Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 28, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 28, 1851 Page 1
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\ THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6761, MORNING EDITION MONDAY, APRIL 28, 1851. PRICE TWO CENTS. uroi?im ___ BO WERT THEATRE.?BOXES, 28 CENTS) PIT, .^?S'dl Of ehMtr* Bum, a? ??nu.?Monday evening. April 3*, will be repoatad, ia lv? tableaux. afraid xpectacle. SSKlS?"* w't'1 ?"nd* and .tarUing ?fc?U, eadlod the <OUMT Ok' MONTB-CRISTO?Kdmnnd DaiUw, Mr. B. i?r Jj M or roll, Mr. Joha.ou; Dangian, Mr. Steven,; Old baatea, Mr. Milan*; Mom Ftllefort, llr. Tllton; Abba Jxrta, Mr. K. L. Tllton; Faraaad, Mr. Hamilton. Albert. Mr. H. Jordan; ('aderouea. Mr. Wlnaaa; Max Morrell, Mr. Poor: Merced**, ML", VFemyno; Harder, Mia* S. Doula; Madam* da VilJeiort, Mrs. Jordan; Ilia Mtrua, Mra. Wnleot; Ma tilda, Mm, llithrt ffOURTON'S THEATRE?t'HAMBRRS STREET, REAR "J od City Hall.? Boxci, Draaa Circle, and Parquatte SO aoatai Family Circle, 25 eante; Oreboatrx Santa, 75 ounta.? Bwefit of Iff. T. B. Johaiiton?Monilay evening, April 'isI, vUl be played the an ptviwr drama of VICTOIWNB--M. Alex Aiidre, Mr. J.W. Lwiur; Mr. Bonassus, Mr. Burton; Blaise, Mr. Johnston: Victorian, Mm. Ku**?>l Tho snturtainin^nts *onKi*?ce *t ith DHLICATK GROUN D?Cituen Sangfroid, J? 1'aulins. Mnt. Nfconvtt. To conelutle with the SCHOOL FOR TIG BRH--Captain Kitetlj-r. Mr. Jor dan; Major St it!, Mr. Uolman; I'nucls, Mr. Johnston; Alex ander Panels. Mm. Koe*?U. WATHTNAL TWHATRE, CHATHAM STREET? BOXES, Pit, liHj cents; J'rirato Boxes, $6. Moore o^en at 7; curtain rteee at half-past 7 o'clock.?Monday eve Fox: Suit-man Kli.%n, Mr. Mill**?; OauUx, Miss E. Me itajor; ofthe murdered Zoiitah, Mr*. IfautonvilU-; Acratoon, Mttlvinu; Abdnldnr, Mr. If. Seymour; Okba. Mr. Dunn; .Kawla, Mrs. II. I*. Grattnn. The entertainments to colu ?sneiico with the farce of SERVANTS BY LEGACY. BAFNUMS AMERICAN MUSEUM.?P. T. BARNUM, Proprietor a nd Mana/cr M<?n?l*v afternoon and evening ?*t the earliest solicitation of numer ?u* families, the beautiful comedy of TI1E SERIOUS FAMILY? Aiuinadab Sleek, Mr. tladaway; Charlea Torrcus, Mr. C. \V. Clarke; Capt. Murphy Mafuire, Mr. lleuklns Mra. Ormaby Delmaint, Mils Chan znan. In the af> '-moon, at 3 o'elock, for the first time in this country, a laughable domestic drama, entitled A VILLAGE TALE?Tony R loom field, Mr. Kent. To conclude n Ith THE MISERIES OF HUMAN LIFE? Mr. Ally Cronker. Mr. Kent. ' lldrei und Admission to the Museum, 123 oonts ; oMIdrvn under 10 years ?of age, 112V* cents. Parquet and Dress Circle, Id1, cents extra. FELLOWS' MINSTRELS, AT FELLOWS* MUSICAL Hall, No. 4!t Broadway, between Howard and Grand streets. Open every night during the week. The eelobrat< d original and well knoan Fellows Minstrels, "comprising an efficient and versatile corps of tuleutcd and experienced per formers," under the direction of J. d. Fellow#, whose con certs in this city for the last year have been received with the greatest favor by the elite and fashion of this $reat me tropolis. Their concerts consist of Jlnrl< ttque Italian Opera Scenes. Witty Snyiugs. Solos, Duetts, Chorussee, Dancing, And Performances. On W ednesday and Satur day afternoons, a grand concert for the accommodation of ladies and families, commencing at 3 o'clock P. M. Admis sion 26 ceuts. Doors open at 7, to commence at 3. AC AK D. ? BOWERY THEATRE.? ON TUESOAY evening next, A pril 2'th, 1*31, will take place the benefit of I. P. Waldron, Trwasnrer, who respectfully informs his friends and the public generally, that on the above named occasion (his hem fit) will be acted the successful f*M*t*clt of MONTE CRISTO? Kdmond Dan Us, Mr. Eddy; Mercies, MissWcuiyas?with ths first act of ROBERT MACAIRE ? Robert Macnirc, Mr. Stephens; Jaoquos Strop, Mr. Jordun; Marie, Mr*. Jordan. DODGE'S ENTKRTAINMKST.-VR. OSSIAN E 1 I>udjr., tin- " Boaton Vocallat," having been ur^-aMy ? by in, editorial friea l, to Kirs ua. of hi, > h.-to, I ?nioa?, 8na fMbinnabl. entertxiDmont. In tlii, city, pr?,ton? ' tu bL? departure f.r Loudoo, to ?tteud to. World, f'slr?ii? ADoounc. with |lc? - u c, that ba ha. .? n ,;:?rr i Uia int^irtttoent md world renowned Triplor Hall, ernnlnx. April I ITS. Mr. L'odjse will, on till, ooca.ion, tiug hit un*juallril, buDorou., dc?crii>tive Fifty Dollar Priie Son., written h, John G. 8ax., Ka.| , editor of th. liurliu^ton ( V t.l Sentinel. Ticket*. 50 cent, cwh ; to be had at the principal llnio Store., Cenin'a Hat Stcr*. and nt Triplor Hall. Door* open at a quarter 7. aad th. .ntertaiumant to continence at j a quarter before r o'clu.k, For particular, see programme. I ieu at the hat utorea, mn.ic .tor.., and hotel.. 1* S.?A* | xwentT-brc bnndreil tlehet. hare twon .ecurcd for delezation* , from f'ortland, lie., 1'ort.moath, N. II . Boaton and letwell, Mae.., aad I'ruvid.neo, K. I., (aawlil be axon by the Boaton i ??|?r? ) citta.n. of Mew Yoi it ar. MMtfullr ur^ed to be at ' tha Hall at ia curly an hour aa convenient, for tho ohoice of i eeata. P.9. No. 2 ?Feraon, having baalnu** with Mr. D., I -will nud bim at the Irtia* llonae, between to, hour*of 1 and ?J P. M. ?VENINGS WITH BROTHER JONATHAN.?SECOND call from the public?three nlghta mMn.?Doet-r Valentine, the delineator of ecei-ntrlo character,, in compliance a ith nemeroc, re'ine.ti, will aire three entertainairat* at tb? Society Library, eorner of Brand way and Leonard rtreet. on Monday, April Tu.a day, 2V: aad, 90. Hi*entertainment will ennaut Oi tre*ka, folly, and foibta*, with quee r, quaint, quUikal, and quarrelw uki folk., lntcr.perw-d with muaical akrtoha*..tearn boattripe. rta*e traveller*, old maid., learned ignorant we enrn, voun, children, rarlon* law eaa.a, old men and angle rvrnt ?omra, dvbatin* .oatrttea. Long Ir an i fnlk*, *aatitn<Xtil nnd training tune muoie; all aort. of qu.ier voice*, and cu rion* face., pacing rapidly into nil lurti of people; little boy, at .cbool, Unng.rtaa linger., an 1 a little of everything and rvervbndy. To Matai.n*. | r. ' i?ely at eight > clock. TivkcUadmtUieg a gentleman and lady, 50 cm.; liiie*' ex tra ticket*, TScent*. Franklin hlrbtw. 179Chatham stjUARE.?geo LEA, Sole Proprietor.? Aduiueion ? ia Privata Boxe*, IW cut,; Stage Seat.*, 57S cent*; Hogra, &\ cental Par quet, I2W oont*.?Ki.ji vct Saloon perfortnauc' , every After ?dr aoon ana Evening. Entertainment* commonr. in th* after- 1 ?M at 3 o clock, and in th. cv.nin* at half pa?t 7. Th* ? antert?inm?iic ?r? varied ar.d >.l.ct, aad*acb Mean b* mt at no other ala'-c of amneement In New Fork, eooai.ting of Lea'* Female Ethiopia* (Jp< r* Troupe, numbering fifteen perform.ri, being the iarie.t and at the ,amn time th* ami > talented band iu th* Cnlted State., a troupe of Model Ar ti?t? ?ho are eeloeted for their beaut* and figure, and wh* Jberaonat* a nwuiber of beautiful tableaux, tak.a from th* pcrture* n< mint nod modern tim.,; * company of Arab <i!rl?, who go tbroagh a variety of f.?t, of atrength and dexterity; Madame K. -aline, the only Female Juggler In th* . World: a of Male and F.mnl* Arti.ta, wit* willgiv* an exhibition of Marhl* Statuary aaeqnalled in the world, together with a variety of intonating p-cformane*. .very *lC*raocn aad aveatag. Far partienlar, bill* of aaob day. I PANORAMA OF CHINA FOR SALE.?TIIE SUB icfiber, having painted a beautiful panorama of th. manner.. ru?tntna, acenery, fito., ?l the Interior of th* C'hiaeee empire, (ia nil,) at a coat of SV**>. and not having tim. or money t. exhibit K. offer. It for .a' m?u.y t. rxh iwt K. Offer, It for ?alr for about on? lialf the amount. The, panorama ia differ-at from all othcrx, ? being pain'.d in all rolcra. hy a atudent of the le>n Ion Royal ; Academy, la an neenrate aad raaaterly manner, containing " ed, *f"" " " - ? ? bundrea. of life wxe flgnree, beautifnllv painted. If nut di? m<*ed of at pelvai" it will be .old without remrve, nt am tina. on the fith ? f May, at eli^ht o'clock, P. M . I,* M ..r?, Cooler it O*, llrotdway. where it will be vaiiibiiod to thoa. wh. with to 1-ur.iba'*, In th. meantime the uut may be examined by applying to W. M. C lOffUT, No. HW Wil iiam at reel, ?* w COClLET It CO. Broadway, turner of White .treat. CASTLE GARDEN.?THIS BEAUTIFUL AND POPH lar place i. now .pea fur th. renption of viMter. daring ?h? day. Th* vi-w from the gallcrie. of the ?; leadid (cenery *f onr noble bey and harbor, na* not an eqaal in th* world. A luii.toon 1J 4 HMI AmriH-Micvr* in phii<adri.i>hia. Harm mr m rpi m, rniuMUfRU -f t. iur nniti, li. BaktfFaril, Aa?iata?t Mtnaier ? B*rotid ?wk of tb" R?f?r? aad ' n'ram Inf t'ltlii,.?? it, tlnu trmad tin " Hr"Hi# " wltn?a??d an I adinind by thouaand* of 11 <- rltm in t Piill t !? I yt.ta for th? paat we*. It la Mti**Ally a priraorb of beauty. Will |Ih ba p. r f* rift' d thia ft k lM wtllik railed " I,n*f, l.aae. an I Jltjale," " IVea. ot?d at <," " H *ak !'? iota," t" . with I nil in* by M a F. M nrr- n. and Mr. V. IftlUMll. Th? p r f-rinaa. oa in the aflar?o*a are wp?w<Mlhi aoit c latitat F?r i, tli* Hated of Vottdi vllle*. ivtite popular Mildi.a, eharanlnr Dam ??. ba Tl.r the ttim. .and and i i> run iat'1 if th* apart ona ^a! maa at* full ?f Intnra.t, itaMH t? ?????* and una perf.r^ame 38c*aW; ? Mldraa tndirun> ?r? II'4 cent a. RCI BTRlt'T THF.ATRP. -P* |f>AAt.B r?>K RENT iai the above Theatre. for ??? r't>i (ha ln>i?aMl aAftl. wAI le reveitrtd ?a ur b. f >r? Map n??? \ Mreaa, A IlKANStiH, 61 Markvt atra.'t rati.anntNi*. Afrit 8. IVII A TKA^KM-KHA* Ul IDH. MEW V"KK ANIl PHI I'A DPI I'll I * ? NEW TORE aari PMtMpFM iHrwt Baltad IHakl Mall 1.Inn.? Thrnnpli la dj| h?nra, *la Ni* Jtraep M?llr*? I. Fan m due, | tn A-! lar Vr-t- laaa, and (2 3?f r e*ai ? | rtaaa. Laaaa New Vnrt at i. A M , from I I nf I ?tirtla I ? ??*,?.: an.| at i A M and Al" M . fmai ftmt *f|4k*rty atf* t I.. e?j Phila Aalpltla at* aad 9 A. M. Bud A I'. M . f o the (out of M at. aatNfl. ,/UIIUFN AND AMB"V EAIi n<M? LINE PR 'M \y Nur Furl t? Philadelphia I ea? ? pier No. I VartF Hi??r. l y a"? 'mat JOHN POT1 PH laraiat l Ira, nt r at'atxk, A M : Aft-towa l.ine, at 4 r'cloek. P M. fans h* adthrr Hun >.i, f rward dork. EaUraat I Fan it .VI.,.| P. M . far*. 81 M. t HI.HA, taent. ?npo TEAVR!.' ?'*< 00188 MWIII^-NIV tUFItlOl A and trntnft <?*! Ih,?ket**ea ttal'inmr* aad I'redari Ha ham. Rtatmtna. f Ktchnoad and I'. !? r-h>;r?. V. . LnaK %ara, Ta , I.W.S, N C aad Cbarlt'i *a n < THa in'll* lnHflt li li rn, .1 Hint tl Inr.-n aad (ft ndid I >* r.??.ira at. am* r ftnl'ti apt. Al aaaJ.r M i a i-Un l, nttad aa wltfc atatr rnnn ? '"f IJ" b*rtha. and nn nrfaatva in ap*rl Bait a*?*'*"'dnti <n hp hi ???nt'i ..f \ a V ^V. ia n.<t rnanint h*A**.-n lultnimr aad , r k. rla tha m ? tt ofntokk *a l ISiiajr t" nit, la nan"' >a ?t'!i t!i? Ri h naimd and ft !? td. V-t .,r.. and RIHitn nd and Ifetrmbaq patlr*ada. Paaa*aa*ra I ? thta lint Ua.lait rim.rr? ?'ra? drbarf, Italtu >n at A n'H ok. P. M . >.u Tu adnj. aad Frt 1ay?, r. a< I. P - t ,iA dnrr l.? 7. A.M. tb< n at dav Ri'h I hj II, A. M . aad ratrr-'mr* aboat 1, P. M . tr..a ?liitk pnlat tl.'t fr"M' d fnrtl -r a?t tli wFth paaaanfnr* bj It r iraat aiatl l-n?. Thr??;h tl. kata bj t, la anp rti r lta? lat il*?? pa.aar ra fr tu I'.ltim r? t. I'rrdkii.tabart, fd '.n R|.' nu n I 9*, tn Prlrrabnrt. AA M t" t'barl' .'?n, R. C? RtA: I ?ttt* r<" taa aatra (>.r*ar1 ? a'.ia pa? ?nn?rra t" Tt' t ? k?Hir?. laatadln ? aiaalaaad Indalac, Alt ?In. dn. d?v Ki. htn. nd ..r Fd-r l?.f Ad m in ima in. ata and l..d ' P?? fkrtti** inf >rm<ti?a ar plf at t ia P-ntli.rn 'ml. -ad ??fll-a. adj nln* tlia WaahHiat a railroad ? fbir, Pratt atraat < r la I'llAR WORTHtyOTItV. Ja.. Afnl, Balilmnrc Mar-' :?l. If I. I'aramnr ? atmat akaft. RX PitIMR AllKNCII KM. dkc. fnaaanaan.n^.Ana^vwa/ v.. '' " , x Rpmittaj t i' TO S80U88, tiiri.wo. and Rrnttn. i ? I'rafta na aaln fat anv anta*i<k. frn.n (I miliE rtlil. h *111 ba raahadat ar j Uaah in tiin L'nit.d mtaRflvkl. Alan, ,.f turj d> a?idf?lna r.>r*ar l?d al law mt.?. I,y all ibn ?(. r> tn ant p.ri ?f I ir> p?. bp ED W AKlt.d, RA Miuli k roRTraaaatlani. ?a. At AdaaM it IV.?? It, aa I I* Wall atra?t. Rmall parnnla r 'ill I alf | tat Btua A. M. ?f 4ka dap af am III,a .,(, T-rp aMMnar tn Far .a. BP,111't'RI) A < " H. TART RXPREtR Tl? C \l I PORN t \ - Rlarlr i n*-|artra .1 ata?t.r ?bi> I A'd-r'ata/ia 1" tta , fr>l [lit f <ta. far lb : nrtt aklpn'Bl wi I l>* bp ? a ?Btitaatnr-hlk ** I'rriaywti*," nn Mm ! tMl in.t. Malla otaM al 2f4 P. M. f'.r.Ol parral. frntdrtd till I P. M., rn.-k ?tpaa aol I ? ra" aatarpr. f. r etna- I fill 10 I. 8,f Ikbi". Mr ll'tfnrd i 'I 'rr on ? m latlitaua, aad ac coaipaaita our fr i,.bt frnlti rh?.r'< t>> IVinn i No. 2 .tat r II -i > any atrn?t. ABPANt'P.RHtt I A l.iv f t:.u.uOR\R t ti.iriiRNI A T P*f.rr'r ?talrv.r.llnnry tVannt,-It. ? ?>nr noat napraaa ?tilt t.? !? r*?r-lo I by th? aplnn.H I inU, lM .t niaabii PntMtkMI, I >pt?n II M . Jfihn, . >. M >n lar. *-tk A prll Hi?t at .7 I .At. Thia ?'? ? r tn ilin t ? >. r,. t rij dir nt tad l airaa, l.fnra latitat bar a tv. Ni tram* antitn. l'ar. <1' r land antll ?!<? ttmrnU ? It ? itmitirpi day ?f aaiMMi. *kf latlrra tttifll I' v c i, , l ?k|ok ?toat Itt all ran ? at trait p'rf?itlp * ' h raa.f> mat ba t n ?l lw-if't I!? 'at in I'.ra, (? f-o II.msa rhar at mad*. !'? r paaaatn ? c fr !_?!?? I , I .* IV .tnat' a?. katlap A| rdid Br*. uBiOl, dl ' *1*1 'l ?' " TBoMi'?nS v itita ii. "< r. Vtnipti a#J A<*!?', lit r?atUt, c*ca*r ?( Wall it. AJTUBKHKira. _ BROADWAY T1IEATRB ? E. A. MARSHALL, SOLE Leases; C. 11. Barrett, Manager.?Monday evening, April 2*, will hs preaeated the grand roioaotlo, ore-ratio, ftUry speo twsla of the VIHON Of TUB SUN-Korsn. Miae Anderlon; Tasmar, Mr. Whiting; Onltaapao, Mr. Hairlx; Tyeobrnc, Slg ?or Carlo: Cenil ef the Harp, MUe OUvla; Ruaae, MUe A. Gougenbeiin; Cnssana, Mre. leherweod. Previous to the ?neitaele, the new eomody railed A MORNINU CALL?Sir Hdward Ardent, Mr. Conway; Mre. CbUlington, Miee Ander toa. Doors opea at 7 o'clock, curtain riaee at haU past 7. Drees circle and parquet, 40 eents; Faulty and third oirolce, 24 oente; Gallery, ltf4 cents. Private boxes, $4 and $6. NIBI.O'8 C A RDHN?MANAOER MR. JOIIV SEITOV. Tickets, 60 cents; Private boxee, $4. First night of the farewell engagement of the wonderful MUe. Caroline Kous set end her three listers, Thereeine, Adelaide and Clemen tine. First night of Mr. and Mrs. Sloan. Tuesday evening, April 29, Overture, Zsnetta, by Auber. To be followed by the laughable piece of LOLA MONTHS?Count Mufienutf, Mr. J. Sefton; Michael Hrowshy, Mr. Sloau; Katherine Kloper, Mre. Sloan; Zephiriai Joll-jaiiihn, Mrs. John Sefton. To conclude with the grand ballet, entitled CATARI N A. ou La Rolue dee Bandits?Cetarlna, MUe. Caroline Kuuseet; Count Berino, MUe. Adelaide Houeeet; Fra Diavolo, Mone. Jean Koueeut. No performance on Thursday. BROUGHAM'S LYCEUM, BROADWAY, NEARBROOMB Street.?Drues eiri'le and par<i<iat, 30 oente; Family cir cle, 29 cents; Orchestra stall seats, $1; Private boxes, $A. Doors open at 7; to begin at 7% o'clock. Monday evening, April 2s, the performances will eommenoe with the ROUGH DIAMOND? Cousin Joe, Mr. Raymond; Margery. Miss Kate Horn. Pas Styrlenne, by Mile.],. Ducr-Rarro aud Mr. O. W. Smith. To be followod hy the DEVIL IN PARIS?Count Vanillc, Mr. Brougham; llcnry de BoausoletUe, Mr. Palmer . Mies M. Taylor. To oonolude with A Ri>W AT Till l.YCI I M?The .Manager, Mr. Brougham; The Stage Maun ger. Mr. Lyuno. Mrs. II.. Mrs. Brougham. MK If-ANICS1 IIAI.L, NO. 472 BROADWAY, ABOYB (irand Btrcot.?Open every night during the week until further notire. '1 he original aud well known CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS, compel ing an efficient and versatile "oorpa" of " talcnti d " and *" experienced performers," under the management of E. P. Christy, whose concerts in this oity, for a succession of " Hve yeurs," have been received with favor by highly roFpcrtahle and fashionable audiences. Tick, ts 24 cents. Doors open at half-past six, commence at eight o'clock. An Afternoon Concert will be given on Sa turday next, May 3rd, for the aorommodation of Ladies and Juveniles, commencing at 3 o'clock, P. M. On Saturday oveuing next, May 3rd, annual benefit of M. Mitchell, National academy of design.?tiie twevty sixth Annual Exhibition of the Academy is now open to the pnhlie. at their Galleries, No. ''sl3 Broadway, opposite Bond street, froin D A. M. until 10 P. M. Admittau. e 25 cents; season tickets, 40 eents ; catalogues, 12>i cents. By order of the Council. J. H. SHEGOGUE, Cor. Secretary, N. A. STFYVESANT INSTITUTE, FIRST FLOOR, NO. 049 Broadway, nearly opposite to Bond street.?New Or leans Serenaders? O. II. Swaiuc, J. 11. Collins, J. C. Rainer, M?-ter Ole Hull. J . Buckley, K. B. Buckley, and M Shall mar?every evening. Doors open at 7 o'clock; commence at 8. Tickets 24 eeats. ~\TAUXH.VLL GARDEN IS OPEN FOR THE SEASON. SHIPPING. STEAMER AMERICA -FOR SALE, BERTH No. DO IN the steamship America, to sail from Boston on Wednes day next,otlth in,t. Apply to Wm. lloge It Co., No. W Wall street. I30R LIVERPOOL?UNITED STATES MAIL 8TEAM ship PACIFIC, Captain K Nye. Thie steamsliip wIU depart with the mails for Europe, positively on Saturday, May lifth, st 12 o'clock M., from her berth at the foot of Canal street. No berth secured until paid for. All letters must pass through ths Post Ctlloe. For freight or passage, having unequalled accommodations for elegance or comfort, apply bo EDM D. K. COLLINS, V, Wa'.l street. Positively no freight will be received on bonrd after Thursday evening. May nth. The steamer ARCTIC will auooeed the PaoIAe, ana sail May 24th. THE BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL Mail .Steamships between New York and Liverpool di rect, aud between Boston and Liverpool?ths Boston ships only railing nt Mslifas, ts land nnd receive mails mud pas sengers. ARABIA, Capt. . AFRICA. Capt. Ryris. PERSIA, Capt. . EUROPA. Capt. Lott. ASIA, (.'apt. J'udkins. NIAGARA, Capt. Stent. AMERICA, Capt. Shnnaen. CANADA, Capt. Harrison. CAMBRIA. Capt. I.riteh. Tbrse vessels carry a clear white light at mail head; green on starboard bow; red on port bow. America, from Boston .... ... Wednesday, .'kith April. Asia, " New York Wednesday, 7th May. Niagara, " Boston Wednesday, 14th 'r F.uropa, " Nsw York Wednesday, 21st " Cambria, " Boston Wednesday, ink " Africa, " New Fork Wednesday. 4th Juns. Canada, " Boston Wednesday. 1 Ith " Asia, " New York Wednesday, Hth " America, " Boston Wednesday. 2.4th " Passage from Nsw York or Boston to Liverpool, first cabin, $121). Passage from Nsw York or Boston U Liverp >ol, sesond eabin, >70. Berths not secured until psid for. Freight * 111 be charged on specie beyond an amount for per sonal expenses. As experienced Surgeon on board All letters and new,papers must past thrnngh the Pset Offlco. Per freight or passage, apply ?o E CUNARD, Jr.. *t Broadway. French. German, and other Foreign Goods, received and brenght in rominon with British Goods. Through bills ol biding are given in llatre fur New York. No second class passengers taken after first May, until far ther notice. I N'DF.I'ENDFNT THROUGH LINE?OPPOSITION T? 1 '"1 ha only Through Line."?Direct to Chagres.?The in dependent steamers, carrying Ucrford hi Co.'a Express Mail from New York to Chagres in eight days, are:?The Proms tiirue. the North America, and the Brother Jonathan. TV as fact steamers connect at rsuama with ths nsw steamers Sea Bird. Indepsndsncs, New Orleans, Union, i'srile, Che sapeake, New York, and Monumental City. Ths faro fbr through tickets from New York to San Francisco is lens than by any othor line For choice of bertha, apply to BERTORD ft CO., 2 Vesey ?tro? t. Aster Hunan. INDEPENDENT LINE TO CUAC.RE$-4)N TUBiDAY 1 14th, at III AM , the fs?t steamship (North America will leave IV r 4, N.R . for Cha r- .. Sko mad ths last trip fr-m New Grleans to this c ity in sis days and twenly hours, about 2 I?i' miles?which is the sailing distance fr iu New York to ( hagrce. and it i- expected she will make the trip to Chagres iu sewn days, tier passeag- rs will be landed iu I'liagr < by 25d inst., 1, siing tin in nun Hsyi to cross the Isthmus to I'ansmn. so as to tsks the eteamar of 1st M?y from I'anaiua for San I raatlsro. A few stale rooms and cabin tickets re nte in unsold, also s few st- rage tickets, nt 8KKI'iiKI) ft CD'S., No. ] Astor Hoaso, Vasoy etroot. IJOR CHAGRES DIRECT-TUB NEW DOUBLE EN gine steamship I'rometheua. Capt. II. W. Johnson, wHI make one m re trip to Chngres. before taking her pla-e on the Nicaragua roots, and will leave New York lor Chagres direct, from Pier No. 4, North llivar. on M-.nday, ths 2 tb April inst., st .1 it'clto k I' M. Fur freight or passage, hnrlng sxieHent accommodations, spply to 1). B. ALLEN. 9 nattery plecs. PASSAC.E FOR CALIFORNIA.?'TIM FAST OOUItl.E fn .1 nr ,1. imi.hii< PROMETHEUS, t'apt. II tv. Joha nna, will l. nv* N< ? 1 nrk f?r i U.:r?< dire' I, Iron IN. r V?. < North HO. r, i n M i. l*). the ItMI. April, lilt., At lu'olo. k, mnklngo u* mere tup to l'l.i./r. ? tof .rt taking Iter pUu* ia u.? Mvtrtgua route. For eholr* "f l.ertlx apt I* ?? I UOMI'SON at III iVlfi Mi K, 149 I'rAfl atrect, corner ol H'aII ?tn ? t. PAC1TIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANV-(ONt.F tbroi ,h lino fur (nlif.?rnia Ami OregonJ.?The p. Mi* ? re iniormcd that nailer the hear arrangement of tiilf C?tA* piny. *?? amera l?*p?ted and I by the V.?y IV inrfmrnt, and 'arrylng th? I'nit ?<! Sfatei mail? will r ,n. tin ?* to Ira re I i una and San Fran ? i?. .? the lat and Ilk d f ra-l. m nth, antra* detained hr uuarm.table vut de..l,nn<l will i at Ampul ?<?, s ,n Hi .? ., and Mooter-p. 11 e foil ?ir . ?.am pachrta E?|..njnf t-> tha I'm ?A* M ul I.I tlio I'arin", one ??( which 8l- .m.l t I .piny, are nnw will!. ait la b.rt at taA r?4 if the r .uto ? OK ICON I.iwtfin*. KEPPIILH? t 3?t?nt. | PANAMA I.iatj ton a. t'A It'll.I N A I tl l(i i;NIA,. . I.ii**itea*. I "l.l.'NIIVS tPMtona TA.SM.Nf EE 1 ..'niton* I a I III! i a ?Via*. I K< mill RN AH. .1.3W I m. I'MHUiJI lk?i nt COl.l' M III A m*i*. FREMONT dai tun* AM El HIE ? t-r. ? The new eOamtkip I'OI.PMIIIA will plr >. i ? n *ii Frimda*.. ni. I |? rt< in Or. a n. Awaiting At th ! ri rprt the arriial of the rtnlleniid | . en. r-Ir n Pan* . ? . I - ? tnrnir t nltl not 1 lay < ith i .? mail* .*? d pa* -n4. r* for tin ateam.rlr m *a? 4 ?#?? '? A r griar lln- of or | iler* will En *? -nt np r .r tba 'na* p Allien i f freight and tran-i. i.t , ia* ,i< r? Lrtw a Pa> ? an a m l "*? Frnatt*o*> 1 l.e a*11 knew n ?'eamai ip SA IIAII S ANDS, af I '?" t? ? ? knrtl. n, thWWtind r <h*rt~r to tl.. v, *.? 1 p I .r $ ?at*, a ill fa t..? . . dl-ii* In I I r ' a nrrnn; n at*, a be kept rann.nj A# :.n ea'ra family I ? t. t?< ? th# al ? *e -? nmer* will fa"*p up''?* eoanerUea bo te- ? n A. tpeh" and the other Mi atean p .ft*. Tl i ? nee Map in th* Atlanta* will t * m ?. .' In I y '.he Halt ? statea mail Iran ?.Mp* (*f MKOtA ton*. f'R? *1 rNTf'tTT I Na?-OOA Ol!ln, fllEKOklC . . I.Wton* AM I*I KI i ITT, 2.itn l?na. PUILAI'E.I.I'HI A. I.IM 'oa< Leafing .Sew ). rfa fur Ch nacre* on ?>?* lit i an I ftlid *a h nv ? * ii. I he ptW If.amal.ip* FX DORADO pal FAfcTON wiR frrm a direrl lin* 1-twe-n New Orlr* ? an I ? ha *r??. >i ii ? at rnrh p?rf.d* ar will inaiire a* H'tle drt *nit ?? a* pea ?itl? ? ti tl.e lathaiaa, and forming with the t'acila ateam * .iI ? a 'hr ti h Una ? aa4 fr in V <* Or! m?. , i I porta la Mean o, t 'alle rnia and Or -f n. Pa?#ige? 'r?tn New Orl-aa* ran I ? ? ? urred fruin Armitruag. l.awria.a * C* . .<? nc*. at ti at plarr. II * far f"f f'irwaah ticket* tx ? ,i HpW Tcfl t? Saa Ffan I*,,. I *? I... n r -dai d fr m ?*?'. in rfate r?, to 'N'-rt. *-*.*?. in I .wrr nfalai t? >Atl. f.l". In etrerage, to |W, TT r rate* frem N*w T?rk M rsa-e*?w"'l s* gtt(i?1aw?al ad. 11. I; ? m *af* tea aaief f>. >w ? -n titoao pert*. ? r rh'di of 1 rt apply a' th - efR e of the t' an I ."5 S..n?h ?tr 't, and at tl.r.f ag-ney. 177 fafeat e'rert tlOR SAN I RAM I Si O AND ORKOON-tXT KA TAM! r ly Strom r. Mn lit Jon*. P.* tl.a nly thronth n frn?i Pat ama t.i S'.n Fran*. ??. The**'! kn..*? and fnt< r rlt* e'oai .*r RARAH PANos. l,a?*i toi *. hu nt m-*t ?< t ir.eier nn I wfornient aeroaimndnti .*.? f*f fami |e?-*rn* rnte atat. in b*th ealn n and aee..n l cabin trill h 4rep;?|. I.rd Er tl.e I'oetlir Mail Stram*! B Oempany, at Ike let Jin. from I'anatna. llrr latr trip from San Fr n i* # a a a p. rfnrterd In twenty . ne days. H're *|U be mdy to r eeirern benrd. Immediately an fh.irarelral in I'Aaaatm tA* per* nger* Int* i Mr* t*> ro by haf, an I l.y l*arin* New Vork In the at. am. r dhli n will lie de-i *t-h ' th* m*d I' ? >f May. tn e. nn??t with her. and he aeaiiing nf the red i ? ( rate* f rer?, they will *e< nr# i - rtatnty and aewwamy off r* I by a > ar F..r Uaket*. whlen will h"- do th* *alo..r ?A?'fr -n I anan.a t?i Sin FMwrlaea, in tke Al rabia, AlHl 'r< HI I'e rBla l > Saa Frnr-t*'.., *np?y t ? ALL. i I llnn i.ANIi A ASi'lMTALL. blaal MS. othatrwet. F OR SAN FRA7* i'ISITE- f M: *T A'F.SSEI. ?Till NRW . and 11 raid . f'ppef i1 ip nT. THOMAS, ran tak* a total 1 uii?r.tily nf ligiit fii ight ind I'.of nam* "trr*. F H BUTTON ft Co., sd (fell atreai. F F.RRV EOAT run BAI.R f-R RXCfflANOR.- A ?wloall* fi rry Emt, -? tunning fr .m I'i*-m ?m t, (,.. t, I, iler* aeorly new, lira'! *4 M. drkf' nf Wat. r nd It. i*if. t erpaty. Alt*, a f- rrr ' t wonted top r. ?rhanye, . I eonnl Ew Ir- ?a < t eonai elre. Ewt of (iel.t SraO f wavy. Ad I II A K l.l.s Will rEHFA IP. .11 N .-1*1. .fr t. rsfin BAI.B-TDR.. KF.A1 TIFUI SCtlOONRH TAf'HI _ I.I..It I y \u r ISroi A II II. ? f -? I rill e Otil 1*1111.1. an.l 1.1 I T'. > r . r T r: irtl. n'pFR ? , I I M"NT A ao?Nt K. tl tl 1 .treat W.fall, l o AT FDR Stir ir at.- w Kf?* She |* ?-?.I* rr*? rat rill SAIL lln t ' f . t."i|, , e F ,i Era *nd ? terf f??t ahilir. Apply h" k f NRt '?A*. ?* md ?? ? i ? ' 1 ' ''r '' : ?> ' ? It 1 .*?/ Di U". ' *t V?att Kf'tl ya. |?fl NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. Trouble with Mexico. Waiiiijiotc*. April 27.1801. It appears that a formal complaint ha* is-on made by the Mexican government In consequence of the repented Indian outrage* on their frontier. By the treaty with Mexico, the United State* agreed to protect the frontier tx tween thla country and Mexico, from Indian aggres sions. Congrr**, It will be remembered, at the last session failed to make the appropriation asked by the War De partment for this duty, and it consequently baa not bocn performed. Mexico now request* ua to ratify tbeTchuan tepec treaty, unlet* the provisions of the peace treaty are carried out. Mr. Webster probably hastened his arrival here incon sequence of this difficulty. The President, if he deems the matter of sufficient importance, may order the troeps to be paid out of the secret service fund. Yeiy Interesting; from Mexico?Tlie Nation In Dlffirulty, die. Knv UiLUiii. April 25, 1861. The bark Cbarlea Loden bas arrived from Vera Cruz, with Mexican paper* to the bib instant, from which w? earn that Congress was in session, und that a propositi on had Uen made in the lower house, which would probably be assented to iu the Senate, to coutiuue the session till uftcr the loth. Mexico appears to be in a desperate condition, anl none of her public men seem disposed to hazard their reputations in an attempt to restore her prosperity, (ieurral Arista, a ho had management of the Treasury for a short time, gave it up as a hopeless task. Addressee had been issued to the commissioner* of the different wurds in the capital, to ascertain the number of foreigners in the city, together with an aceouut of their nationality, character, employment. he. A bill bad also been introduced, to abolish the tubacoo monopoly. The Indians in Chihuahua were suing for peace. The working of the Mexican mines was attracting the attention of capitalists. Jenny Llnd Insulted At Pittsburgh, <kc. ITttssihum, April 26,1851. Jenny Lind a concert iu this city last night yielded 16.0CU. Seme mischievous boy* threw a few pebbles into the window of Jenny's dressing room, and at her car riage. on her return homo?consequently she left for Bal timore this morniug. instead of singing, as announced. This has caused great disappointment and regret, a* some bumlnds of persons came to the city on purpose to hear her. The Tittsburghers all greatly grieved. However, nothing less than the insulting of the most amiable t<u<< n of Rong could lisve been expected from the chil dren of those (>eople who were silly euough to elect such a craxy prrsou as Joe Barker to the mayoralty. Fatal Powder Mill Kxplosion. Mavcii Cut,"*i, I'a . April 27,1851. The powder mill owned by Messrs. Dormotzcr, in Ma honing Valley, three miles from Leliighton, known as Harlan's mills, rxplodi d on Friday. Cue rnuu was killed, and two were badly wounded. Intelligence from the Atlantic Slope of South America. We hate received advices from Kio de Janeiro to the 7th ult , and Buenos Ayrvs to thw 2d. The opiuion in well informed circles in Rio is. tliit there will be war between Buenos Ayres ami Brazil, and that preparation* are making for such an event. The Brazilian government had issued its treasury note* for four millions of doilsrs. >1 e learn from Bueuos Ayres, that Qeueral Rosas again talked of resigning. The subject was under the con sideration of the Chamber of Representatives, aud would probably result a* before?in the withdrawal of the re signation. The trouble between Brazil and Buenos Ayrus, as we have already mentioned, will soon reach a head. Ac cording to the advices from the coutiueut of Kurop*. the Brsxillnn government were making an etfort to g;t soldier* from that quarter. One of the English papers contain* the following letter, of the 8 111 instant, from Hamburg The Brazilian government's agent Is slill recruiting fn m the soldii r? of the late Rchlnswig llolstein army, and succeeds pretty well, though Kosns' consul tried to dissuade them Two vessels, the liiunhurg and the Danzig, with 500 lueu on board.-ailed last Week and the wiek before and a third, the Cesar tiodefToy. with about UlU. is to follow iu the course of this. Oidnauco aud accoutraAleuts, too. are to b<- shipped, with utlier warlike stoti? aud wagon*. The Renal* might have prevented nil tin s.- doing-, there having been law* enacted for tliat man) years ago. and there i? no doubt the poth-a ?minorities would have Interfered, if any Ih-rtuan or foreigu p?wer had raised objections against it; but it appiar* that, on the contrary. Austria and I'ru-ota con nived at it, and tin- representative* kept their own eoniiM 1. I'm ate individual-, who took the matter in tin ir band*, and uuido representation* to the aullnriliea. qu< til g the als-ve no utioin a laws, were put off under various pretext*, si d have at last petitioned the deuale. but tbiy will probably receive aiabigu<u< answer*, if any after tin- aruuiai-ut U over and all the vessel* .ire out it teach. Alio*l.i r titiplhli piper intcre-t nl In South American ITnir- (litea the following account *f the pi fion of Rum, UrihtJ fi < m l-ii jfli.- h aotircwa In Ihirnoa Ayrci:? The latent a-lviri a NMlfnl from the Hirer Plutte c ?B tain matter of cotwImport Mice Kfrnla w-ra lih< Ijr to Iran'pin. nn.l fltira the departure of th laat pncki-t may hart taken pi*. e, o| ? character lik ly to itbctgtnri i lial.g ?in the p latin- poatttnii* of the h-l llgi nut I urine In the flr-it place, Oenotiil Orlhc, who ct tuBiatiU> tin i ii % ii Mi : army of th-ncral R->*a In t ire tlm anil- of Mufit< v!4ao oaa tutferiuf uad*T a coBiplieatloa -t dic-Mir*. frotn alilrli he an.- not likely to recofrr. He ha* be* n'Ubj?ot for many year* to a m*la-ly which. mi Bar ot lat? r. t? in* *rl.,i>ly mial. Tin - nuUa-ly ha*, for m *n ral tn- nth - jn*t. im r*-a*i d in Inter, ity, an i tin- ?uf 1.1 iiv I?ca. i Hud by it, UU!Iill * 1st. -I by the *ty' of ! r ti g inibiti a! to ili:* chief. Intra #o utt.-rly ilaatroyt-4all Mtuitif Jl^oiioii. that li ? iv *'niltne t to a perfectly In I pic * Mate It wna Willi the utui-t difficulty that fi* <1 c 1 tie nlmlatrt* r< .1 to hill! Bad It w*a only by the ?I plicate n of I. t f no-ntitkn* to the -laniwh that it roc: I la- rt lain* -I win n t -eir. .| ||<*> medical attrn toot bad no longer ai-v hop* ?? t lit* r.-eori-rp and In all pr o > il-iiity tlie wit pack twill bring tb- Ini ll-r a.-- that 111 I ? *?' >t t >eX ? t tin J*?th - f ? i .'??? -w ?' I I l. pri* ? Ko? * of nil pr-text j tin tainii t In* '.nvadh iiifr. the Oriental territory, ftr the only ?. * **? lo- !:?.* ????!? .-it at.!- *. ?*?? for tliia w.n.'.. n nt.4 < ru? 1 atgrraaioti k% te**-w hla4e?ir<* to i r* in?late lit* Irttad mal eij .'r. i- i-i tin- pre?idcNcy of it rt i>-j i.t ; ? It will ha r*?M-aibrn<1 that !-.*ig before ti c r? lonot i ctnei t f ill - ?|epc <?( Monterkho. tfrtbe I ...I recigltxl the I'M il* of* i nair f-tir mowtli* le-forc !

the i xp'ry -l I. * let i.i of otiti c, tin the loth of laat ?o ath rl?ht vei.r. ? xpil .1 in ? lhe?|.-!(aof that . ity ? a* c li II. . I it by tin* Ar,< i.tloc UtM-p*. an I y.-t fi fa! c Mr text IMt-rty naat nn-d by Uca*-rai ito-a* <? hli ' ** t* 11 i?rt to *n ihin< lul* war?a pretext cnitrad'cte I in t,.i i It t?c ii n In wh<rb I hi ? at way* !)<M | t'rite. ?? l-j-?t to hi* Immediate routroi ?ha* to- i ic <ipt< I ?it lout iitCfton by tlta BurotMta power* which l?ie Inleili ri .I pi tiring thear rutnoa* I,* ir ler* to a fkw Ti e til**pp*-ar?n> c *bor--f ?rc of ttrtb* fr-m th pomc f ili Tnvtm' -i **!,. h heli* -i ?:> t nr. on I hitn u net be ioee arlly I-f oil l.r the >lep*rtnre f tit AlfZ' ittiii- f <*?. or If th. antra Interference of thorn* m *>or? who I nr.- hitherto ii.?t*io d fr--in v! ptlng fvirrl tic iiion-ii;. by rnnaewtlBg t-i belie re in the d-lu?i>>n pr. ?nt* .1 to | in in l.y M- Bcral 11..** 11.e -Here i r ? I the r. '* I chl. t ?** >lre? la in l ntol by public r* p. rt In th pat- u of l^narha Oiibe. hi* bro th* f? a e*-kiter of t .ttuix- tike f>.-u M uin-I but tnrata ti.ti iy cypoM-J to tba pol.cle* of li*m-f|l it-Ma* 'lift.*! *vt'l n.- r* toll -,t. an-l l * in -r- ? xnlt* I harartef thtn h ? l r. ;!:ir thla y unit officer, i: Io-grrir-ad tlx ra it m.I. nay ' c Ituln --n m tali in with m-.**ur ?? ralruUt- it . to l.tli r i i - i i> lul piaro aad a t-*m!n-*'toa of the - n icy iriMri'* ? ' ir'.i hare I--lat -I lii* unhappy r< i titty 111 tlx- xr' ?-I -.lar- 'I ral Tt.xa* h-i4 jir--n une*|u( rttal ?a* < f hie coti? n that hi* pr-.eut |.ovtiion rl.'OInicK In-?l life ffe vet .oft..e?r?.l hy frara ?f> ;*o'. ?*..*.? ej lit -V-c-m im merit -pee Ml mylar' a S Ihmttl Helm, iii *t, pre,erf ,'?r rr ie - j re -J. M ?* '** />.; i ?* ? . e I ft a" *e?*in? ffe?l ef the .adered paptilafil* ih hi'eif ? . I ty the fat-e*IIMeef t it hy tie ? - eeneo ??*?-* ij yat'i. .y.'.o.e t'.' *:c' e-.l e*eiy praiflx-a .?/ /t-'i--/ 11 - : -in -I * )?*? rfo! Ci xtiti-.ti f.ira ? 4 te-twc*n th* t'-npire *Mltt - int. I' h*tent fepiil4l? of l"-irn?oxy to which the Rtrin n i M ami o- | ulatMt -f the t'.-.u I * (trtentHl w-v * I *ity *1.4 (** winch ttolirhl wa* arrll indhi-l 11 ? i" io I that th i ? t?l I t>|nl(n, the tl i. rn- r < f l-.olr. Ili - * pttx if hi- i.. hiir*l euht-ib rxli-n*. ?a? n-> b?i<-r ob*? - ,u!i t. to hi in n iicuij... t ut tlmt h tWccn t*r-| 1fa xafl tic-fii reitn r i f i ttrh nb aa p rfn t ttn ler*f*rdlt?if - x hUit ard that, la thect.-t i of ara. T, nnnt -u tlx-pirt o* I'nraircay. ho t '.'.I to t 1-pen I Upon l'h< r f tfmaa ? If f- to j ii, *|g . h*ti . , |- -.-??* II. f ... t I. m ? ,f t rarlaaee Tfith'Toll ami 1'i-r-u Itnax r* of i - .i.-f-tc. !l nil* tl-. f t f 111 1 ep !i b ? li I- m 1 - I , It Ti nohed I Jh Tlx* city -I linen Aye- a wa* in i *tat f aim*-t atrial 1 -itikrc- j I i, ? ft rut i hop- i which he i tit,r' Ac.I ti nt t| ? la- Pr-|o*ir treaty with Nn-x ?' x'-i. to !'. it*'! - i r -im t > .11 ? ? .* ? And tti <1-1 ?* Ibc vl'ffiftl't* th-- | alt ninr'i ih-lial yeiy. u **.; ;- i i ! 1 I '*? : ii- ti at tlx* 'flat*at f>t?!hy at- i <1 htm * - the ym .m l whtrty ?i . .1 -i * . a m -y * nt I ;<;>#t.V Ity l > . a; i -I t* an c " Iba ! ' np-'l n lif 1 IMwrt- I 'in* * -p.r.-nl y ti r .! nil. i" ral H lea; atnl 'be I'.i,-ciI-,ti of h:* t, 1* t i.i* i .'si, r ha ntio ,1? ml- 1 li* -i tratidlil. t#tpiiiiiy l'.<- ? -|o suii.-o*-r in -i i af lay It i th t i j r (4 thg ; -;-,f -?u4 ca ui ng it U id becom* unruly. In this case. hi* cunmun ied by renew ing his /"eelgnatlon. with an Intimation to hi* unfortunate Chamber M K?pranamtativea, that In addition to th" cire of hia health* injured by the toila of office, he was mainly influenreil Hereto by the flirt that the country signa tnrea to the paction which called upon him to resume the " Suprt me T'pwer" were not sufficiently numerous, and that they mu.-*- he increased before he eould heliero that the people wi *? really sincere. Thla was hardly done before he published a long eorreapond**nre with Lord Palmendon. about *' libel ou hlmseirin the Dublin tin inc. followed up by another eorreapondenee with the Mime nobleman, about an* imaginary affront offered to " all America" In a note adJreaaed by hia lord-hip to a Peruvian officer In lmth tb'W correspondence*. Kosa* style* himself Supreme Chic*f of the Argentina Con federation;'- and the reply of our .Foreign Secretary to a moet Impertinent application war of a nature to online no little cutiositr a* to what mt?y be the real rtnte of the relatione subsisting between' our foreign office and Buenna Ay roe Lastly, Oene,*v?t Ro-aa bos re- , rommrnred hie anrieat method of i|it*oehtng incipient dieeoutent by butchering in cold bluod no lesa than ; eighteen individuals in one morning at $bo door (f his i country residence, Palermo de Han Henitof twenty nw ! at Sanies Lugares; and four others, who wrJC subjected to most atrnrloua tortures, making in all a sacrifice of j forty two individuabi. The reign of terror S?<1 again 1 comuieuc<d in Buenoa Ayre* As on former ocdtaion*, i every man begun to see in his neighbor a spy or an as aassin. and a dreadful gloom pervaded the whole place. Marine Affair*. Trial Tmr or the new 8TEiM?Hir Wivfield Scott.? The new eteanudjip Winfleld Scott. buying boon coav pletcd. Saturday morning wm rot apart for an excursion to try her merit*. The day win one beautifully adapted for rtich an occasion, being one of the lor. Uest of this somewhat fickle portion of the year The Winfleld Scott hat been lying for aome month* at the dock of the Morgan Iron Works, Hast Hirer, her inachiuery Laving la-en rupplled from that foundry, and muka* another worlhy addition to the many splendid specimens of ingenuity and mechanical skill, that are uli?o*t daily emanating frotu their work-hope. The invited guest*, counting of merchant*, ship owners. ship buiidew, and others intimately connected With the pro*parity of our commercial marine, having all as*. uiblcd on board, at half past 9 o'clock, the word was given to cast off The gun from h. r deck announced immediately afterwards that the noble vessel was fairly under way. and she commenced steaming down tin. river, saluted from every dock, as she passed, by the bells of the steamships, which courtesy she acknowledged iii like manner, and by frequent discharges of two brass can non Governor's Island, Quarantine Ground. Samly Hook, and the I.ight Ship, were in sucrcasion passed at h rapid pace, and ber h<nd was kept seaward until she had reached a distance of 36 milee from the Mattery, when it was turned homewards. On her way back, she met the Ohio and Florida steamships leaving port, and lath received a parting asluto fruiu the cannon of the infield Scot t. After repassing Governor'. Island she went up the North Kiver as far as the White Fort and eventually landed her guests at pier No. 1. at about five o cl< rk. after a very p easant trip. The perfoiuiancc ol the vessel was such as to give great satisfaction to thoee on board acquainted with steam vessels Her model la unexceptionable; and she went through the wat. r with the sp.-. d of a stag hound scarcely creating a ripple, as her prim cleaved through the limpid, em. nt; ct the same time, the vibration pro duced by the engines, which on *ome vessels is of su. U an annoying character, was so extremely trivial as to ex cite the r. m?rk of all ? n b?arj The Winfield Scott is a four decker, nnd was built br M.ssiw M cst. rvelt A Maekay. f.s.t of Seventh street. K. It for Messrs I)i.vls .* llrooks. under the suphrin Gndence of Cup tain William Skiddy. and alter his nnyjri. Ainl fri m whom tli* j limning mul tr?m?*nil nr- I rangrment of the vessel . manated She has a straight st. m.. rnsnvent.-d with a carved bust of her namesake " ri?" J with three marts. and no bowsprit, an l Iot (t< rn. which Is roun.i i* ornamented with an American eagle and coat of arms Her stein is very sharp, and her I n. partakes somewhat of rhc '? hollow" kind, beautifully swelling to her extreme width, and as beautifully taper- I ing off again as tbey approach her stern On deck are the captain s and clerk's offices, and also tha kitchen? nil vary commodious. Between decks, aft. is the general drawing mom. with sofas along the entire length, and ' s-tule roomaon each side, each furnished with two berth.* The forward saloon is similarly arranged. Beneath the brawiiig room is the dining saloon, in which more than HO persons can lw comfortably seated; ?t .Uo has slat" ! a" thorouglily yentilated and well light, d. Forward are the pantries, main semi-eirculkr ! italrciife,lie. Beneath the dining saioon is the steer- j age. also v. ry airy and light. She can accommodate 18.'. c abin, and l.K) steerage passengers. The h i,illation and lighting of the Teasel reflect great credit on Captaiu Skiddy. but few vessels being able to toast of such excellence In these two important necea. , .aties to the comfort and health of her passeueers The ' afl.r berths are all fitted with Mr Baker's patent pen- : berths, which always retain th. tr perpendicular ' Cow.vertbe vessel msy roll?an advantage those who ' ?un? r m iij -ickru-e* < Hfi hrnrtily appreciate The ruinULing of tlie wi^ done Ij Mr Jame* A St*?,n K?n * rT,*jDei* n! W6 abo?<?. are from th* Nor.Mn IrmM Oiks of this c ity, and w. rr built and placed on board under the directi ,n and management of Mr A Gulon Ih. v are side b-ver mnrine engines, with cylin drr.tst inchc# in diameter, and 8 feel stroke; her wheels ' are wrought iron. ?0 feet in diam-ter; buckets 8*f.-ct obe has two boilers built on the drop flue principle w,th the -natural draft, which are 14 feet wide an I 2> long I The wi iking of tkia Important part of a steaui vessel duriig the trial on Saturday *?. fruitless, anl gave great satisfaction to all on board Interested in at.-am na vigation With 11 ,H,u?ds of steam, she made IT n-? lutions p, r minute, and h.-r maximum st eed reached its mii. s )*-r hour. Her trip showed that she cannot lack countenance i from the travelling community on account of-iowg nng and L.r Immense strength ami excellent arrang. mi nts f rth. ccmf. rt and health of those who may travel on b.r mart always c. uimand a large share of public pa teenage. r The diiui listens of her are length. 2.10 fret; keel 214 twt 1 . am, ;v. f. ct, depth, ?1 feet, burthen, 2160tons,car pent, r s Qlr astiri Ills-lit M.e will hay,, on ber first voyage to New Orleans, fbe- ' we, naliiejiclly and New V uk lie \? III run in lion Willi the steainsliip I nlotl.) on tho 1st of Msv mi d.r the comma ml of <M,f Cc|ll?rl a gentleman who lias hail great < xperieiiee as a commander of both sail ?eg ami sti i m vessels. Tl?e fi"t , rn,.'of the veaml Is Mr 8 Whiting: sml mer Mr I <vi Spencer, purser. Mr 1: K Sited; ?t -ward. i w r. j,y? f. Fvnuaiur P?. ir>r.?The following are the ns<n-*of tliernglnrsr?of ti.e I'aciflr. ?n her reeent quick trip '-'""Tcad ?clihf Knglncr?Daniel It Martin. ( "t ft ? i.i , r- Nathan Thompson John G TV-in-towi .sse?> .| hog t'.rs?Alixsmh-r Ciinniitghai-i B.r1* I l ark. a. Third Kngiitecr?Wm Harris, tint Unwell ?e l am tbst the c. mp.n y Int. n I to pr.-e. ut each one with a sir. roup. They Jeyrrve It I GiroTivt ?The ship Venice, ("apt ?-.1tcr arrived on ? hntm.'ay fr. m Havre, in twenty fm.r dtva Him mi le J n'n lo >f George's Bunks in the short spare of four >? r. day . ? >,.I was t. n days coming fr mt that poiut to ' to Unlit % urmtilf* wbidU, i' ^ ?'!i N'""ck gqnatl. t'spt tbelman. ar , , *' ln thirty-nine day fr in N< w Fork. YfU n t. <i day* . nt. she loot t?p-ma>;s. I.aos ins ? A flne brig ?f 1(0 ton.hurt hen. railed the ? "ic.rt was Isnn. h.d at Baltimore on Thursday ev-niag. 1 by t .??? I'nnt end \l egoer Sfr is intended f.r the c eel i g flne arc-minio- ations f >r passeng-ra , ? - i smsii e ?We nmh-r-tiiml that orders fr-m the mipartie. nt at Washington burr la?n ired at the i ?t. ? n N-iyy VarJ. for tbee>ndrnetl'.E of a steamer alt hat place. Ff.e Is to be larger than th* I'ltoe-ion. nliI, w?s t rnkrn up a j ??r or two slnee. and will be built Oil 111* III the snip, plan anl le.Ve the same tniwlaaf in ).n l iana are to be (rwar<Vd to Washington uio Air will now have an opportnnlty ct trying his arcbltecturtil g.-niu< and akiiL? ( anrfvr. '"otims awn ynvrt vaania.?Will the F.ditor of the '"'"'a 1* roilt an In-. rtinn of the following ' ? A-th late nnmrkahte passage nf the I'acirt* ha< ?*-? he town stalk for s. me days, the followiug porticnkirs I n ay be Worth recording in the llrmU. as feats of the 'i n.e s.-rt will l>e ar ae u-ly lo, kt d f <r rt.irtng the .-t??i? It if son ti er Ttie Baelfle atib-d from New York ft* I.I- j v* ip?s I. on tlie 22d Match, and ?rrlrp<l.on Iwr is'turn on tin i 1h April Hie A?l?-,|g-,| from New A ork. f>r I.I- j yi rpew I n the o.a|| Marvh. and arritwl Isaek on tin- 2ld I ' i J1*''"'Vibg cotnyd, ti J the yoyage within twenty. , iV 1 he Asia made the vhurtest run endward ? li the I'keillcthe sbofVest weetwsrd. the furtm r was Ii n ill-j ' ami four ls ?r< and the Istter G-n day. and t w t hctirs. n .an Cm*. In jnstlce ft the ?hn?l l be ? -ety, d. that ib> his return. I with a li.aey freight, lawicg in p.,., aqm- nre at least'finir f.-et water in ore sn the I i? it> whlrh with three days of heal win r.tallied her eyed not a little. ('IfltiiNiCt.KIl Political lot.Itlg.i re, I | vcrioas is *1 , ,, , - its ?Th??Hh ?v as been flied ?t*in f< r renewed trial' to eloet I I'M-r 4. tie, s to i' ogress In the Hi 1 .ml, Fourth and " nt a li slrbta if this Plate A- tbr.o will Is- the ' no h r then, w law, a plurality tote will, of U' * d.| id the rlrrtlnn '"I" ?lor f'nttrt. Ti f re fhl, f Jit tier i?ak. y . 8ri CIAI. TKPW. A sRii J.-rolit 11, Knvn'y?Meti'D lenie I. wi; iiOllt _ , , nrvnnAT. r..! r I'M, f Jo tic, thikl, y Jtvlsr s Dn-y and Paine '? ? J tsfj,,, ItV'/imt J Dmnt.?Motion to ? t 1 dejui gn 1 nt <h ni.d 1 ete't.y fm': -e Ifwl and Pale . ?r trahi/r^'"',,' - M '-'"I ? * h? f II e < I S|?. l?o ben. Aril V '? I "T1' ,f "r;"' " I'tv-netii bf fie ft pr ew'.mgv *>11 t n f d f, itijdtt t f. ,/f'??1 , ?Wt^ ,1 tt nt nt i c*i icrsi rwr #lu, e^HiUM irbl The Cnhnn Expedition. THE RK( KVf ATTEMPT TO FIT OUT AN KXPRnrTION IN THIS CTTT?THE SEARCH FOR TIIE INVADERS? A KIIK.ST oy T1IK I.KADI Its?TAKINU POSSESSION OP THE CLEOPATRA AT THE POINT OK BAYONET? THE INVAWNO FORCE per TO FLIOHT BV FIVE MARINES, ETC., ETC. For the lust week punt, considerable talk and excite ment prevailed throughout the city, la consciiucncv of the astounding devilopcmoiits promulgated hi reference to another anticipated invasion against Cuba. by :m Armed force about to he tilted out from this city And our neighboring State, New Jersey, fur th? alleged purpose of revolutionizing the Island of Culm. It will he recol lected that on the 7th i f May, a year ago. the former ex pedition departed ftoin New Orleans in the steamboat Creole, and on the 17th of that month made a landing at Cardenas, headed by General Lopez, and took po?ae>?lon of the town, but were ultimately compelled to retreat ar.d abandon their position, and take again to the st-am l>c?t. Tiie Creole was closely pursued by the Spanish stenm frigate I'itraro. into Key Weat. in Florid*, where she was seized ar.d condemned by the I'uitcd States au thorities. fi r a riolation of the nratrulity acta. Seaic of tue expedition, before reaching the boat itr tllrir ntreat, were captured and thrown into prison in Cul .1 This time, it will he seen, the expeditionists hare not I f*i enabled to nt.'ain as forward a point as on the fornu r occasion?their means of carrying on the enter prise has not been so favorable towards them in thi.v city, as it waa for the former party on the Southern frontier. Marshal Tailmadge. it seems, the fore pert if the week, was pretty well posted up as to the anticipated inure ments of the invaders, and accordingly corresponded with tl.e go vernment at Washington. wln> gave him full jx.w. r to act in the premises, in the form ?im> maimer most expedii nt to I, ad to the detection ami arrest of the guilty parties conci rtn 1 in the violation of the neutral ity art of 1811. As we have given in our former publica tions. Mr. Tullmndgr engaged the steamboat Jacob Hell, eti Wednesday evening, and with sufficient force a-wisted hy the rertnue cutler Morris, cruised about the lower l ays. v. Iioie it was expected the invaders were to be placed OH board a vessel, in steain-tcnders from this city an I the Jersey shore. This search proved unsuccessful, and the Marshal returuul to the city on Thursday morning , and. during that day. further steps were taken to ferret out the ring leaders and getters-up of the insurrection The st am heat Cleopatra, lying at the foot of North Moore street, was known to he in the expedition, having been secretly loaded with provision and fuel, and purchased from Mr. John llcdnian fi r i 10000. 8'J 000 of that sum still remain ing unpaid ; and the boat was detained longer than anti cipated. in order to pay up that i um ; wliich sum, it * said, arrived that day in the Ohio, from New Orleans, intended for the payment cf tie last instalment, but too late for the desired olyect, as the vessel was then under the seizure of the United States Marshal. The m xt obji cl now was to ohtaiu tie' necessary evi dence whereby the ullegi d leaders of the expedition could he legally :iirested Accordingly. Dtpnty Marshal l(a kielcwitz assumed the disguise of one of the invading emigrants.and mingled among them at Stout h Ainboy, ud .-col discovered the plot. They told the flew, be lieving lie whs one of the party. that they had been en geged to join th ? army in Texas as dragoons. n id it was not until they arrived at F< uth Amboy that they were informed the ex)x'ditiou wa? to sail for the ielaud of Cuba. The number to be shipped fiom South Amboy was two huiulrid and fifty, and from New York two hun* dn-d; the Utter number wet* enlisted as infantry The following ticket iach lima was provided with, as a pass to enter the stiamhOAt, with their respective name in serted imr ??*?*? iliuuu TU I'll 11.U' M KY KIIS* run g x KMtiillANT I'ASS AUK g to It t L TlMti II H. X ? e,< .<IIWIOO'IOIXVII KHAIO. KIVKK* Kixju.XV *> x)( X BHW'V KinooooJ* Fire of IbiN rnrn were brought to this city ?n 1 rooreyed before Mr. Nelson. one of the 1'nitrd Stale* Comniivion ers. who took the ueccssary testimony in the case, on which the warrant of arr>*t wan issued. rtutrging n riola lion of the neutrality act of IMS. ami the following names inserted in the Warrant :?John L Oftuilirau' Wm. T Kcger*. Captain Lewie. Major Louis Seblvaingcr, I>r. Daniel II. llurtnott. aini l'tdro Sancbea. This war taut was placed in the huud.* of l>o|)uty Mar-Uals Itrown. Itakli hwiti ninl Walsh. on Saturday morning, who forthwith proceeded to make the arrest*. Some were tak'-n nt the t ronrh Cafe in Warren street, other* at the Pacific hotel and other* In Courtlnndt atn-et The j>ar ti<? when arrested, exhibited a perfect n?nch?ho\ct. ant appeared to feel rather more hon< red liy tlx- aceu*ation , than d' cradi d Wm T llogt-ra, Jr.. who la a young man. and tut lately returned Irom California, wu arrefted ita Court la odt street. The prie -ht. when und r arreat. re fjurelnl Mr Itrown to go with hint to lion. Ihiill.y S Orifory. the late Mayor of Jersey City, an 1 formerly trimtier of Confree*. wloan Mr Roger* said would go Ida bail. The offieir aeeeded to hi* re>(Ue*t. and. wish tlie prisoner, rislti d Mr (ircgnry It wee not convenient, at that time, for Mr (Iregnry to ceme to New York; but instead, a letter wa? written hy tbat gentleman. directed to Mar-hai TuUuiadge, setting f< rlli the tbaraeter and connection* of tbe prisoner, and mthiil'il by staling, tbat he would become responsible ' for tbe appearance of the prisoner, at any time tlie Mar shal rliould *!i ?lgnale on Momlay. Tlie Marshrl did deeni it hia duty, in the present atnge of tlie aliair to aecid'- to tlie ri'<iiie*t, without ball 1> inj{ entered. Mr O t-uUiriti I-a literary personage. and consider aMy I new Ti in the d -mocratic ranks, baring been editor of the PrwoniilM Rrrinr lie U prominent In lli ? t. vrn l.uxni r <r Ir. ? soil portion of the party in tola State, and. we believe, was likewise connected with a paper ralksl till' f'.i 'y A.H i. pul.llr lied #? Ule years ?inc< in this city; also, at Wadilngion. Mr O'Sulllfati Im b -. it en KH"d In '< me p< litieal pursuit* lie was one of the par ties 1 vl'j. et. .1 to proa*catkin, at NrwOrleait . with tb-ne laKluiiman and other*, for being eoneero<>il in the for* mi r i*piditk-n whiih pro < uti n was abandoned by the ? remount Captain Lewie b* known much better ?? utb than in this portion of the country baring enm maad. d the Cr,-o|e on k-r luv* ling expedition n year ego Major Pthlrclnger has heeejia tlds country some* thine t.yrf a year and la known to be one of the Hun garian patriots. * r r< fbee.-a. He nppccr? tibeamannf ttitieat 1 ti threw,I. and intelligent, exhibiting a deter* nin.i! ?t of emntenanee. Iir lliirtnett is r.ry well known in this city, and f .rmer'y kept a dru. store at the term r ot St Mark's place and Third BVcnue. Mr I'nrt u*tt pltes his explanation and connection In the matt* r. aid produce* a written contract between bin", if and Ac lib-singer, ia whieli Itortnetl apt*? i t<t?hl|? ?Jtu tin n fn ai thi- e.;y. aad S.V1 from South Amboy, New Jit ? y. and place tbrta on board a vessel In the lawer lay Tb> men wera t? be pro*tdej oai n with a ticket, as ab< re r. pf-etitcd. i.iol to be en-ar-yed on bard In stean.h-at tender* For thi* sendee. Mr lliirtnett re eeircd. or wis* to fwreire. f Wmi la ail pr.ibaiiiity, the tn? n*y was paid a* the steamboat* were engo.-,.d; but as the < tpetition waa intercepted, the i mbarkatton did u >t take | laee. ft Jto ?anrhe? I* a fpaniar.'a of UrtlM appenrunee. aid Is In lletrd ta be one of tha rapitnlisb* in the c n nrn Yr tu thi* petnonnfie the followingpo'it.. note neelsi .l by ns ln?t t Ti nltip, eorr.-cttn^ the name an I lltiti) hi* riylit name, VAeit by n cvisin; the honor which he d*< wis i* due t? Mntself on thi* occaeiuas It I* rlei'aBtlj written on Ate note paper. tastefiiMy orn-i nu titrd with a 1. i |to A of n b r?d l-rw. r* at Ihe top ? to tin toiton or ttir n**?t n ?i? ?la y< tiff't *rt t'.? arr. .1 nt p. r ..?. ?h*r .1 wl'S i ? o tattea "f the t owtralHy a. t ?f t'l* y.n ?ji'* ? t'.? rrfec IVdrw?'Uche* ' instead of tie*.i-u*of ? raaminr " l>dr??anehrr instead *?<?"' t osov ?? ti e t-ti<!? r*i n. t "It . motaht *ro.-efd?d. we *> ."'1. tr. i. the kurstN M th? tfi who est Ihe isonso i i sallv rite. ssd wh .. i. 11 e\tc i rtr partk-cU r skoal hl? fs-1? e?sH yd l s > *pe< t *d t < t* a., sk<,*t hi* aass. *. Th >nth * , ? ?*sn. I " W s t s s It. * -1 ia the w:.rr oit. I. ws? ?. '. ft " 1 1 I * 1 ste keen, tl * y r*. a are?*te 1 "t Bo-.-at, aa tu-a t l> I -si.*..tdaMtal, W,a?r.W;lK*^M.ntiz IfiCl'dtt a ri sra. April S7. 1*1. A* te* hare Is fore stated, ihe C< innv ? n. r ha* 1. ' I ?" t\ tatty to laii in tlie tun < f *?**>. to a??w> r *?y in fptni nt I' und hereaflt r. trenllndid y. terdaf. tothf <bt 'Wot -f Marine* I wntlyC. n - '.bre?flt.r I tale eharpe <f the Cleopa tra.lyrf al thi foot of North Moorr street. Thlsa<|Uil ?ci ted of fvc m ii it.d *r, rporil und the command , . < tl.f 1 j ? nt rat, ?> ill ? Nary \ ant t 11 * Mar: hal'f f Are.. n Hnlurdnf af-ern, >n. f'f orderr llilr 'h:'' *'r* ?*t*'ifi B? ord.tltry |, rduii g ' n ni rrimehf, n? thy ynt'y. *li i I number, man-bed. with fixed baronet* after their eot*? i muDtler into the Marshal'* ofllee. then; formed a line. and i t be ei mmand was given?u Lett fare, order arms." Tbn lieutenant waited a few momenta for his order*, on rw ; coifing which be gave a signal to the corporal, who gar* | the word* " carry arm*, (left flute, march," and the aquaA proceeded to the ride-walk, where they formed in II?> when th? order waa gircn, '? shoulder arm*, right free, march," and they proceeded to the steamboat Cleopatnw if) a rapid march. In the rear of the cjued wae a wooOy h> atled colored gentleman, bearing a bundle and a sword. Arrived at the boat, we learn the officers and marine* 1 proceeded on board, and immediately cleared the dec km ' The persons engaged below were .summoned on deck, and without delay ordered to go ashore. Hesitancy being exhibited by one or two in leaving their employment oav the boat, the order was renewed thus, " march," and fortliw ilh the ili lnurrrnt discovered five fixed bay one? in close proximity to his person, persuading him to ok? the order, rapidly, without looking more titan onee oveW itis shoulder. Thus the first Culm expedition from Ife* York litis bt .-n put ut an end to by a less number of mam than it took curry Blaims, the run-uway negro.from Bostam to C< orgiu and with one thousandth part of the expect? and fas*. The I.nte Archbishop Matiiut l Kcrlnlsn. Ilia Most K> vi rend Sitinurl Koeh-ston, Arch biehep of lialtiinore. was born near Che-tertowu, in Keut county, Maryland, in J-til. lie wu- a student in St. Mary's 1st* lege, Baltimore wliieh lie entered as a Protestant, and took the degrees of A It. and \. M. A few ye-iiw altar nkii.g bis collegiate degrees, lie 1mcame a member tin livUiu* Catholic Church. .uid ente:- d the reuiliia? ? t St. Sulpicev which Is attach' I to the college in lrhinh he was educated. l'os --i-d of a strong and p> Ui trnleaj Uiii d, and if a pious inclinution, he soon prepared kin. it.! for the priesthood, and was ordained by the liook lltv Ambrose Marshall, third Archbishop of Baltimore, iu 1S2S. 1 lately entering St. Mary's College ? ' professt r. he occupied that poet until 1830, when he warn elected president < f the institution. In October, he was ten muit nded by the second Provincial Oon?? assembled in the cathedral of iiallimore, to the Pop* , an a c< adjutor to the Most iter. Jaui.s Whitfield, fourth | A ri bid-hop of lialtiiuore. and was consecrated liislia* ( n ihc 1 lib of .S-ptritil* r. 181)4. Afl< r tiie death of Arch ' bishop \i bitfield. in December. 1H.14. he wont to *u i rope, and wa* made ly tin- 1'opo Archbishop of liaht more. lie prvsidid at the provincial councils in Apc^L IfcifT, and at tin- suIimsjui til eouncils, and at the National t'eiholir ('uvaill of the Vuited Mates, lw-ld in the en I tie dial < f Baitimor* in May, lM'J, ul wliieh werr prone? , two Arrbbishr pa and tw nty-three Bishops. A* a arhn : lar. Archbishop KrcUretou had few equals; n - ii tli ilngi? be rtud high, l ot only to the estimation of tie- CathuUn prelates. l i t in tin- estimation of the whole t'hrietiam il.utili in th<- country as ? < hrtsliau. he was di-vou-dj* po us. but vnliiily ftrr from au-terity. iu hi* inter c? or i with i?i wi rid, he wa? afiablc and entertai vine. (ilbl-id ill h - uianrirs and l*t>ved by all who mafia hi- miituialsafi As a pastor he na? bcluvcd, and ? a man hum Cad and re?|??-t.J ills person was cam ll.andii ? and lo w?-n Biarhablo for tin- graceful naa ntr in winch he received all who approached him. lltn b-sa Wtli he d ? ply >? II by a'i who kin w him. and thst < hurrh over which he pri ,',?i I will hav,- abundant nww to grieve that one t.f the brightest ornaiucuU of the t Luri h has ccn-i d to life. Tilt Amtllriin Hurlety fur A mrltorn!lag tlx# I'oiidltlon of til* Jtwii I.a-t Sabbath < Truing. the antilrereary mec-llng of tWa M.riety WU* lul l at the Reformed Hutch t'burrh, !? Lafayette l'lace. Tlie congregation win uuiu'-riaa iaf highly rwpittaUe. The n rv.ofr- coninn need by singing the 118th and MM lijuiua , after which, a prayer ?a* utle-rcd up. The Ihr, lii t tor Ilalley. < I Tmy. preached the ainjuul sermon, frond the eleventh chapter of tlie Kpbtle of Paul to the Ro_ n.i.nt. Thcrcopeof the rcTerond gentleman'* ilwoarao MiUioJ to l>e, that all the nation* of the earth would iltf nuitely be bri ught to hare but our common firm df faith . and that the Jewish nation, although they were yet unconverted. would 1?' the ptiacipul agent In bria( ii g el-out that result. 'liny hud the promise of U?f| tl.rt ugh the inout h of lib pnphe ti, that the Jewish poo l-le would la- couTertcd la fore the tie lit ib-a; and tlM peculiar situation i f that people, in regard to a.) nation* ?their untrtreal Knowledge of language*?their npUtwdw m.d buriui -e habits gave theui advantage* and l'ardiUaaa ofi r all other niiswiinarhfor preaching the gospel, asm com crting the hi athi u ami the uuU-tiever. Alter I>r llnlliy had finished hb discourse. the tiny read an ahriract o| the annual report of the i ty He Kaii! that ti e missionary ti. id was now Cah^y i I < n to the i liter I lire of u II < hriatuina They had nnhw s,. narlee in i rery country in Kurope, and ereu in and (In 1 nltcd Mater [luring the pn?t year, one | ilrid Israelite- hare Im-i u received luto the l-ian|?UW church, elide other* hate professed to Im-IIi-tv that Jcmm C'brbt wan their Messiah The report went On to any, that fn in the lilieral apirit of the institution* of thai r< untry. the Jewish people trerv coming here In Itim IintnUr*; that I Inn- were at present |00 owj in two I nitid Mate*, and fr-m the naiue raun. in a few ynam^ there nould la-leu time* that number. The report far Iher elated that the'Jewbll lain.lie* opened their eloon lieely to the mi- -ior.arti ?. re ceired their inwlriiotioaa ha the moet n reliai ami Iriemlly maimer. and *? - incd to hel a dee p iule n et In the Christian religion. It furthm elated tlaet they hud diietrihule-d ?e*e> * and Hit New Testament*, atid an innumerable nuuilee.-r of tract a : LMa rr?n it ??? that u.a ny Jew bb lam ill. ? hare he-en a waksan I I to the- truth* of the- gtoped. It further appeared that the- society ha* -ix nWlMiirlw. Ur* comforters, baiM a Urge* i i t agent* and offlr.-r* The receipt* f-r the ln*t year w a* f llliVt oC, and tho expenditure* til'til 04. leaving a email ha ia nee in tho treasuiy tin receipt* of the iaet year orer the pcwce dli-g J i ur were f i l**> Alte r the ia adiug of the report, the Iter Mr Oe WMt II me fi rwatd and ottered up a prayer A --- ilo tioa ?ii then I,. Ken up. it mi the congregation separate-el Tlieolitrnl unit Ngelrali B"wi ar Ti l mn? ?lhlt hnii"*, fninoua at all tirata flit the rpb iidor i f it* representation of ?pertuele i. ha* maua tainiei th high reputation ot the alii* manager by tho | i < el>i< tie n id V i i le I 11-1? whb li h?'draw n una i i ue> ? lor *? uie ii'glil- | e-l. and ? 'I lw-repented I tbi* cr< liing l?eij ota- - hnuid wiluewa it. )ltp>i *ri Turargi ?The un*urpa*M-d and >|w elaale of the \ -ion I I ibe Aua a* pr,>dur< d by th* enterprising ami *pinti d IVee of tU*- liroada ? y 1 le-oiro, attract-hirpi ando-tre* who manifest, by lie.-, iitnaaemaa if tio It applause- a dicldeel appp'l-wllon ol the <t ib-nh with whuli the IraDsi-rmatl-.u* afe nniile in I the bed liniiry at.d I* auty of tin ??? nery Not to Ue?e we* iho Virion tf the M-n " i* a delightful treat had. llraie* Tut an-) ?'t he n ry lnt< te sting ami .-acttlag ill Ml ? l|'l ictle n- Ot. I'll J le ? p > a It," i* le ing pec fe-rbioel at the t hamper* *tr-- t Tli tire. e cerv part utl*4 w itli ability It t? om-of tho*. moet l*-*ulitni and ellwol It j tin-im ? for wtiieU the Kr-'oeb ara *o eeh-liraleel, ud wt -ti lite audit .i e elbeorer. tu the hint ? .-ne, thai n tsi tv end <H gtanalton m wli bttiey teed - upp wed Tla I rim M.d he r o uiiautou* to be is hut a etreatu, tlu'ir do light b bid* unite 4. Neeiovei Twr viae ?'Thi* treaiag will !*? pa *1 need ad the National the grand tally aptelaela of " i *. tho L *tl?ije?. ai tl i in tin i?*l ouli iv nhleh Mr r.iriby he i\|ipdid'i t* pn-ilinuon a< will** th. eitre wexh wlii'h || he* lien ii. r In m-al tor a length of time paeV w< an- roii'.il- lit tln.t ill h o e will not !?* ii.fervw la r I y ? tl ? i In will t vein The ft e of M-rvaau by l.e ga< J " will c< mdutle the e htar *inui.m* Nu t n'? U*ai ?* - lb -eiat 1 ngui -hrdTerpelakwraod aa tiet?. tin Koui -'t I iin11 v wlniee' Imll -t pi it -rmauee-t hare I ? A *o np h * inlrnl during tln ir Wr?l li ? nV. Will a)!-, hi t? in in* t-aelii iu the ? lalbt ot I i.l hi.ia ' II* u<4>any undnr a tho high' h vaud< tilie <-f ? L' be Mi lite* " Can i luw'i l ii *;e it ?*1 he i lite rl linTin ill*. I hie worm* Vcg i mno i, ,- with II. lai.gha | i-ee of tLe ? Itmagh i'lwuii i.d auh Mr Itigiie ml a* t'otirin Joe. and Mt^ ti l, 1^ ih* ? I-i id in farb. ' and ihe er.inrt i .iiun-nt* will r >n. Imlo Wllblhi Juut 1 lepi eeenUt'e I \ lb w at the I yeroa * No d< bh-t the hi u>*. a* u-tial ?5JI crowded V eaM a'l V|t *i i w ?1 tie ? lite rtalntui-nU giren, ece^gy afit II e n M l ? 1. Wing allli. oi l "e l farwou* ewidMMh mu t diaw Inline ?**? audience*, The ?? !'*? are ail gad^ i arteri.tvi!r Mr ?' V I'larVr. and lhat Umoew re-mntlla I.rtie-. ? Mi--i n"i> A .*< bill e- iiiaouuc.d for vhMb e n nn-J vvuiti g I'uaiavr'a 'licrrdn? ? Thr prrgTMWdd '-nnouared few ILI* iri nit g 1* eio iilUflr atiracllrr. I'm w' Miaararia ?IfwitH'*. glvea. chnruaaae end im* ? linme blivl poifoimanrar ar lb.. yarti-.uUr bainrr*. Niw tirii*** Aimeriii.? Tb:? fa ui o\m hind irf eo calol* give ai i of lln tr cPwrtaiing c urerU ag tho Muyrirant. 1? .-night It Til i * 11*? - Tib old fnrorlte will gin crwme -idN lettalnmi bla Vhb rvinlog at the Mcirty l.ibrwry V ieni*i.i-* H en ?The leaullful t niiotattta of Iho lie maliwgree-' I* *tlU biingi xhihited at th* ah>r* ti* lu W e* t an* lb -i i it ?di e fr'.ri d* of thh great f*T<nlyd I imd 1 ha I hi* bi-m-flt n B-e* off. t; m >rrow ai-/^ a' ih* Hi Wiry 1 lie aire ~' ' Hi ? i ? 11 ? * - The fHetida i f tlil* ? ? I man hr* N I fi-tdu .1 lhat he will ti erlte a e ? inpiiun nlary |. .tliwoweei, I *t Tnpiii iUl , in a f, w day* M l i e ii * l'i - (oiiet 1 * ? r w111 appi vr at Ih* Tv ' till I TVi-.'Ie, 11:1: .1.1 ilia n t'" l^t '.'-1 an-l hrf Vi r, ai d i t> Mil ilny f th. at llurlln 4ton tith. ai Wee t'ti, I'rinceti n. Alh, at Hr^n-wick: and Uth, ad : Ntwalk. i i-eiee A TVtwr will r>* ' ,? -.1 I inert td Mr 1 rttaevif.its i t drlpl. r fl ^ 11 . Ai 11 < toiieii] re a c-tiri ft. at (? ntial Hdb N i i ii : in.'), thi <?-, , ? gfainc Ot I la rtttk'jro

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