Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 20, 1851, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 20, 1851 Page 4
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than JiAiiug week *wd 'he prlee was fi-ni-r Th ? beet m?aliit* cats eunttoiM very aear ???. hb-1 :utn.iu 1 I 2? lid I>er 461bs. which ie Id. per bu>l? 1 J"irrr tii m | bwt Tue-day kc-o iiwpr ivml M t N. p r 24011 - Barley; bean* and p-as unit* ?upp' rted lato quotation!. U*? Hipit May 6.?The ?dvu( {com tli- I'u t?| f*t litre by tlie Africa which V?tXt New York ?rr ' ull *ud arrived at Liverpool on -iuud iy in >ruing. J1''''', adn lm? in the price of cotton in tint city ot ?>"" 1 to three-eighth cent per pound in the week en hn,; vp.u 22d under the influence of the tint i'",'' "'"' ,r'" Bug laid per Fact tie to the ftth ult J be Mob 1-?u d Be eanuah markete are reported ?? without chang , - 'tarie-tou and New '-rli ans a de, 1 ne o oncha* to five eighth cent per ,H.uud w anuouuc ^ It wi ?.a. hive "a" relerat. d the deeliue in the Liverpool oiyket whitli ii regardedas emential to restore the confiieme Zr bu vers Under thi- impreeuoo our market J the- u. ruing with a rather tinker feeling and hop * warn me.ner.illv eutertained that n large auiouul of Latinos* , would he transacted. These e*P' etationa, how.v.r, | were fonsidefnMy damped ubuut iwon by the report of a wer> dull market at Liverpool, au 1 th-' 19 'Unt of b'lal BMt done ha* coneeqnenlly h-en very am01, bu. in ( change ha* tak. a place in price* The accounts oy the Africa confirm the previous estimate ot the cotton crop? n unelv 2.300.08# bales, the total erop already known of , wt? 'J 108.612 belts, with 10 weeks of th ? ? a> <n yet I unexpired The wealher had latterly been v -ry (tOTTiy and unsuitable, which had prevented cotton luting in , many cctions. The cotton oca-nut U's/'n at LiverplM on the 1st mat ?hews the total ?" tajU stock in that port tc be 627 POO hale* It was estimated at W&MO bsie*. tdiowing a difference of Xi.iMO bales. NEW YORK HERALD. JAMESOORUONBINTBTT, PROPRIETOR AND EDITOR. OF! ll E N. W. CORNER OP PULTON AND NASSAU STS. THE DAILY HERALD, 2 cents per copy?$7 per ?MMim. THE IYEEK T.Y HERALD, every Saturday, at B'? *??' V r rtjry, or S3 per annum; the European Edition #4 7" ' unwwm, .'o tety part oj' Great Britain, and $5 to any mere! of 'tie Continent, hath to include the poetisge, V OLVSTAR Y CORRESPONDENCE, containing important new:, solicited Jrom any quarter of the world; if uied. will be liberally paid for. Don roamon Onaans NSKXTI ASK PA KTIOCURI.V R Ket VESTED TJ SEAL ALL Barrens Ave Face aoes sent to os ALL LETTERS by mail, for Subscriptions, or iri!h Mds :rrtisrUents. to be post-paid, or the postage will be it duct-df rem th? mom y remitted. NO NOTICE taken of anonymous communications. We d>: mat return those rejected. AI>l'E R TIS E MEN'I's ri iu wed every morning, JOt5 RHINTING titrated with neatness, cheapness, Ossd despatch. Tstnme XVI No. 139 AMUSEMENTS THIS EVEN IN (J. BOWERY THEATRE, Bowery?Walter Tvhrell? Bausiees, ?ROADWAY THEATRE, Broadway?Boca* Diaxord Vetsrva NIBLO'S GARDEN, Broadway?Gaav or a thee White head I (EST Nu.Hr. BURTON'S TDr.ATRE, Chambers street?Skeioi'S Ka sulv?Uichiloi s Toehentv. NATIONAL TI1EATRE, Chati.xm itrcct-Dawio ash Yathio?Thai, a a a. BROUGHAM S LTCEI M Broadway-Del cate Gnoc.vo ?Scmool son Scas i.el -Don Giovanni. CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS, Mechanics' Hall, ?72 Broadway liaieuA* PILLOWS' MINSTRELS, Fellows' Musical Hall, No. 4M Broadwiy? kntriEiA*, AMERICAN MUSEUM?Arisuvo PK*ro?w?*e*? Ar wnanoon ano Evajrino. DOUBLE SHEET New York, I'ti?-sdny. May 40, UBIa Latest 6'ewi by Telegraph. Reports of the movements of tlic President and his cabinet will be found in our column*. The telegraphic report of Mr. Webster's speech at Duuk,rk, which we published on cimduy, was ne ?nsenrily made very brief; but we have received from our own reporter!1 a full one, which -!?ow< thu' this effort is much im re important thau was at first ?apposed. Mr Web ter has spoken on several pnints of very great public interest, and we com ?nend what he -aid to the attention of our reader-. Mr. Webster will speak again to-day at Buffalo. It will he noticed under the telegraphic head from Bwetoi . that the charges of Judge Allen against Mr Webster have again been the subject of com ment, it we may judge by the fact that Mr. Frank lin 11a . en has written a letter on the subject, in which he denies that Mr. Wabster ever wrote to buu with jespect to remuneration, as was alleged by Judg Allen, last winter The Mexicans, it appears, have made another **mistake,'* Bad i.rcdon Americans Bear the Rio Grand * As we have recently aaid, there teem' to be trouble gathering for our Mexl .-aa ncighbrrs, Bud a few more mistakes will lead to important rc ?ulis. Our ether telegraphic reports of domestic news embrace subjects of interest in Boston, fbalcm, and Kiu-tc ni, where the Virginia Convention have eonvurrtd, m the decision of the Committee -?f th Whole, on the basis question. Arrival of tlic I'rmikllti?1'lic l'.tuo|n-uii Ktwii The steamship Franklin, from Havre bjr the way ?f outbaiupton, whence she bring* tiles of Loudon Dewspapers to.lbe eeienth iust , arrived at thu port yesUruay morning, Luv ing made a ihort pa--age. The new* contained in our column* will be found quite interesting CoUou na* advanced, au 1 sales bad improved The ministry have now been defeated four timer, but fliil tenaciously hold office. It ahomd be onderatfeod, however, that Lord JuUa Kusacll doc* a?t consider there reveral defeat* of such a character a* to call upon the minirtrjr to re sign again, a* the 'juestions upon wbn.-b thejr have bun defeated, if out more brought up, would reamt a* the first one did, in giving eventually a majority for the ministry. The 1* remier contends tba*. the ministry ^uive a perfect right to revue their opinions and to modify their proposition* oa questions pertaining to ?uai,ce. The philosophy of these i ate* against the government if contained >u the ia< l that llu-re La.- been a coalition of tin. liberal* and const! vativei 1 he ucC'. i of the Duke dc Saldanh.t in I' Tt'igal has been complete He ha b en <alnd by tuo t^meri Dona Alalia Ji. to form a uew mm ry. 1 his as bo new business to bim, for he was at the bead of the cabinet* of the -utecuth of itceui > r, 1M", of the twenty-ninth ot ..larch, l-H, and ol the tL.itietk of January, lotf. Costa-fj .al. the Lonnt of Thuxar, bs'caiuc pre?i Jent ??t' the m u h-Wy, in the place of ."mldauha. -a the ti etc v'a ef Ju>y, 1'id, and btTd it, uulil driven t>y i halUsi.ha insurrection to make (ft- e*c ?t. u the enntry 'i he purpose of the Said* > >a jarty i t? 'ain tb. yucca and the cb irt r egan -t the wrruj tiotu alleged to nave be- u etw. ing f?>r s?'to" time in the eabiuct; and the *ol iu>rs and inhabittnts who have made the warlike de monstration against the iate government are ana ou* tor liberal iuiers,*ucb a* biea*vd the people wader the J.nif r?r Don l'edro IV, it is >|Uite ?iid< nt that the I hike de f*aiu'a.iba hasnrwthe ?Mire charge of forming a new government, and tie ?etm# to be ld< heed on ail ides by tb?- people. For the <i 'lance of tao league* from the city of < 'porto, wfcieh lie m i ri d amidst demonstration* of (rent Joy. tbe road wa. thronged with people, and the whole ^opwlai ? n wilesuicd hi? ?pp>-trance in tbe ??iiy 1 i\*i p-"t.ability is that I' ltugil will now buvc # h'4'tr tontti'Til. WobJ.r?'K Fait twm;Wiro>,.f The nun* r??t letter writers *k? nave gone 1 >rth from th United Mate#, to visit the World * Fair at Lou don, ate beginning to hll lae columns of the me* tr'jolr.aii and pioiftinal j'-ura tl w i. tbi r lu i braHon*. 1 hu# fur, we have La.d?. w ??ii .? . klU-r hiiltru by any of tin _ con <p *kn s one vf ihetiia wor*ii rtndi .g. .* u ?? ?d b??r .nil- J' I ieia v. f.vii L?. ?..pi* its ye hits *f tk? vstkd ka'li iiiM fifty > ?;? ,?r"l ' ?* ?Iuiuli ot a aew'paper. c Thf 1 t;* h kmim. Movements Tiikohouout I n i C< ia'iev ?'1 be movements throughout the country, toward* the n> xt Presidency, begin to be more ? usily understood ihau for some tiin ? past. The principles involved in the content between the two old purtie- whig-and d< uioerati?tend to di minish the pawer of both with the people, from the fact thai they plant themselves upon the same issue the -uj port of the compromise measures, and puiticulurly the Fugitive Slave law. The ei'-urfion of the Presidential candidates of the whig party to the western i>ortion of this Stale, over the Iirio llailroad,has brought to light the fact that Mr Fillmore ;eetns uot to bo the thoice of bis party. Mr. Webster, in this move ment, seems to be the victor; and the oontest fvr in initiation will most likely be between him and (lenerul Scott?the latter standing upon the plat form of a great military chieftain, and the other upon the platform of high intellect and exalted j Statesmanship. In this atrugjp* ;'ueri js 4 Jeal ) t)f doubt which Oj tht?!e quaUfitationi will prevail in '.'u6 fo?i* otitic n. The election of General 1 larrison ir. 1S-MJ. and that of1 '>eneral Taylor in 1> 18, followed by disaffection and discord, tnay ha\e^tlie effoct to turn a large poition of the whig pasty against the nomination of a military chieftain?-the two former experiments having resulted M unfortunately to that party. But yet no one cu-n calculate on the folly or wisdom of a convention which is generally governed by the worst motives and influences.' Against General Scott there is an objection urged by a portion of his own party, and one which will have a powerful influence in those States which hold and claim a strict adherence to the compro mise measures. In the West, South, aud Southwest, it will be impossible for GencraVScott tocommanl the support of the whig party, though he were nominated Ly a nutional convention, unless he pro elu m himself to be in favor of the ma ntenanee of the Fugitive Slave law, aud gives that measure his warm, thorough, consistent, and patriotic sup j port. The /.'uoville Journal and St. Louis R pub j Horn?the most prominent whig papers of the West ?have declared against* leu. Scott, unless he com plies with this requirement; and Cel. Humphrey Mai-hall, whose letter we publish elsewhere, op poses Lis nomination, on the ground that those ' most forward in heralding the claims of that can : didate have been the most conspicuous opjionents of" the Fugitive Slave law and other kindred mea sures. This alludes to the exertions of Seward ii Co., in -upport of Scott. General Scott's opin . ions are entirely unknown, except upon the n&live ; American question, ot which he is an avowed advo i eate. We see, also, that the tour of General Scott through the ."~outh and West, has added very little to his prospect ei' success, while that of Mr. Web ster at the North, where the opposite opinion pre vails, is marked by demon it rations of increasing popularity ; and the compliment of a public dinner is tendered him, before Mr. Fillmore, in Buffalo, the home of the latter gentleman. Indeed, throughout the North and Fait the reaction in favor of Mr. Webster ha* been very great, and in Yorktown, Virginia, his naiuc ha? already been proposed for the Presidency in 1S52. So much for tae wuigs. The democratic party, at this time, seems to have no particularly prominent candidate. Mr. Bu chanan Lus been proposed ip Georgia; but that is a small matter. General Cass, upon whose name the jcrt> Las heretofore rallied, seems to be little thought of, while Mr Douglas and General >am Houston divide the party upon their several claims. A short tunc mucc, the name of the former candi date wa.- for a while the watchword of a portion of the journal.- of thai party; hut now his name is s<aicily mentioned, except in his own Mate. Mr. 1'ought- was one of the Presidential excursion jtar ty now a: BuSalo, and his reception at the several j oints on the route has been, through oysters aud chain] ague, of the most cordial uud enthusiastic chaiaeUr. This intermingling of opposite panics and different sin J oysters, has, doubtless, iu a great inca urc, tended to cause the sudden return of Mr. Fillmore towards Washington. Mr. Fillinore is not blind to the preference which ha' been shewn ou-r hiiu to souie of those who accompany hiui and we should not be at all surprised if be goes to work in earnest to gain the race against his com petitor??if he can. We are afraid that he is already Tylerised. But there are other movement- calculated to em barraes the success of both the old parties, and com ate the contest. The whig" ani deiaocraU will h' 11 their national con*cations, the groat a ui tfwbi h will be to select surh candidate- as are pledged to th<- support <-[ thccompromiac measure*, thereby in u measure forfeiting the aid of the ultras of the North and of the s?outh. The North ern fn ? soil pur if *? ill hold th-ir couveutioi. and nominate a caudidate of their peculiar views; an I the secession party of the >outh, beginning with .Kouth Carolina, will m> doubt nominate a candi date of their peculiar views It is i robab'.e that a j <> rtii 11 of the I. v? soil party of the North will go with the whig party, aud a portion of the *oee??ioa party of the South will go with the democratic party, in their conventions; but the Urge body of both these parties will stand upon their owu choice, and divide the vote of the country with the old partie-. thereby hoping to throwr the election in the 11 use of itcpresentativci, waere each will make the best bargain it can for it* own. 'j his confusion in the political parties Ins been pailly biought about by the corrupt ystciuofeon v i ?iCons to < hose candidates lor the people, a sys tem at with the progress of the age and the intelligence of the peo| le. The whig party, in the nlectiou of candidate- by eswvemtl'in, both in l*M<# itnd Into, suierei greatly tu its proqreritv, and ther- exist- now a str ng ?iiejsltit n to ai olish the ijstein altogether, and to let the j?c ?; i-. th* a selves ehooic between the ? mdidates aspiring to th IVe -niti.ial chair. 'I he eon vent on system is a in u? str- us L n bug, and t >c sooner it i abolished the better it * il be for ali parties M m Pi \ i usei oi l t <i tsi'Li N? w 1 >n* J. i imaui-.w ? We publish, to day, the reply <f Mr Webb t?> the eard of lr >? ill is, tog ther with the at lick- winch Wiilts ? ms time age pub i W the quail.". of Webb as a dij naatiat; und. adru.-d to tin we gift the op,alone of the "t ie ny editor- on the riginal exposition of W? bl?, wti L has caused o much diseti"*i>n In the literary and small-talk world. These opinions ot t ,*? un osy prens are mass of " resp-ctaWe" t stl inoi v, i ini go v ry i ?r towards illwetratin: th. < ha i ? ,te. claimed Ij the "respectable juriwl'. The !*ut dsy j r??s contains usually a g.c?t deai of tru a, < mvej I lie ?i ry unique style, poewuar to that | oit on i f ' at "ic-ji .tabic' ne?* paper literature, aula Wibh -ay - he has never real the article wh.cii ** iiii!, write about hi? qualifications as a i. ni 'er to Ai??' a, now that ho fr 1" it in the /#< perhaps he wid enjoy fh ? 0| port unity ?'? f riled by our columns, i i d examine tliai iimn able d<' umiiif, Wiikh, il We pla e full reliance n the i mrtioi i f Webb, c- ild not hare been the too vocatii n for i ac r.g not on'y a s ri'.u- . barge a the do"i of U ?IH?, i it i u>. also, at the door of a qui . I -i?f y family- aim hwf one -whose peace iv iikeiy to '?? disturbed by if *?ib-b combs ant wh > bus- i .a?le the mother of t ?t family his ohief wi a|.<>a In the b It'c rereo'\f MWfcn.' 1 The I ondon i and ih-t Lon-oa M nt?z , /' t, at. 1 other i-'i.'b joarnsl* ,'vilt be able w?w to mm up tire f. rlta e! tit" i '"ho f?r year hive j ?a. i t > he 1 . ' g, ae- ?rl ng !?? ihair > w it aocowat, all the "i p<- s>ili,y of he pt? ftl ' . H ' . i:vd, probe My, U," tug P ( will i- iv he wi" gt .i ' 1 tin'g# that it hss ma i an crottows c*' -uati i.f the va'-'-ofe',a "re j' etsbi'ity" w. ieb tin l,owdt?i 1 ?> >? *. for Miiabsi i f yi are I as avoldi-d. ,-itln ( ? |; frrtweotsf ?eA.ft lota i/fswat S< ,i traal aews ei if Mtkki j ? r.ersiiy ? -1 tlttlf H'V frp#?--i-nt the atei.s ilii.'i.. nit./ The saerttU* ) ? g. ? i den and his friends, to a/rnre him, them, and every body els ?, tbo JUL./ fling Pott included, that it is quite po ntile for au honest, independent, uyJi feurless Journal to be misrepresented, when j4 surrounded by a number of journals, " res poeta ble'' by u sumption, " rejpceUillo'' irA their general -tupiditv, " respectable" in villqfying auy intelligent cotimporiity newspa|cr, Mnj "re spectable, in a word, in niO'^opoii/iiiig all that pertains to " respectability,"* particularly of that standard which they thems j|yes have set up as the svtii>'ttat boiiuni of joui"jalLstu. Hitherto, It must be confessed, toroign j ,/urnula uiay Lave found it difficult to discern tbe tr je nature of the '?respect abilityof the "respects.fcie" American press. The veil, however, is now 'withdrawn, and every morn ing's sun is dc.gucrreotjpiug these respectable journals unde'r the manipulations of the "respecta ble" journalists themselves. \Vb at strange dcvclope inents! What remarkable impressions are eou Veieihy tl>9 evidences furnished by these "xvj/oet. able" editors! The UtfBion Time* may now be fully satisfied, if it ever had any doubt, on the cha racter of the journals which for years, every now and then, have made spasmodic efforts to gain a "respectable" posit'u u in foreign countries. The drama which has been commenced in eluci dation of the mysteries of New York journalism, has only reached its first act. The scene now before the public is a curious one, in which the interlocutors anddramaii* //o wn/* present a very singular aspect Webb, like a gallant general on the field of battle dodging bullets, has received an assault in answer to his grand charge, which lias made him draw offlnS forces, and being placed in a dangerous position, ho has retreated behind a nia.-ked battery for relicc tion. liming taken thought, and wishing '.o carry on the bat'le in good military style, ho has pro posed to Brigadier General Morris to meet him with a white flag, and talk the whole matter over; and in case the warlike phrase should be tiresome, it would be well for the Brigadier General to infuse the interview with a lew amatory poems, or to re cite "Woodman, spore that tree." There is no need of any of the brilliant courage displayed by the Auicrh-an Korner, (as he Las been called by some of the cornered "respectable" journals)?at the Astor Place riots, and in the groat field of Heidelberg, it is rather too much, however, to expect that any military man will venture to " re port," for the purj/ose of putting himself into the same disagieeablepredicament in which Webbfluds himself at the present hour. 'There are now three ar mies in the field?the army of occu|<ation, the army of reserve, and the army of observation. We belong to the latter division, and it is not difficult to placo the others interested in the present conflict. The probability is, that no one will surrender, but a charge in position is quite likely; and it will re. quire no little skill on the part of thecombatants to finish this war in a style worthy of military heroism and glory. As matters now stand, however, we are fully impressed with the belief that the position op Webb is precisely liV' that of Santa Anna at the lattlc of Bucna V ista, who, after getting a gool many showers of cannou halls and bullets, ran up the white flag, or the white feather, and asked his opponent " What do you want T" .^uch is the state of the buttle to-day. To-rnor row's sun inuy put a more " respectable" face on the position of affairs; but there is so much smoke, atidsucitan ambition to increase the number of generals in the action, that we fear much contusion of a "respectable" kind is very likely to ensue, in which all the bellicose parties may be entirely lost I sight of. it Is not often that they attract much atten tion, except in their own " respectable" way. Mean time, we wait for the movement of Brigadier Gene ral George Tlantagenct Morns. We wait. March, General. Brooklyn City Intelligence. M > MERl'lELD MkTHoDlVT tl'IVorAt, CHURCH? LAY1.VO THK CORNER HTONE. The eortrr stone of the church beariug the above title was laid yesterday (Monday) afternoon. by the Ki t. l?r lloyd. in the pretence of a numerous and highly re lettable at-ciiillage of th< inhabitants of the neigh borbci d The site chCfeu and purchased for the pur posed > led an i- ou Washington avenue. near Ornen -tieet. in the midid of a rapidly improving part of Brookly u. '1 he t rgaaizaliot) of this church li entirely new having tie. ti formed under the sanotlon of the Her. l.alan Clark, presiding elder of Long Island in con t< rmity wit h other i huieht s of the -ame denomination 'hroivhoul the I nlted States, at the romtu' nri uii-nt of the present year, at the request of several inhabitants of the lorality. who found they laid no place of worship within convenient di-tanre Thi buildisg 1* to he u frame onc.wlth plain front fln'sb (4 With antlea and the dmu nri -ne thirty-tive and hlty fret depth The iteration including f mr feet of brickwork, twenty-three feet. The trustees have not yt t obtained full estimates of the post ; but It will exceed >4 HC of which upward- of one lialf ha- been sub-cr.le-d 'I in-? *erci?< - upon the occa-ion were conmeuced by Singing the Hid hjum ? To Thee in faith, this stone we lay ; To Thee, oh Uod. this temple ral*e '? After which, a prayer was offered by the R.-v Daniel Curry and s?nn parages of Scripture wer# read by the futuie pastor, the Hi v Chailcs Hetcber. who then pro ceed, d to read the records of the formation of the church, ftctn a I sick to l-e deposited williin the stone, and fn ui which we have extracted the above par ticulars This book, t"getl?>r with a copy of the I'll le o| the liymn honk as used liy this church, of the Discipline of the Chuirb the Idle i I ffuuiiu?rthdj. end of sum newspapers of the day. Ih lug placed ill a tin bt x and seeurid In ? cavity within the stone, the i i Distort ded to tin pot and taking (lie trowel ft< m tlie hatd of the mason, formally completed the < (station piouounciog as he did so - This corner stone 'fun editiee. to lie ralle'd the buuiun rfhdd Ifethodist I p'sc pal Church, is her- laid in the name of the lather, It'll end the Holy Obost 1 He then returned ton I latform en etcd on tin- lot in the rear and Jelitered an ..ddr< ?s in w I. i li be snid?Why was the building that :h< y pur|s i ti enct tailed Pnnunerflrld ' W h v,? It MlBrI and miei'-: ? n.-h r of tlie i eid Je n* Chiiat. tie |? ture of humility and I'tilbt.iss ai d lit* .uiptr- natiou of meekness, like that Disci] t< whose Christiau name he bore and who lesi 'd u| ? ti the t ?' m of otir Aavlour. and to whom <b)l*t in Ids last hour, Iwqueathed the rare of I beitav.d mother?the I wly and 1 .Ted -l"hn ? ti ? fervent f> dower?lh< self-denying, self -urriflrlng m.ulster tf Christ, and the admiration of listening ? nwd* In mem< ry of that d.part.d spirit, t died. as tm ii w<r- w ut to think l'?> soon away t . ni the rlmreU r 'ant I" the eburch triumphant they purp<ssp t ? die tii.giiish the ? dif ce they wi re about to ra'seiu hi? name Iii.i in t to gii nfy Kummetfcd did they purpose to build a falsinati< l.e re? tin- thought would cause a Mush i I n his t hei k ?ven In the midst of his bli?s. No, but t< a?' r-fy II ni to whom fsumrnerfi. id *?? indebted fur ui. li d.d?toll.m lafofe wli fi-et he r??t his crown 'I n ny tar-?the everlasting I Aiu ?the fir*l and la-1?to him and to bis g.nry had thvt stone been laid ' *: ? ? ri per designation to giv. to thi< bou ? f .rl.. trusted the p. r u.iar ti trio - which Sltuiuc [ield (fv?< hid Wt II d be echoed within tb' se Wall-when the |i< stint- si I bear rs tf the present h ur were r< 11 to nut that dirWwn up. .i whii h their it tsl fit. rssttd Tb r wire i. t about to any l.l.?''i.t rr li silk w|ett t"WHid? any < the r rrlif > >n that nbotitded in thetr mut t The ra lu ll. ' f the vet.- us Sis !s to--Irequr ntly "Ui? I t > forgot Hi.ttliel '(nl breathed put re aid e .-d wiil to mr-n II ? tiu-tid'hr (lay ts uld eornc when all would say in tor ? ? cf mel< oy I'M are ail oca in ("Uri?t Jeews." It wi - mt titLir f r the au^im o ium ul cf the sect that tV y wire si ? ut to er-1 th - id. True it was J i. Afelhtet't ? ?. titg b use and loth' - honest eon ? r ; s.i ? il.. y ti Hi r< d t< > ni n it y trlt ? s of liisd'r peopi' Huttfrh' i h.if.bjut wire t. gl"fify M th li?m he would life le t U an to stnrd ti ll, this day Their obj?rt w i at her I" ss. k f.rst tb- g. ry of i( t, to saee th i ' tii n .ni the stuntr to make men tielter. and we'd lbs triirn>| t ? it lie t i'?i| i ?l iinisr sTrry bsnsaad living Uod. i in ?! In .11 aven fftich with wl, ril tl.ii house w? fi m I ley and -eetarinn b* Id out t ho olive brnnel) of the term 'etrd'tn; but led the i|U" ? ? i that a men ' h imd f?r ii ii i ur Loril forbid hid u' r o i s* ts ss i.,i j . mil (j , |,| I,,, name and -pi s 1 11 ii. f ii. ?. >i i ha tlist i i) t on i u- Is on our am ist to t he id all lie would n the nam- of W erw in.iers to bjs?r t Was ared not whst e iigb< hnng he WOtM give g Oi-d that he .grid Tb" d 1 I'tsjtT and !? lit .-iii i- in u... ftci*. euho fffnilt'f tffsln, ?it tsalelds PI,,. Mu if fd i J* J' f'PtnSt i s .' i-s'O niel f ori tJiensa I t in >? e|.4eri s:<i| i tn le d r> ft gi* . bf tic lei"otit i.,, dss-e, has is?t?d in .DA I . rfs (Mi days ami l,v? I < .-noit t-v' ,ptys. * | ! ? Xt to It* s eha irvd. d het topaain t irt #?? t.uu - ?'V. 4 ih.- pott, snlllfi'' ?? 'nso ?n?! hi* I!?<??!>???<? NEW8 HY T fi L E G It A P l! . Hcvrmcnti bf the President ami Cabinet. THE DINNER TO WR. WElfTKtt, ETC. !ii ??.it.u, May 18- 1851. Mr. TT i tori If. with Mr. Iiull ?ut to ibe Falls this morning. ulvUlNlurtibi iglit. Mr. W. will s|Matk from ttoe FWpa Hcuh u. mw afternoon. The Mayer and leading eltlxein ?f cU parlies trod-.rhiw ft dinner, to testify thelr sen, e cflilr' ; ublie seivices tci the ccuutry. lie aaeepte in thr fellow log tiriua 1'hhm Hoi'u. Buffalo, May 18.1S51. Ounupni '"l bavo n coved your communication expressing a di sire of tendering to ma, without dia tiuctioi of party a tok.-nof respect for my public ser vices 1 expect to be in the city through Wednesday, and shell be at your disp< sul on that day. although I hope }? u will, as fur as may b", dispone with ccre iu"n>ous forma 1 eui. gentlemen. w'.'h -.tiro regard, your faithful friend, and tbligt d fellcw < ithicn, DAN'L WEBSTER. To the lion James 8. M ud worth, Mayor of llutfalo, Hod Albert Tr?<y <n.d ?.i r". Fletcher Webster in better, and proceed! to Albany by 1 like Ontario this ev< ning Messrs. FHlmore, Uraham, Crittenden and Hull I are to-morrow morning, stopping at Rocho-tcr. Syr:,cuse, &c., probably reaching New York on Thursday no ruiug Mr. Crittenden will probably proceed, without stop ping. and reach New York on Wednesday morning Main. Crittenden and Graham returned from the Falls thia morning in pretty good health; but Mr. Crittenden linni" " ? *"i ' is very hoiurc. The dinner to Mr. Webster will take place ut the W auxion House. HON. DANIEL. WEBSTER AT NIASARA FAILS, ETC. Nuonu Falls, May 19,1851. Mr. Webster has justarrivid, and gone to visit the Falls. There whs a greut crowd around the car when he left Buffalo. lie will return to buffalo Ibis evening. THE RETURN TO BUFFALO. Buffalo, May 19?P? M. Mr. Webster nturned from the Falls this evening, an<i Mr Fillmore has also returned from his father's resi dence Mr. F. leaves to-morrow, aud will speak ut Bata via aad Syracuse, lie will stay*at the latter place over night. homeward bound. Buffalo. May 19,1851. Mr. Fillmore is expected in Buffalo this afternoon. Secretary Uraham arrived this morning trom the Falls, acd Mr. Webster went there at nine o'clock. Mr. Web ster will deliver a public address here to-morrow after noon. The President will leave to morrow morning, if he arrives to day, and will show himself at Syracuse, Hi ehester. and p? rhops other places on the route. Mr. Webeter will hot leave till Thursday morning, lie has reeovt red his usual spirits. His son, Mr. Fletcher Web ster, leaves this afternoon for home. VISIT-OF THE TREMDE.NT TO ROCHESTER, ETC. K*ch icrrra, May 18.1851. The President has accepted the invitation of the City Council to visit this city on Tuesday next. It is ex pected that Mr. lVeb?ter will, at the same time, address the citizens, in compliance with the invitation tendered liim a few days since. Much enthusiasm Is felt in view

of the visit of the President, aud a great demonstration v ill be made THE PRESIDENT S VISIT TO EOSTON. Boston, May 19,1851. In the event of the Pre.-ldent visiting this City, the Legislature have appointed the following gentlemen a committee, to make arrangements for his reception:? Messrs. Russell. of Boston, and Keyes. of Dedham. on the part of tbe Senate; and Mts-r- Cu-hing. of Newbury, Waller, of Roxbury, J. M liarle. of Worcester. Setoon ler, oi Boston, and Uranuing. on tbe part of tbe House. Washington Item*. Washington. May 19. 1S51. The latest advices from San Francisco, received at the Department of tbe Interior, state that our Indian Com missioners, sustained by the United States and State troops, have succeeded to a greut extent in bringing tbe upptbetided difficulties with tbe Caiifornian Indian tribes to an .-.mice hie termination. Tbe Treasury Department lias paid already over two millions of dollitr* to tbe claimants against Mexico, and has nearly a million and a iju irter yet to p ly. Johannes Jueob I.udsig Hernch has b<en reeognised as the lice Consul of Sweden and Norway for Ban J ranclsco Mr Kennedy, tbe Superintendent of the CanntS. leaves here on Wednesday, for Europe, to examine the census operations there. Mr. Knach, tbe principal clerk, talis charge of the office until hia return. The Bank of the Old Dominion, Alexandria, chartered by the last Legislature of Virginia, will go into operation about Uie 1st of June. A large portion of the stock has been already laktn. to which aome New York capl taints Lave freely subscribed. The Charge of Nr. Allen agalnxt Daniel Webster. Boiton. May 19.1851. A letter from Franklin Haven appears in tbe Tian tcript to-nigbt, in which he implicitly dmies Judge Al* len s charges of corruption against the Hon. Danie Webster, in the matter of the >60 000 subscription. Mr Webster never wrote him any letter on the sulyect Of remuneration, nor were any banker*, or others interested mjtbt Mexican indemnities, concerned in that subscrip tion. The subscribers were chiefly retired bu?lne*s men. and Mr II believe* that Mr. htlntsr doe* not know, even at this day, who they were. Governor Hubbard** Meuagt, Ac> PoiTuno, Me . May 10?9 P.M. Governor Hubbard's to the Legislature of thin State, tii delivered this morning. Ue m ike* severe Complaint against Mawwhuwtt* for her illiberal piUcy in regard to her land claims in Maine ; and especially in rrfusing to aid in the construction of the Aroostook road' which pa?M k principally through territory claimed by her. Ue ?ay* that, should Massachusetts continue her present attitude, it will become with Maine a question of eerl< u- import, what mean* of redress shall be adopted to protect In iM'lf. There were eleven foreign arrlrals here on KrlJ'tg and Caturday with cargoes chlelly of molasses, swelling the Imports of this article, since the 1st of May, to nearly eight thousand fire hundred hogsheads. Gemot ralle Convent Ion In Salem. Bosros. May 19 1851. The democratic convention held in Palem to-day. to n> miuate a candidate for Congress from the second din trict. was attended by about two hundred delegates Nathaniel J. Lord, of Malem. was appointed President; and Ut t hum Hrooke. of Medford William llamm ii 1, of Marbblo sd. Bon Oeorge i >?born, of Danver* and Isaac Brown, of l.ynn. t ice Presidents A series of re-olutions weiapaisrd 'U-ta'nlrg a district organisation hi opposi tion lo the freoollers. The lion II J Brrwu. of ital- tn was t. uiiiiated for Congress The proceedings of the convi ution were carried on with much harmony and en Uuuiasm A Boy Cari ltd over Niagara Fall*. Nu'.ilt Fsli s. May 19, 1851 A bey two years 'Id. nam. d .lane Met I rath, was car ried over the tail- tbi- morning lie was pl.ying on ? ha rd at street's factory, on the Canada aid*. In cm pgay with an elder brother; their fither saw them, and cbided the elder on*. who ? uddrnly jumped off when the other wa< prieipHated in<" ih. -tres in lit arnn g >t Into tfce rapids, and tin- father hurried to rescu* lum. lot In viln?th- Imy vent over the fall' li eat con ti I nation and horror prevail-d In iveiy quarter, an I tin* distressing incident has cr< Mi d such an i xrii. on nt u < Id. in '.li*' ? fr-as snch a caw-- But few eaa*s of it. kind have autmed at Niagara Palis. Iti iiii from tin* Hotilh. IstriiMi, Msy 19. 1851. The .'nulhern mail I* through. The Rio Grand) v ??'.'-#/ >-sys that a party of Am?rl cans while or **-Utg th? river opp- Roma, to attend a liall. wi re In ?< on by some Mitxic i i s .Idler- and two ?to ladly WT.unded The Mexieans apologised tb* Bistab* Th* Camanthe frid'sn- lately killed four and wr ni .!? d si ten Ben. ri**r fin Patricio. Two daughters of Alderman It ma'- of New Orlenn'. will Lurnl to d'Sth by Hie is;l"->nn of a campblne lamp ami two otln ts were sborkingly but lit A I'tter in the f isannahin 'ays that many .'punish ifffcir*. soldiers, anil aealtliy pointer*, would t) I oi.y j in the invader* ??**?? ? In ( munition. ? icsiwowi May 19,1850 Th' n evntloo. to day.* eeurred In th* daemon id hi ?< of Ihn who', on th" I i?i* |Ue-*tion Hill. ?ore presented emlwactBg p; pwRlnns t' base the fe pre - "OtstMB it k hoe . * on* l.i fi Jeral number- and white p' jmh t n a! ti would give th- Rant and W?*t an equal number. Ti y were ordered to fa printed Tie cempvomlae I'safe. Nkhltew Mortnltfy nt New. Ni w 0*i t ui' May 10 MM. Tl.i ?.?ik BIsek F , wit. arrlred here on the 18th ln-t ft'm Rio Jai.eito report' th* 1 ?*? < f tise m *n by ye||..? fever anil ail hand- being*iek. th*j V? >rt* up f>r ilarha o'? r.ut ? i n*t m.ihor On arriving I ie. they Weri a.I well f Nolens at tbn M"i *t?The Ohio lllver, .wo Pit ism sum. May 19.1851. Two 1.aiix by ?hotel w. i* reported last Thurwluy 1ft ? etiiue wir. pa"s nail fr m N> * Orleans "i ',< ri?. t ; , f,v? feit ef wal"f lu lb" i bsnnel. and i* still ?'*,i?g Br*i?i? eonli'tin very bt Ms frr the season 8sl? of n Ntesiwer. Phi- so sights M*v 19.1*11 Th? *?? irn I'ensdcoot ?i?- "i.t.t gt ? .riiou at the ??Change lie mm ai'f j..t -58-> '? ? ' tn * l i?s fMh JUttftKtu liu?rtt? i#c^Ulature. Uo>TON, M?y 19, IH51 In cur I^i?|gtim. to-d-iy Iho Mil to abolish capital pttuitl mi nt r. .? riji isti'il?yea.1. IT, Ujy' 172. The propo siti, n to k move the ? > at at government troin boston has y.??h.v a the IJ< use t# a third fettling. Trt<x>itplilv Market Iteporie. Nsw Oat.rr.Ms. Msy 10?P. M. Ho ,ahs (I cotton, to-day. wcro 6 000 bales, at un charged pr rrt?wo quote middling at 6}jc. The ru ct*ii'n at all the Southern poiU ara now 240,000 hales ul.t ail i fltft y< or. Hio coffee lout declined to So. Alsawv, May 19,1651. The receipt* -ince onr I art have been?Flour, 10,00) Ibis; wheal. 4100 biihel- corn, 02.000 Im-huU. Flour In firmer with a fair hiine demand; including lot* fur export, ti.t* sales have been 2000 bids. irt 14 12 for atrc'-ht State; "ft a <4 12 for Miclilgau, and $4 41 n $4 f? fc r i ura (ii m are Wl?c#t is In fair demand for prime ? 20CO bushtle wtjji ie v.i re a 11 at U4o. Corn is in end request, at b-iiT'Pfi-v*?sole* 20,000 hq-h'-ls at t|) o. toe j< liens round, anil ><~v HT PllkVli ^T?tt9WL l>atsan ?k nly,w!tli sain of 4;002 bu-heh: at4'5.'jC. Buffalo May 19. 1851. 'Hie receipts :,( thin port .-iuce.Fat urd ,y, have been? Flour. 6,500 1?la.; wheat, 63 000 bushel*; corn 73.000 burl,i Ik Western flour ha* l?en hi fair demand. The market in without material change. 1.000 bbl- s''id *3 62 fur Michigan. Wheat is firm, with a guiil milling inquiry?the sales were 5,COO bush.iln .ihlo. at 60c:. Corn is in fair ri quart, with rah a ul bushel*. at 47c. for mixed Wistem. Uhio whiskey i* ttundy, at 21c. Freights are unchanged Baltimmik. May 19.1851. Our markets arc unchanged Howard street Hour is at $4 CI Sal us have hi en made of l.OuO bags Jtio coffee, at 9e. tu 9,"gC. City Iiitelllgciiie, A M> i am noi.v Si'irmr: uv takino Lauiiamum.?Coroner Get r yerti iday held an inquest, at No. 34 Essex street, on the body of Mr- Ilrown. nged twenty-three years, who came to her den li 1>T administering to herself a large quantity of laudanum for the purpose of destroying her own life, it appears, from the evidence before the Coro ner. that, on Saturday evening last. Mrs. Ilrown herself to the drug store |m.or,?cd An ennee of 'Aiil, ;Ui v11noil'. the knowledge of her DUMiiUd, and tlleu i,l'red to bed Soon alter, on the poisi n >*glunJiig to operate. ?die tol l her husband what she hud done Mr It row n, la-,- in ng greatly alarmed, haiuriedi-U ; r nudioal uui and u a short time, three doctors wiia iu ; cinii.uce. Tie stomach pump was applhd for the purpose < f cxtr t' v the poison, but so stroi gly did the deceased resist ii the attempts made to save In r life. that, in her rtrugg he broke the pump, llowtvir. the physicians did ?h- i utmost, but all to no avail as the unfortunate y urg ? man lingered until Bundiay afternoon, at.out three <? clock when she ex pired The deceased has left two iiildren, the youngest only five months old. It seems shu had been laboring under aderungid state of mind for ."unu time past. A verdict wns it udt r, U iu accordance with the above facts. Mom r.lKln flAI OF THK OSFKNWICH StHKCT FlHK.? lVe learn that Mr. Close's lose, in dry goods and made rh tiling, was about $6TQ0, insured tor $4.5t0. in the Jefferson nr.d Merchants' insurance companies; Mr. Eddy's loss r.beut $25,000, only partislly Insured ; Mr. Ferdinand's loss about $3,000, fully insured. W. If. Mills, who kipt a willow-basket manufactory in the under-ground story, had his itoe k insured for $1,000; his i lb cts ore very considerably damaged. It appears, by the stati mints of the foreman and under-foreinan of Fddy's estat listuuent, that there hud been uo tire used in the story win re the lire originated since Saturday after noon. there seems to he eon.- id, ruble mystery hanging ie origin if this fire. over the Km.atti?Quite an interesting boat race came off yesterday afternoon, from the Fulton ferry, between a skiff and the n!net< m foct working boat Liberty, rowed with I wo i sir , f sculls. Tiny rowed arouud Governor's Island and beck to the starting place, the Liberty win ning the race by about two hundred yards Fiar.?About 10 O'clock on Funday night. the house No 'J'.i llou-t' n street was discovered t'? be on tire by < fltcer Leach, who gave the alarm. Branches of the Are department were soon on the ground, and the fire was quickly extinguished. Causing hut very trilling damage. As tin houie was untenanted, the tire is supposed .to have hi i u the wc rk of an inceudiary. Fiax ?About one o'clock on Friday night a fire broke out in Tliirt> Erst Stnet. flr-t house east of Eighth ave nue. The Annum were on the ground, but the flauics spread so m ptuly that the house and adjoining stable were consumed. 55 < have not learnt the amount of the loss sustained. Emu satiov.?The whole 'number of emigrants which have arriv, d at tht- port, from the first to the nineteenth of May inclusive, is 19.729. Tin Boor or If, ?mo Citesitov Rcrarrir.ii.?On the I'd of March I t. a boat ? pstl in the rivsr. between lt< bhin's I.e. f and Oyster ltay and three persons, named Horatio Charlton, Frederick KUsworthy. and John Mril ,u. the lsi?tniAn the latter being the only one sand. Msce that tiuie the body of KUsworthy was ft?Vend at Red Hook where it was washed on shore, am! < n bunday the body of Charlton was found fli iiting nier Klii-'s Island, and towed up to this city, and yesterday the lady was identified by the bro ther of di ceased The deceased w as only 17 years of age, and a native of England. A verdict was returned of ac cidental drowning. A Boy Itnowntt.?An inquest was hold yesterday. at tht ftot of Pilth stri ? t. on ttie hod* of Owen Donahoe, ag< d nine year*. whose Ixgly was found fluating in tlm East rivir, foot of Sixth street. The toy resided with hisgpuretite in Thirty-eighth street, and hi* boon missing dure the 1st of May Nofviji nco *u nhown an tc the nunnrr the d?< t a-' d caine into the water. Verdict, i death ly drowning. j t'wawowa Boor or a Boy Focjid I)?o*xtn ?1The Corn. I nor ye?t< rday like* i*" held an Inquest, at the foot of Montp no rj *tr<< t on the bode of ahoy about sixteen y?ar* of age. Nntl flwtiif in the river, foot of that 1 street. The dereas- d measured about Ave feet, five inchc, dressed in a black trick roat, red plaid panic, blue over i eoat. red flgucd veet. doth cap and boot*. The body appear* to hare been in the water a few hours The body tan be seen on appl.cation to Mr. Bleakly, the deputy coroner. Fatal Ate ii>i or ?A man named James McOulre, No. j .102 Fint avenue fell through a hatchway, while passing through the bail of bis own residence, yesterday morn ing and was instantly killed The batehway had been left Open through carelessness Mr McOulre. walking hurriedly along in the dark, did not observe the opening, and thus be came to an untimely death, li e under stand that he has left a wife and several young children to lament their lues. A< i masts ?On Paturday afternoon a man named John Wilson residing iu 370 (Irrenwieb street, got his left leg ladly fractured by falling from tiie top of a marble monu ment lie a as conveyed to the hospital, l'atrirk bene, ban corns r Broadway and Bond stieet. while in the act i f lilting a atone, got his foot and ancle badly smash id lie was I relight to the h?<pital A man gained Francis Plavrn was seriously burnt and otherwise ma terially Injun <1 by the sudden clploaionof a Mast that he was preparing In a rock at Farty-clghth street, near Eleventh ati nue lie is In a dangerous condition. A bout h I1 M on Paturdsy afternoon, the leidy of Mta l hi n Nirbois waa found in the slip between Broome and I-'i laney street*. Nichols was lost from the sloop Airhy mist, of Iluntingti ri. L. I , in March lost lie waa about 40 VIan of age Between S and 10 o'clock on Saturday night, a carman named Henry Van Itipers waa driving through Mercer street with a load, his horse became frights in <1 and in the endeavor to pacify him. Riper got his leg brokt n a Utile above the am-|e lie was ronveyed to his residence in W atts street, by the Fifteenth ward police On Paturday afternoon a man named Thoma (iraut fill Iri m a ladder fifteen feet high lu I ifleentll Street, seven ly bruising bis load, shoulders, and other I atts of his I' dy lie was conveyed to the hospital. , ? bite he now lie* In a viry dangi-rou- state. A man ni mi d Mark K< lly. while at work near Canal street, had an alti reatli n with a boy named I'at Id ??, wh> n the lattir caught h- Id of a large maul and threw it at the br.skli c tue of his rii-s. and otherwlee severely ' bruising him by preripitating blm Into an old cellar which was Msg rlcaicu Mt. Kelly wae conveji d to the , City liispital in a ran ? liss condition PrisuYi. ?In Water street, on Pat urday h man named Thi inns we- ant-ted between the siatli and seventh rib< ly a luinan whose name we did not ascertain It ap liarsthat Mill* and the Herman had qaairilcd win n the lattsr eta me need the attack with a kulf" in each land lb'w . pri Tctdi d fnm st i .king the se nd blow by a to toted we man. Well* la in thi- hoap tal iu a preca- < ?MM co? dition A Hms i* ins Bent Diarcrint?The men nnder t sp'aiu 7 iml ull. of the eighth dotilet. have r?calved slrtit orders to srnat all persons who may he f<und ! tl.KWirc garbage into the street* It I< high time that strii'g'M m?'*'iir>s sle-nld be adopted by the city au tl ' riti< ? f< r (tie rieanaing cf the atr> <<ts. ii. enter to pre- i t. Ill the 'I re. d I I I III"go us d.-ea-es arising from the filthy > ? mlltl' n < i the street* and ailey* In many totall- , tiew Itl'tobs hot < d that. Ca| tiiiu Turnbull - example w II Is follow id by theac In authority in every other di? tliet inclndii g the PeVenteenth win d Police lnlrlll|?nrri .frrcaf tjl'iu*, HMrri OActrii hlte ltd Rf?4 tf n ''<i Am- ftxHow raw ky Hit wm <t W?lt?r I'rirr Mi fhin Make alii t .laim - Henry. ami ?lollti Re?rt?e. ( n < 5 arj;e? ? f rnlrrin. tie I llowing dwell I in licam,nrinUm> <ayHm. and rtialirg th- refrotn a large aUMWul dVprcpnty. It *'m that w litilM wrck lh? <e re ge>? Hained an entr mre kn'o ihe dwell, ing lie we fin !?" l aid Broadway. during Itir I'm Mr. hi.if?iil and family m> re at dinner. and fr- ui the upper l hk MM forced i | i ? t un an drawera. ltd,. Mealing there frt ? a geld watch, two fcracee t-. udabromk, raltli I, ' in all nt aLotit I'lii' hundred and Aft yde liar* One of the rogue* waa Minto leare flic hm-i ; and I'rir- ha? i?< ti hh ntifli d a? the "nr moU to leafe the premi and a fan minute aft<r the nMalf waa dleeofered i-ut too latr llieii a# the thlevi ? had ??rap* d out of ?i|(lil Tha will? PPt.tWtf IfflpUtftl t*theae rogue, la the duelling tin-., rf Mr Niehard*. situated in lino* ? I reel. n>?r l> . . rki r. wle r* lite r; gin ? atitared Ika Mind tUf while the it ti mh were at dinner, and kflikn open f?.urbwrattt ln-ierrh ifnnnry ami jewelry. and rarrle | off ?Jon in 11 *li?pilf" In bank Mlla ami the balam e In coin Thd i<gurg ran liki wire tie Idenlitled In the laHef Ntbrrf a? well a? In the tirat named The MtUaed parties were i?lemitti "1 i T the I hief of Pelire tf;,ift n JteMery ?A w man railing hereelf Mary llyan war mreMed 1 >y c flieara Brown and llogert. of the Tenth wrtd a few one-- ago.en a charge of Mealing ??)& in l apK I'illa aUdwold coin, the properly of .lamea U Nell, i f it p?ill- r lieu-e i < rm r of Healer Mreet and the keeper Bowery It aeenta the w< man extracted tbafatw and jeeket I nek ft cm the yoMrolaa of O'keii, < mtainlng the ney; hut i ? f' re Mie n- taken tutn ruatndy. the Unary had eanhhid fr-'tu the pur*e and Iwr.k Both were round at her pe-rcr.-Mnn. hut no nmnry The ae. (?wit i> Ml aid tklltr lu MarkweU '? I I mil and known to I* a w men I nil rf li|uor ;<nd picking |M#eket? Jul tici Meiintfort r mmilleil kef to pri-on for trial. .d Jwifiilr THifJ ??A young gin. only lion n year* of age l.y the name of Ann Kearney, wa > arie.t. dyeMrr. day ly iffleir Bon Mean' on a Charge rf at< aling ?M ftim the hotrhet'a ih nei.rner nf lie ler avid I'of?yth atreeta, the pro) rty of Joktf Bkeehey Tlie oftrer. after talking tkd girl iuto ruetod* n-pfinrrd the money, and Juaticc Alouutiott cotuiuilt?4 Jilt fo ptix.u far Uial. . Political l?t 'iig*nr?. Mississirri Bm.i? TV M bvl -w tha ticket ? iK Li.inivtr'l ly a convij? i. t - . . >tgapf' *'1 thirty-ft ur cuuntii** oft 1 Wltl*? an* Oiaoi-r?U unit'd in the liomii ati ' ? ral hasacC-'pU-d, end will (dart at. ouro tin . i >:ku ' loavuutlon uitnlnnUd. ty a unauiu' . v Uuil Foots) fur Gover nor; U#b Clarke, of Hiud '? I uurwr. D.- Ru-nall, cl Cain 11 iVr .Vudlter; Mr. .1 > of Jasper, far SocroUry of Mi.te. Geu. t'oate nrnvij rvdhtr iipr< uabta rur tirieo. lila friend* presorted li du with a pair . I blo'jjl hum* tail un cl'-Kant earrioK' ?uh which to wake hi: t*lll]fciga. ^mmmmm mr Court Calt'tMlar?1Thla Day. Ciaci rr Cot ax.?K'? 880 W, 391, 376, 3Hj, t, 341 342,411. 412. 413. 414. 415. 410 ?I* Hereaioa Cot'nw?No*. ' r ii'ai' wi 1* 118H '??' 200, 204. 216. 208.1,23 70. 16. 27 40. 81, bb, 128, 12S4, U9, 36, t>6 165.108. 177 W< 182.110. Nulls for Knropc. Tli* steamship Europa, C'apt Lott, will leave this port Jr-jnciTow noon, fur Liverpool. The Mill will close at half-part 16. A. M. IF.-. Wk'Kiv IL:rild Unpub lished at half-pant 0 o'clock Paul Ad rurtlaeiriuiit. tie hi.j a. May 1st, 1861. S'B.?Ilavln* devoted many year, to the Improvement study of the Concertina ( which my name 1* per l.api familiar to you) permit inr to ,olieit your advice an 1 In terest r.lativc to uiy appearing at New York. with my "Ilar.d of Concertinas" which 1 urn uow completing to visit you with. I shall regird it a, a very great favor if you will write l y return of Mail, int< ruling too a, to the heat time to make my Debut, ami wither you will anuouacemy iuten tion ly advertisements, or paragraph. The aneloe-.-d 1-tt r of I rcdit wliich I liave made pay utile to Mr. '/Honan Urn tie//, for One Pound (21'.i ) will |??rl>ap? defray all pi-elimina ry puffs. Sic. On the r. ct int of yours I will act accordingly. I have also the pleasure to -ay C at I have s ? ir-.-J an on gngemcnt with Mr. (ioodnll, the nelchratad Violinist, piipii of "Do Ihriot," and who ran1. :Vi' I in this part ol the kingdom, lie will take a part also in the Concertina Hand. I have en closed a I ill of uiy last Concert in Dublin as a guide for veu. Please to address a psp-r t" me at 52 New Bond Street Loa dtu, that I may ?ec tin- announcement. 1 remain Sir, Yc rs ohi dicutlv. JflSEril SE.VTE3 fties. Tlpffartr Fs<j !?'. Editor of the Ned tf.rk Herald. The nnnouhcctttkhl should he CON/'UHTl* A BAWW. iHHHitiHiiiiiHiMIMHUhhiHHhMHihihhfJ, ROYAL DANK OF IRELAND. Di', lluy 2, 1831. N"T TKAsircliii.1. I ~ Fir,. | ? Please to henor the Traits of Thos. Dennett, 5 I 1" F.tq're, on or after this*" date, for tue Sni.a of One "X | 5 Poind, stg.,sttl>e enrr nt t rate of Exchange,charging 5: ' 2 tl e eatne to the Account of I the Royal Ba.'.k or I?r- t I 3t LAND. ;?> 1 am, 81f?, jeur obed't eerv't ??; :? tl. J. NORTH, Jr. Manager. ? ? No.?. 5. St Eut'd?j. Cuneon t?. S. To Honrs Room D.10 . & Cv., ?5; 34 Fulton street, New York. % ~\s\mmMssssH\mmsss\swsM Phrenological ( Ins*.?Mr, Fowler will Cbmii tnce a course of hcoin to a private t lass in pra tl ml PI renology, in Clinton Hull, this evenio -', ut 8 0 clock. Terms?Gentlemen. Ladies, $1. Private Letlnre to Ladle*.?Mr*. Is. It. Fowler. M D., will give a lecture to Ladies, on Maternity ; tid the Diseases of W. inen *nd Cliildren, in t.'lint,in II ill, this afternoon at 3 o'clock. Tickets lil'j eeut., to be had at the do >r. The Ladle*, lMnnng*r*of the Society for the relief of destitute children of teamen, desire to return thank? to there friends who kiedly oontribnted toward, the Fair held for the heurtit of that deserving institution. But espe cially they would make Hit ir grateful seknowl?dg< merits to Mr. Harding, the proprietor <f Tripler llall, vho not only endravred in every way to pr im' te their int -r -t,, hat rosi tively tit ellned receiving nny remnneraiion for two da v?' use of the room,, thereby making to the Society awry liberal donation. By order of the Hoard. Gifflt Turtle, Terra |iln, I.atnb, Spring < hicken. Fresh Salmon, tireeu Peas and A-p: ragus, Stur ge< n or Albaay Bee'. 11 Drum or Planner, served to day. PLTKK M. BAYARD, 8 State stre.-1. N. li.?Soup, at Cs. per i|nart, scut tj any part of New York or Brooklyn. To the Point ? .My faith In the Health rriti ring, and Invigorating |Hiwcr of the "Nervous Autl dote" over Disease, Dellilty, Consumption, and General Prostration, is second anly to my fifth in Umi'i inst'ee. which is immaculate, si d may I lie judged tv that jnttiee, as 1 ?| esk truth concerting it It has never f died iu curing any disease but two i r th-ee cases, out of <ight.en. of Bpi lepsy?owing to secret habits bringing them on again?in every other It act. like a charm-and 1 mil guarr.ioloo it sure in that, without the aforesaid practic*. TALIPOT WATTS, Nirvitt, Urccuwieh street Depot 102 N? in ttreet. (w nln's Siiiuine-r Hat* for 1H51.?Though a little in advance oi the < in ning of cummer 'cv the almanac, t.enin has the pleasure of pres. uting to th 1 puhli ? his superb Summer Beavers for Ih3I. It would be a waste of w rds to ? nter into a minute dcsiriptlo* of lalriis that arrest and charm the eye of taste at tl e hrst glanov. It i, not in their faultleis contour, richness, tint, lightness, ekaste appoint ments. or exquisite general ffnish. that thus sHrsetmn eon Siste; hut in the harmenhus , , of all these ec.-el ler.cts. All that tha designer and uiunu'acl irer ?sks, i. a comptriton of the Genin Summer Hats. ofe . rv style, with any nr.d ail others, irrespective of price, wh.. >, have tw-n. or may le. r rod wee 4 during tlie season His !ri nds and ths pel lie are respectfully invited to call and firm th-ir opi nions on the spot. GENIN, 211 Broadway, opposite St. Paul's. The Hat Flnlwhtrn' In Ion will thl* tiny Introduce tf.tir Furnnier stvle of geutlenieii'i drub beaver lists, which combines all ol the rieairahl* qualities of fine material, lightness, and elasticity in the highest degree; also Panama. Leghorn, and all the various styles of straw Uats f< r gents and youths, all of which have heen iudt ioualy se lected. and will be sold at the L-west rat s. No. II Park Row. opposite the Astor House. N. It.?This is the only as locintiun of practical Matters la this eity. No branch stores. William H. Beebr A Co., 1VI Bi oatlway, will introdne* on Saturday, May 17th. the faskioa lor geaole Bien's W bite Beaver lists. 1 bis style will le adapted to tha reason for which it Is intended, and (or beauty ? f latrie and outline, not equalled. A large assortment m I'tnaena. Leg lu rn. and Straw Hats for gentlemen, boys, and children, ot SB|?riont>le and quality. ArrtM(fl.-MeT?nil of the peaceable a Itlzens of New V<>rk and Brooklyn kat* had their attention arrett ed at thi t niou Hat Store, k0 Fulton street, at ibi diaplty uf I'artitul h>U fur mea and rhildrcu'e wear, which lor seatnere and iheepnera. enrfaaa any atom in t e >tr. A tall ia reapcetfally aoliettad. I'KKF.M AN. W? overheard a Lady, last week. |?ttlii|[ fa'Knn* r'Bstrkf upon tbe fir rant personal appearance of a rentlimau. and aha concluded by ?aria.' ?"What a l<>rt<f a hat lit The baau alio Jed t > alnaya get* l.ia l ata of kno*. 1> Fulton atraet. Nothing like tasta t? plaaaa the fair aaa. Klegant Wedding Cards, Silver Bordered ltd plan FarNltit, ngitrad tad piliM >? a K aileer and | lain alt Ira, la tha moat t leyaut and faaluuna'.lr man - nrr. Alan, a aptendld aaaortineut nf French and KnrlitU ailvar. i ii. I ? ? a< <1 and |luu Porcelain* llri.lul I'.m ? |,.p. a. M afara, Bokca. ki\, at EYEKHEM/B. Ilruadnay, eorncp ?C Dsaas rtmk The Art of Dressing Well?The bosom. collar, and nriathanda nf the >lilrt art l-odinr hruci ia tl.e tout eneemhle 11 a man if fanbton: and <ra tr.iuk I'mt in th'arand rtler particular*. the Shirt* made to order at Green a Furaiablng Store f"r acntlemen, No. I Aator llenae, are unequalled. Thar* ia aauther merit of tide *tce* which we moat nut omit to aaata? pnacluality In eat. utias order*. Frrneh Boot a.?About Fitly pairs (Irntle* mi e a French Calf and 1'ataal l.< athcr B >ata vet oa hand, and will be ac>ld at the low price of VI I", t?> make r<>om for our lerre etnek nf eprtar rood*, rnnaiatiaa < f Ladle*1. M>**ea, Bnjr and Children a U?uta and Shoe* of eatrr d'?? rlptioa, at 577 Broadway. ft. c a HILL. Cerent e*? lie latent nf 41 Court landl street, under the Merchanta' Hotel.?Root* that other* sell for S> or t" are old there for ft Sti and f'\ | it nt leather Sine* from 1to ft, ?r ally f.1 an I |t in other etore?, hue I reach felt Boot#, f.l. neuelly |l patent l ather Hunts, Shot a. L . equally Ii w. at 11 Cuurtlandt atre t. the doctor. Knglteh Imperial Throe-Ply Carpeting, for New i . rk Barket. at No. B!< Bowery. II TRAM ANDER DON'S f'elehrated Cheapeet Carpet l.atabiia.tntat in fie I n,ted State*. Three I'ly Carpet* fia. fd , 7*., Be., f*. per yard. Greatest tnraaiaa erer t iered. Stair C arpets, at AVonderfnlly I.otv I'rlees? la. fd , 7*.. .V . 4a., 5*., per yard?at W Bow r/. III RAH ANHhR 'ON 8. Three riy St tie Carpet. An., Cm. Pee yard: Brneaela Blair I arpet. 8a. per yard. Els lit *pa-{??*? sales O i Bia, etutked wltli beaulifel Carpata au i Oil t lulha, at lu* prltea. _______________ llmtdeifnl Hole? F.ngltstl thrae ply ariat patent Tapeatry, Ingrain Carpet*. Kn*s, Tut'# Cet-ra, Vtln ow Bhtidea, ke., at nnpralM d 1 w p.-i ??, at V. Itiwiry, lt.r*ra Asder* a. the folchrat'M. lit at aad eheaf i at earpet eatahltahrr., nt In Iht Vnik 'it.B. fire, latrais Carpets at 3a.. la., fa., and 6a. p- r> Call aid sec. World's Fair.?Visitors to the WtlM'd Fair art (anted t e aamit e the auhn rih?r'< at" k ft f?r *wu* Car, a 11 ey are the m,?at Compact and seefat arti 'eft D? hind u.ansfp tt red, e*a lata tat all that I* ?ec< >a try for tbs ted let tf the SM>*t faelidl' n*. lAIMd.k:!, >47 Broadway, eoract ef i-iler% at . aad .i'7 Broadway. Ptovr Drnlere are r Ifttlly IiivIImI !?? <*enln* onr eto,-k ef ?pff|n?ll."i eraoctiaetit of41 '?*t, We he?i Ji,i-t y"t not ? HI* Alt lifht Cookley Aterc It I'.tl, th< lliiil I * 1l> w. Ale- aia ritea ?f mmmtf fernee**. wfilrfl can '?< nerd with ft wtthant an n?en. the inly tl,ln? "I t'i<kind In narktt. Allf.N DROTII, HKoTluK* Ii7 l?v hmea at. C'-onih Wnetory, 5H7 Ilrtmilvrny?I fllrter* faeti*' tfntly incited to acatoin* thia tholee eelf of dr<e# a.aalr tl.e ver ity li. heyon I ell dealt, the in ? teat ?? the e it, ' ni11 -emr the Mill beantirul ?ft? will il (Ml IN h.lel Mm. 4,,t vr)CRB> Dr.Jemri W. Poatrll, Ortellef. Auitet. Air., mrttrri* tr den te l.ia attention ?*fliial*.| r t.? di..?e.? o? lit f.ieaml ler. from hlodo'eloek. dally, at i i* effi -er. I.r Inn ee< ni inl for the He* erven year". 3*1 Ur viwny, *? frreif I', W:\rr'n atreet, where een he had l it I r iM? en tt.? I I?. :w ? diti? B. prlte *'e?Bt?. Alto. Maaelf autiug Eye and bar Fnuatatne. 1 lie ntitiillful Tri?iie|?n renry it ml Vtltrl) ff'titf" if tie eon?|ileal"n. end flee, (leery . tnh< ranee el l air *>l>it-It dleitBiinah tie a re 1 rely env ,t t e l< mel> ie?, ere produced '* Ihr nee ot Boylt't II. leAlotm, ?nd llyprlon Fit Id, e Mi li ero i hi f|nelled fir t11 fhdftntiljitlff end preeerretlte propcrtiea, s.ld l,y tlie Inrentor, Wllflen Iterle, k77 W ne|in?ti,n eir??t, I; atom A li \ I), fundi. I ? Fa I tea itr'el: Rnehtna. t lark A Co., 273 Rr?adwnyi L:<ryh to., d?d ltrigl.ani tt Day, Pearl atria*. Sew V*rk. ,_m IT any of onr lnrly rtittlrre tvnnl ? white fm. rl?nr VIn end eomylerfen, let th> m try e let ni 1 ?n'e Ortenlel 4 kin t*rr?< rnr. It eete like e i' arm, ri n Mr iaa tin meet eallnir end rt How t i mpletl n 11 aitifilly eker rod trarrparent. tin* trial Bill prove iff q itlily, Puy enly at tkr l?re? ft< re, 4M ilreadway, turner ot Howard at. . - A fluff hlii?*' Vr^ftnltlr I>ya|wpelit flinrr*.? Iteihei: milt eeen reiti raltnr onr e I - n.> to dyep. r ? ie?. If life tin Met rtmtdy ,<r thiamin eat iinircaal eiBBalainte Ili.ti kinrr' VrytaMe I \ pi-pain Hitt?ra, at l?a t, a f ur tr'al. II Bill afford prompt and efretfve r*>M ami in ell riwarl.i rr the direction- ere Implicitly oli*vnd, tnrura a permkrrrt enre. The i-i f nlarlte of the Bit,t?r? la ripilly i n the irtn aee, end t'c nnml-er of hottlea .M?; ??<! of in all | erta ef Ihn eenntry i? elmoat ierredlhl*. Th-rrm iral ? fl.iv f, r ill ante ii at liB I'nUo/ litett. up attira.