Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 15, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 15, 1851 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. \ WHOLE NO. 6778. MORNING EDITION?THURSDAY, MAY 15, 1851. PRICE TWO CENTS. unnnum MJUWERY THEATRE.?BOXES, 25 GENTS; PIT, 12* 13-* cents: Scald in Orcheetra Boies, 00 cants.?Doom open Kt7; to oomuitBcn at half past 7 o'clock.?Thursday ove wing, May 15th, will bo iiriHiUil the play of the MOUN TA INKERS, or l.o\e and Madness?Ortavfan, Mr. llamblia; <"o?iut Virolvt, Mr. l'ope; Bulcaiiu Muley, Mr. Ttlton, Sadi, Mr. Jordan: Flnrantlie, Mine S. Deaia; Zerayda, Mra. Wal ? ot: Arum. Miae Iliflert. To aonelude with the drama of the 'WIZARD OT THE WAVE, or the Shin of the Avsngor ?t)ou Jose del Sin debar, Mr. Ttlton; Charles Fanlknrr. Esq., Mr. E. Eddy; Ilrnry Bolford, ?Br. Hamilton; Timothy Treacle, Mr. Jordan; Donna Ieabinda. Jane Wemyss. BURTON'S THEATRE? CHAMBERS STREET. REAR of the City Hall.?Donee, Drcea Circle and Parquet, SO r ente: Family Circle or Second Ti r, 25 ccnta; Private Boxo*. '.ed and Ja>: Unhestra Scute, j:, oente. Doore upon at aquarter yolbt 7; to begin at a quarter before M o'clock.?Thumday evening, May 1A, will be played the comedy of WII.D OATS -S:r George Thunder, Mr. Burton; Harry Thunder, Mr. Tlolman: Rover. Mr. J. W. I.eeter Ephraiin Smooth, Mr W. K. lilakc: lady Amaraath. Mra. Racrrll; Amelia. Mra. IIu{hca. Freiiuua to the farce, Echoea of Erin, an Iri-h Stew. by a Trench Cook. To conclude with the SCHOOL IFOR THIERS. "SKTATIONAL THEATRE, CHATHAM STREET-BOXES, It 2n cunts: Pit. i^X cenl.a Private Boxes, AS. Boora open at 7; curtain roes at half-pant 7 o'clock -Tliuraduy eve aiiug. May P. will be ureaented the grand fairy spectacle of THALABA.TllK DESTROYER?Thalaba, Mr. C. K.Thorue; Mchareb, M;. Brandon; Zalem, Mr. Stafford; Ali, Mr. La Favor; .ilafiha, Mr. Thompson: Mouth, Mr. C. Taylor; Samba, Mr. L. J''ox; Sulemaa Khan, Mr. MUluge: Oneita, Mlae E. Meatayeri Spirit of tie murdered Zeinah, Mrs. bautoovllle; Aoratoon, Alias Mali ins: Ahduldnr, Mr. Marah ; Okba. Mr. Duuu; Kc.wla, Mr*. U. P. Grattan. The eniertainmenta to com mence with the laughable farce of VICTIMIZING. M'LLI JENNY LINO'S GRAND FAREWELL CON CERTS IN NEW YOKE, g'minus to her visit* to Niagara FalU, Western New York, ".lie, Canada, Boaton, and her fiaal departure fo. .f.u rope. The public are respectfully Informed that theae Concerts Will VERY SOON CLOSE. THE FIFTH GRAND CONCERT will take place at TRITLIR 1IALL, ON FRIDAY EVENING. MAT IC, rr OGHAMMS ? PAIIT I, fit crture?( Prcilosa ) ? Weber. Dual?"Par'sr, Spiegar," (Most) Rossini. Sunorl Sail i and IJelletti. T.ecitative?" Crmlele." Aria?" Non mi dire." (Don (<Toviinni) .Motart. Mn.i.i:. Jk.vkv Lisu. Tautauia on the Piano Forte De Meyer. Mr. Hoi] in an. < avatlna?'* l argo al factotum." (II Itarbiere)., . Rossini. Slgnor Uellettl. Recitative?"O ni"i fedcll." Sceua and Aria?"Mala sola'" (Beatrice di Tends) Bellini. Mulls;. Jim Limp. pabt II. Overture?(Lestorq,) Auher. Trh?" Fatal momcnto," (Roberto 11 Diavolo) Meyerbeer. Mm.La. .1 uai Lind. Signors Salvi and liclletti. Polonaise?(Struensce) Meyerbeer. J'rayer?"I'nd ob die wolke," ( Der FreyshuU) Weber. Mm.l.a. Ju*v Lifts. iSceua and Aria?" Al quest 'anitna oltraggi ata," (II Templario) Nitholai. Signer Sulvi. C'id German Spring Song?the last composi tion or Mendelio.uhn?" The dreary winter is uow gone." Mm.1.1. Jr.isv Liun. The Bird Song Taubert. Mm.La. Jkvmv Limd. Conductor M. BxxxntCT. A GRAND ORCHESTRA, combining the first musical talent in America, numbering Dearly ONE HUNDRED PERFORMERS, Los been engaged for these concerts. Au an ti >n lor the choice of pla ca will take place this morning, at Iripler llall. The price at tickets has baen fixed at $.1. 82. and SI eaeh. According to location; and all of these tickets entitle too iiolders to nrMhcna aecuring their seats. A specific numb, r of tickets will lie allotted te thepuhlie press, beyond w hick there will be so vki:s tickkts for nny person, or coder any pretenrv whatcoever. The low prices at whiil tiikets have been fixed must render this rule abso lutely peremptory. Two offices for the sale of tickets will be opened at TKll'LER HALL, And at Jolllr's Music More, :*? BROADWAY, overy day, except the Sabbutb, from 7 A. M., to 9 P. M.. vhere diagrams may be seen, and scats senumu. flic few remaining Farewell Concert* will bo given nn Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at ca*tu Gvrd*u. or a* Triplcr Hall, as will be announced. D ore open at O,1. o'clock. The Conocrt commence! at 8 O'clock. Book! continuing the words of the songs may be obtained at tile door -1 rise, US I cnts each. THE SIXTH GRAND CONCERT will b* given in CASTLE GARDEN. On Monnav Evx.nne. May 19th. _ 1* T. BARNUM. JENNY l.IVD AND THE WOOD'S FAIR?TUTT :.L N ?plendi'l Opera Clause* are now selling olf rir ?t ">ri<c? on a par wltli the importer'? i?i. ?' -rl ? 1 r ? only "cetrrt t Hkaneae" of Jenny f it-c i y i ot, -, d thmngfa those aw potior glasas I, and n" on ?n .H >tt ad her Concerts without nno. Every tra> ? Ii r i tlra World's lair nbonld b* provided, as they will be ? un i of great advent tga en,d superior to the spv glass for vt?wiag*oart scenery, ships find o'ljri ta at aea. Tor sale at TUT l'LE'8 Emporium of Tuncy f .i adv. Novelties, etc., NT", Broadway. JENNYLIVD'S FAREWELL CONCERT TICKFT- I OR ail the rmnining Concerts, may be had at II. lilliNk .Bookstore. Broadway, where orosre lor tiokcts for any Convert may be left. TENNYLIND'H GRAND i UNCEH1 FRIDAY "I even eg May til.?Ticket! for choice otatt to anv i ?r'- nf the hone". C r 'i.? above Concert, ran bo had at B.tRTl I.TT it W El luRITS Uookstore, No. 7 Au. r House. Keineai' er ?o. 7. CltlCK ETS fllR JENNY LI K D'S (>K A N D CONCERT AT J. Ti.pb r Stall. Friday twmusuL May M ? "Rtolee teat! to all rnrta ot the bou?" lor sale al .1 .HJL ES to BROTHER f> Aliteic St?re. R-'? lir adv.ay. Rcmeiubor the mimbarSltd. rpiCKETS FOR J F. NNY LIND 8 FRIDAY E Li nlng C nt rt at Triplcr II, II ? A fe chol e'e tany be had at the bookstore of Adrlaare. dberman V C />? . 2 Alt, r house, epp 'Site tbc Mueonm O ROUGH AM'* LTCRI M? BEN EFIT OF M'LLI LOU, -K fine," itarre.- Mini > Daey Barro liaa the hoaur of tafonntng t ? ladtoo nad s-ntlemea af Nm Ys?k. l.vf Art t l e?>< ta Aindnca will lake place on Tt nw-C ay ec u i. May IStl w) en -he will appear, for the first inn- her . in . r ? < traced role of Eleor de < Champa, in the ballot of 1.1 ttllf II DANl'BK. 1b the rour?e ol the creates. M lie Dm ? B?"t will dance new dates, and, f< r the arst tin,''in A'ecu a. the lelebrated LA M.tNUI.A. But buck row open. , MKANOUUk JV1 LTROPOMTAN HANK THIS HANK WIU, TiiH J?l in a ii i a It . dna Iky, tin III', Inataal It No, UtTili Hi ?*. WillM*lllt?r hi wlma IliU I oak l? Pra ia ted \<j rrtiitt uneomiit ???;. J. E. WILLIAMS, Caihior. or N TiItTIJ AMERICA.?N EW VORK. 8tTI, JJ I J J 1'lah. IV(., han, .'r, tirtd from tho atV" ol ."rnoldrat af t'.lo ii.ititkti. ii, on ? not of 111 hoaltb, Wil ttr. I'. If t lemtttr, Eaq , Laa btoa aiianim-in-l y alortrl Ik -.ill Iht ?? ill). J. SKTMOIR. Caih'rr. BHOAllWAV nA M. NIH' TORN. MAT J, iHrtl.-DITt d'ad. A aami-aaaaal illvt-lriii of | |.or r?nt ?paa ? \.hr capital at?, V of till* B ink out i?l tho pr -t't* ol lh-.o?t ,*i* month* will ha paid to tht ???( k?i->' lnr? o* cad attar tho j Jutii day t?f May Inotont Tha trifprr knob will M c?. m4 hr ki tli Mb I- tho leUiiniloAtt. By j. t. KTmirr, ca.v ot. VOHK MOATING OKI" lltM'K COMMAMV ?A I of At* f >r oont ? n Iki riyml ttmi ??? tin# ?-..mpi ly tik# h;ea MtlmlMt *1 th? #?r*l?t? lor t '<? ?'Br voat *l*|krh,l a, *? and albar tha I'Hh day ? ' M?y ji?*t. T>- tr>n?!.-r I ? "k will b? ltM#4 (Mtk*,!! Niyta tbodar ?< AI? rit i?t. r i?#lt, Hi trd?t?ftli !'? irt ?f D II V I II. T. M t!M?N. !> fr, IITNASIAVn AGEMCV.-i III". I or 1 I r? I it ?, .i' ? i? ? , : In ill iMU-n i?|.. i.n'k Ml lead- i?Ti*i# kkt parti,'ulatly I* t i . ' ai d | r .rnri pc'aat* for ? ?* oaino i of nm mad-rale, and il |.t v> I# l*?? clt> lilnrBfl *>>tl ii ?# k# -Mi. A44; m it. o. cati i. rr. i??it*?. t. i.?, < aniCACO cm* loan.?ar.ii.iD proposals will L" br ror? irt It tin Mayor ? la Uf eity of I'hlt ir,, ru.d ?t th# It- ? of Atri >?n A 8 H. In Ilia Hty of N?w fork, iiatrl If l?? day of June ml, 'or a loan of Ttronty ?Avo Tl u I Dillaro, for a t. rtn u -t am radiai ton y-?n. T i? koadi '" ioo??d in oanto of ant l?? thajt n?o hintird 4< lltf* aaoh. at >k intorroi of aorta pat ooatnt* for oooia, yiriMi ?. o. annually, and prlatlpa aod Intoroat | at bit at Hi* An,on<an t'.?<han*r lino* in Now T> rk nr at tho af a i.l ti>* I ty Trraanrcr. la Cki- n#o. B> ordor ?f lh* C >at B. -t> Council, __ WM S. filrRN *.K. Matut. CluaayTwaill. P^m rNN8M.VA.MA HAll.iinAO?NOTICE TO C()N trartoro ?fropaaala nil) karcoalrod from tk? 9tk t>> tho ilth of ^oot Hit, at J'hn#to*n and Summit, for tSa fVodta* and maoonry of that rart of tii* mcintaia dlri*l?a of tho IV n, vWania rnilr ?,l I . tno. n Alt ma. la lllair ?#atiy, and I riaalo'a I*.'lat, a Ion ailloa halow JofTor* >n, la Can.lrU. a diatanoo r.f ltAnill<-?. Tho road nithla tlila ?li-ton,f tit 1 rrt'oa tho Alloahany moontalna, oar..nnt?fina #naiooftho ho i?io?t rrtdlaa nforod In tMo oonatry laal Oil i, a to a i ; mhor of aitanalit rnttin(i. raitinkiarnti. and ruinrt?. lb r* trill bo on* tnaaol 1,3*' yarda in l?n*th at tha mi',.mi' of II .? monalnia, aad another of 3*) yarda thronth I'rinfla'k T< int. T'-rma ra#h. monthly. For forthor Infor mation. ajfly to Rdnard Millar, R"|.. Aaaoolato Rn*inoor, ;ilairat illv. Indiana "oonly, or to Strtcklaad Karaaa, I*. A. Euiimrr. A'.toa*. Klairaonntr. " J, KDOAR THOMSON. Chiaf Rnaino'r r,. ? tor I'M"?rtm t I' II R 1 I'lnladtlyhla, May I 1 ill 4t'>fl fUtn TO LOAN, tr ?!\ I'FR CENT INTF tJloV'jI't'tf root, (la on# *n,n.) on H-od and M.rt. a*ao. on yi d, < tin- Rial 1 ?!*'?. In thla rlty Apply lo JOHM r. t ON REV, No. It If all atroot, comar of rfrj.nd. ?m. 1 'all (Win I'M' "N H"M> AM' M"RT V a t/V/y vft/v Kayo, ' a pro<ln<llt? T"i?l oatala In thia ?If. It ? ill l^lonaad at *1* por oont lnl#ri??. ant In mm# ? anil appiniinta. Applytnf.R ItKOA l?, II It all atroot. in tho Croina W atot ??,#. baaomont. mjrtfiwu i Kmonrr ok sola a r<>. commission mir rhtnt*. PriieiHt,l'y\it rn\%. Orenorkfo.. St. Tbomaa. tr !? Millar, Sand A Rlora, Now Tori: T W Bruno A Bona. Baltlmora: Ooaalor A Co., Jloatoa; Frnl lina A Ornaohoo, London: John A. Orooao A Co.. Broanoa: Carriaoa A Co.. Rromaa; John Maaon A Ca.. IP .tladalfhia. THASSPORT A I'ltlNi rHHTN NSVI V AN IA RAILROAD COMPANT ARK NOW I foroaa lina yooda to nttahirah In Art daya, from I'hila >to1phiaLat tho billawlaa Inw ratoa, oia.:?Flrot Claaa? Dor Ho?da. Fhroa. Hato. Ao. SI nor HW Iba. Saooad Claaa? flaloa llronn Maaliaa, Orooorloa. Ilardwaro. A'-., A oia. por I'ti ||a 'Third?tjiioonawaro. Coffoa, Tin. Ao A) o?nla for V*Hba Fourth Aahaa, Tar. FitrS, Ar . AV ota par lit) Iba. No o-m mi#aloaa rharaod for roaatotna or fornardina aooda at Phita Ilolpbia or I'lttaharih OoodarromNaw Tor*. Boaloa. or aat ?.f ll,o Faatom manafactnrlas oompanlaa. to laaoro do#ant?b t" Pittoi.nMh, aad all parta of tho yroat Waat. ah 'nld ha ron#ianod to M. II Houatan, ffiaht Ayr at Prnnrylrawtf Nailooad C',,maany. 774 and 77* Martot atroot. Philadelphia ?? 1 AOB.N k CATODB, Aetata, Caaal Baaia, Pitubt r# AKUIBBCRTI. Broadway theatre-doors open at a quar ter past 7; surtaia riaei at quarter to 8. Drrsi Ciiole aail Parquet, SO cants; Family and Third Circle*, 2.5 cents; Gal lery, 11'>, cents.?Thursday Evening May lft.wlll be present ed the grand romantic, operatie Fairy hpectaale oftlie VI SION OJT T1IK SL'N-Koran, Miss Andorton; Tacmar. Mr. Whiting; Ontaupae, Harris; Oratr.uma, Mr. Hill; liualaa fapac, Mr. Fredericks; Tyeohroa, Hignnr Carlo: Genii of the llarp, Miaa Olivia; Rnnao, MUa A. Goughenhetm. Ocella. Bias J. Gaughenbuim. Previous to the Spectacle, the farce of A MORNING CALL?Sir Edward Ardent, Mr. Conway; Mr*. Cbiliington, Miaa Andorton. NIBLO'S GARDEN-JOHN 8EFTON, MANAGER ? Ticketi 50 cents; Private Uoxas. 45. Doora open at half past !?; to commence at half paat 7 o'clock, 1'oaitlrely the lu.-t night but one of the four sistcis Kwuaset's farewell engagement in New York. The wonderful Caroline will ferform in two Uallcta. 'Thursday evening, May 1.1, Over ure. by the Ori heetra. To be followed by tfia farce of the ETON HOY?Fanny Otirry, nfterwarde Ah* Eton Boy. V"V ?.i"l' aav a a auaij VUltj, in WHi'tr ntUk UVJ , Mr*. Sloan; Debater, Mr. John Setton. After which, tha ao cond act of the ballet of C LSELI.E--GUclla. Mile. Caroline Kouaeet: Uilaiiou, Muua. Jean Rouaaet. To ooacludo with the ballet of LES FOLIES. BROUGHAM'S LYCEUM, BROADWAY, NEARBROOME etrect.?Dress Circle and Parquet, AO cents; Family Circle. 2ft conta; Orchestra Stall Seata, $1: Private Boxes, $ft. Doors open at 7; to begin nt hwl: past 7 o'clock.?Boor iit of Mile, L. Dticj Barre?Thiiraday evening, May 1ft. the performance will common' e with the comedietta of the TEACHER TAl'GUT?Mr. Aubrev. Mr Lynne; Mr. Henry Aubrey, Mr. Brougham; Mine Charlotte 'ere. Miss Mary Taylor. After which, LA F1L1.E DE DANUBE?Flenr da Champ, Mile. I,, llucy Baric. To conclude with the drama uf THE FORTUNE OF WAR?Colonel deClairvtlle, Mr. Dinu; Captniu Maurice O'Hricu, Mr. Brougham. MECHANICS' HALL, No. *72 BROADWAY, ABOUT ; Grand atrcct.?Opeu ovary night during the week until further notice. The original and well known CHRISTY'S | MINSTRELS, comprising an efficient and veraatile "oorpe' ad "expt of *' talented and "experlenood i>erfnnnera," under thi management of E. P. Chriaty, whoae conoerta in thiaolty for a succession of "hve yearn," have been received wit favor by highly respectable and faahionable audienoee Ticketa 2ft centa. Doora upon at haif-paat lix, ocmmcuoe at eight o'clock. An Afternoon Concert will be given on Un ' oil "" tarda y- next, May 17, for the accommodation of Ladiea and Juvcnilea, oommenclng at 8 o'clock, P. M. FELLOWS' MINSTRELS, AT FELLOWS' MUSICAL Hall, No. Ml Broadway, between Howard aud Grand ?treeta. Open every night during the week. The celebrated original and well knowu Followa' Miuatrela, "comprising an clft< lent and versatile corps of talented and cxperienoed a." under tiie direction of J. H. Fellow a, whose oon performers. certs in this city for the last year have been received with the grcatoat favor by the elite and fashion of thia great mo | tropolia. Their concerta consist of Hurles(|ue Italian Opera | Scenea, Witty hayings, Solos, Duet la, Chornaaca, Dancing, I and Instrumental Performances. On Wednesday and Satur | day afternoons, a grand ooneert for the accommodation of j ladies and families, commencing at o'clock P. M. Admia aiou, 25 cents. Doora open at 7 o'clock ; to commence at 8. . BARNl'M'S AMERICAN MUSEUM.?P. T. BARNUM, Proprietor and Manager.?Open day and rvening all ibis week. Commencing Monday, May 12, (*AI. No Museum in this country contains ao large or well arranged collections as this Evtry nltvrnoon and evening t Thursday afternoou will be given, th< laughable piece of STATE SEGKETS?Gre gory, Mr. Kent; Letty, Miss Flynn After which, TilE IRISH DRAGOON?Olirnllaghan, Mr. Collins; Matilda. Miaa Flynn. In the evening, the always p polar and mach admired mora) domestic drama of THE DRUNKARD? Edward, Mr. Groavcnor; Hill Dnwtnn, Mr. Iladaway. Mu seum open from 8 A. M. till 10 1'. M. Performances oaw nience at .'i and 7 o'clock. Admission to the entire Museum and I'erftrmaucea, 2ft centa. Children under 10 yeara, 12'J cents. CHINESE ASSEMBLY ROOMS?THURSDAY, MAY 1.1, 18ft], for the laat time, the mysteries of second sight disclosed by Mr. Gandon. Tha public la so often deceived by false Miignctisera. who pretend to nnfolil the future, that Mr Cnniion thinks to lie of some benettt to him in explain ing his system withwhicli everyone can guard araiast som nambulists uf bad faith, yxmbler*. knocking*, and all char latana. Admittance 50 cents. Doora open at 7 o'clock. To cnmmt noe at S o'clock preciae'.y. Franklin museum, 17>guatuam sis via kl?uec LEA, Sole Proprietor.?Admission-Seats in Private Boxes, filiceutsi Stage Beits, .'17>, cents; Boxes, 29 cants; Par quet, 12% cents. ?Elegant Saloon porformaooaa cverr Alter Boon and Evening. Entertainments tomntencs la tha after Boon at 3 o'clock, and in the eveniug at 8 ? ??look. Tin entertainment* are varied and aeleot, aud auoh as can be aeet Bt no other nine-of jniu 1 . * 11. N i ?> Yo.-F. cnaretiag O Lea's Female Ethiopian Opera Troupe numberiug ttfteel per termers, being the largest and at the same time the moat talented baud in the United Slates, n truupe of Motlol Ar lists who are selected for tl.cir beauty and figure, and vlit personate a nnmbcr of bsa -tifrl tableaux, taken i-om tin pictures ol ancient and modern timet, a eoinpany of Aral Girls, who go through a variety of feats ol streugth and dext-rity; Madame Rose'ine. the only Female Juggler in the ' Female World; a company of Male and Female Artiste, who wiligivi an exhibition ol Marblu Statuary unequalled in the world, together with a variety of interesting perl -rvnancea ever} afternoon and evening. For paett'nVvre se< Mils of each dap (1 RAND ENTRANCE OF Hib ASIATIC CARAVAN. | Y Mu-enm and Muu.t.'ric of p. T. Harnum? being the larg'tt Exhibition in the world, an! double the aiae of all j tit other travelling maiingerics in the United .State*, put ? og, ther.?A train of Ten Elephants will draw the groat Car of Jrggnrnant; a yi unr calt-elopbaut. (oulv mi months old ai f-el in lu-iglit | will carry Ufa hit hack, an and \ ti c Interior of the esliiuial pav.fion. the Lilliputian Gan. i Tom 11,unib. The aagniteenl eoft-,;.- comprises 110 here*'. | ar IlKnnn. The pavilion of ovhil.iti n will accoaamodate b'i UK) spc ( tutor, at on e. All the flueat w iu animals e?#r exhibited in this country are uow attai bed to tlua exhibition, being selected, at immense coat, fr-m the varmu* minor nttghlie! meets, north aud soitli : *ix beautiful lions, fresh f- > l.tif natit e forests; a Burmese hull, fr ni the island of C ' i (v r/lirP'd tl.ere lytic I'aaan itives,) and re- j r.tla t xki u from their idolatrous i ij-h . Ui i dr ive of eje r- ml ? w as captured In th* ,*nn -le? f I'eiftral Ceylon b[ M r? S. Jane and G. Nutter, arc tnpanieri by 1st si r a pursuit ot three montha and four lays in the j ?they weia faally ci trapp-d and aeoureil In kranl. I or It linn Trap, of cnortnona climenaions and prodirh h. whwre the elephants were anbdnadi tha *"'^4 n'anta" -mpainet Its dam. and was weaned n its p 11- ni India: a native Ceybm-cl tef, ts lunKin ? to the wi'd ra ;! hsflii -, wbosa fertieinns habtta are vividly las ri #4 b Fiu-t pre, in tha " M andenng Jew.' at-e..mpanies th A aiagaiflecnt Hraee Hand will play during tl and xci-oini any the Triiimt nal Pro ea*i -n lhr..agh halt and a The Grand Caravan will pall and at th .J at) taulii ?J'-rsey Ci'y. May IF-th; Itrooklyn, 21HH bnr.'li, ,'tl?t ; New Y>rk uty, <-B the EisJitli strvct slid llr.sdway, Jane ^1. 3d. 4th, 5th. rd htb V rwxl*. tOtS: IMnhnry, lltb fit! and 7tb; Rtaaifi . . , Hi tgej rt I2tb Birmingham. 1.1th; *>? w llnvrn, llth Hj-.rliiry. I#tk| tYoodbnry 17tS and Lite .Held thelHtl A ,:jis-i n. 25 cents; children under nlae v>sr*?t age, hall 1 ID is. TUFT*. Agent. RAYMDNIs E to. AND II r UK DKIESUA'll 9 MA nageries, nnlted In on? I ar e and Varied F.xhihiib a, r ,ousting of all tha rare animal- now evtant. nnml>ering over ona handrad speclaiena. will exhibit under n Large Pa tiUta, at Astor I'Inre, ? orn<T - f Eighth street and Fonrth avenue cnimeaetac '-a Natnr 'ay evmiaa. at 7 a'elosh. and eontiu'-a M -nday. Tuesday aad Wadaaadar, May Ifth. ISth and 14th. D . ra open at 2 and 7 n'cloak P. M. Admission Ift rents; rhildrca under I". It'?? A* I'MKMK.NT* IN PIIIUltKliPIIIA. Haknvm'8 mi ski v. niii.AUKi.niiA.-r. T. bar unm, Proprietor: tl. Kaaford, Aaalatant Mnnnpar.?That uia.'iiilicent < I,Hum flit; .u, entitled li t. ?" Hroiif. Ilorar." uia.'nlt Kant . ... ...... ......... .... own.i Bf)i III t/.lrd v ck, It ni'd will, to* ti ,?! turn of Ita viivnrt in.' no""?>a. In th, Mcheft rotapllmenta i.f an nd n? poll" Kiri>i( puitllr, tad tl<* warm eomraeadatimn of 0'? Phlla doli.Ma pr*M. II will he parfiuird ,?rry Bight. | rttloua to tli? "r?rra"k K m," "All that U!".trr? it ant Cold ' " rper-atid at C>apt, it Id omaa . im. Will aooa be mAmm. th' Iraatiful lyri'al drama rallod Uia "Lai) oftbaLakr." Tl f aftrrnoona ar* Bin ? ia> rry ' y | '.>? talig fart ??. randarlllra. aod abort drarnaa T* rori ?m-aaam hrr many If notaad a f tha Bint wonderful In 4. A - to thoa, and our ptrformaaee. V oenta; r i ir -n nadar too plan, I2>a i rata. TIIA ' Ul llJh. rpo Tit AT KM t Rt (MUNIl SOI Til-NIC* 8ITPKKIOR 1 aad a. ?nominal liaehotwraa Baltlmnr tra an 1f hurt. -la.aton V?., Kkta t.4 and IStarthara, Va l.yortv burr. Va . Raleigh. N. and t'barirtloa. .8. 0. Tba pablla art I ere l.y h ' rmad tl at tba largo aad ay '? adld l?w pi atraaarr laltlai K, fatl Abiandtr Met aaalaml I t'ed at witb atata roaaia ana l."?i l.itia, ai..t aaawrpaaaed la ?p*< 1 i arma aaodatlan by aay boat moth of Nik York, la n Raltin, pot Mag I rtf < ra Haltfa. r- aad Acquia Croak, t ia I t. n lib of Papiaav an I Plar| Pidat, ia ?oaaaoti'n will ilia Kirk an iid aad I r i rl< Ital < ig ai d Rkl.i .<a i and P> t-r'??ir? ailrroda I'aori Lgori 11 t: ,i I.I ? lea TinaCamifcrfi 'rarl rkarf. Mltitnnra. at So rti h, P. II.. on Ts.c.inyt aad Pri to ri aoh FrrdaHf hat ,r? by 7. A.M.. tl.a oral daj . Ilkl. '"odbyll. A M and f'trr I rrt aanat 2. P. M. from oh fk point th"/ pt o apt fartlivr Math wPh t,<?.a?tr?hy lUtrralaail I.m. TT>r< <-rh tlikata by . r r lina " it rikta I 0 ?? ? r.i fro ? ? ? III r'tw | t< rt ft' ? Haltimnro | Fr-dr?'. trti'ifp, M to h'-bn r d. a*? 'i' t" Pitmtarr., $$ 'oh to Chnrioatoa, 8 P . kit u ii d r'nta r?? Bin ratra Forward < tMt j oa aaajiti to Fr,n> ha'?". In.ilndlny meal, and I ? laiog 8% * H do it ?. ?' ?. t" Blehmoti I of Pot. r-t nrr *t S". iBtlndlaf trwa'i aad lodging Pi e further iofnr>oati ??> apply at IM ithtra railroad aSaa, adjoiaiaa tba tt*aaadagtoa railroad ?Sc.. Pratt itmt, or to t liAt WOtlTIII'dnTOM. Ja . Aaont. Baltiir-rr. Mat, h SI IW. Contataro,- atr-rt t Ntw vo?t* a*p roiu aad pbi'atirlpf 11 dlrrrt?I'altrd Bt.atar Mail Liar. Throttn la honra. ria Now .'rraay Railroad. Parr ra dnctil t RA for lara. aad fJ Ml f.r arrond claa?. Laara Now Pork atiiA M . trojt.i foal of < oartland atrori; and at IA M and I P M.. frwta fn?t of Liberty otroat. I^arr P'.lla dt ; M? at 8 ard ? A M Bad 8 P M . fToa tha foot af WaJ aatatrrrt CAMPP.v AND AMBOT RAILBOAl* LINE PBOB Kro Parlt to Phlla-Wlal,la? Ibarra plat Na. 1 Nortl Bivat kp at'tatboat JOHN PttTTKB; M. rnlna Llat. at I a'rluak. A M j AfVri ?n Liaa. att'o'elach, P ?. Para by tfkhyr yat Bfl forward daak. BS Kmlarant Llnatt 8 n'rlool r. M . fara. 81 *? f. "1,188 Aaaaa INM'RANCRN. f if r a881'hajh'B.?national loan ppnd lipp. J-d Aaanranrr Korirty of l^>ndnn tlrnrr.n Atrnt ? offln, 71 Wall rtrrrt, Nrw York, Maj. I8AI.?( apital ft2,.v?l.nt?t and anrplaa ?lll,ZTI. Tbr olttniratal tabla nf lh? aorl-?y afl, rda to tha ar?arr,|, wf t> may takr oat tiiatr pollrlai nnd?r thara tablar. tba outfit j proaoat aad praapaatlra adt at.tar" that raa ba aonfarrrd hp lifr aaaoraaaa. On tbil labia tha aaaarod la antKlrd. nt nny titaa. to raoaira at Inta r?at an ta modlata adaanra. to thk aitaat of ona-bnlf thk am" nt of tha paid aaaanl praminrna. wttbont arrartty, por aaoal liability, or d. of tha pollry, bait hp nlmpla ?a daraamrat tharaoai or tha half pfminm may ba ao wlthhald during tba wholo aontlnnanra of tha p.Hoy Alan, la tha (tontnl tha aaaarod nt aay tlma not rrqalnag to contlant tba p. liry. on lit aorrtadtf. or r-half of tba anaual praminrna will ba rrtarnad by tha aoalatr. At tba laat annaal inrrrttga Hop. mportad In May, 1888, tha konnaaa daatarrd to tba aoawrrd arra-- tha optioa ot a ratnra of IA par rapt oa thalr praaiinma tn eaah, or a rararalnnary addition to tha nrlglaal tarn aaaurad by aach poli'-y. aaryiag from an to fin par raat. F.aatnt laa of konnaaa, alraady daalarad, will ba fonad la tha ao, faty'a raaiphtrt. togath. r wHh tablra of rataa. and otht r ml-ywiatb.n. oa arrlloattoa to 71 WaU atraat. or at any of tba afrnrlaa, frao ot agoanaa. A i art i ir ay, at a modarata annual pramlam, Inanra for lllk; aaa if he tnrriraa to raaeh tha a?a of (11 yearn, tha foP ai m inavrrd, or to IIA.888, wttl ba paid to him; or if Ma daath orrnr l.f?ra that period, tha ?nm aaaurad will b? pail to Ma family ar lnjal rrprr?-ntatl?aa. AfT?^? MirrTom ron wat. C. Rl'W ARD UARICHT. < hairmaa. J /. rntmer, P. C. l>"k'b. P 8. Rowlaad. H-ary Lndlawh 1P?. Taa Book, Robert J. Wlloa, and J Rearpy Rodg'ra, M D. Tba Rnard mart at ary wrdoaaday, at71 W'atl atroat fir tha tranaartl'P of knainaaa. California and athar foreign riaha tokaa at fklr ratoa of antra premium i. IF A N HP 8 51 AKR. Ooorral Afont, and Bwi rriat, ad at *1 tha I a*?d Statoa Utal B >?{4. MOVEMENTS OF THE EXECUTIVE. Tlif Departure of the Prwideut and Party for the Inland Bran. ?r&mo DAY OF THE ERIF RAILROAD. The First Train Through to Lake Erie* She Splendid Reception and Display Along the Road. Tlie Arrival and Celebration at I Iniira. INTERESTING INCIDENTS, Re., &o., lie. THE EXCURSION TRIP TO I.AXE ERIE. {?itfeB!*'*, May 1*?9>,' A. M. Six o'rlo?k tlii.- morning iu I In time appointed for starting from the foot of Dunne street. on the excurxiau over the Krie Kuilr'.ad to l,ake Krie; but in roaaequcuca of the delay of Mr Webster a baggage, the brie did not leave her dock till ten minute* pant Mi o'clock. Rain poured down in torrent* during the night; but the wind changed, and (he morning cleared up beautifully One, as (he *un looked forth from hi* imnty ehioud, and be tokened a glorious day. .A large number of persona were assembled around the Irving House before the President and cabinet left, in order to get a view of them a* they passed out on their way to the steamboat. The President occupied a barouche drawn by four horses, and was accompanied by Alderman Haw*, and Assis tant Alderman Timon. The second barouche- occu pied by Mr. Crittenden and AlJermac Franklin Tlio third barouche contained Mr. Halt, the Postmaster tie ut ral. and Mr. Orahkm. Secretary of the Navy, and A*, ristant Alderman Mr Webster came alone from the Astor House The President wax loudly cheered, as he was recog nized and so were all the members of the cabinet Ano ther crowu assembled ut the foot of Duam- street, and rhcered most vociferously. Jiefore the boat started, a national salute was fired from the end of thr pier, in honor of the distinguished guests The Krie wa* gaily decorated with Hag* *nd evi rgreens and Hod worth's band discoursed most exc-Ucut made when the order was given to '-let go," and the boat moved rut into the river, a loud cheer went up from the multitude. As she passed up the Hudson, she wax saluted b) the different steamboats she met. having recngtuxed her as the honored bearer of the President and the cabi net of the greatest country the world ever saw. The b?-at conveyed al?o the inajot Ity of the th-unte of the State of New Vork. and a considerable number of the Assem bly, with many i f tlie officials, and the most eminent merchants and citizens of the great metropolis; and the thought occurred to us , ii, by any accident, the Krie went to the bottom, what consternation there would be throughout the United States, and the habitable globe Tb< w bi els of the federal government would not turn for a few days. and the hegUlalurc of the State of New Yoik could not inert till an election look place and in the Commoo Council would be made a tre mendous gap. There would thus be immediate selec" tion for a new cabinet of a new President of the United (states; elections for the La gisluture of the State of N*w York, and for the city government of Qoth.xm Thank God. so fxr, the rountry is saved all this toll and trouble in the boiling cauldron of politics, and your reporter lives to h.-rald the further movements of the excursion party to the great lakes Your reporter has seen a long list of person Invited on ibis excursion, and some or all of which ha* lx en copied by tin-mber* of (he pre? tut he pn fi r< giving your rvadurx a few of the name* of those present, than a long array of" absent friends." Tin re wax Millard Fillmore, President of the United Plate. Daniel tt ebster. Secretary of State, John J. Crit tenden. Attorney General; N K Hall, Poatmaster Gen eral an I IV A Graham. Secretary of tie Navy; Fix Governor Fish, of the United States Hruate; Senator Croliu-. of the State of New York; Senator Heekmsic Senator Morgan. Senator William*. Senator llr.indreth; Henry J Alien, of the Assembly; Mr Gregory, of the A?*?nihly Mr larntim do; Mr Dewey do.; Mr Tut bill ot >uff<'lk reunty. do; Mr Kyan, New York, da. I Mr Backbouar, of King* cuaty. do . and a hod of ' rtli r? Kx Governor Marry; Mr Seymour, State Kugi- , neir. iTirlrtopher Morgan, Secretary of tlUtc tor New tork; Mr Maxwell, t'olb-etor of the port of New York; , Mr Mriuly Postmaster New York; bheritf tarulny; Mr W elt*. Iiafl(tgr of Mate Pri-X>u?. Mr Talma-ige. Kr c< riler. Mr t I irle* O'Coorw barrister at law. .Mr M O Roberts Mr. Ii, war-l of the Irving Hoe ? ; CKinm ?|osc M V IN-rry C W l-wnnee. Kx-Mayor Mmhle; Laonard Mrt\ Mr Fuller < nipt roller of the hints of New toik; Jul.- CanipWl of the Superior tlourt, John Van , No-tr..ii.I. Pi .id-i,i Commercial l ire Itixiiraii.c Corn- 1 putty; Ai.-n G Phelps It II MeCitrdy, tVn?. 0. IU*. j nr. nick. formerly Speaker of tlie legislature; Hon Alnns i i t o-l loan \< he Tin Chb f o| Police Mr. >1 ?t,ell, *g-on lx*itd wl> Ii his staff There were :tb ml 3oO per ? I in all A? the la at sj" 11. r way up the IIn l-on the Pre. Meat accepted a cops of the AVic lid llrtnid of tbt* morning , lr in y< ur rij "rtcr -<od r- ad the pr>*ee,l!ng< of ye-ler day all lliT? ugh lie wax grcfetly pi a ? J with the ra pe rt. An < x< client bn-ikfa.t wa* on the table at a .juartwr , trior* sevrB o'clock and ample JtlsUi e wit* dona to the , viand*. A ?:>lutrw*? fr.d *t V- rt W* dilngtnn. nn.l large and It.all gun* wtleirr , d tlie Prei-ldeut at Various point* . ?I. rg the tken? of the river At ?rn nil It ut at f. .f, re eight o'eloek, tba Krie reached her dork at pi* incut where fenrtliter salute wa* fired.and ! the I rl'l |e. a -emMed III ?Tc?t I,unit* r- cblered vehe- 1 tin ntiy Afli r the Presi.ietil dul bis cabinet got Into th- ear* j tbete Were . I .-el-tiveti severally for each and they rxme cut on ttie platform and bowtd In aeknowhtdgin- nt of the remt lino nt Thwre were two train and after vws sl'tlit delay htlli started ntatty log* t tier The krst had n< I g 1 more tliau ball ? mile a ben the riigilM waa broken, and ali'dh'-r riifclne I* lin; prtcured. Ixdh train Weta eonnert. il and {>*i |a lli d by two riigiaea, one U f.tra and the other be lird At the village of M. Dxey there wa* a turn owl of til? ! inhabitant*. who fi.x l ed around the ears an 1 enlhu-i ?*ti.?aliy i h* eft d lh. President At aulbin'*. wbh-h i* thirty tw.. mil*? from New York ? ml * igMecn nub > from Plrnm-nt. the ram ?loppe|. m l s?? r*l grnthmen returned to New V.-rk by the 1 New J? r**-y lino II r* the two traine fur Flmira were again *e| trait d. ami tin* President* U-afci hx.k the lead j legality la chtefiy i ancd l.y M<y>r Nulterii. audi ' well known aa the entranre to iht naxs vf the Rainapo j villi j. the route talwcen New York and the western rounlies in the revolutionary aar Washington took up hi* position ? mile and ? half beyond this where the I a** is ml mere than a quarter of a mile wide It was a formidable position, hut the enemy did not test it The seewrry of the romantic valley, of whieh Suffeen's Is J the gap Unot >nrpa?*ad In the woridfor wild. pirtwre*f|iie | branty. and the undulation* of mountain and plain, hill and dale and those vai lottos of sod and water which ? niter into the composition *>f glorious Inndaeapeg The |

fit. white, fleecy cl'md* which floated lntheatm??. I |,i re. and in a gr* at degree veiled the atrength '4 the | iut?, addtd thiir (barm* to tlie ever ahif.iog aeen"* | thr. ugh ahi'-h we were whirled hy the power , of tram Th Ir flitting shadow*, aa they pa*?ed over I the earth gav< diversity of light and *ha<le to the glow- | ing pl*ture. The tree* were covered with richest foliage many of them with fragrant bleamB. of every hue The mead* and al"j e* were clothe*! with sofleat verdure Here and there ? ea-eada leaped into light, aud sparkled down ? precipice- pushing fresh and pure from the Ixeoni ot nature The hand of cultlrstion, too. might I?e aeen in -pot*, at distant Interval*, reclaimed from the primeval forest, and In groups of white cottages, pre s? ntlng an interesting contrast with nature In her wild and sublime tonus The air was calm and all thing* ministered to pleasure, and every one ireined to enjoy th< delightful excursion At Uaniapo. a fin itfjmt saluted the Pre-ident and hi* I arty, and some bs-auiiful banner* floated in the breese. and the . herring of the people was loud and img At Moat*burgh, a l .autiful array of factory girt*, whose bl<< ming appearance contrasted alriltlngly with the same class In large rlliee. drew up at the station, and wrlromrd the thh-f magistrate hy the waving ol handker chief* and other demonstrations of joy At the Monro* work*, forly-two tniJea from New Vork. the train halted for a few minute* At thl* station there is a Urge wooden building, four hundred feet long by f< rty wide, us* d as a depot of the company Here, again, thtirwas cheering, and a discharge of firearms At i Tory village and station from this to Port Jervls on the I)?law are. the distinguished guxstl received the honor* nt thr villager* and peasantry At flo-tun, M illtuni II Reward joined the party The view if Pert j?r*l* a* the train* emerged front a dark valley, and on* m don the IhUtware wa* tmly magni ficent Thl* lovi ly village lh* at the f.xrt of a range of Is,lii and pletun *.{ue mouataina. and baaka in th* light ofthe M.n At I ort. Jervls blac train.- delayed fof a ?k?r\ tint* smt a Tillage orator, accompanied by a process no of firemen and outer villagers, presented a fiag t? th- New York and Krie Railroad Company, made of m-.urlet'silk, hand somely trimmed, arid having the following Inscription on * ? oI r ~ ' one side:? The bunks of the Delaware welrouio the irOtthorae from the Atlantic " On the reverse aide it bore the following ??? Presented by the citizens of l'ort Jervis. May 14, 1861.'' The Prisideut. liie cabinet, and friends raniu tg the plnlforin of the ear to witnaas the ceremony, and heur the harangue, whose eloquence tiekleil every one who heard it. The geulb-mau was declaiming on the future glories of the West, to be developed by the Kric ltullro id, when lie was cruelly rut short iu the middle of his beau tiful peroration by the inexorable whistle, and away ? went the iron horse, soon leaving Port Jervle aud its ora tor far la-hind. At a quarter to one 0'rlock, the train halt< d at Nar rows burgh for dinner There was a very pood dinner given in the open air. und at the depot an rxeelleut baud, lor a village, helped the digvstiou with its music. TKLlftBAPHIC. ARRIVAL AT I'lERMONT, ami nKPAItriRE. Pit i.sioxt. Hudson lliver. May 14?A. M. The steamer Krie arrived at the pier at a quarter to eight o'clock this morning She came up to her land ing in beautIful style, amidst the firing of cannon, ring ing of bells, and the vociferous cheering of the u-se tabled crowd. The President nuido a short speech to the peo ple. and various gentlemen were introduced to him and his suite. The lirst traiu. with the President on hoard.left at 8 o'clock, andtliotwo next trains, seven minutes after. They passed up the pier amidst the ringing of bells, Ac A'l the locomotives. cars, Ac . were decorated with Hying colors Sixty-two little girls, dressed in white, were ranged along the line, aiel waved some small banners, u ith which they were provided, as the train passed. A banner was exhibited, with the inscription. '? We we noa< eluded db> trirts;" and a country banner, inscribed ?' Cougrut uia tionH of Koeklaud County, Hudson ltivcr, uud Lake Krie." ARRIVAL AT GOSHEN. Uoshi s, May 14. 1851. The first of the great Krie Railroad excursion trains, containing the Chief Magistrate of the U. 8., and suite, passed here at a quarter jiast ten o'clock. It presented a magnificent spectacle when coming up to the depot. The lion W. II. Seward uud othA . were taken up here. The wcond train passed at twenty-five minutes past ten. Kvetybudy appeared alive with exeitemeut. uud to share in the general expressions of joy. arrival at MimiLproN. MioOLtrov, May 14,1S51. The ears containing the Prc-ident and suite, arrived here at 11 o'clock. Dauiel Webster addre.-sed the people for about three- minutes. There was a large number col- j lecLsl to greet the arrival of lh<- distinguished party; the j cheering was enthusiastic, and, amidst the waving of i Hags and banners. the truln pns-eed<?d to its destination, with the heartfelt congratulations of the assembled ga theiirg ARRIVAL AT DELAWARE. Dixts ?in:, M ay 14,1851. The train, with tlie President and suite, arrived here at half-past eleven O'clock, aud were- received by the ciUtens with great enthusiasm The engineers saluted them with cannon and the blowing off of the steam whistles on the locomotives The President, Daniel ' Wi hater, and Seward each made a few remarks, and then ; Cas ed on. nuiidnt loud cheering. The arrangements of ? Ir Foster, the landlord of the saloon for tliu depot, > deserve great credit It seemed as If all Delaware county was assembled to congratulate the officers of the company on their complete suore-s. and to do i hove r to the energetic minds that have accompli lied sO ' stupe ndous a work and brought it to so succe.,-lul a ter mination. ARRIVAL AT SVS^I'EHANNA. PunqfEiiAssa, May 14.1881. j The first train of car', with their distinguished burthen arrived at our village at a quarter-past 8 o'clock. Our i little place has seldom witnessed such a scene as was j ri seiil< d when It was announced that the traiu was In , sight The crowd collected at the depot, seemed to be ; art uated by a s| i-nt.mcous movtnu nt to do honor to the : arrival of so distinguished a pmnnage as the chief ma gistrate of tin lotted States The cheering, both on J the arrival aud departure of the train, was most enthu siastic. ARRIVAL AT IIINOIIAMToN. Binohamiox. May 14. 1851. The first expre-s excursion train, with tie Presiden and cabins t on board, reached here at a quarter to o'clock splendidly decorated with banners from every tlace th<y have passed through They were receive y the inullitiiJ?> with i nlhu-iaetic cheering, firing O cannon kc The President. Mr Webster, aud Mr Cril tendrn. made brief but appropriate spare bra. which wvr responded to with loud cheers They n-iuained onl ets-ut ten mwiuti-s The secoud train was ouly fifteen minutes behind the first, and was received in a similar luaniit r. AIUUYAL AND CKI.KBH ATION AT ELMIRA DLhNKM AT T1IK HOTTbb?SPKKCUESt OP MBSSB5. j WkBHTCK AMU MEM ABU. Kumar, May 14?8 A. M The excursion cars, with their living freight, reached j ben* at 7 o'clock. I' M . having travelled to-day iiiJ mtlee Cnthuriasm at every village and station alone the line wan uuN uuded. Tin feeling seemed to be rtriiiyrr everywhorv la favor of Mr M lU t- r ilun th I'ndJrM Cannon and smaller arau>. hand- of music. farmers, with thrlr deafening chi rrs, and multitude* of imu aaJ wi men waving tin ir handkerchief*, ware the const it unit parts if oft-repeat ed -< no puttiridarly at ?u*iiM'baniia village. Rlr.ghampts ?< andOwego The I'ri -Idi nt and Mi W rbster *. re rallej natocpea's at i si .y atojipu.g |da?r and expressed their ane-l uiiuia sutxl H.lminitli n nf tin matchless eri nery through v I.n h I In y |aved. 1h? I'ii i liii nt ?a. hoarse f. hi speaking ... much in tlic i |n n air. At I'M' station. a !ady ??limbed up In the cur to stink , bauds with Mr IVi later, and was curried away a gond it lata nee. At various stations, far- with Inscription* w.ts p-? m I ti il to the (i in) any and I*ii 11 fixes i n the t ji <4 tin I'n cunt ? car. a b autiful ctb 11 a- the ttain ilartid trig k Ail hi ward j.rt into the rare at tiffin n. and touat.r Mr kins. n at I'tngliauiton. Mr 1l>l*trr wa? in ?t r r di: I In tin ta'Ur Ho ?n u at Mlinlia v a? jrrand. Iln rltln n?. the mill j taiy. i Lil I lie fire r< inpanM - in tmilnviii tumi d in en na<? e. Willi l>?nd* ni.d imct Mr. tillaiocv. Mr Wileler ami the other guests. A national a lute was fn?d. j lid Hi j-eopte (been d most *ibi in. n't) Mr DaVi n fi iim rly hirtrlnr of ibe l.ite Itailnn J adilics, 14 the I 'resident. Iila rab.nit and thi Inrvvtwre of 'hi n> Irtwd in e w'tly e|w ceh and lav.led thi m !?> join In i J"1 rear ton In the tw.i li<d U. Tim euuipany laving divldid themselves one pally went with lb* I mli nt t. Ititail aid's Iti tel. and the nth r 11 lialglil ?. with 8!r Wtbalvr. A magnifa ?ol eulwrlaiaawiil ?? gtvm 1y (lie citiaens 11 blm.-a Hie ; o? on *o a I Ii i 0 1 iti ii.i i . Iratl' ti and worthy of tin- <<? en C-iy i ii thi I rh liaUnwd The hotel vm re briUutaUp iaiunl i.a'id and An wi rk* bare mled all the etseong "It dinner at Htainard's * a* ready at 9 ( VI <KP M, and ale nt {h raonr -at down to a plain bn ?ub?' in lial r? |iaat tleo tiray I'lmilnl. n In. nji; -id the I resideat <4 the liittid Malee and tb" Prie Unl <m Erie Itailri at! ; on hie Kl, the Attorney llewral and the Postmaster tlmeral There were f>ur j rat in ? of Iwi.hw. ? vlemili ?? ove? the entire leo r'h f the ei i i a i s iWn n Hen 1 lb wning. with Id corps of l lnrh wail. r? aeal.i.d . ii tie oecast. u ana brought sows ?h> .? d. I ra? Ii? fr in S. * V.rk I aw -i ? > i . to llenie i t t.mvtr ai price Tin n wet" no poi-chr d ? lireri d on the ecraslon and the hivlitnN retired In I ?h< rt tlnieto a re?.|?tton ri?.in wh'le he held a I v. e for an h ur ; and a large untitle t of hoth ?* *ea pariieII lai ly l ulii-. were introduce , to Mm?In (net. the h del ??> lilbd to snfl.eation in < vwry |>?rt The lat..,n?i at llataht'w marly of tbr ?am ? dereliction Here wire *? speeches. and lb.- company rvtirid early lie f< rv dinner Mr At', hater was railed on voolfrroioly l.y I lie pei |>te In the rtteet lie raw owl on the t*lr ny aod addressed them MB WI wavi a'a aevri M. lie raid he fallgor.1 with hte Journey and he trueti d they Would not eapirt a speech from him lie had ?p> kt n several time* dutll g the day. but lie hoped his Ik arl was rulllrh ntljr rapneious at all times to appre ciate the great enterptlee. of the country, a id among thrm. the present one whleh wae the aaightieet of thein all in Imj ortauee, IliAteultb * were overcome w hich were de< nod insurmountable,ami the locomotive walk. J i ver the m. untatn topw and the hlglimt tree* this day To tin irow. it would Cilnih other emim-neea. on Its way M f'oi kitk. the terminus on lake Krle of this vast anil ermprihenalvn undertaking. Mr Hii.mii conelinlrd after a few observations whleh were pn ttv niurh repetitions rf what he had raid at various I iorns during the day. Altogether, he wss not like himself and appeared fat gued. without energy, and j III Prthap* h'. is n serving himself for to-mn?Ti>w Mr v> san having heeti several time* rail, d on f >r a ?perch, rame fotward and said:? ?ia arw tan's mrrn He was like a man on hia own hearth, and it was bis place to give way to strangers lie could not. however, refuse to respond to thetr rail to say a few words on the pre rent rcetsinw When he graduated. tl> 188? he wrote i an esray cn the Imnossibllity of the Erie Canal, and the Vifh nai) idea of lie W itt Clinton In eighteen yean afleiwnrda. he, W in . 11 Pewani. delivered an address, In this place, in which he maintained that the Erie Canal was nt t half aslatge aw it .wight to be. and three rallr.w Is wire i.ece-sary to eompittethe plan Theooftwrtneis of the views he tlii'n put fbvwant wen now established The Plate nf New York was not onlv oot assisted by the j city in tlie l.utldtng nf the Erie Canal but grcomplished it In opposition to the merrhants nf the Km|dr?. City The first return tin sw merrhants had ever made f t the vast bcneAli conferred upon them by that esnal was the Erie Railroad th?e of the beet evldrne. a id a desire f>r j union on the part of the (Hate of New York,was the r an pb'tte* of tki? raU??4 and the Cik Canal, *V."h E'.'l* the cc nnectlrg links Unit unit-i its ino?t remote eg trciniticv The achievement nf the greet w,,rk wutcu tliey huil thin iliiy met to celebrate. wn? eminently due to Beiijiimiu l.odcr; and m< inun rnuld have a prouder uioiumeul than the Krle Railroad. lie concluded by calling for three rheev- for Mr I oder?-a call which wu< eutlusiastiruUy rvatmuded to. Tl?c hotel viu.- th.ongedaud surroutid> i l y pco. e tin ^Thl-has been ? gtiladay In V.I ml? mid the citi/.-n, continued to jjromcuadc th" atrwets up to an udtiiucw The''Xcm"01!'train start in the morning tit 0',' o'clock for Dunkirk. Ari!A>GliMt.\ll* AT B! tTALO. H i i alo. May Ji?P. M. The arrangements for the reception of the President at Buffalo wire c' niplcted thU utternooii, and arc <m a very extrusive -csle. lie will la- received at three 0 clrck on Friday, and u Id- arriral will la* saluted a 'n N< v Yoik The proee-iou will be the lurgeat ever witnessed here. The following will be the oaura "i ere: rssin-c. Maj r Uenrral K iiulall and Ftaff. T1 e Slxtv titti. Regiment ? f Militia. as hecort of Homr. 11 I- President and Mojcr ?t ]lufl?U>. iu a barcutlie. it. r.u-rs of the Cat met. flc.crnor uu-l fltats Officer,. ... Sixty-sixth IU-cia. ut, lla.ioi K.ley. and of toe Army and Navy. Uaii-ranl Ccmiuou t'oeni il of New > era. Prv id,.nt i.iol Iriist.-c f ti.e Vill**,' of DuncurW. President and Direct era of ttie Kne Railroad ( uaipaa). M, niters and i V mbers of t'ciogress. C< ri i'iai|, n ami < itv "ffi "rn of Buffalo. Kci -i ne aud 1' ft Ot'nce Depurtinci t. J i db'iary and V out * r*? of tlie fist. Slat- :in t County Officer! H iird of Trad*. Lake Marine Society, l ire Dtrar'iocut, E-.c! lit ecu other bo, i ti???Benevolent. Mecbaaical, sol Ft .fciciiiiial. . There is the (rrcatest excitement |n Buffalo about the visit; but the IJulTabniiia - do not like the Eric railroad. It is decidedly unpopular here, for obviotu rea-ons Olnncr of the IllatorUnlhtxletyof ltlary land. Sl'let.C lit* Of ytC lIK.MtV lit I.WEU A>'D MK. at A K i If b . Tt rt i'U. The eighth annivet-aiy of the Maryland 11 n't ey rie# 1 Hociclv was celebrated at ltalliinove, on the 10th inatniit, by a public dinner. Among the guest? wete t-ir lieury L. Ilulwer, the sou of fur hdward iluiwcr Lvtton, lion. Daniel Jennifer, and llou. Waddy'lnonip*on. In reply to a toast. Sir Ilcnry I.ulwer aid ? Gentlemen N't twlthatanding tlie pleasure which feci in meeting you again. nnil the influence of the guy cotiuUnance, which sum tind mc. I confess to you f hat one .sorrowful seutime nt has at this moment the firs t place in my heart. Since we last met, the brave and gal lant spirit of t lint soldii r who then rub d <>?er the des tinies, f this republic and towhose hiirh achievements I had then the opportunity of paying a casual tribute ot, pa* cd true u.,lo that land wrli.-re there u- no l honor to tlie victor no humiliation to the vsuqul-hod. flu,I and sudden, gentUincu. was that event; but even wi,it-1 following the r> main- of the Inua-l hear.,-a Taylor to the grave. T c uld in t ->e. without admiration, the quiet nad decorous manner in which the rein* of | government pus-i d tlitonglu-ut tlii* el feuded ,-iiipir , from tlie hands ofthe great warrioi to those of the peace- | ful magbtiate. (t'heer .) Nor have I marked without interest h?w ? 1'resident citiicu. arriving ?o suddenly and unexpectedly ut a pow. r of w hie*h momtrclx might be pr, ltd. at cure displayed the ? igaetty aud thecs;.a 1 ity of a great ruler?railing t? his councils tlie wise men of the lulid?(i Ins rs)?i.Ld adopting that p lie) v hlcn he thought list calculHti-d?in a cri t* big w ith ?lie fate of tin|?irc'-? to tlif <?1 POBuiOtini? psrtws :,ud to bring them to that ground of conipiooiiM-. on which. I agree witii preceding speol. rs. it i ? nlw .y politic, w 1,. ii possible, to arrange calmly ami ainieieo y the wordly dnlcre i cc* ot'mankind (l.oud applause ? Aud il tbe-c tilings, gentlemen. ar>- en-dtlabl - ?!-?? to an individual are they not creditable niso to the in-tilu.ions of lb is tat e to wl.lch he In-long* Yes, 1 n-peat most as-u. dl\ yes And 1 sp,uk of to in ls-i au. e it app- ui - to wit- that 1 ciniiot U tter tcatify tbat 1 ,1. crvc iu s.?e degree, t be rets ud and kindness with which v,<u and yourcountrynn n liave honored me. than by showing thai ! uppn-ciale theqtul tics of the stal- -men that govern you and the iustitu ti'iv, tindtr which you live (Applau? ) Oli gentle men, I am proud?vuu know il. I d<m I disguise it?,1 M (decree ; hut 1 freciy admit that the (mutest t at he ever performed wa- that of btgvCtlng S?t. Jouatban (t'lu-cra ami laughter.) Yonder ti^ur, however, rotu nds roe (poiutli g to a ligurv >t History on tin table) that w,-are not hen-?? ch.tircu of flt Utmrge or bt JomUban. but a- countrymen aU of tb* gi-?t und cimmm laud ot letter, (t lus ts ) The Ms-U ty which ,r here amemW'-d, and of wliit h \<?u have elected m a memls-r ts d-dtcated to the atudy of bbtoiy . and though tin field t > wliicl. it Is prin, ipally con',in t Is American hbt. ry, in wlint part of the civilli* 1 w -rid i- not Am- rican history it. ule-ct , ,11 liter, ,t it'hc.r- ) boron own j*rt. gentlemen, I have y,.st Is , n qnallfvlng t , w-ar s vmewhat worthily the be-p.- y >u bvic ruafcii'il up m u. , (point line to tin- rtblvn of He s iety upon hi heart by pay ing a vi'lt to the f> untaln ? ' tb-us?1 u>,s ii thnt ulu, ?t Ibt-ul us rock wh-re 1 ow batan? -Th- i-r-l of alt Quivered and plntc.s.1. nn.l title ?r-l tail " held his rule over the half uekrd?(much laughter) ? maylsaytht ? (laughter ? aud r* thlese wairtor w.ii r-y, J through the primitive fo--?a? of Virginia re, gentlemen. 1 think 1 could pass mv , vamluat ou. and show u gtasl tlrb- t"tuy deg;-,-s. |er I have |s-en alaoiling on the ground where the valiant fndth was lvH tiyra th- nul ttone. aud hav.- It t ued n th- very spot wlur> U.,-4 nurolith' fact, c runt I I - tb tale I l>-w t.rr I, HUtilul?1 sUpl ,'??? I n.av not ,.t the f.dr daughter lawt liter)?<1 tin- Indian king rushed to the rescue Ot , ur c.uiii on in ro. aid ,av?d for future dew,I a lilv al ready ?o foil <f marvellous adriuture (cli e- .t Is it nt-t a laot ot singular ami favorahb- augury, that hf i vidtiug tie l?i:-l, I leal . xploiu ol one Jehu b ulla, 1 .hould ffndnnother John buiith- U?;b , t -p* ? i hi, d< -? ad*ut- I r- Id- m ,f y ?'i Hi t'- au wty ((Thci ? and laughter.) W i i v-u ail'?w ti? b' C- ngratu late you cw hating ? fresijeut who has such a tfadl th.irol claim lo the f-o-t' Ami will yon allow meal,, to ,oi gratwhvtc y, ,. li? foil, thepumrnt wh;. Uyou h ?ve ? ebcl.d a* th* ,,, n t you," leisur, lira .o,?t ?ud tn l>r ilictu- whtrb" nu'-' naturdly tend t-? nit.l ?* It pgicanbtw (t'lucr,) \* nr hl'ioftci l stmllew, t ?t|. ? ? t. , | . b. ?'?! ? ti J it -n ..ecu.lav I i, t, i v. and ?I" ther y< u l-vk to I ? pa-'t eu. r-t,t. or Its n iMt'ccui e 1 d-n't think you ran well be dtaaatia P.d (Ch<er* ) Av", g-Ptbnn u < f Mar ian,J. let us mm U. the flr-i p^j- "f your sr'r ehft-a.clea V Pat .I s we s- Uitre' Am'bt a tiuw of genvt-d it '? biat ,? V i ? II lb, V ,1, ? ?f r. i g; u .a- eU-wherc dVtwardtmMst Ib irln it Vh It; ????! the ?h uta if is.eulois ?l>, n bet lu ly I' -lit w u. clrowhere r-i I r d i by the glue, | I.OM rt huoian "orft- , lice tur- in ti ? ctuscfi land, b-r soft and ?ei,tleac crnfs sank iauiliw i j and t- r J cm i hi i am M? r * ??litUt Im? ffrf'H ?#il my vfV:!*,f 'f \ W;,74 tf u per** % ? cl n,i ri uirh tb?* iHu# ill ^vr ;i'ul t ? r? th. Pt imnmr, ) ti ltd $*i- r? t i) i Hi# ?ffil t<> lt |QlV?- Wba'fll i* r thU 1* irmk nf Unt ?n irm*?T \ ntiir thai! it viu tt# wi?rfc if t? -Ikml * ku*tr -1?# Ht? m nitr U 1 } i!.',!aa pirif ?ti<i n t a !im** ntiy !?#?? h*? ?!,?? r !>#* ti?t ih# pir nil ? 1 ?f? ?? ff If? * ffV'H Km# by. Lk r?n th ? f ff. , r*i.iik.l . ? -wwspb - dM y haa In-r, . feed to ns h - to Ita ptwvb M 1 r g,'-u < l- n to the i e.m?, eh*evs)?'whilst al t.*,1y tl.i.v r? i' s . ;<l... -t H tii ct r ?mtniiniealion wilhtlawthr, givnt divbh s* < f tb? immenw utinent (tb-'r, ft r,i)' n? *i l?t't ? mwvuu 'J sotuoof the I-..;,- - ;r . la Mid H -t a nplbhcd g, till-it" n thvl ate to h, f-und o-i th ? ? r the otket ?|d* < f tbr Aiiantle ( ?tn-.. .') I * u e ll fo" .run pica ' I e?nM look tctin J tb. r m and pick a: I r'ssu*1 Hunt, bullet m ? tutu to my fiwi I roar toe turnmi tn Mr Ksnrtsdy) W litf* Is th-'ii a more a, c n.oli-ii, ,1 i ltiren ,4 the world , ra ua, ri capital fkU-w ' < l<wudch?vr? ) hhalt I dophrrv' shad 1 .-ay not lilt g of tl?we Itat'mor" clippers *>t y?wr*. ttikt. wbriber tb. < lie tb> ir -ail- furled in yuvar Her ' i 'a "got * - ,| ,1pp. | in ,-vrij way fit r.-oqus-t? (taeghtev ?Me an fis it in their build *n tiflui in Ibrir rigging?mi well stored with all that ra.i m?f s a l<ng voysija ndnfnrtkhle and agreeable evil, fr, m I bis rv rid ,o in# next ' (fsiud laughter ( A ii I to I- wl, mc?. It may p- rhaps to- permit ten m ? t ? t sy a grslefm stel wrcwe sots r < otnphiuent tn Maltin< we I" at} ? whirh. M yon know St th , time W>*r< three of th-- pf tidtsf c if lis- British p<*rag? liili'm ) Ami Us,sV CtpceiaUy. 1 would "u It to pay a just tribute of t< ?|.rt to ihnt t> gh and mddc lady win, I- equally an h-1>< r to yen pantry and an ornament to nu - eourt. ai d wlia, i rigid with every no ntal and p-renin 1 eksrei. w:,?the cv. olng?may 1 n< t any llr-lsrn?-tsr which shine on the -ststie evening of the busy life of Hal great stn'e n an. who. whether he dincted OUT foi.lgn policy toward the triumph- that vstv .Maine,! by his knot brother th,t rwl-'d in the vlce (siare it his d, at native hind, or found an nib-quite f. Id b r li'.a c, inpr. beiislvr kcnius iu the wide ,intimitis < f ? or Indian < n pi re. ws? at nil times and places the Idol , I hi-feb i ds and Ibe adir.i ration , f his aounlrymcn < d I Is.I ynu that 1 >p< *k ef the w'fs of I or,I W sllsslcjr. tht grand-daughter of t barlI'atr, d * (A)-plaute ttrn II. n , n. y* or Piste ? ?d c ity liavt fur me peculiarly dear and vad et le sssc rlatioo- N.v. r shall 1 twfffet the day. w h, n pi, slrg i ;? llial gr. at river, which fiH'? in Mary laud , nr vc? cl pa-scd befcre the site ?hl-h I- *'IU !s,|. lowed ly the shadow cf your giea' warrior and -Utes. u:ap, (Thefts ) " Bay lavglu d the sun nn that awphdews movu ' And thirv we lay?amidst glad fse.o?giving th" valql? tlon* c f greeting and rec-lving those ,-f w, Punc Ail was amity, joy. and peace As ! yet the last HUM a ves. fclotth- Bvttbkg Vcrmmsuthad ridden on th ?? water. It had c< mc as the mlnotrant of war. and h> i met l.y t he 1. v.l ard A, tee th r ,1 -Irrn ,h Ban, . T- - laal litnr that Uu- t u>uu g-ut.-kc trutu Hnt aU an^ A"'">ran cannon had cleared uwa. from I hat scene it had ? * the Held of anguish and death Jlow many >-.?*? ?-how many thousand years?did that scene seem ifhtw from the scene which ?.s before me ? (Loud Zril Uot dincrent and the sentiments which wwbidWl ed that gloomy time from tin.,# which then lit no mt ! ^t .nd wfuel. I was charged hy tin' yu "u my J?T j 1' ??n 'o express to the President and of >a> ii:!ed States : (Applause ) Gentlemen I do ?.Mire von heart'sw^M1 'ou*t,,U ?l this contrast flashed upon uo.nw "a S u ! r'u1' , 1,1,1 glorious uatT^^ i (Cle.?) I .nJii . m Uen I'utrust* d to me. <l'?ror. and n'/ n??Tlho? ''?T v in m fin i ' . ' *"<- Mh*re?| mount. ciiua aa UmhT temi"1" rf JU,t,i r"^rJ-J ^ Ame2-* the spirit of tl'? iUuitrioL J""an? 1 inertia* ' lh- L'irtt a?%?* . lu I adjured fhf .wnifif qj* <l<*?rribc-<i {'\. hikuuj (ilieers)?to lavor the !.?. i ' Kngllah k< otlcm**? V ho eanie to tt.M i|h'.h* "f Ku(?1md's ww die the chtldri n . f iho . 1 d,1?'re to reonn fwn to ll.a ,d touut' v i nwi'^'' Tr,uton or V,r* He- t< mbs snd trophh ' ,?r ,hr,!,l ir'; *\M to ,ou?* ??5Mnd" '' "f y-'l!r "-KTKS I to carry out thiudea 'tlut^'n"4"^ me'for'* (GhecH'^Y *? hi,pl,'il>- jnd ?? hlndiy repTjI ? ^"= a,* sr tsxr 'Ssgsra laughter) ?for the diplomacy of that i L ^iT *"<l write- but in cypher?fbtmrhleri . . i \11lli,'h "cw Talleyrand Im/said, alway^rtT. 'J ! ,h I " u< *??*? S^a&a?S ' u Is true that I haw" recrtw T ' (APP'?mieA | similar to that which bnu<s .nefcUfc-^ 1 iver willing. I have h. en .P....I ! . which, how "?.v avoruiioii ! ,'ier i , i , to W> ; S2 ticui that whi< h i.t V . 0 their-s. I am no orator nil i (Cher* ) Merer. ? t. r n ad.ed y"ur i , ,K u i T"' ""V/ "? w"rtU from ...v o, i, i t^U;"' "f^nrnlr sp< -iK Mi le i hi., r 11 t d " attempted t* Ufa), of mh ,,. a s 1 knew a. ||?, -,'d I v iii i IT "? *''* 1'"enk jrow ..'ii. ;r&"S.V*,r.kT3' .'<? "is has Iss-ule tori-fl,.: f' D'T f-rlMwl and d? f:id inul.e hi t t 1 hare opposed wrong any el.,s sect^ t ImVrw, Ji*? r I eie d. in* se? ii.T.'iu.Vvr. v~I('l I wilb a manly ' ,yl , "?''"y r.iwln This conduct I.os won ,, ! , 11 ((-heer-l ?" " ? ' aU parti, ,D} , w? couutrT Vam"'' ft9m tn.-aj uhlisco, rth, , 7 im 'tPwhy proun if in the continual iont'fnivei " ?(,h?? ?">)-?< W hu h luu. but one , K 'I .:aa"M-"' y >?- a r.vro,, lh. fii, njh (1,. u tw.a'i. , !'C . '"'t "reriirthcwinj Sla uid ut an; time I ? unl ^ idh .,"i ,'at'?l" ? (rherrs)? ^r? ii< i < ii?.! \ *1111' 1 ? 1 1 ? .3 u.i. iC'j">n*st*nttrd or us* f've me tberth!I t. -I I'-iH.Vr' ' -f "J". Ut'' I ^'dTuyU'rcvJ.'puiV^V^'n^^i1 "J"'11 1 ' *^7* )9 1 rid!;w?r T^srTrr" wi,h ** '??+ ,1.1 in.,,, r-; (w.;, /U1"., :r ' ";,w ,in<' h.r. Vcr, i tr-in .nnir ',o ,, 1 "" rowfM?-Tw w ...ii ?.e, '.ut TITnJ,f.,,r *? 'n ri ply 1,1 a s, n'lon-nt M ? 'lar'in 1 ?'?' m "I'll" id his thai.;, ?? rrinT'i. |U *r 'ff* hi ? <rlid . | h;, ,?lK .., . r*. . 1 I"*nii-r and ?n. tli ud lie-III J.,| U --'t "de to the Author of aM vl II, avow d'i., i... ['"? kindniww *w. 1 n^zr r ' ^ th 11 of hi lar i ,,. .1. ,.,,,. ?" I he;? dvuartj, nud child ? re.ati n of mirthac II. r II J'.*1'?"'rhra fili.-i puichlor ?? Ilf f' lhwid ? ? nlath ? . . fotdfcelirg which iwivad it ni ltw olcnU of Mir h-. dins'1,11. ,< entry to favor of thai the , " ' ' V ' 'Xil Ifd 1 Siss r*> 1 I? 'I I ' , " Greenwich . ,'! 1, , ' ' "Z'\ 1:1 1to Hrothce I'.ty ' II ? ,. "i'";'"bll"l"rt f,r|t,. ?W Of the 1 '"Oil. lb. U'l.,?:?'??? I.f t!? n. t> hists.rlai 1 ., ., . ' '! "t' "Utsi ?- .."' ".'trs S.sit,,. .1;::xrj? ' '".r-tss tiiw 1 1 1 1 and rrtigtam,?? f t ? net. i.i,? 1 , , 4 ' .Mi's li> I ii* win- pictr ???" ttiy t.,. " I " tl',t thep m.r "I ? wan,' !. "i kogoac il 1 1.1,1. i , c|-' I w , , I. . 1 ' '' II*' <"'ill - i" i- in ,t.i I,.! h i fllii. ,t It rt, " O i :! 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