Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 28, 1851, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 28, 1851 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. fA?l OORDOH BlIiaTT, FEOPKxrroa axb editor. jferriCE N. W. DOtm ? KULI^tl AIW NASSAU aua. JW: 0.1 J M' HERALD. 1 ?M* pee ?py-* per ""tHA WEEKLY HRKAI.D. mtrv S+wrUp * ?K twli ??PV. ?' $1 0?r IKilwn 4* jmt mimmh. to any Hrt ^ tfr>? Hkw, aaA #A *? aay Mrl a/ lk? ConttmmU, to tke >M?f' ^roLl'NTARt CORRHMPOMUHMCM. aMtuwu dpportaMt mki mmkmted fee* mm jmmriar yf tke ??rU; yf need. ?nll ?? UhtreMyi paid /or. thin MikWTi abc rtiricvuii.i ft hn tu I ? 11 >b? Ann Pao* ALL L. LETTERS by mml. f?i Subs-ereptimeu. yr im?A JUrrrfmnrnla, H be p?*< pmi, ?' tke pymtyge u'M be de mmcted from lie money/ remitted. NO NOTlt'E taken <\f anynynmut c*himi?uBmiia Wedy net rotax ?? tboee rejected. ADbEKTlSE HUNTS reveled emery lunuaf. JO R PRISTIXO matetiled u-ttA aeatuem. eke up'ten, mn4 dttpatrh. V*ii? XVI Up. in. AMUSEMENTS THIS EVENING. BOW IK T THEATRE, B?wvry-M?nrc-C'R?r?. BIOADWAT THEATRE, B?oA4waj-A Hobmt Call ?-Tbmii or thc Svn. BURTON'S THEATRE, imrl ^artlui ata liioi sh-School run Tigsbi. RATIONAL THEATRE, ChcUuuB KCMl?Smbtasti? wrt Lmaci?Tmalaua. BROUGHAM'S LYCEUM, Broadway-Rocm Diabosd ?Dbtii. in 1'aBia? Row at thc Lrctvx. RISTT'S MINSTRELS, Mockaaioi' HcU. C2 Btcc4ir?y KtriAn MinSTBChAv. BILLOWS' MINSTRELS, F.:ioir.' Mu>iccl HcH. No. M ??ocdwAjr?ETHioriAn MiN.THKna. HORN &. WHITE'S OPERA TROUPE. Collf.utB, No.t? wcy?ExMioriAH Mimitriuv. AMERICAN MUSEUM?AarSlSB Fcbiobma.vcba Ar ?BBMOK A.MD ITtMIO. WASHINGTON HALL?Pa no a am a or tkb Pinuara'a Ekuakiti. ?aw York, Moi?tn)', April Ms, Telegraphic Nummary?Trouble with Mrtlco. Oar -pedal telegraphic dr'patch fram Wu.-djing loa informs us that Mexico has complained of In dian aggressions, murders, and robberies, on the Mexican frontier, and demands the immediate in terference of the United States. We are not surprised that Mexico has made this formal complaint to the United States that the obligations of the treaty of (iuadalupc Hidalgo, in Relation to the defence of the Mexican tr jutier by us from the Cainanche and other border savages, hare not been fuitilled. It should have been exact ed. The neglect of the government of the United Estates has been shameful. The present admiuistration seeks to excuse lis*If, on the ground that Congress did not make adequate appropriations to enable it to ?end troops there, and did not increase the amy. This excuse will not be satisfactory. Rather than violate thc plighted faith and honor of the nation to Mexico, every officer and sohlier on the Atlantic frontier, and in thc interior or the t^tatee, might hare been sent thither, the com manding general of the army included. There a?e scores of officers, now doing little practical ser vice, who could he despatched there forthwith. The mere s'.aff at Washington Woul I make ijuite a respectable corps of thorn-elves?we mean those vmpW^-.d in duties merely clerical?and military dutu - on the frontier would be less derogatory and mare useful. If we remember rightly, the clause of the treaty ??ataining tbi? pledge of defence was objected to By many .Senators. We recollect Judge Douglas, ?f Illinois, inaved to strike tut this clause, and ?rged the vast of expense of fulfilling it, if not the impossibility cf rc-'raining a horde of 40,000 I'a maja.Lt and other savage warriors. There is a ?louse, also, by which thc United States bind.' Itself to compel the Indians to restore all tke Moxi aaas held in captivity. The prc.wnl state of affairs ab?ws the mi gacity of iho-c N-nutors who opp >?c l these clauses, Several of whom voted agaan-t the tetaty on account of them. Cotton Power of the South, and the Political Power of the Xorth. Northern j-clitica! prrsumptiou mid fanaticism hare awakened the cotton power of the Sooth to it itieIf ar.J it.- privileges: the day i- a;> il..1 t wher. the world will Www the extent of that pow. r, which n.? r. are reeking to distnrb and overthrow hy unhallow. J political agitation, aad by k*-irg eight of the great national questions of thaday ?running oniv after a mere sectional theory, ending in total disruptffon of the republic. Tne ?aloe of the cotton c:?p < f the United Stater is over ?we t.iuiJriit -f JiA'ar* annually. This i* a power which c* *n the manufacturing intereat of N, w Kaglard ha not the term rif J to utUrk. even though the prim iples of public eoonoay may umri New Bodioro theorist*, and other Near i .ng Land theorist*, that th< j ran hire ail th. fottoa th?y want, and at km price*. even though the South should refuse to ship the raw staple to the northern cities. All the argon ruts of the New Bedford A/irnwy, sound a* may be on tt. rul principle*, are not raliable one > for meh a rtate rf thing- a* now exist. It is pos sible for the South ?? iurin a league?and it isforw fc gone?to j < j? , ifngainftthspotitire.dsoided aggi'-vioi of the North,n< foreshadowed iam-nt ?lection*. Th 't leagu' will not be in vain. It will be Lie the anti-corn law league of 1 tioglaod, whi< b made tl 'ui - -j: on of tea inillicMt* terhng to "ilriki tic last blow forfric trade. IVliucal pow< r, and all political principle*, Bl't give way h? fc.c it. It v II not the mouth' of your Sewards, poor Sumner', ani j'ur llalc.', when these toco hare wotia< d tfcf ni?. hes into high plae*-s by advo anting a cot - of |oht>.tl conduct which they kno wean nerer 1 carried ml?which the, are well Mac -1 the tomm* 'rial at t agricultural ioterwt' of the North will v ver jsrtoit them to r:ir~y on, a# *ej ?o w ptwj< ?<. in flaming *{?*?? he* uud ou the bti | of free coil j latfot m*. ^ bat would ) ? the condition of any pol.*l il fac tion at the pre-, ut; to , that would pmpo .? inter fcw With tiic right* hi ?! proiite of the product inn of ?nbfort ,?? g? id ! ? onld it 'ooreod I inscr, one will anawi r, < mj baliraUy, no' The only rca* n why MB allow ja.iiti- .H'.-to ii.** rf. e with th. g ?t?r ?Scrvr I* < f the C?tt.?a product . ?o of th S..u?h, is hew*'1 i ? ward. 11 ah , We* d.and ill I ? plott \ ? of ahol ition r.L* iiief, have kept out ?f 'igut?t*iJ. r the goi* ' f a mere in -al ?,?.? t. >*. . true to >-> y qwtion. wl id. at tin !>? ' n m ? ! tl. whol *u .. }?ct. What do they rtt , ? > th y ?,..le th pwV>ie hM git i?g tIn iii (aditiial j wet *h tl. or n t S#*ti n k?-x* her Southern tru-h a* tj* r or ri ? the tLi . .itri* of i.ji. atiti ' in tiic ?cw Knghind faet? ir are thrown out of employ in ut >r w Ihe ror not the busbies* mt Norther j ( ? ?or Wr*t?-ra New \ 'k i* diminish.d and put bv % h, ? a?aw :u | ilar.g one political agiiaii'i f T. / Just a* much about this fir.; soil hu'ii ?? a* \A - J did wi n he mi.-, d tlie cry about m i >ury, or > Ksward wlxn h. oim -lthr aiitl-ntu?i.i.i . uau?c, a*>.| feo?i first et?p Iowaitie pditieal cb 'Stioo. It i* a gr>. ?! a* ,i .t i f po.'it' -.ii i utbug, il ?'ghi U* appon nt!y baitnl.-,but th H it atrik-* ut bhc toi l i the Co. -'itutinn. and m?y creale il?n g. r# wLi ? ? 1, n j ?? r i - Tit' not. li>" t ?ptott ?, r . t , i agui t t the .**??? iiih har< I ; , , If.'.' I II N T ' *' i . i ' ? mp' i t! :-iju-v t<> krs.u ?f li 1 < ii. -t u b?. sufkrwl during ?e fast , \ ,. Irw". r trad aad I J IK''* t1 san that < kik>? Mm? t*b a. tk* ?: 1 places where the people are firm in their rooistooee I to the political knavery and aggression of the da/. ! Doe - any one donbt the extent of the cotton power, ' or of iu al.lity to tear *p, ere* to the smallest fibre, the cankerous root of abolition, let hita only study the true nature of the infliotion whisk the with drawal of the Southe.a trade from bo Hon has put upoa hoetou daiuig the past season. That oity a>ulil have better afforded te have given the entire product of the gold mines of California, for the past year, to the abolitionists, than to have had their ao Uou and agitation. It has ooat them more, and will cost them still mere, now that they have elected limner. The retribution of the South is a fearfal one, but it is proper. It is just. Wheu menbreak their political faith?all the pledges of the eompact and constitution under which they have agreed to live ?they cannot expect that honest and high-minded men will re-'pect them. On the contrary, they must expect that they will have no communication with them. This is now the ease. The chivalry of the l whole South is aroused by the avowed determiua | tion of sections of the North to assail their rights, as defined by the constitution. That chivalry is \ something stronger aad deeper than the mock I morals which originated the anti-masouio excite ment, and which, failing in that, ha- now taken up the abolition cuusc for political ctfcct. It is au abiding and sincere sense of honor and justice?aad it will array that tremendous cotton power, which can move the world, and even revolutionise it, in such h"-tiiity ugainst jailiticul presumption, that many Northern cities will be made to suffer. The instinct of a great people, iu such a ease, as our Southern neighbors will show, will be beyond the I common ways and means which might be devised to cripple enemies. They will see where they can benefit tbi .-e who are opposed to thorn, and they have the spirit to cut all benefit off, it' not by iudi I vidual, ; ruinated by warm feelings, then by a chivalrous and solemn league, which, knowing its : power, can bend a large portion of the world to it will, at the cost of only slight retrenchments aud ! sacrifices. i If, in view of this subject, any one doubts the power of the .^outh to touch the pocket (which is ! the soul) of those who ure arrayed against her in | terests, let him remember the thousands upon , thousand- of Southern families who pour, during the summer months, millions of dollars into the lap ; of the North. 1-a-t -ummer they avoided the in. footed districts of the North; and during the present Mason they will not be found, we venture to sny? carrying their wealth for distribution into JV'esteru Niw York, where abolition convention# u:id free soil hot-hou.-es are as plentiful as potato hills. Neither will they extend their journeys into New lm gland. The soil of these places can have no charms for them. The people will be disagreeable to them. They will not wish to associate, ? murh less spend their money, with those who, thtaugh the ballot box, w ould sucukingly rob thorn '.f their right' and property, as guaranteed to them by the constitution. On the contrary, despising the "pint of every section which has devoted itself | to undermine their security, and to steal their goods from them, they will have too high a sense of just pride, even in search of personal comfort and re ! taxation, to distribute their Wealth among their foes. No?the cotton power will show what it is ?a power beyond political power?beyond the money power of the North?patieut as well as ra | liant in the chivalrous spirit of protecting itself, and foiming a compact of intent ions which will confine its p< "cr ef bentfiling the country to those a ctions ot it which arc ready to maintain inviolate tin. sa i cud compromises of the constitution. Dsn ri.nitwr.NTs on iiilDri kv Tit ml iv Bioie l\n.?We Lave already notice J some of the curi ous devclopeinents that are growing out of the Lhury trial, which is now going on in Brooklyn. One of the latest is the statements given in evidence by Mr? Thompson, widow of ''ne-Eyed Thompson, who committed suicide la the City I'rison, afur being arrested for piA-ong counterfeit money. Mr*. Thompson, in h< r evidouee, give* some uc count of the associate* of Thompson at the time when he lived in New L'trecht, in a house which he hired of..Tame* Arlington Beunet. It seems, the prine;?i?I persons who thus associated with Thump con, were Bristol Bill, Meadows, Ashley, arid Faru ham, all of whom are now ia .^Utc prisons-two in Vermont, and two in New York. Meadows, or Field, a? he was eallod, was th? engraver anl for g<r of th<- counterfeit money; an 1 Thomson as tho chief man of the gang, put it adoat, and used it in various ways to implicate other iarsons. Bristol 1 ill was a bold and daring thief and burglar, and was a capital hand at breaking into bunks and rob bing store*. Ashley was a sort of lawyer, and kept, an office in this city or Brooklyn. Thompson's chaiueter is well kuown. It was by these tuvn and mean? that they sought to implicate Itrary, and also Arlington Bonnet, by forged evidence. The residence of Aihngtoa Bennet *u robbed of pri vate pajrr? and letters, which Wt re use I by Thump sou and Meadows in run.truriiug forgone-* and getting up evidence to implicate Mr. Bennet in the charge? which the gung brought against him?all of which, however, on trial, were scattered to the winds, as malicious, ridiculou', and absurd. Jvury's itbv't a counterpart. The '.rial, we believe, prececal* to-day, and will probably continue during the whole week. The ou the part of Ihmry hv hardly b<gun yet. liselosures may be expect? 1 en lit* side, of ?? curious and interesting h cha rio ter as any of On-? we have :tlr> ady hear I of. This tiUlislhe winding i p of the whole stool pigeou oonocru. Cii *rr.At. Ai.i.xa.vokrilAMlLi >*.?We aotioed ia tin (Vv<ier an l Abn/Mtra' ot Tbur'day, a caiaiu i riitii n sigr.?-d "J refurirg to comments mob' ia tfc? llrrahl, cp'ti a letter vl lien. il. to Wis. J. 1 iisne. in 17*?i?a /v\?f of a federal constitution prop. ?d by h'in in ITS?, and notes of a speech by him in the Federal Convention that formed the constitution of the I*, * , wh.-n h' p.-> . P' -'d hi- draft. We vpoke of Oen. II.'s o^gaioiu, as ? xprr?cd by hiw, being not only anti-rcpu)Il eal . but decid? dly luouaiclii -alj but We allu-i'lle him ii tl ? terms of d< - . ved n -peet due to his illu*t11?.' ? character "J.,** in tvh >m we believe w ly I- nr< gnised ? ne of hi? w>n? (Jamc- V iliinltni, I.m| .) L r. self a distinguished st ate - vi in, in Ju?tid i at lot, or rather in ? ?eu?", for hi- father, furni'ltet cvUkico that in 17*0 the loOginiatn# >,{ New t oik, by resolution', unaaim<>u.'ly decl ired tb ;u -ilvc- to be in favor of cotupui. o,-y or C'seri ? e m a -cr> Ik iog adopted by the < sw;r. ?? of the ( oofs deration against those >tates that had not pusl th> ir ve So*. While we coui Be lei tin 1.I? lable d. J*, of " .1." t? vino ate tho reputation of tico H , y-.-twe n ii 1 be peri-utti 1. with all ret>? V. to s.t/thsi the f- ?do".? of tic 'peeeh i ferred to. are **Vea y ii*- i.r-r tb; i 'he resolutions <jwoted, ant after I,, v sws i i . d uO'l pcaee ri <tored. We regret tin naolnticii ? do not flon<rat?* 'leu. II ' in* ui i j i to the clmrif'- hi had I tr 1 fiith in j obi ' n in-' iir' ion? of rovem*n< nt, a liieh the ft * mid Liter *'?" um?nt* proi?. It would have hseu j idi rintis, a >th rei-po i t?i hi? fame, not to have published tlii -e iJ< < mi i i-. ii * ugh th / m;iy be us .si to the coutiliy aud the people. ('At trnRN! v Mavii??.?Amau.t the pa *engeri ia tlo steamship t'hio, which sailed ?yn Maturday, wi? lb.? Hi i. Ki bet M. M- I i 1 in tl . f. mi tH f ? id' Cultimore, who g to i ii-ivst> i nslwiii ? ? biddy |*?nl several io in. h th'.'. t ?? at "ndi'g to i ' '? .oral hnsirn ??. V? i> n . - 'and that tlir I!' t1.nt , i r to settle the Jer< d, by Mf. Illimore, Um r. in '.eiitf in < r i.' inia, Tiut C'i-ban Expedition Exploded-*-We yo*- j t?rday guv* an account of the arrest of a ? amber of i?non.?, on a charge of being concerned in a a expedition which was in proc-eaa of formation in this city, against the L4and ofCaba. Their nainee are, John L. O'Sulliran, William T. Lodger*, Captain Lewis, Major la'wis SchUsinger, Dr. Bartnett, aad Pedro Sauoht'i. Their examination will ptobably take plaoc to-day, before the laitod Mate* aatbo rUiaa. The whole affair seem* to have been got ap by moo of ex tec me sllliuetto und incompetence, or else it wu fomented by stool pigeoiu of u curious cha racter, to impose on tbe government at Washing ton, und aLo on the Cubans who advanced the money. The steame r Cleopatra, which, it b said, was purchased by the expeditionists, Is a oraay old boat, that plied on the Long Island Sound u num ber of years since, and was worn out in that ser vice. Iso person, with a particle of sense or intelli gence, would risk his life by going ten mile* b jyoad Sandy Hook in her. Most of the men who were engaged to take part in the expedition are foreign ers, who cunnot speak English, and know nothing of the laws which they have violated At^the pre sent time, there are, probably, twenty-five or thirty thousand foreigners here, principally Germans, and it would he a very easy matter for competent pirates and marauders to engage four or five thousand of them for any expedition. Many of these characters are refugees from the recent revolutions iu Europe, and are uceustomed to urins, und would be very glad to engage iu any expedition, no matter how wild or absurd. Put for the great error whieh was committed by the administration of General Taylor, and continued by that of Mr. Fillmore, this last expedition would never have bceu attempted. The utter w uk neM and imbecility of Loth administrations in rc'.ation to Cuban affairs, loom out every day. The < scape of Lopez, by a itoile prosequi, at Now tOrleans, a few weeks ago, was a sort of advertise ineut to ull foreigners that the government con curred in the Cuban project. If he had been tried and convicted, as Mackenzie was, it would have had a distinct effect, that would hive been attended with good results, and foreigners would have at once understood that, in engaging in such expeditions, they \ iolated the laws of the land. It has, how ever, gicen an op^rtunity to Mr. Fillmore to issue a proclamation, iu much the same way as the man shut the stable door after bis best horse was stolen. Dec esc ies and Indecencies or the Pbess.? We find much said in our cotemporary journals of Wall street, every now and then, about the indecent and unrespcctuble conduct of the press, and about the position some newspapers hold as organs of public opinion. Occasionally some of these cotemporarios, who would pass for prudes three or four days in the week, out llcrod-Heiod; aud even some of the mo ral journals, as they style themselves, "tear a pas sion to tatters." The socialist journal, in replying sometime ago to the editor of an evening paper, cm]haticully exclaimed, "You lie, villain; you lie!" .Some other newspapers are equally refined in their expressions. One Wall street editor calls an other a " knuvc" uud a "fool"?and the other reta liates, with sixpenny dignity, that his assailant is a "desperado" and "convict." Weed denominates a city editor as " a human hyena," uud he is called " udog fiend" by another expressive journal iu Wall street. We have never made pretensions to excel " the world and the ret of mankind," as President Tay- , lor would have said, in pru-lish expressions; but we can say that never, since the llrrald was first pub lished, Lav e we used towards our cotemi>oraries such languoge as defiles the re *pectable Journals, which should never be classed with those "notorious" for thoir spirit, industry, and talent. We generally propose to do our duty with as direct a reference to the purity of the atmosphere, and the season of the year, as we tan commend, and never use any instra incuts to effect oar object, whieh may not be woe *- , suryto the case in hand. Certainly, we should be sorry to see, even by accident, in our coluinus, any such violations of decency und decorum as we see every now and then in journals whieh flatter them selves that they are "respectable." Tjie next KmarSAN News.?The next new from Eur. j-e will roach here rn Halifax. The Nia gara, with one week's later intclfigeucc, will be due at that place to-morrow night. Dramatic and Xatlral NovetUca. The pa*t w? i It. with the brilliant weather that eue tced.d the pnodiog week of storm aud rain, wan ?.-ry faroratdr to public m< nt? Though there bare been at the theatre* few Inte-llectual eal'Ttaloiu-nt the manager. having d*}<rud"d upon -eenerj rather than U|x n acting or draniatlr literature.?-till Iht bmw hare lawn prvtty will attended. Burton'* etUbli?hu>ent. which tomeliiuur pre-rut* a a<>in>dy in excellent etyb . ha* been full en ry night; and Hr-ughaui. eren at th kaaatdMM game of pulling ban elf up >u the stage. ho.# pharid hie many friend*, lie will anon Introduce a norrlty. In the shape of a eomnly on New York f ehiuo able life. It ie from the paa of Madam da Uargucrrilc. ?b< -e r- pvitatlon a# a graceful wriUr and as a ? ketch-r of Menea In the fnehionable world will giie more than ordinary Interest to thl* n. w d nuna tli preduction In the I re-, bt d<arth of anything Ilk > nortUy of tie ught > j>u>-1 to th< ?plrit of our pe -pie, an-i to the present day it will I* rcfu-hing to hare a production fre h fi m the mini of ?o accoui) lirhed a lady a-< the autti'irew# who. we pre time win exhiMt the f-dlle* ?dsociety ?? ab< ha i -uu l tin in IVe are thankful for a little from matag ??*. In the way of dt una* that ?oel m -re lit u a ah.iiiu.*. and 1.? | . the wrltir will hare fair plvy Tbr.~ new Am r>< an I lay* I,-re ri. ? ntly b>en perfnite.1 in thi< country? tw-. iu I'hUad.lphia and idle In Ballim-re. In two eaeea. th,. antler#. . n beinf called before the rurtaln ctnpUia'-l t ti e puMk that their warkrwciw mangled and l.-turb ai ?.?? i. ued Author* #t-i.M let ? vp. < t t <i much An An ? rkan dr?nmli#t ahcuhl be abundi itiy *?tl*ftod t: 1> or-fifth. .dhl*lei<guape t# utteredby th" |?rf rain. W ?? En. ?? an air I. r who wa* fifteen yenrv er, ???/??i in w.-tti-,; a | lay that bv been acted twei < -.r thirty tim'e. an I I. ? cot iaf?? lnBiM If that only < O' lialf of th. ;? r| ra ? r lii 't t?? n Igucrnat of whut tie y are talk .u ibuut An.. ? > an autiu r? rlc-nld he | ??(lent Tire w'.l hit. a chaiict bye-aod-byc In the -good ti n, e .mtn. If th-y ?Imi Ul not. It will he ail th? -.'111' l th m a l.uutlrrJ years hrlrt. The ltr#*d*ey ha# rrrlred l.ydi?> K. ty'? ahsvi drtma if lb. ? t ui"tt of the Pun." wbr. he# run np.-n good ?iu ry vt ry well?Induct,, in #t ita 11 it# want f d luutle merit. <rW a ?ne..c Mnwght wo"ii pro t-rring Th. P ? - ly hne d.-ne a yawl tn-lu"** ai#- with th* ?. .,t dru n.i# c t ll.< n.eb. drainatl# ?ch.-! while Ut> > Ucnai Ita# pre#. ? tt.I. th anroea*, aome Intellectual treat# in th ?It;, 'f play#, which are . reili'*!. ? t. hr/i-h ir -r-.twr# At Nlhio'a. which thl we> k I# il-t-1 t tlie Iwllet emu pony, tie?) tv ? Ich and Mr. L" i eaterprla. ha- '? - it <1 ne#< ##ful The perl' mmn?? >?( lh? -t i.iiMin I i-y wilha larp. nnuter ? ? iewwt-iul hoe te' bawa h gbiy'.l and on Patnrday ta.f ?'nr 4tn ? Iri-yn in rr f . Itidiag h< r MR re #it. Went a ' . It-r I.'yon ! at ? tl at 1 ' !? ? n ?'en in tli ? art I ?- m 'lri.?nt m in il.,# country Indeed. A# mrjd-< 1 th . ?!,, h<?< of!-n -e. n her. hy the nor. 1'y #he intrreluce-1 m th - r rr;-. . r'.llrg lett d> m ' n h'r" I act and til (in.- til-' t?< .hi- ?e t adminhly a# well a leaping wwid ' i!'y with her ? I. pant wh-te few** W : c am tli ; it i- t'i inlrnli n .f llil. pnaftible if).''rbaii t. re?id- inthi- ,tr where ? he pripoeeo toof en mi ?cit Wo ;? lo t- i^h th'' grace) of l .r ?rf Thl? new # will gfntlfy the | uhlie. f r there are I i Mired# cf t one ladte# who ? j I- | , ,| t rxeelr#! laetrn# If# n from one ? h> hnr ?' .-pin - her n# a tew Iter i r t# an at Nth In r iir? d w#ll*tt, th. ? ? r I eoncerf. lot night, a* Tr-fhr 11*11. when Biwghe-. ? del. , p -t appwafnn" ? !ti thl# city fr.r #' me month#, hike e-lily recent crent tt'#ft II ? . < i i-'?t 'i Wallace, *? J the gi ??:.* <n | < ? I t# i lit dnRM lh-nehelte. #-f wh m ihapnlili ? .!?? to I >,< w wore. hrnMwf harlrg glten the bighe#t ?nil-ff# I < n The 'I er 1 w lie ,1 t ? f '! "in '? * , | ?i >1 . v. i:' ; ft ion ?I the ? o . ? i h'-i'v" r Rkvolition Amono tiie Petticoat*.?The I*" die* are on the nkirtd of a reform, or on a reform ef bkirU. .Slice Ad d Bey came to this c-ouutry, they bare talked much of Turkish trousers aad abort robes. Two ladies bare promenaded Broadway re oeiitiy, iu tbL> Ka tern style. Siat, mere daring, bare gone a little farther. They bare token to the# frockooa*. and pantaloons. Mrs. Kemble, two yoara ago, set the example, on horseback, wbioh baa been followed by MUf Bloomer, of Seneca Falls and others. Mrs. SwUehvlm jumps into this style, also, lu Syracuse It is quite the rage; and, In fact* ia eereral parte of the country, ladiea of some dis tinction bare put a foot forward in this reform, which transforms the female appearance completely. The question naturally arises, if these steps in this new evidence of progress are to be continued, what is to become of the aid cast oiTpetticoats! We suggest that nothing better can be done than to catch the dandies throughout the country, and in Broadwuy particularly, and invest them with the old robes of prerogative. They will cut mure of a swell than ever, iu the furbelows and flounces of the ladies. Important t "onvkntions?Rouax et Noir.?Two important conventions will be held in the beginning ol' next month, the speeches and declarations eon necttd with which will exercise an important in fluence on public affairs in this country. Tho first is the abolition convention, which is to be held at Syracuse, in this State; und the other is the seces sion convention, which will be held about the same time iu ('harlcston. The anti-slavery convention has generally celebrated its anniversaries in this city; but its next, which is the seventeenth or eighteenth, will bo held, in consequence of the difficulty of pro cm ing a suitable building in this metropolis, in the infected district of Western New York, formerly the head-quarters of nnti-masonry. and now of anti slurtry. We alludo to Syracuse and tho surround ing country. We have uiude arrangements to give lull uiul interesting reports, daily, of the proceeding of both of these conventions?the one in Charleston, Fouth Carolina, and the other in Syracuse, Western New York.

Sacred Concert at Trlpler Hall. Quite a respectable audience were present l ist night at Ti ij lcr Hull, uud the performances were highly satis factory It lie. Borghese was enuorcd again and again, and made a very?xcellcnt tupressiou by her vocalization. Madame Otto was warmly greeted also, and her singing was very much applauded Mr. b. Leach executed two songs in a rery hand-nine manner, and Mr. lfunu al?o sang with taste. The other pelf.umanee- were highly acceptable, and ihe violin of Griebel was not the least charming performance, in its effects upon the audience. Pnot>Ti*o Amur at Newark.?Mr. Adam Kepler, a rt(pactaMr and >|ni*-t citizen, keeping a German b sirding lii u.-eat No. 0 bank street, while lav-slug along Broad street, between seven and eight o'oloe'k last evening, ac companied by his dog. was shot, and serlou-ly woundod by a colon d iad. eighteen or twenty years of age, who was in conversation with another colored I. >y at the time. Mr Kepler vw hit with several large shot iu the it tt ceOar joiut. and ou one side ot his head, all of which still rilnuin, being so deeply imbedded as to render it dangerous to attempt to extract them at pre-iut. The Is j wtio slo t him goec by the name of Henry Ptate?. aid isn-t known to have any parents living lie was Hi gaged on board of one of the (j. b. vessel, iu the Mexi can war. and for the last two ui"ulh.s has beaiu attending upon a bowling alley. The motive whi<-h Impelled him to the act i- u mystery, but the boy who w.i- with him. states that he tired at the d .g. which he says growled at him; but fn m all tiie circumstances, as related by Others, this story la at least doubtful.? A'tunui tUvalimr, .lyi U 'Mh. We am isnriTra to KlUott'l California expre<* for the pi.-Dipt delivery, yesterday morning, of Boston papers of the j h vioua seen ng. Klliott Is rn rim/sto California. The Herald fur Europe. it AILS FOR DT'ROrE AND ASIA. The Brili-li mail stianisliip America will leave Boston i on Widmsday noon. f?r Halifax and Lir*rp<M>l. The mails will cli-ae in this city at 1 and 3>4 o'clock to-mor row afternoon. The New Vi a* Herald, printed on a double zheet, in French and Lnglish, with the latest news fr.m all parts of the Awricau continent, will be publish. d at 10 o'clock to-morrow morning Copies can be obtalui d 1 f t.dwards, A Co., No. 2 I'-.lumbia Buildings, Liverpool, and No*. IT and 18 CornhUl, Lon don ; and of It H. Kemil. No. 12 I'lace d? la Bourse. 1 rails. Advert is. menu will reach us if left at those establishments. Prrond Wnrd Hon**, N*. *4 ilrrrt, ? C. y M'liri !<<?- Im?< to r> turn bit tini* re Uimakf to wnm fri 1.1* ?' iiitrout frith ? uil thr imllic, f r tba lib. ml ( atroa ?? U.y l.att ?lr?.i4y c .ufi ir'4 aj-on bin, and will ron tinnt u ?ni?|?ly Ltr .utt.nrri ?l'h thi> Brat quhlity of M iaa?, Koiar". b?. Fr?? I.uaclt ?twy 4?y, ba latibltc l.oirs al ?i.r.a ,.u4 out v'tloak. Free LeclarM la Udln.-I)r. B?iinlng df li??oth?r I m l.?fturt to Udkt, thle aftyr?i<v n at Sc4 bt Ui? ^Kicit Likrery R(>oai, .\li Broadway. du>? )*?*%:- fit I??,'??r(iTC (hr*ao? mud Utt CKU??lf and ? urr if |?j p#ia, Mr!*u?b<dia. and lly pvcbvadria. Th? lata# rn ruilj amatitod to Alt' ad. The i'arprt B?g, Nr?. PartlitffloH1! popular r?l#r, U for ??J* by ntw ?r?r?r dnUr? jjm. nil*, and tb? m a ho tacan t?f?t a copy iuM?t ?pr ly early in lb# ? *ok. be for* t Jt i* titiNlUlmii ?nth bue eaaja\? lb# edit* n i??\haa*ttd itr . *od it bound to travol to all i *rU of th? w^rld. 1 firAp Fcv-bt.i^i?Only Ten CruU to Cmllfor ala, 1 \ I.- rt r I \ ? fatt iifrvM -thrrutk. ia *.\*r.e of kr. ll<)t, c>?r av>wna?r, la ad dayo? by ?Waio-.tup IT*?.eti.r: % l!.i? '*?) tr*i#bt to Califvrfafta ?0 ?n at * j^r lb. Mall cl or? at 2 I'. M., No. * Veacy ?tr#< t, A*tor liou-*. Kxprroo Mull for California??'Through In Ihurty siiiyf, in chirp of aifMrtal t.u>#vn,-*r. L*U? r b?M for to lit ??r at* ind i?re#on, p-r *tp*u??r rr-?m?t}?eu? for t i.a/r< ? ( t r-< t). ?tli ?lo?? at th< Ki< h. neo it* <din/ 17 I i l iii/*-, W toll ^tr* #t, on Wood*/, Ajr.l Z", at half pa?t 2 i vt.u ' to ."an > r r.ui ? ? A? < * Bti, l/#tt"r? I r t I ? rt''. Jainai<a, t + L Ju-u, hvtttli J a ilk, Me-., lor**rd?d a* aby\*. Of>f*o?ltlon to ail Monopolies?Berford A Co ? ? altfurai* ?ipre#?by rt#am*t *p l*r??m> t!.#?????. II >n lay, l*1h M.?t ?I'mUi* Ui t -UJcroia, Id f-nU , lr 40 cottto |- r p tati. I . Fp 'ial Bl***rr.iar, t?y ?*vf) ft' Nawo l v, r.- o ?* ii*4; by U>? boi.dr 4, No. t A?wr Hoooo, Vwiy oir* t. fUnyrr** kralng Mfttlilftri for sale at |41 ? f?' Km fk*n ? i*it ?.? t In tbf etty. A n ly at M k * i) i U ?> will I# ru lv tor 4? linrv ??'? f r?d?y. 1 In Pltiiitla- Niatlounl llagtirrriiiii (lullrry, N?>. ?A?I I rwadaoy. MruBp-r* m?d uihtr 1 ?'i ?M n d fall t?? \ t, ? ,: f tteio* It ?* lot/ *t ani i ? i?< t ?ll * - I.vil i t 4 < rtrait* ?( 4lftiip? bid ?a li%?4oai? tu tkia ivoatry. Itrii.oral.?Dr. Lntrior** Kar tntirmary, f r t'.e ci* Indtt tr itn<*at ??! Ear di %.?**, a?t| !??? r? ?*?' *#i I * th Irt ? I M iy lo .VI Rr i4??\.-li'v i"', dt- i^r/?4 fr- a thi eitrfvil tar, at d tt?? d?*tr -m? a-i' -i ia fie e*r-?, r*r#?l In a t?n?*' ri-k ?*r |?*ia. f'??ul $1. I loHert r*f? ?d. otfi ? h-ur? Ir m * tol l. I at let t# fr ill Ue: Cvittir) ??? Uh |v?i4 fi> Utf, Kill or ?itbvtt board. ( nrltlnft Sfovr* for V? Infer a?crf *?mtinn i-. A lary* ?*?- rtin*at at the ? Verb 'b?t*i I' ;? t <rr. * ? ???* tnl? a r. t?i*l AI -o l n Hak . I r ? ? , i.m . ebar# al, vith or *itlv*it I' it' f bit- . aei*9?a t2 aad $t, ineiuuia* p t *. *?i!iim r l?ak? t ar??. Furuti ? f ?r I ur*ii.*jr hard or ? .ft ?? . r v . . a m rai t? d t ? I ak*. I a? i ' I ? rts i#? f f !,? at.aj flat JNiaatrr K taya, f r NPttiMi bard i vtl, ? a-* ar I#, i ?Ma't aiakr-r# * ??|?ri r ar ti I#. Tip t *l? t rated in !#(? n ?# jt air t it Nifint ??4 RlnWf l o? Kinr *t"'? -. #arT*nt<M l? ?*'! o- t<? k*k#. h*.?M d* in?r?.| frar ??f ? larjr- Nm boa . a#^ j?. r? ani r?.r. trll.4 < *il >nl > t . ? kt.f U ' n In | -3 t.r?u4 N ? ?> * rl. M: ..... Li.- . ? .tk't. M< ii 'l. l? I. .mil. To f,n?'y I <|ii< .1 ? I ? i>lr, v <in 1.1 rt - II, ill ? fu. U4W ft S'1 V' r k. n ?. I tt-m Mf < ? ?. It tt k? t ? li t t . 11 i I t ' it I . .nt rt? ..t? *1 .tr?. ftt. .? II... t nirakly *? ?l t >r w 11 I. I t f?Vit i r> i?? it 11 r?l k. ?l.?i !? I. r itl l-t ( I . ?. I-- ... > II | ' .,.,1 M ?. ..It J" i|lfl??|ti| M N. Jll Mr ?4? it. ? -i ..M P??l' II. f Intl . . >1. n It tit I Till Ixr. im Wllllim R'r?.I. ir?k.. I i r4' r fli>f t'r? tn.l ?>? ? I ? fr-n 1 ?? ti ? .T I.U.R |.R*Mt I ir. 1 ? fi ? . t'i > * ?*tf k \ - .* '. t h. ft ? -? .? ? r- ) i t.i,? ??.-H ik4 1 ? k ? It . ?? I i i ' I n . - r | 'i -if... I t I . ? . r I btra W tii ti a; >Mf itmiti >t i.trlr'itfi' i ? k tili i ? i , u.i hi.11 K . r? l!...t It'j Bill bt h.s r >1 . 4 .!< .HI,. Itwif? m<?t khm? nt .Inni.', 14 Con MltM, Mil il|fi? hwl, 14 .'II In I ; uin?H. i A., .-.i-ij viiii.r .1 Iiri/ 4r*M Mi... ?, f r "nraimr ?'ir. rr> "?> l?? ?!< ,* ? ?? i Mf ??, ? I'rut I i- ?. ?r *? hftl ?/ ih? l -k a. t rral HIrih', IIin itrmt, tt ir.ciibkitR fciy ?. II | Rtl.l tl. r.nob ot llto'i Ibitf unit Tonr floor r?. i i i. > . i - -I i ?> Lit.. ??,.< i i , . \ . !t> it . .r.. II 1 K *. M A - I'l !"'S <. It...- t hk Ml 'i I?|? vfv. i>- I Hi- < itkl Mutt f t JVi'lll yant of ri'i f <>ii i ii.i5?. *n i ? I'.?' f. ** U i h >m Dr. ,lr till * CIV , I Itt r'l, < tilt t, 4 II; '?*. iV The Broadway Carpet Ntorr.?Ptl?n?o & Ilamphroy, lb* iiblnM w(i?t ttrur ?( Drotd- j *m nil wbitr street, have the mM ?ik?ln tourUMil ?f Carpets. Oil Cloths, Table Uwi, Mattlage, Ormifl* 1 lie., to te found in the <lty, u4, aa variety and ebeepoeoa are thi tharacU riatice of their eetabUabmuat, thoee in want I of these article* will find it to tbair iatorvwt to deal with them. Thay aril %a .heap, U nrt vAaap r, than any other rr? In fit* Yirk. dealer I'rrnt h Kill U1?vm, only Ha. Ad, a pair, at Bnrdi tl'a ahaap lire good* atom, lab Walker atrvct. A IiewA lot just received from a lata import*ton. rcatrweiav tier a, a* ' vholoa.-t *ol?r>, euch aa pea grvea, Ii* tit and dork, bius, u, m( aommakv, lar< uder, white, li/hi uud dark alat*. dark brow a, tea gtven, purple, and various ether ool.ww, all at ft*. lid. pair. Alee, a lot ot geatlemea'a black Ktda. la. a pair. CtOKOK C. BURDETT, 13a W aiher atroet. Hair D)r.?Batrheloi'i Utaular LlquM liair Vjt, relet rated in alt parte of Europe aad America. la applied at >o. 4 Wall atrrrt, where it U nloo eold wholesale and retail It can t?? procur,det ail the Kruatiete aad Per fumeries, in town and country. lie wo re ad UnKottzns, tor their name u legion. Copy tl.e addrea*. Wlp and Tonpacd. ?Balthnlor'* newly ln rcnted M tg? and Touiwiee are aaid to fc? tba moat perioot imitation of nature the mind can aonaoiro. They are to natural in appaaranre, aa may aad aoinfortablr, that ana tin.oct coe*ea t-o regret losing their hair. Citazous and strangers ahould tall at No. d Wall etroet, ant too thorn. Phwloei'a Magic Hair Dye, to color tlte hair ?r whisker* the moinant it la applied, without injury to the erimd it - hair or akin. It oiui be ledM immediately without dis turbing the color, and hae no bad odor. It ia applied.Jor aoid, at Elialon'i Wig and Tuugioe manufaetory. i'.f Broadway, l or tale ia the city aad country by druggist* generally. Wlgi and Tonpeei.?We would cull the at tention of pereone requiring Wlga, to a reeeat improvement. The tame was awarded a silver modal for the br.-t premium at the last fair. They can be aeon at E. I'HALON.S Wig And Hair Dye Factory, 1W Broadw ay, oorner of Dev atroet. Citizen* and strangers are invited to eaamiaa before purchas ing elsewhere. Copy his addreee. A ( liolrt ?Those whu linve utronjp lwarili and tender lin es, should avoid eoinmiu fap. Iti-a delat rltim. You l ave a hotter choice in Boglt' Ainols, which in?? pari a the moat Inv ig'rating and strengthening tf' ota to tl r. ind a ud pkui. hold by tlie inventor, W illium Bogle, 277 Washington -trevt. Boston; A. IP A le bauds, loO 1'ttltoa street. Kusbtnn, Clarke Ik Co., 173 Broadway; Carp h. Co., and Bri I.aui It Day, 1'earl street, New V.rk. MONEY MAUKKT. Pi wear,April 27?? P.M. Turing the past week there has not been much varla tion in i;iiotiiti< ns for llie leading fancy 6t ek*. although the ti an suctions hare been large, and the uuiket at tiio s considerably excited. 'J'be smaller cbis.s of stocks Luve fj I'm 11 off several per rent.and have been muisuully i(uiet. W e cannot satisfactorily account for this state of thing-. puiticidnrly whs u moet of the larger c'if stocks are so li.i.-h intlati d. The steady improvement going on in tile nioniy market, and the ruse with which loans arc ne gotiated, should have as favorable an iutiuence upon the low priced ns upon th? high priced stocks. F peculation is at present uttriutid m- re to the leading railroad <*ru rities. and the prospect of au advance of some impor tance in sonic of them is sufficiently good to draw in u number of b* avy opera'.- ,ra. Harlem and Norwich, as we have repeatedly remarked, have a wide margin for lut provnuent in market value before they reach their in trin-ic value. Jirie llailroad is high enough?probably as high as it will go at present?much high r than it should he. mid silling for much more than it i? really worth heading llailroad is subject to all the fluctuation* in the coal trade. The Schuylkill Ca mil Company is determined upon a spirited competition in prices for transportation and the Heading company cannot go above its published rates, and must secretly make the most favorable terms pos-iblo to secure busint.-a. whether it J- profitable or not. Island is gradually sinking down to what it is about worth; tut there ha- 1h en v<ry little doing in the stick lately. There is no important feature connected with the movements of nny other stock on the li-t The i arcings of the Vermont Central Railroad Com pany for March. 1861, amounted to f47.3*0 60. against $16,075 '21 for the eorreeponding month in 1660. showing an iucreast of (31.296 32 for the month this yi to about 11C per rent. The Ptale of North Carolina, and corporation' within the Mate, arc now in the market for about >1 oOu.UOO. The Ptaic wants $60.??0. of which >10 tkn Ls intended to pay au Instalment on a plank roa.1. and (40 <?0 to meet existing debts of the State The Deep liivi r ? Vmipany want (64.100 ; the town of Wilmington (llfj.uuo. to ]*y its subscription to the Mamie-ter llailroad; and the Manchester Railroad torn piny $800,000. on a mortgage of ?11 its property. It appeals l.y the report of the I'arlfir lUilr-sv 1 Com pel y made at u rcn lit n oting hi Id in Pt l.ouis. that since Its organisation in March. 1S50. ln-lri:no tiUl *ur Vi ys have been made of thr*-*- routes to the tiascuuivlu river, all of which are practicable ; but the line has been locati d fir only about forty miles, it t* ing dcem<-d unnd vn-al le to deride i\|>on the route until another sit* s pt Is made to obtain from CoDgrrns a donation ot land t < ward the construction of the risid The ?<*t of the por tion located la estimated at als ot *1 uOO (Ssi. Including limit- for building nt Pt. Louis, land damage- supervtruc ture. building inaehinery and cars The aiuouul of pri vate rubrcriptions to the stork, thu- far. Is (644 H<0. and c-f sulacriptlons by citios and counties. (714 <yw?in.,king a ti til of (1,168 000, having $341,906 to be < Maim 1. to si urs the Dane of bonds In its favor by the Putc. The law for that purpose, as It pmssed the Lcgt latura of Mis souri, provided that when (1,800,000 of the aviupnny's sink bad laen rubacriled for. the (iwtrn^r should is*iir and d Urer to the company (Xi.OOO of the bonds of thehtau. running twenty years, andUarlagsii pir cent interest, f'Tcrrry (60.000 collected and rapeud>-d of It# own money in the actual con<tru*Uoa of the road The amount of tboec bonds ls n t to exceed $2000400 and as mi urity to the Ptatc for the payment of tin-annus I interest and the ultimate redemption of the prtne'pal of thi se I wiids. Uie aompany are to mortgage liulrrowdsad It* ?| purtinances to the Mate fri m time to tim? ae lie bond* are Is-usd and arcepted by the company. The kliliexid stall men! ? xhibits the i^uivntity of articles export'd from thi- prrt.^distingrii-hing live 4- **i Lute n and extent if rhipim nt to each place Cshmibii cs I'vir or N'ik Year?Wiixit Nvroers louden?Naval stores, litis . 6.606; ikin* aud fur*, hale*, |'2; niaimfactiired l- tmorci. II- . 4, t> 4 , Hour. bbl* , 1,017 : whi le (II. gnlli ns. 10.604 ; truly I.lack. casks, I'll ; wax lb* . 1 1(0 , II rk |ig" Ca-h-, 1st , rj.el - eivsv- llS) i i tin icses, 10 ; beif. tierces. 374, st; lie, 1'J.isW ; cheese, lb*., 36 ?66 ; gum bbi.-, GO ; rump*, three 10; tongues, ki g*, (4; lard, llie.. I'JiSin; ging.r. bbl" 10} nankins, ea*ea 1". ; silks, cu-ee, 4 ; wine nhd* , 6; dittu. i|Uarter casks. 19(1; ditto, octave* fib; n-phnittun cask*. 10: tobsicu bale*, ?4 ; rhubarb, cask* ja /'uipet?Wtrni. Iialis. 3.1 70 ; corn, bu-hci*. 12072; horn tips. Lag*. 74 ; i?*>?ii. package*. 16; flour, bbl* , 14.166; p- rk. Ibis . 25o , Urd His., '2>>v'<i7 ; naval alori*. bbls . M7 Ihkei f'srft. f"(i*/it*i4?NnVi I itoie*. Mis I 4ivi : peo vUbn*. Ibices. 26; staves, lb 000; lard. lbs. 11 l>J0; flour, bbl- . HO , tee. ton*. 166. Usui?CotU n. Isile*. l."24.. . staves. 30 (I) ? hid. hid- , 6* ; lohaei II. hbd* . 6>4I, Wat, 1 e.'*k-. 1?S , tiOther. Int I'fO); nevnl -tore* tile .036. Kun*?1'itsd.ii. casks. 67; ?|? ruv randies. b"i? 19, naval stores, ltd* . 610. logwood, t-n- 10 IttwLurf ?I i tli B. tali *. rice. cask.-. 98; whale I* I.e. It*. 46.1 CO. Uia ti Ufa* lured t"tacc. |hs . 16 GiO M? cm randli-. Is,ana, 4, hum*. 26U0. do. lip*, bag*. I. ? ilk* ra-t*. 4 f.>/ia/'?* ?4V Mi n balss L'4, ^?im ear-lie- k 10 I'i: till. 1 co. bid- .26; atari*, 44000; n.ann'ac tur-ii t<> laero. Is xia. 177; ding*, (kg* . 60. 21 i?j0 fWfiait ?laat nations, L*W0; naval dins, Mh, 416; hit, til*. It*', staves. 2lsai, rotten. Ink*. 110; r.U, wteis-. gallons, ill; canary srod, hags, 61; |tww>od, il?* k. ? 141 7'risifs ?1'? tte-n. I ale*. 1 146 nav. l^-tcsres. hid* .'nw>: wxx. it-. 417, ctlie. Iwg*. 641; as 1 u wi?w1 ton* 21; pi) per. t si a'ir* >6000, ?ruui holes a i.rwi-4 .(?-'* -Vast*** fates. 1?Pork. ltd*. Mo,. Aanr Mb.. 1MB: mi, hmliila, in. . rn man], h6fa., 411; t)i until bids . 264, rlup-biewd. M4s . in pi ugh ? Isef. M i" . , tesiiilt irtlin d li.iMCsn. lie.. 2li ,|. in'... . Ili I /,?,.! - Matibi gr.? , 4 *> pub il *v l.l.i i*. .'4. (bur b' Is 1.U1; c*ru men). I 216; tnss-r. it*. 26||. 1 b'liw. 8,6?8; haw*. 4,7''!; papi r. hvs*. til, nr. leg 107; bi*f. bbl* . 17.1. half d .. I.**; oil C-Ac, I tid* . !l?: |*ik bkl' . it".'. , rye ??. rim. htt-hsU. 4 - | ? 1 ? iil.I l? an*. (4'; br?s(*. bbl*. 1X6. rao.tb-. I ? xi ? 0 . 2" rbnlrs. ;4; n sr iif.u lor. .1 t>ihneen. Il>* 16 ;ai| toot in* bbl*., M', linsssil nil. gsl-. 17u, p tucpaotim. is*, pw 1 t k. c- kt ; asnp, llx . 1. 's6. brandy. gal- .'7. /.an.* H'nl Isf.i-Oai*. 126; rordi..e. lb*, til u.1 I. 16721 ? . Iiai,.. legs, 4"; 1 bee?. It- I 4 -.-; , .|; ' 'to. His. v.vsk.s, la do., hi * , to matting, r- !l* 4; pis ware. pkf*.. 16; le*.| ?. 61'*'. tti-ur. tW?, 400; b?,f. to. | niter. It* . l.t'w. rafinedaugwr :'4>?'. I ult .'o; gimpowipr. k.g- H '2: drbit 1.-Ii cwt .Sd hno - d" . Lit?>; od.nhala. gal* . T6| eas?ts. I?< -. He*, tea !.?*.. lij. Sfft'H llvif /r.ti?i ? Mi 1 m hull'rs. 2 mscliliH ry, |i .IT do. 1. ?*. 2 e. rn. huh . list, InrdH 4 ? I-l 1 . 'hewma. 4.1IT pofafiea. bbi* . l:v 111.* . 4 u | ij* r, rsim*. L7tW, bowed*. |eet. 61 'sAt. salt, sacks. ?? , ditiga, pkgs . 10. liHIrk Its - /east 1 ? A I n.b? gro*. ft; d"?'<estica. b"l? : 7; (I* nr. 1,1 ts? >'60. corn tin si. t-.<; rve it . *v t,n:t. r I* 11 .'.1 Is I at set, 6 .'44. si up. 1* ... 2 4j. put; .wd. r. ki| ?. 4.M'. I*af |i liwessn, lisle- *V: |e-s*. hug- .".'2. 1.1 .|, 1}? 164 riseksr?and eb p hr?. <i. bht- . 66; drkd llsb, b as 13. lisf. Ill . 1?; er.iistl*-, It- .8141. i Kin - (lap. I- VI-. l.'.ni; 'try g - r - r. 10: butter II- l4'*;sLi*se '2.1 '.6; btil. .1 I, h: ns. 1^4* |*-r U1 -II ptoff. pkp. 81; M*p lb*. 2 TOO; Aometrtie* bale*. 12; cakum. 10; siauufecturcd tubueao. bunas, 10, lour, bbi* 25; scale* and wolgtat*. pkgr. U2; perfuunry aanc*. 20 bin k*. 14 168. .IrtmUnt RtwuUir -Fl< or bid*., 024; rice. 500, broom dor .50; tea, fb? , 2-tOtl, refined sugar. lb* . 68 MO; per-" ptrbaga. *0. CKnia ? Lumber. (M, 10 840: syrup*. eases, 30; ship U<ad. hbd* , 28, do . bbU.. 134; anar kerr, th-recs. 84; fltiur bbl?., 325; tobacco. manufactured. lb* .8110; ?l?ck*,aa.<ww 54; M+p. bcxc*. 254; cIim*. boxes 8a; domewtie*, bain and truM*a*. 2I-60; beef. LM? 45; pork, 15; sperm aaudle* lb* . 474; dri.d apphe. 583 furniture. pkg*.. 17; n-tlurd svgar. lb* . 4.112; raisin*. baU boxw, 60; ngars, ItOOO; lead. lb* , 322 544; ajiltt r. plab a, 778. Mrica.?Flour. bbls.. 1.2U); pork. 100; ahlp bread. 208; naval store*, 150; vinegar 30; spirit* of turpentine, ^ 26, tobacco, hhd*., 18; do . pkg*., 300; furniture, 80: plough*, 72; tub*. uwU. 80; broom*, dor . 30; shovel*,!#, stave*, 45.800. The above statement exhibit* a great variety of articles exported during the week; but we ?ce nothing in it of aap ?try graat importance, to far ax the general trade of the port la concerned. lire?d.-tufla hare been cent forward more actively than for K m tfuie previously, and the ship mcut* of lard and cheese hare been larger t linn usual but the aggregate movement in produce and domestic product* Lax not been beyond the average amount. For tome time pant, our packet ship* and regular traders have been compelled to go to home .southern port bo load fur Europe, In consequence < f the small quantity af freight otiering here, compared with the large number of vessel, seeking business. The exportation of specie during the past week, and. for the year, hu* been a- linn. led:? SmnoMi or ^rxcu. ihou ihc 1'oht of New York. 7V' I.cttdvn? Wo I (aire? American gi ld.. $573,000 American gold . 7.44.000 Wv /-in1 ? /'urn's/. h'rsl hiditt? Annricun gi Id.. f f 00.000 American gdd.. fSO.OOC lio. filvir. 220,H80 Cisjilatin* Republic? Mi xiean dollar*. 57 .0C0 1 at. doubloon*., f'500 LiiUill silver.... l.l&U 7. ivla? To Urniin? Spun, doubloon*. 81.700 1 linrh silvi r ... J4P.C60 i t th ty,? Mitt? Amerieta giId,. 64,1 to American gold . 712(Vf> ho. dutt.. 4S0 litithh do... 6.818 Total tl 038..7C4 Trevii u.-iy this year 6,660.184 Total, 1861 *7.688.69* This is nearly, if m t quite, equal to our n eeipt* of gold frc tn California, during a corresponding period. If the export if no mot* than the Import, we shall keep good our preseut supply U luu beeu stated that people goiu/ fn m the I'uitid Mates to London, to attend the World ? l air, would take out from five to seven millions of dollars in .-pi riv, or Its equivalent Mils of exchange: but that Is, in i uropiniou. an extravagant estimate. We do net be 111 Ve it will be one half tbi.t sum. over and above the auiouuttakeuoutby travellers inordinary s-asous. Four millions will probably be thi ? xlent, and that, added to onr indebti dnexs abroad, growing out of our foreigtx trade, will tend Very muteriuUy to keep ratea for ex ? linnge up to the liigb?st point. The importations of foreign mercLundise have bei ;i excessive this year, thus far. while the export* have been comparatively small 'J'lii- has sustained price* for exchange, and been the direct cause i f the hia>y shipment* of specie. For the time, we liav* not had such a large exportation of the precii u* nu tal* for m*uy je-urv, and it i* fortunate that Calift mi a has lo Id out so well in giving us supplies to iniet the demand, Our trade with California has been one gn at cause of our large foreign indebtedness, and we must look to that country for the mean* to extricate ix- frc in our pre.-iiit uifl'.r uilies. The importations of ft rtigu merchandise f r the rest of this season, will be re mi aratively limited and our export* may furnish u? with a sufficiency to uiett payments as tiny mature, without taking much more gold from us. Our export li .de during the last six mouths in each yeur is usually much larger than during thi first six mouths while out importation* arc less. Thi* may arrest shipment* of sptrie, and restore the equilibrium of trail*. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERT DAT. IlKMOVALS. Removal.-joijn g. wvmah, merchant tailor, ba*>sinov*4 from >'?.Zi5 to 867 Broadway, opposite kbo City Hall. LOST, <he. IOST?MIT IN ONE OF TUP, A*TOR PLACE J lUxe*. at ii,.- Noatk Ferry, a small tuad Is market V Ks ^ ^ ? *? r I 1 ?' | u ? ? T '' J * *ioaii* I'uiaij ic niui a \ I u It. 1UOM.N8 I. 1>A\ lit, r?Uu.i.k<rj bi^. l>0trU044 i (tfa d:.uit ( '? Lkiii %a)?o in jHtueil roarli a(H8n ti c btia 4'- ) Whoever le?ve? the miue nt J. 11. li< iAtr f, No. ui J hu it rent, mill br li emlly r?mnr?icd* I^OST?ON FRIDAY I.A8T, 25th fNSTENT, BETVt'EEV 4 ami l> v el ck. I t... a pocket wallet. ? .utakmag two ell* dollar bill*, ait i a ervk.u t.aok two dollar Pitt. The kuder. by r? turuiu* the look aad paper* to 213 Duane (trust. 1 - wi leoaie to the luoary J 08T?A LARGE IJEIVEK, CONTAINING kEVEKll. IJ | evert, and dirveted to lluharii Pieup, E- , ., ? ear Mary, I aaaawl-lre. EukUuiI. Any i- '< n. caiimx th itat, will roofer a is.or aj?? U.e o? a. r by laaviny *.hem at No. V Hick! street, Brooklyn, au4 be rewarded for their t nolle. HMACI.J ET LObT.?LOST, IS BOND STREET. OR lt< viefaity, eu ll.urwday evwaiu,; last, a red Corel Braeelrt. TbeanderwUl le iwitably reward 3, and receive ! he thanks of the owaer, oy Uaviaathe iaiue at the ettcc et the Boad Street House. OU Broadway. KUK ARTS. fpu AKTMT*. OILDER*. PIUR'TEll*. KMiiRAVRKI. I I'l.-Smkiri, CmMMR Paialrrs I J'!i ?(vh-r?, A".? I l,? .tin k uf liruihaa, I ra.ila, Color., Ornair.-iitnl Deeitae, Stndm if liitli. tt?., la i farti at | Hit, UUa <v.t, ta ilo-i In in.aa. Apply to J. * . HAH Xtil IDT, 107 Fultoa ttraat. DAGUERRIOTTPE THE ICAU PI. ATES.-Til E* E plat*, ara varraiitad to ko p?rlM?. an J l? (It* to tUaa Daru.maa a yi.tir U?. thai anyi th.ra, They ara aula aith tl.a (r iil.n of raturnim aay ?l SB'a u.*t (rot!Id laU to ptatiun Malefaction. Ao-raaa Viator U-abi.p B Maldaa laat. UMTHVUTtlM. Ai.b er IJISTI tr t e.?doardiNf; rofk 111 ye, * oruoaJl, toeaoalaawt.?The San. mar t?*a a ,1 aa the trat leeediy of May, and a>na.i It. ? ektha. Pehelara r. n aaui tha tat af J iaa. T M aM'ltUS, A. M.. Principal. .'H IS M.Kr* It K. A. Aaaaatat. Principal. A llil It II, A M .Taaap.ral I I?rauta. H. Till.ISM. al 111 rreaij. l.aeh'r nl Mn ? tlravlare aaa k. attained of T R Smith, *:???.,: I'ark row (MIEhNI T flROVE tUi.LAtlE, i l irtns. STATI N ?> Mend. Mat. T Taaall, A M 1.1. II, I'r .Idoat. 11. la.r.iiiiaa <1. n aud for f-leatlde ha.?lnl,'e l.aa obliged II ? fraud, at In inln arraacoutaate for the e.'-aM.iliau o I if a di-tiatt alma, d< i lti-1 ta th* atudy ol Ambit. -:ur. an '. ? nil Earin.rrlur Par Ui. purpoi. of af . /t'.iaol.j ?? ta tl.a m it ec lea tide ,ai grvaali, an l.aa aa. r .dnl In indue,or Mr. Aadaraea, th? arsbit*"', Aa.. *'ioe ?aparti.rltj la prilia-lunal ? a Ail ban kara a. r-t- .tadly pr ky lb. Ill kit. |1. n.itn,.- ahirli |i? (htdla I f if laalia I. ar l l.ta .it. am . I r.rticr, both la thia dually ??J IU En ?Mr, ta ere. | t tin prefi .e..r?l,ip In that d. | rtiraak Ap plirat'. n f. r ait*ni-lr? at S-an. aa k Minr'i. 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Ill Paarl rtra.1, ara now pr< parad ta aal.ikit ail Ikni ? aa* d<- ICM "f Prni ? ki. i Ala.riraa I'apar Ikaa.'ap*. .")?? irirlaitk. rlahaat atrlioi fald, falfat, and o.tia irao-a. li n- fcf draalra fanwa. aad ala* ?a? and a.aphlo i ? #iM?>(t r ???" kalla. A*.. ?hicn U.a* afar *knlcaala a*d ra ta il ai th. |a?a*t n.artat | n.-at. Mapariac vorka.aa ara aa Rlay ad to kaaa tha pa para, Aa. IMR1 UAJVCKSa I III t'rlMMl: NA ilii.N A I, l.'MV H 'to LI I R ?i Auaraaa. pari, tj ..I l...ndun.?baaaral A??fit'l nSno. J' Willr'- ??. Sal 4. Af ill I. 1st I <*| ital fl Md parplu* htl ' .7 I I... alt lor. a al la! 1. af Ida ?>??!?-? ?#urda to tkr aaaar.d. *ho ana I aha oat thatr find- aadi r II. ?? i.l . r, ll>. praata ?l |v . itkla | rraaat aad t f-aparlir. ?? ? i ?Ih" that eai I. r-fa. rrH l>lit. anawrtara, tin tiii a iki araara.l I* akutdrd. at a..y MiM, t*ra- iraal lata f?.t aa laMnadiati ad\a*i to tiia ia> at nf > aa half tl ? amiarl ? 11 11. | .|J ?r.n lit.Miam?, nHHaat i. Nf p t aonal liaMttty, at d i .auri th. | ll. > Sntkyat' pi'tad.,rat air at tl,. r. "B. i.r Ma l.a'i ? r iti.nin mat Sato *lthhrld darlaa t'i al ! rntllilti df ta. pallry. Al? . I* tha at rat of th" ? .?ara !?? ?) Mtitr a> ' r. inim I. aoatiaur ibr i I,rjr, -in iii i. ? ii i 11 ? tialf. i r iaaa*i praatlaaa Mill t? r - A- ' Ianatnti'iattfllit'lra,RpdM lr V i* MM. tha k no.. drrlaf d t? tkr aoaar l > *n'tha apt'"* ? ' h nt. rn aflt| rrrri.t II tl lr pr I*m? III aaa'i, ?t ? r, ? ira.niion a idi- it. Ihaori polk). tar/lM* *' 1I tl- r/aTal - alrHd/ drrlafd.* ill I. i and ia tha a< 1.1'? I m I lilt i p. tl,. . a.tail ??? I ai,l athr r ~ t? 71 Wail attavt. otat aay afth* * JH*?I t !*?!*? 'H. in??r? fp , frti yMn, ths vmi I If* hi?? ; ??f If hit 'istdth ! 4 V ail It l ?l? Is Ifti* il Lfftf IM