Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 19, 1851, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 19, 1851 Page 4
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'BOWERY THEATRE B^wery-Lasr Dav* or Pompeii ?Felon's Last Dream. BROADWAY THE ATRE, BruBJwny?TeachM Tavoht ?Tihion or THE Si N. NIBLO'S GARDEN, Broadway?Iri'MTIUx Plrfokx ASCU BURTON'S THEATRE. Chamber* street?Delicate Grovnu? -School for Tigers. NATION A I. Til E A TRE. Chatham street?Star Sr angled Barker?Ham-let?Jack Sheepard. BROUGHAM'S I.YUEUM, Bnadway ? That Odiois Bapt. Ci tter?Spirit or Air?Teacher Tavght. CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS. Meehauies' Ilall, 472 Broadway ?Ethiopian Mikstrelsv FELLOWS' MINSTRELS, Fellows' Musical UaU, No. 4? Broad* ay?Ethiopian Minstrels. HORN A WHITE'S OPERA TROUPE. Coliseum, No. ISO Broadway?Ethiopian Minstrels v. AMERICAN MUSEUM?Ami SING Performances *r TERSOU N and evening. MEW YORK AMPHITHEATRE. 37Bowery?Euvestbiam Pu rOBKANCEA. WASHINGTON HALL?Panorama or die Pilgrim's P?OtiKl? BINERVA ROOMS?Panorama or Ireland. HOPE CHAPEL?Concert tr the Alleghanians. BTOPPAN'I IIALL?Panorama or IIvnoary. DOUBLE SHEET New York, Saturdny, April 10, Ih.H. Ten day* Later from California. By the arrival of the steamship Prometheus at Uus port last evening, we are in receipt of ten days, later intelligence from California, but the news is not of much importance. In consequence of the continued drouth, the hopes ?f the miners have been disappointed; but, although the Prometheus brings no gold dust, we learn by her that two millions of dollars worth is on its way ho the Atlantic States, and hail arrived at Panama. The drouth occasioned [a great depression in every hind of busine-s, but hopes are entertained that bot tom had been reached. We need not, consequently, expect such a large importation of the precious metal for some time to come from that region as was anticipated. It is very likely that the efl -eta ef the drouth will be as severely felt here as in Cali fornia, if not more disastrously. We learn that a destructive fire occurred at Ne vada City, which destroyed property to the amount ?f a million of dollars. This, added to the drouth, will increase for a time, and for a moment, the dif ftcnllies in California. JSome more lynching has taken place in the new States on the Pacific. Two jiersons found in the act of horse stealing on Cosuuiues river, were hanged by the people. We refer our readers to the details of the news published in another column. The European News l?y the America'* Malls. The arrival of the steamship America, at Bostoft, ?n Thursday, enabled us to receive our correspond ence and European files, by the mails, yesterday morning. We have selected from these a variety of miscellaneous and interesting intelligence, which Will be found elsewhere in our columns. As we have before referred to the political event-* ?forty importance, we will content ourselves with referring to the public banquet given to an Ameri can citizen, at Southampton, in which the authori tees and inhabitants of that town did much honor to their guest?Joseph Rodney Croakey, Esq., our consul for that port and district. This dinner was fives in congratulation of his re-appointment to that post, from which he hud been temporarily removed; as, also, in token of the respect enter tained for him personally, ami in appreciation of the services be ha# rewU-red to .Southampton, hy his exertions to ?<cnrethe establishment of th** several lines of ?team'hips between that port and hew Y ork. To Mr. Croskey and his distinguish--1 colleague, Colonel A. Dudley Mann, then our consul at Bremen, and -ince employed by the Government af the I'nited States in important diplomatic trusts, la due the credit of haring been the first projectors and promoters of American ocean steam naviga tion, and the names of these two gentlemen will he recorded on the same page that records the fame of Robert Fulton, and of John Fitch. In order to ah?w the importune# with which thi- demonstration was looked apon in England, we have only to men tion that, besi*l*.-? several members of Farliam ut being pre-, nt on the occasion, and a ting as stewards, the Attorney-General, fit Alexander Cock burn. the first law tificer of the crown, and one ?f Jler Majesty's ministers, came down fr<io l#m don fur the purpose of nssitting at this great c >m I Iran-nt paid to our countryman. Captain Nuids, of the 5*t. Lawrence, ami all of his ateuers who could be spared from the duties 0f the ship w. re j r< sent, and their speeches were alike errilitable to their good taste and to their patriot ism Mr. C roskey's conduct on this, to bim, inemo rable r i-ca ion, will make hi* fellow town?mcn of Pbila-b Iphia. bis native pla e, ptoud an-l happy, and at ti e same time re ft act much credit upon the admini ti . ?,.!> f r r- p| .it - b :u to a p--t whi h he fill* so creditably to binn* If ami to his country. We have only one thing t i regri t. In this ??? m. - - lion, and it i with c< - arable feeling t is rat we renew our ? xprs -ion of disj leasure at the . t ?f the gov rr.metd, In n**t u ii ig - t.n app ? ; u Mmi for the expenses f the -t. Isiwrtnce while on her mimion. The civi li* which have b ? n ex tended to h* r officer will in-piie tin in to return the lavish eourte- ' Engli h friends. and thi< i. 1 ? be done at the exp'-nae of th??s<- la charge of the Teasel Of course this w II pot, a very onnrotis tax, and may prove u v. ght iij n some of tlm Hfi* ? r for year* to eome. The government sin .! | yet reimburse them forth* evp. tbu- in urrvl. Twr Lro'-r.sTnF Dtstea.*vn!tTt?t ix At i ?It*- Efi i.< rw 111.hi:m n*.?The r?- g.iat ion of twelve Senators, ami the cons* jnent bieakii np of the Legislature in Albany, together with the defeat of the <'anal loan <*f nine millions of dollars, an 1 Tari*ius *ilher hills, is an event of an nnpreeed nte I fharastcr in th< history of the State of New Y'ork. The <ff< ?et* , t such a movement on the future i**- iti cal artion of parties will he and paramount. The first result of this movement, will ho to thr<iw entirety int(, | f,,. shade. f,,r f*.,m? 11 III* t*i Com#, til*' ?Ml-rlavery agitation, ami the a nti-slavery agita tors The two old | arti- . wit ig? ami democrats. Will hi thrown ink on Mtatc issue-, involvingtho ?onatituti*.rali*y ed ? qtt*-tion of greet and vital Importance. fori* t ihc whig journal >1 uouncc this movement <t th- ? ling -etwior--. be a use Itisa revolutionary proceeding, and not the I. ? mod r of - * tt ling t he question of-on ? it ; tonality in jcgard to the 1 iw They a*-rt tha* the ('o o : of Appeals alone has the right t .. I tiun. The otI i r party, th* iin-j: l.-m*.?t , prri that, on sueh .n issue, th* v j, t ai p?.il not to jio'gi-i el**efe*l by.the people, t ti i? th- 1 ycof'"th? mselvrs. the ?it?hoi *an*l f* ? ? f ihc <oi. titiilion nnd judge- , j.*j lat'c: \icu certainly to be the more rational, philosophical and republican. No party rau take exception to an ap pal to the people?the highest source of power?on any constitutional or other quest'on. K1 sew he re in our columns will be found the pro- j feeding* consequent on the disorganisation of the j Legislature in Albany among both parties. Great . preparations tire being tuude tor the ensuing con test?a contest that will involve the discussion of I mighty principle* of constitutional construction and prdltiral economy. The enlargement of the ! internal improvements of this great State is uu- i doubtedlv a noble at.d a praiseworthy measure but the highest work of beneficence, should never be effected b> the preparation of an assassination, or murder, on the constitution. All goodand bene ficial measures should be carried into effect, by just, legal, and constitutional means. When this law was fir*t proposed, we saw that it trenched on the constitution of the State, and we mlvised the legislature to pass the nine million loan, with a pro viso nppuling to the people, whDh would have ob viated ull difficulty. This direct mode of meeting the question was negatived by the whig party ; but the democrats, by u strict parliamentary pr<?ceed ing, though somewhat revolutionary iu its aspect, have compiled them, nolms rolm*, to go before the pople. The contest, therefore, will begin on the great question from to-day ; aud it will probably throw the anti-slavery agitators, and the anti-sla very excitement, into the shade, for a while at least. We shall watch its progress, aud report how j the two parties get along. The Closing Scenes oe the Stool-Pigf. in Drama.?Drvrv's Trial in Bkooklv.n.?Wilkks Still a Figitive in New-Jkrsev.?The last acts of the stool-pigeon drama, which has astonished the community for the last two years, are now at hand. The trial of old Drury of Astoria, on an in dictment for having counterfeit money in his pos session, with intent to pass it, was eommen?ed be fore Judge Greenwood, and a Brooklyn Jury, a few days ago, but was postponed in consequence of s'iekness and deuth in the family of one of the coun sel engaged in the case. It will he resumed on i Monday, uud will probably be concluded that day I or the next. This is about one of the last acts of the concern. We have no special information, disclosing the character of the charge a gainst Drury, the uinount of the evidence, or what the result will probabiybe. Judging, however, from the developemcnts made in prosecuting the various indictments againJt Drury, by the stool-pigeon gang and their law yers in this city, we are disposed to think chat this is even a less plausible case than any of the other charges, which were negatived by our intelligent juries, or passed upon as absurd and ridiculous by the present intelligent IHstrict At torney. In the various stool-pigeon indictments, got up under the auspices of John McKeon, und prosecuted by him und David Graham, against l)rury, the evidence disclosed that Thompson aud his villainous associates were the contrivers, and workers, und instrument*, in the process of fabri cating groundless charges against both Drury and Arlington Bennet. A curious account of Thomp son's workmunship in the stool-pigeon business will be found in another part of our columns to-day' being a Sketch of One-Eyed Thompson and his vil lainies, prepared and written by an ngent of the regular police of this city, and who is wclluequuiutcd with all that concerns the character of that man. Thompson was a very remarkable knave in his way. He possessed a good knowledge of chemistry, also something of ventriloquism, and could a.-:imilate various characters, und imitate voiees, with remark able exactitude. All the evidence produced before the juries of this city, and which formed the founda tion of the indictments against the Drurys, the older and the younger, und Arlington Bennet, was evi dently fubricuted, wlndc-alc and retail, under the management of Thompson and his ass X'iates, such as Bristol Bill the burglar. Meadow*, the counter feiter and engraver, (both now iu the Vermont ' Mate Prison,) and various other characters thut he had been connected with. This brief view of the character of Thompson and his a.-?ociates has been developed in the course of various trials had in this city, and the probability is thut the trial now going on in Brooklyn cannot vary the nature or meaning of those gross fabrica tions. With regard to another, and one of the leading ?pirits of this stool-pigeon confederacy?we mean George Wilkes?we believe {his case has been mis understood by the pre?s generally. It has been supposed that because Judge Barculo, of Pough keepsie, grantedja stay of proceeding", that there fore he is at liberty to return to New Vork. Such is not the case. If he wi re to set his foot on any part of New York State, he would be liable to ar rest ui u fugitive convict from Poaghkeepeie, in the same manner as he could have been taken before ] the stay of proceeding* The order granted by Judge Barculo, is simply a conditional stay, for the purpose of allowing the Supreme Court to pass an opinion upon hi* charge to the jury who tried the ca*c iu I'oiighkecpsie. Wilkes, therefore, remains still a fugitive from New York, and is probably still roaming somewhere in New Jersey. In the mean time, we see that the dirt Umrttr continues its violent ami libellous attacks on Judge Barculo, arid the court at Poughkerpsie, on Mr. Jordan, the lute ' attorney general, and on every one who has been in strumental in breaking up such a dangerous con federacy ?- that of the stool-pigeon gang with which W ilkc- was connected. They will all receive their deserts in due time. Indignities to tiie 8m retary sir State.? M hat i? tiie of New ) oik to do in view of the re< ? nt disgraceful acts towards Daniel Webste', psrp-ttrated in the Senate at All?any and by the Board of Aldcimen ut Boston? Were our city cor | 01 at ion in m "Ion. we should not be obliged to ask thi? question, for ".mrthiiig would be done to show tLe publi. appreciation of the talent* and public services of the Secretary af.State. As the Corpora ' 1 wever, ate ru t in a position to take the pm|?*T steps, the people at large will probably t:ik< up tlx subject?call a general meeting of t ie citizens, and pi ?e< Daniel \\ cbster in such a posi tion ?? he would command but for the plots and in ti pio oftln an: daveij minions of Seward, Weed Ate. T in < srr 'n vt. Point.?Our foreign file* andeor re?prnenre, rceeiv<d by the la-t arrival* from Eu rope. say nothing in confirmation of the report that Aichb -liop Hugln is to l.avo a cardinal's hut. What i? the rca*nnofthis ? Tnr La ie M m m in New England?We pub lish, to-day, additional |?rtirLh>r* of the late storm on the coast <f New L'nglaud. It will be found tho ino?t severe that has visited thut Coast f r many year*. 1 r Liv* I.aii* its* llo ???.?tVe Luvn received G tl- I'rtmetbeu* < or tk rf t>,mi, 4, }? ,?frr,*?. aud )o I tr>A, I? to the 1 lb io-tant TG lr>k>|iil!llty sf Ifavsna hud. f< r a moment, been di-tiirt... r v n trnr^r lnrij>nt genu per?"n* heard. "II the fill insf.rit the r-? rt ofaraaaon at Marhd. and thought immediately that* new erudition had arrived, ?ut after a inquiry it r,< Ascertained that It wVt'll/ari""4 ??" Timte were not In r " ' ^'ni"i'".u*'1 "hi'h |n nn Improved I'1, r ' f l,i- ' "t.t-i,.-??. n. rwl f r the organiw-thmoflhr lv ,wl ? , V r,UVi.'' ' ? "* Havana In / r *#.1 ** 'Ottipari.. ? f co?r~. Is greyly in f*v< r or tld< y??r. The |e.|iticitl new* Is without es| < l?l int<r< t foil it (sliiulsr?This rtijr. Cfivrvtr* l'r r **.?. ?>111, ?io. 6?w &if K) Ml. Ml 31 8,1 lite Weekly lis rnl.f. t llnf.ii n will he published NEWS BY TELEGRAPH Very UHwXNg ftwa Albany. MOVK.MICMS OK THE DEMOCRAT- THE MKNDOI MtXTlMI?KAKTY CADCI'ltS?THE KX l'KA SE.s MOM OK THE LEO18 LATCH E?QEN. BRADY DEAD, YIY , ETC. Albart. A|?ril 18?9 P. M. There is a tremendous gathering at the Capitol. eo? veued under a rail to rustalu the urtiou of the twelve democratic BeiiKtora who have resigned?Ell Perry, Mayor of the city prodding. They a i re obliged to adjourn to the open air llorutio 8ejin< ur, of Utica. auil Sauiut 1 M Shaw, editor of the .'it {(tu. have addressed the meetiug. Mr. Tilden, if New York, I* now spoaklug Tlie euucus of the democratic members of the Legisla ture was held at the capital, last night. Horatio Sey mour made a very animated speech, fully endors ing the course taken by the Senators. The addresses and reso lutions are to t>e prepared at Utica. by Mr. Seymour and Mr Maun The party will lie united upon the issue just made in relation to the Canal hill. At the whig caueus last evening, great unanimity and goedfielilg prevailed A committee was appointed to draft an addn s*. which will be submitted to-night. There Was no diversity of opinion on the subject. The extra session of the Legislature will probably meet In Juue. Lefore which time the vacancies in the Senate will he tilled lieiteral Hugh llrudy died at Detroit on Tuesday mor uing. Rensselaer Westerls. an ag?sl and respected citizen of this place, and half hi other of the late 1'slroon, died herd last evening. KE.VAi.NDEH OF ACTS PASSED BY T1IE LEGISLATURE. The following are the remainder of the bills which have becomt laws:? 180. For tlie enrollment of the militia, to abolb-U militia lines in certain cases ami to exempt members of uniform roui)<aniee from working on highways and serving on jurii s. 1M To supply the Black River canal and the Illack River with water by draining the lake at the head of Black Moose and Beaver rivers 182. To amend title 6. chap. 1. part four, of tlie revised | stututis. entitled "of offences punishable by imprison ment in a county jail and by fines. 183. To lay out a ntw- street from the Tentli avenue to Eighty-sixth street, in the city of New York, and to keep open a part of the Bluoniiugdale road for that pur pose. 184. To authorize the owners of land fronting on the Gowuuu* Kay. to build docks, wharves, aud bulk ilea (s, piers and basins, in front of their laud* on said bay. in the tity of Br<* klyn. and part of New York. 185. To provide for the determination and settle ment rf the claims of John T. H'alrath. for damages oe casi< ced bjr the diversion of the wuters of the Cheuungo creek. lkti. To increase the number of wards and ward officers in the city ot Troy. 187. To authorise the reapprisul and payment of canal damage* to James Folts 188. In relation to Mutual Insurance Companies. 1KB. To ei.i lie Enos Collins to lake, hold, and convey real estate wilhin this Hate liO Requiring certain highway assessments, worked on the turnpike road of the Schoharie kill Bridge Com pany. to lie worked under the direction of that Company 181. For the relief of the parties interested in certain lands belonging to tlie estate of John J. Morgan li'2. To ami nd the act entitlid - An uct relating to the huibor master , of the port of New York," passed March 10,1860. 118. To authorize the Delhi Plank Road Company to ' change the location of a portion of their road. 194 To authorize the Clyde and Rose Valley llauk Road C< nipany to abandon part of their mad. iiitS. To ameud an net. passed April 26, 1839. entitled " An act to amend the uct incorporating the village of Waterloo." 196. In relation to the Justices' Courts in the city of I New York 197. To change the time for muking payments to the safety fund. 1 198. To authorize the Cayuga nation of Indians to pur chase land.- in this Hate. lid*. To incur] orate the University of Albany. 290. Authorizing the building ot a bridge over the i Erie Canal, at R< me. 291. l'rovidlng for the settlement of the accounts of Campbell and Moody. 202. To amend au act entitled " An act relative to the Penitentiary of Unoudaga County," passed on the I lltli of March. 1851. 203. To aim nd the several acts relating to incorporated banks, banking association-, aud individual bankers. 204 To incorporate the Westminster College. 206. Rilatlvetoa toll gate on the Geneva and Rush ville Flunk It ad 206. To revise, amend, and consolidate the several acts | in rilution to the village of 8alrm. in the couuty of Wash ington. 207. Declaring Moose river, together with the north and south branches thereof, in the State of New York, a public highway, aud regulating the passage of logs and timla r dow n the same. 208 To authorize the Canal Commissioners to make and pay > xtra all wanct.- to John Hroup. 209. To authorize a re-hearing of a claim of Wm J Nrlronand Iru Phillips 210. To incorporate the New York Central College As- . Bcriation. h rated at Mi-Gram.ille. in Courtlandt county 2U Authorizing county clerk-to appoint special de puties 212. To amend an act. entitled "An act for a supply Of Water in the city of Albany." paired April 9th. I860 213. To authorize the sale and conveyance of the luter e-t of the infant heirs of George iteddiugton. deceased, in the lund of which he died seized, aud to provide for the di position of the proceed- thereof 214. For the relh f of the heirs f K Koxford 215. To authorize the apprisul and pay me ut of canal damages to Thomas ltarlow Stnltllng \nv? from Nltar*){ai. IKiTiMoHt, April 18,1851. The Nrw Orlcanr Pirayttnt learn* from J. C. 11*11. frwm Ori-uiidu. that the Xiraragunn government and people litw. through Britich iuflui tier, taken * rudden avcrrl >n to AuK tlraur; and that ill American* front Keulijo to San Joan (about 8<Xl In number) had hen ewtpefltd. for their Interest* and Verrotial safety. to break up their bu-ines.? and leave, ami. on the 5th lnrt., were ut San J nan. pre paring to embark for New Orionn* and New York Vifleeu American* lia<l been murd<ml within twenty day.*, one of whoa war A. Mayoard from Wtrtern New York. where he h are* a family The goverimeut I- rryMMtol m paiying no attention to complaint* of there outrage* The Inrcndlartea nt Vtlca?Acrtrlcnta? Da* mage to the Canal, <Vc. I'm*, April 18.18.11. The citiaenr hare railed a meeting at the C..urt llourc to-aaorrow erenlag, to take Diearures lor the *?frty of the city. and to organise a fire department. Thi* will inrige the <4d firemen, and may create an outbreak A man on the emigrant train, laat night, had hi* hea I kn< < ked oil by routing in contact with a bridge thi* *ide of It < me Chi ller McPonougli wa? (hi* morning knocked off a Itidib r m me fort; fe< t In hi Ight. on which lie "land ing. by a runaway team, and wa- no badly hurt that he cannot reenter A hmty elide of the canal bank, one mile wert of Arl?kariy. hnr taken place Fear* are entertained of a large break In the cam,!, and all 1* being done that can be to prevent it. Tin water in the canal at tbi- place I* two feet b?dow high-water uu.rk. and h aded boat* cannot pur Ar< liltUliop Krrleaton?The Kent County MaNnn< re, die. H*i.iiNoar Apr'l 18 18.11. A dirj ritch ha* jurt la-en fuaeived announcing that An tit>i*b< p licele-ton Ir wor-e and hi- r-ci.ryp-r futlj bofa-leaa; hir throat ieao la d that he ha- partaken tf lio f< i.d for *< V) tal weekr Iirvmni'i d < ne <f the pnrtlr atrerted for the Kent c unly nuioacre. ha* lundc a full eonf**?ion. and fire parth * iui| lit a led hare bem arreted The ode otyeet war plumb r Krcn|ie of a Convict. Ill hi April 18. 1851 Jar Pteinhardt. n-nflm d in the Hi. I - u j 11 f >r bur- ! tlary and aentewi i il yi rterduy. to the State Prlr m f r ti n yeara.) leaped from jail L*l night by picking two lick* ..ud dipgicg through a aiooe wall lie i- * till at l*i me Iltrlorrd In Dlrkln ?nn Colli ye. Cam i-i ? April 1* I*11. The difficult In in the Dliklu-on < Hero arc ail tnp p'ly and honorably retthd The -u jandid and di? n.i**id rtuiletita Were teatereil. u| n n p*je>r u-lng pre. -? nti d t i th" i acuity, nt the lactam ? of the Hon. Jama* I in hunan Wrttuartl, Ho! (iii?Mi*i '? V April 1' 1881 Tin Erie r*frer? Iriitn left Sufi, rn thi* evening. witii two llWIldrril and flfty twoiwrn ngern. || utid HI -l The any tn In which left !*? w York a few in nut"- I efnre the ? ipri*? war aim i rowded. Mnrkifr. Mew,. , April 11 18.11. Th" 1'tsrrpinn advice* per Afru a b I ,uite an en livening effect Mi onr n.:?rkct and J .in bal- were cold II Improving pete *. Middling cl -? I t in'.o April 14,1881 Tt.i re war n p' oil <1. mand for cotton. whirl, ri ml ted In ? ah ? I f I.MA) Inter Trlecr. gotwltlftaii ling, rer ome wlat ih pr> - m d. and tin* I ran* action* ? tahllrh a decline r f thru ? '? bib* to otie-hrlf 'lilt ft' m III I i.le t point .'aii niaileatllj.i i.rt raid t" > ? ? .mm n t fair i|ioility. fni'uH April 11 |8ft| Our cotton market rontCme* .lull wit, *al>. of only SWi Ink * No change in price* -me the* new* wa* ircilrid Tlie Cnucrt ?if Mr. 1\. V. Till prrf event of Ihe ro w mwl'il "'I n Kill be the cniirt'f Mr ft Vincent Wtillc.ce *t t jd-r Hall, on Tocrday rvi t.ii p n?at. 1 h- arrangi nv nf* n ade t . rive ?atmotuirary tfflilkmey tn thla ? od "-hi " nt are on an r r'i i-ite fee l< Tlie Orel < trn will be y, . y l.irp- an 1 n luted from the f?rr belt Ignrlelar in the mo<Mpotl*. ro that tli rentporllKittr of Wallace m y I it d With tl i ntWWCt pcrfiCtl'n The new . o I'llnn* of the n.iirltfi will hf' Itrtened to with triiteh ctirlo -hy n " I H i intion w to "fSnHlihn" nnd tn'^llrrlfane.' wilt ha ri iy i m j tal to rrrry hvi r of < !? irt i ,,i,.,nd com pi it let! In tilt It ? it to thr n i Hi' - i ? 1 ? ? t t h ?ii!I W I) . ett.Hi t. i - of th;- ion-' rt I *' |m ?r ll ' "? nre twj.atc tfw f r ; ap| of A! i . , , a ttf if t! O C'I"P? ? r.,w1 1.1. ? ? ? , . ? f rgo'.i'f r rat no *'? i" ' lc oi"!i d ! v M >n. Mo > h ut lie." it i ' ''' "! ll" r c.". nt fad tr alrnrc ti. e WWhi'.e 1.' tli v i li I . r n.tiiri I and d i1 Ity In i. * >*rt 1 'he wbhw, tiie pnblic ?< r . .-1) i ofi itj iJ. I ?' " I i>< 1 i x'.i ii Ttew Lai* lt*rai al Ik* Kut. ADDITIONAL FABTWVLAKII?Ft'ETUER LOSS OF r!l(> l'KETY, ETC., KIT. [Pram the Boatou Evening Transcript. April 17 ] The N'U<Ai( I* a letter bum Dr. Morlarty. at Dwr I*laad Hospital:?The rtunu lust night ami to-day has te* indeed terrific, and our boy* liavu had a n>oxt pro vidential i'n?|e About 10 o'clock wo Tuesday night. t !*?? tsacber found hi* own moon lurnMiainl by water. In going to the boy*' he was obliged to wade up to I)1* middle. He hud them all divxitnl. and uoele for any euiergi uey There was norm-ape from the budding, the water beiti|( five (cut deep. About l'l o'clock the r<*>f parted, and the house was tosand about by the ae.i. At daylight Mr. Uuw xuecwedrd ia getting out and reporting the condition ot itic boy* We immediately sent d iwu ox teams and with (treat difficulty brought the boy* to the new building At Ml o'clock A M , both hou*?*. with their couteuts. were carried off, including all the te dding belonging to tlie boy*1 department Mr. (loss lost everything except what he stood iu. his whole atten tion being given to the boy* The upper house* are left, but an- damaged The sea wall i* daniug.-d seriously iu two place*. Thu b< ut house for the reception of pa**en gers i* gone. The sloop i* sale at the wharf, though aoiue whut damaged. and will have to be repaired The sea rolled in with more force than duriug the last Htorui. It came into the new building aud ha* damaged the eellar tlior. *o that it will have to be reluld The tide was half way up our front yard. The entire plain, from tlie "Out'' up to the Female Hospital, was one sheet of water. The people in the xhautie* were driveu to the new building, and we liuvc been obliged to feed the multitude. The storm b&s done runic damage than tile last. [From the Portland (Me ) Argus. April 17 ] A* severe a storm of wind aud rain a* we have had duriug this season of storms, set iu on Tuesday, and in creased in violence up to Wednesday evening, wheu its force was somewhat abated: The wind was easterly and blew in gusts at times with terrible violence. The tide was very high aud ha* done considerable damage. As was predicted in tlie *1rgui a few weeks siuee. it rose to a fearful poiut but uot so high as may lie anticipated iu Beptc mber and April ucxt. Borne idea of its height yes terday uoon may lie found from the well ascertained fact tliat it rose to within two inches of the point it reached during the remarkably high tide of 1831. The wharves werejyeeterlay generally overflowed, and it was up to the level of the railroad truck ou the m-w street; cellars w-t re inundated, and lumber and other light stuff lloated about Some damage has been done in this way. as also, si me stores on the wharves were rendered quite -shaky" by the water und the tempest. All the wharves are more or less injured. The lower end of Loug wh irl' is d'TimgeJ ?that of Commercial wharf is thrown up from its founda tion?se veral feet of stone wharf carried away. The lum ber and other stuff on the w harves is strewed around in admirable confusion. We -understand the old distill house wharf near the Eastern depot was about used up. Dee ring's bridge trembled tike an aspen leaf, and the West brook end of Tukey's bridge was suffering some at the lust accounts. The water rushed into the ba- k core, washing up to the depot on the new land. Vaugllau's bridge was overflowed and somewhat undermined. The damage east uuil west, by washing away und prostration by the wind, we huve no doubt will be extensive. It was a terrible storm, and subsequent mail*, we fear, will bear tons for days to come, the result of Its devastating power, Damage was done to the Atlantic and St. L. Kuiln nil in this city. About half n mile of the track round 1 isli Point is undermined, and u portion of the sen wall is washed away, so that the road is unsafe. Pas sengers were taken to and from the Verandah bridge in carriages, where they took the cars. The trains other wise ran regularly on that roud aud the Androsnoggiu und Kennebec, us they did alio on the Kennebec and Portland roud. On the P. B. and P. und Eastern romls, the cars did not arrive at uoon from Boston, in conse quence of damage to the road at or near Hampton. On the Maine road, they arrived 111 due season We had no mail from the west yesterday, up to ten P. M. Account* by Telegraph. THE EAST. Boston. April is, 1831. Accounts fr<m Plymouth state that the loss of pro perty. by the gale und high tide there, is from $.'10,000 to $60,000. Bridges were swept away, and property of all kinds carried oif. At Marshiicld and King-ton similar destruction occurred. Jlr Bennett, the keeper of >linot> lighthouse, ha* just arrived front Cohasset. He reports that the light is clear gone, to the foundation, aul thinks the rock was split by the force of a single sea of unusual strength. The light was last seen burning on Wednesday uight, at teu o'clock, at which time the bell was also heard to ring. The bodies of the two assistant keeper* of Minot's light hon?e huve uot yet been recovered. Accounts of damage by the gale continue to come in from the eastward where the damage was considerable. Wc do not hear yet of any wrecks of magnitude. though the outer islands are covered with wreck -tuff The It B. Koibe* has gone dowh to remain off Minot's . ledge until a light boat can be obtained, which will take about a week. Tlie steamer America had a narrow escape from going on $linot'? hdge. Boston. April 18. P M Tlie brig Elizabeth, from Matanzas fur Portland, with a cargo ot m< lasses, went ashore at Mansfield during the late gale Ail the hands ou board were lost but one. who rt ached the land on a spar, witli a broken thigh. A schooner or brig, laden with salt, supposed to be the Wi llumo. from Cadiz for Boston, was lost mar the same place All hands saved. A schooner from Tin-mast on, with lime, took fir*, and was burned near the same place. Cr.-w saved The damage on this harbor is very great. At least half of the *4 a wiill around Deer Island is gone. The damage in George Island is about $o.(Mi0. At hong Island, the wave* have already made a pas sage through It will take some time to ascertain the real cxteut of the damage to th? harbor. IN TENXSYI-VAMA. Poitsvillc, April 17,1861. The heavy rain of Tuesday and yesterday ha* con siderably swollen the streams along tin- Pchuylklll ; but we learn froui officers who came up this morning, that the canal has suatalnad no damage The river had risen but slightly at Beading, this morning. IN DELAWARE. Lew,:*. D?l . April 18.1851. The storm has subsided and all the vessels at the Rreakwater have rode out the gale ia safety, though st.ll detaini d by unfavorable winds The schooner Mary A(l. line, from Bnow Hill for New York, with a cargo of corn put into the Breakwater with loss of foremast.

HAIL STORM IN OEOROIA AND ALABAMA. IWliii.ohi . April lk. 1AM. A viol-lit hall -torm oreurrid in llo lya -a the ldtli in. t Tlie stones are said to have been ua large a* pig< on-' egg* tlrrnt damage was done. At Mobile it is stated that bail stoue. fell r-n Saturday larger than heti?" eggs! Theatrical and Ninlcnl. Boa mi Tncat* c.?Thi* time-honored rutahlUhtnent. famou* fur tli?- education of ninny of the beet ?ctor? of the ape. pri cent* * 1-ill of entertainment for thin erening, which cannot fail in drawing an Immense Hiiilirnrr, al though the hou?e? are nightly crowded hy i~r<p?otable eitin n.- Hut whi n two iurli pinn a a* the grund roman tic i |m i taele of the " Lin-t Dnya of Pompeii," ami the ?ptcinlid drama hy tttevrti*. tin Felon'* l.?*t Dream,'' an: < ft. ri 'l on tho came nlitlit. It I* only reaaonable to *tt|>pn?e that thorn will he a rttih to enjoy atieh a IIm: eienlng'' aniucommt. Tin- perfonnanenc will commence with tin '? l-i*t Pay* of Pompeii." with Mr Eddy a* Aihari- Tilton aa Lrdcn. and Mlo Wemy** a* Nrdla Mic* lllffert will idug. and the perform* lire* will cl'?-? with the ? Felon'* Lad Dreatn." in whirli Ptr*en* will play Jim- iilueakin. and Mice f Dt-niu Jack flieppard ltaoanwAi Tmi *i*r?Thi- flrit part of Ibiccrening'* i entertnlnmrut will continence with the " Teacher Tanght. and thn amuaemeutc win ronrlude with the t.i xer tlriBf . alwat-* {dcnclng cpectecle of thn - VUion of thn him. whlili tor -plond r of -nnunry. hn? nerer lieeii ri.tialli d t v any ctmllar production wn h-icn erer aeon. Mi-c Andi-it' ii. ?? Koran, dirplay* th ee ilt*tingut?hlng fi atari'* In her hUtrionic ae<|airetii*nt* f>r which *he la 10 ct let-rated. Mice A. ttotigt nhniin. n* the Prince** liani.r i harming?che rnndi? her ongc no aw-etly and | iuiutlTely. that tin y are generally followed by the ? utiiu t Uiuikc < f approl ation Frederick*, ac ucual. ?u* taii.: hi- part will, and M< *.*r*. Hill. Heynold* and U lut ing di ?<-r?n tli? lr portb n i f i ul yy; and Mr. Ilarria, an Oultaniar. with ugh he mid- in jr?-te a chare of appr d>? tion. cm-tain* the fharnrtnr weH. Mi** Oliria drocae* *) lend "die. and thn* Schmidt and wife di?pliy their ti rp; '< Tea il ahillth - to print adciintnpo Niei o'a t; laprw?The ei|He*trlan p< rf-nmnee* whleh are nirhtly pici-n ct thi- plnee of nmu*em-nt am f *neh a i< t n -I i harartnr. that the h-tl.?? I* alway m-pentably llhod at an early h ur The peaceful riding of Mdll* L-yo. a* al*o tin- daring and Incomparable feat* of Mr Fat n ft- no. who wn term the !?? t rider in the world ate In tb?m? lTi fufflrirnt to attract large ac eiu h!?g? - The 'urprlclng i if ?rt? of Mr. Katon Stone. una I ? re l in k *ti ? d. In the cwifl. t moTciuent art mnl the rt.g limit he ?? ? n to lie duly npi r > I d- d Tli Brother* loli it fcl'O di'irre remark?thiy exhibit wonderful agll'ty The other |H iformanrn* of *otnrr**tlng, Tunn ing- tif .ur< ? xrellcnt. and the clown* keep the ln u*n In mar* of l*tipht? r. Iti riri'* TnriTBi ?Tn eonm^ttinee of repeated tie. I maud* at tlm hex office. the hitere*tlnp drama of " Th ? To'dlm will I*- produced tni* i mtilng. and a e >medy which ii i ? ei ileal in i Tory feature. n.nm ly. - l.ore in a I Mac whit Ii bn ? lie* n pr? atly admlreil. and Tory juctly mi i- withdrawn for tbe pre? t lit. 1 he entertainment* r iil n ti tin r.i i with tin c oo ditto of ? Lit Urate tironnd." i lid x.Ill le follow t hy ti c Iritnri-ling drauia of " The T'odlci." i hh h will Introduce Mr. W K Iturton a* Timothy T'-cdl" n |tial Mi** Hai ti i? w ill 'hu.. e a I'a* -. up and ?l*o, with M Frederic*, the |'?* do ili tir. /.Inp*relln " The orehn?tfa. a* nenal. will play invnrtil I*autilul air*, and the entertainment* will eh. i with Ho adinirohte f.irre of "The frhul f- r 1, or Th<-I- w ho wl'h to enjoy theinaelTe* will ?lclt I hi tiil.i r- ct rei 11 In aire, thi* t-T< olng KaTI'.iai Tnritu -A bill of uncommon attraction h if rid for Ihlc cTi-Blnft'c eat'rlalniiiiiit Tim fli*t in i rui r U the i xcelh nt nautical drama of the " f tar Fj' in i Ii d I'antor. ' with Mr tVatki i- a* li n h<ad T"tn Stic* Malrinw will apt ear In n fancy dam -. which will l-e folliwtd hy the i apltal lin i' '[tie of llani h 1 the Fat I'oy th- cl araeti r? tn wlib-li are -o nuno rou* a* to nqnim m arty i ll the m-ndar* of the dramatic oofpa. Mica Mai* inn will not dance a * lllglihind Fling,' and It e entertainment* w ill conclude with the c letifnted diniuaif - J: ek Ho ppnrit. with Mice K Mi-layer, and Mepfi I'r.uidon lai la Tor, I.una and other* lotm-ieai It'B cliarneti r* A tuw ranJ and magnlflcelit f*!ry cpee. tacle. v hlch ha? la ell In preparal'mn f -r coiue time, will chotlly le pr- li-.n d. Th? reentry and dreicaa are *?id to he pt-t gi" n * Pi nt mia ?? I im m ?TI er protni'C rn entertainment of th.- no *t attrnetive d'-i rtplloi . at thi* hrilllunt and |i polar p.'ace i f i mnrement. for tlii* pti nlng. eon*l*tlng ? f the m w ,'cnp itath ti id ?? That (Mi uc t'aptaln t'utler.'' tin duerd fop the firrt time on the oeeaaton of Mr*, on opi um * hto fit. which. I y tie- hy. wn* a mo*t gl >rl ' tic Ii III {? ciath-n lief ['ite the Illi lenient Keatln r. It IllU-t haTe tei n ly f-.r the Ltrj* f a- itnhp/e 11 i wi hin the I Jei tti wall. Tlictuv |t re i, i * entlalty Jiv tingronniy, it I w: mil ir.ldy lit: 'id Ih limit. II - i|tialit. Iitlt pineifi I f'rmrtl'y tf *tyte. which i inxmi ti fk "I the elf bti i nth ii wturj wa* pi' tie to tl c |tf? ty Mr. t ml Hnugboui tbfir hwutlftal roftunrn bring thr theme of the grrntot admiration. in. Wake also drwaasd ?uj Hrt?J inr character mort efficiently , indeed. nltogother we have seldom ft plftjr so well drciMt'd mid rcpre ?eutcd To-iiigiit. thr gorgeous operatic romance of thr ^'r ? also the in * comedy. and the wry best thin# of the season, in point of dramatic uierit, ? The 1 curlier Tuught.'' I CN-'-t* " Mihthiu?Thin afternoon and evening * ill lie presented an I'ln licDt programme hy thr ahovr I vrbbtnted bend ?f miimtrrU. The ringing i? rendered with sweetness and hnrwsoqy. combined with rtrirt pre ? cbjjyn in thr uiuriral accompaniment; thr dancing ir iMffiU.par.ldo thr burlesques give general satisfaction, , and tirorgi. tbr-JreUr" draws forth reiterated hurrtr j of 1hlighter. 11 1rows Minstrkls.?Tliir talrutril company will give j two if their relict entertainments tliir afternoon and j evening The approbation liertowed on the pcrforniuu j cm of this popular bund ir exceedingly well merited, rongf. trio*, quartette*. inrtruinental piecer. burlesque* ? dancing and witty ray I n |f r are the principal featurer in , tin pri prununc Bakm m's Mt ?n m ?This ertablirhment har become j a ?? ry popular place of atnurenieut. Crowd* are nightly 1 attracted to witnerr the moral icrronr offered in the eu [ tertaiiinirntr. To-day we notice two exeelieut hillr. In the afternoon. Mortou's comedy of All that (Hitters ir | not (ii id. ? with Merrrr Cflurke. Ileuklnr. Iladawuy, and i Mips Chapman rurtaining the principal partr. in the j i vening. the interesting piece of the -Old llunrd," fol lowed by the agreeable fatce of - filashcr and Crasher,' and the ninuri metiir will terminate with the musical ! phce of the ?? Wandering Minstrel." with an excellent cart. The variety and attractiveness < f the above per formances must ensure a crowded house. AvratiHiaui:, Bowk?v.?'Two performances are an iii.unci d by Messrs. June X Co. tor to-day; one commen cing at buif-past two. and the other at the usual hour in the i veiling In each performance. Messrs. Leo and Mc Karland Madame Nlierwood, and the entire company will appeal in a great variety of truly astonishing feat' The riding and the gymnastic exercises at this establish ment are admirably done. I'am ham* ok Im Lisii.?1The above beautiful painting can be secu tiiis afternoon utid evening, at the Minerva Room*. Ilr. liarry. the lecturer, is a talented gentleman, and enlivens the evening very much with his witticisms. 1 Asr.KAMA ok ink l'ii.r;si.M?s Pkikikkss.?There will lie two exhibitions of the above splendid panorama to-day, offi ring a fine opportunity for parents and guardiau< to bring their little ones. W am kit. tl e clow n. sails for England next week, and the French troupe will leave Niblo's in a few days for their native land. Tin re will lie. of course, but little ia terest ,,, circus pi rformanccs for a long time to come Mi aiiwlule, M'alUtt takes his fare well benefit on Satur day evening. J 'a bum sat sup. Ma. Nixon's complimentary benefit, which is to take place at Niblo's Harden on Tuesday evening next, pro mt es to be the inert brilliant festival of the season The committee of arrangement* is composed of a large num. her of the most respectable and i Diluent ial citizens of New fork, who are all bestirring themselves to render this testimonial not only a complimentary, but a sub stantial take u of their appreciation of the beneficiary s , merits. ' Coi.iskcm.?Horn and White's Minstrelsoder two very attractive programmes this afternoon and evening for the amusement of their patrons. They are a talented , company, and well deserve the patronage of the public. I Thk Am kuhama.v* have drawn excellent hou.-cs during the j art week, notwithstanding the abominable weather 1 hey give their eighteenth concert at Hope Chapel, this oyeniiig. when they will sing several new and excellent pit ces. The receipts at the concert givon in Cincinnati, last : rtte1""8'by M"e- Juu"y Lind' um,junt"J ?? A ny Rare Fashionable Furniture at Aur a'.^y n??M U. Lecda 4c Co.. > VV-t iweltth street, all made to order in i'uris. Sevre s china S("V.F0U.I'?| venire tallies, very unti,|ue; lliilil lorniture, inlaid with tortoise nhcil; r,.a] antique china *?'*S, superbly painted and set with diamonds; very vulua . Me paintings ana curious gems of art. collected during a re sidence abroad hy a lady. The house will he open on Satur day for inspection. Also, a bronte c handelier, w ith tiowers | j* ? ebina, found in the boudoir of Madame Du Barry, Wallace's Grand Concert?Thla Interest ing event will positively come off on Tuesday evening, the aid Inst. Wallace ranks among the greatest of living vio- j linistii and riaaista. and, we might add, composers of the 1 Tii M 11 assisted hy the celebrated Madame It ,,, j cbelie, Sir. Arthnrson, Mr. lloffmau, Mr. GrDbel Mr Lod-r ' and Other solo |wrf"rni.;r?, and a grand orchestra. Those in- I tending to purchase tickets should do so early, in order to prevent crowding and confusion. ^ Monster bhrelTiir Sunday Drspatclk for to-morrow Will contain a thrilling story entitled " Bertl.a Oray or the 1 nrish Apprentice Girl," which will give some etartline truths for those who are interested in the condi tion of the city s poor; a full History of Sunday; Mary Law (on, hy Sue; a beautiful Heiress in a Nunnery; Curious Le ft] 1 roeeedings; Advice abjut tl e World's f'u'ir, illustrated; Ancient I astiuie* in Rome: Thrilling Scenes in B.rder Lite! The French Court in the time of l.nuis XIV, with sketches of the leading l\ omen of that period; The Spirit World?Curi M,o?,T''^ Ara.ty 811,1 J'u's'i?ing; Books. Hera and Authors; M omen were Sold; Bran Br. ad and its Advo rates; Miteheraft in Frtn.e: I'hysiulogy of the Human Sys teni; Translations from the Krenehand German; The Row at Albany; Divorce aid Matrimony; Moses ,.n Slavery; An in cident of Ljneh Law in the Most; Record of Crime in vari uU* /a"." ?! M,"rld:, A ""oic H uman; News of the Horld Gatherings fr?m Books and Newspapers; local and Suhurl an Gleanings; The World of Amusements, and llu" ness Matter*, Poetry. Miseellanv. kc. The Despatch fcr t > morrow will be accompanied with a Supplement, in addition to the Usual sheet. Which will contain K.gUen long Columns Disking, in the whole, Fifty-four Columns of ehoioe matter for the tnthnpr roia of thrrc cent*. can only t<> give e few of the leading art.eles w hich w iH eU?r in i,S eoliiBius this week. ?ach issne is the mcaas of largely i?- i / !ViC J', f* 8n il ,ltt" ,,ee" a "landing com plaint for a long time that the supply w j. not e,,Ual to the ' ? B. nJl ; I""" ,,1? /A*e '?rly. are generally fortunate I enough to get a copy of the Despatch. Dfllee 61 Ann street. Moatygftapha and Isrlaarrfgrnpha, Picture- 1 Sir/1!'!nV'* .P,rM?r.8f>h,,.i"' a?X(t?lfle?nt fw fusion and^brilliant variety of all shades, si/es and colors, nhout cverj thing and everybody,may be had in the Sunday Courier. t'vcr'}wh?*re. * ,ur 0,lly ttrre ctnU- r<" *?>?<> 'Tla Dangerous to Delay?If you Intend to punl.asc a Carpet, Rug. Gil Cloth, and Shade*, kc., ge at there select some of lho*e new, beautiful goods, the late.i o'li". ?, '.?uTu,'I! < t?*ne? for a man posseaelng $4,0041 T^ o uo'" I" ? r"?d business, well established. Th. Iidirrtis. r, tor n that will he given, wishes t . dis pose of his ih.i k of goods, together with the |e*?e nf his store, whieh is a br-t rate ?tion, and the r.nt low. ! The t urehaaer will have the advantare ..f the trad, already estahliahrd. tcwether with all the inf. rmstion neee-ary to 1 la< lit ate purchase. fc.? which have cost the advertiser veurs to acquire. A line addr.ssej to P. I)., this office wi'l be treated as strictly confidential. 1 W"1 j Hague rrcot jp?i and llille-ot y pes.?Holmes, the I'ltUtlwr, Broadway, continue* lit*" cheap *y*tetn ( rioitrlor family picture., riouj# and ?inyle tiurf prior to the Introduction of Mr. lull * diieoeery of the. natural color*. I'ictun yallery and ?kyliehtr are all on the fourth Loor --S Bread* uy. C'all and "ace. Walrhr* and (inld Pena.?'The heat Aasort mcnt of watcher in New York arc at J. V Saeayi:'*, ill Fulton afreet. Hi* price* arc low. and if you want an linnet article, buy it of him. J. V. S I- the manufacturer of the Richelieu Diamond 1'olntcd liold l"?us they writs letter and la*t longer than an) other. II. D* draw A, Co., 130 Pulton afreet, hare the larger!, and b??t, and cheapo.t ?lock oi rendy made j Clothing in tl.i* city. F.tery kind of tn.te and fancy may he rulti d out of our Immense itock; all mad* t|ual to the lc*t ' eurtom work, and on* third |e?? in t ri'o. lit (JHAH t CO.. I't'i Fulton itreet. Boot* and Shorn at Jones', 14 Ann street, near the Muecum. Btirine** loot*, $1 uth tirually a). French calf dr, ?* hoot*, St Mi to %."> W>; usually $6 tin. Al?o, i tT.ry variety of fancy dreea alioce f..r aammer wear, French | a11 nt leather hoot* and iliWI. unrrmtled to wear aa well a* calf *kln. For aalc at Joaea', 14 Anu aired, at price* which defy competition. Thtm |.1 hull* Cnnaltt of Cloth Coat, Cas tltr ere lant - and fan< y let; a variety of lltiaiae** Coata, f.|t Sh5; ?l?o. a variety #f 5unimer Coat", Alpaca and Ctn ncre legpboriue. t nrn'er of N*mio and Be, koian atrcvt*. Klrgnnt Straw lints for t hlldrrn, Spring and ?un.aer Style *.?Basts, H*"> Canal, corner of w .otter Mrei t, l.aa an uiirit alii d ar?ortm*nt of children'* rummer flat*, peculiarly mitnl to the *eamn. In thcireo.tume.f r either hoy * or very little yirl*, Li* a- ortmeni of lay'* sad children# atyle of cap* i* eatenrive, and wall worthy the cx&minatioii of all. The Air lloMel?'Tlila trim la n?ed try the Fr.ith to de*ij,nstc neraonal dignity Sad elegant*. The let' h to do with the tout cnrcml.l.' of a gentleman; f..r noiamy rn mii< h di.licnro the per'onalapp- .r.acr i< i c.ninny, ill rl apt d hat. Benin ini ite# nttrati n t? hia model ofan eaqtiMtcly proportioned fabric, tti.iih doe. de. idedly C' nftr an nir ot lirtimti. n, ai.dco t. hut four dollar*. liIMN, *11 Br ad<tay. opposite itt. Paul'*. Menial (Into.?AN. P David, laucreaanr to Amtdua.) M'l llroadaay. mar Dnanr rtrect. aolieit* the at tention ol hi* curtnmrr- and the put.lie. to the rprin : rtyla of r'titlrnii a'a hat*. Tlio*e who wast a really h*Hiitifwl ar tirlew uld d . w. II to rnll an I iudre f- r th*m**lv*a, before I uithiuiiig cite* here, where all ta*te* can he lulled. lists foe tlie Million.?New York la n rlly of arti*tr. unexcelled in tl.e fahrieati n of mn*cnllue head eenr. enif.'nt among whom stand* the aetive and popular Knox. I?*" I niton rtrect Tt.ern ir a reli.h-iike llxhtne**, a I land cure, a yraeefal elasticity ahout lit * fpring llat* for lttl, w hleli delight the ta teful co'tomer. The fashion, they rav it thi* vear wide brimmed: that *ar al* ir*nitf fa?'ilon; hut we hate ne- c* lie- n hetter luited than with Knox'a Anm tm r Hi aver f .r 1-4' May hi- *had?w n. ? 1-r he lea*, nnd hl? rah r-orn alwa)* Ic thronged wit.i htiyiBg uad paying . curt* inir*. __________ 37 1 Hrnsdtasy.?I.o* khnrt. nt the llrnnd way llat More, continue* to tell line and I.- autiiul llat# of ail 11.# lat* rt springrtvlea, r>r $3 each. N o hi tter hat- can II f.. nd In Set York Vhnn thore rold hy Lvckhart. at the llroadwa) Hat ft. re, 774 Broadway, 1 he Ksprinheltl lint nriopteri t?y the ptthlle 1* ca<tv.lrittl) Lenutifiit in shape. i* r'e> t in nni?h. reeherrhe In r|pear*nee, dwynhl. tn rotor, fir I t lothe head an I he remit e to tl.e lore. I r rale unit at tl.e r*|e? room of the n anuiar ti r>r, 1"7 Na*ian itrert. torn. r uf Auu. NYlga nnd lotiptt r.?IVr taottld rnll the nt* ten# ? a of per nr rr.pjirinz M Is#, t. a r-rent Improvement. Tl.e raire * ar a* aeded a filter ir ednl f r the nr.t premium a* the lart fair. The) ran he re> n at F. PIlAl.tiJi.w VS ?< and llkir Die Tact, ry, 1P7 Br. ad*ay, nrnrrol they street. Clttse ut and , Irang' r- are invited to tauuilise belor* purcha* elsewhere. t .-py Mr a I Ire.*, Mlir nnd Tnrpfct?The In meat nnd moat earird assortment of tl.ete del-ratd artode* are now on l i nd. at I I.IRI III IIH *. I7lt Br idwny. la rh*| nnd rp p'aranee the) lit th" herd si* the hair em* r no t all in*on ti nionce ari-ips tr. i.i | n -ore, weight, auu ucut, art entirely ol Mated. Copy tli- addrer*. H Ijt anil Toujiera.?Bntc-helni** n lehrntrd tl'!? lectori it nt No I It all 1'rei t e' r nt I. ? nnd tha lar.-i .. t n. , itr. ei.t- t M i - ot all ? nr net color#, and ear Y\ Iro null Toupe r -1 Itl/rns nrnl St ransfrrx are invited t.. i m tl,? IranM i I W 'ta rt--. Tuup- ????>? t m * 'I It -Vr dhur.r f. ID art, 37 MaHrn l.ane Mew York, and National ll ret. \\ .. < Inytcff, D.I. linr-iiil.'t ? I" f (?it ft, i nd i - t to ai rink erihnr.y# r OI or. A i ? .. Be.iida ? f l iIfkir, lioat I raidi I.. I *11 ut the ?*nu'att# ry httnr ? | unLarihfi tier, el.rt. lip) ihv ndJro ?? - .... .... ????????? p Lflltr bngi by imbfj 4t Co.'* Kiprcn# Moil tu tililcMtt, by fci Dur*^, mil elo#v* this day at 'I P. U., at No t A?tor House. I'-nage on letter*. 25 Actuii. Heralds, with lute Eng lish ut'wn, v ill be taken for f'.i a huu Ired. KlrfAiif B<m?I? mid Gallrm?Tliofe who* Aunt an elegant boot or gaiter. that will be At the same time veil made md durable. eh* nld rarvhAov at 'A Atkins', III (niton street. where they will lind im extemdve assortment, made in the latent style (, at prhes tltat will suit the tu?st (torn iui< al. The attention uf Storekeeper* nolle I ted ?Show '.RMf. of silver. nib) ? any, pine, fc?,, at AN l>EK TON'S Show Case repository. i ?- Grand street, near Broad ?i\. Metal tuidiff, tor store fronts, of silver or copper, made to order. Artificial KyeM?Juat Imported, alarm Lob of the finest and most beautiful French Artificial Eves, by Dr. James W . l'owell, oculirt. aurist, ko., 1^ VV'arret street. Thty run be inserted without the slightest pain or* operation? and, when properly adapted, will look exactly like the natural eye. Ifnlr I>>e?Tlioac excellent Judge* lit suelM matt err, ti.? country in? reliant*, arc making large purchase* of liutehelor'^ t clt l rut? d Hair I'ye. They all say their cus t( n?? r* will have no otlu r-aitti it is with resident citfccn* ?they v ill l aw the genuine. It ran be procured at 4 Wall street, and at nil druggist and p r.timers iu town or country. Arrnmlrncull*.?X'Oitg a* Ihli name 1*, lies lsdv who has used the article can forgot it. The rapidity v itli which it eradicates dandruff. the delicate hue which it imparts to the scalp, the vi,- r. flexibility and indication to cnrl v|.i<h it centers upon the hair will keep the name and tii nul'GT, 27 llaiden I.hue, green iu her memory. PlmKoit'a ]*X?i;lc llnlr I>ye, to color the hall or whirl - re the iu? inent it i upplied, without injury to thj hair t r skin, It can he- washed iiumediately without dis 1 turfing the color, and has no tad odor. It is applied,^or sold,, at 1'hnJou's Wig and Toupee manufactory, PJ7 Broadway. For sale iu the city and country by druggists generally. GoiiriilidN Liquid Ilclr Dye Instantly con verts n-d <r gray heir t<? browr or black. Gotiraud's Ita linn Medicated .Snap cur* s tun. pimples, freckles, eruptions, Itc. (h i raud't l'? >udr ? >ubtilu tradicatcs hair fr??m upper lips, fat ? , or an v port "I the body?w arranted. Gouraud's Licit-id K"tfor pale lips and cheeks: Lily White. Hair Fh Storutive, arc all found at Dr. FELiX GOI'KAIJD'S | old established Lab* ratory. * 7 Walker street, tir?t store from l.rosdv uy; t'alh nder, 8^ South Third street, l'Liladel j hia; I'Jl' Washington strut t, Boston. Iinglc'g Premium Klecfiic Hair I>ye I* now univtr-hll\ hi knowletlgtd tube the only safe and effective Hair I i? in use huu trial ensures its Miueriorify. It is ma.-'irof in its operation : it does not stain the skin. All the oiti itaiit \ am-h are d in* away with, and black or brown hair of the most * at oral color and shade is immediately produced bj its use. Fold l?> Sands. ItK) Fulton street; Kuahtou, Clark, k ('p., 117" Broadway; Cary k Co., and Brighlin & Day, 1'cirl street. II wchniinn'tt In fallllile Hulr Dye take? well, and the public tray safely r< 1v upon his instructions 1 its to it* use. Ti e wit department I- i energetically attended to; and from close study of the exact phrenological -true j tur?- i f the I cod, 1 e i.- warranted in stating that it is impo* . !? iI le to miselit, .'ilL'i Broadway, opposite the Broad A'ay Theatre. | Hair and U hhkeiH ( tit In the Laklt and neatest style, always conforming to the shape of head, fea ! turcH of fare, and general appearance of all persons, by Hill, I the inimitable, 18 Nassau, corner of Pine street, where is sold the justly celebrated infallible unguent for the hair. A Cure for IlyKjjt pi>ln.?A Fair Trial of the | Oxygenated Bitters will satisfy the most in credulous, that this hitdiiine 1 as no e<juul in the known world for the relief and cure of the indeicri bable sjinptoms of Dyspepsia, .o all its various forms. Price $! per b<?ttJ?; six bottles for $A. I Fcr sale by A. B. and I). Sands. 100 Fulton street, aud A. L. Scoiiil k: Co.,310. ami C. II. King, HfJ Broadway, N. Y., and by the druggists generally. Flfly Cent* 1* nil that 1* nukctl a bottle for the best and most elegant preparations in the medicinal line f ?r general debility, all nervous affections, loss of appe tite, dvrpepsis. chronic diurrho a, ke., in large bottles, by 11. V. HI SII, Wholesale Druggist, Sill Greenwich street, cor ner of Duane street. HONEY MARKET. Fhidat, April 18?0 F M. VTe have no Important alteration to report in the stock market. Quotation* and operation* remain about the mi no' The European intelligence has had no iuflu euee. either way. upon the movement* of speculator*, and there doea not appeur to be. at thi - moment, anything ou the tapia calculated to create any excitement in the mar ket. The Erie Kailmad Company are ub.ut flii-hing their road, and opening the line through to Duukirk. There has been a great deal of talk, in Wall street, about carry ing the stock to par when the first through train passed over the road; but we think those who hare b-en oalcu lating upon this will be somewhut disappointed. It will be a long time before this stock reaches par in the regu 'ar way. speculation may carry it near that point, but there is such an immense amount of bonds upon the market, convertible into stock at the pleasure of holders, that any attempt to get up a corner must fail. The bulls are. therefore, deprived of this great element of speculation, and the probability is that prices wi'.l not advance much beyond current rates. Ninety is a high price fcr this stock. In view of all contingencies. Ther* are many other railroad stocks upon the market, cheaper than this at present prices. The future looks by no means favorable for the Erie Uailnstd Company. Kiral roads, parallel roads, cross rouds. roads that will tap the main line, and draw travel and traffic away from a large portion of its length, are likely to b? built, all of which are calculated to injure the business of the company, and reduce the value of Its stock. The increase of rail cuds in this section of country is so rapid, the disposi tion to invest rapital in this description of property is so gn at, the Improvements continually going on in the method of construction, and the reduction w> expense re sulting from greater exjw rience. must operate injurious ly upon those companies which have built their roads at heavy expense and under great disadvantages. The Erie will always be an important road, and of immense benefit to the section of country through which it passes; but wc have long entertained the opinion that many years would not elapse before a shorter, better quicker, cheaper, safer. easier, and. of course, plea*antcr route would be constructed, connec ting this city with the great western lakes. fieveral projects are- now before the public, either of which, if adopted, will accomplish thi* re>ult 1-nke Erie can be reached by a much shorter route tliau by the Erie Railroad. At least one hundred miles can be aavtd in distance, which ensures a saving of time and money to a corresponding extent' Railroads in sated in some sections of the coun try never will bo more productive than they are now. Other lines will be constructed faster than the in ert asc of business ; and ultimately we shall have a per fect network of railroads spread over the country Competition wUiltlien reduce the net earnings of each, ami dividend* actually earned, will dwindle d ?u to the smallest )>er cent. At the first lionrd to day I'nitrd fit ate* fl's, 1M;7. advan> ? d ? i per cent. Erie inrome bonds ,'j ; Erie convertible ?; j ronton Co. *4' ; Harbin ; Reading railroad 'j ; Erie railroad 1 ; Portsmouth Dry I>oek. declined percent ; Island. 1, : Morris Canal. '4 I-arge quantities of Erie railroad stock chanted hands to day end Cloned firm at the advance. The Rank of New York has declared a semi annus dividend of five per rent The Mechanics and Traders' Rank, a dividend of $1 U) per share. The Mechanic*and Manufacturers* Rank of Trvnton h.v declared a seinl annual dividend of four per cent. The receipts at the office of the A. dstnut Treasurer o{ this port, to-day. amounted to }M>3U4 Id; payments, f'.s M'b ?,.'1? be Inure j;i WXkhCO A3. The deposits will !>?? very much reduced, in a few days, by paym. ukd < u ac count of Mexican dalni*. Slat It Eit hangr. JIKtlf J fi, M If , I ?'?bs Uarb m RR uni d?, vr ii"', no go do, *07 lit'*, S00 do f*so Read M< r Bd*. 70 7'?, *'i da OUD do s;?, 4'? do liKst Trie Ine vends 13 b?i I.nag I.Urit] RR ?W?ElhCov,71 U/0 W 4l? Morris Caaal dtSd do t'?>, I'D do 1000 Erie. 89 lei do 1?' ska Hctth Rk Ail 111 f.s> Xnr k Wor RR Erie H R st? do "M w I'D dn 4* t'Mea k Pel,say .'*!> H i tine KK :?-? do ?V do .**?! do a SI d? ?s?l do 110 do I til do I'll F.dr* worth Co fill dn I'D Canton Co 10 do Wi I'orto Dry D'.tk I'D do I'St do I'D do ROdBTt. I'SI ohs llsrtevn RR lit' Reading UK RSI dn 7.VI do Erie RR ID fin 1<I do ino d? I Ul do I'll dn ?D do .'id do PO'i l?D do PI", Rsi dn M i. R? do MO !D BD do 1*0 ?D WD do D<l hV bD do a'*! S!", ,VD do '"*? I'D do MO VS"4 I'D de I'D do utD S!', fan ffarlrw RR 7t ?*? da 7.V, 100 da 14 74 I'D dn hnw 74 JfO da b.s) 741 a fiD do be T\ I'D do 71'4 100 do 1.3) 71*2 Ptroxu * Tiffin Erie C.neerllMe !?'. .'ss'vlis I'orts 1* bit 1.10 II I'D dil l*D II (CO fin in'; h'ti do M II St dn haw II |ill dn MO II fo Vor k Wor RR tJO 13 S3 fasti n Co 71 St do 71 *? 73 do 140 ii Ud Ilsrt.n, RR 7i.'< tsW 7*'i al ? Is >?1 741* 43 7*1' <fl , is ?:? IS1. IM'4 M0 M'* ? si ?jit t.r4 KR l.s. til',' ?|S KM ?c 1!? 01M ?!'? MO ?i HD iit'a '"A !*'? 71 II hlO II'a '?JO 1IV W'4 74*4 ?I'd V30 <ii mD pi k ?? B". A3 P", fill'k ?3 !SI , IDVKKTIIENKCTI RENEWED EVER If DIT. I id i bOST, Ac. OPT OF Mt't AID?A NOTE l'"R ONE III '.DBFI* sad twelve ib liars, ala rents, at foa? mraths. fmm lelrtiarv Ift. I'M, drawn l.y nwrteK ?*. payable to lurawn t rill r, mill l.y III tadoroeil. All pi r nils are .-Sutton. .1 s raluit t,< . Untirt thi sto ?. ?' II will B"t he raid at i.ut. rity. ' III l.t.OI k k CRENSHAW, Philadelphia. | rist-A I.ARC.r. R! ?< K M WPOCNDt WD PITT. J J i i it . ? d Jon. wit! ci sin ? liar Irs*" pint-, and avraer * wan i initial* F II. Vt. Itu dollar* will be p ud ? a dslivMw at |i A At overly I'laie. Pin-? I HI h!?-? UK II THE tm HER ftV It 1VP by applying to !>. A. t OlsTfli K, Jstneey Court, Wall street. I)AM 1Mb nANCIVO AM* WAl.T7.IXfl.?MR. I. RROOREP. is. 1. R'".ni*. eorner of Christie and IMnneey streets. KayUal tnlti. n. Tuei.lays and Fridays. I.adl's class from A till d; y. i.tleio' n ? tint*. fr. m 7,'. till I Private leanoas ?' Mr P.*i r. ieti'-. . ' brand s'fiet. i ? rn*r of R. a*ry. All tl ? aew doners tnnrht In a very f ? Icons. The tohv.l aui yvinam open during tho ipting sad summtr

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