Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 9, 1851, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 9, 1851 Page 3
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4eaocracy, and dangerous to the liberties of the feople. At the sains time, the convention ac knowledges the expediency of a Heading force being maintained, until suitable changes in our colonies and at home, shall have rendered its continuance Bo longer requisite. Until such change, tho following enactments are necessary for the comfort of the soldier and the safety of the citi/.em? 1. That no enlistment be bindiug unless ronswed before a magistrate by the person enlisting, after the exriitttinri of a period of one week. 2. That the soldier have a right to a free dii ?barge at the end of four years. 3. That the soldier bo no longer confined iu bumicks, since the isolation of troops estranges them from citiseua, renders them unfit tor (lie duties of domestic life, demoralises ihein, and is unneces sary for discipline, as proved by such discipline not being iinpuiicd when troops are quartered <>n (he inhabitants, which is frequently the cut, both in peace und war. 4. That troops quartered on tho inhabitants be paid for us lodgers, and that none be compelled to receive them. 5. That promotion take place from the ranks by military gmdation, and that none be promoted be fore ut least one year's service in the ranks. t?. That promotion by purchase bo abolished. 7. That the use of the lash be abolished. 8. That courts-martial consist, in all cases, of of 1 fleers and privates in like proportion. X ?THE NAVY. To be regulated by analogous laws. xi.?the Miuru. As it is tho right of every individual to bear arms, so it is his duty to know how to ueo them; as every citi/en ought to receive a benefit at the hands of the Mate, *ohe ought to b<> prepared to defend It; and, as liberty is not safe where tin unarmed and undisciplined people stands in prcS'-nce of un armed and disciplined close, it is therefore requi site that eviry mule over fifteen years of age should be afforded the opportunity of military training. xir.?the rafss. Absolute freedom of thought aud expression ho ng ono of thepiimary and innet sacrvd of the rights of man, all restrictions on printing and publishing are unjust and iniquitous; (his convention, thoPe fore, declares its decided hostility to the taxes on knuwltdgo, and recommends the total ubolition of The duty on paper; The duty on advertisements; The penny st imp-tax on newspapers; And the import duty on books and publi cations. Addresses, each embodying one of the preceding measures of reform, to be circulated, together with an exposition of the charter, ana its necessity for enabling such reform to be obtained. 41. W. M. Reynolds Greenwich and Kent. John Gray North Lancashire. Th< niton liunt Hsnipshirc nr,.l humburrli Allied ituuiiiball.. Weeim'r aud Mnrylebont . Gtorge Shell Surrey J< hr. .Show ...T' wer Hamlet'. Jiimc* 1'ii.lrn t'ity and fimbury. Abraham Koliinson Bradford didrkl. Thonme Martin Wheeler.... Kxeter tin I Tiverton. feargus O'Connor. M.P Manchester George Joseph Mantle Ditto. George Julian Harney Worcester and Gloucester. Thomas Savage BrlHot. KrU' -t Juno* Halifax district. Rev. Ait xandcr Duncansonl'sblt y district William ft (kin Nottinghamshire. Jsmes Capt well Ilanley an 1 Potteries. J< hn Jaun s ItcziT Shefli Id district. William Benftdd Cbeahire. Alt xandcr Yates Coventry district. John Barker Northamptonshire. George Wray . UicwtonJilri'. Daniel William Ruffy South Shi. Id-. Walter 1'ringl* Kdioburgh di-tricl Thomas Hint Iluddcnnctd ditto. James Graliuin Dundee ditto. John Mo?t> Derbyshire. Jnmt ?* Watsea . .Newcastle-OBon-Tyac Daniel Thompoon Dudley district. Dauiei faul Glasgow dRtv. JOHN A UN >TT. Secretary. Convention Room. 72 St. Martin's lane. Apjtral from London* TU # n . . Af:* AKME-i. The following ,3 said ,0 ^ a ^ . fdt rrfuge'e^- J r?OeiV0d in fruw ' limit ray communication of (hi* %') t ?hf.livi* iT V " ^ ????u.? J?; ^ Porcfive |C!i U ??im T< *? ??'"cr, n-lu? <""? (I'll we prrri iTe u>< r* i? ?n iflti QtUu of ?eadtrur lu to Am?>rir* the Kur<-}-fnn < cnlral Dcmieratw- (' >aiuiitt< ?ill n I' drr*. Iron. thU pl.c* to the European . "m "mcv a , <-lnn>?tl. U. wbirh ?iU ?H,U be f.4luw?| by a I' JLil'nT ? "T"" ?? "Mr tWrforc iln U^,'f, ilJiL ^ 'i ^ J ,ur respective Ooui.trion you will .h*u lnrtead if being governed and t^MiW srssr day iv.ry ?.t> in Europe will bo rover ?d with barricade** I hat* nothing mom to nay to you for ll.e S Kw. yoUBMlv.-* p, rfcrtly tranquil in 1'mri-; appear U. b-vTo iVout" ?Ut4 <i'i 0if*? "" ?10tlv,, far discontent ? <rouble y curative about anything bo w.nthy of "" C,""a" uc'-' ,h? ?r"-'?I' Mlh The Urrat Bihlhtllon. i>irr?KTAirr Mrcn.No or cxhihitdrs. |rr?mi the Loudon New*. April 1 I^nrt vveiling a Urge meeting wan held at the 1 rev or Arm* lavem, Knight-bridge, W|K.? m*nv rnlri "'Bu,'Dl,"[manufacturer* and oomrn. rrial uj..'n r* to the number of about n<)6 Trie ?uetugwa* ronveuod at two hours* notice. Hnd , ??! mpoM d of ^n.tlcrnnj whom it won a-ratcd reprtv >*!; rd J?1/' fo; exhibition t? th*. viiuc or h St a ? , ?r- J?hn Miiitou, of .Soho I titv dal. , \* orocvteishiro, movedlLat U< nrv K||IO? Jib 11 1\"f tl" (jTa l,D' U'orkx, SbcBrld "h^tbi" ; weondod by Riloy C.rr K?a M Jter . *! r".Ti<!: <J?,|emnn-Tlii3 meeting w convened to take into oon-iitration the tv.'irv an p 'cprtftjrofaddrwing the royal commkMioner* ,1 ?{ thoL * etbibiloraii" tlif Ih.mIu >; liming the eontinuance or tho e\lubi ill J'h 31ft? r "{'nV',l!U ft *?1,41 T-rJi'i" i ily m range ? I, ?Mki. I ,hc yvry "hr> h"'' ma 11' the exhibition what it in, that I .?,?,ot f,,r ? I "n th/.Tr^ ti"" tl,ri,# WlM h ' tL" l<A i oliji etinii n the |>a.t ot the royal ooutmi-uiunera. if the br |>i?;pe-ly ntnted to tlo m, to granting adni> u.u o rxLibitore. ibe ell inordinary evpoD-- of a(- ! ei li ng mid retting by tb- oviiiiiiU.M, ho' h in iTh.*? ?,"ir"7* ha"J,-v *><? arrived, an I ,.a ? 7 dir,v? '? ,,,ry nnontiwnable, it r,r.? i \"W' that tho exhibitor nhoold ; h -a. lud ,, Ab.l i fear, aftar tb< ann ly uneia that m.o.t of u? |, ;V., h id .om..<oted with in s ' rxhibit'on. that if w ,. be exolmW Ifce btliMii 1 "iommV.VT ,T " tir'"rf'tS'' n" o???'*' I I Tv U . dW " T "PJe" tenitjr for Mioh 'i.iplay. W e rUdocriaiiJy aupMee?oiB? iittli?I w u going t* mj reward-) it i wtUnot n?e the term - at I. nnt thai a nh-oild b.r the opp .rt unity of wilne,* irglhe fiagenrtry o: ih-.emirt of.j,l|C ??r b,.(w,, , 1 lueen. and ef joining , ,n lb? ,.vptv,nni.,M ( the loyalty ponnen- iJ by the great bull, of tilf. tub to. ? ? (great In nn?)-fur I f ?lr n irw.1?and . tfeah a. a owatrihnt ry-that the country ?h. .erer. are loy.l , th .r I,,* eoJ-T? h". vV kVlr r . .*^ " ^ aMieh.nlto ti;?> institution, ,a'2 lf-1 ? T' V" *?" 10 n",nUin' ln thi I- a- efnl .trug;|e o< idn*trioa? rivalry, U?o | oaor ' A Mir Country. V e et.d evpoet that we ehauld h ire had an i -n ty of arm iig the feeling* by * 1 */< artuaif ?, and it rn, ara to n. .(MUrgiy bail laatt,, after inviting geath men to me Irira dotant *ho.< ?~rrohrbl from th>i Put Indiea?a.-d lo MT to t- m. V?? hi,^ hm?gbi y'liar good* o*ey hera for i ur grafifle?lion, It ia tn*: w hare prov.d, d , oU wtt ? ho?, we h.r, invited J U to our l. dl>? mil; ) ,t w . wdl not lot yr.u eTa? W ^ your , wn rxhi: ,, ai?, An * with OUra, uiuen ,ou , y iiethr. . guinena. That ?Miware to me to be ?onicthiiig o contrary to com anmt arnar. ?>? d *<> injur on* cv. D to , he fxbihitlou ii-wlf, thai 1 d'Onld be. a* an Kngl dnnan n,bn?.. i ihat ?h.y ebo ili I " < v lu.led To "?"^ uiei.'ioiad t? ? g. iitlu. fr.,m \?, ri. a, tbe.itua- I ?:;.n w'.,-h fhov were ,.! 1. and said I y , 1 afraid tfa* might fiav. *i. ind.fferent notion of Kn*. lard in ee.iwrr,uri.e.- ef tho continued drain on tb"ir pure and the n tdy ?**,?? if y.,M bmJ boon Invited ??? >ew i orh. and tU rxliib.timi not boye thr?wo ? pen to veil f-ce, the Walca would have rung from ? i.e ?nd to *i ..thcr with aliam j." (Ili ar.) M.M.e a, aftir n rr, rehtotl,.. e^nt i, '"//" 'K >r'P>int a deputation f" wait upon the iioyal t ominiiHiaaera, and ryaeeet fully tc urg.* upon them the question of adoiitlimr he i ah.t. .or* en the lei of May mid during tL?. ntinni.;.ee of the exhibition." Thi moion wr- then put nn I carriod unanimoiHly It w*? t .en move.l and wernd, lnd earhisl ?nr.*i , that the chairman, Mr. Minton and Mr Itilry farr be appointed a deputation,'with lower to and to tl.e-ir number, to wait upon the fval evunmi?iontr- to-morrow. r M V *1. r;. 1 of *W|'-rr. K*h*ru k o , e.f hlnn-b'dcrj Mr. flnrt-n, of Kxeter; Mr't, I rtl.oflrm r,f Ihirrett. Kvhrll & Andrew*" 4 He?di> *; Mr. llidgway, n| th* I'otu rie*; Mr! Klel.ard .-r-.arff, from )'r.u i?n >ile ia; and some A . thiue i front other part. having <p .k? u to tho ^u. *t oi> it >*HV at vied that fbero worn repir*cnla itvi v lit til. miri ng from ' rnne. . America, Aua itr)*, I'm -in and Holland, wh > wo irvviou*' to be 4 eiuber* of the deputation; hot th. m< ding thought it a |* int ofh- nor that the I*'..?r -hvuld bo under laken by lMigiiebmen. The n- ot'i.g adjeiimed ut.til r. M. ?nil. AM: ltlC.W "OXTRIHI.'/loyv, fa thai ]?rt of tin building devoted f.? th" pro hu e of tntwirau ft-lu-iry,the me*t nofioenh.e fe? turo Is the tare'i? * of the epa.-e allot*'d, *? .mpand w'!h t'i9 very ine.ogre show of goof* Whether t*.'? Irrouslitv will b removed by ?ub<e 'juenf arrtvgU wir'iin tli. rtrj few day* wh.di yrj i. initio for |>rep*ratten, we are not aware; but 4f lot, i( w. o.d )?? d"?ir.?blo tv divide the *urpln? i viu b^twtemho e vtter fcfc go vahtbiivrr who. In the neighboring oomnirtments, areicoinplalain* of unduo limitation. Many of the nrticfee aenf from the State. are -till rc.tia j in their pok ing coses, and of these, beyond the notiflcatiea made in the published lists, we can give no ao hYI'r V wl??b here been brought to ind ui>o^thee<^?W? g1*flrr*nged rwund th? walls and upon the counters and floor, utility rather than ? '??"?! ? de";?nveUbor?t? ornament or high ??\' to bo ,ho cbief chnracte istie. Tuore " 'J*0, comportment! of the building assigned to TnH rH',ka opposite to the other, at the east ern end of the nave. One of these appears to bo int. nded for the exhibition of heavy goods, uud here we have various descriptions of ploughs har rows, winnows, and other agricultural machines. ? cute few lathes, a planiug machine, and other srti s iV engineering mechanism, well finished, and u ul! other respects adapted for their several uses lie scattered about here and there. Grouping with the agricultural implements, are a small *team boilcrand engine, a tew Americuu house stoves and a number ot pots, pans,-and other cooking utensils, by the way, of these American house stoves, a hin r.iight well be taken by our own stove makers. il,?7v|C?# "? . a, wry miU ?Pttce-not larger than that occupied by un ordinary parlor grate er cottage range-a complete kitchen apparatus oven, stewpans, boilers?all in the m >st compact loria ; and, looking at the almost minute fireplace, ?r furnuc?, with waieh the whole is heated it would seem thut economy of fuel had been a pri tnniy consideration in the original design, hut the article which attracts most attention in this com partment is a grindstone for hand-working, of a re markably fine grit, and moving by the aid of anti niction rolleri. fbe curiosity of the observer. nowt*% cr, m excite*!, not because of hut extraordinary peculiant* in the machine, but by an inseriptiea which it bears, informing him that it is a preseut or Lord .tauley, troui Massachusetts. Whether the Massachusetts mechanists consider the great wear and tour which Lord Stanley's koen edged satire undergoes while loader of the oppo-itmn in Parliament require the ap plication of the grindstone occasionally, wr what other hidden meaning attaches to this strange present, must be left to those who are clever in solving enigma, to discover. Tu ning to the space on the opposite side oftb. avenue, we did several obj ets o( interest. 1 hat which first s'.rikes atton 'on, both from its extent, the coinpletemvss of its "rnin^ement, and the correctness of its clas sification, is a collection of Amerioan miue ihIs, i xi raucous fossils, and fresh-water shells licre wo have specimens, arranged in their order! of the mineral productions of the States?copper iron, lead, gold, silver, zinc, native cinnabar and almost every other knowu metal. Some of these specimens ure of extraordinary richness. Tliere is amongst the m a block of copper ore, brought from Algonquin, on Lake Superior, weigniug 2 fvfj lbs and of miner cent pure metal; n block of native cinnabar, from California, weighing .11 lbs ; several pieces of argentiferous lead, coutaiuing silver in the of 100 oz. to ihe ton, and Y.i per cent of lead?these are from a vein in New Hampshire -sid to U very extensive, and which it is proposed towoik. Decides these, there ure some crystals of grey cornier, a number of specimens of t'alifor pian gold, generally adhering to quartz, but of ex traordinary richness, the quartz in some being gold 'n tLC ProlK,rliou of we-fourth to the pure There are, ulso, in this collection, acme very flue six-um i s of the Georgian diamond?the beryl and the top.?it?every vanety of American coal, and amongst the extraneous fossil,, several very perfect teeth, and other remains of the Mnstodou, from the Mammoth Gave, in Kentucky. The shells of which there are several varieties, from the fresh water r:.vis and lakes, are curious only from their comparatively large size. At a short remove from this stand thero is preparing what promises to be aa interesting botanical display of dried flowers, tie growth el the western districts of New York pre served and framed, but retaining their nUural hue I hen we hive a quautity of bHr iron and steel, sere ntl huge blocks of iron and other ores, and & lit le further on alarge pyramid of curious shaped yellow canvas packages meet, the eye, which, from the In scription!. they bear, inform us that we have arrived at the counter, where are to be shown foot tasted) some of the deli<?ueies peculiar to the tables of our trans-Atlantic brethren. These yellow parcels of whish. at a distance, we had been speculating whether they were policemen's staves, or the gaudy nn.t awkward war-club* of some tribe of aborigines we now discover to be spiced American hams, and turning round, wc tiud we have got into something hko an lti.uan wa.ebouse on the strike, with boxes of America-, biscuits, Indian com and meal, dried meats r V'u "Y .\'nd*? Of pearl starch, bottles or mk .nd blacking from New h ork, fa icy soaps and poili ..irs from Philadelphia, parcels of American liu se, wli b, we suppose, means black lead, rush broODit. and bitishcs, buckeU, and a number ef o'L i Kiticles ol a similar character from other > rates, nil lying about or henped up onoupouthe other in the most chaotic disorder. A printed placardou the outside of ono of the unopened boxes i cmposrng this confused mass, i, worthv of notioe M SQ.-wir.g the auxiety of iiruther Jouathaa to drive forward the trade in Indian corn, which, as far regards this country,hns hitherto lagged, we believo. J he inscription tells us the box contains recipe< to be circulated gratuitously for cookiag Indian meal in various whjs as used in the .-States* Lxtrieating otirseIves with some difficulty from this labyr.nth we come to several bags of Americao rotten woe! from the Southern States ; and a little further on we find a glass ease containing some "pecuiien.- pf manufactured cottons iu prints and other fabrics. Of the-e, though th.y are very ere<1d:?l .c evidence* of the progress of American UtaauO. tuas, our friends ou the other side of the rTv.' VY c ?Hrct"' u" fb' saying that they are not of that h.-'h cls?s of goods?especially the prints? tb.1t our lv nncbeiUr manufacturers need fear their ^ TL" bun' Ion it for the present. I hrrr are also here several cases of carpenters' nr.d o'tii tools, taiiou.- articles of cutlery--the iidic-. .IXC.", and other edge tools, being appareutly aniongM the best speeiinciM of ma iotas-luring art exhibited?some atopies of very strong and not altogether inelegant bookbinding fieui l'uiladel ph.a. A fsiewkrel gig, peculiar for its bjauty ughtnos, eonlrihutod f.oia New Yo.k; Home whaleboats; a couple of beautiful models (section only) of Ameiic.tu clipper limit ships: a m< del of the bi ll telegraph, a substitute , r common house bulls in hotels and luge e-tnl,cuts, and a number of misotdlane "U p.odt oi.oos, r.atnral and artibcial. l.i tne same ??? oipoiti ui.t ait scleral piano*, one or them diihir ing in soiuoitvp. is liv.u the iurtiamenu of* this country, f bis is a sort of doOhle graul piaoo. iu siisjs . ,t is quhdiangular, like a very la ge ? squar., but L? furnii-hml wiih a complete set of key, (i s) at each ond, m> that two or fo?r | li.jorv n>:?y perform in a concerted piccs at the ? >u? tutu on the Mtuie instrument, the alvautife b. log, a< cording to the statesneut of the inventor ami pat. ritse, a voiuute of tone equal to two grands. In the furniture department tiier- is a nin.-sive fonr post bedstead, m vde ol tuo yew iroe, reinarkabie iieituur for the bcnoty of il/ material nor tiie elegance of its de sign. nut cemuiaU ] by it* immense strength to last for gen. mi,.uis. A cabiiw-t or two, a few school cr.Hi.H- h grr*t impiOVi uwut upon tlio?e b.e kl. js Woo.ten formi up-m wbieh young children ia our own counttv are oooip.4lrd Ursit foi three or foar brain skt every tnurning and afierooou?com rff n* 'r "V1 ??( prr 'enloxterxis, th.. display ia tbi- I :ai.of ii"iu try. In the ornam mlal us ital d. |?rtitiei4 Iberr is a pair of uimolu ohaodeltero. ol Which i.l that ran b- c.ud is, that they aro heavy i .p.* ol.'.Ao of our old liirtainghain desig.s; but, lif e the otiwr ariieb we have t?, evideatly mink- to b,-*. Insh rv, it may be said of the Am n rvr d -plnj genrwaU; . that it is evidently the pro ,'irtu.nof i. new ooituiiy, wuefc the useful aro a/ yt roorv in req'k>1 thwu the oruaia<-utal. 'Prom t ?? Lend >n Pa nob J VIr. Nni? '!'? Atmimurilw UrfiUl P?Um. w Ith bummI (MM . TrtDxtui* m? I'ljm. \ <? <*r?l nj n.Mu. \A I'ladui, Th. v. boil.- I ?lnf 1 I f o'niltlrou* tbluf, Tha rillot Ui+Jp o' win4a?l 1 >?*jr, l'? it?i,) ruth. Then wrrwilhrjiu jouth, W hst *throke> of i/l clmi*!, What |< ?" ? Hut ^ (?? ;? inlni raKUtmtlpn rrUilal O, tfgl4 tp-fbr* Tluil Them*.- Mrx.m, I Uiwido Mir l*U UltJ ?<>|r?, ILlm nirli- tt'.ron* Of||?MMu Mid. CV' ?>l on I hat CMt olroa ' A. ltd m? tli!?n wnlU. And gUltaring I. .lip, Ihim |M*f ( hr oatUMBA, W hk h I po-r fwile, no' druoti Mo, not ln( vim/ * ilum* . "J wijm*'* urrdj I like tbo Mrda 'I hut ro-u N-nohlh the vmm there, llpr ?r|im* *hr epotU ?liklh t thru bright IIIm, At .1 rnt< K? be dll> brtlif lh?r? 'Mil* lolaer '*11. 1 hie t'ri.-tUI llall, Whlob lmperot* m if tit carat, VI(Mid- In High I'arh Noah's Ark. A ntlnbo* I'lbl all ira It. Tb t?*mr* and (?rw?, III cithern af n?t The fame of thta ?ill Hit*, S*int Vital* Idif d rna. Vein! rnjthar* r.wxo, And HuMId** | * Tl- her* that I A. ?ill I* Her <lipnlVp? i Tl lorla Ureal, And l.n.ikir la atoto flit (.ihgirai ?C At NtUOAV, Dor subject* pours From distant shores, Her Iujiaus and Camgian*; A ad also we, Her kingdom* threw, Attiad with our aiiaglauce. ilere come likewise Her bould allies. Both Asian and Ku ropes ? ; From Kant and West They eend their beet To tiU her L'oornuoopean I seen (thank (trace ! ) Thin wondthrous place (Hie Noble llonor Mistlier U Cole it wai That gave the pass. And let uie m* what is there.) With conscious proide I stud insoide And looked the World's Great Fair in, I'ntii me sight War Ussrled quite, And couldu't see (or staring Tliore's holy saints, And window (mints. By Maydiay v?l Fugiu ; A lh? in borough Jones Did paint the tonus Of yellow and gamhouge in. Thero's fountains there And crosses fair ; There's water.gods with turns; There's organs three, To play, d'ye see, " God earr the Queen," by turrms Thero's stnlurs bright, Of marble white, W silver, and of copper; Aud roine in ziuc, And some, I think, That isn't over proper. There's staym lugjues, Tliat stands in lines, Luorntous and auiasing, That squeal aud snort, Like whales in sport, Or elephants a grazing Tin re's carts and gigs, And pins for pigs, There's dibbler? aud there's harrows; And ploughs like toys For litUc boys. And i-iegant wheel-barrows. Few them genteets Who ride on wheels, There's plenty to indulge 'em; Thero's Droekys suug From Fatei'sbug, And raybyciee froin Rulgium. There's Cabs on Stands And Hhuudthry dauus; There's W iigguus from New Turk here; 'J in re's Lapland hleighs llaee re?wd tlin seas, And Jaunting Cayrs from Oork here. Ainacid 1 pass Fht-ni glmw to giftos, Deloighled 1 surrey 'em; Fresh woudthers grows Before rue nose Id this sublime Musayum 1 l?ook. here'a a fan From far Japan, A sabre from Damaaco ; 1 here's shawls ye get From far Thibet, And cottou prints from Glasgow. There's German flutes, Murucky biaits, And Naples Macaronies; Dohaynoa Has sent Uoliay, !'? Ionia her polonies. There's granite flints That's quite iuiniiu.-e. There's racks of coals and fuels, There's swords and guns, And soap in tuns. And Uin^cr-bread and Jewels. There's taypots there, And cannons rare; There's rofflus tilled with roses; Thrre's can rasa tints, Teeth insthrumlnU, And rhults of dothua by Mom. There's Iu?bins more, Of things in store. But tbiui I don't renumber; Nor could disclose Did I compose From May lime to Norimber i Ah, Judy, thru S With eyes *o blue, That you were here to view U t And could 1 screw But tu pound lu, 'Tis 1 would limit you to it! Bn let u* raise Victoria's praise, Aud Albert's proud 0<>ndM:m, That takes his ay so As hs snrvi ys This Cristial Ksliibithm. Tmker Dowlla In 1891. (From Loudou Punch j (scrunoiMi to thi skw troas nruui ) Yankee Dis dle's come Iowa, To Me the Kilobition, And strike a bn-w at Kngland's crown, By stirring up s<ilitlou. The fan oos Atrv Fork ItrraU see, W hose editor's a noodle. Or Qtieea Vtctoila's throne will be I'pMt by Yankee Diexllo. Chorus? Yaukrc Doodle, Doodle, ho OIF John Hull, c ur wares t" show, invites our glfmu.- natioa. And wr'ye accepted, no ways slow, The loah r's invitation. VI e'er pr <duce to dt-May that shaM Anus your cotton spinner? Our nadir raw sui to-ttiii oui mu etc b no, aud sin nir. Chorus?Yankee Doodle, he That there nut!. Horn genuine goods, The sllr of fn ? d en c ared on. Cut out an i from the woods, The gr- aleei eTer h<erd on Light wi.ik to Ml the Brltl h oak. For arm- with mi.-ht so gifted' The ,4ee*p- t tucked up for the stroke, I guei? tin ere is lifted. Ohurus Yauki e lio die, he Yankee Dorsil' , in a ship, Is ecmc from New York city. Ai d if he siieuiil u p ut his trip, I nekon it's a pity ; t'f rnrltlMi he brings n crew, To kindle agitation ; Hicl- rharti b . suti rerdists, t ??, W hot] preach repudiation. Chorus?Y inker Doodlr, he PoclallsUc tract-, much morn Combustible I tin .a rockets, Ar> siuih il. with U wb L.wlvra in stocn, In Yanion ln-ailt ?'* yorkets. Y ili schemes ntd poyects fir a new llritsiintc con. tit ution. Atid ptinty cf n nlnnH Y.fleet tin i' ? 'iutl',s I b in..?\ aitkee Doodle, he Y Ml' re Doo lie build- his Slopes t'l-n tin gieat dis-enei<>ns (if Britishers about the Tope1* Aggnseion and pi vtensions , I'll Mauufhcturc'* ' V- rf si at So i-?dy f ?r rbdltng lor ?iry linng< r?now that whcdl At su b a price is arlliug' l'!i or OS?"i aukee Ds-xBr. he Ysuk < IVndte I ' nc fool II - , t? ,11 ihat's J ,:,l*. Full well he knows what hissrptsl An ' Mauchiwt.r are brewing; Tbetr own pynMs- tlieyY- t? term. And rut ' or yuo u's C"nneeti"ii, Ai d he in(< a le (o guide the storm. And l-ad thi insurrection t'hr-rus?\ anker Doedte, he A mob oner sa< U'd the Tuilerioa, 'h r might the I'aJa-n, 1 rcsli . with prliect n*>, AnJ rwrer mind (he gallows To get tli. 'mops enra^) <1 In town in ao?H w (his commotion. And then >i Manchester drop d >wn, U tanki. Doodle's notion Cbsru-?Y inlss D etdl >, he Y siikc DoodI >'? rrmc to town, la ait hist'Vo and f >wer, il< mean t? luru the Abliey dawn. Bank, Parliament, an I Tower (*. ye? and flee the Thames as w.-U, Oe", my ' what flbs e-tsrnal That ?a a snwpotts print to tell ! t>ur scream in' New t'nrkjarnal Chorus?Yankee Doodle, he Thf ln?iirr<H'tton In Itoarila. The Dt,!.ifi line adrift* f.otn thi-nia np to the lith nit. It Hinl l'ii' insurgent clilef, linalMtbeftoricb, i* at the head of mm, nod he* inured from the Kraira to effect hu? juiolioa with the ItwfnUof 1'iiiior Uaw P>im ?? st llniijalouka. fr'im Scutari (Albania) etnU thiol Ibe incursion* of the Montenegrin* into Aliin r a, umI the rrpri.'nt* of the Albanian*. continue ?t tin'flnnting m bt f< re. 11ntrwt<<ti Puck* ha* oo li mited the drputin* of llrelmvo, Bag i*ni, mid Montk, at Htolaef, to enintnuii.cale to them the in tention- of the Ottoman Porte. Orabofe and Big tiani hart not yet *'Sinitt< d, a tney hope for rein feictuioiit from Monteo gro Fear* ere entertained of a coil mod belt* ? n thr Monienogrin* and the 'lurkiah troops. The Hunt-inn Consul has-ent the V lndika 1I, "*> floriu* in du mt*. NirMMi New* of imporlanee h n been reeeitml from Mo rocco. It appears that (lie Ktnperor Ab.lerrau man, not bery able to raise the c?nnl amount of Uoo, by reason of the general distress whleh pre vail.!, hue determined to make tip the d.-hoit by nmiroprialing the means of hi* wealthiest subject* lie baa eonftsoated tl,, property of the Uorernor of Tot nan. formerly Mlni-ter of Foreign Aff urs, and lately decern*-.! IV t Achouob, 1'iufc* of Tainan, ai l fhimeily Ambassador to Paris, had hoen aent for to Pa*, and arrested Pre?antly after, It was hoard that hi* property had bean sequestrated. Much aiitatioa fiu cnuud in Tetuau by th-* i ?tw/. A letter from Constantinople, ? ' 'n 'J1? Austrian lUoyft, says?"Koesuth ?? f!*11* ." letter* and documents as 'President of the ? ? S 7 tee of Defence of Hungary.' This is a prooi , be has not yet abandoned his projects. A refuge,., named Chegycssy, has attempted to commit suicide i be opening a vein, owing, he says, to the reproaches I of his conscience for having for a short time '

embraced lelanism. Another, n imed Nadus J j, re- 1 ceatlf died suddenly. Some Hungarians spread | the report that he had been poisoned byjttie surgeon, i in compliance with the wish of the Austrian govern ment. The house of the surgeon was attacked, and the authorities had to employ force to pro tect it." The correspondent of the London Hcra'd, writing from Constantinople onj tbe5tb ult., says?" The great talk of the out is the protest presented by the Austrian Charge d Affaires respecting the refugees detained at Kutaya. The cabinet of V lenna protests against the measuro of the Porte for their coming liberation, and produces papers tending to show that they were hard at work for the organisation of a grand conspiracy to overthrow the Austrian em pire, and thai the recent plot discovered in Vienna was got up by Kossuth and his party. According to the convention entered into by the Porte and Austria, the liberation of the refugees was to have taken place on the immediate re-establishment of tranquillity and order in Hungary, and it is to pre vent tbeir liberation that l'rinee Schwarsenberg has sent in the present protest. The ministers of the Divan have attempted a compromise, but it was uot accepted by the Austrian Charge d'Affaires. It remains to be seen what steps will be adopted at present, and 1 much apprehend that Kossuth and tie fellow prisoners will be detained until a power ful mediation espouses tbeir cause. The Prussian Stouts Anzriftrr, of th> 19th ult., says:?"The utfair of the refugees oi Kitayimay be considered us good as settled. The umbu*sadors of Frunoe and Lowland had received positive in structions from their respective governments, ia oonsequeuco of which they have a joint note t > the Porte, contesting the right of that p . wor to detain the refugees aa prisoners, and calling up >n it to re nounce the oonvention which it ha* no right to en force, a lid of which it bear.-, ihe entire exprii.-si The Porte has accordingly decided upon terminatiug this affair, and Cheri! i-.ffeudi has received orders to leave Vieuna, unless Prince Hehwarsenborg shall accede to the demaud of Turkey. A letter from Naples of the 11th ult., says :? The American fleet ha* l.-ft u. at last; the L'uinniod >re went .si on Saturday ia the Hissis-ippi to join theoi at Spessla. Austria. TOV RETURN OK MKI rERJflCH. The return o! Prince M htcruicli to his Custle of Jobannisbeig, and his palace ou the Kennweg of Vienna, is an event which signifies to some thai thj revolution bas run its course; and, as the word indi cates, fcas returned to the point from which it started. In this, however, there is a great mistake, for Austria, and all the States of tieiiuany subject to its influence, far from being in the position they weie before the revolution of lAkS, have fallen iu a state of servitude and tyranny, that the Luipcror Fiaucis never attempted, and that even MeUerr.iuh shrunk from, licncc some of the liberals, especially of the aristocratic class, hail the return of Mutter* nieh as something favorable, as his counsel must dissuade the i'impcior from following nut those cen tralising and power-absorbing schemes by which Schwa rz.enberg is'in trutli assimilating the Au.'Irian empire to the Turkish. The peculiarity of .Schwar xeulserg's rule is, that it is a* od.ou* to the aristo cracy and upj>er classes, us to the citizens and to the lower orders. And if the limperor was to listen to the noblesse, he would infallibly pursue a milder policy. Kut Mohwarzeoberg has the fall support of the Archduchess .Sophia, a?d is certainly cum led to the gratitude of the Kiapetnr for making a Solyman ofliuu, and for euabliug the du reenda nt of Alaria Theresa to put his foot on the neck of the successor of the Great Frederick. Algeria. The Paris Mmitmr aunounccs that a com bat took place at I 'ued-.^ahcl, near Jurjura, in Al geria, on the 10th ult , between a body of French t.oops, under Colonel d'Aurelle, and a body of Zouaves, under the Dorvich liou- Uaglila. 1'ho Zouaves were put to Bight by the French, the vil lage of rielloum was burnt, and a great number were killed. On the part of the Fremiti, one offioer aud ten nten were killed, and one oflicur and thirty six ui'U wounded. Krrnch Play* In London. (from the Louiiou Times, April 17 ] After it long an uucKpc-cteO silonoe, Mi-. Mitchell, to whom tho London public La- fur ruuuy year* bean indebted for cue ol' the uiuit rctiued ami agreeable ot ils amusements, has iw.ucd a prm-peclus of hit iMoutions for tho prvoc-ut s< ason. A writs of drv ?naLic perforutsnctH will take-place at tbe elegant little theatre in ->t. James's, to commence on Mon day, IhrSHth inst., and terminate at the end of the ou?uing uionth, comprising in all tifu-cu represent a tione. 'i he period is provokiugly brief, but tho names of the artists engaged, ami the general as pect of the progiaunae, hold out a promise of a pica-suit Mui'CcsMon of novelties. The reason will open wi'.h a new three net comedy in proee, called " l.a Hutaille de? Dames," 'hi ooinpooilion of &1M. Moribe and Leg' uve (authors ~ "" Tiits of "Adrienno Locowxtmu"). This piece was brought out at the Uotnulio F.aorjti-. on toe 17th of March last. It* suocct* wim comp.ctc, although it dcpcoUcd rather upon the perfection of the acting than on the striking excellence of the draiua. Tlio only aitor in the original cad announced in Mr. Mt'rbvU's pii gramme w M. (vigour, Wuoee aduii rablcqualif ier us a good cotnediaa are loo well know n to need recapitulation. The two ladies' parts re quire first rateperfo. mcrs, ami though Mdlle Judith will haidi) supply the elegance and bnieti of MJc. Al lan, the Vivacity and persona' attracts t;sahioh have won brr a high position in the French national theatre will rondei her a very aeocptab'o substitute mi the part of the (,omtesra<. That of Iconic, so admirably played by Mdlle I -elpLtii. Fur in I'aris, wiil bo uoubt be auatained aim spirit by Mdlle era. Marc, a bo ui idbi-b made a favorable inp.e* on at the >t. J it uics'theatre as a pretty and spoiled I'ugason. To shorn are assigned the important characters of the Pit-let riavigm-ul, (originally support, d bv " -at oil. 1'Iovert and Maillart,) is uot preoi elj icdiei Tbe iormer, Iron the dLagrecuble po-iiion h.i as some- in tho iliaiua, require an actor ol experience, and if, as we la luce, it be allotted to M. Lafuil, there wfll Ire r.ohing (o eoutplain of. 'J lie latter, alterinUcly a valet and a gruwdugwnr, it. inandi h light eou.median of first rate capacity. Keen M lait, at the Comcdie FraDeals.-, war uoc-iaal to it Oulh.s head tho programme it silt ul. After the ?tun dy on the o;>onh g night Malic sudM. liyaeinliie, two oi tho star-of the I'.tla.s Hoy si, art- to appear In a i c w/xtm room/a, f Am r?f h I Avfu^hUi. in which Millie. Mori want ok?woe of the liveliest srtl most loquacious of waiting nni-, and I lie |<ii.k of a tniecbtevwu- y-mng gentleaisr. - is couipclUd to hid. her e iucy ujrri under s pair ol' ?pi-Uiiw, while M. 111 sc.niUe, w hose pa-vieular humor i.qninw little fund-any to A|tpreniatt\ makes love to tbo grwieft iLim*. and - ,?> iso. U.e u.w.'xHit We reoo.nm-ml, however, th.- um nun of the "tag." in whi -b the authoir, in a couplet, initial the oct.iipsi'is of the pafrrrr not to pat en ihe-r rprctaih S in pxnm nc th" i'aalts of lb. piece. In Pans the joke toki tho wrorg nay; ?.>>.fav U-i ' leetod vi " neir ue?<|, and thai fault- wore d"t.-<- -J tard - clan d in s iiiivcne. toe plainly ami bL iv b>> auiiu 4KM ood in Uic court** of the ess sou severs I of th. Ysni - fee's pie.-cr will be represented, eh-.-- -" freea 'he rr ysrr.-wr by that st. rlntg cornelian ,M Ltlat, who>? t t.g-jg. uie*.t will aO-ni the higta-t salts aetivii ut h-n many admici* in London In th v.- Mdlle. fn. Ms.c will su>t ain the fiincipxl female char aster.*.. M. lavan-or, the me?i tineiuoo.- ol '-ito-H-nlrics," and M. have I, another of the same genua, though a* ditti rent flight fron- d iy (I?th wril kn-iwii to the/sifuw* of St. Jamce'*,) ai-led bv Mdlle. Mori waiwek and M. Ilya. mthe, already al.-ukd to, lead us to counl upon a br-llisnt s. ric- of those Mont* ? sw-r rfihnntrhUt which wring laughter f/om the dull est b,.t.n Hut why in tins calslofue of ' irrt-snti bies' has Mr. Mitchell omitted tout- !, wh-. should tu-vvr be scpttr-ttt*l front Kavil^ I'h# *iL?w.-r is evident. 'Ikt 1'alui. Ilovsl mnnot clo*- its <l>oit (or a it..Mb to nrcommodate the sob-- nlierv to tin M. Jaoits's, anl now th.s' p* *<r Ale Mb- fWsot as I his rxq- isite wato. tts are n-> more, a its' would the Palais Koyal be with Jtawd. and Hya -inthe. and Levaeeor, and f 7ra>->?>, . ml 7i-rlwati>-.-k, all al.t nl at t.cne 1 Wi must take wh ,t we eaa got an-l I. - thaiiklul, although we wotikl fain lisv-th - m-nia lure thraliT. fei.ejw sad all, trau-pi tuled to Lon don/nit boot fnrfher discust'ow, Ikstidt-s tho t-tines we b tve prtunrated, we fintl those of Mdlle l-'lg. ae. Mdll. 'let-vr.-, and Rl-I'l . Ihlbant. The last mentioned eono-s fn>ot tb" ' > Ic on, or second Theatre I ram-eis, where her lin? of bualSMf rat ges from Charlott--, In -'It-.n Juan," to iJorine, in "Tsituffc." .She is decided!/a tisefnl ??" tri-sa. Mdlle. ( b-tave was here I ot W n, but hu t very few opportunities of making her- It I m?wn to the public; ihit lady owes her reputation to c- vin ehaiaeters la Ike htvert of l*in, (at tbs Va-i le vtlle), which-lie playi -l with a gr. at d- rvl of sfdrit. ai -i to w hieh her han-l-omo /eritan l--nl a speeial Mt/f. Millie. I'igeai- Is aleo remarksbly gnod-lt-tb* tug. and, in a t.nrtieulitr line of bu ;:i'"'. is btc ttotioe. McUIe. Aline Is a vtuik-tills a-(rc?t, witli whose Mntcecdeni t w-- are m.acquainted. 'I lie first ais ? eight nights Are to be wholly ?\e votcd to comedy amt vaudov-1U '. the rotusluingp.*r formanece wiil be math- vtp from th ? m ttrocrnt pne Uuetious of the Palais Rorel A closing paragrf^di inform! u* <ual Mdlle. Ka ehel is to itiHke ber first aprcaranee* on tin 2d of June; but in ^ual piece it t* not -t.v i. Hot-, i are al-obt i'l t-ub thai M.M. Hou.t? and I red rie I.emai tre will fol>ow upon the te; minai -n of the engage ment of r'uat inioiaparable trag- -Jian vtrrW, Tbe Pari* ffcatlwr also publ:'hes the p.tiivl I oauveation ooncluded on ihe-stfiot ^vovcDibv'-, lAiy, ' between France and bnrdUun Oral* Faaejr Ml of the PrlMMt 4m Wa lt ram, at Parts. I A Paris correspondent of the Boston Atlas, rpeak I lnr "* ' ? ?--ii . .. -- - tag of a grand fancy ball given by the Princess de Wagrain, reoently, says .?Strauss and bis usual | comrades were tho orchestra; they were all dressed as pin-rots, their faces being core red with powder. Princess de Wagram and hor daughter were in the ?ourt costume of Louis XV, the Princess being coWe^ with diamonds, while the daughter, as is the here, wore no Jewels save her sparkling eyes amd bright rosy checks. The Prince de Wagratn, faithfh.1 to his master passion, wore a magnificent costume 0? Master of tne Buckhounds. The Marchioness do Lovenartj, lVum Turin, wore a splendid and accurate Greek costume, her hair dressed iu long tresesg, in wheh were w irked gulden coins or medal-. The Marchliiiess do Bcmar had very aduj.tly hid her thiu lraiao in the Amazonian I costume of u grand <iumo of the Court of Anne of Austria, covered with an immense p-truke, under whieh her beautiful black eyes sparkled like dia monds. Her sister-in-law, a ripaciith gruudue, was ' dressed in the rams style, iu scarlet velvet. Tho . ue ever beautiful Rlruo. ue Contados, with her beauti ful large eyes and Cinderella feet, dressed as a Unu/urture rojjiiue, distributed tiowers to all her friends. Tho Countess do Lehon, in /i m .710111/ bi< u de / id, iri the style of Louie XIV, was also presout, "c. Mu and surround ;d by ber usual clique. Mile. Mallet, the daughter of a rich banker, in the costume of Louis XlV. Mrs. KidgcwSy, of Philadelphia, was in the c.f Horace Vcrnet's Kobecca. The Misses costume cf C'orbins, of Philadelphia, were iu the blue court { costume of Louis A.IV. But the most striking looking person at the ball was the Princess Colli niaki. She wore the rich costume of Christian Turks when on a visit, the only oriental bail costume, j Thejasmuk, or veil, covered her from hor head to her feet, with the exception of u small opening for her eyes; but it was so thin and transparent, that her beautiful Georgian features, and tue profusion of diamon is, pearis and emeralds, w hich crowned her head, wem as visible as if uo veil had been in terposed. Her lobe was of rose silk, covered with gold. But the most singular part of tho a if air is, I that adopting ni t only the dress hut the custom of 1 'lurks, on a visit, the Princess Cullimuki was ac companied by a young negro, beariug an immense j4<ttrau of pre-Hiits, wuich the Princess distributed to ail tho perrons at tho ball. Those presents wore richly embroidered handkerchiefs, Turkish slippers, in gold tuikroidcry, ngato clutpleU, essence boities, scurfs, tobarco pouches, elegantly ornamented 1 poignards, fee., fco. The little negro was a false one; for he was the young Prince Stir bey, who is at tending the schools ol Paris. A costuuicr of the Opera undertook to "change his skin," which, at first, fiighti in d the young prince very much, for he was afraid he iu \ ei could wash off tho thick coat of black, lie had groat success at tho ball, every body thinking hiui a real ocgro. llis coat was magnificently embroidered, and no wore by his side a small yatabgan, brilliant with precious stones. As soon as ho was released from his enormous jtLiteau, which was tied to him, aud from its weight came very near, sevetal times, turning him over, he walked about the tooms with tho little Princess Mural, who was dressed as a zephyr?thoy twj being the only children at the ball. Among the fcntleiucn weie the President, who staid at the all until two o'clock, sovetal members of the diplo matic corps in their still' costume, M. Aguado, the Gj.a.iah millionane, as a llugueuot soldier, Capt. 'loulongcon, as a uinu.sqneia.ire, Lord Spencer Cowpcr, as a courtier of the time of Uuecu Auue, id M. and M. de Jabel, as a Greek. HII ace 1 luneous. Tho Madrid Aurt m ?ayi that G'olonel Llorente, one of the officers who accompanied Gen. J. Concha to the Havana, has arrived at Cadiz with important despatches from that general. M. Charles Frederick Meyer, one of the wealthiest of Sweden, has just died at Copenhagen, aged HI, and has left a fortune of 22,1)00,IXMf., which goes to bis live children, lie was posse-sod of 32 vessels, two dockyards, a spinning manufactory, and a sail-cloth manufactory ; ho worked miuos of cop per, run, and alum ; he was the chief of a bank at CarL-Lamm, a..d the principal partner iu one of the most iui(ortai<t banking bouses at Haintiurgh. The Vtmstituziouale of Floicuoc, of tho I3th ult., stales that the political writings of the Marquis Mansion d'A-"'glio. Pre-idcut of the PioJmoatcse Council of Ministers, have just been prohibited iu Tuscany. ? Mr. I barlts Mathews has once more had recourse to protection from the Bankruptcy Court His pre set t debts a.c said to be abou'. X#,0>0, and his pro pn.-aJ to puy bis crtditurs iu fuii is fouudrd on the hoj>c he enUitalns of realizing a large sum from a forthcc-mil g eutcituiuiaent dui'ir.g the Great Kilo bit 'I bo itlwsisjr A/.v,/i-<i bIiU.s tknl Dr. HmvlrvW, the new "Bishop of Clifton,'* intended to build a cathedial with Miss Tulbot's ferluue of Xi'i.OUU, and that, in certain anticipation of touching the money, he ] air chased the land, value XI,!} K), where by be is now somewhat embarrassed. One of the greatest novelties over soen in Knglaini is now in the | nsiwssion of Mr. W. Hatty, of .Vs.ley's Arinhiihcatrc, Laving been lauded in the Last In dia Dock* the Other day, vis: au elephant and its infant sui king ut the breast. The mother stands al* ut ten fc< t nigh, and the infaut throe feet. Nmini. Uurl>>K?' Clrcalw. Friday. April li?o P. W Finer our l?? t tdfliM of the 17th in.taut. our ui h k> u rvn aiit tUtnM mnl.tiai change. Trau-action* lines bri n moderate, Le.i.gii hit k< J ii) the Un ler h<H.u..yj li* f'.tluwiDf r> n nik- comprise the chi?f occurrence* ? Axaaii an Sio, a* ?'lUe lending m-c untie* haff been in n an'drrnnnd tliU ? for pcruinurnl itive-.iiu.-ui and Unit-d blultn t> fier c< ut coupon Loud-, ISdb, are nearer nt 111*'-, a 111. The more apeculnl.Ti r,tv-k?qaki No j Larcl-dnaa "i 8 mth> ti.i.i for a-ie. l.'nitod State* In M-riptlou*. liM a lbo-j Maxeaehii'Mitl*. atec-ting, 10 Maryland, rteriing, r*;, a m?>, Putin tylvnnla b'a. H.t. Ni-* York Atale I -, -.*1 n t*> New > ork City. M a 84 Bo ton l it*, !?"- , a Kit, Ohio ti'a. lOi a IV". 7 he Bank of Finland now Liiy Amor oau eugirc at To-. :m per ?MM ? I Cer: raphe and 'i.tiM bmj. plantutl -n (ejl.n, nt nuvt'on, realised *,tadj piw> e Ni.i.v.' ( .jlun, tl* 0.1 ? t'.'a per owl At the corn market, the <? .itlliiiie-l ?rrlt >1 of fr i.,b fl ur render tho trad* calrediety dull, nod p i. < nomi nally tli .amo Cimte I* vwrydull- 1140 bniee Httfti were off, red nt auction, )?--l<-rdi?y, wiltMmt PiwHn* Mddera llrwr.?The gorerwMtit contract foe l.W?> tun* 8* fi'ir-Lurx clean. w.c- t*k> r? at ?.'U I" a tlJ 71, ,ui U ti n.- Hlga Rhi>, . at A'lU 8* id a 4. ."J 17. InoiiHi ir firm, iuii teiMilerili!?? traknciioai birr Ink. n pin- e. .ni 'ii.ti. g to a>. .nt I ? he U, of ah rh I Toff were bought i'u ?t-? ol it ii u. and Of) tal' o hy dual- I 11% and reporter*, at , rl. ur a ing H? th ? Or. ,H r rale?, hut twtahl* hlne no a ,-*no upon the I. Feb ruary antra The Ipuuitlt) i. w Arior. il for the Hay ?aim It I.MI rh dt M e rn.< tiuati audtt-ia, II.ia moruliiK n i l, ?ii cot ?p .It, at abu'. 1-1 p*r lb adrauto on , JW?L or rat 4. la eat.- (1< lutaoa here iu W l? ? wu .jo A* C4 I >*. pr boo, whtnl. ie the only cl..i,igi\ 1,1000 tlnna* ?<I. r tulilr at I upvo* ?t rater laatil no..Ir U a nth AT fc* a C7 Iffa p-i- loo, due Am. i? m In I AT 1 Od. a C7 Jo... lr bary.;, A"? It* ? hiatr. dull Uo? r tin. drrtini t t'i 7.1* p~r cwt Pel ? lot, *1 pnbli< . lif,'??.la, ?1< elin *l I- periWt P< n*i i >n Imvitr t'< .mint and lull prim, to Cd ad eatire. Last tan r? e ?J The aaldB of Wet lota ? tv-uu. to AW hh<U . .iuc( Maai tttnr Itanral aal kt .i i'.ia?, f. ? " b*?? Of I tana. I 1 vo hie.,- y> doW, (No til hat.. I on ?<4d .*? tie. tM ; .170 bb'la Porto Kiro Lr' Wxbt ?** ? dd I r i?w erp;l-li hr. wo. t? tJi far Aiv 1 nutd ytn?^ , 39 K. '.i. I'ttba Me e?tvi > <olii fr ?in 3Aa. id a to. <m liar ma) lt<'t;bro?ra to middling yellow, nnd 4?k> a 4u* t?i forgo- l)w. Tn day,by ?rirata cjhwiiL ? car,--?d d XjO I??p> hr n rrra*ni* ha- hara unM at 1-v l?t for ?1 otlt'" rt; a ,A It**) le . s Manila of 4 >?d ?*i?>e.t quAl ,y. at la* (ti,, for ea*h itie, a rmalt ratyo vf bewa I >hlA at 1%. Inch -land 18 fid tn T?iir?o i< low-r H ftlfitr ft Pol r Pure 7 ( , nw the .^ot e.i 1 |-i -? t, lor d"li?ory the tail tbr w moativa. im rut a tu> Tr* ?Pii-e.. ..b" nrri? rt of tbe <?*er'*nd mail, tli mar krt ha< lien Una aru?e, and common t. m;;on i< now roili t lower itn Wcl?*lny and te-day, atXtlt 43M p?ch.*? "? w-.n. i ffrroil at *notc>n, rhi- ity p-een. uf wliich atomt IJWa d afthou aiateriai ri>*ne> ia prioe Tia c< oti<it> dull Toaicro?I'll.. J?| .\rt . ontlnne. erti. t T'?ri-. .1-p ?llio rn ol arrlwaj. of rotvrh h .yr b>.-n d.^v oal of at ? * "t a*, fld pen..*t Ppiritaar ararer. HriUrh l? wor* ii 31 U Nrtm. lluwn, -Utjili y 4k (?.'? i.if ... r -Il , April 3e. M'.l ThnCnitpdi. hnrlu rrla-l mi t he . m, ? rg .flic .fie in?t nrd tl.n umnni ly hat not b iaa nr d< I dly mordrmnt.', of the t-.hi Hon of the ahmt cr.|i ,-ft mat' a, aa b ??! b?*.o ? .nly lodk. ?t tor Ky . neb ifh* -tine ? t'wni. r, l-.f e-do- V |.a?t, 11"> dtrappotnUn at h* bewti ti iy rr-"t If 'd. r. I, to 1 . l ajl i nfld< n. ? and f-erhiR itietr ?i'* - mi tlio market, IbyrntdNe* "f prtne, a ?a iMi'leto |>anir he- ? n oe.t In our rotten mark't. tin ?J<* 111e 111 Amort.:*.. J 11, tin , i b, iug fllify til- . 1 hlh.* ofap- nny j < i lb . wi ll I In rnnw ln?l?o. .?,fdr. I tie lint., boon mad ?rrn at a pr. nt- r aaertflee fbi- aah-a { f.o w>- ? in t t lo 28,77o I *l<* of which pwul.i tanliW 'niei. "t7f*. and e | it.r, '? .} I-.1. - The i.BI. iid qtx.'atioite. which mi. ? I he r l--r-~ I B"nhd, arc ?..i |...lnw? ?> I nttOMoaax * 1 .If Hobil lair * <ln it. I - ?*. ?* MWdllog... ,?i, .... , ..#?* Illft" III nut < dlR*t? I, .1* . *""1 The at.,-i. .1 f. e e M l 'I i. hwl ? of wb'-h .?:*!,'> A'ate \i i. u. i. ? I ?-tork at tho. pc li .1 ,.f let I or, f . I.'.P *1 leu ?. "f ? hi, It 3i4 '30 *ire Ametrtopia, Trad a In M arbt.fer b> dttll.aa-1 \ ri a of r n and cteoda. tni'.itM f > v..ra'li. r It.r'r, arhil t there ha# twa |. . f# doing In I ..I I'l.t li'iftM n oBinli.i p. ? oi n>. ? *->?'? wo? mi*.." wlfhotM any j w.piioj.t mailt g ?*!?? at talr prlree. the dmaand Let,a* r irf! I'i} i .|. 4m. .1 hy tltn ?unp'jr i.iltl m r< and IT lie,'. Ipnta fl urisi .. .t .ju'twl nt oacr m , fib'o .'*? p.! n lb* nd?cut larfwU of ih<. latt'd Laalrttr i< . a 14 at Uiat prirt, > ana da, l<k a bu , Weil.rti danwt la.' a IIP* ; ..our. !*? p r barrel. Ml, >1, I#. Mb ? ? a wl.l,.',*. it* td. a !ta 74 parTd It f. r fo.l ti i,.,i rent f?r*h 'r, 11?. for y>'U#w, at d Tbe ? : ue *i |WfMt<tltadil.A Noih.ue .long in lu.j-muiiia Auoit t.O>N barr la rt. 'n h^t ?? I- ? n - 4.4 ?1 7.. 3d. a la. M I* iy#, Ufa. j.t cwt fir So# q>i. lllf Market*. _ TMB Liv*?ro*i. Cottoh, April 21 ?Ravir* . ?v"*? ?All description* of America a cottaa hav* ^ eun#a tares-eighth* on our Last quotation*. This ?????. . decline must be attributed to the late innoanli 1Mb America, which etlll show a decided and larwn 1 *-^ the weekly receipts, new amouatli^ to 162,000 bale* la excess of the -ame period last year. Notwithatandk* this continued weekly increase, few parties, if aoy, make a chanfe in their opinion as to the ultimate amount of the rrep. Our market, throughout the week, has buea completely paralyzed, holders being most anxious to seU some portion of their stocks, and the result has been tha decline in the prices stated. This afternoon rather mora confidence has been shown, the present reduced rates holding forth an inducement to speculators. Pair Up* lands arc placed at 0.i?d.. Mobile tP4d., and Orleans 7*%d. 2 020 American t(t f urut, 280 Maranham. and 260 Pernaoa have been tuken on speeuiation ; 2.390 American, 1 Jh Hurat, 30 Mudra*. und 620 IVrmiin for export. Hales off the week 28.770. The sales to-day are 6 000 bags, of which 1.000 are for export and speculation The committer at brokers <|Uote fair cotton to-day. Ik)wed C.Sd , MobU* 8,'?d.. Orleans 7'4d. IssMs Moiskv Misxtt. Friday Firming. April 26 ?? There was little activity in the market to-day. but sale of money ctoek. said to be ou account of the ? put the price of Consols down one-quarter, which a total decline of three eighthstinec Tuesday Alt the llar.k Court xeparati d yesterday without making change in tbs terms for discount, and no court will h* held for a fortnight, the sale made to-day reused greaff alarm Tl:e decline in bullion. and the probability of la otiascd mereaulile requirement* with the advance of tha ??'ni and the opening of trade, have induced the direc tors to luake u further provision by the sale of stock, Mk if they propose to inrreaee their discount business, It tm difficult to see bow it is to be effected ty raising the nil*, which are already as high as the market will baar. When distrust Is ouCe luspired. causes for alarm are soam found, and the rumor <>1 poH>iblc mini terial difBrulUew, in consequence of the income tux divisloa next Wedaaa day .was eagerly caught up As a matter of course tha state of the continent was looked at gloomily, and, the eve of iuauguruting a festival of peace discord eaff war wore the chief objects of contemplation In tha aint'ien alarm which has sprviul, the large arrival* of sprill and tin* stale of tbo exchanges have met with ns attea tiou ; but en I be resumption id' business after next which will be atleuded with general activity in every do parluieul.a more satisfactory torn- will prevail, and prieea not mi rely n eon r but advance. Con sols closed at MIK* VT for nn.iwy, and tbi same price for tha account of the 13th ol April The. ? report of business transacted l<- day Is as follows:?Three per ('? nt Consols Annuities 1*7 v4, 1<>V Iff; ditto f.r Are< unt. V7 ^ l?i%.?7; Three par lent 1,<tit:ceil Annuities. t?|i;.Vfii(. WJ1*; New Three and a Quarter fs-r Cent Annuities, 9'1t, VK, l?7?f; Long Aa uuitles 7 6-16. 7.S; Annuities expiring 1869, 7,x',Indi* Hlts-k, 210 loisooa Coat Kxihawox, April 26.?The wheat trad* lias been i xcccdiiigly dull throughout tha week, in this, a- well as oil the h ading provincial markets, home part of the Knglish supply was left a car fii in Mi nday. although off. red on lower terms, and the dultusr then ri port.-d mis been Ineceased by the laqga atrlvala of flour. Without a <iunt*ble decline ou any one day, price# have las n gradually uioviug downward*, and now range Is. to 2a. lower than In tbs beginning of Chw month The market this morning was but thinly at tern d-d. and so little bii'iuess was dour in wheat, that uua tatioiisremained n?minally unaltered. but with alca di nry to decline. The bulk of the supply of flour ia ha fulfilment if contracts for delivery to millers and dealer^ and ia consequently not pressed on tns market; bat tha article was quite neglieted, Ihough some reduction Would In most instances have beeu submilte<lto,in ordrr to iuak< pr -gri ss Parley coutinucs to attract attcntkM^ and with small arrivals its previous value was fully aup ported. Oats wore in giaal demand at the prices iff Mon day, but any attinipt to r< cover (he late decline waff without auroras; the arrivals, though moderate, being sufficient to ktip advance in check. lleaiis and pcaa Were quite as dinr. nud the latter rather more in requuat. Lirinroot. t'osa Mintn?Fninsv. April 25.?The ar rival.- from In land and coastwise. since Tuesday, havw hi en trillirg From foreign ports wo havo received 4.181 quarters of wheat. 000 qua iter* of hurley 710 quartern MP pi as, 3.844 quarters of Indian or rn and 2.301 nekltf flour. The exports in the same time comprise 320 quar ters of whiat. l.MC quart' r- ? f Indian corn. 321 batlalu of Indian meal, 8C2 -acks and 1 2**2 IsvrroU of flour. Tha trade has levn < xtreus ly quiet, and. with tho exception ol some sulos of barrel fl air at 3d to lid. per barrel de cline, there has been little or nothing doing In other articles, nothing calling for remark has oorurrcd.? The weather centime* floe, with occasional thuudv tin wet At this day's market there was only a mil alt. nff tnce ef tlir towa and country trade, who bought very sparingly of wheat, at Tu? sday'a price* Fluwr war mucL po?. d or the uiark> U and where sales went maffaa reduction of C<1 per sack and bbl. wa- geueraily submitted to. Fine mealing oats were In-id for i..d perialbs adratic*^ whieh. in some measure. rli<?ked the ilenrand, but Mis meal was in hrisk request. at an improvement of 8d. par load barley beans, atui peas, were without laatcriM alteratk n in value Indian corn ui-l withlHtie inquiry, and must hr noted fully Od. per quarter lower T II B V B BY LATEST. I* rantr. The advices from Pari* are of Friday, tbo 25th wit. The Assembly re-a -.e in bled on Thursday. A. motion tor allowing newspapers to be sold and dia tribuL <1 in the streets was negatived by 103 to 228; another motion, for prohibiting the same, tni adopted without a division. "ITi-. uncertain state ?ff |>olttiebl hUhiis causes complete sUjrnutiuu of buai im'ss at the Buurwo, and the funds >%?? again lower. Fives opened !ki '.12, elusuU Hi Oil; Tbioos cloied 87. The announcen.eut tlutl (vuiiot is to bo brought forward as a candidate for the rep:i*a.<utation of thh Department ?>f the IdHi.ies causes ?*>mosenaatiou It is not known whether (iuizot 0"iis ;-:teJ to be IMU nat?d. 7'lic M&t iUur cf the 2">tb n.inouao?i that tha patty of order hit* obtained an advantage ia tha election* of the niunicinal council ill Ike departmeafc of the Kuooc, and in the election ol the judge la lh? d j artmcnt of Pny*dr-liMn?. i'ho l'aidiaiucut.iry t3ub of 'ho Jiuo do* Pyiu mides him resolved to support tiie governacht pro position as announ* d in I In* ordei of the day, 1'aaj-s Bhixc T*hi ?, HI uu, Tbrect, W 75. Ipala. The PurtogrMC (dntrpe d'Affiirce had not yet been succca-ful in prevailing on the Mpanitb ga vcrnniout to tcud* r the eSrr <0 an armed iatar fcrcnoc to put down Saldauka. There u goad reason for believing tuat the go*, eminent exaatff from ov. iy p*rv?i niniirg nt b ag a dopntv. a pledge tint U. will ?'<?? ti. * ?cttieruv:it oft public il?J>t of .*8poin, and (hat tuo?o who do not seat tithe-* term, tnay e*|-ctta have their oleah contested by a minister til candidal*. The Prim* Minister :?}q>< nr* to he lirmiy m tivrd that thiada firihlc object idiall l>* the ti*i thing which lb* fortes are t? p? ? immediately alter tueir utceMeg on the 1st of June. Ilsl) ? 'Hie Tinut corn sp*Uiirnt Mltttmi- the report IhM Isird Pnlmetv.tou has adtliessed a iatv<lerala aoke eg ri iooaatranee to th.- vmi u lut?r??suwi ag.uait lh* pioiiM gssl ocopa.ion of tho Tuscan and Kouanm State* bv Austria ami Ii.ftrd Mid ( anaulw I'iwUI ???? nl. Notki iv int., a.>t> 1iiTjurrrrtoM l'i vnwir>. 4*.?Arrang. wiic haee been eoacl lv?w i - !. | ,i tui, . >ui i lltt IW 'iftue doj in? nt of? ? ?vl.i.f.u t regular pa.-'i-?ng? af iW follow n?; point.i. Tit:? On lli" *44< 4' iV t. > . at On tl.- .14' * I rr rt lluf v Mitk. Pon .Hnrula, di Wind.*, KulTal", v V llm 'i i, tr l*.r?ngti I lUaek lioi k, do W?t?i1oa, I "wvJon. da Oan'r'loa. Vuvofatowu, 4a Mliigare, I Th vlT, O f'n?>-???'?, ( *?mt fija Th.<F?t. J ? Kiwg^t.a, !? ??'?It'- HarV*. 4a \K . . fU "??. 4. J **??*??. ?? MrratiiW. Ja ncw-heM*, Or.!' ?idiwnr^. d.> PrccnM. ( nanm' ? da. I>u'il?-, WVi rlmM, In 1 W?tL*lR.r*h. 4? !!?< ?'?* I oint 4u Rutlingtcw. Ti III rt?| Lib*. 4a MalWJjfd, f* la, at | hi I A Gaamfc Huflaio. N t \ , ir *-i? * < kv, J.N1 Toco-ha, hc? a. ??.i, I li.-' wio-n uny uftee in the l'nited ."4t?te# (Ht or. r :*,0?4? mi la, frvtn the ('? ?>k hue.) and au oHi.o in < >-n?<U, the po-f ic ?>?. a letter oot f annex ing half ar. ounce in weight, i- tan rente; to or fr n: r poju in If I'oitoil s.?l *. owwf lino of opoaain/. I ? cot*. Krerj ?? halfooni-n. or *dd ti'.nal weight of |e*< I ham tt.ijI an mine. , it lo h.< charr-d ?? an ? IJuiewal rata. Pre-pay cither country U ot.ueaalf h?? ha' than the full rat * cannot be pro-paid. Tl?? poatage etarapv of each o? oitry are rt" ogaiaed m. pre-pay tucn?. 2. 'J"be regular postage on new^papera, arid am all other printed matter, in tut ho pre-natd to Mm lino, (raoept ?urh a* ni .y l>? entitled by law to gw f-?e;> aii'l?iiy pw? ,ag. afterwards aecrutag Uu roon, beyond the line, rithei wi.y, i? lobe 00 Hoc tod hp the rewiring c-P.OO. H l.'dit/ ri wl newapaper* aro allowed the uamal r^e ff pti'diealifte-. frvjc of charge; and i.*wa jMipera whieh do not leaio ?b' country in wbtala ?hey arp pibii*hed uatil they lower tho Untied ftatce, will, alter Ihc l,t of July, IWI.go fr?o tt po?l are I. 'lire ofllcr- of d" patch Mid receipt, only, arc te le? p the aceonnt. N. K IIAl.T,, Tovtmaaler fteneral. IVl Cfficf I?cpartment, May 1,1H61. C'eara 01 Oanwoa ?Ihe r?n*u, man haa <^r ii . ' dnt the following atatL'tioi Washington i^ounty contain* a populaUew ?d 2.U10 cvil?. ?>f this numi'Or rortland eenpnl* c'ruoct one-lhjrd; it being pcrione. all twldy? !*"??> of thia nnuibor wort ..migrant* etf the M at yett. I.inn emnty contain.1 a p'.pulatien eriw ?*U ? O'tfor1 'TwY.Vor, Marrh 13. Naval Intelltgewwe. ( mwandcr <* J ?aa Brunt U ?? I I wunaoder J K Jarrta. at tha rwumowth, (? ?*! Nary Vart Th -1 ? -veruiite eMecra of th* 1 wi'f* lailai.'d "? tha hk (ad Mr ? t)..eMii"?i<Ar?ti?,-OTWB* Rhode LaWut Raa Ra4 (?C ?Mrrw

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