Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 29, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 29, 1851 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. t- * ? 1 WHOLE NO. 6T62. MORNING EDITION TUESDAY, APRIL 29, 1851. PRICE TWO CENTS. DOUBLE SHEET. ?ALBS BY AUCTION. OCTION NUTICI.-HOV8EUMLD KUKNmntlE^AT v v-4-jVM u?;i i\> j,?nV%/ouu'fiii# r u uni 11 II KG ?? AT A 11 o'clock, Mt 17A Chmrrj street, Tuesday, April 2*th, -oauaisting of mahogany. euav and rush Mil Chairs, mahogany ?Cm <1 Tnble?, Hedstsads, thro* ply and ingrain Carpets, ?tair ditto, Table*. W ?ehst*ad and Crookery. Hall Lantern, Ac., fco. Vf A. CARTER, Auctioneer, 7 New street. Auction notice.?furniture sale, this dat, at 10 ?. ? lock, ut 67 Nilei ? Thu entire Furniture et' the house. comprising awry variaty of Parlor and lied ?room Furniture, twenty Benin and Bedding, Plated and Glass Ware, Tea and Dinner sake, Kitoh?>n Furniture, Stoves, eto. J NO. SNIFFKN, Auctioneer. Auction noticr.?tiios. bell, auctioneer.? Ily II. N. Bush.?This day, at 10 o'clock, in the Auction Rooms. It) North M'IIUm street. a most MlUlllfl and fall* able variety of ?ui?crior Household Furniture, Urge Looking ?Gla*?c*. Ilfds, Mattresses, Ac ? also. Two Cases of Dry ?floods and ( tithing, Ladies' lints, Hiding Habits, and Fancy -Articles. AI m, this day, at 12}# o'clotk, a variety of House iiold Furniture, at 202 wooster street, near llleeckcr. TIIOS. HELL, Auctioneer. Auction sale of furniture, at no. 11 variok Place, this day, at 10 o'clock, by John E. Van Ant werp?Furniture Sale, at II Vtrick Place?Genteel and fash donable Furniture, belonging to a family hrottkingup hoiun Uocping, conwintiog ofTwo large English London plate pier Looking Glsses, aud other Lookiiig Glasses; one Frunoh pat tern devout rosewood Secretary and Book Cam, a splendid T'iece ol ornamental an well as useful furniture, having several ? :iret door*, drawers and box cm, and made in every respect like the original, that oust over $.>00; ou* Brussels Carpat, nearly new, of a rich fancy pattern; ouo Degraw's patent S?fa llcdhtcad, <<?#t $-0. and two other Sufas ; one largo Din inguud other Tables; mahogany aud other Chairs ; Human*; 'Jlatatm J: hundsome Hull L imp and Fixtures; Oil Cloth, nearly new; one bronze CI ck, with hoe movements; M.tit Id Ornament*; Looking Gin; one rich and costly high f>o?t Ihihtcii cost ft*Ai other Bedsteads, with kitchen aui ether Furniture, all ?>f which will ho sold for cash, current inoney, aud it will bo a condition of ti c sale that purchamrs i?move the r turniture uud pay for the same iuiai.-li itJy niter the sale. II BHV HECEMAN. AUI riONKEil WEDXE DAY April 2k Mb. .it !? o'clock A. M., nro'Dely, at No. H i Columbia, near Clark street?'Genteel Furniture, now Tapes try Carpets, an l'a variety ol chamber and kitchen furniture. Hsuno day, at I o'clock P. M., ut No. 167 Henry, near Stato-st., I .Brooklyn, b so (I some parlor, chamber, and kitchen furniture. || Also, n good mahogany Piano. Nunn's make. Catalogue at the sales room. JSxme da v. nt half-past seven o'clock, A. M., at No. 2 Garden, near ralemon street ?parlor, chamber, nrd kitchen furniture. Also, it rosewood I'iano. Catalogues at the Mil - i I ?:?? HFII. MTORRIICK. AUCTIONEER GOOD FURNI ? T turn. ? Vt ni. M'Cormiek & Go. will sell, this day at 10 O'clock, nt No. IX) Me roc r street, all the Furniture ooiit tiued in the house. ? nhjstiny of mahogany Chairs, Sofas, marble top TahL* .Carpets, \l indow Curtail*, Looking Glasses, Oil cloths, Gir isi l .!??*, with all the Furniture of seven bed Renins, parlors, l u.-eiuvnt and kitchen Furniture throughout. ?\1"3I MCOKMIGK, AUCTIONEER.?(JENTKEL FUR ? F niture.?W'iu.'M'Cormiek 1 Co. w ill sell, this day, at the corner oi Warren and Church str-ets, ('12 Warr*n), the Furuiture of a family giving up housekeeping, coin prising runi at ol i'ailur, Bedroom, Basement 1 '?rn F nmlt nrt ? A. Cllll TON, AUCTIONEER.?HOUSEHOLD FUR ?*?*? uiturs at auction ?Cole A Chilton will sell, on "Wednesday. April .'JHtli, ot No. 2.1 Greeno street, the furni <ure contains * in the above house, ? nnsisting of the usual assortment Carpets, Gil-cloth#, Chairs, N<>fas, lluroaus, Looking ((lasses. Curtaiut, Ltd-room Furniture, Ac., Ac. Terms cash, in bankable money. BA. CHILTON, AUCTIONEER?HOUSEHOLD FUR. ? niture at Auction.?Cole k Chilton win soli on Tuesday. 26th April, at 10 o'clock, at No. II Warr -u street, near Broadws \. ths furniture eontaiued in the ab??vi? house, consisting of Brussels and other Carpets, oil-cloth, maho fauy Cli.airs. Divans, marble top Outre Tables, lPareaus, srge l ooking Glasses. Window Curtains, Re., &,<?., together >itha good \ iristy of bod-room furniture. Silo to com mence with the kit. hen fnrrutur*. Terms cash, in bankable tnoiicy. Catn'ogucs to be ready on Tuoi?day. BHY M. HEN R V, AM riONBRR M TUE DAT, April 2Vth, at half-pust 10, at ,'iJl li road way, thefurni | ture of n family breaking np housekeeping, con-i Ung of I'ttrfSp, Chairs, Divans. Ot-.mans, marLle top (h ntro Ta Me, marble ornaments. Paintings, Crockery. Knives and Forks, and Kitchen Utensils. The above furniture to be ? oi l posltiv 'trre. rain or .?!,ine. JW. nOW n a i ' riONBER- HOUSEHOLD FUR ? niture.?W dncsUay, April 20th, at 10 o'clock, at No. I'D Ilsmer#! \ >tr? t, v ill be eold at am lion the furniture of 0 family leaving the city, consisting of S.>fas, Chair*, II ?ok ensus, krcnch lied - tea ds, hair M itrasses, Washstanda, Drea*-. lug Hurenua, Ili ?? ?z, Card anl Centre Tables, Mautel Orua jnetftts. Look lag, Crockery, Glassware, &<\, See. T OB N I ANTWERP WILL * ELL. TH IS DA V. or at 11 o'clock, ?i No. II Variek Pla? e, a splendid French pattern rosew ood I'll retirj and Hook Casts lined with satin- ' ?rood, ami with several secret drawers and hi ling-plaecs, tnudefr >m an ? rigiaol that e<st over $.'sk). The atteutlon of ft* ntlctun w.-iimg ? reehrrchc artiele, is direeted to the as me. Alvo. at 10 o'oloek, the fnruituru of a family breaking tip house keeping. JOHN 1 \ AN I>F. WATER, M'< riONEF.R . ? LA RG E Sale of Household Furniture, Pier and M tutel Glasses. Millinery. Fixtures, he.-F. C. La w run re R Co. will sell nt mi tion. on tl is day, at 10R o'cloek. at No. 17 Park pi ioe. a large assortment of household furniture, consisting of Pi< r and Mantel Gin*"**. Bureans. Sofas, ( hairs. Hookers, lied Steads, It. d !.nr. k>\ Also, all the bus!neaafixtures of n mil- | lioery establishment. Counters, Tables, Drawers. Racks. Jloges. A . To lie sold without re?erve, in consequence of 11 It/. HMHENKV II LIIM, AUCTION n t ; \ ! m n ,i lu Id Furniture.?Henry II. Leeds L f-o. will sell at noc tion. on Tve lav. at t? n o'clock, at No. 161 Twelfth elr-.'t? consisting of m-?h /any Con. he*. Divans, ('hairs and Sofas, .Mantel Ornament*, l ooking Olssses, Hmssefa and Ingrain Carm-ta. mahoxany Ibdroom Furniture, Laiupa. Venetian tRta.r Carpet#. Oil Floth, Centre Tablea, and Pb*r do., Feather II'da. Maftre*tea, A<*. Also, an assortment oi Hitch- | an Furniture, with which the sale will oi?nnien?*e. f |ENRT II. l.r.ED.H. AUCTIONKKR?GENTF.KL UOU8E .1 I hold Furniture.?!l-ufy II. Leeds A C??. will sell at auc tion. on Tuesday, Npril 29. a* ten o'clock, at lAf and 71 War r**n street, lie#rdinr House Furniture?A lar;* asaortment of Hruaeeis and Ingrain t'arpvU. Venetian Ntmr Cnrpet, Window Cwrr in an I Rkades, main./ my Aofa*. Chairs and Divans, cohered in haircloth: marble top Centre Tables, Lamps. Mantel Ornament*, black walnut and mahogany Hcdstead- Hi reaus and Washstands, Crockery, Mattr *s9es. > ilsir Bm*h and Mop. An n?#ortment of China Crockery, ?*4 Glass ware: llcda and Redding, and KiUhan Furuiture, wi*b wl?ii h the ?n!e will rommente. II KNRY II. IT EDS, AUCTION EER.?GENTEEL 1 ft llonschold Furuiture ?llenry II UH* k Oo. will a?U nt auction, on Tuesday, April 'J4*, at 10 o'clock, at No. M Warr**u atr-et. n-ar Broadway, a IIY^s assortment of eun A-el Household I urniture, nearly all of which was made to <rder by Phyfe. and other celebrated irnnufnctnrera. i aisting in part of Bru???>b Carpets, costly Pier G!a??c?. .Parlor Furniture, eau-i?tiM of Com-hea.*. Can loin kraa, R W. t.ntro Table#, (Tiuudclicrs ia ormolu and tirouie; Silk Curtains, of drab and aatin damask; Sideboard; JTanoforte; aat?n?ton Dining Tables, will s?'at 21 p^r<on*; ? ri? h gold bund Dining Set; ( liiua Dwaaevt, rioh Sevres China Pcsaert pet, superbly painted in different Ho wars; clogiiiit French China T?a m t. in put feet order; ona^ulendld ?T of Flue and told, mads by Spodtf one elegant void baud dinner i Ml; lialuiMauy Kat? n#iou IMuiugTahle, withlaavea an I ca?a; ! i lar^c uNoortmeiit of eo#tlr Cut G!a*?; one Mahogany i Pianoforte, msdc by Nnnn* k ( lark: br ?n/h and ormolu Hrs'kets; Ladies' Fr nch Sccrotaric*. lined with aatin wool; and a ,?"n *ral a a? rtment of bedroom Furniture, B*d ott ads, Tlurean^. mayble top#; and mahogany and Ma-k wufnut marhl- Contra Tubla Booh Cooes, k . Also, o trenoral a**'?rtmut of other futuitura. All this furniture yraa wade to or d?-r m the best man new. ________ I DHB R. HOPC.H, AUCTIONEER WEDNEADAT, I Ml ? # it It* oVl.??h, at M Fifth atrott, eleguat mahognuy >iou#ehold f ? rn .ore. Sofas. Di an*. Ottomans, spring sent - ond other I I.? r?, tbr a-ply and ingrain Carpets, stair d ? , ; Rod-: f-ntre. ? si 1 pier, dinin/. and oi ?? r !'%l ? Fi i ri lata ?ila>*ea? (?? ran doles, Engravings. Solar and otber j lan?!H> II ?? tend. I rencb and ??? ui r H istead*, Wa#h<t*nd* 1 F at b. r I. ! Dr **. t urhnc. li nid*. Ruga fMl d'lot!i, one e* ? !!??? ? H fii - rat r aaf** attanhe I *???! a , fa! nsunrtin ??t i f haaetneut an I hitehen Fornitiiro, with filiii h t!.?? sale will i oirmenco. Romeiohor IH ??'o|.?ek RHB C. REM P. AUCTIONEER HOITSf HOLD FURNI ? tore, at hn? a IP* Leonard atr'-et, T ia I>vy.(Tiieaday) ; ?it ]? ? . k . 11 n;i t'?* f. ruiture ' obtained in said hn?i*?. { ?<?a-i-tii g of G m usual ae?ortinoat of parlor, dining r "tut. ? am iud i i * uruit ir ?n I w ntli; I ? ?'?' M -of huytrs. II 11 < Kf.MP. AUCTIONEER.?RLE OA NT FURNU l\.f ' M t ? ? '' i Mrondws \ ? * ai I'mV n ^t r ?? t t ? i r ? ( W 1" ? ' f*ale pei r m ' r v :? ? t! ? 1. ?? *?? i? t ?> ' * t tk> n down in? ??e j ,? p i K p j o ill #? 11 at au< tmn. as above, a U.*r" tj und*p'-n .tl ?)?? taunt of r s w?H?d an?l mahogany wMr. dintnr r??? m and fl a nber Furniture, n' the ve?y beat quali ty it,. - ? ?pi v in/rain and oil cloth C ?r Vf*. *? t ?, r * arTMt., lara- li ? 1? '? r t:ln*#'s *?vsl iimti. CHI Pa i nt in '*,? %U n-i- n Dotting Table, Etejeru. st Boards, res* wood parlor Furniture, en snit*, covered in r as ? ... i t t ? siik velvet plush: mal SnfM, Trt^ s trt?s. ? asy and spring scat ('hairs, curved r ? -?? ; | v nil "tr M ? rognwuud. Ma< k walnut, mahogany aa * | RUlUted rbam'-'r Furniture, in arts to m?toh; Host curled | llhir Mittre ??. and a mil van- tf of other articles, all of Which are w ? ll oortlif the n11. * ?. . f h mi*"h ???per-, an l as t |<s ,?> is pofp Ive. and to prevent any arti> lo being loft. ? #iil ). ? required of cv ry purahuuur. Cutulogwes on | the moraimi ef sale. Bv it c nr.tip, ifmniltiL- HVSUoU run lltMt M intM .V IfownM ftr I, t r lir?,?4<?*y ? <ln ftii tafitl HU'lllfl,)? entnlorm , U? HHH h-tng nil the furniture ri nuto-d in ihelnrgt mriliti hum 31 ifownd ntreet. f?n* tmg of 1ltjeoel( end other ttnrpeto, mnhognnr ripnt FicitNor*. Iltmn, Wlnde? RnlMw dining Fiirnf urr, I I'no ??d t-Uoe Wort, toy'-her With n Inrxo noeort gnnnt ?f RtJrtMi Rt?rnltnre, oil of which t< In ??> ,d or I-r. ?.r>Iv ining it ??? ???' jt?r. Kitchen Fnrnttnro, Ite. Snli yMMrnTttin ?* (Mm rpEK! SfT. novi.r.. At I TinXEr.K.-'IROrFRIF.A. 1 TI .I .1 t. (Tiiccl.iv j iP'h met . nt 1" o'olnck, nt ?7 < othrrlne r't I. r >rn. r "1 ffw mil * ? ?. ? Urj? m?l vilne'lo rh til (Irocrri ?. Tcno, *iig?ro. Coffc*. Floor. Rue. Iltrliy, Rpli ro, Ruti r. ypneeo, Mini*, Rhnwldrro, I e. Tho ctoeh l? Tnfje, ?nd worthy the nttrnti"it of th? trod# in gnonrnl. Alu. on Wedncedity roii, nt Rn. At" RftftvMf, nt, 10 o'otoek, the fiimit i*? i f ? enleno?ToMe?. Arm Choir*, nod Coehl n?. (1,1 ( I .the, t'nnUter*. IWonlefe. (tinned. Mir ttfi. Plntc III i <? t'rorkrrf, nnd nil the fiiroltof# necoeenry for 0 hor roewt nnd refect re Fnle poettlve. A1?# *t Mo. 117 Wnter ?tr~ t. nn W i dnednr, *1 I o'clock, th* etnch nnd Rttnrei of | (r-'crr Store, tmillWM Rttnd ('oeM, Kego, <inl?ter? ind ?,rtthing appertaining to * grocery (tor*, ?too nn oner mil to nmieo, WALTER tRMffOVa*. Al t TIORKRIt-Fl.EflAMT Rnuoehnld Furniture nt Anctl m -Walter (Jr,'?ni>?gh dt t"0. will tell, tl,i. dnyA nt in nrloc k, nt Mo. ?7 Mrrtle nun nr. Sonth Brnokirn (without record to weather), ele gant lif'tlj < nrpi ting, CnttolM, mnrMe top Tnble nnd lln re 'inn. woehntondo, Choir*. Rofnt, M intel Ornnmonto, (lliit ?wnre, Ingrni* f'nrpete, ftthlnth, French Mahogany Itod Otendn. Chntre. fcc. AI*o Kitchen Furniture. T TO liRT. O I.KT.-TIti I.ARiiF, FOI RSTORT BASEMENT It me* I'R Fourth orcpne. between Tenth nnd Twelfth Otrceto. JMtowf lot. Knlttt rontnlring over t) roome. ml dinner*no pnntrlee on er*ry Ronr; Kmi*h*d threnghow* with mi chnndelier* nnd bracket?: hot end cold wntnr nn erery Boor; wnter clnooto, eonhlng range nnd heated h? potent f rnnreo. t nnlt In trnnt of henoe Parloro tro highly Oniehed Rr'h ?tiiii?ry. nttihle mantle*. French ?nehe?, nnd pineon encloeed t? third et ,ryi dnnhlo Right nf otnirt. ilanee In Crfwe-t order. nnd ten deoireMe tennnt n 1?*?e will he glron r n torn of "*? Iminire of liewtn Morgan*, Mil. I i'lW Itftft, Of ?t?ti?l|. FOR SALB AMD TO LHT. A great BOWLING and BILLIARD I9TABUIS* I nient for sale.?The ro >ui*. containing eight alleys and | four tables, are on tl?a northeast corner of Eighth and Ches- j nut Htreots, Philadelphia, in a building four stories high. 26 ; by 163 feet, well lighted ou eoch street, with sixteen windows J on each story, high and well ventilated, Terr central and most pleasantly situated. The alleys are latd down in a | very solid and durable manner, and run very still. Tho rooms are fitted up with all possible IMriiiSiMt, and tor niched in the moot elegant manner, with oil cloth on the ' floors, mar bis ti p UUn AS4 washitaads, with silver pluted ? fixtures, four very large French plate mirrors, &o.; was j refitted, seven months since, at a cost of f'iOl); is in perfect order, Md is now in most jjflfllSSftll operation, and visited by the host aud most geuteel olnss of people. As the pro- 1 prietor is deeply engaged in the California trade, he will sell \ at a reasonable price, for cash. For further information. ! apply to or address M. HUDSON, No. 11 South Eighth street, j corner of Chesnut street, Philadelphia. A COUNTRY SEAT ON THE HUDSON RIVER -FOR sale or to lot, % pleasant and commodious Gothic cottage, aenrTivoli (Red Hook), with twenty five or more acres of land, running down to the river. A oily to CAMBRIDGE LIVINGSTON, 17 Wall street. Buildings loth for sale, in morkisania Village, seven minutes' walk from tho depot. One acre to be sold, either whole or in lots, for $70>, likewise eight lots, 26 by 102 feet, at IfdH) per lot. Inquire at 131 Bowery, corner of Grand street, at the Paint Store. BOUTCRY TO LIT, Til HOUSE BO. M BO WERT, with 26 feet as a yard, or the whole of rear ground of this and t he adj oining lot of No. ?KU, will be let or leased to gether, if a Hiiitablc tenant offers within a few days ; or the horn* will 1-e let Mjarata?which isat the junction of the Third and Fourth avenues, and a first-rate stand for any kin dol business. Apply at 12 Bond street, or 17 Wall street VJIOR mm: OR tO i KT THB ( ENTER HOI SB OV a the block of nine brown ^t??n?? front three story end l'Huincut bouses, situated in Lexington avenue, between T) irtiuth and Thirty-'iret streets, replete with every couve in? nee. Inquire on the promisee. I^OR SALE?A NEW THREE STOUV FRAME HOUSE, r with brick fr??nt. and Lot. situate on the n ?rth side of Thirty-fifth street. Mw<?<n Seventh and Eighth avenuee, about two hundred fort from Eighth avenue. Inquire ou the I remises. 1jV>R SALE OR TO LET?A HOUSE AND FARM OF . about .V) m res, at Msrniaroricck, ou the New lluven Rail road, 21 miles from this city. The house is suitable for a pen tee 1 family, and with a garden will be let, or with 36 acre*. Is within W rods of the d**pot. Apply to DANIEL P. SMITH, IE) Fulton etreei. IJIOI SALE, TBB LI ill OI 6 STORE IN BROAD w ay, 60 feet deep, and 22 feet front, suitable for any kind of business, six ) ears Jr mi the first of M ay. I n iiiire ot* A. FLOCK. Oil Broadway I [I OR SALE OR TO LET.?A FINE COUNTRY RESl dence at Stamford, Conneetiout, withia fire m ant walk of the New York and New Haven dep ?t. The situation i* most desirable and pleasant in that healthy town, having a fine view of the Sound and the surrounoing country. The house is nearly new, and contains ten rooms, with piazza, Ro., conveniently arranged, and a flue* well of soft water connects v it h the kitchen. The grounds are about three-fourths of an acre, handsomely laid out into flower and vegetable gardens. If not s>ld it will be let for the w! ole or part of the year. Inquire at O. II. Crosbey'e bookstore, corner of William street and Exchange Place. K?!l ,'?T or GROUND, WITH RITII D lit.irv fr?m? Mmi"' N? 171 ? "TV frame lion.*, now occupied a* a Honor iV bond and mortgage The . e P.,,rr. e rB.on'"/ ' ln remain on ...,ir. i??%a.nsr -*" L^OR SALE OR TO LET? A VERY IlKAtirif'trf ?'<??* LrrAtrr-vs J r SS5 F?R?AI.E-T||E three STORY BRICK HOUSE AND JAMES CONNER & SOW. 21 Ann .treat. 1^'fR SALE. THE GOOD WILL OK A FRUIT CANDY ?r* hMigPH,' we)I"wort'hy of lite. Appl, on the No. Jtf York .trpet, J?r.ey i WT'RE TO LLT?WILLIAM STREET?THE El kst fo,n'?1,n'*-'i;7f.Noov < ?i .n immediately. Apply to SAML. II. Soil I EKKEI.I V, ? ... HW John ! CTOKE NO. Mai BLFFCKFR STREET. CORNER 7?P 1 LJ Grore etre. t; and the three atory In.oar No. 171 Ninth 1 V ^Min.1 '.u! ";',.. ' to w. COUP. Tijff|-<Wgll TO LET IN BUII.DINO NO. V i Wall atreet. inquire of J. G. GltEENE. No. i>| Wall at To LET?THE 1IOISE NO II IF nr.a ... ' Uleccker .tree! Apple t. ''E ROT 1 ^CL. , T. MlnjHT MYERS. 3) Nuaan atecel. TilSd?? NICE FRONT ROOMS AND CLOSET ic*Itnre. for or two gentlemen. Cuff ... if re-' quired, la the room. 3S5 Broadway, up etmre. , Tfi,.?rii AT H.?' BoM'KKV. WITH BOARD. A 1 I 7. ? . .1 '?'??nil II?or, a... table f?r . , ,d I 1. s 1 'i'"; * " M"f'? *enUe.i.en i nn he accommodated. 1 AI I " * 1 ' II* millt.n stir i, until tin Ut ?f .Way T!'^! T .T? A Sl N <;' *' OKNTI.KM\N WITH P t It | l.,.t J " '.J 7"" ",'1 airy frout bedroom. on th rpo LET-I ROM FIRST OF MAY, A FOUR STORY \ ' "",*?? '' w?ma deep, with nil ibe modern itnproee a ?h ? Pleaannt location, adjacent to the ! F fth avenue, together with the farr ituro. I'nrt ol the r-nt mil be taken out inboard l.y ih? ndvcrtiacr and liia wife, i without children. Addreaa w . tbia office, ?Hhr<al ? >'d a-h.r. . i - tat t..g w h re an intet lew in ay he had T? '-?t-part or tur f.uuiblr three stout I i-. iV l.'' ," ^ Greenwich alraet, near, conaiat w I a nandaonie parlora on avcond floor, three r??nn on Udrd floor. Iw.. r.ion.a on attic, and front ha-cm.-nt Apply at I.a. itt ? ( lothinn M?re. t.r. n?i.-l., crner -I Kohinaon "PO 1ST TO A SMALL SASILT. THE SECOND JL flo. r ami fr .at taaea.ent of holla* No .VI Trinity wipe.. iiieorm Kt'u" ??'???. ta?t aide. Rgferoaare given aud required. T'l o!7 OR LEASE?THE LABOR FOUR STORY a''"" rpo LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY. PARTOF A HOUSE a No 11,7 Greenwich i"tr el, (old II rlco.iatat II < of wornuma on >n.l floor, two h?,|r ,n| bj-kbaaa meat, with Proton water. Kent (.tat Inqnirnnf J D. HART, I.a' VI atreet. rpolet?a large front room, uvndsomki.y I . i !"! A1'"- * ?Hh fu I or p.rlial I -ari. can ??. had by apply lay at No. 2 CoHe -a I'lare T? LET?TO A SMALL FAMILY, TOE THIRD STO'tY a Ofhonae N(7-j Fourth atreet. on, door'rota tha Pint ? "?niie. con...tint of a Irani r ?.m. ha.-k room, and twe he I rot in*. ??ii the loof, Anply on th* fXCuaiftcM. 'pO 1 KT?TWO SPACIOUS ELEGANT SIIITEA OF r'?,|ra. rnltahla for profeaaioaal m> n. pan ale family, ?V. . k""1""'", in perle.-t ?rder, hatha, hae. *? Th, r o.ll le let aeparalrly. or I Reth. r Apply at flt? Fourth ai ? fcua. I t t w. en Tenth and Elnienth atrcata. rpw LET TWO LARGE FFRMSHED ROOMS, WITH fen II. ?i,'t""t.,S,i',"<; '"r yeailemrn, in a prim , j femtly, at No. M |,*?.i.rd .treat, .1, dnoya lr?m lirm lway. I kJAO LF.T-IN WII I.IAUSIIURnil IIII.LIARDSALO IN j ?VI '"-uee-n Mmciona thr" t ry ag-a ffi ... ., | i ?rran*ed f?r a rente*! t? ardiac h?w, ..r h llur l y .o-na an.I terra toy. ? Uirca iamme deep ,.a each Aoor; No A7 Anath ' ronrth atreet. adjoining the N.oioy r .... ,| p, .,i?t.?. ?.Cf?V** ?"?'"?S- Foaea.elon yirrn In.mediately, A i ply da th( prealises. ' T^Olff-dT TON'KKRS? A MEW flOTTAh*, COM. ? tain In y ten room., (will, barn and twa arr. of land If required > I l.a h? ,a flnlalird In th* Iwet atyle, ,?.i I.o .ek d nrltk rtngn. (nraaca, t< It i* ?ary ploarantly !' on *"*' wit hi j w?ik of thn l> i?.?t ? ? ?l KUbm fa**! rf .ck: rent l?.w ; w Ml b* lymi?h* i. if Vs. qu rad A||.lf to J. II. JENNINGS. Yonkara. ar at No. JJ t ill* atreet. rpo I FT AND FfiR SALE, AT HonoREN ^EYER A( A Ihre. atory and haaement hH -k dwelling ho., .-a, in th. immadiale eicinity of ll.e r, rry. The?e houaen are rfo..h?d in the hnn.laomeat monaar, and are r -plet* with every con acntenra. Hot and aold water in the hat h nuai and kft.<liaa. Re , fce. In.inedlcta no.eeaalnn (Ivcn, and the rent to coin pence from tha tratef May. Inqair* at tha II ,h ,<trn lond __ W. W.S1IIPPRN, Agent. Epo LIT- t NEW Hit 11 K DM M.I.I NO. ON Til IRTT | A at tenth aire l, near fet-nt'i arena*; twenty-two r oira; I r-t,,n water through,.wt; rent. SOI. Aleo, tone, menta in dwalllliaaon Thirty retenth atreet, neir Seventh attune; Proton water In each; c.nteni. it far email fnnri I Ilea Apply to P. Partridge, in the at. ne bnlldiag on riiirty 1 Svcloek" "**' ?*???*, ?t d Cunrtlanot i.rc t. at Tl'AL-!. VERY NEAT THKEE-STORY HOUSE '-'e Mb. dnngal, near Waahin-.t ,n aqnif". r. .mala irt lw.ltey.Kma Including parlor, h,?m.?l. k.t, he,, a Ufa ro<m Re well finiehfd lhfongl.o.,1 Rent ?.'aai *mal A }"'} "* brnlSntn in th* hour w,l ne a<.id if ?, || w nnted. I an he aeen at any time Ihr .n t'< tlx afUr J f"' M <U klnahlmar, !|!l Fourth ntanne, I tod rP'? LET. IN llollOKEN. TO t MALI, FAMILY * enly. the IIpp. r part, hack l a- io -nt. nnd 1. .If nfnn J, r 'rllar. ?.f a new three atory hylek Hcnae, fronting to* rtywr hclrg ene nl O r moat nleaaant location, in the .ilia -. ao i about It., nmmtea wnlk from the ferry. The pr ,|nii*wi ran ettV'T. ',m* during the day. by calling at the <tyn>r of llodaoa and Scrnml atre.-ta. Ilohohen. where Inf, tmatt -a raVirSl**Jf** '? * k" *i?en; nyinoniry ? i. be ma la at 41 Waahlngton alreat, corner nf Morrla. New Y .ok Fpo LET. ?N SOUTH BROOKLYN?TflK I OiVgRR part s.?.a''jBfmohs?oS'affl'A'iLWS.vs Snekctt atreet, rnnalating of parlora thlr' wn fawt high, with earatd atatnary. marble mnnG la cnrm^ * the moat ala gant manner, with panelled eeillnyT ?4 hear, pcoeai front and Ihaak haaement. and {** t l.aadaom- flalahed r- . ma on tha third floor; gar In rj rem R. nt *,.?! Ac ply on the preniiaea, or to J. BAR ,g ETT. No I.V2 tlrnadwny. rpo let?a room and bf,broom, furnished or I " ""i*!*'.!? * " *!?.* #?UdJt?i?. Of ? gentleman ind . !i ? 1 "efarcnea give, .?.| re qwir*<J. A; ply >t K>. .?HI II* t^ms ?ir*et. corner of Thornp4on. fpo I.T1 Till 5TORT, riTO ROfiJfS AND n. b bddfrfK-m, tnA fr(tnt knm-wni nf a hottaa. ??**? <o*?t north of H ^r.'s, in fllnomH Itf stfswt. HxN?k|la I ri?i* th* friisr, ) *r i. nr?|? thro?t f'?ir t rr?m ihr frrff. H*nt ?) First utory ? an ha ha?l ir>4*ad of aoroiiA, b) a r*^?onablH a franco Also, a SdinwiW Ah th*atl v fir?t <4 refer or ?*rnri*r r? i?ir"4. lu itiirs of i\ WftI KT, 9a (a* i?r*'un?a, or at 7 f r^?f llieft, ?> HEWS BY TELEGRAPH. Front Washington City. THE ("THAN liXFEniTION?GOVERNMENT MEASURES TO INTERCEPT IT?rtllCU OH T1IE I-OOK OUT?THE CHARGES AO AI MKT MR. K Wit AH K 1HS.MIS.-jEO?SIK MOVALS IN THE LASD OFFICE, ETC. Washinuton, April 28, 1851. I have nothing further io rommnnieato respecting the Cuban invasion. The vessalirof the Home S(uadron on the look out. are tho 8aranac. the Albany, and the Deca tur?not the Ocrmantown, which u on her way to tho Eust India station The Susquehanna renin ins in readiness at Norfolk, till the matter blown oyer, in ease her services Might bo re quired. It is supposed, however, that the attempt lias bee n abandoned. The Attorney General witl act a* Secretary of the In terior during Mr. Stewart's absence Alter a full investigation, by the Attorney Oeneral and the Secretary of the Interior, of the charges against ('< iiiiuirriniicr Kwbank, they have all been dismissed as frivolous and untrue, and ? written stutenieut to that eff'-ct was givt n to Mr Kwbank. Williams, Whitney, Stanley, and George Lucas. w< re removed from tile l.and Ulllee to-day Tho two fii.t are democrats, and the others whigs. Secretary Webster, accompanied by his lady, reached this eily yesterday morning. A cabinet minting was held this morning. Very Interesting From Ilnytl?"Proublc Antl ciliated with Anaerlua. Huston, April, 28. 1861. The Schooner Mary Chilton, from Port au l'rinee, with dates to 9th instant, being two days later, arrived at tliis port, this morning, ('apt. Holkins reports that the Chamber of Di puties had been in session for the consi deration of the proposition of the American government tt lative to acknowledging the independence of the Do miuicane, and it was generally stated on the day thit Cspt. II. sailed, that the chambers had redacted the pro pi stion; and that the claim made for the detention of the American 1 rig Leauder, and tho imprisonment of li r eaptnin. hud also bet u rejected. In coimequoooe. th# llrylii us eapis-Ud the urrivul of au American squad.on at Port au I'ritice. Five of the conspirators against the Empire were shot while Captain II. was at Port an Prince ; one, a Custom Ilouse < fbeer. died quite bravely, snylug (bat they might shoot him, but that there were plenty left, and thai an imperial government was too expensive for such a poor island hi,d m ver would be tuetuin.d. t>ouloui|Ue lias called an additional military f tree to Port au Prince, and parades the streets daily at tho hoad of two or three thousand rncu. Intelligence from Buenos Ayres. Hoston. April 28, 1861. Tho bark Argentine, at Salem, brings llueiioa Ayres dates to March 6th. The I,'. 8. corvette 8t. Louis. Com mander McKeever. and the Bainhridgc, liad arrived, and were received with unusual honors. In speaking of theso arrivals, the I'arkrl says :?The St. Louis greeted lh? town with a salute of twenty-one guns, which were duly aeknowU dgrd by the battery Libert.wt Tho nation.d schooner Julio welcomed tin- Commodore's ensign with a salute ofthirteen guns, which was immediately responded to l y the corvette. The French lirig of warllusanl then paid ti< r do on t to the gallant Commodore: and the old rc| uldic of Anurica and the young republic of Europe, exi bangi d their cordial embraces on the limpid bottom of tin mighty Platte." Tin resignation of Hosas is fas before mentioned in the 111 a a i li) again before the le gislature, and this time witli rather more signs of its being a law Jid? affair. The Huenos Ayres I'arkrt speaks in warm terms of the Vnlti d Mates, and of the rupidly increasing trade be ta ten the I wo countries Captain Murdock McKcnxie (of the sliip, front l.ivi rpool for rap-fornia, condemned at Montevid sj,> was killed at Kiiitios Ayres. by failing from a burse, and was follnwi d to the grave by all the ?? a captains ill port The l'tukri boasts of enjoying the heal fruit, of thn steamer a. havlag received BlgUsh paptrs ia turfy days by the steuui packet. Church at rue k l>y Lightning?One of the Con- I givgatlon Killed, and Several Injured. Hanvil.ia, Pa., April 28, 1861. Yesterday afternoon, at three o'clock, during the aer vice in the Methodist church, and while the enngrega tion were at prayer before the communion, the church wn struck by lightning The fluid passed down the sti-eple and limp rods Into the centre of the church am list the assemblage, instantly killing Mrs George { Pensyl. si d seriously injuring several others in different i parts id the house. The steeple was shattered, pews ils. ; sin yod. and Itooring torn up The church was ut-w, and ' hassuitaiutd considerable injury Mr. Webster and the Hoataulana, Ac. Bosi on, April 28, 1861. Daniel Wtbsti r's letter was not read this aft< rnoou, in cr nsequi nee of the sickness of Alderman Itogi r*. It is mid to l>e only two lines bu g stating that h? is ah Wt to b avr Ihwtun. and lulintuLs thereby that th<or retrac tion was too late It is confidently reported that Mr Sewall. the free-toll candidate for Congress from the second district. will n lire from the eon test, and have the held to ,Messrs 1 auU ul and t'pham Talk of a l nl?an Kg prat 11 lot* at Now Or Irana, <kr. Ni w <tnLK*n?, April 27. ISj| Then- is nuirh talk about a Cuban ntpodiUou , but un tiling ri-rtain if knowa. Tim rir. r bar fallrn out- foot fri n> Uic Uiglist point. ITitl Ik tailing flowljr. Ihr vi-itbrr lirte ia finr and pool I hr I n Ion ami tilt- Hotitla?Thr Caar of blmnit, Ac> IIii umdiik. April 23, Thr N> n Orb alia until- to lh" 'JOlli iii-l i iinr tlirou ;li 1 t< right Thr blnlilr .hhrvtisn piyra apron at* of nilbil-iatlic | Cr.iim mi l lirga in all | art* of Ihr ><t?tr It la runiarrd at tit- DK>tm Mir-bil j ami uafiftaata no ircd iiinull and indignity from Ui? , I < ? ] b of l'.< i(if it. on tbrir ? ij lurk t ? ( nail at m llir rbrtli n of milium haa drawn forth atr-u.g lul Rtiafp in Cbaili-ton. Tin- Mm-wry of that city oaf- it i.< < abb-tit tin- Mi-|ilr Of Muntchufi-IU up-, wltli I w i-a ripln.tiH. aladMionUU. anil that flu- triumph of liw in t ii in*' i ii-a Inn tarn ly prrrwdi ?] I hi triumph of dim nr. Murahal K llallijay, who *t"b? and a btrga I Mill i r of tlia pry 'intra arvrn ywar* aii.rr. In New Orb an*, bar In on p*rlon?d by tha PTroilrilt. A nine "f PontiU rfi-itiT- baa hern dU-nrrrnl in Nrf Orli ami, ami a l?T| r inimla r of noti ? on Ihr l iu.-u ami Matr Har.ka of l.oi.i-lnna iui*i .l Tun of tlio tu -u whip annate*!. Canal llrnaki. Ai.ant, April it. ir.l About flirty fi-al of Iht UltMtli ia aitftlmuw tra il a<|iii'lii< l. (Hwrgo Canal. Iiaa brrn rarrinl away. but tha aii|a rinii nilrnt ripn-lf to hnri It mpalriil tm-aigiit. A ib fort In lb- rrlTr lork mar Rorlu tar, y leriUf. I raiunl a drtanllnn of two hour* to tha IkwI* Klre at I'lttabiirKta, dir. l*iTTaanaun. April 'H. 1111 A 1.1irk holier ami ?labb- ralm-d at hi Oml. in m burnt In tha KIPli nnnl, on duoday moruiuj; it wan tin- w ?rk of an lop'-rdiiry Tl.o riti-r nifiuitn* 'It fcrt In ib pth It ha? lai n rain ing during tbr lo.?t twrnty four houra. Thi- tli-rni ur b r atami-1 at 50 Aaaanlt by a Tlntc of n Nhlp. Hiiitm, April 8k, IKI Frank riaki ? m.'ita of tbr "hip Ru? 'Irandn. I rum lattr |a o|, wm airr-ti-d in Ihia i-lty. IaH right. for Ihr-'Wii*; a i* pagan liar again* an Irlahiimn fro luring ,hU akuil. Tb libhinau la dying al tbr haapllal The Korrrat Wvarrr faari NI mi MK t'OVIT?tril'Ml. IKKV. |t- f .rr l.hiif .'ii?|Ipp IMtanla Aratt 2* -- Ca.'fgriar AT Knrrralafoinaf fid* m - A inolion hating Ir-rn ?*.fo in tbla ? ? <-n tbr part of thr ili li-mlant for an onlrr. diaanlTlng thr tajanrti"* la aunt Ihcri-ln. tart cnuni-rl baring himn hrard for tha rr .partlTi partira It la Boa drrlan-d by thr nnart that. thr I rai lit r of Ihia rourt fpijuirra that thla a< turn -do'-tid t,., |r -i i-uti-d by * m il fi fond ami tlirrropoa. on tiling tin pri.nntrf Rol-i-H Italnianno lo br au.-h WttM-al; and on an Ib a of Rowland iindt'barr. altornrya fur lAr plain I'll. It ir f rdrrrd, thai thr raid Kobrrt Bnimnnrta |.r and In- lirr. by '? appoint. d nrit friend for tlir aald plaintiff lo pro-an-nte thla action with and for her an 'Mich, bar M-at friend; Mid that thr complaint in thin a< jia hr. and ibr -unr Urrrby la, arrordingly aim mini l-y ia?rC tug in thr n inmi-m - im-nt thrrrof. afl< r thi- an .it*. Tlir Iroaiplnlnt "f lalharlna N. Fow-t. Ih? itaiol/ff in t lit iirln n,' Ihi following worda- - by Ilidwrt Hal i aono. h r m *t filrtid." Anl ib lifo ration harirg N-on had vjin Ihi- raid Motion, it la ordignl that ao r.uih if 1lir laid Injunction i.a YrrVraiua the aid F'lwln 1'rnrrat from roming Into any hmiar or pli ? r wlirrr ahr Ihr aaid t'alh rlnr S I #uirat may n-nldr ? r br. and fVi m mnoying or taking ^ny mrn-uirra In pi rar n. or by hla rouaartlora, alton gy i, or ag-nti. to ri luoyw thr raid OalbrthM N Konr at from or out of tlir Ntalr of Nrw t nrk. and aa rratt-ai ,* thn raid Kdwln For

n -t. hla roanai Ilora, atlorm-ya. a ml ag- ata, from arillng. rontrying, < r In any inannrr dispoalug of or parting riih. or rnriinibi 'ing tho I" ado trninu-aia, and mnl ritalr of hitn Ihr raid F-dwln Cmrral. aituatr In thr Htatr of hiiw York, br aPd Ihr 'jlm- m hrn-liy diaaidnd And It la fhrthrr iinii ral, that Ihr n-aidua of tbr aald motli n be. and thn rami- lirmby fo dralnl [>tr Italainnnn la * Rrotrh grnllrman, an old frfond of Mr RlarUIr Mra Formal '* lather, Pit ! ll?J IWcn a long mil* ? Catdrnt Of th'a fitjr J Ttoe Drnrj C*ae. BROOKLYN CITY COURT. Before the Hon. Judge Greenwood and Aldermen Leeca Mmba* April C8 ?Th# proceeding* eommenr<vl thix morning with the reeding. Ir the Court, of Mrr Thomp Ion's testimony privately taken by arrangement on Sa tordav last, and which wan an follow* ?? y ?1)0 you recoUvol the evening Mr. rboinpeon wan a r reefed ? y What did b? My when the o?e?r eame in and ar" -He"1Thompson. let htm in and Mm trp stairs; when b* en me up be raid, -Mother, here is a, warrant for ill, and ( am arrestH; here is the wurrab; I handed it i l*ck and h? r. ad it out; -why," says I. whart said, -I don't kn'>w. it wax ?oBie conspiracy to arrwt him, h" went and put on hht clothes audrrad it agiUBV thenUu?rw wax some conversation between liim and CUib; ray bua liaud said, -don't mlud about it. lUl is nothing; he did not mention Diary * name, 1 think; 1 remember, the night before hi* arrest he r?me in just after tea; h ' h id teen out only a short time; he came homo abotrl half imat seven; he went out agHin with me, just before eight, fie could not liave b-eii out more tbvn half an hour car so; he went out after tea; we took In about candhs-ljifht, before dark, it might have bee-i about half-past six o'clock; lie was gone h.df an hour; it might have lsen ?? hoar 1 don't think it was an howr; it was after tea be went out that afternoon, ! am sun- that the children had not be. n 1 ut to bed when tie got home; he thought th. y wen.'Plate; I was going wish him to Pearl street he went down Pulton street; 1 think lie wis home a long time lieforo tea, though I don't r; n.emls.r sc|ee at. ut it; ! think he was making inidiruies; S> might have tune out before dark, but how long I cannot tell, I uudet steed the otlieer and Thoiupaou went over to the drrggl-t's. to see whether Thompson wee not mtln re the night b. for.-; the Sunday t db wing my ftiisbnndI toW me he had eom? home from the druggist * on tin n.ght fn finest I on; I lave done very little for the support of wiy familv. only made some dresses; never b--u engaged in'aiiv exhibition.** actor, or otherwise; I luvaea si.ster in-Uw an actress, she is now iraveUing; her name is Moore; she .-nigs she dm-.i not pertonu us a model arli-r 1 hnve s. en tliein at 1'iuteux s; I saw tlx m s mio time ago, at I'liilt ux's in llroadwav; u.y ri*l';rdu-Uw wis there with m- I -r v- Charlotte M on . she did not perform; she lis.k charge of tin- w.irdm ? -r 1 some of; it is two or three year* ago; was there two or tlirve time* to see my slster-h. law; I "ever per formed there or elsewhere, at any time. Alter Mr >\ biting had left the roem to s. e Drury. sin; said, in an swer to >.r Clark's nuestioning, that she had hceo at an. Ill, r place in Chatham sire. t. iiutdidnoti lay .only saw one ,!*.?*; went with my .bter. Mrs l-.utt-hi. to ,ld pvank 11 u theatre; we Went alone, it was In fc evening, wild it was last winter: Ih mpson came t.ur for us; 1 don't know who set him up U-rrowed money from Mr Mason; don't know that he borrowed any trim Wilkes; he liad an unele nuned Mount I knew liiin well; never saw him make any thing there; he was th. ? in Division str.-ct. prior to , Mai IMP. he might have been there a week, when hi staid th. re it w?s iu Junuary; lie was u oabiuat mam r, I don't know that he waa In the attic r.x.ui; 1 was not tlM-r. 111 au*' he was sick; Mount went away ?? *'?? IMP; he went t? Call thru la, I think; never heard from hint since h. w, nt awsy; it was u time before War ner went awsy that I saw him; I don t know I (the plates) w. ie Wiunghtto the house f.r. Ill -y w. re not used at the house, 1 dou't know what they were tor, th. y wen not finished, th. n. to. count. ? telling m'?ney w. rr not fit for It; there was nothing .aid that kd to the (.!?? ! ti nt tin v wt ff f' T counterfeiting. nor did I know that th. y were for any sueti purpojw; my h'lsUnd ^he'V was not rrgagtd in detecting counterfeits of Dr. Moffatt a lab. If 1 don't know that lie had any plate* to make d. teetious; 1 think they were round, hut might have been | t n,j I be round clrrhs on th a plate* were larger than an Am.rii an ijuarter, hut small, r than iudf a dollar; one , uuile a mte wreath, and one ol smaller six.-, I don t I now what puipo-e tilly were mad* I r. my husband was w t antnaraver; 1 km w, last f.U. that Tl.ompson wa. it.-tn if airaiiirt Mr. Vrury iu lii?? mutter ?>t the torpedo, I knew Thompson was laying plans in order to con Viet him; h. always rharg^it upon Drury.I^inth,.Urn* of the explosion ibiwn to the time of the?rre*t ?f l'niry. he wa- lsyn g plan* to eonvict him; the time Bristol Hill was at thi-h. use w.s sometime Is lore the rat cmoell; 1 don't know how bill rim. to be got into it. the tun# of the plat. * coining down was from two to ?.* weekabofnr# th- tat council; I know it wa-more lhan two forc I hav. s.. n lb? two Drury* and Rennet walking an iind the place, several times; I know that young Drury , had lien drlvrw awayftvim hh father, ami th''' W"*J not fiieieis. and ihis *??? the reason of the visits of Mr Drury to the house in Division str.vt, and young baui would come aDo. awd my hu hand was l,ie m.slunu of r. u.niuuU utlon ta tw.en them, the old man .lid not wi h the young in* I. to know that h* wish-d hull to come t?ek, 1 think voung Mam wa.. tin n living at \t llliainshurgh, \< ueg Drury waa onetiuie out West, when he ue-t Tlioinp M n; when Mount was at my house. Drury saw him there; he had other ??-sides his own; I don t f.s-1 sur. jI I < old rrer gnlse the plate impressions, lf " feri nt kinds were shown should recognise tlu-ro 11 Wi s the two letter* of Thouipn.n, which wen- marked but not then read.j At the conclusion of the above, the District Attorney i ddn SSI d the roar t. lie was obliged to retire, havngan miM-rtaut matter iu baud . hwwhere, and supfKMing that his run e weuld have Is en com lude.1 bef rv now; end be vi llid to nominate as his representative. Mr Jaui-s W Pmiili who was in court, as was alsi> Mr " ilk. s. Mr Whiting objected lo a counsel being brought in at this last slaie of the enusc. and otfen-d to ahow, flrst, , that Mr t-'unth was the private counsel of the part tea pruaecuting I hi* no-e; - ndly. that h- ?U ^ | the pr. n ut time la d- lending the civil suits brought by , Mr Drury aguliwt all the P> rUes for the unlawlul in- ( vaaion ot bis In us and setiure of his property, lliird y. lliat h<- bad a p- rs.mul and bitter aulm .sity against Mr Blmy Tb.y lln defend..,fa e -unr. 1. did not-wonder at the District Attorney's wi b to r.tlre. but lf he de . l,e had a.?mi* tent officer to represent him in tin As sislsDl District Attorney, *p|>? int. d by that eourl A s. ue-what Wngthy argument cnsiu d. in which thcy^ del., dents eoun .Inferred to l-t volol he K#Vh* d t tatul.s P 4111 whereby it *-?? enacted that the Di-tri. t Attorney should t ' *? puW.e pr-Ma uttons. or. D. his ak-ence. the court to appoint ? 6t and pro,wr Lcriou to represent him. . Duryi a said he did in* w.?h to elrnlc tlIn r. ? p. n-it.ility < t ibis prosecution Mr Moore, the A .?taut Di-tri. t Attorney, -lionld repres. ut him: but Mr r . g was otherwise engaged, and they wished to have two cum el. ., . . I Dcf. rdnnt's counsel bad no objection to having two, i,111.s. l and th. y might s. l.-ct any g.-i.tlew?n ot em mi <-i- at hrouklyn; but Mr .-mlth wa.ertanlv * III ii nil nivprr |s I'SOB for the uianlle of tile pnblii pr i - !', tor to d. -I end upon. Till ) d.d net - lo,.** It oocns,v;. lyfWtil 1M pi.M.i to take I, stun, ny ?< t" th" watt, r of tl? I. t?in. I-. or if 111" court would H.ljourn th. ) i the il - f.n.e) wot,Id pi.cure the atDndame ef the Attorn y tien. i?l the State withiu twenty four hour/, a roar which they w??ld much prefer. tis Mr rmttl. raid that he had -..?reived a letter (r <m Mr Ovcrge Wllhi". r?iii#sUeg htm t? aUcnd. whkh h. h?l is ii uipterily ii. i-lmed. but i.fb rwurds had conamrted U> ?|o aoTn a written request uf Mr Waring. _ .lh | r tA luting els,on d ihe r,.:Ut to ex .rnin# Mr > A wlhh v.a.s ci amd. d. and the latter K-utU-onii. -dated that hewaanun-ellorathiw c.rrylng <m ?>u-ln.Mln w >. ,k. ?t No ;Nassau atre. Uat IHVwcat V, rtllanulD n; that Mr l-.-oiT" Mlilkcs. tin ,h IMnwWmeffr.VTiaaeli. nl .4 Ida; kt-w. A M < md b l ul h. wa* in4 his clo ut, h^w U, Ws *. l ...u . t i.dtM-ted ? riue for hiia in ftr ?>klyn. though, was'a eh, . - . gainst hla. -u ihe lorp. de TUomp ? u vi-i III. l. I the hlm-eft. h. (Mr mllilf nj pi at . d as I J ?-sd | ' t. r line# pevvtre* by Ilu'io; -?-iL t "k . . kiwi* i be; Tli' lnl son bad D-M him H-nt h-i had vats, in Warner'* hiaeds. ?w| Vlli'ng of s't. ft? bi tlmt hr 1??4 'u% r ^ " Jf. . * |jj^ cnd haiwr0?y uifrteint. Mr M *km l onhi? . lice, ami atatisi that 'X-e^milU? ^.1 lot. .; IV oto, t v. e ". .u WI bid 1H.U I Iter A'Ulm a t , , i,. frnvfid (Hut ?M v t *\ f* ir uu ? in. ,nill . i it.i - I. ?ln| i. i kti"W tin .tinl it Hi'- lie olli nd. II ?s. a ?|| . f note#; tlli* *a< ?.?>.? frd romnjW niraltnn lie had Willi him on Ij *' I mii-iii Ititirati n un the ?*!??? afb rnoou. hi- had omi'art ?il to ii I im r.Ulif; * mjtPil from the lit-trie I /liir ny end Mr lYaring, line did nut r?.rhe any r?-?ini-r ft. in Drury ; m i In-d a ?? la wbtali w.i? written. V *up |W"il In ?i ii-i-ijui'iici- ?l a hat p*r*nl l"t?i. alhiin, illil nM mwailaf Id !?.??? Hid Ilul Ihrmii'iil Mll'l In in wr *?lr| ? might ha re mi.I ifli-rlii l?d n ir-d lti?l Irlti *, >1 r. II nr't.ij mill d, ami -aid I"' ?*??r**1'l'* 'I' I li?tl?.in ha |<ir.i.mi d iImt In* niu i hare li' ??<? ??? r ;ti?*~? ? i.'l I y llilli a; Ii let u<.| km a .myliody rim that wiitd <l? mj hi- expended inniiir-t >n ihijr in paid fur Ilk I ttniii' a; If the Hoard el huperrteor* did u?t pnw hln\ or I all. i u it ml it Ui> i,?i ounl*. llr >1 tlkre would; In J ma V tm arraaj.1 ninil nhout It; llr Vlllii||Wiiti>ii ? him at ei^ht ? Vlvek Ihi* morning. he hail ealb I at hi? oli'-a. and ' In-y hail nnoi t. rln?'11iT; h" had not b?'B employed by an) Imity in th" rcunty liarir ; ? rli;ht to Wake it % i ii?ii? on Ilia rr.iitiij iali-, nn oar hid di dml him to apt* ar rltlrf. who ai\i nullnitiiml to inaka I". a fUatr i Large; llr Alti rm y Uohi ral bid m l ni|i?<d?l him l? a 11 r in tbia raw; lin waa the altouo? tntheri?il uN bnaighl by ltruiy. about Ilia f n tbla aulry of hi* l.nutv; he wan i.uly . uino I fir II 111' , he waa not the Homey, llr T * llror/ wi- the ati- rimy on th ? r rat; ho. Mr T S Ifanry. wr ? In partner-hip with wit al tomey; llr T S llmt/ wi tin atfrii'r on th ?>#???; ha waa Mr. Milk"*' ?.'?rral ?? >un*al, I. ? wa? n >t an frh mlly laroi* with l?niry; ha iliU etiee aHaem him any highly. bail not oXrhaiigiil a wa. I with him ( if iwojiar* and a half, waa not ?aaa;ly lio-tlle to Mr. Dim}?that might be t'>o atrvng ?'?rl" Mr IVnrlig w?* then re Ilul lie <Ut*d thMh"wn a raniiwllor at law; 11 antral Pur) at Iiml empl .j'"l him about tbia niattar. ilia drat piiron who *poka to liiin wn* llr Km kwi II; bail newer *p"ka? todfexrhanged a word a Ith Hl'iriMn upon the pohjaet; oewaf tulkail with M ilki a or Thi mpeon about Iliacaaa To lha I'mirt ?I found tl.ia raw waa going to break np n y at tlrr hurlrrra. and I ftatod to llanrral Pui/ra my -ilualioti. nnd that I niuat ba rallawail , I in rugged id that I 'honld -re Mr. Fmlth afont It, 1 wrota a note tn Mr hn ilh nt m? . ffli a, on hatordfiy alVrnmn. whi.-h I did not Mini; h? had no pr.went ant In rlty to m.ploy linn (llr hinilh ) Mr t miih. In toply to a qiieetlon from tha enurt, at ii t ? at Hint ho waa willing to ilbabarga Mr tVilka* al to ri tin r from hl? liability, and to look to tha county for | ay and tempin*ath>n 1 ho llonoral |a Judge, (far a ahort fonmltftllon with hiaaaeoalataii aald lhay Ihonght thay ought not to p?r udl Mr. hmllh lo appear end take an activa port in tbia prneaaution Thi y felt awn amli.rtsianient, but Ihay i mbdt rt d It their duty t* take ctra that public prowcu tiona were not made the mean* of subserving Pr'v!l^ rods. It w?h bee charged that Mr Wilks*wa?Unt upon accomplishing a certain ..urpose. and they noma not shut tlnTr eyes to the fact of Mr Smith being hU pri vate general counsel?that this was n matter of drncre tion with the rnurt. and they did not think that the ap oolntment of Mr. Smith would lie consistent with mat great and high moral raetltudr that Bhould characterise the administration of public just lea Mr Smith, who war about to uddrera the court, Interrupted by Mr Clark, who hop. d lie did that any permmil reflection had been intended Mr. Smith then observed, that when charges had been made nmtlBHt Sir Wilkes. it wan not nnreass.nable or extra ordinary thut he should wish cOIBO person to bo here acquainted with alJ the circumstance. of the caae. to ad Tlrbe"c?uhrt fcU?uTVe^ abide by the decision ; andla.Mr?w*' 'iKsys,*-.wu? %"heh.V.miruation of Br, John 0. Umben.on. thw iriS "haSi^tm with'an^hcr 1 went to the deSandanfa lis-Us*. and mU thtfhMi m i, wlii. h statement they lo-d-th y tlifii til tfmydid no*, when th ry attempted to just fy thciii-clie* Tlu-y hint no more right to pi luto that ho, " /d seiTe th.. i -1-r.y thr.w lis, , had to Ila to h? wifo < r dauLhtora; in d then they had spri'.i.l these clo nic- 1 y mcHiip of the preen, and given it out to the "tlJ*UtrictWk?.Tney 'offered this, rid-ncc foe the pur ID re of explaining the mason why Smith and the other* I,-. I ml ? I It lie propel t v horn Mr I miry * hous?. and that there was i.a design t-'rob him a: had l.**n . dinged, llic conteut n of the ?.r ? ruled out MuUl.e . ..I Were tlier* any indu'tmeuts found in qiW?*tU>Il |'l?t. " ' ri l" J VMfumht'P 1H4# whie h had refr'enc" Uwrtin watches. >w dry. and per tronal pro|a rty ?t to and amended <>Mic?i il to ana aincnueu. ?ui??, it be xi :. i|w.r,. any I riliiinal cn? pending, i > wl?K It it b* me nuit* rluI to produce *? property aa ev.dcuc, against Mr. lhiwy '? < ? I tit ct iou i dki u u nil ihh^m i .. A 1 h. 1 V , r, 11 era! in It Mncnts foum. against Mr t iVl'lu lit!ion upmi'th'Vn"?'U?hen by'thc ? tort of Oyer .? ?? i ? i (>i*tubt*r lib* ootu*i* ol h hi*' tlimu'^M i //., thcehief mot ion of him'(tho I'"Itrici A^cy). but the justices j |hou llt othrrwhe ? 'never ! Bering C uHir to be ?ui,e ...a?* i P i m .1 i.ntirriiia to iciumu in ciiitempt. Si." thmfore eouridered tlm indictment was then , I ?ending Ho had subne.| ueuthr come to the i'>n i ll'- ion that the offence was not fomutt^ in tjivw u * ci lint v aid had entered a rMt yntfqm on the LOh ( Vi J. mt.i r IK'si 'lh< ??> indictl.ienta could not, be iti, .1 nor the trials conducted, without the production of watches, watch makers tools and somi'urticb r ii-welrv nod rotne v,iitch-casc makers tools He had rc J 1 I .... mloini .lion in 1P49. a short liui" alter the i; rv.s ItrClL^ wa re ff^dhSVni ' w'.'ut'h. fore a jw^K* w. nt Is tore a judge ?t "?? v lirucv to i. v it. fore wlum a motion liad been made by uruij.i' r.xovtr poe ei!f ii 11 of that property His object was to ririiVl r Mm VN-U'll *?1 , *' . ? trevlut the judge making an ordi r lor the re- oration !f it to Piutv Warm r was Hrury scounsel Hie a J mdedHHhe minute tamk. and he knew it asm,,.,. r,In|Ha.d lhc Offence, if any committed in 1848. ili whi. li y? ar lie was IrUd and nc.|iull? I Hie Indict hi *i?u j | t vi- loNftah ? hil?? who wmk in th" ^."^UtaS iCT mietalor. for he could ;:r;u7h. *^^.14 ???*, ?? ?".1 o , W. rc aiurwards found. He never . Aarg.s. or sns- j ' ..f, .1 firmy of having stolen tin m from hi. office ' >1r ?iMk-ho you not .hat.liewas aecuss-d by the Priice llat'it, of having stolen th. m O rjlid yi'u ever sav anything that would juMify that infarni us -beet iu Urtur, with the r.dib.ry j ami' Ja'noaiy iudh tments. were Urn -ame as those on w hh the ciovrnila r indictment was ?? the >..vrnii?r . T ?. v,,, th. ii descrlh.d Hum in detail, a l f whmh kas * n eiven more tlian once lU-tl"1 course f? this trail iu fill* inniHi^H thi^ l>intrict AUnriV''/ i* ? ? names of the .1 oi .. ^ ^ , Mitt'on W Y ^T.,slO?.i:.T Wal.ers The latter was not now in the city he bad in ard, but d,d not of Ids own knowhdge know, where lie was ?j he C< uil here took a rs-cc-s for tw. nty minnt.? AKTRK.fOWII BKS.-HW. After a r. eras nf half an hour the W-nesa ol ihrM 'H V.;,lV.;Tealled:-T.,ccou.,.c. for the pro^ culion off. r. .1 to prove a paper r?nU... n? a hH of artl Csw. or a rsviipt fbr a n..? -r of ?Ueh M^uiaTXriVof l'"li< C in New York. whkHj r.^ cb a w. 1'' the sam. a. thole I .ken from Mr l*re?y - P? "SrarrCd why the article, themadiwa were ""ilr'wm ii ? aid th. art ieles were on thei. way to court H.i on i. ling judge then sanl. Un? witoesa had Utter d.hU I.Vtlmsdiy HH Um sr.,. b s Minded .0 ?i? Th."i,as A Ah vender, -w. rn -I am an agon! for tlu* .Una Fire In ura .ee company; I know the defendant, ' ^l/wT.- 'itW Urury cv> r and if so when, .asuis d in rSSSffKy tUc defence a* Irrelevant, aa?lruled out j ' V-By Mr elavk ?Was that aeisuranf property .v.r j wade I j your direction' _ ,(r A M (. Smi!h> ^ V* w!,V:r "ns'vrr gave any dim Hons about the aci ?TS.r43^.r?srL,-t.,fc.?Si!; II.S'S is in v m.s'm Street. N. ? Wk ? A?tarjHd?? 'd**'*r'Y. uuicti's county, in i>s??i<>' ?" your Itamng iii'?, ur V'.'r ' slon s'.'italn prop, wim vjru.^ w!'.' uien . JiishJ .filer. Mr Tavi-r . ?.ne walking i;eWpw,^; " Mr^-:A"nd'nm,^^hr.l wmth. tbe ' ' - ,l,.l >. U del.lee II the prop-rty take i'l.'iu the , ? .. . f Mr. Lrnr,."; What relation limi* Captain Magma to thi* afalr' (fit.iccti tl to. ai d < treiritU d ) A It ?< a ?? eatae diwn t 1)1(1 t l*f"rv. Wr found I'm I flier en* wa? rlo*"d. and wo l n d< d tl.r proptrfy t< Captain 'Ihdm. to .c|.v-| ? ii.?? prrrtm in take nii in*. it tor/ ?-f It , Captain Mi: ?? waa the Captain i if the 81'Ah Ward I'oiier; In* win my | captain. Il i" ? oo?l day after tin* prnprrt/ mi |i|*wl tin r . ' brt >ir 1> fl .i . ? nt t'11.*.*'i \a wined.?Q. Can ymi )i*tf that ad the pro. f* tiy InUi ti t i j ii ai.U *tii r? friar Mr. I>ruiy au de. Urn ml ? v i t *U May ai ? * A AU that I to. k win ,ndrllTrreJ, I <lnn't know what ciIn r* *!?? K: I l.n< w wJtnt mm ? r i? ptr*ri it. ! by the italltli a fn? I ha )Wth? tif Mtwil tatfiiall, 1 wo >?ar ? of It at that time. C? urrel for ptv*?i-ull'>n-WbnA ha i le n tb> practice oi iPn-raot the polie* In n-kition !? u*li>t rtali n pro pi ply. Mini i tin r |.opi rty alii |t4 la be Hep illy i i pua aer m< n 11 (n rai ma " Tba #f> lift t>ly liail |? rii li'litt rf thta kind Th* Court m!i| ili? 11 ? f of tkw -n-V-wn might lend to rxntl. (Wiethe witm 'fMn Ihl rlierp of th" pur vtt of any !*? nliar . inn ? , in I h'a i e> e The i"Hinirl laitha yaa* ? hi ion "y tlimigi <1 th" ft. ant nt hi* qU'Kf'pn. iml lb* aiiawa Hint rm toilala tin inola ralallTf la the taking M tin- pi! ) any I'm in Mr. Utwiy'ahmi<e Uiln. -aid?Ulan I lif t n. nt to tlw Iwcii it or a' tl nt In n littlr , irl Ii vkeil th" door af tlio r am a. tin In ml ?f llm at.'wr*. no J put Hi" hay naif in a rhll-l't rrili: acting thia. 1 went t" ihr rr'.b, tewk Uiu key ? n . into I La tiwn rnf - iw two lam i, marked II-??t n A.latin* Ii t'o . and Html. J to r-aniu I l?rory Nt w fork; Ihr ltd ildtiof tha haia? wa* l'"*e. mill I looked in i.uImw *? n r gold nrl Cr* I mm nil ihnl I '*.??'? watt, an i know. , log the character "I the man?il'otart?n tor ta.nil tim ? Uiai l< r ot tin man. go on to what yon f mn.t ) Tin re ?? rr tattle dn * an.'. inWM w?ti l.? *. wr W"iit t'fiwn In the h#ai no nt ami found two wati to thrr*. whi 'a Arlington !'? anrl aftrrw .nla rla'im-d. ?? I a (dorp ?( pap r on whirl, waa wtltti n "liOapi ?! t ih'. ?i n thn. t'.it,"nud r a Ii tin in rtr<tut>-tarie?. I thought it M ju-tlar. ami I dr. m<d It my duty to take the prrperty to tb< police <0l(". froaf-rwatriR'd?I did not of an Ingot of pold ; th"re wa? a unall tar if Matfatl ; I think it waa tik-a en tha areotnl warrant, that la. nt tiro p ?lire ottloa , , I I ail hoard that the in*uifine r company lotre a claim np< ti thrill ; I thought tin y might Iw "lofoa, or tin y might hi' the png-rl) in which the inruranc in pm.y waa intm .tod, I do not know that I nvtr author. iliil an adti rtl-i an lit r.dUiig <>n p. r-o?. who had loat propirty to mil ut th" Pollrai fBci and ranntlnr tbia pn pirty 1 do n?t know that I wa< nin> tlint tlaarr o it any itHtelun-nt ponding In the rmintr ftfia*Hn In rrfr r? m <? to which thi .o artirlra eonlJ h- t'atimony: I did pot tnki the wati'lio* away; t do n<>t know that Hie p.i , bill had a pin r of nrw?pop"r wi appi d around It. ti.?Wan Wr. AVilkea an < flh >r at that lime' A?No | V ?Arc y? n aware Ib U tinder lh<- atalui" no prirale | rltlai n ran t si i ule a naiih warrant ' A - -W ? u, I 1 i tot know. - 1)1(1)"II. <r (I. I you n<>t I* f ro the ar 1 r-.t ? t Prory, go to rngiam r'a and get lmpr"~ ion.* whtrb 1 had hern niailr upon pleee* of paper, an.I ay that yon wanted ihrm for poitre |>tup*mw' A ? Allow me ton I phi In why I did fo | t'onrt?Certainly yon eao raplaln i Clark?Ihit t.rrt antwrr the miration. AT dime* ?I did H - At In u waa it ' A ? it wa? dining lh" time of the holding of t|tl fair, I got the impp if|en< from Mawjon Wright and llitrh; 1 I gam them t" Thonitnil In me minute* after I got ' tt i m. Tlv mpaon waa in Willt itnaired Il ia I m, Wrtght \ llati It'* > Oica ta u* tlx; * aehauga; I hump- na wge wggp lug for them; I was re<)nested by Mr Wilkes to got ther* and girt- tlit-m to Thompson; I did not know that thi-y were got by uk- at the suggestion of W ilkas to bo put on to Drurr, to niakr evidence agaiust him; tht-r were girt, no I understood. to be shown to Drury, who waa to b* mudu to belive that the diea had been stolen frost Barton; it was for the purpose of decoying lirtiry to the Are mile stone; 1 believe young I>rury was Anally liscoatsl there; Thompson brought back the ends of bills I had. borrowed. and I returned them to Rawd?n. Wright * Hatch: I found something like them in Drury's reed ' pocket when he wns arrested; at the morning of ITrwry's 1 arrest I uulkid with .lenkins and Crassoos to Catbarfaa* ferry; 1 think I returned to Nawdon. Wright & Hat da all the ends of bills I had borrowed; there Were 1 twenty of th- m Direct resumed ? .Ml ihe explanation I hb*e to 1 is. that the ends of bills were got to make PVrlry better* tbnl Thompaon bad the dh-a. John M. Tavlor sworu?I hare been the arttorwey Ibr the Ktna aiel Protection Kin Insurance rompaniewainew I 1?4R: when the first complaiat was mudt a gains* Mrti Jlruiy. la 1R4R there- wus a eear-h warrant procured; Ihe search warrant was bfought ov-r from Jamaica and . placed in Mr MaterV* hands, vetth a reijacst'that it migbt he phierd in Mr ^?*jitI?"m bauds; Mr ^nilth wae i eut of the way. anil the warrant whs placed in the Mauds if another e/Bci-r, and "erred, I met Mr Mnirli a few days aftetwrids mid told Mr Smith I regretted that lie had not gi t the warrant and served it, this may have beea in 1K-17; I hare uot refreshed my an-ut iry byrefo renss to my booT*. To Heart.?1 ?v* the property advertised in an edi torial notice in the Hrrahi, sinl on that 1 went to the rAfre wad saw serve property, to recover which I com Mnredin acttoa edreplevin, bt behalf of bi-th insuraa** i otnpuiiSs; that suit is Mill pending; acclaimed that the property we saw at the police ofllco was tin* same that We hail inn - i il < To*s-c*. vmlm d?Wei* you aware of the x-lrure ad )kis pri perSy until ye t .-aw it in the Herald ' A?I did not justify Mie seizure, only so far a.Mt irrtght be bo vend by the former search warrant: I did t ot know tlnU the former warrar* had been returned; the I--nek warrant which 1 gi t out Was hr ught to New Yo?!? by a Jamaica nAlcer.imd endows-d |,y i, .tew York magistral*. 1 canui.t .-ay whether a r-leiisc was ever made to Hi. Thuiy by the ireiirnncc ecu p anic-. I was at lleuipstuad at tin- time of the trial. I saw Warner and One Ryed 'J hi inpson there. Ilie pcovecutionrhcre rested Sir. Chick arose viul said?Now. P it please the court, it bus Is en hen- i-i-prcscnti d tout tlie small house on Mr. Hriirj's prcmiic* la a phn ?? where counterfeiting might be carrh 4 on It Is ? small hutldhig, with on.- win,tow instead ot live, and not a nrwspauer or curtain has cvu* Is en up thsre. Nio?. I propose that Ihe jury visit thw premises lime will, I thin!., be .- tvi. I by such a view by Hie jury. Tile Court said that conn?-I had better examine wtt m- ise* in ri fen nre to the building, at,d If any deaira was aflerw aids express*,I ?n the pari of the jury to haw n dew of the pn mires, the view cot <d then be taken (.'nuns* I for Mie defence gaw- spri-hsl notice fur all wit nesses subpiened by theia to be in ottsulancc ou Tues day (this i morning. (tty IarrH"<i-iwr> Tilt! rt'DAV tXriDITKM?TUKOTttKS PARTIES B.tflJt?. 1 he exviteiin nt ri-sjiectiug the iatv rontemidaisd i* rasion of Cuba continues throughout the city, and the United !? dates Marshal* o flies an 1 the hall of the Dis trict Court wi re thronged ycati rday by a vaat number of persons interested, as well us th e implicated iu the affair. A mongst them w?-re many II ang.irian nlugsen, Ui i mint i. and other foreignsre. who were enlisted fbr the pveuJv ? xpcdilina, and who ure now retained ae witnesses." but no new feature has transpired ia ad dition to the full particulars that ha* r already appeared in the J/crsM. except that t?r leiiiisl II llurtm-tt waa held to bh-U. betori- Mi t'omuiissitmi r Nelson, in the aaan of $30W; Mr (ieisrge W tireen. of the i uirth urenua, being liis l-wil. The tionda for th.- app< irnnee of Major th-hlesiagi ? art Capt \ I bewb Were also |H-rfeotr*L (.'baric* ti't'oimr. Km) . ta-iag bail tor t.uth in the aaut at l :i is 0 i ui h. The bail 1' r Captain le w is was entered iota at half past n vm o'clo. k, U t uight. at the private rewi dctit-c of Mr ('? nunlsvintii-r Bridgbmu. The twenty-Ave keg- of gunpowder discovered by Mar shal Taltniad.e on l? ard The steamboat Cleopatra, on sudsy, have Vi nwiit to the sr-enal. The kixe* wvwe eeneeabdin boxvs. atij Mowed away iiad*-** lti- cabin. No tireaiuis have as yet ls-ea discovered, nor is it believed that any are concealed on board. The mjnail ot maaiars ate still in the possess ion ot the Is,at and will remain ro, no deubt, inr several days to Mate. Grout eurioaity tw ist* by ? ur rttlsena to view tfw Is at aud to ascertain ad the tin ts ri bitive to the affair l(utte a large nuinbec at persi us m i vregHti d during th-- -biy. In the vicinity a# Noith Moore street, to look. talk, aud wnn-ler at ilia events alri-ady develii)ied fun -- About two n'rb-ek. this morolng ? Are brakn out in btiildtog No Is t\ atcr street, occupied as a waat levi ar.*l In p .-Ion-. The tiri- enn-ideralily damaged Pit rsnti ids and intereir of the buildiug. Kuiliuu AsrrriM -t'n line to Rill rntn Tssvat. i ins ?<>n Saturday merning lust, an acchlent occurred on the llud.-nn Itlver hailrood. a short dwlancs t stow King King. It appear* a passenger nauie.l N'ye was stand log on t In- plat tin m of the rear ear of the train, which whs under lull hia-lway. and by some cause waa *in!dna ly throw n i ff. Landing aiiintig a pile of stones, w hick badlw injured Ms h ad and hack. At tli? time of the o>-??r n ure. tvpaty Shi lilt Igvwndes. of this city, was wvndiigg bis way toward the prison with a convict, and observing thrnreid*nt he iuum-dintely approached tbs iujtmwd grnth iniia. and bail liiiu pUe.-d under th* rare of a pity sislaa. at a hotel in tbe villaga. 'fills should -<-rvs a* a caution to railvaad travellers who are iu the habit sf standing upon car jilatfurnis ?hu the iratu is in ne Urn. Hi %viir?t'?ii> av Inrarritxrr.?Cor -ner (li-sr, yaa terilny. told an ini|iu-t at the t'ity Prison, on the ln*l|t ? f Mixa Kvndn-r. need J1* years. I.orn in Irvlond, wtvs wis Ireagbt to the City I'rtsmi. by the pigue, and en - pirvd in a few seconds after I ring adtuirti-d Terdket, death rans* d t v Intemperance and ei|*w;n> AiriMSltl I'wowai*,. ?-Tile tVrntn r lkewise biddmn. it.i|We?t at ?V1 Nineteenth street, on the ls>lj of a by, nine years ot ure. ly the name of Ro jart White, wb*. ? me to Ids ileath by drowning The p- or lioy, II bmm. wns (uui trxiu hi* parent*' lu,u ?but - short tiros, ma Ktinday sfti rnnon. and weut to play on the dork, foot of Kiglitri nth street, v bi n-he accidt telly fell inta Urn rivir. end whs do wned betori- aid iwuld he priuugpd 1 erili* t arroidlugly. IHaVii it |ii???i?n Tin- Cornet hill an in,)newt vi sti riley. at the fisit of t'harle* sin >l on the vif at Mery Itrcru r, aved Mtyi srs b rn 'a lr, land, whn earoa to In r death bv neeidoiitnllv fulling off tin- dork Inks th* rlvir The ilw-eased was iilia ital by a jmllestaan I* b* silling on till! string picrc. at the snd of the ^ier. fi-owa. who h place. It is believed, she ac td--ut?lly f-il inks kins river, and ??? drownid. Verdlr', death by drowning. tlrnnklyii City I a?)lli{riir?, Foran Itaewaio.- The lewly of a will um?~rd wh i h had evidently been a myiil ruble l<<>gtli .d 140* in the water, tt< aled on chore. it lied llo- I .Tidal, I troth, Ijrn. Ia?t evening A fid **kh tv.wy t ?Mnt# a Uwiah of ha ye. and -iiitlry ??najl aidleleo, were it hen friaa lit* pi* ki te. and nrw now In th.? poeeraelon of t'oriean Wi' I: il> w at the Taint A elue to the leal; may lie a fa*4*4 ffiei the fnttowing a.ldree tnken fr rm ? fv la'dhtd " 1 ?? 44? Two Iflh meet, one Cei l from ave eue II '' Police Infringe are. fhtrgt if forumy.??> fieyntiin ?w, ra" 4 ''heflaw Mejrcr win irte4. il /cat it-day lee ofheer Wo Tei lU wa-il. on a "f font' If It art Italian* ?? lltinh II-irtuiman 1 1-tden* of l *? tl< rrnat II l-r? aw rely tlWiV.nd that hie ratio had heei , f wwd '?* 21 orui t in|? -liii|t t *r |?yio til of Mime of itom *?". ha ft t o It Tfti e f rc. ree h.ol le 11 yrex itt.*l Va.iia. nh.JeW, tli ea ~hiii r of that aoeiety. wli yel l the . me. am ..waling to in at f lt*l II ?.->? fet?. 1 lee are 'aid ti hale ton* one rulrf l yMiyi la iho, on and bernrar waiuai and ai t t/i h e guilt .1 Ugvtoo Tiutp-.u etxv .a.Vied the ae. need to |iri. .a tor trial I hm c' if .V elitu Wr?n foe' a *? ? -h man u>ii John H'hitly wae nijvetrd hy Iho polh-e. a <J rohvo||od Wfhgw iwtiei limp 11 on a 1 Und of .l.ilinn e oonlily of trail eadlrjl 11 mdhfr with le de golferna jlo ? ili*4 II I 1 onerty of iMk^n UhUmi). <iIimU4 Iti Klph'r Ighth 'Iriii. I twrrr. rldrd ate. I nirtliawo title. The a, 1 towd ?a? rouvey.J lefi re Ike autulnte, whi del tnoil him t.-r a further ? nun noil-wit ?ftrval ew Smj.o jn nj /tV'its* 1 IV?i.f,--The fwdloo ed," 1 In f. wnlh wi nt ani eled on eundtiy innfct nmuni'a li ir I mrell Ji I a t'ompi rt. ?1 ?i: ; Irion if eteallnn W f% In r Id eoin, from the hip klhuiltc The arrna*4 g m 1 lend li|. t Juetiee Tlwjvoo w*_ij< ;.ain< d Inni has fit.t lo r hi am* .i..gilt em et .IWowet?ftn I'.Uord 1 y*hf'1 nee ^ M AJeli 1 man Srurti?ant. < f 1 be T'nlrd ward wee |*r rMi?g himriltf r diitmriu the wn>h room at the tl e hetnr llewn ho wa? urmtil in a Vt ty rtnl manner t- ||mirw A (hi void. ? lawyer r>- peotinjj a rttit In wh' t^a 4t. d. rrnew I'd Inn the repining rouneel ar a.ta-d Urt' Wold'a rtient A few w rJ? | ejo- d between ||?. when t.ri, * . UI e( uimitt. d a violent e-eanlt on t't 1 ? ) rnanw Ibr nr?atil? pti-int i?t> rfered. and the pnrtiew nva m parated The AI J, r matt o* htindey ma'4o a e mptalnC le f. tr .turtlee Lolltrop. whit tented a wa r??t, f,? y,,. ^ net i f (Iriewold, and yeetvrday. olllrer luy;, I 'lteiwwea Ink the reew ed Into rtudody on the rha<. The anna will undergo a hearing before the m slit rate Marine VITal's. f <Hi*w?a Cntnoaaoa? ?We ttr g, ,,i,tnd thai the new eft ? nit r 1 hlrrarora. formerly p jmtun to Tort llaml'*?e and Kcyport. baa heen eold t'wa eompany, who propuao plei II g hot on l.ahe I'oni hat frBV tn i.oulataim Mm ia wow lu the Kaat river pnpi /htgft.r the voyag Inlelllgrnrri The naval eonatrne .or at the lioeport ?farv Tanl, haa reeimao t Ord that j,? ivaneytoaaia .howui (t? fwta ih 1 k In 1 rdrr to ev amine and n puir her bottnai fha diiartmeiit haa b wtli ti'ii In nn the miluiyt. 1 he T h eying ee h r William A tfrah.n Paamd laid hlptnan I /j roniniaiwliittf <J daya fttuu l>aa*dh I arrivnl at N .ffi4V on the T4th lod I The liter. yt.ii, r ? ,,,.|y , . w?iimi< fw Wo Ci tnpUnvtit of i lheem Witprrnnt owH. oWparlnl Tnrwa. Ih-fore lion. .Inilye him Arm. r riawWa 11 J'V f "f "- 7'" ; Tttia-w?? a motion for ?n lnJinrtka ami Ih.' ?fWWjWW of h receiver tn take the propnty ?f thta poopiwaaanm (tha kmptrr Willi and the rlaiaaot pimlUI, he tlir crrdilor for fi/m, ebttold L

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