Newspaper of The New York Herald, 13 Mayıs 1851, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 13 Mayıs 1851 Page 4
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NEW YORK HERALD. JjllKI UOil DON B ?CANITY, PROPRIETOR AND KDITO&. HIKI II. W. COKNKL OK KIILTON AND NASSAU STS. THE DAILY HKH~iLU, I cent, per copy?$7 per ^Tfffc WEEKLY HERALD, every Saturday, at *11 m i per copy, or tb per irnnum ; the Kut of" an Edition || per annum, to any part of Gnat D.itain. and S5 to any mart of 'he CmIimw, hath to inclw-a ...c pottage. rOLL'NT.iKY COM KEnPOSDESCEi coniannong Mpporti-it newt, tolieiled farm any yuarter of tho ioorla; if uoei. t'i 11 he hhcraily paid for. Ova Koasioa Oe**n Itmim asa faavmvlasl* wma to a*Ai. all I.*TT> n, AMI I'tUkAliU HIT TO I'll. A LI. LETTERS hy ma.I, for t> hm iptione. or totth JMoertieemente, In he poet ,ra i. or Me p?~ %gt mill be tie ducted from the money remitted. SO NOTICE taken of eiMiuymeui communication^. ?Er do not return those i .f eted. ykJjl'ETiTl^EMESTS renewed every JOH PRINTING executed with neatmet, thtapnett, mnd despatch. Vchtmt XVI No. 131 AMVilUlLNTfc Tills EVENING. tte.~WY<y THEATRE, Bowery?Uthullo- All thi W't Li ? A Stacs. B'aOAD WA Y TIIEATLi , Ilr*A<l*Ay?R. Paixiova Bsr ?Y?\ JtlOM Oi TI1K SklN. NlSIfS "ARDEN", Broadway?IV hiick wo ?! a n ? Gi? Mlit' l..1.! l ouu. BfRTON'H TU2ATRK, LfcAmberi ji'te??A Monnxi (a:a-.loi i.?> > i o?.. i oh *ia7 .'ONAL THEATSi, lint, ix tireoA?Viotimisino 9i.- LATA. E . U' jSam 3 LYCLl M, Brtaiwty?1.?mcos Assc* al t-Ro* at ihi Lvl-? h. v .<?l )TV'B MINSTRELS, Mechanic' JUlWi72 15toa?w?f ? A'*h oeiAS Mi.iitiuov. ?e !/>WY MINSTRELS, Tel Iowa* Bo,;ca1 Ball. No. M4 Be AoWAJ?Ethiopian Ml KIT A MA. At lilt AN MUSEUM?Aauaiaa Furciaiiirit ?? 9* I r Til) [ITMIII. DOUBLE SHEET *,w Yotk, Ttt?d?f, tiny 13, 1HJI. The Intelligence by T. I. gmtiU. A.-aong the iCou<i of iutol.igonce by telegraph, we learn from Washington thut it is the opinion there that the Cuban expedition had bec.i aban doned, ami that no serious t'.ubleis apprehended at present iu ??< uth ( arolina. < iie statement, however, that no steamer at this has been oha-tered by the government is male without a kr.< * ledge of the truth in the ease. F^om Boston we learn that the vexatious suits !<?' ul? by the abolitionists aguun-t Mcsrs. Knight ami Hughes, who claimed William Hnd Ellon Crain, are likely to bo abandoned. The suit ngninst the Di-?riet Attorney, Mr. George Lunt, for t!.e ful. e imprisonment of A. colored b.v her. has fallen to the ground. V.'c have, by the way of Poston, later intelli ger >e from Bueno Ayrcs, which, though without peliti al importance, has some features of eommcr eial interest worthy of exainiru tion. The Prt-sldcnry?Old Political Quarrels and the Xfw Ones* For the last three or four years the whole coun try. north, couth, ca.-t, and west, has been agitated ond excited, beyond description, with anti-slavery, abolition, secession, threats of civil war, insurrec tions, rescues, and every possible political calamity. At the r*outh we have had Na ille conventions? In \V ashiogton, all kinds of cau .,,-es and extra and &1 .a councils?in New hork, p. Iitieil meetings, abolition exhortations, Union s,*echcs, and we know not what else?while in New England there liu.e been thou.amis oi conclaves, of one kinl anl another, all showing chat the politicians of the se Teral parties and factions were bent on quarrelling kith coeh other, or with me body, or something. This state of things las frightened all the old Women in the country, and ihe question has been n-ked. where is all this bickering and fighting to end I M< re recently, we have had tke Sute Bights i A -sociations of South ( arolina in convention at I hari.-ston, an 1 passing resolution' iu favor of sc. ee-sion from the Union; while at Syracuse, in this ?"?tate. we have the abolition pilgrims from Boston, denouncing the Bible, the eonstituti. n. and the Ant 1 ark HmratJ, besides everything else that is decent and resectable in the way of revelation reason and common sense. What is to Come out of ? 11 this ! Where is the end to be 1 Why should people quarrel on ,-uch matters, and where do tucy intend to stop ? These questions have been asked every day, and ?cbody has been able to solve the ridllcs. Can you ' or you ? or you T Nov. at th s very hour, after all the flurry, fuss. I fume, excitement and nonsense, now on this side, ' ?ow . n that, and now on the other, for three years. ?U the cloud* begin to break away, and we arc be iolding quite a new set of quarrels, springing up in ?very direct ion, toabsorb th. enti.e attention ofthe Jiublie. I he to Ik of the whole drama is about over, ' and w? are to see the action carried on by the va rious characters for several months to come. The 3 resident and his cabinet are of little account. They arc not of so much importance as th- Inrita tion to dinner sent to Senator Douglas, or as the tour of General S ott through the Western States j to find sit. s for military hospitals. To be sure,they may decide upon making a few removals from small offices, and way er r, go a little further, ond Issue proclamations, and recall some of our agent' In foreign countries: but they cannot arise iato any ?ery great importance without they get up a huge quarrel which v J wallow up all the small figbtl b'.re and tlerc in different part* ofthe country. Vt ell, tbe Presidency is the greatest bone ofcon* tcaiion that office seeker* h. rc the plea?ure of V-'Ii- ? ft 2*"0ut. and. so fap a- .an l>c ?egn at t!?o present moment, the scramble has already eo:n See need. '1 here !? every probability, aecording to ! appearances, that General W infield ."vott will be the g r. i.. i, ? I 1,i- \\ f,ig ? t.v i avc /ion of Pennsylvania will meet nest m<nth, anJ they will, ? 'most nnsi : u-ly. h< let t. lag. Vet tt.i? will be ho proof that he wiilb. elected, as everybody knows; l?ut It ' a proof a w w poliihal fight will com tie ice, the hustle at d activity of which will stir np Such a ou that we ball l<*?j s'ght of a huo lred >? w irg qu rr ?, 1 . re .and there, about abolition Or 1 rec 'sion, free >ii and canal enlargement, and we know not clw Hitherto, the disturb ances Lave Wen con cming things and principles; f<r I he nest few ami hs they will l> about men and fviMvidon's?and ti c Hi.- about the i,"0r a'ways vi ry catm-t, becau r"iii.clu;?s ci; c t to F :?SH?re money ari l spoils ... ,i ,r. n tb in from 1 inoijde*. Asyrt, the ileum :?'? oppose Gen..ra! ; vi.Ii r d.o lyin portico ir. 1 v ,, #*!.?' ith -n ? lutip. They ili n k ? w ? to r t a f ?> : . . t thif way Cad i ... or a corporal, .i statesman, or a ni .;u| In g l time, who will ma'," a rich igV or it for I-..J. \i i mud aM ?ta .1 by and wat i th 1 grnne. and mark the points.,lirg to a pp.. nrot ? J a* V/n h'ngtnn. tl - w I he set ra! IU' eholdtrs cp'y interested in ti t region. They will have a <l?rp d.?ire to win. I<tit whatever may be the r< ?uit, the Tret lent and 11. cabinet eanrmt do much g> <>d for themselves or f** ? J ? i ? ? ; tl ry i.a' n > force or i t:.?v wet ond t be | < w?r to push a f w ti'lage p* tmastcri < u? of pl.o-r, * | A fr? loafers into th vacancies. Tbcy w t e ,iC jn, sooner or later, and the only question is. wl, ther or not 4hey can really fia I strev'li enoug nrot firmnrs< enough, to have h foancl among tbtm .Ives' If it had no hetf-r affect, a tjiurn 1?r b w up. in t'i? mb'not ? would to a be them inter.til nd tl ? notnioues f .r the I iaoidoncy hn\ i . en i nue', n il, p r'lips, it w. iUdbc bet for ?*<!? m u ?? r 11 the cabinet to l.akp to the stun p <.. " i !. with th Pr ' den! at the head, and c , ? ; :p T,.. 1 'bill ilia* CA'cU : iu *rviy the iillut.sK oi Lit . . :? ? 4* of the North, Which wilt n . . %? ,A ? 0, t . jiiis at tor the t. w 1 i ? it. ,i 1 _ I he wit! be m'esaarlly a tune who ,.,.r t ? uii ? Lear* tho lightest li igc or ? 0r uu 11 s. futional or uboh'tf >u : catitneuts. Mon i axe Rzuavox.?Within the week which ended on fN.turduy last, a great numberof religious, pkil.ii tfc. p". alandbenevolent institution* celebrat ed tli. ir anniversaries in this city, and the thousands of el-rgyuieu and laymen who \isitod this lnetru poli: from all |*urts of the Union, for the purpose of attending tin tu und participating in their proceed ings ure either at home again, or on their way thither. On the whole, " anniversary week," this 3 car, r aj more quiet than it has been ia tnuo* past, iu cons* queooe of the abolition fauatics having se lected Sy raeuse us the scene of their outrages, no I ub!. ? building in New York Laving been at their disposal, for love or money. It is said 'hat nicney is the root of all evil; but it is equally true that money is the root of all religion, or at least of all the religious movements of the day. Indeed, in thc^e days of backsliding, sin and immo rality, it may be said that religion cannot be pro moted without the assistance of the root of all evil. In religion, as in other matters, it is the lever o' Archimedes, which moves the consciences of men. We have 110 doubt thcesocieMes etl'oot agri at deal of good, but we wish they were more particular in giving to the world an account of the good works done by them than they are. Some of them, how ever, we are satisfied, do nothing more than expend the money wliieh th :y receive lrotn the piously iu . lined. We were struck with the rej ort of an Eng lish <h L ty which was established for spreadingthe go.q i in llinde.stan a short time siuco. After ex 1 endirig r wo or three millions of dollars, and labor ing IV r tieariy set .nteen years, the sum total of thj results wa re two Hindoos converted to Christianity, on ol whom "as marked d ubiful; and of twelve more, the society had some h"i>es. These twelve were so bad thai the society would not acknow ledge them. Wo manage such matters in this . uut y much better than the English do. All the .tints throughout the Union meet in New York in one partieulai week, where they discu- a 1 iigious subjects, ascertain the progress of reli gion, the inert -e if each sect, collect money, say their prayers, give Popery a dig under the fifth rib, nnd then go home. In looking over the receipts of these institutions, we were ud&zcd Ui their magni tude. i he following table exhibits th receipts of some of the principal ones for one year?1SD an! 1^50? being the host statement we can make out: Amei lean Seama .V Friend 3oci'"ty $30.900 01 ry Society of the Methodist Epis copal Church ... 150 000 00 An 1 ' ..n slid 1 on igu Auti-FlaVi ry to ty SO.000 00 goti. y f-r the Kt'lnf of Destitu: Children <4 Seamen 3'207 00 An.e:ican and foreign Christian lulu.... 50.305 03 American !!? me Mis.-r ?n.?ry Society .... ... 100 493 91 .Net.' nul Temperance Si-ciety, ('? months)... 3305 44 Ai i an I final- i.u.rdiau j-< ciety 10.330 03 American Tract Society. 810.7'W 00 Ana rican Iiibh- j-'.-cifty 370,883 53 An.t rican !'? iird at Com ml/ icsers for Fo lium Mission*.' 186'1 > 187.000 09 Ann r i an Education Society, (I8.V1 3.T67 48 New lurk Institution for the Blind, tl850 .. 39 373 21 N?-w Y< rk I; 1 ..fai.-l i'Ui b In/titr.ti m. lSoO) 53,540 03 Ac ? rfc an S< ci> ty for Ann !:? ruling the Con dition uf the Jews. (1850) 5.6U 7fl New Y rk Female Missionary Society, *(1M0) 577 30 Am.nean and Foreign Society. (1850) 41,535 00 Presbyterian Board of Foreign Missions, 11650j 130 013 00 American Seaman's Friend Society. (1850)., 23 479 00 Foreign Evangelical Society. (1S4:) 24.2BS 03 N". w Y? rk Ftnte Celonizatiou S doty, (1840) 13.514 00 American Protectant Society, (1519) 27.40S 00 'ihc sum total of these receipts amounts to up wards ofa million and a half of dollar* for one year. There are other similar soclet es scattered through out the- country, which make no pretensions to p< pularity or publicity. The incomes of these will probably reach half a million of dollars a year,* making the aggregate contributions towards the object of promoting religion in this and other coun tries at least two millions of dollar* a year. The aggregate receipts of these institutions, for ten years past, cannot be less than twelve or fourteen millions of dollars. When we add to this the cost of support rig churches in the United States, which is nt least five millions of dollars a year, including ministers' salaries, building of new churches, and the interest of the money expended in erecting those alt idy built, we ate satisfied that in propor tion to our papulation the i<cople of the United State devote a larger proportion of their means for the purposes of religion than those of any other country in the world. The truth is, if money pro motes religion, wc ought to be the most pious na tion in Christendom. Arc we? RrrErnoN of the Chief Maoi?trate of the Ilcrt BLic a.nd his Cabinet.-?Mr. Fillmore, aud those members of the Cabinet who will accompany him, will be received in -New York to-day by the Maj< r and Common Council. From the office holders and office seeker?, he will receive a cordial welcome, and from the public at large a respect ful reception, in thi- metropolis. Mr. Fillmore and his < a binet are bigLly respectable men iu their way, nnd occupy very elevated positions. All par ti. hould, and we- have no doubt will, unite iu welcoming them to N'tw York But these gcntle m- n rnu-t beur in mind that the courteaie* and at trition that will be shown to rheui while here ought by no moans be taken as au indication on the part of the people of anv wish or intention, on their part, to continue thcuPin office beyond their present term. Infact, the appearance of tilings here and cl >wher warrant as in saying that a change i? do sir-d by all parties. There never has been an in stance, in < ur history, of the re-election of an acci dental 1'resident?of one who has filled the Presi dency in consequence of the decease of th" person alerted to thv Vttflf Tirs i:li*s or rim Act Uhiom and or rut i i;r.??li i J.?r. mk.?The gallery of the Art Union p- J *iijt of the -ch' ol of lK-ign were opened la ?t Ut ?. and hare been v-, sited by ft considerable not her of strangers and citixcns. Bo b galleries have soma pi< tare! which are worthy of a little notice, but the greater portion of the paintings are li't' ? beneath srli.tiftn. In the Art UnioS we never raw such a wrttchid ? ?llection of trash, 'lake out ix or eight ] uintii ga, and the other work* ar: worthy only to be consigned to region* *.<y< vd thtv realm* of g' 1 ti??e. The >ch ol of 1 ignis by far the beat collection. It has a few. perhaps a dorcn, of very eaocileat paintings, bat tbi gi 11(1 y 1? uvit 1 -vled with miserably txeowiad {, traits, writ nod lnrxlacniea, and other trash by amnum.* i: tbi Art. Then ia one work which ia vm r i.y. however, of Ui-tinct notlae. It ia a child's hi ad, ? tu t ted in marble, by a young man who a 'it year* ago wa* a toecbuuia in Albany. We fo g t b. r -mi but it wiii be known every wh-re ?( 11:tie da; . I r thi* production exhibit* the t order of ger.iui. While speaking of slat* a y. re luaj a* Well observe tlii t in the Ar* 1 nion exhibition there is a g*owp of statu..ry which in ir the centre of the room a ili gram to the i itution. It ought to be j iti bed out into the stn et by the \ lice a* a nui-anco. /: ciriyli ore dny w hall notice th- work i.' ? ' in i th tal'vi i> -, a a- they merit it?but v ? ii ii-1 say In advance, by way of openirg the i . ti t tl.i i*cr'j tU im of the Art Union have t.mounted a 'bin a fiw yters to six or seven hun dred thou i I i illnr*. and that this generous pa tronage of the Ami rim j >oj i Im* t. en but very sli| 1 Ijrsud inad piattfy i-tu-n I in the quality of thi W*>ks which are n a 'ITered by the com to it tee uhn h?Ve the direct i"t. of the institution. There i s<me* long wrung sobmwhere, wr .-ucb a disgrac fhl rc?wlt would not appear. A -pi rt. r>r T.ioiit I* a Dai Pi.ti'* ? < rf the i- hbj in Wc tert Virginia has notniuaU 1 Mr. cl'Ster iar the l'r< sidancy. i'-m sit:a? I. Lni.iiAii ?k ?tsiuskj" fiestl .tor ' ' In I 11 IJ td. Pins ' io .* (Talra. 1 i nti H < <?. ia -?'ft " '< ?a?r..-hlp '? ?' ' >? ? I < I ?" v< i l y aft. in * * fir ?h.raaa ?Uh i j i . t4 ii o o ut' i . olses# *i -ii.' h win Ue lit.. i hi i i ? oiiii |. ii i- f ? Jr'i a*f * ?nsstMV ? *i I howl MS I"WS. < ??lt? t : WtlllMn I'li-aering .?? i t W l'.' bertit aaWdllw-. i f H*Km, WatseuW Places of the Peesewt Reason.? In every part of the country the proprietors of the hotels ut fashionable watering place# arc busily en gaged in arranging their establishineuts for the present season. At Saratoga, Newport, Newburgh, Keyport, West l'oint, and on the shore# of Eong Island Sound, the houses have been renovated lor the reception of visiters, and will have a successful season. One of the very best establishments, how ever, and the model house for comfort, is that to >e opened by Me.-srs. l'arsous and llowe, on the fit of the mouth, at Lebanon Springs. No hotel is better situated. It is easily accessible by the railroad from the city, and, being, surrounded by lovely scenery, there is none of that monotony which sometimes distresses those who seek retire ment in the summer mouths. In laet, Lebauou Springs will probubly be the rival of Saratoga, as its beauties become known and the accouiiaoda tious which it possesses arc appreciated. The fushioiiable watering season will com mence with unusual spirit this year. President Fillmore and his cabinet arc about to visit the city, und to take part In the oi-euiwg of the Erie lla.lroad. As the season of tho year is exceedingly propitious, the federal officers should extend their visit, also, to the fashionable water ing places ? Saratoga, with its small waters, and Niagara, with its big waters?each typi cal of small and great politicians?the former acting with medicinal effect insiight doses, and the laHer having an historical permanence and liu portanec. do not know how tnany other places the President and hi- cabinet might visit; but they should continue iu the good work, and \ iuit Newport, Catskill, the White Mountains, take a peep at the FVice mermaid, (wliuh is as black r-.inrn.-.) iuquiro tor tie t'hio fat girl, the woolly horse, the Druids, the wild man without legs, or his -ki 1, (which he sheds every night,) and tho nine ele phants, and be introduced to Jenny Liud? Faiuuiu, the proprietor of ail th-.-se wonders, doing the honors of the occasion. They can. also, drop a few tears over the grave ol Joyce iletH. After ! they have been delighted and astonished with such rare'creation;- of American genius, the various pri vate and public institutions of the metropolis?in cluding the Anatomical Museum?should be in spected. The Five Points is an interesting locality, and Blockwell's Island, the seeuc of legislative -aturnalia, is hallowed ground for public function aries and private despots, iu a .-uiud way. 1 he Tombs, in tho heart of the city, may bo vi ited with profit, if not with pleasure. It has uncommon interest, and any member of the cabinet, who de.-ires, may be shown the identical apartment in which Cue-Eyed Thompson bade farewell to sub lunary 'hing*. In fact, there is no tnd to the curi o- ie a the city. The newapuper offices may be vi d with more than ordiiut-y inteVcst, for in these receptacles, hereafter, all Presidents will be made or unmade. The PaTehsos E\rt.< -ion.?The evidence given at the coroner's inquest on the bodies of the 'unfortunate men who were killed, a few dayi since, at Faterson, ly the explosion of a looomotive boiler, shows conclusively that the catwtrophe was caused by gross negligence of the parties who had charge of the locomotive. We, therefore, hope that a further investigation will be made iuto the facts, and that the person# through whose reckless ness several human beings were launched into eternity will be tried, and, if found guilty, punuhed to the extent of the law. Disasters of this kind are too common in the Tnited States. Indeed, we do not believe there is a country under henven, civi lized or barbarous, where there is such a reckless disregard of human life exhibited as in this. W e hear almost every day that a steamer on the Mis sif.-ij pi has been snagged, or has blown up, and from a dozen to a hundred or a hundred and fifty lives lost. Accompanying the accounts of these catastrophes we frequently have the stoical re mark, after saying that a hundred persons were lost, that " the iron sufe was fortunately saved." Frequently, however, the iron ;afo goes to the bot tom as well as the passengers. We have not as many of these explosions on this side of the Alio* ghunie# as occur on the other, because the public press and the courts of Justice have, to a certain extent, performed their duties?mueh better, at all events, than is the case in the West and South west. A gieat laxity, however, has been exhi bited here, too, in relation to boiler explosions, falling buildings, and various other matters, which, wc trust, will not continue. It is to be hoj<cd the New Jersey authorities will not be content with a mire coroner's inquest, but that the psrties whose carelessness was the cause of the explosion will be tried and puni.-htd. Nibpt.ixo at the Naval Office.?Wc have every reason to believe that tbe vacancy in the Naval Office will be filled U#d?y, some time, after tbe President's arrival, just as soon as he can un derstand tbe points at issue. The two prominent candidates arc the highly respectable old news ] opcr rat, Win. B. Townsend, formerly of the Ezjtrr** newspupcr, and for several years a seeker after office, day and night, suiiimcrand winter. He is supported by the Exyrt*$ and?the Cotton L nlon Committer, us one of the compromiser# of the con stitution. Tbe other candidate is Mr. Benson, supported by tho old friend# of Mr. Clay, for the memory of things that arc past. There will be a terrible struggle between these influences, nnd the applicants believe that the Union, the constitution, the Presidency, and the PC*t comet will depend on the choice of the President. )?kmovaTj of Wmaa from Office.?Mr. C. B. TLompon, the fiostruaatcr a? [a II?.y; Mr. liar E.ito Goodrich, postmaster at Albion; and Or 1'icrrc Van \V yek, insjicctor of drug* and medicine# in the Niw Votk Custom House,hare recently been removed fit in oflit-e, and it is utdertto.i that they rc.e displaced on account of their atti livery sen tin.ent* hi d lore of Reward. V ( must give President Fillmore'* administra tion fu 1 credit for this bu?iin*i, and only regret tl ut they did n< t commence the go<Ml w,,rk soancr. However, if the cabinet will only go or. and follow o|> tb< ir hand*, Ihry will become stronger ia a short tr, and do their duty to the country, and to the whole country, ills a good sj mptoui that Thur low Weed Is grumblirg at these r' moral*. When lie weepa or snarls, it is angn In feel* extreme ly re. lie Is now muttering and gr .mi ng dally hi the removals of "good and faithful whig*.** Let him groau. The Krw York IIisau 11 lv loir. a.XD el?e mi i he.?A very intelligent corn pondent of the ?\ i rtg/if/tf writing from I '.ndon about lh< World's Fair, has the following | . agii? '? AihI ibat remtads me to y that Iti? t? rjn ? ?> ll.e onlj Ainerlean |?r< r ?l . h o r. ol In I m r Uutl do hnywlere. ?hsn nr yi>u oeet to fln.l h I'liltril flstw asw |i| I sin! III. one -t.r '? |... Kin n 11 u If m the erohei-?y tothigln ?i, j f ? in ih ? Ue itin Ilrem If the Roelety of Art" et tin Ai|e!|.|il to th A lliert i ho|> tbofi iu liotten how. w.,1 b" Of Aiw Vmk /hre/rf ?' This is in Lrgland. The eireii! iti'.n < f the Xrtr ]' ik Jinulrl is just as gicat on tin < intincnt of Europe? in Franet, Germany, Italy, Lr. Whcr- ? ever the London journals go. pa-Ocularly ihc Ttmtn, there j u will find the JVnr IV,k Hi i' W< mny ray the same ?fit* elrcelati .n in the I i -cd .-latc.e, and on Ibis continent generally. Many journal* here aid elsewhere hare n large local circulation, hr.t tin Xnr York II "hi i? ll' < ? '? n< w.-pnpor of thi continent which has a nnivt isal circulation. TVe V? llllw and I ornsi t'ose. " i rcie r"ttt. tie! re I hit! J?l"l ' e Oakley Mil 12? b' p Mod* It Ha I I mil ?1Tl.'? esse. ni'.'i ' it been aiUonrrwil t i r t m I .,?!< v ? vtr tng e i ? sett, ij on th1" ne'rntr"-; t-ol ? -i f| ? - ..'ri'im* it ! \ J tan hi -**. It WHS!? !| I ? tli t .-1,\ 'n W Am#! - , Bl III. ? >' 1? 'I lite I i.ll l | S I .|l. y Willi Us lefeiiilnnt on the pri' ji . of I he |.lelnti . T. J"t? .toha ? t r- < t sltjli tin de stroyed by flfcla 1W0. Aiijourncd, i | Tub Ten 1'Over.nuhs, the Co<r?ti.->sio>KKs or Emigration, and the Prison Di?cii>mnb Asso i ciatiom.?It is carious, that while a move l< being , made in one direction to add new duties, patron age, and power, to the Ten Governor* of the Alms house, there is uL->o a move in another quarter, to , (trip them of some of the jurisdiction they already possess, on the ground that they have too many irons in the lire, and must, necessarily, neglect some of them. We have learned, on good uuthority, that there is a scheme afoot to transfer the Com mission of Emigration from the hands of the pre ' sent regime to the Governors of the Almshouse. 1 he Prison Discipline Association, on the other hand, impressed with the idea that the shoulders of i he 1 cn Governors are already overloaded, are using every influence to induce tho Legislature to relieve them of their care of the prisons, which have hem so badly managed under their government' and to transfer it to a new body, to be appointcdlbr that purpose. Notwithstanding all the talk about model prisons and silent und separate systems, the state ol prison discipline here is far inferior to what it is in England and on tho continent of Europe. 1 he proposed change would probably be for the better, it could hardly be for the worse. A committee was appointed by the Legislature, shortly before its adjournment, to visit the prisons and inquire into the serious allegations of the Ex ecutive Committee of the Prison Discipline Associa tion, in reference to the ill-treatment of prisoners, , and other abuses of the grossest description. What action they will take will not be known till the Le gislature meets, in their sixth annual report, re cently published, the Executive Committee com plain tiyit the opposition first manifested b, the Hoard oi Mate Prison Inspectors, about ; iiroe years since, continued until the close of the last year, aud that, consequently, the influence of the committee is thus greatly lessened. Th j charter of tho Prison A'.-oeiation give* them power to visit, inspect, and cxouii .e all the prisons in the State, aud annually repoit to the Legislature their state end condition, ami all such other things in regard to them as may enable the Legislature to perfect their government and discipline. Put since the prison passed under tbc control of the hoard of Jn-pectorr, elected under the provisions of the Mate constitution of the (!> mai.ils of the committee for a full inspection of Sing Mug prison have becu steadily refu?qd. The committee say:?"The offer has indeed bei'u made to exhibit the books, and to ullow us to converse with the prisoners in the presence of a keeper. A putt fiotu the fu t that this restriction is contrary to the statute, it would effectually thwart tho whole object of or. inveet.gation. The prisoner t dare not disclose ull his knowledge, and tell all his grievances, before a keeper. The very cruelty and oppression of which lie might have been the victim would visit him with a vengeful weight for hisdis ? do urea. In 1 * keeper's presence, therefore, his mouth D sealed; or rather by the hope of favors und indulgences, be is tempted to conceal or gloss over unpalatable truth.'**. Having been thus thwarted in the legitimate discharge of our duties by the opposition of the constituted authorities we have submitted a case to the decision of a judicial n <unal; and whilst wailing on the movements of the lew, arc constrained either to be altogether silent, or to present such testimony as we have been able to collect from convicts that have been dis charged during the year." 1 he committee have adopted the latter course, and presented a hoirid array of testimony in their | re] ort. The mandamus against the Prison Inspec tors is still pending, and the result is looked for- 1 wu:d to with some interest. As for the transfer of the commission of emigra tion to the Almshouse Governors, it is decidedly objectionable. They have already as much on their

hands as they can attend to properly, and the addi tion of so ponderous and complicated a concern as the charge of the ?migrants in the various depart ments on Staten Island and Ward's Island, the ark, and (_ uiinl street,would completely overwhelm them. No doubt, for sake of power and patronage, they arc ready t<> grusp the commission; but it would be as fatal as the gifts asked by Tarpeia from the . abmc soldiers at the gate of the Roman citadel. . he asked them for what they woro on their arms meaning their costly bracelets. They smothered her With their shields. The Ten Governors have now in charge the Penitentiary, the Luuatic Asy lum, the Workhouse and Hospital on Blackwvll's Islund, the Nursery aud Potter's Field on Randall's ' Island, Bellcvue Hospital, the Almshouse Depart ment in the Park, und the City Prison and jails. If, in addition to all these, they succeed in obtain- I ing the management of the emigrants, nothing can save them from being smothered with business. 1 Ihe affairs of the emigrants cannot possibly be worse administered than by their present guardians, as we have often had occusion to show. Itut that is no reason why the Ten Governors should be ap pointcd their successors in offiec. Musical Items. The opera in Boston has been Very successful Boeio. Mariui Bi ttinl. I.oriui. and Caroline Yiettl. have bscU much admired. Miss Virginia Whiting Is about to an I" or in the ,oU of Ululietta. with the latter lady 1'aro.ll Is doing wonders in New Orleans, and instead of giving only two concerts there, has already given four We bare to announce, also, that Madame llarlli Thome, who ? an admirable singfr. has arrived In New York from Mexico, the looks as charming |as ever, and would be ftk J j rrccircd in the fashionable concert during the jTf*M nt mu'icffl eem^n. which will Mrnlth many suitable occasions for th* ea.rclee of her talents The opera season In New York will commence at C.-lle liar < en under Maretrek's management, on th- fifteenth of rut month, vhtn several new operas may be expected Movement* of DUtlngulnlied Intllvtilnnl*. The lady. lUu.litir and m>n of 1IW Kxeellrucy. tb" Tn 1M1 it i f the I nited flat 11. arrived yraterday evening, nt the Irvinp llouae, where i cenmiio dntlon? hjvenlet I? ? n e< curtd f r the hoMcnt) whole arrival. a* an nounced. will take place thi* day Apartment. have been al"> i f:rp< d for the Attorm J Ovtatil. I'i. tm .-ti r (luurtl. ar.d ti.<ir fumlli)". a* v?U a< for tiha II i Tho?. Until* F. rretary of the Nary The lion pianiel MVf.ter will b" at tti" AttflP II' H to-*lgbt.aftertl>o Mftumki if the nwiytiei of lb" I'n rati ut aN ' Ver. 1 dmund plage. In] . of St Lotii?. ?l|eil 'n the picket till' Arctic, on r-t.timl.iy bit. f r I.Iv i'| oij. ni ro i't for Venn.?. towlii'll place bo h.?.? been appoint- I I'bitei Plato CtOlL Mid'r Gen fokl F TV<?I. A*'i taWt (iirtoral, Coi Jotter. I.t Franklin. ?' t hitiini'.?* Mnjop Ita-iie* t)r AatvW. I' ? A.J It v rl> i r';t r. \1 i -hingf .1, !!? ? rt 'ltd. Hiorgi town; P r. u'! too. \* ; W Mrtmly, Prveld* lit of tb.- (V mtr.on Crane il -f Bortonj Oon Elliott, t'oiiti Of r Itii* ey ttl nea. wore 11 oog?; th- arrival peetrt ay :?? the Irving If n." .' R *n.ith Bnltltuovr: S, <1 Benny. Pnatnn. Rand. Philadelphia: l?. Awdermn. Mlnenri C. Hood. Iiorrl t< r. vi ?;. I'rvld. Montreal; T. Arthur. South Car. din* M P. J? to "S 17 I. N J Wa?htngt"a, arrired y - lei day at the American II t I ,i 11 i.-h. !? r II Capi n V ? rytmd Mn'on II !a i,hie W Itafey Ithnea; (' fhapia iprtngfleld, If f. I I wler old", arrived at the t'tor ll"U*e If n Piter M?we. Cclieneetady; ll"it. It F Potter. In vide! I It I If 11 The" Bverk. otlki; X t\ Wat. nn. Hfhp.n; ( I arh a It Wtlmore, (Sen I. King He trolt; Aanie. Hamilton. Samuel Nlet II. Canada Win M p a a I n I'hl.adelfihla. b. .' Wa hhnrn. Northampton, wire i in..i lie arrival* nt Howard Hotel If n M fehofiiniahe Rkd'tm: It Hnrand Oi : R. Randall. Mbo : B Ik li*the: well. I'a ; J II ." ? tlltji.u. do . It II burr. W ii lilt don. Win Clarke, Mi. . ; s p. Peek. Vt . Wire among the an Wale yed-nlnyiU thef'iin ton lie 1*1. t Rit|tronr Court t Irrnlt Court. 1st fore Hon And go King Mat ??ffflliitm .1 Merer/ r-mtt'l Jam ft tt* S' ! y rrtitfy ir,-l WwaW Afiagtv ?Thla aa? un netl :t ft? "el t tif on a le i d rleettid by tie if f tidant" for the 11 ii . i nf aiingtle hrifr Lev .fett, that had been at* Id. I ? d to " i ore the payment of certain ehlp eh.-indlery ft1 f vH' tv ftii i l.?f. d mid trip by order of h >r cap taie Vf . f.fcke The mala defence n.t up nni'mf oiler war tieit ti e raptaln ttttanrdaHthorlaHfto Rmke .|-.< and n leet hl? prot I d' n? fopi r yap" t* Calif .r ii and ofj.eclaily that he wa* n? t ant! rir l a? the Ckptalf . t' l or* I " e ehaBlpfigne win ? Itn I Otle-r ll'|i|Or? ? 1 M'nnt'ftl.e hr'g. t oon tlata point ihee .iit<?t ia 'ih| f. i . t' rev v T" the p Rlon on il t *tt ' f the fdalntilT tl tthe en*, 'afti w.t an I to f ropier ; r vid- i' itn Riding clm.nj i ite tlrnt f r ? to t>;?f jn!.?. rrtny ihlp eajdein' and ra r rI art* r re ci p. .1 I the rtand t" pmte the eu?tmmrjf ii. * r. The ,tnry. after rnirh p fdafevr lelnotea. pen <b p 111" ' fi r the r ill)' ?! t r the toll '.aim. includ it girder, i he ; thii" eetalilWhlng the u?age that ma? t?ia rf v. ?|a tw aitthotiaed to pnreha'e pr 'vid"n?. ?lidfllpegl'i win .? ai i iil?v.;it? ftp p-ir" ngt p ve??e|*. Police Intelligence. Suspirion of UqUhi y.?On Suuduy uight. about 11 o clock, offict r Mvuitjoy, i f the Third vu.rd police, observed a. mau lyira on the sidewalk. In IVtst fir, i t, In u abate of intoxication, uud two or three inen standing about htm, preti uding to be endeavoring to a-sist hiui up. to enable him to get home. The officer went up to the man in liquor and asked lint if he had loft anything from bin person, and receivi d. iu reply, rather an Insulting answer sticb us diuuki n inen too frequently give. The officer bi lieving that the persons whom he had just Men about the iiuoken man were thieves, deemed it his duty to tuke the di ur.kt n uiatt to the stutb n house, where he became s< mi what solw red. and then discovered that Ids lucuty and gold watch hud bei n abstracted from hi' pefS(m, evidently by the very persona who had been at timpting to assift bun. The inau bis name, Henry Sly. residing at Klmlra. Chemung county, N. V and said he had bteti r< bbi d of fdi'.'i. in gold and bank bill', also a gold watch, valued at ff*0. Suspicion at once rested ou the young men seen by the officer to be about the peri on of Sly 'the officer- went in pun-uit of the rogues, and Mucecded in arresting James beau Junes Qenuu, and Morris Whalan, wlio are said to be (he individuals m n to be about the person of toy. while helaldontUu sidewalk, und are now chargid with the robbery. Ko money corresponding with that stolen was lound on tbeirpersons. They ware conveyed before Justice 1,0 throp, who committed them to prisou to await a further examination. lmutiily vj Pteliv Pietih.?Justice -Lothcrp yesterday, On the affidavit 11 two phy ?iciaus. llrs t'acln and Raw i on, committed Mr. l'hillp Phtrh to tie Bloomingdaln Lunatic Asylum, on a charge of insanity. Mr. 1'letch, for many years, was a resident of the Third ward, and k'pt a tailor's store on thecorner of 1'ult u street and J roadway. .forest on Sasjniitu?Outlet's wanted for Qol I HV' hi v.? Yesterday a nu n. by the nute " of Arthur Orogory, was arrested on suspicion, having in bis possession two gold watches, and three gold chains. al-;i a coat. These arti cles ure believed by the police to bo etob n. for wiiich owners arc wanted. Apply to Mr. Stewart. the clerk of police, ut the T' tabs. Justice Osb< rn comuuttcd Gregory to await a fuither hcarh - .111 for Lett ?We in tict el a f< w days ago the arrest of a tuaii by the name' e i IB: in re F Gable, on it charge of annoying Albs Mary Taylor, the .-.ctrosr. Having falleu despcriiti ly in 1 ve with tin* fair lady, he followed her abi ut in the s,tre?t, protesting bin ardeut attachment. Jui.lioc Tlni) son held bun to bail fur bis future good con duct. Since which time, being unable to procure bad, he hat inn eqpilned in the Tomb*. Yesterday, how cv? r. In was dispi si d of .on the illsdavits t f Dr<. Covil a nd Roberts, wl.o pronounced him Inrnue. und Justice l.o throp committed him io the Lunatic Asylum on Biack wi U s Mai d .hrtit <f Fugitives, by Telegrajd. ?On Friday morning early cn the arrive 1 of the Boston boat V.:mferbllt. ofn i i rs Norris and Lcmout arrested a man, i alio i benjamin iii ltou. and a young wt man, by Uic uuuin01 EiUa Mnilb. On a charge of t tea ling (300. the property of William 11. Cat jenter, residing at Providence. llh:>d<! T laud On Marching the female, the officers found 1226 of the monty alleged to he stolen. The woman, It seems, had bi i n living with Carpenter ut l'rovid. nee, and. iu his abfcnce, sbu took tl.e money fr< m hi- trunk, una run oft with K< lion to thiscity. The Chief of l'olice detained them both ; and it is presumed they will botti bo sent hack to l'rovldtnee for trial Charge Dismissed again.?The charge of (ruling 12 200 pending ngain-t Joseph Peters fur the lust few day, made by a Mr. Penning who v w robbed at the Shnk ? pea re Hotel some short time since, was dt.-u.L-.-e 1, after a protracted bearing beforothe magistrate, tie* evhli ni e not being sufficient to sustain it. The magistrate. Jus tice Osiorn, liberated Mr. Peters from custody. At the time fit the robbery Mr Peters was arrested, and on a hearing, discharged, lie was again arrested, and has again been dUrbarg> d. ku]?llor Court. Before Hon. Judge Ducr. Mat 0.?In the case of Furuis* vs. The Harlem Bail road Company, already reported In tin Herald, the jury returned u vi edict for the defendant. Mavul Intelligence. Command* r Pi ndergras t ha* be, a ordered to the c vm numd of the U 8, ft*am frigate SaTanac. the Hag ship of Commodore Barker, in place of Capt. Tctuall, detached at his own request. Capt. 1'endergroet i: ordered to join the Suranac at i'ensacoiu. The II. 8. sloops-of wi r Portsmouth and Dale. *nd V. S. brig Porpoise, were at Cape Verde 1-land* April 1. To Paper Makers. The undersigned wishes to make a contrart f(>r print ing paper suitable for tbe AVir York Herald. The amount required will be over one hundred thousand dollars' worth per annum. For further particulars, manufac turer* of paper will plea-e communicate with the pro prietor. JAMES G. BENNETT. TUB HERALD FOU EUROPE. MAILS FOR ET'RorE AND ASIA BY 1 HE STEAMSHIP # KlABARA. The British mall steamship Niagara will leave Boston to-morrow noon, for Halifax aud Livirpool. The mails for Europe and Asia will close in this city at one und three o'clock this afternoon. The New York llien.n printed in French and English, for European circula tion. will be published at 10 o'clock this morning Single copies, sixpence Court Calendar?1Thi* Dajr. I firniMK Cot i. r?Cibitit.?No*. 29(1, 9 188 347. 111!), 361.333. 364. 366.206, 266.356. .'157. 368. foamon Pi ?:*?.?Note 'Ao. 346. 443, 463, 474, 499. 602, 614. 616,619. 621. 622.623. 627.623 Pt riKioK Corar ?No* 623. 38. 47.109. 120. 126. 129, 140. 143. 145,21. 61 43. 12C. 137. 107. 130. 73, 140, 147, 148. 141' 160 161. 163. 164.160. 167. 158. 169 PROGRAMME OF ARRANGEMENTS OK THE 0< ration of the Arrival In thlt City of the President of thr I tilted State* and Mem ber* of the Cabinet. II(>friTALiTii ? ot rut City to tvt Pn?aiofNT A*n Cltmtt.-Tlit f{>(cltl Cennillltl apieiatrd by the Com Bion Council i f thr City of New Tort to make the ctieianry arrancrmri.ti for the rterj to n of tht Proaidrnt of thr idMati "" " I nifedhtatta ??d Mtmlrra ol the Cabinet of the General (,oi< rnni'i.t 1 are adopted thr f. lloMiny I'rorrainmr of Ar r>i>|initiiU lit tilt Mtt.ivl, day, (Tuirday.) the Uth inrtant? Tl.e Preaiiient ia rapected to airier at Cartlo Oardrn l.r tutra thr lioara of I and 2 o'clock, I'. M.. mbtrt he Mill Or received and arlcoui 1 to tl,< hoapiialitiea of thr city, l.y hi* II. nor the Mai or. after thick tl.c Prendre t will rrnrw the tro' l't Ml the Battery. Niitiooal Faluti to bo bred on hia arrival, nadir tlic ilirrrti..n ot Urir. t.t-ul. Morria. not ti or raw mmos. Tenth Hrrio.'ot, I I lial'Cy. T. M tvetafa ot the Tital an til felaetrbdiv) tbroorh thr ry?teiu: n Itr tint life end rattraly npo* itr ili?tri) roiea, hnwOTOf n n)i. tiant. ntttit retire If- iu It It, I VI i oily I 1';. but *ai< W- ! t ' n'^i (til 1|. r ? ?' ' i 1 ' ? ? t il ,.r' ' -A Atitiil'i. itnin' il.ati If i?i '?tl ? oi 'rt'iiioB. ant health Ir.nfiM It (? lloei Depot |nf am- A. 61 pithottle |!' | tr .'.it. >< at to any part. 1 r.f V h t) mhfnlly ?J K From Mattery an Itroadaay lo ltr. umr atrrrt. ihronyh *? the *' " lirooinr atrrrt to the Batrtri, do?a llomry to i hatham atrti t. throuab I Itaifl to tht taat pate of thr Park, through tbr Park la Ir at of thr City llall, where the Prral* drat and aaitt ?41l rrcriri a murchuu n,lut. from tht mili tary undi r r( (? inand i l It). Uta. I'hiHw f. Nandford. Alt* r the n th * on thr Mattery, thr man h Mill commtae* from tberiebt of the dlii.ioB under the ("imniail of Mitj. till. Sandford, na follooa A ninadroB of lo r-t forming the re- tinted rieort. 'J lie I'llll1'ENT 11 thi I'iii*. d Mater and amtr. Ob. famdford and the 8t?n of tl.c lirat tHuaicu. The Fir^t ISrigadr, commanded by Brigadier G< a. Mpicer. i on oting of the Pint It -inn rit, Col. Kytr. Stroud H.inieiit, Col. Iloaart, 'I bird Iti/iinrat, Col. I'oealry. Tl.t 8c( cad Mrifadr, rooiBiaiiilid hy Brigadier Cen Ct'Tge T. M rri?. coaai-tin* of the fourth Hr. imrat. ( ? I. Vatra. Fiftli Kri mi nt. Col. tfnrnrr. Math kreiairnt, Col. IN err. Tl.t Third Brigade, roaimaadtd by Brigadier C.n llall. ronaintiap i f the Pnentt Hrrir.o-nt, Cr|. Darre*. Eighth Regiment, Col. D? ti*. . Nin"i Regiment. Col. 1 ? rria. Tit r.urth Brigade. e nun.moid by Brigadier Cel. Ee-ra, ? t.t la ? of the El' tenth kepi tat hi. C T*. Ifth Hi /iio at. Col. Slrbl ina Srp.'itnr. and Keprraa at-ill*?? of n,f Hailed ptat -a. Mnate and t -?? mblyim n of Itttr of H. V. Spei i?l ( oBiBiittea ot ( - mao n Council. An \ and Navy Dtli.era of I . S. renter aud lot Uantr r *1N. V. 8tat?. I 'r un 4 ??aanla and Ka Mayor*. C' Uri ti r, po.tB,a.lrr, '?ro yof, and I 8. Mafthal. I ft. Dial :i. till rn< y, I S.Jn.'.ea. helot rram'rer and \ ova 1 llCii i r. Mrniiri <t I u iu ii t i i.i, il .? ( orriarn R' fi.t. r Sharif*, Cot r ty ( lilk, Md 8i rr. /at Cotof ra of Alaia 'i un ?< ?iaini?at#u< raof Umijrato o. Raeidi at I hyal< laa an-* city laaruotor. Proahirat and lo'ri.t r.iltlo Rrh" Railroad Co. Iloaoa of I | arte-it ol the City tloieranirat. hi i rdtr an I ( ity J id o, Crai i ll ( a loin, i of thi W 11? n i l?> i '' rati l'art ? ? fit * i aa In Cafffiii ?? > ard Mofarl aoa. II r nun' ra and B.? trta ?f at (| pit r In pott, and the pro prn tora ' I t uI lie I oildii ? in Iho ' ity. art rr<|U#*ted t dliplcy tlar? fr ai tbr ? tm, from aaarlte to auu"-t d* i it., it.r day. Tl i ouBara ard avapri'tma of all pat lie a. Hi ?*? 1 r#r rlni'i Bfl *i|,i. I. a, arc dir trd to UithdruH tl frmith* rtrMt" tl ronrh vl.irt thr pror.'?|i o i? to f.i.a, alt'rthr I rar i.l || ?'? |,,,k a. M., onill t hr ? 1 a tht ri f. lift Iilei of | , 1,, o 11 charrvd eith the euforcrinrnt of thr a' oi r oi let. 71 akirirf|rlntn ror i.i;r? anil trhlcIf* ar a!an ra* a11" tfolly riqriiltf te coalori'i I?' the ui?lu? rl thr Catniu t ti" in tl i r- 11 ? t. Mo okattm tioni r f try klad elll hapirmlitrd in thr atrteta thri U*h M Lit L thr pre taali n i* I" | a-1. A (.. KIN,'191.AM). Mayo#. F I' LCI A I. COMMITTEE. lUl.Tltf Af.BBBMKi. n?r*a V.fiMiivnt, D ? mi i P. Ti Rraaar 9. Ilae- Natham i . tu, Ji'f At I , Ft at t ie, )< hi ||. M i an, !>/ i il i In.? - i. 8. I . II W ? on, J?i i<M Babii. Reatar A. !*?<na. Moioaa MoneAKa, Prra. A. A. Ai-thho, Prto. Dr. Wntta, Kitt lal, t '44 C4? renavl? 1? at reef, d?m ijtri.t a imlnl it ikly Cut all .l."?aoo arr dependent upon tl ? i ? n . ti* ayrli oi. thai it i? a blind and hurhar-iue error iwUedt'il itrnrranri ofdark and hyr"ao B*ra,to pro. aaer a*r dlaraar lBe*fah1r| the arrrta nre the prn T tditir nn (*hrcnnlncv.?1?. N. Pnw (S , v 111 ttmn i arr , nn. of I r , I ? ? ? hr r.olei'i a*d Pljaloloty, ladiei i if all, fill cttaiar, at Herald finarda>A vfnilnl MaeMli* of lhl? i >nv *111 11 ? II o, \C I.., a lyrni . at - .? < lock, at l>ei?urtment._DHrtiiK the re ?u?t cativnt* for an Aanstuut Engineer, a card appeared in *rvtr?l of the city paper* over the *iguatur? of Alfred Car *??11, ( I.i?-f Kugin.t r. iu which lie held the folio wing l.tuguagc "The other candidate, llenry B. Venn, who wuh nominated by a <Hque at hi* own house, i* my d.adly enemy. It Mr. Ja?-I>.?u he elected, 1 feel assured that lie would render me eftwieiit ?id, while Mr. Venn, it ejected, would emburass tut iu the discharge of my duties iu every* Possible way." Al'h.-ugli repeatedly * licitod by my friend* to reply to that < -i d dtriug the election, 1 dm lined to do so, promising that ai st?o? us the result mb* known, whatever might be that re mit, I would give it, as it deserved, an unqualified denial 1 ltd tl .it, to ti. ?te who know lay personaliy, uo refutation o' it was i?ec< s? nry; while I whs perfectly willing, if a majority of the firemen saw lit to reject me, to ahnte by theii d? . in on without a murmur It is. th refore, only iu tulli! iiient i.t my promise. and uot from personal re rets at the rt ??1 the oUntiou, that 1 now uiuke this riply. It is not for me to comment upou the Chid Ku 'inker's de grading bl* ofheial fttttloii, to mingle iu. and ?? oujoa par ? tisau to, the el < tic bs of the Fire liepart in out: the impro priety of such a sti P is so apparent ft? to disgu-t e . tu those v ho profess to he I ir warmest friends. 1 he i haige that ! am M his deadlv enemy" is. if 1 know my own feelings, u inoit tiuqua lifted falsehood, uttei'-d without shadow ol taus or foundation. Those w ho know me. know that it is not in n > charm ttr to mtertaiu feelings of enmity towards any on *. * He knows full well that none advocate-, and labored for I i* election to the pent which lie now holds harder or with u re zeal than myself; and, although like many others, divui pointed that hi* should not prove us caps IK* us we sup post J ilini to be lor his station, not a word cr r.ct up to my nomination us Assistant Eugiu o r has evet transpired to interrupt a friuitdly Intercourse between us. Id judging of hi* official duties 1 have not | vr nitt i my foal lugs to he enlisted sguinr-t him * h When the last an i.ual report of the Chief Kugiticer wh.*1 given to the world, ia couiition with many < tlurs I disapproved ? I it.: la iguagc, itj tone, and ol its < harges. 'i ne comj. mj of whi h I am a mem b?r took a siuiilur view of it ; and, through a ,-oim .ittce, pub ? lishi d their sentiments. 1 v us one of that ? ? .imnittee, and, douhilesK, it is f*?r simply differing with him in ? pnnn that 1 aiu .-ei down by him as his "deadly enemy." Ii* Mr. Carion holds ail to It* his " deadly tueinnY' who condemn that re j-it or diflcr with him iu opinion, then, iud*? -l, he ha* mora cm 11.i<? ;* than any living man* 1 challenge him t i >lnt to a sin le net of mine to warrant him i.i the u scrti.-u that h< liar made; and if he hur mtertaiued feelin/s of enmity to ward.: myself?his recent conduct certainly warrants the soi*|*o itivii? 1 can only say that he p.?- ?* *e? to a remark able digrte the fx ul y ? I bi^tuwiiiK his icdim. - ; and, whil scc;{ to court a friencly Intercom-u bctnocn u . se-.ks?at c very improper time, and i i the luvst unmanly w ay?to in flict h murdtroe* stab. ll.? re i* om- oth? r ebarpo in his card demanding, however, fr- iu its very imp* **"ihility, but slight notice. It it iu these vordg:?" While Mr. \ enn, if elected, would embarrass tu* in ci try possible vvay." There is but one way ti . t f knowio; in v. hk'h an Assistant Enjinert m embarrass the Chief in tl t o harjrc of big duties ; and that way, 1 has been mi* - t-d by liim.-o1in reply t* an itfqulrjrne ? > tiiq, wan irfc* ? I the charge. It is that, bains placed in a reepou'-dble mti; t ion, at a lire, I mi lit, by neglect or dilatori-ics;, suffer p cjerty t burn, that xl.?- cvnsurv might fall ?<n him-*11'. 1 ?; i. i nlj eay to tl i*. tl at ; u Eiigiuci r who would be capable ot -uch an net w o r *? tl un the ftctid him -It* v-ho applies tl c iucendiary's torch. I entertain too much -? If re p u t t deny such a charge, liase, indeed, must bo the mind that w-nild concuve iu? h a tnovght, i?'?t only towards mvjclf, bat t- iiid* siiy member of the ere depurtmeut. The villain who w vldsuffer the destruction of pr fieriv, under r .?ycircum ate,, *t s while it is his duty t<? pro irve it, dc*< i th* han, n en - r*}**. ll there i* any thcr way iu whi it<> . e? .rrai? t'.e t hi* !, 1 ain ignorant d'it; and if an ntt-i npt -could le mftdc 1 V ftr. Asfcistnnt to cmbsrra - the t hief, t'u; power is iu i *.vn hand* to punuh the ollendcr in a ?uinai.iry manner, 'i !.c . .* urciitv i i th; t charge is oal^ iquailed l y its mali ciournesi ana falsity. t oe word ii- to my* nomlpatlow. ft was not* 'i ted by me iu any way. Far fr'?m it. I repeatedly de- In ? i it. Mr. Cur. n know s tl i , and knew it before the put.hutiou ot Imp card. It i? true 1 r? eiv d tl c n uiiuati- u at a meetin. held fit my own house. It i - equally true that the r?* \ inatioi. for thiol Engineer of Mr. t.'i r.-i u was detert an? d on atfc. i* ?. tin?: held at my house; and it cvidcues of i ? , hit enemy i, found iu the fact that all tl ? meetings of his friends t<> sr r; 1-v! tor his nomination and to see tire, hi elc< tion, wer b?-li> :*t my hou?e, that uncharge was made ?y ? .e to hin fi r the U4,e * f tin* rooms, or fur the r freihincnt* luruished? it there ??-lutitute e\ideiu c; ?f being Ms dea ilv enemy, then, j.fjl Ap ', 1 may 1 e open to tim charge I ut l"t that | ^.is. Th g'uM nun who tendced ice the nominnti >n eomnosed r<" clu ni-. Their, haracter >*fH comparefavornbly vji aey'iu the depart nun t. Itisvell kiu.;rn that inv r.< . iiaation ws* n-t iJMide hh charged iu opp IV,"r* k-arsoii, vshi.o it w.-.-- publicly proclaimed that the peri^f! *.-J.' dkicd at lirc..:ca's Hall, in c pposition t?? Mr. Jae! rt. urlH ? Ai.ti-Carson" candidate. Why. therefore, Mr. C. frhtule p. ? Mm by unnoticed, and select myself ss the nc against w bent to level his shafts, is bej ond my comprvh-.-nsiou, un le it w as for the purpose ot gratifying tlione malicious und r? vengeful feeliugs which have cl aructerised very document to wUcLitko* been bis inisfcrtuae to place his signature. To the .-njoyment of tbe.-o k*vlitir? I leave him. iiftviiig now In hilled the promise made t<> in . Ifricg'Jg* 11EXUV E. VEXN. I.vcry Man should be his own T<.tiKUortl?? Ho w ould not then be compelled cither to submit t-> the an i*i oily increased extortions of the landlord, or ly his mere caprice or tyrrany driver, from ho i.-t* t hoto seek a habi tation; and that, too, often att' nJel with th : freateitincon v<, lost of business, and sometimes to th* pt re ruii of his future prospect .as well as that of his family. The whole remedy lie* iu Li* own hxniU; by economy, tii'j money whi h he is now paying f? r a twelve month*' r nt, might be D ade to purchase s id?.t ..ffrech* !d land, en which he could erect a h.-n-c he eonld truly call his home. Th- n. and there only, arc ton ind. |*end, nt hr u*. man can d.prive you of a *h her. Even should you be to unfortunate us to contract debt, w hich yon ure unable to pav. yet as the law is now re luting to homestead*, your cri dit* r cannot touch your house . r furniture. To th**ie who think with us we say, de iid? <lly and emphatically, go and sec Stratton Port, the n?w fci.d i .pular vilUr. only eight mile- from the city, andoppo fitc ll?rlt*m; and. take our w . rd for it you will f? dcli*/ht.*d with tl.e place. It i* accessible several time- a day, both by land and water Tb? cfTn c lor said property i* tt'ooster tr??t. two doors from Amity *tre?*t, wnere map* and infor tniition ii at all times ehtcrfully given by one of the rropri. t?.r*, end thw eteainboat I land City. Captain K rnoida, will leste the foot of Fulton street every m rnin.*, Sundays ex cepted, ntf^ o'clock precisely, for I lushing, which is with in tiv.i niioi.te*'walk of Strittoti Port; and a part / interest ed will he on board to endu.-t passenger*on the ground, and sftord the necessary information, and which lets un fold. Tlie Ylalt of the President?It H t xpcclett that the President of the United Stale, duriu.: I i? vi?it to the city will, n< t be content with the grand entertainment* provided fur him I y the Mnyor ami Qorporati >n, lot will nl'C visit nneofuiir bant placea olrefreshment. Atnonga*. them, although n'? t mentioned in the j.r grnwuie, it ii expected hi will call let ween cloven ami < lie at Megarvy'e So..n I Ward I Intel, M Naeean afreet. X. 11? Aa it i, understood that the Sc. retary of Stnte ia to accompany the I'rteid-nt, the pru inetnr i f the above Imu-e will, at an euornwui expeute, ?trit up a real Webater chowder. The Gcnln Hat?Out of tlt? leading merit a of (if MIX'S Spring Style fur W71 ia the abauuueof all ex ait. erati n in ite conformation. The runieal ehap* is just aufBi irntly perceptible, without being a tin prominent fea ture, and all the detail" "/ eta to ataimllate with eaeh other ?u a> til render the xenefal deign a model of ..-luasiual pre portion and perrect fry Such it the Ueaia Four Dollar ilat fur thia aea*.>n, "peal lug el It aa a work of art. OLNIN, Hit liruadw.iy, uppoaite St. 1'aul'a. Horrible Ontragr I?What are tvt com ,rv# to*? Km t it tcllinx l it I autiful IIwto at only 11, which hi (ieali in tradi, who hIm?W to ) r cure t? ntr percent more for an inferior article, d-nouncc a? a horrble outrare, and ??i in all eimj.'i-ity, " W hat an we coming to?" W# < aa tell them that if th< y i-rnat iu thia eunra '.all their eua t. an r? ?ill hi ntMto ho i - 1:- Fultuaatreet. A dollar rated ta ?< Rood aa two gained. Propel. Aplendld French H'nltlliig Cards, Silver torderrd and plain porcelain, rngruved and rrintcd in gold and plait Mylta, in the m -t favhiunible maaaer. Alao. tli itmr Envelope*. from the in it relehrat'-d maaufactar era of I'aria and ld>ndoa. at* V EltDELL'd, llroadway, cor nt r of liuanc atraet. Walthrtand Gold Pen a.?'Wr don't re mem let of gtrer teeing a more complete Maortmeat of Watehea then that i fferr J fur aale hv J. V. Savage, 'Ji Fulton atreet lie hat then at all prices, from the eheapeat ailerr to the moat eapenaire gold. The celebrated Kichelieu ewer point, d Cold i'ena art told aa above. An elegant fit la m drilraiilt In m atrlrt m In any other article ol drt a", and nothing ran h? inir" beau tilul than the got and atylwof the Ahlrla made ut Oroen'r ceh I rated egtahllghuii nt, So. I Actor Uouve. Kv-ry article that leaver the at"re la warrnnted to fit) and gentlemen glvirg their ortlera there may depend upon r elvlug the earn ? nta exactly at the tluie agreed upon, however abort the notiee. Ilonaekcepera, and all others. In want of lb ilitlne. Hi deteada, Ac,, would do well to etll at M. Wil lard'a old wgtaMished war-rooms, I.i0 Chatham ?*re?t, corner of Mull errv atreet, whi ri may l.e found the largest na?oft mint of artieli ? in hi* line ever offered to the public, enn alating of leathers, H da. Matte asea. lie. I'ntent ocfew 1J datcada and C'ota, whuleaaU and r tail. An Kktenalvr Carpet Kstalillalimrnt.-?? V. art. S. A. I*WESSON k CO., A 7* f'aosl Miwal a very elogant and catenate e atoch of Carpeta, raartng fr a. the el capaat to the moat eKjpeniivc qnalltiea, which, fr n I be variety and fii|ieri Tity, l? well worth the attention ot thraealont rein ting either li?or or atairiarpeta la al dub a to the otoi k of f'arpett, they hare a large aaortaeat ol M mdow bund' a, Oil I lutba, Drug,eta, kc. Kngllah Imperial Three-Pljr C arpetlng, for < fori If art t, at No. VH flowery, IIIKAM ANIlKK SOX'S Celet rated f'heapeat Carpet Katakliahmeat la tht 1 nited State*. Three-I'iy Cari . t* lie. lid., 7a, St., M. put yard, tireategt bargain" ever oltrtd. Contlt Factory, :i*?7 llioaclve njr^-l.acflca ara real etfnlly lavitad to ex vir.lre t* fw eholee aelrctlos of droao Ootnha j the variety I*. bey nd ail doabt. the grer.test la th? aity, C' mpriaing the moat hrantifnl -pen work ia thell and haw* hm. Com b. repair^ an i mad. NI)rR3 Stnlr Carpets, at Woiaalei fttlly Igit* Prla ra il. 6d? fa., -V, A, ?a_ per yard-at Ft Howry. IIIKAM A N Itp ItroX'S. Tiriel'ly Star Carpet, is., he, per yard . Firive* la Stwlr Car 1*1. Sa pi r yard. I.tiht tpariosa aalea rot mi. ttocked with beautiful Cwrpeta and 0,1 Cklha. at iuw privea. \t nrldi'a Fair.? \ Wllort to I'to AVorlil'* T?.t if in v I ted C ? xamiae the aubacrib r'?a**rk of |gr - wing ' in ?. The) ari tie i if. ; vrt and naeful artl :l? of the bins! rr.rr nfaetnrtd, eo .taining all that la neee-aary for tho toilet of the mratl "till ? > A I >1 > 1.113. It/ kroadway. Cvi uer ol Lit erty at., and W Hroadway. Pin talilo ^>n waliigg < sera.?.Tlie moat rnm (lite and elegant nrtu i now manwfa tared, hating every n unigite for a "? stlemaa'a t dl- t in tha ieo?t p laeiMe annua. A u'eral discount to ? 'oh ' dei.lera, HAVNOF.M, la/ kroadway, cormr if Liberty atr at. and M kruuJway. lit inovnI ? Or. liiiltHrr's Knr IivAnnary fortl.i earlneive treatmint of K,r diaeasee. h?a hern re s ? ved to 371 llreudv y - lieafneaa, uio hwrg. a from the c\!' rnal rar. and tl var u ? dletreiaing Soiaat la the sara, ? nrvd ia a alu rt tln.i Without I.ak or poln. CioankaUas f <>l. I'm t ol let iff* O Vol. office hoara from* till 3 I'atuata from the coautry can have good feowie, With or Sitl.ont board. Ifi'i.fainitlV.I'nivell, Oeiillvt, Cnrlet, dbe.. ri r ? it nee to de* le Ida gtteatioa e*< la-lvcly to iirtni o' ti ? I y? and Far, frost SI 1 oVIork, daily, at theaeine iiffmi 11 I aa !?""t ied my the Ins* aeven year*, ill Hrwr Iway, en ? Irante p, M arrcn atrer t. where eau he had hia "Tretteat ?r. tl' lye. .hi edit I n, | tiua M CtaU. Alao, hia call uutn ( Eye and L'nr lunlitaiaa. Ilnlrnrnl W Itlaltrra Cut In (he I.ntnet ant* ft - '-et eiyle, nlweya ei i rmlng to the ahape of lead, f-a f r of face. t.n I ri mral ap| < si.vni c of all perevna, hv Hill, tl e inimitable. 1.1 Sa< ?"?, ? rnerof I'm i afreet, w ? re ix aold the juatly aeltarated infal'ible onr> ? nt for the hair. IVIpa nnd Ttnii'tt le-We wnnld e^ll the at t?.*c n if ptr?oaa rei,oirit i Wiga to a r- ? nt Improve. m r.t. Y Hie vet ?... .1 a idle r tv-dal ' r the new vmir'i^;'. !r, p..i ...U?,. g ateuw art. C-py hit addn 11. i'flALO . coin r of lie; re Invited ia tttuitl bvfort -lr Pyt* |t?ttwr#l> ectn re a ? f 1 i !? r.LlX liflVft VClFlt old I abort*.err, d? Wall "r a!re?t. hit ibrre from ? alhwder. "? ' athTlffM Mtlii l*hil?talphlt| - ? f gtrett, Ifoctes.

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