Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 9, 1851, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 9, 1851 Page 2
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??* w?,*> ute* pbom eraoPB. or nre STEAM SHIP EUROPA. of the Portuguese ReM Mm. WE THREATENED CHARTIST DEMONSTRATION. THE GREAT EXHIBITION. Ot REI KOI'K\\ I>ESPATiTIES. AFFAIRS ON THE CONTINENT. BSC&IXra XIV COT TOW. L ?, in;. Tbe British urn 11 ?Uau -h |< Kuropa, ( apt. Lott, assived yestciday morning from Liverpool, whence Me sailed 011 .Saturday afterno n, the '2-ith ult. The news is one wc k later from *11 parts of Ku vope ft is not important vept to the cotton interests. 'Hie Britwh steamship Canada, froui Boston, ?seired at Liverpool oh Monday evening, the "diet ult Tha American mail steamship Hermann, ('apt. ft. Grab tree, sur.ed from .Southampton on Friday aflernooii, the 25ih ult , for New York, with the American contract m.*i: ? She has between li "ty and maty pe. cnger- and a smalt f'eight of mer chandise. prim | ally from < It rniany and Frauee. The report of the Liverpool cotton market fir the wetk shows a decline of one-fourth of a penny per peand. The uiarke' for Amrran State stock? in London had experienced no particular change during the week, hi e.vrs. Bell & Son quoted, on lUo 2>lh ult., prices as follows :? Veiled ftatc* S per t'snt It' nA? .lkM.... 93 a M ?itto 8 per ('nut H' ml* . ISfiJ ..104 V, % to.', Riltn ?t per t'l-ot H"i Js 1H0N til) 4 a 11') 4 IM to 8 |?r (Vnt sitock ISI.7-0H HM', a B>7 ?net'iitity & |?r Cent Bonds ... tsftS-od 4 u - Veuti v I v .' i p. r < ? ut h s ? i 't h ??> ft (>?r Cent Stirling Bonds 1M58.. ., loft'4 a tod Maryland flee per Cent SI. ting Bonds . ??? * a s'.l1, CM. >da Mx per Cent Bonds 1874....107 a ? Aocounts from Madrid state that the Minister cf Finance was actively prejwriig his Budget, wki h will be presented to the Chambers in June. The 12th ult. being the anniversary of the rc ?arm of the Pope to How. hi. Holiness was waited ?poa by the diploma ic corps. We learn from hetlin that Austria ha? proposed, In eaec of certain events, to march 3XMK8) troops through Piedmont. The German kingd iui?, it is Mated, will tc:initiate the L)rcsdon Congress by re tailing their agents. I'riaco fchwarxenberg has been appointed Go vernor of Transy!vauia. Aoeoants from Vienna stat .* that it is expected the Pope's government will solicit the iutcrven ttoa of Anstiian troops. The accounts from Portugal announce that Gen. 5aJdncba has failed in his insurrectionary in ore Meat, and has, in consequence, directed his course towards tbe Spanish frontier. There have been some Ministerial changes at Twrin, bnt not of a nature to alter tbe character of the oabiaet. #ae hundred and fifteen Hungarian deserters hia Lombnidy, under the command of Coluatl Far, hare arrived at Heme, in ^Switzerland. The steamship Thames, with the West India and Faoifio mails, arrived at Southampton on *h SBth ait. She bad a full cargo, and on Weight. A radical demonstration, but of a very insignifi cant character. took place at Genoa on the 1 It h ult. The government, in consequence, c.xjm lb d three fsreigaors who uttered seditious cries, and com ?aitted to the Castle of Alexandria a halt pay Colonel, who disobeyed orders in being pro-ent. Oar K.onrtnn C'orrrapondriica. TV Crystal l'ul'ict?Ti.r Qyn>ng?The M>lu<iry tmurrtrtiitn in Portugal?7V Cuming Cri w . in JFYun-r?Plight ml an-1 th> Htjvgf*? The rum ml Cimfjnrarif m /e-.u.'ii?Prngr'tmnui f thi Char tut Cowntwn?Austria?h ily?MuctUjn- w. tut WTATE OP 1.1 ROPE. Londow, Friday, April 25, 1H61. Th? approaching opening of the l'ry*t*l 1'iilace, MmI the military insurrc-tion ill Portugal, have Wen the two absorbing topics of the week, and Wee tended to enliven the I .after holiday*, tlic gayetie* of which, out of dour*, were marred by a dorrent of rain. On the 1st of May, a* announce d, the Crystal Palace will be solemnly opened by the l^aaro, ac ?owipanir d by 1'rinre Albert, the minister*, foreign awiba*ead?r?. Ike. Tho Archbishop of i attcrbury will invoke Hod's ble.s-ing up..n the undertaking, when an anthem will be ?nng. Foreign exhibit ore, ?Wall pcranna holding sen son tiekeU, will be #d Wtitted to the opening. I subjoin the otlkial |? rev granine of th> opening, which may into rot many at your tead. ra c\HiliTtov of 1H51. Her Majesty baring rigtiifled lw r r>yaj ph-jteure that arrwng. went* rli.-'ild l?- ma'lr toenable Her M^p-dy to grouty a wrirh veiy gen. rally erpr. ??e-i on the part of ito puttie to to- pre*. ut at a rue.-i.e riy by wlu.-ij ll-t Muj- i y oh. iito open the exhibition of the w?rk* -f In. gantry -I sil HMM .at the )?( rf May. M. r Moj-aty'* Oinin .fier ? r hereby gtre u..lic.- that the pragma ill" ..f tbe (.oniony. ?n<i the r.guUin>n* umler whirh the hakwers of n-ae? u llrket will he edm. t?l.M?M(ullu* ? Hah tJ.tors attendant* who |ur. U-a r.mrti-.rird by the Hi.rutire I rutn-'.l-e will be .elm.tied betwevw the hewr . .if X writ 9 o'rl. < k ?t doom -p. riti.-d in their 'ard ai d will in mel.Hlily take thetr piaree by Li." .-neuter. no ?hj- at* ? ltutet. .1 by tl.eir < nipl- y. r* llwtderw < f Mtu.a ticket* will be n-lmltt- I at all d tor. Ml the east south and w.--t of tie budd. ng hetwe. a the buaw of V and luilf pa>t 11 < reek and will he ailnwej %? lake their pla. r-.? Hati-.n* in'.h tower part of th> build o| and tnthe gale ri.-?,.-*.-.-pt the parte fad. d ?1 in the enre and trnn-. ;t A plstf. rwi Will he ui?<l to th. north f the eenu* of th Ira. ?? pt "ft a lor It a rhair 'if Mate w.ll le- plan I H?r k joty . l'<? mirsiouen will aa-iiubi.- a'. II, ?'dark in the lj?-.--pt Opp< site the ol..l|..rm, t"ir tic r vrhh tbeir f t? "titire t'. niuutUe and tb>- 1* reign Arting #MbWueeieoers In full lmtn or In plain evening tire-* like Urare tb--! p < f t'antert.ury tier >1 gn>. V? Ministers the ^r. it . fh er- <4 ?tut k ? I the 1 ?r< ipn reactor* en 1 minister*, will take their place* ?? the a, to tin- r ghl an I left uf tin-clear -4 eteU- In 11 ?!*?> IX * II k ll.r*lA>ra?y prorat-dlng in *tat.- with lha pot?I f-mi. Iw f rrifn *'??!" (U ami h?r mi l >uii>? fr m ?Ml it ghajn I'Blana ilji' tun 'uti'n hill ?n I !? ?ii Hot* Wfi row iruj ?Bl< r Ui. htbthlll n buii'ting I jr th<> n>>rtli fMtanrr pr.aia. ly at 1J <1 nto h him will w ?inl tint |Aatfoini ami tai a hrr *.at In lh? rha.r ? f atata On liar M*jn4y'? arrival a rboir will ?in* -(J.-J Sa?<* tlx V??*n " OnikrlinonU' Injf bar ?a?t Ma Roya. inghria-. rrtoaa ARa-rt artll join lb- KoyaJ r .ni l wh?n Lhr BIHII baa aaaaaij pru n J al LH -ir 111 a.l la Un* plati rm. oatl t<> lli r 1iaja*ty a -hnrt n^rtiK ih? prmml Iny* <f lha riWBii 'iiio up tn thai tlni* whiah tia ?|j| On II ill li?. r lo llrr Majaa'y tnyaih. f With thr natolng*" of ib. art <-la< ? xblbit. I II. r M^p-ty mil mtnrn a ?r*. Oinoa atitwar hai.'li 4 t In * by I ha ,?arrat iry i'f AUV, altar ablah Ilia Royal II jthna-* 1'rli.a. Albert *01 laha bi< piftrr again l?y tlx -i<V of Mar lb' Ibiyan of lha r*rp. ji^iaw.'xf a.11 r. a<l an oUnw ? bar Maja. ty m la-liall f* I !)?? for. i^'ii Ballon- olio bam ???nl rtl i.l* i| |n tha aihlhlth n, U> which bar Ma^j-at/ Will ?flora a graan ?- an-war Ilia gran 4m triloLbp V fa* l. riiury will tban .ay a piaji r tnyokinK Mia! M< aaiin u|- o Ui> ami. rtoJtiru;, Mb vail by a al:?rt ai.II".in n ? i , tin J o A royal i n Will Hull I ?? form-I, jir-raja^ by tk? I"Oiatt -lornr- all ??to a ill lurn tn th" rli'ht (U*rn to lha wa-t mil o'Oia n.ira f y I la north -nla y'ure to tba raat ? tH '4 tha an. by Ita anulli ab|a imi lling th. gnatll Wt'il ita trwi.yi , oil i? n,i hang to liia a. ntra ?tnnathi aonli ii.i. ol u. a. liiu - nabhtiir all th aw B-aat oho aiil In ?| to k p lha pi o ? whi 4 a ba. n a- *-?I to linui to - . h v Mo- if un<1 lb* piKU ?iOT> ?jBrmpttw J rana Inn Iba aa n ypnl-il-A .III p|ny ?tarrla-a taa .* lha munir up at tin l/ua- n . ap pr am li On ho. Maj. ty n r ti l* b Ua platform. O" wo., a tWB ArrUf 'Mb- r.thr i ma ?n . m ,i ? whbh will l? an ?nana. I to lha pnNIr by a Houri?h rf trump-ta i?n-l lb. tbiog ?| a rdjH -Jut. i u On n ell, of .h. lO-rpr'tOf Wti. r>up<n iba bam. rvoldi im ,. --i tho nat .r 1 will ha ihn wn npan. ami Uaa ynilHi will t. to 1 Arthlr Hi-r Major!* wtl' tl" f? fat urn'? BbAialtoi pnlaaa ' hi fhr ronf ny whtab ?ha m-w All Iba I nor- ah i h will liava haau nb>ai-! at half M II a rbwli. will. Upon bar MaJ.-l * ? u i.trtur.- t.. a , .. ,1 ?gat* Hi ar4i r o! II??* ?V ?/ i fit nii).i*H>a it, r.UOAHA HulVHlM. Anting m y bur f filiMlivu Jfuihtiny, U/4 .t'bih, IpfiJ There MU1 teems much to b? done before the 1st of Mu-the number of empty pack ing onset s*-ems instead of diminishing. Many to increase inetend of diminishing. Many more ?lie specimens of ?oul;tur< hare been uncorered, and tno amp tf(rxl it already gratifying. 1 fear the beat will be eery ooniiiderable when the pud is bright, in despite of the canvas* covering on the top. I perceive that the Km- York Hrrmidbar a special sop respondent for the exhibition, to 1 thai! not enter into any further detail*. The number of foroignpre increase s daily- -it it amusing, at the Opera, to hear German, French, and Italian spoken in every di re etiou. 'Che chief political topic of the day hat been the military insurrection in Portugal. The most re markable point in this iniurrection, is how a man of the high standing of Marshal l>uke of Saldauka, could hare pltiocd huuaoif at tho head of a rcb>' liou, unlets convinced of success, er ut least unlets he could rely upou a great partion of the army. It is not improbable that his hatred of Count lhoiaar blinded hi. cooler judgment, and that the passion* of the man oveioame the pi-udent foresight of the statesman, or that he had been grossly deceived by false promises of the nrmy. Immediately en the outbr-ak. the King of Portugal placed himself at the li< ad of the troops at hi-, dtspo-al, and raaiohed ou Suit a row, which -tty was supposed to bo favor able to >ai.liiiiha. Hue bold step paralyzed the efforts of the partisans of ."-uidauha, who, according to ihe last advices n ooived, waa iu fall n-treat to wards th-- Spanish frontier. From the ileti led ac count of the insurrection, vou will perceive that baldmiha's appeal to the I Uiku of Terceira, to give upSuatarcui, rcataiiicd without effect. Tuni letter of Saidniilia'a is the |>rogra nine ?'ftlie whole ino'e iseiit. The n-ply of the Const do <'a*al, governor of Oporto, though breathing great respect for the 1 tike Marshal, is a Kuiviiu-iag proof that uiauy of the men he rolled upon ha.'e proved true to the queen and country ? Saldauka will probably pay this rush attempt witti his life. The V>ri"-n -,juadroM remans in the Teg us, and some French m n?-of war have been d--patch *1 tie re without de-lay. The I- rencU journals do not ln-.-ii. te to a tribute the insurrection to the machinal ions of Laird t'eluicr etoi,?an ax-usution whieh I believe to be totally devoid of foutidulnni. in Fiance a political cri-isis lapidly approaching. The gieat object of l/>u J N.-on is to oh aiu a revision of the consilium a li jiu the Assembly . ?,th out Which he cannot obtain a prolongation of his powcis as l'lcsidciit. Acoordiug o 1110 terms of the constitution, Ins powers cease in lsv>'2 lie -an, it i- true, aguin start uecuudi ate for tit.' pretidency, but rtrcuui ha*- eh.c -1, tud soo. ? r than run the risk of sinking agaiu into poliii -at itL-igui ticancc, it is couhdcui ly stated li it he will attempt to defy the const ituiton bv some groat coap d'etat. Oircum.-'.nuces, of course, uiuat intiueucc such a pruovtdi g: therefore, ell Fiat can be said is, a cloudpn gt nut with gr? m o, .its is lowering over Fiance. It is in May, I-.V2, that Louis Napoleon uiu-tf.iy ?? i.ow or ; ever " A foreign war would be a gnat tliv.i-n.u in favor of the P -i ilu.t, ai.d ii is he will endeavor to turn the ruin ill the IVnii-ui.i t> uiv .-it, if possible. , Iaiul- Napoleon has bcei.luel np with an ultsoc-a iu the t*mi, but is much h sKr Gui/ot has been started as aeatididate for representing the depart ment O. the I -(. .!> 8. lie Legislative Assembly resumed its sittings yc.-tci lay . Ihe order to ti -day was thediseu sm.i 1 o the sale of journals iii the streets. hi. 1'.. e.U Duptat piopo-nl i i allow joiln.aU to be sold iu the siieets luni-ei imina;. .'y without regard In their polities. .M t'axe proposed, ou the o.her hand, 1" interdict the -a < uitfu - reels altog-ttter Pascal Dupiut's motion was /ejected, and that of M. Hii?.? i- to be taken into e -esideratiou. I'll, F rench fin ds continue to d- elinc l.oia Pa in. rs!. a is said to have .-out instructions I to L'tm. to the i'.uglish t naige d'AtTairs, to re luse pas"poit? to any more iclug e? desiroiu of pro ceeding to Knglaud. 1 Li step has given rise to a got d deal of comment. 1 believe it is true, bat ei| bn atioi s will be detiui i Jett us mkih :is the House tut et s. 'I lis rumors ot arising ia Fngland have dud away, bu, in addition to otn owu p dice force, ' detachments of police fmui th - foreign etuivs wit be ?,n active, tie ugii secret, service m Lontl >u dur ing the whole period of tiio exhibition. ihe ahaitiat couveotioii has isued its official programme It is dated lOtfa \j ril, (anniversary of the great chart -i movement in ISIS,) a mi duly sign ed by all us mcmbera. 1 enclose t h,> doeumeut for your own evmiutfats The Unity iVrif.v is the only moii.>ug journal Uiat giv- - it- suj port to the cause. Thut journal, iu its nuiub-r of tins day, devotee uu article to the subject I juolc the following pus sagi :? 'i lie danger t<> our fabric. our p'litieal in*fitu (|i tii>. our Mruiily our peace. ihr>?[<-iu. not from *o eialiMii or Ircni that ela-* ?lm !i i- -uppuwd to jfuril# it. but fn ui u eta<a of ?? nrty at quite ih** other mrem*. It i- tilt" t< rdn of thr laml that are ruwplHaf against the ilnblityot thing- and of idi a- amongst ti?. 1'hrjr it u ? ho art- t nu-pir.iig. socially ax writ ax politically And ??ir it p< xslble for tin in to ?acreed iu grasping the |h w? r. and revi r-iiig tlx* p. hey of the country ali i u n umjt the supply ot thr people's food, in* "rll ?? ?< para lysing the rajittbiliUan* for glv og cuiploymsul rhtbpf'X'd Kit< M to capital and indu try. then. Irvt ed, cm might !? ar the Hit* of antisocial and subversive U x* trlees Tbt u. indeed. a theory or a mllgtmi very like c< Biniuniiin. might arise not merely in lUe l"Wi f but in Ihe nnculi' and better rank of ? he conini**rriat clo ?-?, ? hu h would a-k by what right a choo luminal to tIt ui wax allowed to nionopollae legislative p iwer. and to eon* Tert it to the twrllmg of tin ir private* I rtuie - Tbe Kmperor of Austria hue issued an imperial decree establishing a Council of tue liuipirc? a - >rt of consulting council on matter* of rune. It is, however, very limited iu iu power". It look* more like a check upon the deliberation* of the ministry than an*thing cl*o. The iimperur baa b-vn con fined to hi" room from ludisposdioh, but in reported collate-cctit. The ,Vu.-tiurn on the frontier* of 1'iedoiont i< How very I >rmi<luhla. There is nothing new luitoly. '1 he ra'ilieatioua of toe treaty of commerce and navigation between I.upland ami >ardinia were exchanged en the Bth iiv-t. It elate* the reciprocal desire ot ihe two tuatioo' t<> give full effect to tbo benelli to he derived from the re| t al of the Nat igation lu w< iu haflaml, uod to the act of the bth <it duty lost for the abolition of differential dutie* in Ninnn'a I'erfert ?quality in ail iiiattera ???mnected witu shipping, innehaodi-i*, and general rights, i- stipulated lor iu the usual tcini* on beluilfol the subjects oiYacn .vountry, par tie ration in the joh"tang trxue being, ivf roiivr, excluded on both * idev 1 o> vw?s,Jf of either power, however, may discharge |xi.l ol their cargo at one port, and piocvcd wuh the r*u? under to other port * ut plea illi< Ai regard- the lievditia to besuijoyed hy Hritieh subject* of entering lulo trading ?> ?< u|ia tioni* in f-aidiuiii, et>'opl ions ii< made iu eonuect ion with the cutting 1 row u monopolies of tobacco, aa It, gunpowder, builundrhot, ami playingeurd*; while, on lbe other hand, it i - ag. c,xi that in compeiisitt .on for the advantage* grnul**u to >urdiiiia by to treuty, the reduction" in the easterns' duties to n * ded by fraidimw to Kclgiiiui iu Jantuiiy last ahull aJ o be coi.i . ded to t iriat f'ritaili fioui and after lb- t-t of Jui.ti.ext 1 bene redoe!totw will apply to iu* Lab*, fits*. I hina pa)** r, book*, 1711111*1 sugar, Irttlinr, and oodh i>, t? well aa to yuru and ina.iula, lurv- of Wool, flax, lump, uud colioii. In aUao*t every c??e tlw* ledu tiou is esiaal to about 10 pef e.-nt front In the previous dut.e*. In that of *dlisii it is 2"> per cent. At the Maine time, the expoit dutie- are ! lowered ti|"n raw dk to If ii?-., iponraw laab ' skin* lo I >1 , and upon kid *Vin* lulfctf. A apeciai di claration i- also uud**. that the advantage* 01 tn? treaty -hail be u| pi cable to the Ionian l.-l.mdr in theii Hade Willi r-ajdllua. mi *iun a.' the loeal gov oatiieM of the 1 -l.ii.da ahaiiekteud aitaJa pnvt- 1 It sea to that countrj. re Ah (>|N-ra* diaw gietd hou- ??. Mart" ;?nJ ? ?ri*i ' dn w until thunder* ot applau-e on Tuesday, in the *' I 'ugiieliota " l.ast nignl ? .1-: ? liar, 'l uu.bei le k, I and h oruie*. tnet with rri-at -u> ???*? in "l{*die,to tl I tav ? bilft at ller Maje-ty'a tln-atre the loiblu-lie, ihe lively 1 Mipref, and tin.shod Smtag, nap lauiel higbtiy. Tim other lh*otr*< l?r? H|ually er*iw I. d. I-*?!d I.angdale, late Mu-t* r nf the li odl ?, d ? i the of h? r day. I he 'dheen, aeeord't g to aotne pnper*, ha* had it fauMt ourhf, but w pi iic tly recovered. i *p?flal (orrf"iwmlfnff ??f Ihr W. V. Ilmld. Mam ii? -ti r, (ling ) Aptil JD, I<>! tirant / to t 'li/tnin H'nf, ?} dw I S M ???' Simmer Alton! it, j A magnificent dinner wa* given on Situ' day eight la?t,?t the Albion lloti I, in thi* rltjr t.h-' gnat work ?hop of thr world in honor of our Amo tirari < a] t?in J ami Wnr, of the w?m Miam-hip Atlantic. It w?a one of the lu| pie?t *ffiur?, fron ' begirilm g to "tid, that I have ever witBeeo-.l; and ' k i?nti t'toonlal whiiJ) hcttld repay ? 'apt. \Ar? -t for th< tngl # of "Wplm anxiety |w (offered wl. u , all eu tirtu Jii /fhi thought Uiu h<" an l hi* noble <Aj %ix?r were in th< '? ri?'p l>**om of ihe mvaa huruxi " 1 h'1 fallowing wx tlie < ?||t ?ig.,i-d by aotn< fift> gcntii m a "'ilo unfftngtied. d-droii* *f |. tilyingt* ('.tp* Jiiim * AA *-4t "I lb?? I -ictr? Mud ."team*tup Atiai.lie, t h? t high nf<v relation ?f lit '| nail tit* a* a uniijuai.drr ITNI g??<tl ?u;ui, briiby n juort ht a > ? }>?-in'- ot a ainhne di'io'r at th< Album llaiel, Mmju h'-'er, or - Wtf irAuy > vrning, April i!?tb" '11,? I allowing wtrw Mi<eet*4 t? offi i* ate on tin- act ician: I'tr d nt Air*. n4ar I -j , M.mHerof r?rliatn< nt, .An. h 'tor Kin* Vice I'm- h ut tiro I I'.illirh, rhUud^dJH, ?<ond V icr IVM ?tin' faiiiti'l Ah I m, *.'W Aetb ~t'Wnid.? Wm. t* JrWi'. I l .i.'.'i-Ifltiu: s. .*?'nUnan, acw Vgih: ' 1. K< mlill, M?< '? A. I'+whar, N, w Y' lh , I,, h. Mor New Yark; h. >? Lrn t . ???. nr. |t ? 'x . r?l j?, I* hi I' 1 trr, tii# 'fujrir of M m* rln't, ft i ?fi nut ||. \Vt Ih ilo# of %? w An.'; I lie Hi n. f.. VV* |Wright, ?f < i lift rt fohn H. ( un_ )? ham. * tglluMai^nvr m?m Virj nia to Ih World'i Fair, and Col. J. 8. Du Solle, of Phila i ilphia, were among lite invited gucsU. The company ?u composed of the following I eollt?n i Alex, Henrv, Member Parliament, Msurheste'; Joo Potter, htq., Mayor of Manchester; ( apt. J as. West, Fteamar Atlantic; (>?n. 11. Walbridge, New Wright, California; Col. J. York; Hoe. (we. W. Wright, 8.Du Solle, Philadelphia; John S. Cunningham, of \ irginia; A S Thornton, Manchester; J. ?? Ken dall, Manchester; Tbos. Swan wick, Now York; t has. l'dake, Boston; Jno. Marland, Boston; l?. I it man, Manchester; 11. Thornton, Miurhrrter; Jno. Henry, Manchester; W. t'lapp, New York; J. J. Towuscud, New York; M. Ward, Manchea ter; 11. Met all, Now York; W. Powell, Philadel phia; Jno. ldndop, Mnncbeetev; L. D. I.euot, Phila delphia: Thoe. A. JSbnrpe, Manchester; C. F. Liver more, New York; N. t-ullivan, Now \ ork; 11. k. Gillilan, lrolund; Jno. Wood, Manchester; A. Vt. 1 ittie. Philadelphia; Wiu. S. Lewis, Philadelphia; Jno Potter. Philndelph a; Tbos. Barton, Manohee ter; ti. A. Fen-haw, New York; G. 11. Becking, Philadelphia; C. Ch.unberHn, Manchester; Iantes lleurd, Manchester; <1. II. Booth, New York; T. i B. BeckuoU, lluddcr-Gcld; J. S. Nye, Boston; N. ( attcr, Manchester; Mr. Divine, New York; J. T. Iicltinan, Manchester; Samuel McLean, New York; Tin*. >kHH-tnb, Boston; J. Johnson, Manchester; W. Henry, Mane boater; Mr. J. 1 brine, Pennsylva nia; N. S. Longee, Boston; Mr. (.iarceMM, New Y?? k; ti. W. Mowvll, Boston; Dr. N. llidnev, Manchester; tie?. Bli-s, New York; J. ('. llitcn co.k, New York; 1.. K. Morris, Nov York; Mr. Thayer, l.iveipool; B. Shaen, Manchester; C. \\ bitfield. Manchester, and others. At six o'elock the large company assembled around the table, with Captain West at the head, supported by Alex, llenry, Ks<(., member of Par liament, as Chairman, and the Mayor of Manches ter, Hon. (?. W. Wright, member of Coagreai from California, tienoral Walbridge,of New York, John S. Cunningham, of Norfolk, Yirgiuia, and Col. J. 8. Du Solle, of Philadelphia, invited gUcsts. After the toa-ts to "The Queen," anil "The I re.-nlent of the I'nited States," hud been duly honored, the t<>ast in honor of Capt. West was an nounced, nuiid the most rapturous, thrilling, whole souled, aud exciting applause. Capt. We-t's heart was tilled to the brim, and he responded under f? clings of irrepressible emotion. (hiresumiug his seat, he remarked, characteristically, " I would ra ther break two shaft* than make a speech.' The cloth having been removed, the i'resident gave ? 1 ' the Queen. I'rincc Albert, and tin- rest of the royal la lolly " Music?Hod Save tin- Quecu." '?! ?? I tie 1'riMdeut ol the I ntlvd Stales ? Hiil Colombia. 'I he toast of the evening was prefaced by the chairman's remarks upon the sterling qualities of t apt. West, aud the leading of the annexed let ), At tei* frotu Abbot Lawrence, American Minister nt Loudon, and l>. O. Kel egg, Consul of Glasgow: d <>iir iluest. Cuptala Jas. West, the g.iluoi eotn niaodi r of Ule American Sir.tni-blp AUtiuuo?-lur up |m ination of his skill e a navigator cau only be excelled I y i or regard for him a- a man. '1 his was teeeivod with tuuiuUuotis and prolonged eheei ing. t opt West, upon rising, wns greeted with another round of applause, and pnxeeded briefly anil with deep emotion to returu ihauks for the houor done h < in. 4 The Mayor of Manchester," w*? the next toad It was pielaetd by r? tuaiks from the ehair. The Mayor r? spotided in u handsome speech, at the con clusion ol which he proposed the health of ' Gono tal Walbridge ot .sew York," to which tlie t ieue tal responded in a speech which fascinated all pre sent. General Walbridge proposed " The Press " I ol J. S. J)u >olle, of New Y'u.k, responded elo quently. Mr. S. l.rman proposed the health of the Chair man, which was neutly responded to by Mr. Henry, M. 1'. Alter spwbei from George I). I'arrish.of I'hila dclpbia, aud > arnnel McLean, of New York, (Vice I'll-idciits at the dinner) and tke singing of the Mar ?*| angled khiniu r, Y ankec I tooslle, and Hail ( oluuib u, this liberal and glorious party separa ted at If o'clock on .Saturday night. On bunday morning. 2"ih April, the Corporation of Manchester was assembled at the City iiall, to tceeivo ( apt. West, who was presented by the Mayor. At night a quiet but sumptuous dinner wij given to Capt. West, at the spli ndld mansion ot Johu letter, Lsq . May or ot Main lit slcr,?? glorious specimen ot the I ngli-h gentletnan. The parQy was select, consisting only of the Mayor, Captain West, t lei eral Walbridge, lion. G. W. Wright, John S. Cunningham, Col. J. rv l>u Mule, George 1). I urii-h, aud Win. ii. Lewis. Invitaliona are out for a joiky this evening, at tbe mansion of Alex. llenrv, (n millionaire and member of Parliament, and well known to your New Y ork merchants,) in honor of Capt. West. igator has excited *,> mueb No Amrronii navigator has excited *>? touch at tention and esteem in Lnglund as our own gloitoux, ; noble Wirt. With Jenny Liud's prayers iu Aine 1 ricu, and dinurr b<>uora in hngland, Capt. West must be haj>py and suoeessftil. The following letters were rece ved in answer to in> i tut ions extended to our Minister aud Uic I Hi ted Mutes Consul in t ?Ix'gow, to be present at the Manchester dinner:? I.osisjs. April I.V Oenttemen?I t?'g to acknowledge tire receipt of your n<d.- . f v -t<Maj, and In reply to say thai it would afford He t,is;U praliticalnin l<> l?- pre ? ni at the roui utaiy dinm r proper, d to be givcu by our country men. ill Mam heater, to l 'apt Hit, of the A Untitle f rom ku account of that uufortuuati- voyage, given by Biy *> n and others wh? were passengers on tsuard the I Atlantic. 1 am quite sure, for oautical skill and seaman ship, t apt West proved hiuisell in all respects equul to th< try iug 111 a-inn, and no man eoutd have dona in-re than I ap- VI e.t peifnimi d n- a w uinun. in bringing hut ship iiilv pert Hi- palii-ne-- |a-r-rv. r?uce. and uniform g> nllrBianlikr ronduet r. nun. nd tnm iu uiy opinion to the rousidciatlon and ilist.tigiilslo-d uttenlions of the Anorirau p?ople It is a sotucs oi regrrt to uie that my otTo :sl unties bare will prevent no tmui giving exprv* si< n ol ii.) adnoralion < t his r endue I in person, by th> aerrplaui ? of |hr iuvlLntioii with you have ? d Bie I have In request It al you will do mo Ihe favor to of), r lo )our guc-'t. aud to a>y assembled eoooiryinou who nmy be present at the dlnio r. my Is -l wistow for tloir In alt h iilot tiappllie s. ami ts liovo no-, my dear air, vi ty luolil nil), your obliged aud otu dn-rit si rtuiit, Allium LAH KKNC'K To the t niniiltee. Manch' *t<-r o? Tiir t'nirrn Hr?ir? I IIiawiow, April l*th l-.M { OrnllawicB?V?ar limitation la attend 11,?? ? nlertain bi> i.' In l? atrrn In Captain Jenn ? >Vr4, of th" Aun-ri eai. ilMoiiliip Atlantic at the Allium Until In Man rLreti-r. t<> nn ni?iirtlti(. I'liul tin# unnui 1.1 tirnl'iHl, Mid I tejut that m; rr?i||iuinl<ui> cut b lltat I am n tup*ii< d to di ' Inn' It llii irrii im bip iHiplipnl by fapt Miml. under the mn>t irjn i( rurum*taj.ri? nf cilra. tdluary peril in bt* lu*t ? Dint In rrr ?? tbr Atlantic. In r mmai'I i.f tlir ual lunt ell UJIII r nl tbr ram* una* ani the y???l j n !/??? nt ? In ri-tnrniif to Kurnpc after tbi ? nltr* <ti*nl>Ui l) ? I hi r nmi tiloi-ry had o,*omd. ind hi* Tntlna to tbi i, mfuit and wi->i?? of bl* pan* o(*n durinrit'Cuu of un|ii>i'i ill Med ervtriiy. nie aubji rli df 11 in.- i f pub lie approbation. and nothing would altrd in* greater pleasure than tn unit* in doing bi nuf In bim nn tin or an*ti n. ilnj nut ct<< umrtancea Itrliid II Th .nhn e j< u fur the Invitation I ui ?? ry truly Tour 'i|aIIn lit >rr??nl, l> U KKIJlHhl Mmn N fi iliii*. and J K K i*miL, C'-nuitiUro, Manehc'tcr. A* n mark of rr?pc*t anil rt.? *r to th*- editor of the A'nr \'<wk Ilmiltl, m ticket, of which the fal lowing iit a copy. wa? deapotrheil to him t - The |riru?l' tit th* company if th* fMltorwf Ac S'n* it* lidtU I* re-pertfully *i' d at an i nti *pu,m'it In la (iirt to Captain Jaiiu Him. i.f tin Man icon ? team bip Atlantic, at the Albion lintel, on U*. H Va. ?j?t, nl all o'llork la the irening V el 1.1 IVAN, I Albion llotel Mancbeitrr, April, Mini An enrly an*wcr la rriju*?t'd Oar Pari* t'wrrrapondrnre. 1'arjh, .\jiril 21, K*?l. lilnti* ?/tsouu Tht Prut - 9nn t*i,, !/.< Pi? ?'ithiuv t'luimch niir ami />>?m ,Vi- . j?Jnn? A PiJUiral Strut Fight -thixmrr nfV* t A'.rtifirt A'nf n??/ F nuth?.1/ j fur/?Nartait? Pitlugnl? Itttmhuif nmt 7V /.??<? 77i? PnpnJ l^tgut? .Vi: ???? 7bi I' Jiu f j fkmtly--tintmny Tufkn/ a tut ,1h,iii?7V< <??</ F.mpt tiiltn?tVima -lhalh iij tlu t'<Mndma ' nf .Vi iii^ridt ?f?M/rwj*i Cnndtu , ^ < 4-,-. 1 he ranation of lh* t'bamber ha* given a *ort of reepite t" the e motion? the rtnt^^men of Kruno* IWeWe ? thin, I*>ui? Napoleon i* 111 It ?.< aid it, a b< ha* had an ?'!? K of Uie gout, and that he ia now I lingering 00 hi* bed, knowing turf bow lung I hi* iu dUfroeitioo will bvt. 1 have t??o Mr (lonneau, the d<*?or of the l.ljrre, who a**ure? me thai no f. iw i U entertained about the iilnea* of the I'.f ijrnt. > Whllxt w* enjoy a little peaor in fiolitie*, the journal* of |'ari* have not eeaae<l their daily aliark* egainet < arh other, and, for an oh.erv r like me, it 1 1* ?<fjr curioii* to rxnnrk how ijuatreimme tlio edl t< r? of the napttel of Kranee are. ,,t the I P11 if, the tfrizrttnli I'mnrr, the Sir.-tr, the f .n iti lulh mill, nid, I may anj, all the ite?']i|>em of I'm'and )?n will are their eolntnnr III led Willi tlar <% r' Agninat *t?ry MM and every J ni* J 1 uid (_'i i? i*l war I* et,tetl*lniri|' the ill f.*U i, at <1 fiar* of the pen|>!< who h?ve iiu 'jfin| alhy witjf lk"t ?r? rich? *"<* ewi'f j'" "'?/ we art driven into an abyss. When shall we fall t That ia the question. The candidate for the next Presidency haa bean nominated by M. da Girardin, in hia journal Ui PrtsM. It appetrs that a large meeting of all th ^ socialists took place last week, in order to oo' ^ the bait man to oppose Louie Napoleon, an^ n,., Mr. Na^iaud, a mason by trade, has been - ^i^ted by them. General Uavaigtiac, the s jU), wj,0 crushed the anarchist* in June, lHtfl, * ^ a|.0 put forward, but after a long discussiou, jj|, rival was decidedly more p >pubrr. Thus, if * are not pre vented by a providential power, '.4r. Nadaud will be the next President. It is said that he proposes tube the imitator of \Vashint/ton, and the real rn founder of a true rcpiblic in fiance. We shall

see; but 1 do not think that A'xt. Na<iaud has talent enough to make himself in rank to the great fattier of the Luitesi States. New i of a much higher interest is that of the reconciliation of Louts Napoleon with tieneral Chnugamier. M l*on l'aueher, the new Miuister of the Interior, bun declared that an immediate raj ft i* hciinrnt was necessary,to attract the majority, and 1 have been told that both parties have consent ed to make ireact*. It is said that the only couditiouof therciiewc 1 friendship, by General t'haugornicr and the Gene his partisans, is, that the General wlm took his place rn the command of the National Guards of the ?*eiijO. shall be immediately removed. Tnen M. Bcrrot will be replaced by General iiegnuult do M Jean d'Angeli, who was lately Minister of War. The oouiruiation of all this, and tripotipcs, wilt be given in u few days; but, it is a certain fact that ueueral I'hanguriiier. having met the President at Long bumps, l.ouis Napoleon ordered bis eoach muu to stop, aud then the tieneral made h.s liorso advance iteur the door of (he carriage, which was driven slowly in order to ullowtho t wo men to.speak and to be seen speaking. It wu? at tiiw uiin o Horn this promenade. on Fri daj la.-t, tLut a lig it took place .11 tlie Avenue Ma it' bt ' " riguy, between u gang of bta inbi'tiiHtirth ami men wtio weto standing by the l-dyeee. 1'he partisans of the I'rcsidcnt u'.tcied the erics of Fit-c U i'iv*i dent! VivtL Lh>j? ran! ami the republicans, I 'ire la Hifiulili^ut' Jmit mi! Words of un^or were ex chuigid, unit lolluwetl by blows. A general mtUf to* k place, and was'c tided by t be urrest of two re pubiirans, wliich was not eoositlered fuir |)luy by the iiioflem-ive spectators, who had been witnesses oi the uhair. '1 be uc-wtpapor 1.1' Slid* is now under the eutirw supctviMoi ot tieueiul t avuignac, mid has become the )< pic.-ciitative of honest republicanism. In a uuetingof ttie stoek-holders of that journal, I >r. Uliaitleau de >t tiervais, who has the largest share of l.i Si </e, wus uiucti oppose*! to the liiuo duetioli ot meb politics, which, suid he, <r >uld per il ips be injurious to the welfare of the | ipcr ; but lie was not supported by any ul' his colleagues, and thus the uiiij* nty was obtained by tin' ticnoral. 'I ill now no *011* lias In en able to tell the political opin,ons ol 1.1 Si We. '1 be ( /11111 t ut 1 was sei/.ed on Friday laut, under the ueeusal on of baviug published a caricature of l.ouis Na| oieoii driving a carriage it In tuntlcm, and the uioit*, to which was ?I'ruc dt CiiiUr***v ?ar < luiti./i ly.iti.i. This was considered as :i personal it.suit. A not ofavery serious kind took pltrsmtht' Iftth ius unt, at Asput ? It tilst originated 111 smuo pall ry serenade given to a widower who hud luarried a youig woman; the guudaitues having arrrivod to dit| ci-c the uiob, the rioters attacked them wi ll and a tenable tight took place ; nevertheless level al pet sons were in rested by a troop of 1211 sol diers, and taken to the prison ot M. (iuiidens. Tin* socialists of tluit eity having assembled, attacked again the soldiers, ill ordei to set fiee the prisoners, but the tt'Mhiuuee was great, und tie Prelect ot the I'e. si linen showed tlie most decided courage; finally the socialists were driven oIf, hml ninny of thiuiaeiMii to augincnut the number of premier.-. 1 his lesson wasKuUieient to put au einl to tlie cnuttfr, which, thus far, has not yet been renewed. The aiuiivetsaiy of the 4th of May, lSfiS Is fast approaching, mat many preparations are made 111 the public places of I'm is. It w said that 11 mani fest a* 1011 ot the socialist purty will take place on the oc-as am. Ibis may be, but, generally speak iig. r,ia anli* i|at?d liot is a defeated ennui*. tieni-ial Nut v iu-7, who was living in I'aria, wis obi g* d to liuve suddeuly for l-vja, in >spnin, wliee b:s mother, the ( ouutuss (lunula Alia, whs breuth ing ber lu.-t In order to explain bis return to the l'eninrulu, which would have, perhaps, been con sulci 1 u by tunny as strange, in the political crisis of F| aim t icin i al Narvacr. wrote to the minister of Iji.trtt Isabella, und pio* ceded 011 hia sad journey. From Portugal advu-es have been received, wki* U contain tke new.- that the insurrection which hud been nil* tuple*! by Maishul Svahlanha, wo* of no conaeijlitl ie 'Ibis intriguing man had fled to Fpuin, and was 011 his way to Madrid. It i* suji p-.nd tl at he will seek a refuge ill Knglaud. Liny thing is apparently calm in Italy, though Lombuidy, now occupied by Austrian troops, looks like a volcano 011 I tie eve of an eruption. \ sub terranean opposition la made to the government, am) it may, one uay or another, tuke a more threat ening aspect. '1 he people useil to smoke a good dial, but, in order to make loose the government, who has put a tax 011 tobacco, they have, by u mutual understanding, stopped smoking. This is si uvewhut like the destruction of tea 111 the harbor ! of Huston, during the wir of inde|iendriu*c. At Home, the most important news is that of a leagu* made by the 1' >js*. Naples, Tuscany, I'arnui unU Medina, to resist tin- efforts of democracy and socialism. It is supposed that the project will be approvid by ihe political powers nfVurope, for it would allow France to withdraw her troops froiu Home. '1 he (.fraud I>ukc of Tuasany bad itn inter view with the Pop*. mid went to Naples, from which he was to return with the King, to meet with the (iiand Hukrs of 1'atma and Iduisonco. The l.mpcior of Austria is al-o expected ut Home. A COrrrspotnleDee of the highest itnixirt.-triv, written by Matxini to the Central Hevolutionary t otnmittee of Italy, win silting is al Home, has L* en discovered hy the 1'npal police. It is said that an ntieiupt was to be made in May n*-at. One ot the beet generals, mad 1 illustrious in the kingdom ol Naples, I- hue-tan I'ejie, elder brother oftieieial tfuillauine Pcpe, who is now a political exile in I'nns, died at Naples, on the 3d instant. From tieimany, we receive news tlint all the m* lubeia of the < obourg fiimilv, the King of H I finm, the nigiuig 1'rineo of ( obourg, and the uike of ( obourg Kohuri are to meet in Loudon, to bold a corgrvas with I'rineo Albeit, fhr the object of regulating the order of in the princi palities ol 1 hnrtngon, a- well as the money ami pro pi ityr matters belonging to it.. It is somewhat 001 twill that tlie Herman I Hot will congregate ou lb*- 1st of May, and that all the Mates ol < ,<-r nui y will b<- ri | res -nted there. Aus tria prefers now the return to the |ti?-t to any <ith*-r combo at,on. Havana bna bud great influence U|>on this determination Letters reeeivid fiom \ ienna announce that a serious misui ilrrstnnding is soon to wri*** between Austria ai d the ."ublinie I'o.te. The Sultan, with tbeadvii, arid eminent of Fianew and l.nglaiid, is ineliliid to icleare the Hungarian pre oner" who are livil g under his surveillance in Asia Minor; but the rabirut ?-t \ irnna savs that an aet of the kind will make the Sublime l'orte declare war against Ana tua There is also a very serious a<---uration brought by Tin key against Austria, which is, that tb<- latlei g itrn.uienl furnishes arms and ammuni tion to tin- insurgents of Komia ami Hr/ogovina to rrairt tlie 'Juikieh a-iny 'lbs cabinrt of Vienna, it IS said, liavr- the Hit* lit ion to Compter the whole col.tincut 011 ibis side ol l.nrnps. last, though not least, lie Miltan demand* a sum of one million if piasi re*, as an indemnity for keeping as prisoners tlie i I ill guiiao retiiK* cs h ii. ml nnet'tiitiiio) !? it i? raid that tbe T url? I-h fl< ? ( i< about ?iiiIiiijt on a ernieo in the hgyptUn ea. Tump- v. ill he put on board, and it i? rumored ? bal tin j are 1 to no and attar-It the Ara biane, who iw litinf( nmr the huphrau-*, liny kiiuiv rci?IU'il ii|[?iiiat tb- Sultan. In Fgypt uHnir* are In a eritioal etat*. Abhor Paths h?? augmented hi- army, whieh now innunti to tt'.Hai in< n, and it i* certain that, in care the Subl.oiv Port* try to force him to ?et<ept Said, in hatha* for bia <T\i,?*"m >r, be would re-IFt and imme diately hijfin h.e-tilit km. 'I hwvtaif and anuidoiiojf am a fontr* <!u /our In '? r?*it i n would bullevt that that couutry her eeiuri ed to the tlay* of hloat and Hercules The I.V Lwatini ii are plundering the tratrllnrs, e?.-n at Ilk 4 i nolo* dletanro limn Athena, and It ii dr? raMi (It* hug t tho rhould *oou rt turn to protect hi* Mih_? tit. 'ilk Aril#?i*Jiop of St l'aul, I'nlt'd State*, ..fli rts >*u in t4>e dimdi of St. f ir-rnmm I'Anaertoia, of I'aitF, djmng tho Jioly Wook.iu.d on haat*-r Sun der 11 r t o*nbeee fc'*.?4dro*lep who wae born (loiintrwi Uoii'ia, m*I ant married la Ctunt of Neunlrtilt, preat i nowi-crism arid aid-dr-rimp of the < a?r, ilirdocitln l.\'li Her funeral wa* ittsjrui irml and aif di|Jinntr oorjw nll?i4d<?l on the oci aeit-n. I have aleo trf wot ion the death* of < Snrriil la> Ftaneoia, and M*. (Wall!, a nfri witohci tM the p < t4e. Vie have re-HarK* t-*??- intelligence of the br'ital and buibartnn ejvtA " "f putilahiuent, lor the ki.glutei ntrftear. vlnpU "? ?'/ de*|eit* of Au.frla toward* Ita.'jin euhjeHA. What ifnerou* heart /.ore l.ot| Hate w ith a ^ njitnent of Jmd itnljjftij t?n?, at tl.? ricital of ruck ua iwtllae,ae tho? a bu b aie 1*41 .dim taking plane id ? The ceu?l?ie? Ot 'lurkiy toward the Urr-ek through a aerlee of r? i.tin.if, tinidiy arroned li*. /ympathiee of tin* ebon t hrirlian world in l.ivof ,f'f the i?pprc*?ed, aid liiiiee beanie Independent a 'r,,e bt the utiitid Infi-itiee of the great natione of 'idrape J he big rout11 iod rrnel'114 ,f the Ai.*lp?. n g"v<*rn n.rii hi l/< iiilaii rly, imiipI at. no di. taut, tiei.Ctll a ll>. iw I Ui 'no Ol ttie greet I it ion ? nf I he dm Id, to ?I t 11 the n|,i ration of It .ly, frtiin the hatha 'i*41' ? I- I ?f ' F ' ' Am;* ii. || K. ,feJWlMM4 Chwrtlat INwwnatratlww In t ?v 'I" I-onduu Time*. April a 1 it . i '?* C0,I*I*? three yeera, the Chartist Na xttrxEzx* K. Kxhlttio^kLT^ UMtfo?K,llj ?? ">* >PPn)Mh ^"ca-s-si^i! Umt nuisance for the* hu?droX o > "f Vn l ?vl only strengthened the prescription ,.f wVo, 1 Mr J l.oy.K^ and his friend* are prepared to* n olemnsweep without more ado. < >n the imnurtant ! subjects ol th?> land, tho church, education labor poverty, taxes, the debt, the currency th" army ! the navy, the u.ilitia, and the pro**, uUre ge nu? men speak with a fr.hi.ww Uid decision which ?Z?a/a l^,iW.0,,ld,h"Ve difficult/in del take all t!Vlrtut, c"blnet prepared to un of tho i The ,ix point, oi the .barter have hitherto failed to sa -V ? ^ politician*, in oouae.iueueo of ..?"am vngue apprehension* a* to the workiug ot h legwittt ure teamed on thin plan Tim that Tun* ? "?u l#U1.OV*1 th" ""plvHomt doubt tbut hung over their intention,. Thev tell u. without any reserve, what they expect from u par liament of their own choice, and. in fact. iiutouJl of the i hatter being it,soil the end of a people'* a-nira on-, we .re now presented with a ftifther '''X tiuitum, to which the charter, wc are manured will Si to a ?"dUCl '* * ricing school, vvhuh, to a certain extent, occupies the same grounda* ( hart.*,,,; it is fed by thi same instinct, ' " . t,u'B!??ne class ot uiiuiis, and every uow und hen IS seen to mvide the interests of the saiue p?li pow rs dn'id ti'l'" bnU"-V ,a- it^. two ,p,t , UT. KOVcru"i?ut of Frunee?politi deuioeiaoy and industrial socialism?the former lowei, however, altera des|arute oflort, was then ih rk WtL yvt lw,uluod political .. . i ,. . "r charter are put. d. moerwey; the programme before us attempts to ei?one,I" It W"li social..? far more 3 V t. Ill than the other, and far uiore adapted to .activate indent and utleetionat,. hir iiiidi?eii.|,ne,l uiiit of a T " annihilated as too ?0 (Ml i Posaeaaiug one vote out of !' one lue in tier out of dOO, for one .-late 0111.;,f three It hud* itself annihilated before the U Ui pests ol passion that Oe. asionully sway all.leu,n l ai'X U*\ ^ U< upi.iii y ..V national a iii.iii I e gladly the idea of a gn at itidusiiittl eouiiatet; which is to give every ,ll", rewind lor Ins work, without the soul de t lh? '"''.iiiulii ies, the soul desttoying diudgcrv, tliu terrible risks ,,f voinuion uiaiiutuelure and eoiiimotee. Tins is'tlio le with''.' l.r', Uill.'M,,,|Un'1 " ut,orl.v i'wouiiurt. !? . r 'li ! ' uml,'r any uaiwc whit . .i l'1"u.l",U' however, do tint wish to and like I I *'1 fl,M,"Ui"'n or with the socialists, and, like Lc.lru l.olhn and his friends in the iau) revolutionary g..vcinmeui, they would fa.n kee,. the peace as long a- they can with so euptivating a il.L'l.I1 "" /"ru,ill"ble a rival. With some : . " Itie socialist system is engrail il into the picM'iit manifesto in the shape of * labor ?W piopoMMg... abrognte the rclatio^ of master ? d man, to ,e*eue the ?? creator" from his sulijce } ', l" ho ^Mature," to cm duet industrial w.^ks by ... op, intiv.. association, connected in a national n ^ I ' *? oounn' h tho very tin. g wo used to ,,.ui of three years ?g., llw ' * teeuitigs at the .UAemhourg. tiddly enough, ,.st In to,, the seeiulist artiole of this hr .giamme come "hiA'ir ' "'?1,1,1 lh- 'CSiZ ve v, fffeel. would strike at the . ? n ii'l 'lite, providing that evcry : ; ,M 1 h".'7tfl" Whatever he wishes to learn at lb. . X cute oi the Mate, the article further ordains I hut mdu-trial sch.H.l* he established, iu which young may he taught tho various trades and ol sM ienl!, . h",.,V "U?rn,cdi"ir "-V1*-"* , , , , , ",,w " 'l"" wnipatiblc wnh in. 11,in ipIt* of co-operative assoeiations ? I he views ol the ehaitnts the subject of taxa hevd.T'i0 ,0IU' tr,"a fact that tiny do not seeui to cut. in plate any immediate ro eoMtin'V ,'l'hl,vV""Ul , x?? "diture. but rather the ? s,,.V.v 'yl'T""10 g? ?n paying the It,, tere t ..fthc udtiona/debt, but r.Aoning that L teres, ?s ,i,s.?|n,e?, ?f th, 1>Hpi|ul. {h *f .on,,.... bengnotto spare themselves, but lbs II XI g. nerut ion. jn |llu. Iniuiller the standing army is to he maintained until suitable changes 'T ild0,aVd"^*' uT Uau: With its 1, m. iu.while, certain reforms in enlistuient JT' ' soldiers' l.oard and l.dg Z ?' i oI emotion and so forth, would be f,?un5VaX het :V.I. I'ri'Kiamiue 1* ?, liberal on the s?h sho. l l e.i ?*' U,l?r,,p"""' also a militia that should give ever* male over fifteen the ot.i.t.itun? 1 v training. ?lhf whole.^u^ii is" vf t went y Vein I would. f..r ,1... next nr. .%t I iH "^rioud IU1 utluir m*? tlie ; V "'afweut so called nav u.ore so for li, idea aearly all the existing expense- the prog proposes that tho State maintain mi..lovP^l^r wherever they ,Jease. and that i, d' all v"' u,","J'loyed\ from the national re fh 1 I T"?. VUr> ci,it'-" offered ConrJ^ lnr. . Tt,,,n. ^ kis.?hildl*ll. 1.1 f, , , * ? J1 """Versitie.- maintained |,y the State t p oi".-es |" purchase of the whole soil of these* . e n d /,r ."hi I5 " w.,k r4d."h:r,;,s;r.;i;:^ would not be far wrong if we put Mr. K. I i-ronnoFs -hu,,jnj The (?l>nrlt?t Prngrmnmr. lie (bHo?lp| is Ilie jirograaimc "adopted by tbi' ' huliit I onvrention on thr l?Hh of April": ? 'I lie | uranmunt ? Iutt of h I hart i?t National <'.in vention in to promote . ha t id organisation, to !??*? |? tliHt organisation distinct ffin every o.lier politico I up vi mi nt or alloy, and to -j.r<ml through a'l classes political and M>rial know! edge to the utmost of it I ot?i r. I. 1* in, therefore, reeoivesl, for the better reor ganization of chart isui.? I. That, cilice by each ami nil of the franchise ii cii-urcs now before the i?-oplc (cxrej.tiiig tli it eitiboilii J in the chortci), the luuhllr cln"sec Would gam tin inure ?otec than the working (class, which Woul I |.l?Ct the latter In H luorc pOWcrlr. ? |xi?itioli t loin lit pn . i nt, I lie charter mnet he agitated lor in it w i l.'int v that the i mice ion of tiny one of it .r points witilil iiopiiirj the utility of (ho remainder and that, tlo leloia, ja pular support must Im with held fioin ai! iruoebi ? lauuimn fulling short of its pro* is Inns. '?. '1 hut the rluuce in the nriginul lull for the charter, rjicoifying that mr* male adult should have the v te, unlcv mntlitlril of rrilll'", lie inoill fied to tuiply a deprivation of the vote merely wlide undergoing puui-bun nt for riime, since, the puni>h nient lor an nlli nee mine undt rgntie, lm after p> nally ought, in jwetiee, to attach to iha individual. St. 'I hat a national petition fur the charter be | ?re sented to I'nrliaim nt, such jctdivn to I" prepared on the lolluwiug plan:?r-itiuiltanrous meotinga Tor p K- ng the petition to he held in every (own or Im? roti where practicable. At such meetings two tellris t<i I* appointed to i-ount the numbers pre sent ; tie |s-t it ion, together with a iti elm at Ion af ftiimng lh< numbers iii favor of euch petition, to be signm l > (1?j tellers ami c hairman of the meeting. t That, in anticipation of n dissolution nt iiurfiu tnent, ail boroughs wh<rr the chartist bmly are ?tiong enough to couteet the election, forthwith tia I.II luoduliits N pledged In the rliarter ill Its entirety, loiin election couiiuittis-a, suh-erihj funds, rum mencr agitatii g the district, and bring their influ tfei to tieur wo the coiistilio oc*. That where the eamlidate cannot go to the js.ll. a chartist he put in Demit atlvn upon evciy hustings in the kingdom, win n it is ntosilile to scia? that ojiportiuiity for e|<r?siting ? Irirlft knowledge II Muuiei|?l and parochial power should be *i ti d in the liaii'ls of the people, since disfranchise ment in bral inatti is is ae unjust as the restriction of the rlceltre fiai lite. Therefore, it is re sol ted i? I. 'I IimI 'he whkh cburtld organi/ai to n tuny tlrlKf fioin iiiKt Mini lix*a?l power be tint l?.?l li? ?>f, and tliat practical ati-pa lie taken in ill ln*ti>hl|a kwtjivlthi'K (vhrtt ili'iMrritli or jfain/:*iion ia in niiaeiM*') Ui Mnlrrl tli" municipal alt rlmt a. "J 'I 1>mt addri a?r- Iw i* m it to Ihr |a-ople relative to iui>tiiri|..'il hi.'I 111"-III!.I ll-gidatlou, and timt tlia HUa-lioli <>t niiiiiii i| al and parochial ttnivi r>al auf liHj*r In bi'ni|(lit lu fiiii tin public on |>tt'ti i|ili a ? i alogoria In ilioaa of the charter. III. It i? further rinltid that the ag-dat'on f.>r the darter li- rarrn d ao oi.j; tin' tradi ?, tu MI ili^t lull b'lli Hint I mailt? III run* li B)ill uiiI aid ; lbnt n u.itiotiii Mtinia? be rr tared into with the e*? - iMitivi a of thi trmJi*' uoiona, the rarioti* truth V bodn-M, and .'lawwiatjnn* of workin* men, f..r thiit pmpnae, | ointiti* out the reriprooaJ *drajitji*c to M i'iur ll11111 >t. o|>aiMtioii Utvi i'ii !kc two jrn at nodiimii of n-f'iiu.i'ra. IV 1 hat the n*rMiltiiral emud in* be divided inhodidrlrte; tlial tract* Mid ad<lr< -are to Inrtmr* mid laborer* !>?? prepared and iaind. Ibat niirainrinii"* takitv with thno a *apply of ?ueh tractr and a/Moa-ie* lr at nil? to Ihr "cirra! dialrlftr, lliat fmSlio mnetinff* nod lecture* ho held in the rurnl fowti* for Uu |-,UV ? of. *rablidi ing loMtlitiea. That BMuniriei be aiao annf In tin- Iriah pcoplt , and lo the collier*, tni ierr, and rtulany lalmn r*. Tin- c.T|icnser. where r,ooac*i -y, <e t* borne by Uie NatiotaJ (barti't I'nnd. 'i hia r-intention ia furtli- r of ppicion, thn' Hi" brat r?ay to enliat ayrr,|iathy With the ebtitiat ruovi inei t i* to >). wit'il aritc art thi grtof*' > id all iiifrtit % rlftvca, that th'wi la n mi; taught tr ?ie in rharti'in the leirrag" ef I tiopra; 'hat thn hift to lit pf nod eaat ? rlara governmeai, ia to ?how tboie who pat tMppott I it Uui (be eliatlirU wottii U Mu> met'g b*c clam government ran or will aford; pouring oU continuous ttream of agitation on claa* government, from every portion of the toJiug community; at taoking every one of lu monopolize; assailing overy one of tta iliooghold?, and breaking tbom down la detail, even to their foundation. The eoueention ie aleo of opiaiou that a politleal change would be Inefflenviou* nule.-e aooompanied by a social change; that a rhwrtlet uiovrinrut, ru les* accompanied with eooial knowledge, would re sult in utter failure; that wo ought toenliet, not merely the politician, but the uian of liuaiuew; that we cannot claim or reoeivetho support of the laborer, mechanic, farmer or trader, unloai wc show that w? are practical refoimere?that power would1 be aafo tv verted inohaitiet hunds-lhat we know their grie vances uud how to redress theui; that the charter would confer on them a positive, tin mediate,and permanent benefit, uud at ouee increase alike their comforts and resource*. lr . 'l'he chartist body should, therefore, stand forward as the protector of the oppressed; each suffering class should sec iu it the rodrcsser ot its several wrongs; it should be the connecting link that draw* together, on one common ground, the now noluted bodies of the workiug oluaoes -soil-interest being the best tie ublc to bind them to each other. It is. theiefare, time that the sell-interest of every one of the oppreaeed classes he appealed to. Kuch one of these classes demands a measure of so cial icform proportioned to its wants--though vari ous, these i ci^uircmenU are not conflicting'-nito right tun never contradict tuiotlier? truth can never antagonize with truth. 'I o stand forth as the uniter of all these isolated, but. iu fact, homogeneous interest*?to weld th* millions into one compact mass- to ci oko the dor mant mind of the country, and thus to lauuc'r th# gathered power in the right direction, is the dutf uud endeuvor of this delegation of the people. The coiivei t on, deeply impressed with this truth, while keeping ehaitism distinct us an organised po litical bony, not joining uny other seetiou, norrnu ing it w ill any other organisation, recommend* that public alti'ini hi be directed to the billowing: principles:- That the subjoined remedial uicastiro* Le subuiitti d to the classes severally interested; tliat their sup|oit ot chartist organisation ho solicited, on the ground of these lefonns, and that these bo made the subject ot continuous and universal in stinct ion. I.?TtlK 1 AND. This convention believes that the lunil is tuc in alienable inht ntaneo of u 11 inankird, uinl that, thei?lore, its present monopoly is repugnant to th* laws ol tied and nature. Tne nationalization of the III! d is the only liue liu-is of national prosperity. With a view ot striving at this n'fi irtfurn, it I* resolvi d that the following measure* he suceeseivo ly inged u| mi the public: ? 1 The cstubiii liiuenl of a board of agriculture. 2 '1 he I. of poor, common, church, uud cr< wii lands to the people. Mull Iiii its to hi div di d in suitable proportion*. AH pi rsoiis lei i.ti <1 upon tbein ti> he tcuants ot tho Mule. | ay ii g a j iojoitiouute rent-charge lor their holdings. 3. I i m | cm at ion to out-going tenant* lor iui ptoVrint Ills. Ti Hants net to he tied down to any old covenants or ii latum of crops. Ti e ii | cnl ol the game laws. All rents to he commuted into corn-rent*. 4. '1 lie Mate to he cmpowoied to imrohiuir lilinl, fur the pui) ore of locating thereon the population, as t< uuiils, individually or in association, paying a rciit-i Itaige to the Mate. The fund* for that pur pose to arise froiu the rent charge payable on th# common, chinch, pour, ami ? rown lands ahovo-iuen tioml. and such other sourc.'H as may hereafter b* diti'i mini d. f? tioieii iiietit purchasing land as above not to be permitted to sell again, but to hold such land* a* nut to I al p opeily for ever, letting them to lenaut* in such ijuawtitu* and under such condition* a* may sieuie freedom to the tenant and safety to th* ttsi?. Ii. The Mate to have priority of purchase, at taur cunct.t J tii cs 7. To provide for the final and complete national ization ot land, the State to resume piswe-sioii of li e soil hs rapidly as the existing intercut# can be extinguished by process of law, l?y death, by sar in ili i. or by any means accordant with ju*tioe and a gi uei oils Ileal in, lit of all classes. II ?TIIK t llt'lti II. Ilrligioii xhou.d be free ; as spiritual, it oUglK not to be snhjiet to temporal control. Thi'tcfoie the convention recommend!? 1. C'outplete separation bet ween church and Mat* 2. AD i hutch li lupin nlities to bodvclarod nutionn {>ri peity, except such individual endowment* a iai e bu n volui'taiily and legally made. All ecclesiastical buildings, of which it can b*. chaily shown that their coM wa? defray ;d from na lioiml fui.d*, to belong to the Stale. I he persun sion uow iisii g these cditlee? to continue in tho en joy tin nt of tin in on eouilable conditions. 3. Tithes ii ml church rates to be abolished. 4. The Mate not to interfere with ike internal polity of any ibureh. All eeelf sias' lea tube ap pointed in any way their r*s|?eetive eongregutloa think fit, and to be paid volunturily by the c?ngr* gallons that employ their aervicn*. 6. Kccleaiaslieal license- for purposes of educa tion U? be uuneeessary. ill.?rut catiox. A* evert man lias a right to the mean* of phy*i eal life, an he has to the mean* of menial activity It i* a- ui just to witbold aliment from the mind n it i* to deny food to the body. Kdueulion should, thcretore. n< national, universal, gratuitous, and. to a certain extent, coiii|*il?nry. It i* the i lorn leovmmcndcd 1 Thntsi hoids, college*, and unlvcrwUlc*, sup ported by the Mate, be gratuitously open to every citttcn, and thai it !>?? e?niitailsnry with all |oirent* to hair their children educated in tho common brain 1 ra of learning. 2. That education, in Its higher hran he*. b* c<{uullv gi at nitons, but optional. 3. 1 hat industrial schools be established, il whirb the young may l?e taught the various trade* and profession*, 4bu< gradually superseding the ay?t*m ot apprenticeship. IV ? I AiHVR t.vva*. 1.abor i* the creuli i of a nution's wealth;-?? smb. the most important demerit ot it< prorjicrity. Not withstanding thi*, the relation of ina-ter and man has hem repngwant to the well being of socie ty; the neuter has kit In rto been the servant o: the i nitiate . labor ha* Iwcit the slave ol capital, and groaned under a system of wage* -lavcry, contrary to eveiv ptllaiple of freedom. To eh vale labor from its present ilepre s,.,| cow ditiun, tke lollowiiig measure* nro pro|aised, witk a vii w to tin mete rapid abrogation ?| wages-da very and the ili Vvlopment of tile ei) ii|ienvlivc prin ciple : ? 1 'I hat all ro-operotive associations lor Indit* trial put| iocs have a right to registration and rolioi ut without payment ?*f fees, and to pus-em aa unri tratid lumber of alliliut< d branches 2. 'I hat the law of partner* hi p be *?? altered as to ii move existing ditti< ultic* in the way of elation. . 3 'I hat *ltov the eo operative principle i* lial for the w, II Is-ing nt the people, since the cen tralization of Wi with ought to be eounlera-teil by ? di-tributive tiiidency, and since it* aiiunvdation in the band* ol isolated Hubs I* an evil wimiHiary only to that of il* monopoly by individuals, all I'uturo eu-opcrativ* attempt*, tinlil th* complete- rea Ijnsl asi? til ol the labor <|ue*tion, lie modelled on o no li or: a I tsaais, nod n nnei-ted in a national union, u4 whh b tl e d flrrent trad?-? and si* .eliee be bfulilie* or bram he*; oi.d that the profit*, bevoml a eeitain amoui.t, of each h cai Society, should he paid into a g< i rial fund, for the purpose ol forming .Additional association* of a or king men, and thu ? a<*e derating the devilo| cine lit of nsorociated ami iiMk-|wuileut labor. ?I That n credit fund h* opened by the Stat*, for the jui|ose of ailraiicing money, on e-rt iin eondi tions, to bodies of working men, desirous ol a*?0 ciatng together for industrial purpose*. v.-- eooa As it is the duty of every man to work, ?o every man has the light to.the means of work ; and tho*? unable to woia through ioflrinity or age, have * right, to *u) |ort at the hunt!* of the State, 1 ben foie? 1 All bodied |ifr*iW, who rn'in. l ?ti|,j*wt thftnarlvoa, ph.uld l?o pii|>|iliid with romiiiiornlifa ? ?ilk. aid. whir* |.v*aihlo, located on the land 2 U'hfr# ll:o Mate find nr irk for Ufl i n.)>!??% ? <1, it b> bound U> rapport fhoni until labor m )>io?i<Ii <1. 3. 'I ho unemployed ebould Ih? it]i|mrli4 by the Mltr, not by tbe laru-h and tho root Iw ib-Urny## out of the national rovviino. 4. The ajri-J nod infirm *hnM bo ?uMmrt?4 In their own boniin, in tbe bourne of lllrlr relative*, of in >| iiial building* oreoU-d by ynri rnin< t??. al lb# o|ition ol tho rm ipiotiU. t| ? TtlAll.'U 'l uxation on niiu try ?i-pre'e." Ibo prnbvllon ?4 uraltb on litfmiaa, ouratiragae noii-rnwi'-ii. o fa* leriny eii-eo* mi mwmnni phi^iu hIii!, i, ?. i. Inju Hourly on tho |ieo|ib '? ben llli nT'd ? nit.ol All taxation ought, throfum, *?? l? - i. 1 *-? Inn# and noi-hmulaUd pr.^.e?tj VII ttil n?11?>?l?l oroi Thi* debt bat Uig boon Inooti -II- i ? In I I m ? onl for idooo p.irp.?-, e?r>n. i I .i i I .? In gaily oonlraH. d by tho p. Jl l?. Wiori iiVor, niiourd Ibn' fuliii |r? - ??!?.*> rhmild bo niirtririd Hmiii f i it, | l|ln? .,r lliiofortlilioo of llirii mhi -Iaii, ... Ii|, a. I,, rrt.nid trlrtil UMn or <?? I ho national 4< hi ..rtfbi, Ih-i'' i I. i; | .H? lod by ll.o tuoney tn.a i|y |.? I ... . #|. |illnl n n|?i|m.i.i .rfil.i ? -?f .? ?1. ..I il * v b ?r p*f mot,I la ...??? |.it i. f fli. ??.>.? roil.n i. tin. .i .) i , n. m our rurrrt.) r to*. I. *1. . I?i, |t * . , ? |f?,? ? I lb. |.r >??!.. | l. ...? , ,. | i. I? that 11. . . i ,,(... .il * .a, ill hi. H?IA . ..ill.. -Hf I iba alI#?.(;?.?. ..I .i ... yio ii,, i,j., i m tm tiai I land ? g ejin) ? ajy f.ii'taiy If lb flMHl^i | vf

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