Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 30, 1851, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 30, 1851 Page 2
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HEW YORK HERALD. I OORDON ?? M II BTTi PROPRIETOR AND EDITOR. X N W. COKNKK OP PL'LION AND NASSAU STB. ume XVI X*> IIB. AMUSEMENTS TUIS EVENING. f()WCRV THEATRE. Bo*?ry?lunvi-C'luto. BEOADWAY THEATRE, Brv*4??r- Da* oi Rscbom li<a> -Vision or th* Srw. N I BIOS GARDEN. Br? ??lw?y?Ro. ??i Dia??m>-Ca TA41SA. ?CKTON'S TI1IATKK, CtambsrA ttcseV-Mmii-Victo NATION A I. THEATRE, LbatAr* street-Allow Ma WW Asm ogi??? Th ai.aba BROUGHAM S LYCEUM, Bruadwwy?Cs-.ld or thi ??W1??inT- A Row AT THT hvomi m. SIXTY'S MINSTRELS, M?ct,Aaras'Ha'L <7* Brokdwty whan Mishtkmlsy. _ FRL1.0W 4' MINSTRELS, fellow.' UuskaI Hall, Na. 444 aay?KTHioriA.o Misstaki.*. AMERICAN MUSEfM A?oSTmi PwaromaaoM aw mjk.nvoa AMI AVL.HAG. ? raw York, Wrrfmxlwjr, April 30, IN5I. Telcgraphfe Xrw4-Biw Wci'k Later from Karopr. The Niagara arrived at Halifax at 7 o'clo.k last ?vtaing, bringing one week's later intelligencefrom ?B parts of Euroj-e. We received a brief summary of the news by telegraph. The advices arc of very little importance in a political p int of view. The wot.on market was dull, and prices had slightly re cede 1. We shall probably rceeir? ti e Niagara's mails bo-mwrrow night. The Blest important poll, intheoth r telegraphic kiU.ligfnee, istliat from Canada, to which we have orly a brief ?j u -- to . fcr. It is probable that the dee: ion of the British government to reduce the ?hril list and to charge the colonic! w,th the orli naneo, bairaeks. and public works, will tend towards ?vents which hat e not recently been anticipated. measures would seem to indicate that the jBritinh government regard the abandonment of Ca nada with indiU'er .r, ? . We 'hi ahl not be astonished if similar feelings exist with respect to the British Wui India islands?the Bahamas and Bermuda. St. Uuiuhigo ui.d Iter Destiny. By an arrival at Boston, we have had accounts from Hayti, which a.-sure us that the bl&ek empe ror. .-<>ul<>u<|uc, has persisted in refusing te heed tbe tlaim made upon him by our government, with yewpcet to the d teutionof the br:g Leander and the iupi ieonment of her captain; and, also, that the pro] ? sition made by our government for the inde pendence of the Dominicans?the Spanish portion ?f the island?ha.- been rejected by the Chamber of Deputies. Besides this information, we learn that tbe tyranny of the block emperor knows no bounds, and tha so-pectec! persons aie executed with a bar barous haste, disgraceful in this era of Christianity. In fact, we learn but little of the many acts of hearths- tyranny of this Faustiu the First, who treats the government of the United States as though it were a cipher among nations, though through the laet year wc have known enough k? authorise the government to teach his black majeety t; at he must heed the remonstrances cf an enlightened a:.d powerful nation. It is scarcely credible that so small a monarch should insult our ?ountry as he has done on more than one occasion, and that he -hould tnat the Aurerii an Minister sent out th?r last year, with ar. indifference which has beeoin a matter notorious throughout the world. ICven our vessels oi war at the island have no ter rors for this ignorant and savage monarch, and will, we suppose, fail to inspire his sable majesty with the least apprehension of danger, liow loug mieli a-tatc of things will be continued, therefore, be comes a serious uud important question. KaiLcr mu:c tban a rear ago, it may be remem bered, while there was a disposition to assist the Dominicans,who expectedan attack from >oulouq<i? ?if not a 'laughter or extermination,?several vei Mla in our harbor, which were dot lined to carry succor, in the sbaj>cof stores and ammunition, to the Spanish population, were seired by the order of l>lr Llayton, and the enlightened portion of the island was thus placed at the capricious mercy of the bloodthirsty emperor. We noticed this inter ference at the time, and, iu terms which may wrell be remembered, censured the conduct of Mr. Clay ton in f llowir.g the advice of Boston speculators, wb> were devoted to the interests of the tyrannical Faostin. There was uo reason why Mr. Clayton, ?r ibc United Mates government, should meddle with the disposition of any persons who were friend ly towards the Dominicans. We bad, and have now. no treaty with -oulouque, to protect him from any action which our cilicen# may ch rose to take in behalf'of the common and natural demands of humanity There do not exist towards St. Domingo the same reasons for restraint which urge good citi Beiis to o| pose all demonstration: toward Cuba. In tact, while the adventurers of the day are talking of f uta. why do tbey not enngiate at onoe to Ft. Do mingo, where there is some reuaon in showing, and where they may lend their sympa thies ;o the I ? minioans, with tut being charged With any violation of neutrality laws! Ft. Domingo Is almost a' rich nn island ut Cuba. Indeed, it ha' been one of tL> ri -he-l c mntries of the glooe in the amount of its j roduc'?, and m.ght so have :ou tinaec. had not the blacks c averted it into a bar barons desolation. Fittce 17-^*, there has been an extraordinary decline in the vaiueand quantity of the art.ele? exj orted from the island, ."ug ir bn< kit luced to a mere nothing, while thecx|>ort* fseir.triy aiu"anted to a hundred and forty millions of pounds annually. Tw?nty-a?veu millions of pounds of coffee were e*| orted in the flourishing day of the i?lar.d, and a comparatively sin til amount is low ] reduced At one time, seven mil kens >{ js.ui.'ls of c tt ?n were exported At the ptt-erl day. very little of this great staple is prs tuwii . I thi- ? lino showing that under a black government, c re of the mo-t fertile -pots of the gl? i e is witLered by the malign influences at 'i L -? fi rt a-e r. rtainly important. They -how ?UBclu.-iv"I/ that the tide of emigration may act tuwurw M D m go with great advao'age. The apirit of the Cam asisa race once more exerted upon the ssii of Ft. looming .. wotiol bring forth abun dant fruit.', and re tore one of the gardens of the world l?> th< p" r.'in, in the world, for which it dvst.ncd by Providence. While *uch a spot exi*b\ aubjaeted to the monstroue tyranny of ignoranoe, it ? be viewed with indifference ; and wc have bo doubt, as it is jerfecfly legal to emigrate tbiiber, that in view of the in-oUnce which hu* aharar tented the Linperor of lluyti, there will be found numerous advantuiers ready to settle in the isi.ia.ii, ami to use their influence toward' briuging it bock to the stn'e of its former prosperity. It ? unnot be that ignorance and brutality can long run riot in a aoat try ft I ountifully favored liy nature for the pioduetion of several of the great staples of cota ?? roe Its destiny evidently is, at no distant day, H fell under the improving band of the Caucasian ?w. Whieh will teach the Africap rae? all the g*nat arts igrieulture, and the means by whieh a bat,on may he enriched It is. indeed, a happy Iking that we have no treaty wi h 'uch a power ae ?hat whiih now retail >n the destruction of Ft. Do ming >, beeauae w? are not bound to interfere witb those who may b? disponed to dir?-t 'heir jympa thies towards the restoration of oountrytoitx frrsner eomtnen ial importance. The Fpanish popu lation, at one end of the island, have long been cort beewd witb oui merchant* in the lna dshing trade ?Biating betwren both parties, and it i quite right ?bn> they should take ary 'Wp' which win protect Hie Itomibieu. s from tu'uri threat* of sgr. ,,T trem hosulKie* which may ar -e r.n th.< j i t ? ? (,. blaek emperor, from his j?al"<i-y of t|.. s-p.r.i-h papulation. One thi gi? eartair that-* | .,?,i, lies'.ned, at ne very d.stant tiny, V ? iera fwwniinent equalto the character of lie agricultu ral resources, and to its geographical j>oaitien, which are highly twvorable to the formation of a republic that will command the admiration of the world. Thi: L>*t ry 1>rama.?The trial of Prury, which is still dragging its slow length along in Brooklyn, is as intereeting as a dramatic spectacle at the Bowery or < batbuiu theatre, without the gas lights around the h-aise or the uewsboys in the pit. One of the last of (he amusing incidents connected with this ofluir, is the abandonment of the case by the 1 >istiict Attorney of Brooklyn, Mr. L'uryea, who has teen, thus far, the prlneij>ul performer and manager of the piece. Jklr. l'uryea alleged, as a reason for withdrawi?g from it, that he had certain private Business to attend to. But he might have given us a better cue, Tit: that the character of the evidence already adduced, like the torpedo which ignited iu the hand of its inventor, has exploded, and almost demolished its own makers. The evi dence for the prosecution, thus far, has, no doubt, been more injurious to some of the witnesses than to the person whom it was intended to convict ? we mean old Lhrury. This would have been* bet ter reason for Air. l'ury ea's abandonment of the suit. The attempt to substitute in his pla^e a lawyer of the name of cfuiith, who was connected as private counsel with some of the principal prosecutors, was very wisely and very correctly overruled by Judge Greenwood, or, lather, the Court. We'do not recol lect, in the course of any trial, such an impudent piece of business as the attempt to make such a substitute. The Court, with a firmness that did it credit, promptly set it aside. This trial is .-till going on. The witnesses for the defenee ha o just began. Their testimony, it is said, will open a new chapter, that will startle and auiu7 not only the court and tlie- lawyers, hut the ui v and the public. Everything is coming out right, and justice will yet be done to all concerned. MuvcmriilH In the Musical World. The Italian Opera, under the management of Mwretxek s in w engaged in Boston preparatory to the gnsit per cr malices which will t* given after tin- first of June at l uetic Garden, iu this city The rom)>nny nlroa iy en gaged is a large :;Ld efficient one. ami several other ar tist* fr< m Europe may tie expected during the season. We are happy to hear. also, that Madame Bouchelle has determined to give a ballad entertainment at Niblo's; 1 eeauee we ure will -atijfii d thai im lady in the country ?an prove more acceptable in ballads, and even in some compositions, if it is re';ut?ire fur her audiences to list.-n to her iutln music of Italy In Knglish, Scotch and iri-li 1 allud*. howeve r. she is so remarkably churm" ing and without rivalry, that the is sure to attract a large share of public patronage, because she ran renew the in w almost neglected style <.f ballad singing for which Mrs. Crouch. Billington. Maran. Storwcc and klrs Jordan were celebrated during the early part of the present century, uud which blends the richness of the Ki gli.-li voice with the Italian method. Irish Indignation Meeting? Denunciation of till1 Henry Is. Itnlvver. I.ast evening an Irish indignation meeting was held iu the large room of the Pbakspcare Hotel, in pursu ance of the following call To vms lliuisti us Nsw Y UK,-The Iri-hm"n New Yuri, who ii.-f.r- t*. licit,i>l : ,c*cliara"ler of their rare sod < on a try fr m the recent attack of Sir llenry I.y tt m Ho sir are r- c,neet d Ui alt, nJ a preliuunary uetlin. at 11.* Mak-iur- Hotel, i.n Tursilny er-niii.' April &, at !.*lf ' past 7 k. b r the irpuse t J vising such mean as he etc t*ricii.t -d (ultal lc tu the occaniou. The attendance was large fora preliminary" no <-t j leg the enthusiasm was great, and the indignation in tetise; but nu st of those who have been neelistotnetl to take a hand in Irifdi mat'Ts in thiv city, were not I n ? nt nr.d m st of the exiles who were leaders in their native land, wore also absent The bulk of the meeting con-i.-t. d of y. ung m< n. many of them belonging to the ii: b regiment. and a ton id. raibe number of cxib-and n? ? nt emigrant- from Ireland There were. h?w..yer, sev. ral Irishin. n of old standing present and m my son., of Irishmen, with a ron-iderabl -priuoiing of Americans Mr. Ki wa?d B- tlc* watchmaker, Pearl street, and ; fi rmerly President of an Irish roup-derate t'luh In the ' county r.f Tipp.-rary was called to the . Ua'.r lie said he suppi fed thry all kt-ew the object for which the meeting wu> called, i a uu ly to consider thn viUanoas language of ilial iniiii> n of the Saxon government. S>ir U.nrv Uul wer and to thrust it down hi- llirout. C'heer- ) Mr Mu iiiii, Pours v. an Iri-h exile, here called the atts ntlon of llu- chairman to two letters that Bad be-n adiir<?sed to the president of the meeting Tin U tters were then opmed and read, as f-'Uow# by Mi Barling th. Secret*ry: MM Mill VI Tilt tMI'M WriTIKJ. 4'l Wall itiit i. h April fvll. To Tin CftAiaMA* oi 1II lm?M >lt:t TIM; : Pie ?I '< M-ldrlllig the "hp ? t 11' the mil-tins called f t thi. evening I deem it uiy July t" giv?- Vou 'h? f-Uow I iiiir | articular. ? \t li'-n Pir Hi nry F.olwer mail ? the remark. Ml th? St Oh rgc'. dinner which I fln-1 have l*. n Itkra offi-naivcly It ?? me 'Tiny country men. I w uld have nt once notice i tie u fi r the purp'.M < 1 i-lirltilif eipUnation if T ha 1 tin up lit there vif any int- ution T giving nOece.. mi , ?nt 1 in t aL?o limri'iu of ii"t interrupting the h?r i w-ny < f the i vening Deeming. how. r^r. mih* .^u. ntly. thai it might be a* Wi ll ti rrliii'V* any poaeiblc luleconceptiou. I rail. J the f lit wing day oa Pir Menry Bulwor. hut fouuU h- ??> | M riomly III On Monday m rning T nddre??od a no?# alluding to that irtion of hi. -li which 1 ?aw notic-d n- having rau*.d M"oie lhjI'mm.i.t fu ling among the Iri-hui-n of thi* ' ily. who n.odder Un-nnwlvei j.-. rndi-l from the (Vltii-race. Hcfore however Pir Henry could hare re reived thai not# to *?? detivi red to nn* thrwugh th. pc-t merit, d ?? Paturdry night, a copy ..f which I baud you hi r> with adding fromthe kn- ?u character of tliat !h. in rsl le g> ntimiau 1 htinly believe in the ai -'-nc* of all di-airi. thought. or int. nt ion to give offence to ao i.uun mu- and reepcetable a l. ?ly ae tin- In.hinen of Niw York, and lmlii-il *" largv ? t'ortinn of hU fellow. I countrymen In Inlmd and Kngland ( I nn .1 not repi at the oh-ervnti .n that ihe .8coti-h and tVil?h ii|Unlly i-lttini ibe .aiu. nunvtry. and Pir Henry l.ln.'.lf i* J. ceniled from the Latter, and married the daughter of nn Irirluunn. hot f.-r a prevn u- ? ng-ig u.- nt ?hieh I i moot forego, it wa. my lit. nti o to have appeared at till. meeting and per-onally made the arijuaiDlanre of my fellow couLtriuii ti ami If I tan git away in aea-ooabie tiui- f may yet hale that pnn-uri before yai .. parat (if (Big you may r. ?t netind. vk-lhrr a? a man an Irishman, i t a. rieeldnnt of the Friendly (ton- of Pt I rtrli k. 1 .bail never .llently endure any intentional in ult to . ur ii viii native laud n- Uia'.tiT from what eouT-e it m?y rtuanale Fei ling perfectly m ured that the ? spi .nation of Plr Ii nry Buiw.r in I lie > n< 1'd copy if hie Inter. w. I pvn ? ntlrv 'uti-tai ti?u to tin- me. ting I am -ir. your ? ut ?? rvnnt lilt'MAAlt HKI.I. Ire.ident Friendly Pon? of Pt t'atrick ata mi.vav io?ir. io mm. bcll. KwJ . ? ? ATT BOA? Nlfillf R.. ii .*i Fiii. F-v My l iar Pir?I - that eoroe notice ha. la-en taken < f un allUKk.n I nie Je the ovhee ibiy to the term Celt i will rot he ijiti'.e ?ure of the w. r.|? I mad.- u,<. of on ti.nt iteaelon. I.ut I i nn he unite aure of the meanltii( with whirh I u.ed ttii-iii, i had not certainly ihe nmotnt idia ?T di-paraging any |>oi tion of your or uiy pr? ? nt ef ontrym. n ll.e t.rm i- aa you know, an ancient one applying to tl.i riial. taut- if a gnat p*rt -t t.reat Hriinii and In land at a iwib-d * hen thiee regu.n? wen- uneiviliaed ai d their paople .rint-clad and ??nii-t.iirl.aron- I in teid.d in hI v'ig huno t-- tike advantago of and play ?i| on thi* ftn-f. at.d it did n t oeour to nw-that I ? ??.lie tin ught ti alhnl. to tin Irl-liuo-n or Wil-hnien of to d?y. in deputing the ib?riirleri<tiea o the t'ell. of folli ii t.mea My | ul.iir life ha> g'v.n abundant pr'e.f of the regard and ilirrtk'H which I entertain I ward- the laud of your tilth i d I no.y add tliat having my-ilf nm* claim t ? t? . . iiniefeii with the old Celtic f.miiic- I ih.-uld not he d! pi -i d to an-.-it tliat there wae any natural diejiialia i| t o III tin hlieil of the race 1 do not mpect hy thr-c r> mark<lo Mtliefy any?If -neb there la?determined to he dl'vatWAcd; lint I be i ti that all who h any i. aie.t f i gH.limnn or Iri'hman n ?, ii ir. - In order not t. :?? -Amu in to learn that no . f.i ii ? - Ii.teuihil . an- ? IW mm. view my dear air I hi, ve written to you aa Pt I'rf.a* a ride rpre.euUtive lb- fi w Hue* you havi leen rvadiiig 11 uto very idmmly. P.gnrd ll L Bt'l.WFR huring tb? reading of ajr ifcnrv Itul wer ? letter three henrty -n?n- were given f..r him end a voice from tin crowd hir,g i ut? I) n the hl'i-dy I ngli-hman he wanta to g?t <ff through hie wife I elng an Irishman " Awotmvm Tan i ?Yn and he would like to he an friah man hlmielf Mr Mo mi? i Dour't wn? the flr-t vp<ak?V He ?aid he would appeal not t?. I rial, men only but to Amevimn" Tbi Iriali wae not the only nation that .-ir lli*nry Itulwi-r ?a? in the of decrying lie eonld talk at hi? pub lic dinner, ibcvt the half "tanrd w-mi Imrlair-Ai" and ?? n I-, lud Irt-l-men hnl In hie private letter- to hip coml \ d> idial agent in Central Amerfrn be could ul.o And a I ?r-. i r fi r the Amerirnn. Thi? w?a not a lino for making h eg .peiohie and paaeing long tvolntlon* It waa time j | -? nn thing, and it ahmild he done-quietly Menw tinie whih- Pir n.-nry Hnlw. r ??. ali-cnf he did not think I it * a- l < oi mlrg In fri.hnn n to f l|..w hi* ili^ingui.hed ? ian.|lel.y long viluperativv epithet, and le hop -d | that nt the mietit.g nothing Ut?o< uft'du. of In.ulling I W' 'I. ? h- !? f f l..-il - the Biiii.hMlnii.ter or t-. h.-r Ma >i?ty the (t ueen 'f' Rrltilnaiol Ireland lie to matte amgg'.tion to the meting lie th'tight II i h- ty i f the li .'l ir.-n of thi* el(y to do Miinethiiig 'T j ?te ? r* i ad tht i gh he did not -*j.< 11 thia? to ad' pt hi* i suggest u-n-, still he would uijk? tt. and let the meeting taie "kh action upon it a* Ike \ miw tit The irishmen IB Uiii. country were aU%ntu from their homer by po verty?wuuy of them by npprcseion Here they had de voted tlieir whole en- rule* to the good of this country; tbey find fought the hvltie* and built the public Work* ]M?vw Ihfce ctiecrs veere called for Moutg<tucry. and the nm who built our railroad*. and gtveu with great gu to.] Atrd Mr. l'oheuy Us-vght thi* govurnm- at war bound to jrots-et nil Itr ettty.-vw- from the meruit - end in-Hit* of a foreign epy (Ohnm I lie thought h memorial should be udopted uudstgaud by every Irishmun lu hew York aye. and Auierieac too. addre.-s.rd. In reeportful terms, to President Kiilmorc. requesting him to tub- prompt m *? sure* for relieving tbe country of such s man a* Jhr lieu ry Hulwer It was the duty of Americans t?> represent to the Preeidi lit that the ltilti.-h Minister bad departed from the duties of an amba-tabor; that, instead of at tending to his business at Washington. he bad travelled al-out the country wherever there was a chance of a dinner, and given utterance to sentiments which were calculated t" breed dissension and strife uin >ng the American people But he had not bet a without his blame) stone?he had travelled from the Kennebec to tbe I'otemac. and hail blarneyed the American people wherever he thought his (lattery would be swallowed He bad been sent to this country for the purpose of utid?r miuiug the government?for the purpose of removing, if possible, ev. ry lingering prejudice against Kuglaud which might ?list lu the cabinet at Washington; and Well his be succeeded He has already seduced many American licarts by Iris smooth uud polish?1 speech Wbwievar he is at a public dinner he can soft-solder the Am -rioon*; but iu his private denpntehi-e he character.res ours as a wesk government, upon which no dependence can be placid unless there I* the shadow of a bayonet iu the background. Ills object was to excite a native feeling, if he could, in this country But he hoped the Am- ric.ui government would not permit hiui ami that i nu-.n -rial, signed, as he hoped, by lOO.UOO Iri-lun u and as tunny Atmrictins would b.- promptly ui ted upon by til-' exocu tive of the I*tilted States Mr. D. concluded by reading tin- un uioriul. as follows :? to his ?;?< i lli ncv. summD m i Mini:, raisioisr or lug I'M i Kii s r* r >:s The memorial of tbe uudorsigiu d citizens and inluihi taut* < f the city of New \ rk and its uei:;utiorh shI. ui -st respectfully showetb? That memorialists arc fully sensible no ordinary cir cumstance would ju.-lify them in appealing to tin- chief executive in reference to a sul.j- ct coming within the im mediate sphere of his administrative functions, and they lag to assure your Excellency. that if they thought Ui ? fucts to winch they reap- ctl'ully and e.u'ni-.-tly invite your stteutioB. would otherwise come otflcially under your ci-gnisHUce. thi y would not pi - sum-- to in ike them the stilijict of complaint being ei nviuced that your Ex evlleney would protect every class and s- ctiou of the j?s pie . f these states. without distinction, from iu ult ami outrage. That, prisumitig the circumstance* which they re. would etherwise e-eipc your Excellency'- notice, uud f-'vling tlieui to I .' of au unpre cedented character in this or any other cirillzid t. uu try. and of the greatest importance, in whatever light tin y are considered, your uiem .riulists most earnestly rii|Uist your Exccll.ney's consideration of uud deci-i -u upon tin in They are as f U-iws :? em th< ilflh day of ibe present liionth. -Sir Henry ton Bulwer. Ambassador to your Excellency'* government In ui tbe Court of lier Majesty theIjueen of llreat Britain and Ireland, utt- ml. d at pie celebration of the St. ileorge's let tivul. at llic Asior ltouse. iu the city of New fork, and there di hvercd tin- follow lug seutiui-uts. which, after two days ot sober r< lection, appeared under his name in th h.: j'i in newspaper, which assumes to represent him. Yi ur mi moriulists copy th.-ui from that paper, b lieving they were published with his sanction and correction; ami besides, tie y appeared in the same Words iu other ) sper.-, and w ill.- ut any denial or explanation oa iiis pint tiny of you. gi nth-men, n tn hnre any g.o.d euturiii Iris u-ts .' (Laughter.) Its., yon can uu i rstaud 1...W I. y (f.M .l uuture.i Iriouds at Washiect-a ur* tool uie miiocaiutely un toy r-turn from ltiuluii"ii,l. to reiati i.uw a uo -6 publication li*i Hp; ire i iu - me journal. I believe tuli?i tin- H. s'vi OK, p irp. i tin. to I e an iaterri pte.; di-spat, h fr ni n?e to t . tagfisl. S. ,r-1 iry nf State f..r I *ti i. ii Affair'. Now, p.->pl" usually i.lo rluii when th*y l.uie lust any properly; Lutl wish to advertise tbgt I have lust nu property at all?(laughter); so.t. wi th - gt .t is i,iitnra! t- conjecture frutii tie -,mi-K.rhino ?. svioi i lad. nnd i , ltie origin of iny Huston I'ri- nil ? (Ian t r) that In- had h- < n guilt y of t he crime of w hitili he I, i-tuil, namely, theft?le has iu reality been tt'itl ty of all offence which n,,-re- appropriately he longs t, ? further ad vanci-ii naze of pantaloon* ami r.'liuein. tit?(laughter) ? I mean forgrrv: another example, by the way, of ti e a-oeral niaaito, all aa-s-os. v.hstl. r Celtic or otherwise, w I. I'll they t-kr to in!, a bit i it / i itio*. even su-lt iu ral titles* i- Huston, adopt the vi.???*, with out n--|iurina tin- iirtue< or the griu-ca, of civ11ii''d life (t'l.i-i r.- and faugl.ti r.) And lier-' I etiould leave tj.i- niatter. I ut I am ral! - r ini litiv.l tosusi-i-ct (n .rv thing that ia M all Yaiiki ? has such odd notions)?] 1 audit- , )?t hat tl.e unkind I a r bar ia ii ot Mas-ucl.u-.-tt-. instead ot iut -n linga more sc rioiisott. ni*. has mi-rely been perp"tra'iug a ba-l jokw. in II ? sl.ap ot a political autlib. wli.h i.- Iilo .tit to favor tint presidi ni nil elatuis ot an - icelleut Iri, nd of tuinc. by bavin/ it a|r that he is a purti. nlar eaemv ol Ku/luud. Now. ' *11 f si l rry to do this friend any dissarvlee; hut Id,, I?? It. 11- that 1 si,all lie doing him any diaaerv ice by stating ti nt I dou t look up* u him us tin e-i.-my to Ere/laud at all, ' and tint i feel sur- that he is on) V juat aa touch so is' any of tl.< i ther grist Au.eriraii siut-iim u or generals wl .-in I , kio w.1. i. ai I honor, uud of wl.oin 1 uluay*apeak and write with dm- respii t. No ttiguci* nt i' ii'-cdi-d to eatablisii the fact, that thi* language was unmii tahi abiy calculated, and uinoileutly intended to wound ami in?ult every inliubjtant of this country wl.,* is i f Iridt birth or blood: nnd your mcino . liolists eoiitiils-ntly cubmit that in ail times uud uuder every clrctlBlstniM-e the Irish citlzeus of this republic ! have l< t tw-cn ? i- - Ui I iu fidelity. 1 .yalty, or attachment | to the law- invtMuth-ii*. flag and liouor of their adopt-d country. Tin y i.oer constitute luori than one fourth of j tl entire population ?d this gn at city, uud many of them (111. wit he. ut discredit, the highest positions iu the ' humid pr< t-sMona. lu every department, civil and iu ill tin ) and evi ry pursuit mercantiieJite-rury. artistic, coin uu reial and liniu-trial Thi* lo-ult Wj-oil- red in th-- inolst of tin tn. to tin m all. without distinction, aud was uupr i M k-iil.yai.y It luvolvea iuaiuuatious utterly uuiiue M'-r- ovi r. ii main ohj ct of Ho ambatsudor ? ?peoch, wbirli in your memorialists' estimation, i* potent through its whole titor was tocrrati uuuaturul at. l in t, rnccitk' nidmosity l?-twe*n elifTs rent clajou- and naliuu alltas win* arc here united and blended together iu oue gnut l*i -tin rhood 'Mail your im uionali-ts ft-el confident your Excellency will at our* ?c that sit Henry lltilwer ha* degrad-d the fum tii us lu ;ein this country to fulfil, ami will take siu b steps as may s< I 111 just and meet, fir tin- purp en i l pi-s uriug his r-vroll fr-.ui a country where, contrary to all u ngc. hi- htu- violated th-- laws t.f hospitality, w nit only and roost indecently insalti d and outraged a Inrg-i f.rop* rti.-n of tin- eltiwn- and lutp- rillcd. us far as In- - > uUI. the integrity and stability of the I'aiou. by fouu uting riv il dissension, ami invoking the worst pa - siiit-s of factions discord and party hatred. And your memorialists shall ever pray It wo- pti| f*id by Mr Mike MnUli tin t sccond-ol by Mr 1' Lynch, that the m- motial be adopted by the t-.i ettng 1 b* motion *m carrii <1 cnnniinoucty Mr Miki WiDH Iwitig called on to apeak then pro mt ded to ailitn-im tint meeting- Ib -uld In-know no thing about ilia meeting being callvd till he wn* Inform ? d that evening. tjr hut friend Mr Camp. The irauat he heard of It be drtrtkianl to rnme. Tim remark* node I y l.ulwcr at the Actor Kmm. arc In perfect con tommy wiili tin- couduct otall our mini-;, r* in England, a Ml there ha* been too much ba*e ?? rrilc pi ndcnng to Ihilirh in It in t.ce on thi- part of twrMnrMcat. for i t, M wine glaMOf Er.gli*li Uw U that Bowed In the rtdn* nf tin* Atm-riran people, there ww a fpillon of other blood 1 tie ri unt ry ??- not an < ffchoot Of England. The bt'it In tin country detectrd 1'ogland ami the bug llch itiid <? jm i'ally tlioec who put forward am h *entl ?in lite ii> wiii uttered by tin at the A-tor lluuco III- Mr, Waleh ? grandfather built the flrrt arnmd *hip **< r put nlloiit in the I nited State*, and hlc father went ' T' r and fought in the robellinti of ' k That father baa got a ecu that will not di-hon .r hitn. nml tie eon l.a- got a con that will not dichonor him II" r<.iild deapta* liiturelf If he e<nld j irticipt*- tu the taieraid* pandrring hy which tile I'nited Slate* wa? ili-giai" ?! at the houthainpt n dinner Men repro ve nlir.g the I'nitcd Mill*, on that oei aaion, talked of lli ??? untry aa ifit were a branch of an l.ii_li*lt tree lie Uoi ie tin d it. an.I he never kin w a wan wh ? loetd the inctitutk o? ot thi- eountry who did tint hate England, anh 1 ? never kr<w any one who lot? 1 England that <11A i'1 ill-Ill. tl, in-litiit ion* of Am. rie-i It ? ailui?t a lie* k< ry to a-k an Iri-hman to make a dm., ration ?f al P glaoi r to tliic repulilte livery Iri-bman w?. born a n 11 liiei ii What all. giatu e did an Irt-hni.m owe to ati) i untry hut till* and Ida own f for ten g- m-rnthm* lh> y have a1! been Iepubileatl*. unl< . < tli *e leotard Miniidtel* nke the inlamooc .Ininiin 11 Itri. n II? never b und aay n aa that vm a wiuarv Ituhman who woe not a i' publican. t Loud cheer* ) Mr Maiii* lino moved lliat I lie *eir. t.iry of thi* niott.i g te- iii-trin ted to return Mr It-II- e lOUnntiiea tion, with Mr ButWrr'e Inebwad and that Mr. R*ll be f"ijin Mi d to lub rm Mr llnlwi r that thi* no-eting "annnt i ? '(tin explanation Mr M went OT to *ay that, fbr In- part In n*id" red tlell and Itulwer the -litni'piere of g< <?l?. with Ibl* dilbn nee. that Ilulwer w?* hooecL wlnr<;< P" II tu- a *p| in the Iri-h ramp A President of . be I ri? ndly h n? of St, I'atri. k'a Si* iety. on a recent ?W"-aciou h< i ould not tolerate the o||, ijng of a t?w*t f,,r the ll ottii" u? Iri-h eillec. bani-tml f -t their |>atrioti*ni fr> to th> ir native iutid. while In fie.-ly propose.] the health '.flic i.i.iea whotraiicpnrtid them Mr Urn W'"i?ii ceo.'tided the motion, which vti ad'i tid unanimou-ly. Tin t'n ?!??**. ill putting the r< o>|utlon. ol.w-rvel Mr F" II w ill mil aide to *t'p iiur ? arc '?y hi* t ngiug (1*11: lit" I ) A too i ? Three ri? ? r* for Hu.Oejf Pare*>? There were eaUr fur Mr Pevaaa to apwafc buthedilnot ei n.e forward Mr I *o<H H ''4wc b< ing n? It enlbd' II wild he hoped l< have been a client cpeetatnr. A* an American r tl?> n. and |m lot nil g to the Plxth ward which rontain- more tbaii tbrve-fi nrtb* <( that kind of people Ilulwer r i l* felt" hi came to hear and w e what wr uU| I* cni.| and don* If* w a - no' dl-ap|'Oln!" d II" v?< greatly grati flid A? an Aimrtran i itiaen In i ndrw I the conti nent" he heard there t "-night and he called og * tut other A merle*u rltlxen to do the came and algn the peti tion t?. the Prccldent tu hurl from lit* prwcettco the man who dared to incult ? portion of the pwple of thtac tin try or to rou?'- hy Inclination a ran** for 1 difficulty anting the American people when they bad to much to a ttic anion - thrmag|ve? fCheer* ) He tin tight "-very dlctloetion between natlce m l adept ei| > it<:< ti-incidiouc and unjuct and he then f re haled the tom adopted rltlccn" In hi* beautiful dinm r gpevth. Pulwi r claimed for Kngland that die vw cur | nod her thir mother she drove u* from our heme, and tefuc" d to "tickle ua a* babe* and when we grew up ch> i ml *-a vi red to rruch u* fhir mother ' Why each a thing would be laughed at. eren among wolv.-c lie any* rh" I* i ur protection Md (dm eeer pn^Uet u? ' lie aay* bey mi we cpeak the came language we ought to to Mind* with Eiifhnd. I?itig therefor' dceeend'"! from her IhN Mulwer know that In thla eountry there are two ni'ilii tic of (iertnan* ami their denaawdnnW f Are they I ogllrh lirr?ii*e they apeak I he Knglbh I*nrnage * Idd b? forget that th? re were in thi* country three mil* lb n? ? f the d"rr< n lant* ot Prune* and that If It were not for I he aM af Icfayette ami hi* frenchmen In the rvvolot lonary war England would hold u? now with the cano la*tar<lly grncp wttb whleh cIk hold* Ireland It ie all fU<ir" Th? ' nly t bligatlona between tbia eountry cud Kngland nf' no re matter* of trade; ahe ia cur cii? t' no r and w>- nre In r? That la all. There ic a ctlng In Piilw- r'a *|w< rh w hleh i* n* im an and dn?t?r"lly n< if the r? pr. ?. ntntlve of the Ameriean |*"p|e In I'.nrlaml weft" to tab Keuty ky M by rhouid liui ccr fteb any pog- , lion of tin people uuder tin own goveruusent! The bMt way to reach the man wan t>y the petlticli to the l'reat d*nt la t It be signed with signature- like John Han cock # to the Declaration of Independence? with a lain full ? f iuk Thin foil w in the Mint Unt'Hor ll. it wan litltl otrt tf Imill fit IUI MUbk thtlt an 1 lit i# ?*>? r kit it hie UiNHf into the interuna dome-lie uSuir# of tbu nit id btati* and he It trying t< kick up a inu-s Hut wo shall drive hiin out of the country. Hy what' A Votes:?Lynoh law. Mr Caur?By public "pinion Thi- i? ouly a prelimi nary meeting Let there be a large public inwtiug He hu# insulted not only every Irishman, but the doarendant of every Iriahiuau in thi# country If 1 were the son c t an Irishman, I would walk by the house where he resides, and if 1 would not make a noise, d?u my ?ye- ^ laugh ter and choc rs ) Mr Joar.rH Hbekkcw (an Irish exile.> being callud on to s|ieuk. said hi wished to have the fact introduced into the petition, lliat Mr. Hell was not an Irishman, union-, perhaps, such a one as Jemmy O'lirieu Mr. Dohlki said it au* better nut to introduce irrele vant matter into a petition Mr. Krikklk.?I agree with the sturdy sentiments of the #p. abet who h is recently addressed you. I think the matter ought to be settled In this public way. and also privately too. Iudividual Irishmen h ive a duty to perfoiui Mr Camp said, if he were the sun of an luuu, lie would do si luelhing. 1 am tiie sou of an Irish man. uud so help me Hod will do something. [Urnat chei rs and excitement. | Mr. Aacuoi ai-oe.?I am glad that this meeting has not followid the example of Hulwrcr Though lie de serves to be treated us a blackguard, it has treated him as a geutli man. and thus taught him a lesson in this ci in try which might he of some use i" him. Mr .lis kiss, of the sixth ward, said he would go with all his In art for the objeet of the meeting. A collect Ion was then taken up to defray the expenses, and a committee was appointed to draw up an aiiri se to the Irish ie..ple. to call a public muting, and to pn <ure signatures to the petition. The meeting then adjourned, w ith the understanding that the committee should meet at the Shakspcurc Hotel on Mouduy evening. Theatric nix, die.

1 We niust again apologise for the non-appearance of onr amusement netiees We perceive, on looking at the proofs, that almost every place of amusement was well i.ttemii ,1 last evening, and on reference to the attractive fi'ivi ltiseiimnU on another page, none r:in doubt hut that there will be d houses to uiglit Tiik VoaacaT Can.?We have been requested, by a friend if Mr Fom st. to publish the following :? Yunr reporter referred yesterday to Mr. Ilelinanno, who hue assumed the responsibility of Mr-. Forrest'# "next tread," ui.d stated that he was au oil friend of her rath r. llr. llrlinant." (who lately received an app" atmeat from llr. Maxwell, in tins Custom Hoaee.) knew llr. Sin. lair v ry slightly, in Louden, many years ago. lie visited Mrs. For re t once or twice euly. during her resideuct in Twvuty seeoud street. City Intelligences Tilt: Ct'lis K' i t iutiosiists? The Acci'ftt) Piitiii ut Lihikawd on Bail.?Nothing of importunes transpired yesterday i- fore the United Elates CouuuUsloner, in refe rence to the Cuban expeditionists. The accused parties uro ull now liberated on bonds in the sum of 83.000 each, to appear when called upon to answer the charge. Seve ral of the parties accused were congregated about the District Attorney's office during the day. aiul we under stand that an investigation will possibly be granted, in order to girv them an opportunity of making an expla nation. or showing their non-participation in the mutter. File in a 8iw Mill.?A Are broke out yesterday morning. In the -team saw mill of Thomas Price, in Attorney street. It originated front the excessive huat of the boiler acting on the wood work around. The firemen, who wire promptly on the spot, succeeded in extinguish ing the flumes before extensive damage w as done. Fibe ik Clikton Sthi.kt, and Accident* iron# an Ev en w?At Id o'clock, Monday, a thv broke out in the rear of No. 15 UTiutou strei t. ill a stable, which was com pletely destroyed, together with an adjoining one. Con siderable damage was done to a dwelling. They were all frame building- While engine No M w as proceeding to the Are. a young man named .lames Fly un was knocked ib w ii by a hor-o, and the engine ran over hi- back and iiijtiri U him seven ly. J!e was Uik"H to hi- residence. 85 Li wis street Hamilton Merritt wa- ulso slighily injured, at the same time, ly the wlieel of the engine luuuing over hi# foot, lie wa- taken home to 13t( Lewis street. Fire.?At 12 o'clock Monday night, a tiro wax di?eov en d by officer 1 rust, in t lie grocery store at the corner of Eleventh street and Fixth awnue, occupied by ll.trmun I \ eety He immediately broke open tile window and ex tinguished the flaim s. The damag ? wa- trifling. From a) | ? arauccs. this was the work of an iuoendiary. Tin Finn in Wailk Ftxekt.?The fire at 4S Water street wliieh occurred shortly before our g dng to press, and which we briefly noticed this moruing. oom | pl'tely gutted the interior of the building. It was occu 1 ii d by C. A Sb> ille. broker; UoOtge Lc wry. commission merchant; .1 S! Keuip A Co . importer* of wine#, bran die*. Ac., and J M Fteik'i A Co.. oil dealer*. Tiie da mage U covered by insuranee. He? r- Watt* and Sher man had a large quantity of blanket- store 1 in the build itig. which were insured to the amount Of 8'Jooou iu the Niagara. Commercial. Augusta, an l Empire City Compi niis Mr Low ry wu# insured for $8,000 in the Clinton, National. Kntckerhock r, and Broadway Companies The adjoining -tore- were considerably injured by water Ttie loss of.I Fowler in No, 60. uiu 'Uiits to about $1500, covered by iusurauce. The store of Mi'-rs A Co . No ;,J. was broken open uud plundered < f tea. nut megs. and scgur- Their cellar Wa* also flooded. Their loss h about 8loots.1 also covered by insurance. Tet ?T??? oi tiii Society Liireai ? Thi' f <11 ?wine g<>n tlsinen wire yesterday ele<-ted ?Owllan C. Verplxnek. William lngli-. Alexander K. Lodgers. Dayton Ilobart. Frederic Depi ysti r. J as. Dcpcy <t?r Ugdcn Jo-hua Colt. Joseph Delafleld. Jam< 11 Titus, Charlea M Leupp. < barb - A liristed. Johu 11 Hourlle. Jumet IV. lb ukmau 1 W iu. Teinj dcton Johmum. and llenry J. Anderson. Bowling? and Billiard FntablUIaiiieiit for tile, hit* ii<sAt page. Kllmioii iW Co.'* Xrw Orlcnn* and Mobile Ex pre##, per fteani chip Wintield Scott, Muy 1, 1%?1. Tickcta for Chagrva, per etraiiuahip Brother Jonathan. Tueiday, Hit) 13, tor ?uii- i f STlMsON k CO., If H all atrcst. The PIuiuIm* National Dncmtrean Gallery, N" 2f?| Broadway, eontain* the largfet t c!Ucti- a of por trait# i>t diatinguBl vd individual# n. thi# country. No one ihuuld fail t w \ it i 1 thia c**l?* I r:?t d jailer jr. I>r. Banning tlrllvrrti another FreeT*r? ture to i.adie#, thi# dnv ai .V 4 o'clock I*. M . at the R< ciety Li brary Kootni, ,T|w Broadway.?Subject: " The eu'taea, preven tion and car- of the l'roti an Gr-up of a> mpt-in*. triued Female Weakiix-*#, with inatru- ti"i <? f. r f ? Judi ious ce ll rtion of Braeet. Rapport*. Stay# and < -en l*. fwt the relief of bodily vcnknt'M^ and deformities. The ladies centrally are muted to attend. We pertelvc that our old friend, J. I?au Di"ni? r. n m< ve# fr -m hi# old #Und, 4s Maiden lane, to No. 42 Mai b n lam, ami. likewi*?\ that fee cell# out hi# ?took at ancti?n thia day. 0<?? ne ! Go all' that Hint fur gain*. !i>? old friend*, the <, ?h?<uld not forget the "vt ciltfto" to ie found there. World'! Fair.?Y 1*1 tor* to the World's Fair are iti\ ited to e xatniu*- th< aubacrihcr'a etock c f Dree#ing f a*, a. They er? the tin at eomj ?*< t and itrefnl artirle of the kind nianufat lured, containing all that in ntciraary tor the toilet of the moat t'ftMtidloux. SAI N DI RS, 147 Broadway, corner of liberty at., and 3*7 Broadway. Singer'! Sewing Mnrlilnfi for Male, ^13 *n? h !?? * than < an he bought at In the ? Ity. I'urelia ?? ra can I* aupplied with girl- to w < t k tUtn. Apply at W Bowery. Pit tie Mnnt I line.?The attention of Faille* i# invited to the I'ariaiaa Mantilla Kmp ri ?m. .V>1 Br ?a Iway, wh?r< ai> entirely new nn I i: < -t eh gant variety of th?#e faahionahle article# is offered for their in?[<'-tion, at ?* tremely moderate pri< ??*. Mi##e#' Mantilla*, of every aiae and color. Naveltiwi recei ved fr??in 1'aH* < < rv w*. *. GEO. HI hrljf, I'wfrlctof. ?? Ifnpolroii Cravats," of a Style and final ity never l ef< re offer* <1 for ??!? in thi# **itjr. Style# vnrio'it. Gentlemen within.; to pun ho * ? the**; or >ny oilier arti -!??# of aufn ri< r .piality for ? iVt u?e, w< nlddo *e,|1 t i call and e xftmitH for them reive# af SEE I.I S flea tl emeu* a Earmahin^ Store. No. II I'ark Itov, opponte Ik* A#tor ID u#?. To Lady I-'qnenf rl*n?.?Ofiilit avould re ap* etfnlly appri?? the ladle* of N< w Y??rk. and vinit-r# from other flfita. that l?e now hj?r ready. in addition to the grace*, ful aty l< a of plumed heaver #<? generally arpr<v?d a lirht and i fe**? nil) trimmed Straw Hiding Hat. adioir&hly a Ui h <1 for r?|#e on hor*< km-fc in warm weather. Genin fe<?la Confident that tho I add*" will pronoun' e thi novelty juife apropo# to the < <- ?< and a oharmtn*"l> t .total in\* uti??. GEN IN . ?'! I Br .adway. vpp< rit# St. I'aula. The Way to Attain Popularity.?The we crt t of the popularity of Ktinx'a Bat# ie, that. 1 jr a jitdloioi.* iv-tetn of ;idv? rtiring, he ha# tntroduc d thai ? to ali tiaaee# of fttla* n#. win., after nrh lttg them a fair trial, have united in pr< Hoot - in# them the l?ri.'bf**i-t, in- t elegant in ahape, toxtnre and mannfacture. and t!?.* . !,e?j ?t. i iality c< netalered, to le found in to< UaiM Stat<-- Every II ?t he netlr p*a*ep uad< r hi* perianal *?*rntiny, a<' B" "n'' pr<Hur< a damaged or Ill-male ?rt?< l? at hi# t#Ulli#fiiio at. Give hi in a call, at I2S Enlin ?tr> ? t. I aipflaln Mionilwn) .?Tin Stork of Ooo?l. in M'<**ra. lVt?r?on ttnniphrey'* v w r>. rortier < f Bro?<lway and White afreet*, coinj every variety of the neweat *t>le# and led qnalitie# of earpvt*. maftin'i ai?<l i-il elotha, and the pureha#*'r ?at* h#*fe examine ? very deer ritdlon of th**e arti* le# without fr.?in * hop t< ahop through the ?itv. Mv#*r#. I'** raon k Humphrey r?? y? in g men. and ha v e bmlt op an Ittimett?e I uaiav*'?, hv #t?p pl>iug their g< od* at ? profit rau< I below the n#wal icale. A ii-it to tail *#tnbli-*hrti< nt will will r? pny ettrio*ity, and ladiet ran look over their lmm< n#e #t?.ek, ?nd even if they d > not purchase, they will l?e treated with the utinoit idvility and attention. I.ook at Ihnne nrw Spring Pattern* of In grain Carpeting, only f or ahillinga f? r yard, and thoa# pot ent Tap* itrv Ingrain t'arpet*. oft. r I at aurh |uw prier*. at No. <** flowery. HIRAM AN PERSON S. iii#piaved in eight *pa< ion# *ale# room#. Sweh bargain# ar? rarely m* with. Stair I ar|wt# 2a., 3a, an l 4a.; Rn/a UN., etc. Comb Enrtory, 3KT Ilreadway.?!<adl#i are rw?pe< tfukly in vited t<> eaaroin* ? ' ? '? ??*'#?? ? f 1'-.? ?ovni* the variety ?#. bev n I *11 \ ji t ? - .r Ui? ?Itf. eompriaina the n?<?#t beautiful open wifk in abeii nad bmfOle barm. Oombe repaired and made to order A. Hi. 3AUNDEM. A Ptmgraph to Kre p.?It will be a wort of godaend to hundred# ?i aur reader# t? know where they can pr rvre al a ahort not|e<. and with the nbaolnt? certainty of awe wring a perfect and elegant fit, atupplv ?f well mide Sbirta at fair ITire#. Vf own #up?dy the inform itioo, ky naming GREEN S f'nmi#hing E?fai?lhhiuont. No. I Aat r flonae, where every kind of un<ler?l< tliing. He , for pn* Ihlid. tan be obtained. Thr IRrw Vark Htoee Fartary.?Nlrhnlan L. ( rt, Mnnnfarturer and wboleanle an l retail dealer in Stove#, Stove Trimming#. Tin and Sheet Iron fleker^. hard and ebaf"< al Furnnc##. etc., etc., invite* tlx: att?nfion of d?w1er# and other# f<? hi# large aa#ortment of artiel?* in the ? hove lie# whieh w ill he a??ld at the lowe.t mannfnttnr* r#g prifea. All atovta wnrranted a* reprea^nted Stovee deli vered free a-f ehargv at the old #tand, .t*i Grand afreet, oppo ?4tc Eeeeg Market, New York. Wf frrl In ?tuf y bouiitl to rail nttrntton to the long li-t of f?rt?hcati #. ??!! the la#t page. ?.f the m <*t wonderful enrt# ever ?IfbVted ly the ??* <1 WATT*4' Ner v? i*# kntidffe M'e do ao more pariiewUrly ii ?ee??<int <?f t'i< ro !* my l < ? ??. t ?? tinrtv and f??r*y ? "*ie ? w-rd oft he f>..? t?r'? appearing- R e ndvMt all who nro fluted tv read them. rocket and Pea Knives, li-xora, Tollst Cillm, Jwj.?The uu4?r?^i?sd oull Ui? lilatits of tbooo ta wont of tht * to tt'Rir (vw?'rtir?ut, ahkii i? the moot ooin j>l?U to the rity. SAUNDERS. U7 Bro*4?ay, ooraor ot U aorty street, and '&7 Brmdwav. The Kjrr.?Ur.RobltiiM>n, Suigeoii lUid Plijr ?icia <i.r?c?ut! v from I < iidon. k?* a*btxi?tt?d himoolf with Dr. Wheolof, Owuli?t. f'-r tht Mrt-wimeut of d???*a^oo of tl?? oj?. and the f ratti?r of ofthalitac eurvory. Artificial otoo. m ap i**nati?* *4411 ul to the n*turwl ?rn?A. uxsorttei without pais C'ttice, '&? liaroUy tU?*t Removnl.?Dr. Lutrurr'e Kur InUrmury. fcr tic ?xelt:*ivu treatment ot K?r dtwaiM*. wul he rometea by the itt i^l May to 371 Broadway.? Oeafneerf, diftfhurgei fr?m the external car, and the v irion* di*trc<?i?iug noises ta the tars, ?ur?'d it *? short time wtthcvt risk or piaa. Cvn:?ul tation f?e, ?1. Unpaid letters Utfcuo hoars fr?-m > till 3. Patients from the country caa hare good ro-ini, *?u? or without hi ard. flair and \l'hUker?Uat In the Latest and awn tee t style, always conforming to the shape of head, les tnros of far v. and a\ cril app^er'tnc** of ell persons, by Hill, e. 13 Ka the iisin.itat 1*-. 13 N? suu, corner of 1'ian street, where is sold j U.t justly oslsbrateu infallible onguent for the hair. Torture, (luring; and after the Process, yen* rally net< mpanics shaving, when young gentlemen com nienee 1t at fcr.-t. Ho trio's A mole pcssensON invigorating, soothing, and preservative i*titiliticwi. winch make the pr 'Chss ?uty. fry it! Sold by the inventor, William Bogle. 277 M'jul inpton Rtre?t Boston; A. li. <!W, Ih Sands. 100 Pnlton Ht.; Rushton. ( lark A. Co., 273 Broadway; Cary A. Co., and Brig hui A Day, Pearl street. New York. Hair Dye. ?Thompson's V.lquld Hair Dye, which col' rt- the hair as soon hs it i* applied, never turns the hair green, and is warranted superior to any dye in u*<\ er the money tcturned; can bo applied without regard to the v For sale ? r applied at 17 Park Kow, auder EarUs' lit tel. Pries 75 cents. ! PhaloiCn Ma^lc Hair Dye- to color the hair } or whifkers the mt-ment it in spplfld, with on t injury to the hair or skin, It can la; washed immediately without dis turl ir.g the cob r. and luvs no had odor. Jt is applied,fcor a<>ld, at Phalon's Wig iud lonpee manufactory, 107 Broadway. For sale in the city and oountry by druggist* generally. douraiKPs Liquid Hair Dye Instantly con verts nd ( r gray hair t?? brown ??r Muck. Gouruud's Italian llediioti d S? up cures tuu, piiui lis. freckle!', eruptions. Gouruud's Poudro Subtile tradicates liair from upper lip*, ? ~ d's LI face, < r any part of the body?warranted. Gourauu's Liquid K? lie. f? r rale lip?' and cheek*; Lily White, I'air II* .-tora tive. etc., ur* all found at t'r. FELIX UOU BAUD'S old ! cetablished Laboratory, h7 lYulker street, first store from Br a.!way ; Cullender. AM South Third street, Philadelphia; 121 Washington street, Boston. W |gt and Tonpecs.?We would call the r t kertion of persons r< quiring Wigs, to n recent improvement The same *us awarded a siner medal for the flrrt prftainm at the last fair. They enu b .nnu at E. PI1ALON.S W .% and Hair Dye Factory, 1D7 Broadway, corner of Dey fcti-yet. Citiseurt and strangers arc invited to viaminc before purchas ing elsewhere. Copy his address. The popular Bfccllt'ltie of the day li HhILh Palinrei > - 1. It is at I nowlt-uged by .ill that h tve used it, to t" :;n irifaMible remedy for DyspepeU, Liver Complaint, Dropsy. Rheumatism, Scrofulous Iluio rs, C? . ti\?vn? I?t ile, P?b and nil di*"?i*eK arising from inipuriti?,a of the IL id. W B. SMITH 11ALL. Sole I'r-.prictor, lA'JBowery. Oxygenated Kilter*.?Boston, Deeeiuhcr O, 1*4?.- Lr. Geo. B. Green r?Dear sir?In reply t-. v ?ur <1 ti ? euatcd Bi ticiu in regard to the act ion of tin* " Gxycenatod Bitters," I feci much plcftsnrc in stating that fr-mi its prompt and dec i , siveeP'cet in alleviating and overcoming a severe and chronic c nee of indigestion and dyspepsia, in my own family, and from ! a know ledge of its wonderful results in curing several ut tacks quite us severe in other Lutiili-f ot my acquaintance. I tonvider it a sovtrcigii and infallible remedy iu that dia* tiet-fing comrlaint. and would cor Hally and earnestl v roi om Tiieml it all who maybe thus afflicted. Respectfully yours, Isaac Danforth, 17 S(?utli Mark* t street. The above certifi cate ih fr^-in a well know n and hid ly respectable' merchant ot B< ft< 11, end is entitled to the fnllct confidence. Price SI per bi'ttb . six b< tt!esfor$5. For sale l?y A. B. A: D. Sands, jufi kolt n street; and A. L. Scovill A f!o.. and II. , Ring, 112 Broadway, N\ Y., uud by the druggists generally. Oriental Shin Preserver" will In I .tire to *veryl>udv u.iaxit >1 d.itli.K whiip nnd unow-lik, fti'pearaBCC. Tht l'r?Mrivir i. vompo.cil entirely cf v??U llt' ingredients, ftud cutftins no injurious eniniiuund. end Hill transf' ?'? all cutuneous eruption., suel, us redness, T< u,linif?. tun, fre?lilt ?, suuluiru, yellow and sail w skin, pimples, tetters, saltrheuin. oliaps. chilblains, with every othererupti. n the skin is heir to, iutu a white, soft, smooth, tranipurent and lovely eompltxioo. It is nut up in the firm of . powder, beautifully perfumed, ana sold at three ?hillings 1? r ho*, r three botes t> r one dollar. To he oh. mined only at 4X'l Broadway, corner of Howard street, New York, In the drug store. HONEY MARKET. Tuskay. April 29?6 P M. We h*Te no chanpo to report in the Hock market. Trices f> T all the fancies in which there were any trans actions. fell off to-day a fraction. At the first board. Erie Convertible Comls declined '4 per cent ; Morris Canal, J, ; Hfltrmlh ; Portsmouth, '.j ; Erie Railroad ; Reading Railroad. J, ; Hudson Railroad. !j ; New Jersey Mining Company. Harbin and Reading Railroad were the ui< >t uetive stocks on the list; but all the ope rations were on thnc. There appears to be no spieeubi ti. 11 out of Wall street, and the transactions are all be tween the regular brokers. Tlicy hold the bulk of all tile fancies, and must let thein down several per oent be t> re they will draw in many outsid. rs. Unfortunately, most of tin m were purchased at prices above those uow current; and holders are auxious to realize cost, If pos sible. Th'-re was a sole, to-day. at auction, of 27U shares of Atlantic l>? ck C" inpaiiy. at 124 b a 2i. and 50 shares Of llousatonic Ruilri ad preferred stock at Zifi The Bank of the State of Georgia has declared a semi annual dividend of four dollars per share Tlx amount of duty paid at the port of Boston on foreign nu ri handise. far the first quarter of 1851, was fl Slo.518 2&. Amount paid corresponding quarter last year, 11 Mil 912 88. Increase of 1851. fhS 'ilij 6o. Tlx Indictment* growing out of Ihr failure of the 8tut? l ank at M(Trin. N J . are to bo triad at the kluy term of th* c< urt* of that county. The receiver* of the bank, with wbeni the matter bn* been amicably arranged, re commended to the Attorney tloncral the diaeontluuance of all furtlur cria.lnai proeeedingr. hut that officer. it la stated, is unwilling to h?*iiuic the re?pon*lbility. Stock Ktrliniigr, ?:i.?W V 8<r?, '.7 117'. lew ?h? Readia;; RR HO .V'? 1.(14) d*. fill 117', ?*> do Ho fte'ft 2.I4C> K'blurkv 0 1, JO* , .WD do ft"', I-.I4W I'a ,V?, !'S :*?l do hl'J 9* H'.'D" Trie locom*, !ki kd do ft* 1.144) Kr ? 71. at'. l'? * 7??e do aJl 97V S.'t" Krir' oar, 71, C; I0" do HO V* #.<CW do !D'4 K?i do b*W Sn'o ll'.IWO do MO 2741 Erie KK K' (ft 144) do t )ft 8)0 IT do fc.1 Wtf ft KO do M>'. ?*> do klO K", ft.icD do ?cD I* >, l?> do k-" ?'?, ltd' cl.t Pvrtvraonth l?D Id , ?*> do id *' , JO do 111 .Ml do kJI He lit) EU/cwi rth Co 8 lrtl do k.M ** ltd do H, 2D> do KS,A li (?o l>nn S o, .Vn llarlen RR 74 8 NT k Mi 117 ,100 do HO 74 li nk C em **rir lt?!'? *0 do HO 7.'!'* 17. Mir untile Hk 107 3D do h? 74', .'OK J Min Kx Co 14c, lew do Mo 74V, M CUc-a it Sehen *?rip 1.? .WW do ?''? Tii Huh ft. fttmait ll'i ft" Nce\ WorRR bc'D i'd. Ill llmlauB Klvtr Mb, .'41 Kar f Tract P W t-i 7i ( *i.t* a t_o c-1, j?i do M'o inu do bed i.u loci do klft ft"*'., 741 do oiO l.? 1011 l.on' Idand Rlt 71 ? Ml fttouiagtoB RR 4.1', 2i*i kCorrin Canal lb CITY Tit A UK llEPUItT. Ti mui. April i??? P M Pnarmir*?f'lmtr ha? b?*en very heavy iluring tlie cli.y. tlie receipt* exceeding tbe demand and the sale*, which reach* I d.-'oci hhla pbow n tailing 'di in tlie value nf in atly Mil iWeriptiona of '* a TH'jr jot hhl . aupertlne ho VI leali/ing only M 17 a 4 IK, < i denary t? g>...,| State. 14 7ft a 4 .'>7 . mix* d to straight Indinna and Miehignti. ?4 a 4 60; pure ll*n*'*ro *4 17 ? 4 7ft ami other I rand* at equally reduced prices Canadian nl?o farered hnjen? 1 'di Iihla Mild for elilpmc nt at *4 41 a 4 "4i in bond Houthern lea* rt covered from the depr -elmi ! nUtiihd to In our former r% port. mid. with little t tiering it ? !? 1 ed f i inly nt f4 ?."> .i 4 K7 lot common to P?d and ?ft ii "i l4i f. r fancy, the ilay'a . p -ration* adding up aliout 1 .ftcti I.hb*. In Ice Clour a ).< II* r feeling wn? dt-pliyrd and about TOO I Ida were aol*l at ?3 44 a .'160 In Meal ?* hoard of no transactl* na. au*l price* were unchanged. IIW waa irmt'Te ami nominal 1 Ma* lotah* I* g **?l (it idtoe colli at # 111 V Jfy w?* not pleuty. ?ud wae hi Id i t ",V The anpply <*f Aar/ry continued large arid w it I. an ? oil T mark* t. .* 144) tiu* luda c. n.olian i hanged j I ..i dp at (1 Oft a I 10. There Ima hreii more cl ing In (>?/? hut prtfca Were tlie aame ('urn tuh il *teady and j wm? In g?.?d ihippingfrqwet Tlietranaactlotw amount ed to 14i.l44i I.coin i? n* w round alul flat yellow at Oil a C4c . Ii.eluding n me parei I- < I high mixed Weetern the i lirpt receleeii hy the canal* at 4K|c,c. c hi in* --1 In m?rhct cotilinin ? well *npplled with thi* anleh ni dtli* -all-, rebelling :i(44) hal* ? indieat* a want I of * ontd* t.e> ? Ith hie-hh r* Vfr *|U* te low middling to g* oil lit 1*1*1111 g nplaml at IP^wIci'," Yeatorday tin* i transac tion* late in the day were II 000 hale*, making it I total 1 mine-* of 4.04.41 Piiorcaton* The |*ork market wa? aomrwhiit excited ilurit g tlo day hut pric* ? haw** not w?rl**l. !4oni- I v'*i hhl* were di*p*a*ed of at ?17*17', for new nn ?*. ftl4 for | c* Id, f 1.. for new prime, and |U K a $17 for I hi I leaf wa* pi* ut y and dull al 1 B 117 a fll 90 for me und ?."> 7 , a *0 .41 for prime Of le-i f ham* th* re were aelea of 1WI I tiefre* at flft 74). Inplckhd nieata tin r-' wa 11 better ' huainc ?? dc*ne. eou-l<ting of 70 f*4) lt*e ahoulder* at 7e , ftlnl 14)4) paekage* hum* at K'Br There wa* a in**re act I v* in<|iilry f*r lard, and the advance noticed y**t*r clay ha* la en well ruMatned About ikD package * 'ld nt !'a t*',c liutter hae giv* ci way atawit 7e per It*, on the tetter ilrfcrlptlc na. owing t? an Inrfenpi* In the *up | ly. while tin-Mclea w* r*' moderate Ch*a<ae wa* worth ti< m 7* a Te . for medium to ) rime quiiliticv None *elh ing higher Married, On Tnerdny April 79. bj the Me* Dr Mutton Mr Wn ? licm K Kccrr to Mint M . daughter of Abruham Me- ? rc.le, H*<4 . all of tlifa fltT <?n the erming of Afiril 78. at tlx I'ranklin atnwt Church, hy the it<? Dr llaideolurgh ftlr Wh 11****? Ill*** * to III** gun* tarry, only daughter of Jauie* Yoley Kmc . of thi* rtly On April 28 nt 8t Cieorge'i Church by the Dr. Stephen II Tyng Mr Cmatr* K Tavtna lo Hop Ma rie 1 4 .1 M n? FLt all of thi* rlty On April 2P hy th* Rer W, C Mort. flrnaoi Biaacr to Aim .laai IIno* antn*0 ladh e*f thi* klty On Sunday evening. January 27 hv kin* Rev .18 tta* kus Mr lt?? a?c*v t a* llr* ai v to Mica He iim A t'ov. oil of thi* city. Died, On April 2* .Ton* Ki anv. cldc *1 eon of Theodora and Car* line Taylor. ag*d S year* and 8 month*. 7 he-frit nd> and relative* of th*'family al*n the mam 1* r* of Trinpkiu* l.idg* and .ta*|xr Chapter, ar** Invited to alt* nd the fune ral thi* afternoon, at half j*aat 4 o'rl* * k fn m th*1 resid* nee * f Ida feather ko lledford *t. On Tmeclay. April 20 afl*r a *ln*rt lllnaa*. M* 111 na, wil* i t 1'itcr Kalu* aged it year* and 10 neontha. a na tiv* i f Atl:l> ne. Ir*4an*l 11 * fri* nd* ami n quaintanrr* are re*pe?tfuUy lnvlte*l te alt'nd. withe ut fiuthvr iiariUtien, nt h*r hate re*l 4tnr., Tlirljmmlh ?tr??t, Utwwi Stv.ulh tul Highth nvruuin. tLw (WuluratUy) half ,art ii i>?rl<?k un Tu?nl?jr. April 20, at ihu nulduMa of Jama* Col*, at Or?v<??tid. L.I klica 11 a ah MoC?i'n. ajp <1 <7 j*nr* Tbr fiH udc HOd arquainlaii.aa of lb. lit mil, are re ap* oifbll j Invited to ainud haffuuant. thia (WednM liaj ) afttTtioou at 8 o'clock, ftoiu Um abova uaiuttl plab* L.<i.. thc Coney IrUnd Clank Koad On Tu<mIbjt tTcnmjf April 3k. alW a abort bnt painfui lUacaa Imoci*, youngort daughter of Ali'ui L and Ime gen Baturi-on. aged I your uiul 1 month. 1 be relative and frwndi of the family aro rospactfully Invited to attend l.or funeral, tbia (Vl'cilnMday) after uot n ut 3 o'clock front the re-ldeiuxi i f In r par.-ula, No. b? M e-t Thirty-tilth atraet. near MJihlh avenge II,a r< maink will he taken to Uroeuwood Cemetery for >u tei mi nt. On April 28, of typhna fever. Jutarr Ci aaar. daughtM of John Clarke, aged 14 yeanS monthi and is days. The Limit* and aequaintaneoa am re#pi etfully invite 1 to attend the funerui. from her fathor'a residence, No. 197 M eet Twentieth street, on Wediuwday. 30tb inat, at 2 o'clock. P. M On Hi inlay morning, April 38, at 8 o'clock, altera short ilinen*, Aw wife of Jucob llru*h aged 67 years T months and 8 days. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. Tii K TO KIP. IONO If-l.AND, Arilll, 29, 1AM.?A MATCH WILL J e iue oil uv, r tl.v t'ai,n Cuurae, on Thursday, May 1. I I, I r *.>00, between hhek Harry and Bill Pool. Georgr Nelson n u lut pi It lack Harry. *ud Daniel Pyfef names Hill Pool; t<> coinc oft pren-cly at half-past 2 o'clock. Iinraedi st? \y after, a pur*1; of ?*>0 will bo trotted tor, by Nelson'# ( < It i?Lu Put* am; iiiiit' heats. b?*t throe in five, to harueas. Also, u match. mheats, fir $3dU, between Black Liberty, to wit^on. and Monte Cristo, harness. .JOHN I. 8XEDIKER. Proprietor. X. IT.?Ti e Jenny Lind lin<? of stage will run hourly f.? in Grind *tr? ? t P-< k slip ferries. WilHvnsbnrgh, 1/ t .?! Coiir-c. Stay s will be in readiness at Fulton terry, brook 1 vii, nt 12 and 1 o'clock, to convey passengers to au-i froui the C oursc. LOST, Ac. ]' 08T?A LADY'S BLUE ENAMELLED WATCH, WITH J the initials of P. D. to Emma, on Tuesday, between 4 nud 5 i' * lock, I' II . w iie panning through I?ruadway from Grand Ntr ft to No. i 2^ Houston In t. Tin- Under will be liberally r. warded l y leaving it at No. (J2H Houston street. | < sT-ON THE KV EV1NG <>F 2rrn I X ST., IX GOING A.J ir< n? F? urtli mouu' t? Third, through El m-nth street, a .-onfall i o? ket-l' oV. containing about $4, an 1 Home private papers, (til no earthly u t t<> any but the owner.) The tinder i .in retain the ney contents a? a reward, it' ho will return the l tt| ?rs tu J. J. L).. ? t the ottico of tLie pftpcf. IOST?ON THE EVKMVii (?F THK 2.VTII IXST., J % small Red Morocco W alht. eontaiuing about two hundred and o \> nt? d liar*?uio^t ? f it t,U New York (.'itjr Funds, notes, and i '' ? r j up. r , ? f no" 'u anyone e.t c? pt the owner. One Hundred Dollar* will 1-- wiv? u to thi 1? ruiu who will r :uru it, at Tirrapiu Lua< h, Jl^ broad way, any day this we* k. tf* | REWARD- iJtST, ON THE KVEN1NO OF TUB Jp 1 UFtli, a young ?:, about four months old, black, with brow u fe?t; nii*wer* to the name ol Porter. Any per sou finding l.iin, will receive the above re want ! , r- turning him to the ow tiers. 1111 K V. 1.1. Y fL L't). U > \ ry. & Q REWARD?STRAYED. A BLACK NEWFOUND HO laid Hint, with c< me white. H.-i-t on u re 1 It tther ct I li r with a blnch ring buckled in. The above reward will b* paid on her return ut 104 West street. Notice.?foi*nn, at the rainbow motel, 27 Beekinnn str ? t, a Pocket Bo< k. coutlining money. 'J f t ow tier > ay <d tain it at the bur ol t;?e above place, upou describing it and the contents. PEHSONAL. A CHILD FOR A IMM'TION.?TilE FATHER OF A young hoy, about six years old, who has 1 mother, would like to have him adopted hy a pious family, lu juirv at h4?i Broome street, Gilliland's News Depot, 4t in REWARD?TEN DOLLARS TV ILL BE PAID FOK yj A \7 information of Li-iuuil Sattcrley. a-oldier in tu# w ar of 1M2, or if dead, of his heirs, by J. YVhat?ley,23 C'liu ton Place. CLOTHING* SPRING CLOTHING?OCR SELECT AND EXTENSIVE ?t< ok of Clothing for the season is now ready, cotuprir ii g all the latest styles o] -artnents of the day, and every thing thi*t is in w ami chaste in goods to be found in this oC European markets. D. x J. DEVLIN. XI and 35 Jehu st., corner ef Na?eau at. C1 A ST OF F CLOTHING AND FI K N ITU RE WANTED. ^ ?The highest price can be obtained hy ladies and gen t It-men w ho ha\ e any left oil Clothing. Furniture, anil Jewel ry . bic., to dif pose of, by sending, through post or otherwise for J. 1 L'? ENSTYN,4Ui Broadway, upstairs. Ladies att> nd? u to l.y Mr#. Levenstyn. (^ASTOFF CLOTHING AND FL'RNITl'RB WANTED.? J Ladies, or gentlemen having any superfluous effects to dispose of, can obtain a lair cash price for the same, by send ingfor the subscril ?-r at his residence. Ladies attended bo Mrs. Cohen. M. 8. COHKN, No. 8 West Broadway place. f ? ANT OFF t LO'J MING AND FCRMTCKE WANTED VV? Ladies or gentlemen leaving the city, or breaking uj honseki eping, can obtain the highest cash price b w ( lothing, b urniture, Ac., by sending through the Post, *r at his rs?i lieiu e. I. ii DCsSELIKiRP, Pi Elia street. N. II.? Ladies attended by Mrs. Dussildorp. (<AM OFF ( I.OTIIING. AC.?LADIES A X I) GENTLE J men can obtain from the subscriber as high & price for e^try description of cast off clothing and up rtluous arti cle.-, as from any ? th? r r' coad-hand dealer in the city. Ad dress, tl rough post ?t otherwise, or call < n JAMES MOKO NfcY, at hisstor11 Orange st., near Chatham st. DRY GOOD^ PARASOL?.?THE SUBSCRIBER, ANDREW BOI1ME. manufacturer and wholesale dealer, has on hand ana of' rs f. r sale en Ultra! terms, the richest embroidered bre eade, laced, chene. watered, bordered, lined, fringed, ivory lipped, satin, stlk, gingliHin and cotton'Parusols. Also, Cm tryilas ol every d? e? riptlon; 40Inch Buggy, red, fur Mexican trade, Ac., Ac. AN DREW BOH ME. ,Vo 12 Cedar street. PAPER HANGINGS, Ac. I^INE FRENi ll PAPER HAMGINGS, DE? ORATION?. Ac.?Thw is w.nnt of the above articles should uot omit to look through our establishment, as their int< rot ana taste tuay be bust consulted by a cell. THOS. FA YE A CO., 4.'ai I't-ari street, bttwe? u Ma fisou sad Chatham. PHAl'FK II AN GIN Gil.?FK A NC1S PARES & CO., so. rnrl iltcrt, in now |T''port<1 to v.'.ibit *11 their Dew dcrirna of Frtncli and Ammtan I*?|m r llunyiB,,*, ten triune the ri,'h*?t *tyl**of mR NlrM, *ml ,*ttu dvcora lion* lor drawiny ruum*. m l *l*o oak and marhl* panda lor dininy rvunt*. hall*, Ac., which th*y off. r whole**!* and r* tall at the luw.?t market |>ri*ea. Kuperior workmen are em ployed to hany the paper*, he. A^m M i R DAVIEE, M MOAhfAT, u ESPBCT ? fully iatite the attention of the trade and th* public, to their choiri a**ortni( lit of Freach r*|wr llnnyiny* ol fe int,-t and uuot funhional le dceian*. AImi, their a.xrttu- at of l ace and Muelin Cnrlain*. C'ornire*. Shadr*. Interior l'e <? ration*, he which they will tell 2) per tent. le*a than any hou*e in the city. (Mir. A PEST MORE IN THE CITV. ??? BOWERT, ' for Window Mi*d?? and Cornice*, I'aprr llnnainir*. I. ice and Curtain*, Curtain Material* of every *'-'*0rip til ii, and ?v,rytliuy in the L'phoUtery line, twenty ptr cent lowtr thin any other houre in the city. A M. It K. DAVIE S, Cphol*t*rer*. 'JO Bowi-rr. IIORSKS, CAKRIAOKM, ?W. N F.U YORK IIOR"F. BAZAAR. II i'ROSIIY STREET.? - - Auction mi If f II ih'h, t 'urriagep. II.t r i. ? , ev? r y II'-inlay Ami VYedn?sdny, C"tniA*nctng at U n'clotV Per sons huviug |? r* |rt> to dispose of, will pleuse to tall and have them registered ln*f? r? IU o'clock. JOHN II (JATFI ELD, Proprietor. HOBRER FOR SALF,.?CONSTANTLY ON HAND AND for sale, ft i ari' ty of highly trained saddle and burners Horses, suitable for ludics' ami gen tie ami a use; also, saddle horicp, and hones find wagons to let by the day, w? ek or month, At Diel row's Hiding School* No. Jl Fourth Arcane. nOM W A NTED?A LOU' PRICED IfORSE, SOI N D, gentle sod fit for family rise; one aeeifti ra^t to a lory* iwtiv* preferred, and that n ho? esn drive* Address, stat ing |*rice, he., ho* 2*27*, Lower rost Office. BjtOR RALE-A REACT! POT* BLACK U IRK, FIFTEEN ? harititt high. .1 >?ftfa old this sprit* : pound. Ms<l antI laM. I'rict H1". and n< le.-* Can tc sens at D in n i sta ? I* ii Nrw I*? ar Heaver strati. ?30H tAll A BEAITIFVL EAT MAE1 fY* YEARS Ml old. sound *1111 kind in ?iiit<l? or d"tihl# hftfu* ??; is also ?n excellent ?addlc horse; she i? full blooded and very spirit ed. and with pr* pfr triiniit* is lik?*lyt he very fa#t, f'm ts n*Et it Vr. Br? snell f itslls is Canal Tt., between Hr ad vay and Elm ?t. AN ILI.IiANT I'll 4.TON LOR R M V lit I IT BY Yl ?Eii, Toinlinsoii A Co., to order, at a ?< ? % of f. i.iO. It. is in J' rf?ct order. h*%4t?g k-rn very little used?will ho sold very low. Apply to \S ??o?, T"in1iii*on k On.. 410 Broad way. A HiCOND HAND, 8 HI FT! NO-TOP WAOOV. AND JY mr scat Rfckaway f r rale. The wag'-n is ohm ? i. *1. C. lUrls Niakt. c itli silver tnewnt-.d haraefs. W*|?* ?'*t sod the harnasi fkl All will he ?>>td I' W, It a| plied f..r iiamediaUly, at John C. Ham's ref- Mto rv, .'Haf Broadway. F1<?R 8ALF AN OFFN PH.YTOV, FOR TWO IIOR8F.R, with enamel leather top, and in peri ? t order for its ti** tlinte use, at ttray'a stable, H f?rr*?n Ptre-1, near Broadway. I^OR SALE?A BROCCIIAM. (RADK BY KRLER. BF.ST I ? arna*e maker in l*nri?) w hich la in ? ?> i rd* r, will h?i p Id by a seiitlem n nhont t< lca\e for F. r ?p : p *d e f hf|uire at tte stal le, in Ast??r placi, opf ? ito tl.c Op? ra II* use. ROf K A tV A Y B A CH i N W A NTEti ? A 1*1 CUT ONE. with luoVAMc S'fct*, fof e*e horrc. Address hot I ?t Office. HOCKAf \Y BACON ft AN TEW?A fiOOD I'LATM 'secoinl-hni ??!*? , ittilfthle for country use. w ith sis swat#* Address hoi M70 I*. O., rtsting price and descfihiag ti*w article. ST Of I.N, OR RTRAYtn. FROM THE CORNER OF T>E lam y Mreet sad B >wery, last oiiht, the i-tli inst., a8?r rel Mnre. B*ay<?n na<i llariioes. 8Hd marc has a white face, and a large p? ar, left from a blister, ob her left hiad RurtTteff* An> |wrp?<ti returning tliesanie to Meier*. Reed It Tniesdale e stahle. in Mercer, wear Bleacher street, will ha UNrMlf ra warded. EfN|]| TATTEH8ALL 8 HtAYI POR'DI R8 ' 1 RIN J II* aits in horse* in from ene U> two weeks, and Couth in thf . day- Tl.i y arc. heeidsw, tin hstt ?< nditlon ffiedi ??ii? that can he h*od; one p;*? kagc will do irn.rc to fatten n bor*?<. out of condition, tiuui ??? bushels ?t ? ..ts. r '-r Palo hy ,\ II (HUGH 1 < o , nt Ki*? ?. 110 Utuadway, *1 p?c puck**'', u, *ii fur {^. mucorr. NOTM F.-lfAI.I.IMoKF S CELIBRATKD IIRANDT ?lure I* ll???l?4 ?t lh* *orn*T cf Hrona, and Cr?*hw (IrteU, wh?r* wtfl h? fonaf M?* laryc.t ami h?*t ?cle*tw4 *to< k in th* rjtv. ?f rholrw ? in**. Rranhi a, tt<',a**. k? , in.pi rl*<I ?iprr**fy fur hi* tr*4*. lie will *.'11 fr ra 11 %>? X jwr ?*Tit chMpcf Mian any ctber hau.t in N?w V..rk, u< a.k. *? < d iii't*ni*nt a* a partie*lar fa, or. Bi> faailltk* are prrat. nnd hi* hnain*** i- cenduetH an the ?aali rrin*i|J*. M NATKIIVOT1AL. ..?V - XV-,-v-v*. - . v'v'vXV\VVV.\WlS ATM! RON Y MADE KA5Y. OR ftoW TO WIN A Later I'roh sa< r I<awton, cf London, having srr vsrt in, will s?*rd to any addr*?", c? receipt of one dollar, post l-aid. plain direc tions to enable ladies or gentlemen Rp win the deleted affections of the opposite sex- The orocCNh is simple, Imt en eaptivatint that all may he matried, irrt? spo< live ?f aye, af f-etratic*, or poattfoa; and last, though aoh I *n?t, it ran he *rr i.*td with trnrh ease and deli'Mftoy that an te'lion is impfpaiilt. Address Professor Law ten, lieston, N* ?*. No letters taken tycm the Fogt OBee nnltgt Ut tAgf it l aid.