Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 14, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 14, 1851 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. em. MORNING EDITION?WEDNESDAY, MAY 14, 1851. PRICE TWO CENTS. AWUSKMKWTM. JOWERY THEATRE-BOXES, 2? CENTS; PIT, 12>tf ? cents; Seats in Orchestra lioxes, SO cent*.?Doors open tt 7; tfwomiueuce at half pa#t 7 o'olook.? Wednesday eve ulna, May Utb. will be presented the play of the MOUN TAINEERS, or Love an! Madnenn?Octavian, Mr. Hutnblin; (diint Yirolet, Mr. Pope: Buleaxln Muley, Mr Tilton; Sadi, Mr. Jordan; Florantbc. Mih S. Denin; Zeravdu. Mr*. Wal "'"t; Agnes. Miss lliflert. To conclude with th? drama of the WIZARD OF THE WAVE, or the Shin of the Avenger? thm Jure dW Saiidebar, Mr. Tilton: Charles Faulkner Esq., Mr. E. Eddy: llenry Belford. MX. Hamilton; Timothy Treacle Mr. Jordan; Donna laabiuda, Mine Wemyss. BURTON S THEATRE?CHAMBERS STREET. RE\R ol the ('try Hall.?Boxes, Dress Circle and Parquet, SO centa; Family Circle or Second Tier, 26 cents. Private Boxes, ?jdi and Orchestra Seats. 71 oents. Doora open at a quarter , ?tt 7: to begin at a quarter before S o'clock.?Wednesday venial. May 11th. will be presented the comedy of A CL'ttfc THE 1IEAKT-A( HE?Old Rapid. .Mr. Illakc FOR TllE HEART-ACHE?Old Rapid. Mr. Illake: Voting Rapid, Mr. Lester: Sir Hubert Stanley. Mr. 'Iliand; Miss 'Vortex, Mrs. Skerrett; Ellen Vortex, Mrs. Russell. To cun ? ludr with the fare* of MT PRECIOUS HETSEV-Mr. 11 >b ail. Mr. Burton; Mr. Wagtail. Mr. Johnston; Mrs. Bobtail, Mrs. Russell; Mrs. Wagtail. Miss J. llill. -RATIONAL THEATRE, CHATHAM STREET?BOXES, is 26rents: Pit. cents; Private Boxes, *5. Boors open it 7; curtain rises at half-past 7 o'clock. -Wednesday eve ning. May II. will be prceented the grand I airy spectacle of THA1.ABA, THE DESTROYER?Thai aba, Mr. C. R.TIiorne; Mohareb. Mr. Brandon; Zalem. Mr.Stnlford; All, Mr.I.a Favor; JlafTui, Mr. Thompson: Month. Mr. C. Taylor; Samba, Mr. L. Pox; Sulemin Mr. Millage; Oniiia, Misa E. Mestayer; Spirit of the murdered ZcSuah, Mrs. fiautou villo; Acratoon, Hiss Mali iua: Abdaldsr. Mr. Marsh; Okba, Mr. Daunt Kawla, Mrs U. P. llrattan. Tlie entertainments W oom mence with the lxnghablc larrc of VICTIMIZING. M'LLK JENNY LIND'SVGRAND FAREWELL CON. CERTS IN N'EW YORK, Previous to her visits to Niugarn Falls, Western New York, the Lakes, t'uuads, Boston, and her tinal departure fur Europe. The public are respectfully lfcforined that these Concert) will i ERA SOON CLOSE. THE FOURTH GRAND CONCERT w ill take place at T R I P L h R HALL, ON WEDNESDAY EVENING, MAY It, PftOCRAMMK?PART I. ?Overture, (Fanst,) Lindpainter. Duo?" Voglio dirt" (L'Eiisir d'Amore) Donizetti. Signori Salii and Belletti. Reottltire?" Care Couipagne" ?Cavatina?" Come i?er me sereno," (La Sonuain bills ) Bellini. MT i.s: J sssv Linn. Fantasia Car tlie Clarionet, on favorite themes, from "Lucia del Lammsr?i"or" Belletti. Signer Belletti, Tirst Clarionet of fler Majesty's Theatre, Longlon. Romania?"Spirt? onde l'alnia1' (I.a Favorita) .. Donizetti. Signor Salvl. Tyroltati Duet, ... Benedict. M i.I.a JXnnv I.iNil and Signor Belletti. PART II. ?Overture (Seniinmiido) Rossini. Trio?"Oh qual colpo," (II Barbierc) Rossini. MY.ii Jn .n I.i mi, Signers Salvi aud Belletti. Elcgie on the Violin Ernst. Mr. Burke. ' The Gipecy's Song?(The Camp of Silesia) Meyerbeer. Mt.i.k Jraar Lird. Aria?"Sciagmato hai tu eroduto," (1 Lombardi)..,, Verdi. Signor Belletti. Rhenish Ballad?"Though many pretty mai dens'' Mendelssohn. M'li.k Jxrky I.ivii. .Ballad?"Home, Sweet Home," (Clari) Bishop, Jl'i.i i J km Lird, Coronation March?(Le Prophete) Meyerbeer. Conductor M. Biximct. A GRAND ORCHESTRA, combining the tirst musical talent in America, numbering nearly ONE HUNDRED PERFORMERS, Las been engine! fortius* concerts. The price of tickets has been lixed at %X S2. an ! $1 each, According to location; and all of these tickets entitle the holders to si mm is securing their stats. A specific number of tickets will be allotted to the public press, beyond which there will be an niltu'kxts for any person, or under any pretence w katsoever. The low price) at w hick tickets have been fixed must render the rule abso lutely peremptory. Two ofllcci for the sale of tickets will be opened at TH1PLEK UAI.L, and at Jollie's Music Store, W BROADWAY, every day, except the Sabbath, from 7 A. M , to 9 P. M., where diagrams may be seen, aud seats seen re a. The few remaining Farewell Concerts will be giwn on MONDAYS. WEDNESDAYS, and FRIDAYS, at Castle Garden, or a11 ripler IIall. us will be announced. Doors open at *>'. o'clock. The Concert commences at 8 O'clock. B<>oks containing the words of the tongi may be obtained at the door?pri' centa each. THE Finn t, K AN I) CON PERT will be giien iu TKIPLKR HALL. (>n Fripav EvaniM,, May 16th. r T. BARNUM. JENNY LIN D AND THE WORLD'S FAIR.?TRTTLE'S spleudid Op< rs (,lasses are uow selling ofT rapidly at pi Ices on a par w ith the iin|sirtcr's w holesale rates. The ? Illy "correc t liber ees" of Jenny l.ind may be observed threugb these superior glasses, and no one should attend her concert) without one. Every traveller to the World's Fair ahould be provided, as they w ill be found of great advantage ?and superior to the spy glass for viewing coast aeenery, ships aud objects at sea. For sale at TCTtLE'S Emporium of Fancy Goods Novelties, etc.. .'Ml Broadway. J EN MY LIMPS GRAND CONCERT, WEDNESDAY eteuiug. May It.?Tickets fcr ehoies seats to any pirt ?f Tfl, the house, b.r tl e above Con. ert, can he had at MARTI.ETT ft WELFOKD'S Bookstore, No. 7 Astor House. Remember .No. 7. JENNY LIN l?S FAREWELL CONCERT TICKETS FOR all the remaining Concerts, may he had at II. B there's Bookstore, iBrti Broadway, where orders Kir tickets for any Concert mas in- left. Tickets roit jenny lindsgrand concert a* Triples Hail. Wednesday CI suing. Mar 11 ? Jhotv- na to all part.- ? 'he house for sale at JAQOES It BROTHEK/I Musi, Store. IM Broadway. Remsmle r the number9S6. LINO'S WEDNESDAY Fit |r kits FOR JENNY FINDS WF.l 1 Evening C..n? ert, at Trt| ier II ill.-A few e tusy be had st the n,.,.kst >re ot Adriancs, Sherman No. k' Aster II use. I pp-.ite tl ? Mueeum Raymond a fo. and hirr dhiesua' ii s ma nagert-s. united in one Large and Varied Exhibition, consisting of ail the rare animals now extant, numbering oter one hiindr' d epveimens, will exhibit under a Lucre Pa vilion, at A-tor I Isee, corner of Eighth street an.1 Fourth ?venae, eoinmeucing i?n Saturday evening, at 7 O'el i tk, and d Wednesday, May lJtb. Flth continue Mondac. Tuesday, and m.d 1 ith. Dimraopen at 2 and 7 o'eloek P. M. Adm-asioa IIS centa; children uudcr 10, Ik' W. VWMJN iAi? Metropolitan hank -this hank ifiu cox ?riM bueiiioaion iitoj aaedny, the NthiiiiMnt, at No. M M all I (r ? t Notice will l o glean when thla bank la pro pared t? ret cite uinurriut money. J. E. HI 1,1.1 A MI, Caahier. f) \ N K Of NORTH AMERICA.?NEW YORK. MAY L MJ KM.?J. J. PI a U. having retired from tin; o'fice of J'reai lent <>f thia Inatitutiou. on ac, ,unt of ill health, Wil liam F. llaremeyt r. ?m| . baa been unrniinouuly elected to ,111 the en ancy. J. SEA MOI R. Caahier, nROAItW AT RANK. NEW YORK, M A V -'. IKSI.?Divi dend,? A eeml annual MtMtif of loor < I) to r , ? ut apen the capital etc * nl thla Bank nut of the pratlilf taeliat ?t? Til on til w III be paid to the ?tiifkhiildera on and aft. r the l.'ifl. day ot May matnit. The tranui.r book will be o I need Croat the 8th t'i U*e loth inclusive. By order. J. L. KV ERITT, Caahiar. TKTrW YORK n.OAIINO DRY !>'? k 1 OMPANY.-A Ae dieidet.d of tlyc per cent on th? capital -lock of this ?C' tnpnny ha- been de.i.r lout t.l the e irntatga for the enr rent eix mentha, pat able on end after toe I d i day of May ?ie?t. The trMefet book will be eloaud fruaKl e .Id Miyte the day < f p' vtn, ut. Dv erdaf 'f the Ib.urd ?! Iflr " l?ra. April SI. IV,I. U. Y. MASON. Secretary. IllOttXrl ENGLISH BANK AND EXCHANGE AND 1 Apaey CMRer. *a, UB and I.HI eia. Mu<wdlaalli. Ptna ?a San tin tar ? ?.?Mr. J. II. Brown continnee to ?i n Hill*. Letters of Credit, l ir nlur Notes, \| ,1 in., hixneat rite -of F> ? lime. ? ithi it a ay ?? laffr.t whatevi r. flic liberal mode t,f in- well known to meet of the ?Amerleeaa who u-it Flor ee l wlo. vap-ririn a great eat inch} i aablnr "te|T Idlla lliroucb iiina. Mr Grown na Aertamr* al-o the t'orekaee Bad ?htpm.-i' of aaiotiitg* and w ork? ef f rt. t nui li hte Meltioa re?bl i ?? raeilltlea. The W tae and 'l ca We - irm-e I-1 . t I <r to tna Hank. Tha Naw York tlarald eaa he oca at hi* ,ih? e. TEXAS LAND AOENCT.?TBI PNDSBSIUNED OF fcra hie aervti ? a a, .in a ???at in all m tilt r? ipt~rt t ntng In laade In Teaaa, lint particularly In ?? h m nalot etcl I in la andpreenr. patenta fer the aama T. rt. . inod.rata, and will be made kit "tan when informed what t? to I... done. Addrm# II. O. CAt I.ETT. Dellae. Teaae. CHICAGO CITY I.0AN.?SEALED PROPOSALS WILL be received at t'ie Mayof*a office, |u the ? ity el CSdaago, and at the office nf Str.u haa Ik Soott, in the oily of Now York, until the tat day of June neat, for a loan of Twenty See Thenaand Dillara, for a term not exceeding ten yearn. The boade to he leaned in (time of ant Itre than lye hundred <1 illara each. atanlrferoat of eeven per centum per ananm, payable turn annnally, and prlncipa and Intermit payable at the American E*<1 any flank, in New York, ? r at the of -flea of tha City Trtaaamr, la Chicago. By order of the Com aainfnnnelL WM 8. (11 KN KK. Mayor. Chieago. April X). twil. PEKN8YI VAN IA RAILROAD?NOTICE TO CO.N traetora.?Prnpoeala will bereeeivatl fro"o the ith to the i-Jth of June next, it J< hnatown and nonitmk for the itradina and rnaeonry of that part of t in urn tain lieiaion ? if the 1'enneyli auia railroad, hetwi n Alton*, in Blair ?ronnty and I rinale'a I'oint, a few n il. ? l.elnw Jeffenon, ia ( ami rin. a dietenoe of ]5aillei. Tlio r ad wit iln thla ?llataaea will emaa the Alleghany mountain*, nnoua taring ?tome of tbe heieicat grading offered in entry. In ad ditlon to a number of catenates rnftloga. einhanknionte. and culverts. there well he aaa tunnel I.8BW yards In length at the nunimit of the manntain, and anotlier of JtlOfiifla through I'ringle'a Point. Terma eaah. montlily. For further Infor nation, apply to Ed* aril Miller. F. i . Aaeoelate Engineer, Blairaellle, Indi anacnunty. or to Strickland Kneaaa, P. A. iCnginter, Altoaa, Rlair ct nnty. J EDGAR THOMSON, t fi'f Engineer. 'Engineer Departm t. P. R. R. Co.. Pi.iladeiabiA, Meyl.HAl ealrb() (Will LEND ON BOND AND MORT vJJI Eke"y""""Ya g?ie, on pradaetlce real e-tate in tbig Tity. It Will be loaned at ata per eent Inter ,t, and in ?nm? 0 auit erpllont.. Apffl, to g. HKUA li, II H all atreet, in th# Cfwi " hniKsintnt co li w i to loan to an nrwTti M ipwf WN/Xa would take an lnter< at in aoniB InefMM 1 tiaMtcM ti nt i? eatahllahed. Nnliufrt. t rr r-ft rea -oa jlren *nd rtuinlred. Exchante bneineua nyef. rr d Addreae R W . Herald o?ce, with name and buainera. whit h will be e nit ?lent ill. HI#**! LENT.?1THE H loll EST PRICES AD. A*" Tinoed In large and amalt auma, on Gold and Slleer Watehea. Diamond#. I'late, Jewelry. Purnittire, Clothing Xfrr (leoda, Be. Jh|\ M. nv VI Fa. I.ieenaed Pawnhroker, ZI2 William atreet, near Duana. CAi.lBtJH.NlAa KIRl'HOPP DE SOLA k CO. COMMISSION MK.R ohanta. San Fraaelaee, California lUfereaeea- M. aara. Gruner k t'e., St. Thomae. W I., M< ller. Sand te Ktera, N#w York: P. W Brune k Sana. Ra|tlin> rai Onaalerk <!?., ftoataaj Prnhllng k Gf aehea, Ixnlon, Jakn A. Dr,?i?e k Carrlaaa fc Ce.. Biwmen John Maaon ,k Cs? AM 0MHEVTI< Broadway tiieatrb.-doors open at a quar tcr pas' 7: curtain rites at quarter to 1. Drcvs Circle an i Parquet, 00 ceuts; f amily and Thin! Circlet. 23 rents: Gal lery, 12}? cent*.?Bern-lit of.Mt. W. Davi.lgr ? We tin*. lay wruing. May 14th, will he presented the comedy of A CURE FOR THE HEART-AGUE?Young Rapid, Mr. Cot way: Oi l Hapid, Mr. Davidge; Sir II uhert Stanley, Mr. Ill ml; Frank Holland, Mr. Shaw; Ellen Vortex, Miss A. G'tugenheiw Mi? Vortex, Mm. Isherwood. To conclude with ACL TilAT CUTTERS IS NOT GOLD?Sir Arthur Laetel, Mr. Rev nolds; Frederick Plum, Mr. Conway; Toby Twinkle. Mr. Davidge: Martha Gibbs. Miaa Anderton. N| IIILO'S GARDEN?JOHN SEFTON, MANACEK Ticketa 50 centa; Private Boxea, V. Doors open at l.alf past ti: to commence at half pasl 7 o'clock. Performance Wednesday. Thursday and Friday. Bent-Hi ot M iles Tue n eineand Clementine Rouaaet. W'cdneaday evening, May 14. Overture, by the Orchestra. To be followed by the comiu piece railed HE'S NOT A-M1SS?Gun. Mr. Conovec Mr Frcttyuian, Mr. John Sefton; Mrs. Prc-ttvman. Mra. John Sefton. After which, theHrst aot of the grand ballet entitled CATAltlNA?Catariaa, Mile. Caroline Kousst-t Era l>i avolo. Mope. Jean Kuusset. To conclude aith the ballot ot 1.ESFOLIES. BROUGHAM'S LYCEl'M, BROADWAY N EAR ItROOME street.?Dress Circle and Parquet, .'e) cents; Family Circle, 25cents; Orchestra Stall S-.its, $1; Private Beset. $J>. Doors oiten at 7: to begin at holt past 7 o'clock.?Wed nesday evening. Msy 14. to eonimencc with the drama called HIE FUR TUN E OF WAR or a .:?r'r 11 oner?Colonel dc Claim ills, Mr. Dunn; Cat tam Mnurics O'Brien, Mr. Bronx! am; Serreant G"iiphe. M v beat Miltkde CTalrvill ? Mrs. W. K. Blalie; Henrietta. Mis-G'-uld. Awter which, the IRISH WIDOW. To conclude v. ith the ROW AT THE LY CEl'M?'Tlit Manager, Mr. Brougham; Sia;,e Manager. Mr I.ynne: Mrs. Ycrnon, Mrs. Vernon: Mrs. B . Mra. Brougham Broadway tiijatrf.?Friday, may id. is.->i.? t;raud conihinat.on of novelty and talent, on the occa sion of the beuetit of .Mr. G. If. Lewis, the Frompter of tue theatre, who most respectfully announces, for the patronage ol his triende and the public, the following rare and attrac eFAl'S programme FaUSTUS? the most gorgeous pageant ever presented to the American public, combining the great est dramatic, scenic, operatic, and ballet effects. An ami liary ballet, chorus, und supt rnumerary for. e of 2H0 persons. During the evening, llerr Noll, lierr Rietr-I, M ile Duoy llarre. Mr. G. W. Smith, I by peruuasion of Mr. Brougham ) La Fetite Carman and La Petite I iglioni, (by permi sina of Mr. Rainhlla.) will nppear for tt is occa.-iou only ha'ing kindly > oluntir.'d their valuable service*. Also, tie fair, extravaganza of the FAIR ONE WITH THE GOLDEN LOCKS, with all the original music. Seats can be St u."d in ad\ auoe. BROUGHAM'S I.Y( ELM-BENEFIT OF M LLC LOUISE Duty Ilurre.?M'lle Louise Duty llorro has the honor of infortiiing the ladies and gentlemen of New York, that her first I eneflt in America will take place on Thursday evening. May 15th, when she will appear, tor the brst time hero, in her celebrated role of Fleur d-s Champs, in the I,allot of LA F1L1.K DC DANUBE. In the course of the evening. M ils Ducy ltaere will dance five new dances, an J. for the brst time in America, the celebrated LA M.VNOLA. Bog book now open. N'lUI.O S?BENEFIT OF M LI.ES THFRESINE AND Clementine Rouaaet, ami last nigl.t but two of their lorewell engagement iu New York. Wednesday. May Ittn. On which occasion their wonderful sift -r Caroline will ap rear in several of her new dances, in the truly su, oessful allet of 1.E8 FOLIKS, to be preceded by an English piece, in wl.;, h Mrs. Slotn and Mrs. Sefton will appear. MECHANICS' HALL. NO. 472 BROADWAY, ABOUT Grand street.?Open every night the woek until further notice. The original and well know u CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS, comprising an efficient and versatile "oorpe* id "expi of " talented " and "experienced performers," under the management of E. P. Christy, whose concerts in this oity for a succession of "live years," have been received witl favor by highly respectable and fashionable salience* Tickets 25 cents. Doors open nt half-pas', aix, commeBoe at eight o'clock. An Afternoon Concert will be given on 3a oi r turday next, May 17. for the accommodation of Juveniles, commencing at S o'clock, P. M. Ladies and OF.L1.OWS' MINSTRELS, AT FELLOWS' MUSICAL i Ml Hall. No. 444 Broadway, between Howarl mil Grand streets. Open every night during the week. The celebrated original and well known Fellows' Minstrels, "comprising an effi< lent and versatile corps of talented end experienced ! performers," under the direction of J. B. Fellows, whose con certs in ibis city for the last year have ben receive 1 with the greatest favor by the eljte and fashion of this great me tropolis. Their coneerls consist of Buries-juc Italian U;ier? Scenes. Witty Sayings, Solos, Duetts, Chorus***, Dan-Ing. and Instrumental Performance. On Wednesday and Satur day afternoons, a grand concert for the seeoram idation of ladies and families, commencing at 3 o'clock P. M. Admis sion, 25 cents. Doors open at 7 o'clock ; to commence at S. C'UAULESTON ETHIOPIAN 1-EKENADERi IIEG ' leav.i to inform the public they will continue their laugh .bl-, sentimental, and moral ent -rt iium -nts nt the Bit-acker Buildings, corner of Morton andldl-,- kor street*, every evening this week. New naveltieievery nigu.. Lore of fun, dtc., attend. BARM'M'S AMERICAN MUSE' M.-P. T. BARNUil, Froptictor and Malinger.?Open day aud evening all l is week, commencing Monday, Msy 12. 1-451. No Museum in tl i- country contains so large or v el, arranged collet lion* as this. Evi rv afternoon und evening rOa VV. afternoon Willi* given, tin laughable piece of .NTATMl NEC RE TS?Gre gory. Mr. Kent: Lett), Miss Flynn Alter which. THE 1K1? II DRAGOON?fi'Brsllaghnu. Mr. C' .llius Matilda Miss Flvii-i. lu the evening, tlm always popular and much admired moral dom.sti drama of THE DRUNKARD? Edward, Mr. Gruevenor: Bill Powton. Mr. llalaway. Mu aenm open from S A. M. till ID 1". M. Performances < >m mence at .'I and 7 o'clock. Admi?-i >n to the entire Museum and l'vrfcrmaucea, 25 cents. Children under Id years. centa. HRANKLIN MUSEUM, 173 CHATHAM f*4|U A ME.?G >0 ?T LEA, Eolo Proprietor.?Admission?Seats in Private Boxes. 50centa; Stag* Seat*, 37S?onit; Boxea. 25cents Par quet, 12W cents.?Elegant Saloon p-rr rmsaCM *v After on ana Eve no<oi and Evening. Eutartainuieuts commence in the after no< n a* 3 o'clock, and iu the evening at H o'clock. Thi antertalnmenta are vari-d ami select, anaeuchascan be seat at no Other Iliad of amusement in New York, c-insisting d Lea's Female Ethiopian Opera Troupe, numbering bluet performers, being the largest and at the same time the m of tap-nt-d baud iu the United States, a troupe otMideiAr kiats w ho arc selected for their beauty and tlrure, and wbf perat nati a number of beautiful tableaux, taken tri m 'hi Sit '< res ot ancient and modern times; n company of Arab lirle, ? - zu through a variety ot feats of str.-ngth cud dexterity, Madame Rosaline, the only Female Juggler lr. the w.rld, a c mp.-iny of Mais and remal* Artists, v So willgirt an exhibit! .n of Marble Statuary unequalled in the w-ir'd togi ther wi.h a variety of Interesting perf'-rruancee every all. rnoon aud evening. Fur partienUra sec bills of each day AWL'NKMMISTS IS PHlL.A01CL.rHIA. B AR.MM'S Ml SCUM. rilllaAI)E!aIMn.\ -P T BAR. biioi, Prupritlor; II. Saafortl, Ai*i?t*nt Muutx*.?.-?'Th?i iMBt (binfm fccti ?n. entitled Uhi ?? U jrw, n.Tiitri(?? its third meek, iemded with the ev Itl un\?ryiti| miccts?, in the hcumpiimente of nn ad uwii g public, and the eiarra oommeadation* of the Phila delphia j reee. It a ill l?e performed crer> jrcvi ?ujt3 wRicU, tie ** Barrat k Hootn." ?'All that (Hitters i* not Gold; " Preaeated at Court," et id rmne rou?. Will ao.m be produced the beautiful lyrical drama i-aiied the '* Lady of the The afternouna sre made tni-rry by pleaame i . ? rt drama i nutn Mr titny ihoinil if tld mm! wtidivfil tl*d Admiid ? to thee* end one per.'orniaace. 'X> oeute; ohildreu uudor tea yearn. 12Vv c ent i. I1()TICIj?. PA VI LION, NFVT BRIGHTON.?THIS K.^TABMSfl tiient ie now opened for the wesson. The proprietor wttt be tiff] t enter into arraii^c*r?ent^ with parti* * uhomay dealre to fat??r him hy making It their iUBUner rc-iden e. II? enn : luai s l??* found on the pr^tuiet e. There are etill ee /eral ftuitB of ftpart?e?ta and aliule rwcuu dieeraaiced. New llriglttos, May m. !'? tit..\NC.\KD. CIM'.I f F*\ s \[ tfiMFK KNT RI^TM'R \* T, ON THE ^ t "rt y .? comer of and \ ? t b> the aral'e*><|ue ^rlobe Uwr, vu the ? arner. IIa v Oji TIIF PisKMENT.H ARK MADE TRIIM'TA R V T*? THE '.r< uient# of Sbellejr** Larder.?'^trantere ahotild h> an* fail to il-itthia rem ark able Ucd-itrint on the p of A nth ii} etre?'t and Hroadnae, at tho^gn of the ? ioe k!?W Uaii. Ma Nachusetti' lliv Oultf?. ^A'.WON, SPRING c flit KE.N9, LAMBS' PHIEH Rf/t D |, V an. Caviar, *?iM dbO., this day. ?f er?d Reftnurint e?rn?r of tir DKY fitMHFM, On. Hir.ll I.PSTRE BLACK SILKS.?THE si Bo. RIBERS tr- !!? * telling sr. at bargin.? ... pi .in I.U< 'k Silka Al to. r w ii in, urijM ? a I broead'! Silk*, of the new e.t Parieetylea JAMF.S BECK A CO VH Broadway N. It.? Eobii' ? .led Ltatar, Sheetlnga and Dtnuk?Vrj eheep. TRt "Hathii.he MMMRtfr mantilla.?AN AR 1 licit of anrpaaetng ?l*?*nee and <liff ring "i >'>:<? an 1 eharnct r from anything h*rrT..f.,r* latr.dueed, hk* ?ccn r- the l at th> l'?n ? Mu.ttill* Kinp >r!nm. .v?l Hr< ad *ty: rig e?o ?(is erery Mad. of c-lor) harinc arrlred hy the l??l larnpeaa iA'Jmm. Thee ?ra rrndj foe tnjpuctua mil day. Alao, 4 caau of rich fr.-neh PimmIi. ?; k??. BULPIN, W ?rn?ny. Pa r a s o i s-rnr. si iis< riber has ji st re Ceieed, Md offer* for ladiea' ir?p. lion, twenty eaeog of riol, nnt'la. ol the nnw. ?i ?trio*, an I it erer> yarwty of i< lor allies ho l? eaabt 1 t? toil particularly cboap GEO. BL'LPIN, Mantilla fcaplrtw, V>l Bread oar CLUTIIINU. (SASToPF CLOTHING AND Tl KNITIIRP. WANTED. / ?The I Igheat prico eaa ho ohtamad by ladle* mid gen tlemen who no** any lofl .>? Mot hi no. Furniture, and Jew-1 ty, Ac., to diop'M of, by ??inf. thr< ugh root or nthorwio", for J. LEV ENS'! FN. 4'A (tr .edwey, op otura. Ladiea attoaAod to by Mr*. Lovonotya. s ast oir clothing anhflrnitirf wanted - J Ladtoo or gaathMM o having any coot off (lothing "f far n itnre to dlop'oc of, can old-tin a fair caoh prior for the tome, ly lending f r the onborr(l>*r, at Ida rtaldene*. or a line through Hie I'oot OAc* will meet with pronto* attention tl 8. Cull EN, M Elm rtroot, N. B.?Ladle* attended by Mr*, t'nhen. CAST OFT CLOTHING AND FCRNITURE WANTED. ?Ladle* nrgentlrm-n leaving the city, or hr ilini rp h- ..'. keeping, i an obtain the higneat raali price hit I'lntliinr, Furnitnr*. Ac., by tending thrungh the l'..?t, *r at hlo real drnce. L M DCSSEI.DORP, Id Elm atroot. N. B.?Ladle* attended by Mr*. Duaaeldorp. ( TRAVELLEHr OUIDK. New tore and Philadelphia - new tore and Philadelphia direct?Halted Stat** Mall Lin*.? Through la 4)4 hour*, via Now Jereey Railroad Par* re duced to R1fnr drat claae, and Eli Ml far aecond-elana. Laaee N?w Fork at HA. M , frern foot of Conrtland etreot; and al FA M and B 1*. W., tr- m foot of Liberty otreet. Leaeo Phila delphia at 4 and 1A.M. and t P. M.. from tha foot of Wal aat atroot. Camden and ambot railroad line frob Maw Tor* to Philadelphia?Leaeae pier No. I North River. by oteamboat JOHN POTTERt Moralna Line, at I O'elook, A M.; Afternoon Line, att'o eloeb, P. M. Pare by ?ither line Al; forward daok, th Emigrant l.ina at A o'olool P. M.. Are. ?l Ml. I. BLISS. Ami _ rtmialCATlOIVB. f F I WANT A BOOK, I ALWAYS Go TO NEAGLE'S I Old C'nrloaity Shop Why do I go there! Deenu** I can big* cheaper, and ran go In and lo?k oyer lila Ili.UM) print*. *nd hie fine utock of old and n*W l>n. V?. with .tit ha. in* any one t? follow *ne abo-it, fnrelag oar lo btiy. That I* Wb) I like Neagk- * place, at 1FJ lfa.<*au ftfffA THE TRIP OF THE PRESIDENT AN0 CABINET. The Display along the Route to the Empire State. Arrival and Reception in the Commer cial Metropolis or the Union. Arronsments for O^nin^ tii? Erie Railroad, CONNECTING THE Atlantic with the Inland Seas of America, 4(e., die., ?S*o. I Thf Kwptlon at Baltimore! [From the Baltimore buu. May 1. J The committee of recepliou, appointed by th? town mi- ling held on Saturday. tor the purpose of receiving tb ? President of the United States, und welcoming him to the city, aaaembled yesterday morning nt the City Hotel. ( Barnum's.) and at 7H o'clock left for Mount Clare de pot in a train of eplcndid barouche and coaches, for the purpose of pcrtortniug that honorable and gratifying duty Arrived at the place, they found that a large nunilier of their fellow citizen* had already met, with a view to see the distinguished man of the nation. The coming :f the train was announced by ihe shrill whistle of the engine, and the loud roar of the cannon statioued ou an adjacent hill?Col Gitlings.of the artillery regiment, having issued an order for the firing of a grand salute, which was promptly executed by a detachment of the Kaple Artillery. Captain Phillips,. Shortly atter, the train arrived, when the car in which th 'visitor - were seated was entered by the committee when the President was addressed in the foilowiug re mark.- by Hon. John llurney :? SPEECH OK MR. BARNEY. Mr President'?To the venerable and venerates! Chief Justice of the United State-, the citizens of Baltimore ha 1 assigned the distinguish '.! honor of wclr ituiug your arrival among them In bis absence. I have been uncx I p. etedly in this en v tab e positi.m Jointly with | my friend I>r Thomas, of the City Council. Iwillhav th ? honor t > introduce to you the Mayor and corporate authorities, and will ou.y detain you to say, that, your pure abi ? and conscientious discharge of the elevated duties assigned you, hare won the confidence res pert and uif. ctiou of all parties, who will sustain you heart tiud banl in every measure you may adopt to advance, perpetuate mni preserve (he pros j.rityaul tutegrity of the republic. Tlu-y were then waited upon to the carriages, which were handsomely drawn up In Popplcton str-d Ills KxeeUency President Fillmore, accom panied by his lienor Mayor Jerome, occupied the barou.'b in front of tiie train, which wo. Irawn by (four beautiful liorse- The Ladies of th.' Pre-iiient s house enters-d the next coach, whilst the mem bers of the cabinet attended by the committee of recep tion. too'; their seats iu the others, when the whole were i driven rsp'.uly to Barnum's The members of the cabinet accompanying the Previ u< i.t are Honorable Daniel Webstar. Secretary of State: lion- rable Mr Graham of the Navy Department, lion Mr Hull, of the Post (Mice Department nnd lion. Mr. t ritt'uJ n Attorney (ienerai. The visiters arc aiso ae c.nif iDi. d !>y Alderman Ilaw?, and Assistant Alderman V ibb. of the New York Council. who were deputed by that b -ly to vi- t Washington and escort the President to Now lo:'. The ?p-cial committee of tliis city wer ? His Honor Mayor Jerome, Chief Justice Taney, Judge II. alb. Charles 11. Pitta, John Du.-hoiie, /.enos iurnam, George ?. Seng-ton. linn K. Johnson, Colonel J tl Da vies. ti"org" Brown Hugh Jenkins. Colonel J S tlittings, W O Harrison. II Hirckhend J C Brune. Jain-* A Drupe Hon John Barney. Hon John NeL-on. and IVni t ri.'ht u, uourly oil of * lioin were present Whi a the train arrived at the Hotel, they were again encircled with an enthusiastic crowd who foil owed into the interior of tiie house The committee, with their charge, then proceeded to the ladies' drawing saloon, when Mayor Jerome ad dree, ed the President as t>l low NpKEf'II OF MAYOR TROME. fir President:?It has been mo>*? my pleasing duty, on the part of the corporate authorities of Baltimore, to in. ? t you ?n 'his occasion, and to tender to you. and the i distinguished members of your cabinet that accompany you the hospitalities of our city We deeply regret sir, that your visit should be bi t n passing one We would t lik.- to bur ? had in opportunity to show in * more pub lic ?n .tin. r to the people of Ul - whole Union and to the wotld. our uuf igned restwet for the liigh office you so i 1. i ..rtbiy fill, aud for your own not less. salted charac ter Sir ... citizen* of Baltimore and as a part of th's ere .t confederacy wc would like to express, in a more put iic ir.ann. r than circumstance* will now p-rinit. our bigli apprvemt.. u of your decided, patriotic and inde pei d nt course in the gran; cause of Hie Union and its i or nt coinpromi-.'?principle* which, we ure glad to km w you have ever advocated and dare maintain In ' y u ir ?>? re. -griizc. with confidence.a th in friend to the nt 'it .it ion and the perpetual union of these llntted states permit me to say. (and I am sore I but express | tile univ sentiment ,f the people of Maryland.) that v >u enjoy (be unlimited confidence of th ? p --pi-in th? high , fflc ? y. u till, and sir. -h >uld ciicum-tanccs ever r |u1re It (which I tr ? -? in God may never be the ca?e), the patriotic .ousof old Maryland will rally to sustain You aid nil you in your efforts to preservi this happy Union Ay. sir. iu the twautiful language of a d'parted jatriot w . pledge y >n "our lives, our fortunes uiul <? r sacred lion t- fft ar * indeed, llntou men Mr I'r.' nt? It is the w i*h of nit our fellow-citizen*, | without distinction that you will, on your return to the I :? it of gov, mm. nt. Spend at least a d-.y in Baltimore I lb. r. f-re. in the name of th" corporate authorities, ten- , i J r to you and the meinbs rs of your culdnet that accom- ? ) j.any ; ? u, a public dinner t?b? given ou y >ur return, at , ; i ' i tint as you may tie pleased to designate 1 trust, sir it may he in your power to gratify us, nnd that shall l<e honored with your company for at bast one % is n ? t mi l appropriate addrc *. after III" applause In.I i.ulild d was i "-ponded to liy the President In a i very lew r. mm s, and the tuanuer in which (they were si- . ii e> it* I the most fixed all.ulioii aud p rfect i silence Hp spoke as follows i ? ME ECU OK THE PREMOERT. J'r Mayor?The un? xpected a.i.l el-*|Uent speech whi :i. you hate just utter, d. leaves no word- at tuy rot '.in and to express niy grateful filings. You have I*en pleas. I to allude to the pr.-eet administration, I no!. . | murh ha. Is''it aid coneirniug lli? subject. but I do I. it take it lo myself. The gentlenieu of | tli" cabinet ? ;he putrl?is of tha natiuu?have nobly rciitrlbul'sl thrir . up port and are more de-erving of i tril ut" than myself I had but an humble duty to ]M-rf.:rm?a duty which I have attempted to di.. barge according to the Is; t of uiy ability and | Judgnn ill Permit me here to observe, that 1 have ioi g iii I a laeire to vi-tt Ibis rily and it would ! sib r I me gr> at gratificaliou to meet tli ? citizens of Biilthnr re on somefirtriv occa-ion I would accept y ur I Inv t iti. u to a public dinner, wsre it iu uiy power, but tli.. object i.l my visit compel* me to preoeed to anotlier m .'lion of the country, on an important mission, and I truit lor. go (hit plejimre I l*n; Isnvs to return through you. to the ell i ens of ItHlliniorc. in/ in >?t In any und i.t ere t! nnks for the ? video,*'* of tils ir regard, and the r appreciation of uiy ur vices J I lj" ii the conclusion of hia r. marks, a number of citi zen w. r- intrixtiin .1 to tiie I'resiib'tit and to tli* | eal. ii"t . uft.-r which, breakfnst w.i- nnu mil. ed. wh -n liiey proceed.-d a.-"omp?nird hy th" Mayor, to the piiiat" lin'iig mi. on nnd there sat down to a (aide i, r win.,, iu. prince of b-ets l? renowned Aisoon as the repast wa?ov*r the I'n'sldeiit mad" hi' app-ararce in front of the hot. I wi.en he was gre. led w.tli hearty cheering Its and the rabinet were escorted by the Mayor and t'otnniitt.s's lo the ITe-id. ut atriw d.p d and fr-tn thence to Havre de Grace, where they wet ? met by a delegation from In lawarv Mayor Jen in* ai t ocpanleil them to I'hiladelphia A? Mi WelMter entered his carriage on Fayette street, he wn? tno?t wrr.rmly greet.xl, and rounds of cheer , were giv. n. to which he bowed a cordial response T ie elegant roa. he- wert furnished front the establish mint of Mr John Mctllntfck. who bad charge of th" aim.' We f are n.r.r seen in ire beautiful rqnlpogvo, which ware also admirably managed Alter a pleasant two hours ride, th* train reached Havre do Grace uiul Ihe car containing the I'r. idonl and his purl v was j.asse.l over on th" steam ferry lc<at In 11 Jer to avoid the change of seals which ordinarily takes

place there As the bont drew near the I Veil shore the moment of separation having ariived. the Hon John Barn J. OR lwhait it th" Baltimore committee addressed the 1'resideiit in the following terms SrEEHH OF Mlt. ItVRNEV. V ithln fh" brl?f morning hour* it ha* b"en tuy happy privlhge to welcome vimr arrival, on behalf of the eiti sens ot Halt itnor*. T'lirrA la no Miss without alloy, for ? v-n now 1 have to bid you an affectionate farewell A s. xagi narian ? nienn-ry tbrllls with brigl t reminiseenres of boyhood when joining in the throng that greeted the immortal Washington on his advent among us- and while . viry Uw tn glow, .I with admiration at the ohival ric d. In arms, nud the noMe and pstriotic wntlments which bn Ulod in ail his writings?yet hl? majestic port. r< minnnding stature, anil dignified demeanor, carrying the stamp and impreaa of Nature's nobility?won oil hvurta '? 'Tl. from the past we shadow forth the land, And light* Icttg lost again do m> et my vi. w '' The chief magistrate of the republlr must ever con tinue to he an otdect of the respectful curiosity and in tense inlerJst of his entire constttueney Age loses its repulsive feature from the advantage it has afforded me of a pi r-onal intrrenurse with earb and all of your il lusti i.>ua predecessors ond In truth and sineerlty. lean aver than none have filled a larger spar- in the esteem respest. and confidence of the confederacy Trvtt i|Uilllty lias la- n preserved hy tha moderation, calm ness. wisdom and firmness with which all discordant jealousies liava fa-en compromised, giving assurance that Internal commotions and foreign Invasions will I*1 anticipated and suppressed ere they can grow Into in.portanoe In this expression of con fidenee ihere ?*lst no party divisions?a disunionist is yet to be seen among us. '1 he party of whieh you and your alda cabinet are tiie expound- rs, the curators and ihe guardian*, are (tic I uiunleta With which fialliutorr, and T inay add Maryland, emphatically belong?one and indivisible I will not detain you. Mr President, for f could add nothing to the appropriate and eloquent ad dress of my friend and associate. our eatimable Mayor Gathering courage from despair, I do not rel!ui|uUh th ? hope that on your return a more protracted opportunity will be airorded to uj) fellow tow nsiuen of enjoy iug th t honor and gratification of an universal welcome The I'huidht replied in substance as follows :? SPEECH OK THE l'KEMDENT In behalf of myself and the distinguished member' of the cabinet, to whom you hare alluded 1 return to the citizens of Hjltiincre our sincere thanks for the kiud and fl itterinir manner in which you have pressed upon us the bocpitslities of your city It Is. indeed, air. peculiarly gratifying tome to be favored. upon this occasion. witli the society of one who has been the associate of Wash ington?one who has sat by the side of the tirst President of the United States, nud is still here to represent the at tachment of the city of llaltiuiore to that Union which he reared and defended Slay the day never come when there shall c< ase to be a l'reaident of that i.'nlon to be welcomed as Washington and his successor* have been in your beautiful city For the high encomium - which you have been phased to bestow upon wy of flrial couduct nud the sePriee* of uiy constitutional ad visers and associates in the government, I bey you to accept iny profi und acknowledgments I take t" myself nn part of the credit ot what has been don" during the ti-t few yiwrs of our history To those with whom I nave l>een associated all the bouor is due. nnd to tin in let it be swarded In- pleased, sir. to receive Tor yourself, and the citlsens of Baltimore, who uccouipuuy y ou, and to bear lisck to that city, the assurance of my lively gratitude for their hospitality. an I my regret that I could not loug r remain * n partake of it The separated af'er an exchange of kind ?enti merit, and the train took its departure tor Wilmington, ami let ill" enthusiastic " three times three' ot the larye crowd who hud assembled to witness the seen ? The Reception nt Philadelphia. [From liir Philadelphia North American, M.?y 13 ) i lu anticipation of tlie arrival in I'lnladelphia of I'-esi deut Fillmore and several members of his cabinet, on their way to New York to att.-ud the celcbratioi of the opeu ing of the Erin Railroad, the corpor ite authorities of the city and members ot Congress, together with a party of invited guests, proceeded on lioard the steamer Roger William.- to Wilmington, D--I,ware The company reached that point at a few minutes past 11 o clock A. M . and wer- received at th * lauding by a committee consisting of the Mayor, ti P. Evans, 't U. Utiisier H Garrett, and J 8. Valentine, who wel comed them to toe hospitalities of the place Mayor Gilpin, of Philadelphia acknowledged the civility in a ft w brl' t words of tbunk- : when n procession w is form ed. which, headed liv the Philadelphia 1 trass Hand, march ed to the Tow ii I - all From tlujx'e the company pas.-is I to tin Indian Queen Hotel where they pHrtook of an elegant and sumptuous repast, prepared for the occasion by the committee ot arrangements acting on behalf of the eitiaena of Wilmington At th# con elusion of the feust.a number of spi echos app' upriate to tlie occasion.wore delivered by tii ? Mayor Of the city. Sir J. P. WetheriU, the Hon. J. It Ub.indlcr Dr J K Mitchell. Hon. Thomns Florence, and others. A short time after one o'clock, P M.t the Presi dent anrl suite reached Wilmington, in charge of a com mittee of thirty ci'izeii-ot that place, who had met hiui at Klkti-u. Maryland. Fromthe cars he was escorted to the Town Hail, wlier-* 1: ? was receive,I by the people with lou I and pro' angel hurt;" May or C. IV Evans welcom ed him an 1 thos ? with ion I r J nt Fi'lmoro r ? pil- din a brief but most e!o?iueut manner, aud was cheered aguin and again TbrM cheer- were then given for tlie Cabinet , and Mr Crittcrdi *. the Attorney General, being repeatedly cji.ed fir i ante fo-waid .and said .? SPEECH OF r I It. CRITTENBE.V. My frieud?I am sure there must be some mistake in this uia:t-r i did uot couie here with any ex pec afion of making you a speech I made iny speech to you i:i 1-40, Nevertheless, 1 cannot since I am beforo you refrain from expressing tlie infinite satis ffeion witli which I hate witnessed ilia kindu'se ani corliaiity utaiilf, *t> i by you on this ocr.t?ioa tow ir-Js the President, an i those associated with him It cannot beat'ribuUJ to a mere respect for the in dividi al or person who occupies the chair of the ? "hi *f Magistral y but to that devotiou which you f ? i ti wards the National Union, and the principles of the government under which we live. There have bet-u some few mad, foolish, inconsiderate ni-n in (irt.iia quartern, who would dare to pull down our MMe fabric cf frie ;? m ' .r goverurueut. Hut their efforts or ? cft< ri; inpr !? nt Tt h- (he : trc-ngest and the be-t govern mfit in the wot Id; and it U th" strongest, because It is the lu st As to its perpetuity, 1 cannot anil do not en tertain a fear No , audi 1 traveler through the c >nutry can fail to see itev-ry step he taker.cvidene-sof loyally nnd atfaebnunt to the I ulon. whiah ought to confirm his faith In it- durability Tiier- is a power in pubi:-* i pinion-?th?Te is a power in the sentiment of the people w!ii h is a lower of Strength to the gov-rnment ; and they who could lit up their arms and hands to destroy it would ir- v ? t'.ii'iii paraiyst d in the very effort. I'ublic Opinion and fe.-liug would become a mirror in which they wot I i see their hideous design, an 1 be instantly petrified to r*onc lhavedon-- Let iuc cou.lud -iny -pe- li by lelt -rating my war mart thanks The cb-'- rs cf llie crowd fre-yu'-ntly interrupted the remarks of Mr. Critt-ii-leu, and el the close, those who wet - present were s parstely introduced to the 1'reeh. ilenl lie was th-u c?< urted to the steamer Roger Wil hsni ? -and '-n entering the saloon of the nont. has lienor, llsyoi illpin ofFMlndelj hia received fclw. I'm Fili uosr, hi w-pijr, said iHi: rxicMiiK-sr * wbech. J1 r i! iyo"?1 beg leave to return you my pr ifoundeet tluulu for thin cordial and unexpected wntcoaw, ami al.-i> ?py tijunl j farm thanlu to tha councils and citlacn* of I'bi i t lull i, \.;i >ui you : o ably represent. My stay with y< 11 must. f ii"' alt; lw brief l.ut I mi the no le* un-lar oh; i uion* for tie- oviTWhelmlng kindness :n :inifc*tcil on this ? ?? isii 11 Allow m-- nl; >. tohoHrtily thank you f n the Mad offer you bat" made to twdiwl me from your rity on u y trip North until 1 moot the -luth-wiiiet of m i' ? other city or Mate 1 "hall noon meet with your* wh :n [ hav ? admired from my youth to the prtno: tn au-nt oltb a rincrkf thnt I harp no word* to esptc-., 1' iuut tup. Pit attain to than!: you cordially v.itnily tij aiti" rely As tiii amer let* th wharf, an I pro,- c led ai ng !h ? frot.t f the City of H hminirt iri, the Pr> -"lent an I hi? paity e r--:,.ut--l villi repeat.-I voiivy* o) artillery irotn the I 1 uto gutter Kot" ird lying lit Thatcher's -'up yard nnd ft in various cannon, planted upon th< short-> On th- ; i -.i|t? un the Delaware th" company partook of a to -n and abut. lant cuitatlon, which piw.-d of with Uie meat i-iti nbto feativtty and nroprhdy Attlic (,i, > of tin-repi t tlin tlhalrninn of the meet ing. J. in I'ri Wetlivrtli. Esq otferml the followingsi-M tint "tit which wan Jrunk willi nine cheers:? 'i In I'tvai lent of the Utdti d Htat"-?III* principle* are th" ItJt- niata oi tile Union Mr. IIcmamin Man in** after pr-faring it with a few it mark* gave a* a tenet? Too .\ Cabinet?A gataiy of virtue, intclll g? n and patriotism faithful to the law* aud to the t ni -u Mr ' ritrr-' t, in art-nnwiedgment of the rompU n i.* to-he Cabinet offered n* a ? tifim- nt ? 'ihi ' Itj of limtlierly tore Blr II*11 ? i 'he N-. retary of the Mary, alao Bade a f ? gr i iful ri uiarka in r< tionw to the toast of Mr Bialth. is. and , oucIl ltd by giving Tim gt?<rton? old State "i !'< tui<ylvania-?ll"r being atyl'd the key,-tone of the arch i* not a f,,;ure of speech At Cbc-'t l'ort Mlttlin. at I various oth, r i dots ralvo* .f nrtilhrv were fired a* Mm lloger William, patwd up the 1 tctawarc, ml upon reaching the N.ivy VirJ, the I'reiMeat aud eaeort leodtd iimid the roar of runik o theh' 1 of the multitude, and the ?pMt -nr ring rtr .in* of- ? rrial music The MVai wfflocr* c t> th" tin on In oh l by ( ufmdtMa Itessl iiul a full company tfn atiti ? uu i i die eoti luand of l.ieuleaant tlfeyaon, t rtivt-dtbi I'rtsidvnt and paltj and r nducted them to ti e gate ot the Nary 1 ard. where they tMvplm*d In e ?r tlage* mid followed by n long pi er, ion of cttiseas, | loif wcr the route which had been de igiiiited Along tlie elitin i ? 1 oi of it. the t-iilbu.d. oi ot th? people ex pressed ii self In rapturuu* cheer* ?n i th waving of lists nud b iimki r hi< t- until the corteg.' hns.ii arrived at tlie Unite! Stat s Hotel. (? i n iidling tie i nlteilSti' Hotel, the 1'ra.tidWUand Pi cr-darlcs were ree"iri d willi tumultuous and i mtlnued app.nust by a Vast C o our* of people, who Woeki d up tlie entire space frem fowtk to I Iflh stre. t, and. in c*. leasi '.y llir m, ? i the spacious steps i t the I'm torn House (wilding Here the I'r -idint an I hie dio tlngu Inil eompane n* were rrceir -I hy the hoat of II." eatduisliMent, Mr A I! Allen, aud e?eoftei| to their apartment* t'lano "uu- calls tor tlie President l?ug Iwffs nerseven d in. he i iime fhrtli np?n I lie pi - -a i vi r the entran ?? to the hotel and after the vonfermi* nppliwae had aubsided. he addressed the multitude In a few rldqui't word* of aoknow. ledpmiot fiir tli ir rorilial hospitality aa display ed toward* lrm*"lf and the hci ompHii) ing flu W Of Ills llltiinit II" ae'llln) Ills fel.ow rltlons that such a iJiuion.g ration In thla city?the conwa-rated ground of Mm luitepvadrooa of our common country? wna truly gndeful to his heart lie returneil them hi* Most sincere an profound thanks for their gent-nut* ib ? nior-stiHtion* i f re*|u et tor him lie said that he could not and W'-uld n t trespaa* upon their atlenti m by nial-ii g a sf<et i h: and if nc had had any such Intuition, a scene like that before lilin would have defeated it m he returned tin tn a t liotnmnd thank* and retired, w remark* were frequently Interrupted by the most i ut busiest le cheer* si i r rtt oi Mn. wknaTKR. fotiarquently. Mr W abater apfieared tn answer to continued Calls, and mtde n, spsech, in his usual I- ro-and sententious style of rliV|U*nce lie said that (In occasion?even at tin- clnae of a long day anil a long Jonrm j?whim I all hi* fooling*, and prompted him to Utti r a fi w Words lie Wn* In the great the dlstingllish i d the original city of the Independence of the Conn try and tin- Union of th# (Hates Hverythlng which he ?aw n-mln led him "fa glortona past, and that which was man *t htm?the It-ill of Ind< pendecee reminded hlin that he was among tha deseen lint* of those whose *n ccat >rs as-emliied here in their own city, with the wise nne of nther porfh-ii- of the country, declared Indc psndcnce. an 1 established the sonstitutlon and the l tii> n Hers they laid the foundation* of a republic, graet and honorable tnr the blessings It showers upon u* ?tid Its elMaevw Here they established the liberty and t nt n which is our Irhetitiiace And m'*t emphatically, said lie to the multitude, j* It your inherltane * Tours may he thes? mnrl>li> blocks and ten thousand other sdi tb is a* hcMlifUJ. but which are of a peri*h*l>li- nature \ et the Inherttancc of our liberties I* time di-fylng. and stanls a mntutiiinl to th# world nnd to jioatertty. Ilcrn waa assstnhl. d the first Onngr"* In 1T74. entller than th" declaration or the constitution hers they met, said the speaker, your own fitate hearing a mast respectable part, and wise men ftufH oh ftft* of Ik* Age oi he lbe-e ft" dXu rLm7aw* h. r. they laid h<r. iney formed the t nlon"^ u' A1u,1,"rl;"?' fj' '?2? Hue! th- word* of Plinth ,', 5 the Atlantic. I consider America. I fiiot ta .7'Si 7'"m1""1, Wheu tyaUied" Mr. MVh?Ur ?aid th. / l,brrt/ to Ub r wbdorn in our c uncH* or n i l,,/ f"r p:,tf"T ha. never been . nation .uiTr or ^ ,,ur there ? had once in hia life seen the atatue of^th^ ' " th "e i where there was everjJim, ar. rn d L ^ *7"' u,"?' I What he had -? c?.-S,illTo7n Kt^un "'n '' h?f heard from thore marble I in, >,,,?? ?" hn I that apeakta*"* jA?** X^^Sl ! city. loo. renowned for >o mnnv ,v mail able in the history of the eountrV n'T* I"' 1 J?mlue. was declared; and he remembered S'e il the emphatic mwrtion of the** patriot*?'\>ur cauae la just. and our union i* perfect K ead it ail I jurVe',1 ' "-M y?U Wl11 fl?U ,hU " " tou. d,"i upon a Civil end religion* inborn U 7* ut^lZTr^r* nvcrythingThat^cal'**"? *"J ?'??X J '"'iK that ran excite patriotic emotion>>.. SE*?p^^?ar55 ? &siv&; nihil ..I in-,., ? / . lr.lai' there in uo duiixrr, 1* not a h7t .l!ere ,;a7K.r;hTj,',t; . Thl""*? <*?"*" now t?? which flu* *r*jik<?r teiliidtVt'u*?***** ituutio. Tirrd ?Tf.d- r-aa:: matter and the crush"J lo'rld. w^evcrobldcr'ah^'Aft* S^i^^SXgSffSS f, '.'J' r '.''f'u. who had introifuced the I?i,-nidrnt *'?! i ^ | people for tiie Uianncr in which Ui^'h^l J4nk'''! 'J"1 I constituted authoritiea ofthe nation^t^Tl !?* spirit pnaTihhv "^thinf passed off with the heat THE TRIP FItOM PHILADELPHIA TO AMBOY. 1 hroui our own Heporter ] rihl i 1 i'Y nnJ tli8 1"'rty' "^""M-anicd by the h ladilphia Umoittee of Arrangement. left Camden yesterday morning, in a special train, at a ^arter-past n>ch V r7 7' l"n Wi"Utl'' '? ,"n ?'elor!t- the ???? kmik-J mirhngton. where h crowd win &**! a cOLciud d ihh h1''- !tf? Patriotism ile 1 '"T ? ,rjsr- *" we liwe0' th* *uJ 'be constitution under w!iich ' ontlf'JvTZZrcmi^ Attorney General. waa?Uo calle.1 ! i i'tiie V ,r UV r,,'r " "<? w'l"tJa KtS Wove. , ,,e?:Ut b'' '"-""'"ine the lawn o. '^r cfi I'* ni i *, ^ "'country i* founded upon prrn ^?!srsrs-j~v;:r'n ?"?^ss TU- KXCIWION from MW lojZii To AMBOY, A\? THE RKT'CRM. ^ eat ?H:?y tc rninrf. at ten o'clock, the Director' of the ' Erie Itaiiroad Company, and the Common CounrU. pro twJed in the beautitui boat Etio, Capt. SI ay bee, beloiur. ft* ofUu7h,?r'" nbhertff?ci!^Hedf" 'nrIu<tin< meniVM I K^:r-r?sr,s Ena-sa -s - ??r? SuiCK e?j >1 ment of a >S|M ,Vf'?K ? to c-ompiete the rimncTthe^ wt o . ^ , P V'r""Kh S,st-" *?'?* j;?'tTO.d Company, who I^S-hV^ tlfhe' RStSF%t^K' ^ I ?um r't .rv of HJ^i *^a ' .,tr;,>ani<d by bauM Webeter, J; ,^,n. 'iKTSm/W J!S: f. . * ' i ft Fid ( < II, U, < > ti (.otic ii? : J'li.iid al.hia ?. a 'he p.H;r^^ ZZ'k " at A,nb0> Wh,B Ana' ment'. forth'-' New SkTi'i'1'1 '? mn-i;1 - f ' h ? -t'VrTeilcirS f^i." ?> ?.? r_ Bl'KWH or MB. LKUPT. r^Std'F1!*'' ?v "" ? * J y 1,1 f ( " *of \ n il- |r?. luu - * havi! a l-f Ii I'l OB- ctl I V Vi 7.". 7" ' th|" ?"??>. 'r. ?ith th.-A;" 7r:".',? *, -? uk.; t ??t >> n i j'#jM ,, .. , . . v v fl"tifi< 14 ft f?f"j* r aptire tie; >.#,. eoI|i,d iT" Udi '" v '" " uhte {v,v^r..nXl.Gu,;,r v-7 * WH- , ?1 -?-? ' ?K^..rhllVa7.r',!r?l ef''t"?T" Lmam* O? re-ponded, to the follow! Il( M'iECIt f?F THE f'HKSII'KJrT 1 leg t.i return j v, air. aid tin i namni' ?? >f Arr?r;* ?i tot. n> f llm i l> 'ltd tlir-mgh ? i? i.i tin lorer ? ? ? i( ' ? i Irk Hailroad t ? mp ii), for (l? tir/ c?t tal wel .me ywa In ' ftnn ii' at a my ???"< tat.-, I i?tit> a; iee i*t. | II. |). i t it ? ilorrruie Im. no* ?" tiaiptli cmnh I Vrinw w Ml1' difflenlU... en l.r *11 1 < it fill i In Von I In the a- ?? ntpbakmoat utt'uMi j i ri nit worV ?? ii it I* 11 tin' rfjii "it I .il 11 ? .?! il i ii ar.l if IMrertor". tliattkoeni f "Be r of th> Bali ?* .It'll ret. ?i.,?. it. I Ma tho moat f??*It and t'io ereat ? ? rk of the kintl ? tkio > m.'merit an i In the w?rXl. Wit' ktit i'?i" oti'oftiiuo. 1 hi > i| t .1 it Clittft# th. ?r *' Ink ? with lot' "i??n; j ? ?. i tint it ?Maw ' ' r aiattl fli'taolllik rreM I ulna 1 need out ??j f i,?? I f-te' pr -nit of an Ml.iti' mrtt in nn naii. ?.*????, ?liioN ? 1*- ili tut) *? d t'lri, ?ml otrength to th ?ln?lo cunntr) (I " I 'ah? /'reald<nt on- then insruliicct fnthe ae*eral mom Itr ?f tlioi'. nuii'ii ('.nn-il on I to tho nthrf |no<U of tlif Mmrtnro. .baking eaeh cordially !.( liio li.unl in tk. lnt"l WBaft'iird aimpto tnanin I . III |?' I 111 III|( ? filtioua centrist with the pomp of royalty In ? ft'W mimi'. t ofiiTth fl iMilit and hia cabinet rami- on board. tlio in1 ttaitd fur N'wVtik. returning lay the nutoMo |.n .agi A iii'irniftn nt diiiiir wo* wmd up in tlio afh r raiiln. uf which tbo I' and ralainot and in ?ittd nut .to I' lrti. k. and much irrdil l? duo to tlio Mi ward Mr Pimmona tir tin- e*.'?!|cnt arrangement Mr l.ttl.r I'mldrtt of tho Erie It ail mad t'ompanr pit'-iiitd \S ii. n dinner *i? uvrr, Ilarth I Wotntor, in |i?.it|t'K ' tit. I'nid hio n apeota to the ? | irti r? who a? at a table aiipruprtatad to Uwtnaolro* Addicting tho reporter', ho oald ?"IkonUomen. I hope, aftt r jour lit< r?ry lalcr"yni will take tho neeeatary trorrttlM an t n troah tiw Intrf ttuin I trwot yon will enjoy y our at I too. pent it mon Tbo n port.n then drunk tlio hoalth <f th" gndlik I'miifl, ? hioh waa tho only health drank on tbo oroa a Ion i nt r tninjt ahrt not of Furl Hamilton, tho fort delivered Ita thundrrin htantlful at)lo?tho ita?h and thon each wldto. fit oojr I'loud of tnu ko whoring In tho loud out tf tho lotted Mate* artillery. loot Diamond f.d ItiWi d anil, mid tho t rhooa :r m tho Platen laland ahore frt till ? d tho ftt.oat effect The l.nit'd Btnte* cnttef atiry. lying t ppoalto Hi lilutia' Itoof and beautifully dooo ratid with ftae? no\t aaltlM tho 1'ro.idriit with tho aiuirp hard ditrbgfgoa uf hof gttna of amallor mlibro Tht ii llodlnw'a Island and thon lnfrfMr'a l.-taml Ma?rd away. and. la?tly. tlio Hattory flaahrd forth itaaalntaAiona fVt to tlio rannon t f tho old ttti'tlM uf 1771 Mingiod with Iho roar of artiiltry woro tho ohoora of fifty Uion aaiid mon frt tu tho Hntti ry and ('aatlo llariJon. Inoludlng nlno tluuaatid of 1 ho Militia uf tho Urat Dlrnl'ii It w?? a grand and a hrillant .ighl?tho ritirono and tlH olliroa atddiory uf tho i inpiro oity of tho gNMWt MUM 'ho world aaat mhlod to do Iintliafi n"l tn a man. but to tho imlaallmt nt of tho glorioua piinrlplt'O Of republican ?n. ti rutiu nt Hu? h waa the acene. aa pr-aontod to nttr ropnrtor on board Fahtnlned ta tho acono. aa ethlbltod to oor ro porter, on land. Tho Reception In Row York. APFKAItAHCB OF THI HATTFUY. From Iwelro o'eioek unlll the arrlral of tho Proaldont and anite nt tbatle Oardon. tho Battery prraontad a o?ry pie tore..| ne and interoatlng appoaranro. The traoa woro In full loaf, and tho promonadoa waro thronged with mili tary and eltiiona to tho nombor <f at Torn! thnnaamla Tbo apoetaclo which tlio Battery pro wo to* I to an oh mill from (actio Hardin waa fery -Iriling The manhing and counter marchirg of thotroopa, tho hand playing, the banner* (lying. an<i the drum.' bnUta? combined, funned a w cui1 whirh is rarely witnessed im New York. In J> ed. we had nothing like it foc*e?t* ral year* paat. CASTLE GARDEN. From a? early an hour a* eleren. citizen* flocked t# Caetie (lardeu in great duimIh?i*, for the purpiate of wit nessing the urrlvai of the head of the nation Thsrw were also present the managing committee* of the Whig uinl B< itocratic Committees. and of public bodies wluah were to take part in the procession The t hief of 1'oUce. Mr Mat-ell. and Captain SBrie. at the First ward wer- in attendance, w ith an ample farae, to prefer*e order, TUelr arraugemeut* were *erjr com plete, and the consequence was. that the programme at arrangement*. *o far a* they related to Uaetle Genjoee, *n* \ery satisfactorily carried out THE ATI-ROACH OF THE PRESIDENT, At aliout half-past one o'clock, the boomiug of gmn? front Fort llauiilton annouuced to the multitndea aawm bled on the Battery, and in Castle Garden, and tm the street*, docks, and pe r- in the neighborhood, tfcafc the host on which Mr Fillmore and suite euthnrknd Ht Ami- y was approaching the city Gun after irun wna fired, until the Vt smT, with fl.ig* and *t runners "r>a? came ailhin *igbt of the people of New Yiwk. WVro da reared the city, the fort on Governor'* and lUatlow* Island* opened their iron mouth*, and in a voice of Ifcua der proclaimed that Mr Fillmore and hi* fhandt would, in a few minute*, land lit Goth.iui THE LANDINQ. At two o'clock the steamboat reached the Inn Bffg place of Castle Garden ovar which was suspended ? Usmmoth national flag. The steamer was brought to gracefully, and the President an i hi* distinguished ana panion* disembarked, and were encoded to the stag* at Castle Garden,and occupied tin- prouiinet place* asngand for their use While diseml>?ikiiig, a uistiomd m''di was fired by the troop* on the llattery THK SCENE II CASTLE OAttilbS. On reaching the stage, Mr. Fillmore w%* inlrsluced t? the a**< inbinge by Mayor KIoriUuJ Three cheor* far Millard Fillmore were then given Mr Kim*i ami thi n welcomed BresiJ-ut Fillmore, and addresood him us follows ? ? SITECH OF THE MAYOR. Mr. I'reaideiit?I shall aver conwder it one of the most ac ceptable lienor* of my uflioe. that by ui) ocmpaacy of 11, ad tins time, it become* my pleasing duty aud ioj high privilege to be the flr .t person to ?clo<>nic j?u home to your nativg (State, in the first hour whvu yon tread it* anil a* Vr-wdomt af the United State*. It is not many monihi (1 believe it is bardl) a year) *ince J were last on New York i-rownd. You left then, not as a i-nt at* citizen but in an honoraMa office?an office second to I ut one in Ain-rira. By the nag of Cod, in removing a irnersbie patriot and hern,?whaaa death y on, - well a. we and the w Cab uatimi, yet lament, ? son hat- since been elevated from that aecond station la tba iiiihc.t in th- government of the I nited Mote*. Wo, year fellow e iti'en* of New York, proud of your olcvation, and cordially approving of your conduct in it, now aaoet yna here, on your first return, to give you a glad and hearty "welcome homo.' Aud with you we joyfully welcome the illustrious member* of that able administration with which you hat * surrounded jovr-' If. among whom we reoognam the eloquent defender of the constitution, the glory and boas' <f the nation New York this day open* to youaaewrnata tr< in the ocean to the lake-. (Cheer*. ) The Mayor then took the band of the President, and said :? " Fe.ton citizen!1 The President of th - United StataW ' Lend and enthusiastic cheering followed this intro duction of President Fillmore to the assembled muMt tude The Paraioaav replied a* follows ? CREECH OF THE PRESIDENT. Mr Mayor, and fellon eitu*n??I have neither aba vain* n-r the language to ezir??? the gratefvl emotions of mtf heart for tl.i* tcrdial rreeption of the cilitena of tay nabiwa State. IITint tie a da* on which you l ive reason ta ean gratolate youraelve*. bow much more rraeon have I ta da an, the cocet of a city which 11 the grand emparium af tha I'nion. whoee commerce wl.iten* every s-a. aud slush it naw teiit. i ted w ith the last link of the West. (Great cheeviegm I congratulate you. fellow eitirrn*. tin** we now at awl on consecrated ground. II-re, in this city, the " il W s l in .ton took hie brat oath to support the of, ipterrat, and ren-nn of tl.v cosntry. (ill ?|p!sur- ) A?l ru?, *.?# *.4h:r?. ticfi of tha I nited .States; litre th? tir*t t <?ugr?M Kwmhlil and hers I wf tin* Mm? tity, and pitriMitni, ->? bright Mat a> trtlliant asthry wrconthat ausptaioa* d*> (<?rial tf |>l.?u f ) It I coii.ii, for a uctiatiit, upnropnat?thane liiam t< TTi>**lf, 1 should feci oierwheitucd by uiy forhugv; bui I know it la not ibt?u Jtd fur m?. Voice*?'Y o?. \ o# 1 know that thi* exhibition of fcclicg aad patriotism u awl? atioidract of your devotion ta your country, and ?f y?ar |ojiIt> to the "Union. (Orvtt spplavm:.) Mr. Uaytr. >am ha\? dmi# th* not lr ?ptnt?. wttli wl um I skhoc twtud, us ttu ?r tl *u jiiMtice, lu attributing to th?*m all that I Urn atlc to actoinpliaih t^r the b ?nt nt of our iusmm nova tr> and, tir, 1 btcluitta retsra *?? you, aad tbrwmliptm to ti '? citlzrna of thiN cr* at rity, my moat cr?.t? toi Ihwki^r t r.'-r tlx- in "?l tr/i?f < r sitneai at ill tkati trsa !? thrmarfraa, Irsa to H? caaititutioa. and trut to tha countrr I a#aia rtrturn and tli* in. my irratafal a?*kn-)*? ie?un.i nu. M !i< n llic Prraiclrot r??nclud?'d hia rrmarkn, wrrr l.'Uil calla of * Webster,'* and. in rotnptii vltk tl ft $*'-rctarjr of dute ui^dc ? ftw i ui.trka Mr Wiami raid, *V\b\U <?l Til* im PA MEL VTik?T**. FrllwV C'tti. rni -CnJtf tao tirtl&ii(inc',i is whicb I an I i .?<? d, it * ill I f | rop*r for bp to say whnt I liar* ta aaf a very Ipw ri-itirki. \ u? bait m*< Dillrd here to five a j?v dial v rlcomr. aa yon have don-, to thr CM of M ?i;i?arata af th?* < ouatry. A1..1 in th* in\itation which uaa-xtradadta, you ha v 1 l?*?n pioMtvl to in> in J- tiio?p of u.? who 1ro \ in in ta <Mm i har^ma tl * duties of lua admmifttration. It would ?o4fai dt - ? r u? tor bp to ?piak of bim v? be deaorvr*?of lua drro It; ?ii to thr cat of the I ni. n. find 01 (bat ?iu*l* irartrf ^?uith uluvh I Irlirvo he |?urau,!? what he thinks I 'Wj _ rrhajif f Bfef v?t ti re to aay that on all gr^tt national qn.*?t|i>na?ia it thin* tt 1.eking tl.a Jubti- wolfare of ?uvntry* the atal iKiy i4 tAtv t'sion hdiI uf the con?(it?Ma^ Uior? !??*? sever Ik on tin olighteat (liff^reneo. ia lu.ikinr c>?r proriref fr m l.ake Em- to the south, wr nui evryhody tamt rocnt, that wt?uld come to the eity ee JSt w V?rk| (lor it 1# very difficult c* ntl*m*u, for ami I* t^to travel InmHiiPoi aud lition'a line to ?New KuImm an I Jlyrum river, without pa^iug tiirough New YerkJ tor l.? r? it lie* in our uay. sad wilt n -t move (l.argeaoe/l 1 iiif city. then. in err w ay. H> must |>a?e through it. wud tr< -i(ke its air; .nd fr r my part gent let*ien, It is an ur w l u ll, r r the last few mouths, 1 love to inhale. Una I mtriork attn>>*pi.ore. (A|>|iauee ) l onetitntioaal hreuaeu t ?n 11 < \i t) day. tl. asii ?i lilerty w arun it ev?rv day. Mid ton t)'.>ii?ai* I II.-v r*. ot ever? hue and odor, yield the ft* grni ? and tl.e patrtotir glow of ??*m??? ? ?i? ?????*limeoto od' ri nifnt'W I o|e? ami piirf><>Mtta, I',* ryhody that |?%t?a the I iii.'ii and the Mar el t iie I'liioii, l<?i "i to ootne to New York. (A|t !**!??- ) In tiiat rrvpect. e ntl. in o, your great and II u?i*lm 1 nt city ia the load etar. and her breath swsafc uti A ni so n.iiy it n*rlif. A Ml tii*> this rapt metropolis, now counting many Imndrod*, of tt-t'iiaawda of indnetrioiwi aud hapl y P opln long roniiuue I wish (hat thoao liahupuw p|'?rit nil *ar ?iz, at?eJ ' d wi'h thine* aa they are, wt*add ihdtit Tlij Would aeauredl) he U*uetitt*.Ml by it, awd I think ttcy ?' Wswld fin I it a rrewe *1 ? ear?>ii.iiinnieaie the iflren " f(tf*%t Una? Ur ) I lelieve ihat too?? who eh??ik p? wytkewg a - wi"i k. North and Nwwth? whs t? ink t'?? ? 1* u?t s em try v trtfi livitag in, cr w h?*s* in*titu(a ?*# ar ra worthy ti a?? ? f ?it to |?fwee?vu?I th*nk if they wera te n ma here, they w< 1 d p?v kiio hear w hat would 1 rit g a ?mile of eompl ioei??ar ? the vlasge Gtatltusia I Iklll yuu I own t n ? ? mil r ? lot i r lanUMerahU luataa ss of the conud* aes aaid vrd wl ir h P n mn tnnuity ban ae? n ft to ? ? tei.?l V* v.i u*?r %? ?p all I d*p rved (lewtleuien, I thaak y * ar l, thvt imm y* u. tl ? flti -ens ??f New York, af all j rri .????*, and d? nominal!me eounm ? i-a altku -wl ut' i.?dt 'the 1 of tliee Mate>. and in tl.e nowsil t t?? n ai d one ana ail freely entitle I U> re< rive u?y moat t. vital than Vs. (V' heNteut ol-trU* ) lit ro tli ro wttr I' U l < *11* fur tiratmin tud for Oitlnei den. ah n ut 1? rgth tVr i piiiimia, ih' Attorney General, faaic fofiafd ftfel mivl? srKrcm or m*. rRimmRg. N on* f t n dotiM yn r h- p.tality ? r !> i.idn s. The ewl d? neeA are rtervwhi rs urwwn j me. Hot t" i*?*ke % apeeefc to yew t?r w tea *?rt of emalty, ir.?Tii aim h I hen ta 1 ' ? 1 ? S ' t?r ? I r -. .? 1 by RURft m>uuayow have jnet heard, w i>at h*ve I left t<? aav f Only Pi, that at 11 try star* ait ?< I li ft M a-l inaton, I hues heard tHp I'fnidfll cMffru, not with the personal *??olaUoa rm ?t< r.'J tor? > *lty. hnt with an tni! onapOe pntrioli-oi thu( tmm nwly ej rti g fTtjn free rn?f r> pwhhomi heart* I hare m*m I ?tr? gr*et? d with an ur?i?*f th ?t a fr-eman n?tgl t fee! prowd ef, i* I *% p .irtof regard aa the higheet reward of Ma daaa Inn t" h* 'owutry. It wa? the evnlWwg. gl?*n ?n* fbaitng that l a ??? Ihf rxtpvfii* of the law* of flue area* eonfede I, Mmnu at all hazard* (Tp'ma a da ft* sheer in# I And gt*nti*ma^ tf werhawld *1 < r eeaae to fovj that law ?? liberty, nat aha - 1 1 ' hi. rf > it *. it. what would baeawia of ua aa u rati >n. ard what * old errn you, fitirena M ^ ork, te. 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In fifty yesra haaee, what pom ti? n will tha t nited State# attain, tn all human pr it ahall?pf Eye liath not ?e? a. n??r ear heard, nor the mind of maw aaw eelifd. what this country will bfewms ia half a rentnrp. if ? rr--o ? ? haia dour, and will do, m e* Ctt rtl?m-n. I hart almoat made a er*eoh-naot<hteei U thing I dread short all othara. (Kenewed langhdes ) 1 Mglit. p? rho|>e. tike the Indian, to eoier up mt trackm but I ha>e nut time even for that. I hvpa yon will mn and bury in r t livion s-y imp* rTectioa*. 1 shall eaaelwd# bp t? i d? ting tn Wie (itiv us of Now York m> heer*falt thanks for the 1 hkia? tha aceidnetal honors, fhey bait ? anfreeM upon ma. 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