Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 16, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 16, 1851 Page 1
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* THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. #779. MORNING EDITION?FRIDAY, MAY 16, 1861. PRICE TWO CENTS. DOUBLE SHEET-. IAUU n AOCTIWI. \U?'TION NOTICE?CARRIAGE!. ROCK AWAITS, French Ptlentam ?r Briuka. and lLtrnose?On Friday, Dlth May. at 12 o'clock, at th? corner of !>?y and Greenwich -ir> <tc, one atipoiior Coaoh, two four Mat Rock* way i, oaa 'wo seat Phu-tuo, Fr?B?b FlUntum nr Britika, made by lsureuee A OollU, double Hari?M, to., A-'. AUo, oaropen Barouohe, (ftritcka ) built to order: one o u lu-Ied Tilbury Homy, and a variety of other light re liiclee. The carriage would make a brat rate haek. W. A. CARTER. Auctioneer, 57 Dey etreet. t'CTION NOTICE.?GROCERIES, TEAS. SKOARS. ?? a- Brandy, Sugar, It*.?On Saturday, nt II o'clock, at th* corner of I)*y etreet and Gruenw ich, a general aseort mi nt of Black and Graen Teae, Sugars, Dublin Ale and For i ",v"" IkSfi UUt'UU nif BHU ? ui" t?r, Salt. Mackerel, futatoee, Cl?ainpa<m. Madeira, Claret, SJhorry and Tort Wine, Caudles, Sardines. Popper, UiB, 'Apicts, Ac. W. A. CARTER, Auctioneer. 57 Dey street. Auction notice.?by h. n. bush. this dav, at II" . o'clock, in th? Auction Rooms, 10 North Wil liam strert?Variety sale: Wince, Liquors, Scgare, 20 Jara ?Oiull, Dry Good?, Clothing, Millinery and Fancy Article*. Rich Jew clry. Wt.u-hue, Guna, Bed Spreads, Furniture, ko. -Large talc of Furniture on Saturday, 'l'bos. Bell, Auc tioneer. \i" Vrl'ORMICK, AUCTION ERR.?LARGE SALE OF "I ? Dry Goods.?Thr attention of the trade and others ii neatcd to the larxe ?ale of staple and fancy Dry Good*, to be sold this day, al 10 o'clock, at No. 15 Spruce etreet, by or der of E. II. Hudson, Keq. Terms cash. No postponement. HE. MILLARD. AUCTIONEER.?FA ?IIION'AIILE ? F i?r?Ur >n/cd and Gilt Waru and Fane* Goods. ?Will be nold et auction, on Saturday, at half-past 10 o'clock, at the sales room. JUU Broadway, Furniture, consist ng of Solnn, Chairs, Bookcases. Divans. Ottomans, Uall ?'"id Umorel Iu Stands, Swing .Mirrors. Window Cornices. Ilair and Fa tent Mattraiaaa, Girandoles, he., Ac. RC. KEMr. AUCTIONEER.?HOUSEHOLD FL'RNI ? ture, I'i.moforte, Mirr -rs. Carpets, I.e., this da}'. Fridav, at lOo'tth-' k, at house i?J street, between liroadwky and the Bowery.?K. C. Kemp will sell at auc tion, as aoove, a good assortment of Furniture, being all the furniture contain :.; is the house, consisting oi the usual as sortment. including one Pianoforte, made to Stoddart A Dunham. Mirrors, Brussels and other Carpets. Kitchen Fur niture, Re., worthy the attention of housekeepers. DV R. C. KEMP, AUCTIONEER.?MORTAGEE'S SALE of I nraiturc. Carpets, Mirrors, Pianofortes, A".?To morrow, Saturday. at 10 o elook. at i)u> sales r -om. 05 Nsi rsu (tract, utar Fulton street, K. C. Kemp will sell at auc tion a.- above, without reserve, ty order of Mortage*, a large nud valuable vesorimcnt of psrlor. dining room, chamber and kitchen Furniture, Brtisrels. three-ply. stair and oil cloth Carpi ta.lJiye Frneh plate Pier Glasses,2 oval Mirrors, acveral lire Oil Paiutings, Pianoforte*, carved rosewood par lot Furniture, carved mahognnv Stfas. T?te a Tetes, arm ?Chairs, mahoguiy spring seat ( hairs, Koching Chairs; rose wood and mahogany u-.arblo top Centre Tadns, mahogany li brary Book Cu?-.. Secretary Look Cases, sgtcuaion Dining tables, M'ardrobus. r -sewood. mahogany and walnut Bid ateada, marble top dressing Bureaus aad M'ashvtaads. hair .Mattrrsees. Toilet War*. silver plated Castor with tut gla-s fettles, iviry handle Tabla Cutlery, 'lea Tray*, cane seat Chairs, bron/e iron Hat Stands, hafl Carpet* an la general assortment of good furniture, all of winch is well worthy etc attention of buyers Also, a handsome assortment of tSB**tfy, Bru---- Is, ingrain, etsir aud - il cloth Carpeting, in lots to suit pvrehosere, sn.i is well worthy the sttcutlou of JjoB-rkerpers. Catalogues on the morning of site. A NTUONV J..BI.EECKER. Al'( TIO.N'EER?KXTEN sivc sale of f-IU Valuable Uuildlug l.otv in the Village of Astoria. Long lslaud, at Auction.-Anthony J. Bhu-cker w ill a? U at aeoli- n, on Thursday. May kgd. at 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange, the h-lluw ing valuable property, Astoria, hong Island, (On very lalnable building lots?these lots sre (Hunted in a part or t'-.- village that is growiugvery raiilly, and present to eapitalist# a favorable pportnnlty fur investment, as they will, without doubt, sell within ono year for double the price for w hich they w ill now "a The ' : eold. The above property will he sol i in l.l-njhs of not le>- than fonr lote. Also, at the same time will he sold, ae veml villa site.', very eligibly situated for country seats. The village c( Astoria is rapidly improving; its situation is remarkable for health, variety and ' canty of s.enery. The )->ts to he r 3i red uri .ituated on high ground, commanding ?e a tensive < iews ol' the surrounding e .entry, and tlm ever va ry lag scenes cl Kail Gate. Tin- terms of sale "111 he very libe ral to the purchasers. For maps and further particulars, apply to toe au< ti.-liter. No. 7 Broad street, oral the office of J. St II. L. RIKKR, No. JO Beekmau street. R KENNY, AUCTIONEER.?FASHIONABLE ROSE ? wood and maln>.any Furniture, and rich 1 -irnlshiu< Ar .? irli s.?Humbert A Konay will sell, to-ur >rro<v (Saturday) tsi-rsisy. at llto'ekoek, by catalogue, in th -'r 'pa ious salet room, 17.'nod IT I Fnltou street. (Museum bnll-iine) Brooklyn, elf rant rtrvrd rosewood and mahogany Sofas, Tete-a-Tatcs, large and small En aad Pari'-r Chairs, in ri> h maroon silk ? t lush aad hair i lot li; rosewood and umliossnp Dr -ssinr lla r an? aud H ashstsad*. with Italian marl-le t--p?; marble top ('nitre and wide Table*, mahogany F.vtcnsio* Dining I Table*. Card Table*. La-lies' Work, Dt'-esinz an I Fancy Ta- I 1-losi Fr<noh. Scroll. and Gothic B dstcads, lu mahogany And vsltul ; Book-aee*. Wardrobe*, mch-xrvny Rocking Chair*, lu plu .1, aud hair cloth : iJuirteUe Tab! -a. canr scat Rocker-. and other Parlor and Chamber furniture. Enamel led Cottage Furniture?several suites, chaste and beautiful. Also, tire curled hair Mattresses. Paillasses, nnrilied new P-at her Bs tit. liolsts-rs, au-l Wllows, In sets, t-ilvsr I'lnted Wnre ?Rieli Plated Castors, Cuke HisV-ts. (,'audlestioke; B'at-le, ISrsseit. and Tea Spoon* and Forks; ivory handle Table Cutlery. rtoMy des-orated and pleia Fr neh China Tea Sets, Vases, ke.s Hohemiau Glass U are, ernameated Frca*h olstt Pier Lla- ee, of large an-l small sigss; Marbles and -Jlrai kets. Ac. Ac. Also, one Guitar and ease, one Violin assortment of French painted Window Shades, 'irra Bedstead#, and Refrigerate rs. Xale peremptory. 0<>ods ?,?> be t van ine-l by ga.-light tide evening JOHN T. ROM IX.*. AUCTIONEER - PL VNTA, AT - I auetien. tbis day. Friilay. Msy In, at ID)* o'clock, at Try on's Seed More, M John street, a flne assortment frem W. P. Henrtcv ?n?DaMiae.Verl-enss.l'etunias.Prairie,Bourbon, cud Nci.-rtie Pes. s. Harrison do, Carnatimt. Pink* Tube R- *et. Re . Ae.f iu tine irder and wsrroiited, by Meesrs. Ifen-lerevn, out cf whom will be at tlm sale to give lnstruc -tiour as to planting, Ao, VOR SALE AND TO LEV. AR.MII I UANCE.?FOR .-CtLE-TllE FIXTURES Of ? * has* meat saloon. 50 feet dc< p. having a is years lease. ? t RISffi eely a year. It i* equalled by none ia regard to ' -.a?le of decorating; has been lilted up hut en* iaeith, and r will Ma] ? i - , lk* books to praeenl a II iti'-riag provpect; sltcatad in a thoroughfare, commanding both summer and 1 winter custom. Pri---- $2000, less tbaa eo-t. being out of j Uieowurr's I ur of business. Address Cash. II -raid Office. Billiard taihf.s foe sale-three second haed labl-", In -end order, with all spo-iratua eoasplctai - ne marble tap table, t'.most new. w ith T. O'Connor s patent auskioiia, that n< ver get out of order, will be cold ehespfoi -.?a-h, as the proprietor has given up business. Apply to T. I O'CONNOR. Billiard Table Manufacturer. (I Ann Street. I FMORSU.E-Ttir. rAKMOFTHE LATE MOSIS CLARK. \ dreease.1, rontaininc 101 acree. situate ia the town of , Rust Chester, nl-oet I' mile from the Tu knhue depot of the fl.irlrm Railroad. It is bounded north-rly by the road | I- ilmr Irem Fast Chester to New K icholle, ovvtcrly hy the t-teilv road <>l Hit Chester, on which roads it lies 'J-HP r?ls. | >t. tlx fan i is t good mansion lions*, a largo barn, and ta- | :en*lv.< sheds, mill h-uiee, carriage home, an I aeecessry out- i buildings, all i? fool condition: alio* good tenant house. . The farm if in a high state of Imnmvem. nt. Terms of sale , e*?y. It, ir- o' Samuel (.'lark, ltd Kll/vbeth stro-t, N.T., AlpUeue Clerk, ou the premises, or t-> the nn lertigned at ' Jftw Botlell*. JOHN SOI/I.IHR, Executor of Mosee Clark, deseased. | IU *OR RAJ.E, OR TO LET-THAT F.l.lfilHI.T SITUATED hotel, t* th# i'ilt<^o(Nr> Reel,#11#, r*oently Conducted ' I > Mr. < 1 uric? V. Rica. Location dratrahle. r*inj near th? ' railroad depot. ? Itltm fif?a wiiaat- # walk ?f tha ateambnat wharf, thirty mlnntm rid* hy rail frmn UiU city. replete with ?H neceaiary on'. building*, ehntc* garden ground a, aura ? riiwg wpward# id aa aora; the aholeiu complete order, *ad ready lar immullal* occupation. Ternii lihoral. For I artiralarr, iixiairt of Mill I.I. fc. ) KINK. 66 Oedir, npporito Pott office. pus wir-t nrsiNcsi already established. An | wit' t'lOl, ran loara nl to oh a plate, ?hrr*l-i m nl,i-n to Al ACO ran i? mailt |. r year. Alto, a llnree. H?r i. and liarneer. to bo told together. or oopa otrly. Apt'.y nt lift Chamiiri atrcet. I'OK PA1 I: - \T l.TOVft F ARM. NF.VU VF.II tRK . H twrt t.? ?i r?* of lead, with th# Improyomeata, eeaetotlng ' ? fa mod ro I alii tone*. rrih, ico honor, eiat 'r* | nr..I well after, ad1 lining the farm of I'rafeaaor J. J. Ma pro, who wiil Mt? trcrj iafortnatioa. C?'l l NDtD KFSTAI KANT FOR ><A1 F., WITH LEASE k ? i ( ill year', on* of tk* Vrtt in tl>* lity. Only raman I r HoIIii r th' ii..| iKtof withet to rettr- To a p rt >n of mean*. thiri'Oni'. ? 'ooita leld-in to h* m-t with. Apnly, r..i " . from I.' t. |r?.|?; I, %. J. K V MVS iffiee, So.W Broadway I'iirii itrAi'TirfL cor\tkv seats. at aandt 1 il* i..< ma all, and Caat t'twtif Ki arraa, adaa matt, t atKn'ntjil 't. near tlio (h ran IIoatffi Aia t. four err#. I lie Out' ho Idiot, and a inferior plarv near Rait Chrtlar, liri i m thit rlty. Al*e. tw*nty arr*a. a drtlyhtfn! (.lore, Pi I lilinf., at t ornnall, oa tha tlndaon Htrr. Alan ?lifti hoii'a in Tavrjtnaa. Apply to A. k J. 9rr<-ant, 1> W nil atrr-t I I'd FIN >*IITIIS.-*I OK ft A I.K?A TIN. COPPKK AMI) 1 fthm t l-i o Vamifactory. The ttorr lt in a Arat rat* lo talirt, and. hi Inr, ? ttabllahrd twenty fit* yean, hat a great .-i n of rottam from rhippinr and familira. Tba atoek, pool Will, and* 111 ? are lea. r. will he diapoocd of ow aroomaio doting t-w -. Th. r nt l? trtnatkahly low. Awiplo rtaanai will h**i ia lar m Hint out. Thlt li arhaneo aery fldora in .t with. A * pli t i ft. Vt It HI'< K A SONS, No I" Water llnrl. i r ' ' V Mi L'llFRSON, N?.W W later ttreat. rt'O rAlMl i.ft.-loR ft.AI.E. AN OI.D FATARI.IftllED A. i'aiat ft..-] . naw iloiaa a (nod retail liotlne-a. ftattafantory tarn f< r eclline out. Apply nt the ahop l', I fti?tharaane. larea P. r atrenth aaJ Eighteenth atre-ta, of fTOUT AAII IIIH MI.K. III! Ill iKVKKAl 1 tliree awry ea t hoirmant briak dn oiling hnnont, ia the lu.madiate Titiaity nf tl.e f-rry Thaa* bona-* ara laiahad an tbe hand. ? m?-t menner. and ?ra replet* with avarr #*?? w nime*. lint and oold water in tha bath-room* and kitohoa. fcr.fcn I n,m Hleta laaeaaia tirea luiolro at tha Uobo knti l.ia1, out. ?? at w. W. ftllll rrs. A?aat. ft po LET?FRAN' !v MS JlOUftK B1MLDI SOft-SECOSP I. *a J third lioori nt S*. 199 Broadway, i . aatraa-r frotw main ateirwarof No. 117 Broad war. A lao. office# la building Nee IP'i and p.17 Ilradway, offirra ia hwildlag So. t Dry otreet: nppr Inft ia building No. J I ley atmet, 3ft 1 W fret" h#'. aunt m hoilding No. S Dey *tee?t. lAafltl foot. Ap ply al No. 1 li-y itroet, oftw No. ft, third floor. "-f?0 l.F.T-Tllk ftI't.KNDlII I.Ki M'HIi ROOM, WO. Ml J. Br< odw iy oppn-ite Bond atrwet. Th* room i# 130 foot 1 agond AOfirt whtr. making a magaiftreat concert, ball of 1'riwre mow : altera'IOB0 may ha mad* to roil Ineaoa. la V|ttirft 11 H- R f tnnmlftg". Foal a H11 ft ii 1 n at# lloaoior atreat, i> .raer of **? hange pliow. rpo l ?I,-STftRK IN COCKTtASDT STRKF.T.?ON R 1 of the hint loreO .ni lathe atr -t f r *h< lri?1e huatneM: ? r? about idfchteea fort front hy firtc-llie In di pth. If leelnd. ti e 1 einalila rtooh oa hand will he *?ld for oae I' rt Ii i*'h' >l#wc* at pr red m toa nt foaraad air moatha. Aditgre* l? * " ? ?' oiler oftl.ia ' Pbpftl ?rpo I.ET-A CONAENIKNT III Rt K nfoRT IlWRI . I lieg poir ', In p?rt -1 order. eRuot-d in owe of th* moat pirrnnt aer**o lb nro blyn. with War*, of th* furniture for eel*. I' hy the lit or loth Joe#. Apply *t So. M ?C'iiiilon ?tg??d Brooblia. d-|ftf? |.Ft -11|F. STuRI SO. (M * I'.ftT RTRF.FT, NF.AR Jl Ih# Noa fort nnd Frlw Railroad l?-p*t. pmaaeaion mmnitiatrl) A pply on th* pr< mite#, or at Tift Waahlartoa a'renf. ^I'O I.FT ?IS THR COUNTRY, fF.VRN MII.Rft I RoR I I'nlt afrtry, 11 nice two atnry llonae and oneairw of , ? ramid, wit ' ft nit tfiaa. Ito. Tha ofag** pro* the door ! 4 uf liurn a day . R-nt fldh per rwnnm A poly ta Or. T A t, |.x 111I a oil ' t, #i at ol U, W*-hiM?taa Uaitfl). vihajiciaim SEABOARD AND ROANOKE RA1LKOAD.-A3SO.OUO wv?n per cent Martgage Bonds.?Scaled proposals will be received by the subscribers until Saturday, the 3lat day of May. instant, for three hundred and fifty thousand dollar* of the first and only Mortgage Bonds of the Seaboard and Roanoke Railroad Company, bearing seven per eeut per an num interest, and redeemable at the Merchants' Bank in the city of New York, on the 1st of August, lcsio. TUbc Boiiis lit in dums of $1,(XX) each, with coupons it taohed, payable at the .Merchants' Bank, in the city of New i ur>, on the 1st of each February and August. These Bond* are issued under authority of special acts of the Leri-lature* of Virginia and North Carolina, and are se cured by a mortgage executed to John I. Palmer, Sou., of the city of New Viirk, Li trust fur the bondholders. This mortgage covers the entire line of the road from Nor folk. V irninfa, to South Oaston on the Koanoke river in North Caroline, a distance of '.?) miles, which will have eost, when completed, including the original outlay, over IM>?and the trustee is empowered, in case or sixty days de fault in the payment of interest or principal of the bonds, to take possession of, use and sell the whole or any part of ? the same, including the franchisee, inoome and property of i the company ef every description, now acquired or hereafter I to he acquired. The whole amount of the bonds authorized to be leaned it ' four hundred thousand dollars, ol' which the amount now i offered for sale has lieen issued hy the company in payment print ipnliy for the heavy T rails with which the ooiapauy i* I now it laying, their track. 1 Thia heavyT rail for the whole distance, 90 indies, is now ad?OOo" on hand?fit!miles are laid and in operation?and the com pany is actively engaged in laying down the remainder, so as to complete the line to Welden, 30 miles, in July of the present year, and to South Gastou, 90 miles, by the close of the year. The Seaboard and Roanoke Railroad forms part of the great Southern route flrom New York, l'liiladelphia, and Baltimore, to New Orleans, in connection w ith the liue of steamers now running from Baltimore to Norfolk. A line of steamers is now running from Philadelphia to Norfolk. Two lines of steamer* *re now being built to run from New York to Norfolk, to commence running early iu July next. One oMhexe lines is to be of the first class ol passen- I ger steamer*, 11US tons burthen, nnd the other a line of pro pollers. '1 he connoetion* of this road ureiuoh as to secort for it an ample amount of 1 miners; it uuitcs at Welden with the railroad lo Wilmington, Bit) mile* in length, which hue iust been re-laid with a heavy T rail: it unites at South uastoa with the railroad to Raleigh, Ho miles long, which is also about to he re-laid with a hesty T rail. At South Gaston, it will receive the immense productions of the extensive at d fertile valley of the Koanoke. which are brought to that point by the Koanoke Navigation Company, w lio Imve expended over four hundred thousand dollars in improving the navigation of the Roanoke and its tributaries. The harbor oi Norfolk and Portsmouth is well known to Leone of the best in tbo United States, and will thus be connected tintlic Seaboard and Roanoke Railroad aud its rni connecting fines, with an ample extent of territory; which I w ill iusure to the road an abundant business. A map. exhibiting these conaeetions, showing, also, other ' lines now in rapid course of construction, bv w hich a eon tinuous liue of railway will soon be extended from Norfolk ; to Mobile and New Orleans, on the south, aud to the Valley ' of the Mississippi, at Memphis, en the west, may be ebtained of the underaigned. An "exhibit," giving a full account of the road and Its i affairs, co| it s of tho bond and mortgage. and the legal opi- , nions of Judge John V. Maaeu, or Virginia, Re., ascomi* nie* tho map, and may be obtained, upon application to ; John 1. Palmer, F.uq., at the Merchants' Bank, or to the un- j d< reigned, by mail or otherwise, who will furnish any fur- i tiler information which may be desired. It is confidently believed that the bonds now offered for sale afford one of the safest and most desirable securities in I the market. Three hundred nnd fifty thousand dollar* are now offered I for sale. The entire amount will lie disposed of absolutely, aul without reserve, to tbe highest bidder. Scaled proposals for any am lunt not lea* tltaa $ UlM will be received at the office of the uudcrslgusd uutil So'clock on the thirty tirxt day of May, lfihl. Proposal* l<> tie addressed to Wlnslow, Lanier k Co., 52 Wall street, New York, aud endoroed "Proposals for 8. It It R. Bonds." Parties whose bids sre accepted will be required to pay twen'y per cent, upon the amount awarded to them imme diately upon being notified of the acceptance of their hid*, d the remainder in oqual amounts on the first days of July, August, September, sad October next; but anv party rill I 1 e at lit-erty to pay in full at one*. Interest will com mence from the day of payment. WINSLOW, LANIER k CO., No. 62 Wall st. \f ETROPOl.ITAN BANK.?TOIS BANK WILL COM ivl mence business on Wednesday, the 1 ftl. instant, at No. M Wsli street. Notice will lie given when this bank is pre pared tu receive uaourrent money. J. K. WILLIAMS. Cnahier. N' EW YORK FLOATING DRY DOCK COMPAXY.-A dividend of five per cent on the capital stock of this oompsny has been declared out of the earnings for the cur rent six month*, payable on and after the tilth day of May next. The transfer book will be ulosed from the 3d May to tho day of payment. By order of the Board af Dir tor*. April at, lt&L U. V. MASON. Secretary. Texas land agency.-tiie undersigned or. fcrs his service* *? an agent in nil matter* appertaining fn lands in Texas, but particularly to select ualocated land* find procure patent* for the samo Terms moderate, tad will be made know u w MB inform d w ha t is to he done. Addri x? H. U. CAT LETT. Dallas, Texas. Chicago city loan.?sealed proposals will be r ? at tht Mayor's Hfioe, in tbe city of Chicago, and at tho office of Strachan tk Scott, ia the city of New York, uutil the 1st dsy ol Juuo next, for a loan of Twenty, five Thousand Dallars, for n term not exceeding ten years. Tbe bonds '?> be issued in sums of nut less than five hundred dollar* each, at aa interest of seven per centum per anatim, payable t< mi annually, and pnneipa aud interest psyabl* at ti e American Exohangi Bank, ia New York, or at the of ~ order of the Com tt e i f tho City Treasurer, in Chicago. By order ef the C mon Council, WE. 8. G URN EE, Mayor. Chicago, April Ml, 1KS1. PIN N SI I. VAN IA R A INROAD?NOTICE TO CON- ! tractors.?Proposal* will be received from the 9th to the 12th of June neat, at Johnstown and Summit, fur the grodinsand masonry of that part of the mountain division lvnnta ef tho Pennsylvania railroad, between Altoaa. la Btair Count). ?1 d Pi Ingle's F' int, a few miles below Jeffersen, in Cambria. n distance of 2ft miles. The road within this ?iotaace will cross tJ.e Allrghany mountain*, encountering *?me of the heaviest (Tiding offered ia thia country. Inad ifsxtcnMi ditiea to a nmuber ofext- nsive cuttings, smhankments, a ad sulvcrts, ther* will be ono tuan-1 I jn yards in length at the summit of th* mountain, and another of 2tiu yard* through Pringle'e Point. Terms cash, ni nthly. Per further infor mation, apply to Edward Miller, Esq.. Associate Engineer, Blalrsville. Indiana county, or to Strickland line ass, P. A. Engineer. Altoaa, Blair county. J. EDGAR 1 llOMSON, t.'hitl Engineer. Engineer Deportm't, P. R. R. Co.. Philadelpbla. May 1.1 Ail Clin nnATO LEND ON BOND ANDMOKT fp 1 t/x/jvW g*,'", on productive real estate ia this city. It w ill he loaned st six per fltnt interest, and in sum* * suit applicant*. Apply to P. M. I1HOA l>, 11 Wall street, m the Crotoa Water office, basement. SI 500 CA?H CAP,TAL" AN!> A rA*'nfr* d, ia a manufacturing basinets. in toe hardware trade, and without enmpetitioe. The business will command cash -?)? -, and $-l,iga> to ju'i.ixid i aa he mads yearly. Addrria 8 II. S., Herald ofHeo, with nsins, and say where can be seen, which w ill receive prompt attention. Tit A V KLLKItS* GUIDB. JJkOE SI NO HIS (I. LANDING AT HAMMOND STREET. Yonkera, Hart n*". Dobba' Ferry, and Tirrytown.?flM to Tinker*, 1?<; rente; ltaatinga, iiobb-i' Ferry, and Tarry - tows. I-J? cnte; fin* Sin*. T> cent*.?The new un-l pretty Otcamor JENNY LIND, Captain WUnon, will lenve from toot of Ch*ml>*Tt ntrret. (vary nft-rn on, at J>, o'clock, Fri day* ?n<l Sunday* aaeeptod ; return...- will leate Sin* Sin* at i HA. M. Fwight take* oa rraaooehla (? rina. Fot fur tlirr pxrtleulare, apply oa hoard N. H ?The Jenny Llnd will mikt an aaeWMM retry Sua.lay morula* to Rock land l.akr, letting Now York, from foot of Chamber* ttr--<.t, at A o'clock, landing at lla mmond atreet. Manhattan* ille, ai.l all of the abote landiaca each way. Returnin*. will leate If. rklauJ Lake at S o'rluek I*. M.. and arrive in Nen Vwk about halCpaat 4 o'clock P. M. Fare to and fr ua R. ? kland Uka, .Tr'j eenta each way. New tore and pniLADci.rniA ? new tore and Philadelphia direct-United Slate* Mail I.Ine. Through la 4)f hour*. *la Now J-reey Railroad. Fare re d a red to $3 for flrat-elaaa, and El SO for aeoond olaao. I.etto Now York at OA. M , from foot of Coartlaad atroot; and at ? A.M. and ? P. M., from foot of Liberty atreet. I.eate I'hi In delf hi* atfl aad ? A. M. aad ? P. M., from the foot of Fai autatrrot. Camden and am boy railroad line from Now York to Philadelphia?l^-atee pier No. I Nor't Rlyor. by atoamboat JOHN POTTER; Morning Lfae, at I o'clock, A. M ; Aftrraooa Liao, a?d'o'olork. P. M. Far* bt ? th*r In* S.\ forward deck. t~. Emigrant Line at 6 c'elool P. M.. faro. El ML I. NI.ISS. Aaea* BXPIIKSR AQKKIKB, 4ft. pEMITTAMO^ TO EN (I LAND, IRELAND. AND Scoll.tnd Drxftw on nolo for en* amount, ir -a AI acward*, which will l<e caaliod at any Itank la the L'ai*ed Eii.gdm Alao, l\i.t*g-e ofotery dMMlplinn forwarded at |e* rctea. h* all the at .m.-re, to any part of Europe. by EDW ARi>S. SA N FORD A CO.'S Traneatli.nli ? Kxpreea, At Artama hi Co.'*. 16 and IS H ell atreot. Email parrel* will he reeeitnd till hadf paat atno A. M. ol the day of (ailing of otery aleamer to Europe. THE WORLD'S FA19.?THE WHOLE OF TOE CARlJ ofthot'. 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AT F.YIII KJ hltioa Almanar, for UEI, containing a tlew of 111" t.uild lug ert< ting in llydn Park, and n full nccunnt ofeiery par ticular enrnected with the anme in Fnglleh, Frrnrh.nnd (iermnoi alao how to olelt la tlx naya the whole of the gra tn.tone exhibition* la tondon, and It* principal aoutir*. itrreta, thnrcboa, monument*, merketo, Ac ; with the cub (area, aad ever* other nece..,iry iaf Tinallon. Pnbllahod hy Ron A Son*. IIP and INI Hl>ihopt;;*le atroel. Load. *. the c?lel rated nerrn ini. re, porfoincr*. heir i nil-re, hair iyrm en I general *;enta, who undertaaa to cxeowtc oa eommi - eh-n order* for every dearrtptioa of good* forell perleofth# wcrld. Roe* A Son* aleo .olli It the attention ol pereoaa re el'l ng abroad to tbo artlole* of their own manufacture; ron ?i 'in.t of Itritioh and foreign perfnmcry (they hating an trtaMUhm< nt in Fringe. I otery kind of aoan. hrwoboo. dreea itg ea-i a, air ,pa, and eutlery, including their " Kegielered (iiirrd laiorr wl lrh fOv-utu the p. aaihilitr of nny one ?uttlaa kimrelf whilo abating, artrapllatort for dyeing the hair of any reonired ahade. ?rJ tholr unrivalled a**ortmeal of ornoDieatalbalr. rf all klad*. for both Udi*a and geatlo mm. Ant order* r'eelti-I l<y them promptly nttmdcf to, and If of CEO tain* and upward*. *01 he executed at the ? holMalt Iflve. but a remitfxncr with it lndi*peni*Mr; and ll ey nndertakc that nothing hut Eret rla.a good* ahall be tent, f. r e hh h tl. lr name i* a auM.icnt guarantee, hi-Ing h?-n e lahlbhed near!* a reutnry. I'rlee of th- Alma una A| with the uaual .... < to the trade; to he had. by efder, of all fciekwller* tad nowavotdera throughout t wcrld. Adlreet, Rota A Son*, 119 and IJ9 MfaAef*gate atrrxt, I."ndeu. II I NT AND Ro-RFI l? (SI Cf'F.SAOM Trt SfoR't M ilinii-r.) OoMariitl *, ML? ramllh ? Ac., to t Ui ccn, itao Chronometer and w at. hmikc *. ol No. IM N Bead atreet, louden; muanfaetnrt, A* liarriaia rtre< lirav'a In r ed. beg to Intimato to tV j* pxtr.>u? thai ?h tee ahent. moxlig fr m tholr l.ron ,gi bwalneax in I'r n. afre? t. Mauel^wter,to St. ton * agtinr*. In Ike ai*i>| tow e" """ * ?PFJ-'H k? k'^t prianpel m'ru.t t THE ERIE RAILROAD OPENING BT THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. The Steam Whistle from the Atlantic to Lake Erie* TSkOUOI MY BATiZOBT. Arrival of the Pint UcoMthe and Train of Cart from hv York City. THE GRAND CELEBRATION AT DUNK IRE. SfffrhtR by President Fillmore, an I Hons. Daniel Webster, Crittenden and Dodge. Highly Interesting Incidents and Scenes along the Route, St., die., die. Tin: nxcmsioN trip to lark nrurc. Ki.miha. May 15?5 o'clock, A. M. Another day,as beautiful as the last, shed* it* morning glory over the picturesque wood-crowned hilla in which this beautiful city, 273 miles from New York, is embower ed. The cry is,''Westward, Iio !''and we shall soon be on the track for Dunhirk, 400 miles from Gotham. After delaying half an hour yesterday, at Narrows burgh. 132 miles from New York, we proceeded along the green margin of the silvery Delaware?winding its devious wayjfor 53 miles beneath a chain of wooded hills?till we reached Deposit where the train stopped for five minutes amidst the roar of cannon and the sharp twang of mus ketry. The people assembled in considerable numbers, and Panelur.nt PiLi woac addressed them. He said he thought he was coming is to a forest in taking this trip over the Krie Railroad, but everywhere along the line cultivation met his view, and now before htm lay a trail log. happy, prosperous village The importance of this great work, and its influence in developing the resources of the Slate of New York could uot he over-estimated, llere there were loud calls for Mr. Wkbxti h. who raid:? 1 bar e only to repeat the surprise and admiration expressed b; (lie Presides! at ttie rapid execution of tiiit great work, and the blessings that are so palpably flowing from it. Hut I do not so much roncratulate you at the tea coatt and the lakes, which are linked together by this iron chain of union aud intercommunication, vcura. my frieuda, it a great and fertile land. May you and yours continue to cultivate thrsu sunny hills, aud carry oa these great workt ol human free dom. tii libation, law and religion, till time shall be no more. Mr. M sbster thus concluded, amidst deafening ap plause, and the train shot ahead. We now left the Delaware and ascended the mountain wall that separated ua from the Husiuclitnua. being a grade of 3b feet per mile. It was dreary and barren; but only served as a cool rest to the Muiliag valley that lay beneath, aud heightened ita effect. The object most derivingof attention on the ascending slope of this hill, was a cascade bridge, consisting of a single arch 230 t'eet in width, and thrown over a yawning chasm 181 feet deep The President got out to view this stupendous work, also the grand Starrncca viaduct, two miles further on This Is the greater work of art along the railroad, 1.380 fret loug. 110 f< et high, and lb arches, with a span of 30 feet. It coat J.320,000. The^uaqurhanna aud its scenery here burst upon the astonished view with a glory not rurfwwd by any scenery in the world. It can uevei be forgotten by those who have seen it once. Its peerless chain of beauties for 80 miles to Klmiru, is without a parallel. The hills are cultivated to the top. an I the idea of a gardeu. or a series of pleasure grounds, ts sug gested, rulher than that of a wilderness Kor 43 miles there is almost a dead level, and scarcely an oscillation Isf- It in the cars. Along this district, and parallel with the railroad, may be seen the old piles upon which, some I s olve y?ars ago. thn e mill! >ns of dollars were hopelfuly sank as the foundation c-f a tailroad. which was aban doned. At the village of 8in<|uehanBa. which is the great de pot i f this line, rlic cars hulled for Ave rai into*. and sixteen loci motives, wilhttieir trains attached, and their ati am up. waiting for the excursion trains from New Xor'i to pass, saluted the President and hlacubimt with ths concert id tou-lc of their shrill whistles, which made aiifh horrible discord as w as never heard before. * hilr, at the same time, the milifaiy company of the village di'ehnrged a /cu rfs jtm from an adjoining hill. A broad acurlet t anner arched the track, welcoming the visiter* to the West. The people cheered loudly, and a large number of ladli s mingled with the crowd. The Pre?i d< ut briefly addres-ed the multitude. At lliughanitoa. was the greatest demonstration yet made The rar.noue' roar, and the mingled cheers of ROW people, w?Ii oumfl the I'raa id cut and his cabinet. There was a targe wtntc banner extended in front of the dcp<t. with the single word. ?? Welcome.'' The ladies, id wbi-m there was alarg< number, waved their handker chief*. The President took off hi* hat. and bowed In ac knowledgment of the compliment Mr U rexII r, was rall-d for. and the people Insisted upon having a speech from hiui. He said? I can hardly ety more than rtpn-ss the pleasure I feel in seeing yea siul the w i ?U rn end el this great werk of art. 1 hs?? crossed the upper l-rsn?hrs of the Delaware sad th? t?ii(irl.iiiM, and 1 knot soau-tliiax ofthoee rivers at tlieir n.untti-; hut I have mi..- *? ?n them as they issue frem the-e lofty, etl liire, and | lctar*?|se hills. It is a beautiful, and a i is. revs, sad a health) couatry. May Cod bices ion, ami rnable y?,w to enjoy all ita blse-ings. Mr Hrah\m. the ceeri-tary of the Navy, then made a fi w obsrtvnliens, while ths- rresidsnt, at another part of the train.* a* addressing the ladles, lie quoted the liner? Pull many a flower Is born to blush unseen, Ami waste it* sweetness on the desert air. This could no longer he said of Itiurhuniton, or the othsr flourishing viUsges on the track o* a railroad . whit h connected Pake K.rie ami the Atlantic ocein. M ben the cars were ilarting, women ami children cliinbrd up toes-e Mr.Weboter. and shake Hani* with him There was a tremendous rrowd A banner was presented i trem the pit-j-In of this village to the Railroad Company j All along the line tanners were presented The In-crip- ; ttons of ?onui of them were witty arid curious That pre ssbted by the people of Wayne had on one side the fat- j lowing Wa> u* fount/, PfttBiylvanU. ZZ loin;#" lV<tof > h t'tia tki?? th? New York tad Jr j Trie R;.ilr ('< aipa*/ il.WOa jtar. to ma throu*a ?* ?? j yg I'ike county, ae are >Vrvn?? Iranian* ~ with a pr >ri*o. Zt | On the other side wsi the following ? Zl itrinx oat the Gaa, l.iHltr! + ? T!.r motiniaiai are lertlN. the vallia* are tiled end t* , the uareh ia dr/. Aimoit t be same scenes weru enacted at Overgo as at j Rlrghamton, and the ladh ? presented a magnificent banner (the fine.t of the day), and a* ?'.? can could ' not stop they thr? w their earl* with erub-acrs, such as - the toUowlng. to the President Hold youf Icrses. Uftr. 3; f rotu tear fHead, 3* . .. Warerley. Mr. I.-8. T. % s.mnwmMvmAmsmmmmmrf % Am * ^ T? Dea, . Leder. Esq.. SR C-aipliia- its from all Wsi rrley* fmmmmmMtiimimviWiVim* ktr. sad Mr . J. f. Ilallpt s belt wishrv To th* N. t. and K It. R Ca. V? Waverlev. TKI.rOHAPHIC. Tli f TRW * M.MtRA TO Pt NBIRK?ARRP.It'AI. A'-D t H.FBRATION AT DCNKIRX. Dreaiaa. May IS?t T M At half pa>t six this tn'-rnlng. Ih ? excursion train left Klmirn for Dunkirk A large crowd aollreted ar and the d- |sil. and chc red tlie party as the car. uovei for ward Retweeti Hm'ra and Corning, the scncry Is most ct qtii-lte, the !?n<l rich and fair, and dotted over with fat in house*, orchards, Ac The railroad through It en hsrr s its jit Ice. fine tf It* directors told me that In three years the Incr. a-. 1 value of the land along the Hue h*d paid the coat of the work. The first stopping place was Corning, which 1* a con siderable village I be Inhabitant* and firemen, in unl frtm. turned out and congregated around the station Tbty ch. < red loudly, and fired a salute from a huge ran a< n A band of music and several banners graced the ifcndno. The President being called for hv the people, present i id hlnw-lf with his hat off. and made a few routine oh m tvslions. He raid tblr village bad risen as bv en I rbentmmt in the wilderness, ami the K.rle Railroad ha t rapiillv tnrri-awd its wraith aim population. | Mr Wi i-vir* bi lug rail d for. made a few remarks, ?t d then Iti re were sertos ?f erle* for Mr Crittenden Mr. t'smiMJKS rsme forward, and said there was but i

, (i s (pinion of surprise and astonishmonf among all 1 who Is held the srenery with which tSeir village w?* surrounded and which the party had pa.-e.ud yesterday I and to-day. and that vie thst such lieawty should b- | ' l ? i" ? !? Ol 1b- v.- ' 111" w rid Ail the diflt , cultbstbat but il op nri n<w r,,u. red A hifhwav | v as openi d, rod the friiltfulneMi which seemi-d a n*et ! nrtdlf lliy rf nature, w.-,* brought to market for g)j,. j Is M ft ( f "the human '|ed,? lhe peard of Tnote-" "f the riltsge then pre ' ,-titada I flsg to Mr 1seder, the President, accompanied, i,f nn iddtes*. and th> train b tt. , At AtDsow. the rare xteppcl f?r s frw ml ^ute* Here j the | - ole were v> r< and the big gun 1 tared sway with a lenott mi loud n? to stun ?u ,%r, A i I slbb-nwtltc and Cametow. tha prople cheered the 1 ?Ti!n? a.' liny pv?*?-t 1 A licuttc.l f'.i1' thq tar? ^opp~d and the nsmpifi assembled in gr'?t numb"" lit thin Important station, which connect* the line with Buffalo. The Prksidlnt being called on by the ponple.said that this w?H no place for a speech. He was bourse in praising the lo>ely valleys bo bad passed, and there an* none more charming than that which j laid before him This was an important point on this railroad, for it was here that the Oreat ?est- . ern improvement would be shortly oonnectcd with his own beloved city of Buffalo. He regarded llornells vllleas a part of Buffalo, for when the branch bet*.-en the two polute was completed, there would be a con-tant ( communication between them, night, noon and morn- , iup There wa1 no other railr>>ad in the world that cost a6 much, except the one of the Kmperor of Rue-da, which was, however, not so long us the Krio Railroad, aud no j better. He did not regard these popular d. mon.tra- I tions asintend<d for him. but us an eipre slon ofconG deuco in the right admiuUtration of the laws, aud of devotion to the constitution and the uniou of the States. (Loud cheers.) Mr. Wrasi r.u then made a few observations There were loud call. for Crittenden, aud shouts for old Kentucky . . ... At length. Mr. Critts vpkx eame forward, and raid, tbi ? always called him out laat. he verily believed, iu order to make the people glad to part company with the train (Laughter.) lie heard this region praised from the rising to the setting of the sun, aud it well deserves all the praise that could l>e bestowed on it; but there was i-omethlng be admired more than the land?it was the beauty on the laud? (laughter aul cheers)?and finer spicimcTi* he had never seen than what now etiodbifora bim. If he had one ofthese beauties, he would rot give her for allthr mountains he bad seen. Then there were loud cries for North Carolina. Mr. Ca?H*u, of the Navy, finivlly came forward, and thanked the people in the name of the good old State ft ma which lit- eamc. Mr. Hall, the Postmaster General, spoke briefly. Mr RrwABr was then called for, and having come for ward, after a little cxiuettiPg. said, '? Ladies and gen lkm< n. 1 citnc up among you in a new character. Hitherto I have always been promising that the New 1 ork and Erie Railroad would b? completed. It Is complete, and now my vocation is done. I congratulate you on this 8u?i<iciouM wcoixi only to cue that has cwr hap remd in this State. Pome hove doubted whether New York is in favor of thel nion. Tin y tallosl about it. If they looked at our railroads and canals, they would see what we do about it. . Mr Dow.s:. of New York city, was here called on. He said, '1 cannot dodge your fair call, but 1 mu-t dodge a spes < h We have not time and must away; and imme diately retired into the ears, amid loud laughter. Here there were loud cries for Douglass. At length Senator Doi glass came forw ard. and said he enjoyed the trip more than any in hts life. It wu*. indeed, a glorious work?not only connecting the great Lake* with New York, but also the valley of the Missis sipl. and the whole country The railroad was local to New York, hut it was national to the whole I uion. He eame on this trip because he wished to show his coun tenance to so important a work and hoped the day w?s not far distant when a network ?t railroads would cover the whole universe, and thus wipe eut every res tional feeling, and make of us a baud of brothers. H. we ought to is-. (Applause.) . ., . . Mr Doner here came forward, and said he luuat announce that the cabinet was about being divided, (laughter.) It was arranged that the . ecri-tary aud Posttiuutcr General should chauge to the other train The nr< posed division then took place, and the ears went ahead, and thus euded the demonstration at Ilorm UsvlUe. . . . About eleven o'clock. Mr. 8 T. Downing, in the first car. prolrfHcd a luneh of pickl. d uoupared oysters, hot i oysters and other delicacies, ffr such as had eaten little or no break test. Ills father, at the same time, made a | similar sncct-tiou in the other train This was assent,-d to, and UM y made a temperance lunch, there being nothing stronger exhibited than coffee. Mr Downing had a black bottle in private for squeamish stomachs | At Del fids re. Mr. Ciiiicms stated that he wasanac eidentsl sharer in one of the greatest popuiat? triumpns he had ever witnessed It extended from V> ashington to ? that spot. It was the well deserved triumph in which he. Mr. 0 . partook by circumstances, lie concluded | by c- ngratulating the ladies on their beauty and UT lure was a host of holUs waiting for th- arrival of the cars, v.-ho waved their handkerchiefs with much entliu- , ^AtCnha Ihe deme nst ration was very lotersntinR On the approach of the train, a cannot shot boomed ftom the hillside slows the boutlftd valley. reverberating from the | opposite mountain, ard multiplied itself into a hundred report* in succession, louder tliau a thunder peal, lue effect waaatngulaily sublime, and wasrspeated as ion;* as the cars remained. The crowd was immense for such a '' The I'm bidsst. being introduced by Mr. IiOdnf, amidst loud cbisrs. said?He could not forego the pleasure oT returuirg them his most grateful acknowledgment*. T ho village in this Iwautiful valley is called t uba, a name that had sounded In our car* sometimes unpleasantly Tb.-r.-wss no danger of a hostile invasion in this peace lul retreat. (Much laughter.) He said no doubt they would he glad to hear the Attorney General, and other ? Darned men. aud the I'odmaster Oueral?a mun of let- . Urs He then gavr way to | Mr. Cmnrat i v, who add h? was bom in thr car West, r.rd Was bud tittle disposed4o waknowledgr stipe rlority anywhere but he was uow compelled to acknow ledge the com. and to admit tliat New 11 rk was the Em- i t.ire Mate of the Union by Iron roads Another wa? add-d tothat Plate, whtrli made h. r doubly great, and connvrt ed her with the rest of the country. . , , At Honesdalc. the- President mid cabinet were saluted with it cannonade. This village and the surrounding eouutry is exceedingly beautiful. , At tllcnr Miss Nichols ascended tba ears with a flag. to pr? *erit It to the President, and in Id In her hand. au , i4dMi!i, which olif iatradi l to md. but w*? cut rtiort j by the sound (f the whistie. and had t? make her escape by the best way she could. At this station there were * numUrcf well dre?-ed ladi'-s. At Alleghany there was the l-e?t display of the fair So v al<wi the entire line A large rlatftwm pri?ntesl a bril liant array of beaut v. most if them bearing Minshaitev The offered .. few remarks. and aom? flag* were I routed. when the engine whistle sounded Mr OaiTsrsnrjn, who was called for said? I Ij* nothing sav. hul those .hemlnablc car- not adow me to ray even that (Much laughter ) At Ur??l Valley, whtrh le Mtuated in the In lian reeer ration i. longing to thr Seneca tribe. ther? was a va?t j crow d waiting f> r the car- Then- was a hod offtsmal* tsauty oil a I.utf'rm. hesid. s a en lag- filled with tin , fnir ; Ut lb* mot lnt?rt?itlHK f? *turv oC tub ^ci m : a Imv oumbrr rrf Indten*, of nil w ?n4 - V*. 1 Thel'aroo.M a-ldrc's. d them bri. ffy. rvyln? he did tu t cirret to po many (f tb?* Inii^n v'lF"1***"11 M| I the c-nnlry on this excursion. But the Indian* did w . h i in t" understood English, which the 1 resident awer- j tainil g ccnclmJ. d. . . . . I Mr Doc ? addre ?? J th. m. er.ving.look te yourgr ? fcther. amid gt< at rear- of laughter TVs train then want ahead . . i At l.lttte IV,1* ar d Al'-ton tlo f* v.,-e iounrase rowa,^ At l\!)tnn a sad ac.-W ?d oc-urtod A Lom ? r o p. < pic a* nihl. d to Are v solut - *i ' after firing on X n. I two men eommcocd reloading, when half > adei. ?< > ? , end time, the gun . vjbsh-d. bt-wtng thr'hand* eff ct on.- mar . and < ne off fi-.m the other, it is fca- J that I one ? rthim will not n.irive the ocei laid. At forts -f- Uie. eight mile* 1" ? :Vir * a gr> at d< monat ration fag. werr .?ah.bit.-lon p. c>. aid a banner war presgntid braring thr followlug 'nevrip- | "forte-tvMl-. May P 1*61?The Grrat Ir? in Out j Ccuntrv'a It tsitv.*' . . ... n?_ i II r the two train, united, and rrr^ed~i t'. Dun , kirk, ehn ?? d by hundred* of p-op'e .it short ft,terv .i , till at length, at half p.- t four, the cara arrired it safety ami Dt the bout, of as tlmusaod-. sfi a trip cf I- ur huiulr d and fort} wile* ^. ugh tfc?ni~t I i??rttirpM|Ur n.tintry in thv wotM TlirbtlUf f tbf'?UUg? and of the steam. r?. rang for flfeeit nilnute' ami aefrn t.en gnnaurn*ffrvd eti th#Contmon foe the 1 reautcn . Dinctor. ,f th-Sew York and K.w no I one gun tor.v ry fount} this ugb whleli the to. I . paseos. Tritw, hal nrelwa aud I inner, wer,-eve ? i to I? arrn an I the hands of mu.l" and ^ivatms gre- led the,, op;- ? ho So rr.J haif wad with U- '"rcl; V?> ,h uid nwnti >n that at sunr'f! t'?r nru* i village wcr-? lurg 'or an hour and twenty t>ju? F?? our l< r each town io ''h .ut* ; ? re hr d. arri-al of e*-h Mr a bit within 1 hwis-acun I were fln I ?m thr arrival of the Niegara. the big -hi pf th-. c -egsiou. ten go: s we: Orrd; an I ?. IUr arrlvM ! cf the v 8. steam r ML b?g?n. ou? bundr. 1 guns .or n. I'nhn . . ? , i < ' The President an 1 Dir. tora -f the rallfa h and I gu."t?, were neelv.d on the platform provided P?r in?t pnrp' -e at>i i aim. dial, ly on tb.-ir Int-odac . ' i c?-n inony of the prearntatton o' a banner by the ladt of Dunkirk, to lb- Vresident and Directors. V * pwr This c-rtmony heir y cur plots!, the. f-JVets, ? '' ly the mar ha's of the ,isy. with Ppwddant ftllmora at the head. r,-tir -d to the paarsoger depot, where rett?-.n nu.d. provided. A'ter wt h tie Pre.ld. r? and . Dir, .tora of the Ni-r York and Erie lullroed. and th- ir j iuTltrd gue.t*. proceeded 'g? the Ie -i' House . After g- ng thr .ugh th* ren in'a-? ?* the progtan.m th- c, tunauv rat dswi, to dinte wbh h iicitero nt PaUeraon'g bra th *?? drank <nd h, r*>pntid?xl In ord< r. I The I rcident of t'ia Company *'*0 *w>ke ores, n . to a c mpiiuient'irv toaat . .. Mr. En i wear .dlli.t if tba flatt-rtng w-eptun -V trr#)id to him. b'JI Ut^ii ti*n<Wr d to hlw wwona . ? 1 would have t*fr.cverwha'lmed He kn. c it was n? trrdid for hint. V I :?* a t atim n> "f respe t rert" h ah < m. a whK . he ti ed, lie coualJcrvd this a*an i vid. rcanf thed, vijfion of the asseaiWage to ?? ?tltnti.wi srvA los vlty to tire ghfioua I nwn.hy vann n it is maiata'g* 1 W ? haw ai'. mb'c I sid he. Ilor th. pur- ( pose of - eVbtsitlrg the eonipletlon at our of the gr W, rk? c i the cx? ?a rallro*,'. which In extent la jrMtcr, he he! *v<d than aaiy that ha lever bsen any gvt.o. or any pflvate mm,win ' The PrrUcnt ami Id' n t i o' the New York and Erie Railroad haveeoiw. pi it. t a read which in length e?rredaty?hlrh W -A?,.u.rcf all the Ru.-laa?-aw' all th- ffu'sian^-lina ten m-St.! Ix attempting i ,<f V,lpl. l0"f, ?^ten aivwh-.t i sw in pre..,- ct on the railroad. < ?;ning tV^ A ^ cf t iful valh 3 . '.ut it failed them ur.foHuosteiy A new set ct nun hew* rev. are found wh? ha I a*>t in their ?? 1 . ' ? ?' ,he aotd fail Gen". \ ' eh: 1 ii c on ttieg I !-e Atlantic With tbilx KL <*?"" '' ?s.fbmffftv, Jttv to those gentletoea w.i ? sng ??? ?" nor', at I who ha, * ore- fnliy triumph. J o?ei? ???*; eli *, that I 'St J an! tcflilti ??J tegv.u i.v iu woek iawbtch th V -er* rllgnged s. writ *? r%VIsto O, generst HnprcVeWltnes (fj* *t *'d?U" I ' * ' vou the follwwir t sentiment-- . . V it* to-,^ r.rl f'1 ? "'A;?aA .;i f ? *w enterprise cftbe age. All prai e to those who-c jier-o vering tndu-try ha* accomplished this uoble work Mr. Lnnra then read a history or the rise and progre** of the railroad A etaiid was than pnt upon the table, froin which Mr CnilTTM)K? spoke. )te was n the habit of obeying the Voice of hi* friend*. lie arm not. however, accustomed to such an elevated position. lie trni-ted his awkward ness WOliM he cxrus d. ( La light'r ) He was full (?] the subject which act me<J to occupy the minds of till. He had kcKiiowIi dged his ignorance. l)o you believe it. that it was not till after te-f:Bg the st-iteBient* of the I're-ii dent , that he had an idea of the magnitude of thewotk. He stole along aetually without observing. IVhiu he r< reived his invitation he inquired?what great woik is this ? 1 know, said lie, now, what it Is. 1 shall be naiiy to answer all inquiries thai ma., be made . of uie re.-pi etinf it. that it is a line of railroad that bind* in udumuntine chains the Atlantic Ocean with our owu great western inland seas. (Applause ) Bonaparte boast ?d. iu the height of his power, that his eagles had flown friui steeple to steeple, until they lighted on the top of Notre Dame, liut what hare I done ? What have I Mtn ? What have I heard ? 1 have come on a railroad fnm the Atlantic Ocean to the shores of I.ake Erie, a distance of 4t>7 mile*, not from steeple to steeple, but frrin mouutalntop to mountnintop. (Tremendous ap plause.) I can tell inquirers, though not iu the bombas tic language of a conqueror. hut in the sola r word of truth, this will give a satisfactory answer to ail conoern ing the work at whie-h a few duy# ago I was ignorant. History, if it is full of ingratitude of nations, uiso record instances of tliuir appreciation of benefactors. Tlie boli ns, who foriui rl> framed wise* laws, are still honored?the- great Hannibal who cros-ed the Alps is still in"aio,-*blc to all. and every schoolboy is w bl) pod into admirution of him. Now. what doe* our l'ic-ijcnt and his associates deserve? What do we not owe to tin tn.' They hate not. like Hannibal, cut their way aero, s the Alps tor the sake of bloodshed and con quest, but the.v have done more. They have made the almighty AUeghauies bow down before them. for the benefit i t civilized mnn. (Cheers.) What other ooun try can Iotst of surhan achievement by its privateciti *? as? I wish that, humble as my voice is, I coald reach tvtry ?ss>r man on the line of the railroad. I claim a light to be heard by every one of you. I am but a poi r cili/.en of this great republic. I would tell loin be not ashamed of poverty. My friends, the bread that is earned in poverty is a feast. In this great re ft rcpu" " public of ours, wialth w republican. Wealth is pa triotic. Me not envious of tliem. while the men that have fortunes use them like patriot* Ttuy use their wealth for our beuefit. and their wealth i< in part ours Let not jealousy arise in your minds by our insti tutions; wealth is patriotic, aud will be dispensed fir the general welfare There is an in-tanee of it in thi* railroad. All of yoti will benefit by the millions laid out on this road. 1'rofit by it; take care cf this road, fellow citizens. Without rt gurd to the gTist national interest* connected with thi-great work, the re are great moral and politirnl influences c ounseled | with it. W hat were they only a few centuries ago? The lordline." i fcreation, anil enjoyed exclusive privileges. : IMr. f. then proceed* d to say. that a railroad car was a ! little dt uieeracy. iu wliich all the pa-acngers. rich and I poor, were on h par. The rich man eauuot jostle the | poor mail, for lie psw no more for his ticket than j the ft hi r We thank Hod that it l? so. lie would not tie i eo gcssl a whig a* he is if he was not poor. lie then dwelt on the influence that railroad* exert iu preserving the Union?not a mere union of bargain but a union of i facts and union of brotherhood, is what we want. That is what < ur fathers gare us. aud if we are md bastards to 1 our father*. we will never give up that glorious 1 nion. (On at applause.) A I 'nion in peace, in war, in hard- j ships, of the first settlers, abd in all the agonies of our * n volution?are we williug to sacrifice all (his ? No. do! j thank ?,od. no! No. 1 trust not. Then let u-go on. I.ctus j in'Id on by loth band* to that I nion. and We shall be the ' greate-t people that the am CTer shown upon, (Ureal j applause.) '1 lii* eoolinent seemed to he reserved by j l'rt vidence for a late dltcovery at a time when religious , and pelitical tyranny iu Eum]? forced tlie boldest, the ' btavist and tor best cf her spirit- to Seek an asylum | Tbey came here Providence seemed to have retained a j virgin continent for them?a most magnificent abode for ? man Iliiewehave settled?we have power, aud are a I gn at?a ch< ?eu people. W hal i* to be our destiny? I am not a prophet but in all thecorHdeneecf a prophetir spirit j it i- j lain to me that your children and my children, if I true to tliim-elve?, will wear a sceptic more command- ' irg than ever -wept the world?not a sceptre of Mood- I ilsd. oppri -ion. and conquest, but a sceptre which will \ s?ay the world, by spiralling ltbarty through it. Your ; ehiidrt u and icy children shall sc? this Then, their ' word si all be the law of the world. Mr. B?.w *ar> ai d Mr WvasTca addres-ed the t>oj>ul?c<' | outside, while ilr. Crittenden was speaking wltt lu. lbs Vre-'dent anil cabinet will go to Butlalo tomorrow lime is a general illumination, bonfire*, tic . thi- eve ning. Arrejitaiver of Charles Sumner, Senator IkUtt from Uawmthnnetti Itosio*. May I 4. IS.-l. >'ruo4 Cit 7>n? or r?ir Shut:: am. Horaces- Itrrai srs ravin s T ktive reri-lved by the huula of the Secretory of (1m (?< tniniji.11 altb. u certllirate (tint. I?> roncurreat vote of the too iraccbes of Hie LtfWiilurr. nar.irly, ttrn 1 Senateon the &!?! of January. nud. by (he Hou-e of He j-p mat re#, oa the u-ith day of April. I was duly I eleeted, in cinfurmlty to the provision*- of thr ronrtitu- | tion sod lie, of (he ('tilnl Mate. n Senator (o repre sent the Commiuwvaltu of Ha'earhu?etU in the Senate > of the ttiled States tea the term of el# yarn, roiu meuriDw on the 4th day of March, IMP. If f were to follow the eurt' utiry ooarse, I should re re>i-this in silence liut the protracts I and upm-r- j tltultd which ended In my election?the In- j Wrvvt it iiwaeened?the importance uuircnialiy con- i ended to It?the r.rdor of oj position and the constancy ! cf M'pDort wiiteh it aroused?nlrothe principles, which, more than f >er V-forv- am. tig us, it lirou^lit into dis cuenicn, wat to ju*ttfy what my own feellnga invgta- | tib'.y p-rutt a departure frttu this rule. If, tl.?e- coneWeratiou* any apology be n<s<drd for thus i dtn-1 tiy addressing the Legislature. I mar find it in tbo J esi.nple of a a Illustrious predrermor. wivwc cliar and vi 11 table nanie will be a sufitcient authority. The tiu.-t confer rod apon me is one of the met *' H-'ty whith a citizen can ncclre. It concerns the iatcrt'ta of our own commonwealth, and also 1 i t the t'niou whereof ?e are an InatssolaMe pert, hike ! every pi -t of ? minent duty, it i- n post ot honor. A ' f > v-chtil amllttou ruch as I cannot c -qf.might br ! f at is tied to po* i is it. Hut when I think of what it re- I i,uio<i, I cm obliged to * ay that Its honors am all eclipsed j In my sl?ht by its duties Vo'ir rppolntment find* tnc In a private station, with wh oh I ui entirely content. Hut this Is not all I'or ' tl? flr-t t'mc iu my life. 1 am now called to political | lf3c" M llh none (t the e.tperh ore to am|>ly po-'cawd | I y otin is. to inosith ttui way < f labor. I tnigiii wi II hed t;iti I'itt 1 nn cheered by the generous confliloure j whi h, throo&lx iit a lengthened cimtc-t. perncrcred In \ sustaining me. ant by the conviction,that, amidst all Msuiivg dtfieri nr- r.f party, the wntisucnts of which I ? tia th known advocate. ant which led to my '-rlglnsi ti B Baa cindidatt. nre dear to the hearts of a Urg ? ? xii.i i t? ' I tin t'i oule ot this ri .nraoowealth I dcrire, id" ? 11 _r:il- il l CI ti-vton I|ie?i of personal tmlepcnd- j cnce ftvm the eirruuistBCrc. wbicn I diem It frank and T't' I' * th\:i ] - l-llciy to dtrUi-e and place oo record, that il l- ? (Tie it u.e< to d,? nnsouzbt and und -sired. Ai. kri wit l.tnp the right of my country to th- w-rrlre ct I it i r-s w h#n rer she chooses to plncethem. and with ? l>-vrt f ull of gratitude that a ??leml ranse ha- been Iei mllti 4 to triumph through me. I now accept the post if Su dor It 11 it a? the servant Cf ktassachiuastts: mludfulof the ?sunn."ttlxsuisBinly ntt ndby hrcineetwdrw le*lstn- - || fi-s, cf th -guvius which Inspire.' lier history, ami of then n h-r perpetual pr'de and ornamsnt. who nrratbAl it t- h< r that h. -ath i f libs rty which early nwiir her an i .viimpi t,, l.or >t--t?r Mtatce In-u? h a c rfice th* way. ! r.> w to tuy fnotstepw, will be illumined ' j lights ' wlncb cannot I > mi?wd. t cc rt d e? the servant rf the i'giw Hound to ?tndy 1 M-t ii. kil l !n with i |?al patrfid'e pars-, the Interests if all pads i-f t or cotinliy; to di- ounti nance rtery i ' >t i! ? n anv i tie ?? tie- by which onr fi-iUm ship <t s i n is bold in fi>ti real ei.mpany ; and to if 1 i r ?? t.rraleai. whither in nneon ? * I it i i si efl rt . the Virth to enrrs w> gnat a Soon i fr ai int ? the slaw Stat, - or In hoc ?n-tilntlonal ifii is t.y tic Si ith aldi d by Northern allies, to earry ?i ot vnn int-- the free State; or in what -i vi r i fis'hts it may make toevtend th# seetionnl ?' Tic.!l'n i! slarery over the national ftrmmcnt. W Ith metue Vnlon I- twice t Ie#?ei1?flr?t,a? the powerful p. ?i Ji i-i cf the repi- -n I happini?? of tldrty-one sove rt'rtn htat"? clasped by theembarfnC name of countryi aili ?t. as the mod' I ard heftnnloft of that all embrae lr; f ii -sibn cf Ptate-, by whieh unity, pence und r ncor l will'ly be organtard among tlu nation* Net Jo 1 i-eiiiva it possible, what' vcr may be the delu siun vfjth* hi nr. that any part thereof eaja be pcruva |1< nlij ?C t H- m tt? Weil compacted i-ulk. K flurihitt I i Is'tripped Ufn the nattorial coiiv, the national t<rrt! ry. sud th- national heart. Though compneei of maiy;*:! units d into one, the I'nton Is .?cpnrnUe only t ? a erasU which 'hall destr ?y the whole Enteric ; new npo^ the pa'-llc service. I venture to be spsak ?' ?' it I n:-s .'n or ?ej Ih.-.l candi l j wlgmcnt wh'-b I tni't always to e tend to others, but which I ?:n ? 11 v i.r- t> - prtjudlee* '( p-,rty too randy con ct ie I ?y tail tn r.b'Uty: but n->t In sincere< (Torts to ori -i.i th> general went. In '.he conflicts ot opinion mtvrvi to the atmo'phrrw of lit eral lnntit-atlons, I mar rf- tut I trust ri'.ur to P'T;{?t the prwdeitca wWch fbf itld ti mper flm.o'rs. cr tUe mo-lcaty which becomes tbe Ci o'cicU'Bf <a if right fftdccliaoto r.oyr*??i n y . n' ls-s any cf the m?-a of today, 1 shall fed safe while I I lie* the master artnoiplea which the Tnlon *r.' ' Pt.Vi-bcd to p< cure, and t' ?n >>r svtpnovt on the ariat txi <1 American freedom?Wwhington. trat: tin. arl JvEei sott And aincr the true polltle* are littv.'y T-e, >!? a; j lie d to puKle aflalrs, I shall find r?>n? ?f: it a Ivt-iac* tf m thi-sc *errt??ttng rul<? of right and wr't;. which are a law alike to Individual* and conaaau r.ltlc ? pat, -*hicb o-irsln the Otnni?clc??t Uod vnself ttrp'-X, I y, B 's, I.-*, me t err. w 'n cnrl"'?ctv the lsugwge of another ; ?' 1 " xy duty that i f ?tan ting up ft* the MVrty of b y covinuv; nad what-vr d tftruttlos and i?l?ourag<> ?i lets', - In my way I tare net ?hrtnk from It; ard I r- y en l1 vl V. irvg who ha* not k-lt to #? the rhoi-jS of d 'u?. tia'. vhit/t I pliali consclentWwIt die -harr' . !r ? ! ha t:.?? fiaalty >#? mr r?wnrd " ThcMtre the v ' ? , ' f tfc Sit ?tcfv. utltri 4 In the e^ily d ,r\nes* of tv-' S ? ?' -an r, t: 'n > >s Tin,, re! ? of duty ,* the <aah< 'i ? it,- '? wit -??! the (fi at; and 1 hope It on] not seetu ;? ? fiuei-'B -ie ?o humtili' a* my elf to adopt kl< 1 ti'1- ,al B. iO'l to !.??"? ids C'-ntub ace. * 1 tt-l., ' KM r to I e, f>11* w cttlrcjs with >1 newer re | t - i I Iti rn.ftt ?d and ?t* etvt. 1 if i, I'lltjtj.f'.a PIMNiiil Sews by T?Leorapu, Mrcllng at Albany of the ifcmomttt Man* brnof tbe ConrtitvflonaJ CmiriHUai. Auuar May 1>?P. M. No mor. than twenty per?o?is. who were tm-mbcra of the Constitutional Convention ol 1AM. appeared title morning A raonr others. John Tr;try, who was l'rwi dent; tVm. I.comle.of Ilerkiuter: Dr. Taylor, ot Ontario; Mr. Tildcn. Sol. Town end. of New York, Mr. Swactt hamer, of Williamsburgh; Had Mr Chatftrld. who worn among tl;c most couspieaous members of the Conventtaa. About 12 o'clock, a kind of organization was effected in a small r*om. in Iki third story of Congress Ilatl, Mc. Tildcn having prcvbvisly informed the 'Keeper of tbo Capitol, that no rooma would 1m- required in that building?. Letter, acre presentedhy Mr Tildcn. from kok twenty persons. members of the Convention of 1 H4d. generally expressive of di-sent fna tho finniirial proriaione ot ttka Canal Mil.aodanthoruing the meeting to ci>u-ulerttaem eelvcsas subscribing to nny address or reaolutione which tho-ea?" mbled at the Capitol might conclude to adopt. A committee consisting of Mew-re. I.oomis, CUutflald, Perkins. Kennedy, aud K B Pmith. was appointed, bo pre pareanaddreeaamf resolutions for the considerntiau of tba iuc< ting. On motion of foe Townarva, of New York, the meeting look a recess until half past four o'clock this P M. The r.uial-er in attendance ia the afternoon we irtaumn till less than in the morning Only about a doaenap p? ared A few n-.ohitions. and an addrv-.i prepared bp Mr. Ch;dfield, were adopted Hevcral of the Ictbera vsarw reitd. and a comailtlae appointed to arrange far p?Mi c at ion t Hereof. Thatb were no t perches made The names of those present and those who sent letter* wire attached to the proceeding*, and they adjaaraad in* di/. Dcntcr*a?lc Senatorial Cant rentlon at Roar, May 14. UM Tin- di nioerats held their County Convention to-day The ConTeution was not fuW. Cbns A Mann was aaaai mioly ix roinr.ted for Senator Strong resolutions w?-r? adopted endorsing the course of Morn and Stooe, boti - log Senators This evening, they hold n meeting, aS. which Hon 11. Seymour and lion. Judge Nyr. of Madi son. will address them. There Is not much euthiwiinetn in the party la fact. none, only among thbaroburu er?. WaahtngtM Item*. Wamiinotov, May 15, 1851 There U no probability ot tin- vacancy caused by the death of the New York Naval OMcv-r being filled for aobi j tine. There is a pile of appUrntions a f<>ot high om db* at the Treasury Department. By a singular overnight in the law, no provision is made fOr filling tbe uni oflirership ia case of the death cf the inruwbeat, at tlx tigh such a provision exists ta rase of his sickiarM or a Ion-oce I a consequence of this. Mr franklin has bum given an acting re mmission. with the distinct under standing that it is merely temporary. The ts-crctary rf the Interior hue appointed V. South gate f-'mith. ot "liio. tVilliam D Laogdon. Kentucky, Timothy Pitch. New York.and Henry l'nl |-ii. Tvnmr see. Assistant Rxamlnrr* in the- Patent Ofllce, with a salary of fltOOvarh. Mr J ebb has U-cn reinstated ao Clerk in tbe Census Ofllre. The- annm]neement that the Mexican Commiaaionaaw will close their labors on the loth proximo ia. of cows*, a mistake They closed on tbr Idth ultimo, and tbe Treasury lxp art m. ol will tevnie>rre>w commence paying off tbr awards?the bolder* being kluiost ravenous la oon sevjae-nce of tbe delay whicli the law allowed. 1 he Assistant AeCTeUry leaves this afternoon (hr Ba? t"n and Intermediate custom hou?,0U oMtl buslmv*. ft appear- that the chartering of the Cre M i nt City was the art of a deputy quartermaster, on his own reaponse bility. The Mount Vernon cotton factory at Alexandria wan rc? oo-ly dumngcd by fire, last evening. 'ihe Board of Managers of the National Monument ?' Tgest to their f< Uo*-citizens throughout tlia Daiaa that roilrctk-De be made, on the approaching anuiver sary of the national independence. In aid of this patriotic work, wherever tbe day is reiebrated. 'f he fir al exaaiinaMnn of l??y, for murdering hla wile, was held, to day. before Justice UoddanL The auiy ad ditional testimony was io the i fleet that at his last ioter v a ? with bis wife, the night before the murder, be wan walk', eg with her and indulging in amicable on versa hem. No c? un-el appeared. The justice fully eommitu-d bom to .<D.-wrr the cliarge of wilful murder, at the Juno term ef the Criminal Court An i -sue of (1 and $2 notes apt-eared to-day, purport ing to Is- fn n the Parmer- and Mechanic*' Rank in Ah eily. signed ctutbam. president, and Knilthson raAlw This im w in.-tit ution ami its othccra are unknown 4* Man ? ciumuuiiy. They pn.miar redemption at the laving* Hank. The tote- ;.rc looked upon with l if trust. Capta'x Tatnrll. late of the Saraaac. hasbecal Ci of the Ki nsarota Narjtard Tlx Marine bond rommcucrd their seutl-weekly Ma rc rts ia?t evening, in tba Capitol grounds Tbe Be was a attendance of ladiei and gentlemen. Another In Ion Chnrgr from Judge Wood tarf> Boero*. May lx 1M. TIm May term of till* Court commenced to-day Alter prayer 1-y it.- I(V. kJi kirk. J udfc " -littinij' i haigi g ihr limnd Jury The following 1- ? portion of Ala rv marf;. Iu truth. grntlemtn.wr muit *U feel. In our eaat ment*. without the aid of t ' t' lrnli rr lil rrirl nana Ing. that all eonetitutionat lawa, paaaad by the fotal gor. irm nt. mu.-t be rulbracd. or It rwa to govern?-ft i? * irtually oe.-rurn.-il, and the I'nion connected arMA It l.n r.ea In prireiple dixxolTed la auch a eoae, Ul th.To L? aul' titut. .1 for the aanetity cf law and i *h< < a mot trii.mi ha and ? napuali bed. the got ment of a n.uh The awcrd of Juaticn la wrr*tcd I l.rgrn-p and wielded by a aoa-thc >|iirll of I and n lielliou la xubxtilu'tcd--the tumultuous T an.l anarrhy of human paoxlons. fared from legal re (tralal. aad -tiiuulnied l.y plunder or r- T.-*ofe are rah ?tiluA.l? and though we may all deprecate the a.w> aity of calliug up. u the military or army t ? protect Hw l.iw., rndtliailcaAlhrlt reign. yet th.-y are far rafor IAmu an fbfhr**A .1 tu.-b ai.d inu*t la- Inrakd <? aaalat in ear. . iiting tlie law*. If tie. did. rutli. r than lot tha auaaf Vnr go down In th" cloud" and blood of rebel inaub < rdiiiatlou In ronrliieion. gentlemen. feeling, aa I aim aware you do. that thla gOT. rnni. nt a aa mada or adopi . d I i tfiwlril, and not furred .-a yoti by tyranny. it ?lift be ruatalned I y yunrwetvea. through a fatthfiif ad. miol-tialioo oflhrlawa. UU a majority cbooaa to alter tlx to. or el*e the bayonet will b- tha only r . rt acaln-t iu.Tiial.le anarchy I la, tlil- creation to exhort you to continue Brm _ united. ?u*talulng by peace ami order I he . onatitaMa?, Ibe lawr and our holy Infon And dixagrceaNr aa It tuny l e to y. u or inc. if at.y- < f our follow ritio-na Aw, i i iu r fiiddcn ami mlguid. <1 P""*I:>UB, offended agalafl the | ublle aaf. ly of everything dear to ua, by ruinoua at. Ampin. I might alui.i-1 ray. tnt -nx 1 ? W? attempt*, to mtluta part* of the ec-natii .iti.m lt?clf. aa well a. .?< of the la* . and vMeatly obatruot their .Tdmuo.trwbAm, pnit.lnl. if we mint Vlxit on the in el< injiUry puui-hmeut, >-t It b In in\ Tt. w p ,( only mdi-p- n-able to ? UN ?trr< ign Nip m MM law-. hut prevent all I he I lira and gl<-rl?a ol . tir twiov. -I I'nion from teing lend in fn .-menta >>t< r a ruined country, by th* paevi t id:.; Lamle of xc?.- of Ita own childr* n Ittiua by Hi.- Kaulhrrn Ma i-Hnrr af tha (akan liivn*lan, Mi, It*, nwaar. Mar tt, 1V.I 1 be mail fn m N> w Otl-?n* ax tal-? ax dm- la r> -wired A te rgraph dexuatrh ir ia M-uuhi- rrei-irad al Ham l<r|. ana. mi) ? thai fro?t Uax killed nearly all the roMn? that wax wp ('hoi. ra continued to rage In Lafourche. In the iutorlar, V. Mh fat .1 effect The .teotiM', \?tr<" any* that Captain Brown ?f tbn l-rig ?? Almin" n j-ortx having x|*d>.n. ?n UietthtaM. near Key Wiat. a ?tr*nge -teanwr full of no-n. xupp."?"d to )c In ilL-tr. w dh n.-i.? r ?.. .ib on o- alia aat , Ib-y wanted no ax tunc*. ami on being a? I .-1 where Im to. repikd th. v d> I ant Hnxw?th- r had no flaga. N. *-fr<-ni Ja'k?ort lie xiy thai th. > .p.-ddia Itaie all returned, aud thni rr> *t .Hx-iitlxfaetion tra. Wl ? "joDg I he florid rn. nl Ibn failure of (ha iiiotillM. /bout nco arrtred af /aranuab on Monday. By tlx ?? lanhaL" we I ?rn a doc. jnent of tl? InArne llona to reeolutk.nixtx (rem General lope? to the i'nhaam bad bet n f. nnd dated New Orlcanx, #th April. In whfc-A he *n)? a .I4*tlnj'.i'h- 4 Am-H.-aa ganeral will land o? the north xl.l. of tht Idand b-foer- t.-n dart The >?pani*h ?te*x? r? I ianrro and (' 4ion w*re a*A?r? at Cape fan AM ah- CuKi .hut got .?? With the anlit am-e ef the Mobile *ch ?.n. r Aowlaa The Ifrw Marylaad I'onatilatlan. Ar B**ioar. May IV, IM. The n<w aen*tl(utlon of llaryianl I* puMMuaA. ' An r-rgit the pr> tu'r.i tit f atur -.. In addition to thnma ; ye?t< rd.iy lebar iph. vL are?that per-m* . ngaged i?a ' Mela, aa (jrlnelpxl* nr aaron I". -le*l! h* <ll?iualHied flam holding *fln< ; .lerpjm. n are ieeiigihle for M*ata Al tAm Legixiatare; Irlbeff d!~quallf!<-? for hoidlag o?ee; paw n* ronTt.t'd- I lar ? ny or infxmoux . ime xx- llrfnui rhixetl, a certain amount -f property i? axempted ?iiaura foe drbti tha jndiriarr xy-tem la remodelled^ fiot.mor x Am tatobe fiuryr r? at a ?al*ry of prttKim, ati-.-kh.ild. r* . f hank* nr-- mid-- liabfo fow twlea the amonnt < f Ihe.r .'--ek, and Imnh ngAmta nam prcrrnted f*?.m g< tticg dlxanunt* Laii* VTrt, aud Dtatrwllm offlrata. HpHanvwntt,Mnv U.tvvl T.-?t?rdny aflertjoon. a Art br-.k - -rut in Wil-ia'x hae mill. *H?mtrd OA "aw Mill ran The mill, w&lrh wax foil of grain, waa A ta'Jy de-troy-l, (ogetbe* with two 1?HI Uaa-. barn* and lirur * The lo<-U hra*|, and thmw m n o i mm ranee . IMnyornlty Klr.ilen In PiwWnttr * rnar,o?,ca.May l- .HM The retnrn* frc.m Ibe et-< tb n held h r-- y ?how the rbolea of Mr l?u ?. ? <whg) f? Maytag WW majority: atxo the entire *>.lg tleheV l t Vll 'imn, nM 21 nhlga and dd moerat* t" th i'wmmNi Vvew-U Vfrclxln * oatviillaa. AnWHoxista Tn 11.- Cm* hi n.l'-i1'7. th-(%unmUA'e?tl?Wl?l? mla--1 -Ta7w rlcl ti e ermrr., ;-. r t it .a -1 i - uc mo-fit* t- |. p., w vf >

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