Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 18, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 18, 1851 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD: WHOLE NO. 6781. SUNDAY MORNING, MAY 18, 1851. PRICE TWO CENTS. fIFTHN DAYS LATER FROM CALIFORNIA. ARRIVAL, OF THE STEAMSHIP EL DORADO. ill Mara in Gold Bust' Ell Route for New York. INTERESTING INTELLIGENCE. aK*rri**?? Deaths in California. THE CALIFORNIA MARKETS, kc., he., he. The steamship EI Dorado arrived at Quarantine ? r ' O,0ruiD? at ? o'clock, with fifteen days ;?T?? frijm California. .She left Chagreson .ho 7th tnst., and Havana on the 12th. Tho El Dorado waited two days for the mails and peeio brought by the steamship Panama, which armed at Panama on the 2d inrt., with one million - dollars, and 200 passengers. Annexed are the passengers by the El Dorado:? ??$?% Croe P'?oU>, Hubbard. Ber wmmmrn d sUTfeuY" |^CoJ'b*n. RF*A1 5:nH.H A^r'VS'it'iZ' Ss&.'fc H.;acnbVrh;.r j U^:1"? T?ow, Yk Gregory's and Dodge's Express put us in power* Ason of files of San Francisco papers to the 15th of April, together with our special correspondence up *0 the hour of the sailing of the steamer. 1 ho Panama left Sun Francisco at 4 o'clock on the 15th April, bringing $800,000 in treasure, and who Isthmus at tho samo day and hour, with *800,000. ' The gold dust anl mails were left on the Isthmus i by the El Dorado, after having waited two days at Chagres for them. Tho El D. saw a stcamsb p going into Chagro the day she came ont. The steamship Cold Hunter wa; at Acapulco, taking in passengers for Panama, on the 23d April. T? * U. 8. rioop-of-war Vincennc* was at Paia jna May 3d, all well. Tho news from California is not of much interest. The Legislature was still in session; but had flxed upon May 1st as tho day of adjournmcut. J he .Senatorial question will net be mooted agnin this session. On the receipt of the news from the Atlantic *ide, ky the 2Nh of February steamer, State secu rities advanced from 15 to 20 per cent, bat slightly receded afterward'. The whig ar.d democratic parties were actively organizing throughout the State. Tho whigs of can hrariciseo were to Lominato municipal officers on the evening the steamer left. Chae. J. Brenaam was to be the eandidate for Mayor. Col. J. D. Stevenson, who went out as Comman dant oft be California Hegiment, ha- made an assign ment of his property. It had been sup|.osed that he was immensely wealthy. *5pr*,fc wert do'"* well, in both the northern and southern districts l{.i? bad ?ldVnBr *?at ?b'Uldan?'. "'1 large ,uats of . bankers of Sau Francisco had resolved to >*T wflvK^,rrCrlif!i[nia ??'n than Mofttfa, except nfVf *h a.d'sewunt of Ave per cent Most to the AtlllluTji a.nd If forwarded ?. i /,'? ft O'O"' bo rec iined for olr S?cnhi? li wT 'i 0?1 ,hr,e 10 ton P?r cent, v--s- ? . VP.' formerly of Boston, died in San francisoo, April Hth. ?.Vr,'.,AJnrlaL V?hbs, formerly of Philadelphia, *kh btd' \t.,he L:nion Hotel. Apiii * ?v L l aken morphine the night previous Jos' h<*rl,nl^,' and kd"d himself with au over C.m'1L?L ! *hiMVf,r!!. m,t0 ofthe etesmer Sea ,!'? "*? '"?? overboard in the Columbia river. ot,\>T**on' haJ be?n announo ed ss the peoples candidate for Congress, in place Thnrstoa, the present delegate. ' r f lunula* v**^' Ma\or "f ^"okton. formerly of Bnjalw, N \ is s-.rangly talked of as an inde pendent candidate for Governor of California. J|<. baa been generally nominated by the miners. no Indians bme robbed all the ran-ies in the ?irinlG of Monterey, and killed three persons attac king the town of Sna Luis Obispo ^The ran ^neroo between >an Antonio and S?n Miguel have if*" kori"'*? "nd bare not now a sufficient number to hunt their cittle. The Indians were assembled on the .Salinas Plains, and , ?m '? ?" d,r^l",r" The people In that whole section ofthe country were very much ? armed, and being aliiost destitute of amis, were 3t the mere? of the lAvagci. The markets generally were overstocked, and 3ci^Ti.l^ce'prcval,cd for of al?1 0< B MECUI. COBtCaPOIftlKNCT. Timi iho, April 15?."! P M The mall ataMBrr* Panama. and tin- lathmua, of'a !lna, laata f<>r llv Ulantlr *lda in Ju?t <?nr hour.from Ikr data of (bit lattar. Tha f'<rm?r takaa about pOO) 'MO n t raa<urr, and tb? latter about >000 000. Both go full of pA-?*?r< Tbarr h?< not bran a ?inglr arrival of vawala aaaward. to-day The fug of laat night haa krpt than outaida. A nnmbar warn a-an at?n ling in yaat-rlay Blnaa <ha wiling Of thr ataamar of the flrat, not a dul 4?r in bullion liar < ntrrrd port Claarrd. pJ.T.'o o.'.S Prom Ilia Oral of tha ptrwut mouth, up to la-( night. r>na hundred and thlrtarn n <aala. of all drarrlptmn*. an tarad tha port of Ban Pranclaco, a full Ikat of whioh 1 nand you. During thr maw tiw a'.ghl va-?rl? hava arrived from Boat on N.<t a -Ingle claarancr ainrr thr firet, for !faw >'orh or Ilaat' o Tlia following riuaatltlaji of tha raritiui article named, iav? barn Undo I hara from foreign c >untri?n. from tha ?i?t to thr 12th of thr prrvrnt month ? BP Ml *ar!oi of flour, 1.004 eam? rank*. pipaa. 18,464 * hnrlay. hr . of brandy and 7,"28 " Van*. otbar aplrita. 1,701 " mnian. PM4 parkngm of wlnr. W " oat?. 1419 nolo do PS! bairn of hay. 1 M7 tinrraa, hhdf .aaak*. 04 tlarara of ?u?nr, Aa air, b> rr and W5 hhd- do jifirtar. WW tin* do OBObtaandaawaaogai'. 4.042 bag- do l.OuOM do 10 203 Iba do M7 halm tobaeen, 083 fang* roffra. 8..160 toiu eal. I5.0UU hu>hd? potatoat, 103.1(00 brioka. SOOOhnrhi lr onion*. ? "C* O ^n. a P M Iba atmmor* nrr Bring up. and 1 mnrt rlua- Noar rtvala yat frem w? Peg ?o danrr that thr ?? Ilrnd* ' e.nnot ha arm. Thr foil wing arr thr alaufnnei* at tha Cm tarn llouaa up !?> tha prrrrnt hour ? V. S Mall Company'a atramahip Panama. Walkfna. 9*20.000 in gold dnrt. and 275 pan-ant;-.r Btaamabip lathmua, Ottlngor. >IH 1 (>*) In dtiat; 100 paanans?r? Dutrn harfc Jrpara Tloflar. for Collar. HhlpBaoman Myrtrk, for Volparaiao M.tlran bark Bonora IViBm o. fnr Maratlnn Tha Karah Kan U win Irava here on thr 28th for Pa nama, Wot nut "n hrr way round tha |lorn. ror tha Ad* Untv,a?hi* bar* Nfottvt, More rcanting licenses were lirad by the Custom nouv here, between the 15th of January anil the 12th lust.. than were ever LsueJ in New York, Boston, anil Baltimore, in the same length of time. Unusual activity waa niantlcrted at our auction sales this mominc. Large .iuuntitl.'#of good* were sold, prin cipally for the up country demand. FRANK. General Summary of Event*. [From the Alt* California, April 15.] Wc havo followed the example set us at the East by deciding a ''slave ease." The boy claimed as a slave was set at liberty. There was no evidence ; further than that ho was Mr. Calloway's slave in i Missouri. He was ilischarged. Judge Morrisson, of the Court of Sessions, has resigned his offico, although three years of his term remaiB. Some of our streets have been lighted by the sub scriptions of individuals rc-iiling or doing business upon them. Montgomery and Merohant streets ? are thus made pas-able,safe, and pleasant at night. 'J*hc examination of Slater, a-cusod of the aa ] sassinntion ef Captain Jit-vis, at the Mission Do- j lores, caused no littlo excitement, and a rush was made to tako him from the hands of the police, but | with no effect. The prisoner was committed to I await thouction of the (Irand Jury. Two men were shot in Sacramento, while attempt- : ing a burglary, by Captain Ward, who was expect- , ing and watching for them. Ono was killed upon the spot; his nume was Joo Ogden; the other, Deo. ; Morton, was shot in his leg, had his leg amputated, . but died subsequently. Captain Ward was cleared | ofall blame. Sotno effort has been made by a citiren, Rlr A. D. obtain the privilege of supplying I tho city with water, by introducing it in pi;*'# from a lake about throe mi cs distant. Nothing particularly new respecting the Indian commissioners, and their progre-s in treaties with the savages. Gen. Bean nas been authorised to raise fifty men. to protect the people in the Los An- j gelcs valley against the incursions of the Indians throigh the Cajon Pass. An attempt has been made to have Judge Levi Parsons, of this judicial district, impeached for his course in reference to tho contempt ease heretofore reported. But the majority of tho committee re ported against it. ^ _ i The mail steamer Oregon arrived on the nRer- ' noon of tho 2d inst., bringing tho news from the i States to as late a dato as Feb. 28th. The report | of probable appropriations by Congress for the bone- | fit of California, hud a great effect in momentarily runnii g up ?tatc scrip. But it run down again very soon. General Persifer K. Smith has been ordered to 1 Texas, and goes home in the steamer to-day. A great ileal of dissatisfaction has been felt and exhibited respecting the issue and circulation of privato coins, below their face [value of real value, , and which the coiners refuse to redeem. It is I looked upon us an infamous swindle, by the com munity; tho bankers have refused to receive it at 1 its ussuinod value, and the merchants have taken | somewhat similar action. The Legislature ha- a bill before it, introduced by Mr. Miller, to oblige coiners to redeem, and to make their refusal a mis- . demeanor, punishable with fine and imprisonment. Our felons who have been set to work in the chain j gang, are occupied in building a county jail. The robbers and highwaymen in which this State abounds, have been making the valleys in the vici- | nity of Monterey their theatre of operations of late, having possession of the whole country there, steal- , ing horses and cattle, and creating a fear that Monte rey itself may be sacked by them in the absence of the men, who are mostly at tho mines. _ j The Legislature having refused to authorise the Attoraey Gcnoral to enter a noUt pro?tqui in the , case of the squatters, their trial would have come off on the 7th inst., but no judge \ did not occur. . There has been more lynching at the mines, i This state of affairs is lamentable; but we caution our friends in tho cast against judging us by the same criterion they would use there. They can not fully appreciate our condition without seeing > and tecling it. , , .. Tho 1-egi.dature having confirmed the ordinance granting the right of constructing a plaak road to t the Mission, that undertaking, already partially i carried into effect, will soon be jompleted, wheu we shall have ono of the most pleaaaut drives imagi- , rut hie, it to tho cou itry.and yet not out of tke oity. Our City Attorney's report show# a tremendous amount of litigation, amounting to over two mil lions of dollars for the past year. j Politics havo been rather bri-k of late, both whigs and demociaU doing their be?t to organise. They are preparing for the municipal election, to coroo off In about two weeks. The legislative committee appointed to examine into the manner in which the Mate Marine Hospi tal has been conducted in this city, have reported j very sevctely upon the conduct of the resident phy- i aician, I?r. fltibbaid, who has petitioned the Legis lature for the privilege of appearing before it.aiid disproving the charges again*', him. The charges of gross raisjondnet against the re sident physician of the City Hospital, Dr. Chapin, preferred by one or two aldermen, could not bo sus tained, by a particle of evidence upon the exami nation instituted, but fell completely to the ground. We have reason to believe that they originated entirely in malice, and that there was not the sha dow of a feeble truth in the whole of them Some degree of interest has been felt here in re- j fereuce to tne anticipated blockade of Honolulu by j the French. It may not be the intention of that j government to scire theso islands; but if it ia, and j I ad* Pam does not take effii ieut measure* to pre- ) vent such nn outiage, there are men enough and skips enough here la California to put the whole matter right, and It will be done. We make this prognostication for tho good of whoin It may con ccrn. Accounts are earning In, of new discoveries o'au riferou- mines in various parts of the country. The recent rains have also h?d their effect upon placer- j digging, helping the gulch diggings and for a time | driving thooe engaged upon the rivers, from their positions. . In ccnncction with the above we have to notice the discovery near Benieia if a coat bed, said to be of a superior quality. It is located within a few j milts of the I'at-ifle Mail Meamship Company's dc| ot. Many bed# of ooal have beon discovered in j Oregon; so that the 1'settle stemu marine ia likely j to be well supplied scon with this very iinportirit article. A bill has passed the legislature, establishing a j St a e Marine Hospital at Sacramento, and appro- I piatingiffO.tstOf oin the Statet e.tsury toward that i obics t. The execution of Macsuley, aenten-ed tolen at ' yesterday, has b?en postponed by a r< spit* f "ii the Governor nntil his counsel'# bill of exceptions j and motion for a new trial can bo argued bef>.? the Supreme Owiit. 'Iho pr spctt# f?r miner* and agrisultari-ts r*em ; better now than at the sailing of the last steam >r. j The rains which have fa Ian hat* very much in , en i.-i'd the certainty of g< o 1 crops, be-ide* en?ur ing feed for the pmr brute*, which would have died with thlr?t and hunger had the spring paaa-d away without any rain. 'lite health of the country continue* excellent | We hear of no prevailing disease# in any part of ())P I The rainy season has probably closed. Thedaily north winds, the fogs, and o her partioulara of the old routine, indicate that summer is coming with its independence of the "Kain King." Ntilpmenta of (Joist I>n?t. C t^ToM 1|C? *1 KTAtiritC*, ?<?* Pi?A*? t*CO, FRO* ma l?r to I4tm. 1W1 IKKIIIb. April f>?Per rrhr flrn Worth from Aeayutha . 750 00 " P?Per I'rtf Wm. IVnn from Honolulu , 4'id 38 Total. ?JON 38 1851. in i,iion iir?*fr> April 1?Prrstiamer Trnlmm, for I tnuit, funiono 00 1?Per -teenier Columbia for Panama. lOOO.OoO 00 " 4? P?r Iwrh Kd .lchn-nn Valparaiso, . 21.As! 00 M b? l>r 4)1 (' llrlrna. for ehaagha", 00 000 00 Tool ?3,037.030 00 Thr Fugitive Mlave Co*#. ffrcai the T'M^New*. April It I This case, which Iml^pQate.l on little interest in our community, ru heard before Judge Morrison, who yesterday rendered hie decision, ordering the diesbaige of the prisoner. The boy Frank waa rlaimcdby Mr. J. F. Calloway, of Missouri, who hud taken him aboard of a vessel bound to Panama, with the intcntionof taking him back home. The boy was brought up on a writ of habtn* lOrpws be fore thr County Court, and the ease was ably con tested for the la#', two dayi The only quest ion in the case was, whether the petitioner we# restrained f uni his liberty contrary to law. It was merely a question of legal right, dimonnected with any private sectional views of political policy. If he waa a slave In the rye of the law, ha waa inoapahlo of assenting to come. llcnee, hi* being brought here does not come within the acta of T'ongross, i under the provisions relating to parsons eseaping | from servitude. Were roaster* jiertnitted to arise j perrons fmm whom they claim service and carry them away, our liberties woull be inaerura, and i would result in wrongs and oppressions ''"heevl l act?,T adduced WU iosuSclcp'. t* ?how tlut the boy waf a slave of Mr. Calloway. The admission of the boy that he is a slave, is entirely inadmissable ; forif his testimony cannot be taken in his favor, it should not be against him. Upon these considera tions, hie Honor came to the oohclusion that the prisoner was illegally detained, and accordingly ordered his discharge. Newt from Sacramento Valley. We learn that a lynching affair caino off at Brown's bar, on Weber creek. A man named An drew .Scott, from St. Genevieve, Mo., murdered his partner, Mr. Bakor, by inflicting five severe stabs with a knife, oithcr of which would have caused death, 'lite act was committed without the least provocation. Scott was tried by a jury of twelve men, who decided that ho should be hung, which was immediately carried into execution. Charles li. Hfackmcr died very suddenly at Beni cia, on last Thursday morning. The Timu, in its news from Nevada, has nn ac count of tho lynching of three men, Miller, Al len, and Rigley, who were concerned in robbing ^lr. Napper of $2,000 some time since. They con fessed the robbing, and stated that they had lost about half the amount at mo>Ue. Rigley received MUU thirty-nine lashes, and Allen and Miller twenty each, well laid on. They were required to imme diately leave the country. The mining operations in that vicinity are prose cuted witn great success. The Sugar I?oaf Tunnel, after having been prosecuted for 300 feet, encoun tered a lead that does not prove very rich. A cold blooded murder has been committed near Port Adams, in Calaveras county. The body of Mr. W. C. Babbitt, late of Morgan county. 111 , was fuund in a small cunyon, near that place. The de ceased was shot in the left breast am! the temples; one of bis hands was also badly cut. On Friday last, snow fell to the depth of eight feet in Onion Valley, on Feather river, about one hundred miles above Maryrville. 'Jlie tributaries of Feather river have been greatly swollen by the late rains. Considerable snow has fallen recently at Toll's Diggings, and all along the south fork of Foaiher river, but not enough to impede mining. The Transcript gives tho following account of a murder by the Indians:? We lesrn by n gentleman who came down yesterday, that the Indians have grown extremely troublesome in the region <f Wyandotte City, which is situated in th? llonrut country, near one of the tributaries of Feather river. About two jears since, a miner who was out pros pecting. was shot by some Indians. Ills body wis found pierced with a number of arrows, and the impres sion seemed lobe general that he bad been killed by the Indians for his money. As soon as the dead body of the white man was found, a number of the miners armed themselves and proceeded to a raneherie some eight or ten miles distant, for the purpose of taking vengeance Having been di covt red, the Indians took to the hills, leaving only a tew squaws behind. The white* set Are to their huts, and burnt and tore them down. Not be ing sufficiently strong, they returned to their camp, with out giving pursuit to the Indians A large ameunt of stock was in the possession of the Indians, which had liern stolen from time to time from the gbites Our in formant states, that a large body of miners were arming and equipping themselves fur the purpose of giving pur suit to the retiring Indians, ami tbey would make an effort to recapture the stork. Quite a number of the In dians are armed with rifles and shot guns, though they are not exper t in the ust^L^em iv^Pia The Trrnnnnrtft say^^iat Saeramcot^^fc so healthy that the professional geutlcmef^H^^feto work hard to keep a pat^^dovn longeno^^to make tbrce visit*. Ihis is the case in almost every part of California. The prospect* of the miner* at Bear river were said to dc exceedingly flattering. Minor* at l-ong Bar, on the Yuba, are averaging from ? ? to $tt per day. A large number of French men are at work there. Miners are taking out from one to two ounce* a day on Poor Man'* Creek. George Morton, the man who was shot while at tempting to commit burglary, i* likely to lose hi* life. Hi* leg baa been amputated near the thigh, but there are only slight hope* of hi* recovery. Anothkx Man Shot.?hdward J. Allender was brought to the prison brig at Sacramento on the 12fli ult., with a ball in bis shoulder blade, having been shot while entering a rancho on tho road to Auburn. The Tran/rript publishes a letter from Mr. Gile* O. Stnbbins, datca(al Raccoon Creek, in which he state* that lato lift October, whilat prospecting in the mountains, about the head water* of Feather river, himself and partner* found themselves short of provisions, and they then started on a hunting excursion. While thus engaged they came across a small creek where they pitched their camp, in tending to prospect along the stream. Mr. Stub bins writes that they had fuund they had hit the sr. t tlu-y were looking for. In one pan of dirt tney took (I, and they have continued at the same jioint ever since, making a daily average of f.ri<) per day. We are informed that he has ail tho gold he wants, which we would deem quite likely, if they made many $H0<> hauls, and that they would leave their uuurters as soon as they could get out. A party of eight or ten persons at Canon Creek, In the neighborhood of Onion Valley, are supposed to bat e perished from cold and starvation. The anow i* represented as being very deep and provi sions quite ? Some lucks bombre. it is reported, while digging in tho hills at Weberville, struck a rich crevice ou Saturday last, from which ho took out $7,000. The firm of Woodward fc Co , of Sacramento, have received the contract for carrying the United Mate* mail through to the Great Salt Lake. The contract itipulate* that the mail shall leave each point < nee a month, *o that we ihall have advices lii'tn the Great Salt I-ake City, once every month The bid* for this contract are of a most varied character. The one which probable obtained the sing offtluW <>ne gentleman contract was rising j ut in a bid for the same contract at 445,000. Thr 7'inaS- learns that the exploration* upon Salmon river were entirely unsuccessful, and that i.ntbir>g of consequence is being done in that re gion. On the Trinity, the large concourse of miner* are averaging half an ounce per day. The t Vwleams that at Tolle's dry diggings < vcvytbing is at a atand-still on account of the heavy fall of mow. Some rleh *pot* have, how ever, been discovered, which yielded t-l 50 to $1 iv ? to the pan, and a* much as Ave ounces to fifteen bucket* of earth. An Indian was recently kiltod seven mile* from those diggings. T wu m inert cams in, ai d reported that they baa hern attacked by the It.dinns. A company wa* formed, and took an In dian for a guide, who became frightened, and, in attempting to run off. wa* shot. On the north fork of Feather river, at Kich and Smith's bar. the miner* are doing welt. Flour i* wi rtb a dollar and a quarter per pound, and other ptovisions in piropottmn. The snow was f.-om four to fifteen feet deep, and travelling heavy. ()n Jackson C'rrvk, the dirt thrown up last fall has been yielding fine return* during the past wet w? atber. The Tranmpt learn* that the miner* on Trinity river have lately lost a great deal of stock, from tie Indian* slipping in at night.and stealing th -m A party has been organized to pursue them The Indian* are reported to have a large renrheria in tliat neighborhood, to which that party have di re ted their attention. The race horse Tom liver beat Iswn Guston at S icramento, on Monday, for a purse of $$*N1. Signor Pellegrini has taken tne i'aeiflc theatre at Sacramento, and is to open it soon with hi* Italian Oi^era frpwy*. Nf?? ftom the Hrk .luaqnln Valltyr. The Stockton T>mt$ h?? been shown a let! >r r# f ived in that city, dated " in camp, on the Cow* ciiilla, March 2i>, IHSI," fiom which the fallowing ? itiact i? made:? W r |i??r> bt< ti among "??. ral of the Indian tribe* and mad* treaties with right different chief*. We will etart in a few day* for Ihf riT.-wo. where w,' itpest to treat with the Bitot hostile tribe in California W? anticipate tr> utile with the Cowrhilla Indian* they hare commit t'd marly all the murder* and stolen mulct enough to pay tin- entire f xpenar of thia expedition The rflt e't if the late rain* haa been of the mod f ??o* ? aide rharaeter The gulrhes |? the mountains hare hren well filled and a gentleman just from Jamestown aaya that mlnera who ennld not make b-l a day by pack ing the oirt. are now earning from J.A to ?'-*>. Ha any* that rach ahower waa worth a million of dollar* The graa* nnd othrr cmpa on the plain wear a eery luxuriant appearance. Mining, trade, crop*, all are M hiking up ' We are iii(brmt d that a difflrulty t<v>k place en Sat nr. day evening I net between Judge J one" and one of the pr< ? priefora of the Louisiana Hall Rum Two ah da werw fired, but neHberof I hem took the effect inUod-d?one hull atriklng the c< unter, and the other the kitrhan door The nowafrem the mine* i* cheering, and smc- j cc*a attend the effort > of the and peri - i voting. On the north fmk of Feather river there, waa still considerable anow, and provision* were vr,fy high. Flour waa worth a dollar and a quarter Y>er P'atit.d, and onion* and other luxuries propoitiogmbly nigh. Sruf from Trinidad. The steamer O. neral M arrt-n, thirty-elf^'at hour* from Trinidad aud llvn.'oldt. arrired yesterday afternoon. Tin tS>t of t*?art* lying in llumladdt flay,Trinidad and Hlan alh Rirer. will tie found und? r e>w marine head The rxrent nfwta fW.m Salm.-n t ri* k and Klamath Riti ? w. rr we. flaiioaMiv The minera are of the (pinion that aa aeon a* the rainy inaoti la otrr. they een anra^c HQ to >.<? per day. A mmp n| pvr^ gold, taken f-?m Selaten Cmk, which is now in tlic hands of M. O. Dow. who came pat' sengcr in theGeneral Warren, weighed twenty-six ounces Provisions at the mines are aaid to be scarce and high Snow is still deep in the mountains. The new trail from Trinidad is now completed, and is said to be the la st in the country. Hardtrsand bpwhlng. Ooe of the most lamentable of the bloody trage dies that daily disgrace the State, occurred at We ber creek, near CoToma. Two young men, named Andrew K. Scott, and Charles O. Baler, friendsand messmates, became embroiled, from some trivial cause, when Scott assaulted Baker with a knife, and stabbed him so severely that no hope was enter tained of his recovery. Scott was immediately taken into ouatody by the populace, tried, convicted, and hung on tb? same day. When sentence of death was pronounced, he begged to be shot, us it would break bis father's heart to hear that his son had been hung. Ilia prayer was not heard, and he re ceived the ignominious fate ef a felon. Scott was intoxicated at the tima ho assaulted his friend. He was from St. Genevieve, Mo. Three men, recently arrested for robbery at Ne vada, were taken from the hands of the legal au thorities by the populace, on Friday last, anl, nfter an informal trial, were tied up and scverel/ flogged. One of the men had been discharged for want of evidence, and it was thought the others would get off likewise; and the people determined to take the law into their own bunds, upon the principle that it was better that three innocent inea should suffer than that no one should pay the penalty of crime. While undergoing flagitation one of the men con fessed his own guilt, and implicated the others. A man named James Burns, better kuown as P lash Jim, about town, was arrested April 12tb, charged with the murder of James C-alligun. It is known that Burns had threatened the life of t'alli gan several times, and they were seen together on the night of Calligan's death, at the Philadelphia Hnd Baltimore Restaurant, on Pacific street. It appears, however, that they were at that time

upon very good terms, and drank together several times in the course of the evening, and there is no proof that they left the house together. On the morning following, the body of CaTligan was found floating in the water near the foot of Jaakson street, and but a few rods from the house in which he boarded. The bouse, which is kept by a man named Kdwards, is built upou piles, and there being no house adjoining, it may easily be supjiosed that an intoxicated person, in attempting to rap on the door, might mis" his footing and faliinto the water. The time was probably about three o'clock in the morning, and consequently quite dark, there being no moon at that hour. Important to Navigators. [From tli* Alt* California. April 1A ] The United Ptates survrytng schooner K.wing, Jion II Moe.r-. Lieutenant commanding, returned M tN* ning from atrip to the Farttllone.-, where she went for the pur|>c ae of ascertaining the com et position of tUoea island* M we announced a few dnys since Without any reference to the position a? laid down in other charta, the correct latitude and longitude was as certained to differ some seven or eight mile-from that laid down even in the last chart, of Lieutenant Me Ar thur. The souther* Faralloues 1* composed of a group of three and the northern of five email bland*, about u quarter of a mile apart Sounding, were token in from quarter to one hall mile of the aoutheaat of the southern group, in from elereu to twenty two fat houia of water. The tiotloui was hard and rocky The latitude of the southern group was fou ad to be 07 42 N..longitude 122 60 of tliareiiwe The latituJe of thsomifre peak of the northwest group 27 48 N. longitude 123 08 W There hare been some slight inaccuracy in these obaervationWLut notxnaterlal. Lieutenant Moore ia of opinion that a*? '-^0niight anchor off these islands in ?t ry calm wuth r. but that when at all rough it would be exceedingly dangerous. Births, HnrrlagM and Deaths In California; BIRTHS. At Astoria, on the 15th ult., Mrs Theodote J. Kck-rson. of a son. On board the slenmahlp Parah Sands, at sea, Mrs..J. P. KclllDger, of a son, MARRIAGE*. In Sonoma on WedBrvlay craning, the 2d of April, at the re-ldence of General I?on Marianoduadalupe Vallejo. by Re* Father Dumas, Captain Jobn B Fri-hia and Dona Kplpbanla Vallejo, eldest daugiiter of Gen M. (I. and Dona Kranrlsca Hrutria Cartlla d? Vallojo In Stockton. April 0, by the Hit dames Curtain. Mr. Jacob Boot ell to Miss Martha Carolina Iabetl both of that city. April 7lh,at tan Jo*e. by tha Rev Mr Ilravtnn Major 8auiuel J lienaley of 8arr:nnento City, and Mary Uelcn daughter of Hon K. 0. Crosby, of Pan Jose. April (Hh. at Hantu Clara, by the Iter. Mr. Bray ton, Captain Kltjsh W Auser and Miss Martha Ottrs >n In ban iranel-oo. April '20 at the rc-idence of damas Pleven*. Ksq . by Re* J. U. Wilbur. Mr. Kdwnrd Peyton to Miss India Alderman. At the residence of Mr A. Hailer. of Pan Jose. March .'0 by Hi t K Banister of the M R Chureh. John Oook, of Pan Dlrgo, to Mlrs Jane B F'ulkeraoo. of New Bruus wlck.N. J In Pan FraneUro March 28. by the IleT. Mr Brier, Mr George l.ivirg t <n of New Fork city to Mias Klixa Jane Falrrow, of II tools In Pan Froaclsro, April .Id by the Iter A WMliams, Captain Pamuel W. I'ereiral to Mias husana W Cleale At the V olesno. Calaveras county March 23, by Chas Borates). Eeq Mr Jams. Hunter lair ul Pennsylvania, to Mb* Mary Pardon formerly of Missouri In Ptorklon by Rev Mr. Taylor, John W Appb gale to Misa Mary Jane Fatten lnP(ockt<n by same Mr John O Doom U of Raltl n.<rr to Misa Pa rah Murpby. of London In Pea Francisco. April 13. by lbs Rev A C Brown, Mr IrancD Tracy, of New London Conn , to Misa Jaue Malker, of T< xa UKATttS IN SAN TRANC l*CO. March 31?.lames Coffee. Pcotland. 48 years. ?? Ivrvalnr. France. 37 Tears * John Jones. New Fork April 3?George Richard. Michigan 27 years " A?AlexanderPimtvoM, Fall River Mass 2d " 6?The Bias Ptarilsv Pan Francism, 28 years, " t)?John M < od. Liverpool. KngUnd. 17 year*. ?? AtidUs. Mexico " C. A Wade. Mad , V year* 44 Joel W Tbornion. North Carolina 21 year*. - Albert P llobb?. Philadelphia. I* years " He Lilian l-? mayo (Title. Id years " hlivia D W In; UfV, Boston. 23 years. Michael T. Noe 44 t!an l>ne Gage. Boston 41 years ?' 7? Elisabeth Mar-hell New south Walas. I* *? 6?Anauetu-Kanlrt 1 botnpsou. Pt Louis linn 44 Ann Gardner, Pan ? raneisro. (M yaar U?Ul known man on Paritu lleach 44 11?Fend, colon d. New York " dame. Calligan. Ir> land. 23 12?Garllano ITIvetege. Italy. 27 in wantAMTNTtr?inr. TVutbs In Parramento. f> r the we-k ending ApHl V? Jol.n I oyd. aged 28 yeara. of New Vert city; G-orge .Morton. . u year- ?f Rhode Island. Jacob Dmberf-r ft yrMS.of Oliio; Thomas Ni Don. M years of xttesouH April 11 ?Josiah I'rpple aged 2S years. 'f Indiana. ?? II?George W M u??laaan, -I of* '? 12?L C. Runt b 40 of 0wrd-n. 44 IS?Nerve. unknown 44 1.1?James I'ortenay. W, of In liana ?? l:v~Jan.e? II t 'owner On Feather River, in November last. <4 ehr >nlc diarr lioa. Thus. A Feuri;sr<?u Ihrnerlr 4 Richinon I. Va ll I'lnr a < n FLurday Uie *?! Inst . Charles II filar nter of Vi a lb-lhwd. Mia . age-l 2*y -srs On the 27th April CM Naihsa I tchardenn. of l aw. reree rsiiatt Mo., at the bouse of I' K viarple mir Jai Km n. CahiVtra* county where he had tw-cn in a bad state of health, and for the nnd pnrt nmtned to hie l*> m for the last sit nsonlhe Dri w a> d on the Coinn.bia River "a the night of the 2T>ih of March. Capt l>anhl C Child, of Augusta Mr . 1 le chltf i Mice r of steamer Pea Gwil On tx?rd steam?hlp Harsh ran J-at sea. Aniejd Peres, of Havers. It-inard Woolf of New orlsaa , J->b Stat lord, cf Ann Arbor, Michigan A mmi nsno d O Coniu r jn?t in from the mlnse. after drinking a good deal em Saturday -at dew* In the Bull a Head Pacrsmcnto City, and when next examined was found to be dead Th< Jaiy f und that hi- death aroeu fi' in 'iis< aeee i auscd by int- mperaara Mas drowntd en the Nor,o Fork of the American th- Mh ln?t . Mr Palriek Msttheus. formerly of Post en Mss? . eg -d 24 ycara There were flvr per-ons cross lug the river iai oaaee? the sen e approaching the talis of the river, the party became frightened and ad jum|s d out?four sf them reached the shore, hut Mr. M. **? lo?t. At the rr?M?nre r.f her father. Mr Ah. I Stewart, in I r?m. nt. Yolo m , Celifoenla. on tW li-th of frk , MWa hllaaheth It f4. wart. ar-d 30 year* On I>ry Crvoh. Mnreh 23d aflrr an <Um?n of 27 day*. Mr* Matilda Ilfnkaoa, wife of Andrew II IlinXaon. aired "ft rear*. At th. im place Mareli til. Mr W? 0 Thompson. ' f hr at ?ife.l ataiut 26 At ImkrtN Itaaeh. between the North and Middle Fork* ? >f the Aawrlranrtrer. Mr II S IT Intra t *?* Pet ereburg, Ky \i Monterey. Marrh Wth, Mm Mntiu> letn Sul'y. n*e.| ?7 y. nr?, wife of M A Pullr. ISA At M nt.rey Mnreh 2*1 Dow Jeaqnin tlnmrl, aged 00. h i atiretf Oua.lalajarn. M.iteo. for many year* a reel dent (4 Mnaleny. At Monterey, Marrh *>th. f?< o Wrlfht errpenter n*ed 27 a retire i f Knpland fmwierty a par Idem of Cape St. Ltteaa l.ower California At Monltrty. Mareb 2A(h, MUe Paulln Delia, aged 13. <1 M ew f tfleti n* At Vont<rey. on the CMth Mnreh. Pauline Jr?ephln?. aircLt. r of r. DeUeaa. of t;n. hee Canada, Ute of New tlrb ana. nf?d 13 yeara aatt ? month* At V1.1 a t Itr on the morning of the .1 *t Marrh. Mary Mb-<ml daughter ef F.lry and Ma-tha J*ae Rl-ley aged t y< ar* I month and 90 day* W't harn firm ?ho /"'i?rr ft t that *>7t last T htr day a man named And"0'n, .-mn illitinia, < attir down to rro?* the fer ?. Mr lien, the ferr^l ? mar, atidrarored to dlwnadi him from on u?riniit ef the bright, of the HfW t but h?Mrge,| thiit hi? bwincM nr4 Utf t? H'l ?'*'i OA* Meiera. Hon anil \Ve*t o rule a cored to put him aeroas. When about half way over the river, tho acow wag completely iwatuped; Mr. West suc ceeded in getting to the shore by mean-* of the rope whic h crosses the river; Mr. Hen wag swept into an eddy and saved, but Mr. Anderson w?. drowned, though it seemed that he might have been gaved if he had not lost his prcence of mind, for at one time he was in an eddy where he wo-* standing on the bottom, but he again got into the current and was drowned. C alifornia Markets, 8?n ftwi wo, April 15, Wit. 8inee our last, there has been tittle change in any de partment Business prospi cts have not improved 8 ties of got ds have been inconsiderable?from the previous depressed prices there hut been a further decline?and tbc import at ions of all staple articles have been larger than for any similar period1 of time within our observa tion Under the head of sewral departments of teach* will Is* found accurate notices of the present condition of dtmand and supply Trade, coastwise, has been small; interior and up river business return* Jo ant afford a profit to skippers, while she local trade, both in amount of sales and rates obtainei. show- a further fad ing off from last advices Miuing enterprises continue to afford a good return, individually and collectively I*''rum She increase-d a mount of labor aud machinery now applied to till- branch v i?t returns must b<* yieldt d Hold dust comes in freely; the ajvarue in price has indue d it-being brought forward by ui,uers siul tlm weather continues to aid its induc tion materially. The anticipations in our la -t. relative to an early and abundant harvest, are strengthened by the continuance of favorable weather. To judge from the present coodi ' tion of the generic! crop.- the products of the soil will soon I e iual in v aiur ? ur mineral wealth. I> Bar Good* since our last, the tendency ha* been ( to decline, both iu prices and amount of sales In every ! d< | art me nt of the trade?cottons linens, and woollen*? we note a further slight depression. The coast trade is exceedingly dull Murks i*j Oregon and the interior dis tricts arc large llud.m.ind for tho Sandwich Is lands for some time past, ha* fallen away; exports have been quit) inconsiderable. The stock in the* market, of silk and tine good- t hina fabric*, fee is light. Thedetnand, howi nr. is very small?quite local. Ci 0*1 insi>. of all description*, continue- in tile same de pressed state as la t noted The sale* effected have been generally at a further drcline. haute remark applies to b* ots. he.; qnan'lty on baud altogether beyond the re | quirenu'iits * t ih< market. The Blow v M sasKT does not present any feature of im prttVevent since out last notice Kai es of interest are equally high. and the same difleulty in money neewn aiiaiaiioits home i xciteun ut lias lal> ly prevailed here on the subjict of private coin of which the currency in I circulatiou priueipaliy ron-let*. tin examination and testing by Ilio Tinted States Assayer. this ha* been de I fii it*ut in value one to ten per rent, iu cousixjuence of whi) h all private i.-*sue coiu (with the exception of Mor tal A. t'o.'s. who redeem theirs at par ami have ceased further issue) is rvfusid to be received by bankers. Ike , unless st a Siting discount Considerable inconvenience i has bu n caused by this to the busineaa c immunity, a | contingency which could not have incurred if the iuto [ rvsi* of our State had received their due consideration ' from Congreae bv the establishment of a mint here It is to lie hoped that a n mcdy will now be applied. Iiefore further and more injurious consequence* rc.-ult. ltiAi Vsrsi) languishes both iu price and iu amount of tran -ai tious. Tin- few sales effected by private hands, have Wit at figures still lower than the previous rates. A reference to our public sales will show a depreciation of m ar fifty per cent off the current Value, for business lots, withtu the la*t few months The large quantity of estata forced on sale, for non-payment of taxes and as- j s)*s mint, has affected the gctn-ral value of pro|>erty. Though the temporary i ffect of this rosy be injurious, as depreciating general property, the pcrnian"!!' result will be beneficial, iu bringing into use that which former own er* were unwilling or unable to improve. (isot rails have generally declined since our last advice, bugats of alt kinds are lasicr to buy?Quantity i bMoflAn. ~ on the market vstii d aid heavy?of China BMaffita. Pe ruvian. Cubs, and dcuiestic refined. The sale of loaf U very light. Pulverised aud crushed in principal use Tli* in port< continue very Urge, as will bo seer be refW ret re to sulijiilned table- Amount of receipt* from do uiestic |>orts is not included, unb ** shipments out of bond. Coffee and tea continue in about the asm- condi tion as tet advl-ed Of the former, we note several sales at the blpic-t rates of our list ol prices cum nt; transac tion-iu tea very light. rather in favor of the buyer, hpiees arc abundar t and lower Gaudies, stationery, soap pule fend dark brown, have receded Iu price. Bried apples and naMkes very dull of sale, and declin ing Colli ps*a< hi^^^Hke*. in fair rnqueat. Itutter of piia?e quality CM^Nwpuy: *tock on the market mode rate?sere nd quality abundant and declined. Cheese h*avy in stock, and a slow sale at a reduction I'kovttaoss?l'ork. mess and clear, declined. Retrod liiquin il f. r Hams of choice quality firm andffm ex. tr, nu* rates quoted home rales of Westphalia llama have la*en ma da at ITe.?aloeing rate to shippar*. Mac kerel aud saluioe lawrr; supply on the market very large. Prcei rTedmi'fetsaud flsh heavy lu stock, and dull, at very low rate*. l.iqt oas* eontinuid to dceline since our last. Tin* arrival- have l**rn very heavy and the demand has Sie-tic Men off ti atecally. Jn *lon.i-lie brandy and whiskey the principal al*atem< tit hm b>*t*n The stork of foreign ?pnits i-lighter a oil change in price less The stuck of cbaii pxgiu i very heavy The ruling rates eutail a heavy lo s to shipper* low priced liquors, gin. rum, he., continue to all) w a fair ptvfl'. la 1'i WI. the abatement in prices anticipated in our last, lias taken (lace We note ItoVonrllerable increase, by arrival-, to foinier stocks Thequantity now iu tnsr ket is h id by many impoit *iw. who n has a certain trn d> ncy to reduce the price from the Increased competi tion to sell Tlie importations nivcc the 1st of the pi-vent nn nth amount to 39.MI racks, making ihe total since 1st .Ibly. (not Including receipts domestic ports ) about lk> 1<0U 'J O ib *oc k? H iih surh un addition to stock* in baud at opening o| the year *wbt< )i m.ty b? .--timsl.'d al almrat 12.'* <Oi-ari a pr'en mu?t continue moderate Ad vices Bora r outh Am* nran port* repreaent th- grain har vest there u promising to be mo t ubuudaut. On am mlahlM tin* form* price, nonaumption being ia:g>*. sti iA- moderate, and confined to tew holdcra Wi iHs " ni ti-arriM* store our U't amounting to about If* 000 -arks Ri ar.s. we i-b*) tve. are lately going iuto consump tion t s h* r?< (bed; arrival* since our last comprise about 7 )<<i bag- Hay continue* steady; arrivals of foreign >l?U I.i Com?(tier* ha* Im 111 a alight improv- mmt. ladle:. > ft which "1 noticed I11 our la*t Tin- *toek haa t?~ 11 turn ?' ? d by heavy arrival*. whlrh render a further "dim,pi- at pfnaent difficult to effort Th<- fro ling of bolder* li kwrfrt. uim b (firmer. ami leva U pro**etl in ude Thl* eombia d with the la'pe *on>uinpiioa m d the nrpo?r |.ility t f rein-wing mpptir* nt anything I.In- the pr- --nt figure baa now made the rendition of the It dc luprrtec to that ob-orved tor ?ome month* part j l.i mil I* rather ? aaler to hay tban before Tralen *t>d ap-eulati** In thin art>c|e hare been innrh illap ptlrtid lii tb" r>oe?pnt rondiiion of th" trmle W-cm in t r .p ?' an; favnrnW ? i-baiur near at band Stuck if all kind* l?" heavy and prorpt et l? afforded nf abnn taut upply of roi.uh Inmlier from native mat. rial. II irk*. Im bat ' affair d In price The quantity nf O Ufotnian make ? n band 1* ?ery aaiall. the at Mm for mrkftot tig only ii"w l?glnnim; to oneo Imjiorti ?i, n? fh m thi- ?**l and poaatW' e hive been larjp bat Mt 1 *ei .d ng the r>qtiirement? for the purpaa* t?f build up. ? I'ich i- K ing oti eiti-n-ifely. P?i i?i have varied little. Th- quantity "n the ] niarkil la vety heavy I'ur ?? me tline pa-t the prlee la m t Ik ? u IMMn lativr ToUtCce ha- declined * nae What It .* tin ll*?ie**i ?Tradebaa been at floetaalinii r ?.tl tinei rialn aa rt her heanebe? 1 f balm *? her- The dirMlption .?l hardware rt quired ft u-cn'nor cutim-in ? 1} ciutlnve* t" el*''tl 1 ?? I r- turn* Implement* af trade are vrry low atoek li g h .,ty and not ran. h r - ?itiir* d artt-an* (.m *rnily h?I afclfkna e> mlng nut her. 'urinated Iron01 lb* Mantling neeeaanry amall half ffat* ) t? mm h In demand? th.-r i?-? neglected The <fi inti ) <ti tl mark t la li<avy.btit holly a-tnrted In fm . . tli'lnatk'* I* iver-t ek'.l imlsit Ilk !y tt I. p I'Vi 1 I d II - 1 u>- . lUbi Ii'l hit I? d a? an the way h Very h'? V) Murii' ?? r'trtr nn4 n'trie arid* lia?.. la n 'or mni lime ? il up at ? nlianeed rale-, the ?no nr.l on hand being 1 *Ut and th e article* In Tt qWvt. -11 nil itofirr, April I i ? boova *nnBno ana Onu rap large elte p. r b r fat a >4ff; heavy p gg ? 1. >-'l a > ' lot g grain, d Mo a 1+h bfngan*. atriwt. >14 a 131 lami-tlrrra. Hlo. per lb. l?l a IV. Sandwich I- .and* 14 a lflrw.; lan* I 1J and a round a ide lh.t'lMit ??i 1 dton dwek, hctvy. (Wanted) per yard, * af1-, fann-1 ihlrta. per d -xen. tit a II*. blanket*, celor. d. pair l? a >10 latit-?1!|||- I v whole be* >.'? a f <? half do >4 a >5. quart, r do >2 a >4 Stt; rurrant-. Rantc. p. t tb.. IJ p , at undid* M a Mr . I'ngltrh watnnt* Iff a l"Jr dii -I apqpiaa, amnll package*. fa a IV : pcarhe". clean. 11 a Lie , braady fruit* per tloten ft a >lu pie do. >T a tt 11 *? 1 ? ?t 1?l ong h*mil* d emt fleet *hnvrU. Amae.per d> ten. |U a MO, tlolbn ? aa<-? t o a $?'*> ll*i? Annrirun. per ton. tit# a >100; fjfffaey and ffaadwlrh It land* >140 1 fliO. tint hay. >fjn Liqt a* - Itrandy. Otard. 4tb pnmf. -mall i .avtund- fevr , >il Silt It ilo . Seignrtte. do., >", 1 fill, n .f J ST. a Vi To do . Vignette, do >", a >?i * ? d >, a Un. daik yi X>, do l.< ntlon. dark. Inwwae*. >7 a >*. do Anuriran in Iwrrele. per gallon. >1 a iiO. ru n no ?rle; j ure apiriia. Ma ? $f lloilnnd gin.%1 To a >'i, Amp rtean lo . >1 tin >1 7,'>, whiakey rye pee gallidi >1 >1 10 ale t'l gllah pet do*Mi >1 a porter. *??? . >4 a >?, Ann ritnn pt r |o. n, >.i M Ml; rid- r. rhan paim . p*r tlon 1% >3 ? >*. ?l*. '.n barrel*, por barrel. >'.4 a IKI IVn,., _nr?f mr?? prr 'nnrr I. fllmllrd ??!<*> ?15 ? ?17 p'tk rlt-nr. per Imrrrl. f ju a do., me 4 ratrn j 1 10 ? f lu. .lo prlmr no*?l ,;4tt rl or half harri l?. >10 V ' a >11. do ????* >k to) a larj, la linn. par lb . 1* a J" ; do . In k(|p, 14 ? lr? ; hum* rtariwc4. |M lb.. Id a W . buttar. i itra in aaaaM kay. pr lb . ?l a Mr , do., e mnwn. 11) a .Iflr : i },*+*.*. primr. in tin. par lb . |.*>a JOr | rior. ( in lira pa? 1>, 18 a ?.'<? ; ?!<> Manilla. 5 a 7<v M . *???>? a?,,la r*rlb,? a8t; Havana brown, la ICr.; Mirnd, '.tnthi d. 1S a 10r.; po*tivrrd, 15 a 16c.; U af. la a-JDr. Toauro ->l4*nd?o lb parka*''*, mpcrlor. SO a Mr.; flni rut ?,? r di #rn. >6 a Mi largr loir*. *, 1') and li lb* . 1" f b? & a ."Or 1 ? ?? ? In pniaJ and ynting hjraon, par )b , SflaMf | d" l>l*< k. .'4> a Ma. Can* fkcn ?*??.?T'low I'hilr p.r 100 lb# >?','Ja >6\; An-ilirao. p*r bam-l. |l'ia>12. rmn mail, p?-r fat Ml. * 10 a III. ???*11? y. illiib'. par Iflbiba . >? i>0 a |i .'at, i al?, t \ ina^. 'lo . fk; do Aai< rfcon do., >.1a>); rum, fli i 17; V an Ami rvaa. fka 1". to , Chile. Ma IT l>? ?! i ia< M atkllalii ? Ani -Iran roitith Inibnr, pre M, f31*a *4>V d-r?-4. ??*??>, plank. i?nrV MO % *75; I seantllpg-WO ? $?0; Mck.. >:Wl4 $40; K<HM.a I dale, tier birrel. $t) * lime, unslaked, $1<>? $idt ?hiri. i * 1 cIaPbo"rJ'> no sale. <20? $^ i^th*, D? adaaiaaline. d.> . MauUU .r?ll 1',,^. j mack.-rel. No. 1. in half Mil* . $12 .0; fruit* I'uelbta wnluut*. U> a A, ? dried apple#. 10 a 2Wr ; driod ji-2dw#. ! i*,ltes *7 Ma $9, -hovel*. Ann O ?S0K U"D'>;-h?rt ?i".. n;tn ; ate*, Collin* . p<-r do* , : 8 a *;: *?'' " 10; corn, souu.f, a .., liquor*, brandy. |otaro. small pkg,$278 a $3t 1 flTtMnnmi ??> twin1""' KalIou *J 20. whiskey, oil 1 doaen *a o. " ?! *1'' r"'r <lo/''n- porter, per I ot-IIm a $6; mtttegm, kSp I r pm.ou 7f>e, a syrup, in ?mail i?kir?? #1 >? il | prori. on* cl. ?J pork 'per bb? W mi* do'. "x?? elcar do i? half bbU. $16 80; do. in or hbl* 4*Vm?^ I I" r*i ^ I '^li'^#?"$1^%^ *1,"'R*r' P*r ??Uon-W ?0; rwit. im i?A .x-ftyrt ! p?r*. Ilaraim. per M . $50a $50; spices. pepper, in qr i U, fl" '? K'ogT. 25 a37t;c.; cloy,,. ? I 1. " ' ,ob"rr<h *nr* brand. . mall box. (We ; too*. I imperial gunpowder and young hy*on, Tie ; black 20c ? j wine* port, pure juice, per gallon. $2 26; ebampaane' rr,JrT? >J? ? *'?; '!?>??" in earn*. $!> % ? trii-hClnlo. $l a $8 50; corn meal prime, p,-r bbi , $Ut. j b^ans. Chile. ta 10; lumber. Americau rough Mftt I $io; Ure-eed. $90 a $100. gold duet. $10 per ounce. ' TEN DATS LATER FROM ORBdffV. The Gold lWnn of the Klamalh-Hwdetw Equtlilea of Gambler*, dke. J in F'un !? rancisco, wo have received tdvico from Oregon to the5th ult. The Oregon Sjxtator, of the 27th of March aaj-?:? i ? r"'n" haT'> p*u?*i ? ?ery considerable riew in the 18 .Dinette. at thfc. place During the latter part of la*t week. shower siu-ere.le.l shower, and pretty rouioua Ikf." i.J'w ">J<T?n occasional gleaming stilne. which forcibly remind* us of spring's near approach The peach bl?*,ome are out in full Moom.and vmndaticm generally shooting forth Our farmer* hare inuetlw flat bed sowing their oat* and planting their potatow. whilst not n trw af the boy-, hare gone to the Klamath' j to aow their wild oat*." The lame paper says;? Recent account* from the Klamath go f?r toward* eus Uiuing the report* prerlou/dy received It 1* nettw J?t,ieT;d tlwl ? "?? w -inally It* well L any of the California miurs. It Metis, too. that the way ?f '?7 acees* to the Klamath, fbr those coming frnca Calif"rnia, 1? ria the C'ol-imbia riwer. and up through tho 18 illuanette valley. All kiud* of supplie* ean be-pur chafed at a^ low rattrf hi thia valU*y ax anywhero oo *V* I an Or Tk' people of (Laliforuia wouiJ Jo waii U to thi> fart Although many of our fellow citlarM ..e t*H' thorv arr enough left to (k out wWi all who may take thix route. The bark Creeian, *ays the Orr^onwn, arrircd at our dock j rwterduy, from Sun Frunciaco. Tkm (?reoian made the fun from Sun Francisco to tho mouth of the river in four day*. The achoooor Josephine ha* arrived at Aetoria, six day* from Sua rrnncigco. " A most outrageous murder, says the (Woman *u? Jicrpctrated in our oity on Monday, April lat bv a gambler by the name of William Ki-an. by shooting one W illiaiaa Cook, alias Mutt. The cir eum.tance? are briefly these:-Cook and Kean had been rolling ten pin*; Kean charged Cook wKh cheating, whereupon, on entering (Tie bar room oI the bouse kept by Mr. Riaralmee, Kean drew a re^ volver and discharged fire shot* at < look, three of Wjich look fffect?oue in the bead, one through the neck, and the other in the left breast, probably penetrating the heart. It i< *aid that ohherof the sbota would have jwoved fatal. Not content with shooting ( ook, this tieud in human shape jumm-d uj.on hi* dead body after ho had fallen, and struck nlm on the head several times with the discharged pistol, breaking the skull at every blow. We havo never kuowu of a more brutal outrage than thia Kcnn wa? immediately arrested by >heriff Ikmaett! who still has him in charge, to await his trial, i here are many thing* connected with this murder, and the character of heau, which we f jrbcar oom menting ui^>n at present, us the prisoner wilt be tiled by a jury M the country. In conarjafiR of the above murder, a puhlin Meeting was held to secure the safe keeping and i speedy tiial o! Kean. Kesolutions of reinon^Mannw again-t the conduct of the judges in ncgle^K t? hold courts, were adopted, and ordered toTTi* to the 1 resident. The judge of live district was also called upon to hold n court at ouoe, for the trini of hcan. ? Another meeting was ealled soon after, to emi siuer the exiwdicney of tolerating the existence of gambling and gambling establishment#. In n? preamble, they state the general injury tho wh*U community suffer from them, and conclude their | roceo-lmgr by pa*-ing tie following stringent rt ,i*T",/71.T**t lh, r" k* ? commit tee of Srr ix rwoa* Rp| oictej by ttill* mcfiiw, who ?re h^n by ia*>trurt?^ tm Pioceed at once to th? kc-per of every aaaMimi kowa In I'ortland, and reluct him to clone up hi* knew oe hou*c?. to far a* gamMlng or th.- unlawful traMo of at eohclie drink* are concerned and report r?raid log*, trgtthrr with the result of their aai.<*ion, to Mtw e t*n n*. at the earliest pumlblc m<-merit Iteaolved. That we lock upon the professed with distrust and rrcard him a., a criminal in the era* or the law of IV ? Jest dye therefor* we caanotain aont that such men shall be tolerated in rurauins " within t-ur llmltr, under any rircumstanaM Rcefdv.d. That while we would chiwrfully wet coma amorgst us all men i-f a I <w ful ?r rcspi-etabte caltlaw the gambler cannot I* ponultled to n-maln wltfla he' I llows that profetslon, and wbUa we would rrnrehaWI with merry, we must and will punish with flrinnws j lacing our.elves upon the truth that rrlf rrn.TTa Uoo to ihf fifft law Jf tiituri* " The committed ealled for by the firet resolutioe. was 0 led by the ariiiouitment of W. W. (ihapmna hN?M' C W I 'arU'r, J. II. Wilbur, J. ?" ""'h. The meeting then adioumi'd. Several extensive caigoos of merchandise, direct fr< m New t ork and I'oston, for Portland, are now arriving. John Anplegale is recommend, d by a corres pond, nt of the Afvrfaf. r, a* a candidate f#r delw g''f to (.ingress (rum Oregnn. V( e are pleased to see the progrcs* being made ia t >rrgon for steam eommuutcatiun. The Ornmmmmrn gives the following dcsariptioii of a steamer a ho at to run on the Columbia and Willamette : The t< *m. r If ilUwIte ssw flttin# up at itik* slasa was built at Wilmington. 1M . by Mr J Vouag carwam t.f; and $1e**r? Hart, m k. Uf llinswort, entia* toiihlnw ? and-hip j.-inrr., ur..|, r ita sopeHntcnd-nee of the prr Srat t* tninard. r K W W.ltet llrr Sbaaeiuoons afw s 176 fret long. 2* ?, reel beam 8 \ feet d.flh of h.-Ul, hsw te-ttcm b ?f.Iron and top of w oil She Is fitted with two marine worMng on inclined planes :M-mah ryltcd.ra 8', f.>-t stroke, lahi at 14M bi?rw power, and can te wi-rk.d to til horse pmrr, has two h.ileawi cu t. in h< use mrasiiri went ;,yp t,. fj |?n* TV?o show* will give tur lead -r* an opp.wtun.ty to judge of this new and sph ndid steamer's rapacity for th.- rlv r trad.- Nm? will tie compl^isl in ale nil -i* wi-.q, when w* shall ham. two noble sterner* between the Willamette and tha m- nth of (he t'.arwihfa Ceneral Jt>arnh i,ar?e has b an nominated by % I coavrutina >>t too people, irrcepectivr of party, aa a 1 ai.didntc for ( ungreas, and will ruu is* ..piswiisa J* "''r 1 huratou, who is a candidate for r* elMlMa. I bev are both dt inocra'*. Tit steamer I.ot Wh Scwaih ha* common?4 vanning bclweea the WUIasisttc and the mouth of i the Columbia I r. John MrGlangblin is a candidate for Mayor of < 'regno city. Tbc Gregon Spti fttf'W pays a high and well tactile rd cempLtn.-i.t to.Mt t.rcgory, the in<l?fatigabla nun of express.-* Hie line to <VeDoti is ia coianlc? and uarreasftil onrration, upon which the .Syr.??e congtatuistce the p?o|4e of the Territory MinUgn and Drath* In Oro?M. MARBIAOUk Matrh S?. bj t\? R?t Mr. Tort.?, Mr Jarob IVoraa I* Mix Amanda llarjxr Al-o Mr limn to Mm HobnM, afl in Ibr Ticlulty of Tualatin I'laiaa.?? T March 17th. at Ihr wiiiw of .iaran KiraW fa , la fmklimrt.O T , W llf lion Wm Strmn. Mr /?aw I uftla Treathard. M T>. of Aatorta. to Mm Marion MiMr Turaar. of Ihr fonnrr plat* At Portland, f?ro(<>? March 4 by thr Rot llrnry Piaffe. Mr John 7m bi rr IaMIn Tkrrtw Brown, both idTwh tin I'Uin* Man h I.Mh. hy Ihr Rot J C Cf *. Mr .lamea 0 PT?a tlx. of Nr? London. Coin . In MIm llrira J May, at ba te ria 0 T PRAfWA. In Portland. 0 T. on lib of Marrb. aft or a ?I??M Mb ar?a. Ilr J, C II'kmi, RnatHt of l'mukf<>tt. Ma. Mr. Il? I" r war romparaftri ly a atr?nR?t la Portland, but ? a* uniteraally ratt-mn d to At lane ylarr. on thr 19th of Tab , Infant roa ot Cot J. R and lady. Maahtla. Oarr.oi Citv Ri tan Pait m Ct aai tt, April J -IM*t> alona-AjitiWa. dri.d per lb . X a , prarbm drfrd. f.Or ; fx rt. rrtall at matVrl.14 a 1?* port, IRa Bia : bMl lir H) a 7 V , rhi i ?o. Mfr n.itfr. |H-r rw| p. SO n.??r, PrtMd.RKi tlraln ?Wlii*at par bu?bol Rl *> a ?*t '?!?. ?3 60. oafa. abraf par down, H ilnwrrino-ivd fir. fit lb., Mr ; fr^ar, brown. 'A' air . '?*ar. aiI IV , Ira ?1 v $1 t+. m. hiaarr pr? *aU( B H. *T"'P ** J" barn, a VI rtrr IV .?*? .?? a *1 lord, ?iit f-ffwi . a Mi

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