Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 13, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 13, 1851 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 677G. MORNING EDITION?-TUESDAY, MAY 13, 1851. PRICE TWO CENTS. DOUBLE SHEET. ?AIsJDi~BY ADOTIOI. JD. IIOI.BKOOK. AUOTIONF.ER?J. D. HOUBROOK ? will ?cll, this day, at 10 o'clock, at -It) 1'eatl street, ?Crockery, Glass, and China wares; also Hardware, Cutlery, and tancr articles; aim* *10 boxes RaitiM, 25 chests Tea, l) boxes window Glass, Ac. Alao a lot of damaged good*. Catalogues are now ready. JOHN L. VANDEWATER. AUCTIONEIR.-MAGMFI ceut sale ot the richest description of Furniture, be tug the entire stock contained in the extensive estahliirhnuul of Mr. J. IK* Forreat. No. 292 Broadway, near Ruadc street.? F. C. l-awrunce A Co. will aell at auction, on Wedue.2:> v, Iktli. Thuraday, 15th. and Friday, 16th May, at 10o'clock each day, at the spaciuns and well kuown establishment of Mr. J. Lie Forrest, No. 2P?2 Broadway, near Reade street, tha entire stock of Furniture, manufactured and imported expressly for private salts, carved in the meat elaborate manner, covered ?n the richest materials and the latest Paris fashions, being the largest and most oostly stock of furniture ever offered for sic in the I'uited Status. To he sold without reserve, to .make room for extensive alterations. Particulars in special notice. JAMES M. MILLER AUCTIONEER?PEREMPTORY Sale of Valuable Property belonging to the Baasford Estate, at auction, under the direction of W. C. Wetmore, Esq.?JAMKSM. MII.LKR A CO. wrll sell on Wednesday, May 14, at 12 o'clock, at Jacblard's Hotel, West Farms Sta tion, Upper Morrisania Village?120 Building Bites at Morris aaula. fronting on the Uarlein Railroad and avenue, adjoia ?g Upper Morrisunia village on the south and east, and on the north hy Fordlium, Kuigslridge, West Farms road and St. John's College. The location is unsurpassed by any ?ver offered to the public in that whole section of country, being surrounded by a thrifty neighborhood and growing village. I iihographic maps can be had at the anetiou room. No. Maiden lane, where every information will be given. Anthony j. bueeCker. auctioneer.-ford ham, Westchester County, N. V.?A. J. Bleeckcr will veil at aurticn, on Thursday, May IS, 1851. at twelve o'clock, at the Ford nan: aopot. lie man's Hotel, opposite the premises, Under the Direction . tHephen Cuinhrelcng, Esq.. the follow ing valuable property, yis:?At Furdham, exactly opposite the depot ot the New V ork and Harlem Railroad Company, about 300 lots anu parcels of land, lying on the road leading from Writ Forms to Kingsfcridge, at the junction of College avenue wild the flartom itailroad. on Union and Cainhreleug avenues. and on Deluncey, llnyaid, Hoffman, l.orillard, Ar thur, Elisabeth and Jacob streets?the whole beautifully aituated betueeu the grounds of yt. John's College and the 2andsofthc Messrs. Wudsworth, J. Uurillurd, B. M. Brown, and I*. M. I.)dig, Es'fuir?s, and the Bronx River. The whole property is well situated fur immediate improvement, laid out into luta and parcels of convenient site, varying from 50 to 100 feet iu width. There are several buildings on the pre tnises. including a dwelling, barn, and other out-houses. Se veral of the plots afford admirable rottage xttof. and contain beautiful rr ves of trees of every variety. The place is pro verbially wealthy, and comprises the convenience of a settled .neighborhood, such as butchers, bakers, and other tradeamsn ? hand. The distance is hut 10j^ utiles from the city, and Urn intercwune by the cars is constant during the day, at a y early Cuiou.i t.itioo of AlV T? those desirous of obtaining .arger portion* of lsnds than laid down on the maps, liberal privileges will be given. The title to the property is unques tionable, and the sale will be peremptory to the highest bid der. Three f .urths of the purchase money can remain on bond and*nior'.g vgc for three years at 6 nor cent, at the option ?jf the buyers. Maps will he ready for Distribution nt the uf 0< e of the A i i tionecr. No. 7 Broad street. For further par ticulars. sppl) to STEPHEN OA Mil II F.I. EN (I. Esq.. No. Id Wall street, or t.. A. I". MAN, E.-q., ft Wall sirest. R KENNY, AUCTIONEER-BY 11U M BERT k KENNI', s in their Sales Room, 1'2 ind 171 Fulton streit. Briok lyn. tomorrow. Wednesday morning, at 10 oclok, by cata logue. roll and fashionable rosewood, mahogany and bla k walnut Farter and Chamber Furniture, and rich Fur nishing Goods, emlira- iug elegant carved Sofas, Easy and Parlor Chairs, and Tele a Tetes in satin, brocatelle. silk plush and hair cloth, French ami Scroll Bedsteads, Book cases. Wardrobes, Dressing and Plain Bureaus, Washstandi end Ceotre Tables, with Italian Marble Tops. Extension Dining Tables. Mahogany and Cane Seat Rockers, Coucliei, ?Ac., Ac. Also, a rich assortment of Silver Plated Ware, isz , Castors, with Cut Glass Bottles, Cake Uaskete, Cham ber mid Piano Candlesticks, richly cut Bohemian Glnss, Jceoratcd French Chioa Vnsus, Tea Sets, Toilet Sets, Giran doles, English Table Cutlery, richly decorated Papier Machc, ight Stand and Work Tables, Gothic Trays in sots. Ac., etc. Also, several suites of Enamelled Chamber Furniture. AI.o, pure end be-t Curled llair Mattrosaes, Paillasses, Feather Bel-, Bolsters and Pillows, Also, n few richly framed Gil Palatini*. Also, one elegant Freunh plate Mir r'>r, 71x25, and an assortment of hooking Glasses of smaller dimensioss. Also, a quantity of second-hand F urniture lu r.. n Carpets, Feather nods, Stb., with which the axle will ! commence. Goods will be on exhibition, Handsome furmti re. carpets, mirrors. , Piano F'oites, Ac.?This day, at 10 o'clock, at8A Nas sau street, near Fulton, consisting of a large and valuable i ?es'rtmeiit of rosewood and mahogany parlor, dining room, mil chamber Furniture, Pianofortes, rich velvet Tap '-try, | Brussels Three-ply and Ingrain Carpets,Oil Floor Cloths.Stuir Carpets, larre French Plate pier Glalo-es. extension Dining Tables ami a gen?ral assortment of good household furniture of nil kind . which is well worthy of the attention of house kcepers. Uutaligue* on the morning of sale. K. C. KEh P, Auctioneer. CALX OF SPLENDID FI'RN ITU RE.?WILL BE SOLO on the 11th, lith and liitli ol May, at ID o'clock each ii >y, nt the (tore "f Mr. J. He Foreeat, 'iri Broadway, Furniture, the entire stock oentained in thai eatenaire ?e tuMishmcnt. the Inrgeat and m<.at elegant ever offered for sale in the Foiled Stated?comprising auita of Parlor Enrni tnre, elaborately carved in rddowood and corcrcd in gold icoendo, latin, damatk and hrornteilea, plushes. velvets. i|e,I arm. reektre, sewing, Voltaire, smoking and other Chairs, upholstered in the richest material and flniahed in she h?>t pbssihlr manner; Etagerea, Kucortieuroa. Sideboards, plate glass doora, and lin?d with aatin and other rare wood*; ? le, centre, work and rard Tnblea, in roaewood, mahogany, oak and waluut; auperbly carved aewin<, dress ing and stationary Tab!, a, in roaewood, nitli inirrora; Fan tueila, Uanna Couches and Spring Chairs. in every approved wtyle: W ueic Et overt, Maeio Mool*. Kacka, Fire Screena, <duartett??. and Taney Tnblea; a variety of Chamber Furni ture. in roetwond, mahogany, walnut an l enamel; l'apiei Machc I lain, Tables, Writing IH-aks. Workboies. Odour Case* and l'ortfolica. Hda furniture is mannfaetured under our own au| -r\ieioo, of the heat uiatcrialM, and will be aoid withont re r\e. to make room for extensive alurationa. The sale wi 1 commence on Wednesday. Ilth inatant, and continue till the slock ia diapoaed of. The gooda are now exhibiting. 2 Ann , OTS AT PORTSMOUTH. OHIO. TO BB jVrvrl/ old at auction, on 15th Mny, inat. For particu lar!, aee auction head of A. II. Nullcr, in Connor It En ?jnlrer and Evprfse. Auction notice.-tiios. iif.i,l, auctioneer lly II. V. Buah.?Eatra rale this day, at half put 10 o'clock, in tlie nneti >n rMM 10 North Milliain street, of Hotel and other oxcellent Furniture- 9 ega-s famili Dry alood-: rti h iewrlry,Cutlery, Plated and Japanned W are: 1 irat ra't Daciertian Instruments and Apparatus. Counters, JOnwCdr ?. .!> Looking tlla-sos, Curtaina, Cloeka, Book c .irea. nnl n-in rvis other articlci. TIIOS. HF.I.I.. Auct. A CCTION NOTICE.?OBOCERIES-ON TUESDAY Mis) IS. at 10 o cluck, la front of the store, No. 57 Dey A A. Jilt) ni |VV tlfl.x, III aioui "t n.v rowir, ,vw. <>| a't J street, rornt r of Greenwich sreet, 1D0 hoxea Oolong and Aon s hen* Tea, ratra tine, in 15 lb. bines; 3D bhla. Dried Peaches: ti baskets llnd i. k Champagne; ID boars llhcuthal Writing Ink, aud a general adeertnieut of Orocorica. W. A. CARTER, Auctlonear. 57 Day at. Auction card?to cabinet makers, import era. and Maaufadturars?Cask advanao* wale on rod uiannj'-i.t, ot Furniture, l'lunua, Faititiu*a, Mattresses, an 1 ncr< hnn ii e jet,i rally, fur pu> lie or private a?W. AppI) ?t the Hatea Room. sM Broadway, Wt?e?n Read* and ffuaae II. E. Wf " atr i ts. If. E. W11.LARD, Auction -rT. WA. CARTER, AUCTIONEER AND COMMISSION a Mrrrhaat, kaa rvmovad to No. 57 Day atre?t, <-iraer Creeawi li. the l. .t sit nut Pa in the city for tha disposal of groceries at anrti of which thofe ? ill bo regular atlea; alao. mrr haadise in general, aud reepoctfoll* aolbdta eon n.nn.ent. t r public "r prts ato aaloa. Liberal advaaosoa gooda for gwetioe. IIOI ELS, PAVILION. NEW RRIMITON THIS EST t BUS ft* ??al l> ?'>! aMatd biflke aoacoa. ( pr pro-t ir will ri# hupp) t" enter Into arras,. i? ats Oith partica who may dee-- to fa* r I >a I y n tin it He ir aomnis r roaideaoe. He ?nn nlwty* lie found oa the prontlt a 1 .ere are atill ae /arnl ?wits of arnr toeuta and at< ,-U ro. iua die ? tiled New Br ;h' n. May 6, luM. I. BLANCARD. f A?E SON S PATENT ANNUNCIATOR. OR ll??TIL of TcRut.-' ? Af elegamt and u? ful m i ,lae. a aubetltnta far tirlla so i rw rly inner. This invention haa, invariably, res eived tl Iril premium whenevi r pn ?? nted for ?omp-'tl ttoa, having t, -cited the g. Id an-laI at the Aineriraa In 0 tote, a ail st r itn dal at the Hi ton I > r and diplo-nas w held Medals have l?cn previously award"! It. For tt? anporii r rerformoni e, we t'* to rchr to nearly all the leading 5r?t claaa hole's ,a the t aited Static. Me pi tat tku* tddtimoalala of pera a a who has? had ?r"ai exp-rieaee in bou banging, the u?c of and tbd putting up I -r<. >iv Vuat, Hankf. MM, Dear Slr< ?In anawer in your' ? 11! a lat labt . aokiag SU "jual u n? t . :; merits of Jaek?' n'a tniniaciator, or Boil Telegraph, I I. t to atnte that I hut e fit tod tbcm up in m mf Iftd dlaoo botrla ia various parta of the Union, and est-a dvslf I* ffMa i it v?thni they have given all the a.itisfai tina chat p"S?i '? c i,Id b# e?p '-ltd?that I know vl no machine that works so oerrertly ia nil ita pnrta, and with ao much oin.t lie it y. It < elegant app??rmee. aa well aa Its general utility. ? art lata tne ia rec inni' nding it ts> hotel proprietor* and other1 a'the utoat perfect Annum iktor, ot Ball TeU ,,-api now in wad. Roapeetfnlly, smra, THOMAS I H AI.MF.Rs, |}?|| llaoger. 5 Mereer atreet. Oenta:?For the Inat three ye..ra, I Imro wood Jackson's Patent Annwn lator fi r I'otela. in this city and State. aUo n Vermont, anil it ha, pros, d itself perfectly aatlafaet,.ry to the owners, aa well aamyaclf. I am dmidaiHy of opinion 'hot "tpoaacaiss perloritr of meohwwieal con-truelion. e|T|, | in l dura' ei' r 11 lUclf over ill oti. r Annunskatora that I have ever o. HE1U M. FULLER. Hell Hanger. lloaTOie. March R It'I. 17 Devonshire atreet. f.entai?Vt S base pnt yonr Jackson's Patent Ann In se vera] large hotels and ateamehi; i, where they give per * a, ftir con "" " vol anti-fa lion. Aran Mventlon,fi r comMaatMk. m - lian ni. durability, fTe' dnm of nation, m l less liability to ite -rgng'nicnt we unhesitatingly give it aa our opinion that It ao superior inj'hint in uac for like purpo iea. MiOftr'tiOR h UAVMAN. 1111 Hangert. Naw Von/. Mnreh 5. MBI. 17VChryatle Atreet. lliac Sir-?llailng put up two of ynnr Annunoiatora ?hTaeity. yon dealro to know my "pnilsn of them. I em aider a'mot-i irfeet machine tar not bd made. Ita appear ance i* mac and orn imental, and If pnt ap by n competent person, eanni t get out of order. III N RY HOCHSTRA9SP.IL Bell Hunger. Put inn rma, March 7. MI. South Eighth at. The piii li' ire roapeetfnlly ennttored agaiaat making, Vending.|or naing an infringi-mant of this patent. Mannfa - t.nrednnli h) Jj. kten'a Annun-iator Mnnufiai'tiirlng Coiw Hi una atreet. New York. Ilia patents for Eng land, Fran e. and tha Canada*, for aula. KUIIOPKAH AnVKItTlNKMKNTM. H int and romkbll, (succeasoiis to storr a Mortimer.) OoldaMtha, Hilvcrsroitha, he . to the Onsen, also I l r .nnmcter aud Watelimnker*, of No. 155 Now Hi nd atr'-et. London; manufactory, Ni Harrison street, ?,IA) '? in mad. l eg to intimate to their patrons that they are about mm tag from their brawah business in Princoa* Street. Man heater, to At. Anil's t'|uar". in the sama town, nnd immediate!) opposite to tbo principal entraaca or tha Exchange. MATRIMONII A li? Matrimony made eaat, or how to win a Lover?I'rofeaaor Low ton. of London, hnving arrived ,n Boston, nill tend to any address, on reeelpt of on* dollar, post paid, plain directions to enable ladie* or gentlemen to win the devoted affections of the opposite teg. The proeeag ia simple, hot ao captivgttng that all may be married, irra apfrtlre of age. appearance, or position : and lant^though dot least. II i an be arranged with am h ease and delieory that detection is impossible. Addri is Prefeweor l aw ton. Bo-ton, Mass. No letter taken Iroiu tU? l'gtv Jfk. ' uuLtt ? i' ; n ff i? pud. TOR BAUD AND TO LBV. DOWUVO SIiUBTB FOR BALE?THREE ALLEYS A-? and fliturea complete, juat taken up; will be cold low. to close a concern. Inquire of E. S. W1LLETT8, _ Foot of Delnnoey street. Drug store for saijl at a bargain, to any one w ith a small capital, a.* the proprietor luudt leave the city lirst of June. It it an old stand, well estab luiied. and has done a pood business for uiauy ye ire past. It would be an excellent place for a physician. Please call at W Allen street, or Jl'J Ninth avenue. TOORDHAM PROPERTY.?WE ARE REQUESTED TO I A call attention to the advertisement of Fordh&m property, under auction head of A. J. BLRECKER. Those who wish lor pleasant and healthful places of residence, easy of ac cess. will find these lota very desirable. They are also con vunicnt in jije, and improvement, are going on rapidly in tlie vicinity. r * IXOR SALE.?THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A well e.tabM.hed Tea, Coffee, and SugarStore, situated in the \ icinity of Dry Dock, and duiutf a good limine.*. Thi. i. a hr't r?te "ance for any indn.triou. person who like< an indoor bu*ine??. Kent of the store is Kw' atoek on hand is not large, but new and .alcublc, and will be .old at a fair valuation, for caeh only. Any person wishing to enter into the above named business, w ill please call at N?. 103 Avenue C, corner Seventh street, ?t SpalthoB's gTo. ery store, where partieulurs will he made known. F OR SALE?A THREE STORY FRAME HOUSE. WITH ? brick buHcmcut, and two lota of ground attached, on the Bloomingdale road, not far beyond its junction with Tenth avenue. The house is capacious, well built, ami well suited either lor Lusinu.sor a private residence. The above property w ill be sold cheap, if application be made without delay to Dillon & O'Gorinan, 311 William street. 1*011 SALE-ONE OF ELDRIDGE'S LARGE OVENS and range; one of Urave'e vertical boilers; asoapstone griddle, and a drum, all new, and in order. Will be sol i ow. Call at !ei t rsey street. A rare chance. fIREEN TURTI.E.-FOR SALE, BV If. RODGERS St VA ( o., No. ^7 Fulton Market, a tine lot of Urecu Turtle, of ?II ti/tft, just arrived. /I HEAT BARGAIN.-FOR SALE?.V RESTAURANT, S* well Sited np, with ras Hxli'rts, handsome bar and m toinplete good order, with lease of the premises for four 1 are. li on let instant, ."laid Restaurant is situated in a fashionable part of Broadway, mid is doing a good business. The present proprietor de ires to dispose of It. having otll- r business that i alia bim out of the eitv. Tarms liberal. Ap ply, by letter, to A. 1*.. Ileruld office for two days. EC.AR STORE.?FOR SALE. THE STOCK AND FIX | Apply at fit Fourth avenue, tor tures of a see arstore uir ol Ninth street. Hare opportunity.?to let?a suit of rooms On the second tinor of the building 247 llroa l s ay, corner of Murray Street, opposite the City il-all. One of the best loi atious in New l urk. They will be let for a tirst clasi law ofhee, or other suitable business. Inquire uu the premises. Also an office to let. Furnished house to let?a convenient and elegantly furnished -Uotise to let. for six months, to a family without small cl ildrcmlsituated on the Fifth a. enue, near Washington square. Address, by note, D. |'? at the offi. e of thi- paper. TO LET?A DESIRABLE RESIDENCE IN ELIZA bethtown. N. J., with a large garden,containing a gr-at variety of flowers, tine fruit trees, and grape vines. Tbert is also attached to the l rcmices a pasture lot. and an ice house, filled. Kent, $100. Apply on the premises, to W". 1). Patterson; or te W. J. Tenney, Hunt's Merchants" Maga zine, 112 Fulton street. New l ork. fl*0 LET AND rORBALX 1 three atory and basement bldcuow"^^ ^ ttni,h,4 Immediate vicinity of the?****? rvl>iete with every eoa In the handsomest "ffj1*0*' : the balh-rooras and kitchen, venientf. Hot e nd cold w ater in tne c?v ^ ltUl,Uobo hc.. Ac. Immediate poiseaaion gt sillPi'EN. Agent. I ktn Land Office, of " ? " " 1*0 LET?FRANK I IN nOUSE BUILDING3-SECOXD and third floors of No. ly9 Broadway, entrincc through from main (fairway of No. IRT Broadway. Also, offices in building No*. li'."> aud 11-7 Broadway, offices in building No. 2 Dry street: upper loft in building No. 2 Dcv street. .S3\W feet; haiemcbt in building No. 2 Dev street, feet. Ap ply at No. 2 Dry street, office No. 8, third floor. TO LET-THE SPLENDID LECTURE BOOM. NO. MS llrt adw a>, opisLite Bond street. The room is 1.10 feet long aud M f> et wide, making a magnificent concert, ball or lecture room; alteration* may bo made to suit lessee. In quire of H. R. Cumuiings, l'ust's Building. street, corner of Exchange pla e. TO LET-TWO PARLORS AND KITCHEN. PLEA santly situated in H alkcr street. Apply to T. Davis, li'2 Canal sti et, up stairs. T O LET?A PART OF A TWO STORY AND ATTIC Uriik house, consisting of the lower roams and attic. Kent $233. The lady who oci upies the aecond st'.rv would v ishto heard with the family. Address II- B . at tin* office. T O RICH URN".?BUILDINGS RENTED AND RENTS Ofilh c tM. on r?tviin.ible term*. by a fp*ntlem.v? ??f re ?nihility. ard of experience iu thj Vttsineas. Aidreti II. V., at this uttice. IIOU8K8. ROOMS, 4c., WANTED. Building lots wanted?wanted, from four to ten lots, on Hlo niin<dslc road, between k ?L mV new place. on cither side of the road, half Um letl must he faciag the road and the balance immediately ad join r?ir, in th?* rear. Addrp ? t paid, statin* Ideation, ttnut, and where the a*?>nt or owucr may be se-a, Zj C. W. A T.. Broadway Tost Offtce. Room wanted?lor the evening meetings of a henei u -???tation. A room la the neuhbor h<x>d of llr w rid he preferred. A tdress (p???t paid) IV IV. Bo* 1,1V Post Ofllw. "II^ANTKD? IN A QUIET PRIVATE LAM ILL. A PAR vf Kr rind hi lriu with Board, by a stentle'usa and wife. Addre?*. with particulars, Z. this oft-'f. VET ANTED 1M MEDIATELV?FURNISHED OR UN fl famished, for three months, or loafer, alarre aad c? mtrodiotiB l?v Uiuar llouso, (M>n?istia* of two parlors, dining room, kit?-lien, si a to eight bedrooms, aad nereNsary rooma for servaata, situated on the Brooklyn lltivhts. or neighborhood thereof, with, if p???tMe. adjoinm^. aud a View of, the Hay. Aa?w<*rs, by letter, directed to M. 11 , ld7 Fal ton street, Brooklyn HOMEHTKADH. rpiJE NEW VILLAGE OF STRATTON PORT?SITU JL at?d within #l*tt miles of the City Hall, opposite liar lc-tn, on tbe Flo-tni v; Hay. so noted for it* wild fowl, pike and (Tarns?otil> hull a mil from Flashing, toward Oileg1 I'oiat. Tie above beautiful buildin* site* hare beea snr vryed and laid out into lots, (50 by 100 feet) about one ini nth. aince which time there hn%e been about half the lotn dupesed of; therv are still a ?o<#d choice at all parts to be disposed of, and at th ? tindt rmentioned prtcoe ? All lots above or Fast ?<f Lufayette street $ ??0 (D ** between Lafajr-ttc and llifh streets 75 09 M ?* High* ?trt'< t and Amelia street 1" Aiooli.i iti 'ct and CV'UvB ? avenue.!-*? OH I Hi >llet;r nv? nue and the TUy IAU Ot* C'-rnof lots will be ln\urlably sold at tu at-, a nee of O'.tr the adjoinin* lots. '1 hi conaith ns of ih? ?sle are *2-"> cash at the time of pur chase, and ti e ballnt in monthly iiisLilinont# ol tl'h This nr'i city o*.mpri?? r the haadfotnffl #fttrr VrltlW|N of a Iislf a mile in extent, embrmine uapnrsllfled pro*pect? of the East Ri*er, * tiot Flushing. .Newtown shore. Hi ker's I Rand. MorrGauia. i ork l?!and, and the novel spo ts cl? cf the I'sllisad uo< ks and the Uatskill Mcuut.tins. to H ? st I'oint atcessible several times ? day both by land an I water. For maps and tverjr inforuiati^n r**lnttn*, apply at the ottet < f J. A rLAMMRR, B oo ter street, two doors from Amity strict. Th** Amity pa-* I y thf doorei cry tit tmnnlri dnrint the d iv, and theatosm 1st Island i'ity. CaptUn Reynolds, will leave the foot of Fajtwa tre t ei ry morning (NistUrt excepted) at o'clock precisely, for llti?hin^. which is within Rvi rata ate* walk of rftrstton Port; and a party istend l will He ??n Inard to oondm t pn?j?eo'< re "? the ground and afford the stitMAf) iafwrtuatiuM, and which lots are sold. rjNVKHV MAN* III i OVt N I ANDI'lRD ' TIIF J | i.i. n iltiil Aoot , itirtR wili h ! tt m m r t reyular mc tit a; nnd?r thf-new or^nni/ati >n ol the charter. F^ ery mrtnbcr is rcjo* d d t<? come* forward an I pay up hit du#B; stid ill who wi?h to Join may have an opportunity, i'oine and *v ure y??urveivta a h??nie. I*mspecttt<> of co>i<?ti ti tioa may be obtained ot William Carter, ^trt-tnrr, I *"J ('anal *tr**??; and information *iven l?y Meser*. Jlarnxrd Is Far-one, Id Wall afreet. i*i nctnal attoirdane ia s ?|h ? t*>d, ? <\ Tm- I?i oveninAt N ?) loth, at ei^ht ?'flack, at 1^; Grand stre t. Hall. w J 1ST HOI NT VERNON.?A HEETINO OF ft r' oil et i .\. ... 1 Bti**n. to r * ' a t r w hi he he id on Tuesday fvedina;. at the hotel of IlildWbrtad, TL ?ttf ittf ?. The ! ayrn nte vre $10 s kly lnatalm*nt ^?:i;,^V^A,"L Vartie.Ut laformvti'a v given at vie m.cuag . _ i,-xi'F.n. Pr?.i4'iH. FERDINAND BANTER. '?* 1IOHMKH, CAUK1AWKM, Ac. N' 'OTjrr -to wnoM it may concern to nr. I anM. nt jm-M'i ?iiftl'-n, at Km llimr. In Crby ?tr*t, ?hi M >nd*y, th* IVth day of May, I N't I. a tin* lar.;* browu llori**. to (??) a i ill ol kc< pin*. M II C.V OKI! til I.I., l.ivery rtahle, No. 4 Ki> in*ton rtreet. A I'AtR or YERY HEACTIPCU AND STYI ISII r title, an<l warrant'd ?<>und. ?h..nt > a ten hand, Mih, ar* n< w for a*)*, and ar* worthy th* attention <>f any party ? iiUna t?i liuy. Apply to J?ut'? O'Nidll'a llttrjf otabloo, crnor ol I nlveralty place and Twelfth atroet. |.'OR SAtl-A FINE HAY IIORSE. 16 HANDS *TOH. F klad and ( nil* in cintl# or doubt* harn'-r*. AI?o, a I'l .a ton and harn*??, In pood obder. They oaill b* ??ld t > r*tl,*r or r*pnr?t*ly. a? may bwot auit lb* port hater. la i unir* at Norria'Stable, No. m Slath aienu*. ? M I'OR 9AIE A HORSE. WAGON. AND HARNESS. - llorao la bay. IAS hand* hlrh, warranted aoun I and kind in all harn**a andond*rth* raddle, perfectly broke. M aron li?M and n**rly new. with patent aal**. ?nam*ll d li-athrr ton. k*. I'rit* >2>i. Apply at corner of Second 14 V'~" artau* and 1'iftla atrrat. HORSE WANTED.-A HANDSOME YOUNG PACING I I llor?*. a rood traveller, aplrited, and entlrol) free from , trick*: blank preferred. Non* but a superior animal will auit. Apply to MR. I'OI'R, 61 John etreet. 'OR SAT.E?AN Of EN BAROUCH e7?A SECOND , Dor sai.e-an open barouche.?a second JT hand op*n and atyliah barouche, with ?*ata for four lu rid* and two on th* driver'* boat mad* in th* moat anbatan tial maanrr hy on* of th* brat mak*ra, and ia In complete nr d?r: will I* rold for 11175. Apply at the atable in Kobiaroa atr*ct. between Greenwich atroet and ColUfe pine*. fl'n 8TARI F, KEEPERS AND THOSE M HO WISH TO 1 paaturi liortea and atoek of any kind, San pa?tur* an I ttood rani*, and eat ?ll*nt water ran b* obtain*#, by npplien tion to Mr. I.**, olBce, IPS Canal atroet. Apply bietweoii ID nod 9 o'eloak. ?ilk IMin HORSES. AND UPWARDS, HAVE BERN Ol/yl/vJU tared with , iltliin a few month*, by th* timely ap plication of Hoyt'a Columbian l.lniment. For man or hera* Itatnnda pre-eminent, in ea*ea of aprain*. awallini*, aorea, fcr., n ibin* ever made baa been aa raooMOfal. Bold al V7 Broadway. 1.19 Chatham, and 937 Oudaoa atroata. ia extra Inrxa botll*a. V and 9Q oonta. CAl.irORIIIA. K ? IRCBOFF DE SOLA It CO, COMMISSION MER ehant* San Erinctaoo. Cnllfomln. R*f*r*ne#o?Meaara. Grower k C*.. St Thomna, W. I.: Bailor, Sand k Riorn, New York; E. W. Brun* k Sana. ?nlUmojnt 0 ?#*l?r k Co.. Boo ton; Fruklinx k Gmachrn, l.on.lio Job* A. Droo** k Co.. Boo'?*?; tortu >? k Co.. BtHiin, d?ka Hnnon k Cr, rbUadelplu*. nRAHOIAL. Metropolitan bank.-this bank will com mence business on Wednesday, the 14ih instant, at No ftl H ull street. Notice will begiveu whin.this bank i? pre bared to receive uucurrent money. J. E. WILLIAMS, Caebier. Bank or north america.-nkw tork, mat i. 1851.? J. J. riak, Esq., having retired from the office of Presidents! this institution, on aooonnt of ill health, Wil liam F. llavemeyer, Esq., baa been unanimously elected te all the vacanoy. J. SEYMOUR. Caehier. Broadway bank, new york. may 2, iwi.-diti dend.?A semi-annual dividend or four (4) per cent upo> the capital stock of thia Bank, out of the prorits of the last ?ia months, will be paid to the Stockholders on and after the lAth day of May instant. The transfer hook will be rioted from the 8th to the Uth inclusive. By order, J. L. EYERITT, Cashier. NEW YORK FLOATINO DRY DOCK COMPANY.-A dividend of five per cent on the capital stock of this company has been declared out of the earnings for the cur rent sis months, payable on and after the UHli day of May next. The transfer nook will be vloeed from the 3d May to the day of payment. By order of the Hoard sf Directors. April 38.1851. U. Y. MASON, Secretary. TEXAB LAND AGENCY.?THE UNDERSIGNED OF. fern his services as an agent in all matters appertaining to lands in Tsxas, but particularly to select unlocated lands aud procure patents fur the same. Terms moderate, and will be made known when informed what ia to be dune. Addreee 11. 0, CATLKTT. Dallas. Texas. CHICAGO CITY LOAN.-SEALED PROPOSALS WILL he received at the Mayor's office, in the city of Chioago, and at the office of Stracnan ft Scott, in the city of New York, until the let day of June neat, for a loau of Twenty five Thousand Dollars, for a term not exceeding ten years. The bonds to he issued iu sums of not less tbau five hundred dollars each, at an interest of seven per centum per annum, payable semi annually, and prtacipa land interest payablo at the American Exchange Bank, in New York, or at the of fice of the City Treasurer, iu Cbi< ago. By order of the Com Yl. s. r loo Council, WM. S. GURNEK, Mayor. Chicago. April 30. 18SI. PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD?NOTICE TO CON trictors.?Proposals will be received from the 9th to the 12th of June next, at Jthastowm and Snininit, for the Tthe mountain division cen Altona, in Blair _ below Jellfcraon, ia Cambria, a distance of 25 miles. The cad within Hue dictum e will cross the Alleghany mountains, encountering inn oi June next, si jinnsiown ana grading and masonry of that part of the ol the Peuiisrlt aula railroad, between eunnty. and 1 rinxle's Point, a few miles some of the heaviest grading ofiered in thia country. Iuad "" * -- of extensive * ? " ' dition tun number of extensive cuttings, embankments, and culi i rt j, there will be one tunnel LAX)yards In length at the summit of the mountdta, aud another ol 2D) yards through l'ringle's Point. Terms cash, montlily. For further iufor mati' ii. apply to Edward Miller. Esq . Associate Engineer, 4, In"' Blsirsville. Indiana county, or to Strickland Kneasa, P. A. Engineer, Altona, Blair county. ? 1R T1IOM J. F.D0AR THOMSON, Chief Engineer. Engineer Deparlm't. P. R. R. Co., Philadelphia, May 1,1431 000 TO LEND 0N BOND andmort gage, on productive real estate in this city It w ill I e lonnid at six per rent int. rest, and in sums o suit applicants. Apply to 8. S. BROAD, 11 Wall street, in tl e (rutuii Water uth. e. basement. $2,400 wonl-1 lake an interest iu some lucrative business thut is established. Satisfaetory refereaees giv?n and required. Exihai.fc business preferred. Address R. W., Hvrs'il office, with name aud business, which will be confi dential. $1 500 CUH CAPITAL. AND a PARTNER wanted, to purchase an interest in a staple n.unuio- taring business, easily manaarnd. and no competi tion. Will command < ash sales to such an extent that from M 100 t" ah.ili) con be realized yearly. For iuf roiation, address 8. H., llerald Offi- e. with name, and say where can be seen, which sill receive prompt attention. Ci A 8 D . WHOLESALE AND RETAIL ?DRY GOODS > dealers and others can l>e accommodated with ca-h, in small or large amounts, for long or short periods. Apply by letter. R. r. W . Herald office. Money lent.?the highest pricks ad vaicrd in large and small sums, on Gold an l Silver Watches, Diamonds, Plate, Jewelry, Furniture. Clothing, Dry Goods, Ac. JOJN M. DAY IBS. Licensed Pawnbroker. 232 William street, near Duaav. HISCKLLAHKOUH. CI ATHAR1NE MAKKET-THK SUBSCRIBER TAKEd > this method of inloruilug his friends and the public, that at his stall, No. 4, may always lie obtained tho choicest quality of Beet, Veal, Mutton. A... at the lowest market prices, delivered free in aay part of the city. N. II ? Parti cular attention paid to -ill orlera (or shipping, steamtoa'.i, Itc. ALFRED VAK1 AN, No. iCathartne Market. s F.WINO MAI H IN E.?IF YOU WISH TO HE As tonished, .tv' mil at 1,15 and 1% Broadway, r-iom 2'. 1 rsaklln lion e Buildings, an I see A 11. Wilson's Patent Sewing Hi'bine, and, if von wish to make y >ur fortune, pun base the e v lusiio right for aNtate, and show the people tl.ttmorewoik .ua be done by one machine than by tra seamstresses. Mschiues or rights ran be had by applying t? WILLIAM S. LOVELL. Agent. lKTOTllK TO BOOKBINDERS, PCBLISHERS. b'4 I la b-s-.-er-. A ? ?lhe subscriber takes this method of ir. tormina those interested in the above bwiluets, fiat he is i ptrparV'l 'o furnish, at tl.e shortest notice, Press and lit id, Gilding, and Blank Rolls, Iilleti, Title Block Pellets, A,-.; nr any thing conn" ted with finishing or i ran I nunt.iig Book*. Ac., of superior workmanship Mul cheap, ! fiercasb. Orders from the country prompt'y attend dto.xn'i seat free of charge. P. II. HOYT lot Nassau, eerier of Ann I street. Air", hank, 1.utters, bo. t, forwarding h,.nnp?. anl Harking 1 la tea, of ?i periar quality and tnliC w ATCIIM AKER8' AND JEWELLERS' TOO'8 AN J Materials for aale, at whol"aai > and ratal! at eh* - lowest pricea, for cash : also, Lathes. Milling Tools Drs < i( " Plates, and Jewellera' Tools aal Cnaomakera' Lathee m . lactur.d; onnstantly o n band, a full aaaartui nt jl Wa;:a ? tek (U ' " Materials and Yt atch Glass. ?, Ht ib's Idles. W. 11 FRASSI, Chatham ?tr? - AM. A R DA \ 11.8, ,.P'. BROADWAY, WOULD IN .a fits tl.e attention of the public to their importati >s . ol Fr-neh Paper Hangings, oftlemos' faahleasble deaixn also, to their stuck of l.aee and Mo.'.u Curtains Win-low Shades, an l Curnlcee. Hands, k'.. which they veill sell lost than any Lauae in the city. SAVE VOl'R LEAK V ROOFk?JO?EPlI A PATTERSON. Composition roofer, 4ir.< Third Avenue, near Thirty hfth street. Ncw r-.ols at I . rnt? per e<|usr. loot. 01 I tin com positios, or other roofa eorerod and rrt paired, for 2l, or 3 oents per t M't|aad wsrrmted. All orders, le't nt toe abov ?> r will be punctual!, attend?It... J. A P UOFA BEDSTEAD.?NF.EDIMM'S PATKN7 SOFA O lie-lit ad. nianuiaotured by W. S. Hi.mphrya, No. Ml Chatham etr?it, acknowledged by all wno l.ava seen Uietn to be the beat evr ullervd l..r aale. It requires but t-n vo eenda to convert It into a r>-rl. ct bo Ist-nJ with eprin/ m'at attached. Please rail and examine them. N. B.?{ large as tortm- ntwf Furuiture, Feather), Beds, sat Mattrne) te, wholesale and retail. C' Alt PET CLEANING -PERSON.* WISH [.NT. THEIR > carpet* tlior-? nt>- nM?ti4 Im all m nth, "an l an I <1 oat. tuJ have their . rluinal Inatre (Hhrw. will platH Imr their order* at No. 2 Courtlnnd atrei-t. or addr*** hr |?-nn> poot, JOSEPH W F.NTM OKTH. Notal Uaatovnort afreet, where Ma patent carpet cleaner I* In i onatont .porit thin. Carpi'ta will l<e tah> ii, cltaaa<l and rotors <1 on tlia ahvrt' at untie#. 1'tire from ttirae to f iur ceata p r yard Wno tori; mi?ri i breeches* tiie show TT ll!l t?.r Ito in.'? l.|i|uid Gin# c(?mrljr d#m matratoa that Get. ra well ai n any othera, vl/... that the xlno lealwa/a reaily lor na*. without trouhl- or pre pa rot low, willm il any i hint hrok-n. ami i water p.- >of. Plica Jo ?cnt* per battle. DipitWHa Broadway. PKH EH OF BOOTS A'lU SllnKS RttHsVr.D ?FORE ?t ood A t N i ill Maiden Ian#, rontrmplatlng s akaag* in thi-lr\ nflkf their mtlr> atoek el B-mto and tiiori at pi in# co-i. 1 lieir aaaortK nt la oae nt the larp-t mi n .-I Corny' I - iii ' he ? Hi, an.I will be off rwl tur the a?at aiaty day - at tneati pot eant he|wia r-<ular prtcea. Tirmi liberal. t OSE. WOOD fc l it . ol lleld-a laaa. UTATEN ISLAND FANCY DYING ESTABLISHMENT h* olea, No. 3 John atrnec. New Turk. The pr.pnetwrt of tnD i-atcMtahineat. whaae dying and flni-hlng h%?# ho-a t, lnngav.l fav.raMy known to the comionmtr, are ready to neoiv* ? -a for dyinr and danaidng ellb. woollen, iMtlaa, Ian. n. a^d fau ir go dr. at e?-ry ! rlrn n tn the h?et man aer. BtRKSri, NEPHEWS A CO. EW YORK LAI M??V ST. H tPRlTl STIt' Rr. re ir Nj- -ae ?; amily W a-' i.. ? - I'irtlc. lat att ntias hat In a <ii a iu p rleat Hi* faintly wealing ii partia-nt of tl.l.auadry Moat rrap- ctwhlo nai I wlnltl.i famil ea of the t It) are rnei iiner? Tbi band. I nro e ap r rneidBbdthor nghty drill*.I Theali'ln wthe Irotar* la n ?l e re de, and th? ehnl ??i artlelea of a ladr'a an r .w. n il bo teat. I by ?iamri.?t: in of w ?r'? at (be i.flUeof tl.e I ana fry The ratea of ehieje or m iderata. t Uiheai reived are ? arrtnlly aaanfted. mirkoh aa<l ;.r? I are I for r turn by remit tent female *'t.-od*eta. an I are i oil" tr-l ? nd dill'i rc I by wagon. ? ar falla pr to t- I fr '? d" t and the nn,ther. fTi-e af el ai re. Order* are <.,..eit#l with ?!" p..teh. within a few hnnra from their re-aipt. wb n r- I red. II) tbe proeeeo employed, the uanal grunt weor fr ii the board, wringing by hand. ia aatir-l) iti nltd. Plain*, ink, nn I mildew, en -etnally rem m. I ( u.t 'iii: 11 are .inrnnti.. I nanin-i l.ia* ao I n?rl. 't Order* left at. or aant throagh the m et. c> I* Spence rtr-et, will reclie prompt and lar-fal attention N. II?Heal* if familiea, partn ularly tadira, ar* invited to rail at the nit t andinapcct the tiei-beil work ?u hand; alau tins different daf-nrOneate of the laundry. N Health i l iiair.-tiif. ritorRi etor ???- a iirit rate preparation for re*t.>riag, cleaning. and boaatify

mi the hair, will forward th* valuable reelpe to any lady or gent'etnan. on fneetpt of on* dollar, addreneel, pre paid. Mr 4. lolliaier Chatham ?>|aar* roat Ofhee, New T*rk elty. It i? in Infill) raeee*?ftil in promoting the rrowth of hair In haldneaa.and in checking greynrae. while fur elilldren It ia Indlapeiianhle aa forming tin- kn-ia of a beaatlfnl head of hair Oil W IIAT IN THE WIDI M OKI.D 11 I'll ERE C IN ri>m|>ar? With be .? ii t i I ii I treaaeaof aoft, ailkyhair' All i an have It they've only tithe, alulliara to git# for a bottle of .lone*'a llair Keatorntlro. It make* l.nrah hair aoft, line, clean, aud alike: make* It ?row. all pa it fallini. enrea dandmlf. Ac. Dtt) it iiaty at h'l Ir. adway. Oil, TilRSRRAfllIC ?M?KV of THAT I'URR. WHITE ? potlea* la. e, and akin aoelenr' II w lhankfnl moat the own. r he that ah* need tlia true /one*'* I'll mleal Soap, and tliua had *11 th* pimple*, freckle*, and iellonne?a re nioitd. Tlii* never fail* in earing aalt rheuua, aenrvy, Ae. II* aer* ) on bny it only at *<13 Hr ladway. C"^RMh Bitr rfffT*vrn * i ROM ' tender* her aervlcoa to lodiea and gentlemen of thla eity, in Aatrology, Loeo, and l aw matter*. Interpreting Dream*. Ae , by hooka and aeience. eonatantly relied on hy Napoleon: and n*ill tell the nam# of th* lady or gentleman they will inarry A lea the name of tbe *l*iter* Realdenro 411 Grand atreat. I.adlea aevi nly tlvacent* tlaatlamenou* dollar. ___________________________ THYoRRATEXHIRlTlOWINNRirYORK. I'll tell von ahent nn exhihltlon In nhieh thera'a never an Internnaaion; It i* an aat of aaaaaaination. Now going on thronghnnt the nation; laaatte, crseping. Jnmping. flying. Are 'ailing ah k and anddenly dying! Lyon'a powder do?-a the bnalnaoa Taking them off with a aori of a til -inaati Itinr* ii kill#. I.nt nothing human ? Infant, eonih, or man or woman. Repot, 4S4 Broao w ay. Dr. cr \r? f.s mcnde's wati r cuhr rstarlUhi* meat, at H.-na..mille. Nortiiamntnn. Ran , haa he?n ra-opaned. The doetor ia the earlle*t dlaelple ef rrte?cnlt?: and the eatnMlaliment, ettiiafed in * pl*<a#nt an I healthy menafalnene nowntry. haa on nbnndanoe of th* pnr**t anil *<ilde?t granite water Fir further particular*, apply to William Haddo, :;.t Rgyadttay. N?ff\o(k, or ) v4< doctor. PIOliJTt. 1 ? . SHIPPING. WroTICB.-Sr*AMSHIP arctic, from Liverpool, AN is discharging nniirr general order at the foot of Canal struct. Consignee# fill please aead their permit* oa board immediately. OS LIVERPOOL.?-UNITED STATUS MAIL STEAMER ARCTIC, Capt. Ja.i & Luce.?Tbia steamshiparlll depart With the aaaiJ". for Europe, positively on Saturday. May 21th, " " laalTM " ' ?' ' *? * * at 12o'eloek, 11., from In ? berth, at the foot of Canal atraet. No hrrrh aeeured till paid for. Allletters inuat puns through ~ ? freli ? the | oat-nSai. For freight t>r | Ketone, having une'inallcd accommodations for elegance or comfort, applv to E. *. COLLINS. 56 Wall strut. Po?itdv?(y ao Height will he r?< iived on board alter Tliorl dny evening, May 22d. The awntwe.-Baltic will succeed the Antic, ana anil June 7th. QCEAN btxam_ NAVIGATION COMPANY FOR ?v llrcmea, via Southampton.?The Uuvted State* Mail ramahip HERMANN, E. ( rabtrre, Commander, will evil Bremen. Iremen. via Southampton, on Pwturdny, May 17th, from Eler No. S North River. An eiperienced iuri*vu'is attuehed ?the chip. All letter* nut be aent through the Poet alias. Specie delivered la Havre. For freight or ptissogo. appl/ to ' " mil, nor MOLI.F.K. SAND It K1EKA, Agsuti, 60 Broadway "I.TOR SOUTHAMPTON AND UAVKE.?NEW YORK X and Havre Steam Navigation Company.?The United State* Mail SteamsLlp FRAN KLIN, Jauies A. Wotton, com mander, will leave for llurre, touching at Southampton to land the mail* and patscngrrt, on Saturday. May hi. at 12 o'clock, from pier No. * Nortii Kivcr. Price of passage; $120. All lettera must pas* through the Post Othce. For freight or assage, apply to MORTIMER LIVINGSTON, Ageul, No. " Broadway. ti For SAVANNAH.?THE Si PKKIOK STEAMSHIP Alabama, I.SUOtaa*, Captain C. U. Ludlow, will laare on Saturday. 17th May. at 1 o'clock, P. M. For freight or poscage apply to S. L MITCH ILL, I'di Front street. The Florida, Copt, lyou, n Saturday, 21th May. FOR SAN FRANCISCO DIRECT.?DESPATCH LINK, tirst vessel. 'The new and elegant New York built clipper aiiip EAGLE, Jobr. s. Kanan, commander is rapid ly loading at pier A, Xortli Rivcr, and having nearly all rill hnve immediate her cargo engaged, and going on board, will hare in dispatch. > or balance of freight or passage, applv E. B. SUTTON A CO.. M Wall Str"ct. Steamships for California.?persons in teading to go to California will And it to their advan tage to call at our office before engaging passage in any of the etcamshipto sail i'.thofMay. whireaplan of tho strain ? ahtpcau be examined, and choice atate no ma and berths secured, at lower rales thnn at auy other office. HE II FOKI) A Co., No. 2 Aator llouec. EXPRESS AGENCIES, <fac. Berfokd a co s California express?our letter bare, and ptckage and parcel Ecpr aa, will he rot by steamer North America, on Idtli of Mav. H e ship onr goods direct to Mr. Ilerford, at Cbagrcs, where he re ceivea them, and immediately leave* with th-m for Pa nama, at which place he ships tl.eiu to our house at San Francisco. opon < uc of the fast atenmships. Our arrange ment* *ro such that, contented with aniall profit*, we can, aud do, send goods and mails to C*lifornia. Oregon. Sand wich Irlsnds. and the South Amerioan port?, at twenty tereent ice* cost than any other Express. Shippers will esr in B ind tf at we charge ouly fit cente per pounj for delivering gi tds in San Framisco. Our package* and mail . baas will eertalnlv leave Pnnsinn for Sao Francisco by the steamer t* leave Panama ou 1st June. Our letter* for Val paraiso, Callao, Lima, and other ports ?f South America, will Ic?io' 1'auanui liy tlie (regular English mail steamer on 27th oi May. l'oatage to South A men an ports III cents, ? repaid, to .San Francisco, 10 cuts. N o .charge for Custom Ionic Itisinesa. No. 2 A-tor House. Vtlcy street OFFICE OF GREGORYS EXPRESS:?PERSONS about embarking for California, will do well to call at tiii* i Rice hclore engaging their passugea, where plans of the differaut steamers < an be seen, and berths engaged at low price*. THOMPSON A HITCHCOCK, lib Pearl street, oor Wall street. GREGORY'S CALIFORNIA FREIGHT, PACKAGE, i and Parcel Expre-s, per ateamerEMPlHE CITY, direct, | 01 Tuesday, May Id.?By the above steamer, our uugt Ki press will be forwarded to our areata at Chsgies and Pa nama. who have the most certain arraugementa for th? speedy transmission of freight over the Isthmns. of any com- i penis* engage 1 in the business. Shippers may rely upon all goods shipped tl.roago us, being dallvernl in Panama in ad vance of all Olivers, at which port our facilities for reship- | meat of gooda ou all the steamer* cannot be surpassed. Par cels received until the morning of steamer's day of sailing, and latter* until half-past 2o'clock I*. M Pa-hag'.-* (which must in all com-* be mad* perfectly water proof,) must ba lelt at the otfics the day previous. V. Custom Hauaecliargw* made THOMPSON A HITCHCOCK, , Manager* and Agent*, lib Pearl at., corner of Wal! at. AB. MILLER A CO.'S CALIFORNIA EXPRESS, ? prrsu.,n*<r North America, on Tuesday, 12thinstant. Our goods ar* regularly shipped from Panama, within fifteen t > avicute. ii days from New York, a* per bills of lading in oi r -free, returned by every steamer. Good* cleared at Cu* ? tom 11 oi ?-? tree of charge. Hate* reduced. Refer to Astor Mi ti 1 Insurance l'r,n pany. Ac. Office, No. 14 Wall street. Adams a co. s great California freight, Package and Parcel Eaprcvs, p?r steamer Empire City. ?a Tuesday, May l.dlh. Spaed increaiai! Rata* reduced II Special freight agent and special ine*s>ng'-r through.?Our to \t regular express tor California via Charres and Panama, will tw despatched per steamer Empire City, Captain J. D. Wilton, on Tcaaday, 1.1th instant, at three o'clock, P. M , ta charge of our own spactal freight agent and tiirongh m*a*en gei to dastinrtion. As our arrangement* on the Isthmus ar* nor so pcr.'e< t for the speedy an d safe transmission of frwight, c<n. i.iu r? by tl.i* expr"?? may rely upon thoir gocds going through t - 1 annm* in time tor oorrtspon ling steamers on the Pocifi , and nta great reduction from toruicr rates. All freight*, go foru srd on the IRh In-tant. mutt be dcllverei is* (w itli i invoices) ou er before the 12tdi. Small paroala Bill l>e rova-i. sd until twelve o'clock on the day of setting Bo Charge made to shipper* I) Our express for Custom Hons* -l<s*ran -1 or oonawlar icrtihi ate* Ever* package mutt be for- lnr * str-etlj wit*r proof, and should notsxoeea 126 lbe. Wngii. A.i froiahtBuisi in variably' be pre prald. ADAMS A CO.. 16 and IS Walletree*. THAI ELLKIIS' GUIUK. |\I IW YORK AND PIIILADELPUIA ? NEW TORE i* and Philadelphia direct?United States Mall Lias.? Through in hours, via New Jersey Railroad. Fare ra daoei to $.1 fer flrab-claar. and $2 Iki for a?ecnd elaai. bevtt New Yo-.k at HA. M.. from foot of I.oartland street: and ?l IIA M and 6 P. M., from foot at l iberty street. Leave Phlla- 1 dc'b! 1* at6 and 9 A. M. and ? P. M.. (rent the foot of Wal ant street. I'd A M DEN AND A M Hot K AI I.KO A I* LINE FROM Ntw York to Philadalnina?l/eavsa pier No. 1 Nertt Riser, by (ttamhoat JOHN POTrEK, Morning Line, at ( a'cioah. A. v Afternoon Line, att'o'elock. P. M. Fare h) ?itber line td: lorwarl deek. 92: Emigrant L:n-*t A o'cleal P M. 'a-e El Mi. I. Hi 1SS. As ins TJt ASPORTATION: PSNNS lorn* NSYLTAMA RAILKOA D ( OMFANY ARB NOW riling t > i'lttaburgh 1a t?a dart. fr< in Phila t tbr t ?! dclp:..i, at the t !.o? in* low r*t.?, rig. ?Claw?Dry (.?. de Mow, Data, ft*. 91 per !>??. Sar<v. 1 CI i??? IUi? llronri Rnalina. tiroicrlct. ll-ttdwar*. Mc., A < f per 10B lha. T l>irU ? V'i 'ninn, CoFaa, liu, A. , W uti- per llt'lba. r. rrth?Aanea, 1 \r. H*i l>, 1 . ."?) eta p r !??' lh? No ??:? ini?H"*? churned far tniltMi ur foru.irdtng gooda at Phlla do I plila "t rtMabargh. Uooilini aa Km Ytrk, Boaton, or any ol the Farti ra inonuUi turn>< gompaokee. lu iaaiire dcpvtci to rute>.ur<h and all parte of tin (ifnt W et, Mould l>? ooneletie'l to H. H ft-niton freight Agent, I'annarlran't X ulri art C nii7l in 1 .76 Market ft reft, Phllkdelphtib MiFAl'il.V k i;a VOHK, Axeat*, Caanl Daaia. Pitwbotgn DRY COOUK, Ac. Tur ??? Mmi.r>r. dkmidoff" mantilla.?an ar th I* ol tarpaeeing eleganre gad dlif-ring iattylrand aharact. r from anythlag heretofore tatr>luv*d. nae Jnot been re. m*'. at the Pari- Maatilla Emporium. .151 Hr-ml aaj, afa '?<.?(in every thado ot' color) l.erlut arrived by the let Fnr |- II ?te?i.i< r Pier art ready fnr taipooUuB thlo day. Alia, 4 co*ea ot rich hr-> h Parav>!e. OBO. lil'LPIN, XI Broadway. PARASOL 9?THE smsi K1BEU U AS JfST RI otiicd, aad 1-ff. r- t >r ladiaa' inipeetl-n, twenty ca?.-a ot rii li Paraaola, of the aem-tt at ilt?. a- 1 m cvarr tarti-ty ?f color at Id. lit |. I In oefi pnrtleuiarlt cheap 6IO. Ill'I. PIN. Maatrlla Kit'i- riutu, XI Broadway. Kf At INDIA .?<yl ARC SHAM I .A A NO AC A RFS. .fir-T 't dei', aad will II be opened ''ii la) (I r :tr.t time ill n tnni.'rT.) at I'onaMin't Depot, '" I Broadway, be tnoea Ar ->y and Fourth i tr"> t Ot ry r-hSd ? p arc A iBwl", a. tor led wtetha; Hrarfi fmai >*>?? fdal: Long Aha* It. very 'ti) I Caw .e.? II a I r i 1 t . ty II.; yard. htriwgere and otl ire ia the <lli at. itlll* ? Sonar* Sl.aal ?.,rth J.'W. art la. Itedf to call an I axaaiiac th-m, with a area! larlrly of other atrang ? art it ft o. DUmilKU. jrra. ,'ICI Pre ad way, eerwer l?uew* etr?et. off -r a ? II aeUctr-I aad large n>? rtmeal ol 61* It-end i di-red Cloth* Ft t-1 anl 1 glleli fancy CaaeiWMrta an I Vaatiage, c myrttlrr '?? r AcalraM* ptt'trn m Mi' marS*t, all I they offtr at nnnaualU |.?w yfltot. to wh. ' I' ty Inrltd tl t attcBtl' B tl '. !? i'j'Ic. Ladi . rldiM habiu rnado to order. (A AST OIF Cl.nTniNO AND riRNITURI WANTSD. J ?The hiwhoot yrlot aaa bo ohtaiaad wf ladl < and f?B tlcaatn ah" 1. ire tar I tit iitt 1 ithln*. Farnlturt. and dt wi ry, At., to diayoap of, by artdlac, thr "ichpoat or otharwiao, for J. I F.V CN - TY N. 40t ftr aiway, up ata.r* f.adlta att-Q lft to hy In. Lcronttyn. (AASToyy CLOTNIIln ANDirSNITrSS* WTtn - / I.adit. ?r r-allrmtn hn? t* any raal off olotlilot "T l"r nlltiro to di.-|" .? of, can obtain a lair > nth prlca for the tai?". ? * tendin ( f.,r the auhaon'-er, at ln? raeidoace, r a llao tarenah Mm-Poet OA"- mil m-tt nlth ir ?ii itl-ntlua. iN.ddr" M A I i >11 F.V ini lira treat, h ? ?l.adlet al|*nd< <| by Mra. Cohea. CS AST OFF CI.OTHI NO AND FDRN1TCRS WAV TED. / l.adlet i rftntUdi n laariar tbo city, of hr nkin? "# honatkeepiof. can obtain the hicheat < nab prii ? ? f Clotoin^, Fnraltar*. Me., by oan iinc tbrouch the I' .at, ?r at hi* rca * ' * "ICSSKLr? ~ ? .deaco. I. m Itl'ssKI.IMiRP, 1.1 Slat atraot. N. S -T.adlea attended hy Mra. Daaaaldory. t s AST OFF rtOTHINO. Me I \PIRA ANDOFNTLE meaaan obtain fr m the ?uhtcrlhcy the bUbaateaah priaa h>r ratt od and aacond hand elathlnt. and auiierdn 'Ot nrllalaa of tcary detrrlplion. hy aeadiaa their addraaa IVrona' pal, or otherwise, or ralliac oa Jam-a Moroaay, at hla al'.ra, II Orange aereet, near Cbathaw atreet. COM It. 81 ITI.IF.S or COAL FOR TIIE ALMS IIOUAI DE* rnrtme at ? Prop'.aala, aenled and aad?raed na ab?ra, will be raoalaad by tha Oarrmora of the Almhonto at thair afflea, Kolunda. Parb. until II o'clock. ?., at the Jlth Inttaat, for ?oyi'lylaa SAW tona I robea eoal. and A.HUU tona atoaa ceal, ofllearer, Slack llcath. Wyoming, Lahigh, ar of an* and nil dct' riptlona of the heit nnality, free ft'.m che.nul and Ml aiae and all other Imanrlllea; each ton to conadat of t,M> fha. To be dallaercd at Helleane, foot of Twaatr-ailth atreet, Eaat SlTer. HlarkaelTa and Rnndall'a lalnndt. and at anebg ? barret in thla city aa may ha de?l)piated for that pnrpoaa, at tort timet and in anch ijnnBtltiee na may h? rcinired oa ay before the latdayof Noramhey neat, free of all aapenan. and to be aahjert Co tha laayaatiOBaf a coaip?t*nt partoa appointed hy the Oorarnaff for that porpoto, ahoaa ilecltioa in f" pact to qnallty tha Id he Anal. Trapoaala to be aaoom. panted hy the nam*a of two petpotaihle pofnonn with thai* ?aaent in writing, aa ae. urity for tha faithful perfortaanea of ( ' ** the eoatract. Tha coatrm tora can l ara tha prlrlleye of de livering nil tha broken eoal, and l.iWtonanf tinre aoal nt aa earl) p? riod: the balance *111 not probably be reunited to be delivered before the let day of Noa?iaher aaat. Any inf..r matiati that way be tavuirad will be given on vpp.i. alioa at thio ??'?. J I COIHYfAilTON, i. i. nrrsicm. p hfnriT, AlWi'io.we. (ttyr r?,h, Nay A ^ ?KIT OF TDE PRESIDENT AND CABINET TO TIIK NORTH. The Arrangement* for their Ite* cqption in the City. OPEJTIM OF THE EK1E RilLttOlD, &c., lie., tic. The MiffpOen of tkr PwiMrnl*)The Krte Railroad Celebration. Thia mrrning, fit ten O'clook. the Director* of the Erie Ruihond and the Common Council will proceed from tho foot tf Duane afreet in the steamboat Erie, for the purpose of reaelvlng the Prcaident of the lulled Mates. aud the ni ?mber* of b* cabinet, at Anita?. and escorting them to 'he city. where it is exported they will arrive at twa o'clock in the afternoon. The Mayor (who doe- not go to Auiboy) will he in waiting nt Castle Garden, to rteeire the President, and the invited guests wii vpfk-mMc there nt one o'clock After the President lias lam welcomed in the Garden, lie will lie conducted to the bridge, where he will he re ceivi J by n dejiiitutlen fr< 11 the miiitia-y lie will tlieu mount a horse in rcadine "or him. and proceed to the B tteiy. where he i ill he feeirid by General Sandford, and review the troops nude * arms lie will then march at the I cad of the military, e-cort*'d oy the t'viti-d States i .fleers ofthis station. vho are iuv v l to join the suite i t General f-arnlf-rd, in the midst .vf which'the President will ride The routi of march is ?p Broadway to itroi me strict, through Brrw to the tbnrery, ami through the Bowery and Chuthi.wistreet to -tie east gate of the I'ark, wherelhc li nor of k marching i vUWe will be rcndirid and the l'r. ident wit he conducted to hi* (|i:artcrs. at the Irving House .?)???". with h a cabinet, he will partake of the ho-pitalllief uf the city. On Wed nesday morning, a- we stated in .un.ivy's /jirtU. the President and cabinet with the O muion C'oi n-il and invited gut Fts will proccd from the pier loot of Boaas strest. on tin invitation of the Dlnotor. of t'w New York and Erie liutlrt ad to wltne-s t: . et 1-bratlop, of tin. opining if the load to t.i-k. Erie They will top at EIidIth for the (right, art?l next nutiuug pnx'esl to Dunkirk, win re the c< lebrat'. -t will tuiie place On Friday the train will return Extensive preparation.- are uinklnr a* Buffalo for the n coptii 11 of President F.i'.ui, re. after .11 ? . xrur-iou ou the l lie l'.ailiuad. BY MAIL. HalriMoa s. May 12. 19*1 1 Privp/>'en am! H Weenie fa iYsit-'. i f FU'morr Prefident Fillmore, aecoxupsiiied by several mein'iors , of hie family, the Secretary of the Naty. the 5'ost Master 1 General, and the Attorney General, with some of t'aei.* family members, have just arrived in an extra train ol* care frrm Washington. Tie y w. re met at the "loaut Clare depot by the committee nt' reception and the City Council and escorted through tho city ia cp"ti , barouches to Barnuiu'.t Hotel, wlier- they are now par taking of a sumptuous bmakfa.-t. whilv waiting for tho departure of the t> o'clock train for Philadelphia. On the train reaching the outer depot, a detachment of the Eagle Artillery gave him a grand national solute which caused an immense concourse of people to flock to th ? hotel, and the tine of Baltimore street, through which the paity wen- to pass Their reception was most en; liu -iastic. aud at their departure such glorious cheeilng has not been hoard in Baltimore since the "hard cider campaign." BY TELEGRAPH PEPABT' RL OF IHE FBEMDBNT FB'>."t WASHINGTON". IViiHisotov, May 11. The President, whl Mnir- Webster Crittenden. Un burn, and llall k-ft this morning in the G o'clock train for Baltimore, en rente to New York. AlJermeu llaws mid W< bb accompanied the President as a committee on tlie part of the New York City Government. Th* gene ral executive duties, in the absence . fthc President, and his associates in the Cabinet, will devolve ou the Sacre tiir - i f tile Ti-a-ury Inbii .r. hu-1 War T1IE PBEMHENT AT WILMINGTON aNj I'lttbAHKLPltlA. Philaoimmiia May 12. The President reached Wilmington at one o'clock, and was received and welcomed bj Mayor Evans, to which he brii fly replied, as al-o did Mr. Crittenden The Phihoh 1 pliia committee arrived about twelve and were hand somely entertained. The President war then handed over to the Philadelphia committee, and was r-cnivrd on board the steamer Roger William* : he W AS welcomed by 5lsy< r Gilpin, in a sin rt speech, aud again spoke briefly. . A sslule wss tired ut the f->ot of Mitliin street. and a National salute at tli? Navy Yard The party v as re ceived by a large military and civic procesalon. and e cettsd to their ,|Nartrre at the I'nit-'d Mates Hotel, where both tlm President and Mr. Webster sp<>k-\ A magnificent dinmr was provided ou board the boat ot which they partook, on the way up They leave lu the in ruing, for New York, by way of Am boy tiie l'REMirarr's topb. Bu.Ti?n>ai. May 12. 1151. We learn positively that the President w!U return fmn the north by the steam frigate. fus.|uehannvh, to Norfolk pl'Wil to liiehmoud. aud thenre u> Wa-hiugtou. rnellniia to 1'oat maatrrc. I'oel 0??i> i BsraJtrncaf, May sih 19."1 In view ? f the great liXWVnae in Ihr number of letter* t.) 1 .? mailed. and the cone ?jiient increase of labor in poet ofllc.*. Ukely to produced by the law p.I- el at the last senrtati of Congf***. ?? reducing the rate* of p< *t?ge." 1c ; in rlew al*o of the f.ict that, hy re. during the number 0< jiii-bage* rr*|uired to be made uudtr the < xi*l ing rule if distribution, the Lnhor nf naVivg up the mail* can l>o lu.iterially diaiiut-bcd, it i* lie light pri per to adi jl the following wnlnHMnt? It it lliiiefi re trflliil. thai on and after the rtr-t ihiy if June Idol the following be ?ub?l>1 lit.-d ill |il?oe of the I Ight)-first rcgu! <ti- n. at publish "I in tit* l*i?*t OOte e l.i?r and rrgulatiuM." editionof Mil. Poetmartci* will carefully aiaort the leittrr- depaaiunl in their attire* for lll'iilili/ ai d mail them a* fulloire, to wit:? l*t I t cry pott matter in tti" New Kngtaml Stat-* will tuwl and (u-1 bill iluert to the pluee to which th y me addi I ail letter* for p -t office* in hU own or any ? tber New Kngliiiol state Krrry other 1 pe-tma'tir wilt tnnil and |? >?tt.iH direct to the place *t1tlrr?eei||ftttletter* for h,.own Plate or Territory! and mI |? -tnia-i. r? will m tl and p.eiliilt direct, all lett *r> flit po?t i flleet in olhei ? t .'i uii I Tet r.t.rb-which ?hould i not pi.-? tbf' ugh a distributing ofllce to lb. h props r rent'' to the < file of ? !. lirery. Kney past am ?r? v Halt i thill and maS direct, all tetter* on which the instructs'n "Malldirect" ?b*tl he written 5d la tter* I'l l reinir >1 l?y the f - going fr-tei im to Is nia'led dtrret. ha'i be ps .tidied uel mailed to the dielril'Utlr; off re through which ihey h odd lot |as ?. on the propdt miiln to Mr place of their do*tln.i. Hon. unhthe mnilli if iflhe In * di-tribuiing office .d All Mter? a dustributtog idk* fie dla tiitute ri. ot dip' itid thi-relt fr mailing ami whb Ii lire *.l lie* ? ,1 t 11 . alHln ite Mate or Territory wie r. urhdi tribnttogattrr te dual-<1 .>( t ? piv ?? ? n t tn< re than or huniln'i mile* dt.tint from such I tri '?utlng ? Bre. or which *"u'd not pa** through a dbtfrl* blitllf i ffli i tl thi ir amp r rout to the office f dell. n ry. shall b? Hailed .'il cl but If the . fb of delie*ry I- ii ore than one hut .!re.l wile* fVom ?uch distributing tifltre, and the Irltrtw *h nld ; r jerly peat Ikrenrh one or ii ore Istribulirg i fit ?*. tiiey ahull be mailed and p. *11 illed to the Ins( d ti [hiding uiilce through which they are to | a-*, en thilrr nte to the ofll<e of delivery. (Furthir 'n tructions a* to the mailing of letter* of which special acc nni- are rr.|'iir' '| wil| U'a Idres ted to. and iffi ct I nly. the dis'rtboilog ffi, e ) 4th Kach p*o kagr containing I* tter* nmffiad and port I dled dtrec*. -bonkt be | lunle dlr.-eted i n th" out sole witli the name ? f ilie ofllc ? In whli h it )* t? > be *ent. and of the Plat* in which ueli ? See i* ? iti ated Packagi? ci ntatoli >g b i tor* fir fMlftatl in. *h<mUl be plainly directed in i' .- ?mc mmi.. r. with the a>lditis>n of the letter* ? ft P tl i r Intituling fori Otter.) after the name of the I fflre ?'ith Kerry p< taia ter ?peehdhecat or othi railo r of lb*'departnei,:. will rep* rt to the Ko?'mwtor Ueiw *1 tacbia e whirh may ewe to hi* koowli ige. in whi-h any poetnucUr shaU. aft* r the flrwt d it of ie-toWr nofft, hn*e .ii ii all' I letter* a* to *aldoet llu-m to more diairi. Imiion. than are aothortaed ti* tk* foregoing in?triio - K IIAl l. " * liw N. K 11 AI I p0*tma*ter ileuer.d C Irritinr ln?lrnet1on* to foil* i tnraniHl nthrr Offlrrr* of tlie Ca*tom*. Tnr?*int PrrnaTwrer,Mdf d. Itii|Uirirs hawing t* i-n mud" no |o the operation of the circular Imkwwti'iw ?f the 2|?t of Optoher. toM, with rjiecial referwuee la rare* of imported mcrchandiae duly egpori?d to " i arm la and t'hihii*hiu.'' it I* deemed pro per to instrort collector- anil other officer* of theon i torn*, that mere handier imported prior to the le **agc .if i the art of the 2kth if Peptemler la*t, I* entitled t" all. the drawback privilege* wrlkriwl tiy the law* then in feree, on due c. in pit* nr.' with the reptiri ment* and cut d it ion* of thd*e law* A*, however, the law of the *vtK of Peptemh* r iaH took effect from It* ilwte, memhoT-li-o ' Importid snli**-i|U'nlly thereto, and token mit if the ensti ijy of the ? tflcer* of the < n-tiau*. canto* he eg pi tted with hi ktt of drawback* On a careful re-egamtnatlftn of the ?uhject the lepart. ment i* i f i pinion that thv laib witha of t ha art of khn 'Jflh Peptemh* r la?t wa- intended, and t* to be con*'cao d, a* legaliring the prietlee prevlon*ly permitted un.>.r the I rtgtilatle-n* of the Jepartim at. of the exj* rliilion tbf mer* | rhandhm fri ll! wureh tisi to port* in the ail|oti,tng*'|tri. ti*h province*, without payment ?f dutlea, uml-r the provision* uf the act of ttb ot dugu<k. ttltl; and the prac tice thu* h-gaiiteiL. will lie eimOmed ID aai or da nee with the rwles and rvgulmton* pmeiibed in the circular of tbelTlh fit'ruary 1349 I The etrrular Imtt Pet long rf ihe 21*t Ocfolwr Ik.Vt. a* Well *? any ?abse.inerit Instnietlon* mi the MTijrct. an I i*on-? iiiientiy nw ellllrd to the Vtteul contains"! in the ton point; w l> HotwiPl. Aettop skeai . Uty f tlkp lva?urr NEWS BY TELEtiRAi*U. Kf?i from ?Washington. VuHiiifm. May 13 ISJ1. There is no truth in thr report that ? eteamcr hid been chartered in Kew Yofk. try government. to ?hng the Southern coa l. On the contrary, all tito Infoiinatlon received here leads to the belief that tha Cuban invasion has been postponed, and the South Ca rolina reception movement delayed fur the present. Thd beet evidence that nothing is apprehended is the fact at the President Dating as he ha* Men-or** will be takaa to collect the rrvanar. should it* collection be re Hinted in South Carolina, wbieh is nut untieipatrd; uud bepetad fhis, no atrpa are ?OUtempialed. The President. befbM he left this aiorii.wg. gam wiphatic instruction* <MB this point. The President t x;Hot-to be Iswk on Wed nesday wesk. [The Crescent (Ml ? lias been < >?nter?i Ire 1 fttenuRsat authority, though they uiay disavow ft now ?Ko IKkai o ] Seeietaiy Cnrwin, hawing recovered from Mn cti?< severe iudispodtiou. rami's the J.tiis of his edhte to day A despatch )i ?* been rocaivod at th War DipacTut'-nt, giving an account ol'an pvterrfow bcVsrero tlie Injiaa chictAild Cat i vid Oils Choker and Temple, the Ank rieati cwniMtrsionvTs in Texan. WildCadoaprc -*d *r>s?6 tvtendsiip. and sjmke wartn^r of his oh' friends, u us. Worth ind Brooke Uuart<riuaeter th neral ?p left th * evcuing tar Kentucky. to reellltl i? heuli b tii neral Scott appi ?ri d at lii.-1 to-d?/ W. C. 1 pit comb .lr has 1?? n appointed Werit in th* ordnance degmriuu u. of thr naval bureau, rice bout 1!' l insor, :*?ii:o?d Tlie Iter. Br ttydcr "*i< . i I, i.t of Oeoigotowa Coth-ge, delivered an Interesting address to-the nt w rAdical de partment coraertcd wit t tint ittsti titlon. at tLeisnntU mnian llail. t ID evening before a I. rge audiencw. Wheebrkt'o liam t'Mnrd tin Wntract tw ?*ti?d ery sud blank Souks ami Mr Alexin drr for | meiu^ tor the Instufltce ">e].aMio,ii 1 r the n xlyear The auperint udeut of I've census -tsi> ? the v due at real estate and personal .euperly i.-vluUing aiaoea, >a Virginia, to be f < aeeording *> th e< osua ??<. Ptfraa A mas nunv } John Day a bri'kDyer. in ? It tf yeslausy. visited 'lis wife to sight, froi? wtioni tie had lik d separate tor -vtiia*. an t teliberatasiy shot her twi.n with a revolver. 11m ball' !<? hted near til* heart, uud her recovery is pri a< unced impossible by "lie pbv-iriaes. Both partie-were /nun ; Hay wn? pruaaptly tures-ie^ i>ud us tnuiitud to prison. half wtail lntert vtlMj; Iron Bneiios Ayrcs, Arc* Bcaros, M ?y 12 IS. I 3 he Wp Dragon, f'om liuenv* Ayrvs Ma eb', and Monte Video '.':ld. i iviwed at thi* i>ort this morning. Tlie frigate Congress T?? at Due: ?>? Ayri?. Ixsund oa a nulte Satdk n hr Ihi Fhlklaad Island* The Bn,n brldge vrao at Monte A deo The vigate Dt. bowia, Oooa modore BfvKvever. sai'ed en the Idtli Mar<*h for Rto Janeiro '.The I'achat ays that at her departure ev-apr mark of cordiality nn<l rr-urct was shown The drought and lor ?ts liaTe ??( rnnurJtting Ml havoc in so,vie parts ef .he country, destroying the crop of wheat wMch is very Jeft-ctive 1 Sh in <iuinri(y aud <iuality. in o luwutiencc of wldch read tutfs 'av ad vtnei <1 gn o'.ly. and the ; rice of co iwtry flour, in com parison with last aea#oo ba< risen'.Wi per rent, ami In dian corn Itttl per cent, i.v the cowose of a moottv. The ports r. main slowed against foreign grain, but should the tins .?!< m d s. vicity prove foal, im d? "?t?t the I wiii be rimuted American tionr on laxtrd is now worth ffi ui }" a j.7 60. f.,r ex]>o ft avion, with lorn ? demand toe the interii r province*. l*i 1ftit-nl in- vs n nnimpestant Tlie impri-i vnufit of (;???..rai Itir ? ? st |||n Janeiro, wsu- looki d ujiovi a* a p?i iti.- indieati" ?. had not the nr i-ewed tieaty of Dra/il with the pnw aeial gr>?em tif laragei/. ci ne to a in utralixation (f ltietbrl The ulteiisr movement* uf the ltrusiUan re hi net hi'? HUetg trie uffi ctfd. if lint deridi- k by til* fi be uf the LidVfd'JC rer Couventiou in the Krvn- h Aasetaii'y. The Lute Pngltlvr Sinrt Civ eo In Itovtan. Bfirov, May 12, ISot In the Fuprrrae Court, today, it wa? moved that tho softs Wrought ai:ainst Knight and Hughs- by the aboli tionist- at the time tliey were here to claim William aad I'.Iien Craft - as f agitivea, bo dismi-sed. un'.-sr a r 'upanwf We endorser for the co< t< of tie suit is giren?th- piaiu t;ITs b? ing c lit of tins State, aul probaUy not intending tu return K Ik. Dana, Jr . Diehard ID.dretli. and S. b. anil *1gucd agaiaet tin motion, but the Conrt, (."bed Justice ,-liaw presiding) decided that a re.poneible ?? doraer for eist? must given, or the sinia diwubw^t. f. vlie suits will probably fall tw Uie i'round 1 lie suit breusht against Distrht AJt.uney l.uat f? Ho (s i damages, for tile :irr--i end detent lun of A Bar ton. a eoloreii hafbe% of 9aleM. who mis. hy laiatake, ar retted as < ue oi* the rescuer* of Cbadras h. ha* alao bo Ciaie a uou-uit. by tile hUttrr of Burton tu appaar Moutlterii Item*. rr.oM nuco?mtrMiut rroa.'i?Mi-.i (ill Kit !JI A COAL PI t?rAElXJM OP A M Ail. Romttt, ITC.| III. lilTiNtw, May 12, 1U1 Tam|ico datea to tlx- SOtli uit . ar* received. IV* Mexican (.'ongrr?? ha.I agree I l.> place a ligtithou* am A la cr aura to give a drovution to the aoidi <w ?i unUoil In th* war with the 1'tilted ?Ut? A very violent thunder ItanayiiMd ..m New OrteatM on the 4 lb lit* < it) wan ?ln>. ><t flooded One white, an I ten colored am ware killed at Olov.* Hill coal |.it? In Chr-terfleld. Va . on Ftiday. by a lira damp ej |*lo-i?n Hie I'rm.l. ul haa pardoned TUo- D Burg*. romvie<*4 ef f U.inii tbe mail, in Ur.-uvili*. N. C. 1! M Tyton. of New \ crk. agent of the Atlantic Ha. tint In-ut anec t'ompnii) . died nt on the tth. He hid recently settled th. re on account of ill health J A greet* of New fork; K. A lb-wen if Ortew ?aunty. N y . anil I. C. Hot hi. an re all luirrd (roan IVa ati rmr Webster. I nml ih Miw-l.-eippt The Maryland Convention have d.l.ll to aboliaVlat tirie. after AptU, la..!' S| eaher Ci-I b h ?? dvcMutd the ptiUlr dinner towdacid him I.) tlir whig,, and democrat* id Citinurh Tbe New Oi lcan * |mjH>r? aliliniince the Jevth AOaptadn Or.Oln. l.y r?> accidental | i?i"l ahot The < itlreiK of Itli tine.od B. t' . Bred a ? dote M hear leg of the iiction of the t'harb ?ton ('onrent in From the PacIHe?ltrporleal I.oaa nt Ma* Itlilp Tnwarora. Nrw Hi 10 en., ISM. Tbe d ip Ri .laian. nrrlv.d b rr report* that aha touibed at Wbytooperha, in the Pacific Car an. on th* libtli if January A boat, containing nine, men arrived at the lata ad 1 bay report <J thai they had nbandrnted lb.- -hip Tiuearora. Id I'old Fprtng with th- r-mainit r if Iha rreve In Iwoollier boat*. ninety mile* aonth d M.-mir. n Nlao- tut lua the datrm-ah .oce made hp rue t the party who rame homo in tp^ in (a It. Trd that t hi Tiim arntu waa ecntUvd !i) t.mi - of hue en * t ) I* ring l?- in lier ' out T ? oilier et-thl nu>? w rr left by the Kidman on the 1.1 mil .4 P.or?toag4 Detail ftrnmalilp. at S ?* Orleawa. haw Ott uri. May 13?1' M a The Meant*! p Metieo ha* urrivi-d from Cham 4 ?t*h -ViJ paaMi gcTa. alto the Winfh Id droll on he* vra. trip from N- ?? tor* The Menu Ohio aatla tar New York to morrow RIiihIc (aland t ongrv olonal I'lre'lon. I'r.??11.1 vi?. May 12,1 vtl The vol, ? f r nseml- rv if t n^re.. hav* b-.-en <? canted by n roanniltt e of the I ? mdeture. and tlenjaaiin l?. Thurwtaa, lit moo rat. declared a'arM In th* w.-.teru dialrh t by ate lit 1M tnanrity. ami tkdfr U Kng, wh'g. In the l .-'ern hy 141 majority Naval htlrlllgviirr. Iti.Tov, May 11 1*N A letter frrtn Port Pray* Cape de tirJrv, dat -d .hr d A| rtl. anya? There ate her. th ? Port am nut h. Com Or-i-nry th* Hale, C. m r I'eafti. nnd the Purp-i?.\ Idaut Ilium l.ardner The ?.lna4r"n ha? ? n net irely empliued na enli avorlng l? ?iippre * tie-Odion* Mare trade; toil imm wiih<iandirg all 'he v'gdanev anil akill of the different r. mmnt dee*. It I- -till tarri. J on np?n tha F oithecu Cia*t lo a *i c-ider* le enteni On the arrival of tha tlermnntown. the t'. it-m 'ith will n turn to the Untied Stat. ? The health of the vNcera and m n wa* good. Near?i a Mill M. 1**1. Tba t'n't* d Ptate* ate** frigate PtmgaamUMm." Mh at HI < n I day Ibr Uh T ap**r She n ,t with 'TO Mm I ully. it getting . ut n| iha harbor. mimiiM roill of aevvrad ? mall vrie elm but ahe aflerwarda moied oil tnei/ Court of Utntrtd lUailoni, M ?? 12 ?.fvol/^i *mt?t of thr Me n/vighfer fair ?The ra?r of Ann mdhde<l fi r riwlng the iteath if a young aarvant girl ia her emidoy named Ann MrOowan, w*< poaipoiod till negt tloautay morning. The rare baa already lawn opened, nnd aeveral witapaae* e?amin> d The ranae of p<?tpnneme?t thi- morning waa the llineaa of one of th? ?nnant far the delrnr*. A stipulation waa. however, entered by the junior nmnwd for arevned. to proeevd with the enavnn M< tnltty whether hla aan riate ?w able to attend m not. IVceiM Ui illy, and atmrrd Aw ?A negro, mmeit Fatniiel Po-eeh. wa- thla morning arratgnel on a liargo if having held inec?tnou? tnter-enrae wtlh hit ow? ? laughter He pli adrd guilty %0 Uw ImUctment but *aht he waa Intoiieatrd when hi- committed the "ff< n-e II<* waa aenteneeil to serve Sre yeara. at bard lahoc, in th* Hale prtaon. at flag Flag. _ . C??nfetfr?/re< ae ttvd, ,m a Chr.troWv CVn't Mr)era ploadtd guilt] t'? fvpvj in the third dogrie h foti-ing ?n ncler 1* the n?a? of hn i?v 7rl * he rrretyfd fr- m the Hebrew K-nen lent IJ**? ? amotvnt for whii h the orffet w*? drawn waa ant ti Tin; The f'ovirt rentenr. J tba j rfc-o r *< !ll?" ???*? M** two yeara . ,, , Tfcgt ?f liuaim J"hn Haher wa? -eni <h* ' *? ? I letit int y for *i\ m.nib? !|iv1?v !?? '< '? ,'"M| H Iggyeuv, \n ? t* *i'"J '? Nnhf*

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