Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 13, 1851, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 13, 1851 Page 7
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MUNI??L AFFAIRS. I'OMMB CvKMllV \f.v-* 'r^AiD OF ALBI*?" hour m vis ?*?"?* the board met at the u?oal JJS ST ^?r??o Morgana, President, in the appro red mmut?0 0,lMt m?etin* were read and . FETITIONS RKFEREED. f.If., 188oa80,r". Pf ^ ^v??th ward, asking for in ormatiou relative to their duties in the mutter of delinquency in the payment of wator rents. OfH. iioiman and others, in relation to the assessment for, a rower in Twenty-eighth street. Of Geo. Byrne and Morgan t reer, for exclusive use of northern half of pier thirty-three North Hi ver. Of J. Simpson, to be appointed weigher of anthracite coal. OfE. l.aing, lor a ferry from Fourteenth and Thirty-ninth street to a point at or near Bull's Ferry. An invitation was received and accepted from the officers of 7th liegimeut National Guard, to re view raid regiment, aud witness the presentation of a ret of colors, on Monday, 12th inat., in front of the City Hall. A communication from the Commissioner of Re pairs and Supplies, for the appropriation of ?312 for Gouvcrneur s market. Adopted. A communication from the Commissioner of Repairs and Supplies, in relation to a claim on rhos. O Meara and his sureties, for the difference between his estimate and that of John Kelly for working 173M street as a country road, from 7enth avenue to Klngsbridge road. Referred to the Law Department. A communication from the Commissioner of Repairs and Supplies, showing tho expenditures or several buieaua in lu? department, from Jauuai y 1st to May, IHtl. I .aid ou the table, and ordered to he printed, from this report it appears that the quarterly expenditures are as follows:? >treet Paving, H) jioaa* aud Avcuuee, 5 671 U* Firei Hepartment, 12.HI2 31 1 olicc stations, # ? ? 73^ *>7 Repairs sndSupplies, 3,0*4 46 Wells-ana j W() Lands and Places, a& 59 Markets, 1,6*7 99 District Police Courts 2.56.5 46 $49,971 17 Communication from tho Commissioner of Re- ! tairj ai d Fupnlies, iu relation to building a house I fgr Thirty-third street, near j 1 hinl A venue, which passed the Board of A. Mstant Aldermen, was concurred in. Also, for tuikliiig a house for Hose Co. No. 44, iu Houston ' street. , r L j *WORTS IDOrTED. .j Committee on Streets, in favor of flagging wdewaJks ,n i'enth avenue, from West to Tfiirtv- I third street*. Of Committee oil hewers, in favor i ? i sewer in Franklin street, from Chapel to Broad- ! lavor or fewer in 1 weuty-sevcuth street, from Hudson river to Tenth avenue; also, I in favor of sowar in Llm and Howard streots ; also, >n favor of sewer in Greenwich street, from Canal to Houston street. ?>f Committee on ytreets, in. I favor of Lagging sidewalks in Twenty-seventh . street; also, in Delaticey street, between Green- I wieh and Mangm streets. Of CoaimittccoaSewers, in favor of iewer in Hester street, from Grange to 1 Centre street. j Krsot,l"TIONS AOOrrED. that the Comptroller be directed to draw a war .vor 01 "BR*naS and Stevens, for the sum ' of |200, m full payment for frames furnished by them, for the portraits of Gen. Taylor and Gen. ' fV, *kat the floor of the cmntry market con cocted with Jefferson Market, be repaired as soon ' as practicable. j KESOLT'TIONS h efettred. chat the curb and gutter stones around Union ! square be regulated, and reset where the same may be required. That Thirty-third street, from Third *rv nu?.i? ,'nst r'vcr? be regulated and graded. 1 that Fifty-sixth street, from Second to Third ave- 1 nue, bo regulated and graded. The Boardjhen adjourned. Mav 0 ?This Itonrfl met at the usual hour. Mr Morgan Morgans, l'r.-sident, in the ihair The minutes ot last meeting were rtad and approved. rgVlTloM. aircaajo. f the lessee of Catherine Forty, praying that the slip y.y..^>xej>L.dyr^ kc T" -id-walk on the north side vf I hirty seventh street. For a sewer in Avenum A, from Flight eviith to Twenty-*** cmd For V'Vr JAvCitJ "a11 r>1"' " J?M!ph Cuminings. to purchase the vacant lots at the foot of Twenty-sixth street. K R Of Rose Company No 18, to have their houae painted and repaired. L'l^n Ihe presentation. by Aid Hai l, of a> tition. signed by several jiersoiiH. requesting that steps be taken w "???'dy the cvH* arising from the crowded state of the t-lty I'n-on. . Aid. Mulls moved a reference of the petilion to the Coventors of the Almshouse, if it is understood that the tollmen Council have nothing to do in the matter and to aeomnilttee. if they have ^AkL Ball wished to have It referred to a special on?. A'''' j"'*! said the w hole matter wa? under the control ? r the Ui.vernnrs of the Almshouse. and. such lieing the ? a-c. ought to he referred to them A'd h wus in ravor of a reference to a special committee. ? Aid. 8tt hti vakt also expressed himself in favor of a l< lerence to a special i ommittte. The vote being lakeu. the petition was referred to ? special committee For paving TVentv ninth street, between Seventh and Mgbth avenues, of of property on eighteenth street, to have a sewer in thut street. Iietweni kixth and beventli avenues, for laying (Voton water plpvs in Thir tieth street, between Tenth street and Hudson river ; to pata Thirtieth street, between Tenth avenue and Hud son river. A ct lumunicatl. u from the Comptroller in relation to leasing additional ground iu Attorney street for Engine < otnpany No 21. and llose Company No go. was referred to the Committee on Eire Department. A message from Ills Honor the Mayor wasreeeired. and referred to a rpeeial committee The following is the sutwtaace of the same Lndcftdandiug that an in vitation has been extended by the officers of the New Tort and Krie Railroad Company to the President of the | 1 nited States and members of his rabiuct. to attend the celebration of the opening of tbnt road to Lake Erie, he reapeetfhily recommemls that the corporate authorities I of the city of New York transmit an invitation to the I resident and his rablnet to visit thi?city a< the gu- sts of the Corporation. | RrpMn iwpTfn j Of the rommitt?N* on in fmror of remitting ' the amount aasessed upon the American Fem.le ? ?unrdmn Moriety uiid Home tor the Friendless . for the sewer built in Thirtieth street, from Fourth to Madl- I ?on avenue ; also, adverse to petition if the trustees of the Herman Evangelical Church in Forly-flrst street, in reU? . for paving 71 h "avenue ; also adverse to petition of Oeo ltos?. |fl relation to assessment for ! sewer in Thirty-flr.-t street, from Ninth to Tenth avenues The following resolution, which had pas-ed the Board of Assistant Aldermen, was concurred in Whereas I It is said that the Pn-ldeot of tlie I'nited States eon 1 r'SF v'"1Mn? 'he city of New York with th. ?. cretarv of Mate and other members of the cabinet, therefore be It resolved, that a special committee of fire from each ! Board of the Common Council bv app-dnted. to render Hu m the hospitality of the city, and make .stxh other trttipnvnti as may be deemed proper oa the t cession. slsoli vioss Aoorrtn. That Delancey street G-twev n Essex and ."heriff streets over the sewer recently built, be repaired That a special committee of live be appoiati* to make i suitable arrangements f.w celebrating the approaching anniversary of our national iudepend'nre and the ?um thousand nre hundred dollars t* hereby appropri That Chest nut street, la tw. en tiakand MadWon streets he pored lluit If the Hoard of Assistants concur a special com inittee of three from < a< h Roard he appeiiitrj to Sv.Ject a lite in nwenw.aal.or Cypres. Hills Cernvtery. fig u>e re mains of the lamented Hen Worth. That it la- referred to llu< Comuii'tic on Ordinanees to t.repnre an ordinance to th. etfeel that all s seseament < '??n for sewers be *-?*?? -.d on the property opposite where th. sewers are built to the centre of the cn.-? streets and the culverisand r. eeivlOi bavin- be paid for out ofthc Pity twaury "uvu tnvv vwrwrs. That Twenty.second urect. fiov.i !? ttlh av. noe to flrnnd way. be pav. .1 That th, side walk, on the south id,- cf Twenty-fourth street, between Kiglitli nil,I Ninth avenue* b. Bagnvd ? That the vacant lot. ,o the -.oik ,1 |e ?t Twenty ninth ffitecC lwi frrt ,4 Wtvtsthv aveuu. la- f. ncr.Mn.and tli* fliftcwnlk* up That the inter-crllnti ofTlilrty-fourtb str. pt and Pixth avenue be r.galnt.d and paved. That it he n frrred to tlie Committee on ftre.da, to as certain and report to thi? H^.rd if ihe New York and llarl. m Hailrcad Company are not bound to rrgnlntv re grade, and repay* F.-urtti av<nn?. frrca r?ur(eetdb to Thirtieth stwet. That the sum of one thousand dollars ?>,- appropriated to meet the expense fo 1., ineurti d in carrying , ut tlie resolution approved by his Honor the Mayor. In bcpt.-in l,er. liiAO. authorising the repairing < f I niton market. That Tenth arenne. from Thirty-sixth to Forty second street, he rcgnIntel nndeurli and gutter stones set. The Board then adjourned uutll five o'eks-k ihi- afte*. n.K.n "'ll ~This p,.ar l m. t at the nsnsl hour Mr Mor (ran Morgans. President In th, chair Tbe mi antes of the last nieeiing w, re read and approved _ er ririovs an i aavt. ivT"'.''" Tvu-t Company, for grading Thirty-third -treet. fn,m H.^on^ to first avenue. 6n a eewer iu Tbirly flfth street, between kerond ami Third avenues, for a aewrr in Ventre street, between Tryon rim."v?"l 10 h"T,> Pufnl"a in Oxksllp ,r^rod from the New York and ! f U .} ' ** ,h" tn-mtwr. .d the .T n VT ,!iVt *?' ,"ke 11 '??beau. liXWMeto^T.c'eM.y* frou' W*' aveoais intrtcv Of the Committee on Repair-and Pnppllew. In relatloa to resolution prr^.dlng repairs for Fulton market rsrv as ra-.w rue soarp or assisvsnt ai i>Um> Creamble and resolution: to have |?y of cleaners of sew. drs and culverts raised to ?1 lift per itey. referred t0 c rot on Aqueduct Department Report of the committee on str.el^ Inffivortd ttagging stdewslk In 8#eon?i arenne between Tenth and F.levrnth streets, roncurred in the adoption A Iso of flagging sidewalks in Fifteenth street, between R?ennd and Third avenues, and Rutherford plare he Iwven Fifteenth and kevent'-enth street*; roneurred In the adoption of the same Also in favor of flmrglrw side walks In Tenth street, hetwevn Avenues A and B ron. i nrrrd In the adoptkm. Also In favor of paving Thirtieth afrivt, hi ttrgvn Third gvenue ami Broadway, aad flog gin? sidewalks In Thirtieth street, between Madison and Fifth srenues, concurred in the adoption. Also in favor of raising and repairing sidewalks in Tenth stieet, be tween Avenues C and D, concurred in the adoption Also in favor of tugging sidewalks on the southwest corner of Eleventh street and Avenue 0., adoption con curred in. Also in favor of regulating and re-grading South street, from Ooentie* slip to Maiden lane: adoption coneiured in. Also in favor of flagging sidewalk on south side Seventeenth at., between Fifth avenue and Broadway; adoption concurred in Also, in favor of flag ging sidewalk on north side of Thirteenth street, from Second to Third avenues; adoption eoncurred in. Also, in favor of Hugging sidewalk on West street, from IlarH son to Vestry streets: adoption concurred in. Also, ad verse to changing the grade of Twenty-sixth atreot, be tween Tenth and blew nth avenues, etc.; referred to Committee on streets. Also, lu favor of paving Twenty ninth street, front Seventh avenue to 11 roadway; adoption concurred in. Also, in favor of openiu;; Fifty-niuth street, from Tenth to Eighth avenue and Broadway; referred Al so, in favor of regulatitg Fiftieth street, from Eighth to Ninth uveuttes; concurred in Alsu. in favor of paving Forty-ninth street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues; concurred in. Rl:vOl.l1TtOSi ADOPTED. That the curb and gutter stones, north sUie, at the junction of Carmine street uud Sixth taken up and re-set. as far as necessary That the Clerk of the Common Council be authorized to employ a person, at a compensation not to exceed the sum of $260 pop annum, whose duty it shall be to kep the City Library open for public purposes, at suitable hours, and have charge of the books therein, under the direction of the said Clerk HI-SOLI TIONi nwLKBLD. That Thirty-first street, from Broadway to Ninth ave nue . be regulated and graded. That Twenty-ninth street, between Sixth and Seventh avcupee, be regulated and paved. Tliat u crosswalk luid opposite 20b routh street to tlie bulkhead. The Hoard then amounted until five o'clock on Mon day afternoon. BOARD OF ASVWAX1 ALDfliMEN. May K? The Hoard of Assistants inet thi- even ing? the President in the chuir, and a quorum of member? lu their'plaees. The minute* of the prc ccdiug meeting were read and approved, pt rlT'oxs. fhT Liljuh l'lnder, for sewer in Houston street, from. Broadway, to connect with the proposed tenor in (Jreen street. Referred. t or sewer in I'cavl street, front Lroud etroct to Coeuites slip, Referred. < *f the Stufen Island Kerry 1'?mpany, for a ferry lease, R cferrcd. Of J. Q'Kriljr, to have water-pipes laid in Thir tieth street, wet of Ninth Avenue. Referred. I Of John MeLnne, for permission to pil# cut from bulkhead at foot of Morton street, N. it. To have Tt lth avenue, from 174:h to ldlth street, worked as a country road--Referred. | To have vacant lots between First and Second avenues, on Sixteenth and Seventeenth streets, tilled | in and fenced?Referred. Remonstrance against abolishing the sprinkling ; of Broadway, La.J ou the table. J Petition to have yjrade of Thirty-fifth street, be tween Eighth and Ninth avenue.-, changed, and ourb and gutter stones set and slue walk- (lagged?Kc fcrteu. Of Lie mill liispensary, for a donation?Referred. ' fRi'Okts cik comm:tike*. ?' C?P the Committee on Street', adv erse to changing tlie grade of Twenty-sixth street, between Tenth and Eleventh nvenut?Adopted. Also, in IHvorof filling sunken lots in Thirty-ninth street, between Seventh und Kighth avenues, with tin ordinance? Adopted. From same ecnninittee, an ordinance Tor j paving Twenty-ninth street, front Seventh avenue to Broadway? Referred ; at.d another for Hugging sitleWuiks in West street, from Harrison to \e?try street?Adopted. . (if Committee on Roads, in favor of opening the Blmmiingdale road, front Tenth avenue to Kighty sixth Street'; abo, in favor of opening Fifty-ninth street, front Tenth nveLiuu to Fig lull avenue and Broadway; also, adverse to setting curb and gutter stones and flagging sidewalks tu Forty-tighth street, from Blooiningdale road to Tenth avenue? adopted: in favor of paring and setting curb und i gutter .-tones, and tiaggh.g side walks in Forty ninth street, between Lighih und Ninth avenues? adopted; in favor of regulating and grading Lex I ington avenue, from Forty-second to Sixty-sixth ; atreot? adopted: in favor of regulating and gruding and seltiug curb and gutter, and tugging sidewalks tn Fifty-first street, from Hudson io the Last river?adopted; in fa vor of regulating, grading and macadamizing Fiftieth street, between Kighth and Ninth avenues ?adopted: in fat or of regulating and grading For ty-teventb and Forty-eighth streets, from the Third avenue to tho Lu-t river?adopted : in favor of al tering the grade <*f Forty-sixth street, between Ninth and 'lentil avenues?adopted; in favor of re gulating ami grading Fifty-second street, from Fourth avenue to Last river?adopted ; in favor of concurrence in resolution and ordinance for paving and Hugging Kilty-first street, from Kighth to Tenth avenues; in favor of directing the Street Commis sioner to procure plans for laying out streets and avenues north of loath street?adopted; in favor of rrgul. >ng and grading Forty-first street, from Fourth to Fifth avenue, and setting curb andgutte. itoncs therein?adopted. JtESOLl'TIONf. Whereas, it is said that the President of th ? t 'nited States contemplates visiting the city of Vow Yoik, in company with the Secretary of State, ami other incinbvrs of the cabinet, therefore, be it Resolved, That a Special Committee of five from each Boutd of the Common Council, together with the Mayor, be ap|>ointed to tfLdor to them the hospitalities of the city, and make such other ar rangements as may be deemcdnrhper un the occa sion. Adopted, and Messrs. lieman, Ely, Wo'>b, Ward and sands were appointed on the committee. Resolution that the Comptroller be directed to hire the upper purt of a buildihg on Bloomingdalc road, near )27tn street, for a police station bouse. Adopted. 0 Resolved, That It l>e referred to the Committee on I at nds and I'laces, to inquire into and report upon the propriety of purchasing a piece of ground at tlie High Bridge, from the Tenth avenue to the Harlem Railroad, for a public park. Referred. Resolved, That Fifty -ninth street be opened from Kighth to Tenth avenue. Referred. Resolved, That culverts be placed at the north and southwest cornets of Thirteenth street and Avenue C. Referred. I Resolution to repair Maiden lane, between the In tf)section ol Liberty and I'curl streets .Wonted. Resolved, That Croton water pipes be laid in Thirteenth street, froiu avcttuo B to avenue C. Adopted. Thut cioss-wulks be laid in Third street, at the bend of Manhattan street. Referred. To request the Comptroller and Counsel to the Board, to report uix>n what action bus been taken in the matter of the lease of pier No. 1 East river, to C. Vandcrbilt. Adopted. Resolution to-appoint u ajh-ciuI committee of five from each board, to enonire into and report npon the subject of u suitable position for a new ( ily llallt wi'h plan for the building, etc., and also to enquire into the ? xpodicney of leasing or selling the pre-ent City Hall to tho general governiui ut, pro vided it is wanted fbr government purposes. The resolution 'was adopted, ami Messrs. Ttcman, Bol ster, Millsr, McCarthy and Ward, were appointed. Resolution requiring tlie Harlem Railroad to stop every train which passes through 1 Inrlem, for the MtfiOM "I taking up und setting down passenger* ; 1 to tun a train to and front Harlem every hour, from early in the morning until II o'clock nt night.? Referred to the < ommittic on Roads. That cuib aud gutter stones be set and the side walk' paved in Broadway, from Fortieth to Fifty first ,-trcet ? Referred. Resolved. That the puuip in Fourteenth street, hetwun Fifth and !*ixth avenue1, be taken up, and the well filled iu.?Adopted. Mo 0?Tlie Hoard nt A'-Msnt Aid, run n met this owning Fn-'rid the Pr Hh-iil in th?- chair. and a ? iuoiuio of mi ushers, in their place Tin* nilnutes of tlie prtv ? ding no ding having iwou rcsd and approved, the Is nrd proceeded to tin ron-id< intiou of rMii?v< Several petitions acre presented and appropriately referred Amorg tin in were petitions for a sewer in Manton street; a petition from llo?c i No. 33, fof a house at No. 114 flultivaii street; petition of n? mbcr* ?f Rose Company No 47. fit % new house l'otitl??n of Ju*tn* flsrl ami ? other*, asking the t en men Council to adopt the resolution* reported in the llonrd of A--ietaut Aldermen to grout to Petllgrvw A flin t man |?-nub skat to lay down ? ixilroad t' ninth I Inlilli avenue. deferred to the special committee having the subject under consideration ? ?f several persons. to liste Ninth avenue paved from 1 birty -ixtli to Forty.third etreets For a sewer In Ttrlnli dmt. For a newer in Troy street iorasvwer ! in Twelfth street ? I!eiio listrsnee against tilling op fit* in Thirteenth street mar PJr-l aernue Heinonstranee agniu<t ?'|'en,ng EU ri ntfi avenue, from Forty.eighth to Iu7th I stfVit ? I ar roiis as coMMtftnN. I Of IN remittee on Road?In favor of changing the giade of Viylity. third street, bet wren Third and Fourth a (Affile* ?Adopted l Iff IN niuilttee on Alreetf?adverse to paving a ad set : Hop curb and goiter stones in Eleventh avenue, from I 1 hiny.etxth In Forty-eerofid stri eta ?Adopted ??? I'ommittee rn Reads?in tsvor of permitting W P I i iitnlm to o'ds the land for One Hundred and Third strict. (Vim ftlootuiogtfaik road to the FJcvcnlb avenue, also Unpen ami. grade me same at Ida own rxpetisc ?Adopted. ? Committee on Sewers?in favor rf a sewer in Kighth , arwnne. Itetweeh Fifty third and Fifty-fourth street* ? : Adopted Fhuk committee?inJhvor of a sewer in Thirty-sixth ' street, between Fifth sod hixlli avenues ?Adopted In favor of a sewrr In Thirty-third street, between Fifth and Madis- n avenues ?Adopted in fav or of a sewer in Fitty-fburth-trret. bvtween Kighth avenue and llroad wsy ?Adopted. (if Committee on fitreets?In fnvor of removing th< pump at the corner of llart ison end (Jreinwlrh ?lr>-.-t.? ? Adopted Agaln?t permitting an otlle ? to be erected on tlie wharf between Courtl.indt and Idberty Itrreta.? Adopted (?( the sano- committee? Against trying a new ramie of psving streets,?Adopted ?>f (lie same committee?in favor of flsgglng side walk in llli erkrr street, h? t? t en Charles and I'erry street ? Adopted rseissrsnvi rue nnvan or sim shsv. Ileport vl CoiiuuiAt'v -ii , ukwi'. euU UJUe^pd Utv application of William 0. Starling to bo appointed Com missioner of Deed*. Concurred in. Keoulution that William Weasels, John Croatia, David Theal, and John B. Miller be appointed Fire Ward >u?. RESOLUTIONS. Resolved, That Thirteenth street, from Avenue B to Aveuue 0, he graded and nuved. Keferred. Krsolved. That Henrv MoUuwan be api>ointed a Com missioner of Deeds for the Twelfth ward, lteferred. That tlie Superintendent of Street* and hump* be uuthorizi d to furnish two men with horse* und cart*, to remove the dift and rubbish accumulated in the unpaved streets of the Sixteenth ward. Keferred. That Fifty-first street be opened from Tenth avenue to lludeon river. Adopted. May 10.?The Board of Assistants met this afternoon. Present?the President in the Chair, and a quorum of member* in their places. After the reading of the min utes, the Board proceeds d to consider rnrrrioNi. Several petition* were presented, and appropriately re fcrrt d. Among tliem was a petition for a fire alarm bell tower in the neighborhood of Fifth avenue and Ninety sect ud street Ri.roars to committers. Keport of the Committee on Fiuanre, in favor of granting exclusive use of the east side of pier 24. and west side of pier 25, Fast river, to John Saxton. at en annual rent of $37 50: Adopted. Same commit tee. adverse to petition of Frederick Wertx, for compen sation for damage* sustained In consequence of the tai lors' riot on the 5th of Augu-t, 1850. Adopted. lt< port of the Committee on Streets. In favor of alter ing the grade of Thirty-llllh street, from Tenth to Kle venth avenue: Adopted. Same committee, adverse to the petition of James Pinkerton, ftr coutruct to pave Chatham street, from Tryon row to James street. Adopted. resolitions. Calling upon the Street Commissioner to take mea sures to compel the Harlem Kailroad Company to imme diately construct uu arch over their Fourth ave nue. Ir< in Thirty-fourth to Fortieth ssreet; Keferred. Resolved, That the rails of the Harlem Kailroad Com pany b'1 taken up, from the termination in Centre street to Forty-second street. Keferred. Kesolved, That a sewer be placed in Thirteenth street, from Avenue B to Avenue' 0. to connect with a sewer iu Avenue O. Keferred. rarr a* ? rom rm hoard of aldirmim. Resolution calling on the New Jersey Kuiln ad an I Transportation Company to establish a ferry from some point near Canal street to Jersey City, iu conformity with the conditions of their tease. Concurred in. Resolution, That Catharine street, opposite Oak, b ? repaired. Concurred in. Election or AMldtaiit Engineer. oe Ken now ion cv Amiitmi Kkgikfu or rn. New VVrk iiRIC DlrilTNtlT, HCLD Mntoir, Mav iiii. 1651. to ?a 5; 5p e? 3 k' J & g i ? 'J s 2. 1 3. a Engineer* il '7 4 im _ _ Engine Co. 1.. .. 29 27 20 ? 1 ? ?' "2.. ..40 32 IS 1 13 ? ? " ..30 30 3d _ ? mm _ " " 4.. . .42 ;c 17 19 1 m . ? " 5.. ..40 37 20 1 7 mm _ " P.. ..50 50 ? 50 mm mm mm " " 7.. .. 33 33 JO 1 10 mm 2 ?? 8, , 50 Id 1 33 u * . 0.. .436 30 28 2 _ _ " ?' 10.. ..13 10 4 6 1 ? ? ? 11.. ..31 -~ ? M. mm ? '? i ?? 12,, 28 22 3 _ 3 '? ?? 13,. 21 10 5 mm " "14.. ,. 68 58 ? 68 _ _ It).. ..30 30 30 _ _ ' - 10.. ..38 38 3 14 11 8 2 '? " 20.. ..19 17 0 ? 11 _ _ " 21.. .. 37 30 _ .'111 _ _ a ?? i1,. . . ??K 36 25 2 8 _ _ '? " 24.. ..32 32 1 31 ? / _ _ " ** ?k) . ? . . .23 10 7 12 _ _ _ " ?? 29.. . .31 31 31 _ _ _ 4 " :;o.. ..IS 15 15 ?? 32.. ..22 Hi _ _ 19 _ _ ? "34,. ..32 25 ? 24 1 " " 05.. ..28 28 ? 28 ? mmm ? " " 30.., . .22 12 ?0 ? ?. 2 ?* ?? ;w.. ..53 58 2 51 6 ? _ " " 42.. .. 46 35 32 3 mm ? _ " " 43.. ..24 17 17 mm 'mm " 44.. ..42 42 4 ? 38 mm " 4.'... .. 22 SO 17 3 _ '? " 4k.. ..20 ? ?. mm mm e Y 49,. . .23 23 23 ? ? ~ ? TuUl 402 318 193 15 4 II. A L. Co. 1.. ..24 17 10 ?'I '? __ ? *1 " Jl.e ..30 .'Ml ? 30 mm _ # " 4.. .. 26 25 21 _ 4 mm _ '? A., . .27 24 22 2 ? mm " (?.. ..15 13 13 ? _ mm mm I '? 7.. ..12 11 9 2 4mm _ '? ?? . .20 25 1 _ mm 24 ? lo.. ..21 18 1 14 ? - l Total 83 49 4 20 1 Iloae Co. 1.. ..IS M 8 4 g _ 2.. ..17 10 *2 10 4 ? it 2.i 21 _ 1 ?' 4.. ..25 24 24 mm ? ? 5.. ..21 21 1 20 ? ? _ " 0. , . . 24 _ _ mm _ ?? " ..18 10 10 __ _ _ " b.. .. 10 13 8 6 mm _ ..17 17 17 _ mm _ 10.. ..23 20 12 7 mm _ 1 11.. ,( 1A ..24 18 11 0 ? ? 1 13." .'.'iu I ? 14.. , .26 __ _ mm _ , " 15.. ..20 ? _ mm aa. 10.. ..22 10 10 l 8 mm ? " 17.. ..14 14 2 12 _ _ ?* lb.. ..26 26 11 8 d _ aa 10.. ..14 0 2 7 _ 20.. ..18 18 18 _ aw mm. mm 21.. ..18 15 7 7 mm mm 1 14 22.. ..23 23 ? 22 _ ? 1 " 23.. ..14 13 11 ? _ mm 2 24.. ..18 15 15 _ mm _ " 25.. ..25 24 24 mm mm mm _ " 20.. ..18 ? ? mm mm '? 27.. ..25 24 14 2 8 ? mm " 2H.. ..21 19 2 10 7 _ mm 20.. ..12 8 0 _ 2 _ mm 110.. .17 17 IT mm W mm

mm '. ? 31.. .20 111 19 mm mm _ ?? :rj.. ..24 24 21 a mm _ :u.. ..21 19 6 5 aw ' mm 9 34.. ..17 17 4 11 2 mm _ '? 36.. ..14 14 14 ? mm a. " 30,? ..25 24 14 9 1 _ " 37.. ..10 10 10 9 mm _ 38.. ..25 26 1 24 mm _ 30., ,.17 mm aa " 40.. .. m 17 16 2 _ * 41., ..96 20 0 2 12 aa 42.. ..14 ?? 43.. .. 0 7 7 __ _ mm " 44.. ..18 18 17 mm 1 46.. ..21 21 9 8 _ mm 4 " 40.. .. 7 0 4 1 1 mm -a *1" ..16 16 9 ? 0 mm a. * 08.. .. V 9 9 ? ? ? ? Total. 424 182 75 00 20 li'drntCo. 1.. ..10 10 0 2 2 _ _ ? 2.. ..10 10 9 1 mm mm _ ..10 9 ? 9 ? ? ? Total 15 12 2 00 to Hi i Arm i.atioi at Yotia. Engine (Yinpanlee... 99d 402 31* 193 15 4 11 ?ire ( 'ompaolea 7"0 421 182 7 6 ? 2" II A I,. Cumpaiilca.. Ifkt 83 49 4 28 1 Hydrant Uruipauie*. 29 II 12 1 ? ? total 1 SS6 MM Ml 274 41 25 We certify that the above l? correct, aud a true Re turn of Election lor Awwirtant Engineer W C MEAD. 91 (IRKS O Al.l.KN. JAS L KENNEDY, New Yoaa. May 1. 1851 Court of Iwrlal Reaatona. Before Ju ice Heel* nnl two Aldermen. Mai 9.?The iipreialbcMtenw opened thia morning at nine o'clock, fcr the ?llapo'dllon of the many Petty rn?e? which congregate, anil are -en! for trial by the police apart a, M'latat prlnelpiilly of ai.aultt and batlcrtea, and Ur emic under tie -uni of f25 ( *?i/?? l.i'jt a rery r- pi l iable looking man. writ called up for trial on a c mplaint made by U-nnard Paul aon. a tailcr. doing hnatn,a? at No 10 Warren atrret, who charged Mr Lutt with rlolentl}' a??aiilttng htm a few ibiy? -lore In Cedar atreet. near N;i-?:iu ?treet It aet ui- that >Ir Lull, book-keener in a alore in Ceilar at., had become a d< M<d to Mr. raulwon. and a ibum of war dcuiaid to lie due en an i4d account. Ttalw lug balance waa ?e|| ft*. but tt appear* that Mr. I.I.IT, In reftiwln,: to tti-h.-irge the clalui. alleged that aomc mla littlng In the Aifkltf wa* the miaou for not doing wo. Mr. I'auUon 1.1 <iiilng angry went to the at ore hiui-clf. ami rruilcaled (he payment. Some angry word* then took idai-c bdWcde th<m and Mr. Lull Inflicted a per tonal awwutilt on the complainant Mf. huff pleailcd guilty to the aarault. nnd the Court took -cmn- mitigating ritroin.l.inrcf Into eonaidcralion and acufenced Mr I.nil to pay a Ann of 921), which he paid, and then left the remit. Ihtmm, /' finlJf waa Iroueht ont of priann on a charge Pi loving Mary Mhr. Um irtMia. lie wna committe 1 |o prlaati in ii*fau1t of ball, by the committing uiagi*. tmle. who liound lilm orer to keep the pence toward* Ihc fair arlrcc. and cot fhlh w I?pt about the atrccta. tell ing her .he muM la liia wife The Judge eddretaed the prlaoner. and a?ked 1dm if the Court a I low i d htm to go. whether hi could refrain fii ni anioiylng thia young lady The nfftmMf wmlled. and replied -yet lie gm.a be I enld ' The Court. how.a 11 ei op rooaultalil l! deemed it prudeiu to remand hlgl l ack 4o pr'ar n and retjncaUd tnat l?r Covll. the phy aiai'uii M the prhpti. -htmld eaaminc him aw to Inmnltj, aa it *?? tiellerrd the prlaoner n*a laboring irtPiern tie tanged Mate of mind. The prlloner ??< reuinuoi-d uutil the meeting of the hegf court A number of pa tty rogiu a and ragront ImTa were aum tnariiy di?po?i (1 of, and the court the* adjourned until Tuctday next. Conrt of Common Plena. Beftire ll'.n Judge Woodruff. M.av 7?Clm fr .1 A, htryf rt. F.tftrorrf L. StaJeczky ? 1 he r< mplainant in thlw care at*tee that In the month of Norembi r. 1MT. he wa? living with hiw wife. Catharine frherpf. in the city of New York, and that for many y<ar? pin finally tncy bad lived happily together, and t hat in the nu>nth of November. IM,. the defendant we dueed Ida wife ffi B liim. and induced her to realde with him in Brooklyn, and that whe wtlll remain, there with him. The daraagea are laid at glO Otm The defence in Mint the lady In not the wife of the plaihtlff The partle* to the mlt an (leminna Mai 10 ?Tlie i vldeiiee In Ihla ca?e. lehlch vra. princi pally gi>i n through the midium of an interpreter Una vgu j&cifct tvanftt ijja, r t, THE LATEST ADVICES BMIlflB AT TBI IIW YORK HKRALO OFFICR, Mat IX l?M. Aaaunlee, Mexleo. ? . ? Apr. 12 Martinique Mm. 2 Adelaide, 8. Auetla. .Jan. 10 Marsnbein. .. r??. Id Alsaaadria. Egypt... Apr. 6 Maluuiorae, Msxles...Junsld Am. Arctic Bxp n.. . Aug. 2< Itunu, Cuba Apr. 29 Angostura, VeuosueieOct. 19 Mauritius, lud.Usean.Psb. u Antigua..... Apr. 15 Mayaguei,* Arr. 22 Antwerp, Belgium... Apr. 27 Masntlan, Mexico.... M?r. * Aquadilla, P. K lab. 25 Marida, Mexico Mar. 10 Aquadilla, r. K sen. io aenua. ?<uti aar. Avtoria. Oregon.... Mar. 25 Mexico (City) Apr Auguatiuo Bay June lit Monrovia, Africa... .Feb. It AnoUand, M. 2 Aug. 10 Monterey, Cal Feb. Ana Cayee, llayti... Apr. 13 Montevideo, B. A... . Mar. 2 Blusflslds, Mosquito. .Mur. 31 Nassau, N. 1* Apr. 27 Bahama Jan. 23 Neuvitua, Cuba Apr. 22 Babia, Braail Mar. 19 Panama, New Gra Apr. 21 Barbadoee Apr. A Para, Braail Apr. 4 Batavia. K. I Feb. 20 Paris Apr. 21 Bay of islands, N. Z. .Oct. 31 Payta, Peru Feb. 12 Balixe, Hon Apr. 1!) I'eraainbueo, Brazil. .Mar. 31 Bermuda May 1 Pisco, Peru July 9 Bogota, New Ora... .Mar. 1 Points a-Pitra, Uuad.Nsv. 2 Bolivia Mar. 15 Ponce, P. R Apr. 21 Bombay, E. 1 Mar. 12 Portau Prince, llayti.Apr. I'i Bonaire Dec. 29 Port Spain, Trinidad. Mar. 10 Brains Santiago. ... Deo. 1 Porto Praya, C. de V.Mar.31 Buenos Ay roe, S. A.. .Mar. 9 Puerto Canello, Ven'a.A pr. 11 Calcutta.,. Mar. 7 Quito, Ecuador Doe. 13 Callao, Peru Apr. 9 Realijo, .Nicaragua.. .Doc. 30 Caiupeaohy. Mexico. .Doc. 6 RioUrunde, .Mar. 11 Cape Haytiea, llayti. A pr. 23 Rio Janeiro, Brasil.. .Mar. 1!' Cape Town, C. O. 11. .Mar. 7 Bagun la Grande, Cub. May 1 ~ . " *" lsli - " Cardenas, Cuba Apr. 2H Salt LakeCity Dec. >0 Cartliaguua, N. Uru..Apr. 2 Santiago (Chili) Feb. 25 Cayenne, Fr. Oniana.Mur. 23 San Salvador, C. A. ..Mar. 17 Castries, St. Lucia. ..Mar. 2 Santa Barbara, Cal. ..Feb. 22 Cliagrte, New Ora... Apr. 29 Santa Crus, Teaerilfe. Jan. 11 Ciaahiegos. Cnba.... Apr. 20 San Antonio, Texae. .Apr. 12 Cobija, Bolivia lied. 25 Santa Fe, N. M Apr. 1 Colombo, Ceylon... .Fob. 14 Santa Martba, N. (J.. Mar. 1 Constantinople. Tky.Apr. 5 San Bias, Mexico... .Feb. 10 Costa Rica, C. A Jan. 22 San Ditgo, U. C. .. .Mar. 24 Council IllulT Aug. 28 San Franeisoo, U. O.. Apr. 1 Coqulmbo, Chili Mar. 10 San Jose, M*\le*... ..Nov.31 Curacos Apr. 15 San Juan, Nlea Apr. Ill Domsrara, ltr.Uuiaaa.Apr. 19 Santa I'rui, Caaary 1.Mar. 15 Dominica. U". I Mar. 2 Savanilla Feb. 1 EI Paso, N. M Feb. 16 Shanghai Feb. lti Fayal, Western lsl'ds.Mar. 7 Siain, Asia Feb. 3 Ft. Goad Hops, M.Riv.July 17 Sierra Leone, Africa. .Mar. 24 Fort Kearny Oct. til Singapore Mar. 6 Fort 1 arsons Feb. 1(1 Sisal, Mexico Apr. 12 FortNinpe'n.ll KuyT. Oct. 4 Smyrna, Turkey \pr. Oalllpugos lalnndu.. . May 2 St. Bartholomews... Nov. ?) Galveston, Texas \|.r. 24 8t. Catheriu.s, Braxii.Dsn. 31 Gibraltar Apr. 15 St. Croix, ( Virgin!.) .Apr. I I Gunaives. llayti Mar. 19 St. Domingo City ... .Apr. 21 Granada, Nlca Jan. 13 St. Helena Mar. 1! Cumtaloui e Mar. 2 St. Jago dc Cuba... . Apr. 11 i Guatemala Apr. 5, N. K \lay 1 i Guuyams. t*. K Apr. 27 St. Johns, P. K Apr. 1 Guayaquil, Ecuador..Feb. 2" St. Josephs, Mo July 30 Havana. Cuba May 1 St. Kitts Mar. 17 Havre, France Apr. 21 St. Martina M:.r. 2 Hobart Town, 1 . D. L.Dec. 13 St. Thames Apr. 21 Hong King Feb. 27 St. Ubea, Portugal... Dec. 27 Honolulu, S. 1 Mar. 1 St. Vim ml, W. I. .. Apr. 9 Islay, Peru Oct. 3 Sumatra Jactutl, Uayti Apr. 10 Surinam.Dutch Gum. Mar. 2 Java Get. 31 Sydney. N. S. W Jan. Tn' "* Jcremte, Haiti Apr. 9 Tahiti, Society lulu...Feb. ' Kingston, Jain May 2 Tnleahuaaa, Chili., Mar. i< . Luguayra. Venezuela. Apr. 1-1 Tampa Hey. Fin. ... May 4 Lacuna, Mexico Jan. IS Tampico, Mexioo.,. . Xiar. 10 LaTpoina, S. I Feb. 12 Tegucigalpa, lion,., .Mar. 1 La I'ax, California. ..Sapt. 5 T'pie, Mexiio# July 1 j Icon, Nicaragua ... .Jan. 16 Tigre Island, C. A ... Jan. 2 ' Liverpool Apr. 30 Tobago Fnb. 27 London Apr. 30 Tabasco. Muxidu.... Mar. 22 I Madeira Apr. 6 Trinidad de Cuba.... Apr. 27 Madras, Hindustan. ..Mar. 2 Truvillo, Honduras. .Mar. 1 Malaya, Spain Apr. 12 Turks Island Apr. M Mai " Malta -Mar. 25 Valparaiso, C'bilt.... Mar. 25 { Maailla, Philip. Isle. .Feb. 20 Vera Crux, Mexiou... Apr. 12 Man/anillo, Cuba... .Apr. 20 Whaiapoa Feb. 25 Maracaibo. Vsn'a. ... Apr. 23 Zaasibar. lad. Oeaaa Feb. 15 ' " saws??i i i i. | SH1PP1HO. THINEWTORK AND LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES Mail ships comprising ibis lino are lit 19,1 ATLANTIC Onpt. Wtil PACIFIC Capt. Nye. ARCTIC Capt. Lace. BALTIC Capt. Corantoek. ADRIATIC Capt. Gialto?. Thane ihipi having bean built by contract expressly for government service, every care hae been taken in thsir oon ?trnction, as also in their engim-a, to Insure strength and ?peed, and their accommodations for passengers are un equalled for elegance or comfort. Price of passage from New York to Livtrpoul, $131); exclusive use of extra sise state rooms, $323; from Liverpool to New York, ADA- Aaexptri Cced surgeon vaill be attached to each ship. No berth can secured until pnid for. rROFosrn care* or sAii.iva From New York. From LivervoeL Saturday, Nay 10, 1851. Wednesday, April 30, 1S5I. Saturday, May 24, " Weuneeday, May Id. " Saturday, June 7, " Wednesday, May 28, " Saturday, June 21, " Wednesday, June 11. Saturday, July A, " Wednesday, June 18. " Saturday. July IS, " Wedn.-sday, July 9, Saturday. August I, " Wednesday, July 23, " Saturday, August IS, " Wednesday, August #, " Saturday, August 30, M Wednesday, August 3', Saturday. September IS, " Wednesday, September 3, Saturday, September 27. " Wedncaday, Seplein'r 17, " Saturday. October II, " Wednesday, Oetnber 1, Saturday, October 2d, " Wednesday. October IS. Saturday, Noveniher 8, " Wednesday, October ID, Saturday, November 23, ** Wednesday, November 12, " Saturday, Deoember6, " Wednesday, November 3b,14 Saturday, December 2U, ? Saturday, Oeeeioher 13, " Saturday, December 27, For freight or passage, apply to EDWARD K. COLLINS, No. SC WaU street, N. T. BROWN, SHIPLEY Ik CO., Liverpool. M. a. ROBERTS St CO., 13 King's Arm Yard, London. L. DRAPER, Jr., 8 Boulevard, Montmartre, Paris. The owners of these ships will not be ncconntable for gold, ?liver, bullion, specie, jewelry, precious stones, or metnll, unless bills of lading art signed therefor, aad the value therof ^Afur tCe'hrst of April neat, the rate of freight by the above Steamers from Liverpool will be materially reduced. PIlBACIFlC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY-(ONLY through lluo for California aad Oregon).?The pwblls are Informed thet under the new arrangement of this Com psny. etcamere inspected and approved by the Navy Do Lartmeat, aad carrying the Uniiad States mails, will eea Nnut to leave Panama and Ban Francisco the 1st and 1Mb days of each month, unless detained be naevoidnble Occi dent, and will touch at Acapnia*. Sua Diego, aad Monterey. The following steam packets belonging to the Paoilo Mail Steamship Company, are now la tho Paelfto, one of whiet will he el w ay e la port at each end of the route OREGON....... .l.'Wtons. REPUBLIC I.WteaK PANAMA........I.IMteia CAROLINA WW team CALIFORNIA... 1, ?W1 tone. COLUMBUS ?W Warn TENNESSEE,.. .1,3?1 tone. ISTHMUS ? tonm NORTHERNER. .1.3WL>us. UNICORN WJtona COLUMBIA 8U0 tons. FREMONT. dUQ tons. ANTELOPE ?teas. The new steamship COLUMBIA will ply between Saa Francisco and ports la Oregon, awaiting at the lormer perl the arrival of tho mails aad rosso uxors from Panama, nadro turnlng without delay with (ho mails and paaaongers for tM Steamer from San Francisco. . , A regular line of pre pel lore will b* kept np for the trnnp portauon of freight aad transient passengers between Pa babe ib4 Saa fr&iaiieo. The well known etcamshlpSARAH SANDS, of 1,300 teal ; bertt en. new ander charter to the oompsay. aad peculiarly eemmodieus in her cabtn arrangements, will be kept ruaalag , as an egtra family boat. One of tho above steamoro will hoop up tho oomaooUea be tween Acapulco and the c|her Maiicau ports. ... Ths eonnectioa ia the AtleeUe wHi be maintained by Us | United States mail steamships GEORGIA S,us> team CRESCENTC1TT. 1.300 team OHIO AWDtoam CHEROKEE Uffiitean EMPIRE CltV. ..3,000 tonm FHILADELPHIAJ.100 toam Leaving Mow York forChagros on tho lllhaad WUef oaeb ?OAih. Tho now steamshlpo EL DORADO aad FA LOON will form a direct lias between New Orleans aad Chagrea, leav ing at each periods as will Insure nsllttls detention as fee stbls on the Isthmus, and forming with the Puclllo steam ship* a through Has is and frsm New Orleans, and port# la Meaiee. California aad Oregon. Passages from New Orleans eaa he recurred from Armstrong. Lawrasoa A 0*., agoatm at plict. The fare for through tickets from Msw Fork ts Saa Prem ise c bus been reduced from SRgi, la state rooms, to $330. SSI), la lower cabin; tstflD, The'irstaafTomli tv\ erk ts Ohagrss will be at the lewsst adopted by aar aafe sea eteamer between these P?fU- ^ For choice of berthe, at-ply at the office uf the aad M South street end at their agoney. 177 West street. TOXPREM LINE FOR CHAGRES DIRECT?AT THE JId Lowest R-dwoed Ratoe ef Faro. Tho new aad spiendli Steamer BROTHER JONATHAN. !.??" tsne harthea, wiU Soil precisely at 3 o'clock P. M.. from pier No. 1 North Rivet, ea Tuesday, Hay IS. This steamer has been constructed with a view to strength and speed, hue mogteacellent ventilation, and superior accommodations. and will be supplied with pro visions la the most liberal manner, with especial ears Isr the somfi rt of paaecngera, aad la furnished with an tree eeaM for lb* snfe transportation of sperie, bullion, and other valu ables, without charge for sums less than en# thousand del lirt. Alt?, an eip?rt*nc?4 8urg*i>n, who## nrviMC nrn fmt For street. N. T. RHgTU OF FAR* RRDCCRD.-THE ONLY THROUGH Line for California and Oregon, via Chagree dir-et and by the United Stairs Mail Steamers ia ths la- ifte.?Oa Tuee day, May 13, at So'elcck, P. M.-Ths splendid sUamsMpEM PfRR Cltr, tissi tons. J. D. Wilson, commander, will leave pier 3 North Rieer, for Chagree direot, on Tuesday, May IS, at 3 o'clock precisely. I'sseeageis bythisvossel will connect With the favorite steamer TENNESSEE. te leers Panama on or ti<?ut June l?t. For rornftco ?r frtijcht, nppiy nl int office. M and M Annth or 177 IiAnn ami rnrM.ur i\i?mkn nr\t f*t< AmRlbip Lint fir Ptn Urt ri% And by ibt I', b. ti* itner on tht Tht ntu nn4 did sieamebip NORTH AMERICA. J H. n' ;1 d<r (tlic fastest strem?lilp in the world,) wRIJo*** "n f "e. 4, N R.. fot Charres direct. on Tuesday. Msy 13th, at 3 P. M. Bv this arrangement passengers will b? able to meet at I a nama one of the new steemersof tlie independent line, whieu consists of the lintejwndenee, New Orleans. >?? Bird. New Y'-rk. and seven '?there, ell of the first class and the highest ?peed, running at reduced rates. The steamer North America ts entirely new, having made bnt three trine to Cnegrsa. end it la ei-nadently e*peet?d that the will lend her pesseegere st t'hagres In seven d?)s trom the time elie leave# New lovl. This splendid steamship hae a number ef large and '"un til in and well ventilated state rooms, many of them eg prestly adopted for< s nnd families Paso- ngers for Call f rnia would do well to take this ship ?? ?ho Is eentllnted on an entirely new principle; nnd as her bedding to on ttrolv new, an I made of the host material, it Isonttswly free frosMlswuaa As this steamer otfvrs extra accommodations, no berths er state rooms esn be srenrod until paid for. A few 4rst class Uate remaining nnengngod, an early application will necessary to serare a passage. For freight or pacsago^n anire Of J F. NORTON, at ths office, oa the pter it the foot Of Mends street, ahovs the ptsn of the eehta sad Steerage eaa be seea, aad state room* aad berths eagaged. tHsnrii sratro mail steamship company 1 F.-r New Orlssas direst, via Hevaaa. ea Moaday, Msy 12. at .1 P.M.-I ere Rediieed.-Tbe splendid double-engiae ?tetmahip GEORGIA, 3.<?*i toas barthoa. D. D. Porter, I. S. N.,i' mmender. will sail precisely at 3 o eloek. P M , from her pier at foot af Warrea atreet, N. B., with the government malls, direct for nnvana aad New orleaaa I'hagrss lessengers treasferrcd at Havaaa te the srleadid d?nl I' engine steamship FALCOnT Freight taken to New Orleans et*) cents. Per cubic.foot. Specie on y token oa Sight te Baveaa. No Mil* of ladlag wdll be signed aOst he stcemer has sailed. For frdlght or paeeage, applyat the s semi tay, 177 West street, sore or of Werrea, (Bet of the torn psny, 177 West street, sorest 30R CALIFORNIA?INDRPRNDINT LINE TO SAN Franelaro via Chagrea direct?The cplendld ateamshla DRTH AMERICA. Cart J. U. Bl -thea, eommender. 3.IW nsburthea, will leave New Turh on her f"?rth trip toCha e?, on Tuesday, May IS, at .1 P. M.. from pier A North vor. Peroons intending to otnhark for Unlifomln nr* ia tcd to examine her specious saloons nnd cabins, nnd bsr her necommodations. Paesengers by this favorite stexmor ny depend upon reaching Chagree at leaxt three days ta Ivaneeofths mail steamer of the sxme date frnm New Verb, a oxpertcneed messsager will aeoempaay families sm la re crossing the Isthmus A fsw stele-rooms aed berths eaa had, aad also freight at the lowest prices, hy Immediate pliettuB at the offiee. on rler t. feet ef Motrin street. L-orth pier from the battery ) VC.F FOR BRFRKH.?THE BUrEBlON a^? | sailing ship OAiTON, ( aptaln Blnak?, will sail for oa the MtlfcNay, having a few 3r?t rale >-r?hs-ln the i ??,ond cabin left, nnd supcrl r aeeo.nmodatu.aa for i,. Fct pasaage, apply on hoard. IVr IL Nertx i t? uiNh' 'HEN * INK kRT. AmiEncinVf B< OWUY TBEATRH.-MOXE8. 25 CENTS; PIT. 12* ' cent*. geata in Orchestra Boxes. 50 cente.?Uoors upeu at 7; to commenco at half paet 7 o clock.?Tut*day even ing May 13th, mill be acted the Shahcpciean Ira.icdy of OTItEUiO?Othello, Mr. llamblin: lago. Mr. I'. Eddy, Can do, Mr. Pope; Urn Ian tin, Mr. N. Jolianoa ; Roderigu, Mr. Jordan; Moutauo, Mr. Hamilton: Duke of Venice, Mr. Mar tin; Grutiano, Mr. Letfiugwell; Luduiieo, Mr. Bowes; Julio, Mr. Uooldton; Dudcuiou*. Mu> Mm.jw; Lmi in, Mr*. Jor dan. To ronrlude with the- comedy of .MX THE it OKI.D'H A STACK?Dicaory, Mr. Jordan; Sir Gilbert. Mr. Martiu; Miaa II. Pumpkin, Mr?. Bradley. BEKTON'S THF.ATK E?CHAMBERS STREET. RF.AK ol the City llall.?Boxes. Dre.* Circle and Parquet. 50 ceuta; Family Circle and Second Tier. 115 cent*; I'rivuto Boxes, $3 and f.5.?Door* u|?u at a quarter pi,at 7, to begin at a quarter before h o'clock.?Tuesday eveniu^, iluy 13, will played the comedietta of A MORNING CAM.?Sir Edward Ardent, Mr. heater: Mia. Chillingt >u, Mr*. Russell. A fa J.SSi'.AVMf 'y Mr" Hnlinan. After w hich, tlie drama of HIE TOODLES?Mr. Timothy Toodle, Mr. Burton; Mrs. Ti too'kjr Teodie, Mrs. Uuglic*. To conclude w ith the farre of TIIE SCHOOL FOR TIGERS?Captain Kiteflyer, Mr. G. Barton; Mary Panel*. Mi** J. Hill. RATIONAL THEATRE, CHATHAM STREET?BOXES, J.Y 25 tenia: Pit. I'.')* centa; Private Boxes, J25. Mooraopeu at 7; curtain riees nt halt-past 7 O'clock ?Tuesday am nio*, May 13. Will be presented the grsud fairy apectaolV'of THAI.ABA, THE DESTROYEK?Thalaba, Mr. <\Tt. Thorue; Mobareb, Mr. Brandon; Zaleiu. Mr.Stafford; All, Mr.I.a Favor llaffna, Mr. Thompion; Moath, Mr. C. Taylor; Samba, Mr. L. Pox; Sulomau Kbau, Mr. Millaee; Oneitu, Mia* E. Meatayer; Spirit of the murdered Zeinah, Mr*. tlautonvllls; Acratoon. Mitut Malvina; Abdaldar. Mr. Mar*h;Okbu, Mr. Dnnn; Kawla, Mra. 11. 1*. Grattan. The eutertainmeuta to eora mcucc with the laughable farce of VICTIMIZING. M'LLE JENNY L1NDS GRAND FAREWELL CON CERTS IN NEW YORK, Previous to hey \ irit* to Niagara Palle, Weatern New York, the Luke*, Canada, Iloatou, aud her iiual departure for Europe. 'Ilie out lie ore respectfully informed that thee* Concert* will VERY SOON CLOSE. THE 1 Ol'RTII GRAND CONCERT w ill take place at T It 1 P I. I It II A L L . ON WEDNESDAY EVENING, MAY II, rkooaaiiaa-part i. Overture, (Faust,) I.inUpainter. Duo^'V' . ho dire ' (l.'KHsrr d'Airore) Douuetti. Signori Snlvi and Bellrtti. Reeititive?" Cam Compsgua". . . . . CavktiLk?" Ceuvc per me aercno, (Lu Sonnant bula) Bellini. M i.i.e. .1 i.tav Luiii. Fauta-ii forth* Clari m t, on fat- rite theu.c*. from "Lucia del Lauimeriuoor" BiUetti. Signer Bellelti. I iret Clarionet if ller Majesty's Theatre, London, r.xa/a?" Splrto onde l a)ma ' (La Favorfta) .. Douuetti. Sip,nor Snlvl. Tyrolean Duet llcuediet. M'l.ii; J i -. x i I.tisii and Signer Bt Uetti. PART II. Overture (Scmiramide) Rorolnj. Trio?"Oh qual eolpo." (il liarbiere) Rossini. M'tii I n m' l,i m>. Signer*'ilvl auJ Belletli. Solo on ike Violip F.rnit. .Mr. Ilnrke. The Gip*ey'* Song?(The Camp of Silesia) Meyerbeer. M i.i.i .11 \ \ Y LiM>. Aria?"Sciueirato hai tu ereduto." (I Lmubardi)... Verdi. Signer Bi Uetti. Rhenish lie 11 ad?"Thoti(rh many pretty mai di-ne".... Mendelssohn. Mill J > V % V I.IMe Tailad?"llome, 8v eet Home." (Clari). Bi*hop. M'Li.r Ji nsv Ijmii. Coronatiou March?(Le I'rophete) Meyerbeer. Conductor M. B> vruic-T. A GRAND ORCHESTRA, icuiining the ir*t mutual trlent in America, numbering nearly ONE 111 NI'RF.D TERFORMERS, b it- been engaged furthest" concert*. il"- price ef tieki:? hue been fixed at S-3 $2. and SI each, according to lotutiin; and all of these tieketa entitle the bolder* to m muah* securing their seat*. A ?P"< llie number of ticket* will he allotted to the puhlle 1 re**, beyood which then will he m> mriTirirri for any perron, or under any pretence whatsoev- r. Ti e low price* at which tieketa hate been fixed rauat reuder the rule abao lutely 11 remptory. Tw., c for the rule of ticket* will be opeued at TRIi'LEK HALL, and at Jollie'a Music Store, tCu BROADWAY, evry day, ex'-tpt the Saht.ath, from 7 A. M.. to 9 P. M , whi r" diagrams may he teen, and seats eccured. Tiie few remaining Farewell Concert* will te given on MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS, und FRIDAYS, at Castle Garden, or at Triph r IIall, a* w ill be announced. Door* open at o'clock. The Concert commence* at 8 O'clock. Book* i ontaininf, the word* of the *ong* may ho obtained at the door? price, ,5eent* each. THE FIFTH GRAND CONCERT will le given in TRIPLKK HAI.L, On Friuav Ecimvo, May i'th. P. T. BARNl'M. Raymond a co. and iierr driesbacies ma najrerica, united in one Large and Varied Exliihition, constating of all the rare animal* now extant, numbering ov*r cue hundred specimen*, willyihihit arder a Large Pa vilion, at A*tor I lac e, C'-ruer of Eighth street and Fourth avenue, eemmeneing on Suturday evening, at 7 o'clock, aud continue Monday. Tuesday, and Wednesday, May 12th, 13th ' ~ * ikP.r * *? und leth. liner* open at 2 and 7 o'clock P. M. Admission 25 centa; children under 10,12^?. MKDICAL*. RIIECMATISM-CIIRONIC OR INFLAMMATORY.? Perton* affec ted with eitlier. who have tried the varioue neatrume without retting relief, and are discouraged, can ueatruin* without getting relief, ana are uiscouragoci. can lind a eperdy ture iiy a *iinple herb. No charge made until a cure i* effceted. Apply tu J. S. Brncn. SO t I.ambers street, New York, between the hours of 10 and 3 o'clock. fpo FEMALES.?DR. LA FONT'S CELEBRATED TILLS. 1 -The ><?? 1'ills are isfe in their effect*, and are highly prired a* a female medicine, to le un-o in caeca of trregulnn liee, ubftruetione, etc. Full and explicit direction* enclosed. For ?nle corner of Broadway and John street. Corner ef Wist Broadway and Beach street. Price, SO cents and #1 per box. Paris and London treatmxnt of triyatb diseases, in a few hour*, by a vegetable applioattok, without pain. In debility, brought on by improper babtta, and constitutional affections, he combine* medicines with the local remedy, and can show nay on* there are thousand* who cannot be cured without it; as ha has cases daily, rt Stars duration, from tha other physicians. In all. he guars es a perm*neat core. He has strietnrns dally he earn* without caustic, which other* ate, canted by their not es pal ling to* former dieesro eooa enough. Hie diploma, with these and the hundrede of eertifloatae, show that acat aaa equal it. You cured me in on* day?D. M. I'orbya. One local application cured me in a few hour*, after another Daa tcr tried a long time~C. Deroud. I paid ever UUU, in In yearn, to bs cured < f weakness from self-abuse without bene fit, yet yen cored m* by local and general treatment la a short time?J as Evan*. Yen cured me of the worst ef ?yphllitio ulcere en my bedy sad faee la a abort lima, after a had teen (uudcr three physicians for a ytar. Ltside* using every quack medicine I could hear of?Wm. Ferguson, Parts Amboy. N J. Thoee at a distance aaa^ by aacloslng^faa, be treated by mail. Office hoara from ff A. M. to I P. ?., aad I tie V E. M. II. l-armcaV M. D., U Raada straat. twa daac* i cm Broadway. J Doctor yourself-for twenty-?in cents - Ijr uumof the Poekat Xicalivlii, er Every Oil Hit Own Phyeiciaa; thirtieth edition. with aa* bnndrad am graving*. allowing tiKUii ut malformetic neim nariikafi and form, by William Young, M.D., Oraduataaf the Cal varaity of Pennaylvania. Tha varloua form at aaarat dis tance are faithfully detcribad, and all the racipea giaea la plaia laaguagt. The chapter aa Pelf Abuta St worthy at particular attention. and eb<uld la road by every oaa. Yaaag men, who haaa baea aafortaaata la e*ntrnaUia| din aaaa, preiioua to placing yoortalrea under tha eara of aay doctor, no matter what hb pretension* may ba, get aoopj af thu truly aaa lal work. Stronger* nailing the eHy, Ml tiealarly thaaa onntamplnting marriage, don't think of m tnraiug heme wlthnat a aapy of tha racket AtaonlnpinS Baa certain* and p*rt?ae doing to aaa ahottld pooaaaa Dr. N ?aery On* Ilia Own Phytloian. Any paraoa (ending twenty ?aa cent* rneloaad In a letter, will raeatr* an* aopjr at ttoi book by mall, *r Bye onpla* will b* aaat for oaa dollar. AA dreea Dr. WM. YOUNG, IM Bpmaa (treat. PhlladalrhUt; also for *ala by Stringer (k Tawaaend, ta Broadway, ataw York. . IV MEDICAL BOOK8.-A COMPLETE PRACTICAL work on the nature tad treatment of dallcad* dlieaaaa, aad all the kiadrad aBaetlona?illustrated br * great num ber of boautifally colored plat**, aa large aa lite; hy li mar Itoatwu k. M. D.. laatnrar on aurgory and distaa** af tha ahoee named nature It ia a large quar . ddtipage*. saaaad Kition, price |lu. Eitraot from the " lioetoa h*? fieal aad irrfral Jnuma I"?"It may be aald. be a^ual to Kienrd'a ar Aetaa'a work* an tha earn* faun; i f ?? ???* and far eaperior ta aay thing of the kiad aver paMiahadad thla coaatry." Autlier of 'rTli* Femilr Phyalctaa tft cent* Aathor of a work oa "Balf-abuoa, aad Ita depto abl* eflerl*. Ha. At.." alath edition, fourteen j-latea. prler ft. for eaia at the pahltaber*'. STRINGKR A TOWNSHNB SB Broadway. and by tha nnthor. sua Broadway. i. PAWi ETT HAS REMOVED HIB OYFIC* TO 14 Dorar atroat. wher* ht raa ha r' addentially auaanited aa aartain diaeaaae. w hieh he rarea without mercury. Recent aaaea h* enraaia n few day*. Ilia Balm of Znra lor Barrow* debility, brought on by talf-al ue*. ia the molt ta? Igoratlag modirlne i*r that diaaaa* evor known la thla aonatry. DK til <?t ER IB CONSULTED AS USUAL IN Dim calt aad protracted caeca. HI* medical aad pbyaiala goal work* ar* for aal* la tb* bonk atora, BI Broadway. Hii frj- nde wbo hay* inquired by latter whetlier l>* had rrtinf fr m practice, ar* informed that b* la atlU at hia old oAoo, IS Aaa at. _ EYMY MOTHER S BOOK ; OR. MORAL PHYSIO. Ingy.- Marrti d ladia* will lad tnueh to iatcroat them ia mattera relating to the married life, ia tbia bonk. Tha fear* af poverty, aad the pr?*pe< t of too large a family of chal dron. prevent many prudent people from marriin but thla book w ill tell yon important ee. r. t*. wku li will oraraom* time* objection*. I'm* 11. acnt by mail. Al*<>. Femal* Pill*. ?* produce regularity. Prion JC per bug. Addreaa Dti kemornlao. It Ann atrean. NO PRY. TILL CORED?DBS. COOPER AND NVR phy. Sir Kooaeieltitraat, froin their noparal. lled aae eeaa in dtrearre. piny b* r lied en in tha treatment of the ?. et ohetinat* caaoa, without mercury. Dr. Uoopor a pa to I.ti will tlnd him at 2't Rooaavelt atraat, near < atliagm and no where eler. Beware of tb*- juncka ia Dana* (treat We eeanm* n? nanice bat ear awa. 11PAKD JRPPRIEB' AMUm.TR. A PPf ?OV/U cific miatar* for tha ear* of private dlardei*. 1 aiakea a apeady car*, without tha l*aat roatrietioaa af fiat drlah. aipoanre, arehang* in application to buaiaoas. Th? proprietor ehallcngea a "inalo- ena* which the miliar* will ?at rare, under tha forfait are af Sa* hundred dollar*. It (| put np ia bottiaa. with fall direction*. at Bl. Oa* b*Ml? Data a weak?many art eared ia two day*. PoraaiahyC. H. RING. IPS Broadway and hw Bayard atraat. N. f,if, R Ltttla, KM Hanurar atraat. Baaten. Wright A Co., ***? Orleana _ g|Cil/| REWARD.?CROBBHAN'S BPEC1PK mi i Hil'rT" ture.?Of all remedia* yet dlaeovaped. tile lath* mnat tartni*. It makeaa apeady aad permanent cum, with out th* leant reetrlction In diet, ilrtrk. oratpoeure. orehange In aprllratian to huataea*. Han* ar* anred la two day*, ?old at the drug atera, 371 Broadway, engnor of Cham Vera atraat; aiaoat No. Hi Aator Hone*, at 110 Broadway. and liM Fatten atroet. corner af William _____ Notice.-tiir in derbiun re> will con tines ?* ?e?. rlbc im the moat apprond 'Earopmn melhod*. Af all aigeaeea of a prlval* nature, die****' of th??*ln, ia p. dlmewi" io marriage. Ac The pear rrati*. Thoe* who have ienoraatl) injured tbomoolvea by a oartoia devtmtctlv* habit of youth. maj alau apply aith a rerlalaly af aura. TrcaAn' at, by leflrr In P.agliab, Freaeh. or Carman. R. Do LA NET, M. D. No Al Ltap- nar I atreat near Broadway. NO FEE TILL CI RED l?R. CORBITT. Or !? DUANB aire.-?, may b* coneulted confidentially, on tb* In meat of delicate dieeiem. From a praotio* of twenty-' ?M "hi yenra. Dr. C. ia aanblaa to gmmnty permanent enraa, ont roerrnry. l>r C.'a apecibe boa at battle, om* dollar, ?ertr failed in effecting a cure nl. jBnr ill I* DI/ANF. BTHBET. HAS FOR THE Uet tunc ten jcare < ouftned hie practice t* the treat ment af delicate and fcicreurial dieoaece II* can car* th* worat cneee 1-f tbeee dl.ea.e. and mild enaee romaved in a frw day*. Btrnngara don t bo dncnivad, I am in a* way aat *. .ted with a Sam impoator ia HaaataiU atrnet. A car* guarantied. DR JOHNSON. NO. Id Dl'ANE BTRERT. SO WELL knnnn m tb* treatment of delicat* diaeaaa*. The Boo tor e repoiation for eViil in thoa* half anfod***?? that bar* evi-ied lor yearai'pr. *toln**t. C.mitltntlonal oaabnoaa. > rowghf only ret ball. eg.. tuollv cured. Raaant caeaa 1H)* M t dMW "1 tkans, . i il -* ~i? Tueaday evening, May he presented the grandromantic operatic, fairy .p.c twain u ,T SUN?Koran, Mi-* Anderton; Tao mar, Mr. Whiting;Uuainu Pnpuc Mr Frsdcri. k?; Tyaobre*. bi*oor larlo; Genu of the H.rp, MiMOUyia, Kunac, kilo A. Gougeubelm; Octlle, ?i?? J. Gou*?iiheim; I'unga, kri. (iherweod. Previoua to which, will U a. tod thefaraa of MY PRECIOUS BSTMI'-kr Bobtail, Mr. DaV.dge Mfc Wagtail, Mr. Shaw; Mm. Bobtail, Mm Knight. NIBLO'S OARDKN-JOIIN seiton. manager.? Ticket*, 50 eenta; Private Bone*. V- Dnuraopen afe half-past li ; to commence at half-gnat 7 o'clock.?far lurtuance every night, except Saturday. Last nigat bub three ot M ile Caroline Houaact and Iter three aiatcrs, Tbvre ?I III*, Adelaide, and dementia*. In New York. Totaday. May 1.1th. Overture. Orchestra. Alter which, the laughable Piece called the WASHERWOMAN?Wlddgeta, Mr. Sloan. To be followed by the firat act of the grand ballet called GISELLE?Giselle, M'lle Caroliae KuuMet; Duke Albert. M'lle Adelaide; Mathilda, M ile T. Kouaoet; Mvrtha, M ile Clemastine Bcumal Alter which. I.ES Foi.lEo. BKDI OllAM s i.yc El M, BROADWAT, NEAR BROOME etrcet.?Dreca circle and paruuat, At) cental Family clgdio, 25 cent.; Orcheatra atall acnts, (I; I'm ata boxea, $5. Doer* open at 7; to begin at J)d o'clock.?benetit or Mra. W. K. Illak'.?Tneaday evening. May l.'lth. vrlll commence wit' I. ON DON ASSURANCE?Sir liar court Courtier, Mr. II l'laeide. Mark Meddle, Mr. W. R biakc. Max HarkawM Mr. Lynno; Daxxle, Mr. Brougham; I.ady (lay Spanker, Mrr' .1. Wallack, Jr ; Grace Harkaway, MUa Mary Taylor; I'c* Mr*. w. K. Blake. To conclude with A ROW AT TS LYCEUM, or, Green Room Secret*?Manager, Mr. Brougbnd? Mra. Vernon, Mra. Vernon; Mra. Dunn, Mra. Duna. BROUGHAM 3 LYt'KI'M?MEN EFIT OF M'LI.E I.OTIBU Du< y llarre.?M'lle Louise Oucy Uarre ha* the actor* ' informing the ladit* and gentlemen of New York, that brat benefit in America will take place on Thtir-day waning. May loth, when ahc will appear, lor tlx hrat time here, ir feVi'.'tf*'>1" of Flcur dea Champ., in the l a.let of I.A. 111.1.1. I)U HAN CUE. In the eoara. of the areaieg. M Ua Oucy Burre will dance flee new duncea, und, fcr t) e trsfi time ut America, the celebrated LA MANOLA. Box took now open. MECHANICS' HALL, No. tft BROADWAY. ABOUT Grand etreet.?Open tvery night dnriug the week uuttf further notice. The original and well known CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS, comprising an efficient and veraatile " aarnaf* of '* talented ana "experienced pertormere," under ug management of E. P. Chriaty, who.e concerta in thtaoity, for a aucceaaioa of "liveyeara," have been received wiRt favor by highly roapeotnhlo and liatilonable audience*. Ticket* centa. Doora open at hall pa.t (in, ooiamenoo ah eight O'clock. An Aftoruoou Couoert will be given oa Sa turday next, May 17, for the accommodation of Ladiea ea< Juvenile*, eoinmencing at S o'clock, P. M. MELLOWS* MINSTRELS, AT FELLOWS' Ml S1CAI* ?F Hall, No. t4t BmadwKy, between Howard and OranR a tree t*. Opeu every night duriug the week. The celebrated original and well known Follow*' Minatrela, "coinprieiaw au efficient und versatile corps of taleutod uud experience! performer*," under the direction of J. It. l'ellowa, who** con cert* in thin city for the tact year have been received WttR the greatest favor by the elite and laahion of thie great me tropolis. Their concert* **nai?t of Burlesque Italian Opera Seen**, Wi^ty Saving*, Soloa, Diiutta, Chopuaaea, Baucljtg. and Instrutiu ntal I'irformancea. On Vt'adnoaday and Satof day afternoons. a grand concert for the accommodation of ladiea and familiea, commencing at .1 o'clock P. M. Admit* ?ion, 26 ctnta. Doora open at 7 o'clock ; to commancc at S. BARIUM'S AMERICAN M (,> tl'M.?P. T. BARN CM. Propt n tor uud Manager.?Open day and eveniag all tkia weak, commencing Monday, May 12, *861. No Museum la thie country contain* ao large or well urran-ed colic tiaua a* thia. Every altcrnoon and eveuing ?>* Tjcaday aft* rnooa will be given. th? laughable piece of STATE SEt KE IS?Ore gory. Mr. Kent; I.etty, Miss Flynn. After which, TIIM 1K1M1 DRAGOON?O'Ilrnllughuu, Mr, Culling; Matilda, Mis* Fly on. In the evening, the always I" pular and much admired moral domestic drama of THE DRUNKARD? Edward, Mr. Oroavenor; Mill Dowton, Mr. lladaway. Mu eeuin open from 8 A. M. till ID I*. M. Performance* cem mence at ,1 and 7 o'clock. Admi.-ion to the entire Museum and Performances, 26 eenta. Children under 10 yeara, I2dd cent*. PRANK J. IN MUSEUM. 175 CHATHAM SQUARE.?0 BO LEA, Sole Proprietor.?Admission?Seat* in Private Boxea. 60 eenta; Stage Seate, 37){ cents; Boxea, 26 rents: Par duet, I2K cent*.?Elegant Saloon perlormaucoa ovary Arte* noon ana Evening, Entertainment* commence in the aftem aoon at .5 o'c lock, and in the evemug at S o'eloek. Th4 entrrtainmenta are varied and aelect, and nucha*can he leaf at no other place of amnaeiuent in New York, conaiftiag 4 Lea'e Female Ethiopian Opera Troupe, numbering Bftee* performer*, being the largeat and at the aame time the meof talented band in the United Statue, a troupe of Model Ar? tiata who are selected for their beauty aud figure, and wk* peraonato a number of baautiful mhleaux, taken from ttg pictures of ancient and modern timet; a company of Arab llirla, who go throtuh a variety of font* of atreagth and dexterity; Madame Rosaline, the only Female Jugglcrm the world; a company of Mai# and Femala Artists, who wiUgiv* an axhihito.n of tlnrhle Statuary unodualled in the world, together with a variety of intercating performance* every afternoon and evening. For particular* act billa of aaok day. AMUSKHKNTS IN Pll 1LADELPHI BARNUM'S MUSEUM, Pll ILA DELPHI A.-P. T. BAR. num. Proprietor; 11. Sanford. Aaai.taut Manage.- ?Than magmheeut Chiutaa action, entitled the "Mront. Heraa,'' oommoncta ita third week, loaded with the evidence of it? unvarying Ificceee, in the highe.t complimenu of an ad miring public, and the wamn commendation* of tha Phila delphia press. It will be performed every night, previou* t* which, the " Ilarraok Room." "All that Olittere ia got Gold;" " presented at Court, et id omuo genua. W.ll aeom be produced, the beautiful lyrical drama called the " l^dy of the Lake." The afternoon* are made merry by tleaeiaR farces, vaudevi] Ice, and abort drama*. The curioaitM* num ber many tkouaand of the nest wonderful kind. AomiaaieR to tkeae and one perlormaao*. 26 oanta; children under tern year*. 12>% cent*. HAHRIAOB. WHY SO OFTEN UNHAPPY. TH ? C A 0 8 KB AND TII K RR11BDT. MANY AND MANY A WIPE ENDURES rtAU bodily euflvrteg and of mental anguieb, proa Ira ton*.' btlpleee, embittering bar lit*, that of her buebaud, and had ardcug tbe luturo welfare of her childr. n, analog from eaaa| wbiek, if kaowudwoald kavaapnred the euffenug, the u|el| to the wile. Mid to the buahnod emUarrnaemi at* a ad poena ary diHcultiea having their origin in the mind being weigh#, down and Larraeeed ta eoaee?|eeaoe of the akkaea* of tba companion of hie bea m. How important that the oaaeet abould bo known to totrp wife, to orery huabaad, that tbo druadfal aad harrewtaui ooneeijnonce* to the health and heppiutM of both may bo men t of the other. The timely poieeeeion of a little' '.Tit aroided! Life ie too abort aad health too prooioae to witheat any portion of the one te he opent without the fall ei men! ef the other. Tbe Un.ely poieretion of a little entitled aa followo, hao been tbo tnaana of oartac tie ietllh aad the life ef Uiou.mda, ce over * TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND oopfee hare hoe a told aiaoo tbe lint edition waa ltoaad. The author ban town induced to udrereteo it by the argent aid pre.?in* reqaeet of tbooo who have beou indebted to it* pohlirattua for all Uioy hold door (that alt may have aa op portunity of obtaining it), aad wha have favored iflm wltm thouaaada of lottera of oaoomiaei, aomo of whioh art aa aoaod to the advertliamiat. THE MARRIED WOMAN'S FRITATI MEDICAL COMf ANIII, BY DR. A. M. MAl*RICKAU, raovnaaoa an duiaiu or woaar. IWnfiodA Ediiiae. Ikw. pp. HA frier, SL THIS WORK IS INTENDED EM'EC'IALLY POK TMB MARRIED, or thooo ooatompiaUaR marriage. no it diaeloona important toerole whioh oheuld bo Raowa to thoaa par ticularly. Bert, every lomaJe? lha wife, the mother?tbo eat oithoa haddiBf iato womanhood, or tbo oao in tliedooliao of yoaan. in whom aatura eon template* an important ahaage?can flo eever the oawseo, .yvnytoiaa, aad tho moat t MM oat romodtoa and moat eartaia mode of euro, ia every ooiaplaut to wMaM hi r wm ia auhleot. Tho rerolalioBa ooaUiaod la Ite pagoa have proved a tlooo lag to thnuannde. aa the Innumerabio loture roootvod by the author (who b ho le permitted by tbo writora to pabUabJ wUfe Ittllli wwwwwm SICKLY AND UNHAPPY WIVES. .Extract a/a LitUr/rem a Bentlrmenji* ORdait IX Da r row, May). 0M7. Da. A. M. Mavaacaatr?My dear Sir ' Ae llwried Wm maa'a Private Medical Compamou,' for which I owAoaod oao dollar to your addreaa. name aafely to baud. I would aoh bave troubled you with theae few liuau, but that 1 am im pelled by a araau of gratitude. f.,r mye- If and wife, ta (ivt etUraene to eur aiaaere aad heartf-it emvtiena. My wife hao been pootopOhiy aietlag Ur eome three yeam er mere, ta eoaaoqaeaae ef her great eageuh aad owdkatag ?owie nu atha before aad daring eoniarinewt, eeeay luindll one more nnd more dehltiteted end rreetratod Bar. pufMag her life ia immiaeatdaagur, aad which waa, on lha I art lien etna, deepairod ef. 1 euppoaed that thia atate ef Ihiaga wag inevitable, and roatgaad myaalf le meet the werrt. At thia time (now about two moetha) I heard yoar boeh highly ofwt baa at, ea aoataiaiag aome reaehing my aaoa. Oa ita receipt rud paraeal, I eaaaot aapr?*e te yea the relief it e(lorded my diatriered mtad. eud the Joy Ha pagea impacted te my wife, on learning that the greet dlro-ieery ef M R. Deeomeaei provided a remedy. It opened a prootwot te mt wbiek I lit tie deceived wee peeeible. No peawmry oeaat deraU. il can aver repay the ebltgetinee I em eager la yarn for having been the meaae of impartum to an tbo mattora Contained in ' Tho Married W.uuaa'a I'rtvata Modioal Cam paaiua.' Uat for tbi*. ero another yoar woald have paaoog ovor my bead, ia all hamaa probability, my wife weald barn been ta her grave, and my otiRdraa left motherleaa. Extract/row a Utter. COMI'KTKNt R ANM MKALTR. Laacaaraa. Pa., Oct. 14, 1MV. Mr Draa Sin?I hnow yea eiii ,.ev. the Riaduaae ta haag with me ia oaoroachlaa upon year time, while i aekaew kr dye (hi le halt of myeelf ami witr) the obligattoaa wo feel ourevlvee neder to you, ta having ma le known certain neat, tere eeataiaed ia yoar moat iavelueble Married Wemaa a rnvate Mediael CvmpaaMB. It hae h**a worth ite waigbt In geld to me. If I eipreea myaalf rather warmly, yea well act that I rennet do eo too warmly, whe n I inform yoaedthl enrol til which I have, Ihronyh ft, brwn I a*-atied I Wile etsto my eiHiatWa whoa I obtained your b?vh threagh lha merer i earinaity. I look upon It aa egg of tba moatlhrtnaaaa avonta of my life. 1 had boon memo J r an lea wan, end wne tbe father ef eeeen ehgiiren. I waa long lei wllea e mo crate enmptl em-ia.inaly, to the end that I might rela teaey, but the rvtalta of my ntme.i ?? oit i-me at tbe end left me ehont whore I we# at the begin mag of each fear, aad that only with the moat efinted cm may, eadHtag with barely the neteaaertee at life, riaelly. thia eoaef at tfwt waahegiaaiag to Uavo ita effect agon me health; I Mt leaa ? npahle to eaatire ita continuance, while 1 fait the atemdig af pereeveranee. Thia aoaateat, uaoeealegrtrugffle oa my part waa MgdgB live, la reeeeqneaee ef the protracted condition af my art Pa (aith oecaaionel mteraiieeioB) far en yeare, much ef Ike time eontnod te her hod. end el eearae incapable ef taMgm the charge and maeegemeal ef hoaaehnld off a tea. Nor tee#, tioa arote from eauoce of which 1 waa ignorant, gk, what would I have given btd I the (if yoaru to live ovar tRMlf What would aiywifohae. given to have heea eaareg tMleig Jvr- and ?iii 11 a per atgbi' proetrete n a bod af all of which would havo hoaa avoided, had I than i at tba Married Woman a Privato Medual Coa Ketreei/ren a Litter. TO TUOSI JWaT MAKRIKD-'HAD 1 KNOW*." PwiLawai.PiiiA. Nam. 9, HE Dt A M HirtirriB.?Had 1 hanwa of thehmfoetaat mattero treated ofta the Married Womaa'l Private Megteal lompenioa aome year* ago. how mwch -Bleary t might hntg a*i aped. I have aufferogyanra from rauaod which fan nana out ia roar took, wit boot knowing what to do. I Ottafaci a r. tad found my eaoe taeated of. I tenet averi ri ny. and found my eaae laeated of. 1 truot ovary IBM willgtwii lieraelf i rtdie information reutainedla ite page*.' Let ten art dally rertlvtl ef thia charm-tea, aaaeeeaaary It preeent. Tethnffayet tinmarvied.>hut ooathafplatiag marriage, off pevhapa heeHating ae to ttbe propriety ot iururvihg the re ?pem*ioiUtlee atteadaat upon it, tiia Itapc rtaauu wf ketagr p eaeaard of tba ravalatieae eeatwined ia theae pamaa, aa ha tlmatel} iavelvlag their futare bappwieae. can act ae tMW mated. It to. af row rat, Impracticable te won re y mare (all* the Ct rl owe eaMecte treated of. aa they ere of e nature eWtv-tly in truded for the married, or thoec eeatemr'attag manlagar arllbar ia it Beceaaary, einot it la ev ery one a dale ta leevwe pvretaaed of knowledge- whereby tbe auSbriag* ta which a wife, a mother, or a meter, aiay be aubjeat, nag he chelated. OOPIM WTI.L KM 8 INT BY MAIL, PR BE OP POBTAOB, TO TUB PURCHA8BB. Oa the receipt of tht One Delta*, "THR MARKJBO PR. MANT PRIYAIR MEDICAL CotFAllltlR"Jl oegt (mailed free) ?<c?ai-part of the Caifc-d s?afoa. AN letter# meat be poatpaid, (eaernt thoec eventful ?* a rewilCtaaoe,) aw# addreeae# to IN. A. 1 M A If All * A V, ha* im Ntw Vart City. Prhh.hing oMow, No. I? I I'-arty over ?/?g tiirTea havr bbk.n -rnt hv mail WHhiitlirce *fIitb with p. rtc * a?fc ty and oarta ato. Te r nrto ?? H flr?afl?af. tMf At f ?>? PaHl.hfng ("M<e, <? till Ita uiVH.bM V'f* I I Nil' * fo. A Ike up ; W R. I?R. ? B.e?. at + R. fetarooe. dti b.ato?t atrooL PRIadtlr ||Sb Ml BvolptWotr tbrtRghakt tht WW HhM|t

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