Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 9, 1851, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 9, 1851 Page 6
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maMTKM IISHT8 CONTEXT!# It AT CUUMMR, C. 0' 5 CHAELBOTOM CORRESPONDENCE. CuAELK.tro.n, S. C., May 5, lttfil. of the ConveiUu*?Aspect of Tlunga CrtfvtU, beet Hopeful?Opening of the Salt Water Season at Sullivan's Island?The Moultne Hruie, Fart Moultrie? The North? The South?Incident* and Accidents, $?<., 4"<" The delegate* to the convention Ere rapidly on ?entroting in this aity. Thu Charleston Hotel, io addition tn its local quests, and the through paasou- | gen Nerth and ^auth, ha* upwards of one hundred delegate* within He walls, comprising seue of the Beet influential, talented, and active uien of the State. Among the us we are gratified to see Judge Butler; far, although regarded as something of a Southern ultra-diauawui.-t. by Northern meu in the Ben at ii ho b here osW-omed rather as a Fabiust fcaa a Hotspur; rather for moderate counsels, ^Thdenoe, discretion, and good practical common Base, than for that ultraistu of chivalry, which fould drive its votaries headlong te thirty--ix thirty " with their eoflins on their backs." If the ship of the Union b to be steered dowu towards the Niagara Falls, like the man in Georgia, Julgo Butler " will bethar," but ke will be pulling back his very hardest. When cotton ranges from ten t<? twelve cents?wheu ueg.oes are up to a thousand Bollart ? and other thugs according, the jump of is something to reflect upon ; and brought Bp te the brink of the ciia-m, the older and more Sagacious of Carolii a s politician- will l?e apt to pause The only ftar is. taat the young men may Be too hot and head-.-truig The geners! a.-p< oi oi tilings is "riiieal enough. The young country d? 1< gates?all agog for se parate Mate action, ami the prospective glorii of-South Carolina standing in the front of a South On confederacy?arc ready. lor the won't. But w Btill expect a hcaitblul m lay. ?an armistice, a lu pension of hosfdiue?s for ti.e consideration of eo n Dew, -'ibst.intial, ai d tainabie conditions of peace and of renewed amity a. a tiaicrnity with the North. Wt hepe for some o.icun-nt at least, in ortlcr Co give to SoutU Larotiua au oppoitunity for fur ther coLsuitatiou w ih th< Souther a States involved with hee in the slavery interest?that interest -o indie} ocrable to the cot ion culture, and so essen tial to ths satcty of outhern society. With a postponement of severs.ou, the I Dion may he re stored?the union ui the Constitution; but the North will hart* to make some f irther concessions, to re deem it from the tenueoc e? ot abolitionism Wf suspend turthcr co-jrctures in awaiting the action of the Convention 1 be number of visiters te the city exceeds ail expectation; the hotels and nouses are ov< ri uu; aud mauy of the dclo nwt begin to susj-eci tt.a. it would be just as roia fortibi? to be back again upon their plantations. It is evident the Oa,a country dclcgaU-s are in ear oost. They are generally plain, substantial, sun burnt-looking uieb. a .11 tLev ta.k in that tone, style, and deliberate in >s of sincerity which arc an' to mark the couv?r?atn>n of earuen men. lu tno croups at the hotels, the express.on of "separate Mate action" is bandi- u about with that liberality of repetition and that coolness of maimer which u-unity characterise the discussions attending a pleasant undertaku-g a..d with a-- little of anything like a lingering aUacnment to the Union a- th<- bit terest en-my of out country could desire A day Of two WtU, for beUei or for worse, di.-pel oui mi? giving*, or confirm tin in W'e sbi'ie by the Itope ?f a icccmmendation ot delay, though wo ,-hould BOt b? surprisei at ti e extremes! alternative. Six miles ocro-st the harbor is Sullivan's lsia?1, C'icbrai' i in revolutions, y hi.-tory. Here is thi principal maritime forties* of' iiailest-m.kuow.ia Fort Mouitrie Tke island is ti-twser. fiv<- and -ix m !v# loug. present!! gsi hoe b . h to the op--n s--a in its whole ertcnt uae one *;<]<?, while a broad estuary divides it fioui me main laud, on the other. Thu* isolated, the locality is comparatively braliiijr. Wac protected from th" aiuds of th ki'.-iuy cvas*. lavus hy tuc intervening water, and oyuu to the ten b ti?? sweeping the unbroken c t f 'an- of the Atlaui ic Fort .Uoulinr i- at pre* at n str'-ag work, aud Las been voently supplied with nru- awij of war, a..d its gari i*on inorciisod to four c< tnpanics of ailiilc 1st- th, the '^"h ot Jam-, 177b, ll?o Fort was another atfair, being nol.i. ig wnv tLaa a hastily cei -uueted |uare js-r o! tnetlo trees, with a i ua- bustiou tit eorh oomi - of the rtn.e material, it m- c .?<ru?-t-d ha toy, from the most convene! t t.uibcr. which j roVt-tl in be tLe best The julu.etto tree ?lUI floiiridic* on the i 'ai d, and gives to ttie litlli village of d *"?i trievil!#, Bcatlued uu,' f the -nr.'Mull*, quit-- h tropica! apJ-< It w one of the nam.'row I anftit-s ?1 the palm, ai d its i<?ugb and spongy I brc i- the very material. i<-vt to cotton-hugs, 'ore-i-l cat ntu shot. T he wi.... is much u-od in the con st: urdton of whiiivc* *,..i landing- in the salt \t at' r. being exetnpt*d fri m tin- iu-. w h'ch, in th. m- 1 .1 i tudes, arc vt uioet varieties i>f timber. But on the 2nth af.'UDe. 17Jb, f ort AlotiUrv, a | d' ivrilKd. defended Lv i<*> men, ao-l III pu-ee* ol ar tilltiy. undertwk tiie lefeuce of Ch?rlc-,t->n agsir i a Briti'O ties.t ol tight or ten ve eh-, ax i i' funs, ai-d aftsr a kmg day s hard cstu."ca'i i.g, the iriti -k -hips, Ls vi.^, sz. lior- 1 a; resst of the c >rs t, uii9 compelled t" haul otf, and put to sea, to the gi at rejoicing of th - inhabitant- ot the city. TLe aiisnruiiy ot this a/s?'iit and hi'inbar im<-.1 of thu fort, by the British, excels anything in tL histciy of lk,n Cjuixotte. Th're could hateihi-^n no other motive t r it than thai tamo fo? !-L ? y E-ii'-towcd, wLi .h lad Ova. Braddeok to kts daetrite lion. There wae no uaee*-ity for the i'-rii'-h alms to rornr t anchor abreast of the fo.'- ?*n | ur rioo t? l.stter t down, as the only way to g.! to ha. icston Tl.o way open, and all thai t-iis ftauind w?? to givv ih" fort a p? - -ing omplini' nt, a. t pass or iu> to tl 3 city. It t- to stfb rui ? r,.bl'' jamlertr g, b( w-'vvr. lliat the m-tld i? lndebl-1 for this republic ? and wbu h if i" w iu -u"i. j' op. "ty in th'.-K hi U hood ol hoit Birult lie. A lew nut'ired yard- above tlie fort, w ith * t.? -nt of about feet to the a. i th- Mciltii.- i erected last season, and ? pen .ie? ti? fii- t ? y, for the season ot tew?l t upturn Paine is thr | r> uriitor. s^J. from the exp? rt i*e of e? tv ti ^i m d or. u|4>u tb# i ??/ he is the tr n fur the slalom. The hou?e is si. 1 merue aCair, the rooms latgrt afid airy. The h< .i is -}!? i <i d hi e in ilva, tor bathing or driving; he waters ah"i .i with flah; au*, altogether, i< <La rally vait w-b ? establi niueut, e.- believe, b<tv i Old IWt < I ,1'Tt, c tl.r Pip l'i|S. and . w OrVaus -a' .ai. i-ianl ? ugt.1 to ke- oi and w? i-cb cot wk. 1 -"u... <pntc sr.. / the fvttti rn s ople durn g the utumer. It.i ?c li*v.- lu idea mat ihe fSmthern ptsp'.' can h itsv'ui' 1 or ytr-u*iM to *u.-p-nd tb( ir CSWU'fr #d visit .i , .--uta. ga "<i a-<oiint of w*-J, t<rwi' ,' srii.- n, K ? i-i .<?* I ou.-ia--. * iLn-T'i * Ki. it, ut f- catut of uli the abolitioaistc, t'ou rterwrs. ar.' -rtu'-r*. ag.aiiauv, Kosnsljtre, rapt '*? aadmagteti jt ?d-1*. b-tweea l'ii?Mtii air t the Jerw j , or Mww Ikrtlalw aad t ape 'id. .houtb ten l ant i r* c r in-1"hauls, who bat ?? <rsi i ? r wrrm ri tI \.,,n Willi li-ir i ?wilt ? amy l*> Ikiw 11^ l"?m: i utoiit ut ."aiat >ga lb ??h-iju? Jl?; n >y bw f'fl to harttpc The .Nnriii ( ir' Itilb k't/Ml) I L'.ru. ?1 ? 11i* more tin in . I; lint upon tb* wh-b, tii joiiriwy North tliro'"h W?rtk?i (ft??n, Haititn r , i' 1 iphia, ar. N ? Turk. and the rid*' up tbv gl -rami Ifa-l-on, nr.d nil ti.e noiiirruw lUnrtmw along th ?ay. mi kr*i?t bl<-. u<?t*:? h 4?r'Jo jr Ik ?H-.Ii tiou.oto. The climate of Sarat<>ga, tb-i wrter ?I .Kmrtoga, and ib? ooRijan) <i Mratoga, n. 11 ct tin iitti* cliouen of c d-fl-fa .in-tooiac* at " t.gvwiU etill-Law tbcdr viaiter* from tin- M- h. tuui* or Uuwiiiion. And thee th- *<#iirem?r >f Amgara and tb? ml and the tuotimaln of I a.|ur? Mat*, and tbat grand rurio-ily it??li. tbe fi<ai I ri ? railroad, nrn temptation! ?|j h rciU. r .Smthcm belle* nor Southern k?nt trill he willn g lo include iu lb cbaptT of non-iiu-room howrt tii ngly Ik; may b? w mroeuded foathtm i'ight.'Anoc Tb Wblt*SuJf<L'i' l"Trii g? ?f th > \ inottnl i ?, r ill do well t liis eun m. r V'lth a iailr<<n-I cofmn'micatton front Rkknond, thy could e? -iljr count (Mr tfl thoo M: d gcat* for the fcs-' ii. Hut coltoa bar I fc'gi M>?f i ? m pla I " n 4 mT. iLr*. growicg-up d- t?f !it? ?ill ofcourac bo aati ictl a tb g -Lett of N' w 1 ork and Saratogn.that rr<?t a. c4 a tr? tivi an I xpl-tidid ctty; and that il-* icioa aid .xhii.i tling ' ongr ? frat/r. Of cow not; and al*hr?igh Suliirac' ialand may have the (inert K.i'b arm ihe (inert foiling for ahcpV brad along tb os<t. >ur young bcl' ?! of the Mm lb < kct otr. thing mo- tnd It eo it no place lib the ottfcrrn wat.-rug place* in (l bing for roaoa. lic match.- Non-inter" ur-,' Na, fir?Bathing fh< rt <d actum war, ??' avpeet. will ?ff' ct an ?? Argi upon Mutoera tiarel hi tb North in the bo* n a u n, an IJcr tlat very r? ?? in, tb' crtaljliihntei t at gmUisaV* 'riand * licorving of public eneo'ifa;o nvfl, ^crtk a*iJ M?n i, on th? lair tbxiriBc "f fi citrr-fll/ At lirr I "I 'f If"' Unl. liV' t| brarw nil Captait T.. who iil vfeaandr' - Iklrh: lb' wntrr iU n.m l to lb* ;?lift of the ? ywtvr twl cooler lb l? a tflrt, rtbtj-'t, raid/, at nbnrnt f>|(| r?a/i f aii j. ht a?1 livalj. Hi? oyrtcr plantation con p. tb if tii urn-la- ft of -?U *a<cr mar-h-a !i hna tb n laid - ff in! c?nalr and l.f ulna, ft.-l, mrvi g- to h sea.nal mak?a th? oj-' . ?? Hi .... t o. at The 'hellr af the oyalM |)?-1* ed wool) Itka a pjramil like t bfbj?a. l!i i< . ??# fri Hitnm "? ? ' th?"Oin.l a year Ir-at !*??)Ifr drink- licitbcr apirit? nor lw? nor ptf v. ? rc-tt ?i;U iuh afii eyt?c*, rkt, can bread, butter, eggs, milk, bacon, and such like, be cau Jo very well, lie deaires to lire as loug as pos sible, for the good which he is enabled to do in supplying Charleston and " tho rest of maukiud" with fish and oysters; and because he is doubtful whether, hereafter, it is transmigration or trans substantiation, thus inuring up a good deal of French philosophy with the .-? iv-euar of his ovs ters. t'upt, F is, in fact, a philosopher; but ho nest, jolly and generous the Livelong d it. At all events, occupying the end of the island to himself, and, with an oyster plantation of three thousand acres, he thinks " he can get along." The oyster crop is sure, for the Atlantic is seldom short of wa ter. Success to hrm. Sir William Don is playing here to enthusiastic houses, and Mudume Bishop gives a concert this week, the convention being a sort of spring tide to Charleston, too good to be lost. W. P. S.?The oouutry delegates are bearing all be fore them, and from the declarations on every side there are, at least, four-fifths of the convention in favor of the separate secession of South Carolina. A half-dozen delegates have in substance declared to us, some of them literally, that the secession of tSouth Carolina from the Union is " as sure as God's in heaven." This convention cannot do it?it can only recommend : but their resolutions will be, per haps, decisive offuture action. A committee is be ing organized to harmonize the city and country de i legate?, the former being opposed to the extreme views of the latter. The object is to keep the State ' as m arly united and unanimous as possible. The business begins to wear a most ominous and gloomy > complexion. Tb? Object* and Avowal* or Northern Abo* lllloiilata. H'rom the New York Tribune. May 8 J TOE loVNOKK OF 1UK FL'TCRE*. We belie*'? '*> America and her destiny with all the confidence ?1A mind whose every conviction is ! utterly democratic', i" the great drams of human development, we regard Cius western republic, with its youthful eucigiee, its rejection of effete institu i tioi-.? uud couveuuoualitie*, us omnipotent, creative n?u cali-ai, its fusion of ram*, and its growing power, as already performing a part of unspeakable importance, ami as advancing towards a fu.urc of r'ul greater magnitude aud uuiuenee. Lut that future id clouded by a single danger, whose- proportions rise ever more vague and gloomy ( up in the view. That danger id African siavery. ' All the other difficulties that men seem to see be fori the republic, we think little of. Tlie danger from too rapid an expansion of democratic tenden cies, we laugh at; the danger from ttie spirit of cor ruption among public men and legislative bodies c an and will be remedied; but slavery sets re-n dic.s at dtjianct, ami manly seeks to prrp' uate Itself, like a }ie*tdenltal corpse rlinging fortctr upm the living bniy if A merit xtn democracy. Mat try can now have no other apology th in the fact tliHt it exists. Whatever its origin, whatever its usefulness in the lower stages of society, alt moo not blinded by interest, passion and prejudice, must that in this country it now produces nothing but t til. We have convened with inauy intelli gent riave proprietors who frankly confessed that (his was their opinion, and ih it they would rejoice at nothing more than its entire removal Simple common sense would expect to tiud th? same desire universal and piedomiuaat among all whom mis fortune bud made slaveholders. Lut such is by no means the view of the slave I holding Mate* generally. They cleave to slavery ms they would to Life. Kentucky llouis the venera ble and affectionate wisdom of Henry Clay, waru- I uig ber ot the danger, and refuses to entertain any project of emancipation Virginia, amid the melan choly decay that slavery has orought upon her, re sists the approach of fieedom a* though it were the plague, a^d struggles to surround her slave ariv toe racy with new aud more (table guaranties. The Pn-oiiieut of the South Carolina Convention de claits that his State must go out of the Union or el-.- slavery eaanol last twenty years; he would hate it last forever. And though we have not yet recovered from the calamities oi a war made for the extension of slavery, nor from a domestic agitation growing out of ihe same cau-e, the South .-warms with Ben eager to niva le and conquer Cdii. while others would fain set on loo: a cru'ad: to reduce tb< liaytieus once more into bovaage, and thus a.'d to <-ur confederation two new tropical States, with a million aud a half of slave*. i an any lolly surpass tin* insane desire to enlarge and perpetuate an institution wti.oli, by universal confession and the testimony of all reasonable men, i.- -o utterly p? ruiciou* 1 but there inust be men in the Svu'hern States wi.o are willug to lo'k at facts us they are, and arc not afraid to reflect upon them. To them we a (Mr en* ourselves. favn\ (o.i.o4 Ik /*, j ttueUnl beyond u certain pe- : d; th: ? ; iwshl by till history unl demon tinted by I. u tiT>/ it,./I i ?] lings. Jt m-iy be terminated in . ft',' i Ihrouuh cim lOi/tni ",n by the ?nt ., ihna . .'i <?( r >ll mi Lit. t nf the slavet. In | i , . . f V, s. id- ? U Hiv d il due Hem rum loan end; : >f pit fid cm ? pit'-,i is nX chotcn.U etly rtvJt it i M U'tt ti d ?t* work. i L ?!. at the t i.ii'-ncti* of thing* iu this country, j In -.1 th in.d.i States he free population i- gia ' di ally but ly ir crcu ing oil th-- slave, la iKna warf t h. | t.?- -? is already So far advanced that th utiou btiV' ly exists, and ?snnot remain much | long In Marylant there are now fewer staves thai n y< ir- hv-v. the tiopulaiion has in ','t.rtc: iu * trginia til-- free population b . iiKfi "t.-td above an eighth, and the slave lea t. -lis ? ixtee'.th, and th- ca-o t- -.ui la. with Keii Vti ky, Mi?ouri nol Tonnes. ?- By this natural growth of population all the middle will, at i tor, di*tai day, r ? free, while tht slaves will be cow (.-d into th- v -Hon, s\ g-tr aud ric? growing territory farther South. Ac cling lo tb> present ratio of inor ... it b . been < timat:d that in fifty { year tlx-ex:rem uthern Stat.-- wi.l coutaiu a ? :.*l j- puiation of slave, far v ceding the while* who.'Wutbcm. N *, dt? - ?? y us*' -upr* thai t'.i?* Jotoit million or *o of .-!??? can be knt in inUmioi u or ? :'<?h 'jircuu:r?*/. ?? > 1 It i lolly to think it Tiny will then hair g ined a >.!? t addition to their pre ::t at rug* of i* ?? !l!f tb <i ..igc-ou- ad of wh .- !'!? w.ll l>u* infused among tbcm in n greater lirop rtl u, and n-.! ail tin troop* that ? hi. bo iair. I nx-i br -ught to ibt* Held will be sutii ritnl to lubdue them. <>o tbi 1. ?? 11 ol tin ho-o.-i ifM. I Mrs it go. WL'-u tl?>. blacks t lit r<: mux upon t|?. 'r uir tit- tho | .J.- ri Hctwion tlx. two if at .n ?'*>&]>) to "i Thi ?/ '?, wo I'ri'tt frirm I ?* r.mtf. . >rUk 'or, !?" < I/,/.-: .1, 0v .? Moral ni'mg of u *rvU a i,p>, <4 rmn Power fa l armies who fviil ngai-.-t tl n'tilud ?lavt?, million* iiprn million* were ip nt for .heir eahjagatlon, Imt :n l ull. A Nrgro >!*!?? bow oecupb ? the lofclinl ?r>n wost fri liio of tiw .kotillet, m i ' y u nut -ar:?J ? ?;?]? vf y; ilooey. rwhite u |>eru.t!f4 to be <*/r c t rit let i. of tL eon. try. A *?'?..?&.*?/<?. i.-r.-T ??? U/Lr.l . rf n III ? ' Ihr f . d St lr I'/lA ? '< f 'oh>tf? or* "? f hrfilHfl. Tk ? U no ofr?T Ml 11' I ?/??/!?? >/.//'.? ? null turn, fwm ani a *<i trtlr n mit, .*ouik:i or later it mint ooin-*, ..i -i lit tho t opp -t. r? of -Urery who are iaor*. c- m| t< i.t. in ./? ? wu b h ? !?'cent try it i-?i -out lo it- arrival 1'ree the LU ke, or i'ii e they will terribly free ii< M ra t? o" |.|.- b it'. ' t irrrer ?it is anr?fe W> ?u)>]-> t The negro- of Sooth f'arolim at..|M.- ?! r *y K> docile and =ubmi.? !?> r.oe, !-? t they wi.i : j. ???? > alwa;.*. That i* a fetal dilution. ?b.rlb ear.not be too toon nbao dc * J. t he part of wi*d"(n i: to labor not for lh< prrpe tuat ior ifrbort, but ,r it' r- nv.val. It* pr/fntu ?' ?i if impo-'ibh : it re moval can be*t be t'-oom while lb iLti gv m #? j Ii ? ? mote Wt ahull jerh'fub. ?? hi il> l>ut i!i/* ab"littooi*'<alati-ry cow V i, > h i;r? . - it- ml th^n it in. That lUf J ie> a C.Tit I iCtit r?-|' to th' faf l.if'io* <tated, bat i* do*. ,ut jtfl'iei ibeir :oree nn ntun. We aball >e'? c iitedof tht Ji.hc> ' ?? *Brr> imling thei-,a< ?? tk-f /I r In a -o Ration. doubt thrxie dtlbe tilths at* great et oiigb. bo-th ?-ink imo it ig. .(ieanoe? ?OMIMMg MNM I v "h Ukm* eon or ted w if- maintiiming th * in tilot-on. V Id to ? i that "?r br-rthr n i/. th* .Hr nth tnighi ojk n tlx >?- car* to c?r ?Mcmtl-j?:.- to Mf-tnen t"' i i thl-elm dm.?bf be-f felU-d from th? futo.-. >f '.i < i vo ' \"or lit w> Hi-pair ??f ? oeh a mil I ;r o.j ? are all t'u ? igi nf pub* 1m> fn liig it tbi .!h-.' ."*tal(e, w eaanot tnp r <d J o that tlii l a'.' ti. the aroint* i mi -Tnary of u -miv t itie 1 brfiy. ? - gually, -o i|'?gra/->,f-illy p< r i>li.. ? it rr - - . i tlx* 8?tz-TB|.? to fierpetoale tht ii'h x 4ti.- - ,J ? \T1,- i f 1 ->od?ge. I^t ??- rather ff j-hesy tl aiilmut iniurr-'!tim tr tttrtMet, the aw, w' h br . r nfe-r. tt>r tw nt:eth cent ore a U ?"? I" hobi a lave->n the wi-oi* -iptwiif the / ax rieaa c- alii n*. Mnrlnn 4 (Intra. !.?? *? <i or i M< if ?a li> ? a*. ?? i \t V? -r -On<- ' f Uv M aionn |r<n-n>j.|. u' ? if.:* r< klah k?.kiiv a h min er, "f u? Mli?. Inun. l.?-4 > ? -rilny aft. reetn, Itra 'h?- fbot nf iitk ' I n?t rir.-r Tkb i* <.n? Olif IIt? ??? n*l? n .jUc'l *1 f tlj Hm li W ? Itll I' ll^rw-tiy'* ?? -I..I (> for tit* Mi ?I' a fnterniiM'Bl. Tlwjr ate alt ? rf itetanliai, ati?nuiy built ??*?"!?. th<rtf 1 ? ? fur plioi t??it yaTim Up nr.-?li of lit. or.k, n? w. IJ a* tic othef ?i?l (/* ioa .'pi fa r.-ppar faaVtn >t iJtpr.Tt/lwti*, ?U1 r? 'i4r- "fllcirnt ? rrtr? in ti?? Ji-fBrtmat li lb< M'*w?n gntorpm> nt tbr which thrjr an* lut-T W Tlii. f-B If CPU <1 'I* Mur (" Atlm. nn<l )? ..rnamcptr* *llh a vrj nnat Iti'f <* tin lad) aft?r ali ar ?h> I ?n4 prr^nt" aU< L' tbrr a rrtj Ur'jr aiif> in<-< 'nth ? it' r ?I?vr' ?y ./ lJ*?- nW" ranf af ' inni* in lb- Mm an ??rrtrr. fl?>r niaU. the f'tlfo p. trM t< !auivii??l on itur?tay. t*tv?i?*'B i.nd 4 o'i irrk l' M i Ik ' th?r thfp halld n ' ?? 'Irix-n I nt, ? f.r> h?i f I iuik IkiA ? i bin tn. a ' ka, an'tift'y ? 111 W l< ?r ?.? tn Ih-'r f|> MlMlM ? n the I U illa. ? nil in th. '?nlf if Nrilff. <1tir'".' (hi* in<>nlh Tt?< ll,oM? ? .an ?nti>fn<n?n? hare r< r*ai?iy dt? tlnTml ft* twUm. nt in Mln* . n if our tlr t ? hip l nil tor- I.. .??.< tii- th. lr or lfr- .n l w? rongrat'ilate th. !"?> nm nt f r w!mm th?>jr ar* InUndrd <m th> pr??p ?*t ' I ua?|pg 'tltfe ffi I nt B'i til yn\th. r <? v-nti Tc K?i> o, I?. ulaH^S, *JI] . reader* are familiar with the cb. r?>^?bljr all eit* ?>g the arrest of the two ti clrc,iu"t*uces at ton li ft* t key have,? ,^rUr:yi4' *4'"1 lh<> IriaL. they hare been subjected inm*n* t?a!s?to which Dotorious Warner torpedo c^n?ee}i',.n ,with ,ho tor making or issuing .^uaUtrfVdi ' 'udietiaeuU I >rurv. the elder ha? h!?? *" ao?y- .Samuel days in the Brooklyn city coum'V''*1 f?r 8/v,er*' the C ourt, entered ? -Tir? ~ ?>?->?nt of four indictments still uen.lin'?0"-'"' '"^aehofthe the public has now prjlfablvf. U^""t f)rury. ?"d complicated bu.-inesls with wWeCti U?l tbe l>rurvs has been i, which the name of the nothing t<Tsay about W* decorous to make it the "ubi.-ot \fU?T wo'1,d. il be pruv.1 or in disapproval, sting^Th^* V T meet Ted the approval of th?^' i ^ alreauv th. case was tffi Sole bef,r? wbirb the entire history of the caso wd iJ""1 n' ?P?n ever, may be allowed result*, how mem0wDh^Unerv!ie?Hrt!,y for*oUe? the excite the long hinted at difv l 0ol?Jmunity here when turing for lhhi d?,v?{?P???t? seemed to be mt feeling, amounting and tbV!iU d<*I*r universal dread wh?n * gtuera 1 hvnoraud \^&&G5&ssi | and property?a very baud ftfYi,- *iPl ? ! tbie population. W? i . tnuga in The heart deeply inter nxi^d u .ii lu "'dat ol one person madc7publ li thi. lin Nation* whiefwero , the master mfud i?.E?a? reoout -u*i,d* "f perhaps ( thearm^e^ le lw K*! ?"?pli?tiua. All miliar to ull who tuke ?ni b,atttry? *u<1 "re la matters. Looking bJktuSZ th ?h'i 1cnmi,,,il and using our best disen.f^ whole, however, dime* whioh tho various tri ? wi theoublie a- ir V i Aula llMVo P'?^d before Cebe;n?llu^wii thh0hP4lrt,Pi "**? criminal law in our inidat. ^ of .. ^ acquittal of Mr. Drurj ist in effect a dacla latiou that he has been the victim of a coumira v of the vilest and most atrocious character Tn! r^ssarisi ongma.e, ol pun. invention, such au aria* of cir a* those which have b? en beLe the public tor now many months And >h must be grave defect somewhere in our criminal law, or u. the practice of our or.mmaJ courts d'do "???.can place innocent o.tlL^ld^ ! ? Thit'whi'rthe''SKyr^s t'r,bp ^ after 'months idmlu/ pam a" d^WtllTaad ftfr. ie?ruT?n7 Id hll. 'ftj I t^bttiunof tfcfns|a,t?*rwl b^ond ^u>iii f" . 7hui ?? ?^al* pr,3?n- Aud wbo do.i not ? CRtil . f tk- - " ?' HO<lu'tul being a V.udi- 1 f*'1, th* parties acoused, there onrht to ! lifnh CHi?- Vfrl"^ KrHVC impediment to ob?aini?g : auoh a verdict mouths uiro to th.. or,... Jut*'n'"K money and repmatio. 1^' C grt" ditMn? ot j ? """'?r has beon a mystery to us and 1 others who have no access behiud life scenes T? , public Uiind will probably never entire]\ In* t>? Sssfititrirr! in fun. .1 cannot or does not roach. This hif hi unavoidable oouoluaion from wuat* ""S-WioagS w.rti"n* K^'uro thai, heretofore * UerwJl? &?* ?ore ?... ii'TSr'i >b? ujJira rrr circuiBftauces th.U do uol rea. h t.i'e nnblTc ? car. justifies us in a-summ^a? inf..' "V ?r rlr^V^ " t*"' %ua humiliating io the^*^' *> A1 ,u,'ral"> SftfacKj^ . r 1.. , avdcBoe that we hat. been niadc a brotberhf i / mon"M to .how a cl^Trt. a brotherhood among ii?evos and rx ,-? .,is <!f even taS,-SriBxs.Tha (*uumiih a"b,,t aK-'|u?* ?mp unity. At d * heir Operatioiu are aid..i hv tiiiders-urretit of imaorsiity?a veiled a,id r > coaled licei.tiousar v, of which w, bili ve bu' f w n' witfi wham Uior&litv i, ?? r?rii ?. i. ? ooneeption indcod. thesis ft crowded ^ (bis city v> wiih ;dl th,- '? uiear, an I up pliances lor the incub ation of high moral a i 1 Mous principles and sentiments, we ? lot o be rto rt,1 \[h >f\uw so., ,Tjoji. J,' , Tr h p"b,'? >?? only oecaiiooallv at tracted by aonae Bkerely looal or U iuporarr i/run mumidLdw ddnVp *?? 0id str",u" '"'I roll- on unimpeded, and may u- evpeeUedly reveal iu power ?0 ?? ?udd.i, inui< Ution ot the oommunity [rroaUif hot tor* Mirror, Maj (?] Tbi# Mhhu affair bar rMiMt atln-t, ui t he ap quiital of l>~nn. -we rhouUi mid, perl; >?-, in hi* triuni| ha! acquittal, a> it war not J. ? in j i* ve/trj for ilia com. ? I to maki n argumenthit ji*f>.ice, uer *nn to "ruia up" the evidence. Tin- trial ha? rCNUlU'il *? N?> expected; md ?'? OOllfn-w tli.ll Hi? aro paxxk d in ducorrr the rul titet, and me ri *1 nctot* hi iliir criminal t?a^-*lj. U'o Know nothing ol Mr. 1'rvr, i..v?r hnvaii: pren nn hint; nod )l' b.- prMOfil r latioi.i art know *l..l k*o; but il th< will-en ? r ?1'0 bar- b<? n produced on hi.i Ir.te trial b?*e n. t j*i;*rod thoiaaoivtM, It doe* appe .r fiat bt La ken tin tic tun of a tWibrrtlr, dof laid, uarelentit.g ooulpiraoy; at 1 Jr; cam < t U.cov. r tba io"4.? i tf auc'li feu n ti ring pr volition. On tlir on iH , the Hn-nd h ** ?'n if? viiKtn al#d lb'. i>tyr}t>. tbir look - d au/pndou.i; and no the <)?? r band. U><- lihtHU na? limited thnta wiio a '-al wortr> of cmi*o Tbu, i > the Ittit, lulii ioy?dH>M. Tli nr-wipr pert bar aa u. i i? t| to intoraaeddk with the cau .o of J ? ?jo"; aril -di'or- who io-..uuie U. pmfO/aiivtM of ijudge, and joi >, do*rr*o to in pouuhed be criminal. We i vgr?i tolnaf th'.t there (if- "? r da rob pe merit* " j t la cowo, a? we had im. . Mnnerel/ li l<-d I *1 t !i * vuji tr?o L..t of ? kr. - ri -?? of pri>w etitii n. I>r;->'i- ?ei<l to b<> rtb, :il- ' ? to qui jiiy ,i. b*> be >i . t afclj defeated Wb t,.ig >1 ( ink fight hid for laril diwu, O il ifleiirr Will 'I an I'joo V hvAc innocwftt 'Jr ??''!*? it f f w-r Im(M) ff'i ? tion Ivir I>r?i,]f U ihib t>t*M> to h r io< ? ; I bia Iibor*-; for witbiat lb.- !.. , lb# ?'legal deft ?*. r" would bam b ??n wa hi.m; Hot oi |}, ' r,*/)uh, lla* fHtbh' haif >.o nght to ov-nkt; i til a aewourae eprui, t ? t i- ^.clJjr and tr.Oi . . ikI to I 4 >rd th> I- i. itiiii?,o?iii n 1 ? mou. \k lio ia Um ra-ii ?i lim! i AVt rio.v. i i;ctio* M>T?cr -on Pftiftav, mi ui * uric ft * ? & < v , ?t N? .* Wail rtff**, ? luri* it tV'iit <t t n Mlt iiflfoit of Hwfurrt ? JH y?7 f?at nr?n/? ind toe* Tn *#. (* t (*tt I j #i* f ? hi**, ??.t?? *ri??t ??? ? t .? r "?? i'?* ?* il ??*?! Ko#c if # ? tM-in *???? j <\ *J* f*r*.r PWwr !i"< ?; *1 # * rtuM * ??H ?w ' - ir.t! r rj- t.*# ?p4 r?M ? i*Ur 1*1 ?&*? All ? %?1 - ?? ?r ?* ?< ?tr I 1 nr. knvroftt txn u vr artiol. ?? n 'w. r*.?TU. ?J-.h o. arrUiM >'J( i ?? ?r? u oil ? - ATIA^TIC I *#t * ??%. FAi IfIC < (?.', Njm. A K<'TIC ' Oft I ?"*. l?A?.Tl AUMAIM Cm*. Onn??. Thctr *1*1* fcwtt ' b' ?] to-.ri? * J {.+ lu U f ^arum^n *. n . ?, c*t <?? <? ? l u l?*ii t? ?r ir. tb?.r rv*. |trnr!j-n, ft# ? ?#' in llifl-? ?? irm> . * ? > - -n ? ???. And ?(/?? ? and W.">r n ? B>m?<(?(.. I? ftr po ? r:r -?? rf nn , ' iwo ?r crmf- rt I ( f r ?.? (r-. . ' - ffr* f I ift'iitc , Hrto fr rk ?' l?m?r*u, r? >.?? *1 a .trj ?i<? r ' ?&? f *1 fMM I..??#???? I tn K#-? Vu?1<, t* # n ? tp-TV ?. ?'r rft oil! N ?i'?* 4 t* in* (kip. V? u*d'H twt*c f du*t fA I tor. I IT" or ?? Fr"! hr m V-.rO 4"H? IdnWfkgl, P?* r .?, ttljr 1U, |M * .?n?u ?!, Afr-1 ??. I Po? ??/ I'd, " B-Ai.. ??r i4. "fti. -ft#.#, J'.n- f. " * 4b -U>, M?y Z*. fit- -di?>. J?ft- n, ** W-0> V>. .t?na .L ?* f#'?rd?). J*' i, M-4t lif.J-trtH " Mtiidtr, ill; Mfc "* Wrtkidif, |?lj I " |?t< rd?. . Aug- i'.C " W'rd?" Jnl/3. " Aor n? IAL m Wrdo?d?j, ftnft. i 4, M ft*'tir'ln>. A'v# ?? 30. ~ W-d?-?d?r. A*1. ? F?tur-la> W'ti ?t?i, S-\ " ffttrr'l*!', fAjr*'ftikf *7. * Wrd "r#d?}, b", "? lUAnHftj. Ort-lK' U. * W-??.#d-y O-t/.turl ?? Py?nrf?;-, Or*'"''** S8? W dr. *4*/, ?r l\ M AftAnrdft;. Nerrt. M* ^ ** W'dn'?4?f, <H*abtt 9, " (?turd*# . Ncvr?fc*r *1 ? k?rttg.?f(L " P*?vir'li??. !?. < rmhttrfi, " W"r di. ??*i Nev?r.>r M. " 8??,nrd*< . I>? i tiibvr ?> ? B*tnrd*jr l?'av?.v..M- I* " ?*"irdAr, lx.??ibar W, " f?.? fr- Wrt* ?r foooor*. ??0<T to ?I 'a.>k "H,i>'i|Ni,?tvr?r,t n. X. IROWM. ?VH ' >M r ? <* t'> I .vr .?? |. t CO., I.TK. ,*?? Arm Tsrd lon?<Mk t.l'HAIIM J*..# r*"*. HIMI- k?AI,Kft A AT ARf. or OJirsiV I.*l It ? ?. * f ? ?? (S r. *r I|)?I ?? Sl.t, ia ? it r llf?l l?i-u r> i A r.> ( C 4 'Ai ?> *l *'? A HI. I, T\* ?d Hifwohlfo will r troft itdi'? f r hM, knl ? ?p" b ?' lry. I ? Mr .u, < r r* laUr. vt">* I ; Ua ol ijd.M ?r ?U 'i.J UMmM, *i>d *..? ?*l' . Um*ol '/{'?t *f ' ft>a?rf Aft?" *r?t, lldfltt ftf fr?l At ' f l .? *t?T1 ItaMttr frvot LIT' rt*l ?r?JI ftdoi*4. RtrlR *?tm Wml. IUPP1NH. s [TEAMER PACIriC.-EOR SALE, AT A HAUUA1N, torte choice bertiu on board ?tc*iner Poeiflc, to nail Saturday, 10th instant, luauire of liar flow fc 1'opc, i** Piuw Atrent J^OB SOt'THAMPTOM AND HWHE.-NKW YORK A and Havre Steurn Nnviyation Coiupauy ?The United States Mail Sttamahip FKANKI.In, Jurats A. Wotton. com mander. aill lt'ive fur Havre, tombing at Southampton to land the mails and passengera, on Saturday. May 31. at 12 o'clock, from pier No. 1 North Hirer. Price of iiissm*-, $IJ). All letters luust pass through the Post OflVee. ror freight or pHScage, apply tu MOHTIMLK LIVINGSTON, Agent, N U3 broad a ay o CEAN STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY. FOB Bremen, vit Southampton.?The United Stats* Mnil steamship HERMANN, E. Crabtree. Comuiauder will . Mil fur Bremen, ria Southampton, on Saturday, May 17th, from fler Nu. 3 North- River. An experienced surgeon is attached n the shin. All letter* rouet be aent through the Pu?t utiles. Specie delivered in Havre. For freight or passage. apply to MOLLKK. SAND A K1EKA, Agent*. SO Broadway PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COM PANT.-(ONLY through lino for California and Oregon).?Tho pnblir are informed that nnder the new arrangement of thia Com pany, stoainers inspected and approved by the Nary De partment, and carrying the United State* mail*, will oen Unue to leave Panama and San Frauc'jco the let aud lfltt daya of each month, unlet* detained by unavoidable acci dent,and will tonch at Acapulro, San Diego, and Monterey. The following *team packet* belonging to the Pacific Mai) Steamship Company, are now In the raotbo, one ofwhiot will be always ia port at eauh end of the route OREGON 1,Off# ton*. REPUBLIC 1,2X1 to ua PAN AMA 1,0*7 ton*. CAROLINA 600 tona CALIFORNIA... 1,060 ton*. COLUMBUS 600 tona TENNESSEE l,30uton*. ISTHMUS. -ton* NORTHERNER..1,2*) tona. UNICORN flilllton* COLUMBIA SOU tona. FREMONT 600 tona ANTELOPE ? tona i Tfc? new ateamablp COLUMBIA will ply between San EraamioJ lii"t Omen. ?ir?)t>M ???< fgjMijon | the trriral of tne maid* and passenger* irum ? anama. * ** turuiog without drlay with the mail* and paaaeagera for tht tteumcr fruiu San Frnaeitco. A regular line of propellers will be kept np for the trans ? ? " " ht and trai ' portation of freight and traaaient passenger* bciWiea Pa naaia and San i'ranoitco. Ill* well known steamshipSARAH SANDS, of 1,600 toai burthen, now under charter to the eompany, and peeuliarl) eominodi'iu* in tier oabin arrangement*, will be kept running a* an titra family boat. One ol the above steamer* will keep up the ooauecUon be twoen Aeapiilcu and the oth.r Mexican ports. The connection in tho Atlantic will be maintained by tht United state* mail tteamab'na OF.ORGIA 3,i*X) ton*. CRESCENT CITT. I.IMI ten* OHIO 3,000ton*. CHEROKEE 1,300ton* Ed PI RE CITV. ..2,000 ton*. PU (LA DELPHI A .1,100 ton* Leaving New York for Chagre* on the llth and ISOthuf *ao> month. fhe new steamships EL DORADO and FALCON will firm a direct line between New Orleans and Chasree, lea* iu< at such period* a* will into re ?? little detentioa a* po* ? .hilt un tha I-thaius, and I -ruling with the Paoitio steam ?hip* a through line ta and from New Orleant. and port* lb Mexico, California and Oregon. Paaeage* from New Orleans can be seenrred from Armstrong, Lawrasoo A Co., agent*, at that plaee. The fare for through tiokot* from Now l'tfk to San Era* iteo ha* been reduced from g*f*>, In state rooms, to &XH. ), in lower cabin; to itM. (, in uteerage. to tlGS. rates from New York to Chagre* will be at the UwMt adopted Ly any safe sea tteam-or between thoae port*. Tor choice of hertns. apply at the office of the Company,06 and 66 South street, and at their agnnoy, 177 tfest street. PAKE AND FREIGHT REDUCED.?INDEPENDENT Steamship Line f r San Francisco via Chagre*, direct, and by the D. S. steamer on the Pacific.? Dm new and splen did eteamiihlp NORTH AMERICA, J. 11. Illethen, comman der, (the fastest steamship in the world,) wilt learn Pier No, 4, N K , for Chagre* direct, on Tuesday. May 13th, at 3 P. M. My thi* arrangement passenger* will be able to meet at Pa nama one of the nea ttoamor* of the in lependeat line, which consist* of the Independence, New Orleans, Sea Bird, New York, and seven others, nil of the flrst das* and the highest speed, running at reduced rates. The steomer North Ainerloa is entirely n*v , having made hut three trips to Chagren. and it i* ronb'deutly r spooled thai she will lac! her passengers at Chaxree in seven days from the time she loaves New York. This splendid steamship hat a number of large and oointao dioos und well viutilated state room*, many of theiu ex pressly adapted for ladies and families. Passengers for Cali fornia weald do well to take this ship, as she is ventilated on xn entirely new principle; aud as her bedding is entirely new, anil mane of the nest material. It is entirely free from disease. As this drainer offers eitra aocominodatinna, no berths or state rooms eau be secured until paid for. A few first elms state rooms rsmaining uneuguged, an early application w II be necessary to secure a passage._ For fr-ieht o-- passagrdn qnlre of J. r. NORTON, at the offioe, on the pier at the foot I

of Morris street, where the plan of the cabin and steerage can I be sceu, and state rooms aud berths engaged. MEDICAL. (* OMMUNI GATED.?M KS. BOUGH TON, 2J9 SPRING 1 ' street, N. Y., has every evideace of having been lite rally cured of a so rrhns cancer, and that too without any I cult in- or burning, or any restraint, eituer in diet or easr ria*. If uny would see her relative to this, it will be with I less inconvenience to her that they call from II) to II o'clock, A M., or from 3 to 4 o'clock, P.M. Nun* bat her own sex need expect to se* her. The physioian is in the city throe days in th" week, Monday. Thursday, aud Saturday. Riieumatism-chronic or ivflammatory. pi raont affected with either, who liar- tried tns variont i.ostrums without getting reliof, and arc discouraged, ran bod a sp edy cure by n simple herb. No charge made until are a I fleeted Ari-ly to J, b Brum, hit Chambers street, { New York, betwee-n the hoars of It) aud 3 o'clock. P AMIS AND LONDON TREATMENT OF PRIVATE disease*, in a few hours, by a vegetable applioatioa. without pain. la debility, brought un by improper habisa, ? medicines wi'-h and noiistituUonal affectum*, b* oombmso the local remedy, and can show any one there are t.'.onsan ,s Who cannot be curod without itr as ho ha* oases daily, of years duration, from the other physicians. In all. ho guaran ties a permanent our*. Ho has striotm ?triotnroa daily he earn* I without caustic, which other* use, caused by their not expel- 1 ling th* former disease soon enough ills diploma, with , and tho hundreds of oartiflcates, show that non* can equal it. loo curod mo in one day?1>. M. Corbyn. One loosl sppUoatiuu curod me in a few hours, after another Doc- < tor tried a long time?t. Deroud. I paid user f.k*), ia flv* years, to be eureu of weakness from sclt-abnsc without bens- ! tit, yet ou onred me by local and g.-nurnJ troatmont ia a 1 short time?J as. Evans. Yon cured ine of the worst of syphilitic ulcere on my body and faoo in ? short time, after a j hid been hinder three physicians for a year, besides narji I oould ' .... ? " ovcry quack medicine I could hoar of?Wm. Ferguson. Portii - Aniboy. N.J. Thoss at a distance caa. by onalosing too, be i tg-stsd uihil. <iflicu hours from HA. M. to 2 P. M., and V to o p. M. M Larmoat. M. D.. 42 Haads strait, two ley * from Mr >adway. DOCTOR YuLK.tLF--FOB TWENTY-FIVE CENTS By inennsnf the Pocket iKvculaptus, or Evury On* Hi* G- Physician; thirtieth edition, with one hundred en graving*, sl owing diseases and mall ,rmatiou*in every shave a d 11 cm, by MiUlaai Young, M.D.. Graduate ol the L'ai rsit) of Pennsylvania The various forms of tturel din t?sn nrc faithfully described, and all the rotipe* given plain Ikiiguago The oheptcr oa Self-Abuse is iiarticnl r attention, and should be read by every oi e Young ni'a. whs hart been unfortunate ia contracting dia ?***, prsrtou* to placing yiurtelvot under the care ef auy dm tor, no T utter what hi* prt tonsioat may be, get a oo, y Of Vhistre.y neefel work dtrangers vlsitiagtbr eity, p? ticnlarly too** contemplating marriage, don't think of re rly too** contemplating msmag*. trising txme withont a ocyy ot the Pi-cket ACeoulapiua. ?-* en pis ins aud pmcus going to sea snonld possess l>r. Yen-r e Tn atlsc on Marriage, tn* P ,ckrt AUcnlapiaa, or Ei rry One I*ie <>wn Physuiau. A ny person aaading twenty ? tie rent* onolcsed in a letter, willriewiv* on* ? ?py of tfua doflai hock by n.sil, or fly# conies will h? sent for on? dollar Ad ?'eers *t>r MM. ViH'NG, 161 S p ru oo strew*, Philadelphia; for sale by Hhrtngor A Townseud, 222 Hrnadway, New York. N t?T|ft.?TUB I iDERHIQNBD WISH EH TO IN FORM ranr--s, and the pao'io |M<nll;, thai ha atill r >n> tlpnna to fr? ? ti^ , on th? nn.>>i u?rtM Bur 'p ??'. mftthud?, tf t ' l..r a !.?*? t nl a prieftl" uatuiv. dis-a*"- ol tha akla, lm> p< .In,'. .It t? < .arrity*, fcv. Tboaa wlio, by lutiutriuc In a oorta.i do 'it.'lltu lial il of youth, have bam inu?na<>llai-d f ir l|i dull', and pWaearaa of Ufa, mivy al*i apply with a certain tj of ran . It t>E LA.VKF, M. I)., Ttblnty Ii M Lliptiitrd itrm, near Broadway. JV f At, B'?uK. ?A CUMCLKI ft fKAlTllAl itrk on the aatnrv aou trtatuiant of d*.Iloate .liaaaioa, ?nd; '! II Lladrid ?" ot! n>-i!!u: '.rated lit uyr it aox It ' ' btimtUall) mIdH platM, ?? largo ?a life, by H .ni-r ", a If. i)., U ur r cn ? r/. fi aad diaoaa ja of Int a /t. hii dprtum it i h (art" lunftw?F-Jpa/ua. aeoi -d edition, | rin? ||n F" n t fr c. tlir " K..?i..o Modioal and Sere. ftl .'oiror I"?"Itnuy b>- raid, frartaral y,t? ha ? intd tot >r<l ? or Arl'ia r a of, l ? aw.ue fniuiiyof dtaeaca, a id i. ? . i pari. .? to r.nyt' ? r -f lit kind ??? r pnhtureaod t'is r. airy." At'; r of ' The Fao.lly Physician point SArtifa, Aotbor of a nnrfc ar ' BtU nh.iau and ita drrla "ia?. and ita drpla allr I'Jtolt, j.c. ko.."eiath edition fonrtaoi. piat-a. t.n-? |l J It I i. lit ? to*, a: KiMJEKkTOWMASvO !'r<.? dt Hv, f nd M ? it ill,. ,r. Is-i war 3500 s' A ni'B _ cltr alilar. I r tin i in < f poiaato diatrdnoft. II ?oak ? a apr-iy rrn . wKh'ih tl ? lit"! rnatrletton* of dial drink tnpntnra, nr ' ? an In application in MM lit pooprl'toorhallnapo* ? ats.t'i c. ? ?Urh tha muturt. will ?at turr,under tha forft I* ura ot t?r hundred dollar*. Ilia .si or in b-ltlea. win. Inll dirc-li nr. i.l <1. One hcttl* jiii if la I Uf*a ktwl many am nwnd in twodaie. f ureal* by C II ftr f-. V.'i tic id ? as oAu I" I.-iarc atrrot. S. V. W . H'.U" ,rt' ? *"< ? ? ti it B-tt--? toe,, t % c n~ Nor Itona Ji&00 Br*4kB,'~CH04!M,A*'B dfRCIFM) Mil on ?IK all r-wodmnyt ioowt?-rwd. ftfda into# riart wftllr. It mak.? a. d> and t'Tuiinerit cum, wito nottk' "nt o iri. t|. . ii hint, driob, ortap .anrt, i r -tp ti dppii. ifi ii t" b ... o. Many am nnmd in t?o "a r? A->ld ai t'o drop if. ;n,/7i itroodway. rarntr of t hm * r? I" f?. ?? Ni . N' Ait r Honan. at I n Hrnn. - - ?. nod Ma Tali'am Mi. aornar of arilitnm hp.. Ctl.It.!' . KAd RXMmIIVTO M It IWANP rti' i near r it i >tm ' whi?- 1 r i > * i > ~l r 'i lid ?? ally an ai aana of a delicate ra?wr?, **ery day aid nam ?ii Ur. I,. o an'. yd IbO t? add* a ' of a lat n ? nmbtri t' iti in t i oily fin i. i. tttaa >?> ?l| y r pant. Oh t-iuvui ii. ct'Nji'Lriu n I 'l ai.s wrri It and t rolractrd rnaaa. Ula mcdinal .inh pi P. a I w ka an f >r ia'> la tlio t<o?k a* n ;"r lin.?.l?iy, II* hi .ta ol- hftoi ft'' i latur v br< >. h- ht 1 r? I rad I ro?. j r ti o. it. infornii d that Ua i. a till ai lift old offoa. II A" r' Dh IA It i r.TT lit RXIOVEU "|? OKflCB Ti !? I). - . *n ? t ?1 r' 1 i can be . nl. 1< ntiill v r ia -1 ?a ntrtaln dn . no. whirt ? two., t mrroary Kt'nl r> ' in a u ? day t. fUa Balm 11 Knra for I n 'I d t i.; i I y, br k. "n by anlf a "?t?a, la iti ? to oat In nig ritm anw'toin. tbrtiiilit ?at- anna know a In tl.ia nwnnian DK in. Id OIIANE ATRF.BT, SU H I.U kannt. 'ii the i Odtn t." of dal ?tr diaaaa<'t Tha l> >o tor'a r< r vtation Int nl ill > . thiM hn,r ' r- l iit>at bant a?' hd for yfftfa, if pr- - n r.?at CuitUuliortl w"?kt.oa? by a ccral liaiU. nffnnti alia num.: ! .o-not oract be,- rhl on u# _ . . ??.r "I in f-rr daya. PRM 1 IB lll'SIMTAt ? THAPIOF.n.l AND UTIIRRA. ?' i am Inn d nf avglenl or ? i'. al atUnJaavr. imt I.k m* .ib ? Ira tl ? acnif'/Tt of a (|u. I hi.m? and good ai I'lidar.' t .'I noytiaa . is ! ft''. n o > ittad. hp ap|0>iwg In f "t. ? B'|.\i?fi 'r -t. a ? i. I : waat of i Nitlian n? I't It. ft <o c ntiiiOFi t' i'f?< nit nt I.U oAon. t. IU.I> ... It If., frrmb. of thn Bad ', atn. DH L. Mt?B1 A*u*F. #091.11 AAV TO TllOfll WIK I,ftit n ntr?? tnd din ? ?. "t ora nt *olta?." that Ift, Inkn ran of tl.j health. I haac dyantm inn. y j ?am to my I rat. anion. Mid ii?tn?t (I, dnart tafilly, 'li.mror. 'a ..! pa ti-nlt Th. ?c who i.iftb tn oot'-tilt in on thona wnyitMia aa n do no ffrto of . hftrg?). I 'ii h * thill' M , Snndayr narapt I. If yor hriilih.yon will tl.onr knftrra wt a o." i lnahlnala ft II ton " Ihnt thav only ran err* yon, nod 1 oat Ihrir oi ' kind f mcdi. iaa .a ail that In ntrrd itryf'rdl ??r In all Ita f rro ?" Frraotft whoaa health baa N n r.'.n 1 ?, ti.rar og-t.fta. call op. n mo daily. 1M *FII lian atraat. '|"0 TP* MRAri'O^NTHy-t uni iufptiai. MKDI Ml latntHill n -t?r hum'. Had l>r?p ? Thia inadl. rrpnia i!m only nbc latnrora that l.aa oaar l.r?n dlaroarrcf far pi.wnat i d ,iaa t'.r rhlll of 11." n.oat o.aiftnat pbyaMnind, It nail I . try ia- ft'.|o*iot '.l with It, to h" tha i. ' ' rift'ft. >?.' . ?i"l gr ' k mod- of rara known It rontd out at ti ?li*a of'?il in dlfana< frm the (yntam, in n faw dnyr. without M> Intnnrt" nm ta tk-pntUnt, llnot-nan I't-. try, No. 1 Uin i ?. airret. a. *Mmr plana Ift tha <.!> Ftii tlanl i a i.rli *t" Irafttia-yaa with -aoh rial, ftnir-i! ftnaay N .. I I' *rl atrca? OM.MAN MP l it AI A Ml MlRnlCAI. OFFIf'P, NO. 9 Chamber, itn near that bam. wh-r- all -It#?a at d.aiar- ?r- tr-a'-dor mtloaftl an t ftrl-alftlr yrin-i|'iea, aad r,'tr-' p id" are. rdlhi t" tha rlr-amaiftn-aa of tha pati-nt i). f MI in iiM'K att-.'dini f yelclan aai finrtenai U t, 1'. ill MbNT, > InttiBg rtyM lfta. AHUHBHKSTS. DUWUr TBI4TM.-BOXIS, 25 CENTS; FIT, 13% ~ Orchestra Boxes, 60 cents.?Friday evening. Mn> Hill to rcpcAted, in five tableaux, a fraud Aiwctacie, w',h.?nd startling efforts. called the COUNT or MONTE-CR1STO?Edmoud Dsntes, Mr. B. sffli Mr- J?*?*?; Danglara, Mr. Stevens; Old Dantus, Mr. Mlluns; Mens. Vlflsfort, Mr. TUtun; Abhe F?na, Mr. F.. L. Tilton; Fernaad, Mr Hamilton; Albert; Mr. II. Jordan; ( nderouse. Mr. Winsas; Max Morrell. Mr. Pope; MU* *?*?**?? Hardee, Miss 8. Denin; Madams ,vlli*,ori?. ?r"- J?rdaa; MUle Meran, Mrs. Waleot; Ma tilda, Miss Hlfftrt. 1\T ATIONAL THEATRE, CHATHAM STREET?BOXES, it 25c?c>.; Pit. i->, cents, Private Boxes, Moors opea at 7; certain rises nt half-past 7 o'clock ?Friday eve ning, May 9, will be presented the grsud fairy spectacle of TUALA HA, THE HF.STRO Y KK-Tlmlaba, Mr. Watkins; Mo harul, Mr. Brandon; Zalein, Mr. StafforJ; Ali, Mr. La Favor; Rafts, Mr. Thompson; Month, Mr. C. Taylor: Sainbo, Mr. L. Fox; Sulemao Khan, Mr. Millage; Onoiin, Miss E. Mcstayer; Spirit ofthe murdered Zeiuah. Mrs. Uautonvillei Acratooa, Miss Malvina; Abdaldar, Mr. U. Seymour; Okba. Mr. l)una; Eawla, Mrs. U. P. Qrattan. The entertainments to oom mence with the comedy of A MORNING CALL. BURTON'S TUEATRE?CHAMBERS STREET, REAR of City Hall.?Boxes, Drc.s circle, and l'ar<;uette, SO cunts; Family Circle. 25 cents; Orchestra Seals, 75 oeuts.? lioors open at a quarter past 7; to begin at a nuarter before 8 o'clock. Friday evening, May 'J, trill he played the oo uedy of the POOR GENTLEMAN? l?r. Oilapsd, Mr. Ilur tnn: Frederick, Mr. Lester; Sir Robert Bramble, Mr. Blake; Fuiily Worthington, Mrs. Kusssll. To conclude with the drama of 1>A V11> f'OPPEKFIKLD?David Copperliold, Mr. Jordan; Betsey Trot wood, Mrs. Hughes; Rota Oartls, Mrs.; I'rian Hcep, Mr. Johnston; Mr. VFilkius Miuawhor, Mr. Burton. M'LLE JENNY LIND'S FAREWELL CONCERTS IN New York.?The public are respectfully informed that M'LLE JENNY L1NU will have the honor of giving a limited number of GRAND CONCERTS CASTLE GARDEN, A Nil a I.SO AT tripler hall, previous to her visit Niagara rails, Westorn New York, the Lakes. Cauada, and her fcpnrturo for Europe. Her Second Concert will take place "A CASTLE GARDEN, ON FRIDAY AFTERNOON. MAY i, At half-paat two o'clock. rnocnAMMB?taut t. (Sacred.) Overture, (Joseph In Egypt) ....Mohul. Aria?"I know that iuy Redeemer Ureth," (The Messiah Handel. M'i.i.k Jsnivv Linu Air?" Cuius Animam," (Sta'iat Matsr) Kossinl. Signer Salt i. Air?"Oh, Rest in the l.< rd," ( The Elijah).. . Mond-lssoha, M'l.i.r Jenny Li.m>. Duet?" Parlar Sntegsr." (Mono) Hnssiui. Signori Silvi and Belletti. Air?"On Mighty I'ena," (The Croatluu) Uaydn. M i.i s Jkmnt Linu. PART II. (Mieeellaneous.) Overture (Culllaurae Tell) Rossiui. be tin nnd Aria?"Qui m'aoolse," (Beatrice d? Tends) Bellini. Signor Belletti. (Corno Ohligato?Mr. Schmiti ) Trio, for TOice and two flutes. (Camp of Silesia)...Meyerbeer. H'ut Jr.NNr Link. Flutes?Messrs. Kyle and Siede. Fantasia on the Piano Thnlberg. Mr. Hoffman. Barcarola?"Sulla Poppa," (l.a Pririoue d'Edin burgo) Rieci. Signer italletti. Ballad?" Home, Swoet Homo," (Clari) BUhop. M i.ii Jznnv Linu. Conductor .. M. Bxnxiiict. TI1E ORAM! ORCHESTRA, combining thotind musical talent in America, including the celebrated (1F.KMANI A HAND, and numbering uearly ONE ULNDKED performers, has been engaged for thesu Concerts. The entire interior of the Garden has boen decorated and furnished with aofae and settees, made aad cushioned ex pressly for these Concerts. ONE HUNDRED ATTENTIVE USHERS are engaged to direot visiters to their seats. Owing to thr great capacity ot the Garden, tho price of tickets has been lixed at Jsi, $2 and $1 each, according to tho looatiua. A limited number of Promenade Tickets, (which will not be admitted before 2bj o'clock.) will be issued at $1 each. * The Ticket Othce tor the disposal ot all stats w ill be lo cated at v No. S0t> BROADWAY, and will be open every day, except the Sabbath, from 7 A. M. till 8 o'cl ok P. a., except on tho evening of the Con aerts, when it will he closed at 6 o'clock, P. M . and offices opened at that hour at Castle Oardeu for the dispesal of any tickets remaining nnsold for the evening's Concert. Books containing the words of the songs, translated into English, may he obtained at the door?prioe, 26 oent" each. Doort open at 1 o'clock. The Concert commences at half ana i Kt 2, and in coder to aocommodate persona who desire to rc by the 6 o'clock trains, will have terminated at half past 4. The THIRD GRAND CONCERT will be giren in TRIPI.EK IIALU on MONDAY EVENING. May 12th. The auction for ohoier of p >?i will taue place on Satur day morning, at lUo'elock, in CaSTLR GaKUKN. The result of the auction held on Tuesday last fully con firmed the opinions entertained, that this is by far (he best piss which eon be adopt? d for the protection and conveni ence of the pnbllc, as it prevents their collision with specu lators, and also ohv iatoe tho great rush which always takes p'aoe at the ticket ofkae when the auctions have been dis pensed with. All tickets not purchased nt the auction will be off-rod at the ticket office, at the par prices, as soon as the sale is con cluded. M ile Jenny Llnd's FOURTH and FIFTH GRAND CON CERTS will tnke place on WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY, 14th and lbth instant. The public's obedient servant. P. t. BARNUM. JE N N V I I N IPS CONCERT. ON FRIDAY AFTER noon ?Tiekcta for the above concert can bt> bad Karle'i Hotel?choice acute or other* iee, fF.NNY LIND'S CONCERT?ANY PERSON WTSIIIN'U ar tlckete for tlia abovw concert, on Friday afternoon. Mar , will tind th.uu at H Kl.tDKU d liook Store, No, 7 A?t"t lloute. at the r>gulag prion. FELLOWS' MINSTRELS. AT FELLOWS' MUSICAL ?lall. No. AN Broadway, between Howard and tiruud ttrecta. Opea every night during the week. Tin celrbrwtod original and wi ll known Fellowa' MinatroU, " conipri-lng an t fAi lent and Trrrattlo oorpa of talea ted und rapwienncn |erl"rnit'r?," under the direction of J. II. Fellowa, wnooe oon i orta in tbU city for the laat year bate been received with the grt ate?t favor by the elite and faeliioa of thie great rae trnpoUa. TI.eir concert-Couelat of !iur!r?i|ue Italian Optra teenea, t? tin Say inrs, Soloe. Huetta, Choroaece, Doming, ital I'e i lid Instrumental I'ertorninaera. (lu tt'edneaday and Satnr alternanaa, a grand concert for the a eoo muted a'ten of and fanu>|e?, c< niinrnring ? t o'clock P. M. AdmU "" cent*. iKiora open at 7 o'clock , to c*?Mienoe at S. < ay all adit a : fRANKLIN MI SLIM. 17* CHATHAM SfgVARE.?GEO LEA. Sole Proprietor ? Admiwicn?Scale in I'riratc Boxve, 10 rente; Stage Scale. S^rrnti: botee, 26 aente; Pnr qnet. IJH rente.?Elegant Salooa per for* an ree ??m After laEveaim noon and Evening Enlcrtuinmeate rri/itn.-nre in the after noon at 3 o'tioea, and in Hie evening at It o'clock The entertaiumeuu are varied aad eelect. aadrneliaecen te aeea at no other place of amutemeiit in New itrk. wueieting of Lit Femwle Ethiopian Opera 1 n up imuilwricg aU-*r the Mae ~ perlom-cre, helng the largest and at the eame time tac arm talented bend in the Unite d Statee, a troupe ot M.dal As tlete who are aelectad for their beanie nnd Igurv. and twang, tenon I pi-ravnate a numb-r of beautiful tnklcaag. taken {-eta tht pictnree of aacient and modern times: a company of Aral Uirla, who go throwrh a variety of fcate of rtrong'.h and deetrntjr; Madame Koaallnr. the cnlr Female J u?.'.l. r ir. i.M world, n company of Male nnd Female Artieta, win ufttgiw an exhibition of ilarhle Statuary unequalled in Ibe world Statuary unequal together with a eariety of intcrv.ting pcrfenaancte ovrrj aft em' .in and evening For partioolarv tec Uila at v .day IMlK FIRST I.HAND SUNDAY NJOIIT CONCERT AT the Apollo Itwoiaa, III' lie adway. will tab pla<< on, May 11 til, when the folio win' talfuted er'i.tii will Grt' riu a. Icolloe. and auloe of the moet bi lantiful Outnpval mi. [Sew email billa J Mr. Muclie. I?ritia? trooi tin <>l mil \ ii-nna^.Me*er?. Donwertii. 11 r U. linnn V isl.n n il. Mr. I' E1U. Maeeoon; Mr. Hrll rich, Oboei Mr. Telf tier. F t int. ai d the rolebreted I odwvrth'a C?reet (land, lici.i t? crate. Door, i pen at 7: to NnafiM at nv'clwek. National academy of ofsion.?the twrntf ai vtli Annie] Egbikltloa af tin A "I d.-ir.y ie aew t pea ?? the poll' at Htetr liellortra. No ft Or t Jway, < pftwoiW Bond etrect, tr'-n. V A M. natll III P. M / i-- It" ms 7: eeata: eevton tliheta. HI cent* : orviaiogui?. 1-fX oaata. By crtVr of tl.e Council . II SlltnowCt. Out. Sr-ecrtarr. W. A. C ASTl ? HARDEN.?THI3 BKAUTIFV! AND POPtl lar plaeo ie new oper MM r "'Ptioa af vlnliere dtr lug the day Tie view from the galliit. .f the ruba. t *?< aery of our a- ble I ay and harbor, hae a A an Mual u the world A dev.,el > I.K??U. AMl'IMMKITk IN BAMrbn mini, imi .ADRirvik,-?. f. bar ? urn I'r* | riot. r , II S.MnM, Ae.t.1 aa I Mamt?t.~'That aia-nidrti.t IMm* h-tinn. cntitli .1 tho " Rr.utf Ifuf'i," finai n < i cc* il? at. a i r *1 k, Ii a.l'd nlt'i (Ua of tdrn.vr *1 ii* nrter?fh? (WNwaa. i? lh? bifhrM s mpl'mrow <M -ti antti.r 1'iiliiii. or(I |L? warm Imtii adal. m* of I ? " (In dr*>i ia fw< -a. II mill k* l rforr . | i rri ti*hi, rtv hcM Id ~i?J. tj. ?* lijrriuk tkw, Lt, ' AU It*4 '''?yyn a in flnld," ' I'raaTtitrd at I (I Idonaat r r?. Wil <*wn br jr-wir.-d, tor lo uilfal i)rt ?. drama iall,d Hit ' l.aif ?f i), 1 he aftwrrieaau an pifc-t ir-MTf ti f ing fnrit**. raudat illra. and .. art dram - Th? raoaalti* ? a* l?r many tl.nm.and of lb- mmI n-rt .1 rfol r n.l Ad*nu .ioa l< tlx ? . >.d oni- (wr'nrma ..a, U? mlij i .l I draa an i?r ;?? )?if> Ul? oeata. Ml l?M Ala. Dk. roorm. it ham. ti, ma* n>ii thi. Ii at BiBnl.wn jaari. nnaflai J Lit IflMlrf lo M.a Ir. al ?i" t <<t ilctl?***t? aid 1*1 r'.rl.i u. ? * lie taa Our th t>vr*.t cam i r fllioae diana-i t, a-.- mild -a- " r* mor' d in a Ian da>*. Siraanra. don't K den* I I aa. <n Mkar < > nnr* tad nltli a bam* Impoattf i.i Ki<*w. vrlt llmt \ fwrf i t rpo r??Ai r.s-DR i irosrieiUNifti fill*. A ? Tha.i I ilia If* aaf. la t hoir rftr-<-i?, aad ar? fci/ ? nt?*. a* a fi mal** ?tiidti to t- UN ? in n * i i f irr- tiiar' t.? rl truitiip*. fti r*ilt an 11 .nllrdt diri-tiona rr I*r *alt Tar ar of ltr>?*??j a **d I I* *tr>r< I'm*.-, (?1 * * i ta ffd VI |>?l bra. fATir.RV AioTiim? next it j or. bouai mrcm Ml* 1.1> -Karri* d ladl t *111 f. ' r- . t Ii i-r ? th-m IB nutter* r latin* to il.r mart id :jf , in ft* * rv font* t*f fKit rl>. and tl.c |>rt ? n< ? t 11 t o 'a i fit., ; y of ? drrn, p"n nt ????> pp?dpn> j. ,) ?? . n.: rrj'n*. but lltla k?k klil till )?? In (-.rtnrt cfr 'i, which nill urr-'irf till... i.l .i (tu n. friff III, i * r.? kj mail A'a. Iiatl* fllld, In nf dnMrMtilarity. ''i*<* r koi. Ad l-r* I>f F.afr *mln'. 12 Ana rtTart. KAROMTHk HOHTON UlROkflTl I'K rn.N?l xmoN A yttrtfla aa mattar* art. hud ii ka .IT tnok* at lad prrtH at of i.a. It nar |*il?r. la IhUatat* of llila*- n aio t dn th** k *at arran?ni<n a* d f.atoh llirwr1*of !i'*. ? ith J? urn ya. %*?ja t a and in. dirlnr*. (J all th' madirln **# wo linon it. I?r. ko tar * * lt?l* iai ?*f It ild ? lirrri' Itwf I ?o fu-t t oamm af. Wi I at?la i*ar ofli't a lit me tr* nf * i i? rfllaapt. aha, hat fnfit. ?i ni l In* ? a l*r< n hjarati iht aod lon^ a<o. Thi* >a toator of Mid intdlrln#, Irr. tt iatar, ?*.? *i aaa * i **at-n' *. af I naiaait). and tiail?iil*tpd'/I1**l*ap. I tin i rr.cdi in it# I* * I. rtn nil |hr ttillic* maj n* l> ti |* o Mr I ?* .*.'<? for t'*p i?***i Ii*c attirlr 1 o fan-lli'-a.?I rt'ir. M* *??- *t * ..fulnra* of t':a an ?lii inn, tl r t r* |*riTt?r ana'd *?( i **rfa'ljr rrroiamTn IH na a yrtii rtl tamilr itiodiPinr. and ad ia< * art tamll? t<* k-r*. It. i*. nrtartl) I j If* rat, aa It nil! not only I- fnuad ntaoli * eft* rl r to tha < anali falattim la ram-up r ii*p. hut Ilka rl* * ,i * * h morr tafr f< r cltt ar r hililraa or ndolti. It a?t nalyratt natr* fraai n raprnlar r*h>rn* ian kat ha*. ildU-a w* 11 -I'd la all tl a n tnpiainta to# a 'i it i * TP* mtnandTd It U ? t r*? irtt nti* a tin raf'.rr, rltbrr ta rlokk H Ii Brit'fh or it ant xay d. orlra tha |>at II* tj m rrn.iiar ila rlftttaa! on th' (pfetrory, I (hall radtarcr to oIti * liiof *tn><*maat r l Hi navfuliirri aad flatt'f mjarlf that Ita i*tri*'' da* r Its* i y will raw ii* ta** to fnri i?h i rr.ofa < t lit * Irtn- ? a- will aa<i ty th* rr r * t 11 i fpdi l .na, maatiai|*llon miti* aad "oaa l-p "t* d," It thi* n rdl> ii I* tm rrar rt'd t? ia tim?. (If ? a afal aad reI (i I ulna |ti Hi t-r ? I alaaai < I V II I f'lrrrr. Noaa i " h? aalrra rlaard h* I Bull* Ad*!r ta odl nraara to * I* W. r til . n. taa. Maaa. I r ala I,, A B ti l?. haad* A" |t?l I aiton *tf?at, rorr ar of t% illlr m tftmt; ?*}? mktrtUa.l, K *??* it. . No. to. Mold, tl lam . I,, M illiam Barltf. J? 0? *t;t It *lr*.I. I) Kn* it* n. t lart* k Ca . k> After and R:i Irr < II* u r lln ailoat. New Vrth; ami br drotfltl* r aarallr DR. MfiRh ISON IR WriMVTniM mi rattalr dieaana*. ahlrl t r tr* *? i ai'i n' mar-'.tf Rrnrnt rtvi mrrd la a law data. Thlrtj-oar j oara* rrviafrt anabiia ' In. tr* rnr? arrrnna d. . Ilitf ate., art. int. fr on ?i" nbaaa hi# Lmdaai iltdnma in la rriiap.* olh't. f?*d fnltva rirtrrb. R. tar till Nfth _ BROADWAY TUEATKC.-E. A. MARBHAuTmlB L*?-oe; 0. U. Barrett, linw r.? Door* upcU at 7; ou tain riae* at halt-pant 7.?Dree* Circle and Paruuet. fltl oentai I'mnlit aod Third l.lrcici, 2ft cent*. Gallery, 12(4 eaata. Prl tau Boxta, Jed una $6.-Friday creiuiux, May !>th. will be prr.eutcd tlw grand romantic. operatic, fairy tmctuli of tiit VISION OF THE SUN?Koran. Ml*, Anderton ; TnoT mar. Mr. Whiting; Oulte np?r, Mr. Harrii; Oratsuian, Mr. Ilill; Huainapar, Mr Frederick*; Tycol.roe, Siguor Carlo Genii r.f the Harp, Me** (llhitj ( ot the Ebon Wand. Mr. Reynold*; ltuuied, Mine A. Gaceuheiin I'reviou* to tiia Bpectaclc. the large of A UAV^IJF RECKONING. Nihl.os CAIIIIKN JOHN SEFI'ON. MANAGER. 'lii krte, 3U rente; Private Bone. fcft. Door* open at belf-paat ?>; to commeiict at half-pail 7 o'clock.?lienetil of M'lle. Adelaide Kounrt. an 1 Iu?t ?t k but one, on which occaaion her three aicter*. tho woe derful Caroline Kuseet, ! Tlierceioe, and Cleuiuitine, will apnonr. Friday. May 9th. ; will Lc pcrlnrinco the farce of the IK ISII LION?Tim Moore. 1 Mr. Sloan. To he followed by the tiret act of tho ballet call : ed UI/.KLLK?Gi?elle, M lie Caroline Kouaact; Bake Albert, j M'lle Adelaide Koueect; Hathilda, M'lloT. Koii.i.eet; Myrtha, i M'llc Clementine Kou-ieet. To conclude with the netcemd aad | third tableaux ot the aecond ac t of CATAKINA. B?BROUGHAM'S LYCEUM. IIROADWAV. NEAR BROOMS alreet.?Broei ciroleaud parquet. "*) cent*; Family ctrcla, 2ft conte; Orchotra L-thll aeale. hi; IVivatn boxos, $V Boon open tt 7; to begin at 7,t? o'clock. Friday evening, May 9, tic performance will coiunje-nee with the opera of tha Cli I LB or TH If KLHI.U EST?Rodolph. M r. llunu. Grenade. I Mr. l.cacb: Marie. Mint Mary Taylor; Murehioncaa Hrrkeu feldt. Mr*. W. R. Blake. Ciea de At at >? lot Mr. IVteiij-r and 1 Mia* Marie Taylcure. To conclude with ROW AT T1IM LYCFL'M. or. Green Room Socret-i?Manager, Mr. Broixhaat | Mra. Vcruon, Mra. Vernon; Mr*. Duuei, Mr*. Duan; Scandi navia, Mr. I.ynne; Kuneynnda, Mitt K. Taylor. N^^HIBLO S ?M'LLE Af ELAI 1>K K?H iSET'S BENEFIT, Friday, May 9. on which occccion htraiitec CAROLINE j willapptar. No performance on Saturday. BROUGHAMS LYCEUM.?A CARD.?GRAND GALA Night, and i mm en >e combination cf uchnow lodged ta I lent, f< r the Bonrfit of Mra IV. It. Make, which tx appointed : to take place at the above ppolir theatre, on fueaday evening. Mny 1.1th, on ww.'.i occa.lou Mr. II I'lacUowiM , Perforin. (fir that uirfct c.nlr, lieinc hi- Unit appearanoo ia New York tor eevcral month*.) one cf hie uv.-t ocleoratod charxrtem. Mr W. K Ulvke, (??! ilurtvu'e Theatre, wiM al*o. in conjunction with Mr*. .1. Wallnek, Jr., make their 1 fir*t appc amnce at tl I* Mr. John Brougham, Maaa Mary laylor, Mr*. W K Hluh 1, kc., Re., Sec . will at 0 onw tain fan.ritr character, in the pcoinrainraa of tho er-ning, 1 which will be duly nnui u: wcl. >.11. lb; bbK bock ia uow opca. BOSTON'S THEATRE ?MR .r. C. BARNT.T, TBKA *nr*t, rc?p< ctfidly a' .'.ounctf hlj cl fit at t ii? popular hcSye. lor Monday <? ?' tciu. m at, ti c 12th iu*t.. whra trill l>e pcrrbyiEcd, fur the tit -r liui*. Mart-en'* celohratrd ocmi-dy of A t' (rK? I Oil TIM. UK ART At HE. c,.*t with the entire c-trcngtl. of the ie<mpai.>; euj, f.r .1 tim* ia 1 wo yrore, the far.-eof the Ml MM! "lolj Trami. a trac llir.g hur diaa, Mr. Burton, with other < ;itt rtrvlarur.'.*. Be b.cok cow open. MECHANICS' IIA l-l , M>. 4.2 J'.IiOAl/'.V A V, AHUUT Grand atreet. ?(>p 1 tftj 1: ut! t during thr week r.nTM further notice. Tho original aod woll known CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS, conu, an clhcioiit nod tereatile "cnrM" cf "talenG d" and "tvp rkneed 1 erfortnera." under MM management of E F. Ctrinv. vchot* concertr in ti le citw. for a aucccerion ol "tjvt > erJ," La .c botn rt-ct-ivcd wiflb faror by Lighly rcipectabic 0 1 lochia nable nodimrea Ticket* 2ft cent*. Tioc.rr open a> l.tlf-pnet e'x, ?? toni' not. at Clxlct o'clock. An A.tin.oon Cc oc.rt will to Riein ol Ra> turd ay neat. May l'l, lor the arrerumodic.'ior of l.adu-c and Jiiecnilc*. commcnoicg at it o'clock, 1*. M. Uu Saturday eveniu* next. May Id. annuu Lttulih of Eel. Cti wolL. Ttoa *ur?r. CHARLESTON EIJMOFlAN Ol'liKATIC TRODFR, AT the BUeckcrStreet Hall.?Th' abot t con pony of ScrotiK dcra Iceg leave to announce that tie > have taken the abot* linll, well known to the eitlco.i ? of ff>-?? York o? un cgrpirted both tor comlort and eleeance-. They will i nto the honor of mukinct their appearance in tbu city* en Monday 1 realm* next, May 12, when they will pr^diioo to c ntorteinuient ia every ruape c t wortl y the patroor "oof * eti*c oat lug pub lic. Tlc Cbarlenton Scrtcadore ftrbe?* pnlfinx thcmiwlre* up by the common, vulrar. ryot. 31 nl ; cc-pcitnng, but relv entirely on their own merit*, fc- lia,; u. c in d that to bo heart 1* to be duly appreciated. Boor* e (*? tet ot.arUir paatMy*^ and performance t > teamrti' at i* fc? 0 clook. TioktU of ndmiteion, 2ft cent* ; email cluliir a, ball price. BARNHM'S AMEKl ..AN .tilM w I'. T BAKNUM. 1'roprietor aod ? H/ urgent rociii*?t, thi* being Anni<er?nry week, the nianaxor tuko* piri<*uro in nnnouan ini; the reproduction of the nil aoeturldig and oelcbrated 1 drama of the DRUNKARD?Eel* ?rd Mlidl'-tein, Mr. Ur*a Tenor. In the afternoon, it 3 o'clock, lor the a ret time. Nontax'* creat Fauurama of Mllt-m'n CARABINE GUST AND REGAINED, illuatrutiux rcoitof the beautiful and ?ublimr portion* of that ta<|ul*lt'. poem. It 1* one a# tba larxeet p*oot*m*a in th* w irlet, anei i< paiutnd on tweeitgr | Ave thouvuiid foot of eanea**. To rl. w tho now Drop Cur tain at Wile ratalllahiarnt will well repay one'* tint*. Ad , mieaie n to tho Muaeum with He ie.nui roble curu-eitie*. It cent*; children und' r lee year* of age, 12\{ cent*. Parquet be I and Brea* Circle, 12\. rtr.ta extra. iiP.ATRICAL NOTICE - WANTED BY TilR 55TI1 OT V?> lor n tret cln*e theatre; I ???> g-ntle men well qnall T I tiod to play accoael lead third rate bnaioce*. in trwody and Ceiuidy; al-o, a le-auiux laely (or li *.?*?!/ Ate;., and a X#wd danaeuac. T> anch a iCernl aalary wni be paid, audaatrady encasement. Application to be: Ion lie- to C. T. Partlo , Buy* ton'* Theatre. New York. C. T. CltlCK 6i BKOTflKR. RaYMONM It CO. AND IIERR BKIEHRACU'S MA naanriee, united in cue l arge auel Varl*d Etklbftioa, coneiatlngaf all I lie rare hiiimai* n<* otant. uuinboring o\er one huu Irod ?|e?ciacu*. will under a l.arju I'a Vllien, at A*tor l'lare, c rner cf T.txhth rtnot aad raurtfe avenue, comme-ncinx on Saturday ere niax, at 7 o'rlook, aad contiiiua Monday. Yiieaday. aa.l U rhuv lay. May lit! . 1 Ilk and 14th. Bo,rv open at 2 and 7 o'clock c. M. Allium dew 2ft cent*; chihlrcn under Ul, I2>-;. M r;; MARIIIA?H? WHY SO OtTEN UNHAPPY. THK CAV8K8 AND TIIM KkMMDV. AM AND MAMT A Will: l.NDURKSimU bodily ?nflrria? and of u.iu.t?l neyi-.rL. pr.ntratovB | I iplcoa, uncut'rina Let II ., Unit i.l i.rr huakac ti, ?iid HA ' ?riii?* the lutur* neUi.te of ior i^iMr 1,11 c'a; frou. rut* winch, if haoan, n-oaltl b.n\ ? -r n t the eulfcrlrj-, tb* iajrah to tlir ?lie. Mid ti- the tin-ill,:,! 1 >al>i>.: u.euir. 1.1 oud poena : ?r> dilhi-uitiea baring their cn,- u in I'.c uiind le .114 etlr' .. dnun Biid hBfTBPend in tuiiecqi. U tlie ijeUaeej ef vbe ! companion of bi* I'uiiHn. ' Mow important that thn obu e-a Aboold I* Paon 1. I? v.arp I wife, W every hoel-Bud, 11 " I l ? dn-adfnt and liiiri>win| r<>n*?<|iieiiet* to th? lie.'.ltb ?r i I ?; ? mtv of betli mar Lb around! Life i? too 6.i?rt and l.ivJtb tao pnedona l.i twl I Boy portion 1 f tin on ? to he to ut niUioul tlir lull i-njo? - Mr III of th r othir. Tbo tin rly 1 "f K|i a lit h liltl* htrk I entitled Be hai->..vr loi mc . .a of vvi ia? tin: !te*bh Bad the life ef than f" over TVroUVM?lI.D THOVTANQ ' oorlce hare Veen Id ? ? nee the 1 r if edItier. ?s-i.faeA. 1 >.r h.e b>i 11 laduoed t< rdftrtiee it It thp rtReaa BD't (r.? 10^ -t 1 Ik - v 1-? in mbtvd *< (Ba i put-In atior for alt t'<-) liolit dr* {'KiitllmtrHtvt h op. }? mailt ol obtaiuiac iv|, na? ubehato tomtid bin wtlB I..111. and. of letti TO ut im blihiB, dome of u L--h BTB BS ' nci.-i u> ut adttttiAeaxet. THE MA1UUE1) WOMAN'S r&lTATK MKDlCAfi COMrAMIOR, fcY Ml. A. M. MAtfVUf CMT, rttrtavl en mibaih or vomui. JVmtiifl Kdition, Into. rn I*rve. M T'llt WHKK IH I.YirM?M> KM-ROIAI.l \' r<>U THK At w.Kjr. 1', or , ;ii-- n. ittri.,|i|-In iLu^ldO, M it dtaile,?iw urn rtai.i Mcrete ? ma ehouHl h.. hi. or n to At - tiiiuarly. IJcrt. terry frr-iale--the Blft. the nott-tr?the eaeettbrr buiidiint iIII tri'manhood. o? tbu iiB. lUihi decline of >ear., tr ?t??- natrrc t ont-eittplatoA ao >'u| elWat < liiu-ob" -bbb dtw not. r ?|.? *?u?ee, ijnploBM, end the tnu?< 1 Jhon nt reandics end ciott certu. i.kdt el cere, in i ?t?y cvmpi vnt te iHu<n in r ecu id rahjeot. T! - r 'i li.tlonu cct>Uit.i?l (? ?(? V'f'i I are pc< e?d e Mm ?no to tlwu I.tmle. M till 1'imri >? r-'Me letter- oubfd Win author ( * l.icb hi u peri-iitled 1/ 110 u fit en l? puMaei.) e?M Bt ?<.<*. ? - PICK! r AMI (iNHAPPr RIVE*. i ?/? Id U't/rn:. f (?' r>ui)t >?. ft I'vvrovi. Mr.) I, t.MBT. Dv.t At. Ma-.i .11-mr- drtr :ir 'T'-- kerrtcd We r?r> I'rive.tB Ati.dlr?l t . ,e, 1 f wbieb I ? <o<lon*d ?i# dvilBf te y>tir Biliireaa. oei.e rrf I ? ti b tat 1 uanld ma L?u tmelited yc-u vitu tl j-e li r Jjioa. tun I An In - p* M -d ti ?. wvr o( |-r?'iui 1", for n jf.eil bo! ?tf?, to rivb til *? rati or to our tlaier.- An I I *nrtf It ? hvoUoua. trip l-?? tor n per"?i tibly il T< r 1 >m tt-rm rpnt ? ' re, 11 1 or -.|b?i ? --I bi r f 1 . to rue k And AiiflMTlt ?/ ?lib ' 1 oBtbj A.. 1 n ami dmtnp f-i . i rmeuti eerrp enroeBAitB env iiwr ? a*A blur drtilil .l'il a , tAutrHUd In r, putMtar I -r life in inmtr ?t dli '?r, b v. '? wua, en t ie IaM b?ta ? ?'U, d-ir J-ejeeB el. I Hi | p.' dt A* 11 ?< .(? of t> 'AM u M il ? V'.ml I*. M?d I ii, red MT.-rlr t ten t the VBfet. At lb?a 1 en u u A-O I VkfNMItijl Im i'i jrocr Kn ? |< M*hly A|?t I oil, ?? tini .ithr no in- ml r tee'Sinn ?*y oBtB, (a He re ipl ha I pi read I. I ? rot r p ?? In jim lb. r. lief It BO.ri'od iiy Arte and n'll, nndt ? 1 it a pare- i">|nrV? ti it) v.i|i, it I irrlnp V ?( Vb> a' - uiacovury ef Jd. If, Dai* *ui p-evMed a nn V T. It epeaad v praapeat Ve MB ? f ?< b 1 lit i iBeri-ede -i l ??? peewBlory dBBei? diriiloti ( - 1 . rp-ptyti o! If ".11 I .i'j Hi1.* tone for tnni'K ? a tlir ir.. r.- 1* iri|Artii',( la ne the irBtraea ?otilatu'd 14 1 Ao At..i rW v ....1111 k'Rra* M ulie jl Con I ? 1 e i' i. '? t ikeryuBf v old intt rued 0 -:r IT, be I. n Ml be.or,, , jotl i'ltjr,?tJr Blft BottidAB-n U-.B ? her nit, tfiji Air < ?' ' le*ti IfN pr*hertedB. ITflt SV <"i on r ti et. i* iti k".l_-< I. AiNte i I LA 1 TR. It- v?-t 1?. rB . Oe?. Sf, |fdr k . f rail Sin?I it ? ;-?% -ill hare lie UadiHM to he*r rltb r. 1 l i e< 1 r n tir.j v?". 1 jm tr tfiw. u'-ilc I nrim-?? . Iifie (ib Wlull of p;h-I ab ?l<- 1 the e< lldntleui. vre fet I VI . .Bin* rrett ? ? /?.? ie be n^, 1. .1.'- te no rarVdiB nm jnti otiila' d I* /our m -1 ??Ju !? At.rriid Wemn'a Tl - ? ate M"'leal I'mureTiiiir. It b? V"an ??rt h ita <n\j$ * In eld *?' me If I i -,nw r . ti r tn-ir eBtiul/, yoa ti < ere ttitllmi'-ild it tan a? a I. 1 I i aform > oe of t if eateat tv rtli IL -r. (In - it 'n i.-iniir-a, I ?i.i etata Bijr e'o , ,r- . |ltiU I 1 . mi, -l your ' oeL thri n<h O b ?ar-at enrivar'r. I '.aiih < .? ? . ti -n. ? f tboion. 1 brluvit er?r'? ef ? ) lire | bad Loin d ?? ma t?a >*> ra, ard ViB? tie Ca' if 1 * aee-r rt-rin. I wr? leaf -*riieeth.t rnnnBaiinj!/, la t|,. and tbBt (. nuSt f.?l* ? mi -lerate euatyaf htir, M ll?t ? It* of mf -o. ?) ' act -ana at t'ie ab .\*r% Kir ?b.r 1 a*A B' ti ? bi -.avn ,? Of n?k year; BnA tliBt eelj- aitl t meet .'i 1 - iny, r-ilOaiB* eith la. I) the me~a, rbr of Ufe. I ii-Blly, ibie e?B?*nBt *?f?e? na> lii.mniar te ta? tt? ?(fet.t ? i-m u> b<lUi. I lalt K-et ra| M to eodon ''a eantlawe'un-, ulule I felt tie oeieirdl( el V raa< atbmb. T id wi tab ?a avler ,itn rl- ?0 ?ny r-arB trae ieayedB bet, it eti ibi'h ii' e el iknandrultd Naaniaa ol my B?e ? , ro. mtteh ef Me linn r- r' n*4 i. h led. and it ? norm lerapaMe a( taLlnr tl rbBr.;r and ? -? a^-moBt nt I avebold aiTalra. Ileceonfo t-re ?r.- -?? ft.f ? ai'iif Blob I ? a-Irnore ut. Ob. a had a "niil I l ure r a l a.! I ?b. I* j ner. te Ilea oaee apata ' ti I -1 ? o|i* a j- .>1 ore (tara te t.aea leea ipared tbeluar Ja -at'ta'i.i I--- rreVM" |m??!"ere? ee a bed tl RitkneaB' alf nf a 11 ieh win ata I ra < .. I. t I. 4 I thi n a aeeeopT et the Merioe ? eeai. e f rlaBfo Miall'nl t'"mi f'.. ITTf/'fH ? fe'lee. TO TROBE ILM MAKKirii. IIAD I EWOfrR." , r?/i ?net rnta Nat HI, IftRf. I>r A. M. Manaiera'i llad I Lnuaaof IV .nenartaai Wl-r- tn alr?l of in ti ? Maii**. W nnmit'e 1'rltale t aaipni P a ai.iu. y"am Ban. beu mi-cl. n 1 ?-ry I lalpM liBt" waved. I liBeemlfeted yaai?from eBaaee ablru job pafov. on' ? 1 f ur hank, a It boat bncwineabat te da. I 0' I aimed a rni-T, i. f und a , 1 aan Vr-ai.i.l i-l. I true! c ?i-ry frtaAla Bill ?> an in latif of tbu tdfoiB lit t mil' Ain-d i*lla i-apee. I.t it- ra are daily revcitcJ of tl m ? artctor, uai.cneeefy te pet-a. ut. fatlioaeyet anmi rri.d. kit rmit j.(la?ijt tnarHaye, * perflate bnvltatiar aa t.> |tbi> j enj ij of lacurriay. there epnneieflitlea atteadai-t ti| n il, U-c Irtate-:atya ef beintf r-,|ioyid of (be faic'ali.'pA . .,ni? ned ertiiear payoat ae t? ileiatelif tBTolaley (brlr futeru Lai pirn ab, oannot be aftdi elated. 11 it, of ratirae, fuprai 'IcrH- (.,. te irey more fnll v (he ?B~ riotu aobjertA (reeled o(, *r (In v !i ti B nature e(rte(l? in ttBilad for tbrniarrbd. or th. -1 1 anteuit-lall'vi inatriBmt ?tltbrr la 1* nc-r -.-atT. fine It I.- nerry nan dol> to brooaaa p . atw'lcl lnc?|iilj|. whereby the Hil>rfn4> to al-frh a wU(. b n mer, ors rfrtor, may >. ?ukji-ev, esr UebalBbre. corn < wru nr hknt hv mml. fa*i? ov PORT AUK, TO Til aC rt!MIUH)k Ob U.r r ? .Irf of ll,p One IVIlar. "Tlir. M A HUM R O Ri'N'A I'ki ? ATK kr.lltAL POM PAH 'OR " la a e.% (?.ailed free) tnanv pai( of (In Haiied M*t?e. AH (Mr. tw luu?( In- faatpBid, (^arept llo.-a ?. ntaiaia* a r?m??r aare,) Bad aiidraaerd te Dt A. H, M AliRICKAU, hai IEM. Nt -f T-trh t Itr Put liebin* ofll e, No. IT Lik- tty ntri ? t, Ni. tf k nyb. (A F.K 31.1*10 ?N?r | b A IA \ P. RILY II ? r HY MAIL Vltbln three noatba with perfa a tifalt n fnerteinty. Tor eale at K2 Pm>a.!a?>, and al Iba I'm tame* OMia, '? IJberti atreat, Neu \ rrk ; I ittle ft Co.. Albany W. R. f?e PSHmlei M fo MA B?eh?ellrtp I' tpMUat hbd UfoVtl T

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