Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 13, 1851, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 13, 1851 Page 5
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?**'*'? Klertrle Hair Djre piodww on tile I*#taut, the uiofet natural black or brown, without any purple or freeni ? h tinge, which it ihe natural ae lonapa BlBicnt cf all uthcr lluir Dye*. This superior II ur Dye ??? fast superseding all other#. This, with Bogle'?? celebrate 1 llyotrion Fluid, for the hair, and Shaving Soaps. m ?y he had, wholesale and retail, of A H. and I). ??%<!<?. I'll) Pulton atrcct; Hu-ht<??i, (Murk ,V Co., J71 Broadway; BrigUaw D^y, ? ndCtry & Co., Pearl street. KUainer Empire City?a word In Time.? Traveller*, Bush's Kvaovatiax Aromatic C ordial strengthens the ?\>tem, ami gives tone aud vigor to the at unaoh and ?cwel*; the heat medicine yon can use a* a preventive Against those t? rri'de scourges, dyscutry, diarrhnu, and su<a? Jar complaint. Principal depot. 3111 Greenwich, c ?ruer of l>vtoe street, aud by my ai pointed agent*. Price 3d cent# per bottle. Hutching'* Vegetable Dy*pep#la Hitter*.? The unsettled ?tate ? 1 the weather has given an addition il tinge of di comfort to the Dye peptic*; who. under the control cf thin persevering malady, are sin fretful ai the moat eon Irued kypocondriaca. Use Hutching'* Bitters. This popu lar compound will banish the disease entirely from the ?ya tem. and render tho?e who give it a fair trial, strong and Wealthy. It tan le procured, wholesale or retail, of the pro prietor, at his principal office, 122 Fult ?n street, up ?tair?. MONEY MARKET. Mojrpit, May 12?0 P.M. The transactions to-day in the *toek market exhibit Hf variation of importance in prices. AU the leading fancies wore in demand,'nn<l the indication* of an upward Movement in the market generally continue strong anl hoelthy The railroad *t >ck- lojk particularly pr.-m'i and the prospect of increased recoipt*, when the pleasure travel fairly commence*, in sufficiently good to warrant Urge purchase*. and to create considerable con fidence in a rise. There is uo class of Ktoeka on the list la which there is such a margin for improvem -nt as the >and stocks, on account of the low price* now ruling for most of tluin, but the railroad stocks are great favorites with those wh? arc satisfied with large annual returns ou the investment. Government uu 1 State stocks are more permanent and steady in their market Value, but at pre vent prices they pay sneh a ijmail per centagc interest on ike amount invested, that it is only those who can atfjrJ H tarry such m alerat.ely productive securities who put ?apital into them. The most d -predated stocks, those that have the widest margin for an advance, are sought after by ope rators of moderate means, who. with a little ri.-k peneruily realise large profits. Of the railroad stocks on the list, the most prominent for a probable improvement Mc liariem. Norwich, and la>ug I.-l iud. and a speculative aaovi incut cf any consequence woul tg vc them a groat -r ?pward impetus than any others we can name. Of the land sto< ks, Portsmouth and Edge-worth ar-1 the most pit mining Cr.nton Company la already sufficiently in fiati d. and vn- cannot speak of it with much confidence. 31 now ranges itreral per cent nl> ve par. which is as Mttich a- its warmest friends can expect, wh'.lu there are other stocks of the mine kiud ruling so mu h b low par. Farmer's L)an has, for some time, been quiet. but pric- s L. vt, within the post few days adv tnced considerably, without much activity in the sto-'k. It is controlled by a small clique of speculators, who appjar to have coniider al-le confidence in its ultimate value, and can put it up e-r down, as suits their interacts. The receipts at the office of the Assistant Treasurer of thU port to-duy amounted to ?107.20-1 03. Payments, 9-101.g25 48. Balance, $4,341,784 70. The amount of United States stock Issued to for -igncrs from April 26 to May 9 was -,;-I7.20O; of which. 97.409 was of the loan of 1842 $13,800 of 1813, and 92).<>00 S* Tnerc was con.'idcvable activity in the B-.-ton share fi.srket last week, aud the price* of railroad stocks gene rally are advancing. The iraflic. upon the various New Fnglnnd roads Is eon-tantly increasing, an-l the r- su'.t profits this y- ar bids fair to be very much larger than fee the past twelvemonth. The newly fiuinhed roads, such as the Rutland and Ilurlington. Central Ogdens t-urgh. Vermont and Massachusetts, Concord and Mon treal, Cheshire, Passumpsie fco., all show large gains oTcr the torre-ponding period of last year. Even the Norfolk County road, which many lave considered to bo dead, ?r at any rate, fast asleep, now shows some tokens of Vitality, having increased its receipts, since the begin ?iug of the year, over forty per cent. There is now a fair prospect of connecting this line with the Norwich and Worce ter road, which will form the best route to Few York. The Miners' Journal, alluding to the increased tonnage hy the Navigation Company, says:?- At Schuylkill ItaTi n. the Company Is sulTering con-iderahly fir the want of dock room to load their boats. The capacity of the cars now in u-e on the Wei t Branch Railroad could Ik- inciotscd at least one-third, if the dock room could fee increased. One operator ba< offered to furnish the tlmb< r. and take it out In tolls. If the Company will put ftiim up a wharf, and extend the dock room. At Phila ddphif the facilities for uul-ading boats are also very difficult. Boatmen are frequently subjected to au ex pence of from ten to fifteen cents a ton for discha rglng.' The Journal thinks there is no probability of an umicable ?r satisfactory arrangement by the caual and railway companies At Richmond, tb? wharves are said to be so Blocked up as to materially restrict sales. The amount of railway calls In Oreat Britain due in the month of May, vu only ?263 19k. making the tota amount called in 1851' ?2.070.800. In the corresponding period of 1850 the calls were ?5 051.647; in 1849. ?10. filb.010; and in 1848. ?16.275.320. An analysis of the rail way traffic returns of the United Kingdom, given by Here path'$ Journal, shows the total roeclpts on 6.284 miles to be ?261 695. or at the rate of ?41 10s. per mile, per week For the corresponding period of last year the receipts Were ?2322278 on 5.688 miles, whieh Is equal to ?40 !5?, per mile per. week. There is thus an incrvase in the ?mount received of ?292117, or 12 6 per cent., an increase In the mileage of 5481 miles,or 10.4* per cent , and an Increase of 15s In the amount received per mile per week The Hailwoy Tnwi the total traffic returned Uinee the 1st of January st ?" 651.395, on 0.253 mllc?. or ?583 18s. 10%d per mile I'or the same period in 1.850, on 5.097 miles, it amounted to ?3315.459. averaging ?581 IX- 3d per mile This Indicates an improvement, a* compared with the previous year, to the extent of ?2 Be 6\d p?r mile Although the wci kly imports of bullion Into London tiave, for some tim<- past. bc?n large, the exports have been nearly to a corresponding extent. During the Week ending the 2Ptb < f April, tbe importations of bullion ?mounted to two hundred and seventy thousand pounds ?nd include, by the Thame*, from the West Indies' fl 2WfM?, besbb 921.122 plat a plan, aud $1,9X5 platina; also ?2000 by tbe Peain-uUf and Orb-olal steamer In dus; ?12.687 by tbe Pi nineular and Oriental steamer Madrid, from the l'?nin? ular p -rt? The export during the same period wee as full owe ?Gold and silver bar to llamburvh. 107 ?t ; g--Id bar- to Dunkirk. 150 ox , gold coin to B< Iglum. 2.623 "t ; to llajubiirg. 1 000 OX . silver coin to Boub gne. fi.MIO ox The value of th? -e exports la about ?16.31 u B. sides the exports from the ;> irt of Lon don. the RI|<on. Pealnsalar, and ??rienlal Ste im-T to--k frrtn Baatbampton ?1*'.' 7"?2t (?614300 g<.|-i fur Ceylen, Madras, and Cab utta; ?17'"0 got I Bar Alexandria; and ?116.000 silver for Mt.dra>. Calcutta, and China.) and the Uit-i y- schooaer, 46.000 soversi/n? to Oporto. The Beeretary of the I'- ?rd of Canal C -mmi'-'.on tva, of Penn*)lvr.nt? hns furnished tln> f..|! .wing statement' exhibiting a Very grst fy'ng InereftM <f trs-b- on the ni.iin Hue of the Btate works (4 lit- m >nth of March. 1851. as fnapin d with the ?ame ia' nth in 18i ? :ind 1850 Tli ? ?Irpmei.t fr m Phi delpliia. westwnrd. in Mniwh. 1849 I860, and lMt, by the regular forwarding line- wvraas foliuw- ? 1*46 pounds. 11 013.600 1*50 , 12.349 690 18.51, regular In. psjuml*. IT 721.1" > " Prim*. Railroad Cttnpany... 6 2-8.U)0 ? 2" f"22 000 Idcret-e over I860 ?10 673,000 The local tr-de I- D< t Included in this itatem- tit. The shipments eastward frr-m Pittsbur It by canil in March, 1860 and 1-51. W?w >? follow* AT? of II m'l. 7*e:lT-i y III 1 185 0 .288 IS 800 140 185 1 .Ml 10.639.095 Tneresse In 1861 63 2.739.349 The following show* tbe number of cars passed over the I'hiUJi Iphia and Columbia Railroad trips made and mile- run by locomotives from the l?t D< cerab-r P-'t, to lbs 31st March, 1861; also, the number for the *? rn |-< t.dii-g p< ri- d last yenr ? ("art. JTrift, M >'ri 1*81 43 IlKi 25X1 197.028 1 0 ? f-83 Mail 152 9 >8 Increase.. 13 607 666 44,070 Increase of rec' ipts at three offices vl* : Philade'phlv. Fsrk-brirg an-1 for f-mr month- oe-r lad jr?ar 143.000. The bu-ine-s of the prs-mt year i* Curried ? n under a reduction of th* rote of tolls, which I (bund to wrrV fkver-bly llnw (he Wluetion of t-Us ? fii 11* t'l* it cich-nt and denier, we may s-.-e l?y taking b-ceu. f'* examt-le l,n<t year thsr.- was "hipped from I'itt-burgh. over the esnsl ;:* rw.000 pounds of bacon on Wb'ih. U brth -h'vb toll- the e - , if tr.ufji :lsti--n ? (.1 -"r Hkj Ho in nil f,< 3 ' i- y nr tb?- r .te cf ? i i.-l on ? r th- r.-di . I i ik is 84c psr Us> tli* . nnd the total eost t f piactug e itk" - mount r-f bae-m in I'hila <i< ij l.ia would I-', thi* year 32 300 61iowi??f a saving to shippers of., tt . -,-n Tlii> i< a in' -I in J 1 ?nt diuti-i ti n of the httriens t>a ' ur local tndc. H toe It Eiehaiint. llonWFSCf.1'^7 117\ It*) ?l?ll?r|. m RR IhVI 71', U 8 tl'n, IXSd It*'1, 21*5 do 71 ino V 8 5?. 1S5S 103'? >1 do 71', 500 !nd state 5'? w WO do e 71 SI 0 I'oiin S'i X <00 do , CJ 74 fttat Erio, 1X59 I1" I-lnr.J HI 12t<0 Krio I>c?int !'7 S) Morrn Oonal !??>? iwiUU Eri. con. '71. *10 97'.4 l(*J do *10 M'i UH*) Hod 1st M I!df 1'IS 750 do Id1, IIS rti* N ?! Mini))*' o ll't 10) Stoiiin<ton KR 41', SO Del at Hod CI, fall 123 100 do b'JO 12 10 Bk t'? mie I1*) It*) Portsmouth D D Id',. M Ilk N America p?r I*) do Id1. 70 K. ch it Syr Hit 110 ??*) ft udiii" RIt SI 1MI t orutors Tru?t 4lNJ? S00 do *'k) SI SO do *S0 It'*4i*l do *11 .VI?7 SO Car. ten c0 7J Jlk) do bt? SI?, i Oklt lit k Trunt 107 J, 2300 do ?tW SI ISO Krlo Kit 4'*) do SI'S 710 do t'H) SO SI*) do 5I>2 Ik) do *10 K>4* TOO do *10 Sn2 100 do *00 id)' i '"?) do ?)*) SI'J 250 do sfC* 500 do bJO SljJ 13 do ?'?, SECOND HOARD. $"010 Hurt*. n l?t bd*. 105 50 *h* Portsmouth DO W1,' 8000 Erie lutrCuio l>dr, !'7?a 100 do *30 10 2H*'0 do 9s 125 Erie Kit K7*. 1 -4K!0 Erie 1 !nnv, 1K71, 97 ?i 50 do bio S')1^ 114) ih* ICn'.ing Kit Vi'a H?) Long l.-lujd Kit I", HK) do bjO S|1 j SO do bW 21)j 2<j0 do 5414 4BVERTI8EMKN1* RENEWED EVERY DAY. POLITICAL.. HPHE YOUNG MEN'S DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN X General Committee are requited to meet at Turn many Hull, ou Tuesday, Muy 1-itb, at 12 o clock, M., lor the purpose ol taking action upon the subject of the invitation of the Common Council to participate with thcin in the re ception el the President of the United States, on his arrival in this city. (Punctual attendance required. New Vork, May 12 1 -?>I. ULYSSE9 O. FRENCH, Chairman. : IfevHvU. Maassor, < Secretaries. JeiiN Avi'fliaoN, Jr. y ___________ VT INETEF.NT1I WARD.?AT A MEETING OF THE In Democratic Republican Ward C miiaitteo elect, of the Nineteenth Ward, culled at Carl Young's Four Mile House, I Tlird avenue, on Thursday evening, Mays, Intl. for the pur I pose Of organisation. Ao., Mr. James MeNespie, Chairman pro tem, and Nitholas S. agrist, Secretary pro tem, a ballot was order'd for the selection of permanent offle. rs for the year, and resulted ill the choice cf S. D. M lolton. for Chair man. and Ni'hulas S.aarist and David B. Morrell for Seere tariew and Thomas Starr, Treasurer, who took their s ats, ' and reported a special Committee ot tiv ou Rules and By laws, aud the following Standing Committees, via.:? Finance Committee.?Henry A. Curgill, J. M. Dunlap, Jus. I JtfcNespi!, William Denike, Fdward Caro ls. ?Printing Committee.?latnea Seoflcld, David Wood, James | Keid, John Fagau, Patrick Bretwan. Stage Committee.?Mi.:hr.el O'Brian, Stephen A. Drew, I John < oakley, Robert Rilpatrick, Edward Ejibert. And the preamble and r. oluliun were unaui monsly adopted, (tw. nty-ttro present):? Whereas, The manifest corruption ol the pres. nt city rn I v?rnn:ent: their he. dless disregard of the evpr ?- .1 will and w ishes of nn honest constituency; their cruel and reck lis? extravagance: the rapid an I grievous increase of taxa tion, and til. ir seeming determination to persevere in wrong doing, together with tlie recent attempt of the State Legis lature of this State to violate, in a . owurdly manner, one ol the moat raered and important provisions of our n-wly framed constitution, by forced construction and otherwise, and fi r a political object too, constitutes, in our opinion, questions of sufficient magnitude and serious import to our future safety and well being, to bury forever all difference* ai d dissensions heretofore existing am.uig the pc .pie. politi cally and otherwise, and to admonish them ot th necessity of immediate union, in order to cheek the further progress of these evils, and successfully avert imp inli"g ruin. Therefore he it resolved. That all political differences and disscrsii us heretofore existing In the deinocratio party of the | lhth Ward, aud particularly among these composing this ' Committee, of whatever name aud character, be, and they arc h<7* by buried and forgotten. And they further pledge themselv ea to be known hereafter only as one man and one party, doing battle faithfully and manfully in defence of I their own and the people's lawful rights, against fraud and corruption, extravagance and usurpation, aud constiutional v iolations of every name and character. On motion, adjourned to meet at the ' . ,ia... ti.,cenviti- " ? <h Charles G. I j'.lr ? ... .....oiutrgiH'.t r.'.ud. un Tuesday even I0-" at , o'clock. Punctual attendance is I ? ti-.tttd, fly erdtrof t ?) c'inmlttie SEV ERN D. MOULTOX, Chairman. NiigliOiaa P? Ar.n .T, # Seomtariv.-* David B. Morbkm.,} ? ?crclar,<-' IPttCIAl. NOTICKffi. \rETERAN CORPS OF THE WAR OF 1812. IX ANT) 'Id composed of all who have been engaged in the mili tary servile of the United States in the war with Great I Britain, declared J urn lath. 1812, are directed to aseinble, v.ith CI ektde on hat?no side arms?tins afternoon, at the Fast Hid of the City llall, to ho present <1 to the President I , ? : Stat Ml HOLAS II HOOT ' -louel. Ol \ ?IN CHVNCERY. STATE OF XEVY YORK, ? May 12, 1 .Nil.?At a meeting of the Chancery, State of New York, held at their rooms, this day. it was III solved. That Washington Chapter No. 2. be appointed a dclr.ziUion from this or?lt*r, to unito in the reception of the Pri8i?f? nt of the 1 nited State? on his contimpUtod vUit to 1 this city. ni?U that t) cy he permitted to wear the regalia of the order on that octaaioE. Tll.,.rP , r q (Sijrn??d) PAN. TALMAGE, L. G. 3. JoifieK bMi K?:R. C. C. of the C. pro tem. () r A.?Ws-MiiRton Chapter V>. 2. will assemble in compliant'* Hith the above resolution of Chancery, at the Chapter Rooiiie. corner of Grand and Ludlow stre?jts, this dnv (13th) st 12 o'clock noon. Members of the or?ler generally arc earnestly Invited and requested to unite with U'l"C, ^;;d'r "jOIISW PALMER, saehem Liberty chapter no ix o. u. a.?the members arc hereby notilird to be punctual in their attendance on Friday evening, .May ?>. An address will be delivered by Chancellor Brush. Kit* II AMD LIMBECK, C. of the C. OTICE. - THE SUBSCRIBER RETIRING FROM bn.ln. ss, having sold bis .took to Wm. II. Frey k 1 Brother. Importers of Toys and Fanoy Goods. No. 62 John street. remov ed bis desk to their store for the i..?rt."a? o? liquidating his bnainesa.fwbere those Indebted to him will ! please call and settle their accounts. Returning thank, to all bis customers for the liberal share of patronage with which tin y favored him during the twenty yoars ha was en , gagid in business, be would r. speetfu ly invite the... to deal I iu future with Wm. H. Frey A Brother, who Import their I anode in large quantities direct from the manufactories in Germany and France, andean therefore selbat the lowest 1 market prices. JOHN HAAS. Fire work, at wholesale by j Wm. II. Fray k Brethar. No. fi2 John strwt. I 1YFFFHRIN0 TO THE POLICE INTELLIGENCE OF I IV Sunday's Herald, that a German, by the name of II. Mandi lhavini, baa been taken up for paseing a counterfeit ft I m. It is not J Mandelhav m, of Hector atreet. who ia a I watchmaker cf respectable atandiag. COPARTNERSHIP MOTlCEffi. Till. UNDERSIGNED HAVE THIS DAY FORMED a co-partnership. fur tl?e trn*sft<*ti"H of a Kteernl Sta tionery. Aecnnt Book, and Printing business, at No. IB Pearl atreet. (between Wall atreet aud Hanover square) under the ftrm of Mann. Sp?ar k Ce. _ , ? ^ GEO. C. MANN, Aerount Book Maoufacturar. IIENRY SPEAR. Printer. B ARREN S. PECK, (late with E. B. Clayton k Sons. Pearl street.) Henry* Spear. Catalogue and Jab PHntef, hae ?moved from the corner of Pearl and Wall etreete, to No. l.Vt I earl . atreet wbere catalogue and job printing will, na usual. be j eaeruted with drapat''lu Partner WANTED-wiTn a cash capital of ST lad), in a respectable and lucrative strictly coah huat neas. The most respectable references will be given and ?? ported., wilt, real naine. f. A. B . st tins office. PARTNER WAKTEO?WANTED, A PARTNER WITH from to Rx" in the Forwarding bu?tneaa,now es 1 tablisbed and doing a good business. To aparson of good i l n-iness habits thi? will be a grand oppotiuuiiy. Ad.lieas X. V. E., llarald office. AN TIP-A PARTNER WITH A CAPITAL OF about SJ.'"*'or S.'l.ixai, In the I'awnbroklns business. 1 The hnsine.s hat b*. n established arnne three or four years, and is now doing a rood business. ? *1 ^ twien M.OIfl anil fi/wO. Arply to JOHN II. McCINN, -J I B'alt etreet. $10 U)?T, Be. REWARD I OST, V F.STERDAT, A POCKET o,.vb,y containing about ?ft> dollar, inlaok.. t.? ITao, a t ill ma le in favor of A. Bryant. Tbs'Rnder wil! re ( reive tb. above reaard. Ijr leaving It at Rnthbww ? Hotel. ? \ R! ? AKH-! "iT, I R"M I 11 F Ml >11 F N'? I C VP stairs a large BullI Dog. of a yellow i color, with the rae, ptiow of Ida bead and feet, which are w bite. W hoeti r will return him, .boll re. elve tbe almve re ^ gr j (Msl.MKS k uM.di. 1 OST?THREE LARGE BRASS REVS?FIVE DOL -d lars reward will be paid on returning them to fl I rent I etreet. f off, LOW OH FRIDAY LAST, A NEWFOUND I-J land do*, tile. k. with a white brea.t. and white toes .n 1 Is bind (eel At the time whew loet. he had a leather e .lb.r ir end t ie neck, with a I rass plate attached, erltn the 1 owner's name " A. C Harvey." Aay peraon that will I .art i the anld 4o? with the owner, nt the Irvine II .wee. or at No. j I1 Hi relay atreet. will be lit?rally rewarded. Ipi l 11\ IIRDADWAV. A IIAIR BRACELET IVI rh j .old rlasp: The guder will be anltvhly r. warded by ) l aviag It at the office of the American 11 tel. earner of I Broadway and Barclay etfwgt. f OST-ON SATURDAY I.A?T. MAY b'TM V \M Mj l lei-h nnd white "" tter Slot. Mswerlng the name m . I inntt. Anv per "n briagiag It to Ne. lb Duane atreet, I wesrBriaduav will be handaemaly rewarJeg. TOST-ON FRIDAY, FTII INSTANT, BETWREM J Twelfth and Canal .treet?. n Cheek drown .n il " h ! Brother, k Co., of DnMta, in fnvor of of ll-nry B BrUgs, I of Dublin for the .1ITTI "( 11 An sterllnr Any pMWtnhflnt |; Varb h street. NewYurk, will be well I rewarded, and no que st ion. asked. nOO LOST?A I ARGF Bl A< K NEWFOUBLAND WW face legs and rart of tall White. Had ot a steel eha'n I r. liar! with br.s. plate, with name SPr. Wl Fowrth street en raved upon It Wboevtr ?in relwfn said dog D> U Ci Into) ia street. Brooklyn, ur sS W illiam street. New Y ork. I will te suitably rewarded. I'llK TRAUICN. rft|lF. JOURNBTMEN lfi)R?E SIIOERS PROTRCTITR 1 Union and Benev lent 9 ? tetr of tke City ef New Y ek. ' m ' ' Wr ??>< he held at Mr. W illianm ;o 1 naee atreet. nn; k pre-Isely, a? there Is hnsiues naaeti-d. By order gf george Garland. Pm. TV A general mreting af thai I" dy will la held at Mr. BHltonv p, ?,r'? M nlgom-rv If .11. Ft I naee atreet, ..n To lay rvv-nlag May 1.1th. at * 'eleek pre taely, a. th. ee Is busim ae . 1 sr. at imp. rlsn. t to te tr ?>' s^c J- |*[ *'r Brnwaat. Msrngws. fgr. BOSS CARI F.NTF.RS ?A TOUNg MAN WHO fits goi'd knowledge of I h? bnslnee.. and who Wl-he . to bind himsslfto ron,e re?|^etahle bona. Can give ferenet as to ebarae'er and sobriety, tan bn reen f?.r t da wtah a; Ru liard Walsh's. No. i? llsnry .treet. In the y?ar. I NUIICALs A'mFrICAN FlANOFORTE Coyr.ANV. I.AFARGE lii lid in rs. M Broadway.?Obieit -I. Asaoelatl'ii for mntnnl I en< I t. 2. To ftoi ure a good I'tano. by small anntMy ttata'ments, 1 T .are persons from pav.nt three times the worth of a Plane In the shape of tire I to .ela tion of one hundred p- r?ons npon Die syststn of self govery mebt nnd iiatlity of Interest. Books aro now on. n f?r ??> s< rlptlons. sf Ibt office. I. ilart. Buildii *s. r mNo. 5. LIORPAir-A HANDSOME PI AN O, M < T)K BY !? M, r 1 tt A I'rwn, 11 t n. ro t erlgically one thousand l-llar :wl!lbee |.?r of the family Ir ftro Pini'K y vol Woe I D fii Y H Old Curiosity Fknp If k at?r U ' To tav nr at i-hsofnd a laeve armfSm*' v O.e Old Cnri' fify lb fb i.ret. * WAST*. Wanted?a rEVMi de oiiAVHRe, bt a lady who if foivf to Kill*"!*. Sho inu*t l>? fully rompeteul 'o her businc**, a? a hheral vulary w ill M fivcu. ItK SpAuuh v^ouW ba ifviatrcd. No ut>j??iiou to a eulur??i i^rI from the Spanwh l*tun<(?, who thorou^ljly undt rulund.* Tier bueineaa. No Iriah ??r Ka^liah need arpiy. Call at 7'Jf Broadway, from b to 12 o'clock. Wanted?a salesman in a lace and km broidery ato?a. A good a alary aad i raaa at tlon will !?? (riven to one who uni]er*l;in<t* hia hu.?i?u?<. AU<>, a hoy fr?'iu 14 t?? l<i yeara old. Add re** VV.. Box No. l,SiW I'oat Other, with name, rt-aidt u<*e, and rtff*r?uo?. WANT! D ST k PSIVAT1 PA MILT, I I I ? ON vtroet, South llro >klyn, two tvr \ an tn?one a i IIhuu maid, nod to cook. WttrdiHiid iron; the other ft* Ntirae an<l Si-iimatreea. They iuu*t t>?; Enxlutii. Scotch, or (?eriaau*. Ni-ue uced apply who are but 'juite oompet jut, * >o<l tamper ed, and not fond of chuopo. For carda of addros*. apply at the procery atore, corner of Court *ud L'niou rtrceta, S^uth i i oklya. W ANTED?A SITUATION. EITHER AS COOK, OK Chamhertnai t, iu a private family: ia a a >"d waahor ami inner. Good city refervti<a jw# "a- -.ire 'ill Mulberry ?trict, in tlie r.-ar, front r ?om. f"a u for two day* \LT ANTED?SIT!"ATIONS BY I H O KE.Hl'ECTA BLK r* juuii|( girl*. Oue aj ( o?fe. nndirataad* waihin^ and ireniiiir; cod the other h-* Chattih?rui u>i an 1 Wait r, or to / ? country, l'lea-e call ut No. 3Croaty street, aeeoad rt ?or. llert of reference* given. Wanted a siti etion bt a respectablb young woman, to travel with a lady or family, t > t iko care of children, or do chamhorvork. oraow. Cool refer enec given, and may he aeen for two Ua>d. PI cum apply at Nt?. J Union Court, University i'luoe, between Eleventh and Twelfth street*. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS l.auudrics, or to cook, wuih andiron. 11 at good city reference. Can be ace a tor a fotv day*, if not engaged, ut 11 Union Court., W ANTED-BY A YOUNO RESPECTABLE I'KihTES 1 h u t linly. a situation us Chambermaid ami S-a mitres, l resp.-i lal I'm taiuily. Tliu l est <>t rufcreucu given. Apply "J Wet r'ri^UlSiiljlMfii at 133 Wi <t Sixteenth itreet, for thgoa days. WANTED?BY A WOMAN, A SITI' ation to do cookirg, wanhiug and ironing: is a good | cook, and is r.n ee-ellen t wnsi.or and ironer. Btit vtciiv r. I.reuce given. No objection t<> the country. l'lease call for two days, at No. 40 i ast b.ightecuth street. WANTEI>? BY A tiiRI,, OF HOOD CHAR \CTER, A situation a. Waiter in a .mall private tuusily. Can be teen for three day., at 42 White street. II/-ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT CIRL, ft to take care of children and sew, or to do cl.vuihur work and plain sewing. No objection to travel; good recom mendation. Inquire at 3X1 Tenth street. IITAN'TED-BY A YOL'NJ WOMAN, ft a situation as Nur.e und Seamstress, or ebuinbrrwork, nod tan be Well recommended from her last plane. Apply at 3C Ilanimersly stru t, In the rear. Can l.e ? en for tw i days. UrANTED?BY A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN, a situation n. Waiter. The best of city referent: given. Please call at 224 West Sixteenth street. WANTED?MY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, ft a situation as Chambermaid and Seamstress, nod un derstand, tine ntnslin and fluting. Inquirc at tlic present cni; Ioycr, 12 University Place. MIT ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT tv girl. a situation as Children's Nurse, or Chambermaid; would be willing to make herself generally useful to her em ployer. Inquire at 27f/'j Grand street, basement, for t-vo days. A RESPECTABLE YOU SO WOMAN VV of steady habits, a situation as C'ook, Washer, or Iron, r. iu a respectable family. Would have no objection to gene ral housew ork in a private family. Good city reference can Please call at 342 Sixth street. Can bo be given tw o days WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT Wo man, a situation iu a private family, a. plain Cook, Washer and Ironer. Would have no objections to go into the country. Best of city reference given. Please to call at list Ytrick street. Can be seen for two days. W ANTED-BY A PERSON THOROUGHLY EXI'EHI t c cod in the management of children, a situation as N?ut?e. She can teach French and English, ft'. lias uo <.!. jectii n to travel. Best of city reference can he given. Please address S. M., Herald office. \ir ANTED? HA' A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, A TT situation aa Cook, Washer and Ironer, in a small pri vate family. Ha? good city reference. Please call at 179 Varick street, front basement. Can he seen for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION, I1Y A RESPECTABLE young woman, as Seamstress, and who understands making and cutting. Reference given, if require!. I'leaed -all at 2.VS Walker street, basement. Can be seen for two days, if not engaged. WANTED?FIVE OR SIX YOUNO I.AIHE* TO AT tend store and triui straw bonnets. Also, eight or tin good mantilla hands. Apply at J. B. ARMSTRONG S Straw Store. No. 233 Pulton street, Brooklyn. Call be tween !? and 12 o'clock. w [ANTE D?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE Scotch girl, as Chambermaid and Waiter, or as Chain Icrmaid. and s>-ietin wasl.injcand ironing. Apply at No. 3 "an be s Avenue B, three stairs up, front room. Can be seen for three days. II' A NTF.D? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE TV young woman, as flrst rate Cook, lias no objection to assist iu washing and ironing. The best of city reference rati he given, ('an he seen for two days, lias no objection to go a short distance iu the country, l'lease call at 2<1 Molt street. WIT ANTE D?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT young woman, as Chambermaid or Laundress. Is a good plain cook. Hue no objection to d > general housework in a small family, and willing to make herself generally useful Toe best of reference given. Can be seen for two clays at 07 Montgomery street. \JITANTED?.A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT Protestant young woman, as Nurse. Seamstress, or Chambermaid, and understands dressmaking Can take a baby from its birth. Can ho seen for two days; good ro feren (is can be given. Apply at!* Jay street, Brooklyn. IT ANT ED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE v young woman, aa Cook. Washer, and Ironer, In a pri tr family, best city reference given. Please to apply at S North Moore street. TITANTED?A SITUATION nY A YOUNG WOMAN " as Nurse, or to do plain sewing, or to wait at table, In a r-pectuhlr family. Slieeangiii good city reference, an I ean be actn by applying at UVSixUuatb afreet, from 9 te o'clock. w ANTED-BY a RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITPA tu n to do ehaml^rwurk and plaiu aewing. or to assist in washing and Ir-nia^, or dj> gem ml housework in a small Irivate family. The Lest of rity reference can he given. 'Irasi rail at No. b Fifth atreet, in the rear. lETANTEB-BY a respectable young girl. TV ? situation t ? do ilsmh.-rw. rk or waiting, or I- take rare of children, in a small private family. Good city refer rare ran he gives. Pleas- call at 293 Twenty ?avualb atreet, l-etwrrn Ninth and Tenth avenues. IJLr ANTED?A SITUATION. BY TWO RESPECTABLE TV English girla?one aa Chambermaid aad Waiter, ia a g'.od MM aad ir-ner: the other aa Chambermaid and Seamstress. Good reference ean he given. Please call at ?IT M-tt street, near Bleeeker, at Mrs. Stanton's. Can be seen for two days. MIT ANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN. A SITUATION vv as Chambermaid or Waller, or to assist ia waahiar aad inning: iawilling to make htrself generally useful. No ob jection to go in the country. Can produce the best of city reference. Can I* seen at bar present situation. No. 12 East Twenty-Mill atreet. between Madisen and Fourth aveauta. WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation as Cook, B asher, and Ironer. City rofe renee ran fe given fr-m her last place. Can he aeon rartwo days, at Ml Nineteenth atreet, between Sixth and Sevanth avennea. In the rear. TUETANTED?BY A SMART. INDUSTRIOUS GIRL. A ft situation in a small priest- family, as Walter or Cham bermaid. and to assist Iu washing ana ironing. Good refe rence given. Please to rail at hi East Twenty-flrst street, between Fourth avenue and Br<>adway, where she hat lived. Can be area for two days, if l.nt eagaged. ll'A NTE D-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE TV young, es plain Cook, H'asher. and Ironer in a small prirXc family , lias good re. -mmen la tioas from her last place, l'lease rail at Greenwich avenue, between Twelfth and Thirteenth streets. WIT ANTE D?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE vv young woman, at men! and past I either In a hotel or a larre b-ar.ling house. The best of city ref-renees tiv. n. and may >e aert, f<-r two days. Please apply at No. 42 Main street. Brooklyn. W ANTE D-BV A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT ft girl about 14 or IA years -f age. a situation to take care <fchildren and d" t!*'" sewing Can bo ten for two ir tl.r-e days, at No. 71 Thirtieth street, between Sixth and Seventh avrnnrs. Good city reference, If required. \y ANTE D-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE IT I'rotcetnM voung woman, ngood Cook, U a?her. and Ironer. ( an give lb- b, *t -f vity reference. Apply nt 244 Bowery, In the hatlcry store. It"'A NTE lb?BY TWO RFSPF.I TABLE l'ROTE-<T\NT VV g.rls?i.?s as I nok, Wa*her, and Ironer; an 1 the as I hamhrrtua d and M'aiter. and l?i do ptnin sewing. Ilav r the best of reference fr-m their last rmptoyer. Can be s< en for two days. Please to call at 110 Eleventh street, |n tf e the third d?or fr- in the First aecnue. W uld prsfev to be in one hones. IW'ANTFD-BV A YOUNG WOMAN. A STUATION ft as Seamstress and Itresa Maker, in a reapootnhle family. Can be gem for two days, at M* Broadway, up ?tairs. The beet of tity reftrsneea. ANTFD-A ^ITl ATIOV. DV A Rt^PICTARLl Hf tf mm, mi ook. *h I x?>ot| H br1i?t in I Ir n?r. T' * -t of ? ?|f rfftn !?*???? F un N wm fur two d ijri. ri'Mf HH'I| Kc.n?f?< ?trvut( Amitjr xnJ VllNilttr IV A RTF D-A SITU ATION, |1Y A RESPEUTAIII,* vv w. man : l? a rood e-ok. washer and Ir-.aer flit beat ef city refers tiers raa be given. Can be seen fr I wo dees. Miss, rail at 241 Uenry stnet, corner of Paeiie slreot. Brooklyn. \v A NTI D?A RITtTATIOJf. BT A KK^I'ECTA 111 K ft fipn wnmjiti, n? Cttnmhfrmftid und Wftit^f. or winld * Federal tiodftrwofli of ? ?uirII fdmlljr. O ?<"l fHf r^ r litrl. Af'flv ut IJV Itrrnth ??**?*. Mfitf ?f Tf und ilrect. (Vn In i*fn for two dm p. \\ / ANftD?riTTV riRRT RATE RIITRT HAKF.RR AT ( Ulk < Turniphinj? ftl (M.1 llroxdn?r. Thr t irijirr clrrn Rmi hit ikofi Mttirl- mtd It Inc rlt nrpd*ifffjr. ?pm|flr? r?f norli frqiirpd. \X J A NTF.D?IIV A VtRIUICCTAlIdt VOl SO WOVSS. ? "it op tic n in fnnfc. o n*b rind Iron, und hftft hftd *?f?ffl :?t tliF Mnif A IUr? v*nr* r Urfncf gi?t n. Apfljr fur inip. ftl 7'? W i bt LiKhtientli flrtpf. 'ABTKI>?I1V A r.Kv'l FUTAIW.E MIDDLE AGED n.r in. ft n o ('< k. Tli" ftd?rrt4#c r !? nn rx W V. w \v WAIN. WANTED-BY A RCSI'Et'TABI.R YOUNG WOMYN. a rit ii.lion as (.ok. Wiubw unit Ironer. Ileal of eity rrUrf uce giv n. AddfeasU. L,, ut this utb t, WANTED?BY A RE' PFl'TABLR WOM IN, A SITU A tiou ??!'? k, iu u private family. wb > understands her

l'U. in* sit oyleetfy vet). Ilni mi objwetmu |u|w a siiuri din tin..- in CW unify. The bent of city i-frr in given. Cm ItDii-afiiriwiiiftyf, l'lcuoe call nt 77 Fourth ?lr 'at, uear I'-rry ?trri t. WANTET?A < APABI.E (MR!.. Til DO THE COOK, iiif. washiur. :.ud irooief, of a private family. M int be uiliin^ t? make herself viuefully RNiili. Good re ft n unr r. 'Inil< <1. Apply ut ZdUsury -treat. TIT tM ED?I! V A RESPECTABLE YOU NO M VRXIKD 11 iiuiuaii. a-itnHti <u a- H'at \ur-e, in a -mail pi-iv.itu family. Ilus an ul.Jteti"U? to go a abort dutauoe in the rui.ntrv. Goo.1 city refcrcac.' ? u be gtv ti. Apply at No. ."?Z hpriug street, i.. the rear. \ir AM K 1>?It A A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH GIRL. I If a a Chambermaid or Waiter in u pri. at. fa.u.ily. Can liuvathe teat of fit y reference from h?*r 1 at situation. A| f'ly to A. II.. Il.t Prince atreet, between Green ami W ous ter atreet*. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT y. uap waman, a ait nation aa seamstress! liancxoal I. nt liaml at making gentleuieiis abirta, ami all kinds uf ladies' linen; the I . at of eity reference troin lier laat pl.i e, w hero ahe l as liv< U for ten inontha. Please call at Mrs.' ot tir's, 111 Mulberry street, tear building. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A KKSPRa TABLE protestant-irl. to do general housework; can do plaiu > ooking; Is & tir-t rate wnshi r aud ironer; would hate no objection to (una chambermaid in a private family. Good fity given. Can be Mien for two days, if not en irii^ed. Please ? all at Nu. ltd Mulberry, bcinoeu Grand and Hester. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young "Oilinn. to fook, wash, and iron; or to do general housework. Can he seen at W Thompson street, front basement, fur {wo days. Best of city refereuoo .au be giien. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, , a situation to do general housework or chamber* r.i, or to take core tt ablldrta; c lb un p'ain sew ing. Good reference from her Inst [dace. ( all at j.ji Wot Twentieth street, betw.wi Seventh and F.i/ht'i avenues, tiiiri floor front room, t on l e seen for two days. J ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG GIRL, I ldycar-. to take oaro of children, or to do li rht, chamber-work: would make herself generally useful. Geo ! city referents given. Can be seen for two days. Apply at l.H Clinton place, IVANTED BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT TT young woman, a situation as Waiter in a small family, to travel with a lady or family to any part of Europe. Can be . n f. r t w o da j s, if not encaged, at 34Third a-, eu ue, near Tenth street. The very beet eifeity reflsronce give*. ? WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to do general housework in a private family, as fr-t r*t< washer and ironor; will take care of children or do plain touring, lias no objaotion to go a short distant* i t t;ie country. Best uty refervuee. Please call fur two days, at II Market strati, np stairs. WilflB-ir A RESPECTABLE TOUNO WEN EN, \ It ntuC!foa iu | private family, to do chamberwork and line and ir<.l!?uci Yr-uld have no obio.-tiou to . .. a short distance in tin country. 5** UULilSla'sl {11/ i'vf'vt - 'a Apply at lib Fourth street, ( an be seen T r two oiyf. WANTED-BY A SMART AND TIDY GIRL, LATELY arrived from Ireland, a situation. She is a per'oet sew. r; can eut and make hirts, out and lit children's >lr sses, and she can do embroidery and nil kinds uf needlework in tin nicest planner. Has ao objection to take charge of a baby. Apply w(3i8 Sixth avenue, in the store- Can be seen until engaged. RESPECTABLE d Plain Rower, nod _ ____ _ as no objeetiou to go short distant* iu the country. Good city relcrenoc from her last place. Please call at Zd 1'rankl'ort ttreet. TIT ANTED-A SITUATION, 11Y A RESPECTABLE tv woman, as Child's Nurse aud Chambermaid. She ha* DO objection t ?n in the eountry. C*n glvj.thi belt > itv reference from lo r la-t place. I an be seen for two days. Please mill at No. .'10 First avenue, between Twelfth a id Ihituenth strm t.-, brat room, second floor. ' WANTED-A SITUATION AS CI! A M BURMA I D AM) Waiter. Good city reference given. Can be seen for two days at ??> M'ooslrr street. TV ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE, Yf industrious young woman, to do general housework; is a good plain cook, and a good washer and ironer, orcha.n b. rmuid. I reference given fr iu her last place. Pleat* apply at No. 96 Klvingtun street. Can be see a for two dajs. TI7WNTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECT\NI.E Tv man. aa Cook, Washer, aad Ironer, and has no ob lectlsn to do general housework in a small private family. The beat of city reference given, and may bo aeon lor two ilaya. Please aj ply at No. 13Z H'oontcr street. iu.|uire in the store. \V>*vTID-A SITIATION. BY A . ? ynnngrirl. as Children's Nurse am wi uld make hi r<elf generally useful. Ha young woman, to do general housework; .is a good plain cook, a good washer and ironer. Good city rol-r- uce. BET ANTED?A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID OR TT Walter, by a reapi ctable y>nng wumau. Bust of r fer enct given, inquire at No. 13 I nion court. Uaivt r-lty p'-.c -. ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE id sin rook, a g 'lease call at id Houston street. WANTED-BY 'A RESPECTABLE YOUNG lVOMAN, a situation aa good plain Cook. M'sshnr. an l Imii t. Tl.el.set .ity reteren. e can he given ifrcuuired. Address ZY> M alter strmt. in MMmoat iu the front of thsstreet. WANTED-AV HONEST AND COMPETENT SER vsnticirl to do general honsswork. A German would b* preferred. Apply to C. F. Vouch, Union place, betttt .a liiels and II? iir> streets, Brooklyn. ANTED?A SITUATION BY A YOUNG HEALTHY vv weman. with the flrst ba'.y, as tYst Nurse in a respect aide family, t an give good eity reference, l'leas .- iu iuire at No. Z Carlisle etrect. for two daym WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A situation aa Cl.awihrru.aid ami waiting. <>r else ???ne rsl house work, in a small private family. Please to . all at IIP Twelfth street, {bet wee a Fifth aad Sixth avcuaes. Can g. t tl.e l est city reference. WANTED?BY A TOUNO CIRL, A SITUATION AS Housekeeper iu a small family, or as Seamstress ; un d. rstan.ltf both ; hss no injection to go in ttis country as cither. Wages notso umcli an object as where the could have a bom*. I", use call at Pi Centre strvcet, first floor, botwroen I'carl aud Duanc atrtcts. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A VERY ItF.SPE'TA Me viitng woman, cs Laundre<s. She nn.Ur-tauds French Hooting. Ilua the test of eity reference. Phase <%ll at ZM Twenty-first itrcct, l^tween Eighth aud Ninth, ave nues. Can Is seen for two days. WANTED?A SITIATION. BY A YOUNG W'oMtN; she is a flrst-rate Cook. IV??h?r and Inner, she an.lay ? lands all housework; or would go ns S. aastreea; can du any kied of sewing: would wiah a situation In some r- i-.-.-ta l.le family. Best city ref-rtorea. Call at No. U street, third floor, te.k room. Can lessen for two days. WANTED-BY AN AMERICAN YOUNG WOMAN, a situation as Cook. M"ashrr an.) Ironer The b. at of eity reference given. Apply at h"> Croaby strtet, Iu the rear. Can be seen f. r two days. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MOM IN. a eitaation in a respe?*ab)e private family as Chamiwr maid, and to asaist in ths whsning aad ironing. She per fectly her bu-inets in both rapacities, and can give the best of city reference. Please call at ldOThird ave nue. between Fifteenth aad Sixteenth streets, in the rear, second floor Can be tern for two days. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE woman: la a g?od plain cook and washer and ironer; with good rvfirense. Please .all betwera Twentieth and Twsuiy-flrst strei ta. Eighth avtnus, iu the r. ar of jot, up stairs - ? ? s* WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A PERSON AS COOK, without washing; il.e understands Iter hnriness p? r feetly wall. Good city reference given at to capability and tbarn.tvr. Any cominiii;ds left at N*. M Fourth avenue, nesr Ninth strict, or 171 Feat E'ewath Struct, will be *t tvndrd to. t in I e seen for two days. WANTED-A SITUATION AS NI'RSE, BY AN ETPI rtvneed pr testaot woman. She bee long been kecn* tomedtothe Safe ef a neat plain newer, woal.l e ss 1st in light ehaml.rrwork If re*i?ir. d. and ran give r?sji.- t ablr city ref.-reni ?. Please mil at Mrs. Colt* r a, III Mul berry street, rear building. TEf ANTFP?RV A A'OUNC WOMAN. A SITUATION * v as ( I nmbernvaid in a private family ; can <11 flu-wash ing and ironing. Go. d eity reference ran be given. Coll at *7 Mott street, upatairs. In the back room. NNTANTED?BY a RESi'ECTABI.E ENGLISH wo ? v man, a sltnati -n aa lloiisekrrp.-r Iu a snail plain family; nhairslanda c.v.kini and pr< - rving. and the aflairs ?f b?*oek*ep(agmrrstjy. Would hare a - object!.... t>. do ebamberwork. plain sewing, or waiting, flood fewmi?. p.ln tmnn given fr> m b.r Inst emplnvers. where s'.? lived Ave yens All I. Iters, p.nt pcid. addressed to A. It-9* Clark' str< ? I near Hod-"n street, between Spring and Broome Ms., whrre she may be see*. WANTrn-A MTTATIO*. IT V RESPECTABI.B " * man, I i <t? ihmmI honaewnrk . i< ? I W aaher and Irnarr. unit * rood Rei n?tr??<: l? nt t>i take el ?rse 'f k dairy. Can IwHcn t?r tiro daya, at No. lit linttrMml, ifiuirt. WfANTKn-A noon cook, one who cm>er "f atar.rta maki"- rake and pa-try, an<l * mid !>? Mi liar to do tie taililat and Iroainr f--r a ainall family, an-l naki t ? r-rlf yr n< rallr n tofiil. I'r-.taatual |ir< li rrt i. Apply at No. lit) [llrkaat , Brooklyn. U'AMrr-A SITUATION BV A RIISPK TAIil.K ?f marr rd ?< n nn. a ith a fre-h I r- a 't of mi k, haa an oh tertlm to mnkr hrrx If e-narally a-.fal, whoa net in i|i I. . rl? ?? 1 all at 27 (Juince afreet. WANUn nv TWO RR9I'ECTABI.R vol NO OIRI.R, " altnatinna, oat at Cook, an I the other a? Cham'-r maid and I.aandreae : the heat fit* ref-roado | no nl.jecti n tn tlia emintry with a r< .p-etaM* privat" family: thay tin r- t rhly noda ratai.dtheir hunitr ?. A paly for three daya at t!*i Cretnt i< I ?tr?vt. \\ IT O- A I I I A , l"V. Ill A HI .1 :< I ? ''.I F. f r i. i i l ?-man, la a private family, aa Nam- ; p-rteitly rnder-t inda the ninnac-m-nt of rhlldr-n, and a hahy from lla htrth : haa hr?n many yeara In that eapaelty : I ? an eoejl l?nt atam-lmaa: ha? no nVmrtlon tot ratal, or r da* In the reunify with a r*>portable family. I'loaao rail :U ft* wwt Clahtrrath ?trrrt, rnfatf of Rlat'i avenoe. for t? ? daya. IXTAKTCI'-A Rill ATION, BV A liEAPRCTABI.K ?f Won nn. j?n f . rna ; alio nn l'T'i rco >klny In all ita l ria>h< - B t of rity r-f-r-nroa fr-m her laote'tt Pl< yrr. Can be ktard of at l(M Bntt atr-et, ta the rear, for two daya. \\- AMI IK-A SITt ATION BV A HEM'F.t T tBI.F Tf yoorr man. to nait and att-nd, <>r ea Cham'-rmvil and pla-n A -eointr -a: haa an ohlootion to travel. Apply at Nn 7 W eat Twelfth etfe<t, wh-re aatlafaot .ry refer-area * I I l e ; i?t n. \LT ANTF.Tt-nv A BERPFCTABI.E VOI NO (illll t ?T attnation na Chambermaid or Rtewardeaa, on board nl aateamloat or ateamahip. and hna an nhje-tlon tna arttHns tea ' 1 r< Inr t T i j laad; atd will a 1 "n r 'ft- nahte terina; la a'OiiatoToad to th< ?ee. aad Cm hit of ret. reneo -on lae yiron. Mm inn I a. on f r f nr diyt. Apply at II PluO atirrt, np rtalra, or in the Imaotnent IVANTrti tlTPATTON ; rt?l? FTfT! T tNT PR'lTBS T? tant reroanta, of every dom-at; ? -tloa,nt theyririaal and only trro Protnatart A ? ? rlty. 7 Car nlno ?tr? t. Ptar lllereker -treat. Aio' icnt a rranle at tlia pill Ro-t ty oPrep, RM ChamVr N. tl- Tl :irn a i t the oi l, . ,r, , f , j epj (rat fainiliea naU the very P it aerianta. llTANTf n-.? I.t-.r I ROM TEN TO POl > t N V E t IIA ? I ? t ' * I I ? t i i ' d V ft. Mrpe 1 lt*A> Ti n-.t?i :l ATfOS ARB Ml f.R ' N ARFAPE. T ?j 1 oarinoe. ahehialtv Itttl ivnei r pot'Ida fanii'l - In M it*, tr - \ TT-r. trd parti' ier'.t 'r- t tl ? fn* .ly h*; ? ? ' !? I i'?aa iall ir nddr?? MtraP To Wp!??.' t' Via. .Id - fit--', or at Br. hnr 7-h . ?. oa< r of Aat. a [ t nod l>. ndnfty, !? r ti lot tapr, *Ci t? a'.'.,M_'.d to. WAITS, ANTED?BY A STEADY. ACTIVE MAN, A SJTUA , !T rA". \' *'?' bot.;!. II... been in tlio tout 0) w I " 7" " ** ? ?* "? UVH'1, 11.14 It'.'till IQ in I Miiuj- .Ii.|.|. vui. iit for tlM) loot .even veirg, and I,*, the bo* | 'v ,tr.r.'. 'r,UCl' *' l'" t,krk* ???! CV? *tj*j? ti W XNV-"- A II KfT-RATE CABINET WORKVVN, " V,. 11 ??? {UKiti t.,| ?III, tlx hii,iu. -? generally. To one .L:'. >re ?""* e"? 1 ? uui Lo". r?W ..d?# >"" 1:1 " ^ F'V<n' Al1ri" M Ufiwn, II. ? VET A VI ED-A BARKEEPER'S 8ITCATI0N. bv ? ,Y,'? V,'"' " hi* li||?iUM*. I 11 M , UlT.T" *r b- ..t^ituMiou, A line a .dressed I ?H.t? .,i t|,i. mjMir, ?ill nio?t with Htt?utiun. I WVTFatV ^ y/'l'Mi man. a SITI'ATION in U?. I*" U tout' l!rv , *'""D ??UMi.hmeut. u iii*.?t ?? ,i . " Hitli his Iemploye". Cmi piN-nk and ??cr,ma? Ho,t ofm/re ) t, aeeund story, trout room, f ,r three days. WjZK ;Av jT,"N ?? A vol NO man, o*u ; lie M a "drCtt?d .Yi':?ry V "or*. ject Hit a comfortable kit?? i i' ^ej' -tL 1 *" much an ob I ?... r,t?Ti?|J??? . ' lii'iu'hty an() intrtrrirv umi *. ?i Wt-H i?- nam. uded for ZT?x&\:i?i/;;V m' WANTED A MTl'ATION. AH CDACIIMW ?vn, umi ma ,vait at table l'l .at ... A*' ju.t arrived from tnjrl ,?J. and l.u, || "id I .uVu . iV Y' It "t tT' * fci"'ly r.-l" etable < ft. e, y r' rtue** t'aD be *iv en- AJUfM, John A., at thU WANTED?A nil NG MAN, WITU (IK WITUOl'T~4 ?? taiaily, tvko can riverood reference, to so to tlx West to run a itt.-uiii uull, t..r Ironi ou.' to live year*. None but a aood practical euriue.r, and on. wl.o nan do a food ioh niuvinqmr*. Af.ply at Howard'* Hotel, from 7 to S \ M ' ?i:.f Itoin 1 to 1, ana trotn (i to h, f. M., to A. V. II.. room 96. ' \y A NT 1.11- A TOtNG KAN, AllflCT 18 rlilU (II n Hirald'olK"' Ct r'0uli" AddrvasO V. U.', Wi2?i* "HOUESALE CLOTHINC. IVARE nwmutAr^t. uprtajlr*" [ "r'1!> | iy ANTED?BV A RESl'RCT A II I E I'KOTEAT \ NT " ^tifiT""' " a" I'ortor or h?l|o r tt wholo OT^V^.?P^r!: '"?? " *n ??bort >" the vonntrv with a I gK^^Wo.''sjisra WANTED?A 1 Hi. T RATE CI'irCR?ONE tr P^'V.'c D thc cI tlliM* tr."!" prvforrod. Salary he' U'Cdr cototneu|.irit.; to me. hanh al cani itr Hn.l ability ti iudaenee cuttoia. Apply to John P. b. aro at ' Ut?auA! o hu drJ .... 1 Sal*,,,;: r"? VDTANTED- AN ArOTllCCARV, ? J"K NEW YORK ,i? "o'l'itsl, in Broadar.y, coiup -tnnt tt Cv'nP0U,td niedi intonilen't at t!i./l!.'| t'.'lf' *??" b?* WANTAD-8ITUATION'S iur FIRST ( I \hs pro ?*S*rT?i t- EnglUh, So"teb' GeTmaaArtU ke ?? meatio itaUoi . , the PiotuotlTe PoUataai Arnaoy. bClludm.n atr t. N. H.-Proteatait ..'rvann"Si iit l1 thi* otfie#. nnd we rvquirt from every uppii c*ut the bfdfc of writtcu reference. W^tkd-a flEM CLAM LIOBT top WAGON ?? ht #l Erov 'I make a* to initorhls. liniah. A . a h <1* that ha, b,-,? jn nta but i iu,i> inuytuiil > pnrchaanr by addrvt in;; S. J. E.. box ??? W .irkt (roio '.Vi to 100 poundt. ,n.l not waut.d unlewfl corropomliiiit with thc above description. WuSlFtrA TRCHASIM rot A WILL XSTAB IiVJ.m ! ' if a"1 ''' profitable Dr. - uiakiux n .tab ? A ' ''r"ftdvny. The mutt e*titfr.ct"ry proort rivtn i Of the profit*, and alearea. a. for .HDut ,?f T,?V hut t ''"J'tomer need apply. A no to a.ldrnaind to L. M. N? I Ittncml 1 i'tt Office, vill be uitended to. ANV GENT'.EMAN !N WANT OF A GOOD noCSE I v vfr' "lay bear of one by addre. eiua G. 8? Peat Olli .. i b*w T*ili wbea fartkeryartlcwlar* wtlTE. itrn. ' ' j a stoi t iieaitiiy rorxc woman wants a si ' * .,1",1t'"n *?'-anndreM in a private iuuiilv or , ne lar ?? ployer Can V U ',er* e li?- may aive aaii?f?cti>,i t.. herein- 1 j I iXfiretao.'"rt"" d'-V" 17 h' - ^ atr-et. A HALF GROWN GERMAN GIRI. WANTS A S|. iioinlre at N." * ^w".'ti ,Cf'< r.. iii l in ? am ill family. 1 tl.rle d.yV Weet Thirteenth ,tre?t. Can be .eeu f'r A *MP*< TAW E Vol NG ? OMAN WANTS A SUVA* ' I r ? anndret*. v ho thor.u.'hly under-tand. iti dlw^Vi I I tK00 , l,t.y r' l?f'"e?. Can be seen lor two ofly i* at 41 Lleccker ttreit, picture store. A NW(.Im"1!* Vi,!L TasJoS A sitiatiox as fr mbSIu* , I ' /-"'I ""''"o- Th" be" of city referenee It ?5 ii un be ?ptn lort%*< 4*vi. 1'Ua.^e call *batabeVaorlt! ' " Fu"rt1' *" objeetioa to ARESI'F.I TABI.E lie NG WOM A N WANTS 1 SITU 4 lion a* Korea or M uit.r. Would Leh^Lrl/rk and I I".* ,?bin??t,d itonioir. ||?, ti.(. |,?t of city refe r#arC" r l'?" f? w5">,h ?treet. .ecjnd tlvor, id tho ! r' 1 "n 1 * Itn lor two dayf. A respectable Voi'kc woman wishes t si. tiintion n. Chambermaid an I Waiter, ort . do the eeue. rai koueewurk in a email lamily. lias n > ol.jeeti >n t" a., a I .ben dirt,no. In the r outre. Th, b^t ef cityVfl4ne5 ? fwoV I'.;,r ARFSPFCTAHI.C YOl'NC WOM AN" WANTS A SI jit Cham!. ri(,tj | ,.r \\ h rvr> ?n<l ^ j ftv I IJ t,!r - fti.,1 irmiiiis, if require I. I'leMc .all *t 32 j Beet of city reference ran be jrlvcn. AREfPECTABI.E MIDDLE AGED WOMAN WANTS ? uti ntion nh CooV and I.nundrfsa. in a ri'Mf.^ciwhi.. i nvite fan ily; the beet of rity rvfrr.nne can be icivcii from | 1 sneii No. PI Atluntie .treeC Aiding mdmav wishes a siti atiov ah Cbainbermald. and Plnia Seaer: ie a br-t rate Washer 1 rate flmiu' "r ?b";"".' hou.ework for a Muallpri vat. (ainlly . (an he eeen f..r two dur^ at No. Ml We,, . ixtrrntb street, between Seienth an/ci.-litb avraure. A WB2. *TMA.V VAVT1 A StTLATIO.V AS an. f.n .T r '*" "T ,l'*'""1r'o has llee I In mo,t wspeel. able faioih - ft.r . f years, and rau Kite th. I e.t-er eity ? r ?TvnCr' ? / *?''i IW Third aicaue. Ur,t Uoor | l an he ften for two Jovi. * A YJ' .Y"' AV,R,< xv WIDOW LADY IS DESlBOtm A.. .! ?* * ?? Ilouwktep, r. tn a .tua'l " ^iaCT cltar^r of a ?id >u.r'a nia.D A . * ?ati.faet.ry arranaement . .uld be ir 1 t# *ddrraa<d to Mr*. Emily Tonar llerald ofttt, till mnvt Immediate attrition. A r?i'tiV.PV?NT iM''"'M , A "v ,s nrsiRors or , C,r* of lkD ia*al'd lady to Europe or wonl.l go a, Nurse in a r.spettable famllt ... Meetablr refrreaei, will be giirn. Adv.rtiser will be ?cen for a few day i. at lis v ;- lie nr (, fir. okiyn. A4* ,* N T L r M A >. DESIRES TO TAKE A TO PR 11. roil - ll ti.) l.uri h. *??. ?.# W* 1? I - fill I ?liana, III1 n.? Ie, I u, l\, e,!n..?, andTfl' i<*nw,uld'likV &3'v,S5Sl *"esT, klay l lthjlyd" "'"1 ???????**: n.l Inter La d i i: a or aeon address cam receive healthy nnd fNMtUMt rafltvMiit. toooli'it order" fi r popular illurtratrd w orkn, by iprljiux to Tallin. Wil i. iu.p ru-r? nnd pul,* ut Kulbb and IWIi'lMlf, AO A eae.l attrit, X V. It. -p-.tnMc fnteroBOoa reunited. I.adi " ?n ll tj-p rii need in nnvy "in* > nn re< t il $?> pet week inUry. SITFATtON W.MITBD-BY A VM NO MAM, WHO no t. nlnu D l it burlne**. ?? ('..iirhain Cno nice b??t iltr retem <e. X. ehjettiioa to the traatry. Addref" J. II.. Hrrnl i - SITUATION WANTFP-BV A RF.APECTABI.K VOI'MO woman, to net r* Scamatn-ta toaaairt inline waaliio* nnd iroi.iny. "r to trnwl *iil ? lady tor tin ??? n. Ap I It 1 ? . nty-fifth etr > t. between I ml ih nnd Ninth -i*i nnee. S<.. 217. frnt Boor, fr fit rom. Sh< ran net food city refer 001 e, keiou four v. are in I or la*t f.lare, rpwo VOI \c Mi.VFN WASt SniTATIOKS?ONE A. imp d em k. (rot-rate wi., her nod inner. Good city reference. t an I - * n f r t? d"i I'leaae . .ill at No. Mi.. t<, nil. ?fre< t. between X min in Tenth kceniiea, is ft. front I Moment, Ilaot n... v'jettun to *? n ?ii?rtdi< ti t.. ?- in the < rant!y. TIIHrr YOI MO I A Dir.* W ANTED TO ATTEND IX A millinery "t re; hrrt mto ante** men n?r r. p.ired. Ap ply l.> Br?. (eeliy, 112 tip) theuaui. kotor"n 1 "tie and 10th etrorfa. Alen "eeernl fed niillinert wanted, and put l"dlee to attend in t'.o lb.>? room. Ffto pri r.r.isnr *c.?a mm 'iiTx. wbi7i, a< 1 noalnted with dr..<a and di?pen?liu*. wD'iei f.>r on en rnt'tnenf. I rrtrept. aable ref. retiree. Addr a? A. B., lii raid ofllon. Itn noss BI'Tf Ti Fa"S~VvXititpllV' 4 ftCti'f lT J "Of r man. ot !r ?? I'ngT.inii t Ml istim 11 Hi-t.'her. X.. object! t. ?.t? ay ? ??'ry. A t Ire, M. PENMAN. IX Cu t I^ODACt'O MAKITACTl REE.?WANTED. A PlUON nt jVtinted ? if the man ief re of toe ml tobacco ai I road- to go South. Apply at **3 Front otrtet. nith re o<.n.n.eiidntlon? ?? to tap* ity and ? hitfl" see. o Pwrt.fiiMo-WANTrn. a Pabtmeu, im am oetaTI "bed .Irnr a id tnedl- hi. V. i?!???? : One who fully iv .!??r'tanA. the trade, and hae a hoot fl.'VV to l.iroot, can lift fad .pt> rtunlty by npplj : to A. Taraawll, 27'I llndi.-n otrrit ri. V., or t Ji <ca Hr> uu. I'M Statu at. Hi.eherter. \\*\TI'M\t II I'll AM l? IIOTKI.f A GOOD TT 1'irimet of. r ? n - . ? r / ?; f >nimtr #? * ron to the preprtaWe of 1 tela of diffr nt place" of ye-mpt. p. t r t ' *n ? mi ? a, hy a , I v w ?t Mr. .1 .i v - Muni M are RertnO. :??? Bmad* y. whir* or lin will be r. iv I. \I'| HIPP 1 MR- A "v<U V. MAS'. A NATIV V. or ? * I 11 ' . v . to i r ? ' in. -i If to a filial ? a ? ?>? prfi?? famllc ?inl?iand(i c-t>t". w rid " Fair; I'or* i ? ir.t nditi tiMainrtha MOtropolia ti e aaatilno noa> in, Would fed IM" a f? vmbio oMert inity aa the a?ii rtiaer In. ?f I ? well, hni In* lin d tbrra m.iny >eara. Aldn*? X. V. So. lit bo ..ft' i" . ft" r. T rMSTHl'CTlOR. crANifit t.AX'iit At.r -a r. ?m:/? tkaoiirn amp kr Tranelaterof t'if itpaaie'i lontaaaf. wi'l?ire lfa?.>na at I I-n -ldeneo, or In any f ivt ol the elty. Tr ?n?latlon-. ?ei entlfie nnd lltei ry In Indf.l. Will I e < i-rrei tl) and piineto ally made. Add rent I tit Itr.ndn ay f|A(? morrpsom or dancimi; ~*1. iifnrv ii 1 l"?l*i < r ha* ti e I, nor t" iofori * pr *fi i?or? in Xe. s rk, that In bp? jnat nrrlved front Rayland and I'.iri". * o f Hint HI it. t. ntl>n t. ii tr noo th- new daar-i. I. t, rlitan pi'f. Te-u te. *? 1 . t the >? - nrt I all-. an I hy the ? I*! e of t he Rnrlith till li*i ion f'ftr. A ? hi" ?* . r ' "rf( i* Im lied, an inr'y rppii ti.-u le aoee* try. Xo. 'Jl'dEaa Hi n"*?> 1,* r I f \tl M .- I y ' ' ADA". Af'i'l STOWED TO .1,1 in.ii S ? ?li, Mi. AMvmmmiunUt ^ V'RI O 8 -BENEFIT or N'Uli THEKE9INC and Ii,? dl ??. * K?ur?'t "B* Ta.t Dirht but two ?f their o?NTruhiiSfi^i ,111 *4W Vork' w?d?'<"Jv- *?/'??>? m *11 on their wot desr'ul Meter C'avnllue will if ballet .1 I I S i ftt i?J "*w. V flJJt lu tllc "?ly sueeeoaful in wLki Ai t bWu f , L" fc" VriceltMl by a . English pieow, _ fiii? I Mr- ??auw will appear. / t IIARI.LSTGN ETHIOPIAN M.KKNA DEAR BEG iVurl.rhlr* tJeflmmftnF* I?1,1" wil1 their iiV ? u i i moral rnt< rtainiueuts at the Blceiktr Building*, i#rncr uf Morton ami nie. ekir streets, 0 f iutcnd night. Lover* 'PICK L'ls FOR JINNY I.IND'8 GRAND COMCBffi* A* 1 Tripler Hall, Wednwwday evening, Ma/14.?Uhoicwgwntw to all parts of the house for sole at JAQUFSfc BROTHER 8 ^ M uair btore 3M liruaJwa). Kcaiember the number WS. 1 1. N N V I. ISO'S OR A N D CO N CT. RT, W ED.; ESDI Y a# evening, May 11.?Ticket# for ohuioe sea'.* to any part uf tiirhoute. for the above Concert, cau be h.vl at BARTLETT It WEU OKI) 6 Bookstore, No. 7 Aster House. Hngaembwr No. 7. ( ?.r It'll TUB OTHER AMI SEMEN TS SCI ANOTHER FINK A HTM. National acadkmv of design.?the twenty sixth A nnual Eahitdlion of the Academy ie uow open t# the |i<iblio, at their Gallertet. No. (ICS Broauway, oppowito Bond street, from If A. II. until !U P. M. A linGtaoe* V cents; seisin tickets, Sfl ocnts : "utalerues, 1JS 'cats. Bw order ot the Council. . H. SHEGOBUS. Cor. 8ecretary, N. A. LOUIS LUCET, I)E PARIS, 4?2 BROADWAY, NEAR Broome nreet, Painter nod Decorator of alt kind* of furniture aud email fancy articles f?r parlors rviaii tw ado ire, in the best Puririan atyle. Flowers, China ornaments, gilding on metal or wooE, brouie, (tc., executed with dee P;<16b, and repoirv d and renewed as above. Sir us, ;u plain ami omsnieutal letters, executed fur the trade, and for t&6ttliUbti &nd tu*in?'Bs meu pefkentlly. O.tRD IN SOUTH BROOKLYN.?SINGLE GENTLE 11 he accommodated with parlial board, and largo THE 1'UKF. /TLNTKitIl.LE ( i>. R8E, L 1 - TROTlINC. BURS INlhamy;.d'ml'iu' 'I"""ldlstelv after the trot between Pel ham aad Blauc, will tun,.- olT a puree off 0, mile beat*, best fin & In harness. O. ,1'ieftr enters n. e, Duteh Char ley, . W 111. M h. lan tutors g u Sua, telbaek j J,. Raynor eutera ih. I'eliin. JOEL C'GN KXI N, Proprietor. UNION COURSE, I,. I.?TROTTING ?WEDNESBAY, V:ij Utli, at 3o'clock, P. 11.. puro- fliw.-Mde heats, nest., in >, to vviegons. 1). Pfefer enters b. g. Win. Pool; J. Mhelplev enter- ch. m Eunnv: Win. W'helan enters h g b edge Hammer. The utaics ?,n ntn from the H illiam ; I t.rgh ferry, foot of Grand street, evury hour, and from the I ulton ferry, Brooklyn, at 1J and I o'clock, t.vauJ frciat'.o course. JOBS' I SNEDIKEK. Proprietor. BOAUIHNb. A -o.Tv0E^TIEMKN CAN liE ACCC'MEl'(DATED , with hoard m a private family, by applyiul at No. Ml \eatry street, corner of Oreenwleh street A LADY AND GENTLEMAN, AND A 1 EW SINGLE younjt gentlemen, eat; be aeootnin dated w 'th nleasant No-7S D'lAKI) H ANTED. I.N A PkIV ,1k FAMILY. BY ONE respectable your,a ladi. a, where there are hut few doe!?.., m , ' V'"r ok "!>?'""> require thsir absence ??rlnF Hie day. Terms moderate. Lo, ?ti ,u aboec Canal Office* street, ptef. rred. -Addrots A. S , Herald B'^ebding at Harlem-gentlemen and wives or ^Ge C'nt.euu'u, -tn ?>< accommodated with board at the 11 rner id , th street and fhini avenue, li}^ m.les froa the? ity II til. Ilarle.T' st'-*1' I' '-1 the house every half hour. Harlem , urs stop avery hnnr* Bo'im,. lar^c and airy. Good tisl'iun in the viiinlty; .tabiiu.' .^r^ofies. Term, moderate. L. J. AUSTIN. Board wanted ijfi.ow blef.-.-ker sTUF.ct and wist ,.l Broadway ?Transient ' ..arl (which N?I result in1 permanent) fur a family, ensistins of n nensleu."an, bis wife, four infant children, and servant Terms most be mo derate. Reference *ivenaud required Address W. F. X , Broadway P..,t Office. ' B ? private luinuy resiaiu^at >0. so t'"it n street, Witliii live minutes walk of the South ferry. D OAR DING.?VERY DE'IBABLF. AND* NEATLY MJ furni.ljed ro< me and bedrooms ndjolniuy. for sinrle gentlemen, 'without hoard, may he had by immediate appli cation, at No. SO I ranklin street, a few doors went of Broad way. Boarding one or iwomtti of n ln:sited rooms will be let, nth boa-d and orivite tabl" if re quired. cr the snnio would be let to siu-to arontlemen. sen.t rate ortogether, with lull or part al board; aUo two or three bedrooms. The above rooms w ould be 1.1 f..r a short i.-riod, w::t'::^,j;,;:;:l,','Kt v '! :i 1YOARD WANTED?BY A VGUNG LADY, IN A PRI JA vate family where she may have the comfort of a home. Address J. M. 11., Herald office. R?,AR.? IN' TIIF, COUNTRY WANTED-.A SMALL X* family wishes to engage hoard with a r.op-o-tahle fim.ilr l,r the summer season. A locntiou with bathing far.Htiee within mooerate riding distance tr.ra the city, g.o.d aecomo ?s itw'i,*"JJ^ar<1'*''? ("C't liberal pay. AdurcsBon Ah if 1 oht Om f, Now 1 ork. DOARI) IN A PRIVATE FAMiLY-A\ ELEGANT , *r< n t room and bedrooin, furniabsd, to let, with Mnrd for n genii, niaei and his wife. Also, rooms I t two sinclo g, ntlenien. Hie house is of the brst class, baths r,. lkee KufsreMws exchanged. Location?West Fourteenth vtr-et. Office ?><"??<-. Addru.s C. E . Uai.n square Post 1YO.ARD AT CLIFTON, ST A TEN I-I. A Nil- \ | If a I Z MJ rcspc. table fsmily would he | leased to acwoiuinodnte two or three r, ntleinen in a delightfully situated cottve commanding a tine view of the bay. Stabling and ba'tlr house < n the premises. For l artieulnra. apply to Jo- pU Agate,..,1 Broadway, New Yoga Refer,acesanchanged. B'JARD -TWO SINGLE GENTLEMEN M AY OBTAIN 1LA a l;W???nt front u. wly furnished, in a prtvaU fa h Oil . ..c I'Cra"na, occupyiug a pleasant house in a good ternV f? .w ' .I "? "" "thl'r bonders taken. Term for two gentlemen. $9 per week. Hath. Re . in thw h Addles, immediately I , ?? K?i?., k. ' ll-rslo office. 1JOARD-EIGHT PLEASANT ROOMS To LET. WITH I gentlemen, at No. 54 Walker street, a few DmO r1 m Br"*Jw*T' Al*?- to '?*. an olhue, suitable for a lJOARD-TWO GENTLEMEN CAN OBTAIN HOARD. , *"JI ' rsakfaat and tea, in a private family, (aw ebil ??!id o r. r '! il'11'' t:,r !<tre,ilh Ward, near (r. ot e! j" Rnat llrunnwnj. fhe rvorni consist ef a w 1. Tt ' ruouindi.'lniwg. xud pantry on the second JT.?s ,VirT T**1 b? '?a" luo-Dbed or not famished The h?'' without u. ar.1, if desired. Tnis is a plea sent lo, alien, and will be permanent. Address J. a. at thu office, w btn can be seen. |>OARD.?TO LET.?A LADY. WITHOUT FAMILY MJ or boarder*, will let to a gentleman and UJy, with t' nrd f r tbe lady only. 1 large handsomely-furnisbed parlor, with pnntriea, on the second fln..r of a l.i>use very pleasantly located, in a central part of the city, west of Broadway. Tl is affords an cacellcnt opportunity to nue desirous ul quut an I privacy. Address, S. O R . Herald office. BOARD-W'ITII HANDSOME suits of rooms, may be had fur the cumiug year, at 74 East Twenty-third ftreet, a shnrt di tanee above Union park. The buusa is onv of the elerant b|,?k extending from Fourth to Letingt-ia avenue, and is furnished with ras, Cr?toa water, hot, cwld and shower laths, and is within slaty yards of tbe llarleu Rnilrad. f v ODD HOARD WANTED?BY A YOUNG LADY, A ,' maker, in a resiw, table private Umily ; lower part i I tbe , Ity prsf, rred. Addrw C S Herald offi.e. I I WISH BO ARDINO HOUSE-THE PUBLIC ARB WF roi eetliilly Informed Hint the large and commodious I I carding house, No. 41 M nrren steel, line undergone a thorough repair, and is wow open r,ir llir reeeption uf |u r. mnnrntand transient boarders, with rooms either furnish 'I ' > r uiifnrnislied. Tbs honss^ I. I Is I, Is . with gas. Reference required. CHARLES LEVI. 41 Marren struct. A good W alter w aatvi. Private hoard wanted?a respe. table ?' wi" riitlemon wishr. a fur f r um. Irsak I fast and tea, in a private family, where thrra are fe * nt no , other Iwiar.lers, and where he conld enjoy the e >tn'orts of a 'I'JW?- Ic 'tGon above Canal Street. References ex .hang ul. Addrrrs Boa AITh Tost office. * PRIVATE BOARD-A LADY, oil LADA AND (.FN ?v a single gentl. inwu. ran be awcumodxt ? I olid ?' h?!tnk " 411" f','l < r partial board 11 a re tired neighborhood np town, west side, where all the eom Avdr. sa \t l""w "A? si" ' f"'W'e reqwlmd. AU?f(DN Mltui, I Lathftin ?.|uar? IN>tt U(Ae?. T?icf;rT^5WLWP-A "anmome back par. .0.. r. fr'"1 rooms, with Ite.'roome wive*. Apply aTst'd Bowery. *" * ?*?U?" LODGI2VUS, Ac. \ N ri rcANT I'MTRMSIII.D BA' K FARI.OR ( AX f? II a Ladto >ai, If d) t" I t III a hr-t ilara Bl * tiuaaa, faal.laaMl; l.oattd. atar t'linto* |!irn. on an oMgibaf nut*. A mill* 1*4* ot rantloman Pr.frrrrd Rn ?,*. ??r ti' k< . ??*tf i i h r??. TLu U a raft rtpiil>....t). Ad.lrr" Rpnnlah, llrraM nlflra. t.m BBisiirn rooms t<> i.f.t to sinoi.i mini. * a>?*. >1 LHMimi rtrant, appo*''a Cliitaa Mali I^rsMfiirn or iafi'IMmud noons ro lit *it>i r wltliM.i Iraakfaat aul t< a An'jr to ftUJ iniifif. t ?l.SI KM'lltn ROOMS Tf LIT ro OEVTLIME* X i aljr. at llnat.n atrort. a h* darra -nat of Br-ad aav. r.o?i-tin? of n ault of ro. inr on tlir tirat floor, parlor* and I rdr ?i.m- 1*.ttin 11 i ?%t>n_r on thf aroond and third floor*, and a pl. t nlflr* in ?hi La. otat, imtihh for a *hvM?i*r, 1 in h<iufc I* arwl; furnahtd throughout, and toalaiat ahath. (^fumt rnmifl bedrooms ro* nioir> * O.'tl.moa?Apply at Ltoaard *lr< t, ?o*o.,d door t> -i of llr ado*; Pit: tXT LOOMS. FOR FAMILIES OH RilfQL* roatlino, ra i hr ohtalnrd in a tow da;*, by applyin* at TO Braadwaf. ________ O LIT?A PARI oi! AMD BID R<?'M, IN SE.'ON D (tor.tiralrhodofti t fnrai-1' I. to ana or two gra t ii nirn. althont lb ard: > r If H??traIda, lima k fait and ton, or tli r 'in o'uld I* lot t<>; ol two p-nona. Tha I., nr. har O r morfarn Imri i?*t..?i.' Rofrronoo* .jchaflmd. IjmiiO n Tarntj an end, l .tn na Third aid Lot ii, ton a** ii*1 a. kkhovam. REMOVAL-Joli a 0. v. VM VN Ml '".I'll ANT TAILOR. Iia> r*in?;rdfr <n No. Za> t? 3m Broadway, oprao'.t Via City If all. UFM O V A I < IIAIU'F.M 1KB. ( lir.MISlF.R, FRO*. I'arl . froflt Hjtofll.'l Dftiadwa;. IMtta It trdtr, trial*. tala andtitall ; madr nthdr Shirt*. Lmwor*. nader .thirty < ? ? ntI. la. i. r I urni lung f t?ra. RI DOT AL?OINRRID* CtRD FN(".? \T?.r"* I.ATF ol l John llmt. oal;a leu .or ? , j?. p..;*!,,, (foard.att MM., a Oat i-t. Offlaawa;, nnd a Cart fur Ml. iar.l ?> I l*d tat Stati r?, Faaar Uoodr. J.r.i't. I v. L.? Rn > ft. A ?r at Tari i; of ;?# ?II;?C Boot I'latta. fr> m rri*ii,*l nr. Inoiala n. up. I oa i ifnr and .. .... | ? a; *l*o, aafl at;lea ?f tabtMrJCard*, I ' I" ia. ?* | ?i ? ,i?. vAi -JARiflO v rrr? c\< rnroi \y o In 'or. r I i i|t. r and ...? I ? ir . ? av ry Fifth n, 1 ? . ii r .. tr I fr M 1.1. lat- at-.-. I Jo fait it It f Ml IV > ? "II t< ?y > f I. ? m-in,, I I. | at I* I < r*l, ' in; run. . *\ . ,f0, I '.v. I If ar.'l ..'I I 11 uo?- at:, I. K . . < .1 tr a. d 11 r Oar ? tli i< tl I > d do wall to aatj i n ... In . . rr t. > in. ? ? r< ' hi ? and It" " ? S .'rr. I Ii I. i. . ' ?.J I-1 i , and (aadrtalraa, . i .taatl; n'.rt", la a jftaai tMiatf fl#fibh> t rti*.

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