Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 3, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 3, 1851 Page 1
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fit THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6766. ? MORNING EDITION SATURDAY, MAY 3, 1851. PRICE TWO CENTS. AMimKMKNTM. pROADWAT THEATRE.?I. A. MARSHALL SOLE Leiace; U. If. B.rrtti. Maunr.?D?or( op?u at 7; our _ _ ; W. "I"" "* 1 ? " " A t?iu riaaa xt liull |??t 7.?lire lir.1. and 1'kT'iu.t, '>> einta; Family tod Third Ciralca, 2(i conta; G.IUry, I2>i c?nt?; Pri ?*?U Boxes, >5 ub<1 $(i.?Saturday evauluo, May 3d. will b? preaeit. d the iirmnd rom.ntle. operatic, fairy apectaele of toe VISION OF TilE SUN?Roraa. Minx Andertoa ; Tee ner, Mr. wiiitisir: Ou I ton pea. Mr. Harrix; Oretaume, Mr. 11111; llualuepao, Mr. Frodaricke; Tyoohroc, Slguor Carlo; "ienii of the Harp, Mine Olivia; Genii of the Ebon Wend, Mr. Reynolds; Runad, Mlaa A. Gourenhcim. Previous ta the Spectacle, the new corned y aallad A MORNING CALL. N IBLO'S GARDEN?MANAGER, MR. JOHN SEFTON. Tickets, 60 cent#; Private Boxes. $5. Doors open at half-past six; to commence at. bslf-nast 7 o'clock?The ?justly celebrated and wonderful M ile Caroline Houaaet and ner sisters. Adelaide and Clementine, will appear, being trie -hird night of their farewell engagement in'Newr York. Satur day evening:, May .Hd, will lie played the 3YAS1IERVYOMA? DfTddgets, Mr. Sloan; Mary White, Mrs. SI Mary V Fhite, Mrs. Sloan. To conclude With the Grand Ballet, (with entirely new dresses.) entitled CAfAKINA?Catarinn, M'lle Caroline Itoussct; Count Bo vine, M'lle Adelaide Rouasot; Fra Dinvalo, Mous. Jean Rous iitt; linoira, M'lle Clementine Rousact. HO UGIIA M * S L Y <' E V 31, B ROA1) W A Y, N EA R B ROOM E street.? Dress Circle and Parqactt*. 50 oents; Family Circle, 2.# cents; Orchestra Stall Seat-*. $1; Private Boxes, $5.?floors open nt 7 t?? begin at half-past 7 o'clock.?On saturdav evening, May 3, the per onus nee will commence with THE HF.\ II. IN PARIS?-Henry do Beansoleille, Mr. 1'aliner: Count Vauille. Mr. Hroutrtiain; . Miss Mary Taylor; Madelibe, Miss Julia Gould; Madame do Senuoville, Mibs Taylanre. To be followed by T ? couette Pcflka. by Mile. Buoy Burro and Mr. (1. V* . Smith. T?? inndu !?? with the local vhiiii.M.- ilitj called a ROW AT THE LYCEUM?The Mausgt r. Mr. BroujIimiii; Mrs. B , Mrs. Brougham. \/i LIE. JENNY LlNli'S FAREWKIdl. CONCERTS IN ? IvJ. Now > orb.?Th.e public ar?- res poet fully informed that Mi.I.E. .Ifc'NN ? LIM) will have the honor ?f giving a limit ed numher ?f Ur.-nd Uorut ts in New York, previous to her visits to Ningari Tails, W? st.-rn New York, the Lakcs.Canada, and her final d nurture for Europe. The tirat concert will be given <>u Mrdpoiliy evening, May 7: the second concert will l e gi\en on 'i'!>? nlt? moon, May 8, aud will be contiinivd three or four ti m-.? per week, until cloned Ml.LK. JENNY USD will be hv isted b) the cntii ent *rtists, Sic*von Salti and Siomoh Hi i i t in; Conductor, Mu. Julu Rav edict. The Grand Orel.<-irahas been considerably augmented. nun* tering eighty w II known professors, (whose name* will soon Le ruehfliuMi.,) unci embracing the hr*?t talent in Aincrioa, Ultacr the direction of Ma. HrMtiucr. Tne ? ntirc interior of the Garden been deeoratt d. aud furnished with sofas and setters. made and cushioned exprc**ly for these Con certs. One hunured attentive ugher* will be engaged to di rect visiters to their seats, thus pre-erv ing the system and good order which have ?o eminently characterized these Con The bridge lend* ccrts in (irrj iK>rti? n of the United S- ??> s. The bridge I log to the Guraen will bo e?v?red. so as to protect visiters in cast of raid. Owing to the groat capacity of the Gar-leu, the price*; of ticket ? bat e been fixed ut $ J. $?-. and $1 each, accord ing to locati a. A lin.itA-d number of Promenade tickets <which will not b?* a imittedbeforetso'clock.) will he issued, at SI each. In ord< r t > aive every person an equal chance, and to irsfrop prevent ?p?'Oiilit-?ro from monopolUlag trio scats, and selling theiu at exerbicint pritec, aj w jll as to nr?vent nnplcafant crowds at the ticket offices, and an indiscriminate rush at the doers, m? the evenings of the Concerts, every seat in the Garden will he numbered and secured to the purohaser. and the choice of seats will be offered at auction the day previ ous to cu b Concert. AH scats not bid off at a premium will be immediately off-re 1 at the ticket office, at the fixed prices, where diagrams will be shown, exhibiting the exact locality ^>f euch scat. Experience has amply proved that this is the best and only coun.e that can be adopted t?> secure justice aud 4atiafa< tion to the public. The l ionet <?;&ces for the iispo ?al of all scats m t I id off Ht auction, will be located at J 1 lie's Nuiir Store, No. Broadway, aim will he open every day, except the Sabbath, from 7 o'clock A. 31. till It o'clock P. M., except t?u the evenings of the Concerts, when they will he cloM d nt ti o'clock P. M., and offices opened at that hour nt IV tit Gurdcn for the disposal of inv tickets re Tiiaining unsold f>r that evening's Concert. The Public's obedient servant, P. T. BARNUM. Franklin museum. 175chatham .square.?geo LT A, tkile Proprietor.? Admiss on?Seats in Private Boxes. 60 cents; Stage Seats, .'*7>?cents; Boxes, 25 cents; Par quet, 12>? cont^.?Klesant Saloon performances every Aftor Aoon and Evening. Entertainments commence in the after moon at 3 o'clock, and in the evening at half past 7. Ths entertainment** are varied and select, an i saoh as can be soon mt no otbsr nine -ol'annistment in New York, consisting of Lea's Female Ethiopian Opera Troupe, numbering fifteen performers, being the lur^est and at tne same time the most talented band in the United State*, a troupe of Model At tists who arc scl 'ctod for their beauty and figure, and who personate a number vt bsantiful tableaux, taken from the pictnrca of ancient and modern times; a company of Arab Girls, who ro through a variety of feats of strength and dexterity; Mvdamc Rosaline, the only Female Juggter in the world: a <<tn|?any of Male and Pern ale Artists, who willgivo an exhibition of Marble Statuary unequalled in the world, together with a variety of interesting performances every afternoon and evening. For particulars see billj of each day. NKU OH I K INS SERENA HERS AND FELLOWS' MmMrtri. nt Fellows' Mmsieal llall. No. 411 Hroadwsy. this Thursday e\' nlng, and every evening. D<>ors open at 7 o'clock, i'mevrt at s o'clock. Forming the greatest coinbi wation of talent ever on* cntrated in the Ethixpisn business in the world. Gn Wrdnesdwy aud Saturdav afterno >m, a grand concert, c itamenuing at J P. 31., for futuilics and juve niles. <*3AST1.E GARDEN.?SUNDAY EVENING CONCERTS J ?Opening of the Sensou.?Messrs. Fr ncl. bi. lfciser have the pleasure to inform the public, that th* Sunday Evening Con< < rtj ut Cn*tle Garden, which have heretofore j been so eveedingly popular and attractive, will ho re-com, I ?tfieiioed on >uiida>, M.-?y Itii, 1S51, and will h?* continued throughout the .vii ?i*acr Srason, up -n a m->re enUrsed and attractive ^cale than ev ?:r before ntWmptwd For tnis pur- I T*c?ee. they have rutd arrant*inints with ihe talent"! direo tor of the Italian Opera, Mr. Max Marctsek, who will cm duct th**-* eon ? * ti in p?r?"U. They have also engaged the entire Grand < .chestr* of the Italian Opera ihe Pro ?41 a ariii't * illl c found > and highly attractive. Aduna- # cp O THE MUSIC 3 L PUBLIC.?sr.ETNG THAT A J party*#! N^w Oriesn* Serenadvrs,comprisingfttooiirnf <?f alias- *, in#i t upon vnuoyiug aud trying to injure m*. 1 will now contest for ti c originality and chamni nshin. hy m *et .Ag that party half way, (?a j Pl;iladel|?h?a.) an J there per form to a pat tug a 1 die nee, each party giving one hour * en lertainmcti: and the merits and < Uitn to lw decided by the wudiei i ?*. whethvr I have the best tr-uiw* or a claim to the title of New l>rlcsas Opera and Ballet Troup SANMIIRD, Manager snd Proprietor, rfnk r.S ?The wiaaii./ party taking the gn*ss receipts. flAiiiwi na. April K*#l. PrNC'H?BVS ADYERTISEMFNT ' ? ' -MR. PUNCH would inf' rm the pe pic that he has "some out." and that it is it? t "1.1 j hys intention to "oome out" a tool deal str -nger. in a h w d "?>?. as sull as richer in the end, hut t > "cim nut t Kile he in about it. in. and with, a new and ru>>s* unimaginable li hi. at, and to immortalize, hys Institute, , ...I ? II. W* 111 \l i'4-tuliiln m. IS uiiulJ kit formerIV call u ye Stuyve?ai?t. Meanwhile, a? it w?uld nip#-- il ls l-.r bun to vail, personally, upon hys thou as ?f adn.irtra. he has " come out" w itn a " Uard, which th< - 1 res t, aud those who can n ay carry off ANVttKNKNTH 151 PHIL. A UKL.P1I1 A. Barmtms wr?r.i v piiii.auei.pima.-p. t. bar Proprietor: H. 8ui((?H. ? Second wrfi 11 the gorjeoiie and entrancing 1'htnoao Actio? ??rni'il the " Urctieo llnrae'' aitiieaeed and admired hy Imueande nl (hi cltiaeat nl I'liil* (el phi ? for the |>ait week. It (? cmnhalieAll) a prn\?rh of heanty. Will ala<> bo per ornid (hi ??k (he ci medio ? ailed " Lore,, and I'hyelc," " I'fiiM tiled at t'nurt," "Weak I'.iata," fen., with iai.etne I y ?' t I Vr Ml I llam*. Tin Mr formam ">? in th' nltero'on are enmpoaed of the ntorl comical Taroae, (he limet of Vaiide?tll?a, I'clitc Itrninae. popular M?;,dl#e, < I ermine Uaaeee. |r Then, tha thonaand and one rr.rlnaliie, | die apanooa Saloon* a?? full of Interact. Aiimi- ion tni -e and ona parf raaica, 29 c?at*. children under ten ye arc li^ Mtl. MT'SIC A la. \JOCA1 iATS I?r A' kSOWI.EDt.EO TaI.ENT WISH did rnfo .??(? are re<|ue,t,l to aodreea " Suite" II raid <?? .? .tin* t?r?a, Ac., per we. k. A reel comic elaatr ? an I'd, CT P.SSAN SINfllMl III R DS?(' IIA A KEIt'll IR A It RO. ? thr.alj real importer. ?f P.ur, p?an ain^iar hlr la. removed t? V- IJ North M ilham at., near ('hath am at., bate < n hand Niii.i rnan alanine < mart,a, anpainr t< any etar imported t? thla e< untra. !??? Oulddaene. *> Skylark* PI BoHbttrh ?. * h at lint ? a" or I ?<? toaea I . rrcetly. and ? com le r or Idnn, tie, Starling. Ml*' heap IP inn Kedl.reaat. Ac , all la full aoxr. rood health and pinnate. Ilirlaead and ear ? ?t all I lad. AH kiada of bird. and anliatl. per,erre.l bv eavif et'iU'og, Ae? oa reaaona'de term'. I'll Mil.b* III II ill: A i,I,mI III.K, 12 North William atreet, let. 177 M illlam alttei, ________________ L'iRPH.N f I Mil Vl. IllH |,d ?fl I.O SI ill.V/K BR 15 a to ii ' ri, II ? pal-ll'* of I' la city I ml lie hat removed ft*ai 21 Molten laee, to l"i M illUm -te.ot, with a ehoi e e .llaetion nf tl.rmaa I tnariea, winch bate Hie a,.tea of taa tiiplitiuga'e wed ant akylafk. DOS SA I tll'.M'ntiF. I'lA Ml. M tllP. ST IIAI. r Ittt A Htonn. Beaton. eeiat oriel,tally one toaeaad dollar. ?ill I ? enl I ana at ? lerr cell a?, eiltce. in , onne ?a*t,i e <>f 11 Ii ,it learinc for Europe. A ppl r to M r Than. Il l > an.1, V, Hroadway, LV,,l( V , 1 I ? , ,, V N -I I I M l y MiK A I III It' II Ifnlj I AO* |A(iR PAI ? t N ORII AN. 81' IT till r rits A CMI'SCII. r It lite tea a' p" a Uraetaa taaa, aad Uantirelr aaar tlaa he no, a at Na. to, llamatoad A- at, betneea I aad i o'elovk. KINK A UTS. A MIIH AN ART-t'NIOff, IMORPORATKD IN |A? for 11, ? f lion of the Pin* Arte lathe United Alahna.? The ilnllerr l? t,"w op-n In the public fr?m M o'clock A. M. calll anaael : admi.cton ff. I ke walla are already hung wPh a lar-e follccttuM of palntlnrr for di.trtballea, botd-e oilier, na erl,IM(i?n. Id inhere of |Ak). certldcalea -lamher ft ,m I (O Mint, . an n?w rece|?e(h' "it tn*ra?lnr? ta whteh Ihi r ar- ?allll-d. "n appliealioa at the aallnry, which Car tktn o?>e? I,all I (he llhh lna? , will rwmaln op,-n nalll Id ?'cloek I' IM Member, for INN will ha entitled, be.I lea a nhare la (he di'taihwtun of tlie paiatiap., ete.. In the fellnw ne norke. via fh- line rneravin* of '' Serb an Newa." hy 'Woodrillr. me.taurine III by Si iai haa. A act of the fallowing flvr engraving*, In lino, ncrrage by ID in.-hee, vl* ? *' Marion t r, .aine the P, Ire," by Kanaey : ?'Meunt Weak vagtea tr,,n, the. Valler of Pea a ay," hy K?naett; "Aiaerioaa llarreatine Scenery,'' hy ('ropery ; " Old 7# and Tonne id," hy Woodrillf: ' lUrgatnia* for a llor.e bv Monnt ; ta (na ?? fliaatratrd Monthly Bulletin." for 1 Nil, for and uft*r tha month ia wl.ich (lie euharrlpth.a la made. P.acb anmber will contain al Iraal .late- n tnarto pirca. ?f three column, aneh, of rcadlne mailer. In, In llnr raaaya ?n nrt. ealunbla eeler tiona, and a enpion- enrnm try nf art new., and a number of ?ri*ieal illu-lrati, ne br dial iniiiial,, I aril-1. ; a portion of n foil btoprnphlajd, UrhnilnyicaT, and topiml dietlonary of art, ta he lentinned from nntnbcr to lunHcr; brief aketchen of tic rarioaa aahooli and aca lemi. a of art : abort aaraarapha ? m artlatic topiea, and dehnillonr of the l.rma of art?raa /iorlaR lb' *?rk prrmanont tilne to be bound and pre aarred aa an important book of refer, nee for tha ealtlrt'oA trrader. and "f iaatrtretion for thnee a ho need it. Sakeerip tioa rereivd at the Oallery, l!T Br .ad* ay (AT ATION Al. Ai'AnEMTOP DRSTOS.-TftR TWRWTT lT airth Annnal P.ahibltloa of the Aoademy la nova open ta tic pttkl.e, al (heir Oallcrlr*. No AM Rroadway oppaaim Hood afreet, from ? A. M. nntll 10 P M. AdmlttaaeaS ateau : aeoaea tlrkafn. M oente. eataloanaa. I1H ceata. By aadar at' tha tleaaell. J. n. sMuoati, C??. Vmtarr, n. a. AKVIMUKTI. BOWKKT THEATRE.?BOXES, 20 CENTS; PIT. cents; Orohestra Boaes, 00 oeuta.?Saturday ?vcuinj. May X will b* repeated, in Bra tableaux, agrand spectaole, Interspersed with nunc and startling effects, oalli-d tha COUNT Or MONTB-CR13TO?Edmond Dante,, Mr. E. Eddy; Mens. Morrall, Mr. John??n; Danglari, Mr. Stevens; Old Dantea, Mr. Mllona; Mont. Tlllefort, Mr. Tiltoa; Abba ftrin, Mr. E. L. Tllton; Ptrnand, Mr. llauiillon; Albert; Mr. H. Jordan; Caderouse, Mr.Wiuanat .Max Morrell, Mr. Pope; Mercedes, Mitt Wemy**; Hardee. Mitt S. Denin; Madame $! ,vui"#rti ""?Jordan; M'lle Meran, Mn. VTalcgt; Ma tilda, Mitt HI Bert. BURTON'S THEATRE.?CHAMBERS STREET, REAR of Citr Hall.?Boxtt, Oreee Circle and Par,|tist, SO rente; Family Circle or Second Tier, 2b oeuti; Prlrate Boxre, t*d and fJ>: Oroheetra Seats, 70 cents.?Doors open at 7; to begin at half-pest 7 o'clook.?Saturday evening, May X will be preteutod the comedy entitled M1M1?King Cliarltt, llr. J. w. I,cater; Charles Kin*, Mr. Jordan; I'cter Vau l ouiten, Mr. Juhiieton; Mimi, Mrs. Skerrett; Nell Qwyaao. Miss Weston. To conclude with the drama of VIC FORI NE ? M. Alexandre, Mr. J. W. Lester; Mr. Bonastus, Mr. Burton; Blai/c. Mr. Johnston; Victoriue, Mrs. Russell; Elua, Mrs. Skerrett; Mrs. Bonassus, Mrs. Hughes. N ATIONAI. THE ATRE, CHATHAM STREET?BOXES, ' I 15 MBtllFit, lt)i cents; Private Boxes, ffittfStpffil *? curtain rises at half-past 7 o'clock ?Saturday eve ning. May 3. will be presented the grind fairy spectacle of THAI.ABA,THE DESTROYER?Thalaba, Mr. VTatkiu#. Mo- i harob, Mr. Brandon; Zftlrm, Mr. Stafford; All, Mr. La Favor; liattua, .Mr. Thompson; Month, Mr. C. Taylor; Sambo, Mr. I.. Fox: Suit man Khan, Mr. Millag*; Onoua, Mi l E. Mestayer; Spirit of the murdered/cinah. Mm. linutonvillc; Acratoon, IflM Malvinh; Abdaldar. Mr. II. Seymour; OkbA, Mr. Dili; kawla. Mn. 11. I'. Crattan. The entertainments to com mence with the farce of A PLEASANT NEIGHBOR. MECHANICS' HALL, NO. 172 BROADWAY, ABOY1 Grand street.?Open every night during the week until further notice. The original ami well kaowa CHRISTY'S It IN3TKEL8. comprising an efficient ami versatile ?'corps'* of '* talented " and "cxp?r' ? - ?? . .. . rienced performers," uador the management of L. P. Christy, whose concerts in this city, for a succession of "five ycura," have boon received with favor by highly respectable and hihiunablj Audiences. Tickets 25 cents. Doors open at half-pest six, commence at eight o'clock. An Afternoon Concert will be given on Sa turday no t, Muy 3rd. for the accommodation ot Ladies and Juveniles, commencing at .'1 o'clock, I*. M. On Saturday evening next, May 3rd, annual benefit of M. Mitchell* Barn cm'3 American museum?p. t. barn cm, Manager and Proprietor.?Saturday afternoon and eve uing, May .'I. Kn-uiu:?At the earnest nolicitatiou of no meruit* families, will he repeated the oolebrated comedy of the SERIOUS FAMILY?Amlnadah Sleek, Mr Iladaw iy. In the aft' moon, at .'1 o'clock, will be performed the ROUGH 1>1AM(KN1>?Cousin Joe. Hr. Hadawny. To conclild * with the MISERIES OF HUMAN I.IFE?.Mr. Ally Croaker, Mr. Kent. Adini-^ion to the Museum, with it* innumerable curiosities, 25 cents ; children under ten years ot ug?\ IJlj. Par<iuette and Circle. 121. cents extra. CASTI.E GARDEV.?THIS BEAUTIFUL AND POPIT lar place is now oy cn forth# reception of \ ieitc r? dur ing the day. The view from the galleries of the splendid scenery of our noble bay and harbor, has not au equal iu the world. Admisaioti I2l4 cents. LAND W A UK \ NTS, G1ENERAL LAND OFFICE, APRIL -ITU. Wl.-XIJ. f mcrou* applications huting been insdo to thU office fer iiiformntton in relation to the manner in which Land War rants, under the art of 2kb September, iKhf, should be lo cated, the following answers thereto have teen prepared, te a it:? There are three modes by which the*o locations may be made: 1st. By the Warrantee in person. 2d. Ii> the Warrant**, through the agency of this oftei, 3d. By ail Agent or Attorney. If the first or second mode i ? adopted, the application must be nfade in writing, specifying the tra? t. latin district or sec tion of country, ia w hich tho location is dosir* d, and be au compauicd by an attidai it according to the follow nig form, No. 1. Where tho third made is adapted, a Power of Attorney must l a produaed, executed by the warrantee ia the presence of a witness, according t?. the following form, No. 2. which Power of Attorney must bo ackunwlodged, or proved, a? the case mai be, before s ?me officer authorised to take the ac knowledgment of deeds, according to form No. 3 or 4. In all ease'J the Patents will be transmitted to tha Land Office wherv* the location is made, unit"* p*? i?l directions ta Uie contrary ba gi\en. J. Ut'lTKRI'IELD. Commissioner. FORM No. J. Statkof > Cot*MTV or $ Before me (a Justice of the Peace, or oilier officer author tied to take affidavit* ) personally appeared (here insert name of w arraiiti e,) who being duly sworn* deposes aad ?ays, that ha is the identical (h< i l?s. rt nn*aeof tvurrnntee,) to wbom warrant No.?for??acres, under tba actof 8.* trml't'r, 1VSI, Kb. is. U"<l ii tha ilsy ,( , 183. ?ud *ll? UuvS appllts to lai-ktc til* Skill.-. ( AflUat'a slnxturs ) Soirntn sn^ ?ti? b.fore ?: this?ds, sf , Itaft (till icr's sixusturo.) FORM " " Know nil nan by tke?o Mtmti, Hll I (I, ..(mart tli' t??. n?m- of axrrsutc). '.I t'i? cuanty -I , nnd Mtnta a( , do bcral.y n-nstitii!* anil ?p|>'iut? . ?f?, my trn, an 11.? Inl Allurne). fi>r m. :iii<l ia toy naw. t<> IsoaUi I.and Vtsrrsnt No. . f"r ?? acrrs of land, aliiob isinsd nndar the art of September, InV). [ I'ower of snbetitotioa may he Inserted If leeired 1 Sixnod ia pteooar* of / 1 W srrsate. s n;aa.oro. roKM No. X ?tatio t } Covarror > f>n this d*y ,.f?..In tjie }-?ar , jn>rsoi?'Iy xp ?esred (here It serf ?mh? ol wsrr;.nli ?.) and ankno*lodged the ? itl'in I'owrr of Att rnc> I" I I.., k< t lad d.'. 4. sa l I oertlfi. that I well kn'>>? tlie .aid (here in < rt the nam* of asrrni tee.) nnd that h" i the oam," per-'in who i. described la the a.tlnu i'oacr, an I a ho executi I the (tdihee. I six* I'.n.'o.) roKM No. d. Srxrr or ) Cot-NTT or { I hereby trrtlfy. ttst ?n thia day of . In the 7,,r . per rally cetoe lcfore ine (h re fneert the name < f t he trltiie.,)and(bereia- Tt tho nam* of ?nrrantio;) aad tho said (her. insert the ntnie i.f ? i t o . | I. nu v -II kn->*nto ne. a as duly sworn h> in', end an hi* oath il? lored aad said that he aell kn?? the .aid (h TO in-ert Ih* nsta* of a irrsa ) sa l that h - as ? the .sme per*, n de>< nl.ed ia. and ah* Ithfn I' .a eto? nted the aithin Power of Attorn <y. aad hi aas to me sstisfactary eii lu.c* of tl ?t fart, and tba said (lo re insert tae aaaie ol asrri'iitee ) tliereup>j a< kiioHUdx ed th* said Power to be his aet aad di ed. (11(11#" 's llfNlirt.) TIIK TKLKGKAI'li. JACKSON'S I'ATKM ANM'M lAToR, N l!r>rn. Telegraph.?As elet,*ut and ?<? lal mar hi ir, a ?ub-t far l? I!i> a* furnierly in ua*. ThU invention hb? tnvaptably, reeeiic i tha lirat premium akMMTtf |P?*|i4 for oamp-.-tl tiua. having(Derived th-gnld MM at ihi iMtm lr?ti tute, a ellier medal at the II .ton Fair, aad di( '? m*? wh<r? medal* have been prou-uly awarded it. I >ri'- i" pe*V?r perform an re. we brg tn r. f. r t? ae?el> all tlx lea linr Ural rlun hat l, in tht Uii.i ,, State*. It ? pr ? at Irie full ? iag tretinmniaU of poreoo a * In hav * L .d grot ? x| PVthMh in hall hanging. tho uar sf and the putting tip 1 f tnniii N i a Vith a. Mareh ftrnr Sir*:?la anan r to v nnr Pear Sir*- ?la ana* . r tn *nnr> of the I d |. t , n .blag nir Rim ii aa to tin mint* ut ?>?>? h oa'a Aanua. i itur, or Hot! letriipli, I beg In atate that I ham n.i? .1 to m tut in in iaf ?. I. t/r 11 ' . I be* to atate ti il I h:i n .. i t. m up m in inf Br. t i I iee hub le In van'tie part* ?t tfce C/nt ea, und eatea rely la tin. elt)r?tlint tbei Iinre t> >en all tin eat infant tea that poaallil* I'l.ulil t.o > p-i ?. d?that I know o' n * in i-*li?n -r that work* to Mrrrt tly In alt tin parte, an I with an mm h aitiipli It/. It*elegant uppearan-e, a. writ a- ita general utility, narraute at in r ? nun ndnit it to bote I pr ,r.r" '. ir# it Annual i-t r, oi Bill f?|?. aad ut I -rt, aa tba meet | ri-? t graph a * Inane R- p ifnllr, raan, .8 t II M MTTta. 11-11 M r M - e -tr--t TIIO* 18 <HAI MFRS, II-11 Ran . r t> M re r?tr--t. Cent-? For the la?t tbree /tan. I ha..- ?a I Jaih f*at??t At '.ntn lat-r fvf lo't' li. la thi* riij tie Sinte. ale. la Veraiuat. and It ha ' pr ired It If arrf-. 11, a 'i-faotney t# th* o*ai re. aa wall *? git . If. | aia dm 14*41/ "I *j 1m ?a tnal it p > i am ? - iporn ril^ of no . I. tail tl ? n .tr n ti-.f. edi '*ej and durnt ility la Itwlf, "*? r all nihil Aoiin.i-iet irr th.l 1 hate ill r ta. Skill M. ill.) Mt. lb I' llnni' r. liaarun Battllk Kl If Orion-hire r.t. C< nn ? We Iwtc | nt j erJ i bana'a Pat-n'"f to ar Tiral larga hat-la pad ettameMi . a bar t,. , nre p*r tot aatMkctlaa. A.-nlnv ntli n,f >r < nmbinati. i . mei han tiai dnrahillty, freed>m nf n >1. ? a* I l < li. > nity i ? l. - rai'i Bieat, ?e Iiiih Itatiiigly glee It *? nue n| m >a l.iat IB I* ?' pet tar t.? nnjti Hit in u?n i. r Ilka aaihwe* HcOKIi .Hi 1 IIA VM S N Bell Roarer* ki? Vug a. Ran k b, MM. 17.' i hr. it.- Str**4 th ar Sira ? Having | nt up tan af vmr An i in ie >r# la thi. itj , ya daatr. t" ii.i.w my opt* tow -.r t ..?* I . ?? ?Idi-r a airi prrf.t mvchiae ? aim oho d*<< Ita apn -ar am t I* Beat aaa oraamen'il tad II put up ! y i < nip tank Burma, eauua ?rrt af ? r-i r. IIFNKl not ll?TRASb KR. BeltHevpf. Pnt ti'tifHi*. Marth T l.dt. MS . i'i lirv at. Tli? pa tile are t"?p*etfnlly eaatlnatd ar.'sat making, ? eai i'i(.lor aalag aa Infriagaaieat af tola patent M?? !'?? - i.ItIi Jtrhna'. Alnaaeiator Mvanfa-t r, ir i on .r.'l, William iT' < t. Nev I"afk. The pateati far Bag 'raaen. aad Ike I'aaadaa. far aala. nan*, I.TiC laad. Fraa t I.IITIIIikU. ("1 AST nW CLOTRIRQ ANI? ri BMll'Ht RTANTriV I idle* af gtatli tnea leailng the t i? r. r hr ilmg aa I u?el ej ing, ran nbteln tb l ?' pr f ?e ? lot nine, garaltare. Be , tot aaad nf thfmtgh the P -t ?>? at hla r??i deaea. I. * NtllLIKiBP, nBditrW. N II.? ?4idiea atteaded hi Mre. I>a*<-ld<rp. (TtOTIIIBO-J. PI.ANHEIIS, rtn RRnvnWkT NJHF ?J Tarh, dealer la Vnaag litale? Hnya', aa I thildpra'i elutMng- ?ll? li Iherlniili ealt nf pa that*. Thin e-t? .Imh ineat la i naataatly In r*>iH i af all that i. n a (la t' - 1 ??? ), and ia ai bnnwledgad ta h* th* leadiag haul* at faatu ia la thla ei untrj (t ast orr ci. o TBI no ami r, r\ ititbb wabttd. J ? TbehUbn' pro e i at' iw ol tam I hp lalie. apt gea tli tnea ?lie hair aa* I-ft at? InlhiM. Fnrnttnr ?, aa I Ji ?? I ry. Be., to di?rnT. . f, 11 tedding, thrt g' ?-?t at nther*l**. far i. I.rt fSlsTVSt, ??* Hr aJgay ?f etalra. Ullei attended ta by Mre. Lerenet/a. TH BVKI.IiKHB' OPtDR. s I NDAVMUHMMiHoil POB NF.WBt BCM. PttPOII t" Kit an.I Klag-t a. Ian une at t aldaell ?. < n?rea*' h. Be* llatr.i t., . Blltoa, llyde Park an I i:hl ebeeh. I in a, ,>e* llan.' Ti Milt n. IIi .e l ark and hhl, t' til t 'nt at foot of Ifa'ii'nond atfeht. The ln?t ? nl n ; at' vm er SA A TA t I.A PS. Papt f lw adnrf, *111 leav th- pl.r foot -I Chamhara -treet. ati t elork; retnrnlag, will t t'haait.*r?-treet. ei or* s?n lay morula*, at half t n?t 7 I feare Boat nt at ,1. o'eln V. P tl Ntw VMKK AND PUII.ADKI.PIIIA - Blew VORB aad Phlladelpl la direel -Pnlt"d Statea Mall Idae.? rhpvngh la *H ho era, tla Mew Jer?ey Rallr>ad. Fare rn Inred tn At l-T irat-elaaa. and tl '*> l?T aeenad elaaa lean VewTorkatAA M frnm foot af < onrllmd ?tr>-t and at 9A tl and 6 P M , fr m font of l.lherti ?lr -i Iwav ? Phllv lalpl.ia aid aad 9 A. B. aad I P. *., from th* lo*l of Wal aat atreet. lAMHBB AMD AKIinr RAM,ROAN I.tSfR TBOB New Tnrk to Philadelphia I.btpi pier Na. 1 Nortl Hi*er, hy ateaaihnat JOHN I'OTTRR: Nnrala* Uw, at I ? >71. ~ j'rlnrk. A M | Afterauoa l.iae, at 4 o'elnnk, P. M Far* hi rither line B't; fnraard dark, $8 Emigrant l ine it A n'elool P. ?? dare. 91 ?>. I. nl.lSR. Agaat. Mil.IT \111' MATRRIAf.Bk ( tANNNN FOR SAIF, A I.OT OF RRAVt ABO !?('?> J I annnn.ofall irrta and altet. with jtwe.ap.-y eaMpleta. t. r , Hp and laad aert >; alto, harneaa t .n .l.t> far dnlil earrlngea: Boarding Pikee, Blank Pvrlp'.lge., Ball and Am. tniiMtinn nf every diaetiptiud. Panghwma I* to order Ap 11* IB Matdra lane. \1 ILITARTf APR. ItriTS.dVArSAf R? f ARTRlftcr 1?1 Rogee, llaynget and Rwned Snahhard*. Can Slinge Prldlea, Nartingalra, Hole.era. Saddle ( lathi. Tiber*. P ? tnl flalta, Hh't And Cam . Hag*, t.nn ( a*re ho.. ?c , tatau SIXTEEN DAYS LATER FROM CALIFORNIA. AIKX7A& OF THE STEAMER ALABAMA AT NEW ORLEANS. Large Amount of Gold Dust Coming. Derision Relative to Saeranienfo land Titles. INTERESTING FROM WASHINGTON. Movements of the Cuban Invaders. Our Treaty Stipulation* with Mexic o to be Carried Out. SEVERE GALE ON LAKE ERIE. Duel between Naval Officers Anticipated, tco., ko., ko. The C alifornia Wevrs, New Oilcan., Mi/ 2, 18*1. The stci.mi-h!p Alabama has arrived It-re, in mk days from ' bagr---, with 170 passenger- aud a large amount of gold .Inst. The ?t? tuners CrMCent City. North America, and Geor gia- had arrived at Chasres. The dnti.i frt ut San I ranrisco ire to the let of April. The news generally is unimportant. From the mines and dry diggins the report* are very favorable. and new discoveries are constantly being made; in fact, the prospects from ail quarter, appear to be ?? coats ging. iH-cision was given in the I'istriot Court of .'acrament*. surtaining settlers' claim, to lamlr on which the city is located. No further attempts have been made to dis lodge them, nor is it likely there will be The steamers Tennt -"ee and Columbia had arrived at Tana ma. with a million and a half of gold dust. Mor* of the Anticipated Cuban Expedition, it' MORS or Tin. movements cf tut: invaders?OF FKTAL FF.ETAIIATIONS TO INTERCEPT THEM. KTU. Wasiiinutds. May 2. 1H.">1. The Government U dally roeelvlng intelligence of movement, in different parts of the South, which it is supposed are eonnected with the Cuban invasion plot, although nothing definite is known. The Collector of Savannah acted upon his own responsibility ; that i*i without being particularly instructed by the department iu chartering the st< umboat which went in pursuit of a supposed cargo of patriots. The' Tuney" revenue cut ter was ordered to Savannah some days ago. If a party of iuva?lotihds ?< re t? succeed in getting off. and ch< c to resist the overhauling of any of our ves sels. it is catianvcly il< ubtful whether the authoritie, if the I'nited Mate* wr-uld feel justiBed in using force H is therefore dc. medot the gr.-ate,t lnr> nee that tl r embarkation should Is- pr tiled. S*l.nnaa sy J. 1 V.I The Pavaunah of Mouday .y at '.'uluin rt mors hare Is en rife there several day- and the g rn ment < fllcials have < ahihit.-d a great amount of/. .1 in their efforts to ferret oat tb- rotors aud preserve the na tional neutrality. '1 he steamer ?' tVelaka" wa. chartered and sailed .<n Pundey night for the South, with the Mar shal and deputies on board, in pursuit of the expedition which it In report, d is concentrating on the coast. The Net wad Gesrgims Of the UNI li lays:?"A* we go to | ross. which is after twelve o'clock Sunday night tin re is not a little m is. and confusion in the office of the it-it. -1 Slate- Iii.trlet Attorney, which happen* to ad join our r atrium I >k out. ye FilllbustcM' This Rustle eomirif and going, passing to nnd fro. tip and down I stair* ronemteg and advising, portends you no g.sai. you n.ny depend on if llumorsnya that three hun-lred I of y- u nr. to be arrested to-Uiiv. We advise the arrester* to take parr that they do not Reetme the arrests**. and thus th. m.elves swell the number of the invaders of Cuba : It would loo', lad lo st e the I'nit. d Mates Mar shal inarching through the i and. uud. r Lmm." Tlo?.-*?( onnoh Kepi 'lit an h-' ? int. Iligcnee trom Havana to thi Jillt till . to the effect that the rxrit. m-nt con tinued nl ou* the . \| ?ct.d invasion, hut that n -thtug I further had transpirid. Destructive Gale on likhr Krtr. lit. r*I n. May 1 mi. W. wr rlgited j IMh; by a galr afgMterwiriNly than h?* m eurred on the bike* Mart. ls4t. Ii> a^rowb ?a* lot in iicati I Ly the barotnt t<-r and lienre it eaught our (hipping outride un| n p?r?.(. aud. we fear. iaiolie* a !*????. * .. . ( f property, if not of life Tile morning w?? cloudy niol ? hilly, with a light wind from the northen-t. About 10 oVkw-k. II rtiopf id round to we t Matkiiit, blowing with great I to . a-ei mpaalad with enow, hall' and re in It i "lit loued with griat fur/throughout the day. and lur'ng the . aily part of lmt wight. The cud den ebaage id wind I roucht a great volume of water into i ur h rbor, eon ring tie low land*. flllltig the eellnrw. and nearlj atlbmirgi'.g III duel,. The extent of damage to profertj in (he virion of iln bai'boi I- .julte mm. Tht following dl*Mler* to skipping hare ftllta Wdrf mir notire. The trig .1 (I Irammnn leit here yeiterilay ?noriilng. 11 i lid We it. hud ma le an olttng. r.nd wan e.|ll ir lagaway i? t ee tb? wind under full nunw. when the > gale itrurk h-r. be huaedWilf gut nt'til. but before i eke bad triily r-torard to port h-r e?nra ? w.? in | rhrrda,asd in eoming t'p the rieee., ebe ran foul of the | ranal boat \ iumii. nam.d Murloiiik wee roaring out of tin eai ia nt the time of tii- eoHMaa, | and wna eaught IkKw ?o the fore chain* of the brig and ' the bull eft he boat. Moth bie leg. were tci'.ro. ant he ??? ottrrw'-e ?.. Irradf'U/awagl d. that It in thought l.e ami iirtlr" The eehounw Howal Tgraoa wa a few mile, mil wh-n i h.' encounter..! the g..i rile r in Ha. k to "Itlnn n ?li -t j of Hi a Imrtor ami dropped hei awlir- Mhr rode It not b~H?ety tir.'ii thr. e o'( i.wh in the ati-rii .on, when lie dragged. and eiiil auk ore abit- the ptcr ."the ? ?? llkl.t. a i.d a ill be g >t ? IT without narh daw a* At abnwt right o'rloeh laat night. ? Urge Itrig . i??ft m to nui. till ! tr r hut Went aahore >no Bfty - ?U below tht ni rt li pt r Cantata Mr* .ity r ?? rt? har>n.t paie.1 a mall ?r i I oft (Iran I Hive. 1 if. latin; t . under iu?in*ait .<i I jit. lie roiil.1 not tl'e*.*er an> permn on leatrd Th. liarttow ' 'eft Detroit ;.l aieo. ye t ntae, and , Wet the aleMter* tteean nnd Minn. ota, doing Wwtl The Ma/flow* arrtred in thi- |>ort at eleven n' l ick, having bern out tw. ntfibre. hour- and niakin* Ok-trip during I (be !e iaht ?f t In gal The 11 u MUunrl I*rej...ried .nnk i?e-.* Wunroe lh> to o'ler I?awo of Milan tlltlolbeer tht* morn- | n* in (real H .tree*, hiving rpr>"U aleak, and being na he p- int. f "Mng wto n -he reached (be port Thi at .-am. r ijiiein Ctty wa- drhen on tan eaat n'e t at ( lee land all-log in her timber*. and otlie ?i-r ianui log b r The l.rig- Mara lliillaid M on tetania, and Vll.liin/ and arbe< ner? (iiieilr. M I. hi. Me. free Trader end M iMfeinglt n Irring. and l r?|ieUer HagtMV, w. re oMig d to rut bark, anwi.- with i onabii WMe damage I r-m 11' ' *i rt -It/ and titration Of the gate, we are ap i rehenele.- that we rhail h> ?r of eonetdefwbie Wore di.mogr to th< ?blnptag a9<?l on l.ak* Krl- at the time of the ri.ita'.i'W The 11 hiti<e> Will Can*. Ilia. ti on.??. Ma/ 2. IM1 Tie ng jwn ling and important Whitney will fait. IrtWx a the beir> iffleMM Jo Ion Tfhitne). nhieh ha, I ??n on trial In the fTrrolt Court of Pro-me r unty, for f ur de .1, wa? thi* morning anbwMted t.. thejurr. The drfbadaaM In the prewnt rxord n.n*M toorerthr .w the la?t Bill and t. ?.ta'i?i-nl of lien, rai Whitney, made fehra ary'Jg. 1*44. Tin roanaadfor the [iaintMfa *w? Mraara T tl IVatertiian, t.riaell an I Ho Id. >f lllngha mton. and II ti ,Nil..11 of Ml re. n-e ifir the frlw. the lion A bird.* ill .tolin A. t'olyer. md .liehiia A. fp-neer. of I'tl ea. nnd J M Parker. Tke rate .wi the part of the ile f.ndaol- war inmnod up t y .1-bui A .apenrer. in a ej.. eh nt in iriy thr. .. hour*, and on th' part of th- plain t.g* by H l? Niton. In a *poeeh of Ihre.- lamart ami a half Judge Maaoa delieered hi? ekarge. nnd th- Jury Were out hut ii 1 ? minute, when they rrliirm-d uitti v tenllct In taror of the plaintiffeuitaining the will. It Ir ruaened thai it wilt h- ay pealed INaa. f Ivanla Coal Trade?Plallaalrlphla (nitom tlnttae fCtrltrment. Piiii ma i ma, May 3. Th aui uni of eoul brought down thi* we. U by the It i"i ig Hall" ad aaiouattto 34 700 tone, and by Canal. loAljO. Tie retneeala in the Cndom Houae erenle e nualil.mhle feeiirt. and a rail D rlrewlatlng for an ladif^natloa meet irg In Independent ?<|wnre. The Fatal Malprartlcn C'.ar at Rtalan. *do,i c. May I MM Darlnc It uliam Clarke, the bWgaair pbyatrinw rliargwd With mmpenetlrw In the MP* ,* Mra K-itina D l.eeltt, ar..| eauMng her death tber^hr ka? been helltnhnllin thr taw of h*.0'#. Vary Interesting from Washington. MEASURE* for CARRYING OUT Ol*R TREAT* stipula tions with mkxico?leave-taking ok the FRENCH MINISTER?NON-COMPLETION OF THE CEN SUS WORK?MEL ANTICIPATED BETWEEN TWO OFFICERS ETC. Washington, May 2,1801. Orders hare been dcefiatehed by thr War Department to the officers on the frontier, urging them to exercise in creased vigilance aud aetirity in the suppresaion of In dian outrages, in compliance with the stipulation of our treaty with Mexico. The opinion of the Attorney General has been given,

ermflrmatory of the right of the President to transfer, as he may deem proper, any appropriations for a specific purpose to a general object of the sain ? nature. It is. therefore, probable that as much of the appropriations for the (juartermueter's aud Paymaster's Department* as can lie directed to the support ot troops on the Mexican frontier will b" transferred for that duly, aud it is hoped that, by the extraordinary exertions of our giilluut otfi cers. our treaty stipulations will be honorably carried out, notwithstanding the criminal neglect of Oongr ?** At the dinner tuble of the National Hotel, yesterday,a misunderstanding arose between l.leut. Ilunter, of Alvn rado celebrity, and ''apt. Phambourg. formerly of the Nary, which led to a contradiction l? I worn ('apt t' nni Passed Midshipman fouicrrille Nicholson, of the N ivy, unci, subsequently, u rane and ti.-t fight, in whieli Nirh i eon eunn- off theyictor. A duel I- stated to be arrant' ? between them to day to heaj their \.i nr. led honor* >1 hoi le tVuiptc tL French Minister, took leave of the President to-day It wilt be rem inhered hi Las been recalled. It is not true, as has been stated, that the C< nsu* office has cempleted its work. Tlie vueiinric* caused by riiiieraL. of clerks are to be filled. Tbe bur-|ue),nnna. t'uiit Aulick, will if arc Norfolk for the Kast Indies, about the loth. Samuel King, Purveyor General of California, will h are for that Ptale on MoDday Then- was a rabicet meeting to-day, for the purpose of considering the plan* for the enlargement of the t'apit >1. The InttUifimrrr has iuforniation from Georgia,that II in. Alexauder If. Stephens. whig, declines hing a candi date for Governor. and urges the Union party to roily an-und Howell Cobb, ex-Speaker of the !Ii>u*c of Kcpre sentatires. Lieut. J 3 Alloy ha- been ordered to the command of the r< ast curves, in the steamer Legale, with the hydro graphical party No '1. lately commenced by Lieut. P. P. isnv Lewis Poulke Thoma*, of Missouri, appointed, a fort night ago. to a thou-aml dollar clerk .hip inlhc Trea-ury, has been promoted to a ^1,'JKi desk. A paper is soon to be started h< re. devoted to Irish in terests. RntUrr Important from Hexleo. Bai riMoat. Muy 2. 1831. Tbe New Orl-ans mail dne to-night ha* arrived. Accounts from Mexico to the 9th ult., represent the continuance of the Indian ma-sacre* in as ferocious a manner a* erer. Tlie JVoyu?? says that several large and influential parties in Mexico are pluttiug for a chmge in the go vernment. On* party wishes to join Mexico once more lo Spain, and count* upon Spanish troops and suthori ttis in t'liba tbr assistant*. Another party, tliat of the manufacturing interests, is trying quietly aud slowly to get up a feeling in favor < f the return of Santa Anna to power There t.* stilt another party, and but a feeble one. in favor of immediate annexation to the Lulled State*. Inapt-dor General of the Militia? Man Aocl dentally Killed* Albasr. May 2, 1S.H. Jt i tat'-l (bat Governor Ilunt has appointed Itenj I hi to flu tlie new ofliee of Inspector General of Militia tin- state, created during the repent session of the I.mMature. General Fullcrton, of Livingston Co.. t i l lie Peystcr of Columbia. were also applicants A miiu i P.,trick Conw ay was accidentally killed at Tivoli Hollow, near the north hound* of ttd* eity tiy the earrless fin ing of a pistol, in the hand* of Robert Nixon Conway was a blaek-niith. and st ? .| al hi* bel low. wh> n the content* of the pistol entered his heart. He b ayes a wile a nd ten children. Dimorrnt lc Con vent Inn nt I'tlen. I'm i. M .y | tfiBL A meeting ef the In inoeratie County Convention was held in thi* city to day A memorial, numerously signed by leading hunker democrats, requesting tin committee not to rnli a convention to nominate a Senator, lint to let Charlt* A Mann, if he thought lie had done right, IUU 'n hi- iwn and not on the party'* popularity, was lal.l on the table, when ?ime of (lie committee re sign",I. end left the convention without a quorum Tlie nieuits-r- who resigned were huukirs, among whom there s great rejoicing V muuly convention ha* sim c been ea lied l'-rlhi llihin.-t. Harhda. Ni ? (>i ?i iv*. May 1?i P M Potion femains tbe same as ynUfitof, Ohio flour i* dull at ft It a J 4 13 Small laic* r.f mro pork Uw tski ii at 511 62'. a 511 73 iiihliod ide* are held at h ,e a Pc . and c lear at i?',e. Fair ancar -ellaat A%?. ? 5*4c . and lllo retire at 6 '?r. a thjf. Keg lard is 11',| ? II' r In freight i. cotton i* taking f-r Liverpool. at !.,d. Sterling exchanged has aivaui ed to lu't par Kivivmii. Aprils. 1 he linrket is exc eedingly dull, there being neither sale* or ehs nj to rrprt. Clival ratwn. April29 iUI llaMrrv of rottmi are fTee ;|er? at some irregular de cline on putiuus price,. liuvr*. In (iio cq tie ore. toi k dim I UMI|m!i ranging froin 7 a In1 .i . a In quality. Ai pi vi, May 2. laid. The receipts since Our last have been a* follow* I'lonf, IWRRI barrels, wheat, nom ; corn. ?* iss) budtet TVi mark) tor flc-tir has been rattier heavy, but without any material rliangain wtwx l.ixw barrel# acre * -ld V io i.t is in fklr di mand, t'Mt otHTii ion are rWyfl by Hie fliinne-* ot lioldi r< Corn Is firm an t in deu'aad; sales. Jims) bushel, id ishv for round yellow I list rl* of rye Were sold nt *2e , and I.OHI bo del- f uir barley at lofie bsti iroiiiaB with side of 2 uo I bit do Is at tee Prt 'H whlsl sy Is selllng .it'J l SENTENCE3 OF DEATH. Comf of Oyer and Terminer. thief Je tlr. I.'I u'lfuU md Aldermenflriflta cod f> l^r I'lOi .a. Il<ii Jadtfea Kdward* and King ?tfW ?ba? 111 llii- I* urh. si vii v i <u i.r:\tii "i wjtu. a\t? ST > "it v. M?t "J? trt wai deneely erawd I tin* i.i >rr Itiff, long before 10 o rb "h. by a X"i I Wwifw of prf n, ?l xi i ?? to wltn ?< the cobtun Mriflbtt *M ?k ? l'> Im riuidid. Aar*tx4 llM qntialuri In ihe gallery, ?? -re ?en iill coli red peu| >;.. Tin- l wo wtibapfiy mi a--J.iiin ? Wall eonrictcd of the murder rf NMiad IW;, nd Aim* II Acs* r f r th* nnribrf Kd*ut M on -were pbo <i at the oa< tu re nder the eel nee of the law Tli DWrti t All irwey ni' it.l for tin jn (..ii -nt of tin Court In the race i f Jam, ? ft all Tin iirlwwt wtc thon dttertedto rbe. Itr H. k flllln*. rnwMl lor the prt?onrf. aM thai he had a mmi n for tnmtif judiritr ut I) mei-tecd a e*ty it ? 1.1 prtartplr >4 lie The Indict m nt it ;?.I d ill n i U" 1 la* Tim per- I, I in . Jill r ( Mill"!' I-1 III llir ra~" of ?h- people (gatMt Ai*-'in, uHT|KtMl in the hew f"ik f. ."it i*C. rtrr.7. 117. d< <;*h?d thai I lie ei miiH'tt Ian reefer ting mntilrr ??? aliinynled by one tatlite tie amr doctrine wa? be|.| l.j the Court be I rial of Wall If Iht-di*trln ? laid down bylb ? t* #t. !?* law, the iuiliitmnt t* fatally .bh'tife, an Into w mi til for an (Art.. II11.1, r the eta' nte mn t be aithMau tall) In the ?? nl. of the ataiwte. Ilio Court i i(.l ii n'i-.'l nnd niArde sni authority In ? i|nlili*I' i hii I n t Mr I HWm?The wnl* -'premeditated deilgn" <1" M lyftai iu i lie iti'lii imenl md It l? Ihafefor*' rlrtrly I aj. It 1 ? box framed on the e. nuiKin laa whl Iv aorord l?*a I" Hie il< ttin" eoneeiiid l? the Court, ha? '? "t? gat* *1 by our ctatute WMldathe meaning ?4 tie ? ? mnion law. the no re etilihiBg In lb" h 4 ot pa-.i ??* l? ?laiixlm'cbter, within the r Blurt of hl< Ntnt .Inlgt I it (Hindi. It i? no nh i 1helM4rlrt AttifRty fonehVTed UiiififitltV ?r'jM"d I y the n nratrd b elahii . of the Supr. m > ntrt. atallhr t < 111 * f (irmn lite J mine Sold I iwt *r CUnton ' vwld hare fit' h-ne. fit of hi Bo tl"ii **| a I id of i xrepttviia. '"It- aitl'm Ct* I* a? the t'nttrf of Oyer xa l Trrmin**/. Ili"? wen- V nod to (llit the thole tone of ||?. ivno of P,rr**r- When li ? i fhe Jmliti j mid tha taw had I . ?n altered, tl *af a? to inaio laughter, anil not i to aiinlrr Men Daughter rnne thn nail fill* dlthI'-e.t dlgfm ; a ft* ?* " lit* ? ffi aectmade Divider by ihw Kagl'fh la?, an t* la; i to n>*i -lauuhti r l>* oiu- Jaw Mr (iinlon- And i r fern by lh* ruiinx "1 'bia ?? nrt The dndxi - -fVrtalr ,y not; yon him lb* h'tteDt of yotir i\ " ftt'ia Vint t/ie ml. 11 Inn i -'tWi h. I by Ibe lilalor aBrU f ir u l" tlilnk of drfMrtlitf " Yo? (tarr Ike hetndllnf yotir e?re| lion l.nt In th" nnwn t me. tottf nioi i it) fnr r rn -t i? vtrrntled Mr Vanrterr0fft ,t?, n .,k ,,f iheCmirt, then in the ?Mial lefhl *,inuirr4o0, n k-d iVallwh i h" had ti ay eby the ?r. a to need the lad abouid not In- pt-?ed upon I ai ."hBifi U nit. In a Arm and mifa't rinx ndee, ?*1*1: ? Weil *lr. whnt I hare to ray l? tliM t em tteMh* r entity In tk# atgkt ofiirxlorman A? to hutin ; any - pit' *if mViler aaainit any man. I nei.-r had ka l? hoeplnx a'dto or tnabre. uentlemen of the Court. 1 m ritf kept It V eafd.i any T" the Jit'lf - and gentlemen "f the I nwrt I throw myn if f..r merer ' Judge Kdmunda then pnieeed* d to aenb nc the pri ? n er. Herald:? Jam-? M *11. yoti hayc U-eti lr; d and o. e'lI <-f th. Pilwie of murder, pi rm lrati-d liy )"<f nti Miebcel Caaef) OB the 17 th of Mareblaat and It now nly remxlB- h>r me to pfonounee npoti row the etfri .?<? oatwr whi'h "iir law inAteta n|mn eoheiantta arrloie Th?r if ?ery tittle in the ra*.' to mitlgite your oA n f. With t"f| littlij proroeBtion. a?d rithoilt the o-dinary <?*< n?e e.f piMiow, yow alew your ?letn?, j"t. th ? Jnrj- ytnpil'jia. In# with y??wr Miafmtune. andmp >hHMl>HK it ; of ruin mil 'isolation in which yiwi bad involved your self by a loin oourw of debauchery. strongly rueuiu m<-ruled you to our mm-cy The Uw doc a not. lu such a ??? your*. permit lliat rccouinieuilation to hare any effect upon the judgment which wo ur? to pronounce; arid nil we ran jo, is to transmit it to the Governor fur hi* consideration. Tluit wo shall <lo; and it ia impossible ft>r n.i to *ay wlunher it will have, in hie mind, sufficient influence to induce him to exempt you from Buffering the extreme i.eualty of death The ne cessity of un example which umy teud to put a stop to crimes of violence amoug us. which huro of lute bcrcnio altogether too common in our tnld-d, may counteract the inffurnre of the jury's recommendation. He that as it may. it is still our duty to pronounce upon you the sentence of death, and to warn you to pre|mre for the great change which umy con overtake you In doing so. we cannot he unmindful of the cause of the crime which lias overwhelmed you. Your habits of iu tcuipcrancc hate done It nil. for some ten years you li?y< eonstuuUy indulged in this miserable habit. It ha.* ilrivi n from y< u your wife. who. tin re is much reason to believe ?>? taught by your example also to become in temperate It caucisl the violent and bloody death of y or . lei I hi its infancy; it has made you a vagabond on the Is of the turtle without a home and without a fiien I it I..- nmde you to be a frt'<|uent inmate of the l'i mi it..hi. it I .liil.runl your hands in the blood of a 1.1.. ? . feature ut.d now plaeea you liefore us to receive from u- tlic igti. miuious . ciitcoce of death on the gal lon* A;i this you owe foitbu habit tf intemperance, in wLo h you have \ duutarily and |s rseveriugly iu io'i'. ' M r.utcvi r may Is- tli ? risult of your conviction in tin- . y u urc mlii. miehe.l by the awful condition in vl ii y. u ftand. by the distinction which you have thus Itroi bt upon yourself and upon every one cou lii cted * lib you. to rep* lit you of the evil wliieh i past, and to -tnil for a better and happier future. Time to do so mil be allow <d you. It is our earnest admonition to y u t use it wi 11. sod our fervent hope that it may be profitable to you. And now. in tlis performance of the Inst dull winch rcinaius to us, we prououuee upon you the oiti neo of the law?that on Friday, the 'J7th day of Julo next, you be hung by your ucck until you b- dead. And ins) thai have mercy upon you. At the conclusion of the learned Judge's address, the prboiui clai-pcd hi* hands, and ferieutly said " A men Mr tiheriif t.'arnley then took his stand at the side of the | rt oner, and the Clerk read the death wairaut. which was s'gncd l.y the presiding Judge and Alderineu (initio and I'.slfe, commanding the i*berilf to sec the sentence of the Court carried iuto effect on the day named llic Itistrict Attorney now moved for judgment on Aarou It. ttlookey, convicted of the murder ol Kdward Moore Mr J It. Phillips, counsel for the prisoner, presented a motion in am st The indictment cm which the prisoner was charged was found at the General Missions, lie held that the cis' should have la en sent to the next" Oyer and Ti rmiiier. and not to the <)y?r aud Terrain. r then iu sessions This is. therefore, not the ??next'' Court el' tiyer sr.d Terminer The I'Mticl Attorney mid that the order on the in dictment is to send it to the Court ol Uyei aud Turmin r; the word next is uot iu it. The Jinlgi?The word next is merely directory, that tin re -hall net la* any delay The District Attorney?Precisely so. your honor. The Judge?The motion is overruled. 1 be f'lei k tbeii asked tftooki y w hat lie had to say why tin sent nee of the law should not he passed ou him. 1 he prisoner mad. no reply. Tlie Jtnlj'e proceeded to sentence him lie Mi id? Aaron H Mookty. you have been convicted of the niurdi r of Kdward Monro, ou the 17th of April last; and U Is now our duty to pronounce upon you the sentence of tli Hi h for the offence, hike the ra*e of the w retched man who has just been sentenced in your presenee, you owe )our crime to your habits of intemperance. It set Uistliat you weic once a respectable mm, but by such habits you have fallen from that condition, until you are arraigned at the bur of ju-tiee, to receive sentence of the liigb. l I- ijnlty know n to r ur law Tlie circumstances which attended Jour crime, forbid you to entertain a hope that your m ntence will bo mitigated \V itli >ut pro voratioD. ami in the met rest wantonness, you stabbeii your victim to the heart, so that to- instantly died, and ? hat bv means of u d. silly weapon, with which you weut eon tantly aruied, and which you had often threatened to u e 11 lore > ou tiave thus made yourself au example of disorder and bloodshed; and the pence of society de mands tiiat ji u Is- made an example of the fearful con se<|Urncis which must flow from such conduct. A few day* only have pa- i d since your crime war committed, and a few wn k* only will mil away before you will ex piate it ou the gallows The time of your death will hh'Ii Is* at hand, but tbr interval may be prohtably spent. We admonish yii that it he so, and pronounce upon you, also, the sentence -that on Friday, the 'JTth day of June next, y>u Is* hung by your neck till you are dead And Uiajr thai have mercy ou you. At the conclusion of the sentence, the same sol ran ci r> nionjr of r> iniing the death warrant w is gone through bv the t'lirh. the tfln rill standing at the prisoner's side. The Court oft (yet am) Terminer was then adjourned tine dir. niiii the two condcmnc! prisoners were removed by the hbrrtt, assisted by Mr. Henry Itertholf and other officers of ti e ri urt (The "J7lh <d Juni*- the day on which these m- ii are son teceed to be hanged?is that to which llcnry Oanxd's s< Dl< imt has Ik en respited Thus, unless the cxcrptloax taken proic effective, the three unfortunate ra n ara doomed to death on that d*y J Cily Iiiltlll|(fnrr. ANOTI'Ki: VI hlH.R IN 'I I IK SIXTH WAEIT. Aliout two o'ctoi k yaatcrffay m?ri log. a mitril.-r wax fx r|*<tiKl> <1 at tlw rnrtter of Or?n.:i* elr?x t ami Chatham, iu (lie t'iolli wart, a!!t*jfadl to he by a ynunx man rall.-d Mirha. I Miiloy, win., it M-emx, dn-.-hargixl a handed |...k"l at Clmrlra Ihtkmen. a (irriuiii bttrke "per. rn- ' ployed in the rating h?n*' of flwrja Rickerte -iuintr.l at tlm rcfwr of Ihe abort- name-l etroeU Tbe ball from tin pietol t ai, in tkr nark ' or gullet. tinder the rUin, rau.lng death in a abort Una afl.r. It Mama from the fact.., ax at ptrri nt tin it<tl. that Multey had xima di-f urbane. witli the inmate* o| tIn ratine It.war. and wax onlorml out. and a-, lir aarwi d? I Ihr atcy from tin rrllar, I. a 1 lie into I liathani ?tnx t. I?r turned arouud and diarharged tht-pi-lol into tin-refer, the Kill of which took rfTnt M a|p'.iilr ilao nlnl tMB? i r Kntt nry. of thr Sixth ward . poller, ht aril tbr iliMdaarnr of Ilia pi .ltd at thr rrllar t tli or. and -aw Mtilvry running off Tlir ofSt ? r pir-in-l him, and nti him In IVnil tmt, a ah., t di-tancr > frt ml lr.ll. nil 1'bcoMt'i r nxkt I li.ut.on Inking liiui Into ' (tutody. If he wti tlir man thai lir.-.I thi platol Thw prltniw-r .1- i.U .1 being tin man. unff italii hi wj. running to ? fire N't. j1 tol a . -, found In hix p-.-?--Ion. The I i Mrrr. aa by nflrrr Mltr. ronrrji-t the primmer hark. I"'III rrllnr and h wan there id.-ntlfli it hy a.-Teral In lie the nun that di.flm'nwl the pi tol Th- of i era then i liv-jnl tin | ri>. n.-r to tin- aUHok kniwr.whri* he a. detained to aw .It a eornn. r . ln.|it. d A Iny ai.ttt l ttri.en >ur of a?, nainatl Tfw II Snlih, iiiHul an I'or-n.-r I. ?r with Iheptatnl. wlileh li -'iya ! ht* fteked up at lh> ron ? r .f l'?n;t etm I and Ch?t- ' ti-m tlint Ino. nil.u ale of " .VI ek. At n? ? n yt let day. Coroner Ott-r romm i ? I to hold tin i-Tximnatx n - ml take thel.- t no.ny. n % iilrh the ? fi .!? w !?? will 11 ton j 'o r-nt In the rrtdrfr" a?'rlnet tin pr!? rrr. terdln^ t alo* th?t the prl >tn r wax th? n .ni< i,-il tl> platol. whereby th ? Ilk of the kbrea ? 4 wi? nrhfio d: ?> i iTiwwap. it?< Whi'fr -W rr ? % I r< -1- at Nt SB 1'.--??-?#lt Pa, t a i ? I I m l' ' I aid ?l.iak, let ri .?? II-. a 1*1 atkin? e'reel, to*a? i e Natlaaal i e.,ire. what I I,-urd tl i- rtprt. li ?'.a -.r I-. - f it w i? ... tna m -x.. ie . i .,f their I I van en the tl tt- . I ?> ' halt am atreet | >.? a M. mi if I ill 1 II I r." Itt'fO r??fl ktreet- | ?a* eianlfl n? g hlnii II r ' eeti ir.r no r?; I rr . -- i i ?? .. ii e 11 ..t I wwa t w ta |,|> (art; I eaten# a ' mi tl.. ...nt . araar ? I tar*x*e l I a' I am aim I a. i la inawre.t i.taa waa ant th-a teal, I a. ? 1 'n Mm and tele I in l>. ke ..f a ? 4 eh -r that I ill I a*', i. -a ? i *.-.n m, rtat I ilea l thi he a> any r ply iaar. tr". ri.e |h? pt.eonnr. Jan rail pel , - *? rx. ??. - I r i'? laftaeAppI attend Pn -t.a> <? 4"- t fr> e I'aliun -IreeW ? w . >? the . |iaj ai k| ffl itly t1. leiMiwHrxi I h'irtli.?ffpif I (fe i . ? lei. tie pnUee rmae I up an.I ? i" mtel ..ut th ? n.aa ? I e ? ?? mw- in. I I. cUn 'art ?h -to t. I ? -inn. hi I a i a tl pri iMiaa the man wk<a< I - aw ri.aaiat away. Hi in " lotkefta, a* an eaya-l k?p tie eattar al?"a e. (wwr I-1 ti*Pnlham ?i" BWat halt a*t '10 n'eh w tela amraiar the peteene-. e.ti. twn aiher men . - me 'nt rn r phi. e, i?i4 t ?-.* ?n tw ?..?a? with eaah ulher, hy leal ii ?aen other aM ,i|; I then tali them I weald no ?ape in/at in.* tn my 1 nae, and teip-eoted thma Pa ? ne . I j?? thre? % I,, a n-l.e.i for arm* lienor to .rtnli. hni * aid out r a tl un -my: I tol I th -m I waa aliout ? I <-la tt. i 11 wa? . anil I r euld n..t ?i< iheni any: tt eo acaia ' araa t. |ml i a-Ii ntllei it "h I t< 1.1 ah. m loot. p. an I go opt, and pi- ill wpamia ili- t.or I ?hen t ? ? 1 I the n.-eeoaeit ? h-\ ? t..i har k . r. to oai.-t i.i ? t" r-1 Hiaiu out a^a t - - y o I* - k '-M I tl .> I lent, ketd <t t'..y pr,~ ,o"r nrpi. at I the .....a -ri| t ' I :<4 of in- -I fee .lliera t.i an iv?tn nt | i. k I . |.1 it tl | . ...nae t-e-?ao- I Blow I I th j Uarey, Wl. -n 1 hint hy the dl .. e, itijpe.l ft. ua t >. or ! reel Imak *s? oi tnhn th- faonti I ae?| pft e? onl i-a? eadent er.i t? f t him ,nt i s? d< i a at d t - n t oh h. '-i | htm in t,i o op a and w-*/ rniaa to oat Mm an< ; h . .rr. Akita nntai-li -l r m,x ? t,. n o'.nk Iktdo-t th ll-ri?io?r- i|e?ia-de; If jm. n..ere the* C"te rt i* oi l ?. n".l the d. -- 1 ther rote rt-pand',.n?dthed....r, ulna a*r ' ?epertken ? old In r Oh. Vr I t k- rti t .u aln-b * "ft'. " i n-l I. 1 "j.-lltaf nnii-o . ' h# t! . n .old. " I am opnt:** I then aatd. i "Ikwaf" n I he ?M,"t d"n't kanw;' he tl,..i, !i ?p ?"# lieod. and 1 rae f e hi. "d ? ? t .a< from hi* n- \ ; I .aw lh' I rl?i i er .tax lm#--a th- olept Whe? W e t-l?l.,l f t did n--' re- a aiatnl ia Phn hie-U of th? prtmrn-r. I re. aioiaad IB tl.t Vanuienl I del !U?' rn nwtaide lo aee ? ho ? I.Ill lea a read I ' d eaord. | think, liottd ah .nt too hear, ?rt r l.e r?? at I t. . r war >n. n t mat h. I den t hi -w e?oetly : I ha p? pee-Itw ti?n *f aeala* thr prianner In pit | a i n oay athir nenaap p V illlaai t.afTner ??> rn -o-,a .frraMett R< 1? k "rait atri.t. Alt-r tl, ? oerner, not t ,,,k nta.-i I *a< ?. lae -l-at th0 (|ep? hit.i III* Tl llarln r.Bi allan. and *aw the pri.aaer i p tl e at. | lorn oi mad ' I,d fire tin plat I .nt - the p"ll?r; - I waant BieMnialn annar any wltk Ratflrk Btanay ; It wao lata, ea the h. ..ra of IJ ?aii ? i k , no I ? a? *- . ,g d?? t I '?w the primmer 'yle t p the f - r of the t-oaewieat faom. aad ka aadd. nly r ?% the h-.r I e?p(e a o rl. w hy him. nt..I aa laaa ffeiay the ewller the prio.ney ran out, tt r> w the denr ay r ?fli r I,in. a" I wkep he waa np tw.i or t! ret tt ? at - Xf , , . ha t irne.l at mnl rnd Ifrl the ptatnl, , Jhd t rry ttrpf ' | i , , <a tha hall t a?f I rloae hy My hrad. t room f rnj- '.bat I a?P t! e | i-t -1. Nt o?w tha ftaah and the rep. rt e .n.a from ': rrlmaer'a hand, who had hlo arm ela a at. .1 t-n-,r,i. (i.e ire. tina af ike l.irboep -r. who re-olred I the -h. t. W'ntln- tl - er trengl.t lank the t-ria ner. at thnii.p ulthM - ot "11. t at "?ea reengnlaad Mm aotha feo?n .1. (red the piatnl; " aa. , etalalai tlir Ininry doae, I Itr me.Ootely pent for Of TP. "??at.lei I.Ian ? rn -a - | r-'i-le at No oa ?.fo|| etre. t . I aaa In - .mpony with Wr. htHo-t. *ha ppet tottl WNpeem I eonn-.t Identify th. p-laonar at khr par-, a v ha Pred the pialol. *a -r y ! a, k waa t -tlHl th? I?l?nn.t when the | latal w ao d'->. horreil ; ar kn Ihp nti .-r partaafthe |e. lite ? t. \, I ae.nepf ktlkh Ho m Idaaea af Wr l;. ffa?( It iiiioW it koiiii. I'lot ittn.otiya?I tt - It *k No. IdJ Ilester ? treat: this morring, between 7 and ^o'clock. I fount a putol. (throne shown to the witness identified,> it wual the corner of Chatham uod Fearl itreets, by the hydrant on the sidewalk; at the time I found the pi?tol. a discharge* p#r< fission cat* win on the nipple, w hich I t? > >k oil'and threw* away; 1 am 11 years - f use. ao 1 reside with my parent#; E had been en an errand for my father, and wan on uij return I om?*. Jotu T. Kavenv tfworn, says? I am a policeman of tb? Sixth ward; al out half past two o'clock, ?Aoor Rikerand myself were walking down Chatham afreet, aud when near the National theatre. 1 heard the report of a pistol; it oana# from the direction of Rickert'a cellar; 1 said, ''John, thorn Ik the report of a pistol;" he replied, "No, it is the throwing down of a theatre board;" I looked over and saw a man ma nia* from Kickert* cellar towards I'tarl street; I them thought there must he something wrung, and 1 ran aftar htm* and when 1 arrived at the corner of IVari street 1 met throw men and twked them if?ither of them tired a pistol; they said no, t ut pointed to a man whom 1 saw running down Petri street ton ard* Centre street; 1 followed after him and took hiin into custody; it ni near 172 or 471 in Pearl street* E stopped him and asked liiiu if he was the man who fired tke pistol, and he said he wa# not; I told him that there wata pistol ii red at the corner of Orange and Chatham streets, and t was told he wan the man, and I wanted him to return with oa# and see if nil was right the prisoner returned with me; he tv Id me he was out on ?f a aproc. and wad running at nn alarm of Pro; there w?.? not any alarm of tire at thaS time, and he was the only n.-n that 1 saw running; I con veyed tlic prin< mr l ack to the t liar where the decease i waa sh? t. ami soon as I entered withhiin. m v.ral said, "there is the man that sin t the pistol," pointing t? the prisoner; E then com eyed h m to th-' station Iiouh*. Dr. Hist op sworn, says?lie w? pre ? nt in the eating cellar in question, during the ten.porno disturbance. and toller## the prisoner t > he the individual, who w? r ? a light over c?*A w heniuii.4 mg with t w ?? other men; he al ? saw thetlasheC the pistol, and saw tli> in hi rod man immediately after he www shot. *i .J ciidt Avortd to .-top the Mood. J oh i C. C< \ il, ri aider t physician at the city prison, beiwf sworn said?) mi.d? t? p,< t mart* m c vainination of the do ccared; the wound waa u dieted about midway in the ae<h, on the right side: the parts i ?r t!i wound were very maofc tumuli'ti w ith coa-'iilste l I I c; the w und had taken ww inward and downward direction; the i it. rnal jugular veiw was severed; tie injury received was Mr.Micient to predntw denth; a wound inHU t-1 l y h pi-t d t ail. I "uldaaf woalt produce the same appuuruficc as th ? uu? exhibited in dh# neck of deceased. Theoidence was uow < >inhaled, and the caac wax #Wk mitted to the jury <>n a |.? j n.ark> in ads by the Corowwn w ho alluded briefly to the positive evidence af one af tii witness-en, who aw ore that he saw the prisoner with hta arm elevated. and the Hash and report cine directly from him# yet he could not . wear that the \ riaoucr had n pistol, ba cuti e he did not observe if. The jury retired aud r-t?rwe4 the follow iug remarkable verdict. Al fir t, the Comner iw firuuJthno that he could not r> < Mve m:ck a v rdieti hup sul sequently concluded tu take the vurlict. It waa mi follow4 : ? *? That tie deceased (Charles Bcckmann) came ta haw death b> a pistol shut w nod, supposed to bo the aot of th# I riM.ner Michael Mulv ey," On thv rendition c t thin v -rdlct, singular as it may appear* the Coroner deemed the evidence against the pro**#*# strong enough to warrant his committal t?? prison Ur fetal on the charge, and accordingly sent him t<> prison. The deceased is a tiermaa. and about "-'J years of axe. uf g rc ident in this country about 4 ><ar . The prisoner i? a wk titeof lids country, by Irish parents, find about IT* yeare ai age. reaioing with hi- mother at N?? ?4 Croat street. Ifteiww 1 rae* founder by trade, aud Wv rked la.-t for I'nyue k CtN iw Canal street. T) is caae makes the third crime of mur ler perpetrated iw the Si xth v. ard. within the space of a little over one msntk. Jaioes Wall killed a man m the 24th of March, Aarew Stookey, killed a n? rro on the l?th of Ann 1, and now H f hnci Mtiivry is alh .'cd t- hitvc hot t Varies Urchmaai. Th# two former named men have been tn.-d and found cuEtw of murder, and ecutenccd to b< executed outhe ITT tlx day## Juno n?-at. Stabbing aud shooting r.ppeur to he on the increase in tMfl c? mmunity. I)rath or a> A.saiai \n Capt iiv n:- Poi u r.? AwilxtaaA Ca(t'<in Kant, of the Sixth ward p<4k'<>. died yciterd^f B.ortiinK, at one o'clock. Anviami r Cowm i t or * lloir i* nr-. i r>iii a M..1* rtM r>? ai ii ?At 1> o'clock. )>u Thur .Lit evening, a UI?D named llu?h Mclaughlin walked off (he J'?'k at the foot eff I'lke Atnot He waa r>\s.-ued from drowning by a beff about fourli-en year- of age. named VV K. Miatlur. I 8U1PFINU. STEAMSHIP ASIA.?A FIRST CLASS PASSAGE TIUK at, per thie etcauicr o 17th M >y, lor eolo. Apply Ki H Front atrcet. For Liverpool?uNfTED states mail steak. ahkp PACIFIC, Captain E. Nye. Thin atoanuhip wdR depart with tlie mailt f. r Europo, poeitirely on Saturdam May loth, at 12 o'clock hi , fr< tu her berth at the foot at Canal atreet. No berth aecured until paid for. All lettaab muat paat through the I'ott i an. I or freight or p*..eog% having unequalled aeeommoilntioue f ir alt or oomfer^ apply to EDWD. K. COLLINS. M Wall itre-t. I'-ittrnkp no freight will be received un board after Thuraday r-raiam MarSth. The --earner ARCTIC nili entered the Taolta, ana aail May 21th. P1II I.A TtF.I I'll IA AND LIVERPOOL CNITKD STATES Mail lone.--Steamabip LAFAV K I TE. < h-rlca Moddard. Commander, (lata of the ateairehlp Croa<ent City), haa lean placed on thia line, to run between Philadelphia ana Liver pool, and will leave her berth. I.i.ivbar.l ntreet wharf. PhMa dclpl.ia, for Liverpool, en Wedneaday, 7th May, at lia'alaafc. Thit apleudid eteamtliip, l.iMi tuna burt'o n, la built ia tka moat aubatantial manner, both at ragarda l ull and nery. tier a. ouitncda l ioui b r pae-mier . are uutur. for comfort and elfimn.e. Kate- of par-age. I.a te-a' loon Mate lloomi, f,lnv. f n?Unru'i stile Konma, I Second Cable. Juki. Eaourei'.n tleketa to Liverpool bark. I'iret cln-i. $176; Sen d do .'. N o b-rtl. teen nattl paid for. Fornneiaga. apply to .1 (I. H illiamm IM Front ttreef. New York; ti L. I.iatoa. No. FT Sowan wl.arvea; or, Geo. Mcllenrv bt Co., S] if alnut atraat, I'kla* dalihia. N. B Parana a engaging | n ?age at New Tork wiR be fbw BI .l ed Heketa lree to rbitadvlphla. TNITEI? STATES Mill. ITRAMStllP (OMI'ANY ? r New nrlran direct, via Havana Monday. Mam' M I are Reduced.?The -pD 1..I1I double eatoaa -tcamel.lp GEORGIA. .<??> i re ' rthea, lb D. I'trier, I S. No conn lander. will aail pfeclaely at 3 uVlork. I'. M . fri m Err per at foot cl U trim atreet, N K. auk (be government mailt, direct for Havana and New Hr Mat, Chagrra ji-.Bvr*.r? Tan-fen.I at ll?v aua to the tpleadil donhle eiiuiin ?t. itn bipPAICDN. Freight tak-n la Now Crleana at.'?> tfot- per call.' foot. Spa. le "lily taken aa friight to llav an v Nolill-af lading will ha eignod after the atenmar h*a tailed r> rfnuhf r |>a?age applyattae oflit c of the con. paay, 177 Waat at rcat, a riici of M arrew. M. I) ROBERTS I TOR SAVANNAH ON SATI'RPW. .TD MAT, AV ? o'clock IV M?The atom ' ,p AI.ABiMA. Cnptobi C. D. I.mll w fr e.i |ncr No l N >r?h river F r freight or pa-age appl to SAM I MITCH 11 I.. IM Proa I -treat. Iheateau I ; II.UKIDA, Captain Lyoa. Saturday. Eh of May. aa al ? v e i:w VliRK AND NEW ORLEANI STEAMKIIir Line ?I . r New Urlevnt. dir. t Kat-a of no -o?w m wwrrd T I. hue ii ? w don.,lv eagn>> t' imer H INiTlliR SCtiTT. S.lfW1 < hurl vea, Capt. Kii ? - Conillard, will dw> I art fT"ui p.. r ,Ni | N. rtb ru?r, at . o ? |>,ek P. M . na Saamiu JhTjlMlf X F?r freight or pay-age. apply to htflA I.I ntlk.v k i il , nv Ile al tfr -t. I i <ei? d--viaed to California. via New ?>rle.ina and V ra trot, will had Man alone a- etprviitioot and chrap at a-iy Un - roulo to baa Fran clean. l.tflK SAN TRAM I-co lAIII KMA DISPATCH r Line.-The new .hip hi T .le . 1,1 pier No A. NortR Liver, l*M nearly all Inr cargo aa b. .r I can Ink- I few iawe fn i.iht on Hullo'Hate ai'pilealUa. Shipper- l.av >ng ? agaga no ala will plena* cMkfwte i- aa at .nee. and era I biTU efla.'u.t hi fni -igintoT-. I ii. '-I I ION fc CO, hi WaH atretf, ar JOHN tit.liEN, lid Rail -t t. I Mfiri.Nlil .NT LINK TO CMAUKES?or'posl MONTR J M,'The-Plfiidid Menm.hlp IIKI > Ml Mi ION A T IIA N , will le-ye T???d?y the 1Mb ln?i , aad at aha haa | N tad haraalf (ha faetaat ateauer ofl af wI guar ml'? her to r 11 vi i bar'., I.i ad of I 'a I - M 1 >t alu-r art I a. i land b-r iti .?r f?rt in San Fraa it. ? t ? fore the I .ia J a. I n I I ti r f-r- Ill can I ran la. . t -lore tl. I ta Jaau al redw. ed rakra. I iftn?I'. >'u? In a-i ta i rviaM R real a per I h . ') ear Ea pi. aa. I'laa of cabin mea ana pa a aaae at-nr-d at IIEHI'IRD A CO P S Toa-r aleoaV After llaaaa. IfACtFIC V III. STRAMSIIIP f OMPANT KATRA RR I k ?re Reduied lie nlj f i<h l.ii e f r Califewtvia ?ad <>r. goa, vi, Havana ai d Chagrt, uu U u lai, llvy IA at da'aloek.?T'l-eplradM dvable 'nriae -t t a?ir 'ikOR <. IA. A?a*i tea* i ?I'.-n David i> I rtar. I s N , aaM a and I mil at tl p? y nt ,i .. ft. fr'.'n the pier at I al nf V? trrea aire, t,'h Riv.-r. lay t iiagr-y. with tb* gov. ia?.eat ntvtia t r i aiiforwia tad fhe? .tt. o ? e I'Datf wi?h IhefaTcritc tStnte-Mai! ? . hip TlNSi'.IlK ? r i i' ?r - |>ply at the efh a, 61 aad .'o A utk atr -t. or aa IT." R e,t a't *t PACIFIC MA'.L STEAM HIP COMPANY (RMAR Ihro-gh lira for t a. t r- v .nd Rregwa).?TM| auMla ar. it formed H st n?a. r c , aa* arr? ??at ef Cite * aan parv. Blear er- a, te I an < B| , ' <? I hy the Naay ?w rarfmrat. end carrying Ike tailed Statoa mailt. wiR ewm* leno t ? I av ?? I'|?V?V and Han ? v tetoeo the I at a ad IWR day a of acet ?>M>, nala. a datadi ad i r uaavroidahia aad* d< ' ? and will r-a. h at A -I nb : <" P. aw. t.e ' V '"loeaw, T i e foil,, a .ii,- neeim pack-ta ktlai to th- I'Mtlr Mafe p.- in i | i upai y. at i * . t in ik. on > of wniaA ? til > ? al top in p rt al each I.I ft ? yule : ? OMLiujN ... . ItVt no. <MI'l HI.IC 1 IRtmbA PAN Alt A l.'bCtcw- CAK'I.INA ... '?? I' A 1 IH'HMA l.tvait na -til I'MRL'S.. iW? botam TENN}. I.'Mltone iSTHM'.A ,. -hat Nt KTflkMN KR l.adf toaa INIiih.N, MRoendL ft il i n hi A intern. IKI.MIINT (RO aarnaa ANTRI.OPR - tenv Tha new av-amvbip CGArRRiA will rlj ketw?n Sam F martaeo and Palti ia tto- '.a. awailiaaul tha format Mat t aa \rrtr al of t i rtaila aad I a, -ti j-rt fr-m l'an*??. Ikdfa ke all a wltki ut d lay with tl e maila val paaa. ugarn far At ?? *m-r fr- m S in Fraaewa A - rular 11a ? ( pi?pe||,.r, will be k-pt ar f?r lha Irmi p. i kaai a a of freight aad iranio-nt ) aecagera f'taeemPa a. a at. J San I r oaeia ??? . . . w. tymdlau-1 n h-r rafin arraagemaata, 'aiil be hope ratmSbR a- an ettra family boat. Oaeal I be abate al-at?era rn'.l k -p np the r vnnreMaa bw tan n Aeapn'.'" and lhacth?y Mev.ean ? e'a The reaar ilea In the A Hon lie a ill be maintained bp tM I nit-d SfairituBi -'eamtl , _ . ,-itn, ( kf ?' FNTCITT.t.HSta?. OHIO a taai ten?. ( fltillRtR I.NRfaaa. ft, M I' I k't I I i V Hit tl . I'M 11- Altbl k'lllA I "?Mmm L-?- iag New I .rk for CI agree t n U.c lltb aad Kth a/fbdh *The new a* amehlpe EL DORADO and FALCON w?t f rre ? dlr?. t lin- l^twern New Ityleane and t'hareca. laaw lr? al yn-h t ? - . d? aa will ia?ure aa '.oil- deleatma aa pwa ail le -a the lal! maty and f. rmtng aita tba I'aeiSa ataaaa a ipr a th" nth lin- t and front New Or'eaiti an I porta lb M. rteo. t a life rain and Oregon. Pa-enc-a from New Oataabd ran be t -red from Arma'rvnp Lawraaoa A Ca , agwaita, at tfit place Tb- fare for thrcagh tleketa from Maw Tark to IdM Tiab lore baa keen Iwdiiei d front ia alala r?cma. tc l IXC ia lower cabin: In UWb ftjki, ia . terrage. 1" bldh. Tb.e rata# frn* New York to Chapyaia will be at tha leant ad. pted by aa* aafe tea ataamer bctwera ?h?aa porta Far ahnireef bertha, aipli at the office - f t he Cam pan*. M and 6* Saath atyet. and n*. their ngnney. 1T7 Noel ?<rwwa Tl ? aell kn-wa ibir - r ' AH AD SAN DP. of I A knrthen aaw awdar cbadWt ?c lha ewn.pnny. and p-eut F ,St?R VAN FSASI 1SCO AND DH fflON FITSA PAI HJWMf. JBR Mm Jim Bjf tba naly thma|f^_ from Pnnvnn tn Pan Franr laea. Tbewell known ana fcwaw rttaat-nfrer SARAI1 RANDS. l.Mai ton?. hating nblb b'ntiya ind C'lnreaieat acaatnm. daticna for fhnnliaa-ri^y rata al vt- r mi n both anl t and ree nd anbln wfR_?g lanpatcbad let June " waa perfrrmcd la twratyovaa rd by the I'naiSa Mall Pteamahln (, ?a b? ft. in I'iiina. Mat lata vrtf oom San Franeaaa# owawrt.ftmi'llita n'y '. la ? pt ? m'l b? yady Wrn e-ireen twinrd, imiaedia'clj ?n tbwlrarrival la Ihnn^bk pa aw. i|in n lending t- gc >v h-e. and ky kaartngNrw iw* la thf aleamer orbieh wtil be feyp-tebad the mi.tdia Map, to eaaaeat with hyf. and by ava.liagaf toe red ared-nanam tofw.tley will e-cure r-r?ainif and awa^f Other ateimer. Pot ?tekrte, w'ieh w.ll s. in the Mlag% eetfrum Panama ?# Saa Fran, lean, to tba ? eatoa. ??5VEo?k Wmmurn**

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