Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 9, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 9, 1851 Page 1
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"5 THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6772. MORNING EDITION?FRIDAY, MAY 9, 1851. PRICE TWO CENTS. DOUBLE SHEET. W w WAirr?.^^ ANTKD-A FKMME DE CIIAMBRI, BT A 1.1DV TT who li going to Europe. She muit bt fully competent j her business, as a liberal salami will b? Riven. Italian or hpanish would be preferred. No obj.ction to a colored girl rom tlio Spanish Islands, who thoroughly understands her business. No Iriah or English need apply. Call at 797 Broadway, from 9 to 12 o'clock. ?'ANTED IN A PRIVATE KAMI.!.V, BV A SWEDE Protestant woman, aged 3) years, a situation aa Nurse, Seamstress, or I.ady'a Maid. Would be willing to travel t? any part of tlio world. Plenao inquire at No. .'Pi Park row, trpataira. or by latter, L. C., box Li's), City Post Odioe. ANTED?SITUATIONS FOR EXCELLENT SER vanta. of every domestic station, at tlio Select Protes tant Agency, 7 Carmine street, near Hleeeker street, and at the old Society Otfice, lflti Chambers street, about the only ?Ares patronised by the boat class of servants. N II.?Pro testant sen tints may obtain aitnationa at 7 Carmiuc street, free of charge. WANTED?A SITUATION. BV A RESPECTABLE young woman, as .Semnstress, who perfrotly under stands dressmaking; bus no objection to do light chamber work; tan mal e herself generally useful. Uood reference Kivcu. Please address A. M. P., t'erald offlee. "\LT ANTED?A SITUATIO N, BV A K EXPECTABLE TV yet og w omen, w ho i. n good Cook, and Would he wil ling to aseiv' in washing and inning, and has the best of city ?r.d r.-rwie. Please call at dati Tenth street, ttrst floor, up (it > ra. front room. WAMED-ny A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WO mnu. u situation as Wet Nurse. She has afresh breast tu milk, Th? beet of reference given. Can be seen for two (lays, at 119 Twelfth at. WANTED?BV A RESPECTABLE AMERICAN GIRL, a sin itiou aa Seamstress. She understands cutting And, or any kind of plain sewing. No objec tion! to no into the country. Pleuso call at No. 197 Ninth st. t'uu be even for two days. *lJLrANTED?A FIRST RATE COOK. ONE WHO UN vv der?t anas business properly, and is u illing to go a plmrt distsii e in the country li, the nimmor, may hear ol a u ? d sit ? ition by applying at No. 101 Wavorly Place, between Band 13 o't lock. Ur A N 1 E D?A SITUATION. liV A RESPECTABLE middle aged woman, a Protestant, as Nurse, and will ing to a -ist iii the elminiicrwork; is ut a kind and willing disposition: has Keen for several years used to the care of children Irom their infancy: it willing to travel to any part, With a del.(its lady or family: is steady and industrious in b' r In. lata. The b*?t of reference can be given. Can be seen until (i tag- I. in the front basement of I J* Yarick street. ||'AMkD-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE vv w'ltna a w h i has been acciistomi'd to the rare of chil dren. W ..( 4 be a great acquisition to an elderly lady as ? iirfS, ma d . plain sewing, lias lived twelve mouths in I r last situation, and can produce the beat reforenees. I'leas - eiil or address .11. It , In East Thirteenth street. Il'ANit ' HI A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, vv (ii ,t arrive J from England.) a situation a< Scum sir, ... and ? ? wait oa a lady, or to do light ehamberwork. lisle, t st t piw r house mail for thine years in London, aud Woi.'d ft.: ?? h a place satisfactorily. A note addressed to I ? li raid ofll.. will be attended to. Good reference ?ii. . a W u Id not object to the enntry. 41' \M1D 111 A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A 8 ITU A v v tioa s ? *s?instr?-s t r N ur-e, or Ssamstrsss uti-i Cham Is ? in a I, an I > Ic can give the most satisfactory references r-.m ?..?'? ol the in ,,t reap. ia'<le families in the eity, Ap I? 1 v. for?hre- days, at No. thl Third avenue. w w AN! KD-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE j B4 noibib, *? i <-? k. H'nhi*r, or IroBtr. oi to do t ??? si I Di.-fivrk f? siii%11 family- HasnooUectioitogo r d ?t m- in tlio ? ? uutrv. Th" Wit of city reference rfj-tn Apply t- II * Twelfth afreet, b;tween Fifth diriisi. 11 as ki'<a iffoyeariiu tier last aitua *AMli??A SITUATION BY A RESPECTARLE u* - rl. a? i hamh* rutaid, :u? i to HMist in \?a<ihiti^; ?s rmaiJ **w Nur*e. Ha* no objection to fo a %?!? <? in the ?<>aitrjr, aa*! has (food <itjr reference, i at 110 Twelfth afreet, bet* eon Fifth aui Sixth V AM ED- H\ A HOST RESPECTABLE PROTE*T anr air! a *itu?tion to do chainberwork, aa<t to Ai#ist % nil ir niidg or, to d> housework tu a ?in.?ll ?^t ?u j. !la? i?" ? 'i'jectioua to an in the eoiintr>?. B?*at r?f *T+n* ?* afM cn. call at 1^5 Twelfth rtre"*. h?? u 14th and Math ftusuci, aut- ai floor, tr?ut r?om. ha ? for t?t day*. w ' A N I. r>?A -ITI ATI''N nv A RKHPF.' T\'i! R 1" raernll ?ark i? A private fauiilv. I?n I e iJin Mil Iff. Ileot >1 ii*j rateraace given. ( nu - ? ' at' r- do)#. Plane tall ni ISTUNtvti'it. |l' A N " f. I?-A SITfATION. BV A RKdPKI TAB I E " ? II ao Nurea nad Seaiaitrraa Pity refer'ii e I titt-a Aj'p > at i-'o Pearl aired. lor t? > day a. *|l'ami iv?a i.ady, aboit i.r.wiMo tiir citt. ! TT v>? t . .ijIhib a ailua'.i n I >r I *'>?>! girl. ia ? pmate li' .ii; rit.. r aa N nraa aad Beaaiotr >eo. <J? >k aad l.*ua.ire>a. | or la A* ('.a -al ii.aaaw rk. All'ty at M Herein.. (treat. w AN i: la?A MTIATI"N' At I ADVA MAID. J ?'ia'. -aa, ?r llaaaaktapar, lijr a Praleiltat woman, id II. in* hat had lour et peri -n e kaalieli > miner ( an praance ti e ImI Il ia lie. d ta ^ear '.a tfca rily with tl.e Itrat t. ? a 1 - mi i -.. .i 17 litad alre-l, or a Uaa dm ?a t ? lit Kl> will m at at'. ?t ?n *1'AM 1. II-A MTIATION 111 A SMART, ACTIVE ?! ? rl .? S am-' r a. < r < . ...I ?? maid md >aiter .a a amall M'nald Lata no . h)? '.iott> ta a* a ahnrt li? :\a inta ?' ? eauatrr. Apply at A" t> Stav. ? an*, etreat, cat Bar 1 11 taut aud Kiatk (treat. \i' f n : < :>-a MTi ATION BV a hi >pi < taiu i: ft I . : I -I an - N uroe r t I imb. raiaid. or to -1 . til.1 dri. ,-ea > "" >eW ..f a nnall t .iu.l) llat aa ahjr. tin* ta fn si ' rt diataacr ia tin ? uavrv 'ihe be.t ml I ita r?f?rea* ? ran l ? t u A; ply at Jf* T.u'.j atrtet. Can n? > ta I ?r t?e data 11'ANT ' A MTI ATI 'N in A 8<?liHK |N|?L*S. TT 1- * aai'aok >ad a!a naderetaad- I ak nj; laa'.i.aan -ll. ut and lr..aer t 1' 1 refer -a *?? *t"u. J'Uai* in r. r- dt> ill t? marrtw, at in I'rmre atrc* t. 1V**ST,:? ?** A TABLE SMAK' V..1 v.. IT ? n 11 n .itnatira aa ? nmhera.Kid ar Waiter ?' la ?ta * a?ral ?? trark ta a email prttate lamr> Nokjee. ii.ii t > t t ? r d.-taai ? ta tk- . "?atrj Beat of alt; pit* r* nee ait .. PI a at tall at No In fttatk atrort. tear the Barer). _____ 1VANT?.i-A II TV AT ION BT A R?>P?'MBIK ?a let at tiiMi. t? do a. n ral hvuaawark, aha la a a-d pl? . < n't ran glee aa?d rrler.-ate ta al.ere ah? Lvtd ji.vrv- n w a* > Apple at Ne??' *et >ad atreat. irtA.II) t BITIATIOM. IT A HEtl Tilt BR. IB iBilaU> ) na( woman a- *.1 Nuiaa. will. a fr.ali > r< v-l " i' Ik in a rear laid, family. Plea#" eall at Bo. Matt* ?tr et, (< 1 and d.. r tr.m Oraearlak atreet. M Vtvnu It t A Bl .'PIK TAIlIJi Till Nil HcikltN, I , . . , n ' t ? . ' md If a. r 1 in in ik ? I I "11 al loailllna la dar'netal htaoewara In a prl en fa n. Ptaax lau at No. ti lleary alraat. I'aa ha a n' t> ? i' ,a. II'aMMi A rIB*T RATI COOK. 1TAMIBK AND TT | . f Prvt' -Iante lIjt a *d appli t> > ? ? r- -in ? da ? r r-d In i iro. I ta.?a id aad . . I ? .. at |.| Bl rt | lore, teal' Itf' t W'AMI i> A I.I ATI' N Ht AN I dailnll PNO t 1: ft Aa a area ant e oa. I> f -ad *.f 1 '.<1 ?Ir-'i, aad .a.i ?? a? ? ity I" All. aa 1 It ?jf> TI a a*. ?<? ?? tlr *et. Rta t ?rh H* v s K [1 t kill ATHiN 111 A'R I Mil.I. a t t? At | lata > hlaa ?a-utat aad troaiBA at MieVet rl llata-r- I two |aaaa ta hnf lAAt plana Ha# t t ! .-t I I'ltaa k<a I'l.aH f Ptaaro oall at Aa? it' tNl . t am tlJtiN Bl * RR?FT< 'IBI.K TT . oa< a anfaaa aa kite *a to taA# aato if >i>.ide>a *0 ikaakiraAd. ta aartat aa aaaiat aad tpadNt. at a* Aa Ita ?ekarali . .1 *hefa I. ? I. mi ? *. aa IB* oh. ? t... n to t# m har* dirtiaai' a tlx ' a?"i Tm heaa af *t', ladataon iiaWd'ta. A , it \ llnadfrait ii'AMin km 4iuntkuii tAinirwi ff a* I (Ml IMi M M aMm. AfHt ft! Rt. M Ma. *1* HMI, l?n *?-(!)? UI U?(?(w4 ?? to 4* imni ? .*?? M-fh III -?*lt ftwll) lM k? m?M 4aj? ?l > ?? Ilka -??-?? 11' A- :t ' %\ A i> ?r< I ?HL> ?m ig ? ??? *> ?? ? ? ? (?!??* I I ? l-t- ak aa- "?l T . ?.?! Jrdi nkm? Ma) ha a* k al 14* Al t . r-a. h* .4i*a. -a* ~4 B-?? . *,??. s. ?n?\ ? iir? 41 mi> i> I ? fr -aa- hkil(, m (wM(r<f? ul Urm 104i*i >? ?*?? a?a Bala hh<- aaarr In*, -aaa*a*t *?4 -<?? ?# <?? ? ????? ii4'i fW *n ? m ik? ? ? nw !?>kii ??- *4 aaaaat mt | M fill- _ - _ . _ _ 4, ? < <>*-.-?**? f t t?- 4aj 11 IT ,M I* 111 ?Uitt"* iil> ? ?i Uk| (>i ?? it(wlni ha hi'4, | k?4 at* ??' <?4 It Mk> *h?? -'??. f<a?ilii ?*?*?! nil nHl'fit rlroa* ?*1 d ?? Hlf**t?Ukta#**t taatth |?t If- v< r i? ('at ha saaa M (a* 4af% U'?>n ? *iti *ri"i ?r ? narii'Ta ????a. a* t'haa ? r ai4 ?(<!? 4> Iv ??4 fa| a*4 !tMiik I* aa aamlMat aaala? *4 *? *14 4* t?*U?t a?4 a?ai-4 la ah# aa? ? * a.4 <r*a>a4 at a am ill MtiTtt li Hi' iha !*?( tjaiai? Caa 1* ? -aa fat II ? H 7' '??* (Ml t*f i* 4ai* h> affliitl a* Ml Da at*-?*. ni* at H-aar4 - AM r?-l *in tllnl IT 1 I'll Mtl ?'I??R. a* hot- a?4 laa? 'f? - tl am >?*?>?? I ?? I a? ra il.a i a*4 - ii| t*4aaaaa*a_?r_? a-1 teaAftaaa la*Mt> al M i -Mil Mt *? fiH ?* ? hilt aaa ?fl'ANT!'! II ll|i|?i!?MI HH Ii *' n I Tt anaai-f a* i haaahaawaai a*4 hi in- ?ah? ? at a?l ta 4* ft tiI rkiMrta * 4 la 4* fl -a ?- ? -aa, la a t-aa- MBI 11 t ai H- (aa b* aaaa t*? (hum Mr* al ?? Uml < tltaat.aat -al ?**? Ml H'AMCi IVIU IM' ?lllirill' M till i in it I brta *1 -14t- a aat*- ia ItatUi f*t -i ?'?aiaa??4 ?4M>| Ta- haal t* (man 1*11 ta4 *tfl| al l> Inaat 4mm ?*#!?* 4*r*. 1*1 at** lit li'*M a* lal lat Ihiaa ? atmah Man a 1) a ia-alk ?I't.sTi .' it a Biarti t mi l am.. 4 am* 4 I. a a* 1 iiBWiant * I aaa tia* I aa W ma li?* laal |Ia? ? *t Ktlll t?t*? t mm T?a**h inaa P ta* I < 4* Ik* I ??? a r? I t a -Mall 1% nit af IMtt Tan- Val Aim- r aa. a-*4 ?ff*t Mt ?f .MB jl.ttrl htaaaihaal ?Ml- ? al Mar la* -Itn' ii AWTTit-i mtiatm.n ar ? ii?r? r 1111 ? II |.ll|* aaa,M( haal r*ai4 m ka - ll-.i . k-B-f lat M a f?4 J ?*?*?? * It 1 tilt rf will. CM h aa a I'f laa lata A* It aa hi JtnMWI. tSTAirrn it a ?? - m i hi ? ?- ?.ii?i. ? T a ,t a a ? i -I * i <?? I - a ? I Ml f M-ral l?na*?W%. Mt aa Ak tU M M M IB* - 'BaMfr. 4?aa41 ? ?* *r*a" faf ?? tf Vail a *? 'raal f ll>. |tia?4 t tt, v| .# IA. al 'ti w w WAHTI. WANTED?A SITUATION. fIY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as Chambermaid tad Waiter, or m ml I go Hr Nurn' and Seamstress, and would be wlllins to mike MtMtf gem-rally useful in A private family. The beet ? ? references given, and cau be aaeii for taro dajra. Please ap ply at No. 2S6 Jdulbrrry atroet, around floor, in the back room. WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH WoM \ V, a aituation aa Cook, Washer, and Jroner ; or would d> general housework. Brat city reference. t an ba a??u at HI Third uvenue, eurnar of Twelfth atrort. WANTED-A GOOD COOK, WASHER, ANtflRONER. English or Soetch preferred. Good refereneea required from her laet place. Apply, between H and 12 o'clock, at jJ Lexington avenue. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE VOIWU ENt.LISH woiuau. a aituation aa t'ook. The beat of oily rofer euee given, l'leaac call at 336 Twelfth atreet, betwrca First and Second arenuea. ANTED?A MAN WHO UNDERSTANDS THE CARE of liorsus, and is a good driver. Apply 166 lludaoa at. WANTID.-A YOl'NO MARRIED MAN. LtTEir arrived from the old country, with distinguished re eonmendationa, wishes a aituatiun aa Coaehinan or Uro^n, for which latter he ia well qualified, having been uaed to the breaking aDd traluing of horaea. If convenient to hit em ploy or, hie wife wuuldact aa Lady's Maid, forgetting up One linen. Apply nt No. 6 Greenwich atreet. ANTED?A SINGLE MIDDLE AGED MAN TUAT understands the care of nurses, and ia willing to make himaelf generally uaeful. Such a peraon can apply at Mr. Willink'e oflti e, ,5 Nneanu atreet, rear building, second Ituor, room 17. between II and 12o'dock tliia day. WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN (/ROM LONDON) A aituation, aa Lithographic Writer. Draughtsman, and General Deaigner: lie is nlao competent in the Chalk and Color Drawing. Direct to M. II. T., 4H Warren atraet, New York. WANTED?A PERSON WITH $1,80C CASH CAPITAL, to pttreliaae an interest in a staple manufacturing kuaup'f-, Mltty managed, and without competition, w.iuh will command cash aalca to a large extent. I'ruin ilUOOvo fA.UW can be rcnliaed yearly. Address 8. II , Herald office, with name, nud stating where an interview cau be had, which will receive prompt attention. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa Waiter or Chaniboruiaid, or take care of children. No objections to the country. Can be s?eu for two days at No. 213 Centre street, up stairs, back room, on the first floor. A SITUATION WANTED BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa Cook, aud is willing to assist in wash ing aud ironing. The best of city reference can be given. I'leiise to impure at No. MB Twelfth atreet. CtOAl 1IMAN.-A GERMAN COACHMAN WISHES A ' aituation, he is w ell acquainted with horses, together with gurden work; has no objection to go a short distance in the country. He ia well recommended. Any one wishing such a man, will please address box No. 4, with real name and where an interview can he had. 13RENCH SERVANT?A YOUNG FRENCHMAN. WHO lias been a soldier and waited on officer., wants a place iu a genteel family; he Is willing to do any kind of house work; wages Jikper mouth. Inquire for Louis, at h' employer's. No. 3 St. George's Place, Thirteenths tweea f irst and Second avenues. Nurse?a very respectable woman wants a situation as wet nurse. She has losi her baby (on Thursday la-t), n bal>e one month old. She can b? well re commended if required. Please call nt No. 136 Christopher street. Can be area for tw o days. Si 1 K AND .SHAWL SALESMAN?A \ IBM CLASS man is w ant?d for a neighboring city. Salary ai considera tion. Inquire of Mr. Barber, 176 Broadway, during Friday and Saturday. fTH) CAPITALISTS.?A PERSON WISHES A 8ITUA J. tion?the business lie ii perfect ir.a-t-'r of yields good profit*, and large sale* can be in ide. Apply to A. t . a? the offlte of thi* paper. mo GROCERS.?WANTED, A SITUATION. BY A J young man of business habit*, in a Grocery Store. City reference* of the highest respectability canbegtvva Ad dress for two days M., Herald office. rjvo BUSINESS MEN?A YOUNG MAN. BETWEEN J 1ft ii ml Is* years of age, desires a situation in either a drv goods.hardware, or drug store, to learn the bu-'tnese. Ills burnt s are active, and he is of a tnu?t respectable family. Ad dress A. II. C.. at Herald office. ?is present atreet, be KXPUHMM AOKNCIKS, <kr.. Orrtl'K or GREGORY'S EXPRESS?rilMKI >1 nit cmi irl.tng fur California. will do well to eall at tin" offiv* brim eu^asin* thrir parage*. where pUnr ?f the d lercut at.aiucre can he aeon. tad berth* engaged at U? price*. THOMPSON be HITCHCOCK.. 11 'Pearl atroot, cor Wall atrrH. (SBtbORl S CALIFORNIA FREIGHT, PACKAGE, X and Panel Expreti, per eteamer EMPIRE CITY, direct, on TuiHip, Hi) I'J.?Ily th* alioro ateainrr, oar negt E? prr?? will b<-f'irunried to our at?nt? at CRagr*-* and Pa Bania, who have the moad certain arrnigomenti for the apeedy traaeiui'eion of freight over the latlimua, of aay com pel,i-,. engaged io the hue u ?? Shipper* may rely upon all gO' di ahipfed through u?, being doliverod in Panama In ad taaicnf all other*, ut which port our (acilitlei lor reahip. mcnt of good, on all III i atenm.r* cannot bi aurpaeacd. Par cel* rci-elyed until the morning of ateamar's day of aailinz, and let tare until hall-paaA 1* o'clock P. M Pa -kaeee (onion tnu.t iuallcaaca he made perfectly walar proof,) muat ba left at tlic other the day prveinua. No Cuet 'm lloaec charge* made THOMPSON A HITCHCOCK. Manager* and Agonta, 14H Pearl at., ournor of WuM at. B. MILIEE A CO.'! California EMHMi per at cam r North America, on Tueeday, I'lth inet.tnt. r .? Ie*r< n 'ularly ?liippcd from Panama, oitliin hi teen to cntci n day from Nrw York, wa per billa of lading in our ofRuc, re 11 rued If every -'.earner. Oeadlcl.-arej at I u? torn II mac free ,.f rharga. Kate* reduced. Refer to A-tor Mutuilln i ratine Company, Ac. Oflljc, No. Ii Wall afreet. Adams a co.-s great California freight, Packagi and Panel RapreM, peretoauier Empire City. onTuraday. May l.'tth. Sped intreaaad! Ratea rednoed !i S|a rial freight agent and ?pct-ial meaaengtr through.?Our ueit rt ruler riprrea for California via Churn* and Panama. Villi be d petihed per at, amer Kmpir- City. Captain J. D. W lie' n. on Tneaday, I itli in.taut. at three o'clock, P. M , in charite of oar own ipe'lal freight agent and through mereen Rett daatiwatlaw. Aa our arrangemoata an the latiiinue are ?aw eo perfect for thn cpaedjand eafe troaeinieeioii of freight, rub.ivm re by Ibie etpree* may rely upon their goode going through to Panama in time for crreapoadiug eteamere ?a the I'n, inc. and at a great reduction fmm former ratee. All freight to go f. rward on tl e I itli invtaat, muat be delivered t 'ua ( witl, inv oire>) on or bef-a* the Wth. Small pir eli will be reecie ed until twelve o'clock on the day of tailing No charge mad< to ahippert by onrcxprcee for Ciotom Uouee clearaiicre or cuuculer ?truncate*. Leery paofcage muat be read, red ?tri.-tly water proof, and ehould not exited lid tbe. Weight. A11 ItliMniN iuvanably be pee pr?ut. A HlllPPINfd. I/oR LIVERPOOL-UNITED 8TATK.M MAIL STEAM ? >| || p,\t iric, Pni.taln E. Nye. This >m?>ilp wlU d< i trt with the it.? ila for Europe, poilllroly on Saturday. May 1*Alt, at IJ o'clock M , from her berth at the (out of Canal ?trert. No brrtli ao< ur?<i until paid (or. All lettm Bast paaa through tha Poat Cffl.;a. For freight or pntaage, baring unroaalle'1 accommodation j for elegance or comfort. Apply ta IIiH D.K. COLLINS, M Wall etreot. Poattirely ?o freight taill La reraised on bnerd after Thanday evening, MarMth. Tha ataamar ARCTIC ?111 Mooted the Paoida. and aail Mar Jdth. _ _____ I.t OR J* 11 t-roiR WILL MTV ATP.!) I1FHTIIS IN THE I att an. r Paclie, (or Liverpool, Uw IDtl Inat. tpply to E tl KI_'K !f alrael, 21 lo.r. rAl ?R 8 AI I A N EXCELLENT BERTH IN THE tirr.R ralmuf II,? Mann leering llnaton on Wfdne.'Oi, HO, M.I Apply to III CIIANAN. II\RRlS It CO.. IS r i t . Ilnil l.n II ATRS np PARR REDUCED -THE ON I.V THROUGH I* I ma for California and Oregon, eia Cha gr.'i direct, and lii - I ml. d StaUa Mail Steamer* In the PaelSc.?On Toes day. Mat I '.. at 3 e'elork. I* M Theiplnlll ?t am<',ii i;(. PIRK I ITV. 2.HI) tana, J. II. tt iliou. commander. will leara peer t North Rtvsr.fbr Chagraa direst, en Taatday, Mr/ IS. it .1 e'elork par. i.'ly. I'a.aeaircra by thia roaaol trill ronaect villi th. (an,rite atrantrr TENNESSEE, to leara Panama an ?r ab I i Jane let P..r paaaara or freight. apply nt tha at .? M and U Soilh atrret. or 177 Wad (treat. iM iriMH it i.isr. -opposition to Hum I I ti r 'it, I odai I Hi May. the t?" -plead! I (team at m. |i KOI II IK JONATHAN an I NO.tTll AMERICA. Vlil anal ppilatlyillP. M , for < oa:r-? I'o iw ' III yeotfr tick tr. he either af thaaa iplaatld ?tra??fe, at onr ? i* at i r prfea-thaa at nay otnar eftee, aa we actiftde Read* ? ill 'ail atkrr agent#, and are determined to put d *a i 'fl-'t art>ad li i AI ORD ft CO . ! Aat'.r llaaaa. Tatap atreet. f?M1!? TtTRS MAIL STEAMSHIP COM PANT. 1 I . N - a Orlrana diraat. ria llaraaa. m M .nday, May II. at t p M I arr Redo.-d ?The aplaadid doable engine iipMd* Cioii;I A. 3 tuna burthen. I). I) Porter, I a M e ...ntaader, mil aail pr derly at 1 a'cladft, P M, if m b<r piaf at (<~>t ?f W'erreo (treat, N. 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T L'H RAM PRAM) lit O A N D OR If] Old BETRA f A Ml r ly ? tan Ow let Jaaa Its tha oalr tnronrh line farm Paaawa to lie Fraaeteee The well kanwa and faror rt' ae-aw..' RARtH SANDS l,Nn| p>u hartaa moat at tea fir# aad < nrrni-ot a. e mmadatt. no far familiat wapv MilliMa fe mt ia bath (*!?? a and <? -it aabtn-will be daapat had by the Paeifto M..I Stavmahin Cempanr. on tha latitat Via riaiat Mar lata trip fr?m !"?ii rranetaoa aa t ? r?- awed In frentr-atia days Ska will ha ready to ra awioaavbeaed imaaodioiola av th-ir rrrlral ta Panama, tha poaaeat '? irtawdt-i ta (a ay her, aad by tearing New Tori e the e. (e -? a hie a W4U be de.pat- h-1 the iniddla af Map. BfRlMMiMftlM by aaalMmaf tha radaaai jjWill ?are i'?y will aaawro intmly aadanoasmy aParad by aa athwaaaarmar Per Mabata, whtoh will be?ia tha aalaoa. ?awtr-m Panoata V are Ervaetnao. ia the Idaakia. tw ftvm Pre ante to Saa r ravine* tapiI ta ?At ? LAND ft ftlf IN WALL, t aad MS >?th Hftt NEWS BY TELEGRAPH, HIGHLY IMPORTANT. Till: SOI THKRJ R Hi UTS <0\VKNTIOX AT CHAILI8T0N, S. C. fticBiuov maooanuiTDzii). THE ABOLITION CONVENTION AT SYRACUSE, N . Y . THE I'MOX TO BE DISSOLVED. IF P0SS13LB, UTEUmU riM ALI. (piRTEItft, Ac., Ac., Ac, tpi.cokafh orricn. Hain't ( hrmiral Tel, graph O/fi- 't AV 29 M'all ttrttf. Magnetic Telegraph Office, tor. Ilanoitr ?*<f II-tier tU. PrKre<lliigi of the Southern ltlghtv Con. T?n t Ion. Chari a*!'??*. May 7. lK'.l. A minority report. signed by three of (tie Committee of Twenty-one. was presented A resolution by Mr Orr (amen l-?d> w?s ?fTrred. p.edg ing the convention to abide by the action of the L?gi*la ture of the State, as to whether secession -halt take place wither without the to operation of the other States A debate ensued, but no new phases were adduced Alt concurred, however in the wrongs and the remedy, dif fering aa to time and manner; neverilKde,.. whatever the action they will support it. Those aguiatt the original report were Me- r? nutier Orr and UnrnwtU Ths latter considered that if South ' Carolina separated from the Southern State., it would be final, and detrimental to the institution of -tarery The question will be taken to morrow night, at 1? I O'clock, aud the report will be adopted by a large in i I jority. Mr. Khett will probably speak to-morrow Charlfsios, May A?I P M The convention are about to vote on the report and . resolutions for separate secession They will jo,-- by accliimation. All moderate c.'un-elt are overwh' lined Secession i- inevitable. Cmai.v.svo*, Miv H?10 P. M. The Convent! >u a?einbled this in >ru.og at the usual hour The debate presents no new feature The address wa- unanimou-ly adopted together with the following resolutions : ? ' I First?With or without co-operation for secession. ' I Second?That co-operation is not worth the sacrifice of an unanimous submission i Third and eighth?Secession is essential to sovereignty Fourth?The convention is looking to the Legislature to oie rt its sovereign power. TJie conveutiou formed itself into a Central A- ocls tion for the State, preserving the present organization of delegate, and members until new appointments. Karli association t- eutitied to double the State district representation To form the Central Committee, uine dt-tingui-h" 1 delegate, wer? appointed The convent lou then adjourned tint <tie. with a prayer. The deliberation*, on the whole, were characterized with the greatest decorum and dignhy Antl-SUvrrf Convention nt S)-r?tn?r. I WI t'Al ?I 'ISTIM'V.D. b? an i<>. May 7,1851. Mr'y, in continuation of hit speech, Mid:? The J* tt it- of lluukrr II iU was also a lawless and disorderly affair. and their revolutionary sire* were denounced at di-ordcrly. acditiou* fallow*; but he thanked Uod that the city of hew York wa* not the K m pi re Mtate. It wax oniy a* a speck whcu compared with the Umpire State 1 it-e*if They were also. said he, shut out front Paneuil Hail hut that **? also in the power of the slave party They a ere then driren to \Voree?ter; there again the 1 power of slavery triumphed They were then driven to ' Syracuse, and I now ark Itf cititens. shall we be allowed here to expre*.* our sentiment*, in our own language f (Ye* yea and cheer' ) lie then denounced the Nrw Ymk UiralJ, and aw id lite city of New York and the .%>?? IVillnalJ were the onlyenemhi they had to contend with lie next referred to the capture of Slinrnr and the electhu of Sumner at Boston, that he said was ouly , a drop of tl>? coming ahowrr. Orai'in Sana then ro-e. and after a few preliminary remark'", raid he had a resolution to otrer welcome1 ' the audience to the city of Syracuse. Although he had neeer nan their face* before they, the cltixeua of Syra cuse, knew them hy their work." They could aay of them, the meeting, that they did continue to run well, and they wi leomed thein from the both an of their hearts. a?d in the name of free dl-euasion How gloriou*. j aaid he. doe* the great and order-moving city of Syracuae contraat with the city of New York, j which U loft to historical infamy He would also eay, that tb< y v ho would anrreuder the right j of free spe* -li would unman tliein-c|v.? and ho uinl'-?err ing of lre> dom. lie once more Welcomed thorn from the bottom of in heart to the city of Syracuse, lie Wei- j cni'd hi? honorable friend tioorga Tli nnp?on?(great ch<-< ring;?a foreigner, who, iiiiU oigh ln? could n ?' ho cheeringi?a foreigner, wno, oiiuoogu ne count no no technically nil* d a member of the American Anti-Sla very SwVty. but he was a friend at t he col wed rar>, and he woul I again WeieiWM him lie tlieu gave a welcome to each of the prominent individual* pre'ent personally ik< to Mr. Stn."Ii The Hit Mr M ?t ru**-to return (hank* He a'-ured the meeting that dnce lie came to feelde nt Syraeuae. he attended a m-eiing of tha liberty |>arty in I this region ami although there miuht bo some differonc of opinion between thim i Ives and the anil-davi fy p irtjt Of New Pa.gland in regard to the mad i? aaeronJi. yet lie. rithi* Mr. May. w.i? received and li laued to with the grcit*?t I attention and ncier received any let or hindr.i nee from the majority party of Central New York, and for tHis re* i son. ai" imngli there might l ? aome dill-renco* between th< m on particular poink, the j?r? at aim of both partle wa* the abolition of-slavery Tli ? rever-nd gentl m in then went on to denounee the Fugitive Hlavw i*w. and in iio part wa- that aecurmdlaw ?n h -artily denounced *? lu I Pyiacuso lie did not eay they were ah nnti-xlavery men in thi* city . hut he would say the\ wear alt liberty ?f ship tarn, and he welcomed th in to Syracuse. Iti* ' adopt'd In me i Mr Pmiih then offered a rc Jntlon welcoming the diflrri nt irvnc r* who attended the n*- "ting, which wa* nnaliitnondy adopted Mr Osaaiao* tlien returned tliank" to Mr ffinlth and the meeting lie said that the act which would ennalgn the city of New I ork to eternal Infamy wouhl hand down this city to posterity with overt*?tlng ren"?n. Mr. til n >V IN is*m then read a poem composed by himself, in whirh the rltif ii* of New York are groedy lampooned, and the city lUclf. according to Mr Putnam, li to-hare the same fate a* Sodom nud Gomorrah. After the reading, he was loudly cheere I A hymr . composed by Hi*< Catharine Chandl" r. wa* then rung by the audirnrr The comniltteea. one a Finance rommlttee, nnd the otlier ii Bu?i"le-? Committee, were then appointe I The meeting then adjournid until two o'rl ?*k. I'p to this time the proceeding* are of n. (great Interest. The no < ting Is thiol) attended and no diep<xdlion t" di? ' luibit The ali?iili">nl?t* have everything tii"ir own way There are only a few nigger* In alien lance. Thompson. Ah'-y Kill"y and Putnam. arc the lion* of the meeting AfTravoo"" *r *""*?? rtn Fttgef, ( The noetii g i? a**entble(l. hut no inrrea*e of it* m'in la-rs Captain Ityndcrs h?? not arrived, and I tottvtn it I ie pretty certain he will not come. In consequence "t ! which, the abolltlonl-d* are ? in high feather " Tit") no" apprehending any Interruption, are determined to In (1 iilge in the most violent abuse of the public aathorltl of tile hnlt'd States, tlieeltli. n* of New York, and the AVicl mt llrraU. which Mr. Oarris?m h?> air.ia ly it* nouneed as three of the liberty party's enemies, and of course, the enemies of human freedom ITje meeting was railed to order, and a rommltt e on iii'tninalitms proposed, in addition to tha one already pro posed. . The following are tha names of tha person* on both

commute* * Committee on N<'?!natiocis ICiIiiium gulney, Thos IV hit-on. Parker Pilt?hnry l.ydia M .tt, I'-sther Anna I.nkins.tleo DoUjcIa*.and Ahraltani llrooke Commlltee on business- s?m'l J May. tie? Th"fna*on Al l y Kelhy Kodi rJ Miller McKim, Francis Jackson. Jas IV. Walker, and James Mott. Iiiam is Jscasnv then reail a nport. from which it ap peared that the sum of ftP.404 wa* (Waived since th" last aieeting. and the sum of (" KIW ei|iended. leaving a bu Inree in the treasury of (l.M'J The rwport wa* accept, ed A hymn wra* then sung by the audience, standing, to the tune of America." The Ret Mr Msv "'ff'-red Ihree resolutions Th" flr?t wa* a resolution of thank* to tieotg" Thompson for his nnlfotm advoraey, on botli at this and the oth"r aide of the Atlantic (f human liberty and human right*. The nest was a resolution of welcome to hiin as the reprr*cn tallv' of the working rla**e# of tlreat Britain; and th" ihirtl was a MmMUM of tliank* In III" paople of Paa-ida l?rtln protitlloB lh>y unifomi) gave tv the fu^UIrr slaves escaping from their tack masters, the South' rn plutm. Mr H?tr, <>f Boston, was introduced to th" ra-'t ing. lit- MiU. in substance, that lh<; American* hnv Is* come proverbial for thi'ir impudence. Tin' tour of tin* Senate anil the pulpit have become remarkable for their impadcuec, especially so to hi* honorable friend. Mr. Thompson. He is, according to the men in high place*, to be hunted down, mid hooted, aud starved. forsooth t*-cause he left hid own country to come here to s|*"i!< ?gainst slavery. Tliey romploiu.indeed,that it id foreign inti rfeienee; but what wad the conduct of our Pilgrim fatlierd. wh- u they gave gla?? bead" to the natives and took frum them their broad acres iu return, but foreign interference' And what wad the conduct of Lafayette and Koaclu.-ko. in our own revolution, but '? foreign in tcrl'erenro.'' And one of the men, Lafayette, after war,l-i declared to Tbonnid Clarkson, that he ucrer would hare drawn hi* sword in l'nvor of America, if iio thought it *?' to rivet the ehaine of the Africuu. liid frii-nd could n?t help being bom the other aide of the Atlantic, but be thought he need not be ashamed of his country. Kor bid (Mr (jutney's) own part, he could sot help being asiuuned of being born in thid country. and he wag sorry that lie was not born iu Lngtard. The American government, since its estab lishment, has la-en iiitciicriug witli foreign governments. . Andrew Jackson and the p< ople of America were tile flr-t to itietch out the hand of fellowship to Louis I'hilipjse. when he rode dow n the eld'-r branch of Casaeis. They iib-o interfered in the Qrt ck and Polish revolutions, | and Daniel YVebsti r and Henry Clay spoke iu favor of sen ting supplies of aruistuid amniuuitiou to the Greeks, and so it was with Lewis Cuss in relation to Hungary. ! lb advocated that a missionary should be scut | to Hungary, aud that wc should enter into | diplomatic relations with her. We understood the speaker tosaj lhat the Auieiieuu republic ?h? not fit to wij-c the shoes of the Austilan government. Consider ing all tboae things, he (Mr. Q.)did not think their ad- ; veiMitc - con id m.ike muck of a case against his friend George Thompson. He would ash why it was that the | mayor and marshal of llo-tou refused to protect liiuij Why wad it that the wtiole press?from the O'xertwr 1 up to the Sew Yvrk lUrulJ?were so frightened at liiui ' Why was it lhat Henry ('lay, Daniel Webster, 1 ami even Lewis < a-.s. wh< broke his sword when he , had UO opportunity to tight tlx- English, were so I frightened ' One would think tliat if la* carried a thumb rh"K iu raeh hand, twenty millions of men I ought to be able to drive hint back Hut it was not of (ieerge Tlcuip-on they were afraid?it of the truth- that be would tell tliem This, said Mr (J., miftitt s the propositi <11 with which I set out, vir. , tliut Aiie i a ana were the most impudent aud inconsistent of mat Kind. i l)oi ct iss then rose, and said he thanked the ahdi tioni-t- uf Kngland. Ireland, and Seotluud, for the ner vier they had remlc nil it b dit ion in this country. He then went on to say that there were many well meaning nervous who wished well to their cause, who objected to the interference of foreigners. It was, they thought, iu lad taste and should be left to the America it people to settle it themselves. But he thought that use. the Ame rican people, were ns open to foreign criticism-as other people. and lie thought they, the people of Kng- . land, bad a right, la-cause they were Interested in the i question. to take it up and give their a?istnnce to eman cipate the olack people of this continent. George Tboiiipeui was invited here by 3 000,000 of people; but it is said h< was wanted st holnc liy his own constituents ; but I tell them he is wanted here more, lie is wanted at thi ."lave prisons and whipping posts of New Orleans, more than he is wanted at the Tower Hamlets Although Kngland, raid Douglas*. has it- laws of primogeniture, its aristocracy, its rags and workhouse- it has no slaves, lie rcjoh-'d that Knglishmen would not hold theft* toagucc. although they are re<|uired to do it by the , pro slavery fbctiou of this country, and he partieu- j larly rejoiced that there wa- a il' ii"iniii ition of Christian* in England. that had taken tlie sulijeet up. and that tl.'nominalion.the most inHuentialand wealthy, j had di-termined in iuturc to deny the use of their put- | pits to AliH-rieaii divines. He (Douglass) took the j ground that no slaveholder ought to be allowed to live, i aud that the men who advocated or excused it should be bunted out of human society, nay, driven ott like the 1 tiger If it waalight they wanted, tliey uiiglit tie re- ! coved; but it was not liglit, tin y had enough of that already llut it was Ore they wanted and he hoped they would get it. He had couttdenee that they would be . made to f-rl It bifore long, and be held lip to the srorn and UeD station of the people of Hng Inud. They had Hp rial right to r ill on Kuglaml to aiJ them in rooting it out If It were KwglaLd that plaut'd it here that .made it more itu- ' perative on her to nssiat iu getting rid of it Let us. t hen a-A?nay, invite the aid of our English t'ri-ud- to | tear dow n Ibis accursed institution. ivr.mxs si ?io' Before th- regular bunlwn of (be wHInf called | up, n Mack wnuwu. called '? Sojourner of Truth." who ?aii she hadbeen a dan amongst the Dutch. In the we-leru part df New t ork, hut w?* *uhi?-|Ui-utly liber ated v> hru slavery wa* abolished. mac and Mid she had writtm ? narrative ol her treatment anongat the Dutch t-hr exhibited the i*?ssk. ao?l called ?n the anti-slavery lade - ai.d gi otleinen to buy it. and afford her the mean Of eubai teiiee fh* ??< now near 70 year." "f age, and bad lost the uae of one of her hand- by the cruelty of her Dutch taaater, uud from age aud the lo? of her limb - wa- unable to labor. >he therefore, called ou . the anil-slavery people to buy her book, an-1 afford her I mean* Of existence ill her old age. Hut we did not nee 1 there wen- nny copies of it taken. Tlic j.roc. eding- of the evening ronimenced by singing shy ii 11. aftsr whieh the Ilex Mr Max offered a re-otu- i tion to the effect that Lt was ne xpedicnt to hold any rommunicatioii or Intercourse with auy one that upheld I the system ol slavery. Mi Jinn \\ Wvi ki n, of Ohio, addressed the meeting in support of the resolution lie asked, what Is slavery ' and then answer* *1. that It w?? a -y-b in that destroyed I man. and rendered hlui unfit for Ilia social relation*; I bcr* f**rs*. it wa< not with individuals they warred, but 1 nidi the chattel system Aa loin; ?s they bold uitiou with those slaveholder*, they, the anti-slavery party, could nexer make much heail way in public opinion Ik then ** nt on to compare th<* slave claimant to tie* burglir. , the highway robber, aud the pirate These villains, It** said, should lie prosecuted, convicted, and imprisoned, and every oih* r im-an-uosl to bring public opinion to l*eai on tb< in Hut these Mfcsw- an* *n;**l- of light wh**n rompar* d with th* villain who drugs Ida fellows, that bear. M will as himself, the image of ll<*l. an t make 1 chattels of himself hi- wife and children I'ntll they are pnanruted. like the highway robb -r. nnd politic opini*in is br< light to bear on the slave jmwer of this country, the ay-iim cannot and will not be put down, and they th* in dves must sutler in proportion He then called on the audience to hold no union with slave dealer*, | There was *>nly on* nnadion fbr Hu m to talie, ami Hi it was, puldkly to declare that thsyeoukft not ami would m I Imld atiy fellowship with the ow mm of alaVfg There ' could I* no More an union between the anti-slavery party ; and the sl.irocracy than between IteliaJ and unfist I Th< re could Is- no hnrui in it All tint could happen | w uid be a di-.-o|uti< n of tin I Hion. aud if that was dla. I solved, slaviiy Would tall with it. If there was a separation <*t North and South, there were three tuillii n * i 'live* ready to rise and slrikr for freed an He laugh* d nt the id*-a of Hie ,?..ul Ii bdng able to suppii-s an in nricclion of ib*lr slaw. The only thing that epp* an I to loin that would pnrtfy their reli gion, and riel.iiinlh* Dewi j-i an*l ether-. ?*? t*> di??evcr 'luir guilty eiaim-etl oi with Hi* selsehaiding chnrehew Th* r are an hundred way* propo . *1 to gel rid of it te no propose to abolish tin-1 loistituiion?siimi* t>< amend it, while other- propose to el* i t I'M*'4* Hi it ?*U d > il Did it is aw d to him tbnl tin was but one way to do it. :*iul that w?- to preas on the pnhiie mind to diss olve the In ion and ds-riare for a tree N *rthern Kight- He poMii' Ii War only shcii lb* Ma; *1* daring our int*'n tlon te liolil no union With Ihe slsvc I* *wer l- unfurled that tbe si IV* bidder- Will treinbl lb rail >1 I'll tb m ? tob tlbe cry go f *rth from the Atlantic t" the I'acile, and Ilia ilaVrocrary of tie nou.h w *ald cue* en | Ibetr knees to Ihe men ef tin- Noftli to pri -erve lh ? ' from th* ir osvn 'lave-. Mr Wall -r tin n I Ml. a- anil ! Iuetr.itkm of hi- views. of * Dnt* hai-*i and I** *i >lva ? also that swnlloei d an iron Wedge wit It' he tag end .iivwn. | that slawty w* ubl pr< tty nn h the .ia* as the Dutchman; that the Ptiuion only coubl b* do aired I lie then a?kid If so sniail a p'ictlon *>f the p* *p|r ?. the | Mill* Livery party c uid r?Ur ssw It ?a * *itery, I*} uitlurt* i Ing theffag ef dinnbn what would ' th r aisaaeeais' A large Inability o| the p**opie w**obl join their banner j Thev West Id shake the oil craiy Ibing fibs I ni-n) t?> ita I ci ntre They want ne ne re coinproiui-e TUs y ha I the IT Ii nil iWt f inprnl r tgthi ilgdlli"! ~i Tt?- ami the | Mexican war ; hut let ?? h"xv ne move of thrni I * t w it* dare nt oner t hat wr svi-h no |snli?-r hdlow -Mp with the slavn pi*wer HI* now deel i * *l fvesw the h tv-i p* that i* I- I-el lev t hist the I'm o ah*?stld be 4i ??:?>? I thau Ihe I ie<>n should tmtlnu* lot it b* wntten ov*r llie chitrrb d**ns- and the d-*rs *< < ery pal* lie builtiing, Mid In lie- Ii art i t cv-vy maiden Hut no slid I* Id r I- a*liiiitt**d lore (Tr*m*?J*u- i h?<evs Kuti a W nn in. i ditnr of III Idas? s/ft at It-s ton. I"ll .wr-I Mr Vlslki-r, d*-is *im .ag Mr It i-be f sni Mr billi o n , and elvoratlng lh< d*slrio, -*f a.* aaeaa with shit ? lioi,i. r> That I* the banner no lev wtiich th y rouid rally He Would have n*> political WMftssus of btis|n*s< union svllh llu m He b* Itev*-1 h w?s * -in f ?r any man to sit down at a table and le* attended hf a -lave, without teil'ng Ihe slave that he -jmpalhlaed with him. am! not with hi* master Hot the er? iv w*? ceniliiltU*1 in I'liilailcli liia In 17*7. when Hi ftlh rs of the rev "lutlon permitted Slavihnld' ra t<> run* into tlii* I nlon. nn I from the menu nt when they w re ? dmiltcd, then mum all our dlMruIti* a. ?n-l th* r* svlt of It will be, that if the I nbin e m tlliue for taenty year* longer, alavery wdl -p-end It-ell ovif Mi \ico and over the Wc?i India island-, snd. he would tell hi* Mend '?* ??*? TH ??;* ?? that ('anadi w uld be anm x#x| within that tit" and thonltweull be made a hunting gr*mnd for eat* tung ? laves lie believed that! he Cnhm In It-pr ?otf'rna was a nui inee Prim the beginning t*> the pes-* wt bourltwa nn outrage n|*on the i'hri-Haii r*-litnm **n all our aoi lal ItlatIons, and on every principle i*f ha miinity llr eenclmbal b^ saylncthat lie lenl t ? ? pr? pOftittPM to submit The lot waa, that nndec the I ulnn a* it new existed, slavery c?nn*?t beats iisb-d To dis I'lve the I'nion was only a *|ti lien ftim* W* ?hould look this question in the fac* and lie wl?he*l lo have a ei solution to that effect Introduced The second propositien was, that the federal r snatltwtl m eonld a d lie nits red, beeanao It required Ihfeof**?rt h? <4 ihe si?l?< to alter it. anil slavery itself would le* ab?ti-hel b f ?"* I hey could get three fourths of the Ptal*- form nit change it He. Ihi rof**re, heenugbt the p ph ofthieonw try to I* ok lbs- question of dissoiuttsun fairly In the te* e Mr (laraiao* then aildres-*-! th* m eting lie sold that he know Washington J*ff* r-osv A lnn and Man rork were grent nvca; lint they were alter ail r n a'nnl nu n. |ba every one of thsnv In Id Ih* tr f* il*?m ef -'ore* a chattel* The pre-elil Indication-'ho- 'Ih ** w* dp thivig tvslien in the -late W D* umu ? Svsthi if -a.|h csn'-tan.l that 1- built on andv foundation* Th<' Af rican I'nlon wasthe Hod of tfi?- American" Tbry roll ilnwii la-fore it. nrvl worship it hut. f-r his part, h ?* nothing print in it It waallke any article of clothing. Jt might be utuUf and remade. una he miw nothing In it j to prevent the |?>ople looking Into it. and remodeling it, ? or cutting it nwuv ulto/ctlu-r. lie held it to he the right of the P? ople. ?t in.y time, to examine their government ; to cashier their (Jovevnor. amlto torn. a tiew government. wh. il they find it -">.ry Whoever -ahl that there H f'lilon between the State" lied; for .-Tory onehn-w that they were nn.l.r the lad. of the -lave driver f.-on the moment the federal constitution ?:e formed ? le t .-aid be. i* the dls-olutiou of the I nion tor lit- own I,art he would ' oy that a more wi--l ed compact W.i? n ver entered iTito since the fonndnt "ii of the world I. .- a direct ? ay of encouraging "lave breeder- to limit tie ir unfortunate -lave- all over our country ; j.n, . therefore hlfcomeh-iice Mihe.and a- the frtond ufth.-atav . h hid d- t ranch* < dblnt-clf. r nd iv-.uld -titution (t'hrs-r- ) The fugitive hill was the lad. ompt > mice and they will hate more of It. ami theii hat slavery is in lfilied. wlien they -u-tuln Mlrll a gnvernu?.o. If 1 could 1 would hold no union with an "Jul,";r rtihla r You undere.and ...... I now . all on you to h the Southern t-iavehol.lcr that wooan nomorehold unmn with him I ha ii we can with the adulterer and lie warned tin in tliat the di-e,h,ti"nw..nean-rth;.n they thought T.ey couhTdn without the baHot bo x a .le?;." did. ..lid a- Luther and Oulrln did. Uod ep,-.-d th ' "The proceeding <1- d at 11 o'clock by lb. atatflaf of a hymn hy the audience ?Kl OVl) I'AV . I S> K*CTir, M?iy 3 1&*1 The meeting commerced thi- morning at WoVWa-lc The number in attend . ee ?... about the onie a. y-er day Tin eitixena of Syractiae no Interest uvt w proceedings, though many of the... fee indigoanl.t the violence of till- language used by ?l irnsou. Qui"*7. Wilder and Wright je.terd.iy. and Inn ... . ?pr- I tlieniM ive-; hut etill no int. rvuptiou h?-be, n offer, d The proceeding, were commenced by tne -luglng >r v hymn bytheaudieiK-e. utt.-r which a prayer wa. off : I by Iter Lyndon King, a M.tliodiet clergjuun The l'liK-nniM next tat I that there wer- ? l.f number of Mends of thi- Anl.-Siavery *ool.;ty- ?;..J wi-hed t< peak ou the Mih.iert lie. therefor wi ? that a-...any ... "lb. w .uld -peak ?' ?U not want MW-eeheK. Tie)' might <*.k a. long a t" > pleased, but t hi" talking sf.nOldbe to the P"iit The Key Mr M vt ne:;t nod. omc remark* in . tti to a iuglthe Mi mm. I fhar e . dolmen who bad ru,. away, some year, since, tr-m he master II. (J "hiU had a wife and ebildreo whom he had -enIt?> .??"? and ho hiin^f win* about to f>Uov Mr M*j * ? ? a=5 rr-:.ra.:.'B.;;:::: MEfe who wanted farm work done, to take tn. 1 Jfj ? (Mr May) could rccouimeud thnii a- ?x. Heul tui '^Mr' M. Kim then introdu. ed the c-."e of A ma IT-h liams who. he said they re-cu.-d from the k. luapp- r. lu I'hiladidpliii. :.ud they thought she wa" -..1- from a ay; buttles were lately Informed hv part lea who hold an Intermediate position between tl. ..Ml. tioulat. and slaT. holder-, that -he wa- ..?t. > 'f; J were not at liberty to rejeet this lute-lllipi't" ? " ' ' brought her and h.-v family on to this city II mm ly wr-lied to <1.11 the attention of the ineetirg to h- r . v Mr Mo th.-n proposed a resolution to uppo.ut a eouo mitt.- to au addn-.a l- the people ot the I ntt. t St a ton. on tin fngitiv* law The resolution wa?? adopted. , Mr M iv then referred to iin- mily.-et of land in Canada lor the reception of all -Utck who ' Mr^ItnI'.m'of<?tsego. next mddreeeed fh" He Stated that he had la-en lately In tanad*. a.|.l t.ii.l he had. during hi- visit th.-reus.ertau.ed thatl.-r, w.r,- lit the time -J? vaaj ."Ures in i .vn.ola. . *l > ol . win m had arrived there stnee the p.,-age of the I ugo tire Slare luv> The MH-lety had tak. n great tnteiert in those P< rsot)K Tl.ey wished to be.efit them It. three war- ri/ -To improve th-ir phy-iewl mtral ao-t r-li guJ,; condition, and they were partieulartv anxiou^o * 'if " '|V "'t aid lahed t'her e f?'u'' tlleir beuelh! they w.?-. ,.i.t nrt? no beDcnt "laie. or tl.efr children lie ealle I the attention of the fri.-nd" ot ll.e runaways to thi" matter, aud would I glad to rce.-ive any uid they chos- to give lhe speaker flit reduced a man by the name of N- wmuu. a color, d clergyman, from Canada ?ho would give tin- lneettng | ui.v in?-muili'in tlicv wuo't'ii. The Pa.MO. m /aid that Ncwinan>aa a very ?Ppr>c t priat, name for :t fugitive slave, tor the moment ill Canada he wa- a new man. ' lV-..a-- wished to m-.kesome Imyutn in re hit ion toll. -ehool? ref-ired to by Mr. Hilct.le lie Huid ther- wen- wvei-al hiindr.-d thousand dollars cub j leetvd for the ached-, but he never couldI ttud out whrt wla doac with the money. lie .t"n ^nd'eT ' more -f this inon. v. and tor what it ha; la-, n expelnd d lie at".' wished to ku?w how man.v aludents had t odtu-at.-d in tin-, s.-h-da. from his remark*, he sec-und tf? colli WJil'T ??n til'* t?ul>jcct ... ,, at,_ I Mr Waio..! -ai-l he wl-lo-l an end to be put to the , Offer, da resolution in r iattou ?<? thecolleetioii .? 1,1 ?,. ?ii.t hi-irk iMHinle in i anudn. him! tiuc t)il i onlniitti^Vo?ad in.|uin? and i m port 1n?w the have been conducted, atol the amount of funds collected ?,A.V,^;',''ol.oV'"lti'a.- - WW we ~ am, .1.1.100,1 Pile whdicd that an inguiry ab.mld h made into the atfair- of the color -d school* In lu hig-o Large rsdU-ction* had been made for tl.-an- -- hooc and sonic rci?ort? bad tfcnie abroad ab??ut tbcm tifo*. t i for.. wi-\i< .1 to have the u-.-olution amended -o a- to cut '"heMue^thm on the resolution, a* amended, wa- put "Tlo'cil^aM.s then -aid If there was any one w ho dis sented they wcuhl be glad to hear l.lm There was no %J?5??i7rS" though not of tne nat-- color, I "'mT i^rrhld'^eh-ar* at .hi, tinu- for the .?e; I . , t * ... i-t Tiri'H'Ut pro-1 pel <?u*. l?ut When It m l a? Its hehrhH'" always dreaded a fall He did not like the* roqueting going on amongst the free U,H \ .?} it tliat nirtv remain Inn* to It-' ^We'. lhl^ wM no danger^df their eatt-s- Hut at | II ? ?1. tiitli m 1M Vt'l'V people ought to uprttk out. ?u fviMiic.. .Ill 1 7 Ifihry do not prutor tiM-m -IT',s thV/w l -e ratine ,a-ruing and although tlwv nii ht not find tlo-ir throat., u. th-y -^d>u ?t n> .... d'v find th.-ni- i?s - to tut.-' which would U- u ar at" m -V rlune The orat-r proc.-ed.xi td c? . , W r,r. el .ui iti- n issued by the Pre-l-lcut on the"subject of the Culum invasion The policy of the , ?,M,w,.r said he. is to annex nil countries if they .!a ii?. ili?. for the antindavery tora.*. ?. piece- a. M;11' r ' ()f n. - iu duration transcend ?h< f* Hano i IVeb-te. lliat eor tnarcruii ? uunu ( N| u?*. Ir wouU t??* f1"" l'rll? k hfjnw ?lth lt.-n.sti.- Arnold, and so would fiHiml flH*? "IJ i ?ha Viitm<ir*'!* hipI "thT. of tterin. the IHck.neone. and the^{^ors. (h? ?n.ln,r, of Ulfrtr in thi* '.no end a-si-t ?? making chattel- of UUcfiy m io Thi m inuui'-nt Bunker" l'idl"uJ lu our monuments ate lies He -ai h T." when i fm-itivr -love is dragged n vtew of It and dr*.g'-sl into slav-ry it umst 'tili* t* !? ? tbttwr* a li? . . . :r\ V ? .? i . rcriiTf nnit I'lymnath Hock at tb<* ?s':,1" n ;sr.r. - *"w?r:!Kr-!Ss a:"::;.; I. c^l . hallo , no plain of from the oppraa4on ?:;i VTt gov.r.;i. nt . < m ** H L. T, nr.e arc I r the rcluC n now at hand crJCi -j?. >? ? ?s t.a.t.on rl.ere never wa- a m r. tr.n.n .:? i r,tirr; ? ? ,'f u' .yXv^lTthfiS l'^W^ ?"? he worth . Jdn'? " . * . long, r submit, and be part and j ar pur. l.*se LrtweoH-n ' ,l,ve catcher,. ??' ? ' am^ rmuenj " . "^eTot the b- a-l- of th ::.r: Vh?.ri^. -,T^XVv Mr Ms, -11 thrU-" f tttl two .el-k. Ikfeprrate Axnilll. R iinv May P. 1P..J !"<?* th !>??' ley * l?" Ik l* har hera ritaaidcrabic Milium. at emu* lit-. r'4nr*.| people h re tvlallar t? IW aaUwl at i*' <4 ilntr inijiUr, named T P baulk. el... had belbre Ikr committee <4 tire l.<uteletwrr the )?"!?? ?"? >'f away In IhU rlty etth llw wftr rf flBM- f * colored rlilMrett l.a?l ?? ?n through l<<nn>l atreet. at Ikr *r4 Itr ??? ?n.|tl<nly wired by Urrr rn. I'ti 4 |t?na? "W? r4 wb<>?n ?truck him. him akniit the *? k an t all* t la put a planter on bi? m >utli Minth -iruari- I bm<1 managed t? attract the attcntina of mtmr uat< hat n <>a a It.?- appr a eh the three aaaallanlt job p*4 tula a tarrtnff itaaklnf near line ..| Mm m ?e V'trtrt i a|*tttr<'i| and auditor ha? le-en arreted tlti* wowwlatg la the r.mrt II tiw I p it the man arreted la t wight war hmed ? r>t >l*-r kmdtd an t rapped Tlx tr nam e are M. lt.aan l Hrnaa Itmlth I* a natter at hattua (?ra. I lata <1 a??t aw at ?haatl?f. Ar< H.iriwear May ? ltd I The Sew IHIrtat aapt hrmwht hy to. night ? mall, elate that U. u It.a. I'Wt .alka <4 rv-tgu af hi. aewt la the Pa Bate IImM Kwwiaf IMl?t?M character M th? Potn'a. aaa e.twt ihl? ra.nin*. end ta:ally eettadr t hy a aaa *.ar4iaar< Man ? > The t'a.aaaia M at n?*je at PC. ???M hy Taaiptetkta are .a tart . attb ltbt<ba? feel >4 aa ? -I larnV r t V m ? t?rr ta'Btrl N Ml lahtPktc iMHl^itk ar Wlily Convention ?t Rome. It V . Ml/ I 1851 The ?uf?* "I ?hl" county held their convention this dtiv f. r the purpose of nominating u candidate for Hlatt P-i,iter in tii- pines' ot Mr. f A Mann. Palmer V. Kellogg, of I ti< ? *** ifpjM.inted President asai-ted bf four I ice Presidents Necr.tMjr J?tm'? MrQuudc. benjamin M. Huntington.** *<>"?<? ?? nomianted ?/? tl.v cai at candidate, ?h tin y did not make it u pnrtf * String resolutions w.-*> pu--.<l endorsing the t.ill also reprobratios Hi * course ?-ntator Mating Unit the int. rest o? the wbolr State demanded the enlargement of the canal. ? The meeting wax .i 1 Vy Km-!*- Cltsr* editor? of the I tiee Gwt.lfs, Kichnrd 1 Hiertuan. Clerk of tile AA >rnUv <1 i'<ige lira)ton. Lorenm llouee. aiemberol Ag ts mbi) for tliu coanty; J P KltcX, of Koira-; C. M ly ticSd. uf Whitootovfi. Hud othern. The bwt ijiaitifV>-t?-il ty ;\ret*rnt. miuI n.> ugrwfd U*at ChiaiiJ* A Maun was'a u.e l-up man ill the Nineteenth district Election ol" BtatstMlrrr* tn Caniiectttet. IlitTroas. May, lttbl. Thomas II Seymour, (democrat), has baen .-U-rlod Governor by majority Or* democratic rote was girem' for diaries U. l'ond, arliicA wax inteudeiffor Seymour, which makes hi- majority 4 , ? .r.en I lemtriek t?hlg wa? elected Governor by 1 majority, anu T homa. ( lark, alao what, Tr vurrr, by lb. txaic majority. in cou^quoil*? ot Lorn ' ^Joh'nV 0 Mather. Manna rat i, v. 1- chosen ??cretn?r f t Ma- by majority and Itufu.- *?? l'iuney. (democrat, (i mptulb r by tiie ajun laterritlng from Wnil?lt?f??on. Wi.tif . tow. May X l%-?* Hie receipts of the Port ? Hire I* partnient for t?> quarter endtna lb reml er MWW amounted to ilWI.? an increase ot ?.MI.KI7 -8 over thw correal M H* quarter of the jprrtioiM year The inen-aiMtl rfwtpb* r* the ti-cal tear ending n. xt Jan.- over the preceding year millVr about IP per cent . ^ * A itreulsi fr<? th. Tre? ury Department in-trtartn ColleeU i and Other . tile r, of cu-t 111-, with retecww** V.I I e? . t III. rrWau.lis. duly exported to ? enada sod t hlboahua. that .ueh merchandise imported pn*U the t ..cage of the act of ii.Ui tseptember last. is ?nttUed t all th< diaabsek privilep* ? ceuf.-rri'd by Uj Uw?tha? in t r. . 11... department r untrue. lb" sail act as te rn: ti gth. , raettce preen usly permitted of the eapot tniu .1 merchandise from ? rebous ? to jasrts in ttur adi' tuitig Pettish pr .vti.rrs. without payment of 'u1"*. under the proeteb'ua of the net of Aiifast. liU>. and tmm practice thu- legalised itUhe coot limed und.r tile do j.? a, nt Th. ri g illations and previous tustru.-Uaaia {,?? ? Im-i II nesli?l.xl to the foregoing extent fanuei Mclmus bounty Wind agent, wild was arreeaee for forging an aselgnmeat of a laud warrant, came befrww lu.!?* tV.wford to-day. on a ?wAw? rerpi.i After heartag the ,?-e the il, Joe I.e.,I Una to batliu *?**?> I*, aiaoeaf at tiie . rimtual eoidt The alleged udence M . aid to have la ell committed two reara ago. l.ett *rs have b ?. n reeeived .t the roast sum* omae, from aciatant. t utt. aud Harrison . nleelNm a< ting master M. ore ol the Katug dated I ^ifaroto. ^^,^e^. .1 In Whirl, it is stated that the members of the Mtnry ar in g.--l h? xlth and spirits and are making am tihf.tftufv i.rciirf- vritb thfir W'?rk 111. M-W. Hi r says that the I Tea/dent will leave W aah. ingtou - n Monday morning, attended by the secretartm of Male .nd Na.y.the PosUaast r Uenerad. and th^^ At^ torII.'V General, unless some unexperted event ??'?? cause'a chauge in the pr. s. nt arrangements. < ClaoUM at ID* Loriiviisiat Miy 1W* h. v.ral st? amen have arrived at St l.ouis. with t>* cholera and ahlpteVer on la ard. There were twelve d im by i hol. ra on on. boat Fatal Ralliwad ArrMrnt. t xaxia... N 1 May 8. 1W. ^ Tbe f-.igit train going tt.-t.last night, w>.- stopped, about hail p?-t eight o . 1 ek. t.y a?ms the track, tour nn'e? this side ot llorni-llaxdie , ***" gin- ? r havingstoppad the traiu toaa t that they had rum over and completely cut lit two a man walking upon the trurk having severed his li-ul. nwk and -uain.lim from hi* leal), the remains of whom were taien tdtho shove-nnm. d pUe. but have not yet been rcc"gnla?d by any in. line liunlred and siaty.ftve penniea www found on hi. ja-rson al-i a paper ststing that ho wna d. af, dumb an l an idiot and requesting eharily tn paM him on to tatter luarter- As K was after Unn.e tan of cui:r?e. la- attribttP'd V>the eugineee. TW tkas-ciiircf train e. u*itig V.-t last .-veuing ak-jrinoem Hliil kol.d Instant'} a valuable c,>w a sh .ft dleta^o from our dep"V A vl Inllblc. )*m11.a!?> i.r*'? %% ri %f n, A vititii man. re?p.-ctalds tr -awd. a pa?sng?w tnm New dork 111 tile night I.O ttempt dtnpot m ena rn his life, on rvtiihiug Tae-.nj. l-i j waging ?ve. jwagg Ue wa.- rescued a.IJ brought to 'ill city Uulik Work. A?W Ihutaas M.f H d A M Tiie news bv the slll.-lllp t . ?p? h?s j-.d r lore, bt the (I It ill) lin ? .It t- t -? ?' ' t? ^ntn what x-it- it it nol base on "ur mifi d Nitiketn. I'llaai aw?- Vsf I. 1M The eott .n market has been htm r i-.d ho'd.-w. atgeg an advauee on Saturday's rate, which ii ke.1 (he <te uiai.d. and onl) 650 Ivilo were . IJ. a* pr.eea Virfhg from ; ?e u lo'-.c g?May ?. I?I Tin- market root inn "I du.l ou Hatur-lay , w'ith ??sXsw -rf onl, 1U6 tale,. ?t T'.c a ^ ^ >T, , lm t . ?. 1.1 ? of me- ? lH.'k OT. tsk a lu -ur mark* 1 foi New Votk it 111 3i'i u l It. rrain May ?. 1?*1 The receipts of the past twenty b>sir I. urs ha'ijNwmi lluur ..OtxiK.rr. ls wh.-at Ituot)bush-1-. c<-rn,4ON gn Th. market op. n. d dull for ttour in rons-qwence .d thw steamer'. ?? * - M ln at is r s-sp.x lasly ? Th. foreign new. ha- uu?e?tlesl th- , market and ne Ml-* f'f h*"' Ohio *Utoktf m ?s'Ulng at UO'^c. VreighU are umdmAged f ^ The following ar- th. receipts f t the pn.1 isrcnty fat* hour- ?Hour l"2.0s# ImrfsU Jtfxl b'tah -U, an?% ? W*i bushels There I a g al bu.ln, . doing it Mt the sales riwrh.d 2JMKI barrels nt >1 50for straight AUtsq 14 l", w -J, tor Michigan and fl i" a U tW f * ptgw <;. ,o ?? e' Prime eh, t i- in lair .leiiu.nd ?JlAXi bush. I- -old *t >1 07 for Gem-see 1 he ina rksdraw sorn aimthe receipt of th- steam-r - m w - his fceam i aslei -4 000 bushels were ?Id at i7l,s' f ?r r,,uo^]*. low aiui ?>. for tlat yellow XM0 bu lu I. .d rya .*4 a* 7JI,c . and 14-500 btP-beU s.f cut- at ts>i,c a t.c. Yiav I ?t? r?n Ci irm A?rin t ?W# liar* r?. reived nrw? front tJunlriiiala to the ultimo ft it decided that Cougrtva rliuuld mo t ou tU* l?t (4 m at Alptt. 1 It mountaineer- appeared to he tr > iV. -n , ??. i ro (hat lilt' dirt (t r ?J from Ilabel to t."hi m.iU "M ( yit open Travelb r- and trader- were oblige I ta be I lltrt (fit .latin pa which l> a detour of 1-) mile* The rucecMfui military InAw. Il'aml I'rrmt. Hit ruppo-ed. will be elected President at th a?at clx Uoa 111- hat lately become more moderate. Many of the liberal* who It id le'en t?on ?hcd by Carrcra. were returning hum -. among the nuabc M rx-I'reaident Martinet Ow advice* from San Salvador are to the 1 Tilt of March. I'aoM vnr ?By the arrival of the Br arht oner Atlantii we have r reived file* id' ti N I'. paper*to the 23d nit . hut the new? tin nee Am been anticipated by a prcviou* arrival ArwinU re relved at that plaee frnmTurk- lrlaad* aay thai the *alt raking proepeel< appear to be (hvurable A l iric jtaa tily of raili had fallen hut (he proprlel ir* of poaia wvwu not ill pirited on that aeeounl. andelP' ci in a lew wnefca to tie gathering in their liarr, -I City Inti lllgcnec. Kimtiov OI A??i?v?it *a I'll a ? evening, tha Ciinvae-iiig of the voter taken by the vartou* llrer.maya nie tart Monday ami Tin-ley for lectio* of au Aral-tanl f.ngin rr of the fire bipartite nt. took, plane at firemen .? Hall in Mereer etrret M - ?.laekmu, fore, mm of engine ilk appear* to have been the rho*en cwi*. didnte having received a majority of H.1 ?oter over and atrive all the other candidal' 4 Mr. .lack-on tr raid to be the Carroll candidate The following la the vote ? ,1m t enn Howard ? ? Wd Mengriet ? BUak Tidal l.*o darkaon'r majority over t enn M.1 I?o over the whole HI fiarianw C*wrui*r?On Wrdnr?<l?y night a ftrw broke out in the haaement of hotuw No. 4,'e) Broadway, oernpied by A It. Nteholn. ar an oyater aaloon. th" up per part hy laaneMUfc Bon. a? a c-vreiag* repaaltnvy. TTie fire aareattaed hy the explo?tnno*a eatnpliine lamp, wldeh tiurned through the plart'-r of the ceiling and ig nlfi'd the latha and team" The iliunag* wo* trl'Bng foi ani.iao ?On Tue?dny night lart. ntaa! etereia o rlock. an tcfant war left in the mi a of Niv to Weeekew rtnet It wai taken in hy the oacupanta. keyttll morn ing. and aeAt to the Atmr llou#c i \ Wtantan An old man nam t 'arann Brt?eo w?. found by Officer Mend, vi the Math wald, wandering In the atrevta at a late hour oa IVe.lii.wdny night lie t* a rtrangar in the cttT having arrived her* fr in Albany. and ir una We to And l?U friend' Nrw Anna ton am aa.?'The rrnalllf memgjfa of the gallant New t ark regiment it -id a m.-. ting ji'dni lav an I rv-dve.1 t I att. ud th. funeral id th lr latauMM* vad? tte. -ge It *1, f ad n at noon t? day tSrw V<?*' mi itl In a.i *ti t <? -m i ?"* tfr t tiifTV Awi V h fvitflit ajat ,c

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