Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 20, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 20, 1851 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERXI/D; t'i WHOLE NO. 6783. MORNING EDITION?TUESDAY, MAY 20, 185li PRICE TWO CENTS. DOUBLE SHEET. T IT AVCNUI. Auction notici.-h.ants and double Dahlias, on Tuesday, May 3D, at o'clock, at 7i Broadway, a fine assortment of greenhouse plants, consist ing of Vvrbenaa, Petwnias. Cape Jessamines. A/elias, monthly Hons, OaraniumdT'Cir.norariaa, Koae of Sharon, Raspberries Also, 2U> baik< ta double Dahlias, from the nursery ofThr.maa Dunlap. W. A. CAR I'EK, Auctioneer, HI Dey street, corner Greenwich. A UCTION NOTICE?THOS. IIFLL, AUCTIOXEER Sm. By H. N. Bush?Tbia day, at In', o'clock, in the auction rooms, 10 North William strc t. ivi.l l e sold valuable Fur niture, a stock of choice Dry Goods front trunks. Table and Bed I.incn, Clothing, Fancy Article', Jewelry, Guns. Yvatchcs, and numerona other merchandise. Large sale of Furniture on Wednesday. TUGS. BELL, Auctioneer, Auction notice?groceries?on Wednesday, May 21, tt o'clock, iu frout ul" the atore 57 Day (street, corner of Greenwich, a yin-rul assortment of Teas, tvinee, Begarx, Ao., conei sting ,,f Candles. Cayenne Pepper, Mackerel, Salmon, Shad, Clar. t Wine, Gli, Hay Rum, Young Hyson and Bisucivong Teas. Sop-Sago Cheese, Demijohns, lirar.dy Peaches, Sardines, Salt, Ao. W. A. CARTER, Auc tionetr, 37 Dcy street. WMcCORMU'K. AUCTIONEER?DRT GOODS. 4o.? ? W. McC< rmick 4 Co. will close the sale of Dry Goo la, at IS Spruce street, This Day, commencing at It) o'clock, by order of E- M. Hudson. Large sale of Clothing. Cloths, Gas aimers, Vests, Pantaloons, oomprisin;; a large and valuable 'stock from a merchant tailor, on Wednesday, at lUo'clo-'lt. L't Spruce street. WM. Jl'CORHJl K, AUCTIGXhER-SAI.E OF FUR uiture at Vorkvllle.?Win. M L'oruiick A Co. will sell -on Thursday neat, the 2"d inst., at It)., clock, on Eighty.tlrat Street, hi 1 w eer the Second an.l Third inenues, a geuernl ?? eortnient of llirusehold Furniture, belonging to a family 6iTing up housekeeping. The sale Mill Commence with the lichen furniture. DS. HOUGH, AUCTIONEER.-A LAROE ASSORT ? Blent of Household Furniture, from families.?On Tuesday morning, at lOjyo'olock, at 116 Greenwich arenue, three superior Sofas, Bureaus, six Carpota, mahogany, wal nut and maple Cliairt, mahogany Kuik. rs, uiahogaay and walnut Bedsteads, hair and other Mattresses, mahogany At'sshatnnds. Mirror*, dining Tables, Crockery, Ao. Sale will commence with Kitchen Fureitnre. ? KENNY, AUCTIONEER?ELEGANT FASHION ? aide Furniture, Mirrors, and ri- h Furnishing Goeds? llumhert A Kenny will sell, tlds day. (Tueadayl morniug, at 10 o'clock, by catalogue. In their -p.ieious Safe Rooms Nos. 172and lit Fulton itreut. (Museum Building) Brook lyn, a sujerli assortment of carved Rosewood. Mahogany, and Walnut Parlor and Chamber Furniture, consisting of Solas, style Louis XIV., with Arm Chairs, and Upholstered Medallion buck nerlor Chairs, in rich Maroon Silk Plush, en suite; Enamelled Chauil r Furniture, Rosewood and Ma hogany Merbls-top Dressing Bureaus and Waslistands, Centre Tables, Extension Dink;; Tables, Wardrobes, Book Cases. French, Scroll, and Gothic Bedsteads, Mahogany Rockers, twviug Chair, \ French and Carred Sweep Back Parlor Chairs, In Rosewood sod M V. igxny, Tete-a- fetes. Side, Card and Fancy Tables, llat Stands, Lounges, best curl ed Hsir Mattresses, Paillasses, Ac., Ac. French Plate Mir rors?2 highly ornamented, ft) x -id; 1 plain, tit) x 27; and several ot smaller dimensions. Alto, an elegant assortment of rich Silver Plated Ware, French China Tea and Toilet Sete, rich docerated Vavee, and Glass Ware, Ivory Handle Tallc Cutlery, Ac., Ac. Also, a tine assortment of French printed Window Shades. Also, an invoice of ?common Chine, Crookery, and Glass Ware, with which the sale will commence . Bale peremptory. JBOCART. AUCTION EER.-TniS DAY, AT 10>^ ? o'clock, at the stire No. L"> Spruce street. Groceries, flour, Molasses, Butter, &e.; sixteen barr Is N. O. Molasses, thirty-five tubs frceh Butter, eleven barrels superfine Flour nix barrels Hickory Nuts, pipes Brandy. boxes Raisins, 12) cane mat Stools, fifteen bake Door Mats, Counter, Cart and Harness Spices, Soap, Ac. HE. W I L L A R D, 'AUCTIONEER.?AUCTION s Notice? ft tell Carved Furniture. Bronied Ware, Girandoles. Ac., Ac.?H E. Willsr l, auctioneer, will sell at auction, on Wednesday, May 21, at. I0JJ o'clock, at the Sales Rocm, No. Nil Broadway, Furniture, consisting of Dresai.-ig Bureaus, Solas. Parlor Choirs, Trte-a-tetos. Mahogany Bed steads, U?1 Stands, Dining Tablcr, Mattresses, Refrigera te rs. Ac., Ac. HENRV II. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER-FASHIONAIU.E and eostly Cabinet Furniture.?Henry II. Leeds A Co. wilt sell at auction, on Wednesday, 2!st. and Thursday. 2Jd May. at l.atf past ten o'tlock eauh day. at Noe. 171 and 171 Pulton sir" t, the entire stock of ('.Is George. Ken., who it nliout to change hie business, cmpri-ui elegant suites, covered in rul y and garnet satin dam ilk, others in blue and gold, and purple and gold d?.| twenty moat elaborately carved roecwo I suites, in muslin, which the purchasers can cover to suit their own taste; parlor, arm, Voltaire, an l ?cwing Chair*; do., richly carved in oak; centre Tables, Etergerei, Buffets. Eneoii|uerres in roeewood. linod with satinwsod: Bureaus, Cabinets, Mirrors. Wardrobes, lied atcads, Sofas. Teie-a-tetns, extansien and other Tables, Ac.; besides a vers largo stock of every ot her description of furni ture, all made in the best and uio"?t fashionable manner, nnd Warranted in fiery respect. HENRY WILLIAMS, AUCTIONEER?LATE Wil liams A Lyndon?will sell tliis and the following days, at No. 4x7 Grand street, all that valuable stock of Drylands contained In aaiil store, consisting of ladies' dress goods of all des< Options. Canton Crap,- and oth r Shawls, In great va riety. Sale 10 A.M.. and 2 P M. Housekeeper* and head* of familiee skoiild attend this sale, a* the Is will be put up In lots to suit purchasers, and fold without rea-rye. N.B.? 11. W. would r peetlully Inform Ml fii, odsand the public that his sales tor this season will eontinue for three weeks only, and no other opportunity will be Offered ia thin way. BY J. HKOEMAN, AUCTIONEER-'WEDNESDAY, MAY 21, at 10 ? i loek, A.M.. at the enk - room, No. 191 Wash ington st , Brooklyn.a bars- and general assortment of parlor and chamber Furniture, Tape try, Brussels nod Ingrain Car pets, Oil CI ,tb?. Ac., miietly ia go 1 - rdcr. Also, an eh rant I'ltreats Conch, made by Lawrence-A t'ortlea. In very good Order, est Witt dollsrs? two h<rses au l' enrts. Cattdngue* v ill be ready, and the furniture may be examined on Tues day afternoon. PLANTS AT AUCTION?KOBE*. CARNATIONS. HO neysuckles. Verbenas, Dahlias Ac. Ac . from J. A N. Henderson's, J. rscy City, to he sold all Miction at TRYON'S bed ."turf, f John street, en Tuesday, -Dth May, at half past 10 o'clock.? w HOMKMTMiAlM. EST MOUNT VERNON TIIE TEUTONIA HOME stcad As- i iatmn meet this nenlnfc at the hotel of Mr. Hild-braa-l, .17,1 He.ter street Thty bave 1,ought 1.10 m ree of high. dr). and fertile laud on the ll-rlem and New Haven Raur ad*. sud are dividing it into qnartcr acres, exelusive, ?f streets an l avennes. Rath subscriber pari fit) at the time of subscription, and two dollars wcekly, from the first, of April, which Is the proportion each ?ne has to pay. la eluding the cost of rradiag and working the streets. The pi Mic i- Invited to attend our me. tine, and learn farther particulars. JOHN F. LUTHER, l'rcsidcut. FttcisiM Mrwutn. Secretary, IIOTK1.M. NEPTl'Nf. bouse, new rociieiXr, n. j.-tbPs d*li*Mfnl mill laahi?n*l,le auiniinir realdena* liann* undertone eatanalra Improved. i I t.y the addition of mm* ?ixty alaepinc -ipnrtmenta. naw llnmi reum, kitchen, Ita., will open fur ti,? aiuan June l.t. F.wry arrangement liaa l*?a made no ' h? moat liberal Mil for the pleuaura and eon renlenee of wieitera. and em' r?" everything appurtiining to a i itjr total of the #r?t order ft? bcatioa ia nrt.orpv.aod f?r beauty and healtnlnlncra. I in* adjacent to tin watore of Long Sound, and aUo to a rnc region of country. Tha tel la aill fca maintained ia a enparh manner, and tin atook ?f Wine and Li iuor of tha c holer .t kind v l KTI9 PECK. Jr. PAVILION. NEW BRIC.HTON-THIS ESTABLISH ? meat la now oaeatd f?r the aeaaoa Tha proyrlatar will ba haypy (" enter into erraaarmrnie ?.in partial who may deair* to farnr him hy making it tlnir anmmar re.Hence Ma aan alwaye ha ftnind an tha premier.. Tha fa araatill ear-ml ?iiifa of aparttnanta and ainala room* dlaengagad. New Brighton. May i, I V.I. f. BLANCARD. tfORT HAMILTON-THE II tMILTON HOUSE. AT Ja the Ntrtowa, hating re.?ntly undertone thorough r*. lain, and many derided iinpr < > m?nt' will h? opened for the recapti-n of hnardcra. on Moalny. the SJ day of June. The aukerrioer aolicit* a an*tir "tat ?.? of friendly patrontj., BAWLET P. ( LAPP, Proprietor. PpilF. UNION IS NOW OPENED BV TBE SUBSRI 1 I ere. h I "i ltr>ad<anr f> i" to tha Art I' n. ?where thay will ha moat happy to tt* their frirnla and tha rnhlia ia lentral. ALBERT UiSKK. IliKtM vooDurr. <?1OH.IN0,S CAFE ANP RS"Ttl HINT. *4 MRRRTV Hl atrcat. nr?t baaaa aaat i f Broadway.?Thia nant and a]apart tttahliehmant will be | u 1 an thia day.*. Kir P. lha proprietor raapaahfolly a?li. ila tha iatr>aa*> of hie friaada and the pnlltc. la roanaaliaa with the cafe and raatanrant are emoting and renting rnome, and room for partite f A UK SON S PATENT ANNl M t TOR, OR HOTR aa i ' elegant and i ichtae, n aabatitat* I for balla aa lOTovarty in aaa. Thia iav,-i Mua haa, Invariably. , reoaiead the tr?' preminm whenever yr-eentcd for eompctl lion, haelwg r?e?l*ed tha gold medal at tha American Inati Icta, n ailtar m del nt tha n?at?n Fair, and dtplomna where wmla hire h?aa prayionaly awarded it Par ita an pari of (wrformnaea. we b.e to refer to fatly nil tho lending Aral ?laaa hatala ia tha United State. W e proeeat the following Aaatimnninin af paranai who have had treat eiperioaoe In hall delating. tha aaa ef and tha pultini up of Annnnoiatora. Nam V ina, March'. 1*1. Dear Sire:?In anewer to yonre <4 the I at inat., aakmi my .?pinion na to tha merita of Jackaoa'e Annunciator, or Ball Telegraph, I ha( to atata that I have titled them ap ia manf ?rat elaaa hatala la rarinat parti of tha Union, an I e?t-? .eiyely la thta <Hty?that th>-y hav? rlron all lha ?atlafacti.a that poaaii tr aaald ha aapactad?that I know af no manhint that worka (u c.wraatly ia all ita parte. and with 10 much ?tmnlietty. lie elegant appenran.?, a* wall aa Ita gen-ril rvtility. warraata ma ia recommending it to hotel proprietor* nn i other*. aa the meal perfect Aneraelater. or Ball Tele graph now in nao. Reanrctfuliy, youra. THOMAS CHALMERS. Ball liana, r. A Mercer etraot. flanta ?F<>r tha laat three y?*r?. I have need a f?Stent Annual Int..r for hotedl. in thia city and Stato. alia n Vermont, and II haa praead lt?> If narfe. tly eali.faetory ta ?the awnara, pa well aa aMaelf. I ai l dc i ladly of opinion that Atpnaaaaaee auperl?rity of mechanical cmatrnetton, .(Science ?nl dwrnhility ia Iteelf, oyer all -thar Annnnoiatora that I SETH W. PULLER, Ball lieno r, Bnaron, Mareh S, IWi. 17 Hecanahlre .treat Oeata ? Wa hare pnt yonf JnekacVa Patent Annnneintot dn aaceral larea hotala and ateamai ipa. what* thay flea par ftat aatiaffl. lion. Aeaa Ineanii r ? .mhinaticn. meehan 1MB. dnrahlllty. freed.>m nf action, and iaaa lialdlity to de rM(am> at. we nnhceitntlndyjtiac it na our opinion that it (a wpad"' *? anythina In ilea for like f .rpoaoa. McUMKUOR fk UAVMAN, Ball Hangar*. Si* Town Mareh A 1*1. iTEChryeti* St real. Oear Slrat?Hncinr pnt np two of yonr Annnnetatara In AM* city, y-.n dealra to know my opinion of tham. I aon nldar * more perfect metkina cannot h* made. fU appaar ?nraianaai and *rname?ta1. and if put np by n efmp**?nt earaan, ctnnct rat out of order. HEN R V HOi IISTRASSER, Ball Han*?r. Pru.anri rwia. March 7. 1*1. 4!? Sonth at. The pn'ollc are raapactfnlly .antinned mrainat makinr. Wendina.lnr nain* an infri*?*mant ef thia patent. Mannf*' Anred onlr by Jackaon'a Annunciator ManuMctarinR tjom >enr, *d Hnana atroat. New VoVk. The patonU far En< ?ad. fraac* and tha Canadaa. for aula. I Bt'ROPFeASI AnVRHTISRMRSTR. Hunt and roskei i (successors to store a ? Martim r.) Ool.iainMha, Stleeramttha, he., to tha Unaan. Stan ? hronnjBStat and Watrhmakara, af Na. lihi Naw Bond atraat. London: mannfaetorr. *1 Harrlaon atraat, Clray a In road, ta* to ln*amete to their patrona that thay ?re about mule* from their hraneh kwainaa* In I'rincaan ?treat, Mtachaater, to St Ann a eqnara, in tha tame town. ? nd immediataly appoatt* to the principal entrance of tho B*oh*MO TUK TURK. UNION COURSE, li. I.-TROTTINO BORSH EM1KHOH, half brother to Trustee, Mat trotted twenty mile# in leea than the hour, in standing ?t John I. Sncdiker'r. at >12 ? vnnu viic nour, !? smutting uo borh i. ancwiKer .*. lit wi~ th? season. pay in advauco. >'? r r*?rtiei.rarv. hi iuiro of Jo ha 1. Suedikcr. J. BRIDGES. U1 NION COURSE. L. I.?TROTTING.?STAKE AND puraa, to come off on Tuotdny, Miy.H, on the abovn track for >3<M>;two mile* and repeat, inliarnes*. Mr Nelson namea bl. g. Black Harry; Mr. il'helyley name* e. m. Fan ny. To come off precisely at halt' pant two P.M. Alao, ano ther stake, ot >?*', uill l.e trotted for at .fo'cleck, I'.M., mile heata. to 200 pound wagona. Mr. K'tfieloau names brown stallion Cardinal; Mr. IVhclan namea brown g'ddiug Do mino; Mr. Splcer nntiie* hay muro Lady Hall. Also, imme diately after. a matoh against tune v ill .be started for by Mr. Hook's aorrel mare, for f>.RM a aide, to trot ten success ive miles, two men in a 262 pound wagon, in the short spa jo of 37 minutea and 37 aeeoutia. The J-auy Lind line of atacei will run hourly from Grand street and Peek slip Ferries. Fare each way, from and to D'iliiumsburgh, 1**4' cent*. Alio. stages will ho in renditieai at Fulton Ferry, Brooklyn, at 12 M. end loclick.P.M , and remain till the eport ia oyer. Fare, each way, 26 cents. JOHN 1. SNF.DIKRR, Proprietor. CENTREVILI.E COURSE, L. I.-TROITINC.-WED neaday, Mav 21, fanned) i tely after the three mile trot, between Fanny, relbam nod Hemn. a sweepstakes for S3fk>, mile heats, Leet 3 in harness,In tween turee 'Ia?'s, belong ing to Greenwich Village; namely; eh. to. Dutelieea, gr. an Jenny Lind, ch. m. Flirt, owners to drive. JOEL < ON KI.IN, Proprietor, CENTKEVILLE COURSE, I. I.?TROTTING.? MRS, nesiiay, May 21, at three c'rloek, I'.M.. puree >2Wi f.'aito the second heal, tlirue wile beata in harnfes*. .Ismst Whelpley enter* ch m. Fanny, 3. Uel.wughliii cntera b. g. I'elham, Geo. Rayoor eater* ch. g. Seliin. JOE). CONK LIN, Proprietor. Cf ENTREYILLE COl'RAE. L. I.?TROTTING ? MON > day. May Sit, at three o'clock, P. M., purse >260. two mile heats, in l arnoae. George Nslaonj. wtera bl. g. lilaek Harry; Owner inter- h. g. Howe it; rt. McLaughlin cntera b. g. Pelham; George Raynor enters i h. g. Sclita. MFC t ON c KLIN, Proprietor. C1 HEAT SPORTING- A GREAT TROTTING MATCH TO F tome oft Thie Day (d uetday) at the Red II >ua . tor $d? a side, between Mr.Spciker Hurkway, and Mr Rogers' horse, Cockroach, at 2 o'clock, prociaely. SPDHTIXG. TO THE ST. GEORGE CRICKET CI I'll.?THE UN DER signed has goteleien men to play the St. George's Cricket Club with lAeir eleven beat, for any amount from bl to $l,UUl. Money ready at. any Unto at T. Vortnaa'a, East Brooklyn Hall, where h match can be ma le for a,I'M' at quoits. Rronklyn, May )0th. O; STODDARD. A GRAND REGATTA FOR A SILVER CUP WILL eorne off on Fnduy, May 23d, at. II o'eloek, A. M.,froe for all ninetcea feet workiug boat*, carrying one aprit suil, to sail from Castle Garden, around Fort. Diamond, and back to place of starting; entrance $l 60 each . two thirds of the entrance tuoaey goes to the second boat boat, and une thrrd to the third beat boat. All boats most be eiiterednt the " Brilliant," No. ti Battery Place, ou or beiore Thursday, 22d, at 10 o'clock, P.M. FOR BALK ARD TO LKV? A GOOD CHANCE IS NOW OFFERED TO PURCHASE a piece of Land containing Ave and a tenth acres, thought to be the finest tite for a country seat or hotel on the banks of the Hudson it ia situated a thort distance above the Depot at Dobb'a Ferry, 21 miles from Chambers Street, and adjoining the river. It commands a ooinplete view thereof from tho city to the ilighlauds.^ 'l ucre ia a ver^ fine ?pries of water on the place. Apply to M. K. COU/EN'a, Dohba' I erry, or on Thursday. 12 A. M , at D. M. COW DREY'S office. IS Chambers itruet. New York. COUNTRY SEAT FOR SALE?BY F. H. I.UDLOW, NO. 11 Wall street, at private -al??A valuable llouse, in the Kliiabethiin style, with about 40 acres of good Land, at Staten Island, with an extensive view ?( the ocean. Alio, acveral small Building Lots, adjoining. > t about 9 acres caih. Maps of the build ni t liti ou the Hudson river and Railroad, at Greeuhurgh, to he sold 3d June, are now ready. Forsale-the farm of the late mo-<es clark. deceased, containing 101 acres, situate in the town of East ('hotter, about lf( mile from tho Tuckaboe depot of the Harlem Railroad. It ia bounded northerly by the road leading from East Chester to New Roehelld, easterly by the easterly road of East Cheater, on wmeh roads it lies 2tkJ rods. Ou the farm ia a good mansion house, a large barn, and ex tensive sheds, mill bouse, ci rrinre I. one, and necesaaryout huildingi, all in good eondi'ion; alios good tenant house. The farm is in a high stat ?f Improvement. T. rmsofsale easy. Inquire of Samuel Clark, I W I.litnlieth street, N.Y., Alpheua Clark, on the premises, or to the un I reigned at New Kocbelle. JOHN SOULIER, Exccut. r ot Mo??s Clark, deoeaaed. FOL SALE-THREE ACRES of.GROUND, SITUATE ?utalde of and adjoining the ? ity of Rrooklja. To aty church or aseoelation wi,lnn' to'pur. liter a site for I.urial, or other pur|ioees. the af ove is an < pp. r?unity that is seldom cfiered. For particular*, Ac , adores* 3. W., East New York Poet Office. FOR SALE?AT LYON'S FARM, NEAR NEWARK, twenty aeret of land, with the improvement*, consimlog of a modern built houee, barn, corn crib, iee bona*, clatcrn and well water, adjoining the farm Of Professor J.J. Maps*, who will girt every information. POR SALE?THE STOCK OF YOUTH S AN'DCUIL dren'a Clothing, with tho fixture*, and lease of stars 313 Broadway. The stand cannot be surpassed In the city for the buaineaa. Terms liberal Apply on the promises For sale?the stock and fixtures of a Liquor Store, together with a lease of four years from the lat of May, |sf I. now dsing a good busine-s For further particulars. Inquire ia the store. Wo. 414 Seventh avenue, be tween Thirty-fifth and Thirty sixth streets. SECAR STORE for SALE.?TnF. STOUK AND Fix tures of a Segar Store will ' e sold cheap, at the present owner has other business to attend to. A | ply at 61 Fourth avenue, corner of Niith street. Spacious office to let.on tiif ski ond floor. Ill Spruce street. PuMcasiua given immediately Rout tr derate Fer particular*, apply to Thutneun k Jenkins, 13 Struct street. TAMARAC RAILROAD TIES.?THE subscribers off.-r for sale, deliverable nt Troy >i.itsi pioona ,,r Tama rae Railroad Ties?* feet 9 a 4>, V feet!?x 6. 9 feet ? id. They will also be prerarid to contract far the delivery of l'ine Scantling 12 to 40 feet long, of a iv dimrnaious re quired. Sawed Lumber, of every des. ripti in, eonntaotly on hand. O. PARISH OGDFiN k ('(?., Office and docks, near the Greaabusl. Kailr >ad Depot.Troy. T TO LET?FRANKLIN HOUSE BUILDINGS-SECOND and third floor* of No. HID Broadway, aatraac* through from ni*:u atairwayof No. 191 Broadway. Al*o. office* la i buildtax No*. IPS and 1!<7 Broadway, nAiea ia building No. 1 Dry *?r**t: ?fl*r loft to building No. 2 Dor . ]9tl0 trot: b*?en>. nt in building No. 2 Dry *tro?l. ii'i.V foot. Ap ply at No. t Doy atrent, office No. M. tMrd floor. j TO 111 A FAHLOK, KoOM A N II BEDROOM, 8IJITA- i bit for a >mall family. Tht parlor will h? fnrmth< d, If dolrtil. Tht abort a 111 b* lot low, and po***t*lon gl??o IniBtdlaUiy. laqalrt at A2 Charlie atreot, , TO LET, rUBMIBHED?A FA HI.OR AND TWO BED- | mm* ?lth pautrtea, on tetnnd floor. AI*o, aing!* room*, I without board. Apply fUJItwtta ilfMi I O LET?Iff BOl'TII BRfMtKLTN. HIE L'PPK* IMKT | of a flout*. conrittlaa of Art room*, to a ?mall family. Meat moderate. I"or addrr** and particulars apply to K M. tiOBB.H. *. Maid ii Laa TO I.KT-A FINE SUA)IOCS ROOM, FOETY RIGHT fbet I y twtatyli t f. rt, ia Broadway naar IF all *trr,t, \ l'ot*oe*i<<n may be bad immediately. lai'iire of George | PiaflR IS mtwaway. I O LET?THE NEW FOUR-STORY AND li v - * meat brick bona*, oa thctoatb tidt sf Fifteenth atrrrt, 1 between Sintb aad See/ nth auiKi. wtll ? altalatrd for an . r*ttn*Oe t. nrdiar heii-c. a* I eontatn* 2* r .oia*, with ??th ' boat*, ko. If art let bytb* Ittof Jan*. It will bt .Lett,',I , lato teprmrata for intrrl fimllltt. I no aire of Fran, ia Il!aa> boo** ageat. No. 2?i Math araaat, l, of or* * A. M. or from S to If P. if. t'LOTHIRO. CAST-OFFCLOTHING AND Ft'RNITI'RE WtNTHD ? Tl t higl.eit pro ? will be paid i>a making apnli-ati >a t ? tht tab* tit*r, hftr percent mort than ueaaliy ravttrt 1. I.aditt attended by Mr* l.yoa. ISAAC O. LTON. 17 IF all atratt CAST OFF CLOTHING AND furniture banted. ?Tha highest prlot can ht obtained by ladioa aad gta t'ratcn who hare aur left o> Clothing. I ornitort. aad Jewel rj. Ate., to dlapoat of by wading. throuah F"* or otherwtaa, for J. I.FVENSTVN, dfif. llr.'adway, op atalro. I.adlra attended to by Mr*. Ltranatjrn. (1 AflT OFF CLOTH 1 NO AND FURNITURE WANTED. J?Ladle* or gentlemen leaving tha city, or breaking np honttkctplna. can obtain tht hlgbeat tntb prict for CloUiint. Fnraltura. Rt., by tcadlra through tbc Font, ar at hit reai Aract. L. M DCSSELDORF, U Elm (treat. N. B -l.adl** atttaded by Mr*. Dueaeldorp. (t AST OFF CLOTniNti. Re -LAHI Eft AND GENTLE ' mto can obtain from tht tnbwrilitr the Mghaat *a?h prie* for ea*t off aad wcon l haad clothing, aad ? iporflaona articltt of trtry de*ciiptl?a, br too lint their addrvtt throagh pn*t,nr atharwlna. or calling on Jnneae Roroaty, at hit ttora, II Orange otretl, near ' hat nam ttrent. rAST OFF CLOTHING AND FllRNITURE W ANTED - Ladle* or gentlcm* a harint my ca*t of rlathiar or far ait are to dl*po** ?f, can obtain a fair *ath price far th ? *nm*, by tending for tha tubacriber, at hi* residence, or through tha Fo.t fifllc*. M. S COHEN, fid Elm * treat. N. B - laa attaadad by Mr*. Cohen. liflVEASCRS. Life assurance.?nationar-Loan fcnb life Attnrenta Society af London. -General A teat * olflca. 71 Wall street, New Tnih. May, ISAI ?Capital *>J.**)8Dfi. and turplnt SII2.27I. Tha withdrawal tahla of tot *ool?ty afford* to tha atiared, who may lak* out tholr p' L ?!??? aadar tha** lablat, the greatest no??iMt pre*/ nt aad pr ??peetir* advantage* that can b* conferred by life amnran- e On thlt table tha a*aar*d Utatitled, ?t aay tliaa, to reatirt at Inte rest an Immediata advance, to tha tatont of on*.half tha ? mount of th* paid aanaal pr- oiiiiwi*. wlthaat *eearity. par toaal liability, or deposit of th* potior, bait by *imple ap dariaiaoat tbereoa; nrth* btlfpremloai may b? *o withheld dnriafl tba what* eaatinnnnra of lb* poll/a. Alto, liyth* treat of the aaiorod at any tlm* not requiring to continoa lb* policy, on It* tarrtnder. on*.half af the lutanal pnmtamt will bt retnrned by th* aacletr. At tha !a?t aaaaal iaerttitatioa. rarer led In May, VJ*>, tba boanaa* declared to the a**nr*,l arre-^th* opti <? of a ratnra of Id per real oa thalr premium* ia aarh. or a reraraionary addition to tha original *um aaaureA by **< h polltw, raryiaa frr.B ? to flA ptr c*at. Examrlft of bonnaaa, already derlared, will b? f nadln tha aociaty * pamphlet, lerethar wltb tablet ?l rata*, and ?h'f int rwi*ti. n n *rpii all ? t* 71 Whl] flirt*t, t *1 aaf I of the aaeaciaa, fra* ?t aapena*. A party may. at a mod. rate ananal premium, laaare Sir ? life ; and If h# tor* iraa to reach th* a** #?r on Tc*r?. tha fall awm intared, np to flA.iaal, wHI ba 'paid t* him: or if hi* death oecnr before that period, tho tr.ea aaeured will ba paid t* hit family or l*?al reprc??nti>tf?*t. arwewo maarTOfi* rwa war. C. EDWARD HABTOHT. chairman. I. J. Palmar. P. C. Tcakcr, S S. HoWlaad. Ifenry I ndlam. R'm. Tan Hoob, Robert i. Dillon, aad J. Kcarsy Redaar*. M D. Th* Board maei eaery Wrdaereey, at7l Walletraat.for lha lraa**clloa of '..mine** California aad atbar foraifu riaka takea affair ratra of a**r* premium J. I.EAM'*fl STARR. ll*a?r?l Arenl. tad Sopcriatafldtat *1 tht I'aiVfld Statflfl V???l Bd*tL t^ilf ANCIAL. METKOr^l TAW, BAN*.-NOTICE 18 1IEREB f given, that the thirvi instalment ol twenty-Bie per wit on the capital stock of the .Metropolitan llaak, will be p iya Me on Thurndar. .'>tli day iV Juno m at. at their l>an ana room, ho. 5d Wei! street. By order of the Board of Direc tor!. J. E. WILLI AH 3, Cashier. New York, May '*>. 1851, . CITIZENS' BANK?CAPITAL, $.'DO,tJf*).?THIS BANK will be ready foe the transaction ef business. at its banking bouse, No. A.t Bowery, on Tucsdwv, the JMh instant, 8. X. t'oaiTOer, Cashier, JAY JAKY1S, Breaideat. NEW TOEK FLOATING DRY DOCK COMPANY.?A dividend of Are |.-m cent on Abe uap.Uai ateek ol this Bompeny hai been declared out of the earnings for the cur rent tin months, payable on and al ter the Ami day of May Beat. The traualer book will be clotted from tbe 3d Mayte the day ef payment. By order >f the Board at' l)ir< -tors. April 28, lofil. H. V. MAaON, Secretary. CA FIf . ?WHOLE8AH AND RETAIL WRY GOODS dealers nnd others, oambe accommodated with cash, in large or nnoll amount!, for S??j or short period!. Appfy by litter, llirnld office, R. V.w. N.B.?Every iratissvYtun ettictly eonhdential. $3 0007TO *N AC*DVB HAVING NOT tliau thir amount, a stood opening is ottered, in a penunm ntly established Expeexs buaineea. Ad dress "Express," this office. Communications strietly oou tdentlat. CT LADALt>L'PB MINING COMPANY-PERSONS IN F tcreated in the aboi e will please call on the undersign ed, where tkey w ill hnd an anioant of tr.e stock for sale. M'H. U. 1 EKRIS, 46 Wall street. Chicago city loan.-sealed proposals will be received at the Mayor'a oAre. in the city ef China*#, aad at the oBce of Strachin ft Seott, In ttie oity of New York, until the lat day of June next, lor a loan of Tweuty #ve Thousand Dollars, for a term not exceeding ton year#. The bouds to be issued iu sums ef not less than Bra hundred dollars each, at an Interest of seven per centum per annum, payable semi-annually, and principa aad interest payable at the American Exchange Bank, in New York, or at the of ten of the City Treasurer, in By order of tha Com mon Council, WW. A BURNER, Mayor. Chicago, April 20, 1851. PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD?NOTICE TO CON tractors.?Proposals will be received from the 9th to tha 12th of June next, at Johnatown nnd Summit, for tha ?radiugand masonry of that part of the mountain division of the Pennsylvania railroad, betwes between Alto an, in Blair eoonty, and Pringle's Point, a few milea below Jefferson, In Cambria, a distance of 26 mile*. The road within this distance will eroie the Alleghany mountain*, eaoountering tome of the heaviest grading offered in this eouatry. la ad dition ton number 01 extensive cutttugs, embankment#,and ewkverts, there will be one tuunil 1.3LW yard# ia length at thd aammit of the mountain, and another of Jtt) yard* through PHngle't Point. Terms cush. monthly. For further infor mation. *rply to Edward Miller, Esq., Aaeociate Engiaaer, Blairevllle. Indiana eounty, or to Strickland Kneaas, P. A. Rnginaar, Alton#, Blair county. J. EDGAR THOMSON, ChiafEngineer. Engineer Departm t, P. R. R. Co.. Philadelphia, May 1,1*51 8EABOARD AND ROANOKE RAILROAD.-JOSU.OUO seven percent Mortgage Bonds.?Sealed proposals will bo received by tbe subscribers until Saturday, the Slat day of May, lnitaat. for three hundred and fifty thousand dollars of the Brat and only Mortgage Honda of the Seaboard and Roanoke Railroad Company, bearing seven per cent per an num intereat. and redeemable at the Merchants' Bank, in the city of New York, on the lat of August, 1NXJ. These Bonds are in sums of 81,000 each, with coupons at tached, pay able at the Merchant#' Bank, in the city of New York, on tlia lat of each February and August. These Bonds are issued under authority of special acta of the Legislatures of Virginia and North Carolina, and are se cured >,y a mortgage executed to John i. Palmer, Ea<|.,of the city of New York, la trust for the bondholders. This mortgage covers the entire line of the road from Nor folk, Virginia, to South Gaston on the Roanoke river ia North Carolina, a distance of DO miles, which wilt have oust, when icmiileted, including tbe original outlay, over $l,ftX); 1*1)?and the trustee is empowered, iu case of sixty days de fault in the payment of interest or principal of the minds, to take possession of, use and sell the whole or any part of the sainc, including tho franchises, income and property of the comptay tf tvery ceecription, now ac<)?ired or hereafter to be acquired. lbe whole amount of the bonds authorised to be issued li four hundred thousand dollars, ot which ths amount uow offered for tale has been issued by the company in payment principally for the heavy T rails with which tho cuinpauy is now re-Uy ingtbeir track. This heavy T rail for tbe whole distance, 90 milaa, is now on hand?50miles art laid and in operation?and tnecom psuy it actively engaged in laying down the remaiudtr. so as to complete the line to M'efdun, .'*1 miles, in July of tho present year, and to South Gastou, 90 wiles, by tha close of tho ytar. The Seaboard and Roanoke Railroad forms part of tks great Southern route from New York, Philadelphia, aad Baltimore, to New Orleans, in connection with the line of et< amers now running f'r> in Baltimore to Norfulk. A lino of steamers it bow running from ralladelphia to Norfolk. Two lines of ttesmors are bow being built to run from New York to Norfolk, to commence on mug early iu July next. Oil of these lines is to he of the hrst elans of paasen gee steamers, 1101) tons burthen, and tho other a lint of pro pellers. The coanee tions of this road, are ? ueh at to secure for it aa ample amount ot busineoe: it unites at IVelden with tho railroad to Yt ilminstea, 1<X> miles in Isngth, which hut just been re-laid with a heavy T rail; it unites at South Huston with tho railroad to Raleigh. 85 miles lung, whiuh la alto ai out to I a re laid wlib a be#v? T rail. At South Gaston, it will receive the immense productions of the extensive and fertile valley of the Roanoke, which are hfoght to that point by the Koaaoke Navigation Company, w ho have expendod over four hundred thousand dollars in Improving the nsi tgatlou of the Roanoke and its tributaries. Tho harbor of Norfolk 1 aad Portsmouth is wail known to bo one of the best in the United Mates, ami will thus bo eonaetted by ths Ssabotrd and Roanoke Railroad and its I fix connecting lines, withaa ample extent of territory! which will insure to the road an abundant busintas. A map. exhibiting these coanectioni. showing, alto, other llnrt now ia re ptd coursr of construction, by which soon idea f tinui us line ol railway will soon bo extended from Norfolk to Mobile and New Orleans, on the eoath, and to the Volley of the Mississippi, at Memphis, on the weel, way bo obtained of tbe undersigned. An "exhibit,'' giving x full aeconnt of tho road and Ita ? of tho * affairs, eorietof the bond tad myrtgasu, and tha legal opi nions of Judge John Y Mason, of Virginia, Ac., aaeoapa niet tho msp. and may be ohtaineJ, upon applioatloa to John I. Palmer, Ls j., at tbe Merchant*' Rank, or to tbe un dcrsiiaed, by mail or otherwise, who will furnish sny fur ther information which may he drsirod. It la confidently believed that tha bonds now offered for salt afford one of the safest and most dsairabla securities ia tbe market. Three hundred and Bfty thousand dollars art now offered for sale. The entire amount will bt disposed of absolutely, nnd wit l.? ut reserve, to tbe hlgheet bidder. Sealed pr .resale for any amount not 1-ss then Rl<MW will bo revolved at the office of the undersigned until Jo'olock on the thirty first day of May, 1361. Proposals to be addressed to Winslow, Lanier ft Co., M Well street. New York, and endorsed " Prop-tali for S. ft R. R. Bonds. ' Parties n boor bids xro accepted will bo required to pay twenty per rent upon the dinoout nwardsd to tliem imme diately upon being notified of the acceptance oi their bids, and tbe remainder iu equal amounts on the first day* of July. August, September, and October nest; lint *ur party w ill he at III crty to pay iasfull at aact. Interest will < mtDio from tb? day or payment W IN8LOW, LAMER ft CO., No. 52 Wall it. LAND WARRANTS. C1FNF.KAL I AND OFFM K, APRIL 4TH l-.'.l -Nt'. I BKT'.un appli) Ktiona ha> irnc be> n made t > tin ?? fer Informal! n ia relation tn the mannrriu which Land War rant*, under tl ? a; I u( Sill, September, l-.Hl, abaald be lo eati-d. the following aatecrt thereto bare boon prepare!. (? ? it ? I hore art throe modee by which thoee location# may b# ?Mp lot. Hy tht Warrantee la peraon. Id. D> tha Wnrrante*. through lb a g.-*ncy of thl* o?r#. S-l lly ma Agrat or Attorney. It tha fret or accoad m Ji i. adopted, the appli -alio* Boat he made in wrttlnc. ?i rift in# tha trie t. Ian I diatrii t or tee th a of country. in * filch th" laaaMaa n dr#(r?d. and bo no rrn.paaied by ?? afhiiaiit awarding to tha following forB, II I.ere the tllrd Bnda la adopted, a Fewer of Attorney Baat I* produced, eiaaated by the Warrantee la the preacnc# ?f awrtnaae imrllni to the follawln* form. No A wkioh rowar af Attorney timet be aakaewlntgad, or preyed, aa tha cane may ha, before *<nic otlrer authvrtiad to take tha at knoaleifyai' it of deede, affording to ft rn? No 5 or 4. la all caaee. tbc Patent* will t<o tranamltted to the l.ind Ottee where Ilia loaatiaa re in* ie, ui.le.e 'racial lire,n <ae la

the contrary he (irea. J. BCTTKKFl KI.D. CoatBlaaioaar. FORM No. I. Stat*or I Covin or ( P. f?r? me (a Jaatica af the Feace. or other oftleor aathor fled to take amdaeita.l pereonally appeared (hare ia?ert name af warrantee.! who hemg daly ?worn. depaaaa and aaya, that he |e the Weatlral (here laaert name of warrantee,) to whom warrant N". for ? acre#, nader the aetof Sep temher. Infet. wae taeaed w tha ?? day af , ISA, and Who now applroe to locate the raaa. ( A ttaat'a aicaatar* I Bwora ta and eaheerthed before at t lata ?day af , IB (Udi or'a (iraatate I FORM No. 1 Know all bob by thr.e pr*eeala. that I (hare laaert tha ? tat af warrant#*), of the county of .and State of , da hereby onetitnta and appoint??, of , By triro and lawful Attorney, for ma and In my name, to locate Land Warrant Na. ?, for aeraa of land, which leaned ander tha art af September. I*an (I'awrr af euhatrtntiea Bar la laaertad if dentred ) Signed ia prrtea** of / ( Warraalot a tgaatart. Ft)RM Na. A Inn or > Cotnyr ar t (?a tin ?day of , la tha r?at ?, personally ap peared (her* Ipeert mat of werraatae.) and acknowledged the within Ft war of Attorney to ha hit net and deed, nad I rertifr. that I wall knew tha aaid (here iaeert tha name of warrantee, 1 and that ha ia the Hat per??n who la deeeribed la the within Fewer, and wbe aaecated tha aaBe. (OBcar'a argaatare.) FORM Na. 4. Stats or Coi'arr or { that) I lietahy certify, that o* Mil* day af , la tha rear . personally r aaro before aaa (hare raaert the name ef tha witneae) aad (hare Iaeert tha name of warrantee;) aad tha aaid (her* in>crt the naB* ef wit**M.) being well known t# me. waa daly tacra by me. and oa bin oath declared had taid that ha well knew the ehld (here laaert the aaa* of warran tee. ) and that he waa tha war pereoa daarrtbad la, aad wh* aartafed ?b? witbla Tower of Attorney. aad hie toatimoay waa to aa aatwfactory etideaea of that fart, and tho >aid (here laaart tha aaa* of warrant#*,) tbareepen aehaawledg *d the aald I'ower ta be hi# act aad deed. (Ofiror'iiigantnre > TRAVKLI.KRI' OUIDK. ftflW FORK AND Fini.ADif.rniA - N*w"fO?B In and Philadelphia dlreet?b'nlted 8tat*a Mall Une. Throngh la 4* hoara. alaNem Jereey Railroad. Fare re da aad ta pi for tab-claw, and |l safer aaeead elaaa. boar* New Tort at 6 A. M.from foak af Coartiaad ? treat; aad *1 ? A. M aad I F M., from feet of Liberty (treat. Laaaa PhD*, dolphin atd aad 9 i. M. aad ? F. from tha ta* af Wat a* t ? treat CANDRN AND AM ROT RAIL ROAR LfN? FROR New Tart *a Philadelphia- ! ?*'?? piaa Na. I Natti River, by ataamhoat JOHN FOTTRR; Moraine Una. atl a'elon*. A. Afteraoaa Line, ntd'e'alert, F.B. FareV| fx. a 'a? R. WARREN, OF NO. 1 NOTT STRUT. IJ CON enlted oa prtrata dlaeaee* A praetleo af M rmrt, tereral af whiah ware ta lamp*aa Heepltal*, aaabloa hint to rare wlthoet merrary. Br W. obtained hi# latdt* d'f 1 ma la IStt. Hie -peelKc. hog ar beula. |l Itrtft of a p ? taaant pouaterfait i?ld l# Roop-rpR mitt. UKDIXAIIOIW. JENNY LfKD AND THE WORLD'S FAIR. -tl'TTLE'S .pu mild Opem Glasses ire now srilin% off ripidlyat prices on u pgr ?ilk Ihe Importer's wholelale rat -4. I'he i.lily correct likeness of Jenny Liml uiay l>r observed tor ugh these superior glasses. an J uo uue should attend her eon - certa without owe. Every traveller to the World'.' Fair should he provided, at they will be Con ad of (i est aJvnaiiago and auiierior to Che spy glass, for viewing eoairtecenei. ships, and objects at sea. ror sale at Turtle's EiupciWuu of fisusiy Goods, N'oveltieig Ac., 34.1 Broadway. TO THE INTEMHTOfMY FELL1'W- CITI /. ENS, WHO B hare remove<* ta the Thirteenth Ward, this May?Th* Bul'lic and excursionists in general, who are lorvn of it ie house cured ooned b'wf and eorned pork. and oil kinds ?f lresli butcher's m-at, seleebed from the beat of sto ik. war ranted eweet at the lime of sale, at the lowest market price, front 4 o'clock tilt 12A.11'., and Saturday evenings, (3 tsiday excepted.) Neat delivered, aireet andpved, Sunday aorw IB|IS. to constant cualomrs during the e wniaer. at tin old tstahlished aliop, 92 CButvn street. WM. POOTON. Fifth avenue, ATTENTroN i-Dca?N with Corporation Numbers and procure own of .Roberts' now and elegant Cothiost} in of Number Plate*. Tbey are tile moat fashionable patterns ta lie found in the city. Call and fee, and you will not ho disannointed. R. ROBERTS, 08.' nroisdvvay, near Ptines street. Hone protection?lightning boob and ma chine Worka. ?The utility of Ligldaing Keels being no longer a question, nvtre will delay to arail tbi motives ol this life protection. Ths undorsisined hating a tlngtr-three years' esperieaco in Rtevrpc, ana three spsars in (tils city, would respectfully svlic.o toe patronage of the public. J. likk.NKl.NU H J. k!*V, Office, No. 24 North Wililat* street, 3d etbry, oe Nu. SW Reade street. Highly revive table referencoo can bs given. SWAIN'S IN PROVED. PLAN ETAKU'M.?TEACHERS, and those interested general education, are evspoct fully invited to call and examine Swain'- Improved Plane tarium and Apparatua, which has received the commenda tions of Ilia first profesais-sal teachers in New England. MAbON St LAW, Booksellers aal<l*nhllshets, 2d Park. Row. PATENT HYDRA NTS .-BARTHOLOMEW'S SK'jF-.VCT ing are the right kind! for tenements, alleys, ike., and comply with the regulatiwsaof the Water Board, bwhg nwver left running when not in use; are strong, durable, ant likely to frcesa, will not buret Che pipe, and are easily rwp.vrvd n ithout digging Uave been iu extensi-te use for tie years past, and are highly aiqanred of by the Croton Water Do Also, double Hydrants, foi iiartment. Also, double Hydrants, for '*u yards. For sale by the plumbers, llcwacse of imitation*. ROOHE'S LIQUID OLl'E.?NOW 13 YOUR TdUE TO ; make money, and. to save money, by using diis article. It will instantly mend anything. N ? boiliug?no prepara tion whatever. It is always ready for use. Depot, , Broadway. Ease in walking, and comfort to. the ffjet. ?Hall's panaua-rarium Boats aad Shoes rest tdie softest, easiest, and mutt enmfortable aver, offered ts> the publie. Those having coma, bnalone, or any tenderness of the feet, will fiud on trial their great superiority over leather. H. UEO. hall, Ne. s ? ?* .r House, Btvrclay street. , D ANAGED TIN PLATE FOR SALE?AW. BOXES IX, of the finest brands. Inquire cf J OSLI'll NAYLOR. 7 Stone Street. CIIANDOR'S SILVER PLATING AMD SILVSR PLA ted Win?Warranted for family use five yeaw?Table Spoons and Forks at 16 per dozen. and every ai tide of Slver Plated W are in proportion. Every cic.cipli'in of Metal, old Spoons and Forks, Cake Baskets, Trara, Castes*, Candle sticks, Girandoles, lie., silver plated ; It ntchea.aad Jewelry Sold plated to order, at low prices, and abort notice. Office Bo. 14 Wall etroet. New York. CORNELIUS' SOLAR LAMPS AND CHANDELIERS, for Churehee. L? dge Rooms, ko.: Mautte Candelahrae in ormulu, with Paintings in centres, without drops; Giran doles in damask flalah. Silver l'lnt'd on German Silver Tea Sits, Castors, Baskets, Table Fotkv b'i ami $7 per doieu, Spoons Ton Trays, kc. AS1IER MORGAN. 1.12 William, letweeu Fulton nan Ann atreeM. oppoaita the church. DOTAt PAPIER MAC UK AND JAPAN WORKS. | ?? Holkin street West, Uelgrava Square, London, audit' Constitution Hill, Birmingham.?The subscriber having been appointed agent in this city fur Messrs. Jennea* ft Be tin i one of tht largest manufacturing houses in Europe, is gew prepared tn take orders for all descriptions of Papier Mache Goods, and respectfully invites Ihe merchants and the publie to call and see bis samples of Tables, Chairs, Writing Dusks, Inkstauds, 1*< rtlolios, Fatcr Boats, Card Casus, Glove Rears. Chess Boards. Wine Trays, EnveloOv lieges, Tel Caddies. He. HEN RY I. 1 IIUOTsON. 313 Pearl st.. Up stairs, betwrea Maiden lane and John street. The works and show rooms of Jeoneas tt Bettridge. in Eng land. will be open to the inspectien of those visiting the W orld's Fair, by cards of introduetloa given by their agent, at 213 Pearl street, New York. LYON'S POWDERS IN THE PALACE. The laet on dit From o'er the sea. Come* Irsn the English nation; The insect race Decrease apace? Oh! bldt depopulation' Now would yon know What thin* them so, In stores, in eota. in pnlacttf 'Tit I.yon't cure. Swift, harmless.anre ? All other " lanes" are fallacies. A Depot for Lyon's Magnetic Powder, for deitroylripnieeta, and Pills for extirpalinr rats and mitt, 42i Broadway. DR. CHARLES HUN DCS WATER CUM ESTABLISH ment, ?t llraeoarllle. Northampton. Km., ha* boea The doctor i* tha earlieet aiaciplo of I'rleiuMti; and tho aetabliahmeat. aituated in iplemat and healthy muuntatuoue country, haa an abuadaaoo of tho partat aai eolrirat granite water. For further particular*. apply to William RadJt. ?3 Broadway, Saw Tork; or to the doctor, aaabora. REWARD.?DR. KEI.LINOERS LINIMENT. OR $50 Ban* fluid, ia adapted to almoat every kind of diet aao ia nUle or female, ao Batter from what to ate T'le abilliug bottle ia five time* &a cheap aa aay ?? o chilling bot tle ?f any otl.rr article aolo: tho ?ae dollar aue ia very large, and will laal a family for yeara. for many purp eoa. D tat ietleooired: try it. aad ho delighted; it haa renewed tho hair when g?a< n, rty year*. t? . or Wire.- sypli cum faetcn and atari it a growth. The nuraory aad toilet ahonld not ha without it. Depotr. SU Pearl atreet. 1*4 and 47d Rroadwar, White, front, tiraad. and Broome. forpartieu Iar?. ace weekly pa pore generally. to* CBRTR. IX IARCE llOTTLES.-DR. KELLIN J. *3 ger'a Magle fluid la aold for the henedt of tb.|*r-*t maaa of the people. By ita wonderful enratire powera. m>rd c?od haa been dune than bv all the noetrwma put together. It ia unite evident that the Duetor dura nut iatenJ to nak: W m. II. Aator'a fortune at theae prieea: he haa a comfortable living, atldr fr .ni any profit upon hia m -diaiae: eoaae inendy he ia willing that the people and the raercbaau ehall Bhtoy the benefit! of hla labor in thla department. Ord-ra anat he rael.ed. Dr. K. hae a large hotel at Voakarr. alateen milea n< rth of New Yi rh rity, where he hae the pleaeur'of ent-r taining and making the poreenal acquaintance of the Arat men In the nation ; It la avident that he oatcra for Uia in and outi r man llr la bleat with good lurk, or ilierwiea he ttddU hia natron* well, hi* aetahlleliniont ia full, aven at thla early period ; n any of ihaai have In ?n with ykim for a aumhar of rearona. II* la at hi* etnrr, 47n lliuad* ay, erery morning I and in tl.a afternoon at Vonktra. It-ox and carriage* In let; bowling alley* eliullleboard*. i|*?lt?, fen., fee., fir amutemeiit. S. II. Gentlemen who wlah the do< tor a adrier. for the rumination of their nor***, or other* lar. can And him at home every lay, and beatt n led to, ao a* to in luce I theb to call again. No bumming bird* or aoeonitoe* at any pert ofthr year. The air and acearrr cannot he aurpaaod: a little South w* bare Edwin Eorrrale iniguiuent cattle; and at the ?< rth, the world'* great farorlte. our Waalilngtoa Irrinr. aad the IIi a. Mooea II Urlaaeli a eplen liJ ptlar-ta. *?*??? crrPLtn or coal for the alms house DB S' partment.- Prnpeaala. aealed aad eadorteda* a bore, will be recairad by tha fioveranr* of the Almfoue* at thatroBca, Rotunda. Park, natil 11 a'tlock, M., of the Jtn m?laet, fat tut plying tiaei t?na broken eoal. and .LMU toae a tor a ooaL ?f Bearer Black lleath. Wyoming. Lehigh, or of any and au dcacrlptlona of tho heat nnality, freo from ehoannt and pet aii v nnd all c thrr iroj entire, taeh tea ta eoaatet of t,M>) Iha To he delivered at Hellerat. foot of Twanty eiath atreet, Eaet River. Blaekwell'e and Raadall'a lilaad*. and at met wharve* ia thin etty aa may br deetinated for that purpoea, at twrh time* and (a ?n< h qnaatlttea at may ha required on ar before tb* let day of November aegt. free of all aupeaaa, and to heenkjeet to the Inapeetien of n eoBpeteat pereea appointed by the Uortrnort for that purpooe. whom declaim In re*pert to quality abail be Anal Propoeala to heaeeea paaied by the namea of tarn reepnamkl* pereena with thefe ?meat In writing, aa aeeprity for the faithful per*.rmaate of tho contra . The #on tractor* can have the privilege ef de livrriae all tha broken eotl. and Imilteai af eiere e nl at an early period tho haltnce will not probably ha required te be delieered before the let day af Noeeeaber aegt. Any infor mation that may be required will he given en application at MUeoBea. J. I OOODISUTON. J J It EH RICK. p hexrtT OBoe ef the (Je vera ore of tha Ataihona*. New Terk. Marl M?t shipping. CTBAMIR ARCTIC ?F<*R SAI E A riiHT CLASS br lirhet f-r the abov* eteamer, to aail on the 14th ia?t Inquire at Is Broadway, third Aoor. IjtOR THE WORLD'S FAIR -THE NEW ANDSTABNCH etctBebip NORTII AMERICA. J. H. Bl thea com maadcr. will leave I'i^ No. 4, North H pool, on Toerday. June I7lh. Thie ahip hae male three voyage! to Chagr** only, and th?reby felly te?t?d her ?peed and tea quaTitiee te the fnlleet evtiatacti <a. She ha* ?upertcr aeeommedatioae for Rk) p-raoae. Fart to Liver Peel,IWb Forjmeeage. apply at the ofllee of R. J. VAX DBW ATRR. El Water atreet, corner of llr-iad. where plan ef eahine aad ttate rwoae ran be teen. No might taken. An oaperieneed Surgeon on hoard IN DErRN DF.NT LINE TO ( HAORRS DIRE r t X B thrungli tirkete te California, at the lowee* redneed ratoa ' ? fare.?The new (adept-mild .learner BROTHER JOXA THAN. 1,Bki tone regiater. having proved hereelf eaa ef the faetrnt reeoele la tha world, wilt t eitively eail fun pier 1 N R., at precimly IP. II . on M.ndnr theRKh of Bay Thie rteamer haa keen toaafrweted with a vltw to atrength and epeed; haa aoet egeellcnt venlilatioa and nuperior aeoom Bodotina*. and wBi h. aupplied wl?h provtetnaa in a a >*t li bera! manner; wtUi w portal ear* for the eoafort of paea-u grrr. and I* furwiahed with an Iron vaatt, for the aaf? trana portation of apecta. bullion, and other valuable*. uithout eharge for lem than ?l.i?" Alao, an egperleaeed eury-na, wheat mreieee art free ef cvpenee. Arr?**?m'att having been Bade with Meeer* /.aehrleeon. Seleon h Co.. of Teaema. far the eala of tiekela ?a the PaclAe In tho etaem -r UNION, aad ofber independent eteamer*. the pwhlle are pretteted againet high price*, aad provided with aa oppoei ttoa to the ealy throng* Una. I'or freight er paeeag*. apply te B. MILI.S. M Coartunit atreet. L^'RSAN t RAXl'ISCO?DE*FATI H I.IXB.-WE B?4I m f* call attention to the new and elegant New Torh hnllt ellpiwr ahip F. AO I.E. at pier Ar* Sorili River. The hulldera of tr.le eplepdid-hip were directed to eowetriet the favteet vernal la tb* Catted State*, and eh# haa heon pwmouneed hy ?hoa* who** lodgement It entitled to credit, ae noemeeing everv reqwiaite t* rneare thle object. Freight will be taken at very lew rate*, for a few data. ,, A B. B. SUTTON k CO . *4 Wall atreet. WANDV HOOK. IATII MAT. ISBI.-OX HOARD HARK ?v lltlloaa. Captain Uharlat Tfc >mp*en, from Hriatol. ?We, the underetgned. par-eager* on hoard the Hritiali hark B-l lean, take pletewr* lu bearftt teatlmony te the gwatl*m?nly eeadeet aad able eeamnnebip ditplnred by C?pt. Thornp?vn. en owr recent rcvn?e from llrotol to Nee rerh. tad wevld rartlewlartp reeommend the Bellon* and her gal Inn t eap Uln to theae wlehlagto take pnarnge to ABertea. Sun* I ?on behalf af tb* peeeeut*r??-J#ve# Stephene. Willivtl Evawe. William J-an, David Jone*. Ilearp Vagg. Weary Dean, Oeorgc Rrraer, J?hn Ffinklla, ( Itir'eq Hfei, Beerqq Cany. fee. 'INTERESTING FROM' f VROPC* arr:v:*l of the franklin. V yvw v- . ? ,VS -v.. F O U It r> ays LATER. Tilt Complete Surcens J)f the luMirrrrtioii in Portugal, and the J'lislit of Ttaomar. TIIH FOIRTH OF Mil IN FRAME. ANOTHER MI.1IMKRIAL (RIMS JN ENGLAND. M D V A N C E IN (() TT <> R . Improvement in Breadstsffe. OVX KlROFKAN CORIlFSrOKOKXUB, lic., be., fto. The- United States jaail steamship Franklin, C'Mpt. j. A. Weotton, arrived at tlii?p?rt at half past sin o'clock yesterday morning. She lyings onr one hundred passenger*, and im excellent fre.glit of general merchandise, principally flour France. The I'tanklin left Havre on the <>th of May, and (.'owe* IJoad.- at half-pust 4 P. M., on tin 7th ? she has, thmfurc, made tho run from England in eleven da and fourteen hours-. The American mail steamer Washington, Capt. G. W. Iloyd, from this port, ariived off Cowes on the 3d last ant, in thirteen lajs and eight hours, and, after landing mails and passengers, proceeded 011 her voyage to Bremea. The royal mail steamship Africa, reachod tho Mersey an the 4th instant, after a run of teu days, thirteen hours and forty-firs minutes. We liAve receired, by the Franklin, files of Lon don and 1'aris journals to the latest dates, together without usual corrcsponlance front various parts of Europe. Wo urc also in possession of tho Loudon Times of theTlh instant, received at Southampton by sj>e?ial express for this steamer. The news is of J four days later datu than that brought by tho Cain hi i? to Boston. Our thanks are die to Mr. W. W. llincken, tho I gentlemanly purser of the Franklin, for the prompt delivery of our despatches. The news by the Africa and Washington gave sonic stability ta the Liverpool cotton market, and on the 5th of May five thousand bales wero soft at prices nearly one-eighth of a penny above those obtained at our prev ious dates. On the (ith, tho sales amounted to four thousand hales, with rather lei* offering, at the improved quotations. The Havre cotton market, on tho hth, was dull? sales, 5UU bales, with prices rather more regular. The weather in England was cold and unfavora ble, and resembled March and February rather than the blythe and merry month of May. Tho corn market, at Marklane, in conseqaenoe, was steady, at the previous rates. Flour was firmly held, while floating cargoes cf foreign wheat an 1 Indian corn were eagerly inquired for. The accounts of the state of trade in the pro vinces describe, in most cases, a further depression. At Manchester, however, there were signs that if confidence could be felt as to the reaction in cotton having reached its lowest point, au active foreign demand might speedily be anticipated. Reports froin Rotterdam And Amsterdam pro luce maikcts allude to business being rather better. Letter* from Hamburg and Autwcrp also speak of increased activity. The English funds were inactive and prioes un changed, Consols f< r money being quoted !h?.j to ith 2-5. Exchequer bills, to 52 premium. American Six per Cents were quoted at Ham burg, on the 3d instant, at 10b] a 1W>|; Mary land, 85. The return* of the Board of Trade for the month ending the tilh May presented very favorable re sults. The defeat of tho British ministry on the scond of May, on the <|ue*tion of renewing the income tax for ono year only, instead of three years, had not led to the resignation of Lord John llussell aadhi* colleagues. In the House of Commocs, on the 5th instant, Lord John Itusscll stat.d the course tho government proposed to take with regard to the adverse vote of the llouse. His Lordship, there fore, announced that the cabinet would oonsent to a full and free inquiry into the principle upon wbijh direct taxation should be imposed upon lb.- property of the country. Thisstatemout gave grout satis faction, because the public saw, in the appointment of a committee for this purpose, the Out stop to wards a removal of the income tax, or, at all events, to a more fair and equitable method of levy ing it upon incomes of u tleeting and precarious na ture- By the LoWcii Tu hi of the 7th, wo ob serve that the ministry had suiered a fresh defeat on the previous evening, but ?tUI cli.ig to office with provctbial tenacity The Gicat Inhibition appears to be trium phantly NMOcssfnl. On the 3d May the Queen and Prince Albert paid a private visit to the building and remained for two hours, during whieh time they were engaged in examining the display of jewelry, and gold, and silversmiths' work i >uring the two days that the price of u Imisiion was ill each, the amount taken daily was be! we jr. fi.'-Kl aud #2.' *>. The demand for nmm tickets still continued, ai d several hundred of these ticket* at ?3 8s. en. h wire *o! 1 daily On Men lay, the 5th intact, tb price oi admission fell to Ave shillings, srd in con- qucnce, the receipts at the doors, on that day. rti-s to nearly glJJiK)?upwards of person* havi g paid for aomlttanm. Th il -access of the> >ilion, therefore, promises t > l? ? as great a> Its warm " ' supporters c >uld desire, and hopes were entertained that not only would th> whole urdertak.rg pay, but that after the din **aot charge of every liability, tho ( rystal Palace would remain an acceptable present to tho country ftr whatever useful pubis purposes its peculiar ?v>a strnetion qualities it to Dhfll. The London Tim.-i states that bith -rto ths unpropitioua ktato of the weather had bad a poWsrfkl influence ku chocking the influx of visiters to the Metropolis; but as rain, bail, snd raw cold winds will, doubtless, soon girs way before the approaching footsteps of summer, all the wot! 1 will then be hurrying to Hyde Para, to throng the Immense avenues of the Industrial Conservatory. The latest official return of packa ges received a' the bull ling give the total number ot foreign packages at 9,Ng, of which list were from the ! nitcd (Hates. Fliers were, beside*. 1. M packages from the British colonics. "" " 'ha' 1 he different juries had commenced thsir labors ami attention was being directed to the arrsags ments for a prop, r ceremony of a brilliant ehara*? ter, at the distribution of prises It wa* hoped the Quern Would he presort. CHlier subject*, also, w ?re beginning to < ngrom attention. A grand en tertainment wa? talked of, to he given by the 1mm committees to ths comiuimiom>rs of foreign powers; and a banquet, on a still grander seals, was onntom plated, at whf !t the English eahibitors wars to act as hosts, ami the contributor* from abroad as guests. On the tith ot May. upwards of was taken at the doors of the Esiiibitlon. and the interest regarding it seemed to be on the inersuss. There is important intslligeneo from Portugal. The British marl *te?mpahip Montrose arrived at .vouthnmptou, on the Ith Instant, with MoountS from Li -n?n of the 2Pth, and Oporto of tho #?th ult., snnour.iirg tb i com plots saeoessuf tho mili tn v insurrection of M >r?b?l riul l vnha. and the flight of the fount de Thotnar Our account* fr< m Paris are to tho 6th in?Unt The /<<? o| the 4th ot May, the Anniversary of tin Promulgation o'. Ih-j TepoPo, passed off with the ntmcrt tranquility. No aecMMt whatortr oeeW* rrd, aithotMli iu't crowd of spectators was ita tisnse Inwards Mght, a J luge ot rain do*oen.l<?d. t tho rlioct of too i!inmi>.ation and Whkh ipoilt . tun id tiic Aroijuk* vu tin Pluce do IdC?u?v|4w to be a failure. The intended Bonapartlst banquetf in the suburbs, wan prohibited by the authentic. 'J lie French funds Lad improved a little, bat no piogre.-s had been made toward* a solution of the I diffieult and intricate questions now agitating j France, regiudirg a revision of the ccnsrtifution aua i a pioli-ngation of the presidential term' Of Louis I Napoleon. Aiiiircf from Berlin, under date of 3d of May, state that the King of Prussia hud left the capital r for Fchwerin. The Prime Ministers of Prussia ami Austria were to be present at the conclusion of the i Lin-den ccrrferenfts and summonses had been a< nt to the fiiiojf, who were absent from Dresden, to return there for a final sitting. The general re | suit of the debates ?.? the press raws, going forward in the Second I 'lumber, promised the restoration o4 of the pro rla Ion 8 of the Upper Ho one, which wiil render them equal to the most despotic press laws in l-.iiiope. The accounts frr m.Madrid are to the first of May. A Cm list conspiracy Lad been discovered in Catw | Ionia. N ven persona were arrested, but on their i way to prison were btnially shot by the soldiers, I OH the | lea of attempting to estape. ' Athitca fiom Vienna mention that a note had been foiwarded to Constantinople, in which tb? detention of fourteen of the Hungarian fugitive was demanded for two yr.ars longer. Austria tjf fcioii to bear the expenses of their maintenance Telegraphic news lioui Tuscany .?vtate that ths woik of reaction was in fiei swing in that >stato. A tiiand 1'ural ordinance bad been h.fued, ear powering the police to place all nersonsr suspected of an intention to disturb the public peace; under* surveillance, and even to deprive them of their liberty for the apace of a year, H'ncce.?sai*y. Tho proclatnation contains other and equally despotic decrees. Our Parte t'orrccponOwiice. I'OLITVCAI. MATTPKRS. P Alt is, May 1, 1SI. Politics?tUvuatm of tlie C m^titutionr? Leui > Nar jKjlftK?Chanqarmrr?Bonujiarle Claims? llfis rat's Claim?Anniversary of May Fourth?71u Cabinet? Hpuns?Italy-?'iVoops in Verona ? Eu tijtan Couqress?Tht Hungarian Jte/'ugeo?? H'ar ttithe Caucasuf^e. Politics arc very dull at this moment; and if wo had not every morning the opinions of the newspa pers to revive the pablie excitement, one would be lieve that all parties are quiet, and on the qui eta# for something else, without employing any other means but intrigue. Unfortunately, the Par islam press plays the part of a pair of bello vs, blowing &H the time on the burning wood, to rouder the coula graliop more tetrible, if possible. The re-opening of the Legislative Aas.vrably, which took place on Thursday last, offered a very unexpected series of peaceful meetings, during which uo affair of much iuterett was discussed. Alj the votes have been on matters connected with rail ways or agriculture, the adjunislration of depart ments, regulations of all kind, ami laws for the gen eral wtlfare. It seems, at this moment, that the elo quence of our orators, the lungs of uir fctatesiooo, arc at rest, taking a noiossary repose ia order to p< jtess all the strength w hich will bo required ia * fortnight, when the long-announced proposition far the revision of the constitution wiil be produced. This will be, in fact, tue gordiau knot. But who wiil cut ill Who will dare to take upon his owa shouldet* Ibe power to decide upon a matter of sueh bigb hi torest7 1 feel persuaded, from all that I Lear, that the debate will bo ** dosperal* as is anticipated We shall .-ec. While all this tlufu quo holdi, the partisans of Louie Napol,. n aie doing all in their power to so lute votes 111 lav or of the revision of the conatitu ti< n. One of .he uiitt important atepa taken by the Kly>itn , la that of Mo 11a le i'vraigny, who is weB 1 nown in the p diticalcircles as,the a'lcrcgo of 1 .ouia Napoleon. It appcua that either w th toe pcrmie liou of the Prt -.dent, or by hia owu intention, he called a few days ago on General Chungar nitr, who, since the withdrawal of his com mand of the troops in i'ariv, dwella in a mi.all apartment in the faubourg de Honor*. 'I be i Mimes of the (rid soldier, who kaaw well hf their friet d the result aud dutai's of that interview, hare rendered public all the particulars of the oon vmatioo wkicfi t xik place between the two statce im n " llow unfortunate," said Mi de t'ersigny ta the General, "that auch a great pi vou are should be obliged to dwell in auch a simple house!" '?It appears, answered the" < lencral, with much wit, ??that it waa necessary for mypotitiml ene mies to aee me in a small place, to make tbupi uader statid that i uni a gteat m*u." ?? linay say," re plied M de Pcrs'gtijr, "that it fa mush te be ugrettc.i that the men of intellect hare not undnr atocd the <t< of the election of tho tenth of Do Ccmber. lw. It they had shouldered the Presi dent, there wa- away to create a i cry great and durable empire " And then he continued, wishing to convince the < leoeral that he ought to aacriiiee the rcaentment Le felt against Loins sanoleen fur bavirg tunied him out of hta command, on the "altar of the Country j" that Frame waa in faror af the solution : and that General Ghongarnwr ought to rank on the a de of Fraaoo, The uobl# soldier answered to the emitsary ot the Prince, that has sweri w.ia ready to protect France find the National Ami nihl>, to tiie sen tec of which it ouly belonged. But M. de IVraigny huio.g replied that the As sembly had keen humbled, and waa to remain so, Gtiaral Chaugainkr told bnu that he could not bear him any b rgor, and tbuy separated without i xi banging further wo ds This, 1 may say, is a defeat, an nhtr, received by the Ltysre, nod it ianot considered a very g' 1 d omen firths prosfieeta af Louis Napoleon, m the revision of the uwuetitatiem at i the pi or ogation of powers. i'efore this grand attair will take place, the Bo cat into f?u.% predate a Fug bid against the ptiblio treasury, which, il considered due to the I irties. would augment a great deal the French debt It appear., that .drome Fonaparte, the actual Governor of the Invalid?*, has thought tweper to claim a sum < f 345,488 francs, being the amount ot money owed to him for his talary as General eC 1'iigaJ" since lHI5, from the battle of Waterloo uM r.oW; though it is whispered by all tho political moa that this demand will be withdrawn. 1 do nob think it probable, for 1 understand, from a rchablo e sr. . tiia; tic re ta another bill ready to In* pre sented by the l'rciidvnt himself, which will he ia favor of a payment of franc* a year, sinoo H13, boirg duo to him for his rank of Grand Cor don i.t the Leg.on of Honor. And last,not the lonet, M Lucicn Marat, the ex-American oitixoa, now a French l'-lnce of the R. public, wishes to be ro ster, 1 to th, pi nriet r hip *f the falaoei Of tho I lyeoe, N?uillv. the livery stable* ot Artois, and of the ruiu oi ?V> Ot) frai ( a year, accumulated a.n? WM 11 r w I t..s claim is founded apoa tho Inker tai v >1 his father, Joachim Marat, to whom Nap no Ic >rai i had given all this rich inooae. I in indun d ta b? liev ? that all these rstr >-pe*tiv, c!?'tn? will rec ivo a negative answer at the Na tional Assembly. The ar rui cisary of tho Ith of May is very near, ard many preparations of all sorts are made, ta celebrate that day in a gorgeous style All tho 1'aridan tress kiw publishes! a sort of manifest, whi.h was prcti ? d d, by the Klyaiau papers M having been written by the socialists, with the ob ject ot calling their associates to anas, in order to create a r w, and then t<> make, if possible, a revolution on the oecasi >n of that gals day. 1 havo very carefhily read that provocation, and I may say with much ? mfidence, that it was never writ ten by the leading men of the party. They are, indeed, too cunning to commit themselves in that war. More atU1-Tarn induced to believe that thia incendiary pamphlet is the work of thegovsrnaeoat, whoso Intention was to And on occasion to revive the war against the party. As far as to-day, thio pre vocation. Instead of reviving the dispute, ban had the contrary effect, and all the newspaaore which are In favor of the repuhlie, have published long article*,requesting m<>*i earnestly,their friaodo to keep quiet, ami not to try a fooli'h experiment, which would turn against them. Therefore, 1 ana convinced that no iiiOti will take place on the 4th of May The festival will be. as usual, gorgeous, splendid?without any equal la the worll??u| as peaceable as ever. Ua th* other side, it is said that the IMmntriMm will asot ruble on the 5th Instant, on the occasion of the death of Napoleon th* (Jteat, after the oere mony which will take place on Monday next, at tho InvalidoH, at which Louis Napoleon will be present. According to aiv reports, a grand dinner party wil take place in the grand sMMI of the Marichaux, ir the Tuileries Mneh champagne has been already sent to the palace. *nd no doubt it wlu bo diaak with the honors. More anon Disunion is said to exist already in the ranks o the new ralni'trr M. Leon . aucher and M Pareebe have had a quarrrl on the subject of Gea. Hautpoul, and the bra* has threatened his onl? Icag'ic t*i abandou the Mtotstry <>t he latoGoc, i he .1 1 r.<t sign with h'tu the on -un rfff* -?d upon the eaGoveruvr vl A g ets M. Jctiockc *41 ua