Newspaper of The New York Herald, 20 Mayıs 1851, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 20 Mayıs 1851 Page 6
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THE IIV TOBK JOUHNALS' AH DESCRIBED BY THEMSELVES. TH* MISSlOS TO ACSTfttA. from tb? Uunie Journal. Dec 8. 1848 ] 'I be Austrian government, by its late acta, has become an out 1a<* from the world's good opinion. There are cvol-judguig men Among us who say that, with republican dignity and proper tear of Ciod. this land can send no representative to that court of slaughter. If policy require that ours, the purest and most powerful of the many nations that sympathize with Hungary and the martyrs of free dom, must sand an ambassador to bow before this Moody throne, at least lie should not be one by whose earelass selection hers, and trivial bearing there, the Emperor might think his crimes, in American remembrance, were parsed gaily over to history. It aeeus to ns that if there was ever a diplomatic trust which required the appointment of just such a man as Mr. James Watson Webb is not, it is the chargtohip to Vienna at the present moment. ? The risk ol' his confirmation strikes ns a* one which ??vervuliy. the ordiuary restraints of personal cour tesy or of literary silence upon such matters, and calls upon all who represent any portion of the voice of pub ic opinion to speak openly and strongly. We could not, ourself, honorably avoid expressing an opinion, because we chance to ne better informed upon this class of subjects than most editors. With m diplomatic passport, kindly given us by one of our fori ?n ministers, we had access, for five years, to ths courts of Europe, and, from the uuconspicvwus rank given by such a merely nominal introduction, w? Lad the best possible opportunity (that of the un noted,) to observe. We know perfectly well what court damlarda are, and can define, with sufficient precision, the esteem in which the American govern ment will be he d, iu the t?orson of this, iu new di piomalic tunctionury, and the interpretation that will be put upon his ability to obtain the office. Le u." fu:g ?peak of the influence Mr. W e''b is to cxer n bis official character. A court is a small society of men : r.nri a foreign em oy, spite of the fnet# which might correct such an estimate, is looked upon u, a fair exponent of his country's character and opiniors. In the ordinary relation* between g< vi mint n!*, a nation's dignity is i tguely weighed by the comparative dignity and intelligence of any new nntn sent to represent it; but, when questions of more interest eome up, when a overeign and his ministry have played a part upon which the verdict of distant nations is of mo ment, then a change of t avoys it looked npon as an opportunity, which no government would lose, of exprt -ting its approval or disapproval; and even if i he new minister has no formal instructions on the subject, there is an eager scrutiny to interpret his country's good or ill will by his manners and bear mi?t" know, by the kind of man vhosen toexpres* the feeling of a distant nation, whether that nation i.- MUiog silently in judgment upon what has been done, or is thoughtful of nothing but diplomatic formalities and unimportant bestowals of office. Mi Webb's mission to Austria will be recognized a- one man's gratification of vanity, and one man's si-arch after new varieties of pleasure, and nothing more Hat, with the headsman's axg quiokening or awarding by the smile or the frown with whiett other nation? look on at the imperial butchery, is ?t of no importance what America expresses by its covey 7 W Ould there be no difference, in the effect <>o Austria, between the presence of a man like Calhoun, for instance?who would look on at that gay court, never forgetting far a moment how its murderous Emperor -land? arraigned before Hod ?el the tribunal of nations?ana a manlike Mr. Webb, who would think of nothing?ma he has gone thi'.uer for nothing?but his own pen-,?nal aggran dihmint and pleasure. In the trivial character of this a,; ointment the Austrian ministry will read th*f America has no disapproval to express of its bloo.t-thirsty policy : and tne world will read, that, let a ite-pot crush and butcher a> ho will, thepurest ol iublice will still send a minister ta kiss his h..i.,i a? before, and seek amusement at his court with unh.terruptesi international approbation. While our oountry's christian umi moral inde pendence is thus painfully compromised by ihe ?{*i atuunt of Mr. Webb, ther-- it also the leaser evil?(which of itself would not hare induced us tota?s up the subject)?of the oft-repcated com IK-nmije ur our national dignity by an unfitting re i?re*.-nfative. As we sa if before, we speak with knowledge on this point; anl we assure those of our rradcta, who hare nerer teen the new euvoy to Austria, that he is of the stamp which, in hurope, lea?< wins respect. Wanting the directness and republican simplicity which would best represent ou. ia>ti'utions and our fkrst-elaa* of men, he has, in his -ocial phase, an affectation of superfine man uee ?hich will convey, to a polished Kuropean, just the aipres-ion which it given of u- in Kngland by caricatures. In the refinc-i court circles of the COO .: lat, uicn are rt -peeled whose dc|>ortmcnt is sirep'e and *traightfoi ward, quite as much as those ot cv.osmmmate refinement; but nothing is more ri d'eu'ed and avoided than |>ompoii- ai d poor ira.ta lion of showy manners, insincere affectation of (it.isue*.-, clumsy and fulsome gallantry, and a blindness of taat which knows neither the time, pis~e, not delicacy of anything?than just such a nsao, in short, as the nvw minister sent by our go vt s-incut to Austria. Of Mr. Webb's total waut of the attainments ne ?n -aiytn the discharge of diplmnntic duties, it wee iuek'ta to speak, for our government ob-'ti lutta nfuses to the need of them. We ? ion apeak, either, of th 1 objection' f ? his appoint* meet which hare weighed heavh i at W a-htngton. W c ' or.Sue our remarks eolelv to ids intrinsic qua l.ti- atious for the otii e. and, or all usage of public josi.tal*. to stop at these is a courtesy of very un "?u.,; forbearance. The unfltnesa wc have men ?i<" d b longs to th natural l amp of th- man, or rather to a coarse animal nature out of place in the willed intellect and n-ffn ir- nt; but lie hi,, oae ?vi?*r disqualification for diplomacy, which, to a f .it d-gret, is the re?ult of hi? vocation. We h*? -j-ari. oolv te allude to it. It i- that pr?ju <( *4, 'f view, which, with all politi .-al <?'anglers and partisans, become* a second na lu--. f'r. Webb would give a di-torted and mi leaiiiug < pinion, cither of nay publk m>*a*aro, or anv t'Ua'-ic man. in tUi* Country. As them are I ig *k diplomatist, at \ ianna, l.nglish traveller-, ?I foreigner* who M'"k l.nglish, and as Mr. all W. >b'i t tngue (a- all who know him are will a??.,re.) getsVyoti l hi- Nason with aay degree of < o i? ?1 exciti mcnt, ho is likely to thoroughly n. tprt cnt onr country, and broadly to malign tbrre-jourthf of the ?tat*wuen who most honor it. Th oee of our cultivated men wbv hare lived abroad w ? at once urdirstand n*. ahen we ray that a Itucral sad generaliwd estimate of political parties, ? 1 a fair, unprejudiced judgment of onr public m o. U absolutely neci-- ary to do justice to our ? ' in conversation with foreigners parti-u Is r for one who -peak withd'plomii icana official ,-aont). # us tloee wi h ?.?e word more u,.<?n American ? ?. n.cii toward Austria, mud its call for some ex p - on u our diplomatic relations I he nation* ofV.uropc excrri.-* over each other's I" : j a moartery rv-tiaiot. which poeerfally keep ? ? i-atro'i the abuses off sovereign power. In our ?t ,nce by space and time, at.if in the youth and d 1 no' cbarect.-r of our go,??rr.ur-nt, we have ison, in form* lb>.. d cw'tnaieat reason, in former yean, for eall irg mr -'ves a new and aaothrr w r Id, end mcd dfrg v? t'?? nothing but what din-tie concerned our commercial inter, -t*. "i?-a?n ban drawn us near to J .u'i c. hi.wer r. Progress in wealth and populo us ti *a n,ad? us a* powerful as onr one of fhese eo< t'eruous natioa*, ami a, c?f*?bL- of ? nmwaading r -?*?. Put, romm* nsu'.r with the ?* appro\i uiiiitts of intercourse and power, let us ask. Has fcfre UOigiWWU up a nations! rcspnn-lbilttv I Since ' ? 1 .?.">jwan natiou would willingly offend or reck irwlf defy us, has not our mere rxprr *ion of oo-u, in bei^me a " talent" which we canuot jostifl sUy "wrap in a napkiaT" Were our* a mo ra. -fcy, even, this re*poii*ibiliu would now rot <ip?a us. Hut how irameasurafily greater is it? we gbt and pressure, when the call fir our evpre* >??a af aym|?thy is from agonised and trampled tr-'fdom?thi, b< iag freedom's strongh-. 1, sane la and home, w hy, hundred* of thastsaads of ,n cant,, fr'-m the very nation, trodden ia blood, ? in our ."S-nate chamber now, while >b, I iiifed Mtufesai ndi a t?ini?ter to bow, Without r? oiouetiaaea, before the murder *r of their frien-f' ? ad ki.'.died. It is due to the Hit prfiportioD of ? ? 'ral l.urc]wati-i niuoug ue?due to ( brfstian pity d hruthiiliaud duo to our dignity a, a people, ?nd *o ti e "Genhia of l.iberty." >bom w? claim ? ur inhabiting and atimatlng spirit, that we ? ,1 withdraw national l'elk-??btp tfom that ea <i ?ed batcher er fri doin, or be *n represented at * f f t he a ll not number u- among his ?fcn?rs. P. VV. -? L irTwr-a wrt t r* sua IStv^' 1" trillsf f*?Sl Way 17 ; it i' pee that e> ?tt'WisJ "tatc t or r-ason for Js-lia . .- *- an-t I ydt.n*w Jh ' ply wbi- h Mr V'. I. be ' U I re- , S'. ttpon !??? r"r Oil |l.*r?(-i Wh'rti et v< nred a dey r two fn-r la !-a ' ? ? --ad JUaf*' r W 'W" I rtl n-it|," of th? i.e. Vet) t"?u 1 r-ntetned :in or-si t >nsl-le an I .-I,.,, 'itrl if '" the r-ro',?i"fi cf a tadf. tad tXh wr, K Hi tmpvtiatk-nr ? t i, s ? w > h e* no I t io It"' t We?, ut' 'it *a'r- , r-e it.' ? I I Se nnO" 'he |( ' indl ?d ' * *r< - s qu ' whi -b hi .an ? '"sflauVt I e* i'-.I c? tvadcT- -e in I thfeatcn<,.t to . t utfeeta.aefa 'i-^' IA, ^ rwe c* ?r. uludv lu-'u t ? nv puH <???)? "' WHI'e ft i ' ?'i -i" ?!. aot r r- *?y ? 't* . a>*it i,"-' r.>? s: 'sen1, ?',w' th cpwtatfew ?f, m with stvn ?'efinrrtlwy r |> 'V' i ot.: I ** , g*,.! irii, Ji ?? ? r - ve tcs t !* . -w it ? i n ' ics".., !? > ' -f 'imp' '? ?erf Ik r'? ?? - tt h ,t tli? (t f lal j* I ?f ? ar In v ?? 'fit i ? o .1 i?lei P' I ,1 f. b. ft toy tf-w. * ) ?? ?> its. i'i,f|:lil uh| till W rwl snilii/li s |-*?siape, aay two m a e'.otiected w.tb b>- pubk i- ? ..rfi Umi trua'.r;# ua>? i ait ait. 4 tv t+iu at.'-. , . gentle considered thetaselves, rather than been considered by others, " fine, ray, boldfaced " Lotharios; and it injured a woman * reputation for sense wore than chastity, to have either of them for fanholders. Hut the following article, which appeared in the Courier and Enquirer of Thursday last, charges Mr- Willis with the crime of seduction, and that, too, under circumstances that tend, if anything can, to greatly aggravate the enormity of the offence The gentl, man whose death is said to have been caused by the ruin of hi.* darling and accomplished child, was well knewn in this community as a man of unblemished reputation, and whose precepts and practice would have alike tended to rear his uhild in the paths of purity ami religion. We trust that Mr. Willis will be able to prove his inaooence In this matter; otherwise he will stand forth one of the vilest and most heartless libertines that any age has seen. If the charge is disproved, no language oan be strong enough to express the detestation of every honest man <45.un.-t the false accuser. One thing is strange?that Col. Webb should have ouietly sub mitted ?o long to what he terms the malicious accu sations of Mr. Willis, until the recent Forrest affair has shown that Mr. W., like a good, peace-abiding citizen, preferred to appeal to the Revised Statute* for redress rather than to those " mahogany stock" articles that vomit Tilhtnous saltpetre forth. WRBB VS. WILMS. [from the Sunday Courier ] We have once or twice alluded to the 41 respon sible editor" of the Courier and Enquirer, when having occasion to alludi to that person, as the Pa rolles or Bobadil of the press Hut his recent attack on N. P. Willis lias caused us to determine never to do anything of the sort again. Coloucl Webb, as the eoitor tf Coin ucr and En?iuir<r is gener ally. has no right to be called by such names, %ud we beg pardon oi Shtikspeure and Hen 1011*011 for such a in wtpplieauon of the name* of those model poltroon*. Our eotcmporary of the week day t Cw'.t ier, with which our own, we are grieved to ; t-ay, is sonnlimes confounded by the English press, I1 is neither a Paretics nor a Bobadil. These poetical poltroons being the creations of men of geuiut, have s<>me flavor of their origin about them; there is a 1 redeeming touch of manliness and honor about them, in spite ot their poltroonery, which we do not believe ? that the editor ot the Courier and Enquirer has any ! claim* to. His gross, unfair.malignant and absurdly written attack on Mr. Willis, is the most heirt ler> piece of Moundrclism that we have over seen I in print. The nonsensical stud about Mr. Willis I not bciug received into respectable society, because ? he had visited Lady BU-eington, and all that, would probably never have rumpled the composure ofthat gentleman, nor caused any remarks from anybody. Put the rejected Charge, who, since bis return from ; Austria, seems to be as -.1 vage as Ilaynau, without haviug any of his valor, for the sake of doing Mr. Willi-an injury, goes out of his way to blast the reputation of a lady mid give a fatal stab to the hsppini rs of her hu-baud, children, brother aud widowed mother. And he does all this while pre tending to be a friend of her father. The amount of 1 be matti r is?be accuses Mr. Willis of corrupt ing the daughter, and thereby causing the death of her father. The person* involved in this most I wicked and c-andalou.* attack on the living and dead arc well known, aad the least inquiry must lead to the developemeut of their names, and the | publication to the woihl of a youthful indiscretion which should have heeu forgotten. The editor of ! the Eveiling Pont, who was quite as clote a friend I of the parties as Col. Webb professes to have been, MM:? We omitted all noticr of the attack, both becau.-* is contained hd unpai.lonabie and graluitou- libel upon the reputation of a liuly. and because, if (he imputation* had not ?? on, ?- we have uo doubt they were, utlerty fab*, we lioul'l b? none the leva indi-po-cd to countenance a 1 Quarrel which began with an abuse of purentai eonfl denec. and tbreateucd to end in the ruin of a daughter's paci" Noue but a malignant brute, who wa* destitute of all ehHritable sympathies, could have heeu guilty of conduct like this. The lady alluded t> so brutally by the editor of the Courier and Enqvirer, was the daughter of nu artist who had taken great tatin- with her education, and wa* proud of her bcauty and talents, .^he wrote some little sketches that were published in the Mirror, and praised by thai paper while Mr. Willis was its editor. Her father g' ing to Kngl.iud for the benefitofhis health, which had beeu bu 1 for a long time, took his 1 daughter with him. While iu England she confess ed to hint that she had beeu clandestinely married before leaving homo, upon which he sent her back to hv.r husband, with whom -he bar lived from that ?lay i,. ibis, and. a* Mr. Willis states, is a respect able mother of a family. On the return of the father to tki- country, his complaint?a confirmed ca-' of asthma ?terminated in bis death; and now, for the t!iat time, ( ol. Webb accuses Mr. Willis of being the murderer of his deceased friend. The ar tie'e of t'ol. Webb, containing the wicked attack on Mr. M ilb*. is fall of gr'>**ly ub-urd contradictious, lie 1'rst ays that be had refused to be introduced to Mr Willis ou aicount of that geutb-mau's immo ralilics, and w >uld not speak to him; aud after Waid* statin that the last time he -aw him. he, t'ol. \\ ebb, inti oduced hi in to ihibs ladies at a hotel in Mr. Willis has published? card denying explicitly the toul charges of ( ol. Webb; but he might Lai. saved hiui*elf the trouble, for we do not imagine that there it a jwr.son in the city?not/sen Col. Webb himself?who believe*a word ol hi.s-tate fUtXt. A.- we baic not publi-hed < 'ol. WebbV statement we shall not publish the denial of Mr. Willi*; but as these matter* will bo likely to make mhm talk at-hrt town, we bate thought it proper to say wnat we think and what we happen to know in reference to then IV* id. ?, we think it is the duty ol the pre*.*, whenei er it* members arc attacked, income'o the rescue ol the oue ?h" is the aggrieved and inn>. Cent party. We simsly act in this case at we wish utln re to act toward-us. U'r ha v?*aid enough iu rw fereiiC- to the innocent purtie, who will be the gr.-at ? ?t ?offerers by the brutality ol t ;?e Cat'/x. ??/ /.'.<? /Mitrr. without mentioning name-, to iodu-ate who they mr<-, and ? liable the friends of Mr Willis to confidently belief in hi* perfectly temperate anl respectful denial of tin gross charge ma le agam-t btm. What add- greatly to the scandal of < 'ut. Webb's attack upon Mr. M 5lli?,are the f-rv notorious ?t enin.-tanci-a ofthe virtuou* ( . Inner.- ow.i marriage, hut a little in-re than a roar ago. K very bo ly know* that Col.Wclib an old man with z ay hat**, olid a tamUy of grown up sou.- and daughters -en ticed from her liber's house ? young luily, whom heclaiid' stincly iruiri.d, aj?aifi-t the #l"iie?of her par<*i.te. ai d n*vei div ulg..l tb>- fact until the mor ning before h still' d for ho rope. For a tn<n wao i-ould ho guilty of vu< h an act as tbi' to 'alk about hi- indignation again-'. Mr. Willis for Im/in- b.-<*n guilty of the offence he charge* him with, is really about t Ik mot -tufa taloua piece of impudence we has tttr kUoWu. Let the t o'.ouel ittli aunt pith of dietin< tion he may we im.tgiur that Us achieve i great-r in altuw-t anything he | eotihl p.'.-ibly have tho aw-urance to t.y in hau-i at, than a* a !? < tur-r on morals, e-;?f il?jr on th ? morality of enticing voting gi;te Iroin their dnif to their ] meets. a TfcKKJItt.i: Ti>'rO, (fr< in the funisy Meeewry ! 'I h.' ur.-t Hwi-irrt ha< 1 ?.? ; b--??i not.# rioue for the facility an 1 abilitp with w nil !? rn* i? into a row ; ai d to lot g as it .i.w s raw, i' ' of tery little < 01 -C|U t'-*e to if whi the th* a-:hj-"t it an ?et<.r ur a -euxtoc. Some fvirkrt year* ago it ?* rr?| 01,-lblc <'titer" ea'le- wp.n all the b-rii* o ^ w )oik to units w th hin io'tricing W'tol, th Toeali't, ft* nt 'be country, in ihe gr ? nd 'bit l?e i had slightest a Uttlvt artist, a woman <>' doubtful r>putMion and id ign bi? U, a- we !> !'*??# th ? i tt*ym>iklc editor of tW C'asw t'rr ttnf A'??/.??./,- well kiitw. "'"he 'm> ? ni >tef in th't - .w a.i ? frportje iff the <'? M.r 'I ol (H>. ?/?, Willi, (u og I sum in'ereet in 'h'- lady, became hvi ? Hampton. IV refillt of that row wji that Mr. V.'av I WI- driven fr'.ni the l*jr'> ant!; (turn ' ie em.'itiy J It I* nmceefsajy t > follow the 'I'tvi hr A.*'fi?" rtf th.oogh all it rixflani-mof which 1' ha* t> t 1 the pi i uaoti t a..d eacuuragrr Lorn it* b'fth t > >h present day. We -bail not go into ae i i n tan 1 ceatlmt g? . r>-? ' ? 'he > ? ? a? ?* sod I"i'Uty due), br who h the !?tt?r .'v?t his life; ts>r shall we -,iy < is' Mr. Webb "is t- -n-h a 11. l-?i ? aw if w, i ha* bw u " had he him If ?t 1 he 1 'ad ? t w gef tl it took hi" ''ft. \V: lev. ? ' la ' u 1^' f I b? i rcttled by bin 'If wi> li hi i 'luff ami hi r?i?.i??e j We e ,ia' to the C'j . v' i < "? !ate*t ' ruih at a c * In its iseiii of '1 but-day 's t, it Sum a c-iy i . tg . article, wh -h uts > ut w 'h Oc idea of ? ve op.o iiog the American f-*'? against the pre** ?? I I .n i U*s.>k-to"d moa 'sate '?? ! i .-'op. t:? .?* !?e of the l'?it?d r4*:!- " i- ' n .' " i . th ' hands of rtcklet' a-.t un. ii o .-.J m i. a . 1 i ' Iradii g pi "V- i? I </t i ? 1 t s -nwv-ll.1 e dtmr, a ftriadl r. a. I a <?> <. r' i t n , ej : ray <1 the ?a?h." Anst a rery *ii to'sr tn. d- '~'r, W fbh .? 1. . , of showirg this, ?s w? -had p s ea l, ?' \!ier oi# birg he '.oiw/'w f -e.? .? ,( ^ (usti ig ti-'Ul th;' A *n r *'? It ?v!J, it Is. '?? 1 ri sol I the \gfj rill J, i*.i ^.-w( ..'1 g i # e ???!???? t vi) tii iw/ Fmf>i? r. ?rd in i , u ' ' Vu-l . *'. i -. ' f;. in he L /."? Vj -it. 'I' ' '? ;a of . of the thund". r (an t b'o 'V ?<??<?) "t >'a' t, jt falls i t-'iO "th.; i IHw* 'I the lh ? ./ a . nl e st 'k? //>. i b ?N I'. \Vi,|;. .id . a i? ptr tiof .'e fiiA'?'e'u. ' Too /*'> b >e i. .ivvwd in i ytrjiithsi oiae 'k.' -u I'oe*. ri>iii* chiigrd w'la >.b enrl'y. a fh ty ?' '? >h tr>d f?tt*|M * r, and ?* *??/ /.> >eo> ''ftRCt'l V " T.i ity'Ir- ? .d 'Apl?a: * - tb? fhotd' .er and ol'iud".-- not out. It' nc w Ifi'. N. f*. W 1 i?1 ' v ii> In r ? ?? ?? to 'jiai. ' 'r. V? " >e". ail d i.j .u o . ?(?" t ?> t ??? ?.T'f r f w!n e;. rd f?* 11. t 're* i t' t?f t*s ftuC- * a J .w > ?! a 'soils upow pr)? sfe r har?. r - rr ft'i I ? !?/ - e .psiier i* >U (?? ? trf.*' I Vf n? ao >f H -J i'i ii is' .ii ?.l ? bMr. \\ H 'ie fl " A ' / rv.', i i Mr tt ,-Hi,?: *c 'ile j or ?. ? .'.o ol au.i . 11 -i ? u ???!'? 1 ..J.i. ia. <'91 f ' i h l "r ' U?.'? ,?t ?' Willi*' oooneetiou with the Forrest divorce cue, hie being horsewhipped by Forrest, end a full ac count ornis doings In Europe, his borrowing money from ladies in the absenoe of their husbands, and all his Jeremy Diddler propensities while abroad." Farther en, we find Mr. Willis charged with hav ing obtained access (o the " homes " of respectable families while abroad,only for the purpose of "selling to the iVric York Miner, for the benefit of its readers, their family fccrets, and revealing their every-day confidential conversations in relation to individuals ! I"bese publications" (continues the Cornier) "wont back to Knglaud; and one or two duels were ubout to take place in consequence of this vile betrayal of hospitality. Willis was excluded from gentk men's houses and tables, and the press oni'.ed in citing his conduct as a specimen of American breeding, and ibe necessity of excluding, in future, all Amcricsns from English homes?the sanctity and privacy of which they would violate and expose for a price." Against this "condemnation of a whole nation, in consequence of the conduct of a mere adventurer, who did pot even claim to know what belonged to the proprieties Of social intercourse?who was utterly ignorant of the rules of society on both sides of the Atlantic?and whose habits, interests, and connec tions were alike at war with the feelings and breed ing* of a gentleman," the Courier boasts that " wo protested," also that " we peremptorily refused to bo introduced to him (Willis) or to rec-ignise biiuas a gentleman, in consequence of hit proverbially bad thro conduct everywhere throughout Europe." There is something very Rombastesr uriosoic in t his and in that which follows: " It happened," continues our grandi loquent contem|>orary,"that in the summer oflttll or '42, at Satatoga, Willis arrived at the Uni tod .States, about mid-day, and came into the drawing-room when we were the only gentleman in the room." [The excitement is working up.] "lie was a strut'"ft to all the ladies present ; and coming directly (o B#,*' ^^.chilled in a condition of unbent wrath] "we recognized Dim F w* acquaintance" [magnificent climax !] " ami MkUM run* to "l0 ladies, without anv special introduction, auu left the room." And all without the aid ofthn balance pole! " Subsequently we spoke in the street, in passing; and once, and once only, did we ever pause to exchange a solitary observation." Now comes the most serious, the most terrible ? in fact, the only really noticeable part of the Conner's attack upon Mr. N. P. Willis. It L? that part of it which accuses him of having seduced the daughter of a "a very-dear friend." "Her ruin was complete," says Mr. Mr. Webb, " but her heart broken fulher still clung to the hope of hiding from the world her shame. lie made but one confidant of his daughter's fall, besides ourself; and we pro ceeded to compel Willis to surrender certain letters in his possession, which admitted her tall, and which he shamefully preserved, from tho basest mo tives." lie was accordingly requested to he at the office of the goui Icmiiu referred to, at a certain hour We met hint there W hat folLcwt d need not be toM, exoept that tin was allowed twenty-four hour* to in:tke the surrender of the l.-tter* of his victim. At the expiration of that time we met him again, received from Liui the letters, which even the most unprincipled libertine. pttMcYwing one particle of human feeling, would have destroyed a soou a? lead: and from that day to this never suffered him to speak to us. even in the rtrcet! Our success in thus hidix? from the world the shame of his dear child, ' gladdened lb-- heart of our friend; but his w.-c- not the uatwe to sun ive such a blow. In le-s than thn-e month* we fognwed him to the tomb; and in the sight of that <o>d Is lore whom the seducer of his child must also one day appear. > P. Willis is s? much hi* murderer as be would have been if he had plunged * dagger to his heart. Ofc">urse the .Veto York II'i'Md copied this ar ticle, und one written by Mr. Webb's former asso ciate, in which Mr. Willis was skinned without re uiorve, and it added to tbeui, by way of garnish, a oontemplibly blackguard thing from that dumptqdib called the Ihiy Book. in tbi* thing the Courier and Etttjuirer is accused ot impudence, treachery, and the worst kind of duplicity," end that the "Do 1/ B.iok, faithful to its promise its au independent journal, has taken upon itself to send one of its arrows to the vitals of the Courier." 1 laring fired off this very haimlcss arrow bang at the vitol-s of its contem porary, it informs us that its editor is an "accom Idished blackguard," and charges it with "un du-hii'g prostitution and profligacy." Thru there is another awful shy at Alt . Webb's vitaU?ho is "an unblushing bully, too cowardly to do the deed himself," only murder, "though ever titer gloating over his victims?over the dead Had the living, too, not lees helpless in their feminine inneccuce ami juvenile dependence." "Feminine in -loconee and juvenile dejiendcnce" is a very pretty p,ece of non M-nse. Now. wo learn Air. Webb ha* the wretched ta*te to be "vain of bis successful frauds and dupli'-ity;" that he is a "bully coiviot," an "aceowpli-'hed robber,'' a "rhamcles* old hypocrite and bully;" and in the end, we are consoled with the comforting and astounding fact, thut "none need feai?the Jh.y Hook will do its work !" Aud very d-itv work it seems to be fond of. 1 lie Courier mid Enquirer has done ii ? work. It ha* shown, ar.d we arc proud to have assisted it in showing. "tbat the uiessof the United Stalest* not in the hands of reckless ant unprincipled ni n, and that its b'?d:ng pre*s Lsnot conductca by n coward, a ?ednccr. a swindler, and a seutencel felon who isea{>ed the lash." N. U.?Since (ho aboxe w*? typed, appeared Mr. V 1'. \\ illi.i's "correeiiou of the statement made by Mr. Webb," in which be adtniM having reei-iv od letters from n youngschool giil, who is nuxra re ied lady. re-itling with her hiubund ptx'tublc uianied _ __ and rhiiHri ij iu a r. ighboring ?Sate. " -bo wa> child," s Mr. Willi*, " of n great deal of i. regular geniu- hnd eccentricity of conduct, but mUisI never itcbiJ to no? to have either the id, ? ,,r tbo oou exioutm-s of Hiiy impropriety.** Mr. Willi* nays he uex cr ht mi d this lmdy * virtue donated "until t'ol. Webb'* calumninu- publication oTThindsr." In that publ etion, a.- we have shown above, Mi. M'tWi liosilt, iu b- u?'i*l Captain Kobudii style, that b>' compelled Mr. Willis to giv- up this lady's letters Mr. Willi* ?nvs, in nncwer to th>.? port of the poM calumny of Mr. Webb, that the letter* we e "??ourteouMy applied for, and promptly re turned." He roonaftei met the father of the young lady, bad a lew word* of explanation wi li him iu ttjard tti tlir teentrlcititi of hit daughter, wbcu la shook hand* and parte!. We row s?k if it U likely that a gentleman?that a nau of any k'nd~ wow id ?bake hands with the reducer of In.- daugh ter! A* to the necu-atiou of sedu<-ti<M, Mr. W ulia ?a\- it is" unqualifiedly ui.tiue." lie; (after we ?h?U have something to -a_v abo rt the gro*e nature of lbsr.iyeo made by the Cwirur wo/' /.'i?<,?'w rr. We can eoncrire of tot.iing more un K> ut!e iianl;, or more luean. la *c king for levstifo agaln.t Mr. Willi*. Mr. V. ebb bar not h dialed to hlJSl '.bo go > I niLU' of tb.* daughter of hit " very d-'ar fri**ud,'* wLo?,? un* t:m< ly end he moutus. If it were true that she it as a fallen one. his conduct is unebristianlike, urnliar'rt ahle, ?n?l tri .ich ron*. If it he not tiu- th*t.-n? has hern w.intoo, then bis conduct i- rowirdlj Oiu'til. Me that her hu ban-t ha* plunk en t.^h e < al' V.r Webb to a sharp acx. runt. A to Mr. Webb's pre .ended anxiety to ih fend the j.r <, ?? IrgVIll it II* all fudge?*0 tiling hut f\i tee. with luoea f"*tian. We l*u!<h at it. He .,. tti . ? ,, -?*# to di'g-arc it ard b ii-y t >n leis. i. )iy k * article of la-t Thursday, ih-n slime / ?i t II i #fn:r?re/e?ci published. * '.Mirn ' ? v it.* is *ar? j*mi x\ ,j-.r v an. wt.xt i.?f rutM*M. [frr in tlx- Hunday Alts- ] l.?-t I - d.iy Mr. Jam*-* Watson Webb mid - s* attark ? ? , Mr. Nathaniel IV Willi.*, tl.i 'tg' the columns the New Yr.ik f*tr< tr i'*d /.'* ?(?>,*?. At the ? ' rt, we determined not to notice the aSa.r :? gliding it. a* we d d, a a j ? r*?oal Nsllrr. >i ot right should be confined to the !??-?? bat, aftorsvard?lading tb.ii I* woilu to* s town ' *!!? in spite of in, w? e*?n. !udx-i to g >e Mr. Vx ? u ain charg* to the pubic . ll |. <? j - r t -ay that if we had * en the card Mr. V. i it- pit hi is bed in ins of the xt ? ot yea* t. sisy, hefc ? tb' extract we Iliad, bad got into t *??-, it wouid hsi" Is* n omitted. i mu .wives, we d>> not h-sitat.P to my ths* Mr. W rarrl eerries with it to our uir id, * th-i o igh i<, ?'Un r.f i? trnth and horr ?!y. <>?!. n m,y ibt. k othcrwi.-e. His story is piaiu. . imp.r. ami t>i it. ,i?t. And. if tbe nard be true, th<"i i* Wehh t ' ,.i a nic-t lain. ntable condition iu tbo cyea of f. -iety. Put. if it lie falec, We do net |. r eixe tha' r r an fail to r<-i?der bim an ohje*' o( di*rustand it.',,., iTi"-e. If Mr. Vt til ' actually ?? doc. <1 a young girl of "giest respectability aud beair-y,'' utto h i* tc.ome tbo viiluoo* wife of a worthy ka^band, i d i* now a ippul ible mother at,J .? m tuber id d;gni?cd uJ h'.uoiahle rorlety, not the 1 .ia.y oi liie iia-e and eowaidly iaeet ,. ? y, who. to gratify hi* malice, and t? a<-iu.-v* -<l ,-hc id. ri >y* t..-r 'n tore the jfuhlic ' I ex -it ^': by. h-r go! ? fho'ild hat .-been fcrcV'.r hid from th - g.*ra 1 tf the wtii'd. Vi'i-hi it j" tb-ipat.'ng in di Wi:!r a ul'ir*, <t 'ttf i."! ivr W Iv'ay, that ? lr , u Hit n; a eoimen* " i i f tb : jcai* .r.d npWflTd.* WT*n?bc pri-.e, we 1 ,.,f ft ft. I i utb'iig r|uit<? so ?il.. mi ?lp/ oos, or . i coo i ii'?. ? the st'ack Webb wis' , on a 'wdv, e no. he ** ? H i he ileiighler ol a "o ir mil very ?r f *' T.rl." lis malign I ly L- wo, thy of tb ei)e-t ' *rlchtiut *i } atdi r? d to ci > '?!, Wtiii#' . ,;d, i , ?'? w cannot find ro*.iu f?.. uinpishir ?if.v ilet,!, * s'.d cfutis all that W ebb aver*. \VV l.'d >t acta fed, an I did ntrt i,I i? *,|J siolhei woi-l to a subject -*, well rah ula ed totx x iteth t ,1 gf.alion of exery fallu r, x-v y giutniiaa ot t tra'e h' lioc and virtue?ft,ry comn,on pio >. 11, i ol mi man's ft ms. TU da*turd, lie < <x r.inl, ,..r t, > t. , who c?i, be guilty of the a roeious ,k-?d ? loK.'ts'e <*"' h Jbgtt-t, can only It,dan apoiogtst itic-c > n av |d*a'.l that L- wa - , thor iu<aaa 'i d.v* v-rn be C'u,n itfed tii'- da tanlly act. 'Ih.- t'.xd i.owe tr, lias found It* atipi ,piiate re % aid ; a ?' , ra few ,lay*'easeful obcertalioa, i ws are , p*,edtC sf IbM Wdtk't att,<k,noion f, ? r. \x , !,r,? * a a woman, hris sc ored the mo ii,s* .'S'idi,- ,, , nee ai'd dtlt*islbn if th- whole i t, !? <? ,, .? a, d f?,nt*? f1 'be the m >lb-iota* p.,Pic,., . t" ? c*i? i xiirft e,.o 'ioa ?1 all Ha,*e* (l.f M.c'fls [From tlie Court i?r tvnJ Knauirer, May 1V.| Any reply to the foregoing I Willi*' c??e,] if inoro txplioit than our statement, might possibly lead to i n expoture of ths party to whom we alludo?a re -ult to which, of course, we cannot be a party. When we determined briefly, yet clearly, to apprise the London A/onimg Post, and the public, oi the euu.'o of Willis* enmity towards us?which, it must be unieiiibered, was evinced in an article bearing hi= own -ignature, and published in the Homr Jour nal, utter we had left the country, without the ex cuse even of a previous difficulty?it was cot uutil we had arrived at the conclusion that we could do so without tho slightest risk of the public being able to conjecture who was the party implicated. We were prepared, of course, for surmises and rumors of the most ridiculous character; but we tit mly be lieved that only one person besides Willis could ever undcretard to whom we alluded: and we there fore did not hesitnte to state the facts precisely as they occurred. If there be these who, from their ] :i?t familiarity with Willis, art liableto ?-uvpioion, and if, as we arc informed, the uamcs of naif a of his female friends are bandied about a3 being the particular vic'im referred to by us, wc aie not responsible for their names being thus used. Whether Willis, in the foregoi.ig card, intended simply to mislead the public in regard to the porty implicated, by pretending to m under .tand us, effectually to'screen th? injured, ii more than we can deleiurine, in charity wc are willing to consi der this as one cf his motives for devisi g and pub li.-hing a romance, which, if "founded cn fact," is ? no to which we huve never b>K>;i a parly, and irtrh the details of which wc are utterly ignorant. Wc unhesitatingly declare that we knew nothing of su.h a case as W illis describes; and if it be other than fiction, wo advise him in future to abstuii from re vealing any of his affairs with "young girls" who have happened to exhibit ?* uncnccntrat d pro mise of genius," but who have tiled down into "respectable married ladies." Th?y will notthuuk him for being pointed at in connexion with our fharjje ; and in this relation, his card is an offence ngfljiiil CVfry ggytlcmauly impulse. liven if his publication trerc true, and ar:r.g uponvrhat wc alltgc, it would be unpardonable ?n n-.m te make it, to screen liiraself from publi1 indignation. All 3 if his life lias been such that the public have scores of name* upon whom to fix suspicion, it is no affair oi" ours. We repeat, that but one person lives, bo sides Willis and ourself, who can possibly know to whom we have alluded; ac<l most as^uicdly, wc shall do nothing to point suspicion to its victim Wc now reiterate every word of oar charge; and were we writing for the reader ? of the Coiintr an<l Enquirer only, wc should be content to leave the matter upon tlie i.-sue of our respective characters for truth, Hit'. this may not be, u.ider evisting cir cumstances; and wc therefore proceed to teat the truth of what we have alleged, iu tho onlv manner in which it can l>o done without j dating -uspic".ub to the party implicated. t iencral tlcorge 1*. JViorris is the per- .n&l friend ?f Willi-?the co-proprietor of th-' How Journal, and co-editor with him in the conduct of that paper, lie suffered Willis to publish, in their joint paper, an as.-Hiilt on my private chai ucter when 1 was in l .urope and incapable of defending myself, which I- ad.uittcd to be, by those who have read it, one of the most infamous assaults which ever found its wnyjntoanAincricau newspaper. llciag th'ts, in 1?* and in fact, a party to tlra' disgrace-feu publica tion, (which, however, we have never seen) he can not be suspected of any friendship for its ; while it is morally certain, that if practicable,he will relieve Wil lis from the charge we have inadc. Now, let Willis send (ieneral .Morris to u-, and we will confront the General with the party who win pre sent when Willis delivered us tut> loiters of hi.v vic

tim. We willplaee before him the identical pack age of letters, superscribed, iu Willis' hand writing, to "Col. Webb. We will prove th->ir ideuiity; and will place in bis hands, for his peru-ul, the tel ler written to Willis by his victim, after her .-'ciuc tiou. ? All this can be dont with impunity wi:hout Geue- | ml Morris' baring the slightest cue TO the identity | of the writer of the letter; who, it living, will re- j ioice that justioe ha* thus overtaken hor betrayer, i She ieels, we doubt not, beyond the reach ot sus picion ; and although she may regret that other unfortunates have suffered suspicion from her tault, she will do us the justice to believe that we never would have broached this mutter il we had not known that by no possibility could sue sudor. Our pioposition to make Willis friend and no pal tner the umpire in this matter, must bo conceded u> be libiial, even by those who van palliate his worthless assault upon us, It such there be. but we w ish it to be distinctly understood that we an ucx one condition, and ouc condi tion only, to its ac ceptance. It is, that after the investigation which we invite, and before leaving our office, l.eneral Morris shall put in writing his report, and leave with us a copy for publication; which wo pledge ourselves to lay before tho public on the following urnming, sheet whom it may. Wo bare n fthing more to say on this subject, except to cxprcM our sympathy for the "reo.eotii ble mimic d ady in a neighboring State, ' it there ??? tuih a pcraon, wlioiu XV ill is lias ??<0 rcc.vles.* y as sailed, and upon whom he ha.; endo wore I to atlix Misoieio* of dishonor. us i heritably hope 1h.1t ?he whole a'siry is as much the utt-pring of h'* iuvii gination as is that part of it which relates to us. And this is more than probable; because, were there iu existence such a persou as he do* ribes. ap prehensions ?t a legal tribunal, and the wrath <d au | outraged husband, would have effec .Uslly pic- | vriitcd Willis thus alluding to her. Antral ot the >U?nthlp l'.ornettiens. The etesiurhlp l'romethcus, < apt. It W . John , sor. ariired yesterday morning fr-'tu Uhagres. r?? King-ton, la. The I', left New York April IMh, and ariived at (hagret on thr morning of th* 7th iast., making her outward pa-sage in eight days and ten hour*. Miv left CUafrestbe evening of the |Oth in taut, arrived at King-Ion ou the morning of the lilth, and again left on the evening of the Wth, arriving at tynaiantine, Mntcn Island, on the 1!Kh?running time 11 "in ( hagrta, ~vc? days and twenty-tw? bonis. Annexed i" a li-l of the pas-eugor* by the 1 ( ?m.*i ?*-mean ht?- IC S ?N.?t ?"? J*'!'' J.I,a M1.1 I .If<l, Jusu M?ai.,;l I'aul, t *rl?? ??> ? "'j; *'*? \,Um.TJ 1 r?' C Hl.raai.J ra.u, I'r I'nUifir, t.< ?? w < ?va, .1 r. V ???' ?'??. ? ? " ?' ? ,1. r. N VV I' Wrtlaaa. 1 1 w? it. .-, i.winli !??>? tflt. t:?|,? ?.<?? t ?>jht.i?. ? 11 ah n. ?? V K II. v IV I' Morri* I.!'. Mi..' I" It II J-liViT Mr ll*r IX V![M 11. u?M. Ji n fo-rr 1- M-rretl K II A pel' ." a" 11 i; I * lltit.n, II li t t> ma.r..u?k, .'sue I ?*rtt,?'' ?' ? .J; I I.W? -? \ R W JHswtH;.. ItsvPilh.L' A Mi I "?? Jt. I. M I> t V l l-.i J | ? , r,?. Jr. T II llntlr-r I li- T-u 1 *"'11 ? "-'r I.; h Jl. .Art ..... .???; ? ?? M. - '?? W II In....* ..... u II llTsvlur. Jam?? lirl-t" ?i 3oh? M r,r' .? V.} . Vi A I I ? K* !: ' II wan ?* ? tJw.,' rl? fcrewa. TV;- '.??/''j I' M.rr, ? ? ' ", r C .i-mil. II ?' 'lev. J J>".-., 1 I' 5 ! k' ft art" II ?i. Jam" IsWM"' ??. '?"? * T r. I rj. i kit -J : - ? ? " 1 ' ". i way: rfA i MiU? U ?' i.|?. r Chfaai?i, J * 11 ?? ? ' " 1 ' \ J^ I., |.w.v ? j K .fi ^ 1 ? ar?ia ?? ll.srf ?*. .* ? f " ' ' *Y . 1 ' ,7; r a Mas* i'- ?? W'liir"' f H?f !.* ? liuis. F* A ' i ? | %\ II \\ kh u ( ?.it1 ^ / .,??? tod I?'jr. 1 ' 1 ?' !?? i ?Uwr J t ? ? ??' r4 ? 51 Wnll 11 itf r. *. v,:: .? .' V" : j I namua. n h?. r?, j i ..w?? \ \ < nl r. r. - . u 11,111, V b,. i; 3 I -- ?. r.. Ml u J Wll Vi.*lu ..IV I'ni" r. i I M ,.l. ? . V ? ':?/ 'I * I is; ^ n : U. 1.1 ,?i.v KtS:?:;t:u? j" p..S II ael.,.' A \? 1 r; / U,'l.( V I. . Vial- I I < ?.? I ' ? \M\ ' , ,, w ::v'i if:i VIh'H 3 n vr?.s. a.'i ? I; v. ? ? v ?? { I*. UH:~n'?"'vib Wi-' i'vv. ,1s Kh U flS'i' , I , - M.f " . /. le M. , ; ? ? v:. r-.r/' /V '??;: >:? a in *i? !??? -4 - Y " ,u r:,. i."n. ?: v.iv -' ^ v.. I.||?V Itwr.i.. II ? ?? a, * ??;' ??' .w |l W l'?r. Jaaw I .??rli, J??, ui. *i ? >? !? '? ? '? ** ' ? !, ,, jV.'^js* .uVa" $ s' iv.'a.t'v1 H;V |X| }. " Mm; a i ? m '?? > I' v' ? ' , \ f| r.iVrV... r innrnj. ? "-V irtJtwten?:^ ^ Ml at < l.Mg>i * si#n?cr I * AO I M'gnsiv .?rawer lye. to-ait nets dev. 1 he steamer tJuW Unwle* a?tiV -I ?l Vs uiu . ot II.S tth n -t.. with I pssseogct , Itf n>" hvfff 1 ?*' A.vil'bleo. , . i, _ ? IU etcawer I bm-e ?.? ""1 - ? i 1th inet . w .lh t?"?| * s?nt? r'. aid 1?' goM duel on trr iglil. . _ a.. u I 'M "i W > ' '1 ,k', u Arte. n. Kno & , 'iil ?'? A- '' ?* IM.III(< I'll Jsvii.l'li fv till I'l'-rw Ihtnswshif I* ' ' t:' I c m?i<?|o tho l-'.'h iae' "I h. l r.i"K ???'! *???*>* '"J' ' ' . | b. ii! "! April 17. sti r-?| .1 lvi. u'":n ??' k" j . t. 'li" !?'?? ' I .an h mine,s, *'?" no ?'? * ? minipg of? rath ? n.*lf r the -I'C. * ?* ?? ? (i mei? Mi.M n. 1V ?' a- ft" ?' '' '?' ?1 in the VV ?-! Iu*. ??? The ib<.le? h It" " '! " i at 'h (I 11a .v '? v *'? ' ? * / ?" i..en i, \ lb- ' r. 'i* '?')> Ic ?' I ??-?** titnu remained who ware not expected to tturrive. At Cascade there had been two deaths, and at Ke tri ut one; at Great Valley one case had occurred, which was likely to prove fatal. At Mountain Valley the people were so terrified that they had rtfustd to Fury the dead. The Governor had directed one of his medical staff to proceed imint diately from Si'aui.-tituwu to tho district. Hx persons nail died on Riley's estate, within the pu.ieus two weeks, notwithstanding it is situated m a healthy locality, aud the presence of good nodical advice. The Customs' Tonnage Duty hill has passed both branches of the coloniul Legislature, ami received the assent of the Governor. The bill re-iiaposes the duty of 2s. lid. per ton on vessels entering the several ports of the island, until the lUth October en.-uing, when that rate will he reduced to 2s. per ton. she bill will remain in foroe for seven years. The duty oh cavendish and unmanufactured tobac co Las been reduced to Id. per lb. The Falmouth papers say that the estates iu tbat vicinity are guttering severely for wunt of rain, and inju.'y to the crops was feared. On some of the properties it was dilfieult to procur- water for the stock; the pastures wore literally parched, and the cane fields in a deplorable condition. In Fal mouth, the weather was deplorably hot, and the atmosphere was loaded witu crowds of dust and the disagreeable malaria from surrounding marshes, which, it was feared, would be the cause of disease and death. MA&SSX8. Ki.viito*, Ja., May 12. 1't r, a ?The wi'.t-r have been to a very limited extent. 100 bide. If kill more and 1"0 bbls. Philadelphia, out of ths ia-t arrivals, huVe been moved at 19m bill per bbl.. but there are seller* at 28s The etoek. compared with the greatly dimini, h< J demand is ef enormous magnitude. Miil- lie have not a single operation to report as Laiing been effected io this article, the stock of which is getting spoiled. Rick. ?Carolina Is without . image. Biiexn ?Very abundant and inactive. The sale? are unimportant. On. ?Cod remains as Ia?t quoted. Laid.?American is dull at tJSd a Td. per lb Codv is'!.?Wi' Lave no improvement to notice iu priees ?.i. mo*.?Tlie .apply at market is qiitte equal to the restricted demand tor the article We quota No I at 72? , Nt>s. 2 and ?i are very difficult ft sale at o"H? and04s. pi r bbl.. respectively. I'obx ?Tlie high prices continue to restrict operations Oniy .-malt parcels of m. can be moved, at PlM New prime and sour nu.-s bring 70? uui 6L- respectively, in v r r moderate lot ? 11 iMs.?American are eery plentiful aud inactive. Soar.?The o] erations in btr.i-le s hn?e Iweu confined egclu.-ivi ly to retail parcels at the usual rates Ths soup inr, ^arturrd iiere is in tnuch favor with the laundresses, who are the principal consumers, aad other dcucrtp tibns sre negli eted CxncLr*?lhe stock is mormons, an t tlie article scarcely unli able at Gd. per lb. fvr a-sMtrd si'es. Ciis.i sr.?Both Kngllsn and American are scarce and wanted. 1,- Mio.a,?Th<-stock of whit? pine sufficientiy ample, with a very limited demand The last sales were at 70s per 1.0C0 fict. Cypress shingles are in abundant ?upply. Oedar an' wanted, aad would command 18s to 90s tor fair qualities. Pen ?Tlin supply is ample. Me qu?. te American *? fumiiy " at fbe per half barrel, row is exceedingly scarce Si oar.?We range our quotations at let a IV. per 100 lb", for dark to fair. Kwitk.iit*?There would be ample employmeut just now for e* veml vessel-, boih for llu-at Britain aud fo reign jiorts. Tonnage l? very scarce, and a rsther lapse quantity of produce is lying here for want of vessels to carry it away. Goiu?Me quole American at 2 a 2.S per cent pre mium Xs.ublis.ns arr not procurable >1 ait.? Holt led has decliued in cou-cq uenee of the abundant supply at market We quote ale and porter together at tM. bd a 7s pardoxen Bulk i* at- plenti ful and in little demand, at 80s. per hogshead. Toraico.?Cavetilish t.? very maetive. at Is 2d. a Is bd per lb. The stock 1* heavy. We have not heard of nny transactions Ic leaf tobacco Kit HAii.i ?On New York billii have been freely offered, but no operations of any moment hme occurred ? , , V00'"1 of ''?""??I Before Judge H< ehe, and Ai.i.mieu (irlfflii it ad K.-.II 1*1S I AT. OF Ah> MtKdlAM FOB ?IA\.MAr?ll'l!:?, |> rAl-i ?<ENTIIE 1,K ,T" ?f * SKRV*>'TOIRI. Hi ,T.J, TIF4T> 19?'The trial of Ann Mr-ban indirlod for man M en-' } <?""-?"* the death of Aim n,l f!Z*a' V 7.aen g rl "hich trial *?a eomm.nrod id ,h; ?tthf Urn,. WM re-timed thb. morning 1 imotby Uliamm, ?woro ?I am a policeman war ao in Noecmber. 1849; I knew Mr Oilman, ho S on m"cn |he evening ofthaHth of Noeembcr. nod re. pic bed nw to go to hie houee; I Went their and taw a young girt k lD * rh*'r' ,,'"u1d* fi*wurd; eh. looked tfonwf.h^,CVi.T'r^l""th'r1 Kl"^' 1 ** "convert tion with her, I did not examine her pcr-oo particularly ? ralard Li r hat, and noticed a acrmteh on her chin and hruiMi on thrright aide of hrr neck; I aeke.1 her at the time what waa tie niatti r with her; ate- coiupUinod of bciug v. ry aore in her aide and hor head; Indent hrr aomr wore mmationa, and ahe would not ?,,wer i .e ab? appiart d quiie at lipid: I went then t.i arc If I could gat a af,rnfil: u<,t K'"t cue; I returned autl n-kod ?' U,k" h r lo ll"- atalimi hou-c e^l.l l l l .' ,?" ll" ' aidH I e ?a on le-r right 1 took her hat in iny hand; We h id iilmo.-t to , any h n' r VH,n> frvn' th" ,W ""l ?"? ?? 'Ar a< . I Ln . <-D 10 H't ?nd raid rhc w., nut ahl" to go; v.e etrred her to the datum lioura No 9 O .k atiret; rhr anpeaml to he eery much fitigued: w. tiiM .neT It W^"' w, nt t'M'taln H Uaon .a t II - ^ *r *' '?r Dot tor O'Dciun 11; 1 arulaud *; *V '/P^t'ir; a ta ?l wa? pr. pared t o her. but die toiid not he down, rhc ?!?,;, wanted to ait up. I ?rotighl her to tb. police i.Hicr next morning, iu h car '?#r: pr. ?tru? to coming ftv.u, the elation hou-c ah m !'ih !V S "n't 1 f'r >>?r four . cut-' ? il T crueki ra and two cut* worth of milk; all.- ate it ail, wr l,?d to a--let hrr to got into th. carriage; a cm plaint a a- mad- by h. r; .let we l.ochn>p alri?d '".'.hrVi;,1"" ."'^'l ' ,lnW: ' ??'. ?llV. t,r raw her atterwai'dr ; I arte.lad n,. priaouer hr virtue ..| a warrant on the lith . f NorcmtaT; 1 arn . - d he, J hi I Mirth want rial i n hou.c, 1 had pretUmdr I. ?? u twl her . ?!" ?I*'"' ?Rrr" I utut'-r-Uaal ah. 1 torkhar to the I..nit-; ahlh-?u our m.y th. n wahaj a< no < oat. raatMin TL- coin.m I for th- hert ero -. xam.o t thr .MU.-I tore., whether,he. aver w.? ?!?" untrr n -triiiut or ludur. no ut. tx , , , ..vend th:., j no threat* or pn.?tl,r , , w,,.r I.0'" "!! ?"U"'l objected to xny rttf. ,. ajom hflns adaidt. d Jin f. url t.vrnul.d ,i uT,. in" "n. rOU*Ml' 1 to tin rui.n. at a V I t" "h"' *" m"h ? ?<h.o; k , I T tt^xV "'tr -r " oi-thing o. fh.t kit.., I th nk it wa. a iwln d . rd he . ,M tI.J the ?* ." ' tn-piial I nolic.d thai hcrr .r. w n | and itu ... war a ktn.l .1 , 4)..i en lb.... ?? '-eyinilird ?He e *? M.r.l(l ,, ?? (|t, re?(I? h* kc l in "' "jr * '??'?r1, rt< half an It . h In i n/ih: ? k. i lik. a nail marl I don't II,Ink it I l ?.. i? t " ' J1 1 " ?'ie two m 11,. .. ? MUhet on the right ant. "I herurck w hi.1. a ? ,|MuUr (Uk> ?? j, r (,7 ? ' 11" y <1 l?<)? ri'i lu r l.j "'}'Tr,n'. " ,l"'n ???""?? "nil.. Ilihof S.r.mker i u *' I t.?.",.r id'' I k.'".A i'l1""" 'lr"' ill Iba llrrl W k t June, .n it IT , , ''*'??,J ?ll,i %' '>'*n. !, 'rt^i i I1' . ?1?"'-t Ul. ,f tugud: I raw h. . .HI, n hi r> e.r *a.| I* haV * ** ' ""W- i."""1'111 ?" h r i| n h. , "" ?.???'- lit nan th.ui .in , ap.V hair I* . a tbr Mil,I. laa.d Iwl civ Mr. Me. ,pu. I., llh" ti ul nam on the third It.. ..,.1 t liti,- I ? i?. ? .ntlat and Mm Welch'. r ? I w.., ? lt :'r.nV, ? T' ?i I u. !ii.,, .; Mr- t|. Iu? ?j. il, I il ? h?lj aintler pt,| nrae.'t 1 " ' '' tiling, .In- lit.i m N o,. net '?? i, Mr'd V' *' ?,r" ,l ' :"h T ? ?-T -I J 5: 4 am. th. r I. c . i.., ? Inn rl.c? ,r;?d. a.? r |.. ?nt ,4 , , f iliej wh',.|- 1 1,. i'.u. . II.-re a. 'T.;' F"*4 >U ' ,?'1;T UP -I tin f I . X.el keith vat< r, tlra M.- n ,o a?. ta tn.. fr. .. ' , " ' no I o.l . a.ida a-. Aillt l.i.'.ar }t Mm J.a .at. the 1 Iict,, I hc-rd Ann r.t a whip,;, IK.. ' nn.i >4 1.1 ? ,Ut; I raw il ?I pt ?} n ? and ? I * 1,1 re lit. k. tli .?Oti \ it It Wt 1 ?? lia-j; .< 1 ,/ti Ar 1. in, ?? t. 1 n ipin.. Am, n ar o lr> I.. ... ,1 , "n trie pi, up -'i; t|, >?' ? l? If ?*.> ?li if * ,n ,* ti? i ] 1, * 1 K i}? n ? ( htf l? tt'a. * H?j?| ? ?| ?if hth; 1 r fcwt ' *. in th** t tt 1 K f,, ? 11 P r'd 1 J,, 1 ,aj | , r ? ;,..r f ftiilltj* 1 |f1* r <li' f -? t ntktl >? I .? *h; f. ? Ul.'t Her t I* jt ?Hr ill' f * |S 1?1 t p ? K, it it r? ? t tt ru?. 1? W < . ft i\? i 1 .? - f'H.Udt T?t i r* * .$ l#|t |? ? r|? M. ' < -1 ?l h?. ,4 ?1 ? 1 ? Mi ? >1 *' . . ? 1 ti> f. r v M I let tit > . tlV ! i ?*f Ann # toi?< At** Ml?? ??ut ? f llir r . , t ?.r r 1 hi t?t.f ?M? tic* till ; r, n/ /Ik." tit It E V- A A ft ? f ; . til iMiffr |Mt <f K v. - J ": A n#t m tl . ???ih#? ? for 11 h# M?im ff fr 1 th 1>. >t i ti. .1 | rV? 1? M If, -tw h tp' ? ; ? II ' r let ' lh'.f 1 f I i 1? ; I'M .?? 1 ft it* J ? f uU tin. 1. r I? *i\ | |? > ? r | ? rt hel I . Lit - I. ' i, ? 1 ? . t i -1 I.HlijM.f if* if: W'??rf' ? mn., ? (It PJ U'*: IfcHfid |?i %, j ? wr-fittth ? ? Mte?ft-Mil 1 k * Mi , Mr, ?I f; m lH|i IJeflH ?tr-i t; 1 ? rtj' 4 Will? Htm tttcte'i nt l\ fi t (.'I 1 Ur..f th. rr* j ? h |?m I H f t f? llf f r Hi *' ? Kr 1- ii,ri ?.??. ?. 1 }'. r.f mi frc Arm i#u 'fb m 4 iitfirtii tUni Kr 41 * t? fit ht r it hrll; il. ? itt It- '.til tli ?Vif; 1 h? t tn M tf-i n< fh m Mr b't , I ? H4s ?ri , V ??f i '??t 111 ?-% N'ai #?< llifi ?? ? k* H' iu*n -?.i ? 5* r ?i it f 11 litfii 1 ifi.A f.< t | P*t4; Mr*. rtM h" ?uJ^ij ?f; 1U? !>??* ?t !?l Hr. <1 il: I-'Hi * ?f M? M. l I'Mft I.*.*| hi:| 1,. .{) ? f Utf vfiff . tlrft ffljp nil. '#ff ft'f r ft m it. tli r 4?*!? mmH r>, I, ? ? f if ?H i llti ok. fr it 1? r rrr, I'll a.h. r II" ,! tai Ut, .? her tnu del, .a? :: tl,. 1 I -I d. I . .. .; it a, warm hi* i.vjtn r .i afi>,r i i<> a. -ulld ) ed th lit ' h- lart tlltl" I t' 4t|'l. I .? h ,r n>..ny k. ami their nhiit rrai'ddifl -. ut. ? t >? . !** Orchard ? !!?? i ?i I u w ((. tt'i l.; I I ||, ra ic M'-e, ntte f lw*t; t ' h il 1 w.. 1 e. tut not a,ten ; | r,'n 'lit'?) ir r.'ur 1 a toark rye; [ ??* oil ', or 'we v. Morhaa'a apart. ? PC tile T.'i.v ( ft Vf< * A ci.'. j. ath; 1 f -in ? '|k Mra A' 1 ;> r :?i.Ve, h a; a > tj in I hunt f ' It h?T. ? aid i h- -I. M cry ? |?1 ? ?r 1 think f . r I I*ft 1 h- room; f ? ?r.| 'ho wund f tt ai ?In' wvx mn -h I ,.. n r tied ear . -mr ? h hr-. Mr. pari II , L 1*1 a I rkw tun th reair r-fcllw >?dori be ? hp ' d*M"?-h' #<. I 'lh< ? ytr>" "f condition, iw I on!* paswed her ou the stalr? u 1 ni f '>ing out Amanda Cumming* -worn?ir sister of last wltueas. was also bear ting at Mrs. \V?!.*h'e> in November 14lit, i have beard noises Id Mrs M elian's apartment* ; it w on one occasion. when 1 was with my >jUr in th>< fourth ?t( tj? I then b ard crying iu Mr.- Me-chun'a room; on another ece aslou 1 heurd noise un<l scuttling, 1 vu kitting in a bsek room, on the flsornllUMr- Mi?h?Q'? loo in; 1 then luurd Ain't voice, an if she war crying, f beard no blown or voice but her own, 1 beard i< noise at if k' me one was pushed about or scuffling togclUsr; I t*a t her about a week la* fore tier death; t did not untie* whether there were uuy murk* about her when I l?-t 6aw htr; 1 saw her but ldoui Cro.-s-examined.?The jouud < f pushing or scuffling did not last more then a few minutes; this w e< iu Mre Meehan'n room, front room third flour; i heard the cry before- 1 heard the r.und of scuttling. By a J ure>r.?The Vast occurion I Wave ul'u-led lowja ia the evening Harriet Cuuunings eworn.?I a sister of the Met witness; I also l>oai di-l with Mrs W eieh; I heard crier, whirh seemed to prc-ceedTrom Mrs. Mechlin's roe in, tti ? crie?ke uied to proceed from a young peri-on; on one oe eaaie u i wu-passing along th- hall, and on another, ] wie iu the back rooir.; the cries contiuncet e(?me hre minutes; I saw her some feu*- days before her d'-ath, I uevcr notici dbow rhe war dre-s.-ed. William O'Dr.until eworn?i am a physician: 1 n-cot lert tiavii-.T In-cn calnd to see a young girl at the i'ourtb ward station hi use ; It war in November, 1M9. I heliev?) I examined L'.t, in a hurried uiaQUcr. in the early part of the evening; I found her iu it tl^v TOM. sifting on a long l ftuipjj fli'.b Jic-r houidcra against the wall; frojii vtflat i .fg. t-c (old me, 7 commenced to i earn in ner: 1 fr.jnd on the lower p.-irt of h- r back the flcih rais ed an. I in a hsrd'r-e-d condition, and discolored, it wax of a yellowish and blackish tinge; It appeared to be of will" r'andipg. and not of re-vetil oceuirt-ace; it ?p pcare-i to bo lnd-iced by external bruises; there Were some btuisee f-n her band*; nbe itppe-nred to bo m a de? tltutc, prostrate condition; pulw feeble; a* there *m no accom-noeintlcn at the station he-urc for her, 1 advised that ehc Ve- rent to the hospital; the bruises on her back were low down, rather below tlie small <f th? back; I supposed thi< cake lix-1 alreaely terminated; 1 wan never before ? ^aniined Ir thir case; 1 had to go to the statin* hcv.fce to get the date; notwithstanding thin, I now re coileet the circumstance# perfectly; the shin was hard, nd had lost Its pliability and softness; this hardness. 1 roncluded, was caused by inflammation brought on by blows, or some kind ofJ.ruirvr; 1 did nut e xamine low lowe-rtlin.l>?; ber tin!* were in ? swollen condition; I advlsod that she be rent to the hospital; 7 never raw hwr afterwards. Cr<v-e examined. -I luete praetikiel me-dlein*- in this city eleven years; 1 pim tl-od fifteen year* in Albsny piy viou-!y; 1 never war rrigajexl inanytlher bu- neve ia this city; 1 cannot teil luiw long tlie bruised appe-araur Lad cshiti <1; perliapa a week, unirc or lea-; I should not think they had e-xl.-ted a month; did not prercribe f<w the girl, but advised that rhe le **-iil immediate !y to thw hospital; 1 did ne t think her ce.-nditio:i was iomeediate-ty dangerous; I do net reee il?-ct wheilo-r 1 advised that siw b" n nt tha* niyi;t or the next morning; I thought that the nee-.led nourisbme-iit more- than nie-dical aid Virginia A We'eh sworn?Jo November, 1 k49. I r? aide--l at 1 W iltiam atree-t; Mr-. M-clian ex-euyiesl rooene in tlie same house; she hired rooms of uiy husband; aha live d there one year, Auu Mftlowan came to the- houati with her; slio (Ann Metl.) looked about the .-time when khr e-en?e- there as when she left, with the exception of a black iy?; 1 umlce-d a ?- r?tch on be-r aewk a e-hort time be for.- her death; there was u lump in her ear; 11 first noticed that lump In the summer; I think I leave heart he r cry; 1 rould n? t swe-ar to hearing lie-r cry more thaiu once; I think it wa* at the timet she was being chastised *>7 some pe rson in Mrs. .Mex ban's roeuei: 1 think ahewao reeeivicg slapv; 7 (hints I could tie-ar them; ther? may liavc been five or six; 7 think 7 havn heart her whipped two or threw time* iu the dhytime-; the sou ml appear**! like that Oihde by the hand; tlie last time I heart hew wbippe d may have- bes n a week or two before 7ier death, 1 think Mr- Me-chan : aid. that when she whipped her, the girl would throw herse-if ou her buck and kiek out her fi t la a most aggravating way; 1 barer aee-n Mrs. Miehsn once kinoe- New Year's; she called al uiy house, 1 don't rece lh-ct what we converaesl about; I dont think war nursed alsjit tfcis trial; she may have said ahn wished the trial we-ul-t come e-n; I saw the* tealy of Ann Meejowan, after Iter death; 1 re coguixed it as th- b-sdy of the seme child thai had lived in my bouse*. t'rt-e?examined?A t'?>d d< al of my time wm spent in th<> is*.m in tlie reer of Mr*. Meebun'a; I heed a factory there two or three nooutli-; Ann's dutiPs were-of a do* ?nestle character?awecping, clcuning. kc.; 1 do not rr cUie- t the circuux-lance of h?w upsetting a furnace teaU of t< als; I don't know where h*- waa the night beforo -be lef t the house; she wa* of rattier melancholy habit; 1 liavc heard her sing; sl-.e never was in my room but ooce; that was the- night she took laughing gas or ether; Ut!a was ou Me uday or Tuewlsy evening, if -he weut away on M edm sday, while under th- influence of the* ethoc, or giu*. she was asked who she liked beet, and she paid Mr* Meebau. She sang " Nelly was a lady," and danced; I dou't think rhe- was und- r the influence of the langbing gas. lac suae she acted differently from other* who look it, I put the gas ou a cloth, end she breathed it. Tkratrlral and Mtuh-al. 1'siwi *y Thkaiu*.?The great exertions of Mr. Ilatnblin, and his active stage Rianager, Mr. Stevens, iu catering well for the |uttrons of (he* theatre, are 'octuingly reoogni/eel bj the dramalio pub!te, if good houses cuu l>e taken as ?? proof. To night the JK rformanceit will cotnuien*.** with th? el > a ma ot ?? W alter Tyrrell," with a tine eaat? Mcs.-rs. I.ebiy, Tiltou, and ftliva \Vcmyaa in the ] lincipal chat actors, i he cnlertaiome-nu will c<w? clude with the excellent piece-, entelluei " J'xdphc uor"?Mr. J.ddy aa (iuillanme; Tilton a- Hoe lac; Nli-? >. Jictiin as Henri: iinei Miss Weave) as M? e aline. This attractive bill will, no doubt, fill th* How i ry llirstn. I'r.oAiiWAV 'J iikat.'J'.. ?Tin very u mining pb-eo : (allot/ the " Ki.ugh Diamond," will frmmciw lb* | jctft.mantra this evening. Mix. Abbott's Margery i is a capital piece of acting; mi.J Mia* A. Goagrtw> I liim Miatain* the put of I.Mtly 1'late admirably. Tli" nc*t fixture will be the grand romantic Hpco ! lacle of ?? lau-lim," which tor scenic beauty oaw : i ut be .?ur}it*ae<i. Mr. Ilarri* nuxtaius the pail of I tin-< icrmiia Doctor very cleverly. Conway, a* Mo |.bit(i'i'hiiri, it excellent', and Mc*?w. Hill, W'hi tiig, >haw, arid Key wolds. together with Miss Atw ih ill u, M i.-i A. t a on tri o he i tu, and Mm. Abbott, a/a all r.x< client in their rcspcctiie parts. N.'ni>o'w Gahiik.ii.?1Tho-o who adutirc genuine in ling i he u Id lull to Niblo's I hi* evening, awl act ih distil.guirhui comedian, llrr.i v llacidc, it* bia gnat cbwiacter of ?'CJmndfathei Whitehead,** ha wh.eL lie ha* no cjual. 11? will bo ur.portad by \i y tiilcnteil artist*, who hit undor tha direction liif that libit Ktngi manager and gieat favoiite, John .%i li'it. Tin otiteitaitiini nt? will cooeiuda with Uw i. \i is rev called the ?? 1 ir I iNijjht," iu which Mr. I'iucide h|i|k .ifi a." Miii>. Achilla Tal.iia Jiufout, vuth Mir i>. An wid, Jordan. ( owner, .Hoiui, Mr*. J( fn ^eflnu and Mm. Sloau in the other character*. l't::n?N'. TukaTRK.?A groat hill for that eve ring The nmuatracnts commence with the caret* ti til oi imdy of the " IS-rli'lt- family Mr. 1 amice, an aotoi great oib-britv, an t'apt. Murphy Ma a character which h will till to ureal iwieaa tiiga. In (hel, wi; lot Ve scidoUi it cell Mr l4lt?r it hti) ehmnoler that h did not Oil with entire Bait*, f ji r ji.i. i>, tin audience, with grrat credit l* l iiixill- l i i i n ?) , gntii ii manly and giw eful. Ihu (nn, ii* \mitiM(lab >k"'k. has pe ?|?al. Mhunt, aa f'harb - Tt rrcu", i?capital; ami Mrr. Hughe*. Mr*. I:II" II r "d Mm. fkcftvtt mi - a, gre;tt l??orite t aa oir. The t ntertailimenta cltMi with " IdcMwt' Torment"," with a Sue cm it. NaI'uvai. Tukat*;.. 'L'bl* fa'mite pi*w at a inu-i iim nt Ir nightly etowdnd to rrco, towtiaxe* the gorge?>u* -|? ?laelu ol ?" Thalaba," the mign.X i*? 11\ nl nhioi hat novi r h* ? n otarjiaved. Mrs G, ii Tt 11 O f i uiK-trpt ion of the found!.ng Thalaba. i i m.. d ' g'? iueiitnrwu, Kiel call forth geneial ? I | lobrtii'ii. Mr. Brandon, in the ehmailer at Mi hatch, |.l?ya with great i n. rgy ; aad ,dM K. M< <t?vi r'l | < rtci mam ?> uft)nie*.i i? tmly graoefdl. It will lie r-1" *ind thi- evening, wiih th- ww? I ? wo r.'ul cm-!. Th< MureurtU will rotnmenoe with tl.r i . w ? |? r?:h l.u.I.u^vi extravagant*, ca tillerl, ?? 1 ?U Mod I'ythio." I'.l i i Iiaw'h I.ii ; ( m. Th i (v h hrated o iu* W /"I.IH of ** t i in* Mltlli a le#t.doii," wan pro Inood !ait l ight, wiih tie bri. and h-iutitul etboae wh oh ? r. rai-U'ti/e the ir.fotM pieces done hew. Ii 'I j'hir Won a kli?l"*'i I laurel* by hoi aisutap tirwj of tbc Npan'eh II berth" . lowMghata'* b iirni J.e?i iriiLlrrei -??; ic llg ? ? \ ao.lla in loppcry. All ih ein-rj ir nB'-xc"pti uii-' ti', a'nlIbo ib?? jucrada * ? ? i'y tiidon I m. b made txa im-I of I<a J' ? Ii ; ami. iu lio't, ailio- omed lid their ut wad 0 pr? bioo the "??<*?>* wImoIi w;ir inevitable wivb u< 1 * ."I -*. It play? t th wetriBg, with the ? liL U't ????!*:? dieUx of " I <H :ii. tiroun-l," and a poiiioi, nt the ".^chool for - udrl," with Mr. A !?? i and Mi*. *: tt In tin principal pa.u; ? )<: iniiie eitra tiv? i-rotmaaee b<iug for I be 1 ?n f t ef the g. aUcmaniy ami ? lin ii nt trca-orer, Mt. 1'uckUrat. I'm M? ?t ??;?The " DntemaH Ciiildrew " 1 ti i indeed t i'. n n.o city by torm ^ rsterdag y to i ui" -pa ioa -? loon wa* very cUnaely "ii- IT" ? ?lhtiofv.-li' J artists were recatTwd <? J. left' i- ii| i-r4o*C, o-d were greatly encored. I i v n i-it. ?'? ^ hi it friu ph in the new popular ?fh y, w;. ? vhi in by the. etaineut Vreach . iti..;i-t. 1. r'V.e, tr t'tied, ?* 'th* Voting f'ouplo.** i *rii <i ting i,.: f i'f ??ro turned away; long 1 ?? tin curt^T ro? , tv> ry rook and conwr wan ? c-.i pi. ?;. > y t h c.'ui nr. i toorg. To-day, th -y apt ? ?r it tu" wif pu a- t<> give a fait op 1 ..I r.iiy to tleie wi,.. W-, "c ". i unfortunate a* not to ? bt. n ?' i-'.e. T'e?<! .TiPdrca aro d< ecrvedig popt; *r. i t.' t?rv'*MtvxitRi,*,-?Th? fxtfa?.r<linarr atww ?:?? o whi.-a the |?rfoi oiat '??* of this truly in r 'able I. nd of "i"gru pe^'^"?m<>, hav. mot with, if htrpa:alielcd. The attractioi * Ibr tlria evctdng at * 11 the -atati re'e.-t character %<= u?u*l. Th* 'oi ot'la Violii *rd gttitur urc ? reoiitod witb tWftl -r i "i tgd *. den l with tiia attuubt ha;mouy. Ki,r.n **' MiXWrri.*, in coitjunc'ion wikb tha .Vw (.tr|.:a?5 ^er?T;a*i,ra, h*?.- w?n a most auiiMblo rticbt'ion j the'r kali ia cightl* filled with Iho fashionable audivit- f t, and tn. ir fwrfbrtnaa et grvtU-l with ?T?ry licaaoaatntion of favor. New "ticnr a> *!n ,'wgd th? celebrated"Flrcman'k Mi. j),vJrxgviT?Tbkt tveninc, tho Itcauirr wj tba Lyceum takes hi* beaclt?tha profrainajt (4 rery attractive, aad eonriderlag Mr. . ill ?no*B? and hat a largo and highly re

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