Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 5, 1851, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 5, 1851 Page 2
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BROADWAY THEATRE, Broadway-Jiv 1'Rncms Bst Mn?TIHION at IMA Bi'H. NIBLO'S GARDEN, Brcadway?L alias Bhvaki-Gi ?? MR BURTON'S THEATRE, Chamber* street?School or BatroHM? Iia Sham. NATIONAL THEATRE, Chatham ureal?A V a la. Thai, ah a. BROUGHAM'S LYCEUM, Broadway?Chxlo or thi Rat-IMIM ? A Row AT TMK Lrt ACM. CHHISTY'S MINSTRELS,' Hall. 172 Broadway ?EtH'OVIAN Mi.NSTHALSV. BKLLCWS' MINSTRELS. Ftlluwa' Muaical Hall, No. M BrcaUway?ETHioriA.N Minstsau. AMERICAN MUSEUM? PmroaiiAdou A? ?WBNOON AND rTBM.NO. New Vorh, ."Uomlajr, JIny lsDl. *<? tin* of I ??C Sti-tMlOII I'tlll Villi loll 111 < fcai-ls-ston, S. C?The \oith and the South. Two imj^rtant conventions arc about to assemble i? this country, the avowed object of which is to dissolve the union of this grout and powerful on fedeiary. We refer to the States Rights Conven tion in Charleston, South Carolina, which coin meuoes to-day; and the Abolition Convention in Syracuse, New York, which will begin on the 7ih tact. Strange as it may seem, these conventions, although they originated in principles diametri cally opposed to each other, unite in one common ?bjeet? the disruption of the American republic. The deliberations of both will be of the g eatest weight and importance, and cannot fail, we think, a* widen the breach which now exists between the Nerth and the South. It cannot be supposed fi>ra moment that .the mi jerity of the people of South Carolina are not in earnest in what tbey are doing. He who thinks dif tareutly deceives himself. They have counted the ?ens* quer-ce* in every point of view, and have ar rived at the deliberate conclusion to secede from the I aion, on the ground not only that it is their in terest to do so, but that honor demands it, ia eonse qwenee of the North having violated the constitu tion and the terms and conditions on which the ?Miicdcracy was formed. In a speech recently de livered by one of the mo-t prominent men of S <uth t arela a?the lion. K. i'.. iihett?the speaker went tau close calculations respecting the value of the I nion, in dollars and cents, ami pictured the b.'ne lt.? whi h would fiow from secession. He urged the pv?i le, with all the eloquence of which he is ua-ter. K> secede from the t'nion ut once: and attempted to prove thiif, by forming treaties with foreign pewirg. who would be glad to be connected with that Mate on account of her commerce, their wealth and pie-periiy would be enhanced. We suppose he alluded to Lngland. There is no doubt that lhat nation would very willingly enter into such a treaty wiih S?ufh Carolina, or any other Southern State, andwi old favor secession aud dissolution, for the purpose of I rming such a connection. 7\rrc is, then, agitation for the dissolution of the Union going on at both the North and the Nouth. The press of each are fanning the daiue. In the North, the ?rening Po.*t, the TrUmw, the Comi itr a,id /.'isyiu; w, the Albany Earning Jntrnil, the Boston Atlas, and other journals, are preparing the public mind for the repeal of the Fugitive Slave law of the lu?t session of Congress. The Union may be said to haag upon that measure; and the repeal of that measure, or its agitation, will be the beginning of the repeal of the Union. The fact is, the whole subject of slavery has sunk so deeply in the public mini, that nothing but a foreign war could divert the thoughts of the people from it. It is the great question of the day, North and S^uth. Agitation is continued at the North, although it is injurious to our commerce aud pecuniary interests. The Southern trade of Boston has been diminished to an cxteLt of probably oue-teuth; and now that Mr. r-ummr has been elected to represent Mas sachusetts in the Senate at Washington, we would not be surprised to see another diminu tion of twenty-Hve j r cent before another year ?hall have elapsed. The I'n,r Vuircnt of that city, gets down the present average deprecia tion at twenty-lire per cent on all factory storks. Jf t Li s should continue, the eon*c pre rice will be, that teal e-tate in that city will de crease in value, manufacturing stock in Lowell will fall further in price, and the flapping of iUston, Mew Bedford, aud other towag, will suffer in p?o 1*r'rt;,,n. J'v a dissolution of the Union, all th.'se Interest* Would be utterly prostrated, an 1 the very means of Northern and I. astern prosperity would be triui-f. it* 1 to Lngland, our great and only rival, ?f sny magnitude, .u the world. From the tone of public opinion in certain portions of the Southern IHate*, the t.on of *u -h a punishment 0:1 the I North would meet with aj proba ion. It would k: considered a just and well merited retribution for eur interference with what oughf not to oonewn uq ?ml our which we cannot ex?rei.?e any c .a titu ti-mal control. If the North will continue invad ng the ?aactity of the Southern hearth, and st ?t. tag from tie So'.:'.i th-ir | ? perty, the m>i:h Oould retaliate by Toying the trade and metre of the N rth, by g.ving both t.. Jrsat Britain, ffeeession would effc t this, on./1!,( mannr, in ir'u A M ? llhitl rrtmlly L , inrftoy. (0 , lt ?rtiimr*' hart ah <.'i Ut.i tnidr ly ?w ? r.1 -?g 1/ mf iirmt Bnhfa, to >< ? ,n a a it, any h tfimg Munt. hitf tha' J<i't Ins a r < a fi-ilto'hn t t mon.nrtU nnir in Op ml' ?iinSn'i\ CirVow, I i? sirmonstruble that, if th.- .\ra.,inn Union w,-re to oentinuc in force, ftnd this eenft 1 1 7 to c >r.tiui' ' tataet, the ewninercial sap: > 11. icy ??' I,;.gland w .0 1 ??# de?troyed in the next twenty-five y. ars. ? gigantic national debt pr< 'jiog 0 ; t( ci. the people, and a costly an^extravug ? ^ n. mer.t to nijport, they could not, in the i-aftir* of thing*. compete with the I niteJ States, as now or gani/>d. W'f have already had evidence of this lg ith tbe repeal of the navigation laws, we ??e a portion of the carrying trade, which for centuries ha* been mono poll*-d by Creat Britain, pais into j tbr hands of American merchants. This is only th? beginning of the decline of Lugland a? a com mercial power, and the ceminencemoat vf the supra- I mary of the United .'?'tates. 1-ut, fTen in a sectional point of view, what would j tbe North be without the commerce of the .**outh ' A*t it be taken nwuy from us, and two-thirds of our chipping would rot at the wharvse. I live it to < IreU JJritain. and that power Would defy the world, and we would become, in fact, nothing but dependencies ?prm her. Nothing but a foreign war, the 11 pro it tag of abolition, and the return of the people of the N'orth to reason, e.m prevent this catastrophe.? Jiune attained her imperial power l^r foreign war. Jtat for ? arthage she never would have become tbe mistress of the world. We, however, canaot g > tv war witb any great foreign power, for the best ofall vemons?that all are so much dependent uponus that we e?til<l not force any one of them into a war with u?. fto ?me? pa.?\ Lngland has been our Carthage in ?hi I'nnic war# ; but the day is gone by wluo she ?eu.'d ?; gage in hostility with u?. ^hc tfvuld. hvw ever, gladly do by intrigue what she could not ac complish in any other way. By secretly encourag ing the sect scion spirit in the South, and sending members of Parliament to agitate for abolition in the North, and thus producing a dissolution of the Union, she could, by treaty, step in and possess herself of the prize, without expeudiug a dollar, ex cept in secret servict money to her Southern agents, or Thompson from the Tower llamlets. This is the present condition of the United States. With such a dark prospect before us, is it not time for fanatics and ultras to pause and deliberate upon the state of the republic 1 Is it not time for the friends of the Union to move 1 Piratical Exmditio.vs to Ci'ua.?By our cor respondence from the South, particularly from Georgia, we learn that unusual movements have been taking place. There seems, however, to be more reason for believiug that the real expe lition towards Cuba is to move from Georgia, or Jackson ville, Florida, aud that the other shoes of armed forces and munitions of war, are mere rases to mis lead the governments of Cuba and the United States. We cannot believe that the expedition was intended to sail from Texas. Galveston, besides being too remote, would be a bad point for embarka tion, for the pirates from there would be liable to meet the Spanish and American cruisers. Most likely, therefore, the coast of t leorgia is the locality selected; because Lopez, and his chiefs and asso ciates. have been reported to be in that part of the country. Tit N? w ( 'ileau- branch of the expedi tion has amounted to nothing but to put the go vernment on a wrong scent, while it is doubtful whether < leneral i|uitman has anything to do with the si heme, for we find that he was invited to a public dinner about the time tnat the expedition was to have sailed, ar.d, also, that he is about to run again as a candidate for Governor of Missis ?ippi. I nder all the circumstances, we believe thxt nei ther .\<w Orleans, Gavclston, New York, or other stations named, arc points where the pirates are disposed to enter upon their lawless enterprise. (Seorgiais a region which is most likely to give the most sympathy to the design, and those engaged iu it. It w ill be remembered that when Lope/returned' Horn Li- attack on ( ardenas, last year, he was re eeivtd by the people of Georgia more as a con queror than a- a coward, and that he ha- had more reason to anticipate aid and assurances such as ho desires, in that neighborhood, than from any other locality in the United Ftatea. All these attempts, however, to raise and start upon an expedition, wherever they may be, spring from one source?the indolence and inefficiency, hereto fare, of th govern ment at Washington. .Mr. Fillmore is an amiable man; but he ha- never exhibited, even in New York, where he is Lest known, anything like original courage, lie is, undoubtedly, without any useful energy, and altogether more timid than any Presi dent who has been called to pre ide over the destinies of tLi country. The conduct of the cabinet and Mr. 1- dim' re, in allowing Lopes and his piratical asso ciate* to escape, under the apparent exhibition of federal authority, nt New Orleans, lias confirmed our ? i;i;! " of the weakness of the President as the executive of a great people, and has furnished, moreover, fi t-h oeeuslea for foreign marauders and I irates to renew their lawL-s attempts to nvolvc u-and a people with whom we have a treaty of pence and amity, in serious and expensive difficul ties. 'I ids wi akness and neglect of the government, at N< w ?'deans, is identical and parallel with the sain 1 inefficiency of duty displayed in the first fugitive slave case in I'"-tor, where a handful of men rubbed the government of a prisoner in its custody. The Fugitive Slave law w:ij broken with impunity in l oiti n, and the neutrality law of FH perfectly ret at defiance in New i Tit ans Ly foreigners, who did not b' Mtate to seek, afier an act of wanton and i unprovoked piracy, the hospitalities of thecoun try. We presume we shall have still more evi dences of imbecile government at Washington. Even those who have recently been arrested in this city?and who may be indicted by the Grand Jury o'uiii g the present month?will probably b>- per mitted to eseape, no matter what may be the cha rm ter of the evidence against tliein. This, too, is the popular belief?all arising from the opinious en tertain! 1 of the strergth of Mr. Fillmore's aJini : uistiatb-ii. The fact is that nothing is expected of the go verr m? nt. Mr. Webster is the only man in the cabi net who has any nerve, and who can be depended upon in a great emergency ; and even his power is paralyzed by the intrigue* and tricks of the nbeli tior 1st* in the cabinet, and by the liatlc?- indolence of the Pr< i lent him -elf, who permits h m-df to be iu! away by those wh >ui he Las called to his coun sels, who are constantly wurhiug against him?the t'ne-Kycd Thompson in the political laboratory plotting more mischief and making more experi ments than will be explained in a Mart t of a cen tury li is to > bad. We do not like to an unliable man entirely used up. Da.nii;:, Wi.i - jj k Comino ro New Yoftx.?Ser era 1 of lite journals down town, of small circula tion, Lave publishid Ml invitation to Daniel Web ster to li.dt tibc metiopolis. It i- -igncd by six or -i .tii thousand i ? includi g w r hunts, ac i h.i. ? la i rs, -h i j ? ".trader-, r.-, cler gymen. and. in fai t, all cla?se* nu t condition-, of iti 1 kind.- i f j ? liticui j.arlit-. The invitation hi* been given ostensibly on account of the gro- in sult? a1111.1 j.ted to be cast upon the Scrretiwy of Mare by the Legislature at Albnnv and by the t-oard<d Aldermen "f Bo-ton. (>ne or tlvo of Ibe ?' edition paper? down town, which are supported by the Niulhera merchant! in a very gen rrou* manner, it ?< ? i. , object to tin term* iawtiich this Invitation to Mr. Web.-ter i- couched, and even deny tLut the net un of the Scnat al Albany, and of the Alder n ? r at Pi-ton wai in! i.ii I ii- an in-uit to Mr. Wet ? ?ter, in those cities. There can bj no doubt, h- we".ci. of the trutb that b? ? th b he-, in ! heir out rag* ou.? treatui. nt of the .-ecu tary of State, were guided by the tin* which ha- diatatcd the ard journal* t > -? ak of the great -tat rmin n a? ;i' iii'i/nKw. The public wiil not forg t that one ?.f then abolit Di.i-t?-poke ??! t a. ilmg with "the remain* of liar.ial Webster." 1 it ti. ;<r >nnl matters form not th- mo t in teresting Joint of cnnsidciutiaa. The great fa ! that Mr. Web?tcr ha- been invite ), almost in an ii tnr.t, 1 y nearly t n thousand citiiens, to c >ine to the vi:/ and to addrc** the country on the gi at t i - of pubii policy, sj-'iiks loudly to the na tion, i.-Ii democrat iu i Whig* hu*o united ,n ' n movement, and th" only "ppeitioo to it sprung up among the abolitions*, ,-cward ite'. and tho-i w ho have 1*1 vocated doctrine -win h nt ly tie d to* urda the disuaion of the States. ? feature i f grt at * gnificance as to the future is th. fi.ct, that While neither the whig* of tbt Broaiway 1 leu-*', nor the democrats of Tammany II.ill, ran inio two hundred persons at any public meeting, they may call for party purposes, thi of Daniel V. ? bster is sufficient to conjure, in a day or two, about ten thousand! eitiiens, to j lister, to subject*pertaining to the great future of the country But, if we eould only-add the name at Henry ( lay, instead of ten thousand, we might ban- twi nty. thirty, f sfty, fifty thousand signatures ! to a r<'|Ui-ifion for th prcscnoe 'if there two grant statesmen. tliougli opposed to the eclii inc- and out rage- desfgaed by the minion* of .*? ward, Van Bum n. and Vt ?> d. Mr. Clay .i idJlr. Wab-tet are ?tatc-inen in fa t Mr. Webster i? nothing in the CabiMt, f.>r he is hampered and controlled by abolition intriguer* on (lie one hand, ao l remains unstimulated to action by (he indolent IndiTernee ' f the IVoident on the other, wliil ? the < bio 1 yd Thomp n -it*. like an incub.i*, on the 1 vi ly bowel* of the < sbinet, and keeps if in n -I Htc of night-mare. < therwiee si tatted, Mr. Web >r? uld be if fal; and, w! ? we donot defend all he I n*-aid and lion#fur twenty jieg y cites pa-?, y t v j'.iCCtrt thai h. is t,: )y 4^ that position n w which may well turn towards him the grateful fervor of a mighty and generous people?and, were the names of Clay and Webater united and asso ciated, outside of all party trammels and beyond the reach of the common organized corruption of the times, the masses of the people would unite and associate upon them in grand and effective action, from the frontiers of New Brunswick to the waters of the Kio Grande?striking a blow at treason and traitors, from which no political action ou their part could ever recover tbem. Indeed, indeed, there will be a meeting when Mr. Webster arrives in this city; and the old factions of whigs and democrats will be crushed, when the giant heart of the mass of the people is aroused to make one vast struggle for patriotism and the confederacy. Water Cvri in Pennsylvania.?The curative properties of water are becoming generally acknow ledged in every part of the country, and new estab lishments are daily springing iuto existence. None of these, however, are superior to the Institute at Willow Grove, Montgomery county, Pennsylvania. 1 'r. Schieferdeuker is at the head of this highly popular establishment, and his success in curing diseases has been extraordinary. Willow Grovo is beautifully situated in u rural district, where the invalid may derive, from the pure air of the coun try, exhilaration to g ve elu.-ticity to his spirits, w hile he will derive from the skill of the physician the best of counsel and advice to restore ihe en feebled or diseased frame to health. The regula tions of the establishment, which are noticed in the advertisement, are fu< h as to promote the comfort of those who seek the benefits of that elegant estab lishment. May Term or the Court of Sessions. The Court of Bessb us will organize, for its May farm, to-day. Ihe do nth of May generally brings a busy term, as it is ulway- desirable to dispone of every ease on the calendar bi for* the warm weather comes on. The Court devotes it- time during the warm weather, as much as possible, to trying prison eases?a wort humane arrange mi nt. 1'uring the May tsrm Cryder and McKay will be called U| sn to answi r to an iudirtmeut charging them with ob taining ab ut ft UOO Worth of Milvaukie an I Mi -issippi bonds I y ? lee pretences This is the same Cryd r and McKay ease which has excited so much interest in th s city during m me weeks past, pending the examinations | is o re the magistrate. Uukes Tirrell and John Quincy Adams are alsc to be tried for obtaining a large i|uauti!y of real estate and merchandise by la be pretences. The parties to both the above suits have heretofore h Id such po.-itlt n? in society, that the trials will be watched with ! great Intercut. There are on the calendar two cases of manslaughter. Tin ma- DonnoTan and Charles Vinester are to he tried for causing the death of a pi or fellow at a house in Cherry 'tr? et. 1 y inducing him to drink two pints of brandy A woman m mod Ann Mehan is also to take her trial for manslaughter, in causing the death of a servant girl, by iuhiiuiau treatment. The trial of J.din Graham an I Pewit C. Graham, f >r violently assaulting Mr. James G. Bi urn tt In Broadway, last November, i- -it down f ir the second week of the term. Whether Mike Murray, the 1 scccaiplice of Grahnni. and the person who interfered with the i Ulcer of police who arrested th ? assailants, will le tri?d ut the seme time w? have not lcarni 1. Thieves, burglars assailants, in the usual variety of criminality, will. f< r the most part, complete the list of persons M be dealt with at the present term. The bench will be oc -u pied by City Judge Bee be, aud Aldermen Griffla aad Call. Avmn ii tk u Com r.wrto*.?The Atnarfcan A* sociation f r tba Advancement of Science will titaet at Ciin innati. to-day, and continue It* resslons during lh wi ck. UTi-ry preparation ha* baen mad" f-r the ar .toiu-i Oat ion of delegate-*. und it is likely there will be a larg" attendance. The proceeding* will, doubtless-. be iute xt tin;;. Fl('X Ctvi oa ijitm Care or Goon II. r>-?The bark Rigotta. Copt. Pratt, trririd yesterday fmm I'oiut ile Galls, Ceylon, tia the Cape of Good Hoy*. but her Intel ligence frtm those part.- wag anticipated by the stcuui thip Niagara. The 1: bril gr from ''eylon nine elephant*, one It rah m i bull, two boa ron?trict'r*. one nioiik. y. and one p rcu pine. the railed from Ceylon with eleven elephants, but two died > n the passage. Very l.nte from the Weat luetics. AMI IVA I. OF THE AXniill IN VITAMER GENERAL Z. TATLOB, AND Till? HKI1T*H f TE.l If ICR M '.RUN. Tin stesnmr* ton Z.Taylor. Capt. Spinney, arrire.l yesti rday. from Kingston, Jamaica whence she sailed ou the SSd ult . and the Merlin. Capt. Samp- >a. from Bermuda whenee she railed on the 2M|h. ? The u.ariru- n? *? will he- found under the proper ban 1 Anmard I* the mi-ei ii.ineou* intclllgmre f Fn m the lleruiuda lloyal Gazette. April 2d] We had rent to u- yertafday ? me*.* af Irish p<'t?toe?. the pn dure ef [ti rmuda reed, of a m >-t excellent qual ity. and raised by .Mr Thomas ."-mi*. of S aner .et. We undi r- land that the see d ti m whirh there potatoes wi re pi' duc< d. were dug up la-t May. kept till January, when tin y wi re rut up and planted in the customary way. Tini rtpeutd in teu Week* from the day of planting, aiid Were ready for rale at a lioj of the year When this '?* rub i t r< miaanda the highest price in the markets of the I uitid State* [Fn in the Bermuillan. April 23 ] Hk second readii.g < f the bill to pr Tel.- a salary for the Bdninter of the I'resbytrrlan ehurrh in these island', war tarried an Mi ndny last, In tin House ot Aaseaihly. T lie bill pawed the uph a i ? mniltlie of the whole lluus" in rami day. and wa* adopti d. and orderad to be an ginned The House, by a lai.i majority, voted the tun < f Aid a yi arss n-alary. In aid of the support of the Tresbyterlsn minister. Tin -tlp'tvl i* an larrcitss by 1: Im t the salary formerly paid, un I ha* been made in e< n side-ration it the augiutiitid duller of tire wiuister of rhnrrh. It is with pUa-nre we mention that the 4i-tiuirtti bed naval Commander-in-Chief. the Fair 1 of Duo I m.-i bar reeititly I n il pn tooted to the rank of A imiral of the Flu* liis lordship s m w fag Son tad fully fr >m th" main of the '? Wallesley" thi- in ruing and saluted by ? liell Trssi I* at tire tl"? t *? are now in p< it Me Unrn that the !!? v Tb 'iua.< Smith. M'. b v?n i-iis ei< i.aiy. at ptcsant In these islan 1?. ha* la-en appoluted by tin eimmittce of the | a rent ? i-bty t ou of their Brlrslan station* in tha Island of Neat midland. (Fr m tli" Iterbndoe" Mii-uri March > ] Thewiailnr hits ftWil completely dry occ i-ionally i i farorsMV for sugar manufuei ore. Hie .urur rri-p i? fEigtissing Frareely le?? thin ]4.1 00 hogshead*aft mauufartuivd *lo? ?| msr lie InI ii as two.fifths of tb> flji ? ti I iiutiiW i f It'll-loade. The yield i'f the cane i lastly .mpr I'd and in **-inc place* ? i if 6ft t<> ft# nud "i g.. !' 0- aie n clo in ! ? the pot Voi.i g i ane crop is fi i y i-lei ; Ii. I T'. e wewthei bar Bet Bmtirlally effected Uc'gr n h The praetieof r? li it , tlinen11?. win rWrr praet >. i In. i? m r-v r? y i r km * lidgeil. fr in i's lam fit- priaa rting the cam'*, tl at it Is ' I -erred by eTt if j Isnti i and the ? (eelleot re suit* art fcmlllar ti each l.ittle supp \ In. will he nocew tary In nhl thedwtuiltmowea* 11 tpnl la fi?,le A.l pidltil'iB ereps are t?k"n out f t ie land Th" piii' i f ? Terjt bind I* eoti"id< rally en! ere < I Wentnl to rip rt tl ntt t ? of the epidemic. ktn wn ns skin di-iax in theshap<i: ? ti"l ? Many p. i ? i - are -i fli ring from mumi t. th ? f who h dl ?*? a an rail exlenatwly anno g-t 11 rl? -?>. if the roatmualty Veeeli at ion is ri sottid to, ao-i hu.- manifi ?ti d It- effl icy tl 11 u: I ? ol *!.?' i-iand A ft -t ii ? rease of trad- i- r<-p. rt? I I irr ? i m porta tb i . and evefy reason to i-a-k f-i in- ronlitiuance of Ibe n me Jri speti us trad w'.ib t'j.*t i- s lilg .'it m i - A ?? ml ? r ot the lion f A i tobly off Ja maica ha* been ex|ic It'll hi* seat In baling been f mad guilty at the A-sis oi f forgery, w bile acting a 11 uaaaila si' f ? r of publii a' count The cholera ha* again broken out In the ptirlifce> of Hut" sir, and also made it appeurane in V? -tin -p . inj. the iti-iii*e In isrh instance proud fatal In about MM> h< i t ? af.i r ht' nek nip it - rietini T In k o,-t- ii .V?i nsj J "o i ?'? that Mad me Ann ? Bi*In p wnh B'< b-a and ( n m ro- r Non I.e. arc eg| i ct> d there in .lute t. give a ?'i. - "1 uiulatd and dt > malic MUrtalr nn 11 I sim .vt. Thom i? the pap' is an d- void of unytbing of latirest Court t nlciuler?This Dny. CoMSfes I'leaa?Ho- .'si 4J3. 441. 442 44.1 44#. 4?:i, 472 474. f' Ceirar?e'i*? i it?No*. .TIP. 32". 330 MS, gift. .-"A .'41. SEW* id" :- 7 P, KL .d# I*# Ft resioa I ot ar - N 624. 2 3. ? <?. In II. 12. 13. 14. 1# 17 1#. If 2". 24 2 27 . 2> 21t. ?) dl, ft'o .is 40. tiik mkrai.o row ki uiipe. MAIf.i bit* Kt *"r* AMI A">tv, BY nn: a ukrk an I srr.A>i*Bit- itt vdid.tyr. Tl in vr Ameriian mail stinm-hlp Iliitnb ddt Cnpt Lines, will leava this part to-morrotr, for Aouthumpton and Hitc TheJfiw Y e* lt?au.i> printed in Fc-neh ai d KngMsh. wtll be published ?t half j ?st nine o rlosk tc mi i row me rnirg ll"?-r- F.dwnrd*. Fandlhtd k C? . Jto 2' oiumhia Buildltig". Llrerp-? I. and Ka. 17 an I 1* (T i tildll. London und Mr It II H V- 51 No. 12 Flare de la 8'm-a. Pari* will hare c , i? * of ths Hi * van 1 >r ml* n the arrltal of eHch rt miner A Irertlsem'ot* will reach ua If i nf 'hroo.h the same eliuiini 1.' The IT* inaik Wtil i.otc at half pa l ten o (j< 1 k Marine Affairs. Thi Shorts st Famaue* to 8an FaANoisno.??Oar tele graphic nt wn informs us that the ship Surprise, Capt. I)uniare*<i. arrived at Sun Francbco from New York, in the unprecedented short spare of nitu.-ty-.six days, which is three days under the celebrated trip of the gee IViteb hitherto the shortest ever accomplished. It is. however, far from problematical, that even the splendid run of the Surprise- will not long retain its posi tion as the shortest < n record." There are now on the way to the Pacific, and ready to start for that portion of the weirld. as splendid vessels as the eye ever rested upon, and commanded by nten whoso knowledge of'heir pro fession cannot be exes Ued. and each determined te do his Utmost to he first in this clipper contest. IVe give below the following trips from the Atlantic potts to ?au Francisco, nutd" in and under lift) days :? From Nlw York. Dayt. Duyi. Slip Surprise M Ship Memnon I IS Fbip Sea Witch ISt Ship Senator 117 Ship Celestial lOtS Ship Wisconsin 130 Ship Samuel Kustall. .. h" Ship Mumiariu 13J Ship White Squall 114 From Boston. Pilot boat Fanny loo Bark (leo. E. Webster.. 113 Bark Racehorse too From PuiLAMO-FHiA. Ship Thoi. Watson 113 From Bai.timorr. Ship (Irey Facie 117 Ship Architect I'M Ship Greyhound ll'J TO THE EDITOR OF THE N. Y. HERALD. The statement made in your paper of 31 May. that the Hoses II tiriunell heat the Goruelin. in a ruee round the Light Ship. is i ntirely incorrect. The lirinuell did not sail c v? r the ground agreed upou, and has, thereby, lust the race. Ope Ikisirested on and in the Grinneli.. Clly Intelligences Melancholy Fluids'. in Vi. .by street.?Yesterday morning, a young niHn. Iiy the name of Joseph M West, residing at the hoarding hou.-e of Mr. Robert Fair, at No 04 Yesey street was l->uud lying in hisroom, laboring under the effects of a powerful dose of opium or in <r phine. which he had purchased for the express purpose of ill liberati ly taking 111* own life. Officers l> ? <lee and ilounljiy. of the third di trict p ilice. were called in. and it being deemed advisable by the family, tin y immediate ly conveyed the suffi man to the h. Y. Hospital, where Dr. Church made prompt exertion* to bring the at< much puuip into requisition hi t it wa- too late, u* liis pulte and lieart had ci ised to beat, and hi a few seconds lie drew his last breath. It appears the deceased was employed in the printing establishment of Mr Wm. W. Rise. No. 17 Wall street, with whom lie had reecully hud :i few words rs - peeling some bill heads which he spoiltd. In his pi cket ws-s found a letter written and signed by hiiusi If. which fully shows that his fatal ret was a pr- nn dita ted design lor *uiue tiine prc viia.- to his swallowing I in- deadly p >i?ou. The ducuin-nt ci ninu 1 ei s I y say :ng: ?? When departing from this world. I wish to leave the print i f my pen. I am alive now. 1 lit will he dead i re a ray of light is seen by the living ' lie then g"-?? onto stats that lie- language if Mr. Rose WI iked upon hi* feeling- -> much that in- believed liiin m ll'tr - e iles and. then fore, had determined to put an end to all his worldly troubles. He also enjoins all his fr:- r.d- and relative* to cheer his wife, in order that she n ay hear liis loss with fortitude. We learn that the un fortunate young man recently married a beautiful young gill in iSeln uectady. N. Y? where she still reside* with her parent*. Tin- Coroner will iiU au inquest upon his body till- nn rniug. gi .i me by TAsiN-i Latidani'm.?Coroner Gm-r yester day hi Id an inquest At the house No. ii'JO Water street, kept by a Mr Galliigher en the body of a young woman ly the i.ann- of Mary I'pdike, aged twenty-one years, said to be fr in lioston, win-re her parents reside, she having nrrivi d in thi* city a few day- -iuee. and t >ok up her abode at the above named pri wises. It seems that ever since her stay at thi- house, she has Idea observed to be depressed in spirits, and very ile-ponding. On nit unlay night about ilev.-n o'clock, she proceeded to the di i g tore of llr. Ala 1 situated iu Cherry str. -t. and pureha - d iunc? - ot lamlaiium. and returned hom?. Ss n after, she adiuoistercd to herself k very large quan tity. v. oh a determinationof taking hi r life, Funic time after sin was disc ivi n-d to liaie taken poison. Medical aid wa- procun d. hut the nnf 11 unate girl expired about i let? n o'el tk on Sunday morning. A verdict was reii di r- il ly the jury that the - -I sea ed ratin- to lu-r d nil l-y taking laudanum, aduiini-ter- d hv her own hands." UralII .it tiii: Kioiitm Ward Station Hoi-se.?A wo Bu b. 11 ly ktiownhy thenamei f Margaret, wa*conveyed tilth" E liiii wnrd police-tuti n, on Saturday afternoon, having in i u attacked with afltnl No ii7 Grand street, while engngi 1 at that h'iU?e whitewashing.

aid wa- procured; notwithstanding. however, on apply ing all the necessary remedies in such cases, she expired in cuuday morning, ah .ut eleven o'clock. Curouer Ct-or was calli d to held an inquest on the h >dy. Ill All 1'eliV Tl AN III ANT Fill M).?Atf-IUI" o'clock On Faturuay atteriHon. tin- dead body of u child wa- found iu Jt ties' wood Thiid avenue, by Sergeant Cart wright. who Us k it to the Yorkville -tatiun h >ue. Fiai ?At half-past niie o'clock on Saturday nigiit. a fire brot e out in the bas.ment of i>4 Fr >ut str.-et. tsceu* jiidly.bhu Mori*rty a* a trunk shop It was ex tinguuhi d ty the police, and inmate* of the h me. Alain oi Kiss .?Yesterday. aismt twelve o'elock, au alarm ? f fire proceededfrom No. 6 rhino s street, caused by a chimney pot taking tire, which was speedily ex tn gui-lud. Tiia Shit Load or Ki ems ant* Arrived.?Yesterday the l ark Ki gali a arrived at this port, in 113 days from the i f Ceylon, having uu I nurd nine elephants, one of which i- but eight month* old. and wnamed from fls dam durii-g the pas-age. The elephants, together w :h a Buimese l ull. M ine doxen oaoruiou* serpents, and two laa eousUlctoW if 34 feet iu length, la-side* a living por i upice. the first ever hr -light to thi- c -iintry, are am mg thi* roliretion. The alepbaiita were hunted by Messrs. Ftebbin* June and George Nutter, accompanied by If) native-, who wi re tliree month- in the jungle before tiny i net n di d in capturing tin in Tin -e animal* *re to form a port ? f the gnat Museum Caravan of P. T ltarnu'u X Co . who give their first exhibition in Newark to-in >wjw (Tuesday ) ALLEGED CK1ELTV TO A BOY, I1Y A TEACHER IN A VI J1L1C 5CHOOL. N*:w York, 5th May. 1?31. To r?ir Eoitoh or tiii IIk^ai.d:?Having ohtxiiel a ntUr unenviable notoriety tr??n? the gr" h miar-nre a* 1 tut ion in your paper of the Jdtn l it., of an incident which occurred a d.?y ??r two previonaly, I tru?t that you will, in common jn?ti<e for the injury thu* d* ne uie?roifatcntionally. I w> uld Uli* vi?wt tb? matter iu it* true I t. Iy yivin. ;? place in your column* to the annex- I lett* r. a* lit m*- I y the father the day after he brought hie t? y lack to tchon). JOHN GRANT, A?Pt Teacher Pub. Sch. No. X \ ? w )'oak, April 21 1WI. Mr. Jon* Cn awt?Dear ?ir:?I regret exceedingly tnat tie meat inflicted l.y yon <<a my ? n ahottld Lav*- obtained eo much publicity. The fact of my eerdirc: the ley back aiain to school i* a sufficient C rr? b* ration of this: and alto that my confidence in v n *?? a teacher ia not in any rc*p>-ct ahak*-ti or impaired, il pi tiff that tinder your care and in fftructiona he will pr>? gr* .?*. ol d yet ai' Uic w tth hit atndic* iu time to coin- e * w? II a* he hae d-nr h< r**tof<.r-. and that all Maine and odium w hich may have l-en attributed to you in the matter will to di ne away with. I am. <i?ur Mr, youra, r -iwctfully. (HytM tl) A N DKKH TAYLOR. Alfntl Car not i, tlir Milcf Knglitrrr, rtntl the Kitdlon uf oik* of III* A Hilnt mil a. W? p. rei*#, by a card n % ? wr coluuiua, that Alfred Par eon, tin bold ?o?l ftarlc - < hief Engine* r. haa niter*-d the lirta f cf#?t. if potable, the tic* ti- n of an Aa#l?tnnt Engi r c* r? n w hoin be can rely in ? t ry * merg* ncy; and in tni# tie i j * r^*t1y ri/lt. Tf ere arc but ten A-rut mt Engineer* in tl vI ola department. In the nl-*ne?* ??f the CltUi-?cauaad I y il!i*? a*. ?r v I en aeveral ftr*-t ?r- ra-iot at the aame time? If r* ? | iifibl* dutyd?vol\?a ?>n hi* Ai-eiaiunta, for nrhota * uric it'. C li i. I i#wl<llyr |ei*ill? ; hence, all hi* A*<* ?i?ti i.t? ehnnld be ? - 1, prudent, ex|?erien* * I. conra^eoa*. and bon- rdlr turn, and atrongly tieroted to the welfare and of lb* < hi* f Ltu'tn-? r. I fan A?*i?t-%iit Engine* r be *? to t'? t hief, he ? itfht. in a great em-r t I una* If at a flr? aa to effect the utter ruio of Ida t hief, by the destruction of a larga p'-rtion of "ur city, |*i t tie lu.rd *.iri-*d.? d < xaltel r j> it.i* i n of Alfr- I ? <* on Mlt not b? tluaeap*>?*d?a H?in Who ha* devote I hi* I * - ? < ay?. to tb* *i Ifar- ?.f the N". w York Tire lb j xrtm, at ? w ! la* e? ??**?? rnted h a car? i man' ? 1 t the flora of t ic de? partw* nt. when lemixht andahwnld have a ? juir- I :t f rtjnc t?* r* * ?I*r himaelf and fan ily f? tnf*Ttahk* in hi* old a f? ? whn I li, L r ciffltte*^n akeccfMi t nmtt, atttwded tlie ftr?-? t thla v ijrl t% city, atuid dark at--, a.<*tf and c-M, f r which, until re - ? t t'y be I aa lst?er recciyed a * ,tary fartlinf, and even r w ffftiir* t firmly ?ut?o i -sit f* r ?i r?*?p* ctablc auppart and tl ? ? i?* ation <>f hi* ehil *r? n And can it l" ' li* v I. Boty t at he ia rnf idly ?dvat?< ing tj< that pwriod ?# life (t*r m>*n er*?w old far no r? r?| idly than the indolent a*?ld?er.) wtien ' ** .. . ? *? *?. %.? ??,.?, ?i,.. 'i-n^rtnt-nt, that t i#r? ?partme w * nl?i hunt him, lile a Wolf, to an untitnely rrarc t Hut we ffnatly to let the ti eapirft. and int* ritv. and gmtltade of tie N * w \ . rk 1 femcti, with wb? m it** la* aeon t-\ - long and m n* r?My awe* ? iatcd, if they will jmriHit h* ? ??' 'pit. c w ithout a acvert atrv gle. li< ring il ji*. year, in a l lit Ion to hi* nia. r? n> tti?.f w *? rf."1 ?ltl. t ? ?? :y -1 i.icut*. I,. ha* ha 1 t ?c?n tci d, alti"? 1 ,ln?t? .it li'fl, ?itl |.,? r ? i i? ?i*< r? *ri? ?, and, opt . i- h ..I r c h. ? !mn:l? i rb t .Hon*, IP* laM nt l uai reptift la an lain ortal d'*eum?ut. and w ill live ia y * pride fti l Bi'i.rv of t -r.jtn, aa S-?uga? * the N ,y York * ire I ' pari i?t Itacff *1 all ' x;*t, nt toe u i* it! report f r r il fi tor l hi- fw. TM t r port haa entlr*Yi f rev. lull mi . I the departm rot. enabled the t o b n ihitai * 1 and weylect 1 1 ntr* n t*. w ? alk on hi/bar a til la, and to feci like m a-HI ft f i tt w If ee anap.fiona re?u!t? will be felt. and it* author I r? f? nndly ch.ri?l*d, hue after Lim^lf audi i* t>*<hl*- to-. * ra*ie# ere catlered to the t ml J In < it w ??f a'l tl i*. are hi* t fitn* tie I jo t| ran t repnr* a to d* *ert tl* ir m<*e t* ri-m ? hiei f it e 11 *n I i ? t; end w* l red let that tie, wilt rally a* one t an. tl yyenirr, and Mierr^ Jly and I lomlv ?; t i i II ? Hp t 1 ief by I be triumj hnur cle Hon f p?? - n. tie I ra%* and f.l i? Aft man and e* - mrUry * iti A*n who w*# Anton x tl? earl*>t fri* nda *?f Alfred Par "r. Pp. th? i, h"> a, aa<J .t tl* ? win** Iild rrti'I y urn-bl* Phicf. w h? hae I m?y**!y |? | yoei n fu battle with on* of n&tnre'e ra??t -I ?trreiiv.? cle menta fi r ti/bteen a?.cce?;|t?* y?ar?, amid ilia terfih and wide^prrad t nflnrrat* m? of the mij<htieei and wea1thi* ?k city ?f tiie VI ? -tern continent. EiliLMAN. Tlir Art off Bhlrl makl??|^.?There I* na irtule in Ike 'oetwmc of a yeatieman, which iia* l*cen ?* RifTonli tonltaia a* an tit*antly htttny el.irt. H ? an pro r ?e, howcTtr. that whoever havrn Li? mea*-ire w-th GREEN \* ? I A flop If r e, will til no *!md w "fnee f*.f comprint when ? I* order it txt"nted. I'? rf>eti"ii in the article, and <!e*paleh and punctuality, are the charac teriwtiea of thia laehioaahle and popular furn.ehnia e?tae* li* Latent. Tlir llrondway Car]K*t Knffihllehmaiit? Afc??rr Pttem n k Ilmnphrey arc dl*po*ir.ff af th?ir elrfnnt atcr |f r?f fp h and *nlu?hic carpet#, beautif'iily de*?jfn?*d and durable oil etotha, matiinr*. rn^a, ta? 1? **ever*. k*., t-ry rapidly; and tbeir manner of doine biiMi.* ?*, aeltifi|? the y* ry beat uiiality of ffood? at the l*?weat market rate*, ha* proead lii*!.ly areeptnole to their lary* laaa of cu t .rnprr. fhoae w fo are abort 'electing anything; in their liar, canaot do better than to ciait their ?up* rb wafer >ma. HfnlrCarfft*, at Womb rffully liow Prlrca? la. I.d , 2c? '* . 4-.. V.. p^r yard ~i*t 1M H?-wery, IIIH % kt AM>IRvOV*. Il.rt Mr At air Parpcf, ?.<*.. i?r tar 1; lirwre. la Mil. r Parp??t. ^ fc.- > ?r<l I flit ana ;?vi ro* ma, ?tucked * tth I ,'iti ,D<i <>>l ciutlii, ?t l.?r Rniftl.h ImjM i lnl Tlmr-Plj' ( irpi lln,. for S#? ftrk fe.rk.t I ? N . ?W?.*r, II'RAM AMlKR '? OklriH CW'r"ft K?t?fili,lim ij? In ti.A I n t?d C'?t. 1kr.< V\y f'*rf?U >?*. lid., *? , !*. |tr y?i j. Ortil'ft I ?r(?lnf i-,.f ,nrt*. etWinClLIrmM llnlr Iky* Imtmillj'fnn* r,rt(i r?d <r ,r?Th,tr C> kmwt ?f I'U k. OwWRtd-' Itoll.R M?dir,?,d <"vr'? l?n, eir'I "rui- tun,, ?M>. Onvrand * Cttidr. Hr' -.l# ,r*dl'?tM liulr fnm r, t ?r Hp", f*c, *r ?,V |:irt ' I lh. hod, ??tn.lltl 'intin* i'?l.'. |ald R? n*., f. r M ? lit.. *ei cWKtk'i l.lly ** !..? K t r*; ti ? t?.. I I I I , a ?. iff. * * 1.1 X 0??l UA' If'.* r d < (t.kli,li<d lab'Tll"), f* a. 'k"f ?**?'?, #f?t -? fr ?l llf. ? I) I *|. r - X. ?U| y?.ifd IdMt, PMWd< i*hl*| llllliiltlltRtt, lutll. Spun Itlk^RanUn At ltay, 104 Bowery, manufacture this valuable material iiite nnder garments lor ' ladies, gentlemen, and children, of any conceivable texture; u phyr like for summer, and heavy as the thickest woollen for winter wear. For imparting a pleasant sensation, and for protection against sudden atmospheric changes, thev are unequalled. Persons attic ted with rheumatic pains nave derived nam h heneht from their u.-e. The medical faculty recommend them in such cases as superior to any thing else It is needless to multiply testimony as to their merits, as the following extract from a lett? r. written by Dr. Valentine Mott, must satisfy the most skeptical" The texture anl fabric of the silk under garments manufactured by Kankiu A Kay, arc admiralle. and reflect gr at credit on them a." the manufacturers, and are an honor to the country. I have heen in the habit of wenria? silk under garments in the milder parts of our oeasons. Tt ey are, from my owu observa tion, a very good coat of mail in many coses of wandering chronic rheumatic affections.*' Phrenology.?Mr. Fowler will commence a course of Lectures at 8o'clock, in Clinton llall. this even ing. Seats free. Subject of the lecture?The Philosophy of Phrenology, illustrated with au extensive cabinet of heads and skulU, both human and animal. To uUse with publio . examinations. ? ti ill liter and Winter Cooking Stove*.? Tin and sheet-iron bakers, fur burning wood or coat; sum mer furnaces ; summer ranges, a new article, for burning hard coal; improved summer and winter cooking stoves?a large stock, at the lowest manufacturer's prices, wholesale ana retail, ut thF New York Stove Factory, 353Grand street, opposite Essex Market. Stoves delivered free ot char re. All stoves warranttd as represented. NICHOLAS L. COKT. Housekeepers and all OUiers In want of Redding, Bedsteads. Ike., w ould do w ell to call at M. H'il lard's old established warerooms, 150 Chatham street, corner of Mulberry street, where may le found the largest assort ment of articles in his lkie, citr offered to the publi<\ con sisting of Feathers, Bvds, Mattress--*. &<3* Patent Screw Bedsteads and Cots, wholesale and retail. Bnliy Jumpers.?This article lias already obtained great celebrity over the Cnion. Cseful, indeed, it is for the nursery. What use would there he for parents to ever attempt to have unbroken happiness in the domestic circle, while a squalling baby is in the fold? Then, if you would please the very little one, get a Uabv Jumper at once, and your troubles will be at an end. Fur i*ale bv the invent .r, 11. 1 little, at bin emporium of fancy goods, 34Broadway, wholesale uud retail. Watts' Nervous Antidote?The unerring certainty with which thin miraculous medicine annihilates diseases, renders it an imperative duty of person* with di. cased friends t?? a*? ertain its control over dii? :<m\ ?i ?ily by finding out some one who ha-1 been restored to he ilth by it. Thornur.d* can be found. 11 proves tr at all di .?*??* am d? perch* nt upon the ncrvuu sy. tem. 1U2 Nnwaau street. VI a Lottie, $9 a dozen. Phn Ion's Maglr. Hair Dye, to color the hair or whiskers the moment it is applied, without injury to the hair or akin, It can be washed immediately without dia turl 'ngthe color, and has no 1 ad odor. It is xprjied, or s' ld, ?t Phalon's Wig and Toupeo mnnnfactory, 107 Broadway. For sale in the city and oountry by druggists generally. "Oriental Skin Preserver."?This valua able Cesmetie, which has be< n iutrodueed to the public by Mr. George Lea, is held in high i stimatinn by the ladies. For preserving the .'Kin from tun and free kiss, removing all roughnosand rcdne* s. and cutnnet hm eruptions, it is un surp?>fert, ,\H the theatrical profo ion me it, and fin I it a beautiful preparation. B? sur-and huy at tlie Dru r st'-r", 4."'; Broadway, c ruer of Howard strict, and you will get the genuine. ? IJyntt'a Life Balsam Is an unfailing cura tive lor the worst forms of Scrofula, Kin :'n E\ il, Erysipelas, KhcuniatLm, Neuralgia, Pv>|tp?ia, Pins, Fistula, and all di-eaacn flowing from iuij ui -blood. no matter how tainted the system has become. The proof?Mr. K. ll-lly, |*Ar? ()r ? hard street, was under treatment in the New York If pi tal, Proadway, six months, ft r a dreadful ulcer, six inches in diameter. All that the able physicians in that institu tion could do liid not arrest tli?* ili.-ease. and. at the end of the rix months. Mr. II. left the In ? pita!, and commence I v-ith the Life Balsam. Three bottles entir l.v hciled the niter, and restored him to health. Au"th?r. the II >11. J. V. I> Fcwkr, lw8 Stanton street, van, in August last, stricken %\ it! rluumatiMu in the hips, thighs, and leg-. en??r;? Italy sw el'ing th? knee joints. IL w;? soon (?<!,fined to his r-'orn, unable to rest hi fset up-nth-- ground. The usual drive were res -rted to, but gave no relief. II then tri- 1 tli ? un failing Life BaLaiu. Relief came with the hr-t bottle; tl.rv a lottles restored him to vigorous lo-alth. Principal otfi 14A Low cry, between Grand and Broome streets, 75c. per bottle. 8fnrtllng DUrovety?The other tlay,wl|IUt walking cn the street, we w-cro much surprised by u gentle man * artlessly tupping in on the should* r, wh <m win; I just | ussed. At first we did not rteo ;ni: e him : but when -ic told ns he v sated to nay us a small hi!I. w?- ?lis< ?c-red it to 1 e an old frier d. who hud l-ceii ming It- '1 I-!** trie ILtir Dye and Hyperion f luid on his hairun t whn-'kers. The *?': - t pr< dried was so different, and l is a; p r.ranca so much im proved. that we si ould uot 1 .avt known hint if he had p >."d i m a hrndrcd times. Those who wish to chaugc itnperfo- tioi s of this kind, we Would r? conunind t<> pur -base the * ? hrti? I. ? Lo ton B*e. Polii wholesale and retail by A. B. A: D. Sands, 100 Fulton streit : Rush ton. Glark \ Co., 27-5 Broad way ; Car> A Co., and iiri ham Ac Day, Pearl street. AlOft KY BUUKBT. ?t 5DA Y. ll?y 4?**' I* 1 The atnek market brut not cxi-erieneed any change of Importance during the part week. The wUtl-m*|lu >,i ir<>- have onlv been to a trifling extent, and the opera lion* have been ulmort entirely confined to the -t. < et speculator*. Fancy rtocka are h< Id l?t,. and controlled by ?uch -mall clique* tha. th< r. Tery little pr< bablllty of a ri*e. or of a decline. Th broker* do not feci much tlicpoa.d to let price* ?n attract out-id. re. and it will be very difficult to get one -, much above thoee now current, without more Muni - tion than exl-t# at thl* moment. For wmetiiu' V" -? at. < k* have been accumulating iu W ullatreet. u ... . have reulixed , and a- the broker* take all that offer - at M rue price, they have been iucre.ring their -upply. and new find no demand to relieve them from the wr+ht Leering *o heavily en their hau.U. M.wt of the lauding railrt ad accuritie* ar. good lnvertment*at pre-, ri. ic and if they were better dl.trlbuted. there would be le*e variation from day to day In the market value ; but the br. k.r- do not like to luck up their capital fur any length ? time, in an, inveatment, no matter how jrrtuctlv. it n.ay be They want activity, and can th butluew ?? J.rofltnblc a* derircd by continued change.. ByrpecuUtloM they realixe. difference of t-n. fifteen, and twenty per cent. In perbap. a* many day; and U ,, if l j ,.urch.ring the fane ha at low price*, and -ell. * th- m at high price*, that ?m?h capital- au-w.-r the pur v. -ee cf great one*. Money In Wall rtreet I. never Idle. The legal rate of interert I* too amall to aatbrfy *!-?< ula lor?. and great rhk * are therefore taken with Impunity, when large profit* are in the proapcctlve It ,.o d. ubt nem* at rang.' to a large claM of capltall-t that, with the abundan. e of money, the low rate of inte rert tbe ea-e with which credit ran b obtained upoutb* moat ordinary aeeuritie*. and the Urge amount of M.ckaof all kind- pn-ring up... th- market, here la n. t more activity ..mong apeeulabir* ; but to thjve ac qualUted with the movement* iu fancy .lock*, the ? *. bdlng -tutc of thing ,b? *not*Pp. ar.x?r.?rd..tarr The fact W.-peculation ha* e*hau?tcd lt*elf. lor w ? U?? twelve month, the at. ck na.rket wu* one accm-of excitement lor the time, the fever raged with th gr. ati *t lulcnaity. and an enormou. lufiatUm In price. wa* realixed. Outrider* who w. re attracted earlyin h^ movement, made l..nd*ome profit* on the ri-r. and runny rlo*cd up their op. ration*before tlr- reaction ???"?"* Th,., who In lafe.'f courae were made the vie time, and found lv.* aa i.lled with large o < ? ,tock at blghprlew. with a daily depraclati. n of two and three per cent .taring them in the fa. e .vi> i on. At that tin., the broker- Were pretty well cleaned out A* th. market dropped and outrid- c* were coup. Ib-d t ? tialixe, the hr< k. r* w. re oblig.d to take In. and a fall <? ten and fifl- <-n per cent in aoroecf the fancle*. lia? | *--'.r th.? a g*-eater .upfly w .at. Th- qucrtl ... now I* how to get rid of them Outrider*, who made D..m V ?y tber.-e la* yur. do n-1 apj.-ardi poa.-d t?pur , hfi.e at pr not price..nd thoac who to* money by the fall thl* -pring. have n. t the mean* to romv in at any .tag* of He maikrt The bmV-r-. therefore, have no alternnlivc but t" hold on an l bide tbeir time IU* ,B.j. 'rible to tell wh. ? an upward movement wtll com- | Bien.e One may take pine.-Iu a week, and It may l* month* bcfWre?.r?.rcH.i It. , . ? t JT . - vt?... Uv t it the br. k*r- can help It there will be no depreelu tb n <f .on . jitencc tny d.ellna would f- up > t,-.< m. and they am ?< de.ply lutm 1-1 In an ???* ?? , that ?c . 11. rt will I* left ubtrled to bring about aach a d) rtrutde r* >ilt. Kailr -b - k* generally. *U?d upo" a Arm foundation. The return* ?f tra* ?Jtr?*d\* A, Tibet, far a- recited. *>.-w a very .atl-f-t. ry .? rr.?'e. ccn j arclwlththeeorre i ond.ngm-.n . ari) , and it appear* to u* that holder* of thl* cUm of .. curl- ( ti.* will ha-e lltue .liffl-uUy in curialulug the pn*?nt market value -m the cntr.r;-, th.f W a wide marr n for impr. v.m* nt hr ? n of tb. m but wheth. it will ?*> t, tir.<1 luum JUtely or I* a ? -lion of no lar importan- e U any lut Urn** who ar- c .?pell.-l to > .. .. ? * i Th. amount of trea*ury note* owt*ta? llng on the 1?t in.tai.t wa* llri) 411 64. f whl-h |13?.?11 t,i,! ,. veral ?--?? - prior to July tl-' 1M?. Tl.e*e ml-'cr m. a t.ominaJ mte of later**, and arc u*. J for flnan rial purp - iu .liferent |?rt* ?f the i'aka. The exportatdPO of -l-cl. ffou. thl* p,rt. during the part weak, wa-aa auimaud? y?,rM,,T* o- flu..* raott tttr Peat or *?:* Toaa. fr.n. h diver $161,900 r?r,(,_ rvrr:^bioou*. 3 017 fri'T. I*"'1 1416 091 Tl.a -hij men! * during the ptevlon-we-k amounted tn |1...:?.W4 Total -hlpmeuta fvomJ*nuary 1* to Mvy hi. IS .1, 6fl.lfj6.711t. Thl vol ffin-?hlpmeut? are lik'-ly I'1 be V.ry large?e^nal to th.-* of n*. k before lart The ?team-hip* Humboldt, for llavr.. and A-i*. for hlverpo a ill tnke out lar.- amount*. W* l.ave r-port* of th- ?r ri,?t ..f ? larg. amoirnt of gold dr.* at Tanam* from fc,n FrancIrtc. but none of it ha- yt r.a*h..l thi* p-rt. Tb.r. arcthre. or four-team, r, due frm rhMre, and ?.. .hall ?won know pretty n*ar h?wmueh gold .lift th-y will 1 rit g We -hail pr. b*' ly h?ve report-<f th* re ... Iptrf two or three time* a* mio-h a* th* rt<-am*r? ou the Phi;fle brought down Tb. aat * Mil ? Ut*u;rnt i.kbiVIt* tL- quantity of Cei tain article* exported from thl* pact during the week ending the 3d inst., distinguishing the destination and extent ot shipments to each piece :? IVueiBi K ok thk I'okt ok Nkw Yob*?WrmLT Evsonis London?Beef tierces, 200, naval storm, bhl*., 2,63'i flour, bbl*..1.521 i fur* and skins, packages. ISP; manu factured tobacco, Ike. .23.600; elirane, lb?.. SJIk Liverraol.?Cotton, bale*, 1.109; flour. Idds., 3 545 baron, lb*.. 143 407 : lard. Hie.. 105,686 : sperm oil. gallon/ t>.&76 ; wliule oil. gallon* 1.593 ; naval stores, bbls.. 1,009 manufactured tobacco, lbs.. 43.UJ1 ; corn, buslmW, 33.72j ; wheat, bushel*. 23.370; cedar. lugs. 1<H? ; staves, 16.21)0 clocks. ca.-e*. 82; whalebone lbe . b 623 ; leaf tobacco tierces 2 and hlidn 38; p-rfc, hhds 10. tierces .30, bbi beef, tierces. 73-1; tallow, lbs.. 30 807 ; brooms, cases I; drugs and acid-, cafes. 8 ; logwood, tons. 183 ; fus^ ick*. 2 822 ; raw do . casus. 35 ; musk. ox.. 3.000 ; Unci, 218 : 10; stick*. thread, cases. 13; palm oil.caak*. 81; lignuuivitin, tons, 31 Hull?Naval stores, this. 1,978. Haeie ? Cotton, bales. 1.701; bark, hiuls., 23; whale bone. lbs.. 6.338 ; rosin, bbls . 1.243. KacheUt ?Staves. 36 000 ; ti lt roes, bbls., 133. Rutiia?Cotton, bales. 320; naval stores. UUs., 304; sperm oil, gallons. 412 ; djrewoods, tierces. 102. Hamburg.?Cotton, bides, 1.198 ; whalebone, lbs.. 45,110; whale oil. gallons, 7 807 ; skins and lurs. packages. 17 Indian rubber goods, eases. 23 ; naval storm, bbls. 929 leal tot aero, bules, 30 ; do., eases, 80 ; spirits turpetitlnt gallons. 2.654 ; rice, casks. 57 : extra quercitron bark box**) 100; pot ashes, casks. 83; shoe pegs, lbs., 10 < xtra logwood, cases, 100 ; redwood, pieces. 583; log wood, tons. 33. Bremen.?Cotton bales,848; whale oil. gallons. 78.460: whale bone. lbs.. 13 634; naval stores, barrels, 2.725; lent tobacco, eases. 511; hops, lbs.. 20.456; beef, barrels. 100; flour, 300; rice, casks, 52; pot ajtbes. lt.3; wax. lbs.. 8.14s cedar, logs, 120 foreign tobacco, oeroons. 322; extra 1-g wend, cases, 83; liri cracker*, boxe.-. 14; 1 gwood, stick 6,860. Tiast*.?Cotton, bales. 668; oak bark. hhd*.. 51; naval stores, barrels, 20C; supuu wood, tons. 32; Madiera win gallons. 54. Portugal.?Stave s, 612109. Jiritirh North Jhnerican Colonic*.?Flour, bbls., 4 5-4'? ? pork, 650; corn bushels 280; wheat, 2000}?n lunfuctnr- ' tobaceO, lbs., 33 !8o; oil clothing. Cases. 22; tree nails It CO; cotton go< ds. packages, luu; rye meal, bbls.. 110; corks, bales. 42; cheese, lbs.. 3370; bult-r, 16)0; islii; biead. hints. 0. bbls. 15; tar. bbl*.. 67; brooms, doiens til); refit" d ni-ar tierce*. 20; hid-s. 300; l a lbs., 60,170 t'u/e FVrrfci.?I.umbi r. feet. 80.425: broinis. dozens. 100 bird, lbs.. 2 388; lb nr. bbls . 23. Mi ilea?8jicrm candles, lbs.. 1.400; w.u.lcoU. gals.. 34S; biscuit | kgs., J53; furniture, {digs . 43; glue. bt?ls..7 glassware, pkgs.. 08 : paper, rms . 144; hardware, pkgs 35; trunks, in t >, 18; musket*. 100; *'<?)'<.'. 25; axes, d >z 10: agricultural lU'i O menta, pkg*.. 66 ; nails, ek?.. 102 potatoes. I . 12; iiiachiui ty pkgs . 13; gunpowder, kegs 100; clocks, pkgs.. 14 ; paints, keg*. 1)1; pepper, bags, 3d : d? niijohiis. l.4i;o; stub bxs.. 100; cl ves. lbs., 677; street oil. I -kt*.. lot); e of a. bug-. 89. Danith Went InduM.?I" ik bbls.30; flour, bbls.. 81; con no al. pun . 40; hot ps. lulls. *27: -In 'k ? 1 oil gals., 101, : lard, lbs., 500; el lb diKi; butter, lb*.. 213. Vula.?Hoops. 12o< 0; shocks. 142'.. matches, gross, 400; tallow, k 103; iii,its kigs.60iMJ; brick* oo.OOo paper, rms.. 1 610; i dir. doz., 150; brooms iloz . 131; at j bbls., 25; cement, bbl' lot); nianufneturi il tobacco, lbs | 6,800; laid, lbs 17 i oO; pickb s. pkgs., 2VJ; preserves,cans i hi; pack yarn. pkg-'.. 38: dang-.' pkg., 87 ; vinegar bbls.. 40: sulphide of uninlne. czs., 200. Porto RUt?l'ork. bbls.. 180: potatoes, do., 188; fl mr ; do.. 22: ? ltiv-bn ud. do. 145; do. k-, ?? 300; corn-meal* | puns.. 40: do. hhks.. 2t0: lit m*.lbs..6.554; lard. do.. 11.070 ? i butter, do.. 5.656; cheese, d-> 6.114: taibiw, 6,867; spefU ? ce.udies, do.. 450; ether do., bx* .625; soap. lbs.. 1)00; lam; ! oil. gals.. 1C0- pap? r. ri-i no 428; dried ti ii. dram ?? 60; tar : bbls.. 12; ntib. lbs., 3500; cloves, do.. 540; pepper. d? 6 710. Priti'K Jl'est Indiet?M a 11 uf tobacco. 11;* , 6.392; fl mr 1 bbls.. 880; pork, do . 160; butter, lb* . 2.308; cheese, do, i lu.101; eorn-mciil 11! . 621; horses. 20; matches, gro : 1 8.32; ri filed hi tar. lbs . 385; eamll do.. 1*1.000. tUfti.?riekled Mb bbls,. 198; dried Ms, eks.. M5; I pc-rk. bbls , 215; flour, do.. KMi^ard. lbs . 2.827; inanufae ? tuiid tobacco, do t) 07 0; domeetlcr. pkg* . 00; lumber fi 11. a. 227: I utter, lbs l 9)6; cheese, do.. 1.672.; refined Hgar. do., 2.28 5; snap, bbls 100;*,40; tallow can dies 1 ?> . (0; rum. gal* , 233; cordials, car s, 60; indigo 1L.- . ICO; p< pp< r. 2.460. Riazil ? 8'h nr. bl Is.. 5 271; naval (tore*, do., 891; do. mis ties. pkgs.. 70: wax. 11 - . 4 362; India rubhar good' do . 134; bou-i lu ld utensil*, pkgs., 66; tack*, bxs.. 135 ivati lu s. gr* . 1 ? 00: hardware, pks . 24: paper, reams. 84; blind* and shade prs . 124; wooden war-, pks,, 48; straw hats. doz. 178: multii%. roll*. spirits turpsntiu ? gels.. 994; brooms, doz., 50; trunks, pkg*., 08; segnrs 22.511 : tea. lbs . 2 2'.'<1 .Viiii Crcnada?Macbluory. pkgs.. 0: pistols, do.. 10 clothing do.. 27: Iks t* and shoes, do., 29;* 7t2: rope. lbs.. 1.720; spikes, do.. 42.894; nail*, do.. 6.18)0;' iri u. cwt . 73; chains. lb-.. 8.239: lard. do.. 1.888; ham*, do.. 607; broema. do* , 140; naval stares, bbls.. CO; lum ber, feet, 44.770; aakum. bale*. 4*); gunpowder, kegs, 286 deiniji hr.s. 1.200: .weet oil. baskets. 30: steel, boxes. 42 Jlrgentinr Rejn.blie.?IIIce, bbl*.. 400; fl ur. d'?., 214 feet. 24.621: paper, reams. 2.(810; sperm eamll? lli? .2 200; snap. do . 2.200; refined sugar, lbs., 47,806; lard do.. 2.680. There is nothing particularly imp stunt In this stab ment. The d'-tination cf shipment* from this port i ii.tiresting to is 11 engaged in the trade, as it gives tii-it, an Imigbt Into the movement-of produce, and post tin m up relative to the ? upply of each article likely b come upon each market. Me notice a greater expotta ti? n of breadstuff* and provisions* to purl* 'n tireat Bri tain, than u mil. It is curious to see what a variety o arlldes are shipped from this port weekly. The value i* not a- great a* we rouhl wl*h. but our exportation* com - I prise tuany description* of merchandise, which, a few . year* siurc. we imported in large quautitie*. CITY TRADE REPORT. 8*Ti*D*r. May 3?(J P. M Pur AnnTt rrt?F7mir ha* not raried mat' rinlly tin." i cur Inet i?iKift. Thedmiatid fur the Km-tern mid city ? luufe wae fair. and there ??? alao aoim* aliipplng inquiry 1 lit' tiiiDMirtii nn > nihrttced about & SOW tibia. *U|Hrt1ii No 'J ut >d t'4 it $4 ; c uiinon to atrulglit Plate at $4 I . a 14 "Jo ; tin ant to g.*>d It e?li m at f1 2i a f4 50; goi' ai d round hoop Ohio at *4 37 a 14 50 ; pun.- Ili'mnw ui 14 56 a f4 ?t;? ; faery Ohio and OiWi r at I t HI a I ' It.: extra Ohio at fan 15 26; and < xtrn ficrwereat y'? Ua |U 50 Canadian waa more plenty uii 1 a Uiflc ci aii r. l/00ldda tdil. III bund, at >4 2>ia(4 41 'i. South t in *a* In-Id f inily at $4 Mult a" for cauibw.ii to g<r?l | ni d fit a 50 for fanry at which there were *aU'? of 1 .?> I t la Kyc tlotir brought full priec* for abmt 150 bbt* ' jure. 1 he Mock * a* tight. In corn meal coiudderiibl i p? ration* vote it peril d at $3 12 f'T ->< r-< y. runt Id 37 | for llmndywiite. II Aeef wita In fair rupp>y,i.ud incli.i to furor of huytxa. A parol if 5,t?a) bit-halt baud m U.I white lift,. if *. Id at >1 14 u >1 14'?. L'yr wit in pri ring, 'lhe riciipt? mod -rate, and the aalcj reat Led lo tto bu-hel> rircr, ut Ta a Call advance ' | to 41 a 4,'c for Jeraey. and 4<i a 47o for Northern, at which then warn ?.<*1 biulne* dune f'ei/.y wilt ill' aelive T?. fared. iu Iota, mid at II In Cora : 1 iter lit linir ana manite-ti d. with an a.-lit" lot-in ? i n ? ? ? i -Vmki Luiln b> high mixed We Urn at tt4e I lit w f IIikI yt How ut tal a I'd.: , and muh bated Wfdetu at t.U.'jO Nai?i Hi. ai- hare not heen very brink hut no fining. mil be noticed ill rutea. The >ud-tnf (Vi lam lno iiunon roein ut tl if) a II 35; i'.'U tlx. nt *'l 17 a 13 25; and J O do. epirtl* turpentine, at ?15.'te. a J uOr. oath. l'ri.iinoai ? Perlc.? A rpMulatlve fi cling prerailed it* II.i u niLt t to-day. uiul neatly all deecrlptl 'ii* liar., n ' '1 he a'.*ai* cutei.f tli? trmnnirtlon < reached u , 1 Ida new in ?a at >lf> io a III 71. old ut! 14 ?'?2 a 114 75; in w prime at 113 >0 a lid 02',; and < Id nl 112 uda tl'i 75 I ? r ii n.< ii <|x.nlily. war ui<re phiily. and off. r. ? d en rarier trill . wl.le prlne- ?i" and In d; n.a oil Ale ut 'JM. I I.N rhuiipTil band*. new in. -? bring ing TV 85 ? 111 5e . end prime ># i> a !'. oti; prim. iiw Wi. n< m'l'al at I Y> .'Ala* lh 50, aud law f I.a at* at 115 i >15 "11 Col ii:- i la iIn v i .1' hu- yanry. with ? fiini mall et. Tht ale* include ?M1 pfcrkagt heme, plait ' > a ; Mignrdo at t", a U' ,a.; nmlati'iul d l it!', i. 7c Laid ?a? more artir- at intpror?? ? rati*. ILenpetiit. naimbraecd about I kdl hbia an4 turn - prime, at loalu',r Tht re 1m* lean a fairin i.ttny for new huttcr ?i full ftguree rle ? -c waa aearee m d ran;;, d f" in ". t" c e- in 'tualily. tin high, rial L< iug ol'taini d lor only a f< ? choice parti le. Al?Vhun.M.uJ.\iN KVtll Ml. Pilar OFFICE lOTStn. |>OITfiiri< r NEW YORK.?NOTICE. ?TIT. d\ll. M |*rl a. mall .teaaier IIuuibiltt. will ? t t'.it i 11 ct ? a Ti i . lay 'I" < vti In-t . at H", A. M I.. Iter* f I rn per 11 ? .. l.hl t. t.. ? ? t lit pr. p? A ?> 1 n id f ? llrn >en ai.4 tl." t.eri a rtat.*. will le aia.i" np for tar hi on> r, *.v nut* at P . A. M MM. V. DRADT, P. M. i'KKMINALi I Alt* PAKKV - IM'MKI\TloN" WANTEP KK ' ? f |. > tii t* - w ? ?f a r?"a "f t*i" i*" >e t 1 .? ' a" I . ? i.? i ii r I - l-irti. ai ?' a mari'l.' . ntor tf. 'r ole. r. ? I r> i ? i pp . I i" irmred fr.<m Uallimure to broollyam L. I., aki.ut tht )r*ra INai ur I4IJ, , ? oi*T. 4m. 0 4/1 I.I It ? I |. HIM IN (JOINO PROM 7?<;n\M Ii'l"" atr.i t, llrmi h II wet?r and < in .1 tr t?. t Itf iidw ay, a p'. I t l.?.'.V, ccatHlninir two 1105 Idllf, two !?>>>, a I >-eld 11 , aaJ *' ..ut II. .aiallrt ie.t*a, W II I N I, I'd, 70 Ur.inJ atr "l. C !% " E W A K P ?I.OHT ?1IETMT f. N <' 11 A M fl E R ?' t?'e ttr..| ii'.l ? i *, f . rry, > r la A tin nil ? ??!?.? t llr k lie. a 11 air N?.llai-, with a n?l4 crn*a att.o hed. Tlit Nndn; ?l.l f ni.e tie ahnt* r * apd t.y laariag Ilia ram? at it I'.arl a tree!, Ntw York. I opt-on the F.rfNiNo or tiik nil n,T? \ 4 urall red tn.T' ?iv.illit, eantalaltig a' ?? tw. haa rtn d and ai ttaty d..|lara? meat of it the Via V it Oily 1 nr.dr. entea, and 'II .r papera, of an ralnt ??. auyoni. .. pt tl. nwn.r. One llnndf-d Hollar* will >? <1 \? t'..* p. r n w ho will r- Oirn it, at Trrrapta Luacb, liitf llroad* ay J an> day tliia wank. | OPT ?ON PtTfRPAT. AHOf T TtYII.Vt fPl'f.OCK 14 at anon, a lift * dpatii'd wl. :,e ami hit A. IP. .re>t w ill! ting hiei ka.k to No I- ll-ar-r, tt tht olli ?? l? I the third ati.ry, will I. duly reward d. OkT?tt\ PKIPAY. RAY 1 ON Tlir, MErTERI.vj J ei le of Hrondw ay, k. I eo> n U rand tnl "prne ntfef. I I tw llroetbet. ? hnd r *111 le lite rally f ?>n l> atlnc lh* .ante, ?r eit liar "f tin m. at the i.fB' : of St MAR TlXDALt. 4r., X?. '.'Wall at,w.?: 1. I ' IF.iT IN i |n| litll Ail 14 Friday tilth', an h -ry ot?^a Hlaaa. In a Nth >*??? 'I he fin. rr * ill 1 re*a.-.vd ky leaving it at No, 14 Kao F.igLtenth itree ?. U7RAVFH OH STOLEN?FROM T1IF, STAllI r. NO. t I' final 1< re- it...*, i yoaag fi haired Tettitf I*,", wit' n l.ath.-r -trai. c ki . .?a, A tulUMo ronard will k? pal ett r> t i liim to tl.a atatle. IIOTRLIt I> \ VI I.HiN, M P IIRIGIIT'tN.?TII'S E* r .* Pf.lSll, meat ?i|| l.e ? : ? n-d for tha aeaeoa >?? M lu day, ik 7th inri. Tl |.r .pri> t .r aill ho happy te?ntcr left aerante rn nl with p.irtie* * may to fa tor Mm Cy " *' "K i iheir.tnn -r r*?id?aee. lit ? en altrayn ho h on I f.e p. wiire*. lhireae *t. ill t< vafal !?!??? eT apart it'-nt. and ala l*|e rm.liia >ii?t nga.' d, 1. iiJ.ANl.'AftfV >11 llrly.tit ?, Mij 1841,

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