Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 5, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 5, 1851 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD: WHOLE NO. 6768. MORNING EDITION?-MONDAY, MAY 5, 1851. PRICE TWO CENTS. AMl'SKMKNTS. JJOWEflY THEATRE.?bPXKS, 26 CENTS; PIT, U)< ?J crnta;* Boxak, 60 oauta.? Monday oveaivx, Alu, 5, will be repeat-id, in dr. Ubleau*. axraad apectaole, lntrr.pi-rMd kith muaia and atartUng t-if-'-t., called the COUNT or MONTE-CRI9TO?Edmund Daatea, Mr. K. tjJddv; Moat. Morrr.ll, Mr. Johama; Danglars, Mr. Stevena; Old Uaatra, Mr. Miloua; Mena Villcfort. Mr. TUton; Abbe iFaria, Mr. Lt. Tllton; Feritaad, Mr. Hamilton: Albert; Mr. fl. Jordan;<'adet'ouae, llr.|Wln*n?; Max M-.rr-ll. Mr. Pope; 'Mercedca. Mina M'rropae; Harder. Miaa S. Detain; Ma-lame Je Villofort. Mra. Jordan; M ile Meraa, Mr*. Walcot; Ma vllda, Miaa llif' rt. ? UHTON'R THF.ATES?CHAMBERS .STREET* REAR of City Httli.?Boxes, Dres? Circle, and Furquette, GO cents; Favuy Circli, 25 rents; Orchestra Seats, 75 cents.? First Benefit of the Attorn' Order of Frieudship?Monday vening, May 5. will be pJayud the cxu<ll?nt comedy of the MTIOOI* OF REFORM?Gen. Tarragon, Mr. Blake; Mr. Fer nent, Mr. I ester: Frederie, Mr. Jordan; Uol> Tyke, Mr. Bur ion; Old Tike, Mr. Meors; Mrs. Feriu**nt. Mrs. Skerrett; Julia, Miss Weston. To eonclude with the favorite farce of the VAl.ET DE SHAM?Captain Trivet, Mr. Jordan; Wigler, Mr. Iladuuay: Tweeter, Mr. Henry; Mi>s Mnrchuiout, Miss ; Oli "* ? < I ?pnn?n; Clipper, Mi* J. Hill. National theatre, Chatham street?boxes, 25 cents; Fit, cents; Private Boxes, $5. Boors open it 7; curthin rise* at half-imst 7 o'clock ?Monday eve uing, May f?. vill be presented the grind fairy spectacle of THALABA.liU; DESTROYER?Thalaba, Mr. Watkina; Mo i.areb, Mr. llrtmrioii; Zulem, Mr. Stafford; All, Mr. I.a Faror; JQuPua. Mr. Thompson: Moath, Mr. 0. Taylor; Sam ho, Mr. L. Fox; Suit man K) in. Mr. Millage; OnoUa, Mi* t E. Mot?fcayer; irrdrit of the murdered Zcinah, Mr*. Ilantouville; Acrntoon, Mirs Mahina; Abdaldar, Mr. II. Seymour; Okba, Mr. Dunn; Kfiwli, Mrs. II. 1*. Grkttun. The entcrtainmoiits to com mence with the comedy ol'A MORNING ("ALL. MTIEJLNNY LIND'8 FARE* DLL CONCERTS IV New York.?The public are respectfully informed that M'LLE JENNY LINO will bate the honor of ffi>ing a limited number of GRAND CONCERTS ? CASTLE ASaRDB V. A.1I) 1I.HO AT THiFLEK UaLL, ?>revtou? to her ieit to Niagara Fails, Western New York, the 1 iVti, ( and her final departure for Europe. The First ( oncert will be given at CASTLE GARDEN. ON WEDNESDAY EVENING, MAY 7. I* HOG HAM MX?l*AltT I. Overture (Fa rynnthe) Weber Duo?" Yogiio dire" (l.'Kiisir d'Ain?*r? ) Denude h'-u >ri Salvi and BullottL. nceitatire?" Fare CoDipagne" < a\ atiua?" Come p- r tue soremo" (l.a Sonnauibuia). .Bellini M'li.x Jlnnt Lino. Concerto on th Violin De Beriot Mr. Hurke. R? inan :a?" irco onde Talma" (La Favorite).... DuuUctti Siguor Salvi. Tyrolean Duct, Benedict Mi l *. J in.\ v Li vn and Signer Bclletti. PA KT II. Overture (I.e Sermeut) Auber Trio?"On qumlcolp." til Barbiere) Kosaiui M'li.s Ji:\nv Livi), Signori Salvi ami Bclletti. Aria?" Scin^arato hai tu creduto" (I Louoardi) Yerdi Signer The Gipsy's Surg (Tli#* Camp of Siiesi*) Meyerbeer .Vi.r.M Jknnv Livi>. The Coronatioi March (La I'r ?phete). Meyerbeer Irish Ballad?" 'Tis the Last Rose of Summer"... M't i r Jkvny Li vi?. The Bird Son" .Tavibert M ^lc Jt.v.vv Livu. Conductor M. Bcxkuict THE GRAND ORCHESTRA, combining thef.r?t nnir al talent in America, including t!ie elebrated GERMAN IA BAND, aud uuinberinu n?*:trly eienratea t. 1.KAM A BAND, aud numbering nearly ONE HUNDRED performer?, has been engaged for these concerts. The entire intciiorof the Garden has been decorated and furnished with c<>fss and svttees, .made ar.d cushioned ex . resaly ferthcsc Concerts. ONE lit NDRKD ATTENTIVE USHERS will be engaged to dire* t visiters to their seat , thus preacrv ng the at stem and good order which ha>e t-o eminently j imractcrixcd th -s concerts in every portion of the United State*. The bridge lending to the Garden will be covered, to a I to I wrotect viriters in case of rain. Owing to the gn at capacity of the Garden, the price of 'iokets has been f.^ed at $2 aud $1 each, ac ording to ' location. A limited number < f rrcmonade Tickets. (which will not i Ue admitted before S o'clock,) will be issued at $1 each. In order to give ev?*ry per*<?n an equal chance, and to pre v*nt rpccnlat-rn 't in mouopoliriug the seats, and scllinj ripleasiut hem at exi?r' itaut privy, as well as t?? pr?* unple roads at the ticket offi t??, and an indiscriminate rush at he doors an the e\ealnaof tlic ooncerta, every seat in the Gardeu will 1 o Nl MBKRFD, AND RECURSD to the purchaser, and th* tboiceof seats will be offered at I'lttion on the day previous to #ne h tan cert. All scats not Md off at a premium, '-ill?e immediately ??ffyr*d at t he ticket Thee, at the flxeii f.ri-es where diagrams will be shown et* bibitiug the e*a< ? locality of ?ach ieat. Experience bar amply proved tl?at this isthe ln**t and only i? lit lav] course that can J.c adopted te secure justice and satiifaeti tc the public. Tha ticket ?lire lor tL*? disposal of all i"itn not bid off at Tui tion, e ill be !? i at* <A(t ."si) hr >ad"vay, and will be open *\try day. eact j t the Sabbath, fr ?iu 7 o clock, A. M., till 11 /el? ck. V. M.. tacei >t fn t'.r rvrnin. of tb. r m.Mta, ?h>-u hw will k? #??? -rf ?t rt oVlo,-k. P. X.. Mil nffl.-c i.p.n "I xt hrt hit tiour xt t'k-tlr l!.rl -n t-ir th, <Il?p'>*fcl of .uy ticket, inkiaiu, un.m i for fh tt oniu,-cok' --Tt. Arrkn^rini-i>t. k*?. ulis * <ta w?4k wilb Walt-r E. Ilxrtl K*<i . iTopridor r f TKlFi K K If A I.I., '? mfvfnt kp.rflon uf Ui.ik 1 arc?,-ll CoDcrf, la tlikt mk< rat Vuil.hti.. il l. kiilra-lut i hi ii-?l r^ifii-r, .rrt-tnl rtor"..!, for .Imnjr Dkifcr-ibirrt- in Am* ri k. fk, ?ur|in.Kt. in rlr<?nc?. bi-kti y, > nmf.rt kk<l "rnrrul nrrnnKriii' iit.. nn, kirail.r Btnicol i'.ll in thr vioriil. i nil Inflir kitiiiirktin. ?f k 11 inu.iokl rua* aalaMiira. n ? II .? inSlNto, furei.n r., irav.llcr., BtfkBtfri. kkii cil i in.. so ftir'-k. wn i. ar ust'rn. Tli,anrfinn f- r 1 ili-r ?.kt. fur thi' tn.t ooar rt kill ti? 'irl.l in tb- (. .r M I. nb n r.AD.Vl MtJKN INC.. atlUoVl x k. I 11 II. Km . It....I,, roatail in, '!> - r-l< uf tb* ><in?, tr.n.lalnl i-ito i n I,.1 ? inut b, nl.tnibril at the ilo?.r ? pn V> c-ati ,ac!i. W*- II " St? OM> lilt.VN D t tf.M hit! will b-;tt-n :.t ' CnVtlr U.i-'l -o. oa TlIt'R^DAY Af FKHN'OOV, Mk, H, ,-t S u'clorb. Phi . wtb ii I h'oImI. Th. tlcC.t. f->r tal. ilkjr -MMm will n' t 11 "8?mil kt km-tloa, I ut may Im> uturcil at th" o?<*r. on nn-- aftrf Tm-..l*y nurniiiV,? il. 11-r Kt > iiin, < -ifcrt. till <- >Dtiiirai.i kt t It flk k. Pnvri Ofrk at it it i lot It. Fortlia i-oarrali-iiM ami ".m- i fi-rt of t i r . il 1? rr n ' t"J that thry Inul-l br iu thoir ?r?t? hy half i" * Mt.a "Vlork. Tlirir i.rmaa I ..n wall < <<u<-tirt. will l,o eoatiau.J thi- ; of four tiaie. fr? k ? ntil rlaotd. 11. i ai h.', okotlleat, P. T. BAIXIM rpilKATRU'AI. N<iriCE.-TIir. AOYKRTI9EK. A A tni-nxii.n l ra..i .11 ilitl.i. M a IMa"-r. hmria< th, !a.t tfrt. >i or. un-ttr lu.trui-ttonm.h". tn ennn- t btaMtH It at.xr |>rk"titt. Salary ao ol'ji- t. ri?a.? aJIrc. ' J. II. T.. P -nliiWii. A*f (J9 KMIC.N IS FIUi.AOKlal'tllA. BARKl IMS hi sum, I'll I I.A DEI. I'll I A.? P. T. II XR. mint, l'r | ? i< (?<!': II Finf, r I, Aarlatan I Hm? f. ? Tliit ' >. n 3 u * ?k < lit I 1,1 ? ? I, ? i. >ti, rntitti"! t i " 11 r n, ?? ll'?r*?," cnamiraraa It tMfd * ? ?k. inn l- d with tli? #?lt* ?( it> linvarvlii? nitr in tM 111/ .???t a nmiiiinvttit* "I ?ii Bin mirier pul.i?. ni.?! t; ? warm rotafntadat ion* ??f tin rklla prv?a. It will | r' rn I tarry ni;)it mkIimU t'hIi. ?* ft ?ri _ '. Ruin." "All t , .1 lliitlri U ml tli.I I "I',- l: I . i rt," it i ? iroaii i n. MfilI umi t | r. 'lrcwd, tl ! i- iitifnl Ijrk-al dr.i ia rallrd tli? " Lady oft! < laic" i i aHri?"m art mii- m?rry t y plraitiag uri if a a i'i!f % II' ? and ahart drama,. I!.- in "?mi i ' mrnj t', ,i tli I., i n tarfnl 1 ? i I 'It* Una? i .| or | . ruaavc, W ciatai iM: irn under t*a } i art, I - ? t i' tit. MIMICAL.. IAoii f\i \ n\Nt- i in nxvi. lADi. nr iixi. Ivit k Jlr.nvit. Il'-l ii, tmt ori<ia*liy on? tV.,i??o4 u T]*r? ? ill U ! I a- ? mi or* tr, .t - ? - o.w In .? .n#?. an*ai ? i f t! i f -il , !?? > in ( f if K .i ,p-. Apr ? t i Mr IMi. 11. il>'- lr.i Lr. ad**). f'R pai.E- x% HI ?: XX m it.x::i r. ? > I x riii'Wil. T III ii I ti it , . i I r "in and la cutir?tr n?? , t'aa ?* rrtn a: N*.M UauimnnJ atrial, Mlrt ai ill A ,i'f|.>*k. M. PiiNOtom ii vug a a li curat', avii ivmc ttmrviiici 1 v Iiaflit.'liiri(taa4liaal ?' or..#" tathvi ?n? I laaafiirt. ?. all la rn"4 nrdrraad fi'y mat ?; art -a f v. n ? .a m ir ii i I r?? ? i .?> Xaa'i I.. R. Ill MM" XV. ? i ai l.s'f ?' Maaii r ? . ? l l. I.* lira.4 (?? t. -rirR'-.l ir-tl. In ti.-.laj and t U'i*?>?, te ua II t i 1 > I I'M V. K.M'Utf'MR AtiKNC'll ?*, dir.. Hfc'alTT.XJ.' ? a Tli l.M,UM>, I Krl. AND. A\B Iflliai- ilra:.* na ailt I r ??j an mt. iron CI naarli. i iili li ut 1 I.* , 4 at an) r. t.\ n Mr In t?4 *tnr<'i'?. Ala. I'a 1 at aitfjr 4-? rip il ird?.| ad 1 ? rat-a, li) ?' intra, t, >? part af K r |??, b? EDTX AKIiS.SA.MOKI' h i'tr.'ft 1 ranaatlanti? F.ajfraa. * i Adnn a I c 'a, IT an I I XX .it a'rtrX. Small p -? li'- ill ' " t in 4 till laarlf pd?t at I A M ot ?k* day *f aai'. o( "f ?t.r> ataanar v. Eur ; ? CA A I'KFV I ' iR EM I '.V I) * N i VI \N V. -V Ml ill ? 4 V in l*i i! II.i .? f- r i i-r Aa a.? Carl** ail; t ? ? la I ?>- llio til ? - ???an r "I't It* f**?i'"4 aiattl Va'i Im k ? n d nlmalar ? rr.iw, n l?i? h?., . nn-a' >??* ?li. tl.? at- ami r ? alllai:? r liauy .*ti?T>l'. par-?Ia nn? h A a;, i I i . i, f nil) i ? d? ;?? |. i I l<r t'i > ??Ultra, Ml MI Ol. k < ??-. Wall atrt-t, N tVlorh. an I 9 !'??? i. k atr at l,la*r|> ? 'I. '|. r | -, "f. ' IT, 1 ' '1 I ? 1 . ...T i" nfllK s?f iTiidlil ami iaal!? rr m L'liarrtt tw r ' ama. ^ i. ? X ??.) tr. i f, A ??? r II ? i t. N ?? Y"*rk. f>tNN*VLtd IA RAU.RO.XD COM I'A XT ARE Vi* M fnrwarliti ,.,t? in rittaliurah la Ft ? ,1 ?) >. fr ua I'Mla ', at If I I ma In i low ratna, arte.:?i*lr t t V. IVr? Gni'ila. Fh .1' 4.? 41 fat 101 ltd i d Xtdaa?llali-a firm n Maatlna. < i , ri. a. Hard* nr*. Ac. d i ta. |?'r I *1 I ha. Il.ird- w - "I* .!??. <'???#, Tin, A? . ? at i?at? f -r I'Mlba. 4 ? nrtl - Arl,? ? liar, I'Mrh. Rr.,Mi'ta P*f t'lll ?. M ? r m aiaaiona r har ?! I, r rrttia inanr*f<>f warding A ? la at Blilla Irlt.lua or I't'I litttX. lliiorlafr m Nvia V"r?, Il'.it'ia, or an* r f tlaf Kaitrrn i*? .uI tiduring ?t,i iiiani, a. t" inanr? il?'p itch ta I'ittal'i rrl'. and nil p-irti of tin *r??t TTr-t, aho'ild h* . na|*a?.t tl. 11.11 II, ? ion. I ri irhl A*?nt rT.nnn?lftnid rn't-Miv, ; I aad Sit Martrt ?tr t l"lilla<li.|phia. MoFADRN k CATQDr, A*rnta. Caaal lti-i i. l"ltt*tnr*N. MnSSa ? *a nr. t rtATFw.nmi inn. nr. nn vain nr.. rnot.amd. 1 William J?i? n. iraptirt, r of th? nhorr hot*!, bi'ittra T?nrtf?lly 1 I oatf tim attnntlon of the ritlttn* of tM Uaitrd -tatri vi?itio t tli* rrrat I t' Iblii n. nn l th . r mantir an I raatifnl *rcnt*y |f P?r?yaMr*. art:h Chata?,.r?lk tb* ' riaiml* f' i ' " 1 of I,(Irai'o th? HnV? of |i?? ,n .>,???, t > I ? , ?itar?l alt nation af M* *ftaUirl ai?nt, h! i.-H ia ait in tod ?nth? park, and nrar.r to th? hiar?i n thnn an* athffa ilao oarr diat.m i a oni tho varlona ratlwar ulnti .?? Tl * ,o|. I ia tKra* nu ira from R, nfl?a Stall ? i. . i tn,. Mi Hand f'nilaa*. a/d 11 itii" ttraa fr in tf ? hut. I mn t ?t?r? frnia. fa Mirffli |.l ia ti rtoin mtlra, Ch?ft<rlrl l "n. 0a t|?tna IV!,.??. |t .til t tf*. Ilnxton fonrtT'-n. Ilnd I 'm Hall ?*?, SardnlrV riatf ?, N>?at**t Ahlf> taaantv !?? X* J, -1 I. rhi O. i ) atrlit ftftaonal *tt?*tlo? >? l,ia ?l ,t?ra, , mt in?4 * i<ii th? inl' t and romftrt of !i tm - an t mnd?rat* f'.r*?., |a ?<, r't a r .'iniianr: *f IMn i, apt it* ill W Laa -aj* ,n I af*4 tf 4;tt(fti AfllU2)ifil!lK!tTB. Broadway theatre.-e. a. Marshall s#lb Leaner; G. II. Barrett, Mau&ger.?Doors open at 7; cur tain rises at half-past 7.? Dress <Trele ami Parquet, SO cents; Family and TLira Circles, 25 rents; Gallery, lz>a eeuts; Pri Tatr Boxes, ?5 and $l>.?Monday evening, May 5th, will be pr^e^t'dthe^raud ^romaotie, operatic, fairy spectacle at tne VISION OF THE ^UN-Koran. Miss Andertou ; Tac msr, Mr. Whiticir; Oultenpao, Mr. Harris; Oratsuma, Mr. .. .. .. ?tMr. ~ * | fi ' fjj M " Hill; lluainapuc, Mr. Fredericks ; Tycobroo, Signor Carlo; Genii of the Harp. Miss Olivia; Genii of the Ebon Wand, Mr. Reynolds; Kunad, Mies A. Gougenheiiu. Previous to the Spectacle, still be aeUd MY PRECIOUS BETSY. N1IILOS GARDEN?JOHN SEFTON, MANAGER. Tickets. 50 cents ; Private Boxes, $5. To begin at half past 7 o'clock. Fifth uight of the farewell engagement of the wonderful Caroline Rou.tset and her three sisters, Theresine, Adelaide, and Clementine, who*e admirable performances ha\e bem pronounced the most elegaut ensemble ever seen in the United Sfritew. Monday, May 5, Overture by the Or chestra, L?a?I*r, Mr. La Manna. To be followed by LADIKA BEWARE. To conclude with the grand ballet of GISELLE ?(.icelle, Mile. < arollne Rousset; Duke Albert, Mile. Ade laide Ronsset; Bathilda, Mile. Thoresine Roussct; Myrtha, All It. t lementine Konsset. BROUGHAM'S LYCEUM. BROADWAY, NEAR BROOME street.?Dreas circle and parquet, 50 cents; Family circle, ZAoonts; Orchestra stall seats, SI; Private boxes, $V D ???rs open at 7 ; to begin at o'clock. Monday evening. May f>, the performance will commence with the opera of the CHILD OF THE REGIMENT?Rudolph, Mr. Dunn; Grenade, Air. Leach; Marie, Mist Mary Taylor; Marchioness Borkeu feldt, Mrs. \V. R. Blake. La Cracuvlennc by Mile. L. Dacy? Barro. To conclude with ROW AT THE LVCKUg: or, Grecu Room Secrets?The Manager, Mr. Brougham: Mrs. Vernon, Mrs. Vernon; Mis. Dunn. Mrs. l>uun; Scaadinavis, Mr. LyLiu; Kuneyon la, Miss E. Taylor. Broadway theatre.-mr. conway has the honor to inform his friends, and the public, that his first t? uefit iu America will take place on Monday, the 12th imt., tak a it plensnro In aisoimIii the apl*earaucc of Mr. W. Clark**, who has, in the kin l st manner, volunteered his valuable assistance. The enter taiumcnis will eommmice, by general desire, with the ad mired drama of ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NUT GOLD? Plum, (liis original character,) Mr. Conway; Martha Gil bs. (tirbt time in Nc.v York,) Miss Auderton. To con clude with the favorite comcJy of th? SERIOUS FAMILY? Charles Torrons, (his original character,) Mr. C. W. Clarke; t a; tain Murphy M i.piii**, (flrft time.) Mr. Conway. Box Book now open. Tickets can be had at the principal Hotels, and of Mr. Conway, No. IS Varick street. nvh.MM s AMERICAN MUSEUM. -IV T. BARNUIf, Proprietor and Manager.?By urgent request, tliis being wt*;k. the manager Lakes pleasure in announc ing the reproduction of the all absorbing and celebrated druma ot toe DKLNK\1{D?Edward Middleton, Mr. Gros v? nor. In the afternoon, at h o'clock, for the first tiin*, Sontag's great Panorama of Milton's PARADISE LOST AND REGAINED, illustrating most of the beautiful and suldimo portions of that exquisite poem. It is one of the ' ' Id, and is | ' * ' largest p annrnmna hi the world, and i, painted on twenty* fivu thousand feet if cauru*. To ?i? w t>.e new Drop Cur tain at tin. establishment will well repay ono'a time. A.1 luisMon t<> tic Uu.euin. with it, innumerable curiosities, 23,; children under ten year. of age, l.'tj cents. I'ar |Uctt. and Dnva Circle, !_"? rent, utri. (~tAS1.'.E GARDES.?Till3 BEAUTIFUL AND POPU J l.r piece is m v. opeu for the MHiitt of visiter, itur ir.g the day. The view from too galleries of the apleu.,id scenery of our u ihle lap and harbor, ha, not an e ;ual in th. world. Admiseion 12,'a cents. MECHANICS' IIA LI., NO. 472 BROADWAY, ABOVI Grand ?trert.?Open every night during the week until farther notice. The original and well known CHKI3TY 8 j MI NS'l KLI S, c iopri.-init an efficient and versatile "norpe" of *'talented" and "experienced perl'ortnerf," under the ma ting em rot of F.. P. Christy, w lioae ooncerte in thia city, for a succession ot "ttvejeara," have been received with favor I y highly reepeetable and fa.hionable audience*. Ticket, 23 rente. Door, open at half-past six, commence at eight o'clock. An Afternoon Concert will be given on Sa turday ui-xt. May l.i, for the accommodation o( Ladica and Juvenile., commencing at 3 o'clock, P. V. On Saturday evening neat, May 1*1. anneal benefit of Ed. Crowcll, Tree* anrer. L3 ItAN KLIN lit SLI M. 173 CHATHAM SyUAKE.-OKO LEA, Sole Proprietor.?Adiuiniinn?Seale in Private lioxea, 'si cent.; Steve Scat., .'!7>{ cent.; Koxea. 23 cent,; Par quet, 12'j rente.?El ?cent Saloon performancef every After uooa and F.teninr. Entertainment# commence in the alter, noon at 3 o'clock, and in the evening at S o'clock. The euU rtaiumruto are varied and eelact, aadsucha.c.n be aoea at M oliicr place ef amnaemeiit in New York, con.t.tiuK of Lea'a Female Ethiopian Opera Troupe, nurohrring tiftuca perh rnn re, bring the larg.rv and at the ioim time the moat ul. nt i Land in the I'nited Stxtcv, a trotipu of Model Ar tl,t. alio are ?el 'ted for th' ir beauty and ligure, and who rcr.oiwitr* nnmb.r ot baantiful tableaux, taken f urn the picture, of kucient and modern times; a company of Arab ClrSe, who go through a variety of ('??ate of atrength and dexterity; Madame K' .aline, tne only Female Jaggier '?> the worl?!, a company of Male mid F mala Arti.ta, who willitisa an cxIiil.ltK n of M.r' le Statuary uncqnilled in the wurld, together with a variety of iut. resting pertorinwncee eyery afttrnooD and evening. For particular! see bills of eaoh day. Ntlir URLCANS PEKE.NADER3 AND KF.I.L'tMM* MinetroU. at Follows' Alu-ieal 11*11, K?. 411 Kroad* .y, til* Tl.ure.lay 0*. nm*. and every owning. Doors open *t 7 o clork. Contort at S ?'elo?-b. Forming th* areiteit wa|U nation of talent ever concentrated in tin? Ethiopian business in the Will. On Wedii* day and Saturday afternoon, a arand concert, c-untcnohg at d F. M , for families and juva ?llu, ANTED?A 1111.L POSTER. ENlflTKE AT ML l> v a'm w Mu-i-nl 11 <i). at 111 Bros lway, at II A. II Nationalacademtor desion.-tiikTWWMtT. alath Annual Exhibition of tho Academy if now upon to Ihr [ at lio. at tla ir Gall-m a, No. tail Broadway, uppoaitn lt. l l street, from !> A. M. m.til Id P. M Admittance 9 eoate: ??'*?.n ti hcti, 40 cents; catalogues. 12>b cents. lip order of tha Council. J. If SrTEGO.'iCE. Cor. Secretary. N. A. w PANORAMA OF CHINA FOR SALE.?TUB SUII ai-ril or. hating painted * beautiful panorama of fio manners, easterns, ? mry, A*., of tho Interior of t'.e Chins*- ' iiif irr. (in ' II.) at a root at $!,'**?. and not having tints or an tirp to taMM if. off-r* it for sale for about unr h <lf tho amount. TUia i ia diir-rent from all others, being pointrit iu oil colors, bp a atudeat of the Loa Ion Royal Acad' mv, in *n a . urate aa I mast rip manner, containing hundred" of life-alio in or-*, b i lfully painted, if not die* poea>4 of at private aale, it will ho sold without reserve, at am ti n. on tl.s .'ith of Map, at .1 it o'c lock, P. M . bp M, acre. Cool. > l> V#.. Itr-i" ip. wl.-re it will bo exhibited to th >oa ?li< v i ll to pur. he -. In the m-an'inia the aaine map bo Oaaiuiusd bp arpljin; l. If. M. I'llOtfLEV, No. b?l Vfil atrset, or to IdOLLf b CO. Broad #?p. coraor of * I.its ?trc. t. IMMl'UANCKH. \flRCANTlLK MUTUAL INSURANCE COMCAST ill No id Ha I >1 rt -1 ?I n eanformitp with tho r*|B-i. Uoutof tb ir ohattor, tha Company a il nut the following a'atcBi at:? Ar .inet ol I'rrai.mi not markod off April 3, IBM >177,213 84 An, nnt of Pr u.ium-i on IVIi-i'S uam lfrom 3d A| rt 1, lNici, to 3d A| til. IV. I, 1' Co Iff Totnl nmoo at of Prttulnmo Al.afu,. -? F1 Ttio amount ul Premiums marked og during the j ar. ao ahoto. cm On Mi rim-Rl?lci |l,4tf7,iW M Go ill ui Trait piiitiition aid MaiIgntlm Rial W.'fM W |l,!.7.sll -4 Leu Return !'r"tniuma.., 8n.-I.1d8 Eirnsd Pr mirma for the ittff. fl.HM,l/3i 73 Paid dur.iig the earns period For M rinw I ?e >*"? W for! land Natl/'tH n Lnsss*.. . IIWM it. I ? rane .C'Om i cui.labr.'iti kept usee and Had Debts M.i.v.d 71 1,09.89 M I?ro4ta to ho dii 1 W4 bAil.dai M Aaio' iit of c*r. 1'igefor 1*1?, V' ? '*"?* " Hi*, lit,IIB 77 ?? " l-l'. SffTJA bit " ?? | II, S??, i-oj iV - ? let,I. an..At* o?i T'tbl f"r ffr- v-ire Al t ai It.' la T' ( n-i ip fwrtl.i r up it : ot tin p und. at that fate, tl.s foil-1*.la, urti, ill la- ? lint g. a?* aad sic for cent 9t?*Ra. RUi.aii It bUla rreriroi I* ItId t?d ? Lach ot. 1 ?f I- ? d tl ..r> . t ? I ; t! >. i ' p a?ah orBotsa. II ' 'I 9 T I- I ?<?sto >! ?! .11 The 1 r *t era h* * ir-Ja- id*nd of tw!ntp.??n?? p*r e* rt nt'isa ts i s d pre -i, i u of the p?*t prcr. aaftW la i r:p. t-n and aftot the aoe?nd Monday in Map nvti, lbs l ra.tssa I i> ? nlto r.s '? s 1 t? pap a o inter f at 4 p. r c? ? t nn t's at I 'Wnt c.f e. rtin *t.? author!?* 11 > b ? :?jn-4 n A|wi'. l<*'. to tilth ii rat r. of r t.iir legal r?pri*sa' ati-ia, to.! ift.-r t ? i.l.i u?p -t M.t neat Also, that t; - I'iO et.a. f prof- -a<n?d la 1*41*, n th tho ae- rniog in temtt ct on. be paid ic a! t?. ?1 a'i t altar f i|4t, thn IStii dap -l aatl, an I t . .? i ? ? ?? ? . at t ? r> ? i of. ill e? - ? tr t' Ct dec- < ? ,KI - . N KM C'-RIt. v.-.i .'arj-. ,. N. t I ii I. a. A, ul XC'I ? I rat it > i ? J asp* U I- sr. Milliana Watt. *1 .on c. 11 u i i, Aim- ' >' si, due! I, ? "o ' - ??0, llr arc Sbel'lew, Herman Mole r. V -I IS - Not 1. i'hnrlo* tl t'aT *t )*, \\ ii. in II. Hunt. I n i"? II ankl P'epar* ? M?r-h, Wco . i ? flat- an I. I ?rrf. II ?Milt**, I r ? f'.ob, Ovii I ? llietc, Ifacid I ?cpr#. (JerwaLuo terlnncAL Hear, J Ii ??*, V. W. A. Hi 't I jo' I St ? -cr I, if., I'cnl R. Spot i d. 0.1 M . .-I r. i 'l'lm ii r-okaila Geo. I?. a'b< Ipa, Clia ?!. a I'api n. jc is ? f. Ra ita. I ? it'-a II. Rcolgera, fr - . b VI lif, ft-la. I J. lis, " vt 1 Mall, Kl'tl V t f N Ik I'r I I IS GRAtiUII i v I Pro 11 -i* ? ?l I *'?<?'? WAI I l.i: lid Vitv t'r ai lent. CH AI I rs M.U 4 oil II. Sue tarj f III AS* I RAM B.?NATIONAL I.GAR PL'NO LI PI I j i ,ni , * -to I ip f London.?Hi i-erai 4ri-ni t o'h i, 71 ttall air- New 1 ik.Mn ! i ap tai AJ,'?*Mia4. ant anr,'li.s c 11I. Ilie withdrawal i 1 le ot tl ? ao-l-tp r- rd* I" the nomro-L *1" map take nut ib*lr polloloa nn l r tin . tablvs, tb* froate?t pooJdblo pr-'-ent aad fpniiioatlee ad > ail 1. (bat ran be nlerred hp life a**araaee, Itntnlo talletl. a?aured la entitled,*t nnv time, to r role* at ir ri -t nn imii ? dials odcaii'?. I ' t*m ea* nti-fcioebnlfli e I t he pel4 annua I prenlnana. ? it hoot a-ewritp, per *i*l I lei lllip, - e d. | .it of the | di. p, bu' bp ?4ei i b- en ? it ri. it;i tit thermal! or tt'O half pr. i mm map I. ao wit Ithel.l on ii * th* Whole < ' tfniioiieo of the* pollen. Alt' in th* i ? . hi of tha assayed at anytime tot r ,ninn [ 'o r..ntinne i. i. p. It. ? , on i' * *urr- ncli r, oae-balf of the annunt pr ? niomo ni l m ? At tl? 1' t . '? ? al Itu ? ?!? stlow, fop' rted In M .?, K'd, the Lew , ? eoiar-d t- ?t * a- . red w. t?-tilt option ol n return ... IA | < r.. at m their f remiums in anstt, or a foterelonarp ad.iiti. .. I ? tl.-crifttial sum neonr?4 l-p r*' h p?lt.-p, tarj n fr' r .e to id. j r o ul V rt I . usee, already de. Itr d. will be f in I la tl,* a., tvs pamphlet, '..I 'in- ?ith - * > '*? of rnl'-< n?i u-.l ? r iii I'mat i- n.?n iti'i lb ? tb?n to 71 Wall etrent. or st -.p , f - > ..oi's, IVen of ? xpeneo. A . rip n " , n'. n moderate animal pr triitcct, (n*ep for 111# ? si! if he onrcie. * t ran. h the t o of ?*! p-nrs t ,e lull *m . ...v 1. !?[' to fl.Vtb'i. will ho paid p. I.irn ei if hi dt atl. *? ? in I t b re tl -.1 l eriod, thn earn ear upfd tBiil b - pail to I i* fan I'p r I*"' eontnMywA Al * BKTOIIT ?*>* MAr. r. I DM AItD II AIIH lit ? .a'rmttn. A. t. Palmer. } ? C# lo-'V*r. ft ? ||?i?!ru4a " ' f* I u ('.am. Hi. > an It. '*?? ? R' rt J Dllba an I J. Kenewt Rod* ,r M II The B< nrd met t ec ? ? tl ? ne -i^ it ,'l IfeHatf--! f r i ?!?,; ,(?!.. a "f l.-tuf ? tv . .nfaianl #tb?r f r iptricbe ' , a ' fair r* 'ea < f entrn'.weml.'.n. ,l irtNDKK sTAH ti.-n ml Ar-at, an I fop, Mfttendga'. at lb: Va'.l I "BU? t?. tl 51 .'Ml. ANNIVERSARY WEEK IN NEW YORK, F 1 RST DAY. Amrrlran and Foreign Christian Villon. The members of this society met last evening, in thn Amity Street Church. The attendance was email, proba bly on account of the weather being so unfavorable. The services of the evening were commenced by slnglngi alter which the Kev. Dr. Dkwitt made a prayer, calling for the Divine blessing on the efforts of the society, and all kindred associations. Previous to the sermon, the Rev. Dr. Baird came for ward. and stated to the audience that the society before whom the sernton was this eveuing to be delivered, had been In existence about two years. It was formed out of three societies?the '? Evangelical.'' and two other societies. The labors of the American and Foreign Christian Union are exerted principally among lb man Catholics. W ithin the last year more than one hundred laborers, speaking our own language, hare been t uiployed in our own country. Many of these arc Irish men. and some are Americans Besides these, we have employed Frenchmen, Spaniard* aud Portuguese. The society extends its labors to France, Belgium. Chili. Peru and the West India Islands. The reverend gentleman then went on to state some of the leading features of the society, from which it appeared that it is the peculiar duly of its members to labor for the conversion of It mini Catholics to 1'roteatanUin He concluded by stating that 111" regular anniversary of the society would be held at he Tabernacle, on Tuesday, when the yearly report will be lead, and those who feel interested might learn ui >re ? f the doings of the association, its objects and accom plishments. The Dev. Pr William* then took th? pulpit, an l an nounced as his text the passage contained la parts of lie bth and 7lh verses of the 4th chapter of Aaehariah as follows : ?? NoTby might. nor by power, but l>y my spirit, saith the l.ord of Hosts. Who url thai. O great mountain ' Be fore Zerubbnbcl thou shalt become a plain." The preacher introduced the applieallon of his text to the Church of Home, by aliudiug to the scenes which were enacted at St. Peter's. Home, on Easter Sunday, when, in the midst of pomp and splendor, the Pope is ao cumsti mid to prouniiticc his benedirtiou on the eitisens of Koine, snd upon pilgruu? and olhor travellers that in ty be ill the papal city at the time if. indeed, said he, (he Pope of Home be the Vicar of Christ?if rightfully he asks the allegiance of all Christians of all lands? tin 11 has it been most happy that they have all received the benediction. But the speaker could by no i tne vii means accord to the Pope tne vicarious office. F'roui this point, Dr W proceeded to examine some of the claims setup 1J the Koiuish chunk for religious supremacy, and the signs of future prosperity. The speaker did not think the phcnotu-'Ua which presented themselves in the religious world, were such a* tended to the conclu sion that Komauism was permanently gaining ground. At n subsequent port of his serui oi he spoke of tile Ko misli missionary efforts in Paraguay and California, and ciiiipurtd them with the missionary efforts of Protes tants at Martha's Vineyard, and among the Cherokees and Delaware Indians, drawing a coucluduu favorable to the luburs of the Protestants '? Koiuo," said he, " sets up man as tile tinal exponent and oracle ct religious opinion." We acknowledge divine authority whero linns puis human authority. We allow that blind res on med-. u Divine guide. Komi-goes to Peter's delegate*?we go to Peter's Master for instruction aud guiu.'ince Koine, then, rcsolt to flesh a.el bloat. Wo resort to the Father of ail. who is willing to le-ar the ti eldest cry asking for instruction. K omanisui is a visi ble rhuii li. and is necessarily obliged to keep up that church by temporal appliances. Protestantism is u >t a visible church, and hence, urgned the speaker. Heeled note of those appliances up m whk h the Koniish church so mui h digielitis. The pivuclit r here Went at considerable length into the argument in support of this proposition, claiming that K'snanisin Ml-tnills itself by the Visiide lues us within the prescribed rules of the church while Protestantism reliisl wholly on the "id of the Almighty, u-ing only those mi an* wlic-h arc consistent with the duo performance of obvious dut.i * A'.u?ion was made loth course wliis >i the popes have pur-u-1 in reference to thn political affair* if Europe, and thn *|>vakrr argued that the pontiffs had ulway- be a found on ill" side of tyrants and oppressors. In alluding to th? act of the present Pope, in commencing a course COU-Uteul with popular sentiment. ?l ll ? time of the late revoluti >n-. he said Hint Pope and Curdiuai* soon stood aghast at the sightof the spirit of liberty which Hi y had Invoked. The preacher passed to u comparison of the people of Catholic countries with those which were Protest.tut ? pit.ring on oueside Holland. Acotland, Knglaud, rtwitxer laud and eontrusting thrm with Italy, Ap?in. and Porlu g T. The doctrine of ahsolution. and ths sale of indul gences. were ulludt-d to iu anything but Haltering term*, and Hie fact m ted that Ft Peter's was built on th" pro ceeds of the snlr of indulgences The sermon was well written; but as ?'^?fi' was no provision for members of the press?neilh, r .'aides nor lights te-iug provided for n |s,rti-Es?it v>< impossible to get auythiug mors thin w ine of the points of the discourse A contribution was taken up aflir the sermon, in aid of the fund* ol the so ciety. American Home Hloloiiiry Society. I ust < tc Blag, at half pa<t wren o'clock, tlw Uer. Dunn II. l!:i t? i.. of I'itahurgh prrached the annual wrmm be fore Ik* Auii-rirm Uuuie Ml.- ioaary iiori.-ty, iu th* Mer rrr ft n et l'rr'hyti rlun Notwithstanding the iocl'Bi'-i ry 11 the v. iither. the ntten lance ?n BBBte* roc*. TL<- re> gcutl man took hi* test from '17th I'lnlin. Ttm 1: "(1ml. be merciful unto uf. and Mom u ; and ciiu ?? lil< fa-'i't > sbi'/e upoa u*. that thy way maybe known upon earth, thy earing he alth am tog all Billon I" The establishment of inifeioaary aocirti ?* here and In other land* U the true and only way of orange: !/.lng the w<r',d '1 he test* the unrl.-ut church under a Iruutlfu! und to ntany, perhap* a n >ret aapoet. It ?h ?#? that au expt n-ire beaefulcnc* w?i practiced cten In those da) *. A glorlou* t? mple *u Mt-cted, which wat adorned and dteeratcd t>i!hnro??iy magnlfleenre before which mi ih in philanthropy 1 ak*-mall The Jew* delighted t > niake lieaitllfi I the place wh rrStxl plan', ,-d hi* footstep* The Ait" ri in people. Ilk" the Jew*. ar? a pftrtte1 j pb fortlml nefrrnial* audi anotherrouutry a* thU It v*? to ' who ui.'iile it. nnd'BOt OBrnelre*. The on pi .. r eh. m- opsin >t <-h another r untry Butlli-re lea ii '.it ? i.tinn ut which ought to '-niindle our * ml*?;i ? 1 of ih<? eirmi ut* nt *.n h power, it ought to i.-a plre i i ?h!i a wort'l-i ti brucing, a w >rld- 'Ting phtiaa 1i'" py . ai 1, i h. ? 1 it an taer*?Dt nt w uld lie add ? I to the CI all -ft!.'- Aiaerlcan 111'lon. tf W ? Impr I?ed our lab i i - I the >P<1 dy i rangclUafh.B Of tin-hum in race! On till* groovl 1 ? dred I I place the IfoMe Ml*-| ia. 1' li e ii 111 i - inn J for it* ? and i -nil * I he itiiiciim i; ? t i, i i 11 in til if tiaati in all hi* r latino*. They aiiei d to cntre |i ty at haute, but In doing ?? th y 11 I ? n J f, r a iti i Id' * ri. di Biptton, f-r n't ? I'hr. t died, a; I fi-ifti; d the Bt'.viun,-ilo y- Into :dl the w wld and j ri. h the go ,* 1 to eri rs . i at in " The i nil i. til nt of ?? rtlea! p! ,\ at Ih tno wa* the Irafen that I-at u d liar a! ijehni p?th* inrt ? . ? i *twd from which <|uu.ig tJi- !."(i in * he?e i n'u ii? ? ' ii - Ml 1- -to it. red. *o.i *ttng tl ? ?? t ; < h' e? -id the l .m'i Whnt n* wan ing. li i . ii il.r kit ?t t on.iti.iu et |he < ?. ;? ii/o* ion of t. / Mi r 1.1 * * tin * fr m ' ii to. lent til it ocrtlpi -I the I |le . 1 I ti p. -ant that dwelt itn.l-r the low I r f in tl v!l t. t. all le"iid be |. ptlle,|h* He ? i * I ? if ('.-!' 1 ot? woubl our ?u;"*rB vu< ? leith !?? i :?! i I to the ilifni of the glielun g< t-.| if it. I . 4 I,"I The !?!?? nga of t'iin - l l . i- t" ail t'i- * t. I He only h Id tii a in u ? ?- f'.wardr t the m f- i i me, ? nfii>| "j ??. itiii of h< >.i* wi iona i- bared ttpnn an a it-np I mi that n? i t, Jy will d ? nam. ; j -ih. fa d i-ri-i ?e ? i f < or it , try at; ? n the t i m? of t'i earth t i gnador e i ';!e A n i c m p? le arr ilally a- lulling p ? rer tort-a t ' i *? I ' eh |. Bitwill'iigly vliulinl hy I o 111 iiile> an I njolrani In by ?ur vien<l* lint thi* a- u.-ii.--n laTulrri a licet ai-cnu* i p-<nalbillty In

0 ? r to t- ii, thi* < nu t/ tin -.-i mu*i?nary bathe r, t i-f nteokin I hoha Irninelit and HrmagM M HtriiBgh nmih tribtiliitloB. Other Bntkm* had the ????;? tnntiy | ,*t i M-h ? .lit, ott i now might tie Kmleemef tselaim II them a* be did if Mi ?? ihou hail?t known , 1 . thU thy d?y. the thin:.' which belong to thy p *.-.-; , t nt i.i,w tiny are li|Cfranu our ryca ' Pnallfrnd *h*n llit t ea-r ay to U* ' or -iiail we reuliie our mi*- I - n ' lie ?ai awa. e !!i*t tin re ara* a ti ndeney am -itg I Am iiot 1 war I- arlf it.iritt i.t --a a-id evaggeratton ; but ah ii he look I at ilart lptofth. ewuntry, Bud enw i ili,m ili'.i.gii g I. ina yenr to year?wh. it he mw the llnd: < i l II.e t nlli l .tialea eslending nud *prenill nt on ii n , I,? nbeta be saw the mighty rifer* and the m*t of the cunt-y. el * glortou* l.i^haayanf ri unai fee?.?Iiela heli* '. d nt ; h? phyntcial re-,"im *of t! e rnttn'ry. It roBln at *il *u?teunoee to AdtW mil li ru .t I onian leing*. . r fur tim ? tho pnpaiallaa if tl.' iartb that at the praweBt BWnneBt the weat*r? t?T litoty i I.til.l *uppty bread fctaSa Mt-tll .-all nation< - at I at hen lie-aw with hi* own eyra. ? ii th letee .f it I,, ul*.? pile half a mile !? eg an I un-e f-el high, h ? did ind think tin rr rtuld In much eaaggerati m in regarding tW' a* Ibe preatral rouatry that e?er rsiatedor rarer Would mise in tbl* m rl I ' Areor ling t i ealcutailon n;ein well km a>n iluta in P .yenr hei -i' p b r? of Am riea nculd I e "ii roill 'ii of aoadi m .t theer not ini-an *iof*, baat r<* of thrtr power Why! the BBBWB mlBd ?<*? wild, r? d and ??? i ?hi t erd *t th? th< 1'ifht. Th-n t).<-aa/t I aafn ' 11 be M I'-i-'t pl would ha tilled up. and the r*nti. * < f ci mBftti* and ' f m r?l pl,w,', wnu' I r ", ?tlt' le ti, dling the W. '1 I The -lay waanotdia tc i t win *t trat, 1 Woe I tv |* rl . MM-it fr. m Main* tottali fi riita without ft' | clog 1 'ut not oai'y our te*wttrre* ?t In n.e.hBt the eiti n?lt b of t ur eomBwreo a'ir"*d r.mtri lilted to a I" gnitin-* <f the American nation It ww* i aerlliog ntd unilerfrlling the gn-alnt r i Uie' nt nam n* in e?. rr puit -f the gt ?l>e. *nd hy iiij.inr ilit'iWBUC* wa* out t"p:ing England in lilt .an lid a, fn fit ' - h Peamera were being I **llt f t Or 'la ai d in other part* of the ri unit; ' emir* for ttie Aui m' *f Ita* I* A few a cat ago ate wi re tarrying o? :i with one hand in i1 n w wi ri I, with the otlier. with nil Inenirenl iti-e, We w re ?nj j lying with f ml th ? tarfla^ milliniia |.( l.e old WWII ? Amor t-nil* were i ?. ri there. Th--* Wire in i'ie lai'.. '? a mi I In tat It i-ph nil i, :? n I in ,-iri i ( t "r .'( hu y'tanMin Tneia lo ik atdln- unity of f MuPoien It in;. ? of image of Pu^peaB p iwer Vit <wi?it> i ml frivt, t.i Th.' ? ef th American people was the power .f one nation?-.vh we language ami literature were 8h*kspoure and the Bible Ike process of homogeuity was wonderfully rapid in America Contrary to the ma aim of the Roorin p <et, that they change the climate, but not the mind. Who eroas the in, all natlou* are vivified und Amcru tuise J, M If Qod would make nut of every variety of the hum tn species the highest a ud greatest specimens of tiirnaoHy. What. then. UlUat be the influence of sueil u people la diffuse Christianity, or scatter pestilence and death over tho world ! If w? I ok at the t lenient 3 of power, separately or combined. possessed by tIlia country, wc muet come to the conclusion that, she la art for the falling or rising of many nations, tnd and that million." shall arise ant hie*, m or loatiic aud curse us. When we li?>k at what Ancient Tyre waa, we ought to tremble It was sad and solemn to contemplate the ruins of the ancient centres of com merce W6-liould study tile picture drawn hy til" pr v- 1 phct Kaektel in conjunction with the declaration of the > Secretary of the Treasury:?In a -hort time the bilauc sheet of nallou" will be settled in New York." This is a great country, but the intention is. wi'.l it b" great for Christ or anti-Christ? W hose forces will it swell in the 1 last contlict? It is wife to conclude, from the analo gies of the part, that the I'nited States will be a great people, but not necessarily a holy people. There is no warrant of safety, unless we in ike Christian 1 missions collateral wiih the extension of the populnti oi. and accompany the emigrant to the West, iu the plant ing i.f churches wherever he rcttli s 11 ules, we do this, i this country, the star of hope to bewildered nations, will ' itself wander. Heligious institution . did not rise spin taucou-ly. Men loved darkness rather than light. This was the ease espeeially with tU.we migrated from 'lie | Eastern seaboard to tne far Vfest. first perhaps, to nti- | uois or Iowa, or Wisconsin, t In n to California, until at last they are dashed "ii ttie shore of the 1'aclflc. and , 'ben Uod knows whtre. The learned divine th n went on to draw a vivid and fearful picture of t he West. Men 1 of the grcate-d daring abounded there?men whoso error* j were like the mountains and rivers, on a large (eat*. ' They were not afraid to speak evil of others, and pronounce upon tilings that staggered th? wisest men for sges wit ha Keif-satisfaction that w?? thrilling Tliey were bold and revolutionary. Tliey seemed to feel, like one of ? their members In Congress, a head and shoulders above the rest of mankind, livery phase cf infidelity abounded there, and the country was d luged with the word kind of publications sent out from the Atlantic cities. Let theui not wait too loug to seud the antidote. The Catho lics were contending in the West for the supremacy, and hu honored them lor it, because they believe there is no salvation out of their church. Tin y were making j preparations on a grand scale, lu 1'iUshurgh they I were erecting a cathedral 400 feet long that over- | looked the city. They spire no exertions. The question was. would Protestants wait Idly Inactive till anti-Christ extended liis iultucnoc over the coun try. and the West became the seat of the beast, j Catholics were united?l'rotcstauts were divided. Till i Protestants worked like them and co-operated together, they could not expect success. The rev. gentleman eou- : eluded one of the most etoqueut sermons ever delivered in this eity, hy appealing to the Christian sympathies of his audience for generous support of home missions. Presbyterian Board of Missions. A meeting of the Hoard whs held la-t Sabbath eTening, at the And Presbyterian church, in the Fifth avenue. > The meeting was but thiuly atteuded, in conseiueuce, we suppose. of the inclemency of the night. The terries w?e commenced by ringing the 19th Psalm 3d verse. After which, the Kcr. Or. Bedell. offered up a prayer, and waa followed by Ker. Mr. Philits, who read astutenxnt from the annual report but he raal it in so I low a tone that he was inaudable to those in the gallery. After he hud finished, the 607th hymn was sung by the ' choir. The Per. Doctor Potts then came forward nnd ad- ! dressed the congregation, lie selected a* his text the 14th. loth and 10th Terser, chap 'id, of Paul'* Kpistle to : the '1 be-.-eluuian*. lie then raid, that in the passag" be fore us. he. (the Aportle l'aul.) states the principles of the ministry, and he declares himself ready to abido . by those principles?that is. to preach them to the world, to the liKtk, the barbarian, and the Unman Now Home, said he. at this time was the mistress 1 of the wi rid. and at the same time it was tin- most pr< Higate city on the face of the <arlh It was tilled with i'.igans, Jews, infidels and philosophers ; I but eTen to Urot he was ready to pmerit the gospel, and lie was not ashamed cither to do it or to avow it. 1>< etor Polls then said, the object of his discourse would I*, tint. to consider in what sense the expression - indebtedness' whs used by the apostle, and in the first place. In what sense he held it to l?e a duty to preach the gotpt 1?that is.what was the source of this obligation la the mind of l'aul. It was, therefore, because it war tin law of bis Muter, and that he was the servant of the I.ord Jerus Christ. \l hen ha wu? arrested on Id* way to liauiareu.-. lie was converted to the faith of Christ, and his eourersion ami appointment to tlx- ministry were simultaneous-at the same time; and those two erenta had a command over him. and he felt himself bound to (lay it. and It was not ileot simply f<r his lore ofl'hrlst, but it wan a duty he felt that be lisd taken upon him .elf lie could not undi island the love of t'hrist without also feeling what be awed to the rede, mini: grace of the Favh ur? thus t'hiist not only became to hint the sym idof hi-own -alvation. but of all mankind. Atidal tlioU'h Paul himself wa-a dew, nod imtw ith landing his pui th. My for his brethren and their customs, nnd his hatred of the to utile yet he gave way to hi- faith. He felt that lie had a diilv to |>erforui. nnd that duty was to bring all to Lis Ma-ter. In the so ?I place. I will eoim.der bo* lie nil 1 r-iood the eaten! of this ??Indcb tne-s " I will, howevtr, only .-peakof the ' ext? nt be f< It to which lie hauto lab >r. lit- might have said, when he was ralle I upon to undertake She duty. ' tbst he would confine himself ami his labors to hi- own him no n. l.nt lie did not ronfin - hint-a ll t > them. B?d 1 , he fei I at lila-Hy to say or la look when or where lie wculd pri h< h the gos|-el and aee irdimiy. by in plrati >u nnd providence, h- am Mmtlawn sent to one place and tin n to an ther;?sometimes h< was earned from Held to 1 field, preai hlnj the word, sometime* at lit* own exp- n sometime* at (lie expen-e of hi - frien I-. and at other time', pi chap*, at th.- expense of hi* en-ini ?; and hating made up his mind that Im be! >nged j to Christ, wben n r the spirit and pmvidmcr of Christ earrh d bun. there wo hi* da-tlwati in, w hether tm i t the Romans, the Una).-, or the I . .Now, tit qur-tli n 1-. d-a * nr t the same obligation rest an u. n? on him ' Pin I went ah, nt at the command t hi tin t -r, and d'S'S not lit- lore c| Christ, wb > dx-d I ' i'.l C >" ?' ' till lis to iind- H i i i he j iun> nbttgal i m'?fi r he din eied th it the I - lit of Ilia k >sp( | should nut be carried al ue to (lie Jew. but to ti e Kent it* id-il. Uls-I ?u try ' (ftlt I ? were m.-t b* Is-f-is Paul wa* eotiTUtrd Fame ofthem wer.ipreachers. ai d n me were i itly helpers; and if w.ta thus that th servant* of Christianity nt Iho timeIi-ll it wa* irit t> h limited- but was to lie carried through the wh >. ? w >r d. 1 ee-io It w i the interest id I heir M seter?it i ir- ? rrrii-d J to tlx-ilr-r t. tlx-ftoauan. the buri.urii it and .ill tdllrrs 1 llis-r i*. tbervdhWt no i --ap-- fi"?n the rju-xi-n that | wbal ? ?? the duty of Paul nild h,< diselpli -. t* it duty |ro It hat tlx- l.ofd has dotx for them he h > <1 ie I -r Us IMd h* tint ay. "1 >m wuh yi-ttall ere-i i ? i In- c? 1 of 11 e wotld And llx-ri fot--. ere we not hi? d-'bt >rw rs weil i s Peii|, and are we nxl I > n t i > take a ll ore III 111oss- ialeiCs in which toe *1 wis mgac-d. and h w can y-.u r-lu-? tb.-m ' 1 -l ns ii V imsjr i ? bint passing fnm one r un i/ to ai.otl r, siol il.eii l-l ii< Inquire h * or 1 > who the was sUppoitid- -how n I Wlx le lie got fe -1. Ill i-iey a i I rams nt.' It v i. ironi Ins fl >w lib in rs. ami wttb-- ; II.lis* tiny w, . le. f. 16 W 1 ; r,-t l-utbaeti.o they felt tlx-n,no ordgnti it I ,at h- di<l t-?s,- I I o b ' i ' Fl ti.< lot toy ?* ill t'o utsell ? I: I Mi.-i.eirpry ' y; ' ii I lb e * b .' 1 not | pr fid* .1 I I - Nt ans I a he. -. { lot ll llo ; e are many w lioi-euoot do thl yli.i! i> done ' la I 11,tut w* t until lh?y aresti -p'f '. an 1 go to tbe te Id <-f tht Ir labors. I?r Pot'.a i .morn. *rt at h-ugil* mi tlx late r* of the A)>ns:le I'ani air i the . .tt.r w -in h. b yire ?. ? st-di.-t Missl unry l.,!?n In India, and cone I I 1 by *xt ll ?' h.. In l-r |n Ill's, its- i f. to loll I U,i I ?ul*. and gire the light of the , iep. 11 ? la-' U* ?th* York Ulhlr Sotlrljr* teniay rr-tiihg, the It? v |w*-|i r t u *i - on. of ri. Vi Vi ce, delivered ? sermon In Iwb ilf of the ah iV# sueiety, at 1ha Tabernacle. Broadway. taking fir hi- t- tt the Rth r r-e * f the HI h chapter of N* h taiah lie menrnl by rxemplifyln: that real in th# divinity of Hilda truths,and the Runinitiationo|Pod's wwl.or the la t pos-ille empluytrents frr (lei'l p* opl*. The Bible I* the o?,ly meant ?*f per- ml seetir ly?neither i.ft u* i ? t ite ean be properly olthout it lie fe. fi-md to th*-ancient 11w? of Frixt.whUb cro h. I tlte Pgyptlaii* ben* ath their fie. an l said that, in fw-f. th history of tlx- whole Kast I* writ two In the nt >? xylla Ib-a *- Ins? want, chains sl-?. l*? the rmpireuf HrazJ, , lar^.1 r than all our ?ssl*ma from Maine to PI >rid.?t 1 and fr> t hina. w lx re the l'.mp* r-r neks the b*oo*l nf his 1 millions * f rul jerta But illnsfrn*i*?n coal 1 nev.-r ? ex li-r-f'd In shew that history rii * am; le pfxof thai thri-n. ' veal In llitdo trmhe. * - d riva our M'a-rty of fi Ixric re, unliailt* d suflrnKa. ami t!?" r /ht of tri it by i mfy. hi e risvfs of s-nnd selenee always lie in Itibla I irxtha. thi wyh hr knew ibat aeioe I*arned to"n h?1 -is- i *-i t. d ' eio it r?: y hut if they w* r? r gl*'. anrh m -n a* | trckst* i e, Itai-ow. ami U - b w< . -icsug r In the I w ni ,r The ret er-tiil sp< aker tlx-n spok*- of lb - dang.-r-, ii ut-etrinea of medtrn atheism ami -a 1 that th- r II all ar*s proves that the Mi'.l- i? the k it m -an* of fa ux tii-g |i t Otial pro?p*-rtty * d * irms the h*-?rt w jtf| ^ bi t ? lull *>l pmtntse ||, then tttu-ti d his Vis vt?, liy i-'iig? with what liopr tl farm, r t'.te meeba ,ir. t'?"? cilptir. and phpstnan, w.-ubl apxnsaeh thel'/yarimi* pt.1 suite ami dul ,e? If th- y kneWtk y *r> r#ste .wlsjrt.t tlx i? .1 ie i-r- t* w ar-L- ih-- ftilfiim- i t *-f th- r ?? r ^lti . ?ml With wbal greuter It* ue - f U'lfailing ef tfr,,,. wloi lileecmtnate the Word *-f flist l-t-i-tnl j. .,?) tlx- W.irk lt i-s* f ibelr miaah>n ! Tru*-**sl Inii-' f w.nd ean fail rx'.y win n tl-e unity of the tlielheail /hall fail Hy - te -pint ?< atw all hnpttaetl Intooke h**' there la one h>*ly, ii rj hit, t na hi ,e. ?itie frith, one 1 ,. ?a i la .<? a.l and ?? ? I ate roptlxnl Into r ,tr Ail t tl.t same Mod ami V atlx-r pi ^'Mp. ?V,.r tlx-iu til. arc tlx i m i ii ten* iai?d Into t-o 0 ,, f ( | ? \ , ixill'fiat miertr.nary had mil b- net*r ku-?a III ii- u Ii I land* r < nai j n , ,|j i ? ,t i , >intlr , , frrMr.*ift?* n . ,lH* - A 1" i ? l i u 11 y it all ..??-t* r, #|?, | i w, r ? wx klti * 1 i ! 1 -ib?* ,, u- .h'.ftnea t b. s, . v trnx < t a t 'Iving ?j inpntl y Mmls all In iliwinliwUti God'* wiTd to the end* Of till" earth The inspiring promise- of God's word ought to electrify iiimI revivify tnrnehi'srt* 9 *e I instance. if God's augrl should rest on the field and say to the (.-inner, " How on. now jo," and promt* d that bis reed should be fru Itfnl; or. soppoee tlmt <)?',*.? aogel should lust on a ship at sea, tost in tin* roaring t.-iupost, anil say. " liar w>!. 1 will flip oH tin1 stoma, and let you par-all the iju.rksuiids and ahiml*; 1 wilt pilot y./u on ; God's iye shall guard nnd guide Ilia ship until abe U ?aftor. suppose (toil's ini'smrogor should assure tlia anxious physician that his patient ah ul-f be roller -d of its lurking i ril;?he thus exempli ties Clod's promisee to tho-e vlio had ttue leal in tha Bible One of New England's moat distinguished divine* is sail to hire li no nted flint lie could scarcely discover one conversion arising from his own labors; hut (here are exceptions, mill lie believed that one hundred tillers of the soil have fnlie d in their exertions, to one divine who lias fall 1 lu his hlsirs In the dissemination of Hod's holy word lie then wi-ut on to show that true seal leads to the happi ness of man and the honor Of hie Maker. The Bible is the natural eure for all persecuting bigotry and secta rian narrowness; the faithful laborer on behalf of the Bible will ri ap a rich reward in the happiness with which Clod will honor him in tli? kingdom of heaven St. I*hii1 thus describes the giatitudc ot those converted by the Bible;?"I bear yon record if it hud been p edbli. you w< uld have pluekialout your <-wn ejes and given them to nie The reverend speaker then spoke of the splendor ami radiance f the d.u/.ling liruui'.itnt llerseliel has said a view through one tele rope displays twenty mil lions of .tars, another forty millions, another one huu driii tulHionx. V hut a roatturnee of ethereal flre- from runs e! il ikixxlee upon tlua.signt' And y.-t this vci-y work (the Bible) contain* God's doctrine, whereby to idle-Irate It. They c uhl never lift ?n admiring eye to heaven without beholding m opening ot the rich reward for those who believe in and disseminate the Bible truths. As the defeat of the dauntless Kossuth Is worthy of undying renown?as the victories of the butcher Ifsynau will yet Is- inet with execrable defeat? , he w ould tell the members of this society not to let their heart* he sickened by ?? hopes dili-rrisl;'' but let them toil on in God's name?toil on in the Saviour's footsteps? umi behold .li horah's triumph- ; if true to their culling, they woirld bring Bible truths to undermine human v ickedness, which shall fall before God'.- spirit. In c-in ciush n. he counselled tliem to make it tlvrir chiefust care to disseminate th? Bible amongst all dwellers on the Is ach. and to give them The Book Blvine, that poll-star O'er the sea." A collection whs subsequently mode. and after a hymn, the meeting, which was not very numerous, owing to tlie inclemency ef the night, then separated. Thirteenth Anniversary of the New York City Bible Society. The Rev. G>:oai.t (!. Bai uwir last evening preached a sermon Ht the Baptist Church. In Macdougal street. He selected his text from the 17th chapter of John. lUli verse?" I have given them thy word.'', This language, said the reverend gentleman, win uttered by our Lord on the evening ?.f his crucifixion, while seated at the last supper with his disciples ; and, although he saw a trai- I torous Judas, a hideous cross, and an opeu sepulchre ' waiting to receive his bleeding body, nothing moved, he raised hi- eyes to heaven, mid in thst manner prayed The object of tills sermon is simply to estimate tha worth 1 of the gift of the word. Its familiarity has almost caused us to lie in-ensible to its worth, and. like thOM who liTe within the sound of the Kails of Niagara, be come err u-tnmcd to its thundering noire. But 1 would beg of all here, especially every young man. to look on the llible as a new book It claims God as its author; it is as obvious that it is the idea of one mind, as th" t'brystul Palace in Loud<>u is the iJea of I'axton; that no one but the architect comprehends his own design. Each one of the prophets wrote under the the inspiration of God The in xt thing that strikes ns is its great antiquity We have no bunk that goes bark fur ther than 'J.OVO years ; hut this goes back to th? creatii n from chaos to the formation of the tlr?t male an 1 feui iti>. As you pruned, whit tublinie subjects?God and angels, heaven ai d lull, time and eternity, are all di-cu-scd ! You are struck with biographies, not a* they arc de-i-rib i d iii the u< *>pa|-? rs. but written in the truthful style of Scripture Are yon fond of p's-try?In the Bible you Will IItid thesubllmest metaphors. Arc you aware that Lord Byron bus taken bis greate-t Ideas from this h ><>k .' Ilad be taken ?-much from any other, he would hive la-en accused of plagiarism. ?cott and Southey, too, and Miltor. that in.-pired poet Krankliu. when ambassa dor at Paris, was at a party where the Bible wa- made a aubj< ct of derision, lie aid he li:id anoll book which he dicw from ids pocket and read ; they were thunihrsiruck when told it was the Bible. G? thir together all the rrhgtowa books In the world, and you will find all contain Hie seed ot the word of Oswl ? bill! the glorious Rofotnation, Ik'1 Bible cxUi ,1 u.dy in manuscript cml wa* kept fruu the peopi?; hot in the ops n.i g of the twelfth century it w?? prints I. an I. m ire li arlui than I he battles Storm. It proved t o- standard of reform, If is the friend of liberty, and li:i- m 11 - us what we ariv The wlse-t of an.dent philosophers li.ol It not Whence come y our idci - of Imuiorluiily?whence ' your lib a.- i f }i ur Herat charx.!- r ? The Bible I -srlies us our own hearts just a* WW feel them to be. hat more j truth)ul than we dare expri as. Aiidwlirnc1 i ime your idea? i f rr dcaiptb-n. of henveU, of bmthcrh > >d?whence your Ideas of a Christian sabbath! The Christ tan ?hurt b. which i ducfttow lb- u aud* of children, where U its fbuadsUon?Its l,ti -l PshI?l-ut freui the Hcriptumf Loid Baci n -si-i there in rrr w is found whleli ele vated a people more than the Bible The be-t and m et learned mi u have nil uuib-ii in praise of the lltbl?that it i the mft- nri charts of all th world Voltaire said that In the oimti i lh century, there would u <t be a n.aa livin-; wh ' would in t bs'L ? n the llible but as an old curt- .ty And tbluli. Ihat in the room where those word* were spoken It is now printed t YVh it has pro tect* d the llible l.i ui tin- haiuis of i'-igan- an I !'s: Lis? v ho. but tBut io.d who pi rli itti d the authors ofOhrix I in ii it sr to 1 i ha tired in bi'ssl that 1 he ? >. I of the lend tlmllenduie forev. rf Iti atreasure ofin - ; unableworth, a gilt worthy of Ocd; but we have n< v- r t-stlm 1 this 1-1 - k at it iixrt rtli There are now present 1 ttlierx nil I III! there who have look) d to it I,- til- only S o i e; let us a|>pi<einii it more-?let 114 be Bible Chi IstiiOs Tli word of Uodwlllexi-i wlo'Ti tin- w >ri I will he wr.iptta flame*. I c*a uoderstaad why tlx'New l'ork Blbl ? .-oeb-ty was ! moved? I am lull that theix* a i*e thou-anda and thou tauds 11) this etty without th' Bilii- YVhnl gr xt-r gift can y i u bcsti w upon Ule mil -ant than the Uibio ' Wo II 1 l I.It 1 1 r i yi - . lot In aiU aud ay. I huVc g;vi 11 them to the extent of my |.o?i-r- -1 list' glv <? th- in Thy Wi I'd ! Hi'He? gi'iitb e ill here 'oncltl bit A colli etloU bs ring Ih < B ttixile and a by inn -unf. the met tii ; M'j nralrl. wilich. owing to the in- !? ;u uey of the evening. wn but thinly -ittended. A|>i>r*arMi>x MtfUngii MoMPAY, V n? ft. ftp.-. , ?. v. ,mm'? I'll II'1 11 .1 I?, at t:,.; BrovJ*-? T? l?i??< I.-. 7f? I" n 'ill Ami. I V my of' TV l.y|?r in iMrl ? -f I". r-i (a Mi .>r ii.. ?I tli' Mi ?i"n !' ? ?t I ?'<' ?i k. ft, M. TH'iii v, II * ? ft. Am rie?? ?id Ti ri i.n i i ri-tiaa L i.i l, ft! IU#T ifttlt, li' A. M ftin ii in ?H'I I' r ?nftntl liTrfy fcwlrty, Art'i tr Taft fta ii. I'f -. ? h I. i it-Pin*, !.-, .'. I". M Nr.? It' arft Aiuiri aa "? 'in ? ? I". ini?. 1'iillr a IP 111 n I l'i I If i. r.'i-n, I rlrf Hull, in I IWi r nlrr-t Clmo 'v at I f II. I'," < al U..- lii i* i?if 1 ?!>< f ts< Ir. I*. M ftp- i.-lv I, r Inn Pi-Ii I at Di.tilut* I t-i.itca *t .< i ll, Ti P1 . i.i)!, I. A. M M rum Mil '. An ? r ? fin Trr.i t T i i: i't j I ? \ ?< iniRfi 1 ? i? T?Wr n*'i ) ii.i??i. tji ? at i 1 iii t Ti n'- . 'i ? i Ir, In tu-a l?.| tlitt lili. ii?Tnlippitai I". 4 I*. M. Aactiiaa linne Uiimniiiij luiii'li-Titif.Violi, JTj An i in * ?: *<? ? - if' i ' -f ?? hp 1 II i" ?f IV f , i r ii ?? -I l.nri h af if * l'?r, I'lma : i mil, J , r v f. .1 p?i Ti irypr-r f ? f "rlfly ?Tfinl't Bull 7 P.'f. Tl? An n mtn'il Alninnt nf t'u . I rk fain* Tk?'it?*l r?l Si in.? ki j - 1.1 i .< a , i,? ?. ?i : It., p, K. I' i i ii ii. In ? At Tun Hi'* ; ? >i .r i??jf i iVtn '. MA. "I. I ? i Imp ?? It llnni", " V 'I ln?i i ti*'n I r It,* In nf kn(|>i - iabaritnt I P. N. ? An.finl 1 inif-rHr I niiip?7* rn?<*fp, 7'? 1*. M. Ni . 1 Urb I'nliin ill'in Sm-ii t, I,,.-'.mil, . I*. M. H I -ninl i n-, jn mil .a ft. 'iii iii ? ii rania Na. lUMlu *? ?lr "I. IT H iV Char ;? I'lmppl,)?.'l,S? r. 1A I'n ii ? i. Mai ". At, -ri nn ftmnl it ( omaai uuaaf* fa* Fat> igu MtM4?a?-? T?w?ii n i". Ma. ti. Amrrimti tad Par I in Biblp Sw< i?l -OllitHttnl Biftirt I l up. ft. in A. M. MiwinrkA ? ,if? l! n Snjnr ?i .? nf Oimhiluft? Tal-prnni Ii . 7 I". M ?(wa i Jf i I !? rft"nA. ? * BoAnl) Jnlin I I,ni'. V rn, af I in*# . i\, %?.i oil ? i -. N<? I it', Mi,'il?'<n !* ii. 'i -Lii t lira BaMi -1 Mrrrfcat. CI-hp- ft?5a' a. P. v;. Il.p I- ii,alt V, , S..ii"?r "f > i Tarl . in 'uirU I' ?'i?. ii rt S?.a'; ii tl,? M. K. 11 in- n il bitnna ti ll I hai ? ft. ft ? up i pii. A! > r II. ft. n, a ty Rat I | p - p I II .1 p. It l> , h-faWP tlia ' ? i -.a ; ? A 1 ? ? ? u ' ? iUi l ti . in i a VI r tti - I l lunh. In It*?* ftftnljr ( oni A of (tj pt t?n?l Tfnnlnrri '?'"?ft 111 II I >1 IP. I Jvtki'f iVI.WP I SUli f M tight. M ? *T' '.'Ir f'u '?! Hi) < - fan . Him itn'.'-tnrtirnf Ml ."'t ihry -I! tiipl iftli h< r |>r inn rh?rgp,l w lit " la tfpiiirp. ftlt Ibt |.pt n if Mr*. Mn ka h. Wv -t Tt??r ' ,4ih 11 t in-. ramwa? fully rrjpirlpnl In tTm ilnu'l at t l-i- linn i vii- ("i..n uj, tli'. 1 -rm In t!i ? aViic wart. ami >!i I'lu-'y. * tn ran rl --I mail una t'ii 1 wan lit I Urrk <' tiriatiil II 1 tba i nut > ?' r by I ? r. . It 1 awn ' li tn d h:at to ?n?i-lyp jn ara lw|>rta<i?TOi nt in Ihi- fttaio I-Ipi n Tin- pt l.-itf" rnppa tpily pit* ""I P'ur'J thi' i.nv i.r utnl aa wa y ttw i r. r iu EM eaae 11 III<Wpi and , tin iift.rp n<i da no Tc |n itlon. ,rrr r.fjIP irf lbrJMri*m~V-.f ah"*.- itam-l two j.rVi in 11,, rtti <| with Wn M tin- party, wrra pnt in tin ir trial in \v. dm, ilny 11 t. mi 1 n. m' v ill "? ?? Ay . aaa n n rntril In ? nt|<nnillinrf it Jv'f latnftanlay ?m <?? t'|>t?(l in tai i ; i hi- iu tlnimiy. and in ? aumiaiiw tip fir limit y, p a. pi p. ra I "K1'1- ''7 J"'U" "iki l o. in tl.r j... I irihp nl.-f. i Tlii' |?H?> rn i I dliMil i ll Ipi-t ?ty paftlrnra 11 lhair ptpTl.iM (??. id < Ht ? fUrlt rj add il.i if ronni xiioi will. Ilia nihil* n t b-iitft ra' .P It, ? t? -I |M -I III- uii. a Bl II 1 n Ti irnUy ?|. lurnril a Tiiil rt of mt cuilty I' i? rain th-y wi't no# l? I i-n.i.i id aa w.ii.p - a i kit?' t thf riaaiunlng throw I i mm ?Mr" i i.ti : rrltli. mid alurrdpn The court la ai|}?uanl until Tin da* w it DuMmtlr MlvirHnny. TV" pp ? i r .in b? to Maliiuior. during tha w \ 11 On t It.r .'?I I pi,. 11,, win! n pt-i.r roiltUiuIrd ?> ti, ITi h'n"o' lit LEU ut iu* J: iui .' a1 . u" aftto11 ? I" n wan ?; i'?!. NEWS BY telegraph; The Franking Privilege, dir. WaMiisuroiv, Ma/ 4,1?T?. The Attorney General decided yesterday, that tUa franking privilege of member* of Cungresa ronunemee* with the beginning of the uiw Congress. and not thirty day* before, as f<>rou aly allowed. It i* stated that the President has selected the ptaa *? Mr Water*. architect, of Philadelphia, for the enlarge ment of the Capitol. ? Aivarado Hunter was not a principal, but a pnee tr.uker, in the late tiatieulT rencontre. lie and Mich are bosom friends. Dlaaatcra to the Hehooarr Vletorjr, other Veaaala. Noaioi.a, May 3, IMI. The wrecking schooner Paetolus. linker, 11 la? nd this morning from the scbr Yietory, with a portien ad her rnrgo. The V is leaking badly, and at one time yna ti iday had three f?t cf water iu hi r hold, but by keep ing the pumps at work they got her free. The enrgn and hull have sustained little injury, as yi t An attempt was made last night to hrare her off. and they started her ahout twenty fiet. when it rami- on to blow, and tfajpr bad to leave her The Zrnova will recelre the cargo front hi r to-day. ('apt haki r will go down this evening, and, if the weather Is fuTornblc. he expecUtoget her od Ik* wreckers arc to have f 1,000. if they succeed The sciir Henry V. Simmons. front New York, far North Cartlina. put in yesterday, with her bowsprit sprung tm three places M The schr. Iris, from Richmond, with coal, for Troy, pat in to-day. with damaged nil- sustaiurd last night T tVilicughby Point, in a blow from the N W Theatrical hixI Itlualoal. waaflrKt*'Vn"!,*J"! rV', U tl"' Ht"r> ?1'' Monta Criiita" waaBn-t pri-ontod to the ronding world |,T on* .r.'m ?J?l,ul?r ?nJ rxuiting ?t eoUiiipumr/novelU^Ie 7*i . ? M'UMtion whli li ha, had but fow iiarilhl. wlthidii tiding the , ffoot, pr.duoVd by '7rh U r'l " "^ AliiHruyt rl " 'j'lu.01 .T !"' Hudi, u or ,o \'\?:!:a:ar*u5: tho ly 'tuXZ^ of u^ZZji dupi.rtnunt of the drama. would In. ut.r.otiyy and J?l* I C ' .!* "t" '*'r"Vt'''r "lurlratiou of thi, fitot rout# ? R ''tl llian that which bar Im-oii furni.h?d by tho nro durlion mid pt-rforuianro of *? Moult* Cri*t.i ?? t lr.7. , ' ,,";t ??; '411/ P' Oorfiil paitwIou-XwriTTw j arm *t 1< v*?r.nU both capacitiiti ij to uttHin th. ir wui IJ I ho arrldrntal ?,Vi ?f r?4n?11."?M v JES? I nutl'inTl" Vu,1'."d"uUr"r' ru?J< uitiyatod iiupio? s?. uc I int. Hot tual and moral tvaouixv*. f r lb- atulnm,^ ? ifdt.-Ind orda ( f the rliiofai'lorin thoxrono ha* ran-to It 'i i t? ,a "* t\ip.ibUitiu* lor dramati^X? fi ? ? ^ uin, iii tIi?* iuleft*.*!iti<r inrt of ?i.g? a i? * ? - ? tor aro , I ? o ,, high ordor of *?r? II iLo* i"1" " ' r,IT'" I "donation of t'lildoruwi bo llinan* t*idi.noi| . ? ff. < tivr In th.- Mo ral Ban J!rf l." * r tlu '* I"'1 "ion tho ,t.go. th.- outor {', ,n*M*'r oyliiroa bia dt toriuinition to nrumn i j. "o reputation already miuir.d h\ lum in tki* i parltuout. (a* in otht r?) ufUio a?U-d draaur * J"" BaOAOWAT TtllATat ?Till, . y. ? will ct imni nct* with tho .mining furro of ? m iv^K.rV' '?????* ?-h?w~ *!?&? Mr* KuJgbt. Mr* Ahlaitt and Mi** Oam I intho hading oharaol.r* Th. JT will eonruj 'Uh I l*o romantic . p. rai.o f.ry apootaolo of tho ?? ?'-*? ? f he Ann." with M. r Kn d.'i.k* 11 lilting 11,11 Mr i " .",1, """? A iRonht irn. J UotigonhntL Mr*. I,ht rw.**|. ?,id ? *,4,.nai,| ? * V* din.lion of Mr ami Mr* Huhmidr. It.Th'o pril^id t harm-Mr* Thir w.olt boit.g annniint i d a* tho laet^i Ho I,, r, , .nation ,, ,ho 1 ,.i?n of U,o Hon" h Joth. hayo m? *, on ;h. ?ld do ao I.j all m. an* m. It ? niroont iu ryory f.aturv <i? ossniuiir ."rii'^c 1 ii.I ill?. * I * T'm' "f "'omlo.r* ol tA? l.-iul. illlo coinpat.y will ap|wnr Th. n.-xt and rnnofwd :L'lparr"u,,,lr ? ,1 ,?*** , r'. '? I'.did I'll .In. tit ii l< pr. ntod at ? H'""1"1" ri "I"l propt rlitw Tho | art ft. I?t III will ho Mi-taiiiod by tho truly arr an pi: m r,.'. j! Mllo Can41 no Kou- H. who*# RUi.ful t lo-.-utifol ,n,| *j Iph-lll,,. lot#,,i^ ar.. rwrry night wit,.. . ,, ,lt with tho n.uyt . ntLn.i- ,dl. rh. or, M,P wUlbrM^l hy hrr thrro talrntrd ataU ra and fhth. r ? 1 ' '."x" Th' "" " TI r. r, ipt. aro to b# ?hm ?? VlT,M<" 'r rnl1-'' r. f "if1 llH1 Molclld'til, Milt it tl H rv> l!?,. ?o. i* JIM ilj t f tl? *wclhM,l . f St, f trin, ? Mr T JuhnMoo ?flt i*? l.Yrr itti <?<*(',*?<*i?i||ji| n?j,|r< Mr ami Mr* lloima? w,| ?i ^i.uiarUui t.M. U<mtWy ??i danr/ah ai.d the or.ho-fra w.ll , x.. nto , t. r:d h, o?5r* t7o" tf " Valol"!^" "'*"h ,h p'oaatoK I..Try . Ul. td.'Minn. Kforal. I tho h adliu t?2! tloV'of Au' ?-?? hoot . ..I . . Burton, lilako. L'.*t. r dor Un ? *-- - llatlaway. Mr* Hkorritt Mr, II,u', . \i, ' ... V . * I llll. and Ml- 11. d n "v!ft ti, n. thrro ran bo l.tllr d.-uld of a full h u*o Vu. ^ At-m 1wh.1yzr:r. ?"????. ;.r th."' flam."a In Vi. i"l V'f "" r'.rlro.. , r "?l-' < ? -.. uuiog t.. ,n.d , " *' ?*' ' ' a-il lot-, I,,,, 11, . ,g.*? iT/TmT" 11 "t? | t, ,?r x ? ,.ur<* : :? ??; y ; ; ? ?????? ?>, u.uW Mhdd'.Vui;. t^r!^LTsTiJS% iit i ? 1 f ,* |,lfa ? f 1 ,hl-r* ** ? Ii.' nl at | th. a .,i g , IT *!???? r . a I t |? |. , ' * -T Ii, . n .1,, ' N,r "una ??# ,1, , . ... , *. - y , * ''I tl: p. ... t a-w, oo ' r M'l. I u. y I'm i la".,,'! i ') "^"tobto?? U. -M ,1 wit. , h, , Tn. "* W4 . .U< a ? H o .1 f,. | . ,, , ? , , ' "l""'"* f ?* Lt ia ni. ? *.rg * *uooo*o wUh oktoh i 1 M*|> I 'i N ?tm ?? ?, ,i)ri ' "? . -r ' 'M'!? M rw Nkfli I'r-i ?: '"v Fn.i nwa" >l,<. t , i . mth ;h.. N.w <-,i ? ,,s ? | ? ? ? i m- tho,r aha l Coti.i.* . . I T. roi#t?or. aro d-.i,,? a rn ot ki* rg. r in th'.i r ,i* i. n.ootnt ,1% .,!.?? ... ? "1 a*^o ?'tbthMoioo,I'.TrVodtm h o?;V, n^.r iUf * * V i i? ?*!-* iii il l it' < ? Xxrrrvi )1 ! ? ??' Cnllro lut.lllgi i.rr. fajmlid, i, a ik?, ? toy aft.rn-a.i luring Uio iat rttl touoial . r?. *? (? id al tho M th d -t Chur dT laiJobti, Hot t .nil rim.. ?f >1. I'unUp. ?( th. .m i'i"m ??* 1 ? r-'t t* I HI. It?l x ?>.*. ! It. an? g ? |,rr- orowg 14 |t, . , . afipmontt o ry p.u. h allrrt.d with th.- , 1-wm ....too. Tho,olhor. onvtUMaaiag 11.1.dang nLgZ l> hi. r ait" og tho tin rop.i, n. d fn ,.wt?g that -o.*h mi n * i on I In a rhnfrh a. will pa ,1 f l.toly ro ijuootidl nitol.ayo. and o >r t.-.l h.m lo.'.r." tho t'ht M .?I I.I . whrro th, .' -r tarch. I 1,1. o, ra-tv aw4 1 I I'd IT ,ii I an I. ho ? a id *. mo ? -ntll m hio I <' * 1,11 ?li< thor ?a|.| uo n. y had hr. n a'.-tri. tog In UI that ok I of any p. r n ntn o ling tho fun rat 0-. inoiti* to I, oil. nil ft la la II, v.. J h? th, . m.. r that th prt.otiof had Kin, an M|<hr? with him. wh 1 |?1 t? I, 11 f. to tho 1 ft., r .11*. ..yrrt I him T|,i* lutl wii1. .In ;d.. matt ..1.1, n..|| ?? ... dig a to w *uit ?f M,. I?, t ?.. d ...rh a,,.I , h?'? ki' kr Mr I* w. 1| tfcw' !??? mv lit iiiU f tit iiuiitti him iii priiMfln for th*4 pt+. I tlo V. i . ^i'n " ' W^t-dtn Tnlurdny ni.;ht, !,1 V " .11! 'W " Uatorf. d two b. y. ,.h..?t th.* I 71. % o " '"J1".1* ""Wn lr,. Th. ma* How., anfl * 7' *'1" h",, l'<?Ul.rl lyoutorodthoiwwv-. I If I?" h ?m,+r'"r'r?."?hnl l.y C 1- w i,.to wvooin t 0 .n hi I ','V."T ' r"n*"1 ,h"' *'*? ? in ' '* I xitiy:* \ ? lur^jj,' iii? tf? th** Crnfmi wt4?>r ii Taratna tht? ughmtt tho prt aim-,, ami, foiling th. #??? 1*.' " it 'i'Tt'-ltol It lif tho um t d.?n/ur ,?p*. .. 1.1 . !r I" ? h< ?oyi r. ram* npon th.-wt <ud.|. ><l> . .1 Iht * tlfyoMotl thrtii . f thoir booty, and c?nTojod tho 1 1' 'i'r *iali..n hut.,. an | fruua th -u .' bo 1. to . lot'ro t'.l* rn. wh. roiiiinltlid b*th bo'a ta tho If ml>, fur trial . I . S. ( oininlaaloti. r'a Oflh,. I' tnro .lr*wfh Itri tall |RI fo| May? Tf, t .? ' ? ,, , ,-.*. ,.*?o .g.Vh , i 'ftnoKo-Hi# . ,1 , .. , 1 j , ,1,. ,iupUi?t t# r I tiitlgg It l*?i*t rtl Htatr* - tit. or dn ?. 1 ri. r f a til .nit. ua. t*' gild tt r f-'f itu ni. 1 . to Id t > hail >0 apt* |g ( *nfl au?w, r t i ptd ;h?:; t ?' m -IMJ".

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