Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 7, 1851, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 7, 1851 Page 3
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IMPORTANT r&OM CUBA. The Kmcltement In all part* of the Island? Arrest of ?naptrlona Persons In Havana? KxrcBllon of one of Lopri'i Agents?Arrest . and Death of Tw? Americans. The steamship Georgia, arrived yesterday, brings us advices from Havana to tbo 1st inst. The greatest excitement existed in Havana in re lation to the news of au expected invasion ; many had been put in prison on suspicion, and among them three priests, lor preaching mutinous sermons. The day the Georgia arrived, was celebrated by the execution of a poor wretch who was sent over by Lopez to obtain pilots for the expedition. He WUS tried in open court, and the evidence was so strong that he wus immediately executed; pre vious to which, ho was subjected to great torture, lor the purpose of extorting a confession. This is the first execution that has taken place for political offences, and it has created some ill lecling against the new Gove -nor General; uud his conduct in executing a jierson who did not seem to know that he was committing a crime, has been se verely criticised. Matters were becoming so serious and alarming in IlawRii, that many were preparing to leave. The Captain-General is taking every precaution to guard again t an invasion; lookouts uro stationed all along the ocust, within two miles of each other, and the vessels of war are kept cruisiug between Man Antonio and Havana. Cue of tho steamers, the Cuba, was ashore 011 tho Coloradus when tho Geoigia passed, and the l'izurro had gone to her as sistance. A row hud occurred in Ilnvnna between some American seamen and the inhabitants. The sea men were drunk and uoisy, and received a heating, j They were arrested, and their heads put in tho > ?stocks, fi0111 the cfleet of which treatment two had died. TLc affair is now in tho hamls of tho Amcri- , .can Consul. i Tho Falcon was at Havana, with 2>J pa-isengers for Chngrca. Tho G. exchanged signals with tho Ohio on the night of the 1st inst., about 100 milos north of Ha- : vana. bhe pas.ed abiigon shore, ten milos south of Cape II in da, and sho'tly after passed a launch j built boat drifting down the stream, eupposcd to j belong to the brig on shore, bhs had a red streak ! on her, and a tope fender. Oi;r. Ct'BA COUKKHPOSfDilNCE. Havana, May 1,1851. The in the City?The ErtnUiw. of one of Ijtprz's Mm, Iff. No Bppcaranco yet of tho " Hlibuntcro.d; but like tlie story of tho shepherd boy and tho wolf, tbeso people have, for tho Inst few weeks, been so constantly kept in a state of groat excitomout by the cry "they are coming!" that they are becoming tired of the subject, and may be really taken by surplice, a* they were on the llkh May last year. About two weeks ago, a young man. a natire of the Canary Islands, named (Jracilliano Montea de Oca, was arrested in this city for endeavoring to bribe certain pilots to proceed to New Orleans, to J loin the c*i?cditiou against this island. Said Mon- j tcs de Oca, it is said, was denounced by a lawyer of ; this city, named Carlista Oonr.alos, tried by a court martial on Saturday last, and publicly gurotod ate, A M , of the IMth instant, llo was about thirty-two years of ago, and rather a respectable , looking roan, llo could not bo induced to uisvko any confession, nor did he implicate any other per- , son in the affair. It is also said of him that the day before he wus executed, in reply to the endow- 1 vors made to cause him to say^ who the parties | were who engaged him in this business, that though it was in his power to culpate others, nothing on earth would mako him do so, and, therefore, it *?! ? useless to question him further on the subject, lie ? made a few remarks at tho place of execution, to ? the eflect that he trusted God would forgive him, for the crime for which ho was nboul to dio , was moro the consequence of his youth and inex- , norfcnce than any desire to do wrong to hoi country, j It is tonsidcred a* very harsh proceeding on the part this government; and tho conduct of the spy, Goa- j aules, is universally contemned. ... ! I'lxcept this inoidciut, uud considerable robberies which Line recently occurred in the city, uothing cl?e worth eounuuuicutiug has taken place siueo uiy la.-t. Al COt NTH FROM TMF. ffBWHPAPlEUA? We have received, by the Georgia, flies of the Dim in 'If In Marina, Euro Industrial dt la ll.ibina, and liarrta dt la HnUuui, to the 1st iualant. El /bro, of the Jbth April, says:? Kn m tariou* papers wtilch we have recelv-d from ths North wc flml notices of ths movement* of those mail- ; ctoiis n.eo. who. In rptt* <*tl" Uw' '*lhr ?,<mnlry whlch I jrivrt thim ?belter, Willi a manifest disregard of ths j rights of nuliou- sod open treason to the Qunon to : wh< m they owe so much, plot their Iniquitous plsns tn order to disturb the pence of this hsppy Antilla The In-ignite anre of their number*, and tlie wcll-mer.ted poverty of their iwowsss, couesul them from the eyes of the public J but the ^'rw O/fean. /Voyune sny* that tt has received a telegraphic de?palch from Waehin^on, announcing that the federal government had given or- | drrs for the proper ogtccrs to take Immediate measures for the nuppresvivn of the urqjcelcd movement lor c ur own port, confiding In our skilful c hief*, tn our brilliant nrn. j.aid in the tndubltacde ioyalcy of the lu- j hsMtnntvnf the via int. we arv> almost inilactsi to dnstru 11,,.t liny <l<reive tho vigilance Of the authorities of ths , neighboring n puhlle to Unit on our shores th* fate which 1 they to will dc-e?v? K.nj> yiug personal freedom in an- I other eoiiutry. they em spire to alartn our paolftc In liHliltsuls. ami to stop our commerce and our ladu-try. I If I l??y sucei cd lu touching our soil the result cannot te doubtful?the promptitudeand ability of our chiefs, the well V m wn courtg ? cf our army, wi t finish for *11 time with tin .?? tuipiuu nt conspirator*, who. without * country tuiJ without principle* intend, by tlieir Usee 1 relent.on* to bring us anareby and ruin. The Cranio de la lluian.i, of thaiWthof Apill, rayli The Oorrrnor tteueral has ordered. in the C. irrt? the rulxtratiol i f the following (lis cut eoAs of the tSoionel. | t)< >irnor,of Tririitnd. rc Irtive to the offer* of tho mer > <hauls (4 li st riiy. I t putting st the disposition of the chief at marine two -ehwssr* of war. ia order to cruise | slorg the rtasl This oftr lias Inen accepted l>y his ' Kareilency, who has tl.anki*! tliese gwutleiaeu for their ri n< rou* pn poeition : ? tonTo ci en eii-iraar aovvawwrttrar rmwinan. t ,ii mi tl liy ths fnlb win. o py ?f the *ewi??niea- I ti*w at t*h I ?**! yesterday to to* saw iwawd.-r ?f aiarin? < f the nrio tare, veil w III wotir* the *?n?r*oity with whist lit* mer'-haat* id iht? eily e*| ress their ae.tre *f ah*win* thilr pitrleti-m. h> tskin* at Ih'ir ?w* risk the sipensv. ef two I srti sd, lor tli? purpose sf ta.r*i.sta : tie tUilaare si t th* I eijl.l He* c<?.t-. I have the h*?..r t.. let y .* triw It at I have | Is*. I i* tht hsads *f tv* vewniaade* wf th? aa- , vr tl e ?M?*ssrjr arm sad wasaitiuii f?r the d|.i|*sl *f iirt, tn trUm.i ?r * aiveelf the eon. mimes ?f n?kIn* ???? | ? f'tMi iF?r. <ruii.stin2 la ths loyalt/wfth"** wh* h*? i t? V.* a PMt lu tl *t srafr. MIUtlEI. ?AUti *. Tumi as, April Tc A r.M't. |i tee, i* tt t name ef the wisest sals *f Mils ally. 1.%?* to ms the il- ire of nrniinc. si tlietr sap ns t ? ? ?ehooni r?, I* nrio r tl at y?o. *ninei?tdi rsf the Bavv, 1*?| emplov thswi with the *r**t*st wtlllty kr h? r wiaj?sty In the , ereisnt i irrtiW'lanees. It ynnr eccelli acjr hsn as *lil'.'tlon in vilmitlinc thi ? Per. will jrww h?vn the ktnifni?sti *lv ? all th* InfWrwsthi* *?*? es*vy t* ralstwt thi ftn'i neees-arr t?r thi?#lje?t, I" !v An sti* Fleenil. Bel aettaa Usf ***?'?*. | Ju-tul ni t en. hnno.ii FimuSti, **?! Ivrnnadn Kehsmea Tl* ms'lwhsrs nf the roinmittse aad *f the ?ynntvmievt? of this i lit Keewie. mv il*tjr Is t I wiahe hnnw* t* ye*r saw i- | tenet ngsr as ?("titaiir.iat ssgeLsevinv. tnJ whh ii Sein >n , straiss, on ih. ? n. th- ratevet.-ie **l leyvltv of t .* I r.iia* who nel o-fed It MldLKI. ll.lilll.V. Triaidnd. April Itth, Infll. | from the faro of Ifaesn*. Slay I J Jon's 1Viuniri|mt of fan fristohel t'ne Si-ef-tr. wilNn In his report the Miowtug w ,eds ? A'l.r It* tad nf th* tilting, the fle. ?, tsewnf th* M -niel eclitv rose Bad ssid -"tJentlrm? r dsv- tt t? ri p lied ti nt ?e se- tlir*at??sd vile another lwT*?t"ti from ; aie insarieats if the I alted Mntes, hmdrd hr the div Invsl S nreel.peS, ami I hs.* sr-a tlws* mdle** infcrtiifdl i.i tht h*ireta qfllrioA Hitint, will It . I.m In *. ths or i*r, ef Vsw lleleiBS Ws hats ? '1 in* to tmr win e * - hat* *t ths '"""d th# aathi rbi s Of ths bland, trvis sad h*w*eahl* ehlsfs. whn hse ? I), ? 01 e our destinies nnd who h*v* tak.n lt,s In. . I m r -lie no s.urss t* r*pwls# this w?*h. and r-in h t us it deoerces I h?t It ?rpe*r> t" m" fcaeessary IhB* ?.? sae* ?n n( I s-ion. til enepeeatlWW sad ths tndivi taals must sho w their I think tint this mani. Ipvllty Jes r ? I. show to ths C'vptsin tisnsral that it Is esady ko assist th ? nmtbnrtto i. nnd to rest with Its Hood Its love for tie o,.?n tfj. If th. . Ideas merit ths ?i.proh?tlo? nf ths Sorper*lias, w? *>til nsnd ? sopy of onr fs?.il*kloss ke his R?*ell' *sr. All tie mi mbrs liscin* ths ssms ideas, snd *?iia?te 1 wun th* last fi ? lines, th-? *? <-pie I with pl-ssur* th* taasifi "l* ties of th* P-i ri tary. They lu lled with Mst. ?sd the I resq dintsf ths Junta mads v?w* for th* *m Se,# of t?? nrnn *f hi* ei untry, nfl?r * hleh thn memhers ?*p*fnt?.l \ inn* It* ha/. T l.iirl/, S**r-tsry. P*a ( rwt*h*t, April Pi, INtl. Kt.nrxn wtTtt inn Wire'* !*i*Trit ?Illimppof i that Mr- Keubcn II. Snow, ship ehamiler, No. fl."? ?(.'oinmeicis! street, eloped, n week ngo last Friduy, with his wife'a sister,? .^srsh Tuwnn, of olfn ills*. Me., Icttting wn infant two ur three months old and ? didtructed wifn. Snow left homo stating that lie intemlnl to visit hia father on tho Cape, and wutikl return on thai following Monday, tutis reid>r1cd to have gone tn a house in HuiiKtocd tJ?C'\ where Mits Towne lodged, and taken her sway in a ?uiicc|r,,,w' 10 the Worcester Kuilroad det.ot forihr purpoww of going to New Vork or rout* other Southern eitT. The lady is said to bo quite Icnn'Utiine, and b?? spent so mo montba at -jiuiw's house, in Idjvrrwtt street. Mra. Snow i< i nly I wetii y j cars of aga, ami has lived unhaopily, it is .said, wiUtfcdt hudjaud ?ifodost Afml, M'if 0. x fee Cuban Kipcdltton at the fouth. no SIOS8 "F lKEI-ARATIOX AT JACKSON VIU.K. H.OUll.A?TIIK VESSEL DESPATCHED FROM SAVAN NAH, KKTT KMKD. ? ? , [Fruiu the Savannah News. May a ] The fudden departure of the steamer Welska, on Sunday night, uuder orders of the generalJ?ov?rr}" ment, * and carrying south the I . S. Marshal, caused considerable excitement during her absence, and induced the belief among our cituens that the government was in possession of_ information re fating to the C'uban expedition which had not been made publio. She returned early on 1 hursday morning, and we give below the information thu' we gathered at tno various points at which sh 1 itliH.'mary sfthere were rumors that bodies of men had passed through the interior, destined south, and that in the vicinity of Jacksonville, Florida, there were encamped a considerable force. As the eteamer W claka passed up the . t. John's river, ,ho was met by the ft. Mathews a boat from which placed a passenger on biard the Welaka This individual wus armed with pistols, and ftutod that he thought the Wdaka was "Wther eteamer, the object of which was to take t he < uban invaders on board, aud laud them at another point below, on the coast. , . At Jacksonville similar rumors of armed men be ing encamped at different points on the coast exts. cd ; but from reliable information, obtained from rcspe, table sources, it was ascertained that at the present time there was no organisation of men n tto immediate neighborhood, and had not been. 1 bete were probably seme twenty or thirty men at lutkscmdle, who expressed themselves willing to join the expedition, and who, uo doubt, would join if an opportunity offered. No principal the contemplated expedition has been in Jachson viilo lately !? is asserted by some persons who are believed to be in the movement, that great disap pointment uad been ei perieneed from the non-am vaUfa steamer to transport those engaged in the expedition. .Such a vessel had boon expected for Mine time;but her unexplained delay had damped the ardor of some, and caused others engaged to ubnudou the project, aud had induced the heliet that the whole affair, as far as Jaeksouvillo is concerted, would itovo a lailuro. , . At thu pluce there are but few persons who do not sjmpaihisi with, and would aid the expedition ^K.Ciib.ur.i?w.nk. .< ? was ascertained that there were no bodies of men encamped, as reported, at Burnt Fort. Fomc small was sutd, had passed this r^^'buttheir destination was not ascertained, aud but littl. re liance could be placed on t he rumors. (hi reaching Brunswick, it was ascertained that some of the coa-t pilots had gone south, witl the intention of piloting over tue 1M. John s bar certain v csVels i xreeted at that point. A gentleman, on whose word every reliance could be placed, stated that the day before, he hail parsed an abandoned encampment, souie twenty miles above, where a large body of men had but a short time bctore beeu? ucaniped. We also passed some lifty urs.xt v men who had a baggago wagon (hey werv proe. ul iu,' south, in the direction of Burnt l oit. They were not unoed to any extent, and passed on m Kiuads of from eight to ten in number. \t Darien no particular information was obtained. A body of men connected with the expedition had come down fiom thu interior and gone south. Nirnc ten or twelve left the main body and were ni&kin tlicit way to Favauuuh. lluru it was ascertained that an express connected with the expedition had pas cd south through 1 iariun to procure such lirfor bation. lie had passed very rapidly, and had pro cured relays of horacs on his way. '1 hero can be no doubt thai a movement of con siderable magnitude has been on toot in relation to an cxped.tiou destined to Cuba. But it is also be lieved ihat, from causes unknown to tho public, the main body of the men connected with it have dispersed, and that between this uity ami JlW*s<,a vilfe, 1 lorida, there is no orgamtatioi at Pre!,"\t But. one thing is certain?that at all the points between this city and Jacksonville, the people, with but few exceptions, sjmpathise with the Cubans, and are willing and ready to lend them aid, uud to assist any expedition whioh may be fitted aut. Froui all that we could gather it was not the in tention of the leaders to actually organise the expe dition in this country', btit to unorganised to some point beyond the boundaries of the bnitod Ultes, and there make such arrangements as ihould bo deemed expedient. liitrrcsllnit from Itew Mexico. y.RE AT SANTA FK??Ut-VTV WITH THK AMC.IV IX lilANN??AX AXXKIf AN rill oOXSR RKHTOREn. (From the M. l.ou.e (Mo ) Ih publican. Aprils ] 1 be steamer Babel, down yesterday from M. Jo fcili, Missouri river, brought among her passengers. . M,,i tin-cr, Messrs. Mont marguet, Louis F). Sdxuets. | and Kichard Wooton. "lhe news they bring, wi , !UMmnMhreUaud Montmarguet loft Santa Fe on tb? 1st of April. At Sumner's Fort they weie ioiicd by Major tieer ard Mr. Wooton, and after wards prosecuted their route rapidly?the whole oar tv consistiiik of sonic eight or ten person.. Mr. Anbrcv was met at Whoisiooe Branch on the oth ?f April. He was doing well, and stated to mir in- j foi rn'iiit, that HI his return to the States, which he would eouimeuce as soon as possible, he reckoned | upon reaching by the l?th or loth of | Slay, lie pror-oscs, we pre-ume, to make another ! l?; vtTv iui'id jourocV". ItuiscllH train wa? met SfcllSwifiSTSsB-M,. Aubr.y Vein, Hft-u | davs in advance o. L:n from tho time ot starting. Two Urge parties ot Carna *><?? were met on the Arkansas, aud a b< Uy or Fawnce- vvore encountered on the I'awncc F. rk. but tho party were received by bulb the Lib.J with every manifestation ot '^destructive five occurred in Fant* Fe on the 21st of March. The flame, wee first d,'L'%"ed'n. the rear cl the 1 xehangc llotcl, k" pt by Mr. Ar dii ger i! uuilcv The buildings formerly oceumed byt.eo 11 Krt. -nv.dMr Ju unsv as also those , ix tending I. fc . ?? '??at of Maragritt* Or is. were ef thriv it. -L J ed. Th. buildu g is i-upied by the Quarto, master, ?nl tho-? used lor ?tores by CapL M Via;.), it is tatcd, owe their preservation from | the flames only to the luo.l active c vcrtions of the , soidu is under the direction .4 Captain AoynokU. | At the time tne party .tatted, Mr. Mono was in | f rc. l'or tho purp- e ol puichnsicg some eight ?no thousand he'd ot heop I -r the ?-al.fornla Buuk 't. Another order for a similarly large lot of ,11on had -itched Fanta l'o, fiom Ms. I.angley, of t Thutrsdc, though attend d with many , r.. h u ny, everything pio-poi'piovo enor nioii lv orofi'.able. FlgS'p are aelliug m New Mexico lorM'T . aidf.! ft lurid; ..ivl in t iliforma. it is j iiAt.d, thvj twin* tho exorbitant rale of *14 per | l lVv'o omitted ??> state that v.Uen th> party had ,ctth< ?! the Mere, cxp. ?* > ?bI ,,?.Ud to them that atrert.t f peace had just been , lortaed, by ?'ol. Calhoun, with the Ajuvelwi AS iinTax ' t -f their candor in tM. t - H the h i lu. ddiv. red to ? ol. t albviun an Aineriiaa i r.-i n.who had taken r.-tog? among th.m. 1 he '.,r o,. r is a man', mined An n wo, "no -one time i lu.rc in a (i JArrcl killcl s Mexican. ?1? was ar i. ,i, d it tl.c time of the mu.d. r, an I .o ? ;e I iujmI, I ni ii si *? -J. sl'cr only a h> rt itKArifralion, to rft, I h.? v -:?pf, and i?ok r-fugo in the Nlsxtona viib ???? o( M iuAXuna,a placonffrc u.-ut rcnd.-ivoiu ?.,r H e A| ir. hea. lie s- coeeded thc.v U l V0 ,,,m' t lf ii.t.d chief ar.ioug the ail held a d l.'rr sh I if >?t ?" -ti-table. (Ui I Ol among the in. wh n h- was again duli? cr-M to the Amen *1 l?r*1 Meat aivd 91 ti deal. L' Tiiiurm ?The] ??wjry.wi? **r- think ing, a kw evening* ng >, while narking the ad nniabh acting (>l J-'un^ I'-hly, in the character of I onion i Uuk*, in the itirring and mp rbly m?uut ? J drcjnii, row plajmg nigh)!/ at llicnttv, h.ii in rn a ? it 'I fvr vtor* from iti oiart. luny riniaei whl h have *incc been "loud in moot hi of wi j?rt" apptovtot only in this country, bi t over ?ea, wire ti it heard within Urn vrjll. of the ! Jo wary, hut-rot tin I tio i < bi> callow vriug, under the at..-pu<? of the old < I i *f.?rt management; and aim e 'he atceefion of ft1r 1 iatubiin, (whu .ii-l brought ? hatlo-'c Cntbinan b*! r? the world in tragedy,) there ha bicn a bright an I a'moat un'nteruipted Mini ,i;un of whit usay he called M il? 'i-unr) ha bit*." Among tloae wvro *ohn R. JS-ott, win lima mfrlr parked a Ia>nluii ihtvenp'ot, wlio Inn ni t bun inter lianging part-, oa alternate night*, with Mnrrcady; Jaiii** Wallick, Jr., who but lately mac. ?run: I triom) iiant debut, a- !?rrevl)'< rnnnM.r in J,cnd<ia, ai d oilo-i- we tulxht nam*. In Mr. 1. My, alio i? now gradually Reuniting a di? tingui-hed reputation, at the ?aini< theatre and in tl? rarue liiie, Mr. Ilniuiiliti keep* lit ?ooce- inn a In e, at J give* nmiaU ? that, n Jong a* he i- nt the l'ow cry, too Mowery will be tine to ili r "puta tion Miha Wejrtnaa and Mir* Iteitia may well b> rat krd in the -miio lint, and we hear alre.idjr uf foithccn.irg addition* tc !be catalogue. lit:run war Tun v i nr.? ' h- entertainment < which are given nightly at thin elegant calaMi-H mint at* very attractive. They rinimnne* tlii t-vening with tbo pieee entitled " l'h:?i tMiou* Cap tain t utter," in which Wr. <'nnway, a very tletvr actor, wr II rnat.'iin the pu:t of 1 apt.? in ('utter, Nt hitir g mi ' >ld llarrourt, arul .?* haw oe i nun ? I lur eeiirt, with Mil. Abbott ami M>.-. Iah< rwood in tin* (?thi r characters. The nett Will be the gorg om *p< taele of the **\'akin ofthe .Mon," in whieh Vh And rrton. Ml?* \. (-oogi-nhcitn. Mian .1. tiov^n. hum, Mr* Ifherwuod, wi'.h Mew?. Kredvriek^ Whiting. !fill, Reynold*, audHgnor Carlo, will .'.p. |ear in toe priwdpal chara-lcr*. The -conei c it magnifleeat, and it should be * on before the piico ia withdrawn, which will take place at the conclu sion if thif week. The ballet rorp\ i.t fnll ami rlTrftin, and the carnival -o*o)e i* su |c;?b. Taken allogitbcr, it i* one of the be?t ee* nie t induction*. > 1 he v iewa af th . golden lake, the mas Irian'* abode, ',ne golden ran, the city of Cairo, the pai'Me^r, the palac>, groN tcu, dsr.Uig coioitad.', gad fl'ion yl tU? n ;t.i* the rnort brilliant and gorgeous painting* we hart ever seen on any stage. NtiiLo'.s Garden.?There will b* no performance at this popular establishment to-night; but to morrow i-w iling the performances will commence with the " litem Hoy,' in which the English vaude ville company will appear, and the amusements will conclude with the grand ballet of "Giselle," with tho^e famous and highly accomplished artists, the Kousset f amily, in the leading characters. As they will remain in the vity but a few nights mere, those who take delight iu the 'best Terpsiehoreuu exhibitions, should by all means visit the garden. Mile. I aroline is a danseuse in every sense of the word. Ehe is lively?bounds like a "j'ph?is ns graceful and fascinating as a Fori, anu receives throughout the whole piece the ruo.-t enthusiastic and deafening cheers. Her three sisters are also cxceedirgly clever, and the father ret ina as expert u< unv of them, 'lhe scenery is ueivuud beautiful, and the audiences receive the worth of their money. Bv it ton's Tiikatbk ?lhe entertainments which a:e given nightly at this prosperous establishment, continue to iiruw i in in euro audiences, who give tes timony of their delight by the most enthusiastic cheering. The pieces are happily selected, so as to suit the taste ot the time.", and the parts are all distributed to the respective artists according to their vaiious abilities. This is the grand fcuture ?f Burton's success?he has always the best actors mound him: and with his own powerful assistance as a comedian, all move on so smooth and elegant that not a single objection can be taken to any character in the pieces produced. To-night Sheri dan's splendid coiuedy of the "School for Scandal," with Blake as Sir Peter Teavle, Burton as Oliver Surface, l^ceter as Charles Surface, Bland a? Jo seph, Jordan as Backbite, and Johnston as Crab tree?Mrs. Busscll as 1-ady Tcarle, Mrs. Skerrett as Mrs. Candour, Mr*. Hughes .w Mr*. Sneerwell, and Miss Hill as Maria. Thi? cast will cram the bou.-e. l"be orchestra will play various overture*, and the entertainments will conclude with a favo rite piece. N vtion \i. Tir::.vri:t:.?Still the splendid and mrig niticent production of "Thalaha, th? Hestroyer, or the Burning Sword," coutiuue* to draw crowded and delighted audiences. W e are not surprised at this, as it is the best piece that has ever been pro duced within the walls of this old and ?ery popular establidimcnt. The machinery is well worked, no confusion or delay taking place ; and the scenery is rich and gorgeous, particularly the rural moonlight vitus, the sepulchre, the romantic pass, th? Eul tuu's pavilion, the brilliant and durzling revolving star, the a.-cent of the flying dragon with the de mon, the fortress in flames, aid the last grand tabltuu. Miss Malvina will appear in a medley dance. For the convenience ol those whose occu pations prevent their arriving at the theatre at an tarly hour, the manager lia* arranged that the per formances shall commence with the new comedy of the "'Morning Call," the part of ,-?ir Edward Ardent by Mr. li. W atkins, and that of Mr". Chillingstone by Miss Mcstayer. N* doubt there will be a crowded house. I'koi u ham's.?Nothing can equal th ? enthusiasm with which the pieces are received at this uow thoroughly Cslubli-bcdand favorite place of amuse ment. Tnc " Fill? du'Kegiiaent" is oapitnlly ren dered, and the scenery and general appointmjuts beyond all j<raL-e. This evening the) to til? popu lar drama of the " lhtvil in Farts," with it? won derful changes, transformations and elt-ct Mis* Mary Taylor shines to great advantage iu her va ran- olii rooters, and Brougham's Yauille is one of his vciy best assumptions. The inderscribably funny "Bow at the Lyceum" terminates the cn tertainmeut. Broughm's imitations are alone worth the price of admission. They are perfect reflec tions of the originals. Mrs. Brougham's Scotch Lady Macbeth is very mousing. Uu the whole, the piece is famously played. ('Hiusrv's Minvtkiis.?The entertainments nightly given by the above unrivalled company of exceedingly select Ethiopian delineator.-, are of an character, and receive the unaniaaous approval of the most discerning audiences. In the programme for triis evening, we find an excellent selection of humorou.- J-ongs, interspersed with a pleasing variety of dancing. The instrumental |H?rformaQ jcs afford a great source of plea sure, and th) witticisms of George are incomparable. Go early. Fu.l.owa' Ml.NjTnEI.S AND hit: Ni.vv Ori.kans Ei;kiv.v:i:ts continue to attract crowded mil fashionable iiudiciice-i to their popular hall. No. 4-H Broadway. The singing of ( ol 1 iu, is delightful? Ewainc has become celebrated for hL? rich witti c ins?his solo on a pair of kitchen bellow* is one of th? most extravagant musical feats we ever heard; Master Buckley executes his solo* on the violin with great precision and harmony, and night ly rueive* the warmed testimonials of admiration ?in fact, all tho ;>erformanees are good. American M' >tt m.?The afternoon ,>nd evening otuu. tmciits which are given at this establishment, are of a very interesting character. Nothing can surpass the beauty ot th? drop scene. In the afternoon, Eontag'a great moving panorama of Milton'.s " Faradise Loet and Regained," with the inteicsting domestic drama of a " Village Tale;" and in the ev ening the excellent and moral produc tion of the "Ihunkard," wi'.h Groavenor, llada way, and Miss ( ha' uian, in the principal cha racters. The Growth m- Wisconsin.?Th? constant in flux of population into thi - growing Etate is rapidly levelling our forest* and widening the bounds of our domestic happiness. A fresh spirit of enterprise seem* to Lav e been awakened among our people, an 1 town* and cities lire rLing in our midst, where, two or three years since, t o trace of human footstep* was to be seen, and no mark of impiowniciit met the eye. EuoiKi* now more especially the ens? in Bay, Northern Wisconsin. Green Bay, though now on the onward march of improvement, and destined y ?t to become an iiujiortant Lake city, bear* date antciior to many flourishing village* of more reeeut origin, that have ru. bed ahead of it in point ofpopa id F ort Istion. oro Fond du Luc, Oshl.o-b, and hurt Winnebago?and even some ui*>n the Fox river, of rearcely four years' growth, are alroady nearly equal to it in imputation ami bu?in?**. \V e might iu.-tanee ?eveial -u h in the vallcv of that beautiful -ti am above and M(V Lake \Vinu?bago.? Nee p; b, Menu ha, Leper?, and Applcton, on the Lake and Lower Fox. nod Berlin in Marquette county, mid (Mum in Winnebago, arc. at present, the most flourishing m.d i in | ort .int. Laoh of these town* is going ahead with unexampled rapidity. Industry ihkI cntcrpri'?, energy and perseverance, are their watchword*. J'ublic hones, stores, mills, me chanic -hop*, churches and school houses, arc being mured throughout all the Fox llivcr Valley; and Mich are lb? u ual gree tings of th? hardy pioneer t-o the stranger, that one feels, while truvelling through that delightful region, that he is indeed mingling with the sens and daughters of bis own native bom". The hotels air gen.-rally wall kept, for a new coun try. and .-uch attentions are u.-ually bcetoivcd up?.i the tiavvll r as to rrnJer his stay pleasant and agtctable.?*1/Vn?hb'* (HY<.) ( .fiv"ml, Aprrl ?Himiio. [ A^'-^- - ? * \ w->- ?- - ? - - - - O'J.AN STlAM NAVIGATION CO* PA Nr. FOR lir nift eia Southampton -TV' United Stat-a X'J N<liMli|i IlLltM \>N, K t rabtr ?'. < nnimandar, ?ill nail for I'nm ?, lit !'i?Mmip(<ia, jii *'>t<ir4a;, Map 17th, front t'i r No. SNorth Hirer. An rihT'i; f'l utirt'in n ?tlifln4 {?? tlir ?) 11-. All Irttoca mutt to ? -n t tkrwu <1. the Poet iRla l b pre it d-litft -I ia llur' I f fr-ialit or pea.arr. *r,.iy U HOLLER. SAND i, K1EUA. A* aw, UiUrtaJwap LViK I.IVRKPOOlr?UN ITED HAllJ MAIL ATbA* A al.ip 1'ACli It', Captain A.Nye. 1 hi* ? W e "-1 ip oil) h"|?rt ?ith the utile |f.r Lurope, yo-tW~ j on Sat'irdop. M tjr letli, at W o'eltrk M . fr^m b r I rth at too ("it il Vaunt itroat. N<? berth aeaura.l until paid (nr. All letter** piH through the I'oat t'lRaa. Ft r fr-lght or p?mar"> biiini gbMutllol act-ornm l?ll m> lor rinrauno or romf >rt ari'l> to r.IlH li. K. l'<11.LI A.4, t A a I Oirt. Poaitirelf ao fr?<alit a ill be rriul on boar j ?? r raurodap teraloi 'la. Hli. The at taer ABCTtC will encored Uie raaifta. 1 ana nail May Alt. 1'MRNlMr toRK AND MYlRC'l lf, UNITED ATATKR Mail ..manure.-The akipe ovoapn. 14 thU line am th r?i. * iu ? ATLANTIC Oapt Wnt I'A1 IFIC .('apt. Nyj. ARCTIC* Capt. Lata, 0 Al.TIC Capl ComawoA. ADRIATIC C'ai't Urattaa. Theae abipa biting been kallt bp ennieaet r?rr-?<ly for MlMnl aer\ 1 t, trar) nam haa boon takra In to. li |MrWeli?a. aa alee la tli?lr engine*. to taanra atreagth antf apeoh, ami their am>nui . ':.ti,tin l r paaamgrra nra ??? a|t,allr? for elegeneo or > >mf >rt. Prl ? ol pat aya fr.ta Mm ? 1 1 a to t,. , J,I .. ?t ia..f ? ? ? f ??trn a.?a atata (noma, N'i:4; from Liverpool to Now Vork, A.T4. An eipari .a *1 oiifn'-on will ba attached to aahelnp. Ma berth ana ?a aacnreii on til paid for. PBi'OOhhn uitm or ah't.fiaar? From N?n York. fr-ta LivarnooL Wednaedai, April Id, 1881. YFtln-adap. April X iW, hatordap.lM iy III, " W?dn"?itny, April ol, " dalurit*). May 2A M Weduordap, Mny 14, " Pamriiaj, June 7, " Wodnetdap, Map It " Batard*), Juno JL ?" Wednoadap, Juae IL *?ttir<la>, Jalp S, " WtfiiMlty, Jot# #, * '?ihrrtaj, Jul/ 19, " W-daoarlap, Julp 9, Patnrtla) , Auguet % " W-dneelap. Julp lA " ? 11 unlay. Ai'*u?t It. " W' dnoa.laj, An*vet A " 9r lurrtay, AnanH 39, ?* Wednoa.lnp, Aoauat 20, " nammep. S*ptaail er ** Wedni ailap. A?pt*iaber R " At'nriiaj, (trneeail er '17, " Wadaee,lap .Vptcm'r 17, M 'ainrilap, U>taber 1L " W#'I?k? lap, Ootobor L " folordht. OtVfl^e A " Wodnendap. tpotobnr l\ " fi'erdt), Natrmliet \ Wodaonday, Octobar 29, " Saiarilap, KerevVar 2R " Wodaoadap, Noeoaiber It, " Salart'iB. Dreeaibard, " WodnoadAy, Not oaeb'tr Mb " getnnap. DaaraeherM>. ** BatnrUp, liaoembar IA, ~ Baturlap, Daaaabar O, " t ?* trrlfkt ar pnaaaaa. apply to ADW ARD R. COLLI NB. Na. M Wall atrnet, N. T. UMtiVt N. BIIIIM.IY h 00^ laeorptol A U. ROBF.HTB k CO.. L.1 Rlaa'i Aria Tard. I/tada*. I. DKAPV.N. J*., I Booiarard. Moataartre. Pari*. Thaoonaraof thore ahlpa trill not be aonoaaka >lafar f?ld, ti t nr. bullion, apeela, Jewelrp, prei lttta ebiaee, nrnetale, lalwae Mil la at ladlnA are a>aaa? Mierelor. and tka rataathorof Ibrrta aiproaoed. After lha 4r?t or April Aa*t,th?rato affr-lrktkp thaabawa Itaaarra Dam Ueorpaol will ba aatortallp raduaad. UATIS tip FART. RRDCCRD.?TtIR ONLY TUROUGH I ine "t-r ralif"f?ia aad <>r?r?a. eta Charrra dlraet, and I i p tl a I nltod Btatea Mall Btaaaarrt la tb? I'aclBo.? On Tnaa mi, Map I.L at To'olork, P. TkaapDaild ataaaahiaRM I'IKA ? ITT , tana. J. I) tfllenn, ooattoaudi-r. will laara p t r 2 N urth Hii or, for ('haaraa dlTrt, an Tnaedap, Map IB ai .1 o'rloi k p ratio alp. Paapeajtara bp thia roooal will ran a or* aitli the fatcrito atramtr 1 F,fi N9.MIP.R, ta laara Panama . a or abaat Jnaa lat. Farpaatmraar frriaht, apply at tfe? ? |bt c. hi ?ad W 3au'.> |t(Y?Vi t( ITT Wmitftgg, aftlPFlNOl PACIFIC HAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY.?f OWL F through line tor California aud Oregon).?iu? uuou< are informed that under the new arrau grmeat ol this Co a pany, steumsra inspected and sprrov.d by the Navy De Ertment. aud carrying tha United Stat s aiaiU. will see. 1* to lenvs Panama and Baa Franc'sco the l?t aa I 1*. 4 dugs of each month, anlau detained by uuavoidabie auui drat, a?d will tonch at Aeapolco, Man Di.-gj, and Monterey. Tha following at rim [.achat* belonging to tha ,uacin? Haii Steamship Company, ar* now in tha Fneitle, one of which Sill be alwA/ain port at each and of tb ? rout* ? REGAIN I.iAK ton*. REPUBLIC LLBUtan*. PANAMA I,(*<7ton*. CAROLUfA dUdtoa*. CALIFORNIA... l.WMJ ton*. COLUMBUS *JU ton*. TENN ES8EE i-3M0tons. iSTHMl'5 ? pens, NORTHERNER. .IJUUtoa*. UNICORN.... SUUtouw. COLUHBIA KIP too*. FREMONT fiUU ton*. ANTELOPE ?tan*. Tha new steamship COLUMBIA will fiy between Baa Francisco aud Mat* in Oregon, awaiting at IIH'fartif port the arrival of the mail* and passenrer* from Panama, end re turning without delay with the mail* and passengers lot tha Steamer from San Franciaco. a kept op forth* treus passengori be I Woe* Pa A r?*ular Una of propeller* will he kept op forth* trans portation of freight and transient passengori ? ana nnd San Franciaco. Tha nail known atean.ahlpSARAH SANDS, of I.M0 ton* burthen, now under charter to tho company, anil peculiarly oommodiooa in hor cabin arrangements, will bo kept running a* an eatra family boat. One of the ahore steamer* will keep op th* oo&aeotioa ba tweea Arapulco aud the other Mexii ao port*. Th* coanrrtion in the Atlaatio well be maintained by th* United Stat** mnil steamship* GEORGIA S.UIO ton*. CRSSCENTCITY.1.S00 tooa OHIO 3,i*V tone. C It EROK EE 1.3U0 ton*. EMPIRE CITT. ..2.IUI ton*. PHILADELPHIA 1.1U0 ton*. Looting Now York forChagres on the ilthand 26th of tack mouth. The ??* steamship* EL DORADO and FALCON will form a direct line between New Orleana and Chagree, lear ing at each periode na will iaeurn ae little detention aa pos aibte on the Isthmus, and forming with tha Pacific steam ahipa a through lino to and from New Orleans, and porta in Hesico, California and Oregon. Paaeageo from Now Orleans ean be occurred from Armstrong. Laivrasoii fit Co., agent*. at that place. The tare lor .brcugb teokeo from Now York W San Fran is<x> hna bom reduced irotn B40P in etnte rocma, to jkflO. i-T'S', in lower cabin; to S2W. S200, in 'steerage, to S1C.V The ratca from New York U Chsgre* will bo ahtiie lowtoi adopted by any safe sea steamer between t!i?ii port*. For choice or berths, apply at the office of th* Company, M and W South street, ana at their ageno/, 177 Weet street. I Hill CALIFORNIA?INDEPENDENT LINE TO SAN IraucUto via Cbagre* direot?Tlio splrntil ateamslup NOL111 AMERICA, Cant. J. 11. Bb th.-o, comiuunJer. 2,'IUt) tone burthen, will li avo New Vork no hor fourth trip to Cha _ . .. ......... . . ^[ort|j Srcs. on Tuesday, Bay 13, at 3 1' M., from pier 4, No iter. Persona intending to rinhnrk tor California are vitAi to eaamiu i her ep?< i iu* aaloona aud cabin*, aud her otlu r a> coinmodartui.?. Passengers by this favorite steamer inay depend upon reaching Chares at Uaet three days in adt ance of the mail ateamer of the aame date from New 1 nrk. An oxperiented mceeenger will accompaay f.-.mili-a and la dies croraing the lathmm. A few atato-roomi anl berth* tan be hud. and also freight at the lowest prices, hj immediate application at the office, on Pier 1, foot ol Morna street, (fourth pier from the batury ) EI PRESS link FOR CIIAGRES DIRXCT-AT Till Lowcat Reduced Rate* of Fare.? Th.'new and splendid ?tcamer BROTHER JONATHAN, l.KK) ton* burtlicn, will tailpreclMiy at 3 o'clock P. M., from pier No. 4 North River, Tuesday, May IX This I ateamer has been constructed with iiow to atreugth aud speed, has moat excellent ventilation, nnd superior scooiumcdntlous, nnd will be supplied with pro

Tislom in the most liberal manner, with espeeiul care for th* comfort of psasengcra. and is furnished with ?? iron vault for the safe transportation of specie, bullion, and other valu ables, wit.iout churic-tor soma lets than on( thousand dol lars. Also, an eapcrh need Surg on, whose services ara fro* of o*pen??. For freight or passage, apply to E. MILLS. fifCourtlnndt street. N. Y. POR SAN FRANCISCO AND OREGON-EXTRA FAMI ly Steamer. On 1st Jona. By the only through Lin: from Panama to San Francisco. ThcwcU known and faeut rite ateamer SAKAU SAN11S, I,UA) tons, having most ex tensive nod couvealrot lor fam/jos?sepn rate state roome in both ealnon and aeeond cabin?will bs despatched by tha I'aoibo Mail Steamship Company, on the from hinti Francisco 1st Juno from Panama. Uer late trip 4 was performed in twenty-one days. She will bo ready to ro eeirecn ' sard. Immediately on their arnval in Panama, the fiaasengcrw intending to go by her, and ty leaving New York n the steamer which will be despatched the middle of May. to eonneot with her, and by availing of the reduced rate* ol fare, they will secure oertninty and oconomy offered by no other steamer. For ticket*, which will bo?in th* saloon. RAIOfrom Panama to San Francisco, la th: Idoabin. $1K Bom Panama to San Franoisco, apply to HOWLAND Ik A3PINWALL. 4 ar * MSouth itrea INDEPENDENT I1NETO CI1 A'lRF.S?OPPOSITION to Monopoly?Lowest Rates f Passage ?Tlie splendid and fs.t sailing i teamslups 11ROTUEK JONATHAN and NORTH AMERICA will Heave on Tuesday, May l.'l, for Cbagrc* direct. For freight or passage, apply to BERFORD a CO., - Vcsej at , Aster House. Postige to Saa Francisco, ten cents. tfNITF.D STATES MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY - ' For New Orleans direct, via Havana, "a Man day. Ma; 12, at 3 P. M .?Fare Reduced.?The splendid double-engine et-'umship GEORUIA, 3(SI) tons burthen, D. D. Porter, I'. S. N.,Commander, will sail precisely at 3 o'clock, P. M , from lier pier at feet of Warren street, N. K.. with tbs ?o\criiment mails, direct for Havana and Nrw Orleans 'hagrv* passengers transferred at Havana to the splendid double-engine steamship FALCON". Freight taken to Now Orleans at 30 oents p. r cubic foot. Specie only taken oa freight to liatsas. No bill* of lading will be signed alter the steamer has tailed. For freight or paesage. Bpply at th* - of Wai office of tho company, 177 West street, c. ruer of ? arren. M. 0. ROBERTS. YAOR SAN FRANCISCO CALIFORNIA-DISPATCH M. Line.?Ti e new ship St. Thomas, at pier No. #, North River, has nearly all her cargo on board, caa take a few tons freight on immediate application. Shippers having enrage plots the aame at once, and send bills meats will plearo com pi. ol lading in for signature. E. 11. SL'TTON A CO, St Wall etrest, or JOHN OGDKN. 118 Wall at lee t MKD1CA1*. jpa.. COO FER, 14 DC ANE STREET, II AS. FOR TUB ? lut fourteen year*. confine.I hU practice to the treat ment of mercurial and other diaeaeea. IIa can euro the moot a-nravated eaaea of thia diaeaae, and mild caaee ramoved la ?pi to five days. A perfect cure or no ehar?f. NO FBI TIM. Cl/RF.P ?DR.?. COOPKR AND MCR I'll V. No. ^t, Ri.oeerelt atreet, from their unparalleled aueeea* in diacaaea, may be relied on in the treatment of th > moat obatia ate rain, without mercury. Notice?Dr. Cooper * patienta will And him at No. Kooaetelt elr el. near Chatbem atreet and n 'where tie-, lb-ware of the jiarka in Dnanr etreet. tVe neiuinc no tiamea but our own. DR. JOHNSON, NO. 16 DUANE STREET. BO WELL known in tba treatment of delicate diaocacc. The D>o tor e reputation for aklll in thoae half cured caaaa that haet a for yeara, ia preeminent. Conatbtutional weakn u brought on by a accrnt habit, effectually curad. Recent eeaoe ?urea in four day*. DR ORECORV HAS REMOVED TO NO. 31 DL'ANB atr.-rt, near (Voire atreet, ?lierc i.a may ha coaaultcd eonfldtntially on all diacaaea of a delicate nature, terry day It 1 earning Dr G. haa enjoyed the Cunffdenee of a lane# t irml?r of patienta in thia city for morn than twanty yeara pant. $500 RBWAKD.?CRONSMAN'S SPECIFIC Mix ture.?Of all remedlee yet dUcoeered, thia latbc moet certain. 11 makea a apeedy and partnanent cure, with out tba lcaat rratrietioa in diet, drink, ornapoenre, or change in npplitatiea to buainraa. Many are cured in two da - Sold at the droit etore. Z73 Broadway, corner of Charatere atrot, aleoat No. 10 Aator H -waa, at 110 Broadway, and Id* Falton etreet. corner uf WiLiaa Medical aid-dr. oreoorts French anti d-itet* n apeeifc Per the epeeay cure of deli- ate du ra# a. withi i t I iudrance ef pureuit, or reetrintion of diet, Rr. It cootaina to meroury. and I* perfectly harmliee. but ie ope of the meet powerful and wonderful1 purifbra and rradtcataireof diaeaae that haa ever keen (Heeoeered. It la a* - aroliipg a? electricity, an i ilrteca out ,.?rry ic.tire of |M)taan from the ryetem, The Aral doae givre relief, an I the cute, in mild ca. ee, la elTeeted, uaually, in Iroia three to eight day* Price fil.atthe llru| More, forner of llowert and i ?nd at rret, IJI' I ultnn afreet, (."inn bultdldga): f-l Br -ad In . Way. and hy the Doctor, el hi* cou-ultinr reoiua, 31 Duane a1 not. near Ceulre. No charge for e-.ufti'.tatioB, day er aiming DR. MORRISON 13 CONSC1.TED CONFIDENT IALLT on eortam iliaeaaea. which he trrati without titer ury Recent eaaee < ared in a few daya. Ihirty-oni yeara'prnott * enable! l.iai t A cure uerroua debility Re., ariung fr im *elf abwae. See hie London diuinaaa ia hi* private ettce, JtHN Fultea atreet. N. II.?No fee till cared. Dn. OI-OV F.R 18 CONSULTED tS I'SCAL IN DIFFI eult and pw leaned caeca Ilia medical ami phyaiolo nieal wet ka are ror awl* ia the book atere, SV'i llr->aJ?ny lltt frienda who have tmynired l y Ivtfrr w l.rtl *r he had retired fr- in pra< tiro, ere informed that ha ia atill at hia old utftce. 1' A i. a ah DR CONFERS INVIOORATINO CORDIAL?TUB only r*tti#.ij lor wpnkueea ao-l mreew* debility of the PTtCWPe, -mil thooe aad il!a,.r?l-*r? of 1" 'y and nu id. r inaed by ro f e'll lb- l et ina daily call on m?. who hate paid I-rty or more dollaea to eertaio'1 ? t eeifor ad-1 , and baie taken their |>4'l.?. powder* and dr-vpa. fee moHth*. aithont Uf kail Dn it Sneh p-r.-.i * n.-iy be r - - t..r-wl la manly *1 'f by a fbw bnttlee ef llil* t-leUtf"l "aflnl. N -T'i *'c had aivtn up all I. p# of relief, are r- ? t It, t in health and happifu 11 one wl ? have a tunttpli. at.on af iiiwtedeya, eaa er Dr l:.'a*pv. ial a..i and be cor.-I t .r hall the ania pan'iff el arp d. a Cong mea da not bo ileinill by the pria.l noaftnnia, end avoid Ihoae wba prnf- e t ? cara in twe er ti-rre daya. For fifteen y,ara thl* r-.r-ltal ba* beea ti.a rraf remedy in the*e NPfdaiale. f or ha! li it -ttle. thr?c file | r V.v W III, |u p. riant d- it the invrri 1 an I am ale. .Veld by Mr. C. at hia Pf*<? Third a.-nwr N. Taek ? new ard-.l ?*? I h? In left,-re p. i -ild N,din Phi led.- pi in Itw V. oth Tbtrdl earner nf Third and *?..?; ?i end :h< Leo {.-I to,li I,,-, corner ,i Third and Greta atre.-fa (.See the New Yerk Police uaaette.) DR RALPH, AUTHOR OF TVS "PRACTICAL PR' fade Treetiae," Sr.?OPre hinra FW II A M.. a te a I W (Nttnday fact ptv d. 1 Ne. ? * IJreenWlelt . tree! It ha* 1 en ? matter nf ?nrwrtee t.. a?me, that any one of reupeeta hi ity ami ef pr- fea Upal altaima-et? ekeptl ppyot hie at t nil .n te the di . IU< * wi I k PeopL- of fiery dr., Hptlei pre f i d te cure ae .a.ily. If, -v. r. lite thoaaendtk part ot tl- nii?eytea Ibtda perph- heir* upop a-., i ty r-- r* knaw a, a vi ry dil- rent weald to- f rme.l. Aa i it ia a,?t only the p-r-eul pitrrrf and Heje-tion, preyiay *a tbe n II d na well a* the body, but ami are of audi avtnre aa ?.. all tlprtbrlti, tadi-vnitad air v I .?> r. product!*, fa. nop altotrtber. It l> a U<t tuat. wh-n kef planaftf treated, ti.i) uiy r-n.eln ae .1. raia. i in the e..i.?titnli- n aa ??? ap p > r in Bo . ti . r w ar than le tone efte. t - apnn p-.?' ? tdty ?, yet. it pyrj.rrly nndrfvt i. are me-1 anally pad ap-edilt re d. t'r- n. t' a nneoniinnn n. -.1. at Pd r an Up' I Mf an time ha- erl.yfd.ppd a ei-re epbl tilo and lana ppne4i--t lathe ape. in if y. la I.a* an,pie prooud fer inenrtor a pei aVd ipetialff, la haa an,pie pr id fer inenrtor a parman.* run- la .a?.-a ,-f rdrictnrv. h?wie--r eampihated of ef andiry It may he; and that, ?? one ,-tape of. .-rtaln d;? s er thrir i.dWMuam, ne w*il a* tl?* deplorabla .-de*-(n m auitlnp from early in-f roper hat It-., he ean laaiife aueh oer lair, anfe. and fa. teal eoree na ran M aMnlBM from ae et b< r ar-nree it, America. Thaae whe apply In tba early . kvd*e, w ill ha aarpriaed at the eaaa and rapi'iity of the care. D R. Id MORTAMORI WOI'IpD TO TUttfil Hllfl liftv? fiin'rioi*I tlWnaM, Mrnt? ?( ??tliMi'' li, re of tby health. Ihvi?de'i*d maryyeneeta Er..fnat>i?n aad'havt tr*ntc<t, It-aeiMlf. iktaftadtel pe |.n'i Th.-ee whe wia.i I < n, '? , tin ? ' .ftp' PRt. tifV Mi 1 f?< m nf phtr.'t I fr, it. >-4 M t > ?? I* M S ?1 ewn .!? an (fete nf ebar,-, ). fr. ti, 1 A. M tof I' M . Buadoyl ddei pte-l If you ealo, > ,n.r I-.?* f > n will th-.? haa.ea wba Pw klpdltl -I) 1*1 em ' tl, at the awly raw awl y m. wnd that their ou* kind r< ." inr iawU that ia wee-,e tnry toe dl??a?* in all ite f-r. V p. rw ?? wh. ar hrilth ha? be. n ruiwtd by tlieee epoti .t^ Vwii ay <n cat daily. 19* WR liatn tte<et> NK.R MEDICAL RC?RN.-A COtt I'LITR rRACTlCAi week nn the pat r.m an t treattw, ct of dclic ite directea. and all the kindred pRbett iM-jHuategted bv a ,.r hta irr ??of bf aotifiilly ro'Ar*wi plotee, aa larf > ?? li'? bp llorwar Roatoirk, M. It, aoeturer on aurpery and diarawa ol tiie above tented ft f It ia a 1 .erne nnitrto?NW|ja??? decond *dltioa, prirr |pi F.tfraot from bl-e " RoPfow Mrdi-\l an I Bwrw-ral Jowro* A"_" it mae be avid, fei-l?aa!v.t?t ba e iaai I Riff ~ ' ? roed'a or actow'a worka . n the aame I .railyef d.?eaa.*e. and tae in(?#<*, r in payVhlna of me Had ecr PwblleheleB tl.ia --onntevjr' Author of ? The Famih PhjtlelAd r pe'ee 8leenle. Awtfeor of a w,rk rw "iMftriov and I'e deplw ? 'R' d. for. Me.,** With edit i?w. I,'" ji.* ? |>rt. ? -r rale at the tniRII-hern'. RTF'NitF.H R TflWNSks X> SB Be- ed? iy, aad fy the a-.thor. ftM f t-tadway. UK. FAtti RTr HA# REMOVED tllS OIFH't TO 14 Dover I tree I. where he ean be coalldeoliall jr t .awaited TP -ertaiw diaeaae#. wt.ieh be ewi ?w wltiien1 meyeury. H,.?eat eaa-e h# ewrea n a few dvye Ifle Delm of Aura Bar wappwpt del lity. bren <bt nn by aalfmboae, (? the aae*' lariyor ^|np (?i um ttMc im ka* m fc ?ma> AHl'IKIIKIITS. B( OVIRr THEATRE.?BOXES. ? CENTS; PIT, I]* ' cents; Orchestra linen, M cents.?Wednesday neeain*. Buy 7. will be repeated, in Use Ubleana, a*rand speetaolo, interiL'TJwti with music and startling effects, failed tli* COl'NT or BON TE CRISTO-Kdmond Dsnf*. Br. ~ Eddy; JH< ns. Worrell, Br. Jonnson: I'anjiars, ?r. emem, Old Limit, a, Br. Rilons Mua*. VUlafurl, Mr. Tilton; Abba Faria, Mr. F. I.. Tilt.-u. Formed, Mr. Hamilton Albert: Mr. 11. Jordan; Csdcrouec. Br. Wlnans; Max Borrell, Br. 1'ope; Mercedes, Mint W efnyas; llnydef Miss S. Deuin; Ma laise di> Vlllefort, Mrs Jordan, Bile Reran, Mrs. Wnloot; Ma tilda. Bias Iliff.rt, BHl RTON S Til EATRE?CII AMBERS STREET, REAR of C ity llall.-Boxer I>ress Circle, and ParTnette, M tents; Family Circle, Jn seats; Orrktstra Seats, Ti cents.? M tduesday eeeninc. May 7. will b? played the comedy of the SCHOOL FOR SCAN DAI.?Sir IVter T-aile, Mr. W R. llinke: Sir Oilier Burtarc, Mr. Burton: Charles Surface, Mr. J W l.enter: Sir llcnuiuin lift' kMt?, Mr. J ?rtlsn; Crab tree, ?lr J"I.II-1 n l.ady tva/le. Mr- Hunnell Mrs I andor, Mrs. Mi .reit To conclude v it', the SCHOOL FOR TIOKKS. or tl e Shilling Il< p?Cs| lain Kitr'ltef. Mr Jordan; Major Btilf, Mr. Dolman; Panels. Mr Jol . ? ? ? Johuatou; Alexander Panels, Mr,. K uracil: Ti in Crop. Mrs. Skerrett. NATJWNAfc THEATRE, CHATHAM STREBT?BOXES, a? reads. I'M. IJlj seats; Private Boxes, V>. Honrs open et 7; curtesn rites at half-part 7 o'clack ? Wdm-clay eee niny. May 7. will be pwsented the grand lairy spectacle of TU A LA H A. T1IK OBSTKO VEH-ThalaU. Mr. Wutkiee; Mo here),, Mr. Bsindon; Zarlcw. Mr. Stafford: Ah, Mr. I.e faror; 11,Ifna, Mr. Thompson; Month, Mr. C. Tsyb.r; Sambo, Mr. L. Foa; Suleman Khan, Mr. Ml'lase: Oncirn. Mtrs E. Moatuyer; Spirit ol the niirderfd Z< iitnb, Mrs. Hautorreilla: Aerate,on, Bias Buleina: Abdnldnr, Mr 11. Seymour: C%ba, Mr. liuno; Bawls, Mrs. U P. Orattau The entertaiicweati to oom mcnce with the cstnedif of A' MORN1NI, CA1.Z,. JM'LLE JENNY LIN D** FAREWELL CONCERTS IV jW New V?ft-Tbe notiif *rv respectfully itiforuied tuat MliLK JKN N Y LIND Hill have the tiouor 01' giving a limited number of OKAiN I) CUM t'IKTS CASTLE GARDEN, AN!) Al?4*> AT TRIPLER HALL, previons to hep visit to Niagara Fall*. Western Ncir York, the Lakes, Canada, un I her f.nal departure 1 jg Europe. Th? First Concert will he givon at CATTLE GARDEN. OV WEDNESDAY EVENING, M\Y7. l'UO(? li AM MK?FAUf I. Overture ( Rury asthe) Weber Duo?\ oglw dirts' (L'Llndr d Am .ff) .Douuct'.t Nigiiori Salvi and BolioUi. Recitative?"Care Com; pagne Cavatiaa?" Come per m.* tM*reuo" ( La Soauauiiiula). .Bellini N'l Ui Jtsht Livii. Concerto ou the Violin De B* cioi Nr. Bhrke. Rytuiu/fc-'"Spirto ond> I'slma" (La Pavorita)... . Douizetti op Salvi. 016*1 Tyrolean Duet Ueu;dui W i n J Li vd and Sui >r Delict u. PART II. OtettflK (Le Sermon O , ....Aaber Trio?" Ou qua! colpo" (II Rnrbi?*rc) Ko?*iui Al'i i.i Ji Linn, Siguori Salvi anJ lU Jl. Mi. Ana?" Sciagaralo hai tu croduto" (I Loinbufii) Verdi Signor Bulletti. The Gipsj's ?ong(The Camp of Silesia). Meyerbeer hi i i ? Jinrtv Lim>. The Coronation March (La UropioU) Meyerbeer Irish Baliud?" 'Tis the La*t Roue ot Rumour"... hl'i.L* JiitNt Link. The Bird Song. Taubert M'lu JiMtt Lino. Conductor .M. Bimkdict THE GRAND ORCHESTRA, combining th* hr*t inimical talent lu America, including the oUbratcd GERMAN!A RAND, and uurab?rtnjt nearly ONE HUNDRED ptrfornurs, ha* been cugaged (or theoe concerts. Th ? entire interior of tho Garden h*i been decorated tnl furnithed w ith aotn* and *cttcc?. unvd ? and cuihixioi ea preaaly for these Concert*. ONE HUNDRED ATTENTIVE USHERS aill he engaged to direct visiters to their seat*. thus preserv ing the *y?tcm aud gaud order which ha?o ?o caxjnosUy characterized those ioncerta in evert portion ot the United State*. lie bridge leading to the Garden Hill be covered, to aa to protect visitersin ca?? of rain. Owing to the great capacity of the Garden, the price of t c.ketrt ha.* been tixed at $3, h- and $ I each, according to lot ation. A limited number of Promenade Ticket*. (which will not be admitted bcfoVtSo'clock,) Will I ii In order to give every peraun an *? . i to pre vent speculators from moao]< .. .tod aclling them at exorbitant price*, h- nt unpleasant crowd* at the ticket office*. mnate rush at the doora on the evening ot very ? at in taa Garden Hill be NUMBERED ED to the purchaser, and tl it- v% ill he offered at ?letion pa tile day previ I 111 -' it* not bid of! at a premium, will I in ?diately ode red at the ticket office, at the fixed price*, where dia ram# will be shown ex hibiting the exsc t locality i f each *ew. Experience hat umidy proved that thu i* th ? bent and only tours# that can be adopted to tccure justice and aatiefactioa to the public. The ticket office for th?? disposal of all teat a not bid off at auction, w ill be located at 300 Broad* ay. aa I will be open every dt?y. except the Sabbath, from 7 o (dock, A. M., till 9 o'cl'ck, r. M., caeept on the evening of thy concerts, when they will be closed at 6 o'clock. P. M.. and office# opened at that hour at Castle Garden tor the disposal of %a> tickets rt niaiiung unsold for that? \ ening's concert. Arrangement* have also been made with Walter E. ilard* ior, Eh?i , prwnrietvr of TRIPI ER HALL, for giving aportion of those Farewell Concerts in that mag nificent building splendid mu.ical edifice, erected expressly for J*nny land's concert* in Amen s far surpaHSc*. in elegam*#. beau ty, comfort and geti ral arrangement*, any musical hell in the world, and i* the admiration of all musical con noisseurs. aa well a* architects, foreigner*. trs%ellers, ?traugcra aod titiiem. NO CHICK* Wlf.I. HI ISJt'KD. Theiuetiufifor choice s, st* lor th?? ii??t conc?rt will be held in the Garden, on TUESDAY MORNING, at 10 o clock, li. II Leeds. Eta.. Am tic Book* containing the wor I# of the songs, translated iato English, may bo obtained a* the door?price. *?'? c?'iitaeach. M* The SECOND fill AND CONCERT w ill he given at C??tle Gnrdon. on THi RSDAY AFTERNOON, May S. at i irdo?, on Till KADAi At rEKNtMiN, May a, at.? Doora op?*n at 1 o'clock. The tickets fortius day concert will not he off,red a? auction, hut maybe secured at the office, on und after Tuesday morning. May 6. The Evening Concerts wiii commence at H o clock. Door* open nt til o'cteck. For the convenience and cona fort of \ i.-iters. it is requestsd that Ihejr should be in their S? ata by half pant seven < clack. These Grand Fan-well Concerts will be continued llir'C Of four time* per week until closed. The public's obedient servant. P T. BARN17M. IENNY LIND'S CONCERTS -M'LLE. JENNY LIND ?' will give hut two Con'crts this weak, vis :?#? Wednes day night, mud Tburadsi aftofueon at 3o'clock. Nest weak, her Conct-ris will h. ou Monday. Wodstsday, and Friday nights. Ticket office, (whirr -est* may l?e secured lor either of this week's Concerts,* at Jollies Musio S?ore. No. .M Broadway. Certifies tea f r Promenade Ttekets aro sold a* above, at $.1 each. Tlies? certificate* to be exchanged lor Promenade Ticket*, at the Atlsntie Garden, at ff o'clock on t? * night of the Concert, ill at 3 o'clock on the aftt-rm?oa of the day Convert. P. T. IIARNCM. fpiCKETS?FOR JENNY LIND'S GRAND CONCERT. J. Wednesday evening. May 7. Frost e-at" is the, and choice seat* in the f'arquett ?. for sale at the book store ot BAKTLKTTR W ILFORD. N . 7. C "A ARTIE GARDEN.?TH IA BEAUTIFUL AND POPU J lar place i* n w open for the rooeptiou of Viiitcn aur iug the day. Ths view from the galleries of tho sntes^id Scenery of our noble bay and harbor, has sot as equal is tho World Adniuai.'U rents. AMirSKJIKirr* in PUlIaADKIaPHlA,. ARNUM S MUSEUM. PHILADELPHIA.-P. T n\H BARNUM.H MUSEUM. PHILADELPHIA.?P T. n\R nus, Proprietor; H. Sanford. Assistant Manager ?That masiiiin ?nt i hintsc flctl?>n, cntitlod the " Bmuae Horse. ' o< ? in in an res Its third vcek, Laid with the ortdcnces of its uinaryint suecoss, is the high*'*! compliments of sn ad inkfing public, and the warm ??#?innenditioi>gof the Phils d'*)pliia i-res*. It will be pcrf ?rm d every night, previous ta w! li h, the " Barrack " All that tlllttere is sst (???Id;" *? |'r? ..nt"d st Court,' it il omse genu*. Will son b? produ ed. the heautifnl lyrical drama tailed the "Lady of the Lake. The afteraoons are made merry by pleasing farces, vaudeville*, and short drama*. The esrioa*tf?*anam* In . many thow-aud of the mo*t wonderful kinJ. Admiasinu t? these and one performance, &'? cents; children under tes ft ar?. Kit c< nta. m.UICAL. Nf iTH'R -TIIK IMIBMIONCD HISIIf^TO INFORM I rtran,r?ra. ami the puMIe r?iernlly( tlut ho utill f?a? tin*?*# t'? f r-wcr'N*. on the moat approved K?tr>i* an rneth >?!*, I? r all (? ? ? - ? * pfivaU a a far-. ?( Ilia iki>, in?| f*f<liaiPbti to to.irri | **" * * certain d#*t rm *ivt Lai. tto dntiea a r. (J plot fertkii.ty oI cure. I*. DR f.ANBY, d IV, No. ftl l.iap*?* iH atr*#t. aenr lir?t l*?ap. a private na'ur*. 01 tnr skim. na ri*4<*. 5k0. Tim#' who, Ljr m inUin/ in a ? taint of jotilh.lnv* barn tn* *? i? *t--d I l*r?.urv? of life, w?t alan apply ??*? a 'IM> III?: DISAPPiMN TKf??<*ON FJ DKNTIA t? MIDI J t!iI r?.tt.?i?Jtnti??n ? Dr. linntor a H?<| in e?tf t<ihr i* ti?o only *h#??|iito rnfo th*t ha* erer f?? a <li#M?-r???? f- r 4h?*???* ?l fjrtnf the akiil of t he in * etmn. ut pnytfian*. It i. a. i ? ?1 '!.? r , t? i ,int ? I * ith ?*., t ? ???? t.i * tin. t cffta'u, >*5*, ami i?itek mode of e**f# kn ?*?n It f.o*t? ont on-art *e#tiae of certain .ha-a* from tin- ai atem, tn a f*-1 Hnya, nil).ont any in?*on%fnieme t. ||; ? patnnt. Uniit-nan I ?? |# marjr, N o. 1 Iinrloott atr^t. \ ? otbor place iu t.i* *?i v I'rio'll nnlfi a prt*at? treatise * nith tatntiiL Ifntal'i a^? in > , No. I I'tarl #tr**?t. Doctor yourself?i-or twenty piye cims ? By nt<?i tf th? Pocket AVdipiu, or i.nrj One Hit Ota rhyaielan; thirtieth rditioa, with m? h m in t oo <rMi??>, ehowter dleeeeee an I uniform etiom in re- ry thafo ant form, by W il'ltm Young, M.D., Oru in il?-of the Lai rerrity of I'rnuithitlt. 1 tit iiihuii Cvnat of Hint fit >r< fuinlt.l, fwrl'nt, itj all tin- reolpea ?i?ft it pt in lautii <ir. Tho ctaji-r on S.-lf Abw it worthy ol rertirwlar attention, ml olinild bo road by every or e. Y -iajtir-n. e 1 i hare Ik- n onfortnnwte In r. ntrwtfng d,a . frrtlont to placing nnrwlrti under tlx tin of n?y t.HMtlrt wkM ' 1 HlWM|H|tll eogy ol thia truly utr htl work. hlr.iiigero rtmtia.' the eity, pa. tionlarly tliooe ret-mrUlm* nirrtirt. don't think of re turning homo wtthnot a ropy of Dm IV let ACoeuUpiu. S?. i n Ota in I an I porooBt K-io* tnaeaabnwM pui-ii Dt, i*. to* YeaagU Treati e ct Hirflut, tin Pocket iftttliti-n, or ? eery One lilt Own Phytkinn. Any yrrton ton ding twcntr ? ?" i run i rrlutrf In a lottrr. wilt rroriro ana copy nl i In rente ? rrloooi In n lottrr. will rroriro ono copy of tela houk 11 mail, or lire robiia ntLl bt Hut for ono doll.-?. A J drooo l>r. Wl. fOCItQi 1 ?' Ryroon ttrott, Philadelphia; alto for tula by Stringer & Tow naond, 23 Broadway, N tw York. _______________________ PHanis and London treatment op private diootaoa. la t f'W honrn, by a oegetal-lr a^pli-eUnn. Without pain. In debility, bought 00 ky im-.wpor habtta, and oonatltntlonal afiOcti?ne, ha oomblnra nadn-inee with the looal remedy, and ran an-aw aay ono liveware thonanndo who ranora bo rurod wlth.nt it: an ha hn> ennee daily, ?f yrtrt dnratinn. from tho tbtf Dkyetciaae * ntUt, kt guana ti t a yonaaaoBt rnra. it hat atrirtiu-aa daily ha aumo wkhont tantlir. which o thorn naw, ranee'.\e thoir n-'teapo ? ling tht former ditrawi *>on enough. Ufa diploma, with th.-w and tho hundrede if rrrti?oatoav ftow that noaa tan miaal it. Yon cured 4t In ono day -D. M. Corkyn. Orl looal implication rarei i?e ta a fnw b vi.-e, a'l-r another Dne tnr trut a loan Uino- C. Derond. L pninoeer LIU. w Lot yearn, to k? anted of weaken ee froir, telf nbrte withnna Vtao It. ret yun cured at ky looal aid rrntral treatment la a ah rt time?Ja? Euan a. Yon tared me of tha wont of ayybllitio alrern on ay hody an brace iaa ?h rt than, hi tor a bad been (under tfrptt phyoieinna for a year, boeehw "tier Scry qnarb me-djnin# I omild 'mar ot- Wm Fetwvnoa. lorlh nhoy, N.J. TImm* at a diitanrt ton. by nathiiar foa, bo krrated by mailt OWrt ho ere from t AIL to % P. ft., an J fto p r 11 M. Larmoat, ft. D.. of Honda afoot. two down lr< in Broafntj. *600 lor the enn e( private fiaorderu. It a apoody care, without the Iran PttlMotioat of diet, "rmk. capoeurw. er change la applleattoa to baetaeaa. Thy I foyrViWr ehallei.fro a atnjle raaa wbteh tha milium will rot own, under lit Inrfaitnn ot Ire baadnd dollan. It fa l at wp la bet thta. with full dirootiono, at *1. Ono bottU lertt a week tana> an enrtd in two dart. f"ftal?kyC. Ii KINU, 1(3 Broadway and ML Raytcf itrcit, N. T.: V. K. I.ittlo, ItM Una"ret otnot, Boetoaj Wright ft Ca., Maw Ofleana. __ IJVFaIY BOTHER'S BOOR: OR. MORAL PWTRIO J logyRarrird Indira a ill Lad miioh to interred them la trrUert relating to thr wit tried lift, in thta bwok Tho fenre r I fmrrrty. and tho prooatct of too Urge a faanly ol -bil dim. prerrat maay pmdrnt poop I r from marrylar. bnt thta b'l.kwill tell yon im|ortaat oecreta, which will attreomn ti ? to i,l>i i'tioaa I'rno (I. t-wt by mail. Alan. Tetaaia I nl a, for m-rti-a* la dolieeto health, l'tm M per bun. A1 >CoWf|H4o, U AtaitttfV. * m* Anvrnmnmnn. BROADWAY TIJIIATKR.-B. a ' MARSHALL SOUR .V u Barf-at, Manager?Doors open ?t 7, cu mar. Nr. * luliag; Onltenpae, Mr. Kerns; Oratsuma. Nr. Hill; Kredonek.; Tyeobr^, "gnorCarJni I Uemi of the Harp. N,m Oliria; G?uii of (ho Eboa Wand, Nr. Reynold.; Runad, Nix A. C>?o.;.nh?,in I'rev.oua U. 'ha Spectacle, the larce of Til AT ODIOl d ?' \Pr. CC TTKK. N IBLO'S GARDEN?MANAGER, NR. JOHN SEPTON. Tickets, 3bceats; Prisato Box.n, >1. Dour* ..pen as lialf-pa>( mx : to commence at half past 7 o'clock? V> p. r furinance Wednesday and Saturday, Last weak but one of the uonderful Nile Caroline llouaeet and berth.", slaters, Tlirresine, Adelaide, and Clementine, whoee admirable pr formaneee have b n pronounced the inoet elegant ensriabl.t en r k n in the United States. Thursday, May S, Ov rturu by the Orchestra Leader. Mr. La Mnuna. After aluch, th.i drama of the ETON HOV. To eoaelude with (be grand ballet i t Gi.-KLI.E?Giselle, Nile. Caroline Kuaeect; Duke Albert, Nile. Adelaide Koureet. BH| KOI C.1IAM S LTCBI'M, RROADWA Y. NEAR BROOM*: ? tree!.?Dree* Circle and Par<|uette, M eeate: Familjp Circle, 25 rente; Orrhr. tra Stall Seats, $1; I'rteate Hoioe. lioore open at 7; to bexin at lialf-paat 7 o'clock.?Om Wrdu-sdav eveniuit. Hay 7. the in-rfurmanre a ill enmmcee# with THE DEt II. IN PARIS?Henry de Beauaolellle. Nr. Palmer; Count \ aaille, Mr. Urougham; ??, Mum Nary Taylor; Maileliae, Mies Julia Could: Madame do Staneville. Miss TnyUure. T? be followed by La CrseoTieime by Mile. Diicy Barre. To eewrlude with the local whimsicality ra tified a ROW AT T1IE LYCEUM?The Manager, Mr. Brougham: Mrs. H., Mre. Brougham. BROUGHAMS I.YCKUM.?MR. STEPHEN LEhCtf b? ?? to ot am hit ????_? n It, and the public, that hit Hen,' j bt at this papular establishment will tahe place on t'ridaw I oval. M?) !>rh. when a aeries of mueioal, ilramatie. and jthotf entertainment# will be ,i-.ven. with all the well kaowu re sources of tlw Lyceutu. The Box Book '.a now open, naff tirhsta ina> bo kail at all tie principal marie atore.u MECHANICS' HAI.L, NO. 172 BROADWAY, ABOVE Grand atms*.?Open every night during tbo weak untft further notice. Tkn original and well known CHRISTY*-* If INSTREI.S. comprising an efllciant and vrreatilo "oorna"* of "talented" ana "experienced performer*," under thff DiDlfentnt i f k. P Christy, whoae concern in thiaeity, for'a aucet-ssiou of "Art year*," have been received with favor by bigMy ree-pectablo and fasbiuoabla andienoed. Tickets Si cents Doors t-pvu at hnif past ail, commence at eight o'ciorh. An Afternoon Concert will be riven ou Sa turday nnxt. May 111, for tlie aocouimodatlon of Lndiox and Juveniles, cinneatint at 3 o'clock, P. M. On Saturday evening noxt, Ua> Id, annual honcdt of Ed. Crowidl, Txva aurer. BAKM M S AMERICAN MUSEUM.-P. T. HARNl/M, Proprietor a* d Manager ? ily urgent request. this betay Aaaiversar) week. Ilii maoafr tiln pleasure in announc ing the reproduction of the all absorbing and celebrated drama ot the DRUNKARD- Edward Middle too, Mr Orva v our. In the afeernoon, i; .1 o'clock, for the krwt tinao, l-'n'M'i r,n?t Paaormia ot Milton's PARADIdK LOST AND KKLAlMiD. illustrating cost of the brautifal and sublime portions ot as quiaHs to ?tn It ia one of tlio larc-at ponoraniss in tho world, ami is painted t>a tvnty five thoueand feet of ranvaaa. To new the new Drop Cure taiu at this eatabliahiaeut wpl weH repay one's time. AJ niuunoo to the Museum, mtirlts iuntimcrukle rurtnoitieu. ti rents: ci ildrea under tea rears of uge, l'.,LJ cento. I'?f| . i>| an I Dress Circle, 12%' cents extra. FELLOWS' MINSTRELS. AT TEL LOWS' MUSICAL. Hull. No. 411 Broadway, batwacn llowarl and Grant streets. Open svrv night during fie week. The celol rated original and well knows Pillows Minstrels, " comprisinm an edit ient and rersatila corps ot talented md npsrt no?*l performers,' under the direction of J. B. Fellows, Wnose ron rerta in this city far the last year hais been received witla the grvnlevt favor by the elite aad fasliioa nf- this gn at me tropoh.-. Their concerts consist of Burlesque Italian Oprrm Pi elms. Witty Sujings, Solus. Duetts, CUorussea. Dancing, and Instrumental I Vrfornnno-s On W ednesda) and Satur day afternoons, a grind concert tor t!io accommodation uf ladies and famlli ??. commencing at 11 o'clock 1*. N. Admis sion, 2o coats. Doors open at 7 o I to commence at-a PRANK' ' s ' SEUM. 175 i HATHAM SQUARI.?GEO LE lo ropri ' t.-AI nun?Seats in Privalff Moacs, 'M r tits: Stags Srata, 87Krenta; Boxes, 31 cents. Par qu t, id'. c. P <loon perl u-iuauoe* tvory Aftvr noouandPi 1... meats r irmenco i a t he nitor noon it 11 . lock, and in i e evening at 8 o'clock. Tbs siitertsiamruts are varied and ?.-! t. nad such as oan beseem at no other place ol amusement in Naw York, consijtlag of Lea's Female Ethiopian Opera Troupe, numbering fffteam performer*, being the largest and at the same time the net talented band in th* United States, a troupe of Model Ar tists who are selected for their beauty and figure, and wbc personate a number of beautiful tableaux, taken Pom I ha Eirturea of ancient and modern tim?a; n company of Atak irU, who go through a variety of faata of strength au4 dexterity; Madame Rosaline, the only Fcmalo Juggler in th# world; a company of Male and Female Artists, who wlllgivw an exhibition of Marble Statuary unequalled in the woriff. together with n variety of interesting port iruianov t every afternoon end evening. For particulars sea billa of aaoh day. BAK.NIM'S MUSEUM.?CITIZENS AND STRANOKRd should not fail si ring the perform mre of the " yvuuk nrd " this evening. It is one ot the most like-like and touch ing domestic dramas af any age The l'anevaiua vf Milton's I'l.raJis* Lost will be exhibited this aftcruoua. The eatrr taiamant will conclude with the beautiful little drama of "A V Ulag- Tale.'' The Museum it crowd ol both day and might?so, to nerur* a good seat, all should go early. National academy of design.?the twenty tilth Annual Inhibition or th* Aeadwmy is bow open t* th* public, at their Galleries. No. dtid Broadway, uppauitm Bond street, from 2 A. M. until Id F. M. Admittance B oents ; season tickets, W ouli; catalogues, U% aunts. Br order 01 ths Council. 1. H. 8UEGOUUE. Cot. Seerutary. M. A. MAHB1AU H* WHY SO OFTEN UNHAPPY. THE CACBE8 AND TUI H1HIDT. Many and many a wife endures years of bedily suffering and of mental anguish, prostrate nag helpless, embittering her life, that of bur husband, and has arding the future welfare of her children, anting trews eaoaU which, if kaowa.iwould have spared the suffering, the aaguim. to the wile, end to the husband etaharraatmonlt sad pvouwb. ar> dithcultirs loom th, ir on/in in the mind being wemheA down auJ harraased in consequence of ths siskaes* of (Mff companion of his bosom. How Important that the oaa*-'* should he known to ivwy Wife, to every husband, that the drvndful and hareowiuff , consoqueaov* to the health aad happiness af both mat ha avoided.' Life is tee short aad hralth toe pierieus to south : an) |Hirt4oa of the on* to be snont without the full ei i ant of the other. Ths timely possession uf a littla entitled to follows, has beeu the means of saving We hi aad ths lite el thousands, as over TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND copies have Wen sold sun e ths first edition was issued. 1 he author has b.- n induced to advertise il by th* and pressing request of those who have btea indebted is IM publication for ail tlisy bold dear (that all may have an t? portunity of oktawing it), aad who have litiiitd km aim tiioueaods of lettrre of rn> 'Uiiuio, sums af which B1U gRs a<%sd to the advcrtiMaeat. THE MAWR1ED WOMAN'S PRIVATE MEDICAL 0 O U P A N I 0 ??, BY DR. A. M. KAt'RU'EAU, mora*son or uisaasna or rout*. TV'k'kli F.Jihnn. Bus. fp. 2k Priro. St. Til 13 WORK 13 INTEM>KD L3PKCIALLY rOKT? MAKK1LD. Of Him conivaipUtiM M it diinlaa^ tm|??rtAot tocrvU wbkh ?Uouli b? kaowo U lb?ui PA# Uhlrr.V**ry foaAi*?ilit wifs. th? mather?the one WtlMt ! buddtiui iiitv ? onuii?iA??o4i of tlio ewe iu ti?e dcehae fMR 1 iu wh?>m ?4t*ir<? ostBtvni|<4etre ??? laipirUH ch?B?P 9mm BP covrr tL? ajfi)|iti>iu, inJ il?# iiwnt ??oii'ii retntaies and moot lurtsm mode of cure, ia avary cemplaint to whism her ?ca ii ?vihirci, . . 1 or revelations contained IB its page* hare pmved k kltwm Ing to thousands, as th -iniiumr rabl# leliors ri oeited be Mjj author (Which lis is permitud by tha writers to publish) MM BU'Kl.V AND UNUAFPY W1VEM. Kxirart 0/ a lAiUrfrpn t V*<al' IUvt0*. O. llatTon, May L I1M7. Dtt. A. M. Msruicratv?My dear Sir ?' I'Ud Marrlod lfh mnu's Frivato Modliai C'oiopsni'U,' foe which 1 emulosad ouw d dli-r to ysur sddrsss. ram* saiai/ ts band. 1 would nan hair troubled you with these few luirs, but flint I uaim pealed b) a sense ot gratitrde, for myself aod wife, to asra nttevaaer to our ssarsr* sad hsartisil snotioiis. M> wile una be. u per'cptibly sinking lor soino three yaaMg or n.arv, ia cvwsgaskis of he? grewt sngmnii sad sngstiaw aom> months bi'loruan J daring seslMMMH avery ncWMR one more and p. re dvblllUtvd aad prwni rated her. patMWg h-r 1 III in lmmliientdnn<' r. and which was. a thr last "OOW aswa, despaired of. I swpysod that tki. >lsU si tkiaii *? ineiitthls, sod resigned toyveil to meet the worst. At tiff time (now nl-jut t ? moiiliisH beird your b" h h.g'ily *??? ken St, ss suntiiamg some matters rent-king my cane. W its re, Ip? and p- rmsal. I ennuo* eipr-aa to y d 'MfsUd l IfkHcd nif diurud mind, and Mi* |oy Its r?f? tmpssUnw to m) wits, en loarnlug taist the greni, disoov 1 S M M. I Dill at-ma ar-i?id#d a re'wedy., it opened, a pcisyiet to tuff Wbn h I little conceived was po*>-lb!r. No |~. Miary III ? d. ration ma a*cr npayth- rhi<gatii>aa I am under 4a rum f ,C having been tb-?- vn?'?f hupartiag to us tne mstlaa contain'-1 in Th- Marr-vd Woman # l'ri?st.e Mediost Utem pwniwa.' But lor thw. ore naotiisr y'?r would hsvo usg hi -r my head, ia ml human probability, my wile uauU hsM boon -.a hef grave, and my ehiidrvu Irft motberleaa. f-.rtrt t/nm a i. CuKI'LUM. h A.NM UI.\LTU. L<^04tr|i, Utt M. l*Mf. * . fieaa Sib ? I bnow y ? will bat . tba aiadiiaa* u. beaf Bith n ia rn r .acuiuA u^a y.or time, a hile I vUaf led(r I .a I- lit If of m> a. if and ?ilo> ti.-. ? blutli, aa ar? feat l>WMli<4 aaii. r to J?a, la ha*iaa mane ku?? a. rtaia waV ola nH In yant m ?t lot .inaolt kl-rrl-.l W <mm'? t'naiia kbUotl CnaytlMk. 1< h?a baa w ri'i Ita *"t(M ia (ill to aaa. I: 1 a?|>r*aa my toff rather oarn Iy. yaa all ara u ?t I raraot 4 > a* ton a arwly. a Ban I iaTartu |?a I (ha citaat t? ahieh 1 bnta. through It, baea heivHtwd. I all aialf ai) eitun'.oii alien I oa'aiaud yair bw>h 'broitth thw Ban ?l eaeioaity. I |a->k a pun i aa . nael tna moaa '-r'tmam otenuaf at) lit*. I bri Imn married aoaw '?? jmart. aa4 aaa the fa Mm* of aavea ?h.Mien. I a aa I n* atrajaiiaf -">*ly. '?* ti ? eoit tn?t I mi *h* lain a medtrata Oompm teary, but ehe nailti of my ?ili.,oai etrrfiju. at fie end laA me about where I aaa a> <Le W-'""111* ,Mi| f,M' *P that Hilly with the uioat Mas tea aooBoaaf, antk in* with hayly tha neeetiarle* of l.fe finally, tnia eon-tant e#ath wa? beamairj to bare Ita afoot opon mjr health. I fait laaa capable ta tad re Ila eoa-eauanoo. a 1 lait the a- n atk# ?fj? ran*tr?ace. Tin militant. a nor a ally a'naylf oa m f part aaa Imparl ttra, >b i-aBaaa" nfl ?a pn traatah aaa lili ia af my wtfla (oi'h oecaelonal Intern memo) for aaa y ar?. itath oi the (inn nonhaed t. in r be A, and ?f nun-a taopahia af taMaw II a an I am aa ot of lion ahold aiiaira. H-r eoadfc twn anw fr?ni oaneaof a htch I aa? lyn >raat- llh, tMi w.uii I baia fit on bad 1 the i? year, to Ilea oaat aaataf "?hat won 1 I my wlf .hat o (Il ra la haaa h?en ejxtwd I ha lawa Lit. and atIII lotia- auhn proe'rete oa a had of ?t< haaaaa Bjl if aliiab a oiiliTSat* bo?a n ? ?J? I. had I Ion ot( a ?( thaMarriod Wibiu'i IttrBta Madictl (' ta I OB. F.rtrnttf -m ? tslfr. TO TUO? iS|T II AK.UIKU - II Al> I K^OITW * I'm I AHOLPttiA, No* 13. MdT. Or I I Mi"iiettr -dltil I ha >nra ol the .Import Tuti.-rt tran\?d of la tna Mr tried Wemnu'a I'rlrato L .Ileal I uipanion anaia yrara a* a. haw murh nuaary I mi/ht haa% eeeaprd. I hat a ?irll*mf|..are fnon ranneo tt'iich yon potah awl ta y?ar booh. altboat kaotrln( a ha*, ta ft. I oht tiaad % eopt. and f>and mr i aaa treated af. I tenet every bwali Wllfytail kartelf ofthe wfi rmatloa ^ nUin'd ia tea raa*a " Latteraara dally raaalrad of thtaahaaactar. aaaeoeaaaay <? pyaent. 1 o thcea y*l nnmirrl d bnl aeatamplatlna airlwa. tt perhaaa h'.it?tin( w ta ,tha yt'feoly af Inearrlac ha* If eyonai'.iittlre a'Waadant apow it. tlia laip' rtanre af C'taeaaed af the aeTolatioaa avBtalned la Uiaaa pacaa. maialy lavokteac theulwtwra lawppiaeaa, iiuit N elated. It ia. ?f eoayaa. latprheUcahl* la eaaray atoy tally t>a am ytaua aahjeeta af. aa they are of a natuea atrlrtff lat traded for lha marrtad. at thaaa anatamptatta( ia*rrta^| neither U II aoee??ary, aiBoa it ta errry me i duty ta IniBf p??ac?aed of hnowledia whey by the enferliata ta kM* a wife, a mother, or a outer, may ho aab|oet. caa ha oAaiaMo COPIKD WILL M MKNT RT MAIL. I1H Of PIWTAQK. TO TIIK PCRCUASKR w.thia thyo laeatha. wlah porfoet aa^fy aad iah^;v

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