Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 21, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 21, 1851 Page 1
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V<THE NE W I OK K II ERALD. WHOLE NO. 6784. MORNING EDITION?WEDNESDAY, MAY 1851. PRICE TWO CENTS. AVCIBWUm. D0W1IT THEATRE.?BOXES. 2? CENTS; PIT. 12* to MIU; Orcheitra box**, 50 C*wt*. Door* iimd at T; our finta rtee* ut 7*o'?lo?k. We,lna*.lay VeS lTJU XXI.,. Ur |X_, Uod H1..1 BMiW W.H., Ss'taJiiteacii tease XlSE ."!T .KTLV'lr "if. t Di-o-l'f Sural, Mr. Stevcnx; Morvva, Mr. P?pc; Colonel Blood, Mr. ?jLton: Aurora Sldn?y, Mi** W?my?*. ,? PRTON 9 THEATRE. CHAMBERS STREET-BOXES, jD Bre** eircle and parquet, 50 coat*; Family oircl* or?e cond tier, 25 i eat*; Private box**, $3 and $5. Door* open at to bout" bt 7*4 o'aleek. Wednesday ?renin*. Mar 21, will be played U>? IlEIK AT LAW?Dr. Paaglo**, Mr. Bur ton: Daniel Dowla*, Mr. lllako; Dick Dowla*, Mr. Leitcr; JMiorali Dowla*. Mr*, lluybe*. Alter which the comedietta of A MORNING CAl.L-Sir Edward Ardent. Mr. L**ter; JMr?. Chillinxton, Mr*. Ru*t*ll. To conclude with the farce of the SCHOOL FOR TIGEKS? Panel*. Mr. John.ton: Mary Panel*, Mi.?? J. Hill; Alexander Panel*. Mr*. Ruaaell; Tom Crop. Mr*. Skerrett; Darid Spring, Mi** Weston. ?RATIONAL THEATRE, CHATHAM STREET?BOXES, Sr 26 cost*: Pit. 12* cent*; Prirato Box**,A5. Moor* open at C\i curtain ri*e* at 7* o'clock. WeJncaday oroilng. May cl, will be preeented the grand fairy *jwotacl* of fHALABA, THE DESTROYER?Thalaba. Mr*. C. K. Thornu Mohareb, Sr. Brandon; All, Mr. La Favor; Haffna, Mr. Thompson; Month, Mr. C. Taylor; Samba, Mr. L. Fox: Oneiia, Mia* E. Me*taytr; Acratoon, Mi** Malrlna; l.irka, Mr*. Drew. The entertainment* to oommene* with a new extraraganta, en titled DAM10 AND PYTUIO? Don Damlo, Mr L. Fox; Sig ner Pythio. Mr. Herbert: Dion-Wtiu*. Mr. La Favor; Pha Iitius. Mr. THyliir; Sal-Aathy, Mi** K. Mettayer. M'LLE JENNY LJbDS GRAND FAREWELL CON CBWh IN NEW YORK. Frerioni to her vieiu to N. agar a Fall*. W**ura Now York, the I.iL.ei. Canada, Bo*ton, nnd bar final depart ur* for Murope. The public are raopectfully informed that the** CoaooitA ?nil very soon close. THE SEVENTH GRAND CONCERT will take place at CASTLE GARDEN, ON WEDNESDAY EVENING, MAT 21. rnoonxMMn? rear t. Overture. (O'.eron) Weber. Ali??"Sorgete." (Maometto Secondo) Koaaiui. Signor llolletti. and Aria?" Wie aahte mir der Seblnmmer," (Dcr Freyachuti) Weber. MdDDK. Jt.NMV Linn. Arin?" ''emnio *uol ch' io colpoxto," (Gli Arabl uelle Gallic) Pacini. Signor Salvi. Bridal March. (The Bride* of Venice.)-. Benedict. Jgccn* uud Ana?"Casta Diva." (Norma,) Bellini. kuux. Jenny Lind. FART II. Overture?(I.e Scrment,) Anber. J>uct?" Quanto amore, (I/Elixir.) Douixclti. Mdlle. Jenny Lind and Signor Belletti. Jl mania?" la terra oi diviaero, (11 Ciura mrnto) Mercadant*. Signor Snlvi. ^ Burcnrola?"Stilln poppa del mio brik," (l.n pri gione d'Ediubnrgo) Ricel. Signor B*lletti. Jluet?"Mira la binncn lunn" Rossini. Mdlle Jenny l.ind nnd Sicaor Salvi. Saltarellofrom Posthumous Symphony; OpuaSO.MendeDxolm Ballad?"By the *ad ten war**. Benedict. Miili.e. Jivxr Lind. SvOtoh Song?"Comiii" through the Rye." Jknnt Liixd. Coadnctor. M. Benedict. A GRAND ORCHESTRA. ?ombiaiag the first muaical talent in America, numbering nearly ONE HUNDRED PERFORMERS, Mil been engaged for these concert*. The price of ticket* h** boon fixed at $3, $2, nnd $1 ea*h, According to location; nnd nil of the** ticket) entitle th? holder* t<- M warn* eei-nring their *enta. A ipecihr number of ticket* will be allotted to the pnbllo Rrea*. beyond which there will be no r*?Tic*rri for any jhrecn. or under any pretence whatever. The low price* At which ticket* have been fixed muet render thi* rule *b*e Ititely perer ptory. Ar, office for the ml* of ticket! will be opened nt Jollie'* Mniic Store, MM BROADWAY, ?very day, except the Sabbath, from 7 A. M.. to 9 P. M , fvhere diagraine may be aeen, and *eat* aoenrod. The few remaining Farewell Concert* will be -given on MONDAYS. WEDNESDAYS, and FRIDAYS, nt Caatl* Garden, or at 1 rlpler Hall, a* will be announced. Dvor* open at o* o'clock. Tn* Concert oomaeace* nt 8 E' clock. Book* containing the word* of the *onge may bo obtained At (he dcor?t rice, 2fi ceate each. THE EIGHTH GRAN D CONCERT will be given in TKIPLEK HAIL. On Friday Fvnxiwa. May 2.'td. Tl.r MM n f..r Friday * Concert will take pl?ct at Trip l(r Hall, on Tl.vr*d?y,'Ma} 22d. at 10 o'clock. P. T. BARN UM. Jr N K Y I. I NO'S SEVENTH GRAND CONCERT AT ( a-tlt Garden, on WndnecAaf eventna, 21 It inet. Tli ? m ?: i.e'irahlt MtU in nil parte of tt>? bona* cnn be a?furcd at n. HA 1.1. IKK LS Book Stnro, 2110 Broadway. J F.N \1 I.ISO'S SEVENTH CHAM) CONCERT, AT Caetb C ird'n. on Vi . dneeday rrcuiif, 2iat initaai. X k if fv? tin- moot doairnblo rei.-e may he necured at E V AS* It BHUTAN'S, l'p-t"?ru Bonk Store, t'/7 Broadway. TfCRLTS IOR JENNY LINP'SCUNCIRT-W EDVES da./e , euiud, at Cattle Card'n. Seat] to all yarn of tot hiure may bohad at tbo hoi k etore of AliRI ANCE, SUKR B>\ A 1" So. 2 Aator U ute, oppoaltn the Museum. 1 TICKET- EC* JEN NT UNO'S GRAND CONCERT, ON Wt'ilr 1 ay t. eaiug. May Vi at, at Caatle Cornea.? A L" < a. ate to e;l parte of tbe Anna* can I t obtained at JAVf > *?* A BROTHER S Mu.ti Store. 3?j Urondnay. Jt.NSY X IND S OBAN DCUNl ERT. AT CASTLE i,\k u-B aa VI .due-day waning, May Viet Tiekcta for Cbmrr *.? in au] tort o( tiia hooec ran he ohtaiord at BAR i i ?TT A wELFORD S Bool ikn, 7 Aator llou.e. A ?*, 1?. rui rreoty pee of Jenny Lind. at lnr^e ae Ufe. ?HIPP1NU. NOTICT -PASSENGERS PER STEAMSHIP ARi TIC. f-rl.i .'T ah *i'i I lea-e he on h>ard, nt the foot of taual >'.**-t, on Saturday, May VI, at II o'clock A. M. en I tc'>i tlUr'atfi not want. J on the |ia nob oriel I'ri. B'j Nay 2? i!.t rk?d bolow, with t ie a amber of tie r berth CTEAN'.d ARCTIC- FI'K SAl K, A EIKSI CLASS ?T Pa tnr. n the abate *>? ??> <r, to tail on the 21th last. Prate re n I berth l.\ oae of the heat in the t dp. In |Oir* ? i ? Broe ?s>. third Po#r. FOR Til' IfORT.D'S PAIR ?THE NI W ANDSTACNCH rteamai > north amekic*, j. n Minima <?.??? ma'.d-r, all! Irate Pier No. I. North Kiror, f>r l.iv.r l?a I, on Tj-day, lune 17th Thle a'np hae maJr hfee \over t to C haare- only, and thnieby fully teelei. Itrr Hp. rd nod 00B qualities to the fullaet eatlefaetion Bb* bat ??PfTifr aecniumodMlone for SUO pireone Pore to lit. ?c I. tld". I or MieftR*. Sl'l'lp *' 'he < Be* of K. J. e'AN Jim At PR, 2# Water eirret, corner el Broad. ?h? r- plan of ce'dn - and eut ! rc.oiim ran he teen. No lr. Ight taken. An ?jrnerirttr dSnr/'oa on boar*. FOR POCTnANPTON AND HAVRE.-NEW TORE and Havre Meeea Navigation Company.?The failed Btatee Mm! So ninthly PR A NK LIN. Jantee A. W"tt' a, eom jnander. w!il leaee for Uavrn, tout-bint at Sontnampt >a to land the iiiail* and pa*?> ut-ra. na Saturday, May SI. nt I] ?'< l*rh- ?">? P'er No. d North Rirer. I'rloe of nniwaar fIJU. All niter pace tkr ugh the Poet Office. Tor freial.t ot Bait-eye, apply le MORTI M ER I.I VI Nfl?TON. At cut. No. Bit Broadaay. rsos I T> r I. I'll01 ST flEomiE'S I INF -THE 1 eplead I nra pat bet ehl| ANDREW ft ? - i E K. ('attain Alt Win W ,)n ?r.te. a hi poeiti.cly -ail on 1 hnfeilay. En XJd M| Irn tid ?><; .? i i..deio.n? f r roMn. fovea I.cabin and rleer a? pa'--ncor- H earlj appiirati a i? made on board. I ter JT. North tlivrr, or t BUTLER B (OTIir.tts, Km *nath etre t t, i '.raer af Pu b slip. V T fun savannah.?tup si per,or srr.AW-inp T IIXlKlhl (l.eei tone.I Cnj t I, j "0. ? ill leaee Pier No. 4. Sor'ii titer, on ."atorde;. Vith May, at 4 t'eleek, I'. M. er pateat,* *|t'ly S.I, N I TC'II f I.I . I'M Proat efret. Th- Ala' tan, < eft. I ndlote. on Saturday. .Ilet Met. A".R MR ORLEANS, DIRECT?THE IINP 'lt? f ?! nt I ?? jine etenmer. W INFIELD SCOTT, i UN I ul l-e-th-n. ? i.Tt?ln Kinno> CaBlllnrtl, a III d-ptrt frontier N . 4 > rti. Rleet, nt ihr-- o'cLirk P. M edej.U Juno. 1 vt lr- Uht or itaeenyi' eyplyU l)A t 19. lldiiOKs A Ctk| Nl'tdttMti'-Be f"KITED STATIS MIL 8TEtN*lliP OOHPAN1 - I'oy Nie Oyteme clrtet, eia llatar.n. en 4 i. I?| Map ? nt ? r. M -Vera Renaceil.?The eplondld linb|e-?H(iai ?teenteM) OHIO, S.IHN loan bnrthen. i. Pindltp Sdfetark, l". S. N., remmander, atll eail preneely at 3 e'eloeb, I' M Vom her pl-r at foot *r Warren -treat. ,N. R., nlti the rieeramenl mailt, direct Sat Haeana aad New >>r ana barret pn-acayr rt tran-ferrtd at ilet aaa bo tho rrltadld Aonbie-eaelne atramahltt PALf i'N. Prelaht taken to Nca dl'laene at ."W rente per robin fnnt S| ?< i* nnlf tiki n in Irnrfclte Havana. No bill* nf ledlay will be aiyntd flat Sim ft' eaier hae tailed. J rfr i?ht r raeeaae, appl j at the ef wtrrea ?tire el tire rompemy, 177 Meat etreet. corner _ M O. Hi?HER" A PAf iri< MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANV -OMT Thrroft l.lte for San K?4errd lie Monday, Ma.2dth.atS P. M ?^T ha epleadid don bie-cr ri??? ?tjauialilp (>UlO, .\l?ei time. Jo- Ptnillay Srhtnek, C S. N t'ramander will tall at Won 1 ay. May Jnth. nt preal. ly J ?'ilntk P. N. from her |der at the font of Warren at reel, Ti. H,. with tl.t (areeament mail* for Ciiayyea. via Hti ana. Cberrre paea, nyere traneferred at llaeana to the epimdld di uhl- enyia' etean .hii FALCON. I'aeioater-leavlni in II i f'hi wtll eenneet afth the favorite et' nm-hip NOETII IKN IP. to tail from Patama. nn or about the IMt < 1 Jan*. 1 of freitl t ft pteaaee oppij' ?t thooBce, Nt #4 and C6 Soatb ?tre-1. if <? he. ITTwaat etr tftet, vomer of Warren. f MIEPFNDENT LINF TO CHAOBBS DIRECT. AND m thrauyi tn kete to California, at the loweat re Inced ratee affee Tl - new sad epl-mlid "tamer BROTH BR JO N A ?JH A N, 1, tiai t, na reyOter, havir.a proved htreelf oae of the ln-teet. >a.r|. In tbe world, will foeltively tall ftom pier S, 14 R.. at pi ? ittly S P. M , on Monday the Jdth of May. Thlt at, aw.ey hvin < onetrnrted with n view to etr njth and ?peed; bae moat eaeellrnt ventiletioa and tapcrlor noeom m< datloaa. anil am be eurpned with provieinae la a moet li Ketal mnnntr with ripertal ear* for the eomf rt of paeeen ptere, and Ie taraiehed with an Iron vault, let the eafe trant portationcf epine. hnllioa, and other valuable*, without iherr* Icr SWtN Lee than fl.tMO Ale*, an ??fiCrlcnced furyecn, whoa* aerviece artfrte of eapena* ArrantomenM khvlay heeh made with Mr-re Zechrt?*"n, Neleon ft Co., of fanema. for tho ralo of ticbet* on the PaelKc in tbr et*em*? tTNIoN, and ? thtr independent eteamere. the public are |>rotee:ed a-*lnat hl*h t rleoe. and provided alth an nppoal ? I? a to the enlp tbronyb lino. For freiaht *r leoi-e, npply io B MILLS, SI Cenrtlnadt etreat. FttR SAN I'RAKCISCO?DESTATt H LINI.-WE I1EO t? mil attention to the now and < leaant New Tork hnllt rltoper ship P.A< I.E. at pier five North River Th* bnlld-rt nt thie epl-nd'd-hip were dire, ted to conetroot the faeteet 11a the fci " weeoel la the United Statea. and ehe hae b?en prononnc.,d by Ah#* whnse liidtcmont it entitled t,. oredit. e- po?e*einc ?*ery reqnl-ite to *?? are thie ol.|cet. rr-<aht will he tekea M twi low mtec, for n fe* date. 1 B. senfON ft CO., M Wnll MM, ftlft SALB-11IK SPI.kMtlD PRP.MIl'M CLUB BOAT JE.SVf I.IND. W feot. new, aad In Rood order, wtll Le -Old , h*ep. Apply nt Jam*e?e Boat Haianr. Allenti* JD MB, flroeklpw. 4**' SIR A V HtR BALK. AS SIIF, V'tW I.IP.h AT N W II Br' *n'e ?efd. lo>.t of Twelfth etpcot. beat JBiver. Sbf 14 Sbonl is tone and i- well fonnd n every fw ftpcrt, and leantifftl teoviam il tU*ar. App'r to Dumeat N U en a II ITaUeUen. DROADWAY TI1EATRX.?E. A. MARSHALL, SOLI MJ Uum; O. H. Barrett, Manner. Doer* open at 7K; cur tain riere at 7X- Draaa circle and parquet. <0 ceaU; Family grand romantic ipectacle entitled FA UHTUS? Harris; Mrphlstophiles, Mr. Conway; Moatcli Wanner, Mr. Davidge: Enrico, Mr. Reydolde; Anderton; Roeolio, Mr*. Abbott; I.noetta, Mice Capel. Pre vious the spectacle, the comedy of WHO SPEAKS FIRST? Captain Charles. Mr. Conway; Mr. Militant, Mr. Hill; Mr*. Militant, Mr*. Abbott. Adiae, Mis* Mis* Capel. Pre Nl Bl.O'S.?MAN ACER, MR. JOHN SEFTO.V.?TICK et?, .10 cents; Private Boxes, %!i.?Doors open at half past 6; to commence at half-puet 7.?Performance Every Night.?Third night of the engagement of Mr. H. Ptacide, who will appear as Dufard, in which character he was re ceived by a delighted audience, on Monday last, with the most vociteroug laughter and continuous applause, duriug the entire representation of the new piece, which will be playtd every evening during the week.?Wednesday, May 21, the performance will commence with the VILI.AOE DOC TOR?Pierre Boncn-ur, Mr. l'laclde. After which the new piece called the FIRST NIGHT?Dufard. Mr. Plaelde. Brougham slyceum. Broadway,near broome street.?Dress circle and parquet, AO cts.i Family circle, 2A rente; Orchestra seat*, $1; Private boxes, |A. Doors open nt7 3i; to begin at K o'clock. Weduesdav evening. May 21, the performances will commence with DAVIU COPPER FIELD?David Copperlield, Mr. Palmer; Uriah Ueep, Mr. Raymond; Wilkin* Micawber, Mr. Brougham; Rose Dartle, Miss Kate Horn; Peggotty. Mrs Brougham. Mile L. Duoy Barrc and Mr. O. W. Smith will dance a favorite Pas ae Deux. To conclude with the celebrated extravagaasa of DON GIOVANNI IN LONDON-Don Giovanni. Miss Mary Taylor; Finuikoa, Mr. Brougham; Popinjay, Mr. Dunn. MECHANICS' HALL, NO. 47* BROADWAY, ABOUT Grand street.?Open every night during the week until further notioe. The original and well kaown CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS, comprising an s a cleat and veraatil* "oerp*" ?f ' talented and " experienced performer*," under the management of E. P. Christy, whose eonoerts in Uila*lty, for n *uoee*alcn of "tee year*," hav* keen reeeived with favor by highly respectable end fashionable andiense*. Tickets 28 cent*. Doors open at half-past lis, oomsneaoe at eight o'clock. An Afternoon Conoert will be given on Sa turday next, for the accommodation of Ladies and Juve niles, commencing at 3 o'clock, P. M. FELLOWS' MINSTRELS, AT FELLOWS' MUSICAL Hall, No. M Broadway, botwaoa Howard and Grand streets. Open every night during the week. The celebrated original and well known Fellows' Minstrels, "comprising srienoed an efficient and versatile corps of talented andexper performers," under the direction of J. B. Fellows, whose ooa oerte in this city for the last year have been received witk the greatest favor by the elite and fashion of thin great me tropolis. Their concerts consist of Burlesque I tnllan Opera Scenes, Witty Saying*, 8olo*, Duetts, Churus*e?, Danoiag, and Instrumental Performance*. On Wednesday and Satnr day afternoons, a grand concert for the accommodation of ladies and familiee, commencing at 3 o'clock P. M. Admis sion, >5 cento. Door* opon at 7 o'clock ; to oommenoe at 8. BROUGHAM'S LTCEI M -MR. WAI.COT RESPECT full* announces that he has (by the liberal Co-operation of Mr. Brougham) arranged to take a Farewell llenedt at this popular establishment on Friday evening, tbe 'Aid of May, prior to his departure for England on the aith. Tbe en tertainments will consist of tl e tirst act of the opera of CINDERELLA, the favorite comedietta of USED UP, and the I amour Olympic extravaganza of the SAY AGE AND THE 1? Mi- Cr ' ~ MAIDEN?Mr. Crun mles, (hrst time) Mr. Brougham: The Savage, (brat time) Mr. Walcot. Hox hook now open. BARKUM'S AMERICAN MUsKUM.-P T. BARNUM, m Prt priotor and Manager; John Greunwuod, Jr.. Assistant Manas rr.?Every afternoon and evening this week. The beautiful and talentsd Hatcman children, only six andcight years of age, the greatest prodigies of the nineteenth centu ry. are engaged for this werk only, and will appear both af trrnoon and evening -in addition to other entertainments? in an entirely new piece, writtenby acelebrated French Ira matiat, and entitled "The 1 ouug Couple." The remarkable adaptation of the characters of this piece to the peculiar ca pacities of these little girls, will reader it tbe ra ist interest ing piece ever presented to the amusement going public, la tbe aft'-rnoon. at 3 o'clock. TUE YOUNG COUPLE?Henri rtta dr Vigny. Miss Kate Batewau; diaries dr Hlanville. Miss Ellen Untcman. The KING'SGARDENER?Galoehard. Mr. - Kent: Madame Galochard, Miss Chapman. In the evening, at a quarter before Ho'elock. the fourth act. tirst sceae, ofthe MERCHANT or V EN ICE?Shy lock. Miss Ellen Bateman; Portia, Miss Kale Batcman. TllE YOUNG COUPLE?Hen rietta. Miss Kate Hatcman; Charles, Miss Ellen Hateoiaa. The RAILROAD DEPOT?.-Samson Jones. Mr. Hadaway. During the engagement ofthe Hatemaa children, the free list, with the exception ot the prest, must of necessity be suspended. M-rumx visitors, as usual, are admitted te the afternoon perforances tree. Admission, Aj cents; ohildrea ' under 10 years, Leta.; seats in parquet or family circle, one shilling extra. Seats for tbe evening may be secured daring the day. | PM RAN KLIN MUSEUM. 1?5 CUAiUAM StfU ARK. -ORG I LEA, Sole Proprietor.? A-lmies-en -Sunt* in Private , Boxee. 60 cents; Stage Soats. .CS cents: Boxes, *8 cents; Par quet, 12S cents. ? Elegant Saloon |- rf rmnn ?a every After ?oca end Evemnv. Entertainment# oom-nenre In the after ?oon at 3 o'olook, and in the evening at M o'clock T!* entertainments are varied and select, and euoh ae can be sees | at no ether pine* of amusement in New Yerk, consisting et j Lea's Female Ethiopian Opera Troupe, numbering Afteei j Crfi-rwisrs, being tbe largeet and at tbe same time the mow Dntrd band in tbe United Status, a troupe of Model Ar tists wbo are selected for their beauty and ttgnre, and wh? taken from tbs . __jonate a hu.-nber of beautiful IV pictures of ani lent and modern times a company of Arab Girls, who re 'aruugh a variety of feats of strength and Girls, who re through a variety ot teats ot strength an* deaterlty; Madame Rosaline, the only Female Juggler in the world, a company ot Male end Female Artists, who wtllgivs an exhibition of Marble Statuary unequalled is the world, together with a variety of interesting perionuanoes every afternoon and evening. For partionlare see bills of each Any C'ASTl.E GARDEN ?'THIS GLORIOUS SI MMER PRO H inenads le new open throughout the day, affisrdlag c|-|H-rtuhity to the numerous strangers visiting Hie city to view the beautiful scenery of our nobis bav and harbor, and ?t tl.r raun time enjoy the refreshing breere fr.nn the octan The r- '-m iteelf, from its peculiar construction and immense sire, (being the largest in the world ) as well as from the histories! events connected with it, i? weil worth e visit fr'.m O r curit tie. Open fri in 7 A. M. to 5 P M. Admission oat shilling. TO TIIE THEATRICAL PROFESSION.? WANTED, s- versl l adies and Oontlenu-a "f ability to engs te for onejr ir in the new and commodious Tliea'rc at San Fran els' o. t allfornia. For further particulars, inquire of William Dayton, Southern Exchange, No. 1 State street, New York. I.'ttr-s must he poet paid. ABRIBKMICNTM IN PI11L.AUKI.PUIA. BARN CITS KCREUM, PHILADELPHIA.?P. T. BVR i.?m. PrcprMaf; Hoary Banlord, Amutaat Manager ? Moa la; rTfniag, heneat ?f th? aeeorupli.hel aetre<*. Mm *1. . i.* FuIit. Th* mt?re*tii.* ALL THAT ULI T TEK3 16 NL'T GOLD, wbitlt ha. haaa pl*y*d with tar cr-. the HOUGH Dl AMO.N If, tut lac old cooiody of MII.D U.\TS. aid tho (tiiJ lyrical drama. mth elet*,ii irm.ri and app. intinente. called the LADY O^THE LAKE, will all he i rod tie. d during the an k, ?ilh dthar eturling attrac II. nt. Thr aftrrai. ri are made inerrjr hjr pleaung fame*, aaad*. files, and ahort draiaaa. Ilia rurinaiUra number man) thooehndt <?( th* ninet nondrrliil kind Admia.inn to th... and one iirforiiaorr. 35 ooata; . hildran under tea Jeara, ISI* raata. ?H1PFINU. PACIFIC MAIL RTF A M *11FP COMPANY-?ONLY Through Line fur Calif..raia aad Oregon ria Charm In tact?I af Medured?On Wodaaadar, May 3-. at.'l r M , tl.a apt) n'.id ateaaaahip CKK.M EN T Cll Y, I..W tuna, J J Tna i it, rr n.maadar, will aail en tYounooda?. Mat Jn, at pmci*# lit, mainiandcr. will aatl un w*un?*dajr. Mat da, at pmci*# I* 3 o'clock. P. M , frnm bar pint at th* fnotoiMfarroaatreet, N R, ulth the ti?vrran,.iit Mai!, fur t nacre*. connecting aith the fa.aril* United .Mate, Mall atean chip Northerner, ialaaaa pan ami a on or a In ut the l.'rtL I.f Jmma lor freight or raaaag*. *j pi y at th* uftaa, Naa. Ad and IU haatk attaat. ur at 177 Wrat atraet, corner Warraa atraol | NDEPENDENT THROUGH LIN R.?OPPOSITION TO I " 1' ? Only Throncb Lin*." Thrnugli li? kata at t n? In weat ratea. tor Chafr**. and kingetnn (Jamaica.! The aaw and .pleadid ate am.iirp ItKO'lll UK JiiM ATU t N mill laa*a i?u*i I..1) M' ndav. lit) at 3 P. M . I <r Chnrr*. tad klff' n. II-r fa-t trip to Charm* lai a-oumpftehej la elgl ' day*, and In r h..ui?? ard trip in aa.ea dap. and nine I) ?n hour*. I'laaa of ealdaa e?ea. nnl alinl. e k. rt'n ar< ured at tLa lnueat rale* of fare, at IIRKFOKD v CO S. 1 Aatar II oti e t .?*) etfaet Rhe * 111 land p.. .-nj r? at k'na'tan ? a th- t.ulnard trip Freulit thr >ngh to na Fran. ????. ft cent" p?r Ik. I'uttag* to Baa I'rtitlMt. Id t> ?u PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP C'ONPA N Y.-(UN I.T 'hrugh linr (or California and Omg..n| ? Th* pnklic I are infrrard that under the new arrangement of thia C?ta pany. **?:.m*r? Intpeetcd and appr ?ed bp tN* Put Da I parlmrat. and carrying th# Untied Stttaa mail*. will ?on liana to |ea*? Panama and -ma Frane'am. tn* l?t and l?U (apt rf ? I n i ?! . antra* d.t dae I aaacddahla k-n Land will touch at Arapalau ?aa frleg.. and M >nler?p Th.a fr lli wing rteom packet, boh.agmr to 1*1* Paolflc Mai. Sleamahljp Cetnranp. ar* now in the Paelde, on* *f whial will h* alwapbla ?< rt at ?noh end of th* runto ?? ORFOON I 'WPteaa. REPUBLIC. Rtirtiad PANAMA. .......1 ORT'on* CAROLINA... *?"' tan* CALIFORNIA... 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ORRBCRNTCtTT.l.tUfl ta?< OtllO. ?. ?.i?'lol?A CHFRoKER, ..... I.N'.i toaa CMriRE t ITT. ..I. Nil ton* PHILADELPHIA l.inGtoai L?arla| Now Verk forCHmrraa oa to# I Ith and Hah of aaal ?ontb. Tho new tteamahlpa Rl. DURA DO and PALTON trlL form a direct line betueaa New Oel?an* to I Charm*. I#a? Ing at aneh period* a* will laeura m*> liktlw dttjntloa a* pn* ?IM# nn th* lathmn* and forming with th* Pa?lflo bteaar. ?hip* a Ihrnnph line tn and (rem N*w Urleaaa and porta it ?anlan, Caltfnritla ?nd (>*? .no Pa - ?*>?? 'r to n*w Orlnaaa **n h* aeenrradfkom Armatroan. I/*we**oa k On . awnata. at tl>at plae*. Th* far* for thrnttRh tlekaaa (ram N*w Yof? t* Raa Flaw Uer, ha* keen radaend fmm 1*1. In rtal* rnnm*. to J ARi I 130. la lowar takla; t^'J la # toe rare, to f " * rat** frnm N*w feork ta chacraa will ?* at tna lawaa' adopted bp aap aafa h* ataamar katwaan thoao aorba for eliol*?*f bertha, apfdT *? th* oMo* of tha Gompamp. aad M Rowth *tr**t. and at thalr w.??r ITT *-*? *trowt EIPRCSR AORSCIBS, Am. BFRFORD A CO.'S TART ETPRERSTO CALIFORNIA ?1 hrap Pe. ta*c?roitare, 10 e?at* Freiglitb Mcrati [??r Ih ; Ptngl* Newepapeni. S e?af.?hp th* hundred. Ri Nrat fhipment will be bp the fa?t ateaailila Brother Jr aathnn, t o Monday M??- V> Mailt *ln?o at 7>d P. M Rmall poreel* r*crl?*t| till 1P.M. Paekar** of li'-lbb.. parcel* _ _ ____ water itroof, reeelred till 10 A. M Mr Berford aeeoeapani** anr fr*irht and mail* from Ch*gr?ttn Panama. Na. 3 > a*?p *tr**i. Arlnf llnu*? Ntw York. FS YPRFRR FOR ENO! AND AND FRANCE.- W, NICOL Id It Ca.'l EompaM Ptektr* F.?pr**a,fat th* tt#*mer Ea Pur kara* k"d parr air far tht tho** iteam'r will l?o faeml.ed antlfOa'eloek i n 1F.da*?<l*y mnmlar. afewhourb pre. inna to ih* ?i*ariier'i aallinr OrtHaarp eomal* nar**i? III each. A ?pe. ial me?**nr?r uill h* d*?p*t*hH bp tlw *nK ?erti ?r*. Mt > ICOI. k CO * M*Ub1(t*t, N?* T#rk aad yfrBWltk tU.vt, Li erp I. NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. HOMEWARD TRIP or THB PRESIDENT AND CABINET, Splendid Reception at Rochester and Syracuse, Spwfbrs by the President, Seerelary Graham, and Attorney General Crittenden. Postponement of Mr. Webster's Address at Bnfihlo, &?., Ac., Ac. OVER UAllcS CHEMICAL LIVE. Movements of the President end CeMaet. PWTl'QIiEMENT OF MR. WSmrEE'S ADDRESS Bi fi alo, May 'A, 1861. Mr. Webster's speech. which was to hare been delivered to-day. has been postponed till Thursday next, at eleven o'clock, in roDfequvnee of the 1,1#h wind that prevails, 1 which would render it impossible for him to be heard. The dinner will take place to-morrow. The Postmaster General and some friends dine with Mr. Webster to-day. DEPARTURE FROM BUFFALO, ETC. BorrALo. May 20?A. M. Mr. Webster has been waited upon this morning by many of the prominent citizens of Buffalo, lit is stop ping at the I'belps House Me-vsr- Crittenden and Graham went this morning at seven o'clock. They will wait at Batavla for the Presi dent. who is just starting by the New York train. It is understood that the President wishes to avoid speaking. lie will stop at Syracuse. I think, to-night. At New York, he will go from the boat to the cars for Washington, without stopping OREAT DEMONSTRATION AT ROCHESTER?CIVIL AND MILITARY PROCESSION. Rochester, May 20?A. M. The whole city turned out rompletely. It beats, by far, the reception at Buffalo. The military, consisting of four companies, and nine companies of firemen, with bands of music, carriages, and footmen. The Mayor delivered an address in the square Presi dent Fillmore and Misars. Crittenden and Graham de livered important speeches. The flags and buLners were all for the Union, and the compromises of the constitution. There is to be a dinner at three o'clock. The President and party leave at half past seven this evening, for Syracuse, where there is to be another demo mi rat ion. This is the greatest reception the President has yet met. The enthusiasm is unbounded. Rochester. May 20?0 P. M. The President and cabinet got quietly into the 8 o'clock train from Buffalo this morning. There was no noise or demonstration about the cars, the public beiug persuaded that he had gone in the 7 o'eloek train. At Attica the cars stopped fur five minutes, and some of the principal persons in the village waited on the Pre sident in the ears, while the people thronged aronnd out side The I "resident went out to them, took off bis hat, ! and talked familiarly to the people. He said thr village ! waa rapidly growing; and asked tome qu<-tions relative 1 to the new r.ul'oud. Meantime, the cars drove away, ' and cut the conversation short. At Batavla. the President was joined by Messrs Crittenden and Graham; and the people thronged around and into the car-; some, with dirty shirts.dirty faces, and out at the elbow-, eame up and shook hands as frvely with him as tf he were Tom, IHck, or Harry. He re ceived them with thr utmost cordiality. A deputation from the tills, n? of both, and all political parties, ri - quested the President to leave the cars and come into the village; hut time wculd not permit, and be was com pelled reluctantly to refuse. The President U a most polished genii, m. n At Bergen (he ears stopj -J for a few minutes and the I're-ident gol out. He shook hands with the crowd, and a number of little girls. A blunt old democrat, named Wilcox, waa Introduced to the President as thr former po-tma*ter of the village ??Ye- " Mid he to the President. "I waa postmaster twice Is lore yon eame into oBce, and I expect to he in again when you go out." This saying produced a peal of laughter, in which Uie President joined. The mi itirUd iirBHliitWj iflrr for RoehcMer, vkrntkif trrlffd at XI o>U*-k, amidol the ihouh o( ?bout tw nty thousand j?-r?on.- ThU city U thv flne*t by far, t *l I hare i-een aince 1 left New York. It 1* truly beautiful, anil a* pro*pero(fi> at It I* fair It It calitd tbefocu* ot the (liatm X alley, from it* ait nation in refirrnce to that tract of country. It contain* about forty thousand inhabitant'. The demonatration at thla placo, ehleh waa only accepted by the Proldcnt late la it ?iljbt wa* the grand-- t reception he ha' yet obtained. It ?i* a ccmplete Union demonet rat ion Rowheatwff l? da cld" lly In far >r of the t'nlon and the coiuprcmiee* of the ci tetllution. TV bat make* the reception the more flattering la. that the city I* a democratic city, the Mayor and tli Whole tVninim Council,tart two. bring democrat' There ua* another ir^nd.ot in it beddea Mr. Fillmore prae ti ed h<r< meet ?u< -ct <-fully M a U<ey> r. and command ed the revp* ct an l conciliated the good will of all with ah< m he came in contact A ?ut>-committee of the ('< tumitttee of H?ception wa* aent. I art ec< nio*. to Ilof fcJo to mai.e arraut!> meot* with the Pre-blent to accept the d? moneiratton intended for bon. and they earn* up I hi - met nlrc In the iMne car With him and the cabi net?one car bring ret apart for the purpo*e. The namrr of t)ii< r mmittie are m follow-? llomee Oay. Alet Ktdacy. I' U l.ichaa 0. M Irr I aval It Harton. Kufit- Keeler Rli-ba U Wrong. A? rr on aa the rar? arrived, a aaiate of twenty-one gun* waa fir- d by the artillery in Centre equare, wbirh Iran nreiilnjtj beaotiful one fo well loaded were the rum that thiy ahatlcred the glaaa of the railroad rarriager The Prt>Mrtl, hi* cabinet and friend*, and the *ub n mmlttee d< fended from the rare The proee<<ion wa* formed without a moment'* delay everything la lag ready The arrangement* wire ad mirabie. The Committ- e af Hccepti-ta formed Into two line*, faring each other, and the President and hi* party walkrd t?etween them, rhaklng each gentleman by the band a* he wa* lot r- dun 1 The Prertdent wa* thenahona to a Ion open bar uehe, wtth four bay borar* attached and took hi* - at l<r.|4e the Mayor i'.ach member of the cabin-1 occupied the carriage with aome dl*tln guiehrd man of Kocbotcr, and then fotloned the Com ?ilttev of Meci ptioa and the Common Council The order a a* aa fidb n? ? *?* or L P. Faaa. M*r?hil'( the Day, and A**4*la?l M*r rl-,U W It Cbtaaey. P ? Hr-taley, I aleh Wilder. It. H. A111*. I. It -I ? r Bie, .1 ha ThumPr*a, Jr., oa .N >rth !* q-hta etrret. the rial.t rwtiiagoa BuBalo *tre?t, and moitd ia the Volunteer K-rttali -a, with TnU'i Band. Capiat* PairchlU romntaadlag He-he t?r t'aioe (lraj?, Livatcaaat fir .T aemmaadin*. Urrtui* I plea tinafil. I aetata eil.hert r -mmaadia*. Iti -o r l.iyht I.card, l.ioeionaat Mllwoil e> annaiottng. l.-itren Urraadkra, Captain laaor ruininandin* Tb* lire IVpirtnii nt. nailer <llrretloi at Jane* Coaler. k-1 . Chief Kn*iir-?r Carrta*-* enaiaiaina th* Pre?ld*nt <>f the Celt*-! Stale*, the Bi?ailerr of the I ?ltret -Hirer* of th* Army an I Nat), Coaimittee* at Reeeptiea and of Arr*n*?ia<-nt? The I'reeiieat, TraMe-a Vaoelty and Ptudeali of tl?* I al ien! ti of Hnelie?tet. Ofile. ri and taemler* jf the Athraaum aad Mr hane ?' A* ?neiaUoa. Cltiten* generally. The teoeevfi nmoted dhreach fiuffale ?(re?t and Clinton atrrrt to H *?hlayt- a r-|n?rr, ahere the Brent-bat *ad C'Bhi net weft reeett?S l i M* Il-nr. the Mayor of th* ('My: * fat Wntdb ctrem ale* the I ro< - ??t. n ayain f>-riae-l, and no-red thr iyh Cltatna ?te- *i *n<i Buffalo rtr*?t, to th* Pre?id*at'? quarter* at th# Ragle Rot at The prre?-*?ien preacnted a magnificent appearnnee. patltcn'arly that part of it eonelatlngof the military and flrrmen. nho wr rea very handoome uniform The Hoe of ear. lagc*. and all kltd* of vehicle*. and bormmen and pctlertrlan*, eatea-le-i about two mil'*; the bend of it naa at Waehlngton S-jnare before the r< ar left ft Ml* equate The pmeene'ou ?* tended up Buffalo afreet, and looked mo?t magnlfirent. aith trannee* 1<ear Ing aw-ltoea all eloquent fbr the f'nlon The nPudow* and l>ale<-aii? were alive with hi man beiuga and ihf anmber (d li!md*otn< ?omen *?? a >v

mutable fenture, The fine breed of horses that walked in lhe procession wag very much admired lhere was only one woolly horse in the procession, and he ticked against the Union so stoutly that he dislodged his burthen Irom tho carriage, and was driven away from decent society, as be ought to be. In the procession the fair took a conspicuous part Pejreral vehicles were filled with them. All this lime the church bells were ringing a merry peal, and an excellent band wag sending forth its merry music. The sun was shining out in his glory. The beau tifril trees, with which the streets of the city are filled added to the effect of the scene. Man, and nature, and art, seemed to rejoice as if a jubilee were come. Among the mottoes on the banners that overhung the atreets through which the procession passed, were the following:? h oca own ni i Muat:. ?nir. ro.wraowisR of 17ST.> THr coMraoMisr or I80O. t On another was? * PATRIOTISM. ^ ?On one side, and on the opposite ? -One complimentary to Crittenden and the other to uraham. The next motto wag, <> ?C?n.plimentary to Mr Webster. Then there was ?f wC And then another? thi: ixiox roaxTcn. | .V". ^"'T, '"T ?m'~ Wn' "?"??* *??> Msgs; indeed, the whole city was decorated with flags and baY tTnuSon "Tbs'V:^.;^ and without 0,0 and the ladles waiv. d their handkerchiefs from the win most " th" Th<' "holt thin? *? m.^n/^Chin.g.Wf"bl,,B,on ^u?r* th" military and flre mm formed into two open lines, through which the Pre cU t^nd't'ow miH c'b *0d .M,f?r Ht,a Common Couu- I t?r tMox rotrvti >4- 4* 4-*- f 4. ++ ++ f.. * t-f+?? t n v r4^-f- *++f *++4.4. lie Scene w.s striking aud picfuresoue After the M,jror Pa,%* ,h*u ** Ml Fill OF Tlir MtYOR or ROTMrsTFR. ^ resident?la behalf of the citiien) of Rochester I sin n it happy to receive yon and the distinguished gentlemen "e^CTsVrr"-,^dv::r? ? u,"h ^sS pa jw? oAth feri Hrmr tillv iZunmt^ T?i?*?* I'I ^ rr^ion?a!tKoujrK nottc to. iu .. 1 1 J u *? ?>???? in ttmt ?*. U< a of ft.* *?itr iftM. ??iualty with tU?*in in the r nir it slf.n eft hi* <reit fntrprU? : out nir ?n. ;.t. tr tfssrCs^'idTS' Air^rvji ma. ... i ,1 ,,'is crest internal ia>pr?erui?i,t, ? hieh. a* 1 r k '^ 's-" ',-,,r,r ? ? ?'> the cthVrpuuic V ri ? u i V" th,t kM Western New tl : w n vJL.. f li. ?' ? ' '? ?r."1 ?r furcate and ".raid iTwli,.;;m'SLT/^s r ?"?v. l : r:: ? K. un,1 ??. aVT M -Mien you navi | a,w ,! tr,q air it lis. . ' ,.,r *'y ?*?t?*rd to Albsnv. 1.1 _I ,! '"???ru.ted nnj b at. r?d the tsriou. r?,,un* fiVatc indlith..r!f?1' * fr"m U int" other portions oft"* r. sd ;.??.! *1 ? ?" , t" all the Imi rtunt rail tettS ?^rli?at'31!'-?e'-TisjWdss With a V#viV if^CK ;;r! 0 a \ ttf S?r*u. tialiu tf? th m r??t of pp. A fh*n, tt <? * i<a,1 > m ??f it i r i#. H i'V ?!u,ryi"f,td ! "U*'"r rtsl flint n! Oili |.?J lite nM* l.'l r I' -ill, fcuaiiui . 1 vi u? ttif hrtitg ai!I|.a?? V.-oll ! ,?u- >"** tw *';?? *lr-,r^,v w ui?t, .... ?n< vs J . Wi fcr.' *?I at>,t?d i?f n t; .? ??i?,iVtf, Aa4 JnVTJIlf f r*"* A t' '" 11,1 '"tuner ?- "> dlt nt- ua uson Yrrl .ts I'*"; *** V V'**- ?'? riu.e.. f Heelers \rn ZZV,:i ? '"'r-|-,'rctl, ItuVsle. ?t ti e neat m tenr.iBS bri.lawr aiTa.Ttvlli**^It."*"*N'? ?'*k snVVeit s.J d..n "r'"r- "t '??>'??' wltk t* ?.? fcii-? deeply tmsr?.,e.| with the aecea.ltt of this hry hlng t?|.rn,, u.cnt .,f ,.?e of the gr.sle.t llste w -k of wel'lswVel "hi ' I" lent ?r brn timet I ., 71 ctfritnf s an s.M fcl',! 1 '''*** ,""?l '-I at. est, ? iisroe ?f il l . SZL .1 ! ' ??"r "ttewti. ?, ? I,II- In tl . ,11,. ei!n i?n 'i; ' ?b ?"?"?I* luti. . which uth.rwi.. det. lv* I M .3 htstc ?1 ''".Iwlee. dr wl.i. h, s. ??t ,lVlt |? MS .i' ? vend'red onr br Jiiw f a rt# ia MiftUinioff o^ui#i..p h r (a?Z I ??;i k wtiieh ! t?.r'v '.fonr fiTrv tnV t m't-*"* tre .'SitoMIt high in the eet.mstcn iV * meri. ss e-tsl lUhed f ,r ,?n a rot ntatioaVf ? M. b f. ? ,. es esa hsa.t. and given that to ysar air*.oT*.Tf .*?f? "ri"'.'w>?d Other aatmne It d. 11 e wia l. ir sad nrwdrai e r.f s et tly sw sit..I |h< ???- Lrffritead lag that ?"-.etn1(,f .f ,.rT,,.,i;*1 ,M etrttvd U'.rm is the I ? lift I H f I ' aw 1 f..... 1 . 1 it., I' et. tfr . ,f.TNrhl aadfrieaAif ths ftiaa All ? .1 iwr'tL1* *' H. ?' "" '*>tfl M? r< r> st r ..I It ?v th. *"? f"r ""'h J'e'ihfi !?'. 4 ?trice.. ? beweel '..Hi' .1 ?l?h whleh t .. see every I .VI "? your lire; SB ! may these ear. ul, ? f ei r eH rfr"v oil i*4 ?''?B**'tted is the . - r |, j ,,,,,|, > | f , '*?' ?r-aty. u Bid ?aas Sew : eon, set ' ' ,'l.!1 *? wha sr ,.-h < ,|a r.,T. "* r??.|i inetaihe it?..fU h?. l il" Y.^'i . 'Tk'""? ririridfikh- '>'r Ves. asd t. lay ..We sit |* bTb ,1 f elief "-VJ wwlH ? e','1"""*]? isiitieesi., ji"a '.*'a4 etsn ore. tatitle ti i, t, r-sl r IJ t SI,4 . ? te. w . T!; rv U" ^ h<IJre??fi tin fr^Jt ?%?J !.f tniliu. (Hfrtk* tlMTW. ' im rMMrtvt ? lin.T. V'r Idrrt Initio** iHtn *ni*t?Dr *?nf I ltnw cltli ??- W hn* i? i aoald took it ? ?pc* tacif l,ht thlt tilk**] tt ? pet is* ii t*. nnt li* ??r*er !??- thin human. I thank >?a lordiallr. fr mlhe I oil* fuel my hctrt. f* r th* *>ri In n tub hatr (inn mr and thr * tioBBirhrd trntlrnirn rV, fnr* ?|?l of air *1mlnl*tratti'B. I har* not tl.r r au'fr *| | r* pritle tr> t?.??<? If tl "re Bott'rint*'i mpll ai. i t*. I r nt i th'.ii ii .a <**>t* pron'r ?I J sc drrotlna * It* I a Inn 1.1,1 tt? NtdHilmi >f th* roa*tey Irr-at arpiar m ), itil that t ?*?li??. I tilnk ?r?aV? the w nti nrati* i f jnillii nil rrr th* land It In r if rwaflard t.? Vntrn I Airn V*rV, If tn |h..*r who r***d' Berth nt llM IM Ifirin'* Hi*.-. Ii attic in It*- ?h ?th >? well at the hrrth; H^n reader th* *1 If r not*}. <1 hr-r I I fori that thr h aor 4*0* tit'* till* lay, ly Bijr ifttklafi aaJ ' tin** bIfti ah <m I hart ti-a t,f' n*hl up and nteoctatt'l. ia hb hi per aher* all that ,**, am, ?n I,. . oafrrrrd cp*a mc. (Tl e I'retldrM trnkr aith di ? i frtllnr and flnerd Bi? hand up* n liia h**rt ) lint (ml Mr. I lllmcret ran tin*# alladrd tn a nrj Important i-nt'ic * rk 1 Pctine (h# mott Imp, rtart ftfr arc. BI|II*P?*I t>j in i nation Ttf pMtf ?? if "ft J na tion roatlft* la latrmal in* | r'cement* the .4* IB* etnent of tr:. 4<* an4 * onimeree. nn4 the i?*titu'l?nan1 rdnrttli-n *b4 rr Itirt' B. It may ti* laid 4' e-ci na * re me ml rn'r. |t*tt nil pttWi*" Impr. re meat- intended tn n aaeil the dllftreat pnrti of th* rnnntry nr? either a. adneted hy tt?* antinn a? hy tbf Btat*. at I ) r?ch eoail.inMlen t of |.?th an am leral. It h*? l*a?a hltl crtn nnpp*,a*4 that It I* only hy "Bf if tne Ik"! of the** Bfetnt that rreat ??rh* if Baku* ??ill*T fit he perfi.nards I vt tl,? Trie Hnllr *4. which font 4?i,l??i.*W. rantiiat from lie Atlantic t.. th* great I *k< *. waa whirred e?tlrel* t.j MMMII tin. ptli at* enterpri e. It ha< dlrtamml a timilte ttnrli "I th* Autocrat of all th* Mnafuaa, which li*iat*a4*4 to rna thmnth tl * * a tire * atrat of hi* d< miwlona. It wat fftnniani after hie?It Ir I niched t**fi*rr It. I **V ahrthfr inch a trnrk 4ora But jnrtltr thr*?f<Btl?n and t ia * ahlart attradla* thr rr1? t ratina nt lt? Baal < mpl?t,. n (Cl*f?r? | I ,>* t,at* aaokrB fani'thnrtr?rl? ia nhlnh Htftern anil H.t?t?ra N''w York mn*t rrrr f* rl an IntrrrM I I at? wat* Imd Itb pr>?r??? "" ? - - ' 1 ilaatrd It tr tlB*r It* Witt fliBtnB Brrt rnn*'*l>*4 a n4 pr< mal( thcxBBtrj. It U far almn-rd. hn? It it n*t rrl Bi ithtd. IB* Bioarr *tt<*a4r4 Bpnn it la dead capital, and raaa*t he trailahl* till th* ?Bolr it i nmpletrd?ahilr n*? lock r? ninint tn hr Vttilt It It a talitelet* work tl,? onlr wb? > thi n.ake II a alnaMr It l?. onmpletr It. I can aatar* you that I an tttt'-virlir *ratifl*<l tn Icara that ancthrr PrraidtBtial term will B"f patt aw a* till thr work It hrontht 11 a romple t|* n: and I traat that thr nrat PrctlitrBt Bill tulnalr with van in j * w* roB*rtlnlrtinB* npoa that tarat. tr I httr dnar in refcrVact to a klaitmil work. [A aolce in th* crowd? ?'Ti e ncrt I'rrtilral will he ronmlf." The Brecidrnt ?h*nk hit head. ] W Ith retard to the aphnlilin* of th* c*Bttltnti .n tail th* 'amine nnt thr lawt of th* c*untry dnrln* rrt term of nfUca, tht credit la chirfl* da* t , the ilittiBtuithe l Bira ahn are ?-?noiated with m*- If I 'tarlaim aiii'uif fir myaclf it iathat 1 ha*r riara tl i,re all pa-tr r<.n?i*l*rBtii>at. In tlcw of lb? *r at if toe hef r- i*r I Immratr appltnte.) I harr hrra fhrtnaat* ia i hunftB?^caMa*t that hat ant aaly aatwermi a| ??p*a ta tie at, t-nl the rtpe* tallint of lh? whole e nairr litre them the hi worth*! pnw atrrlhr t* ra# Thcrtcealloa at hat r Bit! aithtli# day It thr more (ratiftlnr a? it a at n t proeetdrd ?tr hat from *11 rlatae* of th? people. tatrrly from OB# port* W? (< hrrro I Tit a*en tth*. in n lair rrla't. oare.l lh. 11tloB h? j|ll* 'at tr ttl (t l '. tn e**a ia I . < >( It* strengthen the arm of the government. and maintain the supremacy of the law*, it ii to thein your thank* nre due. (I.ciitt ai>plau*e.) 1 aiu hoar**: I can way u?> iu>rs. Hut oar word before I conclude. One of tin* distinguished men of my rnhiiH t it (letsined at Buffalo. I regret very much that he in not here. You will, however, see him noon. You 111 ay Htur him. too, and I congratulate you on tit* pro*ppet. The President then sat down amidst the innpt enthu Hiiiatic apDUuse. There were loud calls lor the Kentucky patriot, when the Mayor Introduced the Attorney Gene ral to the people Mr. Cbittp:*i>?:n said ? flit. ('KITTEN l?BN*8 SPKK( H. Fellow ('itixeni? 1 liave risen in obedience to what icmol t?? be your wisl ea < n this occasion; but in all sincerity 1 aay that I am unable to address you ; and in the tones of my voice y ???! liave already discovered the truth of what 1 tell you. 1 dislike to appear before any as-euildy of my countrymen and make an excuse out of any infirmity. You will indulge nie while I occupy your atteutiou for a very few minutes, in paying try re*po? t*'il acknow lodgment* for your kindness and hurj'itality t the chief magistrate of the In ion, and those wno have t honor of feing associated w ith him. I find, in this distant laud, the honored D?mi of Ken tucky on your banners. It is i; name that is dear to me everywhere; but to heboid it respected here, far from home, till* my heart with greater gratitude than all the personal coiuplitnei U y ou could pay me. (Three cheers for Kentucky.) Kht deserves the honor you have done her, for she hu? always been true to the motto inscribed upon that flag. " Tho I* uion Forever." (Applause.) There never vet w as a contest, in peace or w ar. that she was not up to the w<>rk. Toe tri i* has blown omt. 1 ik?- a -t-?rm e pre tdnu terror. But. when it was highest, she was true aud united, like set man T1 < pwpsle w?rv div Kit-d int" w lifgp and dtBtO cratf. as you art ; but tliey threw aside their party flags, and they went together to tho held under the stripes and star*? tourl'nion banner. (Great cheers.) She wa.i true in the lour of danger. and is uow true to the sacred institutions upon which we rviy for our own liberty, and for the liberty or posterity. The works to which allusion has been made are like so many hands that fasten u- tog* th'r with hook* oi iron. The waters of your canal, in which Lake Erie aud the Hudson are mingled together, and the latter mingled v ith the Atlantic Ocean, arc like the mingling of the feel ings, auctions, mad patriotism, el the peaple in all parks af the cot ntry, in a < ommou brotherhood. 1 rejoice, in puseing through this State, and other States, to find one united t ilss friag ap from vory part oi Iks cwnntry in favor ofthe I nion and the maintenance of the laws of th- land. This front question is not atopic for ostentatious eloquence, or for public speeches. It carnot he concealed that the 1 nion wan in danger, aud the plniu truth is can only he maintained by l-rescrving tho constitntmu in all its parts. It the ?<utb takes one part of it and the North another, and each rejects ti e other parts, what form shall v c have loft at all? It will not bo the form transmitted by our fathers, but one depending upsn ev ery man'soaprhe. No uiau < an say w hat tho form of th* constitution i* if it is cut up. divided, or frittered a"ay. It i" consolidated into one. nud all the part* must be kept to Mthir. If any roan finals Oil I ok. th chaiB hi ktlkin You must takv all or none of the compromises upon which the 1 nion is founded. Are we tn ed of this l'ni?n, thm t hat made us so prosperous ? What a picture of prosperity is pre sented here before us now! U hat other country could pre sent such a spectacle a? that. A sea of proud, upright, joy - ous countenance* looking ny t-? Heaven, and e\nlttug iu that spirit ot freedom which is their birth-right. I utn pr<?ud of my country o*? it i?. But we shall be the greatest people that ever trod the face of God's earth, it we are only quiet, and let Providence work owl owr destiny. Ib hffy j ar* htnee w e shall be an hundred millions of men. Who can eitiuiate the influence that such a number of freemen will exert upon the uestinies of mankind.' it creates a jubilee in a man's heart to coutemplate such a picture. It elevate* him iu his n miud to the full dignity of his msnlciod. There is nothing in the world like the genius of thi* country. It has worked woudrr* and will accomplish still greater tri- I not phs, fullilling the I>i* ine behest to subdue an dure pit- uish the earth. l>urliig the last few days, 1 have seen the moun tains bowing tiieir head* to the iudustry and energy of man; and I hav e leaped from one mountain to another the rate of huudvedi of mil' s per day. So it was with this great canal. Clinton whs durid>*d for attempting h> impossible a thin; as to connect ths wati r? ??f the Atlantic w ith the lake*. It is the spirit of freedom that J ?u d-n* all this. Gov emtn<iit* j do it in Europe. The spirit ot liberty d? cs it h?Wi * and there is nothing too ditfuult for its accomplish incut. Jt nun ot ten dercon '-ieiices feel, under thts vast amount of good. that there i? any wt? ng. let them " rather bear the ill* thev ? have than flv to others that they kn"W not of." if you bar gain f< r aay thing valuable. y ou mast give #? me conxidera t n in return. If the I ugitive Slave law aay s you must de liver up the Ik ndsincii who owe service, will you not carry it ? out: t ojigve#* regulates the laws of com mere. A Sta*e in tli" N .nth might as w?II *?}' to the State of New York, n t with* tan ding the cintii uti?n. vie ahull tax yu. uul shall not alio * y our goods and commodities to come into our bor ders. No?this wnuid at vcr do. There is but newnv?we liai e travailed in it hitherto, in pee cs, and harmou; and hon or; let ?? pari" eft to tho end. If there are tho*< who have ?uch troublesome i?> osoiene*s tiiut they cannot endure the aits of the n&lcrit), let them keep th-ir cou??i*nccJ to tm mseive-. ar i uut trmble other people w ith theiu. or lei them g" and sick a y!umi f'?r them, if thev can't restrain them by any other m an* (Great laughter ) 1 hate but one way of r|?skinx ii*re. <r iu Kentucky, or in B< * n. If* Taws, they ruu-t be observed. 1 hrvw must I *? c ?uality. li the big fli-a break through ths law uud the litt! ue* are htp! in subjecti< n then it i-uo law at all I viant to sec the strong bound d ?wn t > the law ; aa will ?? thv" feehl" Hut 1 a a ^ ing far bey end my physical j ability. T hav * dete ted my s^lf in making a nfeeb, which 1 did i???t i?ien i t * do. 1 ask. > ;ur pardon for the trespass. 1 (Laughttrand cheers ) Hire there wtr* hud criee f-?r Grahi?m anl North < an-lin:t Mr (I* -n*v, fc -ratify of the Jiavy bring th.-n iotro du-< d to th aaM-mbl.i >?> the Mayor, thanked litem for the uiauio r in uhUh hi. mime nod the tutor of hi* Hate had >1 t'ti rn-idrrj an 1 prt coded n? follows ? MR. ?RAM tVt MWf II. Yc ur U-t linit ml luttfil ant an adiatajt'on* aittta tita. 1 a ' ?i r ? tinr limit' ml ? gra Hglilj fa* >rad Vou are pi r. iln|tbicnnrir llittiill rtar )?u 'Willi. It ie In mr a ntuit era ifi'iw.igV. to ha I -tiro a ri?j a< tUu, h wad re J? at Millet fram tli i -a. with 4 'U?H> >nhakit int?, w'th nirh re ur ?? and ? altli dtXUB'daim-tug th' pi "pi". I are het-ra ? L<l' tati wbir'i gir- a-aurauc* t .at ahrn tb-ir arrvii i at- raiuirel, thaj w II k~ found a'.le ant wil- I 11ii4 t I thiir it- I gee, too. r*ari " I haa l? of . hr.ior. al.ta to prvt?"t yonr fro party. I a#' la?ti*u tk I 1.1 i.ltgicr., f Iran. 11(1. and -if rrti oiiat.- I R k -n 1 o tt i *t thing*. It r J ic. ? tor Mttttttt aMi t1 til. thia my vnaaatea ? ountry. (l-oud aj.r'niia ) what I e'.r It-' la I'liaatai. I an th aann ' ny "Id r? ipert.d Plata ai yntr l.r.i'i r-~V-rth Can Hua--which I Willi T W:l!. i .t ?? a i . ?( l'.'.-aat frwiu till. ritfru.a of Sri Vi rV. It . a Stat - tl at a< ? r ait. and ait rr will, ha litis* ' m. to Ita dtrutl. a to tb ? I aiOi Thit torn ?a. i? refrwab in . t u. ? tin -irn.'t tbe traetll rin tl d?. rl. What nlae hart I fit 1 fcivi a ?*n tt. flag of li . t ami, *iin ?itr9'.<fi ' ;.li, and 1 tru.t artll vaxe our hundred* ? 'million*. Mr arrita ' > 1 rf ba? ?ald that li? troattd th# i S ulh t* ai tr-. at tie N rii tot .a toi.-Ututl r Tht hta tory if tii i>n?t -."i-twa i. ? Stair hi# -ic.e I'd North t'at ai it Ijyiiiy. W h n I! -ten raced tha .t.mdardat f*. r i -I art .ihit'-e. tVuianda gaa.- to It art from I . > ii ti * bank* ol tbr I', tratt, and r-xnweuta 'num 1 . an Stat hrjbt rttl.t battle of L ag liiaiid at *rH I". iat, ard at Niagara ?h?r? t ??< ?n? yni'-rdnr Th m a of tha Seull. ill <id iii"I in it S1 i tt tad hlr ii?iooitra. aid tl a'? I ar?'I" rni'iit larlux oa hotli "inot th# ri??r, uharr ' lift off. rrd up th r ll? ? lu dr'aariuf yatif aell. aad far tl lr ? on II a ? ??ontr}? honor. Tbrj dots it krlorr, mdtl ywl.l- It >. alo. If hi <-ar> (thecr-) tly State ? w. t r 'n-tsora in .i-dtlr* tl. ? i-o'rdrx >. Va luir*l ruilit I'il'i'i. ab- wa*-lew .n tanking up hrr ? ond, ai>d did n. t.loln nntil after I >i l'al'-n wa* firmrd. Hut if #1 e r ?? tha I?-t to ? ow in ?ho aiU b thr laat to ga ont. If ihrprii. 'flt? t tug r lartH tlan are inl r-gd rad tha law I ualatai ' 1 i. ? |inati.<a -r.t.faiod ra i ilg'.r thnam. i hiw.ylatl In lo|" atnow. T' m ti.rti of r -ry "Hit# bit. | lUd t thir 'ur tl ? topnn. n litodi'in and lion't of all. M a' ti y do leu n tr,'n order to |# i| laat* tUt aalaa ul thr-aPlit ?>' fhittMn* I-ar. inr),?hi h in tt languor' of I |li Vritiga timllior I hi m 1# faith In In at.patlt'ill a faith In tl" I aloti. rod frith la ' raib tha*. II ?? 1 ?p ikt i ummoa b< ad, tl.i* I nlaa will . a t al* t f rp ?? an !. bat dlttn-rd o r?H.ra| ara aad au.i.or gr? al' r touiUtudaa H hat ae - a-1 la a I nivn fuimd nt In ' v 'Ity. ti *1 ai I arViMusiata. M tb. ul IbfT It I# but tatfkrr). If thfar htataaaaaa* bad baaa nnitr i. indrttid | i ?? a? ladrp to'rat ni'ttlplirt, at tray ?rra Vfnritba artl la. ?a r r-frd-Tat oa irrrr rlga'd. ih-rr rrlatllaa would i t biial ti rtr| 1 trd au l i eaatia t aril hat# ari.ra that an Id oati r nil in bUodalu d, and a nor of Stair j ainnatMala li i ' a-old ao dire ? alamily. tbr itt< i a'lt 'or iiafartt Tudti fathrrol lii mialtl and hli ia?ri?tf . ru *?r I m.iry r. and ai il ur night ? la poa- j dai i ,? i,f"i. Iff aavtunoaa, aad in rairaiorii. i to mak-lt. n t j r| ' i n. h't ih I. '?'at thr iir 'in..tanr i trou'.d tt ban a itnl tut-i frrm i nmnifi ?? nant, thtyn* -limit! r iri thing ti tich nfbtr. aad admit thiagr thatll i uauldr tilihai ?? r# ntakiar'a?r torl!."ai^'?rt a), n". W ? in f! ?? P "itli J n. t ad yiu to a(ti | t ear p ci liar Irrtitn* ?? h t w- ark yoato dfllraranthr fn*itl*J i lit tr i. it ? ? *"i I rartn.di rtha -rtmloil to rn?. I tall. th'r. i pen l)n jt'.|i|f n/ th* $iat? of Nrw Tafh li .t,n d hy Ik. !???*. tth n ii m? <.wn dta'- I rrkort my i a* ra t* iforWiro lo ill pari* of thr I aio*. ind I a-k tl"- nl mlv ?! lr di-'ae' rar'? of th- uatrr t? 1 d thr -iwh Cam o I tha I'lli-n. aad yua will ha?a Ika ? ? ? r .peril a ia l hippy to thalitaat piat-rilp. With I nut r* < ..mla i . r.l r. and it haa Wan * II aaid. ihatth* i i i' i#? la fnm th ai < 1 ? '> r r - law la II t 1 kr uf f".l, ft n. thr haul, of fbi Ninarr I ? th? h '.i*adi. I k uith tarror i u i h-paa t. Itnagraad r '..?i >a) i ?? ti< no dan.rr. Th-r m langrr. and tl. r ia i .rr a Hut I trial la thr pood raiai aid pi'ii ti tu iaaj?i4 Mta of I i* fioalr, to earry out th- laa a -a mi la tan tha i ?inaa' - an J tha enairrrini#*a a< tha r?? ? 11- n Mr t rahairi n-lndad hy again rrtnrniig I'anir fu* Ike p- ? pin n alirs th? Praa.drn'. aud f(tth?lr r Pd a< . an ' a'atu nr ol bio Ii . to 1 irr. ill. Tt a >1 ii". II ? lm kn t hi. thank, to lti? rl.'.n n* t* thr matin'* in -bVb the* hi t ir ptritlpil thrBiwiti a. lii r>- aa <14 rnn nUwaty aotitda* ptnaalrd liimn lf to the I'mldfil, ah" diook him warmly by tha hand Iti'fri - ini t h n f rnifd again, anj in tiirni I thr ugh flic' n Main, an I Riiffnlt. .tr'-r-la, t" Ihe Kngk Hoti-I, will, ii aa< i at h i at lialt pn t roe o'clock ll iccupUJ itaa-'y an h ur'u |?#.inz Iht \rru4- It waa a -plondid prtoo --Inn Th- re w.-rw ?dthbA"n ag-Mayora on thr Coin initttw <<f r.v ptkin Al the Kaxln llotol. a nitmhi-rof rrntlimag rid hdW tara liilrciliitrtt to th- Prwnltlmt wkU* In waa waiting for tlM rat? Thrhtdal *urn>*d' r J witbia aad mtb'-ut Tha fmldrat lad lataaM to proceed hy the train Ihit leave* Hot he.ler at two o'rlnclt. fcr .'jrarara, but after much antl urgent ntrrtly he enaacnat'l to atay ft* dinner, auJ go hy ihe eight o'clock train At three'o clock about twt> hun.ln I per-on* rat low n lo an excellent dinner at Ihe hxglr llotal The Mau r prc'lded i n ilic ncca'ton Mr Crittenden. Mr Crnbani. S? rotaf y of the Navy tiidff" String ax- 1 May* J< nathnn ChllJ. atil Mr," Mann, editor of tltc kn ht 11<r ?f *ir. m. i.rupli 4 teaU nt the ht iol of the | table 1 he rariet r an I the inality of the hill of fan- would do honor t" th" Ail r llotiee, or the trvin* llotiae. The tabl" war eoverr.l with Iherhofecat flow. ra. After the cloth wa. removed IhcMavor roar and a-hed leave for the Pr> but to retire lie would flr?t jflie them the hmlth i f the Prialdent id III" t nlted Stale' and hi* rahlm-t. ((treat i herring ) The toa?t wa" drank with j frrent enlhu-la-in The Prftih nt then *aM ? Tin mniiivxi's urn "it. ttr ViTir and fell * ritl'ea*? The .enlim'it haa b"? *?? calxed an i. nllallp, that I rannal wilkh"ld my aehaow laiUmaat?. Ib*iturilurn>Aiim>taA-t kearti thaak*. aad I heg I" a.i I that I ahall look ka-k wpr n tha few haffy haatw I ban apee.tbi re wltli feellaaa I raauut axrf*?*. 1 bava fritbda bare, aad old Iriand?. aome of wb-wt baia, perhaaa. dl'lruil'd tba cutira- I baie pnr-ae.l let tham wait for (he tad?lal Hi-m .iudc aad are. from tha raialt. If t ban ai t doat the beat tleon that mUM ha doae?that 1 hii1 at l'iat. aated diainlerr't'd (Trem-adoiia ebeer* 1 I iball eoaeluda with a 1oa?t. It la?"Pi' Htr of Rocli'M?r, diatingai-brd abka for ita patriotiam aad iataUicata, it* beffrita'tti an t tnaaufartur-a. 1 he tonet w?. .Irnnk with all the honor.. Tin- I' nt then retired ami-tat loud cheering Three i-hrecv were then gltea fbr old Kcntuck. amld't t ail* f r Crltt- nd-u Mr Can it.max feape-nded II" ?ai?l MR. CR'TTTTIlSN'a apt't't H. Till* ion to at tf ti i raal Aid fa*hiin#d aacn*. (I a tig I I thaak yen far thl* r< mamkraa-a r.t aid kae tofk-ki t 1 he*, not quit* ai old a* mygalf. 1 am un Iliad I l?r?rr*dt?l ffRHM lltttkt rhaip^ag',. vo* ka t ax I hut who ran look around lliia tsdde ?nd aar that thers tr* dlsuaiotii-t- among tlir people of the t/nitfl States about inch a tinut( a* n fugltii? >laie !a*v ?' There aeama l? U a mranncii in i|i.ihiil hi/abuut such aphing aa that. (Chant*. I Our President ??ol ???? or two thing* t?-<l?) that I wi?h to contradict, now thut he is g.,w*, lie told you that he ? aa indebted t<> lilaeaJ ipat; there i-a? auch thin* at that at all. lie is a man the.? d >e* bii ??'? tmsinese, and I r*fls# lurthtr fur the tru' li of t hr <ai t to uiy trie**1 a* ?mr loft, that is Br. Graham. If anytl. it* O done well,jv>" "1 'iw*ely It I * 1I Serves all the credit, for ha doer the wHals thmg him? ? elf. If a II) thing eh' uld turnout unhappily., for that, l** he louit take the diaoredit. We are hie no.iMariea. and nri dtt( rmined to maintain the nnion cf tbeae Jltotca, com* weal, come ?? la other eonntrita the ha) start ia tbn rrciittat magistrate?tl e dumb, manmMe, but sharp ma gistrate. Here tl.e lawa d,|nii<l upon the people; tits pen at# lout U.c la*-- who Uaree to bieak them) lie who t-?V* him? ; ?<'lf np aaainat tl.? law, -et? hits-elf np agaiuat tin ponpla. I It an aristocracy made the lawa. there unght be vi/twe la I reaiatnnca; I ut alien the people u.akr them, who la aa-tsalA ?? to rr-ist! If tinre are any who oau auoonanfaUy le-iet. they luuat he au aristocracy. I appeal W *4m I >' J'"*, turn of the country. The i resent etate ? f " '-if Will do.jeU enough forme; l ut I appeal to yau, tan# ? ill wield aeeeptre m< r* powerful than thnt of thegreah Juliua i a-anr, or any Bnmaa Emperor ttiat ever litadT if you do net full to I'UtirilititfK about ]>oint* 'ff ec/tteitiot, lid try tn make your mtghbur* do what you do ? a courae taaa Would break up tl u luightleat empire in the world?yon wilt rule the world, II trueto jr*at*slVM, Gird u;iyonr lolm fa* your might) dc-tinie*. Ifyou arenot alive to tliein.yon are lotr 11 w the earth y< ti tr ad, and dull as the weed 0,1 l.ethoa aboren. M all we dash to p'ecee aa a pothnrd the glorious voeael of the eaaitHailaa, louiidtd L) tr e blood of t>ur tattiera, which flowed in a common atream I ll'i are bound by the artictra ' tigmd lei our lather*. Shall we now turn round and find fault) The < on'tltutiun wa- good enough fur the great , Washlnrtou and ourfathera, but we are growing ao might# gtfod, that we wicl- to tear up the tree which thay ham planted, by the runta. (Cheer- ) But it w ill net-be an. Wa are a fr> ? people, and Providence only aak- ua not ta mar the Mcs-ing* ?e already poa-e-s. if any man North oc South, riae again-t tl.e 1 nu n, we muat rrai-t, and vin dicate the coti?tltution. I am a plain snokati Kentucky maw, ami III what I think. I hope tbi- will not Ik-regarded a* polities. It ta only the Union up I the constItntton. (?Ormt I aagliter.) He concluded l.i giving, "Hue Country, scr whole conn tr)?the 1 nion tow and forever," The tenet wa- warmly rcceivv d: Mr Gnaiiau being next rolled upon oflfrred wfetr ob servation*. The dinner party shortly after broke up, andth# President continued to rereiv* visiters In the drawing roi m till the time of bin departure. At eight o'clock the l>ir-id. nt left in the train, sor round, d by a dense multitude who rlicercd to the och*. There were th( wsand." of people around the depot, to gether with a band of music. At C'annndaigua there wn- nn immense crowd at half pant P o'clock. Mr. Gibson. thepro-ident of the ro*^ 1 ranie into the ear-, nnd shook banda with'the President. 'l'lie people in-i-tvd on Mr. PiUmore's going out. Ho | .-aid a few words and retired, when there were loud trie? for Mr Wi hater. and the ear- drove off. At Geneva the firemen nlltiirued out with tore ho*, aw# the cannon - roar welcomed I he President. The people j climbed up into the ears, and pressed around in a droau mas*?a village orator addressed him. The Prcstdemt aaMt iie was hoarse; he could not utter a word. He said la* wished he hud a voire c-jual to the pulsations of hi# hi-irt. The train again dashed away At Auburn there wa- a still grander demonst ratio*. | The crowd assembled to several thousand*. The Bre men presented a -plendid array, in their uniform, with their flaming torchlights; while fireworks and gun* of every -ire were addine to the effect The President aaid tbi-was liU native county; hut he was to hoars* h# could tior spvak. II,' hoped, however, he would ***n have the pleasure of -baking them all by the hands. Meantime the ears left, amidst tbi loud andenthnsiad tlc cheer- of the va.-t multitude. Itt MM 'ON AT M B \Tfwr. hi? n i si May '31?1 A M The car* arriv>d at Ifftw at a few minute* after 11 o'-lo-k. Here the scene was more imposing than aafr preceding it sloe* tin train left Uoeluster. The whot* b( dy of fir men and mlllta v of the city turned out with tor he- and. in tact the whole of the rHltamt, whil ? botvflr. s Glased in all fhectlun* nnJ hands of musin and tl.e booming of 'tnnon mingled their sounds to gether. A precession was I >rraed and the Prsiidsnt taking a plan- in a arriae- it marched through, several streets, at. .1 finally ( corti d hfm to the flyrsru-- House 1%s i beerlng wa- loud and vehement and the greatest en thusiaem -vailed Vt .vslvlngton liens*. W*sHivc.T*a May 20. 1 SCI Sellable men dec'are that alter Mr KiUniore rotwrna, Mr. C-inrs t. who 1- pronoune, J w, ai. and of no earthl* account, 1- to go hence, and Mr U< utry, of Tonnemoo, a Is?ld dubing man witHn.v-vs and liarastcr, is t* be (sib-.) to tl.e b< ad of the Mar l>epartm<vt, In view* niitii'ipat. d lilfii ul'y with Betrthern di niuionvsta Tha subject 1- much dbcus,, d by the ki. wing oni-s wrh* Just ^ - m to have leu ucd that Mr t.i nrai was aUalphhi d fi nder Mr Iwwj.tif Pi nnsylvanla is ann*uw*edas a cwnda date for Clerk to tie- Best Hsu-o ot UeprcswnUtU*** Tl c r , ki statev the folb w ing di-nio m-itic candidate* aiw al-oln the Bet#? Luren P Wai to. Conu -tlout; Kmaay l? Potter. MAe; B M ) rcmli. luiair!y Olcch, awddwdg,. Voung the proeut incumbent. I., mi-K Ilu'oju 'ly resign i his "lerlu-hip is the Ad jutant Octwrsl's t fticc. to ss-umc th-edit or iaJ chair tt tl - sst. r t m'< , .wnf Tnl>w - in ) lace of his broth'K, la' -1} ap)>< int-<1 ) < ? ins't r at bsi -!er Hi bniitli crilaa 1 it r?;y and leading r .im baring b mi eonmderhMy ? Blended U now Aatly open for *M ter* It is Ubrrt lly auppli-d with chc'lcu works uat 2'* A letter tppenrs in the Tnf'll t-nc-r of this morwlng. from Mr Ki i ile. t'it- American ng-i t st the Ifoetd* glow in,- recount cf the op-ntng of th# van-" and -leaking In the no t ffatt?rii: ? terms of th* d -p ?7 uf Aweriean artlch - th -re e?h;biied. The stmwx r Busgwehnniiiili is still held in r> id-stsk a! N( r! Ik. t 1 ;>ri. e d to New Vofk f t the l'roids#t, m c ? -e ot a dr-)<*tch to that tD><; .eg rvv? t id Tlir ( oivtt?1ed Scat t-f .Ttnlac Wright De> rid id. Ai aawv. May 'JO. IBM Tb, Hgbt cf the scat of judge W Uiani It A right. #f tin Third Judielal l'ietriot. wlii b ha- l#en co*t sicfl kg Heiry Dngvhoom #*rr since th* ei-'cl ?vu of 1UA was Itlttc Mcsar Omdck Potter and Ko*?. as rrTsrvsa. v In last rvenlng. d <Uid III favor of Ihs legality ?f Judge Wright's ? l< ' It is -aid the case will be *aw rlnl t? a high <r tribunal. t <*??? rntloii of Ihc liiillrd A mrrtckn Ida < Itanlo. l.i-< *.11 a I'a . M ay 'JO, 1M&1 The National f ?iT"nt?on 'if iht or A*r of I'tilted Aw rl '.-in Mr- ban i-- c 'ninird ut otir county curt hour* it 10 o ' look to-<la? Mimt ?? are In Btlauilance from UM Plata* rf N.~w York l?rlawar< Maryland V rtbCaroltun, Ohlti, k?t J-rrrT. Mirrot1 V Itglufc auJ Hronrylraoi* Ow lllltiinl WiflNtnpMMt. The OorirenUnn waa itknull wptiimt k; the choice << Wim II Thowaaar l' in .?? nl mi l Loul? Blaneha ri Sacratnry Tbo pi -ton ?*? c "E min d pernio n nlly by tha appoint. Mat Of tbr fblk wing UllwTc-ihaUnt?John IIa# ciiiil' (if Mary I.nd Vic* Pr ilfraia-IIMlrl Mutiny. rf Mla-onrl; tVtinani Wr-t of Ob to. Jam. * llliduicn. ?d \ irglnia t't ?.-l< - Lord, of I ml* war* - AwMirtu?tonal* Plan, t. fhi* t !.TI I'on t. if h'Miylma I?c<* Hi J?f?4 A ll.u nt. oi i . one. ti. iU H-rj;. uv at-A-m---l?aac .'agar, if Near Ji->-y Mnr hat?-R (t I", rk of North Ci. ollna 'I ii* ( bj-c'. c I the CanoiaUua U tbr J fuUi jtk'B of tbr Order. I.ntrr from HI. I'nttla. Mliini <ola?^laat aad I M|i|? ?? In-Hajia?I nibil Mal i I'irabf fritan t linn li. Ft Lavta. Ho IC IK1 Tti' atranxr I?r IraBki'i froai It l'aul a. rrpnHa a largo party Of Aloi.x toil. >aa tvwl w ie wnl agua* tin ( blffwaM. and tbo n \t arrlrai wiii pn imtdy iniaf an a enM of a rrr ra baitlr. Th* t?rti-ri' \--?tub ? of tb? Pre ?'>)terlan Church af tho I nitrd Ftrloa war upfm i In tbla i ly. jro-tariTaj. )if lMtnolflM tbr Irr Mr l.t . -n, of -.on:h Cam. -a, l.fli r wti'i h tbi dork t?a.| li ri p. -l? of r nainillrra rw latu-to tbr a|M ' Btmnt c.f t aai "lunar* to tha An i.ual A-- ?!?? lb-iter Mr lion,.! ,rry ?. if Kea'tirkg. ?l< ilect.J M I ratnr. atnl tbi Bar Mr. H "?ard. ?? I" on ?lw.mi'? Ob K Pourtc n Plat.-* n*ca n prawnt r ' to laJIng No I in, but no Ntr I. iilaaj .'intra a {-your ia Ut* liat Thr Kirlttmrnt at fard'tiaa RameuR f tlarJn, Hiii <'a|t AldrMi.of tb brtgPatfM from CaMrn** ataAra th..t ?ht.r Id fori. and abril br >ft gn .1 t ?r Iron nt pncalli I among thr mhr i' int*. In ri n*i i urn or nf tba < xpac'ed lan lir x of a?otbrc parly of to la dm Ptruag gWBrd* warn nn tbi nbarraa raob night, and na )?< r-on wn? p. nalttH t" lanJ r ??> on I art any tna I aft-r dark Tin- n are- atlon ant art* f rw, ry Awn . in arm?trirt:? w*t. lo t hi tb- auibarRlea. and rany thing *a* in na.lin#w to tcpal an attack -hould our M maitr upuu tbr town Thr ( iar nf Kry a and thr ttoatnn and Prorl* drnrr It nl I road. I*an?" ?-t? Ma? 30. 1AA1 "Rir nrrond trial to tbr raw f Tbomaa K-ya ngaAaat Dp II I.a?ton anil otbrrr. to timot ilanii*r? of thr drfVndaatr, nbo am. or wit* - ffl <-i? on tha Nrw fork, PratkkDN anil Boat m Railroad agdl nm rhargod with a? anltiiig tbr plaint ill and tbrUHSflg him nut of tb* mr- In thr night tlmi when tha train w?i In motion, aaa roiomon.rd in thla city yaat. rdar norulng Damagra ati laid at >M.00? F.nlarov?l I nnvtnllnn. Rmrrol, 20. IMt Tbr annual cnrrnllon of tbr rl?rgy and laity nf thla ,liner-* wm lioldrn thi* morning at Trinity t humb After appropriate mligh n* arrrlaaa, the MM hrf**? the n nrentlan wa? preached tiy the B?t Cbarle* Maann. of timer t'bartb. upon tbr dutlaa ud rrapon.lbllitla* wt tba mlntMry. from tha fbtlowinf tegt ?Who U clrnt ftir thraa thing* Aflar the admtnl'tratlon o' tb* ?acr*mant nf tba l^.rd'1 Hnnper. tbr contention proceeded to tbr trana artlon (f bu*inrM. Openlaf aftbr Cna adlnn Parllanu ab .Rp? ?( h ?f the Uortraar Minimi. Toaoara, May ?. IIR. Par'iamrnt mat Tbi* afternoon Tb* Qowrrnor. tn n?a aprarh. "tatr-i t^nt tbr rr-Trnnr from tba anmnnrn and eat.air 1( in.-rraring thnl thr Chang* !? ? b* WR** narlgntion law* ha* lfiat? ?*ad Aw'dgn ablpptng i? t? t'anadlr.u port*; and that the emigration art baa n ' "m>'Alnrd m a* nafrmroMr to our iiBport trad* TAn njdf portage law baa rontl ie**Ny mar TT?. nrl itmto-r appolwir"' *? ??tti* tbr li o - J|N ftrn""Hb I