Newspaper of The New York Herald, 26 Nisan 1851, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 26 Nisan 1851 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. jambs uorboi bkirett, PROPRIETOR AND HIMYOA ?MICE N. w. CORNER Of KYI.TON aMB NAM&AC Nt. Vatmwc XVI No. U3. AMUSEMENTS THIS K V EN IN U. DO WIRY THEATRE, B< w?r?-JUhto-Cbuito. BROADWAY THEATRE. bread* *y?A Morning Call ?YhhiN or rut ttv?. NIBLO'S GARDEN, Br*adw*y?IrvuTiun PcRroRM ahoml BURTON'S TnE\TRE, Chamber* street A 11 Call? Couulrr?School rom Tigrrs. NATIONAL THEATRE. Chatham MOW- PiZARRO CilKitiM lit 1'CTBVOHIO. BROUGHAM'S LYCEUM, Brood wo;?Do?il la Park M*OW AT IHt LVCO'VIO. CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS. Mrchanioo HoU, 4TT Rroodway aiuiian Minstrrlsv. FBI.LOWS' MrNSTREl.S, FrlUwi' Manool IIaII. No. 444 DroAdwojr?ETHion*> Jfii>it?nut. HORN A WHITE'S OPERA TROD PR, Coliseum. No. *60 Btoodwhy? Ethiotian Mnirttuv. AMERICAN Ml'SEDM?Aai'us* PtiroooASCM Ar IMUioos and irtsise. NEW YORK AMPHITHEATRE. 57 tsr-Rias Fbapu a a a a c a*. WASHINGTON HALL?Panorama or tmr Pilgrim's Fbouhrm. MINERYA ROOMS?Panorama or Trkland. ?OPE CHAPEL?ConccRT nv the Allrghani > nr. ?FOPPANI HALI,?Panorama or Hrioiir. Sew York. Saturday, April d'"'. IBM. Latest Sew* l>y Telegrwpt*. The Spau.-h Minister, nt last, has become f; iht yr. a uiiout the rumors of another I ttban invasion, u, hud an interview with the President. 1 he Muf'orence bus resulted in nothing, apparently, ex erpt the usual directions to the officers ot the I sited JHates to keep a sharp lookout. That, we suppose, Will he the sum total of the whole affair. The Custom House excitement at Philadelphia ?entinues on the increase; hut there is uotliin;;, ?ow-a-days, in the quarrels of politician, that is worthy ol' leading any parties, much less intelligent mechanics, into anything like partisans on such a trivial question as Mr. Cooper has raised in the Qnaker city. Mr. Fillmore has too much real pub lie business to attend to just now, to sift such small talk as has been raised on the appointment of Mr. Lewis to the colleetorship of the port of Philadel phia?and so the matter may as well be dropped. Boston has been illuminated with the burning <>f tar barrels. Tar is black, and free soil sentiment is blacker. One of these days the latter article will be so cheap that that can be burnt also. The hy pocrisy, exhibited in cheers, "freely and heartily given," for Daniel M ebster, Boston may explain lor Itatuf It is beyond our comprehension; and wo have solved many difficult problems in our day and generation. Tar barrels for .Sumner, and cheers for Daniel Webster'?a very curious political com pact for such a hot-bed ! Charles Sumner's Election Jn MasaaeUnartt* ?Antl-Mavcry Influence of the Adminis tration , What has the grain of practice, in favor ?f the constitution and its compromises which Boston exhbited in the case of the fugitive Sim ins, become under that gained by the election of Charles Sumner to the Senate of the United States ! A deliberate falsehood ha-" be- n stamped upon the people at large, in that State, by the act of the Legislature. We have been told that the people of Massachusetts are devoted to the intere-ts of the confederacy?that they are Sound on the federative relations of the country?that they are willing to sacrifice special prejwdkees and desires, in ? behnIf of the common good and for the perpetuity | afthc Union. How hollow seem *uch professions, | when, after a siege of three months, the barricade to the design of tne abolitionist" gives way, and the about of Joy is set up at the victory, by the whole army of anti-slavery men throughout the North! Bat it is not the position of Massachusetts alone that, attracts attention at this time. 1 he election mt Wade in Ohio, and of Hamilton Fish in this State, may well demand equal surprise, and make men wonder at the means which have led to results which, if politicians were honest and would sties to principle", must bring about a dissolution of the Union, with its whole traiu of calamities. But in speaking of means?of which in any curtou nne- have been used on the anti-slavery side we go a little further back for a cause, and naturally ask. why is it, after the passage of the compromise measures in Congress, that we find, in various quarters, suck hostility springing mp towards "Webster, Clay, toss, Foote, aud others who were so actively instrumental in establishing ? way to sustain the country against the evils which threatened it on this slavery question' We need not search very deeply for a solution. The whole difficulty is to be fou nd in the ineffi ciency of the very head of the government. There it originated, and there the blame of it* origin must rest. Mr. Fillmore is a very good man?a man of excellent good wishes?well disposed to please. and to keep his word ; but he ha* lost all of his position in trying to carry out the term ef Presi dent Taylor's administration, by a want ?I decision and firm He**- -Seward has thrown him entirely into the shade?ban eclipsed biin. by ex hibiting greater moral courage, even though it may hare hurried him to the very verge of ruin. | and his country also. Added to this, the whole Beward faction have not slept upon their posts: and ? the very cabinet camp itself ha* been tampered with, and led to undertake projects bo-tile to Mr. FUlmorc's position and desires. W e have observ ( lately an increase of indifference toward" '.he i'resi d< nv?then a restb-<saem that alwayspreeedes ingra titud- ;in?l ho-tility?and this. too. on the part of ?h.- .abiuent member*?particularly in the conduct Tom Corwin and Hall, who h-.e been steadily war king to kill the President's hopes and prospects, and to favor enemies to the administration. The ?on~Huence must be a ripping up of the whole or gnm/.i" ion of the govemun "t. and upon thi* will fell. * explosion upon explosion. Wo have already men i new paper started at Washington?the '/We grw/A?and now it ha* raised Tom Cor win's name for I'rri'knt?a- a mci young man for a pditieal ma i irty Buch is the present situation of thing? - mid we know pretty we'd what must come out of i' U ell, this wenknom in the dt'ign* of the Pre-i deat-thi* weakness in the of the President j ?thi-weakness in the action of Mr. i illumr-. i about, t? take effect. Itis coming up to a round head It will *oon break, and the crisis will have d. In Tom Corwin, the Prcsi.knt ha- a., out . Ld ut abolitionist. Hall is rot ? whit better: an | th. y are just rack men as toward rejoices in and *u.Ule- over, a" Fataa delight- in his votaries, par HiTl j hu ainbstioue one*. This fact is so well known that everywhere H? effect*, an- w even find the Custom House of Now \ ork vibrat !ng under the negative nnd poeiUrt influence of the ( i.twin and .'?eward battery. Of cour* . while these thing* e*i?t, wc mud b? prepsr.-.l for su.h result* at oleotions n* Ma* a- i ohur-tt* aial < bio have di-j-layed. lie lot. aid hop. .1 . e ? af stimulants m -re powerful than j-a Irioti m and ho r, and will prevail w1 o an a I miiil*trati?ii?? weak enough to efcteriam it* #*? | worrt cm-mi - in >? very b- *om N ?<* >< aca'.i- I Mt yrt dlsf.iuv any tor-.- wl? r. it b.- . i. iuter aally struggling with Itself?prompted *o neglect the g unasal Wariness in the dvtcminat proivrva'ion. it n d -f-'t si a-; i one long rxi't ' ?u"h ? "'?*? 'I? ap| r bend thi*1 ? r- ' ' prove Mi ?; ep' ">. u:.l i fc? to pieces ;? fthing* ?.d ? Mhsf* to. m il .vcitu.iliy i , ad oil fc' ?!.. t ohm inf t?? ??. S" Well as ? . m - un erous one, that tttr thrtkUKu l*? <jU'"r-v m CYba EiPKnmmtti in Post, Inroarxo anu Kx~ foito.?We have given, at all times, pretty ful uvuuiiU of ikll the rumors, facts, and fancies, with regard to the expedition* against t uba, wbieii are every bow und then aroused in the dearth of more startling new*; but we have not believed one half of the stories wbieh how been launched ut the South, and ret afloat for public wonder. All these expodi tionf, whether originating here at the North or at the Siotk, have one and the same character. They ure all leather and prunella. In every cuse, they prove tu he nothing worthy ofnotioe. thi examining the origin, however, of such ru mors, two things strike us ipuite forcibly. The first point is, that these expeditious, so much talked of, are the stock iu trade of a few Lopee adveuturers, who dodge about, aud ure nowhere and everywhere to be found. Sometimes this set are selling Cuba stock, with a prospective value of being more than waste puper, ut ten cents on the nominal dollar? then thut General Lamar is at the head of the scat tered forces?next, that the combined powers of the invaders are at New Orleans?aud by and by, that the ladies of Cuba have sent their diamonds, rings, bracelets and ear ring", t> the I'nited States, to be comei ted into money, for the payment of the in vaders; and we know not how many other absurd stories arc started and kept up by these parties, at tached to the Lopez brunch of the intrigue. The second class is of a different character. They are connected with the local government of Cuba, and, of course, are opposed to annexation, or any change in the administration of affairs. They do uot in vent, perhaps, to uny great extent, the ruin >rs whichare sent through the country; hut, as secret agents, paid by the Spanish government, they are continually enguged in exaggerating everything; und thus, between the two parties, the whole busi ness is a kind of stool-pigci n utt'air. Souto of these agents take good cure to make good stories, in order to show the necessity of their employment being continued, and to receive good pay for their acti vity and zeal. Cthers, forming a third class, arc interested in keeping up the excitement, because they have grown up in Cuba under the old official com) act, through which corruption- have been car ried on, und wish to iutcrfere with the plans of the Captain General of the island, who is bent on re foraung the abuses which have so long existed. If they can prevent him, by any menus, from carrying out bis intentions, their ends will he gained; and no thing can turn hi- attention from them, so readily as to make him believe that the island is continu ally in a position of danger from invaders. Thut, the several parties work for their own advantage. There has been, however, a serious mistake on the part of our government, ever since the pirati cal excursion to Cardenas. The prosecution" against Lopez and his associates were not properly follow ed up by the government. Had less weakness and imbecility been show n, after Ix>i>ez had been indict ed, upon the ample proof of his infraction of our neu trality law", he might have been tried and convict ed. Instead of doing this, the government agents entered a noih prosequi, and permitted the offender to escape, again to renew the sin which ho origin ally commuted, and for which he was liubb to pun ishment. It is nut too late for the gorenunent, however, to retrieve its character in this business. One way is certainly ojien. Let new indictments be made out against Lopez, and bring him before the authorities for trial. Jsuch action may give peace and quiet to the two governments, aud close ! an agitation which i- trouble-ome to commerce and to all parties. We have had enough of these fool ish expedition". The Democracy iy a Mr**.?We perceive that tbc democracy (4 Tammany Hall are in a mu--, in rt la'.ion to the enlargement of the Krie < anal, the nine million loan, ami various other matters and thing- connected with local politics. The democra cy feci doubtful as to what ourte to take in the special election; whether to oppo-e or support the loan. TUcy stem to have no clear \ tew ot their ot> ject and purpose*. Hans ?( the I'tpiUlhU of Wall street are against the loan?others are in favor of jt. All thi whig |?.lii icians are for the loan, and tuDi! of the democracy, even, advocate it. In fact, we should like to know who, among the leaders of any faction, whig or democratic, would not be in avor of revelling in nine millions of dollars, if they only had a chance to uiake a grab. In this dilemma, it is un. rt.iin what course the democracy of this region will take. Wc will give them u bit of advice. The State con-titution con tains a provision forbidding the creation of any more debt for internal improvement purposes. Twelve Senators of the last Legislature, believing the canal bill to be a violation of that provision, re signed their posts sooner than pass it. In this they are parliamentary and strictly correct; but now, when the whole que-tion a?to the propriety of that provision?f th. constitution prohibiting the area tionof Matt debts will cine before the people, all technicalities should be swept entirely from the board, and the original question decided by the peo ple. as they have the power to decide upon it. There fore, are you in favor of the loan of aine millions to finish the cannls, or not 1 We rather think, accord ing to nil npp< uranee, that although some politi cians may oppose it. the great mas* of both parties, arid business tin n generally . will support it. A di vision by the people, in any shape, in favor of the loan, would oenscqu' n;!y be a deci-ioa against the constitution?such a decision as they have a right bo five. In fact, we rath? r think it was very ab surd to insert uny such prot i-ion in the constitu tion. The whole question, therefore,!' narrowed down into a f w items The twelve Senator- who sends d wvk parliaucntarily right in taking the court tli . did. tin ier suck a ? owtituti"n a- lay be f'f th'm; alio th' profile of ,\i w York, that origi nal power, will b< perfectly right in deciding in fa vor >4nine, ten, twenty, or a hundred millions of dollars Increase of the debt, if they please. The trash tublisb'd in thenewspaper* oo this -ubject is simply ab-urd anil ridiculou-. Tin: Ekic KAit.road Fisisas.n.?W# see it stated that a train of car* hn* p i?*ed from the Hndson river to Ihinkirk. on Lake Erie, over the Erie llatlrnad. This will op n a ta w avenue -,f prosperity and enterprise to thi- metropolis. The i.rie Kaihoad is a wonderful work. It was origin ally started about thirtt ?n year-ego, and a capital of six millions ol d .liars wa? then considered quite ?ufiieient for the purp >se. Ha e that time, over twenty millions of dollars have Wen < Ipended on the Work. Probably twelve million- of dollars bale actually been laid out on the work, and eight millions have been robbed and pland. red by sp. <m? lators. It will take an jgpendilnw of eight ft len millions more, to make the mad j rofitabl-, and the proprietor* of the work of thtpuhiic tanst even timliy submit to another shave of two or threo millions of plunder, before the road will b valua ble. Th* original stoekbnbb rs will | .so everything, are! also many of tin? bunch ?id* - 'I !.? roml will tb' n I pur hased at about one-third of its ori ginal ' ?!, at. 1 tli" purchaser will tn.ike some thing "lit of it The advantage- of this railr' ad to th ? ri*y will, ho? ' -r. be vast ai l mighty, and i* will have an important! i ITi et on the re-t ol tt>e rtai', as v? 11 a- on the fortunes of the I.rie ( anal. Tt'M ? i!-, in tin I itI.ti.-?A newpaper, call d the To'. g"y". has been -tti ted in Wa-iiingtnn, far the urpi ? of upporting Torn' <>rwin, J*?eretnry of th Trti ury, a- a candidate for the I',o-ideney, at tl * at ? bet ion. It has tome out in a violent 11,' ?y i f Tom. antl lm- tinnn I I :m f ir the highest iil #? tlrindr, By und-by there will be nothing J. ft ;>n Mr Web ' i to do. bu; ! tnk the -taiup. ,?? .! i vi i - place in tb" cabin.A, Tlie t Irrjne OlywplgtM at MMs'l. If. ? 1'Wit M ie boy i-li.vd ft this after IK- *1 nd ev-mi v I., a thts eelebrntisl syw-itrfcaai will ?p * "r pen ., . l.if niy trslnt l h> r-es. width In r skill has ? i i li i ion! ,. ? ,at "h Tl' ir in . r tiwntlon for the want "f ittelleetsn t i ?! sj i ?! i p'.n > an t" r I- A-the two p if rii is . : )?.M I- I. i-t of u? *r? fa ? shun : th o i?l ic thi it ? ? i ie ?- 11 | rM utoi ct >ie iit:.NBT L. Bi lwee a.nh Explanations.? 1 1 he British Minister, in his recent speech at the Actor House, mudc a very good explanation of a let ter he did net write, which we* originally published in the ( <it newspaper, though wheu he spoke of the Iri.-h us sewi-dad, semi-batbarons, and ravages, ho did not ex|>iaiii who made them so. ."sir lieury baa keen very quick in explaining a letter he did not write. \V e shonld like to see his ability at explana tion, therefore, of oue he did write. Will he ex plain the intercepted letter to t hatfield, which we received from South Ameriua lust year, hy the way ol Havana and t hurlcston 1 We publish it again, that he may have a full chance. Will ho eorno up to the mark ! W ill he explain how he cuine to write it?how it was scut to us?and, in fact, all about it ? \V e have the beautiful original in our possession, and keep it as u very choioe specimen of the epistolary style; but we shall always feol un satisfied till we have au explanation. A St. (Jeorge s dinner has passed over without tiny expla nation about it. Shull we have un explanation be fore the next dinner, or at it 1 Shall we get up a dinner expressly for the expluualiou ! We will do anything for an explanation. Please explain. Is the American government still weak I Will not the 1 ritish permit the .Nicaruguuns "to bo uguiu uiu'ters of .""an Juan 1" Please explain. MR HENRY tU'LWKK TO MR. < It A ITIFT.D. _ Wumwutox, Feb. -ti. lljO. Peak Mr :? 1 have received your eommunieatious up to "d of Jatiu arv inclusive. 1 via- giu.ijto hear of vour arrangement with the tiovernor ?.f Honduras: and I tru?t that you will tlius have settled the ']U?-tlon of rlaims liefore the order for evacuating Tigre island arrives. I know that it is diftii ui i t. oeai wuti sucli pc ple on matters of jus te c it you cannot kelp tteture their eves the ultimate ar gument ? f force, and I feel exeeedinu'ly for your p-ilion. withsuiTi a geull.mau as S jni -r making capital" at your elbow. But pray let loe take the liberty of Mir.-est ii'g toy. u that il is w. !1 always to r n-i i -r only n hat v. u think -hould be J. ue for til particular Interest you have in hund. hut what your government, wni h has so many iuterests to consider, will buck you in doing: since, to make a step forwards, if sul>se<|ueiitlv it i- to tie m tile backwards. only re ml. re matters worse. I w uld not. also lut Mr cijuier's inis,|oii hurry vou too much out ol the line Which you would | ur n Hi- eon di.rt is geueraUy disapproved ,.f her. : an I I ku .vv that the Male I'epannn lit has 1 mildly d, ap| rov 1 .fit Neither tk> 1 think tliat thisgovertinn-in l.asat tin1 pre sent un tin ut the vuus you sr. ui inclined t ? e. e lit il for It i- however, a w. ak government and being su?|? cted by the popular party, is ever afraid of mi.or in favor oi any popcy tiiat i- unpopular. Thus Hi ugti its inten tions may he tru.-ti d. its cour.-e cannot l-r. lied u;. m Attempts are h. iug made to settie the Mo-niito hu-: iu fs I think liiev may succeed: they outfit to do so \\ i have evi ry wi.-li to aid in cunitrueting a .mud--that is. in (Iloti el ing us eonstructi'.u aud guarulitv u.g il- s< curtly when constructed. Nor have v.-e any great inte r.-sl in the Mosipiitu protectorate, cr any s. lti-li ol?j. st to sin. by niaiiiiainiog it. t.iit we ought not. and I ?.<? lit vi w.U not. abai dott it dishonorably. n.>r permit the Nicarguans. wh< m we lutve expelled tlierdrmu. to i?. i.-a:n masters .1 Die Mill Juau. ihe?c are my .mate j inuious. hut I think you may like to know them I hi. v. dtfei'ded youl conduct here u- to Tig re island. On " -'ohi.ii that il was provoked by fouler; but it was too "go ahead ' H L B '' ?ljust find that you have thrown out to Squi>*r m mething about a tr-uly of protection t.etween u- aud Icetu lbra Now. Lord J* not only denied that he has any idea of exercising a protectorate ovcrt'o-Ui Rica, but told the I in led Mutes government he had refused it. My instruction- certainly me to encourage any such id. a. and. more ivcr. it would Is. setting an cxam|ile whirn it would be highly Imprudent to give. I should t.ll yon. indeed, that both the I'nited States and our selvi s are at present proceeding upon the avo v >d policy that neither will seek for exclusive iutl.ieuce in t'eutral America; aud while the conduct of f.juier contravenes and cinlmrrasscs this policy on one side any rouduet of etmilar kind on your part must do so on the other. '1 lies, arc ui. r. ly private hints or mine to you. in order to prevent you finding your position weakened. bv doiug or promising what the I'ulud States will not do. ii.ii an | rove of being promise... l'ray excuse my frankness, and wishing you to imitate us and write l'ully tome ui.ou all matters. 1 1 am again, dear sir. lours respectfully, H L. B Arcih.iwhop II to he* AT Rome.?\V? recently stated, quite explicitly, that our friend Bishop 1 Hughes, who has the spiritual guardianship of many thousands in this country, us we have the political supervision of many millions, has not re ceived the red hat IVota the college of cardinals. This is .juite correct, even in spite of our French correspondent's assertion that the red hut was given to the Bishop, with due ceremonies, on the twenty seeond of last month. T ho latest rumor, iu which the Bishop's own organ in thi? city concurs, is, that there would bo a chance for the event on the first of April, a- about that time the Archbishop of Rheims and Bishop Fornari were to receive seriously a red apiece; l.ut still, as some of the cardinals main tain that a cardinal cannot he deemed as a prince of Rome while he resides in the United .States, the fatal objection will deprive our beloved friend of the comfort this sacred hat would afford hi- head. We sincerely regret it; and all we need say i?, that our hats 0f New York manufacture arc a' cosy to the head as any mudc iu I-ondun, or l'uris.or Rome, und that we tan give th.-m any color to suit the wearer. Therefore, if the c?nsi?toiy will not pre sent our friend such a hat a? he want., we will let them sec that be can be supplied in his oeu coun try, and upon reasonable and independent terms. The Trial at Brooklyn?Ft rtiier HiiELOpr: XiEvrv?The remarkable case of attempting to convict old Mr. Drury, on a charge which might bare been directed against any other man as well as against hint, at every fresh step in the cvidcnco only lets new light in upon the audacious attempt of -tool pigeon conspirators. We doubt if the on tiro record of crime has presented such a piece of monstrous invention on the part of bad men. Iftho jury cannot sec that enough ha- been proved to show that those who intermeddled with the steps which justice had been applied to to take on the arret of Hrury, were bett on arranging ex idem .? that would secure the conviction of an innocent man, then we ?houid despair of innocence under any circuin ?tanccs. The probability i- that the jury, however, ure fully awake, and we hope that they will not rise in their box to acquit the old man, till all the evidence on both tides is put bef.ire the people. When this is done, let tj,0 15rand Jury d-. it duty in v icw of this great stool pig. on lc,igu? ?the rem nant of w hich ha? the front of Satan?and consign the perpetrators of such outrage- to trial, for th. ir sin- again?t innocence and -?ciety. Noirmrnti of DWtliiguWht'il I mil virtual*. Among tboa* who **il I' dny In th* ?t. vm-liip uhlo, i? Iw.n jo?< Antonio hiiur.?. of M?ii on )t|? return. via Havana and N> w OrW'.n- to Vm Cru/ ant MnWl. Mr A lia? bn-n brrrtoM Bi? ntlon< I h- in tht" * .untry t" obtain taluahl* information for th" tr. ? r.t a-lmiui'tra tion In NrllrOi and. w* ?r* gmti6*l to learn hi- la* nn lii.l hlflilf fctirtlilr Idfri '? n< o| our > unlrr. it? In-tltlltioo. *lid peopl* III bv? mml* fri- lid* of *U who hllTr IimiI the pieaetir* of I . . . h.iiig a' ,>iaint> ?! Willi hliu lli? Kxr. Henry fir Henry Lvtton H?lw*r. although 'till n itnnl to hi- r?oin. at K n <1 r n' f.,|t.,w pUc* Hotel. I- fa? improved ill health .<- (? ju-'.if) Hi* hop* of hi* ?pii jjr r*i < ?-ry Ih' Hon f>nnl<l IffW'f wil' ]ii?,. | wii at Bin* oeli'i k thl? morning. for tt*.hi ng o ? no- Bailor* ' , i.mii < t*<l with fit* f?tun Xl.rngii to atl-n an tg otlii r thinp" pnbaMy pntrati I lout fr r.i taking la* <!? |.atlur" yraterday. II* railed up n Mr ll*nry I. Muh wi r at Panrb r?? ti * Hot*I. hut did n>4 liini Prr-Went King of Columbia ?!!? h. lurlif tli? I .-I wlntr bm giving a <.f ]. r. ah, h b*? h i>n illrtiM l'j ih* fi?rra'i ?>f our *iiy l i t evrn'tig w?* th* la?l tif th* en?r**. ti 'i uBi'i 'I r li?t ngu In I ftnlli m? n. Ih* lion f*aii?? I |t ?? i ? i , I r ? faking hand-with the l win >>i .| f?. y >| th" in ? titwtlen h* waa fonwal.y a**tr?-< !??*.I l< tb< ?< imniarvd in <|i ruradiiatr* pn ? "t. H hen ale'it . ???? th"*1'i <1. nt" ealutrd him with nim h-artr ch*"r? II* n?a-|e, In r. t mn. b rln rt ami i'| rr-^n I I in !!"? .* of which h" rrhrr?d to ih* b*n h* in i? f h*-1 received fr. m llil* tiinc-liono!tn-tit'it". at a r.-rv early ag?. and w> nnd up by ? > nl'gy u|i th" l'r* i |. n. ? hart"* h irjr aii.l in mi i ahortnt. n t>> th. u ? f nt - to nuintaln in tlo ir aflct cBfccr. th* h"fl' r ?'f flu if fifm > r*'ft-r If** I* anttfniiy allu.h<11? them ?? I ? <ng th" tm* ? ir< "four ? oiintry. ihat *h<>til.l their Tit> on all. rtcn a* th* a* I hi. t la U. cki (1 tb? fiminii. iit at. .ir th.'ir head* Il.n tir M Peyton. R.*in. k" \ II n Colin M In r?*il. X*W lf?t< n ? ? I I! m>M \*w V> rk, I i* II Ion.! tin.I lady. Poetou; Mr* II t\ l,ivii"*?ton are! family. ?.f? York; l( Blennl.-r. M tilr?al; It .1 T J.l, I . el. n II l?r?. ! (. . M r>t . it, w-r* ?ir"T " th* r*c. nt arrival" at the l ni>.n plac Hotel l|. n I! Il? I'kin i nlil' rr la. f Kamay. VPS J II X.wt'ii It I ; It II t.?rn<ll Ma-hitnrt"ii and ?' t I Ut i. i wrc nin. ng the arrival" j. ?lcri?y at the t'l, nt on Hotel. hnanl Intr IIIw im?*, Th. I ? at*mo fi'ga'. >arai in !!??? ?hlp of th* II'm* f'ii. i apt Tati nil Icarllii' ih> ! ? ?,( i . io jit ?f ? < ir?'d. rr Koran A l'ark"r a*rl? I 1 v.?y Vard. I'et "aoia on Knnday m.? nii.g tlw I tth in*t .-"Ii* ar rifi.l . IT r't.nta R< a I .land'a llo ? ??r or f th* 5th, hut i "irg to thhh wrath, r r?u >X Ivi th. nlfUv, Tito Cuban Expedition?A Hennnd taller*. The public excitement rwpectiag the contemplated expedition about to eul>ark agsiu.-t Cuba. which ?l the city in commotion lor the la*t two or threu day*. ha* | cotaddcrubly sutssided Tin- derided -tep taken by Mr j Tallmadgr. the energetic Marshal. aided by his efficient aide und deputies, completely routed the Invaders. and. j no doubt, hare defeated the movements of the marvndi-r. for wane tluie to come In our arronmt. yesterday, we noticed that a eloop wa. liired at 420 a day. to hold herself in at .South . Amboy, where she was lying at the dock, ready at the j given signal. to convey the men on board a ship awaiting them, iuls uded for the expedition Un Thursday evening the Marshal of that district seized this sloop, and conveyed her to I'erlh Amboy, there to await further adticer. The men who were congregated on the dock, fiuding their chances to be in a doubtful condition huve dis)>crecd themselves in various directions Some hundred und fifty, or uiore. rawc up to this city on that evening by the itcumbuat John Potter. The steamboat Cleopatra is still lying at the dock foot of North Moore street; and it seems from the heavy weight of the stores and fuel on board, that the vessel has heroine quite leaky, and is therefore evidently unseawortby. It Is scarcely probable that any other attempt will be made to get up another expedition of this nature, to start from New York Musical. Another musical event worthy of notice, is to take place to-morrow eveulng. It li a sacre.l concert at Tripler Hall, arranged under the direction und at the risk of Mr George lie Luce, who. as a musician, claims more than ordinary regard, because hie father was the fir-t to introduce Italian opera iuto this eonutry. in the persons of Garcia ami his daughter, M.ilihran. Mr. I>e Luce lias presented a good selection of sacred musie. and the re-appearance of that favorite vocalist, Borghose. after a 1< ng professional abs? nee from the city, la an im portant circumstance, which will draw together her nu uu rous admirers. We presume, therefore, that this -aired concert will 1" well attended. Murine Attains. iTUWHir Ai tumors.?The telegraphic despatch in our paper of tile 24tli instant, announcing the arrival of the new screw steamer Albatross at Charleston, fr.>in I'hiladi Iphin. in 119 hours, was incorrect. She made the passage in 49 hours, which is first rate speed for a pro peller. Go. i Passages ?The ship Danube, Captain Chase, ar rivi d. on Thursday, from llavre, in the extraordinarily short time of sixteen days. She left llavre on the Ttlx, and had v> ry fine weatht r. crossing the Bauks iu thirteen days and a half, thirtecu if which she carried studding sails. The packet ship Zurich, Captain Tti< h,also arrived from Havre < n Thursday. She left Havre on the dd inst.. anil the Lizard ou the 5th, llius making the passage fr un the former in 2<? days, and IS from tlir latter. The Z. ha 1 light easterly winds up to the Hanks, and fair weather to tile loth, utter which, - he had gales and fog. accompanied with incessant rain. Tin Pmilahelthia isn Livkrcom. Steam Live*.?The Pennsylvania Steamship Company's vessels now in course of construction, to run w itli the City of Glasgow, between Philadelphia and Liverpool, tl* expected to be ready to place on the Hue by tin-first of August. One of them is now under way at the yard of Jle?r*. Tod & M'Qrcgor on the Clyde She i- a splendid vessel of 2.100 tons bur then, und oTO horse power. The other Is building by Messrs. ferine. Pattersou. Is Stack. ut WlUlamsbuiffe, nnd of the suine si/e and power, and will be a beautiful -raft. Tbcy ure both, like the i ity of Glasgow, -crew pro I elb rs. The steamer Lafayette is the pioneer of another line between the above cities It i;i l MraiTio Testimonial.?The Senate of the rity of Hamburg have present!d to Mr. K. I>. Moore, first mate < f the ship Devonshire, a gold m<-dal. similar to the one they sent to Captain Hovcy. a< a slight testimonial for hie gallant rescue of the passengers und crew of the Hamburg steam: hip Helena Sloman, lost ul soa some time bark Mr. Moore had a very narrow escape. a? he was in the same boat with tin- third mate, who was lost, with two hands, by her rapdzing The medal is a very neat one. and is nv ln ed in a rasltt t. -urm>unted by a silver plate, with the following Inscription ?-Her Pen at von Hamburg d> iu Pti uermuuu It. I>. Moore, fur die muthign itettui g der I'assagiere dc- lluamburger Pi-hides Helena Moaian am Ut November. l'.Vl." Tin YuHt i ok lhi Worth's Kiir ?The yacht built by Mr W. II Rrnwn. foot of Twelfth street, and in t ended tobeeent to tie World'* Fair, to contend wttk the like craft in Kngiaud for the palm of sailing superiority is now ri ad .v. and will be launched In a day or t wo. pi ? vtona. however, to leaving our sliores f r Kn.-Uud. shu la entered to sail In n mat. h for fi.'SS' with Mr. Ptevens * yacht Marin They wj|| start from Hie Kly-ian hie id* to the tight ship and l.aek This in teres ling event will come i If on Wedne-day mat. The Maria hoa la-en h i.iitlunid twenty feet Goou Ptu iso?Tin-bark Cornelia. Capt. Hutchinson, which left New Y< rk ou the ,'kl nit., for Trieste, arrived out on the 1-t ilist . tbu? making the pa?age lu twenty nine days. The bark Mimosa. Capt. Pteteon. also from New 1 ork. arrived at Trieste un the .'kl lust . In thirty three days. IitVLLii.t m r ili a li- ah mai a?7V G<i:ttlr if Gua t'mata, organ of the Anglo-servile party of Unatemsia. of the date Of February 12, publi-hes a letter from the crer Urtitig I 'h itfi. Id. dated IVb 7. 1*41, in which in-ex

pre--es his - satisfaction" at the Ute victory otrr the liberal or republican party. Ot course The Weekly Heralds MAIL* FOR i AUEiJKMA AND OTHER PORIw OF Till: purine. TheWnaiv Hiriio. filled with interesting matter will lie published at hii:f-pa*t ? o'clock thk m rnin*. fiingle copier, aixpence. The mails by the steamship tthio, for Calforula, end other port* "ftho Tactile, will rinse at 2 o clock tills afternoon. Important Free Lee?tire.?I?r Running ?!??? li?*rs a tree If.lar* to l.dles tld. -lay, a' v, P. M .attlm Peeiety Library Roasts l?< Broadway, n tin phy*i?sl traln Irs ? f i hihJr-a and vout n ami )d on the eare and msi s/< ui.nt it iafants. Tins sunjeet ought t* ? cure f-r tb-j D-e tor a larvs atteailaaet of Iodic <. Hffond Ward Hon*-, No. U?au afreet, ? E. V H?*yarv t?f? l?a?r to < thiik* to kl? nurner?u? menu* :?ud the puhlv, f ?r th# lik--*! f ?tr? n are tti* y hit# already ? iif*rr J upun luin, and *11 e.?n turn* to ?u| ply h?? Ivttovitrrc fill UN ?m HHllty of H ilia, l.i ,u- r . . k I r* < Lnah %%?ry day, bn tneeu tic li ?r? of rl*v. ? jn | ,u* #>| >< It. The Staanfny D? ?ptU h.?Tht whole rlfy ? III I* in c#c.tuutl?*n jvi >uaday m .ruiuf ?? h individual Imi' ul py of *hf? pa}?r. \ lap*# et'ra edition priuUd. U? an palv the d-mand. hni ?" taiBOt tr ? miM that II frUt W -wo tent. Thousand* iF'* d ?**|i int* d tuff tfll. l.e >k ?ut m time, thia %? k! (Hfcte, hi Auu ?tr*et. fJnnflng* Property?We Ihk Irntf to mil til*-?tt?-nt Ih'f ?t!< || t? arr r? th* f-.p B h- n-?* it. t i tbt Nft, (hit ?k ? f tl ? ??*l t't.iufiful f d#e-? t fp t.n l etef offered to tHt t'lihlit*. *;JI be bpo lylit into i?a,k? * at fn<**t t< auptin? ffifa. In t|,# #a?ar?M* of n*-at Week, in-l ? I i ?i rillaye I???. 11 ?? tin* pr- | ? rtv ?i Or. Ill*- kw-11, in II**tinr?, W r-t. t . -t?-r t ?.nitty, aitBat* "? tlif llu-l?- n rivtr. adj-wt.o/ the HatlpoaU. A full *!??? . ipt??n of ih# |iap-j lit teriat hi ?al? will b# fiui n a f*-* day*. f nrloat Color hienrr.-Hy |iat(lriff the In itial cnjital l?-tt"f? *1 following tli-- -'%??*? ? I# >ytli lM MBttf th thn ? nr-? th-m Wh-iortn/ n tt*I , Aatt-fna. T? i\ To--* harh?-. *?*r N * ufal/.a. r fr* ??p*i ?a, h Han mat! ?m. tlfllfV, Opthaitnin. ?fto*VB? It. fltat danre. Aaaphr diet*. >'ef% #*#??? ae, Tic d do tire m. la4i/? tl"l. Ikcilt 4|?*!??.?, rp#?t ' lint, Rpil*p*y. Ra?*ati atm-t; $1 | ? r h* tile i'Jfr d >#. a. Piilt Mnntllln?.?Th# Mantilla Kmporltim, V>l ttr?#dway (**acdnale#ty apt?r pri??* ? t the i.oj* rtati n and minnfartwre f the** rie/awl appendage# f lad.aa* lllift), on T tpttv. tl.t ??r*t of April, an 1 la bob fp ? it tf Bit I. ? fu| f? an I * *t? n-i a?* fari* tj ?f th ? I a I* at Parisian dat tuna, Ml a%?-r* rich an<l fa-hiinaW? wftU r>al- Tlit ti* n * f 1 < -Ii- ? U f a?t - ? tf?il?y * -li ?, tad. OtO. HIM 1*1 \ 161 llroa>i?ray. Unrlil't Fair.?Vlolforn to the World** I air arc iatltol ta ? vamlna the iiiHirrmr'* of l?r. *-iur t'aaaa They are th# moet r#Bipa? t and itacfai arlicl# #f th? kmc ai*nufactnr* d, contniBinv ill that it lenwiff for th# uf'efnftke a,. ? t fa#tid.' ..c vAV!I1?IW, 147 Braminay, earbcr ?l lofceitjr ft., anil &7 It r ad way Arllrte Flint Vrn.-To Improve the IIrat impraetion fibrin a h'jn?e la ooptasniy a ?loalrj" l? ad taara In art, and n? an a*eendinr atair h??th a |*h t??r?" i?i# (iiiMtnl tl*e one that firat ?tr k-e the ???# ..n fnt?*r?nrf a hall d< f, tny it# diaeorery tor it? effihefha'iment * hen Id ha ttla ily -ei/f.i upon. Thar# i? f?'?w a henutlfnl *nh- tut# t<>r tin t r?**e atair fade, ao tinaelly hrwrht ??<l inhar n- tu ?'i?t atd?o liioH In keeptlcam. vie pa far tu Pattiem ? I n? if * -11* d ktair Id*, off' h are ?f dlffep?nt pat' rn*. t ? ae r?l with nny earf?e*. and in themwl**-* henntifally ta-vti-fnl, 1 hey rite tba atair a Inanri-' ia n hnea#, while at the ????#?? tlvr# they are ??h|?. t t?? n?? di?" .1 ration, and I"ok anhdned and unpr- tend n* Thia ?? ? h? im flli ti of A. fc l*attie?n, 4**7 end ? h f h?-rr*? atre?'* and tl.ey ran ??*.-? at .11 ?ni? ?, 246 lir adway, and at Peter* i k lltimphray't, Hr .*-iea>. W ondrrfnl ialr of KiikIImH Three-ply and rat*n* tapeatfy inrrnin f r|? ' , Hearth Kur-. VVit d Tahle t oTae*, ft",, at aat meh!n#ly t<?* . Three i lyPar ha. and Ba. f*#r yard, fall and ?##. tfil f loth & III H VII A N I?f fllON I V * H T fee j I v f arp ' a and 4a. The Fltrmlie ^lallonnl liamirrrriHi fJnllery, N |f?l Hrnndftay. nn en- alp it 14 fat! ' %4 it i- t ? n t .ifere^tia^ ? 1ft"' < f th- kind tn thn *-on try. V n? ? an I- k thr- nth th.a eolln* '.Ml nith ut m etia ni:U any familiar fare*. Moflet Hot#.?If yoti vinnt tin rlrjrnnl.llifht %* d ?a y If it to th# heed huy#f W. P. IMVMt, |*n o ***,t to An inr a,) .'ill H?- ad tray, rea r ll mat *tr? ? T! o ? w s ? * ?t a retlly h*ai?t*fnl arti->. Won Id do weil to call and jfdre ft f thefkiaelfe* hef? f# pnrehaeln?( e1?##ht,t \\ tttehe# MtMl 4.ol?l V* *>??.? i more Im i iff iful offe# t'' a of It'1*' h. f ?aanot he f? ?nd in ? - nit.y, t , tn t at 1<f'd 1/2. V v n.' aye. **2 f niton .treat: h# warrant a tm-a n etery p* rtt. it!ar ml h>l|i II n at eert low H Rich* li??n C.nM P*n#area f - t rate artiel#. H b< al l rivvma.- ad tkty# vt vit ? ritiar t u iau ty. Tk. im? TSSSHTJSS: The prevailing ti,?? are fur ?"^^s??^? - 1 r jk 1 Ut %h* ??!??? ?'f tliii HUtllihBHt U#-d*jr. to rxijmi t?gutitul ?rtu If of cannot hn.e ?o oBer .. ' hi.UwJd upo. thi. . b. ?urpa??ed. .1 J*|, ,4 cvitlkDeu ut tru* 1 d&rtrnu" "iATHNHUKKS ISIO.V, 11 l'ufk Kuw. . ,h?_ uTrn Strike."?-Kno* Km oiit 1 | elateer. to kur pna. an J popularity ke continues t? Nit*ithatiindlntt thetf p.J"^ J,mM4<d fur th, ASg32?g&i3?& | "s""" I Boot* and Shwa at Joues\ 14 Ann l Iiir the Mu.eum. Bunas* BooU, $di owaj1'* *f * T??ty I Unj ! j^tess?.i:5s^ws-?-'"' j competition. ? I sas built " u tiie flu- or their old .tan.?, 113,', Na"?* 8lr,:?t The Art of hhlrtmaktng?There l? no sa^r&tsSi'itim. g?,:tf.r jstaji?s: liniment. ___ Hudson River IIo?.,. y and Ulove Store, O^iir^rao^c'a^, ryTull -*??? brotdrrio. ...a |.? Kuud., j^uoliLiN*1 "uy itcre in the uty. ^ (;uwlcU street. ,?:;4 SSSs Yetcy street. Stutter's Sewing Marhtaw for sale at $?.T> a niece leea tiihii ran t.? bought >? the wty. Apply at AW ilJaiO , tin J will be ready tor delivery on Inday. Comb Factory, 3S7 Broatlwny?Lndlenara fretfully inriUd to eiamine ^^^l-^r.^oaU.t'in^ X' inoT dutiful upon work in .hall and bull ill U burn. ?omb. repaired and mu/[u j'^^NUERS. The New York Stove Factory?Nicholas v ? . r I S3. r,rr,r? :?ssa | kite L- a Hoi I-' t, N'-? 1 ork. ! French Kid CJloves, only 3s. Gd. a pair, at Bi.rdt it's cheap dryr g- 'd. tho ! i'bUiTn ,^ aB. b*'* f .*" if , ^ ^ .'..nnaitr, lavender. white, light and dark e.nte. uttr^br ; tee green. purple, nod vermin, otl? ???1 r?, all at ?. ??. a pair. Aire. \]e'iuoK \'.Uii"IlliETT. I V. IV alker utreet. Look at those three and four shilling floor V,EKM.N S?r T^^'luiruii VpUtr,: marble iiid eh.nW j ttt tbcl". _______ O. B. Clark, Merchant Tailor?Fine black i!l "tr"idDaty 116 William etroot, between Fulton and I Jubn .trseta. ? Them |1 Sultn Consist of Clo** ^?"Vi\,VT *Mor*v"d-o*idt Jw'ty of Sotum!" ' \H-'? and t'bi ?i ,t?pbori?. t urner of Na.aau an'l llmkman Hrrcta. Pocket and Pen Knlven, Rasora, Toilet I ??n,? if ?The under?i*ned oall the attention of the* m ??t $ the above bo U.eir Meortoent. wtoob u the mo.toom ^Juto the ST, , SAUSDERS. 1*7 Breadwa,. ..n?*ofLi berty etreet, and 387 Breads ay. i Artlflelal Kyea?Otaat Imported, a largo leod I of the ttnent and ant beautiful Ereneh Artiheial Ryaa, T 1 tip I imii, u*. I'f.urll, oculist, Buri?t. fcc-e 1 , H .irria ?tr'pp't Tlidv fan iu??rt*'d without th? Paln 'flkraUou; and. wben properly adapted, will look eaactl, like the aataraleya. Hair and "Whlakera Cat In the Latent and iSE^ES^SSa tie justly celebrated inlallible onauent for the Lair. Phalon'a Maglr Hair Uye, to eolor tho half ?r * ht?kere the m-nient it ie applied, wlthont i"'"'* *J'i|j* hair or ikin. It ran he ?a?ti"i immediately without di? WrbUlVbe .oler, and ha. ... had odor. It.. I it I'halen'e Wis and Toopee inanufaetory. IW Broadway, for aale in the eity and country by druwieU generally. Hair Coloring?The genuine liquid Hair five eni'H inereae"! patronage Mine it lia. tu-en eumu.h imitated. All ?ay it must be a ?u ,d MtP le, er ao many wuld not try in* to make like it. Those who have bees dl appointed ia "nm* the imitatt. n-. eas hnd the original at It \T< H El.tiK'8. ? S all .tre, t. mud at all druggnte and per i luuierire In town and countrjh (ionraud'i Liquid Hair I>ye Inntantly eon y. rt? red ? r eray I.air to brown ?r Ida. k. t.our-iud ? Italian M.dieate l 8'.ap euret tan. pimple", freeklee, eruption.,,< t'. l.ouraud * I'oudre Pul.tile eraduaf Ir "in upper hp. fiie o, an, part if .he I>ody-w arrant-d .u.r.u ^hW-bl ?"idtv,4, ^ue^:rry^outhTbVd'r:ue.t,rVb;i.dr:iPb,.. l2Si \k a?L.u^t u fltrfvt, Hogistn, Fair mm I r?#?* tn*ntr*. An J Iwiati ?lra* ? u? v? ith a smelt liatr " To prrwrvt Ihr lialr In a beautiful and n-ttaral ro|..r. <i?e lUrl-'a Premium F.l*. tri. llmr I)y; and IM.r Ui', t*> r*? tof it in bald rlicrr. nil b**p it in a due healthy ? ditioa, s*- li ?1. ? ll\p.ri>>n Fliid, ?hirh liarc* the half 8*>ft. nlky. anil flawy." May h* bad ?ith H??l< ? ?t h.r |'r? ir.rit.n- at ~*nd*. 1(11 Filttt itlHt: Huahtoa, Clarke ft I a , .7.1 Br ailaay; Cary a. (.'a., aoJ Brtghaia a Day, Pearl alrtrl, New Yurk. Rtirhanan'a Inrnllllila Lluultl llatr Djrr la daily raintiiit In puhlir -Munition ; tna rapid and iair?a*lag tall la a proof l.*t>.tid (|o*et.?n, and la th* M l* d?parttn*nt h* d'llia ram| > tltli a. in t? Itl.landing th- iiaaxmily under rr??iiagiof tbi Mall lit pMHMM I'riiau apartmrata forlndi.*. Rrai'-aiUr tlia aildraai. Jio Broadway. oppartc tin Broadway Theatre. Wlgi and Toaprra^We would roll the at* bastion af paraona ro'iairing Wig*. to a racent iiaprovera*at. Th* aama aaa awarded a alitor medal tor thr a rat nromiua at th? la*t fair. Th y ran bo aara at C l'IUWV,H Wig and Itair Dy* F*et> rjr, 1#7 Brmdway, a?raar -t Dry a'r-ot, Cittrma and atraagwr* ara ineited to aaaaalaa batata purodaa tag alaawhart. Copy hi* addr-aa. Wlf and Toupee*.?Halt hrlor'a newly lo rd w Iga aad Tnaaan a **?'??! H i/a aad Toui>*?* ara aaid to h? tha in *t p. rf*rt Imitati' a af aatarr tha mlad aaa ennrete*. ara ao aatwral ia api-annr*. aa raty and e .tnforlabl*, that una alaicrt "tin to writ lmlar th ir half. Ciui*ai aad atiaagara ahvuld rail at No. a nail > ?r*et. aal aac tbro. I? n ah'a Itr not at Inn Arnmntlr Cordial, aa a raatoratlra f< r grn*ral drlllity. 4y*p*p*i*. woaka*** "| th* ftoaea'h. I <?? af at-p-tit*. ft*., ? Iryoad a dnnbt tha m<.*l apttadid ?'nipotni l. both in >11181111 aad ta-ta, a??r mad-. Paid at II# i>r<-aaiali. tarnrr of Liuaoa ttraat. I'ti> a 3U trait par battle. Dr. Krlllngrr bna dnnr nan re good for thr rr> at n>a?- < f thr |-aj l- than M m. It A*tar *??r ha* ar #v?r ill. I' * to 1 ha DaOr that thr ratir* rrrdlt b*l nr?, of a Mill r-diirinc th far.>a Mrmad* aad ?ta?>a; alibi* ti.>r?a nla .a bntinoa* far t? nty y?*r- bar* been forth, ten. fit 1 tl.a pnl li". Ill- lart (Call in mtrodartair hi* wonderful l..ntin-at ai.d Me*i. riai.l. nearly t?a yearn afar*. b-*n*nha hi* In rality aad hi* 1 apnlarltyi go ohrr- .?* *i||, yaa bad all tla.--e, high and 1. w, ri> h aad r > r. *t ah ?f him and hi* r> ta-di-* na ?*>*t mr ? ? ?.!? r* Ilia ftr-t fru n I* *r* now hia tral b* net. r .... rlonka th> poor. Ill* r*ii>adi> ? are ?nll 1 all raa r*arh th?n>. fr >m I la h ehillina* > ac h. to f- a d liar* a>l .T,?a*h. It I* rrrt.* in to fa?t*n aad ran** tha hair, and , a*tra?t all 1 tin*. I ral .?r> * . f a*< ry rlaa*. Th* lh>-t> r doo* n t (Ioiut ' at >. i nght t? 1 ? tagad a* mnrb a* Mr. jfn, H. , A>t?r, I i t it i* hard to tell h*W m a h* may ba. Th* l>?? tor 'an I * r*a*nItod at K>> Broadway. .til oho waat * mrt tr> at will .-no him a .nil. Pee hia wnJerlnl cant ia tha tta*hly paper* gn Tally. I*en'a Oriental Slain Prrarrvrr.?Brrrafr of tonat-rf*lt< Hoy now'..-re rl?- h it at th* dm* *t. r V ? tl lir ? la ar. ?> rn?r ?f II" ar>l *t??*t. Ma a Trh W ? aira anrr*a4*p* t>> b- larolnl ohar* th?y hny th> ab r* arth-lt. a* Mr. I -a a*>nr*a n? that a na?it>*r of ?nnrioa* laaitatloa* ar* aMatd* II *?>? 11>* to>> far >>#. in?t drap a liat thr. >i h 11 1 >al. *i> l tha " rt*'?rt*r will I ?? *-nt !?> y?n l'-r*an* In tba roaatrj ? an haa- thr a hoi*.. ?r aay i|naat|tr. ??at th> ai. by directing th*tr rdrra aa abvra. Pnrlfy yntir Hlmwl In the apt^Ing.-finngh'* Tallow fH? k Pill*, ahleh are fa>t In ting th* alaao ?.| th a rlhl-** dar'aparlll*'. lot'* hefl -iriny Inir-ritar ?. 1 tor* lor I irnpl*' and *ry?lpola?. dyrl |>*i? ond ptl* r ok ly tl *1 aaa la had. I ? ? 1 1 A If li?agh ft C*., ai King *, ll.'Bri.o'lo y. |lh*r* alao can be had th- r*"-.r**il'a iii ara ruadir*. f> t l.tat a. raarh. "Itlg ft ? . far hori * , Dyape|taln ritit hr Cored by nilng thr (h> - aeaated liittrra. ? I'ampbl't*. toatainin *tai. M*nt* %ad ,-r ti'iitei tr> m mrnhera af C???r??a, aad aaaay alhar ladi* Idaala al tba hid rat fWporlability. n> .y hr ?l tain. 1 . i>j> nt< grainlt?n.|y, >>n <| | llratl ? m l ? II pr?ra t . ? tr ith all that ha* b**a aald Ml fat..r af t>> 10 r-marf i*h|r a>?t|. rui 'dy for Indlgrrtion. n*r>on*nr?, and r*a*ral R.a.l an>l nati?!v year?>l>'? 1 ? \ m l n daant. 1 Itt. r* ar> tnp-rlor t art modi ia* in th* a..rid I r r?. f'ri> il>. dir. a -? it ' Inlmr to 1 or*. Prlre. #1 p. r h 111> ; *m b tl** for M. F> r -ale 'fA II. ft l?. sand., 1 tai I >ilt..n atroot, > id A. I *? ?> * 111 ft Co.. iti. aad ' II limy. IK brand aay, h. V., aad by th* draagl.t* yenrral'y. Thr Intmrnat- dentnnd ror Hull'* P<t1ln({e ? a. la attl htitall. to It* rfnx *?>,...* |n ofcetnally 1 ru t dj'f p ia. Iln r f .niplnlnt. or par. rh-nm*tl?m, -rfnhti Int. r*. "Mr. nr*? I ,|*. , ,|. *. and all di Iflrh g fr to ip i nritl-i nf th* bl> I VI * wotiM adri.- nil a I ?-'? alfii t' ? > I w 1th fitl'T of tl. a' r. rrittrf liaat-a h nr> thi* pop ly t*r*taM* <nai| ond witlmnl d> lay. I' ? r lallt i ? ? It ? t * thorough aad a*rmrin >Bt ??!*, e*?n II* di tan t* >fnianv \>ir* ataadior A* a *|t'?g MITU Ma> and aold I t W M IIA I I . h i* fr f-.. ' r. h I.V Row ty. tlall'a Pntlna* nr *ln?% trflaln Core For dyrf* p*la. li ? r *ati 1 mat. ra*t|?-o' dm pay, rhromat>"?i, ?rr> 'ai'a* hntnor*. ptlen. hatla. and nil di**n*?a arl?ln* frntu I*.| ?riti-? at th* hi md. It haa h*?n i >?d t r many r*nr*. atidl a?al*a| pr- r?d ? Ihra* >*a* la rradtratinf " ? ra< t 1 > r'ii >. 11 ia a 1 *?*ant ?? I *?T* lit ' >>*!. ,t 1 1 ** - wha haa* a**4 AMrsaaaaca r ? 1 * t ?.i <lnt. pr< 1 red Mad' aad a*M by Hia. Smith U ? , ??l? pr |?i?'.ar, >?. b'V B??ary. To-mwmw t To-aormr t-IUadrr, tliwu MDiitf 11th b?i boon saorillsod by procrastination. It roil art sick. In I pot oR ths rvtuidy till tomorrow Toke it to-day. In niaa cases out of svary ton. sne bottle ol II ulehluirs's Dyspepsia Kilters will sRect a sooiplrto euro, it token *t tlio outset Tin same u true uf indigestion in nit itn forml. mid liver nod nerrouj lunuw. Tin- preparation vi ill. it in true, cure the worst ruses: but, if token eorly, be fore the discs.? hoe Rot o ftrui fuwtnoid in the ?yeteni? the work in dour In n fun dnyn. owuieliinea in rurty oMht hours Uir^? buttle. hfty cento. For nnlc nt 122 I'ultun street. MONEY MARKET. KiiiuAT, April 2.1?A p. M. The stock market. to-day. wnc uot very buoyant. Mont of tlie railroad faueiet advanced n fraction, while tin KiiuiUer ciae." of stock* declined. At the ttr-t boart? Harlem went up per cent; Reading RuilaotM. Nor wich and Woreerter. )?'. t'auton Company fell off >; pet oent; Morris Canal. 5?'; Kdgeworth, ; Portsmouth Dry Dock. '?! trip CouTertlblc Honda, V The greatest de cline wan in Portemouth and Morris. The former de dined ubout one half per rent from the opening price We are not surprised at the depreciation of Morrie Canal; the last report of the directors gave such an an favorable account of the flnnncoa of the eoucern that holder* of the stock are anxious to get out as quick as posaible. I'urrhaaes to some extent have recently been made of Illinois Male 11auk stock. A sale of a large ?tuan | tily of land belonging to this institution, will lake place in a few days, when those interested will be nhle to form sorai idea of the probable value of the stock. Kdgoworth Com pain will soon make a report of the present an?l pros pective position of the affairs of the corporation. A Uivi dend of about two dollars per share will be )iai.l in June, which will be nearly twenty-five per cent wi thi market value of the stock. This company own ? valuable property near lloaton, and improvement, ure going on rapidly Harlem holds its own well amidst all the fluctuations in the market. The stock i. in good hands, and its prospective value is pretty weV understood. Prices may not go up much at present; but there is vi ry little probability of auy depreciation. Nor ! wich and Worcester is improving slowly, but surely. It hu> been more active during the past few days, ant' i looks well. Eric llailroad is not very tlrin. The antiei pa ted excitement upon the opening, doos not seem t< have the effect expected. It is exceedingly difficult to maintain such a large stick among the nineties. Head ing Railroad was a little better to-iny; but we hnv) not uiiicli faith in it. The ?cbuylkiH Canal Company have reduced the rule ol toll on all coal passing fairmount lock, fifteen cents per ton. making the present rate llfty cents. This will couii. I the Reading Railroad Company to reduce their tariff of freights. , At the second boanl a little better feeling prevailed in i V. all ftreet. and better prices were realised for the fan I cits throughout. Portsmouth went up per cent; Hrie , liuilnnd, ; Reading Railroad.),; llarlem,),; Erie Convertible. V ! The receipts at the office of the Assistant Treasurer 0/ this port, to-day. amounted to isl2?.4b'J 10; pajuient" ; |lfi UD7 47?balance. *.!.t)19.'254 Wi. Two routes for the "Syracuse nnd Binghamton Railroad ? have been surveyed, and the engineer has reported them both to be perfectly feasible and with a grade in no | place exceeding fifty feet to the mile. Tlie spirit of repudiation is rapidly spreading in Texas, i and in the elections about taking place candidates arc \ named with a view to that result. A large portion of tic ! press of the Htate has espoused the side of repudiation, and insist that no candidate is entitled to support who 1 in favor of paying the debt at its full amouut, <t not lr. favor of cutting it down to the cash value, whioh th< ? Plate received when she issued the engagement to pay Roth journals at the scat of government, the Southwell cm Jmnuan and Texas Sta'r Gazette have taken thi-" positicn The Gazette, in terms of uncompromising de termination. proclaims its purpose to support no man for* Governor who is not fuliy committed again"t the pay nient of the d?bt in full, and makes the following start ling assertions as t" the presumed public opinion of the Mate We make the assertion. and are justifiable In doing *0 by rec< nt and reliable id rmutinn from every part of lie Plate, that there is not one man in ttfly who has given tie subject auy attention at all who is in favor of laying the debt of Tixas at its fin e valu. This senliiueut has at tained that point of maturity where it Is iiw|spsaihle t< prevent its consummation; and any attempt to do so, wi uld produce no other 1 ffcct than to strengthen an other party, whirh we ran inform them exists in this Stall- who are opp< fed to paying one dollar of this debt, a purty str< ugrr twice told than any which can be uius tered in favor of paying it at its face. ?S?X> I'SPB.V, A alia Hank State NT 110 gissi Had 1st M lids .".vi Hatl'io stSI 74 mi do '-'<1 17 V (00 do blj 74 M?4*i t'onv liCI MO 3*1 do ijin I/asm d? PR1, 'St do >ssi do bnw ??., 3*> Reading Rll >S l.-sssi do 1 IU MS ?Hi da A*'? .'sin do i:w ??:, 1 3*1 do Vk) .*) 4?*vl Frie '!> log 4 34) do k M ?V?? Hudson 1st lids |M 1)4) do bin Sissi do 2d W.'s 2i?l dn >'o loots" Erie In'onie Ml 3s> Portsmouth DD )<" shs Plirnls bk ins i'S) do all s',' 7 Hunk rem 10H IA) do ?'r 2fkl Edgeworth C# ? l?S) do MM "*s ;ski do ? !<*) do .'??) Fur's bona lA 114) do P?> 111 Mate Bk US 12 20 N T A N 11 RR 117 ><?1 do S do ?-W II7'J !<"> Morns < anal 12b Nor A War RK M' .10 do 17 1< m do ii'd 17.1 Erie K R st". inn do .'si do 5/ an do WW tb *4) d? *1 mo do k?) t>> lun do b.? ?'1 ion do 115 ??'. 1 H*> do 1 llart ft N II RR Uti sucond board. $HW> V Y ?'s '5d |0"a rort'mouU) DD 9 .'""Si Erie Cenv Ml) M ?.M> do am ?'t vsi ,tis K'-a.Lng RK >1a ion do pi" 3*1 do slO SS\ 3<0 do MSI its* 00 Is*) ?K III) do al 'b .'da) do UU M 34) Erie RK Wk) '?) HO dn M 120 do at> m Itsi si,.nio?ton RR UO 44 inu do bin Jio Harris Canal IT 3*1 do km ?4| loO do 171* im do ?It -0 Harlem UK ti do a] m Mi < ant. a Co "'"s t *4) do *)'. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. RKLIOIOt'ft KOTICKN. Rl V niMRl U II i R m BALTIMORE, Id IKPEl T r.l u> praa.h In th. Norfolk rtrrat A|.i h"di-l Kpiw' I hari'h, dr. Sunday, t hr J7lh tail., niornknir and attain*. Tlir. ANNIVKKSAKT OF THE AMEKIIAN SOCIETV for At. |ior?tin? tl.r Condition of tha J ft, will be half in Sabbath innlai Z7tli in?t , at lb* Raf?rtnad Dutch f'barck. Lafayatta plana. nhan tha annual a rm >? aill >a pr*?, Ltd by (bt K?t. tir. Hallay, of Troy, N. V. POMTKAL. AT A HPRCtAI. MEETI NO or THE DEMOCRATIC RrpnMlcaa (.antral (VmBittaa, bald at Tanaiany llall. wrdaaada? tttaia*. April if'.. I Nil. tha following raao Intioaa, na antion of Mr I>. K. Sick led. were unan.aoualy adopted ? Ratal tad. That tba TVint "atic R.piblieaa alaatara af tha ai'y and e< unty of N.w, frttndly to tba u.ayaa at tha party, la fatnr of .nataiaiar tha Caanroailae at unr*., aid apfmard I., tha agitation of th* laljtti af negro ntavary af It a a lata in tba I aitad Stat" I* and that ara haraby iartt ad to aaaamhla la Taaiaiany 11*11. an Friday ryaakng, Afijr.\ at "A, a'alatk, fa* tba purpura af axpraaatag thrir i|tai it af nnti-n to tha (anal Enlargament Itill. an I tbalrai pri <al af tha inaraa of tba Sanat.,r#whe ra*iga*.i tbair ???at? te jraaaat It# kaeon lng a law, and alto to d< uuanra tba ilia ?al nad aa>"B*titalH.aal itMnyt of tha lata Win* L#gi? la'ura ta alaat HaBllloa ) lab to tba Senate af Ibe L'aita*. State#. Ka.nlrad. Tlat a cominittaa af flat bt arpoiaArd htr the Chairman, to Biaba all aaaaaaary a r rang.una at. for bolting an h meeting. Raaolaad. That tbraa reanlutian# and tha aall far tha ?o tingle printad in tha Truth Tallar, Journal af I'.a an raa. Maw ! ? rb II. raid, and Sun. PtedrBt? Miaar.. Mulligan. Ihiuand, l.ihh*y. lOtlon Main Bay . Ilart. Saraee, Jr t??l. Kirklo. Sir than. Hrwler, Ualr, Roi.baa. t raft. Iit'lmaa, Behtll, knkiama, Ailing, . Trott#r Townaend. Kelly Tha Chairman amu.nnoad tba f?l|na-inr aon^nailtaa nad< tha id raa..loll.i? - Mea#r?. SHkl.r, L.bhey, Si hell, Tow a#?ad, and Rtrahan ROBERT J. M 1.1.ON. Chairmaa. Jons lia>H.kTt, J . wretnriaa. LO*T, ?r. IOST IN RRTt'RNINO FROM THE ri'l.TMl HANIC. A (aitharla fnltoa If South atraat. | thfaa no#.fiance. Tha tndar wtjl ?lai?a r. turn tha .ami tn No. .'?! Now la tfaat ar l :irathrni aith tha paytn- tallar, at th' Bank af Nan I 11ST? A I. A ROE I rTTF.K. < ONT.AININH sRVERAf. Id paper.. and dire.t..I to Rl- hard l*loup, h'"t" . I'd ' ?aid. Hnfy, l.nniaehtre. England An? para, n tndin tha >unr. Bill afar a taenf op n the onnar. b? leaving them at No. 9 Utah# atraol, Brooklyn, aad ba rewarded t?i thrir trouble. Ittsr I AST NIC.HT. IN fJOINfl TURtH i.lI ANITA d ' tfrrt to Siath a< ana, Inn rill atraot. to Ninth i am a a 1 Twenty -eighth atraat a drah f tra Coat. a Ith I ha tail oil# A T. A laalde af it. n?ar tha nollar. Tha tinder will b. liberally rawardad It leaving It at 77 Itarr.a -iraai. ot a ? rd whrta it ran Aw oallad fur. fltfN It'll I AR" RE AT .ARIA IT'ST. IN (.Ml Nil FR'IA 1 tha A.tor ll.-a-a to Marh? t rtf at, tu "tt v il Har?. on rtrtma ? f ll.rra bttj. a thraa, and n two Th.?? ..dar mil ra? raita tlu ah. ??p. w-tH hy laatlnyit nt No. I ,A- ? r H'.nar. IN l II \|? - A KEIi or AA KITE I.I. Alt i ? N ? IIERIDE r .ili.M N?,.'t I'.rk hill atipp. ? d to hi., to. n |?.p tr. in a ? *rt. far which an ?>?n.f i? ? inti I AppI* . _ IAS II * At I 1 || If to. IN At Ml MKIir A "kill v t Af VIA M" ay. m nife. t. PA PI' R MAlOI!ia?,At!. fSINF TRENCH P.AI'f.R H A NO I Nt.S, DRCOR ATWANS. kt Th ..a In want of tha ahoro artleire rbaald aatodbl r* la look tlr nrh nnr a.t*hll?hment. it thatr intara.t, an? laata mar ha btat taarnl* t br a tall TIIOA fAflttll. Ma Paarf rtaa.-t. bataran Madlann and Ckathaai. fAi rn II>N(1IN(.S H1AMI1 r.ARRS A CO., NO. 87d l'?arl ftt-ai, ar* a. ? pr. |>ar?d to aahlbit ill thai a. w do. oo of t r n. h ?a I A n??riri n f'apar Maanara, oma Lriaia* t ? rl< ha t ?ayl.? af ?r.|d, talaaf. and aaAti da.-or* " n# lop draniai fo..m?. ?n l ah* anb and markla I malt far dtnlnr r. tna. hall#. It? at.- h th*y > lhr whulo#*!# ?nd ra at th# IvWo.t Barki t i M'ei Inparlor woTkarn bit .a fl ?r.l to liana tho Rapar*. ?? | rirtii rn i i ami rtn r hanoer -aa anted a 1 ?' lot rit. ?(.*.>. ..i.i.l I ph. !.?? r. r to in h mi ana .? I ? rnant ntto n Bay AtM at JOHN ? H I I ARS'^ MV J alv.a rim Miraktja. (.Aill NIt?IN AA'Al.l NARIir A "AfAI.I, STROP AffA r n,y. ahifhtli ??ii i , ;.a ha.. >y ap| lym* at .fit A lit

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