Newspaper of The New York Herald, 30 Nisan 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 30 Nisan 1851 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6763. MORNING EDITION WEDNESDAY, APRIL 30, 1851. PRICE TWO CENTS. N auvmbkntb. BOWERY TIIEA7BA?BOXES. 24 CHWTSi PIT, 1*H cent*; Orchestra IUim, AO Wodaeeday evening, April rO. will be repeated, to ?v* UblcBus, a grand iDeeUele, Interspersed with innate and startling olfeete. called the COUNT or MONTR-CRISTO? Edmund Dantoe, Mr. H. Eddy; Modi. Worrell, Mr. Johnson; Dangler*. Mr. Slev*n*i ?Id Daatei.Mr. Miloa*; Mob* VUlefort. Mr. Tillon; Abbe Tiria, Mr. E L. TlltoniForoaad, Mr HBiuilton, Albert: Mr. fl. Jordan, t adc-rnise, M?.|Wlnau*; Wag Morrell, Mr. I'upei Jlerrrde*, Mir* Weiny*#, Ilaydee, Mi** S. Deaia; Malit'ne gte;Villelort, Mr*. Jordam; M'lie Mtaraa, Mr*. Waleot; Ma tilda, MU* llifttrt. BURTON'S T1IKATRR?CHAM II BUS STltHET, REAR of City Hull.?Boron, Dr??* Circle, and Parquotte, VI cent*; Family Circle, 25 ecu to, Oroheotra Scat*. 74 cents.? Weilueeday evening, April 3', will be plnynd, first time, en entirely new com dy, vailed MIM1!?Charles the Second, Mr. J. W. Letter: Karl of Rochester, Mr. Ilolman; Charle* Kiug, Mr. Jurilnu; I'elor Van Pouetva, Mr. Johnston: Miiul, Mrs. SKcrrett; Nell Gvryar.e, Mi-s W stoti. To conclude With, second time, the capital drama of VICTOR1NH?M. Alexandre. Mr. J. W. lister: Mr. lionaasus. Mr Ilurton; Michael, Mr. Ilolman,' Victorias, Mr*. Kuseell; lillsa, Mr*. Bkerrctt; Mrs. Ilouaseue, Mr*. Hughe*. J ATI ON M. Til HATI1K, CHATHAM STREET?BOXES, HoMta;Fit, UM eeats; Private it", <.>'>. Boor* ipot nt i: curtain ri,?s at half-past 7 o'clock.--Wedceday eva lulnr. April 'hi, will he presented the grind fairy peot tola of 'TH A LA HA. Till DKKTROYEK?Thalnha, Mr. Watkin*: M i harrb. Mr. IlmndoB; kuleta. Mr. Stafford: Alt, Mr. 1,1 Favor; lis flu* Mr. Thompson; Month, Mr. C. Taylor. Sambo, M \ l? .Fox: Sulrniun Khan, Mr. Mills-.: Or. i. e. Mi's E. 'deal Iyor; Mpirit of the murdered Zeinnli. lire. Itantou villc: Acratoou, Mios Malvinn; Ahdaldar. Mr. II. Seymour: Okhu. Mr. Dunn; Xuwit. Mr,. II. I*. Grai'aa Tic ? i.t-riaiiioienta to . >ut menic with the farce of ALLOW .VIE TO AI'OLOUISE. j\1 1 ' H. JFNNV LI MVS KARKM'i" I. < ONI' EUTS IN i.?J New York.?The pul lie nr r tactfully informed that Ml. I.E. JEN NY LI Mj will I. ate :ho honor of giving a limit ed nuiuhcr >f Grand Concerts in New V rk. previous to lior visit* to Nin ira Falls, Wcsti rrt Ne w V' 11. th ? Lakes.! an i la, sr. 1 lu-r bnai departure for Europe. Th : lest eonoert will oe ?i?rn on Wednesday evening, 11 iv ": tin) recoiid oouoert will c given on Thursday afti rn. .u. May d, and will he contlnnnd three or t. r time < p r week, until el..,,.! Ml.I.E. J ENVY 1.1 Mf will h" undated by the eminent artist*. Sicvm rod Sir.Mon lli i i i i n : Conductor. Mu Jri.ns Brvmncr. The Urnnd (?rclie?t r? he* been considerably augmented, num bering eighty well known professors, (whoee namst -.will noon he Puhiishe.J,) and cnthrai in the iir.-t talent in Am riea. under the du. lion of Ms. Bivciiict. Tlia entire interior cf the Garden ho* been dee rated, and furnished with eofa* and ?ett?e?, made and enrhi nod cxpr.-?ly for these Con ocrts. One hundred attentive uincrr will b-ongaged to di rect visiter* to their seats, thus preserving the ? vstaai an 1 pood order which have so eminently eliaracterit vl these Con cert* in erery portion of the United State*. The hridra In* I ing to the (liirden will be entered, so as to protect visiters in ca?e ofrsin. Owing to the groat capacity of tho Garden, the yrheaofti kti have tieen 6?nl at V,,Sd. mil $1 each, ace >rd ieg to location. A limited number of Promenade ti ket* iwbp h will not he a limited before so'clock.) will be laane I. at 1 each. In order to give ctcry person an e.|ual chance, and to prevent specnli.torj from monnpoliiing the scats, and eelllng them at exorbitant prices, as w.U its to prevent iiuplensaot trow da at the ticket ethees, and an indiscrlininate rush at the doors, on the evenings of the Concerts, erery scat in tho Car len will l>c numbered and ?ceursd to tho purobaser, and the ilioicc hi seats will be off*red at nnction tho day prosi otts to each Coutcrt. All scats not bid of at a premium will be immediately nil. red al th* ticket otilco. at too fixed price*, where dirgram* will he jhown, exhiliiting tno exact locality nl each seat. Expericncs hae amply pro- 'i fiat this is tho Lest and only course th* t ?an he adopted to secure justice an 1 satisfaction to the nuldie. The Tick t OtBoea for the dispo sal ol all *,uil* not bid off .it anction, will he located at No. iM Broadway, and will be open every day, cgeept the Seh *atIi, front 7 o'clock A. H. till 9 o'clock P. tL, exocpt on the vrnings of the Coucerts. wh n th?y will bo closed at t> 'elm k 1*. 51.. and otlii'i-e epsncd at that hour at Castle Car en for th* disposal of any tickctv ruinaiuing unaol l far that vening * Concert. The Poblic'a obedient *, rvant, 1?, T. UARXUM. BAKNUM'S AMERICAN MCSEl'M.-P. T. BARNUM, Proprietor nnd Manager. Wedm *J?r aftorn'n and eTe x t the earnrat solicitation ot nnmeroua fumiliee, the beautiful omedy of THE SERIOUS FAMILY? Aimnadab Sleek, Me. adsway; Charles Terrene. Mr. 0. W. Clarke; Capt. Murphy ?iguire, Mr. llci.kins;. Mrs. Ormsby Delinnluc, Mil* Ch.vp Bn. In the atlernoon, at 3 o'clock, fur the first time lu this ?ui,try. a laughable domestic <'rama. untitled A YILLAOR M.F.-Tony Bh.omtold, Mr. Kent. To ?oncinde with THE JsERIESOr II I'M AN LITE?Mr. AIlv Croaker. Mr. K*at. Jbuhiu* to thu Muscnta. 23 rents : children under 10 year* ? age, If1* reuta. Parquet and Drer* Circle, 12)* cent* extra. ?NA1TLE GARDEN.?this beai tii ki, an d cdimt ' lar place i* now open tor the reeiwition of visiter* dor W the day. The view fern the gallerin of tho ?pl*n .11 nncry of our noble hay and harbor, ha* not an equal in the arid. Admiciion Ik" , eanft. 1A I>AM E CRAVIIR, l-ATF. MI.I.E PRSJ AKDIN.4, resp'-tf ully informs h?r friend* an 1 patron* that her Ineiag Academy will be removed en the l*t of May, to M Cntoa l'lace. BALKS BY AUCTION. .CCTION NOTICE.?THOMAS BELL. AUCTIONEER ?L Ity II X Bush. I.ary" saleof Farnitaro. this day, at It e'cleek. in the anetion room*, from famili-e removing, .uediug thirty Carpet*, Oil Cloth and Matting. Without rerve, twinty largo Looking Gla-??*. Sofae, Bedstead*. latrr??e<. Ilrd*. Piaae, Jtc. la conaeqasaca of the quaa tr of furniture, salve will take phuw in tho auction rooms, cry day this week. Also, a choice Library of valuable Ink*. THOMAS BELL. Auction*! r. VM. McCORMICK. AI'CTIONIER.? EURNITI'RE aalr.?tt iii MrCovmiek A Co., will *ell, tliis day, at lo'eleek, at No. 32 Warren street, corner of Chnroh. all ti parlor, bed room, Ivenirni, and tfl ?* Furniture, he 1 ring to a family giving up housvkcoping, comprising the Ital assort men; of lornlture. fl BOTLF. AUCTIONEER ? C.ROCKIUKS. Tills DA V ? at I o'eloik. at No. SI? Water ttreet, all the (took a! fixture af nald atore. r BOTI.E. AUCTIONEER?THIS DAT, WEDNKS -? dar. at No. 6A7 Dried* ir. th* I uriuturn of a aalooa ?ahlee, Arm Chain and f'unhi in?, (>ll Clothe, Coantort. IHatora. OlfiixM, Mimn, rata Uliu Cnekin, ia<l alt til raitfiro aaeanaajry for ? bar ro<>man I r foctory. t'ut 1*?, Il> *r an i Cider PaB| t. Erery Mticl* In tha line that iarreaeary. Sale po-itiee. f t. IIOUOH. Al l TIOJIKKR rillt WEDNESMtr, !? 30th. at li", ?>loek. at Vt a ' in ;ton at?ni?, near I too arena*. Brooklyn, et?za*.t ro e wood and walaat ta?e Furniture. Alio, Taprikry nod llrnc-la Car pat, t u plate <11 I ni !> plate iud a .on ? ral a't otigtii of h i room *1 Illil" a Futnitur*. with * ' l?li t' ? * il- will commune* WMIUI BOOITIT. A UCTIOMREK.?I'R HFU V ERV. I Fancy 4i*od*. N?., Ite.?T I*. II o \ lu wll I aell, at auc tfc. tin* day. A pril .k>th, at 1" ?'?low. at No. Vt MtUen La*, a lir.t ahiortmifit of p-rinmcr,. eit: Colon*. Hear a O. E?tract< Be. Ahr a i-> n*r il a<*orim?iit of Urniliai, I'.-y ? o* nil 'U-' ripti n*. fee. * A.CUll.TOK. AUCTION Ei.R.?llOBsRdOLD FUR J* nltiir* at auction.?CeAa n CldlMl will Mil, on Hdnwdny, Apr I S"th. at No. S.1 l.r.'ouo ?tr?ot, tli( furoi t?0 t*Btl"irl in th* -lh*r* ho'K*. ? or -i.tlat ofCieuoiil ?Hirtn< ut ni < ar^i t-. Oil .1 'tu*. riiair* Sofa*. lliret.n. Inking i:la*a*(, l nr'iiinx, tied room iurullWv, !?*., Ito 'I ni* ta*li. in 1 ifikitl'l. in"#?y. 1 W. BMttFN. AUCTIONEER - HOUSEHOLD FPU ? la Bill ! ? \T< dneeday, April .'IMh, at 1' hillock, at no. Ji llami r .l'r atri t. ?III h* a I i nt an M u t li* furniture uf a tir," e l?atin ? the i Ity, t"B(! tie ? of .Sofa*. Chair*, llo*k Frwri. I: ? t-? t? hair M ?* . ?. Ra Intend*, lire*# ta l.ureW . Dining. I ? 4 ant ntr* I r . ? >. Mao tail Urua runfe, I ">a.n Ola ? a, Croch-ry, Cla-iwar*, fco., k i. frii. ?' m.iriev. Ai11 . i t -tii i a ntr. ( IV ir aOay. 1 at I" o 1 m a. at tla e*rn?r of Hroad. m i ni I H ?ar rt i. tiir at< ? ? and titlnr** of a fruit an I V Ce ilia1'r. Pi* article aro ?f th* i *.a ?inality. Sale t 01 lire, ami i ?'< pout pe,|UlMd. IIS KBKtRa AUCTION ERR?RETENS I v R 3AI.R ? f Ho" ill Ffimltnr - -Jan,''* R. t. on|?y trill nit, Wdneedty m riiln*. Arril .Vth, at >l*trn o elock. at th* Ant o m I .'o ' Hr a I ear. wttar of Whit* (tret ? II? ioII Fiirailarr. ren*ti 1 lor taioni n> N ?at] ???'- ' it ' -ill. "I ?' faa, Bookc****. Marl Ptp Tii't. Miillr*" <. Balio,' .* Ta I ?(. Itr ?kf* t ani Dia ne S"teien. Mirn..a, l.i.i. [ i. raadol ??, U >. | F.KKT II I KFDIW MTT11)VKF.K?HOUSEHOLD .1 Fawi'"r?.?Betiry n. I ' -A, 1 Will* It at Boetion, eiattrdnei ae Ayrll.J'. at Mo'etork ?t No i lUrilnyat, mi, l? and li l'*rk i'ln< ?. c at "I llonwlioul I Form ure, aifinp-i in ; r.iahnria* IVrl- r r irailttr*, in hair eloth; 9 .fa t'lgf - Pi i in ? I ttt'.in ana, lor 011 a, !ir.ia? la aid I mm n ? irt" t?. I "Itraa , M ntl Oraain-mt t'lKka k?.;t!?r,tri TilJ*. marl I* lop : llall rhairi. Uat tnda. Call Lenaf, Oil Co'h. Staii t arp?t?, rtea> li It'detei le, i ir >1* top iTa h attad(,Tnilet Set *. T"Wc I Rack* *> roll poat ll?d?t?ai|a. tTaah *tind?. Ilaarcaai, ftr.: tlalr Mkltrna e*. ralli***> Pntttr h.o, Bniet-T :ml Pillow*. ' hiaa. Cronkeff aa i Qla><" ?r*. Tin *al* will r-imaiKar* at No. II RarvUy "ra't with a lnr;? aaaarlm-nt of Kiti I *r TnraiUire Ev. ry arti il? niuet h' lelierr l ?a lb* day ?! al?. MFNRV II. tRFM, APCTIONEER.?II tNDSoRR llo"a*h(lA Fnrtiitar*. I *nrly new. nod made *?ar??al? forth* pr- ?al ?*a?r. who hi, , ? . t? p?, p? tebiaild without rr*er r.?Ilearr li. Lo* l? A Co. will **ll at anrtloa < n tf*dn' -dar .tnh Arril. at I't o'llo*),, a No 7 if Waal.iagt in Plan*, a i-rji ateel a- rtiaaaat af or it nlaM funtltar- ail mad to #rd*r f,rth* pr -na owaar a ah >rt lm? ago. r.mat tiae "f tirwi "iw??'l " 'ae an 1 T t" a *??ti?. 1 o?i no in xri-ea and ? rn..a li >?? 1. 11.? parlor are, and V?ltar Chain m do Ilk I C atell* Cnrtaiae an I Cor ftima. rl-gaBt t.trrgoro and IP t > a, ri>*e,eio.| noraar Tallin. #?* nlneintle r?re?4 . iV (Vnl.-* Tahl*. Can I- la1 raa, Ta,??lri 1 ari 'ta. One I han.i Here an I Plttnrea, l-*a etyl*. Al*?, mi Ml ? | irr r faraitur'. csaered la r* I and whit* hr>. cat*ll* la nar?i d r?*Ooiii; >??.*. parlor and area Chair*; ' ??? l*l?i>ofort?. Bi?di-by Jfunn* A. Clara* s H?k Tahl* aad J ana. C?ei ra. r> t d*lainn i nr* line 0??Ch?nd?li Ilron xn*. I ignrr*. ngt*n- on lliaiax Table, Wl> . l?a*M Aim, an .1 rtm at ?f li?dro m fnrmter*. ael-tmt of m? i"i<nr lltrrtn, hit tll?*a. marhl* lop vfaeli etaade. atantil* t-A DrtonlaitBur*a?e blat an I whit* Cnrtaiae, ktanh walnut llnde.r ~ ' ? 1 hair* tlfli. MaltrneMe, rr^tirh Bodete.nlli*..*. l-i an i'eta, T-?ne, Enxraelnj*. Paintla*?. .U--. Alan, library f?r nitiirn of oat tloiloa **. TaM.i, C alr?. l >nn.o. iiaho <aa? Itoakoa**. Flatter ."??*; K? rt arlinli! a?IJ uinet h? dnliei rod on th* lay of >al?. K. c. kf.MP, AVCTIO](BBR.~RI ROABT furs 1 tut*. t.?rp?t?. ttirrir*. Hi' Palatiag* hi.. at .<* llr .a In ay. ntr Kr?*llin ttr-'t thii day, (IT* ln?-day.) Fate ii*r?-mf.'"r.?. a* th* hone* It to I * taY-n dowa imm? Aiatrly. K 1 k n.p trill t. II at aartion, M ahoe*, a larxa ?M aplesAtd a-?. rtm*nt of rttMMi tn l naho*any parlor, wialeg tm hi in i i hamler Fornlt ir- f Hi* e*-r t,??t unali ty. Tap etry, itrv i?e*|? thr** ply in rata aad oil oloth far Jet", nalr 1 arp?te, tare* f'r*nnh plat' Pl-r tila?#*e,'leal Wirrora. C'i. Paint in, -. aatraeina Dlniiu T ilda, Et*?*ro. Si t*. hoard* ro. d [ *rlor Fnrailnr*. to >nit*, a?*er "ii* rich !?Vn' Lr^r'" and maroon tllh e i- t iletli. mahajony Nofa-. TM* a t t**. , aty nnd 1 prltl*?> c 1 hair*. 'irT' d r i** ten "It. nte* ToM? rmevl. Mack walaut malm,any and ?aaint' l Jliainke* toraHnr*. In * ta t . m >tnh; ? -a earlnd hair Mettr - en 1 a treat tarlety f otker arti.-l ?, oil af %hirh ??? ? o|r worthy taa *tt*alf 1 if hou>*Venper.; and at the ?t!n la p fir and to pr*eeat an e ,itl. 1* tn-laa 1*1*, ? dnp .w n 1 he C mired ?f creTy t?r ?lm**t, 1,'atalogaoa ?? th.- moraiagRf .ale. > FTttt CABINRTMAREBS. IMPtlRTPIld \NI? MIS 1 fkrtartre.?Th* ?n' yih'r* horlng t rm I a eopartn, ?hip for the pinpo*e of ?r?n*a*tin ? a r- "Tj| luotlnt a 4'oniatDaiaa h' -ln**e hear 'raea4 th* ? laaaot ri Vai' *e 172 end i"l I "Hon ?tre*t. ( s. **noi BmlAfaxa,) in lh? * ? I Hrool.lyi, flirh. fur ate*. 1 one -nh >11 * nn I !?? >lie p I, 1 ? erp*eo*d I any la th* *ity. T1 oy or* now pn pnrtd renntre tkt ? > ?? i?ntW** ofthilr irt*n4* and th* pni s ? r?lly, preparatory t* tk*u ? rfntn* ?it??, whl h wlllt* |Ja*) early la Mar Sale* *f real **tat?, fnrnitnr* nt petei *'n*Um.; , | *int n*? ail other wefk* af art. and nt* ka raod$ tr urr* ir. att. ti l d to (either in ItroetUrn *e s fael) per.a-.-Ve IICMIIRRT A klSSf A ? ma re AnwiMott II awat 11 r f Wl Bad ITl fuitan'tr**t, Itaae pt Rkkm. | Hreektya ASU 8 K 91K HTS? Broadway thratkm.?b. a. Marshall, sole I/*so?o; a. n. Barrett, Manager.? Wedaesday evening, April will I Hi presented tl>? grand operatio fairy spoe Uoleof the VISION OV TilB SUN?Koran, Mim Anderloa; 'fay mar Mr WhiMng; Oultaopuc, Mr. Harris; Tyoobreo, Sig ner Curio; Csmt uf the Harp. MUs Olivia; Kunao, Miss A. Oeugenlitiia; i'asanaa, lira. Ishurwood. Previous to tha rjH-ciael**, llie new drama A DAT OK ItBCKOVINU ?Couni D'Arental. Mr. Reynolds; GrxbouUts Mr. flljllblBI Countess D'Aroutal, Miaa Andcrton. Doors open atfo'cleek. ?iirtain rtaoa at 7X- Draaa cirela uad parquet, fit) coots; Fa mily and tliird siroles, 2.1 cents; Gallery, IIS sent*. TAT IBI.O'S OARDBN?MANAGER, MR. JOHN SEKfON 11 Ticket*, 50 cents; Private Boxes, Doura open at half past six; to cunmruci at half past 7 o'clock?This eren g. Wednesday, April do. will he the second of the far -well engagement in New York of the wonderful M lie Caroline It,.asset and her three slates, Thcreelue, Adelaide, and Cle mentine?To ooiumeoae at half past 7 o'clock, with Ruok etonu'a ona act English ooiucdy of the KOl'OU 1)1 A HON It Sir K. Evergreen, Mr. Arnold; Joe, Mr. Sloan, Mary- ry, tlri. J. Scft-m. To conclude with Jean Rouseett'a gran I ballot, in two acta, entitled CATARINA; ou. La Heine l)?? Ifan diis?Catarina, M'lle Caroline Roustct; Count llerin. M ile Adelaide Rous?et; Kra Biavolo, Mens. Jcau Itotisact; Liu i ma, M'lle Theresine Houeaet; Manictta, M'lle Clementine Itousaet. No perfortnanee to-morrow, M iy 1st. HROCGHAM'S LYCEUM. BROADWAY, NEAR BROOME attcet.?Drees circle au-l parquet, W cents; K miily circle, 211 tents; Orchestra stall seats. (I; I'riyate boxes, $1. Doors to I. .-:n at1 .ek. Wednesday evening. April tl e performame will commence with the opera of tho 1 11 OK I IIE REGI.M K.N'T- -Kodolph, Mr. Dunn; Grenade, Mr. l.cach; Marie, Mi s Mary Taylor; Marchioness lt-rkea Mrs W. It. Blake. I'as Styricnne, liy Mile. I.. Duey tfarrcnud Sir. li. W. Smith. 'J'o conclude with RoW AT 'HIE I.YCKCM; or, Green Room Socrots?Too M.iuaqer. Mr. Brougham; Mrs. Vernon, Sirs. Vernon; Mrs. Dunn, Mr*. Duur; Scandinavia, Sr. I.yunu; Kutuyonda, Mi** E. Taylor. Mechanics- hall, no. 472 broad way, above Crand Street.? Open every night during the week until, further notice. Tho original and well known CHRISTY'S' M INSTKELS. comprising nn utfioiont and versatile "corps" of "talented ' and "cxponcnovd performers," under tha management of E l'. Christy, whose concerts in this city, for a succession of "five year*," have boon received with luver hy highly respectable and fashionable audience*. Tickets 23 cent*. Door* open at half past six, commence at eight o'clock. An Afternoon Concert will be given on Sa turday next. for the accommodation - I Ladies and Juvenile*, commencing at ,1 o'olonlc, 1'. M. Ou Saturday evening next, May.lrd, annual beuefit of M. Mitchell. E?KLLOWS* MINSTRELS. AT FELLOWS' MUSICAL r llail, No. 444 Broadway, between Howard aul Grand Street*. Open every night during the week. The celebrated original and well known Fellow* Minstrel*, "comprising as efficient and versatile corps of talented and experienced per former*," under the direction of J. ft. Fellows, whose con c< rta in this city for tho last year have been received with the greatest favor hy the elite and fashion of thia great me tropolis. Their concerts consist of Burlesque Italian Op-ra Scenes, Witty Sayings, Solos, Duetts, Chornsses, Dancing, and Instrumental Ferfurmances. Ou Wednesday and Satur day afternoons, a grand concert for the accommodation of ladi -s and families, commencing at 3 o'clock K. M. Admis sion 23 cent*. Doors open at 7. to commence at S. EVENINGS WJHI BROTHER JONATHAN.-SECOND ? all from the public?throe night* mire.?Doctor I Valentine, the delineator of eccentric characters, ia | conipliaace with numerous requests, wltl give three entertainments at the Society Library, corner of Broad way and Leonard street, on Monday. April Tues day, 211: and Wednesday, .HI. Hi* entertainment will conJist of freaks, folly, and toil.)**, with queer, quaint, qulxxlcal, and quarrelsome folks, inter-persed with musical sketches, steam- - boat trip*, stage traveller*, old maids, learned ignorant wo niin, young < hildren, enrioms law eases, old men and ancient women, del ating societies, Long Island folks, sentimental and training tuno music: all sorts of queer voice*, and en- . rious face*, passing rapidly into all sorts of people; little boy* at school, Hungarian singer*, and a little of everything and everybody. Tu oomraeiioe precisely at eight o olook. Ticket* admitting a gentleman and lady, SO cent*; ladies' ex tra tickets, M cent*. 11RANKL1N MUSEUM. 175 CHATHAM SQUARE.-OEO LEA, Sole I'roprietor.? Admission?Seats in Private Boxes, ?'?? cent*; Stage Seat*, .17 cents; Boxes, 25 cents; Par quet, 12k| ceut*.?Elegant Saloon performances every Aiter noon and Evening. Eu'ortniumonta commence in the after noon at .'I t elnnk, and in the evening at half past 7. Tim entertainment* are varied and ttltlk and *u<'h a* ran lie sees at no other place of ainuiieiiienl in Now York, consutiug of Lea's Female Ethiopian Opera Troupe, numbering fifteen performers, beiug ti.o largest and at the same time tho most talented band in the United States, a troupe of Model Ar tist* who are ?elected for their boactv and figure, aud who personate a number of beautiful tableaux, taken from thn pn-ture* of ancient and modirn times; a company of Arak Girls, who go through a variety of feats of strength and dexterity: Ma-fame Rosaline, the only Female Juggler in thn world: a company of Male and Femaie Artista, who willgivu an exhibition of Marble Statuary nn*qnall?'l la the world, together with a variety of interesting performance* every afternoon and evening. Fur particulars see bill* of each day. National academy of design.-the twkntv sixth Annual Exhibiting of the Academy is now open to the publte, at their Galleries. No. bod Broadway, oppnsitn Bund afreet, from 9 A. M. nntil 10 I*. M. Admittance 25 cent*; season tickets, SO cents; catalogues, 12>? euuts. By order of the Council. J. U. SnEGOeCl, Cor. Secretary, N. A. AHU8EHKNTS IN PIIIL.ADBI.PIIIA. CARNUM'S MUSEUM, I'll IL \ uLl.i'iiIA -I*. T. MAR nam, Proprietor; II. SandTird, Assistant Manager.? Second week of llie gorgeous and entrancing Chines* fiction termed the " Br<<nae Horse." witnessed and a 1 mi red by thousands of the citisens of Philadelphia for the past weak. It is emphatically n proverb of bnauty. Will also be per formed this week the comedies called " Love, Law, and Physic," " Presented at Court," " Weak Points," Ac , with dancing by Ml-* E Warren, and Mr. C. Williams. The per formances in the afternoon are eoujpoaed of the most comical I ureea, the finest of Vaudevilles, l'etite Dramas, popular Melodies, charming Dsuees, Ac. Then, the thousand aud one curiosities of the spacious Saloons are full'of Interest. A liuissiou to these and ?ne performance, 2b ceut*; children undir ten years, 12>, ceut*. A IK II STREr.T TUEATRB.?PROPOSALS POK RENT ? i>r "'<? above Theatre. for one tear from S- pteuah r Ist. IV,I, will be Htdlci oa or before toe 1st May noil. Address, S It SANSON, J1 Mark: t atrrot. I'HII.AKI I PIMA, Apr,! S, (Ml. VftAVBLLERS' GVIUK. New ycrk and Philadelphia ? new yore and Philadelphia direct ? I'nlted States Mail Lin).? Tlir orIi in d)t houn, tioNcw Jersey luilrna 1. Pare re duced to $.-? f,,r irat-cliaa, an I a- M for iiiml-eUn. Leave New York alii A M . from foot of t'oartland atroot; and at t A M an 1 5 P M . from Co t f Liberty street Lease Phila delphia at# aad t A, M., from tho fool of W?l ant atrrot. (d AMDF.N AND AM BOY RAII.ROAD LINE TRUM J New York to Philadelphia? Loaaoo pier No. 1 Nortt l ilt, by ateamloat JOHN POTTER, Monuns Line, at 9 a t! ,<k. A. M Altera on Line, at? o'clock. P. V. Pare l>t either 1 no h-.. forward deck, $J. Emigrant Line at "<-i 'cloak P. M? tare, 81 AO. I ULIdS, A vat. Tin: WUlll.U'H KAIU. WORLD'S FAIR. THE WIIOI.K OP TIIE f'ARQO I ot tlio 1.' N. ahip St. Lawrence having I 'invoyed from SoutlmiiiptoB, and d(|maited in the i ry?tal Palaoo, un der our Ulr tli.n, ? ) are prepare I to r,iv? every ntt-nt'ou to too v lahea ot exhibitors. Purine viallfnjt Lugl tad are i-iwii I to mil at our Ll?ifjw>?l and leiadoa oners. ?bora tliejr will Had Bleo of tlie la- eat Ann riean newspap- ra, whore tii ,r let lera ruay be ad?r-aa l, wkara letters of credit may be p-o. tared, aai (Voty atteu.i,n cirea t . lb, ir wie' ea and mto r la. EDWARDS. SANDYORD* CO.. Id Yt all rtr-et. New t. tit: 2 (' -iumbla Uuildiafft, Lirerpool; Mid 17 and 18 t'orahlll, London. PARINGBRS TO TMB WORLD'S FUR ?TIIE UNI ted Stat-a Mail Strainer HUMBOLDT, D. Linoa. Com ?andtr. will I rare New Yofk (or 8eatliaa?| ton aai Uirrn, on tho Mb -if Mo) , aad nut still acoommodate anaatfftrlaao pa-M n ,i rs. Prrr-ni* risitiBK the M' rld'a Pair, will pnd tliia tiid moat cob ft at at, ce laoiaical, and rapid coaearaaoa. The ?p?, ' an I aai-rmr aaeommoJationa of the llouihildts offering advantag-a narnrpaased hy other st. amera. Pa as.a ?era reach Loadoa frni.i i. ;i in thro# I. .- ?art. 1/ ,r.j> .i ft in l.irrrpooi t > London ale Imsr*, -faro. iidSr. 1hs Humboldt will be toliowwd by tho Prank IB. on th? let? I Way For ir- ubt or pasnage, apply to MORI IV Lit LIVINGSTON, A? at. No. A3 Dr .adway. KXP11KS8 ADKMTKS, Am.. RemittaNrxs to England, Ireland, and Saotiaad.? Drafts on a.sle for any ainoiiat, from At ajeiida. which will ho casltodal my Hank in tiio l/'ai'od Ei adorn. AW, l*aok?i ? of arery doiaortpti n forwa. led at I w i ilea, l) a'l tIt-? st-soier-. t > uujr part of Europe. by EDWARDS,3ANPOKO It t'O.'STranaatUuii. l.vprooa, t? Adams A Co '? 18 and It W > i -triet. So-nil per . la will ho received till harlf-pa,t ntue A M. of tho day of aa.iiaa of rarry atramer to Europe. EM l.ini 1 N NEW i.R t NAHA, MEXICO, CALIfORN l t YJ md lire ii I r t?i Parcel nnd Pa#v.ntr ItBfreee. will I-despatched per a learner of May 11 th. mr Pa tannin. A ca put's. Mnaatlan, *an Ulna. San thorn. Monterey, inn Fran* eloro, Saerameato City. Astoria aad tha Mm, s. Will duet, Ir ..-lit. | a aa I pnrci Is Inaar 4 an I shipp .1 it lewevt rates, families ami wane.' mpani-d persons crossing the I thm is may secure tha a-ei-ionca or the proprl-t >r who I ae mad,- the tjoat ronipl te arrangements l?r their s*f? nnd Speedy , an-thru.h t, a ?llf,rnia aai Interne Ii tie Berts, I oket seen red nt I veevt rat-s Pack) gee hy this I.,pre ? have neeer l eon detsmed on the tathrtaa, (nlthoiiEh the 11 pri tor i.ils roadnrted nil Pspr-s t ronjh, te .vn l from .?sn Fun leco, itr, titaon.) for a ronaia it s?? ofeolowe to all. Ibe pr iprtrior hte rpnrod no lat?>r or eanoaeo to maim this Eapreta all that mo bnalaooo pohlie llaaiaa made the most complete arrtaaemeiii? with the hest tranap-wtat,oa ar-nts a th-> lathmiia, and with those >f the Allaalio aad I'a-i?e .taainers, on the two oeesns, e?ndaet ia( the S ,press threuph. and a'.tendiaR to all kaslacst per sonally, in plaeo of a Bteaeen-er, raaders It certain that ha i an forward p,i. tare, of all kinds, and do all basin so re quired i f an Ra | r -s. In less timo, ia a belt r maaaer. aad at 1, ?? eapeii.# tbaa can he dona under Bay othtf ?y?icin. 1 hie i? the oalw F.tpre?? dlr-.-t for Posl-aa perts. Ropoatsd e- niplainta that fr- i ?lil has l??,i oarn- d pa.t Its destination. ( by espre..| IpdnC' s the pr prtotnr to attend promptly t-i i n, e*. cation of all ordera la tcopnlco Moist Ion. San leva. k?B IMeyu and Muaterey, aad eoaneitint al I'aiamv wth L <t r es for Yalparal'o and Calla" 'I'ha plan of this Ht |>re.a ao m-it Ii ndmii- I i*. that nackapoa are <lotlrered por aonallr at their destinaii n hy taeprnprio'or. if desired In pnaiUal oonrercley de< -aacd per?ins obtained, sa l their ffe?ta forwarded j r mpily. Bills aad Ira'ta i olfoet <d, and all nftli ra tlr tlrl with d "poteh. Referanewa?Uoa, T. Holler Kiait. -an I raariaeo: L. II. Baacnm, Ma Jose (I C : I'l elpo A Kinrtnaa, 271 vMtham sir at. New York. F. It MIC a. bd Wall ette. t New l?rt; Sim- k Set her. Ilroiktya Itatler A M i arty. Pbiladolptila; Hon Ra us I hoaie, Boa ton; lien. It I . Wlathr-'p. Boston: Saii'li, O'er A Co., Ilaterhill street, It, a tor Oner A Mel inkey. liaillmore. nflices? San I ran .toco. Ii Clay street; New V ft. S4 Wall (treat! Ilo.t a CO Coart Itrotti Philadelphia 1W North becntid street; llali nn ore corner of Hsnor.-r nnd L, mi-strd ?lr- ets. AVU0STV9 ELLIOTT. TRANSPORTATION! PF.NNSTLTANIA RAILROAD COMPANY ARE NOW fornardint c" ia to Tlttabarrh ia n*o dars. from Philadelphia, at the foilnwln* low rates, ota.: Flrsti laeo Drr Goods, Shoet, lists, Ae.. pi per Rkl lao. Sen id Claao? Bale* Urowa Mnalini, Groceries, liar Iwar* Ac. Hot#, pey IliUlLe. 1 hlrd- Oneorsw.vr?, Coff?o, Tin, Ac , rtl el ? par ] M lbs Ih nrth-Aslioa, Tar, I'lteh, Ac, Nl c t? pepatlba. No'niesioni tbaryid for I88M1IM or fWwardlna aooda at rhtladalpMa or Plltotrth. Goods Irem New York, Bnaton, or any ot the Fsst- ra Msnafaetaflna CwmpMioa. to lafwro deapatrhto Piatsb-ie*b. tad all paria of tbn Great Woot, aknal l t? consigned to II. H BOBsljlN. Frrirht Act!, Pennarlaanla Rsi'.r ,ad Compati) i'l an 1 / d M?rhot atroot, Phta ieipliU Mil ADEN It CATOD* A? its. Lkhtl Beam Pttubiv'l k I NEWS BT TELEGRAPH. ONE WEEK LATER FROM EUROPE. , ABBITAL OF TUTR CHARD STEAMER NIAGARA AT HALIFAX. Parliamentary Discussion on Taxes. SLIGHT DECLINE IN COTTON. j COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS, &c., &i?., &e. BT T1IE NOVA SCOTIA, NEW IIRHMSWICK AND MAINE TBI.KORAI'H- TO PORTLAND, THENCE ,UT BAIN'S merchants' LINE. Halifax Tfi KllRAPH o. FIC?, ) Tvf.*?av Kvkniskj, April -9. 1861. J The roy il mail steamship Niagara reached tier dock at 7 o'clock this cveuing. She Lei 41 passenger*?seven f ir Halifax. The United States steamer Franklin, from T#r!i, April 6. arrive J at Cowenon th? 18th ia*t at 3 P. M Tlio U. P. steamer Arctic, from ff w York, April 2, ar rived at Liverpool on the 15th, at 7 P. M. The steamship City of Glasgow sailed for Philadelphia on the 16th ult.. with a heavy freight ami 129 passengers. The Hon Mr. Clemaon, Minister at Brussels, i* among the number. The new*, generally. I* unimportant. Parliament bad adjourned for the holiday., t? m?et agaiu on the 28th. ller Mejecty will open the Great Exhibition in state Thepuldlc will be excluded during the ceremony. An liiz-urrection. beaded by the Duke of S&ldina, hal broken out in the town of Vintiniiglia, Genoa. The in purgent* were 5000 strong The King had taken com mand of the royal troops. The oveiland mail from India had arrived; hut the po litical new. from'India and China is uuimporlant Busi ness at ltombay was steady, but inactive. At Canton, freights were A'l 10s., and a decline ?.m expected. Late accounts from the Cnpe of Good Hope state that the liritieh force* had obtained a docUivo victory over the Kaffir*, at Kat river Still there wa. little prospect of* speedy termination of tho war. Affairs In Kn^lnnil. Nothing of interest had occurred in Parliament, pre vious to the adjournment for the holidays. On the motion for going into committee on the bill for Mis Assessed taxes, Mr. Disraeli moved the resolution of which he had given notice. " That, in any relief to be granted by tho remission of the adjustment of taxation, due regard should be paid to the depressed condition of the owners and occupant* of lauds in the United King dom " He commented with great severity on the course pursued by government during the present session, with reference to the agricultural interest*; Inveighing against their conduct, in refusing to relieve the distress wbieh they acknowledged to exist, and disappointing hopes which the fanners had been led to entertain by the expression in the royal speech. He intimated, be fore he sat down, to agree to the repeal of the window tax ; but to opp?e. to the utmost the imposition of any kind of income-tax on farmers The ip'-cch wa* received with loud cheers from the Protectionist*. Mr. Lsboultiksn replied and argued that the relief afforded to the agricultural classes by the repeal of the Window and modification of the House tax. would be greater than would result from men-urea originally pro posed with that object, or than would be given by the re peal of the income tax. as recommended by Mr. llerrier Lord John 1'. mhll complained of tho delusions prac tised on the country by these motion*, which, when brought forward in Parliament, distinctly disclaimed any intention of changing the free trade policy, hut the re sult of the divisions on which lire paraded to the country j as proof of the partiality of the House. On the vote, there were f>r the motion 269. against it, 263?being a majority of 13 agaln-t it. A petition had been presented hy Lord Ptsnley in the House, from the inhabitant* of British Guiana, praying for an entire alteration of the representative *ystem Karl Grey agreed with the noble lord, in thinking thst Guiana should have free institutions as soou a* it wa* tit to receive them Hie Income bill will he read ? second time when Parlia ment TV-assemble* on the 28th Mtbara. Brown A. Shipley'* Circular. ImiiHi., April 7, 1K1 Tomorrow b<-ing flood Friday and a rto?o holiday. the bunini ?iu Cotton for the Weak eu led ihin evening WTo baie to repoit it henry Cotton market. and a decline in Aajorii an Ar?eripMotta of one-i ii^hth penny per lb #ioe.' I the departure of the laid ateam-'r. and of a quarter peony per lb. #luee the date of our Circular of the 9th . The market I. In that lifmMd ?tu|e that price Buat be ronxidtTrd nominal, and It would be its- I , po*?iMe to i fleet aalc, in quantity even at MMlfbth ' penny per lb. Iw-laav our i|uot%tinna Public opinion j la dm idediy ngnltxt the market, in oaMfqixewa of the ronllniinnrr of large pn ipta in the Americas porta Tho I | Mrrk of Cotton in llii* port U 627.000 kale*, of which l*.2.000 arc Anti'iii'itii egalnal 970 000 bale* that year of ' 1 which Htift.000 were Anteriran I Tradelu U quiet, and lt*e Udolng in good* 1 i and yarn* wi.b a downward tendency In pricea | Our cm market i* VdOjr dull, being ovet whelmed by tlu eiaonww import* of flour from Prance ; the receipt* into tin- | ? rt alone from that cmntry. during the p??t wc k iieing equal to a'. nit 4 ) '100 blila. of 190 lb< , an t i the quantity fox e l on tli" n irket ao far etceed* the de mand. tliat pri< are quite nominal Weetern nana! Bow ; l'hiU'lwiphiaandBnltianre,.3M* <HaJ'? Ad., ami dull of mIp; OWo and Cawnda 2m a?0i Ad., and "ur 19a. a 19a per liW , white ludhin earn. Si.; yellow, 31# a'-u- . and mixed, 30a. Cd a St* rt quarter of 4k") lt.? Wli at 4da0.? M flitted, and t>< ate. Id pet 7 1 Iba for white Indian eorn meal, 14*. Od. per bbl. Markatl, Cm ?n-<?The market wn i gloomy htvlag been Influ en?. Ibyflivk-ca p.-r *tcnm-liip An tic. an 1 buyer* It 11 obtain I a roitcr -ion of one-eighth of a penny par lb The ?alee of tlie wt ck were SB 000 bale*. Tim Con* Ta?r>> ?The corn me, ket waa very Jail Weeten canal flour wa? |U iti I al 19a a 2>* *li?al.... | 4.1 a Sa 8,1 for r. J. and 0* a 6< 91 for white; c ira, 3d* a 3.V ; Indian meal 14,. M. kloci r*?r At i u*? ?Am. rieaa Stork* rem * a unalter , ed llngtieh atoi ka were uiiu.ually atewdy. Paring the we, k. the Tariation* h??e n t etree.|e>| one eighth |.>ooa quarter?4 r money, Obmlng at 97',, for account 97 al*V I I'Munen?Tb trane* la beef were unimport ant. and |?>? k mitrf .low); The demuad for buium *?e m.t no a?-i ire i.iei *i, itm Tallow ha J not varied in price. Ckiwae met a mo<leratc4eauii) I. Whipping Iiili1llge><c Anion, inn* N?? Yone, Ai<ril i-VarmMi, at Trie?t?< Ml, i <rneii*. dai, A ?*er* rrr*ad?ll?; I, "ben, I'cwri HeeeHUl", d.>; i e ? t.ltk. tteranaaa, * ad pterewded f.r lliemrn; I ?d? I rani lie, A.rtHa Or* ?? -II -. f r*lm**"i, I4tk dina I'trr. ?' th? (Irb. Id ra Ana, Ktatita; Arill* (?), l.lvavp I, I th, linn,. AVri.-ht. d > i'Ch. Yift'lri*. ?tT Pitta .etiii i rnelljn (.rlaaell. del llatr*. ?t ilarrai I'aa at. atib? ? l?re **n.?i> r>m n *w Yoaa. Aprl' I- Wai.-r I.iIy, f r Mala**; 9th. T reat", Trttta, Aaielel fr >m th# Texef, Aaa* M Ar aeldina; Mh, I'ort Breanea; PHh. iiena?nl*. IIa?re, Ale*, aader, nO. II,.|?idef?.dn; ( nfnlinn, Itnohelln, llth. II* lea !*'iepnoa, I m.I.e. P.ooui, Idrerp-i d; flolwajr. Ajn'nti *!-.*n; I(e*eiai.. MMfpneil Hafrtei 9hl*ld*. tl* Bra mm: I tth, Refage. ,ln; T*r*nt Wieen, do: I ?lmte. (Jalway; Lord llr..o#h*m. xn.l Y?n* tfneraatawn: II trt!ep? .1, t,,,, d'llan.', I ..J/ ? isipbell, Weterford; H .b? a li?erge, Ual wnf: Charlotte, Ham'nr*: llth, i ri danu-, l.i?rPa II Hft ? ri". tine, imiowb: I 'h. Ilrotl. n. Umrpwli PretidaM flmldt, th* A'lrde: Yorrat State, (JaeoniA.iwn. M?r iui* I'll in? de*. .t.wpo.i An II ine, Amaterdaiai F.ll.m P?rental. Ut meri. ? IBth, W|?coa*lr, Deal: favil Camoren,*. dot M. w llronnei k, .lo; llermonT, do; ITIh. Mtrr Ktaceoa, 4e; l ib, lleraali"). fl|.Iiltiirah; rritrl Ate, Cnnhavnn: Ocean, III, e.erl.nneo: Aeh.llee. Ilelf*?l; 17th, fl Tlioinp* in, Aat we?p- Corn !??? Orlnnell, l?enl s*n.?n ion hi* Von* awn tfueeeo?W*?hiaTt#a, frnia larerpeol. MH'ltuirow, ith- M?ri* Adaiamaa, from tlei ?#et: linn* Hon*. ,|n: llth, ??gel. I.lrerpeol; I.VW*f rbi'no.? of Bit. tfueeaatean, I th Med oaar. blferpeol; Itth, t rex-iit Urantp irt; I'and >r?. ifvr -n f iwa. 9aii in ior rhit.tiitl.riii*, April lib-.lame*. friuaCha h*ll ? n I oa I lill Arn rtll*. April Ilk I ?mrA. Won rebte; Itth. Earep*, l.iTrrpoit. I'dh. 1. aa?aad*. d*. atiarrt.i.a vroi e. Kaww Btew tfrrae fm Work, pst lata Rid 3aae?r?

I lib alt. her ti ? I **?,,? mulined. aeo* ? ?. Sim. Fi n i* Itrngh. freia l.nrrp icl f.if NTark April I'.h. I* t W I n f( lUu k Mati*. fr >m Cork far If Tork. lat if. I ta W. Iilrd at hia l>c?U. W**Hi*.i*o* Apr'l 29 Hi' tfajm MaUay oi North ( *i ,iina prir*eip*i clerk ta the Indian butts* dictl aoddmily al hi* dc4 If daf Interesting from Canada* Montrhai.. April 29. 1841. The Colonial Government hava ju?l published d?n patche* lately received from Karl Grey, by Lord Klgin, tha Governor General, according to which, the Imperial Gorelnment will not object to the reduction* in tha civil list, and will recommend the Britiab Parliament to pay the OoTernor General of Canada; but, in return, will remove all troope. except from the garrison of Quebec and Kings ton, and will charge the province for ordnance, barrack*, lie.; alan. for all presents that are made to the Indian* Karl Grey doe* not think this will tend to a separation of the colonic a from the mother country. Affair* In New Knglnitd. MAN SHOT IN A1TKMPTINO TO EJKCT ANOTHER i ? m not oca kbor <>f a farm? nm boston MARSHAL*? FIRE l.N CMARLESTOWN. Boston, April 29. 1801 At Monroe. Maine, on Friday last a man named John Cnaacn.H. accoupauivd by Deputy Sheriff Cunningham. Ac., attempted to diepo..-esa a man named Jewell of a tann, of wliirli he held illegal possession; they fouud the doors barred, aud the inmates artned with jjuns. pitch forks. Ac . Inside. While the law "Ulcers were endervor ing to force the door, a allot was fired from the inside v liloli Instantly killed Coziena. The .1 swells were finally captured and committed to jail. Several citiaeus of Mon roe are said to be implicated in the resistance. The rep>rt telegraphed to this city last evening, that the ofilia r* viio conveyed bimnn back to Savannah, were Inr.ulted in Beaufort, ou their return, is iudigiiautly denied. The l.trgo morocco factory of Christopher Solus at Charleetowii. waa destroyed by tire this morning. Loss, flu.iM. of which plli.OOO is insured In the Oharlcstowa odice. Several dwelling houses were injured Troop* on their Way to Texas. Nr.w Oui.r ass, April 2fi. 1851. Six companies of the 7th Infantry, from Jotferaou Barracks. have arrived in this city , "they arejon their way to Texas. Political Movements In Mississippi. New Orleans, April "28. 1851. The Mississippi Union Convention will be held next Monday, to nominate candidates for Governor aud State officers A Philadelphia Kohber Arrested. Kaston, Pa., April 29, 1851. A young man. giving his name as Charles II. Williams, was at rested, last evening at a house of ill-fauie. charged with robbing Mr Bowett, the Ohio merchant, ot $22100, at tha Merchants' Hotel, in Philadelphia. $1,600 of tha stolen money whs fouud upon him, aud he made a full confession of the robbery Supposed Murderer* Arretted. Ai.hint, April 29,1851. Edward Wa!?h an l Michael Sullivan, two of the men charged with the murder of Mr Clemens, a constable iu Chautiiunue county, have been urre ted and I slg-d iu tha Cleveland jail. Another man baa been arrested on aus piriua. Failure of the Southern Mall. Hai.tiuork. April '29. 1851. The mail south of Uichinoud, Ta , failed to reach here to day Marine Disaster*. r.SIO TONQT IN, Of NKW YORK, ABANDONED AT SEA? LO*S OI' A UltlTISIl HARK, ETC. Bosrow, April 29. 1841 Tlie bark A G. Hill, at thl* port from Marseilles. ra ports. that on 2olh instant. 1st .'(T 18, Ion {si li. spoke ship J. 0. Humphreys, from Niw Orleans for Liverpool, nix] took from her Captain Pickett, and the erew, (nine In number 1 Of tlie brig Tot! juin. Of nnd for New York from Cardenas, with a cargo of 2D0 barrels of sugar, which was yl?iij <0' t ou the ldtli, when off Gunkey. di.4- 1 nested aed iu a sinking condition The A G. Ilill. on her outward pas-age. December 18th. lat off 15. Ion 7 05, i passed a wrecked brig, of 900 tons, apparently a new ves- i eel. and bailed from Gardiner. The ship.Mm V Adams, arrived at this port front Cal cutta. reportthat ou tin' 21th of March, at 1 A M.. lot dp. l<n? "25. while goltg at the rate of about nine knots cn hour, she cuius in contact with the British bark lilu- i doo. Captain Kills, ft'ui Newcastle-on-Tyue. for Aden, ; with roaI, nnd she sunk in about ten minute*. The cap- { tain and rrew succeeded iu getting on board the John y. I A dan a saving nothing but the clothes they stood in. On tb? '24th ln-t 'it It0 40. Ion 04. spoke bark St An drew from Cadis, of mid for New York. They were boarding the schooner Bristol, of New York, totally die- j Diss ted and apparently abandoned. The Southern Htrnmrn. Nsw Dan.irs. April '28 1841. The steamship Falcon sailed from this port, to-day, j with fid p*s- ugera tor Chagres, 8 for Ilavana. an l 25 for j New York. Patawhi. April 29. 1851 The ateam-hlp Florida Capt Lyon, from New York, i.rrived at her wharf ut 7 o'clock this motuing?all well. Mtrktlii Nrw I 'at n? April 2S. 1451 Hm mIm if (nthw ttii A. H. *rr? ."iriO lul"* .it still cash r price*?niiddlin.: being at ?'/ a 10r Freight* to l.irt'rpool n.-e flnu Cotton 1* tiken at one-half penny Sterling exchange U at 10 a 101 ,*. Bvi raaa, April 29.1151. Till* receipt* sine" ye?terd?y bar.' been. flour. II TOO Mils; wheat. 21 'M,0 boa.; corn. 2n<xa> but Western flour U iu dcmitid at unchanged price*?1 W) bblt aold at 1 75 for .Michigan Wheat it s'eady anl llrn In rorti tln rc i? le*? doing. and tha market tends down ward ttblo whi-ley la at 20'3p, with sm.ill (Me* Freight* are as before reported Amur April 39.H61 lite pa-t twenty-four hoar*' receipt* hare been Hour. K.< it) Mil*.; taheat. n ?ne, corn. 14.000 Mi*. floor la Hi oily, but noi actire, aitli ? .tie* of 1.000 M 1. Wheat la in fair demand but tha Annuo*# of hnlil -r* cheek* opera tion# 4'o bus mid at $ 1 90 fur CI* Wl1*"" t'orn I* not Mart lie; liutri liuve t <> change to report sales 5.500 bit* at tio.'je. outalbua of owt* chawgnd k ads at 45c Polite Intelligence. 71r/l<'*Atn; upq) (/* ' jpnd-figrfw" (funf - We Inv \ on tat noi* oci noon* r.iludad to the "atenl ph-eon" . .>'* aa ri tigri ented la till* atelropoil* an<l it* rlcinltlc*. emi slMir.r of l nnk foblier*, fo; ;er> hotel thierr*. ex pre i void* ra. |.ne ? ? r * U < ? ojutel felt money l ift -y policy t ill rn exchange linkers, ei-polee olbeer*. together with editors and re port i r- connected ?Uh the >rgan of -t io|. plg< on! til " wiio In.r heretofore cndcwTor* I to enrer np lite Ini.juitice rpot rated by Hi ? desperate Tillian* em nc ic 1 with tba a<-?lotion, a falar latemcnt ? trl-1 to ml-k ad the puldic and oflli >r? of wottee. In onlcrtt I i n lM r ueplr. u ca t oa any member of the pV ' n" a-oclnliow. when tin- anoou i. 'iient apparel of a I nnk robU i r i hot I plundi n d for the | ,<t fur yeart. the organ of tbia deapet.xto at of character* hta lain nt war with ibe regular police ofthii i dy. and dc n uneed tlM-ai a* fool* and lailieetlc*. and not capable of rati hiuga n%ua llomytr, ttia May r andtihlef of Police cominun! Ibair righteous and per*ercrinjr ooitrne, an 1 hawttiltlmalidy awceeedcdla ea it irtnyihi principal lead cr> .Hidopetai .-i in Ihi? i oiite.t. rtde n. Aai imfthl* num ber.the |eilic? liBTc accomplished the arr *t andeonrietluw of a hit r. f t po* >'ig con nti if >t in >ney; Torn Kan ture, lank rolili.rj John tlollina. do Henry t! It ir*cy. per jury iU?Wi* tug to at??Vi III the li one ?. t , h-ar. lag Kanauae; tile latlertwo ware rotiTirted thl* month for tlx ml liery if the I'htnnix ftank. WMbrlk Rhode Inland, in winch Stat* they wcr to etjtil fear'* iinpr; onn i nt, each in the State prison The balance of this g;mg. WWW that the police hate once made** i . ;ti?t nai inroad Into their camp will lie pit kad up by the authorities, swa by one an I mi te to in* rer the penalin ? ot tbelr crime* bntl Colo, the i n* late ol Kanonee' II i im in the llank robbery,**) aped from hi* I.ail, au4 has since hewa tr.ntling In nor * Mltbero Stale* lobbing hotel*, with one of the aaanelated Abbf Cole, it ?* in*. on tbe?e occa*|oii*. travelled under Ihe n? uno <1 i *me of Mr Mason In all these ermta. imt 'h eicJit la due (a Mr Bowycr. who will, ere long catch Ike whole btit h if t he*e depredator*, an I Iwure thru the jnet rewind due thrlr offi nee*, hy a trUl h for- a legal tribunal Hi nobly it City I nte lllgrnrei Ia?r*ii tTina ism tin i ?i n. or inn l?i*ui or Tuwta ? ?? Bri *i in inreetlgatioii into the ranee (,f the ?leathofMr Van llriint took place in the chamber of the Si primc ( ourt ou ^londer bi'f ire the I'oroner The ? aai dn.ition of wttni -see occupied tli* whole day. uatll I ita in the craning, and the testimony elicited prom t that deceased canie to Ida death Irom other catiaei th ta I low? end rhileuc" inflict*'d upon hint by William Whlp? ^ ley. thi young man In custody. ? -barged wltli ihe n#ewce I It ?p|eIhut. on Monday ereniag la?t wii p'ey and dscaaaed bad a<|Wain I. when VVhipley wh > t? a *ery pi'aci-tildy dispoei d and reepactahla young maw. pit?h I or knocked Tan Hrunt do? u The ileceaae.l then pro cecdi d homeward, ami went to bed, and gattmg op during the ni;rht accidentally fell down rte .r*. and the inj iri. * thus rcc?i?e,l proving fatal, be t xp rcd soon alter and w?* buried on Wt-dm-dar On Aulnrdae. f i in made to the Cdfouar. ha ca?w*I I be lesly to be exhumed, and a aill(#o.|Hent p??4 w trm eg- I animation appear<d to warrant the arrest at Whipley Ihe abore fact* appearing In erldenca on Men lay, Ihe jury rendered a Tridlct that deceaaed illad from injnrie* on the hratn. ratiecd by falling down ?t*lr* on the night of Monday, tike !Qi| iwal.; ati't the prlaoaer w.ui cine giiewtly nMN b om cwatody. fill on BMaw r?tn Faaar Bait I*r?i eranrarr ? \bmit I'd W< lock on M onday night, a Are hr <'** nut "n btard I the Itwlependancc. one of tha Obthartwr hrry l> >at*, and l<f>re the wnter Muhl be brought h> l*"ar on the flame*, l he ladtea' i abin an?l ma' hinerr of the boat were grexttt damaged The Am i* auppoani to har>'oriflniti d front ] accktcot. near the amoke *taek. after ad hind* had left f<>r the night. Ltamagc, nliout f'*J0 Hi Inatiranca Fiat ?About #'? o'clock on '1 >nil >y rtcning, ? Are Inkeoutin a (table lielmiglng to Mu h?el nfNk, rear (f f I TiMery (tract, and two bcWi ?. own d hy Mr M at tlww*. new* etpre** agent, mni-ome I with th > huit.lin; . Tba A?m-e ronimniileat' I Willi two frame dWe. ng- in Iba rear uflcT Adam* (tract, oci dpbfl byftwr itmlil-* aad th?' g exit and furaitur* o.rc m ?*!!? buiacd up fio Court of Ojrer and Terminer. Before Chief Justice Kdraonds.and All Until tiand Dodge THE UUKUL OF Jit HllER IN CIS N I KE oTUEE'I?CON VICTION OF WALL. MCCOftD DAT. Arm. 20 ?Putrirk Leonard being sworn for the de fence, deposed that he know, the prisoner; saw hiui last on the 17lh March, he came to my house. 210 Division street, between 7 and k o'clock, oil the evening of that day.?it niuy hare been later; ho rcuuiined there about half an hour: he did not get anything to drink from mo; lie appeared to hare some Ui|uor iu him. he wanted to Ret work from me; I did uut observe that his eyes were blackened Abraham Morrison deposed that he knew the prison er; saw him last ou the ITlli March, at his (witness's) house in Divlalon street; it was between '} aul id o'clock in the evening when he came in. uud remained about t< n miLUtes. The District Attorney wished to know the purport of tliiii testimony, as counsel for the prisoner had not ope in si hi- ease for all alM. Mr luistiii mid. if they proved th- witnesses fir t lie prosecution wrong as to the hour they might b- pre sumed to be wrong in otlu r particular*. Witness, (o the Judge -it would nt tak" more than five minutes to wall. tV >m n.y place in Div.tlon it:'act. to Where this trail action on urre.l in iVutr street. (It w - admitted that ,-h makers generally carry their knivep about tin in ] Mil lisei Clark also dep? s ? I that the pri i?n*rw.iv at hi* h lia- in Division street, mi the night of the 17th March ami left It al ill i ? nine o ? "'k. he a <? 1 m ? f r drink, but I thnin-t ; b - had ha I en u ;li lie aA" I t ie f >r work, and 1 t> id him I would giTe him work, if he came down >ober 1:1 not notii e any murk on lu< luce. John Keilley ; nve similar t-?tiuiony Dr. lluackeulios'lepnsi I?lam in practice a* a phy sician and curg'-oii u. arly thirteen years. 1 have lj. eii attached to th<* ii'"ei: >1 here. I have been three years abroad. *mone the hospitals in K'irojie: I was under Nir Asllcy CuojierIn bond n I'rnf. sor Valpe vu in Paris; 1 have seen tlrliiittw l#c.acu? perhaps more frequently than any other dis'ace lam generally at the City Hos pital I very day, 1 saw Michael C;i ey there, I examined I ins wounds, he was siilleriug. especially, under an attack ' of drtihum i'r?nn; it increased dally tip to the day of hi* d' cease and it v a ui re violent on the day of his death than it hail been previously; he was not brought ia for drUiivm frcwcri*. but for wounds, when thD wounds wi re dr. s-cd, he was treated for the delirium Ir-went. y?What iu your opinion, was the cause ot Michael Casey's death ' A?In my opinion, he died "f rf< lirii'm fremcne To the Judge.?1 did not make the po.1 iiurUm exami nation; I was not present at it Kxnmicatinn continued ?From the appearance of the man. he had been a hard drinker, and ?WiWaai may have *st in without any otiu r can- ? -. it d ? s not necessarily follow that death i>houl i etisu ? frutn ilriiriurn ; trcmrns. though it does generally happen; Oa?v npp ire t to Is- a uiun of vety Intemperate liuOitJ; in air opinion, ho died of dtMrivm tremens. Judge?Which is tli? he-1 judge of that, you or Dr. lwnt, who made the ;???/ /sort -m examination W'itnes.?I'ott tmntem appearance* are sometimes d ccptive; I do uut wish to lie egotistical, but I certainly do not consider myself as inforiorto Dr. Lent; I would u ?t yield my opinion to that of a junior in the profession; when the membraue is largely inflamed, it generally proves fatal; when it U less so, we have hopei, epilepsy lreuuently induces insanity To the Judge?The iiiBanimatloa. iu ti is case, wai caused by tin stab Mr. llluut described tlie wound. *s testified to i<y Dr. Lent, and asked Dr yuacl. nboss if it w.n not a dan- , gcrous Wound, even to a healthy person: and he an swen-d that every wound in the abdomen was more or tees dangerous. Judge?We want to know whether the man owed lit* death, iu auy way, to that wound. | Doctor yuackenboe*?It hud its-share in it; the direct . cause ofdi uth was drlirium fivmewt; the indirect cause was the wound, as this w aind hud it* bearing u;>an <(? hrium f tcmrtu, and delirium Iremein was the immediate cause, 1 would say the wiu.ud was tile r iuotecause; if lie died on tinstant. I would say the wound was the cause uf dealli; I Uava seen person* recover flotnit vere a wound. W illiam Edmonds, keeper of the City TTUon. deposed that he saw Wall soon after he was brought t > the pri. n, his face was considerably bruised; I had him confined there very fkeijucnUy. as a h unk m m ;n . Doctor tluru.-ey depieed that lie heard the te.-llm my of Dr. yuaekeub' et; if the appearances J riln-1 by him bo true. I should suppose the complication to be the came of death; I would not like to say what was the im mediate cs use of death, as 1 did not sea the body, the ilr/irmu trnmu >. lift untreated, would certainly cau-e his death To th Judge?The wotird described, if left alone un treated, would bo sufficient to eau-e death. T .e dnfoncehere etosed. and the District Attorney re. furred the couu-el for prisoner to -cvaa-al authorities ou whu h he .duo J depend, and am iiigst tic ui were "Whar ton's frimlnal L?w " "Dean's Medical Jurisprudence.'1 anl'i'hitty'v Medical Juii <prud n?e." in which it is laid d >wu that dmukeuuess U no excuse for or palliation f crime Mr tTinton lli?n rn* ? to sum up for the defence, and Mid that he we v convince t he should be able to show the jury that this was not a case in which they should i itii> r coualgn the pri- u. r to death or imprisonnirut At the conel i-i u of Mr. (Tintou's address, the court took a recess for half an hour. srvsiov. On tin* re a ? inMity of the curt. tho district Attor ney MtOinMvi up on Iwualf <>f the people, confining hint* pel( to the lew. ?nd the fart* a- adduced in evideace The cm*, diverted <f myttirhm. wn< lie* durcd to tbrif oni'dionn. upon which the jury wcr u l:i*t l?:d the j'h oner nub Michael lit-ey ? and uf ibal then U no .1 -uM Secondly. i>id ho rtab hint with the intent of taking life? And thirdly, Lb 1 UiU Mobbing prod nee or icci'lerntrt the death of Mic had IWy ? 'Ihe learned gentleman then referred to the in? d>ral tediamy, and contend' l that it waa idle to pr ?. j fUttic. that lx rait-?? tlie deceased wn< nlh cted with ?fe/# n'wa freer*"w?. that he died of that di. ea e; hi* dt .uh wn iudnicti vt aee?*k;ated by th# woctid infli tod by th# priaoaer. It mac iu!e, l.e *aUl. to |?r?-omi to vt th* w?uad w a * nut the <r i? mote came* of the ft?at It of the deica-ed; it ?j filler, and he, the Dtitri t Attorney. dbl not < are which. Mr Uinut then ahudod t? th - i atom per at# ii? at the p*i>??m r. whirl, ?u the eye of the law, w <\> no <-xo:?e |??r < rime, t??t f?-r which he wn r p<<neible. For ul that ti;<? jury kkow, it tnay have been the int??mj? *ran ? >1 the ; n.aa ti,. t " i? ri .?u hiin, rather thaa that the eir (wuitttac <.f htr i?Aiin4 hia had Unxcn-u.u to uxte*.npe- | ram c. It hilf in?!u1;iu;. i ? that pfopeartty, he deputed nic children of a f(ttb*r'* pr t otkn an l one <t thetw lo?i it* l< * by an att bhut in tV trveta. The j *.* nt, mule# Hit. h i rtri timet a n<. *, ? . there J rt morally f.nilty of the J.'ith of that ibihl. lit tin law of till* ? ??imtrv. IrunkoiHt" * i? an n .-nxxtinn, ratio r than a pollbtthm, of the oi>noe with which ho Htondc charged, the Dutri i Attorney uoa cltid* <t by remarking that within the lu*t foar ?i aim ? In- < attio into the uttt- ?? whb h m i.? eat mated t i i nn ly Me felh'WiitiKi'iia, erven men hero be-in tried at tiixt bar tvt the crime of imir l r. and on the day attor to ntoiT w tli?) ei I th eill I . mrai^ji JiT a molar oth-nee. Four of th m ? r U r, 1.4*0 i?oea cunnitU 1 miui knife; and it hat to,, n bit. dnty ?I- , A1 j f"? uUn* officer, within that i f period, to ftnd four men to the State prison for *t tli itig aitliakai't. with intent to t ill. Seoh a tab* uf diinu ib ul t nut I# alio* * d to ex|j?t in a ? mmnaityftar ?'Win.; to be <;.?*?? me<l by Una, Thi< ? xrowf of crime muH i?.< th ?* ?e I; irm i' k l?eeved tin jury, b r the |u teen at Ion of the live* of tlw?r fellow aien.a.tdbi th- if pr t-? i-n from dee per a doe# mho wantonly an t r kl *?!/t*He tb I I o whi ?h ? in the alft of llifii alone who u-unt-M It?to *?** flint th.? It# U tin liuat'-M. He* the t>i?tii?t Attorney. ,5i?t not- m.-ao thai tho Jery vkewle bo Itttneneedl in their tvrdioi, ia th?? pr-rent vue, ; by ail tb??*e crini H he had nllo-lfl t??, hot it mi icy for tin enti ty i t t' ?? ? eititiimib y that %n e?ample *ii ?'iio ?e n?a<le ? here the crime In prevtd f >on?l a d -nht. He h ?I a heart that bleedi b r mi^r .rtn i w}- refer it may b?- fooml. but b<> tnwi4 not wfirlnlK from bU dnty; ?a4 all he a^k t a %*, ? tiii ?' .? jury aonln be arm. joit, inl l.-ipartial, ia to j . fi rmaeeo ??t tbrlrc. The Jndite ri n pre* foiled to i hi the jiry. In the e? nrf of kw obo rvitl<>Bi, be h?I*1 flint the fact* of Pw u# lay m to narrow acompt *. and are ?o f w, nn l the prin ciple* of law bate been ?o felly womvneiitcd up>ain the n < nk uf? miMfL that he had atwiply to point ottl t ? hem the .|?je?ti. q n h they bad to paee apon?tke qweeti ?n of fait-, *r*i ? !?- relet if 1%w whudi v* 'tern tho?e 11. tf, Tiiat ta ej ?1| kill that t c ? If to fit* (iewth ty fmtCftre, au t flat tl-e blow v ui:.. ' t ?y ? ?i.? pti ncf, therft ? eo doubt. The tram ji?p tb-u i",e t*ii what it.* ,t on%t:? nrla ner ?.trnek ti e blow ? If the jury cetn# to the feiteluHfoa that biin t< nde?l to kill, it i<* jord r; but if they be!lew that h# did not intend to kill, th n it ic not murder, but *naaa!a?? ftitef. The fircdi??iu, th. n, *r?. what wai th# <tuality of tie a-1, and e hat **? th# Intention ? Ilea bate no wind*** in their Vrraata thr ?n?h wbiok ran be dlocev^rwd the motive# ef their heart#, ?n? that it. i? by their < ta alon w,i aro t ? com l a ?- a< In Hon a* t?? tlier miatloa* and their motive*. I f at t -t* Winintat Ike blow was Btruek the priaoaer int in! 1 to take life, it it en?us;h t*? *?*n*tilut< the ? i un-* of mnr-i-r: milr a hi* onndiict ai t he time, and nft- r tb- alabbiua. the j wry a*-e t# l""k to arc wbnt w - r- hi% mctifi *. The patt of the I. #df vfctr* the *f ii11ft wa*inflicted, and thofaetaof hit waiting for -o?a ? tin e before h? rtrttok the Mow. and that he plar#d Itiot- If a< ar the door through which tJaaev akonld p* ar#<dr<ntn etniifi a fr to which t ejury muft infer whether h# iatrnd# I to tab- l?f>, A ;uinet thin, aovi-rcl conaideratt 'tin bato b.*?n prcaea ied by the pri-oarr a cocna? 1. Amoagat them i# th? intom* ation of the acfvuttd: but unlriB th# Jury w??rw cat ?4 bed that b# wa* intoxirnkw to awch an extant thsit he b?d n< t the p?*cr of hi* ie**on t<> know what h.? Was doing, h# i* cenaun table for hi? arte. Tb# law rtfi, iittiimlinn *: nravate*. inet? ad of entenuat#? crime, and a man ?anu >t be < < aaidi red Irm potiaible except that mtoxh ction ?i i-arrmd ao far a* to retidi r him incapttbla of knowing what he w*e ab. ut at the t m? la ref?rvn?*w t-t t!??? ai- li.-al t??iim iar. dga aid t' if ? - ia i- i -t ? IV ,1 agt' e that the wonad nae the lmm*du?t-* or remote ctn-l of th# death of the de? ea*e?| : and, therefore, ikatt^h tie man died of de/trv'tfin Iremrnx it *M the wonnd < *?*??! that die eaer, and the per?on Infltftlng it ic llabla for th-* ? otia# ?iiiewi r?. I or instance, if a pf-rnoa gitee a Mow t? a woman ia aa advancedatatepf i t. gaaney, *nd that the#ff o t ul that Mow la that *ht mi ? arriea. and the mieearrla^e eaa?#e her d-'Cth, th# M?w waa tl e eana# of the mt*earrare. and t. -1 r ?ea irficflng it ix wprilkli fortheeonxettitanc ?, th m^hto a Wumxa iiad? r dld? rcat ?irtaatan. ?? th" M w would ?? 11 * * teen dnnK't' i ??. Ar*if - i) * man infli^te a blew a pro e<*hil I which t though to a p'fton of matur# rear* it wowtd nave no cflect, he ia r#?pctt*ibh for th* deati if that child. TkU mint be *n, or all p#r?on? wlmar 'iiaraaed. weak, or fe# ble, would I e thrown out f the pale of ?hepr"t ti ?n ofthi taw. A ia*-of t hie kind, haw etef pain fat. ?* one of Ike great eat importance: and he, the JU !t?. ?'* r tnlefl cn it i?i. ut - * ti e. *m ! in t t ? i t , ? the pocr wrett b on trial; let be m won*taat1y adm ?ni? led that, wlule be may feel \,jn ,nl1.h f.,f 11?? ? who commit ? rime, he vnieht, ferbap*, overlook the later *ta and th# a e*aarv protci fhtn of tho*# of th# eomtounity who ar?* innoe- nt, *n I wiio arc ater*o to rritne. If the fury heliete there wu? n# intention on Iho part of the priaoa* r to kill, then it Ij m m ? laiipbt. f in th# third degree. The jury retired at futir o'clock, and at half fait Hve re turned and rendered * verdM of GntUy of Murder, huv atvonaly rev unmended tk# prt*on"c tw the merry of tho Court. [Tbia recommendation ?f th# Jnrr.?mav potalMwr^xnU in the commiititioa of tb# pnni?hmeat, b* tli>* Fxeautiv# of tin .State, to imprisonment f ?r life in two Stat# l*fi?tn. Tie f 1 i.rt, however, i^aie no diar-rrtlow in the matter I < : n t eeatencc the f ri#oner to be executed ; wbirhaent *# o Will b# prowoiiacvd ox Friday morwlag aext. at 9ft o'clock. | Vxtff or twi tliftxui?Tlie Rorkitldi 1. * tr*'? gf IttwSPth ult , wp ?'* tkiptnin fttupt## h.i# bm-tly uxitd id a# ? puti ?a A g ffn$ lei; /b/?<d <4 'fee ljlk Ukftl.'v V22HT LATH FROM CORA. Arrival of tlie laabcl'a MnlU?Thf Prepuw tlona of thr Mpaiilah Authorities to Bcpd the Threatened Invasion, Ac. The mail* brought by the steam-hip Isabel to i%acie^ ton arrived in this city ye*terday afternoon The *4* vices from Havana are to the SZd inst,, Inclusive. We have received, in addition to our correapondrvieet (ilea of the Diario tie la Manila, the Gaftta ue la lift ma, and the Faro InJuetrial Je la Ilafttnia. to the iiei iiui?ntt Inclusive The Chinchilla, at Key Weft, sp >ke. off Cape AntonlUj the Ppaui-h steamer l'uarrn a Kreneh man of war, twe Fngli.-h ditto, and one Ppauish brig snpp > e.l to be watching the movement* of Quitman aud l.opez. wha, 1c was reported, wo uld moii make a demonstration in that ijuarter The Got 'la tlr la Ha'ana contain-^ port- ? pondenee lie tween th< Captain f-neral of Cuba and Colonel Javi? Quint airo*. of tlie cavalry. Colonel Q write* from tfca lucaro. and Inform* the Captain <? neral that he id very anxious to pay witli hi. existence th ? debt which ha cafe* to bis Queen and country " and t'mref .re offers Ma service's, lie nil mate* tliat she report I* general that a new invasion ' f pirate* i* meditated lie *?* on tosay that since th rif t in v.i on. lie h i* orgauiaed loOuttuod u.en, with b.nee* and carbine* t.en Concha te-p tid- to this lott r liy ael.nowle iginff tlie eatisfacCon with wliieii lie h ted tin* expres sion of loyalty, and by an-verit:ti ? C< 1 un 1 that be haf made the l*->t possible urian.<ni-nt> 1 r ?the iiimedesta ? Meruiinatlou of a* niMiy hat"(* of pirate., a* ahaM dura to sit foot on the *"il ?3iC lie. ot R CL'IIAX CORtliS" .Nnrvcr. IUvatta, April 22, 1851 Tfe of Another Int even?T\r li -if'otis a/ thf C'l emment to meet it?Ti ial oj a llahanero fir fit en; ,9td otxI ( omfort" to Cw finewj?7V Rxcite'neu in 1 iaa-a-w?? Bueir.eel, .f-c . d". The rumors of invasion that reoeh us from ths otfrt# tide, are beginning to a*stuu? an aspect of verasity that carries terror to some, and dream.* of joy to other heart*'. Hie steamer* Ohio and Ilabanero. whi. ti litre arrive* here from New Orleans within the pi-.t few days, bring the most positive assurances that Lopez has another ex pedition on the point of leaving, which not only u bettor organized thuu hi* last. hut i*. in every r .p ct, more far luiduHe The government, so far. believe the truth Of these rumors, that they have allowed th press to nubttoti end comment on tin ui, anl the excitement swiug the people is very great. It is Useless t > repeat the thm-nnd ctorWs that are atloat relative to the inagnituJ* of lbs ex|Kititiou. suflica it to say, that they vary from torn steamers and ten thousand urea down to insignitieenee. From what m:iy bo deemed pretty good s utrces, although I i.m inclined to believe tiny too partake sotnewhaa of the prevalent disisa-itior. to exaggerate 1 learn that lb* invading foree will comprise some S)J or 1,000 men, brought to the i Und on two sCmier* A t f <r time, notiv I- y. t ti.,*i!? d. but the mui ral nylilta S I, to be, that a lauding will he effected between this an 1 the last of lha mouth. The preparations made l>y the go', crnatent show a marked .1 ihrrr., e in turtle* lietw-en those ..f the pros.-at l.i.uir i and tho-e of the time of Itonc.ili. When It .e-ala was preparing for ti wsva u?4 up.ii a system ? ' con -ntrati 'Ti . f hi*f rr leaving the wal. tielil* of Cuba to the protection of their inhabitant* and the army ti..'to tali in foree upon any n-u*?d jsjint*: the pr sent-y'(? in ?? , |t. to !. a let-rtaiualica In hold ah points of the I. ami th- t r, ??* have, jon se.jUi titlv. [*'? ii distributed to iLl't rer*. point* of gam eon What the merit* , ; the two sy.teiu-n. *, I d> not pte.unie to judps. but it *< I rn* to me that the tw.Ua of tin contest i at I. * t d tihtful. Thet'polish fb* -t are all at wa. cxeept ti.r ??? *tec:i;- r ? .ni a frigate, which It li rs in port; but IM thou-nnd miles of MUM are bar* tU watch The ir rot eli ,-X anier Mogndor 1 il-? h?re at die otdcr* ?f tin g-terumi nt. to ;i.oi?ti?i cat utig or qu U ing France <-in? to Iw the Don tiuix ?;'?? of the rr . lining fierce battle t >r the disconsolate maiden pot. mm that nave naughty sub; ? t-. The Crptain Oeneral I sin tol l will Cik* th" MdM n <n as su ? I, < dilii. hall land and leave the com .a tad of the city to t'. ie tal F.nna '1 h Udy and of Lha Captain tl. ru ral will take up thr.r ab- d ? in tire tkvbana fort r? tr. An in.j ortaut case i- on trial, t.v.lay, i f a yoomv naa, ?b U accused of having pr ctir. d e i t pilots and *?iiv tin ni to the I nitcd htntes to *? rv- t.< p. ?. In Ills intended invasi* us I f the l. laiiU lie Will pr. t al ly liv roiideinued I to death; but the court ha. not y t given .. . dc i-i as. 1 lie pate ra have b<n allowed to nuii'unce the evp p. ?. d pro* uniy oftlie iuv -!i n. but the puhl.c feaUnm on both sides, differs in a wide d gr.s< from thai whiaU prevailed last yi ?r < n the a me oe?"i-im. Then nil m. ami life am! activity and no one cousidcred the re sults Now, tin. re-nil* ? tn to lie th-in ?.! pr itnin? uc r us!deratk>n.uudb.itli sides await without eonli.leiMU, the tir-v shtck Th-event* of the lir.t ten days sftwr ths binding, It L<> rflevtet will u.-ko or uusr a Ti ry livr.y dispute. I'lislnios Uiiritig the p,* t week ho* la-en v -sy iaaofiw, 1.1 cam. of the rlo ing b >lidaj* of l.eol; and -lay rena the fir- t day of bu itv -* d, ? -not prc tit-Igns oi muo? a. tlvitv Pugnrs pn nt tn little 1* I -i ?-< f ra Hie 1st. * I loll I nl'd !*!? ie tbo week s the d, wire In get off I* tore the holiday* ti.ip tinder c' irt.-r, Induced pure has* t* to offer mot- frsely Th" stock i< e ..timatwd at KO(KX) I* xi *. Karharg* centime* d ; r? ? I N. w \ rk ruling at 41, u fi pa r is m .liscount; Ismdon. C a ti' premium. Fp ighls ar. without n iimaiion sud X- 5-. far Cwsaa snd a maikel. i* talked . t Nf*\V- ??I li?? \< ? ?t tt [fieri Ike CL -lit *tou ? miri?T. A, r.l ?i.| A (rtral il< nl of r xeil.'iiKut nbliat *? eaul of itrm Wftiit intinlw whieh mlo have laud Inn tli* turn I'p to the lime ?>f tta> IriMii Minn; no newt had NmM Itinni (kit l ItttiliS hn4 1? i effected. Dw | -at rill ? fit Ml Ni W Olli nil* p ?\l I t h.ite ri' U-hfd tbm Captain OeutTil that lk? rxiMttUcn 1.. i -..i.iij. ?irt ttchllt tie i Idien ?Jei p on the r ar.ii-, U ? , ~ a ..r.. k< |>t | mi.Mint and the entire a my an I uney ?t. laamnit ntVl naming runty for Um Until Ul< t. i , r i. k pi kl<??u | up' H ?t nil to or* A Ppnnlnrit W*? to b? gar on tli u rninn at Mat ?U. Urluc Urn betrayed by on. of the >;.un i| ptloU, ' at a ?pj MUrtt Lopi *. ltd int tbi? < ? i tool otttrWI twi 1t~ di uM ? ut to tin i if lo v .11 uu.l jnla ilia espedition audaita-pu t for ilo in li ? rviTid liia l"m y und tbeB 'I tlm (.'aptiln Oeii'nl, Vtw Im Mediately iiad tbr ?|"< :ard tied, iri i, and eat*. d<ained Indiaontkt'Atd A k r.ti im,n from tin1 bland, and one * ho ba< !?*?? trmTrlhr mock of Into, u.f n..? ? ?tlo.t ul a* ? 'ha tabind Ihtre l? man t. ?. ?th? i:i< l aim u? tleeirw for IN IntatlM if the blind 1} Ilia Anrllraim. aud pntnMp tl?a pe< | wrrn ii?.| ?> ,irl t and ? ?; r to flaw rn ? "?*. andjnin the iBetilrt*, at at the ?>.. nt 'il i i nil hare plenty of ftrineand B'oney. Ii tkot wfc>"h ? II be tin tt fuel) c i.tnl.uteil to tkeir t ? ntry'a nauok win iinra i ?p. i table force : lialt tan t . h ? i-laud [I r n the Herantmh ( April 2b) Hie 1-iiiid it I'm <, t. uiy > ill .ri.tuf, an! an highly i opular with ill e af, . 1 with narrowdi'ea.e^ and ili-.ti' if iln> i In ?t li*? In .'If .iitleri I trrrikkr ft Hi a leuMMlMol iln?i;lil The ' ? *itiale<l Ilia Water ; and net only haf -the h i ' a n e ihern tlita ran n. in I I. but the* I .< gt .en won. A uialieri --nt f. rer lia? ileo nnidr it app< ii anee Ilia /? i.i /wtwlriel foiitaine a ("?? y -liarp artie'* ?.-air?t Kb nud I Ik* i>nii,.h, I. . led Uu^ltak < naiity and ? Iirtetmn t hnrily " \ e urt n artial. wh ] ? i- ? ling *-e t i ke n.ada pi ltd ir wa- to -it on the '.Mb inat up n tlie . ??-? .if t>ow llmrtliano Monti 'tie Orn e liars <t with l.-inn the uMt of the ?ap l~ nil edrentlirer* who Milt l > ;r*'ify ih? own rii i * |.y .. n luti b- bo tc MdntKirro. Hitteti April 17 - Sli > r out la?t r p-rt <I alt lha ?Vice* of -uifar were, for a-liort in < r> ?1. a l.tth ?n?4*ri I nt an a< tie ? demand hat ing mantfi -t. I it' I th f i~wat reeoTeretl their fhrtMrp>" I lor or ripltond ?Iw eren Mill Ida lor 't'li - low et'te t the ft h?*p? j i ? i.lino n an ol* t iclr to tin ' nr e of >'[>< 'aOt<w.#j I nt titi the other hand, tli aban.laiit I ply of ''fc? WittMiote niMternta dri^ht'. lis. hri| 1 to *u ' iia pri faa ami to In lle i rued > i I ? 111! ill ; ry Vfe ptaco j I UI qui II I ?'*?! lo white. P a .1 r.alv yi-U >wn^ rhohM, t "a n ? ria. y lino ? <nod and io... t> a ? riat?< hri Wit.. St. lift , rnui. file u rite bo. ? >, ? C-4 rial* Una. rotaili - huVr ' ea af I n' i ? ? ri . arr ir liap la quality 1 !ir j riee 11 .r t i> a I'ttle idfbre k.-jp. .tin if | a pn ! t rin i , tin- e-ikf mei I* f ?' ??*?) k M?" aud ttObarnf' Tin -Pckofiwr . ?. n ? t.r.j by the in Htal of Wi rVak?t proohni. tdtHiteh r ' rt'ke ? w a. tailetl frvni in.I Wat rid.', a I :t2-? ca*ke www I K>U1 afloat at P% ri U th the fifth Itaport*. lldi iariw were plaerd at? ll-lirl. 1 HVea*! it TO rial*, and MS e*ab'*? ry luft rior *n.l broken nt t rial* Tli-rr now m , milnNU ea^k' riored in f r-t bond I* 1 ?* ? largr parmd whieli liae liernkeld a I m c tiror hT a -pe< -jlat >r frriifhla. ' f.-Trial ahartftf w. re Biedi tol.'iithi *t A" 1"2? (at far j nib'dllt e 'laid rreeel . 11 li*. I r one of 1 .'?*) hot AS i'l Vttd f! 1"- I it two of ?" i ami 3,()o0 troaed. I Two of 1 H*l and S.0ti0l*'*i 'wee" takrn f?r Pt Veiotn I. rh lit A-I -? I.I . ?I d on., -f .l,i*e) I i*e* at A'*l 111 Oil. . Oke ha- ju-t hi. it eh irt. ml fof Cowea, of j .ta) t AS H? Pd To the t'? <i i| Ihtal 1-1 \ * $1ba* tw.* i ', ehl p?r bi'* of "Pyar, p'1, per lihd ami for r i -lawwn f :t', a " 31 Mil.i i I. in ?l 1 1, rial* IB the harhov and In the . ut-perl i (h ffie la dull at fl a pA'i hn* rbatlg* ?Iddtti i?ieao< rtnrlinv W:l ? werrrumie at t a ?'? iwT n nt pn n it.m, i ut 7i< Rom reily aekrd W? junta Pew York Mfcd Ikwti nkkb1, pet i.-itdn Triotiiat rent i f import* I tee, per *rr w ? 9 1Mb rial*, lnr< pet ql. 7)8 a >14 h~m- jrr ql . 1 ? i it Ar"o M ? ibr I i'i -ai - it ri.-r were a* f llaw* -On th* 1 lib. SHI there' fmti it m, tt rtilt ?ntfrhdlh htiefri- pi r I'nlo Alto it 'J rial TH ti re- jow (!?*? difl at '? It 10 rin I t.'" t n i. t r II ihitt, at * ?? Mkd Sdtletee* pat Vaktr ?t lt?riri?. Aran 2U Wi h . 11 frrim i !<? ? if refpt ct? of 'tie Hh it-l . ai d watt en yen with the irl irpolt of tfcw 1711' I'I it- til- been maprnd ' -.ere tb.'ii hf** h. l d*y? wii j we I n only ton mi tnat th.- .dhve litiito ;? ?'..! h- no ? in iii y or p .1, I "? ,'tt 'Arnk* I rki At. .ttiii ?*i ,"im' .h' i t ? 1'i k, ? rljcl m I luaitrail.

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