Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 24, 1851, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 24, 1851 Page 3
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Th* Cmm ?f Um Vlmuit and ITIwMi? [From th? BniMili Herald, April I.J Four mouths Lave elapsed um those pareon* Ware-appro bonded on tho charge of hiving caused the doMtu of the brother of the latter. Wo road in the Octmumit, of Tournai:?On Thursday week, the jugttfimitructum, (investigating magistrate,) road hie report before the Chambro Uu Conseil; that do cument was extremely voluminous, and is said to 'Contain upwards of 1,000 manuscript pages. This will be cusijy understood when we slate, that inore thun 2D0 witnesses have beeu examined in this most extraordinary affair, which will leave far behind in interest the celebrated trials of Laronoiere, Lat'argc, Lcotade, and ifrasliu. Tho indictment is a fearful :ind rcandalous story, and will reveal overwhelming jiroofs against the accused. The trial is expected to commence on thti.'iponing of tho assiae* on the nth of May. Theofico of the jumt (finstrmtim is lite rally tran.-fortnod into a laboratory, having be come the reeeptaolo of tubes, alembics, provers, and glass bottles of all shapes and dimensions, found in the secret places of the chateau do Bitre inout, at Bury. Among the numerous details respecting the Counters of Bocanne, now in prison for murder, it is ascertained that, when about twenty years of age, she wrote a novel entitled "The History of ISftss Adnlcinc llervey," the scone of which was laid in Fngland. ntMMki?f Oreut Britain. Tbe following statement, prepared ami condensed from various official returns, will be found t<> pre sent an intelligible view of the note circulation of tbe United Kingdom, ami of the coiu ami bullion lield by the banks imlicatcd, both positively at the dutes of the accounts last made up, and compara tively with returns for corresponding periods. The subjoined table gives the aggregate weekly average of the uotc circulation of the I nited King dom, as it stood for the four weeks ending the 1st, 8th, 15th, and 22d of March, being the latest date to which the returns have been collectively com pleted for all the banks of issue; and also the re sults as compared with the returns for the previous four weeks ending the 22d of February;? /VA. 22, Mart It 22. 1851. J sal. Inn-rate. /><? Bunk!> 18.869 84# ? 237.273 J'lWuto banks.... 3478,069 8.386.976 ? 86.904 Joint Stock banks 2.089,104 2.086,756 ? 3.348 Total In KngUad. 25.270.192 24.M2.577 ? 327.816 Scotland 8,138.228 8U83.236 ? 104 901 J rein 1. 4 4,741.061 4.620 012 ? 120.130 I'nitrd Kingdom. 33,140.460 32.508.721 ? 552.745 {Showing a decrease of ?327,(>15 in the note circula tion of i-Juglaiid and Wales, and a decrease of ?552,7(5 in the circulation of the L'nited Kingdom, as com] art d with tbe returns for tbe pro iuus four weeks, ending 22d of February. t >n comparing the above returns with the fixed issues of tne several banks, we find the following to be the state of the circulation: - The fixed issues of the private banks of liugliiud and Wale- being at .present ?4,767,536, it follows they were below tbe amount, X 1,380.5(11. The fixed i-sucs of the joint stock bauk> being ?8,409,9f<7,it follows they were below the amount, X721,231. The fixed issues of tho Scotch banks being ?3, 0H7,2(J0, it follows they were below the amount, ?53,971, with spccio iu hand to cover issues for ?913,71:9 more. The fixed issues of the Irish banks being ?6,351, 191, it follows they were below the amount, XI.7:13,. .r,H2, with specie in bend to cover issues for XI, 111, D50 beside-. We find, thcrofore, that the note circulation of the nrivaie and joint stock banks of Knglund and Wales, was X2.il2.792 below the amount au'hor i/ed to be issued ; and that, inclusive of Scotland and Ireland, the circulation was ?3,900,348 below the fixed amount. The average amount of coin and bullion held by the Bank of Kagland in both departments, during the four weeks eliding the 22d ult., was XI 1,421, S27, showing an increase on the previous month's return, ofX3s,l(>2. The average stock-Of specie held by tbe Iri-h banks during the same jx-riod, was X1,411,950, being an hicn asc on the return for the previous four weeks of X 1,101. The average of specie held bv tho Scotch banks during the saiue teim, wao ?913,7GB; decrease on ihe previous month, ?9,720. As compared with the eoiresponding period of 185(1, the returns under review snow the following difference- in the circulation;? M.:rrh 23. Marrk 22. 1850. 1851. tnrrrarr. Dar. Itank of England. ?18 866.904 Is.869.840 3,042 ? Privulc banlts..., 3614.709 3.. 186.'. >75 ? 127.734 Joint stc-elc bank. 2076.902 2.685 756 8.954 ? Total In England. 26 057.415 24.942,577 ? 111.83. Scotland 2.906821 3.033.235 39 614 ? Ireland 4.490.334 4.820.912 130680 ? l'nited Kingdom4932.541.30<> 32 596.724 65.364 ? Showing a decrease of XI11,*3N in the note cir culation of Kngland nnd Wales, and an increase o. ?.x>,.".isl in the eirenlation of the L nited Kingdom, when compered with the returns for the correspond ingj'criod of 1950. Tne yearly comparison of the stock of coiu and bullion held stands thus :? llankor England. less ?2 781.284 Irish l>uuks. less H3.8V4 -fcetrk banks, more ?12,883 iiI.Sfl.V17K I?rilurt irotrli bank",,.. lliavi r?wa-e on balance March i2. lflil X'- 8."?2 2!?."i The account of tlio position of the I'.ank of Kng 1: ml for the week ending Saturday, the ftth of April, 1-31. published pursuant to the net 7 uud n Vi;t., C. "'J, i* as follows :? JUXK Ol EVULAND. Ai t hi m inn tm. ITi.i.a K.mjis i Aran. 5. MJI. iiuo ?. riruTMiar. Note* U?o J. .. lioTi-rumcnt Debt ill.t"l'> 1<*0 Othrrmviiritli'" SVM.tam UoUt Ootu hiiI Bullion 1.. .??" i"7u Silver Bullion .. XS.;>7i 4CS7.M?4/> ?Z7.2H"ii K4M.IIK. MTIITVIiHt. 1'r'pri- tor-' Cs- Ottrnnml Be pltid A'14..'.VI 000 curitli* (In llnl " I" IflliaS eluding Dead public |)i>|>?lti" Annul i Including Hi- tjr .i 14.14.'> 2-10 ? 1m iU' r. fn* Other Aorurlties 14.11/ 07'? Hunk* rotttnU- Notes kjUP-MO doners of ha- % tioh? and Silver llonal l?( tfl. Biol Coin ol2."ll Die Account*.) 9 W.Mil Other la-pott#... !" .>7 i S40 ravi.dejr an! other Mil* 1 Wvif'J iS7,194.211 it7.194 211 April 10..1 M MARSHALL, Chief lla-bi.-r. The a Low return*, when compared with those far the week preceding, exhibit the following chance*: t'lrculalie.i i> i'.T.S't :U> Decrease1 limitation a'dive I(0"i4.7ll>'> tncrea.M Public deposits S.silrt,l>|il Dccfc.tec 1X17 *0 (liber depo"H? 0...7US4O Imrrau' ian'iiMSl til'Ti rnteeut ??? tirillce in tanking department... IIII1 i-o without alteration (Hher *ccnrit4e* In bank In^ depart nirr.l 11.1-17.(170 tnwrase M.107 Coin mhI bullion in le th <le|N"i!mt at* lXOOli.C/H" l?ecrr4?e .71*121 Si v< n i ay and oilier bill* IA4Increase It SrJ I tie It ? it SlMAItt* Decrease 67fl "K?l IbeDcwrre.. SBIUWl Dirnvr 4411X1 Apj?eni ni?? p of n Xrw Man In Knrnpr. ?'-< in tin lamiton Ath :i '-lie April S ) Hemmi. speculator* linre got hold of a new sub ject. Theeicut w ih opportune ; m revolution had expired iindrr the trend of nrmie*. nnd the very uwinc of con>titi.t ion had beeome ? word of terror and repr >*: b. The mystery wliieb i* beginning to occupy the place of tlo -c in pnblic attention m iio remnant of old world lore or of modern spiritual suggestion- it i* neither more nor le#* than n " new "uan." The \< w Yorker* had better look to their laurel*,?for Ihi* lu*l duvelopeincnt of tune threat en* to iiitnde their ninn?|ioly of the wonderful. lhe ?tory ?we And it related in tho VmTt*/*M'lr: of Kerlin?ntt<-t? that n stranger was pu ked up at the end of last ymr in n*iuall village of the district of I,cha<, near Krankfort on-thc-Odor, wnither he had wa but led to one could tell whence. neh a ?circtitnMgnei woubl hardly have Lave piune l curl natty in another c< untry: liut to a people fon<l of speculation, and *ituate<l far away from tho great highway" of the world, there was something strange uul start lit g in the fact that the stranger spoke Herman imperfectly ?nd had all the matk* of a t 'nucanan origin ' Whether the man was a eom mon iiui o.'for and tricked tho villago authorities, -or whether Ibc-e worthies began, in their usual way. In eonrtruet a UstorT for him "out of the depths of their moral consciousness," is uncertain: at all oents, they looked on hiin a* a great prlz.% and "?arr ed him off to frank fort. < >a being "juestioned by the hurgoma-ter of that oulighteii d city, the *liangrr ?anl bi' name was Jophar Vorin. and he eirne from a country called l.axaria, situated in the portion of the world called ."Hkria. lie undor stni>4 .ii is affirmed, none of tho Kuropean langus fes (i xcej t, we must suppose, the broken Herman), at read" and writes what he call* the Ln.tarlan and Hirnmian tongue*. The latter he declares to he the written lifguege of tbeelurical order in l<aiv ria, tho other tho common language of his people, Jle ?ay ? that hi* religion i* Christian in form ami do< trine, and that it is called Ispatim. Laxaria he r< presents to he many hiiiidrcirtnilo* from Ihi rope, and separated by \n*t oceans from it. His purpose la eoming to l/ur<>|ie, ho alleges, was, to seek a long-lost brother; hut lie suffered shipwreck on the royiigc.? where, M dot* not know?nor nan he trace hi* rout"' on shore, on any map or globe. Ii? claim*, for hi* unknown race a considerable bare of geographical knowledge. The live great togipartiacBta o( tho ?wtb U? oaU-i ^akxia, Alar, Aslar, Auslar, and Kuplar. The sages of Frank fort-on-th*-< ?der, after much examination of the tale and its bearer, haw como to the conclusion that it in true. Some men believe things because they aro incredible. However, Jophar Vorin has been carefully despatched to Berlin, and is now the subject of much scientific and curious gossip in the Prussian capital. What mystification hides under the story, time will probably show. Foreign Mlsrcllanjr. The French government has sent to Austria a memorandum, following up its lato protest against the admission of the Sclavonic and Italian provin ces of the Austrian empire into the German federa tion. The document reminds Austria of a declara tion made in 1BW by the Emperor Francis, that he did not intend to -tretch the confederation beyond I be Alps; and France now refuses to allow such innovation. A great deal of information has reached us, about local improvements which the government are ef fecting in the Punjaub. A canal, the Barec Doab, is now being cut, which will extend a length of-bid miles, and water an area of lialf a million of acres, and supply work to two millions of people. It is to cert at lirst (lovernment is hiso founding schools in tho Lahore district, the first to be at I'uiritsir, concerning which we learn some iutcrest ing facts. it is .-aid that the Duho of Northumberland is determined, at his own expense, to prosecute with energy the excavation of that part or Northumber land, in ond near the wali of S-verus, for the disco very of Pictish and lloiuuu remains, llis Grace lias written to \ i.-count Malum, the President of the society of Antiquaries, requesting his lordship to se lect from the general body of members a deputation to tirkc tlio management of the excavations. The number of emigrants from Liverpool during the lust quarter, amounted to 41,913, or whom ttiw were cakiu passengers. The number during the corresponding quarter last year was 34,153. There is a democratic song which says, Ijt* roi.t -'or row/, but not, it would seem, in every case. The washerwomen of tho Seine, on Saturday, the 2?'th tilt., elected their queens by universal suffrage. Every washing-boat or '"wash-house presented its candidate. In comequcnce of the enlistment of ficrmnn offi cers and soldiers at Hamburg, for the iirar.iliau ser vice. u marine officer l'rom Juienos Ayres has visit ed the ships nnd depots where the men were staying, and sent a report to the ambassador of the Argen tine Kepublie, at Paris. The Paris Moniteur publishes a decree appoint ing a new commission to distribute the remains of tho bOO.iKsi piastres paid by Mexico in virtue of the convention of the 9th of March, 1B39. it is now said that persons in charge of public works in various parts of Ireland are beginning to find it difficult to procure the necessary bunds, and that the farmers also find themselves in the same predicament ; in fait, it is found that the most use ful portion of the population Is rapidly disappearing from the country and seeking refuge in America. 1-n Limerick, at this moment, there are eight pas senger vessels preparing to sail tor Quoboc alone, and in'Gulway eight more receiving pnsscngcrs for New York. Lola Monies" Memoirs have been abandoned by the editor of tho Puyt, but the new fcuilUton, writ ten bv I,a mart ine, proves equally unpopular. He has chosen u threadbare subject-?the destruction of the iani/uries at Constantinople?and lie ha-, shown n- ithcr his usual eloquence n?>r tact. The Queen of Ihiglnml held a drawing room on the 2d in-t. in St. dames' l'alaoc. It was the first public reception for ladies this season, and was bril liantly and numerously attended. The Queen wore a white eros de Naples train, trimmed with white cra|>e and white bugle-, and ornamented with iliii luci.ds. The petticoat was of white gros de Na ples, trimmed with white crape and white bugles. Her Majesty's head-dress was composed of white feathers anil die molds. Among those present were i Mr. Abbott 1arrenec, Minister of the i'nited ! States of America, and Mrs. Lawrence, Mr. Ban- j croft J >a\ is, Secretary, and Col. T. B. Lawrence, Attache to the Legation. The Minister of the I I'nited State* presented Lieut. Caliwell, of the ; 1 nited States frigate St. Lawrence. I'NirnRsiTJKS in Cr.ltMAW.?The tionnan uni- I veisities aie nineteen in number, and tho students | inscribed in sixteen of them, for the last half year, ' amounted to 11.915; of these 2.51 tit were studying 1 theology: S.lf.17, law. 584, tlie administrative sci- i ences; 2,1 Mi, medioiue; ami 2,257, philology, pliilo- ; sopliy, &e. 'i lie three universities not included in 1 tins return are Koiiig-borg, Unstuck, and Kiel, i The 1 "niver-ity of IV.-Tin is the most frequented of 1 all, the students there amounting to 2.107. The ' Austrian uiiiveisiti<*s, which are founded on differ ent buses from tho-- in other parts of Germany, nre not included in thi- return.?La Pri ?se. MociM isi >? kii-ts Discovkhko.?M'clearn from a Constantinople letter of tt>, I'Sh ult., in tip? Hnoi giou n/ord Turin, that public attention haft Leon greatly excited there, by the discovery of nn immense treasure of (ircek manu-cripts, of the liighi st antiquity, found by u learned Greek of th" name of Hnioiiides. in u cave situate at the foot of .Mount Athes. According to this account, the im portance of this discovery is incalculable, since it in ings to light a vast quantity of celebrated works quoted by various aucieut writers, and hitherto aeinied entirely lost. They furnish, as innv l>c imagiiu-d. mi extensive list of pro|M-r names, calcu lated to throw great light upon many are j>e riods of history. Among these precious \olum <, whkh arc ceiniMuo'd of very thin nietubranes (the nature of whirl! i- not slated), filled with inicros eopie character". some are calculated to give a com plete interpretation of hieroglyphic writing, the fortunate ili-coverer bin ing already -ucce-sfully ap plied t)i< hi to the interpretation of the inscription* engraved on the obelisk of the Hippodrome at Con stantino! le. Foreign Mutlc ami I lie Drama. Tln-rc i? -owe in the luiuiunl circles of u new opcm, written by Ihtiircx, tin- French tenor, the | i libretto being viittonl-\ hi- brother, M. Ivlouard j , ljtipn/.. The two jiriin ijml |Mirti? lire to b? sus taiid by Uiirci ami hi' daughter. Tin- f.miily ; production will form one of tin novelties of the (ire | rent .*i aron. l-'atiiiv Ulster i- about to <)uit the theatre. She ' lout | iereul in Moscow. but ir shortly exported at \ iei t ii, white -lie will give one farewell | erlonn nnee in the beginning of next month. Afterwnid* j ihc will retire to tin charming villa which lie litis pimhnsctl near Urium, In Morn* in. I tiring the performance of the fourth net of the ' ojnrn ol /.inn, nt Klhetif, on the Hth instant, M. | I art . v.lio rung in the pari of Kdgardo, undoubt edly (idled by the emotion of the ice-ne, plting-d the blade of hi* dagger dceplv into hi- breast, lie ii staidly fell, anil wn- euriicd off the stage in n j elate of insensibility. The wound, although serious, | i' not likely to pttnr dangerous. At the (trnnd I meal theatre of I > tliey ! L?ve,iu*t j u? into lehrarml "Auralia: cn, l.n 1 i- ' am-ee de ixilgarin.'" a po-thum ius work of there- I (?f i tly deceased and talented coui|>oser, Coumdin Knufer. ? '1 he ?'??eiety of the Friends of .Music,of Au -tria, 1 are |tvpaiif g a grand fc*tivnl for the 'JMh of this month, the anniversary day of the death of Itcoth- j oirn. There are to be 2.lglll executants, instrumcn- , tn 1 and vocal, and among the work- composing the j rogin-itne of tlii !? ?ti\:i' are to be III ? Sympno ty lleioo and tlie music of Kgamnt, by Beethoven. i '1 hi* latter work ha- not been cM-cuitd at Vienna for ten Mars. A yotutgFrench piaui-t. Ferdinand H i re. luisju t given a very brill nut concert hero. | A t 'iurich, '.pern had evinced no activity till this | ifl-on. During the la*t month, llalevy's " Li .I(iiv t-" has been represented three times. This fin ) jr< taction ha* met with th.- greatest success, both a* regard lt? rxecutioa and stage arrangements. ] rhoiHy ?'!.> - Huguenot-" is to be revived. ad' r's Wells ha* closed for th* sea -on, with the tragedy of " Hamlet," in which Mr. I'help* sus- J twined the ehnraeter of the Danish prince. Th drama, in it* best and purest form ha* been upheld at this tbratre. The 'nciitrt will re-open again at Faster, with renewed vigor, and fresh impulse from tl-> tew wick*' vacation wltieh the lesset* have re solved to take at this dull pjriod of the year. The ? iperimeiitof placing Moliercon the Kugli-h stage in a lite rid version, has Iwcn nia-'e at the . 11 hi- in in Kit, bv the production of " r?rtu(Te," tiai"-luted bjr Mr. .loon < tgeaford. The comedy ha* been elegantly rendered,?ami was more ude- J ijiiniely interpreted by l.ugli.-h performers than might have been expected. The grouping of the ojKtiiig seme wa* in particular effectively pie tun-oto,?and the entrance of Tartuffo was pre ------ iW pared for, during the first two art*, with a skill tl exciti d expectation and interest. Mr. Wob*teren aeted the arch-hvpn-rifo who had so cnthralle I hi* victims thai notlnng less than the exercise of royal prerogative could aecompli-h their deliverance:? ami a better representative need not be tlc-ircd. Miss I! cy nolds, as Kim ire, and Mrs. Fitzwilliam, a* I tor inc. were sufficiently lively and a.-tute; and the other iharacters were respectably performed. Mr. .brew much fife ii I tnvenport, as I tamis, threw much lire into his as sumption,?and theClennte of Mr. Rogers was well spoken and sustained with grave dignity.? Athf On W? ilnr-day, Mr. William Wallaok appeared inhi* third character, " llainlet." This I*,perhaps, the best of his parts:?eomj-aralively free from iini tation. though occasionally reminding us of M*e rrndy,?and 11 Initiated with readings and situation* attractive from their novelty. Rut bis eloeu'.ion vi' too -low and potulerntu: and there wa* still his prevailing fault of suspending feeling for the sake of speculation. At the same time, to an appear ance and deport men! prepo-ses<ing and princely, an intelligence was added that continually presented some'hing for admiration.?Athmruin. A new song, by Mr. Wallace, for a writo-sopruao voire, "(?o, thon restless wind," is so superior to ninety-nit* llUl'dtvilth? ling U'h wnjs, that by recommending it without waiting for the formali ties of criticism we shall serve every good singer who can command a good accompaniment,?the ac companiment, though strictly subordinate to the mntvena, requiring such power of wrist ami light ness of finger as are hardly compatible with ease and steadiness in vocal execution. It is long since we have met a composition more tuneftilly elegant. ?Athtnntm. At ller Majesty's theatre have commenced the " long Thursdays." The performances will be es pecially attractive; the successful opera of "(iusta vus" is to bo given. The youthful Duproz, the charming Fioreutiui, Calzolari, and Carlottu (irisi, will ropeat the respective characters in which thoy have so greatly signalized themselves. At the Acudeuiy of Fiue Arts, ou Saturday last, tho election took place to fill the chair vacant by ?Spoutini's death. M. Ainbroise Thomas was elect ed on the first scrutiny. The votes were in numbor :fci; M. Ambroise Thomas obtiincd 30, M. Niedo ineycr 5, and M. Hot ton 3. At Berlin, Madame Castellan has concluded her peformunces in tho part of Kosiua, iu the " Barber of .Seville." The house was crowded, and the suc cess of Madame C'asrellan was very brilliant. After each act the raulutrict was called for on the stage. On the 15th was tho benefit of Madame Koester, with the opera of " Hobert lo Diablo." This emi nent can tut i ter was most enthusiastically received with showers of bouquets, crowns, Hi s. At Brussels, a new opera is in rehearsal at tho Circo, founded on tho French piece "Jeanne la Folic." it is in four acts, and the music by tho murxtro Mazio, chef tTorchtrtrt of that theatre. The jrima duniia is ttignora Medori. Messrs. (?uelus & Bocca are about to bring out Kuciue's " Athalie." The choruses will be sung by tho artists of the Italian company. Miss Catherine Hayes has achieved fresh successes in the Eternal City, in the opera of "Maria di Ko han," in w hich she appeared for twelve successive nights. Nothing could exceed tho enthusiasm of the Komunaudience, whose delight knew no bounds. Miss llnycs has been received into the most distin guished society in the city. A private letter from Home says?"No dancing is permitted in Home during Lent, but the musical parties commenced last evening. Miss llaycs had tho honor of being invited to one given by the Princess Borghese, by whom she was introduced to the most distinguished of the noble ladies present. Sho has also been ho ' uored with the diploma of ' Sona dclhi Puntilica congregazione, ed Acadcinia di Santa Cecilia,' one of the oldest nnd most respectable musical societies in Italy, tho last name enrolled iu which is that of Madame Mulibrnn." Mi-*s llaycs purposes being in Ixoidon on the HHh of April, and to remain during the sca-on, as she does not sail for America untu uutumn. London will bo fairly innmlntcd with equestrians in Mhv. The originul circle at Astley's; Batty's new Hippodrome at Kensington; Franconi's coui pnny; tnc Lcgars, at Vattxnall; and a new troupe at < 'remorne, will bo chief ones. Mr. Kuowles, the speculator in boxes and stalls nt her Majesty's Theatre, in addition to his office in London, has tin establishment at Manchester, for the letting ol them. Miss Louiea Pyue, Mr. Harrison, Mr. Horrnni, and Mr. Coni, have been performing at Birming ham, in the old and fa\oritc operas of " Alaritaua," " S.mnauibula," &c. Mi?s Helen Faucit ha- concluded hor engage ment at Glasgow. The theatre was crowded in every pait. at ner benefit. iMrs. Warner has been performing ut Liverpool, to moderate houses. Air. Aldridgc, the African Iloscius, has been star ring it at Hull. Mruri. Baring's Circular. Lovdov. April 11?ft o'clock. P. M. The Chancellor of the Nxehequcr mndc hi* second fiDHn -ial ctatcu.cLt on the evening of the 4tk instant (the (Into of our lint advices.) He maintained hi* former proposition* In regard to coffee and timber, but abandon ed thoac w itli respect to the duties unseed*, which are to temaiu unehiinged. Coffee w111 thus be charged with a uniform duty of 3d. per lb.; and the duties on timber be reduced One-half. No time has as yet been nsnted when these alteration? are to take effect; but he will no doubt make known hi' intention* before the recess. H"e leg reference to the subjoined remarks, for a record of the principal transactions of the week in the produoe markets, which, we regret to say. continue extremely depressed. Hie dividends being now in course of pay ment. money Is very easy for short periods. Ami sicav Btmks.?United States bond* and inscrip tion* are scarce, without variation in prices Col To*?lius turn r err dull ivltli us, and not more than Sfsi bales sold privately nt '^d. a ',d reduction. At public tales yesterday, comprising l.Stkihalaa Madras. 2.&W) bales Sural and 'JIH.) bale* Bengal, there was au ab sence of ill ma Dil. ami with Hit exception of 30 Madras at !>Vt.. and 4lX> Sural at very irregular prices, say from 3 '-d. a ad . the whole WW ? liken in At. Liverpool Ame rican kin.t? are ?4. a > j. lower; they quote mid. Urtetiu Td. a Tl-li.J. ??The Iscn loerket I* le** tlrm. We quote common bara X4 lbs h XI IT*. t*L, and rails X.'i 7s. lid , both free on hoard in W.ib *. Hootch pig 41*. a 41a Od. on the Clyde. Nothing done iu foreign. Ltssi 1 ?> Co.' *.?Sales have been easy of the lower si i ts of American, at Xti a Xtl 6*., and flue oblong New \ "rk meet a lair demand at XT in*, in barrel . MM XT 7*. 0*1 in hags. London made XT. Itur?A cargo of St*) tons Arraran has been ?old. to arrive, at P* per cwt.. deliveralde iu Holland. Tamow?Mas ruled quiet through the week. Hlid we close without animation, at 40s. u ill's Od for tit. Peters burg. YC.. In nil situation*. Tin-?British in uiuili rule request at late rates, llan oa dull at bits., and Htrait- bis.; in HcLktud the price of Bane* is f 4?i. Ti *ri v iim .? In the ub*eiiec of arrival*, nothing done In rougii. bnt anything coming iu would command Ss. rnr good quality hpiriti In fair demand at 93*. ffd. for llritl-li. and 1-'.- America* To vac in?Nothing lis- laeii done iu American des rriptions. % Mali won v.?At public sale to-day. I'd ton- were bought iu at <100 for douUitra. A -mull |>ureel of Polar - Id at AMI. A. Dcitnealoitti & Co.'* C'lrcitlnr. I.m aroai.. Friday. April 11, 1831. Srwrii Taani.?There eunlinue* to la- experienced only a very bmsIi rate degree of aeltvtty in kMimw g '?e 1 aliy Th* demand lor cottou giaals and yt. n in Man clis sti r Is I ut -mull, anil their priCM* ar? n little krwov Mn> ii M i*KM ?Money eunlirne- abniidiint; disc aunt for p 0,1 short bill* remain* at il per cent in London llnii La* la-en note advauee in share*. Con "is at t<* I'm * M11 i t.?During tiu- past week the demsud h r cotton has Sen moderate, and nearly a" fn iti ike trade A- the desire liown to sell lias been much greater than tile deKaiiit. price* haf#giv n way about 'id. in Anii rlrun*. The week' -ales amount to IfitMiO bale*, of which t'.*l titles for export, mill l.rsio on apwrulatiin?. The market rinse* tn-du,v quit tly? ale* 6.01HJ bales, at the dnliiie Wu quote fair <>rlcau-T ?!.. moldling 7d ; loir Mol lies T ,d . middling Ii a,l.( fair Ij.binds 7 ',(L. middling '. ',d. Corn M ? ? ? 1 1 ?Tlie market li.'i* been vryr dull tbn i..b<-ot the wick. for letti wheat and flour with rufuii pt i e*. and ne db posit ton hown by ibmler* nr bail' to operate at preomt rates, Indian r rn Is held at l.i- (.ei I'-u p. for prime yellow, but there has ts n ? lily a tut di rate ludm 1 - done in peWcIt on the sp d. the pttii b * Is lag principally lor itoaii.i^ tuiy to nr ii\. T hi to was a *i"?t limited Ijii tat-* done at mar la t to di.y, ??( id. to ii. (ieelinc i n Wheat. 141 per bid. : i.d is |x r ark < n fl mr ? W 1 -tern cenal flour, par bM.. 1P< 1 1 a Bnltinmri. do.. '41* *th.M . I'hil.oM jhla. d'c. jo* it a CI- Canadian. mi per It tie inspected, do . 'J'? a ill*., tlatra line nml flue, <1 1 . Ills, lid e ' ; 1 dim flour, do Jo. a '41'.; eo*tf <l<> .do., 17* 'si n lbs ; Indian iet 11 lueal. whit, and yeiltW, #0. 1.1'. a 14/: wluat. (' S . wl i'c. JsrT Til lb ?' Id ; red ami mini d do . do is. '.',1 aft- Bd ; jreiloW Indian torn, per 4bO lb*., ftl?. Gd. a S'J*.; while do. do., 33*. a 33s.; mixed do . do.. l.L a #1*. tM. A in . There low been ratlier 01 .r, dcmaml,90s Mils cf it.!? rtnr brand' having been *"ld at f .riner rule. Ti ei r.awstr?N<> sale- r? pswtcd none Ishu.' in first liarit-; hut It Oo hbt have brew -old to arrive, at 6d. t.) Ik M. Ta? None at present held by Importers; not civ sal rvi*.ri( d. Ite-i- ?Common Ameriran is in >h maud. 400 or..." bids S.'hl Ul i'o. M. maiket loi* lieen flat throughout the week : a fiw tiern . North American sol I at 3d*. IVL f >r llifetl r. to ? k? 0 1 pirewl for tine. I ?*o?Als'til I fty ton arv r. ported at 40*. Od to ITs. per 1 at this?Palm ri| ha* again been sold on rath r lower t ei iii. . x 'if. til, hai mg been arevpted for lii'l 1 m * tr.nn th. quay ; but X'.> IDs. has been p?id l r sin lb* I <i < 1 be -ales are 4iA) tons, including 400 to arrire at l'-4 10*. Mk 1?tli.c hundred tierce* Carolina h ive been sulil at lb- M perewt. 1*1 V T lie sale* have been lt)0 tons Camp ..'by hgwtod nt X"' 1 ' to XI. ; 70 toil* .himnioe ut X 1 I". ; 1!> (nits interior t'uhu rustic nt AH , 110 Ions Puerto !.'?? Iielln at U !?'- . and I -M tons flavaulilaat A3 I as. Market a. I nrirmi Cotton Mu? t. April !? - Tin- market haa I* < n very unlet again to day. and rh>?e,| rattier liivily hfcra ?< n*pirnl with Iri.lay't ratea, fur the current >|tialit.. ? of Aioirirnii ami tiurat , are one-eighth of ? Or lib) per lit low. r; other aorta are tit" raw ?. Cite ? ?In ar? estimated at 4,000 balea. and Include ah nit .".mii \ inert.a ii, 200 IVrnata mid Maran.. 7'?d. in II\d ; H O t'ahla. 7 ',1 t"7',d.; 100 Kgyplian. Hd. to 10.1 , 1'K) burnt*. 4 ',it. to f>< ,.l Aran 10?The wwket atlfl OOntitlOeaIml/.ml pHe a ate * ii limit change; thi utie eighth of a pnny p r Ih )e-1 -inee Friday 11 t has not h> en regained. I'hc aatoe aim nut to about IMi batea. and Im I ml" 4 tW n? Auieriemi; 'Ml l'i rnani. and Maran 7'td to H',d; Itn llahht 7 yt. I?a S'.d.; IM Itahia 7',.1 ; 200 Kgyutlan. 7 yl lo Ayi.; 10* burnt". 41 ,.| to & yi Aran 11.?The mat k. f liar h. en father unlet lo dajt. and prlei a are Wendy at yesterday "a i|U<itath>a*; the mi a a WHO at Hi about a.euo lat|.?. Loano* tlnaa M ?r a? i ? Aran. 11 ? There but little addlth.n tni'de einr" M onday to our supply of Kng lleh wheat, the fen -.ample- on the Ken-x and Kent Hand* r?red?t injj mainly of pare. I? Ml orer from that .lay, ne. Hrtheh'M, those went imt tlrft'i'it of witle.ut .liiheulty. atMuter enrrrney The demand for t .reinn ? ?t. anything l.nt brl^k; hntd-ra, hmrwTer, w.-r - ftrw. and ne. dy buyer? had to pay former priee? beeondary and Int. nor .jiuilitle* ?f Mr were eader to purchase. Har ley wnr tttiehaitged In talne. The reeelpta of anta of hi tin- growth were light, hnt haling a fair arrival front abroad. It ait not praetieahle to ertahlUh any advance. Bean- ami fn much tbo f?mv ?* ht't anted, vlimwnt In limited request, with the turn In price in teror of the buyer. LiTKaroeL Cob* Mmrr. Aran. 11.?The principei import id oee Tuesday in of French flour. It Mi sack* hnrinit been rerriv.-d; of other articles of the grain trade the arrival* are moderate. At thl* morning'* market the demand for wheat and flour was slow, and Tuerday'e quotation* (rare way Id. per hu?h*l on the former, and 6d. per suck aud barrel on flour. There aais not mneh doing in Indian corn, but it wua very Armly held. Mealing oat* acre .-caret-, and improved ',d. par bushel. Kgyptian bean* likewise aJvsn -J M to dd. per quarter. Barley and peaa supported lata rate* THE LATEST 1TBW8. J|Y ELECTRIC TKLEOKAMt FROat LONDON TO liver

pooi.. France. Paris, Friday Morrino, April 11. The Mvnilcur publishes the list of tho now ministry. At the commencement of tho Assembly, M. Leon Faucher, Minister of the Interior, read the ministerial programme, which is very short. M. St. Beuve moved that the Assembly persist in iU order of the day of the 18th January, which i* in the terms following :? The Assembly dentures its wunt of confidence in the ministry, and passes to the order of the day. The order of the day, pure and siinplo, having been demanded, a division took place, when there apjwured for the order of the day, pure and simple, 377, against it 275. Majority for the ministry 102. Tic Morning Po*t gives the members as follows: For tho nation, 327 ; against, 275. Majority in fa vor of the ministry, 52. The Ihnly AYtrs also reported the majority as 52. The new ministry is already threatened with op position by the journals of the monarchist party. Paris Hoi r>e.?Fives, 98f. 25; Threes, 57f. 55. Prnaala. Berlin, 9th April, 1851. The Tunc* letters contain no news respecting tho progress of the Herman question. Austria. Vienna, April 7, 1851. The Anstriun government hasimposodan income tax on the Lombardo-Venetian provinces. Turkey* According to the last accounts from llo.^nia, a corps of 20,Mm) insurgents from the Kruina is ad rancing upon Novi. for the purpose of effecting a junction with the rebels at Picdor. Omur IV-ha is concent rating his troops at Baniulaka. The Diplomatic Jtn d'Kaprlt. .rromthc Washington Republic, April 'A] In view of the references which have been made in the i.ublie journals to an alleged interceded despntcn of Sir Henry lSulwor, and tl.o 3J wluch those references have excited, it would bo un just to that gentleman, and would answer no useful purpose, to withhold the harmless jrtt (Pewit from our readers. While no oue can for a moment imagine thut it is a genuine document, the pain* taken by the editor of the Celt to give it that ar> pearance may impose on the unreflecting, and sub *u ^ alleged nut ho r to unmerited cendure. If it had not been gravely alluded to as a possible au thenticity, we should not have reproduced it; but wo ate aware of no good reason which should induce us to ucprivy our readers of tlio amusement which thev may find in this saucy fabrication. [From the American Celt unit Aslopt.-d Citizen. Boston April IK] ENGLISH IN] RIOT Rs fa.MKIIK'A?AN INTERCEPTED IU SCAiri! FROM Ill-LWKK To rAI.UKliSrox. [ J he accident hy which a copy of the following despatch came into our possession it is not advisa ble weehould explain at present. We liar* re id it with feeliTgs our readers can as easily imagine as they will he certain to share. It is fortunate for them, and for us all, thut such a document should come to light just at this moment, when Knglish in trtgue la more rife on this continent, from Nicara gua to Nova Scotis, than it has been at any period !i?/*r of ,H12 ?American Celt an I jf'foptra Citizen, .. T , Wa?hijcot(?x, March 21, 1851. l iVv"/? .ia,LnJn I'^^'ssion of your lordships despatch (No. 2,i*W), \,v which y^Vouest a ri same of my negotiations, forthe instruction of your self or tuoeeasors in office, and also informing me that her Aliijestv has been pleased to confer upon lue the (iraml Cross of the Bath. This honor, in addition to those I have hitherto I?"1 < ur K?icious sovereign, is the more precious to iut from the kind manner in which poo' ibite C0"Ve>r,i J"""r 01 '">? .v'wi i ' Cftn M*ur* her Majesty's government tha t the interest* of l.nglund were at no time, since or before the revolution," in a more satisfactory condition on this continent than they arc ut this moment. * lbc country is paralysed by many purties. The two old ones, after existing half a century, have split into a variety ol fragments, known b'v a di versity of l<K>al names. There are now '?Woolly beads, f-ce-soilers." " acceoioniats," " union- ' and h nuiiitier of other faction-*, wIiom* con tinuatcr, in one -hape or another, forthe next few years, sceui* certain. The leaders of each have been so vituperative towards their opponents, that 1 do rot think there is any possibility of their uniting for any great internal or external object. Jin.-, of course, paralyzes the federal power, (if power it can be called,) and leavei us ut lib. rty to pursue to their consequence* the project- >f advan tage which your lordship has conceived from our Central America relations. i be only national question in this country now is, slavery. l'.jra little judicious management on the part of the I'litish Anti-slavery Micietv, and in other quarters, this may he kept up, to our advan tage, till the end of the century. \\ hile our press and I srlianictit should do nothing to offend the . outhern Mates, individuals, at their own risk, might be most usefully empioye.l iti agitating tho subject 111 the North in Mates. 1 n this r. -pen \lr t'corge I'Im nip-on lins been ofcoiisiderahle service! haying not only stirred up opposition to the lat, Lo III promise law-"' at boston, lint also in Canada, us I tiui informed, having done nuieli to miti ' ito the annexation sentiment there. 1 take the more pleasure in bearing thi- testimony to Ids -services, that 1 am prevented by prude-dial motives from faking any notice of hi- presence here. Indeed, I have bad to disclaim officially all knowledge of his designs or motives, which, I need not sav, I urv unwillingly did. I 'on-ill Mat hew* wilte* ine from Charleston, that a feeling favorable to an ultimalo ooin.e.t:on with l.ngiacd is rapid|jr ay e-tding there. I have coun selled hiiii to a< t with ie.i ibled energy aod pru '* " situation full ot re-iiori-iliility jn wh.vh 1 di d tuyself?with a British )mrt.T a! a V eud of the eon: try ai d at eHi li e\f ine of politics rortui etely, the futi.iml* and public tn -n an t m intent on thcii President making to wat di ti< ?erv I'.arrovi ly. ' i V\r An,rri?'ati PraCdeney is vacant, as your r'bl.ip knows, in If,2. The c.' alidate at present most,, oki n of sre General* Scot! and Cass, Messrs. v\ eb-ter, Seward, and Fillmore. < )|.| \fr. < '|n> I.a- no 11 or |?e t of election, mid any of the others, < xeept Mr. t nsi>, w old be friendly t.> l.'ngl iml. Get . rnl feotl's bend i- n< full of i. ulty is hi, h it is of fi atbii s. Alessra. \i cb.ster a . 1 Fillmore, in ereiit degree-, a,. lecply ruiieerned for 'lie nier '''"tile interest: and M f.tli mgh e u-i.|ered very ant i-British in his own Mate, (N'cw York,) is in real ty tl. ? very rev rs.? When Mr. Shields made his utud moti. n. la-! Gongce*', inquiring into ouraflsirs in C, Rtrai America, Vir. S vn.l hasten ed to the embassy, and expressed hiuuMf in the most cmpb tic ti-rms to me. I roiuiilei In< present p.osp,et Of the Presidencyrnther l-ubtful. though ' * V th* heml of n growing ; irfv. wit i it, f v may eooot n g. at many wives in thi> fi ktr jail iilnee. My predecessor* st tlii. gorernmetit have fro i;ueot!y called to yor r lordslnp's m ti'-? I je ex'-ter;.-. of that very rnrmtdiib! ? eleui-nt i:i eri ry IV i'lit'i toil isuite,t?" the Irish vote." l.argc a, it wis at j f(,"m r | eriods. it - cms de-tined t<- Im-g . .??]?, in (iea-i d in l-.>2. "I'l e iuo-t lo tive Spirit* In that maty have b",>n u ging on the natorali/.iMoii >,f < uf grants, with g.iat energy, the onst tvr of tin -, yeats, arid th. y mnk' no /c i t of th, it intention to <a.-t their Votes for the "mutt anli-Fr.ti-ii eandi slates. I This, mjr lord, is more talk 'hon anything else. .'"I n "t that hyperbolical style |?-euliaily iii-n. i hey arc ns?t foiml,table, njr likely to he is,me so; for they have no harinsmy of action?mi orgniu/eil political power, l'be'r confidants in the large cities are .-his-fiy men in search ?sf ??nsll s.ffi or a not very ?laugerou- clam to deal with. Thi ir news| itj er., of which there ar? son?" half dozen, sre nil so jealous of t aeh other, that for one to prorioso anything is enough to secure it the orpiwition of the rest. Halt a don n of our ini reanfile liouses a>m mand more re,) here than lhs> entire "Irish vote. I.ut if the n.ituralif'd Irish -hould ever unite on any American "platform," (as it iseallesi.) II cannot conceal froui myself that wo woitldfind ou ? vmeriean interest* seriou <ly iujtopardy. i'urtentral American afl'airs do not at pre-'ent attract much nt tent ion here, an i therefore ought to be mged on with all .frspatch. I have the honor to be. my lord, your lordship's obedient servant, H. L. A hurricane ot rloleaea t-aswd ny,.r Warren emmty ttul Kaston Pa , on Tm -slsy last Though it lastrU but s few minutes. It utiMnfoi snst umatrat?.l two Sliifiit'iurtiy. *** 1 to? Tk* iHtMlOlTMW I'M*. SI FHKMK I'Ol'BT?SPECIAL TKKM. ArtlL 10 ?AlAn'n furrnl ad*. Catharine If. ori.Mos or tniKK iimci: A great mi- of nittH has b?'u dragged this mo tion oy the papers on both rid.-#, which ha* nothing to do with the question bofom mr nod which is regretted the more because of the labor to which it .uLu.-ct? me. of hunting through so wide a in. alow or margin for so In considerable a rivulet of water I havw nothing to do on thU motion, with the question of the guilt or iuuoeeuc* of either of these part ten. of the main charge involved in j the eontrovcrry. nor whether their behaviour towards each other, ae man and wife. is juslitiable or not. uud counsel ought uot hi have permitted the parties to atull t the papers ?o full of irrelevant and impertinent matter. [ Tliw qucdlon which I am t" jaiss upon is simply the pro- i priety of retaining the injunction which Mrs Forrest j has obtained; and that embra-sts throe propositions:? , 1. As to restraining hhu IVou* disposing of his property. 'I From molesting his wife. -1. from prnaecutiug his , suit in the courts of Pennsylvania. Ttie llrst two pro- . positions were virtually disposed of on the motion to dis- ! solve the writ of n er.rr*/: slid I repeat the remarks which I 1 then made, that tin re is no reason giv-n l'or apprehend, irg tliat the defendant will wot return to the jfrat.*. from time to time, and lie finally within the jurisdiction of j this court when its judgment sluill be pronouueed. and I none fcr believing that he will attempt to remove his j large property beyoud the jurisdiction o| the court and ' there is nothing but the fears of the plaintiff that he may do othiTwi-e. This is not sufficient to warrant an in- i junction, any more tliau it would the ncercaf. And I now add as to the supplieant that the defendant's con I duct, which in one view seemed to justify uu apprehen sion that lie might molest the plaint ill herself during the i pendency of the suit, has been so satisfactorily explained, that there is nothing left but the fears of the plaiulitf to wairaut this part of the process. So far. ttaeu. as the iu junoilou restrains the defendant from disposing of his property. and from molesting his wife, it must he vacated 'l'he remaining question is one of uiueh more dillWulty, and one in which it has not been easy for me to arrive at a satisfactory conclusion. This depends on the question of residence?u question which, under the poorlaws. the . election law. and various others, la often attended with dilliculty. and accompanied witti some very nice distine- j tious. uud some conflicting decisions in our bonks. Upon this subject the evidence is. on one side, that t he defend ant was born in Philadelphia. and resided there til! his marriage, when he changed his residence to New 1 ork, ; t hat tip to the time of hi? -eparation from his wife; he had a house in Philadelphia which he bad provided f r hi. mother and sister, hut which, after his marralge. he did not occupy Idmsdf ; that after the separation, he was at that house, and said to his sister that tlint was now his only home, and that lie avowed to Judge t'ourad that he had resumed bis r-ddelice in I'hilndrlpiua. tin the other side, the < videnee is that lie is as mueh present person ally in hew York as ever; that he kept his establishment at Font llill. whieh lie had intended as his permanent residence, and bought some furniture for it; that he voted in W< trhcxtcr county : that in Ills petition to tie LcgblatUic of Pennsylvania, which wa sworn to by him, he described himself as u resident of New York, at the tium he muds these avowals to his ,-ister uud Judge t'on tad. and that he made a mortgage in which he described hiiii elf as a resident of New York. So tbat.on tile one land, it merely his declaration, about June. 1849. that he had resumed his residence in Philadelphia, unaccouipa- ' niid by any act. (not even sleeping there one night.) carrying out his intention, ami. on the other haud is hit oath before the Pennsylvania legislature, liis votiug in New York, and his description of himself in a deed, all showing that he was still a resident of New York. The j description in the deed would, so far a- thut matter is concerned, estop him from denying his residence in New I ork. and it may la- supposed that his oatli in Pcnnsyl 1 viola was sufficiently solemn to settle the matter. Hut he added to it au art equally grave, that, namely, of voting in this Slate. whiih he had no ; right to do uniesi a resident here. To have given ! that vote, lie mint linve been a resident of this I .state for a year preceding the Oth of November, i IMP. a resident of Westchester county for the then last four months, a resident of that election district for thirty days ucit preceding, and ut the time an actual resident of the town. The declaration whieh he thus made of his reside nee in November. 1849. is wholly consistent with the statement which he made to the Pennsylvania f.egis lature in February. I*o0. that lie bad been a resident iu New York till December, 1H49. but is at war with the rlalin wliirh is set up ou this motion?that from June, 184'J. lie was u resident of Philadelphia 1 do not well see how he could more distinctly and explicitly have in dicated that in and after June, 1849, and until at least December of that year, he was a resident of this State. It world be a waste of time and toil for me to fill this i pinion witli a detailed examination -f the eases to which I buvc referred on this question of residence. It in enough for me to b? fully aware that they show the rule . of law to be in conformity with good sense, in pronounc ing that, at least up to Peceniiier. 1*49. the defendant was ; ? resident in New York, and that lie is mistaken in sup- I posing that by avowing in June. 1849. his intention to re sume his residence in Pennsylvania, lie was able to or did a-lrally change his residence to that Mate. If. then, he did uot change his residence in Julie. 1*49. lie changed it in December. 1849. or not at all. as appears from the pa pers before me. If he did not change it at all. but i> still a| resident here, it is not competent for hiin to give the court" of Pennsylvania "jurisdiction to grant him a di vorce. not even with the consent of hi-' wife, much less without it If lie did so change it. and such change was lu entire good foltb. aud without any reference to a di vorce. "till Ills suit in Pennsylvania, which had been res trained by tue injunction in this ease, cannot be sustain ed. bee i,use he had not l-oeii a resident there one year hi fore he commenced his suit, and without such resi dence lio divorce can bo granted. Hut it he did so change his residence, and that for the purpose of giving fin- court" of that Mate Jurisdiction of Ids rase, nothing I is better settled in our courts, than that -ucli temporary residence, for the purpose of conferring jurisdiction, is in fimiJim Ire1'- and will lav disregarded. CJ Kent. 114. i Iu Jackson vs .Jackson. 1 John It . 4J4. the parties were married mid resided iu this State. In October the wife went to Vermont for the purpose of obtaining a divorce, whieh slie obtained In February following: but the court disri-garded it. because it was in Ira-d upon our laws. In It, rdeii vs. Fitrb. 14 John. It . 140. where a similar divorce had been obtained, it was disregarded t'hief Ju-tiee Thompson, in delivering the opinion, suid that to sanc tion such a divorce was contrary to the tir?t principles of justice. And in Itr..d?linw to Heath, 13 IVend , 4.X this court held that if they considered the plaintiff a-domi ciled in New "York when she obtained a divorce In I'on ncclk'iit. then the divorce should not lie considered i f any vulidily. In every view of the case, then fore. the suit which the dcft-mlai (lias brought iu the courts of I'etinsvlvaiiia is one which lie cannot sustain, or lit which.* if he did obtain a decree hv the default or col lush n 11 his wife, that d< tree would la-disregarded by the com is of this Plate, for It would be alv ay c tnpeti lit for our court* to examine Into fact* up m which it i alleged a judgment lias la en obtained by traud. (2 Kent t sin ? lo9 ) Voder such circumstances lias the plaintiff in this mil. who Is domiciled in lh!? Ptale. n right to invoke the ?id 11 the courts of thi? State to p.-otci t her xgain-t this illegal profientloti of 1.. r in anoioer Slide b) her hu< l?wd. he laing within lids Sta'e. and ? abject t > the juris diction of its courts ' 1 >>n thi- point no further au ihorlty iw ?d 1*- clteil than the clear and explicit I iu guage of Story, supported as it D by the uumermia au lliorittes to w hich he r< fees. Although the ? ? .arts of one counliy have no authority to slay pru**edlug< in the rourt s of another, they have an uud uibted authority to roiitftJ all persons and thing* within their own terri torial limits. When, therefore, boA parties to a suit in a foreign country ate re-id :i'. willuo itie territorial limits of at.other, the courts of equity in the litter may upon tlio.-e paldie-, and direct them l>j Injiiiulioii. to proceed no further in such suit In sin I, a i ii?!? their courts nit up u acknowledged Jinn ciplci of public law In regard in Jurisdiction, rliey do not pi,'lend I" diriet or control the forcl-n eourt. but w it Ii lit rcgai d to the Mtuatioii of th ? subject matter of the dispute, tlu y rvtieidi r Hi" equllie? be tween the parties, nod il( rree ii ; ?itwm. n ? or ling to III i. c eqnillcs. and i id wee obedience to th -ir decree* by process in jwrseaasv (- Mory Kq. Jur.. sect. 8W.) And in Mi l. 9 " he a 11 - It is now lo-l I th it whenever the pirtb's are r> - d( ut v. thin a country the courts ol thai ci iiuliy have lull authority I" act up.u lli- in per . Iixlly Willi rvs|*rl to tie- suiyict of suits ill a fcfi'ii.1 i, ui.ii> n Ho- on.I- of jiistk i- may r. quire, and that v low tli'-IB to take, or (llllt I ? take any steps and nri ceislii gs la ?ny ntli-r court uf Justice, whether In tin -ame or any f-rei j.u euiiiitry. And thi- do iruic ha* I . m appll(d in the n iut of this i<tste t? suits an I juilgnnni- In other Ptale courts. *ih?r?-tie-lalier ?er.' e.?i i et( III 11 r. Imin; || pi pet rell-l Mead vs. Merrill o I |! pij I III tills !. tier ease lite til no eltor ln lituates. ih'ii i Ii I do not understand liiiu n. distinctly si di riding thai from coti.-hlcr.vUon i o| comity and puldir pol . y ! I lie ? urt will not exercise lit p >?? r witli which it |. tht" clot lie.t. wl.orc a suit has l?rn a -tu ill) cmn-ii -nc - I In the fori-, ii court. I th< not And aoy authnritles to Mistain t hot posit.*; v. bile, on the nth. r hand, th Kwtrli li courts, and Mory in hi.- c .iir.n -uta.-n ?. do tut r ? ?;ii t'o ili?Hi.c.ion. lint ii lbs d linetton i? ti on. it r.iiiu. t ?* m ill to apply I ? a ca?e wile"' the fen IgO trihittMil Is not c"",i ?? tent to grant full and ade-|U-'e rvlluf. snd wh r t.isre i- rt i< . ii to iolhvo tltet tlie ?alt abr 11 l< liriWiht in , , ;,c,. . f the lav . al-d court* of this : tate. Is this lben. a re- in which It is proper that tl psw.-r shoiiol Is- r\t .ei-ed Itlstnsii t tl i f o-ts. as Hi y see .I rind i l it inc. that tin d ndnit caun it suite -d In ol.taiuiiig. in I i- "lilt in P- us)l*?u . .. -rf which < ?n Iw I'lmllng on hi lo r. \l cml I it be to otli Sri!) to til" bur in; . vtl? of ev n an i.valid .1. eri-.'. "T eimipi'l In r to expend Ho ail.?w?nee luoi to tier liv lo r looiwind. in icsidinf tin- granting iff '?Ii a d.sfis ; If the di fen l?nt In Hit. suit hail shown ?,,v net .1 ii" ti n.llii. to. li.ct a ehmif of r--bleu at.Tlhuoi l ot his we-ri at on that lie had i lnug- l II ?,,v -lei pn g (f oigbts or tarrying of day. in Phlia vPltli.a sir.* his alb red rhsngc of la-slibnce, ilarr mial t be n ? ut to suppose lb"! I' "*? not cdnrald. only, ami i . rvU tu* lb. , uipose of ? bt lining s divorce I ut nclhbvt i f the klcvl is sl,.mn. and ?iinnllaneously with the lib "id i liKCgo .4 rerid trs-' sr.e?k ? " "1 ???? change in la. emi "t (that <4 June I have already . ,g.'" u-ly witli U. is h!? ?pp i. aMon for ?i ilivor.r showing tiw clenely for me to d??iU that the rhange. if It rva'l) e*?.t?l. ess only fw the ,?irp..?e of giving lb* ?nth rifles ol 11 *? tl jurlsdh tton over lib . ?vi'ig?! l' In'lori No I oil I he SU( p ?????I In bad * | er fc't right to do so; liail In tl Is b# If mlslakrii Tli law It warrant vo h a" but. on the other Immi demands of Mir ? mrt thut lli-y -l.ouM prote. t bis Wife froii. i .cbig thus subject to a iuriwltrtion f..n-igar4>otli to hxr b?iil domicile awd t hi- There was a valid ob ieotb n taken to the pf.s - -ling* in ill'* suit?that " "'r'' had sue in h-isban t wltiiout ?uia.rlng ^v h"! ?'*1 frjen.l?anu I sm rrqi.esded I v th ecit" I for in- P *-?? tiff to n us titer l lint d-1 irt-i.i That I .*nnotd.ol-r we. a .b I F n of Ho tien-rsl Term on appeal. ??dj- th law of this court rnJ of ibis easa The del" t. h ? is anu n la. Ir. xml th. pUli.Hff may amend i? in ten-ixys tl ?! injun n'-1 * tf .he so far as f' sff. elf !b. -lit in lVne-viv.n - ?ml lf a do not it will he dbs 4r.-d and in ?ny'V nt ?? wlU dlssolv i m ;e. the oth. r matt rs embrmr J Doniftllr MlxflUny. Mr fWk, of >0W llamp'hif. Was pol ??'f of b' tnnrn ' thr< ? ami frur tbouinml l"tlar*. "n vWlWWIiiy nt^bf, whllo Insl^tngat tb? hagl" Untol in N-w I't, Ow th? t'ith Inst In tli* ' "Url. in llawnorr I ? 11 nt v V a <iw-n ?? >i?li.-r w?; " !'<"?r"<l to fl,,. DI| r.'i nni. Ill IT' ill.' I'rril-"1'*'> ' ,r ' no .;? I, M * ? ml I'urninn his slate, ?h*" resulted In his death The I.<trl>latnr? of |vnnavltnni?. at ? Ute ?e?<ion. f*Ti| ? law to ths *".|<vk-sI surrey nf (|,?i .Hate sn$ ?p|T6jt?tf4 fH IfccSftkt ll Ul? ? Wtfc I C4MMPC pynf! rfil Before the Recorder and Aldermen Morgans awl RwUIr Aran ?1.?Ttwfi of Clntk.?An old acquaintance at tV* oeesioiie. named Richard Parrel!, was put on trial, chary ?S with stealing a quantity of caahmeret. worth about $1<WV tv*?. *** ft or u of Messrs Roger*. Catlia, I'Caritt At Co., off Im Broadway, on or about the 13th of March The goodm were not missed from tho store at the time, but the theft hecame known to the police through one of ParreU'aan? complices, named Johu McOan. The good* that w?n>N> eovored W found at pawnbroker and tailor shopok whertvthey had been pledged, or left to bo made up iuUw garment*. It *:o clearly proven that the prisoner haff possession of the stolen good : nod ?< he could give M? satiafactory aecouut of how he .-nine to have them, he warn adjudged guilty. When called up for sentence, he sahfc he Stole tile ciishm* rets, but that Johnny McCau. who had been allowed to testify aftnisvt htm. was us guilty a* himself. The court said ih -y hud no doubt Met'an wan a l.iul boy; thai, however, did not affect the ease now un der consideration The Recorder said: We know you.Parw rell; you have been here time after time, and have beem punished repeatedly lor thieving. Not content to work an the rest of us. you now place yourself before this bur asm convii ted felon, and it only remains fur this court to pub you out c4 tho way. that society may be relieved of yoat and bo free from your deproilations for* time. The scu teiieefof the court is. tbul you ho routined in the StatW prison at Sing Ping, ut hard labor, for 5 years; and it Is tsa he hoped that when you com, out you will resolve to loath a difft rent life."' Before the Recorder and Aldermm Kelly and Morgan*. Aran. 23.?Chart* of Stealing Money.? Win. Meanay* a butcher, residing at No. 5ii Centre street, was placed at tho bar. charged with gmud larceny, in stealing $100 la nu.uey from Cat liarine .lohnsou, on the istli of Itecetnber last The cotppl.tinaut, Catharine Johnson, being called as a witness, swore that on the 18th day of Rtccmbuf last, she was at the house of the defendant, where sha hod left 8 trunk In which was a $100 bill She had be fore lent to the accu. ed $luO, which he hud nearly re paid to lu r tin the occasion now referred to, he took m key and went tleliIs ratcly to lu r trunk, unlocked it, und removed the $100 bid. lo.twitlistuudiug she rcroon sl rated with him she Intel never keen able to get tho hill buck, she said, though she had asked him for It. This was the Oouiplaiuntil s story. On the part of thw defence it wns shown that, the witness. CHtharine John son. wssin tin luiteit ol getting intoxicated, and that shw bad beeli sent to lliuckweli's island for theft. The ehargn of biro ni w:is denied by the defendant, who proved that, be bad had a settlement with the complainant, at tho time, of Which settlement In- was about $13 iu her debt. She then niuda no cliurge ot theft against Meuny. Under nil the circumstances. (Meany having proven a good olia mcter. i the District Attorney said he should not ask for a conviction, ho the Recused was acquitted .1 Srtiaut CaomfSlaHing.?A mulatto, named Win. Iley land. was next called to trial, charged with assaulting Theo dore Anthonv with a Inrge curving knife, sud attempting to take his life. Il appeared from the testimony, that oik the 1st of April some words occurred between the mia tri'ss cf Ilej land and the complaiuant. when Anthony struck the wotniin a slight blow, after which be went nto an eating cellar at tlic corner of Anthony and Orange street, to get his supper. While Anthony waa eating. Ucylnnd came into the cellar, ueronip.vnlcd by another negro, win. -aid. ?? llere lw is; go at him." They endeavored to get Anthony out of the cellar, but failing in this, the prisoner seized a large curving knife, and dealt the complainant two blow*, one of which struck bis arm truusvrrscly. indicting a horrible tie?h wound, and the other blow took effect on I he forehead and tiose of Anthony The knife was produced in court. It U a huge utfuir, with a worslcn handle, the blude being soma eighteen inches or two feet in length?a formidable wea pon indeed. The assault was clearly proven by several good witnesses, ttud the jury returned a verdict of guilty. The Court sentenced the prisoner to the State prison foe even years. I*. S CoiuniUiiloiirr'i Office < Jtweph Bridgham. Ks,i V??'R" ' nil7! S'"'" " M"""' Mrtrwiigc, Jamra ?**r,.?fn<U,,rin t? mak, ? H,,Mt 0? beard U* f Hnu-'JryThis was a complaint of an end, aroc t" make a revolt on board the liark Gov llitnhlcv on her j.av,a?t. from Ix.n4.-u to New York. The capiat mate ami second mate, testified that ou the 34 of AprSl about noon, the primmer-, rcftued to work; two of them r.?r?rt* "U"r.t1 '?"f- resumed work, but the rest .lid not iiulc.hln n,*U mor.ul.nSi.(,UriuK ,ti" 1 '"'olhestrerac* ?u I .abin passenger. helje-J to work the ship there K.x been a1 previous dtfflculty between one of the prisoner* ; '{J' raptaln. The defence was that they had no mad for dinner; that they had nothing but beef That cook tealifled that the men had a pound and a half of beef each, and the customary allowance ot rice The commissioner held the prisoners to answer the charge in the -um of $10b each. *? Cotton Trade. Tlie annexed statement exhibits the morcmente of cotton iu thi. conntry, up to the latest dat.-s, in each of the past three yeare. ? Mm 1 mists or Cotto* is inr f-siTrn Stste* Krceipts at ports ainee .?cpt. J. 1M) l?d.-? 1 Mina t urrceponding dates last years j "MtiOff ,. 'J0- year before -' siontm Ksports from I . 8. since Sept. ]. 1H,'K) 1 orxnm Corresponding date. last year " $>7-,ouo ,, year licforc 1 kot'mm k.sports to Great Britain since Sept. 1. ISjfi.?M0M Corrtsjeiodllig dates last year tks4,U0# ... . . year before . 1 <Kiiua? .took in New York and ports of receipt....... M'OOO Corresponding dates last year ' xggS ? , '*"? . yaur before . SkOOOft m.rte.r'o]'o^t e i" P" v ,'inr,' lM ia,"?nt hales; IX. l-.iiiti 1' \ '"'"?'l h>' "Pinners. 6000; on speculation. 10(W. rt"ck ,n cUT- amount on It. relation to the movement- In thi, market fc.- T 1 Stewart-. circular of yeslordat sav> 1 lie week micceodiug my last report of the market. Mr tt U"t ? of ,h" hipping L'radoiw thos,- below good middling, had re-, .led \ to w"t? average daily rales of 2.00IJ bales III, Wednesday mnrsT Mb ?r i " the market opened with less supplies on nim-n. of advice* hv telegraph of a seTerrfmm n.-arMontgomary. Ala. on 14th in-t A. JvVe, S2 -1-^111 heeu rssclSiKl from that section. of the partial .profiting of the prcat tit planting a stimulant ?a? -neeI given to prices, upward, of .Y.Vs ij .s chan.2 ,h On Friday morning. lHifa taa?t., the letters per tm.-ric. wen received and caused a -n.'ju-d feclluiVo iS^2m theim*i"'|,'"rll>."|U'<'W'IUt'' """ "'??<""'"rtnation of in, . markets ?t New Orleans and Mobfe tI I . 1 V "Yi ,u t'ad of udl an. iug under them V ?' "' J.1*.1'"' w,?r,? "Bder 900 l,,|. . lt another .1 decline The American steamer Pacific reached her 1 MJJi Y"1 riT, r I' 1(1 "cluck on Miturday m-raT jng . th Inst., hating lift Uri-rpml at'-' I' M >ak in t . the shortest passage, either wwy. on n-eord Thn autlers of that market u.orr .tead.lj favoring toilers did not inert a e t he de.irr to do h iduess and the ,.hleh OuVl'm'uv *t?hr;U " 1 ?> Hie turn lower. Ou .Monday, the transactions reached l.StKt bales and ?'T r ,T' '-'-H'. ?? "It avene.-e decline of > to 1 r sine* ? h',?!"1 ,""bi',h my -tntlons t- l.-w are Bd.ustcd What I- trrmed tin gem ml e-tlmat . .f the rr ma. ^ r D^ri- J ,w" ? Co- i: . rea i f 2200.1**) and - PUS' ales Avery few pnrth a still a-..w.ari..r to n~ f-r a smaller ,k 1,1. I eim-lder it t?pontile to pre-rntTI A h^i" 1 f,:r crop until after thatblh of May e.ti 1 nnd corrr,p- tidcut at Nrwltr|.mna who ha* ;<l?.n the iletnU- great attention writes me thai Jhe - top .ann-l la- umler '-'.UIKHmn, Iwalf* and adds Ir-ni lo.ynii >n,a. a snn-ly. w.,rn out district the. viS- ; ' bta-n litk*) iio?ln.( ;:?< nop last yi-ar Thw Me , burg mdpt. are from ? llry aodgenerauT and 1 tut; la- c-msid. n-d as r.iher a si art ling fact, tbit tiir'c d .trlrts and others we could p-,nt out si (Wild yield a large increase |? a drv . I? Ml whea ?-t- rertainly only h-okr-l for g sal crop* on the rich moist sods of the lied, Ouachita. Iligls-r, and .m?Ji?? rlv. rs their tributaries. The I - m rains in ?bruM* lit., high St ,g- Ol Ih'd ah?l other Titer- hate prevent^ ts tten lH| "g Tog. ne-l tolhe bun... ami f-rtlurtv data o< lit inii.ill i there *?> not a cot ton w igon at Mtreve r" .rti, iAf"r r*T"e.-lug his t-elicf. that there la a d?^ chittlly larg-miiautMy "I cotton yet to. forward ah N. w (trh-aii and Mi l-lle tlna l?.| j?r. th- writer-, rou r.usii 11. in wld, h 1 do not eoitrtir. 1 . it w -uid uok i1'"'n'ti^ hi.u If U, , r-T pro,. 2 too mat ha lea. fh Id , 1 ':,'V h ll'"' 'V u" "''"We y<* liotw prevented rot ton plinting in many The r|< ,ii,^ quotations wen- a? ann- xe.l 1 nt nroot cuiMric At ion *. I plu .49, luruim. Ot/rfr., mw r<Jl frmikt tf .V .He 4 > , , . Mlnntfr)tnii TVa. gratrMs. 7> t. 4 VoMtr Infi rior _ . p . _ * , Orotoary ? all,., _ a lfi -, . to J Middling ? a II', _ n II- )1 .. . i-> ??sd middling.. IP. ? H _ w 12 ? ? l^v* .Middling fair.... 12 a 12 , 12 tip, IJtJ ? 12O f." Y ISM a W1, lis a IX , nw u' It Is ~m ^ N',,w' Nmainal .! r Nominal. None Nominal M"r None Norataad. s-. g , ? w>rkly lle,n.rt .?f lleatha la t.i? Ci'y sad t'eaate ?f >,* ?-?rii ,ri?? t.,s iy?|, w ...Al"1'- ,'"1 ,,Kh -'?? "t April. Pvt. Met. 1?; W 11,sb. ?l; Megs, fr Pirls, 7.'?Tefal. M. .. t-tsetsis. Abscess I j-,vrr trplielil % A|wp|?ay 1; fever, t- l-has Jt .AdlltfUri , . I >.?, T.-r, t 2 i5Jr**|'hin ,, , . I ftter, uriwii........... I UUfiihf ... J <; .nt I " ft' in I ?m/? ... I M %rl. of ' ' ' % nr^n-l.iti# : ll i t,<h % * , 2 11> a if 11 i n . #*t* | ? Intfniiiftiniion of ?min .,.. # of Ht-m^ '2 InflAiiimttton ol bo?r?i?. , a U rMuttifi .1 trirtnmmntiofa *?f h-nrt.. t < tnfjuitnni ..... 2 fiifimTiiin?tion of kl?tno?ft*a* f < h<'t?rn mo*b I InfUmrnAtion of Inags. folic , 2 leisininste-n of .toataok., a I ea.ufciptiea . is Inft.inaisti ia ?f liver. .... 1 t ' nvtil.e n. 24 fateme.raace t roup 9 Jsaadlc. " t t a <-f luag. 4 !,??? e- ii.r a !!***? - ttiiut*.,, S Hsrtinai. it Itol-ilitj o Me..|.? *1 ltelorsm tr-an ?> 2 If-irtlHcati-ia !!'/."*** ? IM?rrln?a .....If Kamh ,. a X'-opv ? Old *?o i Brop.e In lb, head 12 Pals*. .. 5 Drops* in Ikaalict I rr-m.Yura firth 5 ?-???<"? S Hop'nre. f "?"/y U ?wptara ,-f Wimi I Jryalpriaa 5 -"crefula. 1 rttsr. ............. 2 9mall peg ifvfr, ftlinus | grr.? p J I ? ear. Int-rMltt.a? ? >?t*o?at,o, i P.,sr. puerperal t T.sthinJ ? femlu-ai iVkaaw. i ?fvrr, f-arlet .....17 * 1i\rv vVam.::: g zs ? S ?? i Su" ? ??"???? * Iae'l?i* ttm .Sut" JU: frslsad I Mr lae-aad " ..Hand. - W ata. t, t. f r.ns. j it i i i i 7. ?' '? n ^ rtli Aatorlca. /. Wast Imlisa. ik Palaait. 1; I afaowa. <. t V 1*7 Noap,?al. Rsllaeaa. |s; rsaitsatiarr. Rta.kwoirg Islaat. I. I, A?ylnm ?lartwall ? l.lsad, 2. Wmfm Island Mi k -.dall . I.Ian,I. 2t Clip llcpltal IN 0fla??4 - aems. I. Colored parfaas U. i?.. * w wnfTi, city I CBy Iwrtllfi l Oftcf, Anu u, MM.

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