Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 21, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 21, 1851 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD: WHOLE NO. 6755. * MORNING EDITION MONDAY, APRIL 21, 1851. PRICE TWO CENTS. (30WBBT TBRATKB.?BOXES. 29 CENTS; PIT. 1JK EI tfliU.-Doiri nu at hvii. rim* at balr pa?l o'clock.?Moatar ?vaolaa. April 21, will b? pnwuW 'til naad aawlarU nlilM ta? COUNT OK MONTB <'RISTO?IMatoad Daalw, Br. E. Eddr. Moaa. Morral. Mr. 'Joknaon; llurliri, Mr. Old DaatM, Mr. Mllon*; ?Buai. Villcfurt, Mr. TUtoa; A tlx Karla, Mr. B. L. Til to a; Prrbtad, Mr llnmlltva; Albert, Mr. U. Jordaa; Caderauaa, '.Mr. Iflaaaa; Mar Morroli. Mr. Hop"; Uitrre JobaaaM, Mr. Alartia; Mrrrvder, Ml?a Vfvmrit; Hairdo, Mia, S. Ibnii; Madame d" Tillrfort, Mra. Jordan, M ile. Meraa, Mra. H'al ?ot; the takauwa. Mlaa Mlfort BURTON'S THKATKB-< HAMrtHHB STREET, REAR uf CM# Dthm Circle, and Parquette, AO cents; Family Circle, 23 oento; Private Boxes, $.1 and $4; Orcheetv* Rewta, 7t eetiU.? Monday evening. April 2i, will be playedCOYE IN A NAZE?Lord Minever, Mr. J. \f. Lea fier; Mr. 'Antony Nettle top. Mr. Burton; Col. Buekthorne, Mr. Jordan; Mopue, Mr. Johnston; Mra. Luoy Buckthorns, Mrs. RuaselJ; Faith Larkspur, Mua J. IIill; Lady Aurora Fullalove. Mra. Skrrrett. To cobc tide with the farce of the BCMQOL FOR TIGEK3-?Captain Kiteilver, Mr. Jordan; -Panels, Mr. Johnson; Mary Panola. %fiat* J. Ilill; Alexander 'J*an*la, Mrs. Run?11. 1\T A TI ON A L Til K ATR F.~ OH AT 11A M STRE ET^-BO X*3, -A. v 25 oeuts; Pit, 12^ cents; Private Boxes, $5.?Doors open at 7; curtain rises at half past 7 o'clock. Monday evening. April 21, will l*? promoted the tragedy of VIKGINlUS?Vir giaiu*. Mr. C. Dibdin Pitt; lciliuH, Mr. Wntkins; Apnius < lauding, Mr. Brandon; Cuius Claudius. Mr La Favor; Den tatus. Mr. C.W. Taylor; Virginia. Mi # B Moetayer: Servia, Mrs. II. P. Gruitan. To conclude wit \ the pautoinitue of the '?GOLDEN A\??tiiloe t'lutnp, Mr. YV*. Thompson; Farmer CuhbiiiM, Mr L Fox; Fncle Bon. Mr. I.a Favor; Collin. Mr. Drew; Sylva. Mine M. Charles; Mystletoe, Mrs. F. Drew; Chilli*, Mi.?rt Mnlvinii. NHlTiiLO'3 CA K DEN - 1 11 K ?i K AN D COMPLIMENTAR ? Bench! to Mr. Jas. M Nixon, under the superintend ence of the largest and most rerpectuhle committee of the ritir.ens of New York, w ho have ev? r had charge of a similar testimonial, including Hon. A. kiugslana, Bon. F. A. M'aluiadge, lien. J. II. Hobart Haws. Hon. t'larkson Croliua, lion. C. V. Anderson, M< n. Ceo. \Y . Mat.-.oil. Aid. Morgan 'AloryanH, Aid. David Miller. Judge ('. I? Timpxon, Judg Jas. McGruth, Capt. BenJ. YV. Bradford, Ehen VYTndshiji. 3??q., and upwards of two hundred others, will take place on Tuesdajr evtning, April 22. IK>1 ; on which occasion will be presented the most brilliant entertainment of the season. | Mad. Bencit, In premiere Equestrienne, et Mows. Ueuoit, l; | <]oa|l?t.r relobrc. have kindly volunteered their valuable services, and will appear in eon junction with Con. Welch's famed French troupe, composed of Mud ' nroline Loyo, Mons. JLoisset. le petit Batiste, and the wh-de of Mm? talented artists belonging to that dirtinguislied company. Mr Eaton Stone, the wonderful wild rider of the w ild, roc**, will also appear in 'big miraculous feat, of daring* -nan# ip. The uurivulled Anglo-Saxon jester. Mr. Win. F. YVsllatt, will enliven the #iecne* in the arena with his brilliant sallies of wit ?n 1 hursts of eloquence, and will also introduce hi# incomparable o?i ti e science of Mohia* riaui. wit i which lu* had kindly volunteered to edify th- faculty, on this nixht only. t?sm. I.athn p, wliose stuinn oratory hassc urc l in??re vote# of npplause tnun that of fell the other speakers ia creation, will address his fellow-?itizens, on this occwion, on all the Aubjcctsof vital importance to this country. Europe, Asia, A frit a, and various other regions of the globe yet unexplcred. The entertainmcnts will commence witit (lor the first tirae in America) a splendid F'ancy 1>wm Cavalcade of Twelve l.ady Equestrians, and will couclude with the his torical and heroic pageant of St. (icorge and the Dragon, produced at an enormous expense, with new wardrobe, pro- j pcrties. appointments. &c . expressly for this occasion, in where the entire company will appear. Ticket# may ho pro cured at all the principal hotels, and of the committee. MECHANIC'S' I1ALL, NO. 472 BROADWAY, ABOVE Grand #tree!.?Open every night during the wnek until further notice. The original and well known CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS, cotni>ri>dng nu efficient and versatile ?? corps" of' talented ' and "experienced performers," under the management of E. P. Christy, whose concerts in thi# city, for a succession of "five year#," have been received with favor by highly respectable and fashionable audiences. Tickets 2.r? emt*. Doors opes si hslf-pssl com amass at eight o'clock. An Afternoon Concert wr 11 be given on Sa turday next, April 26. for the accommodation of Ladies and Juveniles, commencing ai *4 o'clock, P M. On Saturday evening next. April 2n, annual l*nefit of Lewis Mairs. 1 BELLOWS' MINSTRELS, AT k EI.LOVi'.V MUSICAL Hall, No. 444 Broadway, between Howard and Grand street#. Opeu every tight dnrlsi|Rs wnek. TkssslsNrsliC original and well known Fellows Minstrels, "comprising an efficient and versatile corp* of talented and expericnaed per formers," under the direction ot J. %. Fellow*, whose con certs in this city for the last year : ave been received with the greatest ta^ or I ) tl? elite and f?H- ion of this great me tropolis. Their concerts consist of Burlesque Italian Opera | Scenes, B itty Sayings. Solos, Duetts, Chorusses, Daubing, | And Instrumental Performanc? * On W ednesday and Satur- I dav afternoons, a grand concert for the accommodation of laaieg and families, commencing at d o'clock P. M. Adinis aion25cent?. Doors >j n at 7, to commence al 8. CTllI \ ESANT lNSTlfi TE. 6Af DROADWA Y 0E1GI O nal New Orleana Svrwnader#?<j. B. Swaine. J. II. Col tins, J. C. Kainer, Master Ole Bull. J liurko. It. B. Buckley, | and M. Shalliuan, whost concert# at Triph r Hall were at tended l?y tli? ellt?u have the honor t? aanonace their first i refined concert, on Monday evaninj. April 21, mid continue. Doors open at 7?D? commence at *. t ard# of admission, 25 cent#. For particular#, reftr to dsscriptivw bills. ORN I: II'LITE'S LlHHH'lAN (ll7KRA lKMME. 4V? H Brstdvij fortkrts nights mors I iln enmnaay win !*ositivel|r close at the above place after Wrd neaday after tcrnoon and eieiiinc. in order to fulfill engagement# ea-t and w est. Notice?On Wednesday evening next, April EU, lastalght and benefit wf Mr f Jenkins, the great Tieket* 25 cents; doors open at 7; concert to cotuaiuncc at 6 o'clock. Notice.?horn * white-* Ethiopian opera Troupe villi lose for three nights ot )y vi/1Thursday, H'Hday, and Saturday evenings of the present week, in con-1 ccqnence of the proprietor wishing to use the promises, dur ing which time Iliey will perform in Newark, N. J. Tiiey uili appear again at their old stand, h"-'> Broadway, on Mon day evening. At ril 2?*. where they will give a scries of euter Wuninent#, aua locate for the reason. E. HORN k C. WHITE, Proprietors. Wednesday evening. April 23. is set apart for tiie Ucuefit Of Mr. C, Jenkins, the favorite Bai>Jo|#t. HOU.S fc HIIITK S Million AM OIKRA HOI .SK U) BroadwayTli* frii ada uf Th-ma* Hum* will fivo Inn * pcran<1 complin,rntarr ????*>< tir at th. ah-vcn.iii.d yd*.*, on Turaday *r*mn*. April l-J. IV>I Tt -kata i'< **ata ? arh; ran lif I,ad of either ol Hit Committ*? ?f Arras**, mxli, or at lb* door <>a the ov.ninr of tin- * >n?*rt H?r> fviw, I liairman, Tbu*. M ?uf. decretory; Win. J. Vrwh, Trraai ror. CI RAMI < "N< MIT. BY M il,M AM VIXCEXT M AI. I Inos, at Inpicr Hall. on ?h* rid April. Iri&l. PROGRAMME. PART I. I. f>r*rtnr??flr*ndOrch?atr-i. " Msrmlon ".Gcorr*Lod?r. ''J. Ikon, from th* Ikjwm uf ?' Maritsna " " Of Fairr Wat I, hail I th*' Pow crMadam* F. Wall a II iacb*lla aa4 Br Gr.ntwrrs ... . At . V. Walls... 8. PantaOa f r lh? Violin, with Orcbvatral ao oaapsalment* >ia |kN|t? fr*l* ll'lllui'a Op-raa of " I.a A >>ns imbula " and " La Mraai*ra," compoand and ca.nnt.d hp W. V Walla**. t. Scrmadr. "Tba Star of Luv*"?Mr. Arthur-,n If V Wallas*. f>. Grand* Variation". *t Fl-ml. Brilliant*. f?r two l'laaoa, rotnpot?'d bp Bin. Vinrunt W.ill***. -u a ru nan.. l.p ll?b?y, nmW by Mr. Richard ll-fmsn and Hi* Companrr IV V Wallas*. <. Aria fr m "II Ii n Oiovannl." ".Nun ut, Dir." Malsia* Bnnchrll* V i art. F. N?w Ron,:,... fnr th. liana, " Murmuria{* in th. Trs?a." Miavtd by th* lirar<1 ?> folk* da ("on,- r?. (hp doaira.) eowp' Md and rar.-ntwd lip . W. V. Wallac*. ran* ii. ft. nr.rtiirr. Gran-1 Or, ktalra " ilsrltsna' If V H atlas*. V Ballatl. Irmii " M.iri'nna." " >i??a thai sr. ilrlthtofta" Mailaaia BsS<-h*ll*. W. Y. Walla. .. CO. DnMi (Jmtlof, l>? iho I |> I rut*,I Jlpohf, (at th* rs >|ar*t uf many ill. Un. uiali. i aroatsura,) .A-*uut*d bp "Wilts,*, WwiUa. Spohr. ar d' A* Uer?t** **?"' I r and }r-...ii,. Il.-Jt.lsnd. ( F f*1'* ii. llnntsnr* front "01,"an* di >sp-!i," "Al *ala." Mr. ArA'ar.-n V ZJL RMIiRrr and YnrinMona di llrivira. Par tli? Violin, witk Or, l .xrst an roj ,.lin*at* *n th* favorite Irish tn.ladp. '1I< IV I ?t Hoa* af Snmm'f." i'?npi?f ?apr*r?lp for this I**anion, an I p*rh?rm.d tu ff V Walt* -. H Trio. " T?m a* Old Tina " " Marltar aMad una II ,*? ?balls, Mr Artl.ara n *r, Cr - I -r-i W V. If alias*. 21. Final*. " World * Fair Polka. Grind Orwh**lrs W. V W alias.. Dor r* to span al ***** *'rl*?fc. Coarcrt t* eomaion- ? at ?irhl I pa ia?lr. i;il.MM.S WIT* BROTHER JOB ATII\N -A GALL .n.d front th* pnbtic.? Dr I al-ati ? t! tiiuaator ?'**? cntr- *itararl'r<. in compUsm* with numerous r No 111 air. L fr?*nl*rtninntonia at tbo jnrlnlp LtHrnry,? ra.r ofllrnadVai an.l I.? nar-l Imt. on Vaudar, April Jl.Tuuv day. ? *?d t? .dix-aday, ?1. Iliscntortnlniaont nlll s i*l*l of fr 11 full*, and WN?, oilh ,|ii? -r sualai. -jial??i, al, and <|HMf?taoM folhr, lal.r-t*r?.d wlffc muial ,Ual b. *, *t .*?*. l aailrlpa. alar. Irar*ll*r?. al I maid* l ira d l-a .ri,.*wa. mi n. \ onnjt *MlfM. rnrion* lavr **?< >, old ?*a and an-i irt ?-nu n. dt-V.-iiin aosl.-tlon. Van* I. And f-.Ita. atim ntal and irainln* t".? ninri.: all ?'ot? ?f inorr tdot, ttln rioiia fas?- |viu ra-"? I- all or', of p pi- littl* " in at k b- I, llni>??ri*ii -1 : r-r and a lit tli ' -r. r, '.inr *od r?.r?li"'iy T" t.n.,n.n'r nr i ?lr at *l?iit o'.l >.a, ' k- Mlrtn in ? ! ' ? '? 'I ? nt , am I t. k Tli k.'a aon ti tint . ota, I0riato: Indi.a > or*, it ?t K A N R I.I N MI'MKI M. |;.A ( II ttllAM SiflkKF. ?. SO I.KA. M? FroprWtof -? Adrnoiino -Ra*t? in Prlrnt* Boa**, l? -?*??. stoa- Lair. rratp Boa**, 8> fPill. I'ar 'iu?t. 12', -IlMiat Pnlaon p*rformaaB*o *??rp Aft.r noun aadf im a>. KM.rtafanivnta **ni*t?B** is th* aft, r V'iob at ,1 o'th 'k, and in ll a r?, i in? at half past 7. 1h* ?at?rtainn?*iiir ar. rarl?d and ?lirt. and ?nrb at can h? area ala**tkrr*la of i innasmaat in N*w York, *,.n,latina of I^a'a Frmal* El! I, plan Of r* Tr-np., auml .rin* tit -** t..rforn?.r*. I'inr th. lar*. ?l *n I al the aam? iim- Fh. in >?t hand In'h? Calt.d Atat*?. a tronp- of Mod.I Ar t.?ta oho ar. arl.ilrd f r Ahidr l, *ntp and Panr, and who T?raonat** tanVr of l>.antt'>il t.tll*nni, t*\ n ir >-w th* iirtnrp* of an, i, nt ai d mod?rH tlm."; a r -monnp of Arab f.lrla. nho thronrh a ??ri?tp of r. *'? of rir.apth an* d.atrrilp: Ma-I.m. Ida aHnr. tli* onlr fr-nal* Jiujl.r in th* yrorld: a ran pan* ?f *?'? *nd I ?ni*l. Artl't*. nlm w i ^i*? aa aaklklti . of Marl lr Atatimrp na.<|*nll*d in Iho w.rld. lorith.r wiih a *arh-tp of int.r*?tin< pi(Pifinnn..* ??..p -a and trading. For partianlnr. a*, bill a *f a ash d*p. <"1 r \jfd tintMfNK, tiim ETIkiki, or tiik .* Fi " - ? - - ? alii* llo.k in-1,11 inplial Applr In l',? **rnin*. In durint il,* daj al !>l,.-ik, |? ?r- Hot, I. to Mr. A. II. * fan-rams of Hnnjarp at thr .nrn. r of llr a Iway nnd alkrr ?tr, <1 li, k,*<. V? r. ala. Doora -p. a at an <? ?lo'-k, lo i nimtasa at ri*hl. II,* ?*a*L-d?? fdfjg n Ah a amall capital Apply In th. ??r*ln* ?* tli. ball. CjtAO AM Altl'R At'TiiRA A T K R V P A V11 KAlll ,S Of now nr.ora to **l ibllah a ronpsstdblo III* ?.nl- Arror-lation, at tbe Lraram eonnrrtod with llurtoa * *atr? Chnmh.r? atmt. Wardrobn *nd rr .portl" --in nl*t.. with ?sonar* *? r.n?lrod, gs*. **rp?*Ur?. and pr-wipt Vooka f*rtlob*d .* r,s??nsh|. tsrma to parti**?fr? di?*Uldlllp. Apply at th? ho* o??a. ___ __ Aim SKNK.N'TA PHIIrADIM.PHI4* |J ARM MA MI'REt'M, IA.?F. T RAR *J num. Prnprtatnr; II Ranf.rd. A>ai?tant Maaar.r. Grand VolIdnp MM<tio? Tha *-r*.-na Cbidan* !tp?*ta-I.. Th. -?'Ilront# ??*?*" .III h. brotight out on F.nrtsr Moadap. April XI. and .ontlnn#>l ..try nithl dnrina tha w-.k Tha ?,.w aensrp I* hr P. Grain. S.n . and or *?? ry alt?nlion haa b*?* paid t# th. pmdnrtion -f Iho rntir. FpsstwMh It na?? *rulp b* don .minal.d lb. mn?! rpl?? of th. .ato'-ll-hiiioni. I"nrh pl*"?* aa " Tnis* Kill.d," ? Grist, to ih. Mill," "Faint" Rr , nltb dtai-iag by Mim K W?r.-an. and Br- ? Williawia. Will b* pr .mWd ?n. h .iiht, Tha p.-rformanra* ia lbs aflorn- ?a or. ..mporcd -f th? moat mimloal Farona, <h? gn.rl of Vaiiili-yiil#-, fatit* Drnmaa. n pidir M*lo li.?. ? harniing I>aari?. ke Th?a. tha thon.ani ant ?ao , ?rl- d tira of tn* ,p?' lona A.loom* sr. pill ,f iaWrsrt. Admisaton *?lh.a?snd on. prTrr<r1***.*, ..? nt* ; i hildr-n unl?rt.a y .ara, l*S rsat* Rill ATI! r FT_pi * A I II F I Rl >F' ?* S I A *OR RR N T lag th* *h#*o Tb.atf. for ona, front dopt. mh.r I, . WIU b* r*tmi**d on or brfi-rt 1*1 Map n->*i. A Jdr.aa, A RRANSON, VMwkttaUiAi f nu.aona rnia. April A, 1-81. O ROADWAY THEATRE?E. A. MARSHALL, SOLE MJ Ltim; O. H. Htrmt. Muint.-I>Mti op?n at 7; otur tuia rises at half-part 7.?On? Circle and Parquet, SO otmto; Fumll v and Third (Dole*. 24 Mate | Gallery, lik oeata: Pri vate Boxes, $i and $6?Monday evening, April 21, will b? presented. th* grand Komiuitio. Operatl*. Fairy spoctaele of (he VISION OK TilK. SUN?Koraa. Mlaa Aadarton; Tao niar Mr. Whitiug; Oultaapae, Mr. ltarrlaj Oratiama, Mr. Hill; linainacapaa, Mr. Genii of the Harp, MLa taapne, Mr. llarrlai Oratiama, Mr. Freilerioka; Tycobroo, Signer Carlo; Ollrta; Genii or the Ebon Wand, Mr. Keyuulda; Kuuac, Mia* A. Gougenheim. I'rerlooa to the ?peotacle, TUAT ODIOUS CAPTAIN CUTTER. Broughams lyceum, broad way^ea r b roo me ?trret.?Dreaa Circle and Psrquette, W uenti ; Family I ircle, 26 centa; Orchestra Stall Seata, $1; Private Iluaoa, ?A.?Over I opea at 7 ; to begin at half put 7 o'clock. On Monday evening, April 21, the performance will commence with the drama entitled the DEVIL IN PARIS?Uonut Va nllle, Mr. Droughaui; Ilenry do Beaueoleille, Mr. Palmer; Croquet, Mr. Raymond; , Mlae Mary Taylor; Madame de Nantelle, Mrv. Geo. Loder. To conclude with the far> ? of HIS I.AST I.EOS?O'Callaghan. Mr. Brougham; Mr. Rlvira, Mr. 11. II. Phillip*: Charles Rivers, Mr. Palmer; Mr*. Mon tague, Mra. Vernon; Julln, Mica h. Taylor. BAHNUM'3 AMERICAN MUSEl'M-P. T. BARNUM, Proprietor and Manager?John tlreenwood, Jr.. Aaaiat aut Manager. Admittance to the Mueenrn, 2S centa; ohil dren under 10 yeure, 12^ centa. Monday afternoon and eve ning, April 21, prominent programmes of great merit and \ attraction. In the afternoon, at 3 o'clock, the play of TURNING Till: TABLES?Jack Humphrey!, Mr. r. M. Kent. To conclude with the laughable piece of the LOT TERY TICK KT?Wormwood, Mr. E. M. Kent.. lutheove uillK, at halt mint 7o'. lock, the SERIOl'S EA M1LY?A miua dab Sleek, Mr. lladaway; Charlealorrene, Mr. C. VY. Clarke. B~ AKNUM S MUSEUM.?ITTs A WELL KNOWN FACT, i that tie " S-rioiia Familp " in a liiglily poinilarand very i interesting comedy, of a clioiee order. Alee, that whenever It ha* I ecu played, a crowded liouie would certainly ensue. Wherever this piece haa been presented, our theatre going people, and especially our numerous critic*, have al a ay* . showed an indulgent detire to watch after the important east contained in the character of the very aeriout Amiuadab 1 Sh ek. This auine de-ira w ill be felt here, aud v e predict full I and crowded hound at the Muieum. lladaway t.ikcs the character of Sleek?Clarke, that of Torrena, and Mi*i Chap man that of Mr*. Delinaine. We hate eceu lladaway lu i Sleek, and can pronounce him excellent. Tliia afternoon, twocapital play?, "Turning tlio Table*," and the "Lottery i i ki-l. K'1,1 i .1 till d in both. Ct||;i I S- NEW YORK AM I'll 111 I KATK E \7, IIOIVEUY S I'ncce of Adiuiaeion;?Privat* Boxea, 00 oeuta: Hexea, 2o centa ; Pit. l?^ cents?John Co*?in, Clown.?On Monday evening, April 21. the performance will commence with a grand Entree hy all tin character*. Pa* Sell by Mlaa Vir- ; ginia Lee. Mr. U. Sherwood a* the Cauiauche Chief. Mr. ! T.avattr Lee and hi* infant children, lu their original and un- I appro*! liable ll"ttle Peat*. Mr. I.ipman in hi* great lamping si t ol llcri-cm* indiip. Madame Sherwood will appear in her beautiful Parisian act of Equitation. Shnkeperian t'lian/c* I upon horseback, by Mr. Lipuiau. To conclude with the after piece of BILLY BUTTON. (CASTLE GAKDEN.?THIS BEAUTIFUL AND POPU J lar plate la now open for the reception of vieiter* during the day. The view from the galleries of tho eplandid scenery of our noble bav and harbor, haa not an equal in the world. Admieaioa 12centa. SHIPPING. FOR LIVERPOOL?UNITED STATES MAIL STEAM ?t.ip PACIFIC, Captain K. Nya. This steamship wi*i depart with the mail* for Europe, positively un Saturday. May 10th, at 12 o'clock M., from her berth at the foot of Canal street. No berth aecurod until paid for. All letter mu*t p??? through the l'oet CfBce. For freight or f? having unequalled accommodation* for eleganc* or comfort, apply to bfiWD. K. COLLINS, fai Wall street. Positively no freight w ill be received on board after Tbor I ly evening, MavStn. Tha atenaar ARCTIC will iut ed the PaciSo, j and sail May 24th. THE BRITISH A AMERICA* K.iYiL Mail* * York and Liverpool di re t, and between 1 rpool- the Boston el.ipe only railing at Hal leccive inaila and paa ?enger*. ARABIA, Cnpt.? A 1'KICA, Capt. Kyrie. PFRSI A, Cant.? El) ROPA. Capt. Lot*. ASIA. Capt d'udkiii NIAGARA, Capt. Rhone. AMERICA, Capt. Shannon CANADA, Capt. Harriaoa. CAMBRIA. Capt, 1-eitoh. The** vessels earrv .clear white light at mart head; grnnn en starboard bow; red on port how. Africa, fr?m New York Wedaeaday, 23d April. Amirkn, " Boston Wedaeaday, .'Wtli " A*ia, " New York Wednesday, 7tli May. Niagara, " Boston Wedaeaday. 14th " F.uropa, " New York Wednesday. 21st " Cambria, " Koatnn tVedoe*day, 'Atth " Africa, " New York Wednesday. 4th June. Canada, " Boston Wednesday, 11th " Asia, " New York Wed need ay, IS\k " America, " Boston Wednesday. 24th " Passage from New York or Boston to Liverpool, Arrt cabin, $120. Passage from New York or Boston to Liverpool, aeoond oaMn, VP>. Berth* not secured until paid for. Freight w ill be charged on specie beyond an amount for per sonal expense*. An exprriea-'ed Sorgena on hoard. All letter* and newspaper* uiu?t pas* through the Poit Offloe. . For freight or passags, apply to K. TUN A RI), Jr., M Bntlei;. French, German, and other Foreign Good*, received and brought in eornmou with British Goods. Through bills of lading are given in Havre for New York. After the let of April ne*t. the r?te of freight by the abova steamers from Liverpool will he materially rodneed. No second elate passengers taken alter nxstMay, uatil fur ther notice. PHILADELPHIA INDMTIIPOOl (TNITID STATES Mail Line.?Strain.hlp l.AFA T ET1 E, Chnrlo# Stoddard, C"ntnaad*r, (I.tte of th? rf. .onalilp frtxeal Ci(y). Im* boo* placed oa tht* line, to run I'liilodolpMa and IJrw pool. nud mill !? mi h>r berth, Lombard otreet wharf, I'liila delj.l In, fi r Liverpool, t* WVInea.lny, 7th Star, at llo'rluok. Tina aplondidatootnohlp, I.BaJ tuna burthen. u built in tho ni'iai aubttautial maiiuer. loth aa regard* liull and mvehi nory. Ilrr arromiBAdaikaa for paaaoagor* ar? uaaurp.vaaed for comfort aad clopame. Kate* of p???*{0. I.n.iioa' Sj loon Slat* Km.iu>, fpH; grutleuirn'a Stain Kooma, SUB: Second ^'al.ln, p?*l. Fvuminn ticket* to Liverpool and ba< k. Pint visa*. SI7A; be. -nd dn., $|i*i. No berth aoour* d until paid f -r. F'.-r pn-oage, apply to J. (J. W illiam , lad Front atroal. Now Krfcl or to John I,. I.intoa, No. Sf South wkarvcaj or, Uuo. II Henry k Co., 37 M'aluut atrvet, Phila delphia. N. II. Peraoog engaging par-age at Now fork will bo fur aiebed tkk.-ta free to 1'liiU Jclphia. U~ 8. MAIL ST E A M8IJ11* COM TAN V-l?ofc <5S* * lean* dirrrt, via Mat ana, on Saturday, April Xtli, at lo'tlaek P. M. Faro rednrod.?Tb* aplondid double .-agiat ttini-lip < >11 IO. UlVtoai burthen. Jamoa Sahrnek, U. S N . I'lmnaadrr, v ill rail pr*ei-elv at So'rfock P. I" U a htr ( nl Warren atnet, N. It., with tho Co emnieut mail*, direet f r Havana ai.d Now Orlean*. Chagrei paaarngtra tranaf. rrrd at llataaa to tho apl'ndid doable on gine aUauirl ip F A 1.1 O.N . Freight taken to No* OrUaaa ?Mta nor unblc foot Speei* only taken ?? freight t lli.ana N? l.tll* of ladin - will be aigned aft. r the Aaaiatr baaaallod Fur freight or apply at MMNIi tk# Ci/inpany, Ho. 177 W'oot atreet. corner of Warroa eit*ct. M. U. ROBERTS. Rater of fake reduced,-only throuuh linr for Calil. ruin and Oregon, via t harrea din it, and by tko United State* moil ateatoora on tlte Pa-ibe.?On Sa turday, April llHh, at 1 P. M.?The nto and ?pl.-n Ud d..tibia engine ftranubin It DORADO, l.sai tout burllion, W'rirht, Oomiraadrr. a til loava pior No. 2 Nurlli Rivor, for iSiaiit dirf I, un Siilurday. At nl I'.'tb, al 3 o'clock prveUolf. lb* F.I Dorado hue proved her-. If t* bo tho faal.-it arv .im.ii 'r altuat. haviiia niK'U'tho trip Irmn l'ha*r?a to Now York io loo than < igi.t running day a. Pa?one. r- by tin. m I w HI r> a.-b raaama In amnio tlni* to take the rtonmer. Panama or, la li-avo that p.rt on or about May lot FVr trot {hi orpaaeaire, apply at tlio aft**, M and South atroal, oral 177 W aat atr.j't, turner of Warr n atrvet. t^OR CHACBF.S DIRECT.?Til r. NEW DOUBLE EV a in.e ggeam-l.ip I'romotlo ua, Capk II. IF. J...iu*.v. wiii Wiakr . i.o nu ro trip I > ? liter**. before taking lo r pl.t e on ili? NKara/n* rmat'. and ?ill 1-ov# New York fcrChwrro# direct, fr< n Pier No. I, Mi rth lUver, on Monday, tin dvih A prl I Inat.. at to'. I k I' M. For freight or paeaa ;s. baling naeallont *? ovluieudntl int. apply Io |i. n. AI.LF.N. i Itatt-rj plarn. IMiFI'FNHIAT I INF MM IIAIiKF.S <II'TOBtTIOMTO ?nnapolv.?1 hr plenitld doblo rt. -in" ??e*m?bl!. I*r .m?? tin u*. * ill 1. air Rut ley the dstii ioal . an laa -ii li ra pro V? 'I lo r? 'If tin* fa t ?. t -Iran., r, t?e liuarante.* ktf t ? ar rlvn at ('barren ahead af tkt v. t. Mall dttafltr Uh|o. aiil Iv t. w for iurr laaornci r? to lento I'aooo.o by nno of the itmat or- > f imh May, on-l arriir in s*n Franeioeo before tko lat " Juno, at rate* Stat. n. ion. t'a' in. 87"; St.. rap., t0i. I. Ii. r?? P- lag# III eeuta. It ,l>t M , at, p-r lb . by our F.apf"?a. I'lnn of eabin K>n au l pa-aage atenro l at MI.KIORD It CO.'8, 2 Ve-ejr alract, Aotor i>an. Pacific maii. siEaMhiiip company ?ionli I thr nahtlae M Wllerala and Oregon ). -Tbo r ihln aro inforni u tl al undortb* now *mng..ra*nt of v.ia Com pany, atean're mop tt*d and a;.r>?o?ed by tha Nt?v Dw aartarat, end earvvln* tho I'ailad Staioa mail*, will a*n tiaao bo leave i'aanion and San Fraaelawa, tha lat aad lAab Ivya of otvrk wion'h, naloea detained by aaaroidabie aeel aeat. aod will t?a> h al Aeopulr .. Saa Dimrn. -ad M .i'-roy The folio* ma al-am parkete bolnnaica t* the Paviilv MaU ?toaaieki|. Compar y art sow in the Pa- ifr. oa* of wluth Will bo alwavi ia pert at ear', nd af Uir roe o OKICIIN 1.1 "!? ton# RKPPBI.IC 1 ??'tnma. PAN t?tt CAROLINA. ~w Vona CALIFORNIA... l.llWtaaa. Cnl.CM Ml S.. .... ?MVma TENN R8SFE . .,, I.NO twaa. ISTIIMC8 -tuna MiRTIIFRNEIl.. .I..0* IINICOHN W' tuna "aa. rwr.MONT ?i toaa. COIIMHIA ANTELoP* The nrw atrvmahlp coi.I'MRIA will ply bokwoua Saa Frai elaeu an l porta ia n*o*nn, awaiting at tfvo forraer nort tbr arrival af tbo mail* and pavamgovefr-.a Pan*?*, and re turwina witbont del ty with tbo aaala aad poaaoagora for tht at. ntr . r fr- ie Seat Frtaoito* A rornlor lino >f prnr-ll*r? will h* kapt op f ?? tho Iran* pnrtauoa of treigbt aod tranoaat paaoengoro botwoaa I'awa ? a and Saa Franotreo. TF?w*ll kaowa atgamal.lp SVRAH SANDS, of l,Hfln ton# knrtl.ea now aadar cl artor to the cm pan/, aad preullarly aotngiodlewt ia inbin arrangom-nU. will bo kept rnaalag a*aa otlra family bnat. f>n* of tha a boon ataamor* will koop up tht oonaoetloa bo ?wren Aeap-.l o and the othof Moalean porta. Tl o rnaaevtion iu tha Atlaatio will bo aalataiaod by tb* rnite-1 Atat** Mall o'eamaliip* UEokfllA t.iaai t*aa. CRESCKNTCITT I fit tuna 111! IO........... V?"tnaa. CHF.ROS KK . ... l.ttMeaa IMriKB CITY.. tuna. PII11. A DRI I'll I A I.IWtnmt Latvia# Haw York for Chagroa oa tb* llbh aad JMA of aal * nth. Tb* new aUamaMp* BL DORADO aad FALCON will ?ova a direct tlao boto**a Now Orlaana aad Chagre*, but lug at eviel, perl" 'a a* olll onrur* to little doteati -a a* ye? alff* un lb* labbawa. aad Avvmltig with tho Paaill.1 u.toa tldr*. a tlworeh lint tn aad fr ia Naw Orloana. aad pad* In ?**ino, California end Orrgoa. Paa*i(*frna New (Manat .ar hb *r enroil fruia Arnatroag. L* or aeon la Co.. aaoata at that pine*. Tb* far* fur thrnogh lb koto froa Now Tar* bo lag Fraa daeo bat boon r*d?o#d fn m td'<i. in ?tele room-, lo >YW. fr ii. in loorr eolda. I* fa*). SJU, in ot?roge. t. piii#. Tho r*l< a fr m New Turk to Chagre* will Hat th* lewagl adopted by any aa<# aoa atoaaor botwe*o thug* porta For eh Mr* of berth*, apply at tha .,?e# ?ht < oapaay H and ltd South atro*t. and at tbalr irvr'a FT7 woat a*. FIOR SIN FRANCISCO A N *f> R *fl? fN-FgrRt rtvii ly Stoaarr Oa lat Joa*. Hy I',* only thnoah lino hrua I'aaaaa t* fvn Frontier*. The g*l| know* n*J far# rll* ateamrr SARAll SANDS. I,WW beat, harlei moot ?*? trnaiv* and > - BM'nlant neaoaumada ?i**i far famiilaa-oepn rate atatr r-- m-In both ?al""* agvd aoei od eabin -will b# laopaWbod hy tho 1'aeiAe Moil Si ,*mohip I'ompnwy, oa 'he tel.lunr from Panama ller I*#* trip 'rem Son rroa* iae* WOa performed In t?*n?e-?!i# -"jo.-. Sh* will bo r"i? ly t?i ro fetvo on board. Immrdiatrly ,n their nrrivnl In I'onain*, tho aaamngora inioadinglng" #ff*r, aad by Innring Now Turk 'n tbo iir-mw ?hl? n wi'l Vo dorp-tohog the middle f Mar, to oaunoet ollh fcrr. an'"* by avniling of th* rodeo*! rut** id rara. tk"* will ?..i ur? repaint? *Bdreon,.my ofhrod by W ,r?t. ou,oe For tleln ta, oblih will bo- In tb* oob.oa |fr*a '. anoma V< Son Fran. Iaeo, ia tb* Moabia, |IJS >om I'* nam*'?> S*? Frao' loro. applv lo LA N b A At! IH * ALL, M aal Hloiitk ?tfO'.l, ; NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. I Curious Verdict of a Kaial Court Martial. Waihinutoi*, April %). 18,11. The Naval Court Martial recently assembUd here far I the trial of Lieut. Fabiu* Stanley, for challenging hie ! superior offlctr, have found a singular verdict, via i On th*e first count, '? that Stanley falsely stated he had challenged Capt. Johnson," guilty. Second count, -Stanley actually challenged Capt. Johnson." guilty. The Searetary of the Navr, perceiving the Irishism of I this finding, ho* remanded the ease bock to the court. Archblaliop Bcrleaton. Baltimori:, April '10, 1K51. j Archbishop Eceleston still lives, but Is sinking slowly. | 11c may linger another day, but dtath is ineritabie. Marine Dlaaattr. Noaroi.a, April 19, 1861. : The schooner B. L. Perry, from St Croix, for Middlo i town, with a eargo of molaaaes. ha# put in here In dia | trees. ghe had shifted deck-load, damaged rigging. &?-. Harrison, from this port for York ' river, having about fft.000 worth of mcreiiandise on board, sunk in Ilsnipton Roads yesterday. No insurance. _______ I The Political llevolutlon at Albmiy. MASS MKET1NU OK X1IK DEMOCRACY?THE I'ltoCLAMA | TION OK THE OOVEKNolt, CALLING A.N EXTRA 8ES I SION ?K THE LEGlSLATt UK. Ot'R ACHA N V CORRKSrONDKNCIE. Albany, April 19,1851. ' Uprising of the People?Monster Meeting at the Capi tal?The Twelve Apostles Sustain,ii?Governor's Proclamation far an Extra Set.ston, <J-c. tj-c. If the meeting held ut the capital last night is any indication of public sentiment, then the mem bers of the Legislature who attempted to pass the bill, inust certainly meet with condemnation fiom the people. It was called for the purpose of testing the sense of the people in this city in rela tion to the course taken by the twelve Senators i who so willingly resigned, rather than remain and witness a palpable violation and disregard of an important provision in thoir State constitution. I The meeting is acknowledged on all hands to have 1 been tbe largest, most respectable and enthusiastic I of any ever held ut tbe capitol of tho .State. Many I of tho old and most highly respectable oHitens, who have for years kept themselves aloof from active political action, have been awakened to the subject, and are piepai ing to engage in tho contest with the ardor ot youth and the wisdom of age. Tl piincipal speakers were Horatio Seymour, , and Mr. J Men, of New York city. The 1 i r gentl'iuan < me up valiantly in support of 'u: ?n and against the C anal bill; ex ] i -ing Li i c ietion of its unconstitutionality, and regarding it a. a measure only intended as a mutter of party speculation. Mr. .vyinuur is un able and pleasant speaker, carrying his hearers smoothly with him, without the rippling in the wave. Mr. Tilden informed the audience that be was a member of the convention which framed tbe present constitution, and on the committee with Miehuel Hoffman, in perfecting the finan cial article in the constitution which the ma jority in the Legislature have attempted to vio late; and he reuiarked that it was agreed on all sides, by all hands in the convention, that it was supposed the constitution was so formed as to effectually restrict the Legislature from running the peopde in debt, without obtaining their consent. It was supposed that the urtlrle in relation to the finaures was mi securely guarded that no legislation could so pervert it as to create u debt, by any eva sion or artifice. He gave the audience a very lucid account of I He proceedings of the convention, lie nronouiicid the Canal bill nncousti.utionul, and bo licvrd if the (piustiou was directly submitted to the voters of the city of Xew York?the city of his resi dence?the course which the twelve Senators bad chosen to pursue would be triumphantly sustained. A series of resolutions was introduced by Mr. Watts Nheiman, cashier of the Albany C'Hy sank. They nic.-trong and decided, unequivocal in cha racter, strongly approving t lie defeat of the Canal bill, and condiinning the conduct of those member* of the legislature, especially the Senators who have been compelled to carry out the behests of Thurlow Weed in oppositiou to their better judgments. Over mid over again, several of those Senators hod doubted tbe propriety and expediency of the passage of the law ; but they have been compelled to Yield, giving evidence that they regarded their oaths to support the constitution, no better thau custom house oat It*. Tliie bit! unites both section* of the democratic party. The ntlhesion will bequicklv formed through out the Ntatc, and tbe epithets of hunker or barn burner will m> loigcr bv bandied about. Ilothsootious will drop tbe negto agitation, uud urnrch shoulder to shoulder in maintenance of the constitution. Last night were seen mingled, as in (lays past, the loaders ai.d rut k and tile. 1 hey have forgotten all former differences, agreed to let all other matters rest, ami make battle in common, and in fraternal energy, against tbe whigs. We now see Lli IV my, tbe Mayor,hunker, appointed chairman by a radical? H< ratio Ncyaour, Walts Shearman, l.ra*tu#Corn ing, I'ctcr liiiaevtwt, und other hunker*, iu t a n.cst unity witb John YanKiircn,Tilden, Stanton, bitter barnburners, joining their forces iuvl for tunes in barinouious effort- to sustaiu the retiring Set a tors. 'J ho riilhu-iarm of liud night will soon spread throughout the Stale, espethillr iu those twelve di.-trk-ts where another election is to be held. The great buttle will be fought in the itJih district, vciui rising the count ir? ot Madison ami Oswego, lat< lv represented by Mr. Stone: and in the -lit district, Jefferson imd I-cwia, from which Mr. -kiiimr resigned. The former hi impregnated with in tno i ' a |iu>iiiiiw made hy the louder* in tho nine million corruption fend, that heibre the canal* nri fl.l*h i d, moons w ill lie act-ota pUalu-d to raise two or three miHimis more, to enlarge the Owcgo ennol. iu t 'rwrgo, tlie tiiiml interest will pre' ail; Milt, with a strong majority in Madison, Mr. Stone may, never thcler*. It- retariu <1. In Jefferson and l.ewi- the intwfest* of the Mack It iter rural will ilraw "if several rote* from the tiimoeratic candidate, liul the district is a ? rrv strong tne. and it is very doubtful whether o suffl eici.t number of worshippers of Mi had lioffiuvn can be seduced into the support of the whig nomi nee, even with a prospect id a more speedy couple repudiation of tionof tl.nt cwBsl,by the manifest repu one of the most important feature* of the s<Mi?tilu tion. 1'hete is no danger in any other district, that any eonstitutiaa violator can he elected. And with an additioa i f those tw.> wb'/ Senatucw.for the * ike of the argument, what can tne spoiler* gain 1 Tl.nt will make, them only nineteen. Carroll and Croak will rr? ga, a* their colleague* have done, sin old the emergency arrWr; and 1 >r. Hrandrelh, ah bough a little crooked and unsafe now, will never Mai d out against Ihr lot rent of imligmvtiou which he will wituias agan -t the infamous mne million bill He writ al-i follow hi? democrat io rnlleaguea, if the tnwr shall arrive demanding the saorifhe. The whig* nri d ? ot ffatt -r themselves that they will rvci ? htain hi nt<- for ths bill, while it r io ta in* thrue or fonr of Its present sbasalwa feature*. The I hiator is safe, notwithstanding the honeyed flattery of the Albany / woof. (iovrn.' r Hunt ha.- issued a proclamation for an extra session of the I .egislat are. lie Un* the power to dn so under section i, aitirlr I, uf the const I tn tlon, a subdivision of wtikh soya, "he shall liavx I i.wsr to convene the Iwgialnture for the Senats only.) (,a extraordinary occasions ' lie has a f pointed the second Tuesday of June a* the time 4 msstirg. In tho uiraatimc, ha will also Issue wxr iti.ts to (111 the vaeam a? occa. by tho re?ij*.*.ui tion ul the twelve .Sualort. \Y. The fotlowing arr the resolution* pn??ed lv? the dr moeratic meeting at Albany, on tne oven lag of the lSih instant, called in eoaw pirnce of the- resig r at ion sf the twelve democratic Senators, on Ihr

nttimitcd passage uf the Canal Kulnrgement bill: ? Ke-ulfld. That the rpullicsn electors of die Hty of Albsay hsvr attSii-std with s-lnnt-hment tils ort?in and prr|fr s of tin- project Inltlateit tiy the *t?ti a JmiMstfa* tlon. ard msily eonsrwiwated tiy the l>i(i.att ur?. >t add ing litUe millions rf d<'M to the burden of twenty two mint* on. nn ler *1.1 h the enerjele* of the gtateaOW labor Ihst s pruporltl'in of thi* chnrsrter hivi ftruck us with surprise. oristnntlng a* It ha? In a time of profound pssvrc and prosperity, cnllid ft?r by no ptiMis calamity by no inn t|*-i tri m iiy. I t no stringent d? rnaniof tm-luess. not dhrtissed tne people, nor pctttkmr-d Air by tlum ; yet alt. nipt.d to t? forred though the IsyjUla tnrr by * | sr'y vote, and urged wtth surh rrohks*?"?s a ? 1 .... ., I |. i i ? lv pa age rf important ldlls. t y e. ? prill tig Its opponents to resort to the last art of n ?l*tsiir* and ro?lgn their seats And that we are hew to express our Indication that so cn at a pul'ltr wrong ha- bren attempted Meant red. That while we know that this project of debt ortairat'd in nr. put lie uece??ity. or In any desire to pro n.i te the pi.U'.e gr.i d. we helleve that we ran detect In It* fi aturen the evidence of oilier m-Aleea. 't propose* to gm-p, f r more than twenty y. ar* In advance, the H vevoes i f the public work*. In "rder to form tin- had* of sn ? jtvemt'ture of three million- a year thro yiars. and S'ttlnc aelde the Canal Commi-'toniws, to plrrr the eontrwt of this fond, and rf the routraet* on ter the law. In the hand? of Ave wlits polttteisns. ronstltntind a n.sji rtty of one In the Csnsl Ihiard?whose terma at" ate ut to i aptr , rod who compote ? tribunal who?? pa*i | iel< of Improvidence, whwc Inexperience and looseness barn fdrfvltrd the confidence of the people, and whose on]/ hope of perpetuating power, or sustaining further tbe dynasty of whirh they rorm part, rrrti In the liberal expenditure of nine millions of money In favored locali ties and among active partisan*. Resolved. That the Canal bill, which hea been defeated by the reoclute and manly resignation of democratic Se nator*, b) a direct, palpable, and audueion* violation of tbe constitution of this. state: that the expedient which it propose* for raising ulna million* of dollar*, by whatever spi clone name It may be called, 1*. in it* essential cha racteraud practical effect, tbe creation of a debt; 1* in consistent with the provision* of the constitution which prescribe the mode in which the surplus revenue* *hall be applied to the canal*, and confine that mode to the expenditure of the surplus a* it shall be actually received; 1* incompatible with the provision* which expressly pro hibit the contracting of debta. except In tbe manner therein specified; and is in utter disregard of the provi sion wblcn deprive* the Lcgislat lire of the power to autho rixe or direct the application of the revenue* for more than two year* In anticipation. Resolved. H)at if the Canal bill Were not clearly for bidden by the worda of the constitution, it is undeniably within the meaning and intention i f the express prohi bition of that instrument, as shown by the controversies which gave rise to the convention and the discussion* which attended the formation and adoption of the con stitution Resolved, That the constitution Is binding upon the agcuta of the people acting under it.' in the scree and ?in lining in which its provisions were designed by those who frumrd them. ?nil the people who adopted them, a* shown by contemporaneous discussions and history; that the attempt to evade the real intention of an in strument between private parties by artful construction, is universally characterised as dishonest; audttut the atti n>pt to i vudc the real intention ol' the constitution by snch construction by the legislative agents of the people, is a Istraynl of a high trust, and a violation of ills solium < litigation of the official oath. Resolved. That if the Legislature still have the consti tutional power to contract debts or to anticipate and Consume the revenues for an indefinite period before they accrue, the present constitution lias utteily failed of the object which induced the people to assemble a conven tion ar.d to establish a new constitution ; and it is vain to hope that any language will Is-sufficient to produce the iffect deslgiu d by the people in restraining their le gislative agents fr< m creating debts and mortgages upon the public revi nues; there is an i nd to all constitutional limitations U)a n delegate d power, and the very founda tion of republican government is swept away. Kctulvi d. That we are struck willi profound amaze, mint by the attitudeof our Legislature, sworn to support the constitution, proposing to issue a paper "scrip''or '? eertlfii ate,'' on the face of w hich ail obligation* of pay n.i nt is exptessly disavowed, and to authorise the recep tion iff Oil* as a basis of bank issues, when the consti tute n t'Xprtssly declares that it shall Is' the duty of the Legislature lo see .that all such issue* are " amply se emed." lie*4VI d. Unit the people?the property holder*?the laboring and Industrial clus-so*?nil classes?.<11 society are <it cply Interested in the paper rurmu r of the Stnte? that it cau have uo i xlstiiire hut by their will, aiul as it affects aud measure* the value of every man's property, should nt vcr be allowed existence unless upon n basis which render* it readily convertible into gold and ailver, the only legal standard of rulue Hi aolvcit, 11,at it Is prc|>oeti-roua to suppose or pretend that * cert Iflca tea,"' whiah on the one hand are afliruo d to be ancom-titutloiiul and void, l>et au.?e they ereate a debt u? liability on la-half of the people of tliia State? on thr other are claimed to lie legal.only because they t rt ate no liabdily for payment, can be that ample secu rity wlilh the constitution require*?that the issue of p*|*-rti)on?y upon such a bind* a* theae certificates or scrip whU h acknowledge no obligation?no liability?on the ciiitrary disavow isith?ia an outrage upon all the law* uf wisdi m and prudence-?an outrage upon every round principle, upon the property and iuduatrial iu te-rvete of the ccuutry. and above all upon thu constitu tion of the people liesolvi d. That we regard the pledge ef the pitblie faith ?f a State a* an obligation upon the houor and c >n sch neee f the whole people. never to be uiade except un ih r the pressure of a vital wreossity. and never to be trl tl<d with or violated under ar y nrrceeity whatever: that ?? MM with pride to the poi-itiou assumed by New York in 1MB. of restating the Inert*** of debt, and devot ing tie cncrgii a to sustaining ita credit; that the Infiu ? lire ot that poriti' u war felt immediately in the restora tion of publir eont'eh-nre and the elevation of public and private clcdit; that the principles of win4?aouu<reatraiat thci adopded wen- d< < nied worthy to be incorporated Into the constitution* of six State' of the I'nlon. as well as in our own organic law; that to depart front that poli cy by a violation of the sacred obligations of the eon-tt t tit ion. w< old be to set an example of evil, aa to-fore we M t an example of good, and would be a retraction of the P< pular t xpressii n for which the people have given no wairant: that a stain upon the name of New Y'ork would l e a Wound upon American credit, the cf-nsri|urnee-i of which, at this tiuic. when two hundred millions of Ameri can securities arc held in Europe, would he dUastruu- aud ii reparable. K evolved That the n-fneal of the whig majority the taglelature to euhmit the question tithe people In ar.y fmm. was in< xrwsahle. inasmuch as the proposition irigiimtcd with an rwecntlve having large and direct I ? rn-nal int? rests In the expenditure of this money, and ? s? s1dre?s.-1 to .-I I.I uhlaturr. the iiuij. ritr of wtii. h was i-prliil by a minority of the rmpular vote and was to lie ai nitutsfcrx d by a body ef stste i-tlrsw eks asa> ihstrc to <i(.(> h1 preaenl deficits and past defaults under a large loan, undtliat we cannot but regard the atti utjd to hurry this mutter through an extra session of Mi< h a Is ubl?ture, so as to escape s popular espree skin, as the last struggle rf a dynasty that tear th- pro pic and knows that in the next general election It will wi 11 fr- iu power und ronslgm d to oblivion Retoiwd. That we p..tnt with pride to the eontrast ? hi< h the history of this ds Mat)- preeents In lt< minimis t rat ion l.y whig cr d< mum tic hands That for more thnnettvears the ilemoeratle party dktlngnMied Itself ly the economy and vigor with whirh it pmo-rntod the 1 piddle works, the srdoioua rare in the uri serration of the I i.t h (nib the rani agf and mlf aai ilflii tn recalling the Mate trim a sp< Bilthrtft and reckless policy, to that of . i ntd payment, and tfeagnarmt-- win. hit em Is-dlnl In the constitution to complete these work- and toi xtirgtdah the debt, ami free the hueiuesaof the canals fli ni the hi uvr burthen of tolls, and has proved it- If the failhfrl and honest frieml of th? people That on the other ha tut. the Whig party. In spite of nil its pntam cs of rial fir the nu-rv -pa-edy completion of 1 lie puldic wi rk* lias proved itsi-lf tln-ir gnati -t enemy. squaiider Ing the revenues i varied from the canal interests up -n favorite {-artisans. In Idle enlrrprw*. in local specula lions, slut oi n fraudulent cla'.m< ami dt-tiu nisliing Itse If in lb- third year '?( the lolminlstratlon of dcwanl by n general suspension t>f the pnhUc worha, anil In the first ji ar of lln- lolmini-tratIon of lluut by a p.-trtial one, ami In teeth l.y c|o-c nppr itch to Mate Isrnkriipt- y. It) siilvi d. 'I hat lie- I lln like of the trrpwhiu-an demur, racy of the city, and the w hide Mate, an- Jo- to the patri otic fictiati re, who. fevind by their oath? and tln-ir use f duty, tootsy and pro c-rva the oonatltutkiw. which called tlx m into exi. tcnoc, and to protect Ibi |?-opie fr.un th ?vile i f pri fllgate legislation. feU bark upon the la?t re. h nirca It-fl tin m to fi nd the constitution, and to re |w-| the aggresah-na made up n It by havfrvg reeotrrae t-? the only i xp, illcut h ft?exhibtUi g. in tla-ir wlilliirn--s to n sifcU their places, a spirit of ? If-sa-rtfte ? mid stih niis-h n to th? psoplr. In rnntmst with th - avidity of piiu-e u-nrputh o i I power, and dtatmvt of tin- people, niuuif) sti d ' y tl.i ir - pt u. ut- , and that w- ph-dge mar s?lvis t* the ranie of the untt*d demis-racy. to stand by tin m at all times, aa tin y hare -tood % the run, litutlou in its mi turn! < f peril lb -i.lvi ?t That i nt if Intended c?!l sometimes e -m?s gust and tlist wr flt.d It a sotrtce of congratulation tl at Ibc onset wUicli a reckh-svxji I profligate faction lu-re mad-- up. n th. Constitution ??'hem- of d-bt. f-as kail t Im ?gi rt of uniting tn on* body aodat tinating with ? i.i pin ; re, tin- iiiru-i rar sf tin slits : and tlial we rvj- Ice that we r.r- able to prist, in, that the united di III entry of Xit I ot, are owe and in 1 V -abl I'vtio fir..Ion of tho LtgUlalarr, ttssisttoa ar o- at i.stirssi is ft hi rea- It represented |., rn-a l y concurrent dir IwtV n??1 the -srixte and tseinibiv that fheactl'ccof the l?rglsialure lite law u IHl atesbky tW festgnaUoW of twelve ml era of tkr Senate, can-, d by a dtCrrcorc ot opiai.?n irspertlrg a f-illir no asure. b--l wi en fhe nral-riiv and the loimiltt ffthi- tknalc ; and It le-in* evtdi-at that In eultscijuetii-s irf the sectsclori from that hixly A such r. m n Is r ifH?mi ml* rs and the ii-appea- anew af are tire t. bills rrqitljing a two-third rote eenid not be prosed u-?.t a i|Uorunx k t tha traa. sctinn of buslm--< nyHi'inj the pri if Ihri-e-lflhs was entirely depicrdi-wt upon the rspitss of a slnile member, who. aflir 'ds attendance bad lava enitipclh | by order of the Si-ngi- "gain -le parted with' nt Ita ls-ave. audtharvby prev rntcd thi form ation of sneh a i| ?nriiiti ; A?.l whereaa. \he Berintr lad A- ,-tnlrf afr-r Wfn-vt ing the tiovi-rirvt to call an Extra Pesslaw t f th# Leg! Li tor*, at tloe and ph?cc ?. he mlg'at ib-em - iptell -wt for the Interest* of the Hate, thermion ndjovgncd \ -n* f>?. having failed In pass thr Anntn' u|-tcpristlnn ll?li. and ithsr pi ailing rnsa-iir, s il.i-ril ?s-i-atial to the pot.lii wi|fi.-e aadthe -rdinary ?vpp?-" t ? f ilovernrw-ot; Ar.d whereas, the i^eorgantratl--Q*-t the Legi-l-rtlv-- II ? part nu nt. and Ha raw sen went toiMUtf t? tM^lilt the j* rf< im-nteif Its dull. - In th-.-ma-rrni r pr> scribe-l by the ? i iirtHulli n fotm an ulraerddrary on v?lon. nnpreve di nti d la the pa-t history i f tlik Atate and rwmh-r.itg ne r?-ary in my jw-lgment. aw vatrasc- Mlf the I. ;i Iwtw* N'w tfc. rifnrr- by virtue of the nufhorlty v sted In me by tlie t i n titoth n I s|o In r.-t y eonti-iie tha l.egi-la tnra. to nist at the OkwHrl. in th ? ? it ? of Albany, on lueeuxy the hflh day i>f ,tun- next, at nooti Atol the in. mbi r <f the f eat- an | A semlilyare re-iulred theW sad thi r- to araegkbks, tn th- jr r- pectlve f'hiniben. t i n r slder the st rcral hill* pt nd irgst the lermlnathm - f thr last se*?ltm, atol to tran a. tsu h otlo-r Itwslwem aa may ss* m to t hi m rapntfent In witneaa whereof, t have hereunto ?'ih aer'i i-l my nonie an I sfliv -I 'he privy -eal (l. a ] rf th.- state, at ;h-> i ity - f Albany, the nine teeirth Jay if A|irll. in th- year of oar lean! owe thousand right hut if-1 in I lift v -mc IV A." III V .TON 111 -N r Hy the fievartior; Jawrt t. Rfwiti i Private Jsrrrlart Political IntcHlgeoce. Wwiii Cewr, s Pr swart '> ?Tli- Whig 't| Oaky i it Ion of Pennsylvania will me-at I.aacaater. the 24th if June t-.i vt Tei mtros is ft I. n is?At the tannic'pole! -ctlon 9i ls< wls. ca theTlh Irmt . t'ol lie-ton took th- stor ia fsvor f the fhei antl J. m o-rallr t u-lliat ^ f t Msy wka ww it f, at 4 hy more thsa oa- T ". t. ARRIVAL OF THE CHEROKEE, WITH Half a Million in Gold Dust, and the Cali fornia Mails. lie., lie., lie. The steamship Cherokee, Cnptaln Winlle. arrived at thin port early yenterday morning, fmm Ch.igre* via Kingston. Jamaica She left Chagvee ou the Hlh, aul Kingston on the 12th inst She brings about half a million of dollar* in gold du-t and about two hundred passengers Annexed i* a list of the ]>asM-Dgcr* from CMioiM. J A Seymour, mail agent; Ci?|t.iin J f! McNak. I>r Edward*,~ M George Cnllard, 1) Hubert, t aptaiti t' .1 utan, M Campbell, J Kelleni, II Chipmaii, S I.ewt*. I. II dridge, W m Clemen*. J H Clemen*. Ja* V Kearney, I, Brandt K Uonrales, 1, Alvarea, Mr W illiolm. B G Mom*. F Morgan, A Hallow, 1) Johnson, J Sandford. Mr Duty, 1 II Robert*, Mr Cull.uun, I) S Jeiik*. J A'llarlet n, K H?rkwtlh, N Martin, W Cltnse, Geo Franklin. J A Pott- r.j M William*. M Slteppard, W Sheprard, li J Getten*. Win M Plumber. J llnroitrrati, K IV .'-liarp. 11 M IJerriek. S G Cull*. J II Cully, II 11 llnll, E Field. IV O Snow. II I' llrlgg. J tieatty. J Mulli*. 1> lluwUnd, J Iluwnell, J G Sunnier. G II s(uitk. I. \\ Huberts W I Col Iyer. 1) II Campbell. F * J.u -. A V D.tvb.J F Cole. .1 K Dudley. II VV Hull. W II C ,-kelt .n. Power* Taylor, D Vineeat, F S Say re, W Keyndl*, J 1. Burr, G W rUt. J T Wortli, W I. Drown, (1 P Ilatka*ay, A Wade, .1 Clark. E Aldun. J Marker, li E itr iwu. D Walla . .1 MiCnffirtv. Geo MeCaffcrtv. E Shaurtuan. E l.alng. .1 P Birr, V P Herd. G W l.ttolillter, Franel* Mar, P Kdwarda, G F Terry. II II Reed, II -n Hedge. ST Kadelllfe. E Twaddle, M Waekay, 11 PMoore. H ? araea. K Freeman. I. E Varnuin. P Downey, J Said, J Griffin, A A Towaaend, S Towunand. J I.nw l viu e. T Dai ia, G t ouklin, A Council, II T lleuiamin, C 1) King, II W M'llden, E May.W II William*. G Uonn'eville, A T Bonneville, N R Strong Mr Gro<.?pier, RSaiagi .J Gilpin, '1' Roger*, ?' Miller, <i I amrriiee, T Shnltr. J K rain* Ja* Koitlt*. J M Eniiie, J I' l'ldlip*, I. Diekin*on. V* s Uradford, lien Silleek, A Duckworth, II 1 Peek. T I" Drkmaun. J Slater, J k. ;iy, G Kauinrr. A Cooprr. J McDonald. J Mit chell. .1 kiilmine, J Iyns. D Henrgln. A Moloney I' Star* A Rattaay, J Redman, J P Nleol, J liny. J I. Piery i it Floie and *< n. J Killdeer. M Rebinsun, J Eli, W Dcek, T Cat tle, IV in Tate, J Gordon, W Stydli k. r.BOM IPIOITO*. Rev. Mr. Patt?r?on. lady and three children; Rev. J. Thorn ton, Indy end child: Jotenhiue Pradere*.Amelia l'radere* and errvant: M in. Wright: Dr. Tullia; Win. King; l?aac June*: C. ('. Bravot K. Hurri*. The following is the M'RCIK LIST OF THE CHEROKEE. Adam* A Co kl'd'.T'J* Dexter Fay A Son*.. R.lkhl t lin in la-re A blotter. . 14,093 F Ma*>u A.Jill E. Minturn T.'iiW Corning .V 4,?MM M s-A Prother ... ft.MJ Uenj. Range ... 4.lull J. D. Walter fc l'u.. 4.2.'*) II. i.uggltill A Co.,. 3,3)0 J. Rathan It Co .. . . S.'CO A . K. Euo 3.i*N) J. Illooniinpdale A Co. .'CIIXI N Roger- A < o 2 5k) Nenhouee A Spct*.. 2 B J. Amingltnui 2.IW6 I). V. Mel.ean 2,035 A. Van Valkenburgh 1.1.1B M Rotenlauin A Co l.itvJ Fink. Chew A Co... 1,45!' R. S. Rogers. l.tkkl L. strahlein A Co... 1 r,T2 Buckley A Dueil.,, I.70B A. kuriheedt 1,100 Iteet e A Co Ai.MW W B. Davie 11.001 J. Croehy A Son ... ltl.006 Jo*. Riehop A Co . . 7.96! ttnrrin, Fisher A Co 7.379 Allen A I'axnen . . . 6.164 Week*, Kelly A Co.. 4 -4HI Howland A Aapinwall 7'*10 Order. (K. II. M.)... 4.S# W. F. Parrot 4 0(W T. A. Rrugiere .1.7*) Geo. B. I'pton 3.046 K. M. Wliltloek 3.tWO ( ??e A Freeman . . i'.tMtW llrett, Vim A Co ... 2..'7ti S. Siettheunrr 2.174 Bntee A Co. 2,t*H) lloolin A tl-tlieimer. 1.30B 1*. H.Tueka 1 hik) T). inpaon A llltchco k !?*) I., langfeldt 1.000 T. llynetnan 9.0o2 Everett A An lee*. ... 1.200 l>e* Art* A Ileum .... I.lid Read.Wad* A Co 19.010 ToUl : 'KM.I10 The Cherokee Lrought the California mail* of the latti cf Mini li. The British sti Western was at Chagres on the Sth. taking on Iswrd four hundred thousand dol lars in gold dust, from California. Wm R Wiiliaiiis. of New York, died on boarl the Che rokee on the 9th inst. The Falcon was hourly expected at Chagree KIWI FROM JAMAICA. TwrlvrDay* Later Intelligence?Anticipated Prorogation of the Aaaemblj-?The Cholera ?Immigration of Kree Laborers from the United State* and Canada. We haye rerelped, by the arrival of the ateamship Cherokee, full flies of Jamnira jwpem. to the 12th ia-t ? twelye day* later thttii our previous adrirea The Kinfttm Jinmal of the 9th atatea thnt it was the Intt ntlon t-f the Oovcsnor to prorogue lite lloase of As M-mldy. In eonMS)uenee of hi* olji etlon to giving the usual a*?ent to the pod-tax bill, and to the Governor" salary bill. The cholera had nearly entirely di-appears-1 from Ja mnira Thr A'fngtfoa Sltrrtrl.irtl of tho 6th loKt eayt,? '?Cur rtfy criti rprtrlng ritixrn. Mr. Wrwiya* An'tensin >...- ... a iv..nln* ? rr- n thr I nurd -.falra one fir cotton. and the other for (!.??. for tho purpote o endenTorirg. If poaalble, to draw attention to the nunu fticlnr* i f li< nirmade yarn*, fi r knitting ntnekiDgr and other artli lc* i f domestic Use, rU'di a,-. tiaed in till'Lo in Lruse* of the I nlfrd ft*!' * nu.l Canada The time of many of our f.mllic* I* waited and no <t> uM f heir de nmialiiatii u accelerated. by want of aultabbi occupation. W f would reel uinieii.l their general u?c to the female j?uili'iili?rie? of thr i'land Thr Ji'mjilm hf?//i?f>iirrr of thr 11th I net girt * the following riimntrrrUl eamnaarj _ We harr on (Ids wnalnn to report the existence of an additional cause fcf difrmKm in our bu-iui ?.? Tlie bank*. which Irarr. for eomr thn ?? or f>ur rrlti bark. I?en gradually reetriaUug their diecounta. hare at thia n.i no nt Urouitht their ??p.rations.iii thia reaped. withiu eo narrow a limit w? to harr produced serious incur ronlri.ew to alt partle engage 1 in trade liuainrwi la r< nfim d to operation* rising borria above thr range of ?iM HfelMb of retail tran ae'iima. thr hand of thr imp irter? tiring in a manner lit d; and thr trado, in thr ?!warr of thr n-unl I'jink acn mini i.iti. n- forced to routine their d.ttinjp witliin thr at iy>- of a limit--d rash Ini-ln.-- It i.s iui poraitdr to aay how long thia atatr of thin ir* it likely to exist. but in iIn- niran while. the Muck*both of breatb atulte and rotifbh arr accumulating. and little, if any. prt lialiillty !? tJ-ta of Hit rertWat of a wpeculat.wc feeling, under winch hoidora tuny relieve their hand* of mme In my mmI h it' may add. that thr brnk riatrirtlona ? r? operating more iltiiuentafly to binine** tlian the aervmulatlrn of slock* to twice their pre,rut eaUnt | W ul'J be li'trly to d<> The suljwet i f Immigration rf free laborer* from thr t nltrd Ptwti a and Canada c ?jitnii'<1 to attraet the at? tent Ion i <f thr inhabitant* of Jiauira. Anna *ed 1* uji artlele or thr anty -n ? immiuii yrj(,% iKoti Titr t"kin? wtatup *kf?c win*. | f n in t'rr .lumaii a DrtfaUk. April - I Amoi r the mM lmp?irtiin! topi.** on which Karl tlrcy haa dwelt. In lil? an inoinUe despatch.** hro-d ralru lalrd to UnB thr calorie*. by an Incr are of prpula tb ibr iju-rtion of immigration from the I nitrd Matte iirI Canada 111- VrMip It wiil hr arrn Sy a re lerrntr to hi* ib spaleh. gjrr* hit uiejiialifli il ?upp ?rt In ai y iVnt of migration fntn tl.rounlri ? t ithe 1'ritl bWol India olaaiM. whirl may. under proper k !? ao'wl ioOt. W eOirirl by pi irat? enterpr w Ai il we ngri e with tbr ?' '4r !? rd in tliie nnpirt M il drrti may lw thr met t- alft-l hy the irfkhluw fir 'irin* wekhtto lu> |"p ? rrmuinii udailona. ?? think It b \ t y ili intilr thai thr intigratk.a fp in thr South' r? pkali a or f n m I'an-Wa t > janu'lm. ihonld kr a? rnlua lai". rnl ua luueli unci uueeted with eilhi t gormnmi nt ,r|? blr liH|iilr'e whSrh hwvr brrha'jrady made aa to tbr (law* at pra pit Who mhaht le I-Ipi > l.tu a?*-c thrtu eln.a of ali\ Hid in Ho at tola- hi Id out liy tl.r l,mgieUt"*w of ,'i.n ?l'i for rrtf mibln thl* I land 1,-n I ?-to hellrra that lie- ? tiiy dr aripiam < f una gration Ir a Aiiu rlea which i.hihr rraily tain tide lc Jamaica. mu?t be a ".df eup. TWi frltigMic IVre air many llnm ?o l? if puijda. no ?li n>t. wh<> w el l nadlli awail Ihcmielree if a fn-r paa ?*fr to Ji.m-.iJcn, i,nd of thr Mlrani *(?'?. with awrpeel to Baiurallmlion and otWrwi?r. which ? nr lagi-laluro n'ifht hoi t out to Iheiw. wb ? en far fnan hrii?| if erlIk* t > the no i ry. w mid mly add to a lave a i> -y-t' n? ?f ?? ifa nnt tmwf. 'weal iaJ 'delirr and ii I'. 7"tee" jutfplr H'e t m? euaw rk nf !f -w iiiVperti/.fn ? a/rr r.'v w/'hm# re jrf iwg ?a tie C*iM Atidt* ft r if. If'Arf m Jo k-oi"f. is tt fist, t'tt ft f iif tkill rrf ia/etfi?eni'r, wha 'ftiep dimaof ik(W "ar fi e,(foe , rnfi af **?**? wi/faiiiixfan"* rttrn if .'tmf firrf ate fintieor '* rf thrar itt lis I'mUt i ftafr?. miac wr iarr I tenia fe fe/ie"r. a sttItl j ay fie rcif ?J Ihsir awn mge la ,!?*?<. e irof te fHn/io fn i?f? ;e fii mee'ee*. an rh'> orri id i* d K .f ;.ren/key mttkr Tl?<>rr arr already ? nnr i f ihi re In Jaa'aUa and tlicy laugh at tho wick which la di nr by ilu lal" rer. a? well I her may Mr. Wrtnyaa Ai i mil ba< a wioet in!, lligi nt *m -ticanenipl <yn| at tha I. ny. a* a si rt ?f OTrrtook. r andlabnrrr. ah" pmmaincr* thr perplo i ?i rj?aid at a ?hilUng a day for thr work they ?lei Ai.d who that hod li?i d in any oih r rt untry hut JiU'fiiia. wi i id do uthrrwbr' IVr know what work a piar fa"in lala.ii r liaa to pi-rfi mi In Kngiand for the ml rti I lc wegra hr n erlti (--emr nine "hillinge a week, flit if which he bn? to pay the rort of i tperniwe fuel atid winti r rlotbirig llir laborer In Am ric*. wh i*r wii f are iirhwpa d oh'.e thoar of thr Tv?re.-i*hirr or I i *i ti hltc labi'ti r di-ra no lrw? work; and Ae it inrytiW ah*, (a Juataha. ir eeii a man air rails kiatsslf a InLtrrr. ififta( fa fir fe/it nt half-fail vera a'ltoci. with an umhrrila arr if* iemt. fu top iim fit a* fir teia. ai its his era. via si i,i / fa fe af ?e ill-/, rww* fetiife hit iarw.' en-yi a* if* i a; i.i g fiiei regirj t/virtly iuwr agai'a at far \\ a repeat. ,n?t what wr rn|inrr 1* a rewl'y imtyrtiImo popula' e>n? u in who will not only claim high wage*, but w ,u earn tl.i tn 1 In rr can 1 a no grrator deln Ion than to h ,.|d out the i f wr gr# paid to thr population of J?ai ,fen aa being tbr wiyit I I Indortry. It And wo, far TroTO M The yuwal W'?|rs t rr the wwgeaef ituloirr. ^ Th. rr la md an able nigra on an eatatr In Jajoa'yathat might not ' mm. if lv WcuM. di liHr thr dailT * age* lie r. erin ?. at.d re la lb rr there ia not a fn , American who roiild I .? Indtied to im'gtitr at hla ? an ro*<, that wrutM n d ' tain wag.t ii oel to any be i ? rr lareiTeil In the I nihil ftaii's t king into eonaidernlion hla ri dncrd wrnta in a ? ? rowtr *o mi ^-b ntorr t. i.tja ralr. Tlio man intleycd by Mr Aade- ip? f. rry. it< eiarrw?awl wi h*?r th h?"t w'^t.irltyfor the atali ment ? thnt be conid cut i w'rtiut thi'v timet the piant .-.y of wiod that th- la*| people *kn il? mMaM t*> e*rw thatr *Mfc lr? ? dsy in w do llacw Ikn l? llw ?rf?>. mi Mlf *g the a#tit id labor but id IW iowwesa of w???* If tbo I eopt* w*h)4 work. *? lb* ta borer# work aafwbce* *%?> an rwtat* thai *an> I |?i through its wtthaal a humired labor* r- would h e??tewt Willi Arty awd would hat* H* work iikw# a?l new. ~>iWw turtle dbpoei d ff Wf ?r? to think thai a Ui* Irr rim of Aiartatt MMigrmula ? artd sUMdy to *wf rUrat. Ibis dcsidrrwtum and M U to tba W-ff** iW mm wi uId rtmn(lf urge lkl> iwwiiit m Um *i Wntwsa u# tha public The U h?w iwk a <^rHpffaw "4 lnwit|Wtt?A I* to be br* wight ahuwt Tin*' h a>(M Mr degree of jealousy In A* Aoufhrm Makei jwl; and there ?## aM b> ha a Irrtdrd wwwtllia tlx |*rt < f the InfiaaMlal iWwt'-aw? larl> Inlrmlnl m Ikr ?laa# mm -h o la |ft?r their i t.nanc. to anything llkr a 'balded ?Irani <4 WMIfra tmn lu Jamaica Tlx re an- Bean r r win It I Ma awwtt lii lW" unnirn u a free o uilrj free wot owl/ ae rially but pntHvcallv The Mark Ml la wn< amy m I'tigi r a slave pb)#x..i j but laa ? 111* right* an- xWotiral with Ih* rtg>?? <4 a J<rl lka ii|rtu?l |W htiliiViu uf ill T'.?w 1 >ur Mt tutlim arr >? mrwkat too lllnal (knur mm ger?m of the ?? latxl <4 lib. rty " They 4 n t ?. *t'? Ilk- the a? *? riatl< n l it- rta nut* lo-tt.r It i* ?wm> \i..t? .-t- ?f tulles saay. and inti t*. uro la asitb.-r an Iioi row m fri.U'lit It* climate l a littb <ts.olly x MtriM, but A11 xriraa statcemi n dm ? .. aliaa Ma i l.jcct i* iln* di |x rtotxiti '4 in if .?* .it* at xfnlotMa lo n ili t ml a|mt In whW li llirf <*a ? u lit? ? m.# Mat ** pi seitilr to a ' d"U*r*tiC ln?4iliiU. n ?klr|i Ml II#way t'lai deflate* tu I*m4h.i'IiI 111 U I' a ? wt.'ui. -a of the fulled Plates (ifoar?f Mr llrnrjf ritf win will lit* In hiit* r? a* twing th* ?? utb r *4 the Pugttiea ,i. ! ... 1- 1 11 1. ii' In. 11 ? 1 ? 1 ? whewn I Itrlna coloi*i*a'xn 11* *nuhl|av*-k *4 lb* thirty U..uaaad fraa roIiTi I people, wlix arx ?t pre-. nt t. k# f nu I la I i.t>uo. on whom h- wi til.I confer no rirll rVht* a* Ixhw* ta bk tuodi'i rrjiul lif on thr r<ait rmb. r than rm th* #tlaha art countrnance to their r>4iiutary innjirati*-n t? da Itvilc i wlii-ic tin > w. 11M rfjoy 1 ?. rt ritll rl*ht and awt tUcftr tu whirh tbr white man i entitled under tha IM> tirh eountitullon. Markrla. Jam Anril II bi< or? Ttwltliwora. not owa '# 1 per bl l . '-till I LI# ^i'W llriralu liiir Imeii 1*104ed a '/lr Stock lb ary and little or no .|? ixnxi Mitl ha* ulmnrt (tone out if eon*uni|>tlon It t* n-?w u ?initially worth Id* in 1 I'l l lliee?d'arolina ot t?,r |ua tty. ban Men cold at l'b Butter?Am- riean . inm* 1.1- 7d a 7',d Itnud?I'liot continue* Iiniwleablr at in# and ctacker* taken rlowly .it 'Hr p.-rubl The Idiu-uit ' ik-rT whu h bar low-n lutablii-hi <t to n bar already rxnua oead to thrbwthelmportiflarttelei'Ut <1 ? i-umpti n Mark erel?.'Mr. U oMakni d for prtmn. but f * **?- rnfertar nt nuirki t Ml* would be acci'lded llcrritia* ~ Sale# mvte at I7e for No 1 but K deeline of 1* ha# rlnee orrufTa^i hot transaction lie Mock rather larite. but roiuauy tlon act It* Oil?A Dntwl ufSI IAIi ?*- 1 ut m *t A* aA I er (fation. to effect the -.ilea of other portlona of a earyn Mock hirer; demand limited A parcel ha* alnre b 1 ? roluM 1 nt our i|Ui tuliiiu l.ur.l?ha) key# tmertruu charged hnud* at 7 J |? r lb Col lb h?Side# at tt* fw ordinary, and Hi* tor large, in ra#k* and lb per boa. A lot ' t h.rgi fish, hut not o| the usual stir ha* l??en iw fusi d 1">*. per liMliis . in rioks I'ork?Me## n-ry #raree( prime tn limited supply HI of the f.rtiter hawa 1 liaiig.-d hiiixl#ut H4 cash; t be latter 1* w >rth i4* par bhl Seap?'The stork otMceli '? 4k Ih* feather la ewar 111* us. and pn ally In 1 xec-s of the d.msnd It I* lull at lu*. per box A simp factory has just teen started iu King,ton Candle 'JdOboxe# hate rhaiigid h alula at t'Vid per lb. Article Tery dull, and market crowd ML ( in 1 m'?American. 7>?d per lb huinlwr?l.?-t nilw ad IV. 1' were at 7(i# l?er 1 COU lid. *iuee wlueh (her* bar* been no arrivals The stock however, is large W C shingles are t earee I lei f?American family I* taken at 44s a4k? per half I hl Teiigues?Aux riean. tu half hnr n l#. Iiati been sold at 40s alts Corn?Pale# by auctinu i>f American at St* a 6s. t*l. per bushel, and a |nt of Mt I ag? has cliangi u bands wu prirute term* Migar?Ma. ? l*s for dark to fair. Freight*?Tonnage 1* ts# . ioiag source The .puiutity of produce offering just m w biag in < \ct'?* of the tonmigr 111 harbor, a tew re**els arrtrtag iivnu dinti ly would la-n-adily taken up Oi4d?fhtum# biun doubloon# are scarcely procurable at 4', a t par cent preui Aniericau gold is worth 21, Tobacco M boxes cavendish one-eight have been taken at la. td. per IS Kxchanees- 1 >11 ,V, ? York, no operations to rw port, uo drumnd for bills. C lly I iifrllt|fciice# Twxisnt IIsi.i. Kiievinw *>?? Btcmai*.?To-night there will hi* a step taken, if uoasihie.toward* purifying and improving Tuuimnny Hall politic#, hy an elect roar m r tlicers to the Pociety of Sachems From a new <wgMl. ration, on the bread phitforurs of tlx- cxnstilutiow and the Cnii 11. d ui ti goisi may eveutually he worked out. lly the sdverti i mi nt, we ju-rci ivu that the item <*raUa ri ptibl'.ean tlrkrt puts forth a list of candidate* who 1 *>dd to le uutaiuteil with fr.* a-41 *>r Ynn Hur Tin re will is* a strung rah? on this ix"raslon. a# it is un derstood tliat the taction opposed ts> the admuiistrmUau ot the laws will be in fud force, and s* noisy as p a*ibla It will be iuteri-sttng to ,-xe the result of Ilii* clceUuo, wlrieb will rnst n shadow l*f re It. Th?: Snobm?Snow on rwr flumin ?The storm ha* continued row nearly ? week?longer in duration and tru re rovrre the 11 any atom i.t so a.lianred a period, in 1 lii* in. iilli for many t.nin p-od (>n Sol unlay and Ha, turtle) night, rnln tell in torrent#; stud yesterday marn Ing tin- dawn wax ii-lion <1 in with mow. which rontiauad to fhII till nn admnrr permd of the lay. and them una ("lie*, il hy ?!? et and rata Panag the Amy lite UehU in h-w Jcrwy rtmaiued while with the inn that had f?11* n diirii g the morning After two or three -"gglTa. the Ants.s mint brramv T bible at a kite hour of the "htht, and ovi rything la-tokened pirn-suit weather to-day. It wet hi Mini a.? If we hurr Inid two cjulnortLal aturmg thia ay ring I'll kim. I'm kit* it i P(N?au?On Saturday after noon two ft-Uowe. unused lieorge Suiith alias Allen Tayfotv and It m fruit. were rativhl in the act of picking a geu th bub'* pocket, in Ann at reel wloie the funeral prveaa >h n of Mr. Mil.or una about townee, 'i'h.-y were nr rioted l>y rdUcrr I nrker anl Clark, attached to thn Chiefr < filer fia?. ? AV ut one o'clock thW morning a lire broke and In the tailoring ? xlahliehmewt of J I. Mead No. 6 Dwy ?t inn t. Tlie iti-magr. w bit h war trilling. war rauaod mora hy water than by fire I.ook Oi ? roa Ciirvs*n?? it B -n* Hii i.? ?On Sntur ilay kfterio ' u nud t Titling, a large number of i nnfir felt f ? hmr on the l utein r'r and Prow, r ? llank of thia . city, were put into circulation The public will, there I. ie. lie on tloir guard, and detect the guilty pwUM should any others la-i (Ti red. P?n, an n? tit' iNeM tioi'B Vie or Vihfkmi ?On Si (unlay afternoon Mr llerherh the proprietor of thn aa |o. u liexb iloof t>>' n'a theatre, war -bowing mm per*, ii* in the her room ii r.ire ami beautiful rtx Iwrrdled n Ti iver I'iktol. wh'oh war i.wo'et. a gentleman handling it im aulii uwly. Ota- ol the barm!* exploded, and (he bul h I I i.-'oj within two or thri ? i e lo- of tin- In sol of Wm i n. the ha- lecpa r. and '.eft its Uinrk in the wall bw hind him He had a nurrow arrape. Acciubnt ib-m Buiiinn ?"n Saturday. Wm. Salt is. is. re diisT at P-rfyflflli Inn between Ninth and Tens| innttcs. war MWIOII !y lii.inre.l by n ptcee of nieh fly lig In ni ? Uert. tn Forty -ni ?t h dnwi between Ninth anI Tenth a?> ntie< There t* mtn h emuplalnt on the j art of the r*-ld. nt? of tlmf rlrlnlty. ef the caretenaneaa ?-.liiblted by the coalrajtoa. la iln re dangemue opevw. t'ona. Kirti. At nrrNT ?At 2 B'rhrk yeaterday si ft* rno?, J. din I at. r y while at w..-k mi the ihinl floor of lha Mora ??(? P i.ti i -Iri11. fell lb*oi go the hot-t way I i the tower dm r IS ml wax tritaiilly kill-al The body war brought to the IT <jrtb ward Wrtiua house I1* (in I ii *?i ?* * I'll.?The ("or arc hnbl an ta qi.-t je?ti- In* --1 the fourth ward tatim It -u?e. o? tl (a dy of 1< tin Uveriy aged i'> yrsrv horn In Irdiah wl.o. an t<. hi* dealh by nta (y faihng Ihruugh the h. i hv y ?4 rtore N ?. 27H Matey ?tr>l The it reaet dMl fr.tafhe ffth ?(? ry to tl a l-iwi-r floor, wbiefc eniis-d htr death iitetau'.iy ll-Ju p reioli red a e?olM It atci rdat.ii with the aooV* fuela. S i i i n l>\ vrii ?C'lToner tl.. r ?,l.l. yter lay. an In i.iw-t on the ie dy > f 15 I* it ltcnn at Bio-d 4A yeara, horn. I'* Ireland, who h i uddeuly fr i* km chair (a Satnninp ? wn.og n' 1 ? a] ir. J rim -t Inrktaii). The deceased. M . . ns? wae takifg Valr t'si at the Hmn of th ? fatal r-swlt. The iu.,u?*t war held at Ilia r. diet-re ef dv? ib'Craaad, ..tuxtid n forty *? rlh t^at v.u 1'uhu tiruu* Tar diet. death from dt-en-e of tNr hrart ANoiNra?Thet'or. n. rwso lira railed Tnhnld an treiamh it a b. u.?? tn hh tenth a weane. war P.wty .Truth A? on llw In dy of KoIntI flalV wb" .In--' (uddeuly on Satur day alght n he lit 10 iiTlseV It *rri#? hy th? erbleuea. ihi.t tin dreamed > vpired' U.ut an beur after taking kia t? a An lr.?,u. *t win lie >? id tbie a>y Anoimus? An Ir oiiixt ? ?? hfM by the C''foner an Saturdby. at No. 0; Vv*ey et met. on the holy of .ihartm V. Ii r. agid 2.1 jetr*. ho o ia ilermapy, who . suae ta h ? .1. Nth hT .liar a . and ? nt of pr .p<e un dleal trwag. meat Verditl arr-rdlngty T??Hrr lwt?lllgr?r?i SW ?rg a Jo-f K d-C?e.r Holand. of the Ptaul watd l<rrWrf. *ii Satin lay eight i nan hy the namn od I'ail. y Crxdry en a i haig. i f teallnf a yawl h?at and a Urnl of In t r u ?, Tula. I In all at TtA. the property o< ! Jom 11. PryAif. n i of the hrig M anderer. lying ah tl -4 v. 'It i ? iiy waa i-c-werwd. nrd lla r* gae c nr. y..I I.. f- o* .lu.tiee trHbum, who I him l<> | rt" n f rtilal '/?. f ? .'i ,<f ? ? The police > f tha I ward T irk. 4 up in the ? reet n? Saturday night, a I hy * Vie name Of John hoekett. rtujHfled l y ititi T iratlom, ; ??' 4 reisTrT' (I him to the p> lice ?tatlon house, ami on bla T er>. n wnl found fd*> <'(1lcrT Met'ready. who eoneeywd t.oi k< tt lo the etatlon honre. noticed tliat, roguiah lot king f.-llow w?? In Ti ling around the drunken man, ' itidintly watihlngan opto rlunlty to rellew.. him of tha ! mom y. M'e ?houl.l hope Mr !.. . kett wotild lake thia kind act if the . flic r into ei m-iderathm. and at kbm | * gn the ti aipttanre pledge. Ilronlilyn ( lly Intelligence. A Ntw Cm acn, (St Pitra'a.) J.o in Baoowitu ? Tht* m at lulotanttal houre < I worship at the an if Allan! II- end Botol -treet a, wa? oj.em .1 f it li?li? 1 ? hip Te?tit. sy m- ruing il >?ter Sunday.) a?-t the t . . ?a- )?? rt' i to. d I ', til- re. t the Ker >> -uSCs 1 his ir. jN ihapr. the mod ta-f. fully arrange.a Aiot t*'auU fttl raeriil In "the clly of ehartlgN," it will c. n f. rtelaly seat < Iglit hitndn 1 | ers< ua The boildlitg I- of l.ri. k f.ity rei t by (ighty The ?tyl? of arehts-'um i* tiothh alid it ha* I?n n erxeted at a ?o<t "f ?!#?<?* 1h. i* ? ne of the ). UAg. -t, but the locality thn mo,I tlirlTirg In the ?lty Co* ?ttin?s or INTO nwi C. " ttt .1*11 --Johni uyam at. Saturday. In ch CM? Court conrii led -4 thld i tOtsce itilkd1 nivjl" olti' 7 stay* IhJnTMWw

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