrol her >('. 1 lie d-craard w?, the oaughter of tha Kev.JalBca II. Wulnr. i a.t r of the Mcthodiat Rpiooopal II uic'i of I'ortlaad, "oyiu At 1.1 lilt liar. 1 ui a Ktwoa. March 1. Mr. ratrirk R. Kenaa. foi iucrly of Jack.on. ajrd 47 y vara. Drownid. Fib. Ilth. on board oi ach nm.r lluaaa Doa, a4 tha entmuce ol lluinholUa Bay, Mr. Abraliaw lloctor, of Mm. Indiana - The follow inr doatlia had o. aurrrl at San Franrlaoo;? Mat 1. - I 1'. Ifallot. of New l.?u<lon, a<rd 3D. 4? Lawrcuee llli.a, Maai*?vbnaotta, 23. Henry Cbnduck. Daniri Mctjoy, Barney Drrla.o L oucrdibo 1 c|ra, Itoaton, .IV B?TI. miia M annrr. In land. IV. Chart., Abbot, hujtand.dM. 1'. Kctland, Ireland.SA. tli.a Moi taada i. Switierland, 38. 6? tharlotti I l.anxwa SH. T?J aooh \ . M allaco. 11 Itwwaa. 44. hiihard Tliompao*. hualand. M. t- Mar.i.ict B. Mel'lma, Valparaloo, 7. M llif|.?Ttr., Frnvrr, 06. 0?II U Mariia, flhu . ft .tacitera Fauat, Fraaco. .18. I? T. I.aararu, Am.trrdam, 33. 10?Itkhard t.raliain, Sydney, St. I'ril.o Corrjo. ChliO. 27. It iiliani Cooper, Teaaa. 23. 11?Victor lloc'iuoiit. Attwerp, ... John Ml. ii. .Mod.lean. M. IP?l>avld I ickwood. New V.rk. 43. I.'?George Voting, Hoaton, IV. Th-1 How in* w i the death* iu Sacramento in I cn 'in* March Vtl. k.r 1.3?a M s 4 21. ArkisiM. W lit IUo3 i>?. Mm** S*lv*(J<>r S*l:?Kar, Mv*ic(S 7?L( r. ti I*. Sims, 24, Nftflsll, Ms. 4?K 1 iiU'Mxi, 42. st*iofor\i. i'oaa. Hol itifton. unknown. 1 It Jr Intelligence. AmTiir* manor ok .vi kkkk, rKKrrnuT*i> on ?III!: FIVI fiiLNTS?A HLAC& MAM klUO It A VtlllE ft AM. On Thurrday night an affray took place in Crown's i".' cry atore. aituatcd at Die c< rner of Anthony ami Lit l. ? W ?li'r i lnal? on the Kin- IV nt? between a whits uian naao J Anrou Moukey, un<l a Ma< k man railed Kd i) Moore, in wliirh m ook y drew from Itie pocket a lUrlt knife r ml Inflicted a rtab ou tiie Min k man. the knife 1 i-rtratit'g the hotly bctwnn ttic fifth and aixth rila, I tnfti. tn g a Ji ?? I!) wound t i tin heart of about nn iu !? Tli itjurrd man ana (OUTryal Iniraaiti airly t<> the ilnu ttorr of llr l'ar|teutiar. where he f?!i- I nhn??t iti-lnntly Tin- coroner. yertcnlay. hold nn lit i?. -tut It.'' Sixth w >il-talioo honae ou the body of lb murtli r. I n an nn<l tlnl I "Ibiwina v lea titled trhfly In to nn the total t?l w I trio k by the prtaoner, al o It m i ttie ?a- m reati'd iiliio-t linun illntcly on tba 11< t. J it tin .llrk knife with * III' li I lie Wow wan Initiated In-, not I net i Vim I (. mgcT. Ilurrirnn, a colored nua, to 1:11? il that lie ???in the euiiipaiiy of deeeeeed on tiaa night In'jtio?tii ii in.I that Liidy Moore ran again* Mutiny. who Leiiim- angry an I exclaimed tliat he v nul l kill tbe (I?Hi i > n of a l> - h. auil alimed iii-tanliy ha ?In win in hUpoikt-t a knlle hiJ rtrink the deccamwl in flic rid" Amain r aitm rallnl Ton K igali, i wear* that he w ilti"--i it th" pri-omr take fr.'iit In* picket a knife, op. ri i! an I tbin-t it liito th ? ? ?ide if the I'f ant 1 in uta- H'NcU wii. that a I "lit an hour previous to the mm ler, lie i w pri ? m t hare a dirk k iilfe io Ilia ptm waion l>r Irauklln trmie a;??r m etamlnaUon of the de ceit ul iiInl f'uini that a Wound Iwen indict.-4 be ta i u the tilth ami Mivfh fit", which pem trmled to the I i art-'h ue by ri me rbarp in-trument?which wound ?i <? Ideally tba eaure uf death Tl Jury. on the facta ? .r'li I Ut'.ri IL. ui fund tbr billowing Tcrdlsl ' That tie lena-ed f I J> M'H.riv C'tine to bir death by a wound I1'! tut t.y .Vat o Mink'j wuh a dirk kuilr, wliieb k ' uud (a m tret, d the ill n li' ainl tut ? the b art '' Tba d i an i in eo aae about US year .f nge an.t a well kn >wn l?i ou ale i,i the l'i?" poUili ami tin Citjr Friwa. Tba ] r ? o il charged with the uitt; !. r i? a white man appa rmtly ul ? ut t! n ut' age ami a1?o a well known charac ter to the i.o|iee I! kt | l n drtn1 Inn reilar in \nthowy e!r* < t, near Little It ab r licet, frw| by tbe tovmd I'l lie bt the loah lei till.lie r>-ei. nla of that Tie laity 'the | ri ' nrr waa committed to tbe T mba to await bis tlial for the murder ATT MIT Ai MtTHM?Tilt ACCVSCD PARTIES II RKWfKD, On Thut' jay niaht. a b, Id at d draperate attempt m e.i le bytwofwi Itii wil"ir,e>IM Jirub Klowt aad l> l' t< mm t'iriuirlj hat'da oil teiard the Swi-dtah Lagna. to murder t a| taiu t'oiWt lianierjd-r. and tba Bib to. Aaron Nctl.'n. blunging to the *aid brig ft mi I that the mai ami the captain Were rltting in tba whin a at- ne ?r brick wa? thrown through tin window in'o tlie rabin and nli.ioat blatantly s piatwi | no ti chaTi d thcntcnta if which |nw d into the ealiln thri i.ub the wind w tmt tery liiieily the capiat* and mate t. raped vniqjurrd The attempt waa. rTnteut ly. torn?wlssti' tie- raj-tain ami mate I'tfl r-llickc and Itoberie. two if (lie rlg'Unt p -lire of the Thin] ward, heard the dUrhargr of the pi.rtol. and iininnliately ii..-t<md t" the d ck f-'t of ii?'jr atreet. where tha * creel ws? lying and on arrlrtrg al tlie pier they a*m Ik Sirs ?y 'I tie ? -tberr> at one* artaad t'i i, M-idt V Nth nit- "lot -l\ and on liak ing on f" in ne t Inn tic | ' ' a i ' und The tw > pi era were mweyid before Ju-tiee O-tairn, who c mmitedl l b- th to priecii, to await a further te aring The two priaoBera aire ideotiflid tie the captain to be two of hi* ecuni' ? oue bating ileo rt'-d from the reaael ? ime tima rinee, while lu ?iew (>rlcana. aud the other left the brt? h"ti' flit* "Dim tl or Lumn Omi rata ai nar iw m flat rr ?Ala.wt 11 n'eloek ynrterilay foreman a ttrw ums dlin rcird at ho 2M) Mulberry atnwt. In a l>edronas aw eonii J by Mr* Smith ttne if her rhildren waa pfayinc in the n I ? with a twi* <f mairhea. whan they [gifted^ and ret (Ire to a rtraw t?d. which war inMantly In - The little feHow fortunati ly ran out and told hta stuUBS what he had lone. aid. the alarm being it Wen, the flro war ettlnguirhed hy the poller if the fnnrteswtb wnrii *t 4 orb ck yclerday morning, William II, Brown dlr covered a lire in the prrmtrea if Abel S ami He No 3M penny Kvtlngubhrd with trifling dai ,ag Ai ?*w or Pier *v tin Arroa Itscivs ?Al ? iionrfar part t? o'eloek. laat night, there waa r.n alarm of Rra ?* the Artor lloure. which turned out to Im> a rhlmney na lire It waa evttnguirhed la a fen mlnuter hy the wait era of the eatablbhment fiai at t'OMrv In iat??T>- ?t*cctiow or tHr OirawiS IIoi rr ? The Oceanic tlou c. at Coney Ialand, took ?ra aleiiit 10 o'eloek ou Tburadiiy morning, and waa totallg deatroyi d Krrrtra or tat Srwaw ? During the bt? Obrv|Tkt? tj kltk^icl to W/NtdT' Itotfl. w?? Wo^k ? *