Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 21, 1851, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 21, 1851 Page 3
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?m the product of th? mine* In California. The amount df California goM deposited during April in tbe Philadel phia Mint wm $2,785,600, making a total at tbe two places of nearly three and a half millions of dollar* This is pretty kir for so early a period in the season. From the beet Information we have been able to obtain, we judge that during the neat six months, the receipts of gold duet at this port, from California, will average at least Ave mil lions of dollar* per month. We have seen estimates lu Which we have a great deal of confidence, where a monthly receipt at this port of four millions, for tho next six months, have been pat down. It must be borne hi mind that tbe receipts during the last six months o MM averaged more than four millions of dollars; and the probability is that this year, with additional facilities for mining, willi a larger number of miners, tho product will be considerably in excess of last. With a monthly receipt of five, or even four millions of dollars In gold, hem California, no apprehensions need be entertained about the exportation. Thus far thisyear. tho shipments mt precious metals have averaged about two millions of dollars per month, and in the event of their continuing at this rate throughout the year, there will be a monthly gain, if the above csloulatlons are realised, of thiee mil Sous of dollars. There is very little danger but that we shall have gold enough to sustain the present expansion la tbe currency, and in credits. The prospect Is decided ly favorable for an easy money market during the ap proaching summer. The receipts at tbe office of the Assistant Treasurer of this port, to-day, amounted to $102,031 00; payments, $201,562 34, of which $170,000 was on account of the Mexican awards. Balance, $2,718,341 24. About two millions of dollurs have been paid ut the Treasurer's of ??e in this city on account of clulms awarded under tbe treaty with Mexico. Block ExshangSf ?*630 V S 6'a '67 s3 117 ?W ah.t Erie RR 88'* WW So 117 100 So ilO rts1., 300City7's 92 101180 So a? 86'v City 5? 96 lt*>* ?'?>*) do tlO 89", 200* JErie '59 102*2 lis) do a'W 88'2 So 102V 200 do *3 au iv-a s,w no t?v) mm 190(0 Erie Con '71 !X'2 2V0 Harlem RR 7S2 7US ,1,. iui 'MM I .1.. -Ml 711* TWO do . 1?S?2 2IN) .lo s30 73* MM) Erie Iaoome 07 100 Morris Canal "W r.i? IMWIBV VI IV aUOIN Hf. idm) tinSson let bdi loft11 loo do i?* : ?I00? Hudson 2d bds !'8V 250 do blO It-', I 23 aha Del It llud fall 121 5t*)I.oag Island RR 21 ' 0 do scrip 118 100 do 2fi Bank Republic par 50 do eOO 3d Edgeworth Co blS i'Jl 100 do btiU id do 9>T 3$ 3d do 9\ 100 Stonington RR 42 "*? Farmers' Trust 0>2 25 Norw ich k W .r 01 J. -in Mi 1- Mil A,. do tlO (P* 90 do 63J? 23 Canton Co ?30 75 50 do b30 04 190 do 1-90 75 100 Reading RR 5412 ISO do 74* 900 do 54* M Erie h R slO 88* 2U) do a*) 54W 3d do s.30 8b >J is*) do si& do e30 88 200 do 6.11 54* m do ?* 500 do sOU 51.7, SECOND BOARD. $2300? Eri? Conv 71 !M * It*) shs Erie RR b30 88* 3<00 So bOO 95 29 do 88* I3P0 Ohio 7's 101 100 Morns Canal 16 4 3 shs Erie RR Kb*; 1(W Long Island RR 21 MO do *10 88'2 25 do 21 '7 id do Sir. 88 150 d.) 13 21 liu ds s.1) 88 400 Portsmonth DD 611 M0 do MO 8** )<*> Reading RR s60 54* lid do btiO 88* 100 d ? h.30 54* *0 do s3 88 100 do 1.60 9.5 541 do 88* 9 Bask N America par IBVRRTISKMENT8 RENEWED EVERY DAY. PERSON Ala. INFORMATION WANTED.?M. KUCH, FROM WOI.F settcn, in Wuerttemberg, wants inf.-rination of his sifter Barbara and brother George, who are said to reside at Pitts k?r?h. Persons ac-|uainted with (heir present abode, are solicited to give information of it. by addressing. Office ol tka f outsets Schuellpost, 77 Chatham street. New York. Exchangee please copy. WILLIAM H. 8CRIBNF.R. HAVING LEFT BIS RESI dcace on the 6th instant, for the city of New York, riace which t-ine nothing has hern heard of hint . any infor mation concerning him will be thankfully received, by ad dreifing bis disconsolate father, M. 8CKIHNEK. Norwalk, Conn. Said W. H. Bcribntr i? about 5 feet 8 inches in height; lrewa hair, light bine eves, rather f lender made, age about .'M years, had on black frock coat, bla. k pantaloons, and blatk aatin vest. N. B.?Editors will suhserte the cause of hananity by inserting the above In their columns. ?FECIAL. NOTICES. THE KE4.ATTA NOTICED IN YOCR PAPER TE3 tcrday. between the working boat Lilierty-and the skid (Tom Flushing, L. I., row.-d by John Roc and Il.tvid Snc-li k- r. en won by th* skiff, by a distance uftive hundred yard*, and not ky the Liberty. Long Island ugaiust the World! JOHN ROE. DR. EDWARD n. DIXON, EDITOR OF THE 9CAL psl, L2 Gran J street, one door west of Broadway. Office hoore from 12 till .1, and 7 to SI eveaiugs. The office of the ?oalpel is at 2 Astor House, where all literary and buaineas ?oauunairationa may he left. Texas iand aoency.-the undersigned or fers his services as an agent in all matters appertaining to land* In T"sa?. but particularly to select naloeatsd lands and procure patents fur the same. Terms moderate, and will OS made knowti whea iaformed what is tn be done. Address H. a. CATLETT. Dallas. Texas. New arrangement.?country pater col Uet< d Quickly.? Collect! -n? on the town of Corning, State of No* York, nre rand* with promptness, me are uoT lactico* "t MlH ilrafte, Sr., in overt direction throughout the United Stat, a and Canada, rapidly, and ahead of hank tiiua. J. T. VAN VLECK, oflioe comer of Wall and lire ad atreeta. REM 0 V A L.-DR. LUTE NEB'S EAR INFIRMARY, for the eaclaaivotrektnieat id Ear diaoaaei, haebeen re ?eeed to SM Broadway.?Deainree, discharge* from the etUmil ear, ead the various dietreaiing noiaee la the rare, cared ia a abort time without riek or pain. Consultation Unpaid letters refused. ORiee lomre from .a till 3. Patient* from the country oaa hare good roouit, with or grttheat heard. REMOVAL.-!.. H. SIMPSON * SONS. IMPOETERS of M ines. Branoie- and Hogar*. inform their pdtroaa and the public that they hare removed their oflioe from M N>oth William to No. ti Barclay street, aext door to the Ao tor House, where they a ^prepared to deliver. to grocer* Bad other*, goods ia tha above lino from under Cuetom Boaio lock, nt the low. -t market price e. in lot* to suit, Oroeort and dealer* aoald do well to call and ,-iamine their nam pie*. Noticm or r. anberson. Arch its rt. ha* changed Id* eft. c from Park place to M Wall etreet. where all bu<ine*s connected with hia pr?f. saion will bo correctly attended to; hia plan - will he found to em brace the latest improvements, eomUnlng convenience and economy with purity of architecture. Parties intending to build will favor him I ? calling and inspecting hie desirne ?ad profs*.tonal testimonial- Reference ulll bo (lien to fiatlomcn of tho hl?he*t respectability. Term moderate, rcbltaet'a oibce, 11 Wall etreet. New < ork. IlOMT," Abe. ' IIEH'ARD.?I.ffST THE EARLY PART OF I.AST HP'' week, a black and taa Terrier, with Oalllgan. No. Ji, Broadway, eagravrd on the collar. The abort reward ? ill bo paid by returning him to E. M. LiOPklN'S, No. li'. Ninth ?treot. LOST-ON THE I7TII INST., A DIAMOND PIN. SET ia black enamelled gold. fJ' reward will bo given by E IIENKV.dl South .treot. mucAk __ Music-wanted, hy a violinist and a Pianist, tatlry from Loadon, a situation in man Eatoel amuseuieioeat, etthev ia tho city or to trneal; ran rniah n ringer, if re'|Ulelto; be?t of city rclcreaos'i given. AMNa Mueic. Boa No, 6 llernld oAre. PlANOrOETE WANTED. IN GOOD ORDER. PRICE egceed fM. Addf*** "CroanahotoaMiolegu*."at lb# elbee af tki* paper, stating rtjlo. maker * name. utuo'-r ol oc tave*. Bo. f[*OR SALE?A VERY HANI)IM AND <OSTI.V SE road band I'laaofort*, Button made, in good crier, will be* Id at a great *acrihc?. la nohecineace "I Hit family breaking up how*, bee,Apply to N P. R. CURTIS* Age at far* American Paocat AcUva PUavfurtea. No. tp Broadway, wbaea it oaa be a??u. For sale-a ri.tNo. an EXOBUM IMlfM m- nt. Will be *. |,| for BiAA la intra at lULanieas ?trnet, wlnrc. also, ti ? it trnincnt may i *.oa. i mmmmmam SPANISH LAN til ACE A. P. BAE7. TlACllE* AMD Trnaelatorof the Sp?al*li linguae*. will give lcs.onsvt Vis r-*i 1. nee. or la any i rt o. * e.ity. Tr- uslatlons. scl nntif e and IP-rary in, iuled, ?:ll by c-rraetly aad puuota aily U'*d*. Address fdll f)r< * I* M . OLIVER B ?OLDAMITM'S W KITINO ROOM*. 2W Itrondway. fr.t corn, r above t ,e Irvtug Uon-c. Term* reduecd one half, t u.:-Ei for Ua one bonraaeh? ot*f euery. W rents; ?.? t ?. r ? ,r lis. i . i r includinr sta ll. fry?payable >a su' ? ,-ribing. Priv ate inatronti, n at the (Worn* only, let aula, Golden ith'* Gem* ol Penman-hip. COPAHTNEIINII11? RUTICKH. Tlir. INTEREST or LEMI EL SIMMONS. At ONE ?f tl,? r< partner* i>l the Srinciwln. Nuns* k Co . Pi aaef?rte Mannfi.. fnv r*. of u,* rity . i Nf* Vork, oeik d, by Mutual consent, oa ti e 27th i ly. I vs>. W M. WYNNE A CO. |J.\ RTN EH W An TF D?IN \ WHOLRS tl.R QROi'ERT I ea I I'r Hoe* ( . mil ls-ion Hon ? well < t.?, lls'ied. and doing ? *#>cd hue taws*. \ per a a?,inA,r,t.?l ia the Wot* aa 1 hatiar from u,,u thr* tt, araa-l d >IIar-, may sddreie R. S . at thi* ofliic. 'ro T A I LOR* - PARTNER WANTED, WITH ATA ? pit a I of If mi '? I t, V <l . v., i .ill a n sir , ?v W. II establish/,!, w li* Wisli.s 1 , cxt< o| his husin,. . aad has ?am* am on at it capital. Hcfcreaes* given aad ren aired. ia* 4. Tailor, tr is ,m *. UlOTMIIIUi (PAST of? CLoruiNO AND fCRNITUAl WANTED, w. ?L* lice afgeutlemen tenting tli* nty, <t breaking if bctwe! .-ping, cen abtein th- hlg eat ca*Npeter ftir CI< ? ?'?*, ?nrai?iira? Ad., by rending tbfen/h the Pc.t, *r at hie P"?l ? "ce. I,. ti. DI M KLDOUP, I I Rlt* vtt-vb. N.B. L? II * att-aded bylfrn. Dasmlderp. I ? %*T OF t ? I'?11:1 NO and FURNITURE WANTED - Ladie* or g?"H. u any oaet o? < Inti.l ( ?r far tii are ' > awpoan of, can oH in a foir ea, li t rlon for t to ash, by sen jin t f, r tho *ab>, ril rr at hia rn*idi *. ?, #r tyrj igh ti, po.t <?;? e. M - ' MllR.v.uuKim.trcnt, N. B aiitndci ht Mfg. C^hwii. THAI RLI.KH.V Ol lUW;. NGW TOff *AH? P D' LA D T L1 Hi A? N F W TORE A* and D Had I; hi* a e|?United t<vt?? Util Liu* - Tlir.ggii RM.lDiri. via Now JcciRailroad. rw il ic I t.. $.1 i r brat- lavs, and fi Nl for aaooad < la, i eg Wswjorl aJM . ? , ? m fv .? of t ...rtlind c-?d a? ? A * &ed?P. 9 hct f t fL.,vr:> .treck, 1 , del, i- ? i a aad ? A 'J and ' p fa , im-n th* f.,n? gi W?|. ?blfKult. fNAMDEB AND ABBOT Vgfl.HO>* UN* F? <? J Raw T?rk td ri.iia.d,'nhi? L n??a tier Be. I Ner.f Ri??r, by ateambcat JOHN rOTfRB lira gv t ?'?loek, A. N; A?v*et>, ,.n tins ttla'elhck P W. fi-abj f"?* M; wrwiti dcok. f2; binigrant l.ins?t ? c oiocl T * Dn. I1U L Bid st, AgaAk. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY" A RRSPKCTABLK young woman, aa Chambermaid, or to tak? oaro o( children, or to do the housework of a small family. Can be aeon for two days, at her present employer's, No. tii) Monroe street. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNU GIRL, TO do general housework. The best of eity reference siven. Apply at 3ud Houston street, up stairs, second floor, for two days. WANTED-A SITUATION, AS PLAIN COOK, WASH cr aud Ironer, in a small private family. Best refer ences given. Third areaue, from 'J to3u' clock. w ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa Chambermaid and Plain Sewer, and 1st in w " tb assist in washing and ironing. The best of city reference given from her last place. Apply at ?13 Elisabeth street, near Bleecker. Can be seen Ibr two days, If not engaged. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A MIDDLE All ED frenchwoman, as Seamstress, in a respectable private family; she would be willing to make herself generally use ful. No objection to go to tho country for the summer. Apply at No 13 Desbrosses street, eorucr of Canal street, Hudson street. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, n situation as Chambermaid, and to assist in washing and ironing, or to )do thegeneral |housswork of a small pri vate family. Tie best or reference from her last place Pleuse call at No. 144 Fourth street, between the First aud Second avenues, seoond floor, in the rear. WANTED-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do chainberwork and asaiat about the washing aud ironing. The best of reference from her last place. Please call at 9U Avenue C, fur two days. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT young woman, to do general housework in a small private family, and to take uare of children; has no objec tion to go a small distance in the country. Good reference from her last place. Can be seen for two days. Plcaso ap ply at No. 133 Eleventh street, second floor, front room. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUA tion to do tht general housework of a small family. She is an excellent washer ami ironer, and enn give the best of city reference. Has no objection to go a short distance in i he country. Can be seen for two days. Apply at bio lludion street. WANTED?SITUATIONS, BY TWO YOI NO WOMEN, sister*; the one as Cook, and to assist in the washing aud ironing, and the other as Chambermaid, aud to do tine washing and ironing, or waiting. Unexceptionable eity reference from their last place, where they both lived fur the last four years. Both prefer one house. Can he seen for tjiree days, at No. 38 Host Thirteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. WANTED-A YOUNG WOMAN WHO UNDERSTANDS the business of a retail Shirt and Furnishing store. Apply nt 313Bowery. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as good plain Cook, Washer, or Ironer. The best of city referenc e can be given. N ine but genteel private families nerd apply to ill Twenty-fourth street; be " th ave sixth and Seventli WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to take care of children, and to do plain sewing, and to do the housework of a small family; good references given; may be seen for two days. Please Elevt ? ?- - apply at No. Ihl Eleventh street, second floor, freut room. WANTED?BY A HEALTHY RESPECTABLE MA R ried woman, a situation as Wet N'ursc; has lust her baby when two days old; with a fresh breast of milk; no ob jections to the country. Can be seen for tlireo days at No. 1*0 Avenue A, between Twelfth and Thirteenth strosts, third floor, back room. w [TANTED?A SITUATION , AS <11 \MBEKMAI D AND I Waiter, or to do ehambsrwork and help as laundiess, by a very experienced girl, with excellent city refer-noe. l'leaso rail at 74 Sixth avenue, iu the bookstore. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as first rate Cook, and to assist in washing and ironing in a private family'; the host of city re ference* given, can be Seen for two days if not engaged. Please to inquire lit No. 30 Spring St., in the rear building. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT young woman, a situation as Chambermaid and Waiter, or Chambermaid und Seamstress; has the best of eity reference from her last place; can he ?? en for two days. Please to call at 1 ID Elcv euth st., tho third door from First av enuc. WA N T E D-BY TWO RESPECTABLE YOUNG WO men, situations, one as tirst-rate Cook, and lived in l.i r lint place for the lsst three years; the other as Cham bermaid, and to do washing aud ireiiing. They would prefer living in tbo same fnuily They have the best city reference, and can be seen fur two days, by vailing at 135 Crosby street, Room No.3. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A Si tuation in a private family; bus lived for the last twelve years in this country as cook. Has no objection to go a short distance iu the country. The best of eity re ference will be given. IMenso apply at N?. 71 Scvcuth etrv't. Cat he for two daye. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUA tu n as Cook. The very In st of aeftitiratee from her la-t place of seven years, and only iirrainated by herein i ley cr going a long distance in the country. Please apply at No. 38 West 1 iiirteenth street, betwe n the Fifth and Sixth avenues, upstair-, front room, second flour. N.B.?No >b jsetii us logo a abort distance in the country. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE girl, as Cook, W seller, and Ironer, in a private family; she Is a good In ad baker. Tne la st of eity reference given. Please call at 1:2 Leonard ifrcet. trst floor. YMTANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE vv jonng Woman, as Chambermaid or Waiter, or to do waiting alone. Would prefer going in Hit country for the nminer, with a nice family. She will give every sitlsfac ties to her employer. She lias go d recommendations, and Hit 1 est of i ity ri fere noes. Can be seen tor two days. Please all at Sly* Franklin street. IE,' ANTE D?A SIT I ATION. BY A RESPECTABLE vv yonng w man. as Chambermaid, and tine Washer and Ir'iier. The beet of eity reference can be given. Apply at lit" S'venteenth street, between With and Seventh avenues WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE vv j. unr woman, at Nur-e and Scamstrr.-s in a small la ?iiy. Good i Ity reference given. Please apply at 131 Third strut, between First avenue and Avenue A. Cau be seen for two days. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, U a situation to do general hontework in n pri rate family. Cnn givegood referi nee from her last place. Apply at No. iidSvUrSth street. 117 A NTH) BT A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT TT xirl, a eitnatiua for ch*mbvr*< rk, waivhiax aud iroa iay, or 'o take cart- of children. bu objection to ?o k ?'?Ml diataace t? the country. 0<? d city rcf'rcmro jrftron. Pan I* area for two >ik/? ?t No. 53g Twelfth ?treet, * Eirrtaad Second >1 (iiiih. tt.irJ floor, froat room. 11TANTED?A FIRST RATE CO<>K. A FIRST RATE TT l.auiv tr*ea. and a Chambermaid. with a xo?d know lad.xr of tinini aad meadiax. Apply ?t No. l? B ir lay itrrct None to J apply bo: tbooe well '{ualiA'd, and hav-.nx good iit j referent t. \V ANTE D?A SITVATIOV, BV A R1>PEP TABLE TT ??mn. aa 1'hatnbrrnaid, Wait, r, or l.ann ircaa. The hert of city r< Ivrenco rivea. Apply at 112 Clia toa Plat e. Eighth afreet. Pan be ?ecu for tac day-. U'ANTID-A SITt'ATfOJf, AS CHAMBERMAID, OIL. TT to .In general l.oitaewurk, by a t*?p?ctable yonng wn ?taa. who haa g?od city reference. Apply at 113 Clinton Place, E.ibth etrcct. Pan ba *een tor two day*. AM? ANTE D-A Mil ATION BY A RESPECTABLE TT ). un ?oiimn. a- l.auadreaa an.I Dairy Mai l, or to 4o homework for a private family. She iirnlcrttaada h. r Imaineaa ?? 11, nnii prefer* to lite a ahnrt dlatnnt" in tliu to uatry, or in a private tumlly In the city. The beat ?f re f. rem e ran he given from her laat Pica** call at US Pntiet at revt. at t tad floor. \M?ANTED?IN A SMALL PI!It ATE FAMILY, CP TT t w?. a ChambeHMM and IV alter. either German r Amerlttr one that laf mtnen tably neat anil trustworthy. Apply nt N<>. 35 Naaaaa atrett, up ataira. from ten A. M tul thr o P. M. ll'ANTF.D-A SITUATION. NT A RESPtCTABLE TT ymai woman. a? Chambermaid, and to ae<iat with the r kahiax and Ironing. Iifaily < apablc of her bnaineea. Ilaa lived orer era yeara la her laat place. The be*tof city relereace. Pleaee to call at No. f Ureal Jonet rtrect, in tlie rear < a a be ect n for two day a. If aot auited. \I* ANTED -BT A MOST RESPECTABLE TOP NO TT Woman, a eitnatioo a- t hambertnaid aad to laM In waaj.iac and ironing. Ilaa th. > ? *t of city reft reace. and haa the j ritlltce of t-eiiift awn at the raald< nee of her proe? at em ployrf, JJ phrlatopher afreet VjKT ANTED?A BITCAT10.V, BY A KESPKCTA1II.E TT yntMfl w man. a-|Phami.. r? iald or M atter. of eham I ? rw ? rb, w alhlai and ironing: Th* heat of .ity refer* tee. i an he -e. n for two daya. if a t eaflagnd, at her ls*t ptaee. II Me t Iwmtyttrit ettceta betwovu fourth at auc and Br' ad way. W'ANTED t arrVATtOft. r?v a rf.IPEI'TABI r. ? trl. ae 4 hamhermaad and Walt r. ar to a-?i<? in th. torero] hwBecvwrk'f a pfleate family. Haa WW?d cfty r* fvnae*. Pleaee tail at 1*1 Eaet Eierenti alreet. ?i-ontl r. 1-aak t> ?m. Pen ha tc?n for two dayt if n. t em 11 d II' .1 \ T I D-A SITl'ATIDN BY A RE 'PF TABLE TT yeaaf wit I. a< Seamatre ??, and to fake ear of chlldr n.*r. ?? i ea celt ing aad httinx. The heat of eily refer~wee Iromlerleat pla e. Pall at IJl Eighth an anc, flrat floor, i rtrt it. Pan he at* n all toe nee it. if n tens". I. \I* * N I E l>?A Sill A THIN. MY \ KF PEi TABLE TT I'ri !? ftar.t w omaa: I a pi rfi t Cook, and I It.?<h r and Iron. r. Baa the 1**1 of t Ity ref'-r'ac*. Plena* ill a* 111 Mnltetry alriett at? n 1 home tr .m Dro-im.-. Can be reon ft rllro day ? . 1|T ANTED-A Mil I1IIA Til MIF.MIA KAMI l,\ TT Itattllinx. or a* i<n.d I k. by a rota* woman *ith yoo.1 re-ran atiwna. Plea a rail nt No. 411 Urten ?tr?vt. Ma ? a# "I j It it !? Brooklyn. \\ T A NTf D?A Mil ATION. BV A RBSPMCtABl E ? nt Ameriean i irl. at Childrewa Nor *. dot ro *al hooteworh . i a rm-v'l family. Nr nbt tim a bo at n ? t untry. Apply W 31.;.-ti, alfvet. Pau 1 It* A N T F B?A SITt v T I' - \ A* t IMIK : IS W *'? TT ft-t ti'e a?i|.ff aai Ironor. Apply Mil Sereatoett! atrt i ooratr of htath itiun.. T'-i fell of t< ftttewc-e ea w AN TT D? A SI 11 A1 ION. B\ A REPHrMII, J nna wewian, t o?t, Waal -r. >n t Ir-n..,*. Pa . ,tc ? ti.e l< -telty raft ten .. II ctllrt the ?I?i etott t h a tit i tweaa B. -on in I W i n Br VI, o. HfANTRD-iiY A BrspRCT IDLE I'RiViE TANT w. mew, n ?Doktivn h* t k, tin I * u!.l aaa n In wa-lt Ivy and Ir alojr, la n t map fat ,1) Sh ? p rf tlr under tt < adr kt r i uatethw and re mdwe | 11? i ft r- n'-. -.Apply ft 'i. larr'W 're.'.lb!r.i el- ? r. n' rv too adiittivcran I. it- u f?r twn day . II n- t earwaed. Hf ARTE D- A UtrATtOM. I i A HI 1PFC F VULF, y it.v Womt n. *? I'ooV. tt; ..her an I Irnar, an i ? ililnf In do 41 .. r.J hciaow .fit t.l n a all | r i v ta tetoiJ.v lit I t t f elty r. I -tiu-i in he alrcn irt tn Im r i ef p'-tie. Whete *he llve.l I. i tan y ?ra. l ien t ' ttI 1 l.i Ea -1 lirta-lway, ta ' e front lm*evo. .t. If AMI!' r.l TlinrniNC U'tlMBN. SIIIA I IONS TT ?One te do r*wernl hyeeework, covk, waah, and imn; tl i ther ?? I l amt'otrivi'd tt.d Waiting, or I > titke caru of rhlL'ton. I leivvo i ail at 314 Motl ati, i4, atar Blooaker. ( an le rt'w fottWa vlayr. tir a ?- Ti B ni tii o in^ni.v respei i ablf. TT ytcrx women, eitnatl-vaa?Otto ae C.>ok, Waehev had Irot.rr?tl fiber aa t hawthermaid and lTalt r. tt ? ehje. ti, lo do h'aitwarlt la a ithMI family. B io h-.-.-e, r -Ir vi v - tai le reft e. rv . ?. Inaairelfai Ntolh??r' r lit tno r?*r. WANTEP-A * I TP." TION. HI 1 TIFs'PRPT \ DLK T r yi v au w--maw, a a t'b mo be rate i-1 and ottv -1-- w d.. th< 11 e waehinr aad ir -v nt: Wet ? will bo an * !??! t ti - ?! ? - ft r i v * i; ??r : ewn To t- "1 ! r I*" d i v t. I an, >ol i >i ill an.leu ttrn t. ba-?< en V ati'k and M. lonyol atf. \t? A NTT D- BY IT li Rl PF.PTAtll I. YM Vi. EN': TT M-'wtxwv. ?|i- ath'w-oni a* flrat rv'" O-b, *. ilt ?">iat I* waehire: tin wdber ae rhaa.terni'ld and W viter f an la ?ren for two day ? at I ?'! I tlliy ln I etc:- L ' facta ?ttowd and iTtitd hitaura. MT ARTS. 1*7ANTED BY A RESPECTABLE TOD NO WOMAN.A TT situation at Seamstress or V urao? ha* mo objection to ro m the country, Can give th? best of rcferenee. inquire nt No. W Ninth avenue. WANTED?A SITUATION. BV A RESPECTABLE woman, ma Cook, to maaiat in wraahinR and ironing. Heat of city reference Riven. Can b? seen for two days. i'leaaa call at 44 llomiiieraly afreet, in the tiaaeiuent. WANTED ?A SITUATION, BV A COMPETENT yuunR girl, aa Nurae and Seamstress; no objections to the country. Good city reference. Call at No. 70 East Fif teenth atreet, at her laat place. WANTED?A SITUATION, FOR A KEMAHKABLY trratworthy young perm,n, in a private family. Mie would be capable of takiug charge of children, and of doing light chamherw'irk. Apply at 44 Union equate. AUo, for a very capable Proteatant American woman aa Cook. Apply aa above. WANTED?A SITUATION, HV A HESI'Et'TA HI.E girl, aa Chambermaid and Waiter. Would assist in the washing or irouiugor plain sewing. Una good city refe rence. Call at No. Nil Broadway. Cau bo aeeu fur two daya WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE girl, aa Chainbenuaid and Waiter. Good city refe ' renee. i'lcaac call at Ml Fourth avenue, between Tenth and Eleventh atrceta. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a aitnatdoB, in a small fuuiily, at Cook, Waahcr and Iroccr. Would have no objection to do housework. Can bo f een for two days, at 040 Ureenwic-h atreet. WANTED?A YOUNG MAN, BETWEEN EIGHTEEN * and twenty yenra of nge, to make himself generally useful in a bookatore. One acquainted with packing books preferred. Address G. D., at this uffiee. ANTED?AN APOTIITCARY, IN THE NEW YORE Hospital, in Broadway, competent to compound medi cines cod make up prescriptions, and to take uharge gene is of anon " w rally of the buainees of such an office, and to reside on the premises. Apply by letter, with testimonials, to the Super intendent at the Hospital. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AGED man. a native ol Scotland, a situation as Land Steward cn the estate of a gentleman. Una hntl extensive practical experience in the, most modern system of husbandry, the rearing and management of stuck, and a thorough knowledge ol draining. Any communications addressed D. J., Post Office, WUllamsburgh, will be promptly attended to. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE MAN, A SITUA tiou us Groom and Coachman. Wuuld have uo objec tion to go to the country. 1'uderstutidd the euro of horses perfectly well, and can produce good rucotnmeadatinns fruin w here he has lived. Please address 7V Main street, Brook lyn. AC EMS -WANTED, ACTIVE AND INTELLIGENT Agents, for the city only, to sell the beautifully colored 1 uni t, en Pictures of New l'urk and iirouklya, a very line and new article: and $ti to $1* ran be made a weolt. Apple t? 1IEN tt V UOI F, Lithographer and I'rintseller, No. 1.0 William street entrance iu Spruce street. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL WISHES TO obtain a situation ns first rate Seamstress, as she has hud considerable experience in London. Would have no objection to wait on a lady; would l,c an ac|uiaiti,>n to a family going to Europe. Plea so address S. K., J Holt Place, 3d flour, opposite Tompkins market. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS UAH. ?trees, light chamber work and sewing, or would tike the care of one ur two grown children; or make herself gene rally useful to a lady; I,as uo ohjectiua tu travel, or go in the country. Can be seen for three days at her present situation, No. 'J Albion Place, Fourth street. A RESPECTABLE GIRI, WANTS A SITUATION AS Cook. Sl.e is a good pints Cook, and an excellent waslur and ironcr, and would d? the housework of n small private family. Call at .'?# West Twenty-tlryt street, be tween the t ilth and Sixth avenues. Can he seen lor one week. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A S1TP ation as Chambermaid or M aitcr, or would do the ?rk ufa mi,all family, aad can coiuo wcllroeomiaemd ii.-c to call at US) Ply mouth street, near Jay, Brook lyn, or a note addressed to .11. 0., as above, will be attended to. Can be seen for two days. A SCOTCH GIRL WANTS A SITUATION, BEING IV this country for twelve months; will engage as Nurse, ( hmuherinaid or general servant; can go well recommended. To be >e?hi at 107 Avenue C. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISIIF.S V situation as good Cook, and to as-ist in washing and ironing, in a private family. Perfectly understands her bu -in, sr. and w onld have no obi,-, lion to go a short distance in the country. Please call at No. J Albion place, between Bow < ry ami Second a v uue, the residence of her prcsv lit cm ployer, where she will be recommended. Can be seen for two days. BOY' WANTED.?BOY WANTED, ABOUT IS TO 18 years qf age, in a book sf ire: one who is acquainted with the I rem h language will be i referred, inquire at No. 31A Broadway, up stairs. Die enoh wer wanted?to a steady, indus triune person, constant employment and good wages will l-r given. Address lor two days, A. 11. C.r II' raid office. Drug clerk-wanted immediately, one who thoroughly understand* his burine-s, and i.i fully competent to take charge of a hr-t class itcre. The best t city reference- required. Vncbut an Vmeriean nee 1 apply. Atlantic street, corner ol Henry -treet. Brookly n. SALESMAN WANTED?IN A COMB AND FANCY Coeds House?One that is e*pericnrrt in the business, and ran influence trade. Address Box 2.31U, PostOfi.-e. SHIP CARPENTERS?WANTED TO WORK ON THE Panama Railroad, eight < r ten good experienced ship carpenters. None need apply without good ruronunc-ndnuua* fr> m ihiphulldurs well known in this city. Apply to Prancis Spies, Secretary Panama Railroad Company, r>'Droadway. SITUATION WANTED. BY A MAN <iP TEMPERATE lialits,as Porter la a tore or any respectable bnalnvss; ? an wr.te a good hand, nnd i- a good accountant. Any dr sir us of such will gtt perfect auMat.lotion, anu good rot-; renee given. Address J. M. D.. ll-.-rald th1?, for thre; days, between two and lour o'elo k, stating particular-. Yi ? w 11 i>? it T A KETECT \l?i.E Vol' X O If UNA V, a oitualionto act at beajuetren. and >l<> ;lu* waahlnp and lr< ning. er to tratel with a 1^-lv forth* ecuon. Apply T?<uty-tlfth atrcet, between Eighth and Sloth itcno"). V>, .17. Pret flour, front IMS. She can get to.-a oity MMM teing four year* in brr la-t place. Ta<i MII.MNFR* IMi hlnRK 1 F.SIMtRS.- It ' \ if 1> - iir*t latr mlllluTt on ?hlrred hat*; al*o a ?uiir! young lady to trod atoru. tint that can work at the millinery I reirrrcd. to hoard in lb-l.oure or other* toe. It' l p n - required. Apply at Mr*. K"gcr?'. iP-J I nl.lh avcrnie, between Twenty-H urth and Twenty -fifth etreete. 1 O C'OAI. DEALERS?ANV ONE HAVING A COAL j aid that i* well located and ?i*ha* to iiiipOM of it. may hi.d a <u*tniDcr, ly addr***iaz a note to Camtacrvi-, at tl.fa office, atatin* where eituated, Lc. T TO .MATCH CRYSTAL MAKER.--WANTED TWO d natch ery.tal maker,. to whuiwpood nMtriU h<-pit *u. ami ? < netiut employment. Apply, hy latter, V* 11. C.. ?IB'** of thia paper, to-day and to-morrow ? Track layers?wanted a it. it practii alex perienced trti k layer* to unrk oa the I'anataa Itailr ,d. Suae need apply ?ltlmut aritten recommendation* ( errinetr*. nr.d. r nhom they hate worked in the I'u'tej State*. Apply at the oflUu of the Tanaua Railread C-in pany. No. 7s Broadway. II* ETNI H-E WANTEIt-TO HE 1 MTO THE COI N'. If trv. be D libiteleven w?nti ? Id. Na ? ? apply nnlre* with a hrra-t f milk bet? ?. n *lt and i uri-e n niontlie old. Apply, nith ref. rrneca, to l?r. II Might n, N >. f M < -t Lletint'i .trert, three d-oea frani Broadway. and painting from the ".pot," hi in that capacity for aomt of II State*. will hare ample time to at wie) lag |a ad ra their country re?luet.t?. may depead n being plea rd. Them aatiafa.tnry referent* ii> ?- I'Ha.t addre** UlrthpU Herald Dice. cr want or et*e. A| r It I C. V J. V. \ A I F.! N TINE'S Sta'lo. 73 Allan ?tr* KINK. ARTS. National academy or drsign.-tiiitwenty aiath Annual Eihihltlon of th* Aoad"my ii a?w open U the public, at their Oal>riei', So. HA3 Broadway, oppcaitt Bond atrect, from it A. M. until 10 P.M. Admittmnoa 2f aanta; *???on ttekata, 5o aaata ; antalofuta. U!,S aenta. By ardar of aha CanacU. . H SHCUOaUR. Car. SooraUry, K. A. ISO ARTISTS?WANTED, \ i ikst rate Pmrthmt raiater, who would !?* ontoutwith a mode ra to e-mpoa eatita tad eonetaat imp' jaunt. Aidrcaa A. It., at .thia olBce, with name and tirmi. ffO I TBI ISOf.RS EM.RAVERS. AND PRIVATE IV E lit Inal*. 4e*lroa* ul p **? eeine a t lew ?f th>.r rj rtiidearee, who deelre t lew? for lllnafrath n.?TT.t *t t crliier. hatlnr l.eeu eirployed tor eereral year" In ah to Mag 'Mm- made arranrenioate tha Better* and La . m ampl. time to attend to a few mofe --'era. Gentlemm wiahlug to ad ra their parlor! w Ith ri ?# of th-lr mo?t IIUNSKS, CAUUIaOKS, Ate. L'< R SAIT-A BEAI Hill. i.K.AY MAR P. SIVflKN r haada hiah. rar-a riara i Id. auund aad kindi true "to a a lio ia thr.c minalt* and a half. Would i iku an >?* el leut family op doetnr'a horee ; elaa la in the etr-.-it uilhont tjii*. IStUiru at 3JA |h Ian? i Mll-A I'AIROl MAT< UED StiKKKI. HOR-F.S a a.tie'a tin te I i#h e-an.1 and gentle, five and ei< ye,.ri ? id: uill It ro|d ree aalle, tho ownar baling no u I r tl ? m. They ? ? u h< ei ?u at ft. inae Notrla'etayla, S7 Metii itt'oue. lor ptrtimlare. arply to Go rgo 0 r y, M . W M a tar a*rett. IVOR SALE?Till: MOST sn UNDID AAllDI.E IIO <1 " in tho wertd. II* I* a bright ><rnl. I ', ban I < hlfh. ela y*M( old, kind It a'Bfl* aa l .ouhle har - ??. II t a* got I t the eelclrati d tar- horn* I! at in, and hi.* o in hy hiiark. I rice t.'efi. laqn r* for M M, | It \ 11', at T-> upliina aul Itruah'a luuihi r yard, at II- '-ok-a, a> ir the ferry, lhir sam. or r.\< hance-a pair or IRON CtlAT W H rtee, titto a hand- blsh, -i t yeara > Id. an I r n atyiiah driter*. Can ha ?eei for one waek, at Millard Rt.d e rial to. No. 1*4 Mercer atrcet. Lit r s.Ai.r, a pair or am ai l aizr hi.ack r II r-ee, f. nrt -n hand* ht ?h. fi\e t. are-l-i n II l.mhe i -ir -to and >h nl|c I . rue and ladle* aaddl*. Marrintcd ini.iry r> t ct. tee ?? i n at Diehroa 'a Kldin Solio. I, No. IP f'ourtft at ? Trie- $174. |"HfAlt A MOP-r, RAHNTSS. AND I.U.HTCAt I Ihe -ra> I* pirf> etly s nn l and kind, el t an a I .-.if j ra old,a* t < an irnt a Mile la > .'h1 mlunt- earrla* a- I cara- ?* a-or!> i *w. TI.e aadahll-hm nt, if lak' n t pethar, w 111 I* ? i ? heap.-r If prefi rr-d, will l-e ? .ldaep? ral*. Apply .'.f* Meth StaMw*. eutwor Ttrtwly .ret etn t. IV R SAl.t?TWO I1AV IIOR-ES, ?IV AND fEVEN i y ? at* old, If W hand* kiph aem.d, kind and p*atto|iaa trati 1 twelre i ifia an hour top' c>er. and ne far In one dtv a* unt In: W that can ho found. Mill to *nld aeperttclylf ?' r ?(. Apply at Gedaey'a atnble, e-r. of I'iith etcr t and I.* OR PAIS. AT A HMHIAIN, IF A P I'M P. It FOR. * *eow. a full hliw-dod Mai lt Maro. |At| hen l-M n nf I r.- t rndi ri n*o, ft reere old; thl* tpfinp, rr-ently f-o-n tho enun* try, warteni- d ennnd nr.d kind: will frit a fwila in the a nut. ii -. la hand no . and ol th* bett *t->eh In the Stnte. I? a t ?r '-?mo laddto wiare. em t- howcht fopSSat, a* tiie no net h* an em for her. Addree* I' cek M rry. U raid * IB' e, atatinp wt>en aa lotertdow oaa he had. l,a(:It MM A -op.PH itotj? a rvrv il l" o i ill 1.1 hand* nlph. anuud and kind ia all harnoaa, luld L'1 R SAFE-A RAQNiriM VT DAPPIF. IIROM V w Iter**, tit yeara aid il l* .prtwe, of pnwerfWI frame, an i i no of the mi 11 dt ? irulla family hot < a In the i lly. M'ar i-.utid petiictly anusd and hind, f-r palo. a* th r Mat e* the e'ty. Fir hearty and atylo of aetion, ennaot Im lb it' l ed In theedtp. S* one need apply nnlrat willing tn pay *hki. onali, Addroo* If. C.# Herald otp,--, H flRFR FOR S A I F.?A IkKV IIAMi iifR URAS paolnr mare of th* i elehrnteq Moaaen, er lt""k *he I* tcrr ea.y under the aad.II*. and n fri? nnd plena.n> dtit i r. and holier, d to ho the fat'eel hor-e on lii# r-ad. A|< ply to C. Sagory k Co.. 4 Hotwt er etrc*t. I II.IIT W AGON roll S A LB.?A SRCOND HAND Jd -inpl* at pli ten re W on, mad* by Oodtr n. It ha* | arte* an-l f.nrmellcd letiher fhinlnr t p: w i M. atnut V411 h *. It ha* h**n ptilln rfe-l fifd-e. and ii r- i ly for Immrdtnt. ?**. .Apply etoi Colvmlelr ? i, Lf'-Myn, rear Fatten Ferry. B A SUITE or ELEGANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS, with board; an office suitable for a physician; room for ft single geutleiuaa. Apply at 143 Eighth stroet, up l t' the Opera House. _______ A FEW GENTLEMEN, W1TII TlIEIIt WIVES, MAV obtain (urge pleasant rooiue, ftuii good board, iu a email priutc family, at No. II) Carroll place. Every atleutiuB will be paid to domestic comfort. Good reference required. Board in south Brooklyn.?two gentlemen can be ftecommodated with the ehoiue of rooms, and breakfast and tea, with dinner on Sundays, at the upiusr aud of Court street. The stages pass the door, from Fulton and South ftcries, every See minutes, until 12 o'clock at night. A note addressed to R., and left at this office, will be at tended to. ? BOARD?GENTLEMEN AND THEIR WIVES, AND single gentlemen, ean be accommodated with board an pleasant rooms, at 111) Leonard street. Board.?a gentleman and his wife, or two or Utrnd single gentlemen, oan be accommudnted

with plensnut rooms and full or partial board, by immediate application at 17X1 Broadway. OARD IN BROOKLYN?A GENTLEMAN AND BIS wife, or twosor three single geutli-men, can be accommo dated with a III ease ut room, by applying at 20, Jay street, near the City Hall, Brooklyn. Terms moderate. ? BO A R D? SUPERIOR ACCOMMODATIONS, HAND tomely furnished, with board for fain.lias and single g< nth men, may be had at l.'d) Chambers street, with warm and cold water baths, Re. A choioe of rooms may be had by immediate application. Boardinq.-a who has been both French and English Teacher for a considerable time, w ould exchange Ids services as such for full or partial board fur himself aud wife, is may be agreed to, iu sums priTste family where there am children. Apply to X. 0. M.. Herald etnee. Highest references oan be given. Board can be obtained by a gentleman and lady In a small private family, with full hoard for the ladv only, and w tcre there are no uther boarders. Lo cation down town, and west of Broad ray. Address Anna, Broadway Cost Office for four days, post paid. Board in Brooklyn.?two or three single gentlemen ean obtaiu nice airy bedrooms with breakfast and tea, and dinner on Sundays, in a quiet, private ffamily of throe persons, and no other boarviars kcut. Lie it ion. a few minutes walk from Smith and Fnlton Ferries. Apply at Fulton street, Brooklyn, for information. Hoard?in Brooklyn, w ithin two minutes* walk of lultun Ferry, a limited number of single gentle men, and two gentlemen andtheir wires, ean obtain boar liu a respectable private family in Brooklyn. The Ideation is one of the best, and nusr the heights. Address E., llerald office. Boarding in south brooklyn-two or three young geutlomen can be handsomely accommodated w ith partial board and commodious sitliug rooms, in a small fami ly, located in a very pleasant situation, and within a few minutes walk of the terry. For p irtieular-, inquire of Mr. I'ettigraw. No. 4 Cortlnndt strest, Now l urk. Also, wanted as abort, two good domestics, capable of duiug general house work. Board?to let, UNFURNISHED, with EEREII. the second Huor of a now house, pleasnutly located in Twenty-tirst street, with nil the modern improvements, or would let the abovo separately to single gentlemeu, or gen tlemen and their wives. Terms moderate. Address M. II., Union 8<|iiare FostCffice. COUNTRY BOARD, AT SPOTSWOOD, NEW JER scy, 10 miles from South Amhoy, on the Camden and Am hoy Railroad, iq a private family, far the summer months. For particulars, inquire of C. W. Hopkins, id Btekmnn street, between the hours of ten and three. f IMI It F KOHFDVBRESPECTABLE TOVXfl MEN ( AN I be comfortably accommodated with handsome, niry rooms and honrd, with a family whose study it is to make their house like s home for their hoarders; also, a ruom with beard, for a gentleman and his wife. Terms vsry mode rite. Please apply at Bid Madison street. 'IIO LET?WITH rtl.Ii OR PARTI \|, BOARD, PI.F.A X rant rooms, on sseond snd thir l story of a house, do ?irably situated, ill a quiet and genteel neighborhood, 1.T1 Melt Twenty-second street. House contains tine baths, water closets, large piwi/.n, and excellent garden. T rius moderate. References given and required. > UNION SQUARE?ONE OR TWO MINGLE GENTLE men, or a family (without small children or servant), can be accommodated w ith rooms and buarJ, at No. 1 Union Square. WANTED?BOARD FOR A GENTLEMAN AND LADY, in a private family, where there are no other boarders: board fur the lady only. Address A, N., llerald ufllca. LODGINGS, <kc. A GENTLEMAN AND LADY. OR TWO OR THREE ringl" gentlemen, can beaceummodatod with plea-ant rooms, at lot Chambers street. Kelerunces required and given. FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET-TO GENTLEMEN only, at 362 Houston street, a few- doors cast of Broad way, consisting of a suit of rooms ou the first floor, parlors end bedrooms oommunirating na the second ami third floors, and a pleasant office in the basement, suitable fur a physician. The house is nswly tarnished throughout, and contains nbeth. PUBXISHSD PARLOR AND BEDROOM TO LET IN r a small private family of three persons, to one or two ingle gentlemen, withnat hoard, in a quint and pleasant neighborhood. Furniture new. Kelrrcnoes given and re quired. Call at 136 Franklin street. Furnished lodging rooms to let-two neatly furnished suites of parlors and bedrnums. and twosinglc rooms, to let. to gcatlcmen only, without board, at 147 Chanvhers street. 17 FRY PLEASANT LODGING ROOMS CAN AT. HAD T by the day or week, at IM N u-?uu ctr-ct, oppo ite Clinton llall. PUBLICATIONS. SESSION LAWS, NEW YORK. 1-61.-LAWS OP THE State at N rw York. pa-nl at the Scv nty-fcurth ?e-aion of the l.c.i.lature of the State of New York, ttrat ecteioa, price ti?., ju.t publi.hed anil far -ale hy hanks k could. ttt Nassau it. Third editio n?ready tuis morn inc.? i . Sur'a great prooeribed, The Mr.terles At the Pec pi. In tlieionrae vf tin. (treat romance, Sua (while he add. much to tlia interval of the plot) eipeoe. the causae which drive ao many thon-andi of the miu of Parii to ganib liny, robbery, and tin zillcy, and the wotuen to | roatitution ana tl.e M.rgue. M bile it l? entirely free from uny i/ffeuaiTe thought! or language, it nnv eila the terrible aoelal e\It. that are gangrening the T. ry heart of the French foelety. Mover boo gen lug eoneaired ..r den rihed more Intercftlngcliract.-rf than tl>o?e which impart to thi. etory the nnimntiou of real lite. The h .id. hi.ndaomc, I ut cruel and li.emtio*. < 1- a>! ae rionrnrl: the -tern, frigid. Jesuitical Cardlualt the lovely aadvirtUi.n. daughters! the huneit Linen Drap ft : in tnpld and worthy young Joiner: and the beautiful but wLo guilty Cii.ettc, who receive a in her white bren-t the bail sijpcd at Lit fceric lottr ?d tL? barricade., arc all faithful ' p?aof tiit cla.Mi in the meiripo.D ff fiance, so iliinirahly w rittea and full of interest, Indeed. D thi. in otu paralde book, that all the vigilance of the I'reneli .pirn and police ha. been unable to prevent the circulation t million. of cojiea in every dvj irttn.-nt ot France. j'nl ly. ad and tor .ale by BCROKS8 A. GARRETT, 22 \nu .treat. C1RFAT HISTORICAL ROMANCE?PUBLISHED TO- j I ay, l.i Invalid-: or. Picture, of the Fren h R vein- j tion. by C. Stindler. Tr.n.'ated frotu the Herman In i "Tbe liivalide the reader will become acquainted with the I eourt ol the unfortunate I.uui. XVI.?with the ri. out le Mira- I beau?the terrible Dai.tun? the enigmatical R?'.e?plerre? 1 tl.e monatrr Marat, and acme of tluac illn.triou. y neral. I who the runic ? I iroedom the ctmllouli n. of priiieu. and arl-tocrnta. He will, moreover. I.av. the 1 pleatnr* Of tracing the fortune, nf a hern who t nght with ? .shlugtn and Lafayette for tin: In l> p.ndeacc .1 America, and of being aluio.t a, wc mi/lit ?a>. of IhMe grand a< I.lev i n i nt. by Which the >up?riiaturnl i-nla. I Nip Icon a t' the world. Without leaving hi. tonic, he may hearth' r- .r of the French cannon t ?cliocd fr pi Mount - Tai..-r?ob?crv c how tlit w. r? beaten u; Mareazo? ! ? mire tb? gorgeou. .pcew. lc at Uoul-gne?mar< h poal-l.a-.te j I ttr .ag'. C -rman;. t-.-cothe I'reach ea-1c. .oaring ovrr the | wali? of t-roud * icnna??p?r.i to Sara-neea?thencer?'urn to ?land ?j'i?.t a? the li'roi, .truggle or Via-. ..ena al Eaalin.; andwltne-- U.? -lentil wound "f the Immortal Faun-. at Lobar Wei u'idci tl;. Predict that the reader, whether a brave man or a cnlvalrou- youth, a ?date matrou <>r a blu.hln: maid, will that tlo nut lor Of thi. work ia worthy "i t.U hi. h repniition. icmplelt iu one volume. I' ri n , - .1 i . n t . I'o 1' 1 i Price ??' i eate. Pobli-had by ill KUI.SS Ai-AHRETT. ?! et. I LA I* f. H AN D c. RfiW FAT.?DR. VALENTINE'S Comie l.retire..?) U.t and Second m rie? with Cmniral portrait!.?The (ur.i.Ie-t md mint book ever put la print ?If y. n r- ad thia b nk it will make y-u laugh, and you can't help it. Ihe .? ur-'-t rrab of* qtisber that ever dreaeed in drai., < lid net help .miiing at tlu- droll and r. valintiHc. Th^B u irlb it pirir.g store! (.1 l'r. v al< ntiue. Tho tlr-t aeria* <<ataln.< nm. ten . r a doien p?rtr.<ita, Uln Crating tbe favorite retail ebaraet-r. assumed by the ltoctor la pun lie eahii'tiona; and which have made Mm ?o eelebr.,?d thn aghnnt tho Pnitcd statue. MTe b- re Dr. Valentine I' Annlf Plzgm n. Ta'-itha Tipt-.nine. aa J..nh fb|uaali, aa the I.I arm I Pl.rei. ' no tbe lltg New t-lit i. ae the ** ? - *rf i - ? Langhiwr Frenchman, a-lh'ddy llano-, ae the Wf l?w C.ab bletoiiziio. a. the llypoimindriae or the man who Imtglned MmH a Teakettii. with ? l.r ken I .ttom: ae I'lato Pug. Ac. H> side! the vstloja letture., tot# book lontain.over ArtJr of the fei-t r'a dr- ll etori ?, Md in hi. heat.tyl.of Fiay .1* r-prov >tir11 <|or-. Sin iz tbo uvnet fani-<u. of Lourt .hi lhe?o .1 r>< - are F i tl .m-i- r> e?'? I. .urt .hip of Debhy Hi Jaka Doolittlr'. li'r acr e, tlio lit: Pond: I' Anti-a of Mia. Srrnggia'a - ill C?w: J nil' on llatvl ? t an I Tiui -thy Preen horn ia New Virk: A Runol# f Wnnti: Sam D!o ful'. Co.. Thel.iv y r Dntnitlod, A . The Ural ?-riaa ia iotn|!rt?-in iteell, a id I. in n-* way foane-tel witk tlia Be onJ volume. llir Sect rid hrrha - f Dr. Vah-iDir-'? i'. mic Lecture*.? Tlia i t lie e on (i a look la-iaplrtc by itielf. fb coat Mat a third more rtroll t though t ciit- rei many engi if ibgaaa lLo hr-t. Tbt. i a ho ha*. - d tb- Hr-n ri. e nill l-e tura to alao a* yon a* o.i.y ean tmi.hten their far. . to a-k log it, tlie * venty-ouo taagbtor pro vt Vingitcries oantained in li.i-bt .k .f droll. rieAwe n-ti-ce : ?The Yankee w h.. Coirt<.i tkl !'*i (lib Rm.'ipt for raak ng tli.ityi Sophy Slow'a Yi-it to t!ie I r i.len'.; tii? a. uderfnl Mare: lie- ?" tntnanlpaw F.vttiination: Jonalbaa ft raw'a Advenlnrea; tho I'onrtelil, I li raahn snt?iofda( tho Boy with ? >h. rt Remory: Sp-eek I i.ot ll-mlittie: Abe Kar ri ?ar'? Si ? ceh at W i -i.lo.ion the igrhes In I'.iuit, or thg I ? f I i lawy.f rnraled. At .wgtb" llln-tra!i?ne nee ?Dr \ ?l> t.n. o. Ifr. Iloneyfntc, a. Mr. Sourert'Wt, ae Mike Dm-, ?' Int'ey llieiwoi, ae S. 'h SI ki u Ac., Re. AD>petli> r. thia i. a vrrv nttrnt f ivo bo-ii f-r p.-ri u. fond of thi. kind if rt riea. Price, ."ei. ???#, Rath of the ai va a .rka afw puh Ii>ked, and for gate, wbo|i anle and r tail, by ID ID-F-< A iiAliRI.IT. JJAnn itreet. For aah at all the link St ,na. \l A 111' N Jfl i P. F Of \ Dl.l NO < OMPI.KTI'.. ? i'RNTS. i"I -I. ift la tali* re. No ??. i m, I !? Ailthen-w l uklieatlnn*. I M .?-l n w bovka l-m-ht vnd a..|d. A" twnl ?s*rn*lngaaf all A in a. Tl public ni* r. in tod to oall ned a| and an hour In the Old ? uri nlty Si p. at I'iJ Sar-an itrtet. JOHN P. NKAWLK. II* ANTI D-i'AN VASSFPS AND'AfRITHS FOB THE ?v newwielly mnrailne, The North An-floan 'J lai r. FtiOrpriting niow, wrll gonnaln*ad witii lha city, rvn mnk' .t .try prvttahle. Art ly to A. Palmar A C-.. B litr clay itreet. PdPKtl lldsrilltos. Ae. IjMNE FiiFNf'H PAPER II ANiilMlS. DRTORATIIINS, I Ac.?'I I. ee ia want of < ?... aboeo ar e-iee ale.old n. -.mlt to lie k through t.ur*il.Mt.vhmeal, ai thoir lib raat nad taa'e ray be beatooHaoltoi hv a call. T'I"S. FA YK It el), I'aa -f - tre? t, bote oen Madt.on aad tjhatliam. \N A H. DAMES, .f/i RROtDM'AT. WOULD IN e vtte tbt attention of tho p i" < to their Into Impnrts li. na of Fri n.-h Pap. r llancin-. i i tl.e and m-.-t f.i!li le dr. .fi?. Alao, to tbelr *- -..rtmeni of Idil! and Mn lin CuDalna. Window i'ort ir. > anl Shade., H indi. Ite., wl iih li. ?? offer whoteaale and retail, P' per cent. lea. than .I f 111 ur? in the city. I.AND WARRARTf. I AND It A H R e NTS DOUnnT OR L'H'ATF. If IN THE I J State i af Ifb, llli?.-i?, and l.>w?, npno ear illy aelrtt.d land., by V a-iibnrwe k ?'.wiaivi, Mmvrel Point, Wlaeonaln. g % W. will pay the hiehe-t prle.if.-r ?nd? 1 ated by thomaelveg. M-.-ar- R.? li*ira N Wo-ilman. if M'HIlnri ati.ot, V V , will pun fiae I end M' vrrnni i for ?ia ard alteti'l to all bn.<r < ao ec nmned therawith. U.iorr Mondmaii Ponnaeilor-at-taw. f*' William ftreot, ttfewd. t el.frlr.lpy Land M iirrunta, PeneiOB!. Ailot a> ldiriw, o? .theo entitled tbertie. rue tvkv. UNION COURSE, L.I.?TROTTING HORSE EMPEROR. Imlf brother to Trustee, the* trotted twenty milee in lew then the hour, in Standing et John I. Saedtker'e, et $12 the ihmuii, |>ev iu advance. For particulars, inquire of JMin I. Snedlker. i> BKIDIjES. CE.NTREVI1 LE COURSE, I.. I.?TKOTTI NC.-WED nreuay, May 21, immediately ?ft<r the three mile trot, between Penny, Pelham end Stlim, e sweepstakes fer $3k), milt heats, beet .'I in herneaa,between three nags, belong ing to Greenwich Village; namely: eh. m. Jenny Lind, eh. m. Flirt, owners to drive. JOEL t'ONKLIN, Proprietor. Ct ENTRFV1I.LE COURSE, L. I.?TROTTING.?WEB S' neadev, Ray 21, et three o'clock, P.M.. puree $240, t^'to the second beat, three mile heeta iu hemeae. Jemee fbelpley enti re eh. m. Fanny, S. M. Leughlln eutera b. g. Pnlhem, Ceo. Kaynor entire cn. g. Reluu. JOEL t'ONKLIN, Proprietor. (nektreviixe COURSE. L. I.?TROTTING.?HON* J dej , May 2rt, at three o'clock. P.M., puree $250. two mile hi-ate, in harness. Coorga N i lsonlenters hi. g. Black Harry; Owner entire b. g. Honest John; 8. McLaughlin enters b. g. I'elhem; George Kaynor enti re eh. g. Scliia. JOEL C0NCKL1N, Proprietor. SPORTING. TOTHE ST. GEORGE CRICKET CI CB.?THE L'NDER slgned hea got eleven men to play the St. Ucorgv'a Cricket Club with their eleven heat, (or any amount from $1 to $ 1,000. Money ready et any time etT. Voriuau'e, Eoat lirooklyn Hall, where a match can he made for $1U? at quoits. Brooklyn, May ll'th. G. STODDARD. HOTELS. Neptpne house, new rochelle, n. v.?this delightful and fashionable euinmer residence having andergone rxtenaive improvement by the addition of tome aixty alreping apartments, new dining room, kitchen, fcu., will open for the reason June lat. Every arrangement has been rnude on the most liberal scale for the pleaaurc and con Venienee of visiters, and embrace everything appertaining to a city I Mel of the first order. Its location is unsurpassed for beauty and hralthfulnrsa, being adjacent to the waters of Long Island Sound, and also to a tine region of country. The table w ill be maintained in a superb manner, and the atook of Wine and Liquor of tha choicost kind. CURTIS PECK, Jr. PAVILION, NEW BRIGHTON.?THIS ESTABLISH mcnt is now opened for the season. The proprietor will be happy to enter into arrangements with parties who may desire to fnvor him by making it'their summer residence. He can all. ays be found on the premiaee. There are sliU several ?uits of apartments aud single rooms disengaged. New Brighton. May 6. 1861. P. BLANCARD. 'PUE UNION IS NOW OPENED BT THE SUBSRI A I era, No. tiki Broadway, opposite to the Art Uui m, w here they will be most happy to Sco their friends and the public in general. ALBERT LOS EE. HIRAM WOODRUFF. GOSLING'S CAFE AND RESTAURANT. fit LIBERTY street, first house west of Broadway .?This neat and eo cant establishment will be opened on this day, Tuesday. May SO. The proprietor respectfully solicits the patronage of his friends and the public. Inconnoction witli the cue and restaurant are smoking and reading rooms, and rooms for parties. SHELLEY'S GREEN TURTLE SOUP AND STEAK , prepared a Iu Creole, Salmon, Shrimp Sauce, Peas, Lamb's Fries, Caviar, from the Volga, and those peculiarly flavored and dalieate Oysters known as the Massachusetts bays, st 113.4 Broadway corner of Anthony, at the sign of the arabesque globe lamp. SHELLEY S.-LADIES' DEPARTMENT IN PRIVATE roomp, cutrauie in Aotliony, just out of liroauway, one door this aide of Christ Church. Ladies and gentlemen de plrons to sup after the opera, theatre, or concert, will find all the delicacies of the tcsKon, and fruits, ices, and cot feotionary. IfUUKLLAIIKOUS. I)1 lON'T LOSE SIGHT OF THOSE FIVE BOUND PACK agi s of Tea ? Vou can secure good Tea at a much leas price than is usually charged. Mo say this, because we know it?all ue want is your appro, iation of it. If it's worth your w hile tu buy your ton in this way, lie all means go tu either of our establishment*, 72 Catharine street, or 20i Greeuw irh strevt. New Fork and China Tea Company, es tablielicd 1MU. CHIIISTIANSON fit CO. s I'GAR STOKE 4M> GREENWICH STREET. N. Y.? Mignr, Ti s, Coffee, Molssses, Rice, Spices, A"o,, of t!,? finest quality, sold w hole-.vie nnd retail, at the large Sugar store, as above, at sueh prices as will insure perfect satis faction toall purihssers Families wishing to secure a favor able place to purcliaae the abort named articles, please call nnd examine, at all honorable meant will bo employed to si run and retain a large share of public patronage. Or ders for the eountry carefully nut np and delivered to any part of the city. Grocers and tea pedlars, please coll,and an your large per centage often paid cie- wlure. No. t:r.>. between Canal ucd Spring streets. K. G. Do DUE. A B. WILSON'S WONDERFUL SEWING MACHINE, twelve inches lonv, not larger than a lady's drenain? aie, and dues ttie work of twenty seamstresses in the mop; beautiful style. Call at room B, Franklin House buildings, 115 and 1!'7 Broadway, and examine our machine*. Rights and machines for sale by W M. 8. LOYF.LL, Agent. J' EN NY LIND AND THE M URLS'S FA IK.?TITTLE S splendid Opera Glasses arc now selling of rupidlynt I prices on a par with the importer's wholelule rates. The only correct likeni ss ol Jenny Lind maybe observed through tins,- superior glasses, and no one should attend her con certs without one. Every traveller to the World's Fair i should be provided, ss they will be found of great advantage and superior t" the spy glass, for x iew iugeoast scenes. ships, , and oljei ts at sea. For sale at Tuttlc'i Emporium of Fancy Goods, Novi lties, Ac., Jf5 Broadway. Robert.*- splendid gotbic door plvtes.? The handsomest and moat fa-liionahlc Gothic and shield pattern do..r plates, wurnber plates, and bell pulls, to he found in the city, arc made by R. Roberts. ..02 Broadway. 'I hose in want of something new and splendid on their doors, art respectfully invited to nil aud examiue tha above arti cles. R. HUBERTS, Sfi8 Broadway, near Prince. SII1NF. OUT!?LADIES, IF YOU WISH TO SUINE Otlt. Voil l,nt$ (tnl v t?i rail nrt Ui.Iu pI* V,>Rv,.a,la a? ..J V ' out. you have only t" call on Roberts, .v;.* Broadsay.xnd pre cure nc of hia new nnd elegant Gotbic Door Plates. "" , pr< rurr one cf his new and elegant Gothic Door Plates. I(a ; .>as the most fashionably designed plates to be found in the I rity. Call and see, and you will not he disappointed. ; K. ROBERTS. Premium Door-plate EstabLshm.-nt, 002 Broadway, near Prirce etrret. Home protection?lightning rods and ma cl.ine Work#.? The utility of Lightning Rods being no,r u (juration, none w ill delay lo avail thcinaelvea at (lilt liif ftul?(tioi. Tin- undersigned having a thirty-three ; can' experience in Eurona, and three years in lhie city, would rvt pectfully oolicit toe patronage of the public. ?I m J. ISENKING It f. KERN, Olf eg, No. 24 North William atreel, 5d (tory, or No. SB Rrndc otreet. Highly reapeetable rolerrneeo can be given. Swains improved planctaricm.?'teacuers. >nd thooe intcraatrd in general education, are reopcot f.illy invitcd to rail mid examine Swain'* Improved Plaut tarium and Apparatus wLieh ha* received tne commenda tion! of the ftr?t profeMp ml tearl.erw in Nevr England. MASON It LAM , Bvekptllcrt and Publisher*. Tt Park Row. PATEN T HY OKA NTS.?BARTHOLOMEWS SELF-ACT Ing era the right kind for tenement!, allvyo, Me., and e< wply with the regvlatiom of the Water Board. Ming never le't running when not in nae: are etnas, durable, not likely to fnete. v> ill not burnt the ptj-e, and are eaaily repaired without digging Have been IB exttnoive uoe for fiva year* pnat. and are highly approved of by the C'rotou Water De partment. Aleo. double Hydrant-, for two yard*. For oala ly the pluuiberi. Beware ot imitation!. r HAN DOR'S SILVER PLATING AND SILVRR PI.A ted M art?Warranted for family nee Ira yeara?Table Prop** and ForVi at St?> per doiee, and every nrtiela of Slrar Plated M are In proportion. Every rteaeription ot Metal, old Spoona and Forka, Cake Baeketa. Trayt. fat tore, Candle stick*. Girandole*, Me., tilrrr plated ; tt ntchen and Jewelry gold plated to order, at low pries, and short notle*. Offloa > o. It W all stret t. Ntwr Y'orn. RH OVAL I'AI'Itd MACHI. AND JAPAN WORKS, iltikin Btre t M eet, lielgrave S<|uarn, London, and 'M CoBtlRutiun llill, Birmingham.?The suberrihor having been appointed agent in thi-nt/for Meuro. Jsnntn< M Uettridge, one of the large at manufacturing houeci in Europe, ia now |r<rared to take orders for all dearrlptiona of Papier Mae he <;? > d-. and invitee the m< rehantaand the public to c all and ate hit aaniida* of Tabl' a. I hair ? H'riting I)?-k? Inketanda. Portfollno. I arey B. xea. Card Caaea, Glove It i r*l ti-.arla Mine Tray*, Envelope Boaeo, Toe Cn Idles. Me. ULN RV I. HlBOTNO.V HA Pearl si.. r. I p etaira. between Maiden lane nnd John atreet. Ti e work - and show r->am? of Jenneni M Beltrtdge. in Eng land. will bt open to the inep-etinn of thooe Vtailing the M or Id's Fair, by > aid - of introduction given by tkeir agent, ? t 21 ? Pearl atreet. N'.-w Y'erk. Ml'llo M ANTS A BEACTIFl'L COMPLEXION f ft T e rho bs-e a hrwn, btlloua.d irk or v llow ?kin, would find a fake of J,n??'l t lirnileal Soar make it Wli.te, clear, fine and beautifwl. It enrea erery kind of erup'i-n, p.mpie-. frvek'.ee aalt-rhenm, a nrvy. Me. Try It?tw (It de ll-lit run. Buy It only at 4tei Broadway, the depot it Jones'a Spanieh Lily W bite tor UdteO, f'IIO?E II ll('"F. flAlK IS W EAK OR FALLING OFF, I It will fore* tt to grow, at the aamr time i sMn it of dan (irufi; and if ntrd to dreae or embelliah the hair, It certainly givit it a nr et vharming l.e.fc and feeling, nod keep* it si (vithiut m.r.g often) mneh longer than anvthtag I ever 'i*. Sfaihera the onalniee of J uea'a Oral ilair Keetora ti. e. >. !d fi r So. at MR Broadway. SPRING YOt? MI ST PPKIPY' TOP R SVSTF.M TO ...stwatwr* tor the ehanre of weather, which nifbets *< r..el and v eg-tel le Ufa. 1 he pin.plea, eruption*. dis* sue.*, tad bill n-ii'-aa. which few nS-ct the tes te',, are readily s< polled I f t.ough'a Velio* Dock I'llla, width purtfy. ttren. then, and animate, A II. MM i.Ii k f t)., (at Hing'e )IK Broadway. JYOS'S POWDrRS IN THE P-.I.AI K. J The laet on lit t rem o'er the arn. Comet from th? Knglteh nation; 1 he Ine'ct race Deerwwee npa- e? Oli! bleat depopnlstion! Now w ild yon know M hat thin* them io. In et?rv v, in ret*, in palneeaf ' ? it Lynn'i cure. Swift, hermle<*,#nrw ? All other "bniiee nre fella >?. ftrjot for l,e h e M I .netle Pl.w.t r. f >r dee'reylng Ineefta, and Fill* f r i etlrjating rata and mica, l.i Broadway. M? Kfk IFIVARD DR BELLINGER'S t.lNIMENT, OR t aHu: I, ia tl*|te to tin- ?t every kind of I..*- eee in male or Ii mate, n - matter from wii.vB cans* The al.tiling bottle ia hve tin eo oa vheap at two ehtlling bit tle ? f ei y otinr article a-Id. the one I lltr aire it very largo, and ?III laet a family f"f year*, f t many purpoaot. Don't le<ivii io try Ii. nnd he delight I: it hae rn-vl the lair wl'n ion* thirty year* tw-i or three application! fa*t- n and etart itagenwth. The nnivory nnd ioifel alionld i t be wltl -ut it. Depot#, 'it) Pearl atfoot, I'M and t74 tlroadw.y, tVhlte. Ft< l.i. Grand, and F< rpartien lore, fee wei kly pi per* generally. >1 t I NTS, IN I. Mil.E BOTTLE" - DR. KEI.I.IN f . - t i l 111 : i r ? id for ' - , b?- , ?! 1 J -I - il ri .?* ot tiit pe' tde. II; ite Wr.in1errul ewritlro p.iwera. m re Rood lite twin 'hue then by all the naatrnme put together. II la iiiiIte "vlilei.t that the Di t r doea not Inton I to mako M m. B. A t-or'a fortune at lhe>e prtei"; hebae a comfortable living, aelde from env ptv-Rtwynn hid medlnlne:eonaennankly no It v illl"g tl i t tl.-pi oi e and ti e mer haate lliall <-nJ >y the litcflt ef hi* let,. ( In tide del trtiu' nt. Orders moe* he i?r*l"l. I?r. K. I s- a i.vr ' h' t fat Vonkere, tlgBe-n nttlai w? rth of N-w V. rk city, wlu re He hoe tho nl< v ?r- of enter taining and mabtng the ptr onel a"fuelntaneo of the iifet men In the en Up It il le evident that lie cetera for the In and ewtrr man. He l? Meet wit., r "od Insk, or itherw iea lie treat* Ilie | et rone well; hie sttaliMahnient i* full, eren at this early terfod ; tonne ef the-n haveb'rn with ,Mm for n nnmbef of feaeon*. lie la at M* *1 "o, l.'H Dnadway, every morning: and in the nflerri n *? )>wt?rs. flora#* an I eurritgot to let: tor lie# ali. ye. rhnWebi erda, .iiuit!. M?.. fit., (*t amneement N II. Gentlemen who wl.-h tho doctor'* advi'#, f? r the e?*mifc*tloti < f tbelr I ran. nt nthrr ion, ran fled f ,m et I f ml every day. "d be at; nded to, to a* to Inlnc* tl-tm to call again No humming bird* or mosaviltoea at any port of th# tear. Tt e Jlr r.tid *e*nerr cannot we *nrp*"*d. a Utile Freth ?*b.ave Fih-ln'* tnoguMntat rnatltl ard at the wr rth. tl.e wrrld'e gr-, at favorite, onr Waihiagton Irvti g, and the ll< n M- *? # II. ( linm II t tpUndid pale 'et. IlllI ? K ? l i t .V* WItlFD. HOI I -M ANirit TO II1KE. A TWO OR TIItlfR aterv tnudtr* bon.e on the west s|dn "f Bros way, [between Fr ,nkll? and Twew?h th rtreets, nnd n or Itr'ad way K>nt u?l i - rgeved 1'ff vf f M. Aduf.-s* J. II , Id M all kitttl. 12' ri'TlON notice-groceries-on Wednesday, May II, It o'clock, la fruut of the store 57 Dey _ AtOIOi. Auction notice-thos bill, auctioneer. "f "? "? Bush. l-arge ult u( Valuable Furniture, b/ arder of Eiesator removed froui Grand strata, aaar W easier, ?' ". > o'clock in the stictiou aguji, No. 10 North It illlani atrest. tumi rlring a dreirnbl* rMKtv In the hone* keeping lias, including ( srpvta, Sofas, Cbairi, Barsauc. Looking bla?? Book Caere wu Dtnier Tables. Crockery, China, Curtain,, two a > ond baud Plants. Rocking Chairs, French i'd,trade, Itrda. Raltreuwe, aad aumersus athst articles worthy of attention T^IOS. BELT., Auct. A T ~ street, vrnsr of Urn-awlou, a genera! assort incut of Teas. Wine* Segar*. Jtc , ' ? iiel tiug of Candle, Cayenne Pepper, Mackerel. Salmon, Sliad Claret Wine, Gin, Bay Rum, Young llysun sad Souchong Teas, Sap-Sago Cheeae, Domvyohus, Brandy Peaches, Sardines. Salt, tc. W. A. CARTER, Aue tioneer, S7 Bay street. WU. Mel ORMICK. AUCTION EE R?LARGE SALE Op Clothing?The attention of dealers aad others is re quested to the sale of a merchant tailor's stoeh of Clothiog, Cloth, Casiimere,, Sufineta. Voting,, fce., this day, at ten o'clock, at No. 13 Spruce street, by order of the assignee#. T> rin, cash. HE. D'iLLARII, auctionier.-auctiom s Notice?Rich Carved Furniture, llroa/ed Warp, Girandoles, As., Ac ?II fc. W illard, auctioneer, trill sail it auction, oa Wednesday, kiav -I. at H'S o'clock, attha Salsa Room, No .'k>0 lirnadwsy, Furniture, ooneisting of Dressing Bur-ans, Sofas, Parlor < heirs. Tete-a totes, Mahogany Bed steads, Uall Stands, Dining Tables, Mattresses. Refrigcra t< rs, Ac., Ac. A NTHONY J. RLEKCKER. AUCTIONEER?EXTKN - a <ivc tale nf 4(10 V aluahlc Buildiug l.ots in the Village of Astoria, Long Islaud, at Auction.- Anthony J. Bletckcr will Mil at auction, on Thursday. May 22d, at Uo'cluck, at the Merchants Earl ange, the following valuable property, via:?At Astoria. Long Gland. 4dU very valuable building bits?these lots arc situated in a part of the village that in growing very rapidly, and present to capitaliate a favorable Opportunity fur inve, in. n t. as tlivy w ill, without doubt, soil within one year lor double the price for which they will now be sold. The above property will be sold in blocks of not less four lota. Also, it the sanm time will be (old, 01 tera) villa sites, vrry eligibly situated for rouutry soots. The village of Astoria is rupi il) improving: its situation le reinsrkable fnr health, variety ami beauty of scenery. The lots to be offered are situated on high ground, commandimg extensive views of tbe surroi iiding country, and theever va rying scenes of Hell Gate. 1 lie t-rtus of sale will be eery libe ral to the purchasers. F-? maps and further particular*, a t ply to the auctioneer. No. 7 Broad street, or at the ottec ol J. A 11. L RIKEK, No. yi Hickman street. Fi upTON, AUCTIONEER.? F.COI.TON WILL9F.I.1, s this day, fVednesdny, May 21st. at 10l. o'eloek, at tltd au* tion rouses N o Ay Bees men street and S9 Ann street, the balance of hotel furniture, comprising Sofas, French Bed steads, SMebeards. Boikc-seS, I eutre. Dining. Card, aadfTe* Table*, Pier Glasses, Hrturcl Three-ply and Ingrain Carpets, Oil Cloths, Feather Beds, llalr Mattresses. Curtains, dre-is and plum Bureaus. bedroom and kitchen Furniture. A >. Al so, the stock of a Milliners store, Glass Cases, Ac. Sals Pe remptory. Plant-i at auction-wipes, carnations, iio neyeuokles. Verbena*. Dahlias, Ac. Ac., from J. F, Ranch s, Brook I vn, to ho sold at auction at TRYON'S ^tud Store, 9 John strset, on Wednesday, May 21, at half past W o'eloek. IUR kALA AAI> TO LET. A GOOD CHANCE IS N?'W OFFERED TO PURCHASE a pieca ?f Land containing tve and a tenth acres, thought te be the tineet site lor a country sett or hotel oa the bank* nf the llud,on It is situated a short distance above the Depot at In, b's Fcirv, 21 miles from Chambers street, and adjomiug the river It commauds a complete view thereof irooi tl.c city io the Highlands. There is a vers tins sprite of water on the place. Apply to M. K. t'OCZINIf, Bibbs' ferry, or on T".i.r.-dtiy, 12 A. M , at V. M. COW DREY'S office. 13 Cham hers street. Now York. FOR SALE?T11E FARM OF THE LATE MOSR8 CLARR. deceased, containing ID acres, situate in the town of Last Chester, about l)s oule from the Tuckahoe depot of the Harlem Railroad. It is hounded northerly by the rood leading from East Chester to NewKuchells. easterly by the { easterly road of East Chester on * hieh roads it lies 2S0 rod*, i (in tl.t farm is a go, d inai.M ' IllsSa a large barn, and er teusive sheds, mill house, carriage house, and necessaryoui . buildings, all in rood condition: also a good tenant bonse. ri.e farm is in s nigh stnti ol improvement. Terms of solo tasy Inquire of Samuel (lark. 140 Elisabeth it root, N.Y., Aiphsns ( lurk, on the premises, or to the un iersigued ah New Boehalla. JOHN SOULIER, Executor of Mosee Clark, defeased. t'oR SALE FOR JA.300. THE FOUR STORY AND basement brick house, on he westerly side of Nevsntu av,nne, bctwc* a Tw eiitieth and Twe? ty first streets. N o. 1.52. lot 2d ty 92, bouse 23 by 42 k-'i.iAJO van remain on bond and mortgage. The house in let now for above $<*50. inquire .it Francis Blanchct. house agent, 290 Slatli arc MS, b-iorv IS A.M.. ?r from A to 'J I' M. FAOR SAl.E OR TO LET?A HANDSOME TWO STORY house, with pillar*in front, at Fort Hamilton, lately oc cupied by ('apt. J. D. Beuuet, with about t.>ur acres of laud nud a garden, and grouw ? well stoukod with fruit and orna mental tire*. It coutiuva nine or ten rooms. Thn losntioB is beautiful. Apply to HORACE UOLDEN, 18 Bsekmau st. FOR SALE-T1IE STOCK OF YOUTH'S AND CHIL drcn's Clothing, with the fixture*, and lease of store 2D3 Broadwdy. The stnnd cannot be surpassed in the eitg for the business. Terms liberal. Apply on th* premises. For s.Ai.E?the stock and fixtures of \ l.iqner Store, together withnlrase of fonr year* frvm tbe 1st of May, 1SCI, now d-ing a good bnsine?s For further particulars, Inquire in the (tore. No, 411 Seventh avenue, l? tween Thirty hltb and Thirty sittn street*. SF.C.AR STOKE FOR SALE.?THE STOCK AND Fix ture* ol a Srgsr Store will be sold cheap, a* the present ow ncr ha* other burin-** to atleud to. Apply atNt Fourth avsnne, corner of N iatb street. TAM.AR.Ai RAM.ItOAD TIES.-TIIE SUBSCRIBERS oflrr for rale, ddii, ral.le at Troy, Ml,(JIM piece* of Tama* rn : Railroad Ties?9 feet 9 * I}* 'J fort 10 a 5, 9 feet 0 *3. They will tlto be prepared to contract fhr the dullvery <1 1'inc Scantling 12 to 40 feet lung, of any dimensions re quired. Sawed Lumbar, nf every description, constantly ow hand. (J PARISH. (MiDUN It CO., Ottke and docks, star the Gre*abu*h Railroad Depot,Troy. 190 I.ET?FRANKI.IN BOUSE BUILDINGS-SECOND and third floors of No. 199 Broadway, eatraace througli from main stairway of No. 197 Broadway. Also, ctBoes Til building Nos. IDS aad 197 Broadway, office* in building No. 2 Day street; upper loft la balding No. IDey street. 3kid0 fret; basement in building No. t bey street, 25x30 feet. Ap ply nt No. 2 Dey street, office No. \ third floor. TO LET?A FINE SPA< IOCS ROOM, FORTY FIGHT feet by twenty-flv e feet, in Broadway near Wall *tr*vt, l'o*-e*M?n may be had immediately. Inquire of Ucvrgw 1'lntt, .VI Broadway. TO I.ET?THE NEW FOKR-STOEY AND BA?B tii- rit brick bon?e, on the avuth aide or Fifteenth llrttt, b< tween ?iit)i and 9r ventli av. nur>, ?rll calculated for on j aatenrlra k.ardin- In ure, u it coniaiaa 2N r.e.oia, with wuh ; houae. fce. II not let Ivtka tat of Jane, it will hq dtridod ' iato trarmeata for gci.'etl fumliea. Injatro of Fru'ia Blancbet. bona*- anaf, No. 2M Sixth avenue, bafora 8 A. Ma or from S to ? f. M. TO R ENT?TtlF. LOWE* I" ART OK A SHALL TWO Jatory and attic Houae. roaaiattag of aaaaa room*, kn go^d ordrr. aa.t pleural,tly located in the nppar part of tho -ity. Addre.a CLfRKBtOll, ITS Broadway. T' O LET-PART OF TIIF. KASI1ION ABLE BPILT ll?n*e, 21 Bayard airaat, ...nairUag of apltadi.l fr-ok | and ha-k parlor, oa tho rei .nd floor, aioo root* ia tbo attio, an.l privilege nf the hathiar r.n>m, to a aiaall family. P a ( r< aeioa <an be aiaaa immediately. Inquire at tbq pramim a. LIUDOH8. Bass it co.s east india tonic paleale.cele braird for ita anti dyepaptio and noa-intnaieatia*mun i litiai, la baa ordrr. pin to aad quart*, for aaie by tin import ?r,__ Q P.l.hTHBKt DOE. *) aad W Fulton atroet. BIONI ALF.-MI1R9. K lil N III 110 If, TEN VENT'S, , O Claaanw; and other celebrated branda. pint* aad qaartd, i for into in <|uantitlra to anit pur< hatera, by thaimportdr. 0. I'. LET III1R11>0 E, mi and MB Faltoaatroat. IN BENCH AH PHOI. inoab. AND I'I'RE SPIRITS, anprri' r to any oil. rad for aala in thie ellf Imperial | regent'r punch, of eaperinr quality; learna ayrup, of aaporior j duality) and franch coloring, ofaunarmr quality, by L PL'RDV. b7 Bnaver at root *n|r arret for th* aala of Bremon'e oalabratod porn apir td. Ii niraile braady at afro, the gallon r<|ual to any hnported ! for 81 n IV AIVC1 Alan Af ETROPOLITA N BANK .-NOTICE IS HEEEBT 1'I glara. tbat tha third laetalment of twoaty tra p?r art\ | on the rapital atork of tha Metropolitan Bank, will kepaya bla oa Tharrday. Mb day of Jaao next, at thair baak n* i rma. No. At M all atrtat. Br ordrrof tba Beard of IMren toja. _ J. E. WILLIAMS, lankier. _Nrw York, May I*. 1WL (A IT I ZEN V BANE-CAPITAL, BJB0,nSSl?THIS BANK V will br r<ady for tho tranractfna of kartaooa. at It* ! backing honrr. No. M Bowery, oa Tcedar, tha #Hh inataab. I P. R. f owarora, ( arblrr JA Y JARVIS, Pruaideat. NEW YORE FLOATINQ DRY DOCK COMFANT.?A dividend el flee per o. nt oa tha rapttal a to ah af tMk company baa boon de< lared out of tha earning* lor tbo -nr i r.nt air m, nth*, payable on aad after tha lOtn day of Maw . Bait. The tranalrr book *111 la el,and from Ilia 3d May l? i the day ol pat men t. By order f tho Hoard af Irtre -tore. ?PlMbWWe U. F. MASON, Saorutary. v *1 rkAfk-Ti) IN Ac 71VI. PERSON. IIAFINO NO* POjUvW p., i an tli. * am mat, a a-, id ,pacing id i baa.n, ia a patt. ai rati* taH...,< d l.eprwea bagtaaaa. A I. I <r-. " Krprum," Ikli vtrr. LotaanaiaaOaaattiMlty ana* | Ma alial. (1 I A |IA I 01 IF. Ml NINO COBPAN1 PlflSONSIV > Irrraird la til. at-nv n * ill pieaee rail ea aba underatgu. I td, th ra tbay will find aa am nut of the rtoak fat rala. Mil || I fcKKI.H, at Wail atraqt. N'OTHt-ALL PERSONS ARE CAPTIONED AM? fori i I B. It lint inn any a< tra ar arrapttnraa purport.a? I to lr n ude ty mr. nolo-. I- r? nally praaantqd ky tha eak arrlbor. New York Mar i'. I**!. llnM.A Hi ULISA, 2.12 Eaat Broadway. c NMtCAMO CITY l.i'AN -SEALED PROPOSAIA WIM. -J be motived ? 'he Mayor a >?<-o, ia tha .-ity of Chloago. and at Iba Hkaa of Stra.hra C Arott, la tba eity af Neat York, antil tba let day of June Mil for a l >aa af Twouty ? > r Thouraa l I'?ilara. lor a t?na But aaerodinf tan yarn, TYr bonda to br bum- I in mm ?f not l?a? nvn hundroS d Ilara ra?h. at ao Inloraat of erven prr eaatnrr p-? annum, r n'lr ? in inn i onl'j an I prinalp* mi intorrat pay rh|p a- "tl ? inn tenn lar'iange Bnnk. m Ntw Voyb, or at tno <A I- nf I hr l Ity 1ruaanr?r. I? Chi aao. By ardor of tha Com> m . <, * 6 >. BURN KB. Mayna. f I. -ago, April Ml, ISM. PENNSIIYaNIA RMI ROAb-NOTH B TO CON. tra. torn.?Frnpoeaid will be raenand ftoin th* Uth to th# l"h * t June ml, at Juhi .i 'wa and Summit, for tha (riding and tnami.ry ol thai part of tha mountain dlviai >? ?f tho Fruarylvaala railr.'a.i. b'l???a Albona, in lllatt aawwty, aad Frlagla'P I'oiub, ? f< w miirt baluw JniPrra >a, IB Cambria, a diotaaoaol Jf> unirr. Iba road witMa thia dirten"c will oroM tlio Alleghany moaeiirhm, one. qatarln* i i" f tlit hravlegt gtadi",'vSktdd in * Mr .... n I cry. Inad 4if n t a nu-n'ar of t ' nttlng., embvahmonta, aad eolverla. Ih"re will be rna Inni-I I Vf yarda in length nt tha of the aauabalb, ltd nntker nf 2ti yardv throngB Prlr tie'? Point, j-rnra > n ah, ninthly. Fj?r f*rt h?r inf. r giali. n. apply fu adwMrd Miller. Bed., Amoetatn Enginanp. Hlnirr.ilte, I ndlnna <-unty, or la Stroklaad Kanana, PA. Ehgi'ictr. Altona. Plair i-nla. J KTIC A K THOMSON. Chief Engjaoar. Km inter Drpartm't. P. R R. Co.. Philadelphia. May l,l?l \ITANTtD?TB18 PAY. Si* II1MDRK.O [HHLAIlS v? on n .rlrair" of raruabia property (tub JI. Si'. Aay f. i " n mill ratal va 7 per rnM and a a' praml oua f r tha ah^vq ne c ar. Or any a. tlva bwalwaa* maa. haviag the abova tdmit,aadwithlngadinlhn. will laaulua Jid i?r wa-k for time n?.i im af money. Addraaa M. M , Hrral.i a*.a, ?tatinp u>. a and wlitra tn intarviaw ran bo had. BIAT1UMOM1AI* M atrimony mapr f.ast, or now to win a l I v-r. Pe..f?n?er lontoa. of I on Ion. baaing arrtvad la H rton. aiill rend ?n any a Mr. re. n ratalpt of oan dollar, poet (aid, plala dimrtir na t< rnab'e ladle* of gentl man to win the delated aMbrtloni of tba oam riie rat. The ; r .eaea la rimple, bnt M rapMbatln* tbat all may be marei d. irra aye. tivr of aga, appeal Wot, or poaibtoa I aad lae'atboa^h not V ret. it ran b? arranged with tuck aaee ar d dolioaev UtaA datrrtfon Ig Impoanibln. Add rma Ptoteanur l.awton. Bottom, Mate. No letter tnkcB Item tha Puat OMca aalaaa the peak

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