Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 24, 1851, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 24, 1851 Page 5
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W"~j|ANTXD?A FEMMB DM CHAMBER. BT A UDT wbo U gelng to BaroM. Ut must ba fully nbhImI to kartaibMA u a 11 Ural salary will be given. Italian uc * u. ?j w- ?? A. Apply fcaaUh would ba preferred. Apply at this effiee for parade a yotr ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ft yauai girl, a* Seamstress and Chambermaid; baa arwrkad tlirae years at iraaanikliij;. llcst of *ity reference INw bar last place. Please anil at <B8 Twelfth struct, ba twaaa ft'lrat and Second avenues. WANTED?SITUATIONS FOB PROTESTANT 9ER vants of (h? beat data, and of every domestic station, at the Select Protectant Agency, 7 Carmine etreot, near BUeekcr atreat, Mic original and only trite Frataatant Office In tbla city. Also. excellent Catholic and Protectant ser vants, at the Old Society Office, 10B Chambers atreet. N.B. Terma reduced. WJ faniily. Can he Men for three days, at her present employ No. BHBlMMUlBfiiMiMMl WANTED?SITUATIONS FOB PROTESTANT COOKS, j Chambermaida, Laundress**, Nuraea, Seamstresses. Maids of all work, Errand Girls, kc., Ike., at tlie Protective ? Protectant Agency, ATJ Hudeon etrcet, the beat and only reliable I'roteatant Agency in thie city. N. B.?No charge I fee platen to worthy servants. I WANTED?A SITUATION, BV A RESPECTABLE | woman, a* profeaaed Cook, in ? hotel or h ariliug Bo nee. Uood eity reference. Can be eeen at IllOliver atreet. WANTED-A SITUATION AS WET NUItSE. BY A young, healtby widow, withafreah breaat of milk; ahe b a aeat eeainatrcae, anil cun produce the beat of city rele e; can beaeeu at No. t>7 Cbryatic atreet. in the rear. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A eituatiun in a private family aa Chambermaid or Waiter, or to do general housework, aa ahe uuileratauda plain ?onkiug well, anil la a perfect washer and ironcr, or hna no abjection to take care of children. She haa the beet reference. Pleaac cull at 19 Keat Eleventh street, in the basement. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, w bo lately lost her husband, a child to nurse at her eve reaidence. To he eeen at any hour from 9 to 4 o'clock, at Ne. I7H Seventeenth etrect, third floor, rear room, between First and Second avenues. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa Plain Cook, Washer and Ironcr, in a ?mall priv ate family; haa no objection to do general houae aork. llect eity references froiu her last two places. Calls eil to, - " will be attended to, at 213 Molt street, second floor, front room, for two days. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation; is an excellent cook, wxsherand Inner; ia willing to take a Laundress's situation. Best of city refe rence. Please call at 216 Eirat avenue, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth streets, second floor, back room. Can he Been for two days. rANTEl>?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, to do general housework <>r plain cooking, washing ami ironing. lias good city relerenee. I'leaae call at 143 Twenty tourth atreet, between First and Second avenues. Can be aotn tor two day). WANTED-A SITUATION, AS PLAIN COOK, GOOD Washer anil Ironcr. for a small family, by a respectable young woman; or ia willing to do the general house work of a ?mall family, lias been tw o years in Che employment of one . lsj Twenty seventh street, between Lexington and Third avenues. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG GIRL, AS Chambermaid and Waiter, in a genteel private fa mily, or to do general homework, lla.n no ? bjoctiou* to go a aliort diatanee in the country. Can give good city reference ifremiired. Can be seen for two dayh, at No. 171 Twenty eighth street, corner of Eighth avenue, over] the grocery ?tore. W WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE German young woman, a. Cook and Chambermaid. ?od eity reference given. Apply at li>3 Henry street. \)LrANTED?BY A RESPECTABI.E GIRD, A SITUA ? v lion to do housework in a small privuta family; is a {ood washer and ironer, and good cook. Can furnish the ??t of rity reference from her taut place. Please call at 212 Eaet Eighteenth ,tre?t. Can b? aeeu for two day, if not oneafied. ^ W^HANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, as Cook or Lauudrua.s. in a small private family. Can be seen for two days. The best of oity ict'cr cacc givtn. Call at No. >; 1,11 street. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE youug girl, as Chambermaid and Soanuirjss; Iiiis no abjection to take care of children. No objection to go a abort distance in the country. Pleas, cull ut No. .'kki First at enua. between Sixteenth uu-1 Seventeenth .streets, up stairs. WANTED?11V A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation as Cook, M asher and Irou.r, or to do the general housework, in a small private family. Good city reference. Inquire at No. 321 Madison street, up stairs, front room. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as chambermaid, or Cook, good Washer and Ironer. Tl e best of slty relereuoe givan, and may be ms for two days. Plta*e apply at No. 392 Eighth avenue, between Twenty-eighth and Twenty-ninth streets. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG LADY | lately arrived from Kugtund, to atteud a salesroom either in New York or Brooklyn; the latter preferred; is fully aoinpetcnl for cutting and preparing work; ha, been accus tomed to the snine in London the latt five years. Cuu he seen at Si Front street, Brooklyn, for three days, between the hours of 12 and X ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation at Chambermaid and Waiter, or to do gene ral housework in a small private laniily. She is a first rate washer and ironer. and A goad cook. The best of city refe rence given. Please apply at 63 Mott street secoua door, float room, in the rear. Can be seen for two days. WANTED?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, A YOUKO woman, as Seamstress and Dressmaker. au l to take the charge of a little girl, five years old. A French girl very much preferred. Call at .'ill f orth street, nest dour to the earner of Greene, for two days. WANTED.?A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. A l'ruleatsut. would liks to engage with a lady going ts Europe, as Lady's Maid or Nurse: u a good scamstroee. Good city reference given. Can bs: seen for two days at No. 280 N lath street. WANTED?BY A YOUKO WOMAN. A SITUATION as Cos k.W ashrr, and Ironer. Uosid eity reference given. Apply at 112.1 Eleventh street, ftr-t flyor. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE girl, who understands plain cooking, washing and irviung, Tha beat city refer-nee. Please address 63 Avenne D, between Fifth aud Sixth streets. WANTED-A COLORED WOMAN. WHO IS COMPE tent and faithful, to take earc of oldees and assist about a house ; to rurh a person ooropensation liberal. Ap ply at th>- I'l urnbe G allery. No. 2M II r- ad way. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to cook, wash and iron ; the best of rity reference ?an be given. I'lease call at fifi Beekman street, corner of Bold, second story, frant room. Entrance on Gild street. W^HANTED? a SITUATION. BY A RESPECT\BIE woman, aa rook in a private family ; no objections to r, n short distance in the country; one who understands her Hilars* perfectly well; the beat cify refer- nee can he given. I Apply at No. I Sixth street, near the corner of Bowery, In II be l-i okstore. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, I n enaction in a respectable private family, aa Cham I barmaid sad Laundress . one wl.o perfectly understand* flue 1 washing lad Ironing, and can give the best of rity reference. I'l-ass call at 7" Third avenae, between Eleventh and Twelfth afreets, in the shoe store. Can be seen for two I d e v - W^HANTED- A SITUATION BY \ RESPECTABLE young wi.ii.aii. to do general housewurh or chamber warb in a private family. Good r?fer-nee given. Apply at IIAS ( blinker* street. *e? -<od Sour, frout i-?m. WANTED-\ SITUATION, RY A YOUNG WOMAN teeook, wash and irou, for a private family; one who Innderstsnda bar business, and has good eity reference. Ap Iply at 74 Siith avenue. WANTtD-BY A REAFBTTABt.B YOUNG WOMAN, lilluitliin u t'hanihi rinaid. ?r to do pwral koilM* |taork; la a good waahrr and lron?r. lift* 'h- beat .deity ro. |l?r-ni* from hrr leat tlMt, IM?a?? call at 1*2 TniMlh trrrt. between the tfiatli and Seventh aeenuea, in th? bank ??at. ' A hi T E D? B Y A REflPRi TABI F. TOCNO WOMAN, a oioatiom to do chambera.rk and waltiii7. or no ob rti. n to do houaew rk ia a aiaall family. Can be ??-not I Brine* for throe lay?. on tbo third floor. T!ie boat feity r-'?r??i rii.n fr in her la-i place. h'AMHI A VITIATION A* < II MlHFRW AID OH MY W alter, by a reaportable young *irl, with the heat i f dty refer* ore. i'loaee call at *id) Green ?lch atreet, eacoud " it. for i?o day. ANTED?BY A REAPFCT ABI.E GlRI.. A SITIM tion aa Chambermaid or Waiter, ortuk. eare of tlnl a. and mako heraelf (raerallv aanfal. The boat of rite oferenre alien. Apply at No n Doughty atreet, n> ar Enl i at , Brooklyn. Tu be a*en for two daya. " ANTFD-HV A ROPBCTAftf.K VOI NO HOM \N, A aMoatioo io a email private family to do aeo'ral hooao ? ark; its ?ood waaber and ironer and plain c ? k. Can give >? nd re. omnia ndati n? fr in her laat em|1 yr It old pre fer a ntuati. ? a- I hand-ruin ! aod ?? ul I b- <i'hn, ' a ? ?t in oaabtii/ and r-o.ny tn l_v m "? i if f iTh.r aaatk atroet, between fifth and Siath avanaea. Can bo ran for too daya 'ANTED- BY TWO RE8PBCTARLB GUHl.fl. SITU ali' Oa : one na Cook and to aaaiat in waahiag and iron kr, ami the e'her at I nnhermkid aod Waiter, or t-i aaaiat . mail oa and ir nim llaae no objection to do a abort din ner in iooatrjr. II no the heat of reference 'r in th. ir laat tea. I'leaae aall at flai Mr Do Of il atroet, to th. rear. ANTED-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE yunaf w. man. aa Cook, tt'aahar. and Iruner. <n a am ill. ? pe? table family. Una good alty referauce. la tuir- at M 'ilea atrei A. am' AN T E I> A -111 ATION. BY A H I,' rpi TAB! F. FY touar woman, to do general hoaei work, a* plain Cook Wod M e-h. r and Ironet. Can bo well i.< emiiiendei| from ft laat pi a. e Can ho area tar two daya, at N . 2H I'-ine lTa. I. I,J, .tura. O. load floor, ba. k r lom. ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUN'J WOMAN, lo Io gi neral kona. ? rk. or aa plain Cook, flood city If '? ? an 1 e . ? I - a .* I ? 1-h r an i .1 .Hi. r At | 1/ il hn'h a- em.c ill lh? k-1 ro ANTED-BV A RESPECTABLE WOM AN, A si TIT A Man na Wnraa. lulu, or, hltdren a Nafad. I? fully Imy t> nt to take . ha?o of m infant. Til- h'<% . f ?Ity Hp |. ?. 1 W . 'ANTED A Fill' ATliiN IIY \ RITE' TABLE t nog woman, a? Waiter, chambermaid. cr Nurae. fteaa# tall at tl ro, r t Degraw and Colombia atreeta, faotljn. Good referonre riros. iTdBPHP A MRPRCTARI B YOUNG W<>MAN, - ? ? n .. i I. , ' r n I ar. I Vf IT - r. or ? . ? ,ke |re of children. The brat of city reforms# MR ba glran. ?I , ly at N .. Ill Iwed'h ?tr-' tint - ? u t r |a day >. 'AMI ? A SITI ATliiV i! Y A It I AI'F.i TAUI P. Y a a ploin I k. Wt'.ah r, and I run r amhrrwork, or naltar. Oood city rafefrne", Please call |.1fl Vtalry atraet, for two day*. ANTED-BY A YOUNG NIRL, A ACTUATION BO an.ik. waah. of lr?n. >r to .1 > general houedWnrh in n Ira'., f ? ? i ? ? ? i ,?, , ' (r n 1 >a?a apply at 2"# ? alk. r at., enrn-T ol Clifyetie at., can N |n for two daya. ' ANTIO A BIT CATION. BY A RRAPIdTARIB r young girl, to do general homework; aha it good | loin Ik. and flr-A rate waaber and imner; or wonld do . ham bar >k and waiting of W email Family: th* I-t of eitT rrfrr . n .! r ? died P|r*?, rail i> 1*1 I rear, aeeoad We, r, front ra.un; .ante toon I r three 'AN : FD A S1TC VTION IN A SMALL F.AMrtY, At r-t rate ? k. la willing I? I .fart of tun waahiag inr Beat of lit! -an i.? ai..,.. 1. t? ? ^4 III e.krr atre.'.. plctnrn aRore, near Proa I way. TED?A flTITAflON. I'.Y A R Pdl'E T ADt.R e woo i. n id ? ,t . , il ! r | t It la Bd waebrrfawd ironrr. Brat ef r -fcronoe yiren. ,Af|ly at Manion atroet, lonrth ttorf, No. 1, fof two daya. Air anted?a TAurr woo inrmMTANM ma If lu|M|M. Apply >< tt>? Herald oflkec far paitie wUrs. WANTED?JN A PRODUCE BROKER'S orFU'B. A Uiy to run of errand*. Address, with qitaiid itiouj. It*., Augustus, kt this (live. WANTED?A TOING MAN ON THE FIRST OF M A Y, t > attend a wb"lesaleand retail liquor et>r?. Noue need apply except w ell recommended. at 3T8 Eighth avi n J-. WANTED?A LAW PARTNER-ONE WHO KNOWS Iioh to do oflice business, and u willing to do ft. Ad drreaK., at this ofttre. WANTED-A VOl NG MAN", A GOOD AND QUICK penman aud correct In Hgnres, to write lu an once. To ?uch k penc il good wages will be given. Addreas it. J., oth^e of tlie New York li> ruid. N. B.?The heat of reference* wrill be required for honesty and sobriety. WANTED-A SITUATION, BV A TOt'NO HAN OF eighteen ycart |fa|C. in u shipping ottice or commission store. Can w rite ? good bend, ana in quick at flguri i. uud can keep book*. Address ft. It. E.. Herald otficu. WANTED?A SITUATION AS WAITER OK COACII inan, by a Protectant y- un.' man, who can dive the heat of city reference froiu hut la?t place. Address a note to S. D.. at Morris A Fowler's grocery store, Twelfth street, Cnirrrsity pl?c*. WANTED-A SMART. ACTIVE MAN AS SALESMAN in a Hut store; oue acquainted with hookkeeoing. Address F. A., Herald other, in his own hanIwriting, with references. WANTED-BV A YOUNG MAN, A NATIVE OF ONE OF the most highly cultivated districts in Scotland, who is practically acquainted with the inost improved modes of hurhandry, with thorough draining, and with the breeding, rearing, and general management of stock, is anxious to ob tain a situation as l.and St ward uu the (state of a gentleman who wishes to introduce and carry out the Scotch system of agriculture. Any eoiuinunitatiou addressed to A. 11., ear* of It. Pettullo, Esq., 85 Duane Je street, New York, will bo im mediately attended to. WANTED-BV A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA tion as Chambermaid aud Waiter, and to assist in washing and Ironing, and to do plain sewing. Please call at 885 Sixth street, second floor, front room. Can be seeu fur two days. WANTED?BV A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, u situation us Chambermaid, Washer and Inner, or to do general housework. The best of city reference from her last place. Please call at No. :iDO Uott street. WANTED?A SITUATION AS LADIES' MAID, TO DO dress -making and plain sewing, and arrang ? liillm' hair. Ilat no objection to trnvel or no to the country. Good city reference will lie given. Can be seen for three days, at No. .'?) Bleeeker etreet. WANTED?A SITUATION AS FIRST RATE COOK, BY a reepectable woman. Ileet of refereuee given. Ap ply at No. II Third avenue, hoeiery atore. ? WAN TED-A SITUATION IIV A RESPEC TABLE young girl, a* Seamstress. Can cut and lit eUlortll draaaea, and u a good ihirt-malter. Would have ni objec tion to assist in the care of children, or do cluiiiificrwork. Can give good reference. Apply at 50 Third avenue. WANTED?SIT CATIONS BY TWO RES I'E' T A lil.K young women; uue ia a good Cook and a first rate Wash er and Irouer, the other ua Chambermaid or Waiter: would like to get in one house. Can come well rocommon led from thrir laat place. I'leaee call at 7SThird uvenue, in the tailor atore. WANTED? BY TWO RESPECTABLE PROTECTANT girla; the one aa Chambermaid and Waiter in a small private family, and the other to take care of a child and eew. Plcaac . all at Tl'J First avenue, corner of Nineteenth atreet, for two day a. WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION as brat rate Cook and Laundress; has boea eleven ymrs in this country, flood refereuee given. Apply at ID Third atreet. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation t > do general housework in n small family; can cook, wash, and Iron: can give good reference. Apply at 161 Sixth avenue, near Twelfth atreet. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE .YOUNG WOMAN, a situation to do chamberwork and waiting, or to do plain cooking, washing, and iruniug; has uo objections to go in the country; best of city refereuoe given. Please call at No. 5UM Hudson street, iii a boot store. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation as chambermaid, or do the work of a small private family; good reference given. Impure at hil Tenth avenue, corner of Seventeenth atreet, up stairs, first door, front room. w WANTED?A SITUATION BY A A'OUNO WOMAN, as Nurse and Seamstress; good city reference given. Apply at lllft Nineteenth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues. Can be seen for two days. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL. A SITUA tion to do cliauiberwork or waiting, or to do the gene ral housework of a small private family. Oood city refer ence. Call at No. ft Hubert atreet, In the basement. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do general housework in a sin.ill private family. Best of city reference given. Please call at No. 41 Laurens street, for tw o days. VfifANTF.D-BY A ?MM TABLE PROTESTANT Yr girl, a situation as Cook. Washer, and Ironer, in a private family: haa got no relativea in tliiacountry, and la w filing to ninke her self generally useful. Can be seen at her present employ er's, for a week?No. St)7 West Twenty-first street. A note sent will be attended to. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE A'OUNG WOMAN, a situation as Chambermaid. Good city reference. May be seen at 41 Laurens street, for two days. ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young soman, as Nurse and Seamstreaa; understands eutting and fitting ehildreu'a dresses; lias lived five years in her last plaae. Best of eity reference can be giveu. Please . .ill at No. ?'16 Elizabeth street. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A VOI Ni; WOMANwAS Chambermaid and Waiter. Chambermaid and fine Washer, or Chambermaid and Plain Hewer, earn bring ?atis factory reference from her lateemplerer, with whom the haa lived five years. Apply at 146 Eighth avenue, near Seven terntli atreet, second story, front room. X\TANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, ? v a situation as Chambermaid or Waiter, or take ears of children; has no objections to go in the country; has the best of eity references from her la-t place. Pleaso to apply at No. 1M Twelfth street, coraer of University place. Can be seen fur two days. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO FRENCH woman, to travel to France ae Lady's Maid or Nurse for children: can speak English very well. Please aplly at MA Broadway. \LTANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOM\N, vv a situation as Cos k. or to do the washing and ironing, or the ehimberwork, or fine washing, in a mall private fami ly. the best of city reference can be given; can be s-en n two days. Apply at No. 17V Variek St. EXT ANTED?BY \ MSPECT ARLE YOUNG WOMAN, If asitaatiou as Chainbermaid, and to do the plain sew ing, or to take ,-arr of children: can get good reference. Please call at No. IPlludtoa avenue, Brooklya; eau he seen for three days. WANTED?MY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situatioa ia a small private family, to do general hnnsework: has good reference; has so obicctioas to go a short distaaee In the country. Please call at ?ld Vanck St., la the basement. WET ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Tv young woman, to do general housework in a small pri vate family; the best of eity reference given: may be seen for two day s. Please apply at the coraer of Broome and Wooeter. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE yoang woman, as Chambermaid and Waiter, or i ham bermsid sad take earn of ? hildren. and aoaiat at washing and ironing; can be seen for two days at No. 36 Greenwich at., first floor, back r<~<ui. llfANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE vT young woman, aa ? hnmbermald and Lauudrusa; the best of city referenews glveni may be loan for two day). Phase apply at M University Place. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOI NO WOMAN, a situation to do general li >u " wnrk in a small pri vate family. The be-t of eity reference froin her last situ atioa. I'leaso call at Ji'l Second s'reet, front room, seooud floor. Can be esen for two days. If not engaged. WANTED ?BY AN EXPERIENCED Nl'RSB, A situation lo attend a eiek lady, or to take ear,, of a baby from it- birth. Please addroes a note to Mod Broadway, or '.all at Ziw llewsry. Best of city reference. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A REFIT' T \ Bt F. young woman, as rood Cook, W asher and Ironer. of to do (tie honeework of a smstl private lamllv. The best of eity reference ran k?|n?g. Pleas" call at 504 Houston street, front roam, ap stairs. WANTED-A SITUATION BY A RESPEs T.ARLE PRO testaat w nman : isagnodUcek Washer aud Ir n r. ( ?a rive go d cily refer-nces ?s to character and capacity. Has lived one year ia her last place. 1 an I e ?? ? n at No. 11 Franklin 11 reet. WANTED?A SITU tTION AS CjOMUVf A MI DDI.E aged Amiri- ?n wnman, in a private family, ' an be aeea at fefl Greenwich etrcet, seeona floor, front room, nntil a aitnation in obtained. Good eity refereuie can b- glvnn. Wan rr. n-iv a vf.rv sham, f a mm.v. a restec tahlo ll'rnm girl ? ClmnNniiiit And Hoamatreaa Nolriah naitd apply. Addrraa IH l!*ary atreot Brooklyn. WANTED-A 8ITI ATION. BV A llMOrtaUj young woman, to ilo thamlmrwork, ?a?hing and Iron tag, or ckamtrrwaHl and Il-<t of r"t'>..?ne? fi' fa. Apply at No. < Firat atrort, for a weak. \8ITt'ATION WANTED-BT A MWIC1IM young girl. to do - hnmhrrw rk and waiting, ?r to mind rl itdrrn and do arwlng. Wall rrronnn<nd?d from h?r Ivit plnrr. PUarr call at 1*1 Twrlfth a*r?rt, cernir of l aivar alty I'lara. Can ka a*o? for two daya. A RESPE' TA?I F. VOI VII WOMAN H' IV TS A SITU ati'.a a? Chambormoid, nd to witii " at.d imiilay, la n ro.'frtoWI.' privata family. If o objaattoa to rfty or ????ontry. .'to krtt of alty rrfrr"n"o run t>* giran. t an l * arm for Iwr doja rtoaaa call at l<M> C'hr.atopbar 4 RRRPRt'T A II I. K i.liil. WANTS A 8IT1TATU>N AS 1\ ("hamf ? rmald and Walter, oraa Chamhc mold and ffaraa. I? a goad plain aawrr, and an wa?h and Iron, flood cltr rafrrrnroilrm. Can ha forn for two l?c. Plana* rail at IAP Wr-t p. \ cntrrnth atroat, ka> k in t', Outwent Sat rath and Eighth art nuaa. \ PROTESTANT lilRI. W AN Rf A ?ITI ATION TN A privata family, aa t haakormaid, and would a??i?t in waahinc and ironing. Baa ao ohjaMtan to going a ah< t dla* lanralato th? eoi i iry. Plritf? rail atTMllp 'nwi. h ftreat, \FRf TESTA NT (IRI. At-IIE* \ SITl" ATION AS Cook, M aahf r in I UN n r. and to do gan> ral honaawnrk; j Naa no okjrottnna to go t ahort diataai ? i't tha ?oontfy. i A pply at >.'1 Miilbarrv ftn at, Irat Iour. Uood nty relorrnca glfrn. I 4 PJKinmirT CMRf. WANT* a SITI'ATIOfl AS i *? Cook III a pri at? family; and l.aa *h ft j ti n< to do plata waahlag and iron nr. t'lty rif'rgacra giron. | Plraa# rail at tlr-raa fh Ifnnf, ASH f ATION WANTED - A SIT1' ATION ts WANTED lyay<iong?oinan.aai hamkarmrid or Wai'.rr. or plal* j aaw inr. C an I ? n ' f two daya at HI tfOinnr I atri ? t. AriDT. SB ART OIRt. WANTS A SITIATION AS f'hatn orrmaid. or to do rm.kin r. in a final I ' hrr? 1 ani thrr girl will ho k?p?. Plaafr r ill a' Uif Allan atfwot, for tw day* 1 tty rrfarrnra from hflaah fdarr. \SITI' ATI'IN W ANTED ItV A TOrNO WOMAN, aa t liaml ? .-maid, and to aaniat in wafhint and ir ning, I' or Wotild d ? t lain ?< wing ; !hn Prat f nty nlana lo ran ha I r dnrrri I'lnua apply at lit* l'? Ifth atroet, between I nth and Siath anil ira. tlii I a to; y. hai k*. Istto RESPECTABLE OIRI.S WANT NtRTATIDNN. in i? i hamlivrniatd, to aaalft m ? and Ironing, r to do loaanwnrh io a -?m?ll fan;Ity. Tho other M f*ha n i ? rm Mil, III or ?,? t i Cat ram of ohil !-rn. No , I - >loo to go a d . rf dlftan r In tlio 0 untrv. 1: a tin t of oil , r fart it rr. An", at 1-0 ilraat, *?**d I. or, (rat from. ^rim. A GIWfY WANTED.?TBR ADVERTISER, WflO IS If. a bunt to open ? tWvii a good situation im JUttlfc bi coklftt, where lit frill have iuor, room than he requires, and jfood wee jmuiodaliuu for showing aaviUnii to advan tage, would U'iUI to receive ? few salosh. articles to <M+ f*"*e of. tjT whfh he would only charge a email cntumlrtjiou. (?*od refer net* given. Addre?? T. 1>Herald oRce. Aran and wife, natives of south wales, Glfcinorgxtisltire. ure detirou* of obtaining ?itu*tiwus on a furiu. The man i* throughoutexpert iwwd in all tin- imple ments of husbandry; tij >.iTi* of Ukui^ the whole cltar|(* of a farm, if nquired. and willing t?? make hiiu* 11 useful in every bmuch. ami i? a plain gardener h*?td?*. The wife 4j a good H uhr anu Ireuer, wail a a*'* d Dairy Maid. The lad of re* firrBfi* rivet. Communication* addressed te D. AUL?, this ofhue, v ill he promptly at ten led to. A HARDENER WAVT8 a SIT I ATI ON, WHO PER fVi tly uud?*ratands the culture, propagation, and forcing of fruit*, flow era, and vegetable*. oruaiuental gardening, A ?? Also, would manage* a farm, if required, ilai the heat of character and reference Iron, hi* hut place, which he ha lately left, lla* a wife and one thild. Atdrv** "Gardener," Jiioadway l'o*t Office. oVS WA STEP.?RES PE< *T AII I.E. I N rKM.IiiKS f D"i o nn.^iby.?nc.01 c.. t.nn.r., JL# h('y* who led. to sell a new and popular pu blieation, on which a good profit can be realised. Apply t'? A. i'alinor k Co., No. b Barclay street, betwveu the hour* of three and ?1a o'clock. Drug clerk wanted?a smart, active, and industrious young man. having a good knowledge of the retail husincua, and cm give good reference, may apply to C. ftl. WRIGHT, Columbia street, corner of Union street, South Rreoklju. Druggists.?a young man. who has had seven years experience in the business, wishes a situa tion. The heat reference* given. Can InHiientH) considerable country trade. Please address G. G., Herald office. N. 11. ? No objec tion to lea\ing the city. The advertiser, a young man recently from Scotland, is desirous of meeting with a good sit ?a ttion. lie has been brought up to active business habits, and truats that he would he fouud qualified for auv situation requiring diligence, activity, and confidence. Address box 2,H85 Post Ofnce, New York . TO SHIP SURGEONS.?A DOCTOR, ABOUT TO START for England or Ireland, can transact a little business for advertiser, for which he will be well paid. Address X Y. llcrald office, stating where an interview can bo had* WET NURSE WANTED-WANTED TO PUT A child out to wet nurse in the eitv. Apply at 143 Varick street, up stairs, until 2bth instant. None but a respectable person need apply. the trades. Notice.?1TnE journeymen uorseshoers of the city uf New York are re|ae?tai to attend a general meeting of that body, to be held at Mr. William Power*. Montgomery llall, 7ti Prince street, on Friday evening, April 2oth, at 7 0 clock precisely. Ity order of the Committee. AN APPRENTICESHIP WANTED-FOR A SHIRT, active lad, to leum some trade where the work ia not very heavy, ami where he would he well taken care of. Plcaae apply to Mr. Savage, M Greene street. Machinists, look here.?wanted, to learn the machinist trade, by an honest, intelligent and ac tive boy, seventeen years of age. lie can be aeen at lifci Chambers etreet, Mew York. TO PATTERN MAKERS -WANTED. HY AN AMKRI ean young man, a situation to work under instruc tions ?t the pattern making business. Has worked two years in the South, at the millwright trade; is steady and industrious. Can produce the heat of reference*, if required. A letter addressed to <1. E. T., in caru of J, Davia, Cm Third avenue, will be promptly atteuded to. WANTED?BY A PERSON WELL QUALIFIED IN every respect, a situation as Foreman or Salesman in a respectable upholstering establishment. Satisfactory re ference given. Any communication addressed to P. E., 1117 Mulberry street, willreoeive prompt attention. WANTED?EMPLOYMENT AS SHIRT CUTTER OR Pantaloon Cutter in a Wholesale Clothing Store. Satisfactory reference given. A note addressed "Cutter," He raid office, will meet with prompt attention. MUSICAL.. RAND SACKED CONCERT. ON X a urnst magalflcent scale, never before attempted in tbia city?Sunday evening, April 27, IIhfil.?Tlhe following eminent talent line been eugaeed : tw^ears ? ehete lier first appearance in till* city i"r nearly twoyears, iladam Otto; Madam Schleeinger; first appearancefntUie litv of lienor Fibriano C'uUardo, ba??oi?rofuudo from tue Theatre Royal, Madrid; 8ignur Debmgli Mr. Mr John llunn. Instrumental solo purforuiers, Mr. I . One bel 11 err /oiler; Mr. Milieu, Pianist; Mr. Ran. Chorus Msst.r from the feoyal Theatre, Stutgard. Qrond Orchestra. The w hoL*under the'direction of Ml. George Loder. Ticket, fifty cent*, to be had at the principal music stores aud hotels. No postponement. S?c programme. R, . . Tripler Ilall.-Thc members of Madame Anna Bishops grauS^Orcheetra will call lor an M^HONTAGl'E MALL, BROOKLYN.?REAL DARKIE8 from the South. Two nights more. Tburs lay and Fri day evenhuM, April -'4 and J?. Positively the l?t concert, of the Real Hand of Sable Harmonists, prior to their depar ture for the World's Kair. This band, consisting ofniuerea^ Nccroeeof talent, both vocal and Instrumental, and w.iose concerts have been crowded to overflowing in all of the prin cipal eiti.-s of the Cnion, and hnve been universally pro nounced to be the Nonpareil Bend of all im.tator.-oousi.t ing of Airs. Songs, Refrains, ijuartcttus, Choruses, Bur lesoiies, Daneing. fcc , kc. The whole forming an ex iulelte entertainment of music, sayings and doings, and lights and shadow, of the Ethiopian race. Doors open at 7. com mtneir* at H o'clot k. 25 cont?. N. day evening, the 27th inst., thoy mHI PorfSfS w JfiL,? 7 Hall, ?tat*n liliii. J* C. BEN 80S, itilfff. A YOI NO FRENCH OENTLEMAN. (WHO fflMU A English.) lYofetaot of the Piano. wishes to obtain board in a go,id family, who would have some consideration for bim. He would give lessons on the piano, as coinpuusa.ioa for their trouble He will be glad to refer to * one very re spectable families, where he is teaching. ?'ease ad. rcss, iterKonnll v or by letter, to II. U.. luusie teacher, AW Hudson street. B.?The advertiser will bring a good Chickettng ( piano with him. ?NOLI AN PIANOFORTES.-A NEW AND ?PLENDID JTj warerooin for the sale of T. Gilbert It Co. ? celebrated Pianos, with or without the .Kolian accompaniment, has r? oently been opened by Waters k Berry, A\ Broadway.cor ner J Anthony street, In addition to their former establish _. .? 447 itrca<1\%ay Fron the itrtfttly iwruM^d <46**b4 "rth.^ -Eoli.r Pianofortes* and the in th.lf tnvor. recem J from all parts of the country, they are sure they have only to become known, to take precedent of all others Price. .1 sKoltan PUnofoCtes, from *J2A to *700. Grand Piano?. *ith ?n?i,without th? .tjoliaa. Second hand pianco taken i^hange. 447 Broadway 1SOK SALE.? t fiJi-Of TAVE PIANOFORTE. IN GOOD 1 order, for salt clieap, for cash, on account of an alter*' 110 <inrRMaNKRA.,:r; ALmM ENTIRELY NEWRtf OCTAVE ROSEWOOD ... ""kERKSIEG k BREPSINoI* Importers of Foreign Music, (21 Broadwiy. INSTRUCTION. A1 Vi R INST I^t'T i!?BOARDING SCHOOL FOR Bo*. Cornwall, Connection*.?The Summer term will Hommeac. on the first Tuesday of May. and eoaunuofivo RiORth* Fehalar? received until the let of June. E. W. ANDREWS. A. M . Principal. JAMES SEDGEWI<'K,.A. M., Associato Priaelpal. A. FOI.1CU, A. M . Teaeher of Modern Language.. R. TUE1SS. of Germany, Teacher of Music. Circulars eau be obtained of T. E. Smith, E*q.,2fi 1 ark row. OLIVER B. GOLDSMITH'S WRITlNG ROOMS :249 Broadway, first corarr abovo the Irving Hoase.?Terms reduced one half, vL:-*J?for 10 lessons on. houreach Sutieusry SO ets.; or JO lessons for JA, tucladlng Statloaorw ?payable on subscribing. Ladles I las?e?, at 11 A. M., ana 4?I o slot k P. M.. daily, sscsptlag Saturdays. Gsntloinen, at 9 A. M., and X 7 aa/s o'clock, P. M.. dally. ??eept ng Sa tnrdsy. f'rivate Instruction, (at the rooms only,) ?l?. Tor ?ale. Goldsmith's Gems of Penmanship. (1??. W^MANTED-A SITUATION BY A YOtJNO GERMAN lady, as Governess. She understands t rench aud Eng lish Is w-II aequaiutcd with needlework, and ha. no objec tion to going in the country. Best references given. Apply I- I ' . ? . - r-. ? 1 Vt ? ri" r \ Vt ii 1 1. BCBOOL AGENCT, WO EROADIFAT. FOR ALL . educational orders.-Negotiatious daily with the best institution*, families and teachers. A doporffi a* ?i l*f rent on one year's compensation procuresnegotiatlojis until the full amount ia reeeived. Apply esrly, with refereuoes, Post paid, rers. u.11, If possible. ^^'lCOx! Proprietor. LOST, Ac. I f Mkinil R A rOOKITBOOK IN ' (.MING FROM IJ Williamsborgh to New York, or fr. m the E"rrythr.,ogh Houston or Grand etraots, coutaiamg eom- four or fits g,t mail letters, likewise valuable papers, which will he oiT no use only to the owner of the -ame Tw. atyMve D-'Mare will be paid to any r-rson briagiag the snail to No. ?J Grand | ftr**-*, corner of W?oit**f. rffK HEW \RD?THE PERSON WHO RAVED ?*3 Barometers is morocco cacee during the late fits Looter*f J?hn .treetaud Br. adway, is to m!\i?? th? ow i?r?. V?. J. Magna and t.u?dio, 15 M&iu^a laa^. I iOK RIWARD ?STOLEN, FROM THE NORWICH 0/&*J and New London Steamboat Company slier, ? Borth river, loot of Cortlandt street. Sunday nignt, oth in.t^ two rtruons Gaslemsla Ind.go, welghlug about one hundred and win t n roundu ^ach. marked I. & v?. Any larormaiioa ?-hat w 111 lead to the deteetion of the thief, or to the roeorery of said croons, will ivo the above reward, by applying to A. C. HALL, Pier IS North river.loot of Cortlandt street. FINANCIAL,. rgv HE METROPtll.IT VN ll v v'K ?THE ORG A MIRATION I of The Metropoll'an llenk h i. been completed. I he lanital Stock. Two Million- "f IMlars, lis. been subeerihud. and the following oau ?d gentlemen are the Direuturs for the '.vr.v.r... d*ni?i. i. Mit i.m, llt.Rv Si Tiiiv, J*., Enw Ann ?L, Wn.oon fl. Hi vT. I.rwie ?). WM**, Wltltin W Sr^vg. Ir,n2 Hr.J.wtv It Svivniiaw, ?Ion" - J".' G.'oWrRo1-1".;;:.' v,;'" lli.n if i II Cl iri ll. \.l\i'Hfcl 1 Jon uhax II. li \' Hoaars B I'carii", A. tern J*usit 1 '.ttViiw"iwg'if said Board cf DirreGr., James Mef'all was eleeted Vresid J-h. Earl R ill una. Coehlur. and ll. itrv M itfM Junior %Ml?tawl t Mhlar. ? f *aid 5*nfc. VTewr vl'Mli, l-M. J- 1 W 111,1 \ MS. Cashier. fVIORINl F. ENGLISH RANK AND EX? 11 \N'-F. AND 1 A rsn. yOtfiee Ne. 4 ..It and ? AM. -S K ndin.Hi. 1 oil is San Oaetano Mr J. II Itrown eonllnnoe td^aah RtMj. I . if r> < f dit. C irenlsr Notea. Ae.. at th" rata of E.change, w I'hnwl *ny c nmnilsM >n or . hnrv e what.fwr. His lib. ral mode of bn.ln. .. i. well kn wn t > ?>??? "' '*'? *ri'ans who I'lorrnee, end who esperience a . rent inifti. Arm wri? Tflt r htrb". ?"?* " ' ? *?.v ?tViwi by cashing tketr Mil. Lrough h.m, Mr. li'own nn d. risks, also the p r hase and shtpnwat of *2? w>rks of art. for w Met. his r Kton g.v. -?hlm fo-illlhrc The Wine and Tea M arehowmil. negt d '?rto the Bank. The New Y' rk llereld < *n be seW>UB?R?. V Ht \ 11IIK AND NEW IIAVF.N RAILROAD BONDS. due H'lGFRS k IIFMBNT. 47 ? .11 St. VM( YORK AND HARLEM R All ROAD BONDS, X d" VVtcHDM, ROGERS fc RF.MF.NT, 17 Wall st. Money- 10 loan at seven per rKN.r.'^JdM.' i proved rlty pi op* rty, in sums or *2,itsi and upward.. Nubroker.gucharged. Addroaahoa I.JVi, I -toiTi e, ^ CAI.irflRlIA. K fl,.. HI.' ? I' hi: ?*(" veil I i1M M I - ' ? ?' "? V , , r- M v s. TV*" ?? W ! ? M Her, - u.| V Kicra New York: t "w Br*** ? k Son. Haltlmnr-' ^ Host 'I; Ernhllng k Grose hen, I e> ad n; -'oka.A Dr . m Co . Bremen; I rrison A Co., Bremeai John Mason k Co.. I'btlndelphlfi. lAftMlfk, Mm. A PARLOR. BEDAOOH AVD CLOSET* mACNKD. Jl% unfurnished, is wanted permanently. ? food hoir*l< by a geatlvB a?. wife and daughter. in % geotwl family well located wp towu, lit nUmm* with Ui? modern improvement*, twill. L? . by Un forepart of May. R f.r m-, exchanged. A4Ur?.-i? Uawley. thl* oih?*t, iunu Lately. Boahd B AKTEn-nr a i.adv and ge\tU:m.vy. Board for lady uahr. Situation a ?t above Prime - strv?-t, and < in ti*- nefchbor.tood of t?.?- li ^ury or Broadway. No references rv.iiured. Address M. O., llcrald ? Bi.-e, wr Br<mdwsy Post Omoe. BOAHT).?TWO GENTLEMEN A N* L> TIIF.1K WIVF.v or two or three single g. nti? i?i ?n who wish to j*iu w priiat*- family of three persons, ocsupyiu-r a bou??* in i good location, uud thereby trtaria; u g-"J b*m ?itu 4^ by addressing, iuuiHlutdy, A A B . at the Flej*?!d utfitv;, which.will be attended to. Persont wishing vary " cawdcrutu terms" awed not apply. BOARDING AT HOBOKEV. ?BXCELhENT K<M>M? can be ? bUiaed, with tall board, or breaktast an i t".i, in n new nnd i?irj house, fa ing the river. with all the uidd?ru iiupro\emcnts, fold, warm. and a Lower baths, wiu.ia tuft minuter walk of the ferry. Application m be m? 1 at thy house. No. 1 lludaon Terrace; or. until the first of Miy, at No. Broadway.

Board wawted-uv a widow lad v. in a private family, or where there are but tew hoarders, somewhere on the line of Broadway and Bowery, Let woo a Grand and Foarth streets; she will furnish her own r ?oui. and, if agreeable, the arrangement would be p rmucnt. Reference exchanged. Address Susannah, at thin otU" -. Board?a large front room on second floor. furnished opunfurnished, to suit a gentleman andlaly, or two gentlemen; the location desirable, and within one block of Broadway. Also accommodations for a few day boarders; baths in the house. Apply at *>i lilceckcr st. BOARDING.?EINGLE GENTLEMEN, AND GENTLE* in* n and their wives, can be accommodated with board and pleasant, light air\ rooms, furnished or unfnrui.-h jd, at , 1H7 Allen street, near iloustou. Stages pass the door. JOARD IN THE VICINITY' OF ST. JOHN'S PARK.? i Tvo or three single p utb'iuen can be accommodated | ?nhpleasant rooms, with breakfast and tea, dinner on Sun- 1 days, l y immediate application at No. y Vurick struct. Board at no. r? eighth avenue, opposite j Abingdon Park.?llandsotttt rooms suitable lor families, | with every convenience to make a desirable home. Terms and reference given on aopiication to No. 2 Abingdon square, one door above Bank and lilceckcr streets. Also, a room for ; a doc tor's office. B OARD IN IIROOKLY.V.?VERY PLEASANT ROOMS 1 Aiiitablo f??r tamilio* or Dingle gentlemen, may be had at No. i Fulton avenue, between Jay and Pearl .streets. Stages pass the doorcvery few mi an tea for Fulton Ferry. Board wanted ?a gentleman wishes a fi r. iith?4 room fur himootf aa4 lady, with b<?arvi far Umi lady only, in a private family, where n - reference w ill la re uuired. Ttrras inns*, bo rettt?onuMe. Please address T. W. CIlera'd othoe, stating terms, location, Ate. Board in drooklyn.?from the first of may, three irentlcinen (two to room together) <-an b<-accom modated with full or partial hoard in a private family, who live more coiut??rtnMy than fashionably. Location in a pri vate street, only five minutes walk from the Fulton Ferry, Terms moderate. Address "Comfort," llerald office. Board.?a gentleman and lady can be ac eoimuodated with a furnished parlor, in a very pleasant location, on one of the best stage routes, with a widow lady without any family. No questions will be a-ked. Ad tress ~ OA<*e, it " S. V. F., Broadway Post Otft.e. rtatiug when and where an interview can be had, w hich will be treated confidentially and at once. Board?two parlors, on the second floor. to rent, with board, to a gf-ntleiiiau and wife, or two gentlemen and their wives. Americans preferred. Reference required. Apply At H>4 Prince street. Board wanted, in Brooklyn?by a you no gentleman, in a pleasant location north of Atlantic str? ? t? not over seven minutes walk from the Fulton or South Ferries. A single room, with breakfast and t?*a, and dinner on Sundays, will answer his purpose. Terms must be moderate* Address J. M. W.. at this office. Board wanted?a gentleman and iiis wife, two small ehildn n and uursc, will require, the ttr^t ?*y> a suit of room,, with board. A de?irablo location in Brooklyn, contiguous to South or Fulton Ferries. preferred. Perm, neat arrangement tuny be ma Icon reasonable terms. Unexceptionable reference# will be given, Address A. B., ttiin office. Bo.ard-wanted, by a gentleman and his wile, a room and bedroom, with board. A lino addr sued to S. II. llerild office, stating 1*IjHn. terms, M. will be .tteuded to. Board rr town.?a i.ady and gf.ntiem an oh two or three single gentlemen can be accommodated with n delightful suit of room# on the sec u ad floor. The home i. pleasantly situated in West I'ourtc. uth street. He w, and replete with nil the modern improvements. Apply at tbe Union Place Pot Office. Board down town.?a gentleman and his wife can obtain a large ami very pleasant front room, unfurnished, on the Meond floor, w ith bed room and puutry attached. Reference required, at 44 Barclay .treet. Board wanted?by a gentleman for him acir, wife and daughter (Id year, old) Two room# un furnished will lie required. Address Hoy*, at tliis office. Reference* exchanged. Genti.emf.n and their wives, or singi.e gentlemen, ran be accommodated with board, alter the first of May, in Hunhnm place. Wiltiamshurgh, a minute's walk from Pack slip ferry, by inquiring at 224 Clinton street, N. Y., before tbe first of May. -** PRIVATE BOARD-A LADY AND GENTLEMAN". OR I two or three aingle gentlemen, can bo accommodated with handsomely furM*hea or unfurnished rooms and board at No. 34 Eaat 1 wentieth street, between Fourth Avenue and I Broadway. PRIVATE BOARD.- A LADY OR l \DY AND GEV tlenian having sufficient furniture for one or two room', may hear of a favorable opportunity of di.p sing of th" same, ' and receiving full value therefor in board, with a small iw- j mily residing in a gen tee 1 and retired neighborh I up town, w?,.t ii4,. A4dr??., ict paid, to Marietta, Chatham fliosro . Poat Office. Room wanted for a lady and qenti.eman, with board for the lady. No refer, nece, Address G. 1... Broadway P. O. WAN TED-BOARD IN A PRIVATE FAMILY FOR A (ingle gentleman. Breakfast and tee, aud dinner* on Sunday. Price not to exceed (3 per week. Addrese J. A., office of this paper, for two day*. WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN, PARTI AL BOARD IN a private family, elthrr In Brooklyn or file lower part of thla city. Terms moderate. Address 11., this office. WAN TED-BOARDING. FOR A LADY. TERMS must be reasonable, and room pleasant. Th' house must be a first class boarding house, and highly respectable, ?r answers will not be attended to. Address A. X. Z., at this office, stating terms and location. WANT! D IN WILLIAMSBURG!!. BY A GENTI EM AN and bis wife, board with pica-ant furnished room, in a genteel privet, family. Location prefer?- ,i between Grand struct and Peck (lip. None need apply who have other boarders. Address II. D., at the ..So* of this ptpcr, stating location. . ca, as ?Vr. Rooms to let to rKnule gentlemen, fi*r uiahed or unfurnished, with brethftit and ten, in a very desirable location not far rut of Broadway; aUo, a base ment luitaM'- for a phyauian't cStt. Apply on 11m | rsm.tos, 644 Ilonaton itrttl. Room?wanted immediately, a nice room, in ayvnterl part af thr rity. I'lra* addr>-* Mr*. M it, Broadway I'uat Office, statin* teruis and loeatin. Per- na too inqnleitive need not answer. Rooms to i.kt at 4<t chambers -trelt. on the arroad, third, and fourth floors, oi Mrs. IK> maa, on the premiers. KI.OHII I'LTI It t I,. Verbenas.? thercbrcriiier 0>eeksforsalb the following newest varieties of VEKBK.N'AM, never before offered fur ?nle in this country. Also, ? lu.i. ?? ?. Ixi tnl varieties. They will be well parked in baskets, and delivered la rotation as subscribed for, fr?ir lutli to 1.1th May. FIRST CLASS OF 12, ROW. Bijoa. rieh purple. St. Mnryarette, scarlet, (?io Barkeril, brilliant scarlet. let eentre.) Cletllde. rarnntion striped. Valentine De Suavaisr, tiem of the Wust, rosy orltn- largest blue. son. Volsan, deep rich violet. Iurarnata Terfeeta, bcauti- Vnmpa, blue, marbled with ful blush. white, Rsme de I'rancaise, white White Perlbailna, retra floe, and carmine. leek Philippe, maruoa. ?eco*r class or ?. ?i Bolls da d'Fee, aery scarlet, lynen, One searl t. Beante Supreme, rosy Bias. J.noy l.lnd, mast centre. DrSaaee. (I a rye) searlet. Tweedisna. purple, ltasi-l Webster, choeolats. Wonder ol Scarlet. Multiflda, pink and white. Also, Flowir Seeds in pn4haye?, new V-re'ahle and Ore** - Reeds, Flowering Plant*, and a general assortment uf arti cles ta thia line, are offered for sale. Tlx so us want will please call and examine for theme-lies. T. DUN LAP, Seedsman and Florist, dji Broads ay. ?IOR4F.4, CARKIAOKI, dbe. ^ ^ A RARE CHANCE.? FOR 9 \LE, A FULL BI.RODED Hitch Mare. lAJf hands huh. si, years old this spring; It of tbt t" *t trotting stock is thus MaV; has never Ion* a bard day's wurk. Warranted perfectly sound and without blemish ills the same movement as l.ady Ruff .Ik. and thiak nil! trot a mile in three minutes, without training. Any Bntleman wialunff to purehaao an primal whirli will double value in ti, moutlia, may address Sally tire* n. Herald otter, l owest (Wire }t.'sl Horses FOR |?|| IEMHIIHII.I on hand ind for salv. a variety of highly trained .addle Bad harness Morses, sellable fur Indian' and gcatlsmeas' use. ?l*n, saddle horses, and horset and wayona tu let by the day, week, or month, at Dishfow't Ridiny School, No. 3D Fourth A*<aue. MORRER.-FOR RAI.E. a P MR OF BRIOIIT B\V lloraee, acventxrn hands high. or m re, font year* old tins spring, yrntle In hurueas, have never ka I but tws owners; warranted. To he seen from this day until Friday, at the farm of km. Wright, one milt northrestof the to maroaeck statiea of the N. V A N. II Rtilr ml. tlAST HORSE A NAPOLEON COLT, FOER VI. IRS w old, II hawda.l ini hxa hlyh, k ind and vxntle in oil iinro sa, perfectly sound, without a lautt; onn tr..t a mile iesi.le of tin. e miautea In h.vrnesw. prtee A.KVI. To he seen att'orpo fat Thompaou'a "table, corner wl Broadway as I ft- it) t hlrd street No one need apply unless is want of tuolt a hofee and willing to pay the prte*. f^Olt 9 A I.E. \ IIP UITII UL P MR OF DAPPI P. <REY Horses, or would c,rhanye f-.r a handsaw* siu/le h?>r?e. Alan, one sxt of double harness, silver stated. n?ifly now. aid "we er two frweh iwileh rows, Inquire of M. Beck, near M"tt llav.-n, Wosteheskaff Cnnuty. J,N or 9 ALE?A II ANDROME BLACK ROE9K. t id I NO F .'>. If I.inde high, well proportioned, fan ? d- v? r. i I fast, hind in hmxc A tscl siuMlu h r*?. < in lie ? > n at L'nyklin Carle's stable, No. i4 Fulton str".',, Brooklyn. ENOR RALE?A PAIR OF BRIOIIT BAf CAERIAOl r Horses. It! hands hiith, the pr | xrty i f 11 oil ? oil i i. seed. To i e eeen at No. |.V? Msiwrwe street, in the rear. F'OR RALE A VERY HAN DROME BROWN MA It E overRftcen hands hi: h. nutntnrilsy trsulii. Is a iiit traveller. warranted sonnd and b'nl in every reap ean be ?seEht RllTMNt stable,Bt John's lane, aft r l<> o>l h. fflOB RAI.E \ C MR or Kl.l.i.\NT V'?r Nil II > I.C r dapple prey. Tt? be soea at Ludlam's Btabl. II .wry. Bear llr'.Mi s'rxet. ORRB AND W.tflON WANTED AN t t,KN r; t."t.N havfnya good family horse and llrht, w I n for?it*. r addr.-a (r tatlny pri e|yRotil)| Post i lit -st 9E< OND HAND ('AERIACE Hir; 9AI.I II 1 AN ' e .. >n at the stable in Tw. nty ac< ad str '. htst eaet II .10,000 MJ J.," * w ,'u "'A" I' rsi > hive I een Hired ..f ?? r ,|ne r> Ac , Ri . . ? the use af l|..?t i . In man t r 11 rsc,at thing ran ex i i ,? pr, R. ld at i f Bread **/, kf < hatham lire street. r FEW f CStSt GERMAN RINGING BIRDS.?THE GREATEST l(IUv iaiiorutiu iitr iuB to this < ounogy. CHAS. ' 1*7 Willlar The variety is no luJiowt: ? i.uv vauarias. tu iu go*u tii tad plumage; they are taught ty the nightingale Bad I lark. whieb bird- tin-; iaiUk eorrwtly. It!) piping tiiirjit#. whistling utf ir too tunoa. ISO skylarks, 100 brig - . __ _ wad. , known I' thr brat lodge. by tbr New Vork bird Itt rirrv. TLe variety is no follow): ?1.1**1 Cauanos. all iu good Lttilil * * * * a-* - woof la bnlltll I *, W '.1. u, ? __ _ )? starling*. a blaok eons, 4 nightin gale*. siskins, nad|K>U tic. On baud. ? quantity el Utratt ai.d 11 ;li4 r?|rM't(. woodou oad meti IHs ongos. Bird* tod til ntl.rr ti.iatl. preorrved ia tbotr Batumi stuffing, ki .. oRpeelor to no vt bffcg ev rr eocu u Ibh oity. N. It. ilrmotf ou the 1st ?f Bo; , b I.' North IfiSitw street (Mint K ITALIAN UK AIT V I NTS - 1I1UHI.V INTBK ntiug.? Joseph I'ojro, iiaportrr of toroigu wiuos. etc., has thr ) ooor to hone ..ace. that or ha* received by tljoSardinian brie Arbarr, from Ooeoa. the follow tug grape vines froia A*U (I'li'dmvot) rii F.rhuluce. Molt ssia. ITfrbarussa, Bar bers, Grtgnuliai-, I rev via. and the rei. l-rutwd Mu*iatello froua Mreve, tr.i qualities of which are gr- 'illy sup-rior to utbere rv.r hitherto imported, unit all eerily militated in this cli mate, w l.irh U ov o t*uud t.. apn* j- vt... tiy ?itii them. The undersigned will tvrnhh purehuw is with all the accessary inrtrtir tlona for the mod* of plauting and cultivating there, an I will guarante- th ir ?uvreri. II bus alao received Ml :. scrtmrnt of aolectvd A?ti wmr?. >uch a- Berbers lira ehetto. Nrbtiolo, *|>ari.ling Malvusia. i.rirnolino, and Ale atico, wMdi are always for sale by JOSEPH PEJKO, Agent; tU Walker street, New Vork. Tin I talian grape vine* also for sale at 1 ail'* Nursery Depot, if Nutsau afreet. 1*'AI.:iS A BATIIEV. 1MI'OKTT. US OF ENfil.lSH Tr antl Trench Watehoi and Watch Jewels. Ae., have re movrd to No. 71 Nassau street, second story, corner of John street. CTAM1UZK CHANGING TUEIR RESIDENCES, Woi hD r do well to secure their doors with Jennings' Patent Night Latch. The\ are sold for one half less than Cliuhh's Eogli.-b l.uteli, and possess more teeuritv than it or sny other in the market. Tor sale at Wykol! s, l c Broadway, Swori's, 110 llroadw ay, and at the Hard w are St?.r. ? it ueral. TO NEW BEGINNERS AT HOI'SEKEEI'ING-EUIt salt at u bargain, about thirty yards of iapostry Car peting, choice pattern, in use only a few months, and u t the least injured. Address Carpet, at the Broadway fust Office, near Canal street, all this week. B Borders, show signs, labels.?illuminated Border* ft r Show Card#, fourteen different sues and pattern*, for sale to printurs from >4 to $3' per 10U. Also, a variety of handsomely printed Show Signs, for the use of storekeepers. All kinds of Labels comtantly on hand. B W R vi'KK. 312 Pearl strm t. \ V It RX HARD MAVEK. MAMFACTURER OF ALL kinds of Copal aud Spirit Varnishes, has constantly on hand an extra White Yuruish, to be used as China gloss, and warranted to dry hard. BERNHaRD MAVRR, 107 John street. C'OLT'S PISTOLS. ALL SIZES: rt BARREL KEVOL ' vere, of all kinds; Single and Double Uune, Kittes. Pistols, Bowie Knives, Came Hags, Shot Poaches. Drain Flanks. Percussion Caps. Uurdware, Cutiery, ttc., for *ale at the lowest market price, by A. W. SPIES & CO., No. Ill Maiden Lane. A FEW TELESCOPES, THERMOMETERS, DR \ WI KG Instruments, Measuring; Tapes, Barometers, Mier-' #e?* peg, &.<?.. comprising the remnant <>!' the stock of the Xuuti H archouse, lBOWater street, whi h is being sold to dose the estate of the late proprietor, may Im- purchased at one i hi price usually charged, if taken this week* SOFA BSDST1AD.- -NXKDHAM'8 patent SOFA Bedstead, manufactured by W. S. Humphrye, No. Iti3 Chatham street, acknowledged by all who have seen them to be the best ever offered for sale. It requires but ten se conds to convert it into a perfect bedstead, with *priug mat tress attached. Please call and examine them. N. B.?A large assortment of Furniture, Feathers, Beds, and Mattress es, wholesale and retail. \ET IN DOW SHADES OF EVERY DF.St RIPTION. v? manufactured by Birdsall 3i Michel; sale-1 room, 451 Pearl street. Shades of every site and pattern for stores, churches, and dwellings, made to order with neatness and despucb, and on reasonable terms. Z. MOORE BIRDSALL PHILIP MICHEL. Sales R..?m 431 Penrl street; manufactory Fourth aveuuc, oom? r Fortieth ? trust. AXTI FKM-TlnN AXLE -THIS AXLR FIICI HAS now taken its place as in every respect the best now in use, may be examined, and orders for them left at _____ JOHN E. HYDE'S SON'S, 21 Maiden lane. 117OODWORTH PLANING MACHINES.?THE SL'B ?T Mvtter, aft. i long experience in building theee tin* brute.1 machines, has now perfected his patterns, and offers a machine, which, ho believes, cannot be surpassed by one of any other manufacturer or pateut. Machines of different sues kept con.itautly on hand. Also Steam-engines, Shaft lU| fee. JOHN II. LESTER. W2 Fulton st. C1 \S II X'[ l RES \T COST PRIC F.S, OF THE CEI.E R bra ted Caruelius' make. Embossed blue and goldtiiinh, 3 lights, &12; 4 lights, fll and SIS each. The above are the tirst cost manufacturing price. Also, n tine stock of Mautel Candelabra*. Lamps, Fluted Ware, Table Cutlery, Tea Tra\s, Ac., at very low prices. ASHER MORGAN,132 William st.. Between Fulton and Ann, opposite the church. ) STATP.N ISLAND FANCY ?YIN<5 ESTABLISHMENT, odiir. No. 6 John New York.?The pr>,prn-t?r. of tliiw e.tnbli.hinrnt, who.. Cyin* and llni.hin* have been ?o lung anil f*vnrwbly known t? the community. ?re ready to receive order, for dyins ?nd clean,inn .ilk, woollen, cotton, I linen, wnd fwney wood., of every de.eripi Ion. in the heat mwn- I ?er. BARRETT, NEPHEWS ii CO. OAKUM.-T. k J. A I II K I DUE'S HUDSON COUNTY Oakum Work., Bergen, tiudxon cuiuty, New Jer.ey, ?no wnd w hwll mile* from J.rney CUjr ferry. 1'eiwon* wish to* to go to the work*, can ds #?? kv takingtha stage at tht ferry, that leaves every half ^-ur. Persons will please, wbsa they send by mail, any what kind they waut?extra superior, or American Navy. rt 4 OX PER TON-PEACH ORCHARD, LARGE NUT, ?** delivered screened, from yard. $4.30 per ton. Peach Orchard, egg or stove, fresh mined and now dt?<harg- < ing. Dealers and Grocers supplied a* usual. Apply at the Tiednlc Coal Depot, 7 lloboken street, foot of Cunal, two doors from Washington street. CARD -MR*. PRT.WSTER. FROM PHILADELPHIA, tenders her services to ladies aud gentlemen of Whit city in astrology, love, and law matters, interpreting dreams, lie., by book* and sciences, constantly relied on by Napoleon, and will tell tbe name of the lady or gentleman they will marry. Also the name < ! Um w-,t.r*. KtllAlU 117 ClhlWl strvvt. Ladies seventy-five cents. Gentlemen one dollar. SPOTTI N G 81/ PERIOR STEA M REFINED CANDY, Sugar Plums, A<\, delivered to any part of the city, or shipped to order, at fourteen pence per pound, by Thomas Spottcn, t'finfertinner and '|og?*tige manufacturer, 118 Bow cry, near Grand street, New York. \Lr HERE. AND, OH! WHERE 18 THE MAN THAT TV ha* not found The virtue of Home's Liquid Glue, in making fraeturos sound: For mending broken furniture and broken crockery, too. It absolutely mends them well, and make* them good as new. This Glue lsaluay j ready for use, requiring no preparation. Depot, Hroa isay. V V. WAR DECLARED. W ar is declared! When! Whom? and 'gainst whom! The insect world, my friend: now hear its doom: Fer'foaehes, ants, lb as. bedbug*, fo-ebugs, Una, The Lyon hunt is up ! the victim die*; Lyon s Magnetic l'owder. showering death On wall and Roor, stops every ins ct's breath. While Pills Magnetic on tl?e rate and mice Do fatal execution in a trice. Lyon's Magnetic Powder* and rills. Every insect and vermiu kills. Depot, UB gfsttfiy, DR CB \RI.FS Ml S DF/S WATF.R ( I RE E8TABLI9H rnent, at Benseuvtlle, Northampton. Mass.. has been re opened. The doctor is the earliest disciple of Prieseuits; and the establishment, situated in a pleasant and healthy mountainous country, has an abundance of the purest and ??dde?t granite water. For further particulars, apply to William Kadde, 3*2 Broadway, New York , or to the doctor, as above. DRY MOOD*. riMir. (IliRATKRT Kl >11 OK I'l'MTOMKRH M B IYER m. I. ..1 .inue ?e have been in the Bowery, nn>l the hegvtrat trnde w Imve had thi* ttiion, wa? ye.t, play nn.l the day |>r. riona. A |.?rt of the aaeiteineat ?< cnueed by the ettr.i ordinary Indiicemeiita winch ?, offered in telling "pleu.ild filly I and ? I,an^cahlc Wlk. at '? ?1,1111nt-?, * orth one d liar: ?iwllcnt Gingham. and Chambraye at l"i|>euoa, worth i't cenla; embroidered Drapery Mnelina at I? p. nee and 2 'Mi ling.. -ii. I, aa l,n?e heretofore freely rol l at 3 and I ahillinra; ? ? i le. ot Uaraje he i.aiue.. i> i Ja aaiaTlffaaa,im I Jreaa gooda at rem .ponding harg.ina: aa well a? mag- ; niftcent plain and rmhroi'icred I'rape Rhawlt, at i"> per rent. leaa tbaa importer.' primal and Doinoatla la at the rat.-a we alaaya ?e|| firm at, whieh ara nnlf. rtuly lower than the rulinr market priree, beea'iea we obtain them fr -m the manufacturer, diiect M'e .hall continue to offer the<e iadiieeinent. to purehaaera, a* well for the ad.aatage of the Bitron. aa te an.tain tbe wall earned f lotation of "The How cry Ravinga Rtore." F.W.k M". r. GIl.f.KY It CO.. III! Bowery. PARAMIU.-TRR 31 ItRiRIIIFR. tXDUW IIOIIffR. n,awn fact nr, r and wholesale dealer, haa on hawd and offer, for aale ew liberal term., the rii heat embroidered br >? eade, lae. d. ch. nd. watered, bordered. lined, friage.l. ieory tipped, aatin. ailk. gingham an I cotton rarae-.l?. ilea, Um brella. of eeery de.crif.tion; fiiineh Rnagy, red, for Mealeaa trade. Are , |te. A.MiKEW IIOIIMR. No. 12 Cedar atreet. iflioniN. SPRING CLOTHING?OUR RELICT AND KXTENRITE ?tork of Clothing for the aeaaon la new ready, eorn prtaiag all th? lateat atylea of garmenta of the day. and aoerything that la new and ehaata in gnoda to be found ia Mtia or European marketa. D. k J. DEVLIN. 33 and 1ft John atreet. aorner of Naanau at. (1LOTIII NO.-J. FI A N DRIER. NO BROADWAY. VF.VY J Y- rk. dealer In Y-nng Lenta', It 'ye', and t hildf n'a J clothing?aella hy the tingle .ult or pa-k.t-e. Thi. e.tabli.h- I mcnt ia. onetantly in f ri ii.t of all that ia new (in the line |, and ia acknowledged to be the landing kowao of fnahton in thia ronntry. fJkNGl.lSB BAHY LINF.N AND LADIER' UNDF.R l Ed clothing, en.' r id. rod ml In . ? :.t ? ? < ? Op.?ea, and Jenny Ltnd'a. hnya', k'. La.Ilea eup- I plying their own materltla tan bare them mado in tha I aeate.t manner and m.o>t p a.owahle t. rm? All kiada of embroidery done to nr-hr l'!en?e ebeeree N .. 317 Oreen wi. h. between R. ade and lloane. T? . or three re. m. tn let. ft ART OFF Ul.oTIIINf: *. I.ADIF.R AND t.BNTI K w.' mra mn obtain fr..ia ti e .wt rider ae hta i a price f..r (eery rcacrtplton of ra.t off .lotbin* aed oaperlluona artl tleaaafr na any other aeenad hand dewl-r in ii.e eitr, \ I df e. tl rongh poet or otherwi?e, ?r rail en lit b. > ffiiRO NFT, at hie alore. II t?nnge .1 . aear I hath .a et. ^ - I.adtea or gentl-m. n letting the etty, or breaking up loneekeeping, tan nhtwin the nlgheet e%. , i r. ,n| Fnrniliir". fce.. by tending thf.a.d, the Poet, or at hia real lenre. L. M IIURRF.LDORI', 1.1 Kim etreek. konaekeepinr, da nan . N. B ? I.adlea nltended ky Mra. Dnaaeldorp. ^1 ART OFF CI.IITHINO and ri KSITl RR wanted. ? II II .T. ft (1 ART OFF CLDTHINO AND FURNITURF. WANTED. / ?The hlghert prlea enn bo obtained by la ilea and gun I'emea who hare any left off I'lothina. Fnrnltnro, and Jewel ry. fee., to dlap.-ae of, by tending, through poak or otherwlan, for J. LEV1NRTTN. hi. Headway. ap etnlrn. Ladleaattended to by Mra. Lerenatyn. ("1 ARTOfff I.OTIIINn. FURNITURE:. WATl IIF.d \ Nl> J Jewelry ti nnted? Dowhle the |,,fc* will I. | d.I for tl.' there, on mnh Ing application to the euherrlher. hy p..?t' f etherwl.e. IR \ M tl. I.YON, .No. I II all .treet. Ladiot nton le l hy Mr-. Lyon. IIIITKLR. AMERICAN HOTEL. l*AN IMA, N. O-TIEIR K>TA . hilebment la the large.t public hou.e on tt" I llifnoa, ia alt na led on hlch around, in the m wt airy an I l< ,1'hy por tion of t-.wn, and in the centre of bu.lw-a. Ify kind fid r.refvl atti atiwn. we :>opc to al-nre tffe of tha pnlt llc. II. GIDION F.I V. and J. M RTAI l.lvd? I'r .prlet ?a. PAPKR IIAXUITUR, Ao> ^INF. KHlNCfl TATRK HANOIM ?*. I>K 'OHATIOv ? _ ) ht.- ?tt wfl.nt??' ? ftftiHff *hool4 ftoleaii Iwi Imi ogMnlloi fcy ? TH(W FAYK It CU tat Fatri ? tragi, bote ran MnaUaon and thntktff, CBNTRRVII.LECO0II.SE, L. I.?SUNNINO AND TROT 4Prtl *> ** '*? ?,clu?li f. ?? RuaaiM ruou fur $1 000 MiCe, luf luiU Ml. J. A. Arokcr um? eh. a. Mntlier; J. l?. N.x.ll uau b. m. Young Mitiry. lui inutile lei y mttn, trutliny. Bum frlsC uule bcntc. * three in ?*?, la l.uruu.. J tndm enure oh. h. Cuba Shnokulbuih; '/. Oonkliu .i.Wi be ?. CuntrueilU. HutMf 4 ktiitlnll * line of <m>nibn?u *uT !???? fulton Ferry, Brook J V 1). lit tMfjTe M Md one F. M.. return in* OA kill n kA oklya, nt tutiro M nnd on? P. M. returning na auoa n# Ike?|wrt? ore ever, lore unuh ?uy. 25 rents fOEU UONEL1.V, TtopristM. ( 'BALLENOE?A PRETENL?BD ANSWER TO Til -J ti.nlltuge to trot Keml.le Jtok?on three miles pent ?p|?nrril in lest knturlny's Harold, by the owners of tVn*liiii|h<>ii. A reply to suoh | r> t.mtud nu.wcr will oddou in the Spirit of the Times of Saturday r- ? >r<ioy hcot, the **t> Inst. ?S.U.-kuBoblc Jackson, if not matensd, will sbaiidint' on the first of Msy neat, nt JOliN J. 8N EDI kClis, near Union Course, L. I. TRA VKIsLICMJt* OUIBK. TO TRAVEI.I.EKS GOING 9O0TH.-NEIY SUPERIO* and eoonomioal lino between Hnltimore and f redorickp. burg, Staunton, Va., Richmond and Petersburg, Pa., Eynch burs, Va., Kaleiph, N. C., and Charleston, S. C. The pnblin are iirreby lift rwtd that the Int-go and splendid low prnnonre steamer Baltimore, Capt. Aleaauder MrCaualand, fitted an i rooms unit 150 berths, and ?ii.iur|>iiss?,l in speed with state l ? ami aeeominodation by any boat south of New York, is now running between Hultimore and Acqnin Crock, Tin tke snout! of Potomac and Piney Point, in eonneotion with tho Rich mond and Prederiekshnru and Richmond and 1'ctersbUH railroads. Passengers by this lins leasing Coaiineros street f. Baltimore, at 3 o'clock, P. oa Tuesdays r-<^ri. wharf, days, resch Fredericksburg hy 7, A.M., the uett da^r, Rich mond hy II, A. M , and ret?rvt>u rg about 2, P. M , from which point they proceed farther south wkh passengers bj the great mail hoe. Ti rough ticket* by this superior lina-? 1st ?las* puseugers from Baltimore to Fredericksburg, $A< to Hif'hnmiid, |S 50; to Petersburg, $5 50; to Charleston, 3. c . *>15; mealsnnd tute room* extra. Forward cabin pas* ?eu;ers to Frericksburg, including meals and lodging, $3; : hiding do. do. do. to Richmond or Petersburg. $4 50; including tot als and lodging. For further information apply at tkui Southern railroad office, adjoining the Washington railroad oflioc, Pratt street. ??r to CIIASWORTHINGTON. J*.. Agent. Baltimore, March 31, 1M&1, Commerce street ?harf. CAMDEN AND AMBOY RAILROAD LINE FROM New York to Philadelphia?Leaves pier No. 1 North River, by steamboat JOHN POTTER, Moruiu^ Line, at b o'clock, A. M.; Afternoon Line, at 4 o'clock, P.M. Fare by either line $3; forward deck, $2; Emigrant Line at 3>? o'clock P. M . fare. $1 50. 1. BLISS, Agent. NEW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA-NEW YORK and Philadelphia direct?United States Mail Line.? Through in hours, via N?*w Jersey Railroad. Fare re duced to $3 for first-class, and $2 .50 for second-class. Leave New York at HA. M . from foot of Conrtlstud street; and at PA. M. nod 5 P. M., from fo? t of Liberty street. Leavj Phila delphia at6 and P A. M. and 5 P. M.f from the foot of Wal nut street. MT. CO.?FIRST BOAT THROUGH TO BUFFALO, ? in four days and Is hours running time, with a cargo ol merchandise. The Merchants' Transportation Co.'a boat City of Rochester arrived at Buffalo on Monday moruing, April 21st, in five days and 21 hours from Albany, having been detained 27 hours at Lit'le Fall# with low water?tho shortest running time that ? loaded h?>at ever went through the Erie Cuual. II. N. IIOLT & CO., i Ageuts, J. B IIUSSEY, ) 0 Coentics slip. EXPKKSS AOKNClfiS, die. Remittances to England, Ireland, and Scotland.? Drat its on sale tor any amount, from ?1 upwards, which will he cashed at auy llank in the l'ui ted Kingdom. Also. Packages of every description forwarded at low rates, by all the steamers, t?? any part of Europe, by AK1)S, SAN FORD & CO.'8 Transatlantic Express, JuDWi . ? , At Adams & Co.'*. lrt and 18 Wall street. Small parcels will he received till half-past nine A. M. of the day of sailiug of every steamer to Europe. UNPRECEDENTED DESPATCH! RATES REDUCED !! Adams & Co.'a, great California Freight Package ami Parcel Express, per United States mail steamship OHIO, oa Saturday, April jrith. Special uiessengst, Mr. W. N. Roh inM n, from our Ronton office. Special freight agent, Mr. J. D. Cheever, from our Philadelphia office. Our next regular Express for Puuamn ami Sao Kraucisco via the Isthmus, will l e despatched |??r United States Mail Steamer Ohio, Lieutenant J. F. Scncnck, Commander, for Chagrcs, mruct, on Saturday. JHth inst., at 3 o'clock, P. M. through as usual in charge of our ow n Special Messenger and Special Freight* Agent, in the quickest possible time, and greatly reduced rates. All freight to go forward by this Expreaa must be de livered to lib on or before the 25th. Small parcel* will be re ceived until 12 o'clock of the day of sailing. Everything must be reudered strictly waterproof, ami uo package should ' * \ Invoice * eed 12H Ihfl. weight, invoices j.ere fbaoliitaly requisite, to enable us to clear the goods at New York Customs, but BO charge is made by ua for the service. ADAMS fc Co., 1H it 13 Wall street. THE WORLD'S FAIR* PASSENGERS TO THE WORLD'S FA IR.?THE UNI tcd Mates Mal< Stcsincr HUMBOLDT, D. Liucs, Com mander, Mill leave New V?*rk for Southampton and Havre, on the tith of May, und can still aeoomaodati a?me first clam# passengers. Persons visiting the World's Fair, wiH find this the mobt con ven*vi?t, economical, and rapid conveyance. Tha great speed and superior accommodation* of the Humboldt, offering atlvsutuges unsurpassed by other steamers. Faooou rer# reach Loudon from Southampton in three hour#.?fare, 17 shillings. From Liverpool to London six hour#,?fare, ?2 f?a. The Humboldt m ill he followed by the Frank lin, on the Slstot May. For freight or parage, apply to lflORTlMLK LIVINGSTON, Agent. No. &3 Broadway. THE WORLD'S FAIR ?THE WHOLE OF THE CARGO of the I*. S. ship St. Lawrence having boon conveyed from Southampton, and deposited iu the Crystal Palace, un der our direction, we are i>r? pared to give every attention to the w ishea of exhibitors, I'srties visiting Euglwnd arc luviUd to call at our Liverpool and London offices, where tbev wilt find files of the latest American newspapers, w here their let ters may be addressed, w here letters of credit may be pro cured, and every attention given t<v their wishes and inte rests. EDWARDS. 8AXDPOKDIt CO.. B> Wall street. New Yo?k: 2 Columbia Buildings, Liverpool; and 17 and lb Coruhill, London. Till WORLD 8 FAIR?THOSE WHO INTEND ViSlT ing Europe, an* reunsated to drop in at Tattle's F.mpo mini. 'M'? llro:i?iway. and examine hi# excellent a**ortut#ftb of travellers dressing cafes, portmanteaus, traveller#' com panious, pocket nod cane umbrellas, Re. At Tattle's F.uipo riuni may be fo\ nd the largest assortment of fancy and UNial articles in this country, embracing opera gU-ac*. rich fan*, defuiuo mask*, gold and silver pencil#, music boxes, worh boats, babv-jumpers, toys, Re. the prices are twenty ncr cent less than the u?ual rates f?r fancy goods, and the pro ? is distinctly marked ou each article. Visiter# always wel come. ElKOFwCAN ADVERTISEMENTS. Hunt r roskf.ll. (8i < cessorh to stoee r. Mortimer) Goldsmiths, bil versmitli*. Re,, to the Queen, also Chronometer and Watchmakers, of No. IM New Bona street. I nd- u . uiaiiufm t- ry. 2?? llarr:s?m street. Gray a inn-r<>ad; beg to intimate to their patrons that they arw abort moving from their branch businesa in I'riacee street. Manchester, to 8t. Ann's ?<|?tar**, in the sauie town, ana immediately opposite to the principal eutrance of %bt Ex charge. TO THE "CITIZEN* OF AMSRICA INTENDI1TO Tt| the tire, t Kihibltlua.?Neohi, of 4 U>il?h>il (trr?t. .itrlirx'fi'hunh itreet, I/"n.i n. hi. lot, beea I, Howard thr"n,limit th. rlviliitd world far Harare, Strap!,. Cwtlery in gen-re 1, .Needle,, Bre.?iwg-ea???, Wttrh-boaei, Tia-trayi, nnd I'lpi.-r Hn lii in *11 it* variuo. application!, *. *.ll *. .v.ry (ar th? tailat and work t&ble. Deeply .cnilLI* vf th? ncceniity which tlx mining Eiblbition impoie?.? urtl.ily ta.n.tnm hi. reputation, b. had ?mured a v.ry .tut or fey th? adequate diaplay ol hi. BurntTon, production*. while lit. wvll knot . emporiuM. 4 l.*ndrnhall ?tr*et, will receive an kkhIiii of Mack calcu lated to nice t the ratrai.rdiitary demand which ba a otic i Mkg Aiim.ii. tl.< .ight.ol Uiadoa, nana nrn Mar* iatnreet? ii.i and cvtrs-rdinarv than itn >l..ip*. and fur n toahinvtioa ot tart, and elegance, there i.nut .nc nure ron.picuou, Un* Mrchi'.. Tha?c whn ?tail to .<?.? th. manur*c t u re* e( Par ian <1 di.played in th* in. >t attractive manner mn.t not niulfe ta Nechi'i, where they mil find nw nhundawe* nf objectd adapted to thr rv.inireiwcuta nl cry rla.a of purrhaesrwn fatal. gne. will la* furni.lnd grati*. "r .. nt t*. any add rem .? England. poet ? 4 I .radon), til airvet. IWSURASCRM. LIFT. AMURANPE.?NATIONAL LOAN FUND LIPR' (Nudity nf l.oud"ii ? liruerwl lalB".. 71 Sill itreet, New York, April I, IMI.?4'apiMl VLMMNL and mrpltii *412,^71.?Tin * laid, uf th* .oovtp afford* to IhraaaurrJ. ?lm ml, take out their poll. i?? andef ?here tlldri, tin- grrateit pmailil* ; r-wut ind, > h vant.rr. ein he rdaLrrrd hy I if. aaaiMM. On Una tal l. e aaiurnl il entitled, at any time, ta rennir. at lata r*.' immediate a.lTunc*, l" tlx eileat vt "Behalf thd an. it of tlx paid aanual rreiciuma. w Ithnnt wenrity, per ?naai liability, ar den i.itnftbe pulley, I at by .i.aplr eod?r?? nent tkerrnn. or the rialf premium ma, la ... ? idhheld durn| the wbideeoiitliinaacinfthe policy. All", la tha ???nl of U | lienrvd at any liia. aat rramrinc ta calinu. tbi p.hev, x Ha inrreader, ea.-half of In. aanual premium, will be re turn. I by the Miei. ty. At the lait annnniinrmttgnti-.n, rep. rt-d la May. IWCi, tha bnntia.a de.dare d t" th. aeeiirrd ??* tlx nptioa of a return ?f 1A |er rent . n th. ir premium, la cnah, ..r a re?area. o?ry addili i to tlx "ruiaal anan aaanred I y oach p..In y. ,arttaa (ram J" tn #6 per . eat II.ample, of Imnuara. already d.rl.r.d, will hafnaad la tha Meiety . pamphlet, tagellier with talde. <.f ratwa, an.l nlhaf lab million, on appllmtlr-a to 71 * all atiwet, ur at aay .f th? H'tri.fret ?fti pvaee. A part)-may. at a niuj.rate ananal jmammin, Imnra for life: and If h? aarelTia t>. n-arh th ate of?i year., tha full mm In.nred. np to SI'i.lMi. will 4m paid ta him of If hi. death ?eror bef.ire that prrlnd. th* aum ..aur.d will ba paid ta hid (hmlly ut lagal n pr?a.ntati??i. a< vivo niarrri. .a ma inn . f. r.nwAKD uabk ut. ? r?rmta. 0" rge Hareliy, ha ? M< l.iera. N'illiim Via ll.ieb. II uri l.adl.vm. A. U. Stoat, K'.WrtJ. DiUoa, and J. Kearny Rod* re. n l? Tlx It- nrd meet ivery A eine..t*T, at 71 Wall atreet, far thd IrwutlnB.tbn.lnean. falifarnia and eth.r (..reign rtakd UtlB at fair rat. , af extra pi. niinm. .1 I IANIIIK ?T\ltR. t.eneral, aad Saperint.a4.atnf Uie I alt. d vtaie. I,. eal B ard. D KINK ARTS. ACrF.RKf.OI VPF - Til F. KALI PLATER.?nt ?*? platet are warranted t? t. [???rfe.-t and t?. girt tha Daanerrinn ImarvweVx a richer t. ne than aay?bwra." The# are a dd with the privtWue ,.r retaraii. any "t th. a that wenld fail ta rim entire .atiifartiou. Vie tor Bxbep, B Malilnn lane. (llITtn AND I.I I RATIVB SC< ' PATItSI THR ? adc rtkr Will rt mmiah ale I i> ? lady >.r itwtl.iwait printed Inetrnet . .a in twi ' lutHal art., ai i.aily #? pill if t- mail, either ?? * t> pra. t the Max .? a eantead aad In. rati,, aeenixtian. eii'-r far ft tt .-r man 'neat, fi-inlru r n? Heviaai kn nlr | n. ,nd i wt trlllle. netlap wh. rely leii-ire tlm. n..y I-. pr italdy btled wp and a enm farta'le arenrrd in tie predarllen ev an irl?? in nan Pan' drnxnd. Br eterme I'ln a. writea: " I ham turw.d four iaitrniiioa. to pr fltable * n>a.i the artiel. telni la greet r. inert la th. n.lrhh..rb. ?d I rmpl.>, myrelf early tnd late., me day*." The laMrp.tiea* .illix pnwetnallp R.rwirded hy return ef matl I. any part ?f the I nlt.d ^tat-a, free .-.1>e ?l. by addreremi P. L. Jtl'.N RMOMME. Ro.! .il.r, N V. i.iuroHs. KM e. mm. nd. i i >r tie erniiitaii n in.i ?i- * i f, ny tne ?"? eminent phy.telaai, In lh?. mwntri and, hr It ,tr. nathrnlng nnd irrleerith* <|?C lie. M? t. itareln. I rurbrna', l/ond n I'niter: alt ti e f,, nt? brand. In Kent. TIN NESS ni HI.IN It! BK'iS N ITiii:T HR Rjl inmntrnded f'r th. drbilitntud dn.l n* bjy, by thel for ltd s Imfb Aire, ."d fln'.S Co.', 4 a?t India T >ne I'n't tie; far .ale In inr on.ntitr. fr rn ...t d-r. n hnttl-a t.t |m -aahit, nf ,xht dn.. n ennb, hy the trni rt?r. Ot<). F. LRTHURI liU*. tf and sk I nit.>n itre.t. : ', r-rrr-i,- ?rrr??r? z*' MATlMMOldlAtre \| i Till V UN V NAM Ft^V, t!R imw Tn vyfti's AVI I. t ? r?Prwfereer l.nwtnn. ?f I .an dm. bnelag arrMd in I: ?? n, will aend t? aay nddrerm, m t nl|' ir ere dilldlt ?hit-p. ? e'nin dir.'t tinaa tn < nei In ' ? lie. , r rmtlemaA ?? win the d", i d 1" ? i. it. nf the ?JpaSle Kl. 11t. Bpte.'.e i? ?Ifni-ln, but it- ti t|rutit.g ti .t nil tnay '?? married. Irre* ?I tier nf aire. tt>.p. ,r?nne . r p...iel x- and I tit, t hy tgh a- b lent, t can he. ir ? .d with Itt'h .a a?d d. linatlj that de trr tlod I. Ithpaieib; . A.ldreee Pr tfhamr I,awn. ?. Part. ... V - - N .? kite re taken from the I nat. .th.. r.h - th. p re 1?> MOV \ l.s. HI.BOVAl, ?JOHN O. MVRAN. ?l RCil t N'T r.tlTOR, ! e? rem. ,.d fma He. Aw x -if Br??d?ay. eppoe X the City Ball.

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