Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 8, 1851, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 8, 1851 Page 5
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Dr. A A. Cam complete Mi of Dultl toilet irtlilM, embracing ft Mtl? tl prcmtftui tooth wash, ft bos u< dentrittfte, tooth if X ' _ - ? , , ?Ugaatiy and compactly put up is ft u.ftt uaee, and very , triun wood picks, lis., only $1 SO, for cleansing ftftd rvitig (be teeth ftnd guius, ftftd purilying the breath. MB* All* sveaient for travelling purposes, also nankin* ft very use I ftftd beantifuI preaaat. Touth wash, 75 cent*; Duntrifluft, a* sad 60 cent*. For sale by A. B. A 6. Sands, 100 Fulton ?Uftftfc H. Kin*, 192 Croadwty; 0. W. Tattle, Sit Broad way, *?. 11. Cftry A Co., 443 Pearl street. ?ogle's Premium Electric Hair Dye Is to ?ftlly diOtrent and far superior to anythiu* ever in vented. The proeese ie perfectly simple, ftnd tbe affect magical. It inatftntiy ana indeli >ly dye. the must stubborn knir a natural black or brown, without injuria* the akin ia the leart, and leaven the hair aoft ftnd ailky after the opcra Tbia, with Bogle's Hyperion Fluid, and Shaviu* Soaps, Biv be had, wholesale and retail, of A. B?A D. Sends. l'JO Pulton afreet; Run nhton. Clark A Co., 473 Broadway; Cftry A Co., and Brigham A Bay, Pearl itreet. Basil's Renovating Aromatic Cordial, as S (ftfttorfttive far Uenerftl Debility, Dyspepsia, Weakliest of the Stomach, Loss of Appetite, Ac., ie beyond a doubt the oent aplrndid compound, both iu qnallty end tante, ever asde. Sold at.'ij!) Cryenwicb, earner of Uuaue ttreet. Price iji tents jiur bpttle. Dr. Rogers' Syrup of Liverwort, Tar, and ?anrhnlsguu, the*rcftt romtdy for Coughs, Colda, Influenin, Catarrh, Spitting of Blood, and all other lun* complaints tending to consumption. Depot, A, I,. SCO V I LI. A CO., 3lfi Broadway. Price, iu large bottloa, (I, or throe bottle* fur fi Ml. ^.pfjrtU, Liver Coftiplilht, Ithcumatlim, Dr?p?y.?Per?on? who^ ar* troubled with of the above oaiiied diseases, oau be porinwueutty cured by using llalls I'alingcncsia. It reatoroa the appetite, strengthens theayntein, ami gives tone and vigor to the whole mental and phyeienlconstitution. The inuroaeiug demand lor it ie sufficient guaranty of its being appreciated by the public. WD. SMITH HALL. Sole Proprietor, I5!> Bowery. Vclkleferdecker's Water-Cure fnstltntc. Wu.ix>w (jROvf, Montgomery Comity, Pn., May 1, Mil. _ The object of thia Inntitntiou in to cure Diseases by TUG MOLUSlVE APPLICATION OF WATER, and allpitlents Who may resort to it may be assured that everything will be Bene to promote their comfort, in connection with the means to restore them to health. At the name time, on their part, ftueh order, regularity, and propriety of disport meat are ex pected, aa are essential to the ooinfort of each and all, and Without which the object ef tbe Inetitation cannot he fully attained. The following rules and regulations, therefore, autt be carcfnlly observed :? | First?All private roome are strictly private; the I.adies' ' Parlor can ouly be entered by the gentlemen with the parti- , ?wiar pcriiiiaeion of the ladien; the offices are only opeu for ?onaultation with tlie Director. Soeond?The public rooms and doora muat be closed at 10 I P. M. to ensure the i(oiet of tho bonne, and any one wishing I to be nut after that time must make liis arrangements with the servant, who will cxpeet a suitable compensation fur his I Htwril. Third?The honr of dinner ia 1>? o'clock, of supper 61a, and i ?f breakfast at the tine pieserihed. winch vanes with ths : Season of the yeur. The piacen at tiie table are assigned au ?ordtng to the time of the arrival of tho patient. Fourth?it ia for the in tercet; no lean than forthcoom- | lortable feeling of th? patient., to provide themselves with | ?11 that comes in oontaet with their own persons, in their , ?kamters; mch as three lincu ffiieeta. two pairs of large j ?enrne blankets, one or more ooinfortables, towels, some old ??ft lis en for hnudagee. Ac Fifth?The terms of the establishment are seven, eight or tall dollars per week, according to accommodations and ser- I vices required. This snm includes mediual advice and the mae of the neeestary baths, attendance, board, and lodging. ? Persons bringing their ran servants, must be answerable for their oorreet and orderly behaviour. Payment is expectsd | punctually at ths expiration of every week. | Sixth.?Ko smoking is allowed on any partof the premises. Seventh? Fee tor first examination, live dollars. CHK. CHS. SCU'EFKKDECKBR. M.D., Director. Cosrai- Korrpko, Manager. yjr Letters may he addressed, poi t paid, to the Direotor. The Institution is reached by the following Stages :? Prom the White h?.an Hotel, Race street, above Third, at 5 i ?'clock, A. M.. daily. From the Baric v Sheaf Hotel, Second street, above Race, at , 2 e'cloik. 1'. 11., daily. | Frew tbe Bnek Hotel, Second street, above Race, at 2o clock, P. M , daily. Plea the tamnl Hotel, Second street, above Race, at 3 e'eloek, P. St., daily. AUVbttTiSMibMX RENEWED EVERY DAY. ANMVRHHARY MEBTINOS. The anniversary of the pupils of the N'?w V'urk Institution for the Instruction uf the Douf and Dumb will be held at the llroalway Tabernacle, on Thursday next, hth in.tent, at 4 o'clock P. M. Tickets of admission, at 12}? cents each, may he obtained at the door. Wlergymen and theological studonts are respectfully invited to attend, and will tu furnished with tickets, gratuitously, at the American Sunday School Union, 147 Nassau street. DPKOIAIs NOTIUKS. American institute ?the annual election for officers and standing committees for the eu-uiiug Star, will be held this. Thursday, MivS, IAS I, at the rooms ?f tlic Institute. No. .Yd Headway. Polls wi:l open at II aud ?Use at 7 o'clock. P.M. Uy order of the Trustees, HENRY MBIOS. Bee. Bee, First recimf.nt new York volunteers?tub officers end members of the tirst regiment of New York Volunteers nre reeursti d to meetat tho Mercer House, to merrow evening, at half past seven o'clock, to make arrange ments for the fttniral of (;mim K. McFadden, late n member ?f eompuny D, New York Volunteers. A punctual attend ance fs requested. By order, JAMES C. HURNUA.M, (Late) I.t.-Col. New York Volunteers. LECTl'RES ON PHRENOLOGY, IN CLINTON IIALL, corner of Nassau aud Ueekmau streets, by L. N. JFowler. SubjectsThis evening, May Sth--Analysis of the Moral and Religious Nature of man, on l'hrcnologtoal princi ples. On Friday evening, May llh?Ink's Duty?Moral and Intellectual tklf-lmprov ein' nt? Practical Phrenology. On Saturday oveniug. May Idth?Marr.age?The Social Rela tions?Duty of the Sexes. Tickets 12 i? cents. To be had at IS! Nassau street. Each lecture will close witli a public examination and Phrenological description of ladies aud gentlemen. NOTICE-IRISH AMERICAN BENEVOLENT 40 elety.?The members ef this society lak e this method of informing the llib'trnian Benevolent Burial Society, of which tl.ey lately formed the seventh division, that th-lr reasons for forming this society are. that the executive ?oHimittec were in Hit habit of passing bills n t authenti cated, a. tbr laws cflle society require, and withholding, at the last meet 1 ug, tick dues front a member of then No. 7. who wasjustly entitled to the same, as well as many other ? pea violatives of their laws not necessary to particularise. A. DILLON, i A. M \ 1,1,ON. > Committee. New Tork, May 7, MM. P. t REGAN, } "M,|AS0N1C NOTICE.-FREEMASONS' IIALL. No. ?00 A" Broadway.?The members of Washington Lodge, No. HI. are hereby notified to assent hie at their lodge rooms, on this day, at 1 w'clork precisely, for tbe purpose of paying the last tribute of respect to our laic worthy brother, Edwin B?*ger. The members of rUtcr lodge*, and the fraternity in general, are respectfully invited to participate in the solemn ceremonies. RICH AUD LAI KK, Secretary. ASONIC.?DARCY LODGE. 1*7.-THE MEMBERS of Darty Lodge are requested to attend a regular megt 7', o'clock, at the new Lodge Crosby street*. Punctual at " r ?f W. M. DEO. W. STIVVSON. S. M lac en 1 hnrtdsv evening, a-. 71, o'clock, at the new Lodge room, corner I f Brume and Crosby St tendance is requested. By order "f W. COHOTA LODGE, NO. 1S7, I. O. OF O. F.-TUF. MEM bers of tbia lodge are requested to meet at their lodge room, No. 411 Broadway, on Thursday. Hth instant, at 12 xi'clock. M . for the purpose of paving the laat tribute of re apect to our late brother Edwin Seager. Members of the Or der generally are invited to loin with them. By order. JAS. U. CLAYTON, N. 0. Titos S. Tiwrsow, Secretary. New jerset exploring and mining compa ny?T rttisler i iffi r. No. SI Liberty street.?An election for Director* will be held at the Company s Office, Newark, M. J., on the third Tuesday (2Rtli) of May, 1SS1. The polls will be opened at 12 o'clock, noon, and closed at 3 o'clock. P M. The transfer hooks will bs closed frotn tits Ath to tba Slat of May. Uy order, JAMES L. CURTIS, President. MECHANICS' INSTITUTE.--THE POLVTECHMCEX hlbition and Mechanical Museum of the Institute will ?pea at tbe rooms, corner of Bowtry and Division street, on hfie 15th May next. Z. PRATT. President. T. C. born, Aetnary. TO AMATEURS.?LADIES AND GENTLEMEN WISH ing to become no inters of a respectable Dramatic Asse ntation. about starting at Burton's Lyceum, van obtain all Information required, by addressing a Bute to 0. C. L., Herald Office. Texas land agency.?the 'undersigned of fers his services as an agent in all matters app-rtalning bo lands in Texas, but (srticularly to sriectunlocatsd lands, and procure patents fur the came. Terms moderate, and will Be mado known when Informed what is to be dona. Addraos 11. G. CATLETT, Dalian, Texas. _ pKH|U||~ MR. EDUARD HERMANN F.HRL1CM WILL PLEAS! tall ur send his adores* to tho undersigned, who has business of iffifortawes to communicate tu him. Any per?"n knowing the wp rent-ut* ?f tiieahovc named will coaler a favor, by infermiug W. ,Vi Broad street. WANTED?I N FORM ATIOM OF EDWARD RF.Y aolda. of the pariah of Dr mrid. eoivnty of Leitrira, IrsLnd When laat heard from was io the Mate of Indiana, rest town Fetershnrgh Any tnformatii.n wf htm will he hanbfully received hy his sister, Jane Toruhan, at Mr. Keren, No. 4 Falt' n street. New York. a? Indiana pap< rs pi tse tbpy. F HOUiRS, HOONS, "WASTED, TRNIMIID II l? I 17-11 ANTED A FURNISHED w kens* in New York or Brooklyn, by a small family The best r?t? renrrs riven. Address " F. f. B. M.," Herald ?Hire, stating terms, location, to, WANTED?PART OF A HOUSE. tt ITS BOARD FOE ? family of eight. A fair priM will b? ptld for good get i mmodatioB*. Address (post laid) 8. L.. Br.aJwat Yost Office. LOST, dfea, ft REWARD.-STOLEN FROM THE BARE ME. VT OF ?tc keasoNo. 3*1 llroonte street, on Tncsdny morning. Eight large and smalt Silver Spoons and Forks, llutter'ainfo, nto . nearly tUmsflMd " Prieo." The above reward will be staid for thew ?covery. Pawnbrokers and others will please Mop them. IT offered JAMES PRICE. In ST?ON THE mi or MAT. OOIN'O FROM ROOAE J velt street to Dover, In Front street, a gold lever Watch and Chain?M I. Tobias. Na. 'AVI.A I. Twenty dollars re ward will be given to the person who will return it to the ?waor. No. W Greenwich street, oorner of Rector. IOST?YESTERDAY. IN A SIXTH AVENUE OMNI J bus, between fpriug ai d Vesey street*, a plain, dark fori* Mnanoie, containing about rwctity-ene dollar*: also, aeveral Jersey City and lUhokrn Furry Carriage Tickets. The tinder will be libs rally rewarded by leaving it at tW Ninth street. | <"<T EARI.Y ON WEDNESDAY EVENING, M\Y -E-d 7tb, $.''Jat in a common wallet, in passing from Walt atreet, through Broadway. Chatham, Centre. Broome, Broad way, and the Parade gr ttnd. tn Thirteenth street, nsnr Eighth avenne. A liberal reword will he given on leaving it at 17b Thirteenth street, near Eighth avenue. Dog lost-a brown pointer noo, with a short or doekod till; had on a leather and a chain eol wii fame on the Iras* plate of lattar. and ad "!*.** Bond street. Whoever will return him to the ahova address or to 54 West Twenty seventh street, will ba suitably ga warded. D??Tuesday afternoon.?a small white and brown Blenheim spaniel,(hrown oars, brown diamond .pot o, b * foreh. ,,,. ,n.| ?,h..r , r.,?? miirk. ? abaitaw white ?atl ) Whoever will return him immrdiate il' 1" ..i?Tm?n.s M roe, .nd Ureea ?treats, will be liberally rewarded. *APHK HtX?ISOg,dkl. w?*"' B ' U BR. HANGINGS, DEOORATIOI k'.?TTtoae in wantnl the above articles ikeald unlet no look through our estaMl.hment, as their ntersat ? tlSV. "7 i* ^.teoasuD-d by a call! THOR FA YE k ? I'sarl street, between Madison and Chatham. Board up town?very pleasant and hand somely furnished rwiai, suitable f..r gentleman and wife, er single gaatlomeu. any be had, with good loard, At No. Vi Greenwich aveuue, near Sixth avenue; warm and cold bathe in the hoaee, and it 1* near two umnibue routes. BOARD.-SINOI.E gentlemen can be accommo dated with pltacant rooms, (on'', the back parlor, tiret Soor,) with breakfast aad tea, at No. , 0 Clinton street. Board?can be had in a very pleasant lo cation, one block cast of Broadway, for single gentle men, lud gentlemen with their wivei, where the oomfurte of a home can be fully realised ; tine ie a rare opportunity for gentlemen doing business down town. Location one minute's walk from Nible's. Address Board, Broadway Post Office. Boarding.?a suite op fine large parlors to rent, well furnished, with part or full board, private table, where cleanliness, quietude, and attention can be de nt nded upon; warm and cold bath rooms, Ac. Apply at Mi Houston f treot, one block from Broadway.1 Board wanted.-two young gentlemen wish to take meals only, in the neighborhood of Franklin or Whits itreet, not tar from Broadway. Address 1. D. I., office of this paper. Board.?wanted, by a young gentleman, a small single room, with breakfast and tea, in a private ? . ' location near St. Joiw'* Pork. Address Box ... - Board wanted?by a young aenT*'*11? a boarding hone*, located in Barclay, Murray, Chambers street, or College place. Letters, stating terms, to bt a4dftssed to box No. 3,346 1'. O. Board wanted?by two young gentlemen, in sonic rcspe' tnhle family, French preferred, situated between Grand and Bleeeksr, aud near Broadway. Address iiotr, with terms, to C. N. U.. Roadway Post Office. Board-pleasant rooms, with board, in a j neat, quiet family, for single gentlemen or gentlemen , and their wives,at lid Grand street, a short distance ftrotn Broadway. Reference given and received. Board-rooms, furnisued or unfurnished. iu a rinail private family, may be obtained, with or with out breakfast and tea. Apply at ..116 Broadway. Bc Board up town.?very pleasant and uand some apartments for gentlemen and their wives, or single gentlemen in n modern built hoosc, may be had, with good board, at No. 177 Eaet Seventeenth itreet, between First and Second avenues. Warm and cold baths in the house; and it is near omnibus routes. K ifereu. ee exchanged COUNTRY BOARD WANTED? F .R A GENTLEMAN and his family, consisting of flvo persons; distaut not more than thirty wiles from New Yon on any route accee sible daily. Private family preferred. Please address H. A. kOTT, (Ki Nassau street. New dining saloon.?Messrs. s. h. it J. h. Crook respectfully announce to the public, that they have opened anew Dining Saloon, at 195 Washington street, between Fulton and Vesey; where they will be found, at all hours, in readiness to serve up Breakfast, Dinner, and Tea, at the shortest notice, and in the best manner. Having fitted un their saloon in the linest and most convenient style that At teen years experience in the business could suggest, and being resolved to do all in their power for the comfort and satisfaction cf their patrons, they flatter themselves that j their efforts, in this particular, will he duly appreciated. WANTED?BOARD, BY A LADY-NO QUESTIONS asked. Location not ahovc Houston street. Address A. B., this office. LODGINGS, dec. A LADY HAVING TAKEN A FASHIONABLE house, up town, would be happy to accommodate a few gentlemen with unfurnished parlors and bedrooms, where every attention wonld be paid to their comfort; or any per sons having handsome furniture, and would like to board it out, can tind a good opportunity of so doing, by addressing, for .1 days, C. D. E . box 6 Herald office, which will meet with prompt attention. A PARLOR AND BEDROOM TO LET, IN A PRIVATE family.?Will be 1 t to one or two single gentlemen, without board. A bath room and water closet attached. Locution unsurpassed. Terms very moderate. Refercnoes exchanged. Inquire at ,'ititi Broadway. FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, DOWN TOWN, NEAR Murray street, for single gentlemen. Address, Byron, this office. TWO PLEASANT ROOMS, WITH OR WITHOUT FUR, and with shower bath attached, to let in a pri vate family, to a gentleman and lady, or to two single gen tlemen. References exchanged. Inquire at II Howard street. MUSICAL. TO MUSICAL GENTLEMEN?IN ONE OF THE FIRST cities iu the Union?wanted to euqag", a hand of musical men. with a Brut-rate director, who can p*rsonate and iier furtn. for a series of night*. Ethiopian and other melodic.*, and medley* Direct to II. 11. D., lierald office, wit't the name of band or association. pOR 8ALE?A HANDSOME PIANO, MADE 11Y HAL ? lett Brown, Kenton, coat originally one thousand dollar*; will be sold now at a verv great sacrifice, in cooae Sumce of the family leaving for Europe. Apply to Mr. Tboi. [. Chamber*, .'MS Broadway, where it can be m en, or as N. P. 11. Curtiaa. aole agent of iiewes' Pianoa, 123 Broadway, CLOTHING. SPRING CLOTHING?Ol'R SELECT AND EXTENSIVE a took of Clothing for the aeaaoa la now ready, Compris ing all the lateat atylca of garuicnta of the day, and every thing that it ntw and chaste in ;s?d? to be found in this or European xnarltela. D t J. DEVLIN. 33 and 33 Jehu at., corner of Naaaan at. A CARD.-JAMES HARRIS. OF 313 BROADWAY, RE" turns his moat grateful thank* to hia friends an l publie in general, for their kind patronage for the last six yeara. Jatuea Harris begs leave to acquaint them of the removal of his stork of gents' furnishing go<>datoNo. MS Broadway, where lie will continue to manufacture Shirts and uuder gar ment* to order to their thorough satisfaction, aud thereby hopet to deserve the continuation of their favori. HAST OFF CLOTHING AND FURNITURE WANTED. iy ?The highest price can be obtained by ladiea and gon tlemen who have an f left off Clothing, Furniture, and Jewol mat or otherwise iway, up atairs. ry, be., to dispose of, hy seeding, through post or otherwise, for J. LEVENSTYN, 466 Broad Ladiea attended to by Mrs. Levenstym. CAST OFF CLOTHING, bC.?LADIES AND GENTLE men can obtain from the subscriber as hUh a price tor every description of east off clothing and *uperduoua arti cles, ts from any other aeeoad-baad dealer in ihanftj^AA drvas, through post or otherwise, or oall oa JAMES NLV, at his store, 11 Orange at., near Chatham at. CAST OFF CLOTniNO AND FURNITURE WANTED. ?Ladies or gentlemen having any Cast-off C oth iug or Furniture Co be disposed of, can obtain a fair cask price by sending for the subscriber at hia residence, era Una through the post will be punctually attended to. M. J. COHEN, bo Elm street. N. B.?Ladies attended to by Mrs. Cohen. INSTRUCTION. LOCUTION.?FRANCIS T- RUSSELL. ELOCUTION ist. respectfully announce* to his friend* sad pupils, his rooms are closed till September. During Mr. R.'s ice frmn the city, hi* classes will be iustructod by Mr. IKK BAILEY, No. 23 Park place. <ALVERT COLLEGE, NEAR NEW WINDSOR. CAR > roll county, Maryland.?The snmmcr *e?sion of this in tutivn commences on the list of Mar. Terms for tuition, srding, nnd mending of clothes. ills a year. No extra trge, except for music which is $30 per annum. Cirsulars ly be obtained at Kerksieg b Brrusing's music store, l.'l oadwav, and from Messrs. Ueilbuth b Sehults, 99 Jobs CIVIL ENGINEERS SCHOOL, NO. ffffO HOUSTON street. New Tork.?Mr. V. Beaumont, Civil Engineer, will open a new Canrse of Lessons, (ia the French nnd Eng lish languagne,) en the flftk of May. For information and re ference*. apply at tha school. Madame bakhiek, teacher of the fiu.ncii language, IH7 Grand street. Caa be aeen 1mm 12 to 3. O WfVrJL&r?t?n\? " " 1 TF'8 W'R'TINO ROOMS, Terms reduced one-half vis?42 tofl! .tb,t 'rT'n* U"uae.? ing stati' Sery?payable on subscribing. Private instruction at tb* Rw'oi only. For sale. Goldsmith's Gems of Pomman all i p. $1 60. DRY GOODS, <fer. MIL "MATHILDE DKMIDOI'F" MANTILLA.-AN All tide of surpassing elegance, aad differing in style and character from anything heretofore latridnced, ha* just at tho Pan< Mantilla Emporium, 331 Broad* this day. Alio. * ^lULPiN* ?l'nroadway. Strangers visiting the citv in pursuit of Dry Goods, will further their Interest and advantage by buying at the Bowery Savings Store, |>l Bowsrv. Good * sre retailed at this Immense establishment at the lowest whole sale price*. All business don" oa a scale of liberality, prompt ness sad correctness, which has drawa to itaa enormous pa tronage. sad it* popularity, although very large, ia oa toe steady increase. Shawls. Silks, Dress Goods, Hosiery, Linens, and White Goods, imported by the concern. D unes tic Good* of every des rijacn. manufactured expressly for this establishment, sad iBneirnd direct Irom the factories. Those who buy one# here, will try again nnd again. F. W.b W. F. GILI.EV b CO. TUB TRADES. TCNniNEERT INSTITUTE.?MEMBERS OF TIIF. 0 MJ itit nt# are requested to lie punctual la their attsn anee on Thursday evening. May A. An amendment t? t eoatUtuti'.n will be broaght before the meeting. Bv order, E. FA RON. President. Mirwxri. Ha any, Secretary. WHIP AND STEAMBOAT BLACKSMITH WORK, OR tr any other kin ' if iron work. dm* oa tho most reasonable terms, at 3tif South street, at myn*arehop between M mt rini"ry and Gouvcrneur streets. New vessels iruacJ with itpatoh, aad on the most reaaoaahle term*, by STEPHEN ROBERTS. T BELLOWS MAKERS.-WANTF.D A STEADV. IN dustrious man. who ia a good follows maker, t* tako chart* ?f a bellows shop, and act as foreman. Apply to Rll IIARHS b FLIURY, *1 Plat* stood. {HI. AM ITAINERS OR PAINTERS WAN CRD?ONE V* or two good wnrktnen ran ffnd MMsdy employment st go?d wage. Addr. es JOHN OIUsOJT 79 South Eleventh street, Philadelphia. TO TAILORS.-A GENTLEMAN or LONG ETPE rience, is desirous of nonnesting hlmeelf with a fashion able establishment. a? Cutter who has an extonsiv# acquaintance that would be of advantage to any hoase. Ad drtei "Tailor," at this offleo. WATCHMARFK WANTED-A WtTUIIMAKER Ttl go Soath; one who understands repairing jewelry, aad eagraviag. Apply to BROWN b DWIOIIT. 10 Coirtlandt street, up atairc. WATCH MAKER?WANTED A OOOD WORKMAN. TO *o to St I. nls, Mo.; also, oa* for Vicluburg, Miae. Apply at "1 Maiden lane. r ANTED?A GOOD WATCHMAKER, TO GO TO RRII TV I' nn. Til ar -d Workman, ? p. rm?n*nt situsli ? Will he gives. Apply to BROWN b MAIHE. M Nassau street, upstairs. w (NARDRNKRI SITUATION WANTKD-BY V MAN M who understands the forcing of frnita. vegetables, etc.; tho ont door culture of all kinds of fruit trees, the rotation nf cropping for n large or smnll kitchen gi.rden, laying ont and ornamenting lawns or flewer gardens, nn the modern system of gardening. Also, the net culture of * farm, en any seal#. The advertiser has hsd manryniir* evp iricnce a* a scientific agriculturist in Europe a< wall as this coun try. Address "Onrd*n*r," Herald oftce. Notice to distillers avd i.tqirot mf.r ehanta.- Wanted, employment, by * young man well acquainted with the bnsmesa. as outdoor Solo?r,iau f, r some distillery or tlqnor merchant; I* well acquainted with the bnslitree, and eonld Influence s?*w* Wade. A amall sal-try and eommlaston wenld beexpectod. FUsto addns* Imnio* diatoly Thorpe. J Peek Slip _ HKHOTAU. Removal.?joiin a. wtmam, merchant tailor. lias removed from No. 232 to 2#7 Broadway, opposite the City HalL Removal.?a. barnakd, qold and silver re flner. Sweep Smelter, nad Aseayer of Metals, hH re moved hie oflkce from No.S Well Street to lufi KulUin street where Le Use constantly on head due Uold uu 1 rolled silver for platers. The highest price |>ud for California fold, old fold and silver. Jewellers uad eilvi-reiuithe' sweeping* pnr Ctmeidly sssay. or smelted on shares. Ollice, 1 Jrt Fulton ?trvet; works. 1*4 Laorvns street. DR. CAL1ISEN HAS REMOVED (ROM 41 WHITE street, to 31 Seventh aveuue, between Twelfth and Thir teenth streets. Ernest charmet has removed from oj wall street to V.' Front street, w here he offer* for sole his supe rior Champagne Flenr do Sillery, from Messrs Fisae, FraL quinicC'o a helms. Schiedam, Uelgiau Gin. Window Glass, Brought Nails, Dutch Herring, Anchovies, ttc. Desks, desks?jam eh n. cooke has removed his Desk and Furniture Warehouse from 112 to 36 Broad way, where a full assortment may always he found. BOOKKEKFINC.-RKMOVAL.-0. C. MARSH'S COUNT iug rooms, for tho study and practice of Bookkoepiug, so long established at H8 Cedar street, are removed to No. .'til Broadway, corner of Oeano street, where Mr. Marsh will bo happy to receive pupils in future. Prospectuses supplied on application. For sale?" Marsh's Course of Bookkoeuing," 220 pp.?the last and most beautiful work ever published ou the subject. Frice, $1 23. ifoms pa il hunging?A. C. Faluier aas rem "''i rrom .isu way, to l.Ispeunrd street, four doors from Broadway. SIDNEY W. CLARK, FOR MANY YEARS AT NO. 4*7 Broadway, corner of Broome street, has takeu the store No. 473 Broadway, under Hutching*' cabinet wareruqap, w here he is pi (pared to supply his friends and custom^ witll a general assortment ol' Wines, Teas and famil" stores, *e leeted with tho utmost care, together with i'.avaua Segars of the choicest descriptions. t COPARTN^USIIIP NOT1CKU. DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP.?THE PART nersbip heretofore carried on as Diton Si Look hart, Veterinary Surgeons, is this day diasulved, hy mutual con scut. A. II. Ill EON, WILLIAM LOCK HART. Tho subscriber, thankful for past favors, begs leave to ac quaint hi* friends. and the public generally, that he has removed to No. 19 Great Jones street, where, by strict att n tion to business, ho hopes to merit a share of public patron age. WILLIAM LOCK 11ART. N. B.?Tho subscriber is n graduate of the Loudou nud Edinburgh Veterinary Colleges. Dissolution of copartnership,?the go. partnership heretofore cxiating between the sub bri bers, under the Arm of Gregg At Kupp, is this day dissolved by mutual consent. Michael Itupp will eoutinti o the business on bis own account, at 19U M ater street, where the business of the late firm will be settled by him. New York,May 6, 1831. WILLIAM T. GREGG. MICHAEL HI'PP. PARTNER M'A NT ED IN THE DAGUERREOTYPE business, with a capital of $3(J0 or $600, to go to South America with one that understands the business and lan guage. Reference given and required. Address J. N., Herald office, box 4. TO LET-IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, A HANDSOMELY furnished room, on the secoud story, with or without breakfast, to a single gentleman, at 164 Chamber* street. References exchanged. Also, for sale, a new first rate grand piano. WANTED?A PARTNER, WITH 10.000 CAPITAL, IN a manufacturing business, which will pay a large profit. This is a good opportunity for a good busiucs* man w itli the above means, which will be entirely under his own control. Address'!'. K., Herald office. WANTED?A PARTNER, TO ENGAGE IN A STEAM boat operation, producing a large profit. A responsible mau desiring to engage, may apply at 113 Chaaubers street. PUBLICATIONS. LA I-UWIERE fTHE I.IGUT), A SPECIAL NEWS psperfor the Heliographie, that is to my, Photography ana Daguerreotype?oifice, Hue do l'Arcadc, No. 15, Paris. The journal is published every Sunday, and its first number is dated lebruary 9. Price of subscription 3d francs (<1). A ?recnncn in neiit, if demanded by a prepaid letter. An agent A NORIGINAL NOVEL FOR THE DAV BOOK?WE A A have the plcature of announcing that we have received the manuscript and shall commence the publication imme diately, in the hay Book. of an original Novel, eutitled the Kuraaal; Or, Experiences of the Span of Germany. By Ma dame Julie De Murguerittea. The Kursnal tis the large sa loon in which the people aaaeuihle in the gambling rooma at Baden-Baden, Wiesbaden or llomluirg. The book ia a no vel, illustrating the evila and vices of these place a hv meana of realcharacters. The opening of the boot ia the real his tory or the life and marriage of Prineeaa Eliiabeth of Eng and. daughter of George 111., and her settlement with her husband at lleaae llomburg, where she founded the present baths of llomburg. The hiatory of the present lessees of the llomburg hatha is a true one. In the eourse of the novel many remarkable characters are introduced, political and others, Galium, Lcgnowtky, Lever, Lola Montes, Sic. A eliapterof this novel vill appear in every number of the Meekly Day Book, and parts of chapters In the Daily paper during the week. Families wishing the Day Book served at their residences, will pleasesend in their names to No. 122>2 1 ulton street, npstairs. STIMSON k FOSTER. PROSECUTION THREATENED THE N. V. O. K? ? The startling dcvclopementi in David Alwyn, the ruined Countrv Merchant, or a Peep into Mercantile Agencies, has called forth letters threatening suit for libel unless the pub lication of this interesting drama i.< discontinued T.. trick y friend, the 0. K. says. "Cdittd on Macdnff.'" and to morrow will be published boun thing more to tickle y? !?also a Scqutl to Don Quliote, or tlic Last Days of Sancho Pansa; Jonathan OK. in his newly invented travelling car, wlth.n account of the first day s proceedings of the Fair, brought ,y? ,yk. l : c"nVtr'*tion with the Queen, Prince Albert, Lord John Rusecll. and Mr Punch. Sketches of the Cuba Bi?f . *0- Four "lustrations and cuts every week. No old stuff manufactured in the days of Methuselah?all origi nal. Price two cents. Sold by news boys and newsagents everywhere. Office 163 Fulton street. pntA ANDTUE <THANS.?THE ANNEXATION OF i . ? ..? ? United States, Is a subject of the deepoat interest, while that island remains in its present condition. The late and present expeditions for taking violent posses sion of the territory of a foreign an l frleudly power, can never receive the sanction of auy good oltiien. For a di scretion of Cuha, its resources, its injuries and wrongs, and the proper mode of cITi-rting its annexation to our Union see ths work entitled "t uba and the Cubans." published b* SAMUEL IIUESTONE.l?Nassau street. RH AMERICAN PORTRAITS. ALL DIFFERENT, 12.UIX) VV scrap and Urge engravings. Just published?Heirs , of Derwentwatcr. fine.; The Sisters. 00c. Shelley s Works. London; all the new publications, old and ne w books, bought and eold at the Old Curiosity Shop, 102 Nassau street. JOHN U.JXKAULK. A BRAIIAM MAZE WOULDHERF.UV RESPECTFULLT I .rm * publio, that he ia. as usual, at hit eld stand, I Ml Bleecker street, prepared to furnish all kinds of books and stationery, together with a general assortment of grate ! aprons, trimmings for mirrors and picture frames, and all and | ?evetslly the thousand aad one artlclts of fancy and utility, which are to be bad In a well stocked book store. A large assortment of Family Bibles. WANTED-CANVASJERS FOR a new mechvni eal work. Address P.. Xt'4 Post office. TKAVELLBIU' OUIDB. FOR SING SING. Till thing AT HAMMOND STREET ??eb way, landing at Yonkers. Hastings. D .bbs' Fetge and Tarrvtown?Fare to lookers. 13),; Hastings. Dobbs' Ferry and Tarrstown, lxy cents; Sins Sing. 21 e<mU-The new and splendid strainer JENNY LIND. Capt. Win. H. Wilson, will leave the foot of Chambers street every after noon, at 3), o olock. (Fridays excepted) Returning will Inns..Bin. sing at A M Freight take, on rea.on.bU terms. For further particulars apply on board. NEW YORK AND PHII. A DEI.I'll IA ? NEW YORE ??' direct?United States MUl IJ," Torotigh In d)t hours, via New Jersey Railroad. Fare r* bTw V^t e\ w' s1"'' ?Bd H8" Mflonii slsss. Leavg n i. s ,!EAJMroni fool of Courtlaod street; and at i \ t' a!' * ?'2 ?f Liberty street. Leave Pblta l'. 9 A" *' ul ? *? tern the feet twit CAMDEN AND AMBOT RAILROAD LINE FROM New York to Philadelphia-Leaves pier Ne. 1 Nortb 1 SlSlVu'h." JOHN POTTER, MornU. Line, atl !.?L V A " : *ft?ruoem Line, at 4 o'eloeh, P. L. Fare by ?Ither line fiJ; forward deck. $2. Emigrant Line at S o'eloel P. M.. fare. El ?. I. ?u88. 9 fpo TRAVELLERS OOINO SOUTH?NEW SI I'FRHm * and economical line between Baltimore and Fredericks rJ2' Y*-i K??'hin?n<| a?d l*eUr?barg, Vs., l-rnch burg, Va.. Raleigh, N. C., and Charleston. S C. Ths puhlis are hereby inf. rmsd that the large and splendid low prewar* Alegsnder McCaasUnd, fitted up with state rooms and 130 berths, and unaurpnseed is speed and accommodation hy any boat south of New York, U new running between Baltimore and Acgnia Creek, via ths mouth of I Otomae and I iney Point. In eonneetlou with the Rieb- . i"? Fredericksburg and Richmond and Petersburg 2b #* u' k7 ,hl" Bns leaving t ommeree street wharf, Baltimore, at A o'clock, P. M . on Tuesdays and Fri ?.'"n 'MAerieksburjr by 7, A.M. the next da/. Rich ?hWh nol.t ti ' V"t7,b"r* 9koat 1 '' " ,r"? 1 ?n. -L .S? 'T,S,d Urthcr eouth with ptssenr'rt by 1 l!? A^i tickets by this superior lio*J i 1 ni a TSsengorsfvotn pt?11ina,? rw to Fredericksburg at r ?? Petersburg, fiA fif; to Ch?ulS.,A I -'?? BiAlurd ititc fooma cntr*. Ff?rw*p.l f*a.htn n*. 4", to Ritlimond ur fVt'raharg. ft AO; iacluJint ? -.r,'r fwrih#' ioformntion at tht B ... __ (has WORTniNOTON. Jn.. Agent, Bsltlmore. March JL UHL Commerce street eherf KIPKEIE AOCRCIEE, 4m. JkFFU E OF HREflDRV S F.XI'REt?; ?P E R I N III " ',m!f"r Cnllforni*. will d > well to ,.11 at t ?U office before engaging their passage, where plant of the different steamers can he seen, and hcrt he engaged at lew I*1*?*- THOMPSON k IIITCID Hi K. I* fttrl Street, coy Wall Street. ft "DORY'S CAMPORNIA FRBIOKT. PACKtOE. V? asd l'arvs1 kxper-s. per stesmer EM PI ME CITT. direct! * .*!?IJ.?Bythe shove steamer, our negt Ex press will be forwarded to eur agents at Chngrts and Pn nsnna. who hase the mi'S certain srrsngem-nts for ths Speedy transmission of freight ever the Irthmue. of any cem panles engaged In the hueinese. Shippers may rely upon all goods shipped through us, being delivered in f'snimx In id vanes nf allI others, st which port n?r facilities for reahln menl of foods all the steamers eanaot he surpassed. Par c?l< received until the morning of steamer's day of sailins and Utters nntil half past to'eloek P. M Packages (which mnst in all case* he made nerfe. tlv water proof.) most be left at the oEicn the day previous. No fust om House charges "?d* ? THOMPSON A IIITCIH Of K. Menagers snd t? tits. 14V Pearl st corner of Wall at. DERFORD * CO.'S FAST EXPRESS TO EALIFORN I t ?<-be?p postage?Pt.stage, 10 cents; FreighU. 4" cents Cos! ai * . N**"P?l'rr?. ? cents; hy the hnndred. *.1 jnNawtTTm "i1 > k'Jh? fMi steamship IIRoTIIER JONATHAN, en Tnesday. May 1.1. Mails elete at IV I*. M. Small parcels received fill 2 F. *. Packages of ffl |hs.. water proof, received till l? A. M. Mr. Rerford aoeompsnies eur freight and malls from Chsgres to Pnnema. Ne. I Vseey stsnsly Aitet lfeuse New V 'vV. ADAMS A CO R flRFtT CALIFORNIA FRET.VIfT, XB-_ Package and Parrel Express, per steamer Empire City, on Tuesday. May l.'lth. Speed Insressed ! Hates redneed l! special freight agrat end spreial m'-esenper i ? , r "7,V*?'1" "I'"? for California vis Chagres snd Panama Will he despatched per steamer Empire City, Captain J. D Wilson, on Tuesday, l.'lth instant, at three o'clock. I' M In shsrge cf our own .pedal freight agent and through meescn ger to destination. As onr arrnngemeats on the Isthmns are nxst- so perfect for the speedy end safe tranemi ?siuu of freight rsinsignoiw hy this express uiey mly upon thstr gnods going shrnf-ie? in time for corresponding stssmsrs oB JJ? ""d !' * greet reduction from fortn-r rates. All frelghl to go fnrbsrd on the Itth Instant, most he delivered tsae f-With Invnleos) on or before the l2Ui. dmall parcels will hn received until twelve o? lock oe tho day of sVilins T 'nacf/ mede tn shippers by onretpr *s for Custom efeerseee, ?t ronetUr sertitlcstes. Evry pec ease must bs rendered Ptrirtlir water nroef. and show./n l exceed Id) lbs * eight. Ail fgf <?bt rrestst Invatisbly be pre prat I AP4HR A CO . Wind 16 HnHsttetk. c ajuu aom, *?. Auction sauh or morses, wagons, harness. Whip*, Blankets, Ro., by order of tike executors. on Sa turday, May 10, at tl,? Madison Stables, corner of Tvrutf seventh street and Broadway, at 11 e'elnek A. M . raiuor ehiee. j. j. in,i s i' Aae'r. AMETUn MNI? FOR BALE?AT STABLE NO. 40 in Math street?together with Wagon, llarueaa. Sad die anil llridic, Ac., calculated for children from live to twelve years of age. Ho la very handsome, young, and faat. Tli* whole foruia a pleasant aud beneficial amuaoineat for children. A Hare CBAXCE? FOB SALE, A BEAUTIFUL, FULL blooded,jet black Mare. ?ix ycara old this spring, I3>d hm. da high; is of a celebrated trottiug stock; warranted per fectly sound and auntie; acut recently froui Out couutry to a gentle uiun who has no uae for her; can be bought, if applied for aoon, at half of her real value: is a very rant traveller, and with a little practice, would trot a mile inside of three minutes; baa beautiful liniba, aud would make a splendid eaddle mare. Price, $2tiS. Apply to Mr. Kumar, to Court

laud t afreet, up stairs. A BLOODED lloKSE FOR SALE.?IIE IS OWNED ON a farm, has never been trained, and will trot in harness a mile inside of three minutes, (shown, if ueeessary ) The price of the horse is $400. None but thoee in want of a drat rate animal which can be recommended, aud willing to pay the price, need ea'l- Ilia color ia bay, site 16,'j bauds, nix years old, sound in every way, kind in any liiriisas, and alwasa travels beat the latter part of hie Journ-fy. For fur ther particulars, inquire of Gillespie it Carlisle, 127 East I Broad waj. j 1JU1IILY HORSE dm. will <!l?tio?e of a young hay Horse, perfectly sound and of excellent nUpohltlon, fur which he has no present use. He la valuable us a single horse for a family, and will be sold reasonably. Apply to Mr. John Smith, at W-n. Coventry U. W'addell, corner Thirty-seventh street aud Fifth avenue. FOR SALE-A PAIR OP DAPPLI ORBY COLTS, live and six years old this spring, 1(1 hauda high, war ranted in every respect. They arc of superior style ia ap piurauec and action, particularly kind an I geutle In single or double harness, weli matched, aud can trot a mile together in 3 minutes and 'JO seconds. Price $1,000. Also, a pair of large and stylish black Carriage Horses, short tails, lti)f hands high, fust and pleasant drivers, cither in single or dou ble harness, warranted sound and kind, coming seven and nine yours old. Price $000. Also, a pair of pony built bay ilorses, 16,'-i hands high, Hag tails, six aud eight years old, closely matched, of superior sty le and action, warranted in every respect. Priee $600. Aleo, a superior bay trotting Marc, six years old, of superior stylo and action, and with promise of great speed, wa* ranted ia every particular. Price pOO. The above Horses are well worthy the att -ntion of gentlemen in want of superior road horses, and may be seen upon application (post paid) to EDW. DUGDALE. Burlington, N. J, For SALE?a splendid large dark bay French Canadian Dorse, Hve years old, free from all tricks, faults, or imperfections, and warranted aound and kind in every respect. Can be seen at the ooal yard. Eighth avenue, between Twenty-fifth and Twenty-sixth streets. FOR SALE.-A BLACK HAWK COLT, SIX YEARS old; kind in single and double harness; a beautiful sad dle horse?will trot Taut or canter?can be seen at any time orplace, by addressing aline to IJ7 Grand street, New York. For sai.e-a beautiful ph.eton, but little used, calculated for one or two horses. Will bo sold low. Inquire at the Madison Stables, of D. S. JAR VIS, cor ner of Broadway and Twenty-Seventh street. Five houses for SALE?YIZ; one pair BPLEN did Mack horses, long tails, sound and kind, ti years o.d;one gray horse, young and sound, broke in every re spect; one buy horse. 16 hands, sound uu 1 kind, (brcud Mor gan hunter,) very fait; en# bay horse. 13hands, very ctvlish, perfectly broke for family use. All the above hors< :ed sound I jp'y l No. (> Howard street. N. B.?Four single Wagons aud four warranted sound and kind in every respect, and jus', from . . 1Y" * the country Apply at D. S. CAMPBELL'S Livery Stable, No. ti Howard street. !" ~ ~ " Single Harness for sale. Horse for bale.?a splendid grf.y, about lixteeu hands high, sound, aud kind in suylo or double harness; also, under the saddle. Sold for want of use. Ap ply at the stable 2U7 Ninth street, near Second avenue. HI S CK L.L. AN KO U 8. ROSES-SPLENDID 110 dKS?G ERA N 11' M.S. PF I"l" niuH, Verbenna, and a variery of other desirable pluuld tor ornamenting the garden, always on !i in I, and for sale at tho Floricultnral establishment of ALKXR. HLTCUldON", Twenty-eighth street and Broadway. Cli I C O R Y.?CHICORY ROOT. CHICORY MEAL, Chicury Cukes, fur sale by ESCOUIA/.A ft CO., No. 1 Hanover square. WATCHMAKERS' AND JEWELLERS' TOOLS AND Materials fur aale, at ? I. I.?ai- uad retail, at III wry lowest prices, for cash; also, Lathes, Milling Tools, Draw 1'tales, sud Jewellers' Tools and t asemakers' I. ith t in .in i factured ; constantly o n hand, a full ussorlin. ut uf Watch Materials and Watch Classes, Stub's files, ft,-. W. II. I'll ASSE, 5ii Chatham street. OOTS AND SHOES AT JONES'. 14 AN N STKE ST NEAR the Museum. Business Boots, $1; usually (3. French B call droas Boots, $4 80 to $2; usually J'i. Also, every variety of Taney dress Shoes, for summer wear. Freueh patent leather Boots and Shoes, warranted to wear as well as calf ?kin. For sale at Jones , 14 Ann street, at prices which defy competition. PKli LS OF BOOTS AM) SHORS RI Dl'OED-VOSE, Wood M Co., No.01 Maiden lane, contemplating a eliauge in their business, offer their entire etuck ol Boots and Shoes at prime coat. Their assortment is one of the largest and most complete in the city, and will be offered for the next sixty days at twenty per cent below regular prices. Terms liberal. VOSE. WOOD ft CO , lit Maiden laao. SOFA BEDSTEAD.?NEEDILAjfS PATENT SOFA Bedstead, manufactur. i fy WT*. Humphry*, No. ldd Chatham otreet, acknowledged by all who have seen them to Le the beet ever offered for sale. It requires but ten (* eonds to convert it into a perfect bedstead, with spring mat ure* attached. Plea** call and examine them. N. B.?/ tarn* assortment of Furniture, Feathers. Bods, and Mattress ?s, wbolssals and rslaiL IjU'RNITI RE ?IIMBES LATENT EXTENSION DIN lag tables aad furniture wart-rooms will shortly reiuovo to tin ins loeatiun, No. 4M I.roadway. Orcat laduorm -ula arc offered to purchasers, and tli* largest stock of tables in the city, with pateat iron plated slides, warranted never to jet uut of order. C. I I1UBE, li t Broadway. Girandoles, lamps, a.-.-the i ndersioned. hating the largest and most select stock of Lamps, i bandoliers, to., to be had in this city, is uow selling at prices which make it an inducement to all who wish to purchase to give a call. S. S. HFILLY, Itt Canal, rorntr of Laiglit, and Bi7 Greenwich street. PATENT HYDRANTS.?BARTHOLOMEW'S SEI.F-ACT iag art the right kind for tenements, alleys, Ac., aad comply with the regulations of the Water Beard, being never b it nu ll, when not la nse; are strong, durable, not llkoly to - r- * ie. will not burst the pip', and are easily repaired without digging. Have been in eatsnslve use for Ore years past, aad are highly unproved of by the Crutoa Water 1><j rartmeat. Also, double llydraats, for two yards. For salt v the plu m he re. Beware uf imitations. GAS CHANDELIERS. St" IT A BI.E LOR SMALL PAR lort or stores, with firntn tlire* to four bnraors, from SI! to t*> each. Also, Solar Lamps. Chandeliers. Maatel Candelabra*, of entire new stylea; sifter plated on German silver Cast -rs. Baskets. Tea Sets, table Forks. $7. Spoons, At dot.. Cutlery. Ac. A. MORGAN, I.VI William, botwsaa Fulton and Ana. opposite the Church.. CABDHWOF tuf. ( mod est brand*, in half O and whole betes; I'oawhee, preserved la brandy, or Syrup iu Jar* or hermetically: Pic Fruit", the greatest variety la the market, imported. Lobster*. Oyster*. Salmon. A'., fresh or gdthlod; Leiloi Mustard. I'i ties, Amm a la every variety: Currie I'owder. India Soy and Clfi nne. -d sup-rior quality. For >ale by GEO. RAPHAEL. Mi Pearl street. EHASF. IN WALKING, AND COMFORT To TIIE FEET. ? Hall's pannus-rorium Hoots and Shoe* are Hi* softest, eeeiest. and moet comfortable ever offered to the public. Those having cum*, bunions, or any tenderoesa of the lect, will find ow trial their great superiority Over leather. R. GEO. HALL, No. 3 Aator House. Bar. lay street. CTATEN ISLAND FANCY DYING ESTABLISHMENT 0 other. No I John street. New fork.?Th* proprietors ?f this establishment, whos* eying and finishing hav* he** ?o long and favorably known to th* oommnalty, ar* ready to roooiv* order* for dying nod elennslng silk, woollen, outton, linen, nad fancy good*, efovtry description, la the hoot men ?or. BARRETT, NEPHEWS A CO. JENNY 1.1 ND AND THE WORLD'S FAIR ?EVF.RY person who lntoade attea ling tho farewell concert* of Jenay Liwd. la ia'ited to e*ll at TI TTLE'S EMPORIUM, 34A Broadway, sod eaaminc a ehoiee assortment of eapenor Opera Ulaieee. 1 lie styles aad quality will b.< found on* quailed. ?l - I1,, | ri . s sr ? p- r cent lower than such goods have ever been effered In this eoawtry. These glaaeoe. 1 ? ing i > rti.l loagnlflcrs. sr.- particularly worthy th* atten tion ' all p-rsune visiting th* World's Fair. No traveller. - aptaia. should b* unprovided with sue, as they are far superior, aad mors eoavsaieat, thaa th* ordinary Spy Ulsse for reviewing coast scenery, ships, aad objects at sea. Ate. For salt at Tl'TTI.E'S Emporium *f Fancy Goods, Novelties. Ac., 34."> Broadway. AM. DISEANESOF Til F. I M F OR ^IS SRI I 1 RI It I (aillby a charm I by th* trwe Jones' Italian Ch*mi-?i heap. It mollifies and heals tho shin, and ns n proof of Its Innocent pr?|>*rt|. s. It Is nsed for chefes. chaps aq l cracks of infants. On* trial will delight nil who nee it. Ilnyitowly nt 4ii3 Brondway. tho d< pet of J a**' Idly W hite, fur ladiee ?kin. a fine article. Till. Ill MAN II AIR?BALD "NE-i RE.AD-l.AfiT A | ri i I bought a le. beAtl* at J o. ? c ,r? 1 Ho c Alton. I live, eat tppiieu it Id s: heal, which had hoeu hal I oa the top nad side five years. It hal fliwd hair to grow full A of aa inch In this short time, and it t* bow still growing. Iwo iag It* good effect, I made mv daughter, wh-sfihair was grey, discolored, and filled with dandruff, try it. It ha*, in oa* muBth, made her hafrtmw many shadw darker: it ha* mad* It soft and fin*, (thonffw boNire harsh and coarse, )gv I I '? ?ay It ie a most w nderfal article th all w*rs?ue who ha-a bad hair shenld uaa. J. BKE it'M ?".!?. Mve'iinist. Yor': vills". N, Y ?Tk's I* so|4 oaljr at 4"5 Broadway. N. Y., or ITS Fwlioa Sir el TlrO. klya. _______ HAVTI THREATENED. p.,me say that llaytl soon will b? AM*- k'd and tahea. do you ooof What car* I for llayti sfs'o, If I kill tho things 1 hate! Rs-s and noes, with Lvov's Pill. I can very surely kill. Be,Li ng*, roaches, I decoy. Wi'b this Powder, and destroy. For Pillo aad Powder, seek hi*?to to, In Rmadwny, IN. Principal depot fog the Magaotio Powder aad Pitta, 4M Broadway. DIHR. KEI LINGER, DEAR ?1R -MY HAIR CONTI ? aaea firm and thick . I had aoao when I eomm-aced I u?iwg the finid. Mr. F.. Iluksow, at llndeoa. whom yon hav* attended to, had Bo hair fr-m ble *ov?Bt**nth to Ids f.irty ec-oad year. I knew him vr-ll lli?. ss well as my --wa case, will astonish any ow* who will mnks an ssaminnlion Y'-wre trnly. Wm. Gardner, No Xi A*-- >nd etreer. Williamshnrrb. I I. An-ilier w. nderfnl r*f*r'nce-Mr J-'in Clark*. ul Hasting*. W . ?t-hosier Co, had no hair for fifteen years I ?ow Mr r. It is indeed n most wonderful growth. There ? ere m-re than twenty confirmed cnwoff of hair r*vtored la li e village of Yonkera. Tear Miller. I am well tanas to ev-A IJ?-rman R I* Getty*, the lion. Anroa Varhe, of Yonkere. Wrstehootcr Co. Mr . U W Walling, of th* Chief* of Polio* ofBe?, has n Aa*. *wfv, thieh. 'wrlcy hrwd of hair?had a-mo when h* began using Iho fluid. No i ll* sssertloiia her*. Dr. R. hae rases of from twenty fiee to thirty yrnrs habln-ss r. st - i ? n r h. r r--inc I v . >. r done The do. tor will f rfeil il he foil- ? | that ha has. Bold, so all can reach It. from la. to fie. *eeh. Dvysta. aw Pearl street. 4R4. aad of th* Do -tor nt d7?. Broad way, White, Front, Grand tad Broome. CAIsirORMIA. I! OCR WELL* PALMER. COMMISSION MERCHANTS I\ and General Forwarding Evpress Agents. ftnerwiwento City, California.? W. II Palmer, hnvlng rwddod te. -ral years in f sllfornln and th* finndwich Island*, and being well *' quo in ted with fh* various mining disirlets. respectfully soil. Its n share of the patronage of those who have business to he tronsnrtedoith*r la California or the hand ivtch Island* Refers to Macondroy A Co fitarkcy, Jsnlon k Co., ? lloon er. Esq.. at Cross. Ilobeon A Co.. W illiam PicheH, Col. J. B. Hnle. Ran Francisco; I'avert A Hill, Donghty ft Slue*. Whent?u, Hamilton ft Co.. Saeramcnfo City. Kmibchoff nt sola ft co.. t?MMtfifii?N ber ohanle, San Francisco, ( aliform* Refereneoo?Messrs Grnner ft Co., 8t. Thomas. W. I ? Roller, fined ft Rinra. New Vnrk; P. W. Brune ft Rons, Baltimore; GoooWrft f)#? Boston. Eruhling ft Grooch*a, lond'-e. John A D-roog* ft Co^Rremem Cerrtoea ft Co, Broaoea; Jshfi Moooa A Ca., THJB TUHJT. UNIOM COURSE, I,. I.-A Pl'RSE Or V* OFFERED fur trotting horse* that ??v!j w un a parse over $fil>; mil* heats, beet three in five, tu harness. To come off on If rnfiny, May 12; ?Btrice to eluse ?n Friday. Ray Pth. at 10 o'oluek P. M., at Mr. Wiu. Madden'*, 101 Chatham street. Also, a pao in* purlc of $30 oflered for horse i tint never won a purse over mile h. ats, hrst three in five, io harness. Tu cow i off on Monduy. May IJtb; entries to oluae May Hth, at Mr. Mud den'a, at 10 u'elouA P. M. Also, a purse of $100 offered for trotting horaoa that never won a pur?? over $1M; mile heats, best three in five, under saddle. To eome off iu M edaerday. May 14; to oluae an Friday, May I'Mi, at H'm. Madden'*, at K> u'cloek 1'. M. Ia all the above three ur mure to make a race, and toots start. JOHN 1. riNKDIKER, Proprietor. ITNION C04R8E, L. I.?THURSDAY, MAY li, TI1REK ' interesting private matches to come off during ttie af ternoon; owners te drive their o ro horses. Admission to all parts of the stand free. ?_ JOliN* I. SNEDIKER. Proprietor. C3RNTREVH.LR COURSE, L. I ?TROTTING.?THI'llS f day, May lith. at 2'., oMoek. P. M.-MaUb for Sl.HUI twu mile heats, in harm.**, a. M.l.auyhlm naftloa b. g. Pel ham; O. Nelson usuri hi. *. ltlack Harry. JOEL CONCKI.IV. Proprietor. 13 ED HOUSE PLEASURE GKODN DA-TROTTING.* A.*" A puree pi $23 will eome off on Friday, the 'Jtli Ma) for h?"' ? that never trotted for money, mile heats, lied Sin five, to saddle. Entries to close at the above house >a Thursday evening, by eight o'clock. E. EVFT\ Proprietor. SPOltTIVO. TO THE PUBLIC?AND AMATEUR BOATMEN IN psrtirslar. 1 would rail their attention, iu answer to an article in this mommy's Herald, over the signature of Jam's Lee. 1 have nu desire of boaiting, until a i itory shall liave been achieved; 1 therefore buhl myself ready "r open for any match w bich may offer, and for any amount wiucli may he named : asking only the ?. qual chance wliieh the lia.ard of the die may give, in the selection of chuice of waltr. Inquire at J. C. Hcwes boat builder's shop, corner of Stanton and Mangin streets. May7th, 1131. WILLIAM II. DECKER. FINANCIAL.. New tori state money bought atone-half per cent discount, by CARPENTER & VKKMlLYEi 41 Wall street. Bank of north america.-new york. may i, 1861.?J. J. Flak. Esq., having retired from the office of President of this inntitution, on account of ill health, Wil Usui F. IIaveineyer, Esq., liu been unanimously elected to fill the vacancy. J. SEYMOUR. Caebler. NEW YORK, MAY 1, 1861.?THE PRESIDENT AND Uirectore of the Bowery Bank have, thie day, declared a dividend of four per cent, payable on and after the lo t, ln*t, The transfer hooka will fie closed until the Otli ioet., inclusive. Per order N. G. BRADFORD. Cashier. THE NEW BANK AT EASTON.?'THE BOOKS FOR receiving subicriptious to the capital stock of the l'lmiri' and Mechanics' flank of Eastou," will beepened on Mouday. the 12th of May instant, at the hotel of David Connor, in the borough of Eaaton, Northampton c maty, Pennsylvania, and will bo k- ptopen during t lie five follow-in* dujs ii necessary. Tlic capital of the bank l? tKW.'KXI, with liierty to Increase it to $P?l,OUO. The .hare. fsiiiench, upon which S'< must he paia at the time of subsenbiujt. and s?si more within hixty daya thereafter. The r Hue in such in ?talmente aa may be hereafter required by the by-liw?. Thie bank w as chartered by the Legislature of Pennsylvania at ita recent aention, and w ill ha located at one of tno moat favorable point a tor business im the State. The borong Eastou ia aituated in the fork* of the Delaware and Lehigh hirers, and with the adjoining towna of South Eaaton and Philips) ur?. cuntaina over ten thoiiaaud inhabitauta. The Lehigh Canal and the Morris Canal both terminal, attbn rlnee, and the Delaware division of the Penneylvanin Canal egins there. Eaaton is ulso the terminue of the Railroad of New Jeney, which will bo completed m a lew m< ntha?and the Delaware, Lehigh, Schuylkill, and Susque hanna Railroad, upon which the work has already Iwen com menced. The country around Eaaton ia rich and highly cul tivated, and abounds with streams water power which drivesmany mills, dietilleriee, Sic. Within a abort distance also are the Glendin, Crane, Durham, Clay, Cooper's, and other large iron w arks. Aepirw.enl the East u Bank is the only monetary institution in Northampton county, and affords all the banking facilitios enjoyed by the people of Lehigh, Carton, Monroe, and part of Uu 1, counties in Pennsylvania, and the adjacent parts of New Jersey. The new bank ( flora gggnt inducements to persona who have money to invest in stocks. | KA ftrtrkTOLEND ON BOND AND MORT ft gage, in lam. to suit applicants, on pro ductive Real Estate, in thie city, Brooklyn cr Williams, burgh. Ayply to 8. S. BROAD, No. 11 Wall street, in the Cretcn Water Office, basement. $3 000 T? I0AN 0N B?ND AND MORTGAGE on city property. Address box 3,081, Lower Post iitlice. Money lent.-the highest prices ad vanced in large and small sums, on Gold and SilM-r Watches, Diamonds, Plate, Jewelry, Furniture, Clothing, Dry Goods, lite. JO.IN M. DAV1ES. Licensed Pawnbroker, 232 William street, near Dnane. Cuicaco city loan.-sealed proposals will be received at thu Mayer's office, in tlio city of Chicago, and at the office of Strachan tl Scott, In the city of New York, until ti?- 1st day of June next, for a loan ot Twomy ?ve Thousand Dollar*, for n term not exceeding ten years. The bonds to be issued in sums of not less than live hundred dollars cu< h, at un interest of seven per centum per auiium, payable semi-annually, an l prineipa land interest payable at the American Exchange Bank, in New York, or at toe of fice of the City Treasurer, in ChiIfigp. Hv order of the C?m iu?n Council, WM. S. (J URN EE, Mayor. Chicago. April 10. 1801. PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD?NOTICE TO CON tractora.? Proposals will be received from the 9th ti the 12th of June next, at Johnstown and Summit, for t ie grading and masonry of that part of the mountain div of the Pennsylvania railroad, between Altoua. in ILair county, nnd cringle's Point, n few milee below JeTers in, in Caml rin. n distance of 2'miles. The road within this distance w Across the Alleghany mountains, encountering some of the heaviest grading ottered in this country. In ad dition to a number of extensive cuttings, embankments, and culverts, there will he one tunnel 1.310 yards In length at the summit of the mountain, and another of 9U0 yards thronch Cringle's Point. Terms cash, monthly. For further infor mation. apply to Edward Miller. Esq., Associate Engin-. r. ?He. In" " Blaireville, Indiana county, or to Strickland Kneass, P. A. Engiuetr, Altona, Blair county. J. EDGAR THOMSON. Chief Eugine-r. i Engineer Dcpartm't, P. R. K. Co., Philadelphia, INSCRAflCKIi. OFFICE OP NATION \L FIRE INSURANCE CO* pany. SI Wall *tre?t. New fork, Sih M?y, IfiSI. The Board of Direct. r? bate thia .lay declared a dividend often per cent oat of the proltf of the lent eia month*, payable on and after Saturday the lOthinat. The tran*f?r book will be eloeed until the lUth inat. W. C. KELLOUU, Secretary. mercantile nui insurance qompavy lej. No. b3 Wall etreet ? In oenformity with the re<|uiai tiona of their charter, the Company eubmit Ute followia* etatem.'it Anionnt of I'reminma not marked off April J, ISfiO $T7.213 64 Anionnt ol Premmma on I'olictra loaned from Id April, 1M0, to 3d A pril, lo6l 1.909.478 17 Total amonntof Premium* 91.87b.0r4i 71 The amount of Premium! marked eE dunac the year, ae above, waa : ? On Marine Riake, $1,407,1911 S8 On Inland Traaaportntion and Nat nation fiat* 89,99.1 00 $1,407.AK 'Ji bee Return Tremiuma W.M id Earned Premium? for the rear. $1,400,104 71 Paid duriaa the aame period Per Marine I.naeei , $7W.*78 87 For Inland Navigation Lo-eee ... 11,0411 M Reinsurance ,C< tnmi?*i.<a,later-el, _ Kapencr* and Bad Debt* St1.1? 71 1,077.ASS 13 Prolle to ba divided . $Sbl dtl 10 Amountofcarninaalot DM7, $U,09$ HI " " liMN IMS,IIH 77 " ? 1M0, 27.7WM - - Dtflo, JHo.liWUS - - 1061, 981,348 90 Total for Ave yean $l,lin.4.!2 Id The Crmpaay farther report that they had, at that date the follewina aeaeta, via laveated ia V. 8. 9?e and ela per oent Stock*. ? IZ'l.'ka 91 Bllle receivable., tlttf.nhd ? Caeh and nnaettled claime to be eloeed by eaehvrnbtee 119,11181 Total aaaete ......... $I,JM..II4 49 The Trnete.e bave declared a dividend of twenty aevea per eeat on the aet earned premium* of tbe poet year, payable J In eerip. on end after the tea-ad Monday in May neat. The Tm?te*? have aleo roolvcd to pay an Intereet of ol* per rent on the amount of certificate* nnthoriied to b* iaeaod In April. IxNi, to tlx hold, r* thorcol. rr their le^al repree. nt ativee. on end after ll.e 12*h day of May ae*t. Aleo. that the rertlfireitiof prodteiaeaed la 1849, with the aearnia* In tereat thereon, be paid ai above, on and after Moaday. the Hth day ef July aent, tad that the intereet thereon ehall eeaee from that date, i IIARLES NEWCMMU. Secretary. Raw roan, April 9*. 1861. TAveran*. _ Joeeph Wtlk'r, William Watt. Thome" Hunt, Alinet Eeed, Jem." Free lend, Cyrni Curtiad, Henry Sheld- n, II. rate Boker, ThomaeS Nelson, CharleeU. I'nrleten, Wile, a (1. flaat, Lu-inx llopkin*. Stewart C. Marsh, Iiaaiel O. lit <i,and. O' orye lie", li re, Levi Coek, Samuel Willeta, David L. Sayre. Cornelina Uriaa'lL lDnry A. Stone. C. w. A. Eodtera, a.,"- >>"*ward. Jr., Paul N. Spoflopd. 0 B ueltby. Septitanj i *6ok a, Oe.' D. Phelpt, Cbatl'kPayea, JameaT. Sonttef. Charlee II Rodr.ra, Fr-derteh Vleter, Samuel J. B-?\*. II W. T. Malt. JoSEI-n WALKER. President. I.KWIS ORRtloRT. Vice Pre?ldenl. RLLWOOD R A I. ft It. ild Tioe-l*reaid?ab. CHARI.FS NEWL'UMB. Secretary. Life absi rance.-nationai. loan fund lifr Aaenrance Society of lx>ad?n ?Oeaernl A rent ? ofll .,71 Wall atreet, New V?rk. M?y. 1*41 -Capital t'AMMW. and ?nrptne f (12*71. The withdrawal Utile of the eocicVv afl. rde to th? arenred, who may take oat their pollcioe tin It r them tablca. the arenteet p**"iMe prcaent and preapeo'iv^ niivnnt*?ee that e?a h" eenlerred by Hfa aaenrance. t?a thl* table the aeenred ie entitled, at nay Ume, to receive nt It t rcet aa Immediate adtaaoe. to the eatent of oae n.ilf the amount of the pnid annuel premleme, without eaenrity. far eonel lialllity, or d'poeit of the policy, hut by *im| le en dereem. ut there"n; er the half premium may be e<> withh-' i dnrin* the whole e?attnunnoe ef the policy Aleo, in ti.e event of the nntnred at anytime net r*inlrnr to eontlnn* the polley, on Ite ?urrender, one half af the annual premium* *111 be retnrned by the n?oiety. At the Uet annual Inveetivntion, reported In Mar, lSNV the bonneei declared to the naewr ? J were-the option of a return of If. per cent ..a their prem.wwi* la eneh, or a revere..narv addition to the turn aMwaed by ?a- h poll. y. varying from ? to 86 net eene. F x ample* ef t-nuaee, already declared, will be ft>nnd Ip Ibr "on ti ! nampiilet. toneth*r with table* of rale* ant ether information, on arplicatton to 71 Wall *treet, or nt any nt the erenrire, froe ef ?* pew re. A part. may. at a moderato annual premium, la*are fnf life ; and If he inrvive* bo reweh the awe "f t*> ynare, tbe toll *n?n In tared, np te ftWMHl. *MI be paid to him; of if I. la death oecar I ef. re that period, the "UUI assured will be paid te hi* famHy er le?*l repreontatl. *e *rti"n tunrcrnn* ron war. C. FDWARU llABit DT thairmnn. 1 i- r?lioer, F C. Tucker. S 8. lir e land, Henrv Ledliwn. Wig. t an lloak, Eol^rt J. Dillon, and J. Reamy Redwere, k " The B nrd meet every Wedu?*day. at 71 Wall *trret. for the tranea. tlen of bnnte- ?. Californt* bad other foreian ri?ke tekea at fhir rntee of e*tr? rreminm J. ISaNDER STARR, tirneral treat, and Superintendent of tbe United Slate* f.ooal R-ard. I -w?? U%MM> QtilRHRWB IIl B1 lit Hi rr.iww STorT?ML commended for the debilitated and Mekly. by the moat ?i* I a eat phyxiciaec, In thi* country and Rurono for It* vtrenath.inn* and l*vi(nratlne qaafltlea. Aleo. Rvrelav A PerklB!'* Lond .n Potter; all the favoriM branda la Seoteb Alan; end R*?* It Ce.'e Eaet ladia Tnnia Pal* Ale; for tale In any anantity, fpum oae doven buttlee te lUtt raakx, of y!!alii'fal'ualUt'iM T ?A1.MM NI ADOmi. ^ ^ \l' M. M' COR MICK. AUCTIONEER-FURMlTtTRC *T lii? day at 10 ?'elo*k, at No. IX ll-ro?r (tract, au th? iurintore <-i utmicd iu tf,? bono., eaaiuiliac at '??r I'.'' IT11' 5<'lt ' bain, Soft*, Looking (Una*.., oflcuili., i iiota, I muting,. ?>.?<!. Bed>t?a4a, flair Maura**,,, Bu , kuctia fwaHarr *'"1 * g"B,'r'''1 ,f <?<*>??> and W?:,g--fWEV Vf f TIONEJCR-AUCTION COV Tlur.dav SJ"".? ? ,f ? itMki thi. day,,,Navth ,t p If,a> ,t ,Ure No. Utf Fulton ? j l!" .?aonta. iit of Solar. Cam i ?I ,, i iii. i V"' 8u*d '-haaAo _ R?J'a IL H. fail, r?. and fainilk* wanting i' ,r, Hiuf, would do m, II t?- gttvnl. Tbe Hak Doiifciar uI r ?tor? louat be vut uttd on >aturda>. ' TERENCE BOYLE, At '"rMtNF.ER~?I r tf\ ITURE till. day. at 10ti'ob ok. ?t tbe H?rr No. [*, ,',mtkam *tr, ? t; all tba beawlitld and bi-iiroom t'oroaur,' rtmuoj from Ka. 567 Breadmay. Table, otic. Chain,. 'Count?. 81 vlvlng. Oil Cloth,. Carp1 ta, lledetetide, Mattrcs.o* 8m nt!3 and lu-rriin < irpt'ta, stair Kode, tit. RC. KEMP, AUCTIONKER.?ASSIGNEE'S SALE OF ? atOcMof rich Carpetin(.?OuThle Day, May Hth, at 10 o, lock, at the C'htuMo Aa?tnbly Rooma, aw Broadway, H C. Kemp m ill Hell at auction, aa above, by order Of aaaigiMe. for < anii, about JtKl j,iB, n u rich Royal Wilton Tapestry; beet Engliib three threaded Broorli Taiicatry; Bruaeofe three-ply ?nper Iujtralu; Veo, tlau atafr ana haft Carpoting; Oil Flnr ClotUat Kuga; Door Matg. tu-.. compriMPg a epleudld aiaort ment of deairal le Jtyl, a, and all of which will bo eold witlion rticrre, in lota to suit purchaoora, and are particularly won thy vfthc RVUBti u yf lidtlt-'koepcra and the trade. CiW '?V.urs oh the morning of sal,'. RC. KEMP, AUCTIONEER -THE ATTENTION 01 ? housekeeper, is particularly invited to the laryc nam, tion sale of elegant Ftiroltere and other rich bouse furnieln ing articles, iuclulnig t ha e utire stork of Nr. John N. Sayt% CbtatilUhou for tnan> yi ars past at 78 Booh man atrvct, to be fold at auction Tbi. liai at the Chineee Asecmbly Roomiv 6S0Broadway, l,etw, on Spring and Prince streets. For par tioulars, six advertiseni, nt in tuc auction column. Anthony j. bleeckir, auctioneer?ford hum Weetchestor Conaty. N. Y.?A. J. liloecker will s, il at auction, on iv, >:ay 15, 1851, at twelve o'clock, at tlie i'ordliant dop< t, Horrian'a Hotel, o|,[ioeite the premiecs, under the dirccti, n ot Stephen Cainbroleag, E',j., the follow ing valuable pro|wrty, viaAt Kordham, ciaotly opposite the depot of the N, ? Vera and Ilsrteui Railroad Company, uuout liUH lots and p iroola i.i Uud, lying on the road leading from tV*?t Farms t , Kings! ridge, nt the Junotlen oft'ollego avenne with the Harlem Railroad, on Uulon and Canibreleug arenuis. and on Delaneey, Bayard. Hoffman, Isji iliard, Ar tluir Eliiaboth and Joe, b str.eti?the whole beautifully situated between the gr?UB,ls ef St. John's College and tbe lauds of the Messrs. it admiorth, J Lorillard, B. ?. Brawn, and 1". M. Lydig. Es,|ii,res, and the Bronx River. The veliolo property is welTsituat, d f< r iniinediabtImprovement, laidout into lots and parcels I eouvenient aire, varyiug from GO to 100 fel t in width. Tl-er- ire several huildmys on tbe pr misi s, ineluding n dwell lag. Oarn, and other oijt house", he vera! of the plots afford a iuiira'ile cottar* sites, a,id contain beautiful cruvea of tree? of every variety. TS* place ie pre verl ially healthy, and Colo arises the oonvsnienoe ef a settled neighborhood, such as hutenor". bakers, and other tradsnioeu at hand. The distant< is but IVJf miles from tho city, ami the int, reoursc by the oars i> i nsiant during the day. at a yearly commutation of S B To those desiroui ot obtaining larger portions of lands than laid iloirn on the uiapa, liberal priv ileges m ill he given. Ti e title to the property t" aniinr* tionahU', and the sale will he peremptory to thenigbest bid d, r. Three.fourths of the pnrbhaee money can remain on bond and mortgage for threa years at 6 per een t, at the optmn of t ie buyers. Baps will he r a?ly lor uirtribnUon at the of* ?ee of the Auctioneer. No. 7 street. For fir '.her par ti, ular?, spply to STEPHEN '' \MBHEI.ENU, t?|? No. 18 Wall street, or to A. I*. MAP q., 61 W4.ll street. SALE OF SIM i:\DII) FLKNITrRE.?WltL BE SOI.D, on the 14tt>. If t 1 and 1- th <>f Mar, at 10 o'clock %afh day, lit tl v Bt?.re oi Mr. J. Uo Forufst, 21'- Broadway, Kna^niUgrat Furniture, this entire stock c<>. taincd in that fiUu?i?? r% tabliihnunt the larpeat and mnnt elegant ever o(T?<r?il fur pair in the l'nit?d htute ?imtupritfittf *?ft? of Parlor PHai turr, ulahoratcly cirv. d in rosawood and t:ov?r*,d in fleld hr< ende. latino, daniaxk and LrocaWlle?, iduthiH, vtlvft-, Aic.; arm, rorkrrp, h- vsiog, Voltairn, aruokiait and <>ih?r (fiairn, npholttrrrd in richest malerial and fcmthtd m th<- bant |?op-?tle man ? r; Ft-r- res, fin corn cures. Sideboard l?lr?u ^tass doors, and liued with satin and othor rare woods extcn on, tide, centre, work and c rd Tutlfs, in rusewo< d, mahepany. tak and walnut: mp rUy carved s??wiar. dv??* in^ and stationary Tabtep. in m jwxbI, w ith mirr r?; Fan tu? ils, t ounjrei*. ( ouvl.f and Spring Chairr, in every approved style; Music Ets ? r M Stuola, Hacks, rlre Sorssns, Quartettes, and Fancy Table*; a variety of Chamber Poru. ture. in rosewood, tnaheevnv, walnut and enamei; Tariar Mitche Chairs, Talles. Vt ritinir lH-..ks. Worktioxes. Oct ur CiiMsand IV rlWioit. TM* furniture is manufactured under our own supervision, of the t est materials, and will be sold without reserve, to make room for extensive alurations. The sale w ill commence "ii Wsdutsday. 14th instant, and continue till the stock is dispe ed of. The ^oods are now cabihiting. O OIW) L0TS AT PORTSMOUTH. OHIO, TO HE Amy vlvs" sold at auction. < u 16th May, inst. F*> r f-artico lars. kc auction head of A. 11. Mullsr, in Jourunl of Cbua inrrce, Auction notice?tiios. bell, auctionker-by H. N. Bush?X artet> Salo.?On r riitay, at 16 ) i o'cltek, !? the Anetlon Rooms, will he sold Furniture, a quantity ?( Wines and Lutwovs, Dry Clo.>d?, Clothing, and l aooy Arti cles; alto, a heautit 1 invoice of superb Jewelry, HJ.vKKiHpa rish Sogers, fee. Saturday, large sale of choice Furniture, a- abcie. Also, on Frld ty. a complete Daguerrcan Apf-ars. tus. T1I09. BELL, Auctioneer Auction c\ril?to cabinet makers, impor tcrsand Manufactur? ra.?Cash advances made on coa signmentsof Furniture, I'ianoo, Paintings, Mat trusses, and !!? rchandise, Mneraily, for pnhlie or private sale*. Apply attic Salts Ruoin, No. 3W Brondvrujr. between Roadc and Duane streets. KJ. K. W1LLARD, Aoctionoer. KOH SALK AMU TO LBf. BILLIARD TABUS FOR SAU.-fnREB SECOND har.d tal ler, la good ord*r wi.b all apparatus complete; our raarb'-top table. elm..,-! new ?.th T. O'Connor'* paUul ?MkitU, that a??? K*t out of order, Will be told < .? apfod ca-h. a-. the proprietor ha- Khan upbuaineu. Apply to T. O'CONNOR. BilliardTaM* Maaafacturtr, 41 Ann '.tret. BOW 1.1 N't; ALLEYS FOR SALE.-THREE ALLEYS and tiature* c. iupkio, Juvt taV n up. will be .14 low# to clot i a concern. Inquire of K S. WILLEtT" Foot of Dalaaaay trued. CIOLT* PIRTOI.8, ALL SIZES, AT LOWEST M VRKET A price. Alao. Alkn*. Storking at Co.'a, ami Baera'a R- ? eolvera. RiSua, Bowie Kaiv a rutola. three to ten in barr 1; double and eim-le barrel Gun*. l"?rcu*aion Cap*, i'owder ili-iii Urim Buttles, Wadding, Hardware, CinWr,, At. For ealc by A. W. SPI F.S R CO., PI Maiden Lane. DM SALE. OR TO LET-TUAT ELIGIBLY SITUATED ?F hi tel. in ti e village u( .New Hoc belle, reoentljr rnditit by *r. charleeF. Hire. Location desirable, neine near the railr A t, ? itluu nfte> n minute* nalk of the auar.boat wl-ci >.rty i 'out - ? rule by rail from thia city, repkto witl all lie 1 ot building*, choice garden ground*, c> ie 1 pri-u.. upwaid ? a>? a re; the whole in compl. te ord-r. ?ad ready f> ? ? u - lata occupation. Term* liberal, lot particular-, n uir> i?l [ bAMl'KL L. I KINK, IIS Ccd ir. opposite P. *t OHou. For sale or to let.-the premium wo. mi Islington at ? una, t>ctween Tbirtlath and Thirtp-fr?t ?tfecta. '1 l,e house la one ?l a beautiful row Juat erteted, and ia l.nULcd with l>r ? a at< no front, and all tha mod> ra tmpr. verrcnta. including ttl'r cloaata, gaa, and eaa *f tb? moat approved brat. ra. Apply to T. J. SLOAN, L>7 Leaing tea aveaua, be! ri !? A. M . j after fl P. M.. or at the Empire lr..u Work*. foot ol East Twenty-fifth alroet, during tbw day. or of 8. l.liUbKTT, at ti e aame place. fOR SALE OR TO 1.ET-THE TWO STORE HOUSE a and fonr aarca < f land, nt Fort llamiltun, lati of Cap I. John 11. llenaet. Apply to lit 1HAt E UOLIrEK. IS Brahman airs !. o 1 9 HAH CORDS tip EXt ELLENT PINE WOOD AjUUVr may be b-d on tbe 1'iaabataak river, la Vir ginia. by aa early application to tha aubaortber. JbO *> rda of tbia wood are now ?n tha abort. Veaaala drawing not more than eight f--?t wat. r will he loaded and devpafrbed with' lit delay. Addreaa R. Uaaly. Jr., C'rbaaaa, Middieteg e-.-mty, Ylrgina. FOR SALE-AN ITALIAN COTTAGE, IMMEDIATE ly on lb* ocean, thirty intlca aouth of Naw Vert; ont building* complete ; aitnatin p. rleeily heal lb v and beau tiful. In>voire of 1)1'MONT A HQS ACE. 11 Wall aWfiHb rPMBBfO i.f.t-offices to let.-inoiiihf. >f BENJAMIN GAI.BRAITM, L"|? No. 117 Fulloa at. ISO DAUt'ERHLOT 1 1'ISTS.?FOR 8 A 1,1, A SELE T 1> t ?f 8pei iin - t. A i ply to J Cordnan R Brother. tal rer I'latera, N?. 40 Head* atreet. O LEASE FOR A TERM OF YEARS?TUB TALI'S ? t,|e >. rn-r lot at d dw. !lin< h> u?- Wo. 481 Broadway. b< nig 34 fr- t Wont and re ir. and !*i fact la depth. A l*a*t ?4 B' years will be given, provided tha property M Improved. It Ir admirably ealea! it-d I >r any kind of buaiaea*. i'oaaaeeioa will be givta, ly. I or i urtb-r particular*, apply to IIOMKI uiiKtltN, No. I I'iae etreet, or to _E. H. LL'OLOW. W?. 11 Wall, at 1 New at. *0 let and for sale, atboboeew-severai tbree at?ry an J batem-ut brtcg dwelling h tiaee. In tl>4 In media, a victalty of tha f-rry. Thuaa b.-uaa* are naiebed In the bandaotreat manner, and are replete with evary ??i M iet-.ct. Hot and cold water in the bathroom* and k.ti v.?a, A". Re. Immediate potaeasioa gi* ta. and tha te e> m m?n' tfr m lie first of May. at t'.a llohokea Lnaf DMWb?B W. W. SHIP PEW. a. rpo Let,ow TnF ? iiist riotiR. a front ?nd A bach purler, a t*w d--?r* from the tervunatioa of the Raw York and iladaon Rlvrr Kailr >a i n? ?*. Wtald <>iit torn tailor's atero, or far y Iran making. or aay gestae! b* *tne?r. In piir* at W> Warren atreet, ia the rtorr. I IT-ILL I OW ER PART I'I A SNl'O TWO STORE A and attic brtek ? >>??. t aemail famil). A lady wk? ?-<< *| na the vad -t > v. would iika ta board wilklhcfa ?ally. R'atf.tW. Addr-?* It . at thi* >><See. ffO I.ET-TO A LADY t N') CEN TI.EM A W. TWSD YERY 1 plaaaaat -??? m?. (tedrwom - >t?e|y mrniab I. pa.-le r ? ofurmah?d ) fa the ruaifdl part >f M Rip, ?[Ik 11 A* lady, and trhetw 'bcr# arc m > t'nr V arjweu. Tk? -an' rca of a me ran be .' ted. U aril f r tha lady. Ad-irem Ja il*. Ilfadway 1 t CEIee. O l.rT-lN SOl'T it llHOORLt N?THE l/OWERI' \RT of a -plendid aai-'ie I tkrr> ? t rf hauec. 4Ci by ki fret, attest d the tktr J bauve fr >oi Lit-1 ??. ?? thg left hna.1 at Sarkett rtruat, r- U>ting *f purlera thirteau feet hwb, witfc ear-.d atatuarv. a arkte maelelv tvraMd <? Uieu. v-.rl, cant manner, with paaell -d idhnga and heavy eentra pie?ea: ir. i t and bw> k l.aaaa eat. ar I h?r handacme ?ii>'kad rn> na on the third 11 r; ra* t- in n>i-w Rent *W". At plyaa the | retjia.a, wr to J RARNhlT, >.'?? RrwSway. nto LET.?A l.ARoL < i.NVP.NIEWT HOUSE SO. V4 1 r- nrth avenue, emtaining l?t room*. ? parlor* kltaiMa. t a Re ; tfee wbc'a, or ail aaeept tha fipat Hoar, will he l?t At I ly t" K It. KlWfMlllER. SIS Fourth av aua. from 8 to "A N , and ?:?> r 2 V W R-ut mod-rets. ^ >?Ao'l$T?Till. SECON I) 11 o< 11 OF STORB M8M8R A wish rtrvvt. t'.-rl dewy aheea Barnlay atreet. til'able f, rimfl o-mari'fae uifog wurp- va*. Alt", Iron Oratlag, and Saab Dwtraferei a. lu.inire of IHbl R SAWDS, in tha at ore. tORFM ? - |tl i Fi K I H STHERT -TWO rtlRNtsn < d n on ? to "ti.Kle pi i tl mm, in a awtall Run ly ?tgrown rtsaa. I?re*kf*-t an I te* If d-atred. Ref.-r*ac< ? e,. bang ?tr'.r ?? ad''re*? A. II BURN TOW'S iter- At > *b av-wwu. T I _ m _ _ < DAL. ULTPL1R8 OF COAL FOR THE AUDI HOUSE DR parttnent ?Pmpo?alr, acalrd and eadnraad a* aboea, will be - sierd by tka Loearn.-r* of the Almhonae. at that# atk *. IvtatR, Park, until I i . clack, M . of the IRk iaataat. fer aut plying .t.i"*! tna* br?kea coal, and S.IWO toa< ateau anal, lIKfitir Hla< k Heath W yarning, t/shigh, sr of any nad all description* of the U t I unlity. fraa from eheannt and pan ?i?*. and ml < thar impurtUca; v ton te awaatst ?f J.MP Iba. To be delivered at h-llevm?, fn?t *f Tweak* aixtb abreeb. Fe-t Ritrr. niackwall a ant Randall'* lalaade. and M awofc w ireas in this city na ma* h? d ?Unat*4 for that pwrpctay at awch time* and fa awt h .|u-ailtiva na may ba required an i leforatha Ut day of Rwvaw.kef aagt. free of all ripen**, ?i.d t h* anblaet Co CM in.p?ctt"aof a eompat.nt peraaa ?pp>- otad by o,a Governor* for U at purpoao, whose daatal.ia lnr<-p?et to qn.i'lt v a. .11 kr final. I'ropoaala to be aaeoW taaiadbytba noa. .. . tea reapomaibl*parwona that* r, ii.tin ?. itiw. aa at'>irl'v for t'.t faithtn) pvrt.rmaaa* of the enntrttet fl-.c no- -acta-* en. bav- tha privilege af da liv-vine all U>c I v*.' ? . ,,,1. t.irvitostof ?i?v* real ?? aa early pirkd. t.,,-1. I.nce will a-t probably be refiairwd to be d*' redbv' r> the lit day af Nuvambar neat. Anymfar k-n tbnt may he raguirad will k4 gfTaa ee appii'jMi. n M t.k iN. J I. copniMf row, J. J. IIERRIL'B, r. hswefT Mm rf OaOorarweat ?f ?b? Almakawaa, Nrw Tark, Map A DPI.

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