Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 10, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 10, 1851 Page 1
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f THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6773. MORNING EDITION?SATURDAY, MAY 10, 1851. PRICE TWO CENTS. WAIr^,? ^ WANTBD-A FEMMB DiTcH AMBRE. BY A LADY who is going to Europe. She moot be fully c impcUut to her business, as & liberal salary will be given, Italian or Spanish tt'oultl be preferred- No objection to a colore I girl from the Spanish Islands, who thoroughly understand* her business No Irish or English need apply. Cat! at 727 Jiroaduay, from P to 12 o'ulock.^ ANTED \ LADY TO ATTEND A MILLINERY store Inquire at '2M rulton street, Brooklyn. w WANTED-A FIRST RATE COOK. ONE WHO UN derstmids her busini.-s properly, and it willing to go a ?hort distance In the country In the . ninincr, may hear it a 5 ood situation by applying at No. 101 Warerly Plaee, botweeu and 12 o'clock. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, a aituation ai Cook, Waaler and Iron-r, or to do ge neral housework. Iiae no objection to go in the country. Quod city reference. Inquire at 223 Ninth avenuo, front loom, third flour, orin the ?:or? WANTED?BY A RESPECT ABU YOUNG WOMAN, (Juat arrived from England,) a situation as Seam ntreea, and to w ait on u lady, or to do light chamberwork. Has lived ae upper housemaid for t'nea years in London, and Would Mil such a place satisfactorily. A note addressed to L. C., Herald uthce. wilt bo attended to. Qood reference given. Would not object ts the country. VXT ANTED?AN AMERICAN GIRL, OR MIDDDE-AGED vT, to do the housework for a small family of three. None but Americana need apply to Mr. Ilrowa, New ark Steamboat Olflco, foot of Barclay street Wanted-a SITUATION. BY a smart, active girl, ua Seamstress, or CI aula rinaid and waiter, in a nuull family. Would hate no obj ' tiuns to go a short dis tance into the country. Apply at No. li Stuy vesant struct, Corner Third avenue aud Ninth street. WANTED- SITUATION.- FOR EXCELLENT PROTES tsnt FirvuU, of every domeatin station, at the original and only true Protestant Agency in this city. 7 Carmine street, near Itleecler street. Alto! excellent servants at the old Society i-fiice, lOtt Chambers itreet. N. It?Tii-so are About tli* only agencies patronised by tho hr.-t families and the very beet rervanta. WANTED?A OOOD COOK, FOR A RESTAURANT?A Woman Cook (ifbr-t rate) will suit. Nou-others need apply. O. P. .Vlt< LACHLAN, tfW Broadway. WANTED-MY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation as f hamb-rmald or Clear St archer and Fluting: has lived In har la-1 place four years, where she tan be seen till Wednesday. If nut engaged. The beat of re ference. Please call at U Bond street. WANTED?A SITUATION, HI A YOUNG MAN, TO drive a < art, or porter in a store; understands the care of horses, and well acquainted with the city; the best of re fercnct can be given. A Id rest T. 11., llrrald Otii.-c, stating Where employer can le seen. WANTED-UY A SMALI. FAMILY-A GOOD COOK and a N urse for one child, w bft is willing to aisist tho other servants In house-work. A German, who ap'.oks some English, prcli red. A pj ly at 8} William street, third floor;' betw cen 2 ->ud 3 o'clock, only. WANTED?SITUATION A BY TWO PROTECTANT young women?on? aj I'm k, and to assist in washing and ironing, or as Laundress, the other as Chamberm aid an-l Waiter, or us Chambermaid, aud t - assi .t in washing and ironing. Both wish to go i-ito the country. Good city re ference given. Apply, for two days, at77 Crosby street. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as Cnamlu run i 1 nod Laundress, and Las no objei tion to do general house-wri rk in a private fami ly, and as plain Cook. Tin- best of city reference given, and ? jniy be seen fur two days. Pleaee apply at No. 577 Grand street,lourtb story, and back room. "KIT ANTLD-A GOOD COOK, ONE WHO 13 ALSO If willing to do the washing snd ironing None nee 1 np ply, unless tully competent. Call at 171 Clinton at., South Brooklyn. WANTED-A SITUATION AS PORTER IN A DRY g< ds store, by an active young man, n ho understands the business, and can be Well recommended. Address F. K., at this oflu e. WANTED?BY AN AC TIVE INTELLIGENT MAN, a aituation us a,-i,tint Clerk, or light Porter in any reapt i table business. Wntes a good hand; quick ai figures, ar.d well acquainted with the city, inquire of Abm. Bell Jt Co , 25 i'ark Hew , from 12 to I P. M WAMTBD-A situation as coachman, by an eapiri-nced man who thoroughly understands his business in ail its branch- ", and understands the compound all horse tut divines, with their di < aaea, and has been with tie first fan dies in Europe. Can procure unexceptionable reference si. to character md capability. C?n be sien at *50 First a-.enkc. corner of riftoeutk street, for two days, "lirANTE!>?AN APOTHECARY, IN HIE NEW YORK ft II spital. in Btoad" ay. eomp ?trnt to compound mell rinea and ii ke up preaeri' fious. md to take charge gene rally of?l ,? bosineea of anew u : otll Apply l.y letter, with tsMneaitls, to the Snperiwflen ?nt at the ll pital A WANTED?THREE OK KOI K KIRST HATE BI.IND Yr lid !>uh Maker*. Ale , * man aovuatoaod to run a T tin,tin ? Muhlne and < ircr.lar Saw. To Rood mo a the in.heal mil liven. Apply it No. fill Doi'iney atreet. T. r. HOLMES. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION IN n private liniily, tod" nernl houaework. Plemo cnll ntfStroebi ?lreet, iu tin bumik An intelligent voi no ladv wiio reads well and w rite* hnndr n.ely. m*v tin J a aitnatim >< an auUMWi) and companion to a lady travelling. by io iulr il| tl Dr. Sllfw'i, c. rn> r '? Twelfth street andUairaMty piece. CnlD attended to fr 'in * till I : ich to day. A HEALTHY POCKO woman, with a fresh br? ret of milk, * i >ht to obtain a it (train 4 in ? reepeet nble private faintly. Aptly at Doctor Cayfer'a eWoc, 3H Flrat aernwe. between Etgiittratdi and Nincteonth atroct*. Can be win for two dn>a. SINGLE. ACTIVE, IXDl'.N 1 UloIfH, SOBERYOCXO German a ante a situation an 'otter la aur mercantile bn-ineaa; l.e apeaka Englt.h perfecAl/ well; 11 inimut-1 with ht?r?ea. carpeting. an i knoa a how to m*ki ui a. count i. For farther particular* pleaaa apply at the r< -ideate >.t Rev. Dr. Gti aenletn -r, Lnler. No. 7d Eaat TourUtalk it. New Yo/k. who will glee the beat re'ereno*. AS GARDENER OR TO TAKF. CHARGE OF A SMALL firm. altaatien wnnt"', by I respectable middle ?^ed man who | ?rfretly uadrrvt t.-.d* aa.d Seal near and ia williag t . make liimaelf usvfnl t I ia employer. Can civ* eary re ?pe< takD rrfcranvea. Writ, a ? fair hand ind unite c vreect at i irnrea. A rote aUdr.-.-e i M. M., Hardener, Herald otfice, will be attended to. CSOOK AND N't'RSE Af.WTr.D-NONE RIM APPLY A tat thooe whoarfcxf re i ed. and tkefn ilklf uadnr otand their baaineaa. aa tbey will hat lot* t.ieir time. Ap ply at S3 Clinton Cla.-e. C10AC11MAN -A < k IIMAN COACIIMAN WISHES A ' rttnation. btla **U ncuuamted with noraoa, tui-thnr With garden a r'<; liar no H-ti.ia I < gv a ah <,rt divtanee in tlm < uunirv Hatl wall r < miacnded. Anv una ?t.vln >< ?nch a man. mil plv-(ao addr - (< Ih>? N?. d, a ith rani name and aheranu Interview i nn be had. PROOF III; MiLlt. A PE A1 I'D' \L I'RIN fER ISOi'KN to an eng i. rnent for n ? ? Lour* e* *li day. a? Head r. Ilai been long net unfed to the wori.. Addreia I'. R., lioa. Jirrald office. Fit o COMPOSITOR '?WANTED, AT 1* FULTON Jl eirut, fourth floor, t r e 8r?t rate < .iniiueit ir<. I ila ?,.ruing. t" whom the I Ighcat wagea will be paid. NoAot.-lica er tlacki tnltba need *ft I/. AffO SAI f HM AN?LXCERIENCRD IN THE RETAIL Lara -ind tlnherdaal fytrnle. i in ?? rufa p. rmanent 'pitoati i.a in a Weatern iit> by applyinr tmmedintrlr at H IN TOSH & HEN DF-ESOfTfl, Ne. , Cm* strict. near ilroadtrfly. 1 THREE WAITERS w ANTED -AT CHUNG'S AMERt iaicl French Dining? ?l n No I Nneaau aire ? N<>ne nD (I to apply eaeepi ih?.ae win anderitnad their bnai ait,I, and can tie ncll taeommen ie I L. t.oiLlNG, ?>?U Pr ipriator. IV ET M'RSE WANTKD.-A Vol Ml, HttltTMY II Ptdttotawt Wtoy te wanted ? WM Nagfla. Apt; r at No fl( Eaat Tueaty-flnt tr> ct, betwwen the honrt ol .< md IIS K. T L AND WABItANTS, (NFNFRA* I.AND ?FID T.. tPHIL ITH. D'.l -\|T M wmwm nppHentleni ha'log been ma le t-> thla uft ? f -r Info, in HI r in relation to ti e n i iner in wlii h I War ranta. tn) r tl r aa* ef >tli S. pt uber. I '<*, aheuld be |? eainl. the lul. wing anaaer. li> rete La t been prep .r-1. to wit ? There are tl.ree mode* by abi. b there I ration* alike Snad" lit. R) Ike Warrantee inperewn, j.i B) the Wnimnte". it.rough tne areney ef thi* efllrt. ,i.i Ry an Agent er Attiravy. It II ? r a- cot ?! in i - ,.rl . ,n n h. D' ? I in a i ii ?. M" ? i i " t I I ii'lrn't ir ? ? ti- n of r?' nl ry. in anii h the li? vti .n '? da- r d. and loi re. c mianiedhy an afTidatit nee itding to the following firm, fin. I. ? M i.ere the thir l m< :? U adopted, a I'-wer nf Attorney V at I a ptenti I. f?"*?ic i I y the ? arri'it"" in the pre* n ?* ? f aalteve'. aetcrding to t1 ?? fnilowtnr Inrm, Nn 3. wliioh power ef Attorne) ninat he nehnhwD i. I. or preewd, aa the fnac may le, bel'ire mm nflin r nuti. irivd t take tb* ac h iwlufcrnentef deed*. aee<'(110* t-> f.iflfli Nc i ..r ? In all ' th# 1'it nia mli be t' i .a nted to the Land Offiec a' ? tc ilia .otioB i* uiaie, t.nb up (*l dli ?? na t* the contrary he giTen. J. UUTTh Hi I F.I.D, Uommlnelenag. FORM No. 1. Rt?t*0P I Cnritt tf | Brtore io< (a dn>ti'? of therm ?? or other .fleer author Iked to . 'ike ? ' avita.) per .na.le appear-d (here iueer? mmi of warrinte%) Who t mi linly .I re. dep.aei aot naj?. that he n the ideati nl |here ln?ert n i we of wirrantoe. ( to whom warrant No. for ?flrree. nwderthe aoi r Sep ? t?mher. Iffltt waa iaau>"! n the ?day ef , ISO , am' t?lie a. a at I * to loente the aaiue. ( vffinat'i eirnature.) Pworn to and unWrfbed before me thii lay el??, l.-I (Ufllier * eignature.) FORM No. f. Know all men he tbeae prceenta, that I (hrta lna?rt th* Rome of aarfntee). of the county of?, ind State of . do In r. by t aetttnte nn I a( 'Int , "f . my ?rwo and la? fnI Attorney, for me and la to* nvi", to locate Land Warrant Nn. , f. r a. rea of land, wl h tamed tinder the n< t of Sept-mlier, I HAH. f Cower of aubatitntiun may he innertcl if dedrel ) SUnad ia preaeaca of J (Warrant**'* iignntur*. Form n?. j. Cot m or t Oathia d?r ef .In C e rear -- P'reenaMrar Ie-ir, I (here ?! a-rt nam* . e nri .nt .) a id . < m? g d n i ? i. oi I' r "f A t t i. ? , i , , l i .i i I i i' ill ? < warrantee.) and thaf he ll th. ..(?! ? p - n who ia daeorihtd la the within Cower, and wl.u eieented t' e. n-no. FORM SriTi or A/Of WTY or v I that < I hereby <. etlfv, that on fhi? lav f in the year ??pora IBS llr eaaie before me (hert . i?ert the name, f the W -e) an I ( here Inaert " e nee ? I I en I the aaid (here in.ert the na* of witneie.) be|n? well hnown te nie. * It ?, , Worn ' V m . a ' I ? n h ? ' lare.landiaid that he *r|l knew the ?abl (here Inaert th-name of avrran tee,) and Ihit he wa? the ?aoie pere .n deaerihed In, an i whn tie. uted fhe ?it in Cower of Attorney, and hla teuton,,ny Waa to me ?ati<faetory ev i l-nea of that faet, an d the enid (here ii name nf w arraniea.) therenpon aekaowledg pdlhean d l oner to bt hi* act an i ^ -d (GHoer a lUuvtnre ) AHIt'IEMEHT!i. BOWERY THEATRE ?BOXES. 2CENTS; PIT. |M cents; Seats iu Orchestra Boxes, ' cent* ?Cor* ojisa at 7; to commence at l.alf putt 7 o'clock.?Hate-lay even ing, May l(!th, will be acted the Shakspearenn tragedy of MACBETH?Macbeth, Mr. liamb'.in; Mac tuff, MrTriltoa: ltnn iiuo, Mr. Stevens; Lady Macbeth, Miss Wemysf Aft r which, a popular tuna by Miss iriff?rt. To conclude with the sterling ilraina ?f TflE DENOUNCER?Olaudi- Ihr iiaud. Mr. Tilton; Simon Bigg*], Mr. Jor4iu>| Adolph At llriancourt. Mr. Pope; Guatavus, Mr. Hamilton; Ltroav, Mr. Gonldio n; Myuherr liana IlOugfiU, Mr. Uartiu; Vivtoraaa, Mm C. Wi mi si. BURTON'S THEATRE ?CHAMBERS ?TREET, REAR of City ilall.?Boaea, Dreaa Circle ani Paryi et, SO, eats: Family Circle or Second Tier, 25 cent*; Pri-ate B>gs<, fit ami $5; Orchestra Seats, 75 conU.?Dojra open at 7'.; to begin at o'clook.?Saturday eveiiiug. Mcy k), will be nliiyod the comedy of M1MI, or King Cliarlea ana Charles King?Charles the Sccoud, Mr. J. it*. I.e.ter. Cinrl-i King, Mr. Jordan; Peter Van Poueten Mr. J ihn.iton; Mini . Mrs. Skerrett: Nell Uwnine, Mine Weston. Aft-r which, the KNCI.ISUMAN lit PARIS-Sir looping*, ju Miff, M: B ur ton; Ilii'Riarolc, Mr. Johnston. T> oon.'lu U with ths WORLDS FAIR?Wiggles , Mr. Burton. RATIONAL THEATRE, CHATHAM STREET-BOXES, IN 2d cat is: Pit. 12>f cents; Private Borer, *5. It jure open at 7; curtain ru-rt at half-past 7 o'clock?Sat May cra ning, May 1(1, will be presented the grind fairy upec'acle of TBALAHA.THE DESTROYER?TUalaba. Mr Wu-.k.:.. Mo hareb, Mr. Brandon; Stafford; All. Mr. I.a Payor; Haffna, Mr. Thompson: Moath. Mr. C. Taylor; Sambo. Mr. L Poi; Suleman Khan, Mr. Hillage; Oncira. Mi-s E. Mcttayer; Spirit of the murdered Zeiuah, Mrs. Hautonv lit; Aeration, Miss Mali inn; Atdaldar. Mr. II. Seymour: Okba. Mr. Oann; Kawla. Mrt. H. P. Urattan. The entcrtunnie-itj to com mence with the comedy of A MORNING CA1 1,. M'U.E JENNY I.IND'S FAREWELL CONCERTS IV New York.?Tlie public are re ectfuUy inform:i that M'LLE JENNY HIND will hare the honor of giving a limit;i n ttablt of GRAND CONCERTS ? CASTLE AGARDEN, A.yn ALSO AT TRIPLER HALL, previous to her visits to Niagara Falls, Western New Terk. the Lakes, Canada, Boston, and her final departure tdr ?u rojie. Her Third Concert will take place at CASTLE GARDEN. ON MOD AY EVENING. MAY 12. FHCORAMME?PAR C I. Overture (La ("basse du Jeune Henri) Mihul. Duett?" Se incline**! a prender tnoglie,' (L Its.una in Algeri) Roiaiai. Sigueri Bnlvi and Belletti. Cavatina?" Una voce poco fa," (II Barbiere)...... RjseiaL Mill Jknkv Li mi. Romania?"Ciel che feci," (Uberto) Verll. Signor Salvi. Aria?"Madamlna," (Don Giovanni) ilosart. Signer Uclletti. Seena?" Ah non oredea. Aria?"Ah non giunge," (La Snnnambula) Btl'.iai. H'tU Jcssi Li.mi. PART II. Overture?(Jubilee) Weber. Trio?"Ti parli 1'ainore," (Otolloj Rluini. MT.i.r Jimm I.IMI. Sigrori Salvi and Belletti. Fantasia on the Violin .* Artot. llerr Gricpel. The Last Rose of Summer Irilh Balls 1. M'li.r Jinny Li sin. Cavatina?" Vi ravisso," (La Sonnambula) Btl'.iai. Signor Belletti. The Ucrdi-uan's Song, cumraonly railed the Echo Sang er*,l ? J EX NY Llil). The Wedding March. (Midsummer Night's Drcim ) M *i.deles ihn. Conductor M. litnour. A GRAND ORCHESTRA, eoinhining the ti rut musical talent In America, incl't liag the celebrated GERMAN fA MUSICAL SOCIETY, an 1 u al tering marly ONE HUNDRED performers, has been en gaged for these concerts. The entire interior of the Onrdrn Ins been decors*." 1. sad furnished with SOFAS and SETTEES, male aal cush ioned expressly for tliw Concerts. ONE HUNDRED ATTENTIVE USHER3 nreengsgul to diroi t visitors to their scats. Owing to the great rapacity of th? Gar ten. the pri'-s of tickets has been ffxod nt $.'!. S2. and (1 each, according to the lcrs.tion; and all of these tickets cu.itle the holders to numbers en uring their seats. The auction for choice of platen will take place TIII3 MORNING, at 10 o'clock, in CASTLE GARDEN. The rc-ult of the auction held on Tuesday last folly ron- | firmed the orinloM entertained, that this is by far the best plan which can be adopted for the pr >te tion and ; convenience of the public-us it prnv ents their c dliilon w ith speculators, and alse sbriates the great rush which always I taken plaer at the ticket office when the auctions have been dispensed with. All tickets not purchased at the aneti in will be offered at , the Ticket office, nt the par price, aa toon as the sale is con cluded. 1 he Tickit office for the disposal of all scats w ill ha lo cated at Jollie's Music store. ;?> BROADWAY, and will te open every day, no ot the Sabbath, fnnid j A. M., till V o'clock P. M., except on the evening of the Con cert, when it will be closed at ti o'clock P. M., and office* opined at that hour at t'astle Garden for the di-paeslof any tickets remaining unsold for th* evening's Con ert. Books cor iii.-ii.g the words of the son <*. trantlsted into English, may hr obtained at tho door?price 25 cents each. Doors open at ti1, o'clock. The Coaurt oomui.-u .ea at 8 ; o'clock. TDK FOURTH GR AND CONCERT will b? given in TRIPLER IIALL, on WEDNESDAY EVENING May Ilia. M i l k. Jmv Lim. a FIFTH GRAND CONCERT will tnkc place on FRIDAY the Itith Inst. The l'ubli;'? obedient servant. P. T. B ARN I'M. Tickets for jisxv units grand convert. on Monday Eveninz. Km II?Choice arete to ali oarta of the hnuee, for aale at Unolfett A to ellfur 1 t, No. 7 Ait r Ilouee, oppoaite the Perk. JENNT I, I N D'S CONCERT. ON FRIDAY AFTEil noun.?Tieketa for the abort concei t can to Lai Earlo't Hotel?choice acata or othcrwiee, JENNY LIND'S CONCERT -AN Y PERSON WISHING tic kit a for Utt abort eoncert, en Friday nfctra ion Ray f. will tin<l thtrn at to El.FivKU'3 Buokhture, No. 7 Aatar Ilouat. at tht regular price. Meciianics' hall, no. ?:s Broadway, aboct Grand atreet.? Open every mzht dnriu< the week until farther notice. Tht origiunl and well kntwa CHRISTY'S MINSTKLLS. cnnibriaina an efficient and rtraa'.ila "e rr#" of '? talented" and "caperienced pe ap. rienced pert >rnt-re," unUriht management of E. P. Chriaty, whoee conctru In t.iiael'y wit? for a ancceaaton of "Ilreyeara," hart b?.?? r-.eired 1 firor by hirhly re.r table and faahionab'.e an llesce* ! Tieketa 25 ecute. D<> >ra open at hnlf paat el*, cvtaa'aoe at tight o'clock. An Altcrooon Conorrt will bo given on S* lurday neat. May In. for tho aoeoamoda.'ion ot Laiica and JureLilea, commencing ut S o'clock. 1*. M. On Saturday trenlug neat. May 10, annual benalil ot Ed. Crtwtll, Troa rtEI.LOWS' MINSTRELS, AT FELLOWS' MUSICAL r llall. No. ltd Broadway. between Hnwnrd an I Grand atreeta. Op> n every night during the wr.-k. The etlebra'. -I i original and well known Fallowa' MinttrwU, " euBtpriaini an lUNt ltd reraaUU oorno of talented an I caprrntnoeJ pertornn ra," tinder tlm direction <>t J. U. I'eUewt, whooc con I carta In tbl? city for the U"t year hare be n r ttlrtl wltb th -greatoat fnvor by tha allte itnn faaltlen ol t'.ta ?r it ?#? ' lro|ullt. Tl.elr eoncorta ooaalnt of llurh? |?e It vlTtn Opirt Serltee, Witty ? lylnu. Sol.ia, Duetu. Ciiort'in Dan 'or, mi Ti atrun ? otaf 1'erforniancea. On Wtdaead tj- ?nd Satnr ?lay afternoi n?. a grand oonrert for t'.e aeeontm idntiva of I Unlt-a and familim, cominenring at 3 o'clutk P. M. A l ite- , ! aiua, Jo ccnti. Do u open at 7 o'clock ; t? cvutauiie at 1 O ARM M S 1* proprieti r aid mnaauaf. Saturday af: rn -n May ' ,'i, |w6|. entnmt acini at !?'< look, tht celcttabd l.nmi ! t .? Hill NRARD. Edward Mbldlctna. Mr. t.r'f o r: Mary to ilma. Mtaa Chapman. In the evening, at io'clo ? r. ma. entitl. d A VILLAGE TALE T.nrll ,-n . I Mr Keat 1" la followed hylbe KOl'HIl IMAM N ? Cettaln Joe. Mr. Iladawav; Marrery. Iliaa Caapm 11. 1 n ?! elib the MISERIES OF HUMAN LIFE M- A'., t r .alt Mr K? ut. A !nilt?n>* to tho Muaett n. eith IttInnntaart'< ? i" ? '? ??. 2b <vnta: < 1 ill lr> n aador !?? vrara ol ado, I.*, rente. Parquet nod Circle, I3S unta eatra. (1 AMI E GARDEN ?SECOND SUNDAY EVENING'# d t'oareit May II?Mi-aera French Jt II ,<>r hit ? t'.o |l.-a or* to it form the public, that tho S'it I it il ??. ag CeMtrta at I attlo Garden, which hare tent?' rt ' a ? ? i v. emit . I j popnlar and attract it c. bard ret on m ?a,,l. and w ill bt contia'ed ti.r vgh>.?t tho Snaiaier acuta. cp>.i ft more rnlari I and attrictlve ?cale than * rh-fi teaeptod. For thUjis rpvtt they here ma 1 ? -r?at with ti e taleetcd ttracter ?f tho Italian Oprt. Mr Nag Martlaik. who willt >ndnct then t onr.rta in p r >n 7 y l ove ali-i rnj-ar-d tl." ratlre Gray 1 Or btatr* of t ?e Italian Optra, Verb " ntw wnrka. ?-i? ' t. fn o. i |?ii i cxjiccly for tieae n?'taint", wtil b" prtl" I tit tinf the acac-a. and the pr?pri't"rt w ill a-. tre r . no t>. ataVe tl.rao Cnaatrta ?*ta more attractive. f p .tj da. tl.aa they f are l.eaa baret- fore. Adntiatiiy it i.*ntt. A ,t.| and varied prrrai me thia eteeinc Ptrfvr iV;t e to roatanvr - -i at ? o t loch pretla< i> No pa?tpjuaiat*t ou a? i onnt of the weather CASTLE GARDEN.-TIIIS REAL'TIFL'L AND I'OI'C lar plat e ia att open ft r lite roceptioa of viutertdnr Iny the day. Ti e vhw from the (nUerl t of the ?t>' -n .id tceatry of our n hie bay an l harbor, hat a >t att equal la thd a rid. Admirai taKS recta. LARA VKLIN V'SEl M, 179 CHATHAM SvJ'IA RE.-aRQ r l.| a, Solo Proprietor ? AdmiMion? Seata in PrleaM llntaa. fd> crnta; State S"ata, 37>u rental Bvaet. JAcmtcPay yuet, Ifk ceiita.-Elerant Saloc.a pert rmaaeai ateryAfttr ac. n and Eveniac. Entertvinnont* anmia-n-a in tht liter nnc# at .1 a'aloclt, and in tha ercalnt at * o'c! tok. Tht "atertaletaeiitn art varied aad atltet, an I ? iciat can be t aa It-I I other nlaoe of amuaeinent la ltcw Verb, enaaia' lot ef f^.t'r Fan-alt K*hi>ipian Opera Trotioe, n'imh*rta( tlt?en p-t ? r.n ra. heiat the hrp-t aad at the ftnve tima tht UMl valentad band la the Pnited Stotet. a tr".,ev af Modtl Ar lietauha are aelacttd for their Iwan'jr anl flfwr* and wht r?r> atlea number of beautiful tabltant. bitM I'm the pit tare, of ancient and fnodarn tiiaea; n c itnpiny ol tral Girla. wht to throtwh a variety of feeta tf ttraatAh aad latteritp; Madame Rotallae, the only Female Jc/tlar in tha wrld, a e mpany of Male and FemnV Artl?ta. trSn willtlva ?a eabihition of Marble Statuary tin*qnall I ia tha w .rid 'o??tb-r with a variety of tat-reeUnt p?rf irmanete every al'erni on and avenint. For partioutara tat billa of eveb day K AY HONS * CO. AND IIERR DRIESSAl H'S MA nateriea, nnited In one l,ar<e aad Vari'.i Ethibi'l n. mdatinzof all the rare an'mala n w aatan*. nur.thoriat ot. r one hundred ai ecitn -nt. will oahildt tin Irr a Larae Pa vllbn, at Arior Place, comer of EUhUt etr-et an 1 rvjrth ovi nte, e. mmeaelnt on Satnrdoytwniat, at 7 o el >ok. anl ronllntte Monday, Tnea lay, and Wadnaaday, Nty llth. lltlt and 14th Dm ra open at'J and 7 o'clock P. M. Alutiaaien 33 centat children under M, If ??? National academy of desion?TnE twenty eiath Annnnl Enhihittna ef the Academy it now open to the public, at their Oallcriea, No AM Uroadu ay, eppoaitd Rind itreet, from S A. M. until 10 I' M Admittance II oentti tcaaon tlekett, 80 otntt; eatalefnea, 1JH tent*. By order of tho Ceoneit. . H. RflBOOGCE, Cor. BeertUry, N. A. ANCSKNRNTS lit PH1LADRLPHIA. nARNCM S MUSEUM. PHILADELPIIfA -P. T. nAR ntitn. Proprietor; II Sanferl. Aaaiatnnt Mvataier.?That n arnilh ent f^ilneaa fli tlen, entitled the "IruM HOfte," iRrnlUCfni VHUIT? "Alit'it. V uvtiteu ?,.w ' ?twice, igimAni M itn thir4 wwk, with th? ItMfIWI of tU oBtMrvini IV4MH, ia lha highttt eonifiim jnta of an iJ* miring pnhlie, and tha warm roramrndstiorti of lha rhila d#taliia prtaa. It wfll he prrf^m^d nlaht, rmvioa* to which, tha " Barrack Room," AW that Olittm to n?% Oold;** " PrmtM at Cnnrt," ft id omnr Will aona hr fcrodarrd, thn aaaatifnl lyriral drama railed tha ?? f.adf of tha l.ftka " Tha afleTBOont ara mtla m-rrf hr flaiain< farfrM. randrrillca *nd ahort dram## Tlia cwHv^iitiaa nnm Har many thanaawd of th# Bloat aondarfttl kind. Admitai?>ai U thoaw and ana parformaacr, 15 ctati; iWldftl un?|'r t#!| fMr#. U)i ocbW. Lrmc; O. IT. Barrett, Manager.?Doors opcu at 7; cur tain r tars at half-?n*t 7.?Dress CuYle anil Parquet, 50 cents; Family and 1 lurm Cirnlee. 25 routs; Gallery, 12^ ceuts; Pri vate B tea, $6 and $6. ? Sat urday.ewiuing, Majrl'th. will he g*OADWAT_THIATRE.-B. A. MARSHALL SOLI tain Paul Tate ? - , _ ??.? ? ..N ? presented the grand romantic, operatic, fairy spectacle of the VIMON OF TI1E SEN?Koran, Miss Aaderton j Tao mar, Mr. Whitiag: Oultenpao, Mr. Harris; Oratsoma, Mr. Bill; HuTlaaiiao, Mr. Fredericks; Tj cohruo, Signor Carlo, Oeuii of ths Harp. Misi lAKia; Genii of the Ebon Waud, Mr. Rrynolds; Kuuad, Miss A. Gowienbetin Previous to the Spectacle, the farce of A MORNING CALL. NIIU.OS.-FAREWELL BENEFIT OK H LLE CARO line Koasset, and last oppcaranue but four of herself aad three fitters in N wr York."Monday, May 12. LADIES HKWAKE?Matilda, Mrs. Sloair; Graco I'eaboiV. Mrs. John Helton. To be followed by the first act of GISELLE? Gi selle by the w onderful Caroline Roussct; AlbciT, Adelaide; llatliilila. Tberesine; Queen of the Fairies, Clementine. Ca roline. Theresine and Adelaide will execute, among other dances, the favorite Pas de Troit d'Action, eall< d the Oc celver. First time here, the new ballet of LE 5 FOLLIES, in wliieli a grand Pas des Follies will be danced by Caroline, Tlieresine, Adelaide and Clemeutine, and a new grand Pa? de Deux by Caroline and Adelaide, liallet divertisemeut of ti e llAKBEK OF SEVILLE, terminating with the Koaisset's I'as de Curacter Eepagnol, bv Caroline, Thereeine, Adelaide and Clementine, as repeatedly danced by thoin at the Grand Theutre of Madrid, by request of the Queen ol Spain. The Koue-cU w ill perforin every night this week, except Satur day Broughams ltcecm, broadway, near broome street.?Dreas Circle and I'arquette, 30 cents; Familp Circle, 25 cents; Orchestra Stall Seats, $1; Private Boxes, $?'>.?Doors open at 7; to begin at half past 7 o'clock.?On Saturday rvening, May 10, the performance w ill commence with Donizetti's oiera of TI1F. CHILD OF THE REGI MENT? Kodolpli, Mr. Dunn; Grenado, Mr. Leach; Marie, Miss Mare Taylor; Marchioneas Iterkenfclds, Mrs. W. R. Illake. M ile L. Ducy-Barre and Mr. U. IV. Smith in I.a Styrienne. To conclude with WILFUL MURDER?Mr. Cousiil, Mr. Tailor; Sphoon, Mr. Raymond; Whiskers, M;ss Kate Horn. Broughams i.yceum.-a card.-gkand gala Night, and immense combination of acknowledged ta lent, fur the Benefit of Mrs. W. K. Blake, whioh is appointed to take place at the above popular theatre, on Tuesday ecening, May 13th, on which occasion Mr. II Placi lo wifl perform, (far that night only, being Ills hrst appearance in New York for several months,) one of liia most celebrated diameters. Mr. W. R. Blake, (of Burton'a Theatre, will also, in conjuni tion with Mr*. J. Wallaek, Jr., nrtke their hrst appearance at this house. Mr. John Brougham, Miss Mary Taylor, Mrs. W. R. Blake, tic., ike., tic., will al-o sus tain favorite characters in the programme of the evening, which will bo duly annouueed. N. B.?The bog book is now open. BURTON'S THEATRE.?MR. J. C. BAKNET. TRKA siirer. respectfully announces hig Annual Benefit at this pular house, for Monday evening next, the 12th in St.. when II l e performed, for the 1Ir*t time, Morton's celebrated ocmedy of A CURE FOR THE HEART ACHE, cast with the entire strength of tho company; and, flrst time in two years, the farce of the MUMMY?Toby Tramp, a travelling trage dian. Mr. Burton, with other cntcrtalnmuuts. Box book now open. Broadway theatre-mil w. davtdor begs respectfully to notify that his benefit will take place on Wednesday next, the 1 Ith instant, when will be per formed the admired comedy of A CL'iiE FOR TIIE HEART-ACHE, and com lode with the drama of ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT COLD-Toby Twinkle. Mr. Daridge. Box book now open. ACARD.-THE UNDERSIGNED, COMMITTEE ON the benefit for tlie Aojors' Order of Friendship, which took place at Burton's, on Monday eveniug, May 5th, take this method of respectfully offering their thanks to those Indies and gentlemen who so handsomely lent their aid to the object. To Wm. E. Burton, Esq., lor thn use of his theatre, so gentrotisly extended for the occasion : to Miss Caroline Chapman and Mr. Uadaway, who, through the kind permission of 1*. T. Baruuin. Esq., rendered their valuable assistance in the entertainments of the evening: to C. W. Clarke mid F. Clianfrnu. Esq*., who also tendered their eld, (which, however, the committee W're unable to avail themselves of,) and to the ladies and gentlemen of Mr. Burton's Company, who were included in the performances of the evening. Their thanks arc also due to Dr. Northall. for the beautiful and appropriate address written by lum for the occasion. The committee most thankfully acknow ledge the receipt of libcrdh donations fruin Mrs, J. Laird, Miss Kate Horn. Mr. Frederick Conway, and Mr. J. Hoo# man. to whom, in the name of the order thry represent, they tender their warmest thanks. THOS. It. JOHNSTON", 1 C. W. TAYLOR, I ? WILLIAM REYNOLDS, f Committee. F. M. KENT, J THEATRICAL NOTICE.?WANTED PIT THE 2VTH Of May. fur * tint class t lira tic, two gentlemen writ quali fied to i'lay aerond and third rate business, in tragedy and comedy; alKo, a leading lady for tragidy. ftc., and a good dar.acuse. To inch a literal salary will be paid. an lasteaiy engagement. Application to he made to C. T. Parsloo, Bur ton s Theatre. Now York. C. T. PRICE & BROTHER. INBTKUCriOft^ (1 IVIL ENGINEERS SCHOOL, NO. ?S0 HOUSTON J street, New York.?Mr. V. Beaumont, Cieil Engineer, Will open a new Course of Lessons, (in the French and Eng lish languages,) en the fifth of May. For information and re ferences, apply at the eohool. OLIVER B. GOLDSMITH'S WRITING ROOMS, >y bio adw ay, flrat Corner above the Irving llunso.? Terms rednced one-half, via :?$2 00 for ten lessons, one hour each?station Ty. 90 rents; or twenty lessons for $9, includ ing station ry ?pa) a'Is on subscribing. Private Insirnotioa at the Rooms only. For tale. Goldsmith's Gums ol Penman ship. $1 M. KIPRKSS AUKNCIKH. dte. OFFICE OF GREGORY'S EXPRESS;?PIIMill about eml irking for California, wilt do well to call at this office bef< re engaging their passages, where plant of the diBcrint steamers tan he seen, and berth" engaged at low prices. THOMPSON ft HITCHCOCK, Ilk Pearl street, oor Wall street. CI RECOEY'8 CALIFORNIA FREIGHT, PACKAGE, t an t Pared F.gnrcss, per steamer EMPIRE t,'I TY. direct, on Tuesday, May 13.?By th* shots atejiner, jur negt Eg pre-s will be forwarded to our agents at Ch tgroe and Pa ns raa, who hate the most certain arrangements for the sp< < dy EMrMm of fn ight over tho Isthmus, of any com panics togs ;ed in the hiisiaess. Shippers mat rely upon nil goods shipped through ns, being delivered in I'anama in ad vance*! nil others, at which port unr facilities for rsshtp Bi nt of fooda on all the stoamera cannot be surpassed. Par celt reei itrd until the morning of steamer's day of sailing, ai d letter- t nlil half-past 1 o'clock P. M Packages (which must in all catea be mads perfectly water proof,) mast be Isit at th* office the day previous. No Caatom House charges aiads. THOMPSON Ik HITCHCOCK. Managers and Agents, Hit Pearl St., corners! Wall at. AB. MII I.ER ft CO S CALIFORNIA EXPRESS. a | tr at-: mer North America, on Tuesday, 1.1th iastanl. Our g' odanre regularly shipped from Panama, within fifteen to - venteen dajs from New I ork, as per bills of lading in ct r i flicc, rvtcrccd by every steamer. Goods cleared at ( us Dm Ilnuss free of charge. Bates reduced. Refer to Astor Mctual Inst isnce Company. ftp, Otto*. NA. II Wall street. BtRFORI) ft CO S FAST I'M'BF. A TO CAM TOR nls.?Cheep I'olta e.? Postage, 10 cent-; fri Iglits, I'l ri nta per lb.; single newspapers. 9 s>ntg hy the hundred, $.1. Nr it shipment will be By lh* fast steamship NORTH AMR Kit A, c u Th lit, May I I. Mails close at 2), P.M. Small raresIs r<-( it ? I till 2 I' M Pat kagea > i ix~> lb-, w aterproof, received till I" A M , If-th instant. Mr. Berford aecomps nlsl onr frvlg! t sad mails from Cliagres to Paaaius. No. 2 Yesoy pls< e. Aitor llonse. N?w York. Adams ft co.'S great California freight, Pa< k:i. - and Parcel E a pre so, per steamer Fmpfre City, on Tuesday Slay 1,1th. Epss i lasreased I Kate- rwdnoodl! Spacta! freight au nt an.l special m??? nger through.?Out pest regular SI press fort at ' .rnia vis Chngpta sad Panama will b# uespatcksd per leawr Empire City, Captain J. I) H itsss n. na fas -day, 13th instant, at three o'clock, P. M , la charge of onr own sp?< isl frtlght agent and through ma-? a ger t dotlr "i"n. As out *ri angemrats on th. Mthioas are |?w so perf- < t ' r the speedy and safe transmission of freight, consigner* by I is rtpre--iua> rely upon their goods pull tt.|. ? gh to J'anmia in time I r cwrrespoadiwg steamers on the r?cifc. si I -t a great tednetioa Ir "t form -r rat -. All freight to go forward II the 11th Instant must bo delivered t u>(vithiui ires) on nr before the Small p: reels Will bo received until twelrs o'clock on the lay of sailing, ffo thsr. e made t . shl| pert hy onr tarreas for Custom liinsc clearances or ror. ?? l?r cvrtu atcs. Eisrt package mutt U ranilmd strl-tly water proof, and should aotetoead IJS lbs. weight. AU frt tahtmu-t ir. ariahly h- pro praid. ADAMS ft CO., 16 aad Id K all street. KLI.IoTT'S NEW-OKANAH.V MEXICO, CALIFORNIA nud iHrtton I re ight. Psr el an I Paascng, r Kspress. will be doepaUI.eO pe? steamer of May llth. tor Panama. Act ptileo. Matatisn. Arn Bias. Han Disco, Monterey, San Frao Ciseo, Sacramento City. Astoria and tho Miooo. (Sold dust, friight, pAtkagea and pi reels maorsd and shipped st lowe-t ?ates. 1 si. ill ? and tmar.ompa.iird person* crossing the 1st! mi s may a-rtrtu the aasistanec of the proprietor, Whs hss made the m> at enmpli nfTaugem-nt* f?r their stfi and s|eedy i uv. van< * through to * slit ,rnia and intermediate ports. Tii k. is a cured at lowest rai's. Packages hy this Kspm s hats nevst Iteen detained on tho Isthmus, (although the | ropriet' r l as conducted an Esprooo through to and from San Franc i?co, ftte ticnoa.) fnf a reason at oneo oka t all. The pfoprtetor hat spared no lahor or cspense to

make this f.?)rrsa nil that the business public demand. Hating made the most complete arrangement* with th. hest transp dial inn agents on th" Isthmus, and with those ..f the Atlantic an I Pa> ific atenmcrs, on the two or-ans, conduct ing t'e laprvoa through, and attending to all hnstneagper tonally. in place of |i messenger. renders It certain that ho <an forward pnrka-rs of all kinds, and do all business re .|uired of an Espr -s, in l"ss tune, in u l>ett r manner, snd at sspense than ? sn he don* nndsr any other system. T .is is th* only P.nprcs* direc t for Megiean ports Repeated r. ti plaints that freight has h?en StCttsd past It* dsetiaatian, (!) ? *pr???) I,. lure* the proprietor Is attend pr mpily to the sat ? nti it i f all orders in Aoapnleo, Maiatlan. S?n Ilia*. Via Du go and Monterey, and rum. ting at Panama with Rxprvts for taWs?i?, an I t'tllao Tii* plan of this E> pre.s io much . Imir d in, that package* are delivered per aonallt at ?i "c dc-tiaatton hy the proprietor, it desired. In f.rn aii a concerning defeased persons itbtaiasd, sad their efleet*for wtrdtd pr< Bills and drafts collec ted, and all nrt-TS tge, ut.d with d"?p*l<h. Kefereaces?II ,n T Rntlcr Kl' ?. Ann Franetseo: I. II. Base cm. Ran .lose, (J. Cj I'h | - ft Kintiu-n, IB* Cl.athim s(r <>i. New York. E R Putts,*, Ad Aft"mil stre. t. New York . St ,a* ft 9?theft Brooklyn; Bntlsr ft McCarty, Philadelphia: Hon Ru fin Cheat*. Beaton; Hon. R. C. Winthrop. Boston; Smith, Ulitr It O*., Haverhill street. Boston: (Iter ft M. Conkiy. Baltimore, (inn eg -San Francisco. 12 Clay str-et: Net V rk. -I Wail street; p. -t in tmConrt street. Philadelphia. |i?A \, rth ! en rd strcot) Baltimore, corner of llanover and Lombard streets. ACtll sTL'S KLM"TT a prraoral Interview may he had with the proprietor in Baltimore OB the llrd, Fhtlad 1 phi a on the 1th, Boston on the 7th. and jpew Fork Ikon the tfth np to the hoar of sail ipg Packages will b* forwatdsd from th* oftces up to I t M. *a th* It'th. TRAVK,I,I,K.K*' <Jt II?IC. (1 DAKf'E OF LOCATION.?TBI STEAMERS ALIC'I J end N. rwalk. f. r Bridge) ,rt. Ilousatoale snd Nan gatnsk Railroad, will hereafter Isat* Pier 19. N. R . foot of arty street. %Ti.w TORR AND PHILADELPHIA - NBW TOBB It snd Philadelphia direct?United States Mill Litis. Through la 4H honra. tin New Jeraey Railroad. Fare ro d*e*d to RSfor flrat-clss*. and R2 9tl for aeeond class. Leav* New York st*A. M , from fool of Courtland street; aod at f A. M and 6 P. M., from foot of Llh?rty street. Mat* Phila delphia at 6 aad ? A. H. aid S P M.. fton tho fool of WaJ wiBmh (1AMDBN AND AMBOT RAIIROAB LINE FROM J New York lo Philadelphia leasee pier No. I Nsrtl Rivor. hy iteamhoal JOHN POTTER, Morning Ida*, all a'rlook, A M ; Afternoon Line, at 4 o'clock, P. ft. Far* bt llthsr line IS; forward dock. ft'L Etuis rant Ida* at 6 o'clock P. ft.. Iifo, $1 W. I. BLISS, Mnb NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. TELEGRAPH OPRICES. Hain't Chemical Telegraph Offiret, Pfa 29 Wall street. Hague tic Telegraph Otfice, car. Hanover and Heaver tit. Tlie Southern Rights Convention. Baltimore, May 9. 18.">1. Tlie Cbar!"*ton paper* are filled with repprts of the convention. resolutions, addresses. Ac. The following arc the resolutions that have since been adopted : ? let That. in the opinion of this meeting, the State of South Carolina eaunot submit to the wrongs and ag gressions which (hare been perpetrated by the federal government and the Northern States, without dishonor and ruin, and that it is necessary to relieve herself there from. with or wit ho at the co-operation of other Southern State*. 2d. That concert of action, with one or more of our sister Stati-s of tlie South, whether tlirou.tli the proposed Southern Congress or in any other mauner. is an objaet wortli many sacrifices, but uot the sacrifice involved in submission. 3d. That we hold the right of secession to be essen tial to the sovereignity and freedom of the States of this confederacy.and that the denial of that right would fur nish to au injured State the strongest additional cause 1br its exercise 4th. That this meet lag look* with confidence and hope to the convention of the people, to exert the sove reign power of tlie State in defence of its rights at the earliest practicable period, and in the most effectual manner, and to the le gislature to adopt the most speedy aud effectual measures towards tin* same end. Very Interesting final wahltijgton. MEASURES TO HE A DOITED BY TUB GOVERNMENT, SHOULD SOITH CAROLINA ATTEMPT TO WITHDRAW FROM THE UNION?HER CITIZENS TO IIE INDI VIDUALLY DEALT WITH?THE NriM'ONKD EXPLO SION OP THE CI BAN INVASION PLOT?TOE ATTOR NEY GENERAL'S OPINION ON TKM FLORIDA CLAIBS, ETC. Washington, May 9, 1851. Tlie news from South Carolina, although serious in its import, does not excite alarm here. The government, of course, caunot recognise tho right of secession. I.Ike gli bulc* of quicksilver, these States, when once united by the federal constitution, formed one glorious whole? retaining their local organization, but yielding to the general government all other existence. The govern ment. should South Carolina forcibly secede, and slu- can accede iu no other way, will not take cognizance of masses or State organizations, but of individuals, who will separately be dealt with a* violaters of the iuw. or as guilty of treason, as the case may be. The District Attor m y of South Carolina is now here, receiving full in structions. The Attorney Cenernl Is drawing up his opinion on the Florida claims en-es; the heads of it were presented to ! tlie cabinet yesterday; he considers, without calling | their justice into question, that under all the tircunt- ; stances, tho long delay wbieh lias occurred under former I secretaries, and the large amount iuvolved?eight hun dred tbousaud dollar-?that it is unadvisable fur the i Trt asury to liquidate the claims now, without the dl- ; rect action of Congress. The interest claimed is by way I of damages, under the treaty, precisely as the five per cent has been allowed by the Mexican Commissioners. Mr. Corwin's contingent foe. which he formally re- j linqui.-hcd before taking a seat iu the cabinet, was but | two thousand d"Utr*. Advice* from the South reached hero last night, stat ing that owlrg to the pi ?nipt measure* taken hy govern ment. the cout. mplat.-J Cuban invasion had exploded, and the leader* and mm had returned to their homes or gone Wert. Colonel Todd one of the California Indian Commis sioners. ha* arrrive.i here, lie left hi* colleagues, Mc-sn. Campbell and Temple, at Sail Sraneiaeo. walling orde:' . Col. Todd returns to San Kraaslaco in a f"w lay* SanuialStt itiniu*. who was arrested yerterd.y, charged with forgery in OOOBOCtion with land warrant*, was. to. day. re<|uiri d to give JiCOO security for hi* appearance at court. In the Circuit Court In the ease of Davis, the soldier, who brought a Milt against Cot Hughe*, for having whipped him at Jaiapa. during the Mexican war. for an alleged heinous offence on r. female, the jury, this morn ing rendered a verdict of V.I50 for the plaintiff. A new trial lias beeu moved. The corner atone of Brown's new hotel was laid hy Mayor Lenox, yesterday afternoon, in the presence of a huge assemblage. hight?*eu graduates, member* of a eh'sin the Virginia Military Iu-titute. have been expelled for insubordi nation. Tbo President recognises Amury ltd ward* a* Consul (Jenen.l tor the Republic of Nicaragua for the United Statea. to reside at New York. The Portma.-ter Uem ial haa honied a circular to the Postmasters. in vie m of the expected incrtsae of letter* onder the Bew postage law. simplifying the distribution at Ilie different Post Office*. Tliii Hoard of Health anneunce i that the numbsr ofin ti nnent* in Washington during April was 72. 1 he Hon Mr. Bokes Is stUl imliu.-d to hi* apartments at W iilardV Hotel. Ly slckne*a. Tlie Pnoidint n serves hi* derision upon the plan fir the cxt* nsion of the Capitol until his return from New York The Secretory of the Interior returned from Virginia this evtning. per Southern boot. Items by way of Baltimore. union morriM in oeokuia?death or jt doe mice ?HIE MSBANDINO OF THE CUBAN EXPEDITION? MOTINEEES KEOCOHT I'ROM RIO JANEIRO?Hi K R1CANK IN NORTH CAROLINA, ETC. B.tLTtMoor May 9.18.11. An enthusiastic Union me. ting wa* held in Mffinghsm oonaty. Georgia, o few evenings since, at whirh rwolu ti< na w?we adopted to atood by Cobb, the L'ni >u candi dal. for Governor, irrespective of party. The Pnvsnnah pit per* state that tna aeiaure of the "Cleopatra" wa.. the cause of the breaking upol thcCuba sapriiltlen Judge Briec senior Judge of Daltimon City Court, died at bier.sldinre last night He was HO years <>11. and had been Judge tor thirty tour years. The talk Halt,low. from Rio tie Janeiro, bring" houi'* two Am. riean s? amen, ussuil Smith and West, who were m i.t hack by tin- Amtriean Consul at Hi i. They are charged with mullny ? n board the bark Emily of I'blU d< l| Ida. while on her BaMtags r >?ind from Valparaiso to Rt? A violent hurricane Occurred at Rah-igh.N C . on Sun day ls*t. H< wing down chimneys, trees. Ac. and doing llnu . u-c damng>' From PlttaliurftH. MAIL ROBBER AEP.I ? I EI)?STEAM BOA T BUNK?NAVI OATION, ETC. Pin *a. boh. May 9 UR. The Post Office agents. Messrs thaileroa an I OtMnfor. Ia*t night brought in a stage driver name I H ?1 It. nnrtt who I- . liargid with t-ol bing th* mails in th ? mountain" A nlliii. ti oc< urred betwwrn ill" steamers M ig.trt a i l Psrilir, last evening, a few mil<*?below the etty,by which the format was sunk No liv. ? were 1 ?*? The I'.wer gat. of 1 vk numtier 4. of the MonONgalMO *la< k wat. r. ha* lawn swept away, ran sing the water to run ? s, r the fate*. One w<. k will be occupied t >r repairs. Th< oarigation. itawi v.r *itt not !*? int. ? ij" ? I Tlie weather is , ulte pi asant. and the rb r Ua* ser ti fret water in the ehaRnei. The Ames lean Mrlentlflr Assotlsllop. OtacivisATi May B, MM R.dhlng of special interest wa* I as by the Scientific Uoov. utl* n. either yt-.'rr<Uy?r to-day, fir. 'A the fund ing of a rrt.. rt by Fret p. |rre, of Harvard University on Prt.f MH. Mk tnefhed .f lui or ding th" right ascension and .losUration with hla new astronomical pparatu. Th oiatmed and repnrts'd th .t th. liscoveiuf had not only equalled, but far SUPpaeeed ail the ob ?rr vatl. ns of this c unlry. an 1 also of Europe althlgh the latter were <iipport.Nl by munificent Royal patron age Th. report of Prtifasout Ft irre er ated a great *eo aatiou. * bile the shot* Aaaocialion join.*! in the general triumph lleh eter d to Oilo nf 1 he Urg.'-d audiences .?vrr collected in this city, and chained th ir atteati >n for *a h"Ur and a half. The Association wll adjourn to morrow irght Am ug i ha pa|**r* to be prevented will be one fbh.ii I'r ' ? sor Agt.ssir. and one fr>tn I'mfesa. r Itainor. on Ids new the ory I f mathematics The A met lean Bnfttlat IHIaslon Destroyed at Ilniigkok, "slum. Ilosr .a. May 9 1AM I^ttira ?y the Kumpa received In this elty. bring the Intelligence that the entire premises c.f tioi Araerie.irt llaptirt Mi-e|on at Bangkok. Wvre destroyed by lira on tl.e night of the 4th of January last, including th? dwellings of the mi**ionarira. Tlx' fire originated In a native hou*e t faw ro Is dis tant. and spread with ?uch npldity that very few arti cle? rould be sav.kl. The printing office and rtoek. th" bindery nn.l type foundry, libraries, and m arly all the p? r . mil electa of the missionaries. w? r* oonstim. d. Th< gnater part of the second edition <t th? New T.ilsm tit was lost, and It was difficult to procure copies enough to condect th" ordinary Aabhuth worship The total Ire* was not lesa than bio (sic. and probably Is considerably mora The mlssionsriea were r?-eeived Into the residence of Renor Marrelllno T>o Arsnjo Rosa, the Portuguese Consul, and met wttb tun. h attention and kindne** from others Mr Chsadkr will return to this city a* - ? n as possb Mr, to make arraagemente for repairing the loss. Naval Intclllwrnrr. Noaroi.a. May !>. 1AM The ftttsqurh.-innn goes into eommis*i .n to day, and III make a trip to Cape Henry on Saturday, to try her ?r Miwry Orders have been received at the Navy Yard, for the Uirg of tbe ship Jamestown. .le*tine<i for the Until ?est. The Plyinonth, destined f"r the East Indies, Is n*n ly .dy frr sea The revenue cutter Tnney frum New Torlt. arrlv-d at irnnoah on Ratur.iny, ant U n neat da J for |hc fsu'.U. The Antl-Slnvrry Convention at Sjracuw. ??'.? OKI) DAV?CTEWmO KMIUV. 8m u I sc. May 1. 1851. Tlie meeting wad called to or<l> r by the President. and opened by a hymn, sang by the whole audience standing, to the tune of-Auld hang Syne " The Iter Mr. Mai suggested that the regular business of 1 ho (lay should be laid on the table for the present, and that a collection tie taken up to carry on the busi ness of the aociety for the ensuing year, and ?ugge-ted that Mr. yuincy would make tome remarks on the sub ject. Mr. Gahamon said tlx-re was no one hero acquainted with the financial depart merit of the society better than their friend Abby Kelly Foster. Auuv Kku.v Foster. therefore, presented herself, and after some preliminary remarks, sail there was nothing which could forward the cause more than agitation; but abore all. she placed the greatest reliance on the banner put forward at this meeting by the nom-slavery party, of no union with slaveholders. 8he then referred to a sen timent of the late J. G. Calhoun. who said there was no thing so dangerous to the slave interest as argument cither for cr against it. When that geutleman was ef that opinion, they, tire society, might well put forward their banner of no union with slaveholders, and agitate the question. She deprecated the holding of fellowship with slaveholders. They should not enter the same house, sit at the same table, nor enter the same church with the unbaptUed slaviocrncy of the South " We must," said she. " show tlx m that tlioy are recreant to every principle of humauity and justice, and they (the society) should also make Mr. Giddings feel that he was a recreant. We must make him feel that he cannot be allowed to sit with the slave catchers in the House of Itryreecntattvcs We must let him see that these fellow.- are only fit for tire halter and the gallows. Sirs. Kii.1.1 wished to have it understood here, that it was the non voters?the women of F.ngtaud?that did more to strike down laws than did the voters of that country. They wanted iu this country not an actual acknowledgment of tlio atrocity of slar e breeding, hut an actual feeling of it. Mrs. F. weul on to abuse Mr Web ster. which, alter doing in good set term*.she said, much as they praised Hill Few aril, he was worse than Daniel Webster. l>id he not say lie would admit California into the Union, with slaves Yes. he did; and Seward is a more dangerous man than ever Daniel Web st?r, because he could lead thousands always? and after leading them, leave them in the gutter, ruling with drunkenness, like Daniel Webster. It is, said she. as great an outrage for a northern man to sit down it. Congress with a southern man stealer, as it would la- for oue of us to sit down at dinner with a horse thief. If we waut not only to disenthral the slave, but the northern whig, we must make our task-masters feel that we are in the field, mid will not stand the lash any longer. 8hc did not see why they all could not stand to gether on the same platform, collect friends together, send out teachers, aud support the anti slavery press and purpose. It appeared to her that they liad but a vi ry small .appreciation of the great enterprise in which were engaged in, if tliey could not stand tog 'tlier, and work together she cvuhi not speak on the financial depart no nt of this enterprise, nor did she think it neces sary. Everyone understood thatgnoney was the sinews of war Ali they waut is ?? collections,'' and let them have them liberally, and then the war might be carried on with effect. The I'lumrvT followed Mrs. Foster in a long address on the same topic, urging the friends of anti slavery to contribute lilarally to the redemption of llv* bondman and slave. Their society was better, and lie knew it. than the Ann ricau Bible Society. That sociity was partial and exclusive ; it promised to give the Bible to all that are destitute Of it. but the slave is uot in their programme. 1 herefore wr area better and more philanthropic society There is "no 'purity iu this unhappy nation. We are a nx-st licentious people, and any man that doc-; not belong to this our movement, is either a wicked or deluded man. Oh! what a work is to be done. There is not a church in the land that i- not on the side of the oppres sor. and Professor Ftuart. too. is against us Mr. Pii-lswrv.?Yi.u must take that baek. Professor Ftuart is now further fri m the couetitutiou than Daniel Webster Auat Kmv?Tin re i-another church Th|?M8?r enar.tersi f Citielunnti h !J no OouunuuicaUun with the Mm flu ldrr*. Mr. Garrison ?Whin Prof mor Stuart's repentance c< no - froui authority. 1 will take my scntiineuU back. But 1 now repeat that cTflrjr chureh of Influ-me in the country, north and south, b> against us Yes. th" paper* of any influence in tlM country arc afslnit ui. The few that arc with us arc only milk-and-water thing* K Mr. McCu Kt.?You nrc mistaken, fir; you mean. I sup pose. that they are ruin-aiid-watcr thing*. (General laugh.) Mr. MnNTooMriY. a young Englishman. Iiegg.*1 to mike a fi ?? remark*, lie thought while they wer- straining at a K'">t they wire a wallowing a camel "They talked about there being millions of Marcs at the South?they forgot there were S.OGOOM In another place. Now. if thu-so solicitous ale lit the social, moral, and religious Condition of the 3.0001)00. they ought to look a little after the con dition of tilt grister number. The speaker was th in 1 enlled.toordtr (Scmrnlroioa#?"Goon. goon ") Th< gent 1 man made a few other remarks,and sat down. The I'm sh im Horn riml an anonymous letter, ad dres-ial fr m PUitt street. enclosing MUD for tli? u.-e of I the society! and raid that if George Thompson will con sent to devoti his talents to the question, daring the cut ulng year, he will coutrlbute $100 a* a re mono* i ration for his mrtcia. | The letter was then ordered to be entered Oil the mi i nrtcs. * Mr Met'i car. then made an effective speech, ta total S. i teh and extracted, at least one hundred dollars ' frcni the tn thn*n by bis humor. A letter was th'-n read by Mr MrKiw from *f 8 ! fcbi lscer a leading m< mbcr of the Vrvnrb National A? Mii.hly. i i.i in lng a bill for on hundred francs, as his ?u i riptlen to tha Auli-cUvory Society. third oar. S?a*ri sr.. May !>. llil. TW meeting was called to order at 10 o'clock. Th ? number present was abont the same as collected on the I two first days, nor ,.n- there any new faces The proceeding* were opened ace rdmg to eu torn, by 1 a hymn, after which tto Chairman rouls resolution to I the fiBowing effect:?"That whip* the clergy of the | cliuri hes of America wen on the *ldo ot the Mare power, i tin y could not In tpo for the abolition of slavery ." Tnn Kit Mr Mar tin n olfered a resolution of eonfl deui ?? In Ute Jintl-Slarrru Simulant, of New York and the I LthriHor, id Boston. uruf thank i to their editors. Mr t,i im i then r ? mid salii. they did not come here to make iy. i clo s ? nly. hut to do something, lie there I ie tug) ii on the anitii nee, and thr* ugli them on thu *o chtr. to become sutseribcrs to these papers Mr. OaaaiMiw followed on tha sataa ?!;le He iwcom j mrndtd all subscriber* to begin with the .s ,mJa i aud tdii.-h with the IJUral lir. M? Kim referred to the case of Knpheinii Wil liaraa. the lugitireof whom he spoke yesterday, lis now wi'hcd to unite a remark in relation to her. which he did tn>t mention yesterday fir ot nil reason* It was ll.i.t Mlci lia Williams. the husband of Kupli uiia. ! was. in prison In 1 inl- l* t| hi*. under a wnriction of arsi.d lair cay Mr Mr'.im then went on to impugn , the 1' guilty ??! the < >nvi< tion. ami said that Miciiiia and ! his wife were ciaimed by one |uu-ty. ami that person.* wi nt to the pri-on. and alb etod to Pi* ntify the pri-uni r. thin! Itg II at the tlivftrnoc was n friend to prt-. I tvary; I ot they wer mni h m'-t.i ,en The Unit nor of Penn sylTanis ws, a tree man Ht? p* *. re immediately taken I y the ab<Utioaist* to rbtain hi- panloti and he n >whod the ) ies-iire I f . ni, iiuciug to thi - meeting that the par don of Mirldiu W'Bhttn* Wa? in hi* print tie ti.vd taken miasutc# to r more MlcPII* (bum I'hUadeiphia. ai d if he was not at p -eul in tin* meeting. l*e would ta* with linn*, tills ewe' ing I p n thi- Mn-idia Williams th o* .rroal'.ulJ to atmwl up in the meeting, aad was loudly ihcertd for several Oiii Utie Mr M. Kt*i . tin ri ferre t to a > tt'*r he had received fri in Mr filn lo?r. a numle r of the frwnch NmUcmI A< >* mbty lie wi hc*l t * m.ike a n m?ik which he omitted ji Onlay 1'roni the mbaIpresentatton* (f lltsmM ?i J designing (a rsons in I'ratice. much odium haa tieen tl.iown ? n our sock ty in that country. Mr. ttoht l-cer. in rem i|Urnce of this. iei|u.. ted Unit we would send him s n itiflrnts 11 the-.mity ot the mrmliersof the society; I ut tin thing in it-* If. I* so prepoxti puis, that he sup po i*d this public notice would is* sufficient. Mr to im i said there must ha a mi-take Mr. frhel*. nr and tin* Ireneh people mu-t hare confounded tha t ? loulaation Poeiety with the Anti-tMarery 8uciety It ws- for the sanity of the firmer society that Mr 8< Itels crr had rrqtieeli <1 the rertifirate Mr Own? th* n spoke In favor of tin* two resolution* offerrd liy the Jte? Mr Gay He satd that, notwith standing I he * i infc'U of the iter Mr May. he knew *er > rsl t hrirtiuu ? htirchf* in this Atate ? In* meant t'hri-tian as . mIdles?-which met iforthe wor-iilpof God. hut w!m I nn net a regu nrUyttiuttM. Th***w bodies allsym* |s bin* with this so?t, ty A tm ml i r in the Isniy of the church a ked what sra* their en?d ' Mr t^iiarfMld a? he Gated before, they ha<l no or ganitatit n, and for his own part lie never wished to -ee large rt ligiou* < r;;ani*al ion* But the DPI aud New Te* ti incut* v ere tie ir plath rnis.aud fn m the-e book* their cr? i d wis trsmi d A letter '? a? ri sd hy the President, received from Mr Jo? 1 h John-on. an abolitionist ami a resident of thi eity, in whleh he stated that he w?? soi ry that lii- Meld Mr Montgi niery. the Knglisk genltraan wlwspoke y<>* t* rday. was nti-app-eh* ndrd lie u-sund them that Mr M? nlg< wi ry ws - a ftietid < f their oause. an?l all that that gi nth man meant. **? that h? thi ught that the gn mils ? liieh th<y had gin n wiie too narrow lie said Mr * Mi ntgi UK ry belt i ged to a nsclety fn Bogland. railed the I'ljmouth hoeii ty, atol h- could as-ure the me* ting that t In people who compose this association are rem u kaldc lor their philanthropy and the souiidm-? of thi Ir flew*. Air Mi Oi i i i raid he had known the society in Kng iaudtBM iiad Inti n ? *.i with several individuals wh< In lougl d to it. *t.d he ? i hi d to Pear his testimony as to their worth, and the estimation iu which they were gene laily 1.1 id in ling and. Mr Whitsos. of I'l 'la le'] hia. addressed ti ** meeting. In far i ot the Hi v Mr May's rcwdutious. 8 me of his ti toaika wi re. that * or err ??? the i mbo*UuM>nt of all rll laliy. M*d Hint aitP ugh he woul I tn ! bar the g serri* mi nt hi would, at .*? I * ? ent*. send -Tery man -f it to th ? peniti titlary. Mr tt litt *>ti. In eoaelusi*?u,*>id be would now -it down, having unbttrth n I bis eottaeienti* if the P nd w ith wliith It ?a- opj *? - i 1 h** t'MstWMsa sat ! IPs! Mr Wliltnat was the John ? llantick of Ot' AttU "UTe*,*y Puci ty. lie *rt*" the first who signed the declaration put forward iu Pliiladet ] IiIh in 184.'). Here the dark woman, umi'l Sojo's* Tu t, ?t>?d # and said flic wanted to fit} u few word* when they get through?if i'T< rthey do (A .ougli ) Mr tji ik? v tin ii r1 ud th ? report of the committee to appoint < Bern of ihe i-a ietjr I ir the ens uing year The n | nit wan presented to the meeting. and accepted The following named person* are the officer* ofthe oo ciety for the ensuing year:? President? Mm. Lloyd OerrUoa. I'ict-Pn iidrntt?Pi u r Lib by Main. Iterj. Corning Sam ner, Lincoln I'atteo, Davis, Trrmont, Francis Jacluoa, Kd o< ? ltdQnin y, A-u I'm rlank*, Jam** H. Wliitcomh. SemoM J Map, 'I bonis* MeCUntook, Rob#rt i'owig, Edward M. I?avl*. Q*< rite Atkinson, Thomas Garrett, Thoinaa IHaald attn. fa Stevdmaa, O. Wilson, Thorna* Wicket, Jaia** A. Slird, Jttha D. Pirrcc, California. if?rtlcn?i-Wd?(? U. (.?j, Wendell Phillip*. Trraturn ? I rani u Jackson. Mr ip im i then month ashe was about to lcavo. that two ot the resolution* *h"Ulill>e tak ri up and acted upon. Mr Gioat.t Tuoitievis mow mud - lht appearance and took hi* Mat ou the platf< rui. a ml Jet the cheer* of the meeting. A (11m nc*k.ti iuw arose in relati >n t > a resolution itt fered by Mr. Quinoy, itut of It* order, deeluriug the coad tJencei.f the meeting iu several papers published in New York. Ohio, and other place* The Ker. Mr Mai wished t.' include the Liberty Partf pa j" r. the organ of Gcrrit Smith and his party Mr May's suggestion wit* opposed I y Abby Kelly,Mr. ? - ? i ethers. TV right, el Hot ton, Mr Uuirey and Kri o Don.I sss said thril the Slur, of whieh he in the edit' r. is ineiuded in tlie rei ilu'iin lie wished t* my that he did not endorse it on that account. Th ? Nertk Star was not enfined alone to seeking a dissolu tion of the Uninu. It luid other view* lie wi-hod, hew tvi-r. to be understood a.> tux proceeding to a Jissnlutiea Of the Onion, for he believed (list that was fast being br> ught als o! in tiie Northern States, and as t? th* motto cf -No Union with Slaveholder*." he had ne ob> jeetlon to it He. nor the Liberty party, would hold nn union with those criminal men, Mr. liaasisoa said there was rngu -ry somewhere. Potoi ass said, let us lay ou. Auger on it (lire mc mm opportuuity of explaining. 1 am us cool as a Mag morning Here Douglass wenfjiiito a long exp' nation, but kegt wide ef the mark. But we understood liim to say that the liberty | urty were as anxious to !. ? p out the idave power us tins goeiety. Tliey were as anxious te drive tin ni from all offices, and to he. p th til out of oflloe, an any other party in the Slate. lie a> o s.iw no great use in going especially for a dissolution of the lluion. He thi ught it was quite euough to go sincerely for the aboli tlon of slavery, but he wished to be understood that he did uot oi'.i' ei t<> the Anti cUr-ry Society agitating the question of a di?<-uluti( u of the Union for while tbep were carrying on the agitation for the dissolution, they were doing some good. They were at les?t damaging s'art ry. and. although he might not go with the auti slavery party on iku- question, he did not think he had left their platfi mi , W"1 "'atwi'h:'1 to wakr .1 remark iu relation to tiit- expression ho mud.- u... ot Ti, .v" thcw was "roguery somewhere.? Now. he'wouidlS tlieie was roguery some whc re. and "lot the gallod i?dh? u> t-anquilllty -aid he, if ;i porno* ia calm tkmii no necessity for toiling the audience how to diiilf ";,th,n^ abont " Mr Harrison th. n went m nl-i?v ? m,'*MinK "f ".le ?"wiotjr?to explaiu iU platform and to cotidvuin th* liberty party for ^vtaS? ?hcy. the s. ciety. had. of necessity to nrnttw? con! tin I'1' A,lm'rir"n cJ,uriJ' ">? whig part jr. and the com dilution. because tbty were u< -t onti-slavcrv and ai y nmn who l. ares this platform-nx-aniug DougUw? Mr P * ' tf "* *lUi "l lT,,ry exldeno . ir t,. im\ ngsiu rose, and said lie ?'u wt.oi that Mr thi nMf ??"plained the platform of the society, &ad thai puth rm was to be the opinion of the majority at cot mL7.1o7 , ? sooloty, aud the t nti-men who da tot Ma?d on our platform cannot i xpeet tlr.t we cotdd rcconai.end their papers Mr. Vutncy coucluLTw withdrawing h*? rtfioiution ? 7 two Misses liurleigh. the wife Tl y wU?e'^V m" IT' 15urt' ",U r"d th ' it. p i. dres eU in the new Costume '< now lvia* ad'.ptid by ihe ladies The upper p-rment was *2 fitting and rencl.ed to tl. - knees Underneath was a too..- trowsers reaching to the ankle Tlie feet were em : fi'l?y rtraw hits crowned aU Tta tl i i- ' *<?"' imm.di it. ly tura.-d tow-irda t 1 Indie*. They waited up I .-.surely through the aiMe. t ?, their seats upon the piatf.-nn. :mj entered into - a*? L ilarrhon * Ke,ljr' Uw>nf* Thompson, aui IP*. Here the meeting took e rceoiw t'HSISO IK9SI3S. Tie-Iter Mr M*i offered a resolution that the meat annual meeting of the Anti Mayer, S. .-i.-ty sh-sull ba ?ig natTd*""" re iu <?*>? The pln?* h. rwXr?* ? Mr Itaooasv. of Ohio approved of the mir nsw c? it Vn1n or' th"1 Vi*"7 w"uU """ ' h ?urh a Ufc ?i i.lnsh " WOUiJ pUt tUe cl,T of *?? Y*t te _ *'?. W *'?,*' r *U" the nr.etlrg that the societo voul,j r.c.jye such a reception i.i the West is jJS thf^gTf?t U *>t known how to givf*. I.,'liur '? iJmg the annual meette in different p. .. es I ut they sliould be particular in s? he lnS a place wh?Ve there was a -trong ,uti da er linen anion.: -t the ople |? u.atif tlwtol h ,1 l.eee .. . . . ?' ^ Ul!il ? ?>?t "d . ,U adopted MX I,r seven y, srs ago, the -orieto n";Vrbn'n " Tr!l I etninger pZS w * J, Hl ?"***? 'h'-r.-f .n- of opioi'in, if hi.) on.mtNt was wi rth anj .hing that iu future thy should go iuta nVteiy 1 n nw-'h' L'!ii?U ^ ,Ji 'r ^ Mr WaiuHT. of Boston said he wMied to sneak o? Use rr. se,it ..pert rf th -layer, question Amo^U ^ t hi tigs h,. said, tf h w, re a . rted that the Hibl - -sue t.oni-dilayerjr. he would say the Bible w n, a tie U it * .is said that Hod eanetloni d it. he would say there wwa nCestt^B01*-1 TClU<1 ****'' ,he priesthood to settle MU ' , , , ! n 1;- v" eali' d upon to r. yen-noa tin- Utbia nioti than the coustituti. n. he would not do it and tf be Was a-e*-d to ivvrrence 11- I more than man, lie w><U? I ' ?-'?? >? he thongU the only way to reyerswea d was for man toluye his K-othtr. lie judgvd that* nuns res err nca t.-r truth, justice and f n God >u bw c ;m7,rrrri,,.f,r ''u,,iri!y ,u z t. rnity Let In.- uacie be w. -tb-n d .?n on the r--cords ^-."hle ? /i "* ,h*1 *nJ r, Ua Irrlber. and hr would abide th-- rousequonce He was sick of praying and singing and all sort- of hypocrtaw II. r.- ot the Mecretancs r.-a-ta letter which .JL. e<. iu the Arte I -rt |/r- .if, on n .ur-dsy.In which it wsa stated that the Corporation Mused t.. give the aodwte I nMe'.l ' Hall until tll.-y 111, I ellt.-r.-d inUh h- nd luthe.-.i.m of I. n Ui-.o-and dollar- to m .ke rand all damages which might occur f"i<1 "in ouiy person who had troatad all,! the corporation for the the hail; ?,d hsTart It was a misrepresentation from l>< ginning to end * r. pl asTsr as thnt at the last meeting of the society' the ran i g was eughllj damag.-d. and wiu-n he mile Ihe at-|.|?c.aion. tl..- forporati ., ,aid that the damage dowa shtnild Is. first paid f..r and th y deinaudad bid and s>- tjiity for an, danu .'-that ah-midl ? d..ue .Mr Mw 1 ai I tw. uty d Hi. rw under protest an I th it wis all then *fferr.l"e? n ' n l'"' "" " ,il:? Mapcg nd, eten wl n It was that U?pt llrndaa was to rome u;, to ,..(nrh ,h? U1,t.t!, ^ ^ / ? the , r< feel Ion of the city gay rum- nt t .'/.'"T."' Ptl"'r "imUar in taste and w. tint- nt to the r. marks of th.- vail us speak.-rv -? -- n" ?" 'Wd. th.- Convention adjournal :ZTt ^ Prcraratloi.a for the President'* Nortltwra Tour, Ag. wi r... ? Bittmaii Msv it I ,! (Mt1 1 iT'- p< "J - t. ?, , - 1 ' " " ?' 1 ' : and ttatf. . ". ' .' thr ^or"' A ha. le-en ttm poin.. d. aud a tcwu m.-eting caii.-d. ^ n, fHiuwu'iiit. May 9 lgM prrr.--don ,'7' *7 n,^lrf/' ' ?-:rn" 1 nil "?ry and dftf wiiitie.i t e PrvsUtaut TheenUre mdltavf f V&U??-E*\1?A ^ flallr-wd, f Mh. week ha* be. n Uuie.aod by canal, lT.Ort T?te Attack or. the Colo.e.l pinn at Boston. gslg of ,!?th th"?\T 1 wa?'*fac'? i- Mqr o V r ?r,; pUlTr 'Jh r'w"r" ^r,wh1i,,, H'"1 children la the w i?. 11. L J ? M?.are, w here wv?n on ight l.iaekaa wi i.. et I . 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Cspt Crabtr.e. arrired y".tervl? fr-ni litmien, via Southampton ller uewa ha- beee anticipated by the fluropa Tur Drrisrra. or ink Smwarnr Pa< ,rw?A Caawo or Pias.sore.?The American rteamahip Pacific ' Hpt Ksra Nye will |, are this portal noon to-day f wUvwe pool Thi. .plrndid vt. amer will earry out ahoUt two hnndrv-A and twenty cnl in paewigrrw?about thirty m -rethan tho Psltlr had Tlii. Is the greatest number of paaseogT* that ever left this port In any steamer for Kurope The raclfle Is the "BiTlpae" Of the Atlantic Aftec her rreent quick run of nine ,nJ , half 4 tf|# ocean, a party ?t K.ngllslimen ?n.| Americans were d(, cusnng thi rep. etlv. merits of the UunirJ anJCoUlM steamer* or rather Ihespc-.l ,,f the Asia and PaclUe "Io n a \ ank.-e. who had w. n sev ra! tvets aaid ?' ITeB. my trier Is. d > y,.? know that Uapt Nje intends t? alter the ParlAe ' ? >. g|trr ,?.r exrlalm?.| th-- Niurliefc m* " nhat droa he mean to Jo to her ,- hasn't ah- al r.sdyheen altered'" -Ohy.s. replied the Vanksa i Si. ' ' N " 'H*r l? to make , t ,y ?| of h. r " Tnp riifflr k |||, nly *f*'ttr *r fh it i.- j Ifru l -IYt YnjY"5' t,l*"'n Wrirl "* M-ila ot te*