Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 1, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 1, 1851 Page 1
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e THE NEW YORK HERALD: ?y WHOLE NO. 6764. MORNING EDITION?-THURSDAY, MAY 1, 1851. PRICE TWO CENTS. iauu ww "*1711. MoCOKMICK. AUCTIONEER.?WM. MoCOR vT mirk k Co., store l.'l Spruec street. will Mil. this in .ra in*. ram or shine. at 10 e'eloek, a Iarg? 1 .t of various arti cles of furnitut e, left from late outdoor sales. Families de airing to store turnitnre, van be accommodated at a mode rate rata, for Ion* or short period*. Cash advanced upon the same, if wanted. JOHN T. ROLLINS. AUCTIONEER -ROSES, PLANTS, Shruble-ry, and Barometer, at auction.?This day, Thurs day, let May. at halt past lu o'clock, at 1) John street, near Broadway, a very fine ateortinent ot Roses, in bloom?Stand ards, Dwarf Standard*. Bourbon, Noisette, and Michigan Roses; Honeysuckle*, llardy Climbers, Verbenas. Petunias, Dahlia*, .ot hest kinds, Ac., well worthy the attention of Luyer*. At 12 o'clock, a lar*e Barometer. ?e. KEMl', AUCTIONEER ?SALOON PIETVRRS, ? kf.?This day (Thursday), at 10 o'clock, at Thomp aou's Saloon, ?i5 Broadway, opposite the Park, vis:?Thirty io lorty marble top Tables, Sr.ow Cases a large lot of Chairs and Stools. Glass I handeliers, Mirrors. Counters with m irhle tops, Fhelvc*. fancy Articles, Ac., the same hein* all the natures and furniture of Mr. Thompson, l.e having removed further up Broadway. Auction notice.-thos. bell, auctioneer. By 11. N. liiisli.?I.urau Sale of furniture.?This day will be continued the sale of elegant valuable Furniture of all descriptions, from families removing, Ac.. at hall past 30 o'clock, in the auction rooms. 10 North William street, comprising a must desirable variety of large Looking Glasses, Bookcases, Solas, marble top Tat les. Piano Forte, Paintings, Carpets, Ac. TIIOS. BELL, Auctioneer. VUH HA LK AND TO LET. A ( tti Mill SEAT ON THE HI OS in ki f BE ?FOR sale or la let, a pleasant and commodious Uothio cot tore, near Tirol! (K?J llook), with tscuty-iivo or uioro acres of laud, running down to the river. Apply to CAMHUl hue : ? . . >S. i; Wall sir,--:. AhtSCH (IN BROADWAY To i.ET \ I ARGEFRONT room, on second lloor, southeast corner of Broadway and Grand elrects, suitable for e u y rospsetablo business f'oHovseion immediately. Apply on the premises. The above Will not I* rented us a liquor saloon. AGE EAT BOWLING AND BILLIARD E S 1'A BLI Ali ment lor sulc.?The rooms, containing eight alloys and four taMes, are on tho northeast c irnor of Eighth and Chos But streets, Philadelphia, in a building four stories high, 25 by 1M feet, well lighted on each str, t. with sixteen windows On each at r\. high and well ventilated, very central and most pleasantly situated. The alloys are laid down in a very solid and durable manner, and run very still. The rooms arc httod up with all possil le conveniences, and fur nished in the most elegant manner, with oil cloth on tho floors, marLlc top table* and washstanda, with ailver plated fixture*. A four very large French pluto mirrurs. A' .; was re tit ted. ?owh mouths siuoe, at a <? .st of$ did; is in perfect order, and is now in most successful operation, and visited L> the beet Slid most genteel cla-s of p. ople. As the pro prietor is deeply e tigs a I in tbo California trade, ho w ill soil at a n aaonabli, price, for cash. 1 r further information, Apply to or address M. HUDSON, No. 11 South Eighth street, corner ol OkHSBl otreet. Philadelphia. A FARM, SAW MILL, VALUABLE WATER POWER, and tract of well timbered land, located within lu tein l.our?' traced of the?itr?of New Vork. is offered for aalc upou lavorable terms. The property embraces an ?ntlro tract m si out six hundred acres, upon'the border of Tump kins county, about nfteen wiles from Ithaca, in the midst ot n highly cultivated country, and int Uigent and moral com munity. The entire property will be ?<? d in one parcel, or divided into three parcels if desired. The farm consists of ?about eighty acres in good fence, hac in* a comfortable house, na on hard, two good l>srnn, and spring and rivnlet of excel lent water. The saw mill has been constructed of sufficient capacity to cairy, in addition to tho pr icnt saw, a gang of paws, and a shingle and lath machine. The water power upon the tract admits of other mills. The I umber cut can he sold at the mill, or he transported profitably to New Vork. In inire ci GEORGE KIUHMON I). N . !?;.! Br a Iw.iy N . COMMISSION BUSINESS FOR SALE -THE A liVER -c tiser off ri for sale the Stock, 1'ixtur s, and Good Will rd a well established hu*in-aa, now paying commissions up wards of tlx thousand dollars, and may be inorcased to any amount if the partl.'* have the mean* for advancing. It w ill Le neccsiar;. tor partie* answeriug this to have at least ten thousand dollars cash, (p!0.(?*>). Address " Commissions," at this cthce. <"ff LI ETON PROPERTY FOR SUE? A FRAME GOT J tagc. with about eight lots of ground, t n minutes' valk from VaadrrLilt'a landing. The ground Is beautifully ?planted with fruit ahd ?nauicnti! ehado trees. Thoriisa rood stable > n tl e pr idisis, with a well of water of the bo.t hind, l'or turtl er particulars, address to A. B. Janin, ?1 Old slip, vp stair*: or on the premises. TOO* BALE OR TO LET.?A HNE COUNTRY RET JF drnce at Stamford CvaaveUvit, within live nnui tel walk ot the New Vork and New Il iven depot. Tho situation i? in *t di and plra*ant in that healthy town, hamw a ^oe view i f the Sound and the inrrounoing country, Tlie Bouse is nearly tew, an t coataint t n r cms, with plaaaa, fco., conveniently arranged, and a (Ins w '1 of s >ft water connect* ? itb the kitchen. The ground* arc about thrc ' fourth* of an ,i' re, hand- melv laid oat into ff wr and vegetable gardens. If not told it will be let for the whole or part of the year, inquire at I). II. Croebey'a book at' re, corner of William Ctrcet and Exchange Place. Id OR SALE-A DOUBLE SALAMANDER SAFE?OA Y ler's I'at. ut?Large sire. It has inside an i outsidodoors, with thief detector lock* an each, an 1 is suitable f>r a bank or jeweller. It was inad? raid' -sly tor the aub'.criWi, is in perfect ordvv, and will be sold at a very low price. I). APPI.ETON A t o., ITW Broadway. LM)K SAI E OK TO LET?THE < ENTKE HOUSE OF ? thebl.vk ?t nine Iron it'll' front throa itorjr fin I tik'i nirnt I Mt.iated iu Leyinyt .n Kiait, hot* n Thirtieth and Thirty-brat ntr??ty. rj|ilute with ereryconrn Bieiioo. Inquire i n tbn premier. IlOK SAI.K-TIIE STOCK AMI FIXTURES OF nil. B'ael iu*t' n ll"tel, No. ISC ran J otr -t, William iharxh, ?with m Un yrer-' 1??m?the rant U chnap?two bowling al ley, t ?ill | ny tli*f rant untl ?*n.nno?. JAMES C. MACI IUK. J.10K SALt-HotSE AND HIT NO. 119 MADISON F rtreet. ' t 2i l.y Inn, J fact alloy way. laquirt at lttt .Vedleou atr ot. I1ROCFKY STOKE FOR SALE -THE STOCK. COOD ? * ill, a ..I unexpired ti rin oft; no yeare 11 ?oe, from data, of ' no aid otaU -I it r I'rvi'rrt, No. 1 l||Waalnn|?t >? tr ( rncr ol ? frlinle etreet, tn '.o M on a'"- tint of the death of Oil rr prlatoc For particular* apply ?# KAKY >. LE'.l.F.T, Admin-tritria. KB Barclay :, 01 ob tlio pion iaoe. Mom Idaud li o'clock, A. M. HOR0KIN-TO LET. IX HUDSON STREET. IIODO hon. I ? i ween See nd and Thir ! oir in. a lait "f rnntnt on tl.o ac?i .1 fl.i ir. oitli full ir pnrtul l>oar<l. Peaaeaaiaa ?.aii be l.r i immediately. n iii firtd. Apply, or aJdree*a uvta to " ilobuli n," l O Fahoa ?t,-' . Now York. | 11 l it I - T(i KFM-srOKE TO I.F.T OR LEASE.? ? " Soacral iiflire, t<> let. ront from >P">,io FT*), raitaMo f ir Sr?* >!a?a pn li .ma* r trade", m tlio H'.<'hmytoa, Lafay t tt Mat* at.t.1. Caller i, IU llr adwaw. Oae ntora. aplen liidle&t I i p. rent F'Vei. in the Now \ ,.rk Ra aar aud Mer cnaul* Bisil.'ing, S3 Broadway, N. V. Apply to t.EO. 1'. FOX. . a tin' pram!-i '? OFriers to li t iiousf. buildings, i" ti \ on i iii ly Iii i tod mi d ft tad up, artth Crotoa wator o aianiomor. A I' u ii m linm a.iUlj. Apply to G. J. S Thnmponii. M I n.rtl i?dt etWL |> AL I OF A HOI E TO LET TO A SMALL FAMILY, Nn. 'ti' FriiKo ftroft. i rnnr (Qfrone. CJODA WATER DRAFT PIPE. SILVER I'LATED-A t? try Inihdi ne article, 1.. ,1110. low. Or: pnal nil, 3,13 Af |lt ? 1 AMUaf'iX A MA< LAV. Drttfginla, >1 Faltoa itreot. s TANDIM < am;? I I1R SALE -A COMPLETE S?T, IN p. rfoi t or '? o. nearly n, ?. ?ad ?ill ! ? >44 olio 1 p. to it the 1 mat in. May I v 00. a .it IJ Ann atroet. Siiuri 1 r. i;? ? rdj roR sai f.-tvfo of the rest SI.1 PS I' nrda 11 tin ' ty?nil i mplat' M|tl ivli Id tlie pair,?r 4 lor tbo niintfe one. Apply at J/J Hnl-.ii ?treat, wb? r 1' 1 caa 1 e rot a. VHIRF. TO l.r.i-tlll I 1AM STIt EE I"?Til E FI K IT H f 1. r and kawwioBt . el, no-r- N ?. ?' William <'r A r?"d la< ,'i n tor ti 0 drr |(?il< or laaey bti"la"?a. P"a?#i t.. a 1 aunt Uatclf. A| pi, to Mill,. U. SCHIKI 'El.IN. pn| Mm v m. rP o LEASE-FIRST FLOOR AND BASEMENT Of Fioi X. I B?| ir t. Ffsaklln Hotter "tor ?ii a i'i.i ,1 omti'). Apply ta G J.S Th iup< Conrt inndt nlreot. IS(? IT.T TI E HOI F. \o. || I E ROY FLA 1 E. ntreal Apply m i |i Alt.LV MYERS .Vn*?ati or '. F|A0 LET?I rrER FART of a HOUSE IN CHRIS I topi r mi n t. noar Hleeok r. t > a atnall family. Rent T>3I*. In'H iro at ftl Siath areata. fta(j 1.1 r?tiii ! h ii.Mif 1 oor nr 'ToRE rv.cnr.KN 1 viibnti t. third doi.r akoio II ,ro|?i .1-0.t ? itiM f..r bmiut". ? r mannfni t nrinn t'irp ?. A Inn. Iro a flratin \ 1 r nalo. Ini|nlra nl Fro) A Sni .In. I -. Or ? nwl> li ntraet. rro 1 1 r-t 111 FiioN r and dm k I'arLORs. wiTn 1 kit. t,on. 11 lint ?. No .1 tVolkcr .0 ' Ron 1 *_TA Addroon n> t T. I> . Broadway l'">t nn ?, will t with t'enti n. rpo LET IV" SI* Ac lot's El eqant suites op I r" ni . nmtakle lof prnfonninu^l mon. pritnte familr. Or' k 1 (Ion ' n. la perfi'. ; rl' r. I,athn. en?. A ? I n?y will be let fepnoately, ' r tnyetbor. Apply at % Fuarth aie auo. Iktwo. i. 1 o: th and Elevrntli ntro (n. rpo LEI THE LOWER PART. FRONT AND BACK A lin?rmc"t, m i tw front nttn I Irnnmn, in lienne l it l.arrow otroot, li-nt ln iiiire oBllit proaii' 1. or at iTt Rmad*.iy. PpoiKI TIII <I'A( loll MANSION ITOUSKON TIIF, lit li n ri*i r ?t x th atraat. > 11 It ipaolaiu aruaatf,, Lite tlio I ' lidenti. i t John II. Il iw I n I I i-aa<ad. J I'. LEE, 41 I lar ntraot. rpo LET- EIMTROSTORV FRAME eoTTACES IN I Fifty nromd ntrmt, noar llud< -n Kit 'Ifle noonad ntrmt, noar lluil' n llioor Killroad, ea rnadab f'onli,aad r> %Uy Itinliwd. H nt moderate, and pna aoinion t.lroa Immodlai ly. ln>|uiro nf o-naral Striker, a ir fraailnen , ir Sandl id,, Per tor A Strihor, C'otini'illr, at aw, 7" llr ado a>. ri'O LET AT rn.VRF.US-A NEW fDTTAOE. COM. A tain In y ton r 1110. I u it1 barn aad twa nnrnt nl land, if raimi ,1 ) The limine w ftnlnhod in the boat (rtylo. and fnriiiolied with ranyo, I u r a ate. K . It in e*ry plnaaantly located en Ilia floor. Within flea mum <' walk lit the Ip t and Steam I ?t d (k. 1 nt L.wi ell bo In rain bad. II rn ajired. Apply t? J, B. Jt.NNIXuS, Youkerf, ur at Na. IU liS alroi t. F|AO1 I.LI \ VERV NEtT THREE STORT HOUSI .R Na. 1 ?; nnrdnanl, wear Wa,bln?tan onuaro, 0mtnii .nt twel?o r< in?, Inotadiay rnrlnr, I ?,"m 'nt. kit h-n. ?ty| *01.m, A' w. I liainh.d thmn-l nt K'-n* Sma lamili ?r.rred. A part of fh? tnrnitnra In the hoiit' wl fco Mid law. 11 1 anli d. Can lo >1 any time Ibrenih tl tf&t tf' i Btaabimer. ii? t'aurth ayaauij, # t? 1-110 LET IN UOBOKRN. To SMALL FAMII, 1 an ly. the iippar par i.aok baximeat. aad half af nad Cellar ?'a now tlroo ,t r, Wrlok II una. frontlae the rieo Aoiti( mo ot the niont n|oi?ant laaatlonn in tba tlllny". ai ? tiAiii fiva mini'tsi vullf frnm Iha fa*.. ?*?. _ r._ prtr^tBr.M.ue nwmilA. . ??U .* L |.. II * | n U?f V 11 I*/*. five miiintMB Wfclv fr?m th? f#?rry. Th? prpmiwuri J.o neon at any time dariny the da- j,y , ?|||ne al th? oorn ot Hi'dnentf l so,oad ?tr'?ln. II l.okon. where laforaiatl. poyardtay lo. nlit y ht? will bo Rieeai or inquiry oan be ma tit tl Wanhieytan etreot, roraer ofMorria, Now York. W A NTFD To PF.LL?A BPSINESS NOW IN OPFR ?" tiaw. Ti e artlele mnnnfa. tared in in rtery d tnee, and fan be i"H na noon ae manitfaotnred, tn ai awionnt Ree?ene for n-Hiny, and etb?r pertionlara. will pirea at o! r leterrlew Clean, a ldrtff. With natat at Wkeff lo he neea. S. S-, Mniald ?Bce. NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. ADDITIONAL EUROPEAN INTELLIGENCE AFFAIRS ON THE CONTINENT. THE DETENTION OF KOSSUTH IN TURKEY. The Unsettled State of the German Question, TUE LATEST FROM THE (APE OF ?OOD HOPE, &t., dtc., &c. We received, yesterday, the followlng'tdditlonal intelli. gence. oyer the wires, from Halifax. The Niagara wil probably arrive at Hoatou early thia morning, aui her mails will reach here this evening. England. It Is stated that the Parliamentary Committee of In (juiry have resolved to recommend that the American mail steamers call at Holy Head, for the purpose of re cclving and landing malls. The schism in the established church is widening. The Uishop of Exeter propose* the convening of a Dtoce-an Synod. The Uorharn (juration Ls at the bottom of the difficulty. The great exhibition is to be opened (as previously stated in the 11-raid) by her Majesty, in state, on the 1st of May; but the public are to be excluded until the cere mony is over. when thus, holding tickets will be admitted. There will be oO.OOO troops within five rnilea of llyde Par k on this occasion. It Is stated that Lady franklin Is again fitting out tho I'rinco Albert (as previously mentioned in the llnald) for a voyage to the Arctic, in search of the missing ex pedition. it is understood that the steamer Great Britain, when her fittings are completed, will be entered for the New 1 ( rk trade. (It has been stated in the !/??aid that she would be ready on the 1st of next September.] France. The Assembly has granted two hundrei thousand francs to celebrate the anniversary of the republic. The press favorable to tho ministry urgvt the prescn tat ion of petitions for a revision of the eon dilution. The President had changed many of the judicial func tionaries in the departments. At the municipal elections recently held at Chateau Hons. Indre. and the .tube, the couserva'.ivej gained signal triumphs. A bill is in preparation by the miui.-try for n general credit of eighty millions, divided over twenty years, for the repairs of all religious monuments and edifices. Wheat is still lower in the agricultural districtHaw siik lias receded iu pi ice. Prussia. The Itrilin Miri\tn ial states that besides Hngland and Erance. Russia,too. has remonstrated again-1 the Aus trian annexation sclo inc. Russia has. likes lesiru j that all the German states should accede to the Prank tort Diet, dlumors of a ministerial crisis sr.* rife. Au.frla. It Is stated that the Au-trian government is inclined to accede to the Pranhlcrt Diet. J'rince Swurzeubcrg is opposed to the conlinuanoc of the Dresden Conference. There is a deficit in the finances for the year, of 77. I'd .fill*' tlonv The P.mperor had granted an amnesty to seven po litical prisoners The government demands from Sar dinia. passage for its truops, iu case of a rupture in Prance. Turkey. The Austrian Ambassador lias received the nssursnee of the Porte that Kos-utli, llathyani, Messera. and the two Perc-el- shall be detained at Kutayah. The other fugitives, about sixty. ?ill be released. Hosii la. The latest accounts from Bosnia aie that the rebels wore retreating towards Vebace. Many of the chieftains are n cruiting their forces lor renewed efforts. It is posl lively stated that the Russians will eTacuate the Danu principalities on the 27th. Iiulln ami China. India wrmin* tranquil A sklrmih had takeu place at Burrow, on the moun- ' tlan unt the Kohat. between icouie robbae-boide* aula I IVnjaub regiment, iu w fcicli the former were defeated I and driven back. A conspiracy bad been dlMOTtnd in Nepaul. the object of which wan t<> murder Ccueral .liiugbahadlior The ( inspirator* were hi. I own father and brother. The Cone | ml is a favorite of the army, whom the conspirators ou- I de?vored to train over i'r m China, the account* -tate that the murderers of i D? casta had been taken, and that four piratical junks | had been captured hxporta heavy. The crop of cottou Ls g ood and clean j C'npc of t.ooil llojw. Acconnt* from the Cape ri-pr*-eul matter* in a v*ry Wi -atlsfaeti ry ttate The Itritisb force* had obtained i h>dp victories over th* KatBr*, with hard fighting. >ort I Arm itncf was m-captured. ? The greatest trouble I bad to eontend with," say* Col. Rtmcraet. commander. -was to separate the women an l . Cb Idren and save them fr u d> -tiucti n, before arc coaid fti.nn the plaee The men In the tower would not *ur render, hut kept firing upon us out at the port h des, and I 1 toi'id not ta'te it. and I was obliged to blow it up with | {lulls. They lought desperately iu the fori nfler it was stormed. M'e killed twenty -seven KutSrs and Hotten tot* in the fort, and nine in the tower. The Hurgber* I had n desperate light before I r tmc up; three man killed. 1 fourteen wounded, with lingoes They had to contend against thousand* and fought in >*t bravely. 1 h?v? tour ? na-n dangerously wounded, and tour bar.'.-* killed, tho- ? ! grant Pitt budly sli t through the leg. itUo Duly and two ! native -ohlier* 1 have upwards of bid pri-"-era. 70 In | *?0 land of artn? 4tx> women and children i have de? troyed the tort mid all 11* eontanta. The missionary Mlemeiit at Hheh>u had beeu burnt down 1'3 the iu ? ui gents." Tlie Latest Intelligence. r.Y ei.ei ikic tLi.norami rnox i. >xoox t> i.i v i it root*. We are indebted to the purser of the Niagara for the following teli graphic U> patch ? FBANO. Loanov, April 1'. ls.'il The Mimitrur publish) a th en r eonvukiog the Cnuaril i ?r neral eg Vaweleuse fr>r the Mb at May, to deliberate | on the cspcdieuey of admitting matt . tree of duty for MM* i The same journal publishes tho lavf granting th ? Mm of five million* nine hundred and uiiuty- nm?? in u<aud franca for the Work* at Cherbourg, The ( hitrirari wa* t on Thursday, for a carl \itur* in uitlng to the Pre aid) nt and ministry i'.ri* ret a?e. 19th?.i s. Vlt 4.'ic . it's. r.Tf lie. The tH?>* cm pondent reports a fall iu the fan 's, and a continued d>-pr> ion was expect) 1 f r the | pie were 1, t feci auxi?u* and alarmed! ae t>> the future. rsv Brauw. April 10. IV, 1. The upper chamber has rejected the m.ulsterial re> pon/ilUity hill I*a*ar libera Itjr the Madura. Mr. R?i*. I*t' ly attached to 1'. M. 1 ?:?ln n it Turn, limn r "f ii patch) ; Mesar*. Me*t*vtr?Bruin ?. II Pal Bi< r. Colby. Th)on**, lhalait. nhller, l*h:11 ? |?a. wowrln*. Less- at Lave, llall Murmt. Km, Muir, /.an'nic-r. I'hlla delpbiai tbiHthnprth, Troy; Aprit*, Itsllntn. Hill, llurnry. Budge. D<d|diin, M<-I?i ht. taraa. tit,>we, lielms, Mr. and Mrs llrawa. Mr. and Mr*. Itolnic. Mr. and Mr* Western. Mr. rn. i .Mr. |..tni ?n. Mr. aad Mr*. Urawn. Mr. aud Hn. Wiut n*ll. aud Mi*. Allan. Arrival* at Halifax. die, llai irat, April 2f>. 1961. There |< nothing <1f Interest from Bermuda or New foundland Ateamer* from both place* arrived yester d?y. S-nl fishery at the latter colony mi*>t abundant and gratifying. Hon (ii urge Young resign- d Ills *c*t in the Nov* Sco tian cabinet, yesterday It i? *al.l that dMIerrnceof ??pinionj touching the Ksilroad action U the probable New* from I'lltihurgh, I'lTtsti aoK, April 30.1961. l,n?t night Mee?r*. Murray's stable, on 1'nmund alley, was flred by incendiaries, and Ave to ten horse* burned to death. A tlentmn fhotnaker named Itienne shut himself on ?fcndav. and died yesterday The holy of a woman w?) found yoalerday In the Mo rn tigabela. Btnl in sucli a decomposed state that rec?gni th>u Is impo**lblii 1 b*twolucewdiaeiee, nsmsd Johnson and MeCuteh-wwi, were convicted yesterday. bnt have not been sentenced f* >Ve h*re *1? Nt of wafer in the river here, and it 1* now raining A rise is expected. Freight* to Cincinnati arc at 10a. State of the MlaMlaalpjil. Tie mm so, April 29, 1911, Tin- river is fblling fast, nnd from present appearance* we have no f. ?r of an overflow Main I* much ucedcd for the rountry. father WsthtH. M**n\ti i.? April 29.1351 fgth'* Math" w kfl lure lo da/, tot l,oui*viU?. More About the Cuban Inraalon. Washington, April 30, 1851. A despatch appears in the lirjniblu this morning, dated Favannah. the 28th. which states that an expedition against Cuba is on foot, and inarching south across the States Our government has taken precautionary steps, and lius chartered a steamboat and sunt officers south, to intercept uud frustrate their designs Charleston. April '23 1831. Cspt Rollins of the steamship Isabel, a well informed man. states that when he left Havana the mass of the people were under no apprehensions of any attack and that although the government continued to keep up de fensive preparations^hey were perfectly at ease about any invasion, 'l'lie <K>ries relative to troops sleeping on their arms continued excitement, etc., are believed to he made up for effect. Affair* In Boaton. democrats removed from the crsroM hotnk? THE CONORE8MONAJL. ELECTION IN THE MR'ON II DISTRICT, ETC. Boston, April 30. 1351. Several democratic clerks were removed from the Custom House yesterday Among them was William I Allen, import clerk, appointed while Daniel llcnshaw was Collector, and John Billings, assistant import cl"ik, ap pointed hy Hauloul. It is stated that Govern r ltout well is about to make a clean swe p of all the whig* hold ' ing office uuder the State government. Samuel K Sewell, the free soil candidate in the ' Second Congressional District Las format!)- declined in I favor of Robert P.uutoul, democrat, as will b<> seen by the I annexed letter:? Boston. April 23.1851. J Prse Sir:?Having been the candidate of tile free soil ! parly for Congress in the Second district. undsUndiuf ' no longer in that position, while 1 cannot but feel honor ed by the confidence which has been reposed in me by i my political a. -ociatea, the present statu of thiugs seems 11 me absolutely to require. wiiat Ls very agreeaole to my feelings?the withdrawal of my name from that canvas--, i The niav law having made a plurality sufficient for a I choice, it is obvious the caudilato of our pirty, ' under existing circumstances, stand- no chance of being j cboM-u. and the only modi- iu which tho free soil party { ran have any iutlueiicc in the coming election is by unit : ing with others on sonic person who will represent their j sentiments. Fortunately for us. the candidate of the 1 democratic party, eminent for hie learning, eloquence , and stutesmanahip. has lately horuu so noble a testi mony against the Fugitive Mare law, and in Cat,>r of hie i ty. justice and humanity, it seems to mo we can i do nothing better tiiuu giv. him a hearty and united j support. There 1 hut one issue now before us?shall the infamous enactment?for it does uot deserve to b; ? come a law?looger disgrace the nation, or shall it hi t totiihy and unconditionally repealed llutil tills 'jues j tiou is settled, all others must be regarded as secondary ( and unimportant. While this issue is pending, we | should forget all political prejudice- and partialities, i and unite iu supporting a man on wtfbrn we can reiy for I seal uud ability iu urging it- repeal. Yours, very truly, b E SliWKLb. i To Hon. John B. Allen. 1'iuiu Wnshliigton City* Washington, April 30, 1351. Peyton IV Moore, of North Carolina, has been ap pointed principal cox responding clerk in the Navy De partment. vice liuiris,of Maine, removed. Dr. IV S. l'arrott. chief clerk oi the Bureau for Pro visions end Clothing in the Navy, resigned to-day A number of removals of subordinate clerks iu the va rious departments, ure occurring daily, and the whigs are ruiteriug along with the democrats. The late I emovals in th* hand Office are of the perso nal opponents of Couimi-stoiier Butter held, who hi* been granted absolute power in the matter. V\ r are gratified to slate that Messrs. Fowler, of Mas Mieliui-ctt.-. and liowdon of Alabama, have both so far rtooV" red their health as to be able U leave their rooui?. Meiers. Dyer Maguire sold, to-day. at auction, the elegant furniture \e ,ufthe Hon. David A Uokee. The rale was largely attended. and exceliuut prices realized. Klitklng of the Giie lliillroiul Track, Ate. Avuovm. April .10, 1351. About six rods of the Eric Bailroad track sank at this place yesterday. There was an engine Handing on tile track at the time, which wcul down with it and uolhing but (he top of the smoke chimney of the engine reuiaius iu eight. There wu- no indication previous to this of a defective bottom. The railroad company are actively at work building a track an uudthe submerged portiuu of the road This catastrophe wilt not interrupt tint regu lar travel, as the passenger* and baggage are transferred to other cars beyond the break, it will not take many days to rebuild the track on Its old local m. The Southern Convention?I.ady Suffolk. DeLTtMoni, April 30, ISol. Two *few Orloan? rnaiU havo arrived, living m late as due. It is predicted that the .Southern Convention which is to uieet at Ch&rlMtou on Monday next, will b<* a l .ilure , 'J lie gnat trotting match at MobUe, on the23d. betw.-eu Iu.iiy Mitt oik and Cowdriver. in h irnc-e, b. t three in live, was ?.u by Lady Millolk. iu tour heats. Tl?e Pennsylvania lonl Trade. llonraoatx, IV, April 30, 1S.11. TV* late fire deranged the fixturi a of the t'onl Company for loading coal, to acme extent; but they* ill noon be restored to order iigalr.. and Im-inc s will be despatcbe I v ith its hi eii.ti nu d activity. 1 he canal navigation Is in good order, and some boats are leaving with coal. Murine Disaster?Filgnle SUM|Uchannah. Nohkuck, April I!'.1, lull. Hie schooner Victory, of Newbiiryport, from iie..rg? town, wttli a cargo i f corn and fiour, i* ashore on Cape lli my. and likely to become it wreck They are landing the cargo on tile beach. The/iromw contradictstbe report of a charge having been made In the d' libation of the U. S. frigate Su-ajue bnnuab, and mini she will la- ready to sail on the 11.ii of May. Hailing of lire Steamer America. lb>????, AprtlilO. 18.11. The Royal Mull steamship America. Captain blunti >ti, took her departure at noon, to-diy. fur Liverpool, via Halifax, villi airoat VJ6 pssssuger.:. am nu theiu nr. Ueiieral IVUliuui II Whltehi-ad. bearer of dispatches to the lagatii u in London, and many Boston merchant* and othi r*. bound to the Worlds Lair In spuais, the toi k Vl-M lK? in Am ?tieau gdJ, and J3,30d iu Meal con dollars. The "steamer lis t oili er. Ai ??vv. April 30, ltil The sti ami r Reindeer arrived here at ten mi .int. * pi t three o i l, ck. thus making the run in aevi u houri and fifty ruiuutea from Ntw fork. Police III II I 11 gem e. Asmihr up t.t\ 11m.r, thk Bank k malt*?.ivrnira "??ri.MiL fiuk.'x" nr.nronr nnvv. Through the per*v. ring Induerj ftl'i llowyerand M. I In ne. nnothirol Hod pigeon" fr.-.entity haa la i'li i iplim <J. eall?sl Levi Ctia. who etnn l< imitates with Tun Kanouse and J-din t'ohms. on a i barge of robbing the I lienix Hank britrny. KlioUe Island, of some |1MC0. iu December, IM'e Kanou*' and 0 >llins hare Loth 1m i n c> uvicted. ami sentenced lo eight years each at hard labor in the Mule pn-on Cole. ?no at the time ul*iidound 1.1' L.iil. ha., at last b. en captured in lWitin., re. and will Im- brought buck to this city by the ale ve named ctRcers. on their way to Kh ?!? I Urvd bo tar so tp??t The bytitiiu.ite j?,|iee >f thl' city ha? ? triumphed nvir the many obstruction-, thrown in Un-i. way hy the band "f -st'sil pigeon conspirator- who for siiftte years pn-t have erdeuvor- d to rule th - public administration by ful-c and malicious statement.. where by rogues were permitted to ruu nt lur-e with iuiptini'.y under the wing of Hi t ? -t< < I put. nt ' org,in nnlltseo it ? tutors. There are wveral oibetw belonging to this gang yet to bring lo justice. R uu is the neat pigeon" on tlie tupia ' Chnrgrof Staffing 'nth n Kn fr ?Offei r Meflraw, of the Kotltlh ward.anesled ye.ti rii.iy. a man by the num ? of llligb liar,oa a eliaigu of stabbing Michael Wa'?h with a liUil. . ' l.g II - Ver* Wound la the Half Of the leg The afiray f ? k plaee i ii board lb? ship Walker, lying f. 11 id 1). ver street. Iir Ito-xwai called, who dm -eu the wouti I The aectisrd was conveyed hefiww Justice Or Lin ii who committed him to prison to answer the cLut^". rp? at Vnjyr ?A ycung man. by the r.amo of Thom.i B. Illcraft, wa arr??t !, y. terdi.y by <dfi -or Bowyer. of the Kleventh we id. on u ch'iige id attempting to vioiito thi person of Mary t'o.-grove a marritd woman, rc-iUiog at No CUI Fourth si reef 1 he an us-d made the u.tempi t. outrage her perw n. hat WHS interrupted iu the cm mi ssk.n of the crime. l.y the sud-b Ii appearance of ulary Mux Meruit Ho n ran from the ne in and ina ie his en ape Ju-tiee Tlmpsofl cominittid the accused to prison for trial, In default of fiuu bail. Jllstm I nf Jnwph I'rtm.? Til" man JnS'ph Peter*, who a Ii w d.iys si tow wa- arrested on a charge of stealing P'J 'J00. in goi.l coin, from the trunk of John r' Penning one i f the Larders at the Hhuaspiare Hotel at that time, on a hearing?the evidence not !?dog sufficient a gal'irt the prisoner?was dis barged from eu?t.-ly flnee that time addltloiisl nkbt-s lias been obtained implicating I'eti i? In tb" lanotiy. and yesterday Justice wsim, in iieeordaare with this latter testimony issued h!a variant for arrest, and ofilrer Patterson iigain took I'eters into i net' ly on the charge The magistrate emu milled hint to pi n-on to uwa.l a further examination, Tur I.rnorrr Clahh Mi.xirn.?The Poard of Commisaiontn h.?vo nw?r>led to Mr. Anton I 'gRett the snin of ^liili.otifl, which is to bo cotMidcrcu a rcniuneiatiou lor the aisi< >int lie has e.speiulcd in |uosecnting hi* claim. '1'lto gross amount of the claim, with the interest, is nearlv fi'./ssi.iM), which tha Commissioner! e?y ill valid, and tor whii h the Mcxicau govcrtiiucid shuuli be held napoDsihle The Drury Cuk. BR.OOKI.YN CITY COfRT. Before Judge Urt-enwood. and Aldermen Leech anil Leffcrti. WrnnrsiT. April 30 ?The testlmonjr of Miss Drury, which waa to hare been continued this morning, waa suspended. and the following witnesses called W illiam K. dates. who deposed that he was a cartmun, and mlAel at 290Ikelanoey street. New York; he remem bered the evening of the 27 th of February last; he was on the corner of Broome and Mangiu streets. New York; Maugin was the second street from the Kant river, and witness bad known it for eleven yearn; he knew Omv Kyvd Thompson, and had kuown him. he thought, for seven or eight years; Thompson had kept a porter house at the corner of Uraiid and Tompkins street, kept it with a Mr Thick. witless knew hiui well, and had seen him on the evening of the 27tli February met him ami Faru ham. Mr Waring wished to know the object of this evid -lice? The Court said, that wheu Mr Otten proved the hill which had been passed upon him it was only admitted on the understanding they were afterward* to show the connection between Karnliam and Thompson. Mr. Clark?And this is the connection. The Court then directed the witness to proceed. Mr Waring?For the purpose of attacking Mr. Thomp son's character ? Mr Clark?lib. no; he has no character to attack.

The witnt -? ?lie met Thompson at the cor ner of Matigin and lirootnc streets; the ria.Mti why he noticed hiui was. that he bid a peculiar fashion of stand ing Willi one of his knees bent with bis cloak up round his fat t. and his cap pulhd d- wn on the right hand; and when he saw biiu (Thompson) ab 'tit. lie thought there w*s " something out;" Faiuham eaiue down Itr lome street; thej met iu Mroome strett. between iJocrek and Maugin; tin y walked to the corner of Goerck and Broome streets ; at Thompson parted from him within two doors of ]'? conic; witness ju.-t then met two young mm, who, Rt hi-request, also tis>k notice of ihnu. and saw them part and then left; wit nets followed Thompson up to the corner of Uoerck and Uelancvy; Thixapsou went up Delaucey, and Farubam went into Whippiughau-en's store; lie witness, then took oir his white- coat, for he thought Thompson would have kuown that, and went up in his red shirt; he threw his coat folded up over his n:ta; Farn) -m then met Thompson as he cauiu out of the stori ; they Went up Goerel; as far a . Jtivingtoii. on the right hand ode. I- wards the Bowery, eornor of Lew is; Tin tup.-on then slackened his pace au 1 li-U into the resr; Farnhaut then went into the store of II irtu n Ot ten. there, and he, wituess, followed him in aud said to Mr Otlen. ? 1 believe thivt is bad money." Objected to, not being in Mr. Farmham's h-arlng. even. The Court questioucd th- wituess, who mid Furu bunt did. or might have beard hiui. Witness continued ? 'lie i,- One-Kyed Thompon'* partner, and this is a bad bill (The bill wa- here hiud i-U to witness who idetitifled it by two erov-cs utade oil tin back i-f it at the time.) Mr. Otten had tnk it the bill from Faruliatu to change; had not told liiut it was bid before he had changed it. but waited till he had given him tin- change, and then told him before Farrbam had left the store; understood Otten to say. - ha did not eare a damn, it was a genuine bill;" some young men there 1- 1 asked linn witness, what was the difference, or liitt ,iy. and he said that he (meaning Fnmhuin) wi partner ? f One-Fyed Thompson, and they were pa- og bad money; he then changed coats with a young man, and put on a long great coat; Farnham had goue out before, and I followed him up; they weut into an alley in llivlugton street, near llroomc, and stayed there about a minute ; just directly after, tin j canie out of the store; they were going out t' get her ; there were eight of them, (witness and his party t came out ti gather. und weut up bawls street ami Stanton; wituess took the left baud sido ; they divided thettiselvcn, end witness' party went up the turn* side ai Farnhnui. end b< hiud him ; Thompsou endeavored to get by the others who w- re ahead of iitni ; Thompson then croused the street and gained the side walk on the oppo .-idesidewl. re they were, and tried to pass tb"in ; Farn liani weut into a store at lite corner of gtanton and Can non streeta ; they all followed htm in, and be asked for charge of a $0 bill; the man changed it for hiui. and a. bed lum to he ld Ml while ho looked iu Ilia list ; he did not Hud any -urh bad money mentioned there, and Faru lu-.nt went to go cut ; wilm s told him it was bad money, and the stop-keeper started to go after hint, and caught tliMn (Farnham and Thompson) together ; the store K< eper laid his hand on Mr Farnlmui nud said he wanted ho- money back, this was bail money, and h<> guessed he had given him n wrong bill ; Thompson had gune aw iy ; Farnham svid they might nil heloug to the -ante party, and he did not like tb take out his pocket-bisik ; th y then m-ked htm to n me down to the st'-re and lake his money back; Farnhaut wont buck to the store and got his bill back, and r< turned lb< money . witn jss did not know thi.t stor> ?ee|?-r's name, but that was lum in court; he knew bin. by sight ; (h-- here recognllcd Mr ilowyi-r. who was at'erw.irds called ;) hud said to Farnhaut? - That wa* y?-ur partner. One-Kyed Thompson;" he re plied no. it is not ; witness said ?? you are .i d?d liar " The I'out; hi re interrupted tin- witness. and said ther was iii) wi'ini-itj to repent such language. The wilucsc said he umler.-tood he w#c-Wound to ru je lit the exact words us be had been tohl elsewhere Mr Whiting iu.iruetcd the witness this Court would ni t c ;uirc loin to do so; and he proceeded:-? f.filoer t'l.i; k then cniun iu and arre. ted karuhum; Thonij'-on hud come lack to the store while 1 aru h. i ui was there, and In ked d< wn thr ugh the window; lie saw bull plainly a. he stood at the store door, but cnuld not see his faee. a he kept bis cloak up; It was tin' same per son that they had teen watching; 'i'honipsoii had then limir DWiiy, it *?< about a quarter to eight o'eloi'k when tin y arrived at the station house, iu lloustou street; It Would not take them more than live tr six minutes to get there; it was about half-past six o'clock when he knocked ell eoik and he went and got lii? supper imum diatil); it was at an eating house hi- got it. and it was nud;, win 11 he weut in; he stopped a spell talking to the woman of the house', hi it then went out and saw Thomp son and Kami.sin; he could not tell the hour exactly. Cross-ex tunned?It was too dark to see a HMD's fare serosa the corner of a street; he saw karnham come out tut not go, into the tir-i store; he (Knruhum) afterwards Went Into three stores; it was only a few bha ?-< tlowu to the Jack on terry, and Thompson sometimes went over that way; he d.d not know what lie hud to d<> iu W d liaui-burgli; it w?< not mere than :t quarter of a utile otf, it was about seven blocks tofiruud street; to the Jack son ferry, ford of tiouv.-nuur -Ireel. about six blocks further; not albigcthcr tuore thau a quarter ot a mile: he could run it in about three minutes; Catherine street ferry win I he neat; that * s two or three miles mf hi aid not know whet hi r ten luiuutes had elip-ed lie tweeii the time ibid he I- d -?-? 11 Iholdp'on and weut with I'atlihani to the ixt. o 1 use. hut it wn.. a very short time, knew it wasOa? l.yed Thompson, as he h% I Is I'll in hi. house ilsys and nielit - and could not be mis. ; taken about It, lir im> i .w or had any conversation i with Mr llrury. until lie had |p>l the ubp ? na to att'iid ! here; he did not know karnham nt nil; lliiiclrcumaUurc I lluit attracted hlsatteiitiun was Unit Thompson was with him; h? (witness) Wa- exanilm-U at Kasex stret market the next morniiig; it was between 7 and a o'clock that to . sw Thi mp on In New York; two we -ks before that had seen I. mabout twenty llsls oil, he slcllld judge it was a I lack cl> iik hi hud oh, that wa- in the day time, ai <1 he had tot m u him than to s|wak since the meeting at the nwrs; had said he ha I a trouble along with linn, hut net a quarrel?they had never |Uarrvlled; ih- y w >re to gether iii It against Jim HalUtrt'i party (Kxamina ti. ii Inf. re Judge Mountf rl hown.) W itness could read nothing of It except his nam" ll liar' Is en read i.Vi r to him. I.lit there wi re some mistakes In that exaiul natioa. Mr W aring would read what he had odd. Ti e t'eurt said a wltuese bad a right to explain any mistake iu his examination, and state what h ? did say. H e ?lines* explained ?That he did not r ijr he had a qraivi'l with Thcmpgou. at the raei??. what he >lid say was (hat In rod 1 hi tup-on had a difficulty at the rae?< with Jim ouillvan, and that Ih ioj oi was on witaes* s lib', awl had a six hum lied n v- Iter, he certainly told him thn! Th.-lnp on was on his side; ther.- wen thirty or forty of I hi m i n aged, and the (w.t ee of New York w-re still in the reuie muss with tmtti. that all ab>ut that, had spoken to Tin mp- >a M'ft ral I on. s after that; lie had kept the p rt r-h u.e aft that, he r<>ti!d ti d I* U wlui' yiar that Was In, he had Is -n t ? sea on board a man-of-war since Ihst, his impression waa. it war ten yer.ts since he went oti hoard th. man-of-war. the year of llio Uletliug st thr race cur-e was the year that fashion and l'eytouu run, be had saml some lumey. ?ml win u not at ex. bad Uvuil (>? tbe interest, he now Workid with a truck, In..I tie n> *ra In the Anions fr'q ste. vrhi ii Ibo war with Mrxleo Ui-t eowmeneed, he hail ha.1 no j articular buaiue-s nt Tliompson's poiter hotlte; th< v used to |.|> playing cards and il mi'i >ee s'id throwing dice for pennies, on the ? v. nine of the J. 'u ni.i.u when h. aw him-ronld not see his faee, the clonk. In Ii uld , ay wa-. a Ida. k cloak; lot lie could not tay il wm tin same rhsik Im had un when he saw h 'i Is tore in the <lsy t,n.i\ lie could not give I name* of a II th< se who had acr. mpanit tl liim "tie w.i? 1 his Itoswiek. t of 4 I'l.s ineslrwt, iien silmni. n 1.. of Columbia sttx-ot. >r Rl vington. wha was a >hit)-eaulker; as to the r. -l he could not *ey; It was at file wilo." ? . attggesti u? I'tgl i Ight < f lie in f liow. il Thoinp in. doI n >t . ?? a if Hung o| 1 lo nipsoii alter farnh tui was arrested; ratne i ut with Karuhari sod snw Thompson In PUuton ?tr>st. il was m'ddlng dnrk. when k.truhxtii was arrested he stsyi d right IrkllKl offu er I'laik. < 'lark might have hewn in tli" ftore when I loonon looked In. hilt he eotthl n.g ? *y; hi was himself, for the most |M?n of the lime. in the gf. ei ry store, standing by thw d?".r; he had no unkind fis-lifij I .wards Mr. 1 hoiups-.n. but h> did n t thii.k it . was lus business to s|m ak to him wbeli he w e I iyin t for him for i neb a Ihing; i|i.| speak to Mr <M ten as Knrn bnm w?? polng out; told him the hill wn? a had one as was pre* uling it. It was with tfenrge sum m> ods he elianged coats; Th. mp on pa-sod rouad loin at llie ii rner three lino s. quite closely; nnrr so cl.we a' to rub against hitn. he must have been three quarter* ? f nil hour Walehligi him; might have said tu Karuham Ihst II was an hour, ha.l never seen Ksrnh'tn Ix-fore; was at the door of the dore, the doors w.-reall windows, nu ant tlicy were nil sashea. ami a* he was standing at tha i .hw r the man looked in through the window of thed-mr: tin re was a sti < p down from the sld-walk of threeatepg; did tof notice if hi. hud spectacle* on: did tud think be had, tlioiirht his on.'eve was as gonil a- witness two; lie w. III.I judge It to he 'between half-past si* and seven when be got Ills supper. T. Mr t link?W i ut intntlii prison Ih" Ti"Xt day; oflleer Clark was there, about twelve oeloek, went in to sen whether Thompson would reognlse liim ; he said you were the one that spotted a??you niii?t lie very f in.I of S|*.?ttfig I. ople, Witness said no. he did not think much als-ul spotting such men as they were, there had t> -en a great deal of that done round there, and It was Is'il on to Innnreut young men . there wa? a gie?J .leal of Iw l no ! i; paa . d, and burglaries and st- ding going an. and n< roan ns witness saw them, he I hour hi lli.-re was s< nirthlmt out, they might he looking afi> r a burglary, as fome ot th.-ss- thitehrecn had a g.?el deal of m ?aey Tv Mr. >V biting- Vin hail wt the jooc ?M cluwcd, a ad | be meant tin- man was looking Into the window over the other. To a Juror?At th? foot of the steps leading down into I atore. who a lauding about two fer^ wide To Another?lie ??< precise about the date, b **a use , he renu mbered Judge Mountfort mentioning it. Mr Clark, produeing tho examination. stated that It appeared to have been taken on the'Jttth Antoine Bowyer was then called lie stated he kept a i grocery atore ou the corner of Staatou and Cannon street* in New fork?No. 2&T iu Htauton street; . a counterfeit hill on the Hamilton exchange bank wit ! blind'd lip to witucvi:) he had seen that bill before; the writing on the back was his; he hiel received it about i half past eev< n o'clock on tho 27th of February last; isrubam came in about that time; witness was taking bis a upper in the liaek r<*>w; his two children were iu the store; he took Farnhum for Dr. Nicholson, and carao ! out; he said. ?? Are you the bow '? can you oblige iue with changing a fS hill ' it is n good one. and a f>2 and a k-1 will do; I want It particularly;" witness found no ac ' count of such bad hills, and changed it; as he was balk ing through tlie list. Kates, tile last witness, came in and uindr a sign to him with his fist, hut witness did not i know what he tueaut; Karnham. as lie went out. shut | the door when Kates laid?" You have been sucked iu;" j I said. " How so f'' Gates said, "Why, it is a CJUUter i feit;" as Ke n as he heard a hallooing outside, lie ran out and caught Faruhuui. a few steps off. asked him to ; give li 1 in his luouey buck; lie asked, why' witne.. ,-ai 1. I ? was told it was a counterfeit; when i-'aruham giv ? j lit in iiis monvy liaek lie did not like to take the hill I out of his po. ket bo U, where he had other money, ill . the strut so asked iiiiu (karnham.) to couie back into ; Hie store, which lie did; tin- boy- all came in with them I and lie was then uivi 11 in charge t russ-examined?Had known the witness. Gates, in years ago. witness tin 11 moved away from the neigh ? borhood. and had not so. 11 him '.gam till 11st winter. To 11 Juror?It was I'd blocks down to tlie Jack-nil firry lie could walk it in about seven minutes. Mr Whiting?How ijun bly eould you run? A ?Well; 1 ran walk almost e- fa-la- I can run lUcullist?Gates'description was not exactly right, his was a ba'ciucnl stoi e. und tliero was a space ah >ul tlirei fel l at the Isitlom of the stoop; there were shut ter-. but they were ail ofi the windows at tlie time. Mr. (.Tnrk then culU-d for the production of the dies and tool- tuki 11 limn Mr Drury ? h"U-e, and they w- re accordingly brought into court. There were a greitt linn b' r i?t in-truments iu a canvass sack or baa which Wi re 1 beted first foi i xaluiuatiou; and Mr. C. wished to know whether it wa- com di d tlios.. wi i'o the to> Is which were referred to and which Mr. Smith had lalbd "counterfeiting tools." .Mr M ariim did uot want ary comments Mr. Clark?Well, ihry n th" tool- li t rred to a< coun ts! letting tools. Mr Kiuiliiil E Colfax, examined yesterday. wa? re called.?Thiy were all jeweller s tools; soinn were assay punches: all those in tlie t?g were belonging to the press, ai d were cold With it. Mr. llall recalled ?Testified to the same thing Tho ('? urt thought it wax Useless to multiply evidence on this point. Jlr Janu s It Stewart was then recalled, t.' ?Did Mr Drury ever propo.c to sell you the a tools ' Mr. Waring otyeetcd to this as irrelevant. Mr. Clark intri dueed tlie t. -tiuioiiy. to show thai Mr. Drury aid not purchase it with any Isid motive. The Court thought it wi uld lie proper t 1 show the pur pose for whieli it was purchased Mr. Muring did not undertake on tlie part of tho pn sccutlou to ask foi a conviction ou any point con in 1 led with this pn 'j lie Court aduiitli d it. as been alluded to. iu order to remove any impression that might have b<ea no de on the minds ot the ieiry. Witness proceeded?When Mr Drury iiougkt the pirss. tie was standing by looking st it; Mi Drury a -k I iiiiu if lie wanted to buy it; he (witness) .-aid it wis cheap, and It would answer to buy it; he would give <-VJ or *is' readily. It he wanted a press; Young Savage, wli 1 wa-his apprentice, wa very auiiwu- for him to buy it; lie supposed those took- cost originully to get lip com plete f&0b; he had a notion to buy it him if on ?pecu lation; thought it was a good speculation at the price Mr. Drutw bought it tor; he did not tbink it had en r la-en used since that ale he had examined it yesterday lo see win tlier it whs in the .-uine condition; it could u>1 Lc Usui with such dies ae tim e proline- I Mr W uridg had no question to put to the witness lidmor.d I>nni.n ?w..rn,?I iin n prncll riw' maker; I rrsidi et i'< Maiden I niie. New York ; 1 dicl not .-ce ihe press that wa.? here yesterday : (at the ie<;uest of 0 -ua eel. witness look* at i he dins produced); I cannot saythit 1 know theee dies ; 1 haTe not )>? nrd of thorn for sixteen i r Seventeen years past : 1 Jo know the dies , they w.-re made for a Ppuniard. about eeveiitocu year* ago ; 1 was tin n in the same business that I am in n. w. an I he was a customer |>1 mine; 1 had the dies made for him, I did Hot hare any ill- fi r half doubloons made for h:tn ; I ouly had thi se live made ; lie took them away after the* Were made, lie took tui ui uj> to balik street. o,r tier of YV.wl stri ct at a ?' sweep'' suultiiig estahli-di ment. The Ppanhird had a lot <>l' Mexican doubloons which he uiidertisiW to convert, Into irpani.-h; the Ppntilsh and Mexican douM-xoi whs of precisely the si.un intrinsic value, but the premium on the Spanish ruin was Id or lb per rent: I hate paid ?- for ti Spanish Ui ohUou tunis tiiau it i, eataat vaiu-; the dies w re tried, and did not wi rlt well and they were given up. old hit there, that must have lawn til 1NU or Dili; it won als ut the time i f the passage of the gold bill here; the pa. -age of that hill brought Mexican gold so near t ? the value of .spani-h that it wi not an olject to alter it; 1 do not recollect what I did with the dies. 1 think they Wi le left there: I do not recollect ing theal at Mr. l'rury's liou-e. 1 eatiu >t reeollect Mr Drury iu eounec limi with them; he (Mr. Drury.) was at that time a swiep smelter, and had a building on the aauie lot v here the dies were taken to; the d'es were UseJ t>y nuaDs of n dri p: a large iron huuiin r was raised some twclvi bet and let fall upon the head of tlu- die; tins hammer weighed probably, boo pounds; when I made tl ein I got my pay for them, and nevi r knew any thing more about tin in; thi y laid ah at Mm null in it-ink strict hs old irou, they would uot la- worth currying away, except fi r a Mac k.-mitli: they are made of sti el, 1 wrtil up to lie nk street to see them uard; 1 was y ?unt; and curious at the time, and it was a novelty fur me. t'ress cx.-tmini d ?The dli-< were worth ah nt f>luo Jenmiali LoMirop rivalled.?1 remember the pr-lltiii nary ? xuminntn-n ? t Mr lirury ou the torpedo charge; Mr t'lnik. Sir Uoodman. and lie lts| p<-IIo were there as counsel: Mr. Kuppcllo took n ot tne rtaminaton; there were several reporters for the pre** there; I have no recollection of Mr Ururyr's saying that the bill* that wi re taken from him vo-re go-d Fulls. I reeollect hearing hiui say that the hills were put into his baud and he did nit see tin m; (hat wa* invariably hi- : tab-meal, I know that wa? ilie ground you (Mr Clark) took and Mr i link always iis-i-iited to It; I recollect th" argument wblcli took place iu reference to tba (|Ue itlou o| bail; 1 WII* the innglstiale In the ease, mid dill not leave till! room while argument was living addressed to me; t rc no iiil-i i that Mr ltapprll' I >ik nolo,and I hat he and Mr. ftewnrt. the chrk. afterwards compared notes; I lave been on Mr Drury'* premises; I saw th* sin ill huildicipnear the house; this building has one wiul>w in Ihe gs.blr cud. and two on the uorth side, it hid the appearance ?.f lieing a smelter's store room, there were some crucible* and furnace, there; there ??> no curtain up at the window; the ro>-m was not large enough to carry on any rery extrusive business; there wi re no pantrii . nor any )>l-?rt ? for concealment Croc*-cxau>in J ?I ?i tied the prcmisi? last f-undiy afternoon. I Wert oi-t with Mr t'l itk and another g--n th man. I hare no di-'mrt res i his-1 Ion whether I v.- or was n t ub>i id during ihe li lupoi.irv umiuing up of th* examination; 1 think it Was some f -i.r or lire wedis xfier Mr In ury's arrest, that t hwvnl of tie- theory of thi dc. ieuce. I bad known thai Mr. flack was his counsel fr in the t nn of his arrest the expression allcgud to hsVr , teen made by Mr. Itmry. that these idu were good, might have Is i n made and 1 not liave In ?rd him. it was m> week fkir attending to poth ? bu-lnee.. and I was fro- 1 ijik idly railed from ttu- ront-i; I don't kn?-w that Mr p.sppeUo was iu the room at the tiuie of the argutu nt al ?-ut hail I'ireet rr-unu-il?Ttu- Ar*t time Mr Puny was br wight, ! do not think I p* - I * woe I with hiui; a temo r.ry II luent was made out. and lie ?*? sent Itark. I liar rtcs-llei tk>n of Mr Drury making any other ill I'-nt l l .in that the lulls were put into lit< baud; he wnsbrouyh In on the torp< rbarge: and afier he was hr -ught in I he ant ijoct (4 his bavin-; osnint -rfi-H bill* in his po - s. se in was mentioned I do lint think the i barge was male t-It after his i ouiniltmenl ill full. I ib> not renumber Ji tiklris saying tliat he sonneted lits hand .lane Khxa Drury i called? My brother Annuel is n-nv twi nty yi ars i f sge; he |a nest tonic. I am the eldest, in November, lit*, fi.inui 1 I- ft my t illier: h- had ami ditto ulty with my father; lie went mot W est and remains I away till 1Mb. catnuel came bone mi Saturday, tlie day after the expl elon ?f the turpi-lo at Warner's h n D in the ilitis-1 f my brother's g ing away, my father ?* a i cry nt him f< r leaving; re in no!, si J 1, would r.sth -r get lits i wn living than t<> live on my father's pp?ce I do not km w that my father was anxi u- for him to come li-uu my rn' tl - r and fl u r.? w-rc aery anxioiis tor hi* return, li" catne to New Yoik in F< bru.-iry. sad hoarded at As Ih wcij. at Mc-srs t'laik and h< -ti my mother and sist rs vi?iked him there with ut my lather's knowledge, my brother came home on Paliirdcy; on Pnn-lsy Thntup si n mid Paul eainn in t<yetbff; they caiue tnt . the base ment : icy mother, myself and tilers were there my father flr?t ?-iw s.nuu.-l on Saturday It was lie re offered by tire defence to show the deelara Hons of Thompson, nuide at Mr lirury s house going to ? how young lirury s conin etioii with the tone-do i in 'Ihe prosecution ohjeeteil to these declarations tmiiif i ivi n.and the Court ruled th- ni out. hut allowed th- eon versa lieu bctw.-eu you.ig liniry auil Thoai|w<>n to b given if?1'r-m November till May. was Thnmp-on at yonr fat Iinhouse ? A ? No: I nen rsan himth'-ri before, lit may have be n up on the hum hut wa? nev< r at Ihe h 'U'e. I h? I never aeon him l.utotirc and that wa* at tlie lime of iny fathe s trial at lb nipsfi ail. ftmuiu 1 h It home about lie- middle of November Coutise-I lii re proposed to put in evidence a l-Mer pn ?i n to la- In Tiiompvon's handwriting, and listed Hill bill-. No* ;;i-t im*. and dlrei-te-l to Jamnel^lirury Aen dho letter Was Pad ly defendants counsel Itwaa *d iit< -*< d to Mr cauuicl Diury. Astoria Is 1 , and read ** follows*? III rrsiO.Nov .".11 At* l>i *R Pis?1 have so far been successful with the busk m-s entrusted to tne aid am n- w in this place awaiting insi run ions kr .so 1 yet am unable to ray when 1 invy return. 1 pi n my faking sc-it at Mieneetady in the* for Rmhisfrr, I wa? somewhat *?rpii*e| |n find therein your si n Pain who, In company With another lad. wa* hound for llidlaio Knowing of the mitunder<tsading between you, I questioned htra up m hia Intention* II# said that he b- lu-vvd yu wet; nux -u- (o g-; and spoke as if you believed him a burdm be and that he would iiafer return lo one whom he believed had uo love for him tliat he w-*s going Went to try and find em ployment. I do not think that riant in at ail wanting in affection or proper respect for you. hut in his folly, act ing on wrong feelings, pursued the course he has; ho made me give my word that 1 would not inform you ad his intentions, which I readily did in order to Imow hio whereaU uls he promising to write to me. I left him at I'tiea. end proceeded to Kingston, thence to Ifuffalo^ where 1 again met hiiu. lie was about starting for Oin rinnatl. hut upen my persuaaiona agreed to go back to New York, for wbieb place, as I hare not seen him for ? day or two, he ba* probably gone His reasons for re turning are. that I promised to get him a situation im New Jersey, in a stoie; and as I expected to return in ? tew days, and probably yet may. I hope to be instru mental in persuading him to return to his duty, with you* inlriee a.- to how lo act lie is pr< ud of you ami nerer in a single word meu t: ned y u in a disrespectful way. but as I stated, acted Upon an impression that you disliked lum. Ofcourae, y u knew that I did all in my power to remoro such foolish impressions; at the ante time, for fear that he might go beyond any control. I had to act an if I cared nothing al? ut his returning us he said t).at he would sooner starve than return. You will^lanae keep thie secret from all. parth ularlyyour family. ? ? that he wtN in t distrust no and if he has not returned. 1, no doubt, shall ascertain where he maybe t.: With j u use the knowledge to hi advantage as it > prop r for a bug* like linn to he beyond the control of i - ] i ? nts Vow, respectfully, W. II. TIIOMPUOH Do not let my wife know that I have written to ye u; ' it the suit et Without exj I linin z tlie whole t, nestiou to witnc ?I)o you recollect seeing that let ter before ' A.?No ; Samuel rnou home on tlie 5th of Mar; Thompson came up tlie ii.- si morning, between Id and It O'elnt k ; win n he came to tie- In ti e be passed tlie unaa1 salutations; my father Rppenred to bo angry with him my father spoke first ; hi asked Thompson what tbo parcel was that lie bad got Sum to take to arnar*e ; Thompson Raid it im- a parrel of counterfeit niedieiueg t e he told him it was no liclnes when he gave it te him ; he said he had been out West Collect im; it for Mr. IVartier, and that it was Mr Moffat modielne countwr f did ; my father i ?!.. d Thi>iupw n why I . did not take the medicine himself; Tin tnpsi n -aid he i ! 1,-1 r qu*r si 1 with Warm r and did n"t win! unyti eg to do with him . he told i uot to lie at all uneasy . that we would find out that this explosion was all Warm i's own d Jug | lie said he had no doubt si nie of W timer's w, men had sent it. or caused it to be cut ; Pa said he would nee into it in tlie morning Tie ups n a d lie need in * lie at all ue is>y; tuth?i Thompson, and my brother tb n went out together; Thoxnp-on went on telling about Warner's in triguis with women, and that the lie lived will, lie was to be divorced from ; my father s.iid ho could net permit sueh eonvw ration in Ms house in tho presence of his daughter ; they then went out; I uent saw Thompson at my father's trial in Ni ? Y'ork ; I saw in the curt ns'Ui ; I aw him i n the 'and ; I in var spoke to Thompson, cxiept to pass the i luplimeuts ad the day with him; Situim 1 remained at home after be ? ante home on tlie 5th of May ; he has lived there ersr si nee; he was away from home, once or twice, for ;i d ly or two; I "did not know when he went on to Bristol; I did not h ar ot that till after my fathur was arretted; we beard of it from my father whan wa went to see him at the Tombs: Somite! had a gun; L knew he wen! away gunning; at the tine- he went away be did not state to ma win r ? he was going; I did not bear hint tell anybody I d" not thick he was gomt longer than one night and two day- [ Fhe dies already produced were shown to witn - I 1 have seen those be fore; they use i to lie in the garret of my k ilter's h >us?, ni Twt r.tieth street I never - w them a- t, I don't re in, inbi r when the first raine iipottuiy father's prctnison| 1 tlr-t saw thein in Twentieth street, we la-red from Twentieth street to Astoihi i i .-lit y . are ago they u-isi to lb- in u lumber room tilt tlie oflce was built, and thru they were removed thire. it wa a place wliere we pot useless articles; the p - lions of tlili : in that building are now precisely ?? th?y were tln*n; there wetv never any papets up ..t thus, wind ??. it was a', nit a year after we moT d to AM ria thai i ;y father built that i flh e: there was a curtain put up at ino 'i wind >w when the building w.i- first ericted. and the shui i urtaina are up yet. allli'Ugh they an umv nearly .:? r? -L-. oa the day that Smith and IVilk* - w**n there. tin- , nrtains ..ud windows were In the sam? condition that th.-y are now; 1 en w a barrel that was br ng at to tlie door here, v strc ibty; that barrel rami' t" the hotl-e the I ly Ii >re my I itiier was i.rre I, d: I did it t see the i nrre! ? ned, nf sister le ttira hp ught In a l> tlie cmilli - ? i.iatbnl'to oil the first day that f-uiitli *:e there but he did not take it till the ?'eorid day I wwmber tlie clonk that has be. ii mrntioned here, 1 remember it a* touts a* I *?? n o in tier anything It was un old , 1 sk whi hw's run t mis sent d' wn in the wo. n when it v ut f>r father In rainy weuth r; Smith saw the rl ak the brut day; when hie ram*' there* the set mid day. lie said, " This in wbi ? we want, it Is jet -1 where ?> 1. t* i' " we went to the Tombs to see nt> father whin Mr Parks told as where be era-; my mother ap| linl t Mr Kdntottd* for admittance and wn - : To ! a Imittunc- Mr KImende said we i*i >uhi not see bun; w* did u*'t go to the prieoa again till w.< git inf ruiati <o that we could s**e my lather; was some fife day fterwardj ('roes-ens mined?I hnvi writien a tali ne nt of what T could testify to n tb - ease , tat bee teld us to remecu t er all we could about it a . I we put it down ; n,y sister and tnysnlf both wrote it ; I have seeu that-tatctiK'Ut; ( last saw it and rea l it over about the tiun* of the coax iu? 1111 mi ni 11 I hi-liml. by a .? ?ir< i ??/ ? Ii?' reefy born dn-ignr-Jly l*lk In llir imiO l inldin ; win ? t he dM n Were nit ?? It waa ?it tin- time i f jour fat!ii r.i iirri-ot A ft li?.i boos a# h it dt-Ipmdiy. I v t! ?i*lr * ufrnuii. <1 wo rait that I i. I ir? the I frfee ; it I- linked at mjiht 11 of unhid tn ii"? t? it : tin- k-y w?s ?*&< rally in tin tl nr. Tin Court Win at ? n!! - the ji 1 tot the day, wl.tnlhe I>i-irtct attorney ai m and im t ?? I would dt ii 11 tin' attriith n i t tli" < nurt to an arm ? publulnwl i? tin Ait lint JJriaMof tlii? u .rnin;: nitriti.-, a faliv atala tin nt of tlio ptooin'iltii;-. in tlit? im i ?IUilffr tlri ? uwnod? M'h re U tin article ' Dietrict Attorney?1 vtll aliuw Uiaarm t i th* thwart. Mr Clark?1 "pcn hm I all tL -1;.. mMl.uif to da with tl ? ?-ato District Attorney?1' ha- amm Hi' . _> I ? do with th# ft"' It rtnti'i that 1 lit ! tbllilniii I tin ? ?l?- mw f ' ad |dult l? tarn tn attend to It ai-n ?ialcw that I U. chl halt given ,i latter in-uii rlr : all of wlnsh titidi to t>i u tii tin- i -Mint to pern i t the i nda at ?u tic# aoutrl.t toll- art <niplteh?d ii tin trial I newer Kil l llint private I lium ?> lau-d ire in abandon Ika I t -i i ntn n Tin I'i-trlct Attorney tl?. u w? ut ua t ? ntata that it vrwa tbo I.t:m. n ue Ji tin- i ! 1.U office ia relation In other luallnri Which had i alb t bun *??.>?. ami which v I id i in in lii- it. lit. n dm'.n? ti.. n .. ..itid.'r of Ik# tin,, which would I. column illy tlila Ir'ul, nulla i oa an,)i.?uni ol tin . bl in r ? it) ab'onri, I ahoui I <-alt ia Mi Jhuii * *l Malik to rum up tin i vnlmir ? itti.iaa riiimn for lilin II# -aw no li -11 <-IJ. i-t i n t t Itl? cout a#, ao n Iik a? In- (the l>Utri?t Attorn. i) w wtlllm; to ?* at.iin ibnu | ? ? ii - i in 4i ? y A .won tin r nt tIda court. In-i In til I do In duly im I lm aw i .i -on why law iliyuld not. a! bin own dhwtrticn mtlm Mr r'rnlth lila tin ulb| ii t r in euiumir.K up ti n cwneure :u the < ?*?*. Il<< iik Indi d by My log?1 now bare tin* whole mil tec to tin dn. retina Of tin- Court a lid I now ite, aa I lira ataInil brfnri'. tbat it >? public, and Bot .vale baai m ? that i alia am awity It hua I n ao to day ami it v II li# ro during Ike r?- t ??! lb# tint# wh Will 1'. <11 py Mr W aril ? If tlie 1 ? t r i . i tln-r rwa ? u i v I ahouid aot I n b it ah.n? lu ibi- ,uar It ha# a'.i tidy I-en ant by It ? ntfn . ?.. that tww cr urel will rum up tor the dif. m and it U aim Ml taw ii i i li to a-K of a. to atnii up ' t tin- I-t? ulmn alone. aitl.ii<ah I do n< t ahrlnU fri nianyr pou liil:' y hnpaiwul B|w ti ion ly my pnaiti n u tlm ruin ? Juil)li' Urti uwntal Mr ? t.ntAt! ? T-y thilknUM ? Wtllid ino111 r I ' ? ii | that any action li# tri o na tin- al lj rl t til. article 111 111# .Van Int Ila in / iHatrlet Ml' racy?No' onlo-a tbe C itri tin ? '- *~ht i me not .en 11 It I ViTi .It ? ir ' it r oilaiiM a fabe alfclM .??; 11 In' " i,- ir.-u by urn 1 .r my aW a< nee ft< in I lie i "tr t ,'ud<re ilrrenanml ar <T ? n nltl I ? II RnwieHI Atatutia and bie amorist, JinlKoa. raid la regard tw the artiiI# puMI-li I In the Mi, twi IttrtM f that ti. ttiirw wr bat" to .-tty tbnt ?>? n :* t to a## that the ptibliafci111 jni mo i?.|" . ?li"uld li t' coauueaU ma in ??wl.l. tb > are in trl A. C"Uia. n U? <? mrt# ? old h .ii a r tbt ' | imi t ot"?apt. any p<w a ii ahaifevtlil ynUUn aitMio In a new iver eal'<da t I'd to Itltlll. lie a ?l.l.ii while "tlt'.n! Hill our itatwle* prnrerlle wl t hall b ? -:? ? awd n .atnmfrt " (Thw ?ludae hire read ft at the 'il tatb l?it*#in relatlnw to aliiil ncwapapera may not pub! U. tn tarhied?W par *< tttd repot la. etc J "Nitt altlnmuli Ihia (luokunt at III" Urtmi JO I .?porta to la in lit or ?' ? In It *< rtalnly prilrttda to l? ti mpott <i tin ?? t It "ay? thw pit i luting i thri r b* i.bat..'>n III. <? Now. in a. linryea 1 ? ? intrr ah ndwd Ih" ? ? ? Tbat ata'e an nt rrrtainly i? iarnm ilm arm In ?!?<> aiataw tbat lb# IHatrii'i tttonmyaaiJh had rit.itn bu-ltmwa to attend to TI., ' oft d In t ao an britac I th# Ww tint Aii?itmy. tbi ft a be. n pith || toil, and In i* that uo aui ii n will adinh aw jeav dluli't the p' i* i ( ttil- t R'lth n imct la tali) iirtlrt lar cam If tIt" IHdMft 1 f rimt ?l<e not re ||U< I il. W# d.1 MM hb W that ? >' a. ?U n ke any tarlhew notlre of It than Ii riuiai k that it ? etmiw u?. aad tli# t'l tirt eipr. ?? a li-that im fur In f artlei. - of thla kind will n|| car. If awy rhould u will h?i ,iaie the dntp r.f the Court to tal r tii ? f It and <e that in. i utea l?# taken fi r the pm bun-lit ofltle fat n? offer,din,; in ri taiioa tothnotber BMtter. e 'tic mind Mr ^nalth? Mr dark?in to lath,a to tbat. U ilaGvurti w?.?? ib a ie to l." heiitd bin at the pr p#t time Win n thw i Tidi me i? all In. unit tlte tlnm for ?utnailni: np the twaw affiwe* tn prop >a ? to i i i a word. I ut Wt uotaat ?t th# I" eenl I km' acainat tlm Inli lui-tbm of Mr em i hint# il l- eatia# now We Imce no oly. i tn n In any reputahlw coanci llor, aaf one mil In in- arltaW Mrrnu ii tkoee partlia ia 1,1m tin ii of the IHatnct Alt ttny. but ihia will til he nialti-r f. r MdMwitlM at th# p'op<? lime The Court. tlieWfnf# rcwcrced Ite drrlaton f. f. r -im# to the adano lc n ol Air Amltb antll the time for auintitiwg Bp arrice* 'Ibe JWwra Were di?. barf' l until 1 . .lay m raiad, wham the t aac Will Ih' feafiBted A aval ltttrllli(c'ir#> The r H atnrnahip Itelinf will probahly mil to dap, for Rb> Janeiro, with Marw he th.. MMM miaf we. The t'i||owin|[ la n hat of hi r ofllira??BBry K Thet ffeet, Lieut Coaiui iwdanc Andrew Hryacek MwW! ^ki inn i ll#rwltr Aaatatant; Atarn ft (Uavey. I in cr Ji hn I llart. Par -J Mi l hlpna. K Hhophant, do do (Iro V Rational do do The t A aloop <' war Uniniur. CaatalaOfe#W# a#N.4 (VfMn tin h??y laid ai I'oi l?m till, to join the UfWka bipnadron (I Cuba