Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 20, 1851, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 20, 1851 Page 5
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Hair ami Whiskers Cut In the Laieii and style, tl?sy> roiilnrinii.* t.i tli? sl.apc uf head. I;* busts it f&i* ?r.'i b. i oral imafiuM ?f all ptrMh ty llill, bht inimitable, 13 V-?enu cur rr af Pint str-ft, wbcrt in suli tot justly calibrated iuialliblo oacueut lor the Oourtud'i Liquid Hair Dye Instantly W)(T. ttrti rid or gray bair to broan trllick. Oearsnl* ?cdiosud x-ap cures tail, pimples, Irteklet, er* Gourautl's Bsuilr-. Sutti'.e trtlic?t?? hair fr- ' hoe, or My par?of ths Wy-warranted. P rf?n.i,4 a I i mid Bongs, lor pale lip. and cheek.; Lilv W M ,uir Restora tive. elarc all I'.und at Pr. FF.l.I ^ qoURAVP'S old established Laboratory. AT Walker gv,t ,v?? ir,)lB Broadway; Callendtr, N) South Tb'^4 ttr#ta .Philadelphia. The Hreateet DI?:ov?jPy 0f die Age?Thlt truly ran be .aid of Pr. 'vobi le'a Venetian l.iuimoit, in curing Colic. Creep. fir a fijeknees, Vomiting, Coughs, Chris k Kii'uuittti.ip, Piu>. in the Limbo, Old Sores, It urn a. fco., a. it never laili, end in cafe of any one not finding relief, tils mom y i. returned, so no oue i. JiaMa to he dtoeivtd in pur chasing it. 11 nnu be ohtaine I at the Druggist* throughout the United Btates, and ut the Dr.'a depot, 23rt Lireonwieh street. MONEY M VHKKT., Way 19?6 P. M. Tlx stock market opened rather heavy thin morning. There was no material rariatlon in flotations, and the tranfgrdons were to about the usual e.vt'-nt. Wo havo so particular movement to notice iu any 0l''ho leading ??!?'???. X&? r*'lrf>pti e{( ( k? ore well held, and Hi 're al? peara to be coniiderame confidence JP the future valu * ( ef all the moot prominent linos, und safety at permanent Investing securities. There ia no class offstocks so Inti mately connected with the progress and prosperity of the country at large, as those of railroad companies, aud they promise to be the most productive. The receipts at the office of tho Assistant Treasurer op this port, to-day, amounted to $70,040; payments, $678, 640 38; of which. $616,000 was on aeoouut of Mexican awards?Balance. $2,844,868 78. The amount of U. 8. stock issued to foreigners during the week ending the 16th inst., was $70,600, of which $6,000 were uf the loan of 1840, and $71 600 of the loan 1 ?f J847. I The steamship Franklin, from Havre and Cowea, 1 brings some very favorable commercial intelligence. The ?d'Uiica fn fiuolatlons for eotlon and corn is mos^ fjj touraging, and must have a correspomilP^ influence upon pries hire. The news Is three days later than that received by the Kt'v!.0Us arrival. The pollti aal accounts ate particui?'jy interesting and important, and it is our imprc?Mon that the movements going on in political cirti'n wm have a good effect upon financial flutters. The receipts of the Cheshire llailroad Company f',r April, 1861, amouhted to $19,843 5:1. against $16",ij 85 for the same month la.-1 y jur, slicwiug uu 'increase of $4,017 68 in April. 1851. Tho new three cent pieces have made their appearanco In grr|t numbers. They are the color of silver coins, though mixed with copper, and have about the sum - surface as a half dlmp. though thinner than that coin On one side is a rlar of six points with the Union shield In the centre, and surrounded by the words " United Ftntra of America " The revi rse is filled with the letter C, in the hollow of which are the numerlas III. and thir teen stars surrounding It It will be. * v< ry convenient ?oin, and the governm-nt should coin an immense amount 11' them. Tliuy lone their silver appearance after ? litti" use, when they will be more easily distinguished from tbi silver five rent pieces. Idle T.ehigb Canal Company gives notice to holders of the past due common loans, and the holders of the certi ficates of the arrears op the same, that it is ready to con ?obvlatr the two evidences of indebtedness, and to issue new certificates therefor, pursuant to a previous agree ment among the creditors of the company. The CnnncsmriBthc State of Connecticut, according to an official repoiT appear to be in a very favorable con. dition. The balance in the treasury Mareli 31, I860 wa< $21,334 76; receipts of the year, $148 239 88; making a total of $160,664 64. The expenditures were $110,214 47 being $11,616 87 le s than last year. In addition to the ?rdinary expenses, $26,000 have been paid on the debt to the school fund reducing It nearly one half. The ba tons* in the treasury on the 31st of March, 1861. was $20,266 22. which has beeu increased since to nearly $20,000. The aggregate (|uant!ty of the leading articles of bread stuffs left at tide-water, from the canals of this State, from the coinmcnremeut of navigation to the 14th of inclusive, in each of the past two years, was as unneifd:? ltoirn or BaransTr-rrs ?t Tinr-Wart *?New Yoaa . Htstv Oanau. flour I'bli, lyiitat. bu Corn, bu Barlry. bu 186 0 180,682 60SOT 240.230 88,X87 186 1 371 380 113,982 819.312 29.024 Increase. ..1M 718 63,t>55 573.073 Dec. 09.803 The aggregate quantity of the -aim? article- left at tide-water, from the commencement of narration to the 14tli May, Inclusive during the yearn 1540 and 1561, la au> follow* ytmtT, UU, H'hrol bu. Com. bit Bail'i.bu IMP Ml.446 20.187 *96.428 7*,278 In', 1 371.3MJ 113.902 819.812 39,034 1 tie reaac...209.934 87,776 668,984 Deo. 43.264 By reducing th? wheat to flour, tbo quantity of the latter left at tide-water, thl* year, compared with the ?orreaponding period of laat year, ihowa an ioereaae of 192 449 barrel* of flour There ha* been a great falling off In the receipt* of provision*, a*hca, butter, lard, ?b< etc, and wool, com pared with tart year. Btoch Eirhangr. ? Erie 815000 C S f?, 'S7 II7 m?he Brie KR aw IT 81'l. '.S3 h.7 1H3 aw do *?o t s '6i |] lo-i inn do l.VO Ohio 6 a,'<*> I9!'M 475 do 7700Ohio 6'*, "75 lib too do 4WW Kentueky O'a llf'l 130 do .'*?> lad ftau t M\ 100 do 4UK) Alabama ft'* 14", M9 Harleai RR .'441 City f *, 5.1 r?r lift do - 91V 1(M) Peno ft * 9l\ SO do 9880 t rie I arotn> 97*, 50 Vor 6 W r RR MS SN0 Eric Coa, 71 MS 1'"' do IIIMI do 9,1, Irti Lob* I aland RR OT> )0(W do W. 100 do h1*) IMOU do f?> A00 do >1 aba Del 6 find CI 131 Ml do '.it Broadway Hank inf.1; Km do 74 Ilk N America per l'?? Jtoningtan RR W National ln? llV 888 Roadlar RK 36 Niagara I Hi |W Mai do 4V Peru I) Dork 9 800 do ?? 65) 2ft Mod Rlrrr RR Ml ?) do a'W V.' 39 Harlem prof'd 11.1 :??? do bJU 861 two Leu ton Co k?0 7ft I, ,"'iw do 66' CO do *80 75 10 Tier k Keypt RR 37) *?< o*D ikiaRP JAW Erlo Con. 71 ?? ? ??? Rradia* RR W, um do U? tw ii*i Porta D l> ,?k ?\ ISO aha Readier RR MM 86 do 1*1 K50 do CA', 43 l*o 1 6 llud Caaal 131 Met do ?V AS Hat Erie RR *9 .v?> do lit ftft KM llarlem KR 7376 Bw do m> 54M CITY TRADK RKPORT. Mn-oar. May 19?0 P M Ttaaanrrirra.?MY notired more bu .yauey In the Hour market to-day. with more trmnnu in price- Th* Ka*t ern and (hippinc Inquiry wa* fair, and there wm a good l.uainea* doing for rlty u?? The trantaellon* in f"ui< *tic ItoTi ~ ~ ami tinted to 11.000 barrel*?em- rfln. No SatJOnito ft: 7V ordinary to atraight Pt ato, at $4 12 to J4 18, mi led to good Weetern. it 11 'A In Jt 18 round hoop Ohio and New Urlean-. at J4 1* t- >4 .77', and pure l.i nieee. at J4 ??' to J4 7f Canadian wa* more actire, HP(? l.bla hating le-? n wdd. at J4 12 to J4 IS Southern, being lea* freely offered wa* ratb-r better, with ?*le? af titi bbl* tailed to -tra'ght Wand*, at f4 &o to J4 7 . and faney. at J4 94 to f 5 .'0 Inelnding 200 bbl, Richmond i It* Mill*, at J? '0 lire flour war more Inquired after and about 400 Idd* ?'Ida! 63 37 In Mm' we hoard of i n Iraoeactloia* .'erne* *m qaoted nominal at J.">. and 1 randrwlne at 63 2Y In II Are" there wa* a Might down ward ten letter W ith i?ele? of 0 (.100 b?*bel* Michigan at to Jl. 2MAI do ailx.,1 tleome, at H7e . ant l.??l do Canadian, ai I ..<? By* w? ? quit* ctrce It wa? held at ??'< .. hut pur baarta wet c rather *by There *? a glial d.maiul : r Oat*. Without my derided change in> which wi r - for Jtrgtbern 47'- to 48c and Jtrwf,4St to4',' h* 7*y Wa wholly Inactive?41 *a* t.< niniiily qu, ti d at J! to J1 10 'i'h. re wa* a teller t eliiH- in tin' C5am market with an animated Raalern and lupine imiuiry. and >ale*of 40 ?too lm-hei- ordinary white at iav . round and Cat yell iw. i t file , mixed MiMern. 69e to9P.',c.; aad heated ,7c to Me Cartes*?Tliefe Wr.e a elightly better feeding In the market to dag rauaed by the more favorable account* fi-i m l.lverpo-d Hie '?i ? Wire 26*1 bale incliollng fully good middling Heorgia, at in.- Mi Idling Jl irhla, at !' ',c . aad fell ba'c- barely middling N-w ctrh un* and maaeeee* at lOe . mo-t of which * a* taken for Ll*? ip?*d. l'an? ?o^*.?Fi ik wa* aoinewhat b'gber to-day though the aiark't we- by no mean* -t a ly. The Yiaiiblin * new* eau>< J bolder* to le morv Arm la their d*ma*id? TTic i rmtwnreilabout 460 Mil* new amew.hl 8I6;J7: th'n at fit oi l at' It i, new 1 rime ?t jnjt aid old ' 818 37', a Jl2 ?"*) Beef ??>? ?id to the eitcni ? f2"*> hi,| me* at J9? Jll M; and I ? lam, ni -,i *? aft I'Rmc un - wn? in h tier *upply * t,d mtii h ea*hr. W ti-rcen Wrtterii wild at JH Cut SBM-a'. were iiu, t I lull at J'.,c |i ,e f ir batu au-l W", a#v rfatu, nwldera l.ard under |he inflticnc* ? f 8be Kair>,|ienn a,tvir.,> ?cr Pranktin wa* bid tee and we , V tiecd rati? >44'k. Mil* pjIme. at9**0.a9'^ . cliwing at | k- leltir figur Hutlcr aadtb - Wei v* noticed nu J. ?' day ? M9?wmti !? ? 4 viFutmmFviH KfF.R! inv. PKHMikAli, \ pn, \V STf< N ? a NEEl) *. t.l III PRiir fi | \ KM 3" 1 Mtt* s ta w Jlart ire a ? ' brat hi* '?* trrpf Pat's' arqnaiat witli t i>ir iraa. ai al.e.H, ar a*,H?11*il ' Jtlra I't ,ru*?l ? ii by aid* -tar om ?t ?h< I Mtaeke' S ?In. * 11 v ? . #7 Chatham ?ti* It. N.w V ,rh. 1,'kar ? - ylitM I i >. JWF* 8N1 ' TlftTf WANTVH tiP ttll.lttV BtOflt' w> i t? * t bi.r <i ' i ? 1 ? tit , In -1 ? I lit<?M(l twt4af 1' ?**??'? ? i y ara al l, aad ttaa w ? II aifl- mirth'1 t ? '?? ?"*? *r> I*I' ""*ti <? *?L' W .Tf 'll, r.enii-l ?>? 'do wet' -r. ? ?-ttrth Mr-?. T. rk. i w ? t. 9-?f ,? ANTI.D-TO M E b B ? ' ? ?" 8raa ..i , WW friocftark taaoti.l?v \\"' "I'l: ' at t.J tii If he will mad ? * *1 ? '*?? ? ?{** T!lulA8 AEuy.f 9 ?PKCIA1. NOTICKS, FfMIE ATTENTION OK TIIB OWNERS OF REAL 1 ? rt*ti , uu ti e k?l OVIB and . treat.of .?hicli K?|tn. Sh ? r lnau Iw r.tsgrue an ] * ar asking the Couim ui CinnKlt fw Uw pfni!'|t of ???? n-1r 11-?irii; a railroad, are re spect oily riuiuiricd to appear be' are the Board of Assistant Aid' iioi n. May .'U, I' vi ?: m I u y a von in ?. to reprc 'rut their iute r?l sheeted ly constructing --ich rail To ltd i uu I also to (In w AiniMiit Aldirmu Thomas ?>. tltrr nit it ii nut tlie ? u i il us propria tor* tint are present alone to remonstrate uirlii.kt am li pro?c'dings us stated hy Lira. Masonic notice, -the brethren of empire < ity I.I'dye, No. Hub, are hereby untitled to bo preeenl at tl.e aval i< gular ouimupicutiou of U.ia lodge, on Thurs day , i-J iuat. ut their now rouuia, oorn r Crual.y un.l Brooiuo streets an ruat f< r? < f Imports u o wi'l bo brought before them lor their ounaidoration. By order of the Lodge, I.. E HOPKINS, Secretary. Mir. JOl'RN EY.VEN HORSE SHOF.KS' PROTECTIVE A Helen and Benevolent Society of the City of New | York. ?A meeting of ttiIm body ie to be held at Mr. Thomas Rcilly's, 11< rmiluge Hull, 3*8 Houston etreet, corner of Allt ii, on Tueaduy evening. May, tilth, at s o'clock. GEORGE CAHLAND, Preaident. John Tarn, Secretary. NOTIl E.-A GENERAL HEFTING or JOURNEYMEN Hi r eshoeing Proteitive Union and Benevolent Society ?f the City of New York, are reoiieatcd to meet at ller nii'ugc Hall, rorner of Allen and Houston atreeta, on Tues day evening, May JOtli, at So'ciock, to initiate members, and Aral .act business of importance to the aoeiety. By order. Johm Tarn, Sec'y. GEORGE OAKLAND, Prea't. O1 FFICF. OF THE COMMISSIONERS or EMIGRATION New V i rk, May 1U, lh&l.?To Milkmen.?Sealed propo faloMiil I e roteiviu at the office of the Cotnmin?ioaer? of f.ini ration, in the Fark, until 3 o'clock F. M , of the 20th H**'" j.*or ,nPPb^nKj for the nee of the Emigrant Refuge, on a w<F? ialaiid, anil the Marine Hospital, Staten Island, .L quantities of pure Milk as may be required foroneyear, coinuK^VU^ on 1M, day of June next, to be delivered Jaily at the u institutions, free of all expense, and to be ' ?nbicet ti? **auitnation and inspection as the Commit siom r? oi En."jay direct, and to meet their approval 1 in ev*rv respect. Natulsctory security will be required for the faithful icrfoiof the eontract. the faitbtul^r .11 j ^ BL,R1,rTT ActinR 0eBera, Agent. N EW YORK. MAV 79th.?TO ALL WHOM IT MAY ?*e uu , . _ and. as things now are, no ?"*? E. I,. Vanderhoef, No. (i 1'rince street. R. EDWARD II. DIXON. EDITOR OF THE 0CAL 12 (Iran<? street one duor west of Broadway. Office Fours from WCTll x VudT(oU et6nin*?. Th, otfico of tv Bcalpel i3 at 2 Aster House, where all ljterajy k teipltlUJJ'cations may be left. -aineaa Texas land acency.-tiie r\,n-H).InN-n n fers his services at an agent I- -NDERSIGNED OF to landa in Texaa, but pnrtlou"- .all matter, appertaining and procure patent, forth' "rly to .elect unlocated land. l. ??,i? l..L, when " - aame. Term, moderate,and will be made known when Murmti what u t0 b, done. AddreM ? U. G, CAT1.ETT. Dallaa. Texas. N'j*' '.RKANGEMKNT. COUNTRY PAPER COL led Quickly.?C'olleptionson the town of Corning, a of New York, are made with promptness, as are eol ?tc.ibiia or notes, araits, sc., in every direction tnrouxnout the I'mied Statca and Canada, rapidly, and ahead of bank time. J. T, VAN VLXCK, office corner of Wall and Broad streets. CTOPl'ED?SUPPOSED TO BE STOLEN?TWO VA tJ lires and live carpet tags. The owner can have them oy proving property and paying expenses, at 73 Chatham street. POST OFFICE NOTICE. POST OFFICE. CHATHAM SQUARE, CORNER EAST Kroadway.?Vuils lor Europe, per steamer Europa. l.etttr bara will close at this offiee on Wednesday, 121st May, at ten o clock, A. M., for Liverpool, Loudon, Ireland, France, ell parts cl Germany, and other foreign countries. AARON SWARTS. REMOVALS. R EMOVAL.?EARLE hi DEAN, COTTON BROKERS, have removed to Nl Beaver street, near l'oarl. KE 11 O V A L.?T)R. I.l'TENER'S EAR INFIRMARY, for the exclusivetr' atment of Ear diseases, lias been re uioved to 371 Broadway ?Dcslness, discharges from the external car, and the various distressing noises in the ears, cured in a short time without risk or pain. Consultation fee, bl. Unpaid letters refused. Office hours fromS till 3. Patients from the country can hare good rooms, with or with.ut board. Notice of removal? f. andekson, A rehltect, line ehniigi d liis office from I'ark place t" 11 Wall street, where all business connected with his profession will be correctly attended to; Ins plans will be found to em trace the latest improvements, combining convenience and economy with purity of architecture. Parties intruding to build will favor l y calling and inspecting his designs and professional testimonials. Kefereuce will be giv An th men of the highest respectability. Terms moderate, hitect's office, 44 Wall street, New York. KEMOVAL.?JAMES G. MOFFET, GAS FITTER AND Manufacturer of Chandelier and Gaa Fixtures of every description, having removed from his late store, 1S6 Fulton street, to 7 John street, a few doors from Broadway, takes this opportunity of Informing his pattone and the puhlio si, that having made extensive alterations in his f U ry, I III and IJI Prin-e street, be is now enabled to supply let C l i.ndelier . and otlss-r Gas bxturss at the lowest mart prices. Those in wsnt cf these articles would do well to onll en him before pur h??ing elsewhere. Gas Pendants and Brackets, Solar, Fluid, and Lard Lamps, Girandoles aud Caudelabras, constantly on hand, in a great variety of pat terns. l?ONT. <kC. LOST-ON Till I7TI1 INST.. A DIAMOND PIN, SET in blaik enamelled gold. bJ) reward will be given by _ E. HENRY, 61 South atroet. IOST?SUPPOSED IN THE STREET. A FEW DAYS J alnce?a duubie Kyeglaaa, with tortoiac ahell handle. The hndtr will receive full value in reward, at No. 1 Depau Row, corner Hleeikcr and Tbompfn ata. Lo 8 T ? A IIOI'T THI RTEENTH OR FIFTEENTH atreet. between Union *'iuare and Sixth avenue, a ilrall Odd Croat, chaaed on line aide. Two dollar, reward will be paid on it. delivery to No. 30 Ea.t Fourteenth atreet. LOST-ON SATURDAY MORNINO. MAY 17. FROM the aOamhoat Empire, a large black lratlier Trunk un locked and .trapped with two (trap*, marked Troy, on a (loco of paper. Whoever will return the lame to 41 Firat atreet, will lie anitably rewarded. LOST-OR TAKEN TO NEW YORK IN MISTAKE. ON Monday raoruing. May 12. from the Ntw York line, foot of Walnut atrtct, Philadelphia, a Ruaeia Patent Leather Trunk, with a bra.a plat, over the lork. w ith W. J. Barry, V. S. Army, upon it. Any information left at No. 71 Court landt atreet, New York, or nt the Depot. Eleventh and Market atreet, Philadelphia, will be anitably rewarded. J. U TANNER. Damage Merter. MUSICAL.. AIR OTTO Ml'LI.ER, TEACHER "F T11E PIANO l'l forte and Sinking, haa r moved to .DC'i Broadway. Ha ? ill give leaaoai at hia recideaee. or in any part of the city. Music-wanted, by a violinist and a Pianiet, tatley from London, a eituati a in IMM genteel amnacmemeiit, either in the eity or to travel: can Inralah a .lager. if reiuUite. belt of city rcfercacci given. Addret. Mnaic, Bex No. 0 Herald ofBce. FOR SALE-A SUPERIOR MOCKING BIRD: SINUS night and da.v, and in annpoood to be the beat bird in New V rk. Apply at the atntiou house, Franklin Market, after 1U 0 clock. __ M SA I.E?Till RTEEN Mm KIN . BIRDS. WHICH F ting night and day; three bird, luock eat, dog. hen and roo.tcr. They will be aold low. Applj at I7ti Fourthctrect, after three o'clock. Forfait-A VERY DANDSOME AND COSTLY SB fond hand Pianoforte, Boeton made, la good order, will be cold at a great aaeriflce, la eonaeqomaee of the family breaking np housekeeping. Apply to N. J'. It. CURT I AS, A rent for Hewn Amenean Patent Aotion Pianoforte*, No. 4." Broadway, where it can be teen. 12?OR SALE?A PIANO. AN EXCELLENT IN'STRU ment. Will b<- aold for SIM. Inomr- ?t I t'l Lanraae atreet, whi r*, alao, the iaatrumont may be ?<???. IN ITttlCTllML CPANISH LANCI"AGE.?A. P. BAEZ. TEACHER AND CJ Tranalatorof the Span!.h largtingt. will give leaeoaa at bia reaideaee, or in any part of the city. Traaalationa. ecl ontiSo and literary inetnded. will bs oorrcetly and puoetn ally made. Addreae I4S Broadway. M'' BABBIEB. FORMERLY TFM IIER AT THE ? ColU ge (Il< nrl tfuatre) in Paria. ip doeirau* of bavin < ii few lapil. to In-trU't in the Fr aek language. Trrma will . be ??' derate, and the t e.t referenee a. to capability can be arta at 1-7 (.rand atreet. from 12 t .1 or 8 to 9 in the treeing. M~ ROWE IONTINUIS TO GIVE LESSONS IN Writing, a. ii.nal. III. new and ea.ily ae.juir. d m Ciod of imparting in.triictiiin ha. claimed the approbation of homlnd- wPcae rapid Improvement in 12 h ?* ?>? far mr paacca that <4 any nit er ay ft em prcvlomly otahllehe l. Fn pile inatrni ted at their own reaidence. Terma eatremely I an !?rulr School ?term* attended v arlyr, or ollierwue. Adilr< f. 11. C. Rowe, 3m (.rand atreet, N . l. Oliver b, goldsmiths writing rooms. ins Hr< adw ay. flr?t eorn. r above t:.e Irv In : llnnae. Terma reduced one half, via. -S.' Vfortcn lataoa*. oa# hoar eaeli? itatmniry. hi rrkt?. or twenty le*?nn? fnr SV Inrlndlnr ?tn tt> iien payat le on .ul ? rSdng. Private la.traetion nt the room. on.;. For .ale. Goldatuith'a Uetna of Feoman.hip. TI. PUBLICATION*. f 1FE, a I'ofm, in FOOT BOOKS. BT D. FARltB MJ Par! aril, now (villi d by ? 11 1 edge. II 1 t ulton atreet. nnd II. Ki rnot. SB Brol way. E CITY BFDOXT.-TIII NEW YORK 0. K -AS a'I human thing* are anb.iect to l< ay, tad *? aeeietv I. n a "it of prrietnal traaaition, '.he late O. K., tc k?ep pa e ?! f the ng-. wil' ' ercaft 't be pabli.lied order tl mm. cf TNI CITl HI IHlF.T, Hd the Mkihot far Sati ri'ay Map 24. will eomtnenee a nt w aerie. un let the at . v? t ime, aad will rmitxin It) plendtd rngraving". en graved from new nnd orkinal deatgM, by the be?t art <t?. n I r- ?f'y f< r tbla paper. Will aim I. . atfcined. tb" turilllwg dMl tl Datld Alttt. H, tin1 Ruined Country Mer> '.ant. A Fi t int Vtcf arflle Agenrie. <irn| til - Life Sketche* of 1. r> i?n revnMen* and every-d.v tonn i ?atinn an manner, of their peeplw. Jonathan o K.'a le-tera fpetn ti e W t.fe Fair : hi* ??rnval In N,w Y?rk with Mr. Pnneh. Wit. hum r. a> w and I rigiaal jok.?, aad tin ir ate.i variety nf or dinal trading matter ever inn forth, ame money. Be old e*t* ?r In re i n wi'tlci nf nil he admitted all will be new and original Prhein dollar j r annum ny i? , cent, per t py F td by newt) vv and new nwnt everywher . Or d. r from the rncMfl mwat h ae -tu pan led wttli th- . a?h. 1. 11 ? r. addr- fed to R F MAI IIFII A CO.. Ml Full ,n .tre, f. Ni W York f 'I! EAT BOOKS. OLD AND NEW Eft ItTTBOt SAND X Print*, nf every d?a< rtpti. a, all the cheap publication* II th' dny, lint).anV DonvelMc ?t, ilcin Shelley'. e tap'. u ? orka, are. By r n , A -. Tie pnblic are roauettod to call and be attcalahM at tl ?? low pt oe. J P. NFACI E l'tt atreet. 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To ART!"1 - WANTED I FIRST RATI PGRTRAI * ' 'Slifi Win w nil 1* c> nti*lt| Wltli a moderate ? >mp? ,J''n ??<? "Jlftaivt ? mpl yuieot. ^tddf a* J. IT., af th tfl-vc, alu. flg/p. and t?tn?. W AA'l'H, Wf ANTED?BV A RK.-I ECl'Abl.K WOMAN, \ ilTUA Tf tk>n H8 ^anutrcfw in a pri *itc mit il>. S i* \ coiup** tvi*t tire#? maker. ur?i ha# Mitiefairy r- for :?'? ?. Apply ht '0 Twenty ?third street, d<> r e-wt 11 Fourth wv< u?e. WANTED?A PIT lf ATI ON, IV A RIM'c! TABLE young woman, a# C'hamUiriiiiii I t 11 i< ft with t'aa wcthin- and irouiiKj or chamber*<*rk ?*mI wuttmy, in a |?ri 4 ate h? in ily. (an yive the h?#t ofvity refcreuou. Ap,?Iy at 2**1 B"*?ry. in tlir Hotiery store. W ANTED-A SITUATION AS WET NUtlSK; YTOULD have no oljection to reai le iu the < ouutry. or to travel. Ti e b?*t *f relVrtuce can to pivun. Apply at 7i NorthSUth street. WillUnuhuryh, recoud floor. XMT ANTED?BY" A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOM AN, ft a FltUJttion &? Cook or Chant h. rna ud, or to do <enor tl llouaewcrk in a pinull genteel family. Good city rofofvu/iefl gives. No objection m to go a abort diatanne in trie ouotFy. 1 iit(uirc-at 1 IP 1 u#t F.K vtntii atreet, third door from First avenue. To be seen for three day# iu the store. W ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young fill, who i> willing to make geuenlly uteful in a private family; would do gmoral housework, or co a. Chamltrmaid; if an excellent Cook, Wuahor, and In ner, and hna the '-cat of city reference froui htrlaat place. I'll ate call at No. 17 Dean, near Court street, Brooklyn. WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT WOMAN. A 8ITUA tion as Wet Nurae, and ia a good ecainatrcs*. Ploeae apply at CI Charlton atreet. w ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, a situation aa Nurae and Seamstress, or Chambermaid and Nurae?the underitands the general buaineaaot a house, tins no objection to go in the country. Respectable city ri fcren.ce. Apply at No. 122 Sixth avenue. Can be soen for two day a. WANTED?BV A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION as Chambermaid and Waiter. City reference given. Yleaae eall nt 222>, Broome street, in the rear, aecond floor. WANTED-1IY A RESPECTABI.E WOMAN, A 81TUA tion aa (fouk; understands cooking in all its brunches. Cecil city reference can be given, Inquire at 35 Crosby atreet. w ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, aa Plain Cook, W asber and Ironer. in " ???all i family. Can -ivc rood citv ref " , " dayt, at 3JGreeueVtrcei, t "* ,t seen for two ??? tS . ..noe and Spring. w ANTED-"' ?eft*' A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, able p?' **' ?tinu us Cook, Waaher and Ironer, iu a respect, .late family. Can give the beat of city reference, if r? ,red. Please call at.1?Mott atreet, rear building, third floor. Can be aeen for two daya. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, ^situation aa Chambermaid and Lauudreaa. or aa re gular laundreaa. Cau give the beat of city reference as to ihi ability and character. Call, or addreaa, at the atore cor f Flftl ner of Fifth avenue and Thirteenth atreet. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE youug wornun, as Seamstress, and to take care of chil dren. Would have no objection to go n ahort distance iu the country. Gt od city reference given. Pleate call atNo. 471 Fourth atreet. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG GIRL, TO do chainberwork, or to take care of children and Jo plain sewing. Please eall at 4U1 East Twelfth atreet. Can Lc aeen for two daya. WANTED-A SITUATION. BV A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa Cook, W asher, and Irourr. She i an give tie beat of city rtferenct. Please addreaa the Blian Store, corner ot Bergen, in Smith street. Can be aeen for two daya. VET"ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL. A SITUA TE ticn as Cook in a private family, and ia willing to aa aist in the washing and ironing. Best of city reference aa to honesty and capability. Please call or addreaa 23 Prince atreet, up stairs. WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT YOUNO WOMAN. A situation as Chambermaid and Waiter, or Chamber maid and washing. Would wish to go to the country fur the summer. lias good reference from her last place. Can he seen for two daya.' Inquire at 122 Amity street, near the Sixth avenue. WANT E D - A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yoong woman, as Chambermaid, or to take care uf children, or to do the housework of a small family. Can be seen for two days, at her prvaeut employer's, No. GO Monroe atreet. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. A situation in a imall private family. Best of city re ference given, if required. Inquire at 323 Spring atreet, in front basement. Can be seen for two days. w ANTED?A SITUATION AS HOUSEKEEPER, BY A young Amtricun widow lady, without incumbrance. W ould not object to keep house for a widower or single geu ... ... ? - ?iljl tleman. Any communication addressed to Mrs. William B. Burke, Broadway Post Office, will receive immediate and confidential attention. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as Si amstreaa, in city or country. Has no objection to go travelling with a lady. Has lived in oue rlaiefortbe last year, andean give the beat of reference, an Le seen at any time, at No. 711 Greenwich street, back basement. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. A situation aa Nnrtc and Seamstress. Best of city re It"?** iC,n j J **vtl,> required, from her last place where she baa lived four yesra. Kaae call at No "?!.*el tree" 117"ANTED-BY a STEADY YOUNG WOMAN. A TV situation, aa good plain Cook; ia an excellent Washer Ironer; or to do the general housework for a small ,!lll i route. VI i? ?? ?? ? ?rivatc family. She can produce the heat of city rsferenee run her last place. Can be aeon for two daya. at 2H7 First venue, third floor, front room, between Thirteenth and "uurteentb streets. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, a situation, as Nurse. She underetanda bar business thoroughly, uud baa lived for three years in her last place. The beat of city reference can be riven. Please to call at No. ?Ati Mutt atreet. Can be aeen for two daya, if not en gaged. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do housework in a small family; ebe understands taking rare of children. No objection to the c> iiiitry. Una good city reference. She has been in her laat place two years. Inquire at 137 Monroe atreet. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as Seamatresss, who understands Prtsetnakirg and all kinds of Sewing, or would do light Chamberworx, or take tare of children. Has no objection to go a abort distance in the country. Best of reference. Can l e seen fi r two days, at 314 Mott atreet, near Bleecker. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do general honaework in a small private family, or to cook, wash, and iron. The best re ference can be given. Please call at 76 Uanimeralty atreet. t an be set n I. r two days. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE woman, aa Nurse and Seamstress; can take charge of a baby from its birth. Has no objections to travel. The beat of city reference can be riven. Can be seen for two days at No. 241 l.luabeth. near Houston street. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT wtman. a situation aa Nurse or Chambermaid, or to wait on an old lady, or to assist ia the waaning; ia expe rienced in the care of children, and baa no objections to ga to the country. Good eity reference can be given. Can bo teen for two daya. Pirate call nt 62 Grove atreet, between Fourth and Bleecker ttreete. w w WANTED?A 8ITVATI0N. BY A RESPECTABLE young ?omi>, if I hambermaid and W aitcr. or either ?eparnte; would be willing to taka care of children. Ilm no ohiectioni to go a ehort dietance in the country. Best of city relerentc if required. Apply at SB Fourth avenue, for two daya. W"i ANTED-A fITI'ATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ynime woman, to do ahamherwo.k, and neeiet with waeMng and in nine, the adeertieer fc competent, and hae llri d with moet reipeitahle familiaa in thie city. 1'leaae in <411 ire at !'3 lludeon etrn t. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOf.NO WOMAN, a eitoation ai CbtmLermaid and Waiter, or general bot.iework. Can give good city reference. Apply at &3 Bayard etreet. H'ANTED-A SITUATION. BY A TOP NO GIRL, TO do ceneral houeewora. The beet of city reference ? inn Apply at 3.16 IL uiton etreet, upetair*. aecund floor, for two day ?. "ANTED-A SITIATION. AS PLAIN COOK, WASH ' erandlroner, in a final! pritate family. Beit refer ence given. Apply at No. II Third arenne, from V to 3o' cluek. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A SITU ation ae Nnrae. She hae beca accuetomed to the car* ol children for ?e? eral rrnra. Can take charge of an infant, l? a food plain newer. Hae the beet city reference. 1'leaaa t- ? all at R Grand ctfaet. Cm be mm T#f two daya. WANTED A Ml! ATION. I.V A RESPECTABLE ft young wrmoa. ae Chambermaid and Plain Sewer, and to aaeiet in weahing and iroffng. The beat of city roftrence giren from hrr la?t plaee. Apply at 911 ElifUbeth etreet, near Bleecker. Can be eeen for two daye, if not engaged. ANTED-BY A RES it CTABI.I WOMAN. A SITP atinn. with tl i privilege of harint In the honae with her an irtereating liltf. girl, right yeare old. In n good plain Cook, end Sret rate tt ftl.rr aid Ironer. or would hare no otjeetirn to do the err eraI honeeuork of n rmall family. A not* addrrseed ? A E and left at the office of thia paper, will he attended to. The emit aeti?fuct>ry r> i -<mni emiatiune will be given from her laet place. Wagee t" object. I \V"A VI I 11 \ S II ATION BV A RESPECT A III. F. ft yonrg girl, ae CMabefMif, and aeetat wit. the * aching and tr-dlng. I# willlnr to b* generally uaeful. The beet r.t v reference can be given. < an be even tor two dart. Call at 2iJ Madienn atreet. EE' ANTED BY \ U ELCII fiiRL. A SITl ATION TO ff take cart ol children, or ebambarwork, or waahitig and inning. In a email family. It'Uim at N o. # Norfolk etreet, ja_the rewr. _____ . ANTED A SITl ATION, BY A YOI NO WOMAN. n prof? "ted C"ik. Bi ft of f ity rcfcr- nce given aa to maraMerar capability. Arplv at No. RI2 Third avenue, c roer of Twenty iccord etreet ? private de>t In Twenty e?i - fid atrret. Can le ac?n for three dnye. IV" A NTT D? A StTt'A'l ION, BV A YOfNG GIRL. TO ff taleiareof 'hadrcn, of do waiting In n r, -j e table f-imily. In inire at \TI Broadway, laet door rear of the an ln i . Good city rt fertoi*. Can be eeen for two dnye. \ET ANTED? HI A REHTCTABLE YOCNO WOMAN, j ff a ait until || n* I o< k, Banker. and Ironer, or l.aun j dreea, in a trie no- (atriil)i the beat ef city reference, tan Ir i n f r two daje, if not engaged. Pleaee call at No. T tilth iire.t. W 'N IF.I A TEW 1 Ol NU LADIE" or RESI'ECTA ff bility, f> r an Amat -ur Dretnath- A?*o<iatipn of good It en din ( , it-mini' an na addria-'-d to T. N. II., B ?* I I o.t Offitc New York. \\ ?v H I EMTkTIOW. BY A RESPECTABLE J ff v ? i.rg w nan. a- Cook, N aaher and lron>r; ha? n" il oi j>, tlon In do the hi urewotk > fa email jrD ate famlh: haa tie I c?t of ?(ty Ptferonre, tf r,,.]iilrt'l. I leaae call at No. if '? Di wnit g >tr 11. In the randy More. W ANTED?A SITPATION. BY A RESPECTABLE ff joi-ng wit no, n? i h: i a hrrt rate ei>! er and I Inner teat of ell v reference from her laet place. Pleaee call at tn| Wa>l In-.t. a elrc t V* ' TED t SITCATDIN AS llot -JFKEEPI ft a lady, either f?r ? eiagle gentleman or wll.wer. ricate addtt ea lire, H illinms Chatham M |war? P. O. E\ ?* 11 " BT A Rl I'ECTABI.B 1 ?PNO WOMAN ff ? eltnatlon to do general honeework: ie a *o?J coon, weaker and ir ner wi nld have no objection to g? n abort oi-t?nr, In the entntrr, can cire g ?id city reference. Apply nt 2C Mulberry itml. W* ANTED BV a Rl I I I TABLE Vol Nfi It 'Wan f f a eltogtlon a Cham' i email or Nnree, tn af' ?p?c tal le family. InowlreIn the Bakery, Jo Eiret it"n"?, Mtwr n S< venin nth end EiaMoeath etdwetej the beet of city reft T> tsree eleen. VV A NT r D- A SlTt ATTON* BY A RRSPECTABtE f" t enng ? , men. t li, ilamberwork. or pin* Sewing, cr teking care af children. Bee good reference (r 'tn hi r liiet piece. Pleaee call at No. f rrjepeit etjrtt, Etooklyn. ken be U j tno deye y?ly. w

\v wi s. WANTEI'-* MTI'ATI in BY A KKS! BCTA ILK yov.i v ?' man. ?>? Cook \\ i ?>r f. a .1 roo> r. A ? <? f, r t? t m tmmt. W\ villi UV A PROTESTANT YOUSO WOMAN, A rill atlc I : i? a fir t rate -.k T ie lul .if city rdr ( ?fcU k|vi??. call ?' 1-0Twentieth street, in the rear, near Eighth avenue. I an be aeeu lor -.wo uuyj. WANTED- a SITUATION In' A !< I. ? I'liCr.vUI.K yeui.c a. I an. r-? Chambermaid "r it alter: ?h?p-r feeliv understand* her hueluea ?' II at II Jatretreet, Brook lyn. I an i'C seen for taw .lay*, if net #n?e*ed. WANTHl-IIV A UF.Si'Ut TA'51 K CIRb A j>,T,A' ?m".'v ud;'ari?n.';,;iJ; oV1:,tollw. fu'.Seau begiv.u. Apply at ie Saud? .treet, Brooklyn. ' an 1 *5 bteB tor two ilu; h. ... ? WAKTRD?BY A I'ROTESTANT WOMAN, A S IT I A tii u as < ook, au I 10 assist in waghiaK and ironing. (,u d city Nbn? t nueu. Apply at IAJ Madfou .tree?, t'aa It xtn teo 4iyi, _ __ ______ AN I EH- A M I I A : . IIV A Ui:-I'K< TAB I E J,nil w nun n as ft a ' f.iai I, Wan. r awl It-., er? |? u1111u.* t.' ill. waiting H It eitv reference -riven No - ji, ii, mi li.c ?uniitry. Pleats c?ll at AS 11 cry atreet, a* i ' floor, In nt ru. m. Wanted?a situation. be inguibsiilv to du eel.iral II .un iv. rk ,n a private family, or aa t:t anil erieaui. 'II,e l,e?t < f < ity r. uroi.' >?? given. May be I at. n for tail, Flea.e ,.i?ply at ti.e comer ot Court rtie, t and Ili-milt. n aver i.e. Itr? - Wl> n. ??ETA N'T Kb?A SITUATION tfl II t M li Kit M A11) A M 0 WT Kai.iii.rear, or wou.o .li.c r, nirulu rk aud cookiug <4 a amatl I by, ly a very . t. any ami rc.-i-'iable --mi. ?)io ia capable .1 eli h' r iituc.ti '0, an I can be * ell reaoin mended; leaped w nl.-m. Flea e call at M llcury street, corocr i?i Uiriuiu^taiu rtrevt. Caa be scou lor two ' d?yp. WANTID-A SITUATION, TV A RESPICTA9LS ! English Cook, aa a hral rat ? Pastry il?a? --r? ,lB es. I (clltbt Baker, and l.aa nq obie. i'*- ^'-.hinir, ' Plea.e rail at 10 loan- ? - " " "m V be lor j p??cc, BttonU floor, fro*t rovin. can Wantkh-a SITUATION, by an bxpb ?' woman, aa N?re? and Sean.P res, who is take the charge ot a young baby from ita birth, or -o noiit iu cbamktrwork. Haa liyed four year, in her place, and can yiv>- the beet of city reference frutn her l*{t place Noohie. tion to travelfor the aumni'sr. Calle will be heard ?f ,or tao da". l'lea.e apply at.'Sd Broadwaj, in the tic re. WANTEt'-BY A KESPEU'I A III E YOUNG WOMAN, u vituatiou aa Cook, W ual.eraud lrouer. or would do aeneru* ,. n"n. rk for a email family W eity reference from her laet place. -M;.y l-i -eca f r two daj. at J71 Third avenue, bet.een 1 aud 1 went, ninth aireete. TETANTED?A SITUATION, HA A PROTESTANT lan in ti n ui| ki.n mitrTHS Id till CXCCllc'Ilt hail (I lit makinat" eeutle'men'l ehnu au.l ail klnda ol ladiea' linen; wonld not nkj?t tu liyht chamber. - rb |> nn.uircd^ Tne Kda.t t.t ntv r?ltr?nc? iivtu iroui hor U?t plat-Of Hiieru in? haelived ten montl.e. Imiuire at KA tiuubeth etrcet. rear bnlldint- I WANT ED-SITUATIONS, BY TWO RESPECTABLE you nit .omen; one aa Chambermaid and Lauudrea.i under* a." French fluting; the other .a mood plain Cook, Waehcr and lroner. The beat of city retereucn yiveu. Aiply "t A.MO.ter .treet, rear building. Bret Boor. | WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE vtuny tirl, a? Chambermaid or l-uuiioieaa. sue lecapa blc ef kno.'rn het bnaineie or iu a amall private faintly- The beat of city reference can be yivcu. can be leeii lor two day., at *10 Atlantic, corner ol Court atreet, Brooklyn. ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTAIILE vouny eirl. a? Cbainl.ermanl and Waiter, and the beat b! city reference if required, andabe haaiao uljeetlun to ?o n short Uistanie in country. 1 leauo cail at U- lwcilth itreet, . I.ere she tnay be leen for throe daya, it not eoKVed. ANTE D-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ?ill, to do plain cookiny; ha, no objection to doaene ral housework. Beet of city referencejpven. Can be aecn fer two da" l'lea.e call at Ul TwtOth etiuet, between Piret and Second neennen. IEETAN TED-BY A STEADY PERSON, A SITUATION yV . . stenardeaa on beard ol u boat to any port. I ij"a'e nddreV. t Sot". to* the Jfflc. of thi. paper,for M.M. It will be immediately attended to. WANTED?BY'TWO RESPECTABLE GIRLS?ON E, A Protestant, wiahea a situation t'.a Cook or Chamber maid, and uvaiat with the waahin* aud ifou'tir Can come well recommended from her last place. The other a? < bam Lermaid and to aealit with the uu.mii- and iromn*. or do housework Can be well recommended from her flit place Can be rein lor two day., at *, Ea.t Nineteenth itreet. near Broadway. Wa\TFI>_ \ s ITU ATI' IN, Bt A RESPLf TABLE Aronnk .em.n a. Cook,, and lroner. Be.t city relerenfe can be niTtn. Please call at ,-W West Nine teen thetreeu_ WLbHANTED-P.Y A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT "Can be ecen for two daye. _ WLhaNTFD-A SITUATION, BT A USPF.i TABLE Kirl niNurie ?nd Seim?tr<w, and can cut and fit. Ilm? no ol l'ectloa to 10 a short distance in the country, for thonmmer. P?ene? call at W Ea.t Eleventh atreet. Can he .sen for two daye, 1* not engaged, ___ l:i^nceVi^-MCV'Vnr.?n'fo"wodrar;. 'pKaro apply a*t a Tenth itreet. between filth and Siith avenue.^ ?*r ANTED? a situation AS NURSE AND SEAM W ' ?tren by a younjt and ref|n;etablc woman, with the iT.t re'ommemdntion lor either capacity or both. Hae no hileO n to make l er.elf y ??rally u.etul and obliyiny. Inquire at 131 TL.rd .treet betvfeen I ir.t avenue and Ave nnc A. - Wanted-BY a respectable widow woman, a nituation for bouaework; alee her dan*hter, aeilua tion to take care ot children and to do plain .t win*. Can ?ivr the bet of eity reference as to ebaraeter aad capacity. !*lpa?c <*11 aTtnue between Eletrenth and Twelfth ?treels, in the rear, on the third floor. Can he even for two dayn. ? WTnTED-A SITUATION BY a PROTESTANT voonii neman, at Nurse and Seamatreea. orto do cham Urvu rk and hne waahln* and ironin*, in a pefeate family. Good reference niven. No objection to *o lu the country. PIcnae apply at itw Mercer atreet, WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITU A tlon uTf^amberma.d or Scm.tre..; would take care .. ehildm N o objection to go a abort diatance in the eoun try. Good city relerence" l1ca.e eall at 113 Mowoee*. icT*^aNTEdIa SITUATION, BY A MIDDLE AGED Frenchwoman, aa Seam?tres?, in a respectable private family she would be willing to make her?lf ganerafly uee fuK So election to g. to the, for tk? '<imm., Apply at No III Dcebroaeee itreet, cornet ot Canal.treet, Hudson street. w ANTED-A situation, as general house uimid. in a (mall private family. ly a faithful, iadue trh ue girl, ae good W aalur pad Irran. Can mvt good city nd# renvoi ( an la acta for two daya, at On Nineteenth (trret. between Ninth and Taalh aveaueo. W ANTED-A SITUATION. AS SEAMSTRESS, l.aiindri M. or Chambermaid in a prh ate laoiily, by a rOady. entire young woman, who understand* h*r Luei noi in all th* abort eanacltlce. Th* b*?t ol < itjr reference given. Any toinmand* l*ft for 11. II., at No. till Broadway, ihall retold' attention. YVAN1KD-A SITUATION, bv a RESPECTABLE YT young woman, a* Nuree and Reanietretf, or to do CI aaiMrwork. Can be highly recomm?nd?d. Apply at BW Mott*tre*t, the (ecoad houae, in the rear, (an be eeen f*r two day*. YV AM Eli-A SITUATION. 11Y A RESPECTABLE V T Proteitint younp woman, a* l.nnndrre*. Bret of ra ft-rt nc* givtn. Apply at Mi U< urtt.n etrtet, id the rear, for two day ?. WANTED?A SITUATION AS COOK. W ASHER. AND la a reepeetable family. Can rive r 'I'd city r? ftrenct. N o otjrrtione to go a abort dietanee in tli* coun try. Inquire at N Blliabvth (tract, In th* milk *tor?. WANT EH?lit A RESPECTABLE Y0UNC1 WOMAN, a ait nation to cook, eoli and iron. Good city re farcin a pit ca. A| ply at ?'<> Nott ptnet. Can b* *ecu for two date. Vi ?f W ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE >. imp woman, to cnoh, weeli end iron, or to d th* In ,1'irei rh if a email private family. Ian rive tho beet elty rri.rtnre front l or laet plane, whi ra *lir liv-d t'ir*? yeare I'lea-t i all at IV1 Molt ft rent, wli?r**h* can b* ?vou for tnodaye. BTAITIB-i SITUATION. ItY A RESPECTABLE TT young woman, a* < baml rrtnaid. and to e'eift with the walking aid ironing. If filly o*;akle of bar hntineaa. lir a lit rd r i er Evw yeare In l ^r la?t pine*. The bent of city ttt' Pli n*t t< < all at No. s Great Ji nee ttrnct, in Urn mar. C?n Ic ?ecn for two day*. If not eulted. IY'AXTED-a situation. RV a ?NK'TEMJI vT yi wma t< n a.i ae CtMMnli rmaiJ. and to a, (let In w ten lie aad Ironing tan fame wall roeemmonded from htr laet place. Pleaee call *t 142 EtfWt avenue, fancy Mnfn, tr* ANTED-A TOUVG M ON A N. A PROTESTANT, v v waste a e tnation, a? ( hamterniit I, wiling to a .let In waeMa* and ir< ning. with good (;lky referem ". I'leaee mil at No. .1 Bedford etrvet, toioad Boor, front room. Can ?cdttllrf twn day*. ________ YLrANT*D~A SITUATION, IIT A RESPlCTARLE TT yon*" woman ae plain I k. n Sr-t rale Hn*her el"* Irnner: poodiity refereoer given. Pleaoe Call at No. IIS1. Amity *tr?ct. In the rear. Can t? teen for two day*. Prefer* the I < nntrv YV ANT El-Hi A RESPE'. TABLE TOCNd WOMAN. n eitnlto n *?'r.n, er t'l'.i'-T star wetd I intinr: or ?- t ! tail rrm ? id. ha* lived in lut.dp ' tiare- U.e of etm tefiren'e ten V(eon till ngtgr.Ity, if not enraged. Pleaer call at *t'i>. 'U B"ad etreet. ANTTD-A SITUATION. RV A MlMll.C AfiED ?? man. 1 ? ' ike car' "I one or I ? oln' Iren. en 1 to t ta 11 n>i w rk: i nod i ity r< fi rene- glen. Apply it No. Mott 11 reel t na be ei ? n ft r two day*. YVANTBD-PY A RESPECTABLE WOTAX. A SITU Ev alien ai t ook. I* en exoollrnt waeher and Irraer. Good < |ty raft '<* ? e ran b? given. M*' be ?? rn fng two dave ?If not tuned ttio I,ret?at b,? Mnlb try elrcot, In the rear, Y\r ANTED? A SITUATION, RV A E EAPECTABLE vT y i n vi inm. a? l liambi rmaidg-i a ga#d waiharand ironef?no (i ji 11 n t* take caw of rhtlSri'n, or toSn plain (rwlng AI' e yni'nt ei me It Conk dear I * a * r andlr<*fr. G d elty rafbranee tan li* glien. Pleao to ai'dyatN" A Cfoeby atreet YYtANTE.D?A SITUATION. BY A YBUNfJ IfOfiT, WW t* Cl.*mi remaid |*rd W ni?< r. or to do ehkm Vrw rk and leei i In warl ing and tront* Met n > nbjotttnn t" g> tnthfrnoMfi. Can ehow the I ? at Of ti mendatlon ff I li?r l?"ter,|.' ter, wh"!i\i In the til i. Pfca*t (:i R at .('?( Twelfth etr"' t nmf the Elret avent"' Wanted nt riroToi so women, si ivations ft ip Ni.rra at.d Seanietree?, or to trarcl with a lady: ti e otl t r ee ol nil ? vo ? id. line e ael lnc antl lr nlnr trntoletin ealiinr. ara w tiling t" make themarafwl. Die beet of tiii rcftooai < -me. i'leaee call at II!' Grean wn ii (tract: haano oljiRtfon h) tnc vomfry. Can be oecn for two tleya. tMf ANTED-A SITUATION. A? IRAMSTRltS, ITA " ttri i niftln i o nm ? m-iti 4ie n I . '<nd?i" f ting and Sflli , ehll.fe. n* ol t!ie(, ml i" I plain drae* miVoft ah# uwdofaijto#* Wtmmlnr nlen would actaelady'a maid, l ily refer-ncee ; iyi n Applfto ii S.eth aveoa*. op tie'?*. , , Yl" ANTRD?RV TWO NUtT COMPRTRNT YOUNG " w. men, t f *?? er and eteady hafdt*. ?itnnti n? -nne ?a CMtnhermaid and Waiter. < r ? ? I Aae WMhlng nnd toning: ihe lherae I nlv e Raid, m I Se*m?towe<l under etande l.nirdree.inv?I otn are capabl# 'if d inr np Sne mnellna, nnd Rwtlngi the he,t of ? >ty rtfiNlftt from tht lr nreet nt nlate, nh,re tliry have lived over ?la year?. fan bf I t) f * tS9 day'-. At Jfo, ^ yHiutoa plgc*. UglitB t'tevV WANTS. "MTANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE TT young woman; she is a first rate Co.ik, Wash-r and yiung w< man : e i? a first rate Cook, fuhrl and Irene/, una >11 kino. if housework. Be-t city r-fefeuet. Call lit So. 03 Market .-trout. Can be ><m for two days. hf ANTt.D?A SITUATION. BV A RE - PE> T.\ HI E ./ y -nog woman as plain Cook ami ?i in/ and iron ii>y. The boat ol uly reference kill. C'au be acca far lira iiaj at No. ZU Elisabeth ? treet. w J ANTED-BY A KESPE* TABLE VOr.VC WOMAN', a MiuutK ii ?? Clitmt.trmaid, and to assist in washing irt i ir.p, or to Mo tins peutml |i>ou*?ework of .?* iiuui pri vate v. Tf t* I r?t uf rofvraneo fr-m her l??t |?? **' tall * *" '" "* *" * * * ' ** ? Flttre tall at No. 444 Fourth Itreol, tatwtea tha First and Second UYtuuet, ??c<ud floor, in thv rear. W ANTFD?A SITUATION, AS CHAMBERMAID AND Waitir. ia a respectable private family, or a, w ashsr and Iroaer. m ith tiie best city reference." Can be aeon for two day. at 71 \\ e.t Pil'teiulh ?t. ? street, between Sixth and Seventh avenue., second Boor, back rooui. w ANTE D-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE I yung woman; i> a good cook; is an oxoelleut washer and iroutr. Best of city reference can be given. C'au be ?een iir two day., at No. OS Hamer.ley atroet. WAMED-A YOUNG AMERICAN PROTESTA N'T OR German air!, tu take euro of childiuu, aud do plain ecwitg. N't.e need apply unless t!1ey understand their business. Good referenee re.|uired from the la.-t place ? ply at 35fi Henry Ltreet. am WANTED-DV A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITU atiou ar t ook, one who thoroughly understand* her business, alio | a.try work, aud would have no objectionsto go a short distance in the couutry. The beat of city reference given. Inquire at 3*1 Elisabeth street, corner of Hou.tou, tandv .tore. Can be *eeu for two daja. if not engaged. 'ANTED-A GOOD THEODOLITE. APPLY To J. T. I Leete, 1.11) Broadway. 1 WANTED-T|,RrE OR Ff?r? nuyT) .i?, immediately, at No. 1U0 W eat Twenty-fourth ?tiesi. WANTED?AN APOTHECARY, IN TnE NEW YORE llorpital, in Broauway, competent to e.inpound medi cine, and make up prescription!, and to take uliarge gcue rally it the business ef aueli an office, and to roiidc ou the prenn.ea. An ly by letter, with testimonials, to the Super intendent at tl.e llorpital. WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN, EIGHTEEN YEARS el age, to under iaatructione to the .addle and har nc!i making ; has rtrved three yeari at the business. Apply tu John llenry, No. 3 \ nudum alreet, rear building. WANTED-A SITUATION AS COACHMAN, OR Coachman and Groom, by a young man, an English man, from Li ndon, who perteotlv under.taud, hi. bu.ia in nil it. Can drive four in hand, if required. Would have no objection to the city or country, r to travel. Can pive the let ol character. Address A. II., at Mr. Cox's, head saddle and harne.a maker, 73 Broadway. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AGED man, a native of Scotland, a .it nation a. I Steward ou the eataleuf a gentleman. 11a. had extcu.ivu praotieal experience in ti e luoit modern eyelern of husbandry, the rearing and management of .took, and a thorough knuwlr tge of draining. Any eoiuninnieations addres.ed D. J., Po.t Office, W illiamsl urgh, will be promptly ntteu led to. w w WANTED-A FIRST RATE I RONT BRICKLAYER, to build a front, about 139 h et, four stories high 1'. he dine in the best workmaulikv luauuer. Apply at 73 Eant Fourteenth street. XNTED-THREE EXPERIENCED SALESMEN IN the I.sue and Embroidery trade. Apply at Peter Ro rts', Ti'i Broadway. 'ANTED-A SIT CATION AS WAITER, IN A PHI , . vate family, t.y a young man, who understands his business thoroughly. No objection to city or country, and no incumbrance whatever. Please address E. F.. at Messrs. Morris It Fowlir's, coiner of Twelfth street and University Place. WANTED-BY A STEADY. ACTIVE YOUNG MAN, a situation as Coachman or Groum. and has no obj.c tim to assist attending table. Is lately landed, lias no ol J* it Ion t>, t>. wo or country, but would prefer tho country. Apilyatllb Twelfth street, between tiflhaud Sixth ave nues. Can be seen for two days. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE MAN, A SITUA ti<.n as Broom and Coachman. Would have no objec tion to go to the country. Cuderctunds the care of h"rse. perfectly wi ll, and can produce good recommendation, from .lite he has lived. I'lease address 7tf Main street, Brook lyn. tf?Ei PER WEEK?A YOUNG MAN WANTS EMPLOY yjr" ment in a store a. Light Porter, and to make himself useful, lie could act as salesman aud keep hooks. Would go for six mouths, at $.'! per week, to learn the datuerreo typeht tintss. Address II E. A., Herald office. Agents-wanted, active and intelligent Agents, for the city only, to sell the bvautiluliy colored Fourteen Pictures of NX w York and Brooklyn, a very line and new article; and *?ito $>l(i can be made a week. Apply to HENRY ilOEF, Lithographer and l'riwtieUer, No. 1*0 William street t ntrunce iu Spruce street. A SMART STOUT BOY. 17 YEARS OF AGE. WISHES to I ind himself to si me respectable trade?machinist, luarble stone-cutter, book-tinder, ship-carpenter. Tjew.ler; seme of these trades | referred. Can get good city reference. fr> m his last i mployrts as to honesty and industry ; b>< no I ad habits. A an be setu for a week. Call, or address a few lines to Thomas McGuire, grocer, 70 Bayard street. A CIIAIR GJ1AINER AND GILDER WANTED To CO in the country?A person who understand, the bu.inev. can obtain constant employment, by addressing U. E II. ul this office, or apply personally at Tammany Hotel, this evtumg. Good rTerence required. A LADY WITH ONE CHILD WISHES A SITUATION as Housekeeper Era respectable gentleman. Refer ence if required. Also withes to adopt n boy nine year, old, smart and intelligent: no ol jection to go in the country. i!u twem First avenue and Av enue D, 3K6 Twelfth street. A SITUATION WANTED?'BY A YOUNG GIRL, AS Cook, and to take charge of milk and butler. Guod re commendation! given. Please call at 57 Sullivan ltreet. A GOOD COOK. WASHER, AND IRONER. WISHES n situation, with the best references. Address No. 31 Whitehall street. A respectable Protestant <:irr, wishes to obtain i aituaticn a? firat rate Seametr--#, at ah* haa bail (cnnidrrable eipenence in London. Mould haw no objection to wait on a lady: would be an aoiuieitioii t-? a Tamil) pointr to Europe. ,1'leaev addraee S. K.. 3 Hale i'laee. od floor, oppoeite T mpkine market. A WEI. L EDUCATED, EXPERIENCED rCRSON wlehef a Mtnation an Nurae; ihu underatanie French, aud can make hereelf yonerally ueefuL no objection to travel or go in the country. hiyh tcetimouiale can be yiren. Pleaee addrcra O. 0 M , Herald office. A respectable young woman wishes a eituation a? ChamM-rmaid and to do Plain Scwinz. II aa ao< tit? to travel with a lady. Very he.-t of elty refer ence can be ftivew. Pleaae call at 3*<7 Mott atreet, uaar Ilcueton atreet. Can l<e acea for twodaya. SITUATION WANTED ItY A RESPECTABLE young w oman?can cook, wash, and iron, or do * aerat eewnrV?* houitwt rk?with two year* racouiaiondatiun from liar laat place. Plcaee call at 63 Ridge atreet. Can be aeen for two ' aaya. The beat of city reference can be given. A RESPECTABLE rot-NO GIRL WISHES A SITUA tionaa Nurae and Seaiuetrtei. or Waiter and Chum b< rmaid. aood Wa-her and Ironcr. I'ltaee call at R> Market atteet. t an be aecn for three day*. ARESPEt TAHI.E PROTESTANT VOUNO WOMAN wiahca a lituati n at plain Cook, Waaher and Ironer, and in aleo aci|oaintcd with chamber* ?rk and waiting Can be ?ecn for three daya, at the millinery atore. III Green wich atreet. BOY WANTED.?HOY WANTED. AHOUT 1.1 TO IS yearn of aye, in a hook atore: one who li aci|ualnted with the trench language will l?? preferred. Inquire at No. .'115 Hroadway, up etaire. DIE ENGRAVER WANTED?TO A STEADY. INDUS; triona pcraoa, conetaat employment and* <od wa iwil1 be yiven. Addrtte for two dnye, A. B. C., llrrald urn UNCY DYER WANTED-APPLY ATTHECORNER of Fifty-fourth etreet and Third nvonnc. Ladies, in want op dressmakino hi the day. ran te trcomm. dated by calling at 51b Hrooma atreet. I) ncom|>?teat pereon. Laborers wanted-five hundred masons l.n' oret" wanted immediataly. Apply at the dilb rrnt bi ildiey? now in the courae ol erection throughout the city at Brooklyn. N l RSE wanted.?a RESPECTABLE and expf.ri. ? i.r rd woman in w anted to nnrae a lady aad take eharftw ol an Infant from ita blrfh, and make heraelf generally uae fa!;ta American or Ei glleh widow preferred. n?B< ku' thoae who ian re- t. od city reference no d apply at 371 Broad wav. from !' to A Salesman wanted-in a comb and fancy t#o...u llonae?One that ie eaperfenred in the htiaineea, and ran influence trade. Addrcea B"? 3,310, Poet Oft. o. SIX GOOD MILI.INFRS WILL FIND CONSTANT EM floyineat by iuiiniring immediately, at Mr* (wley'l Millinery atore, 113 Eighth atraue. (i-od wng-? to good bar de: aleo. n mlean man for ana of the ahow room*. CHIP CARPFNTVRS-WANTED TO WORK ON THE > ' Par-ma Railroad, etyhtor ten Rood eyperienced akip iarpr r urn. vr na need app y w ith' tit. ndrec imtneud i?t ' ? Item thlpbnll Itra well known in thia city. Apply t<. I'renct* Spin. Si i nta'y Pnnnmn Railroad Company. FS Br a I ? ay. IjlTUATDiN WANTED-BT A RESECTABLE TO! NO n ? r in l > ai t a" Scarwitr-a^al^Mo fine wmhln ? and ir-t ii -, ?r to travel with t in" -fc r^Tc eeae u. Apply Twtiii r-ft) .trort. letnenr FidptInfcd^nntli avian - n etwinn E _ fitef fl. ? r. Iront roN?#ho ran (tat rood city refer u e, " '.rlaTpla ireSy^hir le?t place. TvfRS AND STtlRE TENDRRS.-WANTED . ' r i inte milllaere cm bnt<: al n a - ma lady to laud etore. oae that can work at the mlHinery preieim i. hoard In tn%honee or oiherwiet R- r n. ? a rtviNnel. Apply n? Mr?. lb ? re . 2s.. I tglilli ati uuo, beiwuen jWMnly ' - li An< iB^ atref" f|'0 t'l Rl GCtSTS?B anted, a young m.w t ui.i t t ike r he rye i f a retail aad dlepemarv ?? re ?alary will be given. Ton be< II be rrnnlred. Addreee, with name *ui rvfer Intel, lie I i .-.let llerald offi. fftRAf kill ERS WANTEDA FF.W PRAf'TIt tilt E pertenead tra< V layer* to * i rk on the Panama Railroad, Niw need i-tp'v wltl-nt written ree r.mien li i ie fruit ? 'rlii"re. pt <i r whom they lave eroffced In the Ueited Statu Ap| W at ti e office ot the Panama Railroad Com pany, No. , Broadway, KOI NKS. ROOMS, *>., W SSTKD. \\- tMlfi-IX THIS I ITY OR 1IKOOM t X < IMS 1 It tnyce from the |. rry pool titiin,) Pert t ? < tan - , rlmwe hi end toy a g- nt*el email family. Addreae F. A. M-, II. Ml . (Tie. ROOM V ANTED-PARTI V URblsllID. POII 1 . lady and |nutlrmaa beard fof fbp lady PRly. In apt: tale tanifii nwidow'a preferred. Addreec. * ith i.raie and leirnMen, P., Board, III raid nffii ?. COIM RTNKRBII1P ROTIUKS. f|'|i ft INTFREST or LEMUEL flMMONS. as on i: X I f tl ? " part lit *? ' f the tirm of Wi > Nwwt a Jt C . Pi. ai.o' ri Manufactrrerr. of the city <fNew York, teaeed, by ti utua! coneiat, on the 17th Jnly, lo->h R tl. NVNN'S A CO P dr* ARTS FR WANTED IN AN tSTARI tMIIEMf tILOR. lr * I o.-in##f in a pleaeaat town, 3' minulee' rid" fi etn ew t orV To one who lapcneti- ally a-->inninte 1 w Ith, and I at I of foperinten Bny % . biyldtfMk* fare opprtnnltyie ir-d. tt-rk to emi 1 v from V to Mbande tn-iy td Inm ately obtained. ( a?h re inired. fSW. for particular* ad en b< ad 213, Poetflfiee. fpo rAIIORS-PARTNER WANTED, Willi ti t I pia! ' fri m Ai.Mai to f t oo. t - Join n i n ? I'ltBI t y ,1 V e" eo . . t-->** 1 t 1 - tl nil'* ? ,n ll eetaillehed, wh- wl?l-ea to ? atmn hi? bnalneae and hi ranee an- nut ot rapttal. Rctnri ncte niteu an 1 r |?i(*d. AjIdltM li- a 4, T*U< f. 0<ii - % kOAttuiNo. mm A " V ? T E OK 1 in; A N I I. V rriNItlltD ROOMS. an. sltt, < ar?! , ?n ;!i suitable for a phiainian; also, is fiu""" ?"**?*?*????.?* A FEW' gRMTLF.MKN WITH THK1II WiVEd, MAV Jn > Mjujj Iiimk i'le*fcant nud xo?vt bimrtl, in ? ?mail j rivatv f:.nii.jr, at N< . M C'tirrwll f>ln mj. fivtry attiBtioa Viil te paia t<? dom*?U?: (. >od r-fcrenot required. 4 t tvv .VJNGU: < KM LIURN, OH GENTLEMEN AND a* their w.ite, *'* 11 It aecouiiuudated with hlciAaal for* nisbi li t- niri, pith or without Kuril, m a small family Apply at Sft Second street, l*l*wii First and Snoonit aft I. i.ta. BOARD IN SOUTII BROOKLYN.?TWO GENTLEMEN tan ' c a< commodated with the choice at rooms, and Vr ul.lust and tea, with d.nniron Sundays, at ti.u upper end of Court street. Tha stages pas* the door, Iroiu Fulton and touth ftrrios, every live miautte, until l'.' o'clock at night. A no to addressed to K., and left at thda ottce, will beat Untied to. B 0 A RDINC.?FURNISHED ROOMS TO LIT, WITH i r without hi arti. eligibly situated on Broadway, three doors above Clinton place, and near Grace Church. Thoee rn< Its will le let in suits or separately ?|9 ? roouts lor single gentlemen. A;|lj at 701 Broadway, BOARD?GENTLEMEN AND I'llK1 R W1 VES, AND single gentlemen, can be accommodated with board aa pitasaut retina, at 111'Leonard street. Board wanted-for a la or. I* the lower part of tne city. A handsome ly furnished parlor and bedroom, or bodroom without parlor fur which a liberal pro e will he paid. Address Howard, Broadway Pout Office. Board.-a gentleman and Bit wife, or t*0 or tbn? linxle |ent>bmen. can be accommodated with pleasant reomittil,* iu)l or par.ial board, by immediate application :.t 370 Br??dw ay. Board.?a private family can accommodate two gentlemen with an tlnfait parlor and bedroom, w ith breakfast and ten. privileges if bath, 4te.; also, a single room. Incfuire at !Sf>4 Fourth avenue, near Twentieth street. Boilfi,!! SOl'TIl BROOKLYN, NEAR T1IE FERRY. A single room with breakfast, tor one gentleman?a Gem an preferred. Address to " O. hi.," at the oAoe of thia psptr. Board-to two single rooms, furnisii td. In gentlemen, with break last and tea, aud dinner on Stimlavs, in a private family, in a pleasant location in the lower part of the Seventh ward. Tonne (.'I-Ml pec week. Reference exchanged. Address C. H. Herald OlIlS. Board.?a small family, occcpying the whole of anew three-story houer, with ball room. Ac., in Al Mrrdon squar, . wish to dispose of the entire seeond floor, unfurnished, to a family off' ur, or two genu and their wive.t. Tinr-' will bo no other boarders. For particulars, please call at 237 Broadway, up stairs. Board.?two gentlemen can bf. accommo. dated with a very eorafattably furnished airy room, and full or partial board, in a p>rivet - musical lainily. living within five- minutes walk of tl e Fulton Ferrv. Plain una* suniing persons preferred. A Idrei-s Home. Herald oflss. COUNTRY BOARD, AT RPOTBWOOD. NEW JF.K sty, 10 ueiles from South Amboy. on the i'amdem and Amht-.v Railroad, in a private family, for the summer tin a tin. For particulars, in nire ot C. W. Hopkins, 2* Beekloan street, bit.teen the hour- of ton and three. Good board, with pleasant rooms, forfami lies or single gentlemen, ran be obtained at 9I1! Broad way, near Twentieth ftreet. Stages pass the door every five minutes. Reference exchanged. PRIVATE BOARD-A LADY AND GENTLEMAN, OR one or two single gentlemen, may obtain handsomely furnished or unfurnished rooms, and hoard, by applying at 3t East Twentieth street, betwoeu Broadway and Fourth avenue. TO ! FT?WITH FI LL OR PARTIAL BOARD, PLEA sant rsesie, on second snlt rl store of a house, de sirably situated, in a unlet and cunte I neighborhood, West Twenty-second street. House contains line baths, water cloeets. large pim/a. and excellent garden. Terms nn derate. References given and required. ITNION SQUARE-ONE OR TWO SINGLE GENTLE - men, or a family ( without - mall chil-ir n or s( rvant), ran le an muni dated with rooms and board, at No. t L'mua 8<|uare. AF1KSTRATE CHANCE.?WANTED, A COMPETENT 11 run to take charge of a large Summer Boarding llonso on shares. The house la situated on the oeeats, ami 11 ?rn to take charge of a large Summer Wording I# on shares. The house is situated on the oeeao, and is fully furnished, and has ban a popular place of resort lor years. The abovas is a line chance for an euterpriaiug man to make money. Apply at the drug store No. 2iil Monroe street. LODOIiCGIi. Ac. IU-RM?HF.D ROOMS TO LET-TO GENTLEMEN only, at SH2 Houston street, a few doors east of Broad way, consisting of a suit of rooms ou the first floor, parlors and bedrooms communicating nn the second ana third floors, and s pleasant ofiire in tun basement, suitable for a pbyeiiian. The Louse ie newly furnished throughout, and contains a bath. 131RNISUF.D OR UNFURNISHED KO.lMS TO LET, with or without breakfast and tea. Apply to 90b Broad way. ' lU ROOMS TO LET-HANDSOMELY FUR JT nirl.ed and properly krpt, in a small private family having nn re rem than t6*y win ire. Location, lower pnrt of East Broadway. Address U W., llerald utteo. IURMb'11 F I' ROOMS TO I.ET, TO CENTLF.MF.N only, without board, at No. M Clinton Flaie, Eighth, rest. Furnished rooms to i.f.t to single c un n?At the Cenimtrciat Coffee IIowes, N Dey GENTLE street. HQUSK9, CHRRIA8KS, Ac. NEW YORK HORSE BA/.AAK 31 i.RnSBY 8TKU1.? Aucli. n ante of Horace, Cnrri..gei, Harneee, Sad J lee kc., everv Monday and Wednra'lnj . comm-ncii./ at 12 o'clock. Perron* having fr. Mrty to dianoaa of wilt pleaan call aud have it f. girt, r-*d t ef, re lo a'elnek. _ JOHN II. GATFIELD, Proprietor. For sale?a mm MW for a family - <?au loacnat Marline* (table*. lu Twenty drat (treat. Boor Niatli avenue. PORSAIE-A BEA I'TlFt'I. GRAY MARE. SIXTEEN liacda high. ?vri year* old, aound and kind; travalo a uiilo id thru unrataa and a half. U nul l make an aaocl lent family or doet. r'? horae ; atanda is tlic atr?*, without ,, tying. Inquire at .'ids Delaaeey altp. HORSE TOR SALE.?A BEAUTIFUL CREATNUT Mara, 1*1, hasda bigh.Jna*. rowing rig ycara "Id, aary k nd aa.i gentle and warranted perfectly aound ia "very I Tee pee t: flic ia alio vary fact, and can b. made to go, with a little training, n n.ilo In three minuter. Pirate apply at i ( ARTY'S Stable, timer of Broadway and Thirty-first 1 afreet. | ? For sai.e?a iiorse, wagon and harness. The horar 1.1', handa high, aennd and perfectly gentle Ia all harn-aa and under the -addle; atyliah and pie.,car t driver. Wag n light, with patent aglea. enam.-IIed leather top, Re. Iu.| at GELNEY 3 Stable, corner of Second avenue an A Fifth itreet. POK SALE-A I'AIR OF MATCHED SuRREI. HORSES; inteen hat rii high. Bound and g.ntla, live and ei* yenra old; will be aold rraaoaat li the oener having no nee for thiaa. They can I e a?en at Theniaa Morris' (tattle SiaOi art una Fer pnrtkulire, apply to George Godt.ey. No. .iy Water atrcct. rOR SAl.r T1IF. MOST SIM FNDID SADDLE HORSF. T in the world. Ha ta a brir'.t aortrl. IAJ, hnnda high, ale ycaiaold, kind in aia.tlr and double hnrnaea. lie wnigot by the I I || I rat. d lice hor*r lloet.iii, and hia dam t y Shark. Price $9tX), Inquire for WM CRAFT, at Torapkina and Rruah'a lumber yard, at Hohokan, nonr ti.e ferry. Li OR SALE OR EXCHANGE?A PAIR OF IRON (.RAT M. Horace, riltern handa high, alg.yaara old. and y-ry rt t lirl, driv-ra. Can l* aaen for one week, at WUIaifi K.ed'a atabla. No. 174 Mercer alro. t. For sale, a pair of small size black II. reee. fourteen hand* high. Era vareeld, well broko te'cngle and double harneae ate lndi?e and.tla. Wcrruntt.h in etery re?pnt. tan he actn at Dubruet'a Riding 8<ih. I. pin. SB T< nrth arrnao. Prlr. S'.TY HORSF. WAGON AND HARNESS FOR SALE?A bright I ay hotae, aev n ycara old thla apring. evtn.l and kit d in, a ft. c and epirit d driver; alto a top wagon and l.atneea. both new thla apring aold only i r want of .or Anv oar in want of a flrat rata . n vidian men t. at a moderate pro a, n ay addraaa E. J . at the affiea of thia paper. Horse wanted-a good saddi.e horse, most I c c nad. an d not oyer > ight yeara old. Addreri H. I. , at tLie (Are, elating pnrtleularv with ragarl to trice, gait. Ac. \\' \ NT ED?A HORSE FOR A GENTLEMAN'S USE? FT muelte round, at >iieh, aad >!.?>( traveller. Any per ? n haying Ml. h a h< r -. to ait '?(. may addren Ja .. .. at tl i < (Tire. -Ivirir a foil drerrii ti> a. aad the p-.e ? wM 'h Knit be too tenable. U%OORI. LXORT ft LIN DAM. 15 Sol TH WILLIAM STREET* A iRerfhraul Brandt nf Paftewa krwadr. pelt aa t dark in Jb. tg. unit i pipea, in hood, ratiRiI dir-ct from heir fr.ei da in t gL-tc and R. halle. CUoMtte. II .../.V' ;. Dria. kt d Bn, hna, In quarts and p.ota. Iluttn* *?pira, a toll aae. rtiu. attf >?r. ua I rat.d* and itviea' eiebty ?aa- a. * hole and hail try**, net landed EFRFSUING' ALI. WHO PRf Ml BALLItORITB It Brandt. ray It i* the le... old r ne? in On etty 111 moid B lata klen ate old and tup**.. r. C ? apl'uaid ji t*a nf A'. Porter, t.dir. or Mitaral B'aitr. aurpaam a anyt' tg m-t heard f. .? ptthaelxi ? id Hj. ..?* lot three gen'-a. Eat Itrn. ma atreet. eorner d Crneky. Bass a t <i .? r \sr i n dia tonic PAJ r. ALE. t RLE. tratrd f. r lORntt-dyap. f tie aad ?' n intevl'al I ig S Mb* 11 M< e. in kaa ?re. r. pti tv and qnbrta, fur*al?!., tha imp itt ?r. G P. I Fi IIItHIDt.L. Nj aad US Fwmw i tsfak C< "T< R Al L.-Bt IR'S. EDINRf ROHt TRNNENTS I* G!n.r"? . and > '? 'L *'f' rated brand*. pmta and , .?rt?, !? r rale in q- irtitiee ? tuit r r i a>?rr. ly the '? IJiLlCTni;'ttb(if ' I I nft n ??. i. Si Oli II ALI loM>"N AND DITILIS PfRHRR. lu i u freeh anrpty "t the "nn. i.'-ItiM alei, i r'-r. lie i at Ian n enuli ?nlveraal euatvfTd ti. ii Ft arran'ed pi re and e.-nnia A DAI I.iMtiRE. iSOBrooiuv ?treot, aefMdfO thy. L'RRM H AICOHOL. IWvb. AND PI ER SPIRITS, .T aopertnr t eryep rad ' r rain In able >? ry Imger np i C? p a nparint i|iiklity: lemna Hrna, of e apet?,g o> ality, awe ninth tblarlag, Humeri r o'nllap.hy L III. or, a. II.N?var >ir*at.' Sr le ageat fi r ti." ?al . i Fr uaen'a call l-r .led par iie.-j, P rofii. IrandyatCSe tna.ellonc to an) i iphrteR ion II.". PAPFJU HAiiaWVR, dir. intMII I'AIMK HANOINGS -SOLOMON ftUART r ?v. Br admy. if.rf r anl-, wO |r.*l. nnt retail 'be laerrit and k. t "tmert of Fonth Pan-r lh?i!ntl> in ?' e i ?> tail t'Detffi I t"l fri- ?? Ti eir atn k ? ?'?pPteaM rich daeaVktita ealyab, geld. anbm. n*v and olher Mtperk It. in the aelclrated mnewftti *"ty it Is lb-' urt, Pnri*. rnr r I' * nj. io ah. i tt inner. Ceti.tantly an hnn f, ?'kj' and M'iflilt Curtaina. ? .??>>, t nrtain Mnteitnia a .d Cp In lettry o. I'd* ' f tear J dnaetipc n. IIUV HOODS, *r. HIGH IPSTRE BLACK SIl.Kk.-TilR ?Flt?i RtBEEH ?re new a?i)inr rarat katgMki in plein siaek Silta. Ai new at i i-re. plaid*, at ripe* and kffneada Si it * ir*a*a ?et pMtf atjlef. JANES ItRCK ft CO.. W Sr* tdwftp. N B.? Some mil ad Lin na. She n..-* ?nd l!*n?*4?, "Ip aheap. II ATRI*f?WMUU^^ M ATRIBOkT MADE EAST. OR ROW TO WfN A . I.f.yer.?Prr.feeenr Lawtrk, "f I nnden. havteg arrtved In It' t n. eill e-nd * any addr **, (n re-elpt of ?ne I. 'iff, poet jeid, p!?n dlnr'tkne t" t e Ivdii# rr terfln/nna le win tl e d"Vnted elftef ' ne < f the r pi ite ei The neoneea 1? aiinpln, but an rapOvittng thet ill may he mnrrtee. tr*e apertiveaf ay, appnaraeea. or p. ?ltt. n , nad La-t.jbf nglk net leant. It ran be arranged wttt> anrheaae and dell.-try that detection iii?.| "dl". Addrnre read-am r Imnlon. B >*t.?, Mara Ro latter swhat from the I'oat OMaa aaleea the poeb MtRMNi

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